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Palin breaks with McCain on gay marriage

My Republican ex-detective father-in-law says "I like Obama..."

McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused Of Voter Registration Fraud

I'm guessing that pretty much, this would be the worst case scenario

All this talk about Western PA, Diabold, Bradley - this insomniac's hell - TBH, I'm a wreck.

"President Obama" on the cover of newsweek

I guess if you're from New York City and you signed up to fight and die..

Please be aware before time!

Just FYI-Governor Rendell and Mayor Nutter aren't going to let the GOP steal PA

Should I vote for Obama?

It's time for McCain supporters to start losing hope

The PA strategy would look a lot better for McCain if Obama didn't have

3% of Americans strongly approve of the job Bush's doing, right direction % plunges to 15%

Obama's playing it like Jackie Robinson...

Election Special on Discovery Channel's Dirtiest Jobs Next Week:

Why I'm somewhat comfortable with the voting machines in PA

When did Howard Wolfson become so insightful?

McCain hits up Russian Envoy for Donations, gets turned down publicly

Barack Obama takes 5 - Photo

The Republican Party advocates fascism...

For reference, detailed results of 2004 election in PA

Video of Keith Olbermann's History Teacher 1991 Appearance of Barack Obama link.....

What could hurt McCain's chances the most if it were repeated over and over and over

I Demand That McSham Cancel Campaign Events(thur&fri)

I Demand That McSham Cancel Campaign Events(thur&fri)

The STRAIGHT scoop about voting STRAIGHT DEM :

please du this poll

OMG, OMG. Jokes

I wish I could have gotten my ballot autographed and framed instead of having to put it into the box

Missing from that SNL Palin skit...

Don't let the NeoConvicts Steal your Vote this Time Around...

Obama has highest favorability ratings/Palin lowest in past 28 years

One $imple Rea$on to $upport Obama...

Zo(m)by Poll -Obama 50-McPalin 42%

David Gergen missed an obvious point re Obama's grandmother

VIDS: James Taylor concerts in NC for Obama- BEAUTIFUL.

Does anyone know the size of McCain's crowd in St. Louis today?

Obama's New Thursday Rally In Indiana Before He Visits His Sick Grandma - Is Indiana Really In Play?

McCain get's his comeuppance.

Ooh, poor McXausted and Parah Salin... they can't badmouth Barack until he gets back from Hawaii.

MONTANA!!!!!! is almost BLUE!!!!!!! It's getting closer!

There will be suprise result in PPP Indiana poll tomorrow-- Obama doing better in IN than FL

Very disturbing: bear cub found dead in front of school, draped in Obama signs (in NC)

As heard on Craig Ferguson: McCain is okay with Powell

So, now the newsie channels are interested in promoting Nader?

Joe The Plumber on Welfare??

Mr. Obama, All my prayers for your grandmother...

McCain to Russian ambassadors: Help me stop the Democrats!

McCain's father died at 70. His grandfather at 61. McCain is 72.

Two more votes for Barack Obama in North Carolina

Early Obama interviews by small local Chicago station: NYTImes Good stuff!

Which of the following words, early in the evening on Nov 4, would be music to your ears?

Can anybody name ONE THING the McC/P campaign has done right?

Can you imagine the world testing a President Palin?

Bear found dumped at WCU with Obama signs


Hey Already-elected Democrats: STFU!!!!

Zoggers eating very humble pie. Latest poll Obama +8

Voted yesterday -- one Obama vote in a long line of people waiting their turn.

Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton in Tampa Bay (Pics)

McCain/Palin GOP Party narrows to include Extreme Fringe Elements Only!

Letter from Move On: Let's Keep Working! It Ain't Cover Yet

Obama to hold jobs summit in Fla. with governors

Just Incredible

Paul Krugman: The Real Plumbers of Ohio

Barack Obama: Why I believe he should be the next President

There is no need for a manufactured crisis ala Joe Biden's comment.

My Dad is the original N. Florida Redneck and he is Voting Obama

If Biden's alleged 'gaffe' stays heavily in the news, should they get Colin Powell out on the trail?

McCain lands at Columbia Regional Airport, greeted by a crowd of 15

I welcome the discussion of who to trust in a time of crisis. Surely, it's not McRiskyEratic.

Lying SOS Joe: "Our prayers are with Barack Obama..etc"

Sorry, but, I took a break from reality yesterday ...What did Biden say?nt

The dogs are just barking, ignore them.

Why can't I get a good feeling over the latest endorsement?

Why is everyone worried over Biden's comments?

Sarah Palin hates whales!

HOLY SHIT, anyone see them try to shut up that stupid sTalking point bimbo?

The worst part about this election:

Robert Greenwald Video: Help Spread the Truth about ACORN

NM GOP Lawyer Cited in Iglesias Firing is Back Pushing Bogus ACORN Voter Fraud Claims

The voter's want CHANGE and the latest attack won't change that

McLurch/Flop: McCain says his campaign is focused on the economy

(Don't tell anybody but) some of McCain's Black relatives are supporting Obama

"All four of the aspects needed to win an election he has them" Pat Puke

Remember how heated the primaries were? We were all each others combatants

According to Wiki, Bachmann became financially independent at 13.

Anyone see Joe the Plumber lately?

My Voting Experience

Isn't it ironic...for 7 long years the American people

Texans's Early voting continues thru 10/31

A Prediction....

Democrats want Collins (R-ME) to quit McCain campaign

**MSM needs Something to Stop Obama's Momentum **

Obama rally attendees have tires slashed

Tests That A President McCain Would Have Failed

Question: Is this the first year for 10 day early voting in a lot of states?

In every corner of every Village, Town, City and State, people are quietly going about their

Probable old news for most....but I just learned about a great Youtube

Laurence Eaglebooger = Grumpy Old Man

Laurence Eaglebooger = Grumpy Old Man

So, now they picked up Joe Biden's remarks over the weekend..

Biden is campaigning in Colorado today - Greeley and Commerce City - Don't believe fools on TV.

Honestly, in your opinion, how damaging was Joe Biden's remarks?

WTF? First thing out of Mika... Obama suspended his campaign..

Anyone have the link to how McCain said he would have handled the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Socialist Palin

What if George Bush ran your local fire department?

MSNBC reviewing THE MAP (Obama at 313 EV)

Lawrence Eagleburger just trashed Obama on MSNBC. OMG. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??? This is hugh!!!11!

Our right to vote! There is no reason for machines to be working improperly!

Obama leaving campaign trail

John Roberts, CNN - "No question, this race is beginning to tighten"

So Will McFailin Continue the Smears....

ABC is doing a Story About Obama's Grandmother

Nicolle Wallace just made an ass of herself...

Early Voting in the Orlando area.

Q to those of you who watch morning Joe - HOW CAN YOU? I don't get MSNBC at home -

New DIAGEO/HOTLINE poll Obama 47 (same) McCain 41 ( -1 )

What survey was Buchanan quoting today on Morning Joe that showed only a 5 pt. gap

Obama VS McCain - How will babies vote?

Obama VS McCain - How will babies vote?

Morning Joe panel said Obama campaign furious with Biden and pulled him off the trail

The testing IS coming, regardless of who is in office. The question

Security at the Polls

Canvassing story from the weekend. The things people say....

Biden didn't say anything wrong. Why are some here calling him names and saying he should shut up.

Rasmussen Daily - Obama 50 McCain 46 NO CHANGE

Help me debunk this horrible email I got about Obama!

I stopped into one of Barack Obama's campaign headquarters

Crazy Tracy on PBS

Bear killed ... found dumped at WCU .... with Obama signs

Why does anyone here watch the McLame Shill Show, Morning Joe?

Are unofficial independent exit polls legal?

I have a feeling that the right wing Christian wack jobs do not want McCain to go after Obama on the

Palin Stands by ‘Palling Around With Terrorists’ Comment on 700 Club

What's the big deal with Sen. Obama taking 2 days off during the campaign?

Voter Surge Signals Obama Tsunami

Can someone please tell me WHAT Biden said that has everyone in a tizzy?

Rasmussen 10/21: O50, M46 (unchanged)

ZOGBY Obama 50.3 ( + .5 ) McCain 42.4 ( -2 )

R2K 10/21: O50, M42 (unchanged)

A Hoosier Precedent for Voters Transcending Race - Fran Quigley

McCain Discusses Health, Campaign Tactics

Which country is first for McCain?

New Poll: Jewish Vote for Obama Approaching 70% and Growing

The point is (re: Biden) that ANYONE will be tested.

Eminem Is Backing Barack Obama

Hey, J T Plumber---the government is "spreading the wealth" to your boss

Who are the 15 percent who say U.S. is on right track?

Barack and Hillary joint interview (somewhat brief) on Nightline [VIDEO]

Huffpo: McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused of Voter Registration Fraud

Paraphrasing: "Something bad will happen early on, and Obama has a steely spine to deal with it"

Fools replace Obama sign with...

Why do McCain & Palin remind me of these two people?

Caller of Stephanie Miller had an interesting point about Limbaugh's accusation about Colin Powell

i had a dream... about palin. for real. lol. mom and i in bedroom chatting. a mouse

i had a dream... about palin. for real. lol. mom and i in bedroom chatting. a mouse

i had a dream... about palin. for real. lol. mom and i in bedroom chatting. a mouse

i had a dream... about palin. for real. lol. mom and i in bedroom chatting. a mouse

Wall Street is full of wimps!

Obama LEAVING CAMPAIGN TRAIL To Be With Sick Grandmother!

Hotline Daily Tracker 10/21/08: O 47 (unchanged), M 41 (-1)

McCain supporters turnout to greet bus and cardboard cutouts of McCain and Palin

The conservative mentality

Obama enters October with $133.6 million in hand

This Is McCain's ONLY Winning Chance:

An endorsement we could have done without!

If I could ask Barack to stop saying one thing, it would be this:

I Love NY part II: Obama makes an appearance in Lower Manhattan

---How many "undecideds" do YOU personally know of??---


How many socialist muslims do YOU know?

Will there be blood between now and November 4?

Got a problem with the color of his skin? Wear sunglasses.

Why is defending McCain's bogus health care plan?

McLiar lying again on MSNBC.

Lawrence O'Donnell made Lawrence Eagleburger look like a fool on Morning Joe...

So what are Tucker Bounds employment opportunities after Nov 4th?

McSham is Still WHORING Joe The Plumber.....

Liberal....Say it.....Liberal. liberal ,liberal, liberal,liberal

Rasmussen daily: O-50, M-46... unchanged.... but interesting other numbers

Since many of us are voting early or absentee...

The Dangers of Demonizing

Difference between a victory and a per

We might lose two great Senators on November 4th.

Research 2000 Tracking Poll: Obama 50% McCain 42% (no change)

How do I know we've won? Don't need polls..

I'm Having A Tag Sale for Obama this coming weekend.

Obama will be in Leesburg, VA tomorrow! Anyone from Communist Country going?

Military families tilt to Obama

The Only Manchurian Candidate In The Race

Texas Dems... Go Git Em!!!

Has McCain issued a statement or comment about Barack's grandmother?

great pre-campaign speech chant for Obama on

McCain Has Lost But Barr Can Still 'Win'

Obama Campaign Hits Hasidic Sukkah Circuit

Mark my words, this kid's definitely going places, BELIEVE YOU ME!

Obama's Election Protection

Ed Rogers is spewing some serious hate on MSNBC

32% of Americans "not at all confident" that Bush won 2004 "fair and square"

I concede,

Joe Klein Barred From McCain Camp Plane


dupe, sorry!

ROFL! Great graphic about how Obama will handle all our CRISES!!

They will try again to steal an election

I'm concerned about Joe Bodens affect on this race...

Hello, Florida: "Seniors who earn less than $50,000 would pay no income tax."

October 20, 2008, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Orlando, Florida, VERY PIC HEAVY

Let's REALLY steal their flag : Proud To Be An American

At a current live rally: McCain is now sounding like Palin


McCain's not being truthful; 'joe the plumber' wants that 250K plumbing business so he can...

There is poll asking what kind of pie would we like to eat on election day .. But here is

Palin's appearance on SNL may have been a ploy to lure Obama

Need some help convincing an otherwise intelligent person

Nobel Economist Krugman: The Real Plumbers of Ohio

Obama is ON FIRE again, in Florida. Watching on MSNBC.

Obama-Clinton rally in Central Florida draws 50,000

McCain and Palin know they are sinking...

Concerned? You'll love this from the RW.


Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama: 47% (no change) McCain 41% (-1)

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama heading towards huge landslide in New Jersey; Trib Poll: O landslide in IL

Carving pumpkins for Obama

In this morning's speech, Obama said the American pie was shrinking!

what do you think about this KO pic???

How Voting Works in Marion County, Oregon

Why is with this Joe Bodum says?

HEY Joe the "Plumber" SHUT UP!!!

Palin Medical Record Poll

eBay's Meg Whitman, McCain Treasury Secretary pick, gave $92,400, exceeding fed contribution limits

“Yesterday I made my first vote. Now, today, I am a real citizen.”

Once McCain is Vanquished I will not Forgive or Forget What he has Done

GOP Admits Plan To Use Foreclosure List To Challenge Voters - RawStory

Rude Nails Joe the Clueless....(Welcome to the Party, Pal)

Palin Hits A Nerve With Many Jewish Women

SOME Old people don't know Faux News is really not a news network

Michele Bachmann’s call for investigations of Congress raises questions about her ties to Petters

McCain Concedes Colorado, Iowa, and New Mexico

For McC's information: among those who don't pay income taxes...

McLoser To Push A Pro-Gridlock Message

Today's GOP lie: being against making bush's tax cuts perm. = raising taxes on 100% of Americans.

Today's GOP lie: being against making bush's tax cuts perm. = raising taxes on 100% of Americans.

Morning Joe: There we go: Joe Biden's comment allowing McCain to move from economy to leadership

Jews, Ecology, and Obama

Challenges at the voting booth...

Was Joe Boden behind this?

McCain "Totally" Proud of Anti-Obama Mailer Invoking Terror, 9/11

The crap that RW morning radio is saying about Obama going to Hawaii is making me sick....

How many of you think Bradley effect will be used as a cover to steal votes electronically?

Sarah Palin is horror-fied in 'Tales from the Crypt'

Sarah Palin is horror-fied in 'Tales from the Crypt'

McCain’s stunning electoral strategy with commentary

CQPolitics: U.S. House, Minnesota - 6th District Race (Bachman) now shifts to "Leans Republican"

Cats and dogs, living together...

For your convenience, I have listed several Republican code words/phrases

PPP: Obama doing better in Indiana than Florida

Sarah Palin Selling Alaskan Natural Gas to Asia?

Please help spread 2 awesome videos about why Jews should support Obama!

A sign of the tide decisively turning?

Palin learned a new word, "Scenario"

For all of the campaigning McCain did for Bush, why won't Bush return the favor?

OH NOOOO! (pics)

OH NOOOO! (pics)

Palin Did Us All A Favor

So Palin rips on the cities like New York and brags about the 'real America', yet

Anyone know of a reliable source to buy small American flags from?

Obama cancels debates with Republican Jewish group behind smear campaign

Bush Housing Chief Rips McCain’s Mortgage Plan: ‘I Have A Very Grave Concern About That’»

I just saw a warm and fuzzy McCain ad on one of our local channels.

PPP: Obama leads in new Indiana poll 48-46

Palin and the GOP press

Listening to Sarah Palin now: Fascist. Classic totalitarian.

I STILL LOL...The OLDEST Presidential candidate in history and they pick Palin to calm us!!!

MoDo and Joe Klein banned from McCain's plane

Damn! FR is on to us!

Palin is criticizing Obama's foreign policy???

Is Anyone Listening to Palin Right Now

Is Anyone Listening to Palin Right Now

Hey Sarah .. why don't you go take a walk around a neighborhood and answer a few questions too?

Anyone know about McCain's crowd sizes in Pa??

How would you react if you found out that 9/11...

cnn & msnbc both covering the shrill shrew

Has anyone posted the Gallup Daily yet?

Anyone hear anything about the Gallup numbers for today?

** Heads Up!!: Barack Obama Live in Palm Beach, FL!! **

Anyone have the new Gallup numbers?

I am very excited about Baracks two day break from the campaign

Where are the endangered R congresspeople? (Are there a lot in PA?)

Are the new Gallup numbers out yet?

Why doesn't anyone ever discuss the Gallup polls around here?

I checked drudge, but there's no "Gallup Shocker!" headline today..... I wonder why.....

Hey... thanks for posting the Gallup numbers... I was looking all over the site for them. nt

It looks to me like the evangelical nutjobs are making this election Sarah Palin's to win or lose

Gallup Daily - Obama 52 - 41 +11 registered; 52 - 42 +10 (exp LV); 51 - 44 +7!!! (traditional LV)

***HEADS UP*** Michelle Obama LIVE now in Pensacola, FL

Is there a bigger dick than Lawrence Eagleberger?

10/21 - A look at the polls and Election Day Scenarios (McCain is gaining)


Video: Barack Obama in Lake Worth, FL 10/21 + free pie recipe

Cindy McCain Denounces "Viciousness of the Media"

Vote early if at all possible (particularly in blue precincts)

The polls are obviously biased.

Chuck Todd: McCain has no ground game

Bachmann Goes Boom

deleted--you had to be there.

Bill Ayers donated to the Republican party

Obama Partied in Hollywood mailer!! My response:

Just for a change of pace, some comedy diversion from Triumph the Insult Dog at RNC

Is the Traditional Voter jump due to Powell?

Pre Nov. 4th, After Nov. 4th, Any Questions ?

New Gallup: O-52/M-41 (RV, unchanged), O-52/M-42 (LV1, M-1), O-51/M-44 (LV2, O+1, M-1)

Need Help with repuke rumor, Obama violated Ill ethics law?

Freeper comment: "The polls are all over the place"

The anal cyst is voting for McCain because

The anal cyst is voting for McCain because

Great news! Kentucky Senate race is dead even!



If McCain wins Ohio, Florida and Missouri

It's time "Conservative" replaces "Liberal" as the dirty name of politics

David Vitter defends Kerry's "Depends" quip...

David Vitter defends Kerry's "Depends" quip...

Anyone know about this very recent Biden comment that....

Gallup: Reg O (52) M (41) - LV1 O (52) M (43) - LV2 O (51) M (44)

My Obama lawn sign was stolen

Gallup -Obama 52% -McPalin 41%

Early voting started today in Louisiana

Kathy Lee Gifford said today that Obama was going on

Kathy Lee Gifford said today that Obama was going on

Listening to the big dawg on POTUS 08 on XM radio.....

This idiot on MSNBC with this map is making me nuts...

LOL. MSNBC and Andrea talking about McSame winning Pennsylvania.

Time to donate and volunteer in the name--NOT the memory, but the name--of

Descendents of slaves owned by ancestors of John McCain will vote for Barack Obama

97.5% of Americans are NOT Jewish. Why the attention during elections?

If you're Elwyn Tinklenberg, what do you do now to beat Michele Bachmann?

Oh geez, not this shit again: Nancy Fartandhower on MSNBC now.

Oh geez, not this shit again: Nancy Fartandhower on MSNBC now.

Faux just reported McOldFart is up by 1 point in Florida. I call BS nt

I thought I'd heard everything . . . I was wrong

Questions about polling methodology (especially Rasmussen)

NC POLL: Obama 48, McCrypt 45. Obama leads 64/32 among those who have already voted.

Pssssssssst: It's the "2000 Effect"

** Video: Michelle Obama in Pensacola, FL 10/21 **

LOL These photos always crack me up!

PPP 10/20/08 - Obama, Hagan expand NC leads (Obama 51-44 +7!) (Hagan 49-42 +7!)

McCain still Thinks that Joe The Plumber will save his Campaign

WI First Republican woman State Senator (Barbara Lorman) endorses Obama

$133 million to $47 million

Joe the Plumber has his head all clogged up with wrong information .. I found the perfect cure

I'm SO TIRED of McCain using "air quotes" which look more like "air CLAWS"...

The Schlep is working...thank you Bubbes and Zaydes

OK DU, need some help with an undecided...

Oh brother: Mcbush hits Obama on baseball loyalities

Palin on CNN Tuesday, NBC Wednesday

"Joe Biden's been on Meet the Press 42 times,why won't Sarah Palin go on?"

Michele Bachmann’s call for investigations of Congress raises questions about her ties to Petters

Obama's October budget advantage over McCain: 3 to 1, and growing! What 'surprises' could happen?

I wish the media would "punch Sarah's ticket".....

FL POLL: Obama 48 (-1), McCrypt 47 (+1)

FL POLL: Obama 48 (-1), McCrypt 47 (+1)

Mad for McCain (Starring Tito the Builder)

Early voting 2,467,498 Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida huge Democratic numbers

Every voter should watch Monday's Daily show

Good lord, who are these morons on MSNBC

The Rising Storm of The (Un)Real American

Support thread for Madelyn Dunham, Barack Obama's grandmother

"Obama blowing McCain away in early voting. Building cushion that will be difficult to overcome"

What's Up With A Lot Of False Neutrality and Shilling For McCain

This talking point of McCain's that Obama is buying an election is ludicrous

Ayers is back in the box: McCain Begins Week-Long Effort to Link Obama to ACORN

Joe-Scar knows not his history. Biden spoke the truth.

FundRace Your City - Report in Here...

Which candidate is receiving public campaign funding?

Obama: McCain offers 'willful ignorance' to troubled economy

Battleground state update 16 for Obama 4 for McCain

Sarah Palin is bipolar

How 'American' was it for Bachmann to recommend pardon for a drug felon who's given her

So how many prominent conservatives have thrown McCain

Gallup Daily - Obama 52 - 41 +11 registered; 52 - 42 +10 (exp LV); 51 - 44 +7!!! (traditional LV)

Some Compelling Reasons to Vote for McCain/Palin

VIDEO Obama - Aristotle, Oranges and Health Insurance

Sarah Palin's college years left no lasting impression

Sarah Palin's college years left no lasting impression

If McCain were walking through your neighborhood, what would you say to him?

Where can I find a listing of party registration by state?

El Tinklenberg on Hartmann now!

Snopes confirms: Voting machines can trip up Straight Ticket Voting

First day to vote in Kansas and lines were LONG at lunch......

Obama Camp Announces Grant Park For Election Night Party

AFL-CIO Vows To Mount Enormous Get Out The Vote Operation

McCain sez his "Campaign is All about the Economy!"

Watch out for any "Protest Voters" and help them see the light

CNN Video: Protesters in Grand Junction CO attempt to block the Palin-mobile

Will Early Voting Reports Keep Republicans at Home?

Go for the Jugular!! Pour it on!! WORK!! VOTE!!

Muslim-American voices heard in presidential race

Palin Claims The Vice President Is ‘In Charge Of The U.S. Senate’

Thought I would share this for the Bible thumpers - Jesus Hebrew name was Yehowshuwa

SO... how long after Obama wins before Repigs call for impeachment?

McCain's campaign desperate: still pushing the tired Kerry VP rumor

We need this guy at the McCain and Palin rallies...

Does The M In MSNBC Stand For McCain?

If you're just joining us... let me bring you up to speed.

American Flag on the Ground Following Sen. McCain Rally

Las Vegas Sun's Jon Ralston: Nevada early voting "Dems huge lead"

SUSA: Kentucky Senate: McConnell and Lunsford tied; Pres: Obama gaining some ground

I just received my OBAMA T-Shirt!

Might Obama win Arizona?

The Little Known Truth of Barack Obama's Legislative Record

First Read: South Dakota and Nebraska CD-2 now within reach for Obama?

Democrats winning nearly 2-1 on early votes in Florida


Shepard Smith with FAUX just said the Obama campaign let them know the Biden speech coming up is


Bachmann Goes Boom!

Maybe she needs to take a pill to relax or something: "Cindy McCain lashes out at media"

McCain *only* talks about/trashes Obama, never about what he would do.

Rash Limpballs reminded me of a George Carlin joke...

Art Auction For Obama Almost Over!

Probably The MOST IMPORTANT Rule About Veeps

GO to FOX they're still showing Biden's speech!

I am so happy that Obama is the nominee

CNN to cover AIP - coming up after the break n/t

Hartmann: 90% of the votes will be counted by Repuke-built black boxes

Turn to CNN

PEW's final 2004 poll had Bush winning by 3% among LVs- he won by 2%

Election day primer.

Heads up - Nora just said that Biden event starting soon and

WTF the classy Muslim McCain supporter from the video is not allowed to speak to CNN on air. . .

They wouldn't vote for Jesus either...

Wes Clark campaigning for Obama tomorrow in VA and NC

Nevada turnout for Palin "Rally" 800.

Words cannot describe.

Sarah Palin sounds like a MORAN in the CNN interview. EOM.

HuffPost's Ognibene: How Obama is Winning Veterans

New Obama Ad: "Erratic" - "Yes, McCain's been erratic. What he hasn't been is on your side."

McCain believes he can win PA because of Bradley Effect.

To the people who are freaking out about Pennsylvania: remember Rudy's Florida gambit?


Concentrate the wealth! Is that McCain's new slogan?

Leaders of the World are rooting for Obama - They Too Want Change they can believe in!

Undecided Voters

Why won't someone say that Sarah Palin is a smart aleck air-head?

Biden: "If it looks like a Bush, if it talks like a Bush, and if it votes like a Bush"


What the fuck was that lol? Sarah Palim is dumb as fuck.

Today is TUESDAY. ** Two Weeks from Today **

Obama Camp Announces Grant Park In Chicago For Election Night Party

Why are DUers hoping for an 11th-hour screw up by the Dems?

Another message from Asher Heimerman

RCP has the IBD/TIPP @ +6% for Obama

Anyone having trouble getting older voters to vote early?

CNN is disgusting beyond belief.

Has McCain given any public well wishes to Obama's grandmother?

I am a real American, and fuck anyone who says otherwise

I am a real American, and fuck anyone who says otherwise

McCain's Daughter Bridget....

Where's the biggest possible place Obama could hold a rally?

PUMA technically could include Republicans. Right?

Obama's Grandmother Has Broken Hip, Says Relative

Who will take Obama and Biden's place in the Senate?

Anyone notice Obama's average national lead jumped to 7 points on RCP?

Homer McCain???

SNL Skit Idea - Rick Davis Singing "Don't You Wish Your VP Was Hot Like Mine..."

Coworker told me last night that she was going to commit voter fraud

Question about Obama rallies

London's Conservative mayor endorses Obama

McCain's Independent Problem

What the hell

What the hell

Early voting in key states will really skew election day exit polls

Two weeks. Two of the most important weeks of our lives. Get ready.

This is UNITY!



*Awesome* tracking poll primer at

****Official GD:Presidential "Get The Stick Out Of Your Ass" Thread****

What's the most blatantly racist thing Palin has said/done at a rally so far?

Sarah Palin. Michele Bachmann. Jean Schmidt. Katherine Harris. Ann Coulter.

The Wolf Lobby has come out in support of McCain Palin

I finally hit upon why failin just pisses me off so much...

McCain camp solicits Russian envoy for donation

Just 14 days until this HELL is over.

Was McSame REALLY on aircraft carrier during Cuban Missle Crisis?????

LMAO! Check it out!

Lynn Samuels called Paul Krugman an arrogant elitist sack of shit!

Lynn Samuels called Paul Krugman an arrogant elitist sack of shit!

Now this is what I call party unity!!!

Florida Gov. Crist Off Message on Voter Fraud

"143 days" email DU can you debunk? respond?

World Citizens Prefer Obama to McCain by Nearly 4-to-1

So Rush thinks Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama is all about race.

I am so furious with Joe Biden right now

I am so furious with Joe Biden right now

IF the thugs are successful in suppressing the vote in "early voting" states, there will be

Cindy McCain lashes out at media 'viciousness' (CNN)

VIDEO: And Palin STILL doesn't know what the vice president's job is.

I just voted FOR Barack Obama and FOR Kay Hagan (against Elizabeth Dole)!! Yahoo!

FL GOPers Request 295K Absentee Ballots; Dems, 199K

The Blast Wave From Powell's Endorsement Is Now Hitting The GOP In The Face

Only two more Friday News Dumps until Election Day!

McCain Falsely Suggests He Supports Federal Funding For Embryonic Stem Cell Research»

I wish i could fall asleep and wake up nov4 11pm

Now Obama’s got Colin Powell AND Google?

Evangelicals start soul-searching as prospect of Obama win risks Christian gains in politics

A wonderful story about voting, in the Lounge:

Dead bear cub found at Western Carolina U. with Obama signs on it

Dead bear cub found at Western Carolina U. with Obama signs on it

CBS/New York Times Poll: Obama 54% McScream 41%

Insider Advantage Colorado Poll: Obama leads by 5% (51%-46%)

Glimmer of Obama's Character as He Visits Grandma - ABC News

Excellent article about "Toot".

Excellent article about "Toot".

Newsmax spins Dick Morris...

"Dear Florida": Five Ways McCain/Palin Will Make Things Worse For Older Americans

Blue is the hot color for the fashion industry this election season.

Is Obama v Mc A Replay of Clinton v Lazio??

Is Obama v Mc A Replay of Clinton v Lazio??

What's the deal with KY and Mitch McConnel???

McCain hits Obama for varying World Series support

FauxNews just put up a picture of Barack's paternal grandmother instead of his maternal grandmother.

WaPo/ABC tracking poll unchanged Obama 53 McCain 44

TIPP Poll 10/21/08: Obama 46.9% McNosferatu 40.9% ...Obama increases lead

Tweety: NBC Poll has big news for Obama!

What are you doing on 4th NOV?

The Health Care Issue: Very Important:

The Health Care Issue: Very Important:

Link to a photo of Obama grand-parents when they were young

SurveyUSA: NC tied, McCain down 2, Obama up 1.

Go turn on CNN, they are playing parts of a new Palin interview over the next two hours

SUSA North Carolina: McCain: 47% (-2) Obama 47% (+1)

Protect Your Vote - Carry This Number (866-OUR-VOTE {866-687-8683})...

Palin is a rambling fool also

Long line in Austin TX. Just early voted --- GOBAMA!

MSM: "No doubt this race is tightening."

rachel maddow -!!!

10 ways rethugs will try to steal the election: Mother Jones

Should we make a DU Act Blue donation page for Robin Hayes' opponent, Larry Kissell?

Does Tweety have Buchanan on just to make him look like a fool?

I wish Tweety and Olberman would just tell those nutbags to just STFU

Cool campaign idea--run with it if you can in your area and if possible...

Mark Green on Tweets, "The McCain person Nancy Puff and huff, i can't pronounce her name"

CO POLL: Obama 51, McWalkingCane 46

"Nancy whose name is unpronoucable Puffinhuff" Just said on Hardball

I believe that Pennsylvania is targetted to be the Florida/Ohio of 2008. If you want to come to PA

Tweety just teased a WSJ poll to be released at 7:00 with

Did you see Tweety just diss Buchanan

New Poll (referenced by Drudge) has Obama up by 2 points.

Mahre On Tweety: "I Love It when You Let Dumb People

Funny Moment of the Day: My Store: McCain Bumper Stickers!!!


only 1.4% of U.S. small businesses make over $250,000 per year:

Obama holds lead, but will race tighten?

Charlie Cook: In Endgame, Metrics Are Adding Up For Obama

Charlie Cook: In Endgame, Metrics Are Adding Up For Obama

Dear Joe the Plumber

Has Nancy Puff N Huff been on television today?

the "thank a liberal" thread

So what happened to all that tightening?

GOP Rival Angered by Bachmann Revives Campaign to Ruin her; Tinklenberg $800,000 in last 5 days

Faux did a story on Obama's grandmother and showed a picture of the one in Africa

So, does Palin want to redefine the VP's role in the senate like Bush/Cheney has redefined role

Maher...they are just pulling it out of Joe the plumbers crack..bwhaha

Obama-Clinton rally in Central Florida draws 50,000

Quick Question -- Taking photo of your vote

Someone, give McCain a box of crayons so he can draw a crowd.

Hmmm.... Z-Brzezinski and Ken- "it (Iraq War) will be a cakewalk" Adlebrain

Breaking -- McCain proud of flier that states Obama is soft on terrorism

WSJ/NBC Poll: Mccain voters lack enthusiasm (only 26% "excited")

Brilliant Biden has the MSM Breathing Heavily and says: McCain-He Doth Protest Too Much!!

Woh, Early Voting Totals for Florida yesterday... FIRST DAY TOTALS!

Does this mean McCain/Palin are National Socialists?

Your Salary in 2016 -- The Big Difference Between a McCain or Obama Administration

Poll: Obama gains in key swing counties

in re: The Crisis Papers

Visualize Victory!

Obama continues to lead 53-44 in the WaPost/ABC News tracking poll.

Palin Interview on CNN.. I hope she doesn't shoot Wolf

Sen. Nelson Demands Voting Access for Seniors


Obama should campaign in Alaska. In Wasilla. n/t

News outlets sweat over exit polling 'accuracy' (preparing the masses for a McCain shocker win?)

Crist on Palin

Is Barack Obama a communist?

amusing bit of trivia: three folks who are now entitled to a minute or so of free time on NBC

Biden opposes Calif. gay marriage ban; Palin calls for federal amendment

Remember this from Four Years Ago?

Coming up on CNN...Problems with Voting Machines in Early Voting Centers...

Need help, please...I need the pic of the debate "evolution"

WSJ/NBC News Poll: McCain Voters Lack Enthusiasm

Turned off my Television, and went on-line to watch Barack Obama in Miami!

LAT: Sarah Palin's college years left no lasting impression; not many even remember her

Obama Leading By 32% in North Carolina Early Voting!!!

Obama supporters begin gathering for Miami rally

Who are some "Real Murkans" according to McPalin?

Why the hell does the media love to give Abuse of Power Palin constant air time?

Obama opens up 50-42 lead in latest Ipsos/McClatchy poll.

WSJ OPINION: Bernanke "Endorses" Obama (not really but seems so to WJS)

Quick turn on CNN

"We Want Pie, We Want Pie!" - Chant heard at Obama rally!

Sen. Clinton campaigns in Omaha for Obama

Rep Robin Hayes (R-N.C): Up is down, black is white, war is peace.

it appears that chris matthews has just about had enough of this shit

McCain's ceiling is at 42-43 %

Heads-up...Wolf (CNN) to cover worst aircraft carrier accident in past 40 years

Watching HARDBALL I can say this, Matthews is definitely running for the US Senate

Have the neo-cons backed off from this presidential campaign?

McClatchy: If Obama's a socialist, so is Bush, analyst says

CNN: Obama's Small But Steady Lead

Rick Davis: Palin drives ‘liberal feminists’ crazy because she’s ‘attractive,’ ‘competent,’ 'happy'

Poll: Obama opens biggest lead over McCain

Obama will not simply be the next President of the United States

In Southwest Va., Ethel Kennedy praises Obama-TODAY

NBC/WSJ Obama 49 McFail 28 Best to managed the economy Breaking

Didn't Chuck Todd say just a week ago he didn't believe the polling?

Ahh, geez. Gregory has ex-Sen. Macaca on.

Anyone watching Palin on CNN?

Breaking News: Up 3 pts from last poll 52 Obama/Biden -42 McCain/Palin NBC WSJ Poll

Avert problems at the polls while wearing political paraphernalia

Will they announce when Polls close on election night???

It's a bad day when you are disappointed in, and ashamed of, your own mother.

Anybody know size of Obama's crowd in Miami. I heard Blitzer say a while ago

Sully has it right: It's now a battle between hope and fear. There is no neutral ground any more.

Because he worked so well the first time, they're bringing back Joe the Plumber

RCP has O +6.9 even before the NBC WSJ poll is added

Another republican attack against democracy.."liberals hate real Ameicans"

Pfotenhauer, Palin & Bachmann - Was Real America Attacked On 9/11? Did Real Americans Die?

Man-child David Gregory can barely contain his dismay.

PEW - OBAMA 52-38

Colorado - Palin opposes tax to help developmentally disabled

It's Going To Be A Short Election Night - Obama Will Have 209 EV's By 8:00PM

Pat Buchanan: "She's talking to second-graders." Tweety: "She's talking LIKE a second-grader."

*****HEADS UP, Barack and Michelle in Miami********

Kondracke on FOX NEWS: "It's Not Socialism"

Am I in pro-America or anti-America?

Rhino Rant

Breaking: Most support Obama's Tax Plan over McCain's WSJ/NBC POLL

According to Americablog, McCain will go on Imus's show tomorrow.

Hillary Campaigns for Franken

Help the Republicans figure it all out poll

going to see Obama in Indy day after tomorrow!

Thanks for nothing, Ed Rendell.

Best reason to vote for McCain: lesser of two evils.

So this shit head is spending time in PA because he thinks the voters thetre are stupid JESUS!!!!!

Poll: Palin Is Now The Top Concern Voters Have About McCain

On election night, when Obama has over 270 projected electoral votes, David Gregory will say

Earth to Michelle Bachman and other dipshit republicans - it's called YOU TUBE

The people of this country have got to start a campaign to get rid of voting machines

Video: John McCain's Friends

NYT/CBS Poll: Obama Has Record High Favorability Rating

InsiderAdvantage Colorado Poll: Obama 51, McCain 46

It's breaking Obama. Haven't seen it this obvious since Reagan '84.

Obama turns election rally in Florida into summit on jobs

Donate to ActBlue candidates!

Question For Illinois Early Voters

Donate to ActBlue candidates!

BREAKING per CNN: PA Gov. is worried about Obama winning the state

OK, a little tiny break here on GD:P. We deserve it. We've worked hard, and contributed much.

Matt Taibbi on Sarah Palin

OK, we have HAPPY NEWS!

BREAKING WSJ/NBC POLL: Only 16 Percent concerned about Obama/Wright /Ayers connection

The Chinese tested Top Gump in the first 6 months.

New NBC/WSJ Poll: "A Widening gap for Barack Obama": O 52 / M 42

Floridians for Obama: "WE WANT PIE! WE WANT PIE! WE WANT PIE!"

The Daily Widget, Tues 10/21 – O-375, M-163 – Trends Peak; New Hampshire Weakens

Cnn saying still Florida will be tough for Obama to win I have a question

If McCain wasn't from Arizona, would it be pink right now? or tied/light blue?

Who has baked cakes or cookies with the Obama logo? This would be a nice election night treat.

Harris poll: Obama holds 6% lead among likely voters

Has Anyone Recieved This E-Mail

Let the Blame Game Begin

Misinformation Given About Straight Party Voting Leads to Lost Votes in TX

McCain/Palin: Endorsed by God

Micheal Basin: McCain can and will win

Wow, I just saw Palin's remarks about the role of the VP for the first time

Phalin: "I don't want that misunderstood. If that's the way it came across, I apologize."

caption this pic

right wing acquaintance: "Democrats will engage in supply side/Keynesian economics..

Alaska funded Palin kids' travel

Block African witchcraft curses against McCain and Palin NOW!

Did anybody happen to see

Charlie Cook said: "IT IS OVER."

It's Kinda Ironic That Vietnam Was The Longest War In American History

Pew Poll: Obama 52% - McCain 38%

Pie, Baby, Pie

Pie, Baby, Pie

These entities that *would* test America want to see McCain in there cause he will...

So, if I'm not a "Real American," what am I?

Tweety is dragging that bigot PIG Palin thru her own mud

I need a funny line to put in this:

OMG-Sarah Palin Hustler Centerfold leaked...

Wow, tell me Barack doesn't have his Grandfathers features

So my Dad asks "Who is sending Obama's grandmother home from the hospital, the doctors or the

Poor Sludgie. Wha happened?...

Am I the only one who simply MUST leave the room when Buchanan starts bloviating??

Not A concern. THE concern.

Pew Poll: Obama's flipflop on Iraq

Robin Hayes (R-NC) does his Michele Bachman cover while Michele Bachman complains about ActBluers

What are the best T-shirt/bumper sticker slogans you've seen this election season?

Wanting Obama to win Texas is too greedy ? isn't it

SurveyUSA North Carolina Poll: Obama 47(+2), McCain 47(-1)

Robert Kennedy Jr. on Rachel Maddow tonight-on vote suppression

Palin Claims The Vice President Is ‘In Charge Of The U.S. Senate’

Is everyone enjoying this election or what?

Barack's Toot's Birthday is Sunday!

Biden to campaign in West Virginia Friday (First visit of the general election)

Center for American Progress slams distortion

Are you an "Anti" or "Real" American? To reduce confusion, I've created a simple color coded map!

Today's Polls, 10/21, by Nate Silver

This bullshit rumor about PA internals..

"Might be the Devil", "Communist", "Muslim", "African American"

Trying to locate political humor from 04

You Knoiw What "Dead Cat Bounce" Is???

McNasty knows this is his last shot and that he is losing. He is going to do anything

Palin opposes tax to help developmentally disabled, regarding CO ballot initiative

I'm Sick of Sarah Palin also, and she doesn't know too what the VP's job is, also...

I am absolutely sick with rage and disgust right now. LOU DOBBS is one sick S.O.B


How Fucking TERRIFIED Is LIEberman Right Now

Florida Congressional District 8 Turns a Dark Shade of Blue

Obama's first big test: you heard it here first.

Constipated Newsweek pundit warns Obama, win or lose, US is by nature a 'center-right' country

Poor Lou Dobbs...

Obama Supporter's Car Vandalized in Texas

The McCains Would Receive $55,000 A Year In Tax Breaks From McCain’s Capital Gains Proposal»

"The Governor of Alaska stepped on another rake today" -- KO just now.

Pew Poll: Palin's numbers steadily improving

OBAMA was here in Miami and I couldn't attend....

Once again, Bill Kristol was wrong.

WATCH: Daily Show does Wassilla (kick please!!)

What's the name of the website where you can watch msnbc online?

Jacoby on Keith!

Today's Polls: Dead Cat Bounce?

Breaking: Palin is at 47 percent Negative

Just back from Obama's Miami rally. Ask me anything

Hypocrisy alert! Republicans disrepect flag after St. Louis rally!

McCain pulling out of Wisconsin and New Hampshire?

Obama 'baffled' by Jews uncomfortable with voting for him

time for a good laugh?

Kiss me, I voted!

How's this for gall - Stupid NC Repuke's remarks .

A little perspective about today's NBC/WSJ poll - compare results from mid Oct 2004 poll

I can't believe Robin Hayes used the phrase "get 'er done"

*Reminder: Get in touch with your committee people - they may need drivers & poll watchers

McCain's Florida problem.

Geez, Sarah Palin is a parody of herself

You know, if McPalin wins . . .

Is there video of the "Governor's Roundtable Rally" today?

Mind if I share some good news with y'all?

It’s About Jobs ad sponsored by AFSCME placed in today’s USA Today

Okay, so is Obama back from Hawaii on Thursday? Just got an invite to Indy Rally at 9 am on Thurs.

Vote McCain / Palin, Stay in Iraq, Attack IRAN -- ENJOY $7.00 a GALLON Gas

David Frum on Larry King basically conceding the election Obama

Article re: Gary, Indiana voting situation......>>

Hide your irony meters people...

Palin doesn't know the Constitution, KO is covering this beautifully

The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend...

Palin must spell it "Constitutione"

Honesty by Billy Joel (dedicated to Sarah "You Betcha!" Palin)

They're at it again...

Don't fuck with Grandma!

Putting science back in the White House

Sarah Palin, Idiot (the video)

A theory of the morality of Capitalism and Free Market Economics

McCain Calls Western PA "Most" Patriotic, God-Loving Part Of The Country (VIDEO)

I feel bad for Palin (please don't flame me)!

How hard would it be

Keith just kicked Palin's ASS!

If McCain wins, Sarah Palin will find out what a VP does.

GOP House candidates struggle against McCain drag


SARAH THE DITZ ... (Joe the Plumber had his 15 minutes)

I'm not a Senate expert but I don't think Tweety is fully correct regarding Palin's comments

If McCain wins a fraudulent election, it becomes morally justifiable to torture Diebold executives.

A shout out for a good web resource re: Obama

Chuck Todd; "Palin a bigger drag than GW"

I would never suggest that the way to keep your Obama sign from

Please help me (Ballot Problems)

When are pukes going to stop saying that Palin is GREAT for McCain??

One advantage to living close to an Interstate

One advantage to living close to an Interstate

Gotta love my seven year old niece...

Got Scared Today......Donated another $120!! LOL

Has anyone here seen this?!?

The fascist mutherfuckers who are trying to keep us from voting..

Over 40,000 voted early in Nevada - over 30,000 of them were Democrats, 13,000 were repukes...

I just saw the Biden comment about Obama being tested in the first six months

JTP: "I wouldn't feel right about accepting a tax cut if I knew it meant higher taxes for..."

*** PPP: Indiana now blue Obama 48 McCain 46

The CIA and the war mongering portion of the Govt Tested Kennedy- Bay of Pigs

Wow....Olbermann TORE UP Palin tonight!

McCain tied to actual terrorism

Must-view McCain video.

Must-view McCain video.

Democratic Poll Worker Fired from Martin Cnty, FL Precinct 44 for reporting incompetent Precinct

The best toon of the week

Miami airplane banner: "Barak Repudiate Ayres, Michelle Repudiate Dorhn."


Joblessness slinks into the Midlands (Obama could get Obomaha's lone EC vote)

Woot!!! My hubby who doesn't volunteer for political anything,

Who will you vote for?

Dan Patrick: Obama wants kids to drop out of school.

How was your voting experience?

20% of registered voters first purged and since that purge 37,000 and 6,400 votes purged in CO!

GW/Battleground Poll: Obama 48 - McCain 47 -- holy...

Flashback: Lieberman said that ‘our enemies will test the new President.’

"And they are going to find out this guy has got steel in his spine."

I CAN'T WAIT until cnn and msnbc are forced to cover PRESIDENT OBAMA'S new policies!

Biden: "The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president..."

If you want some fun, airamerica's Clout is having psychic election preditions all night

LMAO!! My former GOP girlfriend screaming at me: Democratic Underground is in the tank for Obama!

Cavuto is now pushing the Nickelodeon poll as legitimate

The Lobster Dinner that wasn't

Free Obama stuff (links)

WSJ/NBC Poll: 47% have negative view of Palin

Can we lay off Fast Eddie

Just got back from Hillary/Franken. Ask me anything.

Any chance Obama's 30-minute special could hurt him?

Project "I Am a Real American"

I am a very mild-mannered person...

I am a very mild-mannered person...

Drudge is teasing the new Zogby poll for tomorrow. Obama takes 10 point lead !

I think Obama should start incorporating pie into every sentence of his speeches, such as:

Keith Olberman discovers a fascinating bit of history from 1991

Noticed an abundance of Obama signs today!

Does TIME seem to be slowing down for anyone else as the election gets closer???

History Exam: How much does the polling resemble 2004?

Olbermann announced tonight that the McCain campaign

Shouldn't we send Nate a new tie?

what is this BS about Obama campaign coverage rights on HUFFPO?

Reagan raised taxes and took away tax breaks for business

Ohio elections chief: Web site breached

What's up with Rachel lately?

jfk historians and/or those who remember:

jfk historians and/or those who remember:

I hope Palin doesn't screw up too much before Nov. 4th


CNN Reporter covering the McCain Rally now reported less than 1000

Venting: My family is such an embarrassment and full of idiots

WHO wants pie????

If Biden had been the Pres Nominee, who would he have chosen for his VP?

If Biden had been the Pres Nominee, who would he have chosen for his VP?

How will you handle Election Day (other than by voting if you haven't already)?

I dont want to hear about what champagne you'll be drinking or...

McCain, Palin to spend weekend in Iowa, where's he down by 12

First Family

Someone wants me to go see Keni Thomas tomorrow night.

Great site for early voting statistics!!!


My letter to the editor of my local paper

I take it back... Joe the Plumber IS rich

* Breaking News - Voter-registration lawsuit against Brunner is dropped

NY Times: "McCain’s Camp Shaves Its Ad Targets"

Pennsylvania will decide the election

More about YPM, vote slamming repigs mentioned by KO.

Who was Keith talking about? Richard Greul, Frual Dual? The vote suppressionist?

How many "I'm voting for Palin cuz she's HAWT!" voters will there be?

Rub it in Rachel!

Americans are expected to share the burden of the bailout, but giving 95% a tax break is socialism.

Ok I give up. What's all this about pies?

I know ... I said I can't donate more ...

When Obama is declared the winner we should staged pie fights

"Palin is an asset and the most consequential VP candidate in a generation,"

Win every single hour. Read this! Re: North Carolina


AP: Alaska Funded Palin Kids' Travel

WHO will Commander Cokespoon vote for? Obama? McCain? As always, Dana Perino has the ANSWER.

McCain's great 2008 campaign photo blunders

McCain's great 2008 campaign photo blunders

Things are getting a bit crazy on the trail with McCain and Palin...

Smear on Michelle Obama: The lobster dinner that wasn't

As Seen On Free Republic:

NC 132k+ early votes Monday, total 404k+ (now 479k+)

Unfurl on the Fifth ....Retake our nation...Fly the Flag

Republican's Raise nearly $2000 to pay "Joe the Plumbers" back taxes and get him plumber's licence

VIDEO: Small business owner @ Palin rally: "I don’t give a shit. I will never vote for a black man"

World Vote By Country


Already Stolen

Pew: Obama's Lead Widens: 52%-38%

Wish me luck...I'm going to the BMV tomorrow to try and get my fake Jimmy Johns Subs drivers license

Just Curious - To Hillary Supporters

RFK Jr on Mike Malloy show right now

Which pie should meet John McCain's face on November 4th?

"That's a good point about that experience & we don't like to toot our own horn so we don't"

Voter-registration lawsuit against Brunner is dropped

John McCain says western PA is "the most patriotic" part of America. (full quote in text)

Dear Red States,

Wow, Political Heavyweights on All Sides Weigh In On The Palin Pick!

Hilarious! New McCain ad begins with him saying, "The last 8-yrs haven't worked out very well..."

Are The Rs Jumping Mc's Ship Positioning For A Job in the Obama Administration?

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Link to World Vote by Country

Link to World Vote by Country

Question for Sen. Biden: Why invite miss-interpretation when things are going so well?

Memo to Fox News: Please give (losing VP candidate) Palin and Hasselbeck their own show.

Has anyone got more information on this.

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama to charge premium for election night coverage

Obama's grandmother fights to see him elected

The Daily Show is slamming Wasilla

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

Did McCain Campaign Pull CNN Guest Due To Palin Story?

If It's Already Stolen

Robin Hayes (Idiot-NC) used a phrase I've never heard - "She Got'er Did"

John McCain's Voicemail to Barack Obama Leaked to Press (humor)

***BREAKING***Sarah Palin will go on tour with Vanilla Ice after the election

***BREAKING***Sarah Palin will go on tour with Vanilla Ice after the election

Do you think Biden is getting less press than a normal VP candidate does...

RFK Jr on Rachel tonight!!!! Finally!

KO keeps getting better and better!

I've decided that I like Christopher Buckley.

Obama to Dance on "Ellen" Tomorrow

From the Anchorage Daily News opinion page: Palin is wrong woman at wrong time

Lyndon Johnson's Voting Rights Act Speech Relevant Today

Lyndon Johnson's Voting Rights Act Speech Relevant Today

More heartwarming stories from early voting in Texas

More heartwarming stories from early voting in Texas

My theory about why McCain has doubled down on my state, PA

My theory about why McCain has doubled down on my state, PA


Does Obama know something about South Carolina?

Two South Carolina congressional seats have become competitive

Two South Carolina congressional seats have become competitive

Moody Blues "Question" Just Came on XM 70's channel

NY Times set to post explosive article on the McCain campaign this Sunday

Internals on the Indiana PPP Poll that has Obama +2--Good news!

Rendell's comments on PA being in play --- just more rope a dope

These ads are fantastic!

Sarah, Queen of the Red States, jumps on NYC boondoggle

Joe the Plant was recorded giving McCain campaign a contribution before he questioned Obama.

Awwww look at this.

Today I voted for Barack Obama!

I have a feeling internal PA polls show a tighter race than the other polls.

I have a feeling internal PA polls show a tighter race than the other polls.

Obama Asked About Assassination; Impressive Response

Meeting Minutes, Sarah Palin as Mayor of Wasilla

Meeting Minutes, Sarah Palin as Mayor of Wasilla

What is it with Republicans and "Plumbers" anyways?

What is wrong with RFK Jr.'s voice?

Whats the difference in a hockey mom in 2008 and Ronald Reagan in 1980......?

Wow- Fl. Governor Crist restored the right of 115,000 felons to vote ....

Is it time to write to and call Gov. Ed Rendell?

Stop the fraud! Bring video-recording cellphones when you vote

Graphics from the Nbc/Wsj poll--Dial up warning

In Bush Stronghold North Carolina, Obama Pulls Even With McCain; "unfathomable"

McCain spent $8,672.55 in September on Make- up

Damnit! Why Does Rachel Maddow...

Make Your Own Joe the Plumber Sign!

Help! I am a voter in super-close Indiana and my registration does not match my drivers license!!!

Latest polls: O+14 in Pew, O+10 in Zogby, O+10 in NBC/WSJ, O+11 in Gallup, O+8 in AP, O+9 in ABC

Pollster: McCain's hold on Arizona shrinking

I will agree to being called a Democratic Socialist.....

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/21/08 - Obama 50, McCain 46 (unchanged)

I just made my last donation of the year to Barack Obama.

Palin charges sexism: "Obama just couldn't bring himself to pick" Clinton

Can someone please talk me down about Pennsylvania?

Michelle Obama greeted by 7,000 In Pensacola Florida

Top 10 Racist Limbaugh Quotes

I wish it weren't so... but Jack Murtha was right

Plumbers without licenses without borders. They hate us because of our indoor plumbing.

Bay Buchanan: "Barack Obama is a socialist"

McCain Fights to Keep Crucial Blue State in Play

Join the Worldwide Vote for U.S. President

Can someone tell me why Barack's paid political message next Wednesday won't air on ABC?

Ten states have inadequate voting contingency plans, "least prepared,"

Defenders of Wildlife new TV ad, this time re. Palin and polar bears

PHOTOS Today's inspirational pics (Oct 22) - starring Michelle!

I have decided to take up residence in Sarah Palin's beehive!

Palin caught changing travel vouchers to cover daughters expenses

Palin caught changing travel vouchers to cover daughters expenses

Anyone see Shuster's piece on Robin Hayes (R-NC) just now?

The electoral maps on both MSNBC and CNN have PA and IA in LIGHT blue

KO says McCain pulling out of Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa. Doesn't that mean we win?

Kerry for US Senate

Obama looks just like his grandfather. Its uncanny!

Rush Limbaugh has finally "jumped the shark."

Vote in People for the American Way Palin Haiku contest

Holiday Shopping for Candidates

Regarding Palin, the Vice Presidency, & the Senate


Mrs snake and I usually fly the flag off our front porch on all the appropriate holidays

Have you attended an Obama Rally?

What are your plans for election night??

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin children traveled on state

*** Tuesday TOONs: Endorsement ***

Palin Fails a Third Graders Question on the Role of the VP- interview in Colorado

Heads up! Elizabeth Dole just loaned her campaign $3 million dollars!

Republic Party paid $150,000 for Palin's clothes.....

Obama, bought & paid for-

Think about this, re: Biden's "test"...doesn't it kinda pre-empt the inevitable bin Laden tape?

Is Obama more popular than Pie?

Is the racist smear campaign working?

NY-29: Randy Kuhl Says Dems Want Americans to "Suffer and Hurt"

Q: why aren't the Palin kids in school?

How about a little round of applause for Keith Olbermann

How about a little round of applause for Keith Olbermann

(Warning) Breaking: Katherine Harris slams Michelle Bachman

Is it me or does Heather Wilson have the same exact smile as Heath Ledger as the joker

Is it me or does Heather Wilson have the same exact smile as Heath Ledger as the joker

Did any of you guys get your tshirts from the Obama/Biden campaign?

The racism comes bubbling up from McCain's dogwhistle campaign...

When does the next court filing come out of Ohio to purge 200,000 voters?


Keep talking Sarah

Keep talking Sarah

OMG, Sarah just used ...

Bachmann turns to overdrive - "I never called all liberals anti-American"

Bachmann turns to overdrive - "I never called all liberals anti-American"

I guess we're all Socialists now...

DUers: Send a message to Rep. Robin Hayes

“liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

What kind of pie will you eat on election day?

Do you think Palin will run for president?

Got her did.

How Many Here Have Had An Obama Sign Stolen?

Sarah Palin CURED my Grandmother's Racism..... WILL VOTE OBAMA!!!

Sarah Palin CURED my Grandmother's Racism..... WILL VOTE OBAMA!!!

Larry Kissell, can we kick him some money? His opponent said we hated America.

What Would Be the Icing on the Cake, in an Obama Win?


Here is the Talking Points memo I think the Repukes sent out this week:

Another Real American attacks "liberals"

I think on November 5th Sarah Palin will drop off the radar

Ohio election website hacked... Brunner threatened. Sad state of affairs in Ohio.

BREAKING: McCain campaign disrespects American flag, drags it on the ground

BREAKING: McCain campaign disrespects American flag, drags it on the ground

Sarah Palin draws praise for "SNL" spot - Reuters


Pennsylvania's voting machines are almost ENTIRELY electronic, without any paper trail.

McCain's black family ties touch on the GOP's racial faultline

Why is VA outperforming OH and FL?

If Ya'll Missed Crispin Miller (Election Fraud) on Moyers' s Show Last Week, Catch It Here

Any word on Toot? Is she expected to be okay?...n/t

Election Night Food

****Here's DU's page for ActBlue donations to defeat Robin Hayes (R-NC):****

Dear Fellow Floridians, you CAN vote absentee no matter your circumstances

Watch Cindy's face

Terry Tate: Reading is Fundamental

Hillary and Barack campaign in Orlando (5 pics, various sizes)

Fox 13 Tampa Bay just showed distorted graph.

Obama ain't losing PA!

Too WEIRD: Mitch McConnell runs anti-Schumer smear ad... in Kentucky

What did Barack get Michelle for their anniversary? Michelle's not telling....

Videos: Barack at Lake Worth, FL Economic Round Table 10/21

Russians reject McCain cash plea

You have got to be fucking KIDDING me - dumbest anti-Obama attack so far!

Yard Sign Feud!!

Does "Real American" = "Hyphenated American"

Hillary and Barack campaign in Orlando (5 pics, various sizes)

Virginia is for Lovers; but Real Virginia is for ...?

My Pics From Miami Rally Today - PIC HEAVY (duh)

Lie about Obama refusing to shake hands of soldiers going around my area still! - please help

Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President" Results


Why McCain is toast..

Awww, I think AIG, et al

School Book Repository, Dealy Plaza, 10 minutes before JFK was shot

We have the largest, most inflated government that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

HEADLINE: Hate-filled attacks on Obama have many roots

Eugene Jarecki on The Daily Show

We have been joined at our Tuesday peace vigil by a young group of McCain supporters

I am coming clean. I have an addiction

I'd love to volunteer to canvass or phone bank but I'm afraid

Obama the most libertal member of the Senate?

Is palinaspresident still updating?

BBC News: Bush says economic 'panic' easing, Americans "more relaxed"

We Only Need One Billion

Here's how I see the electoral college

Dem rallies to encourage Colorado Hispanics to vote

"Everyone has the right...

I know this has been posted before...It is just a reminder - for all animal lovers an those

A few Oldies but goodies - Radical Fringe Toons

5 police held in deadly clash at Mexican ruins

Get off the road ... Hulk Hogan's kid is getting out of jail early ...

Party like it's 1964- Cohen

Rethugs are losing it on CSpan's WJ this morning

Obama Posts Another Big Day, Eats Into McCain Base (Zogby 10/21)

Great new talk radio program Chicago black talk radio program online

White racists will soon go through a difficult period of adjustment, poor things.

The RNC, the DMCA, Political Censorship, "fair use," and me.

Joe Scarbough: McCains got NO ground game

Are YOU pro-America or anti-America?

If we do our work, there is no scenario for a McCain electoral win

Fresh Face on Cable, Sharp Rise in Ratings (Rachel Maddow)

Palin breaks with McCain on gay marriage amendment

Maybe US Needs Yard Sale

Great quote re: "Elitism"

When did McCain become a Neocon?

Drunk Voter Welcomed At Polls In New Mexico But Woman In Obama T-Shirt Turned Away

Attention Voters: Here's What You Have to Do to Make Sure You Get to Vote

Front news page - I love it!

DOW Set to Open Down 217 Points.

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski sets Scarborough straight on a few points

Bill Kristol, Bullshit King

Here is the problem for Republicans with Biden's comments

The Buddha says, "the mistake is you think you have time."

What are *your* voting rules?

Russia, Iran, Qatar discuss OPEC-style gas cartel

Protesters try and block Palins motorcade..

Alternatives to Morning Jerk (Morning Joe)

Russia rejects McCain’s fund request - McCain campaign has no comment

Mass transit in Los Angeles....a victim of the credit crisis?

I wonder if CariBoo Barbie's term, Pro-America has its roots with her connections to the AIP.

I wonder if CariBoo Barbie's term, Pro-America has its roots with her connections to the AIP.

Will the Republican Party splinter if Obama wins?

Repub fires up write in vote against Bachmann

Best wishes to Obama's Grandmother thread.

How do you to refer a "THREAT" to the secret service? PLEASE READ!!!

Is anyone else watching CSPAN 1? Did a caller just drop the N word

LA Times: An eroding model for health insurance

What about "Yes We Did" Bumper Stickers from DU?

Polls, polls, and more polls! The wonks dream come true

Larry O'Donnel punks "Ballschinian" Eagleberger

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Count the Votes!

The Nation: Burning Cars and Suicides

Troops reportedly popping more painkillers

Peabody Police To Get Sept. 11 Holiday Pay

The Nation: Debtor Nation

Poll: Americans angry, worried over state of nation

Media Uncritically Recites Right-Wing Talking Points, Turns A Blind Eye To Real Voter Suppression

Good Morning DU..... Obama is Going to Win

Condi Rice, hallucinogenic drugs enthusiast

Two books:



Hey Northern VA DU'ers!

My Congressman, Rodney Frelinghuysen, a Repug, is running ads on local cable without affiliation

New study shows inequality between rich and poor growing in US

Homeless numbers 'alarming'-more families with children becoming homeless

McCain Landing Has Record Turnout

"Fresh Face on Cable, Sharp Rise in Ratings" -- NYT on Rachel Maddow

NYT:Rachel Maddow "Fresh Face on Cable, Sharp Rise in Ratings"

Hopefully the Obama campaign has an ad of McCain saying the fundamentals of the economy are strong

Congress cancels $1.7B satellite program

Michele Bachmann Comics Page

As of today: McConnell (R) 48%, Lunsford (D) 48%

TV hits a new low...

DU this talk show

Is 12 hrs. a year enough time to vote in this day & age, or would a week be better?

Sean Hannity, desperate little pr**k

Mar. 2008: 5 states in recession. Oct. 2008: Majority of states (27) in recession, 14 more at risk

Who will you (or did you) vote for?

White Baby Boomers Cause Rise in National Suicide Rate

Article: Interviews with My Somewhat Racist Relatives

U.S. Drops Charges Against 5 Detainees

Is this effective, or does it only fuel the flames?

Fundies cry that the GOP is the most frequent target of comedians' jokes.....

What is Flypmedia and who is Alan Stoga?

The Daily Show Goes To Wasilla

Let's storm D.C. and redeem all the war criminals!

Secessionist Sarah "apologizes for patriot 'pro-America areas' comment"

DSMV-IV : Sarah Palin Syndrome (SPS)

Following an election loss, will McCain and Palin turn on each other?

If you can listen to Thom Hartman, he talking with Hitler's last courier

Ok We Are At T-Minus 14 Days and Counting.....

What happened to the page with photos of DU members?

Wealth's Apostles (naming the names)

DJ Z-Trip: Obama Mix

Reality TV promises to take terminally ill people on "the adventures of their lives"

Electoral College Guess

What war criminals are "redeemed" if they support your candidate?

Pay-up time for Lehman swaps (today)

Dueling puppets Who's in charge?

Shipping Stats, Long Beach CA, Los Angeles CA, Portland OR

Paul Krugman explaining it all to Terry Gross..

Tinklenberg fundraising email. PLEASE DONATE to unseat the Katherine Harris of the North. (Bachmann)

First Banks, Now Money Markets

Hey I thought we were electing a president, not a king who decides

Sarah Palin Asks Voters for Under-The-Table Money

Scarborough and Buchanan are lost in the wilderness.

EL TINKLENBERG (Michelle Bachmann's opponent), Jim Hoffa on with Thom Hartmann today

Election Integrity Filmmaker Sees Own Vote Flipped on Touch-Screens in TN

I have Joe the Plumber's number...

A good howler on CNN last night.

Hey everyone, did you know McCain's campaign is about the economy?

Do Not Remove U.S. Uniforms When Raping and Murdering

Republicans are depending on memory loss by the voters...

Is it just me, or does Michelle Bachmann...

powell inspires my 160th ltte

Those who want Joe LIEberman to remain a Democrat

Los Angeles KTLK Air America is running Yes on 8 ads

Anyone know today's "breaking news" on the Casey Anthony case??

Financial meltdown defuses military options on Iran

Troopergate Tampering

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Bachmann finds herself in firestorm of criticism

“The Collapse of Complex Societies”

Why would Biden say this?

Fresno Bee editorial totally destroys arguments for Prop. 8 (same-sex marriage ban)

Time for a Laugh....

How will Obama leaving the campaign trail for several days affect the election?

Reply from Sherrif Dart, Cook County

Obama canvasser punched in the face, gets call from Obama

"American" is a social construct.

A day in the life of Joe the Plumber

Palin Still Clueless About VP Job

bu$h* Decides to Keep Guantánamo Open

WOMEN WHO KNOW THEIR PLACE...... A point of view.

Al Gore Is Coming To Portland!!!!

Making Health Care More Unaffordable

Do you know any McCain-Palin supporters...

Fake Americans check in here: What makes you a fake American?

Hedge Fund manager retires at 37 and thanks the "idiot traders" for making him rich

Who's Josh Marshall?

Remember when Bush fell off the segway?

Overcoming repukes

More VOTE FLIPPING reports, this time in Houston

Can Anyone Help With Info and Suggestions on Running a Online Background Check?

Merrill May Cut 10,000 Jobs in Merger, Bove Says; Fleming, Montag May Stay

Protesters try to block Palin

Is there a time of day before 4pm Central that MSNBC is NOT

El Tinklenberg on with Hartmann NOW

the GOP is Definitely Trying to Steal This Election

Closing arguments in Stevens case: "a little jail time" tape played

The greening of Iceland.


OK, Let's Get This Perfectly Clear For Misinformation Re Obama & Public Financing.

Meet Barack Obama - Kitty!

gay marriage question

a photo of barack from august of this year..."family matters"

Ahhh, home crap home: McCain/Palin real estate development for their loyal supporters...

Brave New Films Exposes the Truth About ACORN

Depression May be Treated with Magnets

The Real Scandal (ACORN vs GOP disenfranchisement)

If your email domain is

Blacks, Hispanics and uninsured more likely to die after receiving treatment for trauma

A Sick Parting Gift: Bush Administration Gutting Protections Against Mountain Top Removal

HA! - for Homer?

He loved Disneyland, the Dallas Cowboys, kitties, and his country.

Thanks DU for being with me while I make calls for Obama

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Christ Obama E-Mail Warrants Discipline

You will not believe this exchange, well, maybe you will.

Shout Out to CITIES! Tired of all this "small town" talk

NC Lawmaker: Comment on liberals was wrong

Palin in the White House

6 in 10 Americans believe McCain's attacks on Obama are unfair - Up 18% from last month

Make a commitment: do something every day for the next two weeks

Another picture to add to the collection of freeper misspellings.

Are you a high fullutent sophisticated swine?

OMG! "expert" Eagleburger couldn't even remember Khrushchev's name!

How often does Free Republic's spell check server crash?

CNN - you make me sick!

Obama, Biden are leaders in fight vs. domestic violence

You might want to watch NBC Nightly News tonight. They had a report

Looks like Bush and the Republicans hit their trifecta

NYU poll: Two-thirds of U.S. Jews back Obama over McCain

The Rethugs are really targetting themselves - One million for Tinklenberg

Did you see our banker on 60 minutes? He cares about beating Wall Street, not helping Main street.

500 Nations

The Hate Talk Express goes on. Rep. Robin Hayes whips McCain crowd with hateful speech

Hispanic Protestants swinging back to Democrats

Hispanic Protestants swinging back to Democrats

this "Real American" crap....

Breaking: Death Threats, Hack Attempts 'Barrage' OH Sec. of State's Office

Using the Bible to keep girls in “their place”

Watch the movieThe End of America

I've seen two instances of petty crime (theft) in the last 48 hours

Keene Sentinel editorial says Dean in NH spoke powerfully of Obama's European speech.

Imagine how bad Obama wanted to unload on McCain at the debate about McCain's unsavory connections

Stock market down 2.5% today. bumping around 9000.

Repub telling people *at the poll site*: do straight party vote AND check Obama's name

Stunning gains for Obama in Tuesday's Gallup Poll

Ever wonder where the 23% are :The Baptist Board, The FFF board (continuing series)

Obama's Lead Widens: 52%-38% - Pew

My daughter just called me from the Obama Rally in Omaha

MSNBC NEEDS to replace Morning Joe Schmo or balance the show

Joseph Biden on Foreign Policy 9/10/01

Here's a shout out to all you unreal Americans

Curmudgeons of the world, unite! ... Cafferty's back.

Next years newest dance craze...The Frog March

Majority of States Now in Recession

Breaking: RNC appears to shell out $150K for Palin fashion

Tweety has given Heather Wilson a rope to hang herself on air

caption this photo

When did "redneck" become a bad thing... Aren't these the pockets of the

McCain's Guilt Cloaked In Fake Laughter

Is There any other Progressive Show on Now to Stream...

Intrade: McCain has 15% chance of victory

Republicans in Hollywood feel bullied

Only white people of European origin don't vote based on race.

We owe John McCain and Sarah Palin a debt of gratitude

Paul Krugman Interview w/Terry Gross (Fresh Air/NPR) - The Financial Crisis

Paul Krugman Interview w/Terry Gross (Fresh Air/NPR) - The Financial Crisis

McCain events use sound systems to start cheers and chants. DUer saw/heard it in St. Charles, MO

Reducing Colin Powell to a mere token black?

Ray Nagin is now considered an "expert" on emergency evacuation

Who was this idiot on Hardball?

Senator Stevens....."The Chair is Not a Gift."...

I'm out of town through Friday

Climate change is 'faster and more extreme' than feared

RNC appears to shell out $150K for Palin fashion

I guess the economy hasn't been bad for everyone- funny story

Gov. Palin to give Troopergate deposition Friday

Michele Bachmann: "Chris Matthews distorts"

TEDTalk Tuesday: Humor, Space, Physics, and Love

2fer: Wingnut Page Six apologizes to Michelle O. and COULTERgeist calls it for BO

Just got polled. Spewed out lies and misinformation. Hope I count for a lot.

Chris Matthews v. Chris Matthews on "tribalism" (He may be slamming Limbaugh, BUT...)

Chris Matthews v. Chris Matthews on "tribalism" (He may be slamming Limbaugh, BUT...)

Welfare Queens lining up for handouts

Alright who's the FCC expert here?

Falin just said she (taped) can

Who are these generals that support McCain??

Glenn Greenwald: Those who want Joe Lieberman to remain a Democrat

For those of you giving shit to Rendell, you do realize they're trying to steal the election in PA

Will the Russian Oligarch / Mccain story break now ?

Gov. Palin to give Troopergate deposition Friday

According to Faux News

The FREEPtards are at it again

The Definition Of Maverick

Merrill Lynch executive to get $10 million golden parachute as company slashes 500 jobs.»

Obama still campaigning in ILLINOIS!

They're not called Food Stamps anymore - SNAPs?

"Not real Americans", "friends of terrorists", "socialists": GOP strategy or GOP suicidal behavior?

LAPD neglects rape cases (7,217 and counting)

Do our rulers know enough to avoid a 1930s replay?


What would we be hearing the most right now if McCain was a Democrat?

Don't you think 1 of top 5 things to get done by Obama administration

Hard times have some flirting with survivalism: Americans stockpiling 'beans, bullets and Band-Aids’

Obama Is Going To Make A Campaign Stop In Wasilla Alaska

You think you could live on $250 a week?

how green is your cell phone?

Damn it!! I am trying to watch videos on here but they are all buffering! Has anyone else had this

Killing Mother Theresa with their Prayers

A Day in the Life of Joe the Plumber™

Something is Fishy here...

If the World Could Vote...

The MSM is a collective ASS! A short rant.

JohnMcCain has got more balls than John Kerry

Do I need tickets to go to Obama rally tomorrow?

I smell pizza...

F.B.I. Resources Overwhelmed by Crisis-Related Crime

Does anyone here remember reading something about

delete, posting error

Ughh...can you REALLY give a Darwin award to a SCIENCE Teacher?

So long, suckers. Millionaire hedge fund boss thanks 'idiot' traders and retires at 37

Dole loans campaign $3m

Change of the Guard

Chevy Chase Pans Palin's SNL Appearance

Chevy Chase Pans Palin's SNL Appearance

Rick Davis: Palin drives ‘liberal feminists’ crazy because she’s ‘attractive,’ ‘competent,’ and ....

Palin in Charge of the Senate?

The new NBC poll will show Obama with a 14 point lead

Colorado Definition of Person Initiative

U.S. drops terror charges against 5 at Guantanamo - no plans to free the men.

NBC/ WSJ poll 52% Obama 42% McCain

Yahoo-oooh ..... Oh-No-oh!

Palin children traveled on state dime

Where do people get off even pretending "City-folk" aren't hard working?

The End of America - Must See Documentary - Naomi Wolf

Does anyone know if Joe the Plumber has health insurace?

Deployment of military in US continues to raise concerns - Naomi Wolf

I finally could stomach watching the "Sammy the unlicensed Plumber" video-- I am frigging pissed!

Palin Claims The Vice President Is ‘In Charge Of The U.S. Senate'

Recalling my lifelong Democratic-registered grandfather today...

Secretary of State Website Back Online (Ohio)

Lehman's massive debt swaps settle smoothly (Maybe)

Some bad news

Does Wolf Blitzer work for John McCain?

This forecast about Sarah was right on the money

Financial Meltdown Defuses Military Options On Iran

Palin: 'Joe the Plumber' called Obama a socialist, not me!

Question about switching parties to vote in the Primary "against" a candidate.

You can't showboat your children around the country on the taxpayer's dime

Chuck Todd: Palin is Now a Bigger Drain on McCain Then George Bush

Elwyn Tinklenberg Appreciation thread.

Texas is source of powder-laced letters

A email from Obama re: Thursday's Deadline, please donate!

China turns to capitalism to bailout bank

My name is Tracy......and I am a kook

White supremacists target middle America

It must really suck to be McCain..

Photographic Proof : Powell Endorsement ABOUT RACE!

ACLU demands info on domestic military deployments


NYT Mag Lifts Curtain On Palin Choice, Angst With Schmidt, Worry In McCain Campaign

Damn!! Tweety is kicking ass, and he ain't taking names

Another installment of "Stupid Fucking American"

For those who find "MSM Outlets, too Timid" ..All the News you Need to Know, here..Alternative!

I can recommend movie War Inc.

Osama Bin Biden Gun Sale.....

I just smoked a bong ...and had a deep thought.

What was the big news Chris Mathews had about Obama @ 7pm?

I wonder if Joey, the P realizes that the money being raised for him, is taxable

I'm giving $100 to McCain/Palin campaign

Help Secure Close Congressional Races

Do you think the John McCain of 2000 would vote for the John McCain of 2008?

Phalin just said Allowing Todd to use her office...Not a mistake

MoveOn: The untold story, Senate races.

This Was On The FOX Forum

OK, Kerry's "depends" joke made me think of another cute joke re McCain's age.

GOP Rep.: ‘Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God’

I am Joe the Plummer and I don't need your stinking socialism!

NEWSFLASH: McCain left on Straight Talk Express Overnight

LMAO........MSNBC just told Kyle from Arizona

McCain says he was tested during 1963 Cuban crisis - He is that old

Maher on Hardball now - live stream:

I gotta ask Senator McCain:

AP: Alaska Funded Palin's Kids Travel

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

These two pictures say it all for me:

How come Obama wont' release his Certificate of Live Birth?

Obama "worker" just knocked on my door. Weird.

After November 4th, Here's The Real "Joe the Plumber"

God help you if you make 3 million or more a year.


Olbermann Doing A "Campaign Comment" Now!

Do Obama and/or Pelosi believe in the fairness doctrine - on TV, radio, etc??

"Mr. Bush doesn't even have the courage to clean his own diaper"

Is there a complete, regularly updated list of current endorsements for president somewhere?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Coming Up On Rachel Maddow Show

Va. pharmacy follows faith, no birth control sales

Morans can learn!!!

Doug Wilder predicts reverse Bradley Effect in Virginia

"Raise you hand if you make under $250,000 a year"

Upstate SC drought worsens: Lake Hartwell could reach record low today

Upstate SC drought worsens: Lake Hartwell could reach record low today

With all this "socialism" talk, let's look at income distribution in the US

Another business killed by the economy

Get in your car and head for the border ......

Share the Pie!

Even Bush's Hometown Texas Paper Sick of His Atrocious Record - Bush History,10/21

Question about voter purging...

Bachmann’s campaign implodes, anti-Americans run wild

Before Ms. Bachman let loose, what or who did you think an Elwyn Tinklenberg or a Tinklenberg was?

Death threats, phone calls, unidentified white powder, hacked website: Ohio SOS

David Gregory is no longer darkening my TV! Yay! n/t

David Gregory is no longer darkening my TV! Yay! n/t

Gop cries Fraud in New Mexico over voter Duran Duran, white pages in turn cried "Fail!"

WTF, Lee County Florida, Glaser for Appraiser, Actually identified himself as a DEMOCRAT, ON TV!

Cronytopia: What the World Knows -- and Americans Don't -- About the Bailout

McCain in Moon

Does Palin have a college degree?

I'm related to Joe Biden!

I think this picture defies captioning.

Huh, look what says the VP does...

Huh, look what says the VP does...

What an obscene fucking waste of money!!!

"Ehhh, I don't want that misunderstood," said Palin

Here we go again - another Repug saying liberals hate REAL Americans.

Re: Bachmann's comment about an investigation into anti-Americans ...

Did you enjoy sending Michelle Bachmann's opponent money, would you like to feel that good again?

How dumb is Sarah Palin -Claims The Vice President Is ‘In Charge Of The U.S. Senate’

McCain Accidentally Agrees with Murtha About Voters in PA

Did I just see 73% / 26%, favoring Obama, among 1ST TIME VOTERS on MSNBC?

Never mind.

McCain baby photos (hot coffee spew warning)

$150K for clothes and she still has that rat's nest on her head?

Help me with a flag essay.

This coverage of the war on Rachel's show is very good.

What's Sarah's FR name?

Election Fraud Incident in Austin Texas -- they didn't apprehend him...

Robin Hayes reminds me of that age old American saying...

Ha Ha!

OK, so everyone knows Bushco committed offenses that were not only impeachable,

Are Republican Assholes Born or Made?

VIDEO: Protestor tries to arrest Rove in SF

The Consumate Freeper -- Brad Blog is All Over This SOB

News anchor who had small part in "W" in critical condition after beating.

Hagel (R-Ne) says Congress needs to assert its authority

Forget it, old people

Let's check the current box office figures from Variety, shall we?

Good grief. Now McCain is releasing statements made by Toad.

McCain: I almost crashed my plane into Cuba . . . I've been tested!

Bobby Kennedy Jr on Mike Malloy Show right now talking voter suppression!!

And The Republican Threat Now Is If Obama Wins

I need some help here people - My daughter's principal is nuts

I'm excited! my Obama campaign field organizer just called

I'm invited to a Halloween costume party with wingnuts

Mom wants to burn bunny book

Breaking news: Yahoo to slash 10% of workforce

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Get over it! Get over it! Just get over it already!

O'Reilly's new contract: $10 million a year for the next four years. That's a LOT of falafels.

Will 57 or 58 Democratic senators make us the minority?

Baltimore Sun: Desperate Repubs Have Reached Bottom of Barrel & It's Not A Pleasant Place

PAUL KRUGMAN, Paul Theroux on w/Tavis Smiley; SecTreas HENRY PAULSON on w/Charlie Rose tonight

Is the Alaska Permanent Fund socialist?

Man finds racial slur printed on receipt.

The Rude Pundit: Poor Joe the Plumber Is Too Dumb to Just Shut the Fuck Up

Examples Of The Type Of B.S. The Repubs Are Telling Our Youth

Is quality methamphetamine manufacturing a real american value?

**10 million Americans scrubbed from voter rolls between 2004 and 2006**

What will happen after November 4th when Sarah Palin's 15 minutes of fame is finally over?

Nevada Hispanic homes getting calls "from Obama campaign" taking their "votes" over the telephone

Nightline leads with falling gas prices. ... Fuck you, Ted Koppel! ... Hillary coming up.

Cancer patients refusing care over high cost: 1 in 8 with advanced disease spurned treatment

what is the most accurate poll?

New Va. pharmacy won’t sell any contraceptives (following catholic teachings)

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald has indicted Chicago cop and torturer Jon Burge

Boo-Hoo; Bush fundraising down by $40 million

New poll says Palin bigger drag on ticket that Bush.

~~~OCTOBER Photo Contest WINNERS! ~~~

The secret to Rachel Maddow's ratings success

Bill Maher just said he hopes Obama is Lying about his faith

So how are you all gonna celebrate George Bush's last day in office?

AZ-03: More Lies Revealed in Lost Credit Card Caper

"The Price of Encouraging Political Violence"...

2004 cover of Life magazine Tina Fey and John McCain

2004 cover of Life magazine Tina Fey and John McCain

Fox breaking news: there are legal brothels in rural NV

Is it time to put a floor under Crude Oil Prices? .. Unpopular as it might be, I say yes

Churches mestatasizing into government: isn't that the OPPOSITE of what this country was founded on?

Oh brother! Joe the you-know-what has been invited to join Palin in Ohio and he said...

Oh brother! Joe the you-know-what has been invited to join Palin in Ohio and he said...

'ER' TV Stars Go Door To Door In Pennsylvania For Obama

The Palin family makeover started back at the convention (campaign person clothes shopping for Trig)

...and you are afraid of MUSLIMS?!?

Kerry's joke - I loved it

If they would just legalize marijuana and tax it

Teacher's Aid tells my first grader "If Obama wins, your dad will lose his job"

Do You Know The Difference Between A Possessive And A Plural?

Sears Holdings Closing Dozen Stores Including Eight Kmarts And Four Sears Outlets

On November 4th, the netroots should be more than an afterthought

If Al Qaeda could vote

This Woman Needs a fucking Brain Transplant!

Cities see 'alarming' homeless numbers

Latest from electoral vote!

Medicare Says 'No' to Bed Sores and Other Hospital Complications

Need Help W/Palin Email Circulating....

Now for a song - "Have I told DU lately that I love you"? !!!!

But Wait Until You See the Solid Gold Parka- $150,000 to clothe and accessorize Sarah Palin

PLEASE HELP!I have a tax/Medicare/Medicaid Question for anyone with knowledge...

What The Pfot? Jon Stewart just destroys Palin, Pf-lady and Bachmann (VIDEO)

Is the Communist area of Northern Virginia

When speaking with Repuke family and coworkers, I like to use this line from Lewis Black...

Ban On Sarah Palin Drag Queens: McCain Campaign Calls Ban Anti-American.

Being Poor - as read on the Mike Malloy show:

Man Ticketed for Obama Sign on His Car

Great Preparedness Manual -- just saying

Enough Joe the Plumber; here's to Kareem the Soldier

MarketWatch: Wall Street's 'Disaster Capitalism for Dummies'

Amos 5:24

I wonder if I had lived in Nazi Germany during WW II - not being

Babies for Obama

10 Commandments To Save the Planet By Evo Morales, President of the Republic of Bolivia

Video: Protesters in Colorado try to block Palin's motorcade.

WaPo: International Aid A Cornerstone of Bush Foreign Policy; Bush: Screw Domestic Problems

My response to my mother's email this morning.

What scares me about Sarah Palin

Palin Calls For the Separation of Northern and Southern Virginia

I am ___________ the ___________

Cancer patients refusing care over high cost, study finds

The fucking nitwit can't even pass a fucking civics test.

So if the polls are correct, there are a lot of Obama voters in favor of Prop 8 in CA

The Great Big Disconnect of Capitalism. What went wrong.

What happened to "Battle in Seattle" ?

Salon: Turning Indiana blue

Is "Socialist" an old codeword for "Black"?

What would happen if we all just rejected the healthcare system en masse?

New solar cell material achieves almost 100% efficiency, could solve world-wide energy problems

“You’re Going To Miss The Corruption, Wars And Spying When We’re Gone”

There was another group that divided its population into 'real people' and 'not real'

Don your tinfoil: "Top international military officials meet in Adirondacks."

***DONATE to Obama-Biden before Thursday Deadline!***

Are you KIDDING me?!

Carl Hiaasen on smear tactics, Sarah Palin, and a man who slept with alligators.

Does McCain have Tardive Dyskinesia?

Colin Powell Warns Of Coming Crisis "We Don't Even Know About Right Now"

Some happy news on the personal economy front WOOHOO

Early bank failures.

ACLU Demands Information on Military Deployment Within US Borders

War. (WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES IN THIS THREAD. If you can't take it, you should click)

I have saved $100 to give to DEMS. Who should I give it to?

DU this poll on electronic voting machines:

Need a quick answer, please: Is there any Obama record that's "sealed"?

Our soldiers weapons constantly jamming - Today Show

Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment

Am I paranoid?

Every time you bike instead of drive you annoy an oil man

Front Yard Battle over Prop 8

Fess up. Which of you liberals is trying to steal Christmas from the AFA again this year?

20%, 37,000 then 6400 purged in CO according to Robert Kennedy!

BILLIONAIRE BAILOUTS -- A back door way of ripping off the Social Security trust fund!!

Did McCain's mother move to Blue Ash, Ohio??

SILENT thread of love and support for our friend DUer Mika who lost his partner

Palin and the White House on Nov. 5th.....

Joe the Plumber: Welfare Queen

Obama "bat signal" appears in Raleigh NC. (Pic)

DUers: What is your current level of involvement in Campaign 2008?

Repukes are wrong! The Wealthy don't create jobs...

Where the gap between rich and poor is the greatest-30 nations- USA#1

I just put THE smackdown on a couple RW idiots ;)

I just put THE smackdown on a couple RW idiots ;)

Election Night Helper - Links to results sites for all 50 states

My Target clerk said, "We're supposed to say...."

Now Brzezinski and Ken "it (Iraq War) will be a cakewalk"Adlebrain (Adelman)come aboard.

It's not good enough that Obama win the Presidency. There must be a Democratic majority in Congress

The Case of the Missing Avatar

there is a guitar/ukulele jam going on in my garage

OK, it's late, the TV's on, I was just wondering about those

What ever happened to Mo Paul?

If You Still Hate Sarah Silverman

Best Youtube video EVAH!

"Advanced Cat Grooming" is offered at my local community college.

The vet rant

Arrrrgggg! Tell me the best way to survive the next two weeks?

in all honesty, which one of you is this??

Why am I still awake and procrastinating and...

Is there an easy way to post a PowerPoint slide show on a website message board?

Yup, losing Peter Brady this season really ruined the Brady Bunch

Good Morning! What did you dream about?

Oh yay! I get to replace my water heater!

Sound economic advice

Jesus Christ. I went to Home Depot again. Some drunk guy was riding his bike...

I ran into Mike Lookinland at Home Depot. He said someting about "nailng" Florence Henderson.

Atlantisians: Can you tell me why so many homes are underwater?

I hate whining, but man, I am stressed beyond belief.

Why Mancunians Hate Politics, Vol. XII

OK, so I'm a slow learner or something.

I dreamt that my new neighbor was Mike Lookinland, aka grown-up Bobby Brady

I love getting emails from Obama

Yay! I'm posting from my new G1

Which cannibal does this man look like?

Triple-dog-dare ya!

I think the insurance company finally has me where they want me...

New Zealand soldiers perform the Haka

**** Official Vote Flipping Reports Thread ****

These LOLCat posts are disgusting.

Anybody try liquid vitamins for their kids?

54-Inch Delivery Pizza in Los Angeles, Going for World Record (Sauce + Cheese, $199.99 + Tax)

Does anyone actually watch "Frank TV"?

i just uploaded a new video

Joe Biden is speaking in my town Thursday

Not only is LynneSin buddy-buddy with Biden, she calls in favors from the baby Jesus?

Rate the following 3 actors

Ok, someone needs to explain the MOLE thing to me.

I think Taverner's post needs to be rephrased: Are you a "real American?"

Poll Question

My new water heater

Cheeker-peeker panties: What's the point?

Man, until I moved into trendy Downtown.... no one EVER wore real fur in my house

2 More Fukin Weeks

Hello from Paris, France

Another Obama baby

"How's your daddy?"

This old bat HAS to be related to McCain

Yesterday was much more exciting with Midlo posting threats against my life

The new iTunes visualizer just blew my mind.

You talkin' to me, pally?

Have you loosers that are working for Midlo ever thought about my needs?

I remotely operated a telescope yesterday and took a picture!!

Forget minions. I need underlings.

I need to complain... crappy week.... feel free to join me or give sympathy...

Forget onions. I need underwear.

Dolemite, R.I.P.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/21/08

Forget minions, underlings and sycophants, I need flunkies...lots of

Men - if this woman tried to pick you up in the bar would you seriously fall for it?

Should I go to yoga class tonight?

My Cat-Proof Work Bench

Its Official I Just Maled In My Ballot Oregon Vote By Male

You know what this place needs? More Calexico

I equally miss and don't miss having a cat

I finally found some men's bikini underwear

Tonight a boy from my high school died

Ok, someone needs to explain the MULE thing to me.

Barack Your World (VIDEO) - A must viewing for Lounge Pevs

Forget underlings. I need sycophants.

My boyfriend doesn't really care for big guys...

avoiding studying, I made a LOLdog...

Ok, someone needs to explain the IMF thing to me.

Ha ha, got an email from my New Jersey friend in Korea

HELP PLEASE -- Which Chick Track should I give out this year for Halloween!

Forget minions, underlings and sycophants and flunkies, I just need a f***

Why don't I own a 3-hole punch?!

I yelled at a hoser today

zOMG Sarah Palin Sex Scandal Breaking!!!!!!! FILM

I present to all of the cat fanatics of the lounge: Blade Runner, the award winning kitty

I yelled at a poser today

My short story assignment. And this time, it's personal

I yelled at a polyester today...

I Voted

X - Wlid Gift

What do Iron Chef and Les Miserables have in common?

I yelled at a potato today.

I yelled at a prostitute today

Is GoogleMaps down?

I yelled at a prospector today

Anyone ever have an abnormal pap smear?

Dupe/ deleted.

I yelled at a prospectus today

Pics of my crazy uncles.

I yelled at a proboscis today

I yelled at a palinista today.

My daughter is finally caught up with her "catch up work" from last Thursday!

I yelled at a palindrome today

I yelled at a poster today...

I'm trying to save some money by eating things that have been in my freezer for a while

I need to start yelling at people more

I just yelled at 11 copycat threads

I just hid KC2's thread about copycats.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/21/2008)

I got my birth control pills refilled today. Ask me anything.

Caption this picture

There's a "Bizarre Foods Halloween Special" coming on at 10 Eastern


I just barked at 11 hidden cat threads.


I just passed 11 barking cats

I Peed on a McCain poster today

I just barked at 11 passing cars.

Do music stores still buy cds?

Is anyone watching Dirty Guy tonight on Discovery? The guy is sucking the

A Christmas Tree from my county will go in the Whitehouse again!

I just stopped by to say hello and wish everyone

In honor of some of the 80's vibe I am feeling today

I yelled at a prophelactic today

I just hid every other thread.

I just ate 11 hot dogs.

I just hid 11 copycat threads

I was yelled at by a Papist today

Please name a movie that you hate, but everyone else loves.

Do you come from "Real America"?

I yelled at a protozoa today

Post Here If You Want To Join The Midlo Underlings

Bottle of Tanqueray + Tonic + Cold/Flu = ?

Battle of Ticonderoga + Tonic + Cold/Flu = ?

I just covered 11 threads on my monitor with duct tape.

Today I could swear that my dog was professing love for Barak,

Battle of The Bulge + Ex Lax + Cold/Flu = ?

I yodeled at a protester today

You know what this place needs?


There was WAY too much chewing in "W"

Fashion fads that you are willing to plead guilty to.....

Ha ha, got an email from my Korean friend in New Jersey

My school commitments will force me to vote in the afternoon instead of the morning like I always do

My worst-neighbor-in-the world died.

What Is Your Favorite Song to Dance To?

I survived the interview from hell!

I don't have the official word yet, but I think I passed my Pathology mid-term today.

If Prop 8 passes, is the marriage between Q and U in jeopardy?

I've decided the universe really was created in 6 days...

I've decided the universe really was created in 6 days...

THAT was a weird call...

The Mister and I are about to go see W.

I just hid 11 cat threads

Need recommendations for a good microbrew to give as a gift

I thought I was adopted by a black kitty

***The Official I Voted For McCain REC Thread***

I yelled at a prosecutor today.

I yelled at Old Yeller today

My annual review at work is tomorrow!

My fortune cookie told me to buy a red car

Hi, my name is MrsBrady, and I'm a DU addict n/t

Wow, my next 53 hours or so are going to *suck*!!

OMG! Haz teh Lounge seen this yet? ROFLMAO!

I just yelled "This one goes to 11!"

So, I should do something selfish, splurge a bit, and do something for myself to move past the past?

Women - if this man tried to pick you up in the bar would you seriously fall for it?

do you like classic pies best, or specialty pies?

Ativan and a nice glass of wine......that oughta do it nt

Forget minions, underlings and sycophants and flunkies, I need f*** buddies

I am dying from laughter.

PeterU and Turtlensue's proxy World Series bet (because both the Orioles and Nationals suck).

30-second bunnies theater

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday October 22

Well guys, please wish me luck.

Make up a title of a book you would like to see in print.

God dammit, the Ritz Carelton project in Vancouver has stopped

Why do cars at junk yards usually have their trunks open?

Wow! Check out Amazon's presidential predictor T shirt sales

Favorite kind of cat?

I like New Orleans

I thinks I has som saladz when you is not looking

Rank the Following 3 Actors Pt II

Ok, someone needs to explain the MILE thing to me.

I yelled at a Protestant today

Durham, NC: America's Foodiest Small Town (Bon Appetit)

So What's the Trick or Treat Candy at Your Home This Year?

Would someone bring me up to speed on The Gay Agenda?

Most heinous '70s or early '80s mustache, music division

I just smoked a bong ...and had a deep thought.

A life long friend of my daughter confessed stealing from me a few years ago: what to do?

At Women's Marathon, Fastest Didn't Win (this is fucked UP).

I yelled at a protester today...

What the hell is it with the "body wash" nonsense?

Have you Smelled The Shell?

Freddie Mercury had very good posture

I just Ignored every "P" lettered DUer

R.I.P. Little Man Tate: 2000-2007

Rick Noriega for renewable energy.

Fed Up!

Rick Noriega on the economy.

Rick Noriega says John Cornyn give the money back!

Rick Noriega: I know the power of Texans when we come together.

Rick Noriega on September 11th.

The Most Logical Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage

Greenpeace, early documentary 1977, Voyage to Save Whales

The bogus Acorn issue

Blueprint for Change: Energy

Blueprint for Change: Iraq

Barack in St. Louis: "Wow"

How Illinois Residents Can Help Barack

Rachel Maddow asks the musicial question: 'Is Palin losing it?'

Washington Veteran for Barack

Jay-Z: "I'm voting for Barack Obama!"

Hillary Clinton on Voting Early in Florida

Conversation with Naomi Wolf, Alec Baldwin and Jameel Jaffer, 'end of America' the movie

Romney Struggles to Answer If Palin is Qualified

Jon Stewart To Sarah Palin - F * ck You

Barack Obama appears on BET

John Sununu - time to leave Washington.

Chomsky on the economy

Zbigniew Brzezinski tells Scarborough that Obama must be the next president

Obama and Clinton in First Joint Interview (10/20/2008)

McCain says he's proud of 'terrorist' mailer

Blackwater Pirates of the Caribbean

Bradley Whitford for Barack

Elizabeth Dole - sitting in Silence

Come to North Carolina to Volunteer

McCain Care Leaves Seniors Behind

John McCain's Friends

Bradley Whitford for Wisconsin Voting

Roger Wicker - gives himself a pay increase, while abandoning those in need

INN News: Cancer links to nuclear bomb testing in Utah (1984)

Susan Eisenhower: Republican for Obama

Obama - Aristotle, Oranges and Health Insurance

Lawmakers: Jennings Randolph, last Congressman to served in FDR first 100 days retires (1984)

NBC News: Political left and right upset over Reagan's Latin Amer. Policies (1984)

Bernanke Endorses Obama

We're getting this great Emily's List ad in NC

Representing Obama

Wall Street - Party On Traitorous Pigs!

McCain has only $47m left for final polling spurt

Machine Problems Plague 1st Day Of Early Voting (FL)

Climate warming linked to illness

Naseeta LaVita Rant/Rap

Barack on American Competitiveness

TYT Film Review - W. by Oliver Stone

Protect Your Vote - Carry This Number (866-OUR-VOTE {866-687-8683})...

SMART bus employee threatens Obama

Russians reject McCain cash plea


Medicare Says 'No' to Bed Sores and Other Hospital Complications

Cities see 'alarming' homeless numbers

TPMtv: Running the Table

Bette Midler Endorses Obama Part 1

ACORN SPEAKS OUT. Help spread the truth about ACORN

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Stephen Harper copies Australian Prime Minister John Howard

The War on Greed starring Larry the Loophole

Obama is taking a few days off from his campaign to be with ailing grandmother

Obama sign replaced with rebel flag (Richmond VA)

Natalie Portman for Early Vote

Evangelicals start soul-searching as prospect of Obama win risks Christian gains in politics

Dead bear covered with Obama signs

US Nobel Krugman Sees Brazil and LatAm Changed Relations with Obama

HUD chief questions McCain's mortgage plan

Google CEO Eric Schmidt to stump for Obama

Horrible "adult film" spoof involving Palin

4-star: NATO wavering on Afghanistan


Obama: McCain's confused about my tax plan

Rethugs will continue to suppress voters. They even admit it.

Palin: I'm not going to call Obama a socialist

Domestic Terrorist

Post-Cyclone Aid Divides Myanmar

oh. mccain.

US warns time running out as Iraq cabinet meets on pact

Metro Chaldeans meet to mount relief efforts for harried Iraq Christians

TYT: Cenk's Take On Colin Powell's Obama Endorsement

So You Think You Can Be President?

Sam Seder's rebuttal of Jackie Mason's rebuttal of Sarah Silverman's The Great Schlep

dupe pls delete

Yielding to Conservationists, eBay Will Ban Ivory Sales

Sarah Palin: Who Wrote That One? Who Wrote It?


Vandals strike Obama sign, (PA) union hall

John McCain: Risky on Social Security

Court Rules Bali Bombers Can Be Executed by Firing Squad

John McCain: Wrong on Veterans Issues

Bachmann Goes Boom

Palin kids traveled on the dime of Alaskans? (AP Invest,.)


Police seek motive in attack on TV anchorwoman

Olbermann: McCain's Palin Problem (New Negative Poll Numbers)

Iraq seeks changes to U.S. troops pact

Relative says Obama's grandmother has broken hip

France, Japan, IMF, U.S. in new crisis remedies

Financial meltdown defuses military options on Iran

Fed aids money markets; IMF readies rescues

More than 32,000 vote in Travis County on Monday (TX)

More than 32,000 vote in Travis County on Monday (TX)

Woman who never saw doctor billed after long Parkland ER wait

Polly Palin - An Animated Version of the SNL Sarah Palin Parody

Olbermann: McCain & Arizona Vote Fraud

Cindy McCain lashes out at media 'viciousness' (CNN)

Keith Olbermann - Block The Vote

Why the Monkey Man Matters

Jack Cafferty IS Back !!!

Hatred at a Palin Rally in Johnstown, PA

TYT: Pat Buchanan's World of Black and White

Sarah Palin: VP Is 'In Charge Of United States Senate'

A visit to Wasilla -- Daily Show Style

Amazing--James Taylor in NC concert for Obama- "Carolina in My Mind"

McCain hits Obama for varying World Series support

Gallup Daily: Obama Holds Lead in Various Scenarios

Gallup Daily: Obama Holds Lead in Various Scenarios - Lead between seven and 10 points among LV

Nassita LaVita on the Election

Biden: John, Stop These Calls!

Attempted Citizen's Arrest of Karl Rove....

`Anti-American' comments hurt Minn. rep's campaign

Merrill Lynch confirms IT job cuts

Rachel Maddow Interviews John Hodgman

Study shows gap growing between rich and poor

Jon Stewart says Fuck You to Sarah Palin

American Flag on the Ground Following Sen. McCain Rally

Zogby: Obama opens 8-point lead over McCain

Sarkozy Calls for Partial Nationalization of Key Industries

Afghan journalism student sentenced to 20 years

Indonesia court rejects Bali bombers appeal

Olbermann: NC Rep. Robin Hayes Caught in Lie on Tape

Congressman (Abercrombie): Health of Obama's grandmother has taken 'serious turn'

Palin backs shipping Alaskan LNG to Japan (energy independence?)

Troops reportedly popping more painkillers

National City to cut 4,000 jobs, posts another big loss

From the Garrison to Main Street: Mavado tribute to Barack Obama

Obama Kicking Ass

Protesters Try to Block Palin Motorcade

Ex-Chicago cop arrested in 1990s torture scandal

SoCal voters cast ballots in drive-through style

Hardball: Bill Maher on Bachmann and Palin

30 powder-laced letters sent to banks

Vote NO on Act 1!

With tie in the polls, Lunsford claims momentum (GOPer Mitch McConnell in trouble)

Obama says McCain offers 'willful ignorance'

Ex-Chicago cop Burge arrested in torture cases

Taiwan president says no war with China

NYU poll: Two-thirds of U.S. Jews back Obama over McCain

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin children traveled on state

Chicago Republicans Fume as McCain Links Obama, `Corrupt' City

Colombia to build 1,800 km highway to link with Venezuela

Bachmann says she 'stepped into a trap' on 'Hardball'

Nissan will trim output in Japan, Britain and Spain

(Tom) Kean says Palin may have hurt McCain's chances in New Jersey

Obama says McCain offers 'willful ignorance'

Biden to Supporters: "Gird Your Loins", For the Next President "It's Like Cleaning Augean Stables"

Deposed Thai Billionaire Prime Minister found Guilty

Ohio Election Website Shut Down After Hack

“Joe the Plumber” gets a bail out

Tax Rebates Looking Less Likely For Stimulus Bill

Young Turks: Is This Election Over? Advice from Alec Baldwin...

Japan PM prayers at grave fuel election fever

The Lobster Dinner that wasn't

Poll: Obama opens biggest lead over McCain

White supremacists target middle America

Top Republican Says a 60 Seat Democratic Majority is Possible

CNN Poll of Polls: Obama leads by nine points

Negative ads leave undecideds decidedly unmoved

The Onion: McCain Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

TYT: Cenk's Take On A Christian-Right, Anti-Obama Voter

ArcelorMittal to idle both Cleveland blast furnaces

Bush Decides to Keep Guantánamo Open

Retired Generals of the Israeli Defense Forces . . . on Barack Obama..

Tokyo demands action on climate change

Olbermann: 'Campaign Comment' - Sarah Palin, Queen of the Senate

Kerkorian pulling out of Ford, taking huge loss

Monthly job losses cut across 41 states

Monthly job losses cut across 41 states

Video Game Yanked for Being Offensive to Muslims

Palins' depositions set for Friday

AFL-CIO kicks off largest Get Out The Vote effort ever

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 21

RFK Jr on Rachel Maddow Show: Blocking The Vote

Early voting a boost for Dems

McCain Hesitates as Bernanke Revives Stimulus Debate (won't commit one way on another)

Afghan gets 20 years for women’s rights talk

More Democrats Than Republicans Casting Early Ballots, Data Show

Prosecutor Says Sen. Stevens's Explanations Are 'Nonsense'

Russia, Iran, Qatar discuss OPEC-style gas cartel

250 Layoffs Expected At Twinsburg Chrysler Plant (OH)

Palin dubs Obama: 'Barack the Wealth Spender'

CNN Covers Attempted Rove Arrest

Wal-Mart customers delay buying necessities (living paycheck-to-paycheck)

Palin apologizes for patriotic 'pro-America areas' comment

Russia rejects McCain fund plea

Michael Vick to plead on Va. dogfighting charges

FBI chief to stay on under new president, aide says

London's Conservative mayor endorses Obama

McCain Accidentally Agrees with Murtha About Voters in PA

China releases terror blacklist in Olympic plot

Indiana Parties await judge's ruling on early voting sites (GOP sued to shut down Dem sites)

India readies 1st moon mission in Asian space race

Magnet device aims to treat depression patients

Governor Rendell 'still a little nervous' about Pennsylvania, asks Obama to return

Yahoo slashes 10% of workforce

Hot for Jesus: Michele Bachmann at Living Word

Michigan, Georgia Had Biggest Job Losses in September as Slowdown Spread

Howard Dean in NH. Part 1 he tells a great story about Carol Shea Porter.

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq War at 4,186

McCain reminds Biden he's been tested in crisis

Natalie Portman Wants You to Have 'The Talk'

Protester Block Palin Motorcade

(Pew Poll)Growing Doubts About McCain's Judgment, Age and CampaignConduct(O 52 M 38)

CNN: Voting Machines Switching Votes in West Virginia

Voter Fraud In West Virginia

Federal Cash May Be Needed For GM-Chrysler Deal

Dead Black Bear Wrapped In Obama Signs

U.S. plane crashes in Afghanistan

Pirates seize Indian vessel, 13 crew off Somalia

RNC Appears to Shell Out $150K for Palin Fashion

Top Ohio Court Throws Out Voter Registration Claim

Minn.'s Bachmann: `I made a big mistake'

US drops charges against 5 Gitmo prisoners

AP INVESTIGATION: Palin children traveled on state

Chertoff Says Change in Presidency Fuels Terror `Vulnerability'

Protester Tries to Arrest Rove in SF

Clinton backers by her side, Palin makes pitch to women voters (CNN)

Bolivia's ruling party, opposition agree to referendum on constitution

TYT: Hateful Voicemails to ACORN

Palin, Muthee & Killing Mother Theresa

Middle-aged women drive rise in U.S. suicides: study

"Oui, on peut -- Yes we can!"

"We want pie" Miami tells Obama

Racist to the Core: Rush Limbaugh on Colin Powell (Black Star News)

Desperate Republicans are sinking to new lows (Schaller / Baltimore Sun)

Vote Barack- Great Rap- Enjoy!

McCain has a new hero: Teddy, make way for Joe (Philly Inquirer)

Wilmington Star-News (N.C.) endorses Hagan over Dole

The Message Keeper-How David Axelrod learned to conquer race

Bernanke Endorses Obama

Guardian UK: God bother in Wasilla

E.J. Dionne: End of a Catholic Commandment?

In These Times: The Races to Watch

Truthdig: No Child Left Behind Fails Us All

An Important Reminder about Colin Powell from Chris Floyd

Robert Parry: The GOP's 'FBI-Is-Investigating' Smear: A Special Report

McCain, Hosed by 'Phony Plumber,' to Rely on Cartoon Characters

Profile: Madelyn Dunham

The Real Scandal (ACORN vs GOP disenfranchisement)

Kevin Drum: Your Salary in 2016 (Democrats are better, for everyone)

Ohio Resident Puts the Final 'Flush' on 'Joe the Plumber'

LA Times: An eroding model for health insurance

Jeffrey Sachs: Durable reform must also tackle climate change and world poverty

Copyright and Politics Don’t Mix

There Really is a Duran Duran, and Other Stupid Republican Tricks

Treasury Blacks Out Key Parts of Private Bailout Contracts RSS

Monbiot: If an hour is a long time in politics, we must start thinking in centuries

Vote Flipping in Davidson County, Tennessee

The Grand Illusion of American Power

Palin pledges of Alaska sunshine marred by secrets

Upcoming wave of layoffs won’t discriminate

Memo To Fox News & The GOP: America Has The Second-Lowest Business Taxes In The World

Is This How McCain Would Treat the 'American Pie?'

How We Lost the War We Won-A journey into Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

Polls? Palin is a Drag

Obama Tweaks Long-Held Policy: JOE BIDEN May Only Talk With PRECONDITIONS!

Evil is always defeated by ordinary people; not heroes, or saints – least of all, politicians

Don't trust the opinion polls (Peter Tatchell / Guardian)

AlterNet: Why You Should Work Less

"Country First?" -- The Question of Loyalty

The Idiots Who Rule America

Naomi Wolf: Concerns about deployment of military on U.S. soil growing...

Eric Boehlert: Drudge unplugged: How his campaign influence has collapsed

The Mis-Reading of the ‘Bradley Effect’

Sarah Palin: Political Grifter?

A 10-Point Primer for Wavering Voters

Ballmer: Microsoft Unlikely To Top Vista's 'Success'

Joe Biden & the Violence Against Women Act

GI dies after being hit by vehicle at Lewis

Soldier pleads not guilty to airport gun rap

Obama: Powell will have role in administration

AF recruits were highest quality in military

4-star: NATO wavering on Afghanistan

Races for Congress pit vet against vet

Fragging trial testimony may begin this week

Prosecutor: Al-Qaida inspired Fort Dix plot

Bollinger suing Northrop over cutter contract

E-7’s indecent acts conviction overturned

Navy recruiter charged with drug distribution

Venezuela plans new Caribbean naval base

Fires lead to exhaust fix for mine ships

Navy: Crew held by Somali pirates healthy

Marine dies in non-combat incident in Iraq

Refueling squadron returns from Afghanistan

Capt. accused of attacking ex-girlfriend

With Army, EWOs having big impact on war

Petraeus sounds off on Afghanistan

Iraqi army creates civil affairs program

Facing third deployment just as difficult as first one

New leader raising military’s hopes for Hit

AFRICOM steadfast on aiding local security

Marines in Iraq give Osprey solid reviews

USS Theodore Roosevelt takes over Afghan mission

Gas price drop doesn’t hit Italy

U.S. to keep troop levels the same in South Korea

Some grouse at lack of action

Powell Remarks Spotlights Fallen Troop

DoD Buzz: Who Will Win: Guns Or Butter?

Soldier's Murder Trial Postponed

MRAPs Provide Stability, Security

Congress Downs Novel Satellite Program

Army Reaching Out to Hire the Wounded

Vets Groups Divided on McCain

Question for you all:

Republicans Bring Back The Gay Monster (Opinion column)

Biden says he would oppose Prop. 8

Mormon scholar debunks pro-Prop 8 ads

Poll: Support For Anti-Gay Calif. Amendment Widens

How Many of You In California Have "Liberal Friends" Who Are Quiet on Prop Eight?

Question: What happens if YES wins on prop 8?

IAEA chief: Iran not close to developing nuclear weapons

Financial meltdown defuses military options on Iran

Climate warming linked to illness (Boston Globe)

GAO - Accounting Practices Mask How Drastically EPA Fines Against Polluters Have Dropped Under Bush

Lloyds Faces £1.3 Billion In Costs From Gustav And Ike Exposures - Guardian

Chronicle Reporting Shows Ike Damaged 50%+ Of Houston's Apartments - 150 Complexes Severely Damaged

From Site To Site Along Great Barrier Reef, Seabird Reproductive Failures Spiking - Up To 96%

At What Point Does Acidifying Ocean Become Net CO2 Source, Rather Than Sink?

Federal Tax Credits for Solar PVC systems--Refundable?

Coca-Cola CEO Denies That Soft Drinks Are Linked To Obesity - Calls For PR Counteroffensive

Iran busts 'spy pigeons' near nuclear site

Yielding to Conservationists, eBay Will Ban Ivory Sales

More Sadness for Appalachia

Alternative Energy Suddenly Faces Headwinds

Frontline : Heat - Can We Roll Back Global Warming?

Fears about Lehman CDS deadline seen as overstated (we'll know soon enough)

Jim "Buy Wachovia" Cramer Speaks Out on Mistakes

This Bailout Doesn’t Pay Dividends

As I recall the structure of bush's tax cuts for the rich means that they are larger NOW than before

Kerkorian May Dump Entire Ford Stake After Shares Lose Two-Thirds of Value

Joe the Poor Plumber And The Bank Rescues That Kill Him

Armageddon in Corporate Bonds

Socialism Is Good For Workers

Gini coefficient measures income inequality. U.S. highest was in 2006.

In listening to economists talk about the bailout, it seems the money will not only be hoarded

New study shows inequality between rich and poor growing in US

401k sadness

Paul Krugman Interview on Fresh Air w/Terry Gross - The Financial Crisis

Today in Labor history Oct 21

I'm out of town through Friday

AFL-CIO Is In The Midst Of Its Largest Voter Turnout Effort Ever

In Virginia Labor Is Working Hard To Maintain Obama Momentum

Bailout for Wall Street Won’t Work Without Aid for Working Families

The Toledo Blade: Historically, Obama favors working class

Big labor targets undecided retirees

Ecuador Rolls Out New, Socialist Constitution

US Nobel Krugman Sees Brazil and LatAm Changed Relations with Obama

Bolivian government, opposition agree to referendum on constitution

Colombia to build 1,800 km highway to link with Venezuela

As a Phillies fan let me say that Joe Maddon is a class individual.

I've finally come in from the window ledge...congrats to the DEVIL Rays...

Cleveland Browns Gene Hickerson passes away....

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Pirates on completing in style their 17th

Texas on top in 1st BCS standings

Vegas odds favor Rays to win Series over Phillies

Breeders' Cup Post Positions

Being Difficult

This oil turned out to be a remarkably good facial moisturizer.

So, in addition to financial trouble, Pluto in Capricorn brings us...a new James Bond?

Kryon channelling from September 26th

Feed your children well!

Can I have some healing energy for Baby Cat?

Some lunch time pics

~~~OCTOBER Photo Contest WINNERS!~~~

NY Times: Ruling on guns draws rebukes from the right.

Ruling on Guns Elicits Rebuke From the Right

So, if one is seriously into baking--

Very complementary article in this month's Bon Appetit about Durham,

Hi here is the question Baking a cake in a small pumpkin?

Orange Essence Brownies

Did anyone here catch Futurama's Triptych on Sunday night?

The REAL War On Christmas- Jesus' REAL Birthday was last week, and nobody celebrated it.

“There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

I wanted to bake a pie for election night, to take over to friends' house

US geologists discover 'dinosaur dance floor'

A Taste for Blood

Huge Mountain Range Should Not Be There

Revolutionary paper is stronger than steel

Bullwinkle925 and I were poll greeters at Valley Ranch Library in Irving today

Voting Machinations, Rumors, Lies - How To Vote

TAB pleads guilty to campaign finance charge

Hold onto your hats -- the Bryan-College Station Eagle endorses Linda Yanez for Supreme Court!

I voted in Denton County yesterday

Anybody else see signs asking for driver's license?

Texas Thugs Trash Obama Supporter Car on eve of Early Voting

Woman who never saw doctor billed after long Parkland ER wait

Mandriva 2009. Avoid.

Meat from plant at centre of listeriosis outbreak approved for sale

BG's endorsement of Kerry

Please help! I need technical support/advice.....

Kerry's work on getting an anti-predatory lending bill passed.

An AP article that is pretty accurate about the deteriorating friendship of McCain & Kerry


Kerry's speech at Tufts tomorrow will be livestreamed

Elite XC is going under

City Pages: "The Many Faces of Michele Bachmann"

Olbermann's 10/20 special comment is must see TV! (takes on Bachman & gives El facetime)

Good To Hear That Nancy Pelosi

Bachmann says she made a mistake...


Britain's hidden debt

This Rightwing blogger is a Bigot.

Kagen still leading gard in Oct. 4th Poll