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The Make Believe Meverick-article in The Rollimg Stone

Magruber shot the ping pong ball from the same place McCain picked Palin

Magruber shot the ping pong ball from the same place McCain picked Palin

$241,698!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

She's baaaaaaaaack



UK Times: Barack Obama is lining up a cabinet of stars

she's back on!!!! oy veh... hip hop...

OMG think of the youtube viral videos that will be made of this SNL rap skit

This SNL thing sounds kinda bad.

Well, that was thanks to Sarah, though

Just watched the Youtube video on CNN regarding those racist assholes

PPP West Virginia Poll: McCain 50, Obama 42

Cringe-worthy weekend update sketch with Palin.... hard to watch

I am watching a HILARIOUS Obama commercial, featuring McCain's facial expressions from the debate.

Tinklenberg has raised $500,000 since Friday.

NeoCon take on Palin on SNL - "She did fine...but it was below her."

She just sat there and let them make fun of her to her face!!! She didn't even have her own joke!!!

George Soros speaks deep truths about the economy

REVEALED!! the crowd photos *are* fake

REVEALED!! the crowd photos *are* fake

Obama Should Do A Daily Show Style Commercial Of McCain/Bush Promoting Tax Cuts and Small Government

Palin on Weekend Update now

I feel sorry for Adele

I feel sorry for Adele

Just seen a new RNC ad in Battleground MO stating Obama doesn't have any executive experience...

Just seen a new RNC ad in Battleground MO stating Obama doesn't have any executive experience...

President: Barack Obama (Sarasota Herald Tribune endorsement)

75,000 in Kansas City

Well now I'm sure all the media endorsements will need to be retracted

There is life after Nov. 4th for Sarah Palin.

Thanks Sarah I'm sure you solidified your base with the head bounce to rap

Savannah Morning News Endorses John McCain

worst SNL EVER

So how, exactly, did Palin help address her major weakness tonight?

Colorado Daily: Obama for president

awww... poor Joe the Plumber crying about the mean media picking on him...

Damned Republicans! I am so p*ssed off right now!

OMG! Palin "raises the roof" [watch]

Gimmicks of SNL and Joe the Plunger are now done, so can we get back to the Economy?

All of the People came walking, out of their neighborhoods . . .

Reminder: Hillary and Barack hold Joint rally 6 pm ET Monday in Orlando-first time since Unity

Why do people keep saying Kerry was ahead in the polls in the weeks running up to the election?

SNL Rap Skit Theory

Thank GOD I got out of Fargo when I did.

Please Vote in this Poll (it needs DU love)

Freeper analysis of Palin's SNL performance - Funnier than SNL!

Thinking of joining an anti-Palin protest at a Palin rally. Pro-tips please?

Austin American-Statesman (backed Bush in '04), endorses Obama.

Obama picks up 2 newspaper endorsements in W.Va. this week

I'm furious with the GOP/Liddy Dole

Rethugs' attempt to "save the fillibuster" :

Sarasota Herald-Tribune endorses Obama.

Obama Rally in Kansas City!!!

Analysts say McCain's "socialism" claim towards Obama may be a stretch

Best dailykos post ever...

What is the real October Surprise?

Apparently the media didn't think this was a very big day for Obama

Are freeper heads exploding? The NRA just endorsed a DEM.


***"Blocking the Vote", By Robert Kennedy Jr. in Rolling Stone--Must Read***

The Economy/Recession - US September Sales Fall 1.2% - Largest Drop in 3 Years - What Would Bush Do?

Bush Admin Contacts Obama, McCain, Biden On Iraq Troop Deal — But Snubs Palin

"Glitch"-filled machines aren't the only election problem in W.Va.

comment on Politico, re: Colin Powell: "Tribalism....the curse of Africa"

Ok - I just watched SNL - it was hysterical except for one part

So... Sarah Palin can go on SNL but not on any Sunday morning talk shows?

For anyone who's hand-wringing please take a look at these graphs between 2004 and 2008

POLL: Was Palin helped or hurt by SNL tonight?

R2K 10/19: O50, M43 (unchanged)

Sarah Palin is literally a human litmus test for exposing weak minded motherfuckers

Hardball Weekend on now rebroadcasting the Bachman meltdown.

does MTP come on earlier outside the east coast. it's on at 10:30 in NYC, but when in other places?

does MTP come on earlier outside the east coast. it's on at 10:30 in NYC, but when in other places?

Philly Inquirer online "Endorsement" of Obama is quite tainted...

Philly Inquirer online "Endorsement" of Obama is quite tainted...

Obama raises unprecedented 150 million dollars in September

Obama raises unprecedented 150 million dollars in September

Why isn't McCain doing "town hall meetings" anymore?

Palin on SNL, opening skit and weekend update (VIDEO)

Dear gawd, Sarah, what's up with the Dom boots?

More W.Va. voters say machines are switching votes

More W.Va. voters say machines are switching votes

Face it, Palin knocked it out of the park on SNL. We've been put on our heels, folks.

75,000 FOR OBAMA in Kansas City!

DNC raised $50 million in Sept. Not Bad.

Houston Chronicle (backed Bush in '04) endorses Barack Obama.

A view from across the pond.

For those who missed the SNL skit with Palin

Zogby 10/19: O48, M45

Look how Fox is covering the potential endorsement of Colin Powell.

The media should be called out when they reference ACORN incorrectly.

The media should be called out when they reference ACORN incorrectly.

What's the best record with respect to Obama's campaign?

Is Meet the Press in 10 minutes, or 70 minutes?

Frank Luntz: Obama will be next president

i hate tom brokaw...


****Heads up: Watch "Meet The Press" Online Now!****( Sorry, we have to wait 1 hour)

BREAKING: Obama raised 150 MILLION DOLLARS in September

Senator Barack Obama: I'll restore America's promise

Powell said on MTP he is voting for Obama!

Cindy's Parents had to give her Birthday Presents from John because they assumed he didn't do it.


Powell endorsement is still good for Obama and bad for McStupid. n/t

It`s Official!!Colin Powell endorses Obama!!!

Colin Powell just put the GOP in its place.

Donna Brazille said Obama moving staff out of Michigan and moving them to Indiana and WV

Donna Brazille said Obama moving staff out of Michigan and moving them to Indiana and WV

Are you personally aware of any voter fraud, intimidation, or other election abuse in your state?


Dear McAsshole, take your frickin "air quotes"

ABC Poll: Debates Boost Obama

Rasmussen: Obama 51(+1), McCain 45(unchanged) already has the video up on their webpage of the endorsement!


Powell just called out Michele Bachmann. LOL

Boy is Zogby pouring it on for McNuuts this AM on cspan!

MSNBC: Powell Endorses Obama

Sarah Palin's Appearance on SNL a Huge GOP Disaster

The ultimate 1-2 punch...

OMG - Powell has suddenly become a surrogate for Obama

Time For McPalin To Unveil Mike The Mechanic

Lexington Herald - Leader Endorses Obama!

Did anyone catch Meet the Press and the new state polls?

Brokaw admits "We now know there weren't WMD"

Whatever you think of Colin Powell...

Thank you Colin Powell

Reporter to Colin Powell: "Are you still a Republican?" --- Powell: "Yes."

I'm I missing something hear? So McSane had as good debate performance

McCain suspends campaign again....

Is that some sort of Karma?

Colin The Five Star General Or Joe The Unlicensed Plumber

Page with video links to yesterdays St. Louis speech

Powell's other(even more) important contribution was standing up for Muslim-Americans.

Faux News now saying Powell maybe bitter because it's possible he

"I ht ink Obama brings a fresh set of eyes to the table" Powell live

LOL their spin is pathetic...

delete dupe

When will the Powell endorsement go on youtube, please ?

Powell" Last week he was a terrorist This week they're calling him a Socialist"

I canvassed for Obama yesterday with an ex-military republican

I canvassed for Obama yesterday with an ex-military republican

Rethugs SPINNING!!!! the Powell endorsement already this is what's being said

Rethugs SPINNING!!!! the Powell endorsement already this is what's being said

Sing it, Morning Joke: You say 'income redistribution,' we say 'income concentration!'

Joe the Plumber vs. Colin Powell

Fox News already trying to destroy Powell by calling him complicit

I bet Bush and Cheney are super pissed about the Powell endorsement

Bottom line-If Powell doesn't endorse McCain is an embarassment for McCain

Detroit Free Press: Barack Obama for President

There's a guy out in my Work's parking lot throwing a ball with his kid.. looks like Joe the Plumber

Campaigning in Bachmann's District --50+ volunteers to 12,

Sarah Palin has scared alot of republicans.

Powell LIVE News Conference MSNBC/CNN... late coverage on FOX

"Narrower and narrower"

Racist Freepers ON FIRE at the Freak (Republic) Show

Republican Hack trying to minimize Powell endorsement on MSNBC

There was a local meting of the Veterans for McCain yesterday.

McCain's response to the Powell endorsement of Obama (just now on Fox News)

Dallas Morning News just did a hit piece on Dallas' suburban Dems

NOW can we be a little cocky??

Idaho Statesman Endorses Barack Obama

ABC News's Good Morning America just did a brief piece that began

Powell criticizes McCain's negative ads, says he's concerned by the choice of Palin as VP.

Obama should just make an ad with Powell's comments

POWELL!!I love you!!

Yes, FUCK COLIN POWELL, But I'll Take His Endorsement All The Same

Let's call Michele Bachmann and demand that Powell be investigated!

At least the Powell endorsement knocked the "cute" Palin on SNL off the tube.

"Country First" = "Nation First" = Nationalism =

The Next Person To Endorse Obama will Be . . .

Local Paper (Eugene, Oregon) endorses Obama

Local Paper (Eugene, Oregon) endorses Obama

Obama, Biden and cabinet are going to need a HUGE Dumpster.

Hotline Nat'l Poll -Obama 48% -McCain 41%

Bumper Sticker Story: Just had to share!

Two huge rallies in MO, $150 million raised in one month and Powell endorsement

Obama Raises Over $150 Million In September

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama!


What does a community organizer do, anyway?

One thing that Powell could have added:

Powell fucked up on Iraq

This is the biggest endorsement yet! Obama will be President. Must Read

October Surprised Revealed: Last Minute TERROR SCARE

October Surprised Revealed: Last Minute TERROR SCARE

October Surprised Revealed: Last Minute TERROR SCARE

DU is only $1585 away from $100k goal for Obama.

McPailin Desperately Needs To Change The Subject

Is Colin Powell's endorsement Obama's "October Surprise"?

Powell may have given the best endorsement speech yet.

Please try to send Powell to the VA Beach/Norfolk Area

Please try to send Powell to the VA Beach/Norfolk Area

woah...matthews asking if the GOP is falling apart...

One thing about Colin Powell that, I think, says it all . . .

Do you believe that anyone is 'undecided?'

BREAKING---OMG!!! This is HUGH!!!--The highest endorsment EVER!! Freeper heads will explode!!!---

McCain should be happy Powell endorsed Obama because that means they won't pay attention to. . .

Thank you Colin Powell, for Knocking "Joe the Plumber" stories off the TV

McCain thinks Obama is celebrating already

Jonathan Alter: We’re Heading Left Once Again

Colin Powell is a "man who I admire as much as anyone in the world."

OH.MY.GOD! Obama raised over 150 million in September!

My take on the Powell endorsement

Audaciously Unpresidential

Whaaa! McCain: Obama fundraising hurts public financing

The Dems will control everything!

Joe Deters is Hamilton Co, OH prosecuter and McCain's SW OH Chairman- READ

McCain defends robocalls

I'm No Christian

Newt was saying something crazy on This Week and the audio went out...

New Obama Indiana TV Ad

I lived in Columbus OH for about 14 years before moving to Chicago

McCain defends robocalls

Is a Bloomberg endorsement next for Obama? What do you think?

QUestion about DU Donations to Obama

Powell and Obama should go to Minnesota and hold a rally with El Tinklenberg

The New Powell Doctrine

Obama Campaign Slyly Negates Palin's SNL Appearance

Palin Protests Federal Listing of Beluga Whales as Endangered

Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses Obama.

The Dallas Morning News is a right-wing rag and always has been.

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XI: Asking The Girls?

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XI: Asking The Girls?

Michigan GOP in Total Meltdown

The Oregonian Endorses Obama!

Frank Luntz quote: "Stevie Wonder reads a teleprompter better than John McCain"

Colin Powell set himself on the path to redemption in my eyes this morning.

Obama to kick off Florida's early voting in a BIG WAY

While Barack is picking out drapes, Grandpa needs to start shopping for a shroud.

The Powell Endorsement will suck up all the media oxygen for a week

"It was easy to invade Bagdad,....

Skinner, how about gift for the person who puts DU at $100,000 for Obama? n/t

Powell on MTP talking about Muslim American soldier who died in Iraq

MTP~Audio blocked in Northcentral WV

Please post Powell's transcript when it's available..great compelling reasoning

McCain defends robocalls on FauxNewsSunday (VIDEO)

Obama forces the pace of change in Dixieland

Tired, Desperate and tantrum-filled McBlinky on Fixed Noise this Sunday

Thank you, General Powell

Powell is the Checkmate

Fork McCain!

WFMU's own McTongue Photoshop Challenge

***The Official "I Was Wrong About Colin Powell" Thread***

Since when is a 6, 7, 8 point lead a "dead heat"?

Zakaria: Obama is pushing to change the parameters of the country's comfort zone. That's leadership

How much did McCain raise in September? The parties? Dem and GOP?

How much did McCain raise in September? The parties? Dem and GOP?

Obama's Rally in a Red State v. McCain's Rally in a Red State...

With the Colin Powell endorsement, do you think McSame

New polls from NBC (per MTP)

New polls from NBC (per MTP)

Anyone else find Powell's endorsement very moving?

The reasons Powell outlined for his endorsement of Barack Obama were simply perfection.

FiveThirtyEight has an interesting section ->Scenario Analysis

NH papers endorse Obama

NH papers endorse Obama

Powell: "The Election of Barack Obama Will Electrify the World."

Hagel will be the next Republican to endorse Obama

Today's map

October Surprised Revealed: Faux News Attempts to Change the News Cycle Off of Powell Endorsement

Obama's easier path-McCain's tougher one

FREEPER: "My God, this Powell stuff is sickening."

(R)AS TRACKING POLL: Obama 51 (+1) McCrypt 45.

Stumping for Obama in West Virginia

Now they're claiming credit card fraud in Obama's fundraising!

A Tsunami of Good News

"Colin Powell denounces McCain campaign and Republican Party ....

I hear Powell comes off as very sympathetic in "W," although I haven't seen it.

Bachmann coming on (local) WCCO TV now

Obama's $150 mil: Average donation $86

Obama yard sign gets Seattle voter's absentee ballot torn to shreds

Colin the General Vs Joe the Plumber.

Who will be next to endorse the next president of the United States?

Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell's heads explode on MTP

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/19/08 - Obama 51, McCain 45 (Obama up 1)

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/19/08 - Obama 51, McCain 45 (Obama up 1)

This election is different--we get to vote FOR someone!

Joe the what? Bill who?

MTP: Obama has bought up all available advertising time slots?

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Oct 19 – Obama 378, McCain 160 (Link)

**DU just doesn't get it:** SNL appearance a WIN/WIN for McCain campaign

**DU just doesn't get it:** SNL appearance a WIN/WIN for McCain campaign

Please Keep In Mind What The Self-Serving Media Strategy Must Be For the Next 2+ Weeks

James Fallows: Intersecting arcs: McCain, Powell

Colin Powell Just cited Michele Bachman!

Detroit Free Press endorses Obama

Bachmann's interview today in Minnesota, no video yet

Karma's a bitch, Sarah. She couldn't even win the Saturday overnight news cycle.

My idea for another Obama Ad .... "The Economy ... Who Do We Trust..."

i just donated 15 for a Obama/Biden Magnet

Specialist Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan

Raleigh, NC News and Observer Endorses Obama

"Obama is not an Arab. He's a decent family man."

Early Voting in NC --We are turning NC Blue for Obama/Biden One Vote At A Time

The official Repuke jump ship list..its a long list

Hey, Repiglican Thug Dipshits: Caribou Barbie Is NOT Going To Fuck You

Dole is pulling out all the stops --in the fight of her life... accuses Dem of 'godless' association

I dare you!

Diageo/Hotline Poll - Oct 19th - Obama 48 (-1) , McCain 41 (-1) 7% Obama lead maintained

David Sarota @ Huffington Post: A Reminder About Colin Powell...

Obama to speak Tuesday at Miami rally

Buffalo News endorses Obama!

Powell says he tried to avoid war, but then supported the decision (updated)

SURPRISE: Another racist on McCain's campaign staff - who would've thunk it?

Swiftboating isn't working,two weeks left and no time for it to work.

Obama is waging war against election fraud

Powell endorsement is the top story on all media now.

Very disappointing. Hometown paper, Daily Press (Newport News/Hampton, VA) endorses McFogie.

There are some people that owe a $50 donation to the campaign in my name...

Endorsement: Las Vegas Sun

Powell won't go on the trail but will Obama

Powell: "Is there something wrong with some 7 year old Muslim American kind thinking...

"Sarah Palin is not ready to be President"

Obama thanks Powell for endorsement

Obama thanks Powell for endorsement

PALINDROME: "What did the dog say when the President asked him his name and breed?"

look out the window...pigs are flying!!!

Obama is waging war against election fraud

What are YOU doing on Election Night?

Video link: Powell endorsing Obama

His endorsement doesn't change the facts.

Powell endorsement + Fund Raising will capture the news cycle for 20%

McCain Calling Obama A Socialist? Who Accepted $84 Million In Taxpayer Money For Their Campaign?

That was a full throated endorsement if there ever was one!

What Will John McPalin Do To Change The Subject

Obama Has Grabbed The News Cycle!

I've Decided (Michael Smerconish)

Concentration of Wealth! That is how we combat this "Spread of Wealth" Meme!

Powell continues to blame "intelligence community" for his U.N. speech leading up to Iraq war

Rough Sunday for McCain

Heartfelt thanks to Bill Clinton...

Heartfelt thanks to Bill Clinton...

I think We Should Have Surgeon General Howard Dean

New RW Meme?: Looks Like Colin Powell Went And Got All Uppity For Obama

McCain proves his own stupidity by BRAGGING about it....seriously!

Akron Beacon Journal endorses Obama

Today's Campaign Trail tells the tale...

Should we use the time now to hold Colin Powell's feet to the fire?

Please Ask Palin has she ever Studied the Constitution?

Hey Folks, We've Been Redistributing Wealth In America For Decades, It's Called Progressive Taxation

RNC raised $66 Million in September. DNC raised $50 Million - not bad

Freeper response to Colin Powell endorsement:

So should Powell be a part of Obama's cabinet?

Conservatives Try To Come To Grips With Losing Part I: Sarah Palin

Powell took a good look at what Republicans have become and he really doesn't like what he sees.

Todd Palin gets 75 people to turn out. Obama gets 100,000

Did Joe the Plumber ask for it? Or is he getting screwed?

Chuck Hagel Endorsing Obama?

Our FRiends weigh in on Colin Powell...

tech savvy help needed...swamp rat?are you here?

The Nation Challenges Michelle Bachmann's Fascism, and Please Sign petition to protest Bachman:

I have some news for the well-heeled Bobbleheads and spokesboobs for McCain:

Wow, Chris Wallace on Fox is handing McCain his ass!

Is anyone watching John the Jackass

I told you!! Colin Powell endorses JOHN MCCAIN!! Only a gullible FOOL would think

Got My Ballot Yesterday...

In spite of the wounded economy, millions of Americans are choosing to invest in futures -

Powell = could significantly change the military vote across the board...

Powell's actions in 2003 contributed to the death of 1 million Iraqis.

The Denver Post's Endorsement of Barack Obama for President

I believe it was Chuck Todd who mentioned this AM that Obama is spending $5mil on the ground in WV..

Will Powell's endorsement sway military types?

They're calling it "The Palin Plunge"

Tired of RW lie: It's not Obama winning, it's the economy.

That $150 million that Obama raised in one month isn't that more than McCain has for the entire fall

Star Tribune Minnesota Poll: Obama 52, McCain 41

CNN Now. Redistribution of Wealth meme

We could not have asked for more from Powell

McCain on Powell endorsement: "This doesn't come as a surprise."

As I watch McCain speak at a rally

Who Really Puts "Country First"? Colin Powell

GALLUP: Obama-52(+2), McCain-42(+0)!!

Zippy on this year's electoral "personas"

Chuck Todd: McCain 'conceding the popular vote'

Chuck Todd: McCain conceding popular vote; path to victory is electoral college only

The Human Skin Wrinkles

Check this lovely site out- "Manifest Obama"-

Financial crisis sidelines 527 group (Swift Boat) donors ... link

GOP Voter Fraud Alleged (Signed Up To Support Anti-Pedophile Bill - Switched Party Registration)

Help & Advice needed on confiscation of yard signs in Troy NH

Sludge Race-Baits Powell Endorsement - No Surprise There

Damn I was moved to tears when Powell talked about the mother of the Muslim US soldier at his grave

I'm giving props to Colin Powell.

Have there been any "air quote" ads on McSame with him using the "health" of the mother reference?

THe polls will shift back Obama's way (already are) for a week, then it's over.

Isn't it about time that the New York Times endorses Obama?

Houston Chronicle endorses Obama -- first Democratic endorsement since LBJ in 1964.

Zakaria formally endorsing Obama now on CNN. . n/t

POLLS: Tied in Ohio. McCrypt up by six in WV.

POLLS: Tied in Ohio. McCrypt up by six in WV.

Folks, Like TPM Says, The Campaign Is *Really* Only Just Now Starting....

Late post, but I thought Palin's SNL was totally useless to both sides

Talk me down here. Heard about Colin's endoursement of Obama. Turned on Meet the Press and damn if

David Gergen: This is like fireworks for the Dems - a CRESCENDO!

6 priorities I'd make if I were President Obama

Is Scarborough right? (Much as I hate to admit it.)

Why should I feel depressed when I see a West Virginia Poll

** Powell's Endorsement a Florida "GAME CHANGER" **

PPP: West Virginia - McCain 50, Obama 42

Hey MSNBC: Can we hear ALL of Obama's speech?!

My favorite picture from yesterday

Democrats bank early votes in battleground states

John McCain: 'I love being the underdog' (actual headline, NOT a Duzy)

Drudge is an asshole. His headline is "Powell for Obama: It's not about race"

Every Time MSNBC starts covering McSam/Failin rallies live I have only one choice

CNN talking about a "Colin Powell Bounce" for Obama....

Is this the first major "across the aisle" endorsement for Obama?

Another Michigan spot from Obama(VIDEO)

TPM Track Composite: Obama Ahead By Six Points (49.9%-43.9%) -- No change since pre-debate.

Pigboy Bigot Limpballs: Where are the inexperienced, white liberals Powell has endorsed?

Really, Rush, with your track record of supporting George W. bUsh, now

Now is not the time for celebration....


Are there videos yet of the vote switching? I keep hearing about it

I have to admit, I was getting a LITTLE worried....

Obama's place in history

Separate and an example (ambiguous subject line to get you to look at my take on Powell)

Just for the freakin' hell of it, I'm watching Morning Joe tomorrow!

McCain tells Fox News "Things are heading our way," feels that Obama is "buying the election"

Now is not the time for celebration.....

"Don't feel sorry for John McCain, McCain will be concentrating on not feeling sorry for himself"

"Don't feel sorry for John McCain, McCain will be concentrating on not feeling sorry for himself"

Colin Powell: Our generation's John Dean?

NFL owners have rooting interest in election

Whether you approve or disapprove of Powell's endorsement, one thing is certain...

Glenn Greenwald: Colin Powell condemns the ugliness of the Republican Party

"Media's worried about whether I've paid taxes, silly things that have nothing to do with America"


Anyone remember the Colbert report after the Dem victory in 2006?

Limbaugh implies Powell's endorsement is based on race and that Powell is a liar

I'm not lovin' Colin Powell like the rest of you.

What I'm going enjoy watching about the Powell endorsement..

"I hope the MF doesn't even win Arizona!"

Pat BuKKKhanan :"Barack Obama has a more liberal voting record than the Socialist Bernie Sanders"

Pat BuKKKhanan :"Barack Obama has a more liberal voting record than the Socialist Bernie Sanders"


Wesley Clark should follow up Powell

Powell's endorsement+$150 million raised in Sept.=Special edition of Hardball TONIGHT

Powell's endorsement+$150 million raised in Sept.=Special edition of Hardball TONIGHT

Palin SNL captures and animated gifs (56K warning)

McCain cast self as middle-class guardian (actual headline)

On the news of Powell's endorsement is in teeny little font at the

Palin's SNL fail

It just dawned on me why Mcame is taking the guilt by association road

OMFG.. anyone not watching Obama right now is missing out

How much did Tinklenberg end up raising after Bachmann's anti-American witch hunt plea? Obama - 364, McCain 171.

Palin will do an interview with Brian Williams this week

The Powell TRANSCRIPT and the Powell POLLS

Need any more proof that rightwingers are NUTS? One word; "ALINSKY"

Wasn't it nice of Brokaw to give the right wing all of its talking points this morning?

McCains' old house is being auctioned off

Was Palin bad last night and did I hear Obama raised not 100 but 150 million?


Chris Buckley, son of Wm. F., National Review founder for Obama

Does Anyone Have Updated Early Voting Stats?

My solution to the financial crisis....

Dissecting Comments Attributed to Rush Limbaugh

AP IMPACT: Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign (DCI's Doug Goodyear later hired by Mc*)

What last desperate attempt will McCain use next?

I think Gallup is using two models so both the left and the right will cite their polls

Hearts sink when Bush says economy will recover

It feels good, doesn't it? Or is "good" the right adverb here?

My stupid repug neighbor thinks Obama will be disqualified because he has no birth certificate

McCain Defends Robocalls

McCain adviser says McCain campaign is "truly Dukakis-like" in its ineptitude

$1,125 will put DU at the $100k mark for donations to Obama!

Dissecting Comments Attributed to Rush Limbaugh

It's time for a president who puts Barney Smith ahead of Smith Barney

Cut Mic Conversations

Deep Freep Political Insight: "Colin Powell is wants a Job in the Obama administration."

Phila Inquirer Eendorses Obama

I just watched the Powell endorsement again. The story is not the endorsement its what he said

Video: Barack Obama in Fayetteville, NC 10/19 + free pie recipe

I can't wait for Donald Rumsfeld and Condaleeza Rice to endorse Obama.

Josh Marshall helps Republicans by starting myth that Democrats are slacking off.

Is this some of John McCains "friends"

Sarah Palin was none too happy to be on SNL tonight.

Gallup: O 52 - M 42

I just watched the email from the Obama/Biden campaign about the amazing amount raised in September.

Montana is back in play! New poll: McCain 49% (-3) Obama 45% (+6)

Media Hoor on TV Contessa Brewer got her talking points

I don't get it. How is rolling back to the Clinton tax policy all of a sudden Socialism?

K-Lo claims SNL proves Palin qualified to be President.

This morning's Fox interview with McSame

Colin Powell did not request redemption and is unrepentant. Until then..thanks and let's move on....

Anti-Obama website appears when Googling "Obama for President"

"How to Lose an Election in 13 Minutes"

Can You Imagine John McCain Walking into a Williamsburg (Brooklyn) or Wrigleyville Bar?

Breaking: Some On DU Can't Help But Look A Gift-Horse In The Mouth !!! - (Powell, The Unforgiven)

Anna Quindlen: Obama the Unruffled

I'm going to treat Powell as a hero. Here's why.

mcsame speech on msnbc violating "joe the plumber"'s privacy again.

Road to 270: Kansas

I got to watch 20 minutes of the OBAMA channel today

Biden is coming to West Virginia as Obama campaign buys TV time in state

I figured out why DU was hiccuping earlier

I figured out why DU was hiccuping earlier

Powell calls out Bachmann

I'm listening to yet another right-wing jackass on MSNBC

Regardless of what you think of Colin Powell, his endorsement is good for Obama

Why did they let her do that??????

A major republican smacked McCain/Palin today ~ that's all this was.

How much TOTAL dollars have you donated this election cycle?

The freepers though powell was going to endorse mccain yesterday

There are TWENTY THREE Powell threads on the front page. MODS: Can some of them be combined?

It apparently hasn't dawned on the rightwingnuttery yet; the next President, likely

Three hours until my conference call with Joe Biden!!!!!

Peggy Noonan Tells the Truth About Sarah Palin

The Bastards Raised the Bar Again! 125,000!

Thanks you, General Powell...more for this, than the endorsement.

McCain Calls Obama a Socialist

Contessa Brewer asks pundit if Lieberman stumping for McCain is equal to Powell Endorsement

Good Grief, Charlie Brown: McCain is still talking about "Joe" the "plumber"

There is no more time!

Wow....worked in Kansas City yesterday with 75,000 of my Obama friends!

Cast for 2008 Election Feature Film

The Wheels on the Bullshit Bus

I Guarantee You Michelle Bachmann was just reading Repub Talking Points Given to Her...

LOL....Palin on SNL got no coverage after Powell and 150 million!

McCain Endorses Obama's Energy Plan - Mathematical Proof

Rasmussen Reports: "Colin Powell: Most Valuable Endorsement"

If you have the choice at the polls, USE PAPER BALLOTS!

Antiwar vets attacked by police outside debate

This Stalinist Powell consensus mongering is an unattractive neurosis

How DARE Powell endorse Obama without checking here first...

The next McCain ad.

The next McCain ad.

Joe Biden on CNN

the two things which would make me happiest on 11/4--Obama victory, Bachmann defeat

the two things which would make me happiest on 11/4--Obama victory, Bachmann defeat

As promised, here is a link to the local newspaper article in which I was interviewed

Offical Photographs of the Fox News Team on November 5th 2008

Cesar Chavez at the Root of Obama's Campaign: Grassroots Latino Voter Outreach

Morning Call Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 52%, McCain 40%

OK .... I thought Palin was funny on SNL.

The Palin SNL "rap." (transcript)

Joe Biden is going to West Virginia on Friday

Joe Biden is going to West Virginia on Friday

Wait a second. Obama raised 150 million bucks last month? AND the DNC raised 50 million?

What does McCain mean when he says 40% don't pay taxes?

My Take on the Powell Endorsement

who here agrees that most of the idiots yelling "Socialist"

And never forget, that after endorsing Obama, Brokaw played GE/GOP NBC whore and started to attack

That's ok, the Republicans can keep Joe the Plumber and we keep Powell

what's a good Dem Meme? McCain == Plutocracy? Oligarchy?

Can you all do me a favor and thumbs this Obama endorsement up from The Salt Lake Tribune?

The Ohio Voter Lawsuit Plot Thickens

Just imagine if the word "Fascist" were chanted at McCain/Palin rallies

The Muslim soldier to whom Colin Powell referred

LOL....HillaryClintonForum.Net NUTS are is 100% whine mode!

LOL....HillaryClintonForum.Net NUTS are is 100% whine mode!

It felt pretty darn good. I got up Saturday morning and cast my vote for the next President of the

I just couldn't bring myself to vote against McCain yesterday

Dayum... it's worse in here today then when Powell endorsed Kerry in 2004

Sometimes it feels like I'm watching already election returns!

Jeb Bush ???? omfg.... Scarborough pushing him a bit

My son and I just voted

Gallup 10/19: 52 Obama - 42 McCrud

"...I'm confident... that I have made mistakes..."

Forget Joe the Plumber. Remember SPC Kareem R Khan

You hate Powell? So do I.

**C-SPAN LIVE: Obama/Biden Campaign Event in Tacoma, Washington 5:10 PM EST

For MTP regulars. A question

Powell made me cry

McCain now avoiding reporters even more than Palin.»

We're Not Sure "Close" Means What Howard Fineman Thinks It Does

We're Not Sure "Close" Means What Howard Fineman Thinks It Does

LOL...Even I cannot hardly believe the $150,000,000 number......

Ethel Kennedy to campaign in Va. for Obama

Weebl and Weebl's friend Bob endorse Obama! His pie policy wins them over.

The only thing left to happen is for McCain to fall off a stage

So McCain doesn't think the 95% of us who make less than 250,000 deserve a tax cut

****Heads Up: Watch Special Edition Of "Hardball" Now Online!****

Buchannnan on Tweety: Would Powell have endorsed Obama if he were white?

Another (Texas) newspaper endorses Obama (first Dem endorsement in 50 years)

omg look at what ACORN didn't do!

Pat Pukehanan goes there, asks "if Obama was a white liberal"...

I will delete if this is completely wrong, but what happened to the domestic violence link to Joe?

What does the word "palin" mean? Take a look at revelation.

Matthews: "Senator McCain was unable to provide someone in response."

Naples (FL) Daily News Endorses Obama: Obama offers Americans what country needs now

Pat Buchanan: We need to ask if Powell would have still endorsed Obama if he were white

PSA: Take your absentee ballot TO THE POST OFFICE.

List Of Republicans Supporting Obama (and why)

OMG! Sarah Palin at Roswell,NM!! (CNN now)

Sarah Palin In Roswell New Mexico ...LOL

Big News on Fox! Actress on NORTHERN EXPOSURE (1990-1995) supports Sarah Palin!

"Joe didn't ask for Obama to come to his house. Joe certainly didn't ask to be famous.

OMG! Fox News is really pushing the voter fraud's been on continuously...

Obama Addresses N.C. Voter Who Called Him "Socialist - CBS News

McCain on Faux looks ill.

Holy Shit! 150 Million Dollars?!!?!!?

Just got back from the Obama rally in Fayetteville!!


~~ Official Newspaper Endorsement List for Senator Barack Obama~~

I'm concerned with these voting problems down south (NC?) Do

I'm concerned with these voting problems down south (NC?) Do

Hot diggity dog....

Why does Hardball remind me of a funeral tonight?

Kareem R. Khan, 1987-2007: Genuine American Hero (Updated w/ pictures)

I believe today marked the final turning point in this campaign.

So Pat Buchannon is voting for McCain because McCain is a white male?

Obama's North Carolina diner moment: This has to be said

Obama's North Carolina diner moment: This has to be said

The GOP/RNC voter registration campaign revealed?

Pat B. just went there--Its becauce Powell is black.

George Will: Colin Powell Endorsed Obama Because He’s Black

Does Tucker Bounds realize that Obama was BEATING McCAIN's ASS before he got Powell's endorsement?

"Jill Biden... She Didn't Have To Do It"

New Research 2000 Polls of Minnesota Senate and Presidential races--good news!

VIDEO: Please Watch This DU. It's well worth it! Colin Powell: Country First

Landslide = Mandate: LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

Tweety just brought up a GREAT point about 11/4 voting lines

Morning Joe

When is the Obama TV special?

John McCain seems to have trouble reasoning clearly.

Powell was the biggest endorsement we could get, he came through in a big way and I say thank you

McCain = Weak. Please help get this going as an Internet meme

McCain's surrogates' response to Powell endorsement: "He's not out campaigning for him...

Look here, Obama... You got my vote, but let's make something crystal clear.

watching rerun of "meet the press" on msnbc...

Aside from an Obama presidency, there is one other thing I am SOOOO looking forward to...

Aside from an Obama presidency, there is one other thing I am SOOOO looking forward to...

I think this is a good time to bring this back - "YES WE CAN" music video

I think this is a good time to bring this back - "YES WE CAN" music video

Joe's dishing up "red meat"!

If folks are comfortable saying Powell only endorsed Obama because he's Black . . .

Biden on cspan and on fire!!! n/t

Biden on cspan and on fire!!! n/t

****Heads up: Joe Biden Live Tacoma WA*****

Mason Dixon (Republican leaning) has Obama down only six in WV and statistically tied in OH.

Buchannan should be fired BUT KEPT ON AIR, let him make an ass of himself but MSNBC shouldn't pay...

Before you kick Powell again, do you remember this?

Lieberman Backs McCain because McCain is white

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Charlie Crist to visit Palm Beach County

Check this out, my local paper (sacbee) give the worst endorsement ever to my (R) rep. Annoyed, yes

Would a Chuck Hagel endorsement be significant for Obama ?

How many news cycles has Powell stolen from McCain this coming week?

NeoCons Get a Colinoscopy

Cognitive dissonance - let's pick apart one of the McCain newspaper endorsements- from Tampa.

Not A Very Good Weekend For Obama

So, will Mika denounce her father on Morning Joe tomorrow?

Freeperland in Meltdown!!!!

Gingrich: "Powell Eliminated the Experience Argument in One Sound Bite & Obama Effect is Real"

Powell is cooking McCain's goose!!

Sixteen years ago I interviewed Colin Powell in the Pentagon.

TO ALL LURKING FREEPERS--I have a question just for you.

Why did Brokaw immediately bring up race? This is BS

Newspaper endorsement tally: Obama widens lead to 102-32

Obama offering Daycare on Nov 4th in Atlanta

Sixteen years ago I interviewed Colin Powell in the Pentagon.

FREEPERS think the St. Louis pics were shopped!

McCain falsely claims to have ‘repudiated every statement by any fringe person’ in his party.

I'm Just ME. Why this election is so damn important. I am writin a book. Title "I'm just me"

Commercial Appeal Memphis endorses Obama!

A tale of two campaigns. A must read.

Does anyone have an up to date list of US newspaper endorsements?

175,000+ in MO. $150 Million in September. Powell, Conservative Papers for Obama.

Anybody know who will get the permanent hosting gig for MTP?

Powell gave a hell of a speech today, knock out blow to McCain..

In one month Obama has moved up 23 points in this Republican CD (CA 50) now + 12


Who do you think should be Obama's Secretary of State?

Wow....Obama Grandpa/Grandma/Mom commercial made me tear up!

New Kentucky Senate Poll: McConnell: 46% (-4) Lunsford: 42% (+5)

19 major dailies that endorsed Bush in 2004 have switched to Obama.

ABC news report: 150 people charged with voter fraud since 2002

ABC news report: 150 people charged with voter fraud since 2002

Would anyone like to join the 'I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT THIS GUY THINKS' club?

Any lurking Freeper who still claims that Obama is a Muslim should look at this:

Thank you for the endorsement, Colin Powell. P.S. This doesn't negate your fuckup.

HOW TO Alarm your Yard Sign to Prevent Theft & Vandalism

"She's real. I mean, the other day she had to stop at Wal-Mart and buy diapers."

The 10 Biggest Differences Between Obama and McCain That Will Affect Your Daily Life

I'm Sorry, Didn't Pat Buchanan HIMSELF Leave The Republican Party?

self deleted for fear of being falsely labeled

McCain Counters Powell Endorsement With Mexican-American Soap Opera Actress from Telemundo

Don't underestimate the impact of Colin Powell's endorsement

Interesting neighbors...

Powell is 71, McCain 72

Powell is 71, McCain 72

I have to ask this - Has anyone noticed a certain "accentuation" factor going on with Palin/McCain?

Anyone watch ABC World News just now?

ATTENTION: Key Lime Alert. Man your stations!

Palin's Failin' What is it she stands for? After seven weeks, we don't know.

If you need proof that Pat Buchanan is a nut, read his 2004 endorsement of Bush

Todd: McCain is 'Conceding the Popular Vote'

Anyone notice how MSM is completely ignoring Powell's comment on Palin

McCain Counters Powell Endorsement

Could Obama have a chance in Louisiana?

Pat Buchannan accusing Colin Powell of abandoning the party.

Powell's endorsment is now on the front page on CNN!

Letters to the Editor – Linda Hirst, Winters

McCainBlameGame: "Democrats were in charge of Congress for most six — for the last couple of years"

On election day, won't people vote their hopes instead of fears?

HOLY CRAP! WE DID IT!!! $100,000!!!

Been meaning to say this. When Barack Obama is the President, he will be the President of:

Been meaning to say this. When Barack Obama is the President, he will be the President of:

"Socialist! Socialist! Socialist! Get out of here!"

Made a few phone calls today

Canvassed my neighborhood today of un-ID'd D's and Indys. Almost all supporting Obama. GOOD to see

Noonan asks: 'What is the purpose of Palin's ambition?'

Stupid stupid STUPID Columbus Dispatch endorsement (not unexpected:)

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Whaa, Whaa, Whaa...Call A Whambulance

Racial Slurs on Campaign Signs

I canvassed in Wheeling WV, and a rich white Republican said THIS:

Amazing. Josh Brolin actually wiped his hand on his pants after touching Sarah Palin during the

Give my GD poll some love (link inside) ...

How is Mccain doing on the fund-raising end of his failed campaign?

Powell's endorsement and especially his reference to Cpl. Khan brought tears to my eyes BUT

The rightwing nuts of the Republican Party : telling Republican African Americans to leave

The rightwing nuts of the Republican Party : telling Republican African Americans to leave

McCAIN and ABEL: First conflict between ranchers and farmers?

Biden makes special pitch for Gregoire in Tacoma, WA

FLASHBACK: Tracking poll: Bush may be expanding lead over Gore (October 19, 2000)

How is Obama linking McCain to Bush negative campaigning?

"Trickle-down economics had always made sense to her"

Freepers in a tizzy over Powell. Half the threads are trying to bash Powell

OMG! Lady ripping up Obama sign on tape

*** BREAKING: Obama set amazing new fundraising record, over 150.000.000 USD in September *****

Voter Registration Totals By State - Updated 10/18

I guess these folks never read

I guess these folks never read

100k is OK, but that aint enough...... its crunch time, .... its time to run up the score

For those who have absentee ballots....

Who else cannot get excited??

The Demise of Michele Bachmann, a Bat Shit Crazy Conservative Woman

OpEd piece about Powell's endorsement....well, you be the judge ...

Well I've finally been polled

I think the average person is sick and tired of the Bill Ayers stuff

Anyone remember that "God Warrior" woman....

Obama Widens Lead to 104-32

My 84 year old grandmother will support Obama

A contrast in signs I saw today

Robert Kennedy the only one with BALLS to bring up the Socialist Party

** Heads Up!! ** Barack Obama Live in Fayetteville, NC **


Your "WTF" picture for the day!

Your "WTF" picture for the day!

I am glad that Powell remembered Specialist Khan but I wish he had remembered Matlovich

Politico Has An Interesting Story About A "Mystery Man" Lending Support To Obama.

I get so emotional when I see him in front of all those Young African Americans...

Great ending for a McCain ad

Freeperville is in denial about significance of Powell endorsement

I am so sick of the lie being repeated that Bill Ayers has said he "didn't bomb enough."

I am not happy about the Powell endorsement.

Powell did a wonderful thing AND he needs to be held to criminal account for his crimes

Sunday, October 19, 2008 - We saw the next President of the United States of America!!

McCain casts himself as middle-class guardian....LIAR

FYI: Tinklenberg's ActBlue Account Is Currently At $268,020.

Yet another smear, already forwarded to Obama campaign

DU I am worried.

Gen. Colin Powell offered a role model for my children - Letter from a Muslim parent

Say what you want about Politico's leanings but it's Electoral Map is a heck of a lot

Just mailed in my absentee (paper) ballot in CA, so Diebold can't deny vote to Obama now.

Powell just showed McCain what putting country first over politics is all about:

NYTs Rich: "Mc can no sooner escape our despised president than he can escape himself."

How long will it take for some rightwing hacks to go after Powell

Oh that family guy.

POWELL: "...Everybody thought (the Iraq War) was terrific. And it was terrific."

The Powell Endorsement Is the Bill Richardson endorsement of the General Election

McCain DID NOT CHOOSE Palin. She was chosen for him. Why is this unmavericky fact given a pass?

McCain DID NOT CHOOSE Palin. She was chosen for him. Why is this unmavericky fact given a pass?

Biggest media a-hole

It's a 3 percent tax increase. THREE PERCENT!

BREAKING on Fox News Janine Turner endorses Palin!!!

Sandra Bernhard issues 'gang rape' warning to Sarah Palin

The right-wing haters on the AM dial will make sure the Powell endorsement is a 3-4 day story.

VP Candidate Palin introduces "Ed the Dairyman"

I just got a work!!

Colin Powell did not intentionally lead us to the Iraq war

Doesn't that mean that Lieberman endorsed McCain because of race?

Andrea Mitchell call THIS a "remarkably negative ad":

Obama surpises lunch patrons at Cape Fear BBQ (Fayetteville, NC)

McCain casts himself as middle-class guardian

McCain Camp & surrogates: "Obama = Closeted, drug using uppity socialist Muslim alien homosexual"

Sarah daughter's nickname for you know who. nt

Politico McCain: Obama cash will lead to scandal

News & Observer Endorses Obama

Please note my concern

The Battleground States... Which Ones Have Dem Gov?

New England Journal Medicine Condemns McCain's Health Plan: Excerpts from Crooks and Liars:

Here's the fallacy of the pollsters' "likely voter" methods ...

Just got an email from a plumber I know

Things tighten up! Did you guys know that? Gaps narrow!

Have you gotten robocalls?

Need help debunking Global Poverty Act of 2007

McCain: A masochist, an idiot, or a liar?

I can't wait to hear from the "I'd vote for Colin Powell" crowd at work tomorrow.

I think it's fitting that the New York Post is the highest-circulating paper endorsing McCain...

Has Any Recent VP Not Gone On Sunday Morning Shows Ever?

The REAL Reason Joe Scarborough Said Obama Should Not Run Up The Score in NC

Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader endorses Obama!!!

Early Panic Control: In two weeks and about 44 hours the networks will call...

As Obama is to the Presidency so is "blank" to "blank"

McCain = "Screw the Country, I just want to Win at any cost, My Country is Last"

McCain = "Screw the Country, I just want to Win at any cost, My Country is Last"

White Privilege

Steal my Sig

Biggest rally ever for VP candidate in Tacoma Wa!

Can McCain do this?

Obama in Kansas City - pictures

Jane Mayer, The New Yorker: "How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin"

Election day and your place of employment, what are you doing?

Ocracoke, NC - we just spent two weeks on vacation - a VERY BLUE part of NC!

Terry Tate is Back! And he's kicking Sarah Palin's ass!

4000 dead Americans and many more dead Iraqis say Powell is a P.O.S.

Dear Skinner, you might want George Oilwellian's GAME CHANGING video at the top of the home page!!!

Joe Scarborough: "Jeb Bush is the future of the Republican party."

***BREAKING POLL*** Plurality say "spread wealth" - Joe the Plumber" favorability at 44 -- !!!!111!!

***BREAKING POLL*** Plurality say "spread wealth" - Joe the Plumber" favorability at 44 -- !!!!111!!

McCain: Palin is "a threat to liberal feminism"

John McCain sucks!!

This Thanksgiving, I make skip the turkey and just have PIE!

Why we are Democrats

Scarborough says he would have tore Obama up in a campaign if he ran against him

Colin Powell's son, Michael Powell(former head of the FCC), is a McCain advisor...

Colin Powell's son, Michael Powell(former head of the FCC), is a McCain advisor...

Yes We Canned...... How about a food drive for voting day?

Okay people..what will be the McCain/Palin & surrogate talking points this week

I'm so proud of Joe Biden

Obama, Please stop the negative ads !!

That rap was hilarious. Jason Sudakis as Todd Palin just about made me swallow my tongue.

Early Voting in NC

Obama advised on dealing with John McCain

I was really surprised to find out that McCain was in Bedtime for Bonzo with Ronald Reagan

McCain not eligible to run for president?

McCain not eligible to run for president?

Because of stupid Fox News, I have spent my evening debunking

Thanks to some people at DU and their hatred of Powell

Janine "Northern Exposure" Turner on Palin: "I'm very excited about her. I'm just thrilled."

A huge heartfelt thankyou to all Hillary supporters that have gotten behind Obama.

I am SOOO OVER McCain pimpin' out Joe the Whiner....

I am SOOO OVER McCain pimpin' out Joe the Whiner....

So we have two MAJOR republicans endoresing Obama

"I shall call him...Mini-Me!"

pat buchannan thinks powell is ungrateful.

Things not to post (classic FAIL)

Bill Clinton's 100 yards away

Joe the plumber is more important than Colin Powell.

Joe the plumber is more important than Colin Powell.

What about early voting makes it harder for them to steal votes?

I double dog dare you!

Bill Kristol said this morning that if the Red Sox won tonight, then McCain would win...

The MSM is saying McCain's "Joe the Plumber" strategy is a good one to "close the gap" with

Racism Alive and Well in Ohio!!!

Our neighbors had a pumpkin thrown through their car window...

I can't wait for Dick Cheney to seek redemption for the Iraq war-then we can do a headline like this

Joe Scarborough is right for once: Obama needs to spend more time in Florida and Ohio. Those

My Wife, My Brother and I voted for OBAMA today. Thank you Oregon!

Vent--My children are constantly told that Obama is...

Miami Dolphins Owner To Sell Team If Obama Wins Presidency

McCain knows.

This sign is in my town.

I can't believe they thought SNL would improve her image! (SPOILERS!)

What's the matter with Ohio?

Think the Obama campaign has any more headlines left?

John McCain has inspired my favorite Aunt to VOTE for the first time in her life.

You've got $150 million and you're running Obama's campaign...

What state do you think would be the most sweet to win?

OK, I wasn't going to ever post this about Andrea Mitchell but

"With John McCain, all politics is personal."

Nothing better to do? DU this presidential poll from the Huntsville, TX newspaper!

Voting - When Confronting Threats Or Mere Boredom Waiting In Line - Think Of Susan Anthony's Fight

---Say what you want about the Florida Democratic Party, BUT---

WTF CNN?!????

Tires Slased at Obama Event in NC Today! I'm getting sick of this sh*t!

Over at FR, they think Obama's a hypnotist.

Whenever anyone pulls out and tries to dust off Jeb Bush's name, have this handy

Campaign volunteer assaulted in WI today. Obama personally called to console her.

McCain and Republican Lies about Acorn are attempts to hide GOP Election Fraud

Had an encounter with a "republican"

Obama Volunteer Physically Attacked by Angry Man

I have actual video of my vote flipping !! AND I AM IN OREGON !!!

This America is a "Center-Right" country bullshit

This America is a "Center-Right" country bullshit

Should Biden become VP, will Kerry take over as chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations?

Should Biden become VP, will Kerry take over as chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations?

Triana I hope that you don't mind but people need to see this picture...

A few pictures from Biden's Tacoma Rally today..

Freeper heads exploding (re: Obama's 150 million month)

"Have you even dealt in your mind with the possibility that you could lose?"

"Have you even dealt in your mind with the possibility that you could lose?"

Time Mag - Halperin: How the Powell Endorsement Boosts Obama

This pic of Palin just made me think "Eva Peron" waving to her adoring masses.

Purity and impotence--each feeds off the other (not a sex thread)

'Socialist,' 'Muslim' - Ugly reception for Obama - story with pics

goodboy and Family at Obama HQ in Wheeling WV today (photos)>>>

Face it -- Nov 4th - McCain will defeat Obama and become President.

John Hagee: "Vote The Bible" (week 2 of 4 repuke propaganda posing as "Christianity" series)

What if you could make a 1/4 million a year, but only if you agreed to pay a higher tax rate.

Ralph Stanley promotes Obama

CNN POLL; How significant is Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama?

I STILL cannot believe the free pass Palin is getting from the MSM for not taking questions!!!

GOP Voter Registration Fraud Case Leads To Republican Arrest

Welcome the Powell endorsement, because IT HELPS US WIN.

Wow, great letters to the editor in my republican area

My neighbor's Halloween decorations:

Who's the better endorsement?

Powell says crazy Michelle Bachman helped him decide to endorse Obama

Powell says crazy Michelle Bachman helped him decide to endorse Obama

So I'm watching TV down here in SW FLorida all day, Since noon counted 39 Obama ads, 0 McCain....

Please control yourself if you don't like Powell - THIS IS A HUGE endorsement for Obama!!!

Any other close races that need to be Tinklenberged?

Freeper concern, asks: "Does Anybody Have Some New Coping Techniques?"

BIDEN in Tacoma today

"Spreading the Wealth" -- The new GOP code for "Welfare Queens"

Action Alert: Votes for Obama not being counted in NC!

CNN fact-check: ‘This is looking like a fraud committed against ACORN.’»

McCain and the Republicans are inciting violence everywhere. Even in Wisconsin.

I'm sitting here at my job at the gym,

"Barack Obama once and for all destroyed public financing as we know it"

Fareed Zakaria just Endorsed Barack Obama on CNN on his show, GPS

Wow (((PIC)))

A massive hug for DU.. gearing up

McCain isn't Bush, but bin Laden is Saddam Hussein, right?

It is time to apologize to all Blondes who have been offended by blond jokes

An article in my paper today said this pic made a McCain aide burst into tears.

DU'er George Oilwellian's video "Colin Powell: Country First" can seal the deal (with our help) ::

Here is a YouTube site I wish everyone on DU goes to and hits the report button

PHOTOS Today's inspirational pics (Fayetteville, North Carolina, Oct 19)

Conservative Asbury Park Press Endorses Obama

GOP Voter Registration FRAUD Case Leads to Arrest

Obama not eligible to run for president?

Even more amazing obama news!

Powell Endorsement: Nobody here doesn't share the karma

OMG this is the Greatest Endorsement Obama has ever gotten

NYT: Many Holes in Disclosure of Nominees’ Health

I want to apologize for the snide remarks I made about Powell yesterday

Has anyone heard about Ann Coulter lately-i.e., is she doing what

Orlando Sentinel endorses Obama!!!!

Powell STILL SUPPORTS the bush regime's war against Iraq.

A marriage in crises - can this marriage be saved?

DUers need to focus MUCH more on election suppression; on close Senate races, & on NO on CA Prop 8

Bring Back the Three Original Post Limit a Day... PLEASE

Bring Back the Three Original Post Limit a Day... PLEASE

Has any major newspaper endorsed McCain yet?

Some great St. Louis photos from the Italian press

The Two Historical Numbers: 50% Popular Vote and 60% Turnout. Can We Do It?

Rec this thread if you like pie!!!!!!

Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, Spc., US Army - a personal story today's hate-filled GOP can't handle...

Going in to red states to rebuild started small...Dean was in Idaho, Montana, and Utah in 2005....

This week's New Yorker: "The Insiders: How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin"

McClatchy: Powell's Obama endorsement 'devastating,' analysts say

Should Pat Buchanan be suspended or fired from MSNBC for racist remarks

Sign thieves: Thank you!

I had to get out for awhile. Does anyone know if the rally crowds for

Poll: Obama ahead in critical counties

She's back - Weekend Update

We never forgive. We never forget. We never learn.

Fuck Powell


UK now focusing on foreclosure workouts

My encouraging news for the day!!

Yeah, Sarah, if you had done that, it would have derailed your campaign...

Local Repuke Defends Ohio Valley Racists at Palin Rally

I think we know why Caribou Barbie didn't do comedy for the talent portion, now don't we?

hahaha, she doesn't even realize they're making fun of her

SNL question: How did the NYC audience respond to Palin? Is it possible to tell?

A list of other America Haters and Socialists endorsing Barack Obama

Our rental house - opinions wanted

Movies that use "that one" Snow Falling on Cedars

Which of these Senate seats could we pick up to give Obama a filibuster proof Senate?

Remember 2006? Gas prices dropped as oil company friends of the GOP

In the name of the best within us

Why does SNL stereotype all lesbians to be like

I guess Mark Walberg didnt really hate Andy Sambergs impression after all

Sarah Palin, stop shooting bears, and other wildlife......

I wonder why SNL didn't have the typical ending?

OMG Have you seen Barack in St. Louis today?

Are you better off than you were eight years ago? Just ask the people at Mervyns & Linens N Things!

I know this may seem 'really random', but there has been a dramatic increase

McCain campaign looking for Obama's dealer

Obama Hope Pumpkin Carving & Pattern

Bachmann to appear on local Sunday morning show

The GOP is NOT patriotic.

Palin: stupid, evil, or both?

Is it wrong to ask why "Joe" the "plumber" isn't in Iraq?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Most viewed YouTube clip re: Bachmonster

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Most viewed YouTube clip re: Bachmonster

Homegirl just got "Colberted"

The "he's a Socialist", "wants to spread your money around" meme.

Watch Sarah Palin on SNL here:

The little las vegas boy was found..SAFE..

Alec Baldwin You Lucky Sumbitch

Why does Katrina vanden Heuvel look so old and haggard all of a sudden? See this video.

American Liberalism vs. Social Democracy

A picture is worth 200,000 words.... can you spell L*A*N*D*S*L*I*D*E (IMHO)

***Monday's NY Times to raise new questions over McCain's HEALTH

Tanzanian albinos murdered for body parts...

Volunteer Energy and Political Tipping Points

Project Z: Tech-savvy DUers will identify the wannabee klansman...

superslush is a French anagram for "Rush le Puss"

Friendly reminder to my fellow DUers who notice the mouse that just snuck into the kitchen

Attention Mods?

My local GE NBC AM News in NY Saying Palin Was Great On SNL.... Should I email thanking them for

Do 401k contributions count

With 15 days left and polls not looking good for McCain in battleground states, expect more trolls

Where will they be a year from now?

The two guests on WJ just said Shrub has NOT CAMPAIGNED

Thank you, SNL writers.

Malkin at it again!

Powell v. Palin: The People's Court

One less vote for Obama

Payne Beats W by a 2:1 margin (for Friday)

WTF!?! That's not Tina Fey

Detroit Free Press: Barack Obama for President

For the Freeptard troll, this is your reward for being stupid, and ours for being right!

Don't Forget that Palin was Chosen out of Expediency...

Diana Furchtgott-Roth on WJ CSpan1

Does anyone know if Meet the Press can be seen online?

Metro Detroit union members protest NLRB and rally for Obama

Michele Bachmann asked today about suggesting Obama is anti-American.

Joe the Plumber has joined us, say hello to him

Dear Sunday Morning Punditocracy: Palin sucked ass last night on SNL.

Latest episode of "Lucky Ducky"!

I am holding DU hostage. If you want it to run faster for you ......

Cubans go to Mexico to dodge U.S. sea patrols

It's not VOTER Fraud Sarah!

Remember the last time Powell appeared on MTP and Bush's handlers moved the camera off him?

Enough With the Spartacus-With-a-Plunger Already

Powell endorses Obama

Wow, Powell just slammed bachman /nt

Stick a fork in it! Powell just endorced Obama!

GEM$NBC on line

Abducted Las Vegas boy found safe, wandering the streets alone

How many of you veterans think Powell is a war criminal??

Powell being interviewed now live on GEM$NBC n/t

John Nichols: GOP Gives Up On Beating Any Dem Senators

What is in Joe The Plumber's future?

I felt the need to start my own thread about the Powell endorsement.

Powell endorses Obama.

What Would Anyone Care About Powell's Endorsement?

Please post Powell's endorsement text or video below

I am watching Fox all morning to see if they utter the vile words "Michelle Bachmann"

Powell: McCain's negative campaign has "troubled me"

Real Clear Politics Breakdown 10-19-08

OMG, Republican women are just TOO f*****g hot!

Keep in mind that Powell and McCain "used to be friends." Good friends

The Nation: Censure Michele Bachmann

Colin Powell's juxtaposition on the occupation as disconcerting as it may be

Here is why Glass-Steagall Bank Regulation Act must be reinstated now

Matt Damon, good egg.......

Did anyone happen to see Joe the Plumber on Huckabee's show yesterday?

Why in the hell would anyone want to see a movie about that SOB?

Dumbest TV appearance by a politician on a comedy show:

My rightwing brother visited us this weekend and made this comment about Powell and his endorsement

Obama on Powell

John Kerry and few hundred friends campaign for Barack Obama in Nashua.

Ahhhh, so Colin Powell's decision was a "personal" decision per the repub talking head strategist.

If you want me to believe McCain and Palin were picked so they would lose .......

Talk about a LIFESAVER -- this is IT:

Ethanol cos. hurt by prices may get help from USDA

Wow - Obama raises $150 million in September.

'Joe the Plumber' strikes back at media - Poor little Joe crying on Fox

So I sneak over to Fox for the second time in my life

Rush Limbaugh is responsible for this era of distrust, not Bill Ayers

So what do we call it? Michelle Bachmann will live in infamy...

October Surprise from McCain: BILL AYERS!!! AND IT FELL FLAT

Sea Shepherd Prepares to Take on Japanese Whalers Alone This Year

Thank you, mods.

Powel's endorsement is valuable but can you say My Lai.

Colin Powell is kicking ass on that Press Conference right now

"I Am Beyond Honored" - Obama to respond to Powell's endorsement at Fayetteville rally. (TRANSCRIPT)

I have a really stupid question...

YES WE DID! ... DUers raised $100,000 for the Obama-Biden Campaign!

'Joe the Plumber' strikes back at media

Some of McCain's relatives support Obama

What gets me is why anyone would be proud of being a called a "dittohead"...

Did Brokaws head explode?..just saw the endorsement...but no response

Breaking: Cole Puffinburger Found ALIVE :-)

Screen crawl on MSNBC: Both Obama and McCain are setting up transition teams

MoDo Hits it out of the Park! (Madame Du Farge and Hunt at Plumber Mansion)

MoDo Hits it out of the Park! (Madame Du Farge and Hunt at Plumber Mansion)

Obama Says Meet Me in St. Louis - and a Record 100,000 Turn Up

It's raining endorsements!

"Did you hear molsems (sic) are taking over Habitat for Humanity?"

Toronto Sun: Maybe U.S. needs yard sale

Is there no end to this man's talent?

PBS VIDEO: Bill Moyers discusses election fraud with Mark Crispin Miller, October 17, 2008

McCain: Obama Campaign Has ‘Savaged’ Joe The Plumber

You repuglicons are broke just like the American people and you DESERVE IT!

Death Threat, Vandalism Hit ACORN After Accusations

Mentioned on MSNoBodyCares, 69,000,000 people watched SNL last night

So, How long before McCain endorses Obama?

Fundies: YouTube is Pro-Abortion!!!!

Bush NAILS financial crisis in clear, concise words: "We're dealing with a significant problem"

Franklin Graham on the economic collapse: It's OUR fault for being sinful.

Prop. 8 battle rages over whether gay marriage would be taught in schools

Prop. 8 battle rages over whether gay marriage would be taught in schools


Bill Cowher just said the New England Patriots just signed Joe the Plumber..


The precious right to vote

Joe the Plumber owes Mesa AZ $700 in traffic tickets, and his driver's

What is un-American? A message to Backmann

Putin personally defeats the West

RNC schlong Danny Diaz just accused the Obama campaign of


John Nichols, Noam Chomsky, and others on Bob McChesney's "Media Matters" now -- 1-3pm ET

Gates: Troops Shouldn't Be "Concerned" Over US-Iraq Pact

Ron Christie is just stoopid

Okay, NBC. I know it was your network. I know its your hot property.

I had a terrible dream last night. I'm so tired

What is the connection between Freddie Mac and robo calls?

Unlicensed, "Illegal" Plumber Wants To Seal The Borders Against Illegal Aliens

ECB's Nowotny Says `Tri-Polar' Currency System Will Replace Dollar Primacy

ECB's Nowotny Says `Tri-Polar' Currency System Will Replace Dollar Primacy

In a crisis could you ever imagine a President McCain walking to Palin's office for advice?

McCain is toast - We all know that now, but in stealing elections..

someone explain me this

America's Meat Roundup

McBush is running from Joe the plumber

LOL - MSNBC Typo Hilariously Accurate (((PIC)))

Payne #1 for the weekend, W. finishes 4th.

The Bank Panic of 2008 and the Death of NATO

McCain calls "robo calls" used against him "scurrilous stuff." His using them against Obama is fine

Is Tina Fey ready to be V.P. on day one?

Thomas Friedman is in love with himself......

Rachel likes handkerchiefs and I am getting her one on my trip to Spain.

SNL Palin


President Bush Asserts Right to Control Iraqi Oil

The GOP's 'FBI-Is-Investigating' Smear By Robert Parry (A Special Report)

I'm blacklisted, says opera maestro

Are there really FOOLS here who think Obama should denounce Powell's endorsement??

The socialist argument

The socialist argument

Moran Watch

What was Alec Baldwin really thinking when Palin took his arm on SNL?

May I nominate Phil Donahue for the next moderator /host for Meet The Press.

Love, love, LOVE! checking out this Electoral Map everyday!

Bloom Is Off Palin’s Pose

Dear M$M you are no longer capable of fooling all of the people all of the time

I'll say it again. Colin Powell is a goddamned murderer and war criminal! n/t

With Obama well-funded, a plea on behalf of a Democratic candidate up against another Repub sleeze.

How's bidness?

How's bidness?

Are McCain/Palin "sacrificial lambs?"

Please Donate To Warren County OH Democratic Party!

Rape kits and Palin

Pat Buchanan: "I don't know of any."

GOP Terrified of American Voters

Franco repression ruled as a crime against humanity

Bill Ayers

Sheriff Joe is getting his ass kicked again. He had to give back

Man, some people are just born stupid

DU contributions over $100,000 now - Woo hoo!!!

CNN is promoting their coverage of another vote recount.

My buddie's kids in this Obama ad

Yes... Colin Powell contribute to the death of 1 million Iraqis....

Please stop using the phrase "low-information-voter(s)"

Please stop using the phrase "low-information-voter(s)"

This is an interesting site that details the holdings of the different media corps.

What is Colin Powell's real agenda?

back to a ten point lead

Grocery bill still high? Blame "sticky" prices

We don't need to grasp at straws !

Someone on MSNBC said Obama should use the Powell statements in ads /nt

Would someone please tell Gramps that Obama did not go

What would you call this period in history?

Sarah Palin IS the media

here is Powell

When the time comes, will YOU pass the test?

Mc* reacts to the crowd - Caption

When McCain says "I'm not George W. Bush"

Well - I just VOTED!

Michael Moore on C-Span2 now (4:00 EST), reading from his book ..

There's something about this photo that makes me laugh

What Obama *really* said about spreading the wealth...

You can't expect Rush Limbaugh to endorse Obama.....

Meanwhile, out on the Campaign Trail ..........

Tinkle Tinkle Tinklenberg? Thanks Bachmann

I missed my 7500 post mark

My friend just recovered a Phillip Rivers fumble!

You Think The Obama Crowd Was Big? - Check Out This McCain Rally In AZ

given all the crowing about the powell endorsement here today

Boy CNN and MSNBC don't miss covering a minute of McCaskets speeches do they?

Who do the Republicants got?

I am so glad that Senator Obama's campaign allows anyone with a misguided....

4 years hence:

Local paper decides to dumb itself down even further

A speech that applies just as well in our time. In fact, the same bad actors are today's culprits..

Deleted due to thread being hijacked.

Wingnut now telling Lieberman to Carpe Diem and announce he's switching to GOP


Religulous was GREAT! So edifying. If you haven't seen it please do

The ignorant pens and the minds responsible for them

Bush's War on Consumer Safety, Closing the Courthouse Door By RALPH NADER

SF Chron: "Missouri shows knack for picking presidents" (Obama making inroads in bellwether state)

Leaders move toward summit on economy - wish it was obama going to this summit

I believe in redemption. And I believe Colin Powell deserves credit for trying to make things right.

Scientists Have to Show their Bush-love to Get Gov't Jobs? - Bush History,10/19

Drunk, and Dangerous, at the Keyboard


Could it be that we are on the cusp of something much bigger than one man or one woman.

Thanks Skinner! Thanks Elad! And you too Earl G!

Towards a New Blast Zone: Washington D.C.’s Next-Generation Hunting Forest

Dead Intern Joe sez the future of the repig party is ..... wait for it ...... you know you know ....

McCain Says Obama's Donations May Lead To Scandal-What a Creep!!! He Must be Really Really Mad!!!

American Hunters and Shooters Association founder: Obama will protect gun rights

"Jeb Bush is an extraordinary leader"

Please help me find a thread.

Post a political quote that you like...

HAHAHAHAHA - I was doing laundry last night and missed this

The whole "English Only" thing..

The reason Powell's endorsement, PLUS all these major newspaper endorsements HUGELY help Obama ...

"Moran" Watch: Today's Photo Update

Iraqi Puppy Adopted by Soldier en Route to US

notes from a very small town about obama

Special Hardball - Tweety's on now n/t

Miss Wasilla promoted unchecked haphazard anti-environmental growth while serving as mayor

Is it okay to be bigoted against bigots?

Is it okay to be bigoted against bigots?

Patrick J. Buchanan is just crushed about the Powell endorsement

A voter changed his mind today. He had supported Dubya* for

Pat Buchanan in full-blow racist mode. MSNBC. n/t

"Power to the Peaceful" - set to a visual message - please tell me what you think

Would you be pissed off if it was suggested the Powell endorsement was simply because of race?

ok a stupid question

Any Canadians out there?

My only powell thread. Regardless of how I feel about Powell, he is still very respected especially

The blogosphere should scream to the heavens about this: Palin refusing to release medical records

Colin Powell is Not running for President.

We just raised 100k for Obama/Biden. The Freeps are raising 80k for...JimRob.

Brokaw continues discussing Ayers. Powell - "Continuing to discuss Ayers is despicable."

If you're in a donating mood, the No on 8 campaign could really use your help.

Fareed Zakaria endorses Barack Obama. On CNN just now.

Hey Freeps!!! Maybe Powell endorsed Obama because he's secretly a Muslin too!!

"Oh Pat, I'm so sorry you went there."

Buchanan having a pissing meltdown on Tweety due to endorsement by Powell.

Sitting here putting on my tin foil hat and thinking like a republican..

Powell, shmowell...McCain has General Alexander Haig's endorsement....

Rush implies that Powell's endorsement is because of you guess it, skin color.

I have a question.. it might be a stupid one and its not political but what is this called?

When Sarah Palin talks about the greed on Wall Street, does she know she's referencing republicans?

Photo: Team McCain is racing toward the finish line!

Does RFK Jr.'s voice always sound like it did on Larry King show?

Want to see some long faces? Turn on Fox news once

I'm a Bad man.... Just took another Ditto-Head for some cash.

Freepers are freaking about the Powell endorsement

Uh-oh..McCain's "ground game" is escalating..troops out in force..pic

"You know that song Time in a bottle?"

"You know that song Time in a bottle?"

Biden is speaking at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma Wa. Tell me that stadium

Anyone else can't wait for the Rethug party to disintegrate on Nov 5th?

Self Delete

When Greed is Rewarded: A Government of Thieves by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Can we get a virtual 60% in the Senate via differential absenteeism?

I love me some Stephen Stills!!

Someone stole our Obama sign.

Rate "Frontline's" program about Obama and McCain.

During this morning's church service, our pastor said Kennedy plagiarized his "Ask not ..." speech.

The people that are doing the hard work for all of us, and getting persecuted because of it.

I was wondering if any of yall have a blog

How Much Would A Business That Makes $250,000 to $280,000 A Year Cost?

Dupe, please delete

It's Really Weird How Every Day, One of the Daily Tracking Polls Holds Freeper Hope

And now a treat for everyone! Diana Ross singing

Does Anybody Have Some New Coping Techniques?

I just can't wait until Scooter Libby, Kindasleazy, Rummy and the whole

Did you guys know the problem with Bush is that he listened to Reid and Pelosi....

Tom Brokaw Get your Facts Straight – Are you a Journalist or Part of the GOP Echo Chamber?

If you missed Buchanan on Hardball, the replay is on now

Send a message to neo-McCarthyite Michele Bachman: flood her Dem opponent with contributions LINK

There Are Two Keys To the Economic Future of the United States

I Can't Believe I Have this Question!

What was just shown on MSNBC as someone shouting something at Obama at a NC BBQ joint?

The madness of the religious right or brainwashing from the

Teach your children well

What's your favorite nickname for John McCain?

Why is Dem Congressman Allen Boyd not supporting Obama?

I just mailed in my absentee (paper) ballot in the state of California. :)

Electronic Vote Fraud: A Programmer's Perspective

AP IMPACT: Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign

Colin Powell: Country First

I guess this deserves it own post

question about freeperville

PostSecret . . . should this one be turned over to the SS or is it a concern?

Why don't we have a major holiday celebrating science and technology?

Bert steps in it again. First Bin Laden, now this.

Saw this on CNNI - trailer for Larry King... about "mavericks"

Good news/Bad news, Sunday photo dump. Pic heavy thread

Jackson County residents angry over decision to keep teacher accused of racial slur about Obama

Family Guy tonight spoiler

Tin foil hat view of Powell coming out for Obama...

"photos of face palming financiers" and "sad guys on the trading floor"

Oh, my. I am undecided between making squid or steak for dinner.

I used to wish Michele Bachmann would just shut the f**k up....Now I want her to keep talking......

Freddie Mac Paid GOP Consulting Firm $2M To Kill Legislation

Respectful reply to tuckessee, from a former tanker:

Guardian UK: The Republicans have lifted the lid off their rightwing id

Fall of Shah of Iran and Nixon/Ford

Thank You from El Tinklenberg

Want proof that Bachmann is batshit insane?

Pardon my skepticism of those like Powell who piss on the tree they so recently fertilized

Perfect shot of McCain's reptile fingers which creep me out so much

Here is the photo Colin Powell was referring to on Meet the Press

Did anyone watch Family Guy?

The "War on Christmas" is starting again

I know we're not supposed to talk about "their kids", but sheeeeez

Powell endorses Obama because he's black?

Powell endorses Obama because he's black?

Dickipedia: Rush Limbaugh

Palin T-shirt at a McCain Event- Elvis on Velvet or the 2004 purple Band-aide lady?

Has anyone ever been allowed to change their username on DU?

Polls show Obama support firm. McCain needs 2 win most undecideds & some of Obama's supporters 2 win

So ,Colin Powell is a corporate-ladder whore who hitched his wagon to a falling star.

Looney site...but good analysis...war w/Pakistan

If the Democrats firmly control the Senate, the House and the Preseidency, is DC statehood far off?

Are there any current active efforts anywhere in the world to hold any

Hey Rush, Buchanan, Faux News and others: WHO IS HE?

YES - We Span ! Do you remember the "Bridges for Obama Photos" - Time to re-visit

What is Arizona Lumpy Cadaverick McSame #1 in?

Obama is Irish!

Why Obama's Shocking Landslide in Newspaper Endorsements Really Matters

What are the 2008 sports omens for the Presidential election?

Peter Werbe's "Nightcall" streaming live now

My Response to a Young Republican

I got an email from President Bush!

English as our national language

Those wacky women of the Reich wing......

KKK in Oklahoma stepping up their anti-Obama message

Fuck McCain and his whining about fundraising!

No matter what happens in November...

Ayers Was Sheltered at Top McCain Man's Property!

Theme song for the Republican Party in Election 2008......

Transit services across U.S. threatened by deals with AIG

Are we seeing neoracism ..... a new, virulent strain of it ..... or is this the last gasp of .......

The contrast of anger and hope

How do we even start to pierce the veil of ignorance that covers so many American citizens?

Should I be upset about this?

Thank You, Sarah Palin.

"Well then why don't you join the army?"

I just watched this 97 minute video of the Jun 3, 2008 Town Hall event by The Nation institute

I just watched this 97 minute video of the Jun 3, 2008 Town Hall event by The Nation institute

Let's start a "Colin WHO?!1" thread for tomorrow's media bozos!1

I just saw my best friend's name on some kind of Palin's 1000 Women List

What is a "closet Muslim" going to do anyways? Are people afraid that

Interesting timing re: the Powell endorsement. I saw "W." today.

Tampa Bay Rays? WTF ...

There's something seriously wrong with a system that allows winning by not winning...

(Former Black Panthers Terrorist) David Horowitz Lambastes Islam In Near-Empty MacMillan

Kucinich calls for probe of bonuses for Wall Street aid recipients

Jeff Farias Show starts up tomorrow!!

Deutsche Bank: Worst Slump Since Great Depression

*** MATCHING FUND CAMPAIGN through Sunday to defeat Prop 8 ******

Behind the Swift Armor of Our Democracy

What is the U.S. A #1 in?

Daytime Changes For MSNBC

Help! My daughter is being brainwashed by her boss. He's plying her with "proof"

Obama's poll #'s must have went up today. Gas dropped 20 cents to 2.52 a gal

Bachmann is a big story here in MN

holy crap! the Orlando Seninel endorses OBAMA!!

Electronic Frontier Foundation sues to overturn telcom immunity

Wow !!! - Some Blunt Talk In West Virginia !!!

Continuing series:Ever wonder where the 23% are :The Baptist Board, The FFF board

these are the people who made Mccain pick Sarah Palin


WTF? Biden went to Washington???

John McCain, Truth or Scare?

I've seem many people here calling Colin Powell a "war criminal."

Bwahaha! Just heard on Fox News re: Obama's tax plan -

The Calm Before The Storm?

Forget "Joe." Here's a real plumber hero.

What YOU think about Powell doesn't mean jack shit.

For just this poll, pretend you are a McCain supporter ...

New Questions Over McCain's Health, Times Set To Report

Al Franken race very close.

Barack Obama is the next president. so GET OVER IT repub assholes.

Incoherent FREEPER Ranting about Powell

Sometimes you just have to call it how you see it

What's the sentiment in the markets for the start of this week?

CORPORATE MEDIA. General Electric owns NBC, CNBC, MSNBC; Westinghouse owns

Democrat Tinklenberg plans big advertising blitz

“Oh Yeah! .. Sez You!” New Talking Point From The Right

Any good canvassing stories? I was out today and it was really fun.

Larisa Alexandrovna: The Right Has Fallen And Can't Get Up

Its not the Powell endorsement that has the Repigs panicking. Its the other stuff he said

Its not the Powell endorsement that has the Repigs panicking. Its the other stuff he said

Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature

PHOTOS/REPORT - Obama's Rally In Fayetteville NC Today ("Walk Into That Booth, Say 'Not This Time'")

Any thoughts on this argument over taxes?

A little advice needed....dealing with freepers when we may have misspoke

I found this alarming note in the hallway between GD and GDP!

CNN has Dr. Krugman on explaining what is going on ... He's teaching a class

Here comes the October surprise– Freddie Mac secretly paid a Republican consulting firm $2 million

Non-sexist Sarah Palin jokes--add yours. :)

10% on a 30 yr mortgage is un-fucking-reasonable. Not if ... when you get screwed by the money man.

Bachman's GOP Primary Opponent Enters Race as Write In - Could Split Vote!

DUers who will NOT vote for Obama because of Powell's endorsement: CHECK IN HERE.

DUers need to focus MUCH more on election suppression; on close Senate races, & on NO on CA Prop 8

Changes in tax code: more bailout welfare for rich people

CA 50 Duke Cunningham's District heading for possible upset - now Obama + 12

Why do I have a sudden craving to go to 7-11 and get a Slushy?

Ted goes for a sail

Has it ever occured to most of you that there are a WHOLE LOT of

Post-election question regarding the GOP.

Powell said something many fear saying...

Where they cut off your ear, If they don't like your face, It's barbaric, but hey, it's home

W. just didn't do it for me.

I'll take Colin Powell over Joe Lieberman any day of the week

"Obama Hope" Pumpkin Carving & Pattern

Stock Market Stuff.....

Stock Market Stuff.....

CNN fact-check: ‘This is looking like a fraud committed against ACORN.’»

McSame is criticizing Obama's "spread the wealth around" comment.

"You must have at least $10,000 in credit card debt to qualify"

Republicans fear bloodbath in Congress

Holy Cow! Brad Friedman of Bradblog is on FOX News delivering smackdown

What the hell is this crap? Why is Colin Powell suddenly wonder

Am I Supposed To Be That Impressed With Colin Powell's Endorsement?

My Response to a Young Republican

I wonder what the reaction from the Right will be when Obama is

Colin Powell is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people.

"Who are the depositors who stand behind the $Trillions in US Treasury debt?"

Thoughts on racism

$3 a gallon gas gets lost in crush of bad news

We shall overcome, we shall overcome...

My friend told me tonight that Barack is down only 1 point in Arizona.

How About The US Government Seizing the "Hedge Fund Hero's" Mansions??

From Where I Sit, You'd Have To Be Really Closed Minded Or Selfish To Not Applaud This Endorsement.

Freedom From Religion

A lesson to be learned:

Oliver Stone's "W" movie sucks!!!

Oliver Stone's "W" movie sucks!!!

POLL ~~~ OCTOBER Photography Contest - FINALS ~~~

Do you respect Colin Powell?

FACT: No Member of the Bush Regime Will EVER Be Tried for War Crimes

Electronic Vote Fraud: A Programmer's Perspective

Who coined the nickname Caribou Barbie?

I have a question for those who breathing fire over the Powell endorsement.

Once again, the Redding 4th of July fireworks were OFF THE HOOK!


I'm starting a new group: Sane & Rational people for Obama!

Hideki Okajima Appreciation Thread!

I just have one thing to say....

Late night musings

I am going to have to work with republicans for the next two weeks at early voting.

All this Joe the Plumber crap really reminds me how much I miss

Big Ol' White Boys

Joe the Plumber

Found me another

Yargh! It's getting cold!

Live one on the loose.

I have a pretty good thread in GD/P...

I'm going here today and you're not

Everyone could use some Bob Dylan on a Sunday morning.

I could have SWORN I smelled smoke....

Who watch SNL last night. I saw it and I have to ask Did it look like

Sorry, Chuggo with a golden Palin staff. The Rays need my avatar help tonight.

I am never drinking again!

Yesterday, I pressed out 12 gallons of sweat.

Arm in arm, the angels fly.

Should we be offended? FReeper says we Obama types are insolated *new FReeperism*

Sunday on DU, doesn't get any better than this

Chargers-Bills game suspended due to power outage!

Yesterday, I pressed out 12 gallons of sweet and 15 gallons of hard cider

I've found the perfect lager beer...

Nerd TV alert: A Life in Memory, Science Channel, 10/19 9pm ET

I really miss the band Lush

McCain Comics!

Annoying tunes?

Sunday mornng LOLcats

My in-laws dragged me to see "W" yesterday. Here's my review.

What is up with the warnings on toothpaste?

Nuttin' But Stringz! these guys should have won AGT this year!

So what will you be secretly thinking or doing in the voting booth?

Jeez! 10,000 posts about Powell, but...

Goodbye Max

oh hell. I just remembered

Low-budget Halloween movie recommendation

For my friend

@#$%ing Red Sox!! They did it AGAIN!

Happy F*cking Wedding Anniversary!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 10/19/2008)

Is it possible to print pics on DU off of google images w/o photobucket?

Junior is knock knock knocking on Martinsville's door

I want to post a pic, but I hate photobucket, so if each of you would post your home address...

Why do they make kids meds taste like shit?

"Real time" electricity question... please help if you can.

I can haz zero responses and watch my thread drop? Want!!!!

Breaking: McCain endorses Barack Obama for President!

Hey! Did Baby EarlG arrive yet?

Do Matchmakers deliberately not try to match you up with compatible persons?

For nearly two years, my neighbours have known me as "nice man".

There is something I'd like to remind every parent who has small children

now that I have donated

Has Dexter already jumped shark?

Anyone see "W" yet? I am finding mixed reviews.

How do you tell how many posts you have made?

Chez trof ce nuit: Grilled ecrivettes on a Chinese salad.

I am now huddled in my buddy's house, in a guest bedroom, while...

What is your Favorite Game?

Dang, this is great stuff!

Dang, this is great stuff!

Signs a guy or girl likes you?

After Obama is president, Comedy Central should give Bachmann and Palin a show together.

Evidence FOUND! That sneaky Texas Longhorn band...

How come the Lounge's goal for Obama is only $50,000 when everyone else's is $125,000?

It's only Teenage Wasteland...

Bill Kristol on FOX just claimed that if the Red Sox win tonight, then McCain will win on 11/4.

How in the hell do you spell endorsement

This has to be the snottiest want ad I've ever read

Hey - Where's my "I Voted" sticker?!!!

our little shi-tsu is preggo

The next 16 Days are going to be soooooo difficult to get through....

Wow, John Lydon/rotten really is a prick

Today ends the season of bureaucracy......

October 17, 2089: Where will your offspring be?

Guess what Miz t. wants for her birthday?

My sister's Obama sign was stolen from her yard...

For you folks in Texas check this out - free money!

I'm doing a marathon, weekend-long study session. Don't ask me anything, but drop by to say 'hi'

Sweet, A fish called Wanda is on

Eleven completely random questions.

Signs a guy or girl doesn't like you?

Good old acid country music

How do you like my republican Avatar?

I hope I never hear "game-changer" again

Rays and Sox game. This is it.

Should I let my 9 year old watch '30 Days of Night'?

ALCS update:

So I just had a really expensive bottle of wine by accident.

If someone told you that Lionesspriyanka is a freeper

Any recipe ideas involving mache greens?


Pulled my space heater out. It's not working.

Anybody still vegetable gardening?

Today was a VERY good day for me!

ALCS poll

What's for dinnah?

The baby turtle and the tree.

ALCS update:

What does it mean when your thread gets recommended, but nobody replies?


What are you listening to right now?

I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.

Good Morning USA

WAY TO GO RAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't Keith Olberman predict the Rays would go to Series?

Here come the Rays!!

At least this solidifys that McCain will lose

Is flvegan around tonight?

Nation Rejoices Not Having To be Regaled By Red Sox History Again

The Raven, read by Christopher Walken

I hate cats.


Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Is it more mean outside the Lounge than usual or am I imaginging it?

Of course my hot water system sprung a leak this evening!

A good weekend in Sports for me

zOMG! Coldplay is the musical guest on SNL next week. Do you have any idea how excited I am?

Tip of the day: Steak knives and Q-Tips are NOT interchangeable.

ALCS update:

Good news: I am not gaining weight

Hey Bostonians of the Lounge!

I need advice. How do I help these feral kittens?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday October 20

Oh, boy. This is a weird one.....

Most Freepers love Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra and Edgard Varèse.

I had a successful date! Ask Me Anything!

since mo is mad at me... here is the big dog

I must possess these!

Oh, my. I am undecided between making squid or steak for dinner.

Cat declawing question

This cat is just weird

Any Flan experts here?

Pierre Elliott Trudeau appreciation thread

Give FOURVAHL a DU welcome

RAYS WIN!~!!!!!!!!!

LeftyKid is mad at me because he can't vote.

Off-Broadway Play Recommendations?

Family Guy: Nazi Soldiers sporting McCain / Palin buttons

I just voted NO on 8 and FOR Barack Obama!

i turn 18 on friday!

Anybody here tried Adipex?

Night 2 of being on my own, what should i have for dinner

Porky's Hot Rockin' (pics)

I did a four day no food or water fast, and lived!

The best reality check ever

Would you read a book like this? I am thinking of writing one "I'm just me" is title

Was Paul Newman Over-rated as an Actor?

I have to mince a bucket of onions!

General Stonewall Jackson endorses McCain

I'm an innocent bystander, somehow I got stuck

OK, gotta hear some Metallica. Which song?

I went for a walk today and took some pics... (link inside) (link now works)

Which poet should read at the inauguration?

Please name a movie that you love, but everyone else hates.

I'm a Poet and I've Been Rejected!

Oh my God! I'm just discovering "Contemporary Noise Quintet" - awesome!

I just got into a HEATED argument over Q-Tips.

McCain is McFast & McFurious

Maverick McCain

Late Show w/ Letterman: Tina Fey on Palin Persona

Terry Tate: From Russia With Love

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope

Colin Powell: How to regain your integrity

Republican pollster: Obama will be next president

Dole attacks Hagan for having

McCarthy Accuses Murrow Of Defending

Review: Tina Meets Sarah on SNL

Anti-Obama Propaganda Site = ACORN LIES

Women Thump McCain in New Obama Spot

Sarah Palin Found Guilty Of Abuse Of Power Is Accused Of Being A Dictator

Gen. Colin Powell: We cannot afford more of the same Bush policies

Powell Endorses Obama!

How Sarah Palin Excluded African-Americans In Alaska

Satan is a Republican

Sarah Palin is #1

Obama Says McCain Helping 'Bandits' of Market

Palin in Lancaster PA: Whattya do if yer inna hole an ya don' wanna BE there?

McCain responds to Powell endorsement

Subliminal Hidden Message in KFC Snacker Commercial

Sarah Palin Threatens America

A football analogy of the McCain/Palin campaign (6 seconds)

P.O.V. - Soldiers of Conscience | PBS 2008 **GRAPHIC**

Colin Powell Discusses His Endorsement of Barack Obama

Palin rally: Charles Manson was a community organizer

No More Kings - School House Rocks

November 5

The McCain - Palin Charm Offensive

Gen. Colin Powell on McCain's use of Ayers to Attack Obama: It's Demagoguery

Barack Obama on Colin Powell's Endorsement

Woman Suing McCain/Palin Team

McCain Gets Erratic When Called Out on Robocall Hypocrisy

Feminists for Obama: Rape Victims under McCain/Palin

The Foxfather: Glenn Beck Is Now A "Made Man"

CNN Polls : Obama leads in Battleground

No hate at the Obama rally in KC

Weebl & Bob Meet Mr. Obama, Talk Pie

Colin Powell on Fallen U.S. Soldier Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan & Country Unity

Weekend Update: Palin Edition

TYT Quick Take: Republican Group Mails Racist Flyers of Obama

A Sarah Palin Election

Okay, Michele Bachmann, How About YOUR Associations?

Sarah Palin And The Republican Campaign To Kill Barack Obama

TYT: McCain's Racist Mob - Where Do They Get These Ideas From?

The Week In Cartoons 10/19

Gifts to Pet Charities Keep Lawmakers Happy

VFW, NRA Endorse Democrat Lampson Over GOP Rival, Fellow Veteran

Army to Probe 5 Slayings Linked to Colorado Brigade

McCain Supporters Try to Steal HOPE

Colin Powell smacks down Michele Bachmann

Cole Puffinburger found alive and well in Las Vegas

In North Carolina: Obama slams McCain for calling him a "socialist"

Congressman Steve Cohen Denies The Armenian Genocide

Barack Obama: Colin Powell and Unity in America

Voter imitates McCain's Name Calling against Obama

TYT: Cenk On Christopher Hitchens Busting All Over Palin and McCain

Sarah Palin: Girls Just Wanna


Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris agree that terrorists are responsible for economic crisis

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Sarkozy dismay as Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French head of IMF, in sex scandal

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones

Ron Paul Addresses John Birch Society 50th Anniversary

Video link: Powell endorsing Obama

Late Show w/ David Letterman - Sen John McCain, Full Interview

Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorses Obama for President

Obama for president - Akron Beacon Journal

Over 200,000 cast abstentees in Cuyahoga County so far

Hamas grip on Gaza hardens: peace outlook bleak

Grocery bill still high? Blame "sticky" prices

Idaho Statesman endorsement: America needs Obama's steady hand

John McCain fights for life in Florida as Barack Obama takes battle to Republican territory

AP IMPACT: Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign

Raleigh (NC) News & Observer: It's Obama

(Palm Beach Post) Why Obama? His record, judgment, temperament

China relaxes decades-old restrictions on media

McCain Counters Powell Endorsement

NC GOP lashes out at voting sites near Obama rally

Cubans go to Mexico to dodge U.S. sea patrols

(Nashua NH)Telegraph's choice: Obama

VP candidate Palin introduces ‘Ed the Dairyman’

BREAKING: Six-Year-Old Cole Puffinburger Found Alive

McCain Anger Spills On Fox - Statement He Wouldn't Use Ayers

Obama raises $150 million in September

Shocker from Texas: Houston and Austin Papers -- Former Bush Backers -- Endorse Obama

US-Iraqi security pact still unsettled

Gallup Daily: Obama Retains Significant Lead (Oct 19: O 52 M 42)

In North Carolina, Obama touts Powell endorsement to military community

Naples (FL) Daily News endorsement: Obama offers Americans what country needs now

Las Vegas Sun: Barack Obama - Our Choice for President

'Joe the Plumber' strikes back at media

VIDEO response to Rep. Bachman's call for new McCarthyism

Obama Campaign Worker Allegedly Attacked

CODEPINK at Sarah Palin Indiana Rally

Colin Powell Press Conference - Endorsing Barack Obama

Little O'Reilly vs. Barney Frank

Obama goes to Cookeville

Pat Buchanan Plays The Race Card, Special Sunday Hardball

Tinklenberg picks up $450,000 in wake of Bachmann remarks

Biden - 'Talks like a duck'

Economic Downturn Sidelines Donors to '527' Groups

Tuscaloosa News endorsement: Elect Obama on Nov. 4 for a better United States

McCain Expresses Concern Over Unfettered Fund Raising

Columbus Dispatch endorses McCain

AT&T may face new regulations if Democrats win in November

Israel not among nations getting visa waiver from U.S.

Denver Post endorses Obama

OMG!!!! This is Despicable!!! McCain supporter--again!!

Bachmann dials down Obama criticism

North Korea set to make 'major announcement'

Bishop reminds Catholics to remember Judgment Day in voting booth

A Land Called Paradise (Muslim-Americans express their views about America)

VP candidate Palin introduces 'Ed the Dairyman' (move over Joe the Plumber)

Family Guy - McCain/Palin Scene - Close to the truth

Mortgage firm arranged stealth campaign (FreddieMac payed $2mil to DCI )

Buffalo News Endorses Obama: Voters should seize the chance to elect a transformative leader

Democrats have edge in Fla. registered voters

Colin Powell endorses Obama

Colin Powell: Country First

'Socialist,' 'Muslim' — Ugly reception for Obama

Bryan-College Station (Texas) Eagle endorsement: Barack Obama is the better choice for our president

I'm blacklisted, says opera maestro

GOP voter registration fraud case leads to arrest

McCain: Palin is a counter to "Liberal Feminist Agenda"

Tinklenberg hits $620 k in donations

"Women for Obama" Bridge March(sets record in Sarasota FL)

Latin American nations edge away from U.S.

Texas oilman gives more than $10M to bond measure (Boone and Prop 10)

On 'SNL,' Fey as Palin, and Palin as Palin

On 'SNL,' Fey as Palin, and Palin as Palin

McCain Tells NEWS CENTER He Supports Robo Calls (Obama socializes with terrorists)

A Messsage For Sarah Palin

Palin was always first choice says Cindy McCain

New Questions Over McCain's Health, Times Set To Report

More W.Va. voters say machines are switching votes; In six cases, Democratic votes flipped to GOP

Colin Powell endorses Obama

Investigator to Interview Palins This Week

Convert or we will kill you, Hindu lynch mobs tell fleeing Christians

palin song

Ailing U.S. economy may cost Republicans big

Coleman: Joe the Plumber, Larry the Cable Guy in McCain cabinet?

Plain Dealer endorses Obama for president

ACORN + Mickey + Warren Buffett + Charlie Crist = Florida Only

(Houston)The Chronicle endorses Barack Obama for president and Joe Biden for vice pres of the US

When You Know You Are Losing (TIME)

Red states slip from GOP grip (Newsday)

GOP hits Obama on Ayers, ACORN and ... Alinsky? (Chicago Sun-Times)

Breaking: McCain Suspends Campaign, Due to Colin-itis!

Barack Obama for president (LA Times)

Jackson Browne a proud son

Atlanta paper endorses Obama and RWnut Wooten gives McCain pitch

Philadelphia Inquirer “Fair,” Influenced by GOP Publisher?

McCain Not Tortured as POW by Bob Miller

Mitch Albom: Average Joe can't fix America's pipes

Mistaken identity: Joe the Plumber's bumpy 15 minutes -- Brian Dickerson, DFP

Why Media Can't See the Trees for the ACORNs

Some GOP insiders say McCain has botched campaign to win Florida

Sarah Palin on SNL: Here's the Rehearsal Tape They WON'T Show!

Please delete

The Case for Barack Obama by Fareed Zakaria

Powell Announces the New 'Colon Doctrine'

"Who are the depositors who stand behind the $Trillions in US Treasury debt?"

The "Forgotten War": Whither Afghanistan?

Alice visits a political Wonderland - - Tim Ryan's column

Unease in the Conservative Commentariat

McClatchy: Powell's Obama endorsement will hurt McCain, analysts say

Forget the Powell Buzz, McCain Receives Endorsement of The National Enquirer

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Oct 19 – Obama 378, McCain 160

What If 'Them' Were Really Us?

Seymour Hersh: The Man Who Knows Too Much

Palin hometown a window into her environmentalism

Chicago's Leading Citizens 'Bear' Witness for Ayers

Wall Street eyes earnings, looking for bottom

the real story behind fannie and freddie . . .

In breaking silence about hatred, Strongsville mom finds support - Connie Schultz

Why McCain's story of Joe the Plumber backfired (Newsday)

Mistaken identity: Joe the Plumber's bumpy 15 minutes

The Powell Effect to Replace the Bradley Effect?


Legalise abortion in Northern Ireland

Army to probe 5 slayings linked to Colo. unit

Iraq’s PM slams top US soldier

1 ND Guard unit ending; another one starting

Senator asks Army to examine slayings

Troops could face Iraqi-led court

Key lawmaker says he’s losing faith in VA

Choctaw code talkers finally recognized

CAG punished for Venezuelan incident

Navy recruiter charged with drug distribution

Former officer pleads guilty to laser theft

Gates: Extremist threat requires new approaches

Corps just says no to 9 substances in Japan

Family to receive Vietnam pilot’s 150 awards

10 new posts planned for embassy duty

Marine, wife found dead in California home

Marine vet charged in attack on family

New spec ops training center opens

Red Flag takes off today

Crash blamed on pilot following too closely

Fueling the military

Blackwater: We’ll defend against pirates

Old system hampers Iraqi health care

Sadr City protesters largely peaceful despite tensions

SETAF’s airborne status dropped

European briefs: Army NCO found guilty of larceny, loses rank

Rear Adm. Kurta selected for Horn of Africa command

Unreliable service irks base residents

Allied Telesis still seeking telecom stability at Yokota

AF lags in paying post allowance claims

Soldiers working with Iraqis to bring peace back to Abu Ghraib enclaves

Gates briefs Congress on Iraq security agreement

Seconds of Terror Changed Ex-Spy Pilot

Former AF Pilot Faces Life in Prison

Navy Cancels Combat Ship Contract

(Military Times) OpEd: (by convicted felon Ollie North) No Debate

Why are no African Americans in the no on 8 ads?

What if Prop. 8 destroys marriage rights for everyone?

Where is Oprah on Prop 8?

The 'how-to' plan to criminalize Christianity

*** MATCHING FUND CAMPAIGN through Sunday to defeat Prop 8 ******

Mormons have donated $8.4 million to Prop 8, Why don't they pay what they owe uncle sam?

Barak: Israel giving serious thought to Saudi peace plan

Gay Palestinian fears for life, seeks residency in Israel

Palestinian granted posthumous entry to Israel

Dershowitz Takes Aims At ‘Israel’s Enemies’

Sea Shepherd Helps Establish Permanent Base at Darwin and Wolf

Change Everything Now

Inside Hanford, A Trip to America's Most Toxic Place

Free Watt Heating System

Coming Soon: The 600 Trillion Derivatives Emergency Meeting

Any thoughts on this argument over taxes?

W Post: Battle Intensifies Over Bill to Expedite Union Organizing

Today in labor history Oct 19 “Black Monday” after the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted 508 pt

Mother's Cookies abruptly shut down (Archway 92 years in bussiness)

Today's Carol Simpson Working Family cartoon: Home-Buying

Bachmann (yes that Michele Bachmann) throws drowning workers an anchor

Wal-Mart closes unionized Canada center

OSHA issues $171,250 in fines (1 dead)

Metro Detroit union members protest NLRB and rally for Obama

Nearly 1,000 march in Detroit to support workers rights (photos & get out the vote)

Hard-Hitting Union Mail Blitz Directly Blames McCain For Meltdown

AFL-CIO Joins The Gun Wars With Targeted Mail Blitz Defending Obama On Gun Rights

Alliance Endorses Barack Obama with Events in Ten States on Same Day

Meet Joe the REAL Plumber

World crisis may prompt Colombia aid cuts-US envoy

Jamaica puzzled by theft of beach

Another obvious attempt to misinform: RBS says no credit pulled from Venezuela's PDVSA

Latin American nations edge away from U.S.

ONE MORE: Smoke and Mirrors: An Analysis of Human Rights Watch Rpt. on Venezuela

Great, just great. Limbaugh going to Lambeau today

I'm still shaking...

"I have scryed the horsehide omens, and forsee..." - Hawkstradamus

They should replace Washington St with Boise St in the Pac-10

My friend just recovered a Phillip Rivers fumble!

Best debut ever.

Wow. Anyone Watching The Jets-Raiders Game?

Should I go to bed now?

Congrats Rays!!

Well done, Tampa Bay.

Sox fans check in!

Rays Beat Red Sox in Game 7, Advance to World Series

Texas a unanimous #1 tomorrow?

Sick of Favre news? Dont click here. Un frickinreal

chiefs season just gets worse and worse. Brodie Croyle out for season

Stem Cell Breakthrough: Mass-Production Of 'Embryonic' Stem Cells From A Human Hair

The Stars This Week: "Give It All You've Got!" - October 20 - October 26,2008

Is there anybody else feeling calm and positive?

Cool! Manifest Obama site.


Anyone here shoot --gasp-- film?

Phin Again

Attention hockey moms & acrophobics.

couple of good recipe websites

I just got 30 pounds of Honey Crisps

Chicken(ish) Pot Pie

Yay for this forum! :) I have a question....

The Twelve Suggestions

Stem Cell Breakthrough: Mass-Production Of 'Embryonic' Stem Cells From A Human Hair

The Myth of the 1970s Global Cooling Scientific Consensus

NASA launches Ibex spacecraft to study weakening solar wind

Make LED "Ghosties" for Halloween

Next three weeks = good time to see Mercury

Transcript: Colin Powell's "Meet the Press" endorsement of Barack Obama

Transcript: General Powell's remarks to reporters after the "Meet the Press" endorsement

TIME: Powell endorsement "one of the most important symbolic moments of the general election"

Part 1/6 - JFK & 9/11 - Insights Gained From Studying Both

9/11 Truth: An Interview With Dave Lindorff

James Gourley Published in "The Journal of Engineering Mechanics"

any esl/efl teachers?

How cool is this, from Obama?

Austin American Statesman Endorses Obama

San Antonio Express News Endorses Justice Linda Yanez for Texas Supreme Court

Waco Tribune endorses Yanez and Houston for Texas Supreme Court (plus bonus from Monitor)

Bryan-College Station Eagle endorses Obama

Beaumont Enterprise endorses McCain; too bad Beaumont and Jefferson County will be going for Obama!


Why do videos, YouTube mostly, stop and go when I run them?

How do you size down pictures to post in your thread? I have figured out how

Why will my e-mails not "send"? I can receive then but when

question - Antec VERIS MX-1 Actively Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure

Removing IE entirely... good idea or double-plus ungood?

John McCallum to be Liberal interim leader

Dean Barkley: Norm Coleman should apologize for...

Colin Powell smacks down Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann WCCO's Sunday Morning 10 AM

SFO may launch probe into Peston bank scoops

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones

Study finds viruses in Madison's wells

Limbaugh going to Lambeau?

Jackson Browne a proud son