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OK, Official Hope O'Lantern thread - post your pix of Obama/Biden related punkins!

Want to explore another reason to vote Obama : Really want 2 people who hate each other?

Big Oil, Big Breaks -Elderly Obama Relative, kicked to the curb

Eagleburger picks at Chickentaco, stutters and backtrax

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Zogby in 57 minutes

samuel L. Jackson records a "No on Prop 8" Ad!!

Since it's Halloween

John McCain campaign hopes: Undecided Voters an Unlikely 'Life Raft'

My Repub brother is freaking out about his financial situation. Now mulling over voting for Obama.

Watching Al Gore and a familiar pang of emotion struck me

Madonna & Young: No evidence of a 'Bradley effect' here (PA)

Sarah Palin, the REAL anti Christ!

(IN) Steelworkers urged to volunteer in campaign

"Here's a brash assertion: The debates did it."

A good reference chart from Gallup on where this race stands. Plus Reagan/Carter 1980.

Oh no. I heard Zogby is gonna have McCain within MOE

Nate at 538 would like you to calm down about the Zogby poll

US civil engineers choose Obama

David Brooks is whoring himself on Charlie Rose It's pretty amazing.

Drudge: Tonight's Zogby poll will have Obama +7

10 Reasons Why McCain Might Win

Polls: McCain's Pennsylvania Push Stalling Out

My Silver Lining: Obama's 'worst' win would be 270-268

WTF? AP working OT for McCain Campaign!

So I just saw a Nader ad on MSN and I have to know...

Some Vietnamese Americans breaking from tradition

I Told You So Re:Zo(M)by

Traitors to Our democratic System: AP, Zogby, Drudge and Fox!

SUSA Oregon Poll: Obama 57, McDickface 38...Merkley up 49-42

Thanks to the combined efforts of John "Zombie" Zogby and Matt "Drudge of the Damned"...

Check out the 'properties' of this photo on HuffPost:

In ten years, what will be the new blue states and what will be the new red states?

I'm Kinda Fired Up right now?

Hi please help me

More than 600,000 early, absentee votes cast (NV)

Early Hoosier voting continues to be heavy

Record absentee voting expected in Iowa

Drudge links to personal info on Obama's aunt

The AP running with the Obama Aunt story. Like its Breaking News

(PA Gov) Rendell on Dem stump: 'Crush them' (Lebanon Daily News)

Barackman and Biden Versus The McCainguin and CatPalin

A record 821,000 vote early in Illinois

State Verifies Obama's Birth Certificate (bwahahahahaha)

It's Looking Like NC and VA Will Be First To Spell DOOM for McCain/Palin...

Louisiana a Blue state ???

John McCain would approve this message

John McCain would approve this message

Garrison Keillor and Studs Terkel talking Obama in July '08

The Anxiety of the Unknown...

Did anyone watch the View today?

Popular vote prediction thread.


What Drudge expects from the Liberal Blogosphere......him and AP.

Zomby troll poll: Obama 49.1%, McCain 44.1%

Why John McCain cannot win this election.

Fresh New State and National Polls as of 10.31.08

What is your level of optimism/pessimism right now when it comes to the election?

My gauge of how the campaign is going will have nothing to do with polls...

A Sarah Palin campaign letter


JUST IN: McCain's ploy to bus in 4,000 school kids to his rally backfired on him because

What ad do you think our side has "in the can" just in case?

It's time for this election to be over.

Can you imagine a debate between Sarah Palin and Angelina Jolie? WOW! Obama wins 97.2% out of 10K computer projections

LOL I can't vote until Monday and I feel like I'm late or something!

Call child protective services already!!!

Oregon is almost at where they were in 2004 for returned ballots

Obama will win even if ... (is this right?)


It's 3am. Talk me down. I'm freaking out

self delete

McClaim: Obama is the MOST LIBERAL VOTING Senator in America........ like its a Bad thing

Amazing turnout in Red State Oklahoma

A question about "inactive voters"

Nice Summary of Facts on Khalidi Nonsense

McCain campaign memo - HILARIOUS

What Zogby is allowing Drudge to do with his stuff borders on the unethical

Is anyone else waiting anxiously for the Research 2000 poll to come out this morning?

Ya know, I have vague feeling that we might actually *win* this one.

OK Talk me up fellow Democrats. I keep having this

After Tuesday, no one's going to give a fuck what the Republicans think anymore

Three days: Hate corrodes

Feds coming to Alamance County, NC to monitor elections - I LOVE it!1 of 59 jurisdictions in country

Why are we buying into the Palin propaganda?

Did Palin release her medical records yet? Why is the press silent?

Let me be clear: the ONLY thing I am worried about is election theft.

Are we ever going to get an AP article about McCain's First wife that he left for Cindy?

Are we ever going to get an AP article about McCain's First wife that he left for Cindy?

I will see all of you on the other side of history

Oh, lordy, it's started. Joey the Scar has just launched the R theme for the day...

What is going on with intrade? The percentages add up to over 100 in most states and nationally

What ever happened to Vicki Iseman?

Obama campaign spends $140,000 on American Flags vs. only $7,000 spent by McCain Campaign

Heard some of the Ted Stevens senate debate on CSPAN radio...

Republican Family Values

It might not be Proof ... Yet... But It Sure Shows Ohio's Vote in 2004 Was Possibly Stolen...LINK

That ONE, number 1, numeral uno - he really is!

Muhahaha. Stick it Zogby. You want to talk about individual nights polling? Let's talk about it.

READ THIS. Now there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not getting out to vote.

Today's polls ( - continued good news)

Email MSNBC and commend them for having several black guests on this morning

Morning Joe: 400,000 more Democrats have done early voting in FLA


PA is always close. PAST results. calm down!!!

Dead Intern Joe Is Rewriting History

My Obama/Biden sign was wrinkled up and the frame bent last night.

R2000/Daily Kos poll: Obama 51% McCain 44% (-1) Stick it Zogby

Lisa Mundy: Authur of "Michelle" (Obama) on Washington Journal on C-Span2

99.98% chance that Sen. Barack Obama will win. (Franklin & Marshall study)

It's 8 am, do you know where your volunteers are?


Conservative who picks Obama (The American Conservative article)

I've Noticed A Trend On 'Morning Joke' The Last Few Weeks...

Rasmussen Nov 1: O51, M46 (M-1, O even)

PA TRACKING POLL: Obama 52, McCrypt 44

So, yesterday Palin talked about illegal immigration, now this....

WTF? Is MSNBC a loooong infomercial for McCain today? this guy is the worst

Dead Intern Joe Says Polls Are Inaccurate Because Obama's (Gasp!) Black

Why is McCain convinced that everyone hates pork barrels?

Chillax people! If Obama is sitting at 52% in Pa. he will win.

KCBS radio San Francisco reports that the DOJ will be in

Bye, DU, going to volunteer all day and see the Obamas in Springfield MO

Why Are You Watching Morning Joe?

Listen to STUDS Terkel's radio show all day today online has been updated for Nov. 1 ! has been updated for Nov. 1 !

End of Hal O'Weinie, beginning of Barack O'Tsunami

Obama stumps 'close to home'

I just might have to tune into Fux News on Election night.

media bias my ass....everytime i turn on the tube it has palin

AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum

Election Protection - You Have the Right to Vote

To listen to Republicans whine, you'd think they had never won an election or never outspent us

Why concern trolls can't be trusted. From the source of concern trolling. FReeperland

Did anyone else hear the story/rumor that if Obama's elected

NC early votes surge to 2,166,723, one day left


The idiot on MSNoBodyCares is trying to suggest INDIANA is a barometer on the election

How many people here need valium?

Great map for election day - Nov. 4, 2008 Poll Closing Times

New CNN election ticker for election night

Pretty interesting bar chart I found on

McCain is ill.

McCain is ill.

WHy I dont Trust the Rasmussen PA Poll: Obama is only Gettting 75% of Democrats

Reality Check for DU's Nervous Members

So, I have an election dilemma:

Five NGOs Petition for International Observers for the U.S. Presidential Elections 2008 (sign)

Electorial Map Comparison of Votes: 2004 to 2008

Electorial Map Comparison of Votes: 2004 to 2008

Dealing with my Election Anxiety

Yahoo: Joe The Plumber Sings - GET THE PLUNGER!

We are in the Time Suspension Period...and get an extra hour to suffer with the clock thing!

We are in the Time Suspension Period...and get an extra hour to suffer with the clock thing!

Vicki Davis (SoE Martin Cnty, FL) wants to be a famous Repugnant martyr.

Obama +8 in PA: Muhlenberg poll

Obama Ahead Or Surprisingly Close In All Regions - AP

Congrats and thanks to the American people for allowing the people to buy back their country!

Cindy McCain reports $4.2 million in 2007 income(That Explains Why $5Mil is Rich)

Finally, someone is addressing the Arnold misconception of Obama $$$

Election lexicon we will be happy to never hear again after next week:

Positve campaigns = positive coverage, negative and poor run equal negative coverage

Sunday News Shows

I thought Republicans were the party of law and order?

For those scared about the Zogby poll: Remember the right thought they were bouncing back in '06

If we're fortunate enough to see Obama win on Tuesday, it's really going to get ugly so don't let up

McCain doesn't seem to realize that the majority of Americans make less than 250,000

'If Obama had used that advertising money, he could have bailed out the banks'

John McCain's doing a lot of hacking today while speaking...sounds gross...

Wow, I thought Tucker Bounds was a loser, we now have Ben Porritt

Drudge Still Has Zo(m)by's Clown Poll Up

Those idiot "undecideds" shouldn't be allowed to vote. Oh, wait. I was an undecided once.

Report voting conditions and problems using Twitter

If OJ would have been acquitted, could Obama have lost the election?

Last minute campaign informercial for McCain/Palin

Whoa. Look at McFailin's schedule for November 3rd:



Everybody, Listen The Fuck Up. FUCK THE POLLS.

Everybody, Listen The Fuck Up. FUCK THE POLLS.

When is that Redskins game that is supposed to predict the winner? nt

NYT: Bush "intentionally lying low this week until after Americans pick his successor"

McCain's last POW ad endorses Obama

Red State Socialism

AP poll: 52% of McCain supporters feel "frustrated," 25% feel "helpless," others "angry and bored"

Macdonald (Mason Early Voting Expert) "Obama has dug a really deep hole for John McCain to get out"

Election day *WEATHER* - 4 days out

Good Luck Tuesday?

Rasmussen-The McCain Surge Has Stalled O- 51% M 46%

My God, it's really going to happen, he's really going to win...

"I am taking off half a day to vote"-lady at the grocery store this morning

San Diego Union Tribune: Obama is helping Leibham take out Bilbray

San Diego Union Tribune: Obama is helping Leibham take out Bilbray

San Diego Union Tribune: Obama is helping Leibham take out Bilbray

My lovely, intelligent Repub friend still likes Palin.

Pat Buchanan predicts major media investigation if Obama elected.

Does MSNBC have the stupidiest women anchors? Only Rachel shines

Call for UN Election Observers

October Surprise

Peruvian shamans for Obama

Nancy Pfoutenhouer

NC Early voting is simply amazing. I've tried to go to three different places across Charlotte today

Son don don~ia 3 more days!

I just cried like a baby.

Does the *combined* IQ of Victoria Jackson, Chuck Norris, Sarah Palin and anyone named 'Tucker'

The press is spinning Obama as testy yesterday but this was about father and daughter. . .

Fact-Check: Is McCain Within the Margin of Error?

Pastor claims that supporters of Barack Obama are under influence of demons and calls for battle...

Election Day Exit Polls: "It's Like Hotel California"

Criminal Ted Stevens May Lose Law License

Whats This thing about Obamas Aunt????

Post pix of your political yard signs here, please! I need ideas for a McCain Palin sign

FAUX news admits McCain intends to "steal" Pennsylvania

Hey Sarah, former Alaska Senate and House Speaker Want Apology from You and McCain

Mr. Whitekeys' Musical Take on Sarah Palin

Halloween Political Pumpkins

Biden plays "The Rove Card" in Evansville, IN - “Folks, we've had enough of this stuff.”

Just saw in Ohio the first Rev. Wright ad.."God Damn America"

Obama didn't know aunt's illegal status (AP)

I'm just sayin......We have to have a plan "B" if this all goes south.....

Palin is a remarkable politician.

(R)asmussen South Dakota Poll: McCain 53%(-1), 44%(+7)

McCain said that he will be bringing Joe the Plumber with him to the White house if he wins? What

Ann Atwater, a Civil Rights Activist Working to Make the Dream Come True

Republican calls in MN

Should polling be illegal? What do you think?

Breaking the Law for McCain: Who Placed the Story about Obama's Aunt?

The Bob Barr protest factor, it will hurt McPain

Sorry, Rick Davis: It was obvious McCain was going to win NH...

Obama Dramatically Out-Organizing McCain In Virginia

NYT: Obama Is Up, and Fans Fear That Jinxes It (warning - this article may closely resemble you)

Nate Silver: Mac's Chances: 2.8%

Nate Silver - Pennsylvania Sanity Check (Great News)

The Maine Democratic Party phone bankers have called me 4 times this morning. I take that

Pollster John Zogby: Barack Obama to be 44th U.S. President

I just had a TERRIBLE dream

un oh November surprise: Obama's half aunt here illagally

Check out Drudge if you wan't a chuckle... (PIC)

Victoria (Former SNL) Jackson: Obama A "Communist," Like "Castro In Cuba, The Guy In China" (VIDEO)

McCain's Director of Strategy is from this county so the newspaper did a little puff piece on her

The youth vote in the early voting is not good

When do you think his advisors wll have "the conversation" with McCain?

I just saw part of the Obama speech in NV live on Fox "News"!?!

Comic strip 'Doonesbury' predicts Obama win

Obama's crowd in Nevada just booed McCain...

Obama's crowd in Nevada just booed McCain...

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 11/1/08 - Obama 51, McCain 46 (M down 1)

We're going to win my Commonwealth of PA and this is why

McCain rallies are about fear, Obama rallies are about hope

Growing more and more confident by the day

Obama live NOW in NV!

How many people showed up at McCain's Newport News rally? nt

McCain Camp high sticks Duberstein for speaking the truth.

Diageo Hotline: Obama-Biden (+3) lead McCain-Palin (+3) among likely voters, 51%-44%, 5% undecided

The extremely long wait times for voting are essentially a Poll Tax of Voter Suppresion

Pictures from the mccain rally in Defiance Ohio

I received an email from the Obama campaign...,

Bill O'Reilly to the rescue: Will provide 'checks and balances' for the liberal media if Obama wins

A Presidential Vanishing Act, by Design

I just noticed, McCain has a divot in his face today

I just noticed, McCain has a divot in his face today

GOP Mailer In Pennsylvania Suggests Electing Obama Could Lead To Second Holocaust (newest version)

delete--gallup dupe.

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama now has a TEN point lead in two models and 11 in third!

New Gallup numbers for 11/1: O 52 M 41 (RV), O 52 M 42 (LV1) O 52 M 42 (LV2)

Why Is Sarah Palin Crying?

Gallup -Obama-52 -McSAme 42-LIKELY VOTERS

IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama 47.9, McCain 43.4 - Obama lead 4.5% - up 0.1% from yesterday

"The Democrat party", "That Democrat leader" (sucks teeth, sticks out tongue, licks lips)

"The Democrat party", "That Democrat leader" (sucks teeth, sticks out tongue, licks lips)

South may be shifting in Democrats' direction

IDB/TIPP TRACKING POLL: Obama 48, McCrypt 43 (-1). "Obama's lead firmed..."

All streaming sites for today and today's schedule from the Obama campaign...

Charlie Cook today: "John McCain probably can't win without divine intervention"

I'm finding these last few days really tough

Obama bound for huge Electoral College win

I'm getting ready to do the neighbor-to-neighbor calling for Obama.

Gallup Daily - Obama 52 - 41 registered; 52 - 42 (exp LV); 52 - 42 (traditional LV)

Tonight will be a special Hardball and a special Countdown

Murdoch says Obama win could worsen financial crisis: report


Seriously, why is PA a battleground state? How can you be up so far? and be a battleground.

Hey why isn't Drudge the fudge posting the shock poll---

I suspect Obama will win on Tuesday. If he DOESN'T, I'm through. I am dropping out and moving on.

Media is hemorrhaging with joygasms over Palin's "crowd of more than 5,000" in PA

Media is hemorrhaging with joygasms over Palin's "crowd of more than 5,000" in PA

So they were saying that Gore and Kerry polled higher than they finished in PA on CNN

Reality check: all trackings except Zogby showed movement towards Obama today

OPINION: "New Corruption allegations could lead to an indictment of Norm Coleman"

Zogby Poll Showing McCain Lead Interviews Fewer Democrats Than All Other Surveys - HuffPo

3 steps to stealing an election

Mclame can't even give away yard signs in my repuke red county


Safe to say the infomercial was a flop

I think people should vote for Obama next week

The Guardian endorsement of Barack Obama

Gallup Is Is Perceived As The Lexus Of Polls

Hussein Chant at Palin Rally

Nora O'donald just use the same "poke the eye of McCain' that faux did this morning

Junior Johnson of NASCAR fame posts to Blue NC and endorses Obama

Obama/Michelle/Joe/Jill schedule today adds second channel

Facebook the Vote!

“Doonesbury” Forecasts Obama Victory

Cautious joy as blacks imagine Obama win

(MN Senate) Coleman (R) calls on foes to 'stop attacking my family'

WOW! Anyone just hear Larry O'donnell on MSNBC/NORAH

A couple things about the youth vote

OPRAH's Voting Booth Meltdown (VIDEO)

I don't care what anyone says. I love Norah O'Donnell.

What's with this Obama's Illegal Immigrant Aunt Crap?

What's with this Obama's Illegal Immigrant Aunt Crap?

What Is It Called When People Try To Generate Fear For A Political Purpose?

Who is the funniest surrogate who called for your vote this season?

OMG, It's tightening! We're DOOOOOOOMED!!1!!

November Disaster --Terrorist makes endorsement -- likely to cost 4-5 points

Is a McCain win even considered a realistic possibility to most people now?


No wonder I have so much pain in my arm/shoulder

I know PA is safe, we don't need it, etc, but I sure wish Obama was there this weekend.

New Media vs. Old Media. What about NEW JOURNALISM?

New Media vs. Old Media. What about NEW JOURNALISM?

Biden: "I don't think it will be that close in Pennsylvania"

F*ck the piece of sh*t that put the story out there about Obama's Aunt..

My take on the evolution of Gallup likely voter models

Baghdad Bob sighting: "GOP Internal Polls Show Possible Landslide for McCain"

Palin may have bought some of her clothes from a New York fashion trade show

If John McCain Wins

Get Your Asses to the Polls, Youngins'!!!

To My Fellow Witnesses to History:

The Obama Majority

AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum

McCain is like a little troll. Trying to jump on everything Obama says. He's pathetic

Where is the Apology from the Right to the Dixie Chicks?

Top Farm Official Warns of a McCain Presidency

When I voted Wednesday, I checked, double checked, triple checked and then checked a 4th time...

Really original funny ad for Obama

Apology from McCain sought

Back In 2000 I Was Told... He Had 8 Years! It's our F*cking Turn!

Any remaining suspense will be erased at 9:01 p.m. EST

Obama's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate has problems.

George W. Bush, the great 'Uniter.'

Here is a nice video...

McCain in Columbus: Epic Fail

MSNBC is talking about Auntiegate

MSNBC is talking about Auntiegate

North Carolina's Halloween Dagger into the heart of McCain/Palin's campaign

CNN is reporting that Rep. Conyers looking into the aunt leak

Cheney endorses Bush's third term

The 1948 Dewey Truman Polling

live press conference re: Coleman and bribery

Calm yourself and look at these numbers.

Polls for McCain.... Polls for Obama....

Freepwads are absolutely convinced McPalin will win

North Carolina woman becomes 1st-time voter at age 103

What's the DUMBEST non-issue the Republicans have thrown at Obama?

Veteran McCain can't bank on US military vote (AFP)

Jefferson County, Colorado... We need volunteers!

McCain-Palin Campaign Dipped in Oil

If McCain-Palin wins...

Hey Sarah, Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist

Well this just sucks

Well this just sucks

PPP: Chill out about PA, Obama Has NOTHING to Worry about

I have several relatives that were/are in the US illegally.

Who writes this stuff?

McCain signs disappearing -- on their own

Is this supposed to be the "November Surprise?"


I cannot wait until the adults are back in charge.

'Unreal' voting lines suggest Nov. 4 crush in AZ

Tell me this: Why does Gallup get so much less attention than Zogby?

Who's Going Do A Reconnaissance Mission At The Freaks' Republic

wtf caption from Reuters

My stepmom has decided.

John McCain's "Strong Finish"


There'll be time enough for celebration after Nov. 4

"An estimated 40,000 people turned out for an Obama rally in Highland, Indiana"

I would recommend that no DUer ever watch Saturday Night Live again

Electoral Scoreboard Test Underway

Okay... Missouri, You Know What They Say... I Don't Think Obama Is


OK, can you stand one more delusional Freeper post? It's pretty wild.

Why are voters in VT and NH so different?

(R)asmussen Oregon Poll: Obama 54%(unchanged), McCain 42%(+1)

Anybody see McCain coughing in Newport News, VA just now?

Honestly, I haven't heard such nonsense about who is a communist since the heyday of Robert Welch

Here's how long it takes to vote in So. Fla.

Former SNL HAck, Victoria Jackson Calls Obama a Communist

This Election Feels Like a Stephen King Novel!

I don't have the cable networks, so I just have a question

SUSA Prop 8: No 50%, Yes 47%

No Sarah, McCain did not fight for us. He crashed our planes and pinned us

Claire McCaskill has given her Strategy to Obama to Win MO

Interesting--Obama on the rebound on Intrade.

CNN ab out to go to Biden live... nt

Are the NFL, NBA and MLB Communist organizations

ARG FWIW: Obama +4 in FL, +6 in PA, dead even in IN, -6 in AR.

What if GOTV isn't enough...? (sorry for fear-induced thread)

God, she's unpleasant

New FL poll by Mason-Dixon: Obama 49(+5) McPalin 47(+1)

Archbishop Curtiss weighs in on the election (implies Catholics should not vote for Obama)

Tolerance not tolerated

Get the Word Out!!!! - Free Billboard Space!!!! - Use it!!!

What will the media discuss Monday?

****Heads Up: Sen.Clinton Now Live Campaigns For Obama In Winter Park, Florida****

Palin as the albatross - no Sunday news show appearances. No medical records.

Palin as the albatross - no Sunday news show appearances. No medical records.

what to do after the election

what to do after the election

I love how Obama always tells his audience not to boo McCain

Have you heard about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright ads to be on TV this weekend?

If you could magically get 1,000,000 voters to switch from GOP to DEM how would you break them up?

left the house around 8am and palin was on the teevee. i just arrived home, 2:10pm...still on

The Daily Widget, Sat 11/1 – O-365, M-173 – MO, ND to the Right; AZ, MT to the Left

Obama is making an ad using Powell's endorsement on MTP-

Survey USA: Obama up by 24 in California

"The reason McCain is president is I got tired of waiting in line to vote."

Commedy Duo From Quebec Prank Call Sarah Palin

Obama rallies **15,000** at Nevada event

Sounds like some of you folks are worried about Pennsylvania.

Voter Registration Totals By State – Updated 11/1

Will Chris Matthews (Tweety) get to be the one honored with

They will not give up power without a fight... Count on it

I'm going to miss John McCain after the election. He's truly the last of the great

Boy gets electric shock after trying to steal Mccain campaign sign

Richmond's City Hall evacuated twice on Thursday. Widespread power outages Thursday.

"90 percent of undergraduate college students were registered to vote"

"90 percent of undergraduate college students were registered to vote"

No Sarah, McCain did not fight for us. He crashed our planes and pinned us

How are you feeling about Tuesday?

Yikes: Rasmussen has Obama only +4 in PA, HOWEVER from the EV site,

My goodness: the palin prank, they talked about a porno movie based on her

Funny! Cheney's Fuck You to McCain - Endorses McCain, plays "Only in America" at end of Rally!

Table of Joy?

He called Biden

Missouri and Indiana, which way are they gonna go?

Ok here is the audio on Youtube of that Palin phone prank by those awesome Canadians

Alternate link for Palin Prank Call (Quebec Pranksters pretending to be Sarkozy):

RE: Palin Prank Call

****I'm Watching DICK CHENEY on C-Span rather than McCain on CNN and MSNBC! LOL!

After Palin slinks back to Alaska....

Are there any stories of Vets being denied the right to vote?

Russia from Alaska: a little photoshop fun

NC Repub. Senator was on C-Span this morning and told caller it's ok to go vote with Obama t-shirt

LOL! Freeper wants to be stoned to death if his election prediction is wrong

Mr blm just called - his line to vote is FOUR HOURS LONG in NC.

Why the long lines for early voting? Why can't they add more voting booths?

Palin's starting to shrilly scream!

Don't faint - but OUR VP candidate's rally will be starting on Cspan 1 any minute.

Did any of you hear what Smerconish said about PA a few minutes ago

Hell Houses


Fox Must Want Sarah after the Election

Obama knocks Cheney vote

Mason Dixon (R Leaning) -Florida Obama -49% McLoooooooooooser 47%

I think MSNBC should make Pat Buchanan announce Obama's win when he reaches 270.

NC, VA, FL, PA, OH State Election Board Results Links

Fuck Todd: Joe Biden was just being AS Fiery as McLame?? WTF

Amb Marc Ginsberg: "McCain/Palin - R.I.P. Courtesy of the Middle East"

McCain using Obama's words to Iowans against him that Iowa vindicated his faith in America

McCain using Obama's words to Iowans against him that Iowa vindicated his faith in America

Gov. Palin, what would you do if you got that 3am phone call?

Election Night State Calling Question

Don't forget that you're not supposed to post on this site between 10 and 4 today

Just got an automated call from Mark Warner regarding Barack! :) nt

Georgia Early Voting Ends with 2 Million Votes Cast (Blacks Make Up 35.08% of Early Voting)

Call for UN Election Observers!

Call for UN Election Observers!

Anyone else looking forward to Nate's latest simulation run...?

The crosstabs in that Rasmussen-PA poll show how bad it is.

Obama Campaign to Return Aunt's Donations; Conyers: DOJ must investigate the leak

Ahhnold was in Columbus, Ohio campaigning for McCain Friday.

"It's the 2/3 of the Iceberg that you don't see!"

Reddit post of the day

Wow- Drudge is actually admitting the existence of unfavorable polls, even Gallup

Wow- Drudge is actually admitting the existence of unfavorable polls, even Gallup

This is a horrible weekend for negative ads unless you run them during the Texas Tech v. Texas game,

Anybody listening to C-Span still???

I was just told, "You're a vet. How can you not support McCain?'...

**FREEPER** Made Appearance on The Daily Show**

If Biden has a rally and MSNBC doesn't cover it like always, when they cover ALL of PALIN'S rallies,

ATTN PA DUers - a question

What are the best poll sites?

On CNN I just heard a Wingnut criticizing Obama for leaving his

Want a lift? Watch this video-- it's awesome!! Tears in my eyes

Portland kid trick-or-treats as a ballot box.

Politico speculates about possible Obama cabinet appointees (some interesting names)

Will "reach across the aisle" mccane have ANY clout left in the Senate

What kind of person would turn kids away on Halloween because they don't support your candidate?

What kind of person would turn kids away on Halloween because they don't support your candidate?

McCain Campaign claims 72 hour GOTV strategy better than in 2004

I just made my first donation to Barack Obama!

What time did the various networks call the election, and the various states, in '04?

A second lawsuit against Norm Coleman casts more doubt on his credibility

Drudge's Fear Tactics Are Working!!

Obama is polling better among likely voters in Gallup's poll than Clinton was in 1992.

C-Span recording of Bidens in Marion, OH earlier this afternoon

I just saw a truck with a McCain 2008 sticker and an Obama-Biden sticker.

Joe Louis and Max Schmeling, 1938. A foreshadowing of Tuesday night?

Say something "nice" about Palin

Lol - I just got a McCain/Palin GOTV robocall.

Philadelphia Phillies as Political Metaphor

The Vulgarization of America by McCain and Palin

Gov Palin issues an official statement on the prank call- for real!

It's not too late to post your Halloween pics for the DU costume & pumpkin contest! (Keep kicked)

Who will be the biggest loser this election 2008?

Should I babysit?

Just early voted in WI (Stood in line for two hours--but flew by with the company I kept)

I just called 150 people in Montana

Obama: "John McCain had no trouble picking a costume. He went trick or treating as George Bush!"

Dear John McCain; Please DO NOT BOTHER this time,

OR-Sen: Gordon Smith is Going to Lose

MSNBC Anchor "Polls show that the race is narrowing nationally" and then they show this graphic

FAILIN is the ONLY one on the REPUKE Ticket ha ha ha ha ha

I've never seen Rethugs so angry, frustrated, and just nuts.

Sarah Palin prank call audio link from Politico.

I voted for the first time today!!

WaPo/ABC: Obama 53% McKlan 44%: Obama leads men, women, taxes, economy: Beautiful internals

I'm watching McPain in PA right now. He's not looking that happy...

WaPo/ABC: Obama 53% McKlan 44%: Obama leads men, women, taxes, economy: Beautiful internals

FL Palin rally shouting "McCain not Hussein"

Stay Tuned: PPP Final Polls Come Out Tomorrow Night: PA included

Chuck Todd is talking to Michael Smerconish from PA right now

Pueblo, CO: Obama is ROCKING!!! (on CNN)

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Pueblo,CO****

Lindsey Graham wants to be with the Boys in Baghdad

Seed Endorses Obama

Heh, heh: "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull" toon

darn, the nutjobs had a rally and i missed out on protesting!

Neo-Nazis, Obama, and the real domestic terrorists

"Barack Obama is a decent, talented and capable man" Joe Lieberman

"Barack Obama is a decent, talented and capable man" Joe Lieberman

I'm seeing good things in the neighborhoods.

John McCain lived in a Communist country for OVER 5 YEARS!

Anybody read the "Presidential Material" comic books for Obama/McCain?

The Double-Whammy. Poll shows McCain trails Napolitano in 2010 Senate election poll.

ARG: Florida Obama 50, McCain 46, Indiana Obama 48, McCain 48, Pennsylvania Obama 51, McCain 45

Obama Leads McCain 70%-29% Among Jewish Americans

Obama Leads McCain 70%-29% Among Jewish Americans

Chuck Todd: "Tune in Tuesday because election coverage will run late because"

if repuke election fraud steals this election,

Preview of worldwide celebrations when Obama wins:

Breaking the Law for McCain

New Republic: "McCain First, Second, And Always- Keating Five story you've never heard"

Jus when you thought 'The 'Family Circus' couldn't be any suckier

RE: MSM and Horse Races


Charlie Cook will be on today's special edition of Hardball, you can stream it here

Charlie Cook will be on today's special edition of Hardball, you can stream it here

Gross Incompetence

I do Data entry in Alexandria, VA (communist country)

Surprise: Scientists for Obama

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pendulous Manboobs (WARNING: GRAPHIC!!!!!)

Finally, signs!

Tweety: PER-ka-sie (pronounced see) is:

Tracking the trackers - Three More Days

Nate's Changing His Model (A Bit)

Which states generally report results first on election night?

Sarah Palin is a fool!

Next door neighbor was Palin for Halloween.

I saw Sarah Palin walk onstage at her Hallowe'en Rally today



VIDEO: McRage Supporter Makes Trick-or-Treating Kids Cry

Time to be afraid -- McCain mobilizes massive army of volunteers working around the clock

Don't know if this is typical, but my favorite GenYer says old people vote early.

Don't know if this is typical, but my favorite GenYer says old people vote early.

Despite polls showing Obama ahead, many of his supporters fear a McCain win

Finding your polling place

Has anyone early voted in Los Angeles County?

TOON: "Investigation into anti-american elements in U.S. government"

Dick Cheney Endorses John McCain, and Sarah Palin!

a chuckle from BlueIndiana... "Don't Look Up!"

Pre-emptive ejection: Audience members removed at McCain rally in Cedar Falls(Thought Crimes?)

OK, Once And For All: Who's Cuter - Obama's Daughter, Or A Baby Seal???

Obama should challenge Arnold to some full court basketball...

When someone says to you that they are voting for McCain, do you

3 Calls from Barack Obama's Campaign Today!

The Republican Mental Meltdown Continues: Desperately Trying to Prove Obama Book Ghostwritten

The Republican Mental Meltdown Continues: Desperately Trying to Prove Obama Book Ghostwritten

Is this the tightening?

voted on paper in Florida - went downtown and wait 1 hour total

So when can the media shut Zogby out?

Soul of the Obama campaign is in the soundtrack

My friends, my sister is working for the Obama Campaign from home

HERE'S some MEDIA Saturday Contacts JUST in CASE!

My Local Paper's Headline Tonight - "Obama Seeks A Landslide"

Some people on here are letting Power get to their Heads.

McCain to campaign in Tennessee on Monday - but to attend, you must be from Virginia

please delete

Palin talks about the first 100 days of McCain Presidency: Thinks we're at war with Iraq & Iran

I love Michael Eric Dyson (on Tweety w/Uncle Pat).

Wrong on so many levels it's tough to know where to begin...(Freeptard Vanity post)

Ed Rogers on Hardball - a snapshot

One reason I'll be glad when the election's over...

Dick Armey is truly a dick

Dick Armey is truly a dick

Some positive/good news from Orange County, CA

ABC/WAPO Poll: Obama 53, McCain 44 - no change

Repukes imitating Baghdad Bob ... the Iraqi Information Minister

Obama meets up with family in Colorado.

"I loved the documentary on your life, Hustler's 'Nalin Palin.'" Palin: "Oh, thank you!"

"I loved the documentary on your life, Hustler's 'Nalin Palin.'" Palin: "Oh, thank you!"

LOL Poll of Irish TV Chat Show Audience Tonight.....Results Inside:

Can you all DU this turd with a complaint to YouTube

Really good news for us in new ARG polls-Obama tied or leading in IN, FL and PA-close in AR

Another LOL: Palin Prank Call The Lead Story on Sky News (UK)

Votec/Votesafe software at the polls: NOT updating new voter records

CNN: "McCain's name nowhere to be seen at Palin rally". Ouch!

Edit: Ron Christie...boot licker and SAC Sucker!!

Obama CONGRATULATES Grampy McBush on his Evil Dick Halliburton CrashCart endorsement! YES!

Brilliant political cartoon - McCain's predicament

Eight years ago, Barack Obama was a state legislator who had just lost a primary

Do you think that Sarah Palin has a future as a 'star' of the GOP, or was she a 15-min. wonder who

Why wasn't this used in the campaign: "Most Firms Paid No Taxes Over Seven Years" ???

DU this AZ Repugnant poll.

How many votes/EV's would a 10% win be, anyway????

Palin's Spiritual Warfare Network Partners With Homeland Security

Charlie Cook on Hardball: "This thing could be big"

Tweety: It has not been a nasty campaign....

Barack Obama is running...

Obama - Up In Gallup and Rasmussen Today, and What Else?

****Bold Prediction*** This election will be like the Florida-Georgia game.

OK, how many precinct captains and poll watchers do we have here?

How low can they go. Freepers now attacking Obama's dead Mother

Tweety: McCain Should Be Given Nobel Prize.....jessssus!

WTF? McCain's chances IMPROVE...?


Sarah Palin got PRANKED? HAHA

CNN's Election Results page is up.

Biden said today McCain/Palin weren't mavericks they were just side-kicks

Does anyone know how the polling is going

Deluded Freepers Still Clinging To ZOMBY POLL

Funkadesi for Obama!!!!

Election Scorecard

2,248,150 Floridians Early Voted BEFORE this weekend!!!!!!

Anyone know about Colorado?

Guess who pals with home grown, rethug grown, CONSPIRATOR?

Bill Burton doesn't know the RNC's running Rev. Wright ads?

John McCain's GOTV Lead Operatives

I am calling VA voters and have tears in my eyes!

Amazing Obama art I saw today on my way out of town (Pic)

Palin family values

Obama in Jacksonville, Monday, Nov. 3

What a nasty, petty, pathetic and vile piece of shit.

Putin to call Palin tomorrow in anticipation of GOP landslide

Today's polls and analysis (

John Boehner calls Obama a chicken shit....

Charlie Cook said the reliable polls - Gallup being one of them - point

Curious about early voting totals? Go to this link:

I just spent a few hours phone banking for Obama in PA.

Caption McSenile and Phallin

Caption McSenile and Phallin

I fucking hate the MSM Media Fox the Most and then ABC

Ron Christie, that cross-eyed muthafucka, is on Tweety

Rashid Who? Why the Jews finally came home to Obama

List of College Newspaper Endorsements

There are a lot of Dicks suppoting McCain.

Today's Polls: Victory Conditions

What Obama should now say on preconditions

Many people I talked to today loved Obama's 30 min TV program!

Presenting Konrad Ng, Obama's BIL

Flashback: Why Obama will win VA, MO, NC and possibly GA

If there are still long lines at the polls on Tuesday night when it is time to close,

Status Graphs for Obama’s Seventeen Swing States – Updated 11/1

Did anyone see the full interview of the Gallup guy Frank something with Chuck at about 6:00 PM EST?

Republican "Socialism" - Let Me Count The Ways

Do you think they will be celebrating in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, London, Paris, Stockholm,

Palin's rally today - hand held signs all said PALIN country -NO MCcain lol

Tweety: Re: Obama's aunt “The sorriest October surprise ever”. n/t

We bought an American flag today...hopefully, it will go up on the front porch Wednesday morning....

Freepers need to stop smoking crack rocks!!

we are all heading downtown Cleveland tomorrow to the OBama Rally with Bruce Springstein...

John McCain and Hillary Clinton visit SC Obama Headquarters!

Anyone have any idea how many people showed up to see Cheney.

As McCain runs Wright Ads and questions Obama's patriotism; Tweety works at McCain's Rehabiliation

Starting Wednesday

Congress shall make such laws as necessary to guarantee the freedom of a Real American to...

Congress shall make such laws as necessary to guarantee the freedom of a Real American to...

Ha ha...McCain surrogate suffering on MSNBC..get 'em David

Just how low will they go? ‘Hussein’ Chant at Palin Rally

Is anyone "tailgating" on Election Day?

GOTV and you.

Here's a neat map from The Economist: What if the whole world could vote?

Time for a prediction poll!

OMG! Chris Rock unloads on Gramps!!! LOL

ABC News Radio obsessed with Obama's "Halloween Anger"

Ya think Keith O will play clips of Sarah gettin' punked by the Canadian radio jocks?

Free Republic In Panic after Gallup Today: Zogby, TIPP, Gallup Under the Bus

WaPo-ABC Tracking: Nine Divided by 56 is...

Saturday Morning Data Dump – 11/1 – Tightening: Men Tip to McCain; Seniors Tied

Poll: Obama Has Banked Big Lead In Early Vote (19 point edge over McCretin).

For those of you worrying about PA -- we can win without ANY of the big three swing states.

Rejecting McCainism - good read...

McCain would have to win election day voting handily to win

Odd comment from a Repub friend of mine- RE the election.

8:01 Eastern on Tuesday!

Polls narrowing--make calls for Obama ("Now, don't panic yet. Obama's still ahead.") but....

Ted Stevens May Lose His Law License



Where did the "Yes we can!" catchphrase come from?

Palin' the Poseur.

Obama's coming back to Jacksonville. Monday morning

Does one poll show McCain up in PA?

Has anyone found Sarah Palin's accent??? She's misplaced it.

Obama's last two campaign stops will be in NC and VA

How come RCP hasn't posted an updated poll for OH since 26-27 nt

*Volunteers* check in--11/01/08

Some helpful hints as you watch the returns Tuesday night

McCain's All-White Caravan Visiting Whitest Parts of PA + Schedule for Remaining Obama Rallies

This meme about the young people aren't early voting is a MYTH

What you're up against ...

"NBC is ready to project Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States."

DId the dems make a deal that they would not prosecute them if Cheney endorsed McCain

MSNBC will run entire Sarkozy prank call- Put it on now. 8:00 eastern.

psst cmhere

Michelle Obama, Morning Joe, Novmber 2007

If John McCain doesn't get elected, is he still taking JTP to Washington with him?

DOHA DEBATE (BBC PRESENTED) Obama 87 McCain 13 re Mideast Policy

Overheard conversations from the antique show at local mall this morning...

Let's face it: as a presidential candidate he's done a serious disservice to his race

Is there anything like a Repuke Underground ???

It would be sweet to see Obama take 2 or 3 states in the South.

It would be sweet to see Obama take 2 or 3 states in the South.

Freepers make EV predictions. Sad. Hahahahaha.

Will Obama use his middle name when taking the oath of office?

Sen. Obama's final rally before the vote is Manassas, VA, Monday 9pm

I want to PUMP YOU UP!! A new video, from me, to fire us up in the next few days.

Just saw my sister in law at the Cleveland airport with the Nurses Union (Boston) for Obama

KO's 1 hour Campaign preview is killing me! Just too funny!

DUers Bury this Digg

Does Palin now have more foreign affairs experience...

Palin, please, it's DEMOCRATIC PARTY! FUCK!

We'll be fine in Florida.

Who is the black guy defending McCain on Hardball?

Palin victim of crank phone call- comedy duo convince her she's talking to Nicolas Sarkozy

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, By FRANK RICH

Spike Lee Does the Right Thing in Florida Early Voting

"I Didn't Vote for Obama" by kentuckyscott

Highlights: Palin punk'd

Who’s the Question Mark?, By MAUREEN DOWD

Obama tax cut

FYI...I will open my nice champagne bottle right after they call VA to Obama at 7:00, nothing else

Road to 270: Georgia

shuster doing voter suppression - msnbc nt

GOP's Dirty Little Secrets Exposed

The New America, where innocent can = life behind bars.

Do we need 60 seats?

McGrump's prez bid's death knell?

Palin's Kids - Why aren't they in school?

You added a lot of energy to your country with that beautiful family of yours!

Did you all just get the call from Obama?

Ok, for those of you that have BBC America

anybody here get their yard signs stolen?


McCain is really digging deep for endorers

Durham County, NC, Early Voting Has Ended... 87.5% of 2004 TOTAL Votes Already In!!!!

OK, the montage of SNL clips on MSNBC was fantastic

McCain and Unable ...

Transcript of Palin's prank radio call from the Masked Avengers

This isn't just a campaign, it's a MOVEMENT!

Get yer DAILY COUNT DOWN!! **3** DAYS! OOGA BOOGA SMOOGA WOOGA THREAD! Obama Biden Shall Win! (new!)

"I'm glad we check out our calls before we hand the phone to Barack Obama"

I canvassed for the first time today

"Couple logs 9,300 miles from Bangalore for Obama vote"

Obama Rally Photos -- Des Moines, IA -- 2008-10-31

Fred Barnes annoyed at the "poor old people" voting early.

Arkansas and South Dakota (Medium Well Done not Rare) ...

Poor Freepers-NO Drudge "Breaking News" Zogby poll

Al Sharpton and DL Hughley just had a great interview

My favourite Freeper comment EVER!

Anybody else get a DU PM from SurveyResearch2008?

I have never voted for a winning Presidential ticket until now

Any news on Barack Obama's Mom?

So apparantly "communist country" Virginia is important now...

**Keith is on and has a fantastic election special segment on***

The world is holding it's breath, America!....We want President Obama!

Cautious joy as blacks imagine Obama win

Chronology of voting rights chart

what struck me most about the palin/"sarkozy" prank

Why does the self proclaimed party of Americans (GOP) insist on

I Just Got A Call From Vladimir Putin

Did you see the TV advert. for Olbermann's election day show?


Should I Stay Up To Watch McCain On Saturday Night Live?

Who's Playing Mccain on SNL tonight?

Early Voters: How long did you stand in line and what state do you live in?

Early Voters: How long did you stand in line and what state do you live in?

McCain to Anna Nicole: "I like it when you go fishing."

I think it is important for all of us to know why McCain picked Palin..... PANIC!!!!!!!

Has Drudge had his (almost) nightly Zogby orgasm yet?

Has Drudge had his (almost) nightly Zogby orgasm yet?

I just got a call from Andy Kaufman.


I Just Got A Call From Andrea Merkel

I'm one of the 5 election night raffle winners!!! (The Dem fund-raiser)

Not True

Road to 270: Wisconsin

the "Yes on 8" bigots target African Americans with flyer that lies about Obama's position on 8

So - do you think Ahnold slept on the couch last nite?

Finding hope in the damnest places - stories from a Raleigh craft fair!

CNN running a hit piece on Obama "Obama Revealed", Rezko, Wright, inexperienced, etc

Please tell me this isnt true...

I just got a call from Palin's medical records.

latest Drudge Headline Cracks Me Up!!

Weather Forecasts For November 4th

Alternet: "McCain has been stumping for Obama all week"

Ok, Nate from was just on CNN... DL's show... need to start a fund....

Bogus Robocall Tells Floridians (in a heavily Dem county) They Can Vote By Phone (?!)

*****Special Countdown to November 4 w/ KO 10pm eastern******

CNN announces election night plans-Continuous live coverage from 6 am ET Nov 3rd-Midnight ET Nov 7

Kerry on Imus

This Could be the End of the Corporate/Christian Right Coalition in the GOP.

Senator Kay Hagan

Senator Kay Hagan

Senator Kay Hagan

Concerning voter supression tactics...

I watch Keith and Rachel on cable news and that's it

Is Obama expected to win Omaha, NE?

PHOTO Sarah Gun Totin' Palin....Barack O'Blimey

Best description of your basic unrepentant Republican?

OMG - McOld speaking on MSNBC NOWand girl behind him is

In the country's last toss-up state, McCain has TV, but Obama has GOTV

Why the Gallup LV-traditional lead jumped today:

Did anyone hear Ed Henry (CNN) tell his story about McCain's odd behavior?

How can Obama be a Muslim if he had a crazy Christian preacher for twenty years?

Has nyone got a link for Barack's Mo. speech LIVE now?. .n/t

Hahaha, McCain Commercial just got cut off...

I Just Got A Conference Call From Barack!

I just heard Sarah Palin was about to give birth to her medical records

About the call from "Sarkozy"

So I'm in PA and I just saw The GOP's Rev. Wright commercial

This is so fucking wrong. I'm sorry, DU

I hope we never see Palins medical records..

"I don't have to tell you how important it is that I win Fairfax County."

Oh thanks CNN - The Aunt is the October surprise - right.. they're going to play it for all it's

Should we take cookies and bottled water to our local polling places to give out on Tuesday?

2004 polls this time four years ago.

Barack has 78 active field offices, and the Rendell / Nutter machines, on the ground in PA.

Watching KO's retrospective of the campaign

Denver - Just completed a shift of phone calls at Obama HQ.

Sarah Palin is so stupid that

join Barack Obama for a rally in Charlotte

Here's how the Canadian DJ's got Palin's number...

*****I Still think there's a way to make electronic voting work*****

SNL Spoilers (Freepland must be depressed)

The best Obama t-shirt ever!

Virginia Pilot: Down to the wire, Va. still too close to call, poll shows

SNL on now. McCain and Palin (Tina Fey) campaining on QVC

My nephew just commented, "As bad as Bush is, I'd rather have him than Palin."

Caption this McBush photo:

Dropping In on Obama's Kenyan Grandmother-What it means to be an Obama in Africa.

Graphs Comparing 2008 National Polls (Obama v. McCain) to 2004 (Bush v. Kerry)

Ben Affleck endorses McCain on SNL

Joe Biden Hugged Me, and He Kissed My Mom! (Now with EVENT PIX!!!!)

The Best Definition of Leadership. Ever.

OBAMA live rallies carried by his site, you knew that, right?

Families often do not know other family members' "legal status" in point

New CBS Poll: Obama up 54-41!

Palin on SNL goes rogue and sells t-shirts for Palin 2012 campaign.

OK, I am glad Obama didn't go on SNL and I hope he never does

Obama t-shirts selling at the Madonna concert

By reasonably conservative estimate Obama STILL on Track for 291-247 EC Victory

McCain: "My friends, I am not attending the election so I can....

Allo Allo DU, Je m'appelle Marcel the Guy with Bread Under his Armpit


Freepers are so desperate, they're now going after Obama's dead mother

New Iowa Poll: Obama widens lead over McCain (54/37)

To Catholics: You might need to fight back in Church tomorrow: here's how

Silliest poll of the cycle award!! OH: Obama 57, McCain 41 (OhioU-10/12-23)

Axelrod Press Briefing in Nevada

*It's official* FRED BARNES has made his prediction!!!

did she really think she was talking to Sarkozy? If so, she is a REALLY stupid woman

tips for EXTREME LONG LINE waiting...

So Palin got pranked and made fun of on SNL

Obama Congratulates McCain on Cheney Endorsement

To All Lurking Freepers - Guess where I plan to be on Nov. 4th?? Go ahead - guess!

GOP Blowback: AuntieGate

HughMoran's Poll of Polls!!

"Civilian National Security Force"

LOL - Affleck doing Keith now

can someone give a play by play on the SNL skit. I was watching KO

WTF?? Does McCain think this skit helps him?

What's your weather forecast for Tuesday?

There's A Damn Good Reason Sarah Palin's Medical Records Were NEver Released

I think it's been talked about here before but I want to revisit just how important this

I think it's been talked about here before but I want to revisit just how important this

McCain just threw Palin under the bus on SNL

What you just saw on SNL was this:

Longer lines in Arlington VA

Holy Crap - CBS news Poll: Obama 54 (+2), McCain 41 - up by 13% now!

Hahaha..Zogby just polled me...hehe, i lied

Barnicle: "So many people are so right — no pun intended — to really loathe so many on the left."

How much will Obama win Pennsylvania by?

Re:Palin Prank Call. Not Just Stupid, but Nationalist and Xenophobic

Tell me again why we can't get paper out of those electronic machines

Wow, Found one delusional blogger lol

Is Obama running a lot of super-positive ads supporting local Senate or House candidates?

Once again, DU deserves some political LOLz (pic heavy)

For the Hillary voters MSNBC claims are considering McCain

WTF is KO doing???? Hillary does not need to be embarrassed right now !!!

WTF is KO doing???? Hillary does not need to be embarrassed right now !!!

To all the minority DUers...

Interviews with My Somewhat Racist Relatives

Sunday Times (UK) - Republican attempt to prove Obama book ghost written - MUST READ!

Sarah Palin Dangers Analyzed by Women Who Write on Religious Right

Just got back from carcassing in the rain in WA

Live Volunteer Teleconference W/ Sen. Obama - PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT "It Can Be An Early Night Tuesday"

PHOTOS Today's Inspirational Pics (Barack, Michelle & girls) BEAUTIFUL!!!

SNL Ripping On Elizabeth HAsselbeck HUGE Right Now!!!

Pics from Highland Indiana Obama rally! (PICS!!!)

Pics from Highland Indiana Obama rally! (PICS!!!)

I just got a call from Barack Obama

RADICAL FRINGE TOON 11/01 McCain's got 'em???

Y'know... that John McCain is a real asshole. Bigtime.

Y'know... that John McCain is a real asshole. Bigtime.

Associated Putzs (AP) can't even synchronize their inflated story with the accompanying photos...

Long lines for PA voting? So what, they waited in long lines for Philly Tickets....

Sarah Palin Pranked By Radio Duo. "Sarkozy calling..."

I vowed not to come on this site today.

I vowed not to come on this site today.

Palin prank call is all the rage on the internets - #10 and climbing on "google trends" list.

I think it would have been illegal for Obama to have mentioned his Aunt's status

IMPORTANT: Expect some funky behavior for an hour after clocks change tonight.

Local station just mentioned the Obama aunt story.

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- We Got 'Em Right Where We Want 'Em (Dory Hippauf)

Anybody remember "Sorry Everybody" from 2004?

Anybody remember "Sorry Everybody" from 2004?

Republicans for Obama


How bizarre that a "center-right nation" would elect as prez "the most liberal candidate in history"

Wow. 33% of registered voters in NC have already voted.

Freepers react to Palin's prank call

Video of the Mean Halloween Witch refusing to give candy to kids who support Obama.

"Reverse Bradley" or "Survival Instinct" Effect

"Reverse Bradley" or "Survival Instinct" Effect

"I'm going to miss this campaign."

Words cannot express my puzzlement of McCain's SNL appearance.....

PA: Obama 52, McCain 45 (Muhlenberg-10/28-11/1)

Still No Medical Records from Palin

I Voted Today in Arlington, VA

Did the media reveal that Bush was an Alcoholic or that McCain had Crashed 5 planes, and if so,

I'm a pessimist. I like to expect the worst case scenario. If Obama does not carry OH, IN, FL or MO:

I am a concern troll, I guess, about PA. It is still 8 but......

I can prove that the so-called "Bradley effect" is a right wing pipe dream

Obama GOTV vs. McSame GOTV



Palin's Movement Urges 'Godly' To 'Plunder' Wealth of 'Godless'

The 2008 October Surprise

I'm prepared to eat crow: Obama may well win Georgia.

Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden

Do you perceive this as a threat on Obama's life at freeperville?

Will SC ever go the way of NC.

Will SC ever go the way of NC.

What State Call on Tues., Will Make You Yell: President OBAMA!

It's Prick Armey on MSNBC!


Sarah in Florida vows not to take bulldozers away.

Palin's babysitters travelling with her on Alaskans' dime

THE LAST WORD--ALMOST (we got this)

I NEVER Want to Stand in a Fucking Line Like This Again!

Right Now....

Political dirty trick, or coincidence - in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Have you voted?

Confronted by a FREEPER while canvassing my community.

This is my safe prediction for Election Night (Obama states and McCain states)

Just got this emailed to me. WTF?

Campaign Endorsements: Obama Gets Colin Powell and McCain Gets Al Qaeda!!

Coach Mike Tomlin's (Steelers) meeting with Barack Obama

Palin Is OFFICIALLY The Stupidest Politician EVER! (falls for prank call from Sarkozy)

Robo call using Obama voice tells wrong polling place!

Why the Deaf people supports Obama

Why the Deaf people supports Obama

how to explain those who still are undecided?

Palin & "Sarkozy" transcript ... OMG!

Palin & "Sarkozy" transcript ... OMG!

Ok, Palin just reminded me of why I'm running for president in the first place

LOL, I'm sorry.... but I laughed so hard at the KO parody.. I cried......

Wow, Nate from take a nap dude....

Got another "It Happened to Me Story" for those so inclined to doubt.

Obama Party on the Beach

Obama Table teaser: A Freeper brings up Obama's aunt as an "issue"

Aside from Texas, McCain-Palin has less than 100 electoral college votes locked up.

Aside from Texas, McCain-Palin has less than 100 electoral college votes locked up.



Even FOX is disgusted by early voting situation in Gary, Indiana

I never really understood Racism till this election.

What to do to protect an election from being stolen. . . .

"OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST LIKE CASTRO" - Victoria Jackson at O'Reilly's

Campaign sign of the day - this says it all!

Where Do I Contact Keith Olbermann?

"No One In Tech Can Defend McCain" (McLoser campaign reneges on scheduled debate)

123 Houses later in Michele Bachmann's district , I end the day with Howard Dean

I just had a Jeremiah Wright commercial here in Ct.

God, it's hard looking at McCain on SNL...ewww....

TEXAS: Tarrant County: Early Voting Numbers for the 2 Weeks including Mail-in.......466468

Senator Durbin's Daughter Has Died

Oxford professor offered $10,000 by GOP to try to smear Obama

Oxford professor offered $10,000 by GOP to try to smear Obama

Obama taps Kerry to make his closing argument on Meet the Press. McCain taps Thompson.

SUSA Final NM Poll: Obama 52, McCain 45

Poll Closing times - Helpful graphic

Early voting report from Columbus, OH! (pics)

Just listened to the Palin/Masked Avengers tape. My thoughts are these:

OK the Magistrate just called Barnicle a turd

Why does a county covering 4,100 miles have only 1 early voting location?

Palin's medical records a "no show" and time is up

Palin's medical records a "no show" and time is up

Sales of assault weapons to A-holes in Texas TRIPLE "because" OBAMA might win

Why Obama will win

Heartfelt greetings from a real conservative.

Travelling tomorrow

Former State Historical Society site of the year: The Graveyards of Omaha (Happy Halloween)

It's now officially November in the Eastern Time Zone; The threat of an "October Surprise" is DEAD!

Samuel L. Jackson records a "No on Prop 8" Ad!!

Our son's Nevermore Paranormal site

John Boehner calls Obama a chicken shit.

try Bush for murder ?

"If Obama is elected we will think about renewing our relationship with America.

McLaughlin Group up now on PBS/Chuck Schumer on Charlie Rose tonight.

Don't forget to post yer pumpkins and costumes in the pinned thread!

Help NPR identify voting problems


Hear Studs Terkel's old radio programs today and tomorrow

Alaska Political Corruption Summary, including Stevens/Palin


New poll shows Obama seizes biggest lead yet, McCain going the wrong way

The Other Pandora's Box: Nightmare Scenario 11/5/2008 3 AM

Snow leopard wins top photo prize

Need computer help! Help me DU!

Tom Freakin' Metzger prefers Obama

Post your question to the candidates here

Florida GOP liked early voting when early voters were mostly white, older it's black/young

John Cleese on Olbermann is on YouTube

What does rickroll mean?

Terror group helps Pakistan quake victims

Prediction - GOP will make a major push, thru talkradio and Palin, on Mon. to say Barak criminally

My Obama Mama Just Won A Costume Contest In Santa Rosa CA

Seems Louisiana wingnuts are now burning American flags ...

Can Obama still lose this election?

Regarding Bush not ceding the White House

Regarding Bush not ceding the White House

The term "Repugs"

WJ - Expecting any Election Surprises?

Wilkerson ends campaign

O up +5 in Zogby Poll

Socialism to Communism to "Commu-fascism"

FREEPERS just got Humped

A good man died this week.

Michael Moore on the Election, the Bailout, Healthcare, and 10 Proposals for the Next President

Police release report on DC Madam suicide

Everything is riding on this election. The last robbery attempt of Democracy!

Last days for the 'Rockefellers'

Voice your choice...

Fox is jumping the shark .... Keith Olbermann is savage and deranged

Fox is jumping the shark .... Keith Olbermann is savage and deranged

CNN plans ‘View from the Right’ election special, but no ‘View from the Left.’

McCain is to blame.he is totally divisive/negative himself, ANY report on him can only be NEGATIVE

Abu Ghraib K-9 Unit.

What I'll Miss About George W (cartoon slideshow)

Ah, the ever-entertaining race in Minnesota's 6th (yes, the Bachmann seat)

Of the four, I like Biden the most.

If you live with the snow.....

Get off the computer

Election Protection info

Sigh. Here in Vermont, one of the bluest of states

Wall Street’s Great Heist of 2008

Two Reuters articles today. Two different standards in the headings for the potential first ladies.

Question re CA prop 8. CA constitution recognizes “inalienable rights” so how can that

Stanford Prof. explains Polling on NPR

McCain's Halloween Costume

Through my mornin' haze, I thought I heard that Sarah Palin went out Halloween night

Chief Bars Kansas City Police from Schools on Election Day

AlterNet: Dramatic Progressive Reforms and Evil Schemes on the California Ballot

one thing i never thought i'd look forward to,


Certitude borne of stupidity

Bush Trashing Environmental and Consumer Protections as a Parting Gift

Obama ahead or surprisingly close in all regions

a scary halloween treat from the grave

Greg Palast is on "This is Hell"

Sarah Palin's credo: If at first you don't succeed, try and f**k up again.....

CNN is saying that thousands of voters may not get to vote

CNN has a new election ticker...

So all those right-wingers are complaining about liberal media bias. I have a solution--

Sarah Palin, Maverick Reformer or 'reformed' maverick?

Tweet the vote

What type of mansion will you live in if you get to heaven?? (from the folks at Rapture Ready)

The Sounds of Voting - and Check Writing

Fired employee sues Boeing in whistle-blower case

Fired employee sues Boeing in whistle-blower case

Fox News graphic shows men shooting at Obama & McCain

Rachel is moving on up, to the big time.......

Will Tuesday Night's Newscasts Call The States As They Fall?

Will Tuesday Night's Newscasts Call The States As They Fall?

Political Science for Dummies

Words or phrases Freepers keep using because they think it makes them look tough

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll


Map - Poll Closing Times - November 4, 2008

The lack of logic in the "spread the wealth" argument.

What Will You Say on Wednesday?

A Glimpse of Palin's America

If we win, we should thank this woman:

Rep. Clyburn of S.C makes me nauseated.

McCain's Rejected Robo-Call Scripts

McCain's Rejected Robo-Call Scripts

Ron Reagan: Making It Official: I Endorse Barack Obama

Letter: Prop. 8 misconceptions

If You Are Still Looking At New Polls You Are Needlessly Torturing Yourself. THEY MEAN NOTHING NOW!

Snatch is unsafe

Dear anti-Socialists,

AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum

Does Palin hold more rallys than Joe Biden?

Du this CNN poll: Do you agree with Obama

Anyone have a video of Palin rallies

Tuesday will be a repudiation of a notion that I'm somehow not good enough to be an American...

Tuesday will be a repudiation of a notion that I'm somehow not good enough to be an American...

What would you choose if you could only have one

Question: If Obama's "half-aunt" was ordered to leave the country 4 years ago...

Former 49er Steve Young and his wife oppose banning gay marriage (Prop 8)

I remember IANA

I'd poll you if I knew how to post one :) Please chime in about this racist statement.

"Obama Is Up, and Fans Fear That Jinxes It"...NYT article

New Polls 10.31.08: CO, IN, PA, IA, NC, MO, NV, NH, GA, ND, AZ, National, Trends, EC

The Evidence Establishes, without Question, that Republican Rule Is Dangerous:

Daylight saving time doesn't save - but it might cost

US's Syrian raid sets Iraq on fire

Why are Buchanan and the other Rethug hacks

Legal experts question US Attorney's decision not to prosecute Obama 'assassination plot'

Kid Glove Treatment for Walmart after They are Caught Risking Kids Lives - Bush History,11/01

More psychobabble from "Lady" Lynn Forester de Rothschild.....and two appropriate smackdowns

Polls narrowing--make calls for Obama ("Now, don't panic yet. Obama's still ahead.") but....

Parents protest student pledge forms on gays

I can see the ghostly spirit of defeat hovering over John McCain

"October Demise" NYT's Charles Blow (great graphic on polling since 1980)

Solution for long lines when voting: Have 2 lines: 1 for them booths and 1 for those

Amnesty: Somali rape victim, 13, stoned to death

Dole is getting hammered in NC papers.

Starving girl preferred dying to going home

1843: "Religion is the opiate of the people." .. Karl Marx

1843: "Religion is the opiate of the people." .. Karl Marx

Anyone know how to reset cookies on Google Chrome?

Hey Atlanta

What kind of hapless idiot bases the end of his campaign on Joe the Plumber?

Any US History buffs here tonight? Re Most electoral votes ever?

Obama aide dares Gubernator to a game of hoops, doubts he'd still call Obama "scrawny" :D

I need help to make a poster/sign..Here's the idea:

Obama says he didn't know aunt's illegal status

FEMA Emergency Evacuation Plan...

For those of you looking for Cheney

For those of you looking for Cheney

MPR poll: Franken leads Coleman 41-37 (w/in m.o.e)

My Son Was Barack Obama for Trick or Treat!

Interesting trick-or-treating last night--my kids skipped McCain houses.

John Legend 'If You're Out There" Lyrics. Last night on Real Time.

Zogby caught push polling for McCain

Watching Cornel West on Real Time

I can not stand this woman on MSNBC now she is so ...ugh..

Hey stressed out DUers

Bush is so popular that he is spending the

Here Is What I Need From You

Palin Thinks We Are At War With Iran - Video

This economic benefit chart might come in handy

Did anyone in the MSM ever mention palin's involvement in the AIP? They have no problem

Top stories on Drudge

Welcome Moderates to the New Center!!!

AIG planning posh convention in AZ.

Away from news and Internet since yesterday afternoon...

Happy November 1st.

Check out the KOS Electoral Scoreboard

Jon Stewart vs. Bill Kristol

Hey Arnold, my SKINNY LEGS will be standing in line to vote for Obama

I saw Jeremiah Wright ad last night in CA

Who is that woman in blue on MSNBC leading a high school pep rally? n/t

Will the National Journal claim that the 2012 or 2016 Democratic candidate is the most liberal?

California’s ‘No on 8’ campaign models ads on Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ commercials

Our VOTE Pumpkin Went Over Great!

Convicted felons can run for office? (Stevens)

My fellow prisoners - what's actually going on in his mind?

Does it seem that McSame and Falin are ALWAYS on the teevee talking?

So far I am counting 264 deep blue EV's for Obama...

I just switched to 100% renewable electric for my house! WooHoo!

Comrades, what will you be doing the week following the Ascension?

did anyone see on real time when amy holmes said FDR was pres when the stock market crashed?

Remaking America in Falwell’s Image

Obama Dramatically Out-Organizing McCain In Virginia

Florida marriage amendment on rocks (We don't like discrimination shoved into our Constitution.)

OK yall have to watch this video lol its too funny

Attack Ad Generator! Make your own!

Der Spiegel remembers The Moran in Chief.

Brighten someone's day...

Which RW pundit will have the worst meltdown when Obama wins?

Volunteering in Indiana today. Some interesting observations.

Are long waits to vote the equivalent of a Poll Tax?

Magic Johnson Urges Voters to Vote NO on Proposition 8

Why Zogby polls are suddenly skewing for McCain

Why Zogby polls are suddenly skewing for McCain

Prop 8 eliminates rights, can you help stop it?

Why are so many McLame nut job supporters wearing red?

Palin Is An Alien! Proof!

Australian news: Joe the plumber eyes book deal, political career

Obit for Studs Terkel written by Roger Ebert:

Anyone else just get this PM?

OMG, dupe

Now that the United States has returned to it's polytheistic roots. Which deity will you worship?

"Far Right, Neo-Nazis, Islamic Fundamentalists Forge Alliance After September 11"

Is it true? only two voting machines in Louisiana?

Election Night Parties For The Bipartisan Crowd - find one near you!!

Halloween - 50 years ago

Who else thinks John King and Dana Bash would have beautiful babies?

If asking someone making a quarter-million dollars a year to pay an additional

Does anyone else have the feeling that we are goin to be fucked

This 'Snopes Okayed ' virus notice may have saved my computer -

Found on Nate Silver's Site,

Found on Nate Silver's Site,

"Kill The Celebrity"

Obama did not know about illigal status of aunt

I Came across this embryonic Email Smear over at FR

" McCain Leads Obama In Latest Zogby Poll", can anyone confirm the validity of this?

Whoa! Major thunderstorm in West Hollywood - it scared the cat silly.

Do any of you guys have an opinion of Craig Ferguson's show?

When should McCain concede?

Bush History,11/01 - Kid Glove Treatment for Walmart after They are Caught Risking Kids Lives

Palin Responds to spoof

What happened?

I'm listening to an ad about "Obama's inexperience"...can someone tell

HELP needed!! link for election returns tues night

Garrison Keillor on PHC with tribute to Studs Terkel right now.

slow down and puff with care.

***Christmas Commercial Alert***

I just voted for Obama in Columbus, Ohio!!

I think Sarah Palin was the best choice the GOP had...

Why oh why is there no media coverage on this (Palin's Faith)??????

Freeper 'investigates' Obama's time at Columbia.

Supreme Court arguments will focus on naughty words

Winning by lies.

Palin's Scary Religious Connection

Okay, a serious question and not trying to dis anyone at all How can minorities

Judge Rejects Motion to Keep Bin Laden Driver Locked Up

Closing Guantanamo

Red Sex, Blue Sex.....Interesting

This just in: FOX News Employees Have Poor Math Skills

Does anyone know what swing states don't have early voting for Tuesday?

How are Rep Waxman and Rep Kucinich doing in their races?? nm

I am going to gloat like hell in front of every rethug I see on Wednesday

Feith Finds a Home

McCain so weak on defense, Mexico invades Arizona

The final of the cricket competition sponsored by the American

Matthews keeps saying McCain/Palin haven't been the bigots we know they are

Is that private note from: Concerned About Conflict at Democratic Underground?real?

Ted Stevens may lose his law license...

Ted Stevens (R-AK-crook) may lose law license

Caskets unearthed by Hurricane Ike still waiting to be buried

Poll: In early voting, Lunsford leads (McConnell!) by 12

Leak On Obama's Aunt Violates ICE Guidelines

What explanation will be given for the "seismic shift" in poll numbers toward McCain?

Does you loves you some Liddy Dole? Ya ain't gonna love this poll:

Remembering your first presidential election...

Elia Kazan's "A Face In The Crowd" just started on Turner Classics

Not a bigger or smaller government, but a smarter government

Question. Early votes. how are they counted?

And The Office Puke Said Today......WOW...

Christ, do the vultures come out quick enough when times get hard?

Is Keith on MSNBC tonight or was his special tomorrow?

X10.COM (via InternetOutland) uses Palin images in a funny way to promote their products.

X10.COM (via InternetOutland) uses Palin images in a funny way to promote their products.

Global Financial wizard writer Will Hutton says ....It's the derivatives stupid....

Sarah Palin, Nostradamus of War

Neighbor in NY with voting problem

Against complacency: After the election, we must work to make our elections fair and transparent!

Health Care Exec Guilty In $1.9B Fraud Case

Facts don't get in the way of Web political rumors

Textbook Example Of FReeper Delusion


My personal message to Barack Obama

Seen this yet? Very cool older black man wins raffle in CO, gets to meet Barack.

OMFG One of my nephews just phoned me from a voting line

Awwwwww! Mama.....

Latest robocall in Pennsylvania

If you have absentee voted already stop in and say hi

Reminder....Set Your Clocks Back an Hour Tonight...

Right Wing email about Snopes....has this been debunked?

Conyers Writes to Chertoff RE: Obama's aunt and her immigration status

I thought freepers hated the whole 'celebrity' thing?


Cindy McPills is a terrible speaker

Still No Medical Records From Palin

These people are dysfunctional

TIME: Stevens and Young, Try to Hold Onto Power

Kid's scary picture gets him suspended from school until he passes psych evaluation!

Whoa. Has anyone else gotten this? What is this "DU Study" all about? Skinner "too busy?"

Quick! Someone buy SP a copy of the US Constitution!

Quick! Someone buy SP a copy of the US Constitution!

Dick Durbin's daugther dies.

Prop 8 Emergency Situation. Please help if civil rights are important to you.

Clarion, PA - An apology on behalf of my aunt

the "Flair" application on Facebook.

Obama made a nice point on the Rachel Maddow show about one big difference between him and McCain

Don't know about you but that Chertoff dude scares the shit outta me...Bush couldn't pick a better

How About Sending A Gift to The Masked Avengers

Stupid freepers...the reason you are going to lose this election sits in the White House.

Obama once again winning with mathematics

Evo Morales to BushCo: The United States and its sham War on Drugs can kiss my ass.....

11th-Hour Assault on Wolves (well, of course!)

Perfect Credit but New Credit Ap DENIED - has this happened to you?

Perfect Credit but New Credit Ap DENIED - has this happened to you? back online, after being hacked into and wiped out...

Bogus Robocall Tells Floridians They Can Vote By Phone

Fundies: The country's future hinges on the Prop. 8 vote

Why does the Onion always have to be right about this kind of stuff?

Eight years ago both Gore and Bush were on SNL. Not in person, only via

Tom the Dancing Bug (...about those Obama taxes)

Biden says McCain slow to realize economy's woes

A Cause Worth Donating To Fight The Right-Wing Media Lies

Excuse me please, but Joe th' "plummer" ain't a plumber, he's

At this point, the only SNL skit with McPalin that would be fuinny would be his face .....

Maybe some of you remember a video during the 2004 election season

Well, that's McCain and SNL . . .

Well, that's McCain and SNL . . .

Panasonic reportedly to buy Sanyo

Boy, 12, shot dead while trick-or-treating

Check Out This Obama Mix - From DJZ-Trip

Yes it is time to ban guns...and cars

NY Times: From Midwest to M.T.A., Pain From Global Gamble

NY Times: A Surge on One Channel, a Tight Race on Another (MSNBC/Fox News)

The official "What are you doing to get through the next couple of days" thread

The Nation: Hoosiers for Obama

Puzzling - he needs to be in jail

Puzzling - he needs to be in jail

I just watched W.

Ok...Barack is the Anti Christ by some Christian standards

Our local board of elections is predicting upwards of 90% of registered voters to vote

Now McCain is openly questioning Obama's faith. He should be run out of town on a rail

Now McCain is openly questioning Obama's faith. He should be run out of town on a rail

Rapture Ready crowd writes off Apple computers for "catering to gays" (Prop 8 donation)

Rapture Ready crowd writes off Apple computers for "catering to gays" (Prop 8 donation)

Texas Tech!

Oh, oh, "Thar she blows!" - Dr. Wulsin's ad "sinks" Mean Jean Schmidt


Joe "the plumber" reminds me of Tricky Dick Nixon's "plumbers".

Just got a call from the phone company saying they fixed the call threads.

How many podiums (podii? Podia?) has McCain broken with his angry gesticulations?

How Long Before 'Joe the Plumber' Becomes 'Joe Who?'

SHE'S SO FUCKING STUPID! Sarah Palin (Idiot-AK) takes prank call from "Sarkozy"...

IMPORTANT: Expect some funky behavior for an hour after clocks change tonight.

Michele Bachmann fan can't handle the Truthiness!

I just had a thought....what if Obama had picked Bayh?

When this election is over can we GO AFTER Sarah Palin for Child Abuse?

For Older Blacks, Election Offers Fruits of Hard Journey

Don't miss this! Wonderful tribute by DFW to a departed friend:

Woman denies Halloween candy to children of Obama supporters

When the GOP bleat about "librul education," which school are they talking about?

BREAKING: The Magistrate Blushes Like a Schoolgirl

What are all these fires around nuclear materials/facilities a sign of?

Rich: 'Obama doesn’t transcend race. He isn’t post-race. He is the latest chapter . . .'

No Treats for Obama Supporters

My voting experience in Tennessee - Reflection

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - McCain's got 'em????

All those voting line-ups are mind boggling to this Canadian.

Freepers desperate, ask courts to "avoid a constitutional crisis by halting Tuesday's election"

What I would really like to see Tuesday night...

Today I put an Obama sticker on Stedman Graham

If Charlie Daniels, Hank Jr and Joe T Plumber were riding around in a van

Child's drawing frightens teacher...sees gang signs

AP: Associated phuckheads! OMG! His half-aunt is an illegal immigrant living in public housing!

Seen the night sky this eve? Looks like a good sign to me.

McCain desperate in PA: my mother-in-law has received at least 4 robocalls TODAY.

There is Melamine Tainted Candy, that was not pulled off the shelves!

John Cleese rhymes again on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"

Oh Ha Ha. Chair of FL Republicans calls party too white...contradicts self from August.

Another story of

Delegate to GOP convention applies litmus test in doling out Halloween candy. Kids of Dems get zilch

It's not too late to post your Halloween pics for the DU costume & pumpkin contest! (Keep kicked)

Victoria Jackson explains to Bill O'Reilly why she's voting for McCain.

Ben Affleck Doing Olbermann and Countdown on SNL Now.


Felons can't vote in Florida but can be Senators in Alaska?

Patti Smith Has the Power

Formula 1 history could be made tomorrow. Lewis Hamilton could

McCain sounds like a rambling old drunk at my local water hole.

THAT'LL Show 'Em!

Tina Fey and McCain on SNL

Anyone know what will happen to Opus tomorrow?

On The Nonesense Sen. Obama's Tax Proposals Are 'Welfare For People Who Don't Pay Taxes'....

Parrotheads rejoice! Jimmy Buffett backs Obama, will present free concert Sunday

Did people who knew about secret, CIA-led coups use that information to game the stock market?

Area code 308? Has anyone else received calls from this

Naomi Klein: The Bailout: Bush's Final Pillage

McCain phone banker gets WAY racist!

So met I some fundie Christian uncle cousin of my wife's today

"Help" in Dayton Ohio as Congressman Turner(R) keeps walkIng thru voter lines;

Sears, Home Depot May Lose 8% of Holiday Sales on Credit Limits

AHAHAHA Palin tells Sarkozy prankster "We should go hunting sometime!"

AHAHAHA Palin tells Sarkozy prankster "We should go hunting sometime!"

(Maybe now, people will hear) Oprah's experience with electronic voting


They played "Redneck Woman" as Sarah Palin took the stage in FL today.

Some of you may have received a private message asking you to participate in an online survey.

Some of you may have received a private message asking you to participate in an online survey.

Some of you may have received a private message asking you to participate in an online survey.

Subject: Nazi Socialism

S.E.C. Begins Formal Investigation of Halliburton's Accounting

S.E.C. Begins Formal Investigation of Halliburton's Accounting

S.E.C. Begins Formal Investigation of Halliburton's Accounting

S.E.C. Begins Formal Investigation of Halliburton's Accounting

Tweety is playing the prank tape now

Adam "Opie" Putnam was a no show to debate his opponent, Doug Tudor.

Name That Criminal or How Many Of These Criminals Will Be Pardoned Before junior Rides Off Into The

That lying son of a bitch is just going to keep repeating until Tuesday that...

FR intends to "freep" Digg

Why is the 'eat less meat' message such a hard sell?

ACLU: Plan for Restoring Civil Liberties in the Next Administration

Amnesty: Rape girl, 13, killed for adultery

Should churches & religious organizations lose their tax exempt status now?

Gore Vidal Et Al To Obama: Do Not Concede!

Travelling tomorrow

Obama rolled

I thought this was great

Guys! like, all the Halloween candy I didn't give away--

Raise you hand if you knew that the T-Thread is M42-0.75


Dammit, I'm old and crabby.

Quick, there is a live one in GDP!

George Clinton's on Letterman

I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night...

What TV show was it where kids read scripts from political slap-downs?

Why isn't the "Mark Read" working tonight? I started a thread in GD that I can't keep up with!

Ever heard of the term Flying Blind?

Mom! I want a 1/100 scale radio controlled MechaGodzilla for Christmas!!!

If you were headed to a bar, and allowed one wingman/wingwoman, which DUer would you bring?

I think it is hilarious that there are so many people on FB with Hussein as a middle name

lost in translation sure enough


I *knew* I liked him: Mickey ROURKE's paen to dogs

I was so proud that I installed a brand new brain by myself, until I realized that...

need help wooin' those 80's ladies?

Barack Obama and Dating Advice

Bummer, I just got an email telling me the Nigerian money emails are a scam!!!

so, I went to the mall last night to get away from buggers knocking on my door and OMG!

749 AM, Saturday, November 01. I'm starting my election day drinking NOW.

Las Vegas cops bust the Silver Surfer on drunk driving charge?

For the safety of my good name, I fear I must resign my job.

I gotta subscribe to this paper

Is It Possible That the Key Ingredient In Pirate's Booty Is CRACK?

anybody want to come to my house and watch tango and cash?

Robb's succinct review: 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' was great

I just noticed that Gmail is still in "Beta"

Wow , I noticed I used "I noticed " twice is two subsequent posts

The Things I Have to Do to Maintain Myself.

I was so proud that I installed a brand new toilet by myself, until I realized that...

Wow , I noticed a lot of women Dressed as Sarah Palin yesterday

Should I vote tomorrow?

Well, I hope everyone had a good Halloween because I was to tired after early voting to do anything.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday November 1

Share your funniest pictures from the web.

BREAKING: Joe the Plumber requests meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!

There are pro-McCain conservatives in my P.A. class, but they are far outnumbered by pro-Obama

my ears are killing me

OK - finally did it - I shaved it all off

The translator is not in the building...

when I go to Chuggo, what should I do/see?

Update on my electropopish song: what do you folks think of it?

Saw the neatest thing last night

Oooohhhh, a new PM!

Old time hockey!

It's not too late to post your Halloween pics for the DU costume & pumpkin contest! (Keep kicked)

There's crazy, and then there's CRAZY. "Super Fan" reacts to new Britney Spears album cover.

I'm drunk, I live in Salem MA, and I'm beyond excited by the idea of an Obama presidency

By popular request (or not): the plumber is IN! Ask me anything.

When I go to Chicago, what should I do/ see?


Per capita, Delaware produces more great music than any other state in the union

WOW. Massive thunder in Los Angeles!!

When pumpkins booze it up...

Did Katt Williams die today?

We're moving and my son was packing stuff and found a check for $10 in a snack box he was discarding

My husband, dressed up as Michael Myers, made a little girl cry last night.

Ok Loungers, Got A Few Minutes To Give An Opinion? Somethin Exciting Goin On But I Lack Confidence.

Have you ever seen John Wayne's teeth?

Primate1, which Halloween films did you end up viewing?

The sprinklers just went off during the Notre Dame game.

Rhapsody play list for today...can you tell my mood?

My little brother would have been 49 today

I can't take waiting anymore...

Whoa! Major thunderstorm in West Hollywood - it scared the cat silly.

Anybody else getting spammed by Yahoo groups?

I haven't watched the news in a few days, has McCain come out to blast Halloween as socialism yet?

Initiate Self Destruct Sequence (Death by tamale picture thread)

Anybody familiar with St Augustine FL?

12 more months 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! 12 more months 'til Halloween, Halloween, Hal

Prius question - where is the auxiliary port?

The Obama Hustle

Anyone here play the bodhran?

I've gone through a bottle of whiskey and 3/4 of a case of beer since this morning in...

My Halloween Pumpkins from 2008 and previous years (Dial-Up warning) . . .

Hot Daymn...I scored FREE tickets to the Chiefs game tomorrow

For the first time, the kittehs are cuddled up together sleeping! Pic!

Some LOL cats

How come people never talk about their new stomping grounds?

Chad Vader

How big is your

Elizabeth... It's still up. Elizabeth... Elizabeth...

Kathy Bates totally deserved her Oscar for "Misery"

Sukiyaki - Ue wo muite arukou - Kyu Sakamoto

Terminal cancer patient gets life in prison for sex assault

Don't tell me how many ghosts,the Ghost Hunters found on their special yesterday.

The reason why the US Version of Life on Mars mostly fails is this

When I was younger, I used to love the extra hour we'd get on DST

Going to see Bill Cosby tonight.


When I was younger, I used to love the extra hour we'd get on DS1

Went to IKEA!!!

Will wonders never cease....

Lip Up Fatty

Will PA get ANOTHER sports gift today??? (All eyes on Lubbock)

Gentlemen, has this ever happened to you....

A Funny Thanksgiving Story I got on the internets....

eyeglasses - can someone tell me what frames that have a top-to-bottom depth means?

You're So Vain...


Breastfeeding (41 CFR 102-74.426)

Dilate/shrink your pupils at will (body hack)

Your Attention Please:

I'm traveling to a Battleground State tomorrow for campaign work!

I want a Snuggie™!! The Blanket with Sleeves!

Absentee voting anecdote

LEGO Stand Up - Eddie Izzard

Rain, rain, beautiful rain!

The man really needs some Krispy Kreme.

Note to self...Never again hire "Joe the Driveway Guy"

Question: How do you embed YouTube videos in posts?

Do Each Other...Over The Internet! (actual item) safe for work post

I am a Texas Longhorn fan who is very seriously thinking of getting a drink...

My Mother, the Republican

"Keyboard not found. Press F1 for Setup."

Suo gan

Cowboy baby...

Ahh, forget it

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/1/2008)

Suck it you longhorn fuckos

Keep it naked, Writer, this is going down to the wire!!!!

the trees are drawing me near, I've got to find out why.


After listening to the Sarah Palin prank, I found myself deeply disturbed by it

If Billy Mays is in one more commercial...

Thoughts on the new G1 Google phone?

Wow, I picked up my election supplies today, and I have 1,027 early voters from my precinct.

True or False: Underage drinking is more fun than legal drinking

Is it okay to give a man flowers?


Do let your teens ride in cars with another teen driving?

OMG! Giant cylinders from Mars have landed in New Jersey!!!

Today's College Football Thread

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

Wow, is anyone watching the Nebraska/Oklahoma game? Take a look at the Obama supporters

If you were a hotdog, would you eat yourself?

Southern style sweet tea

If I watch the second half of the Texas-Texas Tech game nude, will Texas win?

Oh baby. I won 2nd prize in the costume contest tonight!

PSA for you - just because a woman went to Oral Roberts University doesn't mean she ...

Sarah Palin gets punked by a fake Sarkozy. They just played it on MSNBC. Hilarious!

Why does the ShamWow guy wear a headset?

Please Caption this.

Halloween - 50 years ago

The only thing that could make me feel better right now is ice cream

So Halloween was AWESOME!! (pics)

I need an example

Here's a good question about the Piano and punk music. I've been wondering,...

So long, Fred. Farewell to a great guy you've never met

Damn, a girl I got drunk and fooled around with LAST Halloween ....

Unsweetened "iced tea"

I can't wait til Tuesday Afternoon !!!!!

So long little puppy, enjoy your new home!

in a few days i get to cast my first vote

NO on 8 photos!

Happy Halloween! I'm being Evicted


Okay. I have pneumonia and the realtor just showed up and demanded a house showing tomorrow a.m.

Turning Siamese/ I think she's turning Siamese/ I really think so (kitten pix; dialup warning)

The final Opus


Poll question: Do you think you are a better driver than the average person?

So I Hurt My Back And Got Drugs And Now I'm PUI... Ask Me Anything

teenagers! my sweet, good baby was caught skipping school.

My favorite grim reaper...

shit, things are very seriously not ok

This afternoon, I held up a NO on 8 sign at one of the busier intersections here in Irvine!

Confess to an odd fear that you have now or have had in the past (other than clowns)

Peeples! Get your Music ready

In Ohio, Downturn Upends Old Loyalties

Syria cuts diplomatic ties with Iraq over US raid

Peruvian shamans for Obama

Police release report on DC Madam suicide

Newsday endorses Barack Obama

Murdoch says Obama win could worsen financial crisis: report

S.E.C. Begins Formal Investigation of Halliburton's Accounting

Fears on Animal Feed Widen Food Inquiry in China

Obama: ‘We can write our nation’s next great chapter’ (radio address)

McCain, Obama dash across Bush states


McCain Attacks Obama's Patriotism

British commander in Afghanistan quits - source

Creepy commercial in Phila., Pa. Market

Civil rights group renews Va. election lawsuit

Obama Ahead or Surprisingly Close in All Regions

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Gallup Daily: Obama 52%, McCain 42% Among LV - Largest lead for Obama among likely voters to date

After millions of votes, Democrats outnumber GOP

A campaign for the ages, tilting toward Democrats

Judge orders Justice to produce wiretap memos

No on Prop 8 Campaign Slams Dishonest Mailer Targeting African-American Voters (new Obama statement)

Rare flash of anger from Obama on Halloween night

Bolivia halts US anti-drugs work

GOP tries to raise $5 million in 72 hours (for GOTV)

Candidates vow to aid ailing auto industry

Coke sets targets for cuts in water, emissions

Troubled Iowa Meatpacker Defaulted on Loan, Bank Says

Comic strip 'Doonesbury' predicts Obama win: Newspapers split over whether to run Wednesday strip

McCain's name nowhere to be seen at Palin rally

Daughter of Ill Senator Dick Durbin dies

Obama says he didn't know his aunt's illegal status

Dick Cheney Endorses McCain

McCain is feeling the heat in Arizona: Some polls suggest home state is up for grabs

AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum

Poll: Early Voters Strongly Prefer Obama

Sarah Palin effigy burned on bonfire

Homeless sex offenders tracked by satellite

No big sellers in sight to save troubled Chrysler

Boy sent home from school for dressing as Jesus

Neighbors shocked after SC trick-or-treater shot

Police: Shooter feared trick-or-treater was robber

Palin takes prank call from fake French president

Supporting Obama? No treats for you at Grosse Pointe Farms house

Illegal killings by army seen widespread in Colombia

No vs. Yes on Proposition 8

Michael Moore: 'By Tuesday Morning, McCain Will Be Endorsing Obama'

Michael Moore on COUNTDOWN

Fighting The Urge To Purge In Colorado

Democracy Now: Michael Moore talks common sense

Ben Bernake Please Bring Me Some Green


Felon Stevens vs. Mayor Begich Alaska Senate Debate

Craig Ferguson: McCain mistaken by kids for Angry Santa

President Palin

Christian fundamentalists pray to the Wall Street Golden Bull

John Lennon was a Hateful Person


TheRealNews: October Surprises

Whale Wars on Animal Planet Nov 7 - Sea Shepherd promo

"There's Nothing We Can't Do"


Former Republican Secretary of State Eagleburger, disses Palin

Eagleburger Recants Palin Comments -Who Got To Him?

DUPE. Please delete.

Barack Obama: Three Days out in Nevada

Terrorist endorsement - will cost 4-5 points

Rachel Maddow Show: Rachel and Lawrence O' Donnell discuss Palin

Michele Bachmann: She's for Wall Street, not Minnesota. (listen for laughter)

Real Time w/Bill Maher- New Rules 10/31/2008

DailyKosTV: Cheney Endorses McCain and Palin

Gay Marriage in California | No on Prop 8 PSA | #1

Palin: "Their c*nt, their government" - choose one?

Prankin' Palin

Darth Cheney Endorses McPhalin for President

McCain secretly signals that he's lying. Can you catch it?

Republican Fantasy: Sarah Palin Strips for John McCain?!

TPM TV: Cheney Campaigning for McCain

McCain Gets It From Skip E. Lowe

Racist McCain Supporters

Vote Yes on Prop 1A for High-Speed Rail

Ohio: Voter Protection

Nevada: Voter Protection

Video Message from Konrad Ng

Excellent on-the-ground reporting in Clayton County, Georgia

Roger Simon: No Match Between Obama and McCain

What Keeps Me Going

Funkadesi for Obama!!!! GOTV

Sarah Palin interview contains Backwards Messages!!

Obama congratulates McCain = Cheney endorsement

Lies - The Knickerbockers

When a Republican Calls (fake movie trailer)

We Know You

Palin's Response To The Radio Prank

Sarah Palin gets a prank call from Nicolas Sarkozy

Indiana Strategy Update

TYT: McCain Spokesman Speechless When Challenged On Obama Attacks

Joe Biden in Marion, Ohio

Republicans Hate America

Cleese & KO Laughing Their Asses Off At McCain!

No on Prop 8 releases new ad highlighting Obama, Feinstein and Schwarzenegger

Sarah Palin Prank Call (The Polar Bear Pics Version!)

Ethel and Max Kennedy on Barack

Redneck Banjo Picker for Obama

Sarah Palin & John McCain - The Brits Keep on Laughing!

Cornel West on Real Time with Bill Maher

Lady Says 'NO CANDY' To Kids Who Don't Endorse McCain - Halloween Fright

Fred Barnes: Early Voting was Crowded with "Poor Old People"

No on prop 8

Franken Says Coleman LIED

TYT: McCain Gets Pwned by Larry King

Palin Gets VP Job Description Wrong - Again!

Making it Count: How to Protect Your Vote & Spot Dirty Tricks

Al Gore for Obama in FL: Next Tuesday, America is COMING BACK.

Real Time 10/31/2008- Part 1, Michael Moore & Panel

End of An Error - Goodbye to you!

Check out this wretched and unintentionally hilarious song: I Believe in John McCain

Spartanburg, South Carolina- Attempting to suppress the vote of absentee voters

Will your vote count? (NJ)

The death of the dollar?

Kid Gets Electric Shock From McCain Sign

Sarah Palin Pranked By Radio Duo. Yes it is real!

Another Blow to McCain: Obama Endorsed by Nancy Reagan's Astrologer

Truthdig: Closing Guantanamo

Bob Herbert: The Known Unknowns

Apollo astronaut volunteers for Obama

Independent UK: Is this troubled nation ready for change?

WSJ:Will This Election Be Stolen? By MARK CRISPIN MILLER

Aussies barracking for Obama

Forget Arizona, McCain Now REALLY on Defensive, Campaigns at 'Old Navy'

AlterNet: McCain's Big Backfire: Majority of Americans Like the Idea of Spreading the Wealth

Sarah Palin Cites Her 1st Amendment Rights to 'Freak Speech'

Republican Senate Candidates Abandon McCain

McCain's Latest 'Fowl' Play in Florida: Claims Obama Would End 'Early Bird Specials'

"US lawyer driving the turnaround on the tube"

Sneak Preview of McCain's SNL Appearance: Plans Surprise Motivational Speech

EDITORIAL: Reclaiming our country

Rashid Khalidi: Will Anyone Stand for McCain's Final Smear? (NY Mag)

'My Values Didn't Change' In Bush, Loyalists See a Good Man Who Has Gotten a Bad Rap

Seed Endorses Obama

Why Studs Terkel Mattered - He gave voice to the voiceless

Historians Assert Liddy Dole's Scurrilous Campaign Has Precedent in Ancient Greece

Historians Assert Liddy Dole's Scurrilous Campaign Has Precedent in Ancient Greece

The Real Story Behind How McCain Chose Sarah Palin By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

The Hedonists' Reckoning

Factchecking 43's Fuzzy Math

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Progressive/Democrats. Let's WIN this thing!!!

Joe Conason: Obama's winning argument

Roger Ebert: To Studs: With Love and Memories

Ditched by Joe the Plumber, McCain Now Campaigns with 'Janitor in a Drum'

Five Reasons Why the Obama Infomercial was Worth the Cost

Battle Bonfire prepares to explode Sarah Palin

McCain Finally Provides Some Straight Talk, on the Cheney Endorsement

Obama Victory? Thank Dean

Excitement and Anxiety Swirl as Chicago Prepares to Host Obama Election Night Event

San Francisco's Prostitutes Support a Proposition

Reality Check: Palin the 'PunKER,' Not the 'PunKEE'

Independent UK: Obama, the man who would be Roosevelt

Sacre Bleu! Palin Takes Call from Pepe Le Pew!

Democrats Seek to Exploit Stevens

Nestled in the Lap of Luxury

Obama-Inspired Black Voters Warm to Politics

Me, my son and Obama: one father's story

From the Guardian UK: The world is watching our election!

The New Yorker: The Choice, Barack Obama

“My Friends,” We Will Help Destroy the Republican Brand

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Colombia’s Political Horizon: The Rise of the Left

Monty Python Election Night Special

Governor Palin, I've Got I.P. Freely On The Line For You (Silverstein / Harpers)

The End is at Hand (to Leftist Conspiracy Theories)By Dave Lindorff

What Will the Republican Whine Be November 5th?

VA: Margaret's Letter

Measures of success

Rise in drug prescriptions may signal abuse

Study focuses on minority businesses and BRAC

Sailors go solo on stressful Army, USMC tours

Will LCS go gator?

4,000 IRR sailors to muster next summer

Afghanistan rebuilding challenges are many

Appeals court sides with Westboro Baptist

Stiletto’s first strike

On the way to 202K

6 Marines charged in alleged plot to sell gear

15th MEU, Peleliu ESG heading home

A new leader for nuclear weapons

2 Marines accused of soliciting minor

More billets for acquisition, contracting

Airmen train Seattle air traffic controllers

CIA Air Force gen. nominated for 3rd star

Generation Y

Odierno says SOFA in Iraq may be elusive

Classes aim to boost Iraqi employment

AFRICOM to remain at Stuttgart for now

Grabbing hold of only the best parts of being Gen Y

Mother testifies that baby was dropped

Baghdad water pipeline bombed

Plaintiff testifies in AF vet’s rape trial

Bin Laden Videomaker Could Face Life

'US Strikes' Pakistan Villages

Soldiers Focus More on War Than Voting

Flame-resistant shirt tailored to Afghanistan

Winning hearts and minds in Vietnam

Lieberman: Mubarak can 'go to hell'; Peres, Olmert apologize

"No on 8" slightly ahead in latest field poll here in San Diego, CA

Vote NO of Florida Ammendment 2

SLO AIDS Walk - worldfamouslois and I and a thumbsup up to DU.

Steve Young, Mormon, hall of fame QB, says "No on Prop 8"

I am the first person to point out how are supposed straight allies on du

Sen. Dole mailer: Democrats "Radical Homosexual Agenda"

Mud eruption 'caused by drilling' (BBC) {do ya think?}

Political Science for Dummies

A Picture Guide to the Financial Crisis (this is pretty cool)

Today in labor history Oct 31 Tennessee sends in convict laborers to break a coal miners strike

Today in labor history Nov 1 A scab motorman crashed a NYC subway train killing 97 and injuring 255

U.S. Economy Contracts As Mass Layoffs Squeeze Workers

Colorado Workers Fighting Ballot Measures That Would Undermine Their Rights

UAW: John McCain Is Shockingly Ignorant About U.S. Auto Industry's Needs

World War II Resistance Fighter Prays for Obama, Mark Warner to Win Nov. 4

Biden, Sweeney Rally Workers in Ohio

AFL-CIO Poll: Union Support for Obama Grows in Key States

Foxwoods Union Agrees To Negotiate Under Tribal Law

OSHA Attends International Conference on Crane Safety

OSHA fines company in worker's death on I-495

Interstate Bakeries (Wonder Bread, Twinkies) offers part ownership to unions

Remembering Studs Terkel

Starbucks Blues Lean times and labor pains are tarnishing the coffee giant’s image

Ranchers organize secret ballot on UFW bid to organize feedlots

10,000 Strong: Unprecedented Number of USW Activists Volunteering for Obama-Biden

Steelers and Steelworkers to Rally for Obama-Biden, Get Out the Vote

AP: Kroger executive, Ralphs managers plead not guilty in labor fraud case

Labor Department settles H-1B case for $1.7M (IT services firm didn't pay required wages)

1 Worker Killed, 9 Rescued After Fall From New Orleans Bridge

Workers resist raids by ICE in rural Minnesota towns

Board knew of nurses' criminal records but took years to act

WSJ: Economy Heightens Debate Over Bill to Ease Union Organizing

3 migrants dead, dozens flee when freighter runs aground (Brazilians,Dominicans, fleeing communism?)

Colombia’s Political Horizon: The Rise of the Left

Hemispheric Conference against Militarization Says No to Merida Initiative, U.S. Military Bases

Political reform approved, re-election Uribe left out

Lula discusses economic crisis with 'lucid' Fidel Castro

Rodgers receives extension

Packers Release KGB

The Series between TB and Philadelphia was the lowest-rated

Varitek files for free agency - Sox retain Wakefield


I have a really bad memory. I thought I recall Georgia being pre-season #1.

Got my flu shot, my shoulder is slightly sore. How do I report this adverse reaction to VAERS?

Do you have any fave vegetarian recipes you'd like to share?

Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga Daily Thread in GD:P links:

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrology Newsletter for November

Post Your Halloween Shots

The Puppets

Meg Wachter DUMPED


New film

Dia De Los Muertos

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF AUTUMN

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF AUTUMN

Soliciting opinions on rifle purchase

Briefs for SCOTUS re incorporation of the 2nd Amdt in the 14th Amdt, Nordyke v. King, at

Shooter feared trick-or-treater was robber - sprays 30 rounds thru door at knock, kills 12 yr old

Defensive use of a firearm and the Castle Doctrine.

Rustic Dinner Rolls from Cook's Illustrated

D&D players raise $17K for The Christian Children's fund

What type of mansion will you live in if you get to heaven?? (from the folks at Rapture Ready)

Beautiful shot of the Veil Nebula (APOD)

Why sex gets cocks crowing

Otto the octopus wreaks havoc

Sign up for Cookstr! This should be good...

Washington Post editorial: An 'Idiot Wind'; McCain's latest attempt to link Obama to extremism

so, who has grant park tickets?? anybody?? i got mine!!!

Criminal Law for Dummies 101

Tarrant County: Early Voting Numbers for the 2 Weeks including Mail-in.......466468

Encouraging numbers from Collin County

Angelina County early voting...

Dallas County judicial candidate finds himself in a dogfight, and not a political one

Electoral College Pool

61B - Farheen Hakeem's Deceptive Campaign Literature

Talk me down

Suggestion: Disconnect Your Landlines Today

Repub WTF call...on my home phone

I get so homesick for Wisconsin this time of year +New Sconnie website

"Whad'Ya Know?"

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