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West Coasters and East coast night owls, Oliver Stone's JFK is on AMC right now.

I agree.

T-Pain and luda on SNL were great :)

SNL could have been a lot funnier played it "straight"

SNL could have been a lot funnier played it "straight"

The most dishonest (and pathetic) rightwing smear attempt I've seen in a while - Re: Robert Gibbs

reporter needs electrical relay protection engineer as expert source

Alternative Gift Registry Eases Eco-Friendly Giving

Money talk loses taboo as economy sours

San Diego church mounts billboard apologizing for prop H8

Liz McCartney, St. Bernard Parish, LA, named CNN's "Hero of the Year" for her post-Katrina efforts

Liz McCartney, St. Bernard Parish, LA, named CNN's "Hero of the Year" for her post-Katrina efforts

Now I know football

Pakistan - Zardari Says Ready To Commit To No First Use Of Nuclear Weapons

get your free dr pepper today

Mistakes were made

Does Bush just intend to fiddle, like Nero, for two months while the economy burns?

Help Is on the Way

WJ this morning - PE Obama's 2.5M jobs plan

Respecting Cultural Diversity: Too much to ask?

Please Mr Obama, Please

Independent UK: Citigroup launches ‘Don’t panic’ ad blitz as shares dive

Business Week: Hospitals X-Ray Patient Credit Scores

NY Times: The Bigger Houses Are, the Harder Prices Fall

On people here making dramatic exits.

Leader of Propaganda Due set to make TV appearance

GM plant's closing like death knell in Dayton

Astronauts try to work out kinks in urine machine

Obama, Bush urge different approaches to ease financial crisis

Chinese Automakers May Buy GM and Chrysler

The starting gun for 2012 madness

Ok now I understand how Mark Halperin has gotten so far in his career...

Despite Army’s Assurances, Violence at Home

Ex-police commander kills himself on TV

The 43rd President's Dark Legacy

Was Tina Fey on SNL last night doing a Palin-turkey send-up?

Malaysian Islamic body bans yoga for Muslims

Smarmy - Slimey -Nasty Lieberman

What does it cost per car for the CEO's

72% Say Economy in Recession, 71% Say It's Getting Worse

What can Obama do about this?

The Work of American Corporate Terrorists

How To Deal With Pirates (American, not Somalian)

In NYT column, Gail Collins calls on Bush (and Cheney) to resign now and put Obama in charge

AP IMPACT: Govt pays millions for unapproved drugs

Folk/Blues/Civil Rights pioneer Odetta hospitalized

Bush History: Cheney Has a Heart Attack and Baghdad Gets Blasted 11/23

Carville fantastic in his green jacket and green tie on Blitzer.


If you thought Obama vs Clinton was bad...

FYI: Lieberman coming up on MTP here. I KNEW

...the idea of actually dismantling every nuclear weapon is attracting mainstream policy thinkers

Does the word "hypocrisy" ring a bell?

Those "Free Traders" Need to Use Common Sense and Logic--for a change.

FSU's Myron Rolle Named Rhodes Scholar

Mother Burns "Wimp" into her 6 Year Olds Neck

3rd Lawsuit Claims Election-Night Police Abuse

What would Timothy McVeigh think of the Bush administration?

Robert Reich and Steve Forbes were both right today CNN. Though set up to conflict.

Understanding Political "Marriages of Convenience"

VIDEO-turkey feathers = sound proofing and truck battery mounts. Turkey poop lights 50K homes

So...I need a converter box

Headsup - Al Gore will be Fareed Zakaria's guest for the

Mexican President Calderon warns Obama that reworking NAFTA will lead to more illegal immigration

Ted Haggard trying to make a comeback as insurance salesman

Bruce "Timely" Tinsley wake from a good, long drunk to share some Thanksgiving spirit

For GOP, as one fight ends, another begins

Al Gore coming up on CNN with Fareed Zahkaria / 1:00 pm EST..

Will a turkey really drown if it looks up during a rainstorm?

Peter Camejo [1939 - 2008] Public Memorial Meeting In Berkeley, Ca. Today 2:00 pm

Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, has a message for you.

Foes of stem cell research now face tough battle

Kennedy set for major push on health bill

The Big 3 Bailout: So, I was thinking.....

Will Ferrell's 2-hour show "You're Welcome, America. A Final Night with George W. Bush" on Broadway

Teenager Murdered for Writing Love Letter

"under coercive conditions" DEFINED by Helen Thomas

Unable to Sell Homes, Elderly Forgo Move to Assisted Living

Nissan, Toyota locked in race to market zero-emission cars

St. Louis County reports rise in pertussis

JFK Anniversary Tainted by Poor News Reporting

'How will Obama tax plans work in this economy?' - November 6, 2008

Oh Joy! David Brooks Believes Hillary is a great pick for SOS.

Bush Should Be Kidnapped & Drugged & Wake Up On Streets Of Madrid With Evidence Pinned To His Chest

What Michelle Means to Us

Are you smarter than David Brooks?

Dubai: The newly opened Palm Atlantis Hotel cuts rates from $454 to $44 a night

There's more to religion in general, and Christianity specifically, than pronouncements on sex.

Iraq told: Keep US troops or face martial law

Black Friday Ad Scans - See The Ads Before They Hit The Papers

How corporations really feel about us.

Open letter to Barack Obama

After an eight year false start....

Richardson will be secretary of commerce

How is what the banks did any different than Ken Lay and the rest

The Grapes of Wrath.

Citigroup board in crisis talks

Ford Germany CEO: We're Not Calling For Government Aid

EXCLUSIVE - Iraqi Oil Ministry and Shell Oil Secret Agreement Leaked

"Screw it. Ah'm off the wagon an' lovin' it."

When Left is Right (How Rachel came out on top)

A Mess At Justice

A post about love/politics-please K/give input on this topic (and others)- Finally gonna post it all

Right-wing revisionist history: George Will says the New Deal didn't work.....

Islamists threaten pirate lair

SHOCKING announcement from Bob Woodward: George W. Bush is NOT an intellectual

I got a reply from the ICC.

Dennis Kucinich for Attorney General

Don't panic over Minnesota - we're probably still going to win!

It has come up a few times today, so I ask you; Is there any problem that cannot be overcome by

Ahmadinejad: Iran's economy will survive $5 oil.

Report: Ya'alon said Israel must 'consider killing Ahmadinejad'

The world watches, waits and hopes the US will be “A New Birth of Freedom.”

You know what I like about Barack Obama,

Should Obama indict George Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes?

My daughter had a "talk" with me yesterday

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations -- Money to Come from U.S. Rescue Program

Sunday morning propaganda shows!

I heard that oil companies are not doing well....

New GOP videogame: "Marx's Revenge"

Bush 'Very Pleased' With Iraq War Outcome: Report

Saxby Chambliss: Still Repulsive and Rolling in the Gutter. The Chickenhawk is Once Again

Children's Health Fund president says Katrina kids are "the sickest I have ever seen in the U.S."

Government reportedly involved in Citi deal

Tourist captures white tigers mauling man to death in Singapore zoo - video

Nate Silver Predicts Franken to Win over Coleman in MN

I want it all.. and I want it now!

See, it's really not that complicated:

WTF? Here Today, Gone Tomorrow "Chrysler To Ax Two Hybrid Models"

How long would you last, realistically, if you lost your job?

When did Bush give up drinking?

Which of these crises should President Obama address first?

Slate: The top prospects for a last act of Bush clemency

True peace is when all parties are involved

cops stop driver, search car, take Xbox, tells driver to bring receipt of proof of ownership

Anyone else watching sixty minutes and the plight of the foreign women who

Here's a way for people to save money. SAG to seek strike vote.


Marines Drafting Plan to Send (15,000)More Troops to Afghanistan

One man's theory on falling gas prices....

2010-2011 Redistricting Project

I got your Wind Generator Blade right here.... Where do you want it?

OH smack...this is PERFECT! "Biblical Bullying"--what a perfect turn of words

I got stopped by a State Trooper on Saturday night

Citicorp, extraordinary Welfare Queen

OK, DU. Here's your first Christmas video. Cool music, and all that.

Recession's Grip Prompts Fed to Flood the World with Funny Money

Who was the first to spread the rumor about Obama not rolling back the Bush tax cuts??

TOONS starting with a Great Robert Arial cartoon

So, the people at the rapture ready boards have flipped (even more so)

Disgraced pastor returns — as businessman

Congressional Dems preparing an Economic Stimulus Bill for the President......the next President

Hey, you, in the poncho (photo), you want cheese with that whine?

Obama must replace JCS mechanics into engineers, as did JFK

Was the $700 billion dollars a loan or a gift??

End the Bush Iraq/Afghanistan machinations that put US in the middle

A horribly inhumane travesty of justice...

Obama may delay tax-cut rollback for wealthy

So why is uncovered shorts still being allowed? I am not talking about normal shorting of stocks

Lieberman: No apology for attacks on Obama

A word of advice before you head out to your local bank: Call ahead......

the destruction of Madagascar: one of the few remaining biodiversity sites

I'd like to see Obama push eliminating the Chap. 7 means test.

Hey, my friends, you're all invited to a Virtual Party ...

My depressing trip to Kmart today

help a newbie out

About Oswald:

What will our cars be running on in the future?

Bill Aires is being interviewed on Peter Werbe right now

Steve Forbes: Paulson is 'worst' treasury secretary in modern times

Will "24" show us the way, again?

Finally. Today it all sank in. And it was exposure to Al Gore that did it.

Definition: Roll Back

Clinton prepares to relinquish independence

Tell me about the Urban Farms DUers

NY Times: Citigroup Pays for a Rush to Risk

Minnesota women lead the way in domestic violence services

Guardian UK: The moral dimension of boom and bust

My husband's holiday shopping rule: One store, one day

Iraqi troops donate money to US wildfire victims

Couple sues McDonald's over nude photos on Web: Hubby left phone with wife's naked pictures at McDs

GOPers in Minnesota now trying to invalidate all split ticket votes

Identity theft? How many here have had some experience with this?

I don't think it's fair to blame the financial crisis on stupidity.

I don't think it's fair to blame the financial crisis on stupidity.

Nate Silver's Projection: Franken to Win Recount by 27 Votes

Afghans to Obama: End the Occupation

5000 turnout for Southern CA food giveway. Turnout stuns organizers

Russia to search for oil in Gulf of Mexico

Here comes the flood of dollars.

I'm an American Worker and I'm Tired of Getting Screwed

How many of you are some kind of community organizer?

Following up on another post (as a dispatch from a local mega mall)....

Banking crisis as 'bust-out' fraud? "The planned fraudulent establishment, operation, and demise...

Pres. Obama should cancel the Inaugural Ball !

What's the point of talking about this one huge mega bailout (aka 700b bailout) if we also....

Disgraced pastor returns, as Christian businessman

We must push hard to restore the Fairness Doctrine

We Found the W.M.D. : "Get me a Supreme Court justice and a Bible, and swear in Obama right now."

(Rachel) Maddow was so "unbelievable" with the AR-15 that people stopped to watch

Candace Gingrich tells her brother Newt: ‘Stop being a hater.’

Ok well , none of you bigwigs really know me , but I'll miss you...

PHOTOS: "Bush, wearing a traditional Peruvian poncho,..."

Do you believe the United States should increase its naval presence to fight piracy?

Ted Haggard opens new business blocks from old church

Documents Obtained By ACLU Provide Further Evidence That Abuse Of Iraqi Prisoners Was Systemic

UBS Overstated Property Values by $100 Million, Dismissed Executive Says

UBS Overstated Property Values by $100 Million, Dismissed Executive Says


Brokaw can kiss my ass

Why The SEC And Right-Wing Republicans Are Targeting Mark Cuban

What a concept!!!!: In Britain, they'll increase taxes on the rich to benefit the majority.....

Mom Allegedly Burns 'Wimp' Into 6-year-old Daughter's Neck With Cigarette

The outgoing administration is so weak that the new one has to start up early

Great article in Vanity Fair "Wall St Lays Another Egg.long but great read..really..

Death by virtual cam.

Anti-Gay “Expert” Would Consider Banning Adoptions By Native Americans

Anybody else have trouble navigating the Huffington Post?

People always say don't leave to DUers leaving & to put people on ignore

Remember the Thanksgiving recipe thread?

Are there any companies left who give turkeys or food gift certificates to workers at Thanksgiving?

5th grade teacher drunk at school

Mormon excommunicated over shirtless calendar now won't receive his Brigham Young degree

For those who think the Inaugural parade and balls should be held, how about we put

Gobble Gobble Gate -- Shannyn Moore. I won't say MUST READ but this is good.

"food banks wouldn't need more cash if companies paid American workers enough to feed their families

My evening with Iraqi refugees

Should the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans be rolled back? If so, when?

Man Brings Kids To Beg On Street Corner

A single payer health system would eliminate 50% of workers compensation costs for all businesses

Complete and utter BS - Obama will not roll back the Bush tax cuts

Longtime Crisis Manager Pleases Wall Street, Mystifies Some Democrats

I could be wrong, but Obama's goal seems to be to represent the Left himself

"Leave Mike Vick along. I worry that unforgiving animal lovers will pound this guy..."

"Crime and punishment", Obama should investigate possible war criminals

How do you like what your contributions have bought so far ...?

We need a better-funded left media

anyone know how to link to SNL clips from Canada?

Gotta admit, pretty cool- Madeleine Pickens helping save the Mustangs.

Russians want to search for oil off Cuba

We Don't Need Health Insurance, We Need Guaranteed Healthcare For All

ADMINISTRATORS et al: So what reason could there be NOW not to have a DUMP CHAMBLISS thermometer up?

Thousands pick up free vegetables on Colo. farm

Couple Weeks Late Paying A Credit Card & They Took Away $10,000 Available Credit

MA: More Owners Surrendering Horses to MSPCA (at an alarming rate)

fyi - A Colbert Christnas is on at 10 est

Obama aide promotes job plan, warns automakers

food wars ramping up

Barack Obama Accused of Selling Out on Iraq

Bangkok Post: Seeing Barack Obama's historic campaign in a Buddhist light

15,000 posts

Missing the Old America?

Joe Bageant: The Sucker Bait Called Hope

Guest list for FL Gov. Crist's December 12 wedding is hush-hush

Why the left will forever be left out.

What kind of country has to drop murder charges against an 8 year old child?

Dear Senator Shelby...

The Girl Who Silenced The World For Five Minutes.

Hows youse dumb asses doin'? n/t

Hmm, the "vote to get the deals" for Amazon this year has some pretty impressive stuff

Three great seasonal beers I've had tonight

Breaking News: Man sues synagogue after being denied communion by rabbi

Something kind of funny happened to me earlier tonight...

What organizations supported the Patriot Act?

Viewing Concert for George again

I'm sad because I won't be home for thanksgiving.

I have a question about Prof. Douchebag...


Lizard People!!!

Is this giant rabbit photo real?

Life Is Getting Me Depressed Lately

Skin-on Mashed Potatoes is the Best Side Dish EVAH

I must touch-up dye to my grey roots tonight. Can't put it off any longer - I look like an orphan.

Coyotespaw's Drunken Poetry Corner...

Write a Haiku to John McCain.

"Enter the Dragon" is on. Still a masterpiece.

"Enter the Dragon" is on. Still a masterpiece.

get your free dr pepper today

Is it me or does Third Rock from The Sun have a lot of overracting?

Anybody remember 20' phone cords?

Mrs. Slocombe talks about her pussy

45 years old today

In honor of today being November 23rd...

On PBS (EST 4:00 AM - 6:00 AM) I'm watching "Jazz"...

I'm officially an Opeth addict

Poll Question

*Sign of the end of times?*

The Consequences of Gay Marriage

I don't care if Bob's parents let him do it.

Free hugs for everyone!

So what do you want for breakfast?

I just got two threads locked.

Classy gift for the season

Should I stay or should I go?

Requesting lounge vibes please

100 top loungers, per Skinner.

Would anyone care to share some crude oil? Post here please.

*ahem* I have an announcement to make....

When did "Jaws" jump the shark?

Greg Kihn Band-Blast From the Past~~Jeopardy

Painful cough...Check. Sore throat...Check. Congested...Check.

100 top numbers between 1 and 100, rated from lowest to highest, per Skinner.

Will a turkey really drown if it looks up during a rainstorm?

Nude pics in phone lost at McDonald's get online

Who really killed JFK?

When Did "Charmed" "Jump The Shark"?

When did "Happy Days" jump the shark?

Co-Founder of Slinky Dies, After Falling Down Steps

Go Eagles!

Hormel Foods in Austin, MN is running 2 shifts a day, 7 days a week, to keep up with demand for Spam

The Republican Smear Machine is already hard at work trying to undermine Obama

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday November 23

Nude college football viewing success rate...

How do critters survive when it's really cold?

Caption this.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/23/08

Yma Sumac died November 1st

Which series should I get next on DVD?

Damned facebook liars! Some guy started a "If 1000 people join this group...

Share with us your beautiful computer desktop!!

New desktop time: I want Monica

get your free dr pepper today

For the memories: "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" by Lemon Demon

Detroit Lions...wait for it (spoiler)

Anyone ever played WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/23/2008)

I rescued a Human today

O those silly vandals in Berkeley...

President Obama should cancel the Superbowl

I want a pony for Christmas

*****Happy Birthday, lost-in-nj!*****

Are Female Cats Better Mousers?

If you could eliminate one human/biological function and not suffer, which would you pick?

CNN Video Update: Brendan Foster, 11-year old leukemia victim who wanted to feed the homeless, dies

If I complain here about the way someone uses the Ignore function, is that 'calling out?'

Survey request in my DU inbox.

Monty Python's philosophical soccer

How about a Sunday evening pick thread?

I forgot to duck

Any Chicagoland DU'ers want to do me a favor in April 2009?

I for one appreciate sports fights

When did Richard Nixon jump the shark?

Remember the Thanksgiving recipe thread?

Soft Sight With German Flavor

Uh oh.

I'm making Earl Grey cupcakes......

Okay, all of you who asked will now receive:

miracle drug

What A Dream I Had

Father DTBK would be 100 years old today


Princeton students, state prison inmates face off in chess challenge

Suit shopping during the recession


I just got back from Miami and two days at the Everglades

2003 before july 4?

So the Mrs and I have started house shopping.

All hail, King Julian

"Look how tuff *I* am!!!"

Watching Bad Santa on Comedy Central.

Happy Birthday, DOCTOR WHO!

Who Really Killed Prop. 8?

American History and the Natural History museums in D.C. today.

The flu sucks

So I got my husband to join Facebook, and now he's having way too much fun with it.

puppycam or Africam?

What's worse? RUSH threads, Puppy Cam threads, or Sarah Palin threads?

Who really killed Liberty Valance and Who Shot JR? - I just HAVE to know now!1!

What villain should they introduce in the final season of puppy cam?

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!

It's 2pm - time to drink some DARK LORD

How many times have you been in lust?

Damn volumetrics; been rendering for 0.51 hours and it's still at row 0, col 448 (of 1920, 1200)

Masterpiece Theatre: The Best of Masterpiece Theatre

I noticed that the primary matter reactant injectors were operating under specs by 2.75%

Has this been posted yet? Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan together

ain't no spring chicken

Zip-a-dee-doo-da Zip-a-dee-ay,

Does anyone miss their partner after not seeing them for a short amount of time?


Washington State Duers, what's with the mob-style anti litter campaign?

True Blood season finale on tonight.

Still Life with Cheeses, Bong and Good Will Hunting DVD,

Does Facebook screw with Firefox for anyone else?

Ok, my cat has just picked up the quirkiest quirk, lol

Best Jim Carrey Movie

from the captian obvious department: "the first thing indy must do is decide what to do"

Why destroy the car companies?

expect.... the unexpected

In what respect, Whore of Babylon?

Techno-freaks, I need advice or help with a browser problem

BREAKING!! Something happened today, somewhere.

DAMN IT!!!!!!! This "puppy cam" crashes my firefox every fargin time.

Last night I made a pot of vegetable soup

Kirk and Spock are wearing Uggs.

anyone watching the return of "24"? (there be spoilers here)


Tommy Boy was on, which prompted me to find "eres tu" by Mocedades

I'm watching the AMA and New Kids On The Block...

Eagles visit B'More 1PM toda - Any Ravens fans here?

When You're Alone and Life is Making You Lonely

How will Jack Bauer die?

Detroiter Mitch Albom: "If I had the floor at the auto rescue talks"

In what respect, Whore of Babylon 5?

UPDATE on our newest family member:

WTF? No FAMILY GUY tonight??

Most overrated comedian / worst comedian?

How about a Sunday evening Pict thread?

soooo today is my 50th birthday.....

The Sunday evening meal thread...

Whew! Cleaned the carpets tonight, and now my feet are FREEZING!

Check in here if you're a victim of the widespread American prejudice against

I can't believe I'm watching a Rocky Marathon...

Oh shit, I just heard gunfire

Do NOT show the PuppyCam to your dog

Your bedroom isn't going to clean itself.

Today's college field hockey thread

Check out the puppy cam NOW!! They have ambushed the owner and are chewing his limbs off!!

Gee. Maybe we ought to change the name of DU to Bitch&Whine Underground....

HBO has a new series about Saddam Hussein. Looks interesting! It is called the House of Saddam.

I'm a Boomer. So of course I ridiculed Perry Como and Karen Carpenter, Perhaps I was wrong.

I already hate this kinetic typography fad

It's GREY CUP SUNDAY!!!! Calgary vs. Montreal-on the VERSUS channel 5:30 PM Eastern

Anybody ever see a UFO?

Well it is going to be very quiet at work Monday...

SUNDAY ART: Helvetia at Eight

took the little ones to see "Bolt"

'My cat pees too much, I'm getting a dog instead.'

Has any fictional evil/crazy/villainous character ever benefited from a prequel exposé?

Some Photo's from the Everglades (Dial-up warning)

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday November 24

So the Ravens win the battle of Delaware.

Favorite hit song by Nelson: "(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection" or "After The Rain"?

Refurbished iPods. Good deal or bad deal?

I am sad.

Tom Cruise is going to kill Hitler on Christmas

Happy Anniversary, JeffR ...

What's your LEAST favorite airline?

How many times have you been in love?

It looks like Jonestown on the PuppyCam

Favorite place to watch college football

fat people looking skinny...

DEXTER FANS: 2nd or 3rd season better?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

The Cold Hard Math of Weight Gain

The Cold Hard Math of Weight Gain

Best animal to have as a pet

It went from mid-autumn yesterday to mid-winter today. 50°F yesterday to a blizzard today

Helluva a weekend for Columbus, Ohio State beats Michigan and the Columbus Crew win the MLS cup

so, my 17 yo son is doing a 10 day buddhist meditation.

Lounge Vibes Please!!!!

Need Lounge vibes

Better names for Lily the kitten?

More questions:

Sexy shower curtain for dback

If you're in a long term relationship with someone, and you haven't had sex in YEARS

I want pancakes! NOW!

Handel's Messiah

What if McCain had publicized the concerns of Joe the Mortician?

Maybe the right wing was on to something about us Obama supporters...

Was out all day today. Anybody have any idea if Senator Clinton

Want a quick grin?

For Obama's inauguration I wish Abe Vigoda was alive

I have a pretty big reservoir of good will for President-Elect Obama

Why is the thread called "As promised. Good-bye and good riddance" locked?

Obama already making an impact

Robert Gibbs' son - another cool Obama with cute kid photo

Robert Gibbs' son - another cool Obama with cute kid photo

Impeach Obama?

Al Gore hits the campaign trail for Martin in ATL today.

Transcript: Obama Adviser David Axelrod

This has been bothering me: If Sarah Palin eats turkey,

Who will be the GOP nominee in 2012

Obama got a free pass by the media?

Here's the thing

Check out Chicago streets downtown!

A suggested job for Lieberman at The White House

Did anyone else see Austan Goolsbee on Face the Nation today?

"I Wanna Gather Up Talent From Everywhere"

What You'd Like To Hear Rahm Emmanuel Say...Via Andy Samberg

Traitorman on Meet The Press now

What do you think of Jim Jones as Obama's National Security Advisor?

Obama Eyeing Jim Steinberg As Deputy Secretary Of State

What do you think is an acceptable time frame before people start questioning Obama's judgment?

People keep saying Obama is a centrist, but this is not true.

Which Performers would you like to hear at the inauguration?

Official: Richardson to be commerce secretary

Do people understand the difference between serving in the Clinton Administration and a loyalist?

My letter to

MN Senate: Nate Silver says challenges mean we don't know who is ahead

Obama to Clinton: I look forward to you advising me

This would be my measure of whether things had gone totally off the rails

The Democratic Party is a Diverse Coalition

LOL, Have you seen the SNL Rahm Emmanuel parody from last night....

Obama may delay tax-cut rollback for wealthy (updated)

Obama to officially announce members of economic team at Monday 11:00 ET press conference.

Is it feasible for Gaithner to become Treasury Secretary right away?

Rejected absentee votes may decide it (MN senate race)

SCOOP: McCain and Obama Camps Coordinated on Building Staff Rosters for Next Government

Last night I went to a party...

Obama supporters who will be critical anyway, chec...hey! ow! *biff* *bash*

Obama critics: Check in here

Barack's leadership as President of the Harvard Law Review offers perspective for today.

2010-2011 Redistricting Project

I Believe in Freedom of Speech.

ZOMG!1!1!! David Axelrod says..."We have to make some hard choices" (TRANSCRIPT)

What Glenn Greenwald Said

Projection: Franken to Win Recount by 27 Votes (FiveThirtyEight)

Who will be the Dem nominee in 2016?

Verizon fires workers who snooped on Obama cell records

(((Breaking-))) Aides Say Obama May Delay Rolling Back Tax Cuts On The Wealthy

Enough with Sarah "Chauncey Gardiner" Palin

OUTRAGE: Ballots marked McCain and Franken challenged!!(video)

"I will not be a perfect President" - Barack Obama, during the campaign

As promised: Sunday Morning News Lineup for November 23rd

Total disrespect thread, regardless of opinions.

Obama Favors Republicans With Scowcroft Ties

WSJ is reporting Citigroup is near a deal on a bailout... and Dana Perino knows nothing about it.

CNN leaves out an option in this poll....

“The biggest mistake Obama could make, is thinking this problem is smaller than it is"

This is certainly change.

Geithner's Style Puts Him in Sync With Obama

So is there open amnesty on this board for the worst offenders now?

So is there open amnesty on this board for the worst offenders now?

The only progressive appointments I'm worried about are Obama's to the Supreme Court

Robert Rubin's role in Citi Group's demise and the current enonomic mess: NY Times:

CNN reporting that cabinet confirmation hearings will be held during the first weeks of January and

Kids,kids, kids .... please don't tear the place down while I'm gone.

Obama's stance on lands: He'll break with Bush

Did people bother to read what Obama was proposing before they voted?

Anyone else having a difficult time stopping episodes of compulsive electoral map looking?

A pony delayed is a pony denied.

Obama Will Get Stimulus Bill First Day, Democrats Say (Update1)

Hillary plays hardball

Will Washington change Obama? Or will Obama change Washington?

A story from Tom Hayden for progressives, liberals, and those on the left.

Why not Bair? from: The Nation (putting homeowners ahead of banks)

STFU FOR THE GREATER GOOD! now projecting a 98.9% chance of an Obama victory in November

Clinton prepares to relinquish independence

A picture of the 2008 Election County map?

Chambliss’s Profligate Spending On Golf Outings With Lobbyists»

I'm happy with President-elect Obama.

Kuttner on This Week: "Every time I have second guessed Obama...

OK, gang, let's call a TRUCE:

Obama's diverse family tree. Interesting Chicago Sun TImes article:

The Barack Obama Library

Clinton prepares to relinquish independence

MTP Video: Lieberman "declines to offer apology" for attacks on Obama when pressed by Tom Brokaw

Peter Schiff is very bearish on the bailouts and government intervention

Have You Seen SNL's Rahm Emmanuel? (F-ing Funny!)

Obama wasn't kidding when he said........

Early transition? Obama takes the lead in economic crisis

Richardson is the Innovator We Need in Commerce

hey, dems! rethugs equated criticism of any kind with lack of "patriotism," the old America right

NYT: An Old Hometown Mentor, and Still at Obama’s Side

It's the weekend, and I talked to my friends in Germany for free

First Dodd and now I just heard Levin on CNN. What exactly do these guys want Obama

Axlerod on Faux - Chris Wallace: "The President Elect will set the policies and..

So after a $7.5 billion cash infusion from Abu Dhabi, Citi is in trouble again?

Glenn Greenwald: Progressive complaints about Obama's appointments

Let me get this straight: the MSM terrorized parishoners atObama's last church yet ...

Sometimes I think that if each and every DUer hit the Powerball

World Leaders Await Obama -- no point in actions until Obama sworn in.

DU is kind of freaking me out. Want to read a tedious explanation?

Obama has no experience

BWAHAHAHAHAAA...Lieberman tells MTP that the President-elect hasn't been returning his calls.

But I'm not fooled: THAT'S A UTERUS, WHAT YOU HAVE."

Newsweek: The Meaning of Michelle

On Meet The Press we hear that Hispanic supporters of Obama

Obama's big test of fire (for me, anyway): the Supreme Court

Nate Silver predicts a Franken win by 27 votes!

White extremists lash out over election of first black president -- KKK emerging

Obama Listening To Progressives, Investing In The Future

Obama's PPPP Approach: Progressive Policies Presented as Pragmatic.

Our newest Adoptee!

PHOTOS I can't stand the rain........


Pissed off Dems! Please come here and spell out what you're pissed about

What the hell do you think it mean when Teddy said the "Torch has been passed"?

Why on earth would Obama change his promise on higher taxes on >$250k?

Warning Obama about Clinton as SOS makes me feel the same way

I am sorry but Obama needs to find a new SOS. The Clinton's are bad news

Shouldn't Larry Summers be applying for fast food jobs, not working in the WH?

Why did Sen. Clinton divert 6.4M to her Senate campaign when her Presidential campaign is 7M in debt

Like a spoiled children at Christmas are the Obama critics!

Obama's Lieberman move

Here is a really great civic literacy test to see how you are doing...

Bill's shady ethical dealings in Kazakstan: uranium problems for Hill: The Nation

Barack is Buff!! (And McCain, too...)

Why it matters if Obama chooses Progressives for his Cabinet

Remember the Thanksgiving recipe thread?

ADMINISTRATORS et al: So what reason could there be NOW not to have a DUMP CHAMBLISS thermometer up?

Oh noze Freepers have more evidence that Obama wasn't born in the US. Are we screwed?

Obama skips church, heads to gym.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State's Letter to President-Elect Obama

Okay, look. Nobody wants to shut down discussion or stifle dissent.

Why Obama is postponing the tax increases for the wealthy

Who would be a good choice for HUD?

Bushworld souvenir graphics & photos, free (X-treme dial-up warning)

Clinton tells FEC she kept campaigning after conceding (updated)

The Official "Nothing Is Ever Good Enough" Thread - check in

What kinda drama did Hillary Clinton start during her first 6 years as Senator?

Is it my imagination, or is Austria the only country in the world in which

What's your irrational fear?

Jim Webb spoke in 2007 about the Rubin wing of the party. Defends "populist" anger.

PHOTOS Oh what a night............ (Very, very, very pic heavy!)

Should we, as Democrats, be in lockstep? Yes or No?

Mailman fails to deliver, becomes local hero

Germans held in Kosovo over blast

Deal dead; firm’s future precarious (LandAmerica *isn't* being bought now)

Obama tells Karzai Afghan security will be priority

Banking Regulator Played Advocate Over Enforcer

22 US banks collapsed this year

Secret Service steps up Inauguration security

Peru hopes to strengthen military co-op with Russia

Obama Aides Signal a Boost in Stimulus Spending

Millions Spent On Never-Reviewed Drugs

Israel jails neo-Nazi gang members for up to seven years

Nate Silver Predicts Franken to Win over Coleman in MN

Libyan terrorists in Algeria called on laying down arms

UK Forests& rivers may be sold

Libya: Two Ministers Under Investigation for Disrespecting President

After Post-9/11 Lull Students Study Abroad En Masse

U.S. air-security rules cause Canadian turbulence

Bolivian police occupy American's ranch as Morales presses ahead with ambitious land reform

APEC leaders promise swift economic action

Plan to Rescue Citigroup Begins to Emerge

Cobb County: Ballot requests run into a glitch

French Socialists Face Division and Derision After Vote for Leader

Rice defends Bush's record on Mideast peace, lack of deal

Studies Say Private Medicare Plans Have Added Costs, for Little Gain

Small idea turns into big business for Dallas girl

Report: Michael Vick threw untrained family pets into dogfighting ring

Bush plans to start library, Freedom Institute: wife

CNN Hero of the Year: 'If you join us, we'll be unstoppable'

Official: Richardson to be commerce secretary

Man shot, killed at Scientology building in LA

Bernanke Says He Erred in Gauging Mortgage Fallout

Obama may delay high-income tax-cut repeal: aide

Washington Post editorial: The Cabinet So Far

‘Amtrak Joe’ No More

NYT, pg1, lead story: Clinton-Obama Détente; From Top Rival to Top Aide

Minnesota Senate Race: A Confident Coleman Counts on Votes from Airport Bathroom

Breaking News: Obama abandons the 'Netroots' - NOT!

David Broder (?!?!): Rising Hope For Fixing Health Care

NYT: Eight Years Is More Than Enough

Halperin Whines About Press Bias For Obama

When the Going Gets Tough, the Bush Should Quit!

Syrian brothels exposed (most young girls come from Iraq)

Jonathan Alter: ...What Obama can learn. (from history)

The Sleeper of the Senate

Bush’s Ultimate Premature Withdrawal: Invites Obama to Service First Lady

Five Million

WP, pg1: Regulator OTS Played Advocate Over Enforcer; Let Lenders Grow Out of Control, Then Fail

With a series of forceful actions, Obama sends strong signals from the sidelines

A Gem from 2004

Whack Jobs On Parade! Republicans Say the Stupidest Things

Matt Taibbi: Requiem for a Maverick

Riding Obama’s Coattails, Making a Buck Along the Way

New Economic Fears Arise in Michigan (NY Times article)

California: Passage of proposition banning same-sex marriage sparks protests

Rupert Cornwell: Coolly, calmly, Obama is putting together a remarkable team

Enough with the Obama urban legends (Clarksville TN Leaf Chronicle)

Gay Marriage: A Basic Right! A Just Demand!

Young People Strike Back at Westboro Baptist

The Powerful Powerlessness Of The Liberal Media

No bailout until outsourcing ends

FBI finds attacks against Latinos on rise

Hillary plays hardball

India is a place where George W. Bush will be missed

Local woman hit hard by economy, ends up homeless

What Happens When You Ask Harlem Why They Support Obama?

Letterman to Couric: What happened?

Obama gets the last laugh :)

The New Ozymandias - A Tribute to George W. Bush

Woodward: Bush ‘Doesn’t Like Homework,’ Which Means ‘Reading’ ‘Getting Briefed’ Or ‘Having A Debate'

Unity of Oppression

Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press

Princeton Proposition 8

Bush administration trying to delist Wolves from Endangered Species Act

Axelrod: Obama may delay tax rollback for the wealthy

Repeal Prop 8 - Sacramento Rally (11/22/2008)

ATLAS-From Dream to REality

The Week In Cartoons 11/22/08


Al Gore Interview Nov 23, 2008 pt.1

Congressman Brad Sherman: Martial Law if We Voted No

It's a little like having a new New Deal, but you have to do it before the Depression. Not After.


Neil Cavuto in screamathon with Ben Stein over our failed economy and how to repair it.

TYT: CIA Official In Favor of Torture To Be In Obama Administration?

SNL Does Detroit

Assault On Pelindaba Nuclear Facility - tonight on 60 minutes

If you don't think one person can make a difference - Watch This!

TYT: Dirty Rep Strategist Regrets Putting Bush In Office

Maron v Seder: Sam Coulda Been Somebody Episode 2

Ring of Fire News - November 22, 2008 Pt. 1

TYT: Democrats Get Tough With CEOs & Cenk's Awesome Points On CEO Pay

Gemayel issues new call for Hizbullah to disarm

Hamas leader denounces Abbas peace ads

Report: Israel preparing for PA collapse; will prevent elections

Abbas raises Palestinian election, Hamas say No

Close call

Leave benefits expand for military families

Iraqi parliament to vote on U.S. pact Nov. 26

Gates: Follow law on PTSD-disability rating

Chilton: Attacks may occur during transition

Early pullout could open Iraq to piracy

Plaque in Iraq

Not playing around: Army to invest $50M in combat training games

AAFES piloting gas discounts for card users

Gaeta base gets mini-mart; other services remain limited

Man convicted in SSRT bribery case arrested in Dallas

Hospitalized troops staying busy

Geren says Army speeding growth to boost dwell time

Weapons Fielded for Familiarization

Living the suite life

Israel jails neo-Nazi gang members for up to seven years

Born in sin

Flying Submarine or Submerging Seaplane?

Study: PTSD rates higher for troops who kill

Israel appoints first Arab female professor in country's history

Fuel from food? The feast is over. (Salon)

I know everyon is Sick of Sarah Palin but...

Anyone have any thoughts about investing in TAN?

BALLOONS for McCAIN - Uh Oh... Doesn't Go As Planned

Investor fear remains deep despite 1-day rally

I'm an American Worker and I'm Tired of Getting Screwed

Citigroup Saw No Red Flags Even as It Made Bolder Bets (Robert Rubin in part to blame)

Longtime Crisis Manager Pleases Wall Street, Mystifies Some Democrats


Former Regulator: Clear Fraud in Financial Crisis -- Why Isn't Anyone in Jail?

Citigroup Update: Government Looking To Buy Assets

Summers to Head National Economic Counsel

A New Deal with the Big Three

The Coming Great Depression

We MUST Raise Taxes on Millionaires

Greenberg's AIG share hedge pays off BIG ...

Today in labor history Nov 23 History’s first recorded strike 1170BC

3rd Circuit hears OSHA case on carcinogen exposure, 100s of 1000s of workers are exposed on the job

Union-busting charged (Factory owner cited by Teamsters)

Imperial Sugar (14 dead 40 injured) May Have Injected Itself Into Key U.S. Senate Race

TARIFFS: The Smoot-Hawley Fairy Tale

Marriage And Domestic Partnerships Are Not Equal

Study:Homosexuality associated genes: surprising advantages for homosexuals' family ?

Re: Prop. 8 and future discussion/efforts

California: Passage of proposition banning same-sex marriage sparks protests

Oh no!!! The gays! They're coming to your town!!

I dated a married man for a short time when I was in college

Such "crap". All those "gay's want equality & bursting into every place"

Letter to the Editor.

Gay Marriage: A Basic Right! A Just Demand!

I can guarantee that gay marriage didn't break up mine.

Calling Bullshit On All the Political Correctness

Bolivian police occupy American's ranch as Morales presses ahead with ambitious land reform

Political Pornography – New Dirty War in Venezuela

Peru hopes to strengthen military co-op with Russia

Championship Sunday poll

Favre 6 for 6 to 4 receivers on opening drive. Nice start.

WTF is up with the ESPN website?!?!?!?!

Donovan McNabb admits he didn't know the rule


tOSU 42 -- scUM 7 : The sweet taste of Blew suffering...

NCAA Football polls so far:

Is Cassel better than Brady, at this stage in their careers? Without the cheating.

Say Goodbye To That Undefeated Season, Tennessee

Changing Your Habits Leads to Changes on the Scale

Cancer Drugs May Treat Type 1 Diabetes

Drinking water relieves thirst.

1 year, 139 pounds lost (and counting)


"Seventy percent of doctors do not get a flu shot."

Official starting gun of 2012 madness

UFO post with vid in GD:

The Stars This Week: "Break Free!" - November 24 - November 30, 2008

Buddhist Principles and Obama as a 'Mindful Leader' ...

Demand is up for psychics

Need some help with a stray dog

Most of my dreams

Mystical chicks, psychic consortium, anyone.

One political cartoonist's take on Obama's support of the 2nd.

What are your experiences "Running Energy"

Need help with ice cream maker please.

*** Thanksgiving Recipes ***

Cookwise :

OH smack...this is PERFECT! "Biblical Bullying"--what a perfect turn of words

There's more to religion in general, and Christianity specifically, than pronouncements on sex.

Spotting the ISS tool bag from Earth

The ATLAS experiment

A question about transhumanism

Vaccine-A The Book Your Government Does Not Want You To Read

Should there be a REAL independent investigation of what really happened on 9/11? - OUT OF BUSINESS!

Here's my backup issue:

Vatican 'forgives' John Lennon

The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas

Attention Kerry people:

Taking a break from DU and "Democratic blogs".