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Archives: November 12, 2008

The poor downtrodden republicans.. Every media source I see

Remember the Burma Crackdown? 14 students sentenced to 65 years

DU this poll--gays ever be able to marry?

If Greta Van Susteren had a shred of journalistic dignity, which is debatable, I know...

Prop 8 question

Barone: Media wanted Palin abortion

Has anyone picked up Jon Meacham's "American Lion" yet?

Where to get a Palin / Plummer '12 badge?

Wingnut Protestor's Upside Down Flag Stolen

Dear Red States,

Things are looking down again for the market tomorrow.

Bennett TOON says it all, really

Meet an underwater homeowner in Mountain House, Calif.

Bigots demonstrate what happens to someone who disagrees.

US car giants 'laugh at Aussie suckers' - They already got their "australian bailout"!!!

I can't think of any period of time where "being black" was against the law

Google trying to "sell" its tracking system?

Joanne Alter, Chicago Pioneer for Women, Dies (Mother of journalist Jonathan)

Caveat Emptor?

Top Two Officials In U.S. Intelligence Expect to Lose Jobs

The View Needs Glasses- Prop 8 (Margaret and Helen lay into the View, Prop 8, certain Christians,)

A breach has been healed in a friendship.

What was the mysterious construction activity going at the VP

is it time to dump the electoral college?

"Buddha Boy" Re-Emerges From Jungle After A Year, Gains Thousands Of Followers

So after Obama takes over where the media continue to censor the Iraq and Afganistan wars? /nt

Sarah Palin - Won't go away, Does this mean more hate fests?

Not that it much matters, but the next chair of the Repuke Governors Assoc is going to be

"Family Angel" Beth Ann Kucinich joins the angels

Where should the Obama ranch be located?

What to do with providing food for the poor...A Modest Proposal..

Why Did ICE Head Julie Myers Resign the Day After the Election?

Chopra on Joe Scarborough: Violence and intolerance comes for fear and ignorance in fundamentalists

Does General Motors have the patents and other intellectual property needed to survive

Wingnuts decide resisting the executive branch is now patriotic

Latest bailout outrage, more pigs flocking to the trough (Thank GAWD it passed)

The Obama dog. Again.

We are losing focus already.

I heard on the local news last night that Clemson University is going

Rolling back Son of *'s executive orders.....

What if President Obama stays in Iraq?

"..... do you trust Barack Obama as commander in chief for your son in Iraq?"

bush regrets saying he'd get bin Laden 'dead or alive' & other stupidities

Best Buy: “In 42 years of retailing, we’ve never seen such difficult times for the consumer.”

Rudd survives Bush 'leak' censure (Smirk didn't know what G20 was)

Obama reviewing how to close Guantanamo: aide

Almost 60 percent of Americans favor Dem control of executive and legislative branches.....

New Pelosi team shifts to the left

Scorched Earth: U.S. Companies Ask Congress to Suspend Rule on Pension Payments

NY Times: For South, a Waning Hold on National Politics

A 2012 Ticket the Republican Base Will Love

== Permagrins For Obama = By Mark Morford

Leonard Pitts Jr.'s dire assessment of the future of newspapers.....

That's the "Let's make more children ORPHANS" Right Wing for you

Everybody needs to stop and take a deep breath,, Pres, Elect OBAMA

Former Congressman Mark Foley Breaks Silence On Sex Scandal

surge update - Three days of deadly blasts rattle Baghdad

Amazing LTTE in Monday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Do you remember the feeling? Please don't lose that feeling!

Homeless Gay Teens : Out and Alone

Help please Did bush use "hand sanitizer" after shaking Obama's hand?

Reopening of Iraq bridge symbolizes renewed unity

It's Official! Congrats Connecticut! Same Sex Marriage Is Now Legal!

Yes Men distribute prank copy of NYT ("Iraq War Ends"; "Ex-Secretary Apologizes for W.M.D. Scare")

i can't wait until DHS is scrapped

AlterNet: College Loan Slavery: Student Debt Is Getting Way Out of Hand

Poor DU. . .

Glenn Greenwald posts two comments by Democrats that got my attention.

What are conservatives REALLY the most afraid of?

Mayor of Sacramento on the colbert report. its hilarious

Costco drops plans for Sarah Palin's town

Calling Melissa Etheridge... and Ellen .. and Lohan ..come to CT :)

Gerson: Retain Robert Gates; 'avoid early culture war battles' & 'a wounded congressional minority'

The 11th Hour

Captain Paul Watson to Open Steve Irwin Day on November 15th

Did these two ever eat dinner in the same room at the same time?

Companies push Congress for pension relief

Bush Says Our Intel was "Sound", Bush Says Our Intel was "Wrong" - Bush History, 11/12

Battle in Bush administration over interrogation techniques

Battle in Bush administration over interrogation techniques

Lieberman to Have Subpoena Power to Investigate President Obama?

The IFC Media Project

Pelosi may call for legislative session week of November 17

The Plum Book: Washington's Hottest Read Is Now Available

Barone: Media trashed Palin because ‘she did not abort her Down syndrome baby.’»

"Chimp feeds, snuggles nippy tiger cubs" - first thing that came to mind?

Madeline Albright, Jim Leach to represent Obama at G20 meeting

Who are we bailing out?

Dear Sen ____________________, I wanted to get in touch today

MFing worthless commission on Airline passenger rights

Bush: 'I regret saying some things I shouldn't have said'

Dear Sen ____________________, I wanted to get in touch today

Punked by Jessica Simpson?

Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq-Wednesday 12 November 2008 - Sounds like Mad Max

the net legacy of the words you type here - google your DU name and be surprised!

Good Government Group Calls On FBI, Senate, To Probe Coleman

A series of bombings shook Baghdad for the third straight day Wednesday, killing 17 people

New Hampshire Becomes First State Senate with Female Majority

Even while talking about regrets, Bush comes across as a drunken frat boy

Banks Boost Customer Fees to Record Highs


recently on DU I commented that men seemed afraid of Saudi men

Just wondering. What does prop 8 mean for Ellen DeGeneres?

Holy fuck, Foley is back!

Wonkette: Alaska Figures Out Why Every Election Outcome Was Horribly Confusing

I am honestly amazed at how Repubs, even when they honestly try, just don't get it.

Does it seem like the $700 billion bailout has been spent several times already?

Forgetting politics for once, Boogie Man shows what a winner Michael Dukakis is

In the middle of financial catastrophe, Defense Sec'y Gates proposes $450 billion Defense increase

surge update - Two U.S. soldiers killed, six wounded

Durbin Comes Out In Favor Of Lieberman

American Shot Dead in Pakistan's Frontier Peshawar

Mounties probe another beached foot-that makes 7

Orrin Hatch is one crazy mo-fo

Heretical Question: with the Presidency and both houses of Congress...are we still the "Underground"

Second School Collapses in Haiti

I have a right winger cousin, GM retiree, who had a shit fit that Obama got elected.

CEPR Deficit Calculator Deflates IOUSA Scare Story

Scheer: "...beware ... those unrepentant Democratic hawks now hovering."

Theater Company Head Resigns Over Prop. 8 Donation

The Default Party (Oh boy, another one of my rants)

Bailouts and handouts...... Where do you stop?

Fundie freak: 'Sad Omen' that Obama is seeking guidance from an 'openly homosexual bishop'

DSCC and DCCC take note...

Let's hope that Obama can get to the bottom of the Siegelman case

Hey, Jay Leno: while praising McCain for responding to that "Obama is Arab"

"Leave it to Beaver" star's sculpture to the "Louvre".

Plan Colombia in action

Barone: Media mad that Palin didn't have an abortion

Eight RNC Protesters Accused of 'Furthering Terrorism' Thanks To Statute

Join the Impact - Protest Prop 8 on November 15th!

Pakistan Militants Seize Humvees(13 Truck NATO Convoy)

Why don't RW'ers accept global warming?

Do you think legalizing same sex marriage nationwide would help the housing market?

Iraq War Ends!

Lyrics for today's Wall Street:

Lieberman has a whip team?

I see the possible bailout of the auto industry as a big opportunity

2 Dutch men guilty of injecting 14 with HIV

Paulson: Government won't buy troubled bank assets

Do the right thing, make the smart decision, and then get screwed

Doing what he does best...

A funny Joe the Plumber story of how a McCain/Joe the Plumber PR stunt went wrong

Silly question: see if you can post a cynical-sounding but realistic answer.

Voters Reject Corporate Lies About Employee Free Choice

Our Own Agenda :: 10 Policies For a Better America (YES magazine)

Six-hour standoff ends with arrest -- and nobody hurt

How quickly *do* we forget? (re: mavericky)

Have you heard about the new Baucus healthcare plan unveiled today?

Have you heard about the new Baucus healthcare plan unveiled today?

Looks like someone hacked the avatars...

Action Alert: Lieberman Must Go

From Kennedy to Obama: Recapturing America’s Greatness

"Is Barack Obama doing enough on the economy?"

Is it not madness?

Cheapest DSL or high speed connections?

Just got this from a friend...

DU is very sluggish today.

Is HuffPo down?

Respectfully, Sir Elton, Piss off!

Ohio elections chief looks to expand early voting

Aren't they counting the outstanding ballots in Alaska today? When can we expect results?

Megyn Kelly Plays The Fear Of Gays Card

ICE Won't Say Whether It'll Reveal Who Leaked Immigration Status Of Obama's Aunt

Obama's Faith: Fascinating Interview Unearthed

Is Orrin Hatch's douchebaggery becoming more pronounced or has he always been this way?

Scorched Earth: White House Scales Back a Mortgage Relief Plan

ABC News: Iraqi-U.S. Soldiers' Fight Leads to Shoot-Out

Cindy McCain Caught Cheating With Ponytailed Loser?

Project much there Michael Reagan?

Did you hear Jane Harman D representative from California tell Andrea Mitchell that

Obama a closet Trekkie?

To prevent "losing people" or "devastating morale," Wall Street plans to pay bonuses despite bailout

"Connecticut has legalized marriage between gays and lesbians." (No-rah O'Donnell)

"Connecticut has legalized marriage between gays and lesbians." (No-rah O'Donnell)

Move Joe Lieberman to the Small Business Committee.

Focus on the Family secures network airtime

Connecticut strengthens Gay Marriage law and opponents are 'back to the drawing board'.

One Company's Toxic Agenda or Our Poisonous Way of Life?

Fucking stock market can kiss my ass

U.S. Pressures Banks to Lend, Warns on Dividends (Update2)

Dear Sen ____________________, I wanted to get in touch today

If we want American business to be competitive we must get

All aboard for the Paulson Money Express! List the companies begging for it.

using the financial crisis as a pretext to cut social security and Medicare

I don't like Tim Pawlenty, but man oh man, he is light years ahead ............

Update: UNL 'will surely suffer,' for cancellation, Ayers says (full story)

Update: UNL 'will surely suffer,' for cancellation, Ayers says (full story)

Cafferty's 4pm Q: Why do only 20% consider aid to corporations important?

stock market down almost 5% shortly before close

Barney Frank: $25 billion from bailout should go to carmakers

Rochelle Riley, DFP columnist: Can the auto industry borrow AIG's lobbyist?

So, my RW dad and I did not talk about Obama's election last weekend:

Dive! Dive! (8,277.96 -416.00 / -4.78% )

Anyone else thing the Obama Fist Bump Donate Graphic

BREAKING NEWS-Grovelbot goes on a bender

Dear Senate Democrats, Watch this video of Joe Lieberman.

Obama's staff agrees to meet with IVAW (Veteran's Day IVAW email)

any news out of alaska yet? their suppossed to be counting today.

Anyone know if Ben Bernanke has issued a comment re: Paulson's press conference?

if any of y'all need a good reason to donate to DU

McClatchy: Treasury scraps original bailout plan as economy worsens

Coleman promises '120 lawyers' at each recount site

How many people will die, lose their job, lose their ass...

Anyone know when new vote totals are to be announced in Alaska?

Another story from LA.

Okla. ambulances debut sirens that you can feel

So what happens if Ted Stevens wins his seat and Bush pardons him?

Ask Sarah Palin About Her Involvement With The Alaskan Independence Party

Ask Sarah Palin About Her Involvement With The Alaskan Independence Party

What will your sign say?

What will your sign say?

Ugh-he's back. Issa Pushing To Lead GOP on House Oversight Panel

Rebranding coal as an energy source

Caption Katherine Harris and pals

Obama Transition Team Staffs Up Internet Outreach Crew

Anyone think that Paulson's actions today were to sabotage Obama

MSNBC's David Shuster's catchphrase "And those are just a few things I think you should know" is

This photo symbolizes everything about The Right and The Left

Any word on the Alaska Senate votes being counted today?

Never mind. We are no longer going to buy troubled assets.

Lehman to put $8m of art on block Christie's in New York

NYC Prop 8 Protest - Whoopi Goldberg is attending!

OK - W broke the Economy. How do we fix it?

Anyone else having problems with Google sites?

Newspapers seek gov't documents in anthrax inquiry

VP Biden meets Darth Cheney tomorrow at his residence/office

Flame Away: I was for the Bail-Out, and I admit it

Econ Illiterate here: How do we know the bailout failed?

WIll KO bring up the fact that trillions are unaccounted for

prez shit-for-brains is a f**king moron....

Veteran's Day tribute (sorry a day late)

time to ask again re: economists

It is intellectually dishonest for RWers to blame the stock slide on Obama


Question about Prop 8

"Direct Democracy" and Proposition 8

Some of the people, all of the people, and all of the people

I may be alone in this, but I do not now and really never have, thought that .....

WSJ Editorial suggests Democrats might be "stealing a Senate seat, but their #'s don't add up

Now that Republicans are out of control will they still be so gung ho

Oh no, Mika Mouse instead of David Gregory tonight... I was hoping it was Shuster again. Turning off

Why the Secretary of Defense needs to be a Democrat

Bob Herbert brought Matthews and Fineman down to earth BUSH REGRETS

OMG, Palin would be honored to help out President-elect Barack Obama in his new administration!!

wait credit card companie can't survive on 30 % interest rates

I will not watch CNN when they are talking about Palin. I am

Any truth to the rumor that Sexy Sarah will be flipping letters on Wheel of Fortune? Just wonderin

No federal marriage rights are granted to ANY gay couple.

Can we please make this forum Sarah Palin free? My god, people...

Mormons release campaign poster

Anyone else notice that both Foley and Haggard are talking today?

Waiting for the Numbers in Alaska - an update from Mudflats

Ouch. Luntz's straight talk

This post is a week and a day late.

Any word on the Stevens Race?

To be fair to George W. Bush

I know it's fun to blame Bush for this economy, but we sacrifice our credibility when we do so.

Bailout Price Tag: $3.5T So Far - Yahoo Finance

Who wants to antagonize anti-Obama insurgents?

Does anyone know what Haley Barbour keeps in his mouth when he talks?

8 new indictments issued in Texas polygamist case

Mods, I have a huge favor to ask. Please delete the below post "I know it's fun to blame bush..."

Pawlenty tells Governors how it is...basically, "nobody like us."

Zell Miller for Senate Majority Leader

Ted Costa: State high court throwing out Prop. 8 sure to lead to recall effort

I'm almost certainly in a minority, but I don't know what the answer is in Afghanistan

John Amato re Petraeus - Obama watch your back

When the going gets tough for the GOP, the tough take a Caribbean Cruise. It's a WORKING HOLIDAY!

Can a caucus unable to dechair lieberman fight for anything?

At Private Meeting, Top Union Leaders To Plan Huge Campaign To Press For Labor's Demands

Email from Jane Hamsher (fire dog lake): Time to get rid of Lieberman, once and for all

Alternative bailout plan

Woman killed during KKK initiation rite

Hendrix' Drummer Mitch Mitchell, 62, Found Dead In Hotel In Portland, OR

Fake New York Times announces 'Iraq War ends' to surprise of New Yorkers

What are you doing to prepare for economic hell on Earth?

So the Bush administration backs off of their promise to buy bad mortages with the money they got

Group Calls For FBI, Senate Investigation Into Coleman

Modifying mortgages is just a band-aid

Want Some Government Money? Apply Now!

Question: Should people be allowed to invest in commodities?

Jones plotted cyanide deaths years before Jonestown

Some Things Shouldn't Be Put to a Vote....

No, Thank You.

Afternoon/Evening DUers, your reaction to Paulson today.

Someone should inform MSNBC that the Republican Party is a dead duck

Men on motorcycle spray (school) girls with acid from squirt guns - Afghanistan

An American Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

"Worst Person in the World" plagarized from Bob & Ray

Thom Hartmann Mentioned Today That After Tax Cuts America Has Seen...

OMG! The freepers will be up in arms: a Muslin sings to Muhammad!

Want Some Government Money? Apply Now!

Check this out DUer's who are down due to job loss or other problems. And while you're at it,


I don't own a gun,

Scarborough now guarded by a seven-second delay.

Marrow transplant may have cured man’s AIDS

Niger Forgeries, Rome, and Sismi disinfo artist Birch Tree.

Rush Limpballs commercial on NBC.......

Dick Morris says

Student at my college assaulted after dispute about Pres. Obama

Local Newspapers Cover Rising Number of Racist Anti-Obama Actions in Small Towns

What do you make of this?

You can donate up to $12,300 dollars to the Al Franken for Senate Recount Fund.

Please DU this poll! It's close but needs just a little help!

Czech president compares NO supporters in Ireland with dissidents in communist Czechoslovakia


Where are the fugging Democrats who just won the election

Carter: Obama will waste no time pursuing Middle East peace

"Retail Losses Sap Jobs Safety Net".......

DU is asking for money. Pony up. Open the wallet and free the moths. Cough it up now.

These people are nuts... we are going to be a 3rd world country

And economic historians will show the bigger fuck up was ........

Obama Pressured to Back Off Iraq Withdrawal

No bailouts for GM and Ford without reorganization

Bulletin From The Distant Past: Holiday Sales Will Fall

America's Favorite Cooking Tool !

ok, so - somehow, I get $1,000 of your money. beg, steal, borrow, doesn't matter.

MarketWatch: A pall at the mall

Did Anyone Watch Frontline - Boogie Man The Lee Atwater Story?

Tax Cuts: The B.S. and the Facts

Appreciation thread for a generous DUer ---emilyg

***Attention Los Angelenos against Prop Hate!***

Kommissar Paulson's "I Don't Know What the F**k I'm Doing So I'll Make It Up As I Go" Bailout......

Does anyone have that map showing the contraction of republican gains this year?

Begich leads Stevens by a three-vote margin

B-b-b-but, Veterans' day was YESTERDAY!!!

Screw Bayh......

Will Bush attack Iran before Obama swears in?

bush's 'Coke Jaw 'back, must've changed his meds again.

"Joe the Strummer"

Would you watch this sitcom?

Thanks to a fellow DU'er

Is President Obama's arm just a tad bit creepy on the donations banner?

These plans for missile interceptors in Eastern Europe, I'll bet somebody planned to get very rich

Thank God It Passed!

68% of the discretionary budget now goes to defense & national security

China Declares Internet Addiction, Imprisons Addicts

I find this craigslist ad to be highly satisfying

Hank Paulson = Captain of the Titanic

Do I have to watch the entire CMA awards

So I'm listening to a clip of Laura Ingraham whining about Ahnold on Randi.

Your Financial Bailout At Work

Texas bill would force woman to see ultrasound of fetus before abortion

Britain Calls for More Sperm Donors Amid Shortage

Crocs (yup, the shoe manufacturer) losing lots of money

KKK Victim Identified; Suspect's Home Searched

If you were Dumbya, what would you apologize for?

I just don't think Palin is that good looking! She's highly made up and hard

American Express, brazen welfare queen

Here's what I don't effing get(Re: Alaska)

GA-Sen: The Fight Isn't Over Yet, Jim Martin

You foolish man, you CAN'T let the stock market collapse! We need to RESCUE them!

High Fat Diet Linked to Memory Loss and Cognitive Decline

These repuke welfare queen deadbeats take OUR money and then

Meantime, at the GOP governors meeting, Palin's name inspires "squirmy evasion"

Meantime, at the GOP governors meeting, Palin's name inspires "squirmy evasion"

Should the Obamas accept the dog from Peru?

Lifelines, bailouts...and some of you (and me). thoughts?

A Prop 8 thread that isn't about race or religion

Election Eve in Alaska. Again. Sort Of. - THE MUDFLATS. PLEASE READ.

I don't get it. Why is Paulson's latest move so bad? It's sounds better than before.

How long until the decision on Lieberman is made, anyone know for sure?

Tired of Politics! Bring on The Holidays

A Begich win in Alaska is a two-fer

Keep Larry Summers as Far as Possible from the U.S. Treasury

"I promise to pay"

DU this COMMENT PAGE: PaulTard Alert!

But where's the lipstick?

My XM Radio as I knew it, is gone..

George Clooney on the passing of Prop 8...

Do we fight this Lieberman bullshit or not?

A way to help Feeding America (formally Am Second Harvest) feed people and a free grocery tote

You know who you are, and I do, too.

Election results starting to filter in from Alaska

AK-Sen: Mark Begich now 3 votes ahead of Ted Stevens!

The Elephant without a message...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Harrison in for Mike

MarketWatch: Reaganomics hidden in 'sleeper cell' armed with lethal 'financial WMDs'

A song I hereby dedicate to the new Leadership.

So McCain is going to campaign for Saxby? What a fucking worthless turd is John.

Two schoolgirls blinded in acid attack in Afghanistan

Whatever happened to Bernie Ward?

Who is this hateful bastard on CNN? I HATE fricking bigots - especially religous bigots.

Super Obama World - the Video Game

Well you knew they would make a Book

Scorched Earth: Maddow: New rule kicks Patriot Act foes 'right in the teeth'

Question for DUers

What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!?! (Paulson wants to give bail money to CC companies)

I don't mean to rub it in, but...

Sarah just won't go away!

I was reading some William Ellery Channing today...

Disgraced pastor Haggard: I was abused as child

Nine years later, NYT still waiting for an interview with Bush.»

Trust me, we are going to get away with it all

For SP junkies only...

Romney pours big dollars into Coleman's recount team

My Economic Stimulus package: REVISIT the Tax Reform Act of 1986!!

I can sponsor 2 people for DU Donor status.

I read recently about Washington insiders dying to spill their guts after bushco leaves office.

Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX): 'This is a good position for us to start from. Nowhere to go but up.'

For the Pasty-Faced, Potentially Dying War Criminal Dick Cheney: "Dogs" by Pink Floyd

For the Pasty-Faced, Potentially Dying War Criminal Dick Cheney: "Dogs" by Pink Floyd

Saving Africa's Witch Children

ABC Nightline's lead story is about folks putting their future's hopes in ... the lottery.

Little-Known Law May Let Dems Reverse Midnight Bush Regulations

I have a quick question..

Jonathan Turney coming up on KO to discuss that 'little known

Debt so toxic the government won't touch it.

O.M.G!1!1! It's a FULL Beaver

Help unseat Chambliss in Georgia...Make this a NATIONAL effort !!

talk radio today.....boortz, hannity et all ...they are jumping scared

Has anybody changed their mind on "mandatory" health insurance?

What IS it with the DUer obsession with Palin? She lost,folks!

today henry paulson declared that bu$hco is robbing the treasury blind

NYT: Paulson loose with money for everyone except homeowners

Universal Health Coverage: some ammunition

Free iPhone App Helps You Help the Environment

Lieberman will stay in the caucus and will retain hs chairmanship of the oversight committee

Does "Sarah Palin" as a "brand name" matter if you are in danger of losing your job?

Sen. Jon Kyl vows to filibuster Obama's possible Supreme Court nominees

Anyone watching Secy. Paulson? He looks and sounds terrified.

A Message of Thanks from John Russell

Disabled American Vets - Action Alerts, Volunteer Opportunities

Wal-Mart - "Sir, Yes Sir"

Are the auto manufacturer's extorting money from us?

The Rehabilitation of Sarah Palin ...

BREAKING NEWS: Grovelbot is GLBT. He just came out!

Somalian rape victim, 13, stoned to death

Sacramento theater director resigns in Prop. 8 aftermath

Science vs Faith


Al Franken needs volunteers to observe the recount

Serious question on Prop 8. If a gay couple attempts to marry and one claims to be female and one

Now that IS embarrassing

The 50 State Strategy worked and WE WON!! ~ But it left the DNC in debt...

OMG! Really cute letter to President Elect Obama.

Cost of bailouts so far: $3.45 trillion! All of BushCo's Iraq War looting pales in comparison!

And Now For Some Good News

NBC's Brian Williams calls Mars Phoenix Lander "brave" ???

So, someone I know very well told me today his CPA is now buying a gun/month as part of a revolution

Prop 8 Myths ~

Video. Dean discusses the auto industry bail out on Morning Joe. Gets appreciated.

Will Sarah Palin become a part of the vocabulary as in

Any fans of the old "Thin Man" films here?

Greenwald: Lieberman Will Stay Chair, Nothing He Has Done Really Bothers Beltway Dems

Macy's CFO: Holiday season "will be a nailbiter. We don't see an upside in being optimistic."

Did you ever wonder why US automakers seemed to cede the small car market to the Japanese?

P.J. O'Rourke needs a 'Waahmbulance!'

Some LDS members leaving church over same-sex marriage controversy

Jimi Hendrix Experience... all gone :(

Wild horses to the gallows

Heard on Thom Hartmann; "Trickle down economics always creates a nation of peons".

Let the oil companies bail out the car companies

Regarding George W. Bush

Does Elton John get tombstoned?

I'm so sad. Argument with my mother over gay marriage

"The END!" of Wall Street.........from the guy who wrote "Liar's Poker!"

Is the GOP gunning for Michigan? If so, why?

It's all hush-hush, but the tree in Rockefeller Center for Xmas

WTF? Obama's Chief of Staff: "give people a sense of what it means to be an American"

Is this the death knell for unions in America?

Seems to me someone is doing some pushing.

McCain on Jay Leno

MSM - get a backbone and call out Palin when she avoids questions with "Inside Baseball" card.

McCain just now on Leno: "You have to have a respectful campaign."

Look at this picture of Barack from 2005

Craig Ferguson just said, "Sarah Palin is talking so much, they can hear her in Russia!...

O!Bama LOLies

Why the flaccid elephant party thinks it can resist....

Putting the whole Jindal 2012 thing to rest (in pictures)

I have excellent health insurance. For those who don't: Rome wasn't built in a day.

Any Franken updates?

Where can I find a detailed analysis of the votes in Virginia?

Palin Is Crazy Dangerous! We must spend the next 4 years exposing her wacko beliefs

I'm for helping the auto-industry as long as they restructure and head full steam to plugin hybrids.

Of the Duer's that watched the Lee Atwater program:

Look what this idiot wrote about Obama "not being the first"

Dog killed, owner charged with shooting hunter

Can ya hear the heads a'rollin' ....

Does Sarah Palin Think Washington State And Washington D.C. Are One And The Same?

Ode to Obama

Coffee Time: "Looking ahead to 2010" and beyond

Frontline: Forget Lee Atwater, Mary Matalin's soul is the darkest of them all

Do you believe all republicans are different?

Why Are The Most Powerful Republicans Un-Elected?

"International Con Man Barack Obama Leaves U.S. With 85 Million In

What's the latest news on franken vs coleman?

Sad News -- Rep Dennis Kucinich's Army Vet Sister Beth Ann Has Passed Away

Bush: I Called President Clinton For Advice On My Meeting With Obama

My Tin Foil Hat-ish Therory

First time on Joe Scarborough, they called Palin cynical, and making everything about her.

Okay, Time For Me To Turn Off The TV News For Good

Key Senator Prepares for Health Care Push

Mike Barnacle (Morning Joe), what did you learn today?

Obama Campaign Donates Computers and Equipment to Schools

Helen Thomas returns to her desk at the White House - pics

More Fun With Freepers...

Question: Why do you think that right wingers have such violent ideas?

Mika B: the "amen corner"...

Anyone with me??? Force Congress to go

Poll: Your opinion: Alcoholism: addiction or disease

Rep. who called Obama Marxist issues standard GOP "sorry if I offended" apology

Obama Adviser Calls for 'New' New Deal at U. Iowa

The news outlets are mostly reporting rumor and innuendo about Obama's moves

** delete **

Was the McCain camp blaming Sarah all a deliberate "con" in order to keep her in the camera eye

Lieberman Chairs Committee Overseeing Executive Branch

Sarah Palin = Reggie Bars = Head On = name any other empty fad

Imagine if the entire Obama grassroots Democrats joined hands to help in Georgia's senate race?

I have not been around for awhile for personal reasons - But I wanted to post this today:

Super Obama World

Between Campaign and a Hard Pass: Obama's Team Was Cleared Early

D.C.'s big Obama dilemma: What to do with the crowds?

David Shuster is the voice of sanity on MSNBC mornings... I really like him.

You ever notice how freakishly large Palin's head is?

Maybe we should have a Palin forum? We seem to be obsessed by her

For South, a Waning Hold on National Politics

Did anyone catch the OJ Simpson Reference to Obama that Jon Stewart alluded to?

Someone stole my Obama sign last night!

More Amicus Briefs Filed Opposing Prop. 8

If Palin ran on cleaning up Alaska...

US Aid worker shot dead in Pakistan.. He was my cousin.

Obama's sister 'wept tears of joy' over his win, says Hawaii e-mail

The over the top crap about Obama from the wingnuts isn't such a bad thing

Time for some DUers to freak out again: Obama chooses Nunn to head

Breaking: Obama is the new Chuck Norris.

Religious Displays in Parks Divide U.S. Supreme Court Justices

--Ok, let's talk about cars, and the bailout---

i got up this morning in a new neighborhood

Oh look Paulson spoke a few minutes ago

Who else around here is old enuf to remember the LAST Detroit bailout?

Andrew Sulivan: 'And McCain is an honorable man'

Watching "The View" for the first time, after hearing so much about their political rants.

"THANK GOD It Passed!" Paulson Changes Tune On Bailout

President-elect Barack Obama one electoral vote win in NE & Missouri still too close to call......

Do you know who's on your school boards? (Yes, this is somewhat "presidential,"

Do you know who's on your school boards? (Yes, this is somewhat "presidential,"

Isn't Palin still Governor of Alaska?

Is this a joke? Palin interviewing on the Situation Room and Larry King Live

Deutsche Bank Foreclosure Papers say they have "lost" the deed - Anyone want to give us some advice?

change = Obama’s Transition Team Restricts Lobbyists’ Role

Obama inspires Afro-Brazilians

Contact Cynthia Dunbar

Albright & ex-Rep. Leach to represent Obama at "G-20" economic summit

Election 2008: How did Obama win NC?

Think the wingnuts are bad?

The one question I wish that Lauer and other interviewers would have asked Palin

Correction: Obama-National Security story (updated)

Wednesday TOONS: Bush, Dems, Discrimination and the Economy

Why aren't the banks loaning money?!!? I mean literaly giving it out in droves?

Woman killed at Ku Klux Klan Rally in Louisiana

Never let Republicans forget these simple numbers:

As expected, Obama has generated an outpouring of good will for the U.S.

Is the GM bailout at all similar to the Chrysler one in the 80s?

Help pay off DNC debt and get this really great T-Shirt (thru Obama's website)

A Shocking Misunderstanding of Christianity: Obama supporters need "religious forgiveness"

Obama: "I think I'm a pretty cool dad"

Obama -53% -McCain 46%

Obama Release on Phone Calls

Why should Obama turn over his mailing list to the Clintons again??

Show Me the Votes: The Ongoing Presidential Election Tally in Missouri

One of Florida's most prominent black Republicans switches to Democratic Party

Media reports about Dems' position on Lieberman are misleading

Palin "comfortable" with Obama...but ONLY IF he surrounds himself with advisers who understand TERRA

Sioux try to save Custer

McCain lends his magic to Saxby

Former Classmate Finds Obama's Poems

Mark it down, Palin will get caught in a new scandal between now and 2012.

Mark it down, Palin will get caught in a new scandal between now and 2012.

Obama and the imperial presidency (The Guardian)

Obama and the imperial presidency (The Guardian)

Lieberman is not only not a Democrat, he's not a progressive

Lieberman is not only not a Democrat, he's not a progressive

With Video --- Leno inquires about how the losing nominee is: John McCain: 'Sleeping like a baby'

Something to remember as we read about Obama's transition team picks

Dismiss the once & future Ms. Palin at our peril, neighbors!

AZ-Sen, AZ-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Petition for Obama to adopt a shelter dog (with cool video)

Lindsay Lohan calls Barack the first colored president....

If you still support the bailouts....

Is it just me....or has DU just been hacked. I'm seeing a "Don't Donate to DU" avatar on every post?

McCain/Palin are all over MSM but not one talking head call them out on their hateful

Gen. Franks: Obama Will 'Do the Right Thing' In Iraq

LOL - 99 Cents Only Stores Offer Palin Help With Clothes

Question: What would the Chevy Volt in SUV format do to OPEC and other energy markets?

Link to some really great Obama toons

Obama administration to ratchet up hunt for bin Laden

And now, from the "exercise in futility" department...

Need a star?

Apology Fail- "I'm not comparing him to Adolf Hitler. What I'm saying is there is the potential."

AP: 200 Obama campaign offices in 10 states have pledged to donate supplies to schools

Since we didn't elect McCain, will he still tell us how to catch bin Laden?

More Sidewalk Space Planned for Inaugural Parade

Did you know that Obama doodles really well? I didn't. He is good!

Conason: The Republican coalition has an unhealthy pallor (90% white) for a permanent majority party

I've been so blind--Obama IS Hitler!

Lieberman should pay a price that should not include a Death Sentence.

Couric zings Palin: "I think she should work really heard and learn about governing."

Michael Barone: Liberal media trashed Palin because "she did not abort her Down syndrome baby"

I miss my Avatar :-(

It's time for New York to step up and legalize gay marriage totally

DU this poll on gay marriage. We're down by 100 votes

Anyone hear PALIN state AIP's platform on GRETA?

Podesta Sketches Out Vision For Assertive Presidency

Pubs Pow Wow in Fla draws Sarah Palin...Its a 2 day thing down there

How I would love if all the thugs like Limbaugh, Hannity etc get ensnared in this scandal...

Pawlenty: "Drill, baby, drill, by itself, is not an energy policy."

RUN JANET RUN!!!! Could Janet Napolitano take on John McCain for a 2010 Senate run?

Clearly, one dog will not satisfy all of Obama's critics

Clearly, one dog will not satisfy all of Obama's critics

Everyone who supported the bailout check in here.

Inaugural - DC info:

Obama Dispatching Aides To Georgia Senate Race

Alex Jones

Is Bristol still pregnant ???

Did anyone hear the clip of Obama saying that they would adopt a pound pup--& "get a mutt like me."?

Because I haven't seen anyone else post this yet:

Do you think it is likely that giving the Big Three several hundred billion dollars

The Obama White House Transition Flowchart.

Cheney, Biden to meet privately at VP residence

Obama Camp Helping DNC Retire $15M Of Debt

Headlines you just can't make up: "Palin says woman on ticket would be good for GOP"!

ABC Catches AIG Executives Hosting Another Posh ‘Junket’ At Luxury Hotel

Has anyone interviewing Palin confronted her about what she said about Obama?

Yes, the LIBERAL media is making sure that Ms. Palin gets just as much coverage as Prez-to-be Obama.

Moving e-mail by Barack's sister. '"Wept tears of joy" over his win'

Of the 3 too-close-to-call Senate races, which do you most want to win?

Hayley Barbour on with Tweety - such an offensive pig

Dick "The Shrimper" Morris REVEALS: "Palin saved GOP from landslide"

Philip J. Berg--calculating fearmonger or true believer nutjob?

How long will we have to look at the 'donate' avtars?

Four judges on Senate race canvassing board (MN Senate recount)

"You Report, We Marginalize": A letter of THANKS to Roger Ailes and Fox News!

Poor Tweety

CNN is showcasing Sarah Palin tonight, as if she needs it

"That's just more of the bitter sore losers rhetoric" Chris Matthews re: "the Obama recession"

Hate graffiti targets Obama backers - Torrance CA

Funny how only disgraced Republicans have "demons" they must contend with...

Bill Cosby voted for Obama, denies any "Huxtable Effect."

Per 538: Stevens' lead shrinks to 971 votes with many votes yet to be counted

Oh fuck, this is a really bad SC decision: Court rules for Navy in sonar use

Bush Sold McCain Down the River for Billions in Bailouts for His Banking Buddies

Get Palin off the TV shows. She's back to bringing up Ayers and the Pentagon.

Okay, its official, Darth Cheney to meet with Biden. Hope Joe brings a priest of something.

Sarah should take Sen. Steven's place...

Palin: "I still am concerned about that association with Bill Ayers"

Some folks know how to lose...gracefully...

Haley Barbour just said Blacks were more negative about race relations?

** I'm using the stars!! Please check out Alex Sink's Facebook profile!! ***

Dear Obama Supporters,

Dear Obama Supporters,

ANybody know what' happenin in Alaska?

Karma's a really nasty thing, or, do we stick it to them with their own cheats?

Cynthia Dunbar, Texas Board of Education member

Cindy has been a bad girl

Too late!!

Rebranding coal as an energy source

What statement would freak out your friends more?

Palin's advice to Obamas re kids: "Bring spunk and life in to the White House"

Clearly we need to change this to General Discussion: Palin

Time for a TOON!

Sarah Palin in Obama's Administration? WTF!

Old Christine Show

The New Republican Party Will Be....

Cheney, Biden to meet privately at VP residence


KO just did his "Cheney" again... ROFL

KO just did his "Cheney" again... ROFL

Will Bush pardon JUST Scooter Libby?

Local Newspapers Cover Rising Number of Racist Anti-Obama Actions in Small Towns

Begich up by 3 in Alaska

It's over, over there: closes shop for good.

Either Paulson doesn't know what the fuck he's doing OR they're TRYING to set the Obama

what can you say to scared older conservatives about Obama?

Keith is wearing a purple tie

The Obama Recession is in full swing.. aka the wingnuts

So Palin you wanna help out Obama - Sarah Palin Feces Removal Czar....

Fewer whites vote for Obama in Alabama than anywhere else

She likes her SUV? WTF?

Bush's legacy: Dow has lost more than 2,600 points since Sept. 15

"Hawai'i grad seen as possible replacement for Obama in Senate"

Jeez, I haven't bought a poster in 20 years, but I just bought this one....

'Martin Eisenstadt' is a fictional character...

Help unseat Chambliss in Georgia....Make this a NATIONAL effort !!

LIEberman should be kicked out of the Dem. party ALTOGETHER so he can't use his

Obama to “put his own stamp” on FCC.

Dem senators try to save Lieberman

Dem senators try to save Lieberman

Question. Will Obama go to Georgia? Should he?

What part of 350 + Electoral Votes don't Republicans understand? I am getting sick of this

Barack Obama In Nanotubes

Jonathan Turley-as grim as it is out there with the dim one and the

I have bad news for you, my fellow DUers

What's a good fictional character for a college essay?

Dear Palin'; before you again start blamin' the media for not "fact-checking"

BREAKING: Ted Stevens' lead now down to 971 votes

Thanks but no thanks Palin, Michelle Obama doesn't need your advice on her children

Obama leaks?? Or maybe we should listen to his team and not the MSM?

What are people here smoking? Palin is an anchor tied around the Republican Party!

The Republicans are SOOOOO concerned that the new W.H. be NONPARTISAN????

I just bought Time and Newsweek on eBay. All sold out locally--within 20 min according

DU thread in Veterans forum: send cards to troops!

I think Matt Lauer has a crush on Palin.......

Sources: Biden Picks Ron Klain to Be Chief of Staff

Sources: Biden Picks Ron Klain to Be Chief of Staff

I want to live in Palin's Bizarro world

Obama, Mandela: The dignity of reconciliation

Net Neutrality people!

BE HAPPY the Palin' is everywhere is everywhere! Remember how she was

January 20th can't come soon enough

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz 'in the mix' for Obama post

Kick this post if you believe that there should be one single national federal primary day!

Palin: "It would be my honor to assist our new president. I still am concerned about Ayers."

Obama, to create new urban office, will be the first President to embrace cities in decades

Website to keep track.....

PA Lt. Gov. Dies, No Chance for Rendell in Obama Admin

Here is how you make Mooseshit forget about ANWR

Is Matt Lauer somehow fascinated by Palin? Is he a stalker? Is NBC enabling him?

Gov. Pawlenty says "something is amiss" in Senate race

Free Obama desktop photo for your use (slight bandwidth warning)

This kinda of reads like one of those fantasy sex stories.

Obama campaign is donating computers & office equipment/supplies to schools

My alternative bailout plan

Mormons began plotting against gay marriage for decade, memo shows

Issue of major importance: would it be disrespectful to call my stray cat Obama?

Coleman says he welcomes investigation into his finances---Orly?

Coleman says he welcomes investigation into his finances---Orly?

All these websites selling inauguration tickets - are ANY of them legitimate?

Obama is wrong. No one is driving the bus! The Chimp has checked out.

PaulTards: Scary as Palin, but a LOT Funnier L@@@@@K ------

Rep. Jon Kyl vows to filibuster Obama's possible Supreme Court nominees

Michelle Obama junkies: I've got your website here...

Palin gets offer from T NA wrestling according to MSN....

Oooops: "I want Mother F---ing Joe the Plumber dead!"

Judge Judy on Obama, Palin, Prop 8

Hey Cons, i think I finally get why your afraid.

My early favorites for the 2016 nomination (in order)

Alaska Sen. Stevens' loses election lead

Alaska Sen. Stevens' loses election lead

Someone please make Sarah Palin go away ....she is there on every channel

Free "Obamabats" True Type Dingbat Font

As Vice President, Joe Biden Will Be Central to Barack Obama's Administration

First Lady (to be) Michelle Obama phoned me - at my home!!

LOL Larry O'Donnell just bet Buchanan two Cadillacs that Palin

Palin's odd and repetitious use of certain verbs

When Joe Biden meets Cheney he sould bring?

McCain campaigning for Saxby Chambliss PROVES he is an absolute empty suit coward

Should blanket anti-Union posts be allowed on DU

Why are Bush and Cheney so desperate for a Columbia Free Trade Agreement?

Can someone please teach Sean Hannity to read?

Doesn't Palin know the only reason she gets so much attention is because she's a circus freak?

Anyone else hear that Michelle Obama's mother might move into the

Sarah said she is not dogmatic; David Shuster showed her saying that Obama

Breaking: Anti-Obama attorney Philip J. Berg faces disciplinary complaint with PA Supreme Court

AK-Sen: Gap Closes to 971 Votes

Fun facts on Obama's electoral victory. and fast forward to 2012

Please share your comments with Cynthia Dunbar of the Texas SBOE, District 10

Anyone watching KO? What is this maneuver the Obama admin can use to overturn bush regulations?

What About Accountability?

Did anyone on DU donate flowers for Toot? Her reaction was priceless...

Palin steals one of Obama's lines

why is prop 8 more insulting to the gay community than the arkansas measure?

Give Americans Student Loan Bailouts

Who's Afraid of a Filibuster? - Joe Conason

Tomorrow's Worst Person's in The World: Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller

Palin is a complete and utter DITZ - Palinguistics

People ask why we are still seeing Palin?

Great cover of the Obama family on "People"



Cheney, Biden to meet privately at VP residence

Cheney, Biden to meet privately at VP residence

My grandmother broke my heart last night

LOL! My Son's Journal Pre and Post Election!

This Lufthansa Game Is Tough ! For Frequent Fliers

Garrison Keillor: Sitting on top of the world

A Doctor, a Mutation and a Potential Cure for AIDS

Fist Bump!

Root cause of the obsession with P&#^N. National IQ crashed due to the Bush years?

Hey! I just discovered the "Hide thread" button for Sarah Palin references. Have at it folks.

Bush's legacy: Two GI’s Killed by Iraqi Soldier in Mosul

Will Al Franken win the recount?

Senator Hillary Clinton.....

Senator Hillary Clinton.....

Peru's national dog: Lovable or Leavable?

Why GM, Ford, or Chrysler going bankrupt is a very bad thing

One of my favorite Obama quotes

**** BREAKING: Begich OVERTAKES Stevens in AK, now leads by 3 (sic) votes ****

With Stevens trailing, Franken within 206 votes...GA will be for 60. Obama better get down there

With Stevens trailing, Franken within 206 votes...GA will be for 60. Obama better get down there

Does this make me a dick?

minimalist copycat rickroll

good night

Cats and Rachel Maddow!

Preacher to congregation: Have sex every day

I Wanted to Share who the Little Obama Girls Remind me of!

My Dear Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters, IT's NOT THE BLACKS FAULT!!!

Where's my keyes?

Raht!!! Who stole my glasses?

Chris Rock introduces Metallica at Bonaroooooooo!

Well, I, for one, am exTREMEly dignified!

Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup

Reserve April----The Mobilization to End Poverty--- Washington, D.C.

Weird Anyone elses C-Span broadcasting the Disney channel?

The XM and Sirius radio merger is happening right now: the stations are changing

Comic Relief - 6 Minutes of Pure Entertainment...

AAA, what do you think?

Breaking news...turn on your TV

So my dog brought me the head of Goober inside of some Government cheese today

Last night there were skinheads on my lawn

Impressions of Paris, Frank

Republicans are preparing for 2012 ... party leaders seen standing in front of mirrors

So my dog brought me the head of Geraldo Rivera today

How Many of You Wear Thong?

Howard Dean: BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award.

Yet Another AIG Executive Seminar (toon)

What will happen to Joe at 400?

This series of UF toons really hit home for me....

The collective noun for "lizards" is "lounge." LOL

Palin: Bloggers who question me are "living in their parents basement"

If the US separates into Red and Blue US, I'm going to ask for political asylum in

Impersonations of Paris, France

I dreamed I was back in college. Not the usual “exam dream” (thank goodness),

Gee Wally, how'd you get to the Louvre?

Gee Wally, how'd you get to the Louvre?


Sarah Palin is stalking America

Google Earth / 3D Rome issues

AlterNet: Why Al Franken Will be Minnesota's Next Senator

Wow, AT&T are Assholes...

Urgent Need For Volunteers for Franken Recount in MN

David Shuster!

David Shuster!

Lebowski fans: New Shit's Come to Light

New Top Chef tomorrow night--Salon has a preview!

WOMEN... About your shoes and your bra...


Someday, I'm going to Staples to get one of those expensive leather planners.

AVG update cripples some Windows XP systems

Impressionist of Paris, France

Impressions of Paris, France

Shep Smith is alright by me.

Universal Translator Working..please stand by.. (a translation of Palinese to Standard English)

Lisa's World: Just heard from the mechanic. My car's engine is TOAST.

Did you get your copy of Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage on DVD yesterday?

Man affecting nature (Lyre Bird)

"When's the last time a losing VP candidate was still in the news a week after the election?"

Ever refinanced your mortgage with Chase? Thoughts?

Why is LynneSin fixated on Rush Limbaugh??

Oh, look at the lastest crazy thread in GD:P

What do I do in "Peer" South Dakota?

Ok, who is going to DC for the Inauguration - check in here

That September 11th forum is sure something....

Obama calms supporter, upset because brother stole his pretzel goldfish. (And photo of Wes Clark)

So Palin says she's open to working with the Obama Administration... what position would be best?

Dwayne Johnson rocks!

"Leave it to Beaver" star's sculpture to the "Louvre".

Now that Xanaduabration is over, it's time to brainstorm bets for the Ravens-Skins game.

FL Democratic CFO still trying to get the attention of FL Republicans...dire economy.

OK, Hollywood is dead to me. RIDLEY SCOTT to direct "Monopoly" movie.

Being hungover and missing class to do makeup homework sucks

For the record, Turtlensue has called Romobration to a close at 2:37 pm EST

How Come LynneSin Didnt Give Me Another Chance?

Will Smith to ruin Karate Kid

For the record, Turtlensue has called Xanaduabration to a close at 1:37 pm EST

MEN... About your boots, your jacket, and your motorcycle...

Do you love kitties?

Sending live action Lounge Vibes to Rising Phoenix

I am the new MORAN guy:

Is President Obama related to Mr Fantastic of the Fantastic Four?

I love mushrooms.

Check out my new sig!

What's with the avatars?

If 11/4/08 became a holiday, what would its name be?

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour sounds like

I worry that Blacks won't come out in force for Martin

I spent my Veteran's Day watching the 2nd best Vietnam movie ever - "The Deer Hunter"

Same-sex marriage legal in Connecticut as of a few minutes ago

"Biggest Loser" trainer arrested

i propose they earmark $10 billion toward arming the homeless and non-felony juvenile ex offenders

Before reading the lounge....After reading the lounge

Each buttom is firm enough to fly away unless you have magic power.???

I know what his place needs: More Flügelhorn!

ATA Question

In the coming war against the Grovelbots-who will be our John Connor?

Is there a single happy person at MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times? (warning, Palinicky)

Chuck Schumer for DNC chair?

Soap opera fans-worst way to die/horrible incident?

Just Wonderin' Where You Were ...

I was googling a local restaurant called Novelli's

Why does everyone look the same???

"Obama Plotting with Terrorists to Attack Amerca"

Doctor visit today

Get On Your Feet!

Top Chef: New York starts tonight!

Excuse me, but aren't I philboy? philboy from Democratic Underground?

What should I pay for a used gas stove?

OK I usually don't get into this kind of stuff but why is McCain's lady making out with Tony Little?

I gave dbaker41 another chance, and I was wrong yesterday.

Look what $32.99 can get you!

Any grad students? Recent PhDs?

Obama a closet Trekkie?

The Obamas: The Perfect Public Kiss (Oh yes, the world's gone Obama potty!)

zOMG!!!!!11111 We have been HAXORED!!!!!!!!!!1111





Not bad, and you?

I hate Bush as much as ever

BREAKING NEWS: Grovelbot Comes Out

Cape Jellystone

I gave Rush another chance, and I was wrong yesterday.

Coffee is like a little bit of sunshine in my mouth

How shocking!

For the last few weeks, I have dreamed about plants

What is the greatest movie ever to begin with the letter "X"?

Best Porch In A Vietnam War Movie

The Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots

I am *thisclose* to tearing up the linoleum and crawling into the floorboards.

Best Jungle In A Vietnam War Movie

Best Villian in a Vietnam War Movie

Question- Firefox Open Office document recovery

Anybody picking up the new WoW expansion at midnight tonight?

What's the difference between a large pepperoni pizza and an investment banker?

Has anyone ever submitted an appeal to their medical insurance

Lawsuits still pending over Florida against DNC, one now filed against state party.

For those pissed off at the look of next year's movie Enterprise...

Well, it's true. I can predict when it will rain.

For the Love of God, and all that's Decent get that Moronic, Lying Idiot Off my TV!! I'm Begging!!

A thread for the Easily Offended:


It just occurred to me that the Republicans have already defined their plan to attack

What was that Rush album where Geddy Lee sounded like he was sucking helium?

Doesnt Geddy Lee Look Like A Skeleton?

Must see movie this coming Saturday, PATHS OF GLORY

I joined facebook and folks I don't know requesting to be friends?

My 86 year old Republican Mom said Sarah Palin is an "airhead"!

Q: Does singing karaoke ever NOT entail massive regret?

Midlo Was Right Its Fukin Rainin Here

Best Gun In A Vietnam War Movie


A huge thank you to KitchenWitch and Flvegan. I owe you a huge thank you for helping me

Hey flvegan - LostinVA loves me!

I'll be baking for Christmas this year.

I Dont Care What They Say, Leona Lewis SUX

What diet worked for you?

Does anyone know I might be able to reach Lost in NJ? She pm'd me, and I wrote to her, but


CNN Breaking: Airborne form of rabies infects at least 10 million in 5 states.

A question that has been with me for almost 25 minutes...

Psychology 101: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Wife's car was broken into, and now I need Garage Door Openers (Question)

Any hints on how to get rid of the puffiness around your eyes

The day I posted something terrible in GDP

Something really bad happened to me.

I haven't held a Magnum in years, but I'm not the type to play with big guns. *sniff*

Hope You Feel Better, Love (The Legacy of Hendrix)

Hey! The local paper is going to print my opinion piece!!

Oeditpus Rex has lovely breasts.

Mmmm! Gourmet Garlic Chicken Pizza. I think I've died and gone to heaven!

Where do you go when you need a 6.6-carat, $30,000 diamond ring?

I love marijuana

Berg files another lawsuit, claims Obama is an "Illegal Alien"

Berg files another lawsuit, claims Obama is an "Illegal Alien"

It's holiday time in America! Yay Christmas! (??)

A question that has been with me for almost 25 bleems...

CNN's Sarah Palin

Anime, manga, martial arts, Hong Kong action, Asian cinema.....

a question that has been with me for 25 seconds

Heavy Weather

WTF Is that song with an amped up sample of the Inspector Gadget theme?

The session: where fun goes to die.

National Enquirer photo secret revealed (now we know why it's hard to figure out photos)

Limerick for the Lounge Ladies

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/12/2008)

Do you like blunettes?

What are you... nuts?

A question that has been with me for almost 25 years...

Thanks to the DU'er who gave me a star

OK, so I'm old but I found an artist that I can't quit listening to.....

Just for hEYhEY; 3 legged polar bear

The ultrasound results are in...

CRAIGSLIST in NJ ...... Olive Garden involved!!!!

delete...wrong forum....again!

A question that has been with me for almost 25 weeks...

Top Chef New York!!!!!

I'm not getting my daily recommended dose of Padma Lakshmi

2008 Election Model (TIA): Predicted the Electoral and Popular vote … but not the True Vote - x


delete. wrong forum

What was that film in which William Hurt didn't seem bored and depressed?

Know Any Former Celebrities?

the little sister on my singing a goofy song to them today

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Mitch Mitchell

How to fail "Good Husband 101"

Things I've never done

The New Main Street Singers have a wholesome sound

Santa Rosa cat, missing 13 years, is back home

DID the Lounge have "AA" wars today?

Prayers, Vibes, Energy, etc for my Mom, please?

This was the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

The New Season of Top Chef Starts Tonights

Do you apply for jobs that you don't meet the exact qualifications?

Good Vibes For My Breasts....


Notes on watching the "Country Music" awards show: (And may I mention that

Sheesh I'm depressed. Quick!

Mass. Duers. Are you guys enjoying decriminalization?

Why Al Franken Will be Minnesota's Next Senator...

New, tonight...Sunset at the beach!

Medical Marijuana: "It was funny how surprised we all were that it really worked."

Full Beaver Moon!! Hot!! Check it out!!!

What are you listening to right now?

Raise Your Hands: Whose former science teacher is an FBI murder suspect?

Youtube Video Posting Ability in the Lounge

Mean people suck.

Death to Grovelbot.

Obama’s New Lobbying and Communications Machine!

Obama’s New Lobbying and Communications Machine!

I just held a Ruger 357 Magnum (GP100)

How long can I go w/out changing my underwear?

I am 29 years old.

Best Hero In A Vietnam Movie

wow. the Jimi Hendrix Eperience is dead.

another day of administering an oxymoron. aaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh.

Come on people Punch Lieberman!

Do you remember 120 Minutes?

Just saw "Little Big Man"

There are 3 AWESOME jobs available in my field/geographic area:

Ack! I hit the refresh button and POOF! My star is gone and there's ads everywhere!

Nude While Posting

Can anyone tell me why I should re-activate my XM radio in the car?

I think that dogs with hair are feeling left out at the White House

I see this new call for "bipartisanship" from Democrats as nothing more than good ole' triangulation

The Gauntlet or Blue Velvet?

RisingPhoenix just wants everybody to know that the surgery went OK

Does anyone watch Biggest Loser?

Vibes for my mom who has a tendon operation on her arm tomorrow. Let's hope

Bi-Baby's got competition (cat pic heavy)

Awww - puppy cam

Is it, "He's crazier than me" or "He's crazier than I"?

I just got a 30% pay cut and my kid was diagnosed with mono today, ask me anything

Two cannibals are eating a clown

Two cannibals are eating a clown

My kitty comforter kicks butt all over your electric blanket

Have you ever, at any point in your life, taken or had someone else take a nude photo of yourself?

Okay nerds: who's getting Wrath of the Lich King at midnight?

Best cat video you'll ever see! Cute and funny!

FUCKING Windows updates. I just want to check email, and there are

Things that suck worse than Nickleback:

And you thought George W. bUsh was a moran...

What happened today:

Post your current weird crush.

Match Game Story: "A douche of emos' Wagonaire collided with a freep of morans' Hummer, ____ blood."

Want to heal America: prosecute those who continue to do the country harm

Holy Fuck We Can Seriously Still Walk Away With The 60 Senator Super Victory? FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

For all you ignorant Rush haters, remember: Harvard named them Musicians of the Millenium in 1993.

So, where can I download a good version of Obama's victory speech for my iPod?

BREAKING GEEK NEWS: HBO ordered a pilot for A Game Of Thrones.

Extreme Vanity Photo Thread.

How long can I go w/out folding the clean laundry?

Pic thread! The theme: Don't tutch the but.

Another thread for those of US that support the prosecution of Bush administration criminals by the

Favorite catchphrase?

Remember Lee Atwater? He was the most evil ....destroyed Dukakis

Peru offers bald dog of Incas to Obamas

Obama union support far above average in Michigan (and Pennsylvania, Nevada, Washington)

Why Al Franken Will be Minnesota's Next Senator...

Obama 'to curb role of lobbyists'

Sudan declares Darfur ceasefire

3-Legged Dog Inspires Obama Adoption (rescued from puppy mill)

Police: Woman slain as she tried to leave KKK rite

American shot dead in Pakistan

Myanmar jails dissidents for 65 years

AP Interview: Ex-congressman Foley breaks silence 2 years after resigning amid sex scandal

India arrests exiled Bhutan leader over Assam blasts

Reopening of Iraq bridge symbolizes renewed unity

US troops leave more security in hands of Iraqis

Senator Takes Initiative on Health Care ( Paul Krugman: Hopeful signs on health care)

US soldier to be court-martialed in Iraq deaths

US aid worker assassinated in Pakistan

Police: Woman slain as she tried to leave KKK ritual

Credit losses may surpass 10 pct of U.S. GDP

Iraqi soldier 'shoots US troops'

Obama administration to ratchet up hunt for bin Laden

Iran Reportedly Test-Fires New Generation of Missiles

Like Clinton, Obama Calls for Fewer Federal Contractors to Cut Spending

Top Two Officials In U.S. Intelligence Expect to Lose Jobs

Palin conditionally comfortable with Obama on Iraq

SC Gov. Sanford says "Wait a minute" To Golden Parachute

Newspapers seek documents in anthrax inquiry

(US Army Maj.) General bucks culture of silence on mental health

Paulson Says Troubled Assets Will Not Be Purchased

Ohio Running Low On Unemployment Money

3 LCD firms plead guilty in price-fixing scheme

Colombian Soldier Says Comrades Killed Brother

EU fines car glass 'price-fixers'

Battle in Bush administration over interrogation techniques

Top Two Officials In U.S. Intelligence (McConnell and Hayden) Expect to Lose Jobs

Dems eye midnight regulations reversal

Applied Materials to cut 1,800 jobs; profit falls 45%

Hendrix' Drummer Mitch Mitchell, 62, Found Dead In Hotel In Portland, OR

U.S. religious groups want Obama to ban torture

Rep. Broun stands by remarks on President-elect Obama ("not taking back anything he said.")

Dems sue registrar over votes for judges (TX)

Germany: Marrow transplant may have cured AIDS

Local Newspapers Cover Rising Number of Racist Anti-Obama Actions in Small Towns

401(k)s: Employer Contributions Get the Ax

Nasdaq falls below 1,500 mark (first time since May 2003) as tech shares crash

$585 million price-fixing fine

Obama taps veteran Dems for DoD, State handovers (Nunn and Christopher)

Merrill chief sees severe global slowdown (comparable with the period after the 1929 crash)

Japan Stocks Drop on U.S. Spending Concern; Sharp Set to Slump (Nikkei down 377 pts at this moment)

Stevens-Begich vote count narrows

Stevens' lead now under 1,000 as Alaska begins ballot tally

American Express requests 3.5 billion bailout

Election windfall Gift of office equipment from the Obama campaign thrills Sto-Rox schools

Obama's Sister: An E-Mail on Her Brother and Grandmother

Intel slashes 4Q outlook on dimming PC demand

Jimi Hendrix's drummer, Mitch Mitchell, found dead at Portland hotel

Blackwater likely to be fined millions in Iraq weapons case

Back in the Front Row: Helen Thomas

Florida Father Uses Nebraska's Safe Haven

(Pennsylvania) Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll Dead At 78

Baristas at Minneapolis Starbucks unionize (1st union shop in USA)

Emotional Board of Supervisors backs Prop. 8 challenge

Richardson Gets Backing For Secretary of State Post

MN Secretary of State: (Senator) Coleman's goal 'to win at any price'

US appeals court to hear arguments in ND hemp case

US aid worker killed in Pakistan

Cheney, Biden to meet privately at VP residence

US Catholic bishops warn Obama on abortion

Breaking his silence: The Mark Foley interview

Scott Eckern Releases Statement and Announces Resignation as Artistic Director for California Musica

Court rules for Navy in dispute over sonar, whales

UTMB to lay off 3,800 people

Crimes by air marshals raise questions about hiring

Washington Fines Companies for Violating Cuba blockade

In Peru, a Rebellion Reborn

Best Buy: 'Most difficult climate we've ever seen'

Stuck on tarmac? Airlines not required to help passengers

Acid attack on Afghan schoolgirls

Student charged for disorderly conduct by Elon (University) at Palin rally

(Dick) DeVos (Amway) rules out 2010 run for governor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 12

Bush Warns Against Dismantling Market Systems to Solve Crisis

Baucus to Push Health-Care Overhaul

More than sixty groups call for revocation of presidential secrecy directive

Judge enters final ruling, making Connecticut 2nd state now allowing gay marriage

"Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS"

Financial system may need over $1 trillion: dealmakers

Republican Party to challenge campaign money laws in Supreme Court

Unemployment expected to hit 9%, Wachovia economists say

Alaska Sen. Stevens' loses election lead

US experts believe Mexico plane crash was accident

Cleland ad causes trouble for Chambliss

Bobby Jindal says he "politely declined" to run for vice president

Lawsuit seeks to bankrupt Klan group

Fewer whites vote for Obama in Alabama than anywhere else

Durham probes police comments on Obama

IBM to help build broadband network in power lines

Congressman sorry for likening Obama to Hitler

Somali Islamists seize port as insurgency gains

India Police Say They Hold 9 From Hindu Terrorist Cell

Obama -- will you be our friend? (O'Doherty / Irish Independent)

On Killing the Right People

Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for a Helping of the Bailout Pie (NYT)

AIG won't say it needs no more aid

Whither Wingnuttery?

Save The Music: A Modest Proposal For Government Intervention

Sarah Palin: 'God is Rushin' Me Through His Door'

Seven US executions scheduled in next 10 days

LTTE writer shows why the education level of RWers is dragging down the rest of us ...

Democrats Target 401k and IRA Retirement Accounts

ASTROTURF ALERT "can you imagine if the financial bailout"

Russian Default Risk Jumps

Harold Meyerson: You Report, We Marginalize: A letter to Fox News

U.S. Slump May Be Longest in Three Decades as Economy `Fell Off a Cliff'

(Freedom Watch's) Adelson Survives Like `Cockroach' After $30 Billion-Plus Loss

Ahead of the Bell: American Express seeks $3.5B

Time Inc. Calls for Buyouts

Michael Jackson Offers to Mediate the Gay-Black Prop. 8 Divide

The elephant shall lie down with the lamb.

A Man for the Season

Obama: Beware the Lessons of '93

President Palin? Alaska governor ponders her future

Employee Choice Act is a Black Power Issue

Nuclear misundertanding

Biden’s New Role as Backup Player

Court Rejects White House on Missing E-mails (11-10-2008 The National Security Archive)

Obama Transition Team Staffs Up Internet Outreach Crew

Secretary of State lays out details of Senate recount (MN)

Constitutional Scholars Troubled by Cheney's Latest Theory: The 'PERPETUAL Executive'

Realpolitik vs. Reality - Philip Slater

The Obama Tide

This election was a rejection of Republicans, not Republicanism…..

Alaska Senate: Count the Votes! (WaPo)

The Democrats of 2002 and 2007 haven't gone anywhere

Krugman: A reasonable chance that universal health care will be enacted next year!

Moderate Dems opposed to Employee Free Choice Act

How to Fix a Flat- Hire Steve Jobs for one year to run General Motors

Rolling Stone: Naomi Klein: The New Trough

I’ll Take Racism By Republicans for $1000, Alex

Chuck Norris, Wing Nut Darling and Whack Job Extraordinaire

The End of Wall Street's Boom by the author of the book "Liar's Poker"

"Mischief in Minnesota? "WSJ op/ed weighs in, citing John Lott

"Why Palin Still Matters" --Andrew Sullivan (an elegant skewering!)

Proposition 8 Is Not About Black Homophobia

Progressives Have Leverage NOW: Use It Or Lose It

The great bond market crash of 2009 (Asia Times)

Kathleen Parker, Why Care What Repubs Think of You?

Countdown: Foreign Policy Priorities w/Jon Soltz

David Swanson at Die-In at Dept of Justice

Lewis Black-What Sex Are They/Gay Marriage

Another AIG Holiday?

Update 11/11 - Markets, Credit,

Lafayette Crosses Vigil Honors Fallen on Veterans Day

Obama Won't Stop the Collapse of the American Empire

Schoolgirls attacked with acid in Afghanistan

Piper Palin schools Matt Lauer (Alaska's Worst Family?)

Mark Foley Breaks Silence On Sex Scandal: I Can't Make It Sound Better And I'm Not Going To Try

Environmental news - Lojik

Kapparot, 2008: Chicken-Swinging for the Soul

Shepard Smith: Barack Obama did not lose. John McCain DID. That's IT.

America..this one is for you!

Sarah Palin Continues to Attack Obama Post Election

TYT Exclusive: Sarah Palin Gets Facts Wrong on Harry Potter

Onion News Network: YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video


Maddow Show: 'Hemmorhoids Are More Popular Than This Man...'

Attention Whore Sarah Palin Wants To "Help" Obama Administration

TPMtv: Why Gates?. JMM explains the Obama-Scowcroft connection

White hot spotlight Palin

Joe Must Go

Anti-H8 Rally in NYC

delete- video cuts off before the end

JFK asks Ike's advice on cuban missle crisis

Joe Lieberman Attacks Barack Obama, Democratic Party

Robert Reich on Hardball-11_11_08

Rachel Maddow Show: Evan Bayh interview

Hero of War- Rise Against

Rachel Maddow Show: Remaining Senate races and Minnesota Secretary of State interview

President Bush: 'I Regret' Mission Accomplished Sign

ACLU Presents: The Right to Marry - Yes We Can

Olbermann on "Obama = Hitler" comments by Rep. Paul Brown

KO: Sarah Palin won't stop talking

Saxby Chambliss: I’m Stuck In A Runoff Because Too Many Blacks Voted

Helen Thomas Returns to the White House

November 12, 2008: The Day in 100 Seconds

Chris Kofinis on Sarah Palin -- "She's like Sanjaya!"

O'Reilly Factor - Dennis Miller's Homophobic Joke About Barney Frank

Disgraceful Australian rightwing radio talk show (2GB's Oldfield about Obama)

Wolf Blitzer off-air banter

Sarah Palin Interview Wolf Blitzer CNN

Olbermann: Undoing Bush's Last Minute Rule-Changes (w/ Jonathan Turley)

"Disgraceful" DSCC Ad For Martin in GA (against Chambliss)

TYT: Is This The Most Absurd Thing Ever Said By Right Wing Bloggers?

The Nixon Tapes: Jew Spies vs. Negro Spies

"You Got Away With It"

Palin said she'd be honored to help Obama.....

7 year old blogger receives letter From Barack Obama

Falafel Boy: The black vote voted down gay marriage! Why weren't they in front of the black church?

Maddow Wears PJs To Show Solidarity For Bloggers

Obama marks Veterans Day with wreath-laying

Gun makers to show M4 competitors

Sources: SecDef race coalescing around Danzig

War boosts real estate near installations

Some VFWs find success recruiting young vets

Fort Sill official fires back at gang report

U.S. builds more UAV bases to cut transit time

Bush marks Veterans Day on Intrepid

Camp Bucca detainee abuse hearing to begin

Freon killed sleeping crew on Russian sub

Better wounded care has led to longer goodbyes

Malmstrom missile wing fails nuke inspection

F-16 catches fire during takeoff in Iraq

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Changes to nuclear program lack substance

Troops begin to shift out of Iraqi cities

Insurgents vow to resist Iraq security pact

Officials: Help limited for domestic violence victims overseas

Electricity falls short of Iraq’s needs

Blasts kill at least three in Baghdad

(Army Times) Op-Ed: How Obama can win trust

DARPA puts out request for flying sub

Battle for Mosul hangs in balance

Veterans’ Families Seek Aid for Caregiver Role

Program sends holiday cards to troops

Phony War Heroes Under Investigation

TYT: 50 Facts You Did Not Know About Barack Obama

Military atheists want new rules on prayer

Jerusalem elects secular mayor

Carter: Obama will waste no time pursuing Middle East peace

UN warns over Gaza food blockade

Enlistment plan joins Army Reserve, Wal-Mart

A New Stimulus Package?

Japan's CO2 Emissions Hit All-Time Record For Fiscal Year Ending March, 2008 - ENN/Reuters

Science Organizations From 100+ Nations Agree To Form Single Unified Data System For Cryosphere

Modeling Predicts Large-Scale Release Of Carbon From Peat Bogs - Up To 86% In Some Formations

Hansen - CO2 Target Of 350 PPM Needed For Planet "Similar" To That Which Produced Human Civilization

University Of Kansas Study - Western Part Of State May See 8F Average Temperature Spike, 2-4 In East

Orange - Australian Town Of 40,000 - Developing Stormwater Recovery Systems As Drought Continues

Australia Closing Outback Simpson Desert To Visitors For First Time This Summer - Too Risky - AFP

New owners call for tree to be left alone

Why is our energy policy so lame? Ask the three GOP stooges.

Plan paves road for Klamath dams' removal

Supreme Court rules for Navy in dispute over sonar, whales

Duke Energy: nuclear overnight cost $5000/kW, afraid to estimate final cost

Australia's Coal Industry Responds To Climate Concerns - With Shiny, Expensive PR Campaign - Reuters

Seventies book predicted our future (Limits to Growth)

Humans may have prevented super ice age

The Global Economy And The Radioactive Cheese Grater - Flint Journal

An introduction to the core climate solutions

"The Worst Hard Time"

Obama Plans to Undo Bush Rules on Oil Drilling on Public Lands, Among Others

LDS Church Can’t Hide Behind A Temple

Gay baiting and Hate Rhetoric Consequences.

Gay and lesbian couples to start to marry in Connecticut

Gay Veterans Gather to Honor Their Own

inspiring slideshow from marriage equality demonstrations

Equality Utah takes Morman Church at their word - and intro's legislation

Billie Stanton: When two dads are better than one

Boycott eFax (Owner gave 15k to Yes on 8)

Woman to Press Charges After Scuffle at Gay Marriage Rally

OK to marry in Connecticut!

Outlive, Outlast, Outsmart the Bigots.

L.A. County Board of Supervisors Votes To Join Prop 8 Lawsuit

Protests against Prop 8 this Saturday all over the country!

I bow before the greatness of Bluebear

I re-watched Keith Olbermann's wondeful "Special Comment" about Prop 8 today.

Tracey Ullman Tears Into Ex-Gay Ministries

My hair is standing up on the back of my neck!

I'm still angry about Prop 8

The LA County Board of Supervisors have come out in support of overturning Prop 8

Still here

The "Lavender Flu" - what a cool concept

Master list of businesses to boycott

El Pollo Loco owner donated $6000 to Yes on 8

Gay infighting in California after Prop. 8

Gay artists seek boycott of Sacramento theater

I dunno how to say this.

Sacramento Theater director resigns after his donation to Yes on Prop 8 becomes public

Let's hear it for Grovelbot.

Disgraced preacher Haggard claims childhood abuse

My Thoughts on Religion and Prop 8

Pics from NYC Protest (Whoopi included!)

Mormons strategized against gay marriage for more than 10 years

Time to boycott one of the best ice cream shops in Sacramento

Marriage in CT

Mormans resigning from church, citing "hate" and "discrimination

Anti-gay hatred - unleashed on Craigslist

Yes on Prop 8 Campaign was very profitable for it's investors

Goldman big winner in government's revised bailout of AIG

A Holy Union for a Deuce of a Swindle

A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks

The Great American Housing Nightmare: Next Phase

Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for Piece of Bailout Pie

The good news: we're still 4000 points ahead of when Clinton's Super Bull Market started.

Paulson Shifts Focus of Rescue to Consumer Lending (Do these guys have ANY clue what they're doing?)

14.98% mortgage rate. WTF!

Should gay couples "pass" as hetersexual couples so they can marry?

Fed's bank loans look like secret patronage

The NYC protest is HUGE!

"Wal-Mart Backs Main Street"

What Happens if GM Goes Bankrupt?

Paulson Now Admits Mendacity

okay. the bailout appears to be both a scam and a bust. Are bad mortgages one of the root problems?

Cinemark CEO gave $9,999 to anti-gay Prop 8

Boycotting of Yes on 8's starting to be effective

Conspiracy theory...... or something there.....

GLBT - check in please!

ADT eliminating 380 jobs in Papillion, Ne

Today in labor history Nov 12 Sunbeam Corp. and lays off 6,000 workers-half the workforce

Ballot Box Win Guarantees Paid Sick Leave For Workers in Milwaukee

Omaha jail worker ordered reinstated (fired for something he didn't say)

CWA Sues AT&T For “Corporate Shell Game” To Avoid Contractual Obligations

UPDATE:UAW Won't Support Colombia Trade Pact For Big-3 Aid

Labor Commissioner Issues Fines of $267,600 during Statewide Enforcement Activity

Lawmakers vow to get tougher on child labor violations (N.C. maximum penalty of $250 per violation)

Bonior Says He’s Not Interested in Being Labor Secretary

Cortec agrees to $250,000 OSHA fine after explosion in Spooner (forced a mile area evacuation)

OSHA investigates death at Columbia construction site

Watch Out—D.C. Circuit Weighs Hidden Camera Case (this effects everybody)

Cal/OSHA issues five citations in death of laborer

Is there a better way to discuss labor contracts?

Interesting Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality in the Bible.

Working in Panama: The Ku Klux Klan 'dreams' salesman

Chávez Says Military to Oppose Destabilization Attempts During Venezuelan Elections

Witness - 88 Keys in Cuba (two part documentary on YouTube )

In Peru, a Rebellion Reborn

Reuters versus Venanalysis versus Chavez, you decide

Let me bore you with another Brett Favre nephew update


Bacteria that attack guts more widespread than believed, study finds

Google Uses Searches to Track Flu’s Spread

Six Steps to Living in the Moment - PT

Doctor's Orders: Health Coverage for Everyone

5 Reasons Women Should Still Take Vitamin D

Can we live to be 1,000 years old?

The Democrats' secret health care plan (TNR Article)

Monday afternoon downtown

Sculptures in the Louvre, Paris

Need suggestions for shooting at the Grand Canyon, please!

I am interested in learning to add textures to some photos


Suggestions for November/December contest.

I know everyone says there will be no future ban BUT

A question for all you Assault Weapon Ban supporters

Honey Mead, or as they call it: Tej The history and down the page a

Mobilization to End Poverty (liberal Christian event)

How might one best identify delusions of pithy relevance?

What kind of claim is the conjunction of the following subclaims?

Which is your favorite sacred phrase?

Blind NASA engineer solves Russian communications problem

4,300-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt

Evolution in Action: Lizards Losing Limbs

The narrow temperature window that gave us modern human civilization

Stop the discussion! The Intelligent Designer theory is correct.

A blast from the past: Delmart Vreeland sentenced to 336 years in prison


Secretary of Ed petition needs to hear from teachers and students about NCLB.

DPS aims for driver's license checkpoints - X-post from LBN

Message from UT System regarding UTMB

Bettencourt sued over provisional ballots

DU reunion in SD17 to help chris Bell?

DPS aims for driver's license checkpoints

How to Create Custom Google Maps?

Any way to recover data on USB flash drive?

Unable to access one particular website.

SATA drive not able to load XP

And then there were three.

Canwest global is expected to announce massive layoffs

Kerry mentioned in Pakistan press article on restoring judges

DailyKos diary for your viewing pleasure

Sens Biden & Kerry, 9/25/07

Fullbright's Chief of Staff's oral history on his view of the SFRC

A beautiful picture I dug up from our archives

New Assembly Leadership!

Fucking vanhollerin' Asshole BS:

Check of this thread - Timmy the Tool on Fox saying something is "amiss" with the recount

We need to be like Georgia: have a runoff if no one gets at least 50% of the votes