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I thought this was a key moment

heh, even Roger Simon agrees McCain failed.

I'm glad that the debates are over even though Obama/Biden won 4-0

I'm still waiting to hear what Joe the Plumber's BROTHERS have to say about Obama.

Holly Sheet, I dru "Joe The Plumber" Ash da drink werdz tanite.

Holly Sheet, I dru "Joe The Plumber" Ash da drink werdz tanite.

Only Zombie Reagan can help McCain now my friends.

"Senator Obama, I'm not George Bush!"

Jo the Plumber

My take on the ACORN smear:

People .. I am giving Obama $10 bucks .. just to make myself feel good

Strike Three! You're OUT!!

Thank you, John McCain (aka Snorty McSnortsnort)..

Something about Intrade

Maybe McCain saw that Kevin Costner movie and figured his election depended on one vote...

Ohio plumber becomes focus of debate - AP !

"Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe!"

If you aren't name "Joe" you are ignored in debates

First Hannity, Now Greta hosting a show on Obama Saturday night called..

George Stephanopolous: McCain's Best Debate, But OBAMA WINS

If our household is any indication, Joe doesn't need the government's help

Well?Which Is IT, Joe Sixpack or Joe The Plumber? How about Joe Mama McCain?

Boy McSame sure did babble alot tonight. He rambled on

Obama throws his opponents off their game, they over do it trying to make him lose his cool

Joe the Plumber Theory:

Did the pundits watch the same debate I did?


Mark Halprin says McCain gets an A-. Obama a B

So just how much does an average "Joe The Plumber" make?

I'm SICK of this whole "Obama can't close the deal" meme

I watched CSPAN's debate coverage and it was truly troubling....

WTF??? Mr. Met and Triumph the Inuslt Comic Dog are in the Background Of Greta's Shot on Faux

WATCH: Joe Plumber original interview with Obama

That was the best McCain can do and it wasn't anywhere near enough.

Charlie Rose is on now, special post game coverage--the debate, not baseball.

Time for McCain to consider a new career?

"Isn't it ironic that the nominee of the elephant party is such an ASS?"

Didn't Halperin at the page originally give Obama a B+ because he now has it down to a B nt

Joe Plumber Speaks: “It’s pretty surreal, man, my name being mentioned in a presidential campaign,”

HA! Chris Matthews just called the RAS Poll a "republican poll" to McCain shill

Did McCain miss some names and facts?

Without realizing it - McCain refuted his own "Joe the Plumber" issue best

Joe the Plumber came out of this better than John the Dumber

Any possibility that Joe the Plumber was a Plant by the Rovians?

1st debate: no eye contact, 2nd debate: "that one," 3rd debate: "health"

Who won the Luntz focus group?

Joe the Plumber needs to Incorporate and elect "Sub-Chp S" status to lower his taxes!

The low point where McCain lost

Wow...Intrade has it 83.8 to 16.4

If all the networks are talking about "Joe the plumber" the next few days, that is a GREAT THING

Snap Polls: Obama Wins and Two-Thirds Want No More Debates

On January 20, 2010, let's knock on Joe the Plumber's door . . .

**Breaking** Joe the Plumber files for bankruptcy...

A Presidential campaign undone by "air quotes".

It is OVER

Buchanan thinks McCain would have been winning if the market hadn't crashed. LOL

What Joe the Plumber Can't Fix - E.J. Dionne, WaPo

I'm glad McCain hasn't repudiated his Atwateresque campaign.

The Acorn mention is driving me bonkers. Why won't anyone come out and say how stupid it is???

ALL they have left is "Tax and Spend."

Here are a short list of Joes yet unmentioned during this election.

Voted today in South Carolina!

Can we just vote now?

I admire Obama

Intrade: Obama skyrockets to 84-16 lead....

Intrade: Obama skyrockets to 84-16 lead....

McCain's biggest mistake--he let go of John Weaver and Mark Mckinnon, do you know why?

dupe. Disregard. :)

I get to meet Jill Biden this Sat in Battleground MO

So was McNuts the grumpy old man in slippers tonight?

I think I understand why Mr. Obama is reserved regarding McCain.

Every time McCain said "Joe the plumber" everyone in the room started laughing

Father George's comment on the McCain/Palin ticket

Freepers not only think that "Joe the Plumber" just won the election for them, but that.......

George Will: Obama has perfected the art of rope-a-dope

Check out the F'ing AP on "Health" of the Mother - they agree with McShame

Check out the F'ing AP on "Health" of the Mother - they agree with McShame

Anyone ventured over to see what the freepers thought of the debate?

NARAL goes after McCain...

If this is true Joe the plumber is a joke, Not registered to vote

If knowing Bill Ayres makes Barrack Obama a terrorist then

Obama looked annoyed at McCain's silliness...

Honest to God, I thought McCain would have a stroke. I was truly concerned about his health tonight.

McCain STILL looked angry tonight. He came across as

Who's looking out for Eve

Worse than the Dukakis moment....REALLY!

Full Joe the Plumber Video - no bs Fox edits - please comment

Another Poll, Weird!! This is from PBS about the VP Debate. It is tied and needs DU Help!!!!!

Caption the love

Isn't time for Pat Buchanan to take his meds and go to bed?

I found the cure to debate angst... WATER BALLOONS!!!

All post-debate polls have Obama winning the debate overwhelmingly

Anyone else notice McCain attacking Obama's "eloquence" tonight?

Has Pat Buchanan tapped into Hunter Thompson's stash of

McCain's "Oh Crap" moment

Who the hell is Joe the Plumber?

Can't watch videos on my computer, but TPM says Joe the Plumber compared Obama to....

Hey Lurking FREEPERS

So Joe the Plumber doesn't wanna pay 3% more on his $300,000 income?

So Joe the Plumber doesn't wanna pay 3% more on his $300,000 income?

"Joe the Plumber" was McSame's middle-America? Because he

"Joe the Plumber" was McSame's middle-America? Because he

Just a friendly reminder. Democrats are 4-0 this Debate Season.

McCain's Best Debate, But Still Weak, And McCain's Reaction Shots Were Brutal

Senator McComeback or Senator McFail


The Most Badass Moment of the Night for Obama that Flew Right Over McLame's Head

McLoser bizarre attacks on Obama

I was on a plane today and my Obama pin got me through 3 hours...

Sooo, to summarize things up to this point:

I've tried to blink that many times a minute and my eyes are sore now

So Palin is an expert on "autism" - too bad her kid has "DOWNS SYNDROME"

Do you know the name of the guy Tweety is talking to right now?

America doesn't give a fuck about a plumber making over $250,000 a year Joe the plumber "doesn't appear to be registered to vote."

Difference between McCain and Obama is intelligence.

Man... The Freepers Are Freepin Every Freepin Poll In Sight !!! - PANIC MODE !!!

DU these polls that are being Freeped, please!

What should Palin's new career be?

Does Joe the Plumber make more $$ than Joe the Senator?

GOP email calls for Police, firefighters, etc. to volunteer at "inner city (intimidating)" polls

In the Split Screen View, McCain Looked Like A Seething Dr. Evil...

Duuuupe, delete

Media Curves Poll of 1402 debate watchers - Independants 60-30 for OBAMA - chart within--->

Latest Zogby Poll O 49% McNasty 43.5% O+0.8% McNasty -0.9%

Quick meaningless request

So "Joe the plumber" isn't even registered to vote? But he compares Obama to Sammy

I don't think McCain won over any special needs parents tonight.

QUESTION: How slow was DU during the Debates for you?

"Joe The Plumber" Compares Obama To Sammy Davis Jr??? (Interview With Katie Couric-Audio)

Dont F with the Gibbanator Tweety!

John McCain's tactics come from the Penguin

McFrogtounge flatlined with his education answer.

Bob Shrum: Put McCain Out of His Misery

Plumber Six Pack Joe, or whatever the frick his name is, will be appearing on Huckabee's new show on

McCain's Many Problems; Joe can't Vote, Women's Health belittled, pimping tax cuts for big Business,

Prediction for what will occur around 10:30pm on November 4th...

I am NOT "Joe the Plumber".

Wasn't McCain supposed to be talking about his new plans for the economy tonight?

Did McCain's creepy sneer remind anyone of this guy?

McCain's "washed up terrorist" line just baffles me.

LOL Check out

McCain is not an affirming man.

Let the fires of hatred burn themselves out?

Does anyone know the exact text of the "women's health" quote?

Does anyone know the exact text of the "women's health" quote?

Thinking about John McBlinky. He reminds me of someone that is addicted to Red Bull.

Thinking about John McBlinky. He reminds me of someone that is addicted to Red Bull.

Bob the Builder called...he has a question.

So, what's next? Do they go to Reverend Wright or drift away into the night?

My boy's WICKED smart

This race has moved outside the 'believeability' range for it to be stolen this time...

McCain no less toast right now than a few hours ago.

Dead intern Joe will be on the attack tomorrow morning!

John McCain... The man America wants to sip Metamucil with...

Let's get this straight: "Joe" is not a plumber. He's a fucking BUSINESS OWNER

Fineman: "Obama picks McCain apart like the Cosntitutional lawyer he is"

Did Mc.Cain's Finger quotes not remind you of Dr.Evil???

Greta Van Susteren is a .....

Here's another angle of that John McCain tongue wagging

Obama is up 3.8 at Intrade since the debate ended.

It was a BRILLIANT move to have Hillary be the post-game surrogate for Obama on the networks...

Geraldine Ferraro was fantastic in her support for Obama tonight.

McCain's "Edgy and Angry" debate performace: pundits are saying McCain blew it

Looked up the Plumbers last name on Open Secrets surprise, all Republican donations

Snap polls render pundits obsolete

The New Yorker's "Lipstick On A Pig" Poll

What I saw tonight was a.........

I'm really proud of the job Barack Obama did tonight.

I missed the live debate so I'm watching the replay...

Obama, McCain On Infidelity (CBS)

You could see it on John's face...

Race for the White House: Debate watchers at UNO (Ne.-Omaha) say McCain lacked in answers

Anyone seen this Palin parody yet?

The TERRORIST PAL who HIRED prof. Bill Ayers...

This is bullshit. Per Politico Joe the plumber is doing all the morning shows. They better not try

Transcript from CNN


Quick Debate Summary:

Holy Fuck! My Toilet's Stopped Up!!!

John McCain was once a maverick...

Obama vs Bill The Cat [PIC!]

Hilarious video of McCain's eyeball rolling to music

Obama slaughtered him. I just wish it were uglier. How am I wrong?

Obama slaughtered him. I just wish it were uglier. How am I wrong?

Will Joe the Plumber be cast in Hustler Palin movie?

What the hell is this

Help needed.

PHOTO: McCain Has Lost It!

AP spins debate for best they can

This just in: McCain's analysis of his performance tonight

McCain going off the rails - facial expressions and tics

After watching this debate, McCain will be McBlinky for me from now on.

Hilarious video of McCain's eyeball rolling to music

Politico: McCain fails, Obama is not rattled

Post debate, Sarah Palin considers her political future

The downside of Obama winning is he gets a shitty, shitty

Joe the PLUMBER? RU serious?

Joe the PLUMBER? RU serious?

Check this out - ""

I'm thinking that Joe the Plumber better watch out... the heat of national exposure

For the last goddamned time. The United States of America does not impose a 35% tax on businesses.

What makes McCain think that attacking Obama on "spreading the wealth around" is a winner for him?

McCain gets minus one million "points" for accusing his opponent of being a terrorist

Why was McCain always talking about autism and Palin?

Paraphrasing McCain: Columbia is the top purchaser of our exports?

I don't think I've ever seen a group try so hard to discredit their own poll

Caption the love

John McCain would rather you forget this ad

More proof that McCain has no understanding of the Internet

Cindy looked Iced Cold and Pissed!!!

The Joe file

Whoah. Fine ass Hofstra Student on CSPAN NOW!!!

500,000 women every year die, Sen. McCain...

McCain's air quotes "health" and torture

Tomorrow for McBlinky's campaign. Negative gets turned up...

David Brooks going on an on about Obama being...

said Democrat Paul Begala on CNN, "He looked like Grumpy McNasty again"

Y'know, McCain's just too damned old for this shit.

McCain's plan to lower the quality of education in our country

Anybody here feeling sorry for McCain?

So will we be hearing the September fundraising Thursday?

The McCain Dichotomy

I have cheered for Barack Hussein Obama since January, almost a

Frenetic is NOT a quality desired in a President.

Someone just told me that McCain called Hillary for advice

Meidacurves: Independents clearly favours Obama with a margin 2-to-1!

Yesterday there was a NY Daily News cover story on how McCain MIGHT still win...

I think we all need to give Bob Schieffer a hearty round of applause.

Holy fuck! You mean we might actually win this thing?!?!?!

Man Names Daughter Sarah McCain Palin

Man Names Daughter Sarah McCain Palin

Richard Lewis

I wasn't able to watch the debate

We honestly should be celebrating right now.

BREAKING: National Plumbers Union to Strike

wall street journal poll needs help big time

wall street journal poll needs help big time

wall street journal poll needs help big time

wall street journal poll needs help big time

Though he lost, expect McCain +1-2 in the polls next week

Post-Debate Polls: Obama Wins

So...will Plumbergate blow up?

Finish the sentence - McCain's face was contorting so much ....

McCain is ahead 71%-27% in Drudge's poll

Did McCain snort at Obama's remarks several times? For example,

Pat Buchanan has to stop with the stupid boxing metaphors.


John McCain's scary debate performance

Guess who's on the new Rolling Stone?

i wish i had sweeney todd on dvd tonight. ya hear? dayum n/t

"...Like a boxer in the 15th round...."

Was anyone else disappointed


Obama decisive victor in final debate !!!! So say all

Republicans and plumbers. What is this odd fascination all about?

Buchanan to Lincoln, Hoover to FDR, Bush to Obama

Missed The Debate Due To Work. Did Hope Maintain?

ABC Poll doesn't need help, but DU it anyway

GOP halts ads in Wisconsin, Maine - to focus on traditionally red states

McCain's Unsavoury Associations getting more Unsavory

MLB to delay Game 6 of the World Series for Obama ad

Joe the Plumber even had time to do an interview with a RW web site...

Court Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters - NY Times

Freepers to FOX NEWS: Why have y'all forsaken us?

Freepers think Joe the Plumber saved McCain's campaign!

Has everyone here heard about the Predictify $100,000 Election Showdown?

Has everyone here heard about the Predictify $100,000 Election Showdown?

Has everyone here heard about the Predictify $100,000 Election Showdown?

Has everyone here heard about the Predictify $100,000 Election Showdown?

Who in the world feels sorry for a plumber making $250k+ anyway?

I can't believe all these idiots calling CSPAN after the debate.

So what to do now in the face of the CONTINUED McCain ATTACKS that we know are coming?


I thought McSame acted petulant and arrogant, and rude.

3 for 3, baby.

Was "Senator Government" intentional?

Why did McCain keep saying he continually corrects his crowds...

I have to continually marvel at Obama's cool.

Post reasons why "average" is not good enough for running the world's most powerful nation.

Is the 'Joe the Plumber' SNAFU the final nail in the McCain Campaign's Coffin?

This one goes out to John McCain and the Rs....

Did y'all notice that when McCain said that Palin knows about special needs children,

NBC's Chuck Todd on the debate.

NBC's Chuck Todd on the debate.

A Conservative Reaction, LOL !!!

Scarborough is a huge asshole...

McCain had to try to press on Ayers on ACORN or he couldn't face his own crowds

About the Republicans and capital gains taxes....

dKos/R2K 10/16: Obama 52 (even) McCain 41 (even)

So...who's making the trip to D.C. for Obama's swearing-in?

Phil Gramm's Bank is getting bailed out!

AP's Fact Check Sides with McCain RE: exception for woman's "health"

Secret Service looking into Obama threat at rally

Dear. Joe Plumber

Joe Wurzelbacher of Shrewsbury Street in Springfield Township (OH), AKA Joe the Plumber

Listening to "Dreams from my father" audiobook

What a complete embarrasment

DU AOL ONLINE POLL: Sludge links to it but Obama still winnining (for now) - 48/45.

As far as "looking in the face" - didn't McCain mostly look at Bob S.

The real difference last night was between a face that radiated

IMO McCain came within a hairs-breadth of fully decompensating

Cabinet Officials Sent to Campaign at Taxpayer Expense, Report Says - Bloomberg

Check out this GRAPH/CHART of Obama and McCain's Poll Ratings

McCain vs Obama Final Debate Deconstructed

Undecideds Laughing At, Not With, McCain

My husband just said that Sarah Failen reminds him of Edith Prickly

What's Up With That Bulge On mccane's

Crash... Burn ... Implosion ... What's left for McCain/Palin?

McCain Presses Obama in Final Debate - NY Times

McCain Presses Obama in Final Debate - NY Times

"Joe" not even registered to vote?


The Top Ten ways John McCain can still win the Presidential Election

I want to donate to the "It won't happen on 11/4 " campaign.

Presidential Passports?

After almost 8 yrs of the Chimporer speechafyin' "eloquence" is said it best re: the debate from last night.

Please make sure the FULL Joe the Plumber video gets passed around

Which soulless villain did McCain remind you of last night? He reminds me of Gollum.

Undecideds Laughing At, Not With, McCain

Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

How will McSame's karma affect the election ?

Obama - "I wouldn't vote for me either"

McCain gaffe: "Obama voted against Justice Breyer" (meant "Alito")


I am disappointed and a bit mad

Am I the only one who thought McCain looked hepped up on Meth or something last night?

Correct me if I'm wrong (re: Joe)

So when the insta-polls came back for Obama, what were the pundit's reactions?

Please DU this poll in NC. McCain has taken the lead.

"TRANSPLANTS" & Tom-the-Train-Guy: My Story

Blink, blink, blink, grimace, tongue dart, eye roll, smirk, blink, blink, blink...

I Did Not Catch The Part Where McCrazy Kicked Obama's Ass...

I have seen the future and it will it be: PALIN / PLUMBER 2012

who else thinks beside me that the McPalin rallies are going to get worse?

Obama’s tax plan doesn’t hurt small business

Teen Rape Victim- Anti Palin AD

How long has Politico been polling?

Obama's Ali-McCain's Wepner

Damning pics from last night. Who's got them??

McCain's Body Language

Joe the Plumber is not registered to vote

I think I may have just fucked up.

I ask for your vote

McCain Frowns, Rolls Eyes, And Blinks More Than 3,000 Times - HuffPo

Was Bill Bennet tossed from the CNN debate team

Have any of the pundits commented about McCain's wild-eyed look and his rapid blinking?

If I'm Joe The Plumber I'd Try To Parlay My Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Can Joe The Plumber run for president? At this point the RNC might want to give up on Mccain

David Corn: The Last Debate: McCain's Irrelevant Attack

Well, It Looks Like Obama Had the Debate on Temperament

Anything on Joe Wurzelbacher's Television Appearances This Morning

McCain looked like the Joker last night

** G A M E - O V E R **

Obama Plans Election Night Party In Grant Park

Breathe Deep The Gathering Gloom Senator McSham...

McCain last night: The inflatable pilot in the movie "Airplane"

Who did McCian's LIPSTICK last night? was this some sort of "code"?

Becoming rich and/or owning your own business is NOT the American Dream

President Barack Obama.

John McCain attacks Bush in new ad

"Senator Obama I am NOT George Bush"

Maybe McCain Should have run against Bush!!!

“Joe (the plumber), you’re rich! Congratulations!”

****POLL*****KansasCityStar*** Please Vote

Why did McCain reference Todd Palin last night...

Why did McCain reference Todd Palin last night...

Chicago SunTimes: McCain misleading public in role Ayers played

Hopefully the abortion answer McBush gave will cost him the independent/moderate vote for good

One Of The Best Things About Obama Winning The Presidency Would Be

Thank you, Barack Obama, for be willing to put yourself out there

I know many of you don't care of R2K tracking poll: But It's Obama 52-41 over McCain

Wal-Mart: Political Bully

Has the "media" been talking about Joe the D-bag plumber all morning long?

McCain came off like a big, fat BABY last night.

Hey, JANE the Plumber (the one that works beside Joe)...

The most damning number in the CNN snap poll: Likeability

The debate last night: What did I miss?

I don't understand

Do you think Senator Obama will get more EV's then Clinton did in 1992??

ENOUGH! Sorry DU, but for now on I CAMPAIGN for McCAIN.

New DIAGEO/HOTLINE poll still Obama 49 McCain 41

Did it bother anyone else that McCain didn't say more about rallies?

Any medical opinions on what they did to McCain's eye...

Joe hates social security

split screen debate

Question about vasectomies

McCain said Obama should have challenged Bush in 2004... but wait., there's more

QUICK! Somebody find out Joe The Plumber's Freeper Handle!

I voted for Obama/Biden this morning

I Don't Get Joe The Plumber

Samuel "Joe The Plumber" Wurzelbacher should just listen to his own kid.

10/16/2008 Rassmussen Obama 50 (even) McCrazy 46 (+1)

Ruling May Impede More Than 200,000 Registered Ohio Voters

My answer to the "Bush" thing....

Joe the plumber sure sounds like a Republican to me

Just heard that Biden will be on Ellen and Leno today/tonight. nt

Once again I feel really sorry for Cindy McCain

Its not whether or not Joe's taxes go up, it's how much.

Its not whether or not Joe's taxes go up, it's how much.

The Reich wing talking heads know it's over, and now starts the lean times for them

****Pic Of The Day****

****Pic Of The Day****

The times they are a chang'n...out canvassing for Dem Senate Candidate

The real issue about Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber on Iraq: "WMD's or not, I don't care."

Why are people here so concerned about Joe the Plumber?

Does anyone have any info on the New Party (1992) and Obama?

>>>>>>>>>> VIRGINIA , VIRGINIA, VIRGINIA <<<<<<<<<<

OK. Joe The Plumber is an asshole. The Iraqis are living the life

What is the latest on Joe the Plumber and has MSM sorted it out yet?

Scoring Round Three

Who saw the movie "Swing Vote" over the summer?

Does McCain Want To Abolish Social Security Like His Friend Joe Plumber?

So after the bailout…who is kidding themselves about taxes being cut…

End of Final Presidential Debate...

End of Final Presidential Debate...

Why I love the "you could've run against Bush" meme

Joe The Plumber Just Said He Wants To Abolish Social Security

Amanda the Plummer...

Is Joe the Plumber taking today off?

So, InSane's secret weapon, Joe the plumber, is actually Sam, and wants to abolish social security..

October surprise revealed: Jacobs Ladder!

Joe the Plumber began his career in Bill Ayers bathroom...

Obama / Biden - Batman and Robin w/Villians....Cool Pic

Obama, The Friendly Socialist? - Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic

"Steve the Lotto Winner"

Joe the Plumber is having a Fucking News Conference....Oh, we lost 14,000 jobs

DU this poll -- Raleigh NC TV station - McCain's leading. :(

Sarah just said that in Alaska she always knew who she was accountable to and

Obama plunges deep into the crimson as McCain retreats to red state hold 'em

Obama plunges deep into the crimson as McCain retreats to red state hold 'em


I Voted!

Plumber Joe: "I hope I'm not making too much of a fool of myself"

Sorry People, But This Election Has "Jumped The Shark". It's Surreal. If You Wrote This

Sorry People, But This Election Has "Jumped The Shark". It's Surreal. If You Wrote This

Joe the Plumber, not Jose the Plumber

Rove Prepares Us For The NEXT Stolen Election?

When Obama wins, when can he realistically start making decisions?

West VA may have gone back to RED on EV's website but it's by a definately RED poll site

No-drama Obama declines possible cheap shots.

When did Joe the Plumber become a political pundit? He is on MSNBC now

Oh flipping heck. Palin just brought up Joe the Plumber.

From last night's debate. Desperately in need of a caption!

John McCain: I am not an incubator for your photo op babies.

Joe the Plumber...member of the Natural Law Party

So this Joe the Plumber guy isn't even registered to vote?

:mccain: is the new :eyes: smilie (LOL)

If Joe the Plumber can give a press conference, then why can't Gov. Sarah Palin?

Great New Ad - "You May Not Be Bush...BUT"

Chuck Todd: REPUBLICANS say "Joe the Plumber didn't work..."

SAM "JOE" The Plumber... Used to live in ARIZONA!!

Is 'Joe the Plumber' the next Sarah Palin?

Say it ain`t so, Joe.

"Senator Obama wants to 'spread the wealth'"



Are you worried?

Guess who is "a registered Republican, and a primary voter at that"?

Caption this debate-related picture

JOE THE PLUMBER= Angry White Male

Obama edging into W.Va., other GOP states

Joe the Plumber not even registered to vote

"Joe the Plumber" and taxes is a moot issue.

Whoo-Nelly! Looks like Obama is really competing for Missouri


Could Joe The Plumber Be The 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee

One of many things I hate about McCain.. his smugness

Pennsylvania Tracking Poll for Thursday: Obama: 53% McCain: 37%

Seriously..Half the threads here are on "Joe the Plumber"...

What's your Gut Feeling: How Close is this Race? Which Poll to Trust?

I have not heard the MSM once say that Joe is a registered Republican

RNC pulls ads out of Wisconsin & Maine

Did Mc.Cain's Finger quotes not remind you of Dr.Evil???

Is Joe the plumber a plant

McCain add "I'm not Bush"

McCain add "I'm not Bush"

Rasmussen Daily 10/16: Obama 50%, McCain 46%

Rasmussen Daily 10/16: Obama 50%, McCain 46%

We're going to see Obama Saturday!!

Let the photoshopping begin! (Bill the cat- McCain tongue)

Photos from tonights debate

Joe Plumber said he works 12 hours a day. Let's do the math.

RedState: The Presidential race is over.

Joan Vennochi: That's it for McCain

Paying taxes IS patriotic...proof inside...

Do you make as much or more than Joe the Plumber?

Just donated $500 to the Obama campaign. That felt GOOD!

Joe the Plumber Should Like Obama's Health Plan

Sarah Palin Irrelevant; Obama made sure of that last night

Sarah Palin Irrelevant; Obama made sure of that last night

OK, how much longer will "Joe the Plumber" be mentioned ad nausea by the media?

John McCain is a Certified Asshole

Black caller having fun with RW radio hater (WARNING: GRAPHIC photo!)

McCain's Bush Distancing Too Little, Too Late

New Obama Ad: Obama camp targets McCain moment

New Obama Ad: Obama camp targets McCain moment

Most annoying "average guy/girl" Republican

The media desperately wants a close race

Obama and Palin on "Dancing with the Stars"?

If words could kill

MCCAIN: "I don't care about an old washed-up terrorist."

Senator Government V. Joe the Plumber (Joe Klein)

MCCAIN: "Zero?"

MCCAIN: "Zero?"

My non voting apolitical husband told me this morning that McInsane is toast

sorry duplicate-delete

John, the only way Joe the Plumber made $250,000 last year

BAD NEWS: New evidence McCain sews up key demographics

Latest Fraud: Florida Dems Told To Vote By Phone

what about Sam the Plumber

We have our own plumber - Zan, the Rad Dyke Plumber!

Joe the Plumber... REAL FIRST NAME IS SAM

The most telling Freeper remark I've seen yet re McCain/Palin:

Political, union activists rally for Obama near Hofstra

Political, union activists rally for Obama near Hofstra

I just woke up to Lynn Samuels, because Bill Press is getting ready to come on

What's the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pitbull

Survey USA: One of the few remaining GOP congress critters in NE, Chris Shays in trouble

MSNBC: Joe The Plumber Throws McCain Under The Bus

Intrepid DUers-What Do We Know About Mrs.or Ms. Plumber?

One Really Great thing about Joe the Plumber

If I hear "I'm not Bush" one more time, I'm gonna barf

I think the msm is going to make a major ass out of itself with Joe the Plumber.

I think the msm is going to make a major ass out of itself with Joe the Plumber.

Breaking: OHIO Sec. of State Petitions the U.S. Supreme Court

So, is Obama the unanimous winner of the debate today

Next up for McCain's campaign: Joe the Undertaker

MSNBC Focus Group: Thumbdown on Joe The Plumber - It was dumb!

Please Ignore Joe The Plumber

How do you find out about Obama rallies?

McCain's new ad: "a last ditch effort to dump the albatross (Bush)"

I'm not a Joe the Plumber expert, but I know he doesn't clear $250,000

Will Someone ask Joe the Plumber what is the name of the business he wants to buy

Undecideds Laughing At, Not With, McCain

Is Joe the Plumber even registered to vote?

Has anyone in the MSM said that Joe is not even registered?!!

Why were John McCain's eyes so open? That wasn't normal.

My anger on McCain aside, I wish Obama spent a little more time talking about

Find us a Big, Strong, Rugged, All American, Skinhead to repeat "socialism" over and over on TV

Breaking; Palin dumped, Joe the Plumber new VP Candidate

Todd Palin: If You Thought Cheney Was Bad, Watch out for the "First Dude"

OMG!!! I'm concerned that Obama didn't finish off McCain last night!

Forget Joe Sixpack and Joe the Plumber--here's what some other Joes think of McCain/Palin.

Psst! McSame "Campaign": Joe the Banker, Joe the Lobbyist, Joe the Crony, Joe Doe

I'm not sure "Joe the Plumber" should be running a small business....he doesn't understand how

97% of small businesses would not be subject to Obama tax increases

Palin Put Religious War Advocate On Alaska Suicide Prevention Council

Palin Put Religious War Advocate On Alaska Suicide Prevention Council

Palin Put Religious War Advocate On Alaska Suicide Prevention Council

Joe the Plumber would get a better tax cut from Obama, not McCain accd to this piece

Palin declares McCain unqualified

McCain Knows

Caption This

Joe the Singing Janitor

Freeper report this morning.

McCain's incessant blinking

Hey Thom

I sent this to one of my Repug coworkers who said: " Republicans will make the Economy Fly again"

I watched the debate last night with a young Berliner

I was waiting for Obama to say...

To be honest last night was McCain's best debate out of the three...

To be honest last night was McCain's best debate out of the three...

What Happened To Barney Smith?......

Did Joe the plumber leave Ohio for Arizona because there were no jobs in Ohio?

The eye rolling and sighs...didn't the MSM nail Al Gore on that?

The eye rolling and sighs...didn't the MSM nail Al Gore on that?

The eye rolling and sighs...didn't the MSM nail Al Gore on that?

So how long 'til this whole 'Joe the Plumber' thing starts to crack?

In honor of the Plumber

Joe T. Plumber/Sarah Palin 2012...

Have you seen so many weird facial expressions in a debate?

A business that generates $250k in PROFIT would cost $1,000,000 at minimum

I'm not in a swing state but I voted today and my Husband voted for OBAMA!!!!

I Watched a Man Implode Last Night

Mitchell Bard: "I'm Not President Bush" Uh Sorry Senator, But...

Mitchell Bard: "I'm Not President Bush" Uh Sorry Senator, But...

Palin's rally this morning - stranger than usual

Palin's rally this morning - stranger than usual

Nineteen more days of living in joy and fear

Okay, so we've got "Joe The Plumber" dead to rights. But whatever happened to Harriet Christian?

Okay, so we've got "Joe The Plumber" dead to rights. But whatever happened to Harriet Christian?

Have you ever asked any of your McCain voting friends, family members or associates....

New movie starring Joe the Plumber, "He's an Arab" woman, and "I'm mad!" guy

What wasn't talked about in the debates...

Caption: At last nights debate- Whats on Cindy's mind?

Intrade, Right Now: Obama 87.0 - McCaine 13.5

Is There ANY DOUBT That "Joe The Plumber" Was ALWAYS A McC Shill???

Get a load of this poll from the AZ Republic.

Get a load of this poll from the AZ Republic.

Did You Know Joe the Plumber is Related to KEATING

Did You Know Joe the Plumber is Related to KEATING

What's Joe the Vice President doing today?

What's Joe the Vice President doing today?

Economist Roudini now on CNBC:

Hank Williams Jr. will sing his song "There's a Tear in my Beer" on Nov. 5th.

Does McNasty ever show Palin in his ads?

CSPAN spin room spin. Please help me debunk the "welfare to 45 million" meme

hubby saw it up close and personal last night

I just found my 12 year old son's tally sheet from the debate

I just found my 12 year old son's tally sheet from the debate

God, wasn't McCain just a bresh of freth air?!

All this talk about "Joe the Plummer", why aren't we focusing on this key demographic:

So what's Joe the Plumber's catchphrase?

McCain protests YouTube's removal of his campaign videos

No talk of Josephine the Plumber?

Karnac The Magnificent: The answer is: Joe SixPack; Joe The Plumber & Joe Biden.....

Obama's post debate ad out already. Possibly the toughest yet. These guys

One Thing That Irks Me - Obama Won This Debate On Points, Not McCain

John McCain would ruin a mans life to win the Presidency

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Londonberry, NH****

Hey, can I borrow five thousand eight hundred and seventy eight dollars?

How many Supreme Court Justices will announce their retirement Jan 21 once Obama wins?

Political Donations from Other Wurzelbacher's


When McCain is forced to say "I'm not Bush" it means Obama has won.

pls delete

Create a listing for Joe the Plumber!

Obama is on fire in NH on MSNBC

Obama is on fire in NH on MSNBC

Has Anybody Checked Joe The Plumber On Angie's List?

Somebody wake me up when JTP is no longer wasting space here...

Joe Klein at TIME on why McCain't failed

Another vicious smear we must quash

CNN commentator grade point average: Obama B+, McCain B.

WSJ: The Financial Crisis Is McCain's Katrina

Joe the Plumber's plumbing license EXPIRED in 2002.

It's official: Joe the Plumber has had more press conferences than Sarah Palin has...

email I got from an accountant RE:Joe the Plumber


**QUESTION** Was "Joe the Plummer" a set-up?

"New Hampshire!" - Obama warns Democrats

Obama's tax break to employers for hiring new employees is brilliant. nt

All of you pro-choice "extremists." No soup for you!

4 Lucas County Court Documents Re: Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher

Best Youtube Anti-Palin Video Ever

Whats wrong Johnny Boy, You dont have any money? Im sorry to hear that

Andrea Mitchell bugs me-- count on her to always say something

Funny moment: McCain claims ACORN is biggest voter fraud in history. Jim Crow not mentioned?

Joe "the Racist" Plumber: Obama tap dances just like Sammy Davis Jr.

Breaking News: John McCain is really.....

Did Schieffer ever let Obama have the last word last night?

Toledo Blade: Samuel Joseph Worzelbacher voted in his first primary in 2008, registered Republican

Virginia GOP Mailer Depicts Dems -- And Obama? -- As Appeasers Of Terrorists

DU these polls...too much McCain.

"Spread the wealth"

Wonkette gets a CREEPY new animated gif of Grampy!

More good news for Obama!

Bullshit: the Kennedy Goldwater Debate Agreement

It'll be a rough three weeks...

McCain is toast ..... The #s for him are brutal 205 vs 333 Elect. Votes

Gallup: 49 O, 43 M - Pre-debate results

John McCain says he's only 90% George W. bush.

Famous Joe's Throughout History!

Famous Joe's Throughout History!

Game, Set, Match - OBAMA - by Shannyn Moore

If joe Wurzelbacher is a "self-employed plumber" & not listed on Toledo's Better Business Bureau...

Ohio Files Appeal to Supreme Court on Voter Registration Data - WaPo

I'm watching a PA McCain rally on MSNBC

McTwitchy did tell the truth last night.

Dem Lawyer In Missouri Just Filed Suit Against McCain For Inciting Violence Against Obama

McSame's mom was denied a car rental in Paris due to age, so

No record for a Wurzelbacher on the assessor's page...

Did MSNBC cut away from an Obama rally to cover McShame's rally?

I like this picture

Gallup Daily, 10/16: Obama 49% (-1), McCain 43%

Why I think Ohio will be blue...

*** Obama in Londonderry NH - live feed up 12:10 ET ***

Why is the media talking about ACORN, but not Stephen Spoonamore?

John McSame DID land a knockout punch last night,...

Cousin Eddie Johnson has a problem

Anyone familiar with this?

Joe the Plumber on

Flat Tax v. Progressive Tax - The Real "Spread The Wealth" Debate

I wish somebody would ask McCain to explain what the JTP scenario has to do with job creation.

Even if the Media focuses on Shiny Object Joe this week, how does this really help McCain?

So let me get this Straight, McCain thinks Joe the plumber is going to win this for him

OMG! Obama Supporter yells out the unthinkable, just Now at the NH Rally!

Here's an idea....gather up EVERY racist video...send to McCain's camp demanding him to repudiate!!!

Rove's map shows big Obama win

CNN electoral map gives Virginia to Obama


McCain's eyeblinking -- what everyone missed

McCain: "I'm going to lick his you know what".

OBAMA: "You who are feeling giddy/cocky or think this is all set-I have 2 Words-New Hampshire"

Women Against McCain Palin Ad after debate last night

Joe the Plumber's Home Value / Tax Assessment (not a joke)

Purging Joe the Plumber

There's a "Douglas Wurzelbacher" from ... Wasilla, AK

There's a "Douglas Wurzelbacher" from ... Wasilla, AK

There's a "Douglas Wurzelbacher" from ... Wasilla, AK

Third debate -- no comparison!

any other gen-xers starting to channel the electric company with all this plumber talk?

McCain's campaigning in PA is working....

Anyone who is relaxing, not working and thinks that O has this wrapped up is a fool-dead heat

On the Lighter Side: 5 Presidential Elections even worse than this one (possibly):

What Last Night's Debate Performance By McCain Told Me


Can someone explain this 'preconditions' dig that McCain has been throwing around?


Just got a robo call from the McCain campaign

McCain: ‘I Am Not President Bush’

Anyone ventured over to Freeperland?

Virginia GOP flier seems to depict Barack Obama as face of evil

Is Joe the Plumber the new Jeff Gannon?

Did I hear McCain say Obama voted against Breyer for SCOTUS?

McCain: From Soldiers on the field to teachers in the classroom- without certification?

Careful with the "Joe the Plumber" / Keating 5 links...

Joe the Plumber will appear on Hannity & Colmes (yes or no or...)

What the McCain campaign doesn't want you to see. McCain out on a full moon.

---Ok, I'm playing the game---Check this out about 'Joe'---

Absolute BEST Moment Of Debate!!!!!

I Voted for the Next President of the United States, Barack Obama, Today!

Did McCain REALLY say that we should no longer certify teachers?

For A Little Perspective-Gallup Polls From 36 To 04

Serious question for info about the "Pork "additions to the bailout bill

Sorry- Duplicate.

Voted early for Obama TODAY!

Mr. Fish

Notice how some polls are heading down to +6 while some are heading above +10?

McCain: Obama skirted questions - Boston Globe (mcsame needs to get a grip)

Great parody of what a Palin Presidency would be like

McCain just said that America didn't become great by spreading the wealth...

Another dumb McCain statement

PA Tracking Poll: Obama up 16!

Here should be our new rallying crying: Just pull the big "D" lever (or press the button)

Republican neighbors are voting for Obama!

Hey - according to Freepers, we can't energize our base

CNN Factcheck - Ignoring The Plumber - Less Than 2% Of Small Businesses Pay More Under Obama

Proof Joe is an Idiot: Now says business would cost $250k to buy, he would make much less

Sarah Palin at rally in Maine: "They look to issues in the past..."

Sarah Palin at rally in Maine: "They look to issues in the past..."

Joe the Plumber is not a Plumber

McCain's idea of spreading the wealth

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Santorum Now Open to '08 White House Run

How old is Joe the plumber?

Oh, those inconvenient "pre-existing conditions"...

Palin-Plumber 2012.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Education Conference having "washed up terrorist" as keynote speaker

Joe the plumber gets a tax cut under Obama's plan

Palin really could be a Disney movie.

I am Concerned!

Cecile Richards: "McCain Says Women's Health Is Extreme"

Tucker Bounds is still an idiot.

Anybody know what happened to Patti Solis Doyle?

Need some ideas on refuting idiocy from USAWAKEUP.ORG

Median "Plumber" Income: $ 37,514 per year.

Joe The Repub Plumber Has A Dog Sledding Brother In - Get This - Wasilla, Alaska?

Joe The Repub Plumber Has A Dog Sledding Brother In - Get This - Wasilla, Alaska?

Some straight talk -- McCain will probably gain some strength...

Tucker Bounds makes me sick!

Time Poll shows how people graded the debate by state

Barack Rocks With (New York) Post Panel

Reasons why I'm not voting for Obama

Didn't Rush Limbaugh say that McCain was going to...

Exclusive: Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

Reality check: Small businesses can use "creative" accounting to avoid taxes.

Can I call you Joe the Plumber?

When Colin Powell Endorses Obama

McCain is a misogynist

McCain is a misogynist

Would someone please direct me to the vidoe of Joe the Plumber's confronting Obama

Post your Zombie Mc Cain pics here!

Social Security is a Joke

Joe the Plumber's Name is Mis-spelled on Voter Registration

McRich: My friends, when you vacation in France, if they won't rent you a car, just buy it, instead.

With early voting begun in many swing states, McCain has MUCH less than 19 days to turn this around

And now, a non-JTP topic: "Rapture Ready" watches the third debate!

And now, a non-JTP topic: "Rapture Ready" watches the third debate!

Fayetteville, North Carolina!!!! We're getting a visitor this Sunday!!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!

*** ALL Texans Take Note *** GOP Dirty Tricks

What Did McCain Mean When He Said (Re: JFK): "Before The Intervention" Of The Tragedy At Dallas?

Please stop posting the "Don't Get Complacent!!!!!" threads.

So According to MSNBC, Obama won McCain's Focus Group...

If That Dude Last Night Was "Joe The Plumber" - Who Are You?

Why is it only "class warfare" when the poor benefit from something?

Palin: ‘We Shouldn’t Worry About Government Not Having Enough Money’


Palin approved goons shot 14 wolf pups in the head

Is Joe the Plumber actually Satan in disguise?

Obama likes pie!

Tucker "out of" Bounds is at it again....

Inland GOP mailing depicts Obama's face on food stamp

We should have a (highly publicized) "Share the Wealth" drive

Did John McCain really say his feelings were hurt last night?

McCain: "the real winner last night was Joe the Plumber"

McCain: "the real winner last night was Joe the Plumber"

Joe the plumber? What about Suzie the school teacher with her $750,000 income?

I voted for Obama about two hours ago

Extra Footage From Debate You DIDN'T See!!!!!

"Beats the hell out of me"

Thugs and Bumperstickers: A lesson in Republican Tactics

Race, Wedge Issues Fall Flat For GOP

McCain in Fox News interview. This idiot think Joe the Plumber helps him.

Can somebody BUZZ an article, I don' know how..

Gallup: RV - O (49) M (43) LV O (51) M (45)

GOP robo call here in Colorado about Obama and "Terrorist" association

What's wrong with McSame male spokesmen? They talk breathing heavily and with tangential ideas

is joe the plumber really sam the sham?

Gawd, I hope Flynt adds a Joe the Plumber character to the his Nailin' Palin movie

Gawd, I hope Flynt adds a Joe the Plumber character to the his Nailin' Palin movie

Jennifer Brunner (OH Sec of State) on CNN

Prediction: 369 Electoral Votes

Justice Stevens is to rule on Ohio ballots, is this good for us?

Someone should make sure Letterman has the real story on Joe the Plumber so that he can ask McGrumpy

McCain fails, Obama is not rattled

United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Union edorsed Obama for President

McCain thinks Palin is an expert regarding special needs children, how is that possible?

Palin: "we love America and we are always proud of being Americans"

Jake the Plummer has advice for Joe the Plummer:

It’s Really, Really, Really Over

It’s Really, Really, Really Over

It’s Really, Really, Really Over

Did Joe the plumber say he would MAKE $250-280K or he was buying a buisness that cost that?

Joe the Plumber and the PBS poll

Frame: So one of McCain's tax advisors is a plumber from Toledo who doesn't know

Frame: So one of McCain's tax advisors is a plumber from Toledo who doesn't know

Freepers want Palin/Wurzelbacher in 2012! Too funny.

Skinner, pls write code to change all thread titles "Joe the Plumber" to "Joe the Scab"

Palin Returns to a Democratic Legislature in Alaska?! You Can Help Make it Happen!

Joe isn't even a licensed plumber

"Joe the Plumber" is just another "Angry White Man"

Republican Party puts Obama's pic on Fake food stamps

McCain ACORN Fears Overblown: Experts - ABC News !!!

Randi: Joe da Plumber looks like Jeff Gannon.

If They Give You a Provisional Ballot, How Do You Know If It Is Being Counted?

Ok, in fairness to real plumbers, Joe should now be known as Joe the Plumber's Helper.

Obama's New Security Detail

In debates, McCain loses blinking contest to Obama - Reuters

Joe the racist plumber

Obama's opportunity with Joe the plumber's assistant.

Go to Yahoo and recommend "Special McCain Photos"!

"Joe the Plumber will save us".. says the other side ;)

Robo calls from McCain here in Wisconsin

If this isn't the McCreepiest thing you see today...

McCain compares Obama's tax plans to Hoover - article, WTF ??

Joe Sixpack is just a little too "on message" for my bullshit detector ignore

For McCain, It's All About Plumber Joe - NY Times

For McCain, It's All About Plumber Joe - NY Times

We're having Huge turnouts for the first day of early voting in NC

We're having Huge turnouts for the first day of early voting in NC

Joe the Plumber worried that Bill Gates would get have to pay more taxes under Obama

Take it for what it's worth but here are 11 state polls done by Zogby & out today

So which MSM will call bullshit on Joe the Plumber first?

Nancy Keenan: "Mocking Women's Health And Losing Their Votes(with "Air Quotes")

Barack needs to keep his rapid response team in the White House...

Did you hear that? McLiar said Obama voted against Justice Breyer!

I know half of you hate Randi... but....

BIDEN: "“I don't have any Joe the plumbers in my neighborhood that make $250,000 a year"

LOL!! Shuster and Bob Franken Making Fun of Joe The Plumber

I Think We All Should Identify Ourselves By Our Profession

TPM: Worst Yet? McCain Campaign Robocall Ties Obama To "Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers"

The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry....

Stephanie Cutter: JTP Last Ditch effort by McCain to be in touch with America, too little too late!

Women's Rant

Anybody know if Nash McCabe ever changed her tune?

Um... David Schuster: the cut off amount is $250K, not $200 that you


Palin's husband, 60s radicals, Joe the Plumber, and doesn't McCain do any vetting of anything?

For those who have been to a recent Obama event, I have some questions

Virginia (or New Hampshire + Minnesota) - the ultimate insurance policy

Today's Gallup tracking, O +2, Rasmussen tracking O +4

Why do signs in GOP Marietta, Ohio field office say "Democrat * McCain"?

More comments from phone calls to Indiana voters....

J T Plumber Just Striped McCain of His Credibillity

Cenk On McCain: An Old Boxer Who Has Been in One Too Many Fights

Some famous Republican plumbers

Someone is introducing Palin on CNN right now and he said: "She's just like us"

Can You Help?

So much for John McCain not concerned about an "old terrorist" Bill Ayers.

What Monster did McCain Become Last Night?

Colbert on NSA Spying

McCain Bundler Accused of War Profiteering

Funny Palin site!

Coo Coo :: Joe the Plumber was registered with the Natural Law Party

Thinking about Joe the Plumber's actual claim

What pissed us off at the debate was MCCain's praise of Palin as a mother of a handicapped child

Political scientists give Obama 80% chance of victory

which of the daily tracking polls do you trust the most and watch the most?


Sarah Palin seen as beacon of hope as defeat at poll looms

First televised Monegan interview - Palins "obsessed"

TONIGHT: JOE BIDEN on the Tonight Show w/Leno opposite McSame on Letterman

Kos: Second poll in a row shows new Obama lead in North Dakota

You Know, The Chances Are Some Day Obama WILL Have His Face On Money Like Those Other Presidents

Update: McCain protests YouTube's removal of his campaign videos - Computerworld mag

OMG one of my dear friends just sent me an email with..... THE PBS POLL!

Is your name Joe? Jo? Joey? It's time to start a "Joes For Obama" sign campaign.

McCain getting chopper to get to Letterman show on time!

The Sad truth about GOP's appeal to Joe the Plumber and his ilk

The Sad truth about GOP's appeal to Joe the Plumber and his ilk


Reports from first day of early voting in NC: turnout is big

a very moving video. If anyone is on the fence . . . .

The Rev. Wright conundrum.

Just got another robocall-vile one saying Obama has worked w/ terrorists

Sen. McCain Stood With ACORN Rally In 2006

Jon Bon Jovi to John McCain: Don't play my music!

President Clinton to make Nevada campaign swing

Cartoonist Tony Auth on McSame: "I'm George W. Bush, and I approved this message.'

Zogby calls blog posts "adolescent rantings" after trying to explain away his push polling

Ectopic Pregnancy and John McCain's "women's health" snark

So will Mika throw her dad under the bus or will she criticize this mailer?

So will Mika throw her dad under the bus or will she criticize this mailer?

"how many plumbers you know making a quarter million dollars a year?"

"how many plumbers you know making a quarter million dollars a year?"

Senator McCain, are you proud of the "hardworking Americans" who showed up to THIS rally?

So please, correct me if I'm wrong about these statements - re: 'Joe the Plumber'

Is the McCain campaign due for another shake-up?

who wants to bet Joe doesnt have any health insurance???



Were McCain's eyes dialated last night?

Straight Talk: Samuel Joseph "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher is a SCAB!

Dumb & Plumber

BREAKING: Joe The Plumber Has Now Held More Press Conferences Than Sarah Palin.

Pennsylvania: Obama 53, McCain 37

Natural Law Party Sam Who Can't Spell His Own Name Joe

Tastes Like Burning: Epic Fail


I wish Obama had said,

Another McTongue Animation! LMAO! - I'm Just Not Right In The Head

Can Bill Ayers sue for slander?

McCain: "In fact, some T-shirts that are very...unacceptable"

"Every time there's been an out-of-bounds remark... I have repudiated them."

How many people do you suppose Joe the Unlicensed and likely

Zogby (sucks) latest battleground polls: Obama leads in VA, PA, NM, NV, CO, FL, NC, NH, OH

I'm so upset with Republicans....

DFM North Dakota Poll: Obama 44, McCain 41

DFM North Dakota Poll: Obama 44, McCain 41

GOTV meeting last night-folks you would be *amazed*

We were almost mugged by the repukes campaigning in the parking lot...

In Toledo, OH "All contractors are licensed, and he does not have a license..."

Factoid Of The Day: Joe the Plumber has now had more press conferences than Sarah Palin.

McCain referred to his physical "scars" as a result of his political "maverickism" and anti-GOP votes

McCain referred to his physical "scars" as a result of his political "maverickism" and anti-GOP votes

LETTERMAN: Which McCain shows up tonight?

It has to be said, The McSame campaign stepped on their collective dick again

Caption this other tongue shot from last night >>

Davis Schuster about to do a piece on "voter fraud" on MSNBC. Be sure to tune in so we can correct

joe the "plumber" says obama tap dances like sammy davis jr. HMM, what ELSE do they have in common?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns today at Mack's Apple Orchard in Londonderry, NH

The Problem Of Discussing Tax Policy Without A Visual Of The Affected Tax Brackets (GRAPH)

Rush Limbaugh was apoplectic today

Was sent this video today....

Associated Press: "'Joe the Plumber' says he has no plumbing license"

Hit & Run: Meet the Biden babes

Morning Reaction: McCain's Debate Attacks Backfire

I know Joe the Plumber is all the rage but, who remembers...

John McCain Does have some good qualitys......

the Only Joe for me is......

Y'all know the Plumber's Union Endorsed Barack back in January, right?

McCain and Obama to Speak Tonight in New York at Al Smith Dinner

Onion: Old, Grizzled Third-Party Candidate May Steal Support From McCain

RE: Turned on CNN & MSNBC...

Talkingpointsmemo: What's Behind the Fed's ACORN Probe?

Pork Barrel Palin/Joe The Plumber for Pres and Veep in 2012!

MN-06: Bachmann Holds Slim Lead in New Poll

Follow up to my question about Obama's internal polling

Coming Up: MSNBC (Shuster) Donald Trump Blasts Pres. Bush; Wants Him Impeached!

OH MY!!! McCain Literally Loses It...

NYTIMES: Joe the Plumber- 1. not licenced, 2. owes back taxes, 3. GOP voter

"Joe the Plumber" should be PURGED FROM THE ROLLS according to Ohio's GOP standards

Do you know what pisses me off most about Barack Obama?

The difference between Kerry's lead in the polls and Obama's

The difference between Kerry's lead in the polls and Obama's

Today I voted for McCain.

A "Cadillac Health Plan"

I'm concerned about "destroying the fabric of Democracy." Talk me down.

The missing zinger from last night...

sincere question about the Republican Party

Sign count on a Denver street

Joe the Plumber. I knew I had seen this guy somewhere before!

Is ACORN being investigated by the FBI? (updated)

Freepers turning on Faux and Frank Luntz because their focus group blamed Repubs. in Congress

sorry, dupage

Ok, What Did We Learn Today?

Per Cnn-Polls going in wrong direction for McCain

Gee, I bet Joe the Plumber is wishing he hadn't opened the door when Obama knocked.

Joe the Plumber...another GOP distraction

McKKKlan's 96 year old aunt: "He's losing"

McKKKlan's 96 year old aunt: "He's losing"

Cream Puff Vote! One more Indy vote for Obama-Biden (YES!)

Tweety is really giving it to Brian Jones about Palin's Ayers comments.

Has anyone told McCain he's not a plumber yet? McCain Planning to Spend Time with ‘Joe the Plumber’

I am getting worried...

McCain is push-polling, saying Obama is a terrorist.

McCain Camp calls on Obama to cooperate with the Feds ACORN investigation

Why has MSNBC cut Obama's Reference to Annenberg/Reagan's connection to Ayers in their footage?

Aren't plumbers licensed in Ohio? If so why can't I find Joe Wurzelbacher the plumber?

How To Think Like John McCain in 6 Easy Lessons

Heilemann: Obama Nails the Debate Trifecta

Uh Oh. Joe the Plumber doesn't pay his taxes.

Not sure, but I think I had Joe the Plumber do some work for me once. He'd have to turn around

The Plumber on CNN OMGosh SICKENING!!!!!!!! n/t

Joe the Plumber wouldn't be able to vote in Ohio GOP push for info mis-match

Obama playing cards...surprise within

Tweety is handing the McLame surrogate his ass on Hardball right now.

Tax Fraud Of McCain/Palin's Holy Lord & Savior Top Story On


More Joes coming from the McCain camp; First up Joe the Floridian

NYT: "Staying Cool and Irritating Your Opponent"

Political Wire & The Atlantic have picked the Joe the Plumber?? story

CNU Virginia Poll: Obama 53 (+14), McDipshit 47(-1)

Way cool t-shirt

New CNN Poll of Polls: Obama +13 PA, Obama +4 FL, Obama +6 CO

Isn't there a certain percentage of false voter registrations in every election?

Tweety Blasting Barbara Comstock ( McCainiac) about Abortion

How Republicans View African-Americans

McCain must be desperate. I got a fundraising letter from his campaign today!!!

Undecided LolCat

Lieberman: McCain is 'on the road to victory'

Is Obama allowed to give money to the Senate raises or create ads for Senators?

Historians will note Obama's first breakthrough came months before the November election.

Obama has done a poor job of describing his tax plan

McCain or Joe Biden - it's your choice.

Uncle Joe Fester?

Uncle Joe Fester?


DUers, this PBS poll needs a little help...

Joe the Plumber? Paid & scripted? Isn't it amazing they have

It's Giuliani time in PA. Joe the Plumber fans bring plungers to McMummy rally.

I am going to run quality tests on state voter files to debunk attacks on ACORN in FL&OH.

We got a live one here folkes! Troll stompin' time!

MSNBC link disappeared? "McCain fundraiser accused of ‘war profiteering’"

Is this a joke??? Valentine's cruise with John Ashcroft and Tom Tancredo?

Plumbers union to McCain: Barack Obama will "put the needs of all the Joes in America first."

It's Joe The Plumber ... PIC!!! ------->

Video: Barack Obama in Londonderry, NH

David Sedaris performed in Chicago the other night and did a great piece on undecided voters.

Shouldn't Joe the Plumber be challenged at the polls? Name spelled wrong

Chris matthews just called mcsame ELMER FUDD

The Ballad of Joe The Plumber

ACORN perpetrating the greatest fraud in electoral history?

5 Calls a Day For 19 Days - Who is With Me?

Rolling Stone puts the President on the cover of their first "magazine sized" (8" x 10-3/4") issue

Financial Times: Beware an October surprise from bin Laden [to help McCain]

St. Cloud (MN) Man Expresses Odiferous Opposition to John McCain

Just had lunch with Thom Hartmann and his wife.

Republicans hit a new low: Obama puts politics above our national pastime.

Amazing new ad with rape victim talking about Palin's view on rape and abortion

We got a live one here folkes! Troll stompin' time!

USA Today: Fox News pushed the "Joe the Plumber" story

Rachel is on now -- going to have Debbie Wasserman Schultz and I THINK she

I heard in the news that "Joe the Plumber" wasn't even on the voter register rolls

-- Post-Election Realignment: longterm alternatives to divided nation

about ACORN's latest troubles--does anybody besides me wonder if all those fake registrations were

about ACORN's latest troubles--does anybody besides me wonder if all those fake registrations were

Palin and Plumber on same page. Paying taxes is unpatriotic.

I didn't realize the Meadow Party is running Bill the Cat for President this year.....

Tweety just compared Obama and McCain to

Did McLame make it to Letterman?

Cool Joe the FAUX plumber lead story of sfgate

"Joe the Plumber" needs to be the poster boy for "Joe Six Pack" voting against his own interests.

Here's what you do if you get robocalled

Batten Down the Hatches! It is going to be a very wild ride to the finish.

SMILE TIME - Irish bookie paying out NOW on Obama!

McCain map strategy prompts head-scratching

Why is the plumber...

Moments that make you cry,

Voted early for Obama today!

Lessons from Joe the Plumber (Jeff Alworth, Blue Oregon)

I Love This - - -Joe The Plumber Is NOT A Registered Voter!!!

If Joe the Plumber is a plant it might be my fault.

Do NOT vote a straight Democratic ticket!

A Tom Udall Ad in New Mexico That will make you cry.

McCain won yesterday's debate.

**** The official “WHO IS JOE THE PLUMBER?” thread ****

McCain's debate faces, set to Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"

Wolf Shitzer 's been going on and on about "Joe the Plumber"...

McCain Took an Ass-Whooping

It looks as though the Robocalls are widespread ...

McCain too dumb to drop Joe the Plumber

John Kerry in Wisconsin: VOTE EARLY!!

Can they steal your vote if you vote early on a paper ballot?

McTongue goes international!

I Came In Late On Gregory's Show - What's Rove's Electoral Vote Road To.....

McLoser apparently thinks autism is the same thing as Down's syndrome

Nicole Devonish Wallace **really** creeps me out.

Daily KOS: OK: Let's get a grip re: Wurzelbacher & Keating

Troops to teach? HUH?

Media: "Voters didn't interpret McCain's intensity the way we did, we're used to him, we know him."

Bush Administration Using The FBI To Help McCain? Where Was FBI In 2004 Re GOP Voter Fraud?

Check in if you support ACORN.

Skinner PLEASE For The Love Of All Mighty!! Can We Have A Joe The Plumber Forum??

BREAKING: Fake Plumber Wurzelbacher lived on KEATING AVENUE in MESA ARIZONA!

"vote fraud is...a catchall for groups seeking to place greater restrictions on voting access"

John McSham Is For More Government....

"We have had 30 years of class warfare, in which the wealthy strip-mined the middle class." -- Klein

WTF!!!! is the media pushing this Joe the Plumber story

Caption McShitstain

CNN Electoral Map has put Obama OVER THE TOP!

Hey! beac!

POLITICO needs to stay the fuck out of the Polling Business

Any word on how early voting is going in the states that are voting right now?

Has there been any mention of McCain's use of the word "intervention" last night?

CNN says Obama now at 277 EV's, McCain 261....

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator website results for Joe the Plumber (Saves $600-$1100)

"Joe the Plumber has now had more press conferences than Sarah Palin."

Looking for captioned Obama photo from last night "I got it covered"

The Diebold story needs to get out now !

Latest McCain Robocall Alleges That Obama Denied Babies Medical Care

Please say Tweets will bring Joes little problems. ABC did not. nt

Ohio: Stevens could choose to act by Friday, do nothing, or refer the matter to the entire court.

Has corporate media said that Joe the Plumber has a Keating connection?

Rise in Voting by Mail Transforms Race in Colorado - NY Times

Top GOP Fund-Raiser Tied to Iraq Fuel Contract - NY Times

I will be interviewed today by the local paper re: Joe the Plumber issues

GDP SURVIVAL GUIDE: Thurs, Oct 16, 2008

Lou Dobbs reporting that Joe the Plumber might be the game changer for McCain and that the polls are

Anyone see any snap polls or focus groups that say Obama LOST the debate?

This Joe the Plumber guy needs to be outed for the fraud he really is

"Remember New Hampshire" Or: women have taken and women will give back

I feel so happy today...

On Local News in Bay Area- CA: Reporting On the Debate.....

Intrade always indicates TODAY what the pollsters say 2-3 days from now.

At least on November 5 there will be no more PBS Palin polls postings.

'Muslim' shouldn't be a slur.

PC Intern....I have a medical question. Where are you?

McCain/RNC robo calls are disgusting. This stupid tactic does work with the ignorant LIVs.

POLL: PBS, Is Palin qualified to be VP?... Uh, NO.

The meaning of McCain and his tongue

Rasmussen Ohio poll: O 49 (same), McCain 49 (+2).

What's so damn special about a "War Hero" anyway?

Phone message left by the RNC!

NBC: McCain's own focus group didn't buy "Joe the Plumber"

"Obama probably closed the deal last night..."

Is it wrong for me to be hot for Nicolle Wallace?

I knew I'd seen that face before

Road to 270: Montana

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who calls Obama a Muslim may as well be calling him a n****r

ABC News just did a story on Joe the Plumber. Wasn't good for Joe!



McCain made several absurd gaffes (update 2)

PLEASE give this poll some DU love!

Great news: Bat Boy has endorsed Obama. What took so long?

Is "Joe the Plumber" related to "Bob the Builder"?

Gallop (Traditional) 2%

Biden Helping A Working Family: An Untold Story

*ahem* Please stop talking about Joe the plumber

If we sent the Big Dawg and Hillary into Arkansas for a week, I bet we would take it...

Joe Klein nails it . . .

I just voted for Obama/Biden in NC!

I just stole this photo from FARK!

I had a good talk with a woman while phone banking.

AP: Mickey Mouse investigation . FBI going after ACORN.

So does McCain throw Joe The Plumber under the bus tomorrow??

2000 McCain - In Private - "He Would Appoint Pro-Life Judges.”

Lou Dobbs... Biased reporting at its best!

I PROMISE you WILL Laugh! (McTongue Animation)

Well, it appears that DU has REALLY gone downhill...

Permit for McCain Cell Tower Still Active - Uh-oh...Cover up?

Santorum: Obama Is ‘Condescending’ Because He Refuses To Wear An American Flag Pin»

Voter purges, a real life example (Joe the Plumber alert)

Today's Polls: Just Say No to Drudge (Nate Silver)

What would a McCain concession speech sound like?

Both ABC and CBS Nightly News call out Joe: No license, tax lien, and doesn't make 200K n/t

Just checked to verify that VA demographics have in fact changed and I found...

Palin as President

The ACORN vote fraud myth, expertly debunked by Slate's Dahlia Lithwick

Who I think Joe the Plumber is

WORLD NEWS TRUST: It’s Going To Take a Lot More than Joe the Plumber (Mary Lyon)

Well, it appears that DU has REALLY gone downhill...

Wack pics of McPenguin?

IMPORTANT: Mark Crispin Miller on Bill Moyers show Friday

Andrew Sullivan Received An Interesting E-Mail From A North Carolina Voter

Keith is going to be good - you might want to tune in..

Obama warns against overconfidence (Reuters)

Just a little change of pace. A nice link to some family pictures of Obama

My GOODNESS!!!! look at these racists

McCain: Sarah is ready to lead us through the next 9/11

Wave Of McCain "Ayers" Robocalls Reported, Some May Violate State Law

They said

My favorite local radio DJ's are raising money for poor Joe Plumber

Anyone else seeing Laura Ingraham having a meltdown on Bill O?

"Senator Honorable in the Sewer" - Joe Klein

Obama on fire

Sacramento Republican Party - "Waterboard Barack Obama"

Barack Obama for President (WP editorial endorsement!!!)

Of course, DU is going downhill...

After watching the McCain campaign this season it has become obvious that:

Palin Criticizes Obama Over ACORN, View of America 13 minutes ago

Interesting quote from Joe the Plumber today, seems he's not happy McCain dragged him into this?

Nation's reporte on KO: GOP likes caricature of every day people instead of liking every day people

KO: McCain finally admits, in his own words, that his healthcare plan raises taxes

So let me get this straight.

Shouldn't we be talking about "John the Dumber"?

The Official Joe the Plumber Fact-Checker List.

How we can help the GOP continue to lose, and lose, and lose

McCain to Letterman: I screwed up

Video clip of McCain in his younger days(humor)

Washington Post endorses Obama

Correct me if I'm wrong - but did McBlinky say Obama launched his campaign from Ayer's living room?

HOLY SH#@ !!! Damning interview with former Diebold employee on how the election was stolen

OMG what is up with KO????????/

Joe The "Registered-Republican" Plumber

Oregon mail in ballot going out this weekend

'family values' voter showed her true colors today on I-40 in Nashville

What would a win by either candidate say about the USA?

And so it has come at last! My ballot just arrived in the mail.

McCain on Letterman tonight: "I screwed up"

Would This Strategy Make A Good Ad? (combat the "it never happened" b.s.)

Would This Strategy Make A Good Ad? (combat the "it never happened" b.s.)

How Do You Commit Voter Fraud With Voter Registration Forms? You Dump Them. Like the GOP Did.

A view into McCain's campaign HQ!

Lieberman: McCain has JOE-MENTUM!!

McCain ad about Joe

Campaign Ad Watch: Rape Victim Assails Palin On Choice

Campaign Ad Watch: Rape Victim Assails Palin On Choice

Obama really blasting the air waves in Florida

What happened to the WAPO story on private cell towers being installed at McCain home?


Joe the Plumber

I Can't Wait Until Next Week To Get The Joe The Plumber BS Out of the Polls

McCain Defends His Own Association With Unrepentant Criminal (Liddy): It's Ok, He Went To Jail

New Obama Ad: McCain Is Bad On Space -- And Bad For Florida

For any remaining "undecided" women in Election 2008:

Howard Dean at the University of Northern Iowa

I Can't Believe Some DUers Want To Bury The JTP Story

Drill, baby, drill!

Truest Quote of the Election Season 2008 by McCain: "I Screwed Up"

Toledo Blade: Joe the Plumber is no plumber

Vicky Iseman finally speaks: I did not have sex with that man

Vicky Iseman finally speaks: I did not have sex with that man

Task for Nov. 5, 2008, beginning at 8AM....

CNU Virginia Poll: Obama 53, McCain 47

My gold showed up in the mail......

Big fan of Clare McCaskill's, now up on Rachel.

Why isn't the Williams Timmons story getting any traction?

If patriotism is measured by sporting an American flag pin...

"Joe" the plumber made $40,000 in 2006! Hot Damn the story has hit the press!

Say whaa?? Crazy Bachmann on Obama-"put my hand on his shoulder and give him a kiss if he wanted to"

Morning Call Tracking Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 53, McCain 37

Private Polling in CA - 50 Obama has gained 22 points in one month

****McCain and Obama Speeches at Al Smith Dinner on C-Span now!

Chris Kofinis: This maybe a Realignment Election Like it was in 1980

I did not have a sexual relationship with Senator McCain

Any Joss Whedon fans with Photoshop skills?

Is somebody snoring too close to a microphone?

I LOVE How DU Castigates Pelosi, Reid, And The Rest For Not Having Spines

I foresee a tightening in the polls

Ah....McCain isn't so gracious now that he's a spectator and Obama is speaking

From the front step you can see the Russian Tea Room

AP: Joe the Plumber contacted by McCain campaign before debate.

AP: Joe the Plumber contacted by McCain campaign before debate.

*****JOE BIDEN (not that other fucking Joe) APPRECIATION THREAD*****

Doesn't it sound like Obama wrote his own jokes at this Alfred E. Smith Dinner?

ooo - SNAP!!! "from the doorstep, you can see the Russian tea room"

ooo - SNAP!!! "from the doorstep, you can see the Russian tea room" I've been wondering what Michelle's red dress looked like - DUOH!!

McCain is funny and being respectful tonight

If McCain is running the worst campaign ever, Obama is running the best.

The DU IRC debate chat channel rocked yesterday

"The housing crisis has hit John McCain eight times as hard"

All you need to know about MCCain is his robo calls

This incorporation document at Ohio SOS links Robert M and Richard T Wurzbacher

(R)asmussen Ohio Poll: Obama 49(same), McCain 49(+2)

Why the hell wasn't McCain this funny last night?

Why the hell wasn't McCain this funny last night?

Obama: From the doorstep of the Waldorf Astoria you can see the Russian Tea Room.

This is fuckin hilarious

"Nobody I'd rather be palling round with" -- LOL

Obama sign - with Arabic lettering?

Obama's got great material!!

SF Chronicle recommends Barack Obama for president

I'm on the floor here. Obama is cracking me up

Anyone watching the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner?

Lieberman: McCain "won debate, turned the corner, changed the course, changed the momentum"

Palin says Jane the plumber....

"The Health Care Debate" and John Kerry in Wisconsin

Barack is Swahili for THAT ONE!!!

"Fox news accused me of fathering 2 black kids in wedlock!"

Watch for some of those McSnort/P'n signs to voluntarily come down tomorrow.

Another "Redstater" spills the beans...

The Daily Widget, Thur 10/16 – O-383, M-155 – Obama At 50% w/o Undecideds; 250 Strong EVs

Obama is going to Kentucky? Kentucky???

ET: Showed Pic of McCain at the Debates with his tongue out! LOL!

Is the Joe Plumber / Keating connection thoroughly debunked yet?

Obama had nothing bad to say about Sarah Palin last night...Why?

Reaction on the debate from H20 Man, NanceGreggs and bigtree....

The Cardinal just gave the election to Barack.

Dubya reacts to McCain sticking out his tongue

Everyone watching the dinner? Anyone watch SNL tonight?

"Most entrepreneurs are delicate flowers... 3% more tax spooks them so they give up!"

So let he get this straight--McCrazed says he's not George Bush

McCain was alright.....Barack was Edgy and Awesome!

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/16/08 - Obama 50, McCain 46 (McCain up 1)

Post Debate TOONS: the results are in

Woman sues McCain / Palin. Lawsuit says supporter fears for Obama’s life.

Obama admits that he has palled around with a bad bunch - The Senate!

Watching this dinner is a little depressing

Is the Dinner being replayed anywhere?

Hey, Joe "The Dumbass" Plumber. Listen up!

The McCains cell phone tower story doesn't add up

I'm concerned--so help me, I'm concerned about Joe the Plumber.

Obama was good, McCain was better....

Republican Ed Rollins just said McCain was "Like Captain Queeg" last night.

Is it time for a NATIONAL BOYCOTT of Lou Dobbs?

We're gonna see a lot of McCains teeth in the next 2 weeks - Smilin' happy John.

VIDEO Obama v Bush/McCain - Would you Change?

Glenn Beck leaving CNN for Fox News

Al Smith Dinner thank you John McCain.

Just saw Bill Mahler on Larry King. Please DU this poll for Obama on King's website!!!

ALERT: I just got robocalled in NC about "Obama's close ties to Ayers"

ALERT: I just got robocalled in NC about "Obama's close ties to Ayers"

WE need a liberal media--McCain's picture dominated the news sites today

I Think mccane Just Gave A pre-Concession Speech

1,500 people voted early today in my county.

Reverse lookup for robodial # posted here:

"Walk once more in eternal sunshine"

What is Marcy Kaptur saying about Joe The Plumber?

Palin is emphatic that they will balance the budget during their first term,

10 times. That's how many times "Joe the plumber" was said tonight.

Bob the Builder is thrilled with Obama's plan

Va. Election Preparations Inadequate, Study Finds

our guy vs their guy in two little photos

"I'm a little too awesome"

Wingers + Obama + Flags = Hilarity

I have something good to say about Republicans

When Obama gets to the White House, does he get to be the decided

What I noticed about McCain at the Smith dinner was the

U.S. rabbis: McCain attacks on Obama creeping toward 'hate speech'

Was Christopher the Plummer a plant?

Straight Talk Express VIDEO: McCain side-steps Couric's question on "infidelity"

Who has voted already?

Anyone else freaked out about voting absentee? I don't trust 'em after 00 and 04!

Anyone else freaked out about voting absentee? I don't trust 'em after 00 and 04!

Tweety: Obama is Bugs Bunny and McCain is Elmer Fudd

Obama's job #2: election reform

Troopergate: Chicago Tribune Editorial

I hope Letterman has the balls...

I hope Letterman has the balls...

Racists Republicans feel that an Obama presidency will give them carte blanche for their racism

Hey here...

My favorite McCain pic of the night

BREAKING Online real-estate guide says plumbers home in AZ was worth $16 MILLION!!

LOL, Fox News now whining...

joe the plumber just on TV news refuses chance to endorse mccain

Anyone else watching Obama on the roast on MSNBC?

On Oct 16th 2004, where were Bush and Kerry campaigning? What were the polls like?

Republicans object to textbook including Obama - AP


If you are canvassing in a swing state & staying overnight; BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU BOOK


Desparation: Nat'l Republican Trust vs. Obama: 'License'

McCain Camp: Palin's AIP Ties=Obama's Religion

Beyond the Palin

I think Joe is going to help McLame with voters making over $250,000 a year who.....

mccain and palin caught in passionate embrace

I'm really not doing my job

SMILE TIME - Irish bookie paying out NOW on Obama!

Why Barack Obama is the Underdog in this contest, no matter what.

EBONY Magazine endorses Barack Obama for President

NBC News Cell Phone Poll from last night, Obama 90%, McLame 10%

Obama will be the smartest Prez ever during my lifetime

Secret 4th presidential debate

Obama Warns against Over Confidence:

Just saw a new McCain ad. Poor quality!

Best Obama Line of Al Smith Dinner: "Real tough primary you had there, John."

***HEADS UP*** Obama Speech at Al Smith Dinner - Tonight at 9:00 ET.

When will we see a bounce for Obama from last nights debate?

What's your level of confidence?

I think Obama should hit every major college town in the US over the next 19 days

I think Obama should hit every major college town in the US over the next 19 days

Since SNL has decided to invite only one Vice Presidential candidate to be on I pledge to

Who has already voted?

Biden's on Tonight Show: 'What About this Joe?'

Wow. McCain is showing his humanity. I am sorry he hasn't chosen to be this person all along.

Who will I make parodies about when McCain is gone?

Vicki Iseman Speaks Out, Denies Affair ("I have never even been alone with Senator McCain")

Video: Barck Obama at the Alfred Smith Dinner (funny stuff!)

This will backfire on the repukes...

does the Secret Service take all threats seriously?

Biden On Leno Tonight: I'm Worried About...Joe The Real Plumber With A License.

Sarah Palin on SNL this Saturday

What it would be like if Palin were president -- you've got to check this out

Obama should have supported the Colombian TLC last night...

So, Exactly How is Joe The Plumber Related to Keating?

Europe mocks 'half-baked Alaskan' Palin

The new RW meme: "Kill Him" shout never happened!

POLL - Billings Gazette (MT moving on up for OBAMA - at least we're pink)

Greyhound for Obama

I am so proud of my kid; he just told me about a talk he had with a McCainiac today

We can forgive...heal...and unite as ONE AMERICA!

A conversation with my 7-year old, who gets to vote in a mock election in his class

CA GOP Group Puts Obama, Fried Chicken, Watermelon On Food Stamp

Politico... Obama may expand campaign into ND, WV, GA and yes even Kentucky!

Raging Palin Grannies attack 2 young men?!?!

Wurzelbacher campaign contributions..

So basically, this is all happening because Joe the Plumber lied to Obama.

Obama: finally, a videogame-friendly politician!

Who will play Joe the Plumber in the made for tv movie?

New Obama ad - "90 Percent" (VIDEO)

New Obama ad shows McSame bragging how he voted with Bush 90% of the time

Lou Reed on Palin: "You thought it couldn't get worse than Bush. Well, guess what?"

Question: what did you think of McCain's "civil rights" reference during the part on education?

McCain aides privately call Palin a ‘total disaster.’»

Who's the old fart chowing down behind Mclame?

*** Thursday TOONs: Joe the Plumber ***

"This is what keeps African-Americans from joining the Republican Party,"

Now here's a sign: Obama here Sat at a huge outdoor park. McCain here Monday at a high school

Atlanta Falcons owner endorses Obama!

Questions for people from red states

wife did some calling for the local Obama campaign office here in Indiana - women are pissed.

Went to see Ex Mississippi Gov. Mabus speak tonight for Obama

Move Over "Joe The Plumber", Meet Al The Real Plumber

Iglesias: "I'm Astounded" By DOJ's ACORN Probe

CNN Factcheck - Joe The Plumber Pays Less Under Obama's Plan - McCain Lied


Secret Service says "Kill him" allegation unfounded

Diebold Vote Company Whistleblower and GOP Cyber Security Expert Both State That.....

Psst... Did anyone notice Obama's lead in PA has expanded to 16 FRIGGIN' POINTS?

Another Story About Voting Against Your Own Interests: My Neighbors (Joe the Plumber Free!)

after 20 years of hate radio...

An open letter to Barack Obama.

Top Tampa GOP Figure Circulates Joke About Killing Obama

The Third Debate in Smilies!

On GMA joe admitted "they" asked him to "attend a rally" where Obama "happened to show up"

Why McCain's voucher remark fell flat

ND-Pres: Another poll shows Obama lead

Joe the Plumber's BOSS doesn't have a license!

Joe the Plumber's BOSS doesn't have a license!

Barack Steve Obama

A Quick Note On The Debate & That 'Radical Extremist' Obama

Does it matter JTP has no liscence? Toledo NBC poll.

McCain & Obama speak at Charity event for Al Smith. BEST LINE BY OBAMA:

Notice no terror alerts to interrupt Palin and McCain speeches this year? Palin gets more airtime

Notice no terror alerts to interrupt Palin and McCain speeches this year? Palin gets more airtime

Joe the unlicensed and untrained plumber's future career plans.

Well, I'll be damn! JOE " the PLUMBER" RELATED to Charles KEATING!!! Oops! WTF?

MP3: The Ballad of Joe The Plumber (Just Another Dumb Republican)

VA POLL: Obama 53 (+14), McCrypt 47 (-1)

If Bill is the Big DAWG, then Barack is the . . .

Obama still holds two HUUUUUUGE items up their sleeves:

James Taylor FREE concerts for Obama next week--details released

Sarah Palin supporters in Ohio (you gotta see this)

I confronted a racist associate today.

IRC channel open on Newnet

Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher related to Charles “the Crook” Keating. Oops.

POLITICO - "McCain discovers plumber no ordinary Joe" - Re McCain's Erratic, Knee Jerk Decisions

Res Ipsa Loquitur

BRILLIANT!: Keith Olbermann in the wings at "Letterman"

Conyers On FBI ACORN Probe

Conyers On FBI ACORN Probe

Now my SECOND voters registration was "lost"

My 77 year old mother who lives in NC voted Obama today.

In cooperation with the Palin campaign,’ Secret Service now blocking reporters.»

Okay... so about the flag pin.....

Oh, By The Way, I Say That For Now On, We Call It The "Blinky And Winky" Ticket.

Actress Hayden Panettiere nails it with a PSA. "Vote for McCain"

Why John, you old stick in the mud

Okay, seriously, what is the guy's name? Jotha Plumber? Joe T. Plumber? Jo Thuplummer?

LOL Yahoo's "most emailed photos" from the debate

Video of Walt Monegan - re Palins' obsession with Wooten

McCain's frequent reference to Obama's "eloquence:"

Listening to Matthews tonight .... has he grown breasts and a vagina?

Polls to DU

What is the name of the site that let's check on who donates to both parties?

"He's a grumpy old man in slippers" ~ Rahm Emanuel on McCain

Here it comes...CNN investigating voting "irregularities"

So who are the MSM saying won the debate?

Missed the actual debate, but I understand that McCain flung poo,

Asian markets tumble; Nikkei falls 10 percent

Me and My Sharpie - Caption McCain and his security pen

My daughter's teacher, Howard Stern, and racism. Am I overreacting here? help!

I don't know much about Chris Buckley, William Buckley's son who endorsed Obama . . .

We might be at one of those historic moments when a party disintegrates

Barack is coming to Kansas City!

"You can't defend people who say 'kill him' when Barack Obama's name comes up. You just can't do it"

I thought I heard McCain making noises while Obama was speaking. Sounded like sighs.

So "Joe the Plumber's" take-home pay out of his biz is over $250,000

The SHADOW Factor.... the book and Stephen Colbert callin it out

I hope ACORN

Fox News pundits comment on the debate - and admit Obama was clear winner

If you saw this picture on a forum what would you think..?

Religious nut tries to use bible to shut down local tattoo parlors.

One giagantic, unpaid focus group.

And now for something really cool

CNN post debate panel all looked real sad/grim

HEADLINE: McCain FAILS ("Obama so cool an ice cube wouldn't have melted on his forehead")

Who thinks they have a good sense of humour?

Asian Markets Are Red, And The Percentages Ain't Good...

WTF...Donald Trump is openly calling for shrubs impeachment?

Neocon Kool-Aid drinkers going nuts on FAUX website.

What is contributing the most to McCain's low standing in the polls?

Your current ideology vs, your past convictions...

GOP Pulls Ads in Louisiana Senate Race

Yet another emergency the Bush admin has Fu**ked Up.

Freepers react to tomorrow's poll numbers

Joe the Plumber--not registered to vote?

Joe the Plumber--not registered to vote?

“I admire so much Sen. Obama’s eloquence,” McCain sneered.

McCain's Whine-one-one WHAAAAmbulance moments

Surely this has been photoshopped......!!!!!!!

Check out the kickass Obama sign our friend just made us!!!

Message To Obama: Flush That John!

BBC - McCain and Obama in tense final debate

Bush got tens of thousands killed, set his country back decades socially and...

Once,McCain was a maverick...

Opinion of David Gergen

Photo of the air-quotes

Joe the plumber RELATED to ...drum roll plz....CHARLES KEATING

John McCain IS the Long-Lost Harpo Marx

AIG to open travel service aimed at high end clients. "We find the revenue stream very enticing".

Loud-mouthed liars infighting!

McSame's sneering at the health of the woman...

Did anyone notice McCain saying he has the scars to prove he took on his own party

Stripping Lieberman of his chairmanship come Jan.: Will they or won't they?

OhKaayyy,,, mccain: I'm not President Bush

I Propose a Grassroot Campaign for Repugs: Give the Wealthy Back Your Tax Refund!

The house that Karl built

DAMN I LOVE MATT TAIBBI !!!! Read this re wingnuts blaming minorities for financial crisis

Just voted for the first time for Obama!

The Sad Cadillac

NIKKEI down 11.41% today!

What are the awful things being said about Palin at Obama rallies?

Crazy, delusional freepers blaming 'fear of Obama Presidency" for market freefall

another "OOPS" for mccain

Chicago proposes gay-friendly high school.....Fundies say two men can't make a baby

Ode To A Freeper

Clean Out the Nest of Thugs who Stole America

Why was McCain's rant about special needs children

What about Bob the Builder?

Psychosis and the McCain campaign

AlterNet: Conservatives Push Hard for Gay Marriage Ban

Robert Gibbs is my favorite on the Obama campaign

Robert Gibbs is my favorite on the Obama campaign

Do you think they can make it about the virtues of Trickle Down in three weeks?

I'm not impressed with the Washington Post endorsement of Obama.

Credit Crunch blitzes the NFL

A really dangerous job...

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Last Debate --Hurrah!

John Nichols: Obama played the adult, while McCain peddled discredited fantasies.

How could Bob Schieffer bring up Ayers but not mention McCain's criminal buddy Keating?

My wife: "Obama could have completely skewered Palin if he had wanted to..."

Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch --(at no charge)

Barack Obama versus Faux News

Your reaction to the debate - WJ this morning-CSpan1

Repeat after me: "Trickle down economics don't work!"

Most Rediculous story yet...AP/Yahoo News..about Iraq..

Obama ran McCain's cojones through a garlic press on the "special needs children" comment...

Where's the Flag Pin McCain?

Details about Troops To Teachers

(Ted-AK) Stevens Ready To Take Stand in His Own Defense

Harley's $35,000 Cruisers Caught in Credit Crunch

Repigs pull out of Wisconsin and Maine to focuses on red states

"....I was born on Krypton and sent by my father to save Earth!"

Please DU this poll

Dangerous GOP road rage.... we are NOT like THIS! (y'all ever see anything like this?)

Hey Keith! Thank you for apologizing for "Calling them Old Ladies"...

What is the best (most effective) Obama ad you have seen so far?

McCain is long on the "I know how to ___" and very short on the details on how he will do it

Question - Barney Smith or Joe the Plumber?

Endangering Choice

McCain on Palin: mentioned Todd and fresh air compared to stodgy old farts in worshington

Nancy Pfotenhauer sounds so much like Rove

So McCain wants to advantage Brazilian ethanol imports and cut subsidies to domestic ethanol?

caption time

Reasons why Obama's Comedic Dinner Performance was pitch perfect, not Knee Slapping!

I have respect for certain military folk

Do they realize MOST of America had NO CLUE who 'Joe the

Confirm or Debunk: Joe the Plumber is a close relative of Charles Keating's son-in-law.


Big (Mitch the Chin) McConnell supporter is known as 'The Vulture'

Inmate Leaves Prison After DNA Evidence Leads to Dropping of Charges

Delete -

More like "joe the bushie"...

Dukakis in Tank, Kerry windsurfing and now this the ultimate campaign ender

As goes Las Vegas, so goes America?

Why is it OK 4 McCain to question Obama like he's a terrorist - While Palin was a Sessionist?

Why Hasn't The Secrete Service Arrested Those Threatening Obama?

"Senator Obama, I'm not President Bush...

I don't know about you...but I'm watching THE VIEW today.

Political Science: What Being Neat or Messy Says about Political Leanings

Why everyone, including Obama, needs to deep-six this "Joe the Plumber" nonsense

Biggest Drop Ever for Philadelphia-area Manufacturing Gauge

Legal case against God dismissed.

Okay ..... JOe's had 14 minutes .... one more and he'll be on a wanted poster ......

McCain's Tongue

Most of the media is ignoring the continued suffering of many in Houston and

This Joe knows who to vote for - Obama

Get ready for your Morning Palin

Did McCain Look Obama in the Eye?

"Joe the Plumber" MIGHT have been a plant!

NJtechguy the Computer Guy would like to know why McCain.....

Most vile of the Reich wing gasbags.....

Palin is Nothing more than

Both Mrs StephenB48 and myself

Nuclear waste disposal is easy?

Which countries of the world spend more as a percentage of GDP on the military than the US?

OMG!! Weather Underground still exists.

problems with cranes

Suit against God thrown out over lack of address

John McCain: "Health" of the mother means anything

BREAKING: WaPo Endorses Obama

Trooper to Teacher

Toledo going After the unlicensed plumber

NC's largest paper endorses Hagan over Dole

BREAKING: Al Austin, Top GOP Florida official emails "joke" about Killing Obama

Civilian dead are a trade-off in Nato's war of barbarity

Americans Flunk Simple 3-Question Political Survey (Obviously they didn't survey DU!)

Joe the plumber is holding a press conference on GEM$NBC

Another debate poll to DU

Yet another "market bottom" predicted by the CNBC bobbleheads......

Robert Duvall on Obama: 'We've Got To Keep This Guy Out of the White House'

Robert Duvall on Obama: 'We've Got To Keep This Guy Out of the White House'

J. T. Plumber Speaks and Wall Street.......

Yeah, like I'd vote for THIS as the next president

Did anyone else hear CNN report early this AM that "Joe the Plumber" does not YET net $250,000/year.

Gag Me! Palin on CNN touting the "Joe The Plumber" Theme.

global links, from pgh. has sent 3 shipments to Cuba of relief

More negative numbers from Wall Street

More negative numbers from Wall Street


Is anyone planning on seeing Oliver Stone's "W"?

Joe the Plumber on TV saying he's keeping his vote a secret

Both focus groups (on CNN & MSNBC) did NOT like the "Joe the Plumber" talk.

2fer: Steven BALDWIN threatens OBAMA. Movie "W." paints Shrub as stupid but not evil.

Rise in Voting by Mail Transforms Race in Colorado

Rise in Voting by Mail Transforms Race in Colorado

A bit of comic relief

Sign at Todd Palin rally "Charles Manson was a Community Organizer"

Nikkei (Tokyo) market is tanking this morning: down 11%

Stock market: Apparently the Republicans were right

OMG! 15 MINUTES of freepers caught on tape at Palin rally!

More republican racism in support of Mccain

Photo of "Joe the Plumber" Found...

Dear Zonie DUers with time! BlondeatLast this means you! too!

* * * * * More important than Joe the Plumber * * * *

My 401K is in the toilet and...

A question I haven't seen asked or answered anywhere in the media...

A repost of a pic from 2004 (I don't remember the OP): "American Fundamentalists"

Social Security inflation adjustment in 2009 will be largest in 27 years: 5.8 percent

McCain and the Cuban Missle Crisis

serious question - who is dumber: sarah palin or those that think sarah palin is qualified to be VP?

Which African-American hero, real or fictional, is Obama most like?

He said WHAT?!? Obama tap-danced almost as good as Sammy Davis, Jr?!?!

do you know the segment on AC360 where they caption a photo?

What are military members in uniform doing at a Palin rally

Women using their "health" as a way around the laws!!!

The bad, the worse and the ugly of stock markets worldwide

Report on poverty in USA: “Still Working Hard, Still Falling Short”


Black employees accuse US Marshals Service of bias(belittled them as lazy)

Baghdad puppy Ratchet is free to go to America

is there no 3rd thread of photographs in the Oct. contest?

Senate hearing on CSpan1now


Losing Las Vegas Shows How Americans Crap Out in Housing's Biggest Casino

Hugo Chavez mockingly calls "comrade" Bush a fellow Socialist....

Prankster Gets An Amex For Obama

The Fluoride Deception ?

My insurance company is changing the co-pay of an rx I have to $50 a month

Overheard at my doctor's office today

OMFG - the rude pundit finds the other Joe the Plumber

Lipstick on a Pig - Take the quiz

Did you guys know Democracy as we know it is being destroyed by

Why the heck isn't anyone talking about Joe The Plumber???

Raise Your Hand if you Make Under $250K Per Year

An open letter to Republicans and the Republican Party

New Obama Ad: "Senator Obama, I am not President Bush"

Joe the Plumber was of little use to John McCain

Joe the Plumber was of little use to John McCain

Not yet 8 am ..and joe the plumber has been revealed as

Not yet 8 am ..and joe the plumber has been revealed as

Three articles from abroad about the collapse of America.

I found Joe the Plumber!1 At Angie's List!1 Walking Molly-the-papillon!1 (UPDATED with pic)

Iraqi Official: $100 A Barrel Is 'Fair'

KKK Delivers Flyers -- Via Unsuspecting Newspaper (Oklahoma)

Bad economy spells upturn for military recruiting: Pentagon officials

Joe "The Plumber" is like a lot of my old bosses

'Not one word in the debate about us'

I guess Time Magazine and I watched different debates.

Why did GEM$NBC cut the Obama rally to show us

Explanation for DU downtime

Going Down Fast

The GOP's Bill Ayers? he McCain campaign has its own questionable connections to bombers and assassi

The Rude Pundit: The Third Presidential Debate: Barack Obama Is Not Campaigning to Be Your Friend

The Rude Pundit: The Third Presidential Debate: Barack Obama Is Not Campaigning to Be Your Friend

Internet phone calls are crippling fight against terrorism

McCain IS worried about the high cost of planetarium projectors

Fox News:200,000 discrepancies in Ohio voter registration

Need help in accessing thread of pix of Barack & Michelle

OMFG Bush is on TV

Looking for cooler heads to respond to this......

Did Obama say something about the military wives at McCain's rallies before last night's debate?


37 years later.. and we are talking about Plumbers and the White House again...

WOOOOOOT!!! My partner snagged an OBAMA lawn sign

Nation's Plumbers Hate Traitor Joe

Michael Pollan's letter to the next Farmer-in-Chief in NYTimes

(Stephen) Baldwin Challenges Obama To Boxing Match

Why isn't M$Greedia discussing McSame's

Poor Joe the Plumber, he's so naïve.

How much are you paying for firewood?


***** URGENT ***** Help DU this PBS Poll!!! ****** URGENT ******

Man Names Daughter Sarah McCain Palin...Without Wife's Knowledge

Questions for the Anti-Choice Crowd

An interruption to Joe the Plumber Day: Don't forget the elephants in the room

It appears domestic terrorists are targetting pipelines in Northern British Columbia

From the debate-McCain " before the intervention of the tragedy at Dallas."

New McCain Campaign/RNC Robocalls Question Whether Obama And Dems Really Want To Keep Us Safe

is joe the plumber a republican plant and related to criminal charles keating?

Joe the Plumber is a plant

Howard Zinn: The Obama Difference


'Comrade' Bush is to the left of me now

LIBOR overnight rate was 5.21% last Friday.. it is 1.93% today.

Thomas Muthee - Palin's Witchhunter - Exposed as Fraud (No! You're Kidding!)

This might be a dumb request but

Nebraska's safe haven law strikes again -- Mom drove from MI to drop off 13 y/o

Obama needs to do a commercial

Will somebody please fix that fucking beeping in the MSNBC studio?

Spend Valentine’s Day With John Ashcroft!

McCain on the Troops to Teachers program. Say what??

Philippe Sands: 10 Years of the Pinochet Principle

is it possible for someone to be both a buddhist and a republican?

What happened to Jack Cafferty?

Davis attacks Kristol: ‘It’s a good thing he’s never run a political campaign.’

CNN:Registered republican losing his home

Pawn shop shelves full of tough-luck economic stories

The Final Debate Highlight video is provided

Under-the-radar effort to push more lurid message than might be considered acceptable in broad day

Best Obama/Biden picture you'll see all week

Looks like Joe the Plumber was thoroughly vetted by McCain before being chosen as a talking point.

Is CA racist? Did you guys read about this Republican mailing regarding Obama

Is YouTube and the like the 6th Man in this election?

Europe Ranks US with Iran, No Korea as One of World's Most Dangerous Nations - Bush History,10/16

Very confused about Sarah Palin'...

The last two Presidential elections I went to bed with our guy having won

Question about vasectomies

Blossom Goodchild update..Clear skies disappoint true believers

Why will McCain say he won the debate

Obama alert MSNBC

Let's make the Republicans choose between their platform and Wall Street

do you suppose jack s mcsame actually thinks the planetarium "overhead projector"

ACLU Demands NSA And DOJ Turn Over Spying Policy Records

Obama's will top the list of all federal govt family trees come Jan.

Brit Hume quit Fox news. Says he just tired of doing it.

T. Boone Pickens: $1 Million to Swift Boat Veterans (!)

666? 666,000? Obviously It's a "Sign" For All Fundies

Did Joe the Plumber trash Social Security taxes, while admitting that it helps

This Bill Moyers report is exactly the reason this election is SO important

Traits I find distasteful (to be kind) in people ......

Will Someone Read My Post And Follow My Logic And Explain To Me

JuniperX's Reader's Digest Summation of the Debate!

Hmmm...Oil is down to $70.10 bbl. Interesting.

Rick Noriega and John Cornyn will meet tonight in a debate

I'd weep if I were a republican reading these poll numbers

William Ayers to speak at UNL

Palin's Trooper Complaints Grow Still Crazier

‘Plumber’ says he has no plumbing license

The agenda

Need those Wall Street Halloween cartoons (scary economy)

Bloomberg: `Joe the Plumber,'...Owes Back Taxes

Did any body catch McCain calling Palin "A breast of freath air"????

Will there be a DU DEFCON level high enough on election nite....with an Obama victory....

Poor Joe the Plumber. Might he be involved in voter fraud? (new insight on his registration)

KPCC just reported that Stevie Wonder's house was completely

McCain beside himself with joy, two Joes in his life, Lieberman & "Plumber"

Eric Boehlert: Kristol and Brooks play dumb at The New York Times

TONIGHT: JOE BIDEN on the Tonight Show w/Leno opposite McSame on Letterman

Stunned... regarding voting

I'm bullish on Joe the plumber, 269,000 google hits, he's going places!

Dow closes up 400

"Joe" and Palin can pal around after the election & talk about what it's like to be cheap GOP props

How many 'Joe-Six-Packs' have enough equity to buy a 250K business?

Dow in real time.... components are 15 mintues delayed.. but..

Dow in real time.... components are 15 mintues delayed.. but..

How many states has the GOP pulled advertising from?

So where is Opus going to end up?

Bush-Supporter Dennis Hopper Switches His Vote:

Thousands Of Doctors Now Support Single-Payer Health Coverage!

Toledo Blade has article on no license "Joe" plumber, tax lien etc.

Who else has ever run into one of these 25% clowns that say Bush is a mistake

PIC ... It's Joe The Plumber!!! ------->

Senate race turns to homophobia in Mississippi

Global crisis sends east Germans flocking to Marx - Reuters

my encounter with a reichwinger (and there was no wine this time!!)

In honor of yesterday's debate, how do you tell the difference between a plumber and a pipefitter?

Any Austinites here? Just curious if you would vote for this guy

Robo-call the RNC

John Hagee is racist and insane. NT

Court Hears challenge to NYS partner benefits for gay couples

CNN's Griffin suggested ACORN should not hire "recovering alcoholics" and "homeless people"

CNN's Griffin suggested ACORN should not hire "recovering alcoholics" and "homeless people"

Here's what I don't understand about the ACORN "scandal."

Two things I don't like about Republicans (and there aren't just two,

A Sarah Palin quote from today's news to pay attention to: supports Obama

Report: A 2008 retiree would have lost $26,000 under Bush-McCain style privatized Social Security.»

Joe, the Plumber owes back taxes .... bwaaaahhhhaaa

Did the "Devil Rays" become the "Rays" because of pressure from christian freks?

Al Newell to Joe the kinda-Plumber:

A Must See Video Documentary...

Iran's army air force begins military exercise

China Promises to Help Cash-Strapped Pakistan

Iran hails world financial crisis as 'end of capitalism'

There should be no doubt Roe V Wade will be overturned if mccain wins

Late-Night Comics Skewer Republicans 7-to-1, Study Finds (Faux Noise whine)

Thousands of Christians flee Iraq city

Is this the best they can do?

Russian gas conglomerate visits Alaska

ROFLMAO Joe Plumber doesn't have a license to unstop your toilet!

Motorist who miscarried will receive $750,000 in KC police case

Palin: "Don't worry, government's got PLENTY OF MONEY"

Can some one point to a quick compilation video of the hate being spewed.

Plumber Costume

Why isn't Dickhead Trump criticizing the Repigs for not impeaching and removing Bush and Cheney?

Palin Opposed Plan To Bring Alaska’s Natural Gas To The Lower 48 States - Wanted to sell it to Asia

Question about the Obama-"Joe" the "plumber" video.

I just saw Joe "the plumber" espouse his views on CNN not too long ago. He's voting McCain for sure.

Is something goofy going on with our PMs? I got an e-mail notifying me

McCain on Letterman Tonight(Thursday)...

My favorite part about the Obama-"Joe" the "plumber" video.

6.5 Earthquake just offshore Mexico (preliminary)

Okay, now WHERE is the McSame Plumber Remix on youtube?

Joe the plumber is our October Surprise?? How completely pathetic.

"Palin as President" Interactive Fun (Seen on CNN)

Parents pissed that their kids have a transgender teacher

How do we contact KO?

CNBC anchor Ratigan asks about Paulson guarding henhouse: where is the transparency?

Any state where McCain leads, no matter his margin, is defined as "Leaning Republican"


Key U.S. Real Estate To Lose Another 1/3 Of Its Value!

So Joe, if you like that damn war PAY FOR IT!

So .... "Jotha Plummer was a plant"???

Thom Hartmann is Destroying the Right Wing

BREAKING NEWS: 1 Student Dead, 3 Wounded In Shooting Near School

'... It’s Surprising That There Aren’t More Bodies Piling up at Military Bases All Over This Nation'

Al the Plumber--Obama supporter

He's trying to suggest that a plumber is the guy he's fighting for," Obama said

I just got orders for Iraq....1 year of my life I will never get back.

Dear MSM: Now that we've thoroughly discussed ACORN, can we talk about DREs too? Please?

Dems Gain Major Momentum In Battle For House

Mccain music video... The Angry Song..

David Corn: After W, Will the Press Get a Spine?

"I'm John McCain, and I approved this ad...

Lots of good "Joe" links at this site..some funny-as-hell-comments too the Ohio Sec. of State site DOES have Joe the Plumber registered...

I flipped to Fox News today for a short time.

Wanna see cool?

Informative AFL-CIO site labor and general information

Informative AFL-CIO site labor and general information

What say YOU about the economy?

How far into the debate is the ayers remark?

Use a hatchet and a scalpel

Joe the Plumber lived in Alaska?

"Darth Vader" leaves hospital after "Recharge to his Life Force." Cheney/Zombie

Wow, McCain takes a kick at Canada

John McCain -- 61 Flip-Flops and Counting

A painted this maself

Maybe the plot thickens re Joe the Plumber

A few stupid newbie posting questions...

Cancer at 23: How Health Insurance Failed Me

Throwing some chum (the US consumer) to the bottom feeders

Have you ever paid for a brake job with a credit card?

Photo: WTH is this?

Younger voters ............... will they or won't they?

In defense of McCain and the stupid tongue-out pictures .......

Texas lawmakers (R) didn't disclose investments - AP

Old diner dudes calling for impeachment!

YES!!!!! My mom voted for Obama today!

Hearing voices? Is that a mental illness? Or....

If corporate Amerika hadn't fought wages

Kerry Urges FCC To Open Unused TV Airwaves

Mexican Military attacks civilians using US supplied WMD! Must watch VIDEO!

Think McLame will have Failin' with him tonight on Letterman?

How cool would it be...

What is the difference between "us" and "them"??

Joe the Plumber's 15 minutes are ticking you hear them?

OK, that's it - there's a whole lotta threads getting ignored.

Ohio Secretary Of State Will Fight Republican Challenge

McCain has a new ad up starring Joe the Plumber...

Seriously, Is John McCain Insane???

Stating the obvious (the Republican party embraces the rich, mostly white) may seem gross,...

Oh, mods; can we keep 'im for a little and play?

Jim Martin for Senate D..vs Saxby Chambliss (R-inc): in Georgia ...we can win this..

Any new GOP mutiny post-debate? Please share what you've found.

ACLU: Memos Show White House Endorsed CIA Waterboarding

Did anyone else notice Senator Jack Danforth bolt from the debate hall last night?

WP's Milbank: Secret Service is stopping reporters from interviewing people at Palin rallies

Bush White House thinks that right-wing evangelic nut jobs really are nut jobs-Bush History,10/16

" give Welfare to those who never paid taxes...JUST AS YOU SUSPECTED"...

Opportunity Cost of George W. Bush and 10 Trillion Dollars

You know that meme about feminists being too fat, hairy, and ugly to get a man?

I hadn't realized they were calling up the coast guard reserve to go to Iraq.

This Comstock woman on MSNBC is an absolute B-word and C-word

[Mahoney] Decision May Haunt Dems

Wade Williams also charged with possession of juvenile porn, had previous arrest for sex crime.

Why doesn't Bush tell us the truth about Bolivia?

Darwin's ASCENT OF MAN --

Joe the plumber

OMG - Just look at this most bizarre photo of John McCain !!!

Wikipedia on the "Stock Market" with a little history back to 11th Century about "Traders Deals"

Truthdig: U.S. Loses Its Grip on Europe

Why is success defined by how much money you make?

Yo Keith...WTF was that?

You can hear Al Franken debating with Norm Coleman right now, online, if you want.

Amy Goodman: Who Gets to Vote?

McCain to Acorn "You are what makes America special".

"No, I'm not going to make it to the break. Go."

NM Senate debate Udall/Pearce

Family moments with the Obama's (Slideshow, HuffPo link)

Palin's press avoidance shocks Maria Shriver

Neither Has An Exit Plan

May I, pretty-please, post a Nader Appreciation thread?

McCain as Capt. Queeg

Wisconsin 8th Congressional race A Dead Heat

William Greider: Dr. Paulson's Magic Potion

McCain and Shelton from the Big Bang Theory sitcom....

Vicki Iseman (lobbyist) denies affair with McCain....

Hugo Chavez mockingly calls "comrade" Bush a fellow Socialist....

All over America: How many of you have had THEFT of OBAMA signs?

Caption this Palin-Tawd photo

Want a Date? Just Volunteer

Sympathy for McCain . . . apologies for Mccain . . . excuses for McCain

Remember Rush Limbaugh's "Roosevelt is Dead" rant?

Lurita ‘Cookies On The Table’ Doan Challenges Waxman To A Duel: ‘I Can’t Wait’

Lehman failure as bad as "the federal government's reaction to Katrina."

I would have reached through the phone and slapped some sense into her

I wrote Saturday Nite Live that I'm boycotting their show this Saturday for having Sarah Palin

Gee, the 'writing is on the wall' 401K is half of the value that

Best picture yet from last night

Why does McCain look so bad? You'd think by now he would be used to getting shot down...

Which do you think is funnier?

Santorum: Obama Is ‘Condescending’ Because He Refuses To Wear An American Flag Pin

Woo Hoo! I got my first "love post" from a wing-nut.

WaPo: Barack Obama for President

I am totally in trouble with the family, got sick of the hateful emails and sent this...

Palin's Afghanistan

Palin as President Fun!!!

McCain got caught in ridiculous poses because he was making ridiculous poses

Anyone been able to livesteam MSNBC....

OMG What's wrong with Keith?

Poll Accuracy/ranking?

Reminder, NBC Thursday special starts now

I talked to my sister in Nevada ..

Fundies: Conservative gains good for Canada

Norman Solomon: Requiem for the Bailout Storyline

Biden on Jay Leno tonight? I heard this, is it true?

Biden on Jay Leno tonight? I heard this, is it true?

UK: Giant database plan 'Orwellian'

PHOTO: Josephine The Plumber

I know how we can fix the problem of poverty in this country

Obama's response to the Business Tax Rate should be:

Oakland Raiders looking for a new coach - anybody here interested?

Barack Steve Obama

Please DU this poll

The Obama ground game is pretty intense.....

Pa. man eats15-lb. burger

The media is now concerned about the quality of Ohio's vote?

What is this "Joe the plumber" shit?

Bill Maher is on Larry King this evening

How can either candidate advocate energy independence

Let me get this straight about Joe the Plumber......I didn't catch on until now what you were talkin

Latest freeper misspelling, and it's a doozy

Latest freeper misspelling, and it's a doozy

Leahy To WH: Produce The Rest Of The Torture Memos

Voting by mail tomorrow,

Quick stock market update.....

Haha that was the best. The Joe The Plumber Report! n/t

Take a break.....Palin as President....

Credit Default Swap derivatives are the Whole Problem

Joe the plumber idea

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

what Indian cricket fans think of US presidential candidates...


Is McCain on letterman tonight?

Thirteen Joes

The most bone-headed McCain comment last night?

Anybody see this? Ratchet the puppy is safe and can go home.

Is there somewhere to download the Rachel Maddow Show?

Robert Reich On The Daily Show: Good Think George Bush Didn't Privatize Social Security

Bomb Goes Off In Clayton (Missouri)

Paranoid, rage-driven, xenophobic nuts are taking over the Republican Party.

Yet another Republican sex offender.

I got a call from the McCain Campaign today!

a letter from a right-winger.

Emaciated Dog Found Tied To Train Tracks

Does anyone know about the "suspected" link between Palin's House

"You’ve got to be carefully taught...To hate and fear" The Republicans are doing that right now.

"Florida elections chief disputes report of high number of felon voters"

Trump Should Be Fired as a Citizen

Latino Protestants (evangelicals) shift Democrat

oh man ... this Letterman thing could be really uncomfortable to watch ......

The HATE just never stops with these people

What is wrong with David Brooks? When's he Moving to Faux News?

Nun, 106, supports Barack Obama

Glenn Beck moving to Faux News

Glenn BecKKK bolting CNN for Faux

NPR running a hit piece on Obama RIGHT NOW

Dubai: Britons get jail time in sex on beach case

Joe, you stupid fucking cockroach ..... man, you fucked up big time, buddyboy.

"Data-base matching" could disenfranchise millions of Women and MORE!!

OMG MSNBC NOW 9:30pm EST Obama roasting McCane! n/t

A look at Sarah Palin by a true Alaskan

Mervyns Stores Plans To Cease Operations

Hubby is watching the Countdown from last night and they showed Sarah/Tawd on the couch and

How do you feel about burning wood for heat?

"We know we're not supposed to be racists."

Republicans holding rallies across Virginia this Saturday.

I'm telling ya' Joe "The Plumber" is the guy from TAPS

after last nights last debate , I have to really ask what have we got

A most sincere thank you to Joe...

Palin as President

Glenn Beck Joining Fox News

*****McCain robocalls, we're all getting them, let's list the states ******

Dutch abortion ship sparks controversy in Spain

In your day-to-day life, do you know a "Joe the plumber"?

Has the media picked up the "mothers health" comment by McInsane?

Stalking the Shadows: Appy Polly Loggies to DU

Iraq Vets Against The War Arrested Attempting To Present Questions At Debate (Trampled By Horse)

NBC Nightly News damning report on Todd Palin.

Stephen Baldwin: Obama A "Cultural Terrorist"

This was asked some years ago, but some things never change.

How likely is it that "Joe" the "plumber" would make $250k+?

I feel so left out and shunned.

Pro life and anti choice are not the same thing

The "HEALTH" of the woman

Newsletter depicts Obama with watermelon, ribs - AP

funding and education

Turn on MSNBC! Obama is fucking HILARIOUS. Barack is Swahili for "That one"

SCANDAL! ALERT! Sen Obama Caught Driving w Young Daughter in Front Seat of Car

Science jobs and the "personality disorder" issue

If a person works very hard and plays by the rules, he/she deserves to earn...

Let's start a pool. How many people will Bush pardon? I'm guessing 87. nm

Oh no she dih int!!!! Palin just said this at a NC rally:

Who is Doug Wurzelbacher of Wasillia?

Have you guys met a lady named 'Raven' on DU?

Anyone watching Tweety? He's on the attack again

RIP Edie Adams...."that's all"

15 Year Old Girl Charged as Sex Offender

My RW boss is not happy with me at all.

I know why the Plumber supports McCain...

On MSNBC: Showing Hillary at Alfred E Smith mem. dinner. She looks georgous.

There are cops with m-16's at the end of my brother's street

Helen Thomas is on her way back

Florida to be targeted by trucks in downtown areas bearing billboards with abortion pictures.

The "intervention" at Dallas?

The Conservative Purge Has Begun - HuffPo

10/14 Election Model (TIA): Obama 372EV (51.2-44.8%, 74-64m) Elec'n Calculator: 55.7-40.4%,80-58m -x

Okay, seriously: What have YOU done for Joe the Plumber today?

The Last Eight Years Showed Us They’re Pricks When They Win

BBB of Toledo, Ohio rates Joe's employer "unsatisfactory"

White Officials racked up the frequent flyer miles shilling for endangered Repugs....on OUR dime

I'd like to create a NEW fuckin' country for McCain worshippers to live in.

Anti-Obama sign I found today on public property, & some I saw posted at Sullivan's in Hanover, MA

Another McCain lie: "Whenever you get a large rally of 10, 15, 20,000 people ...

PBS Slow to Embrace a Program on Torture

The Latest Republican Talking Point: Obama Perpetrates Class Warfare

Roger Ebert's 4 star review of Oliver Stone's "W"

NOW Newsletter: Friday, Oct. 17, '08 (Check local listings)

I wanna MAN date!

GM puts next generation Corvette on hold

Some Thoughts On 'Joe the Plumber'....

Some Thoughts On 'Joe the Plumber'....



"New Democrats" and how they Corrupt the "System." John Mack/Morgan Stanley..BAILOUT!

Has your faith been restored in the Democratic Party's ability to win elections?

IVAW members arrested while attempting to present

No one gets what they "deserve"


Racist, "Hardcore Liberal Democrat" mailer ~ anyone else get one?

I'm A Guy, And Anti-Abortion

I've already worked about 60 hours this week and I'm exhausted

Look at this picture of McCain

Kitchenwitch doesn't want to actually admit it, but...

Please Help! PAP smear question

Joe the Singing Janitor

I figured out who McCain reminds me of, Mr Herbert from Family Guy.

I'm 21!

I'd like to file a complaint with my Dept. Chair over one of my Profs...

This is fun...

Is there anything cuter?

The Plumber.

project runway finale. *spoilers* *do not read this*

Joe 6-pack

I'm sorry I don't know how to post videos

While I love my job (teaching).... I just want to lay around the house today.

Maybe I'm a little late, but I just noticed something about Sarah Palin...

Thanks McCain! You have given

Another Caption

Another reason to love America - entrepreneurship - Joe the Plumber merchandise already available

I said it before and I'll say it again : the best thing about dog farts is

What happened to that spaceship that was supposed to be seen or land or something on the 14th?

Fast food about 25% of the time I eat it, upsets my stomach. Anybody

Is anybody else sick of this woman?

They should have added usage for the purposes of Rickrolling.

Forget Joe the Plumber - what about Ralph and Alf Monroe?

Can you guess the actor portraying Dylan here?

Anyone here ever use cranberry sauce as a pie filling?

Obama wants to tax Joe Strummer?

Every time I hear "Blue Tango," I think of Castro. Anybody else

McCain said "Let soldiers teach without certification". I thought of this scene in "Back to School"

Have we had our annual ghost story thread yet?

OK, Easy Snap Poll

I just got a new button from a friend

Philadelphia parties all night.

I had no idea it was Boss Day!!!

I think Joe the Plumber may actually be Rush Limbaugh. I got suspicious when he was working under my

I think I keep hearing Jake Plummer

All those who did *NOT* watch the debate...sound off!

Ummmm. Is there some sort of lounge election I was not informed of?

Congrats to Phillie for making it to the World Series

I Am Parche, "And I Approve This Post"

So what's all this talk about Joe Plummer from Modest Mouse - what did he do?

Has anyone photoshopped a McCain/Joe the Plumber campaign sign?

Joe the Plumber looks a great deal like the Bald Douchebag at the Middle School.

two months and there's absolutey no jobs out there in my field.

Is it wrong for me to hope the great white squirrel hunter has

So a hindu rasied in America, can be a Hajji without ever doing the Hajj.

New rule: Candidates have to stop ending campaign ads with "I approve this message".

The Lounge is dead...

Okay, tell me if this is weird or not...

Red-HOT TROLL - get it while it's hot (thinks Stephen Baldwin is the smart one)

A plumber can make 250,000 a year ?

Please Caption This:

Barack Obama is a concern troll?

tell me what cabinet position you want in a JasonC presidency?

Anybody know who said this?

I have never had a cat who loved chin rubs and scratches as much as my Reese!

Who thinks they have a good sense of humour?

Have you ever woken up with blurred vision in one eye?

Okay, this has been a very irritating day so far.

Most annoying "average guy/girl" Republican:

MREOWR MEOOOOW HISSSSSSSSSS clump clump clump clump CRASH!!!!

Petrol went below a quid today!

Is it just me or does Joe the Plumber need a skull on a cane?

I guess everything is fine in la casa del Midlo, because she's picking on school security guards

Remember suenturtle? Well meet DuNotQuiteAsStrange...

BREAKING NEWS: I have discovered DuStranges REAL name...

Pookie-Muffin Pookie-Muffin Pookie-Muffin

Has anyone heard from HypnoToad???

One of the stupidest phrases in the English language

Avatar resizing - I hate to ask again.....

Joe the Plumber signs book deal.

Joe the Plumber doesn't deserve wealth - his tastes are vulgar and proletarian

Wanted to update you about my mom and say thank you, too...

Are Norwegian and Swedish different enough that if a Norwegian

Since all liberals are evil, we might as well whip up an Evil Plan.

Anyone here experienced with Torrents?

Have you ever woken up and wish you had blurred vision in both eyes?

Post Here And DuStrange Will Call You A "Pookie-Muffin"

Rant, Re dealing with gossip among a group....

What can I do for a lonely cat when I can't afford a second one

BREAKING: Sarah Palin uses political influence to gain free home services from Joe the Plumber

Ewwww...I just had the bug spray guys here and a GIANT bug

Let's ask THESE plumbers what they think of Obama's tax plan....

So, Does This 'Joe The Plumber' Have A Long Pipe?

Do you know what would happen if you called this guy a "Pookie Muffin"?

to crush your see them driven before you

It's sad when formerly cool people become wankers


Do you guys remember the word Mccain made up yesterday? It was his version of misunderestimate.

A friend of mine tried to break up with a very possessive and jealous girlfriend last week

BREAKING NEWS: I have discovered Turtleandsue's REAL name...

I Found A Picture Of Dawgmom

What position would you like to be in during a Parche Pregnancy?

Is DU Strange?

And now...the DuStrange Ask-Me-Anything Thread

You know what this place needs? More Little Boxes

I noticed a big difference in staying up all night in groups Vrs a spouse or GF

How does one remove a mothball smell from a parade sash

tell me what cabinet position you want in a Parche presidency?

Disco tune 'Stayin' Alive' could save your life.

Hi all! How can I tell if a cat is a stray?

Jeebus, what an asshat

Does Size Matter?

And now, today's Wingnut Post O' the Day

Oh, by the way...

Someone, somewhere, has it in some database that I am over 65 years old.

Ways to be Wicked

Happy Birthday Tim Robbins

ISO: (2) World Series Game #3 @ Philadelphia

I spotted a bumpersticker that made me go WTF?

Who Is Over 65?

Vegas suggestions

I had my carpet cleaned this morning. I WAS gonna start a poll

LostinVA , Midlo and Haruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuka

reaL country

Breaking: Larry the Cucumber complains that Obama will raise his taxes.

Hey Firefly fans!

High School Musical 3.....

How much of Madonna's money should she give her soon to be ex

McCain: "I want to leave money in your pocket."

The second-best DU thread ever:

I'm Parched.

Hey Joe,

What's your favorite soap?

Question: What does "don't tutch the but" means ?

this is awsome!!!! VIRTUAL PUMPKIN CARVER!!!!!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday October 16

Put a horribly lousy joke based around homphonics or puns here

I found a picture of Parche

Even after 40 years MacArthur Park still rocks

Pierce County sewer snake is real

Palin was at the Bangor Airport this a.m., less than a mile from my home.

Harford County Trouser Snake is Real.

Who wants to be my arch-nemesis? I'm taking applications right now.

Please Allow Me To Do A Really Stupid Test Through A Poll. Humor Me Please!

" brother's ass would make an excellent pillow..."

I need this t-shirt.

Who won Project Runway?

Design in Nature.

Have you ever seen the "Cat from Hell" video?

Is it WRONG to dress your cats up like the members of Bon Jovi?

Check out the awesome Obama sign our friend just made us!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 10/16/2008)

"The Lincoln Middle School Poetry Club" must be STOPPED...

Wow. The photos from my 30 year reunion are online

I have said it before, but it is true, this IS the BEST RADIO STATION EVER!

Is that a rug on top of Canadian PM Harper's head or what?

Did any body else catch what McShame called the...

New Star Trek Movie Are You Going To See When It Comes Out?

Metallica - One

Trevor Wikre sacrifices finger to keep playing football

Ladies unite and do this to McClame and PaleInn:

I don't drink very often..

Pa. man chews through belly-busting, 15-lb. burger

Weird Cell Phone Incident

Just today, I noticed something very disturbing

You HAVE to tutch the but!!

Good vibes needed, please.

Movies that can make you bawl like a little baby

***Happy birthday, mutley_r_us***

They're coming for you, Barbara.....coming to your state.

What I found after my 13 year old used my camera....

Attn: Any men with size 11.5-12 feet...I need your foot length!

I just made another friend in Houston!

OMFG The "Get a brain, MORANS" guy in LIVE in GD!

To anyone who has ever written to KOLbermann please read

Well, that's just great. First, it's alligators. Now it's coyotes.

***********Happy 50th Birthday Philboy!!**********

***********Happy 5th Birthday Parche!!**********

Sophia Loren: Pirelli calendar girl at age 72

Who wants NEW Star Trek Movie Stills?


Haven't asked for vibes in awhile, and I feel selfish in doing so, but...

So Facebook is kind of a shitty way to find out that your father...

Congratulations, SallyMander!!!

And now...the Parche Ask-Me-Anything Thread

What's your 'Joe the Plumber' name? I'm Lynne the Numbers Cruncher

I was thinking of having a pool installed

Finally find a recliner that works for me and look what I have to deal with.

Why are we assuming "Joe the Plumber" is a low wage 'everyman?'

I have a job interview next Wednesday!!!!

What Is Your Favorite Soap Opera?

Cat Location Update

Do you HATE commercials? I mean, REALLY HATE them?

How many of you have pre-schoolers or kindergarteners for Obama?

me an' lizziegrace went to a Dem house party tonight :D

Parche, Parche, Parche

I can get actual work done because my office 'puter doesn't have Mah Jong.

Anjana the chimpanzee befriends two white tiger cubs in South Carolina

Kitten picture of the day for Friday October 17

Do not, I repeat, do niot bring up LIHOP at an informal work dinner

Well, It's a marvelous night for a moondance

Jet, i love you, little guy!

If you love someone you cannot be with, post here.

Is Anybody Getting A Flu Shot?

George Orwell + Shepard Fairey = All kinds of awesome

Sheriff: Family cremated mom on BBQ, kept benefits

Does anyone actually like Tom Waits?


Greatest DU Thread Ever?

Should I worry about saying LIHOP stuff around coworkers?

Debate III: Edgy McCain sheds no new light

A Somali Influx Unsettles Latino Meatpackers

Fear and loathing over economy spreads

ACORN sign-ups in Harris seem legitimate (TX)

Presidential Debate: Obama Neutralizes McCain's Ayers Attack

The Joe file

John McCain's Missed Opportunity

Obama's Citizenship: I Invented The Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)

McCain: ‘I Am Not President Bush’

ABC Poll doesn't need help, but DU it anyway

In food crisis, Cuba limits sales so all can eat

Fox News Focus Group Goes to Obama

McCain fails, Obama is not rattled

10/15/08 Pres. Debate: Obama's Closing Statement to America

2008 3rd Presidential Debates: John McCain as Mr. Yuck

Countdown: Rachel Maddow Post Debate Analysis

Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters

10/15/08 Pres. Debate: Pardon Me If I Mistake You For George W. Bush

Rachel Maddow and Matthews discuss 'health of the mother', Obama and McCain's abortion positions

10/15/08 Pres. Debate: Obama Voted Against Justice Breyer? Huh?

10/15/08 Pres. Debate: Ayers, ACORN, and the Tone of the Race

Cheney treated for heart problem

10/15/08 Pres. Debate: Abortion

Annan: Financial crisis undercuts global food aid

McAngry: Debate edition!

Teenage Head singer dies at 52

Frank Luntz on Debate - "Good Morning America" 7:30am Interview

Obama, McCain On Infidelity

The Daily Left - October 16th, 2008

Thailand-Cambodia agree to joint border patrols

Philly Fed factory activity index crashes in Oct

US military: Afghan policeman kills US soldier

Final Showdown! McCain Cornered Rat- Obama Peaceful Warrior

MSNBC-Focus Group in Missouri on Debate Give it to Obama

Gordon Smith - in Bush's corner

LEAVE JOE the PLUMBER ALONE! (Language alert)

Red State Update With Joe The Plumber

U.S. industrial output posts biggest fall in 34 years

Too Much Sex And Profanity In The HBO Presidential Debate?

McCain Women's Clinic

Joe The Plumber News Conference

Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher related to Charles “the Crook” Keating. Oops.

Frum incorrectly attributes quote to Olbermann that was posted on satire site.

CNN projecting 277 for Obama "if election held now"...

Mortgage Rates Spike - Biggest Jump Since '87

McCain Mock Women's "HEALTH"

Joe The Plumber Admits He's Not Undecided And Likes McCain

The Last Eight Years

No Negative Campaigning from McCain?

No Negative Campaigning from McCain?

Oldie But Goodie (The Speechalist) Holy Crap That's A Lot a Blinkin'

Two wealthy Republicans are fueling both sides in the fight over Amendment 2 (FL gay marriage ban)

John Kerry for Wisconsin Early Vote

Blueprint for Change: Education

Pox News tame Democrat forgets his place, gets lippy with O'Loofah

CSC to hire 2,000 Indians

Obama in New Hampshire Today: "We Rise or Fall as One Nation"

Obama Routs McCain Says CBS Snap Poll

CNN highlights the Obama Tax Calculator

Obama & McCain marketed in Russia

Saxby Chambliss: the tax-raiser!

Nikkei down nearly 9% as recession fears kick in

Too Biased: Palin is Illiterate, McCain Hearts Saddam

Swiss banks get emergency funds to fight crisis


John McCain: Stunned and Shocked by Obama (Plumber Joe)

Bush "Fool Me Once..."

1/3 The entire Keating Economics documentary

Palin Calls Troopergate Investigation Biased

Palin-approved Program Killed 14 Wolf Pups

2008 Vice Presidential Debate with Sen Biden and Gov Palin

Theft of the 2008 Election Part 2

1/2 Reporter: Palin tied to ideology that blew up Murrah building

Massachusetts Governor to Cut Jobs, Drain Reserves

The Sarah Palin Song (Bob Dylan style)

Workers protest at closed Chinese toy factory

Barack Obama: Reaction to Obama-McCain Debate

Stevens Witness: FBI Inquiry Was Like "mental Waterboarding"

Dramatic McCain

Blueprint for Change: Social Security

Fired official asked Palin about her car seat use with Trig

TPMtv: Let It Seethe

John McCain Learns To Smile With His Eyes From Tyra Banks

Joe the Plumber Compares Obama to Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sarah Palin: Fiscal Conservative? - NOT!

Mexican military attacks civilians

Joe Biden questions Joe The Plumber as a valid story

Israeli contractors trapped on Caribbean island (workers holding them hostage for unpaid wages)

U.S. manufacturers bracing for economic slowdown

Obama pulls staff from MI

4 die in medical helicopter crash in Aurora

McCain: still the same as Bush

Monty Python's Cleese on Palin (Sarah not Michael)

Joe the Plumber Fever!

How to build a "spontaneous" Palin crowd

Holler Back - [not] Voting in an American Town

Secret Service says (Palin Scranton rally) "Kill him" allegation unfounded

Rachel Maddow, Pat Buchanan, and KO discuss the 'health' of the mother

James Taylor schedules 5 free concerts for Obama

Obama Leaves McCain Dumbstruck

Why Isn't This Talked About? McCain for Torture Before He Was Against It

Shifting Polling Places - A Republican Explanation

10/15/08 Pres. Debate: McCain Mocks Female Health Concerns

Know Your Rights: Jay-Z on ID at the Polls

Gallup Daily: Obama 49%, McCain 43%

DNC's Karen Finney Gives A Few Facts to Fox News

Joe The Plumber Meets With John McCain

Oliver Stone's P. Trailer |

We're In It Together

Stocks Fall in Europe, Asia on Economy Concern; BHP, Shell Drop

Joe the Plumber's Imaginary Empire

Anger Mismanagement

CNN Poll: Debate watchers say Obama wins 58%-31%

VTV Report: Is Virginia Ready?

Is 'Joe the Plumber' a plumber? That's debatable

Song for Sarah

U.S. election star "Joe the Plumber" lacks license

Barack OBAMA on Education

Little Bill O'Reilly Tells It Like It Is

Sparks fly at (NYC) term-limits hearing

Obama flips McCain's wig over Joe the Plumber

Obama's Closing Statement 3rd & Final Debate

TheRealNews featured on PBS Foreign Exchange

Maddow on McCain's Snide Debate Remark on Women's Health

John Kerry in Wisconsin

Barack Obama and Joe Biden New Ad 90 Percent-GREAT!

TYT Wrap Up Of Final Presidential Debate

Top GOP Fund-Raiser Tied to Iraq Fuel Contract

What Would Jesus Do?

Obama Lawyer Critical of McCain Cell Phone Tower

Meghan McCain voted for Kerry. She actually remembers SC 2000. Why doesn't John?

Obama Across America: Seeing the Big Picture

Switzerland Sets Bailout for UBS

The Big McCain: Mark It Zero

Hank Williams Jr. butchers national anthem at Palin rally

McCain's Brain, Episode 5: The Final Debate

(Republican) Lawmakers profit from company with (Texas) state contracts

The Last Eight Years (Mix 2)

Republicans, the Immoral Minority

Harsh GOP robo-call hits (Obama for working closely with "terrorist") Ayers

TYT: Obama Has Crushing Victory in Final Debate

I Hate Republicans

McCain's 'Joe the Plumber' ad! Too funny!!!

Waxman wants probe of McCain fundraiser's company (McCain received $500,000)

McCain In The Membrane - 10/16/08

McCain: I Screwed Up

UK seeks return of Iceland cash

McCain: Don't Give Me That "Health of the Mother" Crap

McCain fundraiser accused of "war profiteering"

US military: 2 American soldiers die in Iraq

US military: Afghan policeman kills US soldier

In Love With David Gergen?

Third 2008 Presidential Debate (Full Video)

"90 Percent" Obama Post Debate Ad

Drive for Change: Indiana

New Obama Ad: Education

Wow - The Ad That Ran On CNN Right After the Debate

Radio host says local GOP leader should quit

Jill Biden Phonebanking at Obama/Biden HQ

Palin Criticizes Obama Over ACORN, View of America 13 minutes ago

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 16

Correction: Debate Fact Check story

Joe the Plumber Owes Back Taxes

Keith Olbermann: Joe The Plumber is a fraud

TV ad: "Humbled"

The Ballad of John McCain

Biden Not Worried About ‘Joe the Plumber’

KO and Rachel Maddow discuss 'Stealing Ohio', voter 'fraud' and suppression

A.I.G. to Help Cuomo Recover Millions in Executive Pay

Comrade Bush to the left of me - Chavez

Local 104 to host The Bush Legacy Tour bus

Programmer Who Stole Election from Max Cleland Tells How He Did It

Goode denies involvement with gay art house film

Front-runner Obama cautions against overconfidence

Argentine ex-President Menem goes on trial for alleged illegal arms sales to Ecuador, Croatia

Listen to this Phone message from McCain Campaign!

She is so brave

Ku Klux Klan fliers appear in Oklahoma newspaper

FDA seeks advice to improve tracking of produce

Recession looms despite government interventions

Arctic temperatures hit record high

Indian outsourcers on acquisition trail again

Glenn Beck joins Fox News

'Alternative Nobel' for 'Democracy Now's' Goodman

Obama outspending McCain 4-to-1 on TV; "re-writing the rulebook for presidential advertising"

Polls going in wrong direction for McCain

The Republican Job Interview

Teacher keeps job after using "N" word to describe Obama

'Plumber' says he has no plumbing license

Want Palin's e-mails? That'll be $15 million

McCain ACORN Fears Overblown: Experts

Omigod! Beyond-the-pale comments from some audience members at a Palin rally in OH

Legal case against God dismissed

GOP group depicts Obama with watermelon, ribs

McCain To Letterman: 'I Screwed Up'

GM to lay off 500 at Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant

Credit Cards Could Become Next Trouble Spot in Crisis

Colombia's Uribe Said To Hinder Militia Probes (Bush ally)

Debate exclusive: Obama wins by a hair

Barack Obama for President

Rachel Maddow smacks down Pat Buchanan on Palin's 'likeability', why people are voting for Obama

Real Deal on ‘Joe the Plumber’ Reveals New Slant

Murtha apologizes for calling W.Pa. 'a racist area'

Dalai Lama leaves Indian hospital

McCain/Palin: Destroying the Fabric of our Democracy

Palin: "We Shouldn't Worry About Government Not Having Enough Money"

MLB pushes back World Series Game 6 by 8 minutes

ACORN comes out swinging

`Joe the Plumber,' Obama Tax-Plan Critic, Owes Taxes

Jeb Bush on Stone's "W": 'Hooey'

Sarah Palin to appear on "Saturday Night Live"

Afghan strike 'kills civilians'

Last Titanic survivor sells mementoes to pay for care: report

Your best (or second best) true ghost story.

Free trade bubbles up in final US election debate

Obama Drops October Surprise Bomb at Al Smith Dinner!

The Onion: Gifted Youngster Sells Cookies To Buy Attack Ad

Obama v Bush/McCain - Would you Change?

Social Security benefits going up by 5.8 percent

John McCain blinks in last shot at Obama

McCain fails, Obama is not rattled

The Final Debate: McCain Flies Off the Tiller

An Old Boxer Who Has Been in One Too Many Fights (Young Turks)

Good Enough To Hold Off McCain (The Stiump / TNR)

McCain Dumps Palin, For Joe the Plumber

John McCain's Missed Opportunity

Joe the Plumber was of little use to John McCain (LAT)

The power of the Undecided Voter (Klein / Boston Globe)

National Study: Post Debate Research Study Results Reported

Voting for Obama anyway (even though he's a terrorist)

AlterNet: Cancer at 23: How Health Insurance Failed Me

John McCain Flushes Away Your Health Care

Joe Conason: A Bush-Style Whitewash

John McCain, The Repudiator, Will Be Sitting and Repudiating Today

Joe Conason: A Bush-Style Whitewash

Three Guys and a Table (Collins / NYT)

Finally, William Ayers Responds to McCain

The $55 trillion question

Joe the Plumber Admits Ulterior Motive in Backing McCain

David Horsey cartoon: A rift in the conservative coalition

Bush set to go with a whimper

The "Energy Policy" We Don't Discuss

India call centres hear US pain

Sex Scandals Continue to Rock GOP: Joe the Plumber Formerly 'Josephine'

It's not even close (Lehigh / Boston Globe)

The Lee Atwater Story: Meet the Man Responsible for Karl Rove and the GOP's Hate-Driven Politics

Experts Conclude McCain’s Health Insurance Plan Has 'Air Quotes'

The Harder They Fall, the More I Smile by John Schwartz NYTimes

Spend the Bailout Money on the Middle Class by Howard Zinn

Obama the Adult Versus McCain's Economic Easter Bunny

Undecideds Laughing At, Not With, McCain (Swampland / TIME)

McCain's Robo-Calls Claim Obama's a Robot

Joe the Plumber Eligible for Obama Tax Cut?

War Hero or War Criminal?

Brooks: Paranoid, rage-driven, xenophobic nuts are taking over the Republican Party.

Which is it Sarah? America or Alaska First?

The Great Republican Crack-up of 2008

Forget 'Air Quotes,' McCain Uses 'Ayers Quotes' for Whole Campaign

U.S. policies may have contributed to Iran revolution, study says(Nixon & Ford)

Guess Who's On ACORN's Registration List? Joe the Non-Plumber!

Emboldened Obama to push into firmly Republican states

Cosmo Kramer Weighs In On the Debate

Dear John: The Enemy Of Your Enemy May Not Be Your Friend

MYFIRSTVOTE.TV Asks America's First Time Voters to Wake Up and Vote!

Andrew Young Casts Ballot of His Dreams for Obama

Secret Recording of McCain Bizarro Moment Revealed

Robert Parry: Is John McCain Losing It?

Did You Spot the REAL Outrage of the Presidential Debates?

Republican Women Racists United! Go McCain!

Juan Cole: The Great Reagan Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down

Preemptive arrest = 8 years in jail?

How Deeply is the U.S. involved in the Afghan Drug Trade?

Army to field improved body armor plate

Ex-soldier gets 6 years for defrauding Army

3rd ID brigade set to return early from Iraq

Trial of suspects in 3 soldier deaths delayed

Suspected U.S. missile kills 1 in Pakistan

Police cite foul play in death of Hood soldier

Widow: Fragging death not Army’s fault

PBS series asks: To kill or not to kill?

Iraq could prosecute U.S. troops under pact

Gates: Extremist threat requires new approaches

24th MEU begins leaving Afghanistan

Lack of ready C-130s hurts Calif. firefighting

New probe sought in servicemembers’ deaths

A-10 competition goes on despite groundings

VA will use old system to deliver new tuition checks

Baghdad begins to disarm after ban

Poultry supplier to U.S. bases in Italy fails latest health inspection

Military: New pilots a signal of progress in Iraq

In Last Round, McCain Gets Aggressive

Holiday flight costs soar

'Dirty Bomb' Charge Fizzles

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Economic Chaos and the Military

Pfc. Said He 'Snapped and Stabbed'

Bush Gives FCS Full Funding

Drug use lands airman 14 months in prison

School bus driver charged in homophobic attack on student - OMFG

A Boy's Life

SD Union Tribune: Inflammatory TV ads pollute Prop. 8 debate (2nd editorial against8!)

Just heard something kinda funny about the "Yes on Hate" campaign on the Mike Malloy show

Queer as Folk Fans:

I blew up

No on 8 only has 30,000 donors

Re: Prop 8 in CA. Has anybody researched what rights married

More DUers suffering from "Everyone we hate is gay" syndrome in GDP

Gays must demand acceptance, not plead for tolerance

Omar strengthens into major Category 3 hurricane - Reuters

Tougher climate target unveiled (BBC)

a worldwide Green New Deal

Tesla runs low on cash, plans job cuts

Silk Road To Ruin - Is Central Asia The New Middle East?

Arctic air temperatures climb to record levels - Reuters

Forbes Lists Top Ten US Cities for Green Jobs

Beacon Power Tests Megawatt of Flywheel Storage

Report: Israel ready to free all prisoners Hamas demands for Shalit

Left-wingers arrested for vandalism at Samaria outpost

Israelis held for ransom in Caribbean

Chinese Company Unveils Solar-Powered Car for $5,560

How badly would the alternative energy sector be hit by $60/barrel oil?

More good news (way too early to celebrate)

The Danger of a Bi-National State Solution

Keating Economics

Meanwhile back at the dow.

We are fucked and I wish I'd bought MORE PMs.

Opinions, please...

self delete

It's Still the Economy

‘Plumber Joe’ Replaced by ‘Crack Whore Wanda’

China And The International Trust GAAP

EU Calls For Summit To End Bretton Woods

The next fed bailout: Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp

Catherine Austin Fitts will be on Coast to Coast radio tonight..

Hey, has anybody checked "Craig's List" to see if Joe the Plumber ever

Stimulus now! Underemployment at 14-year high

Burns, Nixon, Gold And The New World Order Chinese

Industrial Output Plunges 2.8%, Biggest Since Dec '74

based on Roubini/depression outlook, will CD interest rates go up or down? any guess?

Questions re: settling credit card balances for less than full amount

Size of the credit default swap market may not be a problem. A children's game shows why

Kansas teams with GM to build ethanol fueling stations. "Going around Big Oil"

Price of commodities down dramatically since June. Corn is down 52% but ethanol demand still strong!

Andrew Jackson and the Central Bank

Unions and Upward Mobility for Young Workers(CEPR Report)

Comrade Bush to the left of me - Chavez

Free trade bubbles up in final US election debate

Colombia's Uribe Said To Hinder Militia Probes

Knight on coaching again: 'I got nothing else to do'

Bobby Bowden rant at halftime

Boxing: Pavlik vs Hopkins

"Sox rebut Rays to take Game 5." - NostraHawkus

Phillies over Rays in 6....

Will "Plumber" (Landscapin') Joe tell the media that, if McCain is elected,

As Home IVs Grow, Medicare Patients Miss Out

NJCTS: Tourette Syndrome Joins Autism as Silent Epidemic

Time to wake up to the facts about sleep

Is it over yet?

Channel on Obama


Oliver's trike in leaves

Interesting request

Jim And Sarah Brady, Brady Campaign Endorse Barack Obama And Joe Biden

Googling Food can be dangerous

Pie recipes for madmax and redqueen -

How bad are the connotations of the word "religious"?

Mapping the Bio Cosmos

Colossal black holes common in early universe

Warming seas create a massive chemistry experiment

"Science & Religion: Two Ships in the Night"

Details Of Evolutionary Transition From Fish To Land Animals Revealed

Bizarre Dinosaur Headgear Used For Shouting

Making your own root beer

Hottest Planet Ever Discovered

Washington Post endorsement: Barack Obama for President

Don't want to get in to too much here...

The Fluoride Deception ?

McCain on Troops to Teachers program

Clean Out the Nest of Thugs who Stole America

Noriega-Cornyn II tonight on PBS 8 p.m.

My Pic with Bill (and George).. finally!

When I copy an mpg file and move it another place it becomes a .vob file.

There will be a recount in this riding.


Play Palin as Pres

Edie Adams died at age 81 in Los Angeles.


More 'Mentalist' for CBS

Tories face $10B deficit, report suggests

John Cusack put my review of War, Inc. on his MySpace blog!

George Allen's Tracker Working for Michele Bachmann

Anyone else seen Senator Weasel's latest ad?

Minnesotans: If you get a robocall from McCain campaign...

Racist campaign hate mail sent to me today.

6CD race is getting close, Bachmann can be upset

Lord Mandelson stripped of corruption role: Downing Street defends 'natural' decision

For those of you in SE Wisconsin - tonight in Cedarburg

8th Congressional Race a Dead Heat. Please Donate To Kagen If You Can

All men are created equal...except for you.

CA GOP Group Puts Obama, Fried Chicken, Watermelon On Food Stamp