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Who really killed Liberty Valance and Who Shot JR? - I just HAVE to know now!1!

Scott Horton at Harper's: The Bush 41 and 43 Pardons (History To Repeat Itself?)

Anyone watching the Colbert Christmas Special? LOL!

This is so sad--but I do still support heterosex marriage even among the religious.

If Bush is a lame duck, does that make Cheney a lame dick?

Worst of financial crisis yet to come: IMF chief economist

Team of Rubins? (Beware)

Vaccine-A The Book Your Government Does Not Want You To Read

Boy, 12, Arrested For Farting In Class- (Florida)

Minnesota Senate Recount Results Link?

the threat of deflation : The Nation

Here is the solution to the economy problems

Why Not Just Nationalize All the Banks?

Join me in protesting against DU!!

Gee. Maybe we ought to change the name of DU to Bitch&Whine Underground....

Guardian UK: Americans have never felt so excited, and yet so depressed

What a concept!!!!: In Britain, they'll increase taxes on the rich to benefit the majority.....

What a concept!!!!: In Britain, they'll increase taxes on the rich to benefit the majority.....

WJ this morning - PE Obama's New Economic Team

Guardian UK: The moral dimension of boom and bust

your prez, the putz

why do we tax cigarettes? because we can...

Bell Helicopter abandons effort to win India military contract

Citigroup's market cap was US 20.5 Billion on Friday

I'm a Boomer. So of course I ridiculed Perry Como and Karen Carpenter, Perhaps I was wrong.

Fed has pledged an amount equal to half the GDP to shiftless High Finance Welfare Queens

Most beautiful homeless shelter in the world

surge update - Three Baghdad blasts kill at least 20 people

Competitors question AIG moves; AIG denies accusation it's slashing rates to retain business.

Competitors question AIG moves; AIG denies accusation it's slashing rates to retain business.

Candace Gingrich: A Response to the Extreme Anti-Gay Comments by My Brother

AlterNet: Can George W. Bush 'Self-Pardon' Himself?

In the grand scheme of things this is probably not right up there.

Chad Hardy on Prop 8 (this is the guy that was excommunicated for the missionary calendar)

Next up for a bailout: Home Builders. Not mortgage help, aid to build more homes.They want $250B

How Waxman won out over Dingell. Dingell was a stubborn mule.

does cititgroup have a 'plan' for their bailout....haven't heard about it

So Thurman is running again for state chair????

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

DUers where can I find the best analysis on why Obama

Slow down and take a deep breath...

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008

Amanpour to Anchor a Nightly Show on CNN International

If you could have one post in the government, what would it be?

The intellectually lazy and quite dim Jonah Goldberg goes ugly early.

Ford Family Scion Reaching Out To Obama On Green Agenda

Like Monty Python, it's only a flesh wound.

A Little Poem by John S. McCain

STOP ALL BAILOUTS! NOWWWWW! Govt. should use the money to buy ALL sub-prime mortgages. Much cheaper ...

Now in my day, I realize prices were not as high...

Now in my day, I realize prices were not as high...

Please DU this poll

Don't know what to make for Thanksgiving? Try this for some fun ideas!

Is it just me or are others starting to sleep better and...

Obama meets Joint Chiefs chairman with Bush's blessing

Colbert Christmas lyrics

Keith Olbermann COOKING on Martha Stewart's Show

Woman with butcher knife carjacks an SUV in Kansas City

82 year old Margaret & Helen: Thankgiving Letter to the Family 2008 (LOL)

Monkey boy says it's all OK and then leaves. Two minutes tops.

Another doomed industry, recycling?

Poll : What is your degree of confidence in our new government?

"I worry that it's too small" . . . Paul Krugman re: Obama's $250 billion jobs plan . . .

Economic crisis creates a cultural divide between ‘ants’ and ‘grasshoppers’

Palin's Turkey Interview - The Outakes.

How Blue Dog is my County. i.e. Central Florida.

we just got mentioned on MSNBC!!!


As Taboos Ease, Saudi Girl Group Dares to Rock

Do you shower before work or after work?

Anyone else having problems with hotmail?

The Last Secrets of the Bush Administration

What one factor do you think contributed most to John McCain's loss?

Tin Foil Hat?

PHOTO: It's time for another exciting round of "WHAT is Bush looking at?"

duplicate - please delete

Zombie Economics - From Big Jim Kunstler's Clusterf*ck Nation

Zombie Economics - From Big Jim Kunstler's Clusterf*ck Nation

Friedman: We should 'consider moving up the inauguration date'

So who's cutting back on gifts this Christmas?

Citi gets $306,000,000,000.00 Bail-Out- Party-Pak, customers get squat!

40,000 flock to fields for farmers' leftovers

Our Gov just rescued CitiGroup ---- have your interest rates gone down at your house?

How much longer before people are in the streets with torches and pitchforks?

A Paranoid Interpretation of the International Banking Crisis.

DU just got mentioned on MSNBC ......

Shopping While Black

Oh fuck that!

Awaiting News Conference With President Elect Obama

Anybody ever been around camels? Are they more docile than horses?

Saudi Arabia's First All-Girl rock band, The Accolade...

Do I need to be the next Che, and ride my motorcycle from town to town screaming

why is the U.S. Bailing out an United Arab Emerites owned bank???? citigroup is basically owned by

How responsible are bush & cheney for our economic & national problems?

Thomas Friedman has no shame; while his shopping fortune collapses, tells America to shop

Democratic Underground just mentioned by the Pro Palin Advertiser on MSNBC

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008

Now that Citigroup is bailed out, does that mean I don't have to pay off my credit cards with them?

Alaska Needs Your Help - THE MUDFLATS

Stephanopoulos: Obama doing more than any president-elect

Police Want to Know Who Left Piano in Massachusetts Forest

meanwhile: storm leaves 2000 Russian towns/villages without electricity

Joe Lieberman, lying asshole

Likely Obama Budget Aide: Health Reform 'Crucial' To Fixing Economy

America isn't like a car skidding off the road, it's far more like an oil tanker headed toward reefs

pResident Bush speaks vs. President Obama speaks today on the Economy

Dalai Lama says next successor could be a girl

Citi gets $70B in cash and $360B in shit-loan guarantees, but the car makers can get fucked?

Conclusive proof that America DOES torture!

How bad is the economy? Tiger Woods just got LAID OFF by General Motors. Oh hell no!

Chicago Sun-Times: Even Santa can't find work this year

I like Obama's nominations thus far

Britain's converted gun problem

Economy Hitting Women Hardest, Say Experts

neo cons making secret deal with car companies?

A city that gets it when it comes to mass transit policy: Toronto

Message to President Obama

Another freeperism - "performa" for "pro forma" - (more Obama birth certificate nonsense)

You don't get classier than Howard Kaloogian

Saxby "Smails" Chambliss loves to hit the links with lobbyists.

Head of MSNBC on Maddow’s success: ‘She comes in every day and studies for eight hours.’»

NWO as global financial matrix self destructs

Was talking to an elderly friend of mine yesterday and he said let them fail

so where's MY 'EFFIN Bailout?????????

GM crops 'to be grown in secret'

Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXVI: Like, omigod, they were just little white lies.....

Cobb County, GA: Oopsie! Ballot requests run into a glitch

Bush sees more moves like Citigroup bailout

Two of the only decent movie theaters in Chicagoland support hate. Grrrrrr!

Where Are All the Posts About How Shitty Citibanks "Products" Are?

Let's do a Grand National Experiment: Stimulus Money only to states who voted for Obama

Please clue me in: sincere ???s to DU veterans, which most of you seem to be

MILK - the movie.....opens Wednesday

The Real Causes Of The Auto Crisis: A Failure of Corporate Government

"Shrub's" last shot and the Dems are falling for it, if you can call

So Be It.

A DU Thank you for Sarah Palin

Projection: Franken to Win Recount by 27 Votes

Can we have some DU video responses to the

Port of Los Angeles security under control of Chinese President’s son!

Port of Los Angeles security under control of Chinese President’s son!

Citi, AIG Won't Drop Big Sports Sponsorships

GM Cuts $7 Million in Spending, by Cutting Tiger

If as PE Obama says,

Washington DC's Metro (transit system) preparing for Inauguration Weekend

Alan Colmes To Leave "Hannity & Colmes"

You don't need gas, food, health, housing or a job, Citibank needs your money!

Who are "Americans for Job Security"?

Prince Alaweed Citibank patron helps on CNBC interview to further take us into the land of bizzare..

Caption *

Will Obama's presidency kill the 2-party system?

Home Resales in U.S. Fall as Foreclosures Push Prices Down Most on Record

Bush: "This is a phone call of an al Qaeda, known al Qaeda suspect, making a phone call"

Youtube puppy and kitty videos more popular than saving your own ass

"Fatty" discussions, LOL

Ted Kaufman to be Biden's senate replacement

‘I just want to leave him, but I can’t afford it’

Pro-Palin ads 'thank you' ads hit the airwaves

You know what is really fun?

Bush promises more aid to banks if needed

"Paulsen called all the banks to Washington as a cover to give money to Citibank...they were forced

BWAAAH! Tom Friedman is going bust!

Where is the post that listed hateful comments from several rw radio commentators? I've searched

Princeton Proposition 8 to protect traditional sidewalk values (Prop 8 everybody!!)

9-year-old student charged in pencil stabbing

I want to know the salaries of the executives of the car companies

Thanksgiving "Favorite Recipe" thread

What is your favorite part of your Thanksgiving meal?

DU is now a lot like a sports team message board and from experience I offer the following

My soul is crying today....


I want to know when the riots commence so I get my pitchfork ready.

Robert Reich: Why CitiGroup is About to Be Bailed Out and Not General Motors

Sam Seder email re 'Maron vs. Seder'

Stock market potentially posts 1000 point gain in two days.

US Citizen Diplomats Arrive In Iran, Invited By Ahmadinejad


Bush bails out Citigroup: Major shareholders are Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi

Senator Feinstein recalls traumatizing days of Milk

Representing New York in the Senate: RFK, HRC . . . and TBA

Iraq Interpreter Mask Ban: Congress Gets Involved

What's your music for the Inaugural Ball at home?

If Citi were to fail, you would still owe on your CitiCard and your Citimortgage.

Humor: Name of the Stimulus Bill to be on Obama's Desk 1/20/09

The Trickle Down Theory

Govt to the corporations: "We'll take care of you." Govt to the People: "STOP WHINING!!!"

It's called the Freedom of Association, people

"Breaking News", everything in TV propaganda whoreland is "Breaking News"

This may have been posted.

Alan Colmes Leaving Hannity

Our sad fucking state of affairs. Prince Alalweed in barn, lounging in chair calling shots.

I love the idea of progressive, Melody Barnes to head the Domestic Policy Council!

Group of Thirty

"Mistakes were made" ............

Can someone pin one of the posts about Hannity and the little guy

Repealing the Cuban Embargo: A Cost Free Way to Boost Our Nation's Economy

Prop 8 at Princeton bans freshmen from sidewalks -- preserving "traditional sidewalk values"

Cynthia McKinney prevented from leaving US

What do you know? Sounds like Bing Crosby was opposed to the Vietnam War

National Archives unsure how many White House emails will be saved


If a company is too big to fail, why did we let it get so big?

Stupidity in Seattle: Pepper spray incident draws full hazmat response

Congress Digs Obama’s Economic Picks

Fat, Gay African-Americans rejoice, you have millions of posts coming!

I disagree with the entire concept of bailing out the banks....

Open Letter from a Citizen to President-Elect Barack Obama: No Bailouts for Torturers

New EW career field to 'blind enemy' with science

Would you watch a movie about sarah palin's life?

Kevin Drum: Conservatives are stuck in 1980.

Schumer Steps Down From D.S.C.C. Post

Freedom’s Watch is shutting down.»

Credit Card Insanity, American Express and my Mother

"Export credit market"

Americans drive less, creating a problem

Bush History: Dick Cheney Speech Highlights the Failures of Bush Administration 11/24

Looking for an unusual Holiday gift? - 'Town Selling Parking Meters - $35 each'

Congress Will Work Through January to Send Obama Economic Stimulus Package


What inspired all the threads about overweight people?

Bush Readies his list of Pardons..... at 157 so far......

I was watching Cavuto .. and this guy said that the UAW decides which cars are made

Computer Problem

This guy cares deeply about the economy...

Blaming American Workers Isn't A Smart Political Move, Apparently Republicans Didn't GetThe Memo

Were you eligible for the GM Employee/supplier discount?

Freedom’s Watch is shutting down.

Who's Dumber?

They saw this coming

The Citigroup Bailout- Comments by Krugman, Reich, Kedrosky and others

Don't worry corporate criminals, we'll always bail you out

If the stock market is driven by emotion, what does it say about the last two needed here

I have a great small business idea for the coming times which I am happy to throw out GRATIS

Question: What do grocery stores do with fruits and vegetables that are going bad?

Republicans Turn to Dirty Tactics in Georgia

George Soros: "If Obama is wise, he will find common ground with China to solve this crisis."

With Stevens gone, who's the worse Rethug Senator?

My apologies for the glitchy, botchy, insulting post I made on Friday night.

Earthbound Trading Owner Nick Tillman and Wife Died In a Plane Crash This Afternoon

Billionaire Club Goes Broke

"...staggering losses and intense public scrutiny..." -Citigroup..Nov 16, 2007

Who is that guy in the Pat Buchanan mask on TV saying Obama should be like FDR??

Who is that guy in the Pat Buchanan mask on TV saying Obama should be like FDR??

Why are the members of the CEO class against bailing out mortgage holders and workers?

Tom Gish, Tenacious Kentucky Newsman, Dies at 82

U.S. Stocks Post Biggest Two-Day Rally Since 1987 on Citigroup

Jury: guilty verdicts against citizen's arrest of Rove participants. God Bless A-mer-i-fucking-CA.

Kudlow on CSPAN WJ (hurling insults at callers decrying the meltdown).

'Boston Legal' poised to end 5-year run

Someone or something really is looting the country, but it's not who you think

Someone or something really is looting the country, but it's not who you think

Look what is happening in the Franken Race

Weighing In...

PHOTO-ma-graphic PROOF: "Preznit had himself a drinky-poo at Asia-Pacific gathering in Lima"

CNBC: Obama is innocent until proven guilty

Turkey man in Palin video is interviewed...

Close Guantanamo! That's what I hear. The chicken coups, or the naval base? I say BOTH.

Four found guilty in citizen's arrest of Rove

Come with me now, to those thrilling days of yesteryear ............

What best describes your view of evolution?

THIS Kaloogian is calling anyone out??

Stock Market RALLIES mean relatively LITTLE to moms 'n' pops visited by JEFF STRYKER....

Is there any way to find out how much Paulsson, Bush and Cheney made on Citibank stock today?

If Interracial Marriage Were Put up to a Vote...

via NPR tonight - 40k people show up to harvest vegetables at Colo. farm

Merril Jessop surrenders to authorities!!

I finally found a reason to be happy that Bush stole the 2000 election

Freedom’s Watch is shutting down

Damn unions destroyed Chitigroup.

Is Alan Colmes leaving Faux and Why?

Reich-wing Talibangelical meme of the month: "Gay Fascism"

Hannity & ______?

Obama's First Moves on Foreign Policy--Analysis by Stratfor

Reuters: Workers cautious about 401(k) investment

Reuters: Workers cautious about 401(k) investment

To some psychiatric patients, life seems like TV

61 ballots found in Pro-Coleman County--not previously counted

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal buys Citi stock on Friday, Sunday Paulson agrees to bail them out.

Terms you never want to hear again after January

Funds sliced, teacher sells ads on tests

What year did approval of interracial marriage eclipse disapproval? (Gallup)

Springsteen's New Single "Working On A Dream" Free Download Today

What Can't You Give Up In This Economy? Chiming in from a parallel universe.......

Why all the controversy about weight?

MILK - the movie.....opens Wednesday

Firefox Spellchecker suggests "Lieberman" for "Olbermann"

Overweight People, Compassion and Judgment

DU Fatwa Wars...."Save the Last Dance for Me!

Third time lucky: Is Colmes leaving Faux and why ?(will I get a straight answer this time?)

Robert Redford looks great on Rachel

Christian Science Monitor: Schools feel pinch from economic woes

Bush might decide to issue pre-emptive pardons before he leaves office

Ronald Reagan's ideas were NOT part of the solution, they were the CAUSE of the problem

Ronald Reagan's ideas were NOT part of the solution, they were the CAUSE of the problem

Prince denies anti-gay-rights remarks; New Yorker stands by story!

Fundie author: Porn will ruin your life

One of the many reasons I hate American Idol.

What really bugs me about delaying the elimination of tax cuts for the wealthy

Liquidity--That's when you look at your investments and wet your pants.

Homeless Shelter Goes Green To Cut Costs

Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences

Robert Reich: Citigroup Versus General Motors

The Secretary of State sets neither policy nor tone.

On Hardball they are talking about the HUGE Giveaways to the UAW..and complaining about it...

Eyeing Obama Era, DailyKos Launches New Blog to Press Congress

Boston Legal starting now. Last season. n/t

Meet the new U.S. Senator from Delaware

please delete

Since Bush is making pardons, how about Leonard Peltier? Sign the petition please.

Since Bush is making pardons, how about Leonard Peltier? Sign the petition please.

Ga. Supreme Court Sponsors ‘Get Married, Stay Married’ Billboards

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Russia president, warships to Venezuela to counter US

Okay, I just saw the entire PalinTurkeyMurder video

My fundie Republican neighbor is praying that Israel attacks Iran before Bush leaves office

Rightwing Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) makes the case for saving the Big 3. No shit!

Bong Hits 4 Jesus Dude Case Settled.

What's wrong with class warfare?

Prop 8 backers now whining that they have been linked to "extreme" groups which supported Prop 8

Anyone else not seeing a problem with the credit market?

Jupiter and Venus to Converge

Let's make a new deal

More Americans serving as their own lawyers

Siblings Kept Mentally-Disabled Older Sister in Backyard Shed for Decades

Sippin' longnecks, watchin' cartoons, playin' Nintendo...the 3-point Bush economic recovery plan

Listening to President Obama today it hit me. I will really, really miss .......

Anyone here familiar with the California laws governing homeowners associations?

Anyone here familiar with the California laws governing homeowners associations?

Top Scientist Rails Against Hirings: Bush Appointees Land Career Jobs Without Technical Backgrounds

US Senate Candidate Martin (D-GA) Joins Union Phone Bank as Election Approaches Dec 2

So did Vikram Pandit take the bus or hitchhike to the meeting with the Treasury Dept?

The Decider is now The Pardoner: What a bizarre list of the pardoned - drug dealers and bug killers?

Recovering when your wheels are skidding off the pavement

My basement is filled with troubled assets. Where's my fucking bailout?

"Earth" is no longer a suitable name for our planet.

Dick Cheney: "a formula for success".

Why is W(arlord) Bush trying to instill fear in the American public?

WHY is Larry Craig still in the US Senate and what about his trial?

Whaaa???? (rofl)

Free to Be... You and Me: the 35 Anniversary Edition: the book every kid needs

More on URGENT GA runoff -- PPP survey has Chambliss up 6%, Obama said to NOT be going, etc

Team will advise on repeal tax cuts now or let them expire! No different than what he has always

192 UN Member States in 10 minutes

Relatives knew Syracuse couple spanked baby too hard

What hideous bastids: Hannity/Morris claim Shrub inherited a recession!1

Desperately Seeking Distraction

People Will Operate Within The System Foisted Upon Them

Iraqi bomber was mentally disabled woman

Capitalism Sucks!

Thanks Keith

WTF??? We are footing Gonzo's legal bills??? At $24,000 a month???

If Al Gore had not been prevented from the Presidency ...

The PINK MOOSEAU....Inspector Clouseau lives in SP....She can't fuck up...

In the mail today: Citigroup increases my credit card APR to 19.99% minimum

I just found out that my Mom has breast cancer.

91 year old former Civilian Conservation Corps member: "we're damn near a depression"

Citibank to hire 1,000 over in the land of cheap labor. Thanks for the cash suckers!

CAPTION the Final Humiliation

I'm not one to begrudge a fellow American making a buck

I just dont get it

Larisa Alexandrovna: ABC News' Showcases Vomitous Shock & Awe "Barbie" Collection

Larisa Alexandrovna: ABC News' Showcases Vomitous Shock & Awe "Barbie" Collection

Would it really matter which fuel is used for passenger cars?

Must see movie about the RNC protests-Terrorizing Dissent

I think I'm against the auto bailout

Related to "Princeton sidewalk"...gays now will be telling heterosexuals that

20 and 22 years in Prison for operating a medical marijuana dispensary.

To go along with the health/weight theme... HFCS?

The backlash over prop 8 gets ugly

WSJ: Unexpected drop in Power usage

Batten down the hatches, LA DUers, SEVERE WEATHER WARNING tonight.

The Economy... in Cluster Fuck...

Does anyone else believe the Bush depression is by design?

I've been doing ultra cheap Christmas gifts for years. Here are some suggestions

I really, really need help understanding this bailout. Could someone help me?

AP: Free-republic gets ready to do battle again: "We've got people just spitting nails."

Detroit whines, Nissan moves directly to all electric line up

So it's OK to bail out Citibank, but the Big 3 can pound salt over a $25 billion loan

Corporate Class War: Pit Worker Against Worker

In light of the recent discussions on the JFK assassination....

OMG, I agree with Ben Stein!

Sen. Chambliss (R-Ga) Gets Angry When Asked About Role in Sugar Dust Blast

That's it - I am enraged!

Franken Camp Calls For Investigation Of Missing Ballots

You do realize, if Obama does nothing about the criminal Bush administration.

You do realize, if Obama does nothing about the criminal Bush administration.

Document revealing military spying on RNC protesters leaked to ACLU

Gay-marriage debate unites Mormons: "People don't like us anyway."

What in the world is going on with gas prices?

It's NOT the economy, folks -- it's capitalism ......

Economic Fetish Rant: Look at the Big Picture and Be Amazed How Badly "They" Screwed This Up

America and the incoming NEOLIB Administration are now wholly owned subsidiaries of Citigroup.

The $700b slush fund for the Treasury capped off Congress' final capitulation to the Bush gang

Reality Sandwich- Money and the Crisis of Civilization

## LA Times finally reporting: Injured veterans getting screwed! ##

George W. Bush drinking again

"Prior to gangster rap music, the world was a peaceful place.

The puppies are awake

my hand looks like it was attacked by wolverine


It's cold and shitty. I want a bowl of beef pho. Homemade.

Here's a fat person asking you not to leave!

A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!

Open mic poetry thread.

Which seasonal DVD release are you not looking forward to?

I think I feel better now

Which theory(ies) do you think should be given another shot?

Good morning Lounge

Falling Palin...

My name is derby, and I am addicted to cherry sours...

Rock Band video game releases Mission of Burma track pack but leaves off Academy Fight Song

You're the one

"I'll put the meatloaf in the oven-you go upstairs and sink-wash your junk"

Please explain why the DU Adbot kills every thread when s/he posts!

I just took my last antibiotic, and I don't think I'm really well yet.

Inauguration questions?

Code Pink Accepts Ahmadenejad's Invitation to Visit Iran

Damn. I almost left my dog in the car overnight.

Here is a commercial one of my friends directed

Celtic Thunder ~ Christmas 1915

What the hell is wrong with my stomach.

I got this note from Citibank just now

17" widescreen flat panel LCD display for $99

Anybody ever get/make a turducken for Thanksgiving?

Anybody ever get/make a turducken for Thanksgiving?

Help needed to clean a saucepan!

My xbox makes a loud humming noise when i turn it on

Anyone else see the True Blood Season Finale

Free Download of Bruce Springsteen song today only

In my travels, there are only two types of people in the world.

Things That Are A Waste of Money

So, who's going Christmas shopping

What Is Your Favorite Airline

Do you ever walk in public without moving your arms?

Well, I finally used my Olive Garden Card gift card!!

Today's Lounge has ben brought to you by the number 12 and the letter ñ. n/m

zOMG!! JeffR has been stalking NanceGreggs for 16 years! Post your ideas to make him leave!

So the big rage now is vampire romance stories. But why no zombie romance stories? Discuss.

Guess the stache- Democrat or Porn Star?

Neighbor got a weird phone call--Is this a scam?

Okay, I'm going to say it....

Okay, I'm going to say it....

DU'ers, what's in your playlist right now?

A Christmas story vs. Miracle on 34th Street

I made my spaghetti for the people in the office for lunch today.

So how many have been fired or laid off...


My Mom Needs Positive Thoughts.

Any other 50-somethings pondering a career change?

if Turkey meat is called turkey, and chicken meat is called chicken,why is tofu not called soy bean

Hilarious ad

Albuquerque police want ad: We need snitches 'Make some extra cash! Drug use and criminal record OK'

How do you treat your allergies?

Realtor says house sale may fall through.

Are there any subjects that you have a hard time discussing calmly?

I am silly and happy tonight!

Midlo is starting Sham-Wow Wars Today

Sure, no problem. I can drop $450 on car repairs right before the holiday.

if Turkey meat is called turkey, and chicken meat is called chicken, why is pig meat called ham?

Obama hired a vulcan for Social Secretary

apparently my "feminist dogma" blinds me to reality

Wii players - suggest games that both elementary aged kids and adults would enjoy...

Anyone here have a good chocolate fondue recipe?

Who here got their free Dr Pepper?

question for people who know stretching to relieve muscle pain/tension

Midlo is starting flame wars today

Junkie Puppies

BREAKING NEWS: Alan Colmes to leave "Hannity and Colmes," to be replaced by Biomechanical Hannity

"The Story of Edgar Sawtelle--" If I can't make myself like this book early on

Stupid crook of the month on youtube!

BREAKING NEWS: Sean Hannity to leave "Hannity and Biomechanical Hannity" to be replaced by Gorn

Oooh! I found some cool pics!

Is six pies enough for eight people?

Evidence of how highly adictive Coffee is

What else should I include in my untitled zombie romance movie? Here's what I have so far:

Since there seems to be posts against fat people why not flame girls without make-up.

Remember that SNL Commerical for the flu medicine

You know what is really fun?

If I see the "Extenze" commercial one more time, I will perform seppuku on myself.

The landscaping crew cleared off all the leaves on my street today...

Is eight pies enough for Delaware?

"Sand" (Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood, 1967)

glorp glorp glorp glorp glorp glorp

If only you would use that intelligence for something good, young man.

My cats now hide whenever I watch 'Animal Cops' on Animal Planet

Too much dark.

Is eight pies enough for Maryland?

*** A DaveTheWave Appreciation Thread ***

If humans slept like puppies then this would be disgusting.

Rapture Index down again. Another nail into the coffin with the idea that Obama is Antichrist

I was wondering who here in DU even listens to my radio show?

LynneSin Is Being Mean To Me

Pre-employment drug screening, background check and credit check?

Who Else Didnt Get A LynneSin PM Today?

Am I the only person who is having a thoroughly shitty day?

Monday evening, wife has control of the Xbox "Ask Me Anything" thread

Obama is clearly the antichrist

Who is currently the best team in the DUFFL?

If you're looking for cock at the supermarket...

Picking Lint out of King Kong's Belly!

hometown pics

Ode to "The Black Woman"

So, I called in rich to work today

Lately I'm so ultra sensitive. Is this good or bad?

The air in my kitchen is full of ear wax.

The feds are fucking douchebags

tell me if you can spot the sale price of this jeep...

Is Blu Ray really going to take off?

Je suis Napoleon!!!

Lounge Is No Fun Today

Bring out the Gimp: The LEGENDARY Tubes perform "Mondo Bondage"

I Have Come To The Conclusion That DELAWARE SUX

Slinky Kitty!

I started reading "American Lightning" by Howard Blum and it is

***Happy Birthday Duppers!***

I swear by all that's holy - I'm going to track down the person who came up with those

Jesus mutha f'in Christ - what's wrong with these little dogs?

A Parche Appreciation Thread!! Wake up Parche!!....

Dean's idea...use the DNC to centralize the progressive advocacy groups between elections.

The Coming Ice Age:

Some of the best mashups I've heard in a while...

I took my Grandmother to her Diabetes Doctor today

Is five million pies enough for Pennsylvania's 17 million citizens?

"Remember this when you wake up in the morning and think you have nothing."

So One Of My Good Clients Asked If I Was Married

MUG SHOT of the "Scientology Swordsman"..."Hi, I'm Harry, the guy with the snake on his face"

So One Of My God Clients Asked If I Was Merry

Since when do they start calling to solicit funds for the Hope Appeal?

Which of these clipper ship pics looks the best?

The Chocolate Fondue is delicious

I feel angry today.

The Chocolate Jesus Fundie is delicious

I Am Craving Chocolate Fondue Right Now

Argh! Just listened to Chinese Democracy. I want *two* free Dr. Peppers!!!

Is eight pies enough for six people?

I sent 5 PMs today - did anyone reply back? NO! You're all losers

Favorite sketch show of all time.

So our dog's BFF passed away this year

So our dog's BFF passed away this year

Tonight I feel like burning the house down.

"Nobody" (undferrated and unknown music video, circa 1981)

Apparently you guys have been taking my poll

new rule for GDP

Who is currently the best team in the NFL?

Fukin Shoot Me Now

Gorn Turns 50 Today

Gorn Turns 50 Today

Ah, the wonderfulness of folk music in 1980...

Blaze O' Glory unfolding in GDP

My new favorite word;


Rosie O'Donnell iis advertising Kathy Griffin to be on her show!

DU DC Inauguration

Because some pictures deserve their own thread

Arrrgh...Drive tomorrow or Wednesday? Advice?

I baked 12 loaves of pumpkin bread and scored, boiled and peeled

Time for puppy-cams to be adopted?

I just got back from the biggest clusterfuck ever!

Thank you to everyone who replied to my last thread

PARCHE! Look at this!

How do you kick a thread?

Lurk lurk

I bet there will be a "Palin Family Christmas Show" similar to the "Andy

I'm home on Thanksgiving break,

Name the music groups or singers you cant stand to hear

I bought one of those peticure things at Walgreen's, and the beagle won't let me near

If "carrotness" describes a carrot flavor, and "onioness" describes an onion flavor

Anyone know what... ... is on DU?

I loved 1980-1983.

Pole-dancing: Olympic sport?

worst AMA show ever? (last night - except the beyonce trio)


Mystery piano in woods perplexes police

Thanksgiving sucked this year.

Under eternity

Back to back, Jack! Another national championship for Oregon


I'm bad...I'm figuring out WoW 2 weeks before semester's end...

Slinky kitty!

Japanese man sets up home in Mexico airport food court

Two families at my school have lost their homes because their landlord did not pay the mortgage

Did youtube just go widesceen

Devil puppies on puppy cam

I loved 1983-1984

How can you listen to this Oasis song and not say it's good songsmanship?

Anyone here opened a kiosk business before?


Ok, I have to ask a question and I want to know bad enough to risk looking like a dufus

So, if I'm reading the GD zeitgeist properly, fat people are to blame for everything

Jennifer Connelly fans: Her Only Terrible Performance

Hey Eaglet Fans!! What happened yesterday against Baltimore?

I found this Hummer forum and wanted to share...

today was sort of sad, sort of happy....

Mystery pianist w/ wood perplexes police

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/24/2008)

Cream of mushroom soup + veggie meatballs + half cooked, half burned brown rice =

Nice throw, Aaron!

Anyone ever heard of a "coon cat"?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/24/08

Former Repub Congressman Calls For "Thorough Investigation" Of Bush Admin

OK and from the totally unrelated file: Lisa Kudrow (Friends) is doing Nintendo DS commercials

How far along are you with your Christmas shopping?

I'm Ok - Just feeling cold & lonely (my girlfriend & I aren't seeing eye to eye)...

What are the most erotic foods you've ever eaten?

What music are you listening to?

So I called in sick to work today

Need to make a veggie platter for Thanksgiving

What have you been reading?

Is it egotistical to name your child after yourself?

Stumped for ideas for Xmas presents - how about celebrities painted with pancakes on their head.

Delaware Gov Bypasses LynneSin and Picks Ed Kaufman To Replace Biden

Do you use a CPAP/BiPAP machine?

Sweet Potato pie, have you ever made one?

Well lookit what we have here...

What is your current personal hit?

SOY! SOY! SOY! Soy makes you strong! Strength crushes enemies! SOY!

Big Banks are some GREEDY mo-fo's!!! Let 'em rot in hell.

McCain-iacs Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt eloped. Next step: breeding.

True Blood fans check in - what did you think of the season finale **spoilers**

Worst half-hour show in the history of television?

I loved the 60's.

I'm an Aunt! (Pictures)

WAY TO GO MIDLO!! Virgil Goode (R-Racist) lost his seat

A dog question - (please keep kicked so I can get some answers):

I wish I were married and had kids and a normal life.

Wally Lamb has a new novel out!

So, what's your Thanksgiving menu? I haven't decided yet

"They Own You! They Own Everything!"

Man recovering after being shot by his dog

"Mystery Worshipper" - OMG have you heard of such a thing?

Sweet Jesus I hate the NRA !!!

I have officially resigned from the Mormon Church

Can anyone recommend Ipod speakers?

Which is more annoying?

Suppose GM doesn't get a government loan, but GM survives for at least 20 more years...

Short-leash your mutt or so help me I will punt it into next Thursday

First it was terrible instrumentals, now I screech! Who wants to hear me screech?

MONDAY ART: Ceres (Liberating the Farm Women)

Who Is Your Secret DU Crush?

What are the most exotic foods you've ever eaten?

I've been fostering this cat for five years

What do younger generations find strange and alien about the Sixties.

Raising Taxes on the Wealthy During a Recession

Put Your Favorite Palin anecdote or Photoshop here-We were called out on MSNBC

I Took A Few Pics Before I Left For Work This Morning:

Favorite non-existent animal

Ask a Boojatta

Chicago parents speak out about the Secretary of Education:

Chicago parents speak out about the Secretary of Education:

ABC: Goal: Stimulus Package on Obama's Desk by Jan. 20

Since Nov 4th, How many times have You watched on Youtube, The Moment and Celebrations?

Clearly, it's time to switch GD:Presidential back over to GD:Primaries --

Vilsack won't be named AG secretary

Obama's Advisor: "Come January 20th, out with the Teetering, and in with a Bang"

Why is NPR reporting on anything Lieberman has to say? He's a piece of shit.

If Franken loses the recount byjust a few votes, he could take it to the Senate Floor

When did experience become a flaw? (Media Matters)

my one bitch about Obama's chioce for National Economic Council director,....

Fact: All the filers of "Obama Birth Certificate" law suits are crazier than a

Will the new Congress repeal the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?


Greg Mitchell SMACKSDOWN log cabin Mark Halperin for his disgusting wingnut analysis

I just looked at a list of FDR's first Cabinet. He had one Woodrow Wilson person in it.

Let's get clear.....

Disturbing incident at the Chinese take-out

Follow up to my last post...Obama is 21st Century the Clinton's are late 20th Century..

How MANY will BUSH PARDON? Below is a starting point AND comparison

Even in "Liberal" MSM I don't hear "BUSH WORST PRESIDENT EVER" as a mantra.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Obama to Tap Berkeley Prof to Chair Council of Economic Advisers

Obama Cabinet: Mix of Star Power, Brain Power, and Political Muscle

Police Want to Know Who Left Piano in Massachusetts Forest

The Washington Times is a reliable source only when...

The Washington Times is a reliable source only when...

Anyone know when the Obama press conference will be?

Obama news?

I predict a big day for Wallstreet today

Christina Romer to Be Chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers

Chicago businesswoman Desiree Rogers named as White House social secretary

Obama Eyeing Jim Steinberg As Dep. Secretary Of State, Official Says

Obama appointing more key economic advisers quicker than any president ever.

No drama Obama!!!!

Proposal: "Presidential Transition Amendment"

Is Franken winning?

i admit barack obama is more politically savvy tham i am

yes we can from NJ

Obama playing basketball

Americans rush plans for Obama inauguration

Yahoo/AP headline: "Expertise trumps change in Obama's early picks"

Obama's New Ride: Inside Air Force One

How do you pronounce Peru?

Wash Post: Much to his chagrin, "Plain old Barack is gone"

Initial Steps by Obama Suggest Bipartisan Flair; avoids arrogance given wide margin of his victory

'Amtrak Joe' no more

Obama's inauguration - availability?

The new Gilded Age. 1985, 13 billionaires. Today, overy 1,000

Any new Biden news?

Minner to make announcement today on Biden senate seat

folk tale

Does the Media read this Website, In your opinion?

Obama's great. Obama sucks. You suck if you worship Obama. You suck if you hate him.

Obama: "Despite all this, I am hopeful about the future"

SNL Takes on Rahm Emanuel

If not Clinton administration people, then who?

How many here want and expect Obama to be a liberal George Bush?

To those who have predicted the demise of free market capitalism,

Senate 2010 - top ten races

Senate 2010 - top ten races

Poor Sarah Palin'. Third place loser; now 4th place loser.

Civics Quiz (Interesting). Take the test Here.

The Only Thing More Bizarre Than Criticizing A Guy With No Job For Poor Job Performance...

**Heads Up: PE Obama's Economic Press Conference Live from Chicago!**

Expertise Trumps Ideology in Obama’s Early Picks

Is The Washington Times An Unbaised And Legitimate Source For Progressives/Democrats/Liberals?

Obama Introduces His Economic Team (VIDEO) & Pics

Obama To Name Desiree Rogers White House Social Secretary (Video Interview)

The end of 8 unfair years (wingnut letter to, with comments)

Rubinomics Recalculated

Geithner, Summers among key economic team members announced today

What Barack Obama Needs to Know About Tim Geithner, the AIG Fiasco and Citigroup

I was one of the biggest pro-Obama/anti-Hillary posters here during the primaries....

Six-Party Talks On Hold Until Obama Takes Office

Is it not STUNNING how the Media and W. St. are behaving as though Obama is ALREADY PRESIDENT?!

Blue Dogs face uncertainty

Susan Rice is the leading candidate for Ambassador to the United Nations.

It's still incredible to realize this Obama chap is about to be our next President...

Greg Mitchell On Mark Halperin's Claim Of "Pro-Obama" Pres

Was there ever such a transition time

Obama picks his Economic team, and the Dow bounds up by 300 points!

For those whining re: # of progressives in the Cabinet, the Barnes appointment is huge

Anyone know if Mario Molina is a US citizen?

BREAKING: Biden Aide Ted Kaufmann Named Replacement for Biden in Senate

PPP GA Runoff Poll: Chambliss 52, Martin 46


If Obama is FDR, who gets to be Tom Dewey?

We Are About To See Something Happen Economically No One Dreamed Of...

With All These Big Ego Superstars, Does Obama Need More Sycophants?

Colmes Leaving Hannity

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the PE is handling his transition?

Susan Rice U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations?

Okay, officially there were 231,229,580 U.S. adults of voting age on election day Nov 4 2008

DE-Sen: Minner Names Biden Replacement

Obama Steps Up to the Plate on the Economy

Obama to hold news conference on Tuesday (2 days in a row)

Latest POLL-Palin 67% Romney 62% Huckabee 61%

Boehner Offers The GOP Alternative - Surprise! - Tax Cuts And Deregulation!

Who else wishes they could relive the sheer excitement of November 4, 2008?

CNN: "The notion that there is only one president at a time"

After Obama takes office, will Dems in Congress still let GOP & Wall St. set economic policy?

BWAAAA, Obama Birth Certificate Nuttery Relegated To Art Bell's Coast To Coast!

BWAAAA, Obama Birth Certificate Nuttery Relegated To Art Bell's Coast To Coast!

Re Mark Halperin, and that "great journalist" bullshit;

Why Is The DOW Finishing Up Following Obama's Depressing Statement On The Economy

Oh No! - Gasp!


I am curious of why governors would prefer to leave their states

Wonder why Peter Orszag wasn't announced today? Seems he will be announced tomorrow.

Jay Carney from Time on with Barnicle (Hardball) said Bush is playing a Rugby pass where the

Stopping thundering towards the abyss is change too

What would YOU like to see happen under Obama's Administration?

I just wrote my CEO, Robert Nardelli...

Is there a link to Obama's press conference today?

No I Liar Libby Or Bridge To Nowhere Senator Among The 14

CNN: Sarah Palin has a new 30-second ad out. Wait, WHAT?!

I missed hearing who the jerk was calling Obama's plan to rescind the Bush taxcuts a Class Warfare

"Why Obamanomics Isn't Rubinomics"

Aww the Freepers are going to miss him

DU just mentioned by Mark Williams on MSNBC

AAAUUUGHHH! Mika's even dumber at night, if that's possible!

BTW, that pick of Ted Kaufman to replace Biden is a major blow to the DLC

Obama's Presidential Inaugural Committee Sets Up Shop

Heckuva job Brownie, Rummy, Condi, Turd Blossom, Ben,

Christine Romer looked overjoyed. Larry Summers bounced on his toes.

Lieberman claimed he spoke out against Palin's "pallin' around with terrorists" comment

Prospective White House employees must cough up an unprecedented amount of detail

Anybody Just Want Bush/Cheney To Leave NOW

The Obama recovery: U.S. stocks post biggest two-day rally since 1987

Hillary Clinton ineligible for SOS under Emolument Clause announcement to come late Friday

Will Obama defend the US Constitution ....

Obama will legalize torture.

Perino To Obama Admin: "I'll give you eight months"

Has Joe Scarborough been suspended from MSNBC?

"Obama will reverse our torture policy"

You have got to be kidding me.

Obama wants to get legislation passed...he is buying off the Republicans for two years


If Pres Elect Obama does not repeal Shrub's tax cuts for the rich as advertised - what's the payoff?

How stupid are you guys?

Slippery Slope: Obama, Big Three Auto, and Health Care

Do you think Obama should go down to Georgia and Stump for Jim Martin?

Obama said he will close Gitmo and not allow torture. Will he be following the Constitution?

Mr. Middle: A Maturity Test For Obama Supporters

"A Modest Proposal "

Schumer Calls it a Day

The greatest thing about Obama's presser today

Don't like Obama? Well, here's your anthem - crank it up and smoke that dope!

They tried to warn us. If only we'd listened -- while there was still time! This Modern World

My head hurts from crap like this...

No income taxes for anyone over 65? Did I hear that?

Motherfucker. Obama Will be President In Two Months.

ONE FADES AWAY, THE OTHER STEPS UP. "America Has Never Seen Anything Quite Like This"

Fuck it! Call me a Fan if you must! But I'm feeling pretty Fired Up.......

check out these scummy saxby tv ads running non-stop in georgia

LOL -- Olberman watching Palin-Turkey tape for the first time..

Barack at the pharamacy

Political confessions of a GOP senator

Based on tonites news Obama is in effect President NOW!

Obama to appoint Melody Barnes as head of Domestic Policy Council.»

"Barack Obama effectively took control of the US economy - two months before he takes office"

I'm just gonna say it......

IF IF IF John Brennan is the pick for CIA Director, DU will stand and fight it right?

Should the Bush-Cheney Administration Be Investigated/Prosecuted for Torture and other crimes?

Will Obama sign the Employee Free Choice Act into law, or will his overlord Larry Summers say no?

I just don't give a damn about the opinions of these people anymore.

Obama is in - Tiger is out..

A Risk Worth Taking: Daniel Gross's Newsweek Article Blasts The Right Wing Lies (W/ Audio Interview)

Obama grabbing food

Geoge Bush's favorite painting - A charge to Keep

Let's move to Impeach President Obama on January 21st...cause it's never too soon!

Americans rush plans for Obama inauguration (could be as many as 4-5million people)

I feel like burning Wall Street DOWN! Plus Larry Summers looks like a sneaky rat bastard

Candidate For RNC Chair Was Member Of Whites-Only Country Club

Want a ticket to the innauguration? You may need a republican friend. Guess I'm outta luck.

Seen Today at DU, just like yesterday- The Never Pleased vs. the Never Displeased

Now That The American Electorate Has Gone And Made My Sigline Inappropriate, I Need A New One!

What is with all all this trolling for crap in freeperville and bringing the dead fish back here

Who do you think should take over for weakling Colmes?

Disappointing how so many "Obama supporters" are so "concerned" about his decisions now that he won.

Here's an Idea! Let's NOT TAX INCOME OVER $1mil Per Year....

For the record...

There are legitimate concerns about Hillary's debt

U.S. Census Bureau creates 1.2 million jobs

I was looking for something and came across this. I just HAVE to share

Alternative terms for Laissez-faire capitalism

Myth: Early, passionate supporters of Obama are some of his most vocal

More family values at work - this time with Christmas decorations

Obama: Just another person

Melody! Obama Taps a Progressive and the Media Didn't Know It

9/11 was all Clinton's fault.....

Colmes to leave the Hannity and Colmes show!!!!!

A freeper type my wife works with...

PHOTOS Time for a hug, everybody :-) (Very, very, very, very, very pic heavy)

Watching CNBC, it appears that Obama walked on water this morning!

Obama shooting pictures

Access Hollywood: "We're Going To Treat The Obamas Like A Hollywood Family"

Hey we're the largest single owner of Citibank Stock: RE-naming contest for "Citi-Stadium"

Secretary of State used to be the grooming job for the "annointed" next POTUS

PHOTOS - Just two! The crying supporter...I found the follow-up, sweet.

Something made me think of Khephra. I wish he was around to see his state all pretty blue!!

Obama's unusual transition: Already a co-president

Are Dems nationally AND at DU writing off the Dec 2 GA runoff, where Chambliss leads by 6%? WHY?

Cenk: Richard Clarke for CIA Director? Or Should We Just Go With Someone Who Supports Torture...

45 Years On, We Must Bring JFK’s Killers to Justice (Thread 2)

Bill Clinton Signs Repeal of Glass-Steagall

Much to His Chagrin, 'Plain Old Barack Is Gone'

Well it must have been a dream, I could have sworn we won that election

Republicans are idiots

"Iraq War Foes Get Short Shrift"

I have tried to stay out of this Clinton bashing long enough

I have tried to stay out of this Clinton bashing long enough

my sister says there will be riots over Obama's birth certificate!?!

So Citigroup takes Billions In Taxpayer $ and Will Pay $400mil for naming rights to a sports stadium


Don't you wonder what Obama and his family must think seeing so many people crying from happiness?

Supreme Court To Review Obama’s Citizenship. WTF??

***BREAKING*** Obama is a Neo-Lib and Fascist and will legalize torture

Yes, it's CHANGE indeed

Who should replace Biden on the ticket in 2012?

PHOTOS 'Babies for Barack' - The Ultimate Collection! (Pic heavy? Good heavens, yes)

Hillary Clinton ineligible for SOS under Emolument Clause announcement to come late Friday

Disgraced pastor returns — as businessman

Ted Haggard opens new business blocks from old church

Want a ticket to the innauguration? You may need a republican friend. Guess I'm outta luck.

Is Michelle Obama taller than you are?

10 Republicans Who Should Go Away

10 Republicans Who Should Go Away

Parliament surrounded; Electricity cut off (Thailand)

October existing home sales fall by 3.1 percent

Philippines: Local Citibank in hiring mode as parent wobbles

Bush meeting with Paulson on economic crisis

Shell Studies Possible Oil Projects in Iraq, CEO Says

Top UN team assesses Afghanistan

Baghdad bomb attacks kill 18

New (GOP) lobbyist implicated in Abramoff investigation

Obama meets Joint Chiefs chairman

Bush sees more moves like Citigroup bailout

Obama taps Berkeley professor as senior economist (Christina Romer)

Government to back $306 billion in Citi loans

Annan and Carter call for intervention in Zimbabwe

Pakistan army 'kills militants'

Economy, not rights, rules the new China-US world

Commander: More NATO forces needed in Afghanistan

Report: Feds ignoring Rocky Flats data

US Puts Pressure on Israel to Refrain from Attacks

Lawsuits Stop Offshore Drilling in Its Tracks

Shots Fired At Georgian, Polish Leaders

Suitcase-Gate Decoded: A Bad Day In Buenos Aires (Bush admin. Miami "suitcase" trial)

Billionaire Club Goes Broke

Four Found Guilty in Attempted Citizen's Arrest of Karl Rove

U.S.: Hemispheric Group Calls for Major Changes in Americas Policy

Kaufman tapped to fill Biden's seat

Obama Will Get Stimulus Bill First Day, Congressional Democrats Say

Number of challenged ballots growing in Minnesota Senate recount

Virginia GOP Rep. Goode Seeks Recount After State Certifies Democratic Pickup

Obama warns economy likely to get worse

Frank Statement on Citigroup

Obama's unusual transition: Already a co-president

Paulson May Ask for Remaining $350 Billion of TARP

(Calif.) high court opens door for prosecuting some medical pot suppliers

Friend of The Obamas To Be Social Secretary; Naming of Rogers Will Raise Profile of White House Post

US President-Elect Obama Names Mexico Chemistry Nobel Laureate Molina to Oversee Climate Change

North Korea prepares to shut border with South

Report: Government prepared to lend $7.4 trillion

Wachovia execs could get $98.1 mln severance

Canadian Churches signal alarm over free trade deal with Colombia

Malaysia labor activist acquitted after long fight

ArcelorMittal may lay off 2,400 in Indiana

U.S. Rescue Plan Under Staff Strain

Sources: Bin Laden driver to be moved from Guantanamo

Dow's biggest 2-day run since '87

White extremists lash out over Obama's election

Perriello (D) Wins (VA) House Seat

Wealthy continue to get farm subsidies, GAO finds

Nissan pulls out of the 2009 Detroit, Chicago auto shows

Wachovia execs may get $98.1 million severance

Islamic charity, leaders guilty in U.S. terror case

Citigroup still has job vacancies

Obama team had 'game plan' for presser

Bush pardons 14 individuals

Citi, AIG Won't Drop Big Sports Sponsorships

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 24

Protesters Call for Closing of GA Military School

Palm Forced To Cut Jobs As Competition Rises

Mixed election results for Chavez

Wall Street crisis threatens 225,000 New York jobs: Official

Obama will appoint Jim Steinberg Deputy Secretary of State

Paulson May Ask for Remaining $350 Billion of TARP (6 days ago said he wouldn't)

Russians to drill for oil in Cuba waters

Senator Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas...waffling on the Employee Free Choice Act.

Detroit's new plan: Drive point to Congress

CNN Ordered to Rehire 110 Workers Fired for Belonging to a Union

Hannity and Colmes split up

Injured veterans engaged in new combat

Obama: Congress right in sending Detroit 3 back empty-handed

Study says it's time for U.S. to engage Cuba

Study: New Orleans tops crime rankings

Obama should step in to assist automakers, Levin says

Minorities Fear Trend from California Gay Marriage Ban

U.S. agency sees robots replacing humans in service jobs by 2025

Report: US spied on Blair, Iraqi president

Dennis Blair To Be Director Of National Intelligence

Home Builders Get In Line for Bailout - Who's Next?

Job Centers See Crush of People in Need

Return of the Predators

When Left is Right-Rachel Maddow always thought she was an outsider. How did she become a star?

Last Secrets of the Bush Administration-How to find out what we still don't know

NYT, pg1: Rubinomics Recalculated in New Economic Team

'Disgusting' Talk from Mark Halperin

Progressive Melody Barnes to Head Domestic Policy Council

Republican Enlightenment on Race, Pretty Dark

Economy, not rights, rules the new China-US world

US Spied On Tony Blair- Breached Agreement w/Brits

Five Dems Not In The Cabinet, and That’s OK

Company owners plead guilty over drug-masking products

Another milestone: Obama 1st president who's got game

Stolen Wealth


Why America Feels Like it's Been Ruled by a Foreign Occupier

To Obtain Bailout, Detroit Develops New Concept Car: 'The Derivative'

Officials Question Mormon Church Prop 8 Role

Q&A with the Lizard People voter (MN Public Radio)

10 Republicans Who Should Go Away

GOP Whack Jobs Waste Money for Palin

David Sirota: Obama Ate the Left, And We Shouldn't Blame Him At All. But What Do We Do Now?

Nuts to the New “War on Thanksgiving”

Citigroup to hire 1,000 workers in Philippines

Bush Busy On Pardons, Not So Busy On Fix To Economy

Looking Deeper into Palin's Beliefs (I know ya'll are sick of miz P but this is serious stuff)

Katrina V.H.-- "Let's Be Clear About Obama" The Nation

Gore: '"Clean Coal's Like Healthy Cigarettes, it does not exist"

Bush's Answer To Employment Crisis? Who Can Lead Big 3

Bush to Open

Max Keiser on Obama's economic team - Ajazeera 24 November 2008

Bush & Paulson on Citicorp - Cup of Coffee With Your Bailout ?

"Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land" (A must-see documentary)

Melody Barnes - CSPAN Q&A

Obama Rolls Out His Economic Team

press conference Q&A pt.1

NBC News: Confirming the remains of Josef Mengele (1985)

Lieberman Lies

press conference Q&A pt.2

Chris Wallace Repeats Americans For Job Security Talking Points Verbatim on Fox News Sunday

Assault On Pelindaba nuclear site - full 60 Minutes video and transcript

TYT: Saxby Shameless

Obama Economic Team Announcement #1

Team of Cops Enforce No-Sit Up Zone - California Crazy

ChangeDotGov: President-Elect Obama Announces Economic Team

NBC News: Why Spy? (with Falcon & Snowman's Chris Boyce) (1985; with stupid Ted Stevens quote too)

Osama bin Laden Driver (Hamdan) Released from Gitmo

Stephen Colbert Christmas Special - John Legend Sings About 'Nutmeg'

The Elders on crisis in Zimbabwe

Austan Goolsbee: We're coming in with a bang.

Obama Needs FDR-Style Public Works Projects

=== Let's Talk Turkey ===

Michael Savage Cuts The Racist Mustard

Thinking of shopping at Wal-Mart this Holiday Season?

TYT: Head of Fox News: Obama is Innocent Until Proven Guilty ... By Us

Inside the Transition: Melody Barnes

A special video for my friends on DU who keep posting the TWEETY IS ON FIRE, HE'S ONE OF US threads.

Stephen Colbert Christmas Special - Toby Keith Sings 'War on Christmas'

TYT: Home Depot CEO - A CEO Who Supports Democrats Should be Shot

Obama: We Need Jobs Stimulus Plan 'Enacted Right Away'

MSNBC: PAC Spends 1,000s to Praise Palin, Smear Obama - DU Mentioned

Watch The Unblurred Palin Turkey 'Pardon' With Keith O.


Israel to allow some humanitarian aid into Gaza

PA: 'Hamas is staging Gaza blackouts'

60 Minutes on the Widow's Penalty - a MUST watch

EOD Fights Back After Iraq Explosion

Vets Demand Data on Balad Burn Pit

I'm not posting from the military rags this morning.

Stand By Me - Beautiful International Version

Marine Makes Insurgents Pay the Price

Southern Ocean changing but still major CO2 sink: study

US firm unveils plans for mini nuclear reactors

Coral Reef Extent Around Remote Lau Islands (Fiji) Down 50% 2000 - 2006 - Bleaching, Starfish

Locust Outbreaks Underway In New South Wales - Hot Summer Ahead Will Further Stress Crops

Court Of Appeals Blocks Shell Plan To Drill In Beaufort Sea - Failed To Address Environmental Impact

Alaskan Pollack Stocks Down 20%/Yr Since 2003, But "Not An Overfished Stock", Says AK Fisheries

SunRun Secures Up to $105M for 2,000 Residential PV Systems (Calif.)

SunPower Completes 18-Megawatt (tracking PV) Project (Spain)

Boeing Says Aviation Biofuel Is Just Three Years Away

Rangers Return To Virunga After 14 Mo In Rebel Hands - 200 Of Last 700 Mountain Gorillas Lived There

Police spy on climate activist while global warming goes unarrested

Has anyone else here read "Under A Green Sky" by Peter Ward?

Sea grapes leave trail of evolutionary clues

Meet the county's newest residents - parrots (in Britain)

In 2007, 1/3 Of Yellow River Classified As Level Five Polluted - Too Toxic For Any Use - Xinhua


A Stimulus Package for Renewable Energy Would Benefit Economy and Climate, Says German Study

Finance Has Lost Sight of Its Role

Joint Statement by Treasury, Federal Reserve, and the FDIC on Citigroup

What Barack Obama Needs to Know About Tim Geithner, the AIG Fiasco and Citigroup

Lakota Launch Private Bank for Only Gold and Silver

Unable to Sell Homes, Elderly Forgo Move to Assisted Living

Report: Government prepared to lend $7.4 trillion

November 2008 Layoffs

Rubinomics Recalculated in New Economic Team

Goldman to Sell Bonds in First FDIC-Backed Offering

Paulson May Ask for Remaining $350 Billion of TARP

World's house values fall for the first time

The long, dark night of economic meltdown belongs to the Ice Weasels

Anyone Still Want To Defend Clinton/Rubin/Gramm's Repeal Of Glass-Steagall?

Citi and GM


Credit vs. Real Wages

since providing credit to consumers and businessmen is so important to the smooth


Bankruptcy Haiku


Today in labor history Nov 24

Minnesota Job Opening Receptionist position will close on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ 4:00 p.m.

CNN Guilty of "Egregious" Anti-Union Misconduct", Ordered To Reinstate Workers (new info)

25,000 Massachusetts Home Care Workers Approve Their First SEIU Contract

Activists Seek to Tie ‘Milk’ to a Campaign for Gay Rights

(Proposition) Eight is enough

Lawsuit: Student with HIV bullied to the point of dropping out

Blame Game: NO on 8 fighting its friends as well as its foes

A somewhat random thought regarding marriage...

Photos of Sacramento Prop 8 protest - Nov 22, 2008

Bears begin boycott of Cinemark

Prop 8 at Princeton bans freshmen from sidewalks -- preserving "traditional sidewalk values"

Conservative groups begin battle to preserve federal DOMA

The Word of the day "consequences" - My thoughts on further Publication of Donors

SFGate - Prop. 8 backers splinter as court fight resumes

Australia approves rights for gay couples

Gay-marriage debate roils, unites Mormons

Minorities fear trend from California gay marriage ban

Whole Dr. Phil Show on Prop 8 ="It isn't discriminating to treat different things, different"

Did I say the right thing?

"Tension is growing in the African American community over Proposition 8..." (San Francisco)

Consequences of gay marriage (per

Gays told to remember gay-friendly merchants this holiday season

'Acts' shock students, bring awareness

state run Ven media confuses Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, Munich 72 and Hitler

Honduran Ruling Party Lawmaker Shot Dead

7 military dismissed over slaughter, 6 arrested for robbery (Colombia)

Chavez allies win in Venezuela, opposition gains

Protest Against Bush and Alan Garcia

U.S.: Hemispheric Group Calls for Major Changes in Americas Policy

Suitcase-Gate Decoded: A Bad Day In Buenos Aires

Russians to drill for oil in Cuba waters

Human rights group seeks justice in 1989 Salvadoran Jesuit massacre case

Brazil mob attacks environmental police in Amazon

Communist Parties Meet Begins in Brazil

Canadian Churches signal alarm over free trade deal with Colombia

Ven vote by state and Caracas

Photo gallery from the SOA Watch vigil Sunday

Jeremy Scahill: This is Change? 20 Hawks,Clintonites and Neocons in Obama WH to Watch For

Indonesian AIDS patients face microchip monitoring

Antidepressants in pregnancy 'increase risk of babies suffering heart problems'

Stress shown to warp brains

Breast cancer screening study suggests some tumours may cure themselves

Obama and the Scorpio Connection

You guys will appreciate this new image, from Alex Gray......

Odd psychic moments

There is a great collection of election night photos in GDP

need help choosing please?

end of the season

Recommend me some dips to make!

Ask a Mormon

special recipe request: gluten-free pie crust?

Educated Catholics Have Sown Dissent And Confusion In The Church, Claims Bishop

Well, I just experienced anti-atheist bigotry at work today.

so tell me about turducken ( my SIL is making one)

Blankets of Soil May Hide Vast Martian Glaciers

Research ship finds first surprise (underwater volcano off coast of Washington State)

New Mechanism For Superconductivity?

Looking for good science studies regarding aspartame.

Amazing meteor video

Jupiter and Venus to Converge

again, UFO-whatever

Another Planet spied! (that makes 3 systems imaged in the last month!)

Preview Flight 93 Documentary

Sinking, of course, in GD:

But seriously Ziad Jarrah

Group makes it easier to monitor state legislators

Dang it but I like the new Firefox address bar

Why don't links to .png images work on DU?

What is wrong with my browser?

Secret advice to politicians: oilsands emissions hard to scrub

Tracey Ullman on Jimmy Kimmel, Talks Becoming An American, Voting, Does Len Goodman

Hey Canucks I need your help again about something being spread about

This is interesting

Consortium News: "Iraq War Foes Get Short Shrift"

Cannabis grown by the state ...

National ID Cards to be introduced tomorrow (25th Nov)

Darling cuts VAT in pre-Budget