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GOOD GOD! can we PLEASE have an embargo on sarah palin

Suze Orhman on Larry King now..

PBS: Steve Croft, Obama interviewer, on Charlie Rose. FYI. nt

A reminder in this economy..Craigslist has a trade/barter section.


DOJ: Mukasey is Conscious, Conversant and Alert

Covering new presidents: the media's double standard

LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE (Except in this case "Britney" is Mitch McConnell, and he's havin' a pity party)

Southern education...more of rant

Poll: 61 Percent Of Americans Have Unfavorable View Of GOP

The last inauguration was hidden because of the person.

just figured out a way to avoid advertising from appearing in my gmail emails (re: google spying)

Military sets date for first execution since 1961

Nebraska's abandoned children - the story from one parent

Keep talking,Sarah, honey. Your mouth is our best friend, and it creates our "truth to tell moment"

NY Times: Long Island Teens Charged With Hate Crimes

A long and rocky road ahead for US President-elect, Barack Obama

Question: What happens with the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that Waxman

Bill Richardson would be a great UN ambassador.

Putting 700 Billion in context...

The Obama Goal and Hillary as SOS

Joe Scar accusing Franken of stealing votes in Minnesota... Oh, the rightwingers' chutzpah

There are soo many different scenarios that could be conjoured up with this it boggles the mind...

New Goldman Sachs Projection: 9% Unemployment by 4Q 2009

Isn't it ironic that Mukasey fainted while talking to the Federalist Society? Right wingers galore

Thousands Protest in Iraq Against U.S. Troops Pact, Burn Bush Effigy

Political skill or ability to do the job, which will take you further in business?

Andrea looks like she's about to strangle Dead Intern Joe

Too Much Stuff: How Our Profligate Consumerism Might Keep Us in Iraq

GM selling at (1938) depression price.

Pearlstein from the Washington Post saying US does not need manufacturing jobs... service jobs is

First burn violators get warnings in Bay Area

Deflation. I've heard it been said to be ready for it.

The propaganda is already being catapulted.....On CNBC today, the bobbleheads were discussing.....

DEAL!! I'll take your warhawk SoS in exchange for International Nuclear Arms Reductions.

Iraqis hold protest against US pact

Why wouldn't GM et al push for universal, single-payer, not for profit, Medicare for all health care?

Do you think within the next 5 years, we will get the whole truth about George Bush?

Does anyone in the turkey slaughter biz know what the dude was doing to the turkey

Are Goodyear and Firestone and Michelin and Borg Warner and RC Delco now to suffer as well?

Craig Ferguson said Joe-the-Plumber signed his book deal ..suggested titles :

How come non of these Fools on the Hill are DEMANDING PAULSONS HEAD?

Joe Scar: Barack Obama is guilty of not bailing out the car industry! I cannot believe this!

Asia Times: The evil of the US dollar

Verizon workers put on leave after unauthorized look at Obama's cell phone records

Got on the Span this morning and....

Republican for Norm Coleman, says "I voted twice..."

Guardian UK: The Vatican's gay witch-hunt continues

CIA-"Systematically Engaged In A Program To Shoot Down Planes"

Sign Petition to drop all charges on RNC arrestees.

delete dup

Inside sources say Paul Reubens will be the next press secretary.

Inside sources say Paul Reubens will be the next press secretary.

Goldman Slashes U.S. Growth Forecasts, Sees 9% Jobless Rate by End of 2009

Hear about the Dubai $20 Million Party ?

Why are all the incompetent people making millions?

Why is Dana Perino saying that if only Congress would vote on the bail out

Dollars & Sense: S & P 314?

Stephen Baldwin and his promise to leave the country if Obama won ...

Woman says doll has pro-Islam message

The Bush Legacy

Judge to Decide if VP Indictments to Stick(Prosecutor has tried since 2006)

I just got a Fundie email, titled "It's already started".

Give the money to GM, Chrysler and Ford......

Has 35 cent a gallon gas returned???

Hillary Gets State

It doesn't make sense to me to keep Gates at Defense if Obama is serious about his Iraq exit pledge

Ratbastard Roger STONE has some regrets. Oh. NOT his shitload of dirty tricks.

“Guantánamo and Its Aftermath” (Judge Patricia Wald's New Report)

For those of you who also suffer agonizing migraines,

The Terminator takes the axe to public transit in Ca-lee-four-nyah

Just so y'all know.

Colombia Land Mines Toll Tops World as FARC Sow Them in Retreat

Waxman Win Called "Sea Change" For Climate Bill

Justice Docs Suggest Identities of Team Abramoff Lobbyists Who Bribed Aide

I feel dumb ! Where to Greatest Threads go when they roll off the page

Dear Red States...

Cleaning up the mess left by the current Administration

The ONLY Way to Sell the GOP on Rescuing Detroit

Mukasey doing better after collapse

I just got that "lay off employs with Obama bumper stickers" email

Have you noticed a trend toward self-destruction lately?

Democrats have ALWAYS been more willing to compromise with Republicans

Converting Dead Mormons Into Homosexuals

Richardson to Commerce?

Number of juveniles held at Guantanamo almost twice official Pentagon figure


Teen Kills Self on

I think the next DEMOCRATIC with capital letters movement will be conducted on the INTERNET.

Willacy County(Cheney/Gonzo) Hearings Get Underway

I heard that Obama will be the very first President to have a computer on his desk in the oval offic

I heard that Obama will be the very first President to have a computer on his desk in the oval offic

What used to be your guilty TV pleasure, and what is it now?

Did anyone stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night !?!

Los Angeles: Metrolink and Freight trains don't mix

What Democracy? BUSHCO Hiding Iraqi Agreement Details From Americans-Iraqis Post Details On Website

ACLU: Federal Judge Orders Release Of Five Guantánamo Detainees Held Without Charges

Will Bush import brush to his new home in Houston for photo ops?

Mukasey feeling better, checks out of hospital

What I See in Lincoln's Eyes - Barack Obama Jun. 26, 2005

The spirit of American workers out of a job

You're introduced to bush at a party: Do you shake his hand?

Here's why the bailout plan won't work.

I know we're trying to be humble, but the crowd figures for the inaugural are staggering

FYI: Colbert on Martha Stewart...Making Christmas Crafts....Up Next

I'm becoming an avid Rick Sanchez fan on CNN - Kudos to Rick

Bill Scher: The Growing Unemployment Line

David Sirota: Tuning Out the Braindead Megaphone on Health Care

Gas prices "temperature map"

Conservatism: Trashing Government on Its Way Out

California Officials Unveil Plans to Turn San Francisco into Electric Car Capital

Feeding America (America's Second Harvest) Food bank

Grim Economic Analysis

Cheney/Gonzo Porsecutor Files Motion to Recuse Judge

CAPTION the Carnage...

eHarmony on Wikipedia

I don't mind keeping Gates on

Vietnam and Venezuela set up 200 million dollar joint fund

What was Mukasey saying just moments before he fainted?

The tobacco pay off +10 years

Pet Store Chain Tied To Puppy Mills (Petland)

Pole Dancing Mormons Make Push For Olympics

Pole Dancing Mormons Make Push For Olympics

Report: CIA withheld information in shooting down of plane in Peru

Power-hungry Michael Bloomberg's approval rating slips.....

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel...

Recount resumes in Minnesota. Coleman's lead shrinks further!

Great expectations for project Obama

Great expectations for project Obama

Victory for Precautionary Principle, Citizens' Rights in New Jersey

The repugs are already (laughingly) trying to hang recession on Obama

Here's an interesting question, sure to be hotly debated.

Electric Cars

Brian Dickerson: How climate change felled the mighty John Dingell

the oil companys need to bail out the big three. n/t

The Bush GOP'S Fatal Contraction....

Miracle Pup survives hit/run

Minnesotan writes in "Lizard People" on ballot!

A widow has been killed by her late husband's coffin

Sarah Palin probably had to attend so many colleges because

OK let me eat my crow publicly

How's the Franken/Coleman recount playing in the local MN media?

Why do you think Republicans resort to just plain meanness?

Since the economy was only an illusion anyway, I vote we all just pretend it still exists.

Obama's Choices: Fear not.. read this great review of "Team of Rivals"

Do not pass me, just to slow down

CIA Coverup Followed Another Spy Flight Mystery in Colombia

One county is webbroadcasting the recount

Since *resident Bush has no desire to lead this nation during the last

"Midnight" regulations changes by presidents should not be allowed.

Princeton's Proposition 8 "Reaffirms Traditional Sidewalk Values" happened to that alien peeking in the window video?

Is this a news story?

A venti soy latte at Starbucks is worth more than a Citibank share....

Mork and Mindy Marathon on The Sci-Fi Channel next Friday!

Just out of curiousity, how did the bank executives travel to Washington?

US Dominance set to wane - by 2025? Global Trends.

ESSENTIAL reading from Crooks & Liars: "Measuring the Bush Recession"

If the UAW goes down and the big three stay in business

Let's Collect Information on Geithner Here, shall we?

How to Bail Out the Auto Industry: A Few Ideas

Looking for Info on Fair Trade gifts

NY Times: Long Island Teens Charged With Hate Crimes



3:00pm: DJIA -10 for day.... 3:05pm: Geithner announced... 4:00pm: DJIA +504 for day

You have 5 minutes to respond to this poll...

You have 5 minutes to respond to this poll...

Wow... stocks skyrocket after Obama's treasury pick announced!

Worst Year Ever for Stocks: 'Irrational Exuberance' of 1990s Being Unwound-Yahoo Finance

Low gas prices are a last gasp effort to bolster the economy until Boosh leaves

WSJ Columnist: The Economy is a shambles because Americans don't say Merry Christmas anymore

I'm listening to a discussion about the pirates...

CNBC : Timothy Geithner will be Treasury Secretary

AG Mukasey Collapsed in 'Fainting Spell,' Official Says

Poll Data: GOP Fast Becoming Rump Party

When will PE Obama name a Hispanic American to

Feingold optimistic Obama will dial back Bush abuses

Will Pres.Elect Obama Allow Bush to Set the Terms for Iraq Withdrawal?

********** BREAKING NEWS **********

Obama Is Setting The Table For Some GREAT Thanksgiving Day Discussions

So Rush, who is responsible for the stock market going up today?

Interior Dept. Disciplines Workers In Sex, Drugs, And Oil Scandal

Bill Moyers tonight -Government Gold - the bailout

CNN headline Hilary Clinton accepts Secretary of State post.

So * is upset that Congress didn't approve a bailout for the Big 3?

Fred Thompson returns to acting, and...presumably...the comfort of the Black Lagoon.

A couple of afternoon cartoons....

Some basic truths about poultry processing- FYI

Clinton accepts Obama secretary of state offer: NY Times

Lets play DOW lotto: I predict today's close at 7395

Does anyone know if the Obama internet outreach team look at these boards?

Suggest Band Names & Song Titles for Joe-the-Plumber here...

Hillary's peeps say they are still in discussions

I lost a great opportunity to publicly say how much HEyHEY rocks.

A piechart that says it all

When it rains, it pours :(

Um.. I just got an e-mail from Jesus

An old man approached the White House

History's Greatest Conspiracy Theories - Did your favorite make the list?

Theory: 21st century losing VP candidate is thereafter cursed

Why do the HuffPost & DU allow advertisements from a Quebec SEPARATIST party ???!!!

Why Hillary Doesn't Fit Into Obama's Program as SoS

Why Hillary Doesn't Fit Into Obama's Program as SoS

Bush History: Long, Long-Time Bush Insider Admits Bush Involved in Deceiving Public 11/21

(WARNING TURKEY SNUFF FILM) The most important question in the wake of the election:

Stevens Trial Witness: I Lied About Immunity Deal

Obama taps Clinton, Geithner, Richardson

John McCain Battles Jackson Browne in Court

Midnight regulations:

Market rallies on news that Clinton will accept Sec. of State position.

Thousands Gather For Stuffing Of Giant Rockefeller Center Turkey

Malcolm X's Daughter Rebukes Al Qaeda Leader

The top ten most fuel efficient cars in the UK do over 60 MPG (the top three over 70 MPG) US=28 MPG

WorstPresidentEver gave us two NAT'L DEBT records in a single month--

"Too Big To Fail" = "Too Big To Exist." Here's how to bail out GM the right way:

Ahnold wants to work with Obama

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) comes out with a health care reform white paper

Hedge Fund Managers Should Unionize Too.

What is the difference between gas and diesel?

Jews, Chanukah and Obama's Blue America

Do you think the majority of the American people would support Obama

Dubai Defies Slump as Minogue Joins $20 Million Party

PE and Mrs. Obama choose Sidwell Friends School for daughters

What killed the electric car? A 7 year tie to the oil companies & a bad bet on hydrogen fuel cells

Obama, Democrats, tackle climate change while Bush adds to his poisoned legacy

Given the Palin / Turkey slaughter vid, is it OK to eat turkey this Thanksgiving?

Poll Data: GOP Fast Becoming Rump Party

Kick-Start the Economy. Bring on the 3% Mortgage.

An open letter to Governor Sarah Palin, regarding the whole turkey thing

REPORT: Bush’s Backward Sprint To The Finish

They named a high school after President Obama....I love it!

The Community Bank closed, 20th failure of the year

Family Research Council is pissed at eHarmony.

Cop: I paid judge for search warrant - Wonder how often this happens?

Roadblock Republicans Return

Oh... I just can't wait for SNL to do Palin tomorrow...

Jonah Goldberg on Obama: 'The media have turned into head past the sphincter suck up to the guy'

LOL... anyone else seeing the banner ad "Free Grants for Republicans"?

Why haven't the Republican Party critics addressed.....

Sens. Clinton and Murray introduce legislation to fight for reproductive rights

Barbara Lee to head Congressional Black Caucus

Tuned into "Tweety" ..surfing...and he's running the Old Palin/Turkey Video like it's New News?

How can I say this......

How can I say this......

With all the ranting and raving and whatnot going on

Dispelling the myths... Diesel cars: 7 worries, 7 answers

U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey Poisoned By His Own Words

Domestic Partnership Benefits? They are after those too.

I Like Hillary As SoS

What Are D Chances That Pols Plucked For Obama's Cabinet Will Be Replaced By Ds?

Janet Jackson's 'Nipplegate' case could reach US high court

Whale Wars tonight, Friday 9 pm on Animal Planet

Cold Weather moves into Ohio ..... this DUer is ready gives Palin a free pass on OK-ing the Wasilla Turkey Background Massacre

What are the GOP's roots?

How the global economic crisis could bring down the Chinese government

Vt. Gov. Opposes Gay Marriage Bill

Hillary as SOS would be a good thing.

Boehner to Waxman: No on California Emission Changes

Pelosi, Reid Outline What They Expect From Auto Executives


Inbred Chickenhawk Freeps form Circle-Jerk over declaration that "We won. The Iraq War is over."

Germany drops attempt to ban Scientology

Getting their war on, Somalian Islamists going to fight Pirates for Super Tanker

Stevens Trial Witness Says He Hid The Truth

Thoughts on "free market capitalism"

Most important news story of the week (ending November 21, 2008)

A lot of DUers were advocating "revolution" couple of years ago

Acme Chemical Company wins award to fumigate WHITE HOUSE Jan 21st to Remove Sulpher Odors from

Franken Camp's Claim: We've Cut Coleman's Lead To Under 100 Votes

Who would be willing to admit error on the "They'll never leave office" cry?

Tom Daschle as Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services

Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts

These cat jugglers must be arrested and prosecuted! *Caution* Pics may be difficult to view for some

Conservatives blaming immigrants for economic crisis

OK, UAW, please answer this.

Oh yes you will snurfle: Adirondack couple saves monarch butterfly

Oh yes you will snurfle: Adirondack couple saves monarch butterfly

Wired reviews Colbert's Christmas special


Say it loud and say it to everyone you know. "Socialized Medicine"

in August-- 4 mos ago-- I paid $4.70 for a gallon of unleaded reg gasoline....

Food Bank Friday! November 21, 2008!

If Hillary is SoS, would Bloomberg be a good appointment to senate seat if...

Pictures That Make the Rude Pundit Feel Like He's Dropped Acid and Stepped into a Shark Tank

“Four Percent for Freedom” --you need to know about this

What are the GOP's roots?

Please DU this Poll

Heads up. Some straight people like "gay" sex. And vice-versa. And other combos.

Heinz posts 22 percent increase in second quarter

demanding that Obama charge in and prosecute bush is not something I support

Green Building Techniques Save Home on Mountain Drive

Congress Opposes Bush Pardons

Congress Opposes Bush Pardons

2 giant stock market implosions in one decade- DRASTIC changes required to restore confidence.

Franken gains in Minnesota count

Jonathan Turley is coming up on Rachel

Lipless weasel Mitch McConnell sends letter to Harry Reid, warning him to give GOP input

Sanctity of marriage & American family are SAFE this Friday evening

Franken recount Keep an eye on Dakota and Ramsey cos

Spitzers Escort "Tragic" path to Call Girl--- too funny....

GOOD NEWS - Democratic Underground 2000 spots better than DailyKos

PRI's Marketplace was just asking, "If CITI Group goes down...What will happen???"

Do you know how to differentiate which products are made in

Siegelman Case: Tamarah Grimes' complaint against Canary's office is scathing -- good read.

A poem (blushing)

"Obama is a mere state senator from the South Side of Chicago..."

Breaking: Coleman's lead is getting smaller!!!

Watching the franken recount right now

Tracking the Economic Collapse: Closures and Layoffs list Nov. 16-22

Sarah Palin has done it again. Everybody is talking about her. What's her next stunt?

Showed my partner this video...and he said it was like watching the Nazi's!

10 donations food banks need most

You can call me Al...

Ex-CIA agents speak out in "Secrets of the CIA" (Google Video)

Turkey-it's the bird historical figure Benjamin Franklin proposed to be the nation's symbol

DA in Cheney Case, Guerra, Files Motion to Recuse Judge Banales


Prescription for an “Ailing” Industry: Take It Over

Barack Obama and the Cult of Personality...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Friday Night Bank Failures: It's a three-fer!

Breaking News on Sarah Palin

NO ONE is making $70 an hour building cars.

Sidwell Friends School

Will Tina Fey come onto SNL to do a Bloodbath Turkey Skit? Oh, PLEASE give me a reason to watch SNL

Business big shot: Arianna Huffington, online entrepreneur

Thanks for this economic nightmare, Ronnie Raygun.

Sarah Palin ruins Thanksgiving!

That's it. It's official. Palin is the dumbest person to walk this planet.

Paul Krugman's view of the next 60 days is scaring the hell out of me.

Huge Bailout Looming For Citigroup?

Indulge the furrinah's amazement with the US political system, part 2,908,578,905:

Conservatism Today- August 2008- Ten Reasons Why Obama will lose.

Buy a Toaster....... Folks I have your coupons right here.. just print them out!

Have the workers drained the auto industry in this country?

Have the workers drained the auto industry in this country?

This Thanksgiving let us remember our dear friends from DU (Help me with the list please)

Entrepreneurial types: What types of businesses or industries.....

The Financial Media Is Talking Out Of Its Ass--The REAL Reason The Market Went Up 500 Points

How Do You Walk? Doesn’t Carrying All That Stupid Around Weigh You Down?

Know how many of our troops have died in Iraq as of today?

A different Christmas: donations to food banks and Toys for Tots instead of family

Drove 2,000 miles to get axed Day 1! N.Y. miner gets shaft upon arriving in Montana

Wes Clark for somethin'

Canadian Seal Hunt will continue as usual (2009)

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations -- Money to Come from U.S. Rescue Program

1 million visitors expected in DC for Obama's swearing in

Things You Do Not Want To See On Your Thanksgiving Table

Whistleblower: Aide Reported On Siegelman Case To "Recused" U.S. Attorney "Every Day"

The worst is yet to come

Eight years from now (2016) Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old

It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!!!

Santorum says it's time to "take on" Hugo Chavez

Former Regulator: Clear Fraud in Financial Crisis -- Why Isn't Anyone in Jail?

Behold, one of the biggest myths of the American Dream

Hold Tight, Hillary: Russia Just Got Scarier

Presidents Kill People, Especially Bush (Featured Diary At DailyKos)

Single Payer National Health Care.....

Barack is showing guts with Hillary as SOS

Something is seriously wrong in America

OMG. How can Palin be so fucking politically tone deaf and obtuse?

I just want to blow a hole in this idiotic myth that auto workers are making scads of money

I just want to blow a hole in this idiotic myth that auto workers are making scads of money

It takes a crazy, crazy genius of a Latin to land an aeroplane which.... well,

Massive fireball lights up prairie sky

Army to execute soldier at Terre Haute Federal Prison (UPDATED w/photo)

You know, there is a way to give all companies a HUGE financial advantage that costs NOTHING

Tiny Clay Figures Are Reminders of Growing Iraq Death Toll

Three new GM factories built overseas in 2008 and part of bail out money to fund a factory in Brazil

FEMA warns of "possible" catastrophic Midwest earthquake - WTF?

Texas hearing on Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indictment turns chaotic

I DO know I AGREE with forcing eHarmony to match gay couples

Palin knew what was going on 15 feet behind her--allowed interview to continue

National Archives Building Occupied Again by Veterans for Peace

CEO of Japan Airlines receives $90,000 that's right $90,000

Why doesn't George W Bush just resign and get the hell out of town??

Why are so many here gleeful that the economy is collapsing?

How many stories does the White House have?

Boy dies after using too much deodorant

Please Help (Iroquois)

Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary. The best article I could find.

Obama should put Solar Panels back on top of the WH!

US officials flunk test of Amerian history, economics, civics

Rec this puppy if you think Bush should face trial in America for WAR CRIMES

Note to DU...Your schitck works so much better with an antagonist

DU -- let's hear your ideas for neighborhood organizing to deal with the current situation.

Malcom Gladwell is a great speaker!

"Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Big Dawg for Senate!!

The powder is so dry it is blowing away - are we finally ready to fight???

WTF is going on here?? Can anyone tell me? re: Big3 is ALREADY making highly fuel efficient cars ..

Just Paid $1.75/Gal. For Gas In Northcentral Wisconsin

"The 65 MPG Ford the U.S. Can't Have" - Congress needs to CHANGE anomalies like this, NOW!

Four Found Guilty in Attempted Citizen's Arrest of Karl Rove

How has the economic crisis affected your workplace?

Somali Pirates in Discussions to Acquire Citigroup

For those who are confused about what single payer universal health care is, please read this.

Help I'm in a combat with blame the worker/unions for GM problems

Oregon Woman Loses $400,000 to Nigerian E-Mail Scam

FDL: Unhinged Saxby Chambliss Grabs Camera When Reporter Asks Him About Imperial Sugar Case

Can Someone Explain Bush's Changes To Family and Medical Leave Act

I'm getting a delicious, local, organically-raised turkey to EAT!!! Post cooking tips here!

What is the Federalist Society ?

Legacy Costs at US Auto Makers is Bullshit

James Bamford: Israeli Companies run spy operation on Americans for NSA

Obama Got the Corned Beef

Former Regulator: Clear Fraud in Financial Crisis -- Why Isn't Anyone in Jail?

3 men plead not guilty to digging up grave to have sex with dead woman

GM is making 65mpg cars, lines are up and running, wont sell them here >>Link>>

GM is making 65mpg cars, lines are up and running, wont sell them here >>Link>>

*** DUzy Awards for week ending November 21, 2008 ***

Four who tried citizen's arrest of Karl Rove on trial today. Karl still given credibility by media.

A symbol of equality... because everyone should be able to tie the knot.

My (horrible) experience on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange

More inflation: "Regular" sized comics going to $3.99!

And I thought the no-dancing town in the movie "Footloose" was fictional.......

Crappy songs rehabilitated by movie scenes, commercials, etc.

Who here used to stick booby pins into outlets as a kid?

Thanks everyone for the support (update)

I have just computed an approximation of pi, with 1000 decimal place precision!

Obama needs to get his ass down to Georgia and keep it there for a couple of weeks

My apologies to the cooking & baking group

I think I'm becoming a miserable!

Feels like winter

Sarah Slaughter

Yeah... it was between that or Muhammed.

Odd question, have you ever killed and cleaned an animal to eat?

"Nine Words the Wife Uses."

Air America is essentially gone ... what's left of liberal radio---???

Air America is essentially gone ... what's left of liberal radio---???

It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to work this morning. Normally takes 25 minutes.

Please Caption This:

5 Sexual Techniques to Make Her Wild with Desire

Good morning Lounge

What;s the best free anti-spyware? I tried to get Lava Soft and I could not find

Weird dream #89578:

MrLaraMN had better learn to read my IM's better.

Linton Kwesi Johnson "Fight Dem Back"

Need advice

How old were you on your day of birth?

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Booo-Booop Errrrk! Squad 51 and Engine 51 report to a structure fire.

Here's a little Time-Waster that's a lot of fun.

Woohoo! Bengals lose again!

Anyone else think Ross Kemp is incredibly hot?

Merry XMas to me

Who here used to lick -50 Degree Metal As a kid And Have Your Tongue Ripped off

Do any DU'ers here shave with an old-fashioned Chain Saw?

For those of you who also suffer agonizing magazines,

52 Crad Pickup

Pick a crad, any crad.

Do any DU'ers here shave with an old-fashioned rusty meat hook?

God was a witness, I made a turkey fly...

I just bought factory sealed Winders Vister software for $5.99!!!!!!

Who here used to liberate kids and other undesirables by shoving them into 480 wood chippers?

Do any DU'ers here shave with an old-fashioned unrefrigerated 3 day old dead stinky catfish?

Woman is unable to recognize voices, unless it's Sean Connery

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Time to make weekend plans........ Me I am working on a house project.

In Soviet Russia, cow eats you. Or other variants. Where did this come from?

Question for those who watch TV: Thursday Night 9:00 PM -- ?

OK. Found the neighbor's dog a home, but need to find a home for a sweet kitty..

The thread to mock HypnoToad's sig pic

If they ever do another "Faces of Death" video - this clip of Sarah Palin can be in it

CASTING CALL! Rahm Emanuel

Really, Google? Rene Magritte's 110th Birthday?

Let's play some Five Crad Stud.

Did Delaware Put LynneSin On the map?

I Reached the end of the Internets

OK folks almost Thanksgiving. You KNOW what comes next. ANNOYING XMAS SONGS on the radio.

When it rains, it pours :(

Poll question: Is gorn the new teh????

Update on my Mom:

It's Friday, people. Go crazy!

NYT: GnR's "Chinese Democracy" = Titanic (the ship, not the movie)

Yay! Today's the day Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens!

Is crad the new teh????

Mock my sig pic; I dare youse!

Dreamt about puppies last night

Post a pretend Lounge thread and I'll tell you to "take that shit to the Lounge"

Did cupcakes put KitchenWitch on the map?

Sweetest love hangover.......hmmmmmmm, great song by Diana Ross

Undercover officers use Taser on pallbearer (This just seems like Lounge material).

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Did airliners put Parche on the map?

Pennywise and Bozo have nothing on Coco

Anyone wanna buy a debt someone owes me?

Widow killed by husband's coffin

I Invented the Internets

Does anyone know where the calculator is that can tell you . . .

OMG!! I am eating a Big Mac.

My daughter went to the midnight showing of Twilight (no spoilers please)

fat bloated idiot...

I'm starting a cute

I have the toe flu I think

I'm getting really sick of people not showing up for scheduled meetings.

I'm getting really sick of people not showing up for scheduled meetings.

You Are Here

Is THIS your crad?

You Are There

Tasty burps.

Countdown with Richard Whitely

FYI. If you tell matcom that you didn't miss him during his DU hiatus

*********Breaking News*********

holy crap! this is what the internet is really like?

Well, this headline pretty well fucked my day.

I'm starting a cut

Mrs. Venation will be home tomorrow night.

Shut Your Piehole

Attn: Guitar Hero/Rock Band haters - it could be ruining Nickelback!

You Are Not Here

Beauty Contest, vote for the sexiest Dem

Hey MIDLO! Wrap your eyeballs around THIS!

I reached the end of the internets and saw a picture of Parche and turtleandsue...

What was the last movie you saw in any medium, and what was the medium?

Anyone up for a game of Frisk?

If you were Scotty, would you ever beam 'just' The Captains Log into another room?

Thousands Gather For Stuffing Of Giant Rockefeller Center Turkey

Nothing like tea and cookies in the mid afternoon to make a man feel civilised

Did they just say Hank Williams Jr is running for something?

Welcome to the House Of Fun

Hey, DS1! Joey Fcuukin Carrera has competition.

I Have A Boehner

If you were Scotty, would you ever beam 'just' a fart into another room?

Good, and you?

Anyone Up For A Game Of Risk?

A mononymous person is someone with a single name, like Cher

Top 4 Adult Jokes

Jeezus fukin krist, the client that was just in, they had the worst breath ever

No More Bodily Function Threads!!!

Name That Tune

If I hear "Amazing Grace" by Il Divo one more time...

I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor.

13 year old arrested for flatulance. Yes, in Florida.

Copycat threads taking over GDP!

Mork and Mindy Marathon on The Sci-Fi Channel next Friday!

Good vibes for Odetta thread...

Anyone Else Have Absenteeism Policies Designed By Crackheads?

Hand-carried assignment from the Director of Operations = good times for MrCoffee

Pick a crab, any crab.

Dear God, I'm actually leaving the house tonight!! For fun!

I... AM....

Why do people say "Your guyses"

46 Things That Never Happen on Star Trek

Favorite Keith Olbermann catchphrase

Why would anyone trust McAfee with their computer's security?

so there's a giant backhoe tearing down a house across the street!

Paging DuStrange!

This is kind of important and I want to share it with my DU friends.

Thanksgiving is almost here, so before I blow my or someone else's head off....

Yes, it has been way too long! We'll have to get together for drinks some night!


Dupe. OMG.

I envy the gerbil

Could you eat Turtle Eggs?

I just want to know that everything is going to be okay.

Probably NOT a good Christmas gift if you have cats...

Who was the last good looking president?

Anybody else glad this motherfuckin' week is finally over?

Apple/Mac/iTunes have maddeningly catchy songs for their ads

jeezus fukin krist, when it rains it pours

Need help with windows

Oh yeeeeah! Sweetened condensed milk + coconut milk = one fat Toad.

Don't mind all that noise next door - that's just GD/GD:P imploding

Why would anyone trust MrCoffee with their computer's security?

So is Chicagoland worth it?

Sometimes...sometimes you just have to stand back and fucking laugh

Going to little neighborhood store to get some Mexican cokes, anybody else want one.

We talked on the phone.OMG

Attack of the hungry kitty

I know what I'm getting for Xmas!! He,he,he!!

I Hope To Be Here Monday

This is just new barbaric!! WTF!?!

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Who would you pay $4000 to shtup?

I've been thinking about relocating...........

Christmas songs you hate to love.

I Just Want To Fukin Scream

I've been thinking about Charmed Quarks

Nebraska Police Arrest 'Butt Bandit' Vandalism Suspect

Dissent is necessary to the UTMOST in any free society

Can I have some lounge vibes, please?

Is the turkey lobby going to go after Sarah Palin

I don't care if they're yummy - I'm off turkey!

I don't care if they're dummies - I'm off jive turkeys!

So I Was Just At This Gas Station

Mind Fucking

Is your name Lindsay (or Lindsey)? Boy, have I got a treat for you!

Now that our country will be found again on Jan 20, we can all afford to be LOST on Jan 21

I can't believe some people can feed themselves and use simple tools

Holy shit, the University at Buffalo Bulls (my alma mater) is the MAC East Champions

How narcissistically shallow are you?

Dudes!!! I just rolled a big fat one!!

WHOO HOO! I've got a ticket to the NH Baseball Dinner!

The lounge is kind of fun today

Could you eat Turkey Eggs?

Does this make me a bad person?

The "Third Eye" thingy

We've come too far to leave it all behind.

You're spooking the horses

Hello. My name is Jimmy Pop...

Frontline is sooo depressing tonight... gheesh

Should I watch 'The Starter Wife' or jab a fork in my eye?

So what's the deal with "freak-dancing?"

I think everyone here knows about Danny-Boy.

Anybody else HATE the new Yahoo?

My lower back is freakin' KILLING me.

Ladies, let me tell you just how great of a guy I am

E! Entertainment Television's Sexiest Woman Has No Belly Button!

Never mind

Why Am I A DD?



I've been thinking about radiation

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Fuck AT&T

I'm a vampire!

Stupid Game Show Answers (youtube clip)

Anyone hear really know Firefox well and the "Looking Up whatever address" BS?

seriously, my dogs start humping when this song plays

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,

Greta Van Susteren is pissed, and wants YOU to send Dave Letterman a message!

My whole body is killing me....

D-List Diva Ashlee Simpson & EMO weenie Pete Wentz named their kid BRONX

I need to clean but can't motivate myself

This is just barbaric!! WTF!?!

Why am I a YoYo?

A Very Dudeist Christmas Or What-Have-You

Shows on regular TV I hate --- add yours

Back by popular demand (in my mind anyway) Fun with cache!

A new rule: "Amazing Grace" can only be played by bagpipes

I saw a shooting star tonight.

I Swear To God, "Twilight" Is Pornography For 15-Year-Old Girls

*snicker* SURPRISE!

I'm starting a cult.

Ok... tell me what sucked in your life this week and ...

Up or down vote: Marshmallows on sweet potatoes


Have you ever shaved your head?

Post your all-time favorite Photoshop!

Most people can name only two songs that can be played on bagpipes. 'Amazing Grace' is one of them.

I don't love you anymore. sent me a hilarious e-mail: "Compliment Your Thanksgiving Table and Save $15".

I'm sick and they have cut my hours to 8 a week at my new job.

I've been thinking about dislocating...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/21/2008)

What's on your menu tonight?

Tensions Run High in the Last Days of the Bush Whitehouse

Anyone who hates bag pipes is dead to me

Favorite Christmas Songs

hey everybody, have you heard?

Need advice about how to reason with a raccoon

Post a new term. We'll figure out if it's offensive or not.

Did you know that ______ is a cover song?

Why are you a DU?

Christmas Songs You Love To Hate

Michael Moore: "We're seeing ... the end of capitalism as we know it....And I say good riddance."

An absolutely beautiful game

Handing my boss money does not automatically put money in my pocket

e=mc2: 103 years later, Einstein's proven right

Do you hate bagpipes? How about harps?



How about a Friday night DUer picture thread?

Bird is no longer the word.

Stonehenge skies today, vivid omen for Sun's entry into Sagittarius?

My vision of an American left

What are some things you'd change about DU, if you could?

'Life on Mars' is fucking brilliant.

For those of you who also suffer agonizing migraines,

Can you love someone if you cheat on them?

Read this Redstone rant, or I will haunt your grave....

Lucy's licked a raw patch on her leg

It's MAYHEM at the puppy cam!

In Crisis, Opportunity for Obama

Hillary gets State!

Was DU Crazier PRE-Election Or POST-Election?

before discounting people remember

Bill Richardson would be a great UN ambassador.

Hillary Clinton has been offered the role of SOS.

Last song you listened to

Barack Obama, one of's sexiest men alive

I don't know when the NJ Gov election is but......

Malcom X's daughters are very attractive....

Questions concerning the concept of "Right of Center"

Early morning CSPAN2 viewing--R's Potomac "What the heck went wrong" conference.

Senator Clinton's likely SOS nomination and confirmation...

Help me come up with an idea for a bumper sticker that rubs in the Obama victory

Keep at it DU. This is a great place for discussion of the issues

Obama's Florida edge came in early balloting

I'm Not Sorry. If President Obama Chose Hillary Clinton For Sec. Of State I Trust His Judgment

David Brooks (NYT) expresses praise for Obama's cabinet but says it shows a Centrist Admin

Politico: Obama Records Radio Ad for Martin

Man with assault rifle nabbed on way to D.C.

Adviser says Fred Thompson plans return to acting!

PhotoShop I'd like to see...

Let me put this bluntly: Declaring open war against repubs and the right

Re: The Clinton Nomination

Politico: Obama aides are now saying Clinton will be offered SOS


Obama Transition Said to Consider a ‘Prepack’ Auto Bankruptcy

President Elect Obama has been doing a fine job with his cabinet appointments

Obama's Cabinet Picks DO Represent Change

Chris Matthews: Obama's Choice Of Hillary For SOS Proves He's A Christian

Pres. Elect Obama Has a Fathead

Palin was ASKED if it was OK to slaughter turkeys in the background. Her response? "No worries"

Palin was ASKED if it was OK to slaughter turkeys in the background. Her response? "No worries"

I can't believe Obama is really gonna do this.

KS-Sen, KS-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Franken Has Narrowed The Gap To 136!

So there's a guy on MSNBC from the Heritage Foundation predicting

Can we please refrain from saying "What, you think you know more than Obama?"

So will we see Tina Fey and Joe the Turkey Slaughterer on SNL this weekend?

John Nichols: Obama and Biden bode well for Constitution

Did somebody mention bagpipes?

Political cartoonist Tony Auth on Al Qaeda's Zawahiri's rantings

Am I missing something RE: the Minnesota recount?

Obama/Biden 2012!

I have a question about Warren Buffet?

Could the Minnesota Senatorial election end up in a runoff? Read this before you say no.

Another Article about James Jones close to being named National Security Adviser

Good News! We will never go into a recession in 2008-2009

My Grand Unified Theory Of Obama

Will an Obama/Clinton face on foreign policy make it easier to sell U.S. military action

I have never met Hillary Clinton

"Leak soup"

The New Team: Stephanie Cutter

Obama has a chance for an FDR legacy

Why am I a UU?

worldnutdaily says something about obamas citizenship and the supreme court.

Hillary owes more money to Mark Penn now than she did earlier.

Some Repubs are wishing Obama was President already?

David Brooks: The Insider's Crusade (on Obama personnel selections)

Who else does Obama owe a job to?

Okay, we need a much stronger State Department

Ok, it's been almost three weeks, I've patiently waited, and now I'm ANGRY!!!!!

Delayed inauguration date has to be fixed

Barack Obama hasn't picked any DeFazios for his cabinet yet.

Do the Pat Robertson's of the world acknowledge Obama's victory was God's will?

I think all Generation Y'ers will remember where they were and what they were doing...

What history teaches us: Bush is worse than Hoover

What history teaches us: Bush is worse than Hoover

Obama Raised Half a Billion Online

Educator to use prize money to take class to Obama inauguration

It's called "election blues" !!

BREAKING NBC NEWS: Obama To Nominate Sen. Clinton for Secretary of State

What were the final presidential vote totals?

*** Strange numbers in MN recount corrected ***

Napolitano: Send Guard Back to the Border

Official "I am really bored and like hitting reload on the Minnesota recount page ." thread

BREAKING Photos of Palin after the turkey holocaust. It got messy.

Jazz Composition called "The Decider" by Brooklyn Saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa ..

And now an editorial by Niccolo Machiavelli on President-Elect Obama's Cabinet Appointments...

Has There Been Too Much Bipartisanship or Too Little In Washington?

AP: NY Elementary School is Renamed for Obama

An interesting question if Hillary becomes SoS. Who does she bring along?

Have you got 18 mins? If you do, watch this again.

Obama Campaign Volunteer Steals Speech Binder, Puts Up on ebay

Hillary will make a Fine SOS...I'm just not looking forward to all the Media Created Drama.

Did Andrea say Hillary will be named SOS this Monday?

CNN: Obama is reaching out for Scowcroft

WP - Political Blog: Richardson has emerged as a "serious contender" to head the Commerce Dept.

Patrick Gaspard to be Obama's Political Director

Idiot anti-Obama fundie pastor in Kansas gets owned by CNN's Rick Sanchez

Who should be Treasury Secretary?

Wild speculation about Hillary

Would Clinton’s State Team Include Obama Thinkers?

Per NYT and Fox

When you think about it, Richardson as Commerce Secretary helps him in 2016

NBC NEWS: The Economic Team will be announced Monday

Report: Hillary To Accept Secretary Of State Gig (updated)

DEMS need to remember that the REPUBS only hope is to DIVIDE US....

"and then it was as if the Turkeys mounted a counter attack"

Breaking: Bill Richardson to be named for Commerce

My sister and I are planning a long-distance triangulation for the Inauguration...

That Turkey did not die in vain

Why Obama Wants Hillary for His 'Team of Rivals'

Buffett: Any Auto Bailout should be negotiated by the president, not Congress

The Leader of the Free World

A Haitian American political director, a female head of Homeland Security, a Black AG. . .no change

Why don't any of these AM radio crackpots the Right Wing worships ever run for office?

MSNBC: Liberal Bloggers Furious Over Lieberman; MSNBC: Lib Bloggers Over-Estimate their influence

thanksgiving: a rascist holiday

Fox is sounding like they know the whole cabinet now

President-Elect Obama in support of the Chicago bid to host the Olympics in 2016

We are having ham for Thanksgiving.

just heard on CNN....Hillary is accepting the SOS -- breaking news

Breaking CNN: Clinton office issues statement that she hasn't accepted but things are on track.

The more I think about it the more I like Richardson at Commerce

President Bush lags his predecessors in tribute. Low popularity may keep his name off sites.

So I'm checking out the new features of the iPhone 2.2 software....

Tim Geithner is awesome. Smart pick by Obama.

Obama & McCain "buddy" pics...

Does the Palin turkey thing remind you of a movie?

A lot of Obama's economic policies will run through the Commerce Department

Stocks Rise After Obama Treasury Pick

BREAKING: Paulson to Remain on as Treasury Secretary...I"M SERIES!!!!1!!

Wow... the market really loves the treasury pick!

Why HRC is a lousy choice for SOS...

Tim Geithner Treasury Secretary: MSNBC Breaking News

Stop the presses...Arnold would be willing to work for Obama.

Uggh.. Franken has challeged more votes than Coleman

Gawd fukin damnit, i am so pissed off right now



Report: Clinton accepts SoS offer

What about David Plouffe? Has he been named to anything? Just curious. nt

I'm willing to be Secretary of State

What about Caroline Kennedy as Ambassador to

This is why Obama wants Hillary

Regarding Brent Scowcroft

Was the Palin turkey thing initially just being filmed by local news channels?

Let's not get too worked up about this...

MOTHERF**KING CNN blames PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA for "not taking the lead in the economy"

Can Somebody Please Post The "Chill Out- I Got This Picture"?

So where is....

So where is....

Future democratic presidential contenders?

Will Clinton outshine VPE Biden


Senator Durbin asking Obama to renominate Patrick Fitzgerald as Chicago's U.S. attorney

Article: Who is Timothy Geithner?

Whatever hapened to Wes Clark?

Will Hillary still think talking to our Enemies is naive when she is expected to do it??

What about Richardson?

The only change I want to see in Washington is

Breaking: Joe Lieberman Named Secretary of Scatology

Obama is Going to Regret Making Hillary SOS

It takes a special kind of stupid to pass judgment on the Obama administration

Résumés for Obama Administration Jobs Surpass 200,000

Cheney's man to head CIA?

Just a friendly FYI:

Name replacement Senators.

CNN: Hillary is almost nearly on the verge of sort of being considered for vetting as Obama's SoS!

Shuster: " We delayed the story about the turkeys because of

Most annoying recent trend in GD P

LOL!! Tweety about Sarah's Turkeygate: It's like Libby getting a pardon

Did you just here that thud? That was Mitch McConnell tossing Bush under the bus!!

Hell, it's not like Obama will be calling me for my opinion about his Adminstration appointments.

JFK on liberalism (since some folks around here could use a refresher)

I wonder why we're hearing about all these Cabinet picks

So if John McCain were president I wonder who his SoS would be....

How about Hilary for the Supreme Court? I'm sure President Obama

Obama makes the smart pick: Dow goes wild

Reading this place the last week or so.

Meet Tim Geithner

OH MY GOD! Geithner was in the Clinton administration?!?!?!?! How is this change???

We're DOOMED: Possible Obama National Security Advisor James L. Jones speaks Fluent French!

If millions could not make it to DC to stop the war or save the Constitution, why are so many

So, do you think President Obama will put a stop to the government spying on the people?

President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden Announce Key White House Staff

As long as we're on an AC/DC them, let's....

I must say that the Sarah Turkey film was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

The Federal Reserver Is At The Root Of All Economic Problems, So Why In Hell Do You Pick Someone ...

Who Is Jim Jones?

Yuck: iPod Video Case Skin - Abraham Obama!

Three Senators now needing replacing.

I would like to point out that that one time DU fave, John Edwards

Is there anybody here who actually WANTS us to bomb Pakistan or Iran?

Chris Matthew is an ASS. Calling Obama's appointees 4 HORSEMEN OF THE APPOCOLYPSE

Look if we're going to site an AC/DC song for President Obama's....

Obama's Choices: Fear not.. read this great review of "Team of Rivals"

The Choices to serve out Hillary's Senate term are pretty amazing

The first actually damaging leak just came out, re: Summers and Bernanke

after the primary, there was lots of predictions that Hillary would fuck up Barack's campaign

President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden Announce Key White House Staff

The night of long knives was one of history's most dramatic gay-bashing incidents

David Gregory got flattened by the member of his panel: Buchanan, O'Donnell and the lady from Salon.

Oh, woe is me, sez Repub. strategist John Feehery (just saw on CSPAN from yesterday)

When are the dead-enders going to wise up to the fact....

NBC: Secretary of Commerce = BILL RICHARDSON!

"I want to be reincarnated as the fucking Bond Market!" -- James Carville in 1992

Obama Marriage Body Language: One Aspect We Should All Emulate

I'm so eager to hear if Colin Powell will be our Sec. of Defense.

Please, Skinner, can we have a PIE emoticon?

People who are complaining about Obama's Cabinet Picks should go to

How would you help an 11 year old child who is suicidal?

Patterson to Tap Bill Clinton to Replace Hillary

Do you think Obama and the Dem congress will balance the federal budget?

What skeleton should prevent anybody from serving the President in his/her Cabinet?

The flippable states of 2012

I am thrilled by Obama -- But I aint gonna drink the same old "centrist" Kool Aid

How do you feel about Obama's performance so far as president-elect?

Why Hillary is accepting SoS

where do members of the cabinet

Here's what I sent in to

Barack Obama is NOT William Jefferson Clinton!

"You shouldn't hire someone you can't fire."

Sen. Hillary Clinton Would Have Short Record to Defend in a Confirmation Hearing

Stupid David Gregory: "Bill Richardson as Commerce is a cheerleader and fundraiser...

Assuming a strong stomach, think back to that dark and rainy day....

Dammit, Franklin Roosevelt, I voted for CHANGE, not these retreads!

Drudge mad with Arianna's Growing Influence: Links to an article Implying she is a Gold-Digger

Palin: " least one runner up bird should also be protected." Hmmm...

CNN - Developing Story: Hillary Clinton is in talks...“reports beyond that are premature,”

Cory Booker fans---

OMG!!1! Geithner hates women! He said so 10 years ago

Cab driver (Mexico), "What do you think about Obama?"

Barack Obama has EARNED our trust many times over.

So, what happens to Gen. Wesley Clark and Susan Rice?

Could Hillary run in 2016 if she was serving as Secretary of State?

The President Obama Inaugural Dollar...

I Just Have to Say, Obama is Hiring the Big Guns!

The five stages of grief (Hillary as SoS).

it's not even about Obama.

Breaking: Timothy Geithner for Treasury

"WattleGate" or "GobbleGate" lololol

Why are everybody's panties all in a bunch?

Shiite protesters burn Bush effigy in Baghdad square to protest security pact.

Bush says he was for Change too.

This is so awesome, it made me cry!

Oops. Sorry.

Oops. Sorry.

Am I missing something here about Obama's choices so far?

The insane asylum known as Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Here's a bone Obama could throw progressives: Howard Dean

Here's a bone Obama could throw progressives: Howard Dean

I am concerned that Obama hasn't picked anyone...

Heads up: Doris Goodwin, author of Team of Rivals, up next on C-Span

Damn, Franken Starting To Go The Other Way, denture boy up by 167, 65% Reporting

Oopsie Doopsie... 'Coleman No Longer Urges Franken "Step Back"'


Post-election, cable news ratings and news website visits fall -- some precipitously

Let me see if I've got this straight.... Secretary of State..... Condi Rice vs Hillary Clinton

Obama makes public stop in Chicago

David Brooks is on PBS singing praises to PE Obama's

I'm willing to bet if Obama picked you, I could find something in your past that would make you

Charlie Rose 11/20/08 - 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft on Obama's extraordinary intelligence-VIDEO

Obama’s mandate for change

Bill WILL keep his mouth shut

Smart Choice Obamarahm

President Obama likely to return Monetary Policy to the Gold Standard

I say we all pony up and bribe Bush to leave office early. There must be some brush to clear.

my middle name is

Franken Race: Examples of Coleman challenges here

Markets soaring!! Geithner effect.

Obama said publicly that he wouldn't have chosen Clarence Thomas for the S.C.

Tensions Run High in the Last Days of the Bush Whitehouse

Where is Obama going to build his Ranch? and what is he going to name it?

Yahoo has a very cool series of photos of Presidential children

Have you bought the new Barack Obama commerative coins?

Did We Just Elect A Clinton Administration?

Who cares about SOS? Where's our Treasury Secretary?!

Deal with it......

Tony Robbins Just Said He Voted For Obama On CNN

Geithner Bounce?

Sad state of affairs when Pat Buchanan is more supportive of the choices made by

Believe it or not.... they still want Palin!

I'm not worried about Obama's choices right now.

What will Obama's DU name be?

I can't take the talking heads' Clinton speculation

DU translated for centrist readers.

Recommended Christmas gift for the DUer

Now that the mercenaries in Iraq will be held accountable for all their activities ...

Clinton accepts Obama secretary of state offer: NY Times

CNN: Jones leading choice for national security advisor

Progressives Left Out In The Cold -- (Christopher Hayes - The Nation)


Barack Obama Is Building A Superb Cabinet

Just curious, should the "White House" be renamed, if so, what

How many would actually have voted for McCain over Clinton II (whatever that means)?

"Opinions are like assholes"--- truly an great saying for for my beloved DU.

Sorry but picking Clinton has disaster written all over it..

Janet Napoliano: 1st Gay cabinet member?

This will surprise some of you

WATCH: Obama Causes Excited Frenzy During Lunch Stop At Chicago Deli

"...I serve as a blank screen on which people... project their own views."

Liberal and Progressive = Centrist

"The suggestion that bringing on Clinton officials is inconsistent with change is pure bunk."

For those of you screaming for case law in pnwmom's thread

This Minnesota voter has a sense of humor

HRC campaign sale: Everything must go!

The Republican Party in its Last Throes...who woulda thought...Damn..In our life time too

Who defines "progressive"?

Was the deal made long ago and this "drama" all just for show?

DU's Night of the Long Knives

LOL! – Must see video – World leaders don’t shake Bush’s hand at G20 Summit

As one who doesn't LOVE the idea of Hillary Clinton as are some thoughts......

Franken is now down by only 115 votes on the recount

PHOTOS The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.

The Obamas have selected Sidwell Friends

My newest favorite President Obama picture.

Baffled and Perplexed by the arguments going on right now.

To all those who worked for Obama to keep Hillary from controlling Foreign Policy....

NEWSFLASH: Barack and Hillary are on the same side.

New AirforceOne 09 .....

So now that we're all one happy family enjoying watching Prez Obama put together his stellar cabinet

Why does the GOP wish to block Obamas agenda? even as Obamas team reaches out in Bipartisanship?

Why does the GOP wish to block Obamas agenda? even as Obamas team reaches out in Bipartisanship?

Franken! Reach out to Nader now!

SHOCKING Globe exclusive! Chimpy battling depression!

Let him ACTUALLY be President before bitching, please.

Breaking: Bill Richardson could be tapped for Commerce Secretary

I'd like to suggest Jim Hightower as Secretary of Agriculture.

Let's have it out about the AUMF, once and for all

PHOTOS Obama goes sandwich shopping in Chicago (Nov 21) Updated - more pics added

Here's one reason why Geithner is a great choice:

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva the Interior Secretary?

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva the Interior Secretary?

I remember you from the General Election.

OMG! 100% of Obama's Administration have connections to the Clintons!


Screw all y'all. I'm loving this cabinet so far. Remember what were leaving behind for crying out


Left Out: Would it kill Obama to have an actual hottie or two in his cabinet?

Get over it, Clinton haters

**Please Help Send a Request to the Obama Transition Team**

As long as we're on an AC/DC theme, let's.....

Left Out: Would it kill Obama to have an actual progressive or two in his cabinet?

We did it... Meet the newest member of the family

Clarence Thomas takes up case against Obama -- re: citizenship

Central bankers wary of deflation

Judge Orders Release of 5 Guantanamo Prisoners

Breaking: Attorney General Mukasey Collapses

Obama plans to nominate Clinton for top diplomat (Offer confirmed by Obama Adviser)

Ecuador Audit Calls for Default on Debt

Verizon employees hack Obama records

Clinton Set to Be Nominated as Secretary of State

Argentine pension takeover passed

Afghanistan: Truck Bombing in East Kills 3 People

Bush effigy burned in anti-US protest in Baghdad

Garbled Report on Sichuan Death Toll Revives Pain

China cracks down in Tibet, exiles say

At least 10 die in Pakistan blast

Government warns of "catastrophic" U.S. quake

Japan begins manhunt after stabbing deaths

Chinese journalist sentenced to 3 years

Argentine Stocks Threatened by State Seizure of Biggest Holders

Burma comic jailed for 45 years

Russian MPs vote for longer presidency

UPDATE 2- US clout down, risks up by 2025 -intel outlook

Theatre Rhino Secedes from California (GLAAD Company to Hold Ceremony Today)

Poll Data: GOP Fast Becoming Rump Party

More U.S. soldiers seek substance abuse help

OPEC Should Act To Boost Oil Price - Libyan Oil Head

Top (Republican) Lobbyists Drawn in Abramoff Probe

NBC News: Obama to announce economic team Monday in effort to calm markets

New York Fed President Tim Geithner Expected to Be Named Treasury Secretary

3 Iraqis Killed, 19 Others Injured in Baghdad Bomb Attacks

US Military to proceed with execution

Buffett says automakers need bailout or bankruptcy

GM to return two leased jets amid criticism

Clinton accepts Obama secretary of state offer: NY Times

Top US Republican says Obama 'off to a good start' (McConnell happy to see Bush leaving)

Verizon Staff Viewed Obama's Account

US officials flunk test of Amerian history, economics, civics

Obama Team Said to Explore `Prepack' Auto Bankruptcy

Top official meets rioters as China seeks stability

Bill Richardson Nominated for Commerce Secretary, Timothy Geithner to Head Treasury

Bob Jones University Apologizes For Racial 'Failures'

AP source: Richardson serious Commerce contender

UK troops to withdraw from Iraq in New Year

Stocks jump on report of Geithner nomination

Witness in Stevens' Case Says Prosecutors Influenced His Testimony

Lula discusses economic crisis with 'lucid' Fidel Castro

EXCLUSIVE: McCain adviser Black back to lobbying

Bush bows out, China assertive at APEC summit

Report: U.S. Dominance and Influence Predicted to Fade

BRIEF-Republican senator blocks US Treasury bailout program watchdog

NYC union leader gets job in Obama White House

Iconic Harvard Square Newsstand May Close

Verizon fires workers over Obama cell phone records breach

Russian leader embarks on defiant Latin America tour

Obama weighs in on Georgia Senate race: Radio ad for Jim Martin

UAW may give up jobs bank to revive auto loans

In need of cash, states auction goods online

Clinton to Accept Secretary of State Job

Government's Star Witness Stumbles: MySpace Hoax Was Her Idea, Not Drew's

Obama likely to name Geithner Treasury secretary

Timothy Geithner - Treasury Secretary

Pakistan army practises shooting drone aircraft

Community Bank of Loganville, Georgia, Is Shuttered (20th failure of the year)

Obama Transition Said to Consider a ‘Prepack’ Auto Bankruptcy

Obama Raised Half a Billion Online (after Palin speech, $10 million in 24 hours)

Texas hearing on Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indictment turns chaotic

Toyota Will Cut 3,000 Jobs in Japan as Car Sales Fall

Shiites in Baghdad Protest Planned US-Iraq Pact

Westboro (Kansas church that protests funerals) protest draws student counter protest

Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties

U.S. Bank Acquires Downey Savings & Loan and PFF Bank & Trust (Failures #21 & #22)

President Bush Determines Deal With UAE Would Promote National Security

Obama daughters to attend Sidwell Friends

Franken claims Coleman's lead is down to double digits

Bush takes financial reform agenda to APEC forum

Dell plans to shift more work to Asia

Schwarzenegger willing to work for Obama's administration (Obama willing to "bulk up")

New Twist in Appeal of Ex-Alabama Governor

Start-Up Company Plans Electric-Car Network (San Francisco, Bay Area)

Top Scientist Rails Against Hirings, Bush Appointees Land Career Jobs Without Technical Backgrounds

Florida Teen Live-Streams His Suicide Online

Obama certificate lawsuit dismissed

Unemployment jumps to 8.2 percent---California

Alabama emerges as foe to auto aid

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 21

"Yes We Can" Students Rename School for Obama

"Yes We Can" Students Rename School for Obama

Obama to delay repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'

Indian teenager thrown under train for writing a love letter to a girl from a different caste

Leave jets at home next time, Granholm says

'War criminal' Bush blamed for global crisis

Nadler Introduces Resolution Opposing Bush Pardons

3 Minutes on the Beach (What's your high score?)

Ironic Federalist Society Collapse

US global dominance 'set to wane' (BBC)

The Fox Effect

National Intelligence Council report: sun setting on the American century

Doris Kearns Goodwin Throws Her OWN Team of Rivals Under the Bus

A Turkey by Any Other Name–Is Still the Governor of Alaska

Keep the White House Drapes--Invest in More Solar Panels

Sarah Palin Gives Interview While McCain Gets Slaughtered

Teen Commits Suicide On

U.S. Stocks Rally as Obama Picks Tim Geithner to Head Treasury

FoxNews Lags AllSpinZone by Three Days on Clinton

Serbia bids farewell to Yugo

Citigroup May Get Government Rescue

The Hot Ticket to History, Unscalped

Bush vs. Obama: Presidential Style

Obama and Congress: Up Close and Personal

Guardian UK: Bush's Guantánamo policy falls apart

The CIA Nostra

Obama’s mandate for change

Digby: Vulgar Randism

Obama's Daughters to Attend Sidwell Friends

What Next for Obama's Grass-Roots Network? "Transforming democracy itself"?

Legal Scholars Urge Bush to Issue 'Palin Pardons'

Republican Approvals Still Sinking

Friday Talking Points (56) -- Turkeys Everywhere!

Petland Linked to Puppy Mills

NY elementary school is renamed for Obama

Economic Depression for Dummies

Weekend Economists--The Nostalgia Weekend November 21-23, 2008

The core cancer of planet Earth is STILL the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict".

Obama's choice for DHS could flame tech visa battle

A western armada is not the way to sink Somalia's pirates

Saxby Chambliss Translator

Song for the Whales - How many more whales will die by Japanese Whaling

Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapses during speech

Real Estate Downfall

Republican Regulators & Wall Street Banksters

District Attorney to present evidence against Dick Cheney.

G-O-P Ditching G-O-D?

Obama Virginia Rally - Before Election Day - Great Music Track! - PART 1

TYT: Michael Savage's INSANE Obama Idea (Cenk Breaks It Down After)

Music Video by Op-Critical - A call to embrace HOPE not fear! - Fear Not

Obama Virginia Rally - Before Election Day - PART 2 - The Speech

Dubai - ATLANTIS spectacular Opening Night!! - Wow! Holy F*!@?!!ck - Where's Oil $$ Going? Hehe

Stephen Colbert on Late Show w/ Letterman - 11/20

Craig Ferguson: Barack Obama isn't so perfect.

Michele Bachmann: "This is Not a Republican Administration"

Sam Seder's Nightmare

Palin Explains The Turkey Interview

Saxby Chambliss is starting to lose it

White House Responds To 'World Leaders not shaking *'s hand' video

Dubai Atlantis Opening! - The Exclusive Party!! - Where is your gas money going? Hahahaha!!!!

Baghdad Protesters Bring Down Effigy of Bush

TYT: Justice for Guantanamo Detainees(!)

The Beatles Day Tripper - Music from Lennon-McCartney

AG Michael Mukasey collapses (raw video) 1:15

Army schedules first execution in decades

Carson to receive 24 Apaches, 500 soldiers

Gates details role for additional Afghan forces

Ala. publishes booklet for vets’ stress

Bush to visit Campbell before Thanksgiving

VA worker, 13 others charged in fraud scheme

Tricare Reserve Select costs to plunge Jan. 1

Problems found with Leonard Wood drug program

More soldiers seeking drug abuse help

Historic 54th Massachusetts to be reactivated

5 Coasties to go through SEAL training

Editor of Proceedings magazine fired

Navy limits Puget Sound explosives

Portsmouth Naval Medical Center bans smoking

Marine Corps Forces Africa to support AfriCom

4 Marines plead not guilty in murders

Police arrest alleged military impostor

AF mum on result of no-notice nuke inspection

Military update: Vice chairman: ‘Exquisite’ weapons are too expensive

Progress finally takes shape in Rutbah

Two soldiers face charges in deaths of Iraqi detainees

Holloman agrees to reconsider sonic booms

DoD orders ban on digital storage devices

Soldier gets five months for selling scopes online

Dependent sentenced in rape

US-Iraq Pact Ends Contractor Immunity

Judge Tosses Torture-marred Confession

Experts Say Army in Crisis

Army to field new grenade launcher

DoD Plans for Spending Increase

CIA Blamed in Downed Missionary Plane

Beau Biden leaves for Iraq duty

Social Networking Site Caters To Veterans

UN says Gaza on brink of humanitarian disaster

Former Aipac Staffer Looks for New Start

Palin Turkey Interview - Unblurred

Prof. Avi Shlaim: Settlements turned Israel into apartheid state

Alfredo Cantu Gonzalez

Senator vows to oppose Mayport carrier move

Interesting thread about the future of suburbia

Raising the Wind (Historic farm, Maine)

Dingell Buried

Australia govt says will not monitor Japan whalers - Reuters

Study Projects Average Daily Temps In Mexico Up 1.4C By 2030 Over 30-Yr. Average, 4.1C By 2090

US Southeast Needs To Boost Water Efficiency, Diversity Supply In Face Of Climate Threat - AJC

Concept for mag-lev installed on top of existing railways

Green-builders outgrow Greenbuild Expo

House Sparrow Numbers In Britain Down 70% In 30 Years

Chevron = hypocrisy

Isn't That Cute?!? KY Governor Sends Letter To EPA Protesting Mountaintop Mining Dumping In Streams

Grains, Soybeans Drop as Plunging Stock Markets Curb Demand

How Peak Oil will keep us from recovering from the coming depression

Unlearning Energy Lessons - Americans "Crisis-Driven", Forgetting Years Of Econ Lessons Since Summer

World's First Plug-In Electric Car Goes On Sale Next Month -- in China

Nate Holden: no bailouts without electric cars

New ChimpCo Proposal Removes Global Warming From Endangered Species Planning - WP

Over 200 whales trapped in Canadian ice

Peak Oil: Prominent Peaker Tells Allies to (Temporarily) Pipe Down

Quick poll-how many here believe Jevons paradox is valid?

Chevy Volt debuts at L.A. Auto Show

Best wishes to Mr Mukasy and his family

Alt-A Losses Outstripping Expectations, Moody’s Says

Citigroup is 'considering sale' (BBC)

What Big Three's Plea to Congress Probably Sounded Like

“Where the credit markets are trading, it’s all but implying a 1929 scenario,”

Automakers in Europe also look for bailout


Geithner to Become Treasury Secretary

Are we having problems financing our debt? US seeks 300 billion dlrs from Gulf states: report

WTO agreements may complicate any auto industry bailout.

Roubini: The Deadly Dirty D-Words: We Have Reached Such Bermuda Triangle of a “Liquidity Trap"

MILK: The Website, The Trailer, The Film

A little inspiration. . .

I guess we forgot Transgender Day of Remembrance....

An Awesome Response To Newt Gingrich & Bill O'Reilly Regarding Prop 8

Vt. Gov. Opposes Gay Marriage Bill

fyi -- shep fairey's "love unites" is on sale..

Mother of 9/11 victim, Mark Bingham, unlikely champion of gay rights

VT Lawmaker’s Family Threatened For Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Glad to know my equal civil rights don't sit well with many DUers

They expect 10,000 strong at the Sacramento Prop 8 protest

Did anyone catch the name of the New boycott list

Pictures and Video from No on 8 in Raleigh, NC 11/15/08 (Dialup Killer)

"Could you sue a black dating site if they wouldn't match a white person?"

Here...this will wreck eHarmony - One for the straight ladies....

Vermont Governor Opposes Gay Marriage Bill

Self-storage firm boycotted for Prop. 8 support

Collateral damage: A young casualty of Prop 8


Why can't gay people be good and just sit down?

Rapper: Faggot, I kill every one of them

Have they no decency? Pro-prop 8 group launch

Rosie O'Donnell, Wanda Sykes and the gay marriage debate

Police escort Christians out of Castro (San Francisco: November 14, 2008)

Shimmin: Is boycotting Cinemark a step toward equality? (You might get angry...)

U.S. trade accords face change

Ecuador Audit Calls for Default on Debt

RIGHTS-COLOMBIA: When Terror Wears a Uniform

The Hugo Chavez Show

CIA Blamed in Downed Missionary Plane (xpost from Veterans)

167 Points?????

Freddy Adu's first goal for the USMNT

So, who does everyone like in the Jets/Titans matchup?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (November 21): Armenia, China Lead Chess Olympics

"Anthrax" Scare at Michigan

Is it going to take an act of congress to get the useless

Hairspray linked to birth defect (BBC) {phthalates}

Extract of Astragalus and HIV, potential new therapy

Popular radio host has drug company ties

John Kerry's shares story about identical twins, one with autism, one without.

Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious, Nearby Object

And this is what it's all about, gang

Weekly Healing Project #13 | Nov 20 - 29 | Gratitude and Abundance

Yesterday, Nov 20,2008, as I sat watching TV, a scorpion appeared from behind the TV,

Carrie Pratt, photographer

A little water

A possible reason why "gun nuts" are freaking out over Obama Presidency:

New video at Breadtopia for. Sicilian Style No Knead Bread

Turkey parts recipes?

OMG you guys, don't faint but I'm actually COOKING right now!

need help in making chocolate chip cookies

Green bean casserole...

Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side'

'Grape' is key to fossil puzzle

Mars Express observes aurorae on the Red Planet

Polish tests 'confirm Copernicus' (BBC) {remains found}

A recurrence of the 1859 solar superstorm would be a cosmic Katrina

How do you feel about this alternative method for peer reviewing scientific papers?

Evolution question...

IBM to build brain-like computers (BBC)

Dad links Son's Suicide To 'The God Delusion

Converting Dead Mormons Into Homosexuals

Does anyone know how to get the Bubble screen saver that

What gives? I think someone has it out for Bryan Fuller

Are you a monarchist?

David Wade returning to work for JK :)

Apologies to the group for the biting sarcasm

ACLU diary on Daily Kos about Guantanamo

Who is The Phantom? The dude (or dudette) is a Kerry defending warrior genius.

The BNP list - the reaction

So......Donald Drivers Dad....