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Hey Alaskans: Does anyone how/if the absentee votes are being secured there?

Obama to reassess strategy on Pakistan, Afghanistan

Does anyone have the updated list of whom President Obama has chosen for his staff or cabinet? nt

"Get Your War On" video. Funny shit, send to McCain supporters.

Melissa Etheridge Says "You Can Forget My Taxes"

We know the GOP are plotting their next move, creating their new facade ...

Has anyone else been unable to get on to Google tonight?

Obama Meets Bush: What To Expect

I hope my post telling people to get the hell out of here works...

What will Obama do with the enemy combatants at Gitmo?

Please read and recommend this thread in LBN:

"I opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996."

City boy grows up fast to give family a chance

Why it must be marriage

Any economy experts out there:

Courtney Love accidentally (?!) voted "yes" on Prop 8

who makes you laugh often here on DU?

Gays in a Cage.

A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks: With Attention on Bailout Debate, Treasury Changed to Tax Policy

WHAT in the HELL is wrong with YOU old mean PEOPLE?

Obama Planning U.S. Trials for Guantanamo Detainees

Obama-mania in the Book World

Many members of DU are so USED to fighting everything that came out of

Is the Prime Minister of Ukraine Hotter Than Palin? [PIC]

Why the civil union/marriage argument is so hard to reconcile...

Bush and Paulson continue their "Scorched America" policy on the way out the door....

What you gonna do, cat??????

The worst thing the dem party could do is to follow in the footsteps of the repuke party

Showwa hanz .... who plans (or even is thinking about it) to be in DC on Jan 20?

This is what happened to McCain and Palin....

Safest plastics for food and beverages

OK, what happened to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

'Just like us' - Kids at Michelle Obama's old school see reflection

What is "MorninJoe" doing in DC on Mondays

Nortel to cut 1,300 jobs after 3Q losses

A Quiet Windfall For US Banks: With Attention on Bailout Debate, Treasury Made Change to Tax Policy

Question re Tax Havens

AIG is a company that does not DESERVE help from the government

Can we guess who is behind the other question marks in the fund drive

"Frighten the horses" criteria...

Pentagon board says cuts essential-Tells Obama to slash large weapons programs

Krugman: Obama needs to be more progressive than FDR to save US economy

Down and Out in Beverly Hills: Rolexes, Picassos Hit Pawnshops

Do you remember what CNN was like before Ted sold?

South African musical legend Miriam Makeba dies

Call the FCC... Scar just said Fuck you

Financial Katrina... or Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans

WJ this morning

Secret Order Authorized by Rumsfeld Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries

Why should people who live together and have sex get privileges single people do not?

Obama to use executive order to reverse Stem Cell Research ban and more

Calif. governor says he's allowed 'back into the bedroom'

The most important short-term goal is federal recognition of gay marriage.

Source: Obama wants Valerie Jarrett to replace him in Senate

Guess where all that HATE spewed by the GOP in 2008 is going to be aimed now???

Gallup Tracks Bush and Obama; Contrast is Substantial: Fear vs. Hope

MSNBC already announces Morning Joe format change, according to blog...

The Fed Refuses to tell taxpayers which Welfare Queens are getting the handouts

Keith Olbermann is supposed to be on "The View" today.

Ambien maker to market "Ambien NF" Stops F bomb outbursts.

Happy 233rd birthday to the Marine Corps

Poor Joe Scarborough

Republicans may need to call in "the cleaner"

Nate Silver ( forecast that Obama would beat John McCain back in March.

Fareed Zakaria: Obama keeps being advised (warned) by conservatives to govern from the center.

New Iraq security pact would rule out US troop extension past 2011, ban cross-border attacks

Calif. gov.: 'We will maybe undo' Prop 8

surge update - Triple Blasts Kill 28 in Baghdad

Start here---> Join PFLAG (Parents, Families, Friends of Lesbians and Gays)

Nuclear Power In YOUR Backyard, literally.....

I want Joey Scar gone because he's a racist, obnoxious lying pig.

Listen up all you northern transplants, Betty is pissed at you.

We need a "Thank You" thread so we can express our thoughts

Obama is NOT bigoted toward gays and Obama would NOT be tombstoned if he posted here

Bush Rewards his Incompetent Friend with Post as Attorney General - Bush History, 11/10

Anti-Choice Harry Reid Thinks Lieberman is Progressive

Warning of New bin Laden Attack(here we go again...)

So, Obama gets a pass, but other black people are definitely bigots for being against gay marriage

MN Senate continues to tighten

MN Senate continues to tighten

My Published LTTE: Where is Pelosi's middle ground?

Coleman Questions Vote Changes(WAHWAH, Franken Only 238 Votes Behind)

Obama Hires Progressive Liaison For Transition Team

Politico has too much information about Obama

Politico has too much information about Obama

Gay Marriage is an EQUAL RIGHTS issue.

The Great Financialization by Kari Polanyi Levitt - must read (pdf)

The Great Financialization by Kari Polanyi Levitt - must read (pdf)

How the hell can an Eight Year Old be charged for murder as an Adult?

Van Hollen Reverses Course; Remains at Top of DCCC

Oh wow I just noticed that Obama is about to "fist bump" Giuliani right in the head

Okay everyone, who will join me in a great big eyeroll over this LTTE?

McStupid's campaign should have watched this..

Per CNN: Frist has been drinking again

MSNBC to Launch ‘Fucking Joe’

On the subject of Gay marriage

Over the last few years, I have become rather important.

FYI - Olbermann is on the VIEW this AM

For those further to the left, please consider . . .

Obama Readies For Major Expansion Of WH Web Operation

Russia is waiting (with missiles of their own) to see if Obama continues Bush's Cold War deployment

Need info about Kucinich

This is why Liberman can not be allowed to continue as Chairman

"Its important that the outside world see we have a smooth transition of power."

I'd Treat DC as a Crime Scene-by BooMan

Bush WH cooked-up 'secret order' allowing military ops into 15 to 20 countries

I think it's motherfucking stupid for that fucker Joey the fucking Scar

I live in a reallly Repub town-and I am a Democrat.

Jewish group wants halt to proxy baptismal rites (Mormon church)

Circuit City files for bankruptcy

Jersey City Councilman pees on crowd from balcony. I hope the crowd were all repugs.

Obama Hires Progressive Liaison For Transition Team

Barack Obama putting family first

Proposition 8 Protest in NYC, Wednesday Night.

Dollars for Proposition 8. Where did they come from?

Have you asked any mourning Republicans why they hate America yet?

Feds refuse to disclose where OUR 2 trillion dollars went. n/t

The President Elect and his wife are flying to Washington on

The President Elect and his wife are flying to Washington on

If Equal Civil Unions Were the Law, Bigots Would Mobilize to Ban Gays From Civil Unions

If Rahm E's appointment can drive Joey Scar to drop an F-bomb..

I want to put in a good word about civil unions

How soon does Joe S. get some time off?

Are you all wobbly kneed at the prospect of seeing the Obamas in the White House today?

Condoms Trump Abstinence in Obama Global AIDS Policy, Aide Says

Bush hits new disapproval record - most unpopular president in 6 decades

We've been bombing Syria and Pakistan and going into Iran via Executive Order (NYT)

Mike Barnicle's face when he realizes what Joe said.

Mad Dash to Snag Swearing-In Tickets, Rooms Begins

November 10, 1775

Health Care Can't Wait by Edward M. Kennedy

MGM, CBS Join YouTube

MGM, CBS Join YouTube

Stephen Baldwin: Today's teens need the Gospel

The newest bullshit meme: Europe's enthusiasm for Obama is a sign or their anti-Americanism.

Bush Spy Revelations Anticipated When Obama Is Sworn In

Franken v. Coleman race down to 204 votes

Seventy-six percent of those questioned disapprove of how bu$h* is handling his job.

After Citizenship Challenges, Ballots Thrown Out in Georgia

Plouffe to replace Dean as head of DNC?

After the Imperial Presidency

After the Imperial Presidency

Mormons And Catholics Upset At Being The Target Of Prop 8 Protests

Brit Hume, Meth-head......

It's Time To Create A Religion Based On Gay Marriage

ACLU Commends Obama-Biden Ban on Discrimination Against LGBT Applicants for Jobs in the New Admin.

I have an idea.

Michelle's mom is apartment hunting in DC?

The Rude Pundit - The Family Research Council: "The Cause of Faith Lost" Last Tuesday

Paul Abrams: Karl Rove's Executive Privilege May Vanish on January 20, 2009

Bush visits Bethesda: "You know, I'm -- appreciate the families who were so gracious to me here."

Mike Pence, another clueless far-Reich idiot....

Hatred towards religion

Dianne Feinstein "debating whether to enter the race" for Governor of California

So where's McCain been since election night?

MSNBC to Launch ‘Fucking Joe’

Project For A New American Century 2.0.»

Project For A New American Century 2.0.»

Syndicated "Jeopardy" playing now has a DUer in its Tournament of Champions

On store shelves, stealthy shrinking of containers keeps prices from rising

In Latin America, leftist leaders evict US drug warriors

Holloway suspect Joran Vander Sloot in thailand allegedly involved in thai sex trade

Bush is going to try to ride Obama's coattails

Obama-McCain Dance Off. Funny.

Passenger slaps flight attendant on the butt, pulls another passengers hair (not from "Airplane")

Ah-nold on CNN: Prop 8 Is Wrong; CASC Will Overturn

Tyson Foods Injects Chickens with Antibiotics Before They Hatch to Claim "Raised without Antibiotics

Karma for American Auto Makers

Yet Another Reason NOT To Bail Out The Big 3 Automakers

Bush: "Cos nobody loves me. It's true...........

How do you think LBJ would handle Lieberman if he were Majority Leader today?

The President Is In The Building!!!!!

CA black ministers agree to go back into slavery if the "majority" votes for it?

CA black ministers agree to go back into slavery if the "majority" votes for it?

Obama red state wins proved that African American voters can turn an election

Oh, FFS. Here is today's absolute leader in The Race to Ultimate FUD.

Hume: Bush has put America on an ‘amazing’ foreign policy path.

Hume: Bush has put America on an ‘amazing’ foreign policy path.

Toon: Joe the Plumber

Tomfoolery from Drudge.

What is it that rabid right-wingers, freepers, and other assorted morans

David Sirota: Bailout Watch: Bush's Subtle Scheme to Stop Obama Reforms

Why Prop. 8 Confounded Pre-Election Pollsters - SFGate

AIG gets $150 billion government bailout; posts huge loss (Reuters)

Speaking of Bethesda Naval...Do George or Laura donate blood?

Signing statements & Obama

Norm Coleman is in deep with convicted money launderer Frank Vennes Jr.

Norm Coleman is in deep with convicted money launderer Frank Vennes Jr.

'house conservatives fund.' Bachmann, no; Paulsen, yes

Will the SQUATTERS in the White House keep the people out at xmas again this year??

GM to cut production, idle 5,500 hourly employees (Reuters)

Is there really such a thing as a cellulose encased laser-guided bomb?

Obama planning US trials for Guantanamo detainees

CAPTION this...

How can there be an equal protection clause AND an amendment that says a group of people are unequal

Share your ideas with the Obama team

How might Bush attempt to test Obama today?

Obama speech used for fraud?

Rochelle Riley, DFP columnist: Detroiter's Obama story could top them all

President Obama with UNLIMITED powers like bush had...WOO WOO!



NBC News' problems stem from the loss of Russert - Everyone please spread this far and wide.

You know a change will do ya good.

How accurate was the "GOP Death List"?

MSNBC to Launch ‘Fucking Joe’

HuffPo has a precious slide show up of Obama and his

An open letter to DU's GBLT community who I consider friends and family as I do many on this board

MSNBC Extends Keith Olbermann’s Contract

Militants attack U.S. supplies in northwest Pakistan-hijack 13 trucks

Schumer STILL supports Lieberman... "In the spirit of

Caption "The Man"

"The Atticus Circle" about Prop 8

bush treatment "unfair", says this LTTE in Columbus Dispatch.

Obama should have stood up and supported gay marriage

America is the land of second chances. America is the land of great comebacks

Anyone use Twitter??


A call for gay rights missionaries

Will we EVER learn the truth about Palin and Babygate?

On 1/20/09, when President Obama lends AF One to Bush one last time, it will go ....... where?

In your wildest dreams, how much money would you need to live per month?

If You Were To Steal From The Other Team (GOP RINOs), Who Should Switch?

Randi Is Kicking Ass Over These Conservative Bigots

Bankers were biggest donors to Obama

DUPE, please remove

Puke alert: Check the new MORAN facebook group to "Impeach Obama"

yes, it just had to come from Amsterdam!

I remember Camelot

"You see, George, it's like this..."

People for the American Way Statement on Prop 8

WTF?? Olberman doesn't vote?

My AT&T DSL "service" has been down since last Thursday ..

Today's update. Franken now trailing by 206

Why is the government bailing out AIG but refusing to do the same for GM?

How long before Obama wakes up to his "Bipartisanship" is, in fact, getting Date Raped?

The Tyranny of Oil

Those that support EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL there will be a march 1/19/09

David Schuster interviews little girl who likes puppies on MSNBC right now

Senate race complicates Coleman’s leadership bid

DU this poll (Says prop 8 passing was better than Obama winning):

Bush History,11/10 - Hang 'em High Bush Rewards his Incompetent Friend with Post as Atty Gen

The (R) that beat out well she is elected and divorced in one week

Supreme Court to consider monuments in public parks

Obama Wants Lieberman To Remain In Democratic Caucus


Happy Anniversary

Sir Paul McCartney to serenade new first lady with "Michele?" I heard

Why "the middle" is a poisoned frame


Judge rules against Bush administration in White House email case.»

You can feel it in the air... HOPE

Nice summary of Alaska voting patterns...

I thought this website might be helpful to the Prop 8 discussion going on

President Elect Obama's Transition website

Sen Dan Inouye of Hawaii becomes another Powerful Force in DC

How long will you keep that Obama bumber sticker on your car? How about No on 8?

Obama should get some pitbulls.

Oregon city elects transgender mayor

11/09 update from alaska 90,635 votes still to count

I agreed with Tweety today when he called that Rethug hack

Rep. calls Obama Marxist, warns of dictatorship

FReeper site down again?

Term Limits for The Media!

Starbucks quarterly earnings drop by $87.5 Million as consumers rein in spending on non-essentials

A religious ceremony of marriage is not a legal marriage

Donahue Documentary Takes On The War

Who published Secret Service code names for the entire Obama family? MSNBC

Do you realize it could have been John & Cindy Mac meeting Chucklenuts and Pickles today at the WH?

Is the African-American/Prop 8 Exit Poll Connection Viable? ~ Edward Champion/EdRants

I can afford to donate $200 to the fight against Proposition 8. Where should it go?

Caption This Photo!

Caption: Which of these couples look happy?

Second lawsuit filed against Norm Coleman pal

Obama Should Appoint A Gay To Head Up the Faith-Based Initiatives Program

Mariam Makeba has died. She died on stage. I was a big fan

It's my birthday today

DU this Story!

Two articles on homosexuality and the Bible.

CNN: Bush popularity rating is lowest in history . Plus the pic requires a caption


Marriage vs. Civil Unions

My voice is unheard.

Secret Service Gives Obamas Their Code Names

MRFF To Demand That Pentagon Immediately Cease All Connections To Obama-Bashing Ministry

"Impeach Obama" movement has already begun.

I KNOW this look!

Documents linking Iran to nuclear weapons push may have been fabricated

Isn't there some way we can Reward Bush* and Cheney with a plum chairmanship

My email to the FCC regarding "Swearing Joe"

A plug for DU

When Does Sirius Follow Circuit City And GM To The Bottom?

Michelle Obama looks stunning in her dress for the visit to the Whitehouse

Investigation sought into Alaska oil-spill case

Caption this Picture

PNAC website back up for Palin?

Palin sorts clothes to see what belongs to the RNC

Donors step up to help Scottsbluff pup (Peanut) with broken legs

The official joe lieberman portrait thread...

Stem cell supporters await their Obama moment

GO Tweety!!

Caption Bush w/Obama

Bachmann outraged about the "HURTFUL, OVER-THE-TOP" critique of Sarah Palin

PNAC is BACK? McCain's Neocons May be Breathing Life Back into the Organization has a map we can click on...

I'm a young, single Catholic male, and I don't care who marries who

Ode to America~ (video)

The Mormon Church spent $2.8 million supporting Prop Hate ...

If a new US$ currency bill was introduced, which prez should be on it?

A quiet windfall for U.S. banks

And your farewell message to Scarborough is??

What was the biggest decade in American History?

LAT: Schwarzenegger tells backers of gay marriage: Don't give up

Happy Birthday....

Tim Robbins vs. Elections Board, Round 2

Will McCain tell Obama where bin Laden is hiding?

Dean prepares to step down.

Dean Steps Down as D.N.C. Chair (HHS Secretary maybe?)

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day.

it seems there is a lull since the Obama victory . . . .

Quick. Help. I had to run to the store in the middle of my Keith... Did he have the segment about

Circle jerk on Fox

One of the funniest "Worst Persons" ever. O'LIElly won all three spots..

Dana Perino, unhinged....Pt. XXIII: Fun with semantics.....


Our School's Budget Just Frozen...While Bush Borrows 343 MILLION A DAY for Iraq War

Olbermann On Now About Prop. 8: "What If Someone Passed A Law That Said You Couldn't Be Married?"

The Fist-bump fund drive: So who's behind the Question signs

Inalienable rights.

Thom Hartmann just asked Victoria Jones of TalkRadioNews if Obama is taller than Bush.....

Get your "IMPEACH BOTH!!!" hats here! Get 'em while they're hot!!

Down and Out in Beverly Hills: Rolexes, Picassos, Ferraris Hit Pawnshops


Glenn Greenwald -- Joe Scarborough: Hoisted on his own sanctimonious petard

Pete Rouse appointed Deputy Cheif of Staff.

defining the economic stimulus

So, what happened to Journals?

Palin Will Continue to Steal Cookies, She Says -- The Mudflats

Dear media and Republicans

"Great Crises Call for Bold Leadership" Elizabeth Edwards

The CIA Is Worried: Will Obama Actually Hold Them Accountable?

Delay is not in Jail because Texas Republican Judges ruled- CHECKS AREN'T MONEY

Delay is not in Jail because Texas Republican Judges ruled- CHECKS AREN'T MONEY

The trickle down effect of huge military budgets!

Do you live in a Constitution-Free zone?

So .... I've been Rah! Rah! for Obama. So what's with this LIEberman thing?????

Can't Bush just get out of Obama's house now?

Keith O just made me cry!

Anthropologists have debunked this "traditional marriage" nonsense for years...

Barack Obama: What life will be like for new US President

What is Scarborough being suspended for? Profanity? Or Making Shit Up?

More GOP family values - newly elected congress rep from KS is getting a divorce

Marriage in the USA is NOT Sacred, It IS Civil

Do you think an 8 year old should ever be tried as an adult?

Stop Gloating and Let’s get to work

Lets start a movement to outlaw divorce

Sebelius, McCaskill eyed as Dems' party chair

What Obama Should Do In First 100 Days

Special Comment by Keith Tonight on Proposition 8

Opposing Prop 8: Why I just Donated $200 to Lambda Legal

*** WTF! How many more HOMELESS VETS will there be before Dumbya is OUT!!!1!

Did Scarborough drop the F-bomb after reading today's Detroit Free Press editorial?

Wanna put a pro-Gay Marriage representative in office AFTER the election?

Nice story for the Marine Corps birthday..

Europe deploying air and naval forces off coast of Somalia

Palin on Fox ......... Sarah in 2012!

PBS' American Experience tonight: The Crash of 1929

Bush has to suck up to Obama to keep him from exposing the skeletons he finds in the WH closets

CIA al-Qaeda hunt was sanctioned by Rumsfeld

CIA al-Qaeda hunt was sanctioned by Rumsfeld

Why doesn't Dean want to run the DNC?

Instability in Middle East of major concern to U.S. Joint Chiefs

Is it true Prez-Elect Obama wants our suggestions on the bailout?

Japan, U.S. to review crisis plan

"I don't vote. It's a symbolic gesture."

"I don't vote. It's a symbolic gesture."

Re Prop 8, a theory

Howard Fineman, you're awesome, but....

Get the word out: Lieberman is one of the MOST liberal members in the Senate

Ok instead of his segment of "Bushed" and McCains campgain...

George W Bush in pictures (a few of the 29 in this photo essay)...

Mexico hedges almost all of its oil exports

Mexico hedges almost all of its oil exports

Dean Will Step Aside at DNC

In case your wastin' time keepin' up

I am a straight, middle age, married women and I support gay marriage.

IMF chief calls G20 to action

Scorched Earth: AIG Execs caught on ANOTHER junket last week

Let's predict the winning surprise personality of the Republican 2008 campaign

Nov. 11th

Do anti-Prop. 8 protests unfairly target the Mormon Church?

Palin blames Bush policies for GOP defeat

Even the unborn danced the night Barack Obama won the election!

Latest on Begich/Stevens Alaska Senate race from Begich Finace Director

MPs seek to censor the media

Is there any chance Chucklenuts would hand over the Nuclear Football to Obama a couple months early?

CNN Poll on Gay marriage

Source: Bill Clinton Making Calls On Lieberman's Behalf

What's wqith all the "I'll help you cheat on your taxes" ads on teevee?

How Will the Military Approach Obama?

Thanks to DU, I cannot remember the last time I heard news on the radio or TV, or read news, or

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Ok so a couple houses down from me there is this car that had a ..

Some observations on Joe Lieberman:

Bob Novak On Valerie Plame Affair: "The hell with you. They didn’t ruin me. I have a good life."

Anybody here still support the bailout?

AK Stinks & MN's on Edge: So Here's What Can be Done to Try to Ensure Accurate 'Recounts'

That's It... I'm Marrying Myself... Fuck Everybody Else...

As of 5:21 pm today, there were still 2.1 million votes in california not counted.

Ads while logged in?

Tomorrow, hubby and I will celebrate 19 years of wedded bliss...

Palin on Goofiness - The Mudflats

On the surface, Obama presents himself as a uniter, but he's pledged to fight for us


The Perfect DU Thread...

Obama will sign Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), pull U.S. troops from Iraq

How fast did the McCain/Palin yard signs disappear from your neighborhood after the election?

it is 42 degrees, November 10 and we just had a hail storm in KS...

The Next Republican President Hasn't Been Born Yet

What's with this "New World Order" stuff from UK's Gordon Brown?

Cops have tough time finding sober driver for boy

Need some help. Dont know what to do.

Write my name in the Book of Love.

Barack and Michelle Obama: A night out on the town

Renegade, Rennaisance, Radiance, Rosebud, Celtic, Capri

Are my parents married or civilly-unionized?

Why Are Right Wingers So Paranoid? vote: Do you think that gay marriage is a civil rights issue?

The Gay Marriage Amendment - Nazi Ideology with Neocon Spin

So is Joey the Scar off the air for a while??

Tomorrow,, Senator Barbara Boxer, will celebrate her 68th birthday.

Palin is being mercilessly beaten by thugs, but nothing said is likely untrue

"Now the religious beliefs of some Californians are in our Constitution"

rather than protesting at the mormon churches, why not protest at the place that matters:

About the Arkansas law Mike Malloy is talking about... I have a question.

Dems are bungling the Lieberman issue

Obama to walk into the Oval Office for the first time...TODAY!

Lieberman Lends His Name To Fear-Mongering Documentary On American Muslims And Terrorism

Save Detroit and launch universal health care in one easy step.

Joe Scarborough has RUINED a whole generation of children!

So, what's the one mega-corporation that's just itching to get into banking?

Question: Who was the Irish woman that Obama cut from his campaign?

I am a straight older married guy and don't give a damn about

Hypo-Allergenic DOGS? Some Breeds Are? Explain

also also also


"Masterpiece Theater: God on Trial" about some Auschwitz inmates holding a trial

Thank You 200th donator...

I just got notification by mail from the police that a sex offender has moved into my Apt. Complex

Let's drop the Palin posts please...

Please DU the "More Peace Corps" online petition

What I will miss most about Bush

Just a thought: GOP'ers, especially the extremist kind....

Keith Olbermann's Contract Extended For Four More Years

The Nation: 2008 will go down as a year activists were able to keep a rotten electoral system honest

Ford/GM failure will massively effect the country?

Press Report: 2 White Supremacists Who Threatened Obama in Lockdown

prohibiting gays from adopting or being foster parents is short-sighted and ultimately . . .

prohibiting gays from adopting or being foster parents is short-sighted and ultimately . . .

Obama Is Going To Need Our Help.

A rant about San Francisco voter turnout: Retraction

Protest against Prop 8 November 23 at Cambridge, MA City Hall (x post)

Get Your War On: New World Order

Get Your War On: New World Order

How about bringing back Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon General?

Invitation to the inauguration... can this only be done by Congresspeople?

A shout-out to Al Pacca, my teddy bear! Al has prevented any terrorist attacks on US soil

Condoms Trump Abstinence in Obama Global AIDS Policy, Aide Says

I want my Top Ten Conservative Idiots List!

First call on DU for Obama as president: March 2004!

Keith Olbermann -- you nailed it yet again tonight.

A political map showing only 18 to 29 year olds

Who is dumber?

Larry Summers: not exactly what we've been told?

Polish Lawmaker Slurs Obama: Left's 'Black Messiah ... End Of White Civilization'

Keith Olbermann to give SPECIAL COMMENT on Prop 8 TOMORROW!

Obama Planning US Trials for Guantanamo Detainees

If Lieberman isn't stripped of his chairmanship, Senate Dems can't be taken seriously

Whoa! I'm not the only one legally threatening the Mormon Church to remove my name from

Lets not forget to get Rightwing Hate Radio off Arm Forces Radio

Help. I need the picture of the Muslim US soldier tombstone.

64% of republicans think palin should be nominee in 2012

Why is Zogby PushPolling me now

Not even 5 minutes into Morning Joe, and he's already blasting Rahm.

Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact

Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact

First Bush-Obama Meeting: Hard Feelings and Hand Sanitizer

Obama should not meet with a terrorist! Just let Bush move out with a U-haul!

First Bush-Obama Meeting: Hard Feelings and Hand Sanitizer

Should Obama meet with Bush without preconditions?

Kristol backs away from his babe

The Great Republican Hope? (Yahoo speaks of Bobby Jindal)

Sounds Like CNN/john roberts/carol costello Are Worried About Obama Moving "Too Fast"

Per Steph Miller: Scarborough off the air indefinitely.

Obama's Inner Circle Shares Inside Story (with Video)

If anybody ever wondered, this is where my username came from

America's Top Universities Scouring China's High Schools To Recruit Top Students

The real problem with the Electoral College is that is an artificial construct,

Obama should greet Bush as he would a third world dictator...

What I would like Obama and Biden to do first

What I would like Obama and Biden to do first

CAPTION-this one has way too many options for one subject line

DUPE TOPIC -please delete n/t

Mika is in love with Sarah Palin! She acts like she has a sexual

Biden was booed when he was showed on the video screen.

Biden was booed when he was showed on the video screen.

This Modern World: Has the entire country gone mad?

Now joe S. has said something about Mika taking Ambien and having vodka in the morning

What I wrote to my kid's Chemistry teacher

Should Obama reach out to McCain for politicial help shutting down gitmo?

my Veterans Day LTTE..comment and rate,please

Will TV carry Obama's Visit to the WH?

Apparently this isn't the first time Joe the Pottymouth has said "fuck" on air.

Barack Obama's margin of victory now up to 8 million votes or 7 percent

So Goatman Gregory will still be on..damn! Changed his shows name to

Oh my my my, What Spin...

The Big Picture Many of the biggest battles of the 2008 campaign played out on YouTube.

Listen up: For those that think we shouldn't

Listen up: For those that think we shouldn't

Special comment on prop 8.

How about serious snark on the Obama, Bush meeting

---McCain-Obama Dance Off!! With a Palin Cameo-----

surprise, surprise.McCain camp thought shills Kelly O'Donnell and Jill Zuckman were most "objective"

A(nother) Resolution on the Gay Marriage Issue

Transition Team Co-Chair Valerie Jarrett Discusses Priorities on ‘Meet the Press’

Joey Scar just said "fuck" on the air

Trapping The Apostle

Media mogul proposes 'Project Dumbway" for Sarah Palin

Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way: Unprecedented Online Outreach Expected

Something strange happened the other day during the Obama press conference.

How gay marriage is allowed in belgium

Obama left out of newspaper

Two videos showing Joe Scarboro saying "fuck" on-air... once earlier, once today.

Barrel Man is Happy!

Fundies: Conservative expression on campuses "in peril"

"Finding Some Shit" on Republicans just makes us more like them.

Barack Obama puts family first ahead of White House summit by taking kids to school

Hey Guys!! We Vote EVERYDAY with our Dollars!!! So Howsabout you check out

"Barry the Baby-Killer" vs. "Fairness Doctrine" meme


There is definitely bad blood between Rahm and Joe - and I'm dying to know why

Any chance Obama will take the wrongly accused Maher Arar off the terror watch list ???

Repubs in my office clinging to any thread they can find right now.

I TV this weekend I saw McCain and Palin are on TV this week

So Chuck T. thinks Palin didn't say/do those things?

LOL: Scarborough 'Fuck Up' Already Reflected on Wikipedia

Like the Dwights and Lyndons of Old, Baby Baracks All Over

LOL- Repuke judiciary site goes away ... link

You wanna gossip about Sarah Palin? Or Joe's f-bomb? Please do.

Doing the school drop off November 10

My take on the Joe Scarborough F-up...

Do You really care that Joe Scar slipped up and dropped the F-Bomb

Here is a radical idea Obama could implement which would harness the power of the public citizens...

POST HERE to make fun of Hindusm and brown people with funny names

How tall is Michelle Obama? Just wondering.

Remember John McCain Was A Presidential Campaign Trail Breaker

Missouri’s presidential results got 699 votes tighter

Monday TOONS: Can't Close It Down Fast Enough

Enegerized Dems; Demoralized GOP = Victory for the Good Guys

Obama Plans Guantanamo Close, US Trials

Van Hollen Agrees to Second Term as DCCC Chair

What do you think shrub is going to say to President Elect Obama in his meeting today?

Biden's New Role: Good Cop

"Joe the non Plumber": doesn't matter if McCain or Obama won: "in general don't give a rip about us"

Obama Parenting PDAs (SLIDESHOW)

Repukes going all out for the GA seat. McCain, Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich and Giuliani

Does it seem like the people who migrated to Obama late in the game

Obama Likely To Keep: Ben Bernake, Adm. Mullen, Robert Mueller, And Bob Gates.

Finding Fame With a Prescient Call for Obama (538)

Obama's meeting one of America's enemies without preconditions today..

Blizzard hits Wanblee residents hard (Pine Ridge Indian Rez)

Fears grow for Barack Obama's security

HuffPost: Obama Hires Progressive Liaison For Transition Team

I ain't gonna watch no more talkin' heads on the telivision anymores...

Obama may create a new court with fewer rights for the accused.

Something to combat wingnuts who are whining about "The Office of the President-Elect"

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps

Beau Biden watched Dad's win from a laptop in his Barracks

What about Lieberman?

Something amazing: Americans voted for an intellectual who didn't even

anyone know where I can write to President Elect Obama?

E.J. Dionne: Bold Is Good; What Obama Could Learn From Reagan

Why is Obama flying separately from Michelle? I don't like that.

Obama is airborne.

Obama is airborne.

168,785 missing voters in Georgia Senate race

If you liked the magazine, you'll love the book

No Obama Cabinet Appointments This Week

Excellent Obama photo

From tight to tighter: Franken now just 204 votes behind

Alaska Election: The Envelopes Please

So now that Obama will be President, can I go back to wearing pleated pants?

Goodbye, DNC Chairman Howard Dean...

If at first you don't succeed, CHANGE THE RULES!

Why does the Government discriminate against SINGLE people?

Isn't it amazing? The people who got their panties in a snit over "Office of the President-Elect"

Obama - now a video game!

Four More Years! Four More Years! ... Of Countdown with Olbermann!

UpTake blog: More Franken votes found in Ramsey Co. Review

Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way: Unprecedented Online Outreach Expected

I don't suppose the White House has a latch key or day care program for employees?

Palin ADN interview - Still not apologising for the vile things she said about Obama


Update - Minnesota Senate Race - Margin Closes to 204 Votes!

Harsh Words About Obama? Never Mind Now

On Pursuing Possible Crimes of the Bush Administration in regard to the IWR

How will the Obama girls like life in the White House?

Tiger Woods talks about Obama's election...

Which of these 1600 Pennsylvania Avenues should we send McCain to?

Help me, all you DU Obi-Wans! Looking for a pic of Obama & Michelle, after one of the debates.

I think my aunt believes Obama is the anti-Christ because she believes he is a Muslim

Obama Grabs Headlines - November 5, 2008



Pentagon tells Obama to slash large weapons programs

MSNBC to Launch ‘Fucking Joe’

KO was on The View.. it is over now

Jesus F Christ I need a job!

Oh to be a fly on the wall as GWB and Laura give the Obamas' their tour of the White House...

Anyone seen "Jesus Camp"? I wonder if they're going to have a life-sized picture of Obama!?

Breaking MSNBC: The Obamas arrive at the White House

WP: Howard Dean to Step Down as DNC Chair

Obama not to attend Washington financial summit

Thank you Howard Dean

File a complaint with the FCC about Joe Scarborough using the 'F' word

If You Were Sitting In An Audience And Both Bush and Obama Walked Out On Stage

Wow! Hundreds of people outside the White House...

The Obamas meet bush & wife (video) at White House

What is Obama saying to Bush?

Exactly how damaged is Palin?

Obama Pics-Time magazine photographer, Callie Shell, who was with him throughout the entire campaign

Keith Olbermann is on "The View" today.

The President-Elect's Aircraft?


2010 Senate Rankings, Part I: Races #21-#35

Wash Post: 3 Bush Apointees likely to remain under Obama Administration

Rick Sanchez (cnn) has Amy Goodman on right now.

Rick Sanchez (cnn) has Amy Goodman on right now.

A pic for Montana Griz fans:

I have a confession: I have a secret (well, not anymore)

Sustainability of a Democratic Majority.

Number of votes cast set record, but voter turnout percentage didn't

Bush leaving office the most unpopular President ever

Does anyone have the link to NY times Big blue map?

Low quality Repig trolls react to Obama rep mini-gaffe with tinfoil hat conspiracies

Who doesn't love Jello?

US Has Based Much Of Its Push-Against Iran-Based On Possibly FORGED Documents

Babysitter: Parrot Saved 2 Year-old Girl's Life With Warning

If marriage is so fucking sacred...BAN DIVORCE

GWB more (un) popular than Nixon.

Where we left off: Obama's approval rating as high as Clinton's was in Dec. 2000

Anti-Prop 8 Folks. I would like to donate my humble and meager abilities.

Step #1 to reorganize Health Care.

Do you want to get rid of Lieberman? Here is how.

Have Missouri's electoral votes been decided yet?

VA-Gov: Terry Mac Forms Exploratory Committee

MSNBC: Dean won't seek 2nd term as Dem chairman

Resistance group to Obama presidency begun

Obama transition team bans LGBT discrimination

Morning Blow just said "Fuck you"

Bush popularity rating is lowest in history

Find out who donated to Obama & who donated to McCain in your town

Am I Dreaming?


Mr. Bush, President Obama will "turn around for the cameras" when he's ready

Mr. Bush, President Obama will "turn around for the cameras" when he's ready

Signing Statements

What are the bush/Mccain supporters ...

Well a Repub Just Explained To Me Why We Are In This Mess... (You Get One Guess!)

When the Obamas & Bushes met today, could the Bushes look any more stand-offish if they tried?

Ambinder: Why 2010 Wont be like 1994

President-elect Obama's real agenda today at the White House

--Just wondering, is Liberty dead in this country, or did it ever exist?--

Palin spends time sorting through clothes

Save these for your grandkids: HuffPo's "Change Comes To The White House" Photo Gallery

Who should perform at Obama's Inaugural Ball?

Bush looks totally stoned today

Found something interesting on Larry Sinclair's blog-o-lies....

I just donated for the first time to DU because of all my 2008 memories.

Was Georgia a Neo-Con Conspiracy? A Lesson for Obama

Top Ten Power Brokers of the Religious Right. (Know thine enemy!)

Tweety just made the repug shut up. Republicans always expect the Democrats

puke on Tweety Says Obama's Speech Was" Wonderful," And Obama Quoted

Health Care is a part of the Financial Crisis. Get ready to fight. Do not let the moment pass.

Postal Service Looks To Cut 40,000 Jobs In First Layoff In History

AP: Palin's father says daughter is sorting through clothes to see which owned by Republican Party

my deepest apology to the alternate realitys

Doesn't the new CNN Poll give Obama the authority for a NEW DEAL?

St. Louis Film Fest - "The Film that will put BUSH BEHIND BARS" last 2 days to rate it & Thank You!.

Tweety losing it: yells "You guys speak with forked tongues" to Repub on show

Caption Contest: What are Obama and Bush thinking but not saying about each other?

The mood of the Obama transition has been decidedly centrist

Sarah… careful what you ask for: some of us may have more to reveal.

OK Obama if you want to do what Lincoln did keeping his enemies close hears some advice

Story about 8 year old boy who murdered his dad and another man gets more disturbing

Howard Dean needs to call media on the Clinton "vandalism of the White House" lie.

Don't BUY Inauguration Tickets - they are FREE.

Obama's stance on gay marriage is reminiscent of Jim Crow segregation

Uh huh...Martin Eisenstadt...outs put to allegations about

NBCs Williams demonizes Reid and Pelosi (ala Republican propaganda) and put words in Obama's mouth.

Al Franken for President 2016

Bill Maher - The Elephant in the room is RELIGION - Why Prop 8 passed.

Obama and the War on Brains

Okay, fine. Let Lieberman HAve His Gavel

Photo: "Just leave the keys under the welcome mat when you leave. Buh-bye."

Palin sorts through her closet all weekend to see what belongs to the RNC

Obama Wants Lieberman To Remain In Democratic Caucus

Mormon Church vandalized by anti 8 Radicals - Suspect Identified

to be a fly on the wall...

The current state of republican party...coyote ugly????

I still have not spent my stimilus check. It is in the bank.

Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary!

AP: Dem officials say Obama transition team courting Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager

The Barack Obama video game!

Now 'splain to me again how you did this without a Supreme Court CAPTION

Obama White House will have an Office of Urban Policy.»

Scarborough just said FUCK YOU live on the air!!!

Scarborough just said FUCK YOU live on the air!!!

Mormon Churchs Vandalized in Utah, Maybe Over Prop. 8

Bush Meets Clinton As President-Elect (FLASHBACK, SLIDESHOW)

NBC News to sell special Obama Commemorative DVD

Project for the New American Century back up and planning for Palin:

What to do about the PUMA's?

With regards to the shoe being on the other foot now:

There are baby Baracks EVERYWHERE!

Barack Obama's election holds special significance for Bill Cosby

Wynton Marsalis Band: "O, Obama beat John McCain." Sat. nite concert

Wynton Marsalis Band: "O, Obama beat John McCain." Sat. nite concert

GLAD hailed "civil unions" a momentous victory; why don't people know GLBT history or strategy?

I'm freeing myself from DU. But The duck...he stays.....taped and bound....forever.

How did you spend your weekend? Sarah Palin spent it sorting thru clothes

What is the "Fairness Doctrine"..

I overheard an "Obama's going to take our 401K" conversation

Which man has the better qualifications to be SoS?

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Palin is probably pissed at the media...the bruhaha over the clothes meant she couldn't keep

Santos vs. Obama - another interesting West Wing imitates life imitates West Wing clip

I've got it....

I really like the fist-bump fund drive banner

White House, Obama release official statements

W can't leave the White House soon enough.

Here's A Simple Answer To All The "When Will America Elect A ____ President" Questions

Obama has not decided whether to close Guantanamo Bay, or which executive orders to overturn.

Palin blames Bush: "Americans were kind of shaking their heads like going, wait a minute"

Will Obama Support Lieberman Staying As Chair Of Homeland Security Committee?

MSNBC: Obama to Bush: Action is needed on stimulus package NOW, not after inauguration

My pick for head of FCC: Brian Lamb of C-Span

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day. Please check out these DU links ...

Hey DUers! Remember this pic?

Obama's West Wing Intro Video..

50 facts about Obama

My daughter's teacher sent this home with my 8-year old...

took one for the team today.....putting in new sills i put on talk radio

took one for the team today.....putting in new sills i put on talk radio

Get your "IMPEACH BOTH!" hats here! Get 'em while they're hot!!

Marist Poll releases first poll for 2012

What the WH visit was really like today - in my fantasy world.

and did i say, yes we did? i want to thank all who made this happen.

The Obamas at the White House (photos)

I cried throughout the trailer for "Milk" at the movies today (because of the votes on Prop 8, etc.)

Should Simon Rosenberg replace Dean at DNC?

Oval Office Pics

"MSNBC has voted for four more years of Keith Olbermann"

CAPTION THIS: Obama Talking to Bush

Has President-Elect Obama PUBLICLY THANKED Howard Dean for his role in winning this election?

Lou Blobbs is stuck on the issue that the media is in the

After 10 mins she was dug up & nurses checked to see if she was alive. She was. So stoning continued

Make her go away already!

May I share my son's election day martini recipe with y'all?

Paul McCartney Wants To Serenade Michele Obama

Howard Dean for Surgeon General?

Lieberman Lends His Name To Fear-Mongering Documentary On American Muslims And Terrorism

Where can I find audio and video downloads of Obama speeches?

I say make Cosby head of the DNC only if he tells Scarborough Fuck You for opposing Prop 8.

Can we get HR 676 passed?

Obama approval rating is 70%. Disapproval 25%....

Keith Olberman's Special Comment Is VERY POWERFUL Tonight

Talk Rachel Maddow down on Lieberman, illegal 140 billion dollar tax bank gift

President Elect Obama........Where is my MotherF*cking PONY?

Repubs look for new leader...and it may be "Fred Thompson"...NO! Not from the Onion

Next time somebody objects to Repubs being compared to Nazis...

People need to go to jail

This is part of what we are up against - Equal Marriage (and family) Rights

Well, An Alaskan Cruise IS Out OF The Question Now

And when is Cheney giving Joe Biden a tour of the bunker?

When dealing with Christians, give them this link about homosexuality:

Pundits on Larry King gushing over how "gracious" the Bush**'s were today.

Prez Elect Obama contacted me today with my new appointed position

Obama will rule with the wisdom of Solomon. Mark my words.

Obama will rule with the wisdom of Solomon. Mark my words.

Scab just said FUCK YOU on live TV

The blame for PROP 8 lays squarely on .....

I found the discussion about Lieberman on Rachel's show very illuminating

Hey R/W'er bobble heads...1995 called and they want their crazy conservatives back!

Hey R/W'er bobble heads...1995 called and they want their crazy conservatives back!

Howard Fineman on KO: Obama is going to the one good cop surrounded by a sea of bad cops.

Sources: Jarrett headed to White House, not Senate

A Resolution of the Gay Marriage Issue

One glaring reason we shouldn't bale out the Big Three without demanding fuel-efficient cars

"No president has ever had the support of such a powerful grassroots movement"

HuffPo: Bush Meets Clinton As President-Elect (Pics)

W stickers are now deemed ironic and cool, IMO

Who will be the next Top Chef in the White House?

Breaking: Jersey City Councilman arrested for urinating on clubgoers at a nighclub!!

I had a RW associate bring up the Birth Certificate issue

Seeing a lot of hate email since the election

This is what I discovered

Obama's already made me $1940 richer!

Dear President Obama:

Palin, FEBRUARY 2008: yea, I would like to be on the national stage (also, too).

Be smarter than a 5th grader - MSM falls for Palin/Eisenstadt hoax - you shouldn't

Karen Hughes on Larry King now


Obama and Bush - Inside the White House meeting... WITH HOT PICS!!! (Humor)

Jackie Robinson and Barack Obama

Legally, what is the difference between marriage and a civil union?

Poll: Obama’s election boosts African-Americans’ views of America.»

Palin wants God to show her way to White House

Bay Buchanan on Obama: "We're gonna work with him" (but ONLY if he "governs from the center right")

Karl Rove used the F word all the time when conspiring against enemies

Hey Greta, she's sandbagging you

PRICELESS Bush slideshow from the UK Telegraph

How was negative Nancy's show today?

Can we stop arguing about cabinet appointees?

NC Voters 18-29 went 74% to 26% for Obama

Screw the center right.

I have to give it to AssHat, DimSon, Commander Cuckoo Bananas

"The shift in Catholics alone more than accounted for Prop. 8's 5 percent margin of victory."

Al Gore has a 5 point plan for President Obama regarding global warming

New Rule: No More New Rules

Continuity Trumps Change; Bush Appointees Bernanke, Mullen, Mueller Likely to Remain Under Obama

Palin = negligent infliction of emotional distress via punctuation.

Any reason Y Bill Richardson shouldnt be Secretary of State

Bush tells Obama and the UAW to pound sand.

When will America elect its first atheist president?

Good article about how Obama convinced those Hillary Democrats to vote for him.

Since Tuesday, I have not seen a single McCain/Palin sticker in Marin or SF.

Obama now down by 4,968 votes in Missouri.

What the heck? Nieman Marcus has a new catalog...

Obama Holds Secret Meeting After White House Visit -- But With Whom?

Has the entire country gone mad? By Tom Tomorrow

"No way, we spent $150,000 on clothes!" "I can't believe that}

Would you buy a Barack Obama DVD via NBC Store?

About That Sarah Palin Media Junket.....

Breaking: Patti Solis Doyle Being Tapped For Cabinet Secretary.

Did people party in the streets at night when Clinton was elected?

Under the anti-miscegenation laws, Obama Sr. would have been charged with white slavery

Dear Media Motherfuckers. Show us the PICTURES of the keyboards.

I appreciate the many kind and supportive threads and posts about gay rights.

New Secret Service Code names for Obama and Michelle:

Do you know what Number is better than 65 Million.................66 Million.

Can someone explain the hate?

New entry in the "Urban Dictionary": New Definition of "Palin"

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg & RFK, Jr.

First Daughter Malia Obama — Fashion Trendsetter in the Making?

More Minnesota Madness

Chris Hedges: America the Illiterate

One DUer's story: If I can face down the Campaign Monkey and survive, so can you.

My TWO final works...

Rick Warren used Obama

I think if Obama wants a diverse Cabinet, I think an openly gay or lesbian...

Oh my! When I see by how much Barack Obama won.....

Schools not allowing students to mention Obama

As a heterosexual, my rights have been violated by the passage of Prop 8.

On to... LINUX... ok so I got myself an EEEPC 900 to take on to coffee shops

Obama's Sun-Times correspondent: Obama will definitely not and should not consider public school

Palin: 'Open door' in 2012 or 2016

Do you like the Secret Service code name for Obama & Family?

Any Wash DC residents out there? We are going to be in DC for

Obama's Guantanamo and domestic drilling executive orders will not be popular ...

Public school for Sasha and Malia?

50 State strategy over. NOT! This email doesnt appear to say Obama is abandoning 50 state.

MN Senate: 12 key counties in projected 523-vote Franken recount gain

well, a lot of you aren't going to like hearing this...

Do you want to get rid of Lieberman? Here is how.

Should I go to Washington for the Inauguration?

Obama is already sitting down with an unpopular, aggressive world leader without preconditions!!

Bush Spy Revelations Anticipated When Obama Is Sworn In

Nearly a week has passed and McCain hasn't told Obama how he could get bin Laden

How Gay Marriage Ruined My Straight Relationship

Why are some GOP Repukes hassling about Obama's citizenship??

About the Cosby interview (and that horrible thread)

Nate Silver: Franken is "slight favorite" to win recount

Delicious. Really smart freeper dismembers the imorans over the Obama is not a natural born

MY SUGGESTED NEW RULE: Please no more thrds on O's citizenship.

ATTN DUers: In 200 words or less, why is DU NOT just a mirror image of the FReikorps?

Anyone here dating/married to a conservative Republican?

It's Official - Terry McAuliffe Running For VA Governor

Xanaduabration cannot come soon enough for me.

For the South, a Waning Hold on National Politics

Well with Obama in the White House that means fried chicken and watermelon will be served

Man, a bit TOO Canadian at the family dinner tonight.

Prodigy Appreciation post

do the bath

I wanna fight

Insert ear bleedingly loud primal scream here

Presidential Press Conferences - How Frequently Should Obama Schedule Them? Format?

I had lunch at the Olive Garden on Saturday. It was the first time I'd been there in years.

Freaks, geeks, and techno-nerds, lend me your leers.

Did you guys read this one yet?

I should have known better.

I don't blame Prop 8 on religion....

Group work RULES! I wish I could render myself unconscious at will.


First Grandmother

I've had dreams of being back in college; but last night, I dreamed I *went* back to college.

Just curious? Did Barack win BIG States?

OMG. There's a NASCAR race titled the "Hefty Odor Block 200."

Best. Laptop. Ever.

Hey Laura! 1950 called, they want their clothes back.

You gotta see what this nutbag freeper was writing in the comments to a story about Obama

Threat levels

The rollerskating muse rolls at midnight.

My spyware software seems to be finding a lot of spyware...

Anyone else loving on Google's Picasa Web Albums?

So the asshole reporters are reporting that they boo'd Joe Biden at the Eagles game

YES!!! Barack Obama causes the Rapture Index to increase by +1

Gabbagool roll! (dial up warning)

Best guess: Who's the TrueBlood killer?

When the "New Mail" icon flashes at 3am, who do you want getting that PM?

Sheila Dikshit is running for office.

So people mocked me for getting a hotel room in DC for the inauguration a month before election

DU hair colorists/hair stylists: need advice

Would you spend $99,000 to be in DC for the Inauguration?

Mr Drysdale set up a dummy corporation for the Clampetts as a tax shelter for their oil millions

79 people fasting for George Bush today. Will they fast for Obama after 1/20/09?

Corporate Terminology

What's common between toothpaste, automobiles, and no-fat sour cream?

Anyone see the film The Fall? (Directed by the dude who did the horrendous The Cell?)

I Agree With dbaker41, Rush SUX

My friend has disappeared. Again.


What is your favorite song by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich?

Why is NBC interviewing Sarah Palin tomorrow? She LOST-it's OVER!

Obama vs. McCain--Dance Off. Funny!

I Dont Care What LynneSin Says RUSH SUX

50 things you probably didn’t know about Barack Obama

Dear Sarah Palin

I was thinking of buying this house.

FYI Rick Roll: The Literal Version (Finally, menage a trois!)

Aphex twin - seriously, why the fuss?

Wow, Just bought 50 yd line tickets for the ND-Navy game this weekend!

Rahmbling Man channels Palin and can't answer Yes/No questions (sigh)

I have a problem...changing avatar...could someone help?

ROLL TIDE! *bang*

Wow - one day no drinking and I get headaches and its hard to sleep

"Don't worry, Mr. President. You will."

my last word about the crazy "B" face chick:

Why did Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird) never write another book?

Would the original Star Trek have utterly stunk if not for the music?

Since the Redskins have a bye week this week, what should turtlensue do with her time?

I'm starting to get a little scared

All Apologies

In 2 and a half hours, the Gabbagool gets it. n/t

Anyone ever try herbal Sufferagettes? (no lettuce, please!)

Please tell me about your experience in family court.

Having rotator cuff surgery on 11/11...tell me your stories

Between the Bill Cosby, Howard Dean, Terry McAuliffe, Morning Joe, and Prop8 Threads,

I need a hug.

I saw Rush on MTV/HD and boy did they suck.

I saw dbaker41 post on DU and boy did he suck

It's that time again: help me pick a birthday present for flvegan!

just had a fender-bender with a guy with an obama sticker

Okay, I've been gone a few months, what have I missed?

Do you Christmas shopping now and we'll ho-ho-hold payments til 2009.

I Saw This At The only KFC In Delaware

Re-unite the Supremes???

Akillis Green is what country music could be were it not for evil toads like Toby Keith

I just watched maybe 2 minutes worth of The View.

Its KFC Night

****Please sign here to petition the mods to let Parche return****

The country is right of center

How many supreme court appointments do you think President Obama will get?

****OMG!! LeftyFingerPop went down in flames!!****

Regarding copycat threads.

Regarding threading cats.

Regarding philboy threads

Regarding philboy threads

Hard times leave Wallstreet wondering if it can put prostitutes on layaway.

Regarding MrCoffee threads

Holy batcrap, LSK smacked Turtlensue's bum in Fantasy Football this week

As goes AIG so goes the U.S. economy?

Regarding Mr. Coffee threads

OK, How Can We Really 'Hurt' The Mormon Church For Supporting Prop 8

Hey, anyone remember that wacko woman that ran for VP?

A beatdown (and rescue) of epic proportions....(the story is well worth the read)

Its KFC Night

I'm not new here.. Should I be afraid?

****Please sign here to Petition the mods to let puerco-bellies return****

Fucking parents.

I swear there is no text inside this post. I'm just sitting here watching the view count. NO TEXT.

50 interesting facts you might not know about President-Elect Obama (i.e. he collects comic books )

My dad is a conservative Republican and I love him

I wasn't an English major, but

I Hurt LynneSins Feeling

Today's Lounge phrase is 'my junk' — replace any word or phrase in a thread title with 'my junk'

From the Painter of Light: My art is comfort art, the equivalent of comfort food.

Does anyone else remember 45 records on the back of cereal boxes?

OK Who's Sockpuppet is FDRJFKMLKRFKB...???

Our new national anthem:

LADIES & GENTLEMEN - Now That Obama Has Won The WH, The OFFICIAL DU Lounge Band Is Now...

*Full disclosure*: I'm back with a different name....

Regarding.. Regarding threads

Any Lounge parents on urgent Santa duty: Amazon has the Wii in stock.



A DU Christmas

The Barack Obama video game! (x-post from GD:P)

The Barack Obama video game! (x-post from GD:P)

I got some new pants and they're making my junk all tangled

What should be our new national anthem?

What would you say to someone who said this to you?

'Bird strikes' force Ryanair airliner to land in Rome

Regarding HypnoToad threads...

It's After The Election, and we won....where's the Top Ten?

WOW! The lounge! lol

The Target Christmas Toys Catalog is here!

I gotta go to the doctor tomorrow

On November 19th

You disappoint me Lounge

Spending an evening with the kids!

Sarah Palin is Anti -Semetic ?

200th episode of Inside the Actors Studio on now on BRAVO

200th episode of Inside the Actors Studio on now on BRAVO

I just watched one of my kitties charge a squirrel.

I just watched one of my kitties charge a squirrel.

The Lounge phrase of the day is moose cheesedogs. Replace words in any post with moose cheesedogs

It's the Monday night BIRD VS JET ENGINE thread

I want to be Rhianna

The sad, disturbing truth: "Morning Joe" is a hit for MSNBC

At what age does AARP start sending membership solicitations?

damn it is now pouring down rain. We sure do need it too. nt

Today. I learned how to gravedance.

Election Day Confession:

Alaska Update: Thousands of Ballots 'Found', One-Third Remain Uncounted in Still-Fishy Election

THE Shirt To OWN

I was thinking of going to this cool place in New Jersey for vacation.

Hypoallergenic? . . . . should I take this one home?

I'm about to embark upon yet another great adventure.

Electric heated mattress pads - do you use one AND have nightsweats?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/10/2008)

Sugar-free cough drops suck!

YES!!! I am cleared to run. 132 days out

Who has the best single bot crotch?

Do you donate to United Way?

I’m sending picture of spider as payment…


Do you think this country will ever elect an openly gay/lesbian president

Some of you are starting to really tick me off . One of the

Kitty pic for today

Having rotator cuff surgery on 11/11...tell me your stories

What do you think of GrovelBot's creepy cousin, the DU AdBot?

Lost season 5 premiers the day after Obama's inauguration.

kitten picture of the day for Monday November 10

To hell with it, I'm having dessert before dinner

what I sent as an idea for the Obama administration: the one percent solution

Dilemma, what to do with old photos and slides.

Damn!! i've been trying for HOURS to set up a profile on MyFace but I can't get it to work. n/t

Please wish my conure, Scooter, well; he's convalescing...

The pol who pissed on the crowd? Pffft. It's been done before and with much, much better results.


When is Bristol Palin's wedding?


So I Have This Transexual Friend In Minnesota Who Met A Straight Guy At A Gay Bar

Today,I learned how to bellyflop.

What is the best single malt scotch?

Blackbird (YouTube)

I'm gonna meet my fifth DUer tomorrow

Colbert Wins!

Dammit, I just got laid off...

You think you got cute? THIS is cute.

Are heads over here exploding yet?

I've decided to confront my enema...

Microwave an Instant Chocolate Cake in a Coffee Mug

O hai!

Ok so who's responsible for all the crap on the TV?


If I told you this about a person, what would you say?

Where is Bristols baby?

Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom.

Is post-consumerism possible in the United States, and if so, how would we jump start it?

Today, I learned how to bellydance.

Haircuts from Hell.

Pol Who Peed on Crowd Swears Off Booze

If you ever doubted that conservatives are on crack, exhibit A:

Since there's so much talke about marriage on DU today, I want to pose this question to the Lounge.

Based on how Alaska voted for President and Stevens be prepared to see Palin in the Senate in 2009

Was anyone else horrified by the Flintstones episode with the brazillion alien Fred-clones?

We have an agreement. The house is sold.

You might remember the wedding of my daughter's sister to a Marine on his way to his third tour

Fifty State Strategy likely over.

I've decided to confront my enemy...

Upside-down flag in protest of Obama, upsets neighbors in PA town

Facebook People - a question

If we had a different national anthem, what would it be?

100 Must-Read Books

Has anybody noticed that...

Midnight Special appreciation thread! (rockin' youtube music video clips)

Are cats normally very defensive about their back paws?

Please help!

My grandson's first Halloween (pic)

Mrs. Venation is in Tennessee and I am SO lonesome.

After Inauguration Obama Should Send The FBI The Following Order...

Damnit, anyone have a secret for dealing with a swolen ankle?

I will NOT tolerate Anti-Rushism here at the DU Lounge. This is unacceptable

Hypoallergenic? Your opinion is required ...

Not sure if this pic has been posted before, but it's worth seeing again:

Obama Wants Lieberman To Cacus Dem...So y'all still bitching about Reid not having balls?

Friggin AWESOME Flintstone's video.

Q: How much of a loveseat can a small puppy take up?

A video in honor of the late Carl Sagan, whose 74th birthday would have been yesterday.

Would the original Star Trek have utterly stunk if not for the music?

To All DU Veterans On Veterans Day

My step-grandmother died today.

To all current and past Marines, Happy Birthday!

I'm having pumpkin pie ice cream....

WHERE THE HELL IS PARCHE?? He got me a skanky hotel room, and THIS was waiting for me in the closet

What part of puberty was anguish to you?

billyskank and AirmensMom and harleydad went and took a train ride

To celebrate the fact that DU has hit 256, or 2^8 donations

MONDAY ART: "Be A Good Girl, Eve, and Bring Me An Apple."

Bill Cosby: "You have the Huxtables to thank for Obama's victory"

If you were to nominate ONE DUer for president, who would it be?

Text of KO's Special Comment on Prop 8 (Monday 11/10)

Barack Obama thanks Howard Dean and asks you for a favor:

Utility petitions to block gas exports(Alaska)

Obama-mania in the Book World

Strong quake hits China's Qinghai region

China defends its record to U.N. torture watchdog

Greenpeace says blocks palm oil ships in Indonesia

Minister says Canada won't extend Afghan commitment

China says no progress made at Tibet talks

Wall Street opens higher after China stimulus

Dichter blasts extremists in Rabin speech

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans

$2 trillion???? . . . where's that coming from? . . . and who approved it? . . .

DHL Express to exit U.S. domestic air and ground business

Circuit City files for bankruptcy protection

Government Adds $40 Billion To Aid For AIG

A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks-With Attention on Bailout Debate, Treasury Made Change to Tax Policy

Militants attack U.S. supplies in northwest Pakistan

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose

From tight to tighter: Franken now just 204 votes behind

Biden's New Role: Good Cop

Continuity Trumps Change; Bush Appointees Bernanke, Mullen, Mueller Likely to Remain Under Obama

Bush Spy Revelations Anticipated When Obama Is Sworn In

GM's Shares Tumble on Rising Cash Concerns

Barack and Michelle Obama: A night out on the town

Eyewitness contradicts police account of shooting (cops shot homeowner in his house, Everett, WA)

Congressional Offices Plan to Set Up Web Sites to Distribute Tickets to Swearing-In

Voter registration process is under scrutiny

(Senator) Schumer Tells Wall Street More Regulation Is On the Way

Not enough housing for homeless female veterans

Obama plans Guantanamo closure, US terror trials

Triple Baghdad blasts kill dozens

Formal report drafted on Syria atom probe

Schwarzenegger: Proposition 8 fight isn't over

Dean to Step Down as DNC Chair

Miriam Makeba, 76, Singer and Activist, Dies

Documents linking Iran to nuclear weapons push may have been fabricated

Japan Protests US Nuclear Sub's Unannounced Port Call

4th Circuit Court could be reshaped (important read)

Feds Refuse to Identify Recipients of $2 Trillion Loans from American Taxpayers

Football dispute leaves 2 dead (Alabama-LSU)

Press Report: 2 White Supremacists Who Threatened Obama in Lockdown

Police: Drum soldier assaulted college student (possibly related to derogatory remarks about Obama)

GM shares hit 60-year low on cash burn worries

Barack Obama puts family first ahead of White House summit by taking kids to school

Gallup: 68% 'favorable rating' for Obama

Lawsuit: Pal Tried To Steer Cash To Coleman First

Secret Service Officer Arrested In Prostitution Sting

Source: Obama wants Valerie Jarrett to replace him in Senate

iPhone climbs to No. 1

Palin wants God to show her way to White House

Stem-cell firms surge as Obama fuels funding hopes

Obama team reviewing Bush executive orders, 'virtually every agency,' aide says

when reviewing, don't forget to look at the so-called 'signing statements' . . .

AmEx approved to become bank holding company

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 10

Abortion Foes' Dilemma: Confront or Cooperate?

Tiger Woods Says Father `Would've Cried' at Election of Obama

Andean Community of Nations suspends trade negotiations with EU

Dems get new crop of military voters

Big banks back off consumer car loans (banks take wait-and-see approach to vehicle business)

(CNN) Poll: Bush disapproval ratings reach new record (76%)

Circuit City files for bankruptcy

4 more years for MSNBC's Olbermann

(Terry) McAuliffe Files Papers To Run for Governor

Sweden seizes Carnegie in first bank bail-out

God will 'show me the way' to the White House, Palin prays

Palin blames Bush policies for GOP defeat

DHL to cut 9,500 US jobs

Another AIG Resort "Junket": Top Execs Caught on Tape

Bullfighters 'hired Colombian assassins to kill rivals' horses'

Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship

New envoy urges US to bail out Pakistan

"Suicide evidence likely out of MySpace hoax trial"

Obama Family Given Secret Service Code Names

Iranian parliament to probe Obama letter

7 teenagers in Long Island 'lynch mob' plead not guilty to murder of immigrant

US unions visit Colombia

Pentagon board says cuts essential--tells Obama to slash large weapons programs

Billionaire accused of destroying old dune

Phoenix R.I.P.: NASA says Mars probe is dead

(Poland) Lawmaker slammed over racist Obama remarks ( "a black crypto-communist")

Iraq cabinet replies to U.S. final draft of troop pact

Prosecutors Say Boy(8 year old) Methodically Shot His Father

Obama arrives for White House tour, talk with Bush

Catholics, Mormons allied to pass Prop. 8

GM Tumbles as Deutsche Says It May Become Worthless

Swiss fear more pressure on bank secrecy after Obama victory

Palin's father says Alaska governor sorting clothes to find GOP's

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans

White House suffers loss in e-mail case

A quiet windfall for U.S. banks

Head of U.S. bishops says no compromise on abortion

Obama Planning US Trials for Guantanamo Detainees

Lawmakers join call to overturn Prop. 8

(Howard) Dean Prepares To Step Down As DNC Chair

AIG bailout is "one-off event," says head of U.S. rescue fund

U.S. army deserter arrested at border

Paul Volcker for Treasury Secretary

Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way

Pentagon board says cuts essential

Uncle Ben Is In The House - Hide Your Wallets !

Auditors can be easy on defense contractors

When Will Americans Say Enough Paulson ?

New envoy urges US to bail out Pakistan

E. J. Dionne: Bold Is Good

The Obama Education Agenda

Bloomberg Says Enough Mr Secretary !

Trouble With Religion: Real Change to Stop the Violence Now

The Obama Team Seeks to Reverse the 'Ultimate Bush Position'

["A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks" WaPo (Reminds some of Iraq War Resolution)

Maps of the 2008 US presidential election results

Demand for a Say on a Way Out of Crisis (Group of 20 - developing nations)

Obama’s Call to Change: What Is Everyone Waiting For?

Why Washington Cannot Stop Depression !!!

Nothing can quite describe life in Iraq (Susman / LAT)

Franken's Odds of Winning Recount May Be Long -- or Short (fivethirtyeight)

Results of the newest "Southern Strategy"

Emanuel Makes the Right Move on Colombia Trade Deal

Belief that country heading in right direction is at all-time low (CNN)

12 Stretagic reasons that could end with Obama before getting to the White House

DU this Story for TV!!

Let the Infighting Begin-He won by being No Drama Obama. Should he now stir some up?

168,785 missing voters in Senate race (Bookman in AJC re: GA )

Boycott FoxNews, and Other Stupid Freepishness

IMAGINE John Lennon - Financial Solution If We Can And Yes We Can !!!

Mormons Consider Repeal of Prop. 8, in Exchange for Prop. 696969…

Abortion Foes' Dilemma: Confront or Cooperate?

Guess Who’s Coming to SINNER?

Will Bush's Parting Shots Help Or Hurt? Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., Responds

FLASH - JUST IN ! White House To Be Repainted !!!

The Palin Family Underwear

Bob Herbert:Beyond The Fat Cats

The elusive Team Obama...transition has looked deliberate and impressive

Pfizer Accused of Using U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements

Pfizer Accused of Using U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements

Shocking Report On Bank Ripoff Lead By Paulson

Krugman: Economic recovery plan must overreach to get results

A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks

Kathleen Parker: The Conservative Crackup - The Palin Factor

Message to Sarah Palin (Goodbye!)

Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb

Alaska Is Chinatown | RealTime With Bill Maher | Nov 7, 2008 5/7

Barack Obama: 44th President Of The United States Of America

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Prop 8 - Sunday CNN

David Brooks on failures of conservative movement

"He's running for the kids!"

Miriam Makeba (RIP)- Mbube

The Daily Left - November 10th 2008

CNN reports on Obama, the first wired President

The Disappearing Male Pt. 1

Map shows nation turning Blue. Election 2008 (cool)


President-Elect Obama & Mrs. Obama Make First White House Visit

Campagin 1968: Richard Nixon say "Sock It To Them!!!"

Exclusive Obama & Bush White House Footage

Prez elect Obama meets with Bush in White House

GOP must change its ways

NBC News: Sikh anger in India about attack at Golden Temple (1984)

Happy Thanksgiving, America

Young Turks: How Much Money Would It Take to Sell Out to Fox News?

Schwarzenegger says wife happier since Obama win!

BBC World News Video: Obama meets Bush

CNN: John Lennon/Yoko Ono summer home for sale (1984)

Before anyone forgives Lieberman, consider this tape...

David Brooks On Moving Too Fast: GOP In Wilderness

Reuters: Obama's Historic White House Visit

Close GITMO and End Military Commissions

Campagin 1968: Some prophetic words from Hubert Humphrey

Barack Obama 4 years ago Talking about Dreams of my Father

First EVER Photo of Obama in the Oval Office

Countdown: Keith Discusses His Visit to 'The View' - 11/10

So much for God Bless Barack Obama: Palin on Obama's desire to unilaterally renegotiate NAFTA

Obama Skips Stupid Question from the Press (Candy Crawley)

MILK Premier Night in the Castro

White House Meeting

McCain and Palin Sing (by Henry Hey)

Scarborough Drops The F-Bomb (2006)

TYT: Why Was This NFL Player's Endzone Move For Obama Squashed?

Brand new interview with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in her home -says Bush record led to GOP loss

How to deal with Mormons when they come to your door

Obama's Transitional Head says he may Release UFO Files

Bill Moyers: 'How Far We Have Come'

Campagin 1968: Spiro Angew on college students

Bill Maher: Cheating In Alaska?

Keith Olbermann on 'The View' - Nov. 10

Don Henley at the Clinton Inaugural party

Rachel Maddow: All of a Sudden Palin Can't Shut Up to the Media

Prevent Gay Suicide - 'Joining You' Alanis Morissette GLBT Message of Hope!

The Inner Circle. Obama's team. 60 Minutes. Two parts-15 minutes- you NEED to see this

Brit Hume: This is not the moment for the Republican party to start trying to re-invent itself

TYT: How You Changed the World...

Scarborough says "FUCK YOU" on the air.

TYT: Now, Honestly, Who Wants Bush To Write A Book?

Olbermann's Powerful Special Comment on Proposition 8

Olbermann Special Comment on Prop 8 - 11/10: "This Vote is Horrible, Horrible"

Hey Everyone, Look How Cool I Look!

Captain retention program to end Nov. 30

Soldiers work to unite fractured Iraqi city

U.S. troops hold fire to avoid Afghan civilians

Iraq official urges U.S. military to stay

26 new small boats help strengthen Iraqi navy

First littoral combat ship commissioned

Accident on Russian nuclear sub suffocates 20

How to prepare for the Combat Fitness Test

Cherry Point Marines return from Afghanistan

Report: Move to Guam may need more money, time

Marines credited with rescue at motel fire

Behind the scenes of an ICBM launch

8th Fighter Wing commander relieved

Many puzzled by higher cost of school lunches on Guam

Teachers learn firsthand what GIs go through in combat

Debate urged on U.K. role in missile system

Seamen, Civilians Poisoned in Sub Accident

10% discount for Veterans and active military at Lowe's and Home Depot.

Question about long term care

Family, officials stunned by deaths at Jackson

Is everyone prepared for the celebrations, parades, rallies, parties, and outreach efforts???

My Veterans Day ltte-please comment and rate at site

Not enough housing for homeless female veterans

TYT: Top Republican Supporter Going Bankrupt - Redemption!

Young Turks: Warning - PNAC is Back (Website Back Up)

Border policeman gets one year for killing Palestinian in Jaffa

Excellent video, David Suzuki on environmental crisis, global warming.

Carbon Dioxide Levels Already In Danger Zone

The Protein Pyramid

IUCN - 26% Of NE Atlantic Shark & Ray Species Face Extinction -7% "Critically Endangered"

Maldives Begins Diversion Of Tourist Revenue Into Fund To Purchase New Homeland Elsewhere - Guardian

Plasma Turns Garbage into Gas

Florida Officials Seek Course Of Action Over Seawater Infiltration Of Drinking Water Supplies

This Month in Mother Jones: Rescuing the Economy and Saving the Planet

Climate Activists Disrupt Australian Power Plant

Gore urges US to try for 100% renewable energy within a decade

Marcellus Find May Be Larger than Earlier Estimate (natural gas)

Poor gasoline demand will see refiners cut, close

As Automakers Flounder, NASCAR Job Cuts Expected To Continue, Expand

Daily Rates For Biggest Bulk Carriers 2007: $166,377, Today: $5,611 - Fears Grow Re. Food Shipping

Who makes a good solar panel?

Many Americans have already bought their last car -- they just don't it yet.

Are there any reasonably priced household LED bulbs on the market yet?

150 MPG Hybrid SUV Company Claims it is Being Muzzled

Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love.

Crushingly dumb question about the Christmas Bird Count

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part Three

A question for all my fellow DU members

Pretty good op ed about how this might play out in the courts...

As an uneducated straight person on this issue what is the CA/national organizational status?

Legal analysis on Prop. 8 from a lawyer friend (fairly encouraging) How to Join National Rally to Protest Propostion 8

My conservative-leaning dad is donating to

Why does it hurt?

Group mulls try to ban gay marriage (Massachusetts)

MLK Day March on Washington, 1/19/2009

Thinking strategy on gay marriage

Sorry for plagiarizing that "fifteen minutes" of fame theme, but it was perfect.

Wanna put a pro-Gay Marriage representative in office AFTER the election?

Why It Will Take Court Action

Don't forget Keith Olbermann has a special comment tonight on Prop. 8

NY conservatives vow to thwart gay marriage bill

Artistic Director of California Music Theatre Apologizes for "Yes On Prop-8" Contributions

West Virginia Southern Baptists call for constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Wow, you are right. I can't believe it. Nobody cares about where to donate money to fight Prop 8.

I'll bet you get absolutely sick to death of people saying that we suddenly awoke

I am so ashamed of my state, please accept my apology.

Prop 8 Protest Wednesday night at NYC Mormon Temple

"Goodbye to all that."

A black lesbian's perspective on Prop 8 (LA Times)

Here. Read this. Any questions?

Protest against Prop 8 November 23 at Cambridge, MA City Hall (x post)

Homophobes are a funny bunch

Epiphany! The Cult From Salt + Prop8 = Mittens 2012!

My group on facebook: No Money To Bigots, is ready for consumption :)

I can afford to donate $200 for the fight against Prop 8 (or use it in any other way to help).

Fundie legal activists try to block No on 8 lawsuits as "frivolous"

Big banks putting the squeeze on community banks, with Dem help.

The Catch-22 of Accepting Fed Money

China Unveils Sweeping Plan for Economy

GM stock drops after analyst sets target price as zero

Circuit City files for Chapter 11 protection, will stay open

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 11/07/2008

Why Canada's Banks Don't Need Help

Time to pull the plug on AIG?

Deutsche Bank: GM Is Worth Nothing.

on Valencia, Venezuela : City Council Declares reporters who criticize Chavez personas non grata

Venezuela plans to build five military bases along its border with Colombia

Victims of Guatemalan bus fire were shot first

American tourist slain on sailboat in Venezuela

Emanuel Makes the Right Move on Colombia Trade Deal

Lifting of Cuba ban could hit rest of Caribbean

Both sides claim victory in Nicaragua elections

Two gay Obama supporters assaulted near White House

It appears that the Oakland Raiders have thrown in the towel

With four weeks left in college football, six teams have a shot at a National Championship:

OK. Who knew that Michelle's brother is the new Oregon State Basketball coach?

The true costs

Acupuncturist pinpoints health issues, restores body's balance

So you're tired of the lying Republicans

Taurus Full Moon: What do we really Value?

Question about file sizes.

Monks brawl at Christian holy site in Jerusalem

God on Trial (PBS Masterpiece)

Does anyone know...

Best BBQ in New York City?

Take the God Poll

Jewish Group Wants Mormons to Stop Proxy Baptisms

Ideas for what kind of soup to make with my homemade chicken stock?

Looking for ideas for Shepherds Pie. I'm making it tomorrow for lunch

Bottom line for America. Go Gravity or Go Broke

RIP Mars Lander!

Scholar Finds Mayans' Buried Highway Through Hell

Antimatter Eludes Search Efforts

Science's Alternative to an Intelligent Creator: the Multiverse Theory

The existence of god is a scientific question subject to evidence.

The BEST chocolate cake ever!

9/11: More than Meets the Eye.

Not sure anyone has done this

Tx. Commercial Real Estate Next Shoe To Drop

quick question

Election Night photo blog - "Victory is Ours" - The Driscol Hotel

Chet Edwards says he would consider top VA post

Maximum FSB Termination when overclocking a Q9550 CPU?

BMP file recovery?

Expatriates in Canada, Help!

pbs series ethics hosted by arthur miller

Go see "Rachel Getting Married."

Interesting article on how Team Obama plans to use the Web

DailyKos diary to rec & comment: THK on "Waitress Moms"

OT:McAwful files papers for VA governor race

Nice front-paged story on JK and his prospects on HuffPo

Kerry won his bet with Delahunt - Got a better score against Beatty

Flaming cheek....

Wilson 'had Alzheimer's when PM'

The Facts Speak For Themselves

Dem Leadership

Norm Coleman in deep with convicted money launderer Frank Vennes Jr.

Not just a hit piece but a hit and run

Once again, thank God Mark Ritchie is Secretary of State!

Franken campaign says some absentee ballots improperly rejected

Help save MN history Coldwater Spring ***