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Half way through ..... a 12 round fight ..... 6 rounds Obama, 0 rounds McCain ...

My friend tried to play the "My friends" drinking game; I think I might have to call an ambulance.

The Forrestal was NOT nuclear powered.

Brokaw - these questions cannot be answered in one minute!

On CNNHD- is Castellanos scoring Obama at kickass levels over McCain?

Commissions cost money.... how are we going to fund all of McCain's

Commissions cost money.... how are we going to fund all of McCain's

What is Tom's problem? STFU Brokaw!

What is Tom's problem? STFU Brokaw!

Obama Should Yell Out, "Hey McCain, Matlock is On"

WTF? "It's not that hard to fix Social Security."

Navy ships with nuclear power plants on them...

Hey McCain! Here's an idea! Do a town hall and look old, feeble, and creepy.

Hey McCain! Here's an idea! Do a town hall and look old, feeble, and creepy.

"Who voted for it? THAT ONE." Referring to Obama.

"...that one"?? ghosts of ross perot soon to visit??


Frankenstein is lurking on the debate floor. n/t

Frankenstein is lurking on the debate floor. n/t

Obama HAS TO MENTION McCain going after Medicare!!!

Obama HAS TO MENTION McCain going after Medicare!!!

Josh Micah Marshall (TPM) sums up the entire debate thusfar:

Josh Micah Marshall (TPM) sums up the entire debate thusfar:

The CNN real time ratings go UP every time Obama speaks and goes down when McCain does.

"That one"???

"That one"???

Do any of you realize how much Obama is winning this?

I'm starting a new nickname for McCain ... if he really is crashing in the debate

Does dumb ass think he's talking to a bunch of 4th graders???

Does dumb ass think he's talking to a bunch of 4th graders???

"Oh, damn, my friends -the black girl asked about the environment. I didn't know black people cared

It is an insult to Barack Obama to have to share a stage with this

McFucker's lines on CNN keep going into the negative. HAHAHA.

McFucker's lines on CNN keep going into the negative. HAHAHA.

Obama needs to explain the dollar to dollar ratio for Arizona and Illinois earmarks.

Did McLiverspot say the answer to clean energy is nuclear?

That one? WOW!

McCain referred to Obama as "THAT ONE"??

Look at this Gem from MSNBC - The code of what "my friend(s)" means:

Oh fuck off with your satire, Blowchow!!

Tom did it again

Is it me of does McSame just throw crap out to see if it gets traction

OOPS! someone cue McSame on what Silicon Valley is...

That one???

That one???

"I'll answer the question " gasp for breath - gasp for breath

"that one"

Visually it's like Kennedy and Nixon 1960 all over again.

Visually it's like Kennedy and Nixon 1960 all over again.

Does anyone know how many debates are remaining

GOBAMA! "The Straight Talk Express just lost a wheel, John". Take that, asshole! n/t

GOBAMA! "The Straight Talk Express just lost a wheel, John". Take that, asshole! n/t

GOBAMA! "The Straight Talk Express just lost a wheel, John". Take that, asshole! n/t

When will Tom Brokaw let out that massive belch he's been holding back for years? n/t

He's been there for 26 of those 30 do-nothing years

He's been there for 26 of those 30 do-nothing years

Senator McCain, should we do thing A or thing B?

I am posting too much, but I notice that Brokaw is REMINDING McCain of talking points

Straight Talk Express 'lost a wheel' LOL ROFLMAO

GOOD FOR YOU OBAMA! DOn't let that shit go unchallenged n/t

GOOD FOR YOU OBAMA! DOn't let that shit go unchallenged n/t

GOOD FOR YOU OBAMA! DOn't let that shit go unchallenged n/t



McCain travelled all over the world checking enrivomental change,by Jumbo jet no doubt.

Make you reservations NOW for the inauguration! nt

Liar, USS Forrestal is not a nuke carrier.

I could NEVER be as cool-headed as Obama is being. My admiration for him is increasing every second

oh that voice!!!

Obama is doing a great job here!

McCain sounds like he's telling a fairy tale bedtime story to children

Obama is defeating BOTH McSame AND Brokejaw

shifty answers vs. confident answers.

"We are not rifle shots here!"

"We can't drill our way out of the problem"

BIG FAT LIAR! Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

BIG FAT LIAR! Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

BIG FAT LIAR! Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

Just remember...McCain HAS to win this thing.

Just remember...McCain HAS to win this thing.

Soo, let me get this straight, John McCain gets to lie like a snake

Soo, let me get this straight, John McCain gets to lie like a snake

ok- what's with the questions coming in white southern voices for Obama

"Senator Obama said nuclear power had to be safe or something like that..."

My Friends

OMG, he's making Palin look coherent...

OMG, he's making Palin look coherent...

Well thank you black woman//

Yep. He's got this. It's fine.

McCain is talking but he isn't saying a thing--just like Palin. They never DO anything

Why is McAnus speaking in a low, breathy voice like he's trying to

or somethin' like that - whaa???

Go Nuclear! That's environmental! Yay!

Friends dont let friends irretrievably humiliate themselves at a town hall meeting.

Friends dont let friends irretrievably humiliate themselves at a town hall meeting.

McCain is filibustering every chance he gets. Rushing his words

Guess who's annoying the hell out of me, my friends?

Environmental issues, climate change and green jobs.

Battery powered cars? It's the new internets!

I am not your goddamn friend, McCain

My Friends!!

My Friends!!



Keep Bringing Up Joe Lieberman Please.

Keep Bringing Up Joe Lieberman Please.

Uh oh. McCain up 6 points in 5 minutes on Intrade

CNN is going to have to get a new grid for the scoring graph . . .

Is It Just Me, Or Is Obama Dominating This Debate?

The straight talk express lost a wheel on that one.

The straight talk express lost a wheel on that one.


Environmental issues, climate change and green jobs.

Environmental issues, climate change and green jobs.

McCain on the environment

I'm not sure I trust Senator McCain to hire the "smartest people in America"

McCain on the environment

McCain is just full of hot air...he has no solutions

McCain is just full of hot air...he has no solutions

Hey, McCain - I'll bet Ronald Reagan never called Tip O'Neill a terrorist , traitor or liar

he says my friends JUST ONE MORE TIME.....

Can we get a CNN HD Scorecard update?

Can we get a CNN HD Scorecard update?

Can we get a CNN HD Scorecard update?

Hey, McCain - I'll bet Ronald Reagan never called Tip O'Neill a terrorist , traitor or liar

Every time MCA**hat says Sen Obama

Every time MCA**hat says Sen Obama

Every time MCA**hat says Sen Obama

BROKAW IS A JERK -- should have allowed a response!

Fucking Brokaw

BROKAW IS A JERK -- should have allowed a response!

I had to turn off the debate.

I had to turn off the debate.



McCain -- "Too much special interests."

Is it possible that the McCain campaign has a trick up their sleeves?

"I know how to do ___________" "We know what the problems are."

Hey you old Bastard. It's a one minute discussion

Hey you old Bastard. It's a one minute discussion

Earth to to McSame.... you are *not* Ronald Reagan

So Brokaw let's McSame talk but interrupts Obama. Fuck You Brokaw. n/t

This Just In From Our Newrsoom...McCain if so lost.....

The drinking game words should have been

Yer gonna take 'em on tough guy....

McSame has dropped below the midline.

Yer gonna take 'em on tough guy....

I'm NOT you're fucking "friend", asshole!!!

It Would Be Nice If That Graph Had Actual Numbers Attached To It, Then

Hey! The Mask is on!

brokaw just shut Obama down and is now changing the rules???

brokaw just shut Obama down and is now changing the rules???

brokaw just shut Obama down and is now changing the rules???

Anybody watching CNN? Obama is doing better on that running poll thingie.

Anybody watching CNN? Obama is doing better on that running poll thingie.

WOW: McCain just made a crack about Obama "not answering the question"

please help...we missed first 5 minutes...Daughter needs rules for debate

please help...we missed first 5 minutes...Daughter needs rules for debate

"Nailing Obama's tax proposals is like nailing Jell-o to the wall." HUH?

Fuck you, Tom!!!!!!

Fuck you, Tom!!!!!!

Do you have Duracell bunnies in America?

I thought the town hall was McGoo's strong suit

I thought the town hall was McGoo's strong suit

I thought the town hall was McGoo's strong suit

Let them TALK TOM!!!!

The old guy's wandering around

I just said to my mother:

"The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one"

John McCain NEEDS to release his full medical records


Oh, Tom, shut-up and stop worrying about the DAMN time! Let them talk !

errors as they call them??? huh?

Where is Mc Cain's Flag Pin?

Where is Mc Cain's Flag Pin?

OK - how cool does Obama look sitting on his chair?

Yes. Talk about your health care plan some more, McCain. Keep talking.

My friends, I am really pathetic at this. It is clear, my friends, that I cannot beat Obama at this

McCain flopped on the Obama wants to raise taxes

McCain has difficulties to finish his sentences ... Palin was doing better :)


The look on Obama's face while McCain speaks = priceless

Even Alex Castellanos is marking Obama waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead!

Who noticed when McCain said "Obama's secret" Obama looked like he wanted to know it too. n/t

?? McCain is attacking, but not really making sense...n/t

This isn't fucking fair! Obama is shit-kicking his ass! McCain doesn't know what the fuck hit him!

Obama said "hog"..nt

It's all over after tonight. Just a matter of running up the score now.

I'm Sorry, but is this over or what??

PSA ALERT: The drinking word has changed to TOM.

PSA ALERT: The drinking word has changed to TOM.

PSA ALERT: The drinking word has changed to TOM.

"We're not rifle shots here." ???

"We're not rifle shots here." ???

Quick question for those watching the CNN meter

"My Friends" - STFU you asshat - You are no friend of mine!

YOU ROCK OBAMA - He's TOP lining on CNN nt

"Let's put health records on line" Why don't you release yours you POS hypocrite?

Anyone else notice that McCain has problems standing?

Anyone else notice that McCain has problems standing?

Anyone else notice that McCain has problems standing?

"We're not rifle shots here". . WTF does that mean?

"We're not rifle shots here". . WTF does that mean?

We aren't going to have the same benefits for retirees . . . WTF?

McCain's breathing is very labored

Al Gore in da House,

So if McGrumps doesn't blow, does that mean he wins?

Uncle Fester almost fell off his stool!

Uncle Fester almost fell off his stool!

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

McCain is looking feeble, clueless, stammering, weak.

Too bad instead of saying living high on the hog he didn't say...

Too bad instead of saying living high on the hog he didn't say...

Noticed this: John "Manly" McCain is no contest for Obama

Is McCain on some kind of medication? He is very out of breath, sweating, and wandering around

Is McCain on some kind of medication? He is very out of breath, sweating, and wandering around

McCain's idea of buying up mortgages is a good one, and a headline

Obama: "Bush told people to go out and shop after 9/11"

McCain looks AWFUL physically

McCain to eliminate defense spending!

Uh-oh: McCain to appoint someone Americans can 'identify' with to head treasury

Obama is ****ing MAJESTIC!!!!!!!!!!

McCain blunders about the stage like an old, diminutive Frankenstein.

Across the Board freezes are chickenshit!

First Freudian slip of the night

Obama knew the price of gasoline in Nashville, talking about energy

LOL!!! Obama just predicted accurately how McCain was going to distort Obama's spending ideas.

McCain is full of shit!!! Defense spending cut?? Liar.

why doesn't Obama mention that some earmarks ARE good?

Old, Angry, Desperate Coot - This Sucker's Over


STFU Brokaw. Jesus, quit harping about the time limits.

Damn! The overhead projector lobby just didn't get their money

McCain sounds like a lunatic. n/t

McCain will tax your health care...

There he goes again. The old curmudgeoun simply cannot look Barack in the eye.

Forgive a dumb question from someone late to the party...

Old. Old. Old. McCrypt frantically tried to write down the question...

McPain: can't provide the same type of retirement

Everytime I see the phrase "Obama should..." or "the Democrats should..." here on DU


is anyone watching the meter on CNN

During the VP debates DU fizzled. So far,so good.

OMG Is Mc Gonna Plotz?

McCain's fake "compassion" is cracking me up.

McPatient Flatlining.

Obama is rockin' this shit!

"My friends and I wrote a letter warning of this crisis! Senator Obama's name is not on the letter!"

Game, set, match.

I want to hug Obama

TRUST......Can America TRUST McCaine and the GOP? The Answer is NO, We cannot, Must Not..Trust them

McCain can't stay within the time zone he agreed to..old ass rambling man...

That thingymaboppy on CNN looks like a fat burning workout


McCrash: The whole financial crisis is due to poor folk getting mortgages they "couldn't afford".

You are NOT my friend, I hate your goddamn guts!

"Let's build a whole buncha nuclear power plants! We can take on this mission and overcome it!"

Are there any polls out already?

McCain is so nervous he may dump in his pants

What were those three priorities again, Tom?

I'm not saying the GOP are shamelessly predictable, but ...

Anybody else just "watching" the DU commentary? Instead of the debate?

What was that third thing?

Healthcare order!!! Obama has this in the bag!!!

um......should he have called her cynical?

McCain is the MOST ABSENT SENATOR in the Senate.

What??? Nineteen-Fuckin-83 ?

Is McStiff going to sit on someone's lap next?

I thought McCain was good at town halls. Maybe Obama should have agreed to more of these.

What's with the weird gasping for breath McCain is doing?

McCain tanking on CNN...big old flat line or men and women


Is a dillion greater than a brazillion? nt

McCain just cited Meg Whitman of Ebay as a job creater. They just laid off 10% of their workforce

Wow, CNN Current Time Graph, Obama attacks McCain, Graph spikes, McCain attacks on earmarks, flatlin

If you TWITTER, then please watch on Current TV and post your Twits(?) n/t

I haven't seen this one before.

I haven't seen this one before.

I haven't seen this one before.

I haven't seen this one before.

I haven't seen this one before.

I haven't seen this one before.

All it takes is one Supreme Court Justice to retire, to change the court for decades /nt

Using the election to sell Viagra

Whacko McSame

Fed Considers Plan to Buy Companies’ Unsecured Debt

What if t he cries of "Kill him" heard at Palin's and McLame's rallies today were shouted by .....

Bob Herbert:A Fool’s Paradise, It's not just the economy stupid-it's jobs

I haven't seen one mccain ad all day today here,

bwwwwwaaaa ha hahahaha andy borowitz! ROFLMAO

Chambliss on the endangered list

So who else is thinking about making wooden arrows?

Boulder-Size Asteroid to Be Fireball Over Earth Tonight

Lost voter registration card

Newsweek, July 13, 1964: 'The Negro Revolution -- U.S. Attitudes Now' (big pic)

Newsweek, July 13, 1964: 'The Negro Revolution -- U.S. Attitudes Now' (big pic)

Chicago people, this is why you DON'T want the Olympics

So, really, George, how do you feel?

"who is the real Barack Obama?"

FBI Warns of Suicide Attacks in U.S.

Montana Democratic Party files federal lawsuit against voter caging in MT!

Abe Lincoln's anger revealed in Civil War letter

Red Eye on Fox News is the worst news program I have ever seen

Video: U.S. National Debt Grows To Large For National Debt Clock

Anyone know why they keep moving repeats of Countdown and Maddow all over the place?

Smothers brothers are on Craig Ferguson tonight

Hillary stumping for Anne Barth in WV Friday

8 of ten Americans are stressed about the economy.

Don't fret about the unproven Bradley effect

cspan caller: 'Obama IS a terrorist, its been proven'. Huh?

What are your local letters to the editor say today. Mine are a mixed

Tonight, Johnny's gotta look at Obama. Right at him.

Gotta love Toles

Like Rachel would say "Talk me down" I just had a moment of freaking out about the election

What "Main Street" REALLY Thinks about "Wall Street"!

It's time for COUNTER Voter Suppression

Recorded: "The Day Hank Paulson Lied"

CNN: Obama widens lead...

Is increasing a sales tax always regressive?

Dollars & Sense: Perdition Postponed

O'Reilly's Advertisers Need to Know We Do Not Approve His Treatment of Barney Frank

This Modern World: What will those crazy liberals think of next?

Dean Baker: Wall Street Follows the Path of the Steel Industry in Pittsburgh

"Town Hall" rules here get yer Town Hall Rules here!

How Bad Is McCain's Melanoma?

Play McLiar Bingo At Tonights Debate

I hate constant misinformation

Brezhnev Comes to Washington - Moscow Times

A question for military DUers:

McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case

McCain in 1992: Christianity and Oil Drive US Wars in Middle East

The Contras vs. William Ayers

Another adventure of 'Little Johnny'

Ok so my Tivo was all messed up so I missed Keith last night

Mika, it hurts me in the ego to say it, but just keep your mouth shut, okay?

The GOP really shit on Katherine Harris once she served her purpose

What do Republicans have against the word "Democratic"?

2768 Doctors Sign Petition Calling on McCain to Release his Medical Records.

What would YOU ask mr. mccain at a town hall meeting?

McCain's response about the Lettermen "bailout"

So he suspended his campaign for the economy because it was too big of an issue ...

Balance of Power Scorecards: Dems Poised for Big Gains in House and Senate

There will be questions from the internet tonight. That means more talking snowmen?

Bush Weaves Tall Scary Fake Tale of Saddam's "nuclear holy warriors"- Bush History,10/7

$50 McCain pulls out a pen

Will this Christmas be the canary in the coal mine for our economy?

Caution: Ambush Ahead !

McCain late (and lame) with new list of economists who'll admit they support him

THE CREDIT CRISIS: How We Got Here - Bloomberg

A harbinger of hard times? My dentist's office is closed on some Mondays now.

About racism: a question for DUers

Palin's remark about expanding Executive Power, expanding Cheney's idea of Unitary Executive

Anybody need some McCain/Palin signs for their spooky Halloween display?

Fed to buy massive amounts of short-term debts

As the Biden family grieves, Jonah Goldberg hacks up a bilious hairball

Is there a time limit to how long you can stand in the voting booth?

As the mechanic would say ... Here's your problen

I just cast my absentee ballot for Obama!

What might we expect from the first term of president palin?

The "Original" Mavericks

Okay, my brain hurts this morning...I thought the dow closed at 10,003 yesterday...

Palin just said she is going to or has given the Alaska budget surplus back to the people

I think the MSM pushing that townhalls give an advantage to mccain is great

Rep. Sherman: Martial law threatened over bailout bill

The Resmuglicans are floating two memes that prove they are playing to racist voters:

PLS Read this WaPo and explain why Palin isn't arrested for inciting violence:

My response to a right-wing email that blamed Democrats for the country's ills.

Ammo against those Repubs claiming the foreclosure mess is the fault of blacks,

Giuliani and Scarborough: Raising taxes on those making 250,000+ hurts small businesses

Kenya tossing U.S. author of anti-Obama book

Ok someone sent this to me Please help they are in Florida! about Obama

This will probably result in third-degree burns, but here goes...

Should Ayers sue the mccane campaign for slander?

Convicted Felon Joins McCain In Pennsylvania

CNN grudgingly moving states to Obama

Racial Incidents At Jesuit High Under Investigation

Hasseltwit getting her ass handed to her on THE VIEW!

Hasseltwit getting her ass handed to her on THE VIEW!

Obama has repeatedly- and harshly- condemned Ayers for his action in the 60's

Please some help debunking this you tube crap about Dem's behind Mac and Fannie

Russia To Test Fire Cruise Missiles For First Time Since 1984

surge update - Blasts shake Baghdad's Green Zone

Fed Announces Plan to Buy Short-Term Debt

Breaking down the facts on McCain's role in the Keating Five scandal

Breaking down the facts on McCain's role in the Keating Five scandal

In less than 2 weeks: $700 billion and bipartisan socialized banking

An anti-McCain attack ad generator

Putin: Dump The Dollar, Trade In Rubles

Docs Obtained By Congress: AIG Hid Risky Investments

I just flipped on one of the cable news channels....Palin speaking....with loud chants of:

The first black president

Blechhh! Shit-Floater T. Boone Pickens' ads here at DU...

McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case

Oh, my goodness. Heard someone refer to Ayers as black terrorist.

I need some help finding video of Jon Stewart going off about the Palin pick

We Know How "An American Carol" Did This Weekend. I Wonder How "W" Will Do

Free Mike Boyle

Palin treats the press like lepers, but they still lick her boots (heels) and carry her water

Big DHS convoy (12-13 vehicles) just rolled into downtown Greenville, SC

McCain attack on Obama and "corrupt Chicago machine" triggers Mayor Daley "Keating 5" response

oh throw up - U.S. Treasury to Hire Up to 10 Asset Management Firms

IMF now says mortgage-related losses to hit $1.4 trillion

IMF now says mortgage-related losses to hit $1.4 trillion

Did the idea for the name Democratic Underground originate with

This pic is begging for a caption

Boehner got "porked."

Is anybody watching The View right now?

I have heard this rumor before, but Naomi Wolfe

Why haven't Dems introduced legislation to allow people to protect primary residence in a bankruptcy

Sarah Palin

Heh...heh...bwahaha! Hustler plans political satire of Sarah Palin in the form of a porn flick!

Chalmers Johnson: Voting the Fate of the Nation

Chalmers Johnson: Voting the Fate of the Nation

Parents Charged in Faith Healing Case (allowed their son to die of something easily treatable)

Do people forget so easily?

The Smothers Brothers will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Post a Republican quote, but change "freedom" to "oil"

Maybe Lumpy Cadaverick McSame should invest in a box of tampons.

Police: Mom stabs 2 daughters to death, kills self

Hartmann has the author of the McCain article in the new "Rolling Stone" on NOW

Wal-Mart Moms Could Vote to Change Wal-Mart

What the Contras did (Warning: Graphic)

How McCain Lost His Brand: From maverick to crank in an instant.

Will Grand Wizard Palin's antics be brought up in tonight's debate?

Link between US Troops to quell unrest and bailout bill?

Martin Sullivan /Robert Willumstad speaking at the Congressional Hearing now

Can you imagine all the people losing their health benefits in the upcoming days and weeks?

Are presidential election landslides not entertaining?

There could be an Aids vaccine in four years

Thom Hartmann just said the way Sarah Palin dresses during the debates....

Bernanke up to bat...

Robert Borosage: The Real Economy Strikes Back

John McCain tied to George Lincoln Rockwell...

Has McCain run the worst campaign any Republican has ever run in a GE?

Ben Stein: How to Ruin the US Economy: 12 Step Program

To kill a Corporation should be murder

There is going to be a short (5-10 minutes) downtime soon

EASTWOOD a Libertarian dud for Barracuda. Madonna gets it.

No one will accept responsibility for such a catastrophic mess...

I voted this morning and it felt so good.

Chickens Home to Roost

Market Watch: Gloom in the Aisles (ugly retail picture)

The Barber Shop

McCain is a Maverick......

kuch up on cspan now

Ok I am sorry but I cant stop watching this

Info regarding "purge lists".

McCain Flashback: "I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."

Iceland is saved! Russia greeted as liberators!

god hates republicans!

Image: Drill Here

McCain also complained US airstrikes were killing civilians

Great (as in skewering) review of "An American Carol"

In light of our current economic situation, ...

Veterans' group gives Obama a much better grade than McCain....Freepers go postal.

Has this SNL skit aired previously?

An Open Letter to John McCain

Defaults on Sub-prime Adjustable Rate Mortgages Expected to Rise 10%

Defaults on Sub-prime Adjustable Rate Mortgages Expected to Rise 10%

Fed Announces Plan to Buy Short-Term Debt

UPDATE: Judge Orders 17 Gitmo Detainees Released

"Nailin' Pailin": It took Larry Flynt to get me to feel some sympathy for Pailin

Republican Intellectuals: Voters are Polluting our Democracy

"Kill him", "sit down boy" "terrorist" ...remember "Conservatives Without Conscience"

For those who don't know... The story of Ben Linder

Shelly Mandel needs to have her NOW membership revoked immediately!

As you know, I'm a big Michael Savage fan.

Real 'Letter to Editor ' From Palin Fan

the lead just is expanding

ICE Slow to Deport Detained-Illegal Immigrants From Va. Victims Of 'Broken' System

The congenital liar Bush is on my TV trying to restore economic confidence

Everything the Fed does seems to send the stock market plunging faster.....

They Lived to Tell About It

Palin Haiku

Prostitute toe-sucker Dick Morris is clearly hitting the bottle again.....

The more he talks, the lower it goes


Sherman Statement on Bailout Passage

"His middle name is Hussein and he's been hanging out with tairists since he was a kid" ... ROFLOL.

Florida congressman earmarked funds for campaign donor

Poll: Depression likely... Palin Bombshell... Virginia Blowout for McCain?

Why does MSNBC have a clock counting down to the debate tonight?

The longer Bush* talks, the more the DOW dives.

They Lived to Tell About It

My representative in the State house is a pukey republicon

Bush is talking. Watch the stock market tank!

Turkish newspapers report that Iran

An American Carol only has 15% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Almost no Americans satisfied with the direction of the country.....

Tues 10/7 Debate - advantage; McCain

McCain would mean deep cuts in Medicare and MediCal (LTTE)

McCain would mean deep cuts in Medicare and MediCal (LTTE)

The Marines kick a guy out for throwing a puppy, but then...

Omaha talk radio: How can we trust ES&S (Hagel) with 1/3 of the USA vote!

why haven't bernanke and paulson stepped down?

Republican Economic Crash = Blame President Clinton

Republican Economic Crash = Blame President Clinton

MarketWatch: Pensions suffering in financial crisis

McCain palling around with a stalker of Bill Clinton

Why in the HELL is Bush laughing????

bailout: it looks like a pebble tossed into a churning sea

McCain & Singlaub sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Gosh Golly Richmond DUers! Sarah Palin to appear at Arthur Ashe Center October 13th

ISO: Obama/Ayres photoshop pictures

Arrrgh! Pirates!

Gallup Poll: Bush 90 percent approval after 9/11 to 25 percent now

Hasselbeck said her husband wanted the entire family there for his games because of stress

DU's site perfomrance has been crap lately...

AIG execs went on $500K retreat within days of taxpayer bailout

Sumo stars admit to bullying dead wrestler

Bush campaigning for McCain while using the financial crisis to do so.

Notice Mrs. Greenspan surrounded by Obama Supporters....

In light of the Prop 8 fight here in California, I have a question....

McGovern Ad: Don't Be Fooled Tonight

Waxman - hearing starting now - AIG

The former AIG CEOs in front of the House Oversight Committee now are

How low will it go into the close? DOW -511 n/t

So I watched the war criminal as he gathered a nice Rethug

Just curious: Can I copyright the word "maverick" or anything?

What is the difference between Marsha Blackburn and a pig?

It looks like 9600 is new accepted low for the DOW.

Antonia Juhasz on Fresh Air: Phil Gramm's Enron Loophole scam. And McLame's effort to keep it alive.

Ok I wrote a letter to the Obama campaign on their site.. will it ever get read?

End of an Error: The twilight of conservative rule.

where's the dead cat bounce? Dow down 200.

Who else has had enough of this? It's time to declare war on McCain/Palin!

October Surprise?

Middle Class By the Numbers - Pew Research

"We need to be drilling.....and I'd rather drill here than send our money overseas"

2007-2008 americans watched their housing value evaporate, now watching 401k/pension value evaporate

The Candidates as Trains...

DOW closes at about 9,460

Pakistan, bankrupt, wants $100 billion bailout

As soon as Bush and Bernanke started speaking

When did you first hear of William Ayers?

I just heard a clip on CNN, McCain said someone was "a little jerk"

Who knows what's going on between UCF and the Orlando Sentinel?

I can't stand Sarah Palin's voice

Louisiana lawmaker stripped of health committee post for proposing to sterilize low-income women

POLL: Bush Disapproval Rating At All-time High. But reasons vary among those surveyed.

Have DU's once-chastised economic gloom-and-doomers been completely vindicated?

Iraq veteran's shooting into car with two women inside is called 'reasonable'

Advisors Worry About "Grumpy McCain"

S&P below 1,000

What would shock you the most about an Obama win....

I just received notification from Wells Fargo, interest on my Credit Line

so last friday I asked who was taking bets as to when the dow went below 10k...

So corporate has decided no more risers for some stores this christmas

So corporate has decided no more risers for some stores this christmas

What article is Randi reading from right now?

Time To Sell The Nukes

re: my let me get this straight

Retirement accounts have lost $2 trillion AP

U.S. debt grows too big for National Debt Clock.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,

Call out people on the HATE being openly displayed.

cartoon idea..

Family Equality Council gets responses from Obama (personalized) and McCain (form letter)

The alcohol sensing keyboard has finally arrived - sort of...

MSNBC's Gregory reported Palin quote on Obama "palling around with terrorists" -- but

Stereotypical Welfare Family

PBS POLL on Palin qualifications is being freeped! PLEASE, some serious DU HELP on this one

"Our small businesses are ADDING jobs"..sez Mccain spokesmodel

McCain-Palin's Attacks On Media Have Spawned Unprecedented Crowd Hostility Toward Press

Piper flips the bird!

Piper flips the bird!


The stock market is on a roller coaster to hell....down almost -340 points

One question for John... "How?"

O'Reilly Dead Wrong About Palin Debate Bump

Self delete poll closed

The bailout for the U.S. economy is like a dog with a bad case of fleas

Pimpin' for the day crew

Where is the bailout money? Does anyone know?

McCain/Palin talking about "terrorist" and "kill him" comment..

Can The Bailout Be Put Aside And A New Version Worked Out And Enacted?

World's Central Bankers & Finance Ministers Emergency Meeting In Washington Oct 10-13

Minneapolis radio host Chris Baker called Obama a "little bitch" who "won't even stand up to" "smoki

"Unhinged" Palin tells gathering that Obama doesn't like American soldiers.

How cool is this? Freedom stands tall

Are there any atheists who currently hold elected office? n/t

Financial Bottom Line; The top 5% can't keep taking from the bottom 95%

McCain facing the 'crisis of his career,' Gingrich says

Caught in financial crisis, Iceland tries to tap Russia

Poll: Young voters hint at electorate shift

Image: Finger Puppets

So if the Fed loans states money does that mean the FR owns them?

Europe's Race To The Bottom

How much has your 401(K) gone down the last couple of weeks?

Boy am I Glad I invested my retirement in Old Comic books instead of the stock

The GOP goes back to its ugly roots -

Hey, weren't those rebates returned to us ordinary Americans supposed to boost the economy?

Sleuth's Presidential Debate Watch Game

Markets Plunge Despite Hint of Rate Cut

I feel somewhat liberated today...

Lieberman's Party Turns Against Him

Lieberman's Party Turns Against Him

AUDIO: Brad Takes on GOP 'Voter Fraud' Villain Von Spakovsky

palin to heckler: 'My son is in Iraq fighting for your freedom of speech'

The Palins' un-American activities

"A funny thing happened on the way to the smear...."

Scaring Student Voters. Dont get rattled by this

He's here to save us!

C'mon Arizona...

Ah the joys of ideology

Pappy McCain (pic)

Joe Klein summarizes the McCain campaign perfectly.

AUGH!! Love my sister but feel like I need to bash in my head after talking to her!!

The **only** people I know who seem to feel at least a tiny bit safe are retirees with checks ......

Hey there, Joe Six-Pack

I got those Dow Jones blues

palin: ' barack obama started his political career in living room of a domestic terrorist'

Looks like consumers were way ahead of Bush and Wall Street

Steve Doofy 4 Worst Person: "Bill Ayers, associate of Barack Obama's"

Cindy McCain: Obama's Waged "Dirtiest Campaign" in U.S. History

American's satisfaction at all-time low: 9% (Gallup)

Most of MSNBC's shows are done on location.

Inhoffe in debate: We were in a period of global warming, but now we

What would Sarah Palin do if she came across one of these?

Another Alaska -- from Mudflats

Question: What does PNWND mean?

And now for something completely different....

Hugh Hefner to sack Playboy bunnies amid financial crisis

Have You Seen the Trailer for Oliver Stone's "W"?

OMG! An "Atoning for Our Previous Scams" scam email! Nigeria, naturally.

Will this end when Bush leaves office?

People are frightened

No Socialests For This Mavrik

Nick Nolte Escapes Burning Home In Malibu

Congress scolds former AIG executives over crisis

Goodbye, Opus...

Goodbye, Opus...

mccain is literally calling obama a liar in his ads

Will any other issue be able to distract the GOP-controlled media from the economy?

Is McCain-Palin trying to hint at someone to assassinate Obama

No Rachel tonight on MSNBC?

Remember the guy whose girlfriend was stuck to the toilet? He won the lottery!

Are Republicans Disenfranchising Voters Nationally to Steal another Election?

Debate Bingo - Anyone playing?

Falling behind: More Americans see utilities cut off

Dana Perino, unhinged: Pt. XVIII: The 'Known Unknown' Recession

Anthrax "Emergency" Powers Declared by DHHS

New U.S. intelligence report warns 'victory' not certain in Iraq

"Wolves, Jackals and Foxes"

RE: Naomi Wolf video (Give Me Liberty): Who is the group behind the takeover of our country?

Did anyone else feel like they were listening to "Captain Obvious" today when Secretary Paulson was

New CNN Poll: Obama more compassionate than McCain and better on all issues - also pulling away!

Where Are They Now? Right-wing psychos edition......

TEDTalk Tuesday: Why and How we Need to Explore Space

Stocks got clobbered today Dow down 500pts

Palin throws McCain under bus, prepares for 2012

Just sent an email to SNL.......

The silver lining in 3-4% daily declines*

The silver lining in 3-4% daily declines*

Democracy or Despotism? History repeats itself...

Sarah Palin's museum of trite right-wing tactics: 1980-2008

This worldwide "real estate" crisis doesn't make sense to me!

Study: Most Americans Stressed Out By Economy

NY Times: And You Thought September Was Bad

California Screamin'

Email to David Gregory

Why AIG Went Down

How Low Can You Go? McCain video from TPMtv

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - are you watching Tweety

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - are you watching Tweety

One job Sarah Palin won't be getting when this is over:

Schwarzenegger recall petition rejected

How long until McCain starts hopping up and down like Yosemite Sam tonight?

Gawdammit, if he is, then they are ALL terrorists.

25%, sinking, and so well-deserved! What a legacy!

"John McCain excels at town hall debates", "Joe Biden has to take it easy"...

NEW AT DU: The McCAIN Smiley!!!

Image: Finally

Oklahomans have been waiting a long time for tonight.

Subteranean Homesick Blues

Please dont crash tonight!!

Americans United Blasts Bush Administration For Report Urging More Tax Aid To Religious Schools

Tinfoil hat people....

ACORN office in Vegas raided in voter-fraud probe

KO and Rachel are doing the Singlaub -> Iran -> AIP story!!!

I'm Convinced: MORANISM IS A RELIGON. Help me Compile the Commandments

Here's my drinking rebellion for the debate!!!

Are storage facilities going to be the new bushville condos?

FYI Greg Palast has a downloadable pdf called "steal back your vote"

Hah!1 It takes an a-hole (KKKarl) to smack down another a-hole (O'LOOFAH)!1

Brigitte Bardot takes offense to Palin saying she's a bulldog

Brigitte Bardot takes offense to Palin saying she's a bulldog

'Let's learn judo with Vladimir Putin'

Not just class warfare...RACE warfare!!!

Holy crap!! I just looked at cnnmoney, and saw where the Dow closed!

Ain't It Greed? (AIG) - protest pics

Opus cartoon ends run Nov. 2

Obama should walk out on the debate stage with a fire extinguisher...

What are the chances Mcsame will stroke out on stage?

Homeless Voters

Most rancid pile of hippo dung in the US Senate.....

Pakistan Facing Bankruptcy

Please prepare for Tom Brokaw's hatchet job

Don't forget the MIRC debate chat tonight

CNN poll..have you already decided who you are voting for?


CSPAN acting like amature night tonight ... camera switch? or are we going to watch the rules

The plummet continues.....Stocks freefalling in Asia....again.

Am watching C-SPAN pre-dabate

anyone here going to be listening to the debate with Mike Malloy tonight?

What is the word or phrase to drink to?

what is the yahoo panic room in case DU goes on DEFCON 5?

What's your take? To me it seems that McCain heard a guy yell, "Kill him", and then went on to

Has America lost its mind?

David Gregory is now telling McSame to "bloody Obama's nose" in this debate...

Lieberman is considering switching parties and join Senate Republicans

CAPTION the Incredible Shrinking Candidate...

Stop the Orphan Works Act of 2008!!

What does Fannie and Freddie

John McCain knows the American worker!!!!

John McCain knows the American worker!!!!

Classic Repug debate idiocy........I'll start: George W. Bush, 2004:

Fort Bend, Texas Dems versus Demonstrators - Great Read

"Consistent reformer" my ass.

Ok folks Obama just USED the definition of WPA without using the scarrryyy term

Forget *what* he's saying for a second ...... he sounds like a man going into cardiac arrest

Ob SHOULD have levelled,

Is it just me,or does McCain seem awkward and almost hyper

Vanguard money market funds to participate in Treasury Guarantee Program

Did I just hear McCain say he liked the CEO of eBay for SecTreas?

Get your online stopwatch here.

Get your online stopwatch here.

What is Admiral McCombover asking us to do?

At what point do you think McCain's polling numbers start magically rising?

mcLame is getting shellacked !

mcLame is getting shellacked !

MCCAIN: Leadership = Blue Ribbon Commission?

Lieberman McCain brought first legislation??? What happened to GORE??

Here comes the slap down...

I very nearly feel sorry for McCain

I'm not your fucking friend!

GAHH!!! He's not saying anything new!

On CNN: One of the guys at the GOP watch party is picking his nose!

tom brokaw is trying very hard to throw mcbush a bone

Goodies? He votes against goodies?

Goodies? He votes against goodies?

Will someone please contribute some preparation H to Cadaverick McSame.

Obama scores with Energy Independence Plan; Nasdaq Futures turn GREEN

(Paraphrased) "Pay to fly across country for best health insurance"

Obama's warming up and looking good! And, Mr. McCain...

Official Second Debate Thread #2

What's in McCain's left ear?

If you mute your TV, you can tell who is talking by looking at the line

Tom Brokaw is such a douche!

McBush is crashing and burning

Official Second Debate Thread

Know this $5,000 health bullshit?

BREAKING: John McCain declares the earth flat and square...

Who else thinks "Clean Coal" = "Safe Cigarettes"?

Who voted for it? "That one."

McCain proposes we go across state lines for healthcare...

Does anyone know the text number for fox noise?

Does anyone know the text number for fox noise?

Is McCain Making Eye Contact with Obama?

I've finally placed it: McCain sounds like perv on other end of a crank call

The question:Who would be your choice for Secretrary of Treasury?

Six minutes to the first flip flop

Obama will provide tax cuts for 95% of Americans. True or false? n/t

Obama will provide tax cuts for 95% of Americans. True or false? n/t

Which drinking game are you playing?


Cue the McCain Girls...

When McCain lowers his voice does that conspiratorial whispering shit ..... he sounds like ......

John McCain will Steal the Election...because

If McCain calls me his "friend" again... I just might puke.

those lines on CNN?

Did I hear McCain mention Obama and a gold plated cadillac in the same sentence??

Is McCain wearing a barber pole around his neck?

What basically John McCain just said was that he would make

Where is McCain's flag pin?

Bomb Iran!

If the old one knows how to "get Bin Laden"

SALAPPP DOWN: Bomb bomb bomb Iran!!

"Raygun.....My Hero."

Ack! My hubbys just unplugged the Tv and I am missing the debate!

Oh Lord! Now I'm starting to feel sorry for old "what's his name"! n/t

Didn't we announce to the whole world

To the telegraph machine! *cue batman theme*

To the telegraph machine! *cue batman theme*

Call the crash cart - he's flatlining again

$5,000 health credit?

Theme song for McCain tonight: "There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends" by Morrissey

Hey Captain Moran... the Taliban WERE the "Afghan Freedom Fighers"

McCain is wandering around the stage aimlessly.

McCain seems frantic and panicked. Obama sounds Presidential.

Why does McCain talk like his jaw is wired shut?

Obama=cool hand on tiller; McCain=hot hand in till n/t

Please just make it stop!

Please DU this PBS POLL: Is Palin qualified to be VP?


Hey, Sarah, how much is that one-way ticket back to Alaska?

Early vote?

Brokaw: "I'm just hired help here!"

McCain said he knows how to get Bin Ladan and he will do it

He's getting obsessive with that 'my friends' horseshit.

McCain knows how to get Bin why the fuck hasn't he told Shrubco how and

OK here is the result of the debate

Now he's getting that shit-eating grin....

Is it my imagination, or does McLame shuffle like an old guy in worn out slippers

Last question, HALLELUJAH

Could McCain pander any harder for the Jewish vote? If so how?

What is all this about second holocausts?

"I know what it's like"

How long has he spent memorizing this closing speech? n/t

I want something done about Tom Brokaw

Hey Tom ...... ? Johnny ....... ?

I just "stopped by" ....I almost puked. Thank God I made it back safely!

C'mon McCain, say it. You know you want to.

CSpan taking calls in a few minutes n/t

Why doesn't he ever sit the hell down??

So what's the deal with Putin's eyes?

How Sarah Palin "stretches the truth" on the campaign trail..AP

Do you think the American worker is the the greatest worker in the world?

once again, that was 45 minutes I will never get back...nt

once again, that was 45 minutes I will never get back...nt

McCain HAD to have been given the last question

My HS football coach: "there's a difference between losing and getting beaten.."

Could yall give me all the polls yall want me to vote on here :)

McLame was on the defensive all the way.

Putin's gonna come and kick McCain's ass...

Post once here for every "my friends"

Now Teddy Roosevelt is McGrampy's hero, not Raygun.

Now Teddy Roosevelt is McGrampy's hero, not Raygun.

McCain's closing as Captain Platitude!!!

The audience present at this 'debate' is creepy

MSNBC Poll: Who's looking more presidential tonight?

So Gramps sez we can safely dispose of nuclear waste because the Japanese and the French do it.

Obama slaughtered him.

"Not you, Tom!"

What don't you know, and how will you learn it?

Pat Buchanan just said Obama was "presidential" and "cool" n/t

Hey how predictable

David Gregory just gave mcsame total credit for the idea

I went to the Obama debate and all I got was this lousy

Live Poll

I'm with "That One".

"I know what it's like to leave my disabled wife for a rich BIMBO"

So O'LOOFAH is declaring tomorrow that Mc5PLANES just LOST the whole election?!1

Obama snubbed him after it ended...GOOD!!!!!

Barack and Michelle stay and mingle, John and Cindy ditch the place?

Swinging and missing

wheeze wheeze "my friends" huff huff

Question: What's the Repub equivalent to DU?

Classic "Rope A Dope"

Ladies and Gentlemen - OLDvis has left the building!!

I think the persons who yelled "Kill Him" were Repub campaign/political operatives

McCain had to go to bed, this took a lot of energy out of him

So what will fall faster tomorrow: the NYSE or McCain's poll numbers?

CBS News Focus Group: "That one" was "not respectful", "childish, aggressive"

"McCain won the debate" Hahaha ..... Buchanan, party of one, your table is ready.

I miss you so. Where did you go?

Obama, very adroitly, brought up the energy issue in re: RUSSIA...

Who won the debate?

NO ON Prop8 update...

CBS Focus Group is handing McCain his ass right now.

did McCain leave?

Can someone help me refute a RW talking point (Freddie, Fannie)

McTroll Said He Handled His Military Career Responsibly

The third debate won't matter. It will be President-elect Barack Obama in less than a month.

Guys! Go DU the Drudge Poll!

Tweety says Lumpy has a menacing quality in his smile,

Did McCain look at Obama this time? I didn't see it.

Special "Countdown" starting now. KO leads off with "that one" quote (eom)

Keith doing a shakedown!

KOs special on now

QUICK: Does anyone have a final "My Friends" count?

Guardian UK: Republicans brace for McCain defeat

McCain Smiles like the Grinch seeing Cindy-Lou-Who naked.

Aol poll

Healthcare is a right!

McCain had a good point....

KO "That one"

PHOTO: McCain is actually vanishing before our eyes in Obama's presence

CNN finally registering

On the substance: Freezing all government spending.

"That one"? Obama is THE ONE!!!!

McCain - Eye contact with whites, walks away from Black Woman

PHOTO: Who's your next President?

Noron in PA with voters and her little widgit machine .... interesting results

D. Boone Pickens just ran an energy ad after the debate

You have to like watching Obama hangout with the crowd.

McCain refused to shake Obamas hand!

This is amazing, MSNBC is now doing a FG as well

Noticed that all of the 'debate' audience had disposable cameras

Alex Castellanos (GOP operative on CNN): If I could swap numbers with the Dems I'd do it..

McCain's oratory style gave me the impression of......

CBS instant poll


Hats off to DU! Defcon/Level 3 much of the night

Jon Stewart doing a great job of taking on Palin over her Ayers comments

Freepers accept reality?

Ooohhh!! Obama says "banks locate to Delaware to avoid regulation."

"That one" is big talk in the spin tent!

We should be careful regarding ACORN

What Brand Of Crack Is The CNN Crew On?

If McCain were a laying hen, we'd be having an egg sale right about now.

Unbelievable. Even the Right-Wing talking heads on CNN are dissing McAnus.

CNN Poll: Who fared better in Tuesday's presidential debate?

This one was suposed to be McCains.. Obama won no doubt about it..

Pat Buchanan thinks McLiar do 20% of the country..

Image: Joe Sixpack

Was McCain having a hard time breathing?

Colbert as Joe Sixpack taking questions

This is the poll CNN is talking about saying that it's Game Over for McCain

Obama beating McCain 84% to 13% in CNN online poll... I don't believe it's due to DU

Freepers: Obama Wore An Ear piece Clearly Visible On HDTV

Image: That One

CNN Poll: Who fared better in Tuesday's presidential debate?

DU this Ohio Poll

Another MSNBC Poll: Who did the best job connecting with the crowd?

Michelle is next to Obama, Cindy is behind John.

corsi in kenya . . . sorry if this is a dupe.


My Ridiculous Thought ...


Need help with reply to this email

Violence against Obama Yard Signs - Sacramento Ca.

GERGIN: "We can't say it's over because Barack OBAMA is Black."

1.3 Million People Make a Living on Ebay

What I don't know is how EITHER candidate answered that question

CNN: Candy Crowley gives debate to Obama...

"We don't have time for on the job training, my friend"

McCain answer the question or this finger goes up your nose

With Palin Effect Fading, Polls Find Women Sticking With Obama in Swing States

*****OFFICIAL GD Thread Three*******

With Palin Effect Fading, Polls Find Women Sticking With Obama in Swing States

"My Friend" x 22

Transcript of second McCain, Obama debate

It woujld be hard to convince me that Olbermann's staff doesn't comb DU for punch lines

mccain's campaign is going down like all those jets he crashed.

McCain wants to freeze discretionary spending?

Dear McCain Campaign ... level with us. How sick **is** he?

McCain tells another lie

Anyone notice the McCain ads that suddenly appeared on all liberal Youtube videos?

Asian Americans Tilt Heavily Toward Obama

Do Detroit poll

When McCain appears with Obama, Obama looks like the better choice..

Psssst ..... hey Pat ........ ?

CNN Poll Breaking: Who was better leader: Obama 54, McCain 43

The asian stocket markets opened ugly.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! for the 2nd debate & Mike's back

Look for a clip of Gibbs with Hannity. He confronted him just now.

Shallow, but I have to say it. McCain looked HORRIBLE in high-def.

A green tie. Obama needs a green tie for the last debate.

Breaking CNN POLL: Live TV

Do you think republicans now have their eyes on 2012

OOOHHH New Obama ad just came on:

If the election is relatively clean

Damn, out the door without as much as a handshake... So whipped he might not show up at the next one

Evil Empire?

McLame LOST the election tonight

Obama looks like he stepped off the front page of Gentleman's Quarterly / McCain looks like a tired

This Debate, And This Election, In A Single Image


"It's the end of the world as we know it" - Republican CNN analysts are throwing McCain under bus!

In two days...

Tonight I now understand why mccain voted against having a day honoring Martin Luther King

Where did McCain get his geography lessons?

Letters, e-mails, calls to NBC re the bias of Brokaw. His performance

Several Observations:

Bob Dole Part II: Angrier, Older, and Whiter

Naomi Wolf ..please post this video!

Empty eyes require a caption

Another teen left at hospital under Nebraska's safe haven law

No really the fish was this big

Your a what? A voter no don't come near me, you there.

Your a what? A voter no don't come near me, you there.

Know what irks me?

Alaskan Independence Party ties to Iran!

Uh oh, freeperland in bunker mode

Why , In my opinion, Mc Asshole can't look at Obama

AMD Spins Off Manufacturing Operations

Wisconsin Attorney General Sued To Stop Voter Purge

Man Kills His Family and Himself Over Market

Listening to Anonia Juhasz on Fresh Air, did others know we failed to collect oil & gas royalties?

PLEASE remember: It's not Democrats or Republicans who are responsible for this crisis

"A cool hand at the tiller"

Banks hoarding cash in preparation for something huge?

The Mouth Opens and Idols Fall

Sarah Palin's Secret Government

More goodies from the right (they're freaking out right now) LINK

Who Is Bill Ayers? (Letter to NYT)

Man shot three times in street by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt

McCain's New Strategy Incites Violent, Racist Reaction

Chuck Hagel's wife will hold a press conference with

Louisiana lawmaker stripped of health committee post for proposing to sterilize low-income women.»

More middle-class and upper class shoppers are raiding the thrift stores

Lynn Sherr on Leaving ABC: "It's a Very Different Audience, with Very Different Demands"

Today's Rapture Ready laugh of the day: After the Rapture, Obama talks to aliens

Critic says Bush post-9/11 spending strategy led to Wall Street crisis

20 Stupidest Republican Quotes

Tuesday Bailout/crash TOONS: Laugh while you can....

WaPo: After Bailout, AIG Executives Head to Resort (running up tab of $440,000)

Officials Refuse to Provide Details on Secret Previous Bailout

ACLU Condemns New FBI Guidelines (Scary)

Bill Maher Kicks Zucker's Conservative Ass at the Box Office

Oh shit. U.S warplane forced to land in Iran

*************** Did ya get that website down? ***************

Score One for ME!!!!

palin's racist, cult followers & all repubs are becoming an angry mob

McCain has his own Ayers

Front Page Photo: Lehman Bros CEO with the "CROOK" Sign

Bernanke to Engage in Another Illegal Power Grab

Just got this in my email...what do you think?

Damn it...we are all going to fucking DIE!

URGENT: Prop 8 is winning per the No on 8 Internals - they need money and fast

I am beginning to truly hate Tuesdays

KO calls them on incitement to violence

The Rude Pundit: What Obama Should Say (Rude Version), Part 2

Sarah Palin = Winky Dink

Put This On A StarBucks Cup

For those of you worrying about your 401k's and wondering about where the stock market may be headed

Clusterfuck Nation: The American public is about to undergo a severe mood adjustment.

What is with all of these "for profit" universities?

Last-minute advice for Obama

"That one", huh?

They're Back!

Obama's tax policy regarding "big business"

Thanks for all the spoiler threads

Thanks for all the spoiler threads

Bernanke: "The service sector of our economy is about 80%"...

The post debate handshake that wasn't.

I plan on using boiling oil to keep the poor out of my castle, how bout you?

Anyone here remember Dandy Don Meredith on Monday Night Football?

CNN fact checks the Obama Campaign's Keating 5 Short Documentary

Some pictures from the debate

First the energy companies dismissed the hippies and their plans for alternative fuels ...

How many here at DU work as contractors?

Whatever happened about that Oil for Sex in the Interior Department?

Obama whipped that fucker like a rented mule!

Who you calling a Maverick?

Voter fraud and voter purges by Republicans Exposed *must see*

AP reporter confuses / collapses difference between voter fraud and election fraud. Convenient!

The Milgram Experiments

"Most important election of our time".... and my Republican brother says... "You guys say that ....

Where the Word "Maverick" REALLY Came From

What do I beleive? Here: Lennon summed it up perfectly

I am so sorry.

McCain is shuffling around like he is wandering a hospital corridor.

Watch the people standing behind Bush in this video !

Seriously - what would happen if the USA went bankrupt?

Christian camp that "cures" homosexuality revealed: A reporter goes underground

TOOBIN: "Palin is (now) irrelevant. BIDEN never was. (Mc5PLANES) is over." n/t

Times UK: "Shallow, fake... 'QUEEN OF MISINFORMATION' Sarah Palin is beyond parody"

That CNN Ticker is Fascinating. My Observations.

Tampa Trib's Daniel Ruth blasts the election supervisor for the county. Buddy Johnson.

Sarah Palin endorsed by Christian Secessionist Movement -- she tells them "keep up the good work"

Naomi Wolf sequel to "End of America"

Beautiful photograph of the planet Mercury by the spacecraft Messenger

Would you support the idea of a thorough swiftboating of...

"Kill him!" "TREASON!!!11" - - Palin hatefests are becoming a pattern

In honor of our furry friends...

Here's your "Clean Coal Technology" folks!!!

Just heard the republicans are leaving the country if Obama is elected??

Dear World, Please Confront America



The freepers are suicidal....rushing over to freep the Drudge poll

Sarah Palin: Culture Warrior! ---->

Friend with 401k lost $12,000 from retirement w/in last 24 hours

"that one" is THE one that will sink McCain

Remember the dragging death in Jasper? It happened again. Where is the media?

Dear God I love this man.

McCain-Palin events becoming hate rallies

HELP! A humble yet urgent request to help Obama and Biden win in NC...

Huge GOP friend just emailed me.........

For so long I've put up with my freeper sister's hateful emails. Tonight I finally lost it.

Please don't get over confident!!! Please!!! Please!!!

Background/Security Check Questions

The Networks didn't show it but McFolksy-Town-Hall bugged out.

"That One" was bad but this was just as upsetting--"Obama will find you."

A Few Questions For Obama After The Debate - from a freeper

Palin is wearing white again, inciting the racist crowds

Dear DUers: The Polls are Going to Tighten...Stay Steady

So just what scary stuff do racists think a black president would do?

Examples of Great Moderating from Tom Brokaw:

Obama Has 277 EVs Outside the Margin of Error.

WOW Carville just addressed if Obama loses the election with a solid 5% lead going in...

The Palins' Secessionist Group Was SUPPORTED By Iran!!!

Gaffe? Obama: "Government invented the computer" Anybody have a thought on that?

Post your favorite pictures of Barack Obama.

"That one" is what you folks picked up on?

I've seen it all: freepers appealing to HILLARY to give up Obama dirt

Freepers now freeping that Obama got questions in advance!

Cindy McCain: Obama's Waged "Dirtiest Campaign" in U.S. History

"That one" is McCain's Maccaca moment

What is the origin of "get off my lawn?"

Did McCain telegraph his punch tonight re: Sarah Palin?

Okay..Freeperville..has thrown in the towel....

panhandle of texas.... amarillo. my sons middle school

Just talked to a McCain voting friend.

Comments in Freeperland on the debate

We Have a Landslide In The Making Folks (Obama has over 300 EVs with > 5% margin)

Sarah Palin: Palling Around With Secessionists (NEW VIDEO)

IMHO, "That One" is...

So um, McCreepster and SnakeEyes left and Michelle and Barack are mingling and socializing...

Note for Dana Milbank....

Why did McCain write a letter on behalf of a person charged with a hate crime?

i've said it before...i can't vote for a guy whose name sounds like a terrorist

**** POST-DEBATE POLL CLEARINGHOUSE *** -- Post Your Online Polls Here!

How will McCain's "Mortgage buy-up" proposal play out?

CBS Cincinnati Poll Needs DU Lovin'

Obama's potential golden moment at tonight's debate: mention this

Feds to look into Sheriff Scott's comment at Palin rally

whgy digd o olau the dringink game with ma frens?

One Week After McCain Claims Vets ‘Know I’ll Take Care Of Them,’ IAVA Gives Him A ‘D’»

"The heels are on, and the gloves are off." What next? Black mesh stockings and Faux-type cleavage

McCain The Townhall King? Over-Rat-ed! Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap,Clap

Media Bistro on the "Terrorist!" shouter: "McCain clearly hears this guy."

Needs Attention! Republican Clears Obama On Ayers!(Audio)

McCain’s Pro-Deregulation History Exposed: “I am a deregulator. I believe in deregulation.”

This kind of sums up the morons on the right:

SPREAD IT! Video of McCain refusing to shake hands!!

My politically incorrect straight talk... I am SO TIRED of "undecideds" ...

Cindy McCain: Sen. Barack Obama has "waged the dirtiest campaign in American history,”

Who saw MICHELLE?!

My county DNC office Obama/Biden yard signs are in

Barack's in...

Breaking: Secret Service Looking Into Potential Threat Against Obama

Did McCain refuse to shake Obama's hand after it was over???

CNN Needs at least 10 more commentators.

St. Pete Times on McCain and Palin: "Unworthy campaign of lies"

A Very Bold Prediction

Forget the post debate analysis..this picture says it all

Officials Find, Fix Glitch in NM Voting Machine - NY Times

Who among you would approve of someone ALWAYS saying "My friend" to you?

HEY EVERYONE!!! Just wanted to remind you:


More from Freeperville: lmao

from huffpo - Palin Criticizes Biden While He's At Mother-In-Law's Funeral

Gramps is wandering around the stage like Frankenstein looking for his bus stop.

Not happy about it but sons HS Politics class is going to McCains rally tomorrow and he needs to....

Fact Check- Was John McCain on navy ships with nuclear power plants?

McCain reminds me of those little waterbugs that get in your pool

"Sit down, boy"

Obama-Biden ticket launches "The Record" website

I ask that those of you so inclined, send a prayer up for Barack's protection.

I wish someone would ask McCain how HE would have handled Vietnam

Executive Order:Further Amendments to Executive Orders 12139 and 12949 in Light of the Foreign Intel

How about McCain saying Social Security would not be able to sustain currant benefits??!!!

DONATE. please.

Obama Gets a Thank You from NASA

McCain wants to cut spending AND buy up all the bad mortgages?

Dems hope Singlaub is McCain’s Ayers

This election is NOT over!

OMG: Gergen just isn't over because Obama is black..

Shameful outbursts now common at McCain/Palin rallies

I'm going to see Obama in Indianapolis tomorrow!

If you don't subscribe to Rolling Stone Magazine - go out right now and buy this week's issue!!!

You know "That One", because all those Presidential Candidates Look Alike..

Brian Williams: "People online mostly talking about 'THAT ONE'"

Robert Gibbs:"taking judgment advice from Giuliani is a little bit like being called ugly by a frog"

Painting the Electoral College map blue

"safe nuclear" on many times has McCain had Cancer?

McCain refers to Obama as "that one"

No matter I willl always utterly dislike Andrea Mitchell...

MEME - John McCain Surrendered

Freeperville severe meltdown in's like a train wreck over there..lmao

Not Even Close...Obama Crushes McCain

Freepers are apoplectic. Those with IQ's above 85 know they are screwn!

What is a "tiller" (without looking it up)

Image: McCain refuses to shake Obama's hand

More from CNN snap poll...No good news for McCain.

Free Republic's Reaction: "The most hollow exercise in anals of modern politics."


Ohio "independent" voters on CNN...

Is Linda Douglas going to be Obama's Press Secretary?

Anderson Cooper just mentioned that Obama is still on the stage

What is going on with McCain's "handlers"?

Fuck it. Obama should just come out and say it:

I bet McCain comes out with an "apology" within 1 hour.


NC Poll Post-Debate (Middle Right) LINK

I am getting a weird feeling that Obama is actually going to win this thing.

Man, I hope Obama goes for McCain's integrity tomorrow...

Obama unveils new slogan / logo!

CBS morning show: Nashville is OBAMA COUNTRY!!

I hope those guys guarding Obama are the best they got.

Ok am I the only one who thinks that McCain STILL REALLY avoids looking at Obama?

Andrea said alot of people will take offense

My live blog and post debate coverage

This leaves only one question:

He lost to the Black guy

Lynn Forester de Rothschild helps open Democrats for McCain headquarters in Scranton.

When he smiles, he is so very beautiful.

Subtext in Crash's tone when he said "that one" = that un-ruly underling.

"Nuclear power is safe, my friends.."

How does one exacerbate their reputation? ROFLMAO

Holy Crap !!! - Missouri Just Flipped For Obama !!!

McCain just refused Obama's outstretched hand! Refused to shake!!!

What's with the cufflinks McCain's staffers are handing out?

Why won't Cindy McCain shake hands of the folks at the debate?


I LOVE that Barack and Michelle are talking with everyone.

Did we hear the size of the fine, heh heh heh heh

Hannity is getting OWNED on foxnews right now by obama spokesman

Just don't think this was a good debate

This is why Obama will stay classy tonight

David Brooks just gave it to Obama

O.K. I'm stumped. What's a real town hall supposed to be like?

Andrew Sullivan: "It has been a wipe-out" for Obama, "a mauling"

"That one" was a indication of McCain's disrespect for Obama.

McCain TOTALLY BLEW that 1st question!!!

God, save me from the land of your so-called supporters

Fox news Poll Who won debate...Obama 65% / McCain 35% hahaha (link)

McCain's gonna try to show EMPATHY tonight...

McCain must have read H.P. Lovecraft...

Excuse me, but Meg Whitman?!? MEG WHITMAN?!?!

Please Explain the "That One" Comment

Everyone wants a picture with the next president of the United States

Can you say "President Barack Obama" boys and girls?

"That one" is not only a word to belittle, but meant to scold...

McCain campaign handed out "The One" cufflinks to media before debate

Well. I'm drunk. Just sayin.

Even KO noticed that McCain "got out of Dodge"

Maybe "that one" was a senior moment.

You Tube Video: McCain Calls Obama "That One"



Barack and Michelle worked the crowd after the debate. John and Cindy made themselves scarce.

lol, surprise, surprise. McCain camp is emailing around

One thing Obama forgot: no taxes for seniors earning

My email to Tom Brokaw:

I think Pat Buchanan is about to cry...

I want to get to HD just to see Sean Hannity's face on November 4th...

KO Just pointed out that McDummy failed to mention

I'm voting for 'That One'!

I know how to do that, we'll fix it, I have done that, yada, yada, yada....

Tweety Can't Find a McCain VOTER in his Crowd at Pre-Debate!!

Obama Missed The Mark!

No Flames I hope, but I know very few democrats who want home owners bailed out!

Andrea Mitchell says McCain connected with the chief petty officer who he touched

Letterman: "John McCain has pulled out of Michigan, I guess the surge wasn't working."

Obama's lead widens to 7 points in latest poll (new, not on RCP yet)

Lieberman's new Senate Office January 2009

Obama wins CNN Focus Group

Tricky Dick Morris, the man who has to buy sex, is on FUX tv.

"call in the dogs, put water on the fire and go home" -- Carville

Dick Morris on Faux...haven't seen him in a while ...GAWD is he getting fat. LOL n/t

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It My Poll Numbers?

CNN Instant Poll: On the Economy: Obama 59-37, On Iraq: Obama 51-47...On Terrorism: McCain 51-46

McCrushed is Toast....If ya can't win any debates.2x presinential and 1x VP.then ya not fit to Lead.

Video up of the "No Handshake" and "That One" on CrooksandLiars


Fox Poll as of 11:52pm EST

Why don't we nationalize home ownership?

I can't wait for That One, Mrs. One and the Little Ones to move into the White House!

Shit guys, who else was drinking on "my friends"???

Expect more mean spirited attacks on Obama. Thats officially all they have left now

Tom Brokaw SUCKED...

A New Slogan

Fox News listeners are on drugs and/or just plain stupid

If that Navy vet had been in the service at the same time as McCain

LOOK, Obama beat McSame on the Issues. Lets play that up rather than this race game?

Can McCain benefit at all from "sad, old man" pity factor?

Has anyone interviewed William Ayers?

Presidential Debate Highlights (err...Lowlights?)

Unable to shill following McCain's tepid debate performance, Drudge headlines debate as 'BORING'

Final "my friends" count, and something else I noticed about his use of it.

**********DU's Worst Person in the World Nomination thread*************

Robert Gibbs SMACKING DOWN Sean Hannity on his "documentary"

Pat just cracked up when asked about McCain's new bailout proposal.

Quiz: McCain and Forrestal

McCain adviser Schmidt calls Obama Campaign "diversionary" for drawing attention to "THAT ONE"

stephanopoulos calls it for obama on abc

"You probably never heard of Fannie Mae"

Don't get cocky boys and girls, we still have 4 weeks to go.

7-11 Coffee Poll...Check it out.

No, Mr. McCain you weren't supposed to say "that one," but rather

CNN Focus Group Is Weird

Let's DU a poll in Georgia (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

COLBERT is incredible tonight.

Own Sarah Palin!

Picture of PersonWho Will Be MOST REVILED By Rightwingers on November 5th

Frreperville: Palin will save them (and other excuses)

Brit Hume is so demoralized.

McCain had to run from the building because at 11:00 he turns into a _______ (fill in the blank).

I Thought Tom Brokaw did a Fantastic Job

Obama won on class

Anybody wonder what the candidates write down while the opponents are speaking?

poll needs help big time!!!!

Is there a site where I can watch the debate online?

Who was that old man wandering around the stage when THAT ONE was talking.


Just finishing fixing our washing machine.....

Obama and Michelle are spending much more time with the crowd.

McCain hasn't been beat that bad since '69

Johnny Boy, you just lost Florida too (Social Security).

Man, Faux News folk seem real depressed tonight...

I don't believe I heard POW tonight, did I?

McCain to the nation: "Get off my lawn!"

I watched the debate and missed only second here & there but apparently missed "that one"

Would McCain have referred to Mitt Romney, his arch enemy in the primaries, as "That One"?

Fox News clears up the "that one" comment......(insert epic eye roll here)

*****EARL G's All Polls in One Post here: DU the polls and post new polls*****

The Atlantic: "This was a MAULING, devastating and possibly electorally fatal for McCain"

McCain's Big Gaffe

***In all fairness...they DID shake hands at the end***

CNN analysts and contributors weigh in: Obama won

Fux has McCain winning 86%

Barney Fife?

I can't get past "That One" !!!

Could that "That one!" remark possibly be considered a racist comment?

No "Maverick"?

Will someone go to and tell me what the poll results are.

Anyone notice the "hug" John gave to Cindy? Half shoulder hug like you give your boss.

Andrea Mitchell having a nervous breakdown on Keith.

CSPAN: Replaying the DEBATE right NOW!!!

I must say, I LOVE Obama's ability to irritate Mccain

What was McCain complaining about? They are talking about it on MSNBC.

McCain is one pissed-off dude!

McCain releases statement complaining that E. Male got to ask more than one question.

Tweety: "John McCain When He Smiles Has an Almost Menacing Quality"

CNN's Panel is CRUSHING McCain in their poll results... n/t

People: Taxing healthcare benefits IS a mandate!

Debate CNN POLL: "That one" 86% Penguin 13%

If John King says 'Game Over' then it really is. He is a complete shill.

At this point in the game, shall we agree that the "Undecided" are just attention whores?

I know I shouldn't visit Drudge

"That One" Won. nt

"Touching the Navy Petty Officer"

KO just broke news that RNC filed a complaint that this was not a "real Townhall"

Wow CNN polls have Obama crushing McCain on damn near everything

CNN's Toobin: People will be talking about "That One" comment as the moment of the debate

America is the greatest source for good in the world.

Oh, I can't WAIT to follow Michelle - the new Jackie O with CURVES

LOL Drudge online poll -- McCain wins debate 74-26

None of my 5 GOP friends watched the debate.......

Gergen: Too early to declare victory because Barack Obama is black

Begala bringing up the point that Palin is acting racist

We're kickin' the m**^*rf****r's ass!!!

"When I referred to Senator Obama as 'That One...' my friends, I was a POW for 5 1/2 years...

SNL is going to have a field day with McGrumpy marching around the stage like a robot saying "My


OK, correct me if I'm wrong, but did McCain refer to EBAY as a Job Engine?

86% of Fox viewers are blind and deaf.

"the Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one,"

I'm not afraid to say. I love Obama!

McCain probably couldn't remember Obama's name

As I've always been responsible throughout my military career

McCain treats Obama like he is a Pullman Porter.

If John McCain constantly reaches across the aisle...

On Keith: RNC just sent out a "complaint email" that the format wasn't a Town Hall

"That one" or "no handshake". Which is more damaging to McCain?

CBS poll of uncommiteds

"that one"...a message to the end-time christians...

Did y'all hear Brokaw laugh at McCain's jab about the fine?

I'll say it since no one else is saying it: McCain owned this debate

Harold Ford must be the only democrat who doesn't think there was a clear winner

"It's the economy, stupid"

If Ayers is such a big deal, why didn't McCain have the guts to mention him?

I'm watching FAUX because I will do the dirty job- Hannity asks why no Ayres?

McControlFreak is freaking himself out...trying to control everything

Ok here is the big big takeaway and attack point from this debate.

The "that one" video clip.

To the Superficial ladies like myself: If ANYONE finds the RED dress Michelle wore, let me know?!

Next debate the pressure will really be on McNuts

I for one would like to see John McCain the tiller

------ LANDSLIDE !!! ----- Barack CRUSHES McSame By 2 to 1 Margin

"Hydrogen for battery-powered cars"? n/t

Brokaw tries to throw Johnny a bone by turning it into a foreign policy debate and Obama still .....

Fox news poll: Is Obama's Relationship with Ayers troubling to you?

McCain must had been mad when Obama stated "The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one"

Newsday Poll: Who Won The Debate? Obama 90% - McCain 7%

Obama credits Debate win

James Carville looks like Gollum.

That ONE is this ONE .......... PHOTO

What did McCain just say about the $700B ending up in the hands of terrorists?

Did you hear them say - new polls coming in - race tightening

What are we doing to celebrate the morning after election day?

"John McCain excels in the Town Hall format." Really now?

DU this Poll

Wring Out the Old, Ring In the New

Five Nebraska State Senators Endorse Obama

Well scrape "Town Halls" as being McCain's best format.......

CBS snap independents poll result

He's Pappy O’Daniel from O Brother Where Art Thou

Obama was just superb

KO: McCain did not look like a 'well man' wandering around

that one

The AA male who asked, How the bailout would help me? McCain offended him

McCain lost Virginia (and the election) with his call to freeze government spending

I'm going to see Biden tomorrow -

It's all so simple. John McCain believes that skin contact with a black person could spread cooties

Another "Handshake-gate"? Honestly??? n/t

WNWO Poll (NBC Toledo)

Obama wins Debate!

Hello you lovely bastards!

TYT Pre, LIVE & Post Debate Coverage With A Chat Room Is Up Now At Also...

DU this PBS Poll about the VP!!!

CNN Instant Poll: On the Economy: Obama 59-37, John King "Game over."

Swing state TV station instant polls (Links for tonight)

Anyone know how to watch msnbc online live?

What's with Brokaw's voice?

I watched the debate in HD

Future Headline: John McCain: "I'm so bipartisan, I have two assholes." n/t

as a teacher, overhead projectors are outdated...We use smart boards now

McCain's breathing....

Bet yer not so "pleased that Obama joined" you in a townhall meeting, now.

CQ Transcript: Second Presidential Debate Between McCain and Obama


John King: "If you think they [the voters] give a damn about Ayers and Wright, they don't!"

I loved when Obama talked about him Mom tonight with the healthcare question

John King pretty much calls election for Obama

Hey asshole! I'm voting for "That One".


If John Kerry had referred to George W. Bush as "That one..."

omg KO..."He did not look like a WELL MAN wandering around on the stage!"

Fred Thompson: "That's the strongest I've ever seen him come out" (Hannity bringing up Ayers)

John McPain, FAIL

Palin Watching Debate at N.C. Pizzeria

Intrade : Obama 71.4 Mc"ThatOne"Asshole 29.7

Focus Group Moron: Obama not being specific. Mmmmmkay!

CNN Instant Poll: Obama 54-30!!!

Proof McCain took acid and just had a flashback

The final debate next week--I really hope Obama hits McCain on his record on veterans

My analysis of the debate:

WLWT NBC Cincinnati Poll

CNN poll. Vote now.

McCain left. Obama is still on stage meeting the crowd, and McCain just got up and left.

Just finished watching - paused to answer questions from a group of middle schoolers - OBAMA ROCKED!

So in the end, what will the nation remember about tonight? "THAT ONE."

We're not rifle shots my friends

Tomorrow's discussion: Why did McCain run out of the room

CNN Debate Poll: O 54 M 30

anyone watch "Dorf on Debating" tonight?

Keep in mind that the poll of 'undecideds' gets dumber every day.

I think the narrative will once again be that McCain is disrespectful and dismissive of Obama.

I am going to get a T-Shirt

Will Palin dump McCain tomorrow?

"That one" - (Obama) doesn't have or even deserve a name.


Did I see right? Did Mcgeezer refuse to shake Obama's hand??

Wow, McCain was arrogant tonight. No handshake, "that one,"

I think I know what McCain said to Obama when he would not shake his hand:

What's a tiller? Some old man contraption?

Buchanan: "So I think overall that McCain, I think, won the debate ..."

Jim Cramer: Obama is a recession. McCain is a depression.

I want to go to a Country that we don't know where it is on the map ......

Why wouldn't McCain shake Obama's hand?

"That one" resonated. Everybody at my debate party groaned when McCain said it to Obama


Lipstick on Pig no where near as offensive as "That One."

McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case (AP - Yahoo Front Page)

Keith is doing a great job on his "second countdown" slamming McCain

Psst. Hey everyone? Just wanted to let you know: THAT ONE is our next President!!!!!

So, who is feeling great tonight?

I think Obama didn't get negative because

McCain called Petraeus the head of CENTCOM and also the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs


The Young Champion

CULTURAL = RACIST - My letter to Chris Matthews

Pat Buchannan is dropping acid !!!!!!

If Quayle was happy for the Palin selection, then Dole must be ecstatic

Halprerin: Obama B+ McCain B

CNN poll: 54-30 for O; favorables +4, unfavorables -4

We're headed for a depression. McCain wants to cut gov't programs

Cnn poll #'s now, Obama 54% McCain 34%

Obama favorables went up- McCain unchanged per CNN

CNN phone poll of those who watched debate (Headline # Obama 54% McCain 30%)

KO just showed the NO HAND SHAKE hehehehehe

McCain Homeowner Plan - Don't get it

CNN Poll: Who won the debate? Obama 54%- 30% McCain

The town hall format is clearly McCains best venue

During the course of this campaign, Obama has become more Presidential and McCain has become less

Andrew Sullivan: "This was a mauling..."

No outbursts from the dead there Cadaverick!

Chris Matthews: "John McCain, when he smiles he has a somewhat menacing quality."

"That one" combined with no handshake defines McCain as a rude ignorant assh**e

Obama still at the debate talking with perspective voters


When McCain smiles it has a somewhat menacing quality. Stated by Chris Matthews

Okay besides retiring "Maverick" "McCain does well at town hall forums" also needs to be banished.

'THAT ONE?!?" Did McCain SERIOUSLY refer to a fellow US Senator as "that one"?!?!?!

The media and the people agree. Obama/Biden are 3 for 3!

self delete

Damn! Straight Talk Express Lost its wheels

The part on Pakistan killed McCain

Did anybody keep track of how many times McSame said, "My friends"

Undecided Voters = Attention Whores

Obama wins Fox Luntz focus group

39 vs. 27 -- Obama in CBS snap poll


Anyone seen numbers from mediacurves yet?

"That one."

Leslie Sanchez...said McCain was condescending with weird

For the record, I thought McCain saying "most of you may not have heard of Frannie or Freddie

We Need To Do OUR Job

MSNBC online poll. Obama 85%...McCain 12%...

Obama still shaking hands..McCain hauled ass.

Hot dog! McCain's gonna pay off my mortgage!

He doesn't know what it is like to be me I don't have 7 homes and 15 cars

Are any other networks doing anything as interesting as the CNN real-time reaction graph?

Missed debate....did Ayers come up at all? (nt)

Olbermann is one and opened up with "That one"

"Steady hand on the tiller"

Is anyone counting the "my friends"? I lost count.

---------------PSA; Keith is ON!!---------------

Olbermann opens with "That one"

CBS Post-Debate Poll: Obama wins 39%- McCain 27% w/ 35% Undecided

KO: "That One"

CNN Poll...Obama 84%

Four more weeks! - Get everyone you know Fired Up and Ready to go!

Ok, seriously. Tom Brokaw can bite my ass.

Town Hall was supposed to play to McCain's strength. He tanked it. What "strengths" are left?

Did John and Cindy McCain leave that quick?

Lets face it folks Obama is just damn charismatic

Obama still working the room.

When did McCain say "That one?" I was distracteda nd missed it.


Obama Wins Gay Truckdrivers from Montana poll!!

McCain's mortgage plan = Barney Frank's ideas months too late...

I'm a fat, undecided, no-lipped bald guy that Gallup picked

Ha Ha...McCain tanked with republicans on buying Mortgages...damn

Obama wins CNN focus group.

Am I mishearing, or did McCain misidentify the AA questionner?

Brokaw is a scumbag for trying to coerce them to answer yes or no for that question.


i JUST GOT HOME! who can summarize how this went? the tone? the questions?

Pat Pukecannon is hallucinating again

DU CBS. Now 81 -18 O--BAM--A

FABulous! "There are some things I don't understand . . ."

MSNBC has a focus group in Philly

Who will join me in buying more houses?

I quit smoking over 20 years ago....

NPR analysis worthwhile. Anyone listening?

You know it's in the bag when?

REAL reason why McCain lost the debate... (even with his followers)


anyone just see half the audience gather around Obama for a group photo?

Barack & Michelle are spending time talking to the audience after the debate

MSNBC describes the "That One" comment as a major gaffe

I think McCain referring to Obama as "That one" was condescending to those 18 million plus

CBS Instant scientific poll of undecided voters--Obama wins again

After calling Barack "that one" & refusing to shake w/him, McCain deservs NO FUCKING PITY

Obama wins MSNBC Focus Group; Independents favored him more

how do those real-time audience indicators work?

CNN Poll

Some people may not know who the real Obama is

MSNBC: McCain blew it with the mortgage idea. Obama hit a HR with his prioritization answer.

Holy shit. McCain just lost. Check out this MSNBC poll.

My friends, that one, my friends, doesn't believe like me, my friends.

MSNBC is interviewing the focus group

AP: Obama, McCain stretch facts in debate

Obama was poetry in motion

CNN: Bill Bennett "McCain didn't do enough" It's over people. poll

Buchanan thinks McCain scored more points. Natch.

the fascists were dealt a crushing blow tonite.....

I just kept thinking about a cheerleading "Grandpa"


McSame v Black Questioners

DEBATE TRANSCRIPT is up. Which exchanges and which lines struck you as memorable?

Did Bill Rambling Gambling Bennett just say Obama won???

Wolfe: Apparent that McCain has disdain for Obama

This is the job McCain was made for: AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA

I learned McCain wants to buy everyone a house.

This is Clinton vs. Dole all over again...

Have McCain and Cindy left the building already??

"The G8 has to put pressure on Russia..."

Not one question regarding China.

I want to score the debate by intelligent answers that show...

McCrypt GAFFE: Gets Petraeus' Title Wrong -- Calls him Chairman of the Joint Cheifs.

C-SPAN cameras only on Obama and Michelle after the debate

Admins, please post a post-debate polls thread

CNN talking heads unanimous: Obama won.

Pat Buchanan is still delusional... calls McCain the winner

WTF Gergen - they both did the same - close

THAT ONE!!! It's THE Soundbite!!!

Buchanan is very subdued tonight...he knows...McCain sucked...

Wait - did McCain leave the room - because Obama & Michelle are stil out there

Whatthe MSM morons are missing completely. The stench of Bush and failure that

2nd Debate Tuesday: Did McCain just take credit for Hillary's revival of FDR's mortgage fix idea?

McCain and Obama did shake hands

People want their pic taken with OBAMA!!! I haven't seen anyone

I'm taking bullets by venturing to Faux, and....

anybody have CNN's final score card totals?

Don't you just love the few minutes before the first poll when the pug might have "won"?

Did Buchanan say that Obama is 9 points ahead with this debate?

Am I wrong? or did McSame still not look at Obama

McTroll just patted Obama on the back. No handshake.

CNN: GOP Pundits Bennett & Castellanos Call it for Obama

The moderators need rules to keep them in line.

The one time I wish Letterman was live

Ha ha pretty subdued over at fox noise too......

Did not shake his hand! nt


Breaking Freeper Thread: "Can You Say President Obama?"

It wasn't even close. All 12 rounds go to the winner & new heavyweight champion of the world...

Tweety: McCain makes the girl do the dirty work

Excellent play this evening -- especially Senator McCain's as

"I'm just hired help here." Tom Brokaw

If you don't have your mind made up by now, you just don't care.

Okay, folks. That WAS NOT a game changer for McZZZZZZ !!

This coming from a cautious, slightly pessimistic person: Obama CRUSHED McPalin tonight!

President Barack Obama!

Buchanan: Barack came across as very presidential...a cool customer.

WTF? Gerson on PBS just said McCain had a big victory!

Tweety just said McCain must be embarassed by his campaign

"We cannot allow a second Holocaust..."

MSNBC poll

Buchanan: "Obama came off very presidential"!!!

'The point is', 'my friends', 'Senator Obama just doesn't understand', 'I know how to do this',

Tweety just kicked John McCain in the nuts -- called him a

CNN Graph: Why Do MEN like Obama less than WOMEN do?

What the hell is David Gergen smoking???! Obama begrudgingly, "modestly" ahead??!

Like an experienced prizefighter

If I were a Repuke I would still have to say that Obama Kicked Ass tonight

FauxNews Morons: Absolutely no game changers...

McCain has mastered the art of

I'm not gonna say I told ya so, but...

McCain - "That requires a cool hand" - well, I guess that disqualifies you McHothead

Who is having celebratory sex tonight?

"steady hand at the tiller...."

Caville: Obama won the debate. McCrypt needed to win but he didn't.

How long for flash polls?

is anyone watching the meter on CNN

OK, back to MSNBC for

Someone please find me some MSNBC analysis audio? Can't stand CNN analysts...

Freep chokes on sour grapes: "I despise McCain, just like I despise Bush.... for NOT fighting back."

Did you see Cindy slink up behind McCain? Creepy like she was afraid of him..

wow, the audience is having their picture taken with the Obamas

Wow. Really?

Michelle Obama is radiant.

Palin looks like she's chunking up quickly

Did I hear that right? McCain wants to "socialize" the housing industry.

This HAD to be a GAME-CHANGER for McCain. He did NOT change the game.

McCain just blew off the Obama handshake

daughters friend is registering to vote RIGHT now as we speak

As the grandson and the son of Admiral, I knew hard times. Oh,

WTF??? Obama just wen to shake his hand and mclame told him to shake cindy's!!

"Its fair to say Senator Mccain has some disdain for Senator Obama" says wolfie

McCain desperately needed a game changer - he failed miserably!

This is a terrible format for McCain.


What's with Cindy McCain's too-vivid outfits? Purple? Ughhhh. n/t

Brooks said it was close but the edge goes to Obama

McCain needed a wipeout win. He didn't come close.

McCain completely SNUBED Obama AGAIN!!

David Brooks and Mark Shields both give it to Obama

Breaking News: the only thing McCain doesn't know is the FUTURE

That fucker would not shake Barack's hand just now! What an idiot


CNN analyst "it is apparent that McCain has some disdain for Obama, that came thru during the debate

Now let's all watch the FAUX comment session

Ha ha - audience members are posing for pictures with Obama. McCain not at all

Eff alcohol--if I hear "my firiendssss... one more time I'm gonna

we played a bong game instead of drinking

Awww! Everyone wants photos taken with Obama and Obama is all over the audience

Grampa walks l;ike a penguin

Look at all the people who want pictures with Obama

McCain invokes the word hope

So they didn't mention Ayers or Wright? I thought that was their current tactic

God this is boring

"The great privilege of my life...WAS to serve country first."

sit down McGoo!

How the CNN undecided voter line-thingee works

YES! Excellent job Obama

David Brooks just had to admit that Obama won.

Anyone doing a total time talk for each candidate to see if

What ANALYST will DARE claim McGasket won?

If Iran attacks Israel... do we wait for the UN before we attack?

in all of tv debate history, was there ever a more partisan moderator than brokaw?

Wow. What a weak ending from McFuckhead

Ok. I'm sorry, but I'm a good judge of people even in the first few minutes


McShame is "Little Bush"...feeding America fear, doubts be afraid, I'll save the day rhetoric.

"I know what it is like to have the love and support of family in tough times..."

Mother Fucker...Goddamn it. STFU!! Brokaw. You piece of shit Repuke shill.

Is McCain one of the castaways from Lost?

Could McCain lose support tonight

McCainLost........... No he Really Did.

It doesn't help McCain to be staggering stiffly about the stage staring with fear in his eyes

Drudge has a poll up already

I have to be honest. By a LONG shot, John McCain is not part of MY generation

where are the poll links????

New Hampshire is a contested state?

And this format, "Town Hall Meeting" was supposed to be McCain's strong suit

CNN HD Scorecard - Who is Winning?


Did McCain whiten his teeth?


Whoa the CNN lines were at the top for Obama's ending statement

Oh, guess what? McCain knows how to get Osama bin Laden!

Eloquent just doesn't cut it.

McCain: "We" drove the Russians out of Afghanistan

Uh - McLame is turning it - Lines are up

Has the name Bush been mentioned tonight?

"My Friends" -- It's the new wink n/t

Strongly contesting New Hampshire? LMAO!

I Now Fully Understand Why Obama Would Not Agree To Ten Town Hall Format Debates

I had Maverick for my drinking game


How's the CNN meter on this pakistan question?

Weren't town hall members supposed to be asking questions or did I miss something?

McCain wins!

Obama is Crushing BOTH John and Tom! It's like watching an elegant Godzilla!

Obama should do the Reagan "There you go again! Stating the facts wrong!"

'BIG STICK' quote:

McCain is currently winning this debate...

Obama blowing up CNNs chart thingie again. This man is good! (nm)

Well, my favorite line of the night was when McCain referred to Obama as "that one".

Wow-McNuts has a secret plan to get Bin Laden!

FIRST TIME EVER ON DU --- NOT A SINGLE THREAD suggesting the Repub is winning!

"MAYBE"??? So decisive and confident....

*Puke* That exchange wasn't set up or anything *barf*

I can't wait to see the media spin this ...


The way Obama is sitting and smiling between questions

The Navy Dude is the October Surprise

What are you drinking during the debate?

Why does McCain still think that "without preconditions" is a winner?

"Victory with Honor" "Victory with Honor" Now where have I heard that before?

All CNN analyst has Obama ahead, even King...

Shut up about the damn SURGE!

Oh, God, the handshake

Sarah Palin wouldnt have been able to handle this type of debate (stating the obvious)

I am tired of Mc5Planes calling me his friend.

McCain: I'm not gonna telegraph my punches

*Puke* That wxchange wasn't set up or anything *barf*

A landslide by Obama would derail freeper plans for Sarah Palin to be the "standard bearer" in 4 yrs

Israel! Drink it all people, all of it.

McCain wants to abridge their behavior to nowhere.

Will The Delaware Reference Be A Problem For Barack As Biden Is From ....

McCain didn't learn anything worthwhile while in the Navy or from a chief petty officer.

Let's see if McCain Telegraphs his Punches on Iran...

At least the questions are serious - unlike the 2000 & 2004 debates

I've been watching, and McSame appears to be a small, petty, incapable man

Obama Camp already questioning McCypt's shitty "that one" comment.

Way to go Skinner and crew! DU is running super smooth tonight!!! n/t

Depends and depends

Why does Brokaw only mention the time when Obama is speaking?

I don't know if Russia is an Evil Empire...but I DO know McCain is Emperor Palpatine n/t


McCain knows how to get Bin Laden, but didn't tell anyone.

Can someone tell John McCain to stop saying


"Senator McCain, do you wear boxers or briefs?"

"I'll get him! I know how to get him!"

"I am going to act responsibly as I have done during my military career"

The friggin romper room whispery voice thing McCain does, it's creepy and wrong.

Brokaw SHUT UP you dolt!!

So does this debate count as 7 things he's crashed and burned trying to steer? n/t

Is it because I'm tipsy

When Obama attacks McCain the graph goes up

Brokaw is clearly on McAnus' side. What a tool. They don't call it

McCain: "I hate to go into this. I was joking with an old veteran friend who was joking about Iran"

*******Official John McCain appreciation thread*******

Wrong Herbert there, McCain! It was George Herbert Walker Bush who last raised taxes in tough times

Putin has "surrounded himself with former KGB aperatchiks?"

My first debate post - watched it all so far, incl. CNN graph. McCain destroyed!


I can hear the post-debate pundits already

How did this turn into a foreign policy debate? Is Brokaw throwing McCain a lifeline?


Senaator Obama?, , We're winding down now, so lets keep track of the time..

Our allies? We still have allies after what Bush has done?

McCrap in the McPants still thinks The Surge is his trump card, but

Does anyone think McCain is intentionally playing up the "my friends" bit for drinking games?

McCain just praised the Mujahedeen! (what became Taliban and groups like al Qaeda)!!!

Brokaw is wretched, Can't speak clearly, can't stick to the rules, and letting his bias show.

A "General Petraeus" drinking game would have been effective in getting blitzed.

81.1% This is SO over!

If McAnus knows how to get Bin Laden, why hasn't he told anybody?

POLL: Are you McCain's "friend?"

Nail in the coffin. The CNN undecideds are responding better to Obama on Nat'l Security

Obama is annhilating McSame!!!

Doesn't he mean "McClellan"?

OK, I think I know who wins likability.

McCain's description of Russia is what America has been like

Obama is in control! To hell with time constraints.

This Is NOT A Debate Its A MAULING!!

Folks, you do realize that Ronald and Nancy Reagan couldn't stand McCain

Why doesn't Obama answer the McCain's withdraw in defeat allegations

Bombing Iran is a JOKE?

CNN meter goes up to plus 3 to plus 5 when Obama speaks, McCain seldom gets over 0


mmm...CNN Magic Line People no likey McCain. he bad. (nm)

Wow, watching the CNN approval lines when McCain speaks,

Without a doubt this is Obama's best debate performance ever.

I will see that CNN graph in my dreams...


Why didn't McCain warn Bush what he saw in Putin's eyes?

i live in Texas - I guess I'll make my next female appointment out of state


I'll get Osama binLaden my friends...I'll get 'im...I know how to do it

OBAMA is in CONTROL- follow ups, or not-

Every time he says "my friends" he makes me despise him just a little more.

Obama is pushing McCain's buttons big time!

SUrge! SURGE! sURge!!

McCain has his "Fool me once" moment. "Talk softly" LMAO!

Johnny boy,you just dissed St. Reagan on national TV.


Why has McCain waited 7 years to get Osama Bin Ladin?

"Health care is a responsibility?"

Was anyone else pissed as hell over the $79 billion surplus in Iraq?

It's *walk* softly and carry a big stick, moran!!

Is he getting paid a dollar for every time he says "my friend"? n/t

Obama is being clear, understandable and calm.

***Completely superficial thread - is McCain BoToxed?

I'm so sick of hearing about General Betrayus...

40 Minutes in.. Who do you think is winning?

McCain thinks General Petreaus is some kind of innoculation against

"That One" comment is going to lose the election for McCain

Do You Think These Folks In The Audience Really Came Up With These Questions?

I bet Teddy Rooselvelt signed his year book.

---TOM FUCKING BROKJAW is being SUCH AN ASS!!!!!!----

What are McCain's qualifications that says he is more qualified?

Hey McPOW...

"I'll act responsibly, like I have throughout my military career."

Let's face it DU, McCain is winning this thing hands down.

McCain is a fucking liar...

So far, I'm bored with the debate.

"President Reagan, MY HERO..."

"throughout my military career" -- he thinks he's still in the Navy!

6 words for Grampy on Pakistan: "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran"

Teddy Roosevelt admiration again

This is it: McCain is undisciplined.

Tonight we can say with confidence

Anybody keeping a "my friends" count?

When McCain attacks McSame the CNN graph drops


If you play a drinking game on "my friends", stop IMMEDIATELY

Don't you love the looks on the people's faces in the audience when McLame speaks

Did he just call Brokaw Katie?

Here he goes up San Juan Hill again.

This forum is really THE BEST FOR OBAMA! HE ROCKS!

John, the afghan rebels that we supported who drove the russians out included OBL!!!

ZING ZING ZING --- McCain your toast

T.R. is his hero now?

Did you see Obama just laugh at McCain's bullshit?

McCain debates like a reptile eating, he really doesn't like doing it, but has too.

John McCain DOESN'T think health care is a RIGHT.

Which one is McCain's hero--Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt?

"I Knew Teddy Roosevelt, I Worked With Teddy Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt Was A Friend Of Mine...."

teddy roosevlet supported regulation of business, you prick! n/t

Fool me once, walk softly.....

I walk softly with freedom fighters.....from Afghanistan...and other extemists with sticks..


Will Obama Return To The Senate After Two Terms as President?

"Did we here the size of" what?

Now McCains hero is Teddy Roosevelt.



i thought ronald reagan was his hero

McCain lost the bald guy vote

Will Obama zap McCain about him saying Obama would announce his attack?

"We will kill Bin Laden. We will crush Al Qaeda."

Can we just call this debate already. Like the 10 run rule in little league

He reminds me of Bukowski in "BARFLY" when he says, "My Friends"

Trick question on Pakistan vs Cambodia...

Seriously John - talk softly? Were not you the one who

"Katie thank you"? Where does McCain think he is?

another dead hero........

Here comes Teddy R.

Wacky Jacky's making the Monkey look only half insane.

In less than 12 Hours, The KEATING ECONOMICS Documentary has GONE VIRAL: NEARLY 500,000 views

Where is McCain's flag pin? n/t


I thought his hero was Reagan?


McAnus likes talking about the 300+ dead Marines, doesn't he?

Somebody please tell this crazy old coot that I AM NOT HIS FRIEND!!!

someone in the audience was yelling

BINGO CARDS - Custom Made for Tonight's DEBATE!

So McAss gets to respond to a previous question with a bullshit rant?


McCain full of practiced lines. He sounds like he's tired

McCain is used to BSing idiot fawning drooling Repub town hall mobs

A "Cool Hand at the Tiller" = Obama

Is McSame *really* a Maverick? Let's compare...

"Senator Obama would have brought our troops home in defeat" = NOT FLYING


Wow! Obama just hit a home-run!

John, here's a clue about Iraq: Leaving is Winning, Staying is Losing

"Senator Obama would have brought our troops home in defeat..."

What Channel Are You Tuned Into Right Now?

Obama gave the most thoughtful answer about world crisis that I have ever heard...the world will be

my frienbds , my friends , my friends, surge, my friends......what an ass.....

OMG McCain said it requires a cool hand

delete - dupe

We need a cool hand at the tiller

Obama is The ONE. McCain is No One.

should health care be a commodity?

I figured it out! McCain sounds SARCASTIC.

McCain blew it by nnot answering the question

from freeperville: "What I “HOPE” to say in 18 months is impeached President Obama...."

If I hear "my Hero line again" I am going to explode..

I'll probably lead a happy life after this if I never hear the word 'fundamental' again nt

'My friends, only I can reach across the aisle..."

Why does McCain has this irritating whispering my friends voice?

Is it possible he has failed to disgust anyone with his "my friends?"

CNN's Uncommitted Ohio Voters (the Men, anyway) are pro-war. Going up high on McCain now

Um, Biden is from Delaware...that ruined a kick-ass answer on health care

WTF...mccain's wandering around...

"Gold-plated Cadillac policies, you know, like hair transplants. I might need one a those myself"

Palin may not blink, but McCain sure does.

Breaking news from CNN

Have Pity

I thought this was a fricking ECONOMIC debate? Why are we talking about the military?

is the "white flag of surrender" coming?

If it were a fight, they'd have to call it.

Screw The hair Transplant

Obama could have gone up today and answered his questions by singing the ABC's

Took a gander at McCain's notes and looks like he is writing BIG

he is disturbingly obsessed with winning Iraq

The audience looks like they'd rather be dragged across 3 states by their tongue over crushed glass.

New U.S. intelligence report warns 'victory' not certain in Iraq

No time for on the job training....

My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends

the McCain Doctrine: In What Respect, Tom? n/t

So I'm not watching, but I'd like to know a little about Brokaw...


I though Obama was supposed to SUCK at town hall debates.

oh dog gamn .. he saidz my frnez gain

I have to say, I am starting to rethink being so anti-McCain...

What McCain dreams of when thinking about his Presidency

here comes the S U R G E

I am very proud of Obama. He's doing a fabulous job tonight

McCain finally learns how to bomb!

"That in that terrorist, that black man...that muslim..what?

He STILL hasn't LOOKED At Obama!

What's goining on with this bullshit crack about a "fine"?

Proof that McCain is lying about this 'fine' crap he's spewing...

Medical records online??? HELL NO!

Obama cool, calm, and collected

Hair transplants? WTF is geezer talking about? What does that have to do with health?

I know he has legitimate limitations

CNN: "The Line" Indicates Support for Obama, Especially Among Women

McCain is bombing like nobodies business

John won't be needing hair implants, and sure as fuck won't need insurance.

Do We Really Need To Have Another Debate?

This is McCains strategy. To act snooty and snarl at Obama

He made a joke ?

They Need to Make That Graph Taller, For When Obama Talks

Screw the time constraints!

We need that ten billion dollars

When McCain said "you didn't hear the amount of the fine, did you?" the chart

Ummm.... Why does McCain NOT SAY that Obama was wrong about invading Iraq?

This is the worst beating in the history of debates.

McCain makes a joke about fining Obama for going over time, NO ONE LAUGHS...

You don't vote on shit, you smarmy fucker.

OBAMA RULES!!! He's doing so much better THIS time than the first.

RW Blogger Instapundit: Obama looks like he's having fun. McCrypt looks likes he's already bored.

Obama brings up McNasty voting againts S-Chip! Yay!

"I'm not too popular with my own party much less his."

I cannot believe how blatantly biased Brokow is. He should

McCain officially sucks at formal town hall debates

RINGER!! defense question for McLame

Disrespectful motherf**ker! "Know who voted for it, my friends? THAT ONE!" (pointing)


Not the "overhead projector" earmark again - McCain is a fucking joke!

Hey, McCain - I know Oliver is a young black guy. But I bet he heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

If I sat down and thought long and hard about the matter...

McCain made a joke that only Brokaw laughed at...

"I thank-you for that question because, my friends, ...I'm tanking and I need to make a lame joke"

CNN METER: Obama Running Away With This

OK. I'm OVER Brokejaw letting McCain take up all the fuckin' time!

I think the Grim Reaper is about to enter the hall to tap McCain

ok, just caught up to the "that one" quip.

Where the hell did the "fine" come from

Can we officially call McSame McFlatliner?

"He doesn't look real" --my BIL n/t

Fine? McInsane is full of shit...nt


McCain's stand-up is falling flat tonight.

McCan'ts health (non) plan very unpopular with Dems and Indys

"That one," aka that black


Here's news for you, McGrumps: community centers, etc. cost money.

Did he say he was on Navy Ships that had Nuclear Power Plants?

Could you imagine if Obama had called McCain "That old guy."

Brokaw needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP

Anyone notice the CNN running graph when McSame speaks

MY FRIENDS....this is an old fashion, down home, ASS KICKIN'....

OMG. He pointed to Obama and called him "That one."

Hair Transplants?

Let's put McCain's HEALTH RECORDS ONLINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching McCain listing, taking on water is becoming painful...

Health care is a RESPONSIBILITY?

Under McCain's plan I would owe an additional $2,800 in taxes because of my health benefits.

Did he call Obama "That one"?

If this were a football game, the score would be 31-7 at the half.

Is Barack going grey?

McCain: "A failable and affordable health care"

WTF??? Was that a Biden Hair plug jab....this guy is a L>O>S>E>R

Paging the McCain Campaign. You have a visitor.

Just a disaster for McCain so far

Boy, Would I Like To See How That Graph Would Look If DUers Were Responding!

I think McCain spent a few days a Palin's debate prep camp.

Obama needs to emphasise what McCain wants to do with healthcare

Oh dear, maybe these townhall debates aren't so great after all...

McCain needs a brain transplant!

McPain: liar, liar! Obama has no mandates in his plan.

MciCain joking about his thinning hair

Brokaw is the worst debate moderator I've ever seen

McCain go ef yourself you slimy traitor

Look At That Fucking Line DROP!

what was that gesture by mccain?


Tidbit about Brokaw from 1996:

"Let's put health records on-line"???

OK stop me from getting drunk!

TOO LATE for McCaine...There is nothing he can say or do...Its all over but the shouting

The special interest work on McCain's campaign...nt

McCain: Meg Whitman of eBay, someone everyone can trust, for Secretary of Treasury

If Americans are the best workers in the world as McCain claims...

"I suspended my campaign to protect the taxpayer"


Self delete. Sorry

Mc Cain out of the stall, attacking the moderator

MC Cain just corrected a voter

CNN's doing the "meter thingee" tonight and John Boy's flatlining

Ha. McDipshit flatlining on CNN n/t

McCain lying again....

McCain On Roller Skates

Republican Clears Obama On Ayers - (Audio-NPR)

You've never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac before this crisis, you dumb, dumb man

I'm not quite sure I like this debate style...

Professor Obama is holding class right now.

McCain is a deregulator

Gore's in the house - receives loud round of applause

McNasty's so full of shit he needs a snorkel to breath

Did you see that rat bastard point at Obama when he mentioned "cronyism"?

McCain sounds very nervous.

McCain moves awkward and seems very decrepit

Not you, Tom?

Oh my god, Johnny Mac went to eBay

McCain is gasping into the mic as he walks.

He said he suspended his campaign... Bullshit!

OKAY!! Been a minute Tom... hmmmm


Didn't EBay announce 3000+ layoffs today?


McCain is in Obama space...get back get

IF anyone in the USA is UN-decided, they are either

Say it you evil troll.....

McCain...was for a spending happened

"It's not enough just to help those at the top!"

AP: McCain STILL member of radical group after he claims he left

That was quick! Debate over after 1st answer

Cindy McCain tells us Senator Obama has ran the dirtiest campaign ever...

McCain to appoint someone Americans can 'identify' with to head treasury

Um, Sen. McCain - many if not most retirees have already paid off their homes

Author of anti-Obama book arrested in Kenya.

Wrong thread. sorry.

McCain is stuttering already!

McCain just shook hands with a "Terrorist" !

I watch CNN because....

What was the first question?

"Let's not raise taxes on ANYBODY today"

Obama looks good...very much in command of the stage...

Sure wish he weren't so happy about that abortion of a bailout

Why do so many people like Al Sharpton?

Did you see how quickly McCain turned his back on Obama and went to his

"when Mr. Bush returns to Dallas... he'll find it far bluer than when he moved away"

Matthews just kicked the McCain campaign's ass.

Please tell me that Chris Matthews did not just suggest that McSame is trying to sugges that

Lets play some bingo!

"I find her offensive"

ALASKA POLL: Obama Cuts McCrypt-Phalin Lead in Half. Now 55/40.

David Gregory needs to shut the f*ck up.

What kind of Town Hall debate has less than 50 seats?

I am relatively calm while I prepare to watch this next debate

"stunned at just how big a lying sleaze-peddler and hypocrite [McCain has] turned out to be."

In Preface to this Debate, the Truth about Republican Anger and Hatred.... X in 1964....

Not watching tonight

Anyone think Obama will take the oath of office using his full name?

Watching the debate - for purists, I recommend PBS

Trying to ready my ears for McSame's endless whistling s's. This will drive me crazy.

Ayers and Obama crossed paths on boards, records show (cnn)

Shout out in support of the Big O. All he has to do is be himself, be honest, be forceful,...

Pre-empting Pat Buchanan

Three minutes til Obama starts kicking McKKKain's ass!! n/t

Wolf Blitzer completely out of touch..


Vicious Anti-Semite is behind the Smears against Obama:

McCoward will be nice, subdued and humble tonight. The Rethugs already have Mooselini...

The more people see of Obama the more they like him

I hope McCain is asked about the current inflammatory speech coming from Palin/his campaign

EEEEKKK!!!! 28 minutes!!!!!

Pre-Town Hall Cuteness! (((PIC)))

looks like msnbc is going to do the cnn "live tracker" thing tonight

Guess what's the percentage of likely voters Team Obama has contacted so far (per ABC/WaPo poll)?

John McCain Hugs Cuban Terrorist in Miami

If you have Current TV, you can watch the debate with real time Twitters

OMG Mitt Romney did something I respect.

Palin Criticizes Biden While He's At Mother-In-Law's Funeral (VIDEO)

I like these Palin posters

Sarah Palin's Cheat Sheet for the VP Debate Discovered!!!1!!

Palin Criticizes Biden While He's At Mother-In-Law's Funeral

I look forward to the first official playing of "Hail to Chief" for Barak Obama.

Why do Republicans love making Americans fearful and desperate?

I want to see Obama dish out an utter SMACKDOWN tonight

Am I the only person who mutes the TV when even KO or Rachel play a P* clip?

Pre-debate LOLZ because GDP could use the laugh. (pic heavy!)

I called CNN to get them to hook McGasket up to a Blood Pressure monitor at the debate

The Pre-Debate Showdown (PIC):

Kathleen Parker: Palin and her supporters know the code

Ed Rollins just said the national polls are tightening up

Al Gore at the Debate!

And for my 8000th post, I just want to say that I hope Obama confronts McCain on the filth spewing

"He scares me"

What's IRC server/channel for DUers during the debate again?

When Kennedy talked openly about his Catholicism, he allayed the concerns of white Protestants, and

So When Does Someone Link Palin With the Seperatist

IRC chat up to and during debate

How curious that every Repug candidate here in Northern Virginia has a BLUE sign, and ...

Make-Believe Maverick

McCain has someone way worse than Ayers:

Two Election Day Tips For New And Experienced Voters-

PPP Ohio Poll: Obama 49(+5), McCain 43(-5)

A message to any McCain supporters lurking here...

What Obama should say if/when Ayers comes up tonight

Secret Service Investigating Obama Threats At McCain/Palin Rallies

John McCain Is Ready For The Debate (pic) **warning**

I Just Noticed Something About David Gregory

I'm gonna go ahead and be an idiot and ask...

GOP/McCain/Palin's Strategy is Straight Out of Rush's and Hannity's Playbooks

Pre Debate TOONS....

I use to be watcha call a Joe Sixpack....

Palin is not Heart's "Barracuda"; she is ELO's "Evil Woman"

AP: State reviewing per diem payments to Palin

It's my Birthday! I hope I can remember 2008 as a good one.

Yesterday, McCain dragged America into Hell.

Global Poll : OBAMA!

McCain wrote on behalf of ex-trooper now awaiting trial in civil rights slaying

Any voter that is "uncommitted" now, is either an idiot or SHOULD be committed

Do you think there will ever be any debate questions about urban America or the poor?

David Gregory SUCKS

What was the Dem/ Repub/ Indy turnout in 2006? nt

Sarah Palin thinks that John McCain is going to share the stage with a "Terrorist sympathizer"

Florida Sheriff Mike ("Barack HUSSEIN Obama") Scott - contact info

The Ayers Dead End

matthews cannot let the fucking ayers thing go

Did anyone "work the refs" over Brokaw as moderator? My dad is voting for a Democrat for President for the first time in my lifetime!

ko is exposing the pitbull

"Violence is the Last Resort of the Incompetent" the McCain Campaign and Race-Baiting

Claire McCaskill ****ing ROCKS


Will Biden Start Pounding Pailn On The Secessionist Organization?

I was never a fan of Bush but I could watch him in the debate

The Wearing of White By Sarah Palin is a Racial Dogwhistle

Has Anyone Imagined Palin One Day making the State of the Union Address

I hope Palin is voted out of office after she loses this election

Holy crap, I've never listened to Buchanan before....

McCain ad says Obama is "distorting" and "lying" about McCain on Social Security and Medicare

biden will be back tomorrow

Gratitude and deep sense of respect for Michelle Obama.


McCain dumps racial-joking campaigner

Hardball in Nashville- all blue

God, its me, can you help me remember how to write....a CAPTION

NEW Obama Ad!

Dukakis on the Election: Obama Knows How to Win, 'McCain Has Nothing'

Fucking Bitch!

I didn't want to soil Democratic Underground by posting news from FOX....

Why Doesn't Obama Highlight the Hawaii background?

He's A Terrorist, Kill Him, Treason - Words Said In Repug Crowds.....

Inform me. What's ACORN?!!!

New McCain nickname= MkKKain

they are stealing your vote...steal it back... Willie Nelson....


'our country', 'our pentagon', 'our united states capital'...

BRILLIANT smackdown of the PIG in Lipstick Palin's debate performance

See all of those young folks, college-types, standing behind Mathews, with Obama signs?

Ipsos/McClatchy POLL: Obama 47 (-1), McCrypt 40 (-5)

KO going to talk about how McCain voted for that bear DNA bill he always ridicules...

Media Bistro says McCain/Palin "incite violence," asks if media should cover their campaign

We are all up on stage with you tonight, Barack!

Obama should make a dig at McCain about Romney

Let's see if McCain can show ANY class at all tonight..

Battleground states that are not battlegrounds

Post the (one) word you think describes Palin best:

Lipstick on a pig, indeed...

Bush, McCain, Palin: Three In One Day, Woo-Hoo!

Our Village Freeper is at it again.

Is There Gonna Be a DUDebate Group on

I hope that McCain gets ripsnortin' angry... Bring back the REAL John McCain

Chicago Tribune has a poll about who to endorse. They are trying to decide.

Out of Touch ... Magazine..... the latest issue

What would be the toughest surprise question for Barack to handle tonight?

Man shot three times in street by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt

"McCain did better in the first debate from my persepective"

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

I want someone to ask one of these pundits/spokespeople/tools on the right

these electoral maps are very nice

"Scientists for Obama" signs in Nashville

Financial crisis drives Nikkei to 5-year closing low (Tues. October 7)

Bwahahaha! Nashville Local News

Does Tweety have a severe respiratory illness?

Palin will sit for two more FAUX interviews; campaign scoffs at idea of a press conference (VIDEO)

Secret Service Looking Into Potential Threat Against Obama

Palin's anti-Israel church...

The Townhall myth.

Bill And Hillary To Campaign With Biden In Pennsylvania

McCain in 2000 "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."

Chuck Todd: Palin is popular, she attacks with a lot of flair and a smile

Obama needs to get after it tonight. He needs to crush

Sheriff Scott: A Question of Ethics... Lending the uniform of your office to a partisan political

Town Halls Are Where John McCain Usually Goes Off the Wall

MATH: If I take a drink everytime John McCain LIES tonight, how many bottles will I need?

NC POLL: Obama 46 (+8), McCrypt 49 (-9)

I did not know this...

Trying to avoid overconfidence? Steer clear of INTRADE.

Obama hits the magic 70% at intrade!

AMAZING! Truthful "American Conservative" Article On Foreign Influence On McCain!

Palin Haiku

I know it's probably been asked before, but...

Sen. McCain, as a millionaire yourself, do you think that the rich need more billions via tax cuts?

At what point does Obama's lead outweigh the painful memories of 2000 and 2004?

Tonight's debate.... a pictorial/creative prediction (better than ever!)

Goin' broke and losin' Nicole Wallace is jealous of Barack's money and poll numbers

Bingo cards for tonight's debate?

Ever Notice The Media Never Shows Clips Of The Bush-Kerry Debates?

POLLS: Obama up in CO ( 51/45), Obama up in NV (49/47)

Come on. Admit it. You want a Jack Nicholson, Few Good Men Moment, tonite.

This election is about the sane vs. the insane.

What should Palin's title be now in light of her lynch mob tactics?

McCain was exhonorated in the Keating Five scandal

and to think, McCorpse wanted 12 town hall meetings with obama....

CNN's John Roberts: Obama is trying to tie McCain to the Keating Five

After Palin loses in November, this will be her future:

A question for tonight's debate I would like to hear

McCain succeeds in deflecting criticism with Palin? That ends tonight!!

Laary King Poll: Who would make a better first lady?

If only Mc/P supporters are invited to the rallies, how do they expect to win over any undecideds?

David Gregory on Obama: "He is not a great debator by all accounts"

Palin rally supporters threaten media - "Sit Down Boy" yelled at African-American

Did Mark Gregory just say "go figure" when he reported the ENTIRE PLANET is rooting for Obama?

What words or phrases is McCain most likely to use tonight?

UAW launches advertising campaign against McCain

New Poll, "Obama more relatable to us", Take that "Joe Six Pack Palin"

Gregory is a fucking tool and a talking fool

Palins secessionist party has ties to ****IRAN****

Alaskan Independence Party Enlisted Iran to Promote Anti-U.S. Agenda

Hey Wisconsin! Let's protest/crash McCain event on Oct 9!

Thanks for helping me with my question now answered it was Army Maj. Gen. John Singlaub

Photo(shop) of Palin at Rally today

Presidential, Congressional predictions.

Tonights Race for the White House...

Silence In The Face Of Hate Makes McCain-Palin Unfit To Lead

From CNN.COM: Just the facts, iReporters plead

McCain revisiting Keating 5 banking scandal again

McCain Said U.S. Troops Kill Civilians

Debate Expectations: Talking Up the Town Hall - NY Times

How can we help? I think it will get tough tonight...

Buchanan is an odious old fool! So into the politics of division and hate!

So McCain's using the word "lied"...

My debate predictions...

I'm sick of democrats and the media calling McCain a good man he's a SCUMBAG!!!!

Yes He Can - hold babies . . . will live stream tonight's Town Hall

When this campaign is over...we need to remember how David Gregory...

McCain linked to group in Iran-Contra affair (AP) - Buzz it Up! Is #1 Top Story!

Make-Believe Maverick

Palin in white: Book of Revelation, 19:8

When is Biden coming back?

LOTS of newly registered voters - for those who can, help drive them to the polls


PREDICTION: Obama will Out Debate the Old Man as usual, but we must be on top of those Pundits!

Pat wishes McCain could be Norma Rae just like Hillary was

With all the difference a Gore or Kerry administration would have made

Obama's massive gains and McLiar's "epic collapse"

Why the hell aren't we allowed to have any confidence?

Where's the Denouncing of the Shouted Killer/Terrorist Statements by McCain/Palin? It's Public.


I'm thinking Barack is better at freestyle. McCain rambled over notes he brought to the last debate

Someone evidently put me on McCain's email list

Barack Obama is going to kick McCain's lying old ass tonight and I can't fucking wait

My 10 yr old niece just did a PSA for Obama - happy and proud

Mainstream Media may be interested in McCain's The US Council for World Freedom Links

mcPOW and SSarah Are Smearing the People's Choice

Let's share how we're preparing for Depression II...

Matthew Yglesias: Obama, Ayers, and Guilt By Association

"Chill the F@ck Out"

Palin Supporter Calls African American Sound Man An "Uppity Negro"

To that asshole Sheriff at the McCain/Palin rally....(and this is from a fellow cop)...

" Divided Government is better" Meme that the GOP would like to sell voters!

Brigitte Bardot Swipes at Palin

Obama camp cites SC school invites to Ayers - AP

"John McCan't, you can't be president! We want Obama!"

Tonight is all about The Obama!

Is McCain-Palin trying to hint at someone to assassinate Obama

She could hear a war protestor, but not the guy in front of her yelling Kill Him??

LMAO!!! Tweety just called McCain's Campaign "Titanic"

Why the fuck is Palin in Jacksonville, Florida making a speech?

The Palins' un-American activities

If McCain doesn't have a plan for the economy, he is toast

Swiftboater Corsi Deported from Kenya

Have you no shame John McCain?

I'm a Federalist - claims the Alaskan Oxymoron

Eugene Robinson: The Flimflam Strategy

(R)asmussen Alaska Poll: McCain 55%(-9), Obama 40%(+7)

MSM - Pushing False Neutrality - Saying Both Campaigns Are Going Negative

I think McCain is going to do the unthinkable tonight

Tell Me You Didn't Hear That! F*ck You John

Sarah Palin and Nicole Wallace (McCain spokesman)

What A Rush! One More Vote For Obama!

Forget Ayers. McCain Served On Advisory Board Of Whacked Out Council For World Freedom

Calling all dog/animal lovers...

Suddenly Pennsylvania is turning into a blowout.

Palins' secessionist party has ties to--IRAN

De-Freeped Palin the Riveter

What will undecided voters ask Obama at tonight's debate?

Inhofe / Rice debate on now:

How many times is MSNBC Pundit heads going to bring Ayers?

Palin Supporter Calls Man "Uppity Negro"

What I Learned at the Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me out

Tweety thinks he's coined a phrase 'Barack Obama, Man of Mystery'

Pollster with McCain connections: McCain picked Lieberman for VP, Rove told Camp to go with Palin

Greg Palast on BBC Newsnight: new story on voting fraud - live in the next 40 minutes

I am going to be scary Sarah Palin for Halloween!

Pennsylvania: Rasmussen (Obama +13), Morning Call (Obama +10) SurveyUSA (Obama +15)

Lots of chatter on the right-wing-nut-o-sphere: expect McCain to talk about ACORN tonight

Right before the debate on Nova: Arctic (Alaskan) dinosaurs

As a lifelong Democrat, I gotta say this whole frontrunner thing feels funny

How is McCain going to keep from looking at Obama tonight?

I am not a violent man, especially towards women, but I would

NPR Linking "Obama" with "Crisis"

McCain is disgusting and pathetic, and the MSM twits can't come to grips with that fact

Video from Alaska Independence Party could put Palin on the defensive

Hannity: "It's obvious there's an orchestrated effort to artificially deflate people's enthusiasm"

Good to see Team Obama is making use of that text # database.

CNN Now: Dana Mil bank on racism and media treatment at Palin rallies

Palin's hate overtones are not falling on deaf ears...

“If people want to get down in the mud, we’re prepared to get dirty.”

"I want to hear McCain say he'll bring our solders back to our country and that's he's a Christian-

What night this month will Palin declare as "Kristallnacht?"

Tweety's started his campaign for the Dem nomination for Senate from PA:

Rasmussen Pennsylvania: Obama 54, McCain 41

Defreep this

"Town Hall" means plants will ask the questions. is lookin' pretty sweet today.

Obama Team Ready for Mud

Some photos from today (AP)

What's Your Beverage Of Choice For Tonight?

Okay, am I the last idiot to notice this linking business on Obama ads???

I hope Obama keeps soldiering on despite the hate and violence

Rasmussen shifts Pennsylvania to "Likely Democrat" fron leans Democrat

SUSA Wisconsin Poll: Obama 52, McLame 42

FDU/Publicmind New Jersey poll: Obama 50 McFraud 37..

Putin is a beast in martial arts WOW!!!!!

Let's be honest: The Dow dropped 500 pts. today. McCain can't win tonight.

McCain has Nazi collaborator and death squad ties in S. America

Mods: Eradicate all non-Presidential-subject threads...with extreme prejudice

The question I submitted for McCain

Here is how Obama NUKES the Ayers story and gets the media on Palin's ass

LMAO!!!! Did you see the posters in Hardball?

(R)asmussen Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 54%(+4), McCain 41%(-1)

Obama Outspending McCain Nearly 3 to 1 on Television

Brigitte Bardot To Palin: "No Pitbull- No Dog-Nor Any Other Animal-Is As Dangerous As You"

Palin and McCain appeal to racists

Honestly? I think McCains' Chances Look Pretty Good Tonight

RNC IE expanding buy to Maine, N.C. and Fla. - Politico

What's a town hall format? When does the debate start? Other useful info about tonight's showdown.

Biden Attends Mother-In-Law's Funeral

Sarah Palin Exceptionalism, Theocracy and Hurricanes

Republican values on display

Sarah Palin LIED about Darfur

McCain's polling is tanking. He is either too stubborn to

So I just checked the HuffPo and McCain says the gloves are coming off tonight?!

Palin's Governor Expenses, Including Billed Nights At Home, To Be Reviewed By Alaska


VIDEO Palin/McCain - A message of hate ("Kill him")


Douglas Holtz-Eakin just agreed that he'd accept ground rule of no questions about old associations

Obama Campaign: We're Prepared To Counterpunch

Race Getting Tighter?

NRA's Anti-Obama 'Willie Horton'-Style Ad

Barfomatic - Freepers Palin-ify Rosie the Riveter

You know what I want? I want a Joe Biden ringtone.

Gas prices tumbling: Big Oil's attempt to save McCain?

Is McCain flaming out his engines?

Why Sarah Palin Is Going to Hell

Holy crap! calling 320 EV for Obama

The Other Thing About Palin

Which new campaign slogan/theme should McCain use?

The new "depression" will be worse if McCain wins.

Senile Agitation {pic}

New Meme: Even if you like McCain,

Why dont we all register ourselves as McCain Supporters

Speculation- Why is Palin wearing all white two days in a row, in October?

Media: The Town Hall Format Favors McCain

Press kept under a watchful eye at Palin rally(can't ask supporters questions either)


Massive Obama gains in past five days

How many times will Obama

Don't miss this inside the NBC/WSJ poll: Obama/Biden debate winners 50%-29%!

Obama just needs to be presidential

I am now getting McCain campaign lit in the mail!

Dow drops 500 points on day of debate - advantage Obama

Words from a freeper household....

Bizarre statement on NPR just now.

Any videos of today's "The View" yet?

QUESTION: Why are Bernanke and Bush playing Chicken Little, re: Bailout

McPalin Silence = Tacit Support of Call to Kill Obama

tonight's drinking game

"The fate of the nation hangs in the balance." Chalmers Johnson

Barney Frank Says Race a Factor in Subprime Blame Game - ABC News

Larry King poll: Who would make a better First Lady? GO VOTE NOW!

MSM's "Town Hall Format Is Mc Friendly" Is Setting Mc Up For A Fall

For those at the office , Lab , whatever , what time is the Debate

CNN Poll: Obama gains in "cares more about people like you", "has a clearer plan to solve problems"

Pollster: Florida... Obama 49.6%, McCain 44.8%

Gingrinch says McCrypt will lose unless he comes out in opposition to bailout he just voted for.

McCain Said U.S. Troops Kill Civilians

did I hear correctly the other day that grumpymcinsane admitted he was responsible for the Forrestal

Republicans Are Terrorists

Poll: Palin’s Negative Rating Hits New High

The Bill Ayres Whine Is Really Starting to Get Pathetic

"She spent more minutes being interviewed by journalists than Barack Obama this month."

Sanchez...CNN,, they are going to look at racist attacks at Palin events

Earth to Palin: Stay out of California: SurveyUSA poll: Obama +16

President Obama - bring back the fireside chats!

Did David Shuster confront a McSame surrogate over their racist/violence-seeking attacks on Obama?

Was your voter registration rejected? CHECK NOW!

Milbank: McCain-Palin's Attacks On Media Have Spawned Unprecedented Crowd Hostility Toward Press

Obama Hatred On Display Again At Palin Rally, Supporter Screams "Treason!"

Are rethugs going to use ACORN to try and suppress even more voters?

Milbank: Not sure if "kill him" was for Obama or if..

Obama has the right temperment for this time.

Damn Elisabeth Hasselback just got OWNED by Sherri Shepherd. . .

Original Mavericks Say John McCain's No Maverick

Obama Camp: "If people want to get down in the mud, we're prepared to get dirty"

DU this poll.

In preparation of tonights Debate, I will quote The Rock, WWF Superstar.....

Dow closing down over 500 points today after falling almost 370 points yesterday!

Howard Fineman: YES, McCain can turn it around tonight...he was willing to die for his country. POW!

Congresswoman Blackburn won't hold McCain or Palin

Drillbilly Palin and Tailspin McCain... what a pair, huh?

WIll McCain be able to look at Obama tonight? If so, will he be able to look him in the eyes?

McCain as the Penguin

Advisors worrying about Grumpy McCain?

On a day when 2 trillion has been lost in retirement accounts

The media has their feelings hurt????

So did anyone send Scotty to check the breakers on DU's servers?

Patterns for Presidential Candidates Pumpkins....

Photos Of Obama From Today

McCain once said that U.S. troops kill civilians...

The View debacle with Hasselbeck from this morning:

Read this snippet from Gallop and tell me targeting hasn't gone too far....

Pick the word you think describes McCain best

Dow drops 500 on fear of Obama stomping McCain in debate, winning in Nov. landslide!

Obama is Sinatra, McLame is Lawrence Welk...

Good News - The DOW Has Finally Finished At Only 500 Points Down

Dow drops 500, retirement assets lose 2 trillion and McCain want to discuss Ayers?

They're Turning Into a Lynch Mob

Retirement Accounts have Lost $2 trillion, says analyist.

From October 7, 2007 to October 7, 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost on third of its value

New name for Palin: "Little Miss Kleagle"

Muhlenberg Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 48%, McCain 38%

Latinos Ready to Make the Difference in Battleground States

Why didn't Palin "get up and leave" when one of her supporters suggested killing Obama?

McCain/Palin Crowds are NO MORE RABID than the Bush 04 Crowds

Hey Barack: Don't forget to bring up Medicare/Medicaid tonight, mmmkay?

“Presidential debate on gun rights”, The Altoona Mirror, PA

I told a total stranger on the phone today: "Vote on November 4th!"

CNN/TIME Poll: Obama Gains in States That Went for Bush

Slip Sliding Away..... John McCain's new theme song....

Retirement accounts have lost 2 TRILLION, Dow is down 440 today

B*sh not quite as drunk as usual, though I detected a little coke-jaw action

The Question Catholics Must Ask Sarah Palin

Tonight's Purple Bandaids: Cufflinks!

Yahoo! Electoral Vote Dashboard... O: 341, M: 167

Are there any democratic surrogates on TV talking about Keating? Anything to counter the Ayers smear


Survey USA: Obama out in front in WISCONSIN by ten-points

out of curiousity, has william ayres had anything to say on gov lipstick's nasty comments?

Tonight, Obama should pledge no negative ads...

Israelis for Obama

Vote Republican......

Obama Outspending McCain Nearly 3 to 1 on Television

Do Americans really want to play Russian roulette with John McCain's mental state?

David Schuster to confront McCain surrogate on the Kill 'em and Traitor 3 o' clock hour

*****I NEED HELP***** i don't need anymore help- it is in the works

Troop-lovin' Grampy McBush slammed Military in 2000 for "killing innocent civilians" in Kosovo

10 Days Till The Funniest & Saddest Movie EVER Gets Released

IAVA releases 2008 Congressional Report Card on Veteran's Issues

Oouuuuuuuu, John McCain FEEDS off of town hall debates.

Richard Cohen: Media Gives Palin a Pass

CNN Fact Checks "Keating Economics" documentary. Verdict: True

If in fact 41% of Americans think that Palin's qualified to be President

Freepers Go Completely Off The Deep End, Claim Ayers Is Mastermind Behind Obama's Career

FORGET the pundits in tonight's debate. The polls will show that Obama schooled McCain

Remember, in the TV show and later movie Maverick was a

He did what he needed to do tonight...

Brokaw is the one who can determine what direction this debate takes

Sheriff's comment ("Barack Hussein Obama") scorches phone lines

DU thi poll

Think of theme snacks for our Victory Party

CNN Fact Checks Obama Campaign Keating Documentary: Verdict -- TRUE

EMail from David Plouffe just now!

Elizabeth Edwards slams McCain's 'Health Plan'

A Great Short Story

Has the McCain campaign released a quote from a famous person about tonight's debate or

Mayor-Governor-"Business Owner" PALIN 'Created 2 Businesses-That NEVER DID ANY BUSINESS=$0.00'

Media Bias: Equating a 17 year old direct scandal with a 40 year old guilt by association

So much for Minnesota. Obama leads 54-40.

Ed Schultz just called Palin a "political whore" for her Ayers comments -

The Swift Boats have arrived!

"Undecided voters" for tonight's town hall debate will be picked by Gallup...

I just voted!!!

Indiana looks like she's ready to be the next state to cross from the darkside into the light!!

Joe Biden & I are on the same page :-) Are you?

I Need DU Help please

I think the economic meltdown is going to ensure a record turnout of young voters

What do you think the TV ratings for tonight's debate will be?

Kenya Detains U.S. Author Critical of Obama

Sympathy For The Devil?

Another reason to be wildly optimistic about a filibuster proof majority


New Poll: NEVADA 50-43 for OBAMA

New Obama Ad Running In Florida: 'Floridians Hurting'

I am embarrassed by our current President


Obama: 'Otra Vez Con Lo Mismo'

Will these two Palin e-mails released today affect the race at all?

There was a Keating Five investigator named Black,that thought McCain was guilty.

JOHN McCAIN SUCKS! JOHN McCAIN SUCKS! (((by the way, women don't like Palin))). JOHN McCAIN SUCKS!!!

McCain and Palin are Nazis

Take the political compass test again

I went to John McCain's Website

Rope a Dope

Debate Prediction: It Will Be Even Handed & Will Not Change Trends At All

Why Independents Care So Much About Health Care

Obama Now THREE TIMES more likely to Win a LANDSLIDE than McCain is a Win

Michelle Obama will be on both Larry King Live & The Daily Show Wednesday

So, who does Cindy McCain meet with???

When Does Palin Propose Concentration Camps For The Media? Oh wait...

Are they trying to incite violence against Obama?

Someting troubling about chants of "terrorist," "kill him," and racism...

Aside from the margin Obama is ahead in the polls, McCain is barely pulling the republican base

Obama-Biden "American Jobs Tour" -- South Ohio -- Thursday

Make no mistake about it---it will be Brokaw who will bring up Ayres first in the debate.

Limbaugh opens his show today hoping McCain keeps pushing Ayers.

Axelrod Says Obama Will Counterpunch if McCain Raises Ayres

What future president Obama should do tonight

Barack's on his way to Nashville! Pics!

Pit Bull Palin: Not only unleashed, but unhinged -- and dangerous.

What the hell is up with Howard Fineman?

Why debate at Belmont University?? A private VERY Christian Conservative University run

What surprise will McCain utilize tonight?

Anyone else get an email from an AK legislator? I got one today in response

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaigns In Jacksonville, NC****

Notice how McCain's negative ads now have the "angry Black man" pics of him?

Nate has predicted NC, MO, FL, OH, NV, and Indiana will all go Obama.

Two Questions

Gallup News: American Satisfaction Rating at only 9%!!!! (LOWEST IN HISTORY)

A visit to one of those "tent cities"?

Palin's Base-The Daily Show finds them and does some interviewing

110 year old voting for Obama

The Terrorists Among Us: McCain and Palin

I can't WAIT for the Idiot-in-Chief who is speaking right now to get out of town!

Rude serves up some juicy notes for Senator Obama (not for the feint of heart)....

Have you seen Palin for VP stickers?

November (non) surprise.....

Now Bush is taking advantage perhaps of his this little bit of help?

Rice Strongly Disagrees With McCain On Iraq: VICTORY IS "NOT A SURE THING"

So Will McCain Wear His Heels Tonight?

Michelle Obama meets with NC military families

i'm on the line with the fec-

It seems to me, McCain/Palin rallies have just given Obama the Wright/Ayers trump card..

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits!!!!

AZ REPUBLIC, Pg 1, Above the Fold

Don't be surprised if the media pulls out all stops for McCain tonight

Thank You Senator Obama


Remember how the Rethugs went on about the Wellstone memorial?

Will McCain blow tonight?

[Needs Attention!:] Republican Clears Obama On Ayers!(Audio)

Weimar America?

What I Learned at the Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me out

Bush's legacy: Americans’ satisfaction drops to all-time low of 9 percent.

What is up with this PA SurveyUSA poll. Erie apparently was not polled at all

I just got a pic

Are We Moving Into An Extremely Dangerous Phase of This Campaign?

FLASHBACK***McCains brother calls people in Virginia "Communists"

Mike Allen/Politico: Advisers worry about ‘grumpy McCain’

I haven't been this excited to cast my vote for president since 1992.

"Obama has never done a hard thing in his life."

I saw my first McCain sticker today!

Mrs. Hagel to Endorse Obama

Debate Preview: Town Hall Format May Not Help John McCain This Time

"I've been reluctant to judge other people..." (J. McCain)

Saturday night, on CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is airing a show called "Fit to Lead?" about the health

Bush to solve economic crisis: check the headline right now

Sarah Silverman gets out the vote!

Palin and McCain have BLOOD on their hands for inciting violence!

Do you guys realize that Jerome "Swift Boat" Corsi wrote an entire book bashing Obama...

Is Palin channeling Pat Buchanan's performance from the 1992 convention?

Andy Dick, Ron Jeremy, Charo, Tommy Lee, Elizabeth Hasselbeck

An added reason for Obama's rise: Palin shrillness


Meanwhile over at

OMG Democrats for Mccain website stole Hillary button

MN POLL: Obama 54 (+7), McCaint 40 (-3)

GOP...Take heed. McCain/Palin are not only displaying for all to see their complete

What would Greenspan do?

OMG, Bush forgot to use his "Texas" accent today.

538 updated****Obama 346 EV's, 89% w pct.

"The View" Gets Uglier: Barbara Can't Stop Elisabeth's Obama-Bashing

My Tin-Hat Thought for the Evening...

Stay, Elizabeth, stay!!!

Prayer Thread for Today's Debate (Unbelievable)

A question about McCain and Charles Keating: I didn't realize that Keating's home base

Great sign behind Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC

DeConcini: None of us traveled with or invested with Keating like McCain

Is Bush turning into Huckabee?

Ouch - Bernake Predicts "Prolonged Economic Pain" Due To Credit Crisis - DOW Is Now Down 300

Wasn't it Daiego (?) and Zogby who said Obama was still narrowly leading McCain, post-RNC...

As Voting Begins in California, Obama in 2008 is Out-Performing Kerry in 2004 and Gore in 2000

Reimbursements Raise Tax Issues for Palin

What Obama needs to do in this debate!

Prediction: President Obama will ask Powell to become Sec. of State.

Diageo/Hotline: Has the race tightened, or are D/H cooking the figures...?

How soon before the election will everyone receive their 3rd quarter 401 K report?

Neal Newhouse Republican Pollster on MSNBC

Swing the Vote!!! Everybody look!!!

Obama Campaign Expects 'Nastiest Attacks' From McCain at Debate

Bush Joking and Talking Bull$hit as the DOW Plunges (- 307)

Deputy Mayor Finds Eighty-Million-Year-Old Fossil

FUCK. We are watching pre-WWII Nazi tactics all over again

Gallup: Obama 51% McCain 42% (9 freakin points!!!)

"The Palin Problem- she's One of the Folks, and that's the problem.", by Jon Meacham

Despite lip service to science, McCain ridicules major study of America's grizzly bears

Any debate/drinking games for tonight's debate...

Has Aryes said one word about this issue?

Co-worker just told me someone vandalized his Obama sign yesterday.

The Expectations Game is Well in Our Favor Tonight

McCain/Palin Cannot Stop THE MOVEMENT.

I think Elizabeth Hasselbeck should stay on The View...

Diageo-Hotline: Obama +2



Leave, Elizabeth, leave!!!

Gallup: Obama 51(+1), McCain 42 (same).

I am concerned ..and it is not about the election

Thom Hartmann... where can I listen to him--I'm in NYC

The Daily Widget, Tues 10/7 – O-380, M-158 – Missouri Blue; Obama Leads By 5 Million

Help needed in NC with racist sign

Latest on 7-11 coffee cup election

Debate Audience Selection Process - Can It Be Rigged? Why Tennessee?

Debate rules forbid candidate from leaving "their zone" and no

"Palin the Political Whore"

Dennis Kucinich on CSPAN ripping AIG Execs and ASS!

Survey USA: Start packing your bags, John--Obama's up by 15 in PA

George W. Bush isn't on TV enough.

An embaressment called McCain

There are a couple of things I'd like to see Obama bring up tonight

Obama's Senior Advisor on the Debate...

CNN/Time state polls:NH +8,WI +8, OH+3, NC+1, IN -1. Post debate swing

Clinton goes to bat for Obama and party

Thom Hartmann RAGING at Mccain-Palin for inciting violence and hatred at their rallies

BOTH McCain and Palin will be in my town Wednesday morning!

Freedom's Watch just called my house!

Jerome Corsi And Jane Hamsher Go Head To Head (VIDEO)

How can we restrain the MSM from "calling" the election as in 2000?

delete please dupe

I Wonder How McCain Will Behave Tonight

did anyone catch the rerun of the gore/bush debate on cspan yesterday?

Seattle Post Intelligencer Supports Obama

McCain Now Has No choice

Self Delete

Swift Boat Author of Obama Nation....

Senator Hagel's wife has endorsed Obama.

Five Myths About John McCain video from Rolling Stone

Palin's Press Confined to 'Designated Press Area' and 'prevented from interviewing supporters' LINK

Will he? Or won't he?

New McCain Campaign Songs: Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" and "Crazy"

Money Follows Success. Mc Isn't Successful. Is The $ Drying Up For Him?

Gallup Daily: Obama-51%, McCain 42%!

Barack Obama needs to ignore the first question tonight and talk about McCain's campaign

Barack Obama: The Present Is Prologue

AP: Record Pa. Voter Registration Pads Democrats' Edge

McCain has to be likable tonight if he hopes to do well in the townhall debate

CNN Has stopped putting their Poll of Polls on their Political Homepage

Very few "undecideds" remain. I want to vote NOW!

McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case

Life With the Lions

Wouldn't it be cool if Obama introduced Ayers at the debate tonight?

I think Palin will get her own show on Fox News when all this is over...

The Economy Is Strong

HOT DAMN!!! Sarasota County, Florida NEWS! We've Been Working

Greenwald: Dick Morris is an ASS!!

Polls: Pennsylvania Slipping Away For McCain?

OK, it's 2012. The Republican Party is in ruins. Palin wants to run against Obama.

Dear Lord, please contribute in any way you can to John McCain really FUCKING up tonight

answer honestly please

There is going to be a short (5-10 minutes) downtime soon

breaking: former Vice President Dan Quayle...

The moment when Bush I lost to Bill Clinton

Polls: Here's something to consider between national and state results

About McCain's "exoneration" of the Keating 5 scandal by the Ethics Committee

Every time I hear Weather Underground. I think of this website.

The Weathermen Underground

So Dan Rather, on Morning Joe, just called out the candidates for mudslinging...

Registrations yesterday in my little red Indiana county:

Actions against election fraud in advance? Ideas?

Asians Giving Strong Support To Obama

Obama Minute yesterday, anyone hear of how much they raised?

Why is everything negative uttered about Obama by some random source posted here?

Should Obama suggest tonight that both campaigns stop the negative attack ads..

John McCain: The Mount Vesuvius of Mud

What the next McCain/Palin rally will look like...

Woman hears rumour of Obama-al Quaeda connection, says she's voting for him anyway.

Drudge Only Reports CBS and Zogby Polls from the Log Cabin; Sabato: Obama Will WIn

Pre-Debate Plus! Only one toss-up state a plus for McCain!

New Obama Ad: The Subject

Corsi detained by Kenyan authorities

Ohio Republican Party Called me to tell me to "Expect my Absentee Ballot by mail"

The Maverick!

Local call-in: Ayers alive and well

WP, pg1, on how and why Obama is leading in Ohio, a state "vital" to McCain


CALL BROKAW AT (212) 664-4214

Which Poll Do You Trust the Most?

Thoughts On Ohio Strategy From The Gem City

Brokaw gets to pick the questions. Forget getting a fair debate tonight


Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod -- or how to run a presidential campaign.

Republicans: 'Fear and Smear.' It's who they are. It's what they do.

Do you live in a red area of a blue state, and if so, what's the worst part about that?

This is really scary shit

just for the record

Indiana: Obama 46% McCain 46%

Lt. Gen. Robert G. Gard: Sarah Palin: Leading Alaska's National Guard Across the Bridge to Nowhere

Re the "he's the most liberal Senator" claim

"I Made Her Governor"-Former Alaska Gov+Co-Chair-Palin 06-Ran As Member of Alaska Independence Party

Who I Want for President

I have begun to think that there might be alot of value in bringing back Albright at state

Sarah Palin's Most Insidious Lie So Far

Can you believe it? only four more Tuesdays until Election day

Palin Clearwater rally crowd estimate: 4,500, GOP says 20,000

"Can you imagine the press reaction if Clinton had given the audience a 'hiya, sailor' wink?"

The differences between "US" and "THEM"

Who do you predict your state will go for?

Prediction: a President McCain would ask Rumsfeld to become Sec. of State.

Intrade is 100% accurate in predicting races where prices are above 70 or below 30.

We all know that George Bush read "My Pet Goat" in its entirety, at great peril to the world

McCain/Palin: A clear and present danger

TPM: Polls: Obama Edging Into Lead In Ohio

Tomorrow Joe Biden will visit the USF Sun Dome here in Tampa.

You have got to read these letters that Palin's hometown newspaper, The Frontiersman, published. LOL

Obama's best response to the Rashid Khalidi smears ...

How Obama can shut McCain the hell up...

Question: What is the PHYSICAL setting for tonight's debate?

These Republican rallies are giving me the creeps.

AOL has the best poll results

I'm not electing any more kids who think they have to prove something to their dads

Dog Whistles Galore in McWalkingCane's Sleezy New Ad

Wow... If you are missing the View... Wow....

Obama camp memo on Townhall Debate

I think Brokaw is more worried about his reputation than hurting Obama......

Sarah Palin: Leading Alaska's National Guard Across the Bridge to Nowhere

What's up with the Hotline tracking poll? Obama's only up 2 today

I just voted in the great little state of Vermont

New Time/CNN Polls of NC, OH, WI, IN, and NH

Hey Sarah...explain AIP would you...?

IndependentMovement.Org Endorses Obama

Is MSNBC down for anyone else? Have I just OD'ed on First Read?

Forget that twisted Hotline poll Ras tracking has Obama up by 8 and Kos Tracking by 11

Who has time for terrorist friends?

How many pieces of shit does it take to fuck with an American election?

Steve Doofy: "Bill Ayers, associate of Barack Obama's"

My opinion: They can't call Obama a "ni**er," so "terrorist" is the next best thing.

John, Sarah I have a serious question to ask

McCain - "I think I'd just commit suicide." --in October 2006, on the prospects of the Democrats..

New high: 343.8 electoral votes!

U.S. War plane forced down in Iran.

I want my doctor/surgeon to be.....

Fox had Ken Blackwell on to tell us how Obama is stealing Ohio!!!

I expect a lot of loaded questions from "red" Nashville...

McCain covers up that "men were left behind." in Viet Nam

The lady on MSNBC right now is a fucking idiot

McCoward and Mooselini have repeatedly called Obama a traitor. Where are the Democrats!?!?!

Iranian press: 5 American generals were briefly detained in Iran yesterday

Babara Walters is full of shit for drawing comparisons between Ayers and Keating 5

David Corn: John McCain: From Hero to Hollow Man

Privatize Soc Sec? Let McCain gamble with his own money.

Robert Gibbs smacksdown Ghouliani on Fix and Friends

Is Palin faking her accent? You betcha! (VIDEO)

More Obama cupcakes being sold at bakery than McCain

Obama is now @ 320 Electoral Votes ..... Landslide??????

Polls: Obama leads in Ohio and Wis., tied in Ind. 349-174

McCain will do VERY WELL tonight. This is his favorite forum and he knows it......

One Week After McCain Claims Vets ‘Know I’ll Take Care Of Them,’ IAVA Gives Him A ‘D’»

Mrs. Hagel to endorse Obama today...(her first ever for a Democrat)

Palin schedule shows McCain on the defensive?

Where will the first "voter riot" be?

I finally figured it out! Palin's debate performance reminds me of

Where oh where has Rick Davis gone????

Will the media stop covering Palin completely?

Do you think Obama has a surprise planned for tonight?

great video of john mcmean's 'friends'

CNN's Election Tracker: NO BLUE TOSSUPS!

Maverickman: I want you to let me speak with John for a minute...

Why McCain's Time With Council Of World Freedom Matters

Sarah Palin just said...

"Past is prologue Gwen, you know that"

Is Sarah Palin positioning for 2012?

Pennsylvania GOP: Obama is a "terrorist's best friend."

Falwell's Liberty University is cancelling classes on election day

cnn & msnbc AGAIN carrying palin rally live......florida

Nouriel Roubini: Steps to Halt the [Economic] Slide ...

Breaking: US warplane forced to land in Iranian territory

Overheard 2 interesting conversations RE: Palin visit to my town today

AHAHA! Jerome Corsi, racist, lying swill extraordinaire, DEPORTED from Kenya

Sarah Palin: Palling Around with Secessionists

October Surprise: Generals on that forced down Amercian plane

"60,000 in Florida to see Sarah Palin"??? Did I hear that right on Morning Joe?

Palin: Emboldening racists (washpost) and rapists (rape kits)

Great Auth TOON

Palin's tax return.... WRONG!

Dems should re-label Ayers as "war protester" not "terrorist".

"They ARE terrorists!" -- Another McCain crowd member speaks up

Pretty good humor column on Palin from Austin's John Kelso (Sunday in the Statesman)

65 or over and voting McCain?

Todd Palin will take written questions on 'troopergate'

Debate prediction: If Obama deflects McCain's attacks with a touch of humor then McCain is done.

Beware of Ponytail Guy: How town-hall debates can go very wrong for a candidate

McCain vs. Obama - Debate Preview

Jerry Falwell Jr. will cancel classes on election day to help McCain win Virginia

Why is the MSM not ripping Palin about not talking to the press???

AUTHOR OF ANTI-OBAMA book detained, being deported from Kenya.

Time is up to register in PA - CHECK to make sure you can vote!!!

So when Barack is sworn in...

McCain's latest dog whistle: "the usual rules don't apply" to Obama

sarah`s doodles -- large jpg for your viewing pleasure

Cabinet Maker

was polled for the THIRD time in Ohio

Polls are likely going to tighten over the next few days Crap!

Sarah Palin wows 1,000 at private party in Boca Raton or did she?

Obama's on it! Slams McCain for wanting to slash Medicaid and Medicare

MIHOP: Iran claims US plane entered Iranian airspace (MSNBC)

Dupe, pls delete. nt

Ayers Lottery!

Rasmussen : O 52, M 44, Obama +8 (unchanged from yesterday)


Claim Palin was union member hard to pin down

CNN Polls: New Obama gains in battleground states, on electoral map; "significant nationwide shift"

See all those Obama signs on the CBS Early Show behind Harry Smith?

Right now, my primary worry is not that McCain and Palin might win the election...

BREAKING: Officials Find, Fix MAJOR Glitch in NM Voting Machine

Rudy Giuliani: If I Were Running McCain's Campaign, I Would Bring Up Ayers and Rev. Wright

Obama doubles lead in CNN poll; tops McCain by 18 points on "ability to handle financial crisis"

This is how Barack should open the debate tonight

On Ras.. Obama 52%.. MaCain 44% same as yesterday.....

The Official Video: "Keating Economics: the Making of a Financial Crisis"

Watch Presidential debate preparations NOW!

Torpedo # 2: Singlaub.

What's in the Beehive?

Does anyone have good website/info to defeat Ayers crap?

Poll: Voters see Obama as the better health care choice

Take the high road Obama - Don't sink to Monster McTaint's level........

Is the producer's chair of Morning Joe staffed by a monkey?

I just donated again to Obama's campaign and left a message for Jimmy Edney to thank..

Two encouraging sets of numbers, and one discouraging number.

"Bitch may be the new Black, but Black is the new president, Bitch."

Why Keating Five is An Appropriate And Relevant Attack on McCain

New Obama TV Ad: McCain Trying to “Change the Subject”

Volunteers Needed-Can you help send Obama gear to Dems Abroad

"Reservation accepted!" says Satan to Winky Palin...

Is MSM Done with McCain? AP:McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case

McCain Tied to Latin American Nazi Death Squads

-- Latest State Polls --

Random notions on tonight's debate.

If Obama was a terrorist in the 60`s ... did J. Edgar Hoover had a file on him ?

Driving to work this morning I could not figure out what that strange smell was....

I miss when Tim Conway used to do a John McCain impersonation on the Carol Burnett Show...

Sarah Palin: The Paleolithic Princess of Parsimonious Patriotism

Laughing myself sick over my California ballot

Generic Congressional Ballot: Dem 49 - GOP 34

Obama needs to be all high road tonight. Do not take the Sarah Palin bait.

Hey John McCain

Todd Palin's Alaskan Independence Party compares US to USSR

Indiana Research 2000 poll: 46-46, Obama ties McBush in Indiana!

Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths

Comeuppance for Palin

First Michigan, now Minnesota. But you know, there's one place McCain can't pull out of...

Four Weeks From TODAY !!! - Just Made Another Donation This Weekend !!!

Is Zogby Still Talking About A McCain Landslide!

Sarah: a Pitbull who aint nuthin' but a Puffball

Some Positive Barack Obama Information....

Palin's inadequacies make Obama's case...

New TIME/CNN Battleground Polls: Obama Gains in Some Red States

Gibbs up next with Joe... and that cute little shit-eatin' grin of his.

Good grief....Guiliani and Scarborough are encouraging McCain to push the

Uh, Agent Mike.....

In my opinion Obama should have a puissant attack against John tonight.

I CANNOT wait for these pukey McCain ads to stop!!!!

Anybody listening to Roody on MSNBC? He sounds just like Hannity.

How long will it take McNasty to bring up Obama not doing town hall meetings tonight?

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's

SEC Gave "Preferential Treatment" to Wall Street CEO

Jerome Corsi, anti-Obama author, detained in Kenya

Which states are the "battleground" states?

Obama should have Palin arrested immediately after he takes office.

The GOP dossier on Obama/Ayers is a fucking joke...

Does anybody remember if Dole got filthy nasty dirty when he was losing to Clinton in 96? n/t

The Keating 5 Documentary was very well done - Truth not Smear!

Scarborough just said that Palin's numbers are going up? I

" A flat debate tonight finishes McCain"

Is there any truth to McCain pulling out of Minnesota? It was alluded to, is it true?

Oops wrong place...delete this morning...what a nice picture to see.

Poll: Obama Gains in States That Went For Bush

Dick Morris:Obama's Relationship With Ayers “The Equivalent Of A Relationship With Osama Bin Laden."

Bwaa-haaa-haaa! Face it McBush. It's over. Lookee here.

Obama should fear of his life if the McPalin hate campaign continues.

****Dana Milbank Appreciation Thread****

OMG Five thirty eight has NC as light blue.

McCain linked to private group in Iran-Contra case

So what doYOU think? Should Obama stay cool and calm...refuse to

Prediction: McCain will bring up Obama's Foreign Donors at Tomorrow's Debate

I do not know how you all feel, however, with all this 'kill him stuff', am


List of organizations, businesses, and public figures who have endorsed Obama...

First Poll of the Day. Tied in Indiana

I can hope the following exchange occurs tonight....

Got a letter from Sarah Palin today

Business groups: McCainCare Sucks

White flag time. Whipped by new registrations, smashed in the polls, necklaced by albatross palin..

Hagel's Wife to Endorse Obama

Barack Obama doubles lead over the past month, according to national CNN poll

McCain again Violates Senate Ethics Rules.....

Sarah Palin, the classic schoolyard bully

Madeline Albright quote: anyone know the context?

A poll to DU (Biden vs Palin)

Zogby Daily Telephone Presidential Tracking Poll just out-Obama-48%-Mccain 45%

Press barred from talking to Palin Supporters at Palin Clearwater Rally

St. Louis priest compares Obama to Hitler

Obama is to ? what McCain is to ? what Biden is to ? what Palin is to?

I never realized I know so many people with terrorist sympathies.

New poll shows Obama, McCain even in Indiana

PA GOP: Obama is Terrorist's Best Friend

McBush didn't pick Palin, Schmidt did ( Rove Jr.)...

Jon Stewart on TDS (10/6)... referred to Palin as "she-Bush" n/t

WP's Eugene Robinson: The Flimflam Strategy

Anybody watch Craig Ferguson?

Smothers Brothers on Craig Ferguson

Why do these Sarah Palin rallies remind me of scenes right out of "Porky's"?

Big Presidential Vote Count Error Found and Fixed in New Mexico

AC 360 spends half of their show on Ayers and not one second on Keating

*My friends, the fundamentals of the McCain campaign are strong*..

DU HELP: Obama event in Dayton,OH- Any Sugg on how to get In?

This quote would be perfect for an attack ad against McCain ...

Intrade: "Barring something radical, Obama has it in the bag."

California Dems: Please Vote YES on PROP 2

Will McCain try any "strong arm" tactics tomorrow?

No Exit: An Interview With Steven Freeman

McCain to spend the rest of his life apologizing for the next 30 days

*****SAVEAMERICA appreciation thread******

In honor of an apparent reinterpretation of DU guidelines...

John McSame: "Obama would rather lose a war and win an election" - No, McCain's in it to Win!

Need talking points for Keating 5.. all freepers shout is he was exonerated

Here's the video of Palin in Florida, the infamous rally....

Opinions needed: what are Brokaw, McCain, or Obama thinking, at

Is it OK to feel good yet?

Why Are McCain's People Announcing Ahead Of Time


John McPenguin...

In Denmark and Poland in the Early 70s the worst curse words you could use

McCain voted to protect domestic terrorists

McCain: hired Lobbyists who tried to sanitize Myanmar's Killer Regime

Email hit on Obama: "Fannie Mae execs now advising Obama"

Thank you, Admins and Mods, for finally banning the use of the word B***h.

Obama's chances looking really really good over at Intrade!

Needed: List of Republican, Military or Big Business endorsements of Obama

I LOLed at this cartoon...

Who here plans on watching No Country For Old Men on Nov. 3?

1 Million New Voters Expected to Register in Florida

New McCain ad: "CHANGE is coming"

Dubya has now declined requests to campaign for McCain/Palin...

Wheel of fortune........ Freebers only can use exclamations points and numbers

Odds Are

The Company You Keep - An Open Letter (w/ PHOTOS!) To John McCain Concerning "Guilt-By-Association"


Any Louisville DUers here?

Friend of mine says "I'm not voting because neither one does anything for me."

Is Meitner sexy?

why, why, why, why, why, and oh yeah

He's Gone

g'nite lounge folks, I'm off to bed.

Sure, the Matthew Broderick Godzilla film sucked...

Pretenders rocking on Letterman - still got it good

Well...if you're thirty years old and younger...Post here!

Disneyland sign generator

Hello nighthawks, welcome to addiction!

No luck for so-called Obamas in Brazilian municipal elections

Is anyone else here a ChaCha guide?

Anyone around? n/t

Oh dear God, the Duggars are on TLC again.

Finally. My weather has arrived.

I ordain no more sex threads

Hey, what's up with that complete print of Metropolis that they found in Argentina?

Good Night Lounge!!! I'm about to settle in and re-read...

Good Night Lounge!!! I'm about to settle in and re-read...

Funny new axe commercial

I just spent 24 hours in bed with a migraine that would not end.

Can Vegans Eat Animal Crackers?

Flu shots, why do they always make me feel sick?

I got married to SA last night. When the alarm went off I didn't want to get up.

Celtics beat the Lakers, Red Sox beat the Angels . . .

I'll Stand by You

My obligatory post on OJ Simpson's guilt in the murder of his wife: DNA evidence proved it.

If you are between 1.5 feet and 2.0 feet tall, post here... help me through

Bite me.

What are you listening to right now?


Awesome! Man hits a .491!!!!!!

Some bad news finally sunk in...

Friends and boundaries...advice?

Pay peanuts, and you get monkeys - or soya beans

Well...if you're fifty years old and over...Post here!

May I have some good thoughts/vibes for my sister? (pet related)

New Government Seal after Bailout....

So I watched Cloverfield and got motion sick -- am I a wuss or what?

There is going to be a short (5 - 10 minutes) downtime soon

Man wearing comfortable suit designs weird uncomfortable clothing for women

For no good reason, here's an article on Frank Langella, who plays Nixon in an upcoming film.

My neighbor died, she was battling breast cancer

please tell me how...

Google launches Mail Goggles to save you from yourself

FREEDA PEOPLE - Just as relevant today. Thanks John...

If you habitually lie about your age when posting on the internet, check in!

So now I need to ask if anyone has heard from lionesspriyanka...

Naked tourist arrested for swimming in Japanese moat

Did Brian Wilson ever wear glasses? I didn't think so but in this video he does.

I cannot stop listening to "Surfin' Bird"!!!!

Hey, no MO pictures since Sunday? What's up with that? Hope Miss MO is OK

I'm listening to "Born In The USA" , one of my favorite songs ever.

Being stood up AGAIN.

For all you piano lovers...

US author of anti-Obama book detained in Kenya

Today's Guest Kittehs, filling in for Mo!

How do you know when you're lying to yourself? It's easy to know when you're lying to

In case you haven't heard

Women of the Lounge: Which of these best describes you?

I can do this...

Kill me. The guy I'm working with is on his third play in a row of "Don't Worry Be Happy."

i'm about ready to break into the unit downstairs

Ah-ahahaha.. Shultz just called a freeper an' idiot' and questioned his intelligence on air..

Never mind.

Gay-Straight Alliance--remarkable: I am the first parent EVER

Sometimes I feel like an indentured slave rather than an Employee

Thrift stores: We're seeing more middle-class shoppers

Need some motorcycle advice

I feel the need to share a heartwarming tale

Painting experts and gifted amateurs

Hokey-Pokey no longer all about limb movements and turning yourself about.

Google adding a sobriety test to head off drunk email syndrome

I can haz a 2nd reader for my Thesis?

And now for something completely different....

Nick Nolte Escapes Burning Home In Malibu

Random rant: So, my Mom has lung cancer...

Reporting from the Stanford Hospital in CA

OMG, the fish tank just blew up!

For Critters' supper tonight:

NEW FREEPERISM!!1!! "Preaching to the quier"

I'd like to create a little relaxation oasis in my apt patio

I need smart people to refute brothers right wing blog

Bragging about my mother. Long life, active mind.

If you are 51, almost 52... Post here

Anyone tried AT&T U-verse for TV?

What are you doing right now, DU?

I just wanted to let everyone know that I converted an "undecided" today.

There's a sauerkraut-ball tradition in Akron, Ohio.

I never anticipated that I would be alone

Do when does DU go into DefCon alerts tonight?? Will there be a

Post here if you plan on watching the debate tonight stone cold sober.

'Till I loved you Barbra Streisand and Don Johnson

I fuggin hate it when friends say they'll be over in an hour and two hours later......

"One Toke Over the Line" By "The Lawrence Welk Show" singers

can someone invite a nice girl into the back up place if this site goes down again?

Inexpensive family meals....

is it going to get any better?

Okay, confess: Who has become obsessed with a song after hearing it on a commercial?

I made a couple LOLDogs...

To The Person Who Found My Camera

So my cat walks in to the TV room, hops up on the couch, looks at me

Signature lines are currently turned off due to high Traffic.

My sister would have been 37 today.

"If I had a different dad, he wouldn't be as cool as you!"

DefCon 3


Paul Newman Cool

"Somebody's got the 'Hungry Horrors'!"

My mom found this word in this book.

O.J.! A shocking pictures of Simpson!

I know Fall is truly here now.....

So, does anyone here have health insurance that covers hair transplants?

Hey Google Earthers: You can display the sun and sunlight across the landscape.

I'll be in my bunk.

Daughter's beau adds "when Obama says 'Middle Class'"

A note to amateur filmmakers in the Lounge tonight

It's funny looking at some people's flickr accounts.

Okay, so I've been at school today and I just got back home...


"Rise" by Eddie Vedder. An astonishing song of hope and inspiration.

I have a technical question

A song to get me to tomorrow

Raise your hood, raise your hood.

I'm going to hang out with lizziegrace, lelapin and VenusRising in a half hour!

McCain just mentioned Whatthefuckistan!

A-Ha's "Take On Me" - Literal Video Version

for my 665 post, i would like your suggestions for my 666th

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/7/2008)

I wish I was the Glade lady.

Is it over?

I'm better than DuStrange at the tiller

Son news update and keep those vibes/prayers/coming....

Post here and I will distribute wisdom.

Gorn Appreciation Thread!!

Really amazing photography exhibit - "Earth From Above"

Random appreciation thread...

Men of the Lounge: Which of these best describes you?

What on earth am I supposed to do with a check in February if I can't put oil in the tank NOW??

My divorce papers were filed today

Post here if you plann on being too drunk to watch the debate tonight

Vet appointment tomorrow

Naked tourist arrested for swimming in Japanese moat

What is/was/will be for Dinner, DU?

Anyone hungry for Pizza!!!! I've got pizza to serve for you.....

I did OK on my GRE. Not Great. Not Tragic. 670V/640Q

i'm such a goober

The older I get, the more I _____________________

A physics question...

The church moderator and treasurer just told me the wrote a raise into my salary

Does it matter where you went to college?

Who's that person who is trying to convince the Lounge to play drinking games with the debate?

What don't you know, and how will you learn it? A very zen question


4 days to go! Woot woot!

Kitten Picture of the day for Tuesday October 7

how do you prepare for winter to cut down on your gas bill?

I went to go use my food stamps at the corner grocery.

Anyone ever successfully beat a traffic ticket in court?

Say something positive about your pet(s)

Mr. Midlo is back in the hospital. *sigh*

I'm bullish on "My friends", they're spreading like kudzu.

How will Sarah Palin ruin my day today?

Pain. Disease. Consequences, and honesty.


The Banjo Lesson.

I'm sorry, debate drinking games are the immature side of DU

My mom called. She has a lump on her breast. I need someone smarter than me...

for DU WOMEN ONLY !!!!!! ......

FINAL EPISODE -- Fun With War Crimes #8 -- see Dubya get his comeuppance

RUTHERFORD Hayes; Warren GAMALIEL Harding; Franklin DELANO Roosevelt. We've had Presidents with

Yes! Tim Kring says Volume 4 of Heroes will feature DU!

bloop bloop...

What in your childhood turned you gay?

California Mom Drove Teen Son To Gang Fight, Found Guilty

Thailand's Stocks, Currency Fall as Protesters Block Parliament

No luck for so-called Obamas in Brazilian municipal elections

'Welfare Abuse' Question for the '08 Presidential Candidates

More indepth About Keating Part 1

McCain-Savings and Loan Collapse: Keating Five Scandal

The Talk: Convince Your Family to Vote Obama

The McCain Connection - Keating Five Scandal [ ]

Yes We Can


G.O.P. Query Involves 1% of Giving to Obama

Australia Cuts Rate by Most Since 1992; Stocks Rise (Speculation of Global Rate Cut)

FBI warns of potential terror attacks on public buildings

5 Democratic governors urge Obama health plan

HOUSE Oversight: Lehman Bancruptcy = Waxman Opening

Palin pledges of Alaska sunshine marred by secrets

The party's over for Iceland, the island that tried to buy the world

More indepth info about Keating Part 2

National's prison policy ridiculed (NZ)

Kenya detains Corsi during Obama probe

Special Comment on Sarah Palin by Olbermann Part 1

Mccain & The Keating Five Scandal [ ]

Iran says U.S. plane violated Iran's airspace

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits - as performed on flute


Bill Maher Votes For BBQ

Fed to buy ‘commercial paper’ to ease credit crunch

Timbrewolf Sings

ABC News: Obama Camp, McCain Camp Duke It Out - Obama Brings Back Keating 5

Father kills family and self because of Collapse

Sea Shepherd Enforcing Conservation Law, Japanese Drift Netting

CNN Polls: 59% think another depression is likely.

Fabulous Wall Street USA (from Tom Tomorrow 1999)

McCain Constantly Exaggerates His Support For/From Veterans

TYT - McCain Didn't Learning From His Keating Involvement !

Iceland announces Russian loan, nationalizes bank

(CO) Bob Schaffer - Wall Street's best friend.

Palin Claims NYT Raised Ayers Issue -- Not Her

Tampa Bay Sarah Palin Rally Part 3

TYT: How Much Did Executives Get Paid While Asking For A Bailout?

Sheriff's comment ("Barack Hussein Obama") scorches phone lines

Package of Bacon Forces Evacuation At Lawmaker's Office

McCain linked to group in Iran-Contra affair

McCain wrote on behalf of ex-trooper now awaiting trial in civil rights slaying

New Hampshire cannot afford Bob Sununu any more

Afghans refugees flee Pakistan war zone

3 win Nobel for subatomic physics research

Letterman: Message From Joe Biden 10-06-08

Minnesota Strategy Update

A heartbeat Away - Sarah Palin and The AIP

Palin Claims NYT Raised Ayers Issue, Not Her

Write a Letter to the Editor

David Plouffe's Strategy Update: October 7, 2008

Rachel Maddow and Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Florida and McCain's bonehead Medicare slashing

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Down n' Dirty

Sean Hannity At His Lowest (So Far)

TYT: John McCain Knows How To Crash A Plane

Chris Matthews: New Voters Favor Barack Obama 10/06/08

CNN TruthSquad Verdict on McCain's Involvement in Keating Five Scandal: TRUTH

Fed Considers Plan to Buy Companies' Unsecured Debt

HOUSE Oversight: AIG Hearing = Waxman Opening

Katie Couric's real thoughts on Sarah Palin

Ohio Secession! Red State No More!

Official says pension funds are down $2 trillion

Controverisal Satellite Spying Program Set to Begin

Palin Adds Fannie Mae Execs to List of Objectionable Obama Associates

U.S. Nears Deal To Keep Troops In Iraq

McCain asks "Who is the real Barack Obama?" - Supporter answers "Terrorist!"

Anti-Obama Book Author Thrown Out of Kenya (Jerome Corsi)

Todd & Sarah Palin: secessionist Alaska Independence Party

Free breakfast on menu for Cambodia school kids

Jesuit High School investigates series of racial incidents on campus

Florida Voter Protection Update

Rescuers search Tibet rubble after quake kills 10

Dems hope Singlaub is McCain’s Ayers


Sumo stars admit to bullying dead wrestler

Blueprint for Change: Healthcare

Rare footage of McCain, would rather play politics than capture Bin Laden.

Real Issues for Real Families

Obama Llama Song

McCain linked to group in Iran-Contra affair

Michelle in Saginaw, Michigan

McCain/Palin - A Message of Hate ("Kill Him")

Former CIA official: 9/11 could not be averted

Officials Find, Fix Glitch in NM Voting Machine

Rachel Maddow: John McCain's "Kitchen Sink" Strategy!

TYT: Why Would McCain Bring Up Obama Smears Considering His Own Associations?

AIG execs went on $500K retreat within days of taxpayer bailout

McCain Presses Bush To Sell F-16s To Taiwan

Two bombs explode near Baghdad 'Green Zone'

(UK) Man shot for wearing Obama T-shirt

Fed's new tool: Business loan bailout

Any one fancy a dance?

An Ode to Sarah Palin

Survey USA Poll: Obama Leads McCain In Pa.

Think Debates Matter?

Obama Outspending McCain Nearly 3 to 1 on Television

Government report: Data mining doesn't work well

Morning Joe: Christopher Hitchens on Afghanistan 10/06/08

State reviewing per diem payments to Palin

China hopes "right person" wins Nobel Peace Prize

Cindy McCain Says No Negative Stuff

National Debt Clock expanded to $10 TRILLION under Bush

Palin Adds Fannie Mae Execs to List of Objectionable Obama Associates

Brian Williams seems to think that JFK ran against Dwight Eisenhower

State reviewing per diem payments to Palin

TPMtv: How Low Can He Go?

Bernanke: Economic outlook weaker

Judge: Let Chinese Muslims in Gitmo into U.S.

Ayers and Obama crossed paths on boards, records show (cnn)

Painting the Electoral College map blue

Latest brouhaha on "The View": Sherri vs. Elizabeth!

GOP's ACORN 'Voter Fraud' Lie Ramped Up; State Police Raid ACORN Office in Vegas

U.S. Stocks Drop; S&P 500, Dow Post Worst Retreats Since 1937

(British) Terror code tells teachers to watch pupils

Town Hall Debate: Obama Corrects McCain on Which Party is Tied to Financial Crisis

New U.S. intelligence report (NIE) warns 'victory' not certain in Iraq

Obama: Help the middle class @ Nashville Debate

Town Hall Debate: Obama - National Debt Has Doubled Since Bush Took Office

Countdown: McCain & Palin's Guilt By Association (w/ Rachel Maddow)

Obama hits it out of the park with first debate question!

Palin Stretches Truth in Campaign Speeches

McCain and Obama comic book biographies hit stands

Bush Job Approval at 25%, His Lowest Yet

33 States to Get $62 Million in Zyprexa Case Settlement (Eli Lilly)

Town Hall Debate: Obama - McCain Voted 23 Times Against Alternative Energy

Town Hall Debate: Obama - McCain's CEO Tax Cuts 'That is Not Fair & It Doesn't Work'

New York mayor proposes bill raising term limits

Palin: Obama's trying to scare seniors

Town Hall Debate: McCain - Obama Overly Concerned w/ Nuclear Safety

Alaska to review per diem payments to Palin

Presidential Debate: Obama Sets Record Straight on Tax Policy

Palin stretches truth in campaign speeches

Axelrod Says Obama Will Counterpunch if McCain Raises Ayres

Asian Stocks Fall on Credit Concern; Hang Seng Index Slumps

Obama & McCain on the bailout @ Nashville Debate

Town Hall Debate: Obama - $10 Billion Dollars a Month on Iraq

Bill And Hillary To Campaign With Biden In Pennsylvania

Nevada poll: Obama 50 percent, McCain 43 percent

Obama at Presidential Debate: Health Care is a Right

Pa. widow sues US over Iraq vet-husband's suicide

Nearly 200,000 Iowans Have Already Voted

US auto workers launch $3 mln ad campaign for Obama

Solving the health care crises @ Nashville Debate

Choosing a financial leader @ Nashville Debate

Environmental challenges @ Nashville Debate

Glass smashed at Dems' Denver HQ

Restoring the dream @ Nashville Debate

AIG execs' retreat after bailout angers lawmakers

McCain link to private group in Iran-Contra case

Poll: Obama Gains in States That Went For Bush

Report SEC Gave "Preferential Treatment" to Wall Street CEO

It Appears Obama is a Terrorist... If You're a Moron!

Out of Bounds McCain distorts Obama's words on subprime loans

Protecting the world @ Nashville Presidential Debate

The McCain-Obama Post-Debate "Handshake"

McCain's Weird Gesture During the Debate

VOTERSTHINKdotORG: Obama vs McCain Second Presidential Debate (

Obama outscores McCain in veterans’ group’s report card

Obama/McCain Town Hall Preview

Thai army deployed in Bangkok after bomb leads to coup fears

Gallup Daily: 9-Point Obama Lead Ties Campaign High

McCrypt Calls Obama "That One"

Chasing Americas enemies @ Nashville Presidential Debate

Study: 8 out of 10 Americans stressed because of economy

Countdown Post-Debate Show: Maddow on McCain's Condescension

Rachel Maddow: The Kitchen Sink Strategy

Obama commercial - Subject

Press kept under a watchful eye at Palin rally; not allowed to talk to supporters

Very Funny: Horny for Change (David Lee Roth to join McCain campaign)

"Save It" Global Warming message by 10 yr old

AP: Palin Answers Several Questions from Reporters (Real Headline)

McCain & Palin Say Nothing

The Extremely Dangerous Religion of Sarah Palin

Heating bills expected to be 15% higher

McCain revisiting Keating 5 banking scandal again

CNN Truth Squad on Keating Economics

TYT: Another Stupid Bush Speech (Enjoy It, His Run Is Almost Over)

Poll: McCain gives back gains in NJ

Republicans for Obama in Ohio

Man shot three times in street by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt(London)

US author of anti-Obama book detained in Kenya

U.S. Stocks Tumble, Sending S&P 500 Below 1,000; (Worst Yearly Drop since 1937)

Brigitte Bardot slams Palin as a 'disgrace to women'

Town Hall Debate: No Post-Debate Handshake?

Official Says Pension Funds Are Down $2 Trillion

Rachel Maddow: Talk Me Down With Paul Krugman Oct. 6, 2008

Prosecutors say 300 suspected illegal immigrants detained after SC chicken plant raid

Americans’ satisfaction drops to all-time low of 9 percent.

US plane 'forced to land in Iran'

After Bailout, AIG Execs Head to California Resort

OBAMA: "What Don't You Know and How Will You Learn It"

Obama Hatred On Display Again At Palin Rally, Supporter Screams 'Treason!'

Dramatic Reading of Wasilla City Council Minutes

European Central Bank Sees Crisis Of "Enormous Proportions" As Spain Creates Mortgage Rescue Fund

Islamic Group Gains Power in Indonesia

Court Won't Force Testimony On Firings of U.S. Attorneys

COUNTDOWN: John McCain & Sarah Palin Incite Hate Speech at Rallies

McCain connections coming back to haunt him

Young Voters Lead Prop 8 Support Shift (to favor gay marriage ban)

Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa’s Greatest Lake

Feds to look into Sheriff Scott's comment at Palin rally

In Blow to Bush, Judge Orders 17 Guantánamo Detainees Freed

Joe Biden for Michigan's Seniors

State Rep. Belcher dies in I-65 crash

Bill O'Cowflop extorts money for charity to dress up like a damn idiot

Secret Service Investigating Obama Threats At McCain/Palin Rallies

McLoser Snubs Obama's handshake, Wolf Blitzer calls it

This Movie will put BUSH BEHIND BARS!!!

Climate change seen aiding spread of deadly diseases

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 7

CNN Presidential Debate Poll: OBAMA WINS BY A LANDSLIDE!

2 of the 5 big British banks to be partially nationalised tomorrow morning

FCC to Probe Defense Department's 'Propaganda' Program

ACORN Office in Vegas Raided in Voter-Fraud Probe

The Grand Finale! Fun With War Crimes #8 -- BushCo on trial!

Sarah Palin: The rape kit controversy

Letterman - NPR's Sarah Vowell on Sarah Palin - 10-06-2008

TPMtv: John McCain How Low Can You Go?

“MyKey” lets parents limit teens’ driving speed

Sarah Palin palling around with secessionists

McCain: Ignore Economy, It’ll Go Away

John McCain's options narrow on the electoral college map

NYT: Business Cool Toward McCain’s Health Coverage Plan

Obama, Ayers, and Guilt By Association

Democrats should fear the 'boogie man'

So what doYOU think? Should Obama stay cool and calm...refuse to

The destructive policies of President Bush

Bill Ayers, Oliver North, and Guilt By Association

Banks' most pressing problem

The End of American Hegemony By Paul Craig Roberts

Mr. McCain, Be a Leader for a Change, Americans are Dying. Talk About Real Issues

Palin pledges of Alaska sunshine marred by secrets

McCain Applies Lessons of Iraq to Financial Crisis

Candidates pursue trivia while economy burns

The End of American Capitalism? 5 Short Takes on Where the Financial Crisis Might Be Headed

National's prison policy ridiculed (NZ)

FEC Queries McCain Campaign on 'Excessive Contributions'

Just Climb on Your Sawhorse and Ride

McCain, Palin Go Below The Belt

What I Learned at the Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me out

End of an Error-The twilight of conservative rule

How McCain Lost His Brand from Hero to Crank

Obama kept Law Review balanced

Worries About Voter Intimidation Run High (NPR)

Gov. Palin's family eligible for Indian Health Service

The Dismal Questions

Senator Stevens Warned a Friend That Jail Was a Risk

Ted Stevens Shows Best Side to the Jury

SNL skit I'd love to see: circa '70 Weathermen coordinating plans with 8-yr-old African American boy

Man shot three times in street by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt.

Eric Boehlert: Memo to media: The Palin rape-kit story has not been "debunked"

Pakistan president says India never a threat: report

John Heilemann: How McCain Lost His Brand-From maverick to crank in an instant

War is Over. Air Bases to Stay

McCain Vows to Follow Obama to the Gates of ... the White House!

Peeks Into the Diaries of the Candidates and Hank Paulson

Chalmers Johnson: Voting the Fate of the Nation

Come on up for The Rising

Vets of Iraq and Afghan Wars Give McCain His Report Card

Business Cool Toward McCain’s Health Coverage Plan

Citizen Enforcers Take Aim

Palin's Email Cover-up

The Flimflam Strategy by Eugene Robinson

The GOP goes back to its ugly roots

Senate Slips Huge Pentagon War Funding Bill in Under The Radar.


Experts: Palin Owes $25,000 In Back Taxes

McCain-Palin: The Perils Of Promoting The Past As Prologue?

Sarah Palin, the classic schoolyard bully

Sarah Palin's Debate Advice to John McCain Leaked to Press

The Man Behind the Obama Smears

Why this Election is Historic.

After His Latest Debate Performance, McCain Considers Suspending His CHAMPAGNE

McCain Now Trailing in Hypothetical Race Against 'That One'

Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator

Dems Trounce Pukes in Econ. Sweepstakes

"People, not chess pieces"

Why America's Problem Is Cultural, Not Political

Justice Department Issues Report on Antitrust Monopoly Law

Brigitte Bardot Slams Palin As A Disgrace To Women

Can the GOP Steal The Election Again? You Betcha!

Soldier: Sgt. offered $30,000 to kill his wife

More POWs now eligible for Purple Heart

U.S. troops staying in Kosovo until late 2009

Soldier, Iraqi police officer killed in Mosul

Disabled vet claims city kept him from voting

Parents of soldier fear he was tortured

CID seeking special agents

Lawsuit filed over girl’s death on post

DuPont 8-pound pack wins wearable power prize

Judge rejects request to dismiss fragging trial

Bragg holding anti-terrorism exercise

Gates: Reconciliation needed in Afghan strategy

Bragg holding anti-terrorism exercise

Navy identifies sailor killed aboard Ike

Veterans, Alone Together, Share Stories They Can’t Tell You

Navy: Crew on hijacked ship near Somalia OK

Lincoln returning after 7-month deployment

Somali pirates in stare down with global powers

HIV cases up in some components, DoD data show

New barracks complex planned at Parris Island

Twin Marines arrested after nightclub shooting

Former CIA official: 9/11 could not be averted

Sgt. sentenced for beating death of daughter

Sen.: Retroactive stop-loss pay still possible

11 Iraqis killed in Mosul raid

Joint U.S., Iraqi EOC set up in Baghdad

Two Marines arrested after taxicab chase on Okinawa

Hearing over, Hopstock awaits word on trial

USFK revokes SOFA visa renewals after audit

Buy! Buy! Buy!: Iraq’s stock market takes off

Won drops to six-year low

McCain Tied to Iran-Contra Group

Debt Crisis Stings Military Families

Iraq FM Says US-Iraq Forces Deal Near

Marines Take Over Anbar Province

Wing Cracks Ground Many A-10s

Carrier Fire 'Entirely Preventable'

Pearl Harbor Survivor passes away, leaving words of wisdom

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Characters Count

U.S. Supreme Court DENIES "Mad Dad" David Parker's Lawsuit

URGENT: Prop 8 is winning per the No on 8 Internals - they need money and fast

End use of fossil fuels in 20 years, UK warned (Guardian)

Nigeria attacks starting to affect energy investment

Peak Oil Review - Oct 6

Walking a Nuclear Tightrope: Unlearned Lessons of Year-plus Reactor Outages

Please go over to the video forum and K&R this kid's ad re: climate crisis...

China gobbling up Florida turtles; biologists warn species survival is threatened

A Gift From the ’70s: Energy Lessons

Environment: Twisted As Unnaturally as the Banks

Question on the Toyota Prius

Dutch lawyers seek Israeli minister's arrest

Russia's Jerusalem land claim worries Israelis

a not-so-surprising ringing endorsement of the Bush economy ...

Bernanke's voice sounds like he's on the verge of a panic attack...n/t

We need better ideas lying around.

Retirment plans blamed for crash...jeez

Lookback at the Markets (Are we having fun yet)

Whoa.... Dow is down ANOTHER 450+ points???

401K's never designed for retirement...

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/07/08

Mad-cow ban cost U.S. $11 billion in beef exports

New action by the fed: buying short term CP

Idle curiosity... Did anybody predict this total credit crash?

What happens to credit card debt if a bank fails?

We are "early" retirees who are now renting as we sold our house 2 yrs ago.

Today in labor history Oct 7

Hurricanes sweep food shortages back into Cubans' lives

Colombian official ties FARC to Mexican drug cartels

EL SALVADOR: Increase in Poverty Driven by Soaring Food Prices

Exhibit re: Peruvian massacres to open at Yale University October

BOREV: The McCain Record Beyond Bagging Brazilians

John McCain Hugs Cuban Terrorist in Miami

Thousands march against Garcia, corruption in Peru

Human Rights Watch in Service to the War Party

Plaxico Burress quotes

Well, that DOESN'T suck!

Tampa Bay over Red Sox; Dodgers over Philly...

Wow, the sports forum is so hostile right now.

Lackey.."I know we are the best team"

Who do you WANT to see win the World Series

October 7...?

...and Hi again!

Weekly Healing Project #9 | October 5 - 11 | Embrace Your Dark Side: Healing The Shadow

"Astro Barry" ...goes on about the Coming Election....(Interesting Read)

Health Care Destruction - Krugman

Why We Couldn't Save Nicole (re: drug treatment in the U.S.)

Evolving Politics

The Merck-Haters are going to choke on this!

New England Aquarium . . . .

Yet another NC waterfall

I read somewhere that you can cook sweet potato greens & I want to try

Who here throws stuff into a pot and it always comes out good

1 American, 2 Japanese Share Nobel Physics Prize

New mercury pictures

Another study on how racist White people are *yawn*

"A thought of thinking" - Science at Freerepublic! Who knew?

A troop of Master's Commission Christofascists sing of Dominion...

Parents plead not guilty in faith-healing death

A physics question...

What part does the brain play in all this?

Movie "Battle in Seattle" - Now Through October 9 -Texas Screens

Rumble at Fort Bend Democratic Club

Brimer's lawsuit over ballots is rejected

Seeing HOPE in Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers...

Does anyone suspect Verizon does maintenance on all its DNS servers at the same time?

Nanos - Race tightening (Con 34, Lib 31, NDP 18, BQ 11, GR 6)

Tories scrap controversial film tax plan (i.e. panic time)

Afghanistan report won't be released before election

U.S. Northern Command, Canada Command establish new bilateral Civil Assistance Plan

OT Springsteen...

John Kerry Stands by Joe and Jill Biden

Kerry's townhall debate with Bush

Corsi Held in Kenya

Senator Norm Coleman Gets by with a Little Help From His Friends

How will you vote on the amendment to increase sales tax in order to fund wildlife and the arts?

When are we going to see "W" the Movie?

Norm Coleman accepted thousands of dollars worth of gifts

I'm absentee voting and can't figure out Haeg vs. Swenson.

UK economy 'already in recession'

BNP weapon stash racist was copper

Jerry "Giuliani " Petrowski - funniest statement at the debate

Sarah Palin look-alike contest in SF Oct. 22