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Archives: November 28, 2008

Macy's parade viewers get "Rick rolled"!!


Isn't the movie Camelot usually played every Thanksgiving?

State attorney releases Casey Anthony's computer search terms to media.

How I avoided my crazy relatives this Thanksgiving.....

Mumbai hostage crisis heads for dramatic finish; commandos airdropped

Commandos storm Nariman House; fierce fight on

Anyone watching Craig Ferguson??

TOON: Iraq kicks Bush's ass out

Citigroup Should Be Held Accountable, Obama Aide Podesta Says

Look, I am not about to criticize our new President-Elect...

Final showdown in Mumbai is underway

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving evening...

Mumbai attacks: Gunmen 'could be British-born'

How far did you travel to see relatives today, and was it worth it?

Death toll in Mumbai terror attacks rises to 155

Best call on WJ - the last call in the section

Karzai would attack American planes bombing villages in Afghanistan if he could

Trained well, terrorists knew hotel layout


Not-so-jolly economy brings woe to Santa's lap - What Children Tell Santa

Operation at Mumbai Jewish center ends: TV (Reuters)

Five Hostages Killed in Nariman House, Jewish Center, Mumbai

Indian FM blames Pakistani Elements for Mumbai Attacks

Official: Taliban Kill 13 Afghan Troops in Ambush

What do people think of the CNN Coverage?

Reuters is reporting that the hostages....

These terrorists in Mumbai don't want to survive--they want to go out in a blaze of glory

This is what is going to happen

Regarding Republican criminals...........

Al-Qaeda No.2 urges Egyptian Strike Action Over Gaza Blockade

Words to Live By

W Post: For Obama Supporters, Time to Call In Favors

HSUS: Help end biomedical research on chimps

Privacy and ethics rules.

Interesting circumstances with Tweety

AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust Ranks As One of Nation's 'Top 10' Performers for Fixed-Income Funds

US tax-haven accountholders want TAX AMNESTY now that they've been busted!

Stop the Bush Administration from Gutting Farm Worker Protections (E action)

Dionne: “Obama’s Bush Doctrine”

What would Bob Dylan sing about Sarah Palin? Here's my speculation: "Blowin' in the Snow"

When the knuckledraggers are up in arms about an Obama pastor, that's a good thing.

BushCo's Last Christmas Gift to Us: Toxic Toys

North American Union supporter top Obama economic adviser (socialist considered for Labor secretary)

The Truth of El Mozote

Media is questioning Obama about what he will do like they never did with Bush

Pakistan Connection in Mumbai Attacks

British soldiers attacked by furious mob in Kabul after American troops ram minibus

Bush History: Bush Admin Insider Decries Bush’s "immoral" Actions 11/28

Ally of Pinochet and leader of cult colony sentenced to 7 more years in prison

Authorities Found 17 Pounds of RDX, a Powerful Military Explosive. at Taj Hotel

As administration changes, job seekers flock to Washington says Tweety will make a run as a Dem for Senator from PA

Fred Phelps' band of crazies gets PWNed in Oregon

USW Women of Steel Crusade Against Toxic Trade; to Demonstrate Testing Products for Lead

Some of the rules for people on welfare

Us, Robot

Iran: Save the life of Farzad Kamangar (updated INFO & E action)

Even with my poor vocabulary

"You can call me Barack."

Worker trampled to death at Long Island Wal-Mart during Black Friday stampede

Texas DA reveals evidence against Cheney

The soothsayers are gathering round, disemboweling goats

Poverty in the U.S.... No improvement in 45 years...

Lipstick on pig... I expect Black Friday to

Doonesbury: A week of hammering Sarah Palin


Let the Workers Decide (EFCA)

Victory for Venezuela’s Socialists in Crucial Elections

Most important news story of the week (ending November 28, 2008)

First Victim of Black Friday

Do you plan on shopping locally-owned stores for the holidays?

AlterNet: Rumsfeld's Attempts to Rewrite Himself on the Right Side of History Are Laughable

Ex-defense contractor drops hints of another major corruption scandal.

Who else woke up too late for all the bargain and is looking thought

The two Americans killed in Mumbai were from Virginia. One was a child.

Save Autoworker Jobs! E action

Happy "Buy Nothing Day" Is anyone going to the dance???

What about the million innocent deaths? Bush on legacy: 'I Liberated Iraq.'

Obama camp declines comment on reported Castro offer

Ok....I will finally admit some concern. Karl Rove is on-board with O's

Obama’s Budget Head Would Cut Social Security

Gates' Pentagon

LA Times: Multiracial families see Barack Obama as 'Other' like them

Ex-defense contractor drops hints of another major corruption scandal.»

Please DU This Poll

I'm thankful that .......

Drug firms 'block cheap medicine'


Planned Parenthood Offers Birth Control As Holiday Gift

Bush Brags About His Achievements

Harrowing Gunfight Ongoing at the Taj

ain't nothing sacred?

Anyone else been thinking about the nukes for mangos arrangement as you watch the news from Mumbai?

Kudos to the Saint Paul, MN Police Department

surge update - Deadly attack hits Iraq mosque

As a conspicuous non-consumer, that makes me:

Turkish couple let off by terrorists for being Muslims

Obama has to end these useless wars we're in or I don't want to go on

seems like Obama needs to read up on Feminist Philosophy

Woman sues over lack of Spanish ballot

Did You Go Shopping This Morning?

Washington state teen turns in $10,000 he found at store

Blagojevich’s slip fuels Davis speculation

Eric Alterman: CBS News and the Washington Post go into overtime expunging liberal bias

Know Your Enemy - Applying the lessons of 9/11 to Mumbai.

Help me out here-why are cons now claiming Obama?

I was worried for a bit, but the isolationists have not let me down.

In Honor Of Black Friday

Circumcised vegans breastfeeding at the Olive Garden.

Who won the "war on Terror" ?

Mumbai terror attack planned 6 months ago

Anybody Have Roter-Rooter Service Lately - How Much Did They Charge

Anybody Have Roter-Rooter Service Lately - How Much Did They Charge

You Can Help Send Jim Martin to the US Senate (Dec. 2 runoff election)

"I'm leaving with the same set of values"...and oh yeah, also 4207 American corpses in Eye-rack.

He's an asshole, he's an asshole

U.S. Intelligence Focuses on Pakistani Group

CEOs “cashed out” prior to economic crisis

US Intel Focusing In On Pakistani Group In Mumbai Probe

Americans shun lotteries in times of trouble

NY Times: Where Budget Cuts Strike the Old and Vulnerable

Area's Other Obamas Revel in Rare Moniker

A 9/12 Commission Would NOT Be Better Then Nothing-It Would Be WORSE Then Nothing!

Some prayers please (or good thoughts/etc)

I'm leaving DU

And A Happy Thanksgiving To You, Saxby(breast grabbing-Big Daddy) Chambliss!

U.N. Reports That Taliban Is Stockpiling Opium

Photos--some very graphic--from Mumbai attack

Didn't Saxby Chambliss lose a gold fiddle in a bet with one of his constituents named Johnny?

Do you think that Israel is going to become more worried about Pakistan's nuclear power now

Do you think that Israel is going to become more worried about Pakistan's nuclear power now

Your 83 year old Mom has unexpected abdominal surgery, and

Sean Penn: Conversations With Chavez and Castro

Breaking: Man trampled to death in Long Island. Black Friday shoppers

Stimulus: Bail out car companies by giving the money to consumers

How Much Ammo is Required for a 52 Hour Gunfight?

WHAT is going on with MSGOP? teen video day?

Purported cellphone video of Walmart trampling victim

She was asleep at 11 on election night when his victory was declared!

Rupert Murdoch despises Bill O'Reilly

shun! shun them! foriegn car buyers! wal-mart shoppers! naderites! circumcisers! karaoke singers!

I have a dumb question about the Mumbai attacks: Is there a big Jewish community there?

Urban Warfare is a Logistical Nightmare.

Accused Attacker Beaten With Candy Cane

Obama's Bush Doctrine: "not the change so many expected"

Not a single person at my Thanksgiving knew Mumbai = Bombay

Not a single person at my Thanksgiving knew Mumbai = Bombay

Saxby “Big Daddy” Chambliss’ Creepy Thanksgiving Ad

My First Impression of the Attacks in India

What does it mean when there are four yellow bars and a flame

Riot police surround Bangkok airports

It doesn't matter who Obama appoints to any position

Eye on the Senate: Chambliss Ahead in Georgia

News Corp may face heir ‘deadlock’ when Rupert Murdoch's heirs take over

ASSESSMENT: Global Sex Differences in Test Score Variability

Juan Cole: Referendum Will Arm Iraqi Officials Against US 'Pressures'

Sign of the times?: Batman killed by his father in new comic

Street festivals must be tough for some DU members

There is a term for Pakistanis that is considered derogatory in Canada.

Jan 20, 2009 I will be getting a brand new President for my 41st

Great Toon on Mumbai attacks

Help. Paul Krugman's Assessment of the Financial Disaster

Since I own a Nissan Altima, I guess that makes me a Democrat,

Post your get well wishes for Babs (Ma Barker) Bush here

Why is it that poeple who don't believe in evolution

I'm thankful the Mumbai attacks didn't happen before November 4th.

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: President Bush Wants You to Know That He's Great

There was a Indian journalist on MSNBC talking about the "Americanization" of Indian business

Anyone else who won't do business with people who drive foreign cars?

N. Korea seizing Japanese cars

Why didn't I see this before the election?

DNA ties suspect in Ark. anchor slaying to rape

FBI agents ordered to India to investigate attacks

Gay marriage will destroy Christmas for our troops praying in school

Bush Reveals Inner Whackjob-ness to His Sister

Bush Reveals Inner Whackjob-ness to His Sister

Hey East Coasters! Is KO not on tonight?

What was the purpose of "24" ?

Bank cardboard cutout spurs police standoff

So we are sending FBI agents to Mumbai. Hopefully when foreign aid or assistance is offered to us

Why Bush Can’t Allow Habeas Corpus – And Why we Need to Leave Afghanistan

Winter Soldier on the Hill: War Vets Testify Before Congress

Can the "more liberal than thou" crowd just post one thread with where I should shop,

George Kennedy & Eric Braeden film to open at Boise theater (treatment of former slaves)

Black Friday and the Bankruptcy of the American Soul

Vatican warns mobile phones are bad for the soul

I know this is trivial, but where's a good place

After watching BBC International's coverage of the Mumbai

Canada's newly elected conservative government about to fall!

What's with MSNBC...they can't field a news staff on a Friday?

Who Said "Terrorism turns Moderates into Extremists"?

Study Finds Link Between Red Wine, Letting Mother Know What You Really Think

Do the Indian anti-terrorist police seem a little like the Keystone Cops?

Shameless plug: "Queen Victoria" book 3 now available! and "Rocky King" on the Idiot Box

Sean Penn offers warm "Milk" to movie fans (gay politician Harvey Milk who was murdered on the job)

The Thanksgiving parade was horrible this year! Scary even. Just look at who I saw there!

GA-Sen: Small dollar donors keeping Martin afloat

Dennis DeYoung was a prophet

How did Americans go from being simply customers into becoming rabid "consumers"?

Girl Punched Dad During Spanking, 16 yr old charged with domestic battery

Maybe you've seen this bumper sticker. I never did until today.

Gates appointment: shouldn't they have to clean up their mess?

Look what I found! Clearance McCain

Follow the battles at Taj hotel live here

The Big Lie: Obama's Selection Of Experienced Hands For His Cabinet Is A Turning Back From Change

Authorities in Assam India have ordered culling thousands of chicken & ducks (BIRD FLU)

Black Friday ~ Only In America

WSJ editorial doesn't find Colbert, Lewis Black, Stewart, Sasha Cohen, Bill Maher Funny

Fox news had someone on who was saying the gov't should cancel the 2008 income tax


Scottie "The Duck" McClellan is going to be on CBC Television shortly

Citi Bank could have built their own stadium for LESS than $400 million!

Florida paid $60,000 for discredited work against gay adoption

'Operation Black Tornado was ill conceived' : Israeli officials

Are Polling Point polls a sales gimmick or real polls?

So when the Treasury defaults on T-bills...

Thanksgiving dinner trapped next to wealth and ignorance

Guess what the sales numbers for Black Friday will be like ...

America's Hunger Crisis is Worsening

BBC says the operation at the Taj is over

Why are you folks arguing over who has the best personal vehicle

"Weren't you a big Bush supporter?"

What a loving couple - Poppy leaves Babs bedside to have

Obama's attitude toward progressives seems to be:

Help the Hungry... Buy a Fair Trade 'Cultivate Peace' T-Shirt with FREE Matching Hat!

A positive post about Christmas (but I wish it were not just at Christmas)

CBS/AP has Walmart witness video of rescue attempt online

What's with all the ideological purists judging everyone who doesn't

"An employee has been killed" Response "I've been on line since yesterday"

Looking for a Xmas gift for an Obama fan?

Look what I just found!

CNN: "Avoid gift cards. Many of the stores are in bankruptcy."

Anyone else find this interesting/strange:

Mumbai looks like a real time test of terrorist tactics to be used again and again

Mumbai - What keeps going through my mind

Must stores insist on turning checkout lines into sign ups for various cards, clubs and other deals?

European Native Traditions

Up to seven of the terrorists were Brits and may have come from Leeds and Bradford

EPA, Interior Department Chiefs Will Be Busy Erasing Bush's Mark

You cannot make this s*** up!

How's That Bailout Going? (Mother Jones)

Want to know where the bailout money is really coming from? No, they're not printing it.

Mystery piano, abandoned deep in the woods, baffles Cape Cod police

Former Chiefs’ kicker appeals to Bush to get his brother out of prison

Brit police to distribute free flip-flops

5 more members of Congress probed in bribery affair-Katherine Harris & Virgil Goode among them

Why was there so much violence in the stores today?

The thing about this whole turkey pardoning business that bugs me

The thing about this whole turkey pardoning business that bugs me

Tell Me Again how I am destroying Christmas?

Unnamed GOP Senator Blocking Appointment Of Key Bailout Overseer

Question.. Why should wages be taxed at a higher rate that money derived from investments...

The Church of the Devout Consumer

Must you INSIST on digging through your loose change for the exact coinage?

i like flowers. which ones are pretty this time of year?

GM studies killing Saab, Saturn, Pontiac

AIG said it wasn't going to pay bonuses. Well, it is not. It will be paying "cash awards" instead.

I got a lifetime's worth of therapy this morning and it all makes sense now

Shopping at Walmart is UNPATRIOTIC and UN-AMERICAN

Rival groups. RIVAL GROUPS? F'ing gangbangers shoot up

Executive Orders Can Be Changed Secretly

Wal-Mart Worker Trampled to Death...How utterly unnecessary.

Pulled From Neil Young's Web Page

The Best Way To Stick-it to the Big-Box Retailers

DU has gotten really annoying lately. Lots of 'I'm better than you' shit going on.

How did they take it? Conservative reactions to the Obama victory

As long as we're being judgmental, are all of your car trips necessary?

Drunk driver runs over himself

Does anyone have any images of Wal*Mart Black Friday ads?

following up on your first car - how many cars have you owned totally in your life?

Friday Night Toons....

What recently defunct (or soon to be) store do you (will you) miss?

PHOTOS: A Tale of Two Thanksgivings . . .

Well just finished my shift working black friday

Well just finished my shift working black friday

Shooting at Palm Desert CA Toys R Us, 2 dead

What the FUCK is so important that you have to go plowing into a store

How can some gays be so goddam ignorant and foolish?

What's the most annoying thing about Christmas

The Twilight Series books, movie--what message is it sending to young

Outspoken Muslim physicist leaves U.S. after losing security clearance

Investigation ties pet chain to puppy mills

Maybe idiot media and stupid retailers will stop now.

Does anyone here remember the writer Barry Hughart

Movies "about" Vietnam?

Five-figure bonuses stun employees

Hmmm, Thanksgiving night is decidedly NOT a good time...

A tale of two Thanksgivings...

It is 12:37 am central time, who is still up and why.

A few hours late, but still good (advocating for an earlier Thanksgiving)

Newhart marathon

I don't get Twitter. Anyone else in the same boat? I just read about


Well now when you're sitting there, in your silk-upholstered chair

Happy now?

Sarah Palin vs Mona Lisa

Sarah Palin vs Mona Lisa

I got a raise! Ask me anything.

Who should win the Big 12 South?

Don't look now ...but,

Giblets for the wee beasties!

Good morning Lounge

Soy Nog!

Anyone eat more than Mr Creosote yesterday?

Who else things it's Sunday?

Officious Ho Hum Thanksgiving Thread

Roll Call, who is up?

Quick!! Turn on Regis and Kelly!!! Right now!!!

Swiss likely to approve prescription heroin

How fast did you shovel a plate of food in your mouth yesterday?

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

everytime I see a thread title in GD: P that says PE Obama, I read it as PIE Obama

Pie for breakfast! Who's with me?

Why do chemists shout online?

so for my Day after Thanksgiving background, "Blazing Saddles" is in the DVD! nt

if you type "retail greyfields" in google

Parked by a someone with a McCain/Palin sticker at the 7/11.

w00t! Monty Python Marathon on BBCA today!

w00t! Monty Python Marathon on BBCA today!

I just dropped my glasses in the toilet.

Just saw my first "Lexus with a big red ribbon" commercial of the year.

Ah yes, nothing says Merry Christmas more than a movie about killing Hitler...

The internet is boring today

I actually love Christmas.

A sects thread.

So who else is sitting home right now, hot cup of coffee, wearing something comfy...

Too slow in here...I'm going to go do some shoplifting.

When getting home, I parked in the street - Rusty saw me through the window and called out to me.

If Rachael Ray were the guest "chef" at Olive Garden

I just ate an entire half of a pumpkin pie and could have even had more

Oh MAN I ate so much yesterday, I was afraid to breath.

Chocolate pound cake #1 is now in the oven. Ingredients are laid out for the

What did everyone get for Thanksgiving?

Best Holiday time to buy a car?

next background choice: Young Frankenstein, Back to the Future (all three) or

Just scored an open-box Mini-DV camcorder for $65.00

You Have to Burn the Rope

Who chewed up the slipcover to the couch?

My goal today was to not wear pants

fargin sound card is dying


Remote car starters

Crappy band that loves McSame-Palin wants to be my friend on YouTube

I have a current events-related earworm.


Rush, live in concert is on VH1 Classic right now.

Score! We have all the pay stations on cable right now.

Cat raised by Bird

Should eggnog be flammable?

Am I unpatriotic because I drink mostly Sake?

I did my part to stimulate the economy today...

Hey Midlo, could you get me some smokes?

Favorite Buffy big bad villain.

To the phrase "Jus' sayin'", I have two words of my own:

City with most spiteful sports fans

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/28/08

Healthcare in Switzerland. A question, for those who know:

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Ford F-Series pickup truck remains the top-selling new vehicle — car or truck — in the US this year

Get a troll, while it's alive...

Turkey bologna is so much easier.

Did you carry a machete or a war hammer while waiting in line before the stores opened

Why Obama is Keeping Gates

What does it mean when there are four yellow bars and a flame

Let's get the War on Christmas on!

Fuller's London Pride today

I went inside a Kohl's today

Secret stash o' cash?

Obituary of Mumbai Chabad House Rabbi and wife killed by terrorists

This will come as no surprise, but I'm saying it anyway. matcom is a pervert.

A poetry thread for the DU poets

Help--wealth/income graphic using football field and outer space

Pray for me. I have to go shopping.

Cool!! I got to use "RIGHT FUCKING NOW" in GD!!!

45 - 35

Kings of Leon have an interesting tune.

Ok, I missed it I guess. Why is it called "Black Friday"

When I was Young - the Animals

Alert! PLEASE Do NOT eat Bluefin Tuna (used in Sushi)

One thing that strikes me from the tragedy in India: in Iraq the USA bombed and killed innocent


Isao Tomita appreciation thread

WVU loses!

Payback is a bitch! Enjoy an oldie!

Okay Midlo here's a strange twist of fate

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/28/2008) LANGUAGE WARNING

The "Yes, but" standard -- "Yes, I believe in free speech, but now's not a good time."

Frank Sinatra song search....

Asked for good vibes a couple weeks ago and they worked!! I got a promotion

Paul Newman in Planet of the Apes

New Star Wars Encyclopedia. Temptation is Getting the Better of Me.

Everlst - What It's Like

One sunny day,on January 21, 2009...

One Question: Who Reads DU?

So I Got Carded At TGI Friday's Today

*** DUzy Awards for week ending November 28, 2008 ***

Good News for Stanley Kubrick Fans

I'm getting ready to put the left over turkey (not turtle) in the crock pot.

I just took apart the the rear hub of my bicycle, lubed it, and put it back together.

Check in here if you are worried your favorite clothing designers are going bankrupt in the next

It is now illegal to stab Sarkozy Voodoo dolls in France.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday November 28

Remember a humor show from the 70's possibly on PBS?

You people that put contacts in your eyes.

Judge Broke Into Computer System To Restore Porn Privileges.

Kitty Puke Roasting on a Pellet Stove...

Walmart Black Friday Stampede Video From Last Year. Walmart KNEW Sale Stampedes Are Dangerous

Where do I buy memory foam pads for my bed?

Hey, do y'all recall those scratch and sniff stickers?

Has O Fortuna jumped the shark?

Wow! Naughty, crude, and icky music existed in 1967 too!

I sure had a great Thanksgiving. And then I had to be transported home by ambulance.

Airplane 2 (the sequel!)

Looks like we got a stray cat for Thanksgiving.

Best digital camera for 200 bucks?

JGD found a two spotted stink bug and wants to make a pet of it...

Guilty Pleasures: Favorite one liners from film & TV

How about a friday free for all picture thread ?

Girl Punched Dad During Spanking, 16 yr old charged with domestic battery

When somebody here complains that you are denying them their rights ...

WoW Nerds

Does anybody else get random MySpace friend requests from people you've never heard of?

Why is "everybody went shopping today" considered news?

I fixed the bestest, most juiciest, turkey ever! Ask me how.

Look: I know the lyrics are awful. I love the song anyway.

Our videogame is done! Yay! (Please play?)

There are times when I REALLY want to say "I told you so".....

The Golden Compass

How can I clean the fabric inner lining of a leather handbag?

Watch the build-up of Woodstock's stages .. 1969... Cool video!

Stockman fraud trial puts Enron in the shade

Anybody want a turkey sandwich while I'm up?

Anybody want a turkey sandwich while I'm up?

Turtlensuzy bought her mom a vibrator. I shit you not.

What is your favorite memory of your parents together?

the lead guy in the "twilight" movie creeps me out

On this "Buy American" purism

On this "Buy American" purism

It's a nerd face-off on my TV

Time for a nap, tired, long day want to stay up later and watch DVD's

I didn't go shopping today.

Am I the only one who was stupid enough to go shopping today?

Has "jumping the shark" jumped the shark?

Can you lucid dream?

I just watched the the new Hulk, the one with Edward Norton...

This LOL Cat choked me up a bit...

My old Digital camera is 5.0 megapixels , should

So I just gotta share this comment from a recently locked thread....

It's snowing!

This post is to DU from my 7 year old daughter Hannah

Two chickens break up a rabbit fight.

In KY, a requirement was established that Homeland Security credit God with keeping the state safe..

For my 17,000th Post, Huddie William Ledbetter (Leadbelly)

Today is my 4th birthday here at DU, times goes fast when you are having fun.

About That Wal-Mart Worker Who Was Trampled To Death -- That Could Have Been Me

what was your first car?

What unwritten rule does this thread violate? n/t

Ow! Iran sentences man to have acid dripped into his eyes.

Since I was bitching about my Thanksgiving, I should prob'ly report

If you could have chosen a different first name, would you?

Adorable grandson picture. Humor me. :-)

"Old Crusoe, will there be vaginas and penises in your post?"

I just ate 75 lbs. of food for the second day in a row

How the hell can anyone think that Janis Joplin is ugly?

Tell me which awesome movie to rent.

LBN: George Lucas Seen Beating Up Geeks and Taking Their Money

The Sci-Fi channel has fallen INTO the shark...

The Sci-Fi channel has fallen INTO the shark...

Favorite Movie Robot

Circumcised vegans breastfeeding at the Olive Garden.

Tips for finding cheap(er) tickets to Ireland?

Greatest Southern Rock Song

Catholic church in Florida buying historical Southern Baptist church to turn it into a school.

Post a song you slow-danced to at a Junior High (or Middle School) Dance.

Favorite surprise ending twist to a movie or television series.

would you go to india now?

What are you drinking tonight?

women: seriously. what the fuck? I mean, come on.

"Capitalist" and "Liberal" are not mutually exclusive.

Canada's Steven Hoover Harper has gone too far this time. We may be going

Barack Obama sells... literally

Bill Clinton's former President status does NOT allow him auto-access to classified info

I think PE Obama should have Al Gore working with his administration.

Opposition unites. Power divides.

Obama's bold choice for his secretary of State shows the two can be partners on the world stage.

Citigroup Should Be Held Accountable, Obama Aide Podesta Says

Faux-"They don't have the interrogation 'restraints' we have HERE so they'll probably

Hey all you Clinton lovers ...why not make your own blog site with Clinton 24/7

Stop Rampant Consumerism: Save the Planet (betcha Obama endorses green anti-consumerism)

In all seriousness, and let's be extremely honest here.

i wuz robbed

Does George W Bush deserve to rot in jail for the rest of his life?

I will spend Black Friday here on DU!

I will spend Black Friday here on DU!

Reality Check: Clinton posts

CRS Annotated Constitution: Article I, Section 6 (Cornell Law School)


Jill Biden: Untraditional, unapologetic

Chicago Trib thinks this newsworthy: Obama donated nothing to himself but the max to Hillary

What's wrong with this GOP email??

Please help image needed (DU link inside)

Financial columnist, Terry Savage praises Obama economic team.

Matthews Denies Report

The Hillary camp's latest spin...if Obama doesn't pick her its because he isn't strong enough.

Mumbai around the world.......this is how terrorists wilo...

Have a Merry Mallwart F*cking Xmas!



How confident are you that Obama will announce Richardson as his nominee for SoC

Iowa Cafe Swamped With Orders For "Obama Cookie"

Chris Matthews Senate Run Confirmed: Report

Chris Matthews Staffing Up for Probable Senate Run in 2010

Just for fun, thought you would like to see this..

I know it's not fashionable to post links anymore but...

If this is the way we celebrate Obama's victory

so....barack still hasn't made any announcements inre SoS?

22.62% of 2008 census report is currently 2nd only to Reagan 1984

Inaugural Ball Watch

Question about the Chris Mathews Possible PA Senate Run: PA DU'ers respond

Why i plan to go shopping tomorrow

Barack Obama is proving to have a wisdom and maturity I didn't expect...

Illegal spying w/o warrants, no fly lists, torture, pre-emptive wars, no habeas

In all honesty, I hope Barack Obama governs like Bill Clinton in the White House.

--Heads up---Where not to spend your 'gift card' money this year

Kathleen Sullivan for US Supreme Court

A simple question:

Howard Wolfson on Drudge

Best senate seat to pick up in 2010?

Does anyone think America will go broke in the next 8 years?

Can we have a seperate forum for "Hillary's Machiavellian Control Over Obama" threads?

Federal judges accept all-expense paid junkets to right-wing conferences

GOP Looks To Redistrict Itself Back Into Power

Bush has the total brazenness to write about those horrible killers in India and

A Stimulus In His Own Image: Obama Memorabilia, Keeping Sales Aloft

"pros and cons of criminal prosecutions versus Truth Commissions"

Caption the Palin pic

Podesta: There Will Be "Multiple Republicans...Spread Throughout The Administration."

Food Bank Friday! November 28, 2008!

NC-Sen 2010: Names start swirling

Obama adviser once critical of Clinton is back

Obama must harness team of giants (with giant egos)

How confident are you that Obama will announce Hillary as his nominee for SoS

Media Matters Busts Christopher Hitchen's Dishonest Campaign Against Hillary Clinton

What is the point of posting hateful messages about Hillary Clinton now?

I say the "Change" is AWESOME so far...Obama is replacing Bush. Sanity from Fantasy

Politico: Samantha Powers Re-Joins Obama

PA Resident's Analysis on why Tweety is running

Obama had turkey for Thanksgiving. They served turkey during the Clinton Administration!!

Why wasn't the IMPEACHMENT OF BUSH carried out

So, did anybody burn their house down while deep frying their turkey?

Morning In America: Could Barack Obama become the next Ronald Reagan?

Men of the Lounge: Please explain the spitting thing to me

The US President is Head of State and Head of Government

Samantha Power Tapped For State Department Transition Team

Boycott "Dollar Tree" (Woman murdered at work, her family denied benefits)

Your state.

Japan Announces End of Air Mission in Iraq

Venezuelan free fuel to aid some villages(Alaska)

Report: Union, ArcelorMittal cut layoffs to 490 (reductions save 2,000 jobs)

On National Marine Monument Proposal, Micronesian chiefs to Bush: Back off

Two Americans among those killed in Mumbai

Jewish hostages killed as British terrorists linked to Bombay attacks

Three Lashkar fidayeen captured

Wal-Mart Worker Killed in Black Friday Stamped

Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

Suit claims The Reserve mislead investors

Swiss likely to approve prescription heroin

Hostages said dead in Mumbai Jewish center

Pakistani intelligence chief to visit India

Suicide bomber kills 12 in Iraqi Shi'ite mosque

Faroe islanders told to stop eating 'toxic' whales

Republican committee keeps heat on Obama

Canadian Liberals will try to bring down government, form coalition

Georgian president defends war decisions

Two dead in Palm Desert Toys 'R' Us

Canada's Bloc says open to coalition government

Western governors ask Obama to act quickly on energy policy

Shoppers snap up Black Friday deals as stores hope

Medvedev and Castro meet to rebuild Russia-Cuba relations

Mom: Verdict shows cyberbullies will be punished

GM seeks to deny public ability to track its corp. jets

Somali pirates hijack ship, British guards escape

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 28

Israeli experts say Indian forces acted prematurely in Mumbai

At Least One Person Shot at Toys-R-Us in Palm Desert

Mumbai attack: 'British men among terrorists'

Poverty spreading in suburbs: study

1st commercial ship sails through Northwest Passage

New meaning of Black Friday. Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Frid

Opposition parties could topple government (Canada)

FDA sets safe level for infant formula contaminant (melamine)

Russia seeks new missiles due to U.S. shield plans

Arrested terrorist says gang hoped to get away

Two injured in gunfire at SC Thanksgiving parade

Research on mice links fast food to Alzheimer's

Citigroup Should Be Held Accountable, Obama Aide Podesta Says

Bush on His Legacy: I 'Liberated' Iraqis

Taleban's ex-spokesman shot dead

U.S. war on drugs has failed, report says

Union Responds To Death of Long Island Wal-mart Worker

Trading Up (recession and climate legislation)

NYT editorial: Save the Economy, and the Planet; "a radical shift from defeatism and denial"

Is Obama ‘Kool-Aid’ really all that bad? (a letter to the editor)

Charities can't keep up with deepening poverty; Need felt in white-collar workforce

Jim Hightower:Spread the Wealth, Rebuild America

An Open Letter to Barack Obama from an Afghan feminist

No Bottom

Bill O'Reilly: Detroit's Problems Due to UAW's Bathroom Breaks

Nouriel Roubini: Radical Solutions for a Crazy Economy

Paul krugman:Lest We Forget

Columnists fear that a plan is underway for ‘internationalization’ of security in the Red Sea.

Malcolm Gladwell's New Book, on the Bushies: 'The Outlawers'

Framing Illegal Immigration

THE GREAT SHAME: Bush's legacy is our failure

A Win-Win Bankruptcy Reform-Give Bankruptcy Judges The Power To Alter Mortgages

Obama’s own ‘Rendezvous With Destiny’

Terror strikes may dent business confidence

THE GREAT SHAME: Bush's legacy is our failure

Silicon Valley Starts To Feel The Sting Of Layoffs

Peter Beinart: Obama Chooses An Unlikely Team of Hawks

Bush's self-legacy: 'Did not sell his soul'

Through a Hole in the Air...

CEOs “cashed out” prior to economic crisis

How safe is outsourcing?

The Gates appointment: Obama slaps antiwar voters in the face

Federal judges accept all-expense paid junkets to right-wing conferences

JFK Episode Suggests Obama's Iraq Plan at Risk

Wendell Berry's time is now

A German View Of Condoleeza Rice

Katon Dawson the Next GOP Darwin Award Nominee?

Weekend Economists--The Blue Light Special November 28-30, 2008

Rev. Billy & Savitra D on Meet the Bloggers

Texas DA Releases Evidence Against Cheney

Buy Nothing Day 2008, November 28 | Black Friday Protest

911 - Call Us Back When You're Not In Trouble WTF ?!!

30 years ago, November 27, Harvey Milk was Murdered

The Obama Transition! gnooze November 24, 2008

Beyond the Blue Horizon

The Godfathers - Unreal World

Wayne County Foreclosures Nov2008

Market Report-China Economy Woes

Free Tibet


S T R 126 Bank/Skills Video 11/27/08-- Dragon Plate!!

GOOD-Prison labor: Made in USA- 1/3

A Sarah Palin Thanksgiving

War on Terror turns Moderates into Extremist! Deepak Chopra

Eric Cantor (R-VA): Republicans will reach out to minorities by lowering taxes

US Jews urge Obama to move embassy to Jerusalem

Generation Chickenhawk: College Republicans with sick notes ! - MUST SEE!

My First Impression of the Attacks in India

Americans Queue For Food Parcels

"We Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say"

The best election reaction EVER!!!!

Screamers Part 1 - a documentary about the Armenian Genocide

Mumbai reminded me of what happened in Munich.

Slinky Cat with Slinkity Sound!

'How to Beat Your Wife'

Japanese Whaling is Not a Tradition

Obama makes Terry Hatcher buy new underwear

TYT: Joe The Plumber Will NOT Go Away

TYT: Guess Who Got Bush's Pardons?

White Collar Workers

Bush praises security pact approval

After 1 Thanksgiving in Iraq, troops at home

Squabbling over holiday bonuses for Ohio vets

Police: Guardsman kept donations for families

Blackwater offers training on MRAPs

1 year later, Tinker worker slaying unsolved

AFPC announces new customer service number

‘I’m thankful for what I have’

Art show helps Baghdad reclaim its creative side

Japanese union wants military bases to stay

'Black Friday' brings bright news on fuel

Military Update: DOD, VA take lead in health-record sharing

Japanese ministry says Camp Schwab move for Marines on track

Navy to assist with Panama flood relief

India Strikes Back in Mumbai

US-Iraq Security Pact, by the Numbers

Czech Senate OKs US Radar Installation

Astronaut holiday: stiff meat, bland yams

Study: Create TACP officer career field

Adm. Steve Morrison - Jim Morrison's dad - dies in San Diego.

A Land Rush in Wyoming Spurred by Wind Power

Expert: Small Ark. earthquakes could be warning

Not the IPCC (“NIPCC”) Report

Chesapeake Energy may sell $1.8B stock to get cash (largest US nat. gas producer low on cash)

With Obama's impressive victory at the polls, does anyone think

Two degree rise could spark Greenland ice sheet meltdown

Four-legged fiends wreak havoc in cemeteries

Danish Consumption of Dangerous Natural Gas Set New Record in 2006.

Wind Farms Could Change Weather (Live Science)

Salt Water As A Fuel...

Dying of Consumption

Where It All Started

Hedge funds try to hold back redemption wave

Panic In China Over Jobs, Economy, Cotton

The Crisis of Wage Theft

Chesapeake Energy, Largest US Natural Gas Producer, Runs Out Of Cash

How We Got Lame

CEOs “cashed out” prior to economic crisis

Economics gurus... please enlighten me.

Which is the first anti-union statement in the list below?

Warren Buffett has a simple free market solution to fix the trade deficit

Federal Reserve Part in Financial Mess

Call to Action: People's Bailout Now!!

Today in labor history Nov 28 The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers was founded

Labor cartoon for the week 11-24 Blame

Judge dismisses unfair practices case against nurses union

Service union bans former California local president for life

After 99 years in business, Brannum Lumber closing

Tyler Perry to Allow Union Writers

State employees work final day as layoffs, park closures loom

USA Today: Northwest flight attendants union sues Delta

DuPont workers getting $3 million back pay ( USW settlement stems from outsourcing in 2001 )

TV: Actors strike could pull plug on shows

Fox News repeatedly echoes only opponents of Employee Free Choice Act

Appeals court upholds overtime ruling in Omaha case (Famous Dave’s restaurants)

(Canada) Supreme Court to rule on miners' widows' lawsuit (9 murdered during 1992 dispute)

NY Times: Choices Aren’t Easy for Chrysler Workers

Stillwater Mining Company and United Steel Workers Union Reach Agreement on Restructuring Plan

Teamsters Organize 40,000 Workers in 2008

Shame on 8 Rally In Memory of Harvey Milk Dec 12

Who watches Gay USA on Free Speech TV?

Concert and Candlelight March 4pm today SF City Hall

Tax-exempt benefit disputed in Prop. 8 campaign


Today is our 23rd anniversary!

USA Today LTTE - I'm annoyed...

Log Cabin looks to future after ’08 losses

A Poem on Debt by Roi Kwabena

Medvedev and Castro meet to rebuild Russia-Cuba relations

Obama and Latin America: What He Really Promises by Diana Barahona

RIGHTS-PERU: Leftist Leaders Targeted by Anti-Terror Police (IPS)

NYTimes editorial needs more comments

BOSSHOG. The Razorbacks did it again!

Hmmm...Kurt Warner for MVP...hmmm....

Can AU upset Bama, can FSU upset UF? Please Jesus make it an SEC free BCS title game.

Will Charlie Weis be in South Bend after next week?

Are the Lions going to go 0-16?

Here we go again with Iverson. I mean, who would sign this guy?

The Minimal Impact of a Big Hypertension Study

Heads up- Some of the most beautiful pictures in the Science forum-I am bookmarking for sure.

Proud grandma alert...

The starchitects have come to town. (dial-up warning)

I've seen a few posters talking about the .303 Lee Enfields that Indian army squads had.

Has discussion of this been avoided here due to the racist views of the victim?

New website for foodies - very interesting

What causes meringue developing dew drops on the top?.?.?

Agriculture Issues Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal

Pumpkin pie review - it was wonderful!!!

An Ax To Grind In Little Axe, Oklahoma

Is this thread silly enough to persuade you to put the thread creator on ignore?

The Grand Inquisitor

Mumbai - every time this kind of thing comes up I think "religion?"

Friday Night Eye Candy, post T day stuffed with big images edition

Spectacular Sky Scene Monday Evening

Stephen Hawking accepts post at Waterloo institute...

What defines a Christian?

Barack Obama's plans for the web

Suppose that a student essay may contain an unlimited number of spelling errors...

any advice on installing USB2 ?

Linux is a great version of Cygwin for non Windows PCs

Harper's threats to democracy motivated me to contribute to the Liberal Party

Liberals will try to bring down government: report

Think Godzilla's Scary? Meet His Lawyers

Mumbai, Pakistan, India. Background info anyone?