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bill maher on leno - and cable is screwing up only on that channel

Now that President-elect Obama has pledged to shut down the detention camp at Guantanamo, will the i

Now if these guys were smart they would ask to be a bank. Win/win for everyone. Mall Bank!

Joe the Plumber website

A nostalgic look back at how depressing it was a few short weeks ago (music vid)

DL Hughley makes Bay Buchanan eat her talking points about America being a center-right country

Genius Alert: Rapper Gets 20 Years After Writing Shooting Song

mass distress does'nt challenge power structures that cause emotional strain


Religious Freeper types love Joe the Plumber!

Attorney Prosecuting Cheney / Gonzo -- interesting radio interview today

Why Keeping Lieberman is a good thing seeks to organize 1 Million 'resisters' to oppose Obama's agenda by inauguration day

Al Franken received the endorsement of the Democratic Farmer Labor & also another lesser known party

Is Chris Matthews Is Becoming the Left’s Bill O’Reilly?

The sleepwalking defense?

Walmart lobbying for a 'bailout' loan.

When the bank and finance Execs met with Paulson to get their bailout,

A question or two.

New Wind Blowing in Chicago

General Growth Properties (shopping malls) 49 cents

Sorry, folks. It all boils down to this. Grab drink and sing along if you wish. There's no denyin

The Fundamentalist 11.19.08 - Religious cons plan to start anew outside the GOP, Huckabee & more

Think American. That's all there is us for us.

Why doesn't CNN just give a clinically insane guy a show already?

Can the "non-loyal B*shies" from the Intel Community be brought back?

MN Challenged ballots: You be the judge...

Paulsen may not even be saving Goldman Sachs

Joint Chiefs head says war stresses may be growing

Uh oh, nikkei is dropping like a rock too


Helen takes on the Religious right and universal healthcare

Am I wrong in thinking the Corporate-Owned News/Media Elite (aka the CON/ME) is deliberately pushing

Fran Townsend Says She's Available for an Obama Post

Amy Goodman: A View From the South

New snuff marketing makes W.Va. spittin' mad

Christmas Carols for the Right Wing

wouldn't hillary be more true to her beliefs if she stayed in the senate....

UN: Some US Aid Prioritizes Political Goals Over Humanitarian Ones

U.S. weekly jobless claims shoot up to 542,000

WaPo: Napolitano for Homeland Security Secretary

Jesus. CNN playing Malcolm X "House negro, field negro" clip.

Are freepers gone for good?

Ding dong , the witch is...well, not dead, but sweating bullets and grasping at straws.

should President Obama order the Justice Department to bust celebs for pot?

Should Joe Wilson be the Ambassador to the United Nations

How much personal wealth have auto executives donated to the companies they've ruined?

Pakistan protests US drone attacks, Taliban warns of reprisals




How many snarky replies have you ALMOST posted in the last week?

Jon Meacham slams Andrew Jackson on the Daily Show, yet IMO, makes him seem even cooler.

Jon Meacham slams Andrew Jackson on the Daily Show, yet IMO, makes him seem even cooler.

I predict Bob Graham for DCI.

A talk radio insider speaks up.

A talk radio insider speaks up.

Senate GOP in big funk

Senate: "Veto this one, Bush, we dare you!"

A little info on Mark Begich

A document saved from the Army's shredder

Four months without a heart

Jobless claims jump to 16-year high.»

Please help me! The one who raped me is not punished yet!

Bush and his terrorist fist jab......

I forget; Did Michele Bachmann (R) win re-election in Minnesota?

Barnes and Noble has a great membership discount now

c l i n t o n

Civics Literacy Test discussion on CSpan

Lost in translation *AGAIN*-Iraq says SOFA is "withdrawal record"


The problem isn't high or low gas prices. The problem is unstable gas prices

MarketWatch: Commercial Mortgage Woes

This is what I know, and this is what I don't know about GM

Agencies send 'hot lists' of key issues to Obama review teams

NYT: Regenerating a Mammoth for $10 Million

Visitors swamp McCain's DC office -- looking for Obama inauguration tickets

Rep Brad Sherman (D-CA) to Auto industry CEOs: "Raise your hand if you're planning to sell your jet"

It's that time of choose our benefits at work

Bernanke May Find Deflation Is Back as Fed Concern (Update1)

Actual Fox News headline

FUBAR. that is what Obama is inhereting.

The "job" of the Media during a Dem Administration is "Concern Troll".

When Is It O.K. To Disagree With Obama?

CNBC: Waxman defeats Dingell for House Energy Chair.

So When Does The Media Say WE are In Depression

**** Happy Birthday Joe the Vice President ****

What do you consider great gas mileage for cars in the near future?

This Door Is Firmly Shut! Stevens concedes election to Begich

Stevens saying goodbye at the Senate on MSNBC now. nt

Every day I get more convinced -- Corporate Globalization sucks

For the past 8 years what is the total amount of money fleeced from the American tax payer?

Conservative 'Doctor' says: Wanting equality is a mental illness!


Ex-EPA Official Faults Probe of BP Alaska Oil Spill

Ex-EPA Official Faults Probe of BP Alaska Oil Spill

with all this talk of an auto industry bailout

Palin's Pipeline at Risk as Economy Slows

Coming to a zoo near you: Mammoths (Maybe)

Stevens giving farewell address on Capitol Hill now

Georgia president demands timetable to join NATO - Sounds hysterical to me

Sources: Pritzker, Napolitano being vetted for Cabinet

Corporate Welfare

So MSNBC breaking news includes a bank robbery in Maryland where the robbers

Obama Team picks Duane Chapman for Sec of Nottingham to collect Deadbeat Republicans

Illinois Lotto numbers make some believe Obama is the antichrist

South Could Gain as Detroit Struggles

Where was the ANGST in the talking heads when Bush named criminals from the Nixon

Great another black man in government housing....

Senator Reid Once Again Caves In To Republicans On Auto Bailout

CNN has on live UAW president news conference. MSNBC doing a segment on Madonna

Health Insurers Offer to Accept All Applicants, on Condition

Eric Holder Nips Marijuana in the Bud and Invents a Time Cover Story

Progressives press ahead with single-payer health (Ted Kennedy, this is what you should push)

My morning cabinet masturbation .......

UAW right now on local TV WDIV. No Bailout "one or all three could collapse by the end of the year."

I know Obama is happy as hell, but Biden must be on top of the world

I'm sorry but who the hell are the people CNN says have been waiting to see Bill Clinton's

Do You Care About Immigrants' Rights?

This isn't a popular opinion, but I'm sayin' it anyway.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio joins reality TV

Retail sales numbers have taken a MAJOR drop

Ted Stevens ignored yesterday, got a standing 'o' today

Al Gore's m-i-l on living in the pool house of the Naval Observatory...

Republican legislators sure know how to party.

Michael Moore: '"It's the end of capitalism as we know it-And I say good riddance."

BREAKING: Lines Grow At U.S. Unemployment Offices, 26 year high

Thousands Gather For Stuffing Of Giant Rockefeller Center Turkey

Tuned into Morning Joe after not watching in awhile...Is something wrong with Mika?

My work just made this announcement today:

I just told a joke that targeted white, middle-aged heterosexual males.

Economic crisis squeezing colleges, universities

If the carmakers want a bailout, make them compete for it.

puppies are so cute!

BREAKING: Senators reach compromise on emergency auto loans

Gas prices... Do you care?

Aides: Bipartisan group of senators have reached compromise on auto loan agreement

Looks like the post-election honeymoon is over...

This looks like an interesting movie. "Nothing but the truth"

And the November Sky High IQ Award Goes To......

To Frustrated DU posters: Within the next 4 years of Obama, build a Plan B and C

To Frustrated DU posters: Within the next 4 years of Obama, build a Plan B and C

My 5 yr old climbed up on a chair and assembled my ex's shotgun

I have a question about GM retirees pension. My hubby is a recent GM retiree, less than 1 year. When

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger testified before the House yesterday

Are all these so-called leaks regarding Obama's cabinet coming from anonymous Obama advisors?

I take a lot of Stimulants, I smoke a lot of Weed....And I enjoy the occasional Hallucinogen.

The Big Three are doing really good overseas?

Dear Traditional Values Coalition: Lying is not a traditional value

For those that dream of Pelosi being replaced

GOP Takes Another Image Hit Post-Election

GM Insider's Book Reveals Secret Project Leading to Crumbling of GM's Empire

David Cole: Bridge Loan Is Needed to Keep Automakers Afloat (Loan is cheaper than collapse)

Windmills. Depression. Pirates.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Ideologues Call for Post-Election Militia Revival

Hardline Islamists vow to fight Somali pirates.

I'm Anti-Bailout

Monitoring Franken-Coleman Recount. Coleman's lead shrinking

Are lower gas prices an excuse for the Big Three auto makers ...

Did anyone else see Erin Burnett's little smackdown of Barnicle and Geist on MJ today?

When did it suddenly become 1800s?

Strange 'Cheney' case takes a strange twist

Isn't an increase in Pirates a good thing?

1001 POST!!!

Should the new Congress start before the new president?

Banks = "Thank God it passed", Union workers get a big FU. It's Class Warfare.

Hey baby, what's your sign?

* Calendar * Economic Equality * Elections * Environment * Friday Feedback

Progressive: Your Definition Please

The way to stop hate, discrimination, injustice and bigotry, is to stop practicing them.

Who came up with all of this Left-Right nonsense anyhow?

Wingnut Resistance

How many different strata of our society don't get it? Re the auto industry private jet trips...

I don't give a flying rats ass about how the top three auto makers got to DC. What I do know is

CAPTION the Felonious Gnome

Amazing video of "chickenlittlism" by Peter Schiff with dates, warning and being laughed at by the

It's About "Right To Work" States. Thanks To Chris Matthews For Getting A Republican To Admit It

It's About "Right To Work" States. Thanks To Chris Matthews For Getting A Republican To Admit It

This week Bank of America announced it was buying a 19% stake in China Construction Bank,

Email from my 70-year-old uber-progressive father...

Why can't the Saudis protect their own damn tankers?

Facing possible expulsion, Wilkerson quits Senate

Toyota makes crappy cars no one wants to buy

Poll gives bad news to GOP. Image goes from bad to worse. Dems bask in glow of Obama win.

Four senators reach bipartisan auto aid deal

Keeping Jobs at Home: Give the Workers Control

I Think Lindsay Graham's Offices Lied to me :-O

Petition -- Obama: Meet with Ralph Nader!

Repuke says War on Christmas has caused the economy to tank.

Inspector general says Joe the Plumber's files searched improperly

I went to Wal Mart yesterday, and was approached by at least 3 people

Progressive Dem Waxman ousts Corporate Dem Dingell for committee chair

Will Franken win the Senate seat in MN?

F***ing Big Three

Will someone explain why American industry hasn't lobbied for a National Health long ago?

The House's biggest dumb ass

Is the auto bailout really about saving jobs?

Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy

How Much Of This Economic Crash Can Be Blamed On The Oil Companies?.......

Green Eco Mobility's parent company is Chrysler.

India navy sinks suspected pirate 'mother ship'

Women, a little help.

Bail out the big 3? My response to that is: Who killed the electric car?

Senate's biggest Dumb shit?


DU Investors: Question about the drop of the indices this week

The US Auto Industry Is More Than Just The Big Three - What About Alabama and the South?

Media whores think "Al-Qaeda No. 2" is just propaganda now, LOL

I love American cars. I cut my teeth on a 1964 Ford Mustang.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: VP Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy & Me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: VP Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy & Me.

Congress to Big 3--Maybe will give you some money in a few weeks.

The Greedy Oil Barons fucked up and went too High...reduced traveling=reduced business

Over the past 2 days: Dow down 10.36%, NASDAQ down 11.27%, S&P down 12.42%

Electric Cars Make Fuel-Free Power Grid Practical

With Dems in power, what will the Stephanie Miller Show do?

During Bush, it's more likely that 40-somethings will be killed by terrorists than get a good job?

Why can't we just buy the big 3?

Petland linked to puppy mills

7,690.00 -307.28 / -3.84% , oops 7,620.78

OMG--Randi Is On A Roll! She's Great Today

Why would Hillary want to be Secretary of State?

In hindsight would it have been a better choice to forego the 401(k) deferrals & instead, party

In hindsight would it have been a better choice to forego the 401(k) deferrals & instead, party

We hate Unions, but don't take it personally. It's just not hip.

You Can't Always Get What You Want


Are you still "hopeful" ??

Why would kerosene and home heating fuel still be $4.00 a gallon?

One part of many auto solutions is to replace top management ....... okay, I agree, but .......

Ahem. A little reason here....we are not going to collapse into the dark ages

The smartest person in Congress?

Have you noticed that we, America, are the sole source of "globalization"?

Batshit-Crazy McCarthyite Michelle Bachman STILL doesn't understand about recording devices

Can we get Lee Iaccoca back?

Can we get Lee Iaccoca back?

Is there any way to watch the video today on the November 17

Is there any way to watch the video today on the November 17

I know this was posted before

get your DOW Crash Survival Kit!!

get your DOW Crash Survival Kit!!

Stumped for a Christmas gift? Just look at what crap 14.99 can buy you!

America Has Become Subservient to China

A question for HR people about liquidating a 401K

So it looks like the bill on the last 8 years is coming due

What if instead of a bail-out, they gave big rebates to car buyers...?

Have you ever heard **anyone** in the media refer to Idiot Son as "George"? Or St Ronnie as "Ron" or

Sacramento's 2008 Santa Parade Canceled

I'm an old man.

Dems want business plan from automakers

Waxman's Win Paves Path For Obama Goals

What happens to the warranties on our vehicles if the Big 3 Automakers Go Under...

What happens to the warranties on our vehicles if the Big 3 Automakers Go Under...

Mr. President Elect, why not re-examine the Homeland Security concept?

My guess is Michael Bloomberg, perrenial candidate for....

"Democrat Party" What's our response?

The DOW and NASDAQ at 1997 levels

Faux, Obama and the stock market

Recount: Norm Coleman’s lead over Al Franken shrinks

Shuster (MSNBC) had the previous Michigan governor (I think) talking about Bush in 2001

Bush History:Bush Admin Insider Describes "the ineptitude of this government" 11/20

Woman sues DMV to get license back; it was revoked because she uses medical marijuana

C-SPAN Plans Coverage of 'Judging Bush' Conference Co-sponsored by University of Arkansas

Yeh!!! I just got my books....

What did David Schuster say about the Bush hand shaking deal?

S&P 500 down 41% from Sept, 02 to close today.

Well, Wendy's is now cutting jobs....

GOP trickster regrets helping Bush win

Delete. Bad idea.

Camp Wellstone training in Lexington Ky tomorrow and Saturday

Job growth under W - 3%.

gasoline futures fall below $1/gal

GOP Operative: I regret helping Bush win

not that this is really important--but did anyone else notice georgie at the g20 dinner with a glass

Police Spied on Activists Through '07

Prop. 8 suits win supreme court review

considering the low market cap- maybe Apple should consider scooping up GM...

Janet Napolitano appointment NOT the result of some "deal" with McCain

Waxman dethrones Dingell as chairman

Nice photograph of Obama

EVERY AMERICAN TO GET $1 BILLION in new extended bailout!

Guantánamo Judge Throws Out More Evidence Obtained Through Torture in Jawad Case


Today, November 20 is Senator Robert Byrd's

Hey Tweety...a word to the wise:

New York Police Fight With U.S. DOJ on Surveillance

Where is Iacocca2.0?

Michigan Oct. Unemployment Rate Surges To 9.3 Pct


Why Can't Corporate Media Admit the Real Reason Republicans Lost?

BREAKING: Truckloads of bootstraps passed out by Bush administration.

so it is official--"provider-gate" makes it legal for uptight xian hypocrits to decide who does, or

has anyone ever had to deal with yahoo to resolve a hacked password?

Tweety: "Don't go after this guy...we're talking about his tuition, food for his family."

As Ted Stevens delivers his last Senate speech, my condolences and best wishes:

Senate GOP in big funk

Two months from now Obama buys out the Auto industry.

Rich Cut Back on Payments To Mistresses (Priorities?)

Need help! Forensic Loan Document Review

Many things caused our current deep shit position, but what one of them was the biggest reason?

Are we missing a real chance if we don't do this auto bailout

Another Noncombat Death in Iraq -- And More Lies for a Mother and the Media

CNN on Bush's "final weeks in office"...signin' baseballs fer the young 'uns, takin' pitchers...

That's business.

Pair plead not guilty in gay teen’s murder

Is CNN Anti-Union? Are Honda workers brainwashed?

I'm willing to bet Chris Matthews is preparing to run for senate from PA

Hey George!

Juan Cole: Joint Experts' Statement on Iran

Juan Cole: Joint Experts' Statement on Iran

Another guilty plea in Abramoff probe

In memorium

Paulson was behind the Martial Law threat? Inhofe says Treasury Secretary made dire warnings

Redistricting Does GOP No Favors

Harry Reid: Auto bailout is for the workers, not the corporate fatcats

Okay .... its silly season ........

The Former Attorney General’s Legal Bills

Did I help bring this economy down?

Massive Store Closings...if you have gift cards or store credit USE it

Destruction is easy. Building is hard.

Similar fascist pattern emerged to do utmost to save corporate business from troublesome impositions

These are the REAL culprits in the auto industry mess

Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money (Assholes)

I heard this song about Valerie Plame ...

Somali piracy started because THE WORLD STOLE THEIR FISH...

What are the rules for deleted replies?

Ethics panel issues inauguration warning

Uh .... Matthews ....... didja ever think that maybe this is pathological ........ ?

Wow, between the post about eharmony and the obese airline ruling

Chris Matthews..will you SHUT UP about Hillary & Bill!!!!

Portion of Indictment Charges the Vice President as Participating in Organized Crime (RICO)

Wake Up, You're Dreaming.

Iran said to have enough nuclear fuel for one weapon

This is how the Somali pirates are going to meet their demise!

Farewell to the Yugo

Selective Socialism for Corporations

So, Do YOU Think There's Going To Be An Auto Bailout?

Fox News chief Roger Ailes signs up for five more years.

Petland Inc, largest retail supporter of Puppy Mills - Humane Society

We're fucked

Rachel is back

It is a L-O-A-N not a bailout

Anti-union means all the following...

Is Shuster especially manic and fun-having tonight on Countdown? I kind of like it. nt

The Case for Spending to Save Our Economy

Could piracy put us back to work?

kay and are

Al Franken has reduced Coleman's lead by a THIRD!

Four Inauguration Day Dress Designs for Michelle Obama

If Franken loses in Minnesota, I'm blaming "Lizard People"

Bush's parting gift


So we can spend 10 billion a month in Iraq, but a 25 billion loan to American car companies

One sunny day in January 2009


Has anyone ever been so hated

I am just finishing my second semester...

So....what do CEO's of other companies/industries have to say about

Shout out to oldtime dfl_er

Wacker Chemie sees no decrease in polysilicon demand

Hey Fuckabee, thanks for publicly stating what the

Let's give Republicans political advice:

--Anyone need a FREE brand new car??--

I was forced against my will to go see W.

Nuclear weapons use more likely in future: US intelligence

Judge says Guantanamo inmates must go free

Congratulations W

Most Severe Market Crash Since Great Depression

President Elect Obama & Subject-Verb Agreements

Here's how to tell the Obama transition team that you want RFK JR for EPA !

That is it ... the last straw after everything I have done and now this .....

Why are Democrats fighting in the name of preserving jobs that have already been outsourced?

The Republican's hatred of facts and knowledge

Public inquiry into Iraq war long overdue

Commercial mortgage delinquencies to double: Fitch

AG Mukaskey Collapses during speech BREAKING

Holy crap, I'm actually agreeing with Pat Buchanan

Iran Said to Have Nuclear Fuel for One Weapon

What do you want?

Anyone watching Countdowns number 1 story? My wife and I are sooo sick!

Guardian UK: Sun sets on US power: report predicts end of dominance

So we are now at the gates of hell... brought to you ONCE AGAIN

Cash-strapped district to charge teachers to plug in

Turkey revenge on Palin

"It Continues To Feed On Itself."

We must develop/invest in Alternative Energy

" .... while speaking to the Federalist Society ..... "

Way to go Hillary! She would be a great SOS!

GM to invest 1 billion in Brazil to expand business there

Bush set to relax endangered species rules

Franken Gaining - Behind by 157 with 23% Recounted

Asia Times: The evil of the US dollar

GM's Chinese hybrid LACrosse:

I'm making this up, but can you imagine it to be true ........ ?

Asia Times: TARP flip-flop true to form

Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXV: Like, who cares about a bunch of freakin' owls, anyway.....

Sarah Palin's heair looks like a rats nest now that she doesn't have the big makeup artists hovering

Political Hit-man has regrets

Psst....Hey buddy, wanna buy a bank?

Something important before I go read: Obama family's favorite pizza!

Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey!

Guardian UK: The Vatican's gay witch-hunt continues

Colbert's on Letterman?

My 10,000 post; DAMN I love this place!!!!

My 10,000 post; DAMN I love this place!!!!

just got back to my house and sat down at my desk and felt a tremor....

CNN BREAKING NEWS: Attorney General Mukasey collapsed on way to hospital

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

What will happen if farmers can't get loans to plant crops?

Mayor Cory Booker from Newark, NJ, on Colbert Report.

China Says 19,000 Students Died in May Earthquake

larry craig is a creepy fucker / rachel is ripping stevens and the congress

Whither the Republicans?


Do workers in domestic Toyota or Honda plants get health insurance?

so the world ran out of money because of some bad

Families can't afford to bury dead

Obama's cell phone records breached

Eyewitness Report on Mukasey

Big cuts to mass transit looming in New York

For those who remember... 45 years ago... Where were you?

Sorry for another Palinism, but she is a freak in that turkey abbitoir segment. Nervous breakdown..

World Economy Buckles: Waves Of Selling In Word Stock Markets

CNN: Obama on track to nominate Clinton as Secretary of State after Thanksgiving

Congress could give the Big 3 100 Trillion dollars

The Economist calls the GOP the "stupid party".

Yusuf (Cat Stevens) is the only guest tonight on Tavis. Think no-fly-list.

NY Times: California Universities Will Cut Enrollment Unless State Increases Money

Palin Pardons a Turkey in the Name of Peace and Harmony. THE MUDFLATS.

About that 700 billion (or was it 2.7 trillion?)

Don't blame me; I voted for Nader.

wtf? Cheney-targeting DA is no-show

How the mighty do fall: Ann Coulter pitching right-wing stock-tip scams

I know for a FACT the Big Three are pulling our legs...

Huckabee insults liberals. Right back at ya, Mike

Another victim of the pathetic U.S. health insurance system.....

Bipartisan Auto Bailout Reached, But Senator Reid Won't Allow A Vote!

Why don't the damned oil companies bail out the auto industry?

Enjoy your vacation, Congress, while America crumbles.

It's official: Clinton to be named Secretary of State

NY Times: DVDs, Hollywood’s Profit Source, Are Sagging

Commander AWOL gets stiffed and shunned by world leaders

"Big Five" "Chinese" Auto Makers

My 401K is down 50% since a year ago.

Unbelievable! "A Sea Of Unwanted Imports"

The Market Cap for GM plus Ford is 4.1 B ... so we should lend them 25 billion when

Are vegetarian restaurants practicing anti-omnivore discrimination?

Is the United States a Democracy or a Republic?

Dad's union jobs

How would you like to see DU move forward ?

So, What's Going go Happen To "Joe The Auto Worker"

Do You Support The United Auto Workers?

Cheney Ordered To Appear In Court

Atheist's Look at Prop 8

Any company that indulges in wretched excess for the upper executive tier IS NOT A WELL RUN COMPANY

Here's how the "Big 3" can bail themselves out, help revive the US economy & reduce global warming..

Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious, Nearby Object

It is black and white. Support the unions. Support the workers.

Perino: The Endangered Species Act ‘Doesn’t Help Support Any Species, Including Our Own’»

I wish folks would stop polarizing the auto bail out issue....

FreeperLand report on Bush's G20 HandShakeSnubGate.....

AG Michael Mukasey collapses (LINK)


An unpardonable use of power-By Sen. Russ Feingold

Could the Big 3 bailout be a political battleground?

Can we get a list of every Democrat that praised and lauded Ted Stevens today?

Turkeys slaughtered live during the Grifter's interview while she pardons a few

Obama surprises Biden: Happy Birthday, Joe!

50 Million Views On YouTube, Andrew Zimmerman Of TCC's "Bizzare Foods" & Denying Women Contraception

Freepers are furious at Kathleen parker! And other nonsense!

I don't know if I agree with forcing eHarmony to match gay couples

Hillary as Sec of State - straw [POLL]

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations -- Money to Come from U.S. Rescue Program

What's your first thought when you feel yourself starting to get sick?

30 years ago a high school diploma could get you a job paying $8 an hour

Are guns the answer to attacks on Vessels?

Work. It's a scary word.

Massive Frozen Water Reservoirs Discovered on Mars

What's to become of DU?

Ken Griffey Jr Named To State Dept. Post

Ummm, is it time to panic?

This is Change?

Another first: I agreed with Buchanan today. He was arguing with a Heritage Foundation

Message to the religious right - this isn't just about marriage, it's about history

Well That Was Not Cool.

ACLU Releases Presidential Transition Plan to Restore Civil Liberties

CBS News story about workers at a Japanese car company in the US

Email to Ma Eldritch... first of two...

Prayers/Good Thoughts/Vibes Needed

Why is Pat Buchanan on MSNBC all the time?

Is Olbermann back tonight?

Cheney's Prosecutor Not Showing Up Today Was A Good Thing!**UPDATES**

Analyst on CNBC who predicted this downturn: "This phony economy is unraveling."

Mormon AJC Official Draws Ire on Prop 8: 70% of Jews voted NO on Prop 8

Banker beats landlord's dog (with 7 wk old pups) to death (warning: infuriating)

The Ant and Grasshopper families have adjoining rooms at Motel 6

here we go again: Iran Said to Have Nuclear Fuel for One Weapon

6 myths about the Detroit 3

Not a clue. Not one fucking clue. You don't have one. I don't have one. They don't have one.

GM workers make $73 an hour? Here's the rebuttal to that one.

A simple question about the separation of powers, and the role of Congress:


Will The Next Depression Un-Build Suburbia?

PHOTO: Crazy Sarah Palin with her turkey

I'm married.

The Value of Partisanship

Contractors in Iraq could face charges in earlier incidents...

Alison Stewert - Any Else Think She's Great?

It's Not a Tumor - Doctors Find Worm In Woman's Brain Instead

Our gas just dropped to $1.54

Saw A Sad Situation At The Grocery Store Last Night

In Canada: Obese have right to two airline seats, one fare

Pope Had `Prophecy' of Market Collapse in 1985, Tremonti Says

Jim Cramer (I know he's a Con Artist) but he just said A.I.G paid off Foreign Banks with Our Money

dkos: The Quiet Transition You are NOT Hearing About

No secret meeting, no poll-who here is with me demanding the prosecution of Bush administration


A new model for American business: Your thoughts please...

Kucinich maybe maybe to be put in charge of Government Oversight Committee? I say HELL YEA!!!

Major insurers will support universal health insurance -- if mandated

I'll say it plain: If you're against the bailout of the auto industry, you're un-American!

Twelfth Day of Snow Emergency (Pine Ridge Reservation)

I hear Obama is really committed to rural broadband

Now I have a real reason to see the new Trek movie.

Tell Everybody Waiting for Superman

I recommend the brisket

It's Been Snowing Since Noon ...

Senator Stevens and John Edwards...something that's been bothering me all day.

Coyotespaw's Poetry Corner...

Good Morning Vietnam!

Congress admonishes Big 3 CEOs for not doing what's best for the country. What a spectacle.

OK, my poetry sucks, but here's some funny...

ROFMG! Star Trek XI as 90210. Definitely captures the non-trekness of the new movie:

I have been on DU for one year.

Californians: Arnold planning to massively raise car tax in CA!

Taterguy is going to Dunkin Donuts. Can he get you anything?

Sometimes I have a great notion

Happy Birthday, Joe Biden!

A telltale sign from the boss that indicates you're about to be fired

It would be stupid to delete this article from Wikipedia

I will be cutting the grass today, the yard has spring type weeds growing in it.


Tantoine? Yes? No? Why or not? For men, for women? WHAT?

Newsom, Arnold, and Robert Kennedy announce electric vehicle grid for CA

Okay Loungites, my dog is in need of some good loungey vibes . . .

I got a drop of water on my nose from a cup of coffee.

BREAKING!-Paris AND Kornikova are available

Breaking: DA in Cheney case to be taken into protective custody

Are we being "Nigerian Scam"med?

My Pathology paper is begun! I'm already one page into a four-to-five page paper.

My threads are consistently sinking now. Time for me to take a break from DU.

Waiting for a phone call. What should I do?

Since Thanksgiving technically happens in Autumn, do I use summer or winter oil to fry the turkey?

Fukin Amazing

Kitten picture of the day for Thursday November 20

Let car culture DIE!

Barnes and Noble has a great membership discount now

What's going on with XM167?

LA to NYC in four minutes

This thread is not about cats. What should it be about?

What does "My Beautiful Reward" mean? I think it is an unappreciated song of Springsteen’s.

I must be honest - I've developed a fear of cupcakes

Uncertainty For Blue Dog Democrats

seriously, why do I feel compelled to read the reader's review on Amazon?

Fukin Incredible

Car buying advice sought.

i don't care what you don't care about

Battlestar Gallactica drums - becoming ubiquitous?

Battlestar Gallactica drums - becoming ubiquitous?

I just got one of those snorkel jackets...

How many snarky replies have you ALMOST posted in the last week?

My cat is lisping and I can't figure out why

He wants me to come over.

Name a song or band you will never admit to liking.

As of today, ABC's are officially dead to me.

Author Fotie Photenhauer's come up with a cookbook that MIGHT NOT BE for everybody...

anyone else having problems with Firefox crashing???

Star Trek 90210.

The dog is howling again.

my dank confession

i don't care what is officially dead to you

I can still look at company email after I got fired.

I'm cooking a non-traditional thanksgiving dinner

Why is the engine light on in my car?


I'm posting this from Dunkin Donuts.

I Love Station Wagons & Think This Is A Beautiful Car.

You can never hope to be as cool as Eric Burdon

Alleged "Douchebag" Sues Author


Can we start a DU fundraiser to fix datasuspect's caps lock?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/20/08

As of today, CD's are officially dead to me.

I'm seriously losing my mind...I need a Xanax

ATTN: I AM datasuspect BOSS NOW!!

Today's word of the day is "Glurge". Replace any word in a thread title with "Glurge".

KamaAina will have to change his user name.


Does Thai Massage help sore ankles?


Top Five Songs on this date in 1965

Who else is waiting on a present?

Every time I see Tim Gunn I think of the Family Guy

Just saw MILK...

I had a flat tire last night when I left work.

I've got a feeling today is going to be a super shit day.

For once...a happy poem...

"Senioritis." Parents of seniors or older kids, what is this about?

PSA: Never welch on a debt to Midlo

imnothere - quite the apt choice of a user name.

OK, talk to me about what happened to Citigroup on the market today.

My delightfully dorky, fifty-something boss has been humming "Unskinny Bop" all morning.

so...who do you think should be named head of

Today it's official - there are 30lbs less of me

Gas Taxes -- Perhaps only slightly Presidential

Fukin Glurge Just Fukin Glurge

Boston Globe editorial: What's needed at State

Le sigh. The office Thanksgiving Potluck is going on now.

Project Rungay's take on People's "Sexiest Men Alive"

Guys who like electronic gizmos... I need your suggestions please.

Help me out. I'm either mentally ill, or I'm falling in love.

OK - have fun. Define "Lefty Redneck"

Gladstone bag or Disraeli Gears?

The new "Who Live At Kilburn 1977" DVD: Keith Moon's next-to-last performance

They are all stickily lies! SERIESLY!!

When did this place become Xenophobic Underground?

Don't tutch the but T-shirts...

Hey I Hit 20k Posts, And Didn't Even Know It

I wonder if they will ever hand these out at firing squad events...

Midlo Told Skinner She Is Changing Her Screen Name To:

Two part question: What is your favorite Genesis song and when did they start to rock

This may have been discussed. Or even psychically projected...


Bill Clinton in Talks to Smooth Wife's Path to Cabinet


Clickjacking - anyone use photobucket?

Where the hell did I put that tie I like? (humor)

Someone is going to get yelled at...


Parche is irritating the hell out of me because he can't spell "fuck" n/t

I'm a pretty handy guy, but I disappointed myself today.

Good morning Lounge


This Twilight movie

I believe the drugs are working. I just saw a link thingy that said

Please Define "Glurge."


~~~~ ~~~~****** *Happy Birthday!!********* *****~~~~ ~~~

Its Fukin Raining Here Again

puppies are so cute!

Why is it OK to ignore Midlo?

Believe It. Not!

Why is it OK to hate Taverner?

Everyone keep your voices down. I'm in a webinar. nt

Everyone keep your voices down. I'm in a webinar. nt




Suppose there is a guy with power, connections with bad guys, a history of kissing ass

Indiana Jones sneaks through cave to have sex

Skyy, Can you feel me?

I was just on a live blog about Prop 8 and I really need to throw something

My new earworm (and a lovely one too)

Oh yes.

I wonder why Obama is leaving Treasury Sec for later.



Why is Ron Jeremy the first picture on the Magnum Opus Wiki page?

Greatest movie ever is on Universal HD right now.

Did you guys know that flvegan is actually Superman?

Everyone keep your voices down. I'm passed out drunk on the bus station floor. n/t

If the Giants and Jets end up in the Super Bowl, we'll have the first "Toll Booth Bowl"!!

From the good old days...

Hey Parche - I am calling you out!

Fukity Fuk Fuk Fuk


Ever walk by a street light and have it fall on you just as you pass it?

What Is The Best vvttt You have ever had?


Ever walk by a street light and have it turn off just as you pass it?

I Have Been Voted DU's Sexiest Stud!!!

"Obama`s Art of War" from bagnewsnotes

I broke someone's gaydar last night.

I Wish They Would Get This Fukin Auto Bailout Done I Need A New Car


Man rant.

So ... I spent part of the afternoon

November 22, 1963. Where were you when you heard JFK had been shot?

ok...who made this???


Complete `Chinese Democracy' album begins streaming on MySpace

Politico: Lieberman -- Dems didn’t punish me

Is it OK if I talk about something serious?

I resolve not to be paranoid...

Do you ever have the feeling of fear, or dread, but you don't know why, for sure?

my eyes are HUGH!!!!111


I lost 30% of my pitifully small IRA today.

So This Dwarf Just Walked In And Wants To Fly To The Cayman Islands

I go online too much.

Dr Pepper to deliver on its free-soda promise

Why is it OK to hate fat people?

Pritzker Family Background You'll Want to Know

Why is it OK to eat fat people?

The eyeballing game

So. No one's going to state the obvious?

Something to get y'all in the holiday spirit

Shopping will be much easier now!

Um. Excuse me, may I please have some attention?

OMG I just agreed to rent the house I wanted to buy.

Update on an old tale, “Toyota, GM Canoe Race”

The Lord Is A Monkey... Cryingshame discovers long lost truths on Youtube

~*~ Happy Birthday, graywarrior!!!~*~

Contrary To What The Only Resident Of Delaware Says Genesis Rocks!

How many people have me on Ignore

Post here your pick for DU's 'Sexiest Man Alive'

A question for men-loving women who like tattoos

I was wrong. Today didn't suck.

Which cupcakes are best?

My congressman's office called today

LOL! I thought my computer was possessed for a second!!

I am not a Twilight fan, but this review of the movie makes me glad it exists...

Ruler can't measure Johnson's impact

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/20/2008)

Why is it ok to hate tat people?

The guys at Blizzard are out to own men's souls

When you're in the mood to laugh, what kind of humor is most appealing to you?

Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this....

I've Found The Next Oscar Winner For Best Picture

I have the spleen flu, I think

What's your personal normal body temperature?

Bill Maher on Leno: "Palin's a MILF -- a Moron I'd Like to Forget."

I have the stomach flu, I think.

Hocus Pocus

Who here used to bite down of tin foil as a kid?

All right, this does NOT happen very often

If I had Bill Gate's money I'd of built a house under the ocean long ago


Who here used to wear a tin foil hat as a kid?

Doom came to my office today.

Ever walk by a street light and have some hideously deformed insane lumberjack cut your head off

I saw DuStrange's ballot!

I'm gonna let the dogs in, turn down the music, and fire up a nice dank bud....

PHOTO: 84 years old and he can still probably make a radio out of a coconut

keyboard covers

The Mars Probe pictures they didn't want you to see.

Why is it ok to hate rat people?

THIS is our Secretary of Homeland Security?

Speaking of batteries...have you ever had to carry a car battery?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't security problems

I decided years ago that I wasn't going to get old...

Why would someone hate a person based on generalizations

"Obama Clings to Clintonites and Neocons"

I'm a bounty hunter

Just because someone needs to say it: "FLILF"

primate1!!!! Tell your Comcast flunkies to stop calling me with 'special offers'.

"For all the talk about change...

Can you solve this puzzle?

Does the tangible bitterness of Joe Scabrous make anyone else smile?

Anybody else love the game "Earthbound"? Just wanted to see if anybody else is into it...

What's your social security number and home address?

Have you ever run out of quarters at a video store?

Anybody wonder if maybe Bill doesn't want Hillary as SOS more than she does?

Let's change Inauguration Day to December 1st from now on... this is way to long to wait.


Who here used to stick bobby pins into outlets as a kid?

The United States is dense enough to use rail

My daughter called me a hippie this evening

Not including traitor joe, how many senate seats do we currently have?

It Is Freakishly Cold Here. Has Been For Several Days & Will Get Colder This Weekend (Long Island)

Anyone here have experience with Jamon Serrano or Parma ham?

What do you collect?

Richard Clarke on Zawahri tape

Paulsen should not be retained!

Paulsen should not be retained!

Beatles fans! Killing Joke Fans! May I present The Fireman?

Michael Jackson has converted to Islam

Al Franken Appreciation Thread


Being a Clintonite should NOT be a disqualifer for serving in the Obama Admin.

Why is it ok to hate cat people?

IL-Sen, IL-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Clinton SOS Appointment may be falling apart

My girlfriend, Kelly Brook, bought Mrs Matcom a GREYHOUND!

OK--now, which Obama pick are you the LEAST pleased with?

Worst (recent) celebrity scandal?

General Discussion: Presidential needs to become GD: Oh Noes!

Sarah Palin Gives Interview W/Turkeys Getting Slaughtered In Background (Needs Music)

Why are these JERKS going on winter break with the country and economy in the toilet????

What was the last movie you saw, was it day or evening showing, and what was the cost?

~~~Happy BIRTHDAY to VP-Elect JOE BIDEN!!~~~

Indiana inmates sneak through ceiling to have sex

"A Change Is Gonna Come"

President-elect promised change, picking insiders

Would Jon Corzine be as Treasury Secretary be satisfactory for progressives?

Breaking: Waxman Knocks off Dingell for chairmanship

Al Qaeda is So Stupid They've Reached Clown Status


No one is demanding that you should agree with every appointment Obama makes...

Who here used to lick 9 volt battery terminals as a kid?

Andrea Mitchell opening her big mouth again: Napolitano is not a done deal!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday November 22

Kitty enjoying a bath

Wanna hear something gross?

NoOOooo ABC canceled Pushing Daisies

If Obama went out of his way to NOT appoint people connected to the Clintons

How cool would it be if OBL is captured or killed at 12:05pm on 1/20/2009?

World Leaders Don't Shake Bush's Hand At G20 Summit (VIDEO)

Can't get tickets to Inauguration because my congressman didn't run in 2008!

Jobless claims jump to 16-year high.

AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano is likely to head Homeland Security

An Open Letter To Joe Lieberman

WARNING: Do NOT look here if you're easily frightened.

How the Democrats are stealing the election in Minnesota:

Wha' Happened?

Birthday Wishes For Our VP Elect Joe Biden!!!

Smokeout today - a good day to stop smoking - congratulations to those who have.

Who are the true progressives in America? And why aren't they in Obama's administration?

Where does all this confusion come from about Obama's cabinet picks..were you not paying attention

Do any DU'ers here shave with an old-fashioned single-edge safety razor?

If Obama can't handle the Clintons he can't handle our world problems.

Which Obama pick are you the MOST pleased with?

Obama's Circuit Court picks will be almost all Clinton appointees

Napolitano is a fascinating pick for DHS but I think there was some horse trading going on

Watch: Obama on 60 a Minute

It's come down to this.....

Another feather in Bush's cap. From Ephraim Hardcastle's column

David Corn and Jeremy Scahill on DemocracyNow today - heads UP

The Republican Opposition to Bailing Out Automakers Is Tied To Busting The Unions...

How Old Are You And When Is Your Day of Birth?

My cat is limping and I can't figure out why

Waxman takes over chairing Energy/Commerce Committee. Dingell is out making room for CHANGE

Agents of Change on Obama's Transition Team by David Corn of Mother Jones

Pritzker passes on Commerce Post

"House Negro"?


What is Daschle's healthcare experience?

I didn't know we had so many Obama personal friends and advisors on board here

Who here used to liberate kids and other undesirables by shoving them into 480 three-phase terminals

CJ Craig for Press Secretary!

I have Question. If Hillary gets SOS and Obama later fires her, does she get to go back to the

I want Romney as Drug Czar

Customer Service pet peeve...

BREAKING: Tensions Erupt Over White House Puppy Appointment

Why aren't any of the concern trolls talking about Napolitano or Daschle?

First electronic song you've ever heard?

Will She Or Won't She?

Hey Kids, I'm back. What did I miss?

Anyone Surprised? McCain Praises Potential Napolitano Pick

The Biggest Idiot in Congress

BREAKING: Mr./Mrs John Sally Smith Thompson Cortez to head Dept of Homeland, Health and Energy

Know why many Clintonites are being hired for PE Obama's cabinet???

I have a theory... I think this whole Hillary as SOS is just a ruse...a

I don't want Ted Stevens in jail.

Here's an idea... nominate previous Nixon appointees (that are dead) to top level positions.

Beau Biden ships out to Iraq Today

I am echoing the buzz .. why is sos appointment taking so much time?


Will the silly "birth certificate truthers" go away after the inauguration?

What's all this talk about Hillary and SOS??

I love Bill Richardson and he has some great chops for foreign affairs

Relax! Obama likely won't tip his hand until after Jan 20th ....

In the Afterlife, I'm sure The Clintons will be there to muck things up

NeoCons Are....

Did "Don't tutch the but" put mcctatas on the map?

TNR: Wooing McCain?

This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House

GRRR, Minnesota Public Radio UPDATED their app for the iPhone, and now...

Let's get something Straight. Obama is Running the Show. The Cabinet Members Serve at his Pleasure

Obama Plot Skinhead Complains About Blacks On Grand Jury

It is totally impossible to satisfy all of the people all of the time!

So, does Stevens get to keep his cushy $100,000/yr. Senate pension or not??

You know what would make Republicans heads explode?

Oprah Winfrey to be WH Press Secretary -- source at HARPO confirms

Obama Poised to Rebrand America - (great story about how Obama's victory is already changing things)

If you'd heard an instrumental song once but weren't savvy enough to describe it in musical terms

Who thinks Obama started the Hillary rumors? Who thinks otherwise?

Karl "Criminal" Rove, trying to make himself look innocent, offers Obama advice on the law

Ship of fools: The Fall Of The Republican Party

Should we get a new dog?


Did Anyone See Rahm's Press Statement Just Now At The Capitol?

MSNBC Sources : Kathleen Sebelius for Education or Energy Secretary

So, where do we stand in terms of Cabinet positions?

Maybe shelving the auto industry bailout for now is a good thing.

Monty Python Geeks? Super bargain...

Check out * during the crisis!

Have you heard of ""?

"Letter To Saddam Hussein" by Jerry Martin - worst thing ever recorded? You decide. (mp3 link)

"Letter To Saddam Hussein" by Jerry Martin - worst thing ever recorded? You decide. (mp3 link)

Suddenly the MSM has a strong interest in our sites/blogs?

Napolitano Faces Contracting Challenges at DHS

We're Watching the God Warrior in my TV Class

PHOTOS This is the kind of reception I get on my way to work every day.

Nick Coleman: Norm Coleman is no shoo-in with his neighbors

Post here your pick for DU's 'Sexiest Woman Alive'

Why dont people know how to use a phone?

AP Hit Piece: Napolitano is no stranger to Washington scandals

Michelle Obama Taps Jackie Norris for Chief of Staff

Standing Ovation for a Convicted Felon

Grassley questions Obama's attorney general pick. Hatch supports Holder

I had a GOP friend say the weirdest thing to me.....

"How much would things be different if Barack Obama had been sworn in on November 5th?"

What part of the 90s didn't you like Andrea, the peace or the prosperity?

We Democrats Must Not Fail This Time!

MY LTTE on the bailout for the Big 3

What is your Chinese Zodiac?

Obama is picking great people. He has a great start. Problem:

Democrats, Lieberman Reconcile, move on

Pritzker pulls herself out of Commerce Secretary position

At this point, I don't care if Obama governs from the left, center, or right....

Hillary Boxing Obama In -- Or Is It The Reverse?

Andrew Liveris Secretary of Energy?

How about Robert Reich for Secretary of the Treasury?

DUPE. Please delete.

I've flipped on Hillary for SoS; I now think he should go with a quieter choice like Holbrooke.

The SOS drama in One Act

Why Arizona Dems Don't Want Napolitano at DHS

Antiwar groups fear Barack Obama may create hawkish Cabinet

The Sebelius rumors can't possibly be true

Republicans suffer 'image deficit:' Gallup

Help a Left Leaning Blogger Win a Scholarship

This is very gracious of you, Barack and Michelle Obama

People, please... The president sets the tone and his appointees follow that tone...

From David Plouffe - The Presidential Transition - Help Build the New Team!


Why don't the damned oil companies bail out the auto industry?

---Remember when you were in High School...---

Obama: We Need You Right Now

Is this a case where the Liberals and Conservatives agree about the big three going down the tubes.

cardinal calls Obama "apocalyptic," progressives fear hawkish cabinet...

This is how President Obama will look in 25 years

against forgetting.

against forgetting.

Obama's Vetting Process - Pros and Cons - Early Leaks Versus Late Surprises

Indeed and in ALL sincerity, Obama SHOULD be listening to what we have to say..

Concern trolls. Instead of getting angry over Obama's possible picks, tell me, who would YOU choose

Janet Napolitano appointment ------ IT'S A TRAP!

"Issues" are such a pain in the ass

Senate GOP in big funk

Perspective For The Impatient - Bill Clinton's Nominees Came In Mid Dec 1992

Will KO be on tonight?

I DEMAND to know what you've done with Keith Olbermann!

James Clyburn says HELL MOTHERF**KING NO to being HUD secretary

Hillary Lovers, Hillary Haters, Hillary as S o S "concerned" folks.....take a chill pilll

Just to Clarify the Confusion. Al-Zawahiri has Always Been THE #2.

You miss the point. Many of us are "concerned" about a potential lack of BALANCE

XM 167 was just on with Rachel. Now they keep saying they are currently off the air.

Leahy: Holder an 'outstanding' pick

Any suggestions as to who Obama should name to SCOTUS when a vacancy arises? Here's one...

shove it back in the repukes faces. For years it was the Clinton Recession now they want the Obama

CNN: Wolf Blitzer and 'em are complaining that Obama Vetting is too Harsh!

----Cross posted in GD--Anyone need a FREE new car??

AP: DC Officials: 3 to 5 MILLION expected for inauguration

If Obama really loved America he would sign a law that makes

Yeah....Prtizker is out at Commerce. Bring on Gary Locke.

Breaking news: Obama's cell phone hacked by Verizon employees (on CNN)

All aboard the bi-partisanSHIP....

Early And Absentee Voting Won Florida For Obama


I Voted For Barack Obama For President

Senate leadership role for Hillary?

Obama responds to being called a House Nigga by Al Qaeda

Remember all the drama leading up to the convention?

Pritzker backs out of running for Commerce post

what is Rachel talking about?


Need to vent/advice RE: racist email from coworker

I Miss our New President, Barack Hussein Obama!

House Negro

ABC reporting James Jones as top candidate for National Security Adviser

DUers I need a recommend on this proObama article in a SW Ohio MSM...

I imagine one very sobering aspect of Obama's future responsibilities

Lanny Davis- Compare His Quote About Hillary As SoS To Reported Anonymous "Leak".

For all the folks posting that they don't like what Obama's done or is doing

Secretary of State: Obama's surreal moment from the past... Just amazing (video)

America's Next Top Carmaker!

never mind

Franken Gains on Coleman Again on Day 2 of U.S. Senate Race Hand Count in MN - BradBlog

Bush Twins Welcome Obama Girls

If God forbid, Mike MUkaskey dies... then what?

Faux going nuts! Now they're trying to discredit Holder by saying he pardoned a terrorist

Janet Napolitano


AC360 Breaking CNN: Obama "on track" to nominate Hillary as SoS

BULLSHIT ALERT: "Iran said to have enough nuclear fuel for one weapon"

Repugs are talkin' smack about less than favorable backgrounds?

Ok...On Rachel now...Malcolm Gladwell's.....

Obama offered Hillary the SOS slot 7 days ago...why the long wait before an official answer?

Obama's Mug on D.C. Subway Cards for Inauguration

Will SNL Re-Create the Palin Turkey Interview?

Hillary brings something as Secretary of State that nobody else can bring

New York Times: "Clinton Decision Holding Up Other Obama Choices"

Who is the real architect of the 8 disasterous years of Bush?

Just saw the videoclip of Mukasey... did not look good.

Have Respect For P.E Obama and Stop Talking about....

CNN: AC360 Panel don't know that Obama Transition works on more than one position at a time!

Since the economy is #1 priority - do we have a Treasury Secretary?

True or False: Obama will be required to say his middle name during the swearing in ceremony.

Attention.. Attention... Florida Domestic Suppression Force....Orders Inside

Mukasey's Collapsing Video Up at Fox.

Did you know PE Obama wants to expand the FMLA to cover elder care and your kid's school recital?

Bush's Land Mines for's LA Times

Liberals are just fine with U.S. global imperialism as long as it's Democrats doing it.

Thursday Franken- Coleman recount thread

Bill Clinton tried to govern from the left? BZZZZZ, sorry, try again.

Breaking news: Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapses while giving a speech at a Federalist Soci

True Story About The White House

Well Joe the Non Plumber finally got his wish--his book deal was for--take a guess

If Hillary doesn't take Sec of State, Who should???

Regarding Sen. Clinton's future . . .

Ideological purists from both sides are making a fuss over cabinet appointments...

Sarah Palin being interviewed while a turkey is slaughtered right behind her!

Obama needs to send a TOMAHAWK right up Zawahiri's ass!

What are Your Thoughts on Obama's Current Activities?

World leaders refuse to shake Bush’s hand during G20 photo-op.

"Virtually the only Democrats under 65 who know these things are Clinton administration veterans."

Bush at G20 World Summit: A stunning shunning (video)

So...McCain was winning until the economy collapsed, but the collapse is a judgement on Obama?

So...McCain was winning until the economy collapsed, but the collapse is a judgement on Obama?

Whose fault is this, really, that there's so much drama over the SOS pick?

A conservative, Hugh Hewitt, is worried about this possible Dem tactic in 2012

Meet (probable) Obama CIA Director (or Director of National Intelligence?) John O. Brennan

On Progress and Change

Is it wrong that I find Huckabee mildly likeable?

Obamas Expected to Have Sex in White House, Insiders Say

Interesting List of Possible Bush Pardon Recipients ... LINK

A jubilant DU celebrates another Democratic electoral victory:

My 9 year old son asked me

GD:P needs a new name

What on earth could be the benefit of a slaughter scene in the background?

Arizona will be destroyed for years to come if Janet Napolitano leaves .

How's your 'civic literacy?' Take the test

Meet (presumed) Obama National Security Advisor James L. Jones

Sorry folks! Obama is not going to be another Jimmy Carter

Obama asked Hillary to be SOS. Her ego will not allow her to accept.

Dear '3 Auto making Companies' I need a good electric car!!!

PHOTOS How could Barack & Hillary work together? Jeez, the mutual hate!

President-Elect Obama's Urban Policy and Poverty Agenda is FUCKING OUTSTANDING!

A New Wind Is Blowing in Chicago: "So long, Crawford, Texas."

A New Wind Is Blowing in Chicago: "So long, Crawford, Texas."

The QUIET Transition You are NOT Hearing About

Obama issued bench warrant by city of Memphis!

That Franken/Coleman recount site is driving me CRAZY!!!!

PHOTOS I hope the noise from the building work isn't keeping GWB awake (Inauguration preparations)

PHOTOS Sometimes I just wish Barack Obama could lighten up. (VERY pic heavy!)

I've got a really brilliant idea

We wrote a song for Barack Obama, anyone want to hear it.?

The Official "Hillary will be a great SOS" Thread! Come in and show your support!

Questioning and wondering is good for our democracy. I question Daschle on women's rights.

Hilarious TI-Obama video

Obama appoints Six Native officials to transition team

What manner of Woman must you be Hillary, to inspire such loathing in those who've never met you.

Rachel Maddow: Franken losing recount, down over 30,000 votes.

Everywhere I look, it's Hillary, Bill, Hillary, Bill....

Oh, my - did you see the Palin interview with the turkeys being killed behind her?

Lizard People?? - What's up w/the comedian(s) in Minnesota??

Two part question: What is your favorite Genesis song and when did they start to suck

Hey, Barack, Listen Up!!!

Does Obama Really Want the Clinton Circus in his Big Tent?

Coming soon to a bookstore near you (Palin could get $7 million to tell her story)

Health insurance industry makes pitch for coverage mandate

Bill Clinton Sends Donor List to Obama to Help Hillary's Bid

Pakistan summons U.S. envoy to protest missiles

Kerry "Will lead panel that thrust him to fame in '71"

Envoy reports 'quantum leap' in Russia-Georgia talks

Republicans feeling a new freedom, For many, Iraq becomes history lesson

Report criticizes Homeland Security

President-elect promised change, picking insiders

Cash-strapped district to charge teachers to plug in

US-Iraq security pact may be in violation, Congress is told

Bush to sign legislation to extend jobless aid

Yes, Detroit can make a green turnaround

Isuzu, Mazda Cut 2,700 Jobs as Vehicle Demand Falls

Iraq parliament engulfed in protests over US pact

Colombian unions say no to President Alvaro Uribe

Conrad Black pursues clemency from Bush as way out

US says American troops attacked in Philippines

Pentagon buyer says defense budget should go up

U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Index Declines 0.8% as Recession Deepens

2 U.S. Troops Charged In Murder Of Iraqis

Bush Official: Mortgage Aid Not Working

Judge orders release of 5 terror suspects at Gitmo

State firefighters union chief resigns over remark

US seeks 300 billion dlrs from Gulf states: report

Senators: Big 3 Bailout Compromise Reached

General Motors' finance arm seeks capital infusion from Treasury as it files to become bank holding

Arkansas State Police Close Probe in Bill Gwatney Killing; Motive Remains Unknown

NorCal median home price plummets 41 percent

Some St. Tammany schools banned talk of Obama's election; many parents outraged

GM's Lending Arm Files Paperwork to Become a Bank (to get access to Paulson's purse)

Sara Lee To Exit Kosher Meat Business, Close Chicago Plant

US 'dark side' raised in Pakistani scientist case

Senators reach compromise on emergency auto loans: report

Cover-up claimed in plane shooting in Peru (CIA report)

US Warns of China 'cyber-spying"

Senate GOP in big funk

CNN: Experts Say Obama Will Rebrand America

Former cop says he ran porn business

"Joe The Plumber" Investigation Released

(Rep) Hoekstra says CIA lied about Peru plane downing that killed missionary Veronica Bowers

Dems look to stop endangered species rule changes

22-year Chicago police veteran fired over $1 bag of trail mix

Senators aim to confirm bailout watchdog by end of week (Neil Barofsky)

CIA Misled Congress, Justice Dept. Over 2001 Incident, Probe Finds

Dems look to stop endangered species rule changes

Colombian U'wa Indigenous Leaders Visit US, Urging Investors and US Congress to Respect Human Rights

Stocks tumble for second day; Treasurys surge

Stevens gives last Senate speech as staffers weep

Prosecutor In Cheney Trial A No-Show = UPDATE

John McCain fights back against Jackson Browne

Citigroup May Seek Merger as Stock Plunges Further

Democratic leaders demand business plan before auto aid vote

Beau Biden ships out to Iraq

Obama pitches Chicago 2016 (Olympics)

Contractors in Iraq could face charges in earlier incidents

Obama is 1st Columbia graduate to become president

Commercial Mortgages With `Outlandish' Forecasts Roil Bonds

Screws turned on anti-whalers ("better treated under the Howard government")

A Sea of Unwanted Imports

(Senator) Leahy to pursue Justice firings (looking to Obama admin to release info)

BREAKING: Franken Gains on Coleman Again on Day 2 of U.S. Senate Race Hand Count in MN

Violence against gays a problem in Amsterdam

China fund in talks for stake in AIG unit: report

Federal Judge Orders Release of 5 Terror Suspects Held at Guantanamo Bay Prison

Dems demand business plan from Big Three (Bailout plan now OFF again)

New Bush Administration Rule Would Discount Global Warming as Risk Factor for Endangered Species

New friendly fire coverup: Army shreds files on dead soldiers

Associated Press to slash 10 percent of staff

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 20

Reported Offensive Obama Sign Discussed In Standish (Maine)

Investigation ties pet chain to 'puppy mills' (Petland stores)

Michigan jobless rate soars to 9.3%

U.S. weekly jobless claims shoot up to 542,000

Huge Buried Water Glaciers Discovered on Mars

Children dying in Haiti, victims of food crisis

Fannie and Freddie to Suspend Foreclosures

Earlier Retirement Date Lets CEO Of Bailed-Out Bank Pocket $18 Million

Teen's Mom Testifies in MySpace Hoax Trial

Waxman dethrones Dingell as chairman

Poll: GOP image goes from bad to worse; "The Republican Party has hit a new low."

China considers buying GM and Ford

UN agrees DR Congo troop increase

Arctic-Seabed Oil Claims May Quicken Under New Senate

US contractors lose immunity in Iraq security deal

Obama's cell phone records breached

Sun sets on US power: report predicts end of dominance

States Cut Services for Elderly, Disabled

Emanuel On GOP: "We Welcome Their Ideas"

Aide: Obama on track to nominate Clinton (as secretary of state)

Norwegian government wants Joint Strike Fighter

Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapses while giving a speech at a Federalist Society dinner in W

134 foreign observers to witness Venezuela's local polls (US sending observers)

Brazen Nuke Facility Raid An Inside Job?

Kerry poised to cap long journey; Will lead panel that thrust him to fame in '71

eHarmony to create same-sex service, settling complaint

Amnesty: Colombian president should stop false accusations against human rights groups

Somali tanker pirates 'want $25m'

The price of resisting the occupation in Israel: "leftists aren't allowed..."

The No-Think Nation

Republicans feeling a new freedom, For many, Iraq becomes history lesson

Somali pirates transform villages into boomtowns (AP)

The myth of Lincoln and 'Rivals'

Bloated Rhetoric and PR Sinks the Big 3 Bailout

Robert Gates: As Bad as Rumsfeld?

Congress Asks Auto Execs to Use Park-and-Ride

GOP to Reinvest in Southern, Evangelical Strategy?

Post Mortem on the Bush Years: Who was the Worst?

Michael Moore on the auto industry

Bearing the Weight of it All

McCain suing Jackson Browne

First Person: Taps for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

History Is Screaming

The Hedge Fund Collapse"......from "Portfolio"..(Bookmark this with "Death of Wall St." Ken Lewis

From Clinton Wars to Obama Wars

Frozen Scandal by Mark Danner

Roubini: The Latest Bear Market Sucker’s Rally Has Gone Bust as We Are Headed Towards Stag-Deflation

Lizard Brains

They're a part of the Island: Immigrants contribute to community

Eric Boehlert: Covering new presidents: the media's double standard

The ONLY Way to Sell the GOP on Rescuing Detroit

Bush’s unintended “gift” for Obama

Steny Hoyer: Governing as a national majority

Yes, Detroit can make a green turnaround

Abolish the Electoral College (NYT editorial)

Aren't VP's and POTUS supposed to have their assets put into a blind trust?


Dubai shopping spree stalls, retailers tighten belts

This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House

Whack Job Scenario: SCOTUS to Decide Election?

Will You Go Quietly?

Obama Appoint Tom Daschle! Secretary of the Dep. Health & Human Services - Part 2

The Rachel Maddow Show: Alison Stewart interviews Paul Krugman on the auto bailout.

The Rachel Maddow Show: Terror expert Evan Kohlman discusses Zawahiri's words on Obama.

Daschle says a woman should not be sent to jail for having an abortion.

TPMtv: Just Start Bailing

Larry King: Michael Moore 'What we're seeing is the end of capitalism.'

Nothing but the truth-Official movie trailer

Bill Moyers on Republican Talk Radio - A Bastion of Hate Part 1

Palin Hit With Another Ethics Complaint

Chairman Markey replies to President-Elect Obama

Losers Scarborough & Cramer laugh at Nobel laureate Paul Krugman

Obama Appoint Tom Daschle! Secretary of the Dep. Health & Human Services - Part 1

Markos and Norah O/Donnell discuss Lieberman

Senate Cancels Vote on Doomed Auto Bailout

Bill Maher on "The Tonight Show" (11/19/2008) 1/2

Jeremy Scahill debates David Corn over Obama's Foreign Policy on Democracy Now (3 of 3)

Its time we took these freaks off our airwaves

The CFR Controls American Media

“Just How Angry Are Liberal Bloggers?” Boyce on Dean and Lieberman

Dick Cheney's Financial Ties to Private Prison Companies

Minnesota Senate Recount: Day 1 Primer

CNBC reporter says the rest of us will be OK if Mich and Ohio die

Michelle Bachmann's Urban Legend

Judge Orders Release of 5 Terror Suspects, held 7 years without charges being filed

Obama tells auto execs what part they played in their own downfall

Defeated Stevens gets a standing O on the Senate Floor

Bush's Last Minute Deregulations...up to 90, could weaken rules protecting consumers & environment

Attorney General Mukasey Collapsing at Function

I'm Changing My Name To Chrysler

Swedish podcars?!

TYT: Law Pushed By Bush Adm - Deny Contraceptives For Women

Sea Shepherd Riding the High Seas to Stop the Whalers

Chenk's take on the "Auto CEOs flying to Congress in their private jets to beg for money" thing...

Mikulski: Conservative Ostriches Have Their Heads In The Quicksand Of Our Economy!

Jeremy Scahill debates David Corn over Obama's Foreign Policy on Democracy Now (2 of 3)

Free Market Voo Doo Doo Doo

Bill O'Reilly: Fine With Gay Marriage 'I Don't Care, I Really Don't'

CBS: The top execs for GM, Ford and Chrysler took private jets to their second hearing

James Galbraith On Economic Rescue

O'Reilly Terrified of San Francisco

Young Republicans react to Obama winning election

Countdown: Sarah Palin's Turkey Pardoning Fiasco

Jeremy Scahill debates David Corn over Obama's Foreign Policy on Democracy Now (1 of 3)

Army report shows chemicals at burn pit site

Mullen: War stresses may be growing

Ex-GI acquitted of murder in death of soldier

VA document-shredding no shock to vets

Senior military spouses offer lessons learned

Soldier sues Army secretary over retirement

More Fort Riley soldiers back from Iraq

Documentary details ex-sgt.’s rape, PTSD

3 flights return more 101st Airborne troops

Joe Stiglitz: Gun at our Heads

TYT: Newt & O'Reilly Continue To Fight Against Gay Rights (Cenk Fired Up)

Lawyers in Dix trial: Client is not believable

Lawmaker proposes plates for Cold War vets

Suspected U.S. missile kills 6 in Pakistan

Gates, Rice defend Iraq security agreement

82nd brigade prepares for Iraq deployment

Conway: Sealift key to Corps expeditionary legs

Marine killed by bomb in Iraq

Tension-filled day for LCS crew

DoD reaffirms Peralta Navy Cross decision

India sinks suspected pirate mother ship

Report: Navy friendly fire killed UK Marine

Former JROTC instructor headed to jail

How would ‘Chesty’ handle today’s Corps?

Oral arguments sent for disbarred JAG appeal

JDAM makes debut on A-10C Thunderbolt

Solutions sought to concerns about extra duties

Lawmakers’ F-22 demands may go unheeded

American troops fired on in the Philippines

Dyess master sgt. dies just before retirement

Airman topples Bagram fuel records

Bush taps new maintenance, logistics chief

Soldier in S. Korea suspected in plot to kill

No man’s land

Navy wants landlords to provide bottled water

Al-Qaida No. 2 insults Obama with race epithet

European briefs: Army captain incentives set to end

DoD Defends Efforts Against Pirates

FCS Launcher to Protect New Navy Ship

Recruiters see more interest from teenagers

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Polish Missile Joke

Panel urges private rooms at South Korea bases

Biden's Son Chooses Guard Over Senate

Recruiter Faces Sexual Conduct Charges

Car Makers say Bailout a Defense Issue

Marine left off memorial because of how he died

Hopefully some humour is not out of place here

The real goal of Israel's Gaza blockade

Macedonians plant six million trees in single day

Guardian (UK): Greenwash- BP and the myth of a world 'Beyond Petroleum'

Conergy Group Completes 3 Megawatt (PV) Project (Philly)

The North Face Completes 1-MW Solar System (Calif.)

Wall Street mess worries wind power developers

Peak Oil Notes - Nov 20

Detroit - A "Green Turnaround" plan or Annihilation

Riding The Bus

Destabilized Climate, Refugee Movements May Boost Incidence Of Malaria, Dengue In Pacific, SE Asia

Is the Petrodollar recycling system breaking down?

Study - Melting Glaciers Surpass Thermal Expansion As Main Driver Of Sea-Level Rise - AFP

Most CA Native Fisheries - Salmon, Steelhead, Trout Among Them - Doomed w/o Sweeping Changes

Scientists Track Eerie Parallels Between Today's Climate & Earth Trends And The Permian Extinction

more info on USDA, Interior, and EPA transition teams

Hinchey bill would target "frac'ing" (hydrofracturing in natural gas drilling)

Apocalypse now: the end of Earth brought forward

UPS introduces hydraulic hybrid vehicle

FL Gov. Crist asked to stop turtle harvest (Asian market demand threatens extinction)

Before the Bust, These CEOs Took Money Off the Table

Banks back mandatory CDS clearing: report

"Our Trash for Your Cash"

U-M Economists: Downturn Will Continue Until 2010

One industry expecting good times ahead ...

Twenty Reasons Why We're Not Consuming

General Growth Properties has hired bankruptcy counsel

Corporate Bond Risk Surges to Record With Credit Markets in `Crisis Mode'

Senators: Big 3 Bailout Compromise "Reached"

If the market tanks tomorrow look for Paulson to cough up some Big 3 Bailout money.

JP Morgan Predicts That Fed Will Cut Fed Fund Rates to Zero by January

Unemployment Claims Jump Unexpectedly To 16-Year High

should a landlord pass on mortgage hike to renter?

Paul Krugman: Don’t panic about the stock market... Panic about the credit markets instead


Automakers can't afford to develop hybrids

what's the bottom for the stock market?

Congress admonishes Big 3 CEOs for not doing what's best for the country. What a spectacle.

Remember it's the multi-millionaire...

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger testifies before Congress

Today in labor history Nov 20, Kills 28 miners, prompts union call for safer work conditions

Ummm, can CA Supreme Court justices really be recalled?

Gay Is the New Black? **Advocate Cover**

The wheels on the bus go, "OMG -- this zealotry is nutty!"

Aww the homophobic baby is crying about the GLBT forum

Why the fuck is this funny?!

Thank you California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee!

Senator-elect Mark Begich's Record on Gay Issues

from King David To kd Lang

Change.Gov-Gay Civil Rights in detail!

The Separation of Powers and Prop 8

Anyone notice how 90% of DUers who claim Clinton is homophobic are straight?

Is this hate speech?

Uh, not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I think I wrote well on Gay Marriage,

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Some blacks forgot the sting of discrimination

I'm beginning to see how much courage it takes to step up to the plate.

“How’s your longtime companion, Jill?” “She’s my wife!” “Yeah, well, my beliefs don’t recognize marr

Nov. 22 March in Sacramento: Margaret Cho, et. al to speak

Violence against gays a problem in Amste

Can we come up with a better term than "GLBT?"

If you are heterosexual, you don't get to decide what is homophobic.

The mayor-elect's new clothes: Silverton, Oregon, elects a transgender leader

Colombian unions say no to President Alvaro Uribe(AFP)

Cover-up claimed in plane shooting in Peru

Obama phones Uribe, and Biden does too

Colombian U'wa Indigenous Leaders Visit US, Urging Investors and US Congress to Respect Human Rights

Colombian president should stop false accusations against human rights groups

California Recognition of Cuba's Latin American Medical School

VIDEO of Pres. Morales at OAS Meeting and Press Conf. - Nov. 19

134 foreign observers to witness Venezuela's local polls

Belt-tightening Major League Baseball

After 10 games Chad Pennington has more passing yards than Brett Farve!

Native Americans Pleased With Daschle As HHS Secretary

Deadly Immunity from Rolling Stone

Poll Concerning the Placebo Effect

Puncturing the Acupuncture Myth

Child vaccination rates hit record high levels

To alleviate pain, Gomez turns to acupuncture

I posted a poll in Health

Week of Nov 20 - astro update

A suggestion for job issues

a project for deeper meditation for *after* Thanksgiving

Pearson falls detail shot

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Nov/Dec Photo Contest. Theme: Celebrating.

COMMENT THREAD for the Nov/Dec Photo Contest. Theme: Celebrating.

The pomegranates this year have been outrageously beautiful and delicious!

The World’s Top Religious Power Brokers

A Sermon on Ethics and Love

The World’s Worst Religious Leaders

I'm Dreaming Of A Flaming-Cross Christmas, Just Like The Ones We Used To Know

I'm Not One Of Those 'Love Thy Neighbor' Christians

Bird Brains (SciAm)

After the Crash, Scientific American:

Tell the truth

We're number one!

Ambassador Garza: U.S. must accept its responsibility in war against drug cartels

Look whose blogging at The Texas Observer - Paul Begala

Former AG Jim Mattox has died

Few clamoring to name things after current president

two questions: are there viruses that attack linux? are there free anti-virus programs for linux?

I'll show you mine if you show me your's

NANOS poll - Nov 11-15, 2008

Joe the Plumber Lands Book Deal

CBC: CRTC allows Bell to continue internet throttling

Pentagon - the missing footage

This is good.