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My God....Obama may win the PV by about 8 Million when the night is done.

My God....Obama may win the PV by about 8 Million when the night is done.

President -Elect Obama. It's written on the screen.

Lord that bottle of champagne went fast.

Lord that bottle of champagne went fast.

"Change has come to America"

WE TOOK AMERICA BACK!!!!!! We stood at the edge of a cliff and turned back.

Wasn't it great watching Bill Bennet squirm?

Some PUMAS are coming around. Let's welcome them back.

Some PUMAS are coming around. Let's welcome them back.

Joe the Plumber < Joe the Vice-President-Elect

Drinking gin, in a hot tub, 4AM

You just got PLOUFFED!

Obama's supporters applaud McCain

Congratulations to all you DUer's

I'll be weed-eating around my Obama sign for years

What is amazng about this speech is that it is so serious and it without celbration

Sappy, teary alert: Jamie Lee Curtis:

This is better than sex

McCain is the only republican who could have won AZ this year. CO NM NV and AZ will all be blue

Is Biden at Cheney's undisclosed location...

No booing when McCain was mentioned by Obama.

I swear he just smiled at me! :)

Come on Skinner we need something REALLY BIG for the front page.

I hope he adopts a shelter puppy. It would be a wonderful example to all.



"I'll be your President too"

I just burned my thumb shooting bottle rockets off in the middle of San Francisco.

Plouffe and Axelrod will go down as political legends.

Check the words out now


@ David Letterman. Hey, your "Great Moments In Presidential History" segment

BIG HOUSE WIN!! Long time Rep seat in Ohio Ralph Regula

DAMMIT!!! I said I wouldn't cry, .....

Dallas County, Texas--just gets bluer every election cycle.

My goper neighbor took all of his signs out his yard.

I want a copy of this speech for sure - this is better than any

Oklahoma went Blue! Holy Freaking Shit!

Partisanship = immaturity. Nice! n/t

This may be one od the most seminal speeches in AMaerican History

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

President Obama.

President Obama.

President Obama.

President Obama.

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

What's Holding Up Wayne Co. in Indiana?

He dared to tell us...

The look on his face...

Well it's time for the real adults to take over the Whitehouse.

He looks exhausted!!! & Now we have to keep him safe!!

CLASS and Dignity RESTORED to DC

One piece of bad news so far: Prop 8 is passing right now by about 9 points

He's so calm...

Imagine - brains, dignity, honor, and truth back in the White House!

Wow this is the speech of a crazy left wing radical?

Seeing the 2 families together makes me realize how wonderful it is to finally have a

You know Joe no longer has to commute come Jan...he will have a house.

Intelligence and Grace makes a come back! I'm utterly speechless...nt

Someone needs to bottle this "hope" stuff! It's amazing; I'll take all I can get!

No words...

No words...


I just burned my thumb by shooting off bottle rockets in the middle of San Francisco...

All that I can say is Holy F'ing Wow. Incredible. Incredible.

Goodbye Bush doctrine,hello fairness doctrine.

Who is on the stage? (besides the obvious) NT

Who is on the stage? (besides the obvious) NT

This is a great man

For the first time in my adult life-------

See those kids on stage together? That's the dream.

OK SIRIUS RADIO: Can we officially fire Lynne Samuel's sorry ass yet?

This is like a movie with a happy ending....

"The First African-American President of the United States"

OK. Damn it. That was one great speech. And this Tar Heel is now calling it for NC. eom

I think Tweety just came.

Does anybody know what the piece of music is they're playing right now?

Just Perfect. NT

MO SOS results have McCain up 1.1% in MO with STLC having 40 more precincts to report out of 204

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 11/4/08 - Penultimate! - Obama 52, McCain 46 (unchanged)

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 11/4/08 - Penultimate! - Obama 52, McCain 46 (unchanged)

So any chance we split NE?

my husband is crying!!!!!

So with 56, can we tell Lieberman to pound salt now?

the kids are gonna be all right.

the kids are gonna be all right.

I walked for him. I talked for him. I called for him. I gave him money I did not have.

I hope that Beau Biden

I hope that Beau Biden

Those Rep. incumbents weren't unseated because of Bush

"I love you"... To see those words mouthed by a President Elect and his First Lady...

221 years?

Our Candidate has cleared every friggin hurtel the MSM has thrown up. Do you people

PIC: Celebration in front of the White House!!!

8 years ago a president was appointed. Tonight a president was elected

VERY CLASSY R friend of mine just called-

Hillaryis44er says: GOD DAMN AMERICA - link

I just got an email

Good chance Obama will win Missouri


When Obama won. My cell phone blew up. And I don't know anybody.

When Obama won. My cell phone blew up. And I don't know anybody.

Obama is going to give a killer inaugural speech

"A little patience and we shall see

"A little patience and we shall see

"A little patience and we shall see

"A little patience and we shall see

"A little patience and we shall see

"A little patience and we shall see

It's like the end of "Return of the Jedi"

Absolutely beautiful!!

This is not about me but:

CONGRATULATIONS, AMERICA! You've joined the 21st century.

G'nite, y'all! Like mom used to say on Christmas Eve, the sooner you go to bed the sooner

When will Obama's popular vote margin increase?

Are we going to get Montana?

Are we going to get Montana?

Back to Business, Virgil Goode (VA 5th) is getting the boot!

Back to Business, Virgil Goode (VA 5th) is getting the boot!

Obama needs 10,000 more votes in MO to win MO!!!

From our new President!

I can't stop crying!

I can't stop crying!

I'm gonna need a child pill to get any sleep tonight

You--yes, you on TV. It's not "Barack" anymore. It's President Obama.

What happened to Bill Bennett. lol

Anybody listening to the repugs calling in on CNN?


Truth, justice

Open post to Dems in House and Senate. Obama has shown you how to win.

Heads up: Gregoire leading narrowly, King County (Seattle) only 14% reporting

So...Is Chuck Todd Stll Saying The Map Is Clearly Closer Than The Polls?

What's up with Prop 8? Passing by 10%? Ughhhhh

‘Change has come to America,’ first African-American leader tells country

HAHAHAHA!! Our Obama Sign was STOLEN tonight!!!

his speech is making me cry again,

so when are they going to call MT, MO IN and NC?

Stick a fork in Indiana....

It's Official!!! I fuckin' HATE FOX ...

It's Official!!! I fuckin' HATE FOX ...

It's Official!!! I fuckin' HATE FOX ...

Wow, I sure will miss those hourly Rev Wright ads. I wonder how much dough they dropped on those.

Intrade: Obama - 99, McCain - 0.9 nt

GOP here's a hint. You see the white, brown and black people in Obama's crowd. That is Blues Clue.

Can I quit crying tomorrow?

Can I help my husband?

Our huge party's CA 10 sec. countdown to 8pm as the West Coast put Obama over the top...

Oh noes! There's going to be a puppy piddling on the White House carpets.

Maverick Co, Texas, Went to Obama!

Looking at counties and outstanding votes, clear that IN, MT and NC go blue -

Looking at counties and outstanding votes, clear that IN, MT and NC go blue -


ANyone else think the music is "over the top"?

I gotta hand it to MSNBC.

FOX Is So Sad Right Now


Vile "New Pundit" columnist rails against the ill and the poor

Vile "New Pundit" columnist rails against the ill and the poor

Blizter. Obama is getting ready to become the next President of the United States!

GRRRRR... Franken now trailing coleman

To quote the movie "Friday:" John McCain, YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!

Remember lurking freeps, its unAmerican to criticize the President during war time..

This makes 5 ELECTED Democratic presidents in a row

Has Drudge posted any hint at tonights Zogby poll.....Oh Shit...Wait....

Sarah P was rejected in more ways than one

Sarah P was rejected in more ways than one

His Grandma Died Yesterday

Secret Service in front of the White House laughing and smiling with the crowd


Bush to Obama: What an awesome night for you

Bush to Obama: What an awesome night for you

Way to go Skinner and all DU Admin - no glitches whatsoever tonight!! Thank you!

My thanks to Drunken Irishman and to Clio the Leo

A wizard of OZ moment

A wizard of OZ moment

Thank You MLK

and so, the fight continues.

Obama wants to know what we'd like to see change in the next generation.


I need the cartoon

I need the cartoon

OMG - It's like the end of "Return of the Jedi"

OMG - It's like the end of "Return of the Jedi"

Hey! Did you guys hear that Barack Obama is going to be the next President?

Drudge doesn't have his siren on

The Sense of Privilege


Missouri will go dem!

I have a political science hypothesis, bear with me please

so how many more democrats get news shows now?

Merkley v. Smith and Begich v. Stevens.

What about Omaha, NE?

This is what RFK's acceptance speech would have been like

The blond Freeper girl from The View will probably be apoplectic tomorrow. :-)

Poor Gene Robinson (MSNBC)

Sky falling? I think not! "Asia markets surge amid hopes new US president will help lift economy;

just announced Oberweiss just lost his 5th election in a row

Song just right for Obama and all those that worked to elect him

The pollsters did really well tonight

I feel like I just won the lottery and I can't quite grasp it yet.

Not that it matters, but have NC and Indiana been called yet?

What do you think is going through Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild's mind right now?

Who else has grown to be a Katie Couric fan the past few months?

I have to get up early tomorrow for an appointment, but I don't care...

Why can't Obama close the deal? ;)

Why can't Obama close the deal? ;)

MEGA REASON for McCain Loss....McCACA HIGH COUNT...Too many Caca's

Let's all send Sarah Palin a THANK YOU card for losing McCain's election for him : -) nt

Ahole Mark Shields just said that Obama's speech was too long.

How is the rest of the world reacting??? All I've seen is Kenya?

Anyone listening to the SORE LOSERS on the McCain line on CSPAN?

Anyone listening to the SORE LOSERS on the McCain line on CSPAN?

Listening to Barack, I figured it out

Poll: What kind of puppy will the Obama's get for when they move into the White House?!

Thanks to all of DU

musgrave lost - co 4th!

Whose EV totals at 12:45am ET Wed are correct? Fox (338-155) or CNN and MSNBC

What happened with Prop 8 in California?

The Moon Landing, Now This

I still want MO, IN, and MT. I have Repub relatives in each.

How do I find out how my district voted?

The night is not over yet. We have ted stevens and sarah palin's concession speeches coming up...

We got a black president whose middle name is Hussien?

I'm calling NC for Obama! He's up 49.7%-49.4%, only partial results from 3 counties left...

The Media will now give Barack his Dues of his outstanding Campaign!

I've waited eight years to say this. GET OVER IT!

I've waited eight years to say this. GET OVER IT!

You can tell the character of a man by how he treats his mama...look at Biden

We lost three House incumbents

What is the deal with IN??

Really nice call to CSPAN by McCain supporter

What are we going to do tomorrow?

What are we going to do tomorrow?

Did Bill and Hill put out a message yet?

It looks like MI will have medicinal weed!

The difference -- when McCain mentioned Obama & Biden, HIS people booed. When Obama mentioned McCain

I haven't watched Fox. Lots of happy people on CNN and MSRNC

I haven't watched Fox. Lots of happy people on CNN and MSRNC

Why are they not calling IN and NC? Obama is up in both with 99% counted

NEW BLUE: Nevada, Colorado, NMexico, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Florida (and possibly) IN, NC, MO, and MT

NEW BLUE: Nevada, Colorado, NMexico, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Florida (and possibly) IN, NC, MO, and MT

Good Night DU!!! Thanks for the last year!

I love hearing the title President-Elect Obama

Suddenly... we are no longer Underground... We are the Government... From TOP TO BOTTOM....

Where's Pat Buchanan tonight???

How does Clay County in Missouri usually vote?

How does Clay County in Missouri usually vote?

Chuck Todd still calling it a close race

Earlier this eveing we chilled a half bottle of champaign

So can we now call the freepers "UnAmerican" ???

So can we now call the freepers "UnAmerican" ???

So can we now call the freepers "UnAmerican" ??? Barack Obama's victory will change America

We can take a breather and a break, but the battle is not over...

A friend of mine just called. He lives in Boston, was leaving an election night party and going

A friend of mine just called. He lives in Boston, was leaving an election night party and going

Obama Touched the Flag

Sadly MT is slipping away

First, the primary season dragged on. Then the convention took forever to get here. Then

Obama did better than Clinton (Bill) in popular vote

NYT: OBAMA! Racial Barrier Falls as Voters Embrace Call for Change

The Obama Effect

Anybody know how many house seats the Dems are likely to pick up?

God Bless and Keep our New President-Elect

A President who takes the fucking job seriously.

I don't know what's up with this "44th President" nonsense.

Turd Blossom Rove says that Bush has created 7 million new jobs since

Asian stock markets rise as US elects new leader

Obama wins IN and NC!

Well, President Obama is up 15,000 votes in Indiana with 99% reporting

Fairness Doctrine and Lieberman

Thousands of people taking to the streets in downtown Seattle to celebrate

OMG... I have not stopped crying

"Ding Dong!! The Witch is Dead!!" I love you DU!!!

I will admit, I was wrong to worry about PA and I am sorry!!

Obama wants to know what we'd like to see change in the next generation.

Did you check ...

Good Night and Sweet Dreams DU

Code Pink really hurt our cause....

Rec This: The Coolest Thing Ever

Rec this thread if you think Bill Schneider should set himself on fire

So when do we move the White House to Chicago?

NC's big newspaper: Obama Wins NC.

OK... my one piece of gloating...

Watching Jesse Jackson's eyes well up with tears was tonight's most poignant moment.

You think freepers are funny? Go to the Span right now.

Berrien County in Michigan

Berrien County in Michigan

**NO MORE POLITICAL ADS !!!!!!! ******* Yipppeeee!

The Southwest is now Blue and Pink

We're leading in NC and Ind

VP Joe says "We smoked 'em!"

BIDEN 2016!

Stop The Presses....My 87 year old Uber Conservative father in law voted Obama today!

another GREAT Obama with a little kid picture

"I Hope This Works"

I'm concerned....

does anyone know if Tinkleberg beat Bachman?

You will all get tired of this but...

Why can't Obama seal the deal!?


Why can't Obama seal the deal!?

How about this... I'll be a gracious winner 24 hours from now.

SD anti-woman, anti-choice law turned away!

Hillary Clinton: 'I look forward to doing all that I can to support President Obama'

The Bradley Effect ??????????

Does winning NC count as breaking the "solid south"???

Does winning NC count as breaking the "solid south"???

I'm calling Oregon for Merkley

How's this for a screensaver?

Anyone know how Charlotte Dennett in Vermont

Anyone know how Charlotte Dennett in Vermont

Please forgive a dumb question

Wonderful header on the site guys!

Oh well, that asshole Bachmann is going to win

CNN showing the DC celebrations. This is so amazing

CNN showing the DC celebrations. This is so amazing

ZOMG!! The polls are tightening!!!

I heard Virgil Goode (R-Va) lost . Is this true???

I am thanking God tonight that my firstborn will be born under President Obama..

I am thanking God tonight that my firstborn will be born under President Obama..

I don't know if anyone's made this post yet but.....

Great Picture from ABC

Of the next 4 years, how many will be spent cleaning up after Bushco?

Oh Christ. Alex Constallanos (?) is on ConNN

Okay: NOW it is finally time to "get over it"!

The Supreme Court is Saved! More icing on the cake tonight!!!

So...who will replace Biden and Obama in the senate?

I Voted for JOE twice today

MSNBC: Harold Ford, crying?!

No disrespect intended, but this is irreverent and totally meaningless

I heard Virgil Goode (R-Va) lost . Is this true???

OK we got the keys to this ship of state...

OK we got the keys to this ship of state...

I love all of you on DU

There is still a big crowd on Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the White House. It's 1AM!


A Thousand Words (((PIC)))

A Thousand Words (((PIC)))

Wednesday is a National Holiday in Kenya

Why don't they call the last two toss ups

C-Spin wing nut from Michigan, Obama has ties with Saudi Prince who

Good Night DU, I can finally get some sleep...

Jessie Jackson made me cry like a baby!

Jessie Jackson made me cry like a baby!

Well, Ralph Nader reached a whole 'nother level of insignificance tonight!

Ah Wonderful! Anyone gone to the Palin as President web site?


Good thing Barack got those drapes nice and measured.

This what got Obama there

I love my Presidents like I love my coffee

I live in Nevada..

Holy shit when are they going to call NC, IN, MO and MT?

Oh snap. I forgot about the current admin. Should they worry about a dem AG?

Kudos to Skinner, Elad, et al

Going to bed. THANKS DU!

Hm....I think if McCain had acted like he did tonight, it would have been much closer...

Sweet, ABC is calling Gregoire

Great Moment #1. Obama! #1A - farewell, scumbag Liddy Dole!

Freepers: Just one thing you need to think about

I am now PROUD to say I am from NORTH CAROLINA; a BLUE state.

My first post election choice was to play the Dixie Chicks song..

my county might still win MT

I just want to tell you all "They did it. Obama is America's hope, and ours too"

From this Texan to everyone in America YEEEEEE HAAAAAAWWWWWW!

I saw a shooting star as I drove home


Residents of newly blue states, how does it feel?

current headlines on

Apparently Illinois voters selected Obama but voted for a Republican Congressman Mark Kirk

NC now 100% in! Obama up by ~11,000! CALL IT!

Ok, so I can't find my prediction post.

Anybody seen Sean Hannity? n/t

Wonder if Olberman has a chance at Press Secretary....

I guess Joe "the Plumber" won't be going to Washington, afterall.

I guess Joe "the Plumber" won't be going to Washington, afterall.

David Axelrod and David Plouffe should be goddamn proud of themselves

ABOUT THAT MAGIC 60 NUMBER: For EIGHT YEARS Bush Rammed His Agenda Through Congress

Thank you Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity!

OMG! I Am So Happy!!!

Three Supreme Court Appointments. nt



Merkley over Smith???

So where's the final map?

North Carolina Results from the Board of Elections (*** NOW 100/100 COUNTIES REPORTING ***)

Yeah, Baby! Pitt County, NC--BLUE for Obama-Biden

Heard a McCain/Palin smearjob ad against Obama on the radio @ 11PM CST.

I'm so glad that Keith got to call it on msnbc. He's been so instrumental in all of this. Go KO!

I won two cases of beer brand of choice...

We Got a Black President!


To Governor Palin...

LOL. George Bush DESTROYED the GOP!!!

Did we have any dramatic Freeper troll flameouts tonight?

Before you go to bed,

Gregoire for Washington Governor 52% to 48%

Full text of Barack Obama's speech - Chicago Tribune Posted

And now it's on to Chicago . . .

And now it's on to Chicago . . .

Congratulations America. What an incredible evening.

Will Mika still have "Palin Hair" tomorrow????

What's going on with Bachmann's race?

Check out Palin as President!

Congratulations from Victoria, BC, Canada!!!

ABC's video outside White House it grow!

Anyone got the latest Zogby numbers?

Anyone got the latest Zogby numbers?

Congratulations from Canada

Congratulations from Canada

Question on the Franken / Coleman race in Minnesota --

Question on the Franken / Coleman race in Minnesota --

RUDY GIULIANI (or: "whose post-election misery makes you the most giddy?")

So do you think all the McCain/Palin signs will come down

NC's Board of Elections site. All counties reporting. Obama wins.

I'm Greedy

Bush congratulates Obama on 'awesome night'

The BIG TEN takes it!

Prop 8 getting closer, yes 53 no 47 with 22% reported

Is there a funeral going on FOX NEWS? Theyre depressed for some reason..

McCain up by .4% in MO, nail biter

Road trip!

what was the music playing after Obama's speech?

what was the music playing after Obama's speech?

100% reporting Obama up 20k votes in NC. Why haven't they gave it to him?

Virginia went blue... HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO VIRGINIA?

Now looking back, I think Obama knew he was going to win


We almost swept the i-4 corridor

Sarah Palin gone. Nicole Wallace gone. Tucker Bounds gone. Joe the Plummer gone.

Dear America...on behalf of the rest of the civilized world...

What's happening over in Alaska?

So, I've been away from the computer for about 6 1/2 hours...

Douglas county, MO - blue or red, big or small? seems like

Allons enfants de la Patrie,

biggest ass of the evening, at least on BBC, was John Bolton

biggest ass of the evening, at least on BBC, was John Bolton

My victory song!

Hibbitts calls Merkley winner in Senate race

I'm in Center City Philadelphia. You'd think the Phillies just won the World Series again

Hey, Reverend Jackson, do you still want my president's nuts?

Anyone remember that 2004 website "Sorry, World, But We Tried"?

My Mom voted today...with ALS

Prop 8 still has a shot....

Prop 8 still has a shot....

Greatest Damn Country In the World Pt.1

Transcript of Obama's speech


WTF????????? ???? ?????????????????? Stevens is leading

Berkeley is ASPLODING!

A HUGE thing has just happened here in my town.

Greatest Damn Country In the World Pt. 2

We may take a seat in Idaho!!

I'm so happy the Virginia turned blue

Rec if you'll be happy to not get requests for money from the campaign

Alaska red


Back From The Chicago Rally

You pipe down! No - You pipe down!

I just got banned from Freak Republic--a badge of honor!

Greatest Damn Country In the World Pt.3

Greatest Damn Country In the World Pt.3

Michele Bachmann

Now that we, the people, own the White House - how shall we prepare it for Obama?

Barack's Victory Speech--Word Cloud

"90% of Americans recat to the last 8 years of George W. Bush."

Now when we have our fantasy picks for cabinet positions, we ..

The Pundits need to STFU.....and start listening.

My Thoughts on President-elect Barack Obama

Medical Marijuana passes in Michigan - 14th MM State

Good night, DU!!! You all ROCK!!!!

Just home from massive celebration in Dallas

Obama won North Carolina

The Minnesota DFL is very disappointing.

Krauthammer on faux snooze says humility is not Obama's strength.

Is anyone ever going to call the last states, or don't they care anymore?

Not all good news on many of the down ticket races


So anyone know the turnout numbers in America? Was it a record?

So anyone know the turnout numbers in America? Was it a record?

So anyone know the turnout numbers in America? Was it a record?


For the freeps and the repubs...from the bottom of my heart...

Obama wins and these people cry and pray to gawd for the rapture to hurry up...

WTF Minnesota!!??? Coleman?? Give me a f@#%ing break!

Heya freepers...

Franken's closing the gap! With 81.72% reporting:

Limited Abortion Rights FAILED in S. Dakota !!! -- WOOHOO!!!!!

With 45% of the precincts in, Ted "Convict" Stevens is up 3.5%

NE-2... looks like Obama

Congratulations to all who helped secure a collective opportunity

Congratulations to all who helped secure a collective opportunity

CNN replaying speech now.

Once Again -- WTF - Minnesota!!?? Coleman AND Bachman!!??

**** Thank you Bill and Hillary Clinton ****

The Obama/Biden signs came down - The U.S. Flag went up

"Barack Obama is the new President of the United States"

Please, check out, seriously (get your kleenex ready)

From NC, thank you Bob Barr!

Is Michelle Bennard For Real?

Hey Karl Rove!

Hey Karl Rove!

Hey Karl Rove!

Franken Coming Back

Nasty Marilyn Musgrave from Colorado lost! Awesome news. Go spew your hate somewhere else.

CNN replaying Obamas speech after the break

What Are Some Good Celebration Songs?!

People who should be with us tonight.........

Attention Republicans

I'll give McCain credit where it's due for his concession speech

I'll give McCain credit where it's due for his concession speech

WHERE IS the "Official Prop 8" thread???? Curious what is going on?? n/t

Al Franken has been dissapointing today.

Bizzare! VA is now at 51.4 - 47.7 - 3.7% lead which is close to predictions!!

now THAT is a mandate

Did Al Franken win?

Obama only down 500 votes in MO now.

Robert Kennedy in 1961: "A Negro can be president in 40 years"

A Collection of FoxNews Veiwer Comments...

What is the word on Freeperville? For those who have the stomach to check. LMAO

Words to Obama from a few world leaders

Did Bachmann win?

Maybe in 40 years a gay or lesbian, an atheist or a muslim, can compete seriously for the presidency


Nate Silver of got it almost exactly right...

Brown University went CRAZYYYY


NBC calls Indiana for Obama!

We swept the Big 10 states

Indiana just went for Obama!

MSNBC calls Indiana for OBAMA!!

With so many Republican moderates losing to Dems, the GOP will be even more batshit crazy

NBC: Obama takes Indiana

Bachmann won because she ran dirty ads claiming that Tinklenberg is a "criminal" in MN.

MSNBC just called Indiana for Obama

I'm staying up all night - who's with me?


To the DU volunteers in the battleground states

For the first time in eight years, I do not have to be apologetic

In addition to going blue---NC elected its first female Governor!

World reaction...

It's a time for pure joy

The shocker of the night was how quickly Ohio was called.

My dad passed away last year. I know he'd have had tears in his eyes tonight.

364. *sniff* ... *sniff*

Can you believe it Indiana and Virginia went Dem for the first time since 1964



DUDES !!!! INDIANA 52% popular vote

my Florida volunteer record is 3-0

Watching Obama's speech, I keep waiting for him to say...

so "The View" should be entertaining today

America - FUCK YEA!!!

Why can't Obama close the deal? I heard he had this problem in the primaries He's such a weak closer

Jesse Jackson III as Barack's replacement?

Jesse Jackson III as Barack's replacement?

Okay, I Have To Change MSNBC Now

DEMOCRACY ALIVE IN MADISON!!! We Marched to The Capitol!

Indiana FINALLY called for Obama! - MSNBC

I've been crying for two hours...

Any surprises for people (states we didn't take)? for me only GA and maybe MO

Any surprises for people (states we didn't take)? for me only GA and maybe MO

Any surprises for people (states we didn't take)? for me only GA and maybe MO


UK Guardian: 'President Barack Obama, America's hope and, in no small way, ours too.'

I'm thinking it will be 364 EV......not too shabby hey! (NC, IN yes, MO, MT no)

I'm thinking it will be 364 EV......not too shabby hey! (NC, IN yes, MO, MT no)

"America came of age tonight"

Missouri Gap has extended to almost 2000 gap for McCain.

As Missouri goes...

Should I run into downtown Seattle?

We're still awake up here in MT - Bozeman (MSU) not counted yet..still hope for Obama

Hey, Dick. Yeah, you, Dick Cheney. Get out of Joe's house.

Missouri is freaking me out!!! LESS Than 300 votes needed for Obama to WIN!!

I think Obama just won North Carolina

"Only 3 Years Back Blacks Got The Right To Vote"? MSNBC

364. *sniff* ... *sniff*

Dear Youth of America: I apologize.

Hey Zell Miller, What's it like being repudiated?

Barack knew before midnight ... Kennedy didn't know until dawn.

Does Napolitano have to name a Repuke, if McCain is asked to come in the administation?

go take a peek at


THE WHOLE FUCKING BIG TEN!!!!! just called Indiana for president elect OBAMA!

My Millennium Park, Chicago experience

Obama only down by 600 in MO; 99 percent reporting

Go to youtube

Looks like Missouri will lose its bellwether status

I'm all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

Goodnight, DU. Signed, Sealed, Delivered ...

franken 10K behind


Well, at least Dallas County went blue

I'm Still Up

Why no call for NC?

Is Tina Fey going to do Palin's concession speech??

DEAR WINGNUT--visit my site and leave comments for wingnuts!

Yahoo!News has another badass picture of America's new leaders up

North Carolina: 100% reporting - Obama up by 1200

I just sent this letter to Howard Dean:

Montana: Less than 10,000 votes needed and only 80% of the vote in.

Sorry Minnesota - but Coleman and Bachman are UNACCEPTABLE!!

Kaine helped deliver VA. He deserves to be offered Attorney General

Pat Buchanan should have egg on his face over Pennsylvania

prop 8

Dems can still get to 60 in the Senate -

To Cheney: Get out of Biden's House! Get out of Biden's House!

Women's support proves key in battlegrounds

What do you call a black man with a Harvard law degree?

HOLY CRAP! Franken Down By Less Than 300 VOTES!

I think the fatty tissues around the base of my spine just released whatever was left of the 60s

Tonight is for them, too

The Liberal Kennedy wing of the Democratic Party won tonight !

I wonder how much money Bennett lost

It looks to me like the same number of total votes as in 2004

I stood on the sidewalk in Boston tonight with hundreds of young Dems. and cheered at the traffic

Missouri McCain 1,426,779 votes Obama 1,426,381 votes

Today, hope and love overcame fear and hatred

If Obama Wins Missouri, He Get's 375 EVs. A TECHNICAL LANDSLIDE

Paul Krugman: Mandate


I kept telling you guys we would do it in Indiana!

Minnesota: Expect a recount

Maybe The Freak Republicaners Will Retreat To Alaska And Set Up A Government In Exile There

Kenya will Declare tomorrow Barack Obama Day, a National Holiday.

So, what's the latest Zogby poll say?

Looks like Alaska is the stupid state when it comes to politics

How about NEVADA! 58/40 in Washoe County (Reno)

I hoped that Obama would win both MO and MT. I love Gov. Schweitzer!!

I hoped that Obama would win both MO and MT. I love Gov. Schweitzer!!

So the pollsters were right. fivethirtyeight, real clear politics, electoral-vote

I think Obama will win Nebraska's second district!


Biggest turnaround in the nation: in 2004, Chimp carried Indiana by OVER 20 FREAKING POINTS

To George W. Bush

For all of my fellow useless trivia nerds, one of my fav. websites .....

Obama behind 400 votes in Missouri

Obama behind 400 votes in Missouri

I'm so enjoying watching fox news right now n/t

I said in 2004 that Obama would one day be our president


To Diebold, voter supression, hatred, racism, Bush, McCain, and most of all, Palin:

MO McC leads O by ONLY 380 votes!!!!!!!!!!! Go Blue, MO!!!!

Thank you Howard Dean.

Ok, explain what this chambliss runoff vote thing is

All those Rev. Wright ads FAILED.

Congratulations from Victoria, BC, Canada!!!

I Live In A Blue State-Baby

Looks like McCain will eke out Missouri.

Ban on abortion except in the case of life/health/incest FAILS in South Dakota...nt

One thing for which I am grateful...

We knew he was favored on Election morning. We knew it was very likely once OH and PA went blue...

We knew he was favored on Election morning. We knew it was very likely once OH and PA went blue...


We need to target 3 Republican senators who are up in 2010.

And the Supreme Court is safe (more or less.)


I guess we can put that "Bradley Effect" shit to rest now.

Fox News is amazing right now...

To Indiana: I apologize for underestimating you!

Message to TV pundits...

Message to TV pundits...

Does anyone remember DU four years ago tonight?

Franken just went back up

Day one, doorstep to the promised land.

North Carolina Nailbiter: Presidential Candidates 11,246 votes apart

What Petty Thing Will You Enjoy Most About This Election Being Over?

Colorado really looks good in BLUE!

Can someone explain why MSNBC says 4 Senate seats are still undecided?

Hey, Joe Lieberman. This one's for you:

An unapologetic Elizabeth Dole

Did Barr or Nader get bigger than the margin of victory in any state?

just looked at outstanding vote in GA - it is conceivable that Martin can just

"Asian stock markets up with news of Obama's win" ...

States were Obama competed: won most or lost by slim margin, where McLoser competed: epic FAIL

This is premature, but Franken just took the lead w/ 96% of precincts in.

This is premature, but Franken just took the lead w/ 96% of precincts in.

Any noteworthy news on state legislatures?

I hope you know what America did. By electing Barack Hussein Obama,

***OFFICIAL Franken vs Coleman thread***

Barack Obama: The History Man. He will be, but so far, he's just a

Barack Obama: The History Man. He will be, but so far, he's just a

Montana: I'm pissed!!!

Could anyone imagine how Obama must feel?

ADMIT IT: Do you have a formal or informal hit list of GOP or otherwise

Official "Thank You Michelle, Sasha and Malia" thread

Official "Thank You Michelle, Sasha and Malia" thread

Am I a bad person for wanting to listen to every right-wing nutjob tomorrow?


Are they really that stupid up there in Alaska?

From today's Salt Lake Tribune.

William Ayers for Secretary of Education!

You know, I really do NOT understand Louisiana going red after the debacle of Katrina

SHOCKER: Obama and Martin could still win in GA! Early votes from blue counties yet to be counted.

what the hell is John King talking about, re. the south?

so is Rush gonna throw his water pail tomorrow?

Obama will win the popular vote by at least 6%

There's something about Georgia - 538 post below

Note to Rachel Maddow: Obama just won two really red states.

Anyone checked the overseas stock markets???

A President who takes the job seriously.

And they mocked him for being "just" a community organizer?

Could provisional ballots make up the small difference in Missouri?

Umm, so what's Obama going to run on in 2012?

What's Your Victory Song?

Obama will end up with (ballpark) about 4 million more votes than Bush in '04

Before you go to bed, get out a pen and paper and write....

If you'd told me in 2002 that a young liberal black man named Barack Hussein Obama would win in '08

Missouri: As to CNN, O down again by about 2000+ votes.

Maddow said it best on Prop 8

Hey, Karl Rove? How does that LOSER jacket feel tonight?

Hey, Karl Rove? How does that LOSER jacket feel tonight?


If the brilliant Franken loses - at least he'll be back to entertain!

Just spoke to a friend in London

Thank you Nate Silver, Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall, Arianna Huffington ....

Share your favorite Faux News story

I love the palpable sense of joy and relief exhibited by the talking heads on MSNBC

Nasally-voiced rightwing radio wingnut Mark Levin: "We face a juggernaut."

MO down to 554 votes

Obama won Joe the Dipshit Plumber's STATE and COUNTY

Lest we forget our GLBT comrades...

Tonight new dreams are born and old truths are affirmed.

I hope Axelrod and/or Plouffe write a book

Missouri and Al Franken

I'm concerned this Obama victory might be a Rovian trap

Still need to know N.C. results, AL Franken results, Ted Stevens

As a supporter of President-Elect Barack Obama, and of the Alabama Crimson Tide...

Mighty close in Minnesota:

From FiveThirtyEight: "Georgia is Screwy!!!"

From FiveThirtyEight: "Georgia is Screwy!!!"

Ok so looking at final results and final polls

Franken update please! n/t

That MISERABLE SOB Novack: No mandate for Obama, no lopsided Congress

I have one question for tonight.

4½ hours from last reply to archiving... Skinner's new servers rock!

3.5 million Texans voted for Obama.

Franken WINNING??? I'm all-in for Franken...

Final Post for the night: GEORGIA

You know what, my voting for President record is now 3-2.

Hey, I'm drunk from Happiness, ..

From Russia with Love

Al Franken Pulls Ahead

Up to 6.36 million in the popular vote!

How do we battle the Right Wing Wackos now?

it's morning in america

Obama wins amongst people making over $200K

We Are The Champions!

McCain only improved Bush's 2004 numbers in 2 of 51 places.

I'm looking for a word. Smasheroo? Completasticbangbopperific?


Anybody know why they haven't called North Carolina or Indiana yet?

Oh God, how GREAT is it that Palin won't be anywhere near the Whitehouse!?

Oh God, how GREAT is it that Palin won't be anywhere near the Whitehouse!?

President Obama to be in video game!

Franken still up with 99% in

Honestly, is Stevens really gonna win?

Relishing final count on Senators, House, Governors and state houses

Anyone tuning in to KGO to hear Ray Taliaferro in a few minutes?

MSNBC Talley for Franken (96% of districts reporting),,,

How do we find out for sure if the 1.5 million missing votes in Georgia are true?

Her dress is bad but she is Stunning!!!

Merkley will take OR



So, I giuess we didn't get a lot of freepers "unmasking"...


CNBC just showed video of Japanese hula dancers dancing singing YES WE CAN

Guys, they could still steal it!!!!!!

Alaska: Makes me remember a saying I heard in 1994

I feel as if I have drifted onto the shore

Oh, Jeebus! I am listening to Fox, for the first time, ever...

Sewage Plant Won't be Named for George W. Bush

Pundits can stop talking about the race part of the election.......

I CANNOT believe Bachmann defeated Tinklenberg

Business matters

Is Anybody Waiting For The New Rasmussen And Kos/Research 2000 Poll?

I want to say, THANK YOU, young voters!!!!

Why don't they call North Carolina? 100% reporting.

It seems Stevens will be reelected :(

Finally saw both speeches (Victor and Concession)

Stupid Question: MO and NC

Did McPuke REALLY suspend his campaign this time ???

I can't stop crying!! (VA - IL connection)

Prediction: Janet Napolitano will take McPuke's Senate seat in 2010.


NOW.... just what did those freepers say would happen when McCain won......

Can you imagine the type of Supreme Court Justices Barack

I officially don't CARE about 60 seat majority in US Senate

I officially don't CARE about 60 seat majority in US Senate

Wait... What If This Is Just A Dream?

This pic of McCain says it all, I think...

This pic of McCain says it all, I think...

Free Republic's War On The Jews

Thank God 'n Jeezus for Sarah Palin

Our new First Lady, Michelle Obama

Thank God, the streak is broken...!



Obama has now passed Bush's 2004 vote total..

Nader gets less votes than "None of the above" in Nevada

*****Electronic Voting Machine Appreciation Thread*****

Obama took 78% of the Jewish vote

Post-election evaluation: the Meta-Analysis worked

Did Dems win the New York State Legislature?

Update on GA...It's not final yet!

Dang! I went to sleep for 4 hours hoping to wake up and see NC turn Blue.

How about posting your favorite pics from last night?

How about posting your favorite pics from last night?

It's a Beatiful Day

It's a Beatiful Day

It's a Beatiful Day

Reagan is DEAD

I need a little help

NPR just said 3 states yet to be decided NC, GA, MO

I thought I'd feel like gloating. I don't.

Vue 7 xstream is released.

Merci, Grazie, Danke, Gracias, Thanks!

Where was Tom Brokaw last night?

With queues for up to seven hours, fo many, it must have seemed more like a

A troll has come out

The results out of GA are pure BS.

I Think America Deserves Some Credit

DUers - PLEASE visualize NC turning blue! The election is still too close to call here.

Libertarian vote gives NC to Obama

Joe Dead Intern: There were no negative Obama stories in the NY Times

Mourning Joe: I can't wait to see the collapse of Mika Mouse & Joe Scarb...

Thank You Barack Obama by Jamie Lee Curtis

As happy as I am for Obama and the Congressional gain, things did not go well for gay

Post here what you were doing when Obama was announced the winner

I didn't log into DU last night when I got home from poll watching.

I wonder now if more papers are going to go with the Doonesbury Obama President cartoon.

62,207,184 Isn't that more votes than anyone has ever won?

Ralph Nader just called Obama an "Uncle Tom", and Shepard Smith

I'm so proud of North Carolina and of my country

Time For Cabinet Choices

Poor Sarin, she's DEFLATED!! She LOST, Ted's winning

Barack Hussein Obama!!!

Is morning joe still talking about the Mason-Dixon polls

Voter turnout best in generations, maybe a century - approx. 136.6 million votes cast

Voter turnout best in generations, maybe a century - approx. 136.6 million votes cast

Alaska Senate/House Update: Thousands of votes to be counted

Obama breaks new ground by not giving a victory speech.

** OFFICIAL "I LOVE AMERICA" THREAD ** K-R this!! (Obama in Art) Share your stories of the year(s)

Isn't it funny the exit polls were almost spot on?

Can someone go to freeperville and post this....

Joe The Vice President

Joe The Vice President

******SCAB BOROUGH IS ON!! Time to watch him CRY******

Here I am, wide awake after only 4 hours of sleep,

Here I am, wide awake after only 4 hours of sleep,

Here I am, wide awake after only 4 hours of sleep,

Icing on the cake: Joe Scarborough's program WILL DIE!!!!!!!!! no need for us to put up with him

Douch-y n Friends. Not very smart.

So who goes into the Senate for Illinois and Delaware?

funny , I came back from work tired , turned on CNN at 8:00 ET only to dose off

Obama on DU, in the beginning...

What is Joe Scarborough smoking?

The "Culture War" moralists (sore losers)

U.S. Troops react to election news

I can't wait to go to the truckstop tommorrow

To All of you McCain supporters like the ones at his concession speech:

Polls (State and National) are proving to have been REMARKABLY ACCURATE!

When Did You Feel Confident of an Obama Victory?

Liddy Dole richly deserved this loss. Go Kay!!

If McCain was elected, how do you think the rest of the world would have reacted?

I believe Joe Biden is also a first.

Oh I can't wait to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck's face on THE VIEW!

I think Babs said it best.......

Attention George Bush!

Music on the DU homepage....

Rassmussen nailed it. 52-46. what happened to turnout?

Rassmussen nailed it. 52-46. what happened to turnout?

Alaska is not fit to govern itself. The fact they would send Don Young and Ted Stevens

Dear World: We owed you this.

Dear World: We owed you this.

McCain's Pa Strategy: Was Its Purpose to Give Some Hope to His Base?

Can you imagine what kind of a morning this would be if we had lost?

Can you imagine what kind of a morning this would be if we had lost?

Joe Scarborough said Chambliss lost????? GREAT NEWS! if true. nt

Meanwhile, back at RaptureReady.Com...


Which Precincts Remain In Oregon's Senate Race?

The Best Freude is SCHADENFREUDE:

Nat'l Pop Vote Up To To 52%-46% With 95% In

I was one of the first thousand

1 million California Obama voters said yes on the ban of Gay marriage

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

S Florida reelects incumbent RW Cuban exile Mafia dons, and Yes on 2.

Help me with my new site--"DEAR WINGNUT"

Classic hit tries to placate freepers

Michael Moore: Pinch Me

Thank you America

What Happen with Tinklenberg v/s Bachmann?

To all the PUNDITS who say Obama has to immediately get to work

drubbing (noun):

Any Franken News Yet?

We elected Bobby Bright (D) in Alabama!

Missouri no longer bellwether?

Oh wow, it looks like it will probably be 8 more years until we have another Democratic primary!

I was off by one EC vote

Fred Barnes is BITTER AS SHIT

I'm picturing Ben Stein in front of a bunch of shell-shocked Republicans saying

This poll needs some DU love

I was so scared - Chuck Todd intoning relentlessly "He still hasn't flipped a Red State"

We have deposed our alien lizard overlords!

Faux news is giving IN to Obama.

Obama did great! but I have to admit I'm a little disappointed by dem showing in senate/house races

Anyone else feel it? The amazing pressure drop?

Put the "Bradley Effect" to bed. Obama outperforms pre-election polls in swing states.

Anyone know why CNN is not giving Indiana to Obama?

538: Weird goings on in Georgia

Within an hour of voting for Obama, I got a job!


You all do realize that if we take MO & NC


Have They Kicked LIEberman's ASS Out YET?

I have a bad cold and was in bed before Obama took the stage last night. What's the best

Texas gets a bad rap here a lot of times....

Now go out and pick up all the signs!!!

CT rejects call for Constitutional Convention!!

Next is Michele Bachmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Polls are TIGHTENING!

Letter to Barack from Alice Walker

Talk Me Down- I'm Afraid We Are Going To Win The Popular Vote And Lose The Electoral College

R.I.P. neoconservatism, slanderous mudslinging, Fear and Bigotry controlled campaigns

The White House welcomes President Barack Obama & Family (Pics)

One major thing to celebrate today.

TPM: Big News Out of Georgia?

NC UPDATE: Obama up a few thousand, but where are the other 570,000 early votes?

The End of Tyranny!

So What'd We Win?

Newspaper headlines!! 11/05/2008

Newspaper headlines!! 11/05/2008

I'd like to offer a big shout-out to the PUMA's!

CNN story about troops in Afghanistan wildly celebrating Obama's victory. 8:15 am n/t

House Members Who Are On Their Way Out

It looks like the revolution was televised after all.

James Carville just said that we are a center left nation!

James Carville just said that we are a center left nation!

PHOTOSHOP contest! - Last Thoughts of S and T.

DU meetup at the Inauguration?

DU meetup at the Inauguration?

OK, I have a question

What has happened to WV in the past 20 years?

I hate the words "talk me down".

I hate the words "talk me down".

I want to hear the Marine Band play "Hail to the Chief" for Barack Obama.

Hey, you assh*les in the whitehouse!

So Sarah, what Goodwill are you leaving your $150,000 in clothes at?

CSPIN callers. The nutjobs are awake and angry.

So when does this forum revert back to gd:politics?

Congratulations everyone WE DID IT!

O/T - who's the megababe on CNN?

I need to understand what will happen in Alaska

America, did you do something to your hair?

Thank you!

Sunshine is the greatest disinfectant

Christiane Amanpour on CNN: "...He (Obama) has inherited the In Box from hell." nt

Hey DUers, Which faction of the GOP is gonna take over?

MalKKKin the Queen of the internment camps is a "maroon"

MalKKKin the Queen of the internment camps is a "maroon"

Thank Dog, We sent that stupid, yes I mean stupid, Harpy back to alaska

Obama == Another 9/11 ?!?!?!?!

Indiana and N.C. CNN Map?

Comrades, Plan X worked like a charm! We have our socialist in the White House!

Holy shit - I just agreed with Joe Scarborough!

Good morning, did FAUX less than news go off the air yet???

Time's Joe Klein: Obama's Victory Ushers in a New America

She's going wait, she's going... home.

Predicted on October 7th 2007 He gets it right AGAIN!!!!

Obama Victory like 9-11 ?!?!?!?!? IDIOTS

Did I miss any "flameouts" except for ClintonTyree???

Florida DUers Check In -How Does It Feel To Live In A Blue State?

I'm so happy!!

Unfolded our Flag out of Storage

I didn't know a GREAT hangover existed.

We did it my fellow North Carolinians

Bush, Nov 4th 2004: "I earned political capital and now I intend to spend it. It is my style."

Obama swept Big Ten country. Arizona will help Obama sweep Pac-10 country in 4 years!

Hey Sarah Palin - THANKS BUT NO THANKS!!!!

Hey Sarah Palin - THANKS BUT NO THANKS!!!!

Joe Lieberman is Now Absolutely 100% Irrelevant.

---GREAT Pix from last night!!!----Dial-up warning!!---

MSNBC: 259 House Seats For Dems - Missouri Goes For McCain

GA Senate Seat


What happened to turnout?

Beautiful picture from last night (atlanta journal constitution)

I'd like to thank Rush for operation KKKhaos...

Thank you banner on - Wow! Beautiful! Change can happen!

Pie Pie Pie

If You Didn't Vote Either Way On Prop 8, and Wacky Initiatives

SCUMBAG ON FOX Says "Is it being overlooked that Obama won because he was better looking?"

Have they called North Carolina and Missouri yet?

Why is MSNBC saying McCain at 173? Did something happen in CD-2 in Nebraska?

To the DU Administrators and Moderators...

A Complete and Utter Repudiation of Fundamentalism

I haven't cried tears of joy this much since the birth of my daughter.

This morning...

What Didn't Happen...

How soon before we know who will be in the cabinet?

I don't care about Hannity, Palin, Limbaugh, McCain, Joe the Plumber

Obama = Another 9/11 ?!?!?!?! IDIOTS

Obama = Another 9/11 ?!?!?!?! IDIOTS

Please tell me Ted Stevens didn't win reelection.

Topic moved. Wrong forum, sorry.

Will Obama give a press conference today? If so, what time?

Yeah, of course I'm thrilled but I'm still concerned that bushco has the reins

Yeah, of course I'm thrilled but I'm still concerned that bushco has the reins

OMG, I woke up and I'm still in the reality where Obama Won! WOOHOO!

It was interesting watching Morning Blow lose his cool and explode


Just Damn. Bill O'Loofah says if Franken had won he would have moved

Newseum's newspaper front pages from all over the world...

I'd like to thank George W Bush...

Who will be in Obama's cabinet??

I'm Going To Take A 9-5 Holiday From Posting If I Have The Discipline

Now that we have victory, what's next? Remember Obama's call for us to participate

Geraldo telling Fox & Friends McCain lost because he catered to the right & went nasty

I cannot believe we won Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico!!!!

What happens to Joe Loserman?

So, No future State Funeral for McPuke !!!


Looks like being a community organizer came in kinda handy...

Spike Lee owning Joey Scab on MSNBC right now!!!

Another one of my comments, all for you

Anyone have photos of the White House surrounded????

OK folks. get ready for the letdown. Be kind to yourselves.

Maybe it's Obama, but for some reason...

Oh by the way Liddy Dole - you have proven that there is a God. And she doesn't like you very much.

Oh by the way Liddy Dole - you have proven that there is a God. And she doesn't like you very much.

So is the Palin spawn's shotgun wedding still on?

Wonder what todays Rasmussen will be :) Although to give him credit, so far his #s are matching

C-Span-Rahm Emanuel Will Not Be Chief Of Staff

Hope Over Nope

--Hello, George, this is President Obama...--

Photo: Bush calls Obama to congratulate him

Waking Up In Blue Florida!!!!

does anyone have stats on turnout, esp compared to other years?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I'm worried about the electoral college voters -- talk me down!

Hey I just remember I won a freeper bet....time to go collect...

I suggest republican "leaders" make limbaugh an honorary minority member of congress

Time's Photo Essay: Behind the Scenes of Obama's Campaign

I Hope Last Night Puts An End To The South Bashing Threads

Thanks Iowa!

Who will be serving crow to the

How many here will make an exception and

Morning Joe has been playing Smashing Pumpkins all morning

One thing I noticed during Obama's speech last night...

Automatic Recount in Minnesota

obama speech last night...where can I see the whole thing? n/t

So happy for my disappointed in my state...

In honor of Obama, I'm waking up with a nice big French Press pot of home roasted Kenyan coffee!

link to written acceptance speech (last nights) - I was so glad to find this today

For the very first time in my adult life

Obama has a Mandate right?

Crap, Chambliss edged back up in Georgia

Did you cry?

Mooselini and the Plumber ...

It occurs to me that the November surprise

Actually Palin Felt Pretty Good Last Night - She's Going Home To Alaska Thinking McCain & Her Are...

Today Show already profiling Palin as potential GOP candidate in '12

To do list - bet. now and Jan 20, then after - just a start...

I want to hear from Mr. Will Pitt.

Missouri, Indiana, and North Carolina are still gray at


Thank You!

We the people! What next?

The Palin choice as metaphor for the Bush years

Sorry mother-of-the-bride, no Rose Garden wedding for you.

"officers...overheard, saying they'd never seen anything like it."

Wow. Highest popular % win since GHWB in '88; Highest popular % win for Dems since LBJ in '64. n/t

John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira NAILED it. What?

The Onion nails it

Weird, did anyone else get a call from Nicolas Sarkozy last night??

What the hell is going on with Mika's hair?

Forty Acres: a poem for Barack Obama from Nobel winner Derek Walcott

*********** You wanted an unmasking well here it is!!!!! **************


Zobgy/Gallup polls accurate after all? O + 6%

If We're REALLY Lucky, The Freeps Will Convince a GOP Senator To...

Anyone else think McCain may have been a little relieved to have lost?

I Figured Out Why I Can't Stop Crying Besides The Two Bottles Of Wine

I guess its safe to say "Obama sealed the deal" rather definitively

Let's not forget the SCOTUS!

He`s Hawaiian. He`s 47. He`s black. And his middle name is Hussein.

Hope won

A question for all the single issue voters on the right: Why are you still here in the US?

Thanks for a wild ride, DU....It has been my pleasure!!!

Why do the M$M keep asserting that Obama must 'move to the center'? He's NOT liberal

There are still a lot of dumb asses out there

There are still a lot of dumb asses out there

Is Obama going to have the highest vote ever in the popular vote total?

Freeper calls in from my state california on c-span and says that Obama barely won.

What about MO, IN and NC?

Given what happened in Virginia and hopefully NC can we stop the South-bashing?

Last night, for the first time in America since 1996, Americans elected a President

Enjoy the frontpage Newspapers

The rethug talking points are already out NO MANDATE

Those of you worrying about Prop 8:

Obama's victory speech in full

What will the centerpiece of Bush's Scorched Earth policy be over the next 70 days?

We must NOT allow the press to rehabilitate McSame

Now I remember why I don't have cable TV anymore. I'm watching MSNBC online

Please Democrats, Congresspeople and Senators, the next two years are so crucial

Georgia has NOT been called by the AP. Early voting in Atlanta was NOT counted.

Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina?

My pizza delivering step son made a fortune in tips yesterday

**Presidential Poem, Haiku and Prose thread**. Two to start.

My daughters voted for Obama at their school

Within The Next 18 Months, I Guarantee That Obama Wins Over AT LEAST 50% Of McCain Voters.


Ah Well... Minnesota Rejects A Comedian... Keeps Two Clowns !!!

Your Post-Election Dangly Bits,courtesy of wonkette.

MA and MI just say yes to mj!

What happened to Sasha?

TOON: "The Jackie Robinson of Politics"

Full text of Barack's speech

Was turnout really up last night?

Was turnout really up last night?

Will Faux news find a place for Liddy Dole?

Election Unleashes a Flood of Hope Around the World

Fuck you, Tucker....

The sun was just a little bit brighter this morning


Steph is playing "Walking on Sunshine"

Spongebob is for Obama?

Have you said it Out Loud yet? Practice it! We weren't all sure it would actually get here, were

Tucker is acting like a little whiney kid...

One of the best Dailykos diaries I have ever read...

My Freeper Fraternity Brother is melting down!

Are Virginia, NC, or possibly Georgia even "Southern" states anymore?

Is Tucker Carlson

Arizona and the "gay it up" solution goes down in flames.

Oh, the irony...LOL

Come on President Obama! We want a press conference!!!

Reflections on Election 2008 in a small town without a sheriff

A Gem of a TOON from Toles....

Sampling of World Wide Reactions to Obama Victory

Great to live in New England...we've finally banished ALL the Republicans from the House!

National Journal: Reid to meet with Lieberman by week's end

Where did the Wetzelbill/Kurovski campaign go wrong?

Bitter, little bow-tie boy is whining to Mika and Barnicle.

No I am not going to forget and forgive republicans and this is why.

America has rejected the GOP fear and smear tactics...

Has Lady Lynn De Rothschild said anything?

Perfect choice...for DU and America...


Does Bush own a comb? I mean really.

Lets hear it for " Joe the ........

Bruce Springsteen defeats Hank Williams Jr.

Fist bumps in the playground. This is starting to feel real.

No love for the youth vote?

How the hell is Stevens leading in the AK Senate race?...


FUX News is hysterical. They are barely covering Obama.

My signature pic has come true.

Marilyn Musgrave: YOU'RE FIRED!!!

Good Grief! Bush about to speak

Bill Clinton Called This Election PERFECTLY

heads up: bushco about to speak about the election

Hate radio is going ape shit on sirius patriot!

Thank god Dubya is almost out here! Let's hope that he is the last ignorant mutha fucka to serve in

Heads Up: The Chimpster Bush on live now...talking about the election

Interesting visual - go to the NYTimes map - link below - press County Leaders button.

Say what you want about Harold.....

Who took the day off? I did.

Wanna see country wide headlines with one click?

What the hell is wrong with us?

See it's already starting

Waking up in "Blue" Indiana

Who else lost it when they saw Jessie Jackson crying?


To the stupid, ignorant girl this morning who tried to piss in my cheerios on the way to work.

THIS is what a mandate looks like:

Did Hannity ever appear last night?

To my Republican sister in law: "You owe me."

Hate radio Obama will bring the same destruction to the country that Bill Clinton did. Lol!

Anyone know when MO, IN and NC will get called?

Picture of Dems waiting for election results in Cologne Germany

On my 53rd birthday, I will get to see President Barack Obama be sworn in!

"Sometimes I wish I was American..."

So! What's "The View" gonna be like this morning?

Let's give Howard Dean a shout-out for the great 50-state plan!!!

Fey needs to do one last skit as Palin

Fey needs to do one last skit as Palin

Note to lurking Freepers: Easiest way to get out of the country:

Remember This ... Always

We have a president elect to look up to, who is smart, who

On November 4, 2009. how many people will CLAIM to have voted for Obama?

Imagine looking forward to presidential and VP speeches again!

Pinch Me ...a message from Michael Moore

The First Family

I feel good..........Just hung my peace flag!!!

Battlegrounds in 2012

First Time in history..not one single

So For Those Of Us Surrounded By Repubs

**Goodnight Pickles, goodnight Bush! Don't let that door hit you in the tush!***

Clay Bennett on the presidency (New cartoon)

How Do You Feel?

I think the real turning point was my yard sign

I've been reading DU since the day after they stole Ohio in 04.

Who else thinks that Obama's speech last night was the greatest

Is it normal for the sitting pres to publically congratulate the newly elected one.....

In retrospect, was a lengthy primary a bad thing or a good thing?

The Monster Years (Krugman blog)

What is up with the Oregon Senate race?

McCain's Speech & Race: Am I Nit-Picking?

Can you imagine if the Jim Crow South was allowed to vote on rights for blacks?

My 8 year old son's teacher just called wanting to know if I had really had him

WTF is UP with Minnesota???

Who's getting the senate seats?

Want to put this in perspective? Check out this picture...

Obama Signs Appearing - And McCain Signs Disappearing?

America has rejected the GOP fear and smear tactics...

I have a question for conservatives who said that Obama was a socialist/marxist etc. obnoxious ads? No robocalls? This must be heaven!

I'm sorry to those of you from states that stayed red, and ones that acted red

I think the meme that will keep Obama safe

We Won!

Hitchens on the Victory: The Final Hour

Associated Press "uncalling" the Minnesota Senate race

Eugene Robinson-WashPost- Needs Sleep

I'm excited to know that Obama now has all the powers of the Patriot Act

Reagan only won with 50.7 in 1980: Obama 2008=Landslide

MANDATE, bitches!!

NOV 4, 2008: Day of Deliverance - Democracy Re-established in America. the Long NIghtmare is over..

NOV 4, 2008: Day of Deliverance - Democracy Re-established in America. the Long NIghtmare is over..

six short years ago

six short years ago

Thought it couldn't get lower; but the crowd booing Obama during McCain's concession speech

Barack Obama has received more votes than any presidential candidate in U.S. history.

BREAKING NEWS: Norm Coleman's victory retracted by AP

Please delete. Duplicate.

Palin shopping spree even bigger than reported

Elizabeth Edwards posted a quote that gave great comfort in 2004.

I keep doing this thing where I almost start crying, and then burst out laughing...

I keep doing this thing where I almost start crying, and then burst out laughing...

An e-mail to a friend

An e-mail to a friend

An e-mail to a friend

Though AP Called MN For Coleman, They Just UNCALLED IT! Still Too Close To Call!


To all the punditocracy who say that Obama doesn't have a mandate SPIN THIS

We've helped topple one barrier in electing Barack and now we work to topple others

Has Anyone Interviewed David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs

Here are my pics from tonight. . .PURE HISTORY

My wife reminded me this morning of something very nice to look forward to

OK -Which One Of You Guys Or Gals Did This?

Madonna's "Obama" Speech in San Diego

I can't stop crying

One Unfortunate Thing

*** Young voters overwhelmingly against Prop 8; President elect Obama against Prop 8 ***

Breaking: The Obamas ARE Measuring the Drapes in the White House

Bush: Obama can count on 'complete cooperation'

Tim Robbins' (Actor) Gets Court Order Forcing Officials To Let Him Vote

McCain and Palin teams fight on Election Night

Can I just say one thing? Fuck you Alaska.

I cant get my head around it .. How on earth does Ted Stevens get Re-elected?

be sure to stop by

Y'all gonna hate for this but it has to be said that Larry "Moe Haircut" is a fucking jerkoff.

We did our best here in Montana and kept it respectable...Schweitzer WINS

R.E.M. Celebrates Obama Victory In Chile Last Night!

I mostly watched BBC America last night, and it was an absolute fucking riot.

Where are the riots?

Who was up all night long? Just savoring the moment...

EU Leaders Congratulate Obama On Win

So... are you going to DC in January???


PEW and Rasmussen Most Accurate Pollsters 2008

Is Levi free now???

Obama Is Likely to Tap Rep. Emanuel as Chief of Staff

Obama's Win A "Nonviolent Revolution"

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter

ABC NEWS: Obama Offers White House Chief of Staff Job to Rep. Rahm Emanuel

If that revolting bobblehead, Nancy Pfotenhauer, comes on the tube, can someone page me, please?

Fox is so lost! They're grasping...

Ted Kennedy watched results in DC

I've been monitoring False News and CSpin this morning so you

I've been monitoring False News and CSpin this morning so you

What a beautiful sight, What a wonderful family

Yes We Can, Mideast Leaders Tell Obama

Water Powered Politics

"At this defining moment, change has come to America"

Predict the type of DOG the Obamas will get...

How did Tim Robbins name get left off the voter roll?

Lost in the midst of it all -- Harris County (Houston) Texas turns BLUE!

Thank you DU

Happy Holidays from the Obama Family!

The crowd AT THE WHITE HOUSE is fantastic!1 Thank you President-Elect OBAMA!1

Can't wait to tune in to Limbaugh to hear how he "Planned To Lose"!!!

So does this mean there's no protest tomorrow?

Who didn't vote in 2004 (who was old enough)?

Implying that your sunday-school teaching opponent is an atheist

What will tonight's Colbert report be like?

***** It Is Time to TAKE 'PATRIOTISM' BACK - FLY YOUR FLAG!!! ******

Obama city residents delighted over presidential victory

Wow! Almost all red state DU'ers & blue state DU'ers have something to be proud of. Check this out

A video montage in relation to last night's big moment (includes Hissyspit's great video)

NYTimes Editorial: The 44th President

As we look forward to a majority in the House and Senate and a Democratic Administration...

Luke Russert needs more training

Europe Is Finally, Totally, Awesomely Jealous

So this is what winning feels like?

When the Repukes talk about him, correct them ...

my final word on Sarah Palin and John McCain

So, how do you feel now when you look at this picture?

"To those who would tear this world down,

Thank you Jeri Ryan (aka Borg "Seven of Nine") for creating events making last night possible!

Interesting comparison between FOX News and CNN election results

Why no race in Louisiana's 4th?

An apology and sadness from Mississippi

An apology and sadness from Mississippi

Was the anchor on PBS sniffling and tearing up after Obama's speach?

I have heard from my friend in Australia...

Which one is going to throw the other under the bus first? McCain or

The Greatest moment in our History


So how was the youth turnout?

Welcome back, old friend...

Greatest thrill of my life

What Have you Saved for Posterity?

The View is on - Will Hasselblech have a breakdown?

Kenya declares holiday for Obama - BBC

An American President

We fucking won... 40 years later... we fucking won... OMG n/t

Confess: how many of you are gloating at work making fun of your right winger co-workers?

Pinch Me.


Hasselbuck is praising Obama..saying she feels good..lmao..what a joke

the sore loser reaction post

I'm going to watch Bill O'Reilly tomorrow night.

America Hit One Out Of The Park and The World CHEERED!

Look at all those beautiful people on that stage! And,

My sister's video..if you haven't cried yet..this may do it!!!

I can't stop crying

Pic from BartCop's site. Sweet!

Does "Democratic UNDERGROUND" have to change its name now?

CNN and NYTimes officially put Indiana into Obama's column

Oh Shit! Janet Napalitano our great governor, we're going to lose her on top of

Are they serious?

How many Senate seats could Obama flip by appointments?

I bet they're all going to Denny's after this.

Haaaaannnnnity!! Come out to plaaaaaayyyyy!!

Pinch me... a message from Michael Moore (this is great!)

Did CT vote No to Question 1?

I'm a soggy fricking mess here....

holy, fuck, shit...!

Prop 8 EXIST POLLS... it is STILL EARLY and this is why I hope it will go down

Feeney loses! Republican FL-24

The Room of Tears

I can't wait to see the Gallup numbers at noon....oh shit....wait.....

Your Liberal Media at work.

Nebraska Electoral Vote Too Close to Call

Cool maps

Who cried last night?

Looking for a Cartoon

President Obama


So what's the final electoral count?

Any update on that idiot FL congresswoman who shamed herself on hardball?

Sticky on Hannity forum - No assassination threads - WOW

Sticky on Hannity forum - No assassination threads - WOW

Vice President-Elect Joe Biden appreciation thread

Mr. DTBK just said Mississippi looks like Bart Simpson in profile

Fuck. Coleman's up on Franken

Wow - Good night my sisters & brothers

Very satisfying update at:

I never want to hear about the Bradley effect ever again

Anyone watching the White House . . . Has Cheney set it on fire yet -- ???

The GOP is losing its grip on 2/3the south's electoral votes

God bless and keep you, President Obama

Sum last night in ONE's mine...

*** DU ROCKS!!! ***

Brainstorm: How can we spike the ball in the end zone for our RW friends?

While we are compiling our "Fuck You" list..let us not forget

What are we going to do with the holdouts?

I love the flags. Good decision. Everything is just perfect. Thank you, Chicago.


Most. Votes. Ever

Someone in DC needs to get a sheet and spray paint PACK YO SHIT W on it

DOLE is CRUSHED 53/44% --THANK YOU DU for helping us make it happen in NC!!!!

LOL! My Congressman John Hall NY 19th, who won a squeaker 2 years ago, won his seat back tonight

On Nov. 4, 2008, America said

Hmm ... Obama has gone up against drugs, racism, Bush, Hillary, McCain, and shouts of "Kill him!" ..

After all is said and done,"Joe the non plumber" frustrated with McCain thrusting him into spotlight

Weird. No "mean stares" about my Obama bumper sticker UNTIL TODAY!

Weird. No "mean stares" about my Obama bumper sticker UNTIL TODAY!

I have a question that really deserves an answer...

Because of last night, we were spared...

Because of last night, we were spared...

MICHELE BACHMANN leads EL TINKLENBERG in Minnesota 6 Dist. 72% reporting

Many people in my little town in Germany stayed up til 2am


Did the Republicans try to steal the election yesterday?

How did your state vote?

How did your state vote?

I too

Did you see Palin's face?

My Night As the Media

Does Palin owe an apology to the Obama family?

Palinaspresident updated!

Joe the Plumber,fixes John, flushes Palin

I recognize this feeling. I'm in shock.

Martin Went To The Mountain Top To Report Back.

Watching and listening to Obama tonight,

Thank you DU. What a great place to be this wonderful night.

As any sports fan knows, 44 is a beautiful number.

Pelosi. Does she keep her seat? nt

Remember this lady from the 2004 Republican convention?

Condi is all choked up.

Condi is all choked up.

Irish village where Obama is ‘one of our own’

This wasn't just about change - this was about survival!

On "The View" -- Interesting that Vernon Jordan seated next to HassleCrock.

***OFFICIAL :: We may pickup a seat in Idaho(!)***

McCain - Palin's legacy --- hate

Hey Joe the Plumber! I can see the end of your 15 minutes of fame from my front porch.

Wasilla HillBilly Palin became an example of Contrast with Bidens Good

Out west, we have a one-two punch...

Hey lurking freepers, thanks for that whole unitary executive thing.

Zapatero: Spain will be Obama's Loyal Friend and Ally

Yes we can.

I'm so glad Sarah Palin wasn't on stage gloating as VP elect.

LATimes: After McCain's concession speech - Palin came out for private curtain call

Outsource Concerns

My "Why Obama Won" email to friends and family ...

Aww I woke up so dissapointed

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

This Is What the Obama Election Reminds Me Of

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 11/5/08 - Final! - Must read! - Urgent! - Earthshaking! - Unprece

One of President OBAMA's top priorities...IMO

The sleeper has awakened from an eight year nightmare

VIDEO A message to Fox News.....enjoy ;-)

Folks, New Mexico has turned completely blue

I Went To Sleep With A Smile On My Face - I Woke Up With A Smile...


A president named Barack Hussein Obama.

NY has a new Democratic Congressman, Dan Maffei

Anyone listening to the nuts on CSPAN !!!

Words cannot describe how I feel now.

Two nastiest bitches in Congress still there: Bachmann and Schmidt

The "conciliatory" poem: does anyone remember the words to the poem that ends:

Welcome home! We have our country back!

They get the puppy. How cool was that? n/t

Franken 18k behind.

In Bush-world: a 2% vote margin is a "mandate" from the 'Mur'kin people.

And something totally irrelevant here.

Yesterday my bags were packed... today, I believe!

What I keep thinking? Those two beautiful little girls get to...

Damn, if things stay as they are and McCain gets the remaining states, 538 was right on target

Well I guess it's safe to say that...

I'm heading over to freeperville to take a peak. Notify the police if I don't return soon. lol

I'm heading over to freeperville to take a peak. Notify the police if I don't return soon. lol

DAMN these f-ing asshole Sore Loserman Repukes here in TX! They're partly why I'm going

Check out

OF the People, BY the People, FOR the People...

Sarah Palin's concession pictures need photoshop badly.DU help me

Sarah Palin: I am not a Diva!

Sarah Palin: I am not a Diva!

Damn, if things stay as they are and McCain gets the remaining states, 538 was right on target

Did I just hear Glen Beck say (paraphrasing)...We will support

What do a former Brookings Institute intern, a US Navy pilot trainee, a Pakistani student, a Saudi-

So Sarah, are your clothes going to Goodwill today? n/t

The irony that Obama clinched it without Florida

I'm sorry that Arkansas is still bright red. My county is the lone blue one in the NW corner of the

I dare any of the Repugs out there to try to hint that only "red" America

Bumper-sticker idea. McCain/Palin

Our long nightmare is almost over!

This pictures moves me

What's Condalezza rice thinking tonight?

Even the Racists Vote for Obama

CREDO Mobile wants to foot the bill for your "Bye Bye Bush" party!

Details on Palins Disgusting Spending Spree posted on KOS

Pennsylvania head fake?

Murtha Wins Re-Election in Pennsylvania - Freepers cry some more...

Murtha Wins Re-Election in Pennsylvania - Freepers cry some more...

Pennsylvania 55%- 44% Obama

130 Million+ Turnout Shatters Records

Joke state of 2000: Florida. Joke state of 2004: Ohio. Joke state of 2008 --->

To Skinner and other mods - THANK YOU for Enabling our joy on DU tonight!

Let's stop putting lipstick on pigs, please.

Get your free "I voted for Obama" bumper sticker

Inaugural theme: 'A new birth of freedom'

Want to confess any scary moments? Mine was

Mandela's letter to President-Elect Obama...

Looks like there will be a special election in Illinois

Okay, Congress- the mandate's in your court.

Who knows anything about Inauguration special events in d.c.

Great cheering on the streets of Manhattan's lower east side.

Only 75 more days in office.

"Why would they try to make people hate us?" Michelle Obama said to a top campaign aide.

Nevermind. Pls. delete. nt

Obama wins! And the rest of the world...unclenches.

Obama wins! And the rest of the world...unclenches.

The FB Group I'm waiting for....

I don't want right wingers to be "OK with" Obama winning at all or to "accept it." Why?

Forgiveness: Which Republicans Shall Escape The Gallows?

One more person who i hope is sad today.

Anyone Heard from the Clintons?

Anyone Heard from the Clintons?

Clint Curtis coming up on NovaM....

The election was yesterday? I got a flyer saying Dems vote 11/5

The TWIT on the Today Show brought up the lie about the "W" keys missing.

the tribe has spoken, Sarah is voted OFF the island

Alrighty...did I see right??? The GREYWARRIOR's DUCK is FREED?

So ... how big a majority did we win .. ???

Someone pinch me. Tell me I'm not dreaming.

Note To Nostradamus: You're No Nostradamus.

Note To Nostradamus: You're No Nostradamus.

Which makes you happier, Bush leaving the WH or Obama moving in?

For the first time in 8 years! Mr. President!

GIVE it up for the DU Godfathers tonight......I so expected a crash.

Will Americans still wear Canadian flags when they visit Europe ?

My goal--- to find the Goodwill that Sarah will donate her clothes to.

THANK YOU DUers for keeping us informed last night!

What did we do?

Hey Lieberworm, go caucus with the Rethugs...GET LOST!!

Big box stores failed in my area but not my town

(cough) I've been saving this one:

Proposition 8 and race

I don't forgive John McCain. One gracious concession speech can't undo all the damage he did.

CBS calls Washington governor for Gregoire (D)

I'm so fucked up. I really don't geive a shot

The Real 2008 Mandate: Voters choose FDR over Reagan

I walked West Hollywood with my huge "OBAMA - A SELF-MADE MAN" sign


My "Official" thank you thread to Hillary for putting COUNTRY FIRST above ego.

Are you ashamed Sen. McCain? Here is what your actions have wrought:

Are you ashamed Sen. McCain? Here is what your actions have wrought:

Are you ashamed Sen. McCain? Here is what your actions have wrought:

Are you ashamed Sen. McCain? Here is what your actions have wrought:

Are you ashamed Sen. McCain? Here is what your actions have wrought:

Are you ashamed Sen. McCain? Here is what your actions have wrought:


Count Condi in as another Obama bandwagoneer...

"Wasilla Hillbilly" Palin's spending spree was more extensive than initially reported....

Boston Takes to the Streets

Folks, the polls were DAMN ACCURATE (immediate pre-election averages, tallied on RCP and elsewhere).


Ayers: "Pal around together? What does that mean? Share a milkshake with two straws?"

Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning.

When was the last election that a Democrat won Indiana? n/t

when do I tape THE VIEW

so, is georgia still in play?

How is Norm Coleman allowed to declare victory

who remembers the bitterness of 2002? of 2004?

Not "YES WE DID!" . . .

Last time I was drunk was 1985, woohoo for tonight!

George W. Bush Sewage Plant is failing 68-32 with 19% in

Palin as President site is thoroughly cleaned up for President Elect Obama!

Does this mean that David Gregory is now history?

Any disruptors out themselves tonight? Please post links.

Any disruptors out themselves tonight? Please post links.


And representing an apparent pocket of ignorance, Jean Schmidt has won re-election.

Thank you HOWARD DEAN!!!

So what's the scoop on Indiana, Missouri, & North Carolina?

Uh, Sarah, about those new clothes...

Who here can't wait to see the RW talking gasbags go nu-cu-lar on air tomorrow?

NC State BD Elections Unofficial Results Obama 2,110,285(49.67%)/McCain 2,098,595(49.40%) LINK

NC State BD Elections Unofficial Results Obama 2,110,285(49.67%)/McCain 2,098,595(49.40%) LINK

Joey Scab is melting down...on MSNBC.. Oh my Goodness!

Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) and Phil Gramm - separated at birth?

Sarah Palin: The Grace and Class of a Reno Hooker.

Stevens has 4000 vote lead, with 40,000 absentee votes still uncounted.

What's happening with Frankin & Coleman? I haven't heard ANYTHING! n/t

Wonder if Joe Lieberman is somewhere secretly crying?

Prop 8 is not a tragedy.

CNN: Powell wept at Obama victory (VIDEO)

Asian Markets are higher

I'm worried about Joe The Plumber...

Today I'm slightly hungover and sleep deprived

Thank You, George W. Bush

A KO Style Rant Just for John McCain

Wish the party would have put money and effort into PA's 6th district

This One Goes Out To The First Black President

This One Goes Out To The First Black President

It looks like (R-ID) Bill Sali will finally lose his seat in congress.

This One's For The Volunteers

America has Defeated Racism

It's all downhill from here.


What kind of pie did you eat tonight?

The new regions of the electoral playing field


OMG It happened - we won!

Oklahoma.....the only state in which Obama did not win even one county.....


Hey lets all be good citizens and go over to freeperville and sing them a nice little song

538 was almost spot on

How Could Alaskans Be That Stupid Stevens Is Ahead

Hey Dumbya! THIS is what honor and dignity look like:

I have lost my uncle and possibly two friends (in MO and PA) after this election

Obama's speech-It doesn't get much better than that. He has

So I was at the courthouse last night.

My Head is Buzzing and I Can't Stop Smiling

Coleman in Minnesota expects a recount

How much you want to bet Bill-O will say McCain lost because he did not appear "On the Factor"?

What are your theme songs for today?

Californians: Do not PANIC about Amendment 8 - remember Colorado's Amendment 2?

David Gregory is a lying sack of shit & trying to stir up trouble among Democrats

David Gregory is a lying sack of shit & trying to stir up trouble among Democrats

Tons Of Clicking On Phone Tonight--Anyone Else Hearing It?

About Nadars Uncle Tom's comment...have you read the book? Tom is an honorable

Something awesome happened tonite

Repukes believe the way to appeal to youth is go further to the

"WIBDI" -- A simple way to test our judgment on when to support / when to criticize President Obama

Just Logged On This AM, But Has ANYONE Posted About Ralph Nader's

Cali Update...Prop 4 has flipped! Prop 8 gap has closed by 2 percent

More WTF? about Minnesota.

More WTF? about Minnesota.

Franken down 17000 with 71% reporting

a month or so ago, a DUer wrote a post about the rules for freepers once president obama is in....

Free *I voted for Obama* stickers from DFA!

Free *I voted for Obama* stickers from DFA!

3rd party candidates killing the Dems in Minnesota

So - if we only get 59 in the Senate, what are the chances of...

You know, I don't care what people say, McCain's Concession speech was fantastic...

Spreading my Wings!

Just One Victory

Here Comes the Sun...

Las Vegas, Denver, Boulder, Indianapolis, Gary, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo.....

Warning for rapid mood swings! Elation, tears, wonder...was just out shopping,

When freepers leave the country where will they go?

It took one of the best Dem candidates ever to beat a so-so Repub

If anyone wants to order today's NYT (they are gone in Raleigh), call 800-543-5380

Committee Will Work with Obama-Biden Administration to Rebuild and Strengthen the Middle Class


I made a complete ass of myself at an Obama party last night in front of actor Jeffrey Wright!

What R U drinking? As soon as we get out of the Grant Park area ......

What R U drinking? As soon as we get out of the Grant Park area ......

Palin's hometown reacts to loss

55 Million People

FWIW, Saxby Chambliss has less than 50% in Georgia

FWIW, Saxby Chambliss has less than 50% in Georgia

Sarah Palin: God will do “the right thing for America” on Nov 4th.

Missouri looking barely red?

Obama should make sure that David Iglesias gets reappointed

We are not the only ones breathing a sigh of relief today

8 is winning right now in California but only absentee ballots have come in

One person being neglected tonight...

About last night...

Say it ain't so! That shrew Bachmann leading Tinklenberg in MN-6!!???

I have some bad news for Joe Biden

Anyone else feel like they need a good pinch to make sure they're not dreaming?

Palin: "If I cost John McCain just one vote, I'm sorry for that"

Where are you Tucker Bounds?

Well done you lot!

Anyone know what Joe Biden is up to today?

Do you think Joe the Plumber's crack would be worth anything on ebay?

Dammit! Gov. Bill Richardson cut off his goatee!

What's that? I can't hear you...

NE's 1 Electoral Vote may not be decided for up to a Week:

Has Sam-Joe the toilet scrubber made his statement yet?

3 cheers for the mods.

Now I Know How The French Felt When They Stormed The Bastille

Has anyone taken a child pill since last night?

Is anyone listening to Thom Hartmann?

Just watched President Obama's speech for the second time. Two favorite moments:

Kenyan president declares tomorrow a national holiday

Target has US flags on clearance for $4.99!!! Go stimulate the economy!!!

It was the Savage Dragon endorsement that put it over the top.

Things to listen for in the next several months.....

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you ALL!

He got over 50% pop vote, landslide territory electoral vote, why ... why ..... why does he need ...

Tonight I celebrate. Tomorrow I go to work.

So just how long WILL Bush's pardon list be now??

CNN's Exit Polls in Alaska

So how many of you are pleasantly surprised to have seen a black man elected president of the USA?

Psssst, anybody have any tracking numbers? I'm jonesing already

We The People

Nation watches as a divided California votes on same-sex marriage

New Time Magazine cover - the 44th President

So, the Civil War in the Republican Party should start tomorrow

We can all stay warm now

VIDEO: Fox News Calls Ohio For Obama As Rove Says McCain Needs Ohio To Win

Sweet Baby Jesus...

I want all of you to listen to this story and try to understand what this election means

I don't know what you guys are so excited about...I'm scared!

This was my most satisfying experience yesterday at the polls

pinch me!

I hope Obama holds his lead in the Gallup today

has anyone else noticed this?

I think I've finally pinned down the perfect analogy for today; "I like the taste of taste"

Who is planning to go to the inauguration and are there packages available?

Any news on what Barack the President is doing this morning?

I have a message for my representative, moderate Repub. Mike Castle, and others like him....

Thank You Starbucks! They gave us free sandwiches and coffee and donuts yesterday

Thank You Starbucks! They gave us free sandwiches and coffee and donuts yesterday

my wife missed the speech

Sarah Palin(comparison) just said...

Dupe, please delete

From a coworker re: Obama...

Michelles's Dress - I love her but not the dress

Saxby just announced he expects a run-off!

Hartmann taking international calls!

How are our Senate seats looking still 56 or did we get any more.

Come On Minnesota Pull Through For Franken

My victory celebration will not be complete until we hear from Joe...

Damn - NPR just said that Alaska is just beginning to count its votes

Just so you know, there will be a DU party in DC for inauguration weekend

Still counting in OH-15...

As happy as we are right now, I can't help thinking that the next thing Barack will likely be doing

Freepers call for worldwide boycott

Obama to Name Napolitano, Peña, Daley to Transition Team

I have a short message for all you 'PUMA' supporters out there....

Washington Adams Jefferson Madison Monroe Adams Jackson Van Buren Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor


IT WAS THE MESSAGE...them Pubs went for the MESSENGERS...dumb fucks

Huffington Post: And the World Rejoiced (Pictures)

AP: Shea-Porter wins in NH 1st Congressional District (Dems sweep NH)

A short poem from Election Day (my ancestors owned slaves, and I was just pondering...)

Rush Limpball: This election was stolen

Georgia Senate race still in play

My favorite world reaction picture! Obama, Japan

Does anyone know how many Senate seats we finally

Can Karl Rove go to jail now?

how can I find if Ohio house has turned blue ?


President Obama just emailed me!!!!

Goodbye Bush

Which is your favorite memory from this campaign?

Has North Carolina been called?-What about Nebraska's 2nd CD?

Kucinich to Head Department of Peace!

What does a "community organizer" DO, any way?

I want to share an e-mail I got from a leader in another country

Got a flag?

10million + voting bloc -- what would happen if we abstained from voting last night?

Okay so now we know the Bradley effect was bullshit so how about that Stevens effect?

To Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Virginia and (maybe) North Carolina:

Battleground Obamaha totals

Supreme Court.

Palin Muzzled at Concession Speech

Center/Right Country

Kucinich to Head Department of Peace!

Just think. It is cool to be smart again! Intellect will not go extinct in America!

the best cartoon yet today...

Our President-Elect's Thank You note

2010 Electoral college realignment..States losing/gaining votes??

As long as Obama is considering Republicans in his administration, how about John McCain

Remember when King said "terrorists will dance in the streets if Obama wins" ?

***WOW.... Must see interview with Powell...***

New Mexico - not only voted Obama, but we got a new Dem senator and 3 new Dem Reps!

Sisters and brothers:

If Ted Stevens wins & DEM leaders in Senate toss his ass out...

I hope someone finds this video

Two Udalls

Bill Clinton as US Ambassador to the UN?? Yes??

CNN replaying Obamas speech after the break

Mayor Corey Booker (D) of Newark seems like he should have a future

After waiting for this day for so long ... now I can't wait for

They're downright giddy at MSNBC!

The Adaptation of the MSM

Dumbfuckistan just shrank!

Celebration videos starting to appear on youtube

America dodged a bullet yesterday.

Michael Crichton Dead (Jurassic Park)


Around the White House crowds are chanting and yelling

Alright those lucky enough to be in Grant Park tonight - DO TELL!

What's up with Georgia? Chambliss' numbers are going up and it still hasn't been called

I rich Bitch. Okay that was over the top. But i'm duckre. rijght nolt

Georgia runoff - what are our chances?

This just in...

FReepers already entertaining sedition

So the polls were pretty much dead on- Rass especially

Post if they are dancing in the street in your city!

I am speechless.

I am speechless.

CA prop 4 and prop 8 results?

is there a list of how many house seats we picked up?

I know another Cabinet position that John Kerry would be perfect for

Polls.... p... p.. POLLS!!! (snffff!!) I need a fix, man! Got any dailies?!? Come on, just one!

Paul Krugman: Meanwhile, in an alternative universe...

Paul Krugman: Meanwhile, in an alternative universe...

Franken pulls even

When do you think that McSame KNEW he was going to lose?


THANK YOU to ALL the DUers who worked for OBAMA/BIDEN!!!

Obama - A Potential Combination Of Woodrow Wilson, FDR and JFK

This is what President Elect will be doing this Weekend!! (PIC HEAVY):

Franken lost by 571 votes. Recount coming

Is anyone having spontaneous parties in their cities?

WOOT Popular vote at 53%

President? A black man?? Serious???

I just can't get over it.

Message from President-elect Barack Obama to all of us

President Obama has given us a charge

Al Franken Senate Seat Nailbiter!

I'm glad the stupid renaming of the SF Sewage Plant was crushed!

what traditionally red state do we have the best shot at in 2012?

Did any Dem incumbents other than Mahoney in FL lose?

Great Obama Pic...

So, how soon until Obama and his legion of volunteers come door-to-door to take all the guns?

"THANK YOU AMERICA" Videos Are Streaming In

Although Bachmann appears to have won her re-election

Oh, there's just ONE MORE THING about this election that you need to see

Blue Virginia

Thank You OHIO You Put Him Over The Top

What will Obama do with Al Gore???

Will Nebraska's EV's really be split??

Reaction at Obama's former school in Indonesia...

NC is 100% counted now, and Obama is ahead

Does Obama write his own speeches?

Ralph Nader's Concession Speech

A Historic Event

Sorry, old habits die hard..... Here's today's Gallup daily tracking link!

Thank You DU. For allowing THIS to be the collective unconcious

Fair Weather Democrats? (Indiana)

"There is nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed by what's right with America."

Obama will not start his presidency pushing liberal issues- particularly

Chris Mattews is an idiot

Chris Mattews is an idiot

Last night, in pictures

44 is a Happy Number

Greg Palast: The Steal You Won't See (his post election day thoughts)

Greg Palast: The Steal You Won't See (his post election day thoughts)

Fer cryin' out loud, can DU please be a neiman-marxist free zone today?

Predict Karl Rove's next move!

Bill "butthead" Sali ID-04 is behind 2%

Somewhere in Chicago, a top-notch, super-duper puppy-picking team is

Chambliss down another notch to 50.3% with 4% left to go

ABC "Things getting out of hand on Pennsylvania AVe"

Popular Vote Count. Obama By About 7 Million. Is That A Mandate?

Popular Vote Count. Obama By About 7 Million. Is That A Mandate?

What departed Democrats do you dedicate this victory to?

An easy way to make a positive CHANGE right away!

CURRENT franken numbers

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

"The Republican Memebers of Congress must not be obstructionists. In this landslide election, the

So do the repubs understand community organizing now?

MSNBC: Next Newsweek/book will reveal the tension, anger etc inside the McCain Camp

I really, really want a photo or poster made up of the front pages

Karl Rove - no so scary anymore!

Could someone help me report this threat to President-elect Obama...?

Could someone help me report this threat to President-elect Obama...?

Since 1964 Indiana was red until tonight! MSNBC called it for Obama!

Prop 8 now only up by 4%


Franken behind by only about 140 votes now

Chambliss down to 50.4% with 4% left to count

I am so happy! Gregoire over Rossi in Washington State..........

It finally hit me, I'm in tears.

It finally hit me, I'm in tears.

A Freeper says what?

It kills me when I hear rethugs like Bush, McCain and others trying to take

It kills me when I hear rethugs like Bush, McCain and others trying to take

Another Winner by David Horsey: Final Destination on the Freedom Road

Will Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, et al. now be brought to justice?

What are you on pins and needles waiting to see January 20?

Troubling speculation that Obama is considering Lawrence Summers for Treasury

How many senate and house seats did we pick up???

a question about the youtube videos of people celebrating

A couple of words for lurking freepers...

Now for dessert, how do we get rid of Lie-ber-man ?

The Youth Vote Came out STRONG for Obama.

Kenya declares a national Holiday today

Blue Virginia mwahaha

So when do we get to take all the rich peoples stuff?

More details on Palin's shopping spree...

Who else wants to see Bill Richardson as Secretary of State?

Kathleen Parker Laughing: Sarah Palin did need a wardrobe!

Freepers already threaten war!

Freepers already threaten war!

Getting ahead here, but, personally I would love to see Obama's inauguration speech

I talked to 4 friends tonight

---Here's a snark from someone we've all heard of---

If it had come down to MO, would there be a recount?

I thought that Zogby was a good pollster!

Why should WE work with them (repukes) ?

I've never seen anything like it - parties in the streets all over Seattle!

MO a virtual tie with 99% reporting

STOP: Empty speculation is just that. Obama hasn't picked ANYONE yet.

Which was your favorite Sarah Palin joke?

Raw Story: Thursday is Lieberman’s 'day of reckoning'

Who else wants to see Bill Richardson as Secretary of State?

Front Pages from around the world!! Excellent to see.!..

Anybody feel the clouds over our country parting today? I felt them coming after the 2000 election.

If Obama names a Hispanic Woman to the Supreme Court

Palin says McCain's loss isn't her fault

Montana goes McCain......... man that was close

Marilyn Musgrave......

Even the children are rejoicing that Barack Obama was elected

Even the children are rejoicing that Barack Obama was elected

If you haven't seen it today - be sure to visit palinaspresident website

Franken down by 60!!

For the curious, Pelosi cruises to re-election


3.5 million Texans voted for Obama.

Immediate Concern: Russia

Who will be appointed to Obama/Biden's Senate seats??

Take Rumors About Cabinet Positions with a Grain of Salt this Early

Karl Rove: Obama is a "great symbol of what America's all about."

Amazing article in Pravda, the official Russian newspaper!!!

Congratulations America!

The dildo party

Center/Right Country

We will remember this night

I still can't wrap my head around it really...

So did we get to change our names?

Thank you, DU.

"FUCK YOU" to the following people......

A handy guide to not pissing off your gay fellow DUers

Okay. I *know* this is petty, but did anyone else see

We have a lot of work to do.

Pat Oliphant

Pat Oliphant

Have we heard from Joe Biden?

Coleman's back ahead. Ugh.

Will President Obama side with Sarkozy or Merkel?

Anyone going to DC for the swearing in?

Jessie Jackson's reaction.

I've been away all day ... did I miss anything?

Save GD/P! It's not just an acronym, it's a proud DU cultural artifact!

Prop 8 Y:53% N:47%

My family working for Obama

My family working for Obama

Now for dessert, How do we get rid of Lie-ber-man??

AZ passes Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage.

AZ passes Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage.

We have a lot of work to do.

A Personal Story of Thanks from Michigan.

NJ Herald used Obama logo in their headline


Ok .. I am going to act like a Freeper ... Bcoz I have a crazy thought

OK Gen Y, Millenials (Whatever), I salute you

OK Gen Y, Millenials (Whatever), I salute you

My night in the Obama shirt

A bit of Wisdom

International Reaction to President-Elect Obama's Victory

People sing "goodbye Bush" in front of white house

Finally! Palin can get back to work on that Declaration of Independence for Alaska! n/t

I feel like vomiting - both MSNBC & CNN talking about P* and her future

I am just still amazed that we had a slam dunk.. Today is the first day of the best of our lives

Anyone see C-Span this morning? The crazies were out in force!! nt

NBC Source: Hagel keeping options open

palinaspresident has been updated

Juicy campaign gossip

Perhaps it's time to change my tagline.

Admins, YOU are at fault for this!

ALL the negative stuff backfired. No Bradley Effect. No PUMAs

Just Sounds Cool: Obama to Begin Intelligence Briefings on Thursdays

Do you think george was scared last night?

Someone, TALK ME DOWN!

It's always bugged me..... who does Michelle Obama look like? I figured it out!

Anyone have numbers for turnout?

So now what happens to The Daily Show, and Real Time

Uh-oh! Who is this outside the White House?

Fuck Ralph Nader

Franken takes the lead!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Justice Stevens for hanging in there all this time!

So it looks like Prop 8 will pass unfortunately

What was that Republican spokesman (didn't catch the name) already dictating how President Obama has

Obama to win popular vote by 7,000,000 votes?? WOW

"He isnt even black"

Doesn't it feel like Christmas Eve?

Have there been any FReeper unmaskings that I missed?

I don't think anyone will ever laugh at a community organizer again.

Raleigh election party...bwaaaaahhh

FUX NEWS: Sources Tell Major Garrett, Rahm Emanuel Accepts Chief of Staff Position

Fist bump y'all. Time for debushification.

Post-Election Separated At Birth - Muppet Style

I know this is meaningless, but Obama is up to 7% Nationwide (53%-46%)

99% of the precincts in Franken still leading

So what will be Michelle's mission in the white house?

Post-Election Separated At Birth - Muppet Style

The official "fuck you" DU thread

Waking up in blue Ohio...

Waking up in blue Ohio...

"We now have a statesman instead of a politician."

There were two states of most personal importance to me....

VIDEO President Obama - Victory Announcement - Chicago - U2!

Can we say it now?

Random questions...

How does a state go from Paul Wellstone to Coleman twice?

Time of measure the drapes and pick a cabinet......

Ralph Nader cost Obama one electoral vote

oops... nevermind

Franken trails 1015 w/13 precincts to go

I don't know about you, but I'd love for Palin to be the 2012 GOP nominee

Wanna have the time of your life?

In honor of our illustrious DNC chair, sound your barbaric YAWP!

I changed my Avatar. Does it work?

This is ridiculous. I watched others cry last night, but I didn't shed a tear.

Good morning

Florida's Gov. Crist went to vote; and his polling place had changed!

I Think America Deserves Some Credit

If I can believe the Newsweek account, I can retain a wee bit more respect for McCain...

About the celebration after the election was called ...

I am so proud of DU and DUers

Fascinating Politico article: The Obama Revolution

Obama won 77 percent of Jewish vote, exit polls show


does anyone have a link to a map that shows the results by congressional district?

Does anyone know when they're going to call North Carolina?

Barack as President has taken over ""

Duluth totals are starting to come in one precinct every 5 minutes (updated)

Wow, anything IS possible...

If I were to die tomorrow, I could now go in peace

They were slaughtered

So ... what do they consider a landslide?

Little doubt how Canadians in Winnipeg feel about the election

Little doubt how Canadians in Winnipeg feel about the election

A message from Rodger Schlickeisen, Defenders of Wildlife

So neo-McCarthyist Michelle Bachmann managed to hold on?

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Unbelievable! Talkingpointsmemo: The Dread Norm'

They have NO class... As McCain was leaving the stage, they chanted "Sarah, Sarah"..

Crisp. Sweet. Satisfying.

Shout Outs

Let's not be sore winners. How bout it? :)

Let's not be sore winners. How bout it? :)

Bile flowing freely in my office today

Caption Caribou Barbie listening to McCain's concession speech in Phoenix.

I'm now in the mood to gloat... where's Joe the Phuckin' Plumber?

Alabama doesn't deserve a kiss, but can we get a hug?

Alabama doesn't deserve a kiss, but can we get a hug?

My Favorite Part Of The Media Coverage Last Night.

Our office is having OBAMA PIZZAs for lunch!!!

The World Celebrates (toon from The Joy of Tech)

Does any one know what the music was that was playing after

Obama victory sparks cheers around the!

When we learned last night that Obama had won...

When was the last time we elected a president who called ...

Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job

Thank you, Cindy Sheehan


Is he still the Prez?

For those who have been the victims of racism, this must feel pretty damn good.

Hey, Minnesota DUer, How's the Franken Race?

Barack Obama has received more votes than any president in American history.

"I'm Against Hearing Words Like Mandate"

Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin: Read the Label


Yes We Can!! Yes We Did!!

Just when I thought I couldn't like Obama more...

I awoke this morning to a whole world that is happier and more hopeful

Obama's Girls Better Not Get A Puppy

Because DU needs to show a little love for Stanley....

The Last Backfire! Reverend Wright

republicans: Get. Over. It. You'll be glad you did.

Still Awake (at 3:45 PST--6:45 EST) Joe is Drunk or off his Meds!!!

Still Awake (at 3:45 PST--6:45 EST) Joe is Drunk or off his Meds!!!

What's in the water in Minnesota?

For all of us who wish we could have been there last night:

I got what I wanted for Christmas!

BLUE for the first time in 44 years. Obama leading in Indiana by 15,000 with 99% of votes in -

Perhaps the most important question for the President Elect.

Sarah who?

Referendum Vote on “Trickle Down Economics”

NOW is the CRITICAL TIME for all of us to GET TO WORK ...

What was the final count of senators?

Okay folks, it's time to be ecstatic, and not humble

author of "Why Obama Can't Win" is doing interviews

Magnanimity is nice, but let's not forget the hideous race John McCain ran

Hey Trolls, how do you like the sound of...

I can't wait to listen to Sean Hannity today. What will he say?

I just realized that this is the first time in my life...

Obama in US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Obama in US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Can we cut Alaska off right now?

"Im John McCain and I approved this message." Make no mistake: John McCain is responsible

Can the Nation wait until January 20th for Obama to take office?

I heard a guy today say that Obama had the Al-Qaeda vote

Someone should put a "Mission Accomplished" on the gate at the white house!

An amazing tribute to Obama ... on a beach in India.

Anyone lose some old friends over this election?

HOLY CRAP! Check out this photo!

Dino "Shit for Brains" Rossi FINALLY conceded!

My nephew was told he could not vote in Indiana

Howard Dean Vindicated! The Scream Has New Meaning!

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land

Just to be a jerk, part of me wishes that Obama

In 2000, they stole Florida. In 2004, they stole Ohio. Last night, we won them back

One drop of sadness in a sea of happiness....

Troll Outing on FreeRepublic

Sarah returns to Alaska

I'm pissed! My county ALMOST went blue.

OMG...cell phone text going around..I've gotten from 3 people so far

Ooga Booga DOOGA Wooga!

Looks like we have the ally of all time!

Can someone link to the poster showing all the presidents, plus Obama

Question: Has anyone seen the demographics on the vote by women who were traditionally Republicans?

dumb question: how many repubs lost existing repub seats?

Today represents the start of a major campaign to roll back the forces of authoritarianism.

Mr. DTBK and I at the Dallas celebration last night

We still have life in the GA senate race. If Chambliss doesn't get 50%, RUNOFF!

I'm already getting adrenalin withdrawals from the election being over ...


I'm not ready to stop making fun of Sarah yet :(

George Wallace's daughter on Obama---interesting commentary

Gee, Jack Welch is looking pretty constipated on CNBC.

Why was Rahm Emanuels name leaked before the election?

Why was Rahm Emanuels name leaked before the election?

Moneygall, Ireland Celebrates O'Bama Win! :-)

Exit polls about on target this time

Alright Pelosi. I think it's time for a sit-down.

Shelby Steele slides further into irrelevancy

Shelby Steele slides further into irrelevancy

So, is Obama really thinking about bringing Colin Powell into the administration?

A big loser in the presidential election was...

SF City Attorney To File Legal Challenge To Prop 8 - SJMercury News

Question about Sasha and Malia

Anyone got a clearing house of links to foreign papers?

Just a Warning!

I am SO HAPPY, and yet I am SO SAD, too.


WHAT??!! A Vacation T-Shirt Causes Flap at Polls.

I could see the top of his old building as I turned into my polling place yesterday

A lead-in voice calls the Sean Hannity show -- get this -- "conservative underground"

Condi looks all teary eyed on the news...she's especially proud of Obama's win!!

repukes better watch out...

What is your strongest sensation this morning?

OMG, LOL!!! Palin on 2012

Commander in Chief Barak Hussein Obama.

Tammy Duckworth for IL US Senate

Famed Etch A Sketch Artist Reveals Portrait of President Elect Barack Obama

"Why would they try to make people hate us?" - Michelle Obama

Hell Freezes Over on "The View"

Do we really need 60 votes in the Senate?

It's been a long time since I've seen so many Americans so genuinely happy.

Chicago Trib is sold out and into a second printing.

Now that we've won, a few things we should do

The rightists on my main board are melting down.

Do we have a final total of Senate and House seats the

Going to the Inauguration? Advice needed for volunteers

Congressional seat for my district that has went Republican for decades has turned blue

Has anyone seen any comment from Nelson Mandela anywhere?

Dem. volunteers report house fire

Repukes refuse to dump Palin

Well I guess it's safe to say that...

Stewart, Colbert parody election in real-time

Sarah cried

The NYT has a fascinating map showing which counties became more Democratic vs. Republican

Randi says Palin wanted to speak at the concession rally. What a drama queen. nt

admirable, but perhaps naive?

The Anti-Gay Amendments are the only real black cloud on this sunny day

And Now The First DUD

And Now The First DUD

Winger just ranted at hartmann. "We can balance the budget by cutting back on gay rights"

Remember the site about palin as president?

FauxNews/AP qualify things. Obama's victory was "resounding" but maybe not a "landslide".

Don't count on any honeymoon with the republicans or the media

Did you hear the MSM today apologizing for the "Bradley Effect" meme which they spouted endlessly?

Did you hear the MSM today apologizing for the "Bradley Effect" meme which they spouted endlessly?

Is there a good place to download the acceptance speech?

I had to go to 14 different places before I could find one store

In "Fond Memory...

Can you say "mandate"

The triumph of good over evil

Did I hear correctly? Brian Williams telling Scaborough that negative campaigning like he did (Scab)

Oregon senate race?

Thank you DU and DUers: Some appropriate words from the past on this HISTORIC ELECTION EVE!

Commentary: My father, George Wallace, and Barack Obama

== Yes We Did = By Mark Morford

NYT: The Next President -- Why Did Obama Win?

Norm Coleman re-elected to Senate with only 571 more votes than Franken

To the 2,500,000 CA voters who voted for Hope & Change, and for Chickens

To the 2,500,000 CA voters who voted for Hope & Change, and for Chickens

More than 7,000,000 votes and still counting

Obama's margin of victory.....

Three Cheers for the Mandate!

I just discovered something fun

Wasilla Hillbilly shopping spree...

So, any thoughts on the "Nuclear Option" in the next few years?

President Obama, as your first official act, please close Gitmo.

The first elected president from a Northern state since JFK

The first elected president from a Northern state since JFK

Now repukes are saying...

HUMOR: 2008 Election Campaign Dictionary

What big secret will the CIA reveal to POTUS-Elect Obama and Biden tomorrow?

The Anti-Scalia...

Freepers in shock and commisserating...

It's over, and the fools lost, but here's another one that was abandoned by her own peers:

MSNBC: Rahm Emanuel has NOT YET Accepted Position of Chief of Staff

Emanuel has NOT accepted CoS - only a rumor.

CNN: Reid undecided about stripping Lieberman's Committee Chairmanship- will meet this week

Stevens / Smith are winning

Disturbs me: Obama has consistently evaded the question of

Having mixed feelings.

Just got to rub it into my racist freeper neighbor's face.

This One Goes Out To The First Black President

Front page of The Guardian, UK

There's a new sheriff in town: may the criminals be brought to justice

Paper claims McCain has been making fun of Palin in private

Does anybody know if the San Francisco initiative

Has anyone posted a thread with newspaper covers around the world?

As someone who was in Grant Park in tears, I'm more moved by the pics of worldwide celebrations

What is happening with the Omaha Nebraska EV?

CNN's hologram?

The Bradley Effect is real

The Bradley Effect is real

On The Today Show... Meredith Viera looks positively radiant today and Lauer

Meet Bernice/Great-Granddaughter of Slaves/Obama Voter..

did barkley hurt franken or coleman by being in the race?

did barkley hurt franken or coleman by being in the race?

My God, will the tears ever stop?

My God, will the tears ever stop?

Join me in a call to replace Homeland Security with Kucinich's Peace Dept.

Can you imagine if the first black president...

Can you imagine if the first black president...

Not to harsh anyone's buzz... but take a look at Alaska.

We need a bi-partisan rating system for political ads for 2010 and beyond

Help me with my brother - He says he is done with extreme right wing AND extreme left wing BS

Sweet justice for Nixon's 'Southern strategy.' Ed Rollins says GOP reduced to white, southern party

Photo: Christine King Farris, Martin Luther King Jr.'s sister, reacts to news of Obama victory


Fundie: '9/11 was easier to take' than Obama's election

Wtf! Joey the Scab is Going Off. What The Hell?

Obama Buttons are on sale for $1 ...get your 'Original' campaign souviner before its too late

McCain Faces Uncertain Future After Election Rout

Palin's website HACKED!

Anybody Wanna Discuss How Wrong Palast /"They're Gonna Steal It" Types Were?

Another great thing about Obama- he just crushes his opposition.

In the best of all worlds...

Thank you. Thank you for giving me a refuge all these....

Whats going on in North Carolina?

Obama's group is going to have a web site for the transition!

North Carolina (forgive me if this has been covered)

Well, I suppose this is the time for an unmasking....

BREAKING-Rahm Emanuel will be PRESIDENT Obama's Chief of Staff

Uh, what's happening CC?

North Carolina (forgive me if this has been covered)

Hey DU'ers

MSNBC just corrected that Rahm E has NOT accepted the position as COS. nt

Did anyone explain to Palin that if Biden is unable to fulfill the duties of "Mr. Vice President" >

I'm really going to enjoy

Obama wins by 7 mil.+ votes & over 200 electoral votes, but Novakula sez "No Mandate"

..The sun just came out, I looked in my yard and saw this Election. Pics below.

the best (or worst) of the rest

There were some Dems on the Hill looking long in the face when Rahm was announced as Obama's COS

Right-wing radio: "Obama wants to gas the Jews."

Is the sky a little bluer this morning by you?

Frightening thing happened to me today....................

Frightening thing happened to me today....................

Faux will "cover" the subject of Obama's election and its effect on the economy

Indiana just called for Obama

To all African American DUers

If Bush Pardons Stevens?

GA Senate Race updated 8:30AM from Sec. of State: Chambliss 49.8% Martin 46.8% n/t

So have Rush et al provided the framing for the opposition yet?

Yes, President Elect Obama, anything is possible when you GET OUT THE VOTE

Richard Lugar may get a cabinet post

Palin's inner circle says she will finish out her term and work on 2012...


Alright, Democrats Have a Mandate and the Power. Job Number One:

You do realize that we didn't just win an election last night

Jeff merkely (Dem) in Oregon projected winner over Gordon Smith!!! with link

DU this PBS Poll QUICK!!!

Lugar Says No, Hagel Says Maybe (to Cabinet Post)

So, my former "born-again"/Bush*luvin' best friend messages me ...

It looks like Obama barely won NC (no call); but Nader costs Obama Missouri

I was 31 years old when George POS Bush took office. Now I'm pushing 40.

Sarkozy sent a message of goodwill. Jeez, I hope.....

I hope Joe The Plumber is cleaning up shit today

Best picture of John McCain from election night

Obama expands lead in Indiana!

McCain wins Georgia; Senate race heads to runoff (AP)

No Republican Congresspeople in New England?

Mr. O just called me...

So what was Steve Schmidt so afraid Palin would do on stage that he muzzled her?

"Final ballots may expand Obama's lead in N.C."

Georgia Senate Race Headed For Runoff

Georgia Senate Race Headed For Runoff

Check out the front pages of the newspapers

Has Barack done any interviews today? Where is he?!

Kerry Seeks Cabinet Post

What will Obama's most radical idea be?

A dedication and fond memory.

Can we just have one day of happiness, without all the usual DU whining and bellyaching?

What was your reaction at the moment you heard on TV that Obama was President Elect?

Changed my avatar to the American flag..

Faux says Rahm has accepted Chief of Staff position...nt

How Limbaugh has changed since 1992.

How Limbaugh has changed since 1992.

What's the story on NC and Missouri? Why aren't the totals complete?

* * * Early Obama victory cartoons ahoy * * *

GA: Chambliss appears headed for runoff, at best

***TPM: Emanuel DENIES reports that he has accepted the Chief of Staff spot***

My GBLT Brothers and Sisters

Rejoice! still is "sinking in" for me. Anyone else?

LOL ... Palm Beach County, home of OxyRush Limbore, went overwhelmingly Blue.

Has Reid or Obama contacted

MSNBC Expert says OOPs - not biggest turnout


Hey Everyone Don't Expect Obama to Clean Up Bush's Mess

Hey Everyone Don't Expect Obama to Clean Up Bush's Mess

Hey Everyone Don't Expect Obama to Clean Up Bush's Mess

To any Freeper lurkers: President Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

That didn't take long, did it? Already we are blaming one group for preventing proigress for others.

President-Elect Barack Obama !!!!

Wow! News of the signing of Emancipation Proclamation came at 11pm New Years Day & news

Wow! News of the signing of Emancipation Proclamation came at 11pm New Years Day & news

How do you go to the inauguration festivities?

Kudos to my home state......Nice work Michigan!

Obama is being greeted by the world

Breaking: Rahm Emanuel accepts the chief of staff position

You know Obama is going to have the weight of the world on him. He will be more scrutinized than an

McClatchy: Around the world, Obama triumph lifts battered U.S. image

This Land Is Your Land; This Land Is My Land ..... Again

New Progressive Leadership: "We DON'T Need Truth & Reconciliation-We'll Put People In Prison"

New Progressive Leadership: "We DON'T Need Truth & Reconciliation-We'll Put People In Prison"

Something screwy going on in Alaska...have they not tallied the votes from the cities yet?

If Obama assembles a "team of rivals" should we be critical?

So... after a stunning success, what do you think about Pelosi now?

Time to get rid of Pelosi and Reid as Dem Leaders

Time to get rid of Pelosi and Reid as Dem Leaders

MSNBC : "Palin will reach out to Obama" anyone hear more on this?

Obama, the President - sounds sooooo much better than Joe, the Plumber

Obama ***OVER-PERFORMED**** in every key Battleground State!

Now, If Asked Politely, Will John McCain Tell Obama How To Catch Bin Laden?

Click here to see the FRONT PAGES of Newspapers around the World!

Nasty Jobs Loss Number - 157,000 lost in October

Talk of RFK Jr. for top environmental post...


Do the Senate Democrats still need Joe Lieberman?

Freepers, take hope:

For the first time in my life, I'm REALLY proud to be an American.

I bet Angela Merkel will tie one on with her favorite beer. :-) nt

What do the people in the infamous McCain/Palin mob think of Obama's victory?

Is it just me or did it feel like Bush was president FOREVER


I wonder if it wouldn't be better if the Obama family moved out of Chicago..

A myth from the primaries destroyed

A myth from the primaries destroyed

Sarah TRAILER TRASH TRAMP ....she gave women a bad name...

Paul Krugman nails it.

I'm from New Mexico and I am gonna brag.

Looks Like The HARD RIGHT Is Making A Play For GOP Control

Rahm will ensure at least two things:

Rahm will ensure at least two things:

Odd how every "expert" underestimated Indiana...

How can someone get more involved with specific issues?

I assume a Palin will replace Stevens in the Senate, not sure which one.

When will NC get called?

Funny thing on talk radio.

Coleman edges Al Franken in Minn. Senate race

Proposition 4 lost in California, which leads me to believe that the prop 8 wording

Update On NC from Raleigh's News and Observer

So what does Nov 5th holds for President Obama and family

What's really burning down the financial house

In honor of Obama, I'm waking up with a nice big French Press pot of home roasted Kenyan coffee!

as happy as I am right now, I'm still not happy. oklahoma pure and

I just realized that for the first time in 8-years I can watch a State of the Union speech!

Rahm Emanuel Accepts Chief-of-Staff Job

Stop comparing Sarah Palin to Tonya Harding.

What should be the first thing Obama does after he is sworn in..

Turn on Oprah-- she is unleashed!!!

The ACLU and the New Administration

The ACLU and the New Administration

It's official...the Freepers have lost it completely.

Okay who should be in the Obama Cabinet. Who would like him

Alternate history--if the election had gone the other way, would


We have Control. We have the Power.

Do you think Palin hurth the female's chance to reach high office?

So many recent presidents have had girls.

This is a cartoon from 2006, but it is appropriate.

Lugar Says No, Hagel Says Maybe

Calm the hell down, Rahm works for Barack, not the other way around . . .

Meet Ann Nixon Cooper, 106, whom Obama referred to last night in his VICTORY speech:

CONFESS!!!!! You went to Free Republic for a good laugh

I can't help but wonder how Tucker Bounds is feeling today

So, What Does This All Mean?

LATimes: Over 1000 people celebrated in front of WH last night

I did it.

Jefferson was right. In 1798 he wrote:

O.K. NOW what's the hold up in North Carolina? Still "too close to call" with 100% Reporting???

'I've got news for all the latte-drinking, Prius- driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies'

We turned out, they didn't.

You never heard of "Jeff The Plumber"?

reactions from the world....including soldiers in Iraq....(bring them HOME )

Damn! Franken's senate MN race still not decided!

Did anyone watch Oprah today??

Sarah Palins post election career move? Which career path she will take

Sarah Palins post election career move? Which career path she will take

A little Dixie Chicks this morning - "Ain't Ready to Make Nice" on my morning run.

Obama elected our first Black President, Black church burned down


Who Should Take Obama's Seat In The Senate?

ok, so, what's the plan for the du inauguration party??

Hey what's the username/password for Just whisper!!

You wanna know what I think? I think the REAL AMERICA showed up yesterday.

Did right wing radio mention today the reason the election turned out the way it did?

Will the Gang of 14 (now 12) make a return?

I think this list explains some things


I have never witnessed collective JOY of this magnitude..either domestically or internationally...

Tell Congress to Censure Michele Bachmann E petition

swag became a fan of the Alaska Independence Party.

Either way it moves, the Republican Party is SCREWN.

Georgia DUers

Look who's

Next up for Sarah Palin: U.S. Senator?

I'm going to be looking for a particular bumper sticker.

PHOTOS Barack & Michelle on Election Night (VERY pic heavy)

If Heather Wilson is an example of what they have left as a female leader of the Republican party

My journal entry to my Son

The real question now is...

from Michael Moore.....

All of the sudden, Obama is now center-right?

Does anyone know what happens in Alaska if Stevens wins, since he has 7 felony counts against him?

I can't help myself.

Goodbye to teh stupid. Oh, what a relief.

Thank you to all who have posted great pictures throughout this campaign...

Links to media from around the world - Places Obama has lived

Is it ridiculous to think John Kerry would take a cabinet position?

Were there any of the original thirteen colonies that didn't go for Obama ?

How long before Joe Lieberman is spotted staggering out of his office, smelling of booze,

338 to 163. Talk about handing someone their ass.

AP: Democrats win 7 of 11 contested governorships

Suddenly I have nothing to do! I'm at a loose end!

ABC News: CIA to brief Obama that they still have no idea where bin Laden is

Looking for that picture of Barack looking down at that boy at a rally. Anyone?

Video: Oprah unleashed (this is really great)

Halperin teasing Gibbs is going to be the Press Secretary

Four more years! Four more years! (For Howard Dean at DNC)

Who will emerge as the leader of the republican party after this defeat?

Pelosi dials down expectations on Universal Health Care ... link

Rahm has a -20 score from NORML.

I was in a state of shock last night. Nothing sank in till today........

Check out his link (today only)

Would you put a bumper sticker on your car

I can't get over how underreported the border fence is in the Corporate (aka MSM) Media.

Backlash on the "Liberal" meme

Sun Tzu on bipartisanship

Is it true that slaves built the capitol building? Just heard

Ed Rendell's Concern Trolling about PA - Was that a Set-Up?

Pinch Me ...a message from Michael Moore

WOW!!!!! I finally live in a Blue State...Way to go Virginia!!!!

LET"S SHOW SOME LOVE TO THE HOOSIER STATE!!!! Indiana going blue is HUGE. (and a poem for IN...)

haha listening to Bortz today....someone called in and said he worked his whole life and wasn't giv

Do you think*bush and cheney will stick around the White House to bid farewell/welcome Obama/Biden?

Another great victory - no more veal cages in CA !

2000-Suspense flick with a downbeat ending. 2004-Horror film where everyone turns into zombies.

Hey Fake America!

Gov. Napolitano (AZ) named to Obama transition team

It's going to take some time for our country to assimilate this historic election...

Howard Dean on Tweety says the DNC will CONTEST the Georgia Senate race

I wish someone would do a book of photography from Obama's campaign

Joe Klein: Obama's Victory Ushers in a New America

Fundie freak says Christians must step up the Culture War in the wake of the election

I wish James Brown had lived to see this......

Dr. King. . .you had a dream. In 2008, we made it reality

Anybody know if Sean Hannity's head has exploded yet!

Who won the prediction pool Skinner put up?

A few days behind, but I just watched the SNL Presidential Bash on my Tivo, and Sarah Palin

The Morning Headlines - Go grab one

Has anyone had a chance to ask Palin what she thinks of God picking Obama?

F**ker Tucker Carlson being his usual asshole self on MSNBC.....

How Did Your City/County Vote in Yesterday's Election? My city, Madison, WI went to Obama with 80%

Is Democratic Underground Going To Analyze The Shit Out of Every Little Decision

Think of it. We now have a President who can speak with eloquence.

Who would you like to see appointed as Secretary of State?

My Prediction came True! Proof here......

I want to become a member of the Secret Service.

"If I cost John even one vote, I am sorry, because John McCain is the American hero"

Re: GBLT Rights

From an email I just received - a gift to you:

What a victory! Couldn't have happened without black votes, couldn't have happened

McCain could not control the snarling and booing from his crowd

President Obama should appoint Joe Lieberman...

Do you all really want the entire cabinet to be pulled from the Congress and DC insiders?

OK I Just woke up

Anyone else going to zero out their ignore list?

Mc Cain said something Bush never has said...

Help Me Please! I Need A HUGE Pic!

Nov. 5, 2008 at 1:50 PM: The AP has finally called Georgia for McCain. Senate will have runoff.

I'm getting out my gloating early

Did you vote for Barack Obama because you want to lead him, or because you want him to lead you?

For the second straight election, Pew Research's final poll was EXACTLY correct

What has happened to West Virginia in the past 20 years?

How can you find out how your congressional district voted for President?

MN Senate Race has been 'uncalled'

Seems the Yahoo! UK & Ireland homepage is bidding a fond farewell to Bush.

Michelle Obama

person happiest about the election results = palin's pregnant daughter

I am surprised that we haven't had an epidemic of self destructions yet

Some simian/human cross with a coke jaw is talking on my teevee

Pathetic right-leaning pundits pushing the message of bi-partisan rule.


With 73% of Precincts Reporting in Oregon, Merkley Down Only 960 Votes!

so I am looking at the total turnout and right now it looks indentical to 2004

just turned on the tv, what happened?

Is anyone near Santa Monica Pier? (Freeper "emulation")

I don't want to be a "Concern Troll"...

Bush is going to make a fool of himself (again) at 1020 Hours ET

It is time for the Republicans to abandoned their misadventure with

Cheers around the Globe

GOP Strategy in Flames:"candidate who wins is the candidate who polarizes the right bloc of voters"

Sea Change run. Run Change Run.

Great political cartoon by Dave Horsey.

Great political cartoon by Dave Horsey.

Follow the Pied Piper...Enter the Symphony of Destruction

Good, dammit!!! We may have lost the gay marriage props, but CO defeated this!

My happiest hangover

Strong, 21st-century campaign

And the Republican party breaking up begins....

Freeps want to send thank you notes to Sarah

Now that the election is over, let's get serious...

Barack Obama Already Hard at Work Building His Team

Freepers: It's the Planet of the Apes!

Now that Obama is President-Elect with a Historic Mandate, will the War Criminals Ever Face Justice?

Any breakdown on the military vote yet?

No one should give a fuck what the Freepers have to say anymore

How cool will it be that SCIENCE is actually paid attention to again?

Lost in the haze of victory...Massachusetts voted to decriminalize marijuana yesterday

Lost in the haze of victory...Massachusetts voted to decriminalize marijuana yesterday

Minnesota Senate recount?

California still has full benefits civil unions right?

Oh God, Buchanan is still alive.

Expect a big market rebound

Shout-out to my fellow 18-35 year old voters--WE FUCKING ROCKED THE BALLOT BOX!!

How do you feel right now? n/t

I am so proud of my state right now Indiana.

Has anyone called NC yet?

What's up with Indiana, No. Carolina, and Missouri?

not quite all people created equal yet - but heading in the right direction

Oh Happy Day ! Printing now : New crop of Bumperstickers

Politico: 2008 turnout shatters all records

How many years will we get to blame Bush after Obama takes over?

40,000 provisional ballots still being counted in North Carolina

Vermont v. Bush: Bringing W to Justice

Anyone know the music played after Obama's speech last night (classical)?

CSPAN Caller: "I'm worried for losing my weapons."

Fascinating Native American C-Span caller.

Podesta Announces He Will Not Be Joining New Obama Administration

Check out this headline:

Arizona disappointing tonight... oh well

Politico: Obama strongly considering Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to head the EPA

CNN: Al Franken only down by 676 votes

So, is the wedding still on?

I predict Lieberman will keep his chairmanship.

Palin faces questions, different landscape when she returns to Alaska

God is totally depressed today

Someone please post "the picture" once again ...

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: A Minor Rant

How about a thank you for the Red States?

Anybody heard anything from that old bag Harriet Christian (PUMA)?

Twenty-Obama-Eight - the year America sobered up

Why didn't more fundies vote for Obama?

Democrats Take NY Senate For First Time Since New Deal

Community Organizing - A practical career ladder to the U.S. Presidency!

the republican party re-elected ted stevens AND HIS SEVEN FELONY CONVICTIONS

Voter Deception Continues Up to the Last Minutes of Election

So what will happen to Obama's & Biden's seats?

McCain's got 'em where he wants him!!!

not much of a functional victory if they can filibuster everything Obama wants to do...

After Lobbying To Select Palin, Top McCain Adviser Can’t Bring Himself To Say She Was A Good Pick»

Toon: Steve Bell says Goodbye to Dubya:

Where were the riots last night the right wing promised were coming?

My message to DU...

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

I want David Spade at the WH door when the Chimp and staff leave to say BUH BYE!

OK, when do YOU think McCain knew he had lost the election?

Wow, Tucker's looks bloated.

Bill Bennett: Obama's win means 'You don't take excuses anymore' from minorities

Photos: Reactions from Around the World--The World is Thrilled!

Hey Repugs.........

You all, I can't believe it, but it looks like Stevens is going to win Alaska, which means

You all, I can't believe it, but it looks like Stevens is going to win Alaska, which means

Santorum's Right To Vote In Penn Hills Challenged

More Than 71 Million Tuned In For Election Night Coverage

An odd example of how historic the election was last night. :)

Does anyone know what happens to Beau Biden now that his

Have you read the Rude Pundit today?

Best comeback post ever

Now the fun begins (Hannity and Savage nation) implosions!

What's the story on the Oregon Senate race?

A limerick for lurking freepers. (Feel free to pile on.)

Thinking about how we got here.. our better angels

Maverick County (in Texas) voted for Obama

The New York Times exit poll numbers are very interesting.

Prosecute Bush or not?

Is Obama's Election Proof that the Playing Field is now Even, as Bill Bennett has claimed?

Voter Fraud in Alaska - feed this thread

Time for a Flag

When I think of all the warriors we have lost on and off these boards, it blows my mind how big

When will it be safe to discuss the President-elect's tie choice

I missed the radio today? Did Hannity's and Rush's head explode today?

A Round of Applause for Tina Fey: She single-handedly Slew Dragon Sarah

Still I Rise

Commentary: My father, George Wallace, and Barack Obama

The Democratic Party needs to come back with a strategy...

With a GOP war on, we're supposed to play nice?


40 years ago (1968) MLK had a dream & RFK's last public words were "And now it's on to Chicago ..."

Where do I post my "I live in a blue state, and it's freakin' COLORADO!!" thread?

Sec. Rice shown talking about the election on Gregory's show

dupe; please delete

Obama could have won without OH or FL ?

The Ballad of Sarah Palin ("Wasilla Hillbillies" Theme)

Boo hoo hoo!!!

help pls anyone

Song parody: "Unelectable"

I'll Relax On 1/20/09, and Then I'll Party BigTime

SLEEPOVER in the Lincoln Bedroom!

McCain gave a good concession speech last night.

There's a new bond for black and white.

Hasselbeck whaaaa? SUPPORTS OBAMA?

Look at this nice message from President Barack Hussein Obama

We still need to arrest Bush and his cronies.

We sang The Star Spangled Banner last night

Robert Gibbs for Press Secretary? Pretty Please?

AP Uncalls Minnesota Senate Race

For the First Time in My Adult Life, I am Really, Really (Really) Proud of My Country

Anyone watching Oprah today? Oprah unleashed on Obama! :)

A friend's professor told him Obama will be taxing the middle

Robert Reich's thoughts:

freepers are racist filth

Now we know the REAL difference between a community organizer

US Rep Barbara Lee & Gavin Newsom on Prop 8: "the movement will not end tonight.'


No George Bush Sewage Plant For San Francisco

Bush slips a notch in all-time presidential rankings!

Bush slips a notch in all-time presidential rankings!

Bush slips a notch in all-time presidential rankings!

Election night ratings notch new records

First puppy.

After the hatefest of Prop 8. and the other two hate crimes dressed up as laws,

After the hatefest of Prop 8. and the other two hate crimes dressed up as laws,

Sarah Palin throws McCain under the bus (in less than 24 hours after defeat)

To be honest, with the happiness, I'm sad and angry today,

Can you even imagine how small Bush must feel..and how humiliated GHWB must be?

Can you even imagine how small Bush must feel..and how humiliated GHWB must be?

OOOooookkklahoma where the wind blows gently out the ass

Dont Look, but Jabba the Hut Just Showed up on MSNBC

Believe It Or Not, We Still Have A Shot At That Last District In NEBRASKA

"He has behaved like a creep and dragged the public discourse into the toilet."

What happened in Georgia?

Des Moines Register front page

Is it too early to start bitching?

Transition Team Looks to Emulate Roosevelt, Not Carter

Franken, Dems, Have Recount History On Their Side

So will Limbaugh and Hannity have a call to arms, to start a race war to save America?

Lieberman prediction take two: I predict Lieberman will keep his chairmanship

Did today seem surreal to you?

Soledad O'Brien is really hard to listen to....

Joe Scarborough flashback

Joe Scarborough flashback

From the "Isn't It Ironic Dontchathink" Department.....We won both Ohio and Florida.....

The ceiling in the place seems REALLY high!

LOL! My daughter just called me.

LOL! My daughter just called me.


Michelle Obama - Tallest First Lady Ever?

2fer: Amanpour's new show? & gossiper's jokes sound SO cynical/jaded after last night!1

Why is Mark Penn pontificating as a pundit in David Gregory's show

Obama Campaign compilation CD - Help me create a great songlist (see my 04 cover for inspiration):

Morning Has Broken! (Watch, Enjoy, and REJOICE!)

The Onion: Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress

OR-Sen: Merkley Campaign Feeling Good!

Just had a thought...

Are you going to the inauguration?

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue DEBUTS - David Gregory is BACK!!!

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue DEBUTS - David Gregory is BACK!!!

Who exactly is the de facto leader of the Republican party right now?

GOP = Whig Party?

Merkley now leading in Oregon Senate race by 1200

Step 1

The Long Nightmare is Ending


Hey, Franken.Viking Fans, CALL TO ACTION:

Bush just said something inspirational and beautiful

Anyone notice how cleaverly Obama chose a Jewish Chief of Staff to hide his secret Islamic faith?

Organization, strategy keys to Obama victory; "Nothing could prevent Obama's march to victory."

Tim Robbins PURGED From Voting Polls

DU Challenge: Why do we have to say "Fuck you" to ANYONE? Laugh at their ignorance, but ask them...

As happy as I am over an Obama victory, I can't help but

NYTIMES: Jewish vote VERY proObama 77%

NYTIMES: Jewish vote VERY proObama 77%

Congratulations, California.

NYT: The World Reacts -Just Beautiful (Dial Up Warning)

Don't Sweat Palin - Her Political Career Is Over

Wow David Gregory isn't being too much of an a-hole tonight.

since god didn't intervene like the freeptards thought, and swing the election to McCorpse.....

What is the best newspaper front page you have seen today?

keep an eye on Palin -- see if she wears any of the "i will donate to charity" $150,000 clothes

keep an eye on Palin -- see if she wears any of the "i will donate to charity" $150,000 clothes

Inaugural Poem - Maya Angelou

McCain cops a tongue lashing (Aussie's enjoying "fun with McTongue")


Time magazine covers: Where we were 8 years ago where we are today.

Obama Silver Pendant - Some of us were looking for this-

Word of the day

the perfect place for Obama to get that puppy!

Ralph Nader got 17,000 votes in MO...

Elizabeth Dole gets to spend more time with her husband and his "little blue pills".....

nader on democracy now! still whining about obama.

ann coulter on faux.

As a child of the 60's

So what was the final turnout?

My grandson and the election.

If I'm a poll-worker again, I'm going to have to take the Wednesday off too....

Joe the Plumber?

Goode v. Perriello Recount

I don't know about you people, but I'm really glad

Michale Moore made me cry again...

Sarah Palin, at it again...

Anyone else notice that Palin looked like she was crying.

What was precise wording for Prop 8

My neighbors truck had its windows smashed out last night

Is Missouri back in play?

Funniest "Word" segment ever!

Lieber-Rat: President-elect Obama ran a Wonderful Campaign. It's a great day for America

Did Sean Hannity disintegrate today?

CNN now showing Indiana in the Obama column!

Just Look HOW BLUE Washoe County, Nevada Went Last Night!

The Prop 8 people now want to NULLIFY all the gay marriages that took place!

Mark Levin at NRO is ridiculous!!

Trivia: The last time two sitting senators had to resign their offices...

What did you do to get Barack Obama elected?

Catholics be proud! Biden becomes the first Catholic VP!

The Onion: Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job

Faux News: Carl Cameron just reported that...

Think about the Supreme Court...

Anybody else have the same problem today that I had....Couldn't stop smiling!!!!

The three happiest people in America this morning....

Who else here wrote Obama after his 2004 DNC speech asking him to run?

Have you seen the front page of the Portland Mercury?

HERE'S one way to help the economy

Some good news for the GLBT community from last night.

On Nov 7, 2000, my neighbor and I loaded up his truck with guns and gear for

Guardian UK: A New Dawn in Chicago

Would it be worth it to sell Alaska back to Russia? (Along with it's Governor and Senator?)

Elizabitch on the View today was actually very gracious and said America won

Should Barack Obama give Karl Rove a job in his administration?

No question about it - Nancy Pelosi failed to do her duty as the Speaker of the House.

Haha! Lou Dobbs is on CNN! Bwaaaaaaa!

Haha! Lou Dobbs is on CNN! Bwaaaaaaa!

OK, so where were you last night?

Coleman lead down to 314.

The Steal You Won't See

Whither Democratic Underground?

Let the sun shine in

FAUX: To the victor goes the mess!

Did anyone else miss the old-fashioned victory room?

Who should be the next drug czar? And what should he do?

Finally, after 147 long years.....

And so it continues...

Thank you Dick Cheney has an article about post election depression LOL

The Morning morning coffee klatsch with a Repuke....

The Morning morning coffee klatsch with a Repuke....

Why some people are so bothered by gay marriage

Why some people are so bothered by gay marriage

Michelle Bernard, MSNBC Political Analyst

Democrats are going to spend us into oblivion....

In Oregon, Merkley Has Taken the Lead.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck delivers her concession speech

What is Obama's schedule for today?

I'm still represented by Michele Bachmann, but my world is a bit better today.

Head on over to the FAUX message board, just feel the LOVE!

DU Gatherings All Over The Nation: Give it a KICK if you think it's a good idea!

Will you still worry about stolen elections in the future?

Would you like a "Yes We Did" sticker free, from Moveon?

So how do Dominionists explain Sarah Palin's defeat?

Has it hit you yet? I mean REALLY? REALLY?

OMG - Check out Palin as President today!

We must be patient......

I'm thinking of having a t-shirt made with the following on it...

the best and most satisfying part of today?

Barely any discussion or info about the four unsettled Senate races

I'm at my desk fighting tears today.

The Rude Pundit: Time to Rub Their Fucking Faces in It

The Rude Pundit: Time to Rub Their Fucking Faces in It

Is anyone else worried about what the neocons might do in the next 2 months?

My favority Nov 5 Editorial Cartoon... from the Cleveland Plain Dealer....

Boehner To Run For Minority Leader Again; Rep. Adam Putnam To Step Down

Anyone have the front page of today's Daily Mirror?

Here you go, Lou. It's crow eatin' time. Hope you're hungry.

Obviously, being the first African American prez, Obama WILL be immortalized somehow

What Ya Watchin' Tonight DU?

Christine Gregoire beats Dino Rossi! YAAAAY!!!

And Abe Lincoln's 200th Birthday Is This February

Tourism boycott of Alaska by Democrats?

"Palin as President" is GONE from the Oval Office!

Remaining races I'm interested in - Franken V. Coleman and Ted Stevens

I got an e-mail from my cousin, she was an Obama campaign worker.

Anybody watching The View??? Wow.

Chris Matthews is giving Howard Dean the props he deserves

And right on cue, once we no longer have a common enemy, we turn on ourselves....

Minimal voting controversies last night. Did the Repubs realize how far they went in '00 and '04?

Kindergartners and Obama

Plouffe for Biden's Seat?

Palin's Oval Office Extreme makeover:

Sarah Palin, Miss Play-D'oh 2008

McCain Gave a GREAT Concession speech. The Best I've ever Heard.

Good Grief!! Is this THE worst headline you have ever read?!

Indiana? Deep-red Indiana?

A statement of pity for John McCain.

Palin "Shopping Spree" Bigger Than Reported

Justice - I'm keen to know who Obama will appoint

Justice - I'm keen to know who Obama will appoint

Just for fun ... (this was a REAL race)

Tomorrow is National "Burn a Sarah Palin Picture Day"

POLL - Can John McCain Redeem Himself?

A nice tune deadicated to Bush...

I bet Sarah Palin is upset she has to take time to raise her baby now

has the Franken/Coleman race been called yet?

Charlotte New-Observer calls NC for Obama (sort of)

Lieberman? Reid is ready to deliver your pizza

why should a 72-year-old man be making a decision for a 16-, 17- , 18-yr-old girl who got in trouble

Sheryl Crow: A New America

Gen. Wesley Clark - Secretary of Defense or Head of Homeland Security

Your request is being processed... Palin Once Greeted McCain Staff Wearing Only A Towel

Did I nail this yesterday, or what?

Best post-election political cartoon yet

Best post-election political cartoon yet

NBC just had a segment of wonderful photos of Obama

I just finished watching President-Elect Obama's 2004 DNC Keynote speech

The daughter of George Wallace (the Alabama gov.) comments on Barack Obama

BREAKING: President-Elect Obama's popular vote margin continues to GROW!!-now 53-46%


Amy Goodman just played a clip of McCain's concession speech - his supporters are losers to the end!

I dont know her name but that woman who wanted back ground searches of all dems did she win?

I dont know her name but that woman who wanted back ground searches of all dems did she win?


What is on your iPod (or other MP3 player) play list today?

It's not because he's black ...

If you haven't checked PalinAsPresident I suggest you have a look


I am not ready to forgive repugs.

A Barack supporter to the end...

HuffPost: Celebrities react to Obama victory

Did Obama run the best campaign in modern American history?

Thom Hartmann is taking international calls.

Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

Peggy Noonan can kiss my a**

The record of Dr. Howard Dean as DNC Chairman since 2005


So just think, in less than 3 months we will have a new president that

Did you see this cartoon on BartCop?

Someone tossed a wrench in the GOP's plan

President Obama

Which campaign was tougher for Obama? Which win was more impressive?

Looking at the Coleman / Franken race...

No poll checking today.

Guardian UK: Americans living abroad are no longer ashamed of their nationality

Krugman: Meanwhile, in an alternative universe....

I'll take "Dumb as a box of rocks" for $100, Johnny

Will the next GOP candidate be able to pick up blue states like...

The best part of those massive celebrations you saw going on all across the country?

Sarah's referring to herself in the third person now....

Skinner, Nancy G. wm. Pitts, and moderators....thank you!

BREAKING: Obama declared "unofficial winner" in NC

There may be a run-off in GA

Our lone British staffer bought us champagne to celebrate

The talking heads are both hilarious and just stupid

Biggest losers of the 2008 election?

It is just starting to sink a little bit real....WE TOOK BACK THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH!!!!

It is just starting to sink a little bit real....WE TOOK BACK THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH!!!!

Obama's Big Bang in France

You Know What's Missing Today?

Meanwhile: bad news for world wide coastal dwellers

Rahm is going to run for President in it. OMG I am really TIRED I meant 2016

My guns and bibles are GONE! They must've elected Obama!

Teen Mother Charged in Baby Death (Dog Killing)

Waxman to Take On Dingell

Obama took Howard Dean's vision to new heights today.

Obama took Howard Dean's vision to new heights today.

So how long before the whiners at DU start bitching about how Obama "betrayed" them?

Paul Krugman: The Monster Years

RE: The Audacity of Hope!

Videos of the Crowd Outside the White House Last Night!



Mr. President Obama Sir!

Alrighty, serious topic...

Some irony in the numbers: 44

Little Billy Kristol's one-year contract at the NYT may not be renewed


Petraeus 2012

Ohio's election EES machines aka i-votronic dumped votes in urban area

Ohio's election EES machines aka i-votronic dumped votes in urban area

Is John McCain after watching Obama's speech and.....

Can Lil' Dubbikins pardon HISSELF on the way out the door?

Michelle Obama, First Lady of Style (Loving the Narciso Rodriguez dress!)

Well, one thing's for sure

Would Palin run for Stevens' seat if Stevens is kicked out?

Raw Story: "Lieberman expresses fears of Dem majority in Senate"

Richard Wolffe is on with Keith, and I can't help but giggle

Just bought plane tickets to DC!

Just bought plane tickets to DC!

After eight years, its a funny thing being proud of your country again

I feel a little bit sad

Interesting question: How will the DUGGAR Family live....

# Who should serve President Obama as Attorney General? Who can fix the DoJ? How? #

# Who should serve President Obama as Attorney General? Who can fix the DoJ? How? #

History (pic heavy)

I am going through Election withdrawl, lol...

Not that we ever really had it before.

The Palin Scandal in The Living Room

post -election party today on Oprah

Hey Palin! How you like them community organizers NOW?

Repugs worship at the altar of St. Ronnie......Will they spit on the tomb of heretic Bush?

All right, despite the gay props loss, and other disappointments, I still gotta post these lyrics -

Two questions. !. Can the Senate expel Stevens and

Nader Costs Obama from Winning Missouri

Nader Costs Obama from Winning Missouri

So would the Freepers object if we named an aircraft carrier after Barack Obama???

I really want to be a good winner. Magnanimous. Cheerful and inclusive.

HELP! no longer working for me. Can't watch MSNBC

Does anyone have the link with the 800 # for the New York Times?

What would be BAD about 60 Senators

Should people be allowed to criticize President Barack Obama during a time of war?

Please tell me someone just got a screen shot of CNN!

Will Haliburton be selected to rebuild the infrastructure of the U.S. ???

I'm flying a flag at my house for the 1st time in 8 years.

College Campuses Revel In Pivotal Political Role

Michelle 'O's Dress - Red voted Black?

I want to personally thank the youth of our country

I want to personally thank the youth of our country

Listen to Thom Hartman and weep.

Ohio is a Kentuckian's Canada

(sorry for the crosspost mods) this is amazing. I am NOT going to cry.

A mid to long term fallout possibility re: Bible Spice

EGL pays $750K to settle Justice Department case (KBR)

Sarah Palin: Woman of Destiny

Robert Scheer: Morning Again in America

Hey, World--We're back.

I am delaying gratification - still have not watched last night's speeches

Why is Ted Stevens Ahead?

I believe Prop 8 will get overturned in the courts

Its kinda cold and rainy today but today is a PERFECT DAY

Sally's Naughty Thought of the Day

Doesn't Chris Matthews look like the cat that swallowed the canary? He just cannot stop smiling..

Watched the View...

Top 10 Dumbass Plays in the McCain Campaign Playbook:

Ted Kennedy, a faithful light in our national window. Glad he saw this day

(Former) Governor Wilder: The reason Virgina has been red is because no one ever

(sound effect) Wah ... Wah .......Wah WaaaaaaaaaAAHH

With the many "big name" rethugs (Bush, Condi, McCain+) in awe of Obama's

Just Think 'The Era Of Terra' Is Almost Over!!

Didn't Emanuel oppose Dean's 50-state strategy, and then take credit for 06?


First Family Pic

Merkley takes the lead!!

To Robin Hayes, from one of his liberal neighbors

Senator Palin.

Obama, Japan

Contact Harry Reid Tonight!

Obama Presidency: Now we can have tea with Eddie Izzard

Obama Presidency: Now we can have tea with Eddie Izzard

The Speaker is elected on the first of a new session in Congress

Michael Crichton has died

Not to dip my fly in the ointment but....

What would you name the White House's new puppy?

Wow, even the French are using English on their front pages!

Sen. Stevens has a 4,000 vote lead with 40,000 absentee to be counted

I Should Like to See Howard Dean on the Supreme Court

Back to work - the latest smearmails are here!

Now we just need to replace Reid and Pelosi

Any news on the gay marriage vote in CA?

What do you do about someone threatening the President Elect...?

What do you do about someone threatening the President Elect...?

Discrimination ALERT! Against O supporters for Voting Obama

Aww, man...

What is it about Smith in OR that gets him so many votes?

No more Fox News access to any Dem for any reason when we

When Obama won, were you moved to tears?

Who takes Biden's Senate seat now?

Email I rec'd from Human Rights Campaign (in regards to marriage vote in CA)

"Good Luck Charms-Michelle Obama plans on wearing these four symbols around her neck until election"

Wesley Clark for SecDef

For everyone, including myself, who was worried about the Primaries lasting so long

FReepers and guns?

Has a convicted felon ever won a congressional seat?

So I guess Sarah Palin is the new leader of the Republican Party now.

W loves Obama?

Obama considering RFK Jr. for the EPA!

When you heard "Drill, Baby, Drill!" for the first time, didn't it sound to you...


I hate this right-ring-rag they call newspaper!


The only thing that stopped Obama from a 10% national popular vote victory.

Electoral maps: A comparison

"Block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand"

Best Worst Persons in the World. Ever.

'Well, the truth is, Brian, we can't solve global warming because I f---ing changed light bulbs...."

Obama To Begin Intelligence Briefings Thursday

Thom Hartman just said it perfectly......

Ho Lieberman "vows to work with" president Obama

What will become of

Self Delete

The inside poop on Palin-McCain staff tensions coming out into the open

Merkley moves ahead in Oregon

Not that it matters now, but was this picture of Palin photoshopped?

KO: McCain staffer calls Palins "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus coast to coast."

KO: McCain staffer calls Palins "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus coast to coast."

Let's play "I can't wait till...." I'll go first.

Waxman plans to wrest control of Energy and Commerce Committee from Dingell.»

And thank you for your long career in service to the Republican Party

KO just changed his "Worst Persons" to "Most Irrelevant Persons"

I'm a WHITE 39 year old MALE

What is the recount provision in Oregon? Any?

What is the recount provision in Oregon? Any?

Now, can the Chicago Cubs PLEASE Win the World Series!?!?

Keith's Worst Person's - what fun!

Keiths msnbc recap just brought tears to my eyes - at that magic moment when we won nt

Bush And Sewage

I love my little sister..But god she has drunk the Kool-aide

Got those bags packed, Stevie?

"Obama is too conservative"


Condi's gone. Who else are we glad to see leave??

I'll never get tired of TV replays of the Chicago crowd erupting

Good article on Palin's fate

66 days of Palin


Wow! Inane Carl is on O'Reilly Factor rattling off a long list of disturbing revelations...

What do you say.......

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Oregonian calls it for Merkley!!!

Haha!! Check out the "Palin as President" site today!

Haha!! Check out the "Palin as President" site today!

WHo else is Watching Fox News Tonight? JOe the Plumber is on Hannity Very soon

WHo else is Watching Fox News Tonight? JOe the Plumber is on Hannity Very soon

Can Stevens be kicked out of the Senate?

Absolute MUST Read: Gov Wallace's daughter's commentary on her dad and Obama

A new site to track information on Obama's future Cabinet

After all their hate-mailers, I just sent the Maine Re-Puke Party a mailer of my own:

Powerful Colin Powel interview on CNN.

LOL: "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast"

Wow! There are some Bats**t Crazy "Effers" Over at Freaker RepubliKKK

Wow! There are some Bats**t Crazy "Effers" Over at Freaker RepubliKKK

Has anyone seen a video of Tucker Carlson..

This is it! We need to stop whining about it to ourselves and do something!! We now have the power!

McCain should move to Eau Claire, Wisconsin

OMG: "Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel...."

Rachel is devoting her show to the life of the ring tailed lemur. Slow news week. Smart choice.

Worldview: Yes we can

Mr President. My favorite front page photo, wonderful!

Paid coleman Staffer Translates For Voters, Tells Them Vote For coleman

So... will Rachel be happy tonight?

A poem my friend sent out today...

The Company We Keep (Margaret & Helen are at it again)

My Post-Election Message To A RIght Wing Friend Who Says Obama Won because he was helped by the MSM.

And also, let us not forget to congratulate

So.... Will Wes Clark get a cabinet spot?

If Republicans cant' work with President Obama, they can't work with anybody

Losing Is Tough; Selling May Be Tougher

Apparently, Republicans don't mind electing criminals

Bill Maher's parting message on Larry King: " Congratulations Socialists!"

The victory by Obama is a great and unifying thing. I'm enjoying this

Jack Cafferty. I really hate you for making me like you.

Does anyone know the status of the challenge to Amendment 43 in CO?

Does anyone know the status of the challenge to Amendment 43 in CO?

****Warning****** A Very Disturbing shot of Sarah Palin dressed as a Bunny.

Has anybody talked about Wes Clark for a job in the Administration?

How will Obama's win change progressive talk radio?

Aren't ya just delighted that Palin now has time to read her press?

The Oregonian is now calling it for Merkley

Congratulations To All Of Us....

Congratulations To All Of Us....

Rachel: "The Audacity Of Mope"

The News & Observer calls North Carolina for OBAMA

My Biggest Kudos To WndyCty, A Long Time DU'er

Ding Dong, the Pugs are Dead! Which Old Pugs? The Grand Old Pugs!

My new bumper sticker

WTH's Obama Presidential Rally pics

Wow... check out the Palin As President site, truly moving...

To all my gay brothers and sisters

Thursday is Lieberman’s 'day of reckoning'

With the changing of administrations in Washington...

Seymour Hersh; " "You wanna know about abuses and violations? Call me then(1/20/09)"

Joe the Intern Killer Scarborough gets his undies in a bunch over Rahm Emanuel

media focus on racial milestone of Obama's election overshadowing the repudiation of the GOP?

Thanks for MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN Keith, Cenk, Rachel, Josh Marshall, ...

Is NC official yet? Who won? I have been banned from the TV!

Do Republicans Have an Innate "Culture of Corruption" or...

FINAL TRACKING POLL: Obama Effect 52%, Bradley Effect 46%.

Wow. Look at New York City results

Which Presidential candidate got the highest number of popular votes ever?

America is NOT a "Center-Right Nation". . contrary to corporate media bs

Limited Edition Commemmorative Coin From Winston Elizabeth & Windsor

So ... anyone spotted John McCain (D) on Faux yet?

Fox Hunting is now LEGAL

Fox Hunting is now LEGAL

What is to happen to Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild? Now that the Elitist son of a single mom has

When's the last time people filled the streets in celebration of a Presidential election?

Bachmann won......... Crap

If it weren't for white male Protestant church going males who own guns,

Do Republicans Have an Innate "Culture of Corruption" or...

NeedleCast Reports: Sarah Palin Jubilant to be first woman vice president

'Rahmbo' Mulling it Over: ABC

Fight 8 in the courts

I nominate this the best picture of the Presidential Campaign.

Did anyone notice Obama's face when he took a last look at the crowd last night?

Who voted no to Proposition 2 in Florida? I did, and I am ashamed my state

'Shit', 'Fuck' and 'Dung' being debated in the Supreme Court...

'Shit', 'Fuck' and 'Dung' being debated in the Supreme Court...

W is as useful as:

The days between 12/15 and 1/3/9 will be the days of rage for Cheney and crew.

KO will be running the moment at Fox when they announce Obama's win. Is Obama Rightful Winner?

Would Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe

St. Louis Film Fest - "The Film that will put BUSH BEHIND BARS" needs your ratings! (until SAT)

AtomicKitten you are a prophet!

Blue Virginia

I'm tired of hearing people call Obama a socialist

Who cried last night when Obama won?

New Moms sometimes fall in Love

In Our Lifetime

Prediction: The Palin Post-Mortem Will Reveal The Role Dobson Played In Selecting Her For VP...

I have a new ballot proposition ... any supporters?

To those who wondered if DU would go away after we won...

First Public Work Project?:

First Public Work Project?:

Lawsuit to stop Prop. 8 to be filed with Calif. Supreme Court at noon today

When will it be safe to discuss Michelle's dress choice last night?

Painting themselves into a corner

And so it begins... (PZ Myers)

NPR: 33% of voters identified conservative, 66% Liberal or Moderate (1% other?)

Watching "The Presidents" on the History Channel

California gay-marriage vote still undecided

GRAB THE TISSUES! Boner is "deeply disappointed by the outcome of Tuesday's election..."

there is a difference between increasing the # of troops and decreasing the # of no bid contracts

Tinklenberg loses race to Bachmann...

Fox Reporter: Uniformed Secret Service "all smiles" at large crowd outside White House

Chances of improving on 56 senate seats are slim

Okay folks, it's time to be humble.

Joe the Plumber coming up on Hannity & Colmes disaster

Wexler deserves a good job too! Where?

Even Kurovski and I aren't throwing each other under the bus like McCain-Palin

Do we have to wait till President Obama forms the secret national police

Michael Crichton has died.

Design a re-education method for your favorite wingnut. Here's mine for Rush:

The quadrennial real estate boomlet will start very soon.

And meanwhile back on PalinAsPresident

I loathe that "Prop H8" passed in Calli! But I seriously doubt it will ever be ratified.

Listening to Thom Hartman,

Guys, I'm worried we're going to get complacent. I think that last night

Hannity: "I congratulate Senator Obama. I wish you success."

Thom Hartman for FCC chair? n/t

I hope Susan Rice gets an important role in Obama's administration

Breaking: "Search On For Missing Bar"


Who will be Sanitizing their Facebook Friends List soon?

If Nothing Else, Passage of These Anti-Gay Amendments Show Us Where The NEXT Battle Must be Won

Does anyone know if the Sewage Treatment Plant is now appropriately named for GWBush ?

RFK Jr. being considered for environmental position

Id rather have Rahm Emanuel than Karl Rove

Was there a "Bradley effect" in Prop 8 voting?

Was there a "Bradley effect" in Prop 8 voting?

So, did Perry Logan's head explode yet?

I think Rahm is dragging his feet because he really wanted the senate seat or maybe Nancy's job

Great comments from Phil Platt: The Bad Astronomer

Rush is out of control! He thinks it would have been "cool" if the DC crowds stormed the White House

Rush is out of control! He thinks it would have been "cool" if the DC crowds stormed the White House

Rush is out of control! He thinks it would have been "cool" if the DC crowds stormed the White House

Petty as hell I know... but pics from McCain's concession speech

What of DU now?

How many felony charges do you need to be convicted on to lose in Alaska?

McCain Concession Event: Was that two of the chilliest brush offs in American politics er'what?

Should we send Sarah Palin some flowers?

Fresh Air from WHYY, November 5, 2008 - "Bill Moyers' View Of Contemporary America"

I'd like to thank all the young people at DU and across the nation.

I'd like to thank all the young people at DU and across the nation.

I Want to Bake a Turkey or Something

Well this just redefines ironic.

I just received this text message....

I just received this text message....

Why hasn't North Carolina been called yet?

RUNOFF IN GEORGIA (E-mail from Jim Martin)

Palin email I just recieved, HA!!

Attn: Team Obama I have something to help you.

It just dawned on me who Rahm looks like

Palin's illegal activities

The Indian and the Buffalo (not politically correct)

Oprah is on in DC now, not sure if it is national, and she is having an election special

The road ahead will be long

Complete this: "Good riddance to ________________ ."

To the Republicans: FROM NOW ON, NO YOU CAN'T!!! No You Can't...

The Proudest Grandmother Ever

Hannity spewing noxious poison into public airwaves and into brains of those

Janet Napolitano named to Obama transition team

ACLU: Plan for Restoring Civil Liberties in the Next Administration

BEST front page. Absolutely WONDERFUL! I'm crying again.

Please, President Obama, Sheila Bair instead of Larry Summers at Treasury!

Please, President Obama, Sheila Bair instead of Larry Summers at Treasury!

Which state's flip makes you most happy?

Are you listening to Thom Hartmann take apart this idiot conservative Joe.....

My mother said it best

Lets give some applause to Colorado

Newspapers announcing Obama victory fly off the racks.»

We NEED A Constitutional Amendment

When will NC be official? So far, none of the networks are mentioning it...

2010 = Census = Reapportionment = Critical state legislature elections

Suggestion: Update "The Peter Principle" to "The Palin Principle."

Did Anyone Else Think Obama Looked A Little Nervous Up On Stage Last Night?

Meghan McCain's dress last night...

Meghan McCain's dress last night...

I have a suggestion/idea for DU.

put my US flag up for the first time

Lynn Samuels is happy that Ted Stevens is winning!

The Last Fricking Election That They Could Attempt To Steal Is Over.

My prim and proper drugstore cashier told me today that she felt almost orgasmic

Consider all the terrible things that could have happened...

We've shown a lot love...for a lot of people..but have we

Call me crazy -- but I bet Bush actually winds up pretty decent in transition.

Happy Obama Day!

Any word about local elections nationwide?

Michael Moore - Happy at last - Sharing our Joy

Dear Nancy Reagan;

How many DUers have emailed Tina Fey

Who here has been telling people "Get over it!" "Love it or leave it!" etc.?

So the knife in McCain's back came from one of his own insiders.

Dow dumps, down almost 500 points. Why?

Details on Michelle Obama, Laura Bush Conversation

Obama Transition Team ... and up to date election map--

Oregon looking good for Merkley. Smith up by 7800 votes but Multnomah and Lane counties still have

Many years ago there was a little girl that was 1/2 white and 1/2 black

Old what's his name that dud in the phoney cowboy hat who sang yesterday for Mcnutball

How man Senate Seats do we have?

How man Senate Seats do we have?

Hey Minnesota! - Can the provisionals bring it in

I can't stop smiling...It is like a huge weight has been lifted

Pelosi Says Push for Bigger Stimulus May Await Obama

Does anyone remember the thread about the visitor having to explain who "Barack Obama" was to GW?

Why is Nedra "The Pickler" on AP radio?

The New National Handshake

Last night Chicago shined in Baracks spot light! (pic heavy)

Question for the DU admins

Today's cartoons

A tribute to Ann Nixon Cooper

The importance of an Obama win: The Supreme court is safe for 4 years

Congratulations to Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan!

So who has MP3's of Obama's speeches

What is your ONE outstanding memory from the campaign?

What is your ONE outstanding memory from the campaign?

What would you name the White House's new puppy?

Across the racial divide.

Am I the only one here who feels sorry for George W. Bush that he did not succeed?

First things First...

Need Help - Why Should the Wealthy be Taxed More?

Hahahaha!!! Collection of LOLs from pundit kitchen...

We are the new Promised Land!

Ouch... Charlie Brown trails McClintock in CA-04 by 644 votes

Great news from Kansas is beautiful today!

Rumors of Caroline Kennedy as the next ambassador to the UN....

VIDEO Do me a favour? Leave an 'I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE' comment

Anyone get the Commemorative Edition of the Washington Post?

Anyone get the Commemorative Edition of the Washington Post?

I need the "Statue of a crying Lincoln shaking Obama's hand pic!"

My George W. Bush Countdown Calendar suddenly has more resonance

Now we need to focus on holding the congress

Alaska Senate and House Races Bring Surprises

will we see a dramatic upsurge in KKK/far right wing/other racist group membership ?

DIGG Faux Video of Palin Getting Exposed!!!

VIDEO: The World reacts to Obama Victory (get the tissues it's a wet one)

VIDEO: The World reacts to Obama Victory (get the tissues it's a wet one)

AP: Dems, GOP, already targeting 2010 gov races

Can Sarah Palin appoint herself as the senator from Alaska

Hey, I found this cool Obama/Biden thing on Google maps

If President Obama wants Republicans in his cabinet--how about Linc Chafee?

Will someone please teach Jesse Jackson to speak english?

"Go D!"

We are the new Promised Land

Does anyone know if the new Time or Newsweek are on stands yet?

Why Can't He Close the Deal?

Great editorial cartoon by Clay Bennet

Great editorial cartoon by Clay Bennet

Which name will you be most happy to never hear again?

The only silver lining about Prop 8

The only silver lining about Prop 8

Who's still wearing their Obama buttons and gear?

Do you know what we really witnessed last night? (Hint* it wasn't just an election)

Hannity and Limbaugh will be good this morning.

a question about red states' livability....

Yes We Did!

***LA TIMES: California voters approve Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriages***

What was your "favorite" McCain or Palin moment during the campaign?

My favorite line from Barack's speech last night

Transcript Of Barack Obama's Victory Speech

It starts to make sense. What's more valuable: Stevens Begich gen election or a special election?

It just occured to me; how does President Obama open his State of the Union address?

It just occured to me; how does President Obama open his State of the Union address?

Is it January 20, 2009 yet?

Our New First Family

Cool Obama comment to copy and paste on YouTube comments...

Malware warning: Obama-themed malware on the rise

My French mom woke up at 5am her time to watch the results

So now, with no more excuses, we ought to find out how Dems REALLY feel about

Just on the news: District 2's electoral vote for president is still up for

Bill Richardson for Secretary of State

I miss the daily widget.

We are the New Promised Land

Wow, They're Making Barack Obama Money Already


VIDEO THREAD: Networks Projecting Obama Becoming the Next President

Yesterday the liberrals elected a terrierist muslin while our country is in taters!

I don't undersatand CA

Randi making a GOOD point - I hope Frankin wins, but he never believed

"This is exactly the outcome we wanted. Smirk." - Commander AWOL & republcion cronies

There was a cool drawing of all the presidents plus Obama. Now I can't find it. Help?

Doesn't Richardson have a good history of negotiating with foreign leaders? SOS?

My Maryland's in the 60% plus club!

My Maryland's in the 60% plus club!

So when will Cat Stevens be allowed back into the U.S.A. ?

anyone else visiting kayak or priceline, re: Jan

This guy is my new hero:

I would prefer toothpicks pushed into my eyeballs than to hear anymore that LIEberman ...........

Michael Crichton, Author, Dies at 66

Ye Gawds what is with that insane asylum....

Lawsuit Challenging Prop 8 in California Is Filed

we're going to have a president who's actually in charge.

F**CK the election post-mortem I am ready to get to work on the Triage

F**CK the election post-mortem I am ready to get to work on the Triage

About prop8, maybe instead of blaming black people, we should be blaming the middle class.

So, friends - we've now had about 24 hours to let this sink in. A question:

Why is it taking so long to count the Oregon Senate race?

Bud Light Real Men of Genius - "Real American A$$hole" commercial

3.5 million Texans voted for Obama. More than anywhere besides CA, FL and NY.

No Republicon Congress People On The East Coast?

I would like to think we can draw a cabinet and other high level appointees from OTHER THAN ........

I just got spam mail that was from BREAKING NEWS

I just got spam mail that was from BREAKING NEWS

A thread in which to post the "little" victories (state & local or Congress)

Yes. We Can.

They say "America's not ready for an African Amer president" AFTER Obama's been elected. Go figure.

How Likely Is a Recount to Favor Al Franken?

24 hours later ... and it still feels GREAT!

Self delete

Obama's near-flawless run from start to finish

Maybe Reid Should Put Lieberman In Charge of the X-Files

I'm sorry, but I can't find it in my heart to celebrate the election...

Prediction: Conservatives will politicize the Obamas choice of school for their daughters

Does anyone have a pic

Oregon: Merkly (D) projected winner in US Senate race

Transcript of Obama's Acceptance Speech

Will Vicent Bugliosi be able to find another State's Attorney to bring his

Will Vicent Bugliosi be able to find another State's Attorney to bring his

Anyone use MyWay as home page?

Remember this guy who named his kid after McCain/Palin?

work in God,gays,and guns country was fun today :)

Guess who got 27,000 votes in Florida??...a real asshole..........

Lieberman fears America 'won't survive' Democratic majority

I got a call from my son who goes to college in upstate NY. He's sick today because

Dems Gain in Oregon Senate Race, Three Other Races Unresolved

Do the Palins remind anyone else of the characters on "The Riches"?

Strange? No Mention in the Local Papers About The Freeper Who Was Going To "Emulate" Himself In NB

The Electoral College

I've never been his biggest fan, but Howard Dean has my thanks and gratitude today.

Island Son Is President-Elect

Worst Campaign Ever?

can Obama save christmas?

*** The Official Thank You DU Thread! ***

My precinct voted 93% for Obama.

What's first on the Things To Do list?

Should DU be insulted or flattered that Hannity wants to state a "conservative underground" group?

the moose heads in this photo have got to be chuckling to themselves...

Missouri and Indiana please Show Me Hoosier Daddy already


Greatest Republican Jabs at Democrats...let's remember them...

Has Obama destroyed the country yet?

It's so quiet.

HA HA! 'November's Book Selection', but I think it'll drop off the best-seller lists now. :^)

Where are the best places to find Obama swag?

Oh, shit. Not again.



I have never, in my life, felt this way before

*** Attn: many votes still to be counted in AK, Senate race not over ***

She was a stranger, and she kissed me.

She was a stranger, and she kissed me.

Who else can't stop smiling from ear to ear?

Photo: You know, I'm really going to miss captioning these McCain photos. Really.

New Mexico is 100% blue!!

Republicans cry crocodile tears

What happens to Obama & Biden's seat in Senate?

My plea to Obama: appoint federal judges who reject the legal fiction of 'corporate personhood'

Post election support important

"Realize That Obama's Election Was Made Possible In G Bush's America."

Oprah Unleashed in Post-Election Show

Who would like to see Obama select an openly Gay cabinet member?


Hackers and Spending Sprees

BEWARE THE MEDIA!! They are already pounding wedges!

Obama has built a bridge to somewhere

GOP-Civil War begins, quietly ...(?)


End of the Rule of Monsters

My Election Night Story

Silent Thread for the man who made it possible

don't blame blacks for things you don't like that only some individuals do (even if many)

Come Out.

JOHN KERRY on Short List for Secretary of State

JOHN KERRY on Short List for Secretary of State

Anyone have newspaper covers yet??

President-elect Obama's words on the immaturity of some....

Failure to Blow Election Stuns Democrats: Huffington Post

Very upset - This is the reaction I heard today

"Obama is not complete African President. That's over-sense!111"

Proposition Eight... and the pain that it will engender

Proposition Eight... and the pain that it will engender

Holy crap, look at this map of political changes from 2004-2008

In honor of Atlanta's own Ann Nixon Cooper I'm...

In honor of Atlanta's own Ann Nixon Cooper I'm...

Did you notice the dog whistle in the McCain concession last night?

Happy Days. The closest red state to me is over 600 miles away

*sigh* - The Transition Process Will Be Like VP Speculation On Steroids

Barack Obama wins 77 percent of Jewish vote, exit polls show

So.... does this mean that OPERATION CHAOS officially didnt' work?

Ron Clark Academy kids after the election (MUST WATCH)

The more things change...etc. (non-election related)

Ahem!..Media types...Listen up!

GOP Bleeds Military Support

There is an immature, uninformed minority in this Country


Businesses owned by the mormon church FWIW

The whole world rejoiced.

What Should We Do Today, Camrades?

U.S. troops abroad follow election results

Jubilation in Portland, Oregon (pic).

Why is Alaska's Senate race still uncalled?

Freepers think Obama stole the election (and Obama voters are "THUGS" and "LEACHES")!

16 Years ago

Today's FRONT PAGES are stunning......

I hope that Obama will have time to go to his Grandmother's Funeral....

Look at the race in VA's 5th District...31 votes!!!

I have a question...

Remember, Remember the 5th of November - 2008!

Time to thank Pelosi and Reid for their leadership.

Time to thank Pelosi and Reid for their leadership.

To all those who said we could not...

So do Bristol and Levi still have to get married?

There are a lot of unsung heroes today. Let's remedy this. Who do YOU want to personally thank?

A story I have to relate to DU

106-year-old Atlanta woman basks in Obama tribute

Time for a Flag

Supreme Court Discussion. Which Justices will be retiring in January?

Now we have to hope and pray we run the table in the final four

Good news in Idaho

U.S. Airstrike Kills 90 in Afghan Wedding Party

Damn, I wanted Mizzou to shove in Limbaugh's fat face

What the world wants from its new President - long but very good

Wouldn't YOU love to get this for Xmas?

Let's play a round or two of "Fill The Senate Seat".

Can we start talking about replacing all Blue Dogs and DLC NOW?

Senator Obama, adopt your puppy from high kill Gaston, NC shelter!!

Best Guess- Will Bill Clinton Have A Formal/Semi-Formal Role In Obama Administration?

Is anyone else sick of these ads on the DU that say things like "Did Obama buy the Election?" or

What was repudiated, really?

Why is everyone hating on my my dudette Rachel Maddow?

Freeper Vacation Spot

BREAKING: Merkley overtakes Smith in OR-SEN vote count!!!

Does anyone remember seeing faces like this in 2004?

I am really feeling bad for Hillary now ...even though I hated her and Bill during the primaries

I did not realize the word "Impeachment" was anathema around here now. What did I miss?

Merkley is closing in.

Remember remember the fifth of november.......

Obama - A Potential Combination Of Woodrow Wilson, FDR and JFK

I'm so pathetic that political cartoons get me emotional.

Three great images from BartCop

Three great images from BartCop

From Mudflats - “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,”

OK This Has To Stop... It Is Not A Sport ... And Is Nothing To Laugh About...

What makes PRESIDENT-ELECT Obama so cool?

Stealing signs - the day after???

Washington Post announced that they “sold out within hours” today

DUers who were in Greek Life (Fraternities/Sororities) in College: I have a question

Obama victory in my corner of South Korea

Do you plan to adopt a more positive political rhetoric during Obama's presidency?

WSJ: Obama has a "special obligation" to put to rest the "myth of racism"

I can't help but remember the Schakowsky Obama/Bush story from 2002 today...

Some Chicago/Grant Park pictures...forgive the lack of photography skills. Dialup Warning....

Coleman tells Franken to abandon any pursuit of a recount.

America unites on the collective intolerance of LGBT folk.

President Obama First Thing In Office

My civil rights vs someone else's.

I put my flag up today for the first time since 2004

just hours after victory, "Obama assassination" topped Google search terms

I hate hate hate hate hate the word "handout"

OK. Pick your dream cabinet (including Supreme Court justices).

I'm watching local news and they're showing American

Alaska and Minnesota Senate races - were they legit?

Whats going on in Missouri and N. Carolina

Abortion rights should be based on equality, not privacy

OMG - Tommy Franks is spanking Sean Hannity. Defending Obama and telling Sean "get

Suggestion for the Obama family in the WH. Purify the place

Rep. Blunt to give up whip post, sources say

Post Fave First Family Pic Here:

For those who came of political age in 2001

I cannot wait until we bring back the Fairness Doctrine, and get Hannity off the fucking air

These Post-Election Comments By Republicans Remind Me Of Pro Wrestling

Some very disturbing trends here re Prop 8.

What President Elect Obama has done to me so far:


Worthwhile TV - tonight's PBS Lehrer newshour was spectacular.

Victory LULZ: Fresh Images from the Pundit Kitchen!

So what have yall heard so far from the repukes today?

Fux News must really be out to destroy palin

Congratulations Mormon and Catholic Churches

Barack Obama is possibly the MOST ASTUTE politician I've ever watched (5/17/05)

Bwahahaha. Carl Cameron reports Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

Overheard on NPR: why the two crowds were so different

"The George W. Bush Appreciation thread"

Police probe Election Night threat to Obama

So, Palin felt SHE should have been allowed to address the Nation last night? WTF??

Joan Baez and band play impromptu concert for Obama volunteers

Did any of the Gay Adoption Bans pass?

Almost 8 years ago, I...

ANCHORAGE - Can Sarah Palin go home again?

I hate that they've ruined this morning for me

Dahr Jamail *I Wouldn`t Wish War On My Own Worst Enemy*

A Defense Strategy

If Rahm Emanuel is Chief of Staff


PALAST: The Pits: Georgia's GOP Swipes the Peach State

I love you.

Let's Abolish the Electoral College!

106-year-old Atlanta woman basks in Obama tribute

The new era needs a name. I propose "Obamalot."

I am tired of the hate

Now, here's some good news.

Via Anchorage daily News.. 20+ hilarious pages of comments on the "return of the Sarah"

Are the DNC lawyers looking into Alaska law to see if it's legal

Can we discuss how the Bush era sparked an activist revolution?

Obama's replacement in the Senate?

NYS Senate went Dem for the first time in decades

FREEREPUBLIC: "Day 1 of the Resistance"

How long will DU's honeymoon with Obama last?

Beautiful Joel Pett Cartoon. Please post your favorite post election cartoon.

Is anyone else really excited about Michelle Obama being our First Lady?

What sort of puppy ?

Discovering the ignorance of old friends through Facebook today.

Obama threat squelched?

Yes. We Can.

News Corp. profit declines 30%

My heart is breaking for my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

Real identity of Norm Coleman? feeling silly today...

Sounds like I "missed" my weekly freeping,,,I mean meeting

Ok might be a stupid questions but it wont be the first one I asked on here lol so what does...

Same-sex marriage is inevitable at this point

Send Sarah Palin Flowers and/or Email Thank You Note...(Freeperville plan)

Perhaps now Al Gore can get some of HIS work done.

Sarah Palin = Katherine Harris, Sarah is finished in the GOP.....

I'm asking DUers for a small moment of their time (help)

What, not again! No again tonite?

"The Palins were like the Wasilla Hilbillies, looting Nieman Marcus from coast to coast"

Obama should appoint 2 GOP Cabinet members

What kind of "change" do you think Rahm Emanuel represents?

Keith Olberman

Kucinich coming up on O'Lielly

Guys, just a thought, if you want to get a newspaper as a keepsake for today,

What a Beautiful (and color coordinated!) Family!

New Mexico turns 100% BLUE!!

The Anger Is Gone

Something to look forward to. Think about all the apocalyptic shit supposed to happen now...

Bring on the Employee Free Choice Act!!!

I can't believe Alaskans elected a convicted felon.

Anyone know where I can get one of those black stickers that say...

Failure to impeach: A new "covenant with death and agreement with hell"

One difference between how liberals and conservatives ...

PHOTO: Fearful of lunatic Palin returning to Alaska, the exodus has begun . . .

39-61. 61-39.

Waxman is going after Dingell chairmanship

I'm so proud of my republican brother! He voted against his own financial interests, & voted Obama

Get Ready To View The Change! palinaspresident is OVAH!

Get Ready To View The Change! palinaspresident is OVAH!

Apparently, Rahm Emmanuel WILL BE chief of staff (on MSNBC a moment ago). nt

The good things thread.

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King Jr. could walk.

Sasha and Malia are getting a puppy!

Ha, ha, ha! Laura Bush is a Maverick!

MSNBC Joe Scarborough tearing up

What time do you think the cable news channels knew an Obama landslide was coming yesterday?

Here is to the review and rollback of *'s signing statements now

All of the negative things said today by the neo-cons inspired (warning) a poem

Earlier this year, Palin said "So Sambo beat the bitch"

Anyone else notice the diff between McCain's speech and Obama's

Moose and Squirrel go back to Alaska

Best "Worst Person" EVER!!!

E.J. Dionne: An end to a conservative era; not "the silent majority" but the future majority

All the African American milestones that are cited now

Rachel Maddow

Which phrase was most damaging to the GOP ticket?

Trash Day in the neighborhood

I felt pretty bashful today . . . not as strident as I might have imagined I'd feel

On Moving into the White House

Thanks Teddy Kennedy

The word of the day for me: CATHARSIS

CAPTION Bush *finally* getting the message

Freepers are 'discusted'

Does anyone else get the feeling Condi Rice voted for Obama?

From Newsweek -- Dangerous Palin rally hatred...just what DUers suspected

Tonight was a bad night for equality

First time since I was a little kid that I am not disgusted by the American flag and patriotic music

We have made quite the stride, but we have sadly replaced a minority

Please help me find a thread.

Call Harry Reid!

Krugman Nails It BIG: "The End Of The Monster Years"

Entire GOP women's board resigns over Muslim remarks

beautiful historic slideshow black modern history includes Obama

RFK, Jr. as head of EPA? Can you imagine THAT?

Watch Oprah today! She said she can finally speak about the election. Plus

Stevens has not won yet.

Lieberman vows to suck up to his fellow Dems in order to keep his chairmanship...

Palin could end up in the Senate if Stevens resigns???

Why should John McCain be allowed to keep his dignity?

Ok I thought Rahm was a good guy? No? Please explain why yall dont like him..

And one more thing. Gayle Quinnell, Obama is now YOUR President-elect

One down, onto Step #2

Maybe in the next 8 years we will get a baby boy Obama in the White House

How would gov't have bailed out Wall St. if they were middle class or poor?

Memes that need to be put to rest

"Who cares...they don't matter anymore"

Where is the gay MLK?

Mandela congratulates President Elect Barack Obama

Gag, gag, spit, gag....

Scheunemann, a McCain aide, fired for 'trashing' staff. Juicy

It sucks living in a red state.

am I reading it right? 4.2 million spread?

Albemarle County (VA) GOP on Eliminating Perriello Ballots: "Think like a bad guy."

Spike Lee on Morning Joe tells it like it is.

My neighbor down the street put his flag out upside down.

7 million votes

Novak: 3 Million Vote Margin = Mandate For Bush; 7 Million For Obama = No Mandate

I didn't realize Biden's seat was up for reelection...we never heard about it at all

is there a site for watching the Alaska Senate count? still 60k votes outstanding

All the "insider" stuff we heard FR the week before the election was BS (What gives?)

A horrible prediction about Palin.

Wow, CNN, that's some world class pandering.

My video shot in Times Square when Obama was announced President-Elect:

W won't have a sewage plant named after him after all.

We Are Not Even Hostages.

PROP 8 Lawsuit... already filed and looking good.

Sarah Palin wanted to speak last night - rebuffed!!

Mike Malloy going off on prop h8 now


Obama's victory will help inner-city kids look beyond sports: "This gives us hope."

I'm surrounded by bigots

Never mind ... question was answered.

I just realized that Rahm Emanuel is the brother of famous Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, who...

Rahm to be Obama Chief of Staff

Rahm to be Obama Chief of Staff

oh never mind

Did we ever get to change our names?

Chicago-area man arrested with guns, ammo

Why the GOP filibuster isn't going to be a big problem.

Merkley takes Oregon; good-bye Gordon Smith

Love the way Republicans are now saying....

Dick Cheney battles Laura Bush over protecting Pacific Ocean

Some Web Site shout outs - these kept me sane and informed last night

The right wing response to losing will be to go further right.

Does Anyone Know What Rush...

Wasilla Hillbilly !!!

I hope everyone in the world feels like this...

Dear rightwingnuts; have you started getting a glimmer yet? Have you started to figure it out yet?

Want to burn through some more tissues?

The end of an era - Windows 3.x (BBC)


What's The Possibility That Bush Will Sign an Economic Stimulus Package?

If the mouthbreathers where you work don't stop this racist blather try this

Are there exit polls for white voters in the south that divides by age

Election Cartoons

Let's flood Reid's email w/ calls to remove JL's chairs

A tribute to those unsung heros and heroines of the campaign - the OBAMA staffers!

South Park is doing an episode about the 2008 election.

What was Clinton's Electoral counts?

Prop 8 declared passed in Cal.

PALIN: Didn't know Africa was a Continent?!?! (VIDEO LINK INCLUDED)

Delete, posting bug error

Delete, posting bug error

If Bush 50.7% = Mandate then Obama 52.3% = Mandate

This "Right of center" talking point is PISSING ME OFF.

RW hate is worried about Fairness...check out this email in my spam folder

Freeper has a plan to salvage Bush's place in the history books

Jon Stewart is afraid someone on the NY streets is going to invite him over for pie!

Celebrate today, but tomorrow, back to work. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

Updating the "Dem Prez" graphic & DELETING a couple of others. Guess which.

With Rahm by his side, Obama proves he has learned the lessons of Carter and Clinton.

Few questions for the New Prez

Fox News seems to be in a panic. They know that the next few years are going to be lean

I was curious...

Frankly....I Don't Want to Hear of any Talk about...

The criminals/terrorists in the White House need to be

The Wasilla Hillbilly is Going Home

Ring Ring Hello Joe Lieberman Harry Reid wants to talk to you.

So what cabinent post should Gov. Howard Dean get?

A day later: Has it sunk in yet the magnitude of this election of Obama?

McCain Aide: "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast" (Newsweek)

HEY! "Get a Brain, Moran" Guy is a star!

Congrats, Jeff Merkley.......

Apartheid and Old IU

I know Prop 8 et al, SUCKS, but SD abortion ban fails, and considering the state, that's BIG news!

If the republicans want to be relevant, what do they need to do to reinvent themselves?

I guess Bush,Cheney and Rupert Murdach got thier new world order

At the first meeting of our new Senate caucus, who should introduce the motion to EXPEL HolyWarJoe?

Will Joe the Plumber now go the way of Kato Kaelin and William Hung? .......

Okay DUers: Fantasy Draft Obama's cabinet.

Just to go on the record (as if it matters): I'm not an OBAMA follower:: I'm a Democrat

Why We're Waiting on the Final Results

Newsweek: Palin Spending Spree Far Exceeded $150,000

Anyone missing the excitement of the election? The daily poll checks, the phone banking, the

Tom Brokaw today asserted that despite Obama's victory, he'll be governing a nation that's....

How Must It Feel To Be A Republican Watching Grant Park and the World Celebrate Obama's Victory?

Will Harry Reid grow a new spine with a bigger majority and a blue Nevada to support him?

It's heartwarming to see most everyone here appreciating Hillary so much

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A Small Artistic Token Of Appreciation For My DU Family... (photoSHOP)

Letterman: Barack Obama is our new president. Anyone mind if he starts a little early?

Crow, I want some crow... REALLY... tippy tappy feet to be WRONG

2 questions, did * ever call to congratulate the President Elect &

The watchword for the next eight years.....

RIP Yma Sumac

WTF? Joe the Plumber was on Hannity and Colmes tonight?

Any excuse will do

Who's going to keep Sarah from shooting wolves?!

Is the war in Iraq Genocide?

Life *does not* begin at conception

And once again I am remimded why I hate VISTA

I'm So Sorry (to every married couple in California).

DU'ers who love "Fluff & Fashion"'s a site about Michelle...who has Great Style!

Yep. It's pretty much suicide watch here at work.

More pictures from around the World:

Regarding the Supreme Court Appointee

If you could, would you change your DU handle?

south park

To all straight DU'ers talking about "GLBT RIGHTS"

Can someone explain to me why Rahm Emanual's politics matter.

McCain still insists he's right where he wants to be

CeLeBrAtIoN tHrEAd!

Since we are in a new era and all...

Isn't this a sweet picture of Republicans watching results?

I went into one of the local saloons here in town for lunch today

Hey, Sarah! Betcha Can't Name the countries of North America!

Politico Libels Obama

Calling Blue_In_AK! Blue_In_AK, we need you! HELP!


Wake Up!!!

Anyone who thinks McCain should be shown any kindness must watch this.

The Election of Barack Obama...

Does anyone feel sorry for John McCain?

May I humbly recommend as chair of the RNC

Chavez congratulates Obama. Says "Change has moved North" !

So Who Do We Have To Replace Obama And Biden In Senate?

A rant about San Francisco, with a pathetic 49.8% turnout rate (NSFW)

And so it comes to this ....... such a waste

I enjoyed watching Sarah Palin cry during McCains concession speech!

I am PO'ed about Prop 8 but take a look at the Presidential map

Tonight America should be proud! ....

The Sarah Palin Appreciation Thread

Should Hollywood remake "Blazing Saddles" staring Obama and Biden in the lead roles?

The OTHER Election Night Story in Georgia (Savannah Daily News)

My Best Friend Cried With Me Today


Dear Admins, May we please have a :fistbump: smilie?

Stick a fork in her, she's done. No 2012. GOP war on.

Gay CA Obama supporter, black armband today (rec if you are sad too)

Oh, Please..

Good heavens! FOX reports Palin did not know Africa is a continent, or the countries making up NAFTA

Day one after the election TDS guest Chris Wallace

New Rachel Maddow Poll - What Should Obama's Priorities Be?

New Rachel Maddow Poll - What Should Obama's Priorities Be?

Yo, Lieberfuck!

Kudos to IOWA!!! If there were a mountain or beach there, I'd consider a move!

Kudos to IOWA!!! If there were a mountain or beach there, I'd consider a move!

What was "The Moment" for you in this campaign?

Senator McCain, I will forgive you, but I will NOT forget the campaign that you ran.

Here's the cabinet,make up your dream team.

May we have a moment of silence for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in FL?

and I really thought Aaron Tipping's endorsement would of changed the election

AP: John Kerry actively seeking Secretary of State post

The mother of all breaking news!

A Necessary Illness

Armed with more Dems, Pelosi poised to get tougher

The Problem that the Republicans have for 2012:

Who will TIME magazine pick as Person of the Year?

Fuck I'm still soaring from last night

Near top of to do list: GLBT RIGHTS!!!

End of third parties?

Damn. I woke up late "Noon" and could not find one local or national paper anywhere

Look at Sarah

To those Market-savvy DUers --

Describe how you're feeling today in two words. Feel free to swear and stuff.

"Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast"

the man who made it possible

LOL Hannity Got Dressed Down By Karl Rove and Tommy Franks

Meet the New Treasury Secretary, Sheila Bair.

WITH VIDEO: Cameron spills the beans on Sarah Palin (more incompetent than you thought)


You wanna know how they could've gotten more support for defeating Prop 8 around here?

Freepers. You have 10 days to collect your personal belongings

What position should Dennis Kucinich have in Obama's administration?

Freepers want to boycott Frederick's of Hollywood

Sarah Palin: Tales from the Crypt

Will Obama Usher In Credit Card Reform?

Coleman - If he was Franken he wouldn't request a recount

Coleman - If he was Franken he wouldn't request a recount

How About A Cheer For Florida! We came through Guys!

In 1800, the White House was built mainly by African-American slaves.

Leave it to Wal-Mart to make me cranky today

Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again

Dean doesn't think we are a "center right" country. Will be on C-Span at 8:45 tonight

Here's why we lost MO:

MN Franken/Coleman recount procedures - this will be INTERESTING!

US Attorney General Thread - Picks?

Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair.

For all us GODLESS AMERICANS!!!11!!, this feels SO goooooooood!

My my, the racial hatred at work today.

Besides the American people, who will benefit the most from Palin not getting elected?

"How He Did It" -- Fascinating article on President-elect Obama's campaign from Newsweek

The doomsayers here were wrong- as they were in 2006.

Overheard on the bus: "I can't believe that so many people voted for that nigger."

Message from Physicians for a National Health Program

Hope and Change, Yes We Can! But Not All of Us Won Yesterday.

William Ayers interviewed today.

Limbaugh: "Time to Cleanse the Republican Party"

I want to tell you about Columbus, OH, Precinct 12B.

"Get Ready to Turn Inward" (Interesting Post by Chris Bowers, "Open Left")

theres some weird stuff being reported up in alaska. Anybody connected up that way?

Coming Soon! Sara Palin's Autobiography -- Name The title Contest....

Patrick J. Fitzgerald for Attorney General

Anyone just watch LAW & ORDER on NBC???

Hey Skinner, when will we get our Username Amnesty

Be sure to have a look at PalinAsPresident today!

So Skinner, when is the name change amnesty gonna happen? :)

New York Times front page: November 5, 2008

Were there any states that Democrats could get in 2012?

The long knives are out for Palin

Texas Democrats reeling after statewide defeats in 2008 campaign

LOL! Fox is SOOO throwing Sarah under the bus!! VIDEO!

How Biden boosted the Democratic Ticket (from ABC)


I will surely not agree with all of President Elect Obama's picks for his team.

CNN Wins Cable Election Night With Best Night Ever

Should you feel guilty about the schadenfreude you feel today?


Time for graywarrior to keep the promise -- RELEASE THE DUCK!

Can we now get rid of the hyphenated term "African-American" and

A good story from yesterday at the polls.

Holy Shit! Palin report by Faux News Chief Carl Cameron on O'Reily Factor is a killer!!.

Ban on Gay Marriage Still Too Close to Call-- millions of absentee ballots!

Pinch me! RFK jr. as head of the EPA!

LOL Cat Obama Happy Dances!!!

Anyone Else Wonder Who The Guy Was That Oprah Leaned On, Crying?

The supreme court in california will overturn prop 8.

God Removes His Hand from the United States - The Freepers Mourn

So What's Next for Sarah Palin? Mudflats

Franken, Dems, Have Recount History On Their Side

Politico: Obama considers RFK for EPA and Caroline for U.N.

*** Unofficial Appreciation Thread ***

Pelosi lectures Obama: 'You must govern from the middle!'

Thanks DUers, Project X was a HUGE success!

Joe the Plumber not going away. Going to start a "watchdog" group

Do you hear that sound?!

The shots last night of Jesse Jackson in Chicago with tears

I just woke up from 36+ hours of sleep. Did I miss anything?

The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

Did I miss the market watch thread?

Can Bush start any shit before he leaves office?

Part VI: The Concession

Can you recommend places near to Washington to stay in?

The most profound statement I've read on Prop 8 results.

Prop8: the battle has just begun

Time to boycott the RW Talk Show advertisers

MSNBC: "It's hard not to look at the map ... and not view the GOP as a REGIONAL PARTY right now."

MSNBC: "It's hard not to look at the map ... and not view the GOP as a REGIONAL PARTY right now."

Breaking up is hard to do: Longtime Freeper leaves fold in disgust.

Does Al Franken have any chance of winning the recount?

Ben Nelson(D-Ne) poised to lead (Senate) as moderates gain strength

Can someone please tell me why Harry Reid is so disliked around here?

Rahm Emanuel - It's Official - Chief of Staff!

Rahm Emanuel - It's Official - Chief of Staff!

McCain went home immediately after his speech. Fireworks and laser light show were abandoned

Did Anyone Notice The Report That Bobby Jindal Will Be Visiting Iowa Later This Month?

How do you stop hating someone?

Prop 8 gotcha pissed off?

Curious - Why Is Fox Throwing Palin Under The Bus?

Knock holes in my suggestion for Chrysler

RUNOFF IN GEORGIA!!! (E-mail from Jim Martin)

Your name for the First Dog ?

Sy Hersh's "STARTING GUN" People Lining Up To Talk-'ABOUT ABUSES & VIOLATIONS On 1/20/09'

I'm not happy with Obama's choice of Rahm Emanuel

Religious Right leaders are already rearing their heads in opposition to Obama.

So what kind of puppy should they take to the White House?

In MY LIFETIME, blacks weren't allowed to drink from the same water fountain as me.

Anyone who talks about, jokes about, or advocates

*** Post Election TOONs: *Whew!* ***

Cindy Sheehan got 17% of the vote against Pelosi.

Repuke colleagues were cordially nasty today

Subpoena Dementia

From "We're Sorry, Everyone" to "Obama victory sparks cheers around the globe!!"

Drudge blows it again!!

Obviously, there are some folks on the Internet who weren't happy with the election

The rapture ready folks have lost it

Hana hou... Hawaii legislature: 76 seats, 8 Republicans, 68 Democrats

Freepers at work were awfully quiet today.

MSNBC floating idea of RFK Jr. as Obama EPA Chief.

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) won by 3 points.

More Good News !

Obama Owes Much to Hillary: (1) She hardened him for the GE (2) She Worked her heart out for Him

I am an angry Californian who will NEVER be polite about the Mormon 'religion' again.

Letterman: "Senator McCain, you don't show up for me and America doesn't show up for you."

***Your Gay and Lesbian Democrats Suffered Greatly Last Night , at the hands of Dems***

Now that Sarah has lost, how long before the Levi & Bristol wedding is called off?

*****The Official ZOMG Al vs. Norm Thread*****

Is the New Deal Democratic Party dead?

Oh they go: Fundies fear "persecution" under President Obama and Democratic Congress

WTF California? You're supposed to be the progressive state.

A folding metal chair...

It's time for a second Reconstruction

Way to treat the family elders

The biggest losers last night were both Obamas.

I for one loved Michelle's dress

The next best thing to a woman president...Ladies, we have MICHELLE OBAMA

Hold on here! Let's set the record straight

Want to see some really sore losers?

Kick if you're looking forward to seeing Palin donate her wardrobe to charity!

Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing the funeral of Obama's grandmother

Didn't the Palins look pissed last night.

Meet Bernice/Great-Granddaughter of Slaves/Obama Voter..

Do you think it hurts Shrub when he watches people dancing in the streets.....

Talk to me. Why did blacks vote overwhelming against gay rights in CA?

some of Rahm Emanuel's very afraid.

Oh snap..Colmes just reminded Joe the dumber he was once on welfare..and

Contact Nancy Pelosi right now and demand impeachment


94% of CA is not at fault for prop 8 passing

Comparison of the 2008 and 2004 Presidential Exit Poll Discrepancies and their Significance

Just a small reminder from days past 'Bipartisanship Equals Date Rape'

A Theory.

Name one civil right a man has that a woman doesn't. Just one. NAME ONE. - prop8

What this election means to me, as a 50-year-old white woman...

Ok Listen The Fuck Up. If You Aren't For Marriage Rights For All, You Have Your Priorities Fucked.

Proposition 8 Exit Poll: Whites oppose blacks support, latinos divided

Proposition 8 Exit Poll: Whites oppose blacks support, latinos divided

I love Hillary's website

It is Mr. Bush Who Has Been the Disgrace

A hard headed, clear eyed look at gay marriage propositions, African Americans, the church

***~~~~1-20-2009 DC check in thread~~~~***

Grant Park photos from last night

Ron Paul Rally Photo!

* Making history: A view from Obama's victory celebration *

One of my many thoughts on Obama's Win last night

President Obama, Bayard Rustin and our collective debt to humanity

Shout Out ! To Phrigndumass !!! The Daily Widget ! Came VERY close.

I want to express my warmest congratulations to all our African-American DUers on this historic day.

Rec. this if you think it's time for PELOSI and REID to be congratulated.

It's up to us.

that firework was a lot bigger and louder than i thought it would be

Obama destroyed the Death Star, melted down Sauron's ring

Allow me to raise my can of Diet RC to toast our great victory!

Time for a Joyful Noise!

Sweet bald-headed Jesus, I'm so glad "nukular" is behind us.

I Have Seen...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Rec. this if you think it's time for PELOSI and REID to be replaced.

I loooove youuuuu!!!!!

it's a new dawn, it's a new day.. and we're feeling good!

I wish I could stay up all night with you, my fellow DUers, but I have work tomorrow.

Hugs for everybody. Hell...I'll even hug you freeper lurkers, I'm so damn happy!

I'm back from my college dems party

It's great that Obama won, but guys, there is more to think about

The only thing I'm sad about--I wish my mom could see this.

Only One thing bothering me tonight.........

I have a pussy and yes, I am bawling like a baby.

Look how close the Minnesota Senate Race is

Barack Obama is our 44th President

. goes for Obama!!!!

I had to go in to work from 5pm to almost 9pm PST and missed all the action..

I'm gonna miss my Sig graphic...what should I switch it to?

Thousands take to street in Seattle

Barack Obama


Arizona and Nevada

I'm very, very relieved this early morning

Dead sober, peaceful, happy, not angry for once. n/t

So have there been any unmaskings tonight?

I am happy for the Obama win, but am really sad that Prop 8 looks like it is going to win

I cried when Obama made his speech just now.

Should I sleep in and skip 1st period tomorrow morning?

I've been impressed by political speeches before

Dupe please delete

Happy NEW WORLD, people!

"Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress"

My Bad. Sent email to repukes I know


I dozed off , who won ?

The body of "Victor the Victory Elephant" was found this morning in a dumpster outside

How republicans feel today...

I don't even have any beverage with which to celebrate!

Good Morning. Thought I'd treat everyone to another phenomenal "dog dance"

Ahem! I shall strut my stuff now.

I got my Birthday Present

Pizza delivery in GD!

I'd like to point out to certain people

Y'know what this feels like?

My Coworker has an Obama tie on today!

I am turning my flag sticker right side up and buying an

Massachusetts DECRIMINALIZED POT yesterday

I'm officially declaring the new name for 2008 - Twenty-Obama-Eight

Good Morning Lounge!!!

I'd like to thank the Lounge for inspiring me

I KNEW it. I knew that if the B@L's got the word that the Germany job for my Mr. was a go that Obama

I went to the victory party at the Hyatt in downtown Milwaukee tonight

Some thoughts on a groundbreaking campaign

Folks- we have a live one.

Two questions

I was working last night, so I'm late to the party.

Who's making pie today?

Last night a miracle happened:

So there were no high-profile freep-outs here yesterday?

The Fundies at work today! Man I wish today lasted forever.

Start Some Sh*t Thread

I'm plain kooky today.

Office is EMPTY at palin as president

"So the election's over - no more DU, right?"

Hey, did anyone check the news today?

I watched the election in a bar in Downtown Vancouver filled with

My eight year nightmare is almost over. Woot!!!!

Anyone else hungover?

LaraMN Is Celebrating Bachmanns Victory

So who was in the paper and on TV last night?

So is MA's decriminalization of weed going to change the nature of the Boston DU gatherings?

Interview this a.m.: car wouldn't start.

Californians We Are All With You On 8

I am heartbroken over Prop 8

Way to not fuck it up tonight, America.

Brenda The Maid Votes Republican, Midlo Kicks Her Out

Unpublished Picture of Obama in Kenya

Whole planet is proud of the USA

44 is a good number ....

Now that Obama won can madinmaryland still be mad?

So when do Canadians start coming down to the Lower 48 +1?

i will offer a hekatomb to the gods in honor of their beneficence last night

Yesterday, something incredible, historic and amazing happened. Truly unbelievable.

ok, so when do i get my public gay sex and wealth redistribution check?

I'm playing hooky today

Hey KitchenWitch!

Did Prop 8 really pass in California?

I wish I could be happy today

The MNkids were like Pavlov's dogs last night,

My niece turned 21 yesterday - what a hell of a birthday!

President-elect Obama, we support the prosecution of Bush administration criminals

President-elect Obama, we support the prosecution of Bush administration criminals

So, my fundy coworker gives me 'knuckles' today for something work related

Important question on this Historic Day. Did they duck get freed? (Inaugeration Day)

Man Caught Climbing over White House Fence

President-elect Obama to start receiving the Presidential Daily Briefing

The Flag is flying on my front porch.

An old man in front of the White House...

I think this is animal abuse or is it human abuse

Greetings to members of Democratic Nation! Skinner, we await the name-change!

The REAL glass ceiling has finally been smashed

it's 2pm central....

I wasnt prepaired to be happy today, WOW!

I have to confess

Homophobia Still Exists

Wes Clark is giving President Obama his Daily Briefing

Well Happy LynneSin Day

Can I just say it is so much fun


So Sarah Palin winks at Todd and says, "Honey, tonight you'll be sleeping with the Vice President"

OK what was that BS on CNN about holograms yesterday?

A trip down memory lane...

Now that he's President, will spellcheck STOP underlining "Barack Obama"?

I Feel BLUE Today

Well thanks to Obama my facebook is lighter!

Aaarrrghhh. Can anybody help me figure out how to put a Bush Countdown clock in my sig line?

Aaarrrghhh. Can anybody help me figure out how to put a Bush Countdown clock in my sig line?

Y'all seen today's Winnipeg Sun?

Who fries their turkey for Thanksgiving and do you use corn flakes or bread crumbs?

anyone ever have to fly w/ surgical staples?

I Wonder If My Harry and David Gift Basket Made It

Anybody heard from Stephen Baldwin yet?

Oh, I'm looking forward to Bill O' - whoo hooo...

Funny McCain supporter encounter today

The Schadenfreude is strong with this one

Forget the election, this is THE news story of the day!

I just received a mystery gift basket from Harry and David

I Want To Deliver Pizza's In GD-P

Any plans for a DU meet-up in DC on Jan. 20, 2009??

Well, looks like I just lost my first friend due to the Obama victory.

I'd like to dedicate this thread to the now departed neo-con repiglican party

I'd like to dedicate this thread to the now departed neo-con repiglican party

Where Is LynneSin

This Is The Only Thing I Can Say Today

Time to Shout it !

RW'ingers going totally nuts

I got the best birthday present today!

Appoint LynneSin To Replace Biden

"I drove the car into a tree, bent the suspension, ground the transmission" - Obama, you can have it

I ventured into Freeperville last night just for the heck of it

We cheered for McCain when Obama mentioned him. We're definitely better than the Freepers.

We cheered for McCain when Obama mentioned him. We're definitely better than the Freepers.

I Want To Deliver Pizza's In Midlo's Neighborhood

I just wanted to point out that I changed my sig pic.

Holy Crap, Coleman leads Franken by ONLY

Holy Crap

I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time

DU looks different to me. Smaller different fonts and kinda fuzzy. Anyone else find that too?

I just talked to California Peggy on the phone!

My friend is going to give birth to a little boy today, his name will be Barack Obama.

Thank you, DUers, for the perfect birthday present.

Obama Campaign compilation CD - Help me create a great songlist (see my 04 cover for inspiration):

The only persons who has ever texted me - -

I have trouble sleeping when my boyfriend stays over.

I am DTM today.

Freda Payne, "Bring the Boys Home"

Author Michael Chrichton dies

Racism Still Exists

"I will be your President too"

Parche is DTM

Today's PSA from Parche: Heineken

Please recommend some celebratory music from youtube

Obama really has changed the rules....regarding my ex Reagan Repub Dad...

Today's PSA from Midlo: Watermelon Children's Pepto Bismol

I just realized why I am sooooooo happy Obama won....

So other than the obvious?

Does the Vice President's residence have a porch?

Cooler rimshot dude poll.

LeftyFingerPop just phoned me!!

One post only (under my old nick) for old time's sake. Old timers (and new)--we did it!

DAMMIT! The polling place was closed!

The highlight of my day!

Rate My Mom's Christmas Cactus;

If Lincoln and Obama met, what would they say to each other?

Today's PSA from JerseyGirlDem: condoms

FYI: Yes, I was naked last night...

Well....I thought my GD/P thread was worth commenting on...

Ah hell, Michael Crichton has died

Just realized I've had this earworm for almost 24 hours!

What's for Dinnah, DU?

Hey, Graywarrior! Yer duck is loose!

Major personnel announcement.

Hey all, I'd be grateful if you'd go here and read this:

Wake me up before you go go?

Ignore Me!!!

This is really wierd... It's like I'm thinking in reverse or something.

Since I have made it to Washington, to what should I change my signature image?

How the hell have none of you guys done this already?

Major personal announcement.

To absent friends: This one is for you...

I slept...It does not feel any better today that 8 won.

I think nightlife is ruining my digital photography

My dad keeps fighting with my friends on my facebook wall!

You know who else is a winner?

Today's PSA from JerseyGirlDem: condoms

So, what did you do when you heard the news Tuesday night?

The Laughing Box

My son's in Pre-K; at the bus stop...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/5/2008)

Hey flveggan - I have another question. I made a sweet potato pie

I think digital cameras are going to ruin nightlife

My three year old nephew wanted to talk to me on the phone.

Nice change: First Daughters to whom one says: "Let's get a puppy!" instead of: "Stay away from the

Where's our resident dog trainer? Is it true that you have to know

Moving time! Need your advice

You bloody fool!

YES.WE.DID.!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

So, I am enraged about prop. 8 in California!

now i can brag.. i met the President! Post your pics with the President-elect!

Question of Questions!

Why do humans flirt?

Freepers: I'm rounding up your guns, insurance cards, taxes, & screwing small animals as we speak.

Who is this Obama guy and what did he do?

DU is too positive today. Someone start some shit...

who else is still on cloud nine?

Kitten Picture of the day for November 5

problem with 15 in 1 media reader

Where was your election party and who did you party with?

My computer moniter has a problem.

Gas went up by 6 cents.

Boston Legal Fans: Anyone know who sang "This Land Is Your Land" this week?

Now that Florida is a blue state again, I expect all your apologies forthwith.

Bristol Caverns - some pictures

A DOG...did you get that? Not a freakin' cat....they're getting a DOG

"There is an IP address conflict with another network on the system"

And now we present: Fat Cat in Yogurt Box!

Who was the worst president you remember?

I'm going to talk to my doc about lap band surgery. Your experience?

Today Is My BIRTHDAY! Remember, remember the Fifth of November.......

Have you seen the live feed of sleeping puppies?

Has any priest ever tried to sue a woman for flirting with him?

I have a Stephen King addiction I'm trying to feed, and need advice.

Our national nightmare has ended

If I am to receive any Giftmas gifts, I hope this is among them:

Do you love puppies?

How long do you think most people will post at DU?

Effing Cable went out during the last ten minutes of Bones.

I Heard Rush Limpbaugh Is Exploding And Blaming Everyone

The Guardian: "George, we've got just the job for you" (Share your job recs for W.)

Match Game Story: "Obama is President-elect! We can feel ____ again! America will be ___ again!"

Laura to George:

Laura to George:

What would be the best music player for Mac OS X besides iTunes? (is there a Mac Winamp?)

$970 Vet Bill Today for Emergency Surgery on one of my Dawgs

Hello, my friends. I'm John McCain. Ask me anything.

Norway congratulates you!

Who was the first president you remember?

Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

Well, the freepers were right!

On a purely human (not political) level, did anyone feel some empathy with Republican friends/family

Marian Robinson (Michelle's Mom) is moving to the White House. What's going through her mind?

Dear President Elect Obama, my application for employment in your administration

Shares higher after Obama win ends uncertainty

Afghanistan welcomes Obama win, wants more focus

Obama Says "Change Has Come to America"

Elizabeth Dole (NC) concedes US Senate seat to Kay Hagan!

Wahoo!!! Way to go, Kay.

Good. Senate candidates won't be afraid to go to parties...

Whoo Hoo

ONE female I'm glad to see go ---

Maybe she should of prayed more!!!


Next is Michele Bachmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sick over it, but since Bill Luther left the 6th district, they gerrymandered it into a realy

Liddy Dole richly deserved this loss. Go Kay!!

For all us GODLESS AMERICANS!!!11!!, this feels SO goooooooood!

Implying that your sunday-school teaching opponent is an atheist

Democrats Strengthen Power in General Assembly (Connecticut)

World markets cheer Obama win.

Government defeat on DNA database - UK

Bush calls Obama to congratulate him on win

Obama's victory speech in full

China detains factory owner in melamine scandal

AP Uncalls Minnesota Senate Race

World cheers Obama victory, crosses fingers for strong international leadership

California Gay Marriage Vote Still Undecided

Georgia GOP expects runoff in Senate race

Russian leader blasts US, vows to deploy missiles near EU

Lieberman Vows to Work With President-Elect Obama

Black Iraqis congratulate Obama on election win

Obama turns to building his administration (Rahm Emanuel offered position of White House chief of )

Karzai says air strike kills 40 in Afghanistan

CNN calls Indiana for Barack Obama

Georgia Senate Race Headed For Runoff

Youth vote may have been key in Obama's win

Bolivia's Evo Morales hails Obama's triumph as "historic"

Aliens land on Earth following Obama being elected as U.S. President

Nation watches as a divided California votes on same-sex marriage

Voter turnout best in generations, maybe a century

RUNOFF IN GEORGIA (E-mail from Jim Martin)

Government black boxes will 'collect every email'

California voters approve Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriages

Author Michael Crichton, 66, dies of cancer

South Dakota Initiative 11 to limit abortion failed

Official: Pakistan army kills 15 militants

Goldman Sachs laid off thousands this week-sources (3,200 people notified of lay-off)

McCain not included on CPAC invite

Police probe possible threat to Obama

AP Uncalls Minnesota Senate Race

Scientist Discovers Fungus That Could Fuel A Car

Voters approve marijuana law change (decrimilize small amt's in MA)

Jeff Merkley will defeat Gordon Smith in Oregon's U.S. Senate race

Obama to receive first daily intel briefing (PDB)

Six French aid workers kidnapped in Somalia

World celebrates Barack Obama victory

Boone Pickens-Backed Bill Is Shot Down in California

Inaugural Committee Selects Lincoln Theme

Jeff Merkley wins Senate seat (Oregon)

Reichert edges ahead (WA-8 vs Darcy Burner)

Lieberman’s Day of Reckoning to Come Thursday

Dems Gain in Oregon Senate Race, Three Other Races Unresolved

Island Son Is President-Elect

Worst Campaign Ever?

Sources - McCain Aide Fired for "Trashing Staff"

Al Franken falls short in Senate bid. (571 votes -recount coming)

Lawsuit Challenging Prop 8 in California Is Filed

Minnick defeats Sali in 1st Congressional District (Idaho)

Canada won't rethink 2011 Afghanistan pullout after Obama win

Kenya maternities greet Obama and Michelle

Coleman, Franken duking it out in a race too close to call

The World Sees Obama's Victory As a New Beginning for America

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 5

Republicans clamor for leadership posts

106-year-old Atlanta woman basks in Obama tribute

News Corp slashes outlook, profit dives (FAUX Snews lay-offs coming?)

Palin: 'Cannot even imagine' 2012 bid

SF City Attorney to file legal challenge to Prop 8

Baylor denounces noose in tree on Election Day

California Gay Marriage Vote Still Undecided

McCain's verdict on Palin: more trouble than a pitbull:

Georgia Fired More Cluster Bombs Than Thought, Killing Civilians, Report Finds

Lieberman: Time to come together

Dick Cheney battles Laura Bush over protecting Pacific Ocean

Projection: Jeff Merkley defeats Gordon Smith in Oregon's U.S. Senate race

Obama Offers Rahm Emanuel Job of White House Chief of Staff

Karzai 'demands' Obama end civilian deaths after latest incident

Democrat takes Senate seat in Oregon: media

Palin Reveals 2012 Plans: Kindergarten For Son

Which presidential polls were most accurate?

Obamas will adopt, rather than buy a dog

Gorbachev says Obama will bring 'perestroika' to US: report

NC called for Obama.

Bid to ban dog racing succeeds on 2d try (Massachusetts)

Coleman vs. Franken: Recount looms

2 indicted in alleged Obama plot

Waxman working to oust Dingell

Openly gay Jewish candidate makes history with Colorado win

Russia to move missiles to Baltic

Chávez reasserts interest in restoring dialogue with the US

Schauer wins, Walberg ousted

Could Allegations Invalidate Senate Results?

Lula salutes Obama, asks him to lift Cuba embargo

Author Michael Crichton Dies


Proposition 8 foes refuse to concede

Fleetwood Mac - Don't stop (thinking about tomorrow) LIVE!

Bruce Springsteen ~ The Rising

I don't want to know about evil (John Martyn live)

Sheryl Crow - A CHANGE Would Do You Good

A perfect song to end McCain's campaign.

Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman post fight interview

New Year's Day by U2


"Love Me, I'm A Liberal" Jello/Mojo

President-elect Barack Obama 'Yes we can'

President-elect Barack Obama 'All things are possible'

President-elect Barack Obama calls on Americans

A Change is Gonna Come - Perfect Song for Tonight

Tracy Chapman-Talking 'bout a Revolution

Imagine-John Lennon

Phil Ochs-Power and the Glory

Curtis Mayfield - People Get Ready

Obama's Kenyan Relatives Cheer Win

Obama celebrations in Asia, 75% favored

World Celebration Day

Dolphin Slaughter, Japan, Canada TV report

Obama World Wide Victory Party Spreads to neighboring Galaxies

Rachel Maddow talks about what an important moment this is, that slave labor built much of USA

Jubilant Crowds Gather Outside White House

Bill Maher Interview on Ellen 11/04/08

CBS Interview On Bill Maher's 'Religulous'

Looking Back At The Campaign That Was

You WILL Be Tried For TREASON Mr. Rove

Listen closely! People outside the White House last night sing "Goodbye" to Bush!

A father and son vote for Obama in Philadelphia

President-elect Barack Obama pays tribute to McCain

Bob Dylan - New Morning

Obama Victory Sets Off Jubilation in D.C.

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) On Obama's Victory

Breaking the news to McCain's people

Obama's Victory Speech: YES WE CAN!

Keith Olbermann describes victory as a 'man on the moon'-like moment

Bill Maher on Craig Ferguson 2008.11.03 (HQ) Part 1

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Red State Update: Obama Wins

Rachel Maddow discusses Prop 8 in CA on election night

Bush lauds Obama, McCain

My Obama Tribute to his inspired life and win.

Juan Williams Tears Up: This Is America At It's Grandest

Nov. 5th: It's the best day ever!

Sarah Palin's First Post Election Interview: Not Ruling Out 2012

hilariously un-self-aware CBS interview with Bill O'Falafal.

John McCain Loses Election: Concession Speech

I like the way you hate, sir

John McCain's Election Downfall

Tim Robbins: I Had to See a Judge to Vote

Jesse Jackson on announcement of Barack's presidency.

FOX & Fantasy: McCain Never Been More Optimistic

President Obama - Victory Announcement - Chicago - U2!

Keith Olbermann: "Barack Obama Is ... the Next President of the United States of America"

Formal Proof Attack Ad: Dino Rossi is Unfit

Rice especially proud of Obama victory

VA: Labor 2008 Here’s how union members made the difference in last night’s big win

Rush Limbaugh reacts to Obama political victory

World Celebrates Obama Victory, Republican Defeat.

Sherri Shepherd Sobs Over Obama Victory

ABC Calls Election for Barack Obama

Obama Acceptance Speech HQ (Part 1) 11/04 - Barack Obama Victory Speech November 4th 2008

CNN: Oprah Shares Her Thoughts on Obama Winning the Election

Video of John McCain after last nights election looking for

Faux News reports: Outside the White House People Demand Eviction NOW!

The View: Prop 8 Gay Marriage Ban Passes/Gay Adoption Ban

Amatuer Video From Grant Park - CNN Calls Election for Barack Obama - Crowd Reactions! - Awsome!

FOX News Carl Cameron - McCain Camp VERY OPTIMISTIC!

Freepers hold a town meeting with the GOP

A Perfect Circle - Fiddle and the Drum

Throngs of people celebrate outside the White House!

Michael, Peter, Bill, and Mike with a song that seems apt

New Years in November--the West Coast countdown in Times Square

Aug. 1963 When the Ship Comes In - It did last night, 45 years later

Current President Bush Addresses Press At The White House

The Palin Scandal

Election Night at the Nation in New York City

Kay Hagan victory speech! (defeats Liddy Dole)

Celebration of Obama's win!

TYT: Election Over!! America Has Survived George W. Bush!!

Shift in tone will bring a watershed for nation (Boston Globe)

Spike Lee on Morning Joe

Juan Williams Tears up - Comments on Obama Victory (3:48)

Why the Democrats Are Winning Back the South

Voting Machine Glitch - Obama not President

Shepard Smith of Fox News gives Nader hell!

Countdown Worst Persons: O'Reilly's Irrelevance

NYT: Near-Flawless Run Is Credited in Victory

Joe Scar cries about how the GOP has been demonized

The View: Barack Obama Is Our President!

I Got News For ALL of You! McCain Will Be the Next President - sigh, memories

CBS News, The Palin Effect: She was Norma Rae for about two weeks. Then she was somebody else.

President Obama: This Proud Moment

Mr. Ayers' Neighborhood (New Yorker magazine)

NOV 4, 2008: Day of Deliverance - Democracy Re-established in America. the Long NIghtmare is over..

Sept 14, 2007-E.J. Dionne predicted this--the suburbs and the Repubs becoming the party of the South

"The Courage to Remake the World As It Should Be"

After Four Decades, Finally: The Beginning of the End

"W" did have ONE GOOD Idea. The mars mission. Now if we only had enough missiles to put all those

President Obama - A Message to Fox News

Obama Wins and Redefines Real America

Oh, The Irony: Rove Blasts Rahm As Too Partisan (!)

Joni Mitchell : The Fiddle And The Drum

Reaction to the Obama Election From Lincoln Univ. Students

Bring On the ‘Reality- Based Community’

The THREE crucial elements of the Obama/McCain campaign

Celebration on the Streets of Madison, WI after Obama's Victory

Gov. Tim Kaine announces Obama win to Va. Dems--SEE JIM WEBB DANCE!!

A great and, at times, hilariously frank view of the significance of

Jamie Lee Curtis: Thank You Barack Obama

GOP Seeks Reparations for Obama's Election

Election Unleashes a Flood of Hope Around the World

Massive Iraqi Death Toll Ignored by Tabloid Culture

Was McCain's Campaign the Worst Ever? by Julian E. Zelizer

I watched Fox News for five hours last night

Condoleezza Rice on Barack Obama Win President Elect

London Loves Barrack Obama

Chris Floyd: WIBDI: A Prism for the New Paradigm

A brief moment in Grant Park: What the silence said

Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again

Sydney parties as US decides :Tears of joy from Barack Obama supporters

WP, pg1: America's History Gives Way to Its Future

My Vow to my gay sisters and brothers

From Brazil: We Are All Americans

A Magnanimous Obama Offers Job to 'Joe the Plumber'

Justice MUST be served!!!

Four Senate Races Unlikely to be Resolved Soon, Dems Pickup at Least Five Seats (CQ)

Guardian UK: Welcome Back, America

College Campuses Revel In Pivotal Political Role

The Obama Dividend

Leonard Pitts: ‘We' are finally part of ‘We the People'

Washington Post editorial: President Obama

Could votes that didn't count Tuesday make the difference in a Senate recount? (MN)

Now That Obama Has Won . . . There is No Excuse

The Guardian: They Did It!

Obama Is First Black, Last Black President: David M. Kennedy

TYT: McCain Concedes! And Cenk, Michael & Ben Weigh In After

It's over, for now.

Palin Cooked as a Candidate on the National Stage

John King and Campbell Brown completely forget 2001-2007

Tom Smith: "Fuck you, and the elephant you rode in on."

Young Turks: Repub Party Has Only Learned The Wrong Lessons

TYT: The Magic Moment When We Knew Obama Won (Even The Dog Knew It!)

Jeffery Scott Shapiro: The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

MSNBC: Calls Election for Barack Obama - Crowd Reactions! - Turn up the volume & Enjoy!

MIND-BLOWING: A spontaneous, unironic display of patriotism in the heart of the East Village.

President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago

Oprah's TV show: screaming - "I'm unleashed!!"

My song dedication to Momentum Joe Lieberman...

Fox News: Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

The next president and commander in chief

McCain urges country to rally around Obama

Retired soldier unable to unseat Murtha

Pakistan tells next U.S. leader to stop attacks

Service members cast votes, discuss the issues

Lewis troops get dress rehearsal for Iraq

Troops follow Election Day from Iraq

Plan early to get Christmas to the war zones

Retired commander wins N.Y. congressional seat

Philippine gen.: U.S. should keep troops here

Hard-hit 2/7 begins return from Afghanistan

Iran warns U.S. against violating airspace

R.I. Guardsmen returning from Iraq

Security experts: Cyberattacks will increase

Obama Defeats McCain

Iraq Sees No Quick Changes Under Obama

Army Working on Science’s Outer Limits

Guard Paring up for Peace and Deployment

Destroyer to Employ Improved Gun System

Gitmo 'War Court Czar' to Retire

Tests Start on US-backed PTSD Drug

John W. Ripley dies at 69; Marine received Navy Cross for heroism in Vietnam War

The FINAL Sarah Palin Blog

Throng blocks off Broad Street to celebrate Obama victory RICHMOND VA

Ralph Nader calls Barack Obama an "Uncle Tom"

Portland Oregon post election OBAMA celebration-HQ

The War Within (NYT Editorial)

Prop 8 just took a big dip


At least we're getting the Supreme Court back

Has a president **EVER** mentioned gays in an acceptance speech?!

Hello, I'm from the hurricane-and-9/11-causing wing of the Democratic party.

I am sad and disheartened by this, in CA even.

I'm so sorry

My LTTE regarding Prop 8

Bitter pill to swallow

We elect our first black President with the same ballot that strips gay Americans of civil rights.

If civil unions are truly the same as marriage, I challenge all Californians who voted Yes on 8 to

Dear GLBT Duers...

The time for political expediency is over...

So what's our next move?

Sea Shepherd Hires Retired U.S. Federal Agent Scott West To Head Up Criminal Investigations

Number Of UK Apple Heirloom Varieties Not Even Known, So Countdown Project To Include Orchards

Ohio's election EES machines aka i-votronic dumped votes in urban area

Congratulations, America.

Recipe for rescuing our reefs (BBC)

Obama's Secretary of State...Dick Lugar?!

Real Life "Local Hero" - Trump Gets OK For Giant Golf Course, But 1 Resident Won't Sell At Any Price

The energy Barack Obama needs to put us on the track to

My friends. I am so sorry. I didn't realize until now about Prop 8.

The Amazing Solar Tower of Seville

Joy and Sadness

My thoughts on Prop 8

I am ashamed of my fellow Americans...the ones that voted for

A serious proposal on economic recovery, transportation and energy

I apologize on behalf of California

Help Please...

Voters backing same-sex marriage ban [with a 2 million vote caveat]

Prop 8: Exit poll by gender, race, age, income and education.

About Prop 8. I betcha many people didn't even vote down ballot.

What do we do now? (Prop 8)

My "wife" and I got "married" this summer...

I am hugely disappointed in EVERYONE who voted YES on Prop 8


SF and LA City Attorneys, ACLU, LAMBDA, NCLR, all to file lawsuits against Prop 8

A bit of good news in CT, where homophobia did not prevail.

I'm sorry

In California, gay people rate below farm animals

Heads Up: Rachel Maddow leads with Prop 8 tonight

So I guess this means we won't be building 45 new McCain/Palin nucular reactors

hug thread

It was like living in a parallel universe last night.

Remeber Loving vs Virginia?

I, MrsGrumpy, promise that I will never tread on your threads.

Heads up: CNN Anderson to show Prop 8 protest

The one bright spot

wow there are some bizarre homophobic comments out there tonight.

I will not allow Prop 8 to get me down. Now is a time to regroup and reevaluate.

Polis becomes 3rd openly gay member of Congress (Washington Blade)

Considering the fact that we no longer have ATA, I'll just ask this question here.

How Surreal

There were people dancing in the streets of California last night...

Jay Leno on the election:

Calitics post on No on 8

How the Connecticut Vote No campaign thwarted an attempt to outlaw same-sex marriage:

One spot of good news for us to share from last night

Left Behind...

The biggest losers last night.

What an election huh?

I am sorry, I am heartbroken

what we know: many many californians voted for obama

Explain to me again why we protect closeted celebrities and talk show hosts

I am sick to death of being told that this is partially our own fault.

We Are Not Even Hostages.

This PFLAGer is feeling a bit better now.

Nothing like being told I'm "dumb" and "stupid" and being told "damn you" by some deacon from GA

President Elect Obama, Tax incentives for the married.

I just heard a disturbing statistic

Please rec these threads that show our dissatisfaction with inequality

The "No on 8" campaign was a big failure...

Well... fuck.

Elections always bring out the homophobia on DU

I wish the Democrats were as loyal to us as we are to them.

A Letter from a Breeder to all Prop 8 and Amendment 2 Supporters - Your Unintended Consequence

Californians: Was there any "Yes on 8" rhetoric about marriage existing for procreation?

KO announcing the election for Obama

A Last Push To Deregulate - White House to Ease Many Rules

The Plum Book

GMAC has $2.52 billion loss; ResCap survival at risk

Keynesian economics???

FBI - Former UBS Exec. Sentenced to 78 months in prison in connection to insider trading scheme.

Maintained failed bank list...

The Next Bubble, $2 Trillion in Borrowing

I renounce my membership in the Democratic party

Meet the New Treasury Secretary, Sheila Bair.

HOw does stock market do under Democratic vs Republican administration? Better under Dems -

Working Families Win in photos

Obama-Biden Win for Working Families

Working America In Ohio Reports Enthusiasm Is High As Workers Turn Out The Vote

Change Has Come To America - AFL-CIO Hails Obama Election: "It Means There Is Hope" For Workers

Look at the AFSCME blog front page!

Today in labor history Nov 5 Seven Wobblies killed, 50 wounded and an indeterminate number missing

1:30 PM ET Today, Conf Call To Claim The Mandate


Union Voters Helped Propel Obama, Working Family Candidates to Victory

Colorado Labor prevails in bid to defeat 2 of 3 measures (right to work)

This is Our Time to Organize

Over in GDP: a LABOR post building some momentum

New Mexico Worker Is Typical Of Millions Looking To Election In Hope Of Change

Campaign 2008 by the Numbers (AFSCME spent $19,384,800)

Featured Unionbuster: Employee Freedom Action Committee

(AFSCME) A Change Has Come. Hope Is Here.

Can we get the Employee Free Choice Act passed without 60 seats in the Senate?

Peru declares state of emergency in south after protests

Bolivia's Evo Morales hails Obama's triumph as "historic"

Obama's election poses problems for Colombia's leader: analysts

Lula salutes Obama, asks him to lift Cuba embargo

Chavez expresses interest in dialogue with Obama

S Florida reelects incumbent RW Cuban exile Mafia dons, and Yes on 2.

Best Tennessee rumor I've heard all week: Dennis Franchione to UT

Safety fears over nanocosmetics

can't help but wonder...


A Big Thank you to The Psychic Consortium for all the positive and Uplifting Information.

photo essay

Great photo of Obama



Yeah, time to cook!

Rick Warren Endorsed Proposition 8

Prop 8 passed....can we blame this on religion?

Is there good evidence to support the claim that at least one wine and cheese party has occurred?

Assessing Bush Science Advisor’s defense of science funding

Do high school students possess any evidence in support of the fundamental theorem of algebra?

Mars Methane plumes

'Junk' DNA proves functional

Now that we have a pro-science President Elect, what should Obama's priorities be?

The Six Great Stages of Evolution on Earth -Is There a Seventh?

Who's the right pick for Sec of Education?

So when will we turn texas blue?

Wow. Ron Kirk in the cabinet?

San Antonio passed term limit expansions

Houston: there's a new sheriff in town

Congratulations Texas!

Lupe Valdez triumphant over Lowell Cannaday in bid for 2nd term as Dallas County sheriff

Congratulations County Commissioner Richard Morrison

Joy tempered with sadness...

The world has changed

A Blue Texas Is On The Way.

Hey Tarrant, that pink sure looks nice on you!

Straight ticket voters send most Republican judges packing

Davis beats Brimer

Bob Romano? THIS, my friend, is why we should take NOTHING for granted.

I served as an election judge! (And I am POOPED...)

Strange Problem...

How can you edit a PDF file?

Well, shit.

Do you think Canadians have the Guts to

Is there news on Issue #1 ? There is...

The official John Kerry appreciation thread

JK birthday plans?

JK offered Sec-State?

North Carolina is blue!

JK victory speech from last night is up at JKMS!

And, hot off the press, ...

Champagne for breakfast!

Government black boxes will 'collect every email'

How does the UK, in general, feel about the Obama-Biden victory?

Dean Barkley. Somebody please take that dickhead out and give him a HUGE noogie for me?

Hey, Ashwin Media was in the front cover of Stars and Stripes on 11/4/08...

In my neighborhood there were people cheering in the streets

How will the recount work?

(Dallas County) Voters OK $747M for new Parkland hospital

Aaaack! Chain of custody for the ballots!!

'some polling places in Minneapolis ran out of registration materials'

Hi Again From Your Neighbor. . . Suggestion For Franken . . .

Tim Walz did well: 63-33

Bloomington - Precinct 30 results!

Anyone know if absentee votes were tallied? And how soon if Norm Coleman is indicted an election

Could Allegations Invalidate Senate Results?

In past statewide recounts, how much did the results change? NT

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer would've whooped

Franken Pulls Ahead? 2:10 AM

All politics is local

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) is partly to blame for the US Senate results.

Who here is grateful we have Mark Ritchie as SOS?

Bigotry and ignorance triumphed in the 6th CD

This is the first time I have voted and had all my votes on the win side

I tagged JackPine tonight... (edited, hic!_)

Hey, Dinger!

Wow, wow, wow!

So, am I reading this right? WI State Senate goes Dem?

Front Yard Pics From My House Yesterday:

Some WI Observations:

The next time someone tells you that Minnesota is blue and Wisconsin is Purple