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Why Election Night was best spent in a crowd

The best reason to cut Lieberman loose



Mark Begitch now leads Stevens by 814 votes in Alaska Senate race.

Forgive me for being such a simple thinker...

My health insurance is great so tell your stupid little cancer to wait okay?

Does anyone have Mark Foley's email?

RNC protest supporters seek people 'victimized' by police

I'm confused about Norm Coleman - anyone from MN here?

Judge rules that cycling naked in Portland is "well-established tradition"

Today's Freeper "God Damn America" Prayer

So long and thanks for the Sonar


U.S. bishops warn Obama on abortion issues

You GO John Podesta. It's about TIME!!


VIDEO: ACLU presents "The Right to Marry: Yes We Should!"

Millions set for US quake drill

Maddow in "Vogue"


Let me explain why the automakers need a "bailout", as I see it

To Palin and Scarborough: as Colin Powell said - Anyone pushing the Ayers story is "Despicable"

Ted Stevens falls behind in Alaska vote count!

Bill Orielly to appear on the daily show?

The Facebook of Genesis (God's Facebook Wall)

Hatred Fuels Fire

AK-Sen *** Begich extends lead to over 800 votes ***

Treason, sedition, just plain hate and freedom of speech

Confirmed: Air Force Flunks Nuke Inspection

Let's face it--2004 was the election we had to win.

Palin is like the hubcap left over from an accident, it is fascinating but not very useful.

"I wish I had my vote back"

Apologizing for Mark Sanford...

Can we sue Bush voters for what's happened to our 401k's and other investments?

You Really Can't Trust the MSM....

What if Labor Opposed War

Top hedge fund managers face lawmakers (Reuters)


Failure of auto industry could set off catastrophe

surge update - Deadly bombings rock Iraqi capital

Not about Sarah, nor Bristol or Levi or Piper...I wanna know what's up with TODD.

Obama makes 9 year old girl cry

Prop H8 Action in Greensboro - Cross-Post from NC and GLBT Forums

just .... one.... more ....

"I had some lovely words penned and I wanted to do a shout

Jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 7-year high

Its fun watching the g.o.p. trying to understand why they lost

Headsup Financial Hearings on CSpan1

The Austrian monster, Fritzl, faces murder charge

Rights groups urge Obama to mount Guantanamo probe

Bob Woodward On Colbert Report: Loser Of Bush Infighting Is American People (VIDEO)

Washington Journal this morning - your reaction to the bail out

I agree with Obama re: Lieberman

The Tyranny of Oil

Looks like we're about to have a four-year campaign for 2012

Anyone watching PBS Frontline "Torturing Democracy"? It lays out the

Cinemark CEO gave $9,999 to anti-gay Prop 8

Suicide Attack Kills 10 Afghans, US Soldier: Officials

Jump Lindsey Graham, jump

Help to drop the charges on those arrested during the RNC. Dissent is NOT Terrorism !

Bush may be able to block subpoenas even after leaving office

So I hear most of the CEOs and other top management of banks and other bailout recipients...

Palin's 3-question 'press conference' -- what the hell was that?

Sacramento theater director resigns in Prop. 8 aftermath

Iranian Diplomat Abducted in Pakistan

i'm thinking of moving to it worth leaving virginia

So now that Joe Scum has moved his family to Washington

How are they letting us forget Palin..they have her speaking now in front of GOP Govs..

This Has Been US's Bloodiest Year in Afghanistan

Bush May Keep Asserting Executive Privilege After Leaving Office

Well, my home state Tennessee turned an even darker shade of red this election.

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged = bu$h* drains the treasury

UNION-BUSTERS Want GM To File Bankruptcy

Why a 60-vote majority is way over-rated

The NEW NEW Deal - anyone catch that this morning?

the pivot from Iraq to Afghanistan/Pakistan

US trails other nations in chronic illness care

Lieberman- Has There Been Any Organized Push To Write Senators To Vote Him Out As Chair?

ALL of America's problems can be directly blamed on rush limbaugh

For Sarah Palin, in the words of a country song:

Obama Team Faces Major Task in Justice Dept. Overhaul

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

Sarah Palin is still on the news live spouting her usual crap.

'Uranium found' at Syrian Site

Should we amend the Constitution to prohibit Presidential pardons?

I'm a small business owner, and I could sure use a helping hand...

Letter in the mail yesterday...apparently my "sensitive healthcare information"

Begich lead over Stevens at 814 now. 35K yet to be votes to counted.

My email to Zogby re; it's push poll

McClatchy: Blackwater likely to be fined millions in Iraq weapons case

Hank Paulson, snake oil salesman

Goldman Sachs Employee Pay Will Be `Dramatically' Hit by Crisis, Palm Says

One would believe we lost the election the way the MSM are loading the airwaves

"George W. Bush is a victim! Other people can't make their mortgage so HE has to leave HIS house?"

Amazon UK pulls Scientology exposé for 'legal reasons'

I Thought This Was An Economic Summit - Why Is Bush Talking About Religion?......

I Hate To Rain On The Negative Parade, But 60 Senators Guarantees Plenty.

The Next Step After Prop 8

Without enough Senate Democrats for a majority, republicans control what bills come up for a vote

Thomas Friedman was on a roll... CNBC just moments ago.

Mark Foley: But, but, the pages were almost 18....and they never said "no."

Chambliss is not the only race left. We have two Democrats in Louisiana for US House that could use...

The Hill: New Pelosi team shifts to the left.

Toon that captures the feeling of watching/listening to Sarah Palin exactly

U.S. religious groups want Obama to ban torture

King and Palin: Two Giants of Journalism talk shop

She was the bottom half of the decisively defeated ticket...

Initial Unemployment Claims in U.S. Increase to Seven-Year High of 516,000

CSPAN 3 -- now broadcasting hearings on financial markets

Milwaukee company intends to off-shore employee surgeries

Overworked, Vacation-Starved America Ranks #1 in Depression, Mental Health Problems

Palin, why is this "Breaking News"?

Another GOP sore loser: County treasurer defeated by 'teenybopper' student

Rescuing Joe Lieberman : Obama's First Big Mistake on the Job

From 538. com......Good News on anlysis...

Question about the bailout switcheroo

Would you care for the balsamic and olive oil dressing with that word salad?

Secrets of Talk Radio


" a hubcap that keeps rolling down the road after a collision.."

Bush's parting shot: A long list of anti-environment and anti-worker regulations....

Whoa, CSPAN is in my building. Just saw the truck pull out and the cameras etc get unloaded

Wal-Mart's Low Prices Mean Big Profits In Crisis (Q3 up 10%, total sales $98.64 billion)

Is Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) another DINO extraordinaire? ......

Deck the Halls with Freaky Fundies......The AFA's "War on Christmas" enemies list.......

Democrats should return to the Capitol ASAP...

Sasha Obama's Sassiest Moments (slideshow and video)

Sad but true.

Who deserves the most credit for McCain's loss

DU : GD getting religious? Three threads on front page start with the word "Holy"....

Mark Begich was just on Ed Schultz. He feels pretty confident based on the votes left to count.

Russia Lowers Oil Forecast To 50 Dollars Per Barrel

Minnesota-post election certification *Coleman had 54,000 MORE votes* 2002

Gerald Celente forecasting revolution in America, food riots and tax rebellions

My redneck cousin: 'The south will never allow Obama to sit in the oval office'

Alaska Senate race Stevens is going down

Let me reword an earlier post: We can't insist Lieberman be booted AND brag about get 60 senators

Yes, I am my brother's keeper

Andrea Mitchell with Chambliss, showing the Max Cleland ad. Asking if he has regrets

Hahaha. Saxby is defending his Osama ad against Cleland

caption the "winker" in Chief

Update 2 on Iraq Vet who closed down 101 fwy overpass

HOLY FUCK! What just happened? Dow dropped over 150 points in 5 minutes!

When failin runs out of new material, the press will cast her aside as the new

Why is Henry Paulson the smartest man in the world??

WOW! Did anyone just feel the HUGE earthquake we just had in So. Cal?

Asia Times: The party's over

Interesting: Former RW Talk Radio director reveals secrets of hate radio success

The Lieberman Conundrum: "No idea" how Democratic caucus vote will turn out

Barack's donation arm is freakishly long. It's scaring me.

What's going on with our buddy Jack 'Hoff (Abramhoff)?

Government aid need rising, as slump continues

Getting hammered by RW'ers over this "Civilian National Security Force" crap

Republican Governors Meet, Glumly, many see bleak future for party... (hee hee)

Rahm Emmanuel's father insults all Arabs???

What can you do to protect your job?

Bush speaking on the economy now -- at the Manhattan Institute. He's a guest.

Wouldn't you think, that after eight LONG years of having to do it almost daily, even a moron ......

Bush's Contempt for Taxpayers: Your Money to Big Pharma & Insurance Companies - Bush History, 11/13

Stevens Falls Further Behind

Bush is speaking on tv; market about to drop another 400 points.

Below 8,000 WOW

Mudflats on the Begich "Surge"

Soros says deep recession inevitable, depression possible - Reuters

CAPTION the Brightest Star in the Republican Universe...

When Obama met with Bush this past Monday, did he have to use cartoon pictures??

Does anybody here think that we are in for a depression?

Regrets? Bush Still Draws a Blank

Irony - Bush Speech Defends His Policies And Deregulation On Day DOW Drops Below 8000

CAPTION When Sarah Met Ricky...

CAPTION this Confab...

Huh? John Edwards in discussions with Karl Rove?

Chambliss just showed his mug on MSNBC with Andrea - Please give to Martin's campaign!

The DU HEADSHED is pure genius. I bow to their greatness

Question about gay marriage and full faith and credit clause.

Women, minorities, autistic children: Conservative radio's vitriol not reserved for Obama

****Aargh.... cue-card reading monkey ALERT****

Are you a student who depends on student loans? Get ready to take a semester off.

Just a little Bill Hicks fun

If We Let This Bailout Money Slip Away ....

Bailing out the automakers. Here's an idea.

Senior citizens supported Prop H8. Let's dogpile on old people! (sarcasm)

Confrontation with a car thief.

The Anatomy of Conservative Self-Deception

First visible-light picture of a planet outside the solar system

Did Paulson by $700 billion worth of Hubba Bubba gum?

Glenn Greenwald: Post-partisan harmony vs. the rule of law

Obama's Bailout Bunch Brings Us More of the Same: Jonathan Weil

Stupidest Freeper post ever.

Knights of Columbus Research Thread.

am i gone yet?

am i gone yet?

please count faster alaska... the suspense is killing me. n/t

Anybody listening to this gun nut fool on Hartmann' show?

Randi, stop talking like Palin!

If you're interested in Begich/Stevens, the Division of Elections

Saxby Chambliss, mondo sleazeball

First direct image of a planet family around a normal star

Well, 20 minutes from closing time and someone's making a quick buck...

An anti-gay right winger I work with has rainbow colored frames on her glasses. Ironic or not?

Democrats tell White House to preserve its records; particularly concerned over Cheney papers

BTW, has anybody heard from our War Czar?

Heads Up: TYT is on LIVE from 12Noon-3PM Eastern, just for today at Also...

Christmas in installments - layaway makes a comeback

Matthew Rothschild: What Is NorthCom Up To?

Folks, mark my words, 6 months from now you won't even remember who Sara Palin was

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller make homophobic jokes about Barney Frank

* points to himself before leaving the stage - Caption this pic

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged; Watchdog Panel Is Empty; Report Is Unfinished

Cut in worker benefits adds to economic turmoil

OK, squint your eyes and look at Obama's fist....


Is there way to de-program the religiously insane?

Generation O

New bankruptcy filings detail the $17.7 million in "chump change" Michael Vick spent in two years

george bush never existed. His policies never occurred

Why We Should LOVE Palin-mania!!

Lack of Disclosure

I hate to rain on your parade but 60 democratic senators guarentees nothing.

so, both ted haggard and mark foley were abused by priests--and that is their excuse for their

Mike Luckovich: What I'll miss about George W

Excellent LTTE from a former SP supporter in Alaska.

"Car Czar".. Elijah Cummings' suggestion

More paper in those bundles than there are mortgages. I read that somewhere the other day.

I'm new here and I just wanted to thank the DU. My mental well being has been saved!

Military Families: Military Suicides Are Casualties of War

I am starting to hate Sarah Palin more than Dick Cheney....anyone else?

Are There Any References...

PLEEEZE DONATE so we can get Joe the Plumber's ugly face off the chart.

Rush Limbaugh gives $58K SUV to financially-struggling listener


What Are The Residence Requirements Of A Senator?.......

A thread of appreciation for the Alaska Supreme Court.

Sad, gruesome breaking news from Florida. Divers have found .....

FDA to detain some food shipments from China

Eat your heart out Michael Moore!

Former DC Appeals Court Judge Suggests Bush Detention Policies Amount To WAR CRIMES.

Home-safe sales surge in US as crisis sows distrust of banks

The RNC Throws A Pie In John McCain's Face

did you all catch the remark of jeanne moos of cnn as obama was being driven to his offices

Dave Johnson: The Consumer Spending Slowdown Is NOT Because Of Credit

Turley: Late Bush move 'almost sign of contempt' for election

I saw an amazing movie last night and I encourage everyone go try and go see it...

NH Repug County Treasurer: Brainwashed College Kids Voted Democratic. Epic Lose.

my heartfelt thanks to the DUER who gave me

Let's bloody JTP's face - 15 more donors needed. Come on DU.

Why the Mormons hate the gays

Can we get a bail-out too? We actually do something for the public.

Where your bailout $ will go: Troubled GM says it is profitable in China, will continue to invest

Any change on the Ted Stevens Vote totals?

Senate Dems To White House: Preserve Records (Especially You, Cheney)

Help With GLBT Boycott Efforts. Here Are Some Businesses.

Obama Plot Skinhead Wants Dismissal

Ugh..Joe the Butthead..lets get his

When Does MSNBC Retire Buchanan

When Does MSNBC Retire Buchanan

Thank You For Being Your Sisters Keeper Today...

Can someone explain to me why in hell all the votes from Alaska are not counted yet?

More PROOF NBC Hates Christians: Cancels Christian Slater!

Another Mission Accomplished

My hometown Winnipeg featured on ;The Office; tonite

Indian court mulls overturning sodomy law

"The Nuge" spouts off again...

Complaint filed against Mormon Church Prop 8 activities

Cheney meets with Biden.»

Take out the risk, capitalism no longer exists.

Oil prices soar, and so does the Dow

Whitehouse: Afghanistan Death Toll Will Rise

UTMB to Cut 3,800 jobs (On Galveston Island, Texas)

Let me Re-Introduce Myself. I am David Paterson and I am the Governor of New York State.

Mark "Stomach of Iron" Begich Speaks

Now that they've destroyed YOUR economy, the cons set their sight's on Mine!

Joe the Plumber got "Splatted"!!!

Good News from Obama's Parent Teacher Conference

Air Marshals: Undercover and Under Arrest

Begich Campaign Answers Questions About Ballot Count.

A man walks into a bar with an alligator....

Email from Skinner

Proposal: Lets have a special "Sara Palin" forum. If your post

Regime change in Tbilisi?

Freepers hate Katie Couric/love Sarah palin

Thank you. Who ever you are, thank you.

The Dangerous Mannequin..... "Why Palin Still Matters"--Andrew Sullivan

Marion Barry headed for the DEA in the Obama Administration...Sources say

On 60 mpg Vehicles...

McCain to headline rally for Georgia GOP senator (Looser-palooza?)

What CAN we do about the homeless people we are seeing?

caribou barbie and celebrity status-- the reichwingnuts had it completely backwards.

caribou barbie and celebrity status-- the reichwingnuts had it completely backwards.

"I am going to hang Saakashvili by the balls," Mr Putin replied.

U.S. begins pursuing drilling off Virginia coast

John Nichols: John McCain's Reprehensible Campaign Swing

John Nichols: John McCain's Reprehensible Campaign Swing

Major EPA decision: no coal plants to be built in foreseeable future!

Oh I think the Mormons hit a land mine going after TEH GAYS!

Asia Times: Paulson's Lilliputian moment

I support punching clouds in the sky!1! -- Who's with me1?!

I support punching clouds in the sky!1! -- Who's with me1?!

Skidmore to any lurking Congresspeople or their staffers. :Don't Let Bush Pardon Himself

UFO Program reminder - 7pm EST, Nat'l Geo. Channel

Well, punching out Palin ought to go quickly.

Free market embraces Socialism

Rahm Emanuel Apologizes For Father's Disparaging Remarks About Arabs

CIA chief Michael Hayden: "Intelligence community disrupted attack that would have rivaled 9/11"

Call To Action: Seven Days of Sex... A new Challenge from Pastor in Dallas, TX.. The Today Show- CBS

Complaint: LDS Church Underreported Prop 8 Role - SLTrib

Photo: OH, HOW SPECIAL! Bush's BFF King Abdullah presents a gift of gold palm trees. GROUP HUG!


Obama Interview About His Faith

Pat Buchanan is making me laugh

Here's a bottom up bailout idea: forgive compounded interest on student loans

Nov.17th. in New York, come join in a discussion on the retirement crisis

One little Palin, so many "unhappy" Republican governors. Whiny, pathetic little crybaby governors.

Bin Laden 'Cut Off From al-Qaeda'

My Congressman on teevee, ranting and righteously angry about Paulson

So ..... when will John and Cindy be havin' Sarah and Toad over to dinner?

GM spends $17million per year on VIAGRA, largest private purchaser

C-Span, front page, link to watch CariBoo later in front of Repuke Govs. They are going

Who is Gerald Celente? why does he predict economic Doomsday?

Latest picture of a skinny Cheney.

Latest picture of a skinny Cheney.

ARGH!! Palin, McDumb and the ReTHUGliCONS are all out of their frigging minds!

The only sane religion related thing I've seen on the web in days!

MSNBC reporting that Hillary Clinton may be on Sec State short list

BlinkoTV question. I watch MSNBC on BlinkoTV and every so

How? Supports the Ouster of Saxby Chambliss but proclaims Obama the Antichrist??

Priest Wants Penance From Obama Voters - Obama 'Radical Pro-Abortion Politician,' Priest Says

Why was the discussion on KO just sounding like Condoleeza Rice was the first woman SOS?

SEA CHANGE, BOMBSHELL,GAMECHANGER: EPA pulls plug on new coal plants

Neb. parents rush to leave kids before law changes

Inaugural Ball 2009 Dream

BIG THANK YOU to my anon. DU benefactor. I'm lovin' my new donor star ...

KO....Breaking....HRC for SOS

CNN: GOP governors unhappy with Palin press conference

Some humor this morning from Ironic Times...

A Phenomenon of Systemic Criminality

"Should Dems begin investigations of Bush Admin.?" -- Cafferty's 6pm question

What a Mor....!

The GOP seems to think we should forget the past and move on.

Pawlenty & Insanity in KO's Worst..hehe..n/t

Wow, George, Golden Palm Trees!

A bright spot for Obama going in? And a little backfire for Bush/Cheney?

Scared of Palin in 2012? Tell it to Jesus, buddy!

It's been a great ride "my friends" - a picture is worth a lot of words

If you're so damn sure the bailout bill was correct, SHOW me where the money's actually gone

Evolving mineral kingdom

Hillary Clinton considered for Secretary of State

AP: "I Have Vatican Connections" con man Raffaello Follieri isn't enjoying prison

NYT Live-Blogging the Hedge Fund Hearing today

Does it seem to anyone else that the Fed is just cluelessly fiddly-fartin' around?

A Black President and Hillary as Sec. of State.

Why did the conversation on KO just now sound like Condy Rice was the first woman SOS?

You supercilious little shit

You supercilious little shit

My 700 Billion Bail Out Plan

90-year-old protester stands her ground

Toon: Republicans at the crossroads

Whithouse Picture, Bush, WTF are they doing? Gang Signs? Someone Explain!!

Repeat after me: NO MORE PALIN! NO MORE PALIN! And consider emailing CNN like I just did:

Pregnant Man Expecting Again

Today, November 13, is Louis Brandeis' birthday

The White House in the Movies & TV

2010 Senate Races

I this a push poll?

Judge dimisses Coleman lawsuit against Franken

Decorated Sacramento Search Dog Dies

Mark Begitch coming up on Rachel

NOAA Site Loses Radioactive Devices

A bishop worth listening to

OMG Rachel Maddow just RicRolled me!! arggggg n/t

The new Senator from Alaska is talking with Rachel he just gained 24 more votes

A question for all you Assault Weapon Ban supporters

In bad economy, boat owners abandon their vessels

DEBUNKED: Republican's '32 Franken Ballots in a Car' Story is Complete Nonsense, Never Happened

Could Obama have possibly picked a better VP than Biden?

Who should replace Obama in the US Senate?

Zogby: Jesse Jackson Jr. Leads Field of Obama Senate Successors

Are You Still Smiling?

Reinventing Collapse: Soviet Example and American Prospects

Is there an appropriate forum to thank somebody for a star?

KO opens with possible (possible) SOS Hillary Clinton

Governor Bill Richardson Should Be Secretary of State.

Fr. Roy Bourgeois (founder of School of the Americas Watch) faces excommunication

Don't get used to today's Dow bounce....

What is the deal with Ramos and Campeon?

Prop 8: Join the Impact and Stand for Equality

Thank you, anonymous! (x2)

OH NOES! Obama about to hit Palin! Oh Noes!

DUDE! I got a Star!!!!!!! :-D

Is it just me - the more Obama says what he is going to do - the more the BFEE is trying to prevent

The corporatists and GOP that have ran...

BREAKING: White powder sent to my balls!

Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?

Did Republicans just admit that Katherine Harris stole 2000 election for Bush?

Thomas Friedman Resigns AND Admits Bush Is A War Criminal (NYT)

It is GOOD that O'Reilly was on TDS.

It is GOOD that O'Reilly was on TDS.

You know... it'd be "snow machine" if Governor Palin had won...She lost. It's a "snowmobile"

Has O picked the cabinet yet?

Our Agenda More Important Than Revenge on Lieberman

The Rude One on Lieberman

WTF?!? The bushturd opened his yap today and said what???

A bailout question--

I'm amazed! Just in the last hour or so, I watched the donation numbers climb from 678 to over 700!!

Bailout Price Tag: $3.5T So Far, But 'Real' Cost May Be Much Higher

I think my donation just now gave ol' Sarah the heave-ho!

I think my donation just now gave ol' Sarah the heave-ho!

Breaking news MSNBC.... Bag found in river is not important

Democrats Need to Understand, the Auto Bailout is a Major Left vs Right Battlefield....

Does SOS mean

Someone gave me a new star? Wow, thanks!!

WHEEEEEE Obama's freakishly long arm hit Palin's head!

Irrelevant Right Wing Tool Alert: Dennis Miller says Liberal women hate Palin for her great sex life

Bill O'Lie-ly is the guest on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart??? Really!?!

Buy American

I just witnessed my millionaire Republican aunt steal $250,000 from my two cousins who are poor

What Obama was really thinking while in the oval office with bush.....

I wish Obama was a Republican.

Michael Moore’s new documentary will tackle economy: Next doc to have an end-of-the-empire tone

If the Government bails out our auto industry won't

My Opinion, I think the resistance by Bush in bailing out the auto industry

Another gem I found while reading for a course on...

I think someone gave me a donation thingie so I would like

There is NO WAY that Obama will pick Hillary as secretary of state.

Palin Haiku

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Please, a better translation site than Babelfish?

Why Palin Still Matters: Why Some People Won't "Drop It Already"

Want to make someone's day here on DU like someone did for me? Donate and give them a star!

A Ticket to The Hague for Dick Cheney? By Scott Horton

Eleven year old Oregon girl saves family from river

Makeover Candidate: Margaret Carlson

I'm really disappointed in Michelle Obama right now.

Obama Appointing Monsanto's Buddy for USDA Head?

Is Lou Dobbs ok?

Lieberman's Fate Looks Brighter By The Day

Secrets of Talk Radio - WTMJ reveals how talk show hosts ... work to get us angry

My weekly newspaper column: No regrets

Rickrolled by Rachael

Don Siegelman's appeal date set

I'm so angry about the Hillary SOS leak.

Focus on the Family begins their annual phoney War on Christmas

George W Bush is a pathological liar! Free market capitalism is dead!

Sorry but this thread is ONLY for Baby Boomers. The rest of you can

HOLY CRAP, Mike Huckabee really WAS an honorable Republican!

cspan caller: 'We're all buying guns & bullets till Obama gets into office'

Fuck Dan Savage

Goldman Sachs Furious over Revelation that they ripped off Charities

Goldman Sachs Furious over Revelation that they ripped off Charities

Looks like a fire broke out in CA, ppl. being evacuated

Dear friends, I just got my EPA test results

Prop. 8 Anger Spurs Donor Blacklists... (Your Vote Is Private, Your Donation... Not So Much)

One man and his friends had a vision.....A thank you thread.

Tammy Duckworth for US Senate

America A Nation of Non-Readers

Growing up, were you encouraged to read a book? Did you like it?

Do you believe the Bush administration is determined to still further cripple...

I've just heard someting hilarious on our news. You want to see how true leaders run their


Ruh-roh, Rorge: Obama transition team asking if applicants have made any embarrassing blog posts!

Grow a spine. Stop jocking the failed drug war and TAX POT.

Funny Videos

Son of a bitch in Idaho hangs sign that says "free public hanging" about Obama

Bloomberg Sues The Fed For Disclosure

"Living Wage Calculator"

Seniors brace for pricier drug coverage in ’09: Medicare monthly plans could increase 63%

What If Labor Opposed War?

Thank you to the kind donor of my star! Wow...

Freakin party crashers

Palin health mystery solved?

No more Palin, please.

Guess who said this:

a new Palin policy please?

wtf? did anyone see that weird little exchange on hardball?

Begich leading Stevens by THREE VOTES

Did Republicans just admit that Katherine Harris stole 2000 election for Bush?

Applied for a job on today

Hey, Palin, and bon soir, my friends. I'm outa here.

family values

Would someone tell Jon Stewart to Stop With The Palin Stories!!

People Magazine Obama Family Spread

As we face the worse economy since the Depression, Sarah talks and talks and talks about herself!

Who was the most consequential Vice President of the past 100 years?

Camille Paglia on Palin: 'She uses language with the rippling momentum of a be-bop saxophonist'

Does Joe Lieberman have 18 lives or what?!?!

My Fear--Neocons and Hawks

I'm chuckling at Mika and Joe this morning and their daily outrage at the

MSNBC retracts false Palin story; others duped

Are there people in Alaska working to get Sarah Palin impeached due to her scandals?

Mark Penn, "Chief Strategist" & the Colombian Trade Deal

(CNN) Palin says: "I wish I'd done more interviews."

Terry McAuliffe for VA Governor, a possibility

Did we elect a FREAK as president?

For Redstone...

LOL I have To Stop Listening To And/Or Reading Statements From Sarah Palin

saKKKsby brainless Exposes his racist ass For All The World To See:

Begich ahead by 814!!!!!

Daily Kos: Card Check is More Democratic than NLRB Elections

Back to the Grind

Bush to Declare “Economic Mission Accomplished” to G20

Palin stated that "We (Republicans) are united" at Republican Governors Assn.

Palin stated that "We (Republicans) are united" at Republican Governors Assn.

Bush can use Executive Privilege EVEN AFTER leaving office.

Follow Al Gore on twitter

What's with this mandatory national service crap?

Priest threatens reporter during interview over expulsion of parishioner for supporting Obama

make gay-rights a big-tent issue


I say to Palin "god curse you"

"Leaving Neither Bitter Nor Vanquished"

Is it over yet? I want to turn the "news" back on.

Is it over yet? I want to turn the "news" back on.

Palin attention is net positive for Obama.

Influential Talk-Show Host Shifts Position: Cheney To The Hague

What is this moose eating hillbilly with her shout-outs doing on my TV 24 hours a day!

Outrageous Zogby Push-Pull Poll

MSNBC retracts false Palin story; others duped

This is insane....I think the MSM is waiting for the train-wreck everytime they cover Palin

It Still Felt Good the Morning After (Frank Rich)

Is anyone talking about the real reason Obama got elected & what we have to look forward to?

Let's See The Repug Talking Heads Are Using The Leaks Out Of Obama's WH Meeting Against......

I, for one, want Sarah Palin on every talk show, radio show and soapbox she can find: Talk Baby Talk

I, for one, want Sarah Palin on every talk show, radio show and soapbox she can find: Talk Baby Talk

NEXT UP!! The Govenor of Idaho!

Free Sarah Palin poster

The Bush administration isn't going to lift a finger to help the bailout

The Bush administration isn't going to lift a finger to help the bailout

Indiana Senator Richard Lugar Says He Will Stay In Senate(No Cabinet Position)

Palin understands media and its power, we simple don't. The bottom line is we (collective us)

Palin does great job overseeing Alaska elections

Should the statement that all men are created equal be updated to


MSNBC's crawler "16 of 21 Republican Governors are attending annual meeting.

Blue Virginia

LOL - Waxman had a Joe the Plumber reference in his opening statement in oversight hearing

Crazy times demand crazy thinking. Now, about GM...

A statistical dead heat, heating up in the Franken - Coleman Race

Will The US Government And Media Finally Report The Slaughter Of Iraqis By The US Military?

What are we going to do to make the msm SHUT UP about Palin?

I don't buy the right-wing BULLSHIT that is is a "center-right" country

Surprise - False story re: Absentee ballots in MN election director car started by Coleman's lawyer

It Seems Bush and Company are going to cause More trouble for President Obama

That poll on CNN about George W Bush writing a book....

They Lost..........

David Broder of the WP: President-Elect Obama off to a strong and reassuring start

New rule: no more election speculation!

Choose or, well, don't (a Very Important Poll)

Sarah Palin = the fool on American Idol who doesn't know the world is laughing.

Ouch, my head is getting run over by run on sentences... Palin

Mature Republicans in Miami don't know quite what to say:

Lieberman "Political Dirt-Bag-Ineffective Senator-Terrible Chair" - Campaigned FOR Coleman

For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All

Is this compliment a good thing? check out this partial email from my principal

Assume Senate Dems fail to punish Lieberman

Let me see if I have this right - Lieberman in the tent, pissing all over everyone and....

A good old' southern boy representing Chambliss did not want to answer question on McClellan ad

A good old' southern boy representing Chambliss did not want to answer question on McClellan ad

Speaking of Palin and Lieberman...

What if politicians were paid proportionally to how well their states or districts were doing?

OBAMA: "I feel like my actions are aligned with a certain truth" (Religious Beliefs Interview -2004)

OBAMA: "I feel like my actions are aligned with a certain truth" (Religious Beliefs Interview -2004)

Palin's supposed continent confusion the work of a hoaxer.

New Poll: The Emerging Center-LEFT- Majority (The American Prospect)

"Sorry for not seeing this sooner" or "Get started on 2012"

BEGICH ahead by 814 votes!

Little miss ramble on is on tv rambling on. Awkwardly campaigning. Still.



Isnt American Idol Over? Why Do They Keep Talking About Palin

I'm glad to hear from the TV watchers that Palin is on a lot. I think it's good for the Dems and

If 76% of Repubs wanting Palin to stay in the spotlight translates to only 45% of America overall...

Sarah Palin = Kato Kaelin

Obama Can Redeem the White House - by Amy Goodman

Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom

ADMINS!! Can we rename this forum: "General Discussion: Palin"

I think that Obama's appointees should be selected for their skills

What is Holy Joe's case exactly for continuing to caucus with the Dems/hold onto his chairmanship?

Select your choices in the New York Times "Cabinet Picker"

UBS shares drop after U.S. indicts top banker

Obama and I am To Be Congratulated

President Bush will be talking live about the economy in one hour.

Dodd: Senate lacks GOP votes for auto bailout

A heartfelt thank you to Governor Sarah Palin

Pawlenty: "...but Ronald Reagan was President a Long Time Ago..."

Any word on Obama?

Palin to give views on the future of the GOP

Steele vs Gingrich for RNC Chair

Obama and the NEW New Deal

Did you see Obama's doodle?

---Palin decries 'extreme partisanship' ---What is the world coming to?

New rule: no more election speculation!

What you're going to see more of: family outings with the Obama's.

Bayh Expects Lieberman To Apologize For Attacks On Obama In Order To Keep Committee Chairmanship

Obama moves forward with Oval Office technology upgrade

Bill Ayers on Good Morning America tomorrow

Obama did win the election, right?

Obama has done one thing right off the starting line VERY well...

Who's Afraid of a Filibuster?

Have you Seen the Obama Hope Toast?


Unbelievable! I can't frigging stand it anymore...

Lieberman- Where's The Netroots Effort Telling Senators To Vote Him Off As Chair?

Lieberman- Where's The Netroots Effort Telling Senators To Vote Him Off As Chair?

Begich Takes 814-Vote Lead in Alaska Senate Race

You know what?Obama has shown pretty awesome judgement during his campaign

Now I know who mooselips reminds me of the girl who's called new york

Red State Dems outed as Dems by Obama's election -- and we've been getting together since!

On election night, out of the country, CNN the only English media. As a non-cable viewer, my view:

Missouri Update: Nine days later, and Missouri’s presidential outcome up in the air

Hey, LIEBERMAN! F*** YOU!!! that's right

Barack and Michelle Obama to Appear on 60 Minutes in First Post-Election Interview

Consequences of more people following politics

has this been brought up yet?

Why has no one posted this about Palin??

I'm a little confused...let me get this straight....a week late, but classic all the same...

Okay... SO.

Obama Will Resign from Senate on Sunday

What are you doing Saturday? Want to make history?

Send Sara P. an email. Here's the link. I asked her if she still palled around

Secrets of talk radio -- from a right-wing station's former news director

Frum drives bus over Rove. LOL! (updated)

Will we see an immediate appointment to the Senate by the Illinois Governor?

Awesome. You have won the leadership of the free world.

"The Past is the past!"

Finally somebody is ready to take on hate-talk radio

hmmmm (tin-foil hat) I think the RNC Does NOT want Palin as a Senator

If Mark Begich (D-AK) beats Stevens for the Senate, say buh-bye to Sarah Palin once and for all!

Jeez, what next: Obama trading cards

Bush speaks on economy, market jumps 552 points!!!

Besides FreeRepublic, what's your favorite source for post-election schadenfreude?

Wouldn't It Be Poetic If coleman, chamblASS, and stevens Gave Us 60?

New Pew Poll: Obama Liked but Bar is High

Thomas Jefferson: Forgiven, or still a sleazeball?

Bush to Evade Prison Through "Residual Constitutional Powers"

I've felt like this for a week.....

Has anyone told Sarah Palin that the campaign is over?

I support the prosecution of Bush administration criminals by the Obama administration Y/N

Can someone help me?

Concerning Bush & Cheney: Do You Prefer Trials Or Truth/Reconciliation Hearings?

Pelosi Team Hints at Progressive Shift

What is the point of the lame duck session?


More reason to donate to DU - I just saw who the next punchmonkey is..

Ha Ha ... GOP Governors pissed off at Palin!!

Tweety over McCain's duplicity: "Nobody's perfect."

Tweety over McCain's duplicity: "Nobody's perfect."

Obama should have his AG draft a bill to expand the Supreme Court

American Express, brazen welfare queen

Catholic bishops plan to forcefully confront Obama

Let bygones be bygones, and watch Bush laugh at the country and the law

Let bygones be bygones, and watch Bush laugh at the country and the law

What are we going to do to make the GD:P SHUT UP about Palin?

Yup. The official complain, gripe, also, aboot 'threads, posts aboot Sarah Palin'

GOP Govenors unhappy with Palin press conference

I did not know John Conyers (D-MI) posted at DU.

The AIG party in Phoenix - local editorial cartoonist weighs in

Darn!! I tried to be the fist that slammed Joe in the face. Missed it!!

DAMN!!! did anyone see Tweety's show with Buchannon and the Black Republican

Two cute toons...

"In bipartisan mood; Obama engages George HW Bush for foreign policy advice."

King family seeks to cash in on MLK-Obama items

Roger Simon is smoking crack again today....

To Pressure, Support and Correct.

This sums up cable news at the moment (and thus some of DU)

Scarborough Lieberman and fake plumber who's next

I will probably be blasted with flame throwers for this op.. but here goes

Photo of Dick, his wife and the Bidens

Begich just pulled ahead of Stevens by over 800 votes.

What if Lieberman is voted out of his Chair, but then we win all 3 of these last Senate seats?

Gallup Poll: No clamoring for Palin to become a national figure

Obama's win in a word by his supporters vs McCain supporters

If you quickly donate to 625, you can actually be on your way to punching...

I just called my 2 Senators about the secret ballot vote on Lieberman.

New Freeperism!

Nate Silver: "Mark Begich is now an overwhelming favorite to win the Alaska Senate seat."

I don't remember if the Dems got so much attention after 2004 compared to Repugs now

Obama taking a pro-active stance on staff members

Obama's freak arm scares me.

Obama's freak arm scares me.

Obama will resign from the Senate on Sunday

Friday On MTB: Anna Burger Of The SEIU & Todd Beeton Of MyDD W/ Cenk To Talk EFCA & Middle Class...

Obama's inauguration may draw 1 million-plus

People, lighten up a little: Barack Obama is going to be the 44th President of the United States.

dupe; please delete

NO ONE who supported the worst foreign policy decisions in U.S. history...

WTF is with Pawlenty?

Please stop calling out Sarah Palin!

Palin: "I had a baby; I did some traveling; I very briefly extended my wardrobe"

I have never seen Bush use a cell phone.

Palin is like Bloody Mary.

Iraq Withdrawal Appears on the Way. Now, OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!!!

Barack to Michelle: "The lithium crystals! Beam me up, Scotty!"

What is next for Sarah Palin, A live Q/A session here on DU?

In 50 (EDITED) years a world history text book will be written and used in American classrooms.

Tim Gunn Weights in on 2008 Election Fashion Choices! He was Somewhat Concerned!

Tap, tap, tap, tap...

So does the murderous bush regime just waltz away, hands dripping blood behind them?

I heard Walter Shapiro on XM Radio today. He said don't believe any names being mentioned


When do the pink slips go out?

Try and keep up slackers.

Any Alaska DU'ers know of a place to follow senate vote count? I'm still

BREAKING on CNN - Hillary Sec of State?

Like a bad rash, Palin just won't go away.

What does it take to get rid of the Delusional Lying Corporatists once and for all?

When Axelrod's phone rang late at night with the ringtone "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", he knew....

HA HA..PUKE-chanan...gettin' pissed off at the "black fella"

I feel bad asking for donations right now. I know times are tough for many of you.

PLEASE, stop posting about 'failin' Palin!

Newsweek: Obama's Tears

If Edwards does with poverty what Gore did with Global Warming, would you forgive him?

Suits claim election-night abuse by Chicago police

Ted Stevens Needs YOUR Help. Please Donate to His Legal Defense Fund

How much did Obama raise in October?

BEAUTIFUL photo of Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich!

Using Obama fear mongering to kill Net Neutrality

Letter from man whose job is gassing dogs and cats in gas chamber in NC

The "ole' what's her name" free thread!

Anyone else think Saxby Chambliss looks like an oldtime Bull Connor racist?

Anyone else think Saxby Chambliss looks like an oldtime Bull Connor racist?

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty on GOP troubles

What's up with this banner ad?

Who is leaking all this inside info? (e.g. Hillary SoS consideration)

So, do you think its necessary for Obama to keep a big secret about his

PHOTOS Oh wow, those Newsweek photos are STUNNING - eg Joe Biden & Sasha

I think Kerry has the chops and the background to be a great Supreme.

Straight from the Elephant's A**...Salon's thought-provoking graphic for their "GOP Comeback" story

great website

Don't mistake the flatterer for a friend (or, don't follow the media over trivial cliffs)

Chuck Todd's.... "What if game!"

AP: Crowd of 1 Million Could Attend Obama Inauguration

The Poll To End All Polls: YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE

Colored people in the White House! Colored people in the White House!!!

Ed Kilgore on Lieberman

With friends like Lieberman, who the hell needs enemies.


Obama Move Heats Up Race to Fill His Senate Seat

I bet Walmart is KICKING ITS ASS that it did away with layaway--but Sears is bringing it back

question on Ohio being called at around 15% in

I am impressed at how secure Obama is in his own abilities...


John Edwards: Sleazeball?

Ed Norton backing 2-yr. documentary on the Obama campaign (NYT)

Obama above 66 million votes nationally!

Linda Tripp Praises Obama's 'Purity of Soul'

So..Mrs. Moose (out of the blue) mentions "or a member of my family"

The McCain people were right she was/is a Diva

A small rant on "Clinton People" and that's not change

Gun sales increase after Obama win.

Gun sales increase after Obama win.

Who can blame Barack for considering the Goddess of Peace for his SOS?

Dems Say Biden Chooses New VP Chief of Staff (Gore's VP CoS)

Donate clothes to Sarah Palin

The only reason I see Hillary getting SOS is so she won't pull a 1980 Ted Kennedy on Obama in 2012

Photo: Strong to the finich 'cause he eats his spinach, it's Lame Duck the pres-i-dent.

Don't caption this.

She Keeps Attacking Obama So...Just How Stupid Is She?

Cheney looks like he has cancer

Just for fun - another "What if" thread: VP edition

*** Thursday TOONs: Transition and Economy ***

Colbert is cutting up Steve Moore


Did Cheney give Joe a tour of his bunker. I doubt it, they probably haven't taken all the

Obama team leaks Grovelbot for Secretary of Marijuana

True story--the first thing Biden said after learning John McCain had selected Sarah Palin for VP?

Senate Staffers Begin Mulling Health Care Reform As Part Of Stimulus Package (updated)


Can anyone coherently connect a priest's ignorant political comment with pedophilia?

Any chance they're going to reprint this poster?

Bush behind bars -- fantastic Harper's cover just came in the mail

Political LOLS from pundit kitchen. Good stuff this week

HILLARY!!!! Secretary Of State

Weeeeeee! Stocks back in positive territory.....

How On EARTH Could Obama Win With His HUGE Jewish Problem?

Franken camp to say more about recount 'developments'

For Obama and Family, a Personal Transition

More than 1 week after election night, what is your PRIMARY mood?

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State?

Wow, no wonder Obama inspired such devotion from his staff.....

WOW- Breaking News! Sources inside the Obama camp say Bug Bunny vetted for SOS!

My wife and I have new hobby. Check WHO donated to WHOM?!?

This is the George W. Bush Economic Depression.

This is the George W. Bush Economic Depression.

GOP: Latino Vote v. Minute Men/"Real America" Racist Rhetoric - Which Way?

Caption President-Elect Obama....

"There's a lot of disinformation out there." No one has been contacted by Obama's team

Obama Baseball Cards??

Does anybody under 30 remember Raygun?

I am in LOVE with this 7-part Newsweek story on the campaign from start to finish.

SOS: Kerry or Clinton?

Priest: No communion for Obama supporters

When were you the most worried about Obama actually winning the GE?

Personally I'd prefer Senator Clinton at Defense

Why would any powerful Senator want to move a rung down the ladder and join the cabinet?

After her 4 Question 'Press Conference' Do You See Palin As 2012 Presidential Material?

Tellurian, Maddiejoan, and Papau... McCain supporters.. say Obama is part of NWO plot (hmm)

Previous poster has a point: I hope Obama will consider mandating national service

Palin is the gift that keeps on giving

On election night, when were you confident Obama would win?

I love Sarah Palin with all my heart.

Rednecks for Obama

Rick Perry shuts down Palin press conference

Dean is out as health secretary, sources say.

HClinton for SOS -- it could happen for all I know -- but then who

A Credit Crisis or a Collapsing Ponzi Scheme? The Two Trillion Dollar Black Hole

What's Rachel's problem?

Southern Baptists convene in Florida, celebrate their hateful agenda.

U. of Texas Player Kicked Off Team For Racially Charged Threats On Obama

Obama and Duckworth WOW!!!

What is that song ..

Repeat: Can we please stop these calls to move people from the the Senate to the Cabinet.

Fuck that shit, man!!!

When your SO says they don't want anything for their birthday, do you...

Got to RANT! BO fuck Lieberman and his Republican heart throbs. We the people of the Democratic

Ron Christie just said, "I'm so angry about the scope of this bailout program right now...

PHOTOS: The Bidens visit the Cheneys

As if having the flu weren't bad enough--and it is, I finally feel like sitting upright,

Rachel Maddow is making HELLA SENSE about Lieberman

US Conference of Catholic Bishops cutting off all funding for ACORN

I think Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday.

Preview for the new Trailer Park Boys special airing Dec 7th

Neither Sarah Palin or Joe Lieberman will ever be President of the United States

Holiday Snowglobe

Beets are the new broccoli

The Obamas are "adventurous foodies," with a "wide-ranging palate," chef says

Help naming this comedian

13-year old says no to heart transplant surgery

Time cover story: The New Liberal Order (Obama as FDR) - very interesting article

Calling all liberal arts graduates

What the hell is wrong with DU?

I was thinking about leaving my Obama flag up until January 20th

Somebody run down da store, get me a packa Lucky Strike and some Ring Dings, K?

Somebody run down da store, get me a can of Skoal and some lottery tickets, K?

Hey lissen, run down da store for me and get me some of dat "Phlegm-B-Gone"

When you get bored, what do you do to entertain yourself?

Would someone please run down to the store for Philboy?

Could we have 5 more donations, please? I'm sick of looking at LIEberman.

PBS episode of Nature leads to quarrels over evolution...

Jon Stewert is totally kicking Bill O'Reilly's ass right now

I'm Getting Into Monsterquest On History Channel

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you

I think that they should change how they do pre-employment drug tests

Arcadian is dead to me.

Song of the Day

CA-Sen, CA-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Oh lord, one of my cats just gave herself...

Chimpanzee earns her stripes as a foster mother by caring for two white tiger cubs

Mmmmmmm!! Nothing says "breakfast" like...

Sitting around waiting for Doctors to call is...not productive

PeterU to DULounge: Your favorite rock band stinks.

I got this in my email and there are so many memories in it

I guess I can finally take down my Craigslist ad

ALERT: DU Has a new forum: GD:P is now General Discussion: Palin.

"Max Payne" . . .......

Suck people mean.

WoW Nerds: Are we excited?

An essay should be part of a job application.

I invented a new drink last night.

A song I cannot get out of my head!!!

OK, I am going to ask a stupid question.

Mrs. V. will be in Tennessee a little bit longer. Intense stress and worry.

Geddy Lee vs. Billy Corgan

Why I hate my insurance company: part brazillion

YooHoo!!! Parche!!!! I remembered.

What movie should I go see...

What ever happened to Tony Carey? Was he a one-hit wonder?

Who Is The Best DU'r On This Board

I need help! 6 weeks out and my job search is BLEAK!

I need help! 6 weeks out and my job search is BLEAK!

I need an operation, but I won't ask for money for it.

I dont know how you women folk where them pointy shoes.

I Will Never Make Fun Of Midlo Again

I used a word that offended some DU women in a post that got locked last night.

For all you ignorant Chuggo haters: Western Nebraska CC named him Musician of the Minute in 2007.

kitten picture of the day for Thursday November 13

All the hate for 3 piece Canadian bands, so what ever happened to Triumph?

It appears our local radio station is now playing non-stop

Let's give it up to our very own FLVegan. Quite the astute one.

Thanks for hooking me up, Anonymous!

You know, some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed...

Screw Canuck 3-pieces. I want a NoLA 3-piece!

Screw Canuck 3-pieces. I want a NoLA 3-piece!

I loathe unresolved conflict. :(

OK LynneSin, Who Is Going To Take Over Biden's Senate Seat?

Delete - meant this to be a phone call instead of a post.

What is your favorite Teen movie

Delete - wrong website.

Wow! The stock market really is broken!!

"There can be only one"

The Critters Flu Crisis: Day Three

Sarah Palin--the new Kudzu, or just Jack Chick Lit?

I just dropped this post in the mailbox.

Norm Coleman's latest EPIC FAIL. BWAHAHAHA!

Would You Get Giddy If You Met Geddy?

Woman says attacker hit her with a rock because she's gay

"A Thousand Words" This movie could be utterly AMAZING.... if not for who was the lead

Restore my faith in the DU Lounge, Loungers.

This idiot voter didn't know Bush can't serve a third term

Has anybody ever actually graduated from Peter U?

Breaking: Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, locusts, and Kenny G strike Connecticut

Okay, how do women not completely obsess about their underwear?

Paulson can't buy toxic mortgages, b/c they don't exist

How'd you get the beans above the frank?

Call me a rebel, but at 10AM, I did NOT "Drop. Cover. and Hold On."

Mods....we need a new smilie...

I accidentally took 5 Viagra instead of my vitamins, and now my stomach is distended.

GEEK Alert: another update on my long-running D&D campaign

Last day in the US

Should I download this album and art package?

For all you ignorant Huey Lewis haters, remember: the Lake Wobegon YMCA named him an ok guy in '78

No, no, no, no, no. I'm afraid there is no other way. The DU Lounge MUST be collectively punished.

Happy early birthday to me....

RP update

County treasurer defeated by 'teenybopper' student

X-Post from GD: Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom

Obama's leaving the Senate??? WHY????

Who the fuck is Cheetah Girl?

I was talking to LittleCoffee on the phone, and asked her how her day was going. She said

I'm SO tired, but I have to stay awake...This sucks!

My grandfather has been arrested

I am in hell.

Know any songs with analogies in them (good or bad)?

Two cannibals are eating at an intenational convention.

You know when someone is very nice to you, and it completely fucks with your head?

From GD: Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom

Awesome! Nissan has introduced a bare-bones Versa for $10K!

A note re: the gays and the blacks.... (from a jew)

Is it safe for Rush Haters to come out yet?

That time of the year again. The PNW asphalt salmon is on its annual migration.

Poem Thread

I'm in the middle of a boring teleconference. Ask me anything!

A Jehovah's Witness felt the need to leave a pamphlet on my doorstep this morning

Is there a general time of day that patients get released from the hospital?

OK, I already know I'm blind. Who is the head at the #600 mark on the donations bar?

I need some jokes...tell me the BEST joke that you know.

I just found what i want for Christmas

Jennifer Aniston

How do I buy a cheap replacement cell phone?

Antartica Photos

Oregon mom jailed for using kids in volleyball scheme

My goodness, are we still arguing about Rush?

For all you ignorant Rush likers, remember: They Suck


Take a moment to imagine these two as house-mates

One nice thing about gas prices in their free fall...

Another victim of the Republican recession

November 22, 1963 to December 8, 1980

I am gonna slap you!

"Palin just gave a news conference .... that .... lasted for three questions."

Now who was it that claimed New York City was to be the model city for the world?

First extrasolar planet identified visually!

My face last Tuesday night.

Need DU instruction...

Okay. Who needs a star? In the spirit of the lackluster fundraiser

OK, I took off the back panel of the microwave...

Steven's Pollster, " Race is Over..Begich will win."

For all you ignorant Deathtongue haters: Yale named them Musicians of the Millenium in 1993.

I have a problem

Yay! A new Seether video

Is Today About The Most Fukin Boringest Day?

Parche better learn how to spell curse words, or I'm gonna be all over him like stink on a monkey.

Crazy lady that said aliens were invading alabama returns!

Does anyone here know Kevin Bacon? Or maybe someone that knows someone that does?

Worst advice you've ever received?

This week my pinky has become numb and paralyzed

Calling Swamp Rat! Calling Swamp Rat!

Build-A-Bear Alert for Midlo

Man dies while fixing microwave (I don't mean this as a joke)

Do people fail up in your industry? They sure do in mine.

Some recent threads here have reminded me what a Godsend it was that I had

If you were going to be a Bond Villain, which one would you be...

They really need to get the TV Tropes website fixed before I go insane.

Why Is Colmes Wife Hot, and He Is Nerdy?

Today's My Birthday and I Got An Xbox 360

Need DU instruction...

666 with Sarah Palin, does that mean something?

What year were your grandparents born?

Got an email from my stbx..... he's going to be a father

My Dad had been sedated for the past 10 days--since before the election.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/13/2008)

BB Maine-ah is Two. Pics

Not all priests are pedophiles.

Special DU fundraiser: Donate at least $25 and have the person of your choice banned.

World Underpants Record BROKEN!!!!!!

LOUNGE! Tell me what to do with the rest of my life.

Can I thank the boomers? For these?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/13/08

"Most Beautiful Bottom in the World"

What Is The Highest Reply Count Ever On DU?


Is It IGNORE If You Announce It??????? ???????????!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Is this a lament?

I should get off of here, but

it is *eally *eally ha*d to type without ce* tain keys wo*king.

For the old pot heads out there. Oh if we only had this in the sixties

posting under the influence

007 Alert: Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko are on Jimmy Kimmell tonight

Snuggly kitty!

Tanqueray + Limes + Club Soda Mmmm.... Yeah maybe I drink too much...

The dog is fired.

WAL-MART Bingo Board

To whoever donated in my name:

I have a question...

Best advice you've ever received?

Dear friends, I just got my EPA test results

Hillary as Sec. of State is a HOMERUN.

Twas two weeks after Halloween...

Footnotes or Endnotes

Chaplin has started hanging out on the front porch...

What are you listening to right now DU?

What is/was for dinner, DU?

I loved Night Court.

Tonight is Jazz on Vinyl night at my house...

I really, really need a hug right now...They say it's time for my Mom to get a feeding tube

Our Obama story

Pregnant Man Expecting Again

911 is indeed a joke in my town.

Kitteh works the printer

Ok, math/color theory question.

My EX took a 9 inch picture of me after sex

I used the "C" word in a post, and it offended taterguy...

Name a movie which climaxes with an explosion

"Blanket Pardon"

(Quiz) Which Tudor Queen are you?

What happens when you have 0% storage in your email?

Favorite cinematic portrayal of Elizabeth I?

Woo hoo! Palin knocked back to Wasilla!

If you were someone else

So we've had two boomer presidents, and now a GenXer

The Only Way to FIX Our Economic Problems...Legalize Marijuana

Brutal Pathology exam today. I think I passed...

The DU Lounge is going to be collectively punished. But how? Place your bets here.

What's the point of living in the "greatest country on earth"?

I've just realized I've been in my pj's all day

Post your favorite rock band. If they suck, I will inform you that they suck and tell you why.

For TominTib

Holy CRAP! Neil Young plans to charge $432 for "Archives Volume 1."

Bad night for Joe the Alpha Nut

Billy Corgan is an elitist, asshole, jack-off.

Okay, so I think I'm officially old.

Say the "Changeling " , extremely depressing stuff

DUers with user names beginning with letters A thru M respond to this thread.

Okee Dokie, I just took the first step to go back and get my degree

Confess, Who's Your DU Crush?

please please please send some of the du vibes this way

Rolling Stone: "How Obama Won"

Who were you in a past life?

Old photo - life is good

Favorite Movie Villains

I need some jokes...tell me the WORST joke that you know.

Post your favorite rock band. I'll tell you they suck no matter what.

Fine, since it's "Trash Rock Bands" day in the Lounge, create what you think would be the best band

The *OFFICIAL* hot sauce appreciation thread

The Peoples' Bailout Of The PEOPLE!

Have you or haven't you gotten along with your Mother-In-Law?

Post your current word crush

Because the economy is in the gutter - We are starting the War on Christmas early this year.

Will we EVER win the "Center Stripe?"

Obama's Influence on the rest of the world. Get a tissue.

Serious advice for Sarah Palin on conservation of stupid

Ever get flamed in one of the GD's and then worry that nobody in here wants to talk to you anymore?

Redskins Rally Rags!

PROVE ROCK ISN'T DEAD! Post a great new group!

Should I Buy This Record?

Pelosi may call for legislative session week of November 17

Iran envoy abducted in Pakistan

Latest tally: Begich leads Stevens by 3 votes

Sarah Palin hacking suspect disputes charge

Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar

Students chant 'Assassinate Obama' on school bus

20 Afghan civilians, 1 coalition soldier killed in suicide attack on US convoy

State May Vote On Gay Marriage Again In 2010

Another severed foot washes up on Canada's Pacific coast

For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All

Jobless claims surge while trade deficit narrows

Friday Public Tribute Planned For Obama's Grandmother

DPS aims for driver's license checkpoints

(Russian President) Medvedev: No missile deployment if Obama drops anti-missile shield

UBS executive charged with helping 20,000 Americans avoid taxes

US civilian cargo aircraft crashes in western Iraq

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged

8,000 Beduin stake their claim as the lost tribe of Barack Obama

Obama taps techies to scour bureaucracy

Desperate Big Pharma Pushing to Double Statin Sales

Alaska Senate Race just got updated

Appeals court nullifies 2007 (Terre Haute, Ind.) mayoral election

Bush, Out of Office, Could Oppose Inquiries

Below 8,000 WOW

GOP to file suit to undo McCain-Feingold laws

GOP to file suit to undo McCain (Feingold) rules

1,200-year-old church uncovered in Syria

Divers Claim Bones Found in Caylee Anthony Search

Steven's Pollster, " Race is Over..Begich will win."

UTMB to Cut 3,800 Jobs

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State?

Gore says no to 'Climate Czar' role

Fired aide to Sen. Boxer faces child porn charges

UBS boss charged over tax evasion

A Labor Leader for Labor Secretary? (Stern is out)

China wants to make bricks from toxic milk: report

U.S. Jobless Claims Reach Seven-Year High of 516,000

Internet providers cut off host of spam e-mail

Gulf War Vet Health Research Lacking

Salt Lake Weekly Fires Dan Savage for Utah Boycott

Kerry, Schumer Lending Proposals Implemented

Republican Governors Meet, Glumly

Obama Team Faces Major Task in Justice Dept. Overhaul

Iraq vet possible Senate replacement for Obama

Charges added to indictment of Congressman Renzi

Bush makes case for free-market’s role in crisis

Dodd Says Auto Bailout Lacks Votes in Senate

Mayor Daley: Prepare For Mass Layoffs

UN: Clouds of Pollution Threaten Glaciers, Health

State high court shows interest in anti-Prop. 8 suits

Soros says deep recession inevitable, depression possible

Idaho sign advertises Obama 'public hanging'

Obama resigning Senate seat

Judge dimisses Coleman lawsuit

VP-elect Biden hopes to be a hands-on No. 2

VP-elect Biden hopes to be a hands-on No. 2

Deal paves way for dams' removal on Western (Klamath) river

Aid to Mortgage Giants May Exceed Forecasts

"Brown clouds making Delhi, Beijing, darker: UNEP"

McCain asks Georgia voters to back Sen. Chambliss

Deficit and Jobless Claims Jump, But Stocks Soar

People in Florida need more food help in'08-report

Republican Governors Meet, Glumly After Election Losses, Many See Bleak Future for Party

Alaska's Ted Stevens now trails Democratic opponent

Navy base could have caused Qantas jet plunge

Catholic Church cuts off ACORN funding

Coleman drops out of GOP leadership race

Bias Crime on Door of Newman Catholic Center Undergoing Investigation

Crowd of 1 Million-Plus Could Attend Obama Inauguration

New facility to dispose of nuke material

Palin Decries "Extreme Partisanship"

(John) Edwards to face off against Rove in public debate

Log Cabin (Republicans) president announces resignation

Children separated from parents by Congo violence

Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar

White powder sent to Mormon temples in Utah, LA

Franken seeks access to rejected absentee data

Ron Klain tapped for Biden's chief of staff

Post office $2.8 billion in the red

U.S. begins to pursue drilling off Virginia coast

Thousands riot in Colombia over pyramid scheme losses

Bush says faith sustained him through presidency

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 13

Study: Illegal immigrant children mistreated in custody

Skinhead charged in Obama plot wants dismissal

Church fury as coma woman allowed to die

Democrats to White House: Preserve your records

85,000 homes lost to foreclosure in October

10,000 opponents of Prop. 8 march on NYC Mormon Church

Could You Pass Obama's Background Check?

SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

Feds called in to review landowner's sign ("free public hanging" of Obama other Dems)

First Pictures Taken of Extrasolar Planets

HPV vaccine can prevent genital warts in men

AP: Young retains US House seat in Alaska

Obama lobby rules could benefit nonprofits, analyst says (CNN)

For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All (NYT)

Forgetting Sarah Palin (Harvard Crimson)

Sarah Palin an Obama girl? You betcha (Kansas City Star)

'You report, we marginalize' (great one on Faux, et al.) Harold Meyerson

"The Summers "Conundrum" (worth the read)

Obama acts to drive the lobbyists out of Washington (Independent / UK)

McQueeg, McWhacked, McCain to Be Slapped By GOP Lawsuit

Barack the Plumber, Stevens, Berg and GOP Guvs the Losers?

Robert Parry: The Danger of Keeping Robert Gates (Read this,please)

Open Mike on Jay Leno Reveals McCain's True Feelings

Joe Conason: Who's Afraid of a Filibuster?

David Corn: Bailout or Bunco?

The National Infrastructure Bank

Picking Obama Senate Successor Puts Spotlight on Illinois Governor

Pranksters Distribute Fake New York Times Declaring 'Iraq War Over'

Dartmouth Junior (Democrat) Wins County Election

City Council: Detroit needs $10-billion bailout

A Documentary About the Obama Campaign Is Drawing Wide Interest

The G-20 and Biological Warfare

The Shape of Things to Come?

The Election Lives! (recount in Minnesota) by Gail Collins

An English Lesson

Obama Faces Major Task in Justice Dept. Overhaul: Goal Is to Restore Confidence in Law Enforcement

Dysfunctional Election Process Needs to Be Repaired

David Broder: Obama's Good Start

GOP Governors Meet to Plot 50-Hate Strategy

Bush Ends with Freedom & Free Markets

A Grateful Lieberman Returns the Favor to Obama

More than sixty groups call for revocation of presidential secrecy directive

Oklahoma woman's death prompts look at 'home-grown' white supremacist set

President Bush Calls For Smarter Government

Financial Crisis: Bush Defends “Free-Market”

Henry Paulson, the Fascist Conspirator American Idiots Trust to Spend $700 Billion

President Bush to Pen Bush Tell-All Book

The Emerging Center-Left Majority

The Fundamentalist: This week in the religious right:

In Memory of Bubbling Bob

“We’re Going on a RINO Hunt!” (I’m Not Scared, Ted)

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Obama and Our Schools

Obama Baseball Cards?

Productive Obama-Military Relationship Possible

Naomi Klein: In Praise of a Rocky Transition (CHANGE, DAMMIT!)

Matthew Rothschild: What Is NorthCom Up To?

Far Right's attack on Obama only going to get crazier

Stand Up For Gays, Lesbians, Love and Equality

Mayor Daley: Prepare For Mass Layoffs

Outsourcing not the way to go

GOP Governors Insist They Have a 'Stake' in Palin

Mark Benjamin: Obama's plans for probing Bush torture

Lawmaker Imposes Dominionist Theocracy On Texas

Obamas Join D.C.'s Private School Status Race

What Doesn't Kill The Far-Right Only Makes Them Crazier

Open Letter to President-Elect Obama About Abortion: From a Pro-Obama and Pro-Life Leader (Schaeffer

Proposition 8 made me quit the Mormon church

The Selma of Immigration Rights (Arizona/Sheriff Joe)

Ted Haggard Talks About Hot Straight Marriage Sex - Irony

Gay Protest at the New York City Mormon Temple

CNN Concatenated (Why have I never seen this before? It's awesome!)

The Daily Left - November 13th, 2008

Palin: God Bless Bush

Jesus Politics Movie Trailer

Chris Moyles from BBC's Radio 1: The Very Catchy "Barack Obama Song"

Helen Thomas returns to White House

Exclusive Footage Of The Cheney/ Biden Meeting

McCain: We need more like Joe Lieberman. LOL, k.

"The Obamas are like the new Brangelina"

Advertising : Impossible is nothing : Obama

Chambliss: Cleland ad was 'truthful in everyway'

"Why Can't We (at least pretend to) Be Friends?"

Colbert: Bush worked with Democrats the way Ike worked with Tina

TYT: Will Sarah Palin take a porno offer?

AP: Thousands Crowd Job Fair for Military Veterans

Keith Olbermann in a Minute

Palin Trashes Media Seconds After Claiming To Respect It

Mother Has Her 5-year Old Daughter Say Fuck Obama

Frum knocks Rove 'not a great batting record' +RNC $ trouble? (00:53)

With Obama's Win, Gun Sales Go Way Up

Rachel Maddow w/ Robert Reich again, this time on Paulson's bait & switch

Olbermann: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

"From Fear To Hope"

Iraq vet possible Senate replacement for Obama

Obama’s Iraq plan about to meet reality

Troops begin to shift out of Iraqi cities

Ex-GI refuses to testify in soldier murder case

Obama supports advance funding for VA

Iraqi soldier kills 2 U.S. troops, hurts 6

Defense witnesses testify in fragging case

Iran tests new surface-to-surface missile

Cell phones for soldiers stolen

Russian, U.K. ships repel Somali pirate attack

Pentagon launches its own version of YouTube

Woman charged with selling stolen Navy goods

More 3/8 Marines set to deploy to Afghanistan

Pendleton captain’s death ruled a suicide

Navy bars leasing near Naples

Iraqis face hurdles on road to power independence

GI waives Article 32 hearing in Iraqi deaths

Report: Obama may ask Gates to stay with DOD

52 from 1st AD lead the way in Wiesbaden return

Attorney says airman only borrowed money

(Military Times) Op-Ed: A Historic Campaign to Support New Vets

DoD spends less than lawmakers want on F-22s

Lt. gen. urges Obama to keep missile defense

Obama - White House Puppy (ECLECTIC METHOD)

Potheads and Republicans

Countdown: A Specially Condensed Comment (Sir!)

CBS: Five White Cops Terrorized Black Family Election Night

Palin's First Press Conference Since The Election Cut Short.

Breaking News on Countdown: Hillary Clinton Considered for Secretary of State

TYT: Chuck Norris Sends Out An Idiotic Poem About Obama

AC360: Dan Savage Takes on Tony Perkins Over Prop 8

If Obama wants to talk about that association with Bill Ayers I will, however, that chapter's closed

TYT: Chris Matthews Debunks the Center-Right Myth (Cenk Weighs In After)

Countdown: Sarah Palin at the Governors Association

Hardball: Pat Buchanan Angers Mike Paul On The Air


Court rules for Navy in whale sonar case

Peres lauds Saudi King peace plan

Switzerland: Israel Breaking Int'l Law By Razing Palestinian Homes

Ottawa prof arrested, suspect in 1980 Paris bombing

Rahm Emmanuel's father insults all Arabs???

Rahm Emanuel apologizes for father's disparaging remarks about Arabs

March 15, 2003 "What I want to know" Parts 1 and 2, Sacramento, CA, Dean speech.

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Tentative deal will clear Klamath River for salmon

Peak Oil Notes - Nov 13

Had the opportunity to speak to a class of sixth graders yesterday:

Indian Scientists - Himalayan Glacial Retreat Fastest On Earth - Most Ice May Go By 2035 - ENN

IEA Warning - Holding Global Temp Rise To 2C Requires Technology We Don't Have - 6C Increase W. BAU

JPL Prepares Orbiting Carbon Observatory For Launch In Early 2009 - AFP

UN - Permasmog Cutting Amount Of Sunlight Reaching Surface By 10-25% In Beijing, Delhi, Others

Analysts WorkTo Fold Social, Economic Breakdown Into Models Of Environmental Collapse - Mongabay

Buried Secrets: Is Natural Gas Drilling Endangering U.S. Water Supplies?

Nymex $30 February Crude Oil Put Options Most Heavily Traded

Wildlife groups see end of Bush environment abuse

Oops! Hyogo Prefectural Gov. Says Another Kanto Quake Would Be "Chance" For W. Japan To Prosper

Caspian Seal Populations Down 90% In Past 100 Years - At Edge Of Long-Term Genetic Viability

Deal paves way for dams' removal on Western Klamath river

A new look at Electric Motorcycles...

Company Turns Toxic Blooms into Alternative Energy

15,000 people disrupt a delivery of nuclear waste across Germany

BREAKING: Landmark EPA ruling kills coal plant construction in the US

GIANT chinook salmon found in Battle Creek, CA. Not a hoax, BTW.

My husband created a Facebook "event" for the protest in Philly about Prop 8.

Hey Guys. the Fur is Flying! Stuff needs to sort out. No harm meant. Love ya! nt

Prop H8 Action Alert - Greensboro

Dear friends of the GLBT DU Community... I wrote this 3 days ago to you...

"On The First Day Of School, Nothing Happened"

FReerer rant over Scott Eckern of Ca Musical Theatre's resignation

Lesbian couple attacked picking up kids from school

Greensboro Prop H8 Action ****** UPDATE ******

Anderson Cooper on now with Dan Savage + pigPerkins

Join the Impact Alert

No on 8 campaign was in turmoil in last weeks

Links Of Mormon Church Owned Businesses

Complaint filed against mormon church!

I would like to help...

Allstate agent in Gold River contributed to Yes on Prop 8.

"So what?!" ~~ ' Pink'

Florida's Amendment 2 MORE Restrictive than Prop. 8

Great Oped by Dan Savage in the NYT today

Structuring the deal (the devil's in the details)

A touch of economic humor....

Favorable research on same -sex parenting (long)

Onion: Should Government Stop Dumping Money Into Giant Hole?

Hi, there, plebeians!

Legal Question About Prop 8

LA Times: Angrier response to Prop 8 steps up


Regulators nix credit card debt forgiveness plan


Marriage licenses are given out...

Houston, TX: Saturday protest info.

A Collection of Coretta Scott King Quotes regarding GLBT Rights

To those of you feeling sad.. this song is for you. ~ 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond "~

Editorial: Bitterness serves no one's interest

Do we want to be liked or do we want to be seen as a force?

I'm starting to think about abandoning DU.

I think this is one of the better

Of the 11,000 gay and lesbian marriages....

How to protect your emotional health on DU

The Good Guys - who donated to "No" on H8!

Check in here if you are attending Saturday's protest against Prop 8.

GLBTQ Identity Politics

An unfair attack on white gays

An Amazing Election, Thanks to You

Union-Made Holiday Cards

NYT: Factories Shut, China Workers Are Suffering (story & video)

Colombian mayor arrested for links with paramilitaries

Latin Americanists Urge Obama to Revamp Policies

Launch of Peace in Colombia, reference book by Fidel Castro

Who to kill? Colombia army picks soldier's brother

Ughh, this forum is so boring when I'm not here stirring up

heh heh heh


Red Sox hold line on ticket prices

Desperate Big Pharma Pushing to Double Statin Sales

Wellpoint will try out "medical tourism"

Sharing Their Demons on the Web

Cholesterol, functional foods and or supplements

Obama's Spirituality

Sadly, one of the women

Check out this photo

Intuitive readings - full up!

Does anyone need a star?

Who are some pro-RKBA Dems who are ALSO progressives

Is Obama going to reject applicants for his administration if they own a gun? If no, then why ask

“Locked and loaded on uncertainty” typical reporter ignorant of the difference between assault

Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook (1965)

Catholics Vote for Women's Health (HuffPo)

It’s been 30 years since 900 people in Jonestown ‘drank the kool-aid’

SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

When do atheist concerns start to get addressed now that we won

check out the bubble in Cygnus

Princeton Team Challenges Darwin: Evolution Not Random?


Do Dolphins Have a Sense of the Future?

Better Data in the end of last century may help explain this map.

Humanists Launch Godless Holiday Campaign


A School Chief Takes On Tenure, Stirring a Fight

MPlayer for Windows (Full Package) 2008-11-13

Changing drive letters?

Why won't the printer work?

What am I doing wrong with Printer sharing?

This XPAntivirus2009 is getting downright nasty.

Two days until the NPA is ousted from Vancouver council.. hooray!

Federal government considering sale of Crown assets: Flaherty

Hendrix's drummer Mitchell dies

Very OT, but I was wondering what you think of this proposal.

Obama's and Kerry's name displayed on hate sign

Improvement with the veterans vote. Kerry lost 57 - 41. Obama only lost by 10.

Must read article on how rw talk radio works. Interesting nugget about swiftboating.

Iran. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Religous (sic) Sect threatening Shawano Cty.people. WTH?

Help real victims from the RNC violence. Press conference 11/13

Minneapolis election director speaks: 'Ballots in my car' story false

DPW Chair

Just interviewed Kevin Kling on the radio.