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Heads up. Floyd Norris on with Charlie Rose tonight. n/t

Bush officials finalize plans for a US office in Iran!

I think the Democrats need to dismiss Lieberman from his post...

shrub's chief of staff....was that scooter libby? or who? n/t

I need the photo of Obama from the back but

It appears that the Obama Administration is ready to hit the ground running.

Georgia Claims on Russia War Called Into Question

Proposal for ballot initiative for the state of California

On McCain being unsteady and erratic

a little bird

Election Day Encounters

A lot of divide and conquer has suddenly arrived to DU

By the way, No one is looking to get "gay married".

Joe the Plumber may not like to pay taxes -- but he finally paid his.

My second family....

yo, let's celebrate the election of the first black president by blasting blacks over measure 8!!!

Harvard University political history scholar Barbara Kellerman is a tool


Lieberman gives new meaning to the word chutzpah (sp?)

Murray could move up in Senate Shuffle

'Rock-bottom' Republicans begin inquest (Guardian)

Here are the people really to blame for Prop 8's passage:

I wouldn't mind Robert Gibbs as Press Secretary

Some thoughts on the Prop 8 situation and the race to assign blame

1 year from today

A different angle on the Proposition 8 result in Ca.

Another one bites the dust after watching the 2 year campaign....

How long will it take freepers/MSM to blame Obama for all of W's fuck-ups?

If you want to pass "liberal" legislation, it's just smart to be

Beautiful Slide Show: Behind The Scenes from Election Night

proof O'Reilly has not been fair to Obama.....

Hey Joe Scum Change has come to America.

What are you cryin' about bush you big baby? Not feelin' the 9-11 love anymore?

Fox and Friends HA HA HA

We should go slow in criticizing Sarah Palin....

The War on Iraq? Yeah *that* changed too with the election (READ THIS)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Did Julie Myers Leak Obama "Aunt-Gate" Information?

We have enough in the Senate to prevent Puke Obstructionists

I'm thinking she's about to push away the rock and come slithering out. Coulter reappearance?

Do you think that President Obama will drive his agenda or vice versa?

The battle of the political yard signs

Quinn(RW Radio) stated that unlike welfare recipients, slaves "had to work" for food, housing

Joe, please don't try to show your color blindedness by citing teevee shows you watched as a kid

== It's God's fault = By Mark Morford

Unemployment rate leaps to 14-year high of 6.5% endangered species?

What I think was the SECOND most important headline of the week

The Republicans are setting up their counter-punch.

Fear and Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

DeMint urges GOP to expel Stevens

Meet King Joe (1949)

President-Elect Obama holds his first press conference since being elected, today

President-Elect Obama holds his first press conference since being elected, today

In Private Meeting, Reid Tells Lieberman That It's Unlikely He'll Keep Committee Slot

Why are Joe and Mika defending Palin?

Ginormous Clearance Sale at, limited quantity

Where are all the amendments to state constitutions requiring malls to close

AlterNet: Wall Street Fat Cats Are Trying to Pocket Billions in Bailout Cash

GOP civil war begins -- Operation Leper targets Republicon turncoats

Lawmakers To Obama: Replace SEC's Cox

Anyone seen Sam the Liar (aka Joe the Plumber) the past

Etheridge Stops Paying State Taxes in Prop. 8 Protest

If you 're watching Horace Cooper on WJ now

Class? What Class?

On top of the repuke agenda over the past decades was moving the center to the right

Oh dear...Local right wing Republicans warn that Obama will be fiscally irresponsible

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

South Park is off the hook.......

"In a sane world Michell Obama is the type who should be knocking on your hotel room door asking if

In 2004 we were told 3% was a mandate. So what is 7-10% then???

The Happiest Place on Earth Less Happy These Days

Hey!!! I've got an idea!

Wow, I agree with GOPUSA. It shocks me that I do.

can you handle another kleenex pic?

U.S. Missile Kills 10 in Pakistan

Historians: Bush presidency 'battered,' 'incompetent,' 'unlucky'

As long as the Republicans reject the politics of inclusion they will be hosed

The rightwing and the Coleman Franken recount

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

What a long lost feeling ! Running towards.....versus running away.Obama Press Conference at 2:30 pm

Why did the Republican chicken cross the road?

What's the percentage chance that Lieberman is "hurt" and "surprised"

DU this poll, please!

Do you know the Government lied about the Jobs numbers in September?

Agreement to end Iraqi war to be signed due to Obama win!

Has any church ever had its tax-exempt status revoked?

With a deficit nearing a trillion, you have to move to the center

I was just wondering about this Lame Duck congression session they are going to do:

Morans who think Govt does too much voted for Govt to Ban same sex marriage

Voting machines

It's freaking snowing!

Indiana had the largest ideological shift I've ever seen from one cycle to the next

A member of the Bush family who's not a drain to society?

A member of the Bush family who's not a drain to society?

The dog(s) of war

The Obama victory has done something remarkable to me

Two former chiefs of staff, Panetta and Duberstein, on CSPAN, RE:

We Are Joe!

The republicans still can't blame themselves for losing

WTF is up with GEM$NBC and all these Rethugs

Man chops up deck over election results.

**** BREAKING NEWS: Grover Norquist found in Bathroom *****

We just legalized medicinal dope in Michigan

Feds Charge Ex-Intel Employee with Taking $1 Billion in Trade Secrets

"Weeping Oprah's 'Mr. Man' revealed, to be on Friday's show"

For the record, it's normal for parts of the Democratic Coalition to not get along

I think Obama could very well be the best president ever

Don't you love seeing the once "unified" GOP playing blame game and blowing up?

Wall St. still spewing “Free Trade”

Apple Headquarters serves up the flying Spaghetti Monster at their campus cafeteria

"Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman...

Jerome Corsi calls young Obama supporters "clueless"

Let's hear it for the youth vote, which represented strongly for Obama.

I Love Being the Target!!

If you had any doubt about the politics of the Spitzer set up

Tears to Remember

Lincoln wanted to free the slaves. That's why the South seceded

British Government Initiates Criminal Inquiry into CIA Actions

Oh No! The crank callers got Obama, too!

Quick Thank You To DU'ers Pointing Out Rahm Emmanuel's Solidly Liberal Voting Record

Gay marriage, imo,will end up a Supreme Court case

This will make you feel much more comfortable about the

Victims Of The Obama Victory

What I expect from President Barack Obama:

What's The Difference Between Sarah Palin & A Pitbull?

Chinese entrepreneurs launch Barack Obama noodles

Unintended funny on Keith Olbermann's show:

All in 1 link: SHUMER predicted Prez OBAMA 4yrs ago - Gov.KILMER? &Mc5PLANEs never touched eachother

We were chanting Yes, We Can at tonight's Utah-TCU game.

On the heels of the passage of CA's Prop 8, three things have to happen.

On Friday's Hannity and Colmes...

We have a new "Oh give me a $#%^in BREAK!" entry for the file

Man... Some of the McCain/Palin Supporters Have Gone Off the Deep End...

Andy Card, discussing Rahm, admits what a drama queen Bush is

Craigslist to crack down on prostitution ads, including Tennessee

Do you know what Number is better than 64 Million?

Bill O'Reilly, foot soldier battling the War on Christmas

Alright, it's been 72 hours and I haven't received my government check yet.

I have a dream

CA Prop 8: It's God's Fault -- Blame the Church

National Cyber Advisor? Who's your first choice?

One of the freepers at work is already complaining about Obama

Yard signs and bumper stickers.

Let's say, hypothetically, that you are a rich Republican type

Do you support White Marriage?

Our new A.G. Artur Davis

I guess the Evangelicals around here are expecting the world to end.

The R's will NEVER be satisfied with our level of bipartisanship, by their NATURE

I'm Fed Up with being called a Racist

US dropped almost a quarter of a million jobs in October!

A Deal I'll make with Sarah Palin

"A New Day in DC? Not So Fast..."

Insight into Freepers REAL Racial Bias

Did Lincoln support Black Magic?

Freepers amaze me...

Do you really believe in democracy?

California Governor to raise sales tax in the state by 1.5%. Imagine a

"I don't want to just end the war..."

DU "lets get-along" Sing-Along .... Ding Dong the Bush is Gone!

Change I (David Brooks) Can Believe In

This a Referendum Vote on “Trickle Down Economics”

Barack gets some downtime (photo)

any updates on the undecided races?

Lieberman and Connecticut

1,200,000 jobs lost in 2008! unemployment rate soars to 6.5%

Today in Republican world-Joe the Plumber *has* a book. Bush? No interest not now thank you

C-Span *right now* Conservative women's forum

Al Franken's ever-shrinking vote deficit

A moment of irrational exuberance, inspired by this Raw Story posting...

Dollars & Sense: Horrific Retail Sales; More Bankruptcies?

Bush and his parrot

Malia Obama: See How She's Grown (slideshow)

OK - why did Barney snap at that reporter?

Bush's Latest Executive Orders - Pardoning Industry

Do you support drunken, candy lickin', fried chicken eating, toaster loving marriage?

Congressional roundup: 3 new Jews, no rabbi

Does Rahm's personal ideology even matter? The Role of COS is a policy enforcer, not a policy maker

I don't want any of the picks Obama has made so far. He is a fool to pick any

Snow? RSOE has 5+ articles on snow storm in the US

Obama Coins! Obama Coins!

heh. Sarah Palin interview with Greta van Susteren on Monday night

Did the overt gentrification of historical black neighborhoods by gay couples cause a backlash.

Caesar and Prince, Cuffee and Quack.

Juicy Bits Surfacing in Rather Case: In 2004, CBS Considered Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter

Hey, I've got a great story CNN could run:"Is America Ready for a Black President?"

Newsweek cover / Time cover & other covers

Newsweek: Obama Camp was very concerned that about the frenzied atmosphere at Palin rallies


Must see political cartoon by Jeff Koterba-OWH Obama

Must see political cartoon by Jeff Koterba-OWH Obama

Onion: Obama supporters realize how empty their lives now are!

The Josh Lyman character from The West Wing was based on Rahm Emanuel..


Bailed-Out Companies Owe Executives Billions

Proof that Freepers know that DUers exist!

Do you support Black Marriage?

Job market looks like we should throw bushitler out on the lawn!

Bookmark this thread, you heard it here first - the RNC will run someone against Sarah for governor

White College Graduates Voted For McCain???

Anybody else suddenly getting the "put your trust in God, not man" emails from your fundie

How 'bout a black woman next time?

Startling New National Intelligence Estimate-

I Disagree with the MSM pronouncement as fact that Obama must govern from the middle...

Can someone please link me a site with FINAL results nationally and by state.

Digital Conversion PSA

Digital Conversion PSA

George Bush plans to push through agenda in last days in office

It's official: I have no desire to live in so called "real America"

Hurricane Paloma, Gulf of Mexico,Grand Cayman Island,Cuba(another record)

"I'm glad Obama won because now more Blacks will become Republican"

Lieberman is going to "keep all his options open"...

The job loss news is GOOD!

The job loss news is GOOD!

is this what President Obama is going to do?

Clare Booth Luce emotional pity party on c_span 1. Very funny!

A link to some fantastic behind-the-scenes pics from Election Night....

Where's that POS Brad Blakeman?????

Where's that POS Brad Blakeman????? has over 55,000 signatures!

Mika's daddy will be on the show. I hope whoops her stupid little ass.


DUMB letter to the PD, Part 23948723: We don't need no steenkin' "Cause and Effect"!

Has Bill Cobsy been interviewed yet?

Here's my wish list for Year One

Bush has committed crimes, the election is over, and yet still there are people against impeachment

The scary nut assholes coming out of the woodwork since Tuesday give me purpose to stay on DU.

The scary nut assholes coming out of the woodwork since Tuesday give me purpose to stay on DU.

I hope two of the W.H. rooms will have the furniture etc. updated

There's an empty space that used to be filled by the maniacal smile of Nancy Fluffernutter

To Everyone Wanting to Repeal Tax-Exempt Status from...

GLBT It’s time. A Little Understanding of the AA Community From Us.

Wiki: Presidential Election 2008

I may end up being disappointed in President Obama

Chesapeake Virginia is restated to Obama column and Thelma Drake has conceded.

RePuke Civil War Update: Moderates to blame for GOP losses, conservative leader says

The problem with black people is...

First time I got a letter from Sam Brownback! (I am a Kansas voter)

CBS considered Drudge, Coulter, Limbaugh as part of ‘independent’ panel to review Rather in 2004.»

Talk about irony-Joe the Plumber hopes to become Joe the Community Organizer

Rahm Emanuel on being picked: "I'm fortunate my parents are alive to see..."

Roger Ebert On Barack Obama - "The grown-up"

Never mind

I just wanted to mention some good names under consideration I know.

If Sen Sanders & LIEberman are both independents - and we keep

If Sen Sanders & LIEberman are both independents - and we keep

Here is why I think McPOW is tearing Palin down

The Catholic bishops and Obama

What can we do to Help

Great work Obama volunteers! but PLS consider helping to close your local office.

Why did McCain and Palin have separate Camps?

freepers are living in an alternate world: They still think Palin was a good choice

Instead of golf, maybe Obama could learn to bowl

Rejected post-election headlines from the Chicago Tribune (pix)

I'm disgusted and just need to vent a little

I'd pay money to know what Rahm Emanuel did to Joe Scarborough

When you think about it, why would Palin and handlers think Sarkozy would WANT to talk to her?

Mika: Sarah Palin is a very talented person and she will get the last laugh

Mika: Sarah Palin is a very talented person and she will get the last laugh

Mika: Sarah Palin is a very talented person and she will get the last laugh

No Madam Mossfern..I will not aim a mortar at you

The Dynamic has changed... We are no longer insurgents

If I have to pay taxes, bigots and pedophiles should, too.

"None Of My Smart Friends Believe In God."

Heads up: How he did it, on C-Span now

Jimmy Carter was probably the single most caring President we ever had.

Hell, yeah!!! Obama/Biden won our red Iowa County!! Color me blue!

THE GREATEST T-SHIRTS EVER!!!!!!111!11!1 I'M SERIES!11!1!!11!

How about Jenny McCarthy for Surgeon General?

Joe Lieberman has always had a right wing side to him

The most IMPORTANT question of the morning......

GM wants a bailout

1,000th Post

My goodness what would all the former presidents think about

"I would say that Sarah Palin represents a wonderful opportunity to reach out

Rahm may be an asshole, but he's our asshole

Is Immigration Reform Centrist... if it means Bracero Programs?

Did only older DUers out themselves yet, post election?

www. helpourpartybecauseit'sf**ked .com

Which Democratic senate victory pleased you the most (so far)?

Evan Bayh needs to shut the fuck up

Obama is #44, fun with numbers.

Obama Economic Summit: public, private, televised, etc?

BEWARE! Obama Resignation Letter

Exclusive: Byrd would voluntarily give up chairmanship

can gay marriage keep going back-and-forth in california?

Joe Lieberman's new job in the Senate

Obama should adopt puppies like these or PUPPIES THREAD

Bob Johnson can go to hell

Be sure to show conservatives and Republicans these quotes on the President!

Rein in the left?!?

Obama hits the ground running and is already @ work. "Yes he can."

Who will be our "Karl Rove"?

Who will be our "Karl Rove"?

Mods Please delete, thanks

Someone please post a 500 rec post bashing the leading democrats

Lawerence O'Donnell: "Joe if you want to know why republicans lost upper

CNN to Howard Dean: Health and Human Services?

Aha..."who gives a damn!"

Reid to offer Lieberman a new position in the party and senate

The most powerful man in the world

As a public service/civic duty, much like picking up dog poop on the beach, I sometimes tune in Rush

Dear President Obama: HELP!

President Obama to have first presser at 1:30. be there.

So Now That This Race For The WH Is Over Will McCain Tell Obama .......

Every time an administration change occurs, people want shit .....

Wanker of the Day: Evan Bayh

in Virginia: Themla Drake (R- obedient bush goosestepping harpy) concedes!

The ONLY picture on FoxNews.Com is Rev Wright ! LOL

When Obama starts to name his cabinet, do those names have to be ratified by the Senate?

The best of George Bush. Im gonna miss receiving this stuff.

Bye-bye, Virgil Goode?

US Government Organizational Chart

I voted for Obama because I trust his Judgement. Regarding Rahmbo,

Who are Lieberman's aides?

You've got to see these pictures...

Cross Burned On Lawn Of N.J. Obama Supporter

Get the popcorn! "Operation Leper" has begun to root out the apostates from the Palinites.

Senate Majority Leader Clinton

Senate Majority Leader Clinton

1 more time 364 Obama v 173 McCain (+ or - 11) Obama Presser in 30 mins

Helen Thomas

Dear Red States

LIVE BLOG President Obama's Economic talk here.

Very Presidential

Where Things Stand in the MN-Senate Race(prior to the recount)

Sarah the Socialist.

Reid may hold a secret vote among Dem members on whether to kick Lieberman out of the caucus!

HBO Acquires Obama Documentary

NeedleCast Reports: After zero days in office, Democratic cannibalization of Obama in full swing

How refreshing, a President (elect) that can speak in full sentences

A question for you: Why are so few crazy people driving so many debates?

I'd love to drink a beer with Barack and Michelle - who wouldn't? I mean

CBS Marketwatch Text of Obama's remarks

My own unofficial poll on why Prop 8 ended the way it did

OMFG! The Star Wars Trilogy: The Musical


Prop 8 Needs to be taken Further - Why Stop With the Gays!!!!!!

Alaska on eBay? Election Numbers Update

Palm Beach restaurant Owner posts KKK notes on election night

Have a drink with me


President (elect) Obama Press Conference Thread

SoS will need to be sharp on Global Terror, International Banking, and Global Water issues.

New OJ book deal announced...

I can't believe I *want* to watch a Presidential news conference!

anyone notice the dow?

How could "good insurance" allow a wonderful man to live like this (GRAPHIC)

When will Obama speak today?

re-posting for the benefit of this community

President-Elect Obama


Yes Virginia, there is a President!

Dems talk of ‘permanent progressive majority’ - Politico

Thanks John, Sarah, and Joe for spending so much time in Ohio and Pa

Obama: "I'm proud of our selection of vice president...we did it right."

"It's not too late to halt the robbery in progress"

So who are the remaining fools who STILL think Palin is something more than just a grinning idiot?

It's being widely reported that Howard Dean wants HHS

In the 1800 election the voters did not elect the President directly in each state.

The problem with McCain's negative campaigning.

Alex Witt on MSNBC is an idiot! She just made a derisive comment

Doocy claims Fox was most balanced during election

BEWARE! Scandal Obama Resignation Letter

Lieberman Aide Threatens Reid: He'll Bolt Dem Caucus

I hope this man is someone Obama will listen to, for the planet's sake.

Obama calling on economic experts for their advice

Let's face it.

The Repubs should be pissed

Did any of you listen to BBC News hour segment on War Vet's take on Obama election?

Now we know why the Coultergeist had been under wraps

Obama might get shelter dog!

Does anyone know what % of Republicans voted?

Numbers update from Alaska SOS. (actually from the 6th of november)

Senator Byrd steps down

obama what have you done?

Was that Joe the Plumber thing the lamest campaign

Bullies may get kick out of seeing others in pain

An Obama reach out to the moderate, i.e. sane, Republicans helps to isolate the fringe Repubs's.

Do you want a job in the new Obama administration?

Dear Duers: Not a single dem Senator will challenge Harry Reid at this time.

Will Obama Play More Golf?

Congress in Your Pocket

This Palin-Mccain infighting is just getting started

Lieberman to be stripped of committee chair

March for equality tonight in San Fran

Dear America. Thank you. Love, The World.

Dear America. Thank you. Love, The World.

It is possible that the ladies in Maine and perhaps one or two more..

Donna Brazile's letter to the losers.

Obama's aunt to fight to stay in US

The right guy at the right time...

New Obama Administration

Our FRiends want to thank Joe Lieberman for all his campaign help...

I still have my "No on 8" sign up in my front yard. How about you?

What role will Fixed News play in an Obama administration?

Lieberman in talks about caucusing with Senate GOP

BUSHCO Once Again - Delaying Relase Of Prisoner ABUSE Photos

Anyone having viewing problems on DU this morning?

Sipping some Sarah Sauce

Republicans mulling over Lipstick Change to improve image of Party

Coleman's margin over Franken now just 236 votes.

Spoke to my pet republican today - first time since election

So reagan thought Africa was a country too?

The Daily Show's "International Male" was funny and THEN it got really sweet & some more funny

Anybody else feel depressed now that it's over?

Very interesting Presidential Election Results Map

The Obama presidency will be the most scrutinized in history, you realize.

We would have never made it through the last 8 years without the help of groups like these

Minnesota recount law REQUIRES a handcount. We need to make this STANDARD in EVERY state.

Loser Lieberman in '06: "I will unequivocally caucus with Democrats"

Obama camp: No personnel announcements Friday

BUSHCO Now Demanding IMMUNITY For Big Pharma

Brent Bozo(ll): "We're going to take over this country"

Yes We Did, design by Shepard Fairey

Obama's news conference

GEORGIA: Democratic GROUND ZERO... starting Monday...

So where is Joe the Pumber? And what is he doing ?

Crooks & Liars: "Send a message to Palin, thanking her for helping Obama win the Presidency"

Should Voters be allowed to weight their own votes?

Like owner, like dog: Barney not about to leave without a fight

Five Photos That Cinched the Election for Barack

Pat Robertson: My days as preacher to presidents is over

OMFG after watching Obama's presser - we made huge mistake.

Ellen going off on Prop. 8 on her show

Biden's looking to shed a few pounds

Great Toon!

LOL Onion Video: Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

The Freeps think Obama is the reason for the bad job numbers last month.

i was kind of hoping to see Helen Thomas at this press conference...even to be the first

What a great time to approach my 1000th post!

Obama, McCain campaigns' computers hacked for policy data

Obama, McCain campaigns' computers hacked for policy data


Reader reaction in NYTIMES article

Ralph Nader is an ungrateful moron..

I just found out one of my best friends voted straight Repuke

Philadelphia Police save jackass from himself. He decries "evidence" of new police state.

As Wall Street Bailout Talks Continue, House Democrats Form a Skeptics Caucus

Mark Morford on Prop 8

A big culprit behind lack of social progress Sorry; it's way more boring than ethnicity/religion/age

Get Your War On: New World Order.

Fox News tried to blame yesterday's falling stocks on Obama win

Does the Whitehouse still have a swimming pool?

Rev. Wright: Media Used Me As "Weapon of Mass Destruction"

Like the Biden choice, Emanuel's selection is clearly the product of

Franken Just 237 Votes Behind

Franken's vote margin down to 236

How perfect is it that a VP candidate who knew NOTHING about Africa got her ass handed to her by the

So, with Obama's inauguration we are simply to forget the crimes of Bush/Cheney?

Senator Byrd resigned his chairmanship of the Appropriations committee. Will be replace by Inouye.

President-elect Obama's has three high level profile briefings today

Senate election slate for 2010


Can America afford wars and bailouts -- and tax-cuts for wealthy ?

Fight the religious right with the Bible!

Republicans think Mccain lost..because he wasn't Conservative enough. Are these people insane?

Cartoons About The Obama Victory

Who does Steve Schmidt remind you of ?

U.S. STOCKS Finish Day Sharply Higher

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been-By Bill Ayers

Will President Obama end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and and if so, when?

Anyone else eavesdropping on the MSNBC feed?

I watch the news.

Response to the "I Voted Democrat" sarcastic note

Will McCain now tell the rest of us and President Obama How to find Bin Laden? n/t

Worse than what Bill Clinton or Bush encountered: Details about the Anti-Obama insurgency

I blame white people for the passage of Prop 8

Outrage! "Frustrated, demoralized" career civil servants begin to speak out about the Bush years

Larry Wilmore on the Daily Show: "Why do you think Jesse Jackson was crying?"

So now that Obama is our President, its okay to fight against him on some issues then, right?

Cross burned on lawn of Obama supporters in NJ

Yo Freepers. I'm reaching across the aisle to you now.

Columbia Journalism Review rips McCain's "classy" concession speech

Obama said this, Obama said that, blah, blah blah.....

Melissa Etheridge refuses to pay her California income tax

Post examples of Obama's coattails in this election

Barack Obama is not going to represent ALL of our concerns

Barack Obama is not going to represent ALL of our concerns

The message today on DU is clear: "Shut up you stupid fags, nobody cares about you anyway."

Perfect Role for McCain

Doesn't it seem like a NO-BRAINER to remove Lieberman from Homeland Security...

Dueling press conferences...


Prop 8: Sunshine best policy; an opportunity for growth.

Barack Obama, the most powerful man in the world!

Can we have a Solutions Only Forum??

Holy crap, my traditionally red county went blue! (DuPage, IL)

Holy crap, my traditionally red county went blue! (DuPage, IL)

Won't Prop 8 and the like ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court?

I have covered up the American flag in my signature and replaced it with another.

I'm a black and I think that gays should be able to marry. I can only speak for myself

Why I dislike lieberman

Here's one for the "no, duh?" file

For all those lamenting Morning Joe's continued presence...get used to it

Wasilla Hillbillies to be Audited by GOP

Any word on the time of the Obama press conference?

Operation Leper (Sarah Palin Critic Blacklist). "Psycho" from the movie "Stripes" would be SO proud.

I love Obama but he sure didn't have any coattails

"America's new flag is just a white flag, but there's a picture of a burning American flag on it"

The media keeps pushing Larry Summers. Would he even make it through confirmation?

Man I've done some fun stuff in my life but

Why all the Rachel Maddow madness (as an employee of GE) she is just doing her job. She is tied to

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I really do have to get some work done. Buh-bye.

Just a thought ... Oprah as a special U.S. envoy for Africa ???

UPDATE 3-News Corp slashes outlook, profit dives

"If I wear a sweatsuit, put on this baseball cap and sunglasses act cool, no one will recognize me"

An Insidery Change Agent

What red states should we target in 2012?

I just want one little thing.... JUST one...

Obama's aunt to fight to stay in US

So. Did Bushie Julie Myers reveal Obama aunt's immigration status?

So. Did Bushie Julie Myers reveal Obama aunt's immigration status?

I am disappointed at black people, for supporting prop hate, but I am not surprised.

Who do you blame?

St. Louis Film Fest - "The Film that will put BUSH BEHIND BARS" needs your ratings!

Can we get to 60 seats in 2010?

Who should we blame?

CNN Just Confirmed North Carolina For Obama. n/t

More Holy Joe Nooz

So the market likes our President Elect's economic

Help me understand this about Prop #8

School collapses in Haiti - many casualties

Bush Insider: US Must Export "hope & optimism" Again, not "fear & anger" - Bush History, 11/7

How many non African Americans have been inside a Black Church?

No Justice, No peace

Blacks didn't pass Prop 8 and The PROOF in numbers. Facts Belie the Scapegoating of Black People

Where to find the Shepard Fairey Obama T-Shirts?

Can't we just start going after the planners of 9/11 as a criminal case rather than a case for war?

Lieberman Sucking Up to Connecticut now

By popular request: Adorable Malia Obama slideshow!

So has anyone called Missouri yet?

Joementum is a good dem

Mark my words. Watch Eric Cantor. He's where the repubs are gonna turn next.

My roommate asked for the final count for Obama/McCain and

my president.

Focus On The Family Compares Obama To Nazis

My most embarrasing post ever.

Will Governor Palin Become Senator Palin ?

What the Hell does this mean? HR8791

The fundamentals of the economy are strong: People can't even buy shoes, laying off 8%

Summers -- This is not going to help with my sister the PUMA

A Wealth Redistribution Proposal

Who favors kicking Lieberman out of our CAUCUS now?

112 Year-Old Man Celebrates Obama's Victory

So Sarah Palin wants to reach out to Obama to help make our country energy independant

Whale Wars - Sea Shepherd Series on Animal Planet, Friday 9 pm EST

The Obama Agenda - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Is anybody else watching these conservative women on C-Span Right Now?

Why does Joe Biden look so mad on the DU VICTORY! banner?

Death Spiral:why Limbaugh has to attack Obama

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

The county police and local media had me 100% convinced this man was guilty of murder. He wasn't

Bicycling in jeans--a walk down memory lane of your facorite faux (or FAUX Newx) outrage moments:

Fox contributor mocks black reporter's tears during Obama win

Yes, we are organizing a DU party in DC for the inauguration - link in the DC forum

Revised: Precious Gay and Lesbian Brothers and Sisters: How can we Help?

New Army Recruiting Tactic: Obama will "Get Us Out of Iraq"

Can I take a take a moment to tell you how happy I am for Joe Biden. . .

The one possible reason for keeping lieberman in the Democratic caucus

What a great picture of Joe Biden at the Return Day Parade in Georgetown DE

Palin Aide Fires Back at Reported McCain Camp Slams

Two things that make President-Elect Obama the perfect person for this time

Newsweek Ch 7: The Final Days

Mitch McConnell wants Joe Lieberman . . . . . . What's your position?

Politico: McConnell reaches out to Lieberman about the prospect of joining Republican Conference

More Obama newspaper love from Switzerland #2. (dial-up warning)

HELP!! May Be Wrong Place For This, But It's About Obama, Where Can I Find The Words And/Or

I am not civil unioned. I am married.

Is Senator Max Baucus the 2nd most Powerful man in the world?

Latest State Polls are out!

TALK ME really!!!

My two cents regarding black support of anti-gay marriage proposals

See this pic? This is a portrait of command leadership....

I got to admit, John McCain was pretty funny last weekend on SNL.

EVERYONE! i need to apologize,

New Puppy = Obama Keeps his first Campaign Promise.

Fox gets Sarah Palin interview exclusive

Remember Tues. Morning

1 hour until Obama's first post-election address.

"Mutts like me" -- the single most "American" line of the "transition season?"

Why Are Folks Singling Out African Americans And Mormon Folks For Their Opposition To Gay Marriage?

Help me buy a laptop.

Stalking the Shadows: Thank you America for freeing me from slavery

Well .... isn't this just speshul ....... :/

What do you guys think about this mailout from a local church?

Do you vote the way you do because of your race?

Newsweek - Love this: "Obama stood behind the podium, quietly singing the song "Disco Inferno"

To take it just a bit further ...... There is no red America or Blue America ......

'Rahmbo' takes Washington

How much election data do you have on your hard drives?

It's all about the broadband.

I don't know about this whole "black people" thing

Who will replace Joe Biden in Senate? (problem with his son is he's being deployed to Iraq)

Lou Dobbs claimed "independents did break for McCain here, though, in those final few days."

Am I the only one?

Will Hillary be our 'Lacey Davenport" (Doonsebury Ref)?

anybody else notice that many states seem to be split into red & blue sctions?

Here's what I was looking for.

Sociologist seeking narratives-- reactions to this historic election!! K&R folks!

McConnell reaches out to Lieberman

freepers upset over Nancy Reagan comment....oh noes....

A conversation I had with a coworker today, and an opportunity

Michelle (Malkin) you stupid piece of excrement, you've been pwned

Germans OBSESSED with Obama: "New Kennedy"

LOL at Biden's reaction to the news of Mccain's vp pick

401 K +

Straight Talk On Gay Marriage

Breaking: Byrd will step down as Appropriations Chair. Innoyue to take Chair

MSNBC: Reid HAS asked for Lieberman's Chairmanship

Who has joementum now....

This Election season was awesome! I want to relive it all over again. When is the DVD out?

Has McCain said if he going to run for president again in 2012?

Republican U.S. Rep John Haller Retains Seat in Pennsylvania's 12th District

DEM in CA 44th district trails 51-49 w/thousands of ballots out yet ->

The GOALs of the Democratic Party have always been centrist

Pubs just don't get it.. as KO said : they simply don't matter anymore.

Any OTHER exit polls about Prop 8 in California out there that we could compare to CNN's?

Dow Drop in Two Days Worst After Presidential Election Since 1932


All special interest groups combined spent $28 million, nationwide, promoting McLoser's campaign

3 great speeches for the ages...

update on Alaska SOS site... 62,953 ballots uncounted...its gone up

Teacher's comments about McCain, war stir anger

Rahm Emanuael is a pro Iraq War Hawk, his father a vicious racist

**Best** zinger of the day: Lawrence O'Donnel speaking to Pat Buchanan about Palin ......

Mods! Help! Is there any way to automatically limit the number of threads

Reflections on class and race in America

The Reign of Lame Falls Mainly on McCain

Six months from now is the earliest I'll even consider complaining about anything Obama does.

Pentagon debates development of offensive cyberspace capabilities

Once again, the Anchorage Daily News gets the juicy details...


Former Defense Official: Obama Keeping Gates The "Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard"

PHOTOS Barack & Michelle attend parent-teacher conference

Georgia's genocidal war 08/08/08

Link to the pictures of cute kids at Obama rally?

Anybody watching the Claire Booth losers on Cspan?

I cant find anything on the web about Joe Liarman being stripped of Chairmanship? Is this real?

What features do you look for in a new car?

Should Kids be able to graduate after 10th grade

Chris Matthews screwed up a West Wing reference

McCain's Silence on Palin - One Blogger Tells It Like It Is

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows

"They took my life..."

Students Disciplined for saying Obama's name

Gallup Daily - Obama's Favorability: Favorable 66(+5), Unfavorable 29(-4)

Breaking: Byrd may voluntraily step down From Appropriations Chair

Whooosh! The nutballs at "Operation Leper" are ready to burn Fox News too. Talk about pissed....

How sweeit it is!1 Obama President, Biden VP; Joe The Plumber on Welfare; Sarah Estupida; Lieberman

Has he won? City could hand close race to Perriello (VA)

Kratovil Won!!!

A commodities trader in my ofice said to his clients on 11/5/08

HA HA HA!!! Be careful what you ask for Palin supporters: Oprah extends invite to Palin to be on...

Obama Coins

Oh God, here comes that circular firing squad again

Which event was instrumental in the downfall of the Republicans?

Most important news story of the week (ending November 7, 2008)

Carl Levin is next in line for the Homeland Security Committee

what time is Obama Press conference?

Franken Recount: Most Senate undervotes in ballots from Obama turf

Obama Apologizes for ‘Seances’ Remark

Obama Backers Find Burned Cross on Front Lawn

F'ing Mika...

I really enjoy listening to different accents ...... I have a pretty good ear for them .....

Schumer likely to leave DSCC

No more Bogey Man.

The two problems with "civil partnerships for all".

Lieberman story is BULLSHIT.. So stop jumping around like bunch of juveniles

Army general to investigate recruiter suicides

McCain won the white vote 55-43.

Caption Palin (they filled her office with blue balloons)

Other progressive message boards?

Imagine how tired Mr. O must be right now.

Obama is Technically Not an African American

What next for Howard Dean?

About Krauthammer's WashPost ulogy for McCain

Fuck Sixty ........... Just Fuck Sixty.

Saxby Chambliss is a dirty bastard

I'm thinking Obama still has a huge war chest leftover to spend in GA

Will I be the only one to say THANK GOD Lieberman was stripped of his chairmanship BUT now that he's

Some freepers are applying for jobs on Obama's website!

It's now 365 to 162 - Thank you Nebraska

Ashamed in Tennessee...

I predict a MASS EXODUS of Conservatives to Alaska.

Friday Night Bank Failure: Tonight, it's Franklin Bank, S.S.B., of Houston, Texas


Discussing the overwhelming proportion of African-American support for Prop. 8 is...

How do I get MSNBC Live feed?

Oh my god, re: Joe the Plummer

Who deserves the greater blame for the passage of Prop Hate?

Idea about accommodations for Obama's inauguration, here's one: $21 a night

CPT (n/m)

Guardian UK: 'He tried his best to veil it, but Obama is an intellectual'

Stunned Republicans try to regroup after election

Official "Barney, we feel your pain" thread!

White House staff question

Breaking on MSNBC: Lieberman to be STRIPPED of his chairmanship!

The Few. The Proud. The Employed.

Help a Conservative Win a Blogging Scholarship?

Faux vs Tweety on the economic conference and press conference

Will McConnell offer Lieberman a ranking member position to get him to join GOP caucus?

Sarah Palin Is So Dumb, She Thinks Soy Milk Means "I Am Milk"

Anyone have link to live streaming of MSNBC?

Are the President Elect and his family heading to Hawaii this weekend

Michael Hirsch in Newsweek: Brains are back!

The Right Wing Stays Classy

~These are strange days, indeed~

You know who's at fault for Prop 8? People like me.

Franken Now 221 back

Who is this Michael Feldman

First the Good News

Greta Van Sustern scores first interview with Palin

The sound on the CNN Video is on

NCSU students admit painting "Shoot Obama" and other racist comments on wall of "free expression".

There is just something surreal about this photo

On Treasury Secretary, should Obama pick a Wall Street coddling insider or a tough regulator?

Palin "Wearing nothing but a towel"


An open letter to everyone on DU from a relative newbie.

Right Wing hate spills over; a study in mental illness.

Lack of jobs and outsourcing should be framed....

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Can Tweety calm the f*ck down already?

The President-elect voices his support for shelter dogs!

Parsing African-Americanism

We Don't Have to Prove Mandate

I'm going to speculate something kind about George Bush

Why no formal statement on Obama's win from Teddy??

Final Days Todd Palin Calling Alaskan Bigwigs-Keep Powder Dry till 2012

Gawd I'm depressed!

Palin Speaks: 'ME NOT BE A DICTATOR'

Palin Speaks: 'ME NOT BE A DICTATOR'

Friday/Saturday Prop 8 Protest in CA (SF/LA/SD), Utah and Chicago [updated more cities]

How hard is it to raise tolerant children? Truthfully, not that hard.

Joe the plumber was on welfare twice, according to KO. Also Michelle Bachmann

Watching the Obama press conference

The guy I feel sorry for? The author of "Bushisms"..... he's out of work now

Get Your War On is animated now and funnier than ever!!!

Link to Independent UK's collection of Obama speech transcripts......

WOW--New York City is now COMPLETELY Blue!

WOW--New York City is now COMPLETELY Blue!

Beautiful photo in the Obama Presidential suite on election night

Doesn't Iran in fact want good relations with US and for us not to bomb them and steal their oil?

YES!!! They're selling Barack Obama Collectible Coins on The Tee-Vee!

Seven channels of tv news-programs are directed to 30% of the population.

Obama called Nancy Reagan to appologize

Manufacturing Jobs are at their lowest number since 1942. Yes that's Nineteen Forty-Two!

Story ideas for the missing breaking story on the DU home page?

Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife, and thanks to 2 dear friends....

Was there a funeral service for Toot?

Okay, I'm Crying Again ...

Independent UK: Is our relationship with the US about to become special again?


BIGGEST gaffe ever

The telling tale of our new Vice President

Special Comment - Monday on Proposition 8

Got 15 Minutes? Want to feel good and end a great week on a wonderful high? See and hear Bill Moyers

Sheldon Whitehouse of RI would be an great choice for AG!

Lobby governors of Delaware and Illinois to appoint women to U.S. Senate

A Butler Well Served by This Election

The media is making all sorts of irrelevant and ridiculous claims about who Obama will select

The Obama's should get a White House cat instead of a dog. A nice calico cat.

Norm Coleman, drama queen

"Mutts like me"

F@*k It...I Quit (Great KOS Diary - Reminding Us To Chill)

What will become of political comedy and satire once Obama is sworn in?

What is a "Press Conference", Those sound like unscripted questions!

***Look! Look! A real president! A competent president! An intelligent president! OURS! ***

Who's on First? ..... or second .... or third ......

How about Bill Weld for Attorney General?

Palin denounces critics as cowardly jerks: "I never asked for anything more than a Diet Dr. Pepper"

FReepers respond to family tragedy; see themselves in double homicide

The GOP was very influential in the last redistricting effort. Given that, it's amazing that

I'm happy not to see a "hula jaw" going on here

What do you think about Obama reaching across the aisle?

Coleman crying foul over gains made by Franken during the recount...

sudden wistful thought, while watching TV now: How gray will Obama's hair be in 8 years?

JUST NOW, watching this presser, it is real for me...........

Rahm Emmanuel Sent a Decomposing Fish to a Pollster??!!

I still have my NO on Prop 8 sign in my window

I still have my NO on Prop 8 sign in my window

Why is THIS sort of disgusting comment being allowed at DU?

When Will The McCain Yard Signs Come Down?

how long will they ride this Nancy Reagan thing?

FOX News confirms that the GOP has invited Lieberman to join the Republican Conference

I have 30 of these Obama ....

Here is a list or Morman owned or run businesses I say Boycott.

Obama calls for end to the BCS and for CFB Playoffs! My back-home redneck friend just told me that!

So where the hell is Prick Cheney these days?

"90% of juvenile delinquents chew gum. Clearly, gum chewing causes delinquency."

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

Ready to lead on Day One

After watching a few minutes of Obama's press conference

I love America

Anyone have a link to Obama's presser today? thanks in advance. nt

Job losses increase...another 250K jobs lost last month...BushCo has really fucked the Econ...

A Gracious Loser? (McPalin reaction to my flag!)

Gay marriage ban: A tale of two votes

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Palin Punk'd By McCain (Satire)

Guests on Real TIme w/Bill Maher in about 5 minutes...

(cant believe we're still doing this! lol ) **Heads Up: Obama Press Conference! Live!**

(cant believe we're still doing this! lol ) **Heads Up: Obama Press Conference! Live!**

Who gets the credit?

By depriving people of their rights, a privileged class is created

DU This Poll (But There's a Twist):

A great movie for this great weekend...

Todd Palin's "This one goes to 11" moment

Todd Palin's "This one goes to 11" moment

Lookie what I got here...

Tommy Smothers discusses what he calls the illusion of freedom of speech in the US -- Tavis tonight

Rush was just on Greta's show

Bill Moyers Journal on now here, talking about this historic week.

Press Conference carried on all major networks...

Candy pwned! Gobama! nt

Biden's looking to shed a few pounds; loves Michelle Obama

The biggest contrast with the new administration and the old

Wow, we have a real president everybody!

I love all those suggestion Rachael just read off.

So Emanuel's seat will be open in Chicago...

Is there an official I Love Robert Byrd thread?

Very humorous... open mic on msnbc video left running after Barack's press conference. (link)

After watching the Mika/Pat/O'Donnel clip - serious question to those who watch that show

why not have initiatives to not recognize Mormon weddings

Here you go DU. Have fun with this poll

9 year old girl kicked off school bus miles from home

Black Heterosexism or Just Black Sexism to blame for CA 8?

***Breaking News. No new mangled words to emerge from initial Obama Presser!..Linguists sad...***

Tomas Young, Phil Donahue, and "Body of War". Thank you, Rachel!

What if us straight, married no on 8 people decided to REALLY "destroy marriage?"

A Cabinet member and a Senator simultaneously?!?!!?!!?

The White House..............

Obama says he wants this guy in the foxhole with him during incoming fire.

This is very strange ***LOOK***

Right-Wing Attack Group Funder Goes Bankrupt

Lessons from 2008

Oh the delightful contrast. No "I earned capital, political capital. I intend to spend it."

"Change we can believe in"

The (almost) BEST part of this whole thing is

Cynthia Dunbar's seditious attack on Obama shames Texas

I love Gavin Newsom.

Thank you DU, and What I've Learned about Compassion since Wednesday, and Sorry

"Blacks" hammered for Prop 8's passage on DU (whose user base is 86% White, 2.2% African-American)

Any chance that Obama's example will shame * into acting like a President

Poll: 64 percent of Republicans want Palin to run for president in 2012

Wherein I make my heartfelt thanks to all.

Randi is ripping a homophobe a new asshole.

"I have been reading Lincoln." Obama on getting ready for office

DOW Returns 10.69% under Democratic President and 1.69% under Republican President

Who is this a-hole "Chip" who's trying to pick a fight with Obama?

i'm tired of all these republican regrouping articles

WTF is going on in Alaska


Does anyone in here remember Barillary Clobama?

The Queen in the headlights look...I'm glad that threat to national security is past

PROTEST: James Dobson's Induction Into the Radio Hall of Fame Is Outrageous and Offensive

One of the best things during this press conference: No Darth Cheney looming over the president!


DUers did you see this?

What's the future of GD:P?

Joe Scarborough seems to have a meme that Palin is the "New Reagan."

Sorry Catholics and Mormons...this is not fucking going away.

WOW - We can now look forward to Presidential Breifings and Speeches

OK, I'm ready for the incoming........but

OK, I'm ready for the incoming........but

So the Renegade beat the Maverick - (Renegade was Obama's Code Name)

A clash of one issue voters

A clash of one issue voters

The New York Times is making me very angry - very angry indeed!

Oprah Talking Politics With Frank Rich And George Stephanapalapa

Archive of Obama's press conf up on C-Span site now:



Please forgive me for even considering it might be a good idea to keep Lieberman

They knew they were going to lose so look what they did. Fucked our President before he's even

Where's the speech?

Let me give the freeper response to the press conference

It is absolutely worth giving the Republicans another Seat in the Senate

Ok, I'm just going to say it ...... Jill Biden - Prrrrrrrrrrr!

Gay marriage and stuff

Massachusetts Legislature is 144 Dems and 16 Repukes

Symbiosis. One Fraction Of The Election

Nancy Raygun DID use neopagan phenomena tools in the Oval Office

Those Who Are Still Proud And Excited As Hell About Obama's Victory Check In!

Righties are still pissing and moaning. It's going to be a long eight years for them.

Obama's election to the Presidency already impacting Iraq war policy

Whither the GOP: Get Rid of the Fundie Nutbags, or Keep Losing

President Elect Obama First Press Conference (Anyone Find Obama/Candy-Cnn ?s/Answers Interesting?)

Palin's response to the critics is PURE HORSESHIT

I do believe that Tweety has had an epiphany

DAMN!!! I just realized that for the first time in my life the POTUS will be younger than me!

DAMN!!! I just realized that for the first time in my life the POTUS will be younger than me!

Did Keith Olbermann choke up when he called the winner on Tuesday Night?

PHOTO: effin' SPECIAL! "Bush hugs Laura as he gives an emotional wave."

Palin's Mole at the NY Times - Bill Kristol

I was in the grocery store this morning.....

List emerges for some Obama Cabinet posts

In case you think Bible Spice couldn't possibly get elected to the Senate, consider .........

Today's Presser: Yep. That One's A President, Sure 'Nuff!

Some authentic - and potentially scary - response to the Obama Presser

Don't look now, but things are getting pretty interesting in Minnesota.

One of the best McCain Pics I missed before the General Election.

TONIGHT - Moyers talks to Kevin Phillips about a new permanent political alignment under Obama.


California is notoriously slow and is still counting votes - over 2 million short so far

Wingnut Hawai'i Blog Site On Obama's Birth Certificate

McCain Camp Feared, Smeared Palin Over Goals

A change is happening .... in me!

San Francisco's turnout was 79%, not 53%.

NEVER talk politics on a NASCAR board, LOL. Freep City.

electoral-vote website was right about 49/50 states...

Here's what I don't understand: CA voters vicious to gays, CT voters say Nope

Palin spokesman: aides are currently sorting through what belongs to Palin and what does not

And for my first official forum post, I would like to say...

I need to clarifiy something regarding Rahm Emanual

A Real Realignment: The "Emerging Republican Minority"

ABC News: Senator Clinton for Secretary of State or Secretary of Defence

vid links to O's presser please?

What does California care about more?

**Video: President-Elect Obama's First Press Conference 11/7**

Our treatment of Lieberman sounds like GOP "lockstep party politics" to me.

Per CT Constitution: If Lieberman goes GOP, We can Impeach Him Here in Connecticut

So there are a lot of doubts about Emmanuel's selection?

Remeber what they did with the dog in "Mars Attacks?" I have the dog for the Obama's.

Am I the only one waking up every morning who has to realize we REALLY WON??

An Illustration

Who Got To Ask Questions At The Obama Presser? Not faux...

I guess MSNBC couldn't come up with a better photo of President-Elect Obama

So Harry Reid isn't even capable of deciding on Joe Lieberman???

So Harry Reid isn't even capable of deciding on Joe Lieberman???

Joe Klein: First Press Conference

I watched Obama become president on the same TV set Obama watched his wife's speech from!

The perfect hybrid Obama + Super Mario Brothers =

The FCC Fairness Doctrine could be in effect by June or July

LOL Hannity Thinks He Has 57 Million People In His "Movement"

So what's being done to help Jim Martin in the GA runoff?

God, that Commie Nazi Socialist Arab Terrorist has already STARTED - trying to HELP the

**************** *********** SIGH **************** *********************

Should The U.S. Bail Out The Big Three Automakers?

It's not a revolution, folks. It's not a great pendulum swing to the left.

My friends...know what I'm going to miss when Bush is gone?

Has any "controversy" yet erupted about Obama's reference to Nancy Reagan?

"A friend asked Cindy [McCain] whether she would stab Rove in the back if he walked by."

And Having Said That, It's Important to Include This:

Re: Palin thinking Africa is a country: "[It] was taken totally out of context."

Will Obama be making any more appearances on the floor of the Senate?

Rachel right now- Bush opening up Arches Nat'l Park for drilling?

Rachel right now- Bush opening up Arches Nat'l Park for drilling?

I love hearing Chicago mentioned all the time on national news! I live in the new Crawford!

I love hearing Chicago mentioned all the time on national news! I live in the new Crawford!

Going around via email - top ten Palin quotes

Hillary and Bill at the Intrepid gala.

"No Democrat can win in 2008" - my worst post from 2007.

Messages for President-elect Barack Obama at the Lincoln Memorial - pics

CBS Vs. Rather: The Fix Was In

Thought I'd share something touching I noticed Wednesday morning...

McCain to campaign for Chambliss

McCain to campaign for Chambliss

How Will You "Be The Change?"

Mika is trying to insinuate that Obama spoke about his dog today too much.

I want a Job in the Obama Administration working to fix NCLB

How can I miss her when she won't go away? Palin To Break Silence On Attacks In Fox News Interview

Delete.... dupe

Best Freeper comment on the Presser - "I miss the soft-spoken eloquence of George W. Bush."

Mika, PLEASE get some good therapy...quickly...

Ya Know, In Addition To All The Obvious, There's An Awesome Side Bonus In All Of This That Happened.

Can we get the IRS to publish a list of who got what tax cut after Obama's plan goes through?

What transition scandal should we make up?

After reading the Newsweek article, what stood out for you?

Help need that Bush quote after 2004 election where he said work with Ds when they agree with me

Palin's Mole At The NYT: Bill Kristol

Good email I got from PFAW basically saying 'we can't rest on our laurels'

Election "Rap"-Up

In light of the recent job report, who here is a statistic?

On taking Mohamed back from the Religious right.

This Tom Toles Cartoon Is Really Sad

Check out the cool sign on the podium.

Thom Hartmann today on Romney v. Palin

Lawrence O'Donnell is DESTROYING Pat Buchanan!

Despicable Morning Joe & his minions are trying to instigate a cold war between Russia & Obama

Heads Up: Palin refuting claims on CNN

I've changed position on Marriage Equality, Offshore Drilling, & more

Link from the Flat Earth Society - Palin actually helped McCain in his run.... WTF?

Is there any talk in Connecticut of doing a recall election on Joe Lieberman's sorry ass?

Maybe? Congratulations Senator Al Franken !!!

Wowie. FauxNews hacks give high marks to Obama for his press conference performance.

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Agitation, Alliances, and Action

When do they make Barack's Presidential portrait?

Wired: 5 Signs President-Elect Obama Is a Geek

Wired: 5 Signs President-Elect Obama Is a Geek

the statement on disabilities on is nice:

Was this a DUer at FreeRepublic?

Attention Medical Marijuana Activists -

Help finding video posted this morning

The Mormon Church should no longer qualify for tax exemption

Lawrence O'Donnel just tore apart Mika and Buchanan.

I am so ashamed of some of my family members - re: Prop 8

2008 Landslide Denied -- Uncounted Votes and the Final National Exit Poll (TIA)

Who would you like for Secretary of State?

Email from No on 8: Quit your fighting


How do you feel about logging into DU and seeing so many threads targeting one ethnic group?

Comedy interlude: the blogger who pushed Palin over a year ago advises her next move

I saw a fantastic bumper sticker this afternoon.

Is there a list somewhere of what cabinet positions have been appointed yet?

Lookie what I found in Chicago yesterday.

We went from Bush to electing a black man President...

So how much more (or less) Democratic did each state vote, compared to 2004?

Al Gore says Obama's election overwhelming

Have any of you noticed? Obama is pretty awesome!


ACLU: Bush Administration Again Attempts To Block Release Of Prisoner Abuse Photos In ACLU Lawsuit

Guess what arrived in the mail today!

Roger Simon from Politico brought up a great point on Hardball

Reichert wins WA-08 over Darcy Burner

Do you think The Repubs will become more begiling to Blacks? And will blacks fall for it?

Do you think The Repubs will become more begiling to Blacks? And will blacks fall for it?

New exit poll breaks down Yes on 8 voters.

KO: haha .. Obama did not field any questions from

In all seriousness, let's just hope Lieberman does not endorse Obama in 2012

Food Bank Friday! November 7, 2008!

Bwahahahahaha....Palin Speaks

White House Butler who saw racial history being remade

Particularly offensive anti-Obama sticker just seen here in TX (but don't worry, I got the bigger

Is there a video of Barack's press conference?

It just hit me - We CHANGED the world on Tuesday!

Is it time to get all "Anonymous" on the LDS church?

Funding appears to be being pulled for Democratic party staffers in the 50 states. This is from SD

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan

The entire Newsweek behind-the-scenes campaign story is up.

Just How Big Was That Crowd in Times Square Tuesday Night? 50,000-70,000 Wow.

Reid and Lieberman, what and some DUers don't understand...

Google's CEO suggested taking the closed automotive factories

Newsweek: Secrets of the 2008 Campaign -- Remaining chapters available online

Ron Emanuel is an A+ choice for Obama

Is 10 million / year the "new normal" for the auto industry?

"Behind him, Cindy teared up and looked drained. So did buddies Lieberman and Lindsey Graham"

"Behind him, Cindy teared up and looked drained. So did buddies Lieberman and Lindsey Graham"

Joe The Bummer

So I watched all the Emanuelle movies today...

How an Obama Presidency May Benefit Lawyers

Look what that little fucker bush is going to do in the last weeks of his putrid administration

Al Gore in Obama's Administration (?)

I think we need a Fireside Chat real soon.

OH-15: Kilroy, Stivers may be in for long wait (Kilroy trails by 146)

Before he was president, he was mistaken for a waiter...

I propose a Senatorial Trade: Lieberman/Ben Nelson for the ladies from Maine.

Got This From A Disgruntled Repug - Obama Hires Joe The Plumber......

Obama's already failed, his election has deepened the crisis, we are heading for a depression!

Pic request - Obama

Why is Matthews spending so much time talking about Palin?

Who will be the first SCOTUS justice to retire?

"F_ck the Liberals that will sell this coutry out to the enimie!!"

Obama showed biggest gains over '04 in Indiana, ND & western states

Just Remember - The Republicans LOST. Democrats do have a mandate now.


How does marriage for all adults threaten Mormon marriages?

Obama grabs headlines and magazine covers

Palin calls on other 49 states to follow Alaska's lead

What are the odds Axelrod and Plouffe will run Obama's reelection campaign?

Mccain: 'What the F- - - would I want to lead this party for?'

Do oil companies fear Obama ?

Boston Globe LTTE today - A "must read" - too funny.

Antigua and Barbuda renames their highest mountain Mt. Obama

Sink vs. Crist battle already started for Governor in 2010 (Florida)

Palin represents what I loathe about the current Republican Party

Turn to Cnn Barney frank is whoopin Ben Stein's ass!

Franken closes the gap, now only 221 votes behind!

ABC news running a story how the nutbags are buying up guns

Joe Liebermann and the Supreme Court - Decisions, Decisions...



lol @ the Nancy Reagan joke!

Nearly all of America voted for McCain

AP: Kratovil (D) Winner Of 1st District Seat (Maryland CD-1) YES!!!!!!!!!

*** Friday TOONs: We Deserve a Little Gloating ***

*** Friday TOONs: We Deserve a Little Gloating ***

Oh man, the GOP is going to have a field day with the Nancy Reagan joke.

Oh man, the GOP is going to have a field day with the Nancy Reagan joke.

Palin denounces her critics as cowardly

Does anyone else think Tweety wants a job in the Obama Administration?

Who hates all these Obama-Nancy Reagan posts?

TWO URGENT SHORT TERM political tasks for progressive Democrats

Revoke Mormon Church's Tax Exempt Status (CA Prop 8)

A Touching Story...The butler sees a new White House

In the interest of unity...

In the interest of unity...

Emmanuel on bloggers, activists, Lieberman, elections - NPR interview Oct 2006

WOW Mika Mouse is a complete hack in the tank for Palin.

We did not learn one goddamn thing from Obama's campaign.


Prop 8 Protest - LA/Silverlake

I've been waiting, but nobody has thanked--

TRMS: Melissa Harris-Lacewell is brilliant

I never could figure out why I didn't like Craig Crawford until tonight.

Anyone else think that Sarah Palin is going to go the way of Katherine Harris?

Will McCain do anything to stop Bush from mining the Grand Canyon?

Does LIEberman bolt?

I'm yer huckleberry: Val Kimmer wants to replace Bill Richardson if he becomes Sec. of State

New York Times online store now referring people to Boston Globe site

Eff the GOP and their "Holier than Thou" attitude!!!!!

Good News and Bad News - Obama Can Be Methodical and Ruthless - Not Naive

1996 CNN Exit poll - If Powell had run, he would have beaten Clinton 48-36

from Dennis Kucinich: Thank You

Under the headine: WTF!!!

What's still up in the air? Franken vs. Coleman, Missouri's EVs, and...

"Holy fucking shit......... I'M THE PRESIDENT"

"I want to see what book Obama swears in on."

Obama Demands Iraq War Changes

I am absolutely convinced that Sarah Palin is a 12-yr-old child stuck in an adult's body

Time To End Story's About Palin...

Will the White House Ghost Welcome the Obama Family?

Students told not to say Obama's name.

Melissa Etheridge ~ You Can Forget My Taxes

Since the majority of White Dems (including here on DU) voted to end Welfare & Pub Housing,

"With respect to the dog, there are two issues that have to be reconciled..."

Does anyone have any .wmv files of the Election and/or the Celebrations afterward?

Barack Obama is the President-Elect ...

FOX News on Palin not knowing Africa was a continent etc.: Is this the GOP "innoculating"

Made up Freep Controversy #1: Nancy Reagan joke

Rahm Emanuel is a centrist hack.

BREAKING: Obama impersonater "pranks" Nancy Reagan...

Watch this, it will move you... trust me...

Hope Molly and Ann Richards could see what happened on

Tom Ridge on Larry King Live gushes over Obama Press Conference, Hell Freezes over and Pigs Fly By

Begich-Stevens Race Update - November 7

Israeli and Muslim, In The Oval Office


Politico: Obama calls Nancy Reagan to apologize for seance comment. That's my classy President!

"We Elected A Centrist President" Is It Centrist To Support FISA?

Nate Silver thinks uncounted votes may put Begich over the top.

Barack Obama's hidden talent

Woohooo.... GOP CIVIL WAR BEGINS IN ERNEST! Palin Strikes, "Cruel" "Cowardly" "Jerks" "Immature"

Americablog: The leaders of the No on 8 campaign issued a statement today

Did anyone hear that aside by Tweety about Cheney leaving the country?

how important is the senate race in GEORGIA to you?

Why Karl Rove pulled the plug

The Washington Post Also Thinks Something is Wrong

The Hague for Bush & Blair???

Has anyone else figured out that SENATOR Obama and SENATOR Biden

Is There A Michelle Obama Group Yet Here At DU

Flickr Set of Obama and Family on Election Night Waiting for Returns

America----Love It or Leave It

What I liked about Obama's Nancy Reagan comment...

Franken vs. Coleman. Now 221 votes separating.

Today Obama said the auto industry is the backbone of the American manufacturing...

An interesting comment RE: Prop h8:

Caroline Kennedy is rumored to be considered for US Ambassador

Did Obama really just call himself a mutt?

Most Minn. Senate 'undervotes' are from Obama turf

VIDEO 'There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama' (Irish TV)

Racism blocking "British Obama"

Dem hawks in arms over Kerry as SoS for 2 reasons: they want a hawk as SoS and don't want Feingold

Looks like OBAMA picked up one more EV in NEBRASKA!!!!

Spreading the shit around, or how everybody has some responsibility

Update on the Iraq vet who shut down the US 101 overpass in Santa Barbara

After reading the final chapter of the Newsweek article, I do feel for McCain.

Are they seriously selling the Barrack Obama presidential coins $29.95 value for $9.95 already? Just

Has anybody noticed how bad Bush looks these days?

I firmly believe that Obama will try to de politicize the White House

DUzy Awards for the week will be posted on Sunday evening.

If you want to pass "liberal" legislation, it's just smart to be perceived as governing from the

"Ummm, yeah. George... I'm afraid that we're going to have to move you to the basement. Yeah."

This May Have Been Posted Already, But It Hits So Close to Home I Feel Compelled to Post It

Who will take the pledge?

Obama didn't get as badly beaten in Western PA as I thought.

Lieberman Aide Threatens Reid: He'll Bolt Dem Caucus

From mistaken as a waiter to the most important leader in the world in 6 years

My idiot RW nutjob boss thinks "Obama's going to take our 401ks!"

Another African Americans vs. Gay thread -- a quick explanation from a lesbian

[PIC] The Future Looks Bleak For Lieberman

How bad are the riots in your city?

Interesting map: Obama received more support in 77% of counties

Obama will shape house he lives in, too

At Coretta Scott King's funeral, Ethel Kennedy whispered to Obama:

Barack Obama's ascendance - From baby til today

Do Obama and Biden get to use a backup Airforce One and Two during these weeks?

On taking Jesus back from the radical right wing

You know who I REALLY blame for the passage of Prop 8?

I don't trust the Republicans who are being extra nice. Something smells STANK about it

My Texans for Obama sign was stolen today :(

Please study the following pictures ...

Obama should retire the 747's that currently serve the Presidents.

McCain was "irked by footage of Obama swaggering along, dangling his coat coolly over his shoulder"

McCain was "irked by footage of Obama swaggering along, dangling his coat coolly over his shoulder"

Prop 8: Instead of mapping the race of the voters, map their religion vs. lack thereof.

Seeing the right's apoplectic response to the Nancy Reagan joke....

Who here is a gamblin' man (or woman)?

I like the idea of Sen. Clinton as Secretary of State.

What a great first family!

Dr. Dean to HHS Secretary. Plouffe to DNC Chair.

Luckovich on Lieberman the Back-stabber.

To all GLBT DUers...

Election Cartoons

Gen X Enters the White House

Right wing racism and stupidy just nuked the fridge- Re: Jim Quinn

Eliot Spitzer: Justice Blind, Deaf and Dumb

I liked the damned dress.

On CNN, Obama called Nancy Reagan to apologize about the "astrology seance" comment....

Inspirational: Barack Obama Drawn in the Words of His Speech [PIC]

The Exit Poll Might be Wrong

Classy article by a Republican

Yes! Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Despite The Name, Really Very Bad) bites the dust!

on my Rahm Emanual quote in WaPo today

The only halfway decent picture I was able to get of our next President in Grant Park...

Todd Palin's silk boxer shorts

How many of you know about SEIU?

Make no mista'ke: the people who are attacking Rahm are pissed

Unbelievable. The Freepers are pushing a new lifestyle. Get the padded rooms ready.

Bill Maher.... "If Republicans Really Want to Look Into Something for the Next Eight Years..."

Five Photos That Cinched the Election for Barack (Photo District News)

Wow some extraordinary photos of Obama and family/VP/family on election night!

So what IS the real solution to all the economic crises?

I was glad to see Obama smile today

Way to go, Barack! FauxNews frozen out in first POTUS-elect presser.

How 'bout a big thank you Rec to this man for hangin' in there for the last eight years!

The Office of the President-Elect is on the 'Net!!!!

A Black Guy With a Muslim Name, An Irish Catholic, and a Jew Walk Into The White House...

My letter to Obama about higher education

Thanks to Open Left.."No, We Can't Wait". Kudos to Meteor Blades as well.

Check out the contrast between the dem office and the rep office in N. Conway NH

A Turning Point in U.S. History

Debbie Downer on MSNBC....NOW

OK - who's fault is Prop 8? Not black people, but RELIGION

I've been wanting to post these pics for over a year

2008 Landslide Denied: Uncounted Votes and the Final National Exit Poll (TIA) - x

AND! Palin had of lot of fucking nerve to show up with her own concession speech Tuesday night!

Palin speaks: 'That's cruel, its mean spirited, it's immature, it's unprofessional, they're jerks


Barack Obama WILL Govern From The Middle, GET USED TO IT!!!!!

HypoAllergenic Dog From Shelter is Totally Possible! What's Obama's website for feedback?

The only REAL stimulus that matters ....

Hispanics went 67 percent to Obama

*******The Official "FUCK YOU, LIEBERMAN" Thread*******

Why Lieberman is not to be trusted

5 Signs President Elect Obama is NOT a Geek (PIC HEAVY):

Election demographics, maps & questions about 2010

Bush's legacy: "The latest employment numbers...were even worse than expected"

The Media is not accustomed to dealing with an Intelligent Administration,

Reid takes away Chairmanship; Lieberman: "That is not acceptable!"

WOW the GOP is great at winning counties where nobody lives.

Rahm and Barack mean "Thunder and Lightening" in Hebrew!!


Someone take that baby from Sarah!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony: How to get inauguration tickets

A proposal for all straight married DUers, of which I am one.

Sarah Palin is so dumb...

Minorities backed gay marriage ban

OMG No! Schwarzenegger in the Obama Administration!

PHOTOS The President Elect's Day

LDS Doctrine: Jesus and Satan are brothers.

Kos: Facts Belie the Scapegoating of Black People for Proposition 8

Protecting Obama - he appears in good hands

Has Missouri officially been called for McCain?

Get to know a strong competitor for 2012: PIYUSH "Bobby" JINDAL

New Obama-Biden transition site:

Did anyone else see Rachel Maddow on The Colbert Report?

Do You Agree With Some At MSNBC That Obama Supporters Are Rude, Arrogant And Close Minded?

"A Mutt, like me!"

Prop. 8: The whole idea that Civil Rights can be left to popular opinion is just WRONG.

Simple question: Will Palin be a threat in 2012?

WSJ: The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

Anyone else feel a little lost now that it's all over?

this is brilliant! Comedy/music video showing Bush's last night in office!

Nate Silver: Uncounted Votes May Push Begich Past Stevens

389 Years Ago...

Folks, we have to get behind saving the Big 3 automakers

George Bush appointed Lee Greenwood to the National Arts Council.

Val Kilmer Running for Governor...Seriously

Would you like to see the potential spoiler role of alternative party candidates...


Updog on my date

Updog on my date

Was Michelle's dress THAT bad?

now here's a sweet piece of technology:

BREAKING: Pack of White House hyenas savagely maul reporter...

I dreamed most all of life's problems were solved

What's the name of that upcoming movie that deals with the Hitler assasination attempt?

Obama name craze for Kenya babies

Graphic Abortion Picture

KC2 Reviews the Movie Body of Lies:

Yesterday I was dealing with a customer on the phone who apparently thought

Santogold-L.E.S. Artistes (ear worm) love this song

I had (yet another) weird nightmare the other night.

Carrot Top Corp.

I beat myself last night with a brick in the head, neck, and chest areas.

The Top Selling Digital Song Is...(sadly) by Journey

Thanks, Lounge for keeping me sane these last 4 years

I have not been this pissed off in YEARS. Seriously.

Janet Napolitano should be AG for simple reason.

How long does it take you to fry chicken?

Hey!somebody ripped out December from my calender at work?!?

I don't know where else to post this. What is up with Joe Scab

I have 84 friends on Facebook

A great thing happened in Vancovuer's Mayoral race yesterday, RW is a goner!

A Bright Spot In An Otherwise Boring Workday

I thin Jon Stewart read my mind on tuesday night and played it on his show

Gays and Lesbians, let’s talk.

Windows 7 to come in 20 editions?

Ever work for an asshole, but liked your job and working for them anyway?

Help strip Morons of their tax-exempt status..

Woohoo! I get to be out of my element on Saturday!

The good news is that LK told me what he wants for Christmas. The bad news is that it's not for sale

There is a weird smell coming off of me.

GD-P is trying to reincarnate as the Lounge.

Anyone else a Digital Juice addict?

Woohoo! I get to be another element on Saturday!

Why are some "Religions" such an excuse for political and social stupidity?

Multi-level marketing... always a scam?

Your favorite North Korean Opera, as sung by the Sea of Blood Opera Troupe?

Because it's just such an awesome song, I give you:

Office of the President-Elect (in case freeper types take issue with President Elect Obams podium)

I waterboarded myself last night with a Neti Pot

I have 83 friends on FaceBook

PeterU hits a walk-off grand slam in GD

would you call this a shit - eating grin?

Man, Dana Carvey is not funny

OMG! It's snowing! Just a little bit, but that is definitely snow! nt

I just ate 20 Buffalo style chicken wings...


Facebook users: come hither, come hither.

Taco Bell run! Place your orders!

No more Ambien Posts

The moment surfer takes on 41-foot monster wave... and lives to tell the tale

S, are the Bushies gnna take all the O's ff the WH keybards?

Help strip duplicate posters of their tax-exempt status..

Its Rough To Get Old

PUPPIES! Someone sent me this live stream of the cutest puppies ever!

Is it me or did someone fuck up The Google?

If you made a large deposit in a credit union, and the teller was very rude...

Are You There, Jah?

Prop 8 Protest Saturday - Los Angeles

Yet another near miss with The Man

Need printer driver help

I'm going to a concert tonight!

Smokers banned from fostering

The Obama's should get a Bichon Frise

How about Jenny McCarthy for Surgeon General?

Got a live one in LBN...

So is Obama Like Spock Half Vulcan Half Human?

FINALLY I'm back.

Emanuel is another word for Jesus

I'm almost 40, white, and live in Oklahoma. I am surrounded by RWers.

New World Order

How'd I miss this killer Cut Copy tune?

Obama picked me for Secretary of Beverages`

Where the hell are the Mods?

Mort Garson was the coolest.............

kitten picture of the day for friday november 7

Huge Deal and I'm so proud. Dad (once R) voted for Obama

Tiny Tim. As an adult, do you think the TINY thing impeded his love life?

Catholic DUer's mad about Prop 8? Stop tithing

Catholic DUer's mad about Prop 8? Stop tithing


An Apology


If you have my cell phone number please talk dirty to me

Who here has talked shit about Total and lived to tell the tale?

Do you have more than two kids?

Is this a decent laptop for $300?

"Kitten" pics of Max and Rocky

A plot that may be slowly developing...

An Epiphany

Answer yourphone, Lynne -- Haruka is calling

Did Haruka Call A Sex Line, Or Did She Actually Get LynneSin?

I Just Got A Truckload Of Ambien delivered Anyone Want To Buy some?


Black Snake Moan

Oops. 29 posts ago I went though my 40,000 milestone.

If you have my address, will you please send me a letter?

Is Oeditpus Rex Yag?

some JT

Just Found: Lost sack

So Wow Just Wow

Yoohoo!!! LisaM!!!! I have a GREAT idea for presents for you to give this year.

so what's the over/under on when we get 24 hour christmas music again?

How the hell can I be having cramps

Are the 'Twilight' books too mature for a 6th grader?

4 deaths in one week

DU dreamers unite!

make up or not

I am never listening to Ambient music again. I swear I fucked up my body for life

Who else is a DU old, stinking wretched coot with 4 inch nose hair?

Should DU have a jobs board?

If you have my cell phone number please call me

How can I nuke "Antivirus 2009?"

I did something stupid last week and now I am really regretting it -

Best popup blocker ???- I already have google toolbar one;but need an addition.

Yet another reason why I love the internet.

tonights fun......I've got quite the buzz on.....


Hi Lounge

I often find much inspiration here.......inspire!

If you had Lynne Sins cell phone number

tonights far

Tonight I am celebrating

I want to see this!

Obama just picked me for Secretary of Hot Slash

Last week when I was working at early voting, a voter thought I was a republican.

I often find much perspiration here.......perspire!

unusual critter ...

!rorrim moorhtab gnikcuf ym edisni deppart m'I !119 llaC !pleH

An Apology

Obama has appointed me Secretary of the Department of Bikini and Wallet Inspections

Obama just appointed me Secretary of Cats.

Obama picked me for Secretary of Poetry!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/7/2008)

next tats

Michelle Bachmann, todays worst person in the world

Well fuck it all.

BMW Heiress in Steamy Extortion Scandal, With Ugly Allegations Reaching Back to Nazi Era

VIDEO: Toyota uses Ninja Kittens to sell Corollas in Australia

Whatever happened to this musical act?

I don't get this picture at all.

Okay, computer questions - Thomcat. Adaptability is a necessity.

If one more person suggests I buy someone a present from Project Heifer, I'm gonna blow

WKRP Question

If one more person suggests I buy someone a present from Project Heifer, I'm gonna moo

Thanks DU!

My fingers smell like anaerobic soil

My husband has lost his sack

having cpu overheating problems--anyone know about this?

There's this new horror movie coming out. It's called 'Crocodile Dundee.' Looks scary.

Your ALTERNATE nickname for Todd Palin, so we can stop calling him FIRST DUDE.

Appoint Loungers to Obama's cabinet

The Website is Down. Freakin' hilarious

Brian Eno is a Genius!!!!

An epic screenshot of our new President, for my fellow World of Warcraft nerds

Tell me about THIS laptop

Tisis pjilboys dog. I kllt him. Fuck him. Hee Suks. I attak him in the spine and hee ded.

Spiders on Drugs

Obama has appointed me Secretary of the Nudist Re-Election Committee.

Obama just made me Secretary of Unleashing DS1 on the Illiterati and Poseurs and Terminally Ignorant

So you wanna be a Game Designer?

The Boogie Man Lee Atwater ad

Hi, pretty DUers. Talk to me. Tell me about the person you love most,

Ever have one little thing ruin an entire day?

I've finally figured out what Teh Gay Agenda is

Do olives count as a vegetable?

Who Else Is In A Pev Mood?

Bachmann, Coleman, Stevens, McConnell, Chambliss

For the first time, someone asked me if I'm gay

Sweet! Survivorman is back with a new episode tonight

Brilliant! Must-see comedy/music video showing Bush's last night in office


Cats. Coca-Cola Box. Ninja-like Skills.

DuStrange recaps his week.

Well now that GD and GDP has calmed down,what's happening here?

Butler who saw racial history being remade (this moved me almost to tears)

I am never taking Ambien again. I swear I fucked up my body for life

Sweet Honey In The Rock

We spent our early Friday night in a Unitarian church

Any Spore players here?

Should I fire the veterinarian with Creation Museum literature in his waiting area?

Thom update

Former OK Dem governor rants about OK election results with Dean.

Who else is a DU old-timer?

Lefty women - how do you deal with being intimidated by Sarah Palin's fertility?

Obama has appointed me Interim Secretary of Rural Photographic History of the Plains

Do you still have your dog tags?

If you thought the Freepers were unhinged, check out the PUMA sites

Announcing the launch of Democratic Underground's "Project Y".

What is your best character feature?

On "how could gay rights compare to civil rights?" Someone asked me to repost this as an OP.

Who else needs a distraction? Photo thread? Pic of you or a pet.

Can I tap a few job vibes from the collective pool?

I'm new here.. Should I be afraid?

Living abroad, what the reaction has been, my experiences...

"OBAMA 4 PRES IN 2020" and other fun threads from 2004...

Single DUers....

Sen. Kerry is in line to be the next SFRC chair, but he would make a great Sec. of State

Syria airs car bomb 'confessions'

Ecuador protests against Colombia for paramilitary incursion

China truck driver kills 5 after deliberately running them down

Iranian leader welcomes Obama win

20-somethings make Capitol gains in 124th Maine Legislature

Miami jury convicts ex-FBI agent in 1982 killing

NKorea: 'Ready to deal with' Obama administration

HBO Acquires Rights to Obama Documentary

U.S. Companies Cut 240,000 Jobs in October; Unemployment Spikes to 6.5 Percent, Highest Since 1994

Muslim men 'think they have God-given right to beat wives', claims female Muslim medic

GM Says It May Run Out of Operating Cash This Year

The government reports more grim news about the economy: 240,000 jobs lost in October...

Obama pledges quick action on economy as president

Lieberman Resists Giving Up Homeland Panel as GOP Recruits Him

92 guards hired at immigration detention center without checks

McCain - and maybe Palin - to stump for Chambliss

Chinese Hackers Penetrate White House Computers

Deadly school collapse in Haiti

Democrat wants recount of Oakland clerk race

Reid Spokesperson: Democratic Senators May Vote On Lieberman's Fate In Full Caucus Meeting

Exclusive: Byrd would voluntarily give up chairmanship

Democrats talk of a ‘permanent progressive majority’

Obama wins electoral vote in Nebraska

Obama calls Nancy Reagan to apologize

Houston's Franklin Bank closed, 18th failure this year

Running on fumes: GM could soon run out of cash

GM reports $2.5B loss, says federal aid essential

Circuit City idles headquarters workers: paper (500-800 in Richmond VA)

Court halts Franco-era exhumation

In Mix-Up, Second College Paper Runs Obama 'N-Word' Cartoon

2 Neb. (High School) students suspended for Obama comments

McConnell reaches out to Lieberman

Minn. aims to finish Senate recount by Dec. 19

Staffers Keep Puffing as United Nations Votes to Ban Smoking at General Assembl

"Troopergate" Trooper Now Pushing Paper

Marshall denied chance to honor Obama on the field

Houston's Franklin Bank closed, 18th failure this year

US Military Deaths in Iraq War at 4,191

Ford announces $129M 3Q loss, burns $7.7B in cash

Coleman campaign questions big Franken gains

'Fake photo' revives Kim rumours

APNewsBreak: Obama's aunt to fight to stay in US

US President-Elect Obama’s Grandmother Wants to Attend Inauguration

New Army Recruiting Tactic: Obama will "Get Us Out of Iraq"

DEA complicit in drug trade, says Morales:Morales says evidence will be presented to President Obama

Obama Eyes Consumer Activists for Agency Posts

Al Gore Group Urges Obama to Create U.S. Power Grid

Chinese hack into White House network

Shell secures 25-year access to Iraq's oil, gas

Sen. Craig raises only $4,600 for legal defense fund

Omission of Obama on front page stirs protest in Terrell, TX

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance remark

8-year-old arrested in double-homicide

(Senator) Kyl issues warning to Obama on Supreme Court appointments

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 7

Breaking News: Obama wins electoral vote in Nebraska

(8 year old Missouri) Pinay girl writes to Obama, gets response

Feinstein in line to chair Senate Intel Committee

Democrat Kratovil wins US House seat from Md.

Run On Guns As Owners Fear New Regulations

Angry Prop 8 opponents urge boycott of Utah ski areas and Sundance Film Festival

Regulators shut Security Pacific Bank in Calif.

The Obama Campaign: What They'll Remember

545People by Charlie Reese

Wall Street Fat Cats Are Trying to Pocket Billions in Bailout Cash

History through a White House butler's eyes

The Night Robert Kennedy Finally Won

A leftwards nudge

Who's Afraid of a CD Rahm?

The Obama Style? Cool, Quick Learner

Stolen Election in Alaska?

Beyond Election Day - Editoral

A Democrat's Advice to the GOP For the Future: My Top 20 Suggestions For a Winning Strategy

Obama faces pressure, but Palin's a 'dingbat'

A Mandate for Spreading the Wealth by by Norman Solomon

Why Gay Marriage Was Defeated in California (TIME article)

Another 'Red State' Comes in Late for Obama: Mars!

In 2008, will media recall 2004 declarations of Bush "mandate"?

The Bush Mandate, The Messiah Obama

Court Rebukes CIA on Freedom of Information, Recognizes Journalists, Not CIA Determine What Is News

Setting Sights on a Just Presidency

Setting Sights on a Just Presidency

It's not just Limbaugh and Hannity

Bolivia Kicks Out Regime-Changers Posing as Drug Cops

Goldman forecasting biggest rise in joblessness since WWII

Tolerance Over Race Can Spread, Studies Find

Iceman, Batman, Governor?

Fed's Warsh: Fundamental Reassessment of Every Asset Everywhere

Rahm Emanuel: Obama's Must-Do List to get to victory in November

Commentary: After Palin hard-sell fails, McCain aides attack her

Lowering expectations

Latest RNC Scandal: Paid $200K for Joe the Plumber's T-Shirts

College football commander-in-chief?

NYTimes Judith Warner: "Tears to Remember"

Sarah Palin's "Back-up Plan" (Letterman)

Friday Talking Points (54) -- Republican Fossilization

Jim Martin for U.S. Senate - "America Is Back"

President-Elect Obama in Comedy Shows

Now that Obama's elected, let our voices be heard.

Alice Walker on Obama's victory - 5 Nov 08

Stephen Colbert, Defender of Marriage

Hardball: Decision '08 Biggest Losers List Nov. 6, 2008

The Raw Roundup - November 7th, 2008

Letterman: Top Ten Sarah Palin Revelations

Matthews: My 'Job' to help Obama presidency

CBS: Prop 8 Protests Continue (w/ George Takei Interview)

Obama Holds First Economic Roundtable as President Elect

Dolphin Hunt Japan

Fox News suggests stock market plunge b/c of Obama

Young Turks: Obama Victory is A 'Check that Can't Be Removed'

Explaining The Job Of A REAL JOURNALIST-To Bill O'Reilly - Shep Smith Mocks Hannity/FOX

Obama, Emanuel and Israel

Donald Rumsfeld 'Knows' Sarah Palin

NBC: Barack & Michelle Obama's Harvard Law Professor

KO Campaign Comment: Barack Obama, History in the making.

Late Show - Top Ten New Revelations About Sarah Palin

Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds

David Swanson on Rahm Emanuel

Obama's Vlog

Prop 8, et al.: The Beginning of the End?

An Atheist Walks Into a Bar …Bill Maher’s spiritual journey

Palin Claims Dr. Pepper Invented Vaccine for Polio

"He wants to take our guns from us and create a socialist society policed by his own police force."

Real Change Depends on Stopping the Bailout Profiteers by Naomi Klein

Rejuvenate Public Diplomacy! Bring Culture Back to the White House

US Blues ..... Sorry link will not work for Pink

Keb Mo - America The Beautiful

The Obama Agenda by Paul Krugman

Promoting Peace and Building Nations

Earth vs Michele Bachmann

Obama's First Press Conference as President Elect

Nancy Reagan's Uncontrollable Fixation on the Occult (1989)

President-Elect Barack Obama on Election Night (

Karl Rove's Center Right Victory

Best Day Ever- Obama Mix

Salon: Obama election may signal new "Republic" for US

Joe Lieberman to be Stripped of Committee Chairmanship

We rejected so much history and so many rules that have bound us. We rejected fear

Buenos Aires: The Poorest Resist "Social Cleansing"

Election Memory Dance Off!

McCain Girl and The Enchanted Republican Forest

President-elect Barack Obama lays out economic plan

Tears to Remember

E-Voting Machines Used in Disputed Franken, Coleman Race Failed Tests

U.S. government finally exacts revenge on Iran/Contra whistleblower Cele Castillo

McCain is Maverick and Palin is Goose - Hillarious!

David Letterman: President-Elect Obama wants to torture plumbers

LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! A clearly agitated Campbell Brown informs us that Sarah Palin is WHO SHE IS.

here's the whole press conference, including the entire q&a

Obama Girl: Yes We Did! debuts "It's a new day" on Oprah

Bush's Dog Bites Reporter: WHY HE DID IT

Keith on Palin's press conference

Bob Dylan, November 4th, 2008!!!!!!!

Where were you on this night?

Cal Prop 8 and Direct Democracy Run Amok

Obama Roasts Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel - Hilarious Funny Jokes

Newsweek Michael Hirsh: Brains Are Back!

The worst show on TV mocks reporters emotions (3:02)

President-Elect Obama's Victory in Pics

Sarah Palin Reacts to McCain Aides: 'Sexist, Unprofessional, Jerks'

Nouriel Roubini : The Economic Mess and Financial Disaster that Obama Will Inherit

Gen. Wesley Clark: Change Has Come To America

NYT editorial: Another Parting Gift; It's "drill, baby, drill" in "beautiful, fragile" area of Utah

Get Your War On: New World Order

TYT: After The Elections - Is This Still A Center-Right Country?

Lawrence O'Donnell crushes Buchanan!

Weekend Economists: November 7-9, 2008

'There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama' (Irish TV)

Obama Talks About The Puppy/"Mutt"

Center-right, my tuchus ...

TYT: What Made Jesse Jackson & Cenk Cry?

Red State Update Moves to Canada

The Young Turks: Fox News Proves Sarah Palin Is Dumber Than Bush

Too Poor for Bankruptcy

Bush study favors bigger Afghan army

Army to investigate 5 recruiter suicides

Campbell greets returning 3rd Brigade troops

New Warrior Transition Brigade to stand up

U.S. responds to Iraqi proposals on troops

DoD outlines transition preparations

General’s death in July ruled a suicide

Indiana Guard members heading to Kuwait

Petraeus: Afghan tribes could fight militants

Lawyer rebuked for laugh in fragging trial

Feds pay suicidal Air Force vet’s family

Lewis soldiers to return from tour in Iraq

N.C. troops to get computers before deploying

Petraeus: Pakistan strikes kill top militants

Informant says he was hoping to gain trust

Ammunition plant goes green

GAO names top issues for new administration

2 plead guilty in plot to kill wife of troop

New disability process set to expand soon

Police charge Drum soldier after standoff

DDG test could save warships fuel

Jail visit for Laurean concerns DA

Bringing UAVs to life

Bring a basic trainee home for the holidays

Birds cause $1 million in damage to C-5

Open-air trash burning in Iraq a hot issue

Brigade to leave Iraq early

Haditha police making gradual progress

Glitch causes hospital billing headache

Europe awaits Obama’s stance on issues

2 accused in Iraqi deaths face more charges

Gas prices still falling at Europe AAFES stores

'Deal, No Deal' on Iraq-US Troop Talks

Gasoline on Guam down to $2.68

New AF Tanker Still Up in the Air

Army Program Reinvents Wounded Care

San Antonio laid up in Bahrain

Israel Warns Obama on Talks with Iran

IDF troops film themselves humiliating bound Palestinian

Billionaire Backer Of Right-Wing Causes Is Down On His Luck

Tropical Storm Paloma becomes Caribbean hurricane - Reuters

China tells rich polluting nations to change lifestyle - Reuters

EPA investigator says Justice Dept put kibosh on British Petroleum Crime Probe

Nevadans Apply for 9.3 MW of Solar Electricity

Missouri Votes Yes on 15% Renewable Portfolio Standard

Study Sees Multiple Species Of Mississippi Basin Turtles Nesting Up To 3 Weeks Earlier Than In 1990s

Garnaut Report - Oz Urban Water Systems Face Chronic Stress - Irrigated Farming To Fall 50% By 2050

20% Of Planet's Shark Species Facing Extinction As FAO, Fishing Industries Talk And Talk And Talk .

Vestas Slows Pace Of Hiring, But Still Expects 25% Increase In Turbine Sales In 2009 - Guardian

IEA's World Energy Outlook Warns That Energy Consumption, Growth May Push Global Temperatures Up 6C

NASA Study - Gulf Of Alaska Area Small, But Equals Nearly Half Of Greenland's Freshwater Melt Volume

National teach-in on Feb 9 based on The Presidential Climate Action Project

I love the smell of popcorn in the morning... it's the smell of RFK Jr. for EPA or interior

I need some help...

Elections Have Consequences I: Oil Speculators - Public Enemy Number 1?

Biologists say wolves are spreading into Oregon -without conflict

Walmart CEO: "We are not green"

The Chevy Volt Will Save GM (And Get The Girl)

"Unprecedented" Warming Driving N. Atlantic Changes At Scale, Speed Unknown Since Civilization Began

Tonight: Premiere of "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet

IEA - Enjoy Gas Prices While You Can - Agency Projects $100/bbl Average Through 2015 - NYT

As a straight, I just want to say, I'm sorry for the loss on Prop 8

Hope for Equality

Prop 8: Why don't we put OUR OWN amendment on the ballot?

Bush's last night in office -- must-see comedy/music video!!

I'm sorry my friends

A timely limerick for my GLBT friends

Maybe as a kind of protest, GLBT people could boycott films.

Protest In Chicago 11/8/08

DONATE to invalidiate prop 8

I have covered up the American flag in my signature and replaced it with another.

Two San Diego protests planned

No - Elisabeth Hasselcrack - it is NOT a preference

Help strip Mormons of their tax-exempt status

Family Research Council: LA protests were "anti-family rioting"

(Spreadsheet) Utah individuals gave more than $2,554,000 in support of Prop Hate

From Hope to Fear to Hope Again

OAKLAND TONIGHT -- Protest at the Mormon Church

From the Courage Campaign: URGENT: Repeal Prop 8 -- fight the religious right

Massachusetts: Sign-up to phonebank for MassEquality December 1, 2008

Triumphs in Massachusetts, Connecticut

List of planned protest all over (cross post from GD)

Can a non-CA resident sign a petitions against Prop 8?

Proposition 8 opponents concede defeat - gay marriage banned in California

Straight guy perspective on Prop. 8


Live webcast of Prop 8 protest in SF

CA Prop 8 Protest Schedule for this weekend

Ughhh, this photo on the No on 8 website bothers me.

They passed a law similar to Prop 8 here in Wisconsin in 2006

TURN ON ANDERSON COOPER NOW! Tony perkins of the family somethign or other getting ripped apart

Watch Olbermann's 'Special Comment' Monday night.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Here's an idea: Let's copy Washington's I-957 in California.

Anyone know if there's a list online of the rights not afforded in CA civil unions

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 33 !!!!


My fellow Americans.

NOW ... Madonna opens her fucking mouth about Prop 8.

A comment on a poll

Courtney Love clarifies her vote on Prop H8

A cocktail party in honor of our LGBT friends of color

LA - Silverlake Protest Saturday

Don't hate the Mormon's or the Black Community for Prop 8.

If you don't support same sex marriage, you're no "friend" of mine.

My (probably oversimplified) simple reasoning on why Prop 8 passed.

Bottom line for America. Go Gravity or Go Broke

San Francisco ranks 53 of 59 counties in voter turnout

I'm sad. I just am. There are many assholes on DU who care nothing about us gays.

Hello, goodbye, and an extremely long post in between.

A Night To Remember: Barack Obama Elected 44th US President

Oh lord.

Hmmm....will the new administration break up the big banks?

Chrysler cash drains away as crisis deepens: sources

Retailers Report a Sales Collapse

Ranks of Hungry Growing - USA Today

Fair-Trade Election Gains Keep Coming In

For those who like to track Gov. spending, here are 2 neat sources

Bleak Reports Keep Markets in Free Fall

Obama to renegotiate Korea trade deal?

Worst Practices: Residual Interest

Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration's Final Economic Heist?

Ending Free Trade Vital For US Survival As Nation

To what extent are the markets being rigged?

Important article on Wealthy Americans and Tax Evasion at UBS

GM, Ford report huge losses, worries about survival loom

Unemployment up to 6.5% (10.1 million) - bureau of Labor Statistics.

Next Administration Shows Signs It Will Seek Middle Ground With Business on Thorny Issues

How long till Obama signs EFCA?

Unions force jobs overseas

DEA complicit in drug trade, says Morales:Morales says evidence will be presented to President Obama

Ecuador protests against Colombia for paramilitary incursion

Colombia: Former head of the army must be investigated for human rights violations

Note of Caution: Obama and Bolivia

This is a Place for Poor People (Honduras)

Arriba Obama!

Upset special Saturday.

Thanks for nothing Sports Illustrated

If the Lakers go undefeated next week, this will be a 73+ win team

My introduction...

PhD student unlocks diabetes insulin mystery

Hospitals See Drop in Paying Patients

"Amputee Wannabes" Body integrity identity disorder

Rare, profound positive events won't make you happy, but lots of little ones will

Cancer Genetic Blueprint Revealed

Thank you

The Noosphere on Election Day.

Asking for technical, 3D world help, please....

My longest quit yet

Five Photos That Cinched the Election for Barack (Photo District News)

On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up

A Guns and Obama Question ..

Do guns still matter? (electoral analysis of the firearms issue)

Does anyone here hate it when idiots mix gun-ownership with sexism?

help me solve this sticking problem

When a networking event invitation says "full-belly appetizers,"

When will these people learn...

Speculation on new White House Chef .........

Debate: Hitchens versus Wolpe

Atheists against Occam's Razor

So, Saying Astrology/Seances Are BS On DU Is OK, But Knocking Religion Is Not?

"None Of My Smart Friends Believe In God."

Times Top 50 Inventions of 2008

'Nova: Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives'

"Eight-armed animal preceded dinosaurs"

Portable power: Tiny solar cells show promise

Bottom line for America. Go Gravity or Go Broke

Indications of intrernal structural instability of both towers prior to collapse?

How Do You Think Obama Will Deal With 9/11 Truth?

repeal NCLB

If Bush and his handlers really carried on 9/11. then why is he giving up power?

UT Brownsville President Juliet Garcia Tapped For Obama Transition Team

Bottom line for America. Go Gravity or Go Broke

Anyone have ideas on how to have Cynthia Dunbar removed from the TEA?

Progress! This year, Texas Supreme Court candidate Sam Houston lost by 5% but won over 3.5 million

Can someone help me please?

problem with 15 in 1 media center

On Nov 4th, I was celebrating with a glass of wine while on DU.

NIST says One WTC7 Girder Fell at Floor 13, Bringing Entire Building Down

Sarah Palin offered big money to appear in porn film

Wow! It looks like we could be in Washington for the Inauguration!

I'm really hoping that Kerry is chosen for SoS.

Muslim men 'think they have God-given right to beat wives', claims female Muslim medic

Michele Bachmann and the Mothership

Does anyone understand why so many slight changes in the count yesterday (Franken vs. Coleman)

Franken now up by NINE votes n/t

Brian Melendez sent an upbeat letter about 2008 election.

What do you think of Feingold as chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

"State pension fund loses $10 billion in October" by Cary Spivak

Dane County 911 center staff made errors- homicide, no police dispatch

So... Did John McCain throw it on purpose?