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Does it get any better than this? "Palin pallin' with felon."

Michelle Obama on Jay Leno NOW nt

delete, event over now

[PIC] "And then, he taxed all your money & gave it away to the poor!"

Datamar Florida Poll shows Obama leading by 49%-44% ... link

Can someone please explain these Ras CO numbers?

Can someone please explain these Ras CO numbers?

It must be embarassing for Palin to be endorsed by convicted Felon Ted Stevens?

I thought Bill and Barack were campaigining in Florida Wednesday?

Here's something to replace the whale in your nightmares

watching daily Show, Stewart in the first few minutes

Picture of the day

Campaigning for Obama in South Florida!

Know why Palin's full of shit on the "oh, we're so frugal" wardrobe bullshit? has Obama and McCain dead even in Utah

Nightline tonight, suppose to have Stephanopoulos on fracturing McCain camp.

Obama is at the bottom of the list

Chances Obama will be on SNL this weekend?

Forget Joe the Plumber

It's officially the last Tuesday before the election. 7 more days!

If we had a foreign policy gift shop

Joe the Plumber to Campaign for John McCain

Joe the Plumber to Campaign for John McCain

Yet another indication that McCain and Palin are down to eating rats:

I don't fear Obama will lose.

Road to 270: New Mexico

Great one from the archives. Robert Gibbs. Obama spokesman

Is Barack a romantic guy?

Is Barack a romantic guy?

Ensign: McCain makes Senate races more difficult

McCain says...

Republicans have no right to make fun of Barack`s name...

Do you think McNuts will respond to KO asking him to tell his

Does anyone else have the GIANT Republican campaign sign problem?

Nearly 1.5 million absentee ballots requested (OH)

If Senator Obama is President-elect Obama a week from now, I'm going on a diet

Holding Bush/Cheney/Rove Accountable is the Only Way To End the Nightmare For Good...

Watching the Ohio Undecided Voter Focus group replay on CSpan. It is clear

Group worries paper ballots will run out (El Paso Cty CO)

Worried about the return of Willie Horton

anyone watching chris rock on jay leno (after Michelle Obama)

+1 for Obama in Florida

Michelle was wearing clothes from JCrew on Leno. The Obamas buy their own apparel.

I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it," Bush Nov 4, 2004

Obama only 19 newspaper endorsements short of Kerry's number

When we are finally rid of Bush

How utterly OFFENSIVE.

This week four years ago, Kerry was trading at 44.3 on, Bush 56.

Alabama sets voter registration record

"Barack the Human" represents the best in all of us...

What, exactly, was John McCain doing at Barack Obama's age right now?

What, exactly, was John McCain doing at Barack Obama's age right now?

Larry "the panda bear" King and the Ainsley Hayes wannabe

Seven more days!!

JUST IN: Sarah Palin has been palling around with a convicted felon

Obama Is Trading At 87.7 And McLame Is Trading At 12 At Intrade

ABC News: Joe the Plumber to Campaign for John McCain


Palin woos endorsement for McCain in Vermont

Has that Sludge "Redistribution" crap gotten any MSM traction?

Los Angeles County only has ONE early voting location! what a bunch of totally clueless racial bigots on MORNING DEAD INTERN JOE!

Obama addresses to skinhead plot - "That’s not who America is.That’s not who our future is." (VIDEO)

McCain calls liberals a threat to economy. How would HE know? He admits his stupidity.

Fewer sellers, fewer buyers

The Obama phenomenon and the death of Reagan's Repuke Party

Barack visits Brighton, Co field office to make phone calls - cute video

Amazon Responds To My Email About The Obama Mask/Terrorist Costume

Answer THIS: What the hell are we going to around here after Obama wins? (besides celebrate)???

Slowpoke TOON: McCain's last stand

PISS ON ZOGBY ! Check Out Gallup From Yesterday.

It's time to rename MSNBC's "Morning Joe"....

It's time to rename MSNBC's "Morning Joe"....

Rumors increase in last days of campaigns

Letterman Top 10: Top Ten Sarah Palin Excuses For Spending $150,000 On Clothes

Link to Letterman's top 10 excuses for palin's expensive wardrobe:

Voting Ballot problems in North Carolina:

Two Neo-Nazis arrested, intended to kill Obama and others

ha-ha! i think mika is about to slap the crap outta scarfboro.

US election 2008: Top 12 turning points in the campaign (condensed from 25)

Thank you Iowa! wants to know who we is...

Which reporters were assigned from each of the networks and major newspapers to each campaign?

I'm kind of disappointed I was hoping for a final 'whistle stop tour' by rail

Touching Obama ad w elderly Ohio Vet supporting Obama:

Why the hell would anyone vote for a cocktail waitress VP together with an aging undertaker as her

Jonn Elledge - reports on the far from clean fight for Pennsylvania-UK paper

I think I have to stop watching Morning Joe...

Free Obama stuff (links)

Bob Herbert. Joe Scarborough. I believe that Sarah Palin is stupid,

Andrea Mitchell just blew Joey up....

McCain's Irresponsible Syria Response(WTF!-Outrageous!)

Any time there's a poll, especially a southern state poll, that shows Obama ahead,

Just ask Mittens or Ghouliani if amount of $$$ spent guarantees results

This Election is not Over - Rush Limbaugh

"You Have A Choice. You Can Help Make History, Or You Can Help To Repeat It"

Another McCain lie: pushed regulators for land swap, despite pledge

NAACP Sues Officials Over Vote Preparations

Daily Kos Poll: Obama 50 (unchanged), McCain 43 (+1)

TED STEVENS will not be able to vote for himself according to Alaska law!

How to Deal with Obama Sign Stealers

Tucker Bounds just said, Failin will not be voting for Ted Sevens, thanks for the Democratic

Smith, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ron Reagan: All for "redistribution of the wealth"

SurveyUSA Ohio Poll: Obama 49, McCain 45

Is it too late for Obama to drop a few hundred thousand $$$ in AZ?

Moonies for McCain

Moonies for McCain

SUSA Early Ohio Voting Results

It's down to this..

McCain Hiring Field Organizers Who Support Obama

For many evangelicals, it will be the end of the world if Obama wins

my sample ballot hasn't arrived....

Swing State Weather Forecasts For November 4th,

Response from Amazon about the "terrorist" mask....

Toon: McCain fighting for "once secure votes!"

Answer the phone: "We're voting for Obama!"

It should be clear by now to all American voters that McCain & Palin have nothing to offer them

Rasmussen Obama 51 , McCain 46 - no change

GWU/BG poll - no change

Survey USA- OHIO- Obama 49%- McLoser 45%

Heh. Politico's Mike Allen quotes a “top McCain adviser” calling Sarah Palin “a whack job.”

Toon on redistribution of wealth- GREAT point

OH MY GOD! Palin could replace Stevens!

Let's be realistic ... If Obama loses this one ... a democratic President will never be elected ...

A wrinkle in time? Days seeming to last weeks...hours seem like days...

** Heads Up: Barack Obama Live in Chester, PA**

Survey USA- OHIO- Obama 49%- McLoser 45%

Witnessing history

Obama at rallies in Raleigh NC and Florida

We approve this message

The stamina of Barack Obama is unbelievable!

I would call them TERRIFIED - CNBC interview of McGeezer and Dingbat

Just curious ... anyone else order their Obama shirts in mid-September and haven't gotten them yet?

Couldn't things be worse than they appear for McCain due to the "Barr"effect?

!?! According to the Wash Post the Reps are using George Allen as a campaigner in Virginia!

Fox & Fiends: "What If They Hung An Obama Effigy?"

Obama: 99.9% of plumbers will get a tax cut under my tax plan

On MSNBC's "Beneath the Surface" the idiot is suggesting that McCain might win Pennsylvania?

What ad should the Obama campaign push over next week and what story should that ad tell to

Obama just said "Workers create wealth" he is a commie

Where is the major campaigning taking place today- for both Obama and Pappy

The dude from IBD/TIPP was just on Faux news and said todays poll will have O up 4 (he was up 3)

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaings In Chester, PA****

Why can't Byron York read?

The most ORIGINAL explanation of how McCain will win PA...

They are playing Stevie Wonder's Superstition at the Palin-McCain rally in Hershey

Is It Time For Another "Your Best Freeper Limerick Or Haiku"?

Manchester: over 3,000 new voters this month!

Morning Joe: Pushing the Bradley Effect theory

A Shout-Out To The Poll Posters

Gramps dissed Obama again: He's eloquent, says consider drillling and "bla.. bla.. bla..."

I don't understand why women aren't upset at the paternal, patronizing treatment of Palin by McCain.

Kudos to Sen. McCain!

#ONE Song on the Hit Parade 28 October 1960

NC 182,518 early votes Monday

cbs news radio in LA says Obama is speaking "during a snowstorm" in PA - hope he watches out for

...and I have the scars to prove it!"

Weather looks pretty good for Election Day

Anyone know anything about a new Indiana poll from Research 2000?

Pew Undecided Voters: low income, low education, older southern white women

McCrank: I Want to Hoard the Wealth!

GOP Draws Internal Battle Lines Around Sarah Palin


37 state polls show remarkable stability - some Obama improvement only Indiana doubtful

McFight: Fight the Infighting!

Inside the numbers so far in North Carolina.

Heh. Politico's Mike Allen quotes a “top McCain adviser” calling Sarah Palin “a whack job.”

30 Florida counties won't follow state's voter ID suggestion

Question about Sarah Palin:

Nice article: Memories of an outstanding and talented classmate - his name? Barack Obama

I am honestly concerned but don't flame me!!

Diageo/Hotline Poll - Oct 28th - Obama 50, McCain 42 - 8% Obama lead maintained

In Oregon, Obama pulls away and is dragging Merkley with him (SUSA)

The best part about the PEW poll- shift in independent voters since September

Oh my god, McCain's playing the Stone's "Start Me Up"

HELP - is there an online quiz to tell you who your candidate should be?

Sarah Palin pals around with convicted felons!

SUSA: Obama leads McCain 49-45 in Ohio (leads by 17-points among early voters)

Don't go by me, but the DEPENDS joke was PUNNY.

Don't go by me, but the DEPENDS joke was PUNNY.

what were the poll avg in PA in 2004?

McCain playing "Start Me Up" by Stones.

Battleground state polls from this date in 2004

Cuyahoga County employee denies improperly checking driving record of 'Joe the Plumber'

Palin pallin' with felon senator in 2006 campaign ad



Question on Obama's tax plan.

Palin in Roanoke Va last night

Heads Up, NC: Warning! Straight Party Vote In NC Does NOT Cast Vote For President

To those making over $250,000 a year and are upset about a 3% income tax increase, I'll make a deal:

Is PA vulnerable to election theft?

Two good reasons to not be concerned about Diebold machines in PA:

Huffington: News Orgs Investigate Possibly Fatal McCain '64 Car Crash has GA and MT as toss ups

Watching Palin/McCain rally from Hershey, Pa. on CNN live video.

Has McCain killed more Americans with his crashes/Forrestal exploits and the

I love how Obama's use of appealing to "the better angels" of our nature harkens back

** delete **

Has McCain's desperation for a message accidentaly turned 2008 into a referendum on Socialism?

The comedy goes on....."You betcha we'll drill baby drill and we'll mine baby mine"

So, what's the odds of a presidential pardon for Stevens?

McCain is a Bushist!

Mason-Dixon Montana Poll: McCain 48, Obama 44

Wow, McCain is a disaster whether it be on land, sea, or in the air !!!

A Presidential Rainbow?!

Antidote for Rev Wright ads?

Looks like I'm at Ground Zero for this election:

Are there protesters at the Palin PA rally???

Chicago Public Radio response to spliced Obama interview

Obama will spread the OPPORTUNITY for wealth

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Ocala, FL****

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Cute Video - Students of the Ron Clark Academy perform a political song supporting both candidates.

Willie Geist: "Obama's taking over every when you imagined the Soviet invasion" (VID)

PA Tracking Poll:

I'm wearing a new outfit today that includes Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole and Anne Klein

McCain: "I'd like to thank Cindy McCain... "

"It doesn't sound to me like many of you are supporting Barack the wealth-spreader on Nov. 4."

Racist propaganda that's being stuck to mailboxes in Wisconsin

Racist propaganda that's being stuck to mailboxes in Wisconsin

ABC Will Air "Pushing Daisies" Instead of the Obama Special

No one will interrupt the World Series......

Obama does better in snow than McCain does in perfect weather

McCain says pundits being fooled, promises victory (ready to hit the streets?)

McCain says pundits being fooled, promises victory (ready to hit the streets?)

McCain responds to reports of infighting: "a couple of mavericks aren't always going to agree"

** Video: Barack Obama in Chester, PA 10/28 + free pie recipie **

Make no mistake: Palin is extremely dangerous.

***delete - dupe***

Steve Forbes wants Obama to win-CNN this morning

There is something about McCains teeth that really give me the heebie jeebies

"Obama continues to lead 6.3%..."

So , after 11/4 will DU be renamed to " Democratic Overground"

Did anyone else hear that overseas military ballots are missing?

Your Democracy Been Stolen? Get It Back with O'Jack!

Wanna see a pretty picture????

Bumper sticker/yard sign observation.

The ONLY reason McCain is focusing on PA is no early voting

Exit Poll Question

The uncomfortable silence of CAPTIONs

They are smoking some good Sh!t in Freeperland

DU, Have you completed survey???

Can Palin Pardon Stevens?

McCain Campaign Says Your Health Care Plan Is Better Than Theirs

I L*O*V*E Sarah Palin

Rasmussen was just on Faux news. His poll coming out for Pa later today will be good for McCain.

The host on CNN just said President Barack Obama!!!!

Sarah Palin = What happens when the GOP starts believing its own BS

PEW POLL: Obama 52, McCryp 36 (-2). Obama +19 Among Those Who Have Already Voted

I had a dream last night

News Orgs Investigate Possibly Fatal McCain '64 Car Crash

Denver PHOTOS = 100,000 pus at OBAMA Rally

LOL....Word Cloud of the Freepers Forum.....

Politico/InsiderAdv: CO: O 53 - McBush 45; PA: O 51 - McGrampy 42

Video: Willie Geist and Courntey Hazlett call Obama half hour "Creepy" and "Soviet"

Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama 50, McCain 42...unchanged from yesterday

I just voted for Obama/Biden in Wisconsin.

Strategic Vision (R) Obama up by 15 in NJ and 11 in Wisconsin

Obama in Raleigh on Wednesday

Gallup: 7 in 10 Americans Say Obama Will Win


I waited seven hours to vote yesterday.

"I'm voting for Obama" - "Why?" - "Because McCain's going to lose!"

"I'm voting for Obama" - "Why?" - "Because McCain's going to lose!"

OUR Congressional representatives who have not endorsed Obama

Caption the Senator and Governor from Nowhere

Will any Democrat "Obama Included", have the guts to call the Bluff on Reagan Mantra:

When is Obama's Wed night spot airing?

RE: Obama losing the popular vote...

YES WE CAN - Reprise

The MSM Continues To Ignore The Fair Market Value Of Fox News' Character Assassinations of Obama

Polls are tightening = Better turnout for us!

DUers please calm down RE: CNN/McCain. . .you look foolish. . .this is no different than . . .

Gallup - RV O 50(-1)M43(+1) - LV(E) O 51(-2) M 44(+1) - LV(T) O 49(-1) M 47 (+2)

Three questions. Is CNN airing the 30 minute Obama show?

LA Times - GOP Is Poised To Become Even More Conservative After the Election. Amazing!

The Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Should Vote For Obama

Pretty good read about the rift in the McCain camp and their demoralization

Dumbest reason I have heard for not voting: "we are screwed whoever is in the white house, and..."

John McCain pays tribute to Dramatic Prairie Dog.

How about this for an October suprise:

How about this for an October suprise:

Florida's No Match list has grown to 12, 165. Mostly African-Americans, Hispanics, Democrats and..

Forgotten grave reveals a local link to Obama: Everett WA

National polls are interesting, but it is the state polls that matter /nt

National polls are interesting, but it is the state polls that matter /nt

The New Coach is Coming...The New Coach is Coming...8 years of losses under Coach Bush

IMAGE: McCain is Bush III (like Saw V)

With Gallup at 7 (RV), 7 (LV-Exp) & 2 (LV-Trad), I'm interested in seeing which one the MSM reports.

If the machines flip this election, we should all do a run on the banks.

If the machines flip this election, we should all do a run on the banks.

Phony flier says Virginians vote on different days

The STATE polls today are great, so far!

Biden questioner creates stir (barbara west twit) - CNN

Is Obama spending any of his enormous war-chest fighting election fraud?

Some of McCain's black relatives support Obama

John McCain to be On Larry King Live Wednesday Night...Is this what all the fuss is about?

John McCain to be On Larry King Live Wednesday Night...Is this what all the fuss is about?

John McCain to be On Larry King Live Wednesday Night...Is this what all the fuss is about?

Obama up by 1 in Indiana

Obama up by 1 in Indiana

AP: With visits and money, Obama narrows race in Montana

Zogby 4 point lead (49-45) rises to 9 points (51-42) using Rasmussen party ID weights

Did Obama say he wouldn't raise capital gains taxes yesterday?

New state polls from NBC/Mason-Dixon, O+11 in NH, tie in NC, -4 in MT

You Guys And Gals Really, Really Need To Average All The Polls

Top 100 Reasons Not to Vote For McCain

Photo of the Day?

Is this the new meme to devalue the 30 minute political ad?

Is this the new meme to devalue the 30 minute political ad?

The FCC's Equal Time Rule

We are doomed! RNC pouring money into Montana and West Virginia

Poll: Obama has 16-point lead over McCain

David Axelrod is a concern troll??

October surprise: Is McCain guilty of manslaughter?

Repugs vote on tuesday....Democrats vote on wednesday....

Misinformation campaign tells VA Dems to vote on wrong day(Nov 5th)

CQ Politics: Poll: Obama has 16-point lead over McCain

Let's not forget today's most important number

OK Fellow DU'ers.......Time For My Wife and I To........

LA Times - Frontpage Article Repeats McCain Talking Point - Who Is Obama?

With all of the lies and all of the hate the McPain campaign has been guilty of

MSNBC will Also Air Obama Ad Tomorrow

*It's Official* Obama is Going to Win

Remember this idiot from yesterday?

Breaking CSpan: McCain calls for Stevens to step down

Message to MODS; Anyone posting a DRUDGE link should be banned.

Does anybody else find it ironic how the Mccain of 2000 probably could have won?

"Michelle Obama is very articulated."

Went to get an Obama for President sign at the local Dem HQ

True or False: Republicanism is a character defect?

I almost wish that we stop conducting, reporting and following the polls

Virginia- Uniformed Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act

Need a hug?

Need a hug?

Obama's ad won't cut into the start of Game 6, or end of Game 5.

Delete - Poll from teh 23rd.

Delete - Poll from teh 23rd.

In PA, Obama rallies in the rain. McCain-Palin wimp out, run for cover.

FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!!!!!!

obama needs your help please du this poll

So what if CNN is going to give McCain't air time

Saying the media narrative is biased against McCain and for Obama is like saying....


Headsup: Obama on Daily Show Wednesday night per Politico (nt)

This race effectively ends on FRIDAY NIGHT.

Why Would Anyone Want To Stop You From Voting? (great video)

Flashback: Two years ago today: Karl Rove's "Math"

GOTV Suggestions: Encouraging People to Stay in a Long Line

Palin, Alone Aboard the Bus


NBC/Mason-Dixon NH Poll:Obama 50, McCain 39 (All you concern trolls can go and fuck yourself!)

Fox "News" is poisoning their viewers' minds with hate and fear.

So now Palin lets her hair down, literally

Why is Obama doing much better in state polls than national polls?

Anyone going to Norfolk rally tonight? How far in advance should

Bush had a 1.5% lead in the last week before the 2004 election according to

So...we can vote from space but can't provide enough facilities for people on Earth?

So...we can vote from space but can't provide enough facilities for people on Earth?

Does anyone know what TIME on Weds. Obama's 30-minute infomercial will be aired?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...Growing Number Believe McSame Extension of Dimson

STOP IT! McCain going on Larry King is NOT CNN giving him free ad time

One of the best things about an Obama victory will be...

Pittsburgh City Councilman wants McCain to apologize re: Ashley Todd hoax

I'm Going To See Obama/Clinton In Orlando Tomorrow..

OMG, so funny. "Synchronized Presidential Debating"

McCain the lame is scared of icy rain!

McCain the lame is scared of icy rain!

Woooooohooooo , getting the day to vote on Nov 4th

Any know of any decent election results widgets at the state/county level?

For those looking to pass time before the election: Now playing in the DU Lounge

CNN Wolf Blitzer Will Interview Obama On Friday - Will He Pull A Barbara West? - You Can Submit ?'s

Nancy Pfluffernutter said the McCain campaign focuses on Rural-Suburban Voters...WTF?

Got Nov. 4 th off? Help drive fellow Dems to the polls!

I NEED HELP from a DU Doctor Or Pharmacist

AP FACT CHECK: McCain misreads 2001 Obama interview

The New Skinhead Threat Was More Lame Than The Denver Skinhead Threat

Can't we just do this shit today???

Late Deciders in Recent Presidential Elections

Insider Advantage has Obama down only 1 in Georgia.

Anne Hathaway Caught Up in Vote-Rocking Scam

The polls are accurate. If Obama was REALLY up by double digits...

My 1000th post!

Uh-Oh.... Looks like we're losing ground in a few states....

Who's going to be on Meet The Press This Sunday? Obama?

Who's going to be on Meet The Press This Sunday? Obama?

AZ Capitol Times: Internal GOP poll shows McCain only 3-pts ahead in Arizona!

Cnn to give McCain free media in response to Obama's 30 minute ad.

Daughter of fundy I know is voting Obama! :)

TPM: "Obama Leading In Eight Battlegrounds Bush Led In Four Years Ago"

Studies: Who Didn't Vote in 2004 Presidential Race

Just got a robocall...

McCain bashes Obama 'infomercial' ("No one will delay the World Series when I'm president")

New Insider Advantage GA poll has race virtually tied (M 48, O 47)

McCain is a Marxist

McCain is a Marxist

Louisiana ealry voting 2 to 1 Democrats.

Obama Leading In Eight Battlegrounds Bush Led In Four Years Ago

Obama Leading In Eight Battlegrounds Bush Led In Four Years Ago

Georgia Insider Advantage poll: McBush 48-Obama 47; Chumpliss 46-Martin 44 pdf.

BE PREPARED Election Night! Early results will show Obama WAY up, but it will get closer...

Catholics/men fleeing Mccain and moving to Obama as Obama takes best lead in days in new IBD poll

The Keys to Election 2004 by Allan J. Lichtman

IBD/TIPP: Obama inches upward, now leads McCain 48-44.

A part of me wishes Obama would just say this:

Next time a Concern Troll pops up, ask them this question...

Obama called a n***** by enraged winger at vicious Palin rally, and what do you think Sarah does?

any good info out there on how high the third party/non Obama/McCain vote is gonna be ?

Ringing beautifully crafted endorsement - St. Louis Post Dispatch - GOBAMA

About Palin 2012... from perhaps the most obsessed Palin Watcher

This isn't my MSNBC

Robert Draper at GQ: Palin’s debate prep was going so bad - when Camp realized she knows nothing

PA POLL: Obama 51, McCrypt 42. CO POLL: Obama 53, McCrypt 45

PA POLL: Obama 51, McCrypt 42. CO POLL: Obama 53, McCrypt 45

Polls show little movement for McCain in Pennsylvania

How is "having an infomercial" the same as "presuming the outcome"?

Anyone know when the Wash Post poll comes out?

One of the Tuckers "We're not into servicing the republican right" Orly?

Fox News silly attempt at making Obama look anti-constitutional

I'm way behind at work. My reports are over due. My boss is pissed at me...

For McCain to win this thing and offset the early voting, he'll need to be up +5 in election day.

I was rooting for Tampa Bay, but now I'm hoping that the Phillies end this thing tonight

Mason/Dixon Polls for New Hampshire, North Carolina and Montana

Grant Park Tickets sign up available now!

Maverick Personality Disorder 400.03

does Palin really buy her clothes from thrift shops?

House Race You will Love to see:PPP NC 08 Poll: Larry Kissell (D) 51, Robin Hayes (R) 46

full transcript of palin's energy policy speech.


Stupid Rick Davis in June campaign video. "Watch California closely...margin of error in CT." LOL!

Charles from Boulder, CO (Must See Video)

Election Night Party Details & Ticket Info

Virginia trying to combat misinformation about Election Day

New video from the Obama campaign needs to go viral.

Gallup's two polls are bullshit

Gallup's two polls are bullshit

Where are Sarah McWolfKiller's PROMISED medical records?

McCain, heeding polls, scales back campaign in Michigan

Help Me - Aren't Calls For Small Government Just Code For Deregulation? Hasn't McCain Just Flipped?

Where will you be on election day ?

Help Me - Aren't Calls For Small Government Just Code For Deregulation? Hasn't McCain Just Flipped?

It's official! Obama wins in a landslide!

Everyone can calm down now, Obama is back up to a 7 point lead average on RCP.

Someone please post the picture.

MSNBC "Green Machine" interviews finding only

How to Deal With Stolen Yard Signs

Elect President!? Should Be Arrested for Terrorism!!

Will you still love Rush & Hannity when this elections over?

Need Help Debunking a RWNJ

Im concerned that we are losing Utah, Wyoming, and Alabama

Im concerned that we are losing Utah, Wyoming, and Alabama

Im concerned that we are losing Utah, Wyoming, and Alabama

Im concerned that we are losing Utah, Wyoming, and Alabama

Alaska is the most socialistic state in the nation

Alaska is the most socialistic state in the nation

One million expected at Obama victory rally.

IF Stevens steps down ...

Didn't McCain cancel today due to rain?

Illegal purges... how many? I know of 20K in CO, and 50K in GA...

For all those who keeps nagging and being negative DUers:Obama has 16-point lead over McCain

How Bush Destroyed the Republican Party

UPDATED: I may get my LA County absentee ballot after all.

McCain: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Obama’s Policies Amount To Communism

McCain: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Obama’s Policies Amount To Communism

McCain: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Obama’s Policies Amount To Communism

***Pics of Biden rally in Ocala Florida this morning***

Suffolk Nevada Poll: Obama 50(+5), McCain 40(-6)...All those Concerned can fuck off!!

Suffolk Nevada Poll: Obama 50(+5), McCain 40(-6)...All those Concerned can fuck off!!

McCain Campaign: Employer-based Health Care better than McCain's credit

I'm glad the stock market surge (+889) didn't coincide with a poll dip for Obama


Don't get blocked out of DU on election day! IMPORTANT! Please Read and Recommend!

You must learn the ways of the force if you are to travel to Alderaan with me..

Fox's Poll's 48%..chuckle, chuckle

Check in here you're having a bad day...

Now this is just plain over the f*cking top!

PREDICTION re: medical records and Obama's 30 min

WTF "Joe the Plumber" regurgitates sewege


Surprising! MSNBC (David Shuster) just showed Gallup's RV poll and the PEW Poll...

How does trickle down work? It doesn't.

As of yesterday, 12.85% of Cuyahoga County Voters have returned Absentee

Right-Wing Group Distributing Hundreds Of Thousands Of DVDs Attacking Obama In Swing-State Newspaper

Right-Wing Group Distributing Hundreds Of Thousands Of DVDs Attacking Obama In Swing-State Newspaper

I googled it first, but can't find it. John McCain voting to ban buying clothes with campaign money

Fox "News" gives Grampy a little helping hand in the home stretch

The Barack Obama 30-minute commercial: Great idea or just a little too much?

Governor Crist already flip flopped on extending Florida Early Voting Hours

Governor Crist already flip flopped on extending Florida Early Voting Hours

Sarah Palin, 9/11 Truth Candidate

Republicans like to "spread the wealth" UPWARDS to the wealthy & big corps.

Imagine, a movie called "O"


So apparently Mos Eisely Spaceport....

I think Drudge has some serious jealousy issues with Obama

McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns & Palin doesn't know who bought her clothes

Went to rally today for Union members

Poll re: Best Obama Web Ad

Poll re: Best Obama Web Ad

So exactly when is Palin going to release her medical records - Nov. 5th? And why

So exactly when is Palin going to release her medical records - Nov. 5th? And why

McCain Allows Only Five Live Minutes For Joint CNBC Interview With "Rogue" Palin (VIDEO)

So Palin will give a foreign policy speech tomorrow addressing Iran... Hmmmm


Ever noticed there is nothing to MAKE FUN of Obama about??

350 Still Images Illustrate McCain's Anger Management Issue (Video)

Rasmussen Mississippi: McCain Leads 53% to 45%

Wake The Nation - featuring Carly's song Let The River Run

New polls: Obama up 10 pts in NV, down by 2 in AZ (!!!)

Obama narrows race in Montana - AP

Can Obama Just Wear the Old Bastard Out??

One thing I will never have to do again after Jan 20th...

Three early votes for Obama today from Western NC!

ABC/WaPo TRACKING POLL: Obama 52, McCrypt 45. No change. Obama 51, McCrypt 42 (among RVs)

Just to put this in perspective... the last 5 non-incumbent elections

Obama, McCain campaigns spar over credit card donations

Conservatives Have Reshaped Appeals Courts

Origin of intentionally misspelled "moron"

Seven days: do not sink down, lift up!

Do you get the little "I Voted" sticky when you vote in your state?

Just got my mail in ballot but I need help with something....

Ohio polls, including Clark County, to be crowded with activists Nov. 4

RAS Poll: Obama up 50-46 in Nevada

RAS Poll: Obama up 50-46 in Nevada

Joe Lieberman joins in on the 'is Obama is a Marxist' question

What will the % difference be in the popular vote next week?

Hours after Fox says the market is tanking on fears of Obama, market shoots up almost 900 points...

Hours after Fox says the market is tanking on fears of Obama, market shoots up almost 900 points...

Obama pulling away in Nevada: 50% - 40% in new poll

By the way, is everyone aware of what the day before Obama's Inauguration is?

By the way, is everyone aware of what the day before Obama's Inauguration is?

WAPO/ABC POLL: Obama 52-45 likely (no change), 51-42 registered (McCain -1)

My County has more Dems than Repubs, first time since Civil War (150 years)!!!

My County has more Dems than Repubs, first time since Civil War (150 years)!!!

"I was a prisoner of war for five years,I know how to win wars."

Please help me understand: Why does Palin consider "rogue" an insult but "maverick" a compliment?

Hannity starting to skate on thin ice...

St. Pete Times: Governor Crist Extends Early Voting Hours in Florida from 7AM to 7PM, adds Sunday

The scariest picture of this election cycle.

Photos Barack in Chester, PA Today

Has anyone else been subjected to the pink McCain signs?

God is a Democrat

Palin: Being In The Underdog Position Motivates Me

New Obama Ad Suggests "American Dream Is Fading" (VIDEO)

Presidential Candidate Doppelgangers

Nicolle Wallace: 'organized campaign to lay blame'

Republicans send out phony flier in VA telling Dems to vote Nov. 5th

Republicans send out phony flier in VA telling Dems to vote Nov. 5th

Republicans send out phony flier in VA telling Dems to vote Nov. 5th

John Adams retired Brigadier General & Arizona Veterans Chairman for Obama statement on McCain

Here is an email I got from the McLame campaign!

Electronic voting machines do not malfunction, and they do not produce errors

You're kidding me. Arizona is in play?


How do the Repugs do it every election????

Top McCain Surrogate Romney: Obama Win Likely

Top McCain Surrogate Romney: Obama Win Likely

Rasmussen NV: Obama up by 4

Rasmussen NV: Obama up by 4

Obama and the Media: ABC, NBC, MSNBC & The Daily Show

Former Md Repub Congressman Charles Mathias: "My Choice: Obama"

DESPERATE: Joe Six-Pack can't even get a loan BUT... GOP takes out loan to help Senate candidates

(Shocker) 'Joe the Plumber' endorses McCain

LOL did you see Schrumm call the Republican bigot out on HARDBALL

Shivering in the rain to hear Obama

This "redistributing the wealth" thing that McCain is pushing.

NC 8th district (PPP Poll) - Kissell takes the lead in 8th - 51-46

NC 8th district (PPP Poll) - Kissell takes the lead in 8th - 51-46

Bush pays surprise morale-liftin' visit to Repub HQ (McCain workers doin' a heck of a job)

"Obama's never done one hard thing, and you know it!"

"Obama's never done one hard thing, and you know it!"

La Times Poll: Obama 49:40%-Ohio, 50:43% Fla

Obama Fever Spreads!

McCain Support Continues Downward Spiral

"I know how to get it done" is NOT a fucking economic Policy!

"The singularly most beautiful man I had ever seen."

McCain just said "Get Out The Vote"...isn't that our slogan?

I'm so excited!

Has Palin Gotten Back to Katie Couric Yet??

Has Palin Gotten Back to Katie Couric Yet??

The Obama Song (World of Friends): Bridges for Obama

Fox Broadcasting exec refutes McCain; says Obama is not delaying start of World Series game

If "redistributing the wealth" means paying for Bristol Palin's brat, then I'm not in favor!

Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Balks at Extending Voting Hours. Seeks injunction to stop it!

The McCain-Palin Campaign Thinks We Are All As Ignorant As She Is

McSame and Palin just plain STINK

Here's a poll story from yahoo (good news generally but....)

Huge turn-out in Dem counties of South Florida- longest lines in African-American areas

Florida declares emergency, Gov. Crist extends early voting hours

I was mean to a Repuke.... it felt surprisingly good.

(R)asmussen Nevada Poll: Obama 50%, McCain 46%

Singing -- "But our sign was still THEEEERRRREEE!!!"

OH POLL: Obama 49, McCrypt 40! FL POLL: Obama 50, McCrypt 43!

PA Rasmussen Poll: O53/M46

PA Rasmussen Poll: O53/M46

McCain struggles for Pa. upset; GOP doubts grow

Art- Palin Explains Fruit flies and Science

Scenario: Stevens wins, bows out, Palin runs in special election 90 days later

CNN rejected 30-minute Obama ad; Fox News not asked (but will air on MSNBC)

Email from Obama campaign: Take election day off from work.

Florida extends voting hours, Obama camp giddy...

Complete this: "The Republicans did this to themselves, by ___________________."

Unsung heroes of this election year: Post 'em here (from an idea

Why the New Virginia Is Leaning Toward Obama

Help, please.

It's Raining In America

It's Raining In America

Obama Questions Whether ‘Desperate’ McCain Thinks Reagan Was a Socialist

For those that are worried about the new Ipso poll no need

B.O., J.MC., and S.P. = ______

News Orgs Investigate Possibly Fatal McCain '64 Car Crash

I fear that we are losing Idaho.

talk me down.

You know I was pretty Optimistic back in 1984...

My encounter with a McCain supporter.

"Straight talk express" oops, your mic is on.

Palin Cancels Rally Today Due To Rain

Whoooosh - LOL pics

Whoooosh - LOL pics

I've got to try really hard to not get fired this week.

Vigilante pals of Palin’s not so distant past

I know it is only one vote, but.......

I know it is only one vote, but.......

Any one see that weak ass "anti-Franken" spot yet?

Autism and Politics: We're On The Island of Misfit Toys

If the Repukes could do their primaries all over again ... who would be their candidate ???

"Joe The Chair" - PalinAsPresident has been updated

If things go like 2004, Texas may be lost

Obama and Biden have exercised remarkable restraint.

Today I voted absentee ballot in Missouri and had to wait one hour

Thousands of lawyers: Obama has "ferocious legal strategy"

I wish the Obama site was selling "Yes We Did" posters.

Now Rasmussen is fudging the numbers. Can we trust any of these fuckers?

Why does MSM feel the need to play McCain's ads for him? NBC Nightly News

Ipsos-McClatchy Poll: McCain gains on Obama, now trails by 6 (was down 9 last week).

A 'Scripted Robot or an Unscripted Ignoramus'

CNN: Teen shot over vandalized McCain sign, police say

We need to DU this poll!

Can someone help me make a hypnotic pie?

Can someone help me make a hypnotic pie?

As one of the first One Million for Barack Obama...

Gallup Daily... not good: +7, +7, +2 (-3 in all three categories)

McCain Funded Work of Palestinian He Hopes To Tie Obama To

Nate just increased McCain's win percentage...

McCain Camp Demands LA Times Release Video

Any news on Palin's medical records?

For the first time ever, I'll hang a picture of the President on my wall-

Numbers on updated, Obama still looking great!

Numbers on updated, Obama still looking great!

ABC Wed. night special: "Who Loves America More, Rev. Wright or Obama?"

Who thinks that Karl Rove is NOT smart at all?

TPM: McCain Campaign Now Advertising In West Virginia

TPM: McCain Campaign Now Advertising In West Virginia

Something to consider: Pew one of few polling companies to poll cell-phone only voters

What day is concievably the LAST day for McCain to turn it around

Something to brighten your day-New LAT poll shows Obama up 49-40 and 50-43 in Ohio and Florida!!!


NYT, Bob Herbert: A Choice and an Echo; "The heyday of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove is over."

You only think I guessed wrong! That's what's so funny!I switched CAPTIONs when your back was turned

Three cheers for my 21-year-old brother, who spent most of the day waiting in line to vote in Miami

Three cheers for my 21-year-old brother, who spent most of the day waiting in line to vote in Miami

Sen. Ted Stevens (Felon-AK) joins a 'VERY' exclusive club.

This is almost poetic -

Jimmy Buffett to give free concert for Obama in Tampa on Sunday! Two ticket limit.

Will the actual election be closer than the current polls?

McClatchy: Obama will talk up economic plans on TV tomorrow

Breaking: New Pew Poll, Obama +16

Breaking: New Pew Poll, Obama +16

Times/Bloomberg polls: FL - O 50, M 43 and OH - O 49, M 40

Times/Bloomberg polls: FL - O 50, M 43 and OH - O 49, M 40

Great Yahoo Front Page - McCain HOSED!

Can You Spell ..LANDSLIDE?

Has Joe the Plumber ever heard of Ronald Reagan?

Help! I'm stuck in Freeperville (aka Waycross, Ga)

Even Morning Joe admits it.

They're Using Ayers to Smear Obama on EDUCATION !!


Call for probe of ACORN panned

My Socialistic Gift To You DU(Hee Hee)

Obama won't delay the World Series game tomorrow.

Any word yet on whether McHate has denounced "B girl" Ashley Todd or the white supremists

Some idiot wrote a LTTE to our local paper, just a list of Repug talking points.

[McKeating] pushed regulators for land swap, despite pledge (updated)

[McKeating] pushed regulators for land swap, despite pledge (updated)

By my estimate, Obama is up 6.51% or 150,969 votes in FL at this point:

I just voted in Georgia (gwinnett co). It took me 3 1/2 hours and it was a McCain crowd. Pretty

Michigan Arouses Early Voting And A Few Libidos

Olbermans Countdown is available on iTunes ya know

My local newspaper The Conway Daily Sun, endorses Obama. This is huge, people!

Shut the fuck up, David Gregory

John McCain is an honorable man, right? He's not a liar, right?

My conversation with a poll captain last night.

RNC borrowing money in desperate pathetic attempt to save some Repub senators!!

AP FACT CHECK: McCain misreads 2001 Obama interview

One Week To Go: "Guess the Popular Vote Percentages" DU Poll

POLL: Why the heck are the undecideds still undecided?

McCain snubs Palin on the straight talk express

Fellow Alaskans, if Stevens steps down, does Begich get to run unoppossed?

Big crowds for Obama, jittery supporters for McCain

Ew, remember Victoria Jackson from SNL? Watch this anti-Obama video

OH DUers, election protection question. What's the demographics of these areas:

Obama Gets Back To Hardball

3 NM Bushies Vote Obama !!...

Question: If McCain's time as POW and being tortured qualifies him to be a good leader,

Mayor Daley: Obama Rally Could Have Over A Million People In Attendance

I polled my friends yesterday and today... smears are working?

Gregory really wants to save 3% on his income over 250K doesn't he?

If it is correct that CNN is giving MCain free time, then every able bodied attorney

Anyone else here happy that mccane didn't pick Romney?

Just gave 1 Finger Salute to Co-Workers Car

Okay, what's up with the tax cut?

WOW...look at this EV map 364 Obama 157 McCain 17 ties

Palin wants Stevens out so she can run for Senator!

Ironically, Crist takes McCain's "maverick" title away from him

What's with the crepe hangers here?

Who is this asswipe repuke on Hardball right now

*** OFFICIAL THANK YOU IOWA THREAD (with even more ****!) ****

I am So CONCERNED* We Might Lose Texas!

Obama has done more for the Pie Business in three weeks than "Pushing Daisies" did in two seasons

Watch this video about Charles from Colorado. You will like it.

It's not just thirty minutes primetime TV -- this will be a full-on media blitz!

the Sara Palin Show

Evidence that God is mad at George Bush

NY Times Bob Herbert: A Choice & An Echo

PHOTOS Today's Inspirational Pics Oct 28 (25 of them!)

Alaskan Socialism FACTS:

Hillary speaks about Indian issues and Obama

Serious question: when Obama gives a speech, is there booing?

If we win next week, I'm celebrating by . . .

If we win next week, I'm celebrating by . . .

Palin pitches Nicole Wallace under the bus re: 150K-shopping-gate

Joe the Plumber: Obama will bring about the death of Israel

ABC George S: When Democrats Win on Taxes, They Win Elections

Does McCain want to raise the minimum wage? ‘Of course not.’»

NH POLL: Obama 58 (+3), McCrypt 33 (-6). NH SEN POLL: Shaheen 50 (+1), Sununu 36 (-2)

Whack job! Whack job! Whack job!

Barack Obama's lightning strike in thunderstorm speech at Widener University.

Michelle Obama: New to Campaigning, but No Longer a Novice

January 20th, 2012

OMG: NH DAILY tracking Poll: Obama 58(+3), McCain 33(-6)

Here`s another poll for the concern trolls: Obama up by 25 points in NH!

Robert Draper, GQ: "Almost from the very beginning, the Palin pick created tension"

CNN: Polls show McCain not making up ground in Ohio

Hahahaha! KO reports McCain aides call Palin "WHACK JOB"! lol

Help needed from DU's Legal Scholars™ ...

OMG...I just got a "Joe the Plumber" robo call (WV)

Have you heard this rumor about McCain from HuffPo?

The "100 Suggestions for McCain's October Surprise" thread

The "100 Suggestions for McCain's October Surprise" thread

Did anyone hear McCain's interview on WEEI (Dennis & Callahan) this morning?

McCain camp demands L.A. Times release video

My plea to undecided voters: Stay Home!

John McCain Is RAILING At Americans That They Should Vote AGAINST Barack Obama

IN POLL: Obama 48 (+2), McCrypt 47 (+1)

New Arizona Poll: McLame - 46% Obama - 44%...... Two Point difference

Joe the Plumber - ad. Only one comment to say.

I decided to go in... a few miserable oddities from Freeperville this fine evening...

Fox's Shepard Smith Forced To Offer Disclaimer After Joe The Plumber Interview

ABC News: McCain Camp sources say Palin has developed quite a reputation for shopping on the trail

Could November be the October Surprise!?

Economic concerns behind political shift in Indiana

Forbes: "Obama Can Cure Health Care's Ills"

"We can grow our way out of the deficit"

McCain Supporter Mimics Gun Shooting Obama at McCain Rally PA

Long Lines in GA Blue County makes national headlines and we are going to write the GA SOS!

Long lines and more than hour wait will take a toll on our margin. Bring a thermos and folding

Kids are so much smarter and talented than us adults.

So this is what HATE looks like. What happened in these 2 boys lives to turn out so wrong?

Why I Won't Vote for John McCain by Lt Gen Robert G Gard


Nice tuesday DU will have one of it's own on the ground in Ohio

National Election Holiday

The Weather. IN FLOR-IDIOT VILLE !!!!

David Bosie is back: "Hundreds Of Thousands Of DVDs Attacking Obama In Swing-State Newspapers..."

"I don't know what he really means because I don't speak psycho" - KO

PUMA idiot: Sarah Palin's a Brainiac

When Sarah "Black Widow" Palin finishes with her running-mate, will she eat him alive?

Joe the Plumber says he HATES Social Security. Endorses John McCain!

What do you expect Obama to say tomorrow night?


Florida voting numbers so far.

I wonder if Obama will have guests on his half-hour special?

Another shocker! Michael Savage endorses McCain on his

I am still afraid that they will try to steal the election.

Is Joe the Plumber a gay prostitute....

Indiana: Obama will not win but even if it is somewhat close its a victory.

Microsoft announces new software release: McCain 2.0

Remember how it felt...

Obama did not as to buy ad time on Abc, maybe this is part of why--

Gavin Newsom: 7 Days and 7 Ways to Protect Equality -- NO on Prop 8 (VIDEO)

It's NANCE GREGG'S fault!!

MSNBC Now: Palin in 2012?

The first thing Joe the Plumber will do when he finally hits it rich...

Columbus GA ledger-enquirer endorses Obama

John King (CNN) talks like the race is razor close; he is the "Map Man" and is protecting

For those of you who are churchgoing Californians

I just picked an email fight with my entire church here in Northern Virginai

"Governor, you are a FRAUD!!!" Way to go Keith! Give this airhead every

OK, I bit the bullet and early voted. Just got back. I have to say

Rachael gets to interview Barack on Thursday!

Does anyone else think that Crist threw McCain under the bus for not picking him as Veep?

Just found out our crappy health insurance cost will quadruple next year

Anyone see this Diadeo Hotline poll saying early voting is TIED!!!!

Faux- What are you trying to Spin when you confuse party affiliation?- Screen capture

Was Joe the Fascist Plumber nothing more than a plant who was choreographed to bait Obama?

Obama wins with 286 EVs when counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls! (Up 9)

It looks like PA is holding firm for the good guys,,,,

Faux News epidemic of misID'd politicos needs to be stopped by a law.

My friends at DU, all I ask of you, is to do this one thing...for me...

Any word on who's renting the vans or buses to get people to the polls

In 2004 3 million people showed up to vote and were refused. Millions more used provisional ballots

This map looks great (updated)

Anyone see this lame election analyst of the black vote by a McCain pollster

Crist extends voting hours

Polls show McCain NOT making up ground in Ohio


Sarah Palin Quote of the Day, Re: Socialism

Sarah Palin Quote of the Day, Re: Socialism

Right Wing Columnist Says If You Vote For Obama, You Are Disobeying God And Will Go To Hell

Indiana Poll (Howie Gauge): McCain 47(+2), Obama 45(+2)

Email from my mom.

Email from my mom.

Obama needs to better-answer the McSAME attacks !

HA! Colbert shows messed up NBC electoral map..TX swingstate,..NC/VA mislabeled!

Why long lines on election day will be GOOD for our side

Anyone watch those stupid undecided Ohio voters on C-Span last night?

Anyone watch those stupid undecided Ohio voters on C-Span last night?

Told my secretary today that I would need a sub Wed the 5th. I would be either

Presidents of the United States Info (link)

Presidents of the United States Info (link)

How much money does John McCain have left?

Cool photo of Obama (and btw, you wouldn't see McSame in the rain...)

The 2008 elections' worst person in the world, Who will win the gold?

Once upon a time when there was no early vote...

I should be delighted that Gov. extended the voting how come I'm still jittery?

Got Tuvok??

I think lard-ass Limbaugh is hoping for an Obama victory

FL Gov. Crist extends early voting hrs to 12 hr days. Repubs say it hurts McCain.

Just saw a TV ad that says Obama has disregard for human life; ad was about

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE TIME: What would have been the worst GOP ticket to face this year?


How great was Maddow's football analogy? I would love to see the

Did anyone else realize Obama dominated the press today?

Guess I'm not a REAL AMERICAN - pic

Reagan Endorses Obama

Reagan Endorses Obama

Like Obama, Biden Hits Out at Holtz-Eakin Health Care Comments

I took pity on the old fart, and voted for McCain tonight.

"Not a campaign but a war room"

Worst birthday gift EVAR!

One week out and the only positive McCain ads on tv

I'm so excited...this has been a great day!

Proudly cast my vote for Barack H. Obama today in GA and I felt so very proud and honored.

If Obama Wins, But With Less Than 300 Electoral Votes, Will You Be Disappointed?

African-Americans In New York State Give Hillary Clinton 91% Approval Rating

Governor Rendell: Don't believe in these polls PA. will be tight

Back from helping in NM + having fun in West TX - check out my new friends:

Sweet, sweet music from Nate....

just remember what we are fighting for. Here's a reminder.

Is the race tightening? Well, here's my analysis!

More blatant pro-McCain bias from CNN!

Is he gonna finish with a huge media blitz?

ABC News: "Ooooooh, Barracuda!" (Palin allies want to throw McCain aide Nicolle Wallace under bus)

Hey! You! Obama supporter:

McCain/Palin campaign gets help in Maine (former MA Gov Jane Swift)

Pssst! President Obama will be on Rachel's show Thursday. Pass it on! nt

Axelrod on Ed Schultz: We will not let this be stolen from the people.

Please be gentle and civil with those of us who are scared

Scariest McCain rally video... out of control with hate for Obama

Allow me to preempt Drudge right now. SHOCK POLL: Zogby Obama 48.9 McCain 45.4!!!

Allow me to preempt Drudge right now. SHOCK POLL: Zogby Obama 48.9 McCain 45.4!!!

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/28/08 - Obama 51, McCain 46 (unchanged)

Is there a site or blog with a collection of McCrazies

If you live in Oregon, PLEASE vote no on Measure 64

Obama wins with 286 EVs when counting states with a 7 point or more lead in the polls! (Up 9)

***HEADS UP*** Change We Need Rally with Barack Obama, in Norfolk, VA

Obama's purchase of television time on Wed. is capitalism at its finest

Watch McCain defend being a SOCIALIST since he is for spreading the wealth -

"Several conservative journalists got off their cruise ships, met Sarah Palin...and she was a babe."

"This is a campaign on cruise control." Candy Crowley on AC360.

"This is a campaign on cruise control." Candy Crowley on AC360.

I Am Spreading the Wealth

What's with this "unified government" meme that has been floating around lately?

Dan Lungren (R asshat) Ca. District 3 (mine) is running commercials sans party.

Pennsylvania: Comparing current poll results vs. 2004 election (regions/counties)

LAT Tells McCain To Bugger Off - Will Not Release Tape - "The Times keeps its promises to sources."

I think James Carville was right... there's going to be a bloodbath in the Repub Party

I'm sure this person can be trusted to keep the vote from being surpressed...

New GOP ad is just sickening

Official hot REP dude celebrities thread. (pic heavy!)

What Have The Democrats Ever Done For Us?

How important is CO compared to other swing states?

Christian Right's mailings depict disastrous future under Obama: terror, nukes, end of Boy Scouts...

WTF! A Rove & Co. electoral map?

WTF! A Rove & Co. electoral map?

RollWithIt's 2008 Electoral College Obama vs McCain Prediction. 392-146

I think that "radical", "socialist", "extreme", "dangerous" all mean "black"

Obama TV program will present specifics of economy proposals - include live segment.

Saw OBAMA At JMU Today!!!!!!!

Why hasn't Drudge started tauting tomorrow's Zogby

Can someone explain to me why racist Pennsylvanians would NOT show up on polls?

GA-Sen: On Track for a Runoff

Whis is going to be the most surprising Obama win on Election night,

Thom Hartman was saying something about the NC ballot being set up so if you vote straight Dem

The Fear Factor in 2008

Kos: Early Voting Round Up - national and state results - multi source compilation

** Video: Barack Obama in Norfolk, VA 10/28 + free pie recipe **

Thank you for the donor star!

The only poll that counts-- 7-11's coffee cup poll has...

Palin wears "Ship Happens" T-Shirt @ Shippensburg Univ (PA) Rally. See, cause "Ship" is short for...

Early Voting vs Day of Voting

Big Picture: Comparing 2004 polling averages with 2004 polling results

Here are more first-time voters in Texas (and some not first-time)

Gallup poll has it at 2 pts now

Looks like Obama was right on Russia v Georgia after all


GOP'ers Promoting Palin/Wurzelbacher "Joe the Plumber" Ticket For 2012!

Oddly enough, I feel better about FL than PA


Well, this is it. Post # 20,000. I've been piling them up since spring, 2001.

How to do the subtle smear CNN-style:

After reviewing the polls from the closing weeks of 2004, why did we think Kerry was going to win?

Doesn't Obama want to "spread the wealth" to people like Joe the Plumber?

Why isn't the Obama/Biden campaign going after the McCain campaign on their infighting?

This is WAR!!!! Rachel Maddow has proved to be an exquisite general!!

Pennsylvania: Comparing current poll results vs. 2004 election (regions/counties)

Barack Obama Just Called Me

Chipping away at my mom.

How McCain can win

Obama Camp Giddy Over Early Voting Extension In Florida

Offensive Mailer in Ohio...

Anne Applebaum -- Why McCain Lost Me

Obama Camp Giddy Over Early Voting Extension In Florida

Maddow to interview Obama this Thursday

Biden's Age

Can we list all the crazy things righties have said Obama will do as President?

Has anyone ever wondered what the McPalin's think about in their sleep?

Why doesn't Obama have any ads using Powell's endorsement?

Texas Early voting figures as of 10/27/2008

Please DU This Poll

Colbert's Photo Shop of McCain's Debate Tongue! Calls him Igor! Haha!

David Gergen: Remind McCain that Saint Ronnie was a supporter of "income redistribution"

"My job is to ask tough, probing questions of the candidates"

Forget the's the plan

"God give me strength" ..I cannot put up with another undecided voter

Best Shot Snapshot for October 28th

A little story of hope!

7th graders debate Obama vs McCain (video)

This whole damn country is fiddling while Rome burns

Okay this is getting nuts. F*CK YOU JOE!

Hey Folks..How about a multi-million dollar National Ad Blitz on AIP on the eve of the election?

Road to 270: New Hampshire

I just heard Mike Malloy say the Ohio Gop has asked Bush to tell the

Jonesing for my nightly early vote report

Social Security is Socialism. The DEMS should be pounding the hell out of that one.

Do you think that McCain is regretting

Palin to Deliver Policy Speech on Energy -- Yeah Right !!!!

Hey, DUers! Any news about our clandestined operations?

Just got back from the Obama rally in Harrisonburg...

I Rolled Into My Daughters School Halloween Carnival Sunday In My Obama Mask The Kids Went Wild!


The Daily Widget, Tues 10/28 – O-381, M-157 – Three States Tighten; Nevada Stronger

One week out: give us your BOLD predictions

Hey Windshaper! I hope you enjoy the pizza with this to take back to your friends...

Has the McCain campaign done anything to reach out to black/hispanic/asian voters?

Idea: Bring lawn chairs to hand out to those who need them

NBC News and Kelly O'Donnell

"Palin, Alone Aboard the Bus"

What if you found out that the election would not be decided until December 12?

What is the poll KO is talking about, only up by 1 point in early voting?

hotter than a fire cracker in july.....I am GOING to miss Dan Rather on election night

So why is not anyone talking about Zogby tonight?

The Scene: Chick-Fil-A in Charlotte

Clayton County Voters Stand In 12-Hour Lines- This is in Georgia

November 4th: Will you be holding your breath, or are you

Historic Looking Obama Photo

Any thoughts on streamlining the endless presidential nominations:

I got my hair cut today and my stylist

US News: Why McSame Continues to Trail Barack Obama in Pennsylvania

Here's the links to melt down CNN's switchboard and email server for giving FREE airtime to John McC

Post a picture of the clothes you would buy for Sarah Palin

Tuesday TOONS part 2: McFaillin'

I'm not scared. I am APPROPRIATELY conscious, concerned, altert and active!

Colorado--Early voting numbers

BREAKING: McCain advisor says Palin is a "whack job"

MLK - We Shall Overcome (Youtube) Speech - Keep In Mind As You Wait To Vote

An Early Finish on Election Night ?

Fox News Host Freaks Out On Bill Burton (Obama Spokesman) Video....

Prominent racist, homophobe and bigot Michael "Savage" Weiner endorses McCain

If You Controlled All The Voting In America, What System Would You Implement?

Excuse me, but how in THE hell can a Dem still be "undecided"?

Stare at this Obama logo...

Whoooo whoooo: half a million YouTube views!

FIGHT. Damnit.

REPEAT AFTER ME: We will vote. We will enjoy it. We will not whine. Our votes matter.

"Rosa Sat so Martin Could Walk"

The end-all be-all of greatest Obama pics ever

I've just come to the conclusion that many of you are not all fucking crazy

"He just blew Florida for John McCain,"

Obama 1961 birth announcement

Obama 1961 birth announcement

Please, would someone out there volunteer these last few days with the Obama campaign?

Early voting strongly correlated with African-American population

Are early voters turning Harris County TX blue? 40% have voted in early voting and 3 days left!!

Generation We. The Movement Begins


"Donnie and Marie" *LIVE* in Hershey PA

My conversation with a poll captain last night.

It's an important day for phone banking - if you can.

AIP's Anti-America Tape (Palin's Pals): Take it VIRAL

The most ironic, nerve-wracking election night with a happy ending...

Photos that prove McCain is HUGE sissy.

The latest garbage from the right - Ayres wrote Obama's book

Obama "I voted" avatar

If Your Pastor This Sunday Tells You To Vote For McCain, Ask Your Pastor About These Biblical Quotes

My wife told me this is all over the news in Germany......

Dear Dr. Dean: After the Election

Palin will not be the repub nominee in 2012...

Arizona State/KAET poll puts Obama within two points (46-44 for the struggling hometown guy)

REDISTRIBUTE some wealth to me! How are we supposed to heat our houses??

Help a Dem raise more money, just by voting in an online poll.


You know what's funny? Sarah Palin being trapped in her cheap-ass consignment shop clothes for the

You know what's funny? Sarah Palin being trapped in her cheap-ass consignment shop clothes for the

"...but who IS Martin Eisenstadt?" asks 123abawd.

A republican apoligized to me today.

Palin calls for Stevens to resign

'Sassy' Elisabeth Hasselbeck believes in Maverick Sarah Palin

Someone at work put a YES on 8 leaflet on my car!

Whaaa! Buchanan throws in the towel! "Obama's First 100 Days"

I've just come to the conclusion many of you are all fucking crazy.

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: Gergen had a brilliant response to McCain/Palin charge of "redistribution" charges

New York Times Gets First Look At The Obama Special.

THE HONEYMOON IS OVER: Reporters saddened that McCain has turned into major asshole.

Republican civil war breaks out behind John McCain

official hot dem dude celebrities thread. (pic heavy!)

What offense does the Obama camp have for the final week?

What offense does the Obama camp have for the final week?

LOL- McCain himself funded Rashid Khalidi's group ... link

Why the Pew poll should not be dismissed out of hand

Why the Pew poll should not be dismissed out of hand

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for being the most anti-American politician to hit prime time.

'I Would Make A Bad President,' Obama Says In Huge Campaign Blunder

Unbelievable ! Obama Charters Buses to Take Volunteers to N. Carolina !

Biden, Kennedy visits to Ocala, FL area showcase Obama's strategy

October Surprise? News Organizations Investigate Possible Fatal McCain Car Crash ('64)

ABC Tells Viewers Not To Watch Obama's Half-Hour Special Tomorrow Night

Group Releases Anti-Obama DVD in Swing State Newspapers

Anybody Else Hear Thom Hartmann Call Out DUer Berni McCoy?

Holy crap! Colbert has the actual Socialist Nominee for President on right now!

Holy crap! Colbert has the actual Socialist Nominee for President on right now!

Both sides of aisle rip MSNBC

Road to 270: Delaware

Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama runs so our children can fly.

"10 out of 10 Terrorists are democrat"

Have you ever, in your entire life, voted for a Republican president?

Can someone debunk this TV report on

Pictures that speak a thousand words. - pics

I think reality has just hit the McCain camp

Why is 90-year-old Senator Byrd "Senate president pro tempore" == third in line for Presidency ?

15 Photos: "Let me just begin by saying that a little bit of rain never hurt anybody."

Check in after you've voted!

For the first time- My husband is taking a stand. Read on, we will WIN.

Cenk: Electing Obama Would Show America's Greatness

michele obama on leno and reilly on letterman - watching leno n/t

Tavis tonight : Election problems including voter suppression

Michael Milken and Muhammad Yunus (microbanking) together on Charlie Rose.

Bill O'Liely is about to come on Letterman

In One Week , Yes we Did!

Ted Stevens: End of an Era - MUDFLATS

President Bush is a Marxist:

Letterman - Dave vs. O'reilly on Sarah Palin - 10/28/2008

Building Banner Battle

China milk scandal spreads to eggs

20 years ago today George Bush Sr. Came to Tacoma

Japan Stocks Fall a Fifth Day on MUFG Share Plan, Real Estate

O'Reilly in a nutshell

When did you most doubt Obama chances to become President of the US?

Email from Amazon re Obama terrorist mask

Nearby Solar System Looks Like Our Own at Time Life Formed

Fucking awesome! As a journalist, that's what I like to see!

My Halloween Costume: Sec. Henry Paulson as Lurch --

Sen. Ted Stevens appreciation thread...

ACLU: Do you live in the "Constitution Free Zone"? I do. You probably do, too.


Time for "Conservative" to be a Bad Word

Rescue plan faces delays in hiring asset managers: report (Reuters)

Campbell Brown On The Daily Show

The man who failed to stop 9-11, failed to get bin Laden, & lost 2 wars.

LTTE in my local paper: Democrat switches allegiance to McCain

The sneak attack in Syria is now claimed as "self defense" by unnamed US officials..

Lawmakers Urge DOJ Not to Intervene in Ohio Voter Dispute

Been on mixed boards with Repubs -- need a DU break . Oh, the humanity!

WJ this morning - Stevens

US strikes in Pakistan kill 301 civilians in 10 months

Please tell me I dreamed this...

The best analysis of the Rethug implosion - the word

Attention - creative graphics folks - could you do this?

I cast my vote last night.

CIA led mystery Syria raid that killed terrorist leader

So when can we see a Post Steven's verdict Poll? n/t

Syria Warns US of Retaliation

Kerry delivered a speech on the economy today

Is Stevens 'out on bond pending apeal' or is he walking around free because he's special?

By the description below, would you lend this man 25 billion?

Has FoxNews labeled Stevens a Democrat yet? And do those who get the

Iraq Denounces U.S. Raid on Syria

your thoughts: Stevens (R-AK) - will bush pardon him?

U.S. Confirms Raid Into Syria--Calls it a Warning

ACLU Monitoring Unconstitutional Guantánamo Military Commission Trial This Week

Just great - I hear on the Toledo Ohio

This Modern World - Once again, it's time to ask: Are you a real American?

Impound the ES&S rigged voting machines now

Three words to describe O'Leilly after watching him on Letterman - boring, ignorant, thug

About this Syrian Raid....

OMG! One party rule! Socialism! Who will save the "real Americans"?

Alcoa plant to cut production (local layoffs, rumored closing)

People's Daily: U.S. has plundered world wealth with dollar

According to Rachelk Maddow Show last night, early voting is actually down from 2004

Here, In South Florida, People Vote With Their Pocketbooks. An Observation.

'AWOL' Obama/DNC Attorneys Found! Turns Out They Were Working in Secret, Reports Alternet

What happened to the B-Girl story?

What happened to the B-Girl story?

Obama Surge Confounds Gay Marriage

My RW bro is FREAKING out, blaming subprime on Community Investment Act

Thanks for the laugh Sarah!

Notice McCain has been saying IF I win, instead of saying WHEN I win a lot lately?

Consumer confidence at record low.....38.0 vs. 61.4 in Sept

Q. How is a Billy Graham Sermon similar to a Republican Speech?

Hey! We want our bail out too!

I had a dream last night that all of the news channels shut down

The Torturer's Tale

Why wasn't Palin ready????

AlterNet: Why Straight People Need to Get into the Fight for Marriage Equality

Spaghetti Monster revealed!!!!!!!! !!!!1111111 11111

David Frum

DU Etiquette Experts -- Ted and Scooter Need Your Help!!!!

Baltic Dry Index Drops Below 1,000 for First Time in Six Years (BAD economic indicator)

How's your "consumer confidence" doing?

Radical democracy is nothing to be ashamed of!

i turn on msnbc and what do i see? palin again giving the same old tired-ass speech

In These Last, Desperate Hours

Prepare to Experience your First Global Orgasm

4 of 5 past convicted senators repugs.

Hah?? BlahBlahBlah. Hah? Didja Hear That? Hah?

George W. bUsh; what a great description!

If we get it all- the White House, the House and a 60 seat Senate

Republicans having to buy air time in W. VA and Montana. Defending safe states.

Don Young (R-AK crook): Stevens (R-AK crook) charges 'trumped up'

Sarah Palin is a frickin' Genius!!!

Cute video, first time I came across it....

McCain now: "I tell you, when 2 mavericks meet up, we don't always agree on everything"

Reid eyes Byrd ouster

A plumber?! This is McCain's October Surprise?

Risqué Robo-Call Catches Voters Off Guard

Obama Working the Phone in Pittsburgh, Pa. (Pics)

"Sarah Palin is not a diva. She is a dingbat." (Kiss My Big Blue Butt blog)


Where is the chart about Obama's

Today's election map. Love it!

Please post here if you saw the CNN vote-flipping video the other day

Why KO calls Rush an "entertainer" and why it's important we hammer this home....

Charles Barkley (on Run for Gov of Alabama): I plan on it in 2014

CNN and MSNBC just showed a very powerful Joe Biden stump speech from Florida

LAT: California high-risk pool for medically uninsurable helps fewer residents

LAT: California high-risk pool for medically uninsurable helps fewer residents

This fucking Joe crap is getting really silly

Assuming McCain loses, and Ted Stevens wins, and Palin is perhaps being impeached...

"You betcha we'll drill baby drill!"

Suggestion Re: Ted Stevens

'Iceland followed the prescriptions of Milton Friedman, and its economy paid a severe price'

New York State Faces $47 Billion Deficit Over Four Years Amid Job Losses

"Stand By Your Man" .. you betcha!

Intel agencies spent $47.5 billion in FY08, up by $4B from 07

Voting-Rights Groups Sue NM GOP, Alleging Voter Intimidation

Little blip of evidence how the tide has turned -Just got this note from a married couple of friend

She's not an 'undecided' voter.

I Found Something Sara Falin Can DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama MUST win the election. Congress has shown us they cannot be trusted

OPEC may call additional meeting to try to rally the oil market

Do we really want our government spying on people like Joe?

Just got back from Democratic HQ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Free Taco at Taco Bell, Today Only

Fundies: "Homosexual propaganda rampant in Mass. schools"

Attention DU'ers: You have the Right to Time off from Work to Vote!

Race-Baiting Flyer going around in Wisconsin - Pretending to be "Official"

Bush Rule Changes Curtail Rights of States, Consumers

McCain says pundits being fooled, promises victory - HA dream on

Early Voting Observation in NC: "Repuke Sarah Palin Lovers are CLUELESS"

Who's the greatest? The Times US presidential rankings

Rep. Wolf does nothing while GOP staffers physically assault Democratic trackers.»

Trick or Treat? Don't eat the chocolate coin candies

The GOP stands at a crossroads

New Cities Emerging as Key Battlegrounds For Obama & McCain

"Obama plot arrests shock suspects' neighbors"... same old story.

FL House speaker says Crist may have overstepped boundaries about extending hours...

The Rude Pundit - The Right Wing: Dying Without Dignity

The Heavens Cry

Looking at the 10 Worst Congressmen Again

Teddy returns to DC, to work on health plan for Americans.

Republicans Speak Out On Stevens Conviction - MUDFLATS

Mishap For McSame On PA Campaign Trail

BUSH DOCTRINE 2.0: The End of International Law?

"That's Not A Saying, That's Just You Putting A Bunch Of Words Together"

Oh, my God. They really are demented.

Eight Ways to Make It Through the Next Eight Days

MSNBC Documentary: "Witness to Jonestown" 11/9 at 9pm ET

MSNBC Documentary: "Witness to Jonestown" 11/9 at 9pm ET

Is MSNBC airing the Obama infomercial?

Skinhead recruiting in MT

This article is about 10 days old now, but I heard NPR commentary today

Waaaah - Michael Reagan won't go on MSNBC - he gets death threats

NASCAR Icon Junior Johnson Endorses Obama

NASCAR Icon Junior Johnson Endorses Obama

I'm tired of hearing about Joe the Plumber

Anyone watch the view?

Why we should not discourage the Sarah Palin worship...

Slaughterhouse Workers Fight Over $8 an Hour Jobs

US defaults on its debt in summer 2009

L.A. is hit hard as home prices continue their record-breaking fall

WTF is the deal with Lynn Samuels?

Got into a 'fight' with a patient today....

a letter of interest by a number of military people

I just adore my (liberal, progressive) boss.

Regarding some quotes thrown at me from Obama's books...

Syria warns US of retaliation

McCain involved in fatality accident in 1964? Anyone hear this?

Senate map. . .DUers, let's look at this realistically.

Machinists reach tentative deal with Boeing to end strike

"We're just Ben and Paul"

Thom Hartmann talking about "Constitution FREE zones" right now

Origin of intentionally misspelled "moron"

STUPID bailout package, they didn't require banks to LEND

"Unethical?" McCain/Palin Lies Continue

Alaskans for Obama are very creative and wonderful

Palin now OK's release of bikini pics of herself. Apologizes for delay.

Two Years Ago Today

New Kid on the block -protected by vaseline and a Smiley- highlighted with the Flag

White House to banks: Start lending now

As a Felon, Ted Steven Can't Vote For Himself, right?

A Tale of Two Teddys

Consumer confidence plunges to lowest on record

In this corner, from Kenner, Louisiana . . . .

caption the "Mavericks"

This Steve King from Iowa is a real piece of ........

Feds arrest Mass. senator on corruption charges

Ease Your Minds... I 100% Guarantee Obama Will Win This Thing Outright. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Is it possible that due to early voting this election could be over before it gets to the west coast

Yet another sign that we're winning..... Freepers quoting Revelation

A guest editorial in the Lafayette (IN) Journal and Courier. Classic smear.

ONE WEEK from Changing America - Obama video

Confucius' 77th lineal descendant dies in Taiwan

I just ate two blue M&Ms

Ok, so I cut back on my DU intake slightly

Hollywood superstars ask Minnesota not to vote for Franken in game changing RNC ad

US smashes child prostitute rings

Woman Chained To Home To Stop Foreclosure

Salon Radio: ACLU on the U.S. Army's domestic deployment

Convicted Felon Sen. Ted Stevens won't drop out of race

Shoppers Opting For Lay-A-Way

Wealth redistribution....

Wealth redistribution....

Unnamed US officials: Syria raid 'killed major target' - BBC

Gas Price Survey? -- $2.03 in South Mississippi

St. Louis Film Fest - political thriller film online needs your ratings!

Scary but important email i just received. Not political, but IMPORTANT!!!!

Hi. I'm Ed the Executive for McCain and fuck Joe the Plumber.

Rock and Roll Makes Strange Bedfellows

3.30 PM - DOW up about 600. Wanna bet what it will do before 4.00?

Not About Race?! Whatever, dude...

Another teenage girl abandoned at Neb. hospital

Inouye stands behind convicted senator (you know who)

Charlie Crist extending the hours for early voting?

No smilies here

Obama will appear on 'The Daily Show' tomorrow night!

Time to think outside the box... the ballot box, that is.

Question about Ted Stevens

Bush is down to 22% at Pew and CBS. Movie "W" flopped.

Microsoft to unveil beta version of Windows 7 (AP/CNN)

WTF - Astronauts To Vote From Space

Eight Ways to Survive the Next Eight Days. (from ((They mention DU!))

Dow up 600 points now on Obama win scenario

UN Assembly President vs. US Blockade of Cuba

The huge rally on Wall Street was based on supply and demand...

Crapo pays homage to Craig in Senate speech

IMO, CNBC far inferior to Bloomberg radio for accurate, non-delusional market coverage

Beat me up! But here is why I oppose jailing Ted Stevens

I betcha that Sarah Palin and Nicolle Devonish Wallace have no plans for a Girl's Night Out.

Here at work, you can cut the tension between Dems and rethugs with a knife

RIP Tony Hillerman

Former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick sent to jail

Ted Stevens is a convicted felon, why is he still running for office?

Feds To Monitor Election For Fraud

Just made another donation to Obama, to insure that EVERY vote is counted /nt

Assault Weapon Sales Spike Before Election

Eddie Izzard & Dennis Kucinich Inside the Political Studio, lunch & more! book now

Arcadia University

Who are you going as for Halloween?

Indiana Sec of State on Blacks and Dems: "Who's the Master and Who's the Slave?"

Thank goodness...Sarah Palin has someone to vote for instead of Ted Stevens...

There was a post a while back about whether or not the barracuda has had some face work done.

This country only has one more week without any leadership.

Families of the Victims Tortured by Chicago Detectives Rejoice at First Arrest

Why the Dow's jump today is NOT good news

Ricky Gervais and Thandie Newton's script reading of a scene from Nailing Palin

Ricky Gervais and Thandie Newton's script reading of a scene from Nailing Palin

You can put $150,000.00 lipstick on a Mad "Maverick" but...

Gary Kamiya at The Republican Shipwreck (The Problem Isn't The Captain, It's The Ship)

Sara Palin called a "wackjob" by high ranking McCain campaign official

The Funniest Viral Videos of Election 2008

Hey everybody. My name is Joe. I'm a plumber.

weekly electoral vote prediction

Halloween comes late - The 04 November unmasking - Got a list?

KO beats O'reilly in the demo again

Esquire: Two And A Half Reasons Not To Vote For John McCain

Bob Schrum calling Ed Rogers a liar

Palin says Stevens should resign Breaking on the cables.

Why the hell would anyone vote Republican in Ohio???

In 2004, Chuck Todd predicted a Kerry landslide was possible

Want to help take out the Republican's No. 5 man in the House?

Bush's main legacy: The most conservative judiciary in memory

Virginia NAACP sues Gov. Tim Kaine over expected long lines

Fundies to fast and pray on Nov 3 (Lots of Luck)

CNN "Your Money" Show? They were laughing jovially....

Gerrymandering GOP out of existence

Counting Stevens, how many repub crimes/scandals have there been since bushco?

This powerful song...

NOW Freepers are worried about voting machines.

Margret and helen are some cool old broads

Wall street can rally all it wants

If Ted Stevens manages to win, will Bush pardon him?

"Tax & Spend" sounds a WHOLE lot better to ME

McCain shows gritty determination in final week

70 Billion of Your Money going to executive pay and bonuses

The 1,100lb polar bear fell into the moat Oct. 13 but was uninjured.. are they sure?

Has anyone ever asked Republicans why they were so damn opposed to an investigation of 9-11?

Bear DNA? Again?!

It came down to whether to make Palin look like a scripted robot or an unscripted ignoramus.

McCain asks Stevens to Step Down; Palin Tiptoes Through the Muck

US Raids Ignore International Law

On a lighter note, TRON SEQUEL TRAILER!!!!!!

As one of the first One Million for Barack Obama...

***BREAKING*** McCain to give Joe the plumber hair transplant

Another Early Voter Checking In!

Drinking the ACORN Kool-Aid: How Cries of Voter Fraud Cover Up GOP Elections Theft

with reference to caribou barbie shopping at a consignment store in anchorage--has ANY news

"McCain has to pull off a political miracle the likes of which has not occurred since modern ...."


A Letter.. I Love You, But Hear Me On This

Will Obama's tax cuts start on this year's taxes?

I heard a rumor that Liberal hackers were going to "fix" the voting machines

If Obama is elected

Eddie Izzard to interview/chat with Dennis Kucinich

UAV technologies

So will Obama's prime time address, help, hurt, or do nothing with independents? /nt

It's Republican Desperation Time! What October Surprise are they planning?

I think it's absolutely entertaining seeing & hearing these Bachmann, Ed Rogers, RW tools...

"Cut Taxes, Cut Taxes, Cut Taxes..."

The Most Important Event To Lock A Democratic Hold On The Electorate Is Just Over The Horizon

Delicious ! Just in time for Halloween some really scared Freepers

ES&S Touch-Screen Votes Now Flipping in TX Too!

Oh Sweet Jesus, Talibaptist Tom DeLay is back and judging you.

My 15 y/o may fail

Dow is up over 525

NYT reality-check: Conservatives Reshape Appeals Courts; Obama rollback or McCain completes control?

Are you dumber than a Joe the plumber?

Judge tosses lawsuit over Obama citizenship

Who knew Victoria Jackson was a complete whack-job?

Wall Street's Best Day in Two Weeks

Buy pants a J crew

University rallies to support gay students following attacks

ABC might not be running the 1/2 thingy tomorrow....but Obama is sitting down with Charlie

Basketball Fan? Want to take a Break From Politics? KING JAMES vs Boston tonight! TNT!

McCain adviser: Palin is ‘a whack job.’

Probably the most hideous video I've ever seen

Anyone listening to Randi Rhodes? Did I hear her correctly? McCain

Kucinich: Timing of Attack In Syria Questioned

Gartner warns of bleak prospects for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

David Gregory is King of the Toolshed

gas price 2.03 a gallon today....low before elect. If Obama wins, it will spike up greatly

Earned Income Credit= Reagan, $700billion+ to elite banks=Bush

Godless: Kay Hagan and the Godless Americans PAC - latest ad running in NC

Incursion into Syria: Coincidence, or is this intended to influence the election?

Somebody's pissed!!!

We've got 7 days to go before the election, when will bin Laden be killed or captured ...

Willie Geist: A Little Bit Stupid, No?

Mailings contain digitally modified photo of Al Franken *PICS INCLUDED*

Richard Dreyfuss was on The View today. Said the film "W" was 6/8 of a great film.

White House "defiled"; Five-count Indictment against Cheney Chief of Staff - Bush History 10/28

please list all the appearences Obama is going to make this week on TV so I can set the DVR

Does Stevens Have A Shot At Retaining His Senate Seat In Alaska?.......

***Breaking Report: Election May Come Down To Single Candidate***

Beautiful story from Raleigh, NC..

Amazon lists Obama Halloween mask as a ‘terrorist costume.’


Early Voting Hours Extended - florida

Okay here is an interesting scenario ....


"I don't speak psycho" I love Keith

Where has (M)ann coulter been this election cycle?

And John McCain wins the Presidency.......

O'LOOFAH continues his irrational denial & vendetta on Barney FRANK

Need help. Looking for electoral vote website that was a survey of

Need help. Looking for electoral vote website that was a survey of

Teddy Kennedy Back in Washington

so the market rocketed almost 900 points today...

Carve your very own Obama pumpkin!

What do you think causes the most damage to our country's electoral system?

You Know What I Miss About MSNBC's Countdown????

Tell Mukasey: Don't suppress Ohio voters

Another City Employee in trouble for investigating Joe the Plumber

Obama's childhood home in Indonesia up for sale

Anyone heard this about an explosive michelle Obama tape?

Governor, you are a FRAUD! Who here doesn't love Keith tonight?

Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses

So my 10-year-old voted in a mock election at school.

Flat tires, broken down straight talk express

Couple of great photos, Biden and Obama:

State a FACT: FASCISM is closer to our identitry than democracy!!!

Ted Stevens

What the fuck

Joe the Plumber says vote for Obama is vote for "death of Israel."

"Country First" for McCain and his followers even his slogan is a lie

Even though they drank the kool-aid, how can any 1/2 awake puke think Palin in 2012?!

Whats up with the news headlines?

Right wing Federalist Society worried that they may lose control over courts

Sackcloth - Ashes - I can't believe it's this comprehensive....DU that is

Rachel to Interview Obama Thursday!!!!!!

What chafes about this whole "redistribution of wealth" meme

Palin spreads the wealth in Alaska, big time

Palin spreads the wealth in Alaska, big time

Caption : The women in McCain's life.

PAYBACK TO LOCAL ROBO-CALL,...redial to the toll-free,...over and over and over and,....

Malloy's counter chant to the "No more pork." at McSame rallies...

Did anyone get tickets to election night in Chicago or just wait-listed?

So, I'm stuck in a company vehicle with a freeper VP this morning.

Ashley Todd pumpkin, Attacked by McCain Supporter video,Joe the Mugger, & McCain's statements about

A vehicle that I saw on the way home from work.

Joe the Plumber: Obama Would Bring 'Death to Israel'

The end result of McCain's strategy...

Can Brown's Newfound Popularity Last?

Dubya says farewell with a song: G.W. Bush Vs John Lennon, GOD

I have my flight & hotel reservations

The Republicans’ dirty secret — torture

Minnesota Independent Newspaper....Michele Bachmann has raised

Democratic hairdresser voting McCain.

Q. What's big, hairy, carries a club and lives under a bridge?

Are these Darth "War Crimes" Cheney's final weeks...

Are these Darth "War Crimes" Cheney's final weeks...

We'll celebrate our first anniversary next month if those gays wanting to marry don't ruin it!

For those looking to pass time before the election: Now playing in the DU Lounge

A conversation about Saturday Night Live -- Charlie Rose tonight

Howie Kurtz, right-wing tool, tries to make a case that Olbermann and Hannity are the same.

(Admittedly) petty post: Doesn't Mitch McConnell always look like someone is goosing him?

Questions for Duers in Pennsylvania and Virginia

More Delusion from the far right: Could Obama Be Planning a Chavez?

Why do they say "I'm so-and-so and I approve this message"? Is this statement required by law.

A Song For The Remnants Of The GOP...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Is there a Unicode character that is a reversed "B"?

Russia's New Nuclear Attack Submarine Starts Sea Trials

NY Courts Packed With Voters Who Showed Up To Vote and Found Their Name Missing From The List

Texas: “She went to punch the selection for Obama and it flipped to McCain,”

So "Joe" the "plumber" is a racist

As election day draws closer, a TSS rant

Eight Years of Stupid: Bush at his finest (worst?)...

Anyone notice the McCain 'Country First' signs in Hershey?

Federalist Society fires a broadside at Obama

Who Counts the Votes?


Inside Zogby's Numbers: They Don't Add Up

Refineries cutting production - see it isn't about needing to drill it is all about the money

Is this the longest week we've ever put in in our lifetimes?

Election day suggestions **Please add more**

Four years ago, the "answer" to JFK's killing was forthcoming.

What is the Girl Scout position on atheism?

Crist extends voting hours In Florida

Be sure to take Dramamine before reading this article: "Both sides of aisle rip MSNBC"

Sen. Ted Kennedy returning to Washington

Just in case you forgot...the George W. Bush Sewage Plant is ON THE BALLOT!

The stupid, she stings: GOP desperation in Washington State, and the local RW talk radio celebrity

Very late October/ November surprise...Repubs are trying to get Video of Obama at party 4 Palestinia

what will you be giving the kids for halloween this year?

Phillies fans, and Obama fans in PA, how's the weather looking for the game?

How many of you here are IMMUNE to this economic disaster?

Being gay or lesbian is not a slur to be used against Republicans.

Why vote for Palin?

video: vote-flipping in WV before & after machines are recalibrated

Stalking the Shadows: A sincere entreaty to Republican voters to look within.

CRUCIAL first step to fight Fox News & Limbaugh under Obama administration

Awesome...Letterman just totally shut down O'Reilly.

I just stirred up a hornet's nest at Sen. Lindsey Graham's office (re: Ted Stevens).

A McCain-Palin rally was cancelled due to rain.

McCain rally washed out, Obama braves the rain

Could Obama win vote but lose election?

I'm on a Conference Call with John Boehner!

I'm confused.

RED SEX, BLUE SEX-Why do so many evangelical teen-agers become pregnant?

Is it the race tightening, or just certain people's sphincters?

Max Cleland: Georgia On My Mind

Did anybody notice this RE: Ironman & The Incredible Hulk movies?

"Oh, OK!"... Sister says would-be Obama assassin is "sorry"

Banned phrases on DU!

Because I know you've been worried all day

Dear Bill Cunningham: The reason the noble poor don't use birth control: THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT!!

My neighbor: had him pegged for a McCainiac

ACLU: How to Begin Repairing the Damage to Freedom in America After Bush

McCain Rally: He then formed a gun with his hand and made a shooting sound banjos in picture

Tuesday TOONS part 1: The mighty Greenspan strikes out

Tuesday TOONS part 1: The mighty Greenspan strikes out

Dems may get 60 seats in the Senate. Why would this happen?

Jane Smiley: Goodbye, Cruel World

Okay, in all the fuss, have we forgotten something very important...???

Who's the top REthug calling Sarah Palin a whack job - Tweety!

Freepers attempting to freep the internets...

Freepers attempting to freep the internets...

Just got back from Obama rally in Harrisonburg, VA... and something miraculous.

For all you Pittsburgh Steeler fans

I just saw the worst accident I have ever seen.

So if one gives a payment to each citizen of a state money from tax

Caption McCain

GM/Chrysler seek $10 billion from Government for Merger.

What happens when someone dies and the family has no money to bury them?

Election Complaints Are Pouring In (Mark Crispin Miller & 'Solar Bus' Election Justice News)

fark teaches CNN how to do breaking news ...

Where are Obama's Attorney's - Votes Flipping in at least 4 states (from Bradblog)

Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama but...(VIDEO)

have you ever heard any "far left" position advocated by any MSNBC host?

The End of International Law? a chilling reminder that the Bush Doctrine is alive and well

'60 Minutes' scoops M$M. Reports that Credit Default Swaps legalized by Commod Futures Modernization

Outgoing Republican congressman basically tells them where to shove it

How many banks have received those "anthrax" letters?

Obama bad for Canada: Celluci

official hot dem babe celebrities thread. (pic heavy!)

ted stevens Poem:

What "BREAKING NEWS" story will blow open tomorrow night when Obama's TV buy is scheduled?

Frank Breaks Taboo on Military Spending

Patience for Obama

Have you ever stolen, damaged, tampered with a sign belonging to an opposition party?

Guide to all 50 states' voting results pages

Illinois had a strange and interesting nuke happening

Obama Campaign Takes the Fight to FOX...


The TRUTH about Obama's remarks on wealth redistribution

Question for DU's Legal Scholars™ ...

Do you think the U.S. should impose a ban on Republicans like Germany did after WWII?

TEDTalk Tuesday: Why Societies Collapse

'if mccain wins pennsylvania'

Food Lines

will this be the coolest prez ever?

PLEASE put some clothes on Rachel!

A little bit of fluff, please

One of our very own is going to be on CSI Las Vegas this week

Anyone know how to alert the spelling police?

CNN's Campbell Brown does hit piece on Obama

FR: Force Your College Aged Children To Vote McCain or Cut Off Their Tuition

my 9 y/o son has picked his candidate

Things that Love taught me

Do you believe in Miracle Whippets?

Goonies fans:

12:37 AM and it is snowing in northern NJ (super secret remote thermometer says 37 degrees out)

These two voted early

David Bowie - Young Americans (Dick Cavett Show)

Gah... can't seem to get started on my second essay.

For anybody bored looking for some entertainment

Insomnia hit s again

For anybody bored looking for some spice

Ball fans, remember this night

Happy National Chocolate Day!!!

Mad science!

Internet dating advice -- the first IRL Date

I wanted to post a picture of my cat, but my workplace's software blocks photobucket!

What is the matter with people?

Elizabeth Edwards Emerges From Her Husband's Shadow

Who would win a gang fight between the Smurfs and the 7 Dwarfs?

The Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound rocked, rocked, rocked

Every time you think Bud Selig can't top himself...

Help...I want to post a picture of my doggie but...

We got frost last night in upstate SC. First time this year. nt

Snow. Maybe 7 inches. Oooook. Snow BAD. Must make snow STOP. Oook Oook. n/t

FOX News Is Fair And Balanced

What *IS* porridge? and have you ever actually had any?

Movie Previews!

I thinks Now is great

i need TP for my bunghole

My city, Fulton, NY generally gets 140" of snow a year. Actually, I

To honor the last week before the GE, I've cleaned off my ignore list.

funny stuff!

You're at a party in New York City, you hear a loud explosion and the statue of Liberty's head ....

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown---TONIGHT on ABC

Robert Plant Appreciation Thread


Do you guys use twitter?

There's a Yes thread in the Lounge.

If someone offers you an orgy in a many mirrored room , would you accept ?

is it time for led zep, van halen, aerosmith, the rolling stones

Anyone else noticed less Halloween decorating around their neighborhoods?

Are you there God? It's me, Dog.

Anybody ever had a 3-WAY?

John Oswald's "Plexure" - all kinds of awesome.

I have encountered a three way

Did you ever think that Gilligan and the others never got off the island

Because I'm pretty sure this won't be adequately appreciated in GDP: McCain as dramatic prairie dog.

Great moments in censorship.



Kittys For Breakfast

I think snow is great.

Will McCain be assisted by an attack on Iran?

Who else hates SharePoint with the burning passion of 1000 suns?

To be fair...

Who On This Board Is Like Sour Patch Candy?

So.. I dreamed I was a trouser snake

I'm finally leaving DU...

Guess who I am dressed up as for Halloween!!

Even with Obama's strong showing, some things are still surprising.

Holy's snowing!?!

Post here if you wish that GG Allin were still alive and going around assaulting musicians who suck

It's not just that Parche is dead to me, but his existance ceases to register in my world

Please make the heat stop. The 90's all week. I need to get out of Phoenix.

Led Zeppelin to tour without Robert Plant - about time

Game 5 won't resume until Wednesday night

Happy Birthday Julia Roberts

Mexican Food Sux

At what age did you really consider yourself an adult?

Speaking of classic toys, I found my son's old Stretch Armstrong

Stupid Halloween costume idea I woke up with in my head

What Comics character are you - here's mine


Punch in the face post.

Map of Delaware

I can't believe it's not snowing in Jackson, MS today!

cat owners, How many scars ya got?

Make Parche Stop posting - Put him on Ignore

This month's natural gas usage charge at my house: $0.35

I need a Lounge Break...

So.. I dreamed I was a sea serpent

I need some candid opinions, please....

*** Delaware Appreciation Thread!! ***

Does it ever do anything besides rain in Philly?

Just so you know: kentauros is my new lounge best friend

Sorry, but I cannot stand flvegan.... Why'd you get yours?

Post an entry for LynneSin's new Dictionary!

Philly area DUers: It's SNOWING in Bucks County (at least)

I present to you all, LOLhumans

she is 25?

You work 8:00am-4:30pm

Post Here If You Think The Group 'YES' Sux

I can't believe the snow we're getting here in P.A right now

Just so you know. I ___ LYNNESIN!!!!!!

I think my dog has been moonlighting as an actor

Just so you know. I LOVE LYNNESIN!!!!!!

How many of you are letting total strangers stay in your home for the Obama campaign?

When Obama wins on Tuesday, I think we should petition admin to

When Obama wins on Tuesday, I think we should party at Ped Eggs House

kentauros is trying to make nice by posting in my thread.

Hey, Kids, Planning to Overthrow the Government?

Me And LynneSin Have Something In Common

In the event that only donors can post on Nov. 4th, who needs a star?

Queer Autistic Atheistic Anarcho-Commies for Obama!

Which of these worst movies would you stick your neck out for?

LynneSin Appreciation Thread

it's good to be a friend of mine, just ask Jet.

OK, denizens of the Lounge - Name That Pill!

ok, I'm old.

If Obama wins on tuesday, I say we have a party that saturday inside Midlo's McMansion

VIDEO: Letterman RIPS on "The Hills" ("Spencer, what a weasel. He’s just the worst, that guy")

Post Here If You Want To Be LynneSin's Lounge Best Friend

Panhandler's abandoned sign sparks curiosity: Were any of the wishes granted?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday October 28

Posting at the DU Lounge to be suspended due to rain.

Burying the Goldfish

"Trouser Snake" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Trouser Snake"

Since it's so close to Halloween...

There were small white fluffy things falling out of the sky today.

Uh oh - I think I'm getting sick.

Retail is hell. It is proof I have fallen from grace.

Anyone ever had a 1-WAY?

WHEW@@ I just dodged A Bullet

*** Vibes for Parche! *** He might be tombstoned by his boss and manager!!

Canned spaghetti sauce = Blechh!

The World Series plot thickens: The AL team has turned up in... Delaware!

I Might Just Have A Fukin 6pack Tonight

On a lighter note, TRON SEQUEL TRAILER!!!!!!

Anyone here have any experience with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis)?

The 25 Funniest Viral Videos of Election 2008

Bowie's Best Berlin Offering

YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! my partner found a job!!!!

Have halloween decorations been getting lamer with time?

Who reads their horoscopes and do they seem

AIG has my money... I want my money back!! Whaa!

McLuhan, Obama, and Cool....has been done

Thanks to Bi-Baby, I made the horrible mistake of googling "economist jokes"

Thesis writing makes brain hurt...Tell me a joke, please!

I believe there is a traitor in our midst.

Party At Turleandsue's!!

This Says It All I think...

I am clueless as to why my gay female friends

I believe there is a 'tater in our mitts.

For those looking to pass time before the election . . ..

Opening night of NBA season: Who's your favorite to win the championship?

McCain's campaign is circling the toilet bowl, what should his last ditch slogan be?

Sorry ladies. Looks like a 'dutch oven' is good for you.

random pic your latest

Pssst... There's a sold sign in front of my new house...

Acting Like YOU'RE Not Concerned Too, And That Those Who Are Must Be Trolls, Is HOGWASH.

Looks like Gee Dubya Boosh got to be baseball commish after all

Uh-oh, looks like the days of Midlo's bunco brigade ruling the streets are over

Clearly I'm behind the times, but since when has Sen. Obama been running for President?

Trust no one. Not even yourself

So, I got into an email exchange today with a seriously

The man in my sig line photograph is going to be a daddy.

Stream of Consciousness Poll for Dog Owners

Okay... so would it be considered entrapment

War of the Worlds anniversary

Matcom siting in GD: P

Have You Ever Been To Delaware?

ST:TNG fans - Is * a Pakled? Did he need things?

Bought a kerosene heater today

GD P has officially no sense of humor

The Keith Olberman crush thread

For real: how do I get the girl next door to stop screaming?

Carve a pumpkin without the mess

And now, for my 666th post


How old is your brain?

Do you think your pets would heat you?

Toys you DIDN'T have as a kid and you STILL feel a craving for?

Check it out...from the 1st night I volunteered at Obama HQ

Ryan Adams' new CD "Cardinology" was released today. I highly recommend

Lounge Me With Your Best Shot

Death, or chocolate?

5 random questions I would realy like to have answers for:

Little help here - who has the cheapest music downloads around?

Know your BFEE: John McCain, Dim Knight Errant of the War Party

I hereby retract all the negative things I've said about "going to a doctor."

Zeppelin to go back on the road - without Robert Plant

Please Caption Mitch.

YooHoo!! kentauros!!! Would you please post nekkid pics so that

Check it out: I word-clouded the first page of the Lounge!

Check it out: I word-clouded the first page of the Lounge!

I think it should be officially declared that I have every Tuesday off

Do you love onions?

This song is all about YES - what is your favorite songs by Yes?

Okay...I'm bored and I want chocolate.

*Buckeye 2008 Skating Video #2!*

Wewt! Just got a crew call!

Since when is 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' an hour long?

Let's do a role reversal - I give you the answers, you give me the questions.

Here's another picture of a ghost. Really hard to see.

I Am Flying Tonight

Anybody ever had a 4-WAY?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/28/2008)

I'm being unproductive at work! Anyone else?

How can I get through to her? (a smallish rant)

All Democrats vote NEXT WEDNESDAY

Don't you hate it when someone looks familiar to you....

Do you think your pets would eat you?

OMG, I found it on Vinyl...

Those little frozen White Castle cheeseburgers...

So, mtv put every music video it has online. Still no Chuggo

Holy Crap Meeting With Boss and Mgr

LOL... Help Simon Find the Trolls...

Happy Birthday Reyd Reid Reed!!

Wow. I lived on the same block as Barack Obama!

Anybody ever have a 38e^(j*pi) - 4j*sin(theta) convolved through e^kxj in a 2.3 fractal eigenspace

What sort of movie scientist are you?

Do you like this Obama image?

Thanks to EVERYONE who wished me a happy birthday

Don't get blocked out of DU on election day! IMPORTANT! Please Read and Recommend!

I have a crush on _______________, even though they don't know me. (Show us pics)

Top Gear fans: Favorite host?

Technical question for iPhone users

The 10 Greatest Zombie Films of All Time (with Evidence)

Don't get blocked out of DU on election day! IMPORTANT! Please Read and Recommend!

Don't get blocked out of DU on election day! IMPORTANT! Please Read and Recommend!

Dog training advice, please ...

I just saw six UFO's in formation!

i really don't like children... i don't think i'll ever have them

Peace Corps.

Stop it

This is my favorite time year...

in need of an autumn muse

AARGH!! I am having HUGE roommate problems: Part 2

Parche Is A Stud Thread

Ebayers! I need help fast! (Outrageous BS)

Budweiser is marketing a mixture of light beer and clamato juice.

Don't get blocked out of DU on election day! IMPORTANT! Please Read and Recommend!

Stevens verdict likely to inch Dems closer to Magic 60

Barack Obama Asassins stopped before plot could unfold

8 reasons why Obama might loose

Machinist union in tentative deal with Boeing

LaTourette wants investigation: Did federal official steer cash to his former client, PNC? 10-27-08

LaTourette wants investigation: Did federal official steer cash to his former client, PNC? 10-27-08

Whirlpool announces 300 local job cuts

Iraq denounces U.S. raid on Syria

Bush Meets Paraguay (where Bush owns lots& lots of land) President Lugo, Supports Corruption Fight

U.S. Airstrike Kills 20 People in Pakistan

U.S. Mulls Talks With Taliban in Bid to Quell Afghan Unrest (Petraeus supports)

News Orgs Investigate Possibly Fatal McCain '64 Car Crash

Wash. gov's GOP rival ordered to give deposition

Padilla prosecutors get award from Justice Department


McCain says pundits being fooled, promises victory

Concerns mount about accuracy of Palm Beach County's ballot counting machines

Iran Opens Naval Base at Hormuz Strait to Defend Persian Gulf, Chief Says

Clayton County(GA) Voters Stand In 12-Hour Lines(Till 1AM)

ACORN fights back

Seven Puget Sound orcas presumed dead

Pew: McCain Support Continues Downward Spiral (53% to 38% likely)

Dalai Lama calls special meeting on Tibet

NKorean soldier defects to South Korea through DMZ

Sudan and China differ on hostage deaths

'Joe the Plumber' says support for Obama is vote for the 'death of Israel'

Fifteen killed, many injured in Bangladesh storm

(Shocker) 'Joe the Plumber' endorses McCain

Gallup Daily: Presidential Race Narrows Slightly - Obama leads by two to seven points among LV

Whirlpool To Cut 5,000 Jobs (Tennessee Plant Will Close)

Indonesia's demigod sultan eyes the presidency

Confucius' 77th lineal descendant dies in Taiwan

Obama's childhood home in Indonesia up for sale

Reports Say Kim Jong-Il in Hospital

New deal to rescue Borneo orangutans in Malaysia

Colorado voter-roll tussle lands in court

Gates: Long-Term Outlook For Nuke Safety Is Bleak

US consumer confidence slumps to record low in Oct (lowest ever in 41 years)

Michigan Arouses Early Voting And A Few Libidos

Consumer confidence hits lowest on record

Neo-Nazi Obama Plot One of "A Handful" of "Serious" Threats Against Obama

Poll: 7 in 10 Americans Say Obama Will Win

Charlie Crist issues executive order to extend early voting in FL

McCain camp demands L.A. Times release video

China: Rich nations should pay to fight climate change

DNC taps $10 million line of credit to boost House, Senate gains

BREAKING NEWS: McCain calls for Sen. Ted Stevens to step down following his conviction

Obama bad for Canada: Celluci

Baghdad condemns 'US Syria raid'

Obama leads McCain in Florida and Ohio, poll says (LATimes/Bloomberg)

Poll Finds Dwindling Approval Ratings for Lieberman (Conn - Also Dodd)

In Bone-Chilling Rain, Obama Says Change is Coming

Germany's highest court: Are election computers unconstitutional? (source only in german)

McCain adviser sued in business dispute

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 28

Palin calls for Stevens to resign

Obama mocks McCain advisor's remarks about healthcare

Colombian rebels say open to hostage dialogue

US bailout holds promise of legal outsourcing deals

Iceland's interest rate up to 18%

Kennedy returning to Washington

Amnesty International: Colombia conflict worrisome (Urges U.S. to halt military aid)

Polls Show Little Movement for McCain in Pennsylvania

Ohio Dems Push Back On White House Call For DOJ Action On Voting

McConnell Calls on Stevens to Resign

Tropical Maldives holds key presidential run-off

CS Monitor to Fold Daily Print Edition; Focus on Web

CS Monitor to Fold Daily Print Edition; Focus on Web

Pew Poll: Obama Favored by Early Voters as Lead Widens Over McCain

Georgia residents wait up to 8 hours to vote early

Guantanamo man tortured into confessing - US judge

(Mitch) Daniels to skip another Palin rally (Indiana)

(Pittsburgh) Councilman Calls For Apology Over (McCain Volunteer) Attack Hoax

Chrysler to Drop First Hybrids, After October Debut

Clayton County Voters Stand In 12-Hour Lines

Teen Cited in Tire Slashing During Obama Speech

Wal-Mart Pulls Eggs From Stores In China Over Melamine Scare

Supremacist plot (against Obama) wasn't fully formed, authorities say

Report: NKorea's Kim suffers 'serious' setback

Obama Makes Time Again for 'The Daily Show' (To Air Wednesday)

McCain struggles for Pa. upset; GOP doubts grow

White House tells banks to stop hoarding money

Al Qaeda media man vows to wage "jihad by pen"

Palin Suggests Obama Is A Socialist

'Never Seen Crowds Like This'

Russia Military Offers Cuba Air Defence Aid

'Straight tickets' in North Carolina don't vote for president

Judge rules Ohio homeless voters may list park benches as addresses

Feinstein calls Prop. 8 'terrible mistake' in new TV spot

Poll says Gordon Smith’s re-election odds are ‘slim’

Unease Sits Heavily in a Group of Black Voters

At JMU, Obama calls McCain desperate(ref: Holtz-Eakin comment, a stunning bit of straight talk)

Daley Predicts 1 Million At Obama Election Party

Waxman eyes CEO pay at banks getting gov't cash

Sister Says Suspect in Obama Plot is Sorry

Afghan Bomb at Meeting Kills 2 G.I.’s and a Child

Honda quarterly profit down 41%

McCain Funded Work Of Palestinian His Campaign Hopes To Tie To Obama

CNN Rejected Obama Half Hour Ad

Police: Deer Head Left In CO Obama Campaign Office

McCain has Plans for "Other Wars"

Keith Olbermann: "Sarah Palin is a Rogue GOP Elephant"

NBC - Jay Leno - with Michele Obama - 10-27-08

RNC Attack Ad 2012

Highlights: Barack's Closing Argument for Change

Jill Biden's Message for Veterans and Military Families

Blueprint for Change: Fiscal

Need a Laugh?

Majority of First-Time Voters Plan to Vote Obama

Republicans for Obama

NBC - Jay Leno - pt2 - with Michele Obama - 10-27-08

Vote Early in New Mexico

Joe Biden on Voting Early in Florida

Letterman - Dave vs. O'reilly on Sarah Palin - 10/28/2008

Michigan set to combat voter challenges

TPM: Dozens Of Call Center Workers Walk Off Job In Protest Rather Than Read Anti-Obama Script

KO: Senator Stevens Guilty

Financial Inequality Rapidly Grows in US

Should Obama Shut Out Media?

End the Gridlock AD

Norm Coleman - a fine mess in Minnesota

The Daily Left - October 28th, 2008

We approve this message

The Daily Left - October 28th, 2008

The RealNews: Obama conquers the new New South

Election Night 2004 - Obama (D) 81% - Keyes (R) 17%

Who's the Original Maverick?

Countdown: McEndgame Oct. 27, 2008 w/ Jon Alter

Syria Vows Retaliation for Further US "Terrorist Agression"

Michelle Obama on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno - 10/27 (PART 1)

Countdown: Eight Days to Go Until Election Day discussion w/ Richard Wolffe

Michelle Obama on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno - 10/27 (PART 2)

Why Would Anyone Want to Stop You From Voting?

Police: Teen Attempting To Take McCain Sign Shot By Man

EARLY VOTING! Everybody's Doing It!!

Barack Obama Song -Music Video (original song)

Phone Sex Robocall

Barbara Ehrenreich - This Land is Their Land

Obama: Tested

TYT: Down Goes Ted Stevens! GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, .....

CNN: Merchandising of Martin Luther King (1984)

CNN: Former 1st Ladies/Daughters on life in White House (1984 ... Four Parts)

O'Reilly on Letterman part 2 of 2 [High Quality Video] 2008-10-27

Republicans Helping Young Voters to

YES on Proposition 8 (Prop 8) for our kids---Now it's gone too far.

GMA: Former Buckeye QB Art Schlichter on his compulsive gambling (1984)

O'Reilly on Letterman Part 2 of 2

Thousands Rally in the Cold Rain in PA for Obama: That's What HOPE Looks Like!

O'Reilly on Letterman Part 1 of 2

Felonious Sen. Stevens Reacts to His Mulltiple Convictions

Dan Quayle spells potatoe

Barack Obama: Harrisonburg, Virginia

NO on proposition H8

New Mexico: Voter Protection

Colorado: Voter Protection

Virginia: Voter Protection

Florida: Voter Protection

Virginia Issues: Economy

The A-Hole Factor My Friends ~ The Two McCains

Virginia Issues: Healthcare

Early Vote for University of Reno Nevada

Virginia Issues: Rural

It's Raining In America

Palin's Husband in Same Terrorst-ish Group as McVeigh

HARDBALL: Reps Wilson & Wexler RE Ted Stevens

O'Reilly on Letterman part 1 of 2 [High Quality Video] 2008-10-27

We're Not All Like Al

MOST Important Endorsement of the YEAR for Obama!!!

Comparison of Barbara West questions to McCain and Biden

New Ad: Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

TYT: McCain on Meet the Press

Hardball Highlights: Sarah Palin Is A Whack Job, Unity Is A Platitude & Ted Stevens is an Honest Man

AP: Florida Extends Early Voting Hours

Is Virginia Ready??

Joe the Plumber: 'A Vote for Obama is the Death of Israel.' McCain Camp Condones Smear

Bob Shrum vs. Ed Rogers on Hardball (Eddie loses it)

Obama Pledges to Cut Taxes for the Middle Class - October 28, PA

Kal Penn for Adopt Five

Rachel Maddow: Secretary Madeleine Albright ' Obama is the best possible person to be president.'

Fox News Host Goes ApeShit On Obama Spokesman

Barack Obama's lightning strike in thunderstorm speech at Widener University.

Votar Es Fácil

Republican Presidents for redistribution of wealth

Olbermann: McCain Aide - 'Palin is a Whack-Job'

It's Down to The Wire in NC

Bush Trying To Pardon Himself (Jack Cafferty)

John Harwood on Dead Intern Scarborough calls Bullshit on 'redistribution' nonsense

Kucinich on CNN: U.S. Attack in Syria Politically Motivated

David Gergen on AC360 Oct. 27, 2008

Middle name misspelled? Sorry; your vote is thrown in the garbage

TYT: 5th Grade Reporter Interviews Joe Biden -- Precious!

TPMtv: Senate Race Preview

Senator Feinstein: No on Prop 8

West Virginia Vote Flipping Caught On Tape

AIP's Anti-America Tape (Palin's Pals): Take it VIRAL

Dean to Norah: No, we do not spend money on Obama and Biden's ties.

More Rethug dirty tricks

"I Call Me Maverick"

Charles from Boulder, CO

Rachel Maddow: Blocking The Youth Vote.

Re: WVA Vote Flipping Caught on Tape

Dave Matthews for Obama

WVA Vote Flipping Caught on Tape!

More hate from McCain-Palin supporters in PA (slurs, violence)

Olbermann: Campaign Comment - "You, Gov. Palin, Are a Fraud"

Feeling a Little Confident?

McCain Vs. Palin Fight - It's On! The Young Turks

(Venezuela's) Chavez Opponent Faces Corruption Allegations

"He Said He'd Hate to Live in Milwaukee?"

Looking Backward-McCain Style (Mitchell / HuffPo)

Antidotes To Complacency: Four Reasons To Not Take The Election For Granted

Why McCain Lost Me (Applebaum / WaPo)

Kirkuk dispute threatens to plunge Iraq into Kurdish-Arab war (Guardian)

The Toxic GOP and Its Just Desserts

Expect smears to spatter more with 7 days left (Garofoli / SF Chron)

Bob Herbert: A Choice and an Echo

Gore Vidal: John McCain in the Echo Chamber

Palin = Nixon? The Parallels are Eerie

Obama's 'Redistribution' Constitution

One week to go: Up to 1 in 7 are undecided in Ohio (West / Baltimore Sun)

Iraq: The Counterfactual Game

Cecile Richards: Palin and McCain's Disregard for Women's Health

IMF May Need To "Print Money" As Crisis Spreads

Palin's Racist Assassins

Life Insurers May Tap Treasury After $160 Billion Goes to Banks

To the Youth of America...

McCain Campaign Claims Obama Supporter Carved Backwards 'R' on Jeffrey Giraffe

it came down to whether to make Palin look like a scripted robot or an unscripted ignoramus

Ridiculousness About Redistribution (New Republic Article)

Just got a robo call for McCain on my Cell Phone in CO

A Voting Rights Disaster? (WaPo)

7th Graders from Ron Clark Academy: You Can Vote However You Like

Where McCain scores over Obama (McCain Better for India & China)

Twilight Struggle-In its closing days, the Bush administration escalates the war on terror.

Jane Mayer: The Insiders - How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin

ACLU:White House Intervention In Ohio Voting Is "Partisan Politics At Its Worst"

Military wife ponders her vote for next president

‘Sticking it to the Man,’ 21st Century style: Paul Watson interviewed by Jason Miller

Kennedy/Palast: Drinking the ACORN Kool-Aid: How Cries of Voter Fraud Cover Up GOP Elections Theft

Forget Obama's Commercial, McCain to Appear on 'Wayne’s World'

The case against McCain's campaign rhetoric

Climate Change Affecting Walden Pond Plants

Dow + Pew = Assurance, if Not Fantastic News

McCain's blatant pitch to the rich

Gary Kamiya: The Republican shipwreck

Some quilters make a blanket statement

'Spreading the wealth' is nothing new to U.S.

The Fall of the Right (Regan / HuffPo)

Twilight of the pundits: The opinion-makers are cracking up

Sarah Palin Embraces the 'Whack Job' Characterization

Tom Tomorrow: Are you a real American.

Brace yourselves - George Bush will soon be free to do just what he wants

Stolen Elections And Media Blackouts: Carolyn Baker Interviews Mark Crispin Miller

Joe the Plumber Claims HE'D Be Best for Israel

Jewish Journal endorses Barack Obama:

$10,000 Premarital Abstinence Prize Going Unclaimed

More executives sold on Obama (USAT)

Eugene Robinson: McCain, Running on Empty

McCain Workers Walking Off the Job Over Moral Issues

8 reasons why Obama might loose

Hockey Mama for Obama

Former Today Show co-host visits Valley to campaign for Obama

McCain Political Director Maps Out Election Day Victory

Proud Dad, Laws of Physics, Uzi = Dead Son

The Power of Passive Campaigning (NYT)

Markos Moulitsas: From Dean scream to 50-state dream

Election 2008: Who Decides? The People or the Programmers?

The Crucible: 2008 Edition - a psychologist's take on Palin & rightwing paranoia

Bush Orders Purge of 200,000 Ohio Voters

Needed: Jobs Program for the GOP

Could California go Red. ?

This Election Could Transform the Country, the GOP, and Capitalism

Official: Syria raid killed leader of cell

GI dies at Jackson after collapsing during PFT

Burn pit at Balad raises health concerns

Soldiers kill 5 in Baghdad base attack

Helo downed in Afghanistan; bombing kills 2

Wainwright soldier dies 8 days after attack

Stop-loss likely to continue in 2009

4-star: Bad press from Afghanistan overblown

Guardsman testifies in Iraq fragging trial

U.S. warns of issues if Iraq pact fails to pass

Next year will be different for troops in Iraq

NATO escorts shipload of supplies to Somalia

(NavyTimes) Editorial: Little faith in VA’s Plan B

Colonels could face jail time in paternity case

Versatility of converted subs earns praise

(Navy Times) Editorial: Investing in the future

Marines to turn over Fallujah next month

NATO OKs ops against Afghan drug lords

(13) N.D. reservists coming home from Iraq

Marine found dead, wife hurt in Calif. home

Space to Nuclear transition could take years

2 arrested in theft of Humvee from Guard armory

Air Force investigating 1-star at Pentagon

A-10s may be moved in case of groundings

Cyber, Space work on merger details

The Battle for Afghanistan: U.S. mapping new strategy in response to dire assessments of war

The Battle for Afghanistan: Isolation defines fight in the deadly east

From fighting to diplomacy in 15 months

172nd Infantry Brigade ships tanks, gear for deployment

Troops: Election needs bigger military focus

Hearing for ’05 death held in Bamberg

Study: F-35 twice as loud as F-15

Marine on trial in death of 2-month-old

Yokota holding town meeting to discuss break-ins

Detainee, Lawyer Boycott Gitmo Trial

Defense Tech: US Navy Global Hawk May Head To Middle East

DoD Buzz: Raid Pentagon Spending Or Leverage It?

Vets to get Housing Refinance Aid

Soldier Found Dead in Barracks

Inspections Ordered for F/A-18 Hornets

Marine Amputee Returns to Combat

A Medical Mystery, a Sailor's Death

Officials say Syria Hit was Preemptive

No Deal, No Bucks, Odierno tells Iraq

Feds Nip Alleged Plot to Kill Obama

Post allowances plummet on dollar’s climb

Vance grad is first to go straight to UAVs

Camouflage fatigues concealed in humanitarian aid to Gaza

Indiana Democratic State Committee mails anti-gay flier

I figure now and again a little good news is in order...

an interesting response -- am i right?

Please tell me this is a joke.

Does anyone think Senator Feinstein's opposition to Prop 8 will have any affect?

Hi GLBT DU'ers. - I'm in a 'Walk for Life', AIDS fundraiser.

Here we go again... Joe the Plumber is a gay prostitute (because we hate him)

The Race to Save the World's Rarest Bird: The Discovery and Death of the Po'ouli

Climate link to amphibian decline - BBC

Climate change 'making seas more salty'

Arctic ice thickness 'plummets' (BBC)

World can halt fossil fuel use by 2090

Under the radar: Canada's, Mexico's radioactive waste comes into Utah

earthworms sequester carbon in forest soils

Boise company debuts hi-tech home windmill

Congress Skimps on Roads, Providing Little Help for Caterpillar

Car-ful consideration of the candidates

EPA may relax power-plant pollution rules

The retail industry is predicting a "terrible" 2% drop in holiday sales...

Value City Files For Bankruptcy

TED isn't going down....

Ecuador to restrict entrance of Colombian citizens due to recent kidnappings

Colombian hostage dragged to freedom

UN appeals for more than $60 million for Haiti

World Jewish Congress Praises Venezuelan Envoy's Visit to Buenos Aires Holocaust Museum

Colombia: Uribe stiffs indigenous leaders

President of UN General Assembly Condemns US Blockade of Cuba

Mexico leftists seize Congress to block oil reform

Over 360 LatAm Experts Call on Obama to Improve US-LatAm Relations

Amnesty International: Colombia conflict worrisome (Urges U.S. to halt military aid)

It looks like it is pouring in Philly at about 1:15 EST

Basketball Fan? Want to take a Break From Politics? KING JAMES vs Boston tonight! TNT!

To any and all fans of the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL, and/or good stories told by great writing...

I'm confused, when are they playing part 2 of last night's game?

Next years World Series Game Seven would be on November 5th

Traditional Chinese Exercise Beats Stretching for Arthritic Knees

The Candidates’ Health Plans

Kids' Eye Problems Often Emerge in Homework Battle

New Moon in Scorpio today - other aspects/current

Anyone have a clue to the significance of political change and left handed Candidates?

Anyone interested in a little Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga?

Is there some astrological event that's prompting dental work?

Did a reading about Palin last night.

Okay, everyone. Wish me luck.

"I am watching you"..

Japanese Swordfighting Testing


Anyone want to share some pictures?

Why firearms don't matter this election and you should vote for Obama.

I am NOT opposed to hunting. I am NOT opposed to target-shooting as a hobby. I am NOT

Just got off the phone with Ray Schoenke of AHSA...

I'm not opposed to taking firearms away from convicted felons. I'm not opposed to the NFA of 1934.

Awesome soft wheat rolls!


I'm going to need your help in the coming year

Can anything GOOD be done with those frozen precooked shrimp from the supermarket?

Thoreau Is Rediscovered as a Climatologist

Your Brain’s Secret Ballot

Wise Elephants Fear Roads

How We See Objects In Depth: Brain's Code For 3-D Structure

Sarah Palin's War on Science

The Cave of Crystals discovered 1,000ft below a Mexican desert

Did Discovery of Fire Trigger Human Migration Out of Africa?

The Unappreciated, Holding Our Lives in Balance

Does Nature Break the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

Is NASA's Ares doomed?

Has anyone ever asked Republicans why they were so damn opposed to an investigation of 9-11?

Did Hank Krakowski (United Airlines) lie about Flight 93?

Tell Republicans to "BEAT IT" (Harris ad)

Paper Ballots only in Webb County!!

District 22 (DeLay's former district) race turns ugly with double-voting claim

How to Deal with Obama Sign Stealers

Big turnout in Atascosa County

Harris County is going to early vote about 70-75% of the TOTAL 2004 vote

The Catholic Church and abortion. Some interesting history.

The Boston Herald endorses Kerry

OT: Georgia On My Mind (Max Cleland)

Heard that Hennepin commissioners voted for a pay raise for themselves

Anyone knows anything about electing judges?

Bachmann's Attack on Tinklenberg's Transportation Record Backfires

Michele Bachmann lies again in latest attack ad on Tinklenberg--and gets a "D" from KSTP

McCain hates Milwaukee?

I need a good election guide for Milwaukee.

Democrats didn't field anyone to run against Sensenbrenner????

Obama wants your guns...

Wilco To Perform Pro-Obama Rally In Madison Saturday

Propaganda that's being stuck to mailboxes in Wausau

Check in after you've voted in Wisconsin!