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For exercise, how is swimming?

Live from Roseanna dana.....(sniff) she was the Best

Would CT have re-elected Lieberman if he had become an Obama Obstructionist?

Remember November 1993?

Place your bets.....


A different type of Christian.

Barack Obama could set a great example by letting his hair grow into an Afro

CALL To ACTION: 100K Calls to Sen Lieberman Urging him to Travel to Georgia ...

What's all the hubbub about Obama picking his cabinet?

Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in S Texas

Toddler 'Fight Club'

Marilyn Musgrave a true cRass act

Australia to shut down its navy for two months

GMAFB....I get home tonight....and I find no one had the balls (or ovaries) to throw LieberRAT out.

Huge Raging Fire in Alhambra

Bush flashing a sexually suggestive gang sign

Bush flashing a sexually suggestive gang sign

Tina Brown: has she always acted like a numskull? I saw her on the Maddow rerun from last night.

President Elect Obama I won't question your judgement in cabinet picks

Taxpayers will pay for Gonzales' private attorney

LIEberman begins rehabilitation tour

Mark Begich, Not Sarah Palin, Is the Future of Alaska

Huckster on C-Span's WJ

New rule: For the next four years, the GOP must acknowledge that they lost.

The Alaskan Recount

The REALLY important news: Mika has dropped her "Sarah" hairdo!

Bailout fever hits the German auto industry

Jean Shaheen on WJ now

U.S. home construction hits a new record low - lowest since 1959

Walgreens and Sears -- completely off-the-wall, personal question:

Ashley Dupre & Joe the Plumber

Women Prisoners Fight Fires

Study: Republicans Stymie Sensitive Medical Research

DU a poll: executives on Tuesday pleaded with Congress for a $25 billion loan package (corrected)

More On The Cheney Indictment

Democratic Senate: Ha! "The left has been foiled again"

Good luck reading about Cheney's legal trouble

41% increase in demand at Los Angeles food pantries... middle class and advanced degreed come 4 food

Plame, Wilson to take CIA leak lawsuit to Supreme Court

Palin, New Ethics Complaint! Complaint says she crossed line between job, self-promotion

Gore Is Coming To Georgia

Astronauts 'drop' space tool bag

Will Harry forgive Joe the Plumber next and make him chairman of

End of an era: the last Yugo will roll off its Serbian production line tomorrow

Heard from "Unkle Mittie" on MSNBC this morning about GM

Hiding their Shame: Bush & GOP Keep the Breached Debt Limit Quiet - Bush History, 11/19

So When Will Ted The Felon Concede

Let's hear it for Palin's AIP! Hear hear!

Should women who have been denied contraception be compensated?

Say it isn't so, Hillary!

I wasn't sure Hillary Clinton as SOS was a good idea

Many Groups Spied Upon in MD Were Nonviolent

Christian Right Takes on "Terminator"

Make Your Guess!!!!!

Somali pirates seize another ship

Mayor in Idaho apologizes for kids' 'assassinate Obama' chant

If there's one thing that really pisses me off, it's when a MEDICARE recipient is against a national

John Ziegler very diplomatically defends Zogby "push-poll" (

WE can help the US Economy! Buy US this XMAS

Dem Senators Urge Bush To Halt Job Shifts - No Burrowing!

Dem sources:Clinton to help Hillary get State job

Clinton said to be unsure about Cabinet job

Are freepers infiltrating al Qaeda or vice versa?

Lean Cusine Recall -- Plastic found in Frozen inners

Help me out with this...I can't seem to wrap my head around it...

Chuck Norris Likens Prop 8 Fight To Anarchy

Obama depression? Now how the hell does this make sense??

Cornel West on Obama: I Hope He's a Progressive Lincoln, I Aspire to Be the Frederick Douglass . . .

Re: Non-Existent Loans: "“I cannot fucking believe this is allowed"

Shannyn Moore protests "Keith Olbermann BROKE UP WITH ME!"

Carly Fiorina is out again! On Joe Scar talking about the automobile industry...

I Guess Chris,Rachel or Keith are going to have to BREAK this..

Bush daughters give White House tour to Obama daughters

Yesterday Reid announced that LIEberman was a Democrat?!

So now we've heard from Dr. Manson in a turban.

S.O.S=Save Our Sanity!!!


So some Al Queda twit called Pres. Elect Obama a "House Negro"?

And Turd Blossom skates away.....

Cheney charged over jail 'abuses' (Texas grand jury)

Obama T-shirt earns middle school teacher a trip to principal's office

Whoa! Our gas just dropped to 1.59. Yes! Kansas City, Mo

Fidel Castro appears with Hu Jintao.....wearing Adidas??

Toyota Cuts Production, Nissan Says Profit Will Be Wiped Out on U.S. Slump

The Purgatory Between Bush and Obama

Bush the Flake tells Terrorist Muammar al-Gaddafi: you're doing a heck of a job.

So lemme get this straight. The Gamblers and Thugs Club on Wall Street can get any cash they .......

2fer: Page Six trades Keith for Tweety. & the nutcase of the BALDWINs won't leave OBAMA now

McClatchy Publishes Translation of U.S.-Iraq Withdrawl Deal

CNN: Daschle to be Health and Human Services Secretary

CHINESE Carmakers Have Plans To Acquire GM & Chrysler

How big of an infrastructure program would it take to stop the bleeding of jobs

Pioneering Stem Cell Surgery Announced - with no thanks to mr. bu$h*

Packer urges Times to send Kristol packing

NYC Triborough Bridge renamed for Robert Kennedy

My son's friend's Mom freaked out yesterday about how he voted!

How do I contact the Administrators of this site?

How do I contact the Administrators of this site?

Where we go from here - email survey from David Plouffe

Are we in deflation, but nobody wants to use the word?

What's with the Obama 08 Vintage ad - HELP!

Joe Lieberman's punishment

Universal Healthcare: Why Wouldn't EVERY CEO be for it?

I know I have posted this before and I am not trying to spam the board but I just love this picture


ANNNDDD...speaking of Turds...WTH happened to Dana Milbank, the guy Keith O banned from Countdown?

Please DU this Poll... about LIEberman.

Talk me down!

Emanuel Sets a Challenge In Push For Universal Health Care

Huckabee needs to be FLOODED with mail....gays haven't crossed the "violence threshold"

Syrian site 'resembled reactor' (BIG eyeroll)

What is the most misspelled word in the English language?

Received this in my spy email account from "Stop the ACLU"

Decorated US agent accused of distributing meth

Please sign petition to reduce the number of Baldwins in America!

A prediction about cars and gas prices..

So, my grandma has lung cancer

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Speaks Out Against Bush Making Iraq Treaty Without Congress

Elisabeth Hasselback now has a page on Dickipedia!

Romney hurts 2012 chances

60 Senate seats is NOT a silver bullet against filibusters

Deflation...."D" word

WOOT!! Cheney-Gonzo indictment story reported on local news

Phony wingnut poll promoter gets testy when called out

Scot Ritter on Air America Radio now.

Optimists Check in Here!

Missing input. What would Malcolm X have thought of

Rich cutting back on payments to mistresses

Listen up, you turkeys

With Stephens gone, the new longest serving republican senator will be Richard Lugar

Yahoo headline: "FBI launches global manhunt for American eco-terrorists"

Cocaine users are destroying the rainforest - at 4m squared a gram

I submitted this to Obama today...

Robert Borosage: Free Fall

Robert Borosage: Free Fall

Westboro Church planning to protest in Vancouver, British Columbia....

Oh, yeah, Al Qaeda #2 man? Well...

National Review writer: ‘Iraqis remain ingrates.

$25 billion is about 3 months in Iraq no?????

They don't call it WorldNutDaily for nothin'! (Example #567325)

Obama won Salt Lake County!

MarketWatch: 30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011

Media Matters: Newsweek publishes article on purported debate over whether Obama is the Antichrist

Indian navy destroys pirate ship after coming under fire

The auto worker pension is not the "gold" standard. It is the decent and fair standard.

US housing market completely in the crapper

Do Not charge any repuke with any crimes until after Jan. 20

"At the moment, Bush is entirely focused on his legacy. All he wants to talk about is his library."

Four reasons why Obama's cabinet will be better than Bush's cabinet

White House looks to blame Dems for inaction on autos

If Clinton Chosen, Campaign Debts Would Wait

The Rude Pundit - Note to the Democrats in Congress: We're Not Useful Tools

Housing Industry & Bankruptcy hearing

Business is booming for people selling their blood

Obama, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News: A Look at Media in 2009

Joe The Lame

UNBELIEVABLE John Kerry asking for money today after yesterdays vote

Why do all these bimbos (male and female) on the TV act as if they are the ultimate

DOW below 8,000

Mark Begich hopes to follow in father's steps

Stickers I'm making for Grateful North Carolinians

Why isn't the media focusing on the REAL issue of auto workers health care costs?

Holy cow (so to speak)! Kathleen Parker blames G-O-D for GOP's problems!

Is anybody else listening to Rick Sanchez arguing with the fundie?

Optimism Grows Among Experts That Obama Will Act Quickly On Health Care

Let's Say GM Goes Belly Up - What Does That Mean To GM Car Owners And Warranties?......

Really, Isn't the problem that we've allowed companies to become too large?

Daschle’s Views On Health Reform: ‘Incremental Change In Our System Is No Longer A Viable Option’

Chuck Norris is a (bleep) hypocrite.

About pensions and the PBGC:

What a beautiful picture....Don't ya think?

ON DEADLINE: Dr. Dean's prescription for Democrats

ON DEADLINE: Dr. Dean's prescription for Democrats

the market is down almost 450+ points and under 8K, but does it even

Scientists Sequence Half the Woolly Mammoth's Genome

Shouldn't Paulsen be arrested for lying to Congress

The UP Tick Rule. You could only short sell when the share was on a Up Tick.

RimJob getting free press again

Boeing to cut about 800 salaried, hourly workers

Sarah Palin could set a great example by not tanning or dying the gray from her hair

Asia Times: Bankers' greed and supervisors' folly

CNN: Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska has conceded his Senate race against Democrat Mark Begich

I don't think any automaker should get a taxpayer loan without addressing their executive pay

Richard Clarke: Obama victory is a blow to al Qaeda's standing in the world

The cost of NOT bailing out the Big 3?

Palin in more ethics trouble for using the Governor's office to hold

San Mateo County joins suit against Proposition 8

San Mateo County joins suit against Proposition 8

Shitty to be Citi

Here's a headline to make your day:" Huckabee won't rule out 2012 run"

Richard Shelby on the auto bailout: "We have a viable, successful auto industry in the south"

oh no! ford has fuel efficient cars that beats the japanese!

It looks like the pendulum is finally swinging for Health Care "reform"

I told you to wait a second Al

Project Postcard: Send Obama a note! A symbol of equality... because everyone should be able to tie the knot.

Kathleen Parker: God has killed the GOP

Asia Times: US template wrong for China

Hillary Clinton will not be Obama's Secretary of State

Michelle Bachmann denies saying she wanted to investigate "anti-American" members of Congress

To my congresscritter re the big three

The first rule of the secret survey...

The first rule of the secret survey...

Domestic enemies


"That's not the change we can believe in."

Bush's Eleventh-Hour Rule Changes Could Take Years To Reverse

The GOP attack on democracy continues in Ohio

Cheney charged over jail 'abuses' (BBC)

Bank Closures in 2008

Machine Gun Sammy Alito

Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXIV: Party on the SOFA!

Palin's BFF Elisabeth Hasselbeck is warmly welcomed into Dickipedia, "A Wiki of Dicks"

OMFG. Undercover officers use Taser on pallbearer

The Stupid Spreads: Now it's Beards in Afghanistan

So, who's got the bigger fatcat air force? ... AIG or the Big 3?

Bill Kristol, you're no Nostradamus......

Will Bush pardon ACORN?

CNN: Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money

The Era of Magical Thinking: SOFA Smokescreens and Presidential Power - by Chris Floyd

MarketWatch: Airlines see decline in global business travel

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Smart Defense

OK, which one of you funnyguys put George W Bush's soul up for sale on ebay?

Franken gained 28 votes today

How to help with the Georgia Senate race

Photo: "A young girl scavenges for food in a rubbish dump east of Harare in Zimbabwe"

Naming Daschle to HHS could well mean ......

Senator McCain must have had his butt plug surgically removed.

America’s Wars of Self-Destruction

NYPD wants even more spying power than the Justice Dept. allows.....

CEO Got Golden Parachute Days Before His Bank Got Bailout

Live blog from the Texas State Board of Education Hearings TONIGHT!!

An email from Max Cleland

Ethics complaint filed against Palin

Do you think there should be an age limit for the senate/presidency?

Good wages built America and can re-build it

I'm getting the feeling

the Govt should buy cars

detroit's answer to fuel crunch.....Escalade hybrid

What's the Latin form of "William"?

Link for DU video of trailer for "Milk" starring Sean Penn.

Guardian UK: Bush: the memoir no one wants to read

Max Blumenthal: The Dark Side Of “America’s Pastor”

Joe the Plumber, literary Renaissance man.....

from March: Daschle on American Healthcare

Have you ever asked for assistance to avoid hunger?

Live Piracy map

Not often mentioned fact about Jim Martin in Georgia: He is a Viet Nam veteran.

Sarah Palin approached to be in big screen version of Atlas Shrugged.

Why can't Congress and the White House be paid based on what the median income is?

Freepers throw Stevens under the bus . . . just like Palin did!

Microsoft to offer free consumer security suite

*MUGSHOT* NFL cheerleader-reality TV bride to be-fiance of pro bass fisherman ARRESTED... AGAIN

It's the Unions FAULT... so we are told

It's the Unions FAULT... so we are told

A sign of the times - how are some people supposed to get food?

This whole automaker CEO thing has me wondering again =

Larry King Tonight: Michael Moore talks about...

Cliff Diving ...... Four Bad Bears

Executive pay: A symbolic issue or a real drain on companies?

Begich on Rachel now

With the economy in the shitcan, do you feel guilty now, for attacking poor people on welfare?

Durbin: Obama is not engaged? (about Detroit)

Email to Senator Shelby (R-AL). He's my Senator, OK????

How would you fix the Big Three?

Inaugural Seating Chart

Inaugural Seating Chart

Big Three CEOs Flew Private Jets to Plead for Public Funds

Why Can't Corporate Media Admit the Real Reason Republicans Lost?

Katie Couric is on Letterman tonight

Cheney's indictment in south Texas moves forward


Where the hell has Alison Stewart been? She is hosting Rachael's show tonight.

Hey DUers - let's whip Chambliss just for payback fun

The auto industry bailout--let's not take irreversible steps

Finger-pointing Begins as Senate Nixes Auto Vote

Mitt the Shit better not need any States that touch the Great Lakes in 2012

So there are a bunch of Somali fisherman who are now pirates. Why?

Coulter on Bush: "no modern president has ever done more to bridge partisan divides . . ."

Coulter on Bush: "no modern president has ever done more to bridge partisan divides . . ."

Where Does Obama Stand On Aid To Domestic Automakers?

I started a cable program about climate change

Forget Obama! Kathleen Parker just made herself the No.1 hatee by the Religulous Rethugs!

Another casualty of the economy - Hard Rock Park up for sale.

Currently making the rounds on the Conservative Forums....

My solution to the big 3 auto bailout: force them to liquidate and nationalize the auto industry

US right stymie sensitive medical research (AIDS, HIV)

So...Is "Pirate" the new "Terrorist"? Will we be invading Somalia soon?

City of San Diego joins in to stop Prop. 8

Click to help progressive media!

Toronto Star: Art market braces for a fall

Toronto Star: Art market braces for a fall

Vancouver's Radical Approach to Drugs: Let Junkies Be Junkies

Janet Napolitano....Homeland Security secretary!

How bailouts for GM

Arraignment set for Cheney, Gonzales in Texas

So what happened to all the vermin who angrily defended executive golden parachutes?

UNC players tell of wild night of drinking in kidnapping, sexual battery case

Franken update: Now down 174: Slowly gaining on NoCole.

IF tomorrow. Congress decides to take some of the $700 Billion bailout money

Dodd "very interested" in "prepackaged bankruptcy" for automakers

Turn on Larry King - Michael Moore of Flint Michigan fame talking about the auto bailout

Has this been posted here?-- "Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales Indicted"

The first quarter of 2009 will be an economic nightmare.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Others, To Perform At Hannity 'Freedom' Concerts (This is good to know!)

Bailing out working folks vs Bailing out greedy Wall St types

People not getting health care due to recession/depression

eHarmony settles gay discrimination suit

Hey, Magic (Johnson), Where's The Magic In No Family Health Care For Your Workers?

7:30pm ET: Famous TV Judge David Young joins TYT for a discussion on Prop. 8.

Please DU this poll !! Thanks!

A job for Joe Lieberman...

Fuck, even Krugman believes they are making a mistake

I can't believe it, but Joe Scarborough was defending the auto workers!

Once again, Colbert's WØRD segment nails it:

Would you purchase a car from a bankrupt car company?

The Stewardess is Flying the Plane after Pilot had mental breakdown

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

George Washington on Religion

Chuck Todd:"The dream is dead. I was dreaming of Sarah Palin and Al Franken in the Senate together."

Coming soon to a bookstore near you (Palin could get $7 million to tell her story)

AFL-CIO Ramps Up In Georgia Senate Runoff (photo of flyer, beautiful)

What The Fuk Is Wrong With Paulsons Finger?

So the other day I went to Mickey Ds and saw something I never expected

"Yeah, I talked shit on Obama. What are you gonna do about it?

Bush set to relax endangered species rules

My first job out of H.S. taught me that capitalism is inherently unjust and destructive.

My abstract was accepted for a book on cystic fibrosis.

Bill Clinon is on fire in GA

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave is taking her recent loss to Betsy Markey really, really hard.

With economic downturn, more families face the streets -- PUBLISHED: 11/18/2008

Are we going to have to bailout Macy's, JC Penny's, and Target next?

Alaska's Senate Race: The Morning After - THE MUDFLATS

Breaking: Daschle named HHS Sec

Army alters Woman General's Photo

Michelle Bachman: WTF is wrong with her?

These are a few things in which I believe:

Who will be the pooper scooper in the white House?

Home Depot: Where politicaly sanctioned murder is just the beginning

House Democratic Steering Committee approves Waxman over Dingell.

What do these have in common: Cheney indictment, Wackenhut, immigrant roundups before elections,



California SC to hear challenge to Prop 8

The Fed should buy every tax paying American a hybrid car built by GM/Ford with the bailout money.

Did anybody think that W could screw up so bad in 2000?

Consumer prices in record decline -- excepting food prices, that is

Bush set to relax endangered species rules

CNN- bin Laden's #2 man calls Obama 'a house negro' in new audio tape

Boehner Wins Second Term as House GOP Leader

Do you really believe that the U.S. has murdered a million Iraqis?

Big Three claims of going bankrupt before President Obama takes office are bullshit

Joe Lieberman has compromising photos of Senators

Does not the opposition to birth control equal and increase in abortion rates

If they're too big to be allowed to fail, they're too big to be allowed to exist.


Whose your favorite character in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird"??

Would You Buy A Car From A Bankrupt Automaker

Franken recount early reports

I took my 10 year old to the gun range the other day--he shot a 9 mill and a 45 cal.

Wanna get rednecks on board with the auto plan?

A Union wage kept me out of the poor house when I was young

Wingnuts are out in full force to attack Janet Reno..for Ruby Ridge

The DOW went over the cliff today. Closed below 8000. Down 5%

Wow! the Market just closed with the Dow under 8000

White House admits it served $499 per bottle wine to the world's economic leaders Friday night

What foods are best for food banks?

What foods are best for food banks?

Faux News Byline: "AFRICAN " pirates hijack tanker

My Vid Just Passed A Half-A-Million Hits

Judge rules in Franken's favor

Don't get me wrong, I love my sister...

The Rachel Maddow Show was markedly improved last night...

Robert Nardelli ran Home Depot into the ground.....

Putting 2 + 2 Together, The GOP Does Not Equal G-O-D

It's going to be a GREAT Christmas at my family's place this year!

Breaking from SOMOLIA....Pirates capture HMS WILLIAMSON An Aircraft Carrier w 2378 crew

Women's choice advocates need to be aware of the Daschle Abortion Bill 1997

Puff-a-Day Marijuana Dose Helped Older Rats Remember

Wow, Michelle Maglalang has a super sophisticated morph of Hillary & Obama up

Re-killed Ayman al-Zawahiri is back in 'audio message,' taunting Obama

WSJ: It's Time to Give Voters the Liberalism They Want

Remember Lt.Gen. Russel Honore from Katrina? He dissed Wal-Mart big-time in N.O. speech...

The Big 3 have been fucking up since the 70's and some see fit to blame the unions

The last few weeks - A thanks and a request for prayers/good thoughts

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Auto Industry failure would be the trickle down economics in motion

Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker

Should Barack offer Howard Dean a position in this Administration?

And do you know WHY the American auto companies are going bankrupt???!!!!11

Just so we're clear.. "Reduction of Legacy Costs"

How I know the economy is in the shitter --

How I know the economy is in the shitter --

I don't get the 'piracy' problem. Whoever can afford to own a billion dollar supertanker

Watch Foreign Leaders Avoid Shaking Hands with Bush

A cure for the Somali Pirate problem:

My solution to the big 3 auto bailout: Make the oil companies do it!

McCain legals attack Jackson Browne over song

Vatican warns Obama it will be "war" between Obama Administration and the Catholic Church

Report: Hitler had one ball

*** Wednesday TOONs: Expectations ***

Well, you all have a solution for the Auto maker's crisis, here's mine

War on the American Worker

Simple poll question: Does Al-Qaeda exist?

Do you personally know any undocumented workers from Mexico and Central America?

Am I just paranoid, or is this really STUPID?

Educating Huckabee: The Terrible History of Systematic Violence Directed At Gays

The Sucker Bait Called Hope -- Making the best of a slow apocalypse (Joe Bageant)

I wonder how the ultra rich thinks they'll protect themselves if there's a collapse

How the Detroit "Bailout" will break the union contract

Something that doesn't look good: Freshman Democrats meet with a ton of lobbyists for fundraiser

President Elect Obama's Sec of Defense? How about either Jack Reed or Wes Clark?

Thoughts From A Wasilla Teenage Girl

On a Sunny Day in January 2009 at The White House...

Jaguar and Land Rover dealership closing in Lexington ky. Even the rich

We're watching the genocide of the American middle-class.

The Most Irritating Phrases in the English Language

Shot girl's dad: I drank vodka as I cleaned guns

I think people during the Great Depression had it better than us.

In the interests of civility

Dean today via FiveThirtyEight site. " Whatever I'm going to do next is based on empowerment"

Top US Military Officer: Military Can Meet Obama Demands

Top US Military Officer: Military Can Meet Obama Demands

Question: Where can I get a list FROM THE OBAMA team on the Obama admin position selections?

Hey ..... retirees ........ FUCK YOU

I wonder what he's doing....

Just Cruising

This one is for you Blue_In_AK

Obama Picks Lieberman to Head Investigation Into Breaches in Party..

Obama Calls Palestinian Leader, Says Peace Vital

Most Americans are neither left or right. They're simply persuadable.

Liberty and Security: Recommendations for the Next Administration and Congress

Clinton Said to Be Unsure About Cabinet Job

Barack can raise my taxes $3000.00 a year to pay for Universal Health Care. Let me explain.

Obama scores with his choice for Budget Director--Peter Orszag. Right person, right time.

Obama Commemorative Plate Ad: "Broad Smile and Kind Eyes..."

Please enumerate PROs vs. CONs of letting Lieberman keep his committee chair.

I feel queasy.

A local band I like made a video... that makes no sense

173 LinkedIn connections

How would you feel if Hillary Clinton was Senate Majority Leader instead of S of S??

Bicoastal FORCED me to youtube Peter Cetera/Amy Grant "Next Time I Fall In Love."

Today's Special!!!!!!!

Managers have been thinking about short-term profits, not R&D. Consumers have been buying imports.

Who should I eat for Thanksgiving?

Hey, pinko


Florida write in tally: Hillary: 234, Jesus: 23

New ethics complaint filed against Palin.

Take a step back folks and consider this: A black man is the USA's top cop for the first time

this is where I want my bed...

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

ODD (by digby)

Where's helicopter Ben? I've got my net ready

This Ouija Board Doesn't Work Good

"Nothing But The Same Old Story"- Paul Brady

Just found this - must share: Father & Son ; Young and Old

Last Song Purchased

Time for a 'don't ask me a goddamn thing' thread.

People! People! People! "Bulbs" and "Viceroy" are two different words.

I just found this version - I love it

I'm pretty happy with what Obama is doing with his cabinet and staff.

This was my favorite song/band in 1974. Don't know if it's Progressive Rock

Breaking- Al Aquada #2 Hurls Racial Epithet At Barack Obama In New Tape

Any science geeks out there?

Finding common ground we can believe in.

With McCain, Lieberman, and Clinton, Obama dealing from strength, not weakness

The Paranoia of Right-Wing Radio

Would you take it seriously if a company kept dangling a job in front of you.

As someone who loves both Obama and Hillary, I don't think Hillary will become SOS

I woke up with blood on my face.

How would you like to wake up some morning and see this outside your window:

Early morning picture thread

I'm sooo excited!! WooHoo!!!

This post is to provide a place for taterguy to tell me to shut the fuck up.

f-n hiccups!

Joe L...Does the End Justify the Means?? Its that Old Question...Is he worth it?

Make Your Guess!!!!!

Good morning Lounge

Our new President is awesome

So...It Seems Al Qaeda Didn't Want Obama After All

So...It Seems Al Qaeda Didn't Want Obama After All

They Found the REAL Furby

Senator Leahy praises Holder as Attorney General pick

Anybody know how Thomcat's doing? n/t

Do Due Do Doo Doo Dew Due Do

No Quarter contributor suddenly realizes

How is there no "World Toilet Day" thread in the DU Lounge?

It's Time to Give Voters the Liberalism They Want

Joe The Plumber Interviewed By Tufts Student Paper

Google publishes LIFE photo archive. Really cool...

Recession Strikes Deep - Rich Cutting Back on payments to mistresses

Despite the Chimpocracy, SOS is not all about waging war and negotiating peace treaties

Obama considering an anti medical marijuana republican for drug czar?

Leaked! Obama's choices for cabinet positions

What's the CW on Obama's National Security Advisor?

Kitten Picture of the day for Wednesday November 19

Breaking-Bill Clinton Submits List Of Major Donors And Agrees To Future Vetting

I am NOT going to watch American Movie Classics anymore.

Good Morning Lounge

You Loungers have corrupted Peggy. She's dropped the f bomb again. Sort of.

Can someone recommend some good wireless headphones with a dongle transmitter for the gym?

Who was the DU'er that used to do the Goodmorning threads??

OK, take it easy now, say hi to the family for me.

Hugh Jackman is this year's People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"

How Cold Is It ?

How cold is it where you're at tonight?

I conceded to the weather

Every time a bell rings

Interesting Esquire (1958) Article Predicted "Negro will be appointed Pres. by year 2000."

So it's been 15 days since Barack was elected - what should I bitch & moan about today

I apologize for that thread yesterday.

f bomb f bomb f bomb

Hey!!! Don't put your tongue on that!!

A simple question. Why all these leaks?

Complaint says she crossed line between job, self-promotion

ok, I have finished my application for the Obama administration

Face it, there are only three types of Democrats with "administrative" experience

ATTN people who don't like Obama's pick for A.G., Eric Holder

Charlie Brown finally got to kick the football

When Obama is sworn in, will we have to suffer the fools over at WND like Les Kinsolving anymore?

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Palin Over Fox News Interview: HuffPo

Hate crimes surge in US after Obama election: experts

Women and tools...

Al-Qaida may want to be careful, unlike Bush Obama is popular worldwide so when they attempt. . .

Hey, what do you know? 1000 posts.

Talkingpointsmemo via Roll Call: Tom Daschle to be named HHS Secretary

If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady

Is Brock Lesnar juicing?

Dennis Kucinich for Secetary of the Interior

Recommend this thread if you think people who ask you to recommend threads are attention whores

Satan? ................. Santa!

Favorite rejected Snow White dwarf?

Hagel, Unrestrained, Lashes into Bush, Rush and the GOP: HuffPo


Effecting Change : Our role

International flight regulations: anyone know if lipgloss is considered a liquid?

A Note from MAX CLELAND to beat Assby Shameless in Georgia

Minn. Senate race could hinge on scanning machine mistakes: A computer geek look at things

The media

Go vote against the Mormons!

I need help finding a birthday present

Monty Python cracks down on crappy youtube vids. Starts their own channel

The AL Franken Story??? Whad iz happoning to the count? I am hoping for a Win and a Coleman defeet

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

Have you read Tom Daschle's book "Critical"???

None of you would've predicted what Obama has done so far

Obama’s Transition Team Includes Seven Openly Gay Advisors, Openly Gay Hildebrand Could Replace Dean

If you can't take the heat, etc.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band fans, prepare to have your mind blown

Merry Christmas Everyone

Space is disease...

I'm about to start writing my first manga

How many people here think the White House is too fancy a house for the Obamas

CT. Dems Want Censure and Resignation for Lieberman

Dream Team Cabinet

LOL Obama Owns Lieberman.

Why do you worship the ST:TOS cast and think that no one else can ever play those rolls?

They showed a few minutes ago on CNN Bush lining up with the other members of the G-20 or something

I think I have Republicans in my basement.

Well, technically, I'm back at work.

The PC guy in the MAC commercial says he feels the momentum changing for John McCain

Election surprise: Obama won Salt Lake County voters' nod (first time in decades for Dems)

WashTimes: Max Cleland being considered for secretary of Veterans Affairs or secretary of the Army

We'll get there when we get there...

Who In The Fuk Is Brock Lesner?

Listening to Diana Krall = auditory orgasm.

I've been scratching my head: what would anyone have against Tom Daschle?

I really dig this group from Spain "Los Porretas"

Matthews lauded "experience" of Bush's Cabinet picks, but says Obama's selection "Soviet," "crap"

I'm absolutely worthless when my husband leaves town.

Chicken Police?

Does anyone here have any experience (preferably good) running an Amazon Store?

To Everyone Upset About Former Clinton Staffers Joining Obama:

From Crappy Commercials to Crappy Christmas Songs

Tampon Crafts for X-Mas (no srsly)

PSA: Feed the birds

How to Pill a Cat

Anybody else concerned about the Bush twins showing Obama's girls around?

Flashback to.....

New PETA ad

JFK-Obama oddities: cover of LIFE, the number 44, perhaps conception itself

The DOW closing below 8000 for first time in 5 1/2 years...

Dog owners - beware of choke chain collars!

Good cop bad cop and too many are too blind to see it

Bush declares tape of racist statements about Obama "Disgusting!"

****Heads Up: President Clinton Now Live To Campaign For Jim Martin****

Anyone here use/used

Home Depot Founder: Retailers Who Don't Support GOP "Should Be Shot"

Anyone here use/used Matcom?

Who wants to make some easy money off our FRiends?

Just got an email for asking for money to defeat Chambliss

City of Portland trying new solar-powered public toilet

Man, you know you're getting old when you call your mom to brag

What are the final Alaska stats in the presidential race?

Bill Clinton in Talks to Smooth Wife's Path to Cabinet

Remember Apparently, it's gone. Does it have a successor?

The OTHER Chuck Hagel.

I find for the Plaintiff, Divorce granted

"From Rosa Parks to Grant Park" - any paper use that line or headline yet?

I am a winner. For real.

Riding on the City of New Orleans

88 year old Glady Hardy: "I love Jesus, but I do take a drink."

How many MPG's does your body get?

Pizza topping question

What's the best resolution for scanning an 8X10 photo?

A geometry problem for the mathletes

Podesta invites us to have a say in our energy and environment policies

DU will be a glurge-fest when christmas draws near

Cheney & Alberto Gonzalez indicted for prison profiteering

Maybe Joe the Saved learned his lesson: Guess where he wasn't?

Backing Waxman - Digby

I feel sort of proud that al Qaida called our new president a 'negro'

Obama Must Sideline Bill Before Making Hillary SoS

DU addicts, ex-addicts, and families of addicts - I need some advice.

Well, this was kind of a pleasant surprise. Nearly debt-free

According to RW radio, the Bush administration began on 9/12/01 and ended on 9/14/08

According to POTUS08 (XMRadio 130) Hillary balks at SOS offer..

No Detroit Bailout -- The shit's gonna hit the fan pretty soon

It's 6 inches long and fuzzy

Preacher who says Obama is a muslim on church bulletin coming up on CNN

They showed Stevens on CNN... all by himself walking down a long hallway.

WARNING: Painfully cute kitteh video.

The answer is "tastes like chicken"

Tell President-Elect Obama: No to Vilsack for Secretary of Agriculture

The roomba kitteh

The roomba kitteh

David Broder: Hillary as SoS would be a mistake

Am I weird?

Post here and I will eat your dinner

Obama transition team announce Lisa Brown as Staff Secretary & Chris Lu as Cabinet Secretary

Poll question: Is Parche Really That Wise?

Shadow died. She got run over.



Is cooking steak with vinegear in the pan ok ?

Burying Political Hatchets...

For those that can use a hump day kitty video

Here We Go

Obama is acting EXACTLY as he said he would, why such drama?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/19/2008)

This is pretty cool - Obama/Biden now have policy teams set up.

Only Time Will Tell

ONE Last Time

(Stephen) Baldwin: 'Obama Comment Was A Joke' (Crap. Looks like he's staying after all.)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/19/08

And in today's news,

Pic Thread! Post someone else's pic!

Hey guys!! Check this out!! My friend's little girl, the one with cancer

Would it be less dangerous of we just cooked cans of gas instead of turkeys?

Obama Makes It Official: Axelrod Will Be Senior Adviser

Remember that woman who called Bush a 'whistleass' in her obituary?

Fukin Brilliant

The Official Democratic Platform... does it mean anything, and a Dem as Sec. of Defense?

Have You Ever Met A Turducken You Didnt Like

Excuse Me, But Tom Daschle Makes Me Gag.

How about Wes Clark for Nat. Security and Richardson for

Well THAT was a really suck-tacular day....


Tell me about it ! Gheesh !!

Haven't seen any turkey discussions yet

My feet hurt.

Lieberman, Daschle, Emanuel, maybe Clinton-a nest of hawks

Obama Throws No Bones to Progressive Base

My Pyrex roasting pan exploded!

I consider myself to be a progressive liberal/liberal progressive....

Will Obama be the first U.S. Prez in 200 years to have to deal with freakin' PIRATES?

Obama's agenda is back up on his president-elect website

Why is David Schuster always on tv?

Where the the new faces, so far?

No, we're never gonna survive

Anybody else here have a roller ball type mouse, I bought one today.

There oughta be a rule

Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State: Why the drama?

Waxman Wins!!

*TiVo alert*- premiering tomorrow night on ABC Family 7 PM

"Only in America"...

Do you refer to yourself in third-person?

BlueDog needs a sordid past

Dancing at the DU Iguana

Thanksgiving Poll without a Poll

What is the vegetarian or vegan equivalent of turducken?

My "conversation" with the douchebag professor.

This made me roll around the floor, just about. Ellen Degeneres and Gladys.

No "bones" for progressives?

i cracked a bone in my foot by being an idiot

I have a MySpace page!

A NEW DEPT for Obamas Cabinet: Bad GOV't Prevention, No Mo Bushie Types

The BIG THREE Automakers are not worth the cost of 12 WEEKS of the war?

Email to Senator Shelby (R-AL). He's my Senator, OK????

Wish me luck

Does Oprah's boyfriend look like Obama's attorney general pick?

Question about the Stephen King book "Duma Key" (MAJOR spoilers)

HBO Documentary "Last Letter Home" video

Wow, Im a GrandMa....I wanna share a story that makes it really special

Hi everyone! What's for dinner tonight?

Ha! My City's response to "Westboro church" coming....

How many movies does this homage appear in?

What's the most sexist musical instrument ever?

Masturducken Is It A Sin?

Somebody kill me. My Pathology term paper is due Tuesday, and I haven't even started it yet.

Statement from Distinguished Senior Fellow Tom Daschle (Health Care Reform '05)

So, my grandma has lung cancer


I met my husband 27 years ago today. In a convenience store.

Okay, let's define "progressive."

TOP CHEF: Unofficial thread

Public Citizen: - -Tracking Obama's Transition Team and Appointments - -

Centrist and Conservative DUers- Let's tell DU which Liberals we think could be Obama's cabinet..

I am off to bed soon. I start cooking Thanksgiving dinner at 4 AM tomorrow!

Are you thinking of the children?

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar

Who is Inviting philboy over for Thanksgiving?

How to help with the Georgia Senate race:

I Can't Fucking Wait Till Obama's Cabinet Is Set

Is this legal?

Half naked man arrested in horse pasture

Now Tweety wants Hillary as SoS. This guy really is bipolar

Obama 67,066,915 McCain 58,421,377 and counting

Match Game Story: "Mrs. Fields cookies have so much sugar, little hyperactive Billy ___ the cat".

Just announced Peter Orszag to be OMB Director

Discussion: Health care workers with tattoos.

20 years in school.

Do you refer to yourself in 3D-person?

Hi all, Update on my Mom, Me, etc...

I need advice on dealing with unwanted visitors without being rude.

Clues for Obama cabinet positions

Resolved: The rich should pay lower taxes, and we should have another surge in Iraq.

Stuff I LIKE about what Obama's done so far

What songs are the best test of a singer's skill?

Wow! Cran-grape juice is teh awesome! Have you guys tried this stuff? nt

Naughty..the lazy ragdoll kitty

Obama should step down and make way for Hillary, Edwards, Richardson, Biden or Kucinich!

Is it Beaucoup or BU-KU?

What is the most misspelled word in the English language?

So I joined facebook...

Obama has Clinton people in his transition team and cabinet?!?!?!?!?

Obama brings Biden cupcakes (WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PIE??)

self delete

I am a woman of many beverages. What are you drinking?

Emanuel throws long and deep

Emanuel throws long and deep

Slick Willy strikes again.

Stevens concedes!

more Gary Busey greatness...

What if the Matrix ran on Windows XP?


whenever i hear 'The End' by the Doors, i can't wait for it to end.

The all time greatest Oxymoron has to be

I do so love Pandora.

A speck of blue in UTAH!!!!!!

A speck of blue in UTAH!!!!!!

Post Here And DUstrange Will Sing To You

Is there something strangely sensual about Paula Dean preparing a Turducken?

I'm trying to persuade a friend of mine to report his co-workers

BREAKING: Paulson to Stay in Administration as Head Chef

Time Magazine cover November 24, 2008.

Obama, congress will probably repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in a year

59 PLUS ONE... We've got to go all out to get rid of Saxby Chamblis..we are fourth and inches!!

Now I get it.

Axelrod, Brown, Craig, Lu-Some brief bios:

Vampira died this year and I had no idea

I'm empowered ........

Charlie FUKING Gibson NOT in the tank for Obama

I'm going to Dunkin Donuts

Why is she smiling at the music system like that? Thank god no one does jello molds anymore.

How many brazilians does it take to make a bag of coffee?

Good news for PUMA's: Hillary can now legitimately claim she's more popular than Jesus Christ!

The New PUMAs:


4,000 more votes--and Missouri would have been ours.

My 9 year old son just informed us that the children who voted in

Quote of the Day: Eric Holder, 2004

Quote of the Day: Eric Holder, 2004

IA-Sen, IA-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

I want my fucking life back

Single-payer/Universal health care will NOT "hurt" the small business owners.

Don't stress about the Franken recount - He WILL Win because..

Executive Order Not Posted Yesterday when my Wife was on but found tonight

Al Franken is on to pace to end up winning the recount by 13 votes

Franken doing very well in St. Paul, MN. Franken has gained 11 and Coleman lost 2

Most Americans back Clinton as Secretary of State (Gallup)

Huh? What's the deal with Musgrave? Why won't she concede?

Seriously, did any congressman ask any of the auto guys this afternoon what their total income was?

Gay freshman congressman Polis arrives in Washington

Why isn't Holder progressive?

Napolitano is NOT a progressive Godess storm trooper and loves the DLC!

Exciting things going on for better national health care!!

Ethics complaint filed against Palin

If McCain won, Zawahiri would have had a better case to make. With Obama, he's really reaching

We Give the President a Four Year Term

Star Tribune - Recount: Coleman’s lead shrinks by nearly 20 percent

Bipartisan harmony brought us: The Iraq war, the Patriot Act, John Roberts as Supreme Court judge...

I Don't Think Disunity Is A Good Thing, O.K.?

Have You Read The Audacity of Hope

I took my brother to a job interview today...

Letterman's opener: "It's so cold that I'm shaking like Sarah Palin taking a geography exam"...

What does "centrist" mean? Only in the last two decades or so

How To Keep Progressives Out

CNN Breaking News: Auto Bailout Vote Cancelled

Tattoos? Yes? No? Why or not? For men, for women? WHAT?

What is CNN talking about? Reid creating a new position for Hillary?

Is the Lieberman thing the END of the betrayals?

What are you a fan of?

What the fuck is wrong with this country?

BREAKING: Gates to stay on as SofDEFENSE and Paulson at Treasury

To all you Lieberman haters- the general election is over, get over it.

Photos: "15 MORE Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped"

Loungers: what's up next in your Netflix Queue?

Have you ever met a person...

All right. You win the mega-million-beaucoup-bucks lottery. What do you do?

Hillary Clinton's Fix (Constitution may bar Hillary as SOS)

CNN REPORTS: Howard Kurtz pissed at Obama; Way too much Obamamania all over the Land!

Anyone watching 'The Shield' this season?

Just posting to celebrate my 40,000 Post!

Okay, are there going to be only conservative Dems and Repubs in Obama's staff and cabinet?

Senate offers Clinton new options

Did Adolf Hitler really commit suicide?

It's hard to catch baby mice.

A question for married people or those in long term relationships...

What's the sexiest musical instrument ever?

FACT: DU has never existed during a Democratic Presidency.....

Hey, RACISTS of America! You're either with us or against us!

Daschle Pick A Clear Sign That Obama Will Attempt Ambitious Health Care Reform

OhmiBod - an iPod powered personal massager

Same sex marriage and Polygamy

Ted Stevens is CONCEITED!!

WE DID IT!! Thomcat will get his computer on the 29th.

The "Stupid Party" Just Elected My A-Hole Congressman As Chair of the NRCC

Quick question: Has an incumbent President ever been challenged in the Primarys after 4 years?

Looks like AP is finally calling Missouri for McCain :(

David Ignatius: "This Hillary Drama is a Self-Inflicted Wound for Obama"

What Kind of EPA Head Would RFK Jr. Be?

Leak Wars shows that Obama Team is facing reality of Business as Usual in D.C

* TOON: President Obama Ends Torture in America *

Can I get some vibes and stuff for my mom's sick kitten, please?

What would be your new DU handle if Skinner gives out another amnesty?

CNN: Penny Pritzker is going to be Commerce Secretary

Quote: "By today's standards, Richard Nixon governed as a Moderate Liberal".

If Hillary becomes SOS, I do not want Nydia Velazquez as N.Y. Senator

Starting to look like progressives will be left out in the cold again

Are you lazy and if so how lazy, any personal bests?

Obama posts campaign pledges on LGBT rights

Tell me about this domestic suppression army Obama is building?

(R)asmussen Georgia Senate Poll: Chambliss 50 %(+2), Martin 46%(+3)

Now THIS is the Bill Clinton I know and love.

I am not entirely sure the old labels of left and right even work anymore

I think Skinner should be Secretary of State

Boycott People Mag! They did NOT choose Obama for "Sexiest Man Alive"

What does the word "Discussion" mean to you people??????

Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security...

DUers!!! I need your help for Thom. It's advice, not money...

You know you want to go!

Obama Commits U.S. to Climate Talks (woohoo!)

Daschle to Take Health Care Czar, HHS Position

What celebrity would you bring back from the dead if you could?

Please read Michael Moore's opinion about the bailout. Remember, GM was the subject of his first mov

Hey guys.... Holder and Emanuel ARE liberals... and Hillary's a centrist

Favorite catchphrase

Obama Throws No Bones to Progressive Base

I will restate my prediction that Franken will win the recount

Excellent John Nichols editorial: The Doctor who Cured the Democratic Party

I was too young to remember the early 90s, so just wondering...

Kucinich's primary showing does NOT mean that there aren't many progressives in the party.

Does anyone here at DU still embrace the term "liberal"?

Why are some people here STILL trying to silence progressive dissent?

Happy Birthday Vice President Elect, Joe Biden!

Media, news, and rumors. A great article by the New York Observer, which relates

anybody got a link to that red vs. blue state article I'm looking for?

Beyoncé Offers To Perform For Barack Obama's Inauguration

What's a good position for George Voinovich?

The Change I was hoping for: Samantha Power as SOS

Best resignation letter you'll see in your lifetime

Cool Obama is Just Like Us Photo Spread NY Daily News

Obama sometimes makes me feel petty...


Michele Bachmann calls anti-American comments an "urban legend"

Kerry expected to get top foreign affairs panel post

Sen. Clinton weighing secretary of state post

Did any of you see Chris Matthews on Jay Leno last night?

Is there any logical reason to believe that the recount will go Franken's way?

"Washington Whispers": Buzz positive for Hillary

Hillary as Secretary of State will finally put Bill to Bed

Clinton is a good SoS choice. Daschle is a bad HHS choice.

I Can't Fucking Wait Till Hillary Is Secretary Of State

These are a few things in which I believe:

So, who applied for a White House job?

Isn't this push for the Big 3 to file bankruptcy just a way to bust the auto unions?

Progressive disappointment in Daschle is Misguided & Unwarranted....

A Black man from Hyde Park is elected president and the "progressives" aren't happy..WAA WAA WAA

I don't think Bill or Hillary or Barack REALLY want her to be Secretary of State

Obama should stop appointing people from the Clinton administration

Franken recount numbers live ....

Folks, there *IS* a difference between being a progressive and liberal. Don't confuse the two!

Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?

Strong quake strikes Panama, no damage reported

Please delete - dupe

Cocaine users are destroying the rainforest - at 4m squared a gram

Housing starts fall to record-low level in October (lowest since WWII)

Al-Qaeda No. 2 calls Obama derogatory term

Women Prisoners Fight Fires

Bank CEO who took bailout opposes aid for automakers

Company bankruptcy puts rebates at risk

New version of DLC rears its ugly head.

Bush daughters give White House tour to Obama daughters

Consumer Prices Fall by Record Amount

Raided factory, workers make deal on owed OT

Hate crimes surge in US after Obama election: experts

NBC: Daschle to be Obama's HHS Secretary

Home Depot: Where politicaly sanctioned murder is just the beginning

Housing starts fall by 4.5 percent in October to lowest level since 1959

Russia moves closer to longer presidential terms

Arkansas takes 21 children from Tony Alamo Christian Ministries compound into protective custody

Japan, Australia agree on diplomacy to solve whaling row

Patterson calls Romney's bankruptcy idea 'way off base'

Optimism Grows Among Experts That Obama Will Act Quickly On Health Care

Optimism Grows Among Experts That Obama Will Act Quickly On Health Care

Factories shut as crisis hits China

Stem cells restore hearing, vision in animals

Sen. Clinton weighing secretary of state post

Sources: Obama picks Daschle to head HHS

Book removed from Round Rock middle school libraries

Representatives from seven countries sign declaration on climate change

Marine denied recognition because of how he died

Prop. 8 gay marriage ban goes to Supreme Court

EPA Moves to Ease Air Rules for National Parks and Wilderness Areas

Suspected US missile strikes deep inside Pakistan

Officials report US missile strike in Pakistan

Israel says will boycott U.N. forum on racism

Morales Says U.S. Shouldn't Grade Countries on Anti-Drug Fight

Syrian site 'resembled reactor'

Suspected US missile strikes deep inside Pakistan

Obama talks with UN chief plus Colombian, African leaders

Military recruitment seen rising amid job woes

Report: 91 trade unionists killed in 2007

Bush looking for help on his last APEC summit

Brazil uses radar to protect isolated tribes

US will withdraw troops if Iraq does not sign security deal

SolarWorld offers euro1B for Adam Opel's assets (German GM subsidiary)

Obama Taps Daschle for HHS (Health and Human Services secretary)

Illinois governor makes calls to hopefuls for Obama’s Senate seat

Dow Closes Under 8,000

USDA Panel Approves First Rules For Labeling Farmed Fish

Report: Economy is sickening U.S. hospitals

Inmate says jailer sought McCain vote

U.S. probing Golden West lending, sale: prosecutor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 19

Dead San Diego Marine again denied Medal of Honor

Walnut Creek woman charged with holding Peruvian nanny as indentured servant

Unions sure organizing bill will pass

Finger-Pointing Begins As Senate Nixes Auto Vote

Minn. Senate race could hinge on scanning machine mistakes

Palin publicity blitz: No signs of slowing (New Ethics Complaint)

Denton (Texas) jailer told inmate he'd go free if he voted for McCain

Obama taps Stanford professors, Google exec to lead policy advisory teams

Colombia warns on US trade deal

Europe Eyeing US Auto Industry Aid

McCain wins Missouri in close race against Obama (final EV: Obama 365 McCain 173)

Democrats: Clinton to help Hillary get State job

Arraignment Set for Cheney, Gonzales in Prisoner Abuse Case

NYC's Triborough Bridge Renamed for Robert F. Kennedy

Mormons to get 'South Park' treatment

Violent nationalism blights Turkey

Franken granted access to data on rejected ballots

IAEA, Iran in silent standoff over nuclear probe

Mayor Sorry for Kids' Obama Chant, Pens Editorial

Al-Qaida No. 2 insults Obama in new audio message

I painted a portrait of Obama, anyone want to see it?

Big Three auto CEOs flew private jets to ask for taxpayer money

Franken's deficit dips below 200 on Day One of Minnesota's U.S. Senate recount

New York Police Fight U.S. Over Eavesdropping

Stevens concedes Alaska Senate race

Barack Obama's top choice for secretary of homeland security is Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano

PC Magazine Goes Out of Print

Pelosi, Reid Retain Leadership Posts

Consumer prices in record decline

Insurers Make Pitch For Health Coverage Mandate

Ted Kennedy asks Hillary Clinton to head Senate healthcare team

Obama T-shirt earns middle school teacher a trip to principal's office

For men who pay for sex with trafficked women, ignorance is no longer a defence

State Supreme Court to hear challenges to Prop. 8

Bolivia's Morales says U.S. DEA bugged his phone


India 'sinks Somali pirate ship'

Hey, at least Obama's said nice things about libraries & librarians. That's something.

A Sea of Unwanted Imports

Obama Makes His GOP Cabinet Choice: Barney the Dog

Despite Economy, Obama Vows to Press Green Agenda; "a President who understands the fierce urgency"

Advice for Obama from Gene Lyons

Can Lincoln's playbook help Obama in the years ahead? "Comparisons are eerily similar."

"And you know WHY we're going bankrupt?"

Roubini: Worst U.S. Recession in 50 Years

"Team of Rivals" (Dem) v. Team of Losers (GOP)

Caption Fun with Bush

Eulogies for Ted Stevens, Who Isn’t Asking for a Pardon?

Pass the Colombian Trade Pact

"Election protection in Ohio (and America) isn't over" by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

The Attorney General of Rollback: Eric Holder is "the anti-Gonzales."

Santorum Concedes in Voter Fraud Question

Paulson Warns TARP Isn't `Panacea' for Economy Ills

Barack Obama’s Change Administration Full of Old Faces

"Robert Gates: As Bad as Rumsfeld?" by Ray McGovern (11-19-08 Consortium News)

(lost in space)Lost tool bag forces changes to planned spacewalks

Hungry in Zimbabwe: If you rest, you starve

Democrats Could Gain Southern Senators in 2010

Clive Crook: Hillary Clinton as secretary of state

Dollars & Sense: Crisis and Neoliberal Capitalism

US' poison is India's pudding

Dr. J.'s Commentary: Why the Republicans Want to Kill GM

Retailers Who Don't Support GOP Should Be Shot

Mike Tells It Like It Is ! GM Ford Forget About It !

Big 3 Come PRIVATE JETS - Plants Close, Jets Stay

Depression 2009: What would it look like?

Begala on What Obama's Reading

Why al-Zawahiri is Completely Out of Touch With His 'House Negro' Remark

The view from Terre Haute: 'Doing God’s will by banning gay marriages in city hall'

The Trouble with Eric Holder

Will Iowa Destroy the Republican Party, or Become Irrelevant?

Getting Through the Coming Depression

Media Matters: Barbara Walters thinks Rush Limbaugh is "fascinating"

Al Qaeda Insults Obama: 'He DOESN’T Pal Around with Terrorists'

Kucinich: Calls on Obama for Change

Why Liberals are Not Libertarians

ChangeDotGov: Inside the Transition: Energy & Environment Policy Team

Hemp and the Rule of Law

Mrs Palinson

On the View - Huckabee: Gays Haven't Crossed 'Civil Rights' Violence Threshold

Shepard Smith Goes Nuclear Over Viewer's Email

Larry Flynt - The First Amendment

Join the Impact | Prop 8 Protest | San Jose, CA

Cheney and Gonzalez Indicted!

Raging Grannies | Mountain View, CA Prop 8 Protest

Ted Stevens to VECO Exec "NO ONE can tell you you spent too much money!"

Bush on holiday travel: Will it be It's A Wonderful Life or The Nightmare Before Christmas? Heh Heh!

Mikulski reads Obama's resignation letter on Senate floor

Glenn Beck: hating 9/11 Casualties' Families & Katrina Victims - FOX's New Boy!

CBS News Special: Watergate Transcripts Released (1974)

Rick Sanchez plumbs the depth of religious racist ignorance - finds no bottom

"You can never erase those words" Trailer for "Milk" with Sean Penn

Election Day Voices in Grant Park

"Delicious Irony" of Luxury Jets Flying In to Beg For Money

Dick Cheney Indicted for Organized Crime by Texas Grand Jury

Marcia Fudge Swearing-in (Tubbs Jones' Seat)

Ted Stevens Defeated

Rush Limbaugh thinks you should work till you die

Nov. 4th-Kristol predicts Stevens and McCain WINS! (00:40)

Hitchens on 'Hardball': Hillary as Secretary of State a "ludicrous embarrassment"

Paying For Alberto's Attorney

Dennis Kucinich on Fox Business 11-18-2008

Bachmann says her statements about Obama are an urban legend

What Happens If The Domestic Auto Industry Collapses? The Hard Facts

Japanese Whaling Ships depart for Antarctica - CNN reports

TYT: Focus On The Family Group Losing Focus On Their Own Family

Bush snubbed at G-20 summit

Bay Buchanan: We are a center-right country. That's why it's going to be very difficult for Obama.

Soldier’s wife charged in deadly fire

Mullen: Exit dates in Iraq deal not a problem

82nd brigade prepares for Iraq deployment

U.S. says it fired at insurgents in Pakistan

Mullen warns of training gaps, lack of balance

3 services plan to buy electric cars

As Iraq improves, so do recruiting numbers

Judge tells lawyers in Dix case to move along

Soldier investigated for video of fighting kids

VA mileage reimbursement jumps to 41.5 cents

Banned firms got new U.S. contracts in Iraq

Lieberman will keep Homeland Security chair

VA plans for wave of new GI Bill claims

Somali pirates hijack Thai fishing boat

Albany back from 7-month deployment

Meningitis confirmed in mid’s death

Former sailor killed in Iraq helicopter crash

Court to consider ex-SEAL trainee confession

Coast Guard expands biometrics program

(Army Times) Opinion: Insulting headline

Marine deserter fighting extradition

Reserve MP unit activated for Iraq

Stuck in Bahrain, Marines able to keep busy

Murtha argues for immunity from lawsuit

Kennedy: Injecting Mercury Into Children LITERALLY Poisoned an Entire Generation

(Army Times) Editorial: Let the competition begin

Maintainers meet for A-10 repair lesson

Predator crash blamed on electrical short

Airman convicted, sentenced for desertion


Joint Chiefs head says war stresses may be growing

A man for all faiths

Panel: Military to face tough budget cuts

Get packing: Mailing holiday gifts starts now

Navy explores alternatives for clean water near Naples

Afghan border success may mean more fighting

Navy opens base homes to single civilians

F-16 retired after logging 7,200 flight hours

Ombudsman: Reporting on protests can be tricky business

US in 'Cold War Mode' in Africa

Bullying Barack on MIssile Defense

Here's the Stars and Stripes mailbag for 11.18.2008

Overseas ballots may arrive late for Ga. runoff

Iraqis Demonstrate in Favor of US Pact

Navy Introduces Paternity Leave Policy

Chairman: Serious Debate on Security

Army Expects to 'Blind Enemy' With Weapon

Grand Isle First to Receive New Toy

Somali pirates seize 7th ship in 12 days

Father of Cole victim sues over Lejeune car ban

Google Spies On NON-Google Emails - THIS WILL SCARE THE @$&% OUT OF YOU!

Israel spurns UN plea to ease Gaza blockade

The price of resisting the occupation in Israel: "leftists aren't allowed..."

Foreign Reporters’ Group Fights Israeli Prohibition on Entering Gaza

Obama Calls Palestinian Leader, Says Peace Vital

No Signs of Change in Obama's Middle East Policies

Latest poll gives Likud big edge over Kadima

Israel says will boycott U.N. forum on racism

ZOA, Israeli rabbis press for Pollard pardon

DOE Hits 50 Percent Milestone on Road to Commercial Zero-Energy Buildings

China to close 6,000 coal mines in safety push - Guardian

EPA to finalize rules to allow more air pollution despite outcry from 10 EPA administrators

Waxman for Chair of Energy and Commerce Committee...

New York Power Authority Requests Information for Purchases of Solar Power (for MTA)

GridPoint to Manage Wind Power (NaS) Battery Storage

Scientists Plead With Gordon Brown To Honor Funding Promises For Earth, Environment Observation

NOAA - Combined Land, Ocean Average Global Temperature In October 2nd-Warmest Since 1880

30 Homes Destroyed, 4,000 Damaged As Worst Storm In 25 Years Smacks Brisbane - AFP

EU agrees cod stocks rescue plans - BBC

Oklahoma poised to become renewable energy leader

An idea for old newspaper...

NRDC: Bush unleashes final attacks on environment

UMaine Presque Isle to install (600 kW) wind turbine

The Solar Bus goes to Bonnaroo (video)

As Recession Looms, China Quietly Abandons Efforts On Environmental Protection - WP

Friend of Coal becomes it's victim

Independent UK: Obama brings US in from the cold

Study Shows KS Groundwater Taking On CO2 At Rate 100X That Of Increase In Atmosphere

TYT Rant: Harry Reid Comes With His WeakSauce, Again

Russia to build nuclear reactor for Chávez - Guardian

Ford: Fusion, Milan hybrids beat Camry hybrid in mpg

Croc Numbers Collapsing In N. Australia - Invasive Cane Toads Lethal Meal For Reptiles

Scientists discover long-lost Furby-look-alike (CNN) {pygmy tarsier, thought extinct}

Prophesy of economic collapse 'coming true' (NewScientist)

EU Lawmaker Calls For Farmers To Intersperse Crops With Flowering Plants To Aid Bees - Reuters

Coming to a store near you: chainless bicycles (AP/CNN)

Vaclav Smil: Moore’s Curse and the Great Energy Delusion

Atheist runs rings around Faux News Spokesface

30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011


Stores bracing for booming holiday season

Dow closes under 8,000

Treasury Denounced Over Bailout

In ways large and small, Washington coddles rich

it looks like I'll lose everything soon, how should I time it so I qualify for a bailout?

Full Metal Coffin

7 Key Points About Deflation

Little-noticed tax change hands billions more to banks

Thank god it passed, huh?

"growing concern that commercial real estate is going to be another tripping point in the economy"

Store Closings - now and later - Merry Christmas?

US consumer prices in record fall (BBC)

The two big words... deflation and depression

Would you invest in one of the Automakers right now?

There is now little doubt this is the biggest financial crisis since the depression

Question for DU Stock Market Wizards

Today in labor history Nov 19 Executed in Utah on what many believe was a framed charge of murder

LA Times: Wages aren't keeping up with increased labor productivity

Senator Stabenow: Save The Auto Industry - Somebody Has To Make Something In America

NY Economist Says Changing Economy Calls For More Worker Involvement

Employee Free Choice Act restores worker protections

Starbucks Union Demands Pay for Fellow Barista

Fear of Gay Marriage

Prop. 8's Legal Question

Another highly OFFENSIVE, anti-gay editorial.

Recall specter hangs over high court as it considers Prop. 8 challenges

Heads up - the initial Prop. 8 ruling may come today.

LGBT High School Scrapped

Looks like Rex Wockner and I are on the same wavelength.

Gay-Straight Alliance seeks equality at East

City of San Diego joins in to stop Prop. 8

Three things you can do to show your support for marriage equality

eHarmony gets with the program, permits same-sex matches

Obama names 7 gays to transition team

California Supremes to hear challenge of Prop 8

11/20/2008 is the 9th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance

Hillsborough County's (Tampa) first openly gay commissioner sworn in

Is it possible to get GLBT turned into a Group, instead of a Topic Forum?

Uribe's human rights legacy?

Venezuela Sends Honduras Farm Tools

What's Driving El Salvador's Left Turn?

Morales Says U.S. Shouldn't Grade Countries on Anti-Drug Fight

Report: 91 trade unionists killed in 2007

Bolivia's Morales says U.S. DEA bugged his phone

I know who could help with the bailouts.

Is it going to be my year?

Any web sites where you really can get free live espn?

This should be good......Jets vs Titans......

Massachusetts to Cut Mental Health Services

Rainfall and your RDA for mercury

Use of Antipsychotics in Children Is Criticized

Ugh. Poor ThomCat. If there's anyone here who can help with this situation...

Anybody got a vibe about the Big 3 automakers?

Karen Bishop has a new posting on "Stepping Into the New Reality."

Granville Island birds (LOTS of birds)

Congratulations, Mark Begich!



Note this posting in GD:

NPR debate- Do Guns Reduce Crime?

Sharing the world's best pecan pie recipe (just in time for Thanksgiving)

Which of these scenarios seems most plausible?

No fear: Activist Priest unbowed by excommunication threat

[Music Video] Dear God - XTC

Book Recommendation: The Moral Atheist


The Dead Tell a Tale China Doesn’t Care to Listen To

Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious, Nearby Object

Tunnelling nanotubes: Life's secret network

Scientists map DNA of wooly mammoth (CNN)

A teen in Wisconsin survived rabies. Has an animal ever survived rabies?

Live blog from the State Board of Education hearings tonight!!!

Book removed from Round Rock middle school libraries

I'm Fed Up with NewEgg ...

New Harper lawyer once represented Mulroney

Boycott ABC for continuing to force drug abuser, criminal, racist Rush Limbaugh down our throats.

Sens Kerry & Schumer submit bill to help Small Business

AP: McCain returns to Senate, is welcomed by Kerry

OT: DKos thread about lawyers, Eric Holder, and workplace environment.

Kerry expected to get top foreign affairs panel post

Yes! Yes! Yes! Kerry dropped the rail bill today!

Barack Obama to visit Watford?

gableman Says Judicial Candidates Shouldn't Be Restricted