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Archives: October 9, 2008

Dear Brother John: I remember then and it was nothing like now

A fun movie.

seen Cheney lately?

Crisis could crimp defense spending, now at World War II levels

$2.5 trillion in 6 months and you think your dollar is worth what?

Take The Poll, Slam The Anti-Gay Bigots in OC, CA (Prop 8)

A few months ago I posted they would go after our retirement as a final act

"The GOP tells her what to you can too!"

Did anyone catch Bill Maher on Leno last night?

Michelle will make a great first lady..

I'll say it again - if/when elected, Obama needs to come down on domestic terrorism

Montana voter caging preliminary ruling! Judge Molloy!

Employee Free Choice Act?

BREAKING: Canada unveils new ELITE Plan to assist Americans to move there should McCain win.

Today's GritTV: Jimi Hendrix on the Cello (not actually, but watch if you can)

Why are we accepting advertising from T. Boone Pickens?

a simple question about McPain's tax policy

Carville: Republicans need to start blaming each other

An email I sent to my conservative Californian relatives

An email I sent to my conservative Californian relatives

Image: We Love Obama!

McCain is Mortal, Palin is "Big MILF," empowered to select a VP nt

CNN quick vote; Who would make a better first lady? fake "viral" video blog site connected to "American Carol"

typical MCCAIN public relations

Dumb question ahead...

Michigan DUers - Check your voter registration NOW (link)...

One in 4 Children Believes it is Against the Law for Women, African Americans, or Latinos to be Prez

The Bigger fool Theory

RNC Smokescreen - Official: Registration issues won't affect vote

Todd Palin defends role as wife's adviser

US debt clock runs out of digits...

== Planet Obama = By Mark Morford

Community torn apart by SC immigration raid

Community torn apart by SC immigration raid

So this is National Review - Obama hates science because it would reveal that whites are superior

A little picture to brighten your morning!

Guardian UK: It's President 'That One' to you

Wonder why Sarah's changed her hairdo.

Bush does not respect the constitution

McCain/Palin - Leading the Cult of the New Right

Non Sequitur 10/9/08 - May have rushed the vetting process...

Who's on troll watch this morning? One got past ya.

Dollars & Sense: October Surprise

Dollars & Sense: October Surprise

Do you want justice for Watergate and the victims of the Contras?

Study: Job seekers outnumber openings almost 3 to 1

Faux news rewrites history with the Gibbs vs Hannity debate

Welcome to DU chupacabranation! And a-one, and a-two...

With voter purges up, what do you think will happen if McCain wins?

Taking to the Streets for the Poor - Fran Quigley

Office Space to Let, and Lots of It

We Cannot Allow Sarah Palin To Have "Nukkkleeer Weapons"...

What about a white guy comparison the repugs like...

The scent is in the air!!!

MN-Sen: Voters Go Crazy for a Sharp-Dressed Senator

KY-Sen: Senate Republicans Already Contemplating Life Without McConnell

White House considers ownership stakes in banks

Election 2008: Minnesota Senate

I'm not so proud of my home state this morning.

I just had a nasty thought about Obama's safety ... aren't there surface-to-air missiles

Only 9 percent of the country think we're going in the right direction, and yet

Confessions of a Voyeur

VP Cheney Rants about Iran, but as Halliburton CEO he Ignored Iran Sanctions-Bush History,10/9

$100B of the bailout bill goes into Bush's pocket

"American Carol" producers allege vast conspiracy behind film's flop

Sheriff suspends forclosure evictions. Now THIS is the man of the hour!!

Little Georgie wants nothing more than to get the fuck out of dodge.

Anybody here with legal expertise? Want to do a little civil disobedience but have a question.

What I learned at the Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me Out

Here is an email that is making the round of right-wing circles...

The Ugly Face of Racism

Gas $2.74 a Gallon in Fort Worth, Texas

Sixty percent?!

Dear Rich Republicans:

ACORN Statement Regarding Las Vegas Voter Registration

A sad little this how they make off with our money in the bailout?

Vet Says Cat Shot With Arrow Was No Accident

The $840billion bailout bill has a small nugget of goodness for greenies ($7500)

PTSD or Alzheimers? My Friends! My Fellow Who?

North Carolina DUers...go to this site and check your voter registration NOW

AMERICA'S MONEY CRISIS: For States, It's A 'Worst-Case Scenario'

Interesting comment from my supervisor during a conversation

Trudeau tips pen to Randi Rhodes....(Doonesbury TOON)

Good News from Up North! (or technically, down south from here in Detroit)......

Big news from the McCain camp coming in the next couple of hours

OUCH! JC Penney says September sales fell 12.4%

Final debate to be held in Toledo

I dont know if this has been posted on here or not :Cnn Poll who would be the better 1st lady?

Al Franken leads 39 to 38...

The stock market just went into negative territory n/t

Alaska Guard Troops lack healthcare-State Govt won't front travel money

Some basic and simple truths regarding this bailout.

What was McCain's morning announcement?

'There could be an Aids vaccine in four years,' says Nobel Prize winner

Did you know that John McCain pals around with a domestic terrorist?

Report: VOTER PURGES in 6 states may violate law

Anybody think a mass murderer like Bush would pass on stealing $700 billion?

Dow inching towards 9000... -203.26

OK. WTF is with that damned T. Boone Pickens ad?

Angry voter threatens Registrar, says he needs to 'keep the n***** out of office'

Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?

Okay, I don't know if I'm a convert but I now have a better handle on the bailout...

Happy Birthday John Lennon

Economic D-Day: Friday October 10 @ 2pm

Rasmussen Report: Franken Leads Coleman in Minnesota Senate Race

Voter Suppression Battle Brewing In Northwest Indiana

Asia Times: Bernanke running out of ammo

Obama camp - McChain housing plan will not work.

Apparel Chains Report Dismal September Sales

States purge voters - illegally in swing states

In Defense of Dignity

(R)asmussen Minnesota Poll: Franken 43%(-4), Coleman 37%(-11)

Faux Snooz all pissy about Newsweek Magazine's cover girl's pic (Sarah):

This FDR warning re: defense spending...

Gloucester High School agrees to distribute contraception

Talking to a Rethug

(GLBT) It's Not About "Tolerance"

Any one want to comment on an LTTE?

I'm not enjoying this as much as I thought I would

Eight anti-war protesters arrested in Omaha

Next on the auction block is the Resolute Desk from the Oval Office of the former United States...

Had to step out for alittle while did I miss the big breaking news from McSame?

Asia Times: Wall Street: A new Iraq War

Rachel Maddow on Leno show...

Looking for some input/advice from pet lovers, please.

I think we need a COUNTDOWN clock at the top of the DU

One of my bosses said - McCain is worse than Bush, and Palin scares me

Day-um! Email blast-from-the-past: Bev Harris at BlackBoxVoting.

Betcha didn't know that Wal*Mart has the largest corporate Learjet fleet in the world.

Can This be Pro-Life?

how big is the san francisco bay guardian newspaper? they just endorsed cindy sheehan.

I do have one big problem with Obama's healthcare proposal...

After Obama gets elected there is a very good chance that Hillary will be tapped to

MarketWatch: Shoppers get more stressed out in September

Heaviest Element Known to Science

MarketWatch: Is California too big to fail?

Mortgage Rate @ 6% on 30 yr fixed...Should I Lock This In? OR, are better rates available soon?

Mission Almost Accomplished

Ford, GM May Not Get U.S. Loans in Time, Globe and Mail Reports

Saw this bumper sticker this morning

Election Protection

Holy shit! One of my mail pieces made the papers!

Afghan Investigators Refute US Death Count From Air Strike

ABC refuses ad

GA-Sen: Another Close Poll

The Palin Mob -pwned!

The Billion-Dollar question: Is Bling Over?

So think Palins getting read for 2012?

Boom in safe sales as consumers withdraw savings

FDRs Fireside chats...

Buzzflash is down, anybody know why?

States' purges of voter rolls appear illegal - New York Times

CommonDreams: Sarah Palin and the Confederacy of Dunces

Dow Reminder: Discount the Current DJIA By -17% To Adjust For Inflation From 2001

SNL has a 9:30 show tonight on NBC

TARP. Try Again Rascally Paulson. The economy is broken.

TARP. Try Again Rascally Paulson. The economy is broken.

Notes in the Economic Crisis: what else aren't they telling us?

"The display shows a bloody skeleton behind Obama..."

Check out the Barack O'Lantern website. Get free stencils

Stabilizing the housing market; is that really the key to solving our economic problems

Thom Hartmann exposing PUMA troll hate site?

Two members of oversight committee vow to nail AIG for their junket

McCain just said "Obama has a RADICAL pro abortion stance"

If Obama keeps lead on economy, the race is over

An economic disaster just in time for the elections?

Bloomberg News Service: U.S. Entered a Recession as Record Consumption Boom Ended, Economists Say

did i just hear McDouchebag say tommy thompson is the premeir expert on healthcare in the US?

did i just hear McDouchebag say tommy thompson is the premeir expert on healthcare in the US?

Danny Schechter: The Edge of the Abyss

Anybody else register using SS data and wondering if you're really registered?

"Some states have FEWER REGISTERED VOTERS today than a year ago" - Thom Hartmann

Boston Globe: Calls grow for a new model for global trade

How did bailing out homeowners become a

The new Zero Dollar Bill! Oy...

so sarah barracuda is a star basketball player?'s how we settle this whitehouse thing.....

They've *already* got christmas decorations up in stores!

ACORN is being used to deny THOUSANDS of people the right to vote!

'An American Carol' Producers Cry Foul Over Poor Ticket Sales

"I can't pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrel full" Sarah Palin

John McCain is a genius!

OK - Is it me or has Mika Brzezinski completely become a sellout on Morning Joe for the truth?

In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution

One of my favorite bloggers went to the debate

ACLU: New Documents Reveal Unlawful Guantánamo Procedures Were Also Applied On American Soil

Obama spokesman: Fox 'a mix of an infomercial for McCain and the X-Files'

Lightening the mood.....I was just reading on our local Freecycle

Homily For the Day

All European markets are up!

Dana Milbank rocks!

I'm cofident that Americans can survive another Great Depression.

After Hope

I'd like to thank Sarah's boy for his help in allowing me to post this message.

After Hope

The Repukes hate us for our freedoms!

Maybe Monegan was fired for suggesting Palin should put Trig in an approved car seat?

Prop 8 'Protect Marriage' ads on DU? Not cool

Wow! $3.09 for gas! Won't be long before apples are a nickel!

Dana Perino: Like, why don't you people just go out and get a job?

MSNBC now saying that Biden is attacking McPalin. Since when is defending oneself

Conservatives Hate That Obama Pronounces Words Correctly

After Hope

Being A Democrat Made Alabama Businessman A Target

When the liars write the history books. .

The final year of Bush rule.

Good cop, bad cop...

Talk me down..

"Bush sets up transition team to help next president"- Bush** helping Democrats?

Has Bill Ayers had any response to his name being thrown around?

Question...about questions and answers at debates

LIMBOsevic on the desperate Barracuda bandwagon of inciting hatred, violence, riots

High energy prices and unemployment had nothing to do with this financial crisis.

I think it's time to repost this...

Beware, this thread is highly dangerous

Rothenberg: Republicans can expect a bloodbath

MarketWatch: Business schools — a case study in angst

Cobb backs off hearing for questionable voters

Hasselbeck is really beating this connections thing into the ground

Judge sentences rap music fan to Bach, Beethoven

On Right-Wingers Going Crazy...

i want stuart smalley to beat the living crap out of norm coleman

Yet another TOTN whitewash. Ohio voting machine hijinx just "conspiracy theories."

Hey You Right Wing Republican Freaks...

Per Obama's suggestion, is AIG giving US our $ back for spending it on fancy facials?

RFK Jr @ Huffington Post: Alaskan Independence Party - The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel

Welcome to the PalinDome

Homeowners Come Up Empty in Bailout - Refinancing Falls by the Wayside

After Hope

Esquire supports Barack Obama, its first endorsement in magazine's 75-year history

Break their back, crush their spirits

Ah tomorrow we have a G-7 Emergency Meeting

Fox News this a.m. The push is beginning. Obama as underground weatherman/Acorn activist.

Drink coffee with Wesley Clark!

Anyone watching STU The Student Loan Corp? Down almost half it's value today.

DOW under 9000

SHHHH Our Presnit is a socialist.....

Talk of the Nation will address contentious comments at mcc/palin

Clark Howard's 5 Ways To Save $5,000

To Cindy McCain.

Down and down and dow it goes: -603 now

Just seen McCain on the stump on TV and his face is swollen up terrible

ONE year ago, DOW was a record 14,164. - Say it ain't so! There I go, pointin' backwards again!

WV now considered a "Toss Up", recent poll shows Obama up by 8!

Oh oh...DOW is about to go under 9,000

Anyone having problems with Keith's Countdown email?

Dow down below 9000 I don't believe the bailout did anything other than throw away our money

Dow at 8896, down 366. S&P puts GM on Credit Watch Negative.

If you have The Bloomberg channel you may want to watch that, all the info minus the "Zazz!"

Yesterday I watched the replay of Real Time w/ Bill Maher ...... OMG!!! What a classic episode....

"Ringless in Christ!": Couples urged to donate their wedding rings. For charity.

A freeper said the market is crashing

Forgive an ignorant European - How old is McCain again?

Republicans talking about DOW and McCain

Dow heading below 9,000 right now dropping by 300 points....

now it is bad....we are crashing....

Hooray for Shakira. She has endorse Obama. Her in Newsweek

General Motors $4.76 per share. n/t

Cnn right now Acorn voter fraud right now

ACORN Calls Police Raid of Las Vegas Office a Political "Stunt"

-678 8579 n/t

Foo Fighters tell McCain campaign to stop using their song

CNBC this is a crash

DOW is Down Over 20% in October.

Why stop with "housing bailouts"?

Market Making Up Lost Ground...Now -465 @ 8793 n/t

Texas students punished for Obama signs

Well, if it had to go this low, I wish it would've settled at -666. That way,

Does Doll Deliver Islamic Message?

Where do you think the Dow will bottom out?

Wasn't J McC plan already in the bailout?


Dow Decline: Now Is The Time For The Bush Administration To Restore Confidence In America.......

8666 at the close

CNN telling us about the Bradley effect, and then coming up, 3 black people against Obama

PLEASE DU this Poll! NOW on PBS

DOW drops 633 to 8624... starting to get really terrifying at this point....

Cause of the massive selling off in the last hour

The News Cycle of the Blogosphere

Ouch. n/t

Market positions are either converting to cash or going to fetal

A Republican bloodbath is coming

What was that thing about Social Security being privitized that mccain said? /nt

How low can it go?

Ali Velshi is a fucking douchebag.

Time for all the "financial" channels to go buh-byeee.. they are the weakest link..

Happy Birthday John Lennon. Imagine Peace Tower lit today in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Now Biden Gets in on the Act

General Motors is falling to its lowest close in 58 years...

What's with the clueless Republicutie running the show on MSNBC?

Will Admiral McCombover "say it to Obama's face?"

When Rich People Riot

As goes General Motors, so goes the country! Who said that?

The ultimate irony of the conservative dream.

CNN: Coming up, Fran Townsend will tell us how the homeland will be less sekure

dow in freefall....-363

All my relatives who support McBush are all professional people or jewelry store owners

Holy Shite 9076.51

Is This The Start Of A Great Depression? What Is Needed Now

Will there be riots in the streets about this?

Shit!! Where is the bottom of this???

Call For Bush & Cheney's Resignation In Light Of This Economic Crisis....

IMF steps in

The Efforts by the Right to Use ACORN as a Distraction ...

Intel report: Afghanistan facing 'downward spiral' - AP

Two short videos exposing the idiocracy that is the GOP ...

Why do stock market crashes always seem to happen in October?

How's the fight against NORM! in MinnaSOterr going?

Richardson: ‘Permanent fissure’ with Bill Clinton

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney needs to be put on trial for their crimes

Unsolicited Prop 8 email I got and my reply.

AIG junket, Wachovia cruise, what does the TAXPAYER get?

John McCains' rage is a national security concern

Stock Mutual Funds Saw $43.3 Billion Outflow Thursday-Wed

One wonders why bush isn't being hunted down like a dog & arrested for what he's done.

bush smirks off with the nation 10.2 TRILLION in debt & 2 failed, eternal wars.

A small, cheap way to get the sentiment out there

Republicans had their Decade to prove what they know and boy Howdy

Wall Street, Main Street and Las Vegas

When Technology Fails (Survival guide)

Sarah Palin anagrams

TIME: Colleges Getting Hit by the Credit Crunch

We certainly don't want to send a cold chill through cindy mccain's body do we?

The Ownership Society Now Owns A Sinking Ship

Is it too soon to say Crash yet?

New Financial Lexicon

Ok here is the bright side... yes there is one

My parents are watching their retirement get sucked away...

What's the difference between mccain's crowds & Obama's crowds?

So! The handbasket has burned away.

John Roberts just asked Fran Townsend if she thinks there is

I can't believe what idiots these people are with "An American Carol" movie - are they nuts??

I don't understand why the term "Flip-Flop" is taken as a derogatory thing.

Scranton, PA! You're going to have one hell of an awesome rally this Sunday, October 12th!

Rednecks for Obama

There are days I hate talking with staff of members of congress....

Taking it back with Barack, Jack a Musical Tribute

Is the straight talk express driving into a ditch - Tweety


History Question: didn't lots of papers that never take stands endorse FDR?

Heads up heres republicons on the cause of the economy melt down

AIG gets a retreat, Wachovia gets a cruise....

GM may not survive into 2009... analyst on the teevee

Republicon Socialism -the new wave

Do I understand this right?

Looks like they are going to try to discredit every voter registration

The 'ACORN Fraud' (voter registration) is the Reich's goal line stand

URGENT...Pro-Choice Races Too Tight to Call! Please help if you can!

Isn't it time for Pretzledent Boosh to go on vacation?

Is there anything left in the National Treasury for the Bush* Cabal to get off with before January?

One of the only things manufactured in this country anymore is meth

ACLU: Bush admin tried to create 'Gitmo inside the US'

Which Political Party Took Credit For The Soaring Dow Up Until The Meltdown?

Bush publicly expresses confidence in the new Obama Administration.

Heather Wilson

Predict when certain events will occur on November 4

Question: Has anyone heard Randi say something about McCain

I've thought about this long and hard... I've decided to vote for Sarah

I'm no longer a Philadelphia Flyers fan..

DU the newest sleazy McLame ad

Unreported layoffs.

How I would like to see the US electoral system changed:

What's happening in the markets is a direct result of Bush's preemptive war in Iraq.

Colbert and Scarborough have a friendly chat

NPR talking to a Treasury official: "Do you think we could be headed for a Recession?"

RE: U.S. Troops and Riots in America

There are FIVE McCain/Palin signs on my street!

Delete. My mistake

Tomorrow's Lehman Auction: Why You Should Care

The Dow was about 11500 on Jan 21 2001

“Barring a terrorist attack,” said Maslin, “in the face of what’s happened

U.S. Officers' "Phone Sex" Intercepted, Recorded, Shared Across NSA Listening Post

Oct 9th 2007 year ago today ..... Dow = 14,164.53

cnn just now: rick santorum blames american borrowers for the financial crisis!

The country is crashing around our ears

Your opinion of Naomi Wolf's writings/interviews?

We're headed for another Republican Great Depression...

Angry Hatemongers

Thomas Frank "Wrecking Crew" interview on

Have we run out of dead cat bounces?

I heart Sheriff Thomas Dart of Cook Co., IL!

(Palin investigation)lawmakers to release investigation report Friday

How much is your member of Congress worth to special interests?

October Surprise? FCC Probes Connection Between Pentagon and Military Analysts.

John Roberts just had an orgasm on air at the thought of an

PhotoShop: Are You Being Served

A Wall Streeter's story

New World Order: Global co-operation, nationalisation and state intervention - all in one day

i'm not sure i actually saw joetheinternslayer let mikethebarnacle pound down tonymoonienews...

F*** Yeah! Put it on the freeper's windshields!

I'm so proud of DU (Special thanks to Eugene) - True story

Should Stock Market Trades Be Halted Until Next Tuesday?

Court Throws Out GOP Effort to Quash Trooper-Gate

If it becomes a deep depression 1930's style,

Cindy: "Obama should spend a day in my shoes" Obama should aswer by text message or IM ......

Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America?

Exclusive: Obama buys half-hour of network primetime

SHOCKING! SCANDALOUS! The real identity of Cindy McCain uncovered!

Were we really *almost* there?

The Web of Debt

This is why we don't need drill baby drill - they plan on holding the gas prices high

How a county overcame GOP fraud and has turned Red to Blue

Some of my best posts

Still Another Milestone For "Socialized Medicine"

Don't Forget Halliburton moved out of the US in March of 07

Four blog entries from Paul Krugman today --

Why the hell is the Intern Killer on TV instead of ...

Remember: McCain voted for Bush's 2006 Social Security Privatization Plan

People appear to be pulling money out of mutual funds now at a faster rate. 43 billion this week.

Oh, the Irony ..... today was opening day for the ...... wait for it ........

If someone takes a shot at Obama, won't McCain/Palin be held directly responsible. Have Senators

I hope this isn't true: Palin on SNL? With Luck, You Betcha

George W. Bush & Republicans

I think it is quite telling that one of the top ten searches on Yahoo

GOP's ACORN 'Voter Fraud' Scam Rolls Out in MO...Right on Schedule...

Barack Hussein Obama, Omar Bradley, Benjamin Franklin and other Semitically Named American Heroes

Barack Hussein Obama, Omar Bradley, Benjamin Franklin and other Semitically Named American Heroes

ROFL "Ode to Sean Hannity" by Monty Python's John Cleese.

Lehman-Bush-goldman connections

If McCain calls Obama a Terrorist then can Obama be arrested?

Is it time yet?

Australian markets already down around 5%

This will be interesting....Kudlow up on CNBC now. One of the biggest bulls out there.


Wachovia while currently seeking public bailout just extended $8M loan to the NRCC

So the feds are thinking of taking ownership stakes in US Banks

Bush Seeks To Reassure Americans On Economy; Will Make A Statement On The Economy Friday

Zinger of a Political Ad! "Prisoners" ....will Keith show it?

NSA frequently listened to and transcribed the private phone calls

Interesting... product arrival dates are WAY out there now...

Is Obama's running mate a COMMUNIST?????

Hugh Hewitt’s book ‘How Sarah Palin Won the Election…and Saved America’ bites the dust

sounds like fun

L E A D E R S H I P N E E D E D ! Calling out* *Bush

You know, this pisses me off so much. This is the shit we gotta end.

2 UT Austin students denied class registration because of political signs in dorm windows

Reflections on the Meaning of John McCain's "That One" (from BuzzFlash)

Who would you rather vote for than McCain/Palin?

When someone brings up the terrorist or Muslim thing about Senator Obama

A Politically Active Friend Just Called With Outstanding News: WV Polls To Obama

8 PM!! 8 PM!! 8 PM!! It has become the unwitching hour. (No offence to witches)

CREW writes Barbara Boxer to investigate McPOW's gambling earnings (pdf)

National Interest Security Company

The unraveling of the republican party sure is delicious to watch..

hmm ... you support workers' rights, you're a COMMUNIST ... but ... you support

**Wachovia bails out the GOP**

Obama Campaign Solicitations Over the Phone?

Amnesty accuses Spain of allowing CIA flights to Guantanamo

A clear choice on science, technology and invoation

McCain Reshuffles Rescue Deal

Most repulsive RW douchebag?

John McCain Is A Piece Of Shit

I just want to make a few points that I pray will eventually fall on ALL Republican ears.

Bush History,10/9 - VP Cheney Rants about Iran, but as Halliburton CEO he Ignored Iran Sanctions

Palin's gonna get booed tonight....

Is this the other shoe dropping (vis a vis Berlin 91)

CBOE VOLATILITY INDEX (^VIX) aka "fear index" = 63.92

Would it be wrong to ask DUers to ...

This is too funny, there are just those who don't get it.

Squirrel Leaves Trail of Destruction in its Wake

Australian Stocks Plunge 5% to Three-Year Lows

a sad song for the John McCain that never really was-

McLame will SO bring up all the "terrorist" "ties" to Obama next debate

McLame will SO bring up all the "terrorist" "ties" to Obama next debate

Financial geniuses are speaking to Congress... Bwahahahahaha

Didja ever notice how wingnuts think Libs are monolithic robots spouting talking points?!1

Congress should be in session holding hearings with a wide

McCain declines to answer whether he supports ‘bipartisan solutions’ on health care and SS

Whose sudden conspicuous absence is most curious?

Al Franken has taken the lead over incumbent Norm Coleman - This is like a dream come true

Has any politician's official "plan" actually been implemented after they were elected?

Bloodbath in Asia as Markets Freefall

Happy birthday, John Lennon. Had he lived, he would have been 68.

McCain surrogate raises Obama's past drug use


Hey, guess where I'll be having my retirement party now?

So I've been looking at some stock prices on perfectly profitable companies.... and I'm buying POT!!

Very serious question - why did Bush announce

Sarah Silverman just shook KO's hand and then sniffed her fingers


Asian markets down 7-9% in early trading. U.S. Dow futures down 158 pts.

The Myth of the Bradley Effect or John McCain's Only Chance Now Is Election Fraud On a Massive Scale

"more and more a nuisance"

"more and more a nuisance"

question - they are allow to incite to riot or other things but liberal



Break their back, crush their spirits

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Palin wants you to caption her.

Big Money is Leaving the Market...I'm thinking Hedge Funds...

20 to 30 years in general prison population might restore some confidence to the market.

The right is terrified and repetitive

George W. Bush is like that uncle or cousin you have that fucks up everything he touches

Use G Gordon Liddy to attack McLame for associations!

"Flip-Flop" used to be a huge buzz word----Isn't McCain an all-time "Flip-Flopper?

Futures Point to Another Bad Day on Wall Street on Friday

The Bush Crime Family admires their final gift to the Nation

Replace LIBOR Rates with US Market Rates

Question for DU'ers

Today's "Thank you Howard Dean" thread!

Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals (fat Salon article)

OMG! Sarah Palin just killed Kenny! FROM A HELICOPTER! You bastards!

The "Soylent Green" solution to overpopulation

My Reich-wing brother sent me one of those idiotic emails about Obama

BREAKING: US Government listening to American Troops phone calls back into the US......

Tomorrow: Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia down 8%-10%

Help keep CA Equal - donations desperately needed

here's an earworm to be humming tomorrow...

Asian markets crashing even further. Nikkei down almost 10% more

How do you know when Barack Obama is doing a rally in your city

Can it be that Naomi Wolf's martial law threat has already achieved its purpose?

I wonder how Agent Mike's 401k is doing this week?

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: The Bush Economy

Ya know how when you're driving and you encounter a squirrel darting uncertainly ....... ?

I never, EVER thought I'd say this, but it scares me that we haven't heard from Bush.

British priest: tattoo sodomy warnings on homosexuals

John McCain potential traitor??

Japan's Nikkei falls over 11 percent

Oooops, O'Reilly Goes There

Rachel Maddow on the Tonight Show, tonight

Frankenmeat - blech! And NO labels letting consumers know that's what they're eating!

McCain he has flipped and now he has flopped

He referred to Americans as, 'my fellow prisoners' . . . We couldn't credibly make that up

Is Colorado the next Florida?

Anyone watched "Taxi to the Darkside", it's on HBO now....

GM, lender write fewer longer-term loans

Dow futures -300

Government is the Solution

Government is the Solution

being an informed liberal, I'm listening to a lot of NPR these days

God I needed that - the half-hour SNL special that was just on -

H. CON. RES. 362 **In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution**

Ladies and Gentlemen....The Amazing Barack OBollywood!!


Why is Lehman Bros meeting tomorrow important?

Poor AIG....Publicly humiliated into canceling its big party at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, CA

Side effect of Voter Purging: Will Election Day Become Violent?

T. Boone Pickens sues Lehman Bros. for $59.9M

This ought to scare the shit out of Congress...UBS Economic commentary Oct 9, 2008

Japan down 11%: severe risk of a global systemic financial meltdown

What a load of rose-colored-glasses bullshit re: financial difficulties

The only thing we can be certain of is our righteous anger

Mike Malloy just said of the Cook County Sheriff who refuses to evict tenants of foreclosed rentals.

Mike Malloy just said of the Cook County Sheriff who refuses to evict tenants of foreclosed rentals.

Nikkei dives, triggered circuit-breaker!!!

DU this PBS poll: Is Palin is qualified to become president?

Mike Malloy... "a latter -day prophet, denouncing the hypocrisies of our times." that is all.

International food shipments grinding to a halt due to credit crisis

What a beautiful sight

So, when can we expect hyper-inflation?

Palin: I have been ‘an open book’ and have had to answer questions ‘every day.’

Proud NOT to be republican or...

OMG Jon's got the laugh down again! ROFLMAO

Japan, Hong Kong & Australia Markets Down This Morning Range: 6.75% to 10.42%

Asian Markets Plunge; Forex S&P: 875.00 -37.50

So! Retirees.....what's for dinner tonight?

What happens to the stock market October 15 when all the people

Dana Perino: Like omigod people, chill. It's just a little stock market drop.

Hey McLame:"How is all that Deregulation working out?

Moment of Truth PAUL KRUGMAN

Chimpy to address the nation at 10:25am ET Friday

New You Tube Video: WTF?

How did GOP get $8 million from Wachovia?

AS DU members, How Can We

Planning the Transition-Prepared to Lead!!! and (pulling ads)

Okay DU financial wizards, it looks like we're in a depression. What does that mean for me?

Troll Question: How do you post a thread

Voting is the most important thing a citizen can do.

Palin wrongly suggests Congress bans oil exports

McCain's new tactic: Promoting assassination

Help Make History!!!

Guess what they're doing with McCain signs around here.....

Market collapse? McCain flounders, lashes out? Obama numbers up? ... No, the BIG story is ...

Can you believe that the Corporate Media are finally talking about ELECTION FRAUD.

KY-Sen: McConnell Up by 3 in Dem Poll

Correspondences between Alaska Governor Palin and state and federal agencies 2007- files

Nvidia 270, 290 and GX2 roll out in November

Asian markets......YIKES!

Relax. I have some good news regarding the stock market.

Some questions re Troopergate

She said it first .... but I'm usin' it. A lot. Thanks Sarah!!! ...... "douche nozzle"

Even More Racism from the McCain camp!

just checked my teeny tiny stock portfolio for the 1st time this year....

You don't win a war by calling your enemy names

So, why are gas prices falling?

Hmm. Are we a bit early for the 2012 "End of Time"?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Did anyone post that Rachel is on the Tonight Show today? N/T

Responding to the pro-life argument

Kevin Farley - interesting call to local talk radio today about American Carol

Meanwhile, in NYC, billionaire Bloomberg, having quietly lined up

Stock Market metaphor for today: "Das Boot"

Video of police cutting up the tents of homeless people!

50% of ALL homeowners in Maricopa County (AZ) 3X national avg are

Warning! Adulterated Chinese Foods Contains AMMELINE, Too, Chemical Linked to Eye Toxicity

Rachel Maddow Is Coming Up On The Tonight Show

The world is at severe risk of a global systemic financial meltdown and a severe global depression

We're at 8598, -659.96, -7.13%. How do you feel?


I'm not planning to retire.

Complete Economic Collapse ...


What does it mean for a country to go bankrupt?

Holy Crap! Sarah's Belief in "Spiritual Warfare" is Bat Shit Crazy!

Race is an issue in this election

Sheriff Thomas J. Dart, Hero to All Americans, Refuses to Evict Paying Renters, Banks says "REMOVE!"

Sheriff Refuses To Evict People: "We will no longer be a party to something that's so unjust"

Sheriff Refuses To Evict People: "We will no longer be a party to something that's so unjust"

Video: John Lennon - 10/09/40

Dear Heather Wilson

Robert Schlesinger US News & World Report: This One's Over

PHOTO: Ah, was it only a week ago?

Omg this sucks on so many levels--Mother's Cookies abruptly shut down

repubs are becoming a completely unglued, unstable, & dangerous mob, no joke.

CNN: Chance of terror attack before Jan. 20- here comes Al Qaeda & bin Laden again

Dow futures are already down 235pts. Asia tanking big-time.

Dow down 40 % from all time high

Does the possibility of an assassination attempt worry you?...

Is this "That One 08" logo from someone here at DU?

My 401k Has Lost X% Of It's Value From The Start Of This Year...

A Financial Disaster 28 Yrs In The Making (Reaganomics) Ain't Gonna Get Right Any Time Soon

cindy mcpills calls Obama's run "the dirtiest campaign in American history."

Dow closes at 8579 /// down 678


Bush signs order to start transition today (USA Today)

Biden: Say it to his face

Heavy Metal-Eating "Superworms" Unearthed in U.K.

How are people still undecided with these things running...

I warned people for years that the financial markets were corrupt

An Idea For Market Watching.

You can tell we're in deep financial shit when someone decides it is a good idea to call .........

McCain: Obama link to ex-radical is honesty issue

They KNEW this was coming. They had to get their $Trillion dollars BEFORE

They KNEW this was coming. They had to get their $Trillion dollars BEFORE

Hey, where the heck has that evil freak Ann Coulter been lately?

Minneapolis radio hosts Baker and Perry are "convinced" that Magic Johnson "faked AIDS"

Hey McInciters this is what you're facing

PHOTO: Wall Street Bull Had Blue Balls Today

FR Thug's "Neat Trick" for disrupting email communications

The entire Democracy Now! show today was on election fraud. EVERYONE needs to see this.

Go and recommend this thread right now GET IT ON THE GREATEST PAGE IMMEDIATELY


Close the Exchange Tomorrow

I'm getting really excited for this W Oliver Stone movie with Brolin!

More about the Lehman $360 billion CDS auction tomorrow (which apparently triggered today's panic)

More about the Lehman $360 billion CDS auction tomorrow (which apparently triggered today's panic)

I'm mad, and I'm really mad

What is the most radical solution you can think of to solve this credit crisis?

Rove says that there are still a LOT of voters who might switch at the end . . .

2 o'clock tumble?

The bottom of the market will be around 7800

Community torn apart by SC immigration raid

Artist Detained

Feel the Love (snicker)


"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly

AIG bailout so far: $123.5 billion. Total value of all AIG stock: $7.4 billion.





Do you have ANY clue how FUCKING STUPID you sound?

If President Obama is a terrorist, how will Gov Palin continue to

What's the best state for a liberal to move to? + a rant from a Texan


I was just watching a segment on CNN where angry McCain supporters

DU Admins: Why Can't You Block The Bigoted "Yes On Prop 8" Banner Ads??!!!

The NOVEMBER SUPRISE: Some states are removing TWO voters for every ONE registered

My MIL is VOTING FOR ......., this is BIG!!!!

Want to know if this crash is serious? Then gather round, let's look at it objectively, rationally

An Invisible Piece of the Puzzle...or is it lying under the rug?

Teh Gays Are Out To Ruin My Heterosexual Marriage! CA Proposition 8 PISSES ME OFF

"They put a bag over my head with a gag on it... I was screaming for God, screaming for mercy..."

With all this voting purge in key states; well, Why vote?

"The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government"-Palin ally

(Full circle) WHY was Iglesias fired as a US Attorney?- for NOT indicting ACORN

Please Note: Germany in the 1920's and thirty's had a banking crisis

No sex is secret to long life, says 105-year-old Clara, Britain's oldest virgin

McCain mucks it up again; insults science, Adler Planetarium & 10 million kids on "projector" claim

McCain Forced to Fire Virginia County Chair Following Racist Newspaper Attack on Obama

Never Forget This: Republican/Democratic Senators Were Co-Sponsors Of This Depression ....

McCain/Palin: Don't Pain Us With The Same Bush!

Can someone tell me about Sarah Palin's oldest son?

Michelle Obama sculpture unveiled.

omg wtf palin?

(Video) This guy has Obama down...its amazing

Al Gore had a fundraiser for Obama in Nashville after the debate.

So is this collapse to get ready for the Amero and NAU


Time to CALL OUT McCain & Palin! DO IT!

After Hope

After Hope

If McCain happens to win, What will be the next Wall Street Pyramid Scam?

Statement from Democracy NC concerning NY Times article on voter purges.

Have you seen this pic?

If you're worried about election fraud. Then knowing that we have democratic

VIDEO Ok, it's bedtime in Ireland - Hate or Hope? You Decide. (Music: Let It Be)

Robert Kennedy Jr: "If Palin Wants To Play Guilt-By-Association Then Media Should Discuss..."

Have you heard? Tax cuts fix everything!


NBC and CBS just ran the full clips of CRAZED questioners at McCain rally today

If you think things are bad now, just wait and see how bad things will be if LIBERALS take over!

McCain on Palin "She's probably one of the foremost experts in this nation on energy issues..."

The shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow!

March 22, 2007 - Obama's letter to Bernanke and Paulson re: Homeownership Summit

African American debate questioner who got lectured by McCain on Freddie & Fannie responds to McCain

I just donated $26 to bring DU to $88,000 for Obama

Let's not take the RACE BAIT (another call for calm nerves & dignity)

Obama Shave!

Read this... and cry. This is from a conservative message board. READ IT NOW.

States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal

They say that dogs are a good judge of character…

All my Photoshop jobs in one place

Psst... check out

Takin' It Back With Barack, Jack! Oh yeah...

It's gone too far. (And a thank you to some conservatives)

Ughhhhhhhhhhh...McCain campaign left another automated message on

McCain/Palin need to be Censured by Congress for Promoting Hate Speech, and Quickly...

Guess What: James Garner - the Original TV MAVERICK: A HUGE Democrat!

How about a bomb by bomb comparison? Anyone remember Don Bolles?

Happen to see the dude "begging" McCain to ask Obama about Wright next wk? On Rachel Maddow show...

McCain: Reward for black supporter "will be in heaven, not on Earth" (VIDEO)

My Rightwing cousin sent me this email:

Suprise Surprise:Raul Malo - Lead Singer of Hit Country group "The Mavericks" is an Obama Supporter!

I just got home and when i pulled up my neighbor has a "Vote yes on prop 8" sign

EJECT EJECT EJECT! How long till McCain pulls out of FLORIDA like he did in Michigan?

A Perfect Response To Ayers Bullshit:

Freepers: Obama was once a member of a SOCIALIST Party!

Ben Cooter Jones on CNN:You don't care what color the guy is that's helping you out of the ditch.

Kos (of daily kos) wants to "break their back, crush their spirits"

DKOS: Patriotic Pubs Powell, Bloomberg and Hagel need to shut down the McPalin GO RACIAL strategy

Any chance Rep Heather Wilson will get knocked out of the House?

One of my friends at work is voting for Obama now, because of his 401K

Just got a phone call: Hello, I'm calling you for John McCain, to tell you that Americans

What's your favorite "McNickname" for Grampy?

Lone Black Man at McCain Rally Begs McCain

**Obama pulling away in Florida Obama 52 McCain 44

Palin dropping ceremonial puck at Philly Flyers home opener AND WILL BE BOOED. LOUDLY.

My Secret Desire

Do you think crazy, racist wingnuts will riot when Obama is elected?

My response to the hateful videos on YouTube...delivered via Cleveland's Plain Dealer newspaper

Younger Military Families Closing Ranks Around Obama

The Bradley effect...

Hey anyone know how those freaking PUMA punks are doing these days?

If McCain attacks Obama on Bill Ayers in the next debate, what should Obama's response be?

The zOMG!!!!!oneoneone Washington Times story is up--it is nothing

OBAMA on AIG spree: "Return the money and fire them"

'Swiftboating' DOESN'T work - Election fraud DOES.

Palin Pick Fails to Charm Clinton Backers

Breaking Scandal-Republican National Committee Get An $8 Million Bailout From Failing Wachovia

Why Were Tax Exempt Dollars Used to Try to Halt the Palin Investigation?

Lieberman may be the swing vote yet again... to 60

has anyone heard a story about Obama's plane stinking?

Talk me down, please please please!

A few Obama pics from today

Obama hits McCain for making Ayers the "centerpiece of his campaign"

Obama should get his butt to West Virginia right quick

Is it time to coin the meme "Obama Republicans" ?

It is coming McCain is going to work up a crowd and completely lose control.

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: The Palin Effect

Reporter says: Obama's Campaign Plane "Stinks" Terrible Most of the Time'

A few things occurred to me today...

*** Thursday TOONS: "My Friends," and the Economy ***

Poll: Mainline Christians favor Obama

"Erratic" an excellent word to describe McCain as of late.

I'm sorry, that's more than just swelling on McNutsy's face.

Palin faces reprimand after failing to cooperate in Troopergate inquiry (UK Guardian)

A Bush leaguer on the ticket

Do you know Ronald Reagan's middle name?

I look at the map, and I see a

Obama's Plane "Is Cramped, Uncomfortable and Smells Terrible"

Inflammatory Republican rallies raise concern

National Review: Obama will kill scientific research in biology because it will prove white

The Republicans have never been so desperate and scared than RIGHT NOW

Um, the Nikkei is down 1000 points (10/10/08)

Amazing new video up on youtube. HOPE or HATE

Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals - A MUST READ!!!

McCain Debate Questioner: "I Actually Did" Know Fannie" You know the black kid?

Can we get a an explanation on ACORN

The genius of Todd Palin

2008 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Congressional Ratings (Obama and McBush)

Hey, over here !!! "It's a distraction, stupid"...

Calm down nobody gives a shit about Ayers - Obama is about to give everyone 30 minutes of calm

BREAKING: Gallup......Obama won the debate 56% to 23%!!!

Possibly being targeted by the Neocons?

In September of last year Russia apparently successfully...

Re: ACORN - In my state, voter registration forms can generally be traced back to the source.

McCain/Palin's latest strategy: The Hail Hitler Pass

John McCain is supported by the woman who put Ayers and Obama on the committee together!

Are you starting to feel a bit more comfortable about Obama winning in Nov?

North Carolina - will Wachovia collapse swing the state to Obama?

Ah-HA - now I'm starting to understand why the media is so fascinated with Palin!

"Senator McCain surely doesn't believe that I've endorsed any of the actions that Ayers has taken."

Just checked my 401K - Down 38.2% since January 1st!

Isn't it interesting how the Democratic candidate is always being labeled "the most liberal Senator"

Colbert: Cindy McCain is so cold Eskimos have a 150 words for her.

SNL for Eastcoasters (Spoilers inside...stay away you Mountain, and Westers)

What's up with undecided voters?

One conservative woman on Larry King calling out Palin's attacks

McCain Is Losing.

The power of positive imagery: the 1964 Electoral Map

I love Sarah Silverman

This is the end for Obama! just ask Drudge

Stephanie Cutter is just Blowing Andrea Mitchell out of her seat

Just think... all the bad things that are happening today are because...

Did McCain seriously just say this?

Color & Design In Politics: Obama

OMG Guys! Huge breaking news story breaking tomorrow! Obama is screwn!

Biden: "our opponents are doing everything they can to encourage this toxic atmosphere."

Media Matters: Media repeat Cindy McCain's attack on Obama troop-funding vote, ignore McCain's vote

Does anyone have the photo of Sarah Palin reading the magazine of the John Birch Society?

Why have we heard more about ACORN

Not even the most hard core Republicans I know are buying the Ayers BS

Little Ms. Drill Baby Drill doesn't even know about her state's oil restrictions.

When I was in high school we had a neighbor who was arrested...

Moonie Times Has Their Distraction Piece Up

That’s a Pretty Big Glitch - NY Times

"When was the last time the ANGRY candidate won?"

I’m buying Ed Rollins a Merriam-Webster Dictionary

IRONY ALERT- McCain attacks free political speech

vote in Lou Dobbs poll

McCain-Palin campaign has released its own investigative report clearing Palin of any wrongdoing.

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

I still remember December 12, 2000

Tens of Thousands of Voter Registrations Purged….

Anybody watching cnn? Gergen, Rollins and Begala, nothing good about McCain

Why are some people so afraid to call out racists and race baiters?

Unfortunately for John McCain, the Hatemongering looks like Hatemongering and nothing more!

McCain declines to answer whether he supports ‘bipartisan solutions’ on health care and Social Sec.

Obama purchases half hour of primetime on CBS, also in talks with FOX, NBC

Cindy McCain: Vietnam vets with PTSD were 18-year-olds who didn’t know what they were doing

Who is that Republican lady in blue on Larry King Live?

Why is it McCain's admitted collaboration never comes up?

We will get through next few days....

BREAKING! NY TIMES: Palin & aides made dozens of call to remove trooper


So...Obama plans to give McCain a 30-minute ass kicking six days before the election. YES!

Did anyone notice that when McCain brought up that tired old bridge to nowhere

Talk me down

*** Time to strike back NOW with AIP info about Palin! ***

Who's the Moderator at the next debate?

Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe

DU This PBS Poll!!one!!11!!

"Sarah Palin says, you know, 'I was in second grade when Joe Biden was elected to the United States~

CNN quick poll: Which campaign is dirtier?

If a campagin reflects how a person will govern, what does mccain rallies say about him

Just saw Obama at SSU in Portsmouth, Ohio- riveting

Larry Johnson calls for the election to be halted

POLLAHOLICS DAILY: A Compilation of Today's Polls and Where Things Stand - 10/9/08

Mccain gets D on veteran and troop issuse; Obama receives B (so did Biden)


My GOODNESS!!!!!! look at the number of hits on this video

Let the hand that rocks the cradle....

My SIL who lives in FL told me that if on election day the address on your ID MUST match

Videos: Barack and Joe, Evening Rallies, 10/9

"Original Mavericks for Truth " say McCain not one of them (funny)

Consider McCain's health as well as candidate's age-he is not willing to release his medical records

Economist Roubini says global economic collapse may be imminent ... link

This is an opportunity to see conservatives unmasked!

Palin surrogates now claiming she's related to Princess Di and Roosevelt


Wow! Rachel Talking About Alaska Independence Party and Palin!

So what happens if after a full week of their Ayers BS. Obama has extended his lead?

I know Obama's strategy is to stay focused but...

You can measure how far behind McCain is by how high the troll activity is at DU

Kitchen Sink Part II: Now he is going to have a major effort about Obama's past drug use apparently

Less than two hours. Two bloody hours and broad daylight to boot.

a youtube video I would love to see starring Cindy & John...

Palin faces possible censure.

AP: Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe

Cindy McCain blames PTSD on troops

I need some help to... well, help. Where can I SPECIFICALLY volunteer

Sort Of Like Being a Community Organizer

I heard on news several times today that Ross Perot bought a 30 minute ad spot in 1992

WP: Anger Is Crowd's Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally( who is James T. Harris?)

Drudge headline: WASH TIMES Friday: Obama secretly tried to sway Iraqi government

Conservative Tampa Tribune calls McCain "erratic". Says Palin incites dangerously.

Palin was NOT on SNL's "Weekend Update" tonight.

Delete-Dupe sorry

Cindy McCain snivvels AND projects: "Obama waging dirty campaign"


Obama Presidential agenda leaked!

The repulican party wants to rip a star off OUR flag!

next desperate repub tactic: voter fraud...its fixed.

GOP Frothing is Designed to Demoralize: Don't Let It

Every time the Drillbilly Kid mentions the word "Maverick" remember this:

The Boss speaks...

If any one has the right to be angry

McCain’s poll numbers have fallen and he can’t get up!

The Chimperor continues to have Weird timing.

Cindy McCain: The POWs Who 'Had the Trouble' Were Young Draftees, Not Trained Officers Like McCrypt

Intrade futures prices: Obama 76.4 McDouche 23.5

So let's say that Barack really WERE the Antichrist...

DU is mentioned in Syndi White's interview about her trashed signs

My five year old daughter has been paying attention it seems.

Sarah Palin...Queen of the Wild Fronteer

Sarah Palin = The Anti-Esther.

The behavior of McCain/Palin supporters reminds me of the oldie but goodie "The Asshole Vote"

Joe Biden = A pitbull wearing chapstick! I love the guy more and more every time I hear him speak..

"My Fellow Prisoners" examined through the tiny microscope...

I just have to start a "Nice pick Sen. McCain." thread

Disgusted by the obvious surviellance we were under from the thugs in the photo

The Original Mavericks tell McCain to suck it

Harry Truman, 60 years ago-

Transcript: Charlie Gibson Interviews McCain

Has anyone else seen the breaking Drudge news. . .

Psst. A helpful hint about PBS polls...

Obama, The Rock - see for yourself

Why it's over for McCain.

Please delete my account!!!!!111111

What about the coverup of the McCain people trying to shut down trooper gate thats the real story

The John Cornyn/Barack Obama Connection...

Parenting in action

Freepers Pleeze

Will the stinking media cover the findings of trooper gate or continue to bring up Ayers

Wonkette: Details On Today’s Latest McCain/Palin KKK Rally

Don't forget Saturday Night Live's Prime Time Show Tonight

Vote in the PBS poll. Looks like freepers have gotten to it already...

Networking Action ASAP in Ohio Voter purge by GOP

That One - now on Facebook!

Obama Buys Up 30 Minutes of CBS Prime Time, In Talks with Other Networks

Tweety, on Morning Joe. Gawd, I thought I was gonna puke.

Obama calls McCain a p*ssy

Salon: Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals, Mark Chryson and Steve Stoll


John McCain/Sarah Palin "Epic Fail" Tribute Thread...

YES, HE CAN: Obama purchases 1/2 hour of prime time TV on CBS & NBC

Palin doesn't apparently understand energy as well as they all pretend...

This Black DUer wants a word with you....

Say what you will about William F. Buckley, but ...

I'm voting for BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA tonight!!

I'm BITTER. You BITTER? Is it OK to use that word???

I love Sarah!!!

ARG has Obama winning by 8 % in West Virginia (50 - 42)

Good grief. The stupid fucking Newsweek cover "controversy" is the big story on


What should I respond to this Republican acquaintance?

Why is Maddow going to push the Bradley Effect meme?


Rebuttal to Ayers attacks - come on people send this in to your local newspapers

Question on Intrade


Where the fuck is the democratic leadership?

Have You Seen This? Michelle Obama Topless Sculpture Goes Public In NYC

That does it, I'm voting for Palin/McCain.....

I want to get Married at Wal-Mart and have Sarah Palin Officiate!

This is funny - audience from debate on Tues..

Need your ideas, please!

SNL Starts in 1 Minute..

FL POLL (R): Obama 52 (+7), McCrypt 44 (-4)

I was Vice President of Acorn in Austin in the early 80s

Senator Obama takes 8 point lead in latest West Virginia poll!!!

Is there a video that shows a comparison between an Obama rally vs. McPalin? (hope vs. hatred)?

Goodbye Hellatz

Where is the Rachel Maddow thread for tonight?

CALL TO ACTION: No More Stolen Elections!

Obama buys half-hour of network primetime

Troopergate report "could prove to be an embarrassment for Palin and a distraction for McCain" (AP)

U.S. Supreme Court will stop Troopergate

just an FYI to all those outraged by the racism displayed by McCain/Palin...

Let me give you some straight talk, my friends...

PDF: Todd Palin's Troopergate statement

** Heads Up: Barack Obama live in Portsmouth, OH!! **

Critical differences between Obama crowds and McCain crowds:

DU'ers....Please help me respond to this.... "A Muslim's View"

"Well, he would vote for McCain...

McCain's terrorist associations

Will the Obama campaign take the bait??

Rednecks for Obama

Obama must have gotten an @ssload of donations in Sept

He may have been a hero at one time, but John McCain is a coward now.

On Maddow: "When you're appealing to the base this late in the campaign


NPR's Talk of the Nation discusses Ohio irregularities.

What will the troopergate investigation find?

Did they really say "make her pay double" at the McCain rally today?

Why is Obama defending Acorn?

Rachels gonna have an update on troopergate, live from Alaska!

So do we think that Joe is REALLY mad at McCain?

So let me get this straight.

The Cowardice Issue

"For her (Cindy McCain), it's ignorance." Cool!

delete - dupe

Palin says congress bans oil exports...WRONG!

Executive Order: Facilitation of a Presidential Transition

I have a 201k now. Jan87-Jan88 -- 14% loss. Oct-12-07-Oct9-08 -- 38%.

Here I go Again---Hey Mods--- Hello!!!!

October Surprise Number Two for the GOP... Obama's Past Drug Use!!!

The best response for Ayers

McCain Begging Money From Goldman Sachs Employees

The 5 basic groups of McCain voters:

Do you believe Obama/Biden will win by a landslide?

Don't Mess With Scientists............Mc Cain was ...well.. wrong about the overhead projector..

How did we beat election theft attempts in 2006?

Even the Prayer at McCain/Palin Rally is a call to Battle

Drudge Stirring The Pot Again: Wash Times Claims Obama Secretly...

Video: The McCain-Palin Mob - Part 2

Biden surprises book shop patrons in Liberty, Mo.

Look at this picture/art work of Sarah Palin from MYDD.

Racist billboard near West Plains, MO (SW MO)

West Virginia is now a "toss-up" according to

Wow.....did I think McLame was going to run a better campaign than this!

Donna Brazille Is On Fire

Sarah Palin: "You look like me."

Hispanics turn cold shoulder to McCain

It has crossed my mind that this might be the most difficult presidency

Obama winning Arizona 1-0!!

McCain and Palin are exhibiting tendencies of being racists and hatemongers. Agreed?

Was McCain wandering aimlessly around the debate stage?

Scalia and Todd: 2000 Revisited

It really is astounding...

Biden: “In my neighborhood, when you’ve got something to say to a guy, you look him in the eye..."

Clarion Fund mailed DVD arrived in the mail today.

What is Worse McCain... Knowing Bill Ayers or Being Best Friends with Charlie Black? DU REDDIT!!!

For "That One"....

Chris Matthews just told Buchanan that "Republican valley boys"


Are the wingnuts using the "Socialist" name call against Obama more than in 2004 with Kerry?

John Sidney McCain III

Wow, I just watched CBS News try to profile the candidates' health plans...

I think this would be a good time to send our good thoughts to Barack, Joe and their families.

We really have to resolve this....

To what end John and Sarah?

Everyone Needs To Chill The Fuck OUT!

So for those of us who have foreign middle names

Hewitt’s book ‘How Sarah Palin Won the Election…and Saved America’ bites the dust

hey... I've almost reached my goal!

An Interesting Observation of this mornings NPR

Thank you Tweety for Understanding Exactly what this Ayers Shit is about.

Here it is, your moment of Zen...

I've yet to hear McCain denounce his endorsement by the KKK

It is the young who will lead this country to truth, justice, & the American Way - not these idiots!

Voting is the most important thing a citizen can do.

Bush to speak at 10am tomorrow about the market.... what an idiot....

We are going to win this election..... Let them try if they have the nerve to use their old tactics.

OH POLL (R): Obama 48 (+4), McCrypt 46 (-2)

Will you allow yourself a day / week / year of gloating?

** HEADS UP: Joe Biden Live in Jefferson City, MO!! **

radical left-wing activist groups are trying to manipulate the outcome of this presidential election

You do know why the pugs are pushing this ACORN thing, right?

"If the issue is the economy, We lose" - McCain Campaign Manager

The Daily Widget, Thur 10/9 – O-380, M-158 – 136 Million Votes Expected, and Rising

John McCain could not bring himself to look Barack Obama in the eye and say the same things to him,”

WP, pg1: Obama in Springfield; From Outsider To Politician

Why not another convention-type ball-park event the weekend before election ???

Good news in Texas... I went by Dem HQ here in our south texas city and

Wait, wait, wait; McCain says DEMOCRATS were against needed regulation?

Has any other prospective 'First Lady' ever entered the political fray?

$$$$$$$ Breaking: PHOTO of John McCain Gambling $$$$$$$

my daughter, the Democrat- just got some mail from the RNC

Obama can end McGrandpa's chances by putting out a

Is it time for a 'Federal Voter Registration'???

Dear Mr. Dobbs,

The global economy is in complete collapse and we are talking about Obama's race

"We'll have something to talk about tomorrow" McShit said yesterday. What was it? ACORN. n/t

Did anyone really expect the Republicans to go down easy?

McCain Campaign Co-Chair: "Obama a Man of the Street"

Did McCain vote yes on the bailout--yes, why is he talking like he didn't?

VIDEO Not that we need any more inspiration, but here's some....

More on the 7-11 coffee cup election. It just gets better.

Flyers fans - are you pissed that your $75 ticket comes with a Palin campaign event?

GOP "Bloodbath"

mccain needs to be tested for alzheimers and cjd. there is something going wrong inside there.


Wow Obama 320 ..... McCain 158 and now West Va. moving from R to .....

Tweety you stupid bastard...

Who wants to see the ACTUAL $3 Million "OVERHEAD PROJECTOR"????

Study: polls may underestimate Obama support

Here's The One Thing That's Deciding This Election Now - And No One's Talking About It

Will those voters whose registration has been purged, be

You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don't matter

McCain MUST confront Obama face to face over his Ayers bullshit...

YouTube search of words ACORN OBAMA turns up *504* GOP propaganda videos

Today I was told I could not-should not vote democrat this election

Slow Release Poison

I just did some phone banking for Obama in PA tonight

McCoward Agrees Obama a "Hooligan," Phalin Incites Mob at Today's Rally (VIDEO)

John Sidney McCain the Third

Excuse me, but Someone I know Also wants a Word with You.....

Postage problems snag absentee ballots (being returned to sender)

Hero, my ass. John McCain was, is, and always will be a

McBush wasn't man enough to say any of his slime attacks to Obama's face at the debate

Another member of McCain's campaign who needs to be fired: Frank Keating

Video: McCain/Palin 10-9 town hall in WI, every circus must have its freak show....

Obama will be a Great President and will lead us through a rough time.....history tells me so.

Kos:Break their back, crush their spirits

GM might go bankrupt according to Joey Scarbourough-The October Surprise

Will: "like being savaged by a dead sheep."

Holtz-Eakin and McCain need to get their story straight on the mortage buy-up plan

Watch McSame wander the stage, as depicted on Daily Show...

The Rude Pundit: In Defense of Bill Ayers: He's a Professor

Obama Shows Leadership - Statement on Rescue Plan

Why have McCain and Palin, the candidates, leapt headlong THEMSELVES into this Ayers smear?

A Repub government..and now Sweden

Hogs turn into Boars in a very short time ..

Keating to McCain in 1986: ‘I’m yours til death do us part.’

Vent to Comcast-Spectacor about Palin at Philly Flyers game!!

McCain Campaign Palling Around with Terrorists in Miami?

OBAMA has to say enough

Keating to McCain: ‘I’m yours til death do us part.’

Words to live by - an old Palin quote from 2006

(R)asmussen Indiana Poll: McCain 50%(+1), Obama 43%(-4)

John SIDNEY McCain..

Let the fuckers attack, that's all they've got

I just lost my hearing...have to go to the Doc tomorrow:

Ok he'sbuying 30 minute infomercials and we know he has 4M+ donors but how much money did he raise?

Sarah Palin: Country First Or Alaska First (By Robert F. Kennedy Jr )

ACORN CNN picked up Fox's ball & now Connecticut is looking into registrations

It's going to backfire.

This proves it, both genders can be absolutely....

Dear DU... please don't take the race baiting... PLEASE IGNORE IT

"Cindy suggested that her husband has never had PTSD symptoms because 'he was trained.' "

FACT CHECK-another bad day for McCain

Oh, my dear Lord! The comedy just keeps coming.

In Dozens of Calls, Palins Pressed for Trooper’s Removal

How Dare You John McCain...

Joan Walsh just kicked Michelle Bernards ass!

Watchdog group (CREW) seeks ethics investigation of McCain, over gambling earnings.

"Have you know sense of decency Sir?" Is anyone going to stand up and say that?

When John McCain returns to the senate...

There needs to be a protest at McCain/Palin rallies

My 1000 post…

“He (Obama) ought to admit. I was a guy of the street. I was way to the left. I used cocaine."

Intrade update -- O: 76 M: 24

Why do John McCain and Sarah Palin hate America?

Say It To My Face (updated)

IT IS ABOUT OBAMA'S RACE, terrorist is a fucking code word

Don't mess with scientists, McCain!

"if democrats are for poor people, then why are there still poor people?"

Please vote in my GD poll ...

Country first? Ahead of what?

(R)asmussen North Carolina Poll: Obama 49%(-1), McCain 48%(+1)

Lurking freepers - read me

Living History

I think my apartment manager was going to tell me she's voting for McCain...

Hell Bob Dole even had a better website than McSame.. :D

John McCain is no warrior, he hides behind skirts!


Because this ACORN thing is coming up repeatedly today - isn't this the whole story?

I'm a middle aged white lady, and I'm identifying with Obama more each day

I Wish The So Called Pundits Would Stop Saying McLoser's Campaign Is Going Down

Federal Taxes Paid vs. Federal Spending Received

They definitely think we are That Stupid!

I was purged from Oregon's voter registration...

We need Biden to come out and say "I've lost all respect for John McCain"

The electoral map on Google maps made me cry!

Should I go with a friend to the rumored Palin rally in Raleigh next week?

OMG! Now Palin is on a new NRA poster, aiming a rifle straight at the viewer!

If Palin "calls the shots," then why can't she keep Todd under control?

Was the African American man at McCain's rally a plant???

on cnn i saw obama taunting and daring McDiaperLoad to accuse him of associating with terrorists....

Domestic Terrorists ...Hmmmm ...that rings a bell ....

Move along, nothing more to see here: Elections officials deny illegally purging voters

The candidate of change vs the candidate of change your mind.

Breaking New York Times news re: Palin!

McCain Rebuked for Comparing Mortgage Plan to Clinton

NeoCon Frum concerned about Conserv/Repug brand - no positive agenda, lurching toward extremism.

Video: Joe Biden in Liberty, MO 10/9, full speech

McCain didn’t report ties to Contra group

What else should I add to this?

From the isn't it ironic file.....Had he accepted the Kerry offer...

National polls getting closer?

Nasty mob-like mentality at McCain-Palin rally.

McCain/Palin exploit the media's desire for "objectivity"

Brian Gibson interviewing McCain. Gibson is a putz!!

Smell the desperation... RNC Uses Ayers in New Ads

Given McCain's hate-filled campaign stops I think Powell and Hagel should just endorse Obama

Eat me, McCain..on "Charlie" now...

Does It Bother Any Of You That People At McLoonery's Rallies Are

FIXED News: All Acorn All The Time

One word describes McSANE ERRACTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama in position to steal Virginia from GOP

Obama on McCain's smears: "He wasn’t willing to say it to my face"

The right wing's desperation is down right EMBARRASSING.

Lou Dobbs will do a show about "registration fraud" by ACORN.

Hahaha -- CNN "Maverick" video references "My fellow prisoners" gaffe

Alaska Supreme Court refuses to block Troopergate inquiry

Free Republic Down-Mass Defections, Worse?

Well, I'm out to canvas for McSame, wish me luck! or I LOVE Obama too much

"Elections officials deny illegally purging voters"

The economy is still in big trouble. Therefore McPain can only gain so much traction

Do I have a voter registration problem?

Racist flyers left in the driveway of Virginian Obama supporters

McCain loses ground with scientists over planetarium remark

Go Tweety! Repugs always play the "De-Americanization" card.

David West and the Hornets have Barack Obama's back

America ask yourself " Do we really want 'Joe Six-Pack' in the White House"

ATTN Lurking Freepers...

It's disturbing how John Sidney McCain III lies so easily to the American Public.

Somebody Or Some Organization Or All Of MSM Should Take Out Public Service Ads & Commercials......

Damn it, help me debunk this


Palin / McCain Talking About ACORN Is Like Obama / Biden Talking MIHOP

Biden: Palin Was in 6th Grade the Last Time McCain Had a New Idea

FL POLL (R): Obama 50, McCoward 47

Law Enforcement, from ALL branches, need to let it be known via

Obama Road Blog - Joe Biden in St. Joseph, Missouri (10/9/08) - photos and video clip

October Surprise? FCC Probes Connection Between Pentagon and Military Analysts.

Will the Bishop of Scranton deny Biden Communion this Sunday?

What a difference a year makes, eh?

Alaska Supreme Court refuses to shut down Palin probe! Troopergate Report to be released tomorrow

NC POLL (R): Obama 48 (+3), McCoward 43 (-2)

Rednecks for Obama

POLITICO: McCain didn’t report ties to Contra group

I'm so disappointed to find out today that a long time friend

Video of McCain's base.

Video: Barack in Cincinnati, OH 10/9, full speech

We had a great GOTV party last night - pictures!

McAsshat hides behind Hillary to attack Obama on Ayers tonight with Charlie Gibson on ABC

Just talked my FIL and MIL out of voting for McLame!

Biden on McCain Attacks: Say it to his Face

Barack isn't just whipping McCain because the economy is in the tank

Scarborough: We cover Ayers 'because it's not relevant'

FYI: The Dow and the Bail-Out Bill.

In 1980, Reagan won because of "Reagan Democrats"....

Bailout angst provides a push for Libertarian (Presidential Candidate Bob) Barr


Tom Brokaw - Clock Nazi

Afro racist? WTF is Buchanan talking about???

McCoward Co-Chair Calls Obama "A Guy Of The Street," Raises Drug Use

dupe; please delete

Harry Truman's 1948 Acceptance Speech. A must read. Sound Familiar?

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

What do you think will happen in the country if...

Artist for Obama update:

Indianapolis Obama Rally pics link

McCain misses the train on Amtrak

SATIRE: McCain Considering Conceding Election Soon (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

When will we know about Obama's September fundraising numbers?

Joe Biden is the Man!!!!

McCain Questions Obama-Ayers Relationship - NY Times (ugh)

Disturbing mood

Email from my mother: Post Turtle

When are the big newspapers going to endorse?

ENOUGH with Palin sayin' we do not know Obama!

Oh hey, so a week after Bush sends diplomat to talk with N Korea

Isn't it funny McCain's co-chair is a Keating, Gov. Keating. That low down racist motorscooter. . .

Biden: Palin was in 6th grade the last time McCain had a new idea

Karma's is a great Big Giant Biotch!

Hewitt can't find a publisher for his book, How Sarah Palin Won the Election ... and Saved America

Thank GOD Matthews is bringing up the vile rallies of McCain - he says he plans to keep on the story

5 point swing in today's Diageo/Hotline poll

Obama buys 30 minutes of air time

I'm voting no on funding Cindy McCain's son

If I were Bill Ayers . . .

Parking Lot Politics - A lot owner put up "no parking" signs targeting Barack Obama supporters.

DU the BUZZ on this voter purging story on Yahoo!

McCain campaign co-chairman mocks Obama as a 'guy of the street'

"Are you there Barack, it's me Margaret" For the Women.

I can't find this picture... Barack holding out his hand after town hall debate

Tweety on fucking FIRE! Accuses Republicans of De-Americanization!

Obama: McCain Wasn't Willing To Say Ayers Attacks "To My Face" (VIDEO)

I think Obama surrogates are handling the Ayers issue wrong.

Biden: Palin Was in 6th Grade the Last Time McCain Had a New Idea :-)

Rothenberg Warns of GOP "Bloodbath" (updated)

Some quotes from that perfectly good waste of rodent DNA named John Derbyshire.

Chris Matthews is killing McCain with his comments: "What's Sidney"

About Scarborough and his harping on people who are buying flat screen TVs as

Rasmusen Indiana Poll: McLame 49(+3), Obama 47(+5)

Just for the hell of it, here are several ARG state polls out today--MN Obama +1 but WVA Obama +8!??

Did McCain ever receive psychological counselling for his years as a POW?

Wow! Russia just declared the US a rogue nation....

What is with the MSM

Oh Noes! McCain's unfavorable rating is getting almost as bad as Palin's in new poll

My crazy republican racist ex-grandmother-in-law is considering voting for Obama.

New RAS Polls: Obama up by 1 in NC and up by 3 in Florida

More sick-in-the-head types posing as Democrats

McCypt deflecting blame onto Hillary - Says she recommended mortgage plan, brought up Ayers. - Tampa Bay Online ...Sarah Palin's Interview With News Channel 8

I suddenly realized that GOP has reduced the gap between rich and poor..

The headlines show a world in crisis. So check out what John McCain is talking about.

Anyone else watching Biden's Liberty, MO rally? Joe is really a hoot.

70 percent of CEOs fear an Obama presidency

Buy stocks in the morning of November 4th.

Hewitt can't sell proposed book How Sarah Palin Won the Election... and Saved America

Obama has got to talk about the economy

I have a dream...

"SHE is a low-information voter!"

What is McCain's obsession with Iowa? he's coming back this weekend!

Does anyone think it would be worth the effort of Obama's

HOLY CRAP, have you guys seen this????

In Virginia. I just saw an ad hitting back on McCain's personal attacks

I was polled yesterday by an outfit in Houston Texas called "Hallmark Research"

Yeah, Dow 36,000 didn't quite work out

BTW..The temporary ban on short-selling was lifted today -- you think they are back in business?

Dow Dips below 9,000 and CNN's Rick Sanchez busy discussing the Bradley Effect? WTF?

Just so's ya know...

I heard on NPR yesterday that as soon as Paulson started speaking the

Look. Is Ayers on the Terrorist Watch List? Because If He Isn't, That Should Be the End of It.

Does the Economy trump Race?

Obama to purchase 30 minutes of airtime on CBS in primetime on Wednesday, October 29th!

John Sidney McCain The Third

The Lighthouse

Does Obama plan to raise capital gains tax?

McSame at craps table: "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

McFAIL Pool...

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Liberty, MO****

Good luck trying to keep Ayers in the headlines, John (Dow down 650+, under 8,600)

Has anyone seen the 2 Minute Obama ads yet??

A female anti-Christ. Who knew?

Obama Buying Ad Time On Youth-Oriented Channels

"everyone in this room is stunned that we're in this position. How did Obama get here?"

TDS..... Catches McCain's mic when Obama is speaking... Mr. Puddles?

Todd Palin Waged Campaign To Get Trooper Fired

When will Rep Party leaders go to McCain and tell him to clean up his campaign.

The problem with ACORN is they applied a market based model

Earth to MSM...people don't care about Ayers or Palin's Newsweek photo.

Kos Diary: What's really happening in GA: Can Obama and Martin really win? YES!!

****HEADS UP!! Barack Obama Live in Cincinnati, OH!!! ****

Beneath our hope and confidence lurks a note of fear.

Ayers, Acorn and Abortion are now and never have been important.... John McCain

How good is that.

The View right now

Should Obama Spot McSame 5 points on the Election?

Obama: McCain is lurching all over the place.

McCain Told Reporter "He Would Hate To Live in Milwaukee"

ARG poll of MN with Obama up by only 1--McCain is winning younger voters?

EMAIL from a hard core right wing GOP Friend.........

How to return "hope" to this country..,,quickly.

Welcome to the Republican Depression. Enjoy your stay.

McCain is No Longer Playing to Win,

Lipstick, Pigs, and Ayers

The Dow is below 9000 and the McCain campaign wants to change the subject. It won't work.

How critical is a filibuster proof majority for Obama to get his agenda through?

Parking Lot Politics gone too far?

Did you see how morbid the folks clapping at the closing bell looked?

Is McCain cowering right now?

Andrea Mitchell Greenspan: "She's (Palin) a natural campaigner."

Roger Goodell says NFL faces economic challenges

Local McCain Campaign is asking people if they can put McCain signs in their yards.

Dow NEarly Down to Suze Orman's Floor

MSNBC anchor just said "when they start questioning Osama"

Turning the page on the smears

Nearly 47 percent of Americans concerned McCain wouldn't finish first term


CNN: Biden tells McCain to look Obama in the eye

Its to bad we can't have an emergency election NOW

BIDEN: "In my neighborhood, when you've got something to say to a guy, you look him in the eye"

Ayers crap not working here in NC. Went to two Assisted Living Senior Homes today for Obama

C'mon, John. Say it to his face. Be a man.

TROOPERGATE: Justices may rule today whether investigation can proceed.

This is the real reason why Democrats will win this November.

McCain spokeswoman Nicolle Wallace expresses her deep concern over the guys in Obama's neighborhood

WP's Dana Milbank: "Rage in the Town of Bethlehem" - another hate-fest by the McCain/Palin campaign

My favourite poll of the day... Montana... mccain only up by five!

DU this newspaper poll in liberal Marin County, home of Barbara Boxer and turf of Lynn Woolsey:

McCain's "prisoner" comment -- is he secretly a John Lennon fan??

Obama is back up to 75 on Intrade

The Dow Falls Below 8,700

-575 on the dow!!

Is this the way they will steal it?

"I imagine Obama and Biden may allow McCain to make special non-custodial visits to his testicles."

Is it too early to dedicate this song to McCain/Palin?

OBAMA Leads in West Virgina by 8 %! Obama 50 % - Mccain 42 %

Why does McCain get to demagogue on bailing out struggling homeowners?

Face it, except for Native Americans, we are all foriegn terrorists.

Dirtier campaign? Bush '04, or McCain '08?

Remember back when some of us were seriously worried about

How can anyone really give a flying fuck about the Ayers story right now?

Who Is the "Wasilla Project"?

Did I actually just see *Cindy McCain* out on the trail slinging mud?!

Alaskans, can you give us an idea of Palin's popularity now in your state?

The Question...Does Obama Say It To McSmears Face

Newspaper poll in liberal Calif area gives mcjerk clear lead over Obama

Critics: McCain housing plan 'half-baked'

President Obama? -- Repugs Making Case That Few Years in Wilderness What Party Needs (Politico)

McCain & Palin doing interviews & rallies together="Take Your Daughter to Work Day"

Will President Obama invite Sen. McCain to the White House?

Board Members of the Annenberg Challenge OMGWTF!!11elevenone11!

And ANOTHER audience member at McCain's town hall today....

Sarah Palin gets poked fun at by Fall Out Boy in their new video “I Don’t Care”

Obama about to speak in Cincinnati, OH (MSNBC)

Who is McCain's Least Savory Surrogate?

Obama's Easy Path To 270 - Could Lose 7.5% across the board and still win!

For the last time--WV is NOT a swing state! ARG is INFAMOUSLY unreliable!

The more the Repukes spew hate...the harder the Dow falls

What will McCain say in his concession speech ???

My Obama Biden Magnet Arrived Today!!!

A Central Time Zone election call is on the table. Here's hoping for plenty of party time that night

Was the Home Bail Out The October Surprise?

twins separated at birth--gov lipstick and bellatrix lestrange????

Sarcasm!!!!!!!! Palin policy helped reduces rapes

Strange: Religious Types & Orgs. Like Palin's Spiritual Warfare Group

Further confirmation of why McCain gave up on Michigan 56-40 for Obama (RAS)

Can someone help point me in the right direction. I've been hearing

E-mail from my college daughter: "Can we swear him in already so he can get to work?"

My numerical incompetence - Ignore this thread!

About Bill Ayers. Please discuss.

GO TO HELL ARG: Rassmussen in MN Obama +7

What an Idiot....Comedian Rush Limbaugh today.....

Ann Coulter, clearly off her meds: "McCain should let Palin pinch-hit for him at the next debate"

New Rasmussen Michigan Poll: Obama 56%(+5) McCain 40%(-4)

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't McCain also vote against the war funding bill?

Broad S&P 500 below 950. CorpMedia focused on Ayers.

RFK Jr. goes there....Alaska Independence Party: Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

How dare that damned criminal from Alaska! What sheer hypocrisy!

when IS the next gubenatorial election in Alaska? how soon can she be voted out?

What is it with these misleading MSM titles: "Steal Virginia"

Proof you should take the Hotline poll with a grain of salt: Obama now leads 47 (+2) to 41 (-3).

Pick the real Sarah Pornstar....

ARG Poll: Obama up 8 in ... wait for it... WEST VIRGINIA!

Nate has a WV poll showing Obama up +8. West Virginia???? Be still my heart. n/t

Post Turtle from the Anchorage Daily News Blog

Public Policy Polling (PPP) VA: Obama 51% McCain 43%

CNN to talk about race for the next hour and Snachez has three

Odds Are That Rudy Guiliani HAS Spent A Day in Cindy's Shoes

FINALLY-the DEMS have a couple good talking points!

The Labor Federation Change To Win Hits McCain On Health Care

LOL McCain Naming Names! What an Idiot.

Airhead Contessa Brewer making a big deal out of Palin's Newsweek cover.

McSmear's Tactic: Scare the Fundie Base, Write Off Everyone Else

If only Obama could spend a day in Cindy McCain's shoes...

About the "say it to my face" Obama never throws the first punch but always throws the last. . .

"Albino Chipmunk"

United Auto Workers Sinks $3 Million Into Swing State Ad Campaign

Gallup Daily Tracking Holds at 52/41. 11 point lead for Obama 2 days running.

Hate to bring this up AGAIN.......but it's that pesky ACORN thing....

McSame said "50 percent of Americans don't pay any federal income tax"

I heard a Crosi interview this morning on local radio

Calling out Grantcart!

AP Exclusive: Documents Say Candidate Near Insanity

McCain isn't putting any money behind an Ayers ad

This kills me: McCain says that he KNOWS Obama isn't telling

McCrazy just sucked up a load of helium and blamed Dodd and Frank for the mortgage crisis.

I hope they step up security measures at Obama and Biden events.

Michael Kinsley -- McCain exploded with rage while gambling in Puerto Rico

Holy Woot! - ARG poll has Obama up 8% in West Virginia

PLEASE DU THIS POLL!! Do you like the idea of Sarah Palin dropping the puck at the Flyers game

Did The View have another brawl today?


Track Palin

"'Rednecks for Obama' want to bridge yawning culture gap"

The 10 Mistakes Of The John McCain Campaign

Howard Needs $10.08 From Each of Us, Right Now.

Who the FUCK does Palin think she is saying the MSM needs to ask questions about OBAMA. . .

-- Latest State Polls - Obama up in West Virginia?

Philly columnist urges Flyers fans to turn their back on Palin

I bet the Ayers thing get brought up in the next debate

Iowa to allow idiots to vote?

They celebrate ANGER at the McCain/Palin rallies and that is funny, in 2004

Dear Cindy,

McCain launches Ayers Ad today

McCain's Poignant Valedictory

Bob Barr Ramping it up.

After Hope

Saw this bumper sticker today (ugh!) :

I have to confess - the drawn out primary season was the best thing to happen to us!!

Oopsie - Petraeus agrees with Obama, not McShame

Oh, John, is this what we'll be talking about today: Petraeus - US Should Talk With Its Enemies..

Can you imagine the Republican in-fighting about how they should have nominated Romney? lol

Real Clear Politics has Obama winning election even without any toss up states.

PBS Poll - Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?

10/5-8 ARG WV Poll: Obama 50% - McCain 42%

"Making Adoptions Easier"

Win Percentage: 90.5%

Video: Barack in Dayton, OH 10/9, full speech

More on the 7-11 coffee cup election. It just gets better.

After Second Presidential Debate, Undecideds Move Toward Obama – Obama 57%, McCain 43%

Terrorist sympathizer funds McCain campaign & Republican National Committee

David Brooks statement (video) is the most important event in current political commentary

Cindy McCain sounds and looks like a cartoon character with her "complaint" about Obama voting

the media is prolonging this ayers thing....mcclown has nothing else

If Pennsylvania is battleground (Obama +15) and VA (Obama +8), why is Georgia not (McCain +7)?

Does the McCain Campaign think that America is stupid? Low at DOW, down again

Is it a bad thing that Obama doesn't have 1000's of pages of medical records?

First post-debate polls in

It's time to pressure the media to call out McCain on these dangerous, hate-filled tactics!

Rednecks for Obama!?

(R)asmussen has Obama up by 3 in North Carolina - again!

Palin is a terrorist

Russians: Palin Who?

I'm starting to view polls like I do sonograms

They finally found a token Black guy to look foolish at the McKKKain rally!!!! nt

With folks working hard to get Obama elected ... is anyone planning protests if elec. stolen?

I think Georgia is very much in play

I cant wait for Nov 4th .. I am sick of this campaign already

Purging voters is going ahead full steam and Mccain team-EPIC FAIL

Gallup: Obama:52-41, Second Day of 11 Point Lead

Bush Signs Order to Ease Switch to Next Prez (Can;t believe no one caught the joke at the end)

Democrats seen riding voter anger to Congress

McCain and Palin are doing "Donnie and Marie" act on CNN

Obama's New Deal - Help Name It DU

Sarah Palin is George W. Bush in drag . . .

Isn't this beautiful?

Is the media really doing McCain any favors by airing his appearances?

Ending Gridlock? AARP Survey Gets Blank Circles from McCain

Todd Palin is going to try to take the fall in "Troopergate."

So what was the BIG NEWS out of the McShame camp today??

My daughter called a little while ago, asking about allegations Obama is not a US citizen.

Great column by George Will. He gets it. It's over. (link)

Audience member at McCain town hall: "I am mad a Socialist is going to be running this country"

Who is SARAH PALIN to question who OBAMA is? HE'S been asked questions and ANSWERED them for YEARS!

Read what the PIG in lipstick said about negative campaigns in 2006

McCain Erratically Flips: Changes "new" Mortgage Plan: Better for Banks, Worse for Taxpayers:

McCain stumbling over words in Waukesha,WI.

Family disowns John McCain: "He's no Maverick"

Tampa papers blast McCain: "erratic," "reckless," "dangerous"

Senator Joe Biden Speaks at Missouri Western (video)

McCain has really made me wonder about my wife!

I wish you all could see how disjointed the McCain Palin townhall is. I

Palin: Are Americans getting the opportunity to ask questions?

TPM Presents John McCain's World of Sleaze

McCain spoke just now on MSNBC. The man is half-dead.

I am deeply concerned about McCain's lengthy friendship with unrepentant 'disturber of the peace'


Ramussen tracking poll Obama 50 - McCain 45.

2 more post-debate polls - Yep, Obama won

Also, what language is Sarah speaking?

---How exciting!!---Latin American, Republican-- for Obama!!---

CBS Headline-Todd Palin: Sarah In Dark On Troopergate

Delete: Already Posted

I am thinking about making the following pledge to Obama's campaign.

Obama should confront McCain about Ayers on October 15 debate

MEDICARE plan, McCain: Form a Committee with a bunch of Smart People!

Imagine, if you will...

If your name is Tucker you must be an a-hole!

Why can't Obama break 55%? Clearly, he can't close the deal with the American people.

Gallup Daily 10/9: Unchanged Obama 52% "Fellow Prisoner" 41%

Video: Obama Calls Out McCain's "Erratic and Uncertain" Leadership (updated)

Fox is pushing Ayers, ACORN all day today

McCain Now Playing the Abortion Card

I feel good about North Carolina

More Good News U May Have Missed: Registered Voters - 38% D, 27% R

Why do I get the feeling that there is more crazy antics to come from the McCain campaign?

RCP changes Virginia from tossup to leaning Democrat! 277 EVs for Obama WITHOUT Florida or Ohio!!

USA TODAY / GALLUP POLL: Obama won debate. Obama favorable up. McCrypt favorable down.

Is McLame using Cindy and Sarah as human shields?

If McCain's Poll Numbers Drop Any Lower... (add yours)

The Note: 'A Simple Mistake'?McCain Changes Mortgage Plan, Gives Obama New Opening

Ralph Stanley gettin' out the vote in rural America

McAncient brings his lap dog everywhere now.

I was actually wrong on this.

Why isn't anyone going after McCain's

NRA Endorses McCain. THIS is what they were talking about yesterday... big surprise. Not!

Every single poll....add 3 percent for phones, cell phones..

If we ever needed proof that torturing prisoners makes them go crazy,

Why does McTaint keep saying that Obama will MANDATE health insurance?

"Obama's emergence represents a profound change in the American psyche"

Gallup - Obama 52 (unchanged), McCain 41 (unchanged)

Swiftboat Palin mumble-mouths again

Vote for "That One" in 2008

What Do We Win ??

We're in good shape, and here's why:

They say that dogs are a good judge of character.... (Sorry it posted twice)

I didn't know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were responsible for the entire economic meltdown?!

VIDEO: McCain's Rage

Countdown: McCain's Guilt By Association

Sorry to ask, but is it my computer or is DU slow right now?

McCain/Palin on their Farewell Tour: IA, PA, WI. When is he coming to Connecticut to Say Goodbye?

Gallup Daily: O (52) M (41) NO Change

I don't know how much more of this election I can take.

RealClearPolitics Electoral Map: Obama at 277 WITHOUT toss-up states

MCCAIN: "Thank you, and God bless the United Prisoners of A-mavericka!"

McIdiot brought up the bridge to nowhere. . .now he is picking on Adler Planetarium ?

"Swiftboating" doesn't work against likeable people

What the morAns are up to now!


C'mon McLame....Come to Madison, Wisconsin...I Dare you

No wonder why they're called right wing wackos ~

Think about it. Obama doesn't need OH, FL, NV, CO, IN at all if he can just keep gaining in VA

Bush signs order to ease switch to next president

Denizens of DU, I BEG of you....CALL TO ACTION>>>>>>

Are YOU a fellow prisoner?

John McCain - Programmed by the Communists?

If McCain & Palin say nice things about Obama in their concession speeches will you feel compassion

Barack could lose in Ohio

I nominate Newt Gingrich for Creepiest.... Republican.... Ever

Polls Confirm Obama Won Debate

Why do McCain and Palin only campaign together?

These latest Obama ads are brilliant ... link

Can we have a happy thoughts, stress-relieving thread?

Today's Gallup Tracking poll same as yesterday-Obama 52%, McCain 41%:

Ok, I'll bite...whats the GOP's gripe about Palin on Newsweek? Anyone heard?

Jon Stewart: "[Palin] is like Jodie Foster in the movie 'Nell'..."

McCain Camp Lying again about Ayers:

What I learned from the latest Economist/YouGov poll:

What's the future direction of the repug party?

What is behind Obama's "say it to my face" gambit? Watch this video

John McCain destroyed millions of dollars more of US property than Bill Ayers ever did

remember when I said it was up to us to keep Obama/Hillary alive

Obama: I can take 4 more weeks of McCains attacks, America cant afford 4 more years of McCain

John McCain: Coward

To all my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, I sincerely apologize.

Alaska Supreme Court Peppers Troopergate Lawyers

McCain is having a fake Town hall meeting in Wisconsin in a few minutes.

Todd's Deposition: A Dud from the Dude

dupe self-delete

From now until the election, I think we should not post items about...

Report: McCain Exploded With Rage During Gambling Outing

Here is another Idea for Thread rating .. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

What would happen to world confidence in the U.S. and its financial system

Ms. Palin on Good Morning America this morning!

Todd Palin Campaigned Years for Firing Trooper

Why is Obama's campaign keeping their AIP powder dry?

according to this chart, we clinch it with WI, VA, NM

*********** OBAMA IN OHIO LIVE 11:20 AM EASTERN ***********

Read It And Weep

Republican Children Say the Darndest Things About Barack Obama!

Finally, something that could stick to Sarah Palin

How I dispel the Obama rumors in WV

Advice from McCain's foremost expert on energy issues

Wasn't McCain supposed to have "something to talk about" today?

Life without parole for election cheats.

Obama LIVE! on MSNBC from Dayton, OH

The worst thing about McCain-Palin

Its official! Bush broke the NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK!

***AL Franken***on CSPAN 2 debate

Most likely October surprise: the Mullahs in Iran want McCain to win.

Obama in Dayton: McCain's bizarre mortgage proposal indicative of his erratic behavior

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Dayton, OH****

Unfortunately, Palin is within her rights to say things that may incite violence.



OK, so, it's the Democrats who are are socialists?

Intrade now has North Carolina and Missouri in Obama's camp...

PA POLL (R): Obama 54 (+7), McCrypt 40 (-6)

TPM: Todd Palin is a Real Piece of Work

In honor of Michelle's GREAT Larry King interview: Our next First Couple!!

Somebody wrote a letter to the editor that they are voting McCain/Palin for their family values!?

TIME - 10/09/08: Does Sarah Palin Have a Pentecostal Problem?

I wonder if Obama's new voter registration goals accounted for purging

Obama on CNN right now!

Obama the Subhuman by Anthony DiMaggio

Beatiful Article on Obama in WaPo

Woo Hoooo Obama Cementing lead in Virginia +8 PPP

So what even if Obama were Muslim or Jew or Atheist .. why the heck is this even an issue

Report: McCain Exploded With Rage During Gambling Outing

Obama leads in spending as well as polls

OK, I hesitated to post this but I finally decided to do so.

Obama: McCain-Palin trying to "score cheap political points."

What's the stragegy behind "say it to my face"??

On the guilt-by-association meme....

The Republican Form of Capitalism Is An Epic Failure

Time to draw a parallel between McCain's Ayers strategy and his foreign policy...

Third pollster (PPP) has VA outside MoE: Obama 51 (+3) McCain 43 (-3)

Who is McCain's buddy - a man who went to North Vietnam and protest America's involvement in the war

Video of the S Florida Congressional Candidates' Forum held last night (Wed. Oct. 9)

Those Hotline and Zogby polls yesterday showing a close race were outliers

Strategic Vision: Georgia: McCain 50% (-2) Obama 43% (+4)

Obama should just relase this as an ad to end all ads

Larry King Poll: Who's getting dirty with their campaigning?

Bill Burton to FOX & FRIENDS: Gretchen, listen to yourself. A specific date and time?...

What's the Rasmussen Poll For Today?

Have You Seen This? Cindy McCain Topless Sculpture Goes Public In NYC

Nuclear Debate Question:

The final debate will be held in Toledo

Hotline tracking poll: Now it's Obama +6 (yesterday was +1)


realclearpolitics show virgina blue

Todd's Deposition: A Dud from the Dude-Evidence Of Blatant Untruths & Cover-Ups


Damn you, intretubes!

THIRD poll shows GA's Senate race within MOE

McCain camp wants to talk "character"? Then its time to talk about McCain's scary, irrational temper

McCain just released his "Ayers" ad. Those internal polls must be terrible

Wow. Do I see Georgia as a toss up state? No wonder Barack is now putting in a heavy ad rotation

I got five, count 'em FIVE flyers from the RNC in my mail today...

Ray Suarez tells it like it is: Barack Obama 'pseudo controversies' hide racism

January 20, 2009

Part 1 of Max Blumenthal's video exposé about Sarah Palin is out...

Last night I dreamt that DU started a petition which garnered 2 million signatures

It's time for Obama to accept McCain's invitation...

McCain campaign wants Obama to respond to Ayers stuff.... DU-ers, inexplicably, seem to agree

Photos of a young rethug racist who wishes someone would KILL Obama!

“NRA puts its muscle behind McCain” (Boston Globe)

Anyone watching TODAY show?

"Barack Obama could have stopped William Ayers.....

FACEBOOK: 1,000,000 Strong Against Sarah Palin

NEW MEME for US! McKlan is publicly lynching Obama

Palin is highly qualified to be a Republican President

The Ice Queen got a "cold chill?"

Question: Is is Legal to photograph/video inside a Polling Place?

I'm off to Yom Kippur Services until 7 PM...

i just called the nra, msnbc, & cnn

McCain yells "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" - link


McCain Mocks Elderly: Liesure World = "Siezure World"

Virgil Goode only +13..

4 Events with Obama in Philadelphia this Saturday October 11

Pollster: Don’t believe the Dem hype (guess who?)

time for ads about McCain's serial ADULTERY........

The Ballad of Sarah Palin

McCain's Intimate Ties to Convicted Felon & Mobster-

The template for responding to attacks on one's patriotism:

Made another donation to Obama for the final push! He's gonna need all we can give to counteract

If I were a Neo-Pentacostal, I could never vote for McCain.

Bwwahhhaa!! Catch this video. The Maverick family disowns McCain!!!

Obama needs us now more than ever.

What is this QWEST commercial about building an network for the Republican Convention?

Use of S.S. #'s: "ACORN" Investigation Tactics & Federal Law Violations:

WTF does William Ayers have to do with the economy?

Do you think Obama needs to publicly call McCain out on all this BS?

Michelle Obama = Pure class.

If McCain and Palin get average of 12000 per rally she attends

I was talking to a student just now....

Quintessential Joe Six-pack

It must suck to be a Repub and have to appeal to the lowest human rungs of society for votes n/t

Str. Vision (R) PA Poll: Obama 54, McCain 40

Describe John McCain's base:

Todd says there was already bad blood between Sarah/Monegan.Email inquiry re:Trig not in carseat?

My neighbor just put up a 6 x 8 McCain/Palin sign on his garage roof.

Obama to Kick Off Jobs Tour Today

This is what we are up against people!!!

Chris Matthews says McCain appealing to "low information voters"

Sabato: "Is the electoral dam breaking for Obama?"

I was going to ask a question about McCain's mortgage plan...

New Obama Ad - "Tested" (VIDEO)

Mika Mouse Show: Obama doesn't enjoy shaking hands like Bill Clinton did

"Any time the subject is the economy, we lose" -- McCain aide

What is this QWEST commercial about building an network for the Republican Convention?

Does Sarah Palin Have a Pentecostal Problem?

Disgusting, lie-filled McCain ad on Ayers

John McCain and Sarah Palin are a trainwreck. Can you imagine how horrible

So the Mc Cain campaigns big news this morning is

The PBS poll should be renamed the RICK POLL

Obama used to be a smoker - Is he fit to lead? Question posed on CNN just now?

McCain/Palin keep inciting their crazies.

Who You Callin’ a Maverick?

A very short lte...but I like it!

McCain "my fellow prisoners" ??? whaaa?

So Palin's son is fighting in Iraq so we can protest....

Stickers for the cowardly Repugs...

Anybody Know When And Where The McKlan Rallies Are Today?

Sarah is now the front runner, top of the ticket...

Rasmussen -Obama 50 McCain 45

DU this pbs poll!!!!

72 Hour Before Election Day?

Typical Erratic McCain - He's Already Backtracked On "His" Mortgage Proposal!

Just saw McCain's new ad this morning

You know what phrase I'm getting really sick of?


CNN Polls of Polls: Obama ahead in NV, OH, PA, FL and nationally

Matt Taibbi: "McCain surrendered to political fearmonger who smeared him out of 2000 race" (ROVE)

If Obama wins either OH or FL, it's over

DIAGEO/HOTLINE back up to Obama 47 - McCain 41


My fellow prisoners!

Don't the McCain ads with the female voice piss you off? "Shameful" "Disgraceful"

Isn't Corsi the guy who wrote the attack book on Obama? Check this out...

Question re: vote challenges on election day

Franken Leads Coleman in Minnesota Senate Race

I believe the big announcement will be about::

McCreep Campaign on its heels re:

Todd Palin had unusual access to wife's staff

Spoof: Republicans get to vote November 5th!

VIDEO It's five in the morning in Ireland, my goodnight present......

My theory re: "Prisoner" remark by McEarlysenile

McLame is Superstitious and believes he will Jinx his chances if...

Palin to drop first Puck at Philly Flyers Game: this is risky IMO


Kos/R2K POLL: Obama 51, McCrypt 41 (no change).

Obama 52% McLame 41% Gallop Daily Tracking Poll

So, the morning BIG NEWS from McCain is that Obama and Ayers are friends?

Appealing to the lowest common denominator, to the basest of human

Republicans have won SEVEN of the last TEN Presidential elections

Beyond the Pale: Palin has hijacked the term "Hockey Mom" and the NHL is part of the SCAM!

Interesting photo from the campaign trail

Sarah Palin's plane flight when she was in labor - here's the real reason why!!!!

Sarah McLachlan supports Obama, rouses Freeper hate mob

Breaking: McCain Camp will have something to talk about tomorrow

GA POLL (R): McCrypt 50 (-2), Obama 43 (+4)

They're Trying To Steal This One Again.....

"It's Me Grandpa" LOL!

Intrade closing prices yesterday: Obama 77, McCain 24.5.

Cindy McCain's shoes

mccain-palin - inciting violence... I'm concerned

self-delete--- dupe

Please, President Obama, after taking office, reinstate the Fairness Doctrine !

LOL I think Gibbs got banned from FOX. He and Wallace did every show together except FOX & FRIENDS

Palin to drop first Puck at Philly Flyers Game: this is risky IMO

Holy Cow! We're Winning!

Katherine Harris v Sarah Palin? Take the quiz!

Bill Press just said that Obama leads McCain with catholic voters 51 - 40!!!!!!

This is what we must keep talking about

LOL Nicole Wallaces hems and haws at the prospect of having Palin do the TODAY SHOW. . .

Judge puts early voting in 3 Ind. cities on hold

We could start partying by 8 pm on Election Night.

RNC Smokescreen - Official: Registration issues won't affect vote

So, mcStunt will be at again today.....

John McCain-Say Goodbye To Pennsylvania

It's not JUST the economy, stupid, is it?

Harold Ford & Joe Scarborough you can tell really feel comfortable with each


I am a political nobody, but why couldn't Gibbs say

Now it's "Off with his head."

dKos/R2K 10/9: Obama 51 (even) McCain 41 (even)

I'm Staying Home Election Day

Take a Break

Halperin's Scorecard: Obama-Biden Easily Win Third Week in a Row

Simple question: Why do wingnuts think McCain is a LIBERAL?

FYI: McCain has new web ad entitled "Ayers"

Alaskans hate Palin

I think Obama should try to take Texas


Oct. 9 - WSJ - Obama Closes Gap in Indiana

Klu Klux Klan Resurgant

Zo(m)by Poll-Obama 48% -McCain 44%

Media Now Attempting to Prop Up McCain's Mortgage Plan

Expect to hear "socialist, muslim, terrorist, america-hating commie" DAILY for the next 26 days

Only one more week.

Are You Scared Yet?

The Freepers are trying the Birth Certificate thing again

Keating 5 video currently 7th most viewed Obama video on YouTube. Could reach 3rd soon.

Is McCain/Palin the First National Ticket Based Entirely on Cockamamie Conspiracy Theories?

Is purple-heart bandaid wearing Mary Shannon terrorist Shelley Shannon's mother?

Fear is their motor. That's what it is.

"Steady hand on the tiller" or "Ready hand in the till?" McCain wants $300B more in taxpayer money

We must endure a month of filthy, hate filled, violence inciting lies from the McCain team.

Mr. Puddles. I have Snausages!

***McCain changes homeowner plan

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Thursday: Obama has 4-point lead on McCain

McCain actually said that we need a base closing commission for Medicare

Palin Was A Registered Member of Secessionist Party

Okay, so I gots me a theory about McPooForBrains

Changing the subject

Let's Cop to it: McCain is mortal, Palin is an Orwellian "Big MILF"

This is long, but I've got to say it before I explode.

The Tennesse mall shooting a sign of what's to come?

Don't Vote For Obama!

Whatever McCain's campaign has "to talk about," they'll be saying it during Yom Kippur.

Troopergate Report On Friday - Any Leaks? Announcements?

May (insert your deity of choice) help us

Looking for info I heard on Mike Malloy...

can anyone tell me more about the DFL?

McCain/Palin Pushing the Ayers thing: "When did Barack Obama know of Ayers' activities?"

Michelle is such a doll..

lived near cape canaveral all my life just about

A few creative Obama campaign posters and a debate photo...

OMG FREAK OUT TIME! Zogby Tracking Poll: Obama 48 (+1), McCain 44 (-1).

Comptroller's e-mail a violation of Hatch Act

Obama is a socialist rumors DEBUNKED- see inside ....

the new DU challenge

My Jewish mom, an ardent Democrat, wonders why Capers Funnye doesn't get mentioned more often.

All McCain has to do to create a firestorm is announce he has "something to talk about"?

Cindy McCain lacks the class of Michelle Obama and Jill Biden

"My Friends, Are so depressed...." New John McCain campaign theme

Question for Long-Timers: How is the Eternal PBS Poll like the KUDZU Thread?

Palin Fashion Update -- She's switched from Virgin white to Black Bondage Attire

What IS a vice president?

Lol, American Family Association warns: "If you think things are bad now, just wait

McCain apologizes to Obama for debate comment (video)

WP p. A1: MOMENTS OF TRUTH | OBAMA IN SPRINGFIELD - From Outsider To Politician

dear america

Ignorance of Major Cultural Events that Would Equal Ignorance of the PBS Poll on DU

We need to all make a concerted effort to put all OPs on ignore that post the PBS poll

Check out this DUer's clever "Sarah Palin remix"

Post your list of prominent businessmen and women that support Obama

You know what, McCain? Call Obama whatever you want.

Hey McPenguin.... Money Talks, Bullshit Walks !

Colbert ask Scarborough how McCain can win...

The Witchhunters


On my way home from work I saw a bunch of SUVs with strange orange flags

McCaint's latest campaign tactics are easy to understand after reading the Rolling Stone piece

ABC Is Lying About NSA


Caption Gov. Sarah Palin

PHOTO: "Cretinous Sarah Palin with her stupid novelty moose bag...."

My S. Baptist coworker just found out today that her husband

Can I vote?

Alaskan Independence Party & The Sarah Palin Factsheet (pass it along)

George W. Bush Has Hurt the United States More Than Bin Laden Ever Could Have.

Re: Trig Palin..Something is very peculiar...

Map of the week: The mystery of the missing opium

boomp there it is!! dow drops below 9k...

Did anyone really think they would Not steal our 401Ks

I'm smack dab in the middie of fundie hell

Why this could be worse than the Great Depression ?

Palin's Tres Chic Moose Tote (pic)

ABC Report: NSA ‘Routinely’ Listened In On Americans’ Phone Calls, Passed Around ‘Salacious’ Bits

Food Bank Thread!

You Republican Motherfuckers. THIS IS YOUR FAULT

David Lynch fans:

David Lynch fans:

George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg!

Do Ouija boards break?

Do you occasionally post while drunk?

I will never understand

How retro are you?

I have a very loving cat on my lap right now . . . . .

two DU-ers I haven't seen for a long time

So, who else has been busy perverting justice and taking part in the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

South Park really sucked tonight.

HA! Newsletter deadline is Friday


Whatever happened to Bart Starr?

Whatever happened to Starry Starry Night?

Whatever happened to Starry Starry Night?

While we're on the topic of missing DU'ers...I miss MonkeyFunk.

what is the single most important issue to you in the upcoming election?

Quick! Go recommend this thread! Now!

I finally upgraded to Windows XP.

Dup nt

A quick Thursday morning impersonation.

Before I hit the sheets . . . . . .. . . . .. . .

Breakfast tacos and beer. Good breakfast, or the best breakfast?

I went back to the doctor to get another shrink

Why was The Addams Family reboot so good, while The Munsters reboot sucked horribly?

I'm totally calling out Orrex for calling out DuStrange...

A sunset in Alaska

Here's a free stock tip for all of you.

My response to on Selling books for them.

When did the lounge become the DU version of "Rescue Rangers" for threads that died in GD?

So, I'm hosting my college roommates for a reunion this weekend

My 401k's down 34% this year

I am sad today

Get it while it's hot - FREEPER ALERT!

Today is John Lennon's birthday.

Connecting two monitors to the computer makes work more efficient

So, I'm re-reading "Lord of the Flies," and I realized something...

Sarah had another affair with leader of the wacky hate America Alaska group?

Help. One of our kittens is stuck in a tree. *UPDATE

New name for Democratic Underground as of 11/5/08?

What ever happened to Brenda Starr????

I've decided to admit to all of you that I'm actually a SPY!!!!

Whatever happened to Ringo Starr?

The Ballad of Sarah Palin :)

Was this post really so incomprehensible?

I don't know what a ___________ is. (Fill in the blank)

PG Porn

I know that allergy information on food packages is a necessary and worthy cause

I've decided to admit to all of you that I'm actually SHY!!

The Composition of the Lounge Population: Survey Results are In

Hey Grandpa, what's for supper?

I've decided to admit to all of you that my brisket was on a hero and not on RYE!!!

Seen on the roads today

Where is datasuspect? I miss his sarcasm.

What is more powerful than unconditional love?

I've decided to admit to all of you that I'm actually wry.

Do you want to play WHO AM I? or SIX DEGREES OF MRSCORPIO?

Dumb but smart quote from another co-worker of mine

I had to leave work early today - totally stressed out (rant)

I'm so proud of DU (Special thanks to Eugene) - True story

c4space - spacetrain

My co-worker has a brilliant idea for Halloween

wrong forum

What's for lunch, Lizards?

Fans of Mother's Cookies, stock up now because they aren't shipping anymore.

FOX NEWS: Girl, 15, Faces Child Porn Charges for Nude Cell Phone Pictures of Herself

Does anyone remember the hotel that MATCOM stayed at in Mexico/??

Remember when people use to mix up "lose" and "loose"?

Iron Maiden + Black Sabbath + Metallica = Greedy fucking pigs...

Pick any number between 1 and 100. Winner gets a No-prize

Barack Obama hangs head in shame.

Have you ever slapped someone's face, then immediately kissed them?

I've decided to admit to all of you that I'm actually The Fly.

My mother surprises me. I have always thought she was somewhat racist

Goddammit! Will I finish this lasagna before the next century ?

Project Runway: I think the right three went onward


Who or what do you want to forget?

Chitown DU'ers: You folks are so lucky to have Flossmoor Station

When in Toronto be sure to dine at the luxurious "Happy Seven" restaurant

Angelina Jolie + breast feeding + magazine cover

OMG! I almost lost my stylist!

McDonald's apologizes for Michael Vick Happy Meal boxes

i usually don't like slow "sappy" songs, but i'm in love with this song

Chime in if you hate teenagers!

A Brief Musical Tribute To The News Of the Day, Ladies And Gentlemen....

Who pooped the bed?

I got SO much done today...w00t! And now I'm exhausted!

So Palin's an ester?

I'm partially calling out turtlensue for calling out Orrex...

You may find yourself, living in a shotgun shack

All right you guys . . . .

"If Obama becomes President, we white women are really going to have to worry for our lives"

Ohhhh, the kittehs love the new Wellness treats!!

The neediness of a 14 year old cat...

Ladies and Gentlemen....The Amazing Barack OBollywood!!

Is Obama's running mate a COMMUNIST?????

A poll about tipping

Oh noes!! Billy Joel's army is coming to enslave us!

Portrait of Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow

He no longer wants to be a globe, today he wants to be....

Chime in if you hate repukes!

I've got a pair in my shorts

Whatever happened to Walt Starr?

Dinner with the Panda family!

Delete-self nt (lame copycat)

Pepperoni Alert

Okay, so my grandpa's home from the hospital.

How the hell do I make a "globe" costume for my 5 year old?

Palin-drome poem!

Need help making an avatar.

Chime in if you hate "adults"!

Goddamn insurance company! (Part brazillion!!)

Some fun for Halloween

Gimme Gravy tonight

Do you have a sibling who just doesn't get you?

i loves the spicy yummy smell

What goes with smoked meat sammiches?

CSI season premiere...

ZOMG i am so pissed off.

Anyone overhear any strange or amusing comments in the past week?

Dear Sun, fuck you;

All of a sudden, in the middle of the climax of the CSI premiere; TimeWarner is having BLACKOUT.

There is so much dried food in between my keys that they are sticking together.

DU Boomers: Was life better knowing there would be another Beatles release next year?

Got the results back from the MRI

Please Do NOT Delete my account.

Tonight's Lullaby

I ate applesauce for dinner.

Evolutionists Flock to Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

There's a difference between 'I love you' and 'Die you a**hole'

"18 Wheels"- Fred Eaglesmith

Yay chimpsrsmarter! Yay mods!!!! For being so quick on that one.

That damned Kath and Kim commercial!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Please help me with my family court project! (or: 20 questions for a Thursday)

I have what LynneSin wants

Phillies fans — here's to a great NLCS

I must be depressed

Rite of Passage #371493: Class pictures!

Isn't this the saddest looking little pup you have ever seen??

I have talked too much today.

Citizens,be sure to stock up on pork brains!

Latex allergies suck.

Fawn over this

SNL election special on now!!!

Craigslist: I Want My Bra Back / How To Wash Your Ass/ Will Trade Kidney For Obama Tickets

Algebra Question (Trying to help Daughter-in-law)

Oeditpus Rex works for the CID.

In the Dumbcluckistan department,...

The Three Most Handsome Men in Hollywood.

New video game literally a mind game

Clint Malarchuk, king of the grizzly injuries.

100 most often misspelled words.

Wine help please. Pretty lame,actually.

Good restaurants in NYC?

I've decided to admit to all of you that I'm actually a guy

Need help with DU this poll - Should Sarah Palin drop first puck at the Flyers game

Oh crap. Can I get a consensus on how to pronounce "Vallejo"??

Jaime Lynne Spears Pregnant AGAIN???

Chime in if you hate immortals!

Old hippies, here is some interesting music from the old days.

Phils win game 1, 3-2 over LAD's. nt

Thanks for the good vibes!

A Poll about Poles. Name your favorite Pole.

PALINdromes! Hours of fun for the whole family!

Does DU Need A Day of Atonement

My new signature quote, found on a Starbucks cup...

XKCD fucking rocks, part 58,190,451,782,357

Breaking DU News: Former Lounge Mod CalPeggy Calls Absence of DUStrange Tombstone a "problem"

Is it against DU's rules to call out DUers who've been tombstoned?

US vs Metallica

Vibes requested for my brother.

Lounge, Yes or No? Your vote counts.

AUGH!!! Accosted by creepy homeless guy!!!

Self-delete nt

Any songs stuck in your head right now?

I estimate I have five minutes before the Jehovah's Witnesses I spotted reach my door.

My Sweetie Pup

John Cusack Is About To Join Rachel Maddow And Michael Moore!

When older bees teach younger bees about nutrition, what kind of food pyramid do they use?

Tommy Lee Jones or Richard Stengel?

I rented "Forbidden Kingdom"...Reviewers Trashed it...I Loved it!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/9/2008)

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday October 10

Ask me about my colonoscopy today

Poll question: So Palin's an esper?

What is Sarah Palin's favorite color?

Why aren't YOU reading my cat's blog?

do you ever feel undervalued, unrespected and like no one would notice if you were not there

omg wtf palin?

Ok Good night to you all !

Hello from Hilton Head!

The Beatles. They are the greatest group ever. They will ALWAYS be the best Rock group.

Ha! Americanized Life on Mars starting now on ABC!

Field Trip to Brookside Gardens...(pic heavy)

Squirrel Leaves Trail of Destruction in its Wake

Oil prices skid to 2008 low on falling demand

Asian markets rebound after global rate cuts

AP: Oil falls below $88 on US, Europe recession fears

European stocks rebound in early trade; Dexia soars

European stocks rebound in early trade; Dexia soars

NYT: Efforts to purge voters appear illegal

Community torn apart by SC immigration raid

GOP candidate challenges Sen. Kerry on AIG bailout

Obama holds advertising advantage over McCain

'Pregnancy pact' school to make contraceptives available

Gloucester schools OK contraceptives

Report: NKorea preparing to test-fire more missiles amid heightened tensions on peninsula

Police centre attacked in Islamabad

Motorist pushes lit cigarette into parking inspector's eye

Military Justifies Attack That Killed at Least 33 Afghan Civilians

Aussies joke - and hope - that China can save capitalism (AFP)

A fly on the wall

The Late Show - Monologue, 10.8

Obama Aims TV Ads at Younger Voters; "one of most multi-layered ad campaigns in history"

Obama calls McCain mortgage plan ill-advised

Megan McCain: No one knows what war is like, except my family. Period.

NBC Gibbs puts Hannity in his place

North Korea prepares to restart nuclear facility

Gallup Daily: Obama 52%, McCain 41%

U.S. Urgently Reviews Policy On Afghanistan (WP)

US drone fires missile into Pakistan's Waziristan

Obama Opposes Vote on Colombia FTA

South Africa will sell ivory to Japan, China

McCain in 2000 on running negative ads!

AIG plans to host meeting at Ritz

Defense budget may take hit

States to zero-in on tax cheats

Zimbabwe inflation soars; power-sharing talks deadlocked

Gallup Daily: Obama 52%, McCain 41%

Map of the week: The mystery of the missing opium

Alaska Supreme Court peppers Troopergate lawyers with questions(may rule today)

Michelle Obama Expounds on the Importance of Voting

SEC charge ex-Duane Reade execs with fraud

Micron Plans to Cut 3,525 Jobs, 15% of Workforce, as Chip Glut Hurts Sales

Michele Bachmann and George Bush are Close

We cant afford John McCain

Democratic group (DCCC) pouring money into Esch (D-Ne) campaign

Pentagon sees reconciliation with Taliban, not Qaeda

The Daily Left - October 9th, 2008

Former Republican senator criticizes McCain, supports Obama

Campbell Brown Blasts McCain Campaign For 'Race Baiting'

McCain's Brain #4: The Second Debate

Its official! Republicans/Bush broke the NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK!

McCain does NOT know!

Brave New Films: Senator John Cornyn Doesn't Support Our Vets

Dem strategists see landslide in the making

Obama Campaign Rally = Oct. 8, 2008

Obama Girl Calls Barack With Ralph Nader!

Syria says it is holding 2 missing Americans (journalists) for illegal entry from Lebanon

Bodies of U.S. reps' brother, his girlfriend found (Sanchez)

McCain changes homeowner plan

God Tells Sarah Palin To Build A Supernatural Gas Pipeline

UK uses Anti-Terrorism Law to Freeze Iceland Assets

Iceland suspends stock trading, creates new bank

Exclusive: Inside Account of U.S. Eavesdropping on Americans-U.S. Officers' "Phone Sex" Intercepted

AIG Cancels Another Resort Meeting After Criticism

NSA spied on US aid workers, officers, and journalists in Baghdad

Judge Blasts GOP Voter Registration Challenges ("Timing Is So Transparent... Political Chicanery")

Exclusive: Previously unreleased Couric / Palin interview footage part 2!

Barack Obama - Ready to Serve

Petters to remain in jail; Feds had no idea of scheme until whistleblower called

In Dozens of Calls, Palins and Aides Pressed for Trooper’s Removal

Georgia villages "torched," satellite study shows

Exclusive: Previously unreleased Couric / Palin interview footage!

Palin Pre-empts State Report, Clears Self in Probe

Moscow calls for anti-US alliance

Stocks Plummet, G7 To Meet On World Financial Crisis

States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal -NYT

Report: National City Bank For Sale

Margaret Flowers Sings The Day Hank Paulson Lied

Obama Calls Out McCain's "Erratic and Uncertain" Leadership

County officials seeking Ohio voters' records

Today in Ohio! Obama Slams McCain's "Erratic and Uncertain Leadership"

Suspected US missile strike reported in Pakistan

Mutual Fund Withdrawals a Record as Investors Flee

China warns U.S. presidential rivals on Taiwan arms Sarah Palin Vlog #9: BRITNEY

New Obama Ad - "Tested"

Ralph Stanley Endorses Barack

TYT Quick Take: The Obama - McCain Handshake Controversy

Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train

DemocracyNow: Voter Purging Secrecy, Error and Manipulations

Obama on McCain Attacks: Why Won't He "Say It To My Face"

Elizabeth Dole - is she representing North Carolina

MSNBC Host Attributes Heated Rally Rhetoric to BOTH Sides

Michelle Obama in Jacksonville, NC

Say, whatever happened to perry logan?

GOP senator: Democrats want to steal Indiana(Lindsey Graham)

OBAMA: Blueprint for Change: Ethics

U.S. Appears Poised to Remove N. Korea From Terrorism List

MTSU Cancels Classes After Credible Threat

TYT: AIG Executives Went Bankrupt While Having Pedicures

Another Incredible Music Video Response to The Republican Smear Machine

Petraeus: "I Do Think You Have To Talk To Enemies"

Countdown analyzes MaGoo's health care plan

-- video deleted --

Former Bush Official Is Indicted Again

GM Shares Fall to Lowest Since 1950; S&P May Cut Debt Rating

How to Canvass in Nevada

Obama tried to sway Iraqis on Bush deal

ABC Refuses to Air Gore's Global Warming Ad

Japanese indexes fall more than 7% in early trading

Supreme Court refuses to block Troopergate inquiry

Bush: Rose Garden economy 'assurance'

Countdown: Guilt By Association Oct. 8, 2008. Goose, meet gander

Barack Obama: Cincinnati, Ohio

Hawaii for Obama

DemRapidReponse: Bill Burton Calls Out McCain & Fox on Talking Smears Instead of Economy

(Nicole) Wallace on McCain: CNN 10/07/08

Bounds on McCain: MSNBC 10/09/08 (Part Two)

Judge blasts (Montana) GOP voter registration challenges

Todd Palin campaigned years for firing trooper

Craig Ferguson: McCain is the Tortoise, Obama's the Hare (Good Stuff!)

TYT: Palin magazine cover

Intelligence study finds chaos in Afghanistan: report

Obama buys 30 minutes on 10/29 FOX, NBC, CBS, MSNBC

Daily Show: McCain Wanders During Debate ('Mr. Puddles?')

McCain: 'New Money' Might Fund $300 Billion Mortgage Plan

Sarah Palin Exposed #2 (GOD & WAR)

Viva Obama Norteño

Spoof: Republicans get to vote November 5th!

St. Petersburg Police cutting up homeless tents

Todd Palin had unusual access to wife's staff(according to affidavits)

Sarah Palin Exposed #1 (Library Book Removals)

Bush Creates Council for Transition

Anger Is Crowd's Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally

Carole King for Obama: McCain Campaign Mocks My Involvement

#2 GOP Reaction to Palin in 30 Seconds

New McCain Television Ad: "too risky for america" - The most disgusting McCain tv ad ever!

Biden on McCain Attacks: Say it to his Face

Cindy McCain have a dirty little secret [ Today Show ]

Voting by Mail in New Mexico

Stephen Colbert at Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Sarah Palin meets Fargo

Countdown: Fear and Distraction From McCain Oct. 9, 2008

Letterman - On the second Presidential Debate - 10-08-2008

New Obama Ad Airing In FL, PA, MI And MO - 'Unravel'

Sarah Palin's Secessionist Pal Speaks

Greta Van Susteren gets schooled on winning and losing gracefully and Plato from Princess Yep Yep

Supporter Begs McCain To Take It To Obama, To Hit His Soft Spot, Grampy Says I'll Do That

Sarah Silverman on Olbermann -- he blushes!

Rachel Maddow Show: Obama to Take NC from McCain?

When Is The White House Gonna Give Us Some Answers!

Palin flummoxed by question on Alaska's oil exports

Asian Stocks Fall, Set for Worst Week on Record; Banks Plunge (Oh shit)

McCain Palin Mob (pt 2)

Dow below 9000 - It's not trickle-down economics, it's trickle-down poverty.

TYT: If Some Idiot Republican Makes An Issue Of How Obama Says 'Paskistan'...

Palin Answers The Dinosaur Question

Walnuts 2: Nut Harder!

CNN - Michelle on Ayers controvesy

Exclusive: Obama buys half-hour of network primetime


Conn. looking into voter cards submitted by ACORN

In Dozens of Calls, Palins and Aides Pressed for Trooper’s Removal (NYTimes)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 9

Rachel Maddow Thanks Sheriff Who Suspends Evictions ('Humane')

All 3 Big Icelandic Banks Are Now Nationalized

Ukraine's President Schedules Early Elections for December 7

Gordon Brown considers legal action against Iceland

Poll: Debate gives Obama boost(USA Today/Gallup)

Violence Against Christians in Iraq a Growing Concern

Lies - Don't Eliminate Marriage For Anyone

McCain didn’t report ties to Contra group

God's gonna FIX Ohio for Us (GOP)

McCain Supporter Had Own Ties to Radical Protesters

Obama gas station

Fired official asked Palin about her car seat use with son Trig

US Secret Service probes death threats against Obama(investigation dropped)

Gender Auditors (CA - Prop 8)

The Sidewalk to Nowhere, McCain Supporters in Bethlehem, PA

Andrea Mitchell on McCain's Ayers exaggerations

Sarah Palin explains her qualifications to be VP through the power of breakbeat.

Joe Biden: Fired Up in Liberty

For insensitivity, Wachovia refuses to be outdone (sending 75 employees on a Mediterranean cruise)

Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe (actual AP headline)

Banks borrow record $420 billion per day from Fed

The Obama impression to end Obama impressions

Barack Obama - Hope or Hate? You Decide. (Let It Be)

In the Land of Queen Esther: The Unauthorized Sarah Palin Story (Part One)

Rednecks for Obama

Desperate McCain campaign pushes Obama link to 1970s radical (NY Daily News)

Bernanke running out of ammo

Wall Street: A new Iraq War

One Family in Texas KNOWS McCain is no Maverick

A new dawn for Iran

Squirrels Chase an ACORN

When You Need an Attack, in the Neighborhood, Who's McCain Gonna' Call … William Ayers!

One Man’s Crony ... (McCain & Lobbyists)

That’s a Pretty Big Glitch (electronic voting machines)

Anything But Straight: The Day After A Democratic Victory (Falls Church News-Press)

McCain races towards a dead end (Irish Times)

G.O.P. Facing Tougher Battle for Congress

Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy

Is This Pro-Life" (Bush cuts off birth control to poorest nations; NYT Column)

The Dishonesty of David Brooks (E&P)

Editorial: John McCain and Sarah Palin's tactics of desperation

John McCain and Sarah Palin's tactics of desperation (San Jose Mercury News editorial)

Alvin Sykes’ victory is a win for us all

Reporter Complains About Obama Plane As World's Tiniest Violins Play Piteous Strains

Away from her friends on Fox, Palin folds like a cheap suit

Q: What Do Sarah Palin, Ahmad Chalabi, and the NRA Have in Common?

Housing Pain Gauge: Nearly 1 in 6 Owners 'Under Water'

Some Christian voters lean toward Obama, study finds

Economists React to Treasury’s Recapitalization Plans

A 1932-Like Decline

In-depth info on the dangerous attacks against Obama (Salon, A+)

Top ten signs you’re un-American and have connections with known radicals and terrorists (videos)::

Pit Bull with Lipstick Gets Sexy Job Offers

Iceland Is All But Officially Bankrupt

Top McCain Aide Lobbied for Pro-Russian Foreign Politicians...Christian Ferry, Rick Davis's #2 man

The chameleon: who is the real Sarah Palin?

Seven Days in October

George Will's Charge of 'Operatic' Challenged by McCain

Corruption blamed as cholera rips through Iraq

High Rate of H-1B Visa Fraud

Chicago plans school for gay students

Obama plans 30-minute commercial

Todd Palin's testimony shows he worked to get trooper fired (Guardian)

Saved By The Deficit.

Krugman: Moment of Truth

What is Sarah Palin Doing Today?

Joe Biden Laughs Uncontrollably Over SNL Veep Debate Skit

Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America?

U.S. Sen. Grassley: Questions immigration agency about fraud

US Election: Why top Tories are turning their backs on John McCain

Meet Sarah Palin’s radical right-wing pals

Combat Brigade Ready for US Operations

Mullen: No JCS enlisted adviser

Petraeus: More troops or not, Afghan ops a go

Korea commander: More family facilities needed

Bill sets rules for board to review sex mags

California war vets to get PTSD, TBI testing

U.S.: Afghan airstrike killed 33 civilians

Applying for vets benefits in advance works

Army leaders, family reps discuss health care

Pentagon researches alternative treatments

Navy ships open for first time since 9/11

Supreme Court divided over sonar case

O-6 dies from July nonhostile incident in Iraq

500 Marines returning to N.C. today

VFW endorsement skips vet subcommittee chief

Flight exercise today around D.C.

Gates says Ukraine wants warships, but has to wait

Iraqi interpreters fear being unmasked

AFRICOM head says funding not a worry

NATO commander urges focus on stopping Afghanistan opium network

Some troops use special loans for airfare despite high interest rates

Combat Brigade Ready for US Operations

Domestic Abuse Protested at Bragg

Stennis First With New ESSM

Prosecutor seeks jail for AF dependent

Estimates: C-27 cheaper than C-130J

Pvt. charged in gang beating death of sergeant

Now that I am getting a monthly stipend, I need to know what it might

I will come into your forum. One designed to further your rights and to talk about your issues.

October is Gay History Month

Just imagine if I were to go into the AA forum and post this:

Democratic group backs gay-marriage ban in Florida Constitution

Mormons recruit out-of-state for CA's gay-marriage ban

T.R. Knight of "Grey's Anatomy" donates $50,000 to No on Prop 8

In Honor of Gay History Month

Homophobe Recruitment

Goddam you, Democratic Underground!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just noticed the "best of DU" on the AA forum wasn't locked

So GAY Du'ers.. How has the Alerting been working out?

Satellite Data Reveals Extreme Summer Snowmelt in Arctic

GM's Dave Barthmuss agrees to "free" reconstructed EV1

First Into Recession, California Shows Possible Future for U.S.

Wachovia Talks Snag Over Division of Its Assets

World finance chiefs heading for Washington for "crunch talks"

Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy

Saved by the Deficit? by Robert Reich

Treasury may capitalize banks by end of October: source

Good book chronicling Great Depression????

Ok folks we have just gone through the floor

Citi ends talks with Wells Fargo on Wachovia

I just got laid off

so I got a Federal job and have to choose my benefits package--help!

Don't like the looks of this - stock sold from my stock purchase plan on Mon, and still not settled

To the Bunkers!

Investing 101

Retailers’ Sales Fall Sharply at Both High End and Low

The Nikkei is now down 49.5% from its high in June of 2007

The Nikkei is now down 49.5% from its high in June of 2007

I'm going to sing the doom song now

NY Times: U.S. may take ownership stake in banks

"Why didn't anybody see this crisis coming?"

Movie: Second Chance - Union Made

Job Listing: American Rights At Work - online strategies director

CA SEIU: Workers join picketlines throughout the county

Dept of Homeland Sec: 15 percent of work visas are fraudulent

Daily Kos: Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoes AB 2386, secret ballot election reform

Today in labor history Oct 9 Her most famous novel, "Strike!" was made into a film in 2007

Support Striking Colombian Sugar Cane Workers!

Found denim bibs Made In USA, and they are expanding here in the USA

Canada Busts Notorious Swordfish Killer - Linda Greenlaw from Perfect Storm by Capt Paul Watson

Obama Opposes Vote on Colombia FTA

Colombian paramilitary leaders await sentencing in U.S.

CHE's Farewell Letter to Fidel

Investigations Reveal Illicit Business of Murdered Venezuelan Student Leader

US Defense Manual: How to Train Death Squads and Crush Revolutions from San Salvador to Baghdad

World Indigenous Meet in Venezuela

HUFFPOST: McCain and his terrorist buds in Miami

Video of S Florida Congressional Candidates' Forum - Oct. 8, 08 (72 minutes)

McCarver: Ramirez's lack of commitment with Red Sox 'despicable'

To remind everyone, McCarver is an imbecile

Yet another reason to hate the Flyers and Sixers...

Cowboys' Pacman gets in fight with bodyguard at Dallas hotel

The Phils are killing me (but damn they're hot)

Got a spare half million dollars? Buy the Dallas Cowpies' end zone!

For fair ball, postseason baseball format needs tweak

I think the Phillies have a very good chance to win it all...

Apparently Repubs are padding polls at PBS/ Is Palin qualified?

MMMMM! Intentional Chocolate!

Consider imagining peace tomorrow and for many days to come.

Reassure me

Upcoming surgery, fear and depression

Any takes on the market crash as part of the SHIFT???

1 in 4 US teen girls got cervical cancer shot

Powell Valley Winter of 08

NRA Endorses McCain/Palin

No Chill Sugar Cookie Recipe.... They are REALLY GOOD ;=P

How suggestible are we?

Oy....Green Tomatoes

Telescopes Capture the Beauty of Star Creation

Arctic Soil May Contain Nearly Twice Greenhouse-Gas Producing Material Than Previously Estimated

A breakthrough, then a surge, in stem cell research

On Parched Farms, Using Intuition to Find Water

The easiest white bean soup

Young Catholics not turning to sanctity of life and marriage as voting issues, poll finds

X post From the Video Forum -- Cornyn on Veteran's issues.

FYI: In Clear Lake and Fort Bend this weekend...

Another rumble at Fort Bend Dems

U. of Texas ends fight over dorm-room Obama signs

Cofer Black interview

Dirty tricks starting up in Harris County (Houston area)

DFW KMNY AM 1360 "blowtorch of truth"

The UA 93 phone call story is crumbling like a card house

I bought Panda Internet Security Maximum protection and as soon as

Is Linux to PC internet access sharing possible?

Anyone else getting locked out of Google?

Liberals now hold 12 point lead in Ontario

Motorist pushes lit cigarette into parking inspector's eye

Did Madia really vote for Bush in 2000 and lied about it initially?

How to get tickets for McCain's appearance in Lakeville tomorrow

Avidor and dumpbachmann Make the Paper!

Economic crisis changes tone of race in Sixth Disctrict

The air war has begun in the 6th District--great anti-Bachmann ad showing

Soooooo how much does your Council have in Iceland?

Duck,duck, MOOSE! I hope Sarah leaves her rifle at home tomorrow

I just got back from protesting

Just so I do this right...I moved since I last voted in another district

Help Glen Brower This Weekend!

Anyone have the audio from Tommy Thompson's "Stick it to um" speach?

McCain in Mosinee. Raging Wingers go Berserk EMBARRASSING!

California's new budget already $1 billion in the red

*******Obama Supporters Event: PALM DESERT!*****

An email I sent to my conservative Californian relatives

I just ordered a bunch of No On 8 stuff

I wonder WHICH law school "Professor of Law" Richard Peterson is faculty of.