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Archives: December 13, 2008

The Auto Bailout is a dire necessity

For a mere 50K, you get a 4-day inauguration trip . .

Bomb goes off at Oregon Bank, MSM Silent

When does the new Congress take over? Jan 20th, too?

Lest there be any shred of doubt remaining

Here's a Senate GOP Union Bustin Talking Point to shove down their throats...

'Meg Whitman, homophobe' (eBay former CEO, Calif. governor hopeful)

Maddoff's Investment firm raised red flags for years.

can I plug my blog here

(Reportedly - not confirmed), super polluter Ira Rennert lost a vast fortune due to Bernard Madoff

Let's take up a collection...

Researchers announced results of a study about dogs and fairness that sheds light on bailout debate

What Americans Really Want: 10 Policies We Can All Agree On

Whither the "holiday shopping season?"

Teens' Latest Self-Injury Fad: Self-Embedding

For NY Senate, please read about Liz Holtzman!

why didn't Bush just use some of the TARP money for the Big Three to begin with?

Bimbo is coming to America.

Good Grief Harold Ford!

Flashback to Ronnie Ray-gun

Gates visits Iraq to help prepare for troop cuts

Gates visits Iraq to help prepare for troop cuts

My question about Obama's stimulus plan...

HOT DAMN...times are even hard here on DU...

CSpan1 repeating the Bush speech at Texas A &M

WJ this morning - The Auto loan

Fundraiser emerges as key event in Illinois probe

Can't find Senate vote roll call on auto aid bill....does it take a

Detroit bail-out would have helped right the imbalance in federal funding for the states...

General Motors UK - Vauxhall offers staff sabbaticals

Mumbai Terror: Truth Unfolding(Terrorist Ship Went Through Indian Naval 'Drill') Sound Familiar?

Five Killed In Pakistan Bomb Blast

Exclusive: Pentagon Pro-Troop Group Misspent Millions, Report Says

Taliban Militants Kill Two Afghan Men They Accused of Being U.S. Spies

Protestors showed up at Gov Crist Wedding.

Where's Mitt Romney?

U.S. Economy: Manufacturing Shrinks Most in 26 Years

Going out on a limb here regarding Emanuel's death threats.

Please don't buy from GAP...Site claims they use child labor.

Dollars & Sense: Beware Fudged Facts About US Auto Wages

Wisconsin is so progressive...92% of my electric bill is a low income assistance fee

After aid bill fails, the North fights back

The McCain Campaign's Liquidation Sale.....

A solution to the Blago Senate pick.

Jellyfish gone wild ruin tourist spots, report says

Another Republican crook loose on the streets: Minnesota, be on the lookout for a WM, 59, senator...

Meet the GOP's wrecking crew

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Lines of people seeking aid long

America Supports Propaganda

RE: UAW....Where are other unions to support the UAW right now?

Auto bailout's death seen as a Republican blow at unions

Robin Toner, NY Times Reporter, Is Dead at 54

Legal definitions needed.

And the backlash against treasonous Senators begins....

San Jose man in tiger mauling case sentenced for resisting arrest

I know this is silly, but can anyone direct me to the Obama is sexy

David Sirota: A Message for America's Ruling Class - We Told You So

The Last Time My Home Was Sold For Back Taxes It Took 9 Months To Get It Back

Why home values may take decades to recover

Why home values may take decades to recover

My Uncle Sam is $500,000 is debt. It's OK - he has a plan.

If the economy continues to deteriorate, the poor won't just always be with us--they'll be us

Poll: If non-union auto workers in the foreign plants in the south were to go on strike

In my travels today I plan to pick up a couple Union bumper stickers to put on our vehicles

The "L" curve, an income distribution graph..

Autism a factor in swallowing magnets

XTC has an alternate video on youtube

Lieberman's support for McCain

Militants Torch 25 Vehicles Ferrying Supplies to NATO Forces(5th Attack in 10 Days)

'Am setting aside a campaign donation to the Democrat who next runs against

does anyone know where the first 350 BILLION dollars of the bank 'bailout' have gone

two US CBRN reports on the same subject - white powder

William Greider: Stop Senator No

Obama's first test - not to stay "loyal" to Emanuel if the guy

Food & Financial Sustainability Meltdown: (6 degrees of seperation)

Fallout from Pentagon's gaffe spreads

I hear the economy is too bad to raise taxes. Not too bad to cut autoworkers & retirees pay though?

Indianapolis Police Officer in Trouble Over "Impeach Obama" Sticker

We need something other than a potted plant as Senate Majority Leader......

Jim Koester President of Gibralter Trade Center a great American.

I think there is a lot of racism in the antiunionists.

Does anyone have any question yet why Bush wanted to shore

As the week ends, I like

As the week ends, I like

Sources say Obama's chief of staff is NOT a target in the Illinois corruption investigation

DU'er, reporter Larisa Alexandrovna has a Facebook page ...

The Death of Detroit will not stand!

Daryl Hall & John Oates Tribute Song To Alan Colmes

Prediction: There will be a sizable migration of displaced workers to the south

Would the foreign auto companies build cars in America if the

ghostwriting the health of your breast

The next outrageous financial instrument: Movie box-office futures contracts (really)

Wow.....An Inconvenient Truth airs on the Discovery Channel at 1 (EST)......

How Kansas Nabbed the New Bio- and Agro-Defense Lab

Obama, Democrats agree to $500 billion stimulus package

Another Great Example Of Why I'm Not Condemning Blago

From (R) Traitor Richard Shelby's Wikipedia page

Sen Kerry remarks from Georgia as Russians retake village

another point of view on building gas running vehicles

Human Terrain Systems - brainchild of anthropologist Montgomery McFate

Things that came true. Things to come.

Dingell: 'Some Southern Senators Kicked American Workers In The Gut'

Dear Republicans, if you don't want me on welfare, give me a job.

I agree with Pat Buchanan - "Toyota Republicans" & "Carmageddon" (I can't believe it)

The number of job seekers is more than 3x the number of job openings.

Obama's challenges: Captain of a sinking ship, or "on a glide path to Mount Rushmore"?

Want a fix to this nation's economic problems?

Fallout from Lehman Brothers collapse still spreading

Kerry and Gore bring Hope to Climate Talks

Fightin' Words: Hannity Responds To Hall & Oates, Disses Jon Stewart

Sources Say NATO Eyeing Afghan Route(Through Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan)

Pictionary Man Do you have it? We can not find it anywhere

Ky. auto dealers disappointed by McConnell's opposition to bailout

Nukes Up the Hudson - Bad Days at Indian Point

Rat sign vanishes from Blagojevich's alley

McCain campaign sells surplus Blackberries with ‘hundreds of emails,’ phone numbers still on them.

"did the senators block the auto loan because of the employee free choice act ? "

Iraq veteran's last wish has fallen victim to ax

Electronic votes mysteriously vanish in Ohio election

Video of foreign automakers singing to Southern Republican Senators

Reverse Robinhoods, I am not just PISSED I am FUCKING IRATE!!!

Merkel: Jobs More Important Than Climate Change


The acorn shortage is real.

Very Cool: The ORIGINAL environmentalists, the FIRST tree-huggers

An Old Rage to Quell: Obama as a post-Colonial man

Many High Bush Officials Violated Anti-Torture Laws

Heaviest potato ***Warning*** it's ugly

Incentives - what the media hasn't reported about those southern auto plants

Yes- Blagojevich is a piece of crap, and Yes- he got caught trying to sell a u.s. senate seat...

Gates warns enemies not to test Obama

UN confirms Afghan mass grave site disturbed

Republican Tories have become agents for foreign control of our country.

Why doesn't the USA buy the Afghan poppies, process them into meds, and distribute them to the poor?

Food Democracy Now!: Sign the Petition

The Taser Myth: How Does a 'Non-Lethal Weapon' Kill 400 People?

Latest on IRS Home Foreclosure and Debt Cancellation - Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

Another Midnight Reg.: New Bush Rule Raises Limits On Truck Drivers' Hours

Chinese company rolls out new hybrid auto

Madoff wannbes. May I present Heather Brooke Rinehart and hubby, John Bzdil

Little Rock Nine, Tuskegee Airmen Receive Inaugural Invitations to Witness Fruits of Their Struggle

Will Union-busting drag White-collar wages down too? nt

OK you know what? You're right, you guys win.

Richard Trumka for Secretary of Labor

After Tennessee and Alabama Refuse, Canada Agrees to Help US Automakers

UAW President on junior Senator Vitter: "He'd rather pay a prostitute than pay auto worker"


Does Obama Understand His Biggest Foreign-Policy Challenge?

Does Obama Understand His Biggest Foreign-Policy Challenge?

Still Another bush Joke For You!

Tweety vs SPECTER will be Tin Ear vs Tin Ear. Or foot-in-each-other's-mouth

Thank you so much to whomever donated in my name and gave me my star

Great graph comparing wage and benefits between US and Japanese auto workers

Ron Carey Has Died; Reformer Who Led Teamsters, Fought Corruption

Ron Carey Has Died; Reformer Who Led Teamsters, Fought Corruption

Can we “Tar and Feather” a few Republicans

Advice for those affected by the New England Ice Storm:

Language distribution in the US - interactive map

Scott Horton at Harper's: Corrupt Prosecutors - Texas, Alabama Take Top Honors

Ginkgo-Lined D.C., Capital of the U.S., and Now P.U.

My kid chased a goat into the public library restroom and someone had the GALL to complain about it.

This Dog Shouldn't Hunt...Sen. Bayh wants to create a Senate Blue Dog Coalition

Me Thinks Unions Just Got Stronger

Physicians for Human Rights issued this video Friday in calling for an investigation of McClatchy's

When did scary movies start going too far?

When did scary movies start going too far?

FCC cancels meeting at U.S. lawmakers' request (Waxman, Rockefeller)

Fundies: It's Teh Gays who are intolerant

Is it too late to surrender the Civil War

Did you all buy your Lexus best gift ever yet this Christmas?

Al Franken gets boosts in Minnesota Senate recount

The myth of "job creation".

HUGE Thank You to DU/GD and a breast cancer update.

Canadian government will match with 20% any amount the US loans automakers

Greek riots spark fear of Europe in flames

We the people GAVE the banks 700 Billion dollars. Why don't THEY lend it to our auto industry?

Pot Supporters Bang on Obama's Doors for Drug Reform

If automakers fail, here's a flavor of what might happen

US Commander in Iraq: Thousands of U.S. troops will remain in cities past summer deadline

CNN Reports: Mumbai Attacker Seeks Pak Legal Assisstance; India and Pak Deny It Happened

Sunday News Shows

the foolishness of Corker and Shelby - they knoweth not what they bring.

Southern senators prefer Slavery?

How low can one go?!1 Try Judith MILLER ending up as a talking head on Faux

Pushback Against Dixie Senators and Auto Bailout Sabotage: Question Their Patriotism and Morals

Dollars & Sense: Beware Fudged Facts About US Auto Wages

A short primer on PATCO.

Independent UK: Elephants kept in zoos die younger than in the wild

Wealthy Investors From Palm Beach To NYC To London Hit By Wall St. Trader's Massive Fraud

Missed Friday’s Full Moon? It’s back Tonight!

stupid AMT...

stupid AMT...

Report Spotlights Iraq Rebuilding Blunders

History Channel .... FDR's story & WW II ..... on now

Writer's mid-2nd essay slack-off thread. Topic: 20 year-old sexual "liberation." DISCUSS!

Signs of the Times: Light at the end of the tunnel goes out

To the DU moderators past and present

United States. 2008. Children lining up with parents at 3 a.m. for aid, often being turned away...

Obama's True Colors: Black, White ... Or Neither?

Uncertainty over bailout casts a pall over Detroit

Credit crunch: Italy bails out parmesan

Court room renderings appears to be a lost art

DU the "Playboy Sorry for Virgin Mary Cover" poll!

Debt Shows First Drop as Slump Squeezes Consumers

AP Newsbreak: War vet widows wrongly denied help

The Media is pushing hard to link Rham Emanuel to Illinois Sen Seat...

Chairman Dean was on 48 Hours Mystery tonight!

ACLU and OBAMA on Guantánamo Detainees

SNL Just Opened With Blago Requesting a Bailout From the Senate Banking Com.

We had a Christmas party for someone that left us over a year ago

Corporate U.S. Flag

CNN "Money Team" : Mortgage rates could fall BELOW 4%

Great show on the History Channel

Disabled boy can keep his pony, Caledon rules

Little Rock Nine Invited to Inauguration


Isn't it funny, in the bush era, Democrats were played as nut jobs and whiners .....

Advice to corporations:

Why So Little Mention of the Two Officers Killed in the Oregon Bank Bombing?

Ugh.....Victoria Toensing rears her ugly head

What's on DUers' recommended reading list these days?

AP video: Laughter Over Security Before Deadly Trampling at Walmart

"This is regional economic warfare. Pure and simple."

So if an auto worker makes $15 an hour, and his employer agrees to cut his wages by $20 an hour,

Obama fans in Florida plan 'Yes We Can' Cruise to Inaugural

China's pyjamas police fight Shanghai's daytime love of nightwear

Iowa Man Faces 20 Years in Jail for COMIC BOOKS! It's a Crumb Nightmare Come True!

Writer's mid-2nd essay slack-off thread. Topic: 20 year-old sexual "liberation." DISCUSS!

Facts on homelessness for College students

Homeless but not without a friend (Why on Earth can't we help them??)

Madoff Wall Street fraud threatens Jewish philanthropy

Why Blagojevich Might Be Acquitted

I've just been robbed

Yet Another bush Joke for you! (mildly off-color)

Cops In 80 Minute Stand-off With Cardboard Cut-Out

WWII soldier's remains brought home 66 years later

WWII soldier's remains brought home 66 years later

Foreign Auto Plants Have Received $3.6 Billion in Subsidies, Mostly From Southern States

The way Gates has operated, speeches, declarations, now this Mideast trip

PARABLE: An American & Japanese car company have a canoe race...

Milwukee's Growing Power sees 25% increase in business in the last 6 months

....cnn poll

The Republicans woke a sleeping giant - the workers.

Foreign Cars Targeted By Vandals

LOL check out the sign that was posted on the door at my Democratic party meeting this a.m.

How do I ask the mods if it is ok to post a different form of music

If Detroit Dies, So Does the Nation's Manufacturing Economy

All of a sudden: FOUR important movies that I must see.

Our Financial System Has Gone Mad

Hey NE Duers without power

Riots in Greece and China continue the workers are restless

OK, who among is going to give an Infinity sedan to someone special this Xmas?

Congress Fights Back On Last-Minute Rules

How about another stimulus package that hires more qualified

How about another stimulus package that hires more qualified

In 24 hours, Obama-Biden Transition team’s "Open for Questions" web site generated 10,303 questions

Fed Could Remake Credit Card Regulations-New Rules Would Ban Retroactive Rate Hikes

Has anyone ever heard of electronic cigarettes?

I just became another statistic.

I know I'm supposed to be sullen...

That Was No Small War in Georgia -- It Was the Beginning of the End of the American Empire


Dogbert Explains The Financial Crisis

I propose a Constitutional Amendment to adjust the salaries of

Neutering trust fund babies will not make America safer

For a mere 50K, you get a 4-day inauguration trip

Watching FDR on the History Channel

Auto woes highlight end of U.S. industrial age

That Was No Small War in Georgia -- It Was the Beginning of the End of the American Empire

Alabama's Long History of Labor Unions

I don't want to get rid of capitalism.

What's your ethnic background?

Bank of America Spends $7 Billion on Chinese Bank, Then Lays Off 30,000 Workers

RE: Legit Spam Free Survey Clubs

Consultant/Social Commentator/Netroots Activist Chris Rabb Talks Chicago Politics With Cenk

They're laughing at us

Bank of America Spends $7 Billion on Chinese Bank, Then Lays Off 30,000 Workers

Ill. sinks deeper into chaos over scandal

How the American Healthcare System Got That Way

How the hell does a servant making 170k yr argue that a hard-working citizen making 60k is a drain

How the hell does a servant making 170k yr argue that a hard-working citizen making 60k is a drain

Pics from the ice storm Wash. Co, NY....dialup warning.

This is just beautiful

Is GMAC Deliberately Pushing People Into Foreclosure Even As They Request a Bailout?

Fun with wikipedia

Fun with wikipedia

About 1,000,000 people are without power in New England

Senate Rules Kill Bailout, Foil Democracy

GOP = "Guardians Of Privelege"

Its not just about unions, its about employment laws.

Government modernization...Why does the US need a Senate now?

Shop for the Holidays at the DU Marketplace!

Stalking the Shadows: There's a shadow on my shoulder (poem)

Nation's Largest Anti-War Coalition Resolves to Work for Prosecution of War Criminals

The rich who lunched at the Palm Beach Country club in a panic

Newsweek makes the case for GAY MARRIAGE: massive uproar from fundies/freepers.

*** DUzy Awards for weeks ending December 5 & December 12, 2008 ***

*** DUzy Awards for weeks ending December 5 & December 12, 2008 ***

How bad would it be if we recalled every military person serving outside the US?

The tobacco companies would take advantage of legalized marijuana

A message from Mark Crispin Miller re: Symbolman

A message from Mark Crispin Miller re: Symbolman

Enough! Word is out Jeb is to rehabilitate the Bush brand. Let's look at the real Jeb in Florida.

Judge rules that FL law prohibits citizen petitions and referenda in huge development case.


Why is it that the stupid shit on here gets the most discussion?

Here is a nice version of Levon Helm singing "Atlantic City"

Eeeeey. Sit on it, Ponzi.

I'm frantic.

Mark Crispin Miller: Two Heroes Are Now Homeless


How to keep the fiz in an open can of soda

FatBoy Peppermint Sundae on a Stick...sooooo goood.

Holy Crap - Playing the Wii can really HURT!

Holy Crap - Playing the Wii-Wii can really HURT!

OMFG!!!! IBTL!!!! WTF???!!!???

I'm sorry to report that I will be leaving DU.

I'm sorry to report that I will be leaving DU.

"It takes a worried man to sing a worried song"

Why do I go to 4chan /b/?

Ho Hum...just another police chase in El Lay.

Wow. It is late. I'm off to bed. Goodnight.

Dating and disclosure of bad things

Homelessness k-12

Here I am

Henry Rollins is Freaking HOT!

Ahhhh....I'm missing someone terribly right now...


Weird musical collaborations

I still dream of Organon.

Does Extenz Work?

Mystery surrounds 'Batman of Sheffield'

A few good Dems save the many putzes and Republicans too

L A Times: Auto bailout's death seen as a Republican blow at unions

My Suggestions for President-Elect Obama re PR war in Blagovich affair

My Suggestions for President-Elect Obama re PR war in Blagovich affair

You Don't Know Me

Well damn. I am so irritated with drama over the past couple days I just want to spit nails.

Obama names NY housing commissioner to head HUD

What I learned from GD today, everyone from the south is evil.

Project Brogo: 125 Failures Obama Inherits

You were always on my mind

What's Hanukkah Harry Bringing you this year? n/t

All That Republicans (and the m$m) Want for Christmas is a Good, Old-Fashioned Obamagate

Post a pic of yourself when you were freaking out

Suo Gan

Huge leap of faith to think JJJr not involved

The Kiss - Last of the Mohicans

Crowded House - Temptation

Self Control - Laura Branigan

The Rodeo Boy - Fred Eaglesmith

I will not post while intoxicated.

Hell has frozen over - Cheney and Bush now the voice of reason for the Republican Party

I hate to say this, but I am so hungry, I could eat the crotch out of a dead horse.

Bowling movies: Kingpin v. Big Lebowski

I got a good laugh out of this

The Auto Bailout Vote: a Preview of Coming Attractions?

A pragmatic political query - Where's the most effective stasis between balance of power

My Haiku For You

8th Anniversary of Bush v. Gore.

Gates Warns Against ‘Testing’ Obama

I almost got in a car crash with two drunk drivers tonight

The Tangled US-Iran Knot, Pt 1 - Change or deja vu? Obama divides Iran

I hope very much that, if we make it through this,

DU this Poll about Obama -- Warning it's skewed!

Mattews is probably going to run

I'm having a holiday themed birthday party tonight. Ask me anything.

San Jose man in tiger mauling case sentenced for resisting arrest

Poll question: Help me decide! Potatoe skins or Bagles???

Shaun Donovan: Obama's Secretary of Housing & Urban Development

Why does the stinking media think they need answers during an on going Federal case

I Will Find You - Clannad

I Will Find You-Creepy Stalker

Economic Crisis Offers Hints of Obama's Executive Style

"The most damaging thing was pissing off Letterman."

NYT: Mr. Obama’s Green Team

Forecasting -33C,and it's been such a mild winter so far.

Frosty the Coalman sung by the Clean Coal Carolers - not a satire

Good morning. I just sneezed 21 consecutive times, and my throat is so sore that I can't swallow.

Montana kitty not doing too well....

Estonia to allow citizens to vote via cellphone by 2011

Here is a drawing of a spider

Atop Capital’s Guest Lists, an Outsider: Obama White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers

I have no idea who will be the next Senator from Illinois, but ....

Anyone else ever been in a psychiatric ward?

Obama Approval Ratings Not Dented by Blagojevich Scandal

Jellyfish gone wild ruin tourist spots, report says

In light of the terrible economy, should I head off for the casino today?

Let's be honest here. Didn't your teeth just cringe when you heard Obama's response, the other day,

Raptor Jesus

Former PA Lt. Governor Mark Singel rather than Tweety in 2010?

Advice for a lonely, unsettled 22-year-old?

I'm too cold, cough, I'm too hot, sneeze, I'm too cold...

Please help destroy Christmas with folding@home.

DUers who just attended or are attending an Obama house party this weekend check in

Honduran likes that Obama was elected

What is the Kwanzaa Bot bringing you this year?

"I Don't Care What Abe Lincoln Did, He's Still a FIB"

Anyone know a "natural" jelly that won't break my bank account?

I pulled a knife on a student this week, because I was high on drugs. Ask me anything.


Obama HUD PIck Foresaw Subprime Crisis - In 2004

I really doubt Caroline Kennedy will be appointed to the Senate.

Obama: HUD pick central part of economic blueprint

This just in: Blagojovich to resign on Monday, but...

Pictionary Man Do you have it? We can not find it anywhere

The Goonies is on TNT right now

Big excitement at the Critters house this morning.

I Don't Care What Abe Lincoln Did, He's Still FREAKING HOT!!!

Oded Fehr is FREAKIN HOT!!!!

Bush History-In '05 Caught Hiding Warming Data, in '07 Caught Hiding Toxic Chemical Danger 12/13

What I learned from GD today, everyone from the north is evil

Odie the Dog is FREAKIN HOT!!!!

The Road Not Taken...official Obama Logos that did not make the final cut

Post a pic of yourself when a badger was ripping you to shreds in a hotel pool in Vegas.

I Am At The Libree Getting Movies And Books

Random musing: My dog should not be a dog.

Proposed amendment to the US constitution

Who greenlights TNT tv shows?

Election night coverage online

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/13/2008)

John Dean's Open Letter to Obama: 'Change Way Presidents Deal With Scandals-Tell Public Everything'

Tonight: MADtv's Best of Christmas Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular

Gonna get my car overhauled on Tuesday

DoJ Blocking Obama Team From Docs on Torture, Wiretapping

Damn you PG 13

the undisclosed location found

Do you have a reel-to-reel tape player you don't need anymore? (Philadelphia area)

Question about ads for "Jitterbug" Cellphone

Khloe Kardashian's PETA ad!

I just realized that the Jennifer Aniston flamewar erupted out of a misconception

I just realized that the Jennifer Aniston flamewar erupted out of a misconception

Does Schuster have different politics depending on which show he does? Gregory's or Olbermann's?

So I got all this crap for this goddamn family

So I got all these crabs frrom this goddamn family

PHOTOS: The Obamas play a round of UNO! (2007)

The Bidens named their new puppy "Tollbooth"

Marital preference

Ahhhh . . . . . .

Palin's Church Damaged in Suspicious Fire

Favorite Christmas movie?? I like lots of them, but "The Lion in Winter"

Hot damn. I just got my very first bluetooth "Spock ear".

I do not dislike any of my inlaws. is this a movie myth?

UAW on Vitter: "He'd rather pay a prostitute than pay auto workers..."

Anyone have a link to Obama's today's (saturday) address?


Funniest Christmas SNL skit

Great Repub Joke from Blogger on Huffington Post

cell number

I am a prisoner in an Ice Palace!

New Freeperism: This one courtesy of

Blago's full statement

Holiday card addressee etiquette question.

Taxi - Harry Chapin

Psy ops at Guantanamo.

Have the Bidens began paper training little Tollbooth yet?

I'm just going to say . . . . .


SNL did Blagojevich tonite

Who wants a hot dog?

Should I go see "Happy go Lucky" tonight?

No copycats in GD? what the heck? That's no fun.

I got some good news today

Am going on a one-day Zen retreat in January

PSA #3: Keep those toilets clean, my friends

Kerry's remarks on Russia retaking Georgian village

Cleaning House Music? What Gets You Through?

I have no problem with Obama's picks thus far, however, when it comes time for SCOTUS

Stepping down is out of the question: Blags

Can we get this for a smilie?

Great graph comparing wage and benefits between US and Japanese auto workers

I wish Flvegan lived closer to me, so he could be my date for tonight

Watching SNL I now know what it was like to live in Alaska during the election. . .

The christmas dance sucked.

John Dean's Open Letter to President-elect Obama

Is online ass kicking hard work?

For your Christmas musical enjoyment: The Clean Coal Carolers.

My fucking cat has lost his ever loving mind!

The only holiday cards I've received so far...

Hey NE Duers without power

My Cat Is Part of the War on Cristmas!

Bored what do you do on Sat night.

I'm sick.

PHOTOS For Crying Out Loud.....what a beautiful journey

TruTV is showing stupid teens doing sttupid things on film

I just got punched in the jaw

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/13/08

You want fries with that?

ok, which one of you is playing games with eHarmony?

Look what I caught yesterday and yes I let it go

'No Fly' list for Gays.

Watching Mr1goblue and my father try to politely figure out what was wrong with the Christmas lights

On a scale of 1 to 10 how relieved will you be when Bush is gone?

I'd forgotten how good a film Witness (1985) was

I spent the day putting up wooden fences that Ike knocked down, I love using nail guns.

Can you romantically love someone who didnt love your back?

Hey fellow 'foodies' how many hogs are 'processed' here on any given DAY

OMG, talk about a sea Change! My 70 year old Mother just called from Miami.....

Can you romantically love someone who didnt love you back?

Can you romantically love someone who didnt love you back?

Got my hair cut again...Let's have a picture thread!

Haruka doesn't know what "Ice Castles" is

Adolfo Carrion to head the White House Office of Urban Policy

Why does Jesse Jackson, Jr. need a lawyer?

MrLaraMN ran into a wall and "broke" his wrist.

DUzy Awards for the past 2 weeks are up in GD

Fried Clams

I hate when I pay my $2 for a cup of coffee

Fred Clams

Blagojevich was Stevens waiting to happen.

DU "UAW Solidarity" avatar??

Best headline of the week! "Finding Baby Jesus Easier With GPS"

Caption This! You know you want to.

Rec. if you think that Colt McCoy should've won Heisman

If you never hear from me again...

Swifter Dust and Shine "polishes your wood"

Random Pics From the old bucket found while searching

It's still creepy

In my humble opinion, Blagojevich's crime is that he was honest about his dishonesty.

GOP SWAY FACTOR Not working so well these daze.....Reason, Truth, and Sanity Gain Big Time

Rendell: Matthews is the 'strongest Democratic candidate'

X-men Origins Wolverine trailer

I Am Legend may not have been all that great of a movie but (SPOILERS)

A couple of weirdos are planning a 'Halo-themed' wedding with Master Chief as the uh...priest...

still trying for Impeachment, Can anyone in Seattle help?

The MNKids and the mall Santa.

Ron Paul tells us where to find the 15 billion for the auto companies

What are some wealthy cartoon characters?

It's snowing like mad here.

I'm new, wanna see a video with fire and toots?

Fun website: the Jumping in Art Museums blog

Writer's mid-2nd essay slack-off thread. Topic: 20 year-old sexual "liberation." DISCUSS!

Take that cramps! Anaprox kicks ass!

Dunkin Donuts cost the friken same as Starbucks

Do you like towels folded in a specific way?

i really want to post an op, but have no idea what to post

That's it. I mean it.

OK, snow was not in the relocation brochure!

But my dreams, they aren't as empty


Can we get a DU countdown clock at the top of the page?

How do you like your eggs?

Ex-Porn Star Quits School Cafeteria Job After Uproar

My Christmas lights are up. I have red mini lights on my shrubbery, and white

If this isn't beautiful then nothing is!

The biggest threat to the United States is ...

I would love to share this with the lounge...though I don't know if anyone has seen it yet

It's snowing.

This financial crisis and bailout has exposed the class war at its deepest roots...

Media Matters: Media pick up where they left off 8 years ago

WEDGIES. In school, did you GIVE, RECEIVE, or were you lucky enough to stay OUT OF IT ALTOGETHER?

Watching Kitteh Gladiators.

Newest members of the RKM household!

Sarah Michele Gellar is FREAKIN HOT!!!!

Hey! Post a youtube link to a song that discusses inflating tires!

Meet my new four-footed, fur-faced roommate!

When Rush Limbaugh get his *ss handed to him by Colin Powell..

Okay, this is how dumb TV reporters are, I am serious.

Coolest Kitteh evuh! Pyano Kitteh!

Who will sing at the Obama Inauguration?

Why was the movie The Cable Guy made?

Who *wouldn't* buy a food preperation device from a TV/Action Hero?

What if....? A strategy to counter the Bush scorched-earth initiative.

Heaviest potato ***Warning*** it's ugly

OK, guess what this is (no fair googling).

“Michelle was always Craig’s little sister, and Barack was the little sister’s boyfriend,”

All-Purpose Freakin' Hot Thread

Pearl Jam----Yellow Ledbetter

If you had gold to sell would you put in a bag and mail it, I keep seeing that commerical.

I just saw the updated "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Ask me anything!

I have never even seen Les Miz, but I LOVE the music from the play!

I need to make my hair look like Rod Blagojevich's hair by Christmas.

I Lost $200 million last night

I want to know what the fuck we've accomplished in the last 28 years

No, you silly children. Sigourney Weaver is FREAKIN' HOT.

Oh noes! I is the stupid!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday December 13

This bumpersticker made me laugh!

Who are you in love with?

Introducing Winston, the most adorable kitten! (Pic)

Sunday talk show lineup for December 14 (Carly Fiorina Alert!)


So the but tutcher had his 6th B-day party and he chose what he

I've been outed to my Freeper boss by his tiny Sicilian wife!

I propose that congressional members oppose to the auto loan be paid the same rate as...

Media Matters: Media pick up where they left off 8 years ago

RNC out with an attack ad trying to connect Obama and Blago

Fuck you, New York Yankees.

My stupid fucking dog

What is your favorite Western?

10 posts to 6000 - ask me anything

Was this the price to get the SoS job?

Fighting the Final Battles of the Civil War

Obama merchandise selling big in DC, elsewhere

Why are so many people who aren't even from New York...

Just who in the hell do you think you are?

Linda Darling-Hammond for Education Secretary??

I just had a really bad Barry Manilow moment.

the gravy train ended yesterday

A new website for people who want to lose weight and/or are fans of the TV show The Biggest Loser.

Somebody last night said that they once met Aled Jones in a department store.

Pile of Puppies!


Sarah Silverman

Symbolman isn't the only one hurting on DU

apparently dudes around here like chicks with glasses

Don't break your tailbone

Workers must unite to overthrow the rule of the capitalists.

Why are you bitter?

Can I start a petition to have DirecTV stop airing those IRRITATING "UPGRADE" COMMERCIALS???

*****BREAD FOR BILLYSKANK: Please remind him to buy bread NOW!!!!!*****

Poll: Which are you more excited about: the end of Bush or the beginning for Obama?

Patrick Fitzgerald: A Skeptical View

'Flare your nostrils for me, Frank. I get so excited when you flare them.'

Shows that have gone on WAY TOO LONG

What region of the country do you call home?

Jim Ramstad: please say NO to that POS, Obama.

White House promises last-ditch auto rescue

Rice to discuss Zimbabwe crisis at UN as cholera toll mounts

Gates: Iraq-level U.S. troops not needed in Afghanistan

Obama picks NYC's Donovan as HUD chief

Leahy Says Republicans Want to Change Standard for Confirming Attorney General

(GOP senator) Bunning scratched from lineup at (Detroit) trade center

Meatier Stimulus Plan in Works

Report Spotlights Iraq Rebuilding Blunders

Some U.S. troops to stay in Iraqi cities past deadline, commander says

Gates warns US adversaries not to test Obama

Colombia war data 'unbelievable'

Zimbabwe cholera outbreak threatens regional stability

Cheney plans quick return to Wyo

Environmentalists blast Bush Administration changes to Endangered Species rules

White House takes "available" time for autos

Bomb goes off at Oregon bank - 4 hours ago

Chief: Gov. Palin's home church damaged by arson

Raul Castro visits "nephew" Chavez on first trip

Jesse Jackson Jr.: 'I want my name back'; Can't serve as Senator until name cleared

Emanuel Spoke to Ill. Gov's Office on Seat: Report

Fund Fraud Hits Big Names Madoff's Clients Included Mets Owner, GMAC Chairman, Country-Club Recruits

Indian navy arrests 23 pirates in Gulf of Aden

After 15 Years, North Carolina Plant Unionizes

Home Office to deport Zimbabwean family who fled Mugabe's regime

Hedge Funds Are Victims, Raising Further Questions

Michigan Rep. Dingell blames 'some Southern senators' for auto bailout defeat

Poll: Most Jews feel connection to Hebron

Israel 'wants West Bank land'

Gaza families eat grass as Israel locks border

Auto bailout's death seen as a Republican blow at unions (LA Times)

World According to ...David Plouffe

From cowboy to cowed boy, W. crawls outta Crawford for yet another image re-do.

The Taser Myth: How Does a 'Non-Lethal Weapon' Kill 400 People?

Red State Senators Give Black Auto Workers Pink Slips While White Collar AIG Execs Get the Gold

Down to Zero

Dan Rostenkowski (!): In Defense of Chicago Politics

The Dreaded Fairness Doctrine

How People of Faith Voted in the 2008 Presidential Race

The Republican Party: A marvel of missteps

NYT editorial: The Prosecution(Patrick Fitzgerald)Should Give it a Rest

Bush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama

It’s Official: GOP Senators Favor Auto-a-ROT-icism

From March, 08: I Know! Let’s Rape Grandma! - David Glenn Cox

Republicans manufacture a deal breaker

U.S. Economic Woes Strengthen the Case for Free Trade With Colombia

Republicans - The Treasonous Traitors of America

Auto Worker “Parity” and the Corruption of America’s Political Elite

Obama Makes a Point of Speaking of the People, to the People

Sen. Bob Corker, Tennessee Traitor, Union Buster Do auto workers really make more than $70 per hour?

Mark Ames:That Was No Small War in Georgia -- It Was the Beginning of the End of the American Empire

The Salvation Army's red kettle of trouble

Frank Rich: Two Cheers for Rod Blagojevich (Wow)

In Athens, middle-class rioters are buying rocks. This chaos isn't over

NYT editorial: Mr. Obama’s Green Team

Bush Pardons Senate Republicans For Auto Bailout.

Henry Rollins: On President Bush

Republican Talk Radio - A Bastion of Hate Part 2

Sponsor an Executive

TYT: Prostitutes Hit Hard By Recession

Placing Blame Where It Belongs (Torture)

Senator Shelby; IRAQ $$, auto maker bailout; breaking the union

EQUAL PAY: Batgirl vs Chamber of Commerce

USA Cover Up of Marijuana Hemp Weed for the OIL Industury -

Salt of the Earth (Part A)

Talk - Juan Cole - Iraq and the U.S. Presidential Election

12/13/08: President-Elect Obama's Weekly Address

TYT: Conservatives Blame Obama For Blago Scandal, Say He Won't Be Inaugurated

TYT - Blagovich Finds Jesus Christ

Noam Chomsky on "Concision" in the US Media

Southern Hospitality

Gary Bauer: America should have "ordered liberty under God"

Leaked GOP Memo Suggests Auto Bailout Bill was Killed for Political Reasons

U.S. pushes for anti-piracy resolution

Film inspired by rape of Okinawa girl by U.S. troops

Audit: Defense officials misused Stripes for contracts

Dollar weakens as a result of auto bailout uncertainty

Ukrainian troops go home; coalition numbers fall again

Express mail cutoff for Christmas delivery looms

Ombudsman: Secrecy leaks are hot potatoes for all involved

Warfighter exercise underway in S. Korea

Psychiatrist appears during sailor’s trial

Foes Ready to Test Obama Overseas

General: Iran Backs Off Lethal EFP Bomb

UN Confirms Mass Grave Site Disturbed

Marines Shift Focus to Afghanistan

Marines Defend Pre-Crash Decisions

Gates Helps Prepare for Troop Cuts

Soldier Escapes Ft. Bliss Custody

Ex-GI to Plead Insanity in Murder Case

Airman Faces Court-Martial for Rape

Helping to Heal the Invisible Wounds

Air Force Recruiter Stabbed in New York

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Dear Car Czar

OSI Offers Reward in Search For Escaped Airman

Petraeus: Military Studying Burn Pit Fumes

Report: Problems With America Supports You

DoD Approves More Accompanied Tours In Korea

Land Attacks on Pirates Questioned

4 Accused Of Selling Bum Metal For Jet Parts

Senators Push Gates To Act On Tanker Contract

Ky. Airman Killed In Vietnam To Be Buried

Bolling Picked As Global Strike Temporary HQ

Navy Tests Boat That Steers Itself

Officials Appeal Flesh-eating Bacteria Case

Report: Detainee Abuse Was Fault Of Leaders

Get Your Pet Photos In By Monday For Contest- Patriot Family Pet Photo Contest

Building a Wary Rapport With China

Role In Securing Ramadi Earns Leftwich Trophy

Troop’s Task: Get Family To Inauguration

Ind. Guard Unit To Help Afghan Farmers

SecDef: Stop-loss To Remain Through 2009

Pendleton Develops Plan To Make Fresh Water

MCPON West Takes Over As Campa Leaves Office

Names Being Floated For Next Navy Secretary

Murtha Pushes Retroactive Stop-loss Payments

Recruit With Cancer Denied Medical Benefits (Michigander)

Sex, Lies and Basic Training

First Black Female CO To Command ESG 2

Iraq veteran's last wish has fallen victim to ax

Russian Navy Ships to Visit Nicaragua

Joe Klein: The Aimless War: Why Are We in Afghanistan?

John F. Kennedy - American University Commencement


Nuclear cost law a "mistake," state senator who voted for it now says


Saving Electricity

Dirty, Dangerous and Expensive: The Truth About Nuclear Power

Joe Romm says that Al Gore says that Richard Branson says that Sting says that the Union of

Union of Concerned Scientists Position on Nuclear Power and Global Warming

Nuclear Bomb - Joe Romm

Clean Energy Cheaper, Safer, Quicker than Nuclear Power

'Poison Wind' - A film that presents an oral history of uranium victims.

The Auto Bailout is a dire necessity

Oklahoma's income tax law exempts weathly from paying.


"Deflation has become inevitable"

Geneva firms said to have lost 4.2 billion dollars in Madoff scheme

“Be Nice to the Countries That Lend You Money”

Senate Republicans holding the economy and country hostage to political, personal satisfaction.

Canada Announces $2.8B Auto Bail Out if US Goes First

Did you all buy your Lexus best gift ever yet this Christmas?

Dr. Housing Bubble December 13th, 2008

Treasury’s Lowest Yields Offer No Help to Companies

This is Wall Street

It's like Facebook...for the very very rich.

King Cotton’s Subsidies under Attack in the WTO as Agricultural Negotiations

Are UAW workers paid $70 per hour as Republicans say? BULLSHSIT it's more like $29 -

I Knew Bernie Madoff Was Cheating, That's Why I Invested with Him

Today in labor history Dec 13 AF of L President Samuel Gompers died at age 74

Queerty: Jacobs and Courage Campaign. The next wave?

If you're in Atlanta, please participate in "All I Want For Christmas is EQUAL RIGHTS!" protest 2DAY

"Second Guessing Grandma"

My "NO on Prop 8" sticker was stolen from on my car.

H O L Y F * * *! Gaeta is gay!!!!!!!

(Wingnut alert) Documentary critical of Che Guevara released

Odd information I just found people interested in Pinochet may find interesting:

Colombia war data 'unbelievable'

The New York Mets and the Madoff scandal

Am I the only one that is getting positively horny over the TO situation

The Greatest Game in color.

Congrats to the University of MN-Duluth

Auburn football implodes: 2-10 Gene Chizik to be next head coach

WOW!! How about them Owls!!!! 88-72 over teh Tennessee Vols!

Colt McCoy didn't look real happy.

What happened to the Health forum

I did not smoke yesterday. I will not smoke JUST today.

How do you EAT if you are on Coumeden?

Anyone ever try e-cigarettes?

Wish Upon a Hero

Weekly Healing Project #16 | Dec 14-20 | Let The Light Shine In & Through

Question for all you ballistics experts out there

Texas Gun Owners Association

A frosty morning on Minnesota Drive

A snapshot smile for Christmas - Decoration in the Fla Keys

after the ice strom....

Asheville's Fireworks this evening

Secret Museum Photos from around the world.

Trending into 2009

uhh out for the cop killer guns!!!!

update on the new dishwasher

What's your favorite mail order source for specialty food items?

Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb (Two new books by three atomic insiders)

The 2009 International Space Station Calendar: A Cool Freebie for NASA Fanboys

Ammunition in the "War" on Xmas

I like this post from Atrios

Why doesn't somebody who knows about plastics sit down and checkmate Kasparov?

Please note these important resources for educators!

Is college worth it for someone who already has passion to write?

CGI Plane Insert?

Who's Afraid Of KBH?

Alert! Alert! Such a deal like you wouldn't believe!

i got Halo 2 finished, where do you go to find a multi-player..

Terminator Salvation trailer

When did scary movies start going too far?

What! Who! Me?

Toronto Star: Ignatieff, Harper virtually tied in poll

The Long Road to Recovery

New extensive Harry Potter and the HBP trailer

13DEC08 - 3 Canadian soldiers killed, 1 injured in southern Afghanistan

Kerry and Gore bring Hope to Poznan

JK remarks from Georgia as Russia retakes village

OT, but connected - review in today's NYT

Britain becomes a nation of pensioners

Home Office accused of releasing selective knife crime figures

Pound Slips Below Euro

Blair explains Catholicism move

Self delete