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What Is The BEST Concert You Have Ever Been To

I'm really going to miss Boston Legal.

British Beach *Boinkers* in Dubai Get a $500 Fine

the unblock anti-paulson bailout plan.

Publishers Weekly picks (big gasp) a conspiracy theorist's book for their pick of the week

Barack Obama is not an economist...

I have a stupid question

Senators pushing for return of equal-time rules

Don't Trust the Media to Report this Economy

Whoever gave me the star...confess.

TOONS - three toonists who get it: Toles, Davies, Auth

Tibet's resources behind U.S./China tug of war?

On CRAIG FERGUSON SHOW: Sara Palin to campaign in Georgia for the runoff election there...

Welcome to New Freeperville.

Social Security $ not cut by 40% cause it wasn't privatized in the stock market? Thank a Democrat.

There is one good reason why I haven't lost faith in America.

There is one good reason why I haven't lost faith in America.

absolutely the worst, most paranoid fantasy yet.

Get a bank with your toaster!

Old pirates, yes, they rob I

Bush pardons multiple bald eagle killer

Where the Wild Things Were

(Afghani) Elders Warn of Popular Revolt

Russia in the world economic crisis

Universal Health Care's New Home on the Web......from John Conyers, Jr.

Bush's latest far

Heckuva Bailout: Citi and AIG Still Pay Hundreds of Millions in Sports Sponsorship

Heckuva Bailout: Citi and AIG Still Pay Hundreds of Millions in Sports Sponsorship

So when will big oil ask for and get their free bail out money?

Poll: Specter leads Tweety!

HEADS UP! Round Table on Union Voting coming up on C-Span now

Conyers has new HR 676 Single Payer Health Plan link:

I remember posts advocating vaporizing (physically) the Somali pirates. Are the Wall Street pirates

Jackson Limo Service gives out 8,000 Turkeys

NYC-Mayor: Bloombo Leads Top Challengers, But Nums Aren't Great

I don't blame Ralph Nader for the Bush precidency. If anyone, I blame Bill Clinton.

Karzai Says US, NATO Created 'Parallel' Government

AlterNet: Here are Some Sickening Figures to Help Put the Bailout in Perspective

Cholera: Zimbabwe Asks for Body Bags

The REAL Culture of Life - Protecting women's health

Fuck Ted Stevens (on edit: And all the two-faced Republicans who support him)

Things to discuss in regard to single-payer universal healthcare.

NY Times: Beyond the Ivied Halls, Endowments Suffer

A Thanksgiving reality check from Ron Cobb circa 1967

Durable-Goods Orders in U.S. Fall Twice as Much as Forecast on Sales Slide

The Onion: Jobless Claims At 16-Year High

Never Talk to the Police!

Jet Pack Man Successfully Crosses Royal Gorge with Jet Pack(VIDEO)

Durbin may ask Bush to commute Ryan sentence

WSJ: Government by Contractor Is a Disgrace-"Become an insider & share in this huge pot of gold"

WSJ: Government by Contractor Is a Disgrace-"Become an insider & share in this huge pot of gold"

Answer: Because 55+ million people voted against Obama

Big Bailouts, Bigger Bucks

U.S. Consumer Spending Falls 1%, Most in Seven Years, as Recession Deepens

MarketWatch: 'Oppressive' environment leads to wider Dillard's loss


Oh sweet sweet schadenfreude! Rupert Murdoch has lost $4 Billion in the market meltdown.

Jane Hamsher: Citi And AIG Still Spend Hundreds Of Millions In Sports Sponsorship

I think the time to build a viable third party is now

Booga, booga, New Terrorist Alert

Injured veterans engaged in new combat

TERROR TERROR TERROR! BE AFRAID! Poison pens, umbrella guns, ferry, mall terra warnings to follow.

Colbert Christmas Songs Exclusively On iTunes As Charity For America's Second Harvest (BONUS TRACK!)

The Onion: In Thanksgiving Tradition, Bush Pardons Scooter Libby In Giant Turkey Costume (video)

Giving thanks to the Republican Party

Giving thanks to the Republican Party

Top progressive blogger rips unrepentant, fairweather pundit Joe Klein

AlterNet: All the Talk of a Depression Is ... Depressing

Actor robots take Japanese stage

Who would stay at the Pentagon with Robert Gates?

Joe the Plumber will save your TV from Terrorists!

This is Genocide(Zimbabwe)

GA Help please! Can a person in GA vote if they didn't vote

Barbara Bush Hospitalized For Tests; Tests Negative

Jimmy Carter Says Zimbabwe Crisis is 'Much Worse' Than Imagined

$25Billion Auto Bailout = less than 3 months of the Iraqi War

MSNBC: PE Barack Obama coming up soon, "Let's see if he oversteps his boundaries"

American Injuns: The First Terrorists

Catholic Church out to defeat family planning in the Phillipines.

Paul Krugman: Conservative crisis desperation

Tame deer at Houston sanctuary beheaded

"Retire Bush" - A contest by The Nation magazine

NPR: William Ford interview. It would be funny if Ford would be the

This explains SO much...

San Francisco weighing rush-hour congestion fee for motorists.....

Minnesota Election Board--live feed today--addressing absentee ballots

I Want Consequences For bu$hCo, Period.

The Black Friday Ten: Retailers Who May Not See 2009

the blog for advanced financial analysis- something new at ATOL

Whaaa! Democrats are just too mean! Don't buy it.

Whaaa! Democrats are just too mean! Don't buy it.

State justice confirms he yelled "Tyrant!" at Mukasey before AG collapsed

On the subject of Michael Vick: Let's talk about Simon the Sadist.

Obama: 'The vision for change comes from me'

Why Did Biden Support Hillary For SOS Over Kerry When Doing So...

Canvassing Board rejects Franken move on rejected absentee ballots

lame duck pardoning turkey on msnbc

54 days to go

WA State Justice admits to taunting Mukasey prior to collapse

"(Robert) Rubin should have (his) assets confiscated and be thrown into jail."

a disturbing view of "compassionate conservatism" in ohio

Cystic fibrosis fundraiser deemed too racist/sexist by Canadian university.

Hah hah! This is fabulous. My favorite 'e-card' ever...

Protesters Close Bangkok Airport

Humor: Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy

Detroit Metro Times: Van Sant and Penn avoid sentimentality and rouse cross-cultural folk ("Milk")

Brent Budowsky : Washington Old Guard Wins on Gates

Who do you think these good old boys voted for?

Czech mayors call on Obama to drop AMD plans

Amtrak's Tension Corridor just got tenser: Terrorist threat to NYC rail...

The "change" is bringing in people who value expertise and evidence-based policymaking over ideology

SF Chronicle: Is Harvey Milk still a force for change?

fuck cnn. watching them congratulating themselves by asking what they termed "tough" questions of

Pardon me!

Fed Risks `Spitting in the Wind' With $800 Billion Pledge to Thaw Lending

Will Any Crumbs Remain After Bankers' Feast?

Citigroup's Pandit Says U.S. Rescued Bank to Preserve `America's Strength'

Please petition Rod Blagojevich to appoint Jan Schakowsky to the U.S. Senate.

Beck: States should secede from America to protest bailouts.

Ha!!! Remember McCain going on and on about poor Georgia (country) being attacked by mean Russia?

Who says romance is dead? At least not if you are from Iowa...

Should Democrats be Proactive and put out a Harry and Louise Ad

Bailout is too kind a word. What word or phrase would you use ...

How Rupert Murdoch can weather his $4 billion loss

Thomas Kontogiannis now looks to be guilty of mortgage fraud!

Breaking News: Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India

What Do You Think Of "Politico"?

Cuba's Raul Castro open to meet Obama: report - Reuters/The Nation

Bush administration quietly works to torpedo global warming regulations

Obama vows to cut spending: Where and what should he cut?

Should "News" ever be "Balanced"

Rough Times for the Really Smart

Progressive is a means to an end, not an end by itself

GM and Ford stocks are up over 40% **TODAY**..... WTF is going on?

New Details on F.B.I.’s False Start in Anthrax Case

Obama does not need to prosecute Bush, he just needs to sign onto the ICC

Sewage Saturates Sadr City as Billions Fail to Reconstruct Iraq

Admit it: It feels STRANGE to have a President with brains

Panel Asks How Inquiry Began on Spitzer Banking.......were THEY out to get him???

So you are watching the grand marshals on the Disney Thanksgiving Parade

Pastor Rick Warren partners with Readers' Digest to help people on their spiritual journeys.

Here's a fun fact: The Wall-Street bailout costs more than...

"Harvey would have opened it in October": Is Focus Features the latest Prop 8 scapegoat?

Turley: By Refusing To Pardon Torture Officials, Bush Is Allowing Democrats To Repair His Legacy»

Now that they are talking about a 2nd bailout

Al-Kida Suicide bombers could target New York Subways

Play the Send Bush Packing Game

Anyone catch Charlie Rose's interview last night with the CEO of Citigroup ?

I can't wait for friday

How Much Does It Really Cost ??

US Tax Revenue is about $2.5 Trillion per year. Handy number to keep in mind.

"Isn't it great that we live in a country where we can disagree"

"they would print as much money as needed to revive the nation’s crippled banking system"

The Real Cost of the Bailout: $7.6 Trillion Are We Getting Our Money's Worth?

People aren't spending becuase they are unsure about tax rates?

First person account of Indian bombings in Mumbai

Police hired company to spy on activists online (Australia)

Conviction on lesser charges in MySpace case (teen suicide)

I assume India and Pakistan are now both on full alert.

Does anyone think that Babs Bush's ulcer is a Stress ulcer caused by

Everything's WONDERFUL!

Terror attacks in Mumbai; 80 dead, over 900 injured, Upto 40 British Hostages.

As God Is My Witness

Regarding Obama's use of Clinton personnel

Citi, Citi Zen, CitiZens, or Taxpayers R Us Field. Please

Mayflower Memories

Easy on gift cards this Christmas - not sure which stores will be around afterwards! nt

Mumbai is the center of the media industry in India, ala "Bollywood".

Urine recycling equipment passes tests, no one willing to take the first sip

Cherry hopes hollow (SuperBowl) ring will save children


Nancy Skinner is subbing for Ron Kuby on AAR today

Why do people post in threads that they aren't interested in?

Onion News Network: In Thanksgiving Tradition, Bush Pardons Scooter Libby In Giant Turkey Costume!

Why we haven't seen much of John McCain lately.

Another funeral, and I (and the Democrats) lose another friend

Glenn Greenwald: How the media talks about torture and the rule of law

How great will it be to once again see Helen Thomas ask the first question

Wasserman Schultz: ‘Mr. Paulson Seems To Be Flailing About A Bit’

Morning Joe Team In Talks To Start Radio Show "By The Beginning of the Year"

If you think that right wing insanity can only be found with the freepers, then think again

It's FASCISM. The great ripoff. And "thank God it passed"!!!!

Krugman's suggestions for progressive economists on Obama's economic advisory board

Please exercise caution on the roads this evening...

Time for a lolz....

"This is a military action"

The consequences of gay marriage:

Must See Slide Show of Iraq Before and After the USA Destroyed it

Freedom 85- the way things are going...

Hank Williams Jr. to run for U.S. Senate (Shut up and sing!)

Cop fired over anti-gay emails

TIME: BUSH "Has Become The LAMEST Of All Possible Ducks"

The Obamas should get Oscar

the Obamas should get a hypoallergenic Pit Bull

Mumbai chaos and they ask what Obama will do about it?

The Obamas should get a Wire Fox Terrier

Iraqi Parliament seeks more compromise on security pact

‘America is Back’ as a Leader on Climate Change, Sen. Kerry Says

Are copycat threads allowed in GD?

First movies of events on **atomic scale. ** Pretty amazing!

It's now being reported that over 80 people have been killed in Mumbai

60 percent in Iowa support gay couple rights

Should DU have an India forum as so many live in US/Canada and speak English?

A Gift To Dems

Let Us Celebrate Thanksgiving Properly

I like Obama, and I believe we should speak out now

Yoshiro Nakamatsu, We Salute You

the bailout....

digby: Center Of The Universe

No free ride for Sasha and Malia Obama: They'll be making their own beds, say Barack and Michelle

Why are there so few original thoughts in GD?

An Iraqi family’s meal is interrupted by the sounds of incoming missiles. (No gore)

Bush History: Iraq War Passes WWII in Length, and a Pardon for a Turkey 11/26

Ottawa university boots cystic fibrosis from charity drive- not "inclusive" enough

Two words for our Congress : S-L-O-W D-O-W-N....

10 Tips For A Sustainable Thanksgiving

Do you want to do more to fight breast cancer than walk in yet another march?

My 200th Post

Who was paying attention to the economy?

Don't ask me about non-partisan unity.....

US Airways: "Angry is One Of the Words We Look For"

Meanwhile over at the insane asylum known as Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Obama and family helped at a food bank today.

Faux News treated like the crazy uncle at a family reunion during Obama news conferences

John Conyers: New HR 676 Online Resource Center(Single-Payer Health Care)

Thanksgiving Eve reminder ...

AP: Black Friday could be black for another reason

A Reminder:

NV Supreme Court rules as unconstitutional state law prosecuting juveniles as adults

35 People Trapped in Taj Hotel

NY Times: "The French Connection." Regarding Thanksgiving.

So I looked at Democratic Underground on Facebook...

Lori Drew conviction has implications for anyone who uses a computer

OMG! Fox is reporting that Idiot Son is going to Camp David

People, could you all post all the pictures of drunk Bush in the last 8 years?

Bush's last gaffe? Official Hanukkah reception cards adorned with -- a Christmas tree!

How about an analysis of the Obama Movement?

Paul Krugman: About that advisory board...

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday

KO's calling bullshit on stories of UAW workers earning $78/hour.

Fowl Ball: The Palin Turkey-Farm-Interview Outtakes

Just got a Thanksgiving email...

After seeing that Sarah Palin Turkey video several times, something dawned on me

Photos from Mumbai

A stroke? No, a torn rotator cuff. ??

If you are able to make any donations this year ...

Pretend to be a right winger! Where was Obama REALLY born?

Batman 681 that hit today. Any thoughts about it? "Spoilers"

Picture of the Taj Hotel, Mumbai

‘They were just kids in jeans and T-shirts’

Talk Me Down: Anecdotal Global Warming Story

Desperate Obama-Haters Give Money to Nigerian Scam (re: Michelle Obama "Whitey" tapes)

Live video stream for Indian news media NDTV for Mumbai here (in english)

Injured veterans engaged in new combat

Dungeon dad Josef Fritzl studying law in prison

Lieberman contributed to GOP Senate and House candidates.

Photo Of Ann Coulter With Jaw Wired Shut

Al Qaeda Condemns "Unfair" Pro-Obama Press Bias

With my tinfoil hat on I have to observe

I know that UAW workers don't make $70 an hour, and all I know about cars

How sad is this

Mass Exodus from LA/Orange County today

Welcome to the de facto economic caste system in the US

Wash. Supreme Court Justice Called U.S. AG Mukasey'Tyrant

She was the girl who dropped out of college to marry him, "the first man I ever kissed."

live streaming video from india.....

CBC's "The National" aired an 11 min. piece on Mumbai. It's worth the time. -- video

Until the Rubins & Paulsons are jailed and their $$ seized, the fleecing of America will continue

Live news video from India in English

The powerful humanity of liberal talk radio

Why is the nation's banking system "crippled"?

Wall Street execs should not only have to forfeit any bonuses, but...

Is the Bush Family converging at their Mother's Bedside after her operation?

"Shockingly quiet" and "no lines" at the nation's airports today.....

Pictures of the Mumbai terrorists.

'Progressives need to be as clear-eyed, tough and pragmatic about Obama as he is about us'

Do it Yourself Thanksgiving Cartoon

Bushes Send Out Christmas-Themed Hannukah Card, spokesperson apologizes on Pickles' behalf

Why the turkey always has to be white?

8 kg of RDX found in Mumbai

Did Barney the dog attack a turkey at the white house?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Does Bush know that he can't talk?

good place for latest news from Mumbai:

Obama asks Gates to stay on

What's your employment situation?

What are you Thankful for?

Question For Someone I Know (Not Me) WHo Wants To Smackdown hannity:

Predict freeper reaction to the following ...

Maddow: Why compromise with GOP 'in hilarious disarray'?

Chicago Tribune: Does Sean Hannity have the guts to partner with a big-league liberal?


The news is reporting that 5-6 Israelis are being held in Mumbai

A Maryland mall says Salvation Army bell ringers are making too much noise

Police called over Thanksgiving dispute at Claremont elementaty school

Want to cut your cable bill in half? I just did. Here's how:

Why is Chambliss gambling on this "closer"

If the horror in Mumbai can be linked in any way to Pakistan,

Massive Increase Toward Belief in God Noticed All Over the World

What the bailout cost is bigger than:

My rant to Mr. Obama and the Democratic congress - Can we cut the "Let's work together" BS??

A great prophecy

A great prophecy

The Best Thanksgiving

As god as my witness, I swear I thought Turkeys could fly.

Turning the tables....

What's up with Rachel's hair tonight?

In September 08, a terror group warned of these attacks

Obama: "Girly Dog" Not For Our Family

GM may cut brands

Dick Morris Triangulates Reverend Wright


Fantastic Interview with The Tyranny of Oil's Antonia Juhasz

8 year accused of shooting father kept tally of spankings, 1,000 was set as his limit

There was a quote back in 2003 on the FR site


So is Joe Biden gonna give his son a throne, too?

Enough of 'Barbituate' Left Cynicism, Obama Is a Victory over White Supremacy

Obama will be tested...

I would like to see Michael Vick released from prison early to a halfway house.

Do you consider Howard Zinn to be a legitimate Historian?

Bush Twins Show Obama Girls Fun White House Tricks

It's Thanksgiving Eve, be nice to the mods.....

Document links Jack Ruby to "Congressman Richard M. Nixon"? Hmmmm??

"Joe" the "Plumber" scores BIGTIME endorsement deal!!!11

Rant: Some ass just stole my kids' bikes.

L.A. Film Festival director Richard Raddon resigns after donating $1500 to Prop 8

Somalia: The Obama Foreign Policy Mineshaft Canary

President-elect Obama hands out food on South Side of Chicago

Holiday heart attack in the making: The Turbaconducken

Anyone having tofurkey tomorrow?

Update on Rancho Cucamonga Freedom from Religion Foundation billboard

Barack, I love you man, but you gotta stop this sexist "girlie" dog shit.

Colonel Jack Jackobs on MSNBC says India does not, repeat DOES NOT negotiate to free hostages

Screw larry king. ""do you see any connection between the attack in India, and our election"


DU'ers in India and Indian DU'ers--we're with you.

I think my boss is actively inviting me to be less productive at work

Why the Left screwed-up big-time with the Brennan for DCI nom.

I feel like tonight is Friday because I am done for the week!

Is dressing up an urn normal?

Las Vegas: 2-year-old boy killed in dog attack in northwest valley home

Whew, I got my star back! That was funky not having it. I didn't realize

"I Want To Love You Tender"- Armi and Danny

When is the last time you had Kraft mac-n-cheese? There is a reason why kids love it.

They gave out big ole 15 lb. turkeys at work

Puppies Nuts!

I work in HR and I guess it was 3 or 4 years back

Farkitrol keeps everything in perspective.

Someone stole my money and my cigarettes

I'm curious about something... How many have dreamed about

Shock Jock Michael Savage's Big Gay Apocalypse

Think you know Thanksgiving? Check out these myths:

Happy Thanksgiving, ya pack of crazy bastids.

The Turkey: Salt it, Don't Brine It

Good morning! with My Morning Jacket

Best revenge stories?

Heartwarming *true* frozen turkey story


Don't forget

My Puppysaurus Rex says to tell you all

Paul Simon was breathing on Colbert

My son (10) has thought up a name for his first book...

Bush hiding the English translation of Iraq's Status of Forces Agreement from Congress and public.

Tomorrow is the day! We have a tradition here of scamming cheeseburgers at McDonald's...

Skeletor Has Panache. He Man Is Just a Big Jerk.

Rant about university advising. Grrrrrr.

Thanksgiving Divorce

ok, so i am a little prickly. that doesn't mean that i don't need

I think I should campaign for Sarah Palin in 2012.

Are kids ever appreciative of what you do for them?

Favorite Character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

What do you this is an acceptable amount of bereavement leave from a job?

how are you spending thanksgiving on DU

PUPPY-CAM.........and it's playtime!

Last Thanksgiving was terrible...

Was anyone else here a Patrol Boy in grade school?

God help me, but I think I'm going to go buy a Blackberry Curve tomorrow

What a stupid fucking idea.

You know, now I'm thinking I should have had kids instead

So I'm trying to peel a butternut squash....

Twilight made 70 million this weekend

CONFESS!!! Who else had a crush on Father Ralph de Bricassart???

Good morning Lounge

The Shield series finale.

Is Prop 8 backlash keeping Utah out of college football's national championship?

Have you seen the December cover of Harper's Magazine yet?

A message from the barnyard

JUST ASKING (rumor mill) -- TV Host and Co-Host having an affair


Du'ers of the female persuasion, have you heard of the Army of Women?

y'all get your snuggie in the mail yet?


So which is it, stuffing or dressing?

CONFESS!!! Who else had a crush on Abe Vigoda???

Is it morbid to try to stay in shape...

What is it about sad events that brings out black humor?

What Are You Thankful For This Lovely Thanksgiving

I have decided...I'm doing all my christmas shopping out of the Lilian Vernon catalog

The following list of actors should be dead to us all:

Hey You! Yeah, You!

Where do you get your new music from (not purchase, but where you hear it)

Brain fart - how do I make dressing for the turkey?

Items Canceled: 580640B - Bakugan Starter Pack- Red. ARGH!

What's LeftyMom's son's name?

Shruggie makes me fuckin' puke.

Never mind.

Transitioning between different brands of underarm deodorant sucks

Tomorrow we're having all side dishes, no turkey.

Mumbai is formerly "Bombay" India.

Relive your childhood

DUers for Prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY administration criminals check-in thread

Should Michael Vick ever play another down in the NFL?

I am hopelessly addicted to Scramble on Facebook.

Would it be too much to ask if Green Day would release their next fucking album soon!!

Which is correct, is it "stuffing" or "dressing"?

Evil Alert: I made an abomination of a cake for my company potluck.

Who Is The Biggest DU Turkey?

Who's cooking already?

Wouldn't it be funny if everytime flvegan called MrCoffee 'trebek', MrCoffee

Is it possible to copy videos from YouTube to an iPod?

Robbers Arrested After Deputies Find Them Hiding In Portable Restroom

Yay! Less than two hours from vacation!

You know what I hate? Box elder bugs

After 4 days, I am FINALLY able to use my new laptop!!

What kind of stuffing do you make in your house?

DU Otakus please answer me this question...

What time should I arrive at your place for dinner?

What time should I arrive at your place for dinner?

Have you ever posted a thread just for attention?

22 lb. turkey divided by 3=7.something or other.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

ESPN has Champhions League

Your favorite philosoraptor

Karma catches up to drunk driver in NM

Malia Obama Calls Dibs on Lincoln's Desk

As Dog Is My Witness

caption this

Paulson Was Behind Bailout Martial Law Threat

That Twix Bar hit the spot!

Anyone here have a blogspot account?

Post here and I'll tell you why Obama's pick for you in his cabinet insults us liberals

Neil Young, live 1968, streaming preview of whole show

Can Parche fill up the first page of the lounge

sensory overload.....

Radio Caroline 452, Dolby

I wonder what's gonna happen when the Westboro Church is here Friday night

"La Traviata" - You got to see this....

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...

Zookeepers discover why their polar bears wouldn't mate

Zookeepers discover why their polar bears wouldn't mate


Buying a new car

All ready for the night before Thanksgiving turkey frying party, this is the best.

As God as my witness!

My Favorite Pie Is Lemon Meringue With Graham Cracker Crust

Christmas decorations that look better in the catolog than real life:

Carol Kane, Carol Kaye, Carole King

I now fear having my picture taken

Life is too fun. Post some serious!

On Hour Until Departura

Well that didn't take long!

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!!"

Incest Couple sues EU

Happy Birthday Tina Turner - 69 years old today. What's your favorite Tina Song?


Who Is Bored Out Of There Living Skull?

Yikes!! Just got a facebook invite from the guy who was my one true love

So, I get home from a hospital visit, and turn on the TV, while waiting for my dad to arrive,

You Cannot Pardon a Crime You Authorized

Yes! Pau hana at 3 (5 Pacific, 8 Eastern)!

Death frees WWII vet after 62 years of mental torment

That's Not Tang: The NASA Urine Recycler Testing Videos

Share Your Holiday PIE Recipes!

1993 Toyota Corolla DX Wagon

Teenage Girl Attempts Suicide After Seeing the Movie, Twilight!

I think that Linkin Park's song 'In the End' is perhaps the biggest YouTube cliche in existence.

I hate the holidays.

There's a Great Pumpkin and Santa Claus but nothing for Thanksgiving!

They've lost it over in GD.

Are we human or are we dancers?

What TrueBlood powers would you want?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/26/2008)

Head and shoulders stinks like sulphur

The good news: Fire season is over

In Thanksgiving tradition, what DUer will get drunk, start an argument and stab someone tomorrow?

My friend the communist. Holds meetings in his RV.

OMFG. Prilosec Bunco??

I posted a dumb copycat thread in GD

Can Canned Water Chestnuts sub for Fresh Roasted Chestnuts?

I'm watching Porn in my hotel dressing gown

So tell me something about bad laboratory retrievers

please Ralph Nader Fans go start your own Ralph Nader Underground board

So tell me something bad about laboratory conceivers.

Free Beer - Is it real or illusion?

There's Columbus Day, there's St. Paddy's Day, and Cinco de Mayo. Why nothing for Jewish Americans?

Can I replace chianti with zinfandel in a sweet potato glaze recipe?

Another Thanksgiving Day tradition

Poll question: Free Willy - Is it real or illusion?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/26/08

Free Willy - Is it real or illusion?

Cool song of the moment: The Fucking Champs - "Flawless Victory"

Does anyone use Skype for phone calls or webcams?

what are you thankful for this year?

judge a man by his enemies

You know what I have nightmares about?

Does anyone use Snark for phone calls or webcams?

Willy - Free - Puppies - Thanksgiving - Album - Webcams

Life sure does get curious.

Poll Question - Free Lunch: Is it real or illusion?

Kentucky Fried Movie...

You know, I'm seeing a lot of thinly disguised bodies in here....

Most Awesomest Mug Shot Photo

In 16+ yrs of being together, this is the first time he's done the Tday shopping

You know, I'm seeing a lot of thinly disguised bodily function threads in here...

Who's cooking right now?

I have a whole coffee mug full of mixed nuts that I culled from the Chex Mix

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday November 26

MOTHERFUCKER! YouTube took my video down

A Thanksgiving Tradition: Alice's Restaurant

What're you having for dinner tomorrow?

Since we all appear to be a bit bored, here's another lyrics game!

Pies? I'm supposed to bring pies?!!!

Have you ever caught yourself judging a Hulk by the colour of his skin?

What Free Willy have you listened to literally hundreds of times?

judge a man by his free willy

I think I have found the future in coca

The Hug Haruka3_2000 Thread

What are your Thanksgiving plans in regard to freeper relatives?

The Nation has a little poll..." What are you most thankful for this year?"

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan work magic

A grievance about my two sisters' lack of backbone led my mom to ask an odd question...

Okay the cats are freaking out and now so am I....

So after 22 years, I got a letter from my Little Sister yesterday

Free Willy - Is it real or illusion?

Will Ferrell,is it real or an illusion?

Free Will - is it real or an illusion?

Woman of Silver

Free Willy - is it real or illusion?


Ecclesiastes 10:2 - STILL on a sign at a local church

Ecclesiastes 10:2 - STILL on a sign at a local church

Is There Life On Other Planets?

Sweet potato pie help please-

Happy Thanksgiving! 17 Steps to Cooking a Turkey.

I Am Hungry

Help for Problem Drinkers

One of the main ingredients of happiness shines brighter tonight.

Bullitt Jazz

Awesome Thanksgiving Leftover Meal Ideas

A wee frilly - is it real or an illusion?

Hey, Lounge... Post your most controversial briefs

Why is postage so expensive?

Is there an "American" Holiday that is not shit on

I have finished a fifth of whiskey, 7 beers, and 4 huge Black Russians.

All US aid to Pakistan MUST CEASE

Sirius Radio's Classic Vinyl Channel Listeners

Who watched Pushing Daisies tonight?

OK the baking is DONE. Four dozen kolacky and three dozen

Frozen Pizza or Bondage?

Haruka3_2000 Still hates me. What can I do to make amends?

I am the lamest woman on Earth.

I thought I ran out of smokes until I found a juicy Vantage Light butt under my fridge from 1978.

So when did Liza Minnelli turn into Jimmy Durante....

Damn you Swiss Miss damn you all to hell.

Free Wii - is it real or illusion?

Why do women cook and clean while men simply watch football on Thanksgiving?

Eight firms caved in at once to James Dobson and his "Christmas Police"

Eight firms caved in at once to James Dobson and his "Christmas Police"

The Harvey Dent of kitties

What if all our processed food has been Soylent Green for years???!!1!

Free Will or Bondage of The Will?

Feeding time for the puppies

How much time do you spend reading a message before responding?

Dont tell him but, I took MrCoffee's coffee maker and grinder... (pics)

Ok, it's open mic poetry thread time

Do you feel guilty about any music you like?

"As god is my witness, I thought turkey's could fly!"

Post your favorite theme of a current show

Free Will - Is it real or illusion?

Do you drink alcohol?

The Domestic Auto industry

Warning! Cyanuric Acid Linked to Melamine Toxicity Being Fed to U.S. Livestock---With FDA Approval

So tell me something bad about Labrador retrievers.

Okay. I need some vibes tonight. I've just started a new job and I am insecure.

What if all our processed food has had melamine in it for years???!!1!

Where will you be eating Thanksgiving dinner?

Wattles or Snoods?

To all of you spending time with family and loved ones this holiday

If we cloned Neandertals, would there be a market for Neandertal Porn?

Well, that was fun.

I just had to cash out my 401k

Meet our dogs

What album have you listened to literally hundreds of times?

Have you ever opened a wine bottle in an unorthodox way?!1 Corked or uncorked!1

I'm cooking tonight!

Life is too serious. Post some fun!

I worry about the "false centrism" that passes for "moderation" these days.

Ok DUers, Malia Obama is ALLERGIC to most dogs so how about a list of hypo-allergenic non-girly dogs

HAPPY THANKSGIVING (if I don't get the chance tomorrow)

I'm taking the bull by the horns: I'm going to lead the prayer before dinner tomorrow.

I'm taking the bull by the horns: I'm going to lead the prayer before dinner tomorrow.

Big list of Thanksgiving Weekend TV Marathons

Which classic TV show would you like to see played "marathon-style" for Thanksgiving?

Guns N' Roses Threaten Legal Action Against Dr. Pepper

Robert Scheer: "Maybe Ralph Nader was right..."--Obama Chooses Wall Street Over Main Street

My oven won't light and tomorrow's Thanksgiving

Favorite breed of owl

The usual suspects, check in here

i have now officially applied for UCLA and Berkeley

What's the view from your window?

Favorite rock and roll personality?

I told off a republican today

An Open Letter to Sen. Kennedy

An Open Letter to Sen. Kennedy

Don't shoot me. I'm just curious. What do you honestly think Barack WILL accomplish as President?

Things are:

For Her.......

Assembler 2 (more levels!)

What are you most thankful for this year?

WHY WHY WHY is SARAH PALIN' palling around with THAT TERRORIST PAL??!1!

I wondered when the name Vernon Jordan would pop up again. It

Let's all spend a minute and tell the Obama transition team how we feel about being poisoned

You do realize that we can run against Bush for at least the next 20 years

Best inauguration information website

Volcker will head president’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board,

Is there Really a Fire?

"and not continue the same old practices that have gotten us into the fix we're in."

Paul Volcker to Economic Recovery Board

The Lamest of All Possible Ducks

Who will be TIME Magazine's Person of the Year?

Obama Team Mulls Role for Miss Lewinsky in New Administration

Biden was right.

Josh Marshall (TPM) - square on the mark.

Sirota: Watch out for Obama's Team Selling Conservative Policies as Progressive Politics

A post-racial election? Not really.

An extraordinary 'picture book' of Obama. Take a look!

The Lamest of All Possible Ducks

Who is this person?

Bush about to preside over annual WH pardoning of the turkey.

****Heads Up: Obama To Hold A Presser****

Minnesota Senate race

Why do some people think Obama is weak?

Funny chyron from-MSNBC: Obama to address economy, Bush to pardon turkey.

Not feeling good about the Minnesota recount

Obama works to save the economy on a personal level!

Has Obama backed away from this statement he made in April about Investigating Bushco?

Has Obama backed away from this statement he made in April about Investigating Bushco?

Leadership: Since Obama started rolling out his economic team, the market has gained EVERY day

How Does Obama's Cabinet/WH Staff differ from what Clinton's would have been?

How Does Obama's Cabinet/WH Staff differ from what Clinton's would have been?

How Does Obama's Cabinet/WH Staff differ from what Clinton's would have been?

If you think Obama is not kicking ASS and taking NAMES, you ain't paying attention!

For those who missed the Press Conference, they have it on CSPan

How the HELL did we miss this terrific FREEPER YouTube video: Sarah Smile

Should President Obama prosecute John Kerry and Hillary Clinton

Repug dude on MSNBC does not believe there is change: Obama has not consulted Romney or Fiorina!!!!!

Where can I listen to Air America online?

All right!! Thanks DU, Huffpo, Kos the whole nine; and few want Coulter's mouth wired...

Peggy Noonan on MSNBC: Media wants to make Sarah Palin the face of the Republican party...

NY Daily News: Bush lamest duck ever?

Sources in the Obama camp: Hillary Clinton is a Diva

To the trolls and whiners who keep crying about Hillary as SoS

Inauguration Planning, Corporate Donations Prohibited

Inauguration Planning, Corporate Donations Prohibited

They are about to name host for Meet The Press

Good Thing Minnesota Has Someone in Charge Who Cares About Counting Every Vote

I blame Bill Clinton for 9/11, the Johnstown flood, the fall of Dien Bien Phu,

Obama is a second Bush like...

Fuck crossing bridges...Fuck bipartisanship !....

Obama and 40 Guvs At Independence Hall In Philly!!!

Obama and 40 Guvs At Independence Hall In Philly!!!

Five Ways Obama Has Already Changed Washington

Obama is no different from any other great leader

You can't prosecute every criminal in Washington, But you can expose them by following the $$$...

Hey, Dumbass Freepers (yeah, I know that's redundant)--If you are born in the US...

Journalism Ettiquette - Don't Pat Yourself On The Back On The Air


NY Times: "Quantitative Easing" New Massive Infusions to avert depression:

I saw a "Palin 2012" bumper sticker and found myself

Is the Iraq War already won? Already lost? Or Pointless Stalemate?

General Wesley Clark was just on Ed Schultz talking about Secretary Gates.

Damn I just realized something!

Any Word Yet On Obama's Replacement In The Senate?.......

Obama's Foreign Policy: Buying in at the Bottom

Taking a break from all the "is Hilary bad or good" postings, to remember...

People have legimate reasons to question Hillary's judgment

Send Bill Clinton to the Senate

Pardoned Turkey has apparently been renditioned to Gitmo

A week from tomorrow a very important event will take place in DC, Realizing the Promise!

Obama defends Clinton Appointments.

Want to know why Palin will never be president?

Dear PE: It's "Our Administration" not "My Administration"

Which classic TV show would you like to see played "marathon-style" for Thanksgiving?

Is Keeping the Man who Managed the Last Stages of George Bush's War a Wise Decision?

Obama Listens to the People -- Doesn't Hire Bush CIA Man

A voter we are really going to need in 2010

WSJ: 'Natural Born' Baloney. Debunking the urban legend about the Supreme Court and Obama's citize

dailykos launches site to help netroots understand congressional rules and procedures

Robert Gates: Should We Want Him to Stay? by Steve Clemons

Sorry if this is old news, it's new to me: Cinemark CEO gave to Yes on 8: boycott Cinemark.

I know it doesn't matter anymore, but I had to share this video with you all:

Obama Team Mulls Role for Lee Mercer Jr. in New Administration

Does it bother you that Obama hasn't attended church since the election? (Poll on

As national security aide, Jones has long resume

Obama Takes Down Media’s ‘Conventional Wisdom’: ‘The Vision For Change Comes From Me’

If you were building a house would you want experienced workers

Bill Clinton appears at fund raiser for Ravenstahl

Sarah Palin declares war on cities....

Slow day here--every other thread is about Obama's sexist taste in dogs.

White House announces another Bush Pardon

Important - Here is what I am thankful for:

Oh, dear! Fox News shut out of Obama press conference. What will

PE Barack Obama shows his Christianity OUTSIDE of church...

Political geeks totally miss the power of pop culture, that is why Palin may well be the next


Will Obama comment on the India attacks?

Does anyone think that Gates might be a placeholder for Wesley Clark?

Craig Ferguson's thank you ad for Sarah Palin....

Do we risk making ourselves irrelevant

KY-Sen: Statewide Recruitment Thread

In retrospect, do you think McCain picked Palin on his own, or was his arm twisted to do so?

From plastic turkeys to lame ducks: A 2003-2007 photo retrospective of Bush's Thanksgiving photo ops

PHOTOS (must see): Obama goes to school

When you log onto GD: Presidential are you ever......

Toon: "Where's the Change?"

Appointing Clinton May Be Unconstitutional

"apparently, turkeys vote"

Obama wants to make White House 'green'

Obama Transition Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

ONEZ!!11!!! Michelle and Barack Have Huge Fight Over Barack's Sexism!

Today's Historically Heavy, Grab a Tissue and Pinch Yourself Moment.


Even if Bush Blanket Pardon everyone involved in torture, We can still shame them!

You know there is a slight bright spot about FReepers calling this an Obama Recession

Will the emoluments clause allegation be added to the vast list of lies against the Clintons?

"Aw Jeez, not THIS shit again"

Did anyone see Marc Morial on Morning Joe today?

PHOTOS The Obamas at St Columbanus School (VERY pic heavy!)

Biden to spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket

Lets hope that Pakistan isn't behind this India attack

All Right That's It!! I've had it up to *here* with your shenanigans, Barack!!

My one worry about McCain losing.......

President Elect Obama is on ABC now!

Obama always made it clear that he wanted a UNITED & DIVERSE GOVERNMENT....

Trusting Obama

Email conversation with my Repub. friend about the election of Obama

Do I have to? Watch Baba Wawa?

Will Obama Take On The Pentagon?

Obama popular vote margin largest ever

I am in West Plains, MO looking for that racist anti Obama billboard

Heh. Chimpy was never greeted with sights such as this

Bush pardons Scooter Libby!

Statement from the Obama camp on the Mumbai attacks

PE Obama: "I haven't made those appointments yet."

NV-Sen: Things Look a Little Dicey for Reid

If the Huffpo article about Hillary is true, Obama already lost control

Turf battle looms over Clinton protection


Want a good laugh? Local letter to the editor........WHAAAAAH!!

Bush sends Christmas card to Jewish leaders

Scoop the poop!

The newest and most cherished MSM meme: The Left Is Furious

Obama wants a Big Dawg in the White House?

I wish some people would understand that we don't want a Democratic Bush.

Obama Appoints White House Speechwriting and Intergovernmental Affairs Heads

John Dean on KO. Bush will not be prosecuted for torture.

SMACK DOWN!!!! Obama tells reporter he himself is the change

Mr. Obama's Sweet Potato Pie

Nate Silver Predicted I would post this thread about Nate Silver

Atheists in Foxholes: Preventing Religious Discrimination in the Military under an Obama Administrat

"Same old Wall Street Hucksters" The Nation:

The endless mischiefmaking of the dead-duck Bush Administration

Oh , the things that freepers say:

Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama "Offer"

Lieberman Contributed to GOP Senate, House Candidates

This Thanksgiving is a little more special

Happy ThanksGiving! Got a lil' somethin' somethin' for Y'All!

Obama: "Girly Dog" Not For Our Family

Did Rachel 's guest say that Obama can't overturn Bush last minute regulations?

Not only does Obama hold press conferences, he actually pays attention to the questions.

I think Barack Obama is a good man and could potentially be a great president.

HuffPost: "Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama "Offer"

"Truman Syndrome"

Boy, am I relieved that Obama will have a clear cut legal reason for rejecting Hillary

Huffington Post: Hillary tricked Obama and he didn't have the stones to stand up to her

Barack Obama had to know the political risk of offering SoS to HRC


As Obama said clearly and strongly in the press conference re: criticism concerning change

If you were looking for a far left appointment to the cabinet i.e., Kucinich or the like,

PHOTOS: President-elect Obama hands out food at a Chicago church: "You can call me Barack"

Blasts bring chaos to Bangkok's airports

Europe announces 200bn-euro plan

Judge yelled 'tyrant' before Mukasey collapsed

Obama to Limit Inaugural Donations ("Exploring Creative Ways to Open This to Public")

Bush administration quietly works to torpedo global warming regulations

Iraq Delays Vote on Security Pact

Consumers Cut Spending (Falls 1 Percent in October in Largest Drop Since 9/11)

As mortgages went bad, executives cashed out

Russia test-fires intercontinental missile: military

Obama Names Volcker to Head New Economic Advisers

Bequeathed skull stars in Hamlet

Georgian row over origins of war

Ex-AIG exec under probe by U.S. prosecutors: report

Video of Secret Service agents won't be released

Cholera Zimbabwe's 'worst crisis'

Appointing Clinton May Be Unconstitutional

Big Three fine-tune aid pitch

Americans' Food Stamp Use Nears All-Time High

Feds warn cops of potential NYC terror plot

Canvassing Board rejects Franken move on rejected absentee ballots

L.A. Film Festival director Richard Raddon resigns (Mormon contributed to Yes on Prop 8)

CASA Sues Frederick County Sheriff's Office

Russian leader visits Venezuela in show of defiance

Iran says it now runs more than 5,000 centrifuges

Democrats may play hardball in Pennsylvania-MSNBC's Chris Matthews could be in the mix

Lieberman Contributed to GOP Senate, House Candidates

Greenland Votes for Greater Independence From Denmark

State justice confirms he yelled "Tyrant" at Mukasey before AG collapsed

"Morning Joe" Team In Talks To Start Radio Show; "before Limbaugh and after Imus"

Remarks of President-Elect Barack Obama Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Toyota Suffers First Credit Rating Cut in 10 Years

Roads, skies to be less crowded over holiday

Jury convicts mom of lesser charges in online hoax

Obama adds econ advisers, says 'help on the way' (and defends Clinton appointments)

Mumbai rocked by deadly shootings

Buyer’s Remorse Chills New Englanders Who Locked in Oil Prices


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 26

Senators Pushing for Return of Equal-time Rules

Raul Castro to Sean Penn: he'd meet Obama at Gitmo

Palin to stump with Sen. Saxby Chambliss

Ailing FDA May Need a Major Overhaul, Officials and Groups Say

E.J. Dionne: Obama's Brain Trust; "a President both progressive and pragmatist"

Fallon: US needs strategy on China

Not a Moment Too Soon: Rebuilding infrastructure and putting millions to work in the process

Hot GOP Culture of Corruption Here! Come and Get IT!

"A French Connection"- Liberal Revisionist History

Setti;ng A Standard

“All My Rowdy Friends” Are Senators?

Natural Born' Baloney: Debunking the urban legend about the Supreme Court and Obama's citizenship.

George Truman Bush

The Bush Pardons = Scott Horton

Government by Contractor Is a Disgrace (Thomas Frank, WSJ)

Obama Says Wall Street Executives Should Forgo Holiday Bonuses

With Times Tight, Even Lawyers Get Outsourced

From one stereotype to another (Gene Lyons)

I give thanks for illegal immigrants

"Obama Flight Plan"

Joe Klein: Bush's Last Days: The Lamest Duck

Send Bill Clinton to the Senate

KBR Responsible for Electrocution Deaths of US Soldiers in Iraq-US Government Unwilling to Act

Steps to take over rather than bailout automakers:

Inside Obama's Idea Factory in Washington

Five Richest Authors in the world

Abkhazia: A Chance to Join the World

Obama Popular Vote Margin Largest Ever for Non-Incumbent

Glenn Greenwald: How the media talks about torture and the rule of law

Why The Gates Pick Works

Roubini: Policies will lead to "much higher real interest rates on public debt"

Obama’s To Do List

Breaking! Tom Friedman says something completely right!!!!

The Youngest Victims of Wall Street Greed

U.S. Treasury Betrays America (Good Read)

The Pilgrims' Real Menu

I Just Realized That I'm Smarter Than I Think I Am... Probably You Are, Too

Saxby Chambliss- Don't Get Fooled Again (Reposted)

President Bush, Airline Pilot.

Obama: Declare

Rachel Maddow Show: Auto Workers Blamed For Industry Problems.

Your Holiday 'BOO!' Delivered Right on TIme

TYT: Brennan removes himself from consideration

ChangeDotGov: Obama Announces 2 More Leaders of Economic Team

Does Sean Hannity have the guts to partner with a big-league liberal?

Chinese milk producers putting melamine in baby milk

Olbermann on McCain's First Post-Election News Conference

Roundtable discussion on Obama's economic team-1/4 Democracy Now!

Roundtable discussion on Obama's economic team-2/4 Democracy Now!

The Onion: Bush Pardons Scooter Libby In Giant Turkey Suit

More than 100 held hostage in Mumbai in terror blitz

obama press conference 11/26

Obama: 'Vision for Change Comes from Me'

WKRP: Old show about anti-gay prejudice

Turley: Democrats want Bush torture pardons for political cover to forgo criminal investigations

Jonathan Turley: The Dems Will Repair Bush's Legacy

Help Brave New Films fight for change

Infant formula tainted with Melamine FDA says

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving - Obama Family

Thank You Sarah Palin- Democratic Version! About Time!

Give Thanks, Republicansim Has Pooped the Bed!

Ann Coulter's Jaw Wired Shut

Bush's Final Thanksgiving Address

Roundtable discussion on Obama's economic team-4/4 Democracy Now!

The Young Turks: He's thinking I've got two months left, man. Let's hit this drink and hit it HARD.

Barack Obama says NO to a girly dog.

Craig Ferguson watched the Obama press conference on Fox News... thinks it was edited

Late Show - Top Ten Sarah Palin Excuses

AP: Bush Pardons Turkeys

77% of Israelis say no chance for peace with Palestinians

Israeli policeman headbutts woman in Palestinian demolition clashes

Report: Most cases of IDF abuse of Palestinians don't lead to charges

Yeshiva head arrested for inciting youth

Palestinian Forces Dilute Hebron’s Volatile Brew

Tutu, Obama and the Middle East

Olmert 'to be charged' with corruption

Israel asks Bush to explain its 'special relationship' with U.S. to Obama

Settler rabbi: Peace Now chief should be jailed for treason

Army spec ops group moving to Eglin AFB

Guard Stryker Brigade to deploy with FCS UAVs

2 killed by attacker in Iraqi army uniform

Agent: Man in Dix case tried to shake agents

Soldier’s dad asking president for pardon

Shiites, Kurds meet Sunni demand on U.S. pact

IDF killed wanted Palestinians despite court guidelines, documents show

Bush thanks recently returned 101st soldiers

San Antonio underway after repairs in Bahrain

4 P-8 squadrons to be based at Whidbey Island

New dates set for Makin Island delivery

Suez Canal feels the heat as piracy spikes

Fla. officials: Do not delay carrier decision

Source: Jones to be national security adviser

VA sued over Marine’s suicide

Troops: Burn-pit caused health problems

D-M commander gives solar farm green light

New disability process to expand

Relief at last: AAFES to drop gas price by 40 percent

Confession added to SSRT case record

Soldier will be tried in deaths of Iraqis

NEX gas prices to drop 68 cents in Italy

RAF Lakenheath airman acquitted of rape charge

US-Iraq Pact Set for Vote Today

After the Blast, Rebuilding a Life

DoD Prepares to Implement Reserve Changes

Searchers Say 139 Marine Graves Found

Venezuela’s Chavez welcomes Russian ships

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Shaping a New Army

Official: Gates to remain SecDef

US Reportedly Spied on Tony Blair

Robot May be More 'Humane' Soldier

Young Turks: How the Mainstream Media Actually Works

MCT Seeks Lease to Deploy Tidal Technology (Scotland)

Los Angeles Sets 10% Solar Goal for 2020 (1.3 GW thin-film PV project)

Solar upgrade (emergency power) at Midtown (school/community shelter, NJ)

Solar power on the greens (FL) and Universal Studios (CA, solar carts)

Politico Pimps the Global Warming Skeptics

Endangered sea turtles killed by cold snap

Beetle battle: Fighting growth of (hemlock wooly) adelgids (Maine)

Joe Romm: An open letter to James Hansen on the real truth about stabilizing at 350 ppm

Greenland wants independence -- to hunt whales ??

Carmakers can’t block emission standards

Wind Energy Reaches 43 Percent Of Spain's Electricity Demand (new record)

10 Most Alien like Insects on Earth

Great Lakes Wind Could Supply One-third of U.S. Electricity


Volcker to head new economy panel: report


When is an employer guilty of failing to provide minimally adequate ...

CNN Ordered to Rehire 110 Workers Fired for Belonging to a Union

Global Wages Decline; U.S. Income Gap Worst of Developed Countries

The real cost of unionized auto workers? $70/hour? Try $38!

What does an autoworker really earn? - The $73 hr myth

Sign the Employee Free Choice Act!

California to investigate Mormon Prop 8 donations

Resource: Direct link to California SC documents

Oh By The Way

Freedom Fighter in Life Becomes Potent Symbol in Death: Review of "Milk"

60 percent in Iowa support gay couple rights

"Fuck Over the Gay Family" - is the real FOCUS

(Proposition) Eight is enough

Inquiry Set on Mormon Aid for California Marriage Vote

Is Domino's still anti-gay?

Election Watchdog Group to CA Secretary of State: Investigate Proposition 8 Vote Count

Something that really bothered me about Keith's commentary about Prop 8

The accusations of racism have to stop.

Some thoughts about proposition 8

I'm curious: how did white *working class* voters split on Prop 8.?

everybody should have a parent like this one

What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?

Idol Winner David Cook Attacks Prop 8

Gay rights groups build war chest to defend anti-Prop. 8 judges

Chile starts process to restore train to Bolivian capital

Drug lord’s home now a zoo

Cuba: Duh

Russian leader visits Venezuela in show of defiance

Raul Castro to Sean Penn: he'd meet Obama at Gitmo

Universal test 'would slash Aids' (BBC)

'Quack foods' that claim to aid weight loss are 'waste of money'

Cancer cases in US decline for first time

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrology Newsletter for December

Can lack of forgiveness make you ...sick? unworthy? what?

spanish moss...

I know my 8-year-old son would never shoot me

Council passes controversial bill on stolen guns

Time To Renounce The NRA?

Defenseless woman dies while helping children escape from barricaded bedroom.

Friday Night on Bill Moyers Journal

Kashi TLC Oatmeal Dark Chocolate

Can we talk about mashed potatoes?

Anyone else going to dismantle the turkey before cooking it?

Anyone have an EASY fool-proof turkey gravy?

A French Connection - the REAL first Thanksgiving

Is matrix multiplication an immoral concept?

Delightful article today re: science

SciAm: The Economics of Piracy

How the Turtle's Shell Evolved (it's not the way you might think)

How the turtle's shell evolved (BBC)

Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in the Next Five Years

MAP Coning - Medical Assistance Program

GOP leader calls on misdemeanor judge to resign (Harris county)

Skype versus Messenger

Students drop Shinerama [cystic fibrosis] fundraiser for illness targeting Caucasians

Bequeathed skull stars in Hamlet

Bequeathed skull stars in Hamlet

Republicans' hurt feelings. You've got to be kidding.

Does anyone know if the free Thanksgiving dinner is being held

So this is how the cops in the Dells support the troops...

gableman Hires anti-abortion Lawyer To Fight Ethics Charges