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Archives: December 11, 2008

Zakheim the Pentagon Comptroller from May 4 to March 10

KFC Workers Suspended After Bathing in Dish Sink

Indian court asked to ban Google Earth

Happy UDHR(Universal Declaration of Human Rights) Day!

Word to the Republicans : Put up or Shut Up !!

Free choice act, the republicans fear it, it will

Why is the UFC having to do a charity fundraiser for our troops with traumatic brain injuries?

Workers Pay for Debacle at the Tribune Newspaper: NY Times:

I saw a comment on youtube that said Franken told Rhodes in '04 that election irregularities

House Democrat says Obama should keep Bush intelligence chiefs

Death sentences, executions drop in 2008

A LOT of the discussion 'topics' thrown out lately at DU are

Foreclosure Storm Will Hit U.S. in 2009 as Loan Changes Fail

Only ONE Person Has Ever Escaped From A North Korean Prison: Shin Dong-hyuk

Will Obama Buy Torture-Lite?

Torching Banks and Riots ... there is a pattern Torching Banks

9/11 Victims' Families Challenge Legitimacy Of Guantánamo Military Commissions

7 attack questions from politico for Obama presser tomorrow

Don't Forgetz Them......

Supreme Court is asked to dismiss top officials from 9/11 lawsuit

68 to 80 percent of our active pharmaceutical ingredients now come from India and China...

I just plopped "Recount" into the DVD. Is this going to confirm the known? Or piss me off even more?

In Zimbabwe, chaos gives cholera a foothold

Retail sales post big drop in November

Richard Shelby (R-AL) has Toyota and Honda plants in is State?

Biotechs want a bailout

How Superman Defeated the Ku Klux Klan: 5 Comic Superheroes Who Made a Real-World Difference

They are making a big deal about "pay to play" ...

TV Channel To Broadcast Assisted Suicide (England)

Obama Transition "Open for Questions"

This is the way to deal with conservatives. The coming socialist government of Greece!

WJ this morning- the spin following the Blagojevich mess

Mail time!! Grandmother is sent police machine gun in the post by mistake

Activist Sabotages British Power Station, Singlehandedly Reducing Country's Carbon Output By 2%

Cleaning Firm Used Illegal Workers at Chertoff Home

A Long Way To Go For A Complete Lie

Breaking: IL AG Madigan preparing to go to state Supreme Court to have Blogo removed

Every day, social conservatives get duped in a new way

Girl told CPS of abuse 2 years before stepdad's rampage, documents show

Dupe: Old news...

Alaska lawmaker no longer lead Republican on panel

UhOh 47 dead in Iraq

Last US House seat filled on grave of stolen 2004 election-by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Joe Scum, Pat Buchanan et al

The White Nationalist Behind O’Reilly’s War on Xmas

Life After the Economic Collapse: How Having Less Will Make Us Happier

Goofus and Gallant meet Blago (pic)

Is Norm Next? FBI Probes Allegation That Friend, Political Supporter Funneled $75K To Sen. Coleman

Bush History-Bush Says Nukes are Greatest Threat, so Why Are They a Low Priority? 12/11

Auto Parts Suppliers Demand Advance Payments From GM

Zimbabweans eating cow dung as hunger deepens

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

horrible NPR radio, horrible Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.Carolina), horrible Selby R-Alabama

I'm having a white Christmas... in New Orleans

Will Blagojevich be Obama's achilles heel?

When talking of corrupt Illinois pols don't forget Hastert

George W. Bush: The Ten Trilliion Dollar Man

The Panic Of 2008

Required Reading: The Dunce

Just found out my new fav. pizzeria is owned by a neo-con :(

A Poem, by Dick Cheney

RECESSION SPECIAL: Pay Raise For Judges Tucked Into Auto Bailout

The Stock Market's wild volatility:

"my dad was a CEO of a car company"-Mitt weighs in

I'm having one of my all too frequent "angry days"

If is unfortunate that Daschle is appointed health and human services secretary since his

President Obama on TV now, giving press conference.

Just 2 questions for you newsie types

Bush the fiscal conservitive. RIIIGGGHT!

Illinois AG threatens to act soon against governor

Caption Blago

I guess all those "free marketers" were right! Gas prices did go down on their own!

Kansas City - our gas is $1.32 this morning.

43 states in financial trouble

Pastor says: No work, no food. (Also, no legal protections for gays.)

I am enraged at CNN's and MSNBC's attempt to

When David Gregory takes over GEM$NBC at 10.30am

Anyone know of a book/article that deals with why social movements happen

The EPA fugitive list: Jeb?

The Rude Pundit - Note to Republicans and the Media: We Don't Care About Obama and Blagojevich

Mumbai Terrorists Prospered Under U.S.-Backed Musharraf

anyone on here know about Ashkenazi ?

Hungary has HAZMAT Irish pate` problem

Bush Legacy Watch: Is he the next MLK? (check out *this* photo in Dallas Morning News)

Bush Legacy Watch: Is he the next MLK? (check out *this* photo in Dallas Morning News)

More Americans believe in the devil than they do evolution

Obama's Statement on Blagojevich

"Fuck him. For nothing? Fuck him."

Rep Pete Hoekstra vows ‘aggressive oversight’ of Obama

Bob Woodward: "I had three sources that said the (Iraq WMD) evidence we had was skimpy"

Did I just hear Obama use the "far left, far right, we're in the center" frame?

JOE KLEIN: The Aimless War

Pentagon approves Iraq sales worth up to $6 billion

Blagojevich: Everyone Should Consider Saying "THANK YOU!"

This happened to me at work:

Greek-Inspired Demonstrations Spread (to Spain, Denmark and France)

Deal Reached On Sit-Down Strike

MSNBC has just declared that

With all due respect, this is why religion is such a thorn in the

With all due respect, this is why religion is such a thorn in the

Specter Picks A Fight Over Holder

the $73 dollar an hour myth: NY Times article:

Cleaning Firm Used Illegal Workers at Chertoff Home

Babylon's History Swept Away in US Army Sandbags

Office Depot to Close 112 Stores, Cut 2,200 Jobs

Is it ethical for politicians to take no work jobs at companies they helped after they leave office?

Mullen Echoes Obama: Pentagon Must 'Get A Grip' On Spending

Where Are the New Jobs for Women?

Bumper Sticker Idea

Feds: Hawaii man threatened to kill Obama

Aqsa Parvez rests in numbered gravesite

What Is The Meaning Of The Song "One Toke Over The Line"?

Allen Ginsberg's "America"

can i make a change to corporate bankruptcy laws?

Suit seeks Todd Palin e-mails that were withheld

Reid Seeking To Set Up Series of Senate Auto Bailout Votes

Blast at Iraq Restaurant Kills 47

Teen age shooting death in Juneau Alaska

christmas shopping on line. anyone have fun companies they order from on line?

Mugabe Claims ‘No More Cholera’ As Death Toll Keeps Rising

Greek-inspired demonstrations spread- The Violence of Capitalism

ABC promotes Chertoff in: 'Homeland Security USA' in January

Addicted to Religion

My love letter

At Least 150 Killed in Massacre in Congo Town: Rights Group

House bill provides relief for pension funds

BREAKING: McConnell opposition could doom auto loan package

so do you think there is truth to the rumor that Rahm blew the whistle on Blago

In Tough Times....More Studens Feed on Free Lunches....

Accused Guards Blur Line between Blackwater and Military

Coalition of The Shrinking

Cheney alienates congressional Republicans.»

Dollar down again today

So will every corrupt politician that get caught in Illinois be tied to PE Obama?


How Two Federal Judges Invoked "Secrecy" To Block Access To Bush Torture Data

Obama has won the Race to the High Road....The Common Ground Approach works better

Sen. Shelby what's your agenda: "THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN"? at the expense of the country??

The People, united, can never be defeated......

i can not wait until the new President and congress take over our once great nation

HOLIDAY DONATION: I would like to donate some Medifast Diet product to a DUer who really needs it.

Dec 10th - 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Shelby and company putting political grudges ahead of the country

Record drop in American's net worth... largest drop on record

Sen. Shelby Contact info

Democrats shouldn't begin our advocacy in the middle, where our concerns are ultimately compromised

Will Obama make a clean break with the Bush interrogation, detention and rendition policies?

The Right Wing Diner

My EnterMercial

Will someone please escort this....

Senator Jim DeMint (Fascist-SC) is an Idiot.

Will the US government go INSOLVENT? And if it does

Trio Of Governors Beg Congress For Up To $276B In Aid

We are the new "centrists".

Butbutbutbut ...... the Repubics are even fighting with the white house.

It is all reducing down to the essence ............... like a finely crafted sauce.

Scandal gives GOP a shot at Senate seat

The ONE good thing Bush has done

Ok Folks... any comments on this "blog"....

Profiles in Courage Watch-"We're done in two months."

New unemployment claims surge unexpectedly

Sorry Mumbai Happened: (Indian)PM

Clinton to Earn About $4,700 Less Than Rice

To Kill A Mockingbird - on now,

Just cuz it hasn't been posted in a while....

Breaking: BOA to cut 35,000 jobs over the next three years

"Credit Crisis II" feared if U.S. automakers fail

Oh Reallllllly? WH thinks Blago Case is 'Astounding'

Our stock room is literally OVERFLOWING at work.... too much product coming in no one is buying

A Re-Cap Of The Bush Years Put To Music

Fire Sale on All McCain-Palin Campaign Equipment

Bush reflects on struggle with alcohol

Gas....$1.18 a gallon in Casper. WY..... USA National Gas Teperature Map..

old style electronics question (you punks call them home entertainment systems, we called them

Ann Coulter Bombs at NYU

It sure would be cool to see this much support when those in the entertainment industry

Does anyone know of a site that tracks lay offs?

Many of You Were Right: And Shame on the Republicans Opposing Bailout

California Financial Armageddon - Example Of Extreme GOP Legislators

Is NPR the National Propaganda for Republicans?

Most Outrageous Comments of 2008 - Media Matters

Siegelman: Obama Administration Will Not Let Rove Off The Hook

Help me say farewell to Bush

Remember this quote...

Sign of the times.

After one year of begging my hubby to get our 401k....

Republicans are taking a big gamble...

Markey: EPA has been ‘the most successful witness protection program’ in U.S. history.»

Lee Iacoca for Auto Czar

Some asshat stole my neighbors' NO MORE WAR sign last night.

We did it before, we must do it again.

Report: DOJ Blocking Obama Team From Seeing Secret Legal Memos

Scared of Santa...

Dean: Time For Blagojeviceh To Bla-Go

It would be nice if the media focused less on the stock market...

Senate committee report blames top Bush officials for abuses against detainees...

The Goose that Laid the Golden Age -- the story of our economy.

United States Senate Seat, Like NEW! Barely Used! [PIC]

More MSM Follies: What term we HAVEN'T heard from the GOP-owned media.

Remember when Detroit 3 came to nation’s rescue, senators? -- Tom Walsh, DFP columnist

Iraq vs Afghanistan's "Open for Questions" feature is really good/addictive.

My Town. Tell me about Yours.

4-5 thousand portable toilets will be shipped to the National Mall

Obama: "I'm not quite the president yet, so I can tell all you witch-hunters to go fuck yourselves".

Obama: "I'm not quite the president yet, so I can tell all you witch-hunters to go fuck yourselves".

Can we stop referring to right wingers as pro-lifers?

The Right Wing's Idea of WHAT a person is

How many layoffs are acceptable to you to?

Nebraskan among group's favorites for ag secretary (supports family farms, organic produce and human

Capitalist Fools

Fox & Friends host/ commentator (?) doesn't know that Festivus is a joke (VIDEO 1:15)

NYT: Rs Float Last-Minute Anti-Worker "F*ck The UAW" Bailout Plan

Uh, gee...I guess something just hit me about the auto bailout.

It was probly George Bernard Shaw who observed that anyone who is not


Oberstar (D-Minn.) Proposes $45 Billion for Infrastructure in Stimulus Bill

Rethug strategist Todd Harris on "Hardball"..."most people agree that [*] is an honorable man"

Wanda Sykes: Bush Has Done More For Black People Than Anyone... He Gave Us Obama

Oh Delicious Irony! Citibank has reported me to a credit agency for a delinquent mortgage

Institute For America's future - worthy of note imo

Yes, I'm Embarrassed, given this past month's events, that I don't know that much about cars or who

I Love DU!

Responses to GOP "Republican for a Reason" in the RNC web page show that many R's

NASA Administrator Muzzles Employees From Speaking Openly w/ Obama Review Team

You know what would come in handy right about now? $23 Billion that's what

Illinois governor described as 'upbeat' as he went to work today

Stop Senator No

2009 US Congressional Majority is Still NOT Pro-Choice

UPDATE: The Jesus lady said she'd pray for me as she lit up a butt and pirouetted across the parking...

UPDATE: The Jesus lady said she'd pray for me as she lit up a butt and pirouetted across the parking...

7pm EST: Lisa Miller from Newsweek talks about the Religious case for gay marriage.

Most corrupt States: #1 North Dakota #2 Louisiana #3 Alaska

James K. Galbraith has a plan to fix the economy (DU link inside)

I now agree with the Republicans regarding Ford/GM

Ex-UK Foreign Office minister: "Afghanistan corrupt from top to bottom."

Church wants 'Santa will take you to hell' sign in Olympia

A MUST WATCH VIDEO -- Steven Chu our Nobel Prize winning NEW Secretary of Energy HOORAY

"This is the Democrats' first opportunity to pay off organised labour after the election"

All elected officials should be required to take psychiatric exams before taking office!

Senate: Senior Bush Officials OKed 'Aggressive' Interrogation

O'LOOFAH is the slimiest P.O.S., deep in self-denial, sliming OBAMA while saying he's NOT

Iraq may need US troops for decade - Iraqi official

If there's a special election for the Senate Seat in IL...


surge update - Iraq Bomb Kills 48 in Volatile North

Heads up KOs going to give us the top 25 most

Bush**'s "fraternity prank" of Abu Ghraib and republican defense of it now being exposed.

Remember when Detroit 3 came to nation’s rescue, senators?

$1-Trillion In Bailouts = $3333 APIECE For Every Man, Woman & Child in USA

Good fugging grief - what's this discussion on Tweety?

Has anyone noticed? Maybe this has been posted or referenced, already

The Few. The Proud.....The Employed.

Adolescents, Failed by U.S. Health Care, Go to Emergency Rooms

Bank of America to Cut 35,000 Jobs Over 3 Years...

AIG to pay out again Retention Pay (bonuses) I can't even add it up

Gates compares his extended reign at Pentagon to soldiers' 'stop-loss' draft

12,000-Year-Old Shaman Unearthed in Israel

Bank of America (BOa for short) to cut 30,000-35,000 jobs.....

Our elected officials at work: "Panel blames Bush officials for detainee abuse"

What about the graphic behind Rachel right now

MSNBC headline - "A new Senate star emerges from the auto row " - WARNING vomit alert

So are Hermaphrodites allowed under the law to marry either sex?

How likely are we to have President Jeb Bush in 2016?

Can't Pelosi and Reid just tell Pres. Paulson that he won't get another dime of TARP money

Would affordable health care for all in the U.S. be like a huge Union?

"food prices causing riots"

Tracking the Economic Collapse: The dismal weekly layoffs and closings report....

mucho dupo

There's About Some DUMBASS Crackers In The Senate.

Environmental fugitives get their own most-wanted list

AFL-CIO, SEIU attack McDonald's stance on labor law

Pssst. Repubics .... you wanna kill unions? I gotta perfect plan .....

Economic Treason

Harry Reid's contact page. If you think Shelby is risking a depression tell REid to do something

The Dems better "grow a pair/spine/guts" and fight the Rethugs on the auto loan package

Asia Times: Worse than the Great Depression

Chimpass DOES know he HAS to vacate on Jan 20th, right? Overstayed in TX mansion for 2 weeks!

Please: DU this poll re: Michael Weiner

Guess who's coming to my mother's rescue? COMMUNITY ORGANiZERS.

Who can citizens notify that Sen. Jim DeMint might be inciting a public riot?

These repubic motherfuckers want the car loan to force LOWER WAGES


Inquiring minds want to know. Today gas was $1.68 a gallon

Bush Bible Comments Insult Evangelicals

Florida may have turned Blue.....but it's deep, deep in the Red

Bring the jobs back home.

Planet in Peril is kicking ass, taking no prisoners

Robin Williams talks about the election to a London audience: This is a riot!

How many unemployed people in the U.S. are "shovel ready"?

Foreign manufacturers make cars that Americans want more ......

It is clear, the Senators who have Transplant Foreign Auto makers in their States

Still MORE Wrongly-Rejected Ballots In Minnesota?

Is the Franken vote site being freeped?

I Don't Care If Gas Is FREE, We Need To Stop Killing This Planet!

More Holder issues

Australian SAS Units Function as Death Squads in Afghanistan

A Battle Won! (SC License Plate Case)

Let's legislate that auto transplants pay union wages?

We are the baddest motherfuckers in the world.

Sen. Corker rewriting terms for auto bailout

"Boom" cars and the never-ending THUMP.

Televised lynching of United Auto Workers on C-Span2 right now.

WTF does this mean? "WH looking for next flight out of town after Jan. 20"

Labor Sec. Elaine Chou married to Mitch McConnell?????

Girl in molestation case recants testimony

GM says bankruptcy not an option but hires bankruptcy advisers

I'd like to suggest Detroit as a possible site for the 2012 Republicon National Convention

Let's quit calling forced terminations 'Layoffs'

Taleban tax: allied supply convoys pay their enemies for

Don't be afraid of the DU arena...pick a fight...enjoy the therapy of the moment.


I was 30 years old before I crossed 10K annual income

I knew I'd seen Blagokevich before, but where? Then I remembered.

Why does Obama tolerate attempt by the press to propagate scandal

US, Peru downed 15 planes in '90s antidrug program

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Edited and deleted

A possible silver lining in the Blagojevich clouds, for residents of ILLINOIS.

Experts: North Georgia housing market in depression

The Republicans blocking the Auto Loan are killing their party (and America)

So Who Is Running Congress Now? The Republicans or Democrats?

Anyone have a list of who voted against the auto loan/bailout?

Ask a rabid pro-lifer how old they are.

I think tonite we need to remember what Abraham Lincoln once said...

Reid & Pelosi keep congress open

Reid & Pelosi keep congress open

After blocking aid to autos, when will the Republicans be viable in the Midwest again

I want a bailout or I'm going to stop working! Oh, wait....

Poor Families Pressed Into Vaccine Trials by Drug Companies; 12 Babies Die

Chu: "Coal is my worst nightmare."

Breaking: Senate fails to reach agreement on auto bailout bill

Any Guesses As to What The Dow Will Do Tomorrow?

I'll take the points and say Bush puts up TARP money for GM and Chrysler tomorrow

Another childs useless death in America from guns

Chrysler's Hidden Coffers

So what happens if GM goes under?

"Republicans hold all the cards in the bailout debate"

8 really, really scary predictions

So Will GM or Chrysler File For Chapter 11 Tomorrow?

Channel 4 news in Detroit said that markets in Asia just opened and are plummeting

Reid and Boxer have taken to the floor...

I can't take Huffington Post seriously.

Yep, it's union busting pure and simple, with some sour grapes tossed in

Is anyone here an expert on Senate procedure? Technically they don't need 60 votes...

Hall and Oats are giving an Alan Colmes tribute on the Daily Show

Humboldt At The Tipping Point: Who Dares Defend Diebold? (WDNC Blog)

Scowcroft, Gates, Jones: Go Slow on Iraq

What will rethugs get out of blocking the auto loan? They have my

Obama's team: things are going to get A LOT worse before they get better

Bush Administration’s Home Stretch Strategy: Not Our Problem

Why can't colin powell & rush limbaugh just kiss & make up?

Day to `call in gay' finds few willing to strike

Powell lashes out at Palin:...‘and there’s nothing wrong with my value system.’»

Pastor jailed for invoking God's wrath to get bail

On the Car Issue, to whomever makes the Pontiac: I beg you, don't kill the Pontiac.

Top 50 Inventions of 2008

An excerpt of Vonnegut's wisdom

History is bound to repeat itself. But, how?

Did you see on Rachel in the Lame Duck section where someone

Let The Republicans Filibuster! What's The Problem With That?

I have a question about a possible temp solution for the car industry.

Gov Blago's chestnut mane might be sign of narcissistic personality disorder, psychologists say

McClatchy: U.S. keeps silent as Afghan ally removes war crime evidence

OMG! Dow futures are just crashing

Specter just said 10 Republicans voted for cloture

I am 100% in favor of the bridge LOAN to the auto makers! & 100% in favor of Govt. helping LABOR

Mitch McConnell wants to help kill unions .... and he is married to ......

Clinton will make $4,700 less than Rice

The view from here - a TSS rant about these bailouts

Gina at on Tom Joyner

Aimless Absurdity in Afghanistan

"Blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage...

KB Toys Faces Liquidation

Siegelman: Obama Administration Will NOT Let Rove Off The Hook

Alright, MSM Press! You're All Over The Prez-Elect On Any Alleged HINT Of Corruption!! Way To Go!

There is a lot I dont understand in this world....

Who is going to be pissed off if they start bailing out states?

2 kids made a personal comment about me today at the store.

Dick Morris: “I’d Pay To Suck The Polish Right Off Hannity’s Toes”

Every time I see a HUMMER or another obnoxious SUV toy

Come now, Bush, it was no mistake

Let's get something straight folks: Detroit's problems are NOT a function of car type or car quality

Bettie Page dies...; pinup queen played a key role in the sexual revolution of the 1960s ...

OK, please help me figure this out. If an autoworker at $28 per hour

The House just gave car makers HUGE Tax cuts.

Why wouldn't GM put Cadillac Quality in all their cars?

Scout Tufankjian's picture-book: "Yes We Can" - OMG! It's awesome

Lets Talk

Christian Church leaders call Sun Myung Moon the “Devil and Anti-Christ”

Somebody Should Arm the Senate Armed Services Committee

Where's Lieberman on the Big 3 bailout?

“What we've had in these last eight years is not merely a case of individual & isolated law-breaking

Everyone that can, go buy something at K-Mart this week.

If you Support Auto Workers Union: Check in Here, Make your Voice Known

"To Kill a Mockingbird."

Musicians tell UN to ban using songs as torture

How many people here have enough money to start a cooperative to

Dubai's real estate market tanking

Remember when our Fathers and Grandfathers, who lived through the Great Depression.............

CNN's Michael Ware: "I Don't Know How To Come Home"

The safest car is the one that doesn't get in a collision in the first place..

The safest car is the one that doesn't get in a collision in the first place..

if you were to purchase a car tomorrow

Here's how:

This Chu guy.

Dem.Reyes: "We don't want to be known for torturing but,,,keep the torturer and keep the policy"

Has anyone called for a General Strike?

Profiling credit card holders? Being charged for not seeing a doctor?

Breaking: Child's remains found near Caylee Anthony home.

Why aren't UAW members occuping Repube senate offices *right now*

Should the Lori Klausutis "accidental death" case be re-opened?

When do I get a "Union" ? Or for that matter any of us that slave to keep your world running...

When do I get a "Union" ? Or for that matter any of us that slave to keep your world running...

"Health-Care Reform Could Kill the GOP" ...Sounds like "two for the price of one" to me!

"Health-Care Reform Could Kill the GOP" ...Sounds like "two for the price of one" to me!

Republican Senator Admits Opposition to Auto Bill is All About Union Busting

Ask Ford why in the hell we don't get the Ka!

"You see, Rick, it's this way"


Caroline Kennedy = JLo???????

The NAZIs hated unions, too.

in 1976, nissan sold a car that got 43 miles per gallon

Workers Get Paid And End Sit-In At Chicago Factory - Obama Had Voiced Strong Support for Workers

Shameless Yuletide Plug

Here's one last pic - of Sarah Palin. (Has photobucket created a monster of me yet?)

Bow down and pray to Motorcycle Jesus

I am listening to a cd of Christmas songs from the 1930's and 1940's

In the beginning. Back in 1955

I finally got Chrono Trigger for the DS!

Damn. Why would a diabetic eat Haagen Dasz??!!

Let me try another pic. This one is simply titled: OOPS!

a wise man once told me:

should we set up a procrastinating competition....

Don't Forgetz Them......

How do you breathe?

Anyone own a Tempurpedic bed?

Leapin' Lizards! Flying snakes:

Kitty gets face reattachment surgery (no scary pictures)

Today is Laundry Day!

Live long enough to be a problem to your children

Actor slits his own throat as knife switch turns fiction into reality

California economy crashes

Downside of coming home for the week: Ice Storm

Play your favorite commercial

Well lounge, since the new year is almost upon us, it is time for me to reveal my true identity.

I wish I understood cat language - spent an hour this morning listening to 3 cats chatter

MMMMM Bacon, Egg and Cheese burritos. With a really spicy salsa.

Loudon Wainwright III - Christmas Morning (rare acoustic version)

sorry dp

Golden Globe Nominations are out - post your thoughts here

How the Christmas family get together usually goes

Snow Day!

The Inauguration Worldwide Television Audience

Oh lordy, but I'm sleepy!

You know, I almost hate to do it, but I have to say...

I can't believe I waited so long to join NETFLIX

Good morning Lounge

If ABC still has plans to cancel "Pushing Daisies"...

Newborn Pups, PuppyCam!

Google down for anyone else?

How do you tie your shoes?

Anyone seen the show Walking with Dinosaurs ??

If you had to sum up your life in a paragraph for a magazine.

I am having the starchiest lunch ever. And none of it really goes together.

What's more pathetic?

Did you die of laughter when Tom Netherton sang He Touched Me on LW?

This is great - Joe Strummer yells at a bouncer during White Man

How often do you feel like a dying clown with a stink of Rin Tin Tin?

Why hasn't anyone asked Obama about his, um, "unique" appendage?

I think a variety show featuring indicted/convicted politicians

Really good deal on magazine subscriptions...

I found the anti-LoLcat (now with fixed link!!)

Damn that Brat Pack!!!!

Anyone else ever see the movie Koyaanisqatsi?

All time funniest DU Xmas post

Anyone remember James Traficant?

Wow, "A cry in the dark is on" that poor woman! Imagine if a dingo ate your baby

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday December 11

Who sends this stuff?

I hate those mornings and you wake up and look at the clock and go SHIT!!!

Which do you tend toward, being a spendthrift or being frugal?

Oh it's the MOST wonderful time... of the yeeeear...

"Fuck You Penguin" funny stuff!

I want a French Bulldog so bad.

"Attention All Shoppers!" (as spoken over the PA in that nasal/whiny voice)


For lunch, I had a bowl of chili from the cafeteria here at work .

Obama Selects Dachsie

Jesus, I am your father

I can't wait for Star Trek XI.

I am sick and tired of Microsoft IE encountering a problem requiring it to close

On sale NOW at Walmart $6.66

Two weeks to the 25th. Time for the annual DU "least favorite holiday song" list...

old style electronics question

does anyone watch/like the tv show eli stone?

christmas shopping on line. anyone have fun companies they order from on line?

What Is The Meaning Of The Song "One Toke Over The Line"?

Mail time!! Grandmother is sent police machine gun in the post by mistake

Sometimes I wonder...

Can you identify this object?

My husband's antique Xmas show is featured in Local Publication

Check out the trailer for the play I am in

Fritos smothered in Chili, cheese and onions.

I posted this last year, but I can't resist it.

Macaulay Culkin's Sister Killed in Traffic Accident

Oh crap...

WOW!!! I just sent an email to an old friend and received a response...

My EnterMercial

Meals on Wheels in Central PA expanded to help out Seniors with Pets

Lest we all forgot

MILK robbed of a Golden Globe nod.

The English Beat and BAD MANNERS on tour next year!!!!

Dear Santa: WANT!

I am addicted to Chex Mix!

Is anyone else not getting the "new mail" alert for your inbox?

67 pages of questions?!

Looky what we might get!

Worst compliment ever...

So we're adopting a family for Christmas

I have to get rid of this earworm

So has Midlo started any other flame wars today

We have reached the "Thow it in a box and tape it down" segment of packing.

Jesus Christ. Some people.

I hate looking for used cats

I hate looking for used cats

People Under that Stairs!

Should I play monopoly, or sing in the rain?

Oh joy, this sounds like fun!

Meet my Grandma

Move over ugly holiday sweaters....check out these tshirts

Scared of Santa...

I hate drinking at nude bars.

So, my youngest has applied to college with a request for

So...I I take a nice leisurely stroll into GD, and the very first post I see is...

That's the last time I admit to tightness in the chest.

starting to feel better ( my smaller boobs!)

The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, The Firm, Coverdale-Page, Page-Plant, Plant-less Zep

Believe it or not, the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is getting bad reviews.

I am toasting myself today, I just found out I am a Jew

I am using my snow day to catch up on my present wrapping!

Blagojevich. GRR. Now it's stuck in my brain as an earworm.

2 Internship Interview offers in less than 24 hours...yikes!

I just wrapped all the gifts that are going to MN

My favorite beer import is Peroni! How about your fave?

We have a new cat, a large white male, he is a nice kitty.

If you're a car singer like me...

I hate drinking at new bars

What DVD's Should I Get At The Libree?

Okay, this is funny.

aw forget about it :-(

My 11 year old cousin is going into foster care soon.

Mmm! Gumbo for supper tonight!

I have a weird question.

"Is m-fer the same as mother-bleeper?"

I Am Finally Going To Set Up My DVD Player

Kitty wigs! For sale! Seriously!

UPDATE: The Jesus lady said she'd pray for me as she lit up a butt and pirouetted across the parking...

Does anyone have friends they find rather irritating?

Need "Secret Santa" idea for a yuppie

If this keeps up, i may have to gather the critters two-by-two

You wanna see the bestest YouTube vid ever?

How many soup speen do you use in a typical wook?

I lost my ipod last night


Is it possible to work 3rd shift for an extended period of time w/o gaining tons of weight? you tip carpet installers?

Who knew the Kirk/Spock fight scene from Amok Time would scare the shit out of a 6 year old?

I think all the XMAS lights are up and I only said FU Jesus about 1,000 times.

My 7 year old daughter is now a grammar nazi

Washington Dulles and Washington National airports to install traffic circles in terminals

Washington Dulles and Washington National airports to install traffic circles in terminals

Friday Night Lights - best show ever?

Johnny Cash "Half Mile A Day" Special On OVATION TV

Reply to this thread and you could win a date with me

anyone familiar with flex?

It's official - I'm NOT doing facebook (thank you to those who found me)

Tonight's DVD: WALL*E

Remind me to never, ever read a thread in GD or LBN again.

Remind me to never, ever read again.

Kitten question

An odd question

Check out some music from my father-in-law! (Country-rock, singer/songwriter)

Why do we say "armpit", but not "legpit"?

Anybody else been waiting for Tuesday's BLUSH episode?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/11/2008)

YouTube: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Live 8 - Gilmour, Waters, Mason, Wright

My printer is broken.

The one thing that has me most worried about an economic collapse...

I just got engaged yesterday.

Parents of teenage girls!

Elrond Hubbard and Santa Claus are lovers.

Yaris or Corolla

Quickly! What does this string of letters represent?

Does anyone else nearly panic when you hear an unexpected knock on the door?

Where's Turtlensue???????

I finally got my head around multi-dimensional arrays

I hate looking for used cars

OMG I'VE BEEN OUTED! I might as well confess to you my friends in the lounge

Tetris is evil

I have a 2005 Scion XA that I bought used, earlier in the year.

I'm stuck in Dulles. Screw United. Fuck Dulles.

My last class this semester was tonight

I just got enraged yesterday.

Tonight's sunset was amazing! Pic heavy...

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Why do dirty guys at garages act so superior?

How many pillows on your bed?

Why Is It That Even Through The Electrons On The Internet

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/11/08

Snow Day Pics!!

So I loaned some money to a friend.

*1976 Fashions*

Holy Raptor Jesus I am DRUNK

Does alcohol help with emotional pain or exasperate it?

Some morans who whistle in public buildings, or at work--why do they think

I've you've got a passion for fashion

Coke Blak black market

The manifesto for all grammar/usage nazi party members

As my one and only snow day ends, I am left with a beautiful sky.

I've got a date this weekend / online dating

Four finals down; one to go. Hold me...

You just won $25 million. Who do you hire to perform at your next birthday party?

Pinup queen Bettie Page dead at 85

I found some dude's Ipod on a bus in Denver!

Meet my sister.

Well that thread was fun! What a trainwreck!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday December 12


With the full details of this Barack's integrity just seems stronger.

What a Pants-load of Lucas: Just Watched CLONE WARS

Life before the computer

thanks to the UAW, and to all of America's industrial unions

This Scarbough show is a joke

Change we can believe in: I actually expect Obama to answer Blago questions tomorrow

Poll: Obama's Handling Of Transition Is Winning Over McCain Voters

What time will Obama be on TV today?? n/t

Did anyone see William Ayres on Hardball? What was up with that?

Obama needs to answer NOTHING!!!!!!!! in the Illinois Governor's case

This appears to be why Madigan can petition the Illinois Supreme Court

Why hasn't anyone asked Obama about his, um, "unique" appendage?

NASA has become a transition problem for Obama

What time is or was Obama's press conference today?

Obama And Transparency: Walking The Talk

Lanny Davis: "It's in his interest to be completely transparent here."

Is Joey Scabs going to be taking calls on his new radio show?

Tony Rezko Gave Feds Information On Blagojevich, Complaint Confirms

Tony Rezko Gave Feds Information On Blagojevich, Complaint Confirms

e-mail I sent to MSNBC, after listening to all the "press piranhas" circling for carrion on Obama:


Meet the last Dem congressman from Louisiana.

Obama to Hear Congressional Panel on Changes to War Powers Act

Obama to Hear Congressional Panel on Changes to War Powers Act

Obama, Blagojevich, Fitzgerald and the SNL skit about Obama being Cool

Obama To Appoint Jeanne Lambrew As Deputy Director Of White House Office Of Health Reform» - open for questions.. "meh..!" I love this guy

It looks like my big sister has had a stroke.

Mika: " Tom Daschle will be convicted today"

Cheney was sending a message with the Blago tapes, "we have everyone of you on tape" that is

Daily Tracking Polls 12/11 - So far (almost) no hit to Obama favorability from Blago

Obama: I understand people's anger and frustration about the position of our auto industry.

"Clinton selection could face court challenge"

I demand that Barack Obama condemn the actions of Ferris Beuller!

HuffPo - Great Article Exposing The RW/MSM Media Double Standard Re Blago Scandal

I'm confused-Just what is the media accusing President-Elect Obama of doing wrong re: Blagovich?

Can't you read this like the $1 million is from someone else?

Opening line on Hartmann's (NovaM) 1:30 news break: "Obama and Blagojevich"

Obama Team Very Worried About Economy

Why did Rush Limbaugh cross the road?

Outrage poll

Obama answered the MSM's stupid questions without acting like a baby (like Bush), what a change

Congress applies 'Saxbe fix' to avoid Constitutional problem for Clinton

Do any of you personally know any PUMA voters?

Why doesn't MN just have a run-off between Franken/Coleman?

List all the reasons how employees have benefitted from unions ...

Did my ears deceive me?

Obama on Health Care: "This Year ... This Administration"

Do you believe in Bob?

About Obama and Bago-- look up Truman and...

Obama will name Mark Miller head of Medicare and Medicaid services

An Obama Statement That Could Make A Difference Immediately To So Many In Need....

I figured out how the RWers will tie Obama to Blagojevich!

Barack Hussein Obama.

Idaho Commissioner found sending emails comparing Michelle Obama to a poisonous black widow spider

The interesting thing about Free Republic's response to the Blagojevic scandal.

Funny, I didn't see Bush, Cheney, or Exxon's Oil Chief Exec on this list....

office of the president-elect

The Illinois Senator Chess Game is quickly reaching a stalemate. Torches and Pitchforks maybe?

IA-Sen: Grassley Vulnerable to Vilsack Challenge

Remind me to never, ever read a car thread in GD or LBN again.

I was well-pleased with Tamron Hall on MSNBC earlier today

One T-Shirt Can Change the World

Name by name, Obama's Cabinet taking shape

What I expect from PE Obama, and have never been disappointed yet..

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road ? (political versions)




GOP may seek Bill Clinton's testimony (in Sen. Clinton's confirmation hearing)

Obama eyes Blue Dog for Agriculture Sec. pick (God no)

Obama speaks -- Senate Republicans bend

Let's get poet laureate Kay Ryan to give the Inaugural Poem!

The Sustainable Choice for the Next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

It is so nice to be able to enjoy a press conference now...

Olbermann asks, "Did * get elected to do as much damage to America as 8 years would allow"?

I must give credit due.

Lugar's Office Says He's Not Proposing To Call Bill Clinton At Hillary Confirmation Hearings

Community members respond to RNC trials, beginning Monday, December 15. in St. Paul, MN

"The only tragic thing about obama winning is the american people will be even more in love with him

"Tipster": NBC To Matthews: Think About It Over Christmas (pay cut?)

Obama to the Press: "there are two views of politics" (or why the Press needs a mirror)

If ONLY Blago had offered Barack or Valerie ........

Norm Coleman Still Under Investigation By FBI: Still Not A Peep From Media

nice history and Obama video on Chicago's black talk radio station

Alan Keyes to run for Obama's Senate seat!

They're marketing "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with the trailer for "Wolverine."

They're marketing "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with the trailer for "Wolverine."

I believe its time we start contacting our democratic Congressional Delegations

All in all, which state (or district) were you the most surprised Obama won?

Why do we fucking need 60 votes for any and all damn Bills to pass the Senate?

Why do we fucking need 60 votes for any and all damn Bills to pass the Senate?

Warning: "Wanted" is a piece of crap.

May I repost 3 of my favorite pics of the Obamas and Bidens?

Anyone watching cspan-2? The auto bail out did not pass.

Anyone watching cspan-2? The auto bail out did not pass.

Obama's atomic umbrella: U.S. nuclear strike if Iran nukes Israel

I'm glad to see Barack decided to use his middle name when he is sworn in!

The contrast between the two Bush inaugurals and Obama is going to be dramatic

'Michelle': Get to know the other Obama (a GDP post that has no griping in it)

VW is building a new plant in Corker's HOMETOWN!!!

No Jackeens thread today? Can you help me out?

Don't forget that Fitzgerald's office tried to get Rezko to LIE on Obama...and Blago

NC-Sen: Cooper (D) leads incumbent Burr, per PPP

The more America hates Palin, the more Republicans love her

When did David Schuster become a prick?

President Elect Obama "Last Question" and ABC Corporate Media "News" Cuts Away

Fuck it Impeach Bush as a reaction to this bailout bullshit

Post an embarrassing but low-priority confession. Here's mine:

How many dead Iraqis were Innocent?

Obama Worked to Distance Self From Blagojevich Early On

Has Fitzgerald vaulted himself onto the short list for AG or FBI Director? At


Who instigated the war on Christmas?

2 ways Fitzgerald could have used the Blago case for partisan advantage

Seperated at birth: Blago and....

Colin Powell Calls on Congress to Review "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

NASA has become a transition problem for Obama; Administrator Griffin not cooperating, obstructing

Inaugural: One toilet for every 6,489 people

Who remembers the "Lady Chablis" from the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"?

Bush said he didn't believe the bible was necessarily literally true in 2004...

The US Senate is helping Hillary Clinton circumvent her emolument problem

Obama: "I have never spoken to the governor on this subject." (updated)

Do Cats Know Their Own Name?

AP: Are Blagojevich tapes enough evidence to convict?

NASA's Griffin is losing it; obstructing Obama Transition:

What exactly is Obama's stance on guns?

Joe Scarborough: Mr. Sanctimony!

Obama mania grips the capital

Er...Speaking of Lounge Vibes...I've got some employment issues

For Christ's Sake: Stop this Insanity

IF Senator Reid were a great leader

My son made me so proud...

Just so everyone can fully understand

Make them filibuster the auto bill, you lame jack-asses

US to return centre stage on climate change, Kerry tells UN...(Poznan talks)

I have watched the BULLSHIT here for the last month

Bidens beat the Obamas to it - will be bringing a new German Sephard pup to Washington

PSA #2: Never take "utilities included" for granted

I am watching a Seinfeld rerun and remembered how sad

Official Fuck you Harry Reid Thread

Pit Bull Takes Bullets for Family

What do you think of bald men?

What do you think of bald men?

Obama's best/worst appointment?

Jennifer Aniston if freakin' HOT!

Favorite film of the year?

What is a good gift for an eight year old girl?

I committed a massive "guy-code" violation.

Linux Question:

The cake is a lie.

I just told my SO I want this for Christmas

"The Left" is a term of dismissal by our party leaders.

Why do we say "circular" and "triangular" and "rectangular" but not "squarular"?

Sun-Times: White House has rejected a recent request by Obama to occupy Blair House

DU HOLIDAY PET PICS, it's submission time again!

I'm losing my job at the end of the month...

The Birth Certificate/Citizenship Fantango - where the wingnuts stand


DU HOLIDAY PET PICS, it's submission time again!

There is a simple solution to this Illinois senate seat business...

Bush History-Bush Says Nukes are Greatest Threat, so Why Are They a Low Priority? 12/11

Treasury Criticized on Hill Over TARP

Before handouts, big firms bankrolled conventions

Canada's biggest buyout collapses

Australian gambler sues casino over A$1.4bln binge

(Rep. Edolphus "Ed") Towns To Lead House Oversight Committee

Duke Energy to Rent Rooftops (install solar panels)

Iraq asks Obama to hold new U.S.: Iran talks

(Detroit) News, Freep Poised For Big Changes?

N Korea talks limp to end with no prize for Bush

Former U.S. Contractor Alleges 9-Month Detention in Iraq

Former U.S. Contractor Alleges 9-Month Detention in Iraq

In the war: Britain to pull out of Iraq next year

US to begin transfer of Iraqi prisoners on Feb 1

Daschle Also to Oversee New Health Reform Office (Obama Names Him HHS Secretary)

Child's Body Found Near Missing Florida Girl's Home

Portugal offers to take Guantanamo detainees

DEA complicit in drug trade, says Morales

Obama says his office had no role in Illinois governor scandal

Jobless claims jump to 26-year high

Japan minister urges companies to secure jobs

Swedish car firms get bail-out

"Credit Crisis II" feared if U.S. automakers fail

Senate probe blames top Bush officials for detainee abuses

New Unemployment Claims Surge Unexpectedly

Illinois AG threatens to act soon against governor

‘Pay option’ mortgages could swell foreclosures (over the next 2 years)

Consumers to get $150 million in Wachovia settlement

NASA has become a transition problem for Obama; Administrator Griffin not cooperating, obstructing

Bush Bible Comments Insult Evangelicals

Zimbabwe's Mugabe says cholera crisis over(while the UN declared emergency/raised death toll to 783

Foreclosure Storm Will Hit U.S. in ‘09 Amid Job Loss (Update1)

Clinton to earn about $4,700 less than Rice

Investment adviser and former chairman of NASDAQ Stock Market arrested for multibillion dollar Ponzi

Cell phone costs slashed for Cubans

DeMint Warns of Bailout 'Riots'

Panel blames White House, not soldiers, for abuse

Some Question Blagojevich's Mental Health

A family feud over the fate of Guantanamo-The Pentagon gives a platform to family members of Sept 11

Senate GOP leader voices opposition to $14 billion rescue plan

2008 one of worst years for disaster losses: insurer

48 Killed in Iraq Restaurant Attack

Congress Approves Measure to Ease Pension, IRA Rules

Hagel (R-Ne) 'inclined' to back bailout bill

Bank of America to Cut 30,000 to 35,000 Positions

GM hires bankruptcy advisors

Justice Dept. says tow company violated SCRA

Oil sands called 'Canada’s dirty secret' at UN summit

U.S. recession to worsen, deflation a risk-report

Americans' debt shrinks - 1st time ever

Pharma Critic Is Candidate for Top FDA Post

Japan Stocks Drop for 1st Time This Week as Auto Bailout Stalls

Sara Lee cutting 700 jobs in outsourcing move

Rumsfeld Responsible for Torture, Report Says

"Senate Candidate 4" ID'd in criminal complaint (Louanner Peters)

Ireland to Hold New EU Treaty Vote, Wins Guarantees

Obama's atomic umbrella: U.S. nuclear strike if Iran nukes Israel

Billionaires close island businesses after election goes against them

Schools: More Students Getting Free Lunch (80% Increase)

After Rescue, Bonuses Still Flow At AIG

Bush administration finalizes rule; blocks crucial polar bear protections

Secretary of state salary cut for Clinton

Web mistake costly for George W. Bush library (had to buy back domain name for $35k)

Bank of America to cut up to 35,000 jobs

Study: U.S. arms sales impede human rights

U.S. keeps silent as Afghan ally removes war crime evidence

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 11

(Westboro Baptist) Church seeks sign at Capitol

ASIA MARKETS: Stocks extend losses as auto bailout falls apart - Honda, Toyota shares plunge

Top evangelical resigns after backing gay unions

Future First Family Denied Early Move-In at the Blair House

Panel Cites White House, Not Soldiers, for Abuse

Madoff Charged With Securities Fraud Takes Questions: The Obama transition team might have an answer.

Chicago workers end sit-in at closed factory ‘We lost the jobs but we got something,’

Mugabe should go, U.S. ambassador says

Franken presents affidavits from 62 with rejected ballots

Fed (Reserve) balance sheet liabilities hit record $2.2 trln

In Afghanistan, Gates to Talk of Troop Increases

Pinup icon Bettie Page dies at age 85

City of Des Moines Removes Homeless Shacks

Sleet, snow tail off in New Orleans

Bush reflects on struggle with alcohol

RIGHTS: Harsh Language for Colombia at UN Review

GOP Senator Warns of 'Riots' if Automakers Are Bailed Out

Auto bailout talks collapse over union wages

60 years on, Israel-bashing diminishes message of UN human rights council

Human rights & wrongs

Obama's National Security Adviser Makes Some Israelis Nervous

The price of tolerance

Hamas official: Shalit could be freed in a day if Israel were brave enough

110 trucks of goods to enter Gaza Thursday

The Saudi plan: 100 years of dhimmitude?

Striking poultry workers: “Change is coming”

Obama's Medicine for The Economy (Dean Baker)

The New Globalism: A Vision for America's Role in the World

Robert Scheer: Republicans Bring Socialism to America

Sweet Caroline

Merry Christmas — Santa Visits Jesus

Yep, it's union busting pure and simple, with some sour grapes tossed in

Thinking Outside the Box

The Pause That Depresses

Rosa Brooks: Blagojevich's corruption: a warning for Democrats

Blago, Preparing for Inevitable, Plans to Sell His Own 'Seat' in Jail

Chevron is still in the White House

U.S. Joins Effort to Bar Claims on Iraqi Coffers

Britain leaves Iraq in shame. The US won't go so quietly (Guardian)

India's competitors catching up as outsourcing hotspots

self delete

Neocon "Freedom's Watch" Goes Belly Up PLUS Expose on US Money Laundering Operation To Fund Settlers

Role of Alleged CIA Asset in Mumbai Attacks Being Downplayed

ENERGY A Return To Science (Progress Report on Chu nomination)

Barnacles of Class War Around Our Necks

Bank of America to Cut 30,000 to 35,000 Positions

The REAL Reason Prosecutor Fitzgerald Rushed to Arrest Blagojevich

8 really, really scary predictions (CNN/money)

A Progressive Blueprint for Obama’s Military

Capitalist Fools- five key mistakes—under Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II—and one national delusion.

‘Pay option’ mortgages could swell foreclosures (over the next 2 years)

Joseph Stiglitz: 5 Disastrous Decisions That Got Us into This Economic Mess

A street brawl in India brings down a global kidney-transplant ring.

Obama Team Asks For Sneak Preview at Docs; DOJ Balks

Ray McGovern: Will Obama Buy Torture-Lite?

U.S. Forces Kill 6 Afghan Police Officers by Mistake

Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?

Robert Parry: A Time Machine to Save America (good discussion of Bush v. Gore)

Blanket Pardons

Attorney Scott Horton on Justice after Bush

Change or Continuity pt. 2 of 2

Change or Continuity pt. 1 of 2

Conversations with History: Steven Chu

One Toke Over The Line

Dennis Kucinich Our Automotive Industry Is Necessary To National Security

Obama picks Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human Services

Climate Denial Argument of the Month

Bush answers questions about his Faith pt.2

Reggie Miles "Wall St. Blues"

Maron v Seder: Remedial Theater Ep. 3 (ERISA)

Obama Address Blagojevich Controversy

Congressional Hearing on Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Bill Ayers on Hardball

Joe The Plumber Says McCain Made Him Feel Dirty

The Real News: The Iraqi View Of The Surge

Video Shows Every Flight On Earth In 72 Seconds

Craig Ewert Assisted Suicide

Senator Fear Mongering DeMint(R): 'We are gonna have Riots if bailout passes

Joe Dead Intern Scarborough just cannot believe Obama isn't linked to Blago

TYT: Romney Loves To Steal From Fellow Republicans

Obama Answers more questions about healthcare

Coal Baron caught on tape, rails against "greeniacs", denies climate change...

TYT: Merrill Lynch CEO Asking For Bonus After Bailout


Bay Buchanan Uses Obama's Inauguration To Justify GOP Slurs Using His Middle Name

TYT: Did Obama speak strongly enough against Blagojevich

Red State Update: Obama Screws Over Bill Richardson

Bill O'Reilly's Holiday Hypocracy

Red State Update: Blagojevich

Freudian Slip, Wishful Thinking, Whatever: Dana Perino Slips And Says Obama Administration

Nuke the War on Christmas!

Rachel Maddow-Glenn Greenwald - Gitmo

TYT: Malkin and Fox making up shit

Bush says the Bible is probably not true but you can learn a lot from it, you know, God sent a son

Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee on Gay Marriage

Minnesota Guard sending 1,000 to Iraq early next year

Oregon Guard going back to Iraq

Sweden Cleanest, Saudi Arabia Dirtiest in Ranking

At Poznan, no one is listening

Forecasting the future of hurricanes

European leaders clash over pledges on global warming: Credibility at risk as leaders gather …

William Kamkwamba's Malawi Windmill Blog has some updates

Rate Of Greenland Methane Release Far Above Projections - 9-10/2007 Output = Summer Months' Output

Global Coral Monitoring Network - Tipping Point For Rapid Reef Decline Within Next Decade - SD

Dobriansky At Poznan: No Regrets On Bush Climate Policy - It Just Needed To Be "Better Articulated"

Biologists Suspect Shorter Winters, Hotter Summers Behind Drop In MN Moose Decline - KTTC

Bush's Final F.U. - Rolling Stone Reviews How The Chimp Is Gutting Regulation In All Areas

U Manitoba Researcher - Summer Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Gone By 2015 - CanWest

National Academies Summit on America's Energy Future

Big Coal CEO's anti-environment screed caught on tape

40-Year UNH Study Finds New England Winters Warming 0.8C Per Decade Since 1965 - Boston Globe

Suniva Opens Cell Manufacturing Plant (Atlanta, GA)

Joe Romm blogs about Steven Chu

Wind, Water And Sun Beat Biofuels, Nuclear And Coal For Clean Energy

New diesel rules in California in LBN.

New Mexico, Land of Windchantment

A Past President's (Energy Policy) Advice to Obama: Act With Haste

US to return centre stage on climate change, Kerry tells UN talks

IEA Projects Global Oil Demand Down In 2008, Back Up to 500KB/D Net Increase In 2009 - Reuters

NOW on PBS Friday - Paradise Lost

Obama selects Nobel Laureate Steven Chu, head of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, to be Energy Sec

"Environmental fugitives get own most-wanted list"

It's Been A Tough Day For America's Wildlife!!!

Panasonic Linking Management Pay To Emissions Cuts - SF Chronicle

Brace yourselves; More Inhofe wingnuttery going viral

Fifth of world's coral reefs dead, say marine scientists: Climate change linked …

Oreva: India's Cheapest Electric Car

Energy from hydrinos--someone's betting 60 million on it

Dr Housing Bubble 12/10/08

David Vitter against the auto company loans?

Mortgages? I just don't get it.

Fighting Foreclosures, F.D.I.C. Chief Draws Fire

Federal assistance to ALabama $28 Billion and South Carolina $48 Billion - hey Shelby what's a


OPEC president calls for severe production cuts - Oil surges 10%

I hope Republican Voting Union Members are happy.

Harry Reid's contact page. If you think Sen Shelby is risking a depression tell Reid to straighten

James K. Galbraith; Stimulus Is for Suckers ...."This is a Chronic Illness"

8 really, really scary predictions

401k questions? Treasury mm risk options.

Striking poultry workers: “Change is coming”

Today in labor history Dec 11, 500 die U.S.-supported regimes in Central America during the Cold War

TO: All worker health and safety advocates Popcorn Lung Roadhouse Blues

Victory? Wal-Mart Workers Unionize in Canada

"People's Bailout" Protest Actions Continue Nationwide

States Hire More People To Process Jobless Claims

Union Members Protest Federal Labor Official

What Obama learned from Cesar Chavez

Oak Ridge Boys Donate Tickets To Laid-Off GM Workers In Wisconsin

so here's a question...

Bush Administration to Slash Farm Worker Wages and Enable Growers to Replace Domestic Workers

NYT: Union Linked to Corruption Scandal

Three Cheers for Workers Who Waged the Sit-In

Former OSHA, NIOSH Heads Say Federal Ergonomics Standard Unlikely

Coming Out: It’s the Jewish Thing to Do

Maybe we should send a letter thanking Malcolm Smith

Italy: Furor after TV cuts 'Brokeback Mountain'


'Day without a gay' protest fizzles

Rights Group Slams Mormon Attack Ad

I disagree with legal scholar Kenji Yoshino

Oliver Stone Making Hugo Chavez Documentary

Brazilian Indians 'win land case'

EU helps Bolivia tackle drugs and poverty

DEA complicit in Bolivia coke trade: Evo

Cuban FM urges closure of Guantanamo prison

RIGHTS: Harsh Language for Colombia at UN Review

CUBA: "The Debt is Unpayable" - Speech by Jamaican Scholar Upon Recipt of Honary Doctorate in Havana

Cell phone costs slashed for Cubans

VENEZUELA: "An Unusual Wedding" -- Ven has long been charting its own path in diplomacy

Cindy Sheehan: "El Imperio" and the Declaration of Human Rights

John Daly smashed a spectator's camera into a tree

Argentines to use 'free-kick' spray

McNamee: 'No chance' Clemens gets into Hall

Florida Gators Offensive Coordinator to get Mississippi State Head Coach Job

More whining from Terrell Owens

Congressman from Texas (I wonder why?) introduces bill to end the BCS.

Kick This If You Want To Give A Big Ol' FUCK YOU To The Skankees!

Is GlaxoSmithKline Behaving Badly in Argentina?

NIH & Financial Conflicts Of Interest

New Antipsychotics Offer No Advantage: Study


Dr. Steve Nissen for head of the FDA?

Asthma Drugs Too Dangerous For Kids: FDA

Study links diabetes 1 and coeliac

WHEN is it going to get easier?

Hello Kitty-themed maternity hospital opens in Taiwan

Everybody should take speed, say "scientists"

Other metaphysical message boards

I met my animus the other day

Spiritual Flight

I dreamt about an Obama cabinet session

So I thought it could be helpul to know that everything you think you know is really an illusion

Anyone else having trouble with sleep?

Shaman Priestess remains found

Full Moon - 12-12-08 - Gemini-Sagittarius

My favorite model.

Opéra Comique, Paris

as close as I get

Texas State Capitol (dial up warning)

Not the Calendar Announcement You Were Expecting

Go to to ask your firearms questions.

Plaxico Burress video on handgun safety.

Just for the halibut, post your other calendar entries here. (dial-up warning)

Window shot

CCW Permit Holders' Records "better than our uniformed police"

Micro review... Lumix DMC FX07

AK used in a crime...

From Elizabeth Baron's newsletter

Free shipping at King Arthur Flour right now.

Need a recipe for Biscochitos

What Americans Believe (Harris Poll)

CNN Cuts Entire Science, Tech Team

NASA transition sparks sharp talk

Addicted to Religion

The 9/11 Truth Movement: An Incomplete History 2

Harris judicial candidate sues to overturn November result

Are Texans getting notified of inauguration tickets yet??

Huffman (SD-17 GOP candidate) violates law with rally at poll

What happens when good routers go bad?

Trend or Kaspersky, which would you use?


Greatest Xmas Movie of All Time

The Day the Earth Stood Still - a bad remake

Who will replace Stephen Harper?

Does anyone know how to search for clips on MSNBC?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/11/08

US to return centre stage on climate change, Kerry tells UN talks (AFP)

This is bad. According to Think Progress, congressional aides put a major damper on Poznan

Happy 65th Birthday, Senator Kerry! Pic thread!

Brown adviser: Labour's rights record dismal