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If it’s Sunday, it’s still conservative.

How and why did Harry Reid get selected as majority leader?

Push for Alaska senator to resign (Gov Heineman R-Ne) is unheeded looks a little different now...

Wow, Jon Meacham's "American Lion" is a great read

Wow, Jon Meacham's "American Lion" is a great read

Here's a fascinating explanation of Proposition 8 against gays

Sobering news out of Santa Barbara:

Prop 8 Protest: Pics from San Francisco, CA

Happy Birthday Georgia

8pm CST on a Saturday, and neither CNN or MSNBC has news on about the CA fires.

Guardian article on how CIA provides "advice" to Hollywood film producers

Please join me in writing to C-Span

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV propaganda shows:

Taliban "Robin Hood" distributes NATO booty to the poor.


McClatchy: Why has U.S. allowed Taliban 'free rein' in Pakistan?

The World is Indeed Ending

Looks like the AP reads DU...

ugh. Dorgan on FN Sunday: Lieberman great guy, friend of mine

Memo reveals Mormons had anti-gay marriage "strategy" since 1997

Stupid may be "out", but ignorance still abounds

Los Angeles Times: Catastrophic fires blaze a path of destruction through Southland

How we spent our Saturday afternoon

Edible Economic Indicators: Spam, Beer Sales Rise

Russia’s Medvedev Makes Overture to Obama

Let's break up the Yes on 8 coalition with the "Utah Marriage Amendment"

Marty Peretz's assistant is the latest to be elected spokesperson for the Moderate Americans

Chimpy: Goodbye to you.

Chimpy: Goodbye to you.

‘The US has no intention to leave Iraq completely’ any time soon

California bans gay marriage then burns to ground

Prop 8 TOON!

Ejected at '04 Convention, a Protester Gets $55,000

The Silent Change to Section 382

Why is Mrs. Greenspan on my TV?

Well now. . .didn't Jesus have two daddies?

In Va., a Powerful and Polarizing Pastor

Legal battle over forest is victory for Paraguayan Indians

Gulf stocks plunge further as G20 fails to halt panic

The End of American Exceptionalism - what no President will acknowledge

Thank god Sarah isn't from Mississippi

Albinos butchered by witch-doctors

One more good non-revenge reason Lieberman should not keep his chair.

Saturday Night Live - Think they were pissed off about Prop 8 passing?

Barry Blitt: The GOP in 200i8

Dumb question but I can't find the info on Prop 8.

A Poll Only For Those Who Have Ever Been Laid Off

High-larious Prop 8 quote by Jason Linkins on HuffPost:

Iraq cabinet backs US troops deal

It is now more representative of 20th-century South Africa during apartheid than 21st-century Americ

Obama needs to overcome an addiction

Whoa! The Prop 8 supporters have made the wrong person mad....

Bill Clinton to campaign for Martin in Georgia

Anybody Here Old Enough To Remember The Briggs Initiative ???

Amtrak ridership rise a good sign for transportation future

"Our economy is based on credit."

Sign in here if you're out of a job come January.

Hey California Fire people, how's it looking this morning?

Neil Young, Huffington Post: "How To Save A Major Automobile Company"

of special interest of Wash. State and surround ( & the rest of us)

This is so funny... Joe Lieberman should have to sing You Spin me round (like a record)

Berlin Opposes Special Treatment for Struggling General Motors

Blitzer was interviewing a repub lady...

My local paper ignored the Prop 8 rally here yesterday

Joe Lieberman: Good American or Great American?

January 19th 2009 is MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY

Hawaii friends, former co-workers remember Madelyn Dunham

Please email your Democratic Senator(s) today and ask them to remove Lieberman's Chairmanship(s)

Please email your Democratic Senator(s) today and ask them to remove Lieberman's Chairmanship(s)

How about some good jokes???

Gore for Energy.

Instant runoff voting: interesting website

The global auto industry is finished

A good use for the thousands of posts you've written on DU.

Hannity looks like... (Am I alone?)

Don't give up, give time! Instead of just demonstrating against Prop 8,

Deutsche Post Announces Mass Layoffs at US Subsidiary:DHL

EnJoy this cuteness! Almost as cute as The Puppy Bowl!

Interesting layoff list for Califonia. Better idea than a Friday pinkslip.

Torturing Democracy

A massive 7.5-magnitude earthquake has struck eastern Indonesia

President Obama may appoint 3 to 4 Supreme Court judges...

What I don't get about prop 8.

"Mad Man" Terry McAuliffe Plans on Running for Gov of Virginia

Salt Lake City Prop 8 rally photos (MAJOR Dial-up warning)

WTF ! Is anyone able to comment on this ?

Local veteran still fighting to get social security

Just heard on NPR 5:00 a.m. ET US - bu$hit writing in stone with Iraqi gov't to keep troops in Iraq

This man was elected for the same reason O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder ...

Alaska's dropout rate double US average

About Lieberman

Remember the Movie Recount?

Vets for Peace occupying Natl Archives - LIVE STREAM 2 pm EST TODAY

Al Franken to visit with Senate leaders in D.C. this Tuesday

That is the coolest finale to a DU fundraiser ever!

Newsweek: "Pardon Me? Don’t Bet On It." (Requests come in for last-minute pardons from Bush)

another "changing my mind on gay marriage"

Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND): Lieberman actions not acceptable for chairmanship

Lose the BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe

Get Real: the reason Lieberman doesn't deserve chair is not because he endorsed a candidate.

Wikileaks! Homeland Security and Emergency Management: 2008 Republican National Convention

Repubs are so "anti-union" that they would cut off their nose to spite their face.

Recount Expected in Alaska Senate Race, Even After Winner Declared

Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show: UNCUT!

Photos I took from yesterday's gay rights rally in Ft. Lauderdale

Shiba-Inu pups are up..and playing with someone outside the crate.

I'm feeling more and more socialistic with each passing day.

More examples of federal prosecutors manipulating justice secretly. Judge complains on this...

Ford Focus Hybrid Pace Car at the final NASCAR race today...

Tell me the difference again??

Chambliss Refusing to Speak in Imperial Sugar Case

GM introduced a family sedan that got 80 mpg average in 2000..

FEMA Pays to Clear Waterways of Debris From Katrina, Not Gustav (NOLA)

How about an employee owned car company? Worthy of a bailout?

Wes Clark: What’s Good for G.M. Is Good for the Army

How To Save A Major Automobile Company

It's funny how politics can sneak into children's cartoons in a really funny way.

What’s Good for G.M. Is Good for the Army By WESLEY K. CLARK

Predictable Disaster of George W. Bush

Hannah's Choice: Saying No To A New Heart

Assisted living for $1,100 a month

Frank Rich nails it again - two thumbs up for the GOP cockfight

Obama Picks Rep. Henry Waxman's Longtime House Investigator to Head WH Legislative Affairs Office

Hey! What's up with the Republicans?

A marriage of convenience

"Where's the love? I never knew Detroit was a dirty word" -- Susan Tompor, DFP columnist

U.S. Task Force Found Few Iranian Arms in Iraq

Good Luck Mr Obama

Republicon economics drags more people into Bankruptcy

Republicon economics drags more people into Bankruptcy

I need advice.. about a new car purchase

Senator Shelby - How much does Alabma get back in Federal dollars each year?

Senator Shelby - How much does Alabma get back in Federal dollars each year?

St. Louis Jewish Light: Disparity in polling place waits could have been prevented, critics say

CSpan - Democratic Caucus Vice Chair, John Larson Ct,

John Bolton Grilled On BBC...

This Little Boy is an Inspiration.

"Thinning the Herd"

Gregory B. Craig, who served as Clinton's lead attorney during impeachment picked for WH counsel

What picture best describes Bush's biggest FAIL?

Looking for funny graphics for the Chicken Little, doomsday Republicans....

A trhought about Prop 8 just hit me. If it had -failed-, I bet the Dobson types would be


Chambliss: My 2002 Attack Ad On Cleland Was ‘Truthful In Every Way’»

Giuliani Considering Governor Of New York Run ("I'll think about it")

Giuliani Considering Governor Of New York Run ("I'll think about it")

"Thinning the Herd"

An automotive technology that merits consideration

DKos: Evolution of a Credit Default Swap

Environmentalists Slam Bush's Departing Proposal As "Fire Sale" For Oil And Gas Industry

Dick Cavett's article on Sarah Palin...

The weekly tv variety show (60's) format returns! (John Mayer to host)

Deregulation..Part 2: Hiding The Ball

Oh, my gosh, Andrew Halcro has the "moran guy" picture on his blog!

Predictable Disaster Of George W. Bush (Robert Parry)

"Automakers need higher gas prices" -- Nolan fucking Finley, Detroit News columnist

Salvador Archbishop Nixes Probe of Killed Jesuits

The Story of Stuff...a lesson for everyone

This Will Not Help Saxby Chambliss in the GA Run-Off

Orange County fire update - 168 homes burned, 0% contained

hatch open!

Remember at this moment of triumph the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

No "Individual" is Owed a Cabinet Post, but...

MarketWatch: Fidelity to cut 1,700 jobs early next year

Barack & MIchelle Obama on 60 Minutes -- just started. n/t

Zell Miller, still a bee-yotch for the Right.....

(D) Sen. Dorgon says NO to Lieberman keeping his chair

(D) Sen. Dorgon says NO to Lieberman keeping his chair

and then there's this: "PBGC Chief Questioned on Investment Practices"

"What the critics of an auto bailout don't get" -- Ron Dzwonkowski, DFP columnist

30 years after, the legacy of Jonestown (by Tim Reiterman, reporter who survived the massacre)

Now that we are talking about gay marriage and polygamy between consenting adults,

Data dive set to continue: Housing starts may be worst since 1940s, deflation also expected

The Steeler v Chargers game is over... 60 Minutes is up in a few

The Repukes will not recover until a "Sister Souljah" moment, when they condemn Rush/Hannity.

Leaked: Obama to-do list.

So, I was watching "Soylent Green" last night (sorry, long)

Now THIS is a PRESIDENT we can be proud of

If you like "The Boss" turn to NBC right about now....

Badass Democrats in History... Vol 1.... Harry Truman goes after his daughter's critic....

Obama Grabs News Headlines in the Americas - November 5, 2008

"Thinning the Herd"

After Midnight..........Leonids

How could the man who 'raped' me be cleared because he was sleepwalking?

Support Veterans with Severe Combat-Related Injuries E action


Summers may be off of Treasury short list!

Haha hilarious Paul Begala story

In 2006 With Recession Looming, Bush Tells America To ‘Go Shopping More’ - Watch it

Cops have tough time finding sober driver for boy

Would you like an "official" DU real time chat room?

What Did The G-20 Summit Accomplish? by John Ydstie NPR News

Bill Clinton backs wife Hillary for secretary of state role

He Told Us to Go Shopping. Now the Bill Is Due.

You know .... some companies actually die of natural causes. DHL is probably one.

Between GM and the UAW, they can't hold out for a few months?

Caption this. No, seriously.

Kissinger Says Clinton Will Be `Outstanding' Secretary of State

Piper Palin's Sassiest Moments (HuffPo)

Does the existence of bisexuality make polyamory/polygamy a human rights issue?

On what topic might a Free Republic thread and a Democratic Underground thread read similar?

Bask with me in the WIPING out of a right wing party in Vancouver

A typical response to a question about American cars on DU

WAAAAAAH - Wall Street Cat Sits on 4 Boards - Busted for Lying About Wharton MBA

Fumesucker's conjecture: In society, responsibility varies inversely proportional to power.

SHOCKING RUMOR!!!! Obama transition leak!

AMD sets ATI Radeon owners on the fast track

Am I the only person that is very excited about the new Chevy Volt?

1.99 /Gallon

"We Are ALL Flint, MI Now!"........How China will Buy Out General Moters!

"We Are ALL Flint, MI Now!"........How China will Buy Out General Moters!

Showdown looming in Congress of automaker rescue

Strapped patients skip meds at own peril

Bush Could Pardon Spies Involved in Torture

Did the NRA conspire to stimulate gun sales? Wallet cards in the NRA magazine

Any good books to read lately?

Elizabeth Warren will be on the bailout oversight board.

More illiterate angry Repubs making dumb-ass comments. :^)

Facebook DU Chatroom UPDATE

Peter Werbe's live Nightcall comes from Detroit at 11pm ET. This is a night to listen in.

Peter Werbe's live Nightcall comes from Detroit at 11pm ET. This is a night to listen in.

Peter Werbe's live Nightcall comes from Detroit at 11pm ET. This is a night to listen in.

What are you reading?

Whats up with the 3 remaining senate races

Masterpiece on PBS tonight - Filth

33% eat food past expiration date (Parade Magazine-What America Really Eats)

Rep Jim Clyburn's Daughter on Obama's Short List for Head of FCC

Friedman,no wonder he wants people to go shopping.

Can these people be trusted with $25 billion?

I have to have my barber flown to an undisclosed location..

What happens to my Fathers GM pension?

I can tell you from the here in MA - the first state legalized Gay Marriage - it is transforming

Anybody watching the JFK special on Discovery now?

Union problem for Obama: Employee Free Choice Act could alienate business in crucial economic time

W. Virginia town shrugs at poorest health ranking

Goldman CEO, 6 others forgo 2008 bonuses

LOL Obama: "This One!"

OK, who is the one impersonating Ben Stein and what did he do with the real one?

OK, who is the one impersonating Ben Stein and what did he do with the real one?


Today on the Redding penlight: Teh Gay Menace!

Saxby Chambliss quashing subpoena? Claiming immunity?

Some kind of miracle...Do you know what happened on July 30, 1992?

What's the biggest threat to a democracy?

We should give President Bush a gift now that he's leaving, out of generosity, yes, seriously!

CNN poll Auto Industry bailout

Microsoft downgraded Vista Capable specs to help Intel

The Libertarian idea that overregulation caused the banking crisis.

Dollars&Sense: Michael Lewis on 'The End' of Wall Street

Can you imagine half of your town losing their jobs?.....

Secrets of Talk Radio

Repubs want Sarah Palin in 2012, same as if Dems picked...

If the big three go under, will the surviving automakers be in the same southern states

"If It's Sunday, It's Conservative."

How would you save the US auto industry?

"The only problem in US-Finnish relations,"


Utah Gay rights advocates oppose boycott of the state

VIDEO.. Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill at Miami Book Fair.

Sen. Levin: Big three auto CEO's should resign

For God's sake!

WAS PROP 8 ACTUALLY DEFEATED??-by Mark Crispin Miller

Lawyers, I need your advice.

Dishonest, Reprehensible Cheney calls Bush Critics "dishonest and reprehensible" - Bush History, 11/

Give GM and Ford to the workers

CITI to cut up to 40,000 jobs tomorrow

Why should I support legalizing polygamous marriage?

Where would you now place the liklihood of a near term...

BARTCOP is looking for Dr Fate and istriker

Michelle Obama may be the best thing about this victory.....

One of the Greatest Love Stories in the Bible

LA Times: Firefighters shift focus to north Orange County as 26,000 evacuate

There's a Method to Their Madness...

Watching Obama on 60 minutes ___ It's like I'm dreaming

Ideas on keeping the fires at bay in CALIFORNIA???

Any good books to read?

Anyone else feel this way: That Washington Dems don't really care about a Franken win...

Thank you, President George W. Bush

Former president (Poppa Bush) faces hecklers in Lawrence (KS)

Thomas Friedman, you have NO moral authority on this matter.

Paul Krugman calls out GOP on their phony account of the financial crisis...

I wish the reporters would NOT interview the "people who stayed"

$5 to let the mormon church know that religious beliefs & the constitution don't mix

Ejected at ’04 RNC Convention, a Protester Gets $55,000

Baltimore Sun: 60 Minutes And Obama - TV To Calm A Jittery Nation

Maybe with the recession people can finally realize they don't have to buy another

300 people showing up for a march against racism in New York City would not be an impressive turnout

Krugman for Treasury.

What's next? The "special rights" propaganda?

The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans

Are new cars really "cool"?

Rahm Emanuel ate at my restaurant last night!

What fires teach us.

If Japan can bail out Toyota for decades we can save GM.

The horrifying story of Baby P. WARNING- GRAPHIC AND UPSETTING AS HELL

Gay Marriage . . .

What's happening with that traitor, Lieberman?


Debate on Pledge of Allegiance in Vt. town

The Polygamous Marriage argument (tying it to gay marriage) is bullshit!

'I heard a tap-tap of gunfire. But I didn't realise my legs had gone'

Should Obama hire Elliot Spitzer to bust Wall Street's balls?

Closing Guantanamo: A bloody mess

A while back I wasn't what you would call a Gay Marriage advocate...

My sister just told us she has had a positive biopsy of her breast

If WE saw it, why did the millionaire "experts" not see it?

Question: If gay marriage becomes legally recognized across the US,

Wayne County, MI, tax foreclosure list fills 137 full newspaper pages

A Thank You To Those Who Stood Up.

DU Thanksgiving recipe swap thread (link inside)

The Disappearing Male ~ CBC

DNC speeches

The moment when Obama became a national figure

The beauty of Obama's campaign being financed by 3 million small donors...

OMIGOD! Did Fox News kidnap "Good Morning America"???

Maybe we should bring back, "ROCK AGAINST RACISM" ?

Fucking Ninjas.

I deserve a spot on the cabinet

Hey faux news and chicken noodle news, revolutionary idea.

Let's stop the NonSense about Hillary being the SOS, and let Obama decide.

O.k. Where's the Bin Laden Tape?

I'm surprised that Barack did not give Oprah one of his first

"He has spent more time choosing a dog than McCain spent on choosing a running mate!"

So...Since Obama & Biden Retired From The Senate, Does That Mean We No Longer Control It?

Big Fight for Open Slot on the Senate Finance Committee

In case anybody was wondering what Zell Miller has been up to

Irony alert: Sarah Palin tribute video. 'I'm gonna make it to the top'

Deleted...Duplicate Thread...

The Reich's Latest Obama Conspiracy

Osama bin Laden finally releases new tape

Bush promises 'seamless' transition to Obama

Deep Discount on McCain Paper Dolls.

Obama should be meeting with Cheney instead of McCain, if he wants to know how to handle Congress.

Favorite First Couples?

Obama succeeds...makes the right obsolete on DU

Dick Cavet on Sarah Palin -- My Television is broken - it only shows Palin

Hahahahahaha! HAHAHAHA. I LOVE Obama's Web Team..

What is your take on this letter form David Plouffe?

A story about JFK and the safety of the President

Real Time: Obama World

DU This Hartford Courant Lieberman Poll

The coveted Tanya Harding Award this year, IMO, goes to

Sheer Speculation On The LIEberman Vote

In the wake of an Obama win, conservatives are resorting to violent attacks on immigrants

In the wake of an Obama win, conservatives are resorting to violent attacks on immigrants

New Obama staff appointments:

Repubs say: "We are a 'center-right' nation; our message of conservatism wasn't clear."

Repubs say: "We are a 'center-right' nation; our message of conservatism wasn't clear."

What if the "best qualified" for the job is NOT a Democrat?

Obama's chief for intelligence transition supports torture, from Salon.

Obama's chief for intelligence transition supports torture, from Salon.

I want the courts to do something about the lawsuits arguing Obama is not qualified

Face the Nation: Jindal on now and his words are out of synch

Why are Republicans outnumbering Democrats 3 to 1 on today's Sunday talk shows?

Obama Staff Combines DC Minds With Chicago Roots; Appointments in contrast to Bush's

The next Surgeon General of the United States

As a Dem, are you left, center, or right ? (POLL)

Can 60 Minutes be seen live on the internet tonight?

Frank Rich: The Moose Stops Here

HA! HA! McCain lost his own home precinct by 13%

I'm extremely worried. The President Elect is still in the gym.

NY Times: Text of Letter From Obama in Illinois Newspapers (worth the read)

Obama tries to savor near-normalcy before January

Schwarzenegger Ready to Help Obama, But NOT in DC

The Center-Right Nation Exits Stage Left

Franken explains suit over disqualified absentee ballots

Obama made it clear throughout his campaign that he wants to hear from people who disagree with him

Clinton was blamed for 9/11 and the economy failing, saying both "started" on HIS watch...

T Boone Pickins is an IDIOT and LIAR

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

They knew him when: First impressions of Barack Obama

NC-Sen: Shuler Considering Race Against Burr

Obama's thank-you letter to people of Illinois: "Today, I am ending one journey to begin another"

Financial overhaul added to Obama's to-do list

What if...we were played by Obama?

What if...we were played by Obama?

What if... liberals got played by Obama?

Do Obama or his advisors use The Sims or Civilization software

World financial overhaul added to Obama's to-do list

Palin already has an endorsement for president in 2012.

"We started out with the promise of 40 acres and a mule. What did we end up with? A White House."

Which Republican would you feel most comfortable with in Obama's cabinet?

I've mainly been willing to just bask in the glory of the moment, you know

If Palin is the Republican nom, will this be her slogan?

Sour Milk: Why would we pour a glass?

In the 'Team of Rivals' spirit, suggest an appropriate Cabinet position for Palin

re: Recounts and fraud.

Whose President Is He Anyway? So much passion invested, so much potential for let-down?


Where Obama Can Look For Help On The Hill

Jerusalem Post: Obama to endorse Arab-Israeli peace plan (!!!)

Why the Conservatives won the election

Have any Republican politicans ever made sense regarding Health Care issue recently?

Just what do you say to someone as crazy as this?

"you know you're not going to find a guy who's sort of sucking his thumband doesn't know what to do"

President Obama is never going to...

Heads Up. Shuttle / Space Station hatch to be opened soon. (sometime after 7 pm EST)

Here is why I dont care for token success, whether it be women or gays or people of color

caption time

Podesta:Cabinet Picks Will Not Likely Be Named Until Thanksgiving


Greg Craig to be Named Obama's White House Counsel

Obama’s White House Hires Reflect Respect for Hill

Thanks Steelers. Thanks Chargers. Thanks for wasting my time.

Ummm not for nothing but I thought this was "General Discussion: Presidential "

Has 60 Minutes started? I'm now scanning Nepalese websites looking for CBS live...

Bush Legacy in a Nutshell

Spiking the ball in the end zone: Playing the patriotism card ("Obama is the president, bitches!")

Will Obama be on 60 Minutes for the entire hour or is it just a segment?

Something interesting going on here in PA: 61*

Gay rights is not the issue. Gay marriage is not the issue.

so smooth and eloquent,

New Yorkers? Enter the Inuguration ticket lottery here...

Working with the democratic base is like herding cats..I wish you well President Obama

Isn't it good to have a president who can actually talk clearly again?

My 1000th Post - I changed a vote.

It was nice to spend an hour listening to a President who was intelligent and ....

The Obamas on '60 Minutes' (Trib recap)

The Obamas on '60 Minutes' (Trib recap)

Edwards Won't Join Obama Cabinet

Well, there'll be at least one Republican in the cabinet: confirmed.

three times I cried during the Obama interview. Not because of what he said

The Official Obama/60 Minutes "Look!" Drinking Game....

Jesse Jackson concerned about Bush's last days

My husband just said -"What if McCain had won"

That Cheshire Cat Smile...

Spotted with the football odds

"I'd like to have a beer with her. Meet her kids. She seems pretty nice. Very successful."

What is your dream 2012 Rethug ticket?

The George W. Bush Presidential Library to be the most costly, by far, in history

Franken heads to DC to ease potential transition

Gingrich says Palin will not be the future GOP leader

Wonder who's going to write palin's

King, Obama, and the Politics of Hope

Why I'm glad THAT MAN will soon be leaving OUR HOUSE.

My son just sent me this, it rocks!

"I haven't heard an interview this casual and down-to-earth since Kennedy."

ABC - Hillary for State: The Big Sticking Point... "It's the Vetting, Stupid!"

Kissinger Says Clinton Would Be Outstanding at State

Ok, so a gay person does not "deserve" a cabinet position, but riddle me this,

Today I whizzed in Wm. Faulkner's down-stairs bathroom (Rowan Oak pilgrimage pics) ..

Do you support legalizing polygamous marriage?

The sheer genius of Obama's web page just hit me tonight.

How will Asians be represented in the Cabinet?

Wow!...We have a president who knows how to fashion actual sentences..

Loved the dog/mother-in-law exchange with Kroft

What issues should Obama put on the back burner?

Obama should push Congress to end the Cuban Embargo

For my 1,000th post...listening to 60 Minutes....congratulations DU...

A picture to make everyone happy today

I just watched a little bit of "Hannity's America." He's STILL going on about Ayers. It's fun now!


Well Here Is Your Answer How Repubs Intend to Rebuild Their Party & Take Back Power...LINK

Obama CTO

I support a BAPFAP Cabinet. Do you?

The cost of GM's death

Fareed Zakaria's show "GPS" on CNN is coming at 1pm. (Obama read his book.)

The (Non-) Role of Race in Obama’s Victory -- Based on Analysis of State Exit Polls

Poll: 81% of Indian-Americans Supported Obama

GPS on CNN... it's alll Clinton's fault

Ok. This is a warning.

Wesley Clark Is Clearly Most Qualified For Secretary of State.

Entire 60 minutes Obama interview up on CBS Site now

Olympia Snowe For Department of Commerce?

I pretty much guarantee that you will laugh at this...

Andrea Mitchell's Democratic Operatives/Sources Have Their Own Agenda & Might Be Spreading Lies

Andrea Mitchell's Democratic Operatives/Sources Have Their Own Agenda & Might Be Spreading Lies

The BAILOUT was a SCAM, I hope everyone who suported it knows we got screwed

Hillary's not a good enough manager to be SoS

I shone, babe, a USA rock star man!

Bill Clinton has to be fully vetted.

What will the Obamas do with their Chicago residence?

Snowe, Collins, Specter?

Newsflash - Republicans Fear That Dems Will Be Over-Represented in an Obama Whitehouse

Is Obama REALLY going to have to give up his blackberry and email?

OK... who here would like a million dollar bank loan without getting a credit check?

McCain Being Offered Cabinet position?

I Think The Obamas Should Pick A Border Collie

I'm tired of hearing that Detroit only built crappy cars that no one bought.

Why are Repub/neocons pushing Hillary for Sec. of State

Wow. Hillary and Bill will have to go through full on vetting of the

Dennis Miller: Liberal women hate Sarah Palin because ‘she has a great sex life.’

Hillary will be a great secretary of state: Bill Clinton

The DLC & Neocon Agenda: Now I understand why the Right Wing loves Hillary Clinton

I give up...submit...tap out...

So I'm watching Beyonce on SNL

stepping in other people's shit. seriously, i need advice.

so, who thinks chicago is now a lock for the 2016 olympics?

Clinton Vetting Includes Look at Mr. Clinton (NYT)

REC This If Obama OWES YOU!

Why does Sen Ted Stevens bother to carry on?

You know what sucks? Having *no* friends in town.

Did anyone watch Ricky Gervais: Out of England?

Are you for the proposed Auto Bailout?

It's a XMas Miracle!!!! More aanswers than views!

Should I leave him?

I physically cannot stay awake any longer

4.4 shake just off the N. Cal. coast by Petrolia

Dammit! I hate responding to these "questions" posts

Obama's White House is Taking Shape

**********Official 60 Minutes Thread**********

Puppies are awake and playing, nightowls!

GOP not playing "Minnesota nice" with Franken- Conason on how Repugs are trying to discredit recount


Can I Sleep In Your Arms

"I feel so light! I hacked off ten inches..."

Melamine Scrap Contains Chemical Linked to Blindness: Why No Action From the Bush FDA?

Melamine Scrap Contains Chemical Linked to Blindness: Why No Action From the Bush FDA?

*tap* *tap* *tap* Hello? Is this thing on?

Damn! All my favorite cereals are still on the market!

Vancouver GOES UBER LEFT! in civic vote!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone convert this for me? 3/10 ounce for 3 gallons...

What's in a name?

PSA: johnnie's thread inspired this post. Re: Google measurement conversions


Kroger's "Smoking Meats Forum"

Cold and windy here in NY State...

Red Headed Stranger

I want a free trip to Vegas

I want a free trip to Vegas

It's the holiday season, DU! Please post your very best LINKS

Jet goes for a ride in the truck.

Mmmmm "Valley Fresh *STEAMERS*"

Why does this stupid professor want to hold onto me so badly?

Greatest Movie ever.

Okay, I give up. Who makes Black Forest Berry Iced Tea???

I'd hate to be a hipster nowadays

Mama's little baby loves Rhubarb pie.

Does anyone else experience mild heart palpitations?

I think Charlie Rangel has three catapillars on his face!

Check your PM. n/t

I have to give a five-minute presentation on my research paper next Thursday

I just got "Polled" ask me anything!

Do you have a soul, mate?

Help! Does cheddar cheese melt?

I need help/answers from divorced/divorcing women who have no income of their own.

This internet deal is pretty cool

Please give a warm welcome to my friend, Brandon4Prez!


Update on Toeby (the new kitty)

Holy COW, I slept until the COWS came home today.

Screw "that one." Who wants to be in MY cabinet?

The Clintons do NOT have to go through any "vetting."

Am I the only one who loves The Pogues?

ok. Who has me on ignore?

Kindly ignore

Now entering the HEART-ATTACK ZONE!

Giftmas shopping 'rents: TRU has a 15% off coupon on their website today

The fire is moving further away from us

I have developed Asthma and I don't like it a bit!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/16/2008)

Thank you to everyone who has been "holding me up" the last day...

True or false:

For SP junkies only -- "SP Can be Damaging to Your Mental Health." THE MUDFLATS

For SP junkies only -- "SP Can be Damaging to Your Mental Health." THE MUDFLATS

To me, on most days, the majority of people in the world are "Ned"...

I have just been DEAD for eleven hours

The political material on SNL sucked last night.

I DARE you to find a more beautiful, chilling piece of music than this one

Just let them die.

World of Warcraft fans will want to see today's FoxTrot cartoon

ok guitar people...good beginner x-mas present?

Do you have a soul mate?

Do you have a soul mate?

I'm so proud of my Hometown today

Fuck Newsweek: Is Obama the Antichrist?

What are you listening to right now?

Paul McCartney wants to release Carnival of Light...

Question about the Puritans and the Quakers

Wow! The Eaglets and Bungles end in a tie!

Ever had a random comment kinda make your brain freeze? Like this one:

Ladies/Gentlemen & Those in Between, I Present You ***McCAIN's FOLLIES!!!*** (dial-up warning)...

Who do you know less about--William Jennings Bryan or William Cullen Bryant?

Parche, here's another airplane for you

they would do this shit live on teevee

Zombie trends are trending disturbingly higher

Meanwhile, chez Malta Blue...

on a brighter note . .. .

You can't fix stupid.

Da Bears still suck!

OMG - Puppy Cam is off the air

"Money won, is twice as sweet as money earned." (Paul Newman in The Color of Money)

the GFOS on "the Midnight Special"

Good game on right now

Ever have a day when everything annoys you?

Proof that evolution, much like my DVD player, has a 'reverse' button:

I just gave consent for my Mom to get the Feeding Tube put in

Fundies react to Seattle's nudity laws

So is there a good pre-bottled Margarita mix?

They caught a burglar two doors down from my house, and suddenly I fell into a David Lynch film

Interesting YouTube video about the 10 Hardest Video Game bosses. Watch the vid. Do you agree with

Musical Death Match: B-52s vs Voice of the Beehive

I picked up one of these incase iPhone cases and I have to say

PSA: There is this website called "". If you go there and type stuff in...

Is it sleeting at the Steelers game?

Redhead Redhead Gingerbreadhead!

Laura Bush=Carmela Soprano? Your thoughts?

Dear iTunes: Please update your album artwork for classical music. Thanks, LaydeeBug

How can I make a quick $35?

Puppy Cam is back and the pups have a NEW bed

I accidentally smashed a big hole in my drywall.

Do you think horses remember things from when they were little?

I wonder how many "Jonestown Massacre" shows one can watch

COme get it while it's hot, before Lucas yanks it away!

Has anyone here ever gotten inadvertely buzzed from a regular dose of Dayquil?

Good morning! "Love Will Turn You Around"

Come see my Protest Photos from yesterday

I have $350,000 in spare change

MTV's TRL coming to an end tonight.

Wouldn't Secretary of Health and Human Services be more appropriate for Hillary?

Cuba will become Obamas First Major Crisis

Every year about this time it all goes dry

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday November 16

Here is a photograph of me, naked.

Humor me Please!

I can see a piece of toast in this picture. Can you?

have an announcement

the difference between cats and dogs

Why In the Hell Should Obama Appoint Someone Just Because They're Gay?

I think it's cool that we're gonna have a president who says 'man,' yo

Musicians who should be famous

It's orange outside, everything smells (and tastes) like burned plastic, and my car is coated w/ash.

Some kind of miracle....Do you know what happened on July 30, 1992?

Hey, I just made pudding with sour cream instead of milk! Ask me anything!!

What's wrong with our black beans

Say something profound

*sigh* GD and GDP makes my brains hurt. (and my heart break) Especially the stuff that is true.

I can't stop playing Super Obama World

I can't stop playing Super Obama World

Did you have to call the cops today?


Does putting together a Team of Rivals trump everything else?

*Sniff*...Sunday night childhood memories...

N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N

MK vs DC

Intel and Abarth hook up on Powerplay Extreme gaming desktop

All-time GREATEST rock & roll band whose original drummer is sadly no longer with us

Stories From the Road: Joe

is there a workaround for tail lights on a 1954 Ford?

Why Do So Many Of You Worship Bill Clinton, Yet Call Edwards And Spitzer, Scum Of The Earth?

Percocet Dependency

If aliens invaded the planet, like in Independence Day, I would sell each and every

Just can't do it...can't date someone who voted for McCain

do people like me less now that I have the Doctor Who avatar?

Let's congratulate Joe Lieberman (updated)

Emergency Broadcast Network

However tired/cliched it may be, my new Blackberry has me obsessed.

Preferred mode of transport to hell?

Minor football pet peeve of mine....

MySpace: pweaser may I have summore fwiends?

Three Little Kittens

Hey Primate1, I have comcast cable and I have a problem

Why you should fear the future Communist takeover of the USA

Dallas-14; Washington-10

Holy COW, I slept until 11:20 AM today...

So, are turtlensue and madinmaryland still talking to each other?

Anybody Watch TRUEBLOOD?

Most disturbing SOUTH PARK episode ever?

I have had a no-good, horrible, very BAD day . . . .

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

Mi Roommate Loca: The Saga Continues

My life is like being given a canvass...

How can I make a quick $350,000.00?

The Lounge Movie game: Roger Moore - The Man With The Golden Gun - Christopher Lee

Insects is best

Post a picture of a rock

Ever wonder if there are people out there that God just likes to use a punching bags?

My cat no longer sleeps with me on my bed

Who should be Secretary of Suck?

FReepers are furious at president elect Obama! Only Sarahcuda can save them!

Bob Borosage warns about all the "warnings" about the "center".

What's With all the Snarky Division Here? - I don't get it...

Here's Who Obama REALLY Owes...

Dolphins win again.

Is it just me, or is this one unattractive dude?

What is your most recent ear worm?

What's your favorite TV show of all time?

I'm sad and lonely

For exercise, how is swimming?

For exercise, how is swimming?

Shiba-Inu pups are up..and playing with someone outside the crate.

Myanmar sentences 9 more activists to prison

Wildfires in LA Reduce Hundreds of Homes to Ash

More senior staff

McCartney hopes to release funky Beatles track

Runoff voting starts Tuesday (Martin versus Chambliss in Georgia)

Many killed in Iraq bomb attacks (at least 18 dead)

USGS reports 7.5 magnitude earthquake off the Indonesian coast

Obama says thanks on last day as Illinois Senator

Recount Expected in Alaska Senate Race, Even After Winner Declared

For a Few Dollars More

Dead boys 'were stabbed in chest'

Lose the BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe (Obama likely to be disconnected like Bush)

Pa. grand jury investigating GOP use of database

Former CEO of Iowa kosher slaughterhouse arrested (for the second time this month)

Afghanistan blast kills British Gurkha

'I heard a tap-tap of gunfire. But I didn't realise my legs had gone'

Bill Clinton to campaign for Jim Martin in Georgia

Iraqi Cabinet approves security pact with US

Economic Crisis Boils Democratic Message Down to Jobs

Booming Gulf looks overseas for agriculture needs

Obama Pledges to Appoint Republican to Cabinet

(FEMA) Trailer storage costs mount

Panel finds widespread Gulf War illness

Uproar over federal drilling leases next to parks

Bolivia to triple Exports to Venezuela in Effort to Replace Lost U.S. Market

Rahm Emanuel Roasts Stephen Colbert (at Spina Bifida Association Event)

Secret Service Informed About Store's Obama Sign

Obama Spelled Out Goals in Letters to Federal Employees

U.S. confirms it held 12 juveniles at Guantanamo

Siegelman’s appeal will be in December

GOP applauds Hillary as potential secretary of state

Facing Deficits, States Get Out Sharper Knives

Humbled US agrees to share world's financial top billing

Outsourcing biggest concern for India post-Bush: Report

Housing starts expected to hit half-century low: Consumer prices falling at fastest pace in 60 years

All US forces will leave by 2011, Baghdad cabinet agrees

Clinton Vetting Includes Look at Mr. Clinton (Vetting has begun.)

ALBA rejects U.S. intervention in Nicaraguan elections

(MI Sen. Carl) Levin: Big 3 CEOs should resign if need be to get aid

Former president (Bush Sr.) faces hecklers in Kan.

Kissinger Backs Clinton at State

Former Gov. Milliken takes on Obama, Granholm and economy

Former Gov. Milliken takes on Obama, Granholm and economy

Belts tighten for NASCAR

"Top Republican Senators Oppose Automaker Bailout"

Rather’s Lawsuit Shows Role of G.O.P. in Inquiry

Louisiana grand jury to hear details in Klan killing

What's Good for GM is Good for the Army.

What GOP governors said, (not) really

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, In Wichita

A long time coming (Wallace Roberts / Rutledge VT Herald)

The Death Spasms of American Racism (American Muslim)

Wrong Again

The Abandoned Children of Nebraska

Conservative Principles Still Prevail in Virginia

Obama Needs a Protest Movement

Most Valuable Obama Memorabilia, NOT on Ebay

An old scourge violently reappears: Klan still lurks in shadows, residents say (Times-Picayune)

Onion Nation

Winds of patriotism renewed

Obama interview a big `get' for CBS' Steve Kroft

The ONLY Reason Norm Coleman Has Kept it Close

Barricks Gold (BFEE) gets to mine in Argentina Glaciers

Documenting the Surge: US Soldier's Films Expose the Realities of the Iraq Occupation

Hillary Clinton would face tough questions about Bill's finances if chosen for Secretary of State

GOP Legacies: Bush, McCain, Stevens

Hate Radio: Media Matters Documents Their Attacks On Almost Everybody!

Federal Air Marshals Too Busy Smuggling Coke and Molesting Kids to Protect You

Robert Parry: Predictable Disaster of George W. Bush

No End to the Savagery in Afghanistan

Options all grim for GM's workers; Jobs will be lost no matter what solution is found to woes

Environmentalists Slam Bush's Departing Proposal As "Fire Sale" For Oil And Gas Industry

Center-Right, Center-Left? Let’s Aim at Competence and Honesty

Marcy Wheeler---"We are All Flint,Michigan, NOW! (Marcy was a GM Lobbyist)

Report: Citigroup to lay off thousands

Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama for The Great Depression

Obama 'to rebuild moral stature'

Wretched Lions have what it takes to be NFL's first 0-16 team

GM Must Re-Make the Mass Transit System it Murdered

A Time of Hope, Marred by an Act of Horror (Black Church Burned Election Night)

Osama bin Laden Is DEAD !

Restoring the Constitution! Thank you Russ Feingold!!

NYT:Rather’s Lawsuit Shows Role of G.O.P. in Inquiry

Calls grow to overhaul 401(k) retirement plans

Is the KKK making a comeback?

Store Closings

Oswald co-worker no longer silent about JFK assassination role

The Obama Conundrum: Progress and Protest in the Face of Reality

Obama tries to soothe Wall Street's nerves

The GM genocide: Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using GM crops


The Specials' "Racist Friend"

The Last 100 Days: The 2008 US Elections in 10 Minutes

Countdown: Bushed! Nov. 14, 2008

Europe, IMF take center stage at G-20

Through the GOP Looking Glass

Molly Ivins - "The War in Iraq, The Economy and Your Pocketbook"

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Angry

Shocks, Shortages, Scenarios - Planning a Post-Oil Future

Obama intends to close Guantanamo Bay, End Torture

TYT: Wall St. Bailout Is In Need Of Oversight But Will Dems Demand It?

CBS Evening News: Who Can Marry?

Obama says Carlin's Seven Words

Obama" Vlog 3

If you're out there time to speak up for gay rights

Krugman schools Will

Zell Miller Endorses Saxby Chambliss

Arnold Says Overturn Prop 8-Schwarzenegger Supports Same Sex Marriage in CA

Blast from the past: I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel

Dorgan: Lieberman’s Actions Were ‘Unacceptable’ For Committee Chairman

TYT: Shep Smith - Voice Of Reason At Fox News?

John Hagee tells Glenn Beck that Obama is NOT the Antichrist

Wanda Sykes: We were attacked! They pissed off the wrong group of people! **Prop 8**

max keiser; the G20 meeting and a possible fatwa issued against Hank Paulson

Joe Biden gets a good laugh at SNL.

Daily show Nov 13 part 2

President Elect Obama 60 Minutes Interview (Part-1)

Bush will NEVER be able to set foot outside the U.S.! Jeremy Scahill & Naomi Klein

Michael Parenti -- Creating Mass Audiences

Michael Parenti -- A Dangerous God

Michael Parenti -- A Dangerous God

Iraq War Veterans Raid Gas Station

The Week In Cartoons 11/15

The People Sang: A Brief History of the United States

Sen. Ted Stevens Asking Colleagues to Hold Off Expulsion

Must See: Southern University Salutes Obama

Carson soldiers train for Afghan hardship

Jury deliberates in trial of ex-soldier

Witness: Soldier could not keep track of gear

U.S. troops slain by Iraqi soldier identified

Green Bay-area unit expected to return home

First woman to lead Harlem Hellfighters unit

The LCS life

Environmentalists fear Navy harm to whales

Fort Campbell troops come home early

Border insecurity

Naples families forced to move over water issue

AFRICOM future unclear under Obama

Airman who died after PT test ID’d

Study downplays China’s influence

Truck Ban Raises Security Concerns

SNL: Joe Biden?????

This Week panel discusses economy and bailout (Paul Krugman is excellent)

Defense officials: Economic pressure on Gaza becoming ineffective

Jewish settlers given 72 hours to leave Hebron house

Feted author Amos Oz says new leftist party will replace Labor

T.I.- Whatever You Like SPOOF! (OBAMA- Whatever I Like)

Myths, facts and strangeness about our planet and environment; Test

New blog: Desdemona Despair

Coal regains crown as slump in nuclear output raises fears of power shortages (UK)

Has anyone looked at zinc-air fuel cells lately?

Stay awake! Midnight. Leonids Meteor Shower. Be there.

Are Human Beings Hard-Wired to Ignore the Threat of Catastrophic Climate Change?

Mr. Peabody's Coal Train, Blacklight reaction independantly

Paulson can't buy toxic mortgages, because they don't exist

The little-known secrets of cheap holiday travel--without airplanes

G-20 Summit Blames Buyers of Poison Apples

Contracts in Crisis: Variations in Z and S

E.F. Schumacher "Good Work" worthy of the reading


G-20 communique continues with more of the same

20 Hours of Labor per Week: Fractional Slavery and the True Cost of National Debt


The Real Difference Between Bankruptcy and Bailout

CNBC talking head said retailers are cutting orders back 4-12% for spring.

The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans

Here are 2 very good resources on surviving a collapsed economy

Postcard campaign anyone?

Good news here

There was a man who spoke at the Chicago protest yesterday who's been an activist for 38 years.

Make the boycott last at least 8 years.

What do dentists have against Gays?

Never Forgive, and Never Forget

An apology to ColoradoMagician and any others who I upset

this says it all

Advice from a person of faith

How old were you when you came out?

Was Prop 8 Actually Defeated?

Tell CNN's Jeanne Moos to apologize for transphobia!

My Protest Pix from yesterday - Irvine, CA (MasterPlanistan)

Take a look inside the LDS conference center

Connecting the dots...

Proposition 8 has turned me into a single issue (well, 1,400 issue) voter.

Since Prop 8 passed, I yell "FUCK YOU!" when I drive past Knights of Columbus. n/t

Mormon involvement in Prop 8 and Mitt Romney

Could the passage of Prop 8 be a good thing?

Time 1997: The Empire of the Mormons

Utter and virulent bigotry is alive and well I'm afraid.

Unions plan organization push in Texas

Today in labor history Nov 16, 6 Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter were assassinate

Today in labor history Nov 14 protecting 835,000 workers from damage to nervous, urinary and reprodu

Today in labor history Nov 15 CIO opened its first constitutional convention

Add "Labor News" to your iGoogle page

Today's Carol Simpson working family cartoon: US Labor (Employee Free Choice Act)

Big Labor cartoon: accident

Today in labor history Nov 13 Unionist Karen Silkwood dies in a suspicious car crash

Widespread job losses on cards, warns union

Labor working for Employee Free Choice Act

So why am I not divorced yet?

Chávez Demands All Parties Recognize Election Results

Chile unveils mural thought destroyed by dictator Augusto Pinochet

Legal battle over forest is victory for Paraguayan Indians

Bush sets free-trade trap for Obama

Fidel Castro's former wife visits Cuba

ALBA rejects U.S. intervention in Nicaraguan elections

Hate crime ends in death, Syracuse, NY

Thanks Steelers. Thanks Chargers. Thanks for wasting my time.

Everton FC (England) now using "Football Manager" database to find players

Packers v Bears-a great rivalry. Is PE Obama a Bears fan?

When do the aging Dolphins start getting their hate on for the Titans?

A Tie?????????

Happy Birthday Georgia. Thank you for seeing the beauty...

The Stars This Week: "Think Big -- But Plan Smart!" - November 17 - November 23, 2008

Any sense of whether the recent upswell in opposition to Prop 8...

John's Italian Caffe

On the River

~~~ Vote for the Nov. / Dec. Contest Theme Here ~~~

Autumn in the Northwest 2008: I suffer for my art...

What do you do with chinese mustard?

Ideas for best appetizers or small plates? (new to group)

Sweet Potato Pie hints??

Garrison Keillor at the Washington National Cathedral

Okay, I know this isn't like me, but...

Priest apologizes for ordering car with Obama stickers removed

Albinos butchered by witch-doctors

A different type of Christian.

Mapping out a new world order(Very cool cartogram book/site,for map geeks)

Nice photo of the Endeavor launch that took place Nov. 14

November 17, 2008 - The Leonids Meteor Showers and Viewing Tips

Music Good For The Heart

New Sunspot Cycle Has Begun

President-elect Obama, like Lincoln, reaches out to former rivals

My Really, Really Bad Judy Wood Experience

Does anyone know what this security alert means?

Any ideas for a cable management system

heh. lions suck.

McCartney hopes to release funky Beatles track

Last week's Talk Cinema screening: A Christmas Tale

TPM on Nation article: "New revelations of U.S. coverup of Civilian Killings in Vietnam"

Senate Finance committee hearing, 2 pm Monday, 11/17

I will continue to encourage John Kerry to support gay marriage. Here is why:

For a Few Dollars More

Dead boys 'were stabbed in chest'

tommy thompson Is Ripping Off Patients