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1986 and 1994...two events on the road to the religious right takeover of the GOP

Roubini: Financial and Corporate System is in Cardiac Arrest

Roubini: Financial and Corporate System is in Cardiac Arrest

The 3rd largest Air Force in the world is sitting on the ground here.

Today, I did my part to help bail out the US economy.

Today, I did my part to help bail out the US economy.

The War on Intellectualism

The War on Intellectualism

I am told this is a HUGE endorsement in the South ! SERIOUSLY

Defend the Sanctity of marriage!

Hey,Larry Kudlow, You Piece of Shit, We Can Read What You Wrote 2 Years Ago

Learning to live in Recession..101

Learning to live in Recession..101

Learning to live in Recession..101

Learning to live in Recession..101

Learning to live in Recession..101

The bailout as a money-laundering operation: "The plan...isn't going to cost 700 billion $, it's...

If I Don't Stand With You ....


Another MUST HEAR from the radio show "This American Life" on the Financial crisis this weekend!!!

Warren Buffet'

Former Diebold Contractor Blows The Whistle On Election Manipulations

Are we transitioning to a military-only economy?

Christopher Cox And The Right Set Up Wall Street's Fall

It's times like this that bring out the inner revolutionary in me.

It's times like this that bring out the inner revolutionary in me.

New survey says mortgage losses may not be as bad as previously thought. map (338 - 185 Obama with 15 EVs tied)

Bailout bill includes tax break for NASCAR racetracks

Bailout bill includes tax break for NASCAR racetracks

How much are these items where you shop?

How much are these items where you shop?

Jay Bakker, yes, Jim and Tammy Faye's son.....

Let Them Eat Dirt Pancakes: The Republicans Who Voted Against Extending Unemployment Benefits

Why did the GOP abandon Michigan?

For NYT, Now Comes Hard Part of Bailout--deciding who get awarded all that MONEY in a private scheme

Interesting Stuff... 'Who You Callin’ a Maverick?' - NYT

Ex-Delta Force Soldier On '60 Minutes' This Sunday: Bin Laden Was Aided In Excape

The real tragedy is OJ is never going to find the real killer now.

Report: Obama, ex-radical Ayers not close

Reply to this thread in the Sarah Palin faux-folksy style

Was just reading....

Republican Party Sued by AG

Shocking Bible Discovery Shatters the Homosexual Agenda!

Tina Fey should win an Emmy for her portrayal of Palin

Tina Fey should win an Emmy for her portrayal of Palin

State of Illinois Prohibiting Students from Being Citizens

Banned Books: Christians Fight Fire With Brimstone

Attacking Obama's Associations? What About McCain's Association With Watergate's G. Gordon Liddy?

I still have not seen even one McBush yard sign or bumper sticker here in Illinois

NPR's On The Media right now: We are dangerously close to gov't by referendum b/c bailout opponents

How this Republican became a Democrat, a political autobiography

How this Republican became a Democrat, a political autobiography

Did the US and France kick Hezbollah out of Lebannon?

BILLIONAIRE BAILOUT: Bush personally lobbied wavering House members -- Why?

Franken Bypasses Coleman as Voters React to Attack Ads(43-34)

OT smallest all electric car

Bill Maher's "Religulous" in Nashville, TN.

Bill Maher's "Religulous" in Nashville, TN.

I saw "Religulous" last night....and the scene with the Ex-Gay Ministries guy....

I saw "Religulous" last night....and the scene with the Ex-Gay Ministries guy....

Let's get one thing straight right now.....

I finally realized who Sarah Palin reminds me of: Violet Beauregarde

"Instead of having a bailout, why don't we have indictments?" William Greider

Will Bin Laden attack in order to help McCain?

Anne Hathaway... and John McCain

Anne Hathaway... and John McCain

The Mystery Of The Missing $Trillions

Nancy giving it to Chimpy - Harry Reid too!! on SNL

Seriously ... Tina Fey is far prettier than the woman she imitates.

Sarah Palin interviewed by Betty Bowers..America's Best Christian

Sarah Palin interviewed by Betty Bowers..America's Best Christian

Never Again!!!!!

On 1,600+ Screens "An American Carol" DOA

War on Taliban cannot be won, says (British) army chief

War on Taliban cannot be won, says (British) army chief

Alert the Press! Proof Sarah Palin is the Anti-Christ!!!

Remember what "really" ended the depression, folks

OK, now that palin has said Obama associates with terrorists, it is time

OK, now that palin has said Obama associates with terrorists, it is time

From the "Words Fail" Irony Dept.: Fundies say pro-Obama kids have been "indoctrinated"

Welfare Queens lined up for handouts

“More Important Than Gold”: FDR’s First Fireside Chat (explains the bailout)

The woman who is playing Pelosi ......

I don't think Gay Marriage is debatable....

A Country in Shambles, Under GOP Rule

Everyone thinks they're out to create Paradise.

Everyone thinks they're out to create Paradise.

Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill

Timely book: "Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of FDR"

Is there any organized effort to boycott Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America?

Is there any organized effort to boycott Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America?

Alleged big-time swindler is big-time contributor to Michele Bachmann

Is their a moderator on this forum

I don't understand why the wingnuts actually believe Obama smears

"Senior Republican, who asked not to be named"

I don't think this country could survive a depression

I don't think this country could survive a depression

Sarah Palin's sister thinks Tina Fey is 'dead on'

Everyone Getting Ready To Watch SNL?

Stephen Harper, the Ann Coulter of Canada?

Obama Camp Preempts Planned Character Attacks, Branding McCain "Erratic in a Crisis"

World Rank Order of Countries-- Current account balance

World Rank Order of Countries-- Current account balance

Haha .... "Some say the Repub Senate candidate in Virginia is weak ...." Hahaha

McCain Speechwriter Trying To Write Lines That Don't Lead To Creepy Smile

McCain's Brother Joe Says Virginia Suburbs Are "Communist"

Some potential good election news from Canada.....

Gonna watch Tina Fey as Sarah tonight? And Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill?

Anybody have any word on how Sen. Kennedy is doing?

$100,000 Reward: for Citizens to Stop another Stolen Election

No one likes taxes, but the right has managed to make the word tax almost sacriligious,,,,,

The Last Day To Register To Vote In Michigan Is Monday !!! Tell Your Friends !!!!!

Image: Sarah Palin - Palindrome

I met some Alaskans today (Tulsa, OK)

Income Distribution Charts

What about a universal fixed-rate 3%, 50-year mortgage?

Frank Rich:Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain

Anything happen in the Sports World , today?

This was the beginning of the U.S. and world banking system meltdown...

Moderator calls So. Florida congressional forum a `farce', drops out

Bravo Bruce Springsteen -"The Rising" for Obama Rally!

Major improvement with mom. has an amazing in-depth analysis of the Senate races

Behind the lipstick, the pitbull vanishes (Palin’s performance in big debate revealed her emptiness)

Behind the lipstick, the pitbull vanishes (Palin’s performance in big debate revealed her emptiness)

WAPO: GOP strategists scared shitless

Voter dress codes? GOP says YES.

Why Jamaican Athletes strive for success

After A Long Day Of Misguided Anger, This Should Calm Us Down

After A Long Day Of Misguided Anger, This Should Calm Us Down

I Don't Think I'll Go See It

Edwards says passion for reform keeps her going


Great climate lecture on CSPAN2 booknotes.

Is it just my impression, or are the wingnuts much more angrier today?

The Halliburton-ization of the Bailout-Paulson Hiring "Outside Contractors" To Rescue Taxpayer's $$$

Wink == Smirk?

Wink == Smirk?

headline sums it up: Desperate McCain .....

O.J. Simpson and Bluebeard, a lost story

Failed bank chiefs to face sanctions: Sarkozy

Gosh Dern!!!

The Revolution That Failed

NY Times EV tally

Deadpool: when does the derivatives market implode?


Wake up America! The debate is an audition for VP of the U.S., not a waitress job at Hooters!

Homer simpson has voted for

How can I view that Obama Satellite Channel?

This American Life did a GREAT job explaining the financial crisis today

I saw my first McCain/Palin sign here in Macomb county yesterday

I saw my first McCain/Palin sign here in Macomb county yesterday

This is an awful headline

UN Nuclear Meeting Indirectly Criticizes Israel

Wow, a hunting product for Palin

Here's why contractors in government are a bad idea. Revealing national security secrets on flickr.

GOP Strategists Whisper Fears Of Greater Losses in November

MAKE IT VIRAL: The Republican Roots of the Subprime Crisis...

MAKE IT VIRAL: The Republican Roots of the Subprime Crisis...

Utah Bankruptcies Jump 42%

For those who defend police brutality....

just a few toons from over the pond

I think she's reading an eye chart....

Phish Returns!

Email my brother just sent me: A sneak peak at the next presidential debate

Image: Like Mother Like Daughter?

US Could Create 4.2 Million Green Jobs by 2038

Mainstream Media Stand To Receive $1.44 Billion From McCain’s Tax Cuts»

Fascist pig Sheriff Joe Arpaio airs disgusting ad against opponent

Should I buy some stocks now?

Government hires contractors to investigate abuses by other contractors in Iraq

Isn't hockey more expensive than other organized sports?

The currency is backed only by the full faith and credit of the United States

Palin: Obama Is ‘Palling Around With Terrorists’

Florida teacher writes "C.H.A.N.G.E.: Come Help A 'N-word' Get Elected"

I asked the Good Lord what his opinion of Sarah Palin was

Why was Alaska's "First Dud" so pissed off after the debate?

Top Biz Profs:Bush Economic Failure "so extreme ... unimaginable just a few years ago"- Bush History

Has anyone posted on this side effect if the government gets out of the "marriage" business and

Palin decides that they really don't want 34 extra Electoral College Votes, after all

"American Carol" is friggin hilarious!

TYT: Republican Revisonism and The Meltdown

Bailout Toons- Robbing an entire country

Allow me to start hyping the Tuesday debate

Voodoo Economics: Miserable Failure

For bailout to work, housing market needs to mend

Islanders who insisted on staying died in Ike

Michigan Republicans FUME at McCain:"A general who has left the battlefield in middle of the fight!"

New memes; "Incompetent Wall St. traders," "Predatory Lenders."

7 Election 2008

New VOIP app for iPhone (DU geniuses figure out the pretzel logic here)

They spy on us

Glenn Greenwald: A country in shambles, under GOP rule

We already have single payer national health (Medicare). With tweaking, why couldn't this cover

Salon, 2000: Bush & McCain Both Claim "Maverick" & "Reformer" Title in GOP Primary

Salon, 2000: Bush & McCain Both Claim "Maverick" & "Reformer" Title in GOP Primary

Salon, 2000: Bush & McCain Both Claim "Maverick" & "Reformer" Title in GOP Primary

Is it possible for a recruiter from Navy Reserves to be fibbing?

American Carol packing them in . . . in Freeperland

"Every single Arab was to be sent to Guantanamo – there were no exceptions whatsoever"

I'm not qualified to argue for or against the 'bailout'. But lemme tell ya what I AM qualified .....

McCain gets $1,930 a month from 'broken' Social Security system

Asia Times: Creating a great depression

Zucker gives a callous and unfunny ‘Carol’

Bruce Springsteen Live In Philly NOW!

Some great Freeper posts out there today

Bumper sticker question: Pro-Bush or Anti-Bush?

FYI, transcript of Brad Sherman's martial law comments

Economic survival DU group?

Palin hates women who get raped in Wasilla

So I was taking my LSAT today...

Some more requests for the Democratic Party ...

Pact says others can't tap Great Lakes

Push to register felons to vote could aid Obama

Palin failed to pay taxes on her per diem payments & MORE!

It's a VERY good thing that impeachment was off the table!

It's a VERY good thing that impeachment was off the table!

So what happens on November 5th?

McCain-Palin announces a character assassination campaign

How can anyone call NPR 'Liberal'????


Sarah Palin huffs glue! I heard it somewhere so it must be true!

A two tiered society is not a good thing.

Clueless Palin Annoyed by Couric

PSA: Check your credit report! Creditors and their wide net...

Waxman, House Oversight to Hold Hearings on Wall Street Debacles (TPM)

The Altamont Pass DMZ in California

Here's someone who is threatening to kill Letterman over last night's Palin jokes

Here's someone who is threatening to kill Letterman over last night's Palin jokes

McCain's Duckbark

Laconic weekend conversations all tell the same story: Palin was ineffective/the slide continues

Email flame-wars with a 'Reply All'

GOP 'about to open a can of whoop ass on Obama with focus on his personal associations'

Obama goes after McCain's health care plan

Obama goes after McCain's health care plan

Noam Chomsky: "If the U.S. Carries Out Terrorism, It Did Not Happen"

Please help me understand the marriage vs. civil unions argument

If McCain is a maverick

So. Now that the bailout is signed & sealed, McCain wants a one year freeze on Federal spending.

John McCain's Dangerous Associations

If Top Gun taught us one thing....

Anyone as HAPPY as I am about OJ going to Freaking JAIL?

Mean Jean is still beatable!

McCain plans fiercer strategy against Obama

Diagramming Palin

"I hope you hit a WHALE on your way to FRANCE" ... "Little Bill O’Reilly Goes Ballistic" (VIDEO)

A Bear Walks Into A Restaurant (National Geographic Video)

Here comes the slime train...

Sequoia Op-Scan Ballot Counters Fail to Count Same Way Twice

For those supporting the "BailOut", write a "Thank You" note to your children.

Astronaut's diary goes on display in Jerusalem

Proud of my Congressman, Joe Courtney. He voted NO on the bailout.


McCain is going to go ultra-negative starting on Tuesday. WE can turn the tables on him.

McCain is going to go ultra-negative starting on Tuesday. WE can turn the tables on him.

Are U.S. citizens slaves in the form of debt bondage?

Are U.S. citizens slaves in the form of debt bondage?

Election fraud as pr oven by the University of Pennsylvania

Can we get a consensus on reliable, trustworthy sources of info?

Was the bailout push really just about denying Dems an issue in November?

Was the bailout push really just about denying Dems an issue in November?

Was the bailout push really just about denying Dems an issue in November?

Obama Waffles people now selling Palin MooseBurger Helper

If/When McLame starts negative/swiftboat campaigning...

We Have To Stop The Right Wing From Using The Race Card On The Wall Street Bailout

Who You Callin’ a Maverick?

Bush has so destroyed the party's standing (NYT Magazine article)

When we all look back at the rescue/bailout/charity thing, we will all laugh.

Feeding Your Inner Wolf

IRS powers in bailout

Go ahead Palin-bots and McCain Insaners.. revel in your ignorance!

Go ahead Palin-bots and McCain Insaners.. revel in your ignorance!

McCain plans fiercer strategy

Rum rebate in bailout benefits islands

I haven't bought a National Enquirer for 10 years.. I had to buy this one.

Why did the Senate and House cave on the bailout?

McCain's future career

Compare and contrast: Repug tactics and bathroom wall scrawlings

Well that's one way to frame it.


Video: The Best of Sarah Palin

'Please listen,' say veterans of Iraq war

Buchanan says the only thing that will save McPOW now

Was Thomas Jefferson a Republican?

Right from Sarah Land - You must read this! Baseball, Jesus, and Alaska's Military Bases

Job Losses Pushing U.S. Economy Into `Significant' Recession

If Biden and his wife were ignoring a subpoena do you think cable news shows would be ignoring it?

If Biden and his wife were ignoring a subpoena do you think cable news shows would be ignoring it?

Boston finally drops charges against MIT student Star Simpson, airport "bomber."

Great Article On The Practice Of Voter Purging - MUST READ

Bush Radio: "While these efforts will be effective, they will also take time to implement."

Bush Radio: "While these efforts will be effective, they will also take time to implement."

Franken bypasses Coleman as voters react to attack ads

Fun NYT Article on Obama from March 2004

I couldn't even guess where to find this number so I'm looking for your guess

Report Shows White House Engineered U.S. Attorney Firings

Speaker of the House question

Sarah Palin Fails Her Exam

McCain's Radical Health-Care Plan In a Nutshell

"Can I call you Joe?"

why should the dems "work" with the neo cons?

End Timers = Dead Enders....

Who is the biggest loser in the wake of the bailout?

Tom Allen (D) v. Susan Collins (R) in Maine: Why is Allen dead in the water?

Remember kids, crime doesn't pay.

AP: "the government is rushing to develop a plan for spending the money."

Listen Up Gay Folks!

Since the market is tanking over the loss of our jobs, where's the multi-billion rescue plan for us?

Since the market is tanking over the loss of our jobs, where's the multi-billion rescue plan for us?

CNN iReport Falsely Claims Steve Jobs Heart Attack

Springsteen Rally Today? How to watch? Tv Web links Please

Great sight in my small country village today

My opinion on the bailout....

Is DU Running Slow and Loading Slow

September Madness

GOP, Democrats battle in Pa. over voter dress code (for real)

Paulson must go to jail! Just listen to this podcast from The Take Away

I got my 2nd fundraising letter from Mc5PLANES and it sounds desperate!1

How come whenever I come to DU I see rah-rah campaign cheerleading posts outnumber serious issues?

Jim Cramer was right one year ago...

Jim Cramer was right one year ago...

Does it bother DUers that the 10,000 people who did this were never brought to justice?

this wks. Black Commentator has 3 political cartoons from

Simpson found guilty

So, when's a young couple going to be able to buy a home?

It's time to bailout the American people !

LINCOLN's "dysfunctional" descendants and their recent chauffeur (D.B.Cooper)

Stopping a Financial Crisis, the Swedish Way - Why didn't we do it this way?

How long has Palin been married?

Exchange of letters between McCain and Obama in 2006

Long term consequences of the Palin pick

Montana GOP promises more voter challenges

The New Yorker Endorses: At A Moment Of Crisis, That Leader's Name Is Barack Obama

These Filthy Bastards Are At It Again - Propoganda at your expense

These Filthy Bastards Are At It Again - Propoganda at your expense

Is DU running clunky for anyone else?

"Obama's (health care) plan only offers more government, while McCain's plan offers more choices."

Full-Length Video: Mark Warner vs. Jim Gilmore

Suspected US missile strike kills 20 in Pakistan

"October Surprise" (I should be a fiction writer)

Lehman Creditors Allege JP Morgan Role in Bank's Failure

Opinion column: "Dare I believe Obama can win? "

House Dems Question Prosecutor's Independence in U.S. Attorney Probe


How Damned Generous of You Fannie Mae (FU fannie mae -- ending with a rant)

It may take a month or longer to figure out a plan to spend this money..

It may take a month or longer to figure out a plan to spend this money..

Voters Unite news from John Gideon

The 'rescue plan' was a tourniquet to stop the bleeding?

Veterans for CommonSense interesting this am

Veterans for CommonSense interesting this am

the American Promise... watch it

Do you have a valid passport?

Paris fashion week and Obama

Whim, addendum, repeat.

Atheist group sues Bush over national prayer day

Non-profit offers $100k reward for info tying Rove to election rigging

for decades, we've asked for decent health care, instead we get "wealth care" in a few days

Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize - 2008

Alleghney County (Pittsburgh metro area) can't audit its voting machines.

Alleghney County (Pittsburgh metro area) can't audit its voting machines.

The bUsh "bailout" is bushit and will make things very much worse.

Sweet 16

Paul Krugman: In Debate, Palin Quoted Reagan About Defending Freedom - From Anti-Medicare Ad!

North American Union-800 Billion Amero Sent To China

Rachel Maddow: Political Game Changer (Great Article Tells Her Story & Analyses Her Approach)

Groundbreaking Mental Health Legislation Passes...

Senior Russia Peacekeeper Died in S.Ossetia Blast

What Happens to Your Seat in the Senate if

Caption Condi (and the Indian Foreign Minister)!!

SARAH SALAD = Bush + Reagan

Cambodia warns Thailand over 'hostilities'

So, it looks like the Bush Administration has just canceled talks with Iran to help McCain

George B*** refuses IMF audit

Reps Loretta and Linda Sanchez' brother missing after boat crash

Klansmen & White Supremacists registering Dem to vote for Obama...

How Maher's "Religulous" Led Me to an Epiphany About the Firm Handshake

Alaskan Poll Names Biden Debate Winner

Link to Roll Call for Oct 3 House vote on Bailout (comment on your representative)

Link to Roll Call for Oct 3 House vote on Bailout (comment on your representative)

UN World Food Programme on Letterman.

David Sirota: The Bailout - How Capitalism Killed Democracy

Sarah Palin VP debate word cloud

Chris Rock on Charlie Rose now, if you missed it or care. nt

John McCain calls John McCain a liar.

Josh Marshall: Desperate

'Human remains found' at Fossett crash site

Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, & the Global Crisis of American Capitalism

Quick question about ads on youtube

Truly non-partisan election video

Proof Lou Dobbs' head has illegally crossed the border into his ass.

Wow. Just fucking WOW. Palin's closing Reagan quotes...

My response to a local pro-lifer

What is it with really masculine looking Republican women?

Let's put it this way...

OJ Guilty. There goes the coverage of the debate, the campaign, the bailout,

How is OJ going to find the real killer now?

Mmm-mmm good. FDA tells us how much melamine is okay in our food.

Good. Now he can confess to

OJ verdict coming up soon....UPDATE: GUILTY

How many OJ threads will be posted on DU by Saturday morning?

Sarah Palin Debate Prep Flow-Chart

Brian Williams thinks Kennedy ran against Eisenhower.

MN-Sen: Franken Noses Coleman in DSCC Poll


Americans United Asks IRS To Investigate Oklahoma Church That Endorsed McCain

Vote scam flier targets black neighborhood

Verdict reached in OJ Simpson robbery/kidnapping case

OJ did it!

Quick vote: Who here is guity of using mock Palin-esque folksyisms today?

Police blockade the Bush Legacy Bus

Vote Like Mike

No "Fair and Balanced" casting in the Bill Maher show tonight...No need to throw stuff at the TV

NYC: get registered to vote by a celebrity this weekend

NYC: get registered to vote by a celebrity this weekend

Hey folks to break the tension

Time Mag's Halperin thinks Palin's debate performance provided no late nite comedy fodder. HEE!

China View: U.S. House Approves Historic Financial Bailout Plan

Compare and Contrast - discuss

Brian Williams is defending the barracuda on Letterman...

Jewish ‘modesty patrols’ sow fear in Israel

The bailout cheerleaders are conspicuously absent since it passed.

Republican Running for State Rep. Screams "White Trash" at me today....

I know, it's like looking at a car wreck but lots of funnies in Freepland

Today's Jobs Report: We're Poorly Prepared For the Storm Ahead

A pundit said an odd thing yesterday..

Palin's eyes reveal she is a pathological liar **DANGEROUS**

OMG OJ Guilty On All Counts! Yes Yes Yes!!!!!

Time-lapse map of the growth of Wal-Mart

It's funny that the public narrative about the Great Depression skips 4 years

Women and Guns

Lounge challenge for tonight!

Bay Buchanan - head leprechaun pile of dung strategist for McCan't.

someone is off their meds...

Washington Voters: Register to Vote or Check your Voter Registration Status Online [Links Included]

Do you like my new house? Water front property!

Should holyfuckinggod unfuckingbelieveable Idon'tevenfuckingbelieveit be banned tonight?

"Rocky Horror Picture Show" fans for Obama, check in here!

I'm not a 'queer' but I am enthusiastically stupid


I'm a "stupid queer", and I am enthusiastically voting Obama/Biden.

For the first time in a long time, I had a thin skin moment

*BREAKING NEWS* Jury reaches verdict in OJ trial .....

OJ Simpson found guilty

Tadpoles can be quite big!

What happened to GDP tonight

Well,I gotta work tommorow,so nighty night all.

Ohhhh. Dig this patriotic moment.

Y'know what? Fuck GD-P tonight. The trolls and attention-seeking bigots don't deserve even our ire.

I'm Too Excited To Sleep.

Jockomo feno na na nay, jockomo feena nay.

The Papelbon.

For my 15,000th post: Thank you to all those DUers who


I just noticed the date. One month and one day until my birthday.

Ice Cream!

If OJ is facing hard time now, can he safely requisition the return of his bloody gloves?

WOW!! I have 191,233 posts in a little over one year! Where has the time gone? n/t

It's almost 5:00 am here.

After a long night of karaoke, I'm looking for some high quality brain bleach...

BREAKING NEWS - Verdict in OJ Simpson case - Guilty on all 12 charges

The bar is open!

What does it mean when you ask out a girl....

We have Fri night pic threads, why are there never any ***Sat morn puking hangover threads***

So, my brother's liver cancer is terminal

Your Tampa Bay Rays....

I am still here in Boulder CO

How much trouble could a person get into for reporting a bank robbery when it isn't technically one?

Mind if I call ya Joe?

Hmm... in ancient Abrahamic religious tradition, Yahweh was 'he who must not be named'.

It's so cold here this

The Beach Boys with The Grateful Dead...yes, that's right.

Fictional White House Novels

Saturday Photo break: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Saturday Photo break: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Last night, when I was in Target, some woman was touching every Obama DVD

Can anyone explain why you'd want to display 72 golf balls???

Specs, Panic!!! Dreams, and Plane Crashes, OH MY

My New (Old) Vespa

In honor of those who own vans

All-Star Jam/Tribute/Whatever Concerts: Questions

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Is there a full moon tonight? WTF is with all this bashing; gays, religion, women, unwed teens, etc?

Why did the headless horseman go to college?

Ahhh...the good old days when men helped with housework

A story of men and their toys.

ROFL! Classic Freudian slip at Rapture Ready

Would you buy a techno song called "F-U-C-K B-U-S-H"?

Water fall from sky last night

I have to admit

I found Joe six-pack

I will never have long hair again.

What do you call a kitty who's about to die?

How does that fucking Buddy list work ????

MagicJack: most disappointing computer peripheral ever?

Fuck, I have hiccups.

Do you like big ones?

My 249th Thread

Palin sex tape, funny as hell.

I just met someone I drank with from my home town and now we both have PTSD flashbacks

Caption Chertoff....

obamaware- fun fundraiser. interesting work.


OJ Simpson will be on the prison football team

Post an optical illusion

LOLcats in a Soda Pop!:

Who do you think will win this year's World Series?

this look almost killed me

I'm in love with this little cat:

DU Moderators ROCK! (Dialup Warning)

Has everyone who lived along the Gulf Coast checked in, everyone should have their power back.

People familiar with the Atlanta, GA airport: Any good restaurants / coffee

My cat is watching "Primeval". The saber tooth cat episode...

Why stop at the Damned? POst your favourite punk tunes from 1973-1983

What's the biggest bug in your part of the world?

How were the SAT's?

I drove a car!

I'll be back in a few hours; in the meantime, could you rockin' MacBook experts solve a problem

NYC area DUers - which museum/attraction would you recommend?


March of Shame

I met Ethel Kennedy!

Most of the time, I can't stand the group "Kiss" but...

How am I supposed to take my favourite coffee on a plane (for a gift or somethign) when they do this

may be offensive.....who finds this racist?

This is the newest member of our pack


I've got my pistol point 'n cocked, ready to lay shots non-stop until I see your monkey ass drop!

Lounge: Motivate me to make this Pizza, please!

Ticketmaster is SUCH a ripoff.

Clove oil is truly a wonder from the Gods.

You know what? Just fuck it.

Folks I am Finally at Home....Finally..

I just got an e-mail saying that some new legislation was passed on 9/25,

damn, vanderbilt just beat auburn...last time was 1955..they're undefeated!!!!

Repent or else!

Would this T shirt be inappropriate to wear to work?

Unbelievable, my cable service can no longer carry CBS...

OMG, its Little Bill O'Reilly LOL!

Alert: SNL doing the Biden/Palin debate. n/t

Is DU getting slow and clunky? Are we on Defcon again?

Why did you start posting on DU? Why did you come to the lounge?

FYI, I am PUI from this point on tonight...

Lisa is possibly the sweetest person in the world. Thomcat needed help moving

i got my halloween costume today

Short girls - ever think men may think you're underage?

I gave up on forgiveness years ago.....

I love October, Halloween, and fall stuff in general.

Art ennui

My boobs.

Jesus Jokes....I need a laugh

My feet hurt and running sucks.

AAAAH THERE WAS A FIREFIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!! (post insanely powerful movie scenes)

The calendar must be wrong...or maybe I slept for two weeks...or...

What does it mean when you ask out a girl...

Attn: Parents with young children. I need suggestions...

If you were to make a 169% change in your life, what would you do and how would you do it?

Dudes, I am having a major female identity crisis...

You know yer drinking to budget when it's a 1.5 litre bottle of wine for $15!

Am I the only one who doesn't get the humor of Phil Hendrie?

Sometimes I hate being married to a smartass.

Greatest Screen Vampire

I love the moon in its crescent phase --- how about you? Moon preferences?

So apparently it’s legal for a company

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 10/4/2008)

My mother was just taken away by ambulance.

Why do we revere William Jennings Bryan?

Wife and I are taking a trip to BOSTON.

Allah jokes... I need a laugh.

Last night, when I was in Target, I noticed that some asswipe

Kitten Picture of the day for Saturday October 4

Indianapolis 500 Winner and Two Others Indicted on Tax Evasion Scheme

Image: Like Mother Like Daughter?

Baby Bunny has a crush on a boy from school, and she thinks he likes her, too.

Baby Bunny has a crush on a boy from school, and she thinks he likes her, too.

WOOHOO!!! Ohio State beats Wussconsin inside Camp Randell


Caption this pic

Some comments about the past couple of days on DU.

NYT columnists give Palin both barrels

Some DUer's have proven that even attacking a six-year-old girl is not off the table.

A shout-out to one of the kindest people I have ever met on the internets: ronnykmarshall

County election offices may be getting overwhelmed with voter registrations?

10/4 ELECTION MODEL (TIA): Obama STATE aggregate projection(52.6%/354EV) lags NAT'L Avg (54.6%/? EV)


HEY, KATIE!!! Did Sarah ever "bring 'em to ya?"

Nader/Gonzalez: "Open the Debates"

My 13 year old grandson just coined a new word ...

The winner of the election will be determined late Sunday when the Box Office numbers come in.

Steady People...This is their Push...Steady and Ready

Send the freepers some anti-psychotics; they think McCain could win- wait for it:

Ironic Quote of the Day

I highly recommend EVERYONE go see Bill Maher's documentary Religulous.

She winks, she blinks, she stinks - protest pics

A note to people disgusted with DLC policies who are thinking of sitting it out or going 3rd party

The VP Debate: Biden Was Fantastic – Palin was… Palin

I think I figured out why I haven't seen many McCain yard signs.

Palin Around with Traitors

Its no longer about Obama just winning

I'm just going to say it: John McCain is a fucking coward.

Obama surprises Democrats in NC with an unscheduled appearance

I am a heterosexual married Democrat who stands up for gays. What is

I just spent 3 hrs phone-banking for Obama! I'm all charged up!

Palin's debate flowchart

Confirm registration - YES! Straight-party voting - NO!

Photos: The Boss performs at a free outdoor concert in Philadelphia in support of Obama

Ignorance at its worst!

Has McCain let it get too far?

3.08% of the total electorate in 2004 were LGBT voters who voted for Kerry

Biden Explains Debate Moment Where He Choked Up

Tom Brokaw is John McCain’s Pimp

Scranton Bishop To Demand Catholics Vote McCain/Palin

DO Yourself a Favor and Watch David Letterman's Edit of Palin's Debate - Must See!

Why did the NYT do the Ayers story?

ABC News Exposes Palin Lie (on Sudan)

Text Sarah Palin a Question to a giant Billboard Right Outside to her Live California Event

ATTN: Lurking Freepers, Corner bloggers, etc... re: Ayers & Wright

McBush wants to bring up Ayers we can talk Gordon Liddy, Rezko - keating five, Wright - Hagee

you know, i almost hope we don't reach 60 seats in the senate

Public funding limits pushed McCain out of Michigan

You do understand that Palin is running while ignoring a legal subpoena?

Obama Everywhere USA! Watch the video!!!!!!!!!! COOL!

As we descend into McCain's 30-day desperation shitstorm against Obama, remember this:

Palin failed to pay taxes on her per diem payments

Doctors Back Obama-Biden

Fuck it if the stupid people like her - Annihilate her! NOW

Obama campaign hits Palin on "shameless attack," questions her reading comprehension

Who do you think McCain should have chosen for his VP and why?

It's looking good. I'm feeling hopeful. And all I can think is:

Sarah Palin can not speak English (MoDo)

I am sick and tired of the debates already...I want to vote NOW..I am tired of the conflict

Palin - Women Who Don't Support Palin Will Burn In Hell

NYT: Who You Callin’ a Maverick?

Wasilla area Pastor: Palin's lack of economic sophistication "not important, God is our provider"

My word/def made the front page of Colbert's Wikiality!

I live in hell.

When has going negative really ever worked?

Anyone else think the Ayers issue is a total non-starter for regular folks?

Post a popular song that best represents any decade you want.

MSNBC: McCain now leads in Virginia

Senator McCain:

Fred NAILS it - "Electing a Head Case"

Sunday News Shows

Could use some help with this Arkansas poll on the debate please:

Tina Fey managed to get stuff in that wasn't even said in the debate-like the hunting wolves,

Obama is to Han Solo as...

Is Palin the Antichrist?

Faux News all about Voter Fraud!

Where were the VP Candidates 20 Years ago? Find out.....

Little help please? I've been receiving this video a LOT. Help me refute it.

What A Landslide In The Making Looks Like

Poll: Palin more likeable, but Obama/Biden gets the votes

I am making a bold prediction, John McCain will go negative this last month

Obama 7 points down...

Obama Camp responds to McCain-Palin's accusations!

Just read the debate transcript and imagine that Sarah Palin was a man.

McCain enabled Russian oligarchs' takeover of Montenegro: The Nation

Media Doing a Pretty Good Job of Calling Bullshit on McCrypt-Phalin's Disgusting Obama-Ayers Smear

Ugh!! My brother and sister in law are voting for McLame!! Help me convince them not to

The person playing Biden on SNL SUCKS!!!!!!

Voting for a supporter of abortion rights amounts to endorsing “homicide.”

Ok, are Palin's handlers so stupid they never told her its not ok to wink on the podium ?

Sarah Palin is an "insult to Hillary, an accomplished intelligent woman."

GOP dread: Dems could hit 60 Senate seats -"looking increasing plausible"

Newsweek Pummels Palin Pretty Good -- Chauncey Gardiner from "Being There" meets Marge from "Fargo"

DU, in your honest opinion

"Good thing Palin didn't blow a kiss at the camera or Lowry might have fucking fainted."

Hey Sarah Palin song

The woman is a calamity and a dangerous liar: Palin says Obama is 'palling around' with terrorists

I just saw a negative ad against Obama from a 527 group called veterans for freedom.

Biden cancels weekend events due to MIL illness

I still can't believe it--we score ONE more formerly red swing state and we win?!

GOP dread: Dems could hit 60 Senate seats

Caption this one:

Obama to preempt McCain assault

FRAME: "Is Sarah Palin hiding out in the same bunker as Dick Cheney?"

"A marriage should be between two unwilling teenagers."

With a Month to Go in the General Election (OBAMA ART ENCLOSED)

So they want to talk about William Ayers and Reverend Wright, huh?

Jane Pauley campaigned for Obama in Anderson IN 10/2

The Repukes are shooting their Swiftboat wad too early ...

Thank you SNL for callin' out Joe!!!!

Photoshop or not?

Queen Latifah as Gewn Ifill, her expressions at "Palin" were hilarious

Does my lead look fat in this dress?

2 minute Obama Ad BEFORE SNL

Am I wrong not wanting to watch SNL tonight?

Obama preempts McCains attacks...says McCain "erratic in a crisis"

Pictures of Obama that I took at a recent Elko rally

Hillary on McCrypt: "He's not a maverick. He's a mimic."

Here we go, my friends -- Live from New York!

Word Association: Sarah Palin

When Tina Fey on the SNL Debate parody

So, mcPOW is Pimping Out Palin

"For all you Joe 6-packs doing the drinking game at home

The best Swiftboat material against McCain is his first wife ...

SNL!!!! NOW!!!!nt

Seriously, name some turds McCain hangs around with...

I'll tell you what I'm thankful for....

Beware the Wounded, Cornered Animals: McCain and the Repugnants

Frank Rich: Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain (Finally someone mentions the med records!)

PALIN: 'Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime'

Revelations about McCain in a letter from a UC professor

Cross posted from GD: Send it to everyone you know...Republican Roots of the Subprime Crisis

Palin Tax Returns Released

Anyone notice an expolsion of anti-Obama 527s on TV?

Post-debate, Palin power putters out - Agence France-Presse

Rolling Stone on John McCain "Make-Believe Maverick"

Talk about desperate -- Palin to campaign in NEBRASKA!!!

Return of the Jedi

One question for y'all...

Well, She Brought Up Ayers Again...Logically, Rev. Wright Will Follow Soon. Time To Bring Up The

John & Sara play dress-up in preparation for the inaugural ball.

reminder - read rolling stone's feature on John McCain in the latest issue here:

Ok, I said I was not going to talk about HER

Uh-oh. The online sex offenders registry says there's one in my neighborhood.

So, the Democratic presidential nominee was accused of being a terorrist today by the GOP VP nominee

PA Tracking Poll: Obama 51(+1), McCain 39(-1)

Sarah Palin should be held accountable like any other misogynist for her display of sexism Thursday

I agree it's time to take the gloves off and really attack Caribou Barbie

U.S. Fiscal Crisis Seems to Have Altered Political Map

If they IM'd: Sarah Palin and Team McCain...

Anyone here sign up for the Obama Minute campaign donation on Oct 6th?

Alaskans React to the Debate…with Boos and Laughter!

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart... HAH!

I figured it out. I knew I've seen Palin before on SNL

If you could write a letter to Senator Obama that you thought he would read, what would you write?

Non Obama Group Please Do this Anti-Palin Ad ASAP!

Have a beer with? Likable? Friendly? Seductive?

Mudflats Blog - McCain Palin Rally vs. Obama Biden Rally in Anchorage!

Someone has to say it: Sarah Palin herself - and her ilk - are the terrorists.

Bill Maher: McCain's Desperation Strategy-- "I'm the White Obama"

I apologize for my state you guys... this is so embarrassing.

Idiots. You know who?

John McCain On Economy - 1/2008 - "We Are Better Off Overall" - Brags About Supporting Bush Tax Cuts

A Train Metaphor

Who exactly is Sarah Palin running against?

Why is McCain taking the weekend off 30 days before the election?

Palin can

Biden re. Obama on top-level bailout call: "He was in total frigging command!"

Obama Attacks McCain's `Radical' Health Plan; Campaign Sharpens

When your political opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch

What are Franken's chances? Seriously

What Obama Should Bring Up at Tuesday's Debate Re: What Led to Bailout

This is my biggest concern, right now McCain & the GOP are going to turn this campaign really dirty.

Hm, "technically" John McCain 'pals' around with people who torture Americans..

I don't want to brag but Joe Biden just sent me an e-mail

Some red states now pink. Some pink states now blue.

Republicans in the Wilderness for Years to Come?

Will the timing of the Bail Out Help McCain change the topic?

Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain

Barack Obama in Newport News, VA today @ 1pm

Breaking: Todd Palin To Testify In Troopergate Investigation

McCain's Tax Returns Hide Gambling

What I'd like to see in Obama's next ads...

So once Barack/Joe smokes 'em on Nov. 4, where you going to post besides DU to confirm a New Day?

"I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions."

Todd "Secessionist Supporter" Palin plans interview in Troopergate probe

Sarah Palin's youngest daughter isn't so nice

Gloves need to come off...

McCain vows to take the "gloves-off" in campaign against Obama

A Thousand George Bushes. A thousand Dick Cheneys.

McCain should take note, Franken takes 1st lead in polls because of attack ads

McCain Campaign's Ad Spending Now Nearly 100 Percent Devoted To Attack Ads

So if mccain is soooo patriotic and all

MSNBC: Biden beats Palin by 26 points in favorability

Desperate McCain

I consider Palin a dangerous fascist.

Hey DU!

"Get Fuzzy" comic strip: McCain's campaign strategy

Economic Unrest Shifts Electoral Battlegrounds - Obama at 260 EVs. Six tossups. (NYT)

McCain down in the polls? Where's Phil Parlock when you need him?

Is this a cause for concern? Re: Voter registration discrepancy on birthdate

Polls: 60-seat Senate majority possible

Post Debate TOONS (The bar is gosh darn gee willikers low!)

The Reason you will not see Palin doing interviews and Sunday Talk

Mc Cain Palin No ideas, no soloutions, no respect and no class. nt

Obama's Tax Cut v. McCain's Tax Cut - Why Obama's Is Much Better

After listening to Palin I went to the post office & picked up a bunch of registration forms &

GOP hack on CNN blaming minority homeownership for the economic collapse

I get the sense Biden is a wonderful family man

QUICK! I need a list of Obama's accomplishments. I'm on deadline! Please help!

WAIT A GOD DAMNED MINUTE: There is more proof that Palin literally sleeps with a traitor to the USA

*** DU THIS AOL POLL *** (AOLers Rejecting Baseless Attacks Against Obama)

Pictures from Obama's Newport News (VA) rally today in local paper.

Anarchist Sarah, the BOMB THROWER

Has any of the MSM shown the Rev. Muthee "witch clip" or mentioned the secession connection?

World Class Palin Parenting...

Franken bypasses Coleman as voters react to attack ads

Some completely random thoughts on gays, lesbians, Obama and the election

An Apparent Flip-Flop On Gay Rights

"Change" vs "Country First"

the forces battling for Sarah Palin's soul:

Do you think if Murdoch subsidiaries (Fox News, New York Post, WSJ, etc...) keep pushing the meme

I think she is a conehead--that hair do is designed to hide the cone

Maybe we shouild look for Commie bastids that McCain or Palin have worked with

WaPo: McCain plans to abandon talk on the economy, focus entirely on personal attacks.

Palin's Attack On Obama's Patriotism Legitimizes Questions About The Palins' Association With AIP.

Obama should totally ignore Sarah Palin with her gloves off

Debate analysis: Palin spoke at 10th-grade level, Biden at eighth

McCain TOONS: Picture of leadership he ain't

The Ayers lies, the Hockey Mom, facts, and how to win this election.

McCain pulls out of Michigan- only 49 more to go!

VIDEO A (Belated) Happy Anniversary, Barack and Michelle

IMO Obama will hold McCain accountable for Palin - not focus on her because she is

Change We Need Rally with Barack Obama

Thanks Bush/McCain - California Needs Emergency $7 Billion Loan To Meet Payroll

Sarah Palin Unleashed; Thank You Very Much

Okay, the bile is now flowing freely from Palin and whatshisname, but....

My Yard Signs Were Stolen Yesterday

Obama VS McCain the Vetting Process

Sunday talk show lineup for October 5 (Wow! No Sarah Palin... again...)

Biden in Richmond???

For grins, I flipped the radio over to Hannity for a few minutes a couple of times this week.

Let's Make A Deal: Have Obama offer McCain $5 million if Palin goes on Meet The Press with Biden

Palin today on Obama: "This is not a man who sees America as you see it and as I see America."

If you have a kneejerk reaction to the word Florida, skip this thread

Seperated at Birth? Todd Palin and the Villan in Dirty Harry 1

Am I the only one Pissed Off that Palin conciders taxes unpatriotic?

This explains a lot: m$m Stand To Receive $1.44 Billion From McCain’s Tax Cuts»

MSNBC explains Trig Palin's ability to sleep thru being passed around at deafening rallies

Given the approaching town hall, let's look back

GASP! Obama is down 3 and McCain is up 4 on Intrade!!

Palin's Attack On Obama Legitimizes Questions About The Palins' Association W/Secessionists

Damn - I should have book-marked it !!!

Sarah Palin, is Just Joseph McCarthy in Lipstick and High Heels

Are you Joe/Jane Six-Pack?

The target, according to McCain, was in 'a heavily populated part of Hanoi.' Heavily populated

Conservative blogger gives reasons why he's leaning towards Obama

Someone Is Knocking On Your Closet Door McCain

More on Taxing Sarah Palin’s Per Diem

WaPo Front Page - Not-So-Fake.

“So far, Ms. Palin has it exactly, frighteningly wrong.”

In 2005 Alaska received $1.84 for every $1.00 in Federal Taxes

One of the many reasons NC will be BLUE

If you were wondering how the rest of the world would vote, given the chance

Slightly optimistic, I think n/t


Is the "bailout" just about Bush kicking the can down the road?

Palin aces Fox News open-book make-up test on Supreme Court (video)

You might have missed this. Don't. Short video - "Sarah Palin's Fight Song"

Sarah's loathesome invocation of Ayers today is not merely "Appalling", it's....

Differences between 2004 and 2008 that make election rigging alot less feasible:

That's it , I am so proud that my State (Florida ) will be sealing the deal for Obama

Post 9/11, Palin throws "east coast elite" under the bus

John McCain: "I've always aspired to be a dictator" Video. Help make this go viral NOW!

we're to believe that McCain is a foreign policy expert,

Awesome Generation for Change Yes We Can song

So what is Sarah Palin's wink supposed to mean?

"I'am as healthy as the economy!" mclame claims after his physical -- LOL

NC ballot for "straight party" does NOT include presidential race.

Obama Says His Attack on McCain Health Care Plan Is 'Personal'

When will the dog ate my voter registration excuses start?

Before everyone gets too pissed off about Palin have a look at this

It wasn't the wink that scared me, it was the sneer. . .

Does anyone have a winking and a non-winking photo I can combine into an animated GIF?

March 24, 1987: "McCain's a wimp," Keating replied. "We'll go talk to him."

***HERE WE GO***Networks Nervous Over Election Night Exit Polls

When you see a McCain/Palin sign in your neighborhood, what is your reaction?

Baracktoberfest Pub Crawl and Voter Registration Drive (10/5-10/6)-KS

So with McCain/Palin's new "Schmidthead" attack mode, are they stuck in the past?

When she winks, its like she's winking right to me.

My 8 year old just said this to me:

We're gonna win PA...on the streets of Philly today

Why don't states with multiple time zones establish uniform voting periods?

The Politics of Self-Destruction

Larry Flynt Promises To Exploit Sarah Palin

Obama campaign on McCain's attempt to change the subject from the economic crisis

Minnesota ad spending

I got my first snail mail ad! :)

McCain pull out in Michigan? "I promise I won't come inside you." Part II

God, Guns, and Lipstick - pics

What our political system needs is BALLOTAGE in presidential elections

I would like to know how split-screen viewers' VP debate assessment varied


Al Franken seems to have moved ahead considerably in MN

McCain's Risk-seeking personality defect & big ties to lobbyists:

Does Todd palin and his Native Alaskan blood give him and his family

PLEASE COPY AND FORWARD: Palin and fallen angels

MCain does not have a month to turn things around.

Dig a Pony

Biden’s Unified Theory of Biden


Biden reeled in an undecided neighbor of mine!!!!

Does anyone have a friend/ family member who LIKES Palin?

What's the possibility of "Osama" delivering a tape to Al-Jazeera before 11-4-08 ?

utube video: McCain's early improprieties (gambling, flip flopping, etc)

Obama endorsed NO on Prop. 8 -- in other words, YES to marriage equality in California

McCain 45%, Obama 51%

Let me get this straight.....

self delete - dupe

So how did that smear attempt by the swiftboat-book guy go?

OMG Boehner's ad in Ohio

McCain's Tax Returns Hide Gambling

Obamamania hits the Runway during Fashion Week

New website with good anti-Palin background material:

Palin Attacks Obama's Character: "He's Palling Around With Terrorists"

*** Saturday TOONs: Palin, Bailout ***

Anyone know the rules for the next presidential debate?

Pathological Liar Sarah Palin LIED about Sudan

Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 51, McQuit 39

Anyone got their Obama T-shirts?

Terms I'm sick of hearing...

Obama's other running mate: a basketball; Shooting hoops has become a key ritual of his campaign.


If I know Obama and his campaign, he's been preparing for the return of Ayres/Rezko/Wright...

Prepare to hear Ayers, Wright, 'whitey,' 'bitter,' Muslim etc nonstop for the next 30 days

I don't want to brag but Michelle Obama just sent me an e-mail

John McCain's dad died at 70 of a heart attack. His grandfather died at 61 of a heart attack.

University of Arizona: Stundents For McCain

Rasmussen Daily Tracking ~ Obama 51% McSame 45%

Can you look at this and NOT smile?

Palin Quotes Reagan Opposition To Medicare (in national security closing remarks)

RightWing Cheerleaders unwittingly helping us out. Keep it up!

Reagan, Clinton, and Palin? Dick Morris, Palinist, Idiot of the Year

Debate advice for McCain as he retreats to Sedona

Republican Stormtroopers, the Dark Side of the Force,

My Obama/Biden signs got here today!

The Michigan pullout could be a ruse for free publicity and hype.

McCain & Palin Hold Joint Press Conference

Palin says Obama 'palling around' with terrorists

26 reasons Obama does not have a woman problem...

Biden, Palin and that pesky marriage thing

NYT: Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin's Role Model

Obama goes after McCain's health care plan,calling it "radical"

Rachel Maddow nails Grampy McBush's single greatest weakness: "the amount of tape"

Is it time?

Rally.....1100 Women for Obama

Sarah Palin Pals Around W/The Treasonous Alaskan Independence Party. Her Husband's A Member

For all who did not believe it try and see the who the GILF is


Just had the most excellent visual after Obama wins

Sarah Palin: Friend of Joe Drunk-driver

Springsteen Adds More Obama Dates

Campaign Floundering, McCain Retreats to Arizona Ranch

Time for a 527 Keating Five ad

When you don't have command of the facts and your opponent does, obfuscate, obfuscate, obfuscate.

Sarah Palin supporters are STUPID!

McCain lost the corporate media. His negative campaign attacks won't work

Sending good thoughts to Jill and Joe Biden; Jill's mom is very ill.


I Found the Website for the video to the Springsteen Obama Rally in Philly Today

Palin becomes irrelevant; McCain prepares his endgame

WATCH: Bruce Springsteen Live in Philly at Obama rally

What Liberal Media?

caption McSame and baby

Get used to saying President Obama.

The Deadly Final Attack...

We are all being set up ... watch this short video... we are being played

Email I rec'd today, need good rebuttal -

"Flop sweat smells like fear"

Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

Watch Brian Williams (yes, that one) and Letterman discuss Palin.

You do know that if we were living in non threatening times, people

Nice, Jamal Simmons an Obama Surrogate is doing a great job on Fox

I'm kind of surprised when it comes to the lack of wide discussion of Palin/Sexism in US...

A confession--I'm one of those Independent Voters.

Expect Obama to Open up a Decent Lead in Minnesota Tomorrow

The Scarlett O'Hara candidate

This is scary (healthcare debate)

An interesting story about Jim Piccillo former bank VP

Ridiculous Article From Time Magazine: Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin

Why I think McCain's negative campaign strategy will fail.

I hope that someone is recording what Bruce Springsteen is

When the VP debate became a bad joke

Does anyone have the video clip of McGramps going "Haah?" in that speech yesterday

Obama Has Now 44 Offices In North Carolina

I helped my elderly relative cast her absentee vote today.

Queen Latifah to play Gwen Ifill on SNL tonight

Sarah Palin’s Book Banning, and Why It Matters


Why is Sarah Palin ripping off Jesus?

Big Presidential Vote Count Error Found and Fixed in New Mexico

Dittoheads rejoice! You got your coveted Bill Ayers story.

The 2008 Presidential Candidates' Health Reform Proposals: Choices For America

Obama in VA, on health care: It's not that McCain doesn't care, "I just think he doesn't know"

The families on the stage after the debate

If Bin Laden Is Caught Or Killed Before The Election By *Co......

Biden Cancels Events Due To Family Illness

Look before you leap into McCain's idea of health coverage

on cnn's map on tv just now they're showing michigan as a tossup state

My "Christiane Amanpour on Real Time" Rant.

Very Interesting Polls

John McCain's Health Plan - Don't Get Sick in America

I hate the bailout bill, but if it had to happen, I'm glad it happened now

Updated numbers Religulous and American Carol tied for Friday



PA: Obama up by 12 in current tracking poll

AP: Bush cancels plan to set up a diplomatic post in Iran to prevent damage to McCain's campaign.

Gallup Daily (10/4): Obama 50% (+1), McCain 42%

Why pull out just in Michigan? McCain is losing in several other states just as bad.

Dems suspicious of McCain pullout - Obama camp sticks to Mich. game plan

Pitchfork Media: Meghan McCain does not understand sarcasm (VERY FUNNY)

"We can...look forward to the Times' 2,100-word piece on the Keating Five now, right?"

My friends, the biggest loser in this election will be the American people

Which voting machines were RIGGED in Michigan??? Let's start a list

Today's College Football Thread

Troopergate "created some desperation among McCain campaign officials and their lackeys."

They Say the Convert is the Most Passionate

I've never seen looking so good for our guy!

Is McCain about to give up MO too?

Veteran assaulted protecting McCain/Palin sign..hmmm I get it Phil Parlock!

Gallup 10/4: Obama 50, McLame 42; 1 pt. post-Caribou Barbie debate bounce...FOR OBAMA!!

CNN Polls of Polls: Obama leads by 6 in NH, by 10 in Pennsylvania


Obama and some guy he barely knows

Hey All You Slackers!

The terrifying ignorance of the Palin-bots

If John McCain can’t salute the flag, how is it that he can pat himself on the back?

Has Anyone Seen Phil Gramm Lately?

Leading Michigan Republican: McCain "A general who left the battlefield in the middle of the fight!"

A US senator and the Democratic party's nominee was accused of "Palling around with Terrorists!"

Seriously? How many voters don't all ready know about Rev. Wright and all the other garbage?

Overheard in my small town's diner. Disappointing.

WaPo: "GOP Strategists Whisper Fears Of Greater Losses in November"

Obama to make statement

Today's College Football Thread

What Time to Show Up for Obama Rally?

*****OBAMA LIVE NOW***** Newport News, Va!

The Boss

Palin's daughter found shooting the bird at a kid she doesn't like for some reason

My election prediction

Happy Octoberfest!! What a wonderful day for Obama and the Democratic Party!!!

Once Obama is safely elected, what will you do?

Health Care Plans Better Explained (Obama/McCain)

Great new Obama ad going after McCain's healthcare tax

Hail Mary pass, my ass. It's intentional downing.

A maverick is a cow.

Ode to Sarah Palin...courtesy of Meredith Brooks....

Your VOTER FRAUD primer-95 cases nationwide in 5 years--70 convictions

The Maverick has a new campaign slogan out

Neither FDR nor Truman nor Kennedy Championed Civil Rights

3 things everyone should know about John McCain and.....

Don't Vote

Hre's an interesting viewpoint I forgot to mention:

If you need something to hack to pieces this Halloween..

OMG!....A Proposal from FReeperville...Scary

Post Debate - No Palin Bounce

Obama Campaign Statement on McCain Strategy of Distracting from the Economy

"Oh Joe, you keep looking backward" - yes Sarah, I can see McCain would like voters to FORGET

Tundra Trash.

Wright, Ayers Make Appearance In Conservative Group’s New Ad

Watch out for this...

Sarah Palin reminds me of . . .

Rasmussen: Who won the debate? Biden 45% Palin 37%

Dole survey

New Planned Parenthood ad - Heartless toward rape survivors

This is just breath-takingly beautiful!!

The Narrative: Blacks and Gays primarily responsible for Bail-Out

How nervous does the Bradley effect make you?

"John McCain is 'Mobbed Up'?" McCain's possible ties to the Mafia need study.


How can Obama innoculate himself from the coming attacks?

R2K Tracking Poll Saturday: O52, M40

Obama Breaks 50% in Average

Are you ready for the "Swift Boating"?

I know why McCain takes the weekends off


“Alaska is like a microcosm of America”

"Todd and I, we'd be happy to get to Michigan" WTF

So McCain plans to take the gloves off.....

Anyone's opinion of Katie Couric change after the Palin interview?

Gov. Palin, leave your friggin' sexism at home

Obama Ad: "One Word" (VIDEO)

Will the OJ verdict change the outcome of the election?

I'll have to get "back to ya" on that Palin bounce! (Wink, Wink!)

NY Times: McCain displays Game Plan:

I pledge to email one Letter to the Editor before the weekend is out

Sarah Palin is setting herself up for 2012

McCain wants to talk about candidate's "associations." Let's start with Charles Keating.

SNL Doing The Debate Tonight

What "Failed Policy Of The Last 8 Years?" - A Republican Tells All Of Us Lazy Dems - To STFU...

New Obama/Anti-McCain Ad: Largest Middle Class Tax Increase In History

GOP, Democrats battle in Pa. over voter dress code

It's not being complacent. It's being confident and going for a blow-out of epic proportions

Rasmussen Debate Poll: Biden 45%, Failin 37%

Salon: The Dumbing Down of the GOP: "Why aren't more conservatives disgusted" over Palin nomination?

It Will Be Up To Us & Obama (Please God) To Get Our Country Back.

The 21st Century "Bradley Effect" - The "Dumbass for Picking Palin Effect"

Derrick Jackson has convinced me - it's over

Reasearch 2000 poll Obama 52 McCain 40

Hey Michigan DU'ers--how's the news of McCain's pull-out playing over there?

Gary Shandling on Real Time with Bill Maher...

My best friend and my other best friend!

Biden Should Own "Call Me Joe".

Ras (R) POLL: Biden Wins Debate (45% vs. 37%).

Dick Cheney, Role Model (NYT Editorial)

Who's watching the Daily Kos Research 2000 tracker?

That Time Again! What Cheesy Prop Will McCain Use On Tuesday's Townhall?

Thanks McCain for Delaying The Credit Bailout - Auto Sales Plunge In September

Why its important to keep "HOPE" alive.

What's the smallest popular vote margin that will ensure Obama an electoral vote win?

Who wants this to be close? Why?

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/3/08 - Obama 51, McCain 45 (McCain up 1)

"Can I call you Joe?"...Was this a Rovian gambit to entice Biden to call her "Sarah" during debate?

McCain's "highly unusual disappearing act" to his Arizona ranch as "Palin power putters out"

I hope Barack kicks McCain's ass in the debate this week

Alaska's high court considers Troopergate appeal - Effort To Shut Down Legislature's Investigation

Really good Clay Bennett toon!

I don't think this is so far fetched: McCain's health fails

McCain (2nd debate): "Hi, do you mind if I call you a c--t?

McCain Plans Fiercer Strategy Against Obama

The Trickle Down Fallacy: Greed Takes It All!

Obama: Calm, Cool, Deliberate, and Effective. That's why he will win.

Poll: Please Choose the Most Annoying American Around Today

Obama’s Tax Plan For Dummies

Forget Palin. Can you vote?


OK, so is McCain a quitter, or what?

GOP blocking the vote again and trying to "steal" election

hotline daily tracking/ OBAMA 48 MCCAIN 41

The Palin Drag Chute

Sebelius talks to Coloradans about Barack’s plan for small businesses

McCain's last stand.

Bradley Effect, Schmadley Effect.

The goal: the Presidency and a bullet-proof Congress.....

McCain Adviser Admits That Campaign Doesn't Want To Talk About Economic Crisis

Hey, Delawarians, illinoisers (or whatever you guys call yourselves) who will

Rasmussen: Little Change in Maine, Obama by Five (and over 50%)

A Genius & Simple Snapshot of Palin's Spin

"Let Sarah be Sarah"

I don't think there's going to be an October surprise.

Rev Wright is wrong Now: It's still the Economy stupid! Why McCain can't win that way!

Obama canvassers were just here.


Discuss: I think it's unreal that folks here still discount our LGBT family members.

TOON: "The Maverick, part II"

The Obama campaign: GOTV brilliance

So McSame Is Going To Go After Obama's Character...

|s Sarah Palin insane. I mean literally seriously.

Idiot Woman On MSNBC Says Public "Hungry For sarah palin"?

Tinfoil hatters, what will be the crisis * creates to suspend the transition of office?

I understand that marriage equality is political suicide in this election.

Can we pick this apart, point by point?

Obama v McCain - Who's Got the "A-Team" for the Continuing Economic Crisis

I have a good idea for an Obama ad - reaching across party lines

"Free" Trade Costs McCain Michigan

The Nation: Sarah Palin's Debate Performance Tanked Among Women ('The Rules' Girl)

Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, and Kevin Liles are all getting out the vote for Obama!

David Letterman "gets it!"...

McCain and the RNC: Are they going broke?

(R)asmussen Maine Poll: Obama 51%(+1), McCain 46%(unchanged)

Why McCain's economic policy is WRONG

My FIL and BIL are racist assholes.

About Tuesday's town hall debate format.

Sara Palin : "a .22 caliber mind in a suitcase nuke world"

Palin on Global Warming


Karl Rove is so smart

How much of McCain's operation structure will still be in place in Michigan?

Why don't Buchanan and Wasilla DeVille just geta room and consummate this Cialis-induced erection he

Michigan fall out - McCain's action likely to cause widespread damage to GOP there

Palin DOES know about "the Keating 5":

More from Dallas Palin Protest from Codepink - videos/photos !

My Gods! Letterman is on FIRE tonight

Why homosexuality is such a threat to fundamentalist Christianity

Voter Registration Push Under Way In South Florida (Dwyane Wade to assist)

Obama gaining crucial ground: McCain "on course to lose IA and NM, both won by Bush" in 2004

More than 300K more voters registered in Va. (Surge in Richmond)

Early voting lines grow (Atlanta, GA)

"Sheepers" er' Freepers Upset about Obama Dish Channel 73

Mayor Sarah Palin--out of touch with constituents

Lake Co. GOP fights to close voting offices

The Boss will turn none away today

The fundamentals of our economy are strong?

Rasmussen 10/4 Obama 51 McCain 45

McCain's Michigan concession may mean more than you think

Obama: McCain health plan 'radical'

Debate analysis: Palin spoke at 10th-grade level, Biden at eighth - CNN

Michigan GOP Opposes McCain Pullout, Democrats Are Suspicious

More from the 7-11 coffee cup election.

Expertize? I thought you said Expert Tease

Boiling it down: Obama has 8 shots to win this race

Palin coming to Burlingame (SF Bay Area)

One month to the day, folks

Research 2000 Daily Tracking - Obama 52 - McCain 40

Pssst. Can you click your mouse?

****RASMUSSEN DAILY, 10/4**** Obama, 51% McCain 45%

If Obama is elected, here are some changes you can REALLY count on!

Shouldnt the Rasmussen daily tracking poll be up by now?

MSM notices: Independents turned off by folksy Palin

The VP stage of the election is now over. It's back to being all about the head of the ticket

McCain Plans Fiercer Strategy Against Obama - WaPo

Obama: "So John even your VP disagrees with your decisions...

R'uh R'oh...TROUBLE IN MAVERICK PARADISE: "Palin disagrees with McCain's Michigan decision"

Why I Hate Sarah

Barack Obama is "Leadership" personified.

New Title for Ms. Palin: "Governor Avon Lady" (courtesy Bill Maher) n/t

The selection of Sarah Palin demonstrates blatant cynicism of the American electorate.

Bristol to name baby after Todd's grandmother: "Trash".

I hate that woman with the heat of 1000 burning suns.

Fun speculation: After this election, will McCain retire? Will Palin get impeached?

Obama 52% to McStunt 40% ---DKos R2000 for 10/04

Wasilla Deville tried to "wink-off" America:

Last week Obama outspent McCain on tv advertising by 3 to 1- except in MN


I liked this letter in an Irish newspaper today

20 Facts about Presidential elections since 1960 I thought you might find interesting

Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald calls Obama aloof

Is it good or bad that OJ Simpson will dominate the news cycle for a couple days?

One more month.

After McSame & Failin' lose, she'll still have quite a meal-ticket.

A few notes to a friend about Palin.

I said it after the RNC, and I'll say it again--no ticket in History ever won an election...

The biggest mistake made by McGamble lately was amping Pale-in's folksiness. Independents are smart

ESPN's "NFL Live" Mocks Palin!

Palin scares the shit out of me. Why can't these people admit

Religulous 1.1 million Friday, 2,191 per theatre avg., An American Carol 1.4 friday, $854 pta

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy month!

March 22, 2007 - Obama Urges Bernanke, Paulson to Fight Foreclosures, Hold Homeownership Summit

If she's not guilty then why fight the probe?

I'm concerned that John McCain will outfox Barack Obama by

Discuss: How big a part do you think Race will play in this election?


Obama-McCain Town Hall Debate - What canned gimmicks will McCain have up his sleeves?

Advice-----from an Award Winning Social Theorist:

I missed Rachel Maddow tonight she was going to have a McCain officila on

What came across loud and clear was her disrespectful and condescending attitude.

DU this poll

KO and a comparison

OK, so it's obviously gonna get down & dirty from here on out.

DIPLOMACY RULES. That's the diffference between McBush and Obama.

Democrats close the Registration gap in Washoe Couny (Battleground NV)

13 years to the day OJ Simpson is found guilty on 12 counts

"They're ya go again Joe., lookin' to the past.."

Speaking of Mavericks, I drove one once - it sucked!

when exit polling is wrong

Debate analysis (sentence structure, grade-level, etc.)

McCain: 477 tax increases

Great Read: Dare I believe Obama can win?

Republicans' Alamo: The Race Thing

Palin running for Prez: article from The Nation

Good Night DU, it will be better in the morning

On November 5th, I will kneel and thank the Lord for giving us Sarah Palin

sarah palin is not attractive once she opens her mouth

Please let's forget about Palin NOW!

DU this Larry King Live poll:

You know the election is not far away-Georgette Mosbacher fresh out the crypt an on Larry King live

The fundamentals of our economy are...WHAT!?!?!

LOL! Ive been told by administrators that I'm out of line

Roger Ebert on the Debate. An entertaining read.

c-span2 replaying mississippi senate debate. n/t

Lock these other posts

Admire my balls, so heavy and full

Did you ever sign up for something

I turned 36 today

I'm going out with a girlfriend to have a few drinks tonight.

I just stocked up on Spam.

Has your palate changed as you have aged?

OMG!!!! I got a B on my very first college exam!!!!!

Hopefully this is not repeat - 10 year old girls speak out against Sarah Palin and for Obama

Any thoughts or comments on the O.J. SIMPSON conviction!

Here's some "Damned" for you good people on a gloomy Saturday

50 states map game? That's for wimps... Try the 45 counties map game!

Sweet Sassy Malassy! The Archivinator's broken!

McPenguin speaks in Denver

Open letter to Sarah Palin from 8-year old girl - Ban books from the Library?!!

Sarah Palin's Primer on the US Constitution - I guess she's never read it!

How to lose a TRILLION Dollars

New Rules - 10/03/08

A Mother's Promise: Barack's Biography

House Democrats On Passage Of Economic Rescue Legislation and Tatyana Ali want Indiana to Vote

Countdown: Sarah Palin is Just Like George W. Bush

New York to Pennsylvania

What's it going to take?

TYT: Fox News Bias is Hilarious

Countdown VP Debate Fact Check: Sarah Palin


No charges to be laid in detainee-injury case (Canada)

CBS News: Rating Biden v. Palin

Russian troops die in Ossetia car bomb

Bill Clinton in Orlando, Florida

Sarah Palin & Bush - best presentation ever by Keith Olbermann

Palin's exorcism.

O.J. Jury has reached a verdict

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a scumbag

Kal Penn for NC One Stop Voting!

OJ verdict

Kal Penn for Ohio!


Sarah Palin porn film made by Larry Flynt

Sarah Palin - "Pretty Vacant," Soundtrack by the Sex Pistols

Palin tax returns for 2006 and 2007 released

Olbermann - Dear Penthouse...

Obama Ad - One Word

The Sarah Palin Fight Song

Disney's Sarah Palin The Movie

Job Loss: The Price of More of the Same

Obama - Only in America

Not Just Numbers

Obama - This Land is Your Land (Bruce)

Dutch Intel: US to Strike Iran in Coming Weeks

Franken bypasses Coleman as voters react to attack ads

Cambodia warns Thailand after border clash

Khmer Rouge soldier tells of Briton's murder

Cynthia McKinney Takes 'Standing For Voters' Election Integrity Super Pledge

Debate analysis: Palin spoke at 10th-grade level, Biden at eighth

27 bodies found after suspected drug attacks in north Mexico

Real Time: Garry Shandling on Biden/Palin 'Like How Carson Used to Deal w/ Charo'

Obama Blasts McCain's Radical Health Care Plan (Today in VA)

Obamania In Brazil Elections

9/11 September Clues Complete (AUG.2008) Part 1

Al Franken - Franni

McCain Flack Inadvertently Accuses McCain Of A ‘100 Percent Lie’ On Health Care Tax Increase

Palin vs. Marge Gunderson from Fargo

Danny's song

Mel Gibson Just Removed Bill Maher From His Facebook Friends (Maher's Take On Palin In VP Debate)

Amazing Speech to Pass Around! Adam Kokesh

Howard Stern on Election 2008

The Rachel Maddow Show: Nancy Pfotenhauer Fillibusters First Appearance

Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill

A List Of Notable Mavericks (Hint: McCain Isn't One Of Them)

King George IV: "Give me 700 Billion" Nader with Bill Maher

McCain A Dictator? Is That Even Possible?

159,000 Jobs Lost in September, the Worst Month in Five Years

U.S. shelves diplomatic plans for Iran

TYT: John McCain is an Awkward Penguin

Politics scuttles plan to put US diplomats in Iran

TYT: Why Won't McCain Won't Look at Obama?

Washington's Slave Oney Judge - Drunk History

With No Plan B, House Reluctantly Passes Politically Risky Measure

"Hey Sarah Palin" (to "Hey There Delilah")

9/11 September Clues Complete (AUG.2008) Part 2

Brian Williams On The Late Show: "I'm A Maverick, And I May Not Answer The Questions Tonight"

Economic bill throws rural counties a lifeline

Obama gaining crucial ground-Polling shifts in some key states

$700 Billion Bailout LAW - YOU WERE ROBBED

$700 Billion Bailout LAW - YOU WERE ROBBED

JC Endorses McCain -The Frank Factor-

Strickland mashes McCain on economy (radio address)

Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains Significant Margin -- Lead is eight points, 50% to 42%

Bruce Springsteen Performs "The Rising" for Obama Rally!

Two US Blackhawks crash in Baghdad


Scott Kleb's Ad On The National Debt (Very Effective)

WE WILL BARACK YOU! Sarah Palin Welcome Rally

Obama gaining crucial ground

China denounces U.S. proposed arms sale to Taiwan

Franken pulls ahead in new Minn. poll

Economic Unrest Shifts Electoral Battlegrounds

Palin's winks and you betchas divide women of Florida

After Change In Tax Law, Wells Fargo Swoops In(Bid for Wachovia)

Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain

U.S. Sen. John Warner declines to endorse Jim Gilmore( might endorse Warner)

Push to put more felons on voter rolls could help Obama in historic presidential race

McCain plans fiercer strategy against Obama

GOP Strategists Whisper Fears Of Greater Losses in November

Todd Palin plans interview in Troopergate probe

Newspapers Get Complaints for DVD Ad on Muslims

Max Keiser on the Paris Summit and US bank bailout

New, controversial FBI guidelines go into effect

Massachusetts Asks About Federal Loan Amid Market Worries

McCain admits again he doesn't understand economy

McCain's pullout has GOP worried - Mich. Republicans on ballot could be affected

Reformed convict part of Petters probe

For bailout to work, housing market needs to mend

Palin hits Obama for 'terrorist' connection

Victory impossible in Afghanistan: senior British commander

Dems suspicious of McCain pullout - Obama camp sticks to Mich. game plan

Alaska Supreme Court takes up 'Troopergate' case - AP

Democrats leery of prosecutor

Springsteen rocks Obama rally in Philly; "I've spent 35 years writing about America..."

Medvedev orders security revamp after Georgia blast

(Hillary) Clinton calls McCain `mimic’ of Bush

Palin Sued for Private E-Mails About State Business

Islanders who insisted on staying died in Ike

Obama to preempt McCain assault

Babies for Barack! (The Ramones)

Palins' Assets Are Worth Up to $2.1 Million

Dick Cheney says Bush has been great for Wildlife

Biden cancels events as mother-in-law battles illness

Late Show: The Sarah Palin Debate Recap

Franken bypasses Coleman as voters react to attack ads

German bank announces collapse of 35 billion euro rescue

Stundents For McCain

Palin / Letterman video - with a polite request

Drill Drill Drill

Zimbabwe on the brink of new crisis as food runs out

Babies for Barack! (Love is All Around)

A (Belated) Happy Anniversary, Barack and Michelle

A deadly cold-weather lesson (3 die of carbon monoxide poisoning after power shut off)

No rescue in sight for what ails economy

A move to secede on California-Oregon border

Lehman Staff Gets the Shaft in Severance


A.I.G. Uses $61 Billion of Fed Loan

OJ Simpson Verdict: Guilty on all 12 counts - taken into custody

Venezuelan President Chavez announces plan to swap old cars for free natural gas models

What was AIG "insuring" for all those black budget networks?

Conason: The dumbing down of the GOP

How The GOP Rolled Back Federal Voting Rights Enforcement

A War-Crimes Trial in Florida (Time)

What About the Attorneys Who Weren’t Fired? (Washington Independent)


The Shrinking Influence of the US Federal Reserve

Bob Herbert: Palin’s Alternate Universe

A folk zero? Band of women bloggers in Alaska rally together to fight Palin

Bailout Is Capitalism Murdering Democracy

The Joe Biden Show -- Op Ed - NYT - Charles M. Blow

Is the Rescue Plan Socialism? The Far Left Says, 'No Way, Comrade' - WSJ

Government Rescue Plan Includes Bailout of O.J. Simpson

Lessons for the next war

America's century: is the sun setting on an epoch? (Sydney Morning Herald)

At Debate, Palin Admits a Candidate is Not Viable at Five Weeks

Is Palin a Tax Cheat too?

Racist Voter Intimidation in Philadelphia also shows GOP Incompetence

Pentagon Lobbies Senate to Maintain Secrecy at torture school at Fort Benning

With No Plan B, House Reluctantly Passes Politically Risky Measure

Rescue bill won't curb region's foreclosures, experts say

We Have the Money If Only We Didn't Waste It on the Defense Budget By Chalmers Johnson

Chertoff Stole My Toothpaste

The Media, Palin, and the "Great Debate"

The revolt against the punditocracy

The Stepford VP, The Worst and the Dimmest

Dick Cheney, Role Model

NYT editorial: Dick Cheney, Role Model; Palin "frighteningly wrong"

Is Venezuela taking the Cuban road?

Remember John McCain and the Keating 5?

Losing hope in Michigan

America's Credit Catastrophe

John McCain is channeling Nixon now

A Sneak Preview: How a President Palin Would Handle the 3 AM Phone Call

Palin's Tax Return Missing Travel Reimbursements

Obama on the march, as McCain embraces hardline tactics

Republican Justice & Troopergate

All smiles for Obama in the sunshine state

BBC to screen Iraq drama

Clinton calls McCain `mimic' of Bush

An American Carol Movie - 1 Star (Orlando Sentinel Review)

Palin Hits Obama For Terrorist Connection

Palin's Advice: Put MORE Vice in the Vice Presidency

What is Needed to Make the U.S. Financial Bailout a Success (Ken'ichi Ohmae in the Japan Times)

New Political Wisdom: Thou Shalt Not Go Negative Against a Comedian

Fred NAILS it - "Electing a Head Case"

Editorial: Seize this historic moment: Elect Barack Obama for president

Polly Palin the Parrot; Barbie Doll on Steroids

Naomi Wolf: Has Sarah Palin Been Picked as the Titular Head of the Coming Police State?

The End of Prosperity?

$700bn — five times Pakistan’s GDP (Reuters via Dawn in Pakistan)

TPM: G. Gordon Liddy is McCain's own radical friend...

Joe Conason: The dumbing down of the GOP

Wm. Ayers v. Todd Palin: Tales from GBA-Land

Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain

Why is the NY Times continuing to ignore McCain's "own Bill Ayers"?

Jewish ‘modesty patrols’ sow fear in Israel

Army charges soldier in murder of NCOs

Benning investigates beating of Jewish soldier

DoD civilians to fill some war-zone jobs

Tricare offers active-duty respite care

Police allege murder-for-hire in sgt. stabbing

Roadside bomb kills soldier in Iraq

Troops, families asked to grade health system

Son of VP nominee leaves for pre-Iraq training

2 suspected U.S. strikes kill 3 in Pakistan

Rabies shakes charity linking troops, dogs

Official blames leadership in GW fire review

CO: LPD 17 performing well on 1st cruise

New mortar system eyed for use in Afghanistan

127 A-10s grounded, to be inspected for cracks

2008 was deadliest year for pilots since 2002

Brake failure caused B-1B crash in Qatar

Work begins on joint combat systems school

Judge upholds KC-135 maintenance lawsuit

Recon soldiers carve out life at Hatchet

Vilseck ready for troops

U.S. troops to staff NATO base in Hungary

Navy puts hold on leasing at Naples

Cadet backtracks on rape allegation

Testimony for defense disputes rape account

Soldier sentenced for role in Iraq deaths

Military update: Catastrophically wounded gain lifelong advocates

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Make Military and Vets' Issues a Priority

Mastermind of Baghdad Bombings Killed

Rice: Nuke Deal Key to US-India Future

Homicide or Suicide?

Lethality at Half the Weight

Husband Held in Female GI’s Stabbing

One-Half Mil 'Tax Free' Goes to Sailors

Sailors Enriched by IA Deployment

Bush Signs: The World Holds its Breath

Actor Paul Newman was decorated WWII sailor

Recruitment Bonus Payouts Surge

My disability claim has been approved. It was for my years as an

Study pushes back origin of AIDS pandemic to 1908


Gay Elders' Distinctive Challenges Get Closer Look

Disasters that GLBT Americans are responsible for.

Response to my letter to the Obama-Biden campaign, and a new letter

Today is National Solar Tour Day

Drought causing Sea of Galilee to disappear (BBC video)

China lung disease 'to kill 83m'

A friend just told me about this website. . .

AlterNet: When Will Los Angeles Run Out of Water? Sooner Than You Think.

Wind and solar tax credits passed as pork on bailout bill.

Need help on endangered species & climate change

Khameini: Iran will never abandon Hamas, Haniyeh

How Deep Is The Corruption in Washington? Can you count to a TRILLION?

Favorite economists?

The New American Century: Cut Short by 92 Years

Must Read from Feb. 08: Systemic Financial Meltdown: The Twelve Steps to Financial Disaster

Today in labor history Oct 4 Thirty-seven black striking Louisiana sugar workers were murdered

GM to close Ohio SUV plant 2 years ahead of plan

Gerald McEntee originally posted on The Huffington Post: Questioning Sarah Palin

Union members ( & environmental activists) are the new terrorists?

Colorado (battleground) Businesses Join Unions to Fight Anti-Worker Ballot Initiatives

Carpenters Union Wins (free speech) As Federal Judge Throws Out $30 Million Lawsuit

CNA Launches "Heartbeat" Palin Ad, Cals On McCain To Fully Disclose Medical Records

Nebraska Park's Dept. worker saves police sargent's life during shootout

AFL-CIO Targets Union Swing Voters On McCain’s Health Care Plan

Hanesbrand to Close Nine North American Plants; Send Jobs to Asia

It is a shame more DU members don't visit the Labor forum

Colombia: wave of violence and threats against popular leaders

Bolivia doesn't need U.S. anti-drug aid, leader says

Bolivia doesn't need U.S. anti-drug aid, leader says

Critic of Chavez faces charges (Gen. Raul Baduel)

Correa Says Colombia's Uribe Won't Attend Summit in Protest

Why are the Chicago teams losing? It's all Oprah's fault!

Dodgers Cubs game three

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (October 4): The Russian Natl Champiohsip Begins in Moscow

Hey BOSS! How about those Brewers?

Can any of these 0-2 teams come back to win? -- video link

You know, I'm kinda stunned right now...

Cubs Fans Stop It

Interesting thread in GD:P

Daring to post outside the Astrology Forum

Make-Believe Maverick-Rolling Stone

The Struggle for Single-Payer -- An interview with Katie Robbins of Healthcare-NOW! (Mickey Z.)

What kinds of foods have you had success using as medicine?

Afraid of exposing your baby to mercury? Don't breastfeed

natures fireworks in the Catskills

Measurement question

Did you ever cook a meal

The 2008 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

Climate Change Deniers: “But They Are Scientists!”

Former St. Louis Priest Under Arrest for Sexual Assault

Politically Incorrect - The Meaning Of Life Show

GodTube: Sex Before Marriage, Yeah It's like That

Did the Vatican really call Democrats the Party of Death?

Muslim Black slavery - Islam slave history of Black Africa

Some pics of Obama in Newport News today

We are all being set up ... watch this short video... we are being played

Stanley Praimnath and His Amazing Desk

Holmgren and Reynolds on No Planes on 911- Exposing the Illusion

Tinfoil hatters, what will be the crisis * creates to suspend the transition of office?

Alaska’s little sister state, Texas

SOS: Hurricane Ike Voting procedures

Sarah Palin Protest Friday Oct 3rd Dallas

Debate Watch Party - Tuesday Oct 7th - Austin

Zeitgeist: Addendum.....

Congress Shelves WTC Worker Aid Bill

The real purpose of the NIST WTC reports is exposed

Politics at school

Page not found errors loading DU?

I was very impressed with Elizabeth May during the debate

Coleman in Roseau tomorrow

Interesting Coleman thought...

Franken bypasses Coleman as voters react to attack ads

Votes on Wall Street Bailout by MN Congress Members

Did anyone catch Almanac last night?

Ruh Roh, McSame inbound on Friday!!!

Al Gore showed up to endorse Franken this evening.

Michele Bachmann linked to alleged big-time swindler and Tom Petters associate

So, The UW Band has Been put on suspension and will NOT play in the OSU game

Just talked to my dad and he says they are saying if McCain wins...

rides to school at Stevens Point

further observation about McCain Palin lawn signs

Here's a great "No on 8" site. Please check it out!

Attention Bay Area sailors, the Maltese Falcon is anchored off Corinthian.

I just watched the most expensive sailboat in the world get T-boned.