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The Pork In The Bailout Bill - What Senators Requested These Outlays?,,,,,,,

The Pork In The Bailout Bill - What Senators Requested These Outlays?,,,,,,,

Watch McCain get testy with Des Moines Register's editorial board

Watch McCain get testy with Des Moines Register's editorial board

Michelle in Kansas City Yesterday....wonderful!

Name Tonight's Debate Stars!!!

It is About Organization and Mobilization. Obama Knew it All Along.

I hate this Gwen Ifel arguement -

I'm not impressed by Palin's debating skills.

on an encouraging note, McLame's pissyness is seething below the surface

on an encouraging note, McLame's pissyness is seething below the surface

McCain's facial tics due to psych drugs?

Why isn't Sarah Palin ever called "arrogant?"

McCain's facial tics due to psych drugs?

How Many Millions of People Will watch Tonight? Will it Break 100 Million?

BWA HAA - McCain is on MJ trashing "pork" in the Bailout bill, saying when he's president he'll veto

What's on the menu for tonight?

Warning: "Silent" Run on Banks.

Warning: "Silent" Run on Banks.

Warning: "Silent" Run on Banks.

Warning: "Silent" Run on Banks.

Warning: "Silent" Run on Banks.

McCain jokes: ‘I’m not a rich man.’

Here's what doesnt add up about the Mccain campaign...

Senator Obama, here is your money line today...

So, how big will Obama's coattails be? Mitch McConnell would be SWEET.

Amazing contrast: McCain - Dole (Huffington)

McCain & Palin's "Reformer" hypocrisy

McCain: Worst candidate and campaign in the last 50 years?

Make-Believe Maverick

Make-Believe Maverick

NC POLL: Obama 50 (+1), McCrypt 47.

NC POLL: Obama 50 (+1), McCrypt 47.

OK, you can get on my case, but I think Joe and Gwen SHOULD use big words in the debate!

First Read:The Pendulum Swing

First Read:The Pendulum Swing

First Read:The Pendulum Swing

So Obama crossed over into enemy territory.

RE: College Students have made this video viral

McCain this AM: Complains about partisanship, "especially on the part of... the leading Democrats"

Morning "dead intern" Joe panel are just LOSERS

McCain this AM: Complains about partisanship, "especially on the part of... the leading Democrats"

Morning "dead intern" Joe panel are just LOSERS

Great diary (w/vid) here on Wes Clark stumping for Obama in FL

Great diary (w/vid) here on Wes Clark stumping for Obama in FL

The ad we need coming down the stretch

Here's the issue that will be the knockout punch against Palin and McCain

The ad we need coming down the stretch

Oregon, Tuesday, October 14th = deadline to register or update

Obama Regains Comanding Lead in New York...Siena Poll

Palin's Small Town Snobbery

Freepers Heads Explode (Now Justifying that an Obama win will be good)

Bill Clinton has been gagged and put in the corner in the back room

Bill Clinton has been gagged and put in the corner in the back room

Bill Clinton has been gagged and put in the corner in the back room

BooHoo! "Life's not fair," says McCain. BooHoo!

BooHoo! "Life's not fair," says McCain. BooHoo!

mccain just said he's not a rich man

Here's the issue that will be the knockout punch against Palin and McCain

Here's the issue that will be the knockout punch against Palin and McCain

SUSA New Mexico Poll: Obama 52, McLame 44...both unchanged

Passage Of Senate Version Of Bailout Bill Helping McSame

SOS to TV watchers: TV's goal is to sell. About eyeballs. Obama's ascention in polls is NOT GOOD

Rasmussen: Obama 51% and McCan't 44%

***Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll Oct 02*** Obama 51% McCain 44%

Dear John McTaint, Thank you SO much for anchoring yourself to...

Dear John McTaint, Thank you SO much for anchoring yourself to...

Dear John McTaint, Thank you SO much for anchoring yourself to...

McLame is running a genius campain...

McLame is running a genius campain...

Which of these headlines is most likely after the debate?

John McCain- A "maverick" when it's convenient....

Can you image if a Town Hall questioner called Palin a 'Bitch' in front of Obama or Biden???

Rasmussen NC Obama +3 (50%)

OK, you can get on my case, but I think Joe and Gwen SHOULD use big words in the debate!

OK, you can get on my case, but I think Joe and Gwen SHOULD use big words in the debate!

OK, you can get on my case, but I think Joe and Gwen SHOULD use big words in the debate!

Wow - they got rid of the black journalists for the McCain segment on Morning Joe

The Real Reason Obama Won the Debate

The Real Reason Obama Won the Debate

VP Debate Question

McCrypt "Chilly" To Obama On Senate Floor, "Tried Not To Look At Him"

McCrypt "Chilly" To Obama On Senate Floor, "Tried Not To Look At Him"

Daily Kos Research 2000 Tracking Poll: Obama 51, McCan't 40

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Grand Rapids, MI****

Latest graph from

Rasmussen plus 3 for Barack North Carolina...

mcstupid on morning joe trying to slam obama

Battleground POLL (R): Obama 49 (+1), McCrypt 44 (-2)

Battleground POLL (R): Obama 49 (+1), McCrypt 44 (-2)

OBAMA ON ESPN RADIO AT 9:10 am Thursday!


McBlame on Joe Scar now 8:54 am

Dispute arises among progressive bloggers. Somerby rips Joe Klein, Josh Marshall and Atrios

Pat Buchanan: I'm not sure where her (Palin's) confidence comes from

McCain up next on MJ.

Jobless Claims Rise - At Highest Level Since September 2001

"Obama hasn't voted since April 6th"--DEBUNKED by CNN

Poll: McCain's lead slipping EVEN IN ARIZONA!

electoral-vote: O 338, M 185!

Palin tonight


This McCain line from the Des Moines Register sounds like an Obama endorsement.

I have a coworker who completely despises Obama and believes every smear to be true...

But she wrote a book ABOUT him

Palin preps for the debate:

Don't make Palin's diminishing ratings a reflection of her dimwittedness...

OBAMA channel 73 on Dish Network. Did anyone else notice this?

Looking for opinions on this: What if Obama volunteers stood near polling places (the legal dis-

How petulant

Every little bit. O 338 M 185 LANDLIDE TERRITORY

Moderate Republicans spinning towards Obama...

Are you ready for THURSDAY NIGHT LIVE ??? !!!

Is 2008 the year of the 'Bama's?

Far Out? Palin Steps Down & McCain Becomes Physically Disabled/Dies -- New Repub Ticket!

If you search for "idiot" on youtube, the first two entries are......

My advice to reporters covering McCain

Poll: Obama has 11-point lead in Minnesota

AP Poll: Obama takes a 7-point lead over McCain

Sarah Palin is the first person to run for the office of "Hostess of the United States of America"

Why didn't Palin mention the Supreme's decision regarding her own state that happened in July 2008

dish network........

So, who knew Sara would marry a Republican when she grew up?

Air Force Times reported Govt has plans for THREE seperate CCMRF units by 2011

Katie Couric! David Letterman!

Why didn't anyone make an issue of the guys debating Clinton?

RNC urges McCain to attack....a prelude to the debate?

The thing about raising expectations for Palin that I don't get...

Has a campaign ever whined about and dismissed polls the way Mcain's is doing?

Who is that Sikh dude that seems to be an Obama groupie?

Nice analysis.... by CNN. Yes true...

McTesty is really burning a lot of bridges

Somebody with legal expertise: Help analyze the CCRMF Handbook

Should I be worried about doing an early vote?

************** Voter Information Thread ***************

TOONS! Hot buttered TOONS! 50% OFF (While they last)

I'm making my pre-election playlist on iTunes.

I have a high degree of confidence Palin will flub up at least 3 questions in dramatic fashion

a somber but necessary pick..

No follow up questions tomorrow

It's late, and I'm thinking Inauguration

McCain's Kremlin Ties (article)

Is CalPeg here?

Confidence VS. Arrogance?

I was just thinking that I predicted both John McCain and Obama would get the nominations early on

C-Span 2 now - Al Gore vs Potatoe man VP debate.

this nugget by Kathleen Parker is wrong, correct ?

Several GOP strategists privately fret that McCain's chances for victory are slipping away

"Educate the idiots"

Palin camp asks for dramatic lighting and a shiny pole near podium.


I just figured out that Palin speaks NEWSPEAK

Just an interesting thought...

Hype and Fear in the News

will the beauty queen know the questions ahead of time?

We need Palins stance on Freedonia....

If I were a Republican, I'd have to believe that Sarah Palin is capable of being President

AMazingly+Touching Video from the Obama Camp

Will the vote in the House be held over until after the debate? I assume so or

McCain blamed the Community Reinvestment Act for the mortgage/economic crisis back in APRIL

Ad I wouldlike to see

Forgetting Sarah Palin

Randi Rhodes says she wants yard signs

McCaption 2

McCaption 1

In case you guys forget, I still hate Republicans

Intrade Update - Obama 353, McCain 185

At What Point Is A State NO LONGER A Battleground State?!?!?

If Mc Cared About His PARTY, He'd Quit NOW & Use His War Chest To Help Congressional Candidates

New Palin drinking game. Not what she says but the seconds it takes for her to respond.

Anyone remember "Cookiegate"?

It's October 2: Do you know where your college kids are voting?

Lazio admits mistake in debate with Clinton

Just answer the freakin' question, Sarah!! dashboard has obama at 330 ev!

Betty Bowers has some interesting interviews with Palin...

Tonight's Letterman's John McCain Commercial is up in the DU video section now

LOL, Dave!

Connecting the dots on the credit crisis: Qui bono?

Just a Reminder That We Have an Election Reform Forum...

Just heard on Bloomberg that Washington Mutual said that the Fed closed the discount

Just heard on Bloomberg that Washington Mutual said that the Fed closed the discount

Buying my 5-year-old her first gun

New Honda Insight no Prius-killer

Who Takes Park Place - BSC, WM and JPM

SARAH WINKIN' PIC =============>

SARAH WINKIN' PIC =============>

Republican commissioners try to suppress African-American votes in SE Pennsylvania!

Gates and Buffett, creating wealth doesn't mean your greedy

The Rude Pundit: What Biden Ought To Say (Rude Version)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Now What? ("I continue to stand against this hostile takeover of our nation")

Larisa Alexandrovna: Now What? ("I continue to stand against this hostile takeover of our nation")

Should banks and insurance companies be prevented from advertising?

The Palins brought their infant child onto the stage after the VP debate.

Sen. Bernie Saunders: Bailout Bill Passes Senate - 9 Reasons That's Bad News For You

Kid impersonates Bill-O! Bwaaaahahaha!

Three Weeks After Hurricane Ike: 300 still missing in Galveston

US Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) just said on C-Span that Congress was "threatened with Martial Law"

Why Women Hate Sarah Palin

Who's profiting from the credit crisis?

Who's profiting from the credit crisis?

Hello, my name is Silverback, and I'm a former Republican...

Some congress members told there might be martial law

"(Alberto) Gonzalez is still struggling to find a job with a private law firm."

Palin likes to quote Jefferson. Now I see they have a lot in common....

How to keep your Obama sign from getting stolen

Most people in America are NOT "home-owners"..

Woman, 90, Apparently Shoots Self During Foreclosure Eviction

Sorry about the downtime: We blew a circuit.

Pat Robertson foresees war soon in Mideast

Psst, Psst ... Guess what, the vote in the House tomorrow is far, far from a slam dunk ...

Exactly which economists are wholeheartedly endorsing the Paulson/Pork bailout?

Palin's tone of voice when using the term "tolerance" during the debate....

well...they both agreed that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Supreme Court won't review child rape ruling despite gaffe — Justice Scalia furious

Jeebus will be traveling to the debate tonight. He'll be easy to spot.

Obama's campaign manager calls GOP out on attacking Gwen Ifill, mentions Brokaw and McCain

How a BailOut works FOR the RICH & CONNECTED.

Naomi Wolf: "A police state is one whose leader has his own treasury and his own military."

Biggest difference I noticed tonight.

when did michael palin have gender reassignment surgery?

Now I know who Palin reminds me of! Shirley Temple!!!!!

Looking for Sarah Palin's lesbian friend

Looking for Sarah Palin's lesbian friend

John Hagee is recovering from heart surgery. I didn't know he has one!

An American Family Tree: Michelle Obama Learns About Her Slave Ancestors, Herself and Her Country

PALIN: Folksy delivery, short points, on script. She's 100% qualified...

I think I finally was able to put my finger on it...

Senate attached bailout plan to Paul Wellstone Mental Health/Addiction Equity Act of 2007

Senate attached bailout plan to Paul Wellstone Mental Health/Addiction Equity Act of 2007

No more... "leaders" who say NUCULAR...

Sarah Pailin...there is no way she can win this debate tonight.

Palin's Achilles Heel



Who are the DU brains and experts? I want red meat, not a popularity contest.

Palin did fine. But did NO ONE notice she dodged the most vital question?!?

Cantwell Says Bailout Bill Not the Right Solution

Car dealer Bill Heard Enterprises files Chapter 11

McCain: "I got a better chance to get laid"

A Conservative broken by.. conservatism

The Origins of the Financial Crisis: "The make-believe world of finance capitalism"

Today is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday

Why I now hate Sarah Palin

Ahmadinejad agrees to Israel's right to exist

MediaNews chairman writes LTTE to oppose Singleton and McCain ('This is fascism')

Freepers post debate prayer thread. Oh boy.

Did I hear her say "The rest of the world doesn't care about the world's climate

Russ Feingolds statement on the Bail Out Plan

it remains deeply flawed.........-Senator Russ Feingold, October 1, 2008

And as for Bailing out the Bailer-Outer? The FDIC Fund. Grab the Maalox.

Abu Dhabi bought 4% of Citi Group, Citi Group Just bought Wachovia.

Hustler Produces Palin-Lookalike Porn

Parents Give Up Their Kids Under Law Meant for Babies

Parents Give Up Their Kids Under Law Meant for Babies

Hurricaine Ike Pics - Got This Link This A.M. From A Repug Friend With This Message.....

Hurricaine Ike Pics - Got This Link This A.M. From A Repug Friend With This Message.....

Endorse ‘Michael Moore’s Rescue Plan’ for Fixing Wall Street

We want a better deal

time for a sucide watch in freeperville: freepers react to today's Rasmussen poll:

If you read just one more thing about this POS bailout, make it Greenwald's latest.

Cheney in a skirt, channeling Reagan and Falwell.

This week my friend stopped taking her anti-seizure medication.

DU during Biden-Palin debate: EPIC FAIL.

Hmmm. I wonder if Senator McSame understands that he just voted for

Don't call us "McSame"!!! Stop saying we're the same!!!

New Hampshire town discovers independent pharmacy not easily replaced

Radical Fringe Toon - Thursday 10/2

Here are 10 simple and startling facts about the economy to share with your friends and family....

Here are 10 simple and startling facts about the economy to share with your friends and family....

what will Tina Fey do on SNL this week?

-- Political Futures Market: EFFECTS of the VP Debate

So. She wants MORE POWER as Vice-President? Help.

show of hands on CNN focus group


Did you notice that once again that baby got handed off to

David Sirota: Congress Writes A Goodbye Cruel World Diary to America

Warren Buffet tonight: You may not care for him, but he's infused

she was sensational!

Biden was spectacular. Chicken Soup for the Wrecked American Soul.

Biden was spectacular. Chicken Soup for the Wrecked American Soul.

New CNN Online Poll

Something crappy I was told when registering to vote today (Ohio)

If we wait to pass the bailout for one more month - DEMS can decide where the money goes

I hate spunk...

Prosecutor: Boy accused of Larry King murder owned White Supremist materials

MSNBC Poll: Who won the VP debate

Anyone know what time the house will vote on the bailout? /nt

The single most frightening moment of the debate...

You know, I think there are problems between Todd and Sarah...

This won't be popular but Palin did very, very well tonight...

She's Winning

"McCain knows how to win a war" ??? In what respect, Charlie?

Did anyone else think that Palin was being fed the answers??

Giuliani "She beat the heck out of him."

Lingle has AGED a lot

The last time a woman winked at me that much...

Terry McAuliffe to Run for Virginia Governor

Did she say there was a toxic mess on Main Street affecting Wall Street?

cnn.poll. Biden 76%, winky 22%

Biden was genuine. Palin was phony.

psst. Sarah.... It's not EYE-rack

Just turned on Fox. Who won. Palin 88% Biden 12%. Fair and Balanced?

CSpan taking calls

Biden won...But Gwen Ifill should never be allowed to host another debate

I want to thank Senator Biden... he was very Vice Presidential...

Any candidate who cannot pronounce "nuclear" correctly

I'm not sure EXACTLY why yet, but Palin may be the most disgusting person I have experienced. n/t

She is NOT likeable.. In fact, she is very UN likeable.

Thank God Biden put that "maverick" bullshit to rest.

Granted the VP debate is meaningless, but we had a candidate use the term "shout out" in

75% for Biden in the polls so far....yet media think she was fabulous

We all know Biden kicked ass would you vote on Failins performance?

The one thing that I am sick of hearing...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! VP Debate night! Get your Palin

"freeper" has become a proprietary eponym

OMG The Guardian UK's Poll! 83.4% Biden to 16.6% Palin

While You Were Watching the Debate: Arm-twisting to pass House Bailout Bill

Q. What does Mc/P running away from Bush & the Republicans do to the GOP in general?

"Abu Ghraib guard says prisoners were treated even worse than was reported"

Palin tried out the "Well there you go again"

has anyone checked out the reaction in freeper land?

As people are starting to breathe again, it is becoming increasingly clear. She beat herself.

Lord that was painful to watch...

Forget the debate I want to read some more about the bailout

I need a list of polls stat!

Who Murdered American Economy? "It Was Paulson-In The Conference Rm-With PREPARED Testimony"

The Chronology of Palin as predicted by me!!

What's the GOP meme from the VP debate?

Bottom line:

Happy Anniversary Barack and Michelle


I vote Palin's new nickname is Winky

For a knockout Joe shoulda said, "God loveya, may you never have the power of Dick CHEENEE!1" n/t

Aaaaaa- iiiiiiiiii- eeeeeeeee!!!!!!

On the CNN meter, she consistently flat-lined on three things:

Brittany Fucking Spears, snapping gum and acting like a snark does not make for a credible veep.

Hey you third graders... You get extra credit for watchin' the debate!

when does the "official" call of the winner of the debate happen? nt

They're Winky & the Brain

About The Outage.

"You Guys" made my skin crawl

Okay, who's keeping track of the Freeper reactions? nt

Soledad says CNN Focus group did not like Palin's "folksy" talk

"Quit looking back" say the rethugs tonight...

New poll over msnbc...

Palin channeling Michael Scott (The Office)

Where were the tough questions?

Crash the Drudge poll!

CBS poll of undecideds: They thought Biden won 46 to 21.

why did DU lockup tonight I couldn't get back in until the debate was over?

i'm just back from walking the dog...

Palin gave a long string of folksy, rehearsed 90 sec speechlettes that only vaguely

My experience watching the debate

Faith-based arrogance it is....

CNN poll: 51% Biden did a better job 36% Sarin did a better job n/t

Well i missed the first hour but heard the last 30 minutes on the radio, she sounded snarky

Remember the manufactured outrage about the Lipstick on a Pig remark?......Obama never apologized...

I would like the corp media to tell me if they think all that winking

Have Bristol & Levi gotten married?

Biden was on mark. as for failin palin, that is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. nt

she is so obviously manipulative

What Are We Funding With The Bailout?!

What Are We Funding With The Bailout?!

The only thing she proved...

The only thing she proved...

Out of the mouth of McCain...

Msnbc new poll: did gov palin exceed expectations in the debate?

Joe kicked ass

Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere!!

Sen. Jane Harmon was just on with Schuster saying Obama is pushing hard for House Vote..

Anyone notice that every time she said "maverick" the CNN meters flatlined?

Judge refuses to block Palin firing probe!!!!

Green Technology ROI crushes Oil, cheaper cleaner sustainable energy solutions for us and to export I just saw a talking pineapple on me out here, me out

John King said he thinks the current economic situation just might hurt the Republicans more

George Bush was folksy in the debates, How did that work out for the US

Palin wants more power as VP

C-SPAN being spammed by Paultards!

Palin's answer to equal rights for GLBT couples, they left it as if

Is this ONLY Level2? I don't see a lot of stuff on screen...

Drill baby drill - only thing the focus group hated more than that was

The other crazy Alaskan - Internet Tubes Ted Stevens - can't escape the justice system.....

Biden to Palin at parting handshake: You were good, You were very good.

How big a bump will the GOP see in the overnight polling (after tonight's debate)?

I really thought Biden kicked ass.

I feel like I've been in the Twilight Zone


Biden was genuine. Palin was phony.

I held my nose and voted over at Drudge, if anyone wants to follow suit. :)

CNN Poll:


I held my nose and voted over at Drudge, if anyone wants to follow suit. :)

CBS news poll: Biden wins 46-21 33% Tie

"Darn right it was predatory lenders!" My GOP Dad will NOT

A Single A ballplayer with a chance at the bigs and trying too hard.

Let's catch up in this thread (after the outage)...

Fred Thompson on Fucknews

I thought she came across as way too sarcastic, and phony. Questions were very easy.

"Never gonna give you up"!

Any information or feedback about UNDECIDEDS please post here!

Next time I'm stumped during a hard job interview I'll wink and say "I'll get back to ya"

did you notice that when she started spouting talking points, she went full monotone? nt

So if the problem is liquidity, why do we have to buy the bad debt?

Vice Presidential Debate Reaction

Check out her back, is that some cord shaped protrusion or....

Pat Buchanan just has a Palin Orgasm

Sarah keeps looking down at her notes!!!! lmao

If sweet nothings and a wink wink is what you want in a VP, she was awesome!

Well, I've always heard.....

Good thing Senator Reid scheduled those votes that McBush voted against for funding the troops

Ok Sarah I do agree with you....

Do you think that most wanted that person, become a President?

Mr Skinner Tear Down Those Servers


Modesto Bee: Small, locally owned banks say customers are flowing in

DU Financial Experts, can you evaluate this article, please?

I'd like to see a piece on reaction from the Arab community after all the Israel kissing

I'd like to see a piece on reaction from the Arab community after all the Israel kissing

Palin "Parrot" Has Caused More Global Warming

Judge refuses to block Alaska troopergate probe

Why is

I can't even watch her. She is so evil.

Did she just say she wasn't going to answer the questions?

Shameless O'LOOFAH just screamed "COWARD!" and "NOT A MAN!" at Barney FRANK

My blood pressure is through the roof.

Secret Service must hand over Abramoff logs

Ah it's over...Phew I thought the place was down


Okay. That SUCKED. Whaaa happened?

Okay. That SUCKED. Whaaa happened?

I feel like I've been in the Twilight Zone

Ah it's over...Phew I thought the place was down

"How long have I been at this? Like five weeks?" n/t

Palin flatlining when it comes to women / Biden shot up....

She is a walking talking campaign AD!!! WTF?? Joe, go for her JUGULAR!



4 billion for Exxon Mobil, f u McCain you greedy bastard

CNN graph shows women in Ohio love Biden

Go Joe!


Sorry Uncle Ted (Stevens), looks like your ass has to stand trial....

Bwahahahahaahahahahaha. nt

a great Jefferson quote I came across on another blog today..timely..

a great Jefferson quote I came across on another blog today..timely..

Yanno ... this Gwen Ifill bullshit. Besides bein_ racist .... isn't it also sexist?

"It's detailed and I wanna give ya a couple of details on that!" n/t

"Gov't get out of the way" = Deregulate.

"Gov't get out of the way" = Deregulate.

I hope Biden gets her on her tax cuts in Wasilla

She Has Already Lost.....

Bwahahahahaahahahahaha. nt

The Perfect Storm

I Can't Do It.

"Can i call you Joe"

Lou Dobbs Poll - Palin vs. Media

Just relax, Sarah. No pressure.

I'll BETCHA? go away. PLEASE just go away.

Nice to meet you

Predict the results of the Palin 's performance

New Word......Barometer

"I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve."

Little Bill O'Reilly.

You are a victim of the incessant debate media hype

On November 4, I really don't want to win ..............

US weekly jobless claims rise to 497,000, highest level since Sept. 2001

CNN technical difficulties: "'s a relatively new technology"

Debate Webcast Streams

That bastard Andrew Carnegie!

Who has set up the MIRC chat room?

A question that I know my fellow DUers will know the answer to

What happens if Gwen or Joe break out in uncontrollable laughter tonight?

CNN bimbo just now promoted McSame's talking point:

I have a very slow internet connection and would like to try and watch the debate online.

FYI, CURRENT TV does the debate broadcast with Twitter comments.

Bush History,10/2 -- 3 Month, $300 Million WMD Search Finds Only 1 Small Vial

Could this be why the DOW is down???

McCain giving up on Michigan.


I humbly ask you to respond in this GD/P thread in solidarity with UMW of West Virginia:

You haven't seen anything yet

Image: Halloween Will Suck This Year

California activist found slain in New Orleans

Ohio court backs McCain on absentee applications

Howard Zinn | From Empire to Democracy

Some House Repubs want pork removed and amt reduced w/oversight - walked amendment to Senate mtg

Palin Bingo Cards

Politics and Pizza: Obama up 13 with Dominos Pizza Online orderers. LOL.

Brad Sherman: Wall Street firms are having employees call members of Congress

Brad Sherman: Wall Street firms are having employees call members of Congress

I'll put it out there. I think Palin will do better than everyone expects, now that the bar is low.

So, OK, suppose Biden falls on his face & Palin comes out covered in roses.

So did FDR raise taxes for the wealthy or not?

debate online - live? C-span? anywhere else? Thanks!

Freepers start prayer threads for Sarah's debate. God's on their side. Look out.

John Roberts really, really makes me want to puke.

The OIG Report: Tying Up Loose Ends

Wasn't there supposed to be some sort of ruling today in troopergate? nt

I wish I had the knowledgable certitude....

Can anyone see if there's a ring on Marcy Kaptur's ring finger?


Meet CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

I think Husb2Sparkly broke DU when he posted his Palin poll

Great story while voting today

Larry Craig Says Farewell to Mostly Empty Senate Chamber

'Fight McCain, Have Sex': Free Condoms Go Quickly at Debate

$700 billion indicates little equity in houses

Just a question about an Obama Rally in Ohio

American Family Association FED UP with "biased" election coverage.......

PGA (golf) 25% of ads sales and 1/3 of event sponsors are BANKS

If Sarah Palin is intimidated by Katie Couric....

McCain Campaign Concedes Key Red States Are Battlegrounds -- And Must-Wins

Anyone else catch Kucinich's speech?


Will there be a chat room tonight?

Officials Refuse to Provide Details on Secret Previous Bailout (Bear Stearns)

OMG, Howard Fineman let his hair grow out in it's natural color.

OMG, Howard Fineman let his hair grow out in it's natural color.

Kucinich on cspan right now. Talking about the pork added to the bailout bill. Angry. nt

Kucinich on cspan right now. Talking about the pork added to the bailout bill. Angry. nt

Attention ED SHULTZ fans: Ed will be on Larry King's blog posting analysis

One in five auto dealers may close

Kucinich: Wake up! Someone Sticks Up A Bank They Get A Jail Sentance!

My wife was wishing she could give Biden advice for the debate tonight


I want to say something to all of you

Ooooh, Florida GOP in a top-secret, double-naught meeting as Obama passes McCain!

Elizabeth Edwards says her health hasn't worsened

Elizabeth Edwards says her health hasn't worsened

Credo Just Says No to Bailout--Sign the Petition!

Wooden Arrows for School Kids, and other Pork: Buying Votes for the Bailout:

Screw it! I'm not waiting for the debate.

I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this bailout!

I'm not worried about the bailout

Fundies: Levi's has "joined the homosexual cause."

Bail out or NO Bail out. . .Seniors are screwed...

Has your opinion of Katie Couric changed?

McCain: ‘I Do Not Complain About The Media’»....Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Media Bias: Going beyond Fair and Balanced (Obama negative press)

Poster seen behind Tweety on "Hardball"


David Gregory to Putman

Alaskans cringe after month of listening to Palin

Hans Von Spakovsky Claims Obama Would Have A ‘Partisan And Politically-Biased’ Justice Department»

Exclusive First Look: The Sarah Palin Porn Flick-LOL (Follow the link and read the script)LOL

Todd Palin is a ASS..

theoretical question: If the Chimp declared martial law for X reason and cancelled the election...

All day it has been "respectin_ a woman" and such .... and Pat sez "_al"

All day it has been "respectin_ a woman" and such .... and Pat sez "_al"

What time do the veep debates start tonight?

What's with the Chinese and melamine? CNN just reported there's

FBI won't release documents on anthrax suspect

Are david greGory and nicole walLice fucking?

"Perhaps Sarah Palin is the Second Coming!"

surge update - Suicide Bombs Strike Baghdad Shiites on Holiday

Hockey Mom: The Movie - Head of Skate Trailer

O.J. Simpson trial nears conclusion in Las Vegas

O.J. Simpson trial nears conclusion in Las Vegas

So Hollywood stuck itself in the bailout, talk about sleaze.

NY Times: McCain Is Giving Up on Michigan

BTW-hit hard by they economic fiasco--Not for Profits and NGO's

Don't Vote!

The American Right Part 1: Fear and Greed

McCain pulling out of Michigan! We smoked him out of his hole & he's on the run!

300 people still missing since Ike hit Texas (CNN.COM)

I wish someone would challenge david Gregory about his wife's complicity in Fannie Mae

Rachel Maddow Hops From Radio To Her Own MSNBC Show With Smarts, Energy And Charm

What TIME is the debate tonight...???? Sorry stupid question

Apparently my account did so bad Scottrade doesn't want me to see it

Checkout the end of day volume for Tuesday...

Canadian politician: Execute gays

It's foolish for the media to keep comparing the Palin debate to Quale's.

AP source: NYPD taser Lt. dead of apparent suicide

Boswell (D-IA) makes me want to scream.

Jenny McCarthy upset about John McCain snub

Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden

Sarah Palin has never seen Russia from Alaska

So is Gates doing a good job a Sec of Defense?

So is Gates doing a good job a Sec of Defense?

Joe Biden doesn't need to do anything, just

Joe Biden doesn't need to do anything, just

The next pundit who says "let Sarah be Sarah"...

Cultural wars

McLame's new strate_y: Out of Michi_gan and into Pennsylvania. Will it matter?

Does Sarah Palin have the WORST ACCENT EVER?

If McSame and Palin gets in the rest of the world will give up hope on the ol' U.S of A

Even when he's smilin_, Darryl Issa looks like he's posin_ for a mu_ shot

Remember back in the spring when we debated health care issues?

A no-kidding real solution to the mortgage crisis from experts - fast

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada's jobless rate expected to grow to 8.6 percent

Do you live in a city with a large sports arena?

Better be watching your speed

Better be watching your speed

What if Sarah makes Joe cry? He's very sentimental . . .

U.S. soldier gets 8 months, discharge over killings of Iraqis

Native American Shot In Confrontation With ‘White Pride’ Group

Man detained (by U.S. Customs) at (Honolulu) airport dies

It costs half a million dollars per year to maintain one sergeant in combat in Iraq

Bush solves problem of Illegal Immigration

Naomi Wolf: "It's clear that a coup is taking place"

If you could see in Johnny's head ........

If you could see in Johnny's head ........

Robert Baer on NPR's Fresh Air - "Of course he's dead!" about bin Laden

C- span2 rifht now committee debate on bailout

In uniform military allowed in political advertisements?

Hi all! Please explain some stuff regarding posts on DU to someone relatively new here!

iPhone users! Obama Campaign now has a free apps program for your phone

The most frightening thing about Palin just struck me (like a lightening bolt)

My butcher's name is Vinny and he will not watch tonight's debate

My butcher's name is Vinny and he will not watch tonight's debate

More extortion against the American people from Wall Street speculators and gamblers

What should Biden NOT say tonight .. your thoughts?

Looking For.....MLK Stabbing Picture.... Mentioned in "God is Not Great" by Hitchens

Did anyone see the McCain ghouls rubbing their hands with glee yesterday?

The Senate Roll Call Vote On The Wall Street Bailout

Maria Bartiromo must be so embarrassed of herself. She gushed over Sarah Palin

Big Question Tonight: Hair up or down?

HAH! This was good for a laugh: Anyone remember the question that stumped McCainus

Palin Leaving Arizona - pics (shows bandaged hand)

ahhhh remember the good old days when a 350 point drop in the market meant something?

Can anybody here tell me if there is any validity to this? If so, why aren't we using it?

A Contract for Living Together on Earth and a Sustainable Economy

House rethugs are folding. Both Shadegg and Wamp (how about those names?)

The Communist Manifesto Turns 160 ! Happy Birthday ?

Ok since the commentator of tonights debates wrote a book with Obamas name in it do you think..

McCain, -1 voter in Texas


YES!!! My rep stands tough against the Senate bailout!

Did DU just go down for you too?

McCain and the liquor money

How the Media Sold Their Souls to Wall Street

Video: Sarah Palin Prepares For The Debate [NSFW]

Why aren't pro-lifers anti-death penalty?

The DNC just called me

Rosie to get 'Variety Show' on NBC

LOL, Freepers Desperate for "Good News"

Moose Skinner Barbie will ...... or will not ..... be .......

Obama Has His Own Channel On Dish Network

Obama Has His Own Channel On Dish Network

The Onion: Rules For The VP Debate

DU seems real slow.

Dollar Bill Jefferson in primary race this Saturday in Louisiana

24 hour police shifts?!

Duplicate Deleted

Warren Buffet is on npr right now

YET another Video from Sarah.....I dare you to LOOK to SEE and HEAR which one !

Ok some facts from history and how people got from point a to point b


Letter: McCain wrong to criticize funds spent on grizzly bear research

GOP shack

Senator Bernie Sanders Statement On Wall Street Bailout Bill

. nt

DOW down 300 points right After Bailout gets passed by Senate

What do you think Biden SHOULD say tonight?

I upset my repub brother-in-law by debunking anti Obama email

NM Senate Poll: Udall (D) 55 (+4), Pearce (R) 41 (-3)

Looks like that 'Eagle Eye' movie is a MUST SEE!

France falls for Rovian propaganda; urges $500B Euro bail-out

Depression Education Seen as Key to Teen Suicide Prevention

So how many people notice the voices claiming "Sarah, is more quilified than McCain and Obama"

September Madness Financial Tourney - Funny, but sad.

DEA Gives Lil Bush & Con Friends a going away present

yep, some lucky folks hit the gas lotto......33 cents a gallon

Went to Precinct Judge training last night. Several encouraging things

The Calm of Obama

My Dad forwarded this to me

After Taser death, cop dies in apparent suicide

Naomi Wolf next on Thom Hartmann 2:07 EDT. (nm)

Media Being Hard on Palin Should NOT be an issue

Why we're in this financial mess

Senator Cornyn IMPOSSIBLE to reach.....

Michelle Obama Reveals How Barack Won Her Over

Debates should be more than sound bites; "promise so much, deliver so little"

What's the House going to do?

What's the drinking words for the night?

Why I like this bailout bill

The Subprime Primer

McCain Attacks Wall Street Greed—While 83 Wall Street Lobbyists Work for His Campaign

National Debt Rises by $4 Trillion Under Bush

National Debt Rises by $4 Trillion Under Bush

How can it be a "Gotcha" question if she asked BOTH sides the same question?


"Certain wooden arrows designed for use by children" - on the Bailout

E&P:Top Republican Quits Congress, Compares Party To 'Dog Food,' Wonders About Palin

Need a good zinger for my Repuke SIL

If your Rep voted No to to the bailout, then please ask him or her to vote No, again...

If your Rep voted No to to the bailout, then please ask him or her to vote No, again...

Naomi Wolfe on Thom Hartman right now!!

I very much need a link (perferably video but print will do) to Palin

Just a simple toon.

Bank failures study provides insights into current situation

Palin Outcome Tonight: "Cue The Comeback"???

Video - I'm a Little Confused

Apple iPod Touch 32GB for $224

Apple iPod Touch 32GB for $224

Thom Hartmann said we should all go to

Stock Losses Take Heavy Toll On Retirement Savings

Yes! Tax the hell out of them!

Yes! Tax the hell out of them!

So the housing bubble is deflating. What about the price of land?

Porcine Politics

The Virgin Mary has jumped from grilled cheese sandwiches to a vacant hospital

Doctors see resurgence of rare type of pneumonia among some deployed troops

Judge may dismiss Ted Stevens case

Have you seen any of the RW Youtube Videos?

Take your mind off the bailout for moment...Man Shoots Self After Denied Sex

Video: Police won't allow young girl her insulin (not part of union group police were watching)

Another taser death

Hey YOU! Recommend a blog which is covering the credit crisis, willya?!

"Message Constipation"

I, like most Americans, have too much credit debt. My personal

Robert Borosage: This Bailout Is Still A Bad Deal

Toughest job in American journalism:

Can this salad be properly dressed? Will we all be eatin_ it toni_ht?

NY Times: Show Us the Hope

Will the violent will inherit the earth .... ?


can anyone tell me why I've recieved 3 credit card solicitaions...

Senate Passes Bailout Legislation Complete With Obscure Tax Breaks

Palin debate prep

Obama Official iPhone App

Talk about prophetic songs .. Les McCann from 1969

Kansas mayor wins prize for dressing in blackface drag: ‘All this PC is bullshit.’»

I think the end result of this economic situation will be a generally harder life

Fifteen more Repubs will not be enough to pass the bailout bill...

Todays Walk at The Park......

Juts a little more DU love for a poll? Please?

Good Joke From the Daily Kos

Forbes: Next: The Mother Of All Bank Runs?

Making citizens feel powerless is important ---

Making citizens feel powerless is important ---

Making citizens feel powerless is important ---

Does it seem like an end-run is being played on the American people?

Mob Boss Bush says "All Eyes on are on Congress" to pass the bailout.....

From the topics addressed in posts this morning, it would seem that DU has accepted the bailout

Home Prices Fall in 24 U.S. Cities on Foreclosures; Las Vegas Hit Hardest

The odd couple of global spirituality

Tax the shit out of the bailed out banks.

What do you see as our Senate Majority after this Election?

kucinich on cspan

Evangelical Leader Goes All In For McCain

The House Bill sucked, but it was better than this piece of trash..

Howard Zinn: From Empire to Democracy god, it's proof positive they have lost it!!

Hey, where's Cheney?

Stephen Spoonamore on with Thom Hartmann talking about electro-fraud "voting" machines

One bit of advice to Senator Biden

FL Gov Crist appoints 2nd conservative extremist to Supreme Court (Pro school vouchers, anti-choice)

I Don't Know Shit About The Economy

Speaking as someone who is in pain everyday, John McCain appears to be in severe pain

Kentucky Horserace: McConnell’s Rival Pulls Even



caption time

I Thought Palin Was A Pit-Bull.

Put lipstick on Dubya and you get Palin

The market has spoken - the bailout sucks - DOW down 220 points after Senate passes bill

Illegal Immigration Declines As Economy Falters

Why will the MSM say Palin won the debate?

Buy each panda an Arleigh Burke class destroyer (for the cost of the War in Iraq so far)

Fox News Capitalizes on Election in Ratings Race

Are Ohio and Florida the only states we need to keep an eye on for funny business?

We need a game changing bailout plan

Time to demand a Congressional investigation into Blackwater

The bailout explained

Stevens Trial Suspended Over Possible Brady Violation

3-Month, $300 Million WMD Search Finds Only 1 Small Vial. Also Billions to Iraq:Yes/Kid's Health:No

Wolfowitz Up to More Mischief? latest LTTE is the most commented...but

Yea, surge! Blasts kill 20 Shiite worshippers in Iraq as they mark Eid

good things to do

McCain responding to question about healthcare: "I've never been an astronaut..." WTF???????

parents wouldn't do it so Alaskan students asked for & got sex ed.

parents wouldn't do it so Alaskan students asked for & got sex ed.

Charges filed against Fannie Mae executives

It really has to be asked: Is McCain's mental instability lately...

I didn't realize the Rethugs would go to this extreme over illegal immigrants.

I just checked my and my BF voter registartion! ALL GOOD !

The Palin Payoff: How Sarah Brings in the Christian Cash ($10 million from evangelicals & hard right

Cheney's "undisclosed location" revealed!!!

'In honor of Sarah Palin'

Did Mika tell Willy (Morning Joe) "you're an ass" this morning during News you Can't Use

Just look at the size of the crowds Obama draws.



I have a friend who is a lost cause

Because I don't watch much Tee-Vee, I was wondering.....

Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1 (aka. Preparing for the next FALSE FLAG op.)

Races for Michigan GOP Reps. Walberg, Knollenberg Now Rated Tossups

Is Gramps McBush going to be sitting next to Sarah and answering questions for her tonight?

60 percent of voters: Palin is not qualified to be VP

Cartoonist Mike THOMPSON cites "FAUX News", sends up HUME & "Greta Sans Substance"!1

the post turtle

O'Reilly is looking more like a child everyday.

John McCain Jokes About Women Enjoying Rape

Republicans destroyed the U.S. and discredited capitalism

Wachovia Limits Access to $9.3 Billion Investment Fund for 900 Colleges

Apall-Mart to cut prices on its toxic toys in order to stimulate early Christmas shopping.....

Apall-Mart to cut prices on its toxic toys in order to stimulate early Christmas shopping.....

Are you worried about Biden's performance toni_ht?

Great. Noriega is closing in on Cornyn

U.S. Factory Orders Suffer Steepest Decline In Two Years

Secret Empire...Opaque Financial Instruments...Secret Liquidity...Result: No Confidence...

Michael Moore: Ask Everyone You Know - Are You Registered To Vote? (Also, Bailout & 'Religulous')

Bail Out Bill Earmarks

Ever wonder how to respond to the SURGE worked? See today's Democracy Now! with Robert Fisk.

In All Honesty, Sarah Palin has no business being on the same stage with Joe Biden tonight

Obama Live From Michigan On MSNBC & CNN Now.

Schadenfreude north of the border: the Canadian federal election may be illegal

Does Someone From DU Write For Rasmussen? Just For A Quick Little Chuckle:

No matter what happens toni_ht, they *will* spin it. And so will we.

After Taser death, cop dies in apparent suicide

Here's your bullshit fundamentals in McSame's home state.

Steve Fosset's plane found?

Michael Bloomberg, who once called attempts to end term limits "disgusting".......

Comedian condemned after Palin jibe

Comedian condemned after Palin jibe

McCain’s shrinking electoral map

After WWII, for decades Germans in movies, TV, and fiction were portrayed as

Next president will reshape U.S. courts from top to bottom

538: "Real Credibility Problems" (Real Clear Politics Cherry Picking Polls)

So where have all these Billions gone that we've given out in the past few weeks?

Cannabis less harmful than drinking, smoking: report

So the asshats on CNBC just blamed this whole financial crisis on...


Palin Debate Drinking Game

Rove Cybergate.Com

I called my Rep again today about the bailout, and asked him to make Pelosi work for his vote.

Most Tragically Forgotten Bush-era Disaster?

Sodomizing Children. For Freedom.

Marie Cocco: Sarah Palin Is the Pet Rock of Politics

Looking for a specific cartoon that was posted here a while ago.

The best investment plan:

The shocking evolution of disaster capitalism: Warning: McCainonomics channels inner Friedman/Reagan

I can't believe McCain is STILL saying Obama wanted to teach sex ed to kindergarteners!

Caption or Photoshop this!

McCain and Obama health care proposals

Ugh! You Tube has been throwing fits all day!!

The closer this gets to election day, the harder it is for repukes to steal

surge update - Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 20 in Baghdad

Golden parachutes for the top 1%, eternal debt for the rest of us

South Floridians: Here's a list of Union AC/Refrigeration Contractors

I am convinced that the global financial crisis is a distraction maneuver from the elite

Poll: Obama opens 9 point lead over McCain in Va.


Poll: Obama has 11-point lead in Minnesota

HIV dates back to around 1900, study shows

It's only castles burning map (FLA, OHIO, VA all just flipped, NC Tied)

Richard Trumka-There's not a single good reason to vote against Barack Obama

"Morning Joe" Scarborough Fact: He helped Dr David Gunn's assassin...

Flirting with Palin earns Pakistani president a fatwa

OUCH! Check Out This Congress Woman's Take On The Wall Street Bail-Out! Go OHIO!

So, I was browsing YouTube and I found this guy Brad Stine. . .and he sucks.

CNN polls show Obama gaining in battleground states

I think Obama voted for the Bailout as the lesser of two evils...This had to be really bad

Asia Times: When you hear that there is no choice but a bailout, remember: it just ain't so.

Sarah Palin Racist Comments Witness Gregory Charles Royal to Hold Press Conference...

Pls help, so sorry, but does anyone know WHERE is the post re- 400 economists

VP Debate - can't be a "tie"

We did it! National Debt Exceeds $10 Trillion!

Faux news webpage is doing a number on Biden now

11 Racist Lies Conservatives Tell To Avoid Blaming Wall Street For The Financial Crisis

Something good about the Senate passing the Bail Out Bill?

Palin draws skepticism even in conservative South

Complete tally of Senate vote including state & party affiliation

Ohio company offers 'Sarah-Cuda' hunting bow

I have been a Democrat for a very long time

Kentucky Horserace: McConnell’s Rival Pulls Even

Palin Worth Over $1 Million

Foreclosure Alley - good piece on foreclosures in the Inland Empire.

Credit squeeze hitting another medium-size business - Georgia

The Gov't's Role In 11 September

rate the debates as they happen...... >>LINK>>>

I need to buy a grease gun.

Estimates show Palin assets top $1 million

"Boston Tea Party 2008"

It's MADNESS I tell ya!

Here's What the Cato Inst. said about the CLINTON Bailout:

Who knew that SNL could be so prophetic re: Bush?

Campaign says Palin's foreign experience includes Arctic claims; US says Alaska not involved

McCain's Non-Support for Troops and Veterans: The Master List

well, isn't it blackmail ?

Iran and Maslov (no, Ms. Palin, he's not one of Putin's men)

AARP - Advocates? Or Corporate Weasels?

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Phoenix has $100K to give to an anti-gay marriage initiave WHY??

CNN: Searchers find wreckage possibly belonging to Fossett

Just saw an ad for "An American Carol". Boy, I hope that movie bombs like no other movie ever has.

Latinos or maybe Micronesians, what does Quest Mean en mean?

Are there any voter registration sites

Are there any voter registration sites

Only Rhode Island exceeds Arizona job loss! Hey Lumpy McSame! How's your fucking fundamentals?

A very important message from Harry Truman

Dan Rather Interviews Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight


Wall Street Journal Poll

My fellow Americans

Senate Passes Bailout Legislation Complete With Obscure Tax Breaks (Earmarks up the Ol' Wazoo!)

Tom Morello on with Tavis tonight -- free speech zones in Denver/Minneapolis/St.Paul

I think I just found the :deceipt" in our AG appointing a special prosecutor.

Warning: Rant About Trivial Bullshit

I feel like we are playing a game called Monopoly on Steroids.

At least Fonzie Hong cared enough to write.

You've got exactly 6.6 seconds...ask me anything

I love Tim Gunn!

what's for supper on Debate Night?

Anybody else remember "Underdog"?

My thread was locked, ask me anything!

OK people, I am NOT A DUAHOLIC

Should I go to bed ?

Ok,I'm done. Good night gentle DUers...

I just get off work and I don't see any Dodgers threads on the first page?

You've got exactly 66 minutes...ask me anything

The only good bit of financial news I'll hear all week

McCain campaign workers needed

Dimenhydrinate + alcohol

Who is more intelligent?

I started thinkin'. You know I started drinkin'.


ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz zzZZZzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZzzzz......

Financial wisdom for my fellow Lounge Lizards:

I showed my heart to the doctor: he said I just have to quit.

I am liking this "Kiss My Ass" toilet paper.

New! Topical innocuous phrases that can be euphemisms for sex

I'm not going to be ignored. I'll boil your bunny, I swear

Yeah, this will help break down mental health stigmas

Pardon me, Angels fans...

"Gov. Palin, are you able to complete a coherent sentence?"

Ok Lounge...When would you be concerned?

Live action "Yogi Bear" movie!

Dave Ramsey

Post your dog songs/lyrics here!

Do bi-planes have a choice?

The fucking coyotes woke me up at 5am this morning!

Why is everyone always arguing about pork?

Use an example of "gotcha" in real world situations

Goddamn fleas

Take your mind off the bailout for moment...Man Shoots Self After Denied Sex

Wow, found an awesome hobo pic

I bought this cookbook today on a whim: Cuisines of the Axis of Evil

anyone come up w/ rules for the tonight's debate drinking game?

OK people, Loungers are NOT WORKAHOLICS!

Interstates and the economy poll

Have I ever reccomended "New Waterford Girl" to you folks?

You know what this place needs? More of The Band

It's debate MANIA tonight. Canada leadership debate (en francais) and VP deabte.


Oh yeah, Baby, HEyHEY has Gogol Bordello tix!

Boy Scout camp staffers claim sexual harrassment at summer party

Awwwww...How cute (part II)

Working from home is wonderful! When I wanted to take a break at the office,

It's Talk Like a Palin Day!

I wish we really could delete our own posts.

Question about sales on DU Marketplace.

"Porn War" breaks out again in GD; thousands feared dead, civilians warned to flee.

Video- What goes on in McCain's brain

When's the debate?

An error occurred during processing.

Hey McDonald's !


I have the best hot cider recipe, but no place to post it...

*spoiler alert* But ladies and gents, the name is Papelbon.

*spoiler alert* But ladies and gents, the name is Papelbon.

Wanna see something beautiful?

Does this post make me look fat?


Eating kangaroos could help fight global warming

Radio playing a LOT of Queen today (one of my PERSONAL favorite bands)

So is DU running as horrible for others lately as it has been for me?

Lounge vibes request- Going to "couples" counseling with the ex this afternoon...

It smells like something died in my sink.

MLB Game Channel is very, very slow.....

Bad Religion couldn't play here this weekend because of Elton John

So, im a total loser, im looking for comfort on a computer screen...


Only 4 looooong hours until I'm home....yawn

Okay, obscure sci fi film buffs. Tell me the name of this movie.

I LOVE DU spell check

i've taught my cat to say please

A bold prediction about tonight's Vice Presidential debate

I think Eva Longoria's days as the best known E. Longoria may be numbered.

Photo dump from Tuesday's trip to La Jolla Sea Cave. Warning, semi puerco butt crack image included.

Just as peahens' preferences have created male peacocks' huge displays...

Princess Leia Sings!

Ever have a flashback to some obscure movie you once remembered seeing?

Help me pick one

FanTASTIC video!!!! Must see!!!!!

Argument Clinic - Now OPEN

Another day another brazen gun murder in Vancouver

That sound you may have just heard


I'm an annoying person, amn't I?

Say hello to Rupert (***extreme faint-from-the-cuteness alert***)

Calling Sister Midnight...

Mystery rashes solved!

Tar Beach.

I've been thinking that maybe I should start thinking again

Answer honestly

Guess where you go if you hit

Oh man, I can't believe The Office was bumped for the debate

need a hot cider recipe for tonight

I'm 37, why am I forgetting how to spell teh words???????????????????

i am "totally" the best big sister in the world

New therapist

Ok. What time does DU go to DefCon 1? And will it make it higher than that??

Isn't it fun to misread something so it seems really weird?

Can I get a woo-hoo for the Tampa Bay Rays?

A Picture of a Baby Being Swallowed by an Alligator

If your SO does not want to get intimate. Probably don't do this:

Is there a drinking game for tonight'sdebate?

The Pumpkin Pecan bread from Whole Foods is godly.

What the hell? All of my pictures are so dark...

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday October 2

Aren't The Avengers just a group of superheroes who can't carry a series on their own?

I've had a fly who is weak. Should I be feared?

I've lived in NYC for a dozen years and I had my first Reuben Sandwich today

What does a reptile wear on its feet?


instead of the stupid debate,

JC Romero - don't suck!

Name other people who were this good at their job

Lounge, I have decided to stop thinking about drinking

My kitten died last night

So I just saw an advert for the new "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Newspaper guy came knocking on my door just now

I have absolutely nothing to say...

radiohead released there new video on myspace

I just realized I get the same sick feeling watching Sarah Palin as I do when I try to watch

Delete. Dupe.

GAAAAAAAAAA!!! I couldn't get on DU during the entire debate!

I can't bear to watch the debates. Anybody else?

Dupe nt

Jeez, I know everyone is excited about the Rays winning Game 1 and all...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/2/2008)

question to landlords about credit scores...

Whenever I watch a debate on CNN, I feel like I'm on life support.

ShitI overslept!

Mr. Clean actor House Peters Jr. dead at 92

Mr. Clean actor House Peters Jr. dead at 92

Who is the ASSHOLE in the pink tie on CNBC?

You betcha!

Know what I didn't miss for the two weeks without power, Sarah and her voice.

What happens if I $mf someone?

Oh my gawd. I don't think I can bear to watch it.

Goodnight!!!! (you know who)

The wagon made a stop

Yay! DU's finally fucking back!

I think we all know the DU Hotplate caused the circuit to trip.

Maverick! Maverick! Maverick!

Question: When at Defcon 1, what does the "$mf" next to the ignore button mean?

There'z some fargin' AWEsome audio streams on iTunes...!

quick reply feature

Tacoma area DU-ers! I'm at the Varsity Grill on Broadway at a Debate Party.

First "Betcha." Everybody take a drink (n/t)

Is DU getting ready for Version 3?

My great thanks to whoever started the DU Panic Room. You were lifesavers tonight

What happened?

Where the hell is jeff30997?

To the person that donated a star to me...

This is the dingo.

Whatcha wearin?

Who the hell are you night owls anyway? I can't sleep which is often the case

Every time I see a McCain Palin sign I feel like committing a felony

I never come to the lounge. You guys are so fun! n/t

Things I don't understand

Anybody remember this old horror flick?

I forgot all about a meeting this afternoon. Just completely blew it off.

Ok, it's 61 degrees in here, should I turn on the heat???

Okay, you math geniuses, riddle me this:

Too good to let fall in GD

Where the hell is elshiva ?

Anyone want a Springer mix?

OK, guys, today is my birthday. I expect gourmet meals, delicious

Help me with a hostess gift.

How long after a perm do you wait to wash your hair?

Am I the only one with a spouse who can't be wrong?

I just had a baked samosa (instead of fried) and boy was it good. I am hooked!!

It's cold in my house and I wanna hug.

So I have to fly in about a week ... should I be scared?

Rosie to get 'Variety Show' on NBC

Dawgmom - is that a Samoyed on your avatar?

Man - I'd forgotten what a piece of shit the Berenstain Bears are!

My first day on blood pressure medication...

Parenting help required please!

Is there anyway I can watch the debate w/out my ears bleeding from Palin's flat A accent?

"I want to talk about whatever I want to talk about no matter what the question is!"

A Car Problem question

Sting is 57 today.

Marge Gunderson vs Sarah Palin.

Did you know that docs in the Word version in Microsoft Office 2007

My 208th Post

I can't take four years of "betcha's" and "darn right's"

Theft of Yard Signs Tonight - Theives Caught

I need to find an anti McCain e-mail to send out

Sarah Palin Nude Painting At Chicago Bar -- How Appropriate

Has anyone else noticed that in the last few weeks McCain seems to be getting older?

ROGER EBERT: Guess who's not coming to dinner?

The New Yorker endorses Obama

President Obama

I aplogize for calling Palin an idiot. Clearly that is not the case.

Hey, Sarah! You dropped these:

Apparently the Gays Love Biden !! They call him the Silver Fox !!!

SARAH WINKED (pic) ----->

I Got A Feelin’ — McCain Campaign “Adjusting” in Key States - Michigan, Virginia, Florida, In., etc.

Are shout outs to third graders in a national debate tacky or a brilliant move?

Senator Biden, Thank you for your authenticity, your intelligence...

Biden Excellent; Palin easily exceeded expectations

Why were the male watchers so much more gracious in their ratings in the CNN

FL sends McCain camp SCRAMBLING... their game plan is TOAST

Considering McNasty's Apparent Disdain/Contempt For Obama....

The bottom line is that Biden introduced himself to America and knocked it out of the park

Skinner, I miss the SKIP IT option!

Do you seriously think Palin is wearing a wire?

OMG!!! A doctor weighs in about McCain's facial ticks and confused behavior on camera yesterday

Hey! I won palin BINGO!

United Mine Workers defends Obama, shuts down mine in West Virginia.

Palin's gained weight, and I get the feeling she may be on drugs, perhaps antidepressants?

Psychic: Stars not aligned for Palin, doubts election will take place

I am an average american mom and I RESENT the stereo type she is portraying me

Why do so many people watch NASCAR?

PHOTOS Screw the debate, these images made my day


After listening to Palin in this debate I have concluded that she may be manic!!

Official DU the poll THREAD


Palin's young child was holding the baby ~ how old is that little girl?

DU This POLL ! NEEDS LOVE!!! Who Won The VP Debate??? VOTE

Who woulda thunk the person who would choke up when talking about their family would be the guy?

Biden won.

FOX Poll...LOL

Folks, it looks as if MSNBC tilts right during the day and then shift left...

Florida GOP meets in secret as Obama passes McCain in polls

Palins flipped the bird to the East Coast? Thank you for giving us East Coast

LOL - Palin pic

The One thing Biden did WRONG...


OMG- McCain campaign apologizes to British Embassy for LYING that Palin met the British Ambassador!

I'm calling out Chuck Todd

Did Palin say that"General McClellan is the commander in Afghan"

Palin did a FUCKIN' SHOUT OUT!!

Let's try AGAIN. Did anybody else notice how Palin apparently has a

The most phony performance I've ever seen.


Watching Tweety interview Washington U. students gave me faith in the youth of America.

DId I just hear on KO McSame GAVE UP on Michigan?????

She never answered the questions she just rambled incoherently. nt

Biden v. Palin on Dick Cheney

Joe Biden: May the Force be with you.

FINALLY! *Someone* nailed it that Ahmadinejad is NOT in control of Iran's military! Thank you, Joe!

DU This KUTV Poll


The reviews for the Biden/Palin Debate are already in! Wow!

A good friend will be protesting outside the Biden-Palin debate tonight

Here are some photos of Obama in Reno yesterday, taken by my daughter

McCain concedes Michigan to Obama

No Winkin Wankers in the White House...

I'm sorry....Joe Biden and the Dems lost the debate because he didn't win it...

Who won tonight's debate?

General McClellan? Palin gets Commanding General in Afghanistan name wrong multiple times

Weathervane mcsame strikes again? Now not sure of his vote yesterday?

Sorry about the downtime: We blew a circuit.

Did Biden start to tear up when talking about know what it's like to have injured son?

Did anyone actually COUNT the number of questions she ducked vs. those she answered?

What exactly is a Joe Six-Pack?

Tip O'The Day: When Debating For Vice Presidency Only Wink ONCE

This VP Debate wasn't a Debate. It was a Palin memorization Test.


Alaska, Alaska, Alaska...and that snotty remark about Eastern States.

Admit It: Palin Did A Hell Of A Lot Better Than Anyone Expected

Warren Buffet Agrees WIth Obama Economic Plan


OK, let's get serious here: using an earpiece in a debate would be near IMPOSSIBLE.

She SUCKED! Lost the women on the PAGEANT WINK!!

The Daily Fix: A Compilation of All the Polls Released Today and Where Things Stand

Name a cartoon character Sarah Palin played tonight?

OMG this video is a hoot about how Sarah Palin has NEVER seen Russia

That's IT! I am not watching the debate tonight.


What the hell was up with Palin giving the entire East Coast a big F.U.?

This Poll Needs Some DU Lovin'!

Which Red State is the most likely to turn into a "Battleground State" soon?

Biden schooling Palin on the Constitution (re: the VP)...who else loved that?

Senator Hillary Clinton Statement on the Debate

Don't make that mistake to think

Could you pass the Citizenship test?

72-25% Biden On CNN Poll

Eugene Robinson - "strangest debate I've ever seen"

Did I understand correctly? She got very confused on deregulation vs. regulation/rules?

I'll admit I was impressed that the families came together on stage at the end

My husband just said "It's not like we're electing president of the bowling alley"

Damn....Biden talking about the tragedy...

Get your DEBATE SURVIVAL KIT Right Here!!

"Blunders were made in the war" - In that sing song tone with eyes rolling was insulting

It's after 11 pm -- what kind of mother keeps an infant up past 11 pm?

Let's try for a THIRD time. Did anybody hear Palin's stated

This Pic Says All You Need To Know About Palin

It was a good debate. I watched on MSNBC, though, and the post debate televising was skewed.

Cone pone on that moose burger, anybody?

The Loser Of This Debate - Gwen Ifill

palin said she'd do more debates. when will they be?

"John McCain knows how to win a war"-

Biden v. Palin on McMaverick

Three's a charm..Biden won the debate and 2 negative Palin stories out during it....

Buchanan is in love with Palin.

I'm glad there's going to be a woman moderator for tonight's debate.

TNR: Joe Biden--Inspired Veep Pick

Gwen Ifill

Weak, Weak, Weak: John McCain's got real problems. (updated)

CBS Milwaukee Poll

Robert Shrum: McCain Lost the VP Debate Too

DU This Poll

---I want SARAH FUCKING PALIN to go HOME and NEVER show her face again!!!!---

Kudo's To Joe Biden......

Biden/Palin debate?

I wonder if Texans are getting a little tired of Palin bragging about Alaska being the biggest state

it's the wink folks. that is what will sink Palin with women.

CBS POLL of UNCOMMITTED VOTERS: Biden wins debate 46-21

DU This AOL Poll - 2 questions

Spread the DU love...(NBC Minneapolis Poll)

Poll to DU and enjoy.

These are Serious Times, and we need Serious People in office....

DU This MSNBC Poll

BREAKING: Pat Buchanan calls the kettle black!

Raleigh triangle poll, NC


The format is the only thing that saved Palin from a disaster

DU This WHDH Boston Poll

Another Poll to DU to vote and enjoy.

DU This HamptonRoads Poll

Did anyone else pick up on Palin's challenge to the media to determine who is telling the truth?

DU Lovin' Never Gets Old (poll), and This Poll Needs It (Toledo)

Anybody feel like crying?

CBS poll: Uncommitteds, Biden won. (Awesome!)

Denver polls:

Palin linked herself to Cheney.

LOL...Dick Morris is Comparing her to Ronald Reagan

*****My quick email to Gwen*****

I am betting most women voters saw right through the Palin eye-rolling, winking, preening ....

Drill baby drill? Ya think that's what Chugach Natives chant?

Joe choked up, Palin Ignored his pain, launched into Imprinted diatribe

My Canvassing Results from Last Night in North Central Indiana:

Did the subjects of abortion even in cases of rape or incest come up? How 'bout creationism?

Palin in two words

"She had answers to questions-Not the questions that were asked, but answers nonetheless"

Hey, Let's All Watch The Rebroadcast Now That DU Is Back Up Again?

Who knew that Gwen Ifill would make Kathy Couric look competent?

She lacks empathy

Palin's broadcast journalism degree pays off...what a talking hairdo

It could never be "hard hitting" while Ifill was serving up Nerf balls with no follow-up

"Don't think that just because I'm a man that I don't know what it's like..."

Countdown Clock to Dumb Republicans Accusing Biden of Faking Emotion for His Family BEGINS NOW!!!

One of Biden's Best Moments

Biden Versus McCain - Biden Did Not Exploit His Personal Tragedy

From what group home does CNN recruit its focus members?

Why Biden Is Polling Well - Joe Nobody Biden v. Sarah Media-Sensation Palin

Luntz focus group of undecideds overwhelmingly says Palin won!?!

They did a good job of lowering expectations but Ernestine did NOT win.

Um... Sarah... Winking IS Blinking... Just with one eye.

Palin Won the Theater, Biden Won the Debate - Which is More Important?

Ok, call me a sap, but I find this picture touching

I'm dying to know this, it's petty, but WHO is Palin's "diverse" family - they don't look too

I am impressed that Barack Obama is Leading effectively on the rescue bill

The attack on Gwen Ifill is racism, pure and simple

Did Ifill ask that Palin stick to just answering the questions put to her?

Priceless Freeper comment- Biden confused on Afghan commander's name

Biden focused correctly: showing HIS moxi, let Palin read her lines

DUing polls is OK...LTTE is CRUCIAL!

Biden wins the VP debate, fair and square

Biden made one very serious mistake tonight

FOX Cincinnati Poll

Daily Show/Stewart just destroyed McCain on his same-day flip-flop on the bailout

Luntz focus group TIED to McCain Business

Was Buchanan Palin's "empathy coach?"

I underestimated how much my heart would be filled with contempt.

Congrats Biden! You KILLED it!

Pat Buchanon thinks Palin is refreshing in new

I love it when Joe referred to himself in the third person.

***Please Post "Scientific" Poll Results for the Debate here***

Just got home from Debate party--Biden nailed it!!

Lies live longer than winks...(nt)

Biden v. Palin on Bush's "abject failure"

One trick pony

I'm delighted with Palin! Go Sarah!

Take your clothes off, everyone. The Governor of Alaska is winking at us.

First, Governor Palin, we are still living under Bush. Second, learn hx so you DON'T repeat it ...

I just heard this on KO


LOL- Fatwa issued against Pakistani leader for flirting with Palin ... link

How can it be that no one brought Palin to task for not answering the questions???

Pat Buchanan will be embarrassed when her written answers are dissected tomorrow...

What did I miss...

Dear Sarah Palin, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina are "eastern states"

Debate Word Cloud

FOX Cleveland Poll that you will enjoy.

Biden v. Palin on climate change

Sarah Palin should stick to being a hockey mom

Does that ditz running for VP on the Republican ticket really believe she won anyone over

Um, was anyone else not able to post for a while?

On Fox News: Palin gaffes on Afghanistan general

The two most powerful words ever to be uttered to advance the interests of the Democratic Party


Palin reminded me of Margaret Jo McCullen & Teri Rialto interviewing Pete Schweddy on SNL...

Post all polls here!! We need them

Only the undecided voters matter now

Why is Palin "handled" more carefully than a rabid weasel?

David Brooks - Palin was every bit Biden's equal - she held her own

As we predicted, some of the MSM is grading Palin on a generous curve!

Who is Smarter?

I wish Palin would get called on her Alaska record more

Senator O' BIDEN? ..... Did I just hear that right?

Biden was a fantastic advocate for Obama tonight.

Yep, she brought the Snark

What was with all the winking?

Biden's BEST moment and his main error. (Overall he clearly won!)

Red hot Palin picture... this is total Freeper porn right here.... ***PIC***

This debate was not a damn tie...

Biden forgot to mention that the

Biden Really Won Me Over...

Lots of "undecideds" saw Biden for the first time tonite.

What was that change of heart moment Biden contributed to Jesse Helms?

Palin is coming off as ridiculously fake.

Josh Marshall's Debate Reaction

All DUers saying "Palin did well" or "it was a tie", ARE FUCKING HIGH!

PBS pundit reactions (aside from Brooks and Shields).

I wish Biden had mentioned 68million leases not being drilled.

Hillary Clinton weighs in

I'm sorry, but how could you be undecided?

Why was Palin constantly writing on her notecards during the debate

Text your vote to MSNBC 622639 -- Text A for Biden

I respect Joe Biden because he won the debate and didn't ONCE attack Palin directly....

Another thing I hated: WIN THE WAR!!!!

Why does Palin insist on talking like a high schooler?

Undecided voters?

Some Of Palin's Answers Sounded Like Answers A Contestant In A Beauty .......

Was Palin's only real task tonight to erase public memories of the Gibson & Couric interviews?

Rachel: The big news tonight is that PALIN WANTS MORE POWER than Cheney!

Is Palin a Shape Shifter. IMO, she exposes the personality needed for the situation too easily.

Opinions, we have opinions!


Poll: Who won the debate? (poll daddy)

Fux News Kool-Aid Guzzlers weigh in on tonight's debate...

Notice they chickened out of asking any tough questions like

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

CQ Transcript: Palin and Biden in the Vice Presidential Candidates’ Debate

Does anyone else think she was trying to trap Biden when she asked

OMG for the first time Palin was boring

PALIN - "I win"

I'd say she was awful to really awful.

Did anyone else hurl every time she winked?

A letter to my (comic strip's) readers:

Not Ready For Prime Time Palin

I'm glad I don't live in Hawaii....

She STILL thinks she's running for damned beauty queen.

Wasilla: The nth Largest City in America

The ONLY thing I'll admit about Palin is she's got a good memory. Aside from that she fucking SUCKED

Sarah Palin is the perfect Republican

Heh. Ed Rollins, that fraudulent whore, was the only CNN analyst to rate Palin over Biden.

*****Official - I can't watch anymore - thread*******

Let's give Palin some credit, people!

So was the Premium Members Forum the only one that was up during the debate?

Howard Fineman is right... Palin's (non)answers will be picked apart post debate...

"Palin" is a tribal Alaskan name meaning ______________

"Biden Won"

McCain and Palin back where they started

What WOULD have shown class when Biden was remembering his family-

Palin "tied"? Biden "didn't win"? WTF?? Are you shitting me? Let's straighten this out right now

Long and short of it--Palin did nothing that will change the current momentum

I cannot WAIT for SNL this weekend

Does anyone remember what Palin said about civil unions?


A noun, a verb and energy

The final word on this debate: NOTHING.

Look at those two douchebags standing behind Gov. Lingle on KO

CBS Poll: More Uncommitted Voters Saw Biden As Winner

She Was Insulting and Disrespectful.

A little DU love needed. (Twin CIties FOX news poll.)

Its not enough to "win" the debate

2 things I want in an Obama ad tomorrow "flexible Constitution?" "blunders..." Thanks Sarah! nt

Was she auditioning for a part in "Annie Get Your Gun"?

DU this poll

The pace of her talk was frantic

Kudos for Joe Biden for having the control to sigh only once!

Anyone Have a Link to watch the Full Debate?

You betcha Gwen. That's a really sucky question, so here's my answer to something totally different.

Noun. Verb. Maverick.

For someone who runs a state with lots of resources...

My take on the debate: snoozefest

Donating tonight

I'm a teacher who doesn't want my reward "in heaven"

I'm gonna come out and say it. Palin & the "B" word...

What did Joe say about Cheney? As a VPOTUS? A criminal? Did I get that right?

Polls!! Where are they?

Bill Schneider on CNN said

Hey Sarah! Your Goose Is About To Get Cooked! - GOP Suit To Halt TROOPERGATE - DISMISSED!

Biden won because he hammered the central point: middle class better under Obama

I got bingo as soon as she said "special needs". Just wanted to say it.

Oh my God! she did better than I expected!

I agree with ONE statement that Palin made:

I received TWO polling calls during debate

CNN Poll: Biden 73, Palin 24. Yeah!!! Vote now!

Sarah Palin doesn't know the definition for Achilles' Heel

It's NOT "Nook - You - Ler"

Folks, Sarah Palin Is A Fox News TV Anchor

Dem VP choice grades.....

Transcripts will show Palin was just babbling most the time & not speaking in complete sentences

CNN: Biden 51-36

KO just challenged Palin to come on for one hour with no filters

I think this Debate was clearly a Tie. Last week wasn't. Obama WON

Palin appeared to be reading from notes at times in the debate

I thought it was strange when Palin stared into the camera while addressing Biden

So Biden won the debate, cleary.

CBS Instapoll-Biden 46% Palin: 21% Tie: 33%

Lousy questions, lousy moderation. Milk-safe, boring, and general

POTUS 08 -- Palin "vamping" the camera, Biden won Indy's 70-30

Yahoo is trying really hard to be evenhanded but they are failing:

tax cuts create jobs right?!?!

Good thing I wasn't playing "Maverick" drinking game

Joe BIden Treated Her With A Lot More Respect Than McCain Did Obama

So now we know. Palin is McCain's official "fluffer"! that in the vp role spec???

Anyone watch this on BBC World News?

CNN: 64% thought Biden did better than they expected!

Does she keep looking down at notes?

CNN Poll: Biden more likely to bring change 53-42

The Palin Strategy: Don't answer the question

So Palin Won't BLINK But She's Perfectly Okay With Multiple WINKS!

Palin thinks Cheney has the correct constitutional understanding of the VP role.

I'll say this for Ms. Palin

I almost tore my hair out

CNN, CBS, ABC all seemed to call the debate for Biden.

Palin was snide, rude, blatantly dishonest, & she memorized every answer -

"Doggonit," she's a whack-job !

Looking forward to Tiny Fay winking and flirting with the audience...


CNN national phone poll (of debate watchers only) Biden 51% Palin 36%

Elad Sucks..... Sorry dude your server failed earlier today and you gave a lame reply

I want my President & Vice President to be polite and affable. My conclusion after the debates:

This was not a debate - it was a Sarah Palin Memorization Test:

Missed the debate tonight. Is there somewhere online I can watch it?

In terms or numbers... this seems like a push.

Maybe now you'll believe this is a real fight.

"Joe, your wife deserves a place in heaven"

The Daily Widget, Thur 10/2 – O-377, M-161 – Caution: Optimism Within (Not For Sourpusses)

Okay, can any of you guess what program will be on SATURDAY NIGHT?

Tomorrow's House Vote on Bailout Kills VP Debate Story

Olberman Just Said CBS Poll Calls it 46-21 For Biden with 33% Undecided

SwampRat! What can you do with this pix?

My wife and I agreed - Palin defines the mediocrity and vacuousness that

Did anyone see the radio receiver on Palin?

THOUGHTS on when Biden choked up re: his family's tragedy...?

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

What did you do during the crash?

NOTHING CHANGED TONIGHT ... and that's cool

God, she was awful!

Politico Poll

I was wrong...Palin fucked up big and more than once...

I hope we can all now agree that Joe Biden was the absolutely correct choice for VP

Candy Crowley on CNN is a twit!!!!!!!

I guess Palin turned out not to be the one having tears, she can't show any true emotion but Joe can

She scares me...

Palin rewarding herself after the debate

Biden won: Palin failed

Fox News Poll: Text "A" to 36288.

Breaking CNN scientific poll just released-Voters say Senator Biden won debate by 51-36% margin

Did I hear Palin keep referring to Joe Biden as Senator O'Biden?

This entire election is about substance.

Biden's best moment was when he took back the mantle of "soccer dad" from Palin

Dear God!


David Plouffe Rolls on Tom Brokaw After McCain's Gwen Ifill Complaint

I think most will disagree with her on thinking the VP powers should be expanded, eom.

Did anyone hear Palin through Republicans under the bus?

I was peeved at Ifill re: question about domestic partner benefits for gays & lesbians

Howard Fineman: Palin a wolverine latching onto the pant leg of a passerby

What were the squeaking noises?

Did you notice how Palin snapped into "Manchurian Candidate" mode ? Wow!

I'm nekkid

I have to give this to her:

OMFG Palin is having a USA USA USA USA rally?

Please post all Polls here!

CNN Poll: Biden 51 Palin 38, I think

CNN Opinion Research Poll: Biden wins 51-36

CNN is right -- Palin was running for 2012 tonight and did not help McCain. ()

DU MSNBC POLL!!! She's got 38%

Whoever the family members of Palin standing behind her must

CNN playing her rally while Joe flies home to say goodbye to his son :( nt

Gosh golly gee whiz doggone it also heck oh yah well shucks okay den

KARE 11 Minneapolis Poll

"And everywhere like such as...," WOW!!!

Women and Biden....the CNN graph showed women voters were very high for Biden, not so much for Palin

---Achilles Heel!!!! She had NO FUCKING CLUE what it was!!!----

What did you do during the crash?

The ONE THING Joe should have said: When Talking Caribou Barbie

CBS news poll: Biden wins 46-21 33% Tie

Did anyone like Governor Palin's impression of Tina Fey?

Gergen: Biden was exceedingly excellent...John King sucking neocon wind as usual..pumping up Palin.

OMG she winked at me!!!!111!1eleven!1

Go Howard Fineman!!!!!! She used every attack line she learned in Sedona.

CBS Instant Poll of Uncommitted: Biden wins 46-21!!!

Awesome-man Biden is KICKING her ass!

Hey, Where Was Everybody? I Was Here All By Myself

The most phony performance I've ever seen.

WCCO Minneapolis Poll

Keith is on now....... if that helps

McCain concedes Michigan.

This Veteran, Joe-Sixpack proudly salutes Senator Biden

Minneapolis Poll Biden VS. Palin

CNN Poll Looks Good To Me....

The CNN graph crashed when she says "Joe Six-Pack"

Biden was a Clapton solo Palin was hot cross buns...

Holy Molly...Good gracious she sucks sucks

Biden won by humoring her.

I'm sorry, I'm confused - why would any Democrat vote for the bailout bill?

CNN Online Poll

Transcript of Sarah Palin's responses: "Blah, blah, blah, Maverick. Blah, Blah, Blah, Maverick. Blah

Palin Has More Tells Than McCain

Those who find Chatty Cathy a charming and thoughtful raconteur would be equally entranced with Palin

Elad owes us an apology or an explanation for this lame site.

Damnit, my direct TV satellite went down and only Tivoed the beginning of the debate.

McClellan's our leader, he's gallant and strong....

Listening to Sarah Palin Actually Lowered My IQ.

Tomorrow will be Obama's BIGGEST CONTRIBUTION DAY. No Democrat will ever want to see that woman in

Help...there was an article on earlier today about a foreign news agency getting

Buchanan says Palin demolished Biden

I HATE that stupid WINK!

Wow, a fair number of MSM commentators are pushing the "she looked coached" story

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Well gosh darn it. Shucks! Wink wink! Hey Joe!

What was that?

OK, I'm already sick and tired of 'game changer'


Admit it - Biden answered questions and cemented his middle class roots

Gwen sucked as a moderator ... never called Palin on the non answer

Palin's performance was a complete failure

I think this Debate was clearly a Tie. Last week wasn't Obama WON

DU MSNBC Poll - She's got 38%!!! UGH

Bottom line: zero impact. She needed a homerun -- she got a bloop single.

More important than getting Gen McKiernan's name wrong

Aaaaarrrrrrghhhhh Buchanan is usch a clueless SOB

----Pat Buchannan thinks she was fucking captivating!!!!! He says she won!!----

Biden Won The Debate. Palin Saved Face, Campaign Momentum Unchanged.

So their new talking point is that Obama is looking backwards, not forward.

She lost a lot of women with that "cutesy"BS...My republican neighbor is completely turned off..

Strident and breathless

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Remember when the woman told Adlai Stevenson "Every intelligent American

Hey Sarah - Joe talked about Bush in that answer because BUSH WAS IN THE QUESTION!!

MSNBC poll

Best line was Biden's when he called McCain's health care plan a bridge to nowhere.

MSNBC debate poll is up

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Has Tweety spoken?

Sarah simply ignored the questions she could not answer and went off on a path of her own.

Sarah simply ignored the questions she could not answer and went off on a path of her own.

What the hell was she talking about when she said ......

Best Foreign Policy Moment of the Debate

CNN is right - Tonight Palin was running for 2012. She maybe helped herself, not McCain.

Biden won by humoring this debate

Biden won by humoring her.

Ifill Was Way Too Soft On Follow-Up - Benefitted Palin When She Did Not Answer

I thought that was worst debate performance I have ever seen

Biden won CBS instant poll of undecided...

DU this MSNBC Poll

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

My Phillies and My Biden kicked ass tonight

BIDEN ROCKS! - That was amazing! I'm proud as hell of our winning ticket!

Ohio Poll...

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Is Scott McClellan really the commanding general in Afghanistan?

She's NO Bush with Lipstick

Three Cheers For Biden Finally Punctering The MAVERICK Balloon.

What the hell was she talking about when she said ......

WTF happened to the rules of debate?

GOP Suit To Halt Trooper-Gate Probe Dismissed-Probe Can Continue

Biden won, Palin better than expected, but only by ignoring half the questions

Someone in background on MSNBC had a "Tina Fey '08!" sign

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

Petraeus and McKiernan say no surge in Afghanistan

Annoying Annoying Annoying

Palin went for the winksy folksy thing.

WTF??? NBC in clusterfuck praising Palin

Anyone think Palin will do better than expected?

I hate to say it, but Palin's doing much better than Biden is . . .


Polls all look good SO far...

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

My living room floor is littered with small objects

There's the new GOP talking point: Hitting Bush is 'looking back'

So is there any backlash to Palin being condescending??? Biden behaved.....

Can I get the Biden MAVERICK SMACKDOWN on youtube ASAP nt

Palin didnt have a bad performance at all...but any honest person would say Biden won easily.

She Rode The Charm Train For About 30 Minutes Before It Ran Out Of Gas

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

Does Sarah Palin NOT know

Raise Your Smilie If You Had To Go To The DU Panic Room !!!

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

Did Palin say what I thought she did about INCREASING the VP's power in

What were those little squeaky noises?

Alex Castellanos a CNN Repuke Scored the debate as a win for Biden


Did I hear Palin keep referring to Joe Biden as Senator O'Biden?

Quick, you have 1min to reply to this thread - name one Supreme Court Decsion you didn't agree with

Early Reviews: Biden "Nailed it."

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

OMG Palin is George Bush. She said something tonight that sounded JUST LIKE HIM>

KARE 11 Minneapolis Poll

Well That Fucking Sucked

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

Biden showed great restraint. I wanted to jump at her and call her a f'in liar

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

That dumb beeotch just sealed McCain's fate

"John McCain has already tapped me"

What was with that "Good to know we both love Israel!" remark to Biden?

This poll needs no help, but feel free to vote anyway

MSNBC debate poll is up!!!!!

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

MSNBC poll

SNL should do a *sparkle* sound effect when she winks.

CNN - Biden 76% - Palin 22%

Has she said ANYTHING that is factually accurate so far?

What were those little squeaky noises?

What a phony this woman is!

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

Pundits are pushing that Palin wants more VP powers than what Constitution permits.

America needs to ask itself....When Putin rears his head, how well is that folksy bullshit

Belladona drops (Bedroom eyes) and the Slut keeps winking! n/t

Palin does not answer the Question being Asked...

2 minutes between "Get government out of the way" and "provide massive oversight"

How Long Have I Been At This, 5 Weeks?

My Wife Just said: "Joe Biden Took John McCain's Maverick and shoved it..."

She never shut the ef up!


"She had a set of questions she was going to answer whether she was asked them or not."

Why do Republicans love charming retards so much?

"She won by not losing" ????????

Palin must be horny. How many times did she say tap or

The buzzword is DITZY.

Since we could not post earlier...

There's the new GOP talking point: Hitting Bush is 'looking back'

She didn't answer ONE FUCKING QUESTION. She's a LOSER!

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

Pat Buchanan just had a Palin Orgasm

So, did she say that her family was her Achilles' heel?

This is the 2004 Presidential Debates over again.

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

CNN poll

Right wing pez dispenser spitting out talking points.

Poor Mike Murphy always looks like he's got beer goggles on. nt

---My friend called in the middle of the debate and said---

It is hard not to do well when you have to look down for the standard.

I cannot believe republicans are that stupid to think she knows what she is talking about

The "November Surprise." Two days before the election, McCain will be replaced by....

Is it just me, or was that FREAKIN' FUN as all get out ?!

MSNBC debate poll is up

DU this MSNBC Poll

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

DU Is Great. DU Is Awesome

Please, Vote at MSNBC

Lots of Plaque in the "tubes" tonight! Not only DU, but many political sites down

So DU down for about 1 hour 11 minutes?

Drudge has a poll, might as well hold your nose and go there

MSNBC debate poll is up

Palin must be horny, how many times did she say tap or tapped?

deleted xx

I CAN'T STAND HER! Okay I will calm now. I have to turn this off.

Biden Wins CNN Focus Group

OK: Biden dominated, Palin survived.

DU The CNN Poll

I'm so drunk from the "maverick" shot game!

CNN poll is up! Go! Go! Go!

I'm sorry but that wench made me want to rip my hair out!

DU The MSNBC Poll !!!

Well That Fucking Sucked

Thank you Joe Biden - nice job! Nice to hear a person with humanity

I think the most important thing to take away from that was that Biden was a TRUE GENTLEMAN....

MSNBC debate poll is up

Lines blatantly stolen from Reagan...

"Also......and also........also....and also.......also...."

I almost blew a circuit too!

Right now, DU is buggier than Sarah Palin's brain.

DU down was like misplacing a child

Right wing pez despenser spitting out talking points.

Women are lovING Joe

Palin want to EXPAND the Cheney-esque VP office?

Were those little sneezes?

Lines Blatantly Stolen from Reagan

"That's the news. Goodnight from WLAM. I'm Sarah Palin."

CNN graph doesn't seem to like when Palin opens her mouth

We are heading over to Wash U for the debate in an hour or so. Any good ideas for signs?

regurgitating the points sarah - Im not gonna answer yer questions...n she didnt sheesh nt

DU this CNN poll

America needs to ask itself....When Putin rears his head, how well is that folksy bullshit

The way you can tell Obama's right about "more of the same"

Biden won the CNN focus Group

McCain's Miserable Record of Not Supporting America's Troops and Veterans

Well i missed the first hour but heard the last 30 minutes on the radio, she sounded snarky

Let's be honest, ladies & gentleman. Did you

Well That Fucking Sucked

I was finally able to get on DU. For maybe an hour I couldn't connect here.

CNN 76% to 22% BIDEN!!! n/t

She never answered the questions she just rambled incoherently. nt

Biden/Palin has CRASHED DU!

"Boring and right versus exciting and wrong ..."

Palin completely showed her ass tonight. She clearly has no grasp of the issues

DU POLL NEEDS LOVE!!! Who Won The VP Debate??? VOTE

Once again - Rachel destroys Buchanan with a smile

not watching,just listening-she sounds like she's fixin_ to cry

Quote of the night from Palin "We need Senator McCain to leave" /nt

Well That Fucking Sucked

So, the debate polls will go some way to dictating whether the US is a legitimate country or not...


Palin Screws Up Name of Commanding General - Drops Civil War General Name Instead

Oh, thank god we're back


Okaly Dokaly, the female Ned Flanders sucked ass

"It's like she was portraying a character rather than someone you would like to spend time with"

Could not get into DU the entire debate (I am so proud of us)

The Ohio undecided voters (CNN meter) are idiots!

Quote of the night from Palin "We need Senator McCain to leave" /nt

What are the pundits saying on cable news?

Did you see how she snapped into "Stepford Wife" mode? Wow! One minute

Why have I been completely unable to get any pages to load for the past HOUR???

Geraldine Ferraro - STFU

Loved the Bridge to Nowhere comment

Did you see how she snapped into "Stepford Wife" mode? Wow! One minute

Palin Gets Name of Commanding General Wrong - Dropped Civil War General Name Instead

DU POLL NEEDS LOVE!!! Who Won The VP Debate??? VOTE

did we break it with our Palin related rage?



I got two polling calls during debate

did we break it with our Palin related rage?

Back up?

*****Official VP Debate Thread #3*****

Stop smiling, Joe!

*****Official VP Debate Thread #4*****

"How long have I been at this? 5 weeks? There's not a whole lot I coulda promised"

Wall Street is rearing it's head!!

Oh, conditions have changed!

Biden not doing as well on the CNN graph.

9:30 pm EST Who do you think is winning the debate?

something else rearing its ugly head!

Another rearin' head?

CNN has the "undecided meter" pretty fun to watch

She is totally regurgitating what she momorized!!!

"rearing their heads!"

so Palin's going after Wall Street - maybe they'll cut off the GOP.

She's just running down her list of talking points - no matter WHAt the subject is

"How long have I been at this? 5 weeks?"

She's doing much worse with women...


Palin Debate Drinking Game

McCain's health care plan = "The ULTIMATE Bridge to Nowhere"

Where are you guys watching the audience meter? nt


"I had to take on those oil companies up in Alaska"

Biden is getting pissed

These CNN "scorekeepers" are BULLSHIT

Bless their hearts...OMG she sucks...and bad

why don't you TELL US what Biden is saying

Oh, this debate is hideous.. (CNN "Meter")

OMG she is a manipulative witch and liar. She is not answering the questions.

Ultimate bridge to Nowhere!

Joe look in the camera and be a bit more lively

Official Wink Count Thread

Sarah Palin: "I'm for increased oversight and regulation" and "government is often the problem"

Honestly, how can she keep this up for another hour and ten minutes?

Has she called him "Joe" yet?

Good lord, next thing you know she's going to start saying "Yer darn tootin" ala Fargo.

I feel like NOT watching the debate ... am I alone?


Biden: "That $100 billion tax dodge is un-patrotic!"

Daymn Ultimate bridge to nowhere...Biden is THE MAN

did she just wink at us?

I honestly think Biden is absolutely destroying her so far

What's up with Biden's eyes??? Eye lift?? Vulcan??

Does anyone have BINGO yet?

Her folksy act is pathetic.

John McCain's Health Care Plan: "THE ULTIMATE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE" -- Joe Biden!

He's on topic, and the discussion is about issues - WE WIN!

did she just say Bush can't run the government lately?

I don't want a tax cut.

McCain Pays $300 In Health Deductibles, He Wants You To Pay 10 Times More

***** Debate DRINKING GAME! *****

I can't WATCH her, folks. Or LISTEN to her, for that matter.

Does it make sense to criticize the "feds" when you are running for VP?

*****Official VP Debate Thread #2*****

How DARE she talk about how much it will cost! As if they're not ...

Biden isn't pulling punches.

She's scared shitless.....

Did she just wink at the camera?

Is anybody else planning on NOT watching the debate?

Sarah Palin and the Bush "Bulge": Will Alaska's Governor be Wired for the Debate on Thursday?

Don't tell me what patriotic is, you blithering idiot.

Palin, a $5000 Tax Rebate doesn't cost the Government anything....


Warning !!! -Get Ready To Go To DefCon 5 !!!

I may not answer the question the way the moderator wants me

darn right. darn right. what does she say in private?

Biden talks to the moderator, Palin is talking to the camera.

Just a heads up: Judge refuses to block Alaska Troopergate probe

WTF ..she can't even

Hair Down - Bandage On Hand - Watch For Ingenious Ways Of Cheating Tonight At The Debate......

OMFG, I can't watch anymore.

Do not, repeat DO NOT play a drinking game!

Holy Memorization.. She is NOT TALKING.. she is RECITING !

Palin's already gettin' TESTY! She's on a team of MAVERICKS!

If you noticed, Gwenn, the governor did NOT answer the question!

Biden's doing great, I just love that guy; was hoping he'd set just this kind of cadence...

it may not be what you or the moderator want to hear

How long do stimulants last?

Biden is owning her!

Do not, repeat DO NOT play a drinking game!

Is it set up so Biden can't win?? Gergen "Lets not be too tough on her"

Pull The String, Say The Talking Point

She reminds me of a using psycho I used to know

"Absolutely not true. Barack Obama DID NOT VOTE TO RAISE taxes."


That's it...I can't watch anymore.

Isn't there a baseball game I can watch?

Darn'it, you betchya....

This woman is one empty headed moron!!!! nt

Biden just gave that "shit-eaten-grin"

Who wants to see a hillbilly make an ass of herself in front of millions of people?

Darn Right...WTF...huck a buck


I'm trying to watch this without bias... but I have serious problems listening to her speech pattern

What language does Sara Palin speak? Cause I cant understand a damn thing she say’s.

Darn it, Darn it isn't on my bingo card

"We are mavericks! We are mavericks!"

Group Hug Thread before the debate!

"Joe Sixpack and Hockey Moms need to band together and say NEVER AGAIN"


OMG the men's line is all the way down on drop

Does she look like the Runaway Bride or what?

WTF is Palin talking about????

Is the "debate" only on PBS?

She sounds like a ROBOT.

Palin's blinking into her bangs are annoying

Palin *demands* gov't regulation!

Oh. Good. Lord. or would that be What. The. Fuck?

*****Official VP Debate Thread #1*****

Why isn't Bristol getting more pregnant?

"Can I call you Joe?"

she winked!

Does anyone else think that this debate is being ridiculously OVER hyped?

This is a DISASTER already. She is speaking 95mph and parsing words



Ah, HERE we go!

Leave it to CNN to make this a sex based debate

In this thread, I will only make positive statements about Palin's qualifications.

Let's the game begin, debate has started, first question is about new bill on economy.

Someone tell me Biden doesn't have to go first the whole time...

There's a way of lowering the bar so much that it pins you to the floor

Palin measures economy by feedback frrom Soccer Moms. "I'll betcha you'll hear fear!"

She's going straight to the anecdotes.

The audience reaction graph on CNN is worth watching tonight (men vs. women)

Debate question:

McCain, Palin, earmarks, and the DNA of bears

Here comes the soccer parent reference....

What's missing from this election? Molly Ivins

Joe Biden prayer thread, I need west Coast DU'ers to pick up the praying!!!!

McCain concedes Michigan.

Change your avatar to JOE !! Send good energy! n/t

people...please know the difference

I've got my gin & tonic and I can't wait for the DU Xs to appear-- how about everyone else?

"Can I Call You Joe...?"

God help me, I don't think Palin could even name past VPs without thinking a long time

Chris Matthews CLEARLY thinks Palin is unqualified!

Chris Matthews CLEARLY thinks Palin is unqualified!'s feed is lagging behind's if you need an instant replay

Chet Edwards: ‘If You Look At McCain’s Record On Veterans Issues, It’s A Failed One’»

Are you more nervous for this debate than Obama's?

*** Official Sports Metaphor Debate Thread ****

USA Today editorial: Biden has been wrong 4 times on Iraq


It's a 3-0 count in baseball. Would you give your slugger the green light?

can someone else post a list of online post-debate polls?

what my 80 year old mom and 88 year old Dad said about the debate


15 minutes till debate. Everybody freak out and run around your home.

"a noun, a verb and a bridge to nowhere"

Did Palin ever find those examples of McCain being for regulation and "bring 'em" to us?

Just for fun: O/U on use of the word "earmarks" in debate" 14½.

John King has his email up. Is his address

What a great night for women, isn't it ladies?

You know what I just realized?

Officials Reviewing Election Day Dress Codes - PA

Eight minutes and counting.

Is KO doing pre and post debate coverage again tonight?

Is Alaska Visible From St Louis?

Anyone up for another IRC debate discussion?

So, in a word or a phrase, how are people feeling right now?

PHOTOS - Today's Inspirational Images! (Oct 2)

McCain's health plan stinks. Make sure you forward this link.

Anyone Think pale-in Will Do Worse Than Expected?

Sarah Palin is a Pox on all Women!

Cut and paste helper for tonight's debate:

More pre-debate bar-lowering: Palin adviser: "It's not fair to judge her off one or two sound bites"

Latest Couric Interview - Duck Hunting?

Overture! Dim the lights! This is it! The night of nights!

Hey have you guys heard that there is Vice Presidential debate tonight?


I can HARDLY wait until the "better than expected" spin starts

I thought I just heard KO say that McCain wants W to veto

FauxNews just previewed Dilldo'Reilly's interview with Barney Frank. Dilldo goes all apoplectic.

What Are The Chances This Could End Tonight?

IMHO: It's all bullshit...

Predict tomorrow's Jobs Report

During the Debate, you are welcome to DONATE to Obama-Biden!

KO made a good point. He said tonight the audience is supposed to be silent...

John King on CNN,"I have a lot of emails saying tonight Palin's performance can lose my vote

Actually, here's the real story: Palin asked if her daughter Bristol could breastfeed her baby...

An Obama Landslide Is Now TWICE AS LIKELY As a McCain Win

So fed up with the Repugs listing one of Palins qualifications as a

I'm a PTA leader. I am only 2 career moves away from VEEP??! WTF?

Obama and McCain’s Ads: Equally “Negative”

McCain's cousin: McCain has changed

ROFL...WHo heard Keith Just say "ChairmanMao"???

CNN is going to have a running fact check,with sources.

Politico: From Tonight's Palin Playbook -- She plans to attack Biden with his own words

Appalachian Mine Workers For Obama

"Please, dear God, don't let me fuck up"

People: Michelle Obama Reveals How Barack Won Her Over

OMG- Rachel Maddow/Keith Olbermann: possible Palin strategy @ debate - we never saw this coming!!!

Georgia: Black turnout high in early voting

Palin With An Earpiece For Debate - Tin Foil Hat Territory or Totally Possible?

Palin Likes Ferraro More Than Any US Vice President

McLame's Cheesy Pander, Gets "Emotional" at "Women's Town Hall" (VIDEO)

Video found of Obama's final 34 day strategy for Victory

Palin interview simulator... ask her yourself.

McCain on, he is really crabby.

WORST. ANSWERS. EVER.... The rumors were, if anything, understating the case.

Predict the viewership for tonight's debate

Entirely useless but wacky fact about JB & BO's Irish roots!

Wow! What a change in one day -

Want to chat with other DUers during the debate? Here's the easy way.

Rules for the Sarah Palin Debate Night Drinking Game

The PALIN Rap!!

Palin: "I smell like a salmon for a large part of the summer"

Anybody watching Keith? lol!

Dear Sarah: I am not a "mom," and I don't consider being one as qualification for being VP

Biden just lost me.

"If we reported it, it's fact."


vote for Biden bear (needs help)

McCain Campaign Unviels Palin-bot For Convention (Hundreds Swoon)

IRC chat on and during debate

Let the games begin...

Which channel has the live track poll info?

How should someone debate someone stupid?

Gwen Ifill is a racist and a sexist and she hates America

Reverse sexism...

I think Palin is simply going to act sassy, hot & sexy at the debate tonight

Mich. Republicans surprised by McCain pullout

Best RW comment on Palin's mangled "right to privacy" response

The response to the "executive experience" rip is simple.

Is There Going To Be A Bingo Card Tonight?

Dobbs talking about Biden's plagerism.

Palin will sport bandage in debate

So where's the IRC chatroom for the VP debates?

People on CNN On Crack - SP has some a long way, and she has done great

Palin's gonna pull a Bill O'Reilly and cause a scene.

Dear Joe Biden, what you need to do tonight

The official Good Luck Tonite Joey B thread. (pics)

Better than expected won't be good enough for Governor Palin

Sexiest Democratic Ticket?

She Couldn't Even Remember Exxon-Valdez?


Tonight............Money Talks, Bullshit Walks....!

Republican strategist on MSNBC just cited Plessy v. Ferguson

Who's playing Sarah Palin Buzzword Bingo tonight?

Gov. Palin's hairdown for debate

I am excited about tonight but afraid to be TOO confident. Let me explain why.

Well, there is one undisputable thing we have learned from the election cycle.

Dennis Kucinich on Cspan right now....

McCain's choice of Palin tells us one thing we can be certain of

The one exception to the Biden "don't go after Palin" rule

Bluegrass Legend, Ralph Stanley Cuts Ad for Obama in Va. - Campaign Ahead of Va. Registration Goal

MYTH: Joe Biden makes a lot of gaffs.

Wtf? "Oh Michelle you got an arm too?" Obama snidely ribbed his wife…..".

Hats off to the Secret Service agents and others who protect the candidates

In One Hundred and Twenty Minutes......

She had notes in the Governors debate just look at this

What does McToken have to do to be perceived as the LOSER by pundits tonight?

Palin asks Debate Commission for permission to breastfeed baby during debate.

$100,000 for Obama!

My soon to be 18 year old and I made a bet tonight-

Let's not forget the hard work by Gov. Jennifer Granholm in preparing Biden.

What if it comes down to selfishness?

George W. Bush with lipstick - VP Debate pics

I'm warming up my "clickin" finger for all those post debate polls!

Tweety is pretty much ripping Palin tonight

Screw Tweety/KO Co-hosting all evening

K.O. Tonight. B4 the debate!

Join me in wishing Joe Biden Good Luck .....

TYT: McCain Campaign Working the Ref in the VP Debate

Isn't it odd that both the moderator and one of the debaters is injured?

Rate The Debates #2/results from RTD #1


You know what I think the single greatest factor in Palin's failure tonight will be?

i think David Brooks is going to vote for Obama lol

The Repugs are lost.

So, What Is T. Boone Pickens Running For Again?

Rudy, the movie, not the asshole

ACTION ITEM: If we all do this AFTER the debate tonight

What's this new McCain ad, calling for us to "come togehter"

McLame Camp On Tweety.......They will really go after tax increases tonight!

Will Palin be snarky or really snarky tonight?

Wait--Palin is bringing the baby onto the debate with her? Like... it's Biden Vs Palin and baby?

Breaking Phalin comes off the Plane with the kid...she apparently gonna fuck with Bidens head by

So what do these so-called mavericks stand for?

"Palin is one of the best debaters in American Politics"

Is there a way to jam a radio frequency on an ear piece?

Sen Joe Liebermann is a DEM MOLE working to defeat The GOP

Michelle also in Michigan today: Gets rousing response to "Can we do this?"

Palin's "80% approval rating" is so not impressive...

The Obama Campaign Is Raising Expectations So That Palin Will Look Like The Fool That She Is

I have a crisis.

McCain concedes MICHIGAN!

The perception of the debate will hinge on whether she is graded

Attention ED SHULTZ fans: Ed will be on Larry King's blog posting analysis

GODSPEED SENATOR BIDEN!!! (or should I say, break a leg?)

I think tonight's debate will prove beyond a doubt-

Chris Matthews: Is Palin better for Jeopardy or halftime interview at a football game?

Why don't we organize boycots of tv stations that run Swiftboat ads?

Political Analysts: Colorado Could Decide Vote

Biden's opening statement:

What Dukakis should have said during debate

So, after weeks of coaching, will Palin...

***Official Debate Thread Request Thread***

Will Obama/McCain say something to the TV Press tonight about their VP?

McCain wins one in Ohio

The good news and the bad news if Palin makes it through tonight's debate unscathed

Do It For Us: A 15 Year Old Speaks Out on the Election

Palin with her hair down = she is wearing an earpiece.

Wow! Joe Scarborough is really letting Palin have it regarding her ignorance about the supreme court

The McCain campaign: All throttle and no steering wheel.

Some House Repubs want pork removed + amt reduced w/oversight -walked amendment to Senate mtg @ 4pm

Ah, the smell of RW desperation: "argues the advantages of having an unstable personality"

Lieberman: We Need To Pass The Bailout Because ‘It Will Be Good For John McCain’

Another $25 email today? OK..GOTV in OHIO push

Apparently, Palin's debate strategy is to go after Biden.

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/2/08 - Obama 51, McCain 44 (McCain down 1)

Palin fell jogging at McCain home - hand bandaged

McCain has spread his talking points far and wide

On Nov. 4th, when Fox News calls the election for Obama...

McCain Pummeling Michigan with ads - I saw 3 back to back

What? Sarah Palin has scabies and is going to try to give it to Biden tonight?

I think Palin is simply going to act sassy, hot & sexy at the debate tonight

How bad is it for McCain?

Some good news about this campaign from middle school 8th graders

Palin Mobilizing California... For Obama

McCain official feeling pressure: Obama "has an extraordinary amount of resources"

If Biden plays the respectful gentleman and Palin does the "snark"...

Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich, and Bernie Sanders all make strong statements opposing the Bail Out!

McCain to Interpret Palin Tonight via Simultaneous Translation

UpChuck actually responded to my email

My head is going to explode, thank the Gods for my PVR!

Mc War Monger Pulling Out of Michigan!!!!!!!!!

What will the "October Surprise" be?

Soooo, anything good on the tube tonight?

JOE is worried and upset about the debates

Red Flag On Purging Voter Rolls - CBS

McCain now must win PA, WI or Minn. in order to get enough electoral votes to win, HIS campaign says

Palin's first thought of Dick Cheney?

For those predicting a landslide for Obama..

Obama Campaign Clears its VA Voter Registration Goal

If Palin goes after Biden for his gaffes. He should say

B. Goldberg on O'Reilly Factor: Palin "making Quayle look like Socrates"

I have no advice for Joe Biden...

Is anyone getting sick of every RW talking head jumping on Chicago as a den of iniquity?

Tweety is going to have a riot over his shoulder pretty soon...

Lou Dobbs is in love with Palin

MAINE-McCain abandons Mich. to *maybe* get ONE vote in Maine

Mighty Joe and Moosehunter.....

Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden

Jay-Z takes the stage in Miami for Obama

Interview Palin yourself


If she appears tonight with the tongue of Ann Richards, I'm getting wasted.

Predict which debate topic is most likely to cause Sarah Palin to screw the pooch.

Gregory batting hard for Palin today

McCain campaign says it must win Pennsylvania, Minnesota or Wisconsin ... link

Biden should ask how Palin can justify McCain's voting against the

It's the great predebate Sarah Word Salad creativity thread!

How Palin "wins" tonight's debate

Retaliation for Supporting Obama

No McCain events today? Damn!

Did Dole give up early in 96?

THE GILL MAN SPEAKS! "Thompson Defends Palin: She Hasn't Seen List Of Supreme Court Cases"

WHAT A MORON!!! MSMBC Gregory thinks Obama spokesman is gonna give away secrets??

Perfectly logical, acceptable reason as to why Palin never answers questions

McCain throws in the towel in Michigan

Barack Obama is 'aloof' says British ambassador to US (Says he's "cool")

Why didn't Palin say "Plessy vs. Ferguson"??

Report: Palin Prepped 4 Debate By Watching Frances McDormand's Scenes from "Fargo"

The Biggest Whiners In the Universe Are ...

McCain has no electoral college strategy!

What is going on with Lou Dobbs and his teeth?

Does McCain know he voted for the bailout package?

Ohio Court Rules for McCain-Palin on Absentee Ballots - WaPo

Palin used her 3X5 cards in her Alaskan Debates

2000 McCain to Shriver: "Please Get Out Of Here"

Wear cups on your ears tonight, people.

Breaking: Hearing in House on Bailout Bill - CNN

Let Palin attack Biden- FIRST.

Biden tonights opening speech: Given the fact that my opponents campaign has resorted to complete

Ohio register-and-vote drive translates to vote fraud on FOX

Can anyone at Wash U monitor radio frequencies?

My wife just asked me how long the deabte lasts.

McCain to a Politico reporter "you are bothering me"

Poll: "Who do you think will win tonight's vice presdential debate?" cnn

Marc Ambinder: McCain's Now Playing Defense; Obama Bracing For Counterattacks

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lets' talk about Sarah PlaIN'S HaiR

Expect A Zinger (or five) About Biden's Plagiarism

Palin Bingo!

Donate to Obama/Biden During Debate!

I bet Biden has two plans ready for tonight.

Just passing along some info...a new voter to the rolls

It's leaked out - Palin is going after Biden tonite.

LGBT Alaskans on Sarah Palin

Will they Call the House to come and vote on the Bill if Palin totally fails....

Next president will reshape U.S. courts from top to bottom

As they sit at the round table this evening, what would happen if

So who else will be glad when the debate is over so the spotlight will be off Palin

what's up with Colorado?

Uh huh. Right. McCrypt Camp says they pulled out of MI because Obama is on the defensive.

It sure is quiet on the Clinton front around here

I'm so glad Joe Biden is the VP candidate

On the light side: Palin and Biden Horoscopes for today's debate:

Grrrrr. I can't believe Obama. How DARE he..

Please watch this video.

Pre-debate: McCain campaign searching for sympathy; Obama campaign sets expectations sky high

Is the debate tonight streamed somewhere? I want to set up a projector at a local coffee shop

What asinine things can we expect Palin to say tonight?

This is awesome! Obama iPhone app

The Sure-Fire Way to End Sarah Palin in this debate tonight!!

I think the pugs want to dump Palin but can't get anyone to jump in

If you give a Lipsticked Pig a Pancake

A toast to Joey.

Just saw Obama's great 60-second TV ad on taxes...Played in Louisiana!

Palin's foreign policy adviser stood in for Biden in mock debates

Diagramming Sarah: Can Palin's sentences stand up to a grammarian?

psst *he raised taxes*

McCain's situation only worsens...the pullout from Michigan is a bad sign for him. Now...

Wait, what am I missing...

It's Barack & Michelle's 16th wedding anniversary tomorrow! Barack reveals his anniversary plans!

Tonights debate will be......

Sorry I posted twice.

Is it true the McCain camp has pulled out of Florida??

3rd Party Presidential Candidates Will Be On The Ballot in the Following States

Obamamatic for the People

To me, it's not that Palin doesn't "know" certain things, it's that she makes shit up to cover

McCain did show up to speak in Colorado ...just saw on Faux

If Biden goes for the throat, what should the throat be?

Surprise! The New Yorker endorses Barack Obama

Is Matthews trying to revive Reverend Wright? This must be about the 10th time I have heard him

Remember what McCain said in April if Palin pulls the "associations" card tonight

Say "aye" if you suspect that McCain is more nervous about the Palin versus Biden debate than...

Make It Plain

McCain going for a tie, then looking to pick one EV off in Maine.

From Where I sit: McCain Has to run the Table on the 12 Battleground states to win

The negative Mcshame campaign starts tonight!!!

Here's the "stealth plan" of how the Rethugs are going to try to win tomorrow night!

Will Palin's First Words Tonight Ape Mc's "I Have Sad News About Ted Kennedy" From the First Debate

Breaking: McCain Campaign Pulling Out Of Michigan

Baby Props! She brought the whole group with her!!

Road Blog: Joe Biden Heads to St. Louis(with pics)

Jewish Rethug governor of Hawaii: I'm so ashamed...

Could Palin really turn Biden into a Liability?

So at what point in the debate will Palin ask, "When is the swim suit competition, Gwen?"

(R)asmussen New Mexico Poll: Obama 49%(+2), McCain 44%(-5)

A Really Fine Endorsement of Obama by The New Yorker

Biden Leading by 40 pts in CNN Online Poll "Who Will Win Tonite's Debate?"


If after Obama wins a bunch of rednecks start talking about seceeding...

Here is the Keating Ad they are using in case you haven't seen it

If Palin tries to compare herself to Hillary....

I live in a suburb in Texas and I haven't seen a single McCain sign

Love this thread from Guardian Talk(British)

Once and for all, Dammit. Is she gonna be allowed notes?

Can someone answer something for me?

NJ Vets for Iraq?afghan Wars debate in East Penn if needed

We are going to win this election

What's the most likely event to happen during tonight's VP debate?

Obama for America has cashed my checks All is well

Quick, how many chickens do we have right now?

McCrank pisses off Politico:

If things get testy, Joe's going to say something along the lines of....

On Hardball, BIG "McFAILIN" sign in the background.

Will Palin try to hammer Biden on gun control tonight?

Palin's answers to the Couric/Gibson questions remind me of essay tests in school - remember?

I know it cant happen, but would it not be great if-

"I'm dyin, i'm dyin Chuck" Tweety to Chuck Todd after seeing Palin Supreme Court ?

Palin's first strike? Plagiarism

Sarah Palin asks permission to blow a random "Joe Six-Pack" during debate...

I hope that she is MADE to answer the questions


How Tonight's Veep Debate Will Work

I don't understand why they don't check the candidates for

I'd love to hear Biden bring up the Russia remark if he has to go off for some reason

Todd and Finemann in Tweety: Palin sank McGrumpy in MI; next to go is WI

Freepers have lost all hope!

McCain lies about lying

John Truman rallies with Howard Dean in MO, says McCain no Harry Truman.

Bob Barr calls McCain a "hyprocite", says Obama is not... LOL! McCain just can't catch a break!

Stocks decline on unemployment, factory reports - AP

Rolling Stone article ..... 10 pgs ..... McCain is a first class jerk

Why the GOP Slamming Gwen Ifill Will Backfire (((PICS)))

Sen. Biden, I'll donate $1000K right now if you tell Palin she can't "phone a friend" tonight!!

Palin just needs not to poop her pants, drool or puke tonight and she wins?

Joe Biden doesn't need to do anything, just

Sarah, is it REALLY smart to go after Biden

McSames only hope was a no vote ... now he is sunk.

Why do Democrats always nominate the most liberal

Robin Morgan to PUMAs: Ten Reasons You CANNOT Support McCain-Palin

Check this, McCain is leaving Michigan to, wait for it, wait....

McCain's Nosedive: "The well of false sanctimony is not a bottomless pit."

Debate word to watch for "Small town" is code for "white"

Are We Going To See Admiral Stockdale The Sequel Tonight?

Rasmussen Thursday Poll: Obama 51% McTesty 44%

Lieberman: Palin should avoid 'IQ test'

I can see it now--2009, and Palin is the President.

So my husband had a good one in response to finding out about Sarah's jogging fall

McCain Wants Afghanistan "Surge;" U.S. Commanders Do Not

Self delete.

Okay... why did Palin put her fist through a window?

Lieberman: Palin "doesn't know every detail" so "regular people" want her to "be their voice"

2 Page Handout Summarizes Obama's Economic and Job Creation Plan

I just realized- Couric must really despise Palin.

Presenting Palin Bingo. A game for the ages, or at least tonight.

Okay... so, her hair is down. She has a bandage on her hand, AND she wants to use her baby...

How long will the debate run tonight?

Are any of you going to a debate watching party tonight?

truthisfreedom called it! Sarah Palin indeed has her hair down today. Earpiece anyone?

Here's a good line to use when talking to a Repig at a bar watching tonight's debate:

Biden should not agree to be breast fed by Palin during the debate! It's a TRAP!!!1!

Rasmussen Montana Poll: McCain 52 (-1), Obama 44 (+2)

McCain: Obama is winning because "life isn't fair"

Ellen just played the "Don't Vote" video on her show.

I Gave Up Trying To Think And Reason Like A Republican Years Ago...

Kerry beat Bush in Michigan in 2004 by almost the same margin Bush won Ohio .... link

Rasmussen New Mexico Poll: Obama 49 (+2), McCain 44 (-5)

Foreign affairs experience,what paper's she reads? WTF are they suppose to ask,her favorite color?

"Palin Power is Holy Ghost Power"

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaigns In Clinton Township, MI****

Maybe Senator Biden can get a question answered for me tonight

McCain to Politico: "You're bothering me"

Should we pray for Sarah Palin too?

BREAKING: Obama to be awarded all 538 electoral votes plus 100 extra votes for being THAT good. n/t

Latest McCain snark

Joe Biden needs this pen for tonight's debate

Biden won the debates!!!

CNN - McCain pulling out of Michigan

Chuck Todd: When Joe Biden says "I" he is having a bad night

Breaking: McCain Pulling out of Michigan. 1 Down 49 to go.

A bold prediction about tonight's Vice Presidential debate.

Obama Reveals Anniversary Plans For Tomorrow

Palin Bingo

Palin's hand bandage does not hide a battery

If I were Gwen Ifil, I would use this trick for a question for Sarah...

Meg Stapleton says Palin doesn't answer your questions because she's too smart!

McCain of the suspended campaign "didn't see the need to speak on the bill."

Biden's Debate Ace in the Hole: George W. Bush

Norah O'Donnell: She came to all her debates with complex, color coded notecards

*****ATTENTION LURKING FREEPS: Look in here for secret message about how Biden will win tonight....

REPORT: Palin To attack Biden on....Foreign Policy?

ALL I CAN SAY TO BIDEN....Have No Mercy On Sarah...

INTRADE UPDATE: Obama doubles up McCrypt (68 vs. 32)

Palin had detailed index cards with highlighted words, etc., in debates in Alaska

Has McNuts appeared anywhere today? I haven't had the TV on

*** Thursday TOONs: Bailout, Palin, McCain ****

While praising Truman, McCain conveniently ignored a small fact:

Is this a sexist comment to make?

Kyra Phillips is a RW tool. Goes along w/Repub who says fin. mess is all Clinton's/Dems fault.

Why Sarah Palin will do good tonight

5 Hours to go Sarah, how is your stomach feeling?

Palin's new plan: Go after Biden - Politico

Is this all the right has left anymore?

Hats off to the Secret Service agents and others who protect the candidates

Palin's spokeswoman just said on MSNBC, "She was jumping ahead of Couric's Question"

How reliable are Democracy Corps polls?

Is DU having a problem ?

McCain misses a $250,000 gold plate fundraiser last night - Palin sits in for it

Palin wearing a bandaid. What happened?

FAUX Host just slipped up!!

*VP DEBATE - Are we going to have another IRC chat like last week?*

Intrade Prediction Market: Obama now winning more than 2 to 1

My R brother says McCain's 'yes' vote on bailout hurts him with his base *worse*

What's with Obama's undergraduate transcripts? I was at my

ANYBODY ELSE WORRIED ABOUT THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE? Biden vs. Palin is Matter meets Anti-matter.

Black turnout high in early voting


Biden Called Geraldine Ferraro for Advice! WHY??

When they say the doors open at a rally at a certain time, how long after that

Palin prepares for the big day

Are they going to be standing or sitting for the debate? nt


Thom Hartmann alerted us to this....

Is the Palin breast feeding request for real?

Obama BASHING that pissed me off!

Nancy FLuffernutter just accused Couric of "several gotcha questions"

----Does anyone know how to get ahold of the debate commission??----

McCain Hasn't visited his press corp in weeks, a staffer with a mcCain mask

60 Minutes Good video clips.


Democracy Corps: Obama leads in Ohio by 6, 49-43.

Obama Campaign Reaches Out to Deaf Community (newspaper story)

Putting my Poll Addiction to good Use: Announcing The Daily Fix


Dred Scott. The correct answer, Sarah, is Dred Scott.

Ok I am starting to get scared that Joe will lose his mind tonight.

Real Credibility Problems (RCP busted!)

I hope FEMA is prepared for landslides

The John McCain iPhone !

Okay, something that has been conveniently overlooked by the media and everyone worried about this

Please ask Palin "Is the Earth older than one millions years old!

All right, it seems that Chuck Todd is now worthy of an official nickname.

Is it a sit-down debate or what?

Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden

McCain is currently in the midst of a breakdown

Ras Poll: Obama leading McCain in North Carolina for second straight week!

Biden gets to be able to use laugh track machine for Palin's debate answers

People who say that Palin looks "fatter" are JUST AS BAD as Joe Scarbrough saying Obama looked dark.

Official Obama APP for your iPhone!

Suggestions for VP Debate Drinking Party: Need some Palinisms

What kind of reputation do Mason/Dixon polls have? they have McCain up by 3 in VA

McCain: "I'm not rich". In other news, Bush's approval ratings soar to 75%.

McCain to open 12 MORE offices in Virginia-20 total to the 45 Obama has had

Oops...TPM Muck discovers Cindy McCain's "personal" Trip to Asia paid by McCain Campaign

Obama crossed to the GOP side of the Senate to shake hands with McCain, and got a "chilly response"

Uh oh. Sarah has arrived with a bandage on her hand . . .

CNN Electoral Map Update: "If trends hold, hard to see how McCain can get to 270."

Is there an IRC chat tonight for the VP debate?

Activist Alert: Mudflats Activists ask for pressure to get Trooper Gate out before the election

If McCain gives up on Michigan, how exactly is he going to win the presidency?

McCain just "cut and ran" from Michigan...

WHY does MSNBC insist on hosting in front of people?

Results of the first few days of 7-11 election are up!

I've seen the coming of a McCain departure from from my state, baby!

Interesting...Palin appears to be just about off the Freeper team.

An Easy Choice For The Uninsured

Let's hear it for the gals...

McCain: I routinely turn to Palin for foreign policy advice.»

Don't expect Palin to look bad tonight.

Palin, in interview, casts herself as a federalist

BREAKING: McCain campaign getting ready to give up on Michigan!!

Is McCain a coward?

Does anyone really believe tonight's debate is going to change anything?

Saw the most pathetic effort that NRA put out.

So John McCain says he has proof posted on his web site that Obama

Obama landslide?

McCain pulling out of Michigan

I support the credit markets "bailout" but I really do understand why others would have BIG ?'s

Rassmussen North Carolina poll: Obama 50(+1) McSame 47(0)

John McCain with Micka this morning......... Say what?

HEADS UP-Obama rally NOW at MSU!

I'm looking for a Debate rerun late tonight...


Which polling site is the one with the map that looks like it was drawn by a 5th grader?

My brother has seen the light.....

College Humor - This is Hilarious

Did the Palins PAY for the help their contractor friends gave on their house?

McCain flipping like a carp on the beach about Ifill

How do you email Chuck Todd?

Help me DU! told to "SPIN your way out of this one"

Sen. Fred Thompson on MSNBC

What the GOP fails to grasp is that whoever was on the ticket for them...

Haley Barbour: My wife loves Palin. Unlike some "women politicians," no chip on her shouler!

I have a question regarding polls..please educate me DUers!

Should Biden play the Jean Poutine card?

Chuckie Todd has a black tumor growing out of the left side of his face like McCain does!

Couric Interview Bombshell: Palin Unable To Name All Her Children's Names

Freeper Pre-Emptively Cries Election Fraud

PDS: Palin Derangement Syndrome

I wonder if there is a way Joe Biden can use Palin's "Joe 6 pack" in the debate tonight in regards

On the dial: McCain 570 vs. Obama 1260 (DC area radio)

What you need to know about to debate Alaska: cold, dark, snow , sex

Obama on the cover of Vibe

Have you ever had a really bad job interview?

Have they put the Palin wins debate ads out yet, I know they like to get them out early.

Who pissed in McHoover's Wheaties this morning?

Tomorrow's right wing radio script has already been written

Hey mccain says he'll veto any bill with earmarks

I carry a Voter Registration card in my wallet.

You know those voters who say they're for Obama NOW, but on election day,

POLL: Who Will Be Holding Trig Tonight?

Right To Life Smear Ad: Obama and Infanticide? Not This Again...

Emerging RW, MSM-enabled Anti-Biden Strategy Becoming Clear

Everyone Get Ready to Play...PALIN BINGO!

Muhlenberg Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 50%-McTroll 41%

Palin Co-Opted Into a Voldemort World

The difference between McFailin and Obamabiden when they talk

Palin Bingo!

anybody else notice that Palin wrinkles up her nose like a cute little bunny during speeches

Mrs. Greenspan joking around jovially with Joe LIEberman makes me

McCain jerk to Obama AGAIN

Lieberman on MSNBC with a big chunk of food in his bottom teeth...

Aaaaaaaargh!!!! Joe LIEberman recommending Palin strategy!

PICTURE 'Obama Half-Breed Muslin'

How do you think progressive 527s should respond to anti-Obama ads?

Silent Audience Rule for Debate?

Please, don't talk about a "landslide" until Nov. 5

A debate prediction

From now on, we say "The L word."

ABC News: Palin dropping like a rock!

I think we're seeing a blowout forming, folks.

Guess who said this.

Gosh... home sick and watching The View

Joe Biden training to take on Palin (must see!)

The gop spin alley line up for tonight-

Please explain: what's the difference between being dumb, and not knowing anything?

Ohio Gov. Strickland (Hillary supporter) is ONBOARD!

It's interesting ... they keep pushing that Palin has more "executive experience" ... If you were

Admit It: You're Only Hoping For a D Landslide So Joe L Will Be Sent Packing

Good morning, DU/GDP!

Wasn't yesterday "Free to Drill Day" or some such thing?

Good Sign Last Night At My Son's OC, CA HS

As it becomes clearer McSame won't win, will Bob Barr's numbers start rising?

Thank you Linda Douglass! (Obama camp spokesperson)

One thing that Biden knows well, and Palin doesn't - John McCain

Next Jan. 20, you'll have to cover yourself with a tarp.

Homer Simpson Tries To Vote For Obama, Gets Sucked Into Machine

----Supreme Court Judges----Just a refresher on Biden's position from CNN Debate--

Gallup - Obama 48 (unchanged), McLame 43 (-1)

Palin May Find the Bubba Vote Isn't Enough

Palin Bingo

Gallup: Obama Leads McCain by 5 Points (48% - 43%)

Well, Arizona officially has one more Obama vote today. My daughter just called

Question about tonight's debate format

This should drive a nail into McCain's coffin.

God just voted in Laurel MD

Biden's first words tonight: "Remember, Sarah, Jesus was an extreme lefty, liberal..."

Judge may dismiss Stevens case

"Sarah Palin blunders over talks with British ambassador that never actually took place"

Even Worse For The Right Wing, She Said Constitution Gives Us A Right To Privacy

Latest Penn poll +9 to Barack!

I'm starting to think Palin is dumber than W.

Predict tomorrow's Jobs Report

WOW!! Obama surge in Georgia...40% African-American turnout in early voting

Before we get too excited about Sarah Palin making an arse out of herself today, let us not forget:

I was having a really really shitty morning and then I just clicked on

Write-in candidate


Jesus Christ on a nuclear pogo stick!! The Pukes are getting desperate in their fraud tactics

Gallup daily: O- 48% M- 43% (+5)

Is Palin going to do her community organizer snark tonight and are Obama/Biden prepared to respond?

The economic meltdown is due to McCain's man, Phil Gramm?

Monday Morning Quarterbacking: I think Obama pulled his staff out of North Dakota way too Early

For tonight, Biden/Palin bingo cards

Pro-Life Group Preparing Big Ad Assault Charging Obama Allowed Babies To Die

Gallup: lead up to to 5

Do you really think a VP debate could affect the outcome of this election?

The Denver Police Union is almost as funny as Police Academy IV

Debates are "what whould you do?"

Gallup Daily: Obama up by 5%, 48%-43%.

Gallup 10/2: Obama 48%, McCain 43% (down 1)

The Maverick and the MILF! Bill Maher about Sarah Palin

The McCain campaign doesn't know how to use Google

Mother Jones: Swift Boaters Gearing Up

Palin on Hannity's radio show, the media is "censoring her"

Florida GOP meets in secret as Obama passes McCain in polls

Is there a voter registration check portal?

Hi, my name is Hnmnf, and I'm Addicted to Polls

Questions for the Next Vice President

McCain, on why he voted for the bailout: "This bill puts us on the brink of economic disaster." WTF?

McCain word for word plagiarizes Bush

Berube: You Palin Mockers Think You're So Smart

Expectations for tonight's VP Debate

I gotta admit... I'm feeling greedy!

Good Luck to Joe Biden today.

Palin Eager to Debate Since Media Has Been "Censoring" Her

in my opinion about the debate tonight

Florida GOP Meets In Secret As Obama Passes McCain In Polls

Leaked Scene: Homer Simpson votes for Obama in Nov. 2 episode

I gotta say, I LOVE seeing the huge McCain signs in Maryland!

PA Tracking Poll: Obama 50 (+2), McLame 41 (unchanged)

Land Slide Update

Obama Rips McCain on Economy Today (w/video update)

Do you see a coordinated Republican attack on the media? It is their message.

I think the more sane and intelligent Republican won their party's nomination in 2000.

John McCain: 'Life isn't fair'

McCain re Palin: "has more experience and leadership than senators Obama and Biden put together"

What Joe Biden Needs To Say Tonight!

Palin in my neck of the woods! protest planned

32 days till the election and people are STILL saying "don't pay attention to the polls"?

Here's a funny story : my husband got polled last night.

Did McCain speak on the Senate floor yesterday?

Darn it canvassers for Obama came by and I wasn't home

BREAKING: GW/Battleground poll (only poll which had a Mccain lead) now shows Obama up 49-44

Creepy headline-Florida GOP meets in secret as Obama passes McCain in polls

Will Palin go there: Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

THIS is the Biden that needs to show up tonight! GO Joe! (video)

Obama Makes McCain Very Uncomfortable

Palin on Roe vs. Wade

GQR (D) Ohio Poll: Obama 49%, McCain 43%

How long do Obama's rallies usually last?

Where can I find info to refute this?

PPP (D) Michigan Poll: Obama 51%, McCain 41%

Any political mind should be able to name their favorite Columnist as well as their favorite paper.

It is cruel to allow McCain to continue this campaign.

How many times do you think Joe Biden has heard someone say, "don't be condescending to Palin..." ?

HEH! French press uses Tina Fey pic in Palin article

Which right wing radio chucklehead will call Ifill a racist tomorrow?

With the recent polls, how important is this debate for McTwitch?

Double digit Michigan Obama 51 McCain 41 The Palin factor having big impact

I'm surprised that McCain was able to slam Gwen Ifill without mentioning the fact that he was a POW


I hope this really happens tonight (Cartoon) IT MIGHT!!!

Whoops, he did it again! McCain reverses course on bailout credit

Governor Palins answer to the first question of the debate she has no clue how to deal with:

"Heck" and "Hell" are not words I like my child to hear or say..

I was wrong

Nate Silver Calls Out RealClearPolitics for Repug-Bias

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the world's biggest crybaby...

DirecTV newsmix watching Obama's speech- air time for OBAMA by channels

Top Ten McCain Lies

***Your Official McCain is Cool, Calm, Collected Thread -- Post Videos Here and Please Kick***

Results fromTen National polls today:

Letterman: Top 10 things overheard at Failin's debate camp.

Now McBush gets his history wrong

Biden Should Wipe the Floor With Her

McCain will be "Maverick" Again and Throw Palin off the Ticket

McCrypt spokeswoman is "shocked" at how "brutal" many women in the media have treated Palin.

Wes Clark on this financial crisis

Baghdad Nancy on MSNBC now - blithering idiot n/t

Florida GOP panicking and bickering; hold secret crisis meeting over Obama's rise in polls

"She's been a member of the PTA!"

DAMN! has Obama up over McCain by 153! Biggest lead since the start of the GE

POLL - Total Obama EV Count

"Download it and fight back!" Rev. Jesse Jackson

"Obama is like a cruise ship" and "McCain is like a speed boat..." Haha...

This is really petty, but I hope she comes out tonight with a giant

Is McCain seriously ill and getting worse??

A word of gratitude to CBS News' greed...

GQR Ohio Poll: Obama 49, McCain 43

Remember its be Kind to Sarah Day. No gotcha questions

Former Clinton strategist: "Gov. Palin needs to demonstrate a real understanding of complex issues"

Lehrer wrote a book about a POW... was he in the tank for McCain?

*Whoopsie*"Palin Truth Squad" ?? there already IS LOL

McCain reverses course on bailout credit - now he tells FauxNews he was "very helpful" (TheHill)

Quale's Press Secretary: "Biden Has To Take Whatever Meds He Needs To Keep From Being Too Clever"

Question: Did the government make a NET profit after the savings and loans "crisis" was ironed out?

Moron "reporter" now on WJ about Ifill book.

New Palin-Couric clip (Church and State) COMPARED to Biden's answer

Picture Worth Posting Again!

Sarah Mania! Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits (video)

So... where have "Photonpower" and Davis been lately?

So, all those newspapers, organizations, and lobbying groups who came out in support of McCain...


McCain's desperate smear attempts to prevent Palin's gub impeachment:

M$NBC Keeps Putting Up The NBC/Mason-Dixon Poll Showing Michigan As "Tied"

Has Palin myth #1 been deunked by the MSM? She's an Oil and Energy Expert

Can I see CAPTIONs from here? You betcha!

CNN just featured a second bridge to nowhere Alaska,$605 million,still in the works.

Chuck Todd on Morning Joe "Obama hasn't spoke on jobs" Please! In reply I sent him this email:

PPP Michigan Poll: Obama 51 (+4), McCain 41 (-5)

What if an audience member brought in a HF scrambler and once in a while flipped it on tonight?

CBS helped the Obama-Biden ticket

Research 2000/Kos Tracking Poll: Obama: 51% McCain: 40% (plus Palin huge unfav rating)

Does anyone recall what the ABC and CBS polls looked like

How come when I see Roger Stone on TV he is called a "Republican Strategist"

McCain on his drop in the polls: 'Life isn't fair'


It's over folks.

Insider Adv. Georgia Poll: McCain 50 (-1), Obama (44) +1

Here is a great video of difference between Biden/Palin

It's too late for Sarah Palin to "rescue" McCranky.

C-Span for the next hour: Previewing tonight's debate.

If someone told me in 2002 that a black guy with the middle name Hussein would be our next President

AP: Alaskans cringe after month of listening to Palin

Here is how I think Quaylin will debate tonight.......

Here is what Hillary Clinton said about Palin on the Brian Lehrer Show ..

Obama Email - Have you seen this?

The economy's tanking, and so is my marriage.

Don't Vote

Don't Vote

Voting Absentee in Michigan

Olbermann: Bailout Passes Senate (w/ Richard Wolffe)

Michelle Obama in Boulder, CO

How the markets really work

Obama: We're All Americans!

SARAH PALIN new attack AD ! ! !

Bill Clinton in Orlando, Florida

Geography Lessons from VP Candidates

Countdown: Krugman Weighs In On Bailout BIll (Oct. 1)


Wisconsin: Vote Early for Barack Obama

Obama`s Foreign Policy Adviser Susan Rice

Israeli Generals for Obama

Janis Ian - Society's Child

THE BAILOUT: Sen. Clinton

Does McCain know he voted for the bailout package?

UFCW vs. McCain, Wal-Mart

Sportsmen for Obama

Congressman Patrick Murphy for Barack

Barack Obama Talks About Tax Cuts For The Working American

Palin Debate Strategy

It's Never Too Late To Change - 99 yo Supports Obama

John Legend Wants Ohio to Vote Early!

Obama: Job Loss is Un-American

McCain: "I'm not a rich man"

Steal Back Your Vote! Pt. 2

Steal Back Your Vote! Pt. 2

Steal Back Your Vote! Pt. 1


Bush: 'The economy is strong. The economy is strong ... whoops!'

John McCain is not a rich man?

Fight the Machine

Ellen on Prop 8 w/ Jay Leno

McCain: "I'm Not A Rich Man"

McCain Snaps at Shriver Video

Vote For Tomorrow

Sarah Palin - professional flautist.

Hey There Palin

Register to Vote in Nevada

TYT: Cenk's Take---What Newspapers Does Sarah Palin Read?

Obama Does Brando

Letterman - Top 10 Things Heard at Palin Debate Camp

Bush-Ferraro debate excerpt

John McCain and Faux Fiends: Life isn't Fair!

Obama: "I don't know what yardstick Sen. McCain uses...There's nothing more fundamental than a job."

Barack Obama 'Together, we cannot fail'

TPMtv: Life Isn't Fair

Economic Warfare? Treason? You Decide - Bailout Update 10/1

Obama takes the Lead in Major Battleground States, Threatens Republican Stronghold on the South

The Financial Crisis...Simplified

Chet Edwards on McCain and Veterans

Vice Presidential Debate 1992

Palin Gets Name of Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Wrong

Joe Biden at VP Debate: Offshore Accounts are Unpatriotic

Flirting with Palin earns Pakistani president a fatwa

Deposit Plan Will Cost Banks More

Biden Israel policy an 'abject failure' @ WUSTL Debate

Senate Approves Indian Nuclear Deal

Palin: "How Long Have I Been At This? Like Five Weeks?"

US superpower status is shaken


Joe Biden on John McCain: Maverick He Is Not

Iraqi police: Bombs kill 17 Near Shiite Mosques

Palin On Nukes: Be All, End All

Joe Biden gets emotional @ Washington University Debate

Palin: Economy's A Toxic Mess on Main St. Affecting Wall St

Biden Talks About Being A Single Father

Footage Of Palin Preparing For Debate

Cambodia's genocide trial delayed until next year

Some U.S. cereals more than half sugar: report

CNN Poll: Biden Wins Debate 51 - 36

Cannabis less harmful than drinking, smoking: report

Democracy turns 250 in Canada amid debate over state of country's politics

Biden: "How Different is John McCain's Policy going to be than George Bush's?"

TYT: Sarah Palin Rape Kit Ad


Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1. (Preparing for the next False Flag)

Countdown: McCain Opens w/ a Dictator Joke

Wal-Mart takes action on Uzbekistan child labor

Pakistan: US strikes hurt anti-terror effort

Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents

GregPalastOffice: Steal Back Your Vote!

Maddow on Palin's Idea of Expanded Powers for VP

European Central Bank holds rates steady

BREAKING NEWS: Bush warns credit frozen, says House bill best chance to fix it, AP reports

Life in Zimbabwe: Wait for Useless Money

Melamine-Tainted Candy Found In U.S.

Sarah Palin Winks

Troopergate Judge May Rule Thursday On Whether To Continue Case

SEC extends short-selling ban for financial stocks

Judge considers mistrial in Stevens case

Senate Passes Bailout Legislation Complete With Obscure Tax Breaks

McCain’s gay Q&A

Lieberman: We Need To Pass The Bailout Because ‘It Will Be Good For John McCain’

France seeks €300bn rescue fund for Europe

Small Businesses Feeling the Chill

Charges against Alaska senator could be dismissed

Elizabeth Edwards cancels women's conference speech(Illness)

Judge threatens to throw out corruption case against Ted Stevens

"Fight Rather Than Think" (Great New Ad)

Judge Could Dismiss Stevens's Indictment or Declare Mistrial

Teens Charged With Making Explosive Device

Cop In Taser Death Commits Suicide

Palin Can't Defend John McCain, Can't Answer Question

John McCain: Presidential Material

U.S. weekly initial jobless claims rise 1,000 to 497,000

Judge may rule today on Troopergate tangle

Supreme Court won't review child rape ruling despite gaffe — Justice Scalia furious

Olbermann: Attempt to pre-blame moderator pure racism

Vice Presidential Debate: "Maverick He Is Not"

Debate: Joe Biden on his Achilles Heel

Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden

Obama Warns of More Job Loss Should Congress Reject Rescue Plan

Rice hails approval of India nuclear deal

Factory orders drop 4% in August, most in 2 years


Gallup Daily: Obama Leads McCain by 5 Points

VP Debate: Sarah Palin Seeks Expanded VP Powers as Cheney Did

Barack Obama is 'aloof' says British ambassador to US (Says he's "cool")

Palin's foreign policy adviser stood in for Biden in mock debates

Oil falls below $95 on falling global demand

US economic dominance over - Russia

Skepticism of Palin Growing, Poll Finds

Thousands (16,000) attend Obama rally at Michigan State

Gov. Palin's hairdown for debate

Biden Chokes Up Recalling His Family's History

Belgium bids farewell to resistance hero who saved Jews

Vets critical of Palin's national guard leadership

Palin will sport bandage in debate

Gore To Hold Post-Debate Fundraiser For Obama

Political Analysts: Colorado Could Decide Vote

Wreckage spotted in renewed search for Fossett

Senator Stevens Loses Mistrial Bid in Criminal Case

CBS Poll Finds Obama Gaining Support, McCain Weakened in Bailout Crisis (Obama has 9-point lead)

Judge rules Stevens trial will continue

Stevens Trial Halted as Judge Considers Mistrial

Black turnout high in early voting (Georgia)

Franken opposes Wall Street bailout

BREAKING NEWS: Bush warns credit frozen, says House bill best chance to fix it, AP reports

British envoy says mission in Afghanistan is doomed, according to leaked memo

VP Debate Preview!!

Missouri GOP Offices Tighten Security After Break-In

Missouri GOP Offices Tighten Security After Break-In

Spoonful of pork may help bitter economic pill go down

Springsteen Announces More Concert Dates for Obama

Republican group wants bailout cut to $250 billion

Fire at Video Store Kills 15 in Japan

Delays, huge costs threaten ground zero rebuild

McCain Gives Up On Michigan In a Major Retreat

Millionaire's Amendment to Be Erased

Obama: Fundamental change needed to help Michigan, nation

Iraq: Saddam's assets stolen by US, claims security official

Sarah Palin blunders over talks with British ambassador

Alaskans Cringe After Month of Listening to Palin

Recession now certain, economists say

Obama takes campaign to the iPhone

Kucinich's GOP Opponent Jim Trakas Blames Daytrading, Not Predatory Lending For Financial Crisis

Palin foreign experience limited to Canada

NTSB: Remains found at Steve Fossett wreckage site

Bluegrass legend Stanley cuts Obama radio ad

McCain: Obama lead growing because 'life isn't fair'

Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents

Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents

Biden vs. Palin On Cheney

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews observed Palin’s “lack of humility” in asking for more power:

Biden: McCain voted against troops @ Washington University Debate

Maddow: Anti-Semitic pastors speak at Sarah Palin's church

McCain reverses course on bailout credit

Illegal immigration declines as economy falters

Who is stealing Park City (Utah) Obama signs?

300 people still missing since Ike hit Texas

GOP Sues Michigan Paper, Charging 'Defamation'

Olbermann: Palin's Greatest Hits (10/1)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 2

Basic grocery items rise 10.5% from last year

Banks borrow record $367.8 bln per day from Fed

Palin to play ball with Big Oil

Oil May Fall to $50 in Global Recession, Merrill Says

CBS Poll: More Uncommitted Voters Saw Biden As Winner

Obama radio ad: Ralph Stanley in Virginia

Breaking: Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking to end Troopergate probe into Palin power abuse allegatio

Mexico farm leader dies after setting self on fire

Hartford, Prudential, MetLife Credit Swaps Widen to Records

VP Debate: Joe Biden on being a Single Parent

Mexico seeks to legalize smalltime pot, cocaine use

Secret Service must hand over Abramoff logs

Florida GOP meets in secret as Obama passes McCain in polls

Channel 73 on Dish Network is Now 'The Obama Channel'

Holocaust denier detained at London's Heathrow airport

NY officer kills self after fatal stun gun case

McCain pulling out of Michigan

TYT: Palin, Palin & More Palin (Newspapers, Hamas, Supreme Court & More)

Sarah Palin would be the last nail in the coffin of the Republican murder of the Earth.

The GOP Blames the Victim

Analysis: A vote with unforeseen consequences?

Dear Wall Street: An open letter from Main Street

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McCain's Latest Hail Mary: Promises to Put Palin ON The Supreme Court

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Pace appointment to university chair riles gays

Final mission for venerable MH-53

9-year prison term upheld for colonel

Supervisor: Capt. admitted taking launch device

Changes coming to disability claims process

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Unit eases more responsibility onto Iraqis

Confusion, language barrier hamper fuel card program

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Kadena noise lawsuit hearings conclude

CID recruiting soldiers to be special agents

No victims attend sex assault meeting at Heidelberg

Navy resists Sasebo call for nuclear drill

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General Reassures Africans on AFRICOM

8 EU States Mull Anti-piracy Force

NATO Inks Deal to Buy 3 C-17s

Ex-admiral Claimed Dubious Degrees

Officials Agree to Create Space Complex

Pace appointment to university chair riles gays (xpost from Veterans)

Gay-rights group kicks off tour at Liberty U.

Calif. Gay-Marriage Ban Appears to Lose Support

My Cousin and Her Girlfriend got Married Today....

Clip of Biden in tonight's debate re: benefits for same-sex couples

It’s just a song …

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Will the Fiscal Crisis Hobble the Clean-Energy Industry?

EPA Climate Change Strategy to Help Manage Water Resources

Coal scarcity hits India Nalco Sept alumina output

Coal to Wood: The Conversion Calculus

Research on using sugarcane for ethanol production

For Arctic Scientists, Tracking Ice Losses "Like The Hockey Final" - CanWest News

Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish Turns Out To Be Four Species, Not One - AFP

At Gov. Goodhair's Request, EPA Gives Houston 9 More Years To Fix "Severe" Smog Status - Chronicle

Report on Climate Change Predictions in Pennsylvania

Dengue Ranked As Fastest-Emerging Mosquito-Borne Disease - 1.8 Billion In Asia At Risk

UPDATE - US Senate Passes Renewable Energy Tax Credits and Bailout Package

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U.S. car sales in September were the worst since 1993

Fundamentalists Blame Wall Street's Woes On ''Teh Gay''

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NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice Likely At Record Low Volume After Setting 2nd-Place Mark For Extent In 2008

An early Christmas present for Peak Oil skeptics

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Western US may face "crippling" black outs

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Anna Burger Tells Governor Palin to Stand Behind Her Words and Support Affordable Healthcare For All

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Today in labor history Oct 2 President FDR asserted "the right of all workers to join unions"

Stocks decline on unemployment, factory reports

Daily Kos: Sarah Palin, Proud Union Member

Starbucks settles NLRB complaint of fired barista

AFL-CIOs Richard Trumpka Speaks for Obama

NEW charges filled against Mall of America & Starbucks (no MSM)

Bolivian opposition suspends dialogue with government

Colombia: URGENT ACTION – agricultural trade unionists in grave danger

Colombia: The highest number of war refugees in 23 years

The Opposition Strikes Back: Bolivia in Crisis

here is Chavez announcing the investigation into the assassination of Soto

Defendant in the suitcase scandal tried to silence Antonini to gain "more power"

'The most terrifying night of my life' Mexico October 1968

Suitcase-Gate, CIA Drug Plane Scandals Meet


The Dodgers have the best hitting lineup and bench in the playoffs

C.C. Sabathia

Does anyone (else) want to read my cat's blog?

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Your impressions please?

Help me out, please.

Akashic Records of October 2008

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Need help, here!! Flu shots are being given this week in my area- Have a

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Some U.S. cereals more than half sugar: report

Another day, another waterfall

more flowers and mountains

Should I keep it or take back?

Anybody make corn tortillas?

Invisibility cloaks could take sting out of tsunamis

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If you had the power to decide whether there was or wasn't such a thing

Women & Religion

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Just got home, missed the english debate

Neat Firefox tricks

For you from MA, what did you think of Jane Swift?

E-mail from MN SOS Mark Ritchie

How are the voters lists maintained?

McCain campaign leaves MI but may spend more in MN.

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Coleman pulled ahead 53% to 43%

Met chief Blair 'set to resign'

Anybody here old enough to remember the Blitz?

Where exactly does Obama stand in your state?

McCain pulls out of MI and sends resources to

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on opposing the bailout

There are several debate watch parties tomorrow night

Durston on the bailout......

KPFK can now be heard in Orange County and parts of San Diego County