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Harper's: Best of the ’08 Campaign V: Northern exposure

We live to GOTV another day! FOUR MORE TO GO!!

I just got robo-called.

PHOTO: Lancaster, New Hampshire..."Sorry We're Closed"

Iraq over before inauguration day? (20-30% chance McCain would have to re-invade Iraq?)

Obama has a Vanity Card!

"John McCain still up in the unlicensed plumber demographic..."

RFK Jr. for USAG or EPA Chief?

NYT/CBS News Poll: 59% say Palin not prepared for job, up 9 points since early October

Overheard at a local roadhouse restaurant - some people are just hopeless

Faux the Plumber is gonna have to pay more taxes.

"Joe the Skinhead is here !...Joe?...Joe? Where are you Joe?...

OSCE Parliamentarians gather in Washington for U.S. observation mission

This is what you get when you vote for a piece of shit and her sidekick.

Pennsylvania ordered to be ready sooner with paper ballots

How many points ahead in the polls does Obama have to be Monday night

There will assuredly be many good polls and a few bad polls between now and Tuesday...

Field Poll on CA Prop 8: Against 49%, For 44% (Rumored)

Field Poll on CA Prop 8: Against 49%, For 44% (Rumored)

Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff = Gettin' Shit Done

Yeah! I finally had my Obama sign stolen!!!! Now I feel like I live in Texas

Poor McCrashtest. He's being outnumbered on the trail 6 to 2. We have Barack, Michelle, Joe, Jill,

African American lesbian makes poignant plea to California Obama voters

Ahhh, I finally got Galluped tonight!

Any opinions on if we will get a Infomercial bump?

My daughter just told me about some nasty rumors going around campuses.

McCain knows how to draw a crowd

McCain-Khalidi link

McCain-Khalidi link

Crickets from DRUDGE......

John Mccain to be special guest on Saturday night Live Nov 1 apparently

Mcrash investigation about fatal 1964 car crash.

The McCain Camp Must Stop Visciously Attacking...

funny political cartoon, fiscal conservatives versus tax and spend liberals

Thoughts on Maddow- Obama interview tonight.

Palin's Theological Outlook: Spiritual Warfare Waged from the White House?

When John Boehner cries on election night, will his mascara run?

The Da Colbert Code has spoken.

Graham tries out some new material for McCains "fellow prisoners"

I just got off the phone with the local Obama GOTV people...

Does Jon Stewart like Bill Kristol? It seems like they are buds and I think Kristol is an idiot.

ABC's Match-O-Matic

ABC's Match-O-Matic

Four days: Darkness to Light

Election 08: Stealing The US Election - Leading Journo Gordon Campbell On Scoop Indy News

Is Ashley Todd working for Cindy Sheehan now?

The most vile anti-Obama editorial in America.

You know what's going to happen don't you?

International petition group Avaaz backs Obama

Mutiny at the GOP

Louisiana a "dead heat"???

Newsweek - Is McCain On The Comeback?

Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco to change his name to Chad Quatro Quatro

I do not think the "undecideds" will break for McCain

PPP Oregon Poll: Obama 57, McCain 42....Merkley is up 51-43 over Gordon Smith

A dream come true: Obama within easy driving distance from my house!

PPP Minnesota Poll: Obama 57, McCain 41....Franken up 5 Points

It's no surprise so many REPUBLICANS are dropping McCain & Palin like hot potatos.

Electoral-Vote.Com Has It Obama 375 McCain 157 Ties 6

Sarah McPalin reminds me of Summer Wheatley

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama 50.1%, McCain 43.1%

Monday Night during Steelers-Redskins, ESPN to conduct phone interviews with Obama and McCain

Wow! Mika Mouse defending Obama this morning against Joey Scab..she must have not had her vodka and

McCain is Winning -- Here is the Proof


Morning Joe: Obama made mistakes like Palin when he started his campaign for Prez

Morning Joe: Obama made mistakes like Palin when he started his campaign for Prez

This really tells you the state of the race.

"How about a hero!"

Al Gore To Campaign In Florida For Obama Today

MSNBC: McCain to be on SNL tomorrow night

Morning Dead Intern Joe: NYT/CBS Poll not reliable...

Anyone who can, watch Tavis Smiley, check it out. Former Bush strategist...

Today Show...McSame on SNL This weekend...

Just a thought about the polls tightening

Long Lines Are Early Preview in Ohio As Workers Prepare for 'All Nighter'

Long Lines Are Early Preview in Ohio As Workers Prepare for 'All Nighter'

Interviews of women just now on ABC News with Diane Sawyer...

Republican Trust

Barack In Highland, Indiana Today

Front page of The Atlanta Journal Constitution Today!

Did anyone else just hear what Morning Fuckface said a few minutes ago?

Daily Kos (Research 2000) Poll: Obama 51 (+1), McCain 45 (no change)

MSNBC: Rahm Emanuel...Obama's White House Chief of Staff?

This is what I don't understand about Obama's money shortage......

It's a dead heat in...Louisiana????

Awesome photos of Obama on the trail (Huffington Post)

Is New Mexico tied?

I love the smell of Reich-wing desperation in the morning

No mention yet of Eagleburger's comment, "Of course [Palin] isn't qualified to be President"

No Teaser For The Rasmussen Poll At Drudge...Does That Foreshadow A Good Result For Obama?

McCrap interview on GMA. One question: Why in the hell don't the interviewers ever ask

Zogby Poll: 10/31 Obama retains seven-point lead on McCain

Obama will work with repubs and DLCers. You're utterly deceiving

DKOSS/R2000 Poll: Obama 51 (+1), McCain 45 (no change)

Wednesday morning, Mika and Schmo are irrelevant

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama 50.1%, McCain 43.1%

Politico/InsiderAdvantage polls: O 48 M 48 in NC/ M 50 O 47 in MO

Ha ha, my response to freeper mail

Stu Rothenberg Speaks Truth To Chuckles Todd (VIDEO)

dupe, sorry!

McCain Tried to Sweep The Leg

take a breath. laugh a moment. we are almost there.

Scarborough is a despicable human being.

What Is The Best Thing About Mo(u)rning Joe?

What Is The Best Thing About Mo(u)rning Joe?

Will Obama seek to define " A New Liberalism For a New Century" and should that be allowed?

Undecided=Republican with a Gag Reflex...

Morning crap starring Mika & "Scar"

AP/YAHOO POLL: Obama 51 (+7), McLame 43 (+1).

PPP Final Colorado Poll: Obama 54, McCain 44

Want to know what "last throes" looks like?

Memo To Lurking Republicans

Are the pollsters starting to move the poll numbers to what they are actually seeing, or...

Joe Scar - "If I was wearing a tie today, I would hang myself"

Hannity/Coulter approaching a mental breakdown

My Ohio newspaper says results may not be in on Tuesday

Why Morning Joe is kind of a dangerous asswipe

Um...LA POLL: McCrypt 43, Obama 40.

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball as of 10/30/08


The evolution of the LA Times video story

This may not be the best solution to the financial situation...

PPP Colorado Poll: Obama 54(+2), McCain 44(+2).."Obama already Just about won Colorado"

Tho Onion Called It! 1993 flashback!

God, Country and McCain

DIAGEO/HOTLINE poll Obama 48 (same) McCain 41 (-1)

Diageo/Hotline 10/31: O 48 (unchanged) M 41 (-1)

Obama to campaign in 8 red states in the final days - no visits in Kerry states planned.

I'm feeling GOOD! How about YOU?

Red state socialism

MSNBC is at it again...

How are you going to feel on November 5?

Bob Shrum Just Pimp Slapped Dead Intern Joe

West Virginians sound off about the election and for whom they're voting

What did JTP do to become "an American hero?

Palin booed for praising Phillies in Pirates' backyard. (Video)

GOP Loses 2 Court Cases in PA - Against ACORN and to ban political shirts at polls

Circular Firing Squad Continues Within McCain/Palin Camp

Steele Campaigns For GOP's McCain

LOL! Sludge whining about reporters from Moonie Times and NY Post being tossed from Obama's plane.

The Infamous Arizona And Nevada Polls Showing A Close Race Are Two Weeks Old!!!!

Since it's inception, has any VP candidate not sat down on MTP? "Also" why

I'm in AWE of our Democratic/ Progressive Organization:Did we really get 4,000,000 people yesterday?

Is McCain running an ad for Obama

Palin and Obama will be playable characters in a video game.

I think Obama AND McCain will be on SNL on Saturday...

Well, The 527's are bringing Rev. Wright back.

Freepers try to get Creative, My response inside!

Justice Department sending out 800 observers to monitor polling

Barack Obama will be in Jacksonville, Florida, on Monday. Biden in Tallahassee on Sunday.

One Lawn Sign Down - 2 to Go!

McCain on SNL: A good thing or a bad thing?

So is Saracuda wearing one of the $150K outfits today?

"Never could I have anticipated . . . a black man being at the top of the ticket"

Hey, Republicans!

Finally someone covers Eagleburger's comments...thank you Schuster!!

Ashley Todd - What a smirking little ass.

Perfect new Obama ad? McCain: "Joe the Plumber is my role model".

cnn AND msnbc.....fuck H E R

Charlie Cook: Only "Divine Intervention" Can Save McCain

McCain scrambles to defend his home turf - heading back to AZ.

Palin is sounding like a lunatic

There they (AP) go AGAIN! Poll shows 8 pt. lead for Obama, headlines say "1 in 7 persuadable".

I'm Tired Of All The Polls...

Valerie (R?) and Sister (D?) split on Obama and McCain

Provisional & Absentee Ballot Increases May Mean Close State Contests Cannot be Called on Election N

GWU/Battleground Obama 49 (no change), McCain 45 (-1)

Just a little math

Bob Barr isn't on the CT ballot yet Nader is?

Wonders never hard-core Republican step father is voting Obama

Is Palin's son actually IN Iraq, or headed for Iraq?

AP: 1 in 7 Voters Undecided - good god, who are these people?

Recruiting a point guard

Rasmussen 10/31: O 51 (unchanged) M 47 (+1)

Obama will advertise in Arizona, North Dakota and Georgia

Calling All Ex Pats Have You Voted By Absentee?

Bush's booby traps for Obama

Get yer poll-closing times here!

Holy Crap! It is like watching Wizard of OZ!

Chuck Todd: NV not safe for Obama anymore

Three election maps-10/31/08

McFailin prove incontrovertibly they are against education in their own ad:

Ru911 pulling out all the stops.. calls Obama tax plan a ... wait for it ...

Very good sign.... McCain is campaigning Monday night in ARIZONA

Antidotes to Complacency: Four Reasons to Not Take the Election for Granted

McCain ad: Obama praised me (VIDEO)-this appears to show Obama in a good light IMHO

GWU/BATTLEGROUND poll Obama 49 (same) McCain 45 (-1)

Charlie Cook: Obama Heads For The Goal Line

"... and now also ... " Palin's shrieking her bile and mangled sentences."

Quick question: Todd Palin: Union Member? Yay or Nay?

Did you hear what Eagleberger said!?! HOLY CRAP!!

Obama campaign office in KC vandalized twice in one week

6 of 8 tracking polls used in RCP's average have widened in the past 48 hours...

Chicago/NW Indiana DUers OBAMA in Highland, IN tonight! Go to the rally then volunteer all weekend!

NC Early Voting Numbers--We are going to win here!

NC Early Voting Numbers--We are going to win here!


Coming soon to a theater near you. 'American Hero' Joe the Plumber is...

Wasilla is having a sale on rape kits

Ah-nuld in O-hi-o: Schwarzenegger to pump up Grampy's flabby poll numbers at Columbus rally today

Anyone know how to get tickets for Grant Park Tuesday night?

MSNBC just did an election day weather report.

A little more lighthearted...

Can you believe that McCain brought up the convicted Senator from Alaska?

Few things disgust me more than Palin lying her sleazy disgusting ass off about special needs

Well, Osama Bin Laden's tape should be out sometime today

Question about "Operation Chaos"

I don't get how Republicans have any support.

Ohio official says she can’t check voter database because it might crash

a great quote about the undecided voters (from the New Yorker)

If you have never had at least the URGE to call Palin the most sexist names in the book

Report on Early Voting Numbers - Links and Info

Yes, McCain, we are fighting for America...that is why we are getting rid of you

That's it, Iv'e had it. I've got a new barometer and its name is Sarah

How many of these late undecideds will actually even vote?

Mooselini / Plumber 2012 ... Image.

Report from Augusta, GA

Obama Going Up On The Air In Georgia, North Dakota, And ... Arizona!

PPP Final Michigan Poll: Obama 55, McCain 42

LATimes: Obama edges McCain in US State Dept and DOD employee donations

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/31/08 - Obama 51, McCain 47 (M up 1)

McCain just now....seriously, it's embarrassing to watch

PHOTO The most attractive couple of the campaign?

McCain/Palin are liars and stupid

Has Joe the Plumber explained why ... Obama might already have won Colorado & New Mexico.

Our FRiends will need our support after their nervous breakdowns...

IF McCain were to win, would we hear this on inauguration day?

Astounding Early Vote Numbers in North Carolina!

Things to Bring With You As You Volunteer on Election Day

Have You Guys Heard Of NewsLadder ??? - Check It Out !!!

Plouffe conference call: Buying ads in GA, ND, AND AZ in the final days

Well since my last post went over so great. I figure I would try again,

Why's McNasty hanging out with that fake plumber?

WP: An 'Idiot Wind' John McCain's latest attempt to link Barack Obama to extremism

Obama Rallies the YouTube Vote

Question about phonebanking--Your experiences?

VIDEO Sarah Palin - Giving Senior Citizens Nightmares

McCain says it again: "Senator Obiden......".

Elon Poll: North Carolinians Throwing Support To Democratic Party

Do undecided voters have a central nervous system?

Muhlenberg College Tracking Poll of PA

Get Your War On animated TOON: Chaos!

Thank you Howard Dean...

Oh yeah, make Obama supporters look closed minded--Willie!!!

Larry Sabato's 2008 Election Projections: Obama 364/McCain 174

Free desktop photo to put on a Republican's computer

Sarah Palin's 2012 Running Mate Prediction

Juan Cole: McCain Racism, Hypocrisy on Khalidi Issue

Early Voting Starts Today in Oklahoma!

I am so proud of my mom.

All three Networks said they would cover Biden's speech earlier.


New Diageo/Hotline Poll 10/31 O 48% M 41%

How Early Voting Could Cost McCain Florida - Time

Morning Call Muhlenberg 10/31 Pennsylvania: Obama 53 (-1) McCain 43 (+2)

*Volunteers* check in

OMG! OH NOES! This is gonna sink Obama!

That "Green Machine" reporter on MSNBC is an ass

Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe Defense Costs Consignment Store Their Name

I saw the dirtiest anti - Obama ad yet this morning -

Obama to run ads in Arizona !!

Buy for Obama

Checkmate in Florida

WTF is with this green machine fucker asking all black people if they support Obama cuz hes black?

12 cents per viewer for 30 minute Obama spot - Not bad!

In time for Hallowe'en: McCain the ghoulish everbody

I have one long-time account still active at FR... I think I'm going to pull a "seventhson" on them

Happy Halloween! COOK updates seven states closer to Obama

Ok, are the Syria strikes, and now the Pakistan strike a way to try to get people to vote for

Has anyone still been posting at Palin message board?

Does Joe the Dumber even realize that McCain is using him as a stunt?

White Corpuscles

On Wednesday morning, buy stocks.....

On Wednesday morning, buy stocks.....

On Wednesday morning, buy stocks.....

Sarah Palin baseball comment draws boos in Erie, Pa.

Pollster Wars!!! Stan Greenberg vs. Bill McInturff re: how the voters will break

Republican Ignorance

Barack: Will you join me on Election Night?

Obama and having republicans in his administration...

Is this election getting close enough to steal ??

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Newark, DE****

**Videos: Joe and Jill in Newark, DE 10/31 **

“Message Handbook for Progressives From Left to Center”

Early Voters Face Long Lines, Long Waits (Orlando)

1,117 lies about Obama

WHY does Sarah Palin' hate John McCain???!

Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker Michael Moore on the Election ... (

WHEN will Sarah Palin' call JOHN McCAIN out for his "associates"?

Fair warning: I am liable to call out anyone who is posting on DU on Sat/Sun between 10-4

I just voted for Barack Obama in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Ohioans !!!! Just heard on MSNBC that Obama will be visiting our state in the next few days...

Did you guys see the line in Oklahoma for early voting on MSNBC?

"She's got more experience than Sen. Biden and Sen. Obama put together."

I'm normally really upbeat, but this really has me down. Do you think this shows that we will lose?

Get your Barack-Biden T-shirt for just 5 Dollars!

Get your Barack-Biden T-shirt for just 5 Dollars!

McCain camp: We'll outspend Obama in final days

GOP Chair Under Fire For Anti-Obama E-Mail

Indiana POLL (SUSA): Obama 47, McCrypt 47

AZ-Pres: Neck and neck, and check out 2010

Former Republican SECRETARY OF STATE, and McCain supporter, says Palin isn't ready to be CiC.

Sarah Palin Poll!

Man, I could use me some of that Daily nuff....

I wish George Carlin, an Obama fan, could've been here with us...

Election day *WEATHER* - 5 days out

Rasmussen NH Senate Poll: Shaheen(D) 52 (unchanged), Sununu(R) 44 (-2)

The FR Natives are getting restless...

Maliki: Don’t call it a ‘security pact’; it’s ‘an agreement to withdraw’ U.S. troops.

"She has more experience than anyone in the history of the world. Including me."


Nate's fivethirtyeight Senate assessment for today.

Obama camp boots WA Times, NY Post, Dallas MN off the campaign plane

just seen a phsycic on the view,

Gore in Florida Live on now - link

McCain responds to Eagleburger's comments: "Larry has never had a chance to meet Sarah"

Communists for Obama

Communists for Obama

Help DU a local paper poll please

Former President Al Gore Is Now Speaking On MSNBC

****Heads Up: Gore Now Live Campaigns In West Palm Beach, Florida.****

Just voted in JAX, FL

Marist National Poll: Obama 50(+1), McCain 43(-1)

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Et Tu Caribou?

the early voting lines in Lake County Indiana are unreal...and they are Democrats.

"I have an economic plan closer to Bill Clinton's" -Obama

Conservatives and Neocons breaking with Sen. Air Quotes

One weakness for Obama, highlighted in NYT/CBS poll ...

Florida Republicans Criticize Early Voting Extension

Don't put the "Youth Vote" down--Thanks to them Kerry nearly won in 2004

Eagleburger "And I devoutly hope that it would never be tested." bout Palin, me

Barack Obama Is On MSNBC

More evidence McCain has given up on Colorado ... link

For those of you worried about PA this election year

Thank God for early voting.....

Professional pollsters always want to get their "final poll" right....

Professional pollsters always want to get their "final poll" right....

Professional pollsters always want to get their "final poll" right....

O NOES--Bad News on!!!1!

Vote before you get your E-mail

DU is slowing down.

Biden returns to Blue Hen roots

my last post has now been fully vetted

Take nothing for granted, my fellow North Carolinians (and DUers)...

Freepers already calling for starting an "impeach Obama" web site!!

Contessa Brewer is out of control

You all do realize that McCain is out of time right?

Just A Question Or Maybe A Concern... I Know About The Message About Election

I remember 2004 in Florida

McCain Manager "Jazzed Up;" "Comeback" Coming - Says they are "tied" in Iowa


McCain's PNAC Connections

How many of you would love to see this?

I just voted!

''We're still fighting the Civil War here"

LOL!! Cindy McCain looks Like She's Been Crying!

Did you guys see Obama poke fun at Joe the Plumber?: 99% of plumbers make less that $250,000. . .

PPP: Obama continues large Colorado lead

SUSA Polls: Obama +16 in WI, 15 in IA.

McCain Internals show CA, NY, NJ, MA, DC in virtual dead heat...

The tax codes need to be revised for a neo-Depression economy

Let's Invade and Liberate Sweden! Sarah says they're not "free"

My weekend from hell

"Anybody's race" between Franken and Coleman

"Anybody's race" between Franken and Coleman

The Latest Crap Being E-Mailed Around By Repugs.....

Gallup: Obama Has Advantage On Spreading The Wealth

I can't believe MSNBC showed NONE of Biden's speech AND cut away from OBAMA'S speech just now!

Heretofore, any county in this nation that is not prepared to handle

I said last week if McCain was going to have a late surge, it needed to start by mid-week.

I said last week if McCain was going to have a late surge, it needed to start by mid-week.

Court Docs: GOP Donor Secretly Funneled $75K To Coleman Family

Big change from 2004 voting and vote awareness

Now that the repukes are super desperate

Gwinnett County, Georgia, Polling Official talks to the press about the long lines

Joe the non Plumber: "vote for a real American, John McCain"

Vote before your real e-mail comes.

LOL Biden's Senate opponent upset he won't debate him, how sorry is this guy if he loses to Biden...

Obama opens up 17 point lead in New Mexico (58-41).

Cry Cry Cry

I'm calling out DUer and Gallup poll genius 4_Legs_Good!

CNN Ticker: Obama could steal McCain's home state

Anyone know the results of the latest PBS poll?? Just curious..... n/t

Obama lost New Hampshire after being way ahead

Dress Like Palin

WTF! Parade Coverage in Philly!

WTF! Parade Coverage in Philly!

"And so do 99.9% of plumbers" (make less than 250k per year) -Obama

Obama praises McCain Lieberman Global Warming Legislation

Goddamned Republicans... Look What They've Done To My "Beautiful Mind", LOL !!!

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Des Moines, Iowa****

I think most voters would rather have a beer or a policy debatediscussio with Obama than with McCain

About to go drop my VA absentee ballot off at the campus post office!!

Email my husband received at work from owner's brother!!

Obama opens up 8 point lead in AP/Yahoo! poll (up from 2 point lead earlier in the month)!

Dont Forget To Vot

Ohio Worshipers Riot Over Forbidden Depiction of GOP Prophet Joe the Plumber!

In Canada employee's must have 4 consecutive hours to vote.

Jeeze -- Ken Duberstein (Reagan guy) criticizing McCain's pick of Palin

Who will give us Better Sweeter Memories? Obama or McMoot??

Don't look now, but Obama surging in RCP's polling average.

BREAKING: WAPO: Obama had lunch in 2003 with Ahmadinejad and Raul Castro at Castro's Cuba home

If you voted by mail -- you may want to consider this

Is Anybody Chronicling The Meltdown At Freak Republic?


seriously, can somebody tell me these people aren't totally insane ??

Oh What a Difference Four Years Make

Oh What a Difference Four Years Make

Baghdad John McCain: "I'll give you some straight talk: It is statistically a tie, folks"

Baghdad John McCain: "I'll give you some straight talk: It is statistically a tie, folks"

when will the polls close?

San Diego County -- ripe for a rigged vote

Rachel Maddow: Obama Interview

The Collapse Of The GOP Vote

This IS, after all Kansas, But......

She hasn't even read the Constitution, but Palin thinks media is blocking her 1st Amendment right

Are you nervous about Tuesday? DO SOMETHING!

WTF with the CNN 'election obsession'

i just got a call from barack obama

BREAKING!McCain's Cousin Endorses Obama

Gallup numbers released.... DJIA immediately jumps over 100 points....

Hope the band is rehearsing this chorus for McCain's party on Tues. night!

Ok, I know you think you have seen every 'rick roll' there is, but this one is really funny!

take a minute and vote in the PBS poll - Is Palin qualified to be VP?

Know What Else Is So Awesome About All Of This?

Road to 270: Nevada

Awesome backstory to the Martinsville, Indiana house

AZ dead heat McCain 48 Obama 47 in a new Research2000 poll

Ok, today when SO and I went over to pay our house payment, land contract deal with the owner,

Surprisingly positive WSJ column by conservative writer Peggy Noonan

Check in if you are taking off work on the 5th!

PPP: Obama headed for a big win in New Mexico

MSNBC was citing the RCP average earlier to indicate the polls were tightening a bit. My question:

Planting Blue Flags on Red Soil

Ellen Goodman: Fear Factor

GA is now a battleground state McCain 47 Obama 44

Why the Alaskans used this format for the debate

reverse bradley effect?

Obama COMMANDING lead in NH and Pa!

Kos teasing favorable polls from North Dakota and Georgia

Guess Who Came to the Palin Rally? White Supremicist Radio 'Political Cesspool' & more -VIDEO

More of the same.....

Lotta big Head Fakes going on out there by the rightwing.

Republicant's are so desperate

"Raise your hand if you or yours is servin'"

For a good laugh I think this is the supposed internal memo Rush is claiming

Anybody Else Hearing Don Meredith Singing Somewhere?

Another lawsuit gets dismissed

I think Obama was trying to implicity tell Maddow to chill out in her interview yesterday.

I love the 'Height Difference' in the CNN Electoral Vote Estimate

NEWSMAX Halloween Message: Be very very afraid of Obama...NOT!!!!

Time to encourage the Barr vote


MODERATOR >>Posting the PBS Poll should get the user banned for 6 months

Palin doesn't know shit about the FIRST AMENDMENT: Fears Media Threaten Her 1st Amendment Rights

Updated List of Rallies: Obama in Missouri, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, etc.

Okay... Time for something funny and rec this thread

did anyone get emotional in the voting booth?

Gladly Effect does away with Bradley Effect

There's coverage about Obama's aunt living in a Boston HA project yet this isn't covered?

Bwhahaha! So This Is Why Red-Staters Are So Angry

How does early voting look for us?

Chicago - Grant Park Obama Celebration Question......

Please don't stone me..please.

Now for something completly silly....

Congressman Ric Keller’s Chronology of Political and Family Values

Rush Limbaugh Claims Access To Internal Obama Campaign Memo

Rush Limbaugh Claims Access To Internal Obama Campaign Memo

When undecideds rise in the last week...

Phillies Parade Coverage mimics Campaign Coverage

Palin Effect.

To All DU Nannies: there will be a business meeting at 6pm EST. Sharp.

OMG because the African American Mayor went to Jail, McCain could have one Michigan

OMG because the African American Mayor went to Jail, McCain could have one Michigan

Notis 2 FReep visters: The only chance the Republicans have for 2012 is to regroup around Palin

MSNBC is actually hiding good poll results for Obama now

Does The RW Popularity of Sarah Palin Represent The Future Outlined Faranheit 451?

Going to New Hampshire tomorrow.

McCain chief claims Iowa "dead even"

For those interested in Rush's supposed memo of Obama's internal Polling

Happy Halloween, from John McCain and Sarah Palin!

McCain campaign predicts 'one of the greatest comebacks'

BREAKING: Cheney loses it at press conference when asked about the latest poll numbers.

Palin Thinks Media is Stifling Her 1st Amendment Rights

Freeperville reaction to new Gallup poll .. ( Signs of Severe Delirium )

I'm Starting To Get Scared That Cynthia McKinney Is Going To Siphon Away The Black Vote.

McCain to appear on SNL?

What were the poll numbers right before the NH primary?


CNN confirms new disease: Obsessive Compulsive Election Disorder

So, Obama takes every state Kerry Did...

Rick Davis claimed McCain's going to outspend Obama by $10 million in this final week?

Anyone else noticing a PATTERN this morning?? Oh yes.. like clockwork, they're here.

Airstrike On Pakistan/Afghan Border Kills 15 .........

Think about this for a minute...

2 Arrested After Obama Effigy found on campus (Lexington, Kentucky)

O'Reily: McCain Could Be Losing Because He Went On 'Larry King' Instead Of The 'Factor'

Obama camp boots wingnut press off plane to make room for writers from Essence and Jet

In Western PA, high school playoffs start tonight.....

So, it's Friday, is Palin STILL withholding her medical records?

New Poll: claims McCain lead in MO but has a rather striking problem in internals

(R)asmussen Georgia Poll: McCain 52%(+1) , Obama 47%(+1)

Have you seen Barack Obama sweat?

we are 4 years too late...but this video will get you pumped again!!!!

The most hated man in America.



Delusional Stevens: "I have not been convicted"

Delusional Stevens: "I have not been convicted"

The Daily Widget, Fri 10/31 – O-371, M-167 – Indiana Tips Red; South Carolina Narrows

Gawd, I love Al Gore. (live now on MSNBC)

Sen. Chambliss (R-GA) Urges White Base: "The Other Folks Are Voting"

Rasmussen: 31% of voters watched ENTIRE Obamamercial... 54% watched some of it

Taj Tunes releases Obama song-

PRESCIENCE: The Onion Predicted ‘Joe The Plumber’ Crap

Obama gets 73% in Irving, TX school district mock election

R2000/DailyKos Montana Poll: McPalin 48 (-1), Obama 44 (-1)

R2000/DailyKos Montana Poll: McPalin 48 (-1), Obama 44 (-1)

So people tell the truth to Republican Internal Pollsters

Poll: Georgia McCain: 47 (-2) Obama 44 (+1); Obama leads in early voting by 15-points

Palin Goes Rogue With Campaign Signs?

The "Bradley Effect" Has Been Debunked. It's Dead. Pining For Fiords. Bring It Up & Look Foolish.

Just finished the first half of my "last weekend" lit drop, and came home to delivery of Obama gear!

Rasmussen: New Hampshire: O 51, M 44

Arch-DLCer Rahm Emmanuel pegged as Obama's Chief of Staff

Where is McCain holding his election-night rally?

McCain leading among a prime voting group

I love the smell of desperation in the morning... Republicans cling to hope or have been smoking...

Biden to be in Kettering, Ohio ...streaming set-up now..." Lets Watch"

Our Ace in the Hole: The House of Representatives

Countering the meme that the MSM wants a horse race for ratings...

This scares me about Volusia County..."36,000 had to be returned to the voter for corrections"

I thought I was done donating to the campaign last night...then I see this in my mailbox

Has there been ANY bad news from a INDEPENDENT poll today?

Chicago Bear Fans - I Just Lost All Respect For - Da Coach.......

Photos/Video of Obama taking his kids Trick-or-Treating tonight will be excellent


VIDEO "The Day I Fell In Love With America" (Charlie Wilson) OBAMA!

Al Gore live at Obama event, now POTUS XM channel 130!

Hey, Rush! Obama faked 40,000 in Columbia, Mo. last night too!

New Europe, Old Europe, North Philly, New Philly, whatevah.

Creepy Halloween desktop for your use...

Will There Be A November Surprise?

Describe in one word your feelings towards the election at this point

Reagan's former chief of staff ....Duberstein Endorses Obama

Oh man, Joey Scab is really pissy today..he just got snarky with

Obama Rally in Des Moines w/ Pics!

Obama Rally in Des Moines w/ Pics!

Election Projection Database: Obama leads 332.8 - 171.7

How are the early voting numbers in your state so far?

John Boehner needs to get unseated immediately!! article with link

Never Mind- I Suffer From Intermittent Dyslexia

The Response to the "Undecideds will break for McCain" meme ...

SUSA: In NH Obama poised to out perform every Dem presidential candidate since LBJ

Awesome Email FROM MY DAD!!! :-D

CNN is bringing up Wright - I can't beleive this nonsense

Isn't it true, IN GENERAL, that the Republicans do not try to make voting easy ?

Sam Brownback: We are up everywhere, our trendlines are up

ERROR: Posting error Long subjects require periodic spaces

CARTOON CONSERVATISM--Why a Libertarian Conservative Voted for Obama

Big Gallup bump for Obama!!! +11, +9, +8

'Blue Dog' Democrats ready to bark louder on Hill

Hey lurking freepers! Even though you're working against it....

Just for the heck of it: ARG Polls of CO, AZ, MO, MT, NH

Guys, the Republicans don't know anything we don't. Remember Rove's "THE Math"?

McCain camp 'jazzed up' about possible comeback (?!)

I'm looking forward to Biden taking over Cheney's shadow government.

McLiar in Newport News. Police: "We don't anticipate significant traffic issues on city streets,"

just received this in an e-mail

McCain Campaign Pulls Out of Tech Debate, Apologizes With a Telegram

So if that AP Poll this morning (you know, the "persuadables") was valid, why isn't it included...

Why Is McCain Losing?

Signs that the election is stolen

Laughs....Opera Hockey Mom....Don't Speak for me Sarah Palin

2Hrs 50 Minutes to early vote in Franklin Co OH and almost everyone holding a Dem Sample Ballot!

Fear (McCain) knocked on the door, and hope (OBama) answered.

Caption Sarah

"Hold On! I'm Comin!"

Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics

Interesting comments from Plouffe in the morning press brief.....


Folks, of course the McPalin camp will say they're tied and coming back

TGIF Happy Thoughts: It has been WELL over a MONTH since McCain has led nationally... in ANY POLL.

UGH--all these claims by McCain & Co. that "we're actually winning somehow!" have me in limbo...

I voted today for the next POTUS - Barack Obama!

Any poll that doesn't specifically poll Ron Paul in MT with the others won't be accurate

Palin snubs university president -say he's not welcome @event

"I'm gonna give you some straight talk. We're tied in the polls."

John McCain is simply a big tool

IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama 48.2(+.5), McCain 43.8(+.2)

Give Bill Cowles and the Orange County FL SOE the benefit of the doubt folks.

Polls. What i posted a few weeks ago. its coming true

I love to do these posts - today's Ocean of Obama...and Puddle of Palin polls

CNN's Election Countdown "View From The Right"

Obama gains +0.3 in latest IBD/TIPP poll.... 48.2 to 43.8

Politico misleading headline: "Dead heats in 2 key swing states" -- Mo & NC are key swing states??

keep in mind recent campaigns with dismal internals still put up a false positive front

Alright DUers, how are you feeling?

Can Jim Martin pull it? We need 60... Not 59 + 1

Thank you, Vice President Gore! And, yes...

Self-delete. I didn't think of former Hillary supporters.

R2000/Dkos of North Dakota: McPalin 47(+2) Obama 46(+1)

If you're voting on election day, how long do you expect to wait?

Guys they're right! McCain IS winning...

They won't stop with the born in Kenya meme

Colorado Judge Orders Secretary of State to Stop Voter Purge

More pfun with pfreepers: Lybian Dictator Kadaffi Endorses Obama

I confess. I would've liked to have seen Archie Bunker and Mike go at it over McCain and Obama.

(New York Times)Political Memo; Yes, Late Voter Swings Do Happen, But Underdogs Can't Count on Them

Rasmussen Georgia Poll: McCain 52(+1), Obama 47(+1)

Can't wait to post this on Tuesday!

Obama Says McCain Abandons High Road

Why are the Republicans touting the race is even?

Tweety JUST said this on Morning Schmo, and it was a smackdown

Tweety JUST said this on Morning Schmo, and it was a smackdown

McCain and his sad army of cretins are invading my 'hood tomorrow..

We are getting McCain robocalls here in Arizona!

Woooohooo: CNN NC Senate Poll: Hagan 53, Dole 44

Another Example of how Inept the McCain Campaign is

Presidential losers often insist they will win as campaigns wind down

CNN is filling in for MSNBC this afternoon

Agreement in Colo. lawsuit helps purged voters Thousands will be allowed to Vote

m$nbc reporting 8-10 hour lines in Atlanta to vote. UNACCEPTABLE! nt

Text of Obama's remarks today in Des Moines

Question about Obama's schooling

More Sewage from Palin. Is it even legal to make these irresponsible accusations?

Any word on the lines in Atlanta?

CNN: North Dakota is now a "toss-up" state

for those of you dumping on young voters

The Friday Edition. of the Palin Medical Records Watch..

It is simply beyond sickening that ANYBODY in the corporate media is sitting around

Funny how that works out...

Daughter of slave votes for Obama

O-Bama Face Picture Slideshow

Please God.....Palins KIds

For my 1000th post: A prayer and well-wishes for Toot!

McCain betting everything on PA - He's at 3 more PA rallies over weekend

20+% of this country still supports Bush. So who are THEY voting for?

20+% of this country still supports Bush. So who are THEY voting for?

Oprah voted early today!!!

I Know Why Obama Is So Cool, Calm, Collected And In Control of Himself.

I am splitting wood on Tuesday...

Obama Camp: 200K Events Nationwide, Another Organizing Milestone

Early voting today, Tampa, Florida...soooo many for Obama

Let It Be

Let It Be

grrrrr..... Wolf Blitzer has TWO Repubs cutting up Obama - no Dems

Truthdig: A Timeline Exposing Palin (CLICK IF YOU DARE!!!)

What time on friday of 04 did bin laden make his appearance

Wow, it is starting to get late in the day...

Majority of Americans favor "spreading the wealth around"; but please don't anyone tell McCain.

Help me kill this Repube meme: Obama lowering the tax cut ceiling

Democrats slapping people

Voting Lines are CRAP! We should all be voting by mail.

LOL....Ok, what is the next poll we are waiting for? Zogby tonight?

If Obama loses, what will be SINGLE most important reason for that loss?

Is There Any Word On The Sunday Talk Shows?

Win front row seats and backstage passes for election night party with Barack!


"Investigate and Prosecute"

A real Maverick

McCain Campaign Seizes on Obama Remark in Iowa

*****The Official WTF Happened To Rick Sanchez Thread****

I listened to some audio of George Wallace campaign rallies on NPR

My Early Voting Experience

Half of undecideds don't vote - per Pew Research

OK, guys--HERE'S the (scoff) memo unlinked. And it's even more pathetic than I thought it would be

Early voting passes 20 Million --Encouraging numbers in FL NC NV NM but NC numbers stunning

I'll never forget what Bill Gates told me in 1991.......


I predict an Obama landslide

Did y'all hear about the minor Earthquake in Texas?

this is absolutely the last Obama art print i buy... this week!

Secret Service already calling Obama "44"

Four Days for Positive Vibrations

I love Hillary, and I'm just going to rant a bit.

I always felt Senator Obama had the potential for a decisive victory....

UNDECIDED registered REPUBLICAN OH voters vote OBAMA!!!

McCain-Palin Supporter Starts Backlash Over Obama Anti-Muslim Poster (VIDEO)

Feingold urges AG to reconsider Election Day poll watch

Obama to speak in Cincinnati Sunday night.

WOW "Let Freedom Ring" - RW 508 is hitting VA HARD... 4/5 adds Anti - OB

Something that nonAmericans can do?

Palin's idiotic argument about her free-speech rights

NY Times Article About My Election Anxiety!!

World Nut Daily: Berg asking USSC to stop Tuesday election

Reagan Chief Of Staff Endorses Obama

UNBELIEVABLE--McCain's last ditch effort. Go positive.

PHOTO The McCain Campaign: So Natural, So Much Joy

Did you see these polls MSNBC is pushing today? Ridiculous!

Keep up-to-date on the 2008 election with Google Maps (TONS of various maps..very cool)

McCain: Palin's "United Our Party" (delusional)

Are There Any Documentaries Being Filmed Of This Election?

PA Counties Said Unprepared to Serve Voters, Meet Court Order for Emergency Paper Ballots

Chicago, other cities readying for election night

Photos of Halloween in the The Castro District, San Francisco: Sarah & Bristol-riffic

David Gregory to wed John McCain in private ceremony.

Hannity Freeper "confused":

Obama must be pretty confident about PA

Why the Republican Party HATES groups like ACORN.

ESAD, Govbernator Ah-nold....

Electric fence around McSame sign.

Hey, Ahhnold....

Latest Polling Shows Candidates Receiving Same Number of Votes

Dirtiest Presidential Campaign?

When does the electoral college actually vote?

Will older Repub voters in western Pennsylvania stand in line for 4+ hours to vote?

Will older Repub voters in western Pennsylvania stand in line for 4+ hours to vote?

CNN is a lost cause

Can I brag on my 19 year old niece for a second?

Question??? Shouldn't there be more State polls today?

Feingold Weighs in on WI AG's Plans for Prosecutor Poll Watchers

Rendell on Dem stump: “Crush them”

Halloween Report from South Carolina

With every expert polster and polisci academic predicting an Obama sweep...

Absentee ballots tip toward Republican? NOT SO FAST

Anyone know the rumor about the government seizing 401K to pay for social security?

Question: Has a presidential candidate with the wind at his back ever lost?

Former Reagan Chief of Staff endorses Obama

WP editorial: An 'Idiot Wind' - John McCain's latest attempt to link Barack Obama to extremism

Harwood: Obama campaign optimistic about FL - even more than OH

Fuck the Terminator.

Who wants to spend election night with Barack? You can.

NC-Sen, NC-Gov: North Carolina Omnibus

" devote an entire program this weekend to how conservatives...are looking at the election."

Fuck Arnold. Obama's physique is FINE!

Question about Obama rallies

Question about Obama rallies

Leak: Internal Obama Campaign Memo. Leaked to Rush, now here in it's entirety


Someone - just tell me its gonna happen

Why Obama will include Republicans in his administration:

Will Obama use some of his cash to help pay down Hillary's debt?

Palin's left eye has a mind of its own.

I was just canvassed by a Republican.

Another reason to get your ballot in asap, at least in WA...

So,,, Obama has four days to spend 100 million?

With all due respect to Skinner and DU (warning: this might be a Freeper unmasking)

Voted in Ohio

Our Pumpkin!

It's official! Obama ads up and running in GA!

Showed the Obamercial to my Advanced 7th graders today they are voting online Monday

AK-Sen, AK-AL: End of the Line

Poor Freepers are believing McCain's pollster that there will only be 3-5% more Dems. than Repubs.

Poor Freepers are believing McCain's pollster that there will only be 3-5% more Dems. than Repubs.

Brother in MO said three Obama door knockers have visited him in the last week. No McLame!!

where's that clickable electoral map? Link anyone?

Hannity, Rush, Weiner, Billdo, et al. will have a collective greed-gasm when Barack gets elected

My SIL just named a rescued chicken (see below) Ba-ROK!

I don't just want to win, I want to pulverize them...

How is your Church handling this election (Jesus or McCain)?

Charlie Cook: John McCain needs to look for other tables

did you read this on about McCain's decision to not put $ into GOTV?


Why would anyone otherthan republicans care if Obama is getting ahead of the game?

100 yr old woman in line votes for Obama! Atlanta GA

Obama Boots Reporters From Conservative Papers

for at least 2 years how could it be a bad thing...

Come On! I mean, who is anyone Kidding?????

Don't give up, be strong, We got this. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Schwarzenegger is a LOSER and hideous reTHUG

Mccain's Stockholm Syndrome

Did I just hear right? Did the nazi, Schartzenager, just make fun of Obama's physique??

ABC/WaPo: Obama 53% (+1) McCain 44%

Dukakis campaign senses a `surge' -- Nov 6, 1988

Nov. 4, 2008 Poll Closing Times & Key Races

Charlie Cook: "If McCain wins I'll be working somewhere serving hamburgers and fries."

Just donated $100 to Obama in the hopes of winning the raffle for Chicago tickets!

What happened to the poor in America?

Where the FReepers got the crap today - Rush: "My gut's starting to talk to me out there."


Article: Rrepublicans sketch McCain staff, Cabinet

Please watch the "Bite Sized" version of I.O.U.S.A online. Forward to friends!

McCain wants the nation "to live on a budget like you do." Ever notice

Will the Taller Candidate WIn?

LURKING FREEPERS ONLY: Do you plan on revealing yourself on Election Day?

Real Clear Politics Average Since 5/4......

Some fantastic photos!

I need to find a conservative online newscast like Daily Left or The Daily Show

Article: Dems sketch Obama staff, Cabinet

I hope Obama and Biden hire a great cleaning crew

I know we are nervous and worried, but imagine going to RCP if you are a Freeper and seeing this....

Serious question: since this year there are so many more early votes....

Who would you do?

Just saw a Rev Wright ad (W PA) sponsored by a Republican PAC.

Charlie Cook - "If McCain wins, I'm going to be asking, "do you want fries with that?"

i'll be voting for president for the first time

Daniel Chun (Simpsons writer): Hear Me, Obama Supporters! Here's How To Stay Sane Until Election Day

I know this has been talked about alot but Palin certainly is a bitch.

McCain's mascot

Put on Tweety: Funny piece making fun of McCain.


They Expelled Me from Free Republic for Saying "McCain Dead, Even in Iowa"

PHOTO Okay, this is a tricky one: Spot the President Elect.

OKAY! what is YOUR definition of comfortable win and LANDSLIDE?

PBS Newshour Palin speech excerpts - "The Democrat Party"

Our trick or treaters know where it's at!!

Effete Arnold Schwarzenegger had a FACE LIFT, and is more of a Girlie Man than Obama will ever be!

Scripps: Obama leads in Ohio 57-41.

FL GOP Chair Sends Out Racist E-mail: Beware Of The Car Loads Of Blacks

The mind boggles. What does Palin think that the purpose of

OMG, my inlaws in GA are voting for Obama!

It's almost 7:30, the Friday before the election, and no Bin Laden tape has surfaced...

Had a hearty laugh on the way home from work

Legal experts question US Attorney's decision not to prosecute Obama 'assassination plot'

Agreement in Colo. lawsuit helps purged voters Thousands will be allowed to Vote

Wolf Blitzer interview with Obama

For what it's worth, David Brooks just predicted a landslide win for Obama

Hey, did anyone just see the "Sideshow" segment on Hardball

WANNA KNOW WHAT'S SCARY ON HALLOWEEN? I just got the Apache Server default page out of DU!

Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber in ...."Plan 9 from Outer Space !"

I am not buying this meme from the MSM, and the right that the college age are not voting again

Changed to avoid a jinx :-)

Question: Are there any tightening polls?

I wish B.O. would just come right out and say "We have no evidence that Bin Ladin is still alive"

Well, there goes that conspiracy theory.

"he needs to do something about those skinny legs." Fuck You Ahhhhnold

The Electoral Vote Scoreboard

Remember Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild?

Remember Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild?

Obama gets testy as media cover his Halloween walk with his daughter

Hallowe'en in my neighbourhood

Halloween Double Feature . . . now playing in the Lounge

For Taverner from the messenger (no shooting): Obama Wins!!! (Updated)

" One side has something in the neighborhood of five million volunteers"

Obama leads McCain 63-1 in college newspaper endorsements...

JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN: They're here...John McCain's negative attack ads..

What are the "telltale signs" of an electoral landslide ?

** "New Deal" Republican Only Website **

Military Mom: Why I'm Sour About Sarah Palin

the epitomy of McCain's campaign

Best Celebrity Halloween Costume??

A McCain troll has visited my blog...

Did Palin ever release her Medical Records?

Kids for Obama video (brother & sister in Ohio) Cute!!!

Analysis of some early voting data - am I dreaming?

Obama seeks landslide; McCain says he's far left

Obama strikes back with new ad!

Obama 'scrawny,' Old AND Flabby Schwarzenegger says

Bill Clinton just called me - said vote No On 8 - I just gave $100 more - please join me!

My get rich quick scheme

Evangelicals Evangelize to convert "heathens", including Muslims, to Christianity. So...

John McPain is about hate, disrespect, lies and distortions

omg...what is with these people who keep repeating the same old bullshit??

Will Trade Sex For Obama Tickets

How did Atlanta, GA turn out, with those mile long lines?

I think Intrade is dominated by delusional republicans

Why has intrade gone up 22 points for McSame in the last few days?

Damn, you guys see those early voting lines in Atlanta...phew! this race will be historic with the


How do you plan to spend Election Night? Here's what I'll be doing:

Mccain is getting plenty of free advertisement tonight

Ha Ha. McCain advisor Fried defects to Obama

Hey DUers! check this out- Southern Republican voting for Obama

The stake in the old vampire's heart...

David Axelrod, Michael Moore and John Cleese on KO tonight.

Dallas Morning News, NY Post and Washington Times kicked off Obama plane

DUer's Choice: Shout out for your favorite Obama staffer!

Saw a freakish yard sign today:

I've got it. In "honor" of his real name and his real story....

There will be a Mandate

Joe The Plumber On the stump today with John McCain

Joe The Plumber On the stump today with John McCain

(Found on fark) VOTERS' RIGHTS

What channel are you planning on watching the election coverage?

*** Check in here if you gave to Obama through DU to help run ads in Arizona ***

The Repub VP slot was easier to get than a job at McDonald's

Even though I lost my job last week today was a good day.

PHOTOS Oh no, Obama looked VERY tense today

PHOTOS Oh no, Obama looked VERY tense today

If I hear, "I've got the scars to prove it" out of that NON-HERO

I've seen two Obama ads on Friday Night Smackdown

Why we need Sarah Palin's medical records, and why we need them now.

Why we need Sarah Palin's medical records, and why we need them now.

McCain Lays Out His Top Cabinet Picks ("I have utmost trust and confidence in Joe Lieberman")

Give McCain Every State in which Obama is not at 50% in the RCP average and ...

Don't be a socialist: Don't give out candy to trick or treaters...that's just spreading the wealth..

Shit sandwich dickwad morris says some group is going to spend 6 million

Are Any Of You Giving Out Candy To Trick-or-Treaters?

PHOTO Ah bless, McCain shares tender moment with....CAPTION IT!

This stuck out at me from the latest Rasmussen

It's official - - - My 72 year old, long time Republican MIL in Tucson, AZ voted for...

Poll closing times for Tuesday night:

LOL!! Michael Moore: McCain will Endorse Obama on Monday

Good Article on the "PA Bradley Effect" Lynn Swann OUTPERFORMED POLLS in PA Govenors race!

Anyone else feel better now that Friday is done?

Arizona still in play as of Wednesday. Read this: Everything you've heard is wrong.

After the Election, what should MSNBC do with Mika and Scarborough

Election Night Chicago: Who's Going?

Just received this email from the McKKKain campaign:

As Nasty As She Wants To Be

Well, The Reverend Wright ad is on the air here in Maine. Anywhere else?

Please DU this Story!!

PPP: Franken 45 Coleman 40

Palin's free speech fear and her associations

Olbermann to O'Reilly: "You suck!"

Every day we get closer the polls are harder to move........


I think these 5 sentences symbolize the futility of John McCain's campaign as well as anything

Today's the last day of October, where's the surprise?

McCain to take lead in last 48 hours...

Hernando Co., FL voters furious with attack on Obama; Anti-Obama movie inserted into Palm Beach Post

This is what I wish Obama would say at the end of the "Your Choice" ad:

Obama should preemptively address any potential Al-Qaeda tape release...

Will you join me in a little Leonard Cohen sing-along?

Right Wing Ghoul...My Husband as Sarah Palin....

UK Guardian newspaper endorses Obama!

Cleese wrote a poem about O'Reilly.

Did anyone hear that McCain referred to the crowd at his rally as my fellow prisoners?

ABC News serial smearer Jake Tapper strikes again, claims Obama "demonizing independent achievers"


Resolved: The Country Should Return To Paper Ballots & Accept That It Takes A Week To Count Them

Early voting yesterday in Texas; Tarrant County actually

Unlicensed Plumber and Tax-Evader Endorses McCain - The Onion

Hope Springs Eternal!

If Gore didn't get screwed out of the presidency in 2000, what would the world be like today?

Marx said, "All people are born alike - except Republicans and Democrats. "

Do you hear the people sing?

Don't You DARE Think This Is Done

She's got HI-U-HIGH hopes, she's got....high hopes have been lifted

Like two hands extended in prayer--one red, one blue

This picture says it all......

This just in-Record 17.3 million Californians registered to vote

A little ditty I wrote about the election and what we're fighting for

About these FARMERS with their McCain/Palin signs

Our Happy Obamaween Experience

Oh No! McCain found out Obama's associations with the Boogey Man!

Orange County, FL, voting machines may have crashed.

Computer crash sends Pima County (AZ) early voters home

"Towheads for Obama" (pic w/ cuteness alert!)

If McCain loses, what do you think is the future of the GOP?

David Axelrod looks really tired tonight on Countdown

Oh no..Check out this PBS Pole

All of you who are grumpy about Rachel should be watching right now.

All of you who are grumpy about Rachel should be watching right now.



Are You Ready For The Weekend DUers?

Who would win in a nag off contest between...

PHOTO Which one is John McCain?

Is McCain going into "McBaghdad Bob" mode?

Where was the Outrage we see against Sarah Palin when WBush was being considered??? ANSWER>>>

Predict what Obama's popular vote total will be

What network will you watch the most on Tuesday?

What are you going to do if McCain "accidentally wins?"

Fed. Judge ORDERS.. CO S.O.S.To stop Purging and reinstate...

*******OBAMA rally Now in Indiana!********

Russ Feingold To Wisconsin AG: "Get The FUCK Out Of The Voter Intimidation Business, Asshole"!

LISTEN UP: Hillary Clinton in Winter Park (Orlando) tomorrow to stump for Obama!

Obama wins with 291 EVs when ONLY counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls!

If Obama were to lose, who should run in 2012?

Electoral Map animation from 1840 - 2004

Palin may not be able to cash in on fame (it's not clear what constitutes "employment)

Overheard a family with some passing trick-or-treaters.

Just saw a new, nasty, McCain ad.

BBC: Obama pushes for McCain territory

What does Obama have planned for the weekend through Monday?

Obama just said McCain is wearing the same costume he wears every year at Halloween...

**RADICAL FRINGE TOON** Fri 10-31-08

All I can say is my kids were given an inordinate amount of pixie sticks at houses with McCain signs

Mike Moore on Keith: "So, how does McCain like community organizers now?"

I promised myself I wouldn't go there, but you know what makes me mad about Joe the Plumber?

I am knocking on doors Monday and Tuesday....anyone did it?

My son who is a 25 yr old single father just voted for the 1st time in Atlanta....

Heads Up: Wall Street Journal tomorrow has essay by Mark Crispin Miller

Obama is returning to Charlotte area on eve of election

Halloween: A great Time for Lessons in Socialism!

Happy Halloween News!

Zogby is a Freeper's Best Fiend Again

She Probably Wants Her Vote Back

Don't forget to post your Halloween pictures for the costume & pumpkin contest! (Please recommend)

SNL plans 'savage' Olbermann skit

My love has found another...

Shut up! JUST SHUT UP!

Just saw the Obama commercial with the rear view mirror for the first time.

From David Plouffe - Unexpected Opportunity in MORE States!

My Obama Halloween

OK, so the Obama campaign called me last week

OK, so the Obama campaign called me last week

Why is it Joe the Plumber-who owes back taxes-McCain's poster boy?

Double Secret Probation, My Friends??? McCain calls Obama "more Liberal than a Socialist"

oh yeah!

ROFL! I just had adult McCain/Palin trick or treaters!

If kids could really vote...

(HI) State Department of Health declares Obama's birth certificate legal

saw a McCain mask tonight

Liberals Worry as Election Approaches: The "concerned" are not alone!

The next senator from North Cakalacky.

Didn't Drudge have a breaking Zogby false alarm not too long ago?

If you Live by the Polls, the Polls will Kill You!

If you Live by the Polls, the Polls will Kill You!

From Mr Whitey Tape - The Last Minute Bigoted Bull

SUSA NH Poll: Obama 53, McCain 42

SUSA NH Poll: Obama 53, McCain 42

SUSA Oregon Poll: Obama 57, McCain 38

Web Puts Dog-Whistle Politics on a Leash

Hey Photoshoppers

Does anybody remember the White House Plumbers?

So just among us:

I am NOT worried that people are not voting early...SOME people like TRADITION

Get off the Zogby Crack and Look at TPM's Tracking Composite, dammit!

Guys, Zogby is a crap poll and you know it.

I think Intrade traders are all freepers

The Economist Endorses Obama!!

Zogby has his Oct. 31st numbers up 50.1 Obama 43.1 McCain. Drudge full of shit!

The national safety council poll...

Pretty pic

Oprah warns voters, CHECK YOUR VOTE, Her Presidental Vote was not recorded on first attempt

Cleveland Rally (11/2) Info is UP...special guest... The BOSS!!!!

Are We forgetting what the Republicans did in the past eight years?

Zogby likes headlines. get a grip

Went trick-or-treating with the kids, the Obama houses had much cooler decorations!!!

My theory re: Undecideds - most of them won't vote.

Michael Moore: After years of my books and indoctrination

Michael Moore: After years of my books and indoctrination

Any Update On Toot?

Hey Young Dem People in Florida...Listen Up !

Who would poll on Halloween evening and take it seriously?

Ex-lawmakers call for McCain 'Troopergate' apology

Even my 14 year old son can see thru the GOP b*llshit.

I like early voting and the progressive system we have in WI

Look at Drudge for the Reason we Dont Trust that Shitbag Zogby

Look at Drudge for the Reason we Dont Trust that Shitbag Zogby

Denton County: Record numbers voting throughout Metroplex (DFW TX)

Denton County: Record numbers voting throughout Metroplex (DFW TX)

I can't vote. So I am calling people who can and switching them to Obama.

OBAMACRIMES shut down?

Tennessee in play?

What a difference four years make

ZOGBY ~ Per Zogby - Obama = 50.1 - McCain 43.1

Ferraro will vote for Obama

ARG POLLS: Obama - 4 in AZ, +7 in CO, tied in MO, -3 in MT, +15 in NH.

Road to 270: Missouri

UNH Poll: Obama 53(-1), McCain 39(+3); Senate: Shaheen 48(+1), Asswipe, 41(-1)

UNH Poll: Obama 53(-1), McCain 39(+3); Senate: Shaheen 48(+1), Asswipe, 41(-1)

Did you guys see the Craig Ferguson skit on the McCain "Huh?" moment extolling Palin's "greatness"?

The scariest part of Halloween tonight: "Palin 2012 - Real Hope For America"

(Former Governor) Hunt: Obama has real shot to carry NC

(Former Governor) Hunt: Obama has real shot to carry NC

Displaced by Katrina, unsure of Election Day (w/ link for finding polling place)

I met an undecided voter today.

Great news out of Ohio on 2004 election debacle which may help in 08 (X)post

Does anyone know were to find or know of the Late Term Abortion bill Obama

Eagleburger Backpedals Over Palin Remark


Think the Zogby Poll is Bullshit??? Roll your eyes here:

State declares Obama birth certificate genuine

Todays addition to Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, Ohio) Early voting stats...

PHOTOS Trig dressed as an elephant.....I kid you not.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson is officially crazy!

Undecideds, and how some are deciding - Interesting!

I think Rachel M reads DU...

I voted today for the Smartest MF'r in the room

So Sarah...the Pledge of Allegiance ``was good enough for the Founding Fathers``, you say

S. Palin: "Unless FOX News says it, you can't really believe it!!"

Texas Businessman Files Lawsuit Claiming He Was Forced To Funnel $75,000 To Norm Coleman’s Wife

PHOTO Obama's home - and he's got a present for the girls!

PHOTO Obama's home - and he's got a present for the girls!

Voter turnout expected to be highest in decades

Freaky lookin' socialists keep coming to my door looking for a handout

Curiosity - any of you know conservatives who like Palin?

Zogby's 3-day rolling average is going to be about 49-45 after the one bad day

I just spent 5 hours in AZ to vote for Obama/Biden!

Hey Southern Missouri: Obama & MIchelle in Springfield Sat. 6pm

CNN plans ‘View from the Right’ election special, but no ‘View from the Left.'

Breaking WP McCain campaign to cannibalize GOTV to run ads -- staffers told no travel/hotel money

Two graphs that should give us all great comfort...

will we get the new america?

Arnold lied today when he called McCain a "real action hero"

Question about Obama's Springfield, MO rally Saturday night

Three days and I can hardly stand it!!!

I believe Obama is not scheduled to go to PA in the final days. Is that correct?

Daily Kos: Arizona poll: McCain 48-Obama 47..Check out 2010 projection.

Three things I notice haven't been the subject of posts here recently.

If Obama Gave Lieberman A Cabinet Position, Who Takes His Senate Seat?

Repub co-worker is NOW VOTING FOR OBAMA after watching the 30-minute ad

PHOTOS Obama & Sasha (Halloween)

PHOTOS Obama & Sasha (Halloween)

Opera Singing Hockey Mom Destroys Sarah Palin...... Evita Style....

Is this pic for real?


Canvassed for Obama in Durham NC...with two of my children

Palin never released her medical records.


Saturday's Public Schedule - - Barack and Michelle in NV, CO, and MO. Joe and Jill in IN and OH.

I'm having trouble prioritizing which Repubs I want defeated most and in what order...

I am worried about the outcome of this election and I will not keep quiet anymore.

TX repuke: "I'm up to my ass in a damn campaign...Obama's got people coming from the rafters."

2.8% That's McLame's chances of winning, a new LOW on>>>

McCain's reliance on his slogans and catch phrases makes him seem so very corny.

Question on youth turnout: if it's low, why doesn't that help Obama?

In Ohio, Downturn Upends Old Loyalties

Gallup Update: Little Evidence of Surge in Youth Vote - Come on prove them wrong!

If early voting is any indication, the "youth vote" may screw us yet again...

"Trick or Treaters" and reaction to my "Obama/Biden" sign in the yard:

Have you received a GOTV call / knocker from Obama or McCain?

*swoon* Obama is going trick or treating with his daughters tonight.

Senator Stevens LIES about his conviction on 7 felony counts "I have not been convicted of anything"

Is there any point in donating (down ticket) this late in the game?

The worst President ever makes one last push to make our lives worse

Trick or Treat (about the Zogby from Nate @

I haven't been this happy in eight years.

Pew Research: Democrats Hold Party ID Edge Across Political Battleground


The son of Ronald Reagan is officially backing Barack Obama

Studs Terkel, George Carlin... who else deserved to see Obama cross the finish line?

Howard Dean rules. If things go well, I'm going to shout that sentiment from the rooftops

I'm doing my first phonebanking this weekend.

The giants pass - Studs Terkel

Caroline Kennedy, RFK Jr. in Obama's Cabinet?

"It appears that Sen. Liddy Dole (R-NC) has lost either her marbles or control of her campaign."

So my son in Raleigh is driving down the road to the coffee shop this AM

Glad to see Missouri and Virginia have Democrats running the election

R2000/DailyKos Alaska senate poll: Begich 58 Convicted Felon 36

How and Why I Just Voted

How and Why I Just Voted

How and Why I Just Voted

Bullwinkle925 and I feeling hopeful at the polls!

Where the hell are Palin's medical records?!?!?!?

I feel good. Not only am I confident about Tuesday but I just

This Election is so Exciting I Wonder if there's Any Way to Extend it for a Week or So.

I think we are in the clear or very, very close to it

IF McCain wins: MO, IN, OH, WV, VA, NC, FL, GA, NH and Maine

Arnold Suchana**hole offers to help Obama "beef up his skinny legs & scrawny little arms"

Mr. Zogby, this is NOT your ass:

***** The November Surprise *****

I was threatened to have the police called on me this morning!

Time itself is slowing down.

Pay-off for being a super volunteer. Hugs from Barack! Lots of pics!

Pay-off for being a super volunteer. Hugs from Barack! Lots of pics!

Early Voting and Polls in Swing States: A Sea of Blue

**** Kick and Rec if you think voting shouldn't require anything electronic ***

After standing in line for over 3 hours


This late in the game, McCain can't break 45 PERCENT.

*BREAKING* Media Whores Support the Winner

Brits plan to investigate alleged torture including genital mutilation of Brit by US

PHOTO Um, a lovely portrait of McCain - CAPTION IT!

*** Friday Night TOONs & a Few from Swamp Rat ***

I am betting the BH Obamas will be in Phoenix/Tucson Sunday

MUST READ: The Mandatory Rejection of Sarah Palin - Bob Cesca

Last minute polls show definite tightening

Obama Stickers for our Trick or Treaters...

Just so you know many of us here in the great state of California don't like the Arnold.

Who wants to join me in making 500 PHONE CALLS for Barack from Sat-Tues??

OK, I'm saying it, I think McCain has a serious physical problem

Obama's final campaign speech next to Bull Run!

FiveThirtyEight: The Big Empty (McCain campaign offices)

FiveThirtyEight: The Big Empty (McCain campaign offices)

OMG.... greatest political Halloween dog costume...ROFL

McCain should start using Viagra like Bob Dole did.

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, BUT Repig Sec. of State = Long Ass Voting Lines. nt

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, BUT Repig Sec. of State = Long Ass Voting Lines. nt

This pasty white guy was just thanked for voting for Obama

10/31 Check in...have you voted and if not, how will you?

Things I Hope For

Things I Hope For

Chuck Todd's state by state update - surprisingly bleak for Republicans

Which do you believe will choose...

A tale of the effigies

Holy Shit!! My cable company is broadcasting a channel id'ed as "FoxBusHd"

Chances that the MSM will refute McNuts if he calls Obama a "Six Foot Horny Toad?"

Gun rights

Gun rights

I'm going to be a concern troll now. Deal with it.

“Most analysts will tell you that today’s poverty thresholds... are inhumanely low,”

The Real McCain. Francis Fukuyama has observed this campaign:

Can those of us who have already voted do the happy dance now?

Joe Scarborough in FL compares Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan...speaks of her bright future.

Who has the best electoral college predictor map?

"Hunger must be on presidential plate"

Dan Rather to host "Meet The Press?"

Where is this "Worshington" that McCain keeps talking about?

Where is this "Worshington" that McCain keeps talking about?

I just thought of a word that describes most repuke voters...

DU this poll

W. Virginia Gives E-Voting VP an Award While Machines Malfunction

Web Attack Strikes No on 8 computers- Secret Service investigates

A new Democratic Senator from NC is on her way - things are popping here

We TOLD you to stop riding your bike on the sidewalk

Halloween DU Twilight Zone moment.


R rated comeday about making a porno banned in Utah, but 'Saw V' is fine...

I give up!!!

Freeps made for each other

Got a live one on a suicide mission in gdp

AKIP had a petition to leave the union in 2007, during Palin's term

Tina Fey: Sarah Palin Offered Me Daughter Bristol For Babysitting

Finally, 18

It's HALLOWEEN Across America. Time to give out the Republican Evil Awards!

People with closed minds

Happy Halloween!

Hangman's Noose Found On Fence Near Obama Sign Outside Home

Samuel L. Jackson says No on Prop 8. (link to DU video thread inside)

Oh darn. Joe the Plumber isn't putting out an album -- but he has three managers.

Half Baked Alaska does it again

Hack Junior called me up yesterday

Oh thank God it was between a man and a woman!

Anyone who would even use a phrase like "takes Godless money" should not serve in the Senate

Suit alleges ally funneled $75,000 to Colemans

Freepers think Palin and fake plumber have helped McCain the most

Bill Kristol is a c*nt

The "s" in MSNBC stands for SPIN

The "s" in MSNBC stands for SPIN

Oh, snap! Kay Hagan (NC) commercial just now....

Question from an ex-pat overseas about the Senate election

McC's insistence on clinging to the bs artist "Joe the Plumber" just one more bad call.

RCP ... Obama 311


I wish everyone in Minn would read Franken's "Lies and the Lying Liars" book

Archeologist finds 3,000-year old Hebrew text

How to indentify you're being an ASSHOLE on DU - a reference guide.

Bush's parting 'one finger salute' to Kentucky & West Virginia--easing rules on mountain top removal

John McCain to offer Joe the Plumber a job in DC if he wins???

Create Your Own Electoral Map

William F. Buckley must have a smirk on his face, somewhere in

7.5 million homeowners "underwater"


MN. Senator Norm Coleman may be in hot water

I have to tell you, I'll be really glad when Wednesday gets here...

What?!?! No bin Laden tape this Halloween/Election? What gives?

What are 10 (unordered) issues that an Obama administration should focus on?

New Republican non-profit - -- - Sarah's Closet

McCain to be on SNL tomorrow?! (MSNBC)

Hey republicans...GET OVER IT.

Pardon the Witches

Texans, dumber than the plumber

Inquiry Targeted 2,000 Foreign Muslims in 2004

Everytime I think Free Republic hits rock bottom...

After (hopefully) Obama wins how long till some of the Supreme Justices retire?

The Economist: It's Time (for Obama)

Tweety says Obama will win about 340 electoral college votes

British Foreign Office exhibits "arrogance, hypocrisy and sheer nastiness."

Parents of Disabled Voters Angry Over Balloting

Randi Rhodes Said McCain Should Give Up His Senate Seat

Morning Joe belittling Mika for her alcohol problem

Ever been to a fundy haunted house?

Ewwww, I didn't need to see this in the morning:

The Princess of Pomposity

Inexpensive Republican Halloween costumes

Bush Administration Going Out With A Flurry Of Deregulation

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Halloween, Elections and Haywire Emotions

Happy Halloween DUers!

Something that just dawned on me. Something fundamentally wrong with our system.

May the SNL jinx work on Mc5PLANES!1

Socialism at work?

ok...i has become an obsession

BBC: Chinese melamine scandal widens (again)

Why I will always hate George W. Bush!!

Man sets self aflame at Seattle college and dies


PA 15: Sam Bennet to Bring Obama's Change to Lehigh Valley

Rifle maker bounces boss who supports Obama

So ....... MSNBC ....... do they pay you per cutaway or per minute?

Michele Bachman Lies Her Face Off Once Again

Polling trends: 14 pink, powder blue, and toss-up states (GRAPHICS HEAVY)

White House in a hurry to open Utah lands to energy development, ruining public lands

Michael Moore on Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann Tonight

Will there be a resurgence in boarding houses, such as Forrest Gump's mother ran?

Voter suppression is un-American

freak hailstorm - sheesh

Smirky sprintin' to the finish line / or plunder, slash and burn?

It's Groundhog Day!! Wake up, check. Rub sleepy eyes, check. Read clock, check...

We Have "The Math"

Say what you want - Palin has that special...

If I were to post what I want to say about Palin, I would be banned from DU

Bush Administration preparing to deliver one last "fuck you" to America...

Bush Administration preparing to deliver one last "fuck you" to America...

Dr Seuss got nabbed

Hank Paulson's $125 Billion Mistake

I hate these fuckers. I want to see them humiliated.

"Consumers have thrown in the towel''

The Aftermath of the GOP's Divisive Politics Is Yet to Come

I just turned on MSNBC, and there was Palin pulling out the POW card

KY: Latest Lunsford internal: McConnell by two, expect a ‘photo finish’

DU needs an official "Days until Bush leaves office countdown" or something

What the hell, they ask for it . . . McCain to appear on 'Saturday Night Live'

We've heard a lot less talk from McCain about Obama's celebrity.

What happened to that wingnut movie "An American Carol"?

Some of the things that you will get with a McCain administration

WTF? US missile strke in Pakistan? Are we 'trying' to

"It isn't Rocket Science"

Ted Stevens On Whether Saddam And Iraq Had 9/11 Role: ‘I Believe They Did’

Final Public Policy Polling (PPP) Polls indicate Obama landslides in MI, NM, OR, CO, MN

Texas floats plan to house Ike victims aboard ship

Paul Krugman: When Consumers Capitulate

Is McCain getting more physically spastic?

Did you know more people read than the drudgereport?

We need to purge the repubs, starting with that secret meeting

Snakes on the plane!

Oy! Ted Stevens On Whether Saddam And Iraq Had 9/11 Role: ‘I Believe They Did’»

Anybody know what the polls are saying about the Hagan/Dole race in NC?

MSNBC showing early voting lines in Atlanta of 8 to 10 hours long

My son's school voted for President:

Is Palin on something? She's positively morose

So do the polls take into consideration vote flipping, and people thrown off the voting roles, and

10 hour wait for early voting in Atlanta

Optimism On Ohio

What's with the foot stomping sound at the repubican ralllies?

Fomenting at the Mouth

I LOOOVE Janeane Garofalo.....

Example of Bush's economy and how Obama is already inspiring people to fix it.

Why does the stock market fluctuate so wildly? Up and down like a roller coaster?

Possible dinner conversation in a rich, white republican home tonight

Buy for Obama

Look at the audiences at the repubican events ..... kids .... are they any better than ......

The Macroeconomic Policies of Obama and McCain

"I'm voting for Palin & running mate..the country needs Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from President"

NY Times: "A Question for A.I.G.: Where Did the Cash Go?"

Don't forget to post your Halloween pictures for the costume & pumpkin contest! (Please recommend)

After the win: a surge in christianist suicides/murder-suicides?

Remembering Collective Shame

Do corporations that send jobs overseas HATE America or what?

Dahr Jamail: The Cost of Slumber

What if we started calling ourselves, Democratics? Would that make them quit saying

Next Friday I'm going to be going through withdrawal -

South Africa's Rand Posts Biggest Monthly Decline Since 1985

Scorched Earth

Palin Costume Pics

MSNBC - Live - President Gore speaking

Larry Eagleburger shares his thoughts about Sarah Palin

The GOP can't catch a break in Michigan.....Appeals Court Orders MI To Restore 5,500 Voters To Rolls

Reagan gained as many as 10 pts during the last days of the '80 race - keep fighting!

Reagan gained as many as 10 pts during the last days of the '80 race - keep fighting!

RW talking points on church signs

Barack Obama on The Daily Show

Who was that racist motherfucker on MSNBC questioning two college students just a few minutes ago?

Who's hitting the streets this weekend to work for the Obama (or Dems in general) campaign?

What is it going to take to get rid of the touch screen voting machines?

Rand Corporation report on Anti-terrorism says war (our present strategy ) is not effective.

Listen DUers relax and enjoy your weekend

Rabin assassin "influenced by rhetoric of rightwing politicians"

John Dean: The Evidence Establishes, Without Question, That Republican Rule Is Dangerous

Synchronized debating

What could go wrong.

Another election.....Another lawsuit by Norm Coleman against his Democratic challenger

Hey DU, in honor of Halloween let's tell our favorite peanut allergy/near death stories.

Suggestions for Republican Halloween Costumes

'Wal-Mart is a case study of the abysmal workers' rights regime we have here in the United States.'

Hey John McCain......

So one of McCain's heroes, Teddy Roosevelt was the person that

Lamenting FISA

Maliki: Don’t call it a ‘security pact’; it’s ‘an agreement to withdraw’ U.S. troops.»

Maliki: Don’t call it a ‘security pact’; it’s ‘an agreement to withdraw’ U.S. troops.»

Violence is ok but not sex

Why isn't Joe The Lying Sack of Shit in jail?

Marijuana and Stem Cells in Michigan

McCain can't get Joe the plumber to show up on time

BREAKING!!! Hollywood Celebrity Endorses Sen. Ted Stevens Re-Election Bid!

So we don't really know what Sarah Palin reads - but here is the favorite book of Obama and McCain

The Onion is hilarious this week

True - Someone stole my trash!


My husband took a call from the Republics, asking for me while I was out...

It may take weeks to name Alaska Senate winner

(R)asmussen Oregon-SEN Poll: Merkley(D) 49%(+2), Smith(R) 46%(-1)

Here's a little something to make you laugh....

Palin is the GOP's Hillary, but not in a good way.

OMG! Image of GOP "Prophet" Joe The Plumber Appearing on Mr Clean Bottles Across The USA!

Bird watchers get Owl killed

Self-delete, then.


New Research 2000 Poll of AZ: McCain: 48 Obama 47; O leads 54-42 early voting

This could be key to stolen election in 08

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: JOE THE PLUMBER hence forth known as Joe the Unlicensed Plumber.

Besides President, what contests are you most interested in?

About "Dodging the Question"

So Billl McInturff, the McPalin lead pollster


New Collins vulnerability revealed. Her staff violated the Hatch Act. Evidence online.

PSA: Change the battery in your smoke detectors this weekend.

Senator Feinstein Hitting Airwaves With "NO ON 8" Ads!

Your One-Stop Guide to the Norm Coleman Scandal-Thon

If Al Franken wins the Senate seat, what will Bill O'Reilly call him?

CorpGovActivist Rides Again!

Flier raises ire

Caption THIS braintrust...

Hey Al Gore

Hey Al Gore

The VECO Corruption Scandal - Who's Next?

The daily awwwwwwwwwwwww moment........

From Bartcop's website: What is a MILF?

Federal workers (you know the ones hired under no Dems allowed policy)

Barney Frank Wants Tighter Control of Banks’ Use of Bailout Funds

Barney Frank Wants Tighter Control of Banks’ Use of Bailout Funds

How about a law...

Three arrested in demonstration...Soulforce Equality Ride for gay and transgendered students

Very Seldom Would I Link To The American Conservative

Very Seldom Would I Link To The American Conservative

Very Seldom Would I Link To The American Conservative

I know what I have to say might be controversial but please hear me out

Ahhh, wife nixed it, and she's right. In our neighborhood we'll have

In honor of Halloween, my favorite ghost experience.

Native author Sherman Alexie on The Colbert Report

Mike Ditka - a few too many tackles with a bit too little padding in his helmet.

My Video Is Approaching The Half-Million Mark

Julian Bond seeks ‘greater benefits, grander victories’

TOONS and animations for your amusement: Happy Halloween!

TOONS and animations for your amusement: Happy Halloween!

For the longest time I confused "Freepers"

The Legacy of George W. Bush:

Everyone's getting into the game...I just received an e-mail from Cafe Press re: voting

GOPer Who Served Nixon,Ford,Bush Sr Rips into Bush Jr - Bush History,10/31

Man Arrested After 2 Ate From 1 Plate At Georgia Buffet

People in Wasilla don't vote

its FRDAY ya bastids!

its FRDAY ya bastids!

Help name Samuel J. Wurzelbacher's new book

Bush: one of the most successful Presidents ever.

Yeah, right

The Onion Predicted Joe the Plumber in 1993!! Thanks to DIGG!

I'm sorry maam your boobs are too big to be driving.

I need your help please - do you know of any Christian groups for Obama?

Girl, 11, killed in crash outside Glendale middle school

Some fun with fundies

Oprah Winfrey to join Obama at election party

Oprah Winfrey to join Obama at election party

Stop Sarah Palin's career ambitions....Support Mark Begich

My biggest concern is the integrity of the voting. There is little follow-up on these stories

Check out a fellow DUer's Barack O song!

What will/has been your primary contribution THESE LAST 4 DAYS to get Obama elected?

Palin's Long Winter to Come

Thought the wingnuts couldn't get any crazier? Who is Obama's REAL FATHER?

Money to be spent in GA, ND, **ARIZONA**

Anyone Hear of

Sarah Palin doesn't need a watch...

LOL. I'm sitting in the O'hare airport at a bar eavesdropping.

Bush is being a Bastard ,,Tying up the next Presidents Hands..

Lobbyist for Saddam gave $40,000 to GOP Senate and House Campaign Committees

Palin: First Amendment Rights Threatened By Criticism

Obama uses Winkin' Sarah in ad.:

Bumper Sticker I Just Saw

If anybody here has a freeper message board account

If anybody here has a freeper message board account

ESPNews reported Chris Berman will interview Obama and McCain during halftime on MNF

Poll: Funniest McCain/Palin Gaffes

"Thin Blue Line" protects itself again

This just in: Barack Obama is NOT the first Hawai'i-born Dem candidate for President.

Ohio Routed 2004 Voting Data Through Company That Hosted External Bush Administration Email Accounts

Last Day For Early Voting In Atlanta - Lines Are LOOOOOOOONG!

it is hard for me to not look at this the other way

Check Out My Paper Ballot Ad

Oh those wacky Mormons!

Upcoming reunion with my long lost brother

A song for the freepers out there

A Last Push To Deregulate - White House to Ease Many Rules

Non-presidential topic: Marine motorcycle deaths top their Iraq combat fatalities

Sign of the Times...

John Oliver's Community Organizers section on The Daily Show

"Remember remember, the fifth of November ..."

Michael Kinsley's ballot almost didn't count

Tell me if I have you all sussed out, DUers:

Oregon will hand-count some ballots

US Postal Service beats out FedEx and UPS in terms of cost effectiveness.

Now who gave HER my email address!!??!

Duck arrested at debate

VIDEO: Ted Stevens returns to Alaska, dances a jig at his coming home party

Glenn Greenwald on Joe Klein--Defeating McCain: Ending not only neocon policies, but also tactics

Hype the Obama Effect Video....WTF???

Happy Halloween DU!

Hey, did Joe the Plumber get new clothes yet? I was just laughing


The Super-Close Senate Race You've Never Heard Of

See - Racist Tampa FL - Republican Party Email - (St Pete Times Article)

If the goal of the bailout was to allow people to take loans, why didn't the goverment just lend...

Kyra Phillips, CNN: ha-ha-ha a six yr old got "shocked" for stealing McCain/Palin sign.

Ted Stevens: "I have not been convicted of anything"

The rise of the first SOCIALISTS of this century...according to Rush Limbaugh

*WOW*! The Daily Show's piece on Community Organizers (ACORN) is a MUST SEE

Coming up on Blitzer - Obama interview

If only the Republicans were right...

Have you checked yours yet?

Nothing to do but wait...the eerie calm

It looks like Arnold failed 3rd grade math.

Ah-nold To Obama: It's Easier To Grope Women's Breasts If You Do Squats

Did I just hear Ahnold say that Obama needs to do some squats

Peruvian Shaman's for Obama

Gadhafi Visits Moscow For Energy, Military Talks

Let me get this straight: We bail out a bank w/$3.5B of our money that bank buys a failed bank?

Anyone here ever see C.S.A.?

Erica Jong Tells Italians Obama Loss 'Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run

The traditional story of Halloween

I sorta wanna vote fer Obama on Tuesday but ...

Cheetahs on a Plane!!

Bill Clinton says NO on PROP 8

Boy I like Tweety these days... He's nailin a former republican governor

Vampire Values

Reuters: Verdict reached but not read at Guantanamo


Should there be a difference between hate racism and ignorance racism?

The importance of Prop 8 outside of California

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman: Beware the Twin Towers of electronic election theft

Please share your story about getting everyone to vote...I have been asking EVERY single person

Very scary mask: Joe

Very scary mask: Joe

“I don’t want to just win this election. I want to crush them,”

ARREST THEM NOW - A Last Push To Deregulate

"The other folks are voting" "There is no God"

"Spreading The Wealth"??? PEOPLE LIKE THE IDEA!!! ROFL!!!

Joe the Plummer halloween dog costume

Cape Girardeau woman shoots, kills would-be rapist at her home

In case you missed it, Bush is trying to push through some 90

Halloween Double Feature . . . now playing in the Lounge

Share your obama pics

WTF is it with Alaskans

Studs, we're gonna miss ya, man.

What the pumpkins think about McCain

Mormon Yes on prop 8 ad mailer w/ BIG obama pic - Obama opposes gay marriage ->

20+ percent of Americans still approve of Bush. So who are THEY voting for?

Here's a poll that could use a few good repondents...

The Obama Pumpkin is a HUGE SUCCESS (in battleground PA)

One more time.......TSUNAMI

Just for the heck of it - pumpkin art


Austrailia hates Trig

My front yard for Halloween. Guess who Jack O. Lantern voted for

Who saw (on Hairballz or Mourning Schmo) Geist on the upper West Side in a McPalin shirt?

McCain BarackRoll'd

Johnny finally got both "ors" in the water when trying to explain

CIA Officers Could Face Charges in UK Probe of Gitmo Torture Claims

A Talking Point.

Have the McGramps volunteers fled the coop

'Blessed be the Nation', Studs Terkel _ May 16, 1912 - October 31, 2008

Delete Dupe

Morning Joe on my teevee: Halloween Fright at its best

US Senate debate for Alaska (Ted Stevens v. Mark Begich) ... C-SPAN at 9:03 pm ET

GA: Citizenship "challenges" at the polls

Arizona is still IN PLAY. Please don't believe the noise.

Free Spech Zones........With an Obama Admin.....

A little girl at my daughter's school's Halloween costume parade was Sarah Palin and...

delete, posting error

Boehner: DOJ Politicized ... In Favor of Dems!

New word to cast asparagus on ----in brand new McCain Ad with Joe the Plumber

Country First? Really?

Bill Moyers tonight

Cheetah fed up with cattle class on Delta Airlines.....

Former Democratic D.C. Lobbyist to Speak at UW Tacoma on Monday night

Oh shit! Lee Atwater and Reagan campaigning for McCain! Real! Video!

I don't know about you poirsonaly but I find all Marxist nonsense derogatory

It's Friday.....that means another bank has bitten the dust!

We all know the economy is going to get much worse before it gets better. Right?

Owner of Rifle Company Forced to Resign by Internet Freepers After Supporting Obama

One of the lamest arguments ever made to "stay the course"

CNN, whoring extra hard for the Reich wing this weekend.....

Looking for a Leader

Boy I bet this had to kill FreeRCP

Will the Dem ticket in 2016 have a woman on it?

I carved a pumpkin for Obama!

Palin Claims Media Criticism of Her Statements Attacking Obama THREATENS FIRST AMENDMENT

One of the McCains' McMansions is for sale. (12 mil) Hard times, hard times...

The latest right wing tactic is spreading today...

FYI-Charlie Rose Fri, Oct 31 11:00 PM, interveiws Chuck Schumer

Nate Silver of is on with Charlie Rose tonight.

Yahoo!!! I just voted for Mr. Barack Obama!!!

Victoria Jackson just on O'Reilly, can someone get the video?

I didn't really expect a lot of younger voters to stand in line on the weekdays


Islamic Banking: Steady in Shaky Times

Fantasy Literature Victim

St. Louis Film Fest - "The Film that will put BUSH BEHIND BARS" needs your ratings!

Michael Moore on Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann Tonight (Oct. 31)

Report voting conditions and problems using Twitter & Text Messages

klaatu barada nikto

Michael Moore it helps to get the vote out being a community organizer

Time to dust off an oldie.

McCain Accepts Policy Endorsement from Alleged Socialist / PLO Crony / Terrorist Sympathizer

Did you hear Ahhhhnuld's spiel from his rally in Ohio with McGone today?

Is anyone else having problems with the "Mark" function?

Kay Hagan Sues Elizabeth Dole Over Despicable "Godless" Ad

“I have not been convicted of anything yet,” --is this man senile?

Studs, as Bruce Springsteen sings...

Wanna be depressed? Go see the movie I.O.U.S.A. .......

After the election how long will it take you to stop detesting

Guardian UK: Only in Alaska

S. Dakota Anti-Choice Extremists Are Trying Again

I need cheering up

This has probably already been discussed - but Studs Terkel is dead.

Ok, soooo who stole Rachel's sign?

Race Rating Change: Dole in Jeopardy of Losing Senate Seat

um about early voting and those that are concerned...MAYBE some people just like voting on the tradi

McCain's Bermuda Triangle

Sarah Palin : Husband Todd is "proud member of the Steelworkers Union"?

Caring for the least among us

The Good News and The Bad News (personal, not election related).

Total fluff Halloween Friday nite post: The best horror flick ever?

Barracuda's plan for cashing in, regardless!1

Dave Lindorff: The End is at Hand (To Leftist Conspiracy Theories)

"Vote McCain; you're white!" -- shout heard by Terry Moran of ABC when entering Indiana Obama event

Has Everyone Seen This Video?--It's Hysterical

On Real Time tonight, in about 4 minutes...

Note the McCain/Pailin Button

The Unkindness of strangers....

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Halloween Everyone!

"Season of the Witch"

HELP!!! Any great COSTUME IDEAS for tonight?

Mayor Daley invites EVERYONE to Obama rally: "This is not a burden!"

Bar Association Moves to Suspend Stevens' Law License

As an atheist, I would just like to say . . .

This All Hallow's Eve, let me share something truly frightening with you.

Chambliss: The rush of African-Americans to the polls has ‘got our side energized.’»

hmmm... The Comcast cable guide on my teevee doesn't list Bill Maher's show tonight at 11pm ET

Florida nudists want clothing optional polling site.

The Annual DU Ghost Story Thread is up in The Lounge.

Studs Terkel has died.

Palin Complains: My First Amendment Rights Are Threatened by Criticism

Former Alaska lawmakers want apology from McCain

This is a true, very strange story that happened to me.

Fox: The Obama - Satan connection

Talk about Toys in the Attic: Aerosmith's Joe Perry backs McCain

Some envelopes for mail ballots in my county had party affiliation on them

I never believed in ghosts until I met TWO of them Oct. 2000 @ Brookdale Lodge, Ca.

Michele Bachmann's 2003 Christmas letter reveals life before Hardball

Conversation with my 11 year old last night

Why Can I Not Watch the CBC (Canadian) Documentary on Bush in the US?

Bush launches last-minute deregulation push

In terms of numbers, what state has given us the most vermin in national politics?

In terms of numbers, what state has given us the most vermin in national politics?

The Electoral Map This Day in 2004------->

John Cleese on Olberman just flayed the republican

Obama (and Sasha) on Halloween

Inserting "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" DVD now

I'm getting some greedy trick or treaters tonight

Pinellas / Sarasota County FL Report Friday after a week of early voting; a preview

Banks seek help to forgive some credit card debt. Great deal for those not paying.

Need Legal advice quick!

If the polls are tightening (like the Freepers keep telling us), why haven't they....

FL GOP Chair Sends Out Racist E-mail: Beware Of The Car Loads Of Blacks

In you live in California, please warn people against Prop 11.

Drinking gin, in a hot tub, in the rain. 4AM

Neat Story from my experience voting today!

Do you love Connie Schultz?

I dressed as Obama for Halloween..........

Fundies pray, lay hands on Wall Street Bull

Andrea Bocelli on Oprah today - Just a heads up

Has McCain or anyone in his campaign done anything right since he won the nomination?

RightWingTalkingPoint Debunked--"The Rich Pay 87 Percent of ALL the Income Taxes Collected"

Documents reveal how Ohio routed 2004 voting data through company that hosted external Bush

HA! Idiot FReeper: "If Obama gets elected, I am going to emulate myself on the Newport Beach pier

More on Wall Street Golden Bull-Worshipping Ceremony

nobody butchers the language like a freeper:

Big news you probably didn't hear about: Yellowcake Forgeries figure arrested and indicted in Italy

Answering the Charge of "Socialist!" "Socialism!"

Fire at Nuke missile silo went undetected for 5 days, unreported for 5 months

From this day forward, I am not going to watch Bill Maher if he has a repuke/conservative guest on

Electoral Map animation from 1840 - 2004

Whistleblower Renews Call - House/Senate Investigations into Halliburton Foreign Corrupt Practices

Remember Sean Tevis, who raised $100,000 online for his KS state house race?

Most important news story of the week (ending October 31, 2008)

In honor of Halloween how about we post our best ghost stories DU!

Mass. nuke plant has a fire in a cabinet

*** DUzy Awards for week ending October 31, 2008 ***

Ran out of candy gave out cans of Pepsi...think my house is a hit on the block

Just got back from phone banking for Obama

My True Ghost Story

Is Palin really so obtuse that she thinks she has a chance in hell in 2012? This baffles me.

OK, who posted this at FR?

Food Bank Friday! Halloween 2008 Edition!

Myths That Must Die: "People are given jobs!"


US defense secretary expands pre-emptive war doctrine to include nuclear strikes

Darrin Bell's timely "Candorville" cartoon exposes some real voter suppression tactics

OK,DUers,I need your help re: my latest LTTE-it's being freeped!

Day Light Saving Time is a waste of energy.

Did you know that socialism is explicitly advocated in the Bible?

Houdini’s Final Trick, a Tidy Grave (died on Halloween in 1926)

Studs Terkel has died

couldn't help myself...went over to the other side

You know how Charlie Gibson on ABC pressed Obama about releasing the names of his small donors?

Are you going to stay up all night watching election returns?

Raw Story: Documents reveal how Ohio routed 2004 voting data ...

(Found on fark) VOTERS' RIGHTS

The Bible Unearthed: Archeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin

Oh Boy, Oh Boy! In Four More Days I Get to be a Communist!

Don't Hate The Player

"Very well, give him cake too. We're going to run out of cake at this rate."

Happy Halloweed, fellow Lounge Lizards.

Can any of you fine people answer this money question for me?

Dear Republican Party; Apologize now for nominating another psycho.

Test; please ignore.

Nikka Costa - Bullets In The Sky

Elvis Presley-Crawfish

Dear Hollywood; Apologize NOW for the remake of Psycho

It's Friday. Post here if you're a Slack Motherfucker

Please Caption McLame:

Please Caption McLame:

Somedays you just age more over night than others...and wake up old

There ain't nothin' like a lasered bikini line.

Ha Ha! Daniel Ruth's at it again. "Look! The Empress is wearing new clothes"

There's a place you might want to go/ It's right up on my street

MTV finally makes up for sucking... all music videos past present and future now online.

Bonfires burning bright, Pumpkin faces in the night

How to be romantic at Halloween and woo the lady in your life

my God...Halloween traffic is gonna SUCK tonight

Happy Halloween! Thought I'd post a truly scary pic. *WARNING*DISTURBING

Happy Reformation Day

#73 on Google Trends... Halloween Porn

So who's dressing up at work/school tomorrow, and as what/whom?

You know what the DU Lounge needs on Halloween? More Pumpkins. Smashing, that is.

RW Co-Worker Spelling Request

Censorship in Utah? Who would have guessed??

My general contractor

And so my Tender Lumplings let my welcome here you now

Site help with avatar

DU History Buffs: What was Spain like before its civil war?

Anyone here ever do a local Zombie Walk?

HAHA! Stupid ass Geek Squad thrown for a loop by OSx86 (running Mac OS X on a regular PC)

Did anyone go into work today in costume?

Du'ers, can you help me with a dignified, well-chosen response to a remark like this?

Happy Halloween All DU Guys And Ghouls

How do you deal with PHs who are not yet PHBs?

90's music fans, I need your help

For datasuspect!!

To celebrate Halloween, here is Ghostwatch

Oops,I accidentally opened a box of trick or treat goodies.

Skin Flick? Nah, It’s a Love Story - Zack & Miri

WOOHOO! Good gig just asked me if I wanted to come in....

So, the wirless at my folk's sucks ass

every time i hear the song "monster mash"

I haz found it...Ultimate Yarn Porn...

Man down the hall in my office building held my baby and now she smells like Old Spice!

Out of control nut-job in GDP

Why don't they have British films with ENGLISH subtitles?

Hello Lounge!

Play a Halloween song

Play a Halloween song

Why would my post today for more swing state campaign callers/supporters be locked?

A gentle rant

I used to work on a charter vessel, and this is perfect!

Jack The Pumpkin King

Joe the Strummer

Uh-oh!! turtlensue's Halloween costume....

Mo the Kitten of the Day

whatcha watching tonight?

I just watched Jeepers Creepers for the first time...

Vietnamese Health Ministry suspends plan to ban small-chested drivers

Hey, Brits, Aussies, please check in here! Do you have this problem with any American movies?

What this place needs is some Paris.

Road sign: "I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated"

What the hell is Samhain?

Argh...C'mon fucking Joe

PSA: Don't get busted looking at hot wimmin's butts on Halloween

How come every time you start a thread...

Midlo Rant

I Hate Pro-IV

Halloween joke...

Some people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

H. R. 5244 Feel free to sign (your state) and email

Man down the hall in my state capitol held my governor and now she talks like Bible Spice!

Got Chinese food, lots of halloween candy, beer for the wife, all for...

Jerry the Garcia

I got 3 responses to my last post! But the thread got pulled.

You should greet each Trick or Treater today with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche

You should greet each Trick or Treater today with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche

Just got the VISA statement

BREAKING: WAPO: Obama had lunch in 2003 with Ahmadinejad and Raul Castro at Castro's Cuba home

***Official World Series Game 6 Thread****

Ohhhh! It's all so ridonkulous!

I just over heard someone saying that Steven Colbert is a republican.

Sorry I was missing for over a week...

FUCK, they're canceling KING OF THE HILL....

I was looking for a halloween costume...

Is there a Video Games Group ?

Should I give out molten lead or blow mercury vapor in their faces tonight?

Match Game Rabrrrrrr Style

By 10:00 tonight, someone in my home will be puking.

Holy Crap I am in Lust

Bowler dies moments after first perfect game

I made the Greatest in about 15 minutes, but I'm sad about it — Studs Terkel has died

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/31/08

I Just Saw lost-in-nj in Her Halloween Costume!!!

McLoser coming to TM's school tomorrow!!!

My name is Nomad and I am an election-holic

Sale Fail

My Kid Came Home From School With This; How Many Californians Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?


Who is this kid and what has he done with my little boy?

Women: What made you choose marriage versus living with your mate? Did you take his name?

Blessed Samhain everyone!

My slow ass finally found a way to watch movies online. Any suggestions?

Glasses retailers SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK

Vote Obama

Happy Halloween

Cheetahs on a plain

Dutchman builds modern Noah's Ark (oldie but a goodie)

My Halloween Costume

the preschooler nixed the backward B pumpkin idea.

After coming off a busy work week

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

so its a official....I have a boyfriend

Hey DU, what's your costume today?

So I Am At The Apple Store Talking To People On My iPhone

1 Terabyte 7200+4 RPM Sterno-powered Samsung HD, 110 bucks, shipped. Updated.

Aruuugh!!! I'm heading to downtown L.A. and can't find my DU t-shirt.

Will Repugs ever go out of style?


Tonight is a celebration of Joseph and Mary beginning their pilgrimage to birth baby Jesus

what kind of cigarettes are you handing out to trick-or-treaters tonight?

1,666th post on Halloween!

I'm glad I'm not giving out candy

I command you to visit GD.


Is "Hemorrhoid Medication Etcetera" a good name for a Drugstore?

Halloween in the 213

Halloween in the 213

Anyone else going out tonight?

The Exorcism of Sarah Palin Halloween Version 2008

Have you seen this?

What actors/Actresses would you MOST like to see in a movie together that haven't before?

I just talked to my baby brother!

What kind of candy are you giving out tonight?

Remember, that Halloween is our traditional "Talk Like A Freeper Day" in the Lounge

What is the scariest costume you can think of?

help. quickly. Music video

Have the Hallo-weiners started knocking on your door yet? If so, what are they dressed as?

Halloween Chick Tract Jabberwocky Dissection

Update on Heidi (my pup with pancreatitis)...


Don't forget to post your Halloween pictures for the costume & pumpkin contest! (Please keep kicked)

Happy Halloween dudes!

OK, how come we can't fucking post when we are in the LOBBY!

If Franken wins, who's the most powerful SNL alum, he or Lord Haden-Guest?

What are the best conditions to keep a pumpkin - and how long is possible?

The Washington Redskins have a secret weapon....

My favorite thing about Halloween

Didn't Conservatives try to air a show analogous to The Daily Show?

The Washington Reaganskins have a secret weapon....

Tea and cake or death?

I just emptied my Halloween bag, and I'm NOT happy.

I am President Palin

Missed the earlier PIZZA? There's more, but you must hurry...

Another year with ZERO trick-or-treaters.

Cross-posted from GDP - Bullwinkle and I feeling hopeful at the polls!

Jackson 5 plans 2009 "reunion tour" without Michael

Halloween classic movie quiz....

Red Alert!

Fresh, piping hot PIZZA being served in GD-P. Get your slice before he / she is GONE.

Has EarlG announced the arrival of his newborn yet? Did I miss it?

Will Ugs ever go out of style?

I haven't sober posted in such a long time . . .

Please help this poor guy sell these girls's costumes!

Attack of the Evil Dead, we ran out of candy. We are screwn!!11!

I paid off my mortgage on my little house today - and donated to Obama to celebrate!

I can't feel my feet.

Halloween Special: Frank Zappa pays tribute to George W Bush

I wish DU had a dating forum.Does anyone know any Liberal date sites?

is Your Kitty Cat Missing?

One of my favorite things about autumn: perfectly ripe pears.

Well, I wasn't expecting that (My bumper sticker leads off an ad on DU)

I'm sure somebody has already made this observation, but

I haven't drunk posted in such a long time...


Two thousand and eight

Chase Utley drops F-Bomb during Phillies live TV parade

Halloween Double Feature (for those idling time before Tuesday)


The Corridor.

Kitten Picture of the day for Halloween

This flash game was supposed to be tough?

Your favorite candy.

So i`m just back from a Halloween ball and........

Full on rain here, worst Halloween evah.

Ever have a migraine AND a sinus headache at the same time?

Do you steal from your kids' Halloween loot?

sing it with me: "ahhh...ooooooooooo"

When I was a kid we always got money when we trick-or-treated.

Who here worked for JCPenney?

Yes or no?

Democratic the Underground

I'm watching "The Blair Witch Project" for the first time right now on television

Scary Halloween pic just showed up in my email. Can you see it?


If I post a weird story, will you give me your impression of it..

Has there ever been another group REMOTELY like The Stones?

Sh*ttiest roads you've seen and driven on.

Hi, everybody.

Halloween Greetings!

Founder of died last night

What should happen during the last episode of KING OF THE HILL?

Disliking the overuse of infinite verbs in writing, I wonder if anyone else feels the same way?

Favorite Sci-fi / Horror movies?

What movie scared you the most?

A question about tipping

those that handed out candy, what costumes did you see?

This is Hugh!!!!! From the belly of the Freeper Beast.. (Pictures included)

"Michael Rennie was ill the Day The Earth Stood Still, but he told us where we stand..."

Predictions on Texas-Texas Tech tomorrow?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/31/2008)

I have enough in my iTunes account to buy one song. Which one should it be?

at the apple store

Unable to find enough teachers, Ga. district cancels school

you will all hate me!

Question Game: I'm knitting socks for a DUer...Who is it?

I'm watching I am Legend...

Halloween Picture Thread!

Change your name

TEXAS . . .

Hey I'm done.Good night everybody !

These pictures make me hate myself a little:

These pictures make me hate myself a little:

Lewis Hamilton targeted by racists in Spain

I don't have a caption for this picture...but it has to be something involving Turtlensue

Mutiny at the GOP

Local GOP Chairman distributes racist e-mail

Bush launches last minute deregulation push

E-mail derided as racist

Rifle maker bounces boss who supports Obama

Treasury, FDIC to Consider Guarantees to Stem Foreclosures

Party Call for Paper Ballots Election Night (Vanderburgh Cty IN)

Mail-in ballots no sure thing

Inquiry Targeted 2,000 Foreign Muslims in 2004(to disrupt terrorist plots before/after the election)

A Last Push to Reregulate/White House to Ease Many Rules

India suspects Islamist militants in Assam bombings

China plans ethnic tour for Dalai Lama envoys

Death toll in China coal mine rises to 23

Barack Obama finds support in the diplomatic corps, and in the military

UN envoy urges N. Korea to accept food from South

Pakistan official: Quake deaths likely to top 300

Official: Suicide blast kills 8 in NW Pakistan

Bali governor rejects Indonesia's new anti-porn law

AP poll: 1 in 7 voters still persuadable in presidential race

Blast rocks Afghan ministry

General in Iraq: Deal letting U.S. troops stay may break down (Kurds willing to host US troops)

Iraqi mayor Bush once hailed flees to U.S.

DR Congo refugee camps 'burned'

Suspected U.S. missiles kill up to 20 in Pakistan

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama 50.1%, McCain 43.1%

Mail-in ballots no sure thing

Fear of system crash halts Ohio registration-fraud check

Growing Doubts on Palin Take a Toll, Poll Finds

Eagleburger Blisters Palin: "Of Course" She's Not Ready

McCain Set to End Campaign as Overwhelming Underdog

7.5 million homeowners 'underwater'

Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Widens Some on All Bases

Libya compensates terror victims

Wary of voter overconfidence, Obama not letting up

McCain to appear on 'Saturday Night Live'

Obama Campaign Buys First Ads in Arizona(relaunch in GA and start in ND)

Guatemala hopes DNA lab can unravel mystery of the `disappeared'

Iraqi who had been touted as a symbol of success (by Bush) departs, moves to U.S.


Obama challenge rejected (Cin. OH.)

GM, Chrysler merger on hold as aid hopes fade: sources

Coleman calls lawsuit 'sleazy politics'

Cindy Sheehan's Campaign Headquarters Heavily Damaged in Late Night Attack

McCain Set to End Campaign With Biggest Hurdles in Modern Era

Former Reagan adviser endorses Obama (chief of staff Ken Duberstein)

Security tight ahead of Bali bombing executions

Growing Number of Senators Urge FCC to Hold Off on Election Day Vote

Cape Girardeau(Missouri) woman kills man who returned to rape her second time

Obama infomercial tops network prime-time ratings

Erica Jong: Obama Loss 'Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets'

Record 17.3 million Californians registered to vote

Ecuadorean commission alleges CIA infiltration in its military, police

Kidnapped Chinese oil worker found in Sudan

Hawaii officials declare Obama birth certificate genuine

Pre-emptive ejection: Audience members removed at McCain rally in Cedar Falls

Suspect in anthrax hoax released on bail

Chevron reports record 3rd quarter profit

Former World Jewish Congress chief Bronfman endorses 'tough idealist' Obama

Japan says will sack air force chief for WW2 views

McCain sources say Duberstein lobbied to head transition; Duberstein denies claim

Democrat Kay Hagan Pulls Ahead By Six Points In N.C.

Setback for Cheney on records lawsuit

Bricks again thrown into Obama’s KC office

Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Widens Some on All Bases

Scientists Rebuke U.S. FDA's Findings on Chemical (Bisphenol A)

GA Voting Problems

President Bill Clinton Asks California Voters To Vote NO on Proposition 8

Federal judge bars voter purge

To Help Obama Effort, Al Gore Goes Back To Florida

Ex-lawmakers call for McCain 'Troopergate' apology

Maine gunman held school children hostage

TV interview with Rabin assassin shakes Israel

Obama campaign Frugal, and efficient

'Ghost schools' paid millions for absent students

Bush administration denies funding for FBI probe of mortgage mess

Chinese melamine scandal widens

Obama Halloween display causes stir in western Colorado

Bureau Proposes Opening Up Utah Wilderness to Drilling

Democrats sue GOP over voter challenges (FL)

Legal experts question US Attorney's decision not to prosecute Obama 'assassination plot'

Computer Glitch Slows Early Voting (Orlando)

Palin Fears Media Threaten Her First Amendment Rights

Cheney aide to be deposed in lawsuit over records

Tenn. Early Voting Turnout Setting New Records

Federal Regulators Shut Down Freedom Bank

Voters, church leader speak out against Dole's `godless' ad

Studs Terkel, Oral Historian And Radio Legend, 96

AP: Obama aunt from Kenya living in US illegally

(Alaska) Permanent Fund loses $10 billion in past year

Specter of Deflation Lurks as Global Demand Drops

Palo Alto uproar over police chief's remarks on questioning blacks

Voter turnout expected to be highest in decades

McCain campaign slams Obama N.H. endorsement

(Michigan) Stem cell proposal a tossup; cash pours in

Halloween Trick from Bush Administration: Treat to Factory Farms

Banking panel chairman say using bailout funds for bonuses against law

Forbes, Cox pay blogs to run anti-gay-marriage ads

1 Trojan + 3 years = 500,000 online financial accounts

CNN Electoral Map update: McCain loses ground

Pakistan police raid child wedding

Top McCain adviser blasts Palin: "OF COURSE" SHE’S NOT READY

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 31

Dole attacks Democrat with second 'Godless' ad

Nestle sends experts for melamine tests in China

BREAKING: Federal Judge Compels Deposition from GOP 'IT Guru' Mike Connell in OH '04 Election Case

I Can See Russia From My House

Time to Change * OBaMa *

Can Obama Save SNL?

Shawn Pyfrom & Penn Badgley for Obama

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Barack

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Virginia

Would Jesus Wear a Rolex

Florida: Help Us Make History

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

Meltdown on CNBC: 'Shoot to the capitalist system'

This is How the War Came Home

'Dear Mr.Obama' gets 11 million views on youtube (1:55)

Rachel Maddow Reminds Kit Bond That 'Teh Gay' Is Not Catching

TheRealNews: Millions not allowed to vote

How John McCain Came to Pick Sarah Palin-2/2

Halloween Political Howl

Olbermann's Campaign Comment: McCain is a Lying Hypocrite

Humpy Wheeler & Leilani Munter endorse Harry Taylor

Larry Kissell at the Mallard Creek Barbeque

Conservative illogic and hypocrisy easily swatted down by Huffington, Begala, and Larry King(!)

Wolf Blitzer Asks If It's Okay To Associate With Atheists

Good Morning America How Are you after 8 years of Bush?

McCain advisor Lawrence Eagleburger on Palin: 'Of course she's not ready.'

HUGE FIGHT! McCain Supporters vs. Obama Protesters

Barack Obama w. Rachel Maddow. Interview 30/10 Part 1/2

Harry Taylor at the Mallard Creek Barbeque

Sarah Palin - Giving Senior Citizens Nightmares

McCain *newest* ad-The Truth on Global Warming. Did they catch McCain napping at the end??

Islam in America

The Choice is Yours (Tasters Choice Remix)

Stewie & Family Guy Plot O'Reilly Revenge

A thank you to the campaign

Troubled Land

Countdown: Campaign Comment and Rashid Khalidi - hilarious

Coulter is ALIVE!! sobers up enough to tri-host H&C (2 videos-4:15 total)

TPMtv: Closing the Gap?

Defense Spending: McCain v. Palin

Eagleburger: Palin Not Prepared To Take Over Presidency

Where Did Bob The Mayor Go?

Al Franken ad: 'Real People'

Fellow POW: John McCain "not cut out to be president of the United States"

Cindy and Meghan McCain on GMA: ABC 10/31/08

Job Loss in Ohio

Wasilla Did Things Differently

New Hampshire Get Out the Vote

Voter Protection: North Carolina

Eric Schmidt on Why College Students Should Support Barack

The Most Horrific Halloween!

Eisenstadt says McCain internals show tightening; still bitter with BBC

Veterans for Obama on Barack's Leadership

Media Mobs Bachmann After Debate

Claire McCaskill Needs Missouri to Elect Barack

McCain: Joe the Plumber "My Role Model"

Joe Biden in Newark, Delaware

TPMtv: Election Night Preview, 10/31

Margaret Cho & Selene Luna: Vote No on Prop 8

The Prosecution of Bush is gaining traction

"The Day I Fell In Love With America" (Charlie Wilson) OBAMA!

State declares Obama birth certificate genuine

Who's Nailin' Paylin? - Preview


Hannity holds up 'secret file' Juan Williams actually stands up to him

Hate merchant Sarah Palin slings fresh mud at Obama

Downtown LA Obama Wall Mural- From Start to Finish- kool

Fixed Noise: Washington Times Kicked Off Obama Plane

Al Gore To Floridians - Every Vote Matters

Spermatazoan-Americans Endorse McCain - Palin

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

Defense Spending: Palin vs McCain

The Exorcism of Sarah Palin Halloween Version 2008

Oct. 31 in 100 Seconds

Are there Black People in Wasilla?!

McCain Reacts to a Party Under Palin

For What It's Worth-Buffalo Springfield

Voting Early in Wisconsin

Open Letter to John McCain from a 9-year-old girl - Global Warming

Delusional Felon Sen. Stevens (R): "I Have Not Been Convicted"

Faces Of Hate - a scary 1st hand account by someone who stumbled accross supporters of Proposition 8

Eagleburger Backtracks: Now Says Palin Qualified Since Previous Comment Helps Obama

ABC News: Mob Boss Meyer Lansky returns to the U.S. (1972)

CNN: Investigation into the Marine barrack bombing in Beruit (1984)

Barack Obama in Des Moines, Iowa

Felon Sen. Stevens "Trial was unfair" = rally in Alaska

Sarah Palin - A Disastrous Choice (British TV Oct 31)

TYT: John McCain Has Lost Neil Cavuto -- Ouch

CNN: Pres-Candidate Jesse Jackson ties to Arab League raises questions (1984)

Bernard-Henri Levy discusses Palin-Obama and the clash of civilizations

Countdown: KO and Frank Rich discuss Obama and McCain's decisions

Campaign clips - 'Peace Train'

Ohio Veteran for Barack

John Cleese on Countdown 10_31_08

Walking to a Battleground State

GA tree planter votes Obama

Bruce Ash Anti Obama Attack Ad - ''Sweden'' - Bruce Ash really is an Asshole

Sneak Preview: Joe The Plumber's first song from new album

William... SHATNER... on... Tina... FEY'S... Sarah... PALIN

Obama: McCain Abandons High Road

David Alan Grier of Chocolate News on Ashley Todd

McCain spokesjerk get's owned on CNN!

Vote HOPE - yes you can

Wanda Sykes talks Prop 8 on Ellen

President Palin; a second plane has just hit the towers....

TYT: McCain (Ridiculously) Smears Obama & Cenk Weighs In

Ted Stevens ad attacks the jury that convicted him

Bugliosi: Right Wingers more Republican than American

ADS FROM THE PAST, 1940: Republican Wendell Willkie wants your vote!

Get off my lawn!

John Cleese on Countdown

Early years education: Sweden versus the UK/US Part 2 (of 3) - A Must Watch Video

Early years education: Sweden versus the UK/US Part 3 (of 3) - A Must Watch Video

Early years education: Sweden versus the UK/US Part 1 (of 3) - A Must Watch Video

TYT: Cenk Rips Conservative Host Who Says Equality is Not an American Value

The Ultimate Change in Washington

President Bush Ordered CIA to deliver heads of terrorists (on ice) to his desk, so they did

Manson Prosecutor Charges George W Bush with Murder

Sarah Palin Halloween Costumes the Hot Item … for Pit Bulls!

ID confusion could nullify mail ballots (CO)

Interview With Eric Foner: 'Life Is Getting More Difficult For Americans'

Barack Obama plugs into a political Facebook

Va., Md., will drop machines used for electronic voting

Michael Kinsley: That Wealth Spreader

McCain Employs 'Elizabeth Dole Strategy' Against Obama

Lawrence Eagleburger: 'I Fear Palin Will Prepare Eagle Burgers'

Homeland Security Pays Dividends for Alaska

Hell to Pay

Seeking Revenge, McCain Claims GEORGE WILL Has 'Ties' to Muslim Radicals

E. J. Dionne: At the End, a Clash of Substance

George Monbiot: The Triumph of Ignorance: How Morons Succeed in U.S. Politics

Growing Doubts on Palin Take a Toll, Poll Finds


Naomi Klein: Bailout = Bush's Final Pillage

Invasion Of The Constitution Snatchers: Bush Judges Scare The Halloween Out Of Me

Krugman: When consumers capitulate

All the Albatrosses of John McCain, and One with Lipstick

Midnight in the Garden of Reaganomics

100K Match Pledge - Donate To No On Prop. 8 By Midnight!

That’s America, Folks!

Amb. Marc Ginsberg: McCain/Palin - R.I.P. Courtesy of the Middle East

Dean's Role (Editorial in Rutland Herald, Vermont)

McCain Campaigns With Conan the Barbarian

A Stronger Dose of Socialism

Race Baiting from Left and Right

Palin Attacks Obama For Trick-or-Treating

Oprah Gifts to Audience Members Their Own Voting Machines

South may be shifting in Democrats' direction

Democrats Positioned for Big House Gains

Democrats Striving for Lock on Senate Control

McCain Claims Obama's an Anti-Dentite

NYT Jacques Steinberg on Media Matters for America: All-Out Attack on ‘Conservative Misinformation’

A Dictatorship of the Rich is a symptom, not the master, of an inactivist electorate.

The Grand Immoderation of Studs Terkel

Erica Jong: Obama Loss 'Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets'

A Letter to Sarah Palin from God

Flat Stanley Visits Barack Obama, Courtesy of Aron Mondschein, 7

An 'Idiot Wind'-John McCain's latest attempt to link Barack Obama to extremism

U.S. health insurance costing $5,800 a year?

David Alan Grier of Chocolate News *shreds* Rush Limbaugh

When the Police Go Through Your Email: Quirk of Search Law Sets Off Alarm Bells

John Dean: The Evidence Establishes, Without Question, That Republican Rule Is Dangerous

A Single Lifetime

The Weekend Economists--Happy Hallowe'en 2008!

Petraeus taking over CentCom today

Iraq wants U.S. troops gone by end of 2011

Study: DoD IG rarely sides with whistleblowers

Mistrial motion dismissed in fragging case

Army examines munitions dumped off Oahu coast

British military looks to jazz up grim food

Syrians protest U.S. raid amid heavy security

Soldier dies in northern Iraq

DoD acquisitions chief rips AF 2010 budget

Marines call off January drill in Japan

Kirtland day care closed over pot scandal

May fire damaged cables leading to nuclear ICBM

Flares found on beaches traced to N.Y. unit

No combat deaths in Baghdad this month

Cultivating the business climate in Iraq

Military Update: 'Special pays' reform to begin with health professions

12 Coasties being considered for SEAL training

Soldiers see wars, economy as key election concerns

Dollar falls as Fed cuts key interest rate

Drivers growing frustrated with Pacific gas prices

Soldier charged with rape; transferred to Seoul jail

Ga. makes pitch for AFRICOM headquarters

European brief: Military suicides study planned

Mali hosts military exercise in Bamako

Stars and Stripes mailbag

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Freedom Matters

Dwell Time to Increase for Soldiers

USS Bradley Preps for AFRICOM Deployment

Some Texas-based soldiers report problems casting ballots

HBO Special - Section 60 Arlington National Cemetery

Two members pulled from Blue Angels

October 31, 1941 - First U.S. combat casualties in WWII

DU Vets,please help me out re:my latest LTTE

Interview with human rights activist, Yonatan Shapira -- Powerful and inspiring.

Making History: Couples Wed While They Can (Alameda, CA)

Latest Poll on 8

No On 8 Introduces New Ad Narrated by Samuel L Jackson!

Looks like the people across the street don't like my 'No on 8' signs

Kathy Griffin Gets SERIOUS!!! (New Prop 8 ad)

Mormon moms plan anti-Prop 8 vigil

Spread the love

Rosie on why she has sent no money to defeat Prop 8.

California DU'ers...what's your honest take about Prop 8 this Tuesday?

Intrade's odds on Prop 8 - at 38 for passing

I freaked out a couple homophobes (yes on h8'ers) yesterday

U East Anglia Researcher - "It Can't Be More Clear That Human Activity Is Responsible" For Warming

Climate Refugees - 40 Families From Carterets Islands - Arrive In Papua New Guinea

2 Defendants In Ivory Coast Toxics Case Get 20, 5 Years - 17 Killed, Thousands Sickened In 2006

Hansen et al: We must phase-out coal emissions by 2030 and stabilize at or below 350 ppm

Local woman creates fast, efficient bikes (with a motor)

Science - Post Palin Piehole Pronouncements, Scientists Leap To Defense Of Fruit Flies

Rapid Warming At Both Poles Man-Made Says New Study, Contradicting IPCC On Antarctica's Status

"Clean Coal" - "The Most Toxic Phrase In The Greenwash Lexicon" - Guardian

US: Mild GDP decline masks miserable details

Credit Crisis Indicators: Some Progress

Investment Banks Hoist on 2005 Bankruptcy Law Changes Petard

Let's Call It What It Is........ "SWINDLE"

Small Florida bank is 17th bank failure in '08

Mixed Market Better Than Pure Capitalism Or Pure Socialism

The Shipping News Suggests World Economy Is Toast

Credit Card Debt: The Next Writedown

I think we could change the economic landscape if we all simultaneously removed our money from

How does a recession end?

Eric Lee: Help LabourStart win $80,000 & other stories

USA Today: Labor unions go after Republicans in tight races (spending millions)

Ecuadorean commission alleges CIA infiltration in its military, police

Guatemala hopes DNA lab can unravel mystery of the `disappeared'

Chilean Ruling Coalition Reaches Out to the Communist Party

I don't understand the lovefest over Goodell, he's shaping up to be the worst commish of all time

Whenever I'm having a bad day and need a guaranteed laugh...

Celebratory Phillies fans damaged the KYW-3-CBS live truck

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (October 31): VISHY!!

Tests find drug-resistant bacteria in store-bought pork (MRSA)

Anyone read Suzanne Somer's latest opus?

On life expectancy changes...

Dr. Nancy Snyderman: NO! Not Controversial

Blessed Samhain to all the fine ASAH people here!

Energy I picked up on when watching the Obama documentary

The universe is giving me the gift of time

Question about Obama's unnatural ability to remain relaxed.

The Annual Ghost Story Thread is up in the Lounge...

November 2008 Prayer, Light, and Healing Requests

Nolle's NOVEMBER Astro-report.

Annual DU Ghost Story Thread is now up in the Lounge; with your photos!

Website for your perusal.

All Hallows


Halloween window display

Railroad tracks

Pink Floyd laser light show

So This Transvestite And A Bee Walk Into A Bar............

Just posted in general discussion. Join in:

Sales of assault weapons to A-holes in Texas TRIPLE "because" OBAMA might win

Monday I'm making twenty + pies for election night

2 tablespoons green peppercorns, drained. WTF?

Halloween pardon sought for executed British witches

i have a burning question!!!!

To the Witchy types on the forum: Have a wonderful Samhain tonight !

Jesus People Pray That False Idol Will Save God’s Economy

Vatican to use psychologists to weed out homosexual priests

Has anyone here used the cast iron skillet method of cooking steak?

"The Mechanical Universe... And Beyond"

Old paper worth rereading, “The Assault Weapon Panic”, October 10, 1991

Charlotte Dennett & Vincent Bugliosi video on prosecuting George W. Bush

Texas floats plan to house Ike victims aboard ship

North Texas has 3.0 magnitude earthquake

Google Alerts Get Support for RSS Feeds!

Ubuntu 8.10

Could someone explain to me what DAEMON Tools Lite is all about?

The Patriot Ledger endorses Kerry.

Kerry endorsed by Nantucket's paper

Are people intentionally trying to....

JK on Meet the Press Sunday morning!

So what does Senator Kerry think of this?

A weird thing happened to me today

Were you at the Bill Clinton event at the Minneapolis Convention Center?

A second lawsuit filed against Norm Coleman!

Handy guide on which judges NOT to vote for

Republican ads quoting Al Franken are misleading.

E-mail error ends up on road sign

Would love to be living back there.....the bluest ward in a deep-blue city