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the big Orwellian rethug scam: charge dems with voter fraud, while meantime purging dems

Keating to McCain, 1986: "I'm yours til death do us part" (photocopy of letter from Think Progress)

Keating to McCain, 1986: "I'm yours til death do us part" (photocopy of letter from Think Progress)

Keating to McCain, 1986: "I'm yours til death do us part" (photocopy of letter from Think Progress)

Amazing Limbaugh ad sucking up to Palin (no audio)

Amazing Limbaugh ad sucking up to Palin (no audio)

Amazing Limbaugh ad sucking up to Palin (no audio)

Amazing Limbaugh ad sucking up to Palin (no audio)

Frontline: The Decision 2008 now playing on PBS west coast

As a lower middle class retiree, I say McNuts is NUTS!

McCAIN: I happen to be one who admires SCOOTER LIBBY

Obama Knows The Evils Of Voter Suppression - He Sponsored A Bill Outlawing Voter "Caging"

Obama Knows The Evils Of Voter Suppression - He Sponsored A Bill Outlawing Voter "Caging"

SUSA Washington Poll: Obama 56(+2), McCain 40(-3)

PP video showing McBush's stances on many women's health care issues

OK this is a suggestion folks could try.

I figured out whose voice Palin's reminds me of

Parker: White House Officials Agree That Palin Should Be Off GOP Ticket (Video)

Palin's big record of Ethical Transgressions:

Anyone know who Don Imus is endorsing in 08?

Palin says Obama running against Bush, not McCain - AP

Just got this email. It's about an online poll. Sorry if old news.

My Predictions on How the GOP will try to suppress the vote on election day

My Predictions on How the GOP will try to suppress the vote on election day

My Predictions on How the GOP will try to suppress the vote on election day

"Every leader who ever ran on change ended up being a Socialist!"

Obama: We don’t need ACORN’s help

David Frum tries to put Rachel in her place, but she turns the tables on him. INCREDIBLE.

David Frum tries to put Rachel in her place, but she turns the tables on him. INCREDIBLE.

Ohio Becomes Tougher! Court Poised To Throw Out Hundreds Of Thousands of Registered Voters!

Ohio Court Decision on checking voter registrations: Significant or Insignificant?

Why I want McCain to stop

Our next president has this song on his ipod.

2 young alaskan gals eloquently give palin the smackdown

Democrats have found the breakthrough ad of the campaign

Anybody else get a 2006 vibe about the '08 presidential race?

Tonight they Sit Down at the New York Debate + other useful info about the debate

Need DU's help on hometown newspaper poll....

If Keith Olbermann was on the radio every day for the last 24 years...

"spread the wealth around." This phrase has been pounced upon by the corporate-welfare-loving right

The Other "N-Word"

The Other "N-Word"

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator...

Obama-Biden one of the best tickets in history!

so, did McCain show up on Letterman?

McCain claims he hears similar nasty shouts at Obama rallies.

Have you heard Jim Webb's ad for Obama?

Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 52, McCain 41. No Change. Obama +12 yesterday.

Research 2000/DailyKos Obama 52 - McCain 41 NO CHANGE

I Don’t Like Her, I Really Don’t Like Her

Oh Joe

Chuck To(a)d Is On The Today Show

Question for John McCain: Can you name five black people who are either close personal friends

CNN"s all race, all the time,hits NYT - 5 articles on race in the election. O up 14%, but he's Black

CNN"s all race, all the time,hits NYT - 5 articles on race in the election. O up 14%, but he's Black

How About That False Horse Race?

Intrade O 80.1 M 20.0 ..... onto 90/10 next

Will McCain bring up ACORN tonight? I hope so.

Meet Michelle Obama

Republican Attempt To Steal The Vote Gets a BIG Boost In Ohio!

Republican Attempt To Steal The Vote Gets a BIG Boost In Ohio!

A list of McCain's Unsavory Connections and Associations...

It's election time. Meanwhile...

Should Obama be friendly towards an aggressive McCain tomorrow?

McCain & Palin: A hopeless campaign of dog whistles and kazoos

let's pray that Mccain is foolish enough to use the "spread the wealth" line at the debate

Barack Obama: Black?

On C-Span This AM... ZOGBY POLL O 48 -- M 44, Now I Don't Know

Advise for McKKKain regarding the debate tonight : ATTACK!!

This letter from an Alaskan appeared in today's Daily Tar Heel, UNC student newspaper

The Triple Dog Dare -- McCrypt's declaration that he will bring up Ayers is foolish

For Obama- a list of republicans who did bad things and have been forgiven

Road to 270: Louisiana

WTF is up with this plumber story?

"Hofstra - Eye" view of the debate by Walt Handelsman

McCain: "It's not that I give a damn about some old washed-up terrorist and his terrorist wife"

Hawaii Governor Not Sure Obama Gets The West

Obama Spending Dominance Continues -- He did the right thing in forgoing public financing.

Heres a nice Cartoon

Caption McFailin'!

We'll do everything the Democrats say they want to do

PAUL LOEB: Volunteer Energy and Political Tipping Points

My Prediction for the Debate tonight

BREAKING: Incident at Philadelphia Obama Office

BREAKING: Incident at Philadelphia Obama Office

Palin and Troopergate; This is not guilt by association.

John McCain/Sarah Palin : "Mavericks" as Avril Lavigne : Punk Rocker

Hotline Poll 10/15: Obama 49, McSame 41 (O+2 from yesterday)

McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

Court orders Ohio to verify newly registered voters (updated)

NY Daily News: It's do or die for McCain in last debate with Obama, experts say

Remember that obnoxious, crying baby "Democratic Party seal" the right put out in 2000?

MSNBC setting the bar high for McCain. They claim the real

RADICAL FRINGE TOON 10/14 -- Wheels on the bus have fallen off

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/15/08 - Obama 50, McCain 45 (unchanged)

Propaganda CD's in newspapers?

Sacramento County GOP removes website materials urging people to ‘Waterboard Barack Obama.’

Lincoln Diaz-Balart volunteer fired for telling voter Obama is a Muslim. (Florida)

The Media Drive For A Horse Race Is Working To Obama's ADVANTAGE

Good Lord-Joe just said that tonight, McCain needs to bring up Lewis & what Jackson supposedly said

Good Lord-Joe just said that tonight, McCain needs to bring up Lewis & what Jackson supposedly said

If Obama hits McCain on Social Security privatization, it's over.

Since Sunday, Obama had led in 40 of the 42 polls listed on RCP.

Man, Obama Played McCain Like a Violin!

Obama could steal the McCain-Letterman spotlight by appearing with Biden on Leno.

Isn't it time the nation accepts the truth about George Bush and 9/11?

I am Very Proud of My Husband!!

Mayor Bloomberg: McCain should keep the gloves on

The Discepancy In The Polls

Looks like it is coming down to this OH,VA,NC,FL,CO,NV

Obama signs in my neighborhood.

Fox Politics coverage/Fox Phillies Coverage:

Is Obama's surge the result of his Debate Performances, Blowback from the Ayers crap?

FRONTLINE: Obama and McCain (Choice '08) - FULL VIDEO ONLINE Here

Just announced -- Gov. Palin will be field-dressing a moose on

Leaked Schieffer question!

Sarah Palin says Obama running against Bush, complains it's getting "tiresome"

Sarah Palin And The Polar Bear Pin

If McKKKain brings up Ayers, he loses the Indies. If he doesn't, he loses the base.

If McKKKain brings up Ayers, he loses the Indies. If he doesn't, he loses the base.

Debate prediction

another schieffer question

The ironic thing about people dressing up as Sarah Palin this Halloween is the possibility that...

McCain and ACORN ....KO video

I've voted 12 times

Why does voter registration have to be so complicated in America?

So tell me, how can McCain bring up Ayers?


Has anyone received their Obama T-shirt yet?

So How will Obama Do it?

"That whippersnapper"

Tell McCain to end the politics of hate!

Has anyone else seen this spam email?

Whoa! Over 1/2 million have already voted in GA

Early voting starts tomorrow in NC

Early voting starts tomorrow in NC

InsiderAdvantage polls: Obama ahead in FL, NC, NV / McCain in WV by 2.

Did Sarah Palin REALLY say "You betcha" at some point?

SurveyUSA New Mexico Poll: Obama 52, McCain 45

" Oregon Voter Registration Hits Record With Dem Surge"

Ads in DC/NOVA first few weeks Sept: Obama: 1,342 McKKKlain: 8

Ambinder: Obama Moving Field Staff From Michigan To Indiana

Has anyone noticed that Todd Palin campaigns on his own more than Cindy McCain does?

I am going to go vote tomorrow.

My wife's theory about Palin...

McCain’s New Stump Speech Stands Up for CEO Contributors over the Middle Class

McCain’s New Stump Speech Stands Up for CEO Contributors over the Middle Class

Two Things!!!!

Obama office evacuated in South Philadelphia

Dow Down 322

Dow Down 322

"You stole our Obama sign. = We bought another sign. = Obama campaign gets more money."

Haven't they been saying the candidate who is ahead on Oct 15 will win?

Great TOON :McCain getting the brush off!

Campaign spendigns for the week of Oct 7-13 (Obama spent 32m on ads last week)

ROFL-Mccain still looking for polls that show Obama up by just 6 as new Pew Poll shows 0 up 50-40

Sarah Palin Toon and AIP

Armchair strategists: When McShame goes negative, Obama should...

Obama Moving Field Staff From Michigan To Indiana

So, do the Repubs think they can steal the Presidency again through these bogus ACORN lawsuits?


Excellent Story By Andrew Romano Calling BS On MSM Efforts To Make Campaign More Competitive

so the dow is down 270 and no one bats an eye anymore.

If McCain wins (steals) the election... Here's how it will happen.

Pray for McPain poll: 93% say Palin "solidified my vote against" McCain

Take a 5-minute break from all this and visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton:

Rasmussend Daily Tracking - Obama 50, McCain 45 NO CHANGE

Michelle Obama will attend final debate tonight with guest Lilibet Hagel, wife of Sen. Chuck Hagel

Husband names new baby Sarah McCain Palin behind wife's back

CBS Teaser trailer: Tonight Couric asks candidates about marital infidelity (updated)

Ok, Senator Obama wins and 70% of the nation rejoices....

Pew Poll: Obama 50(+1), McCain 40(-2)

National Pew Poll Registered Voters: O 50 M 40. Likely Voters: O 49 M 42.

Cheney is still at work -- will go to the hospital later this afternoon for treatment.

HuffPo - Nice Article Destroying McCain's Latest Economic Proposal - More of the Same

HuffPo - Nice Article Destroying McCain's Latest Economic Proposal - More of the Same

Do you REALLY believe undecided voters give a damn about Ayers?

35 people registered at our HQ today

Sacramento County GOP removes website materials urging people to ‘Waterboard Barack Obama

Don't get complacent about telling people not to grow complacent!

I Am Happy To Say

Keep Bleeding Love DU! (Video)

30k Dems registered in NC last 4 days


the ad obama I'd like to see Obama run starting in around a week/10 days

You're Not an Underdog. You Are a Mangy Dog.

Obama should channel a little Harry Truman and modify this quote tonight:

Palin wouldn't do the right thing for disabled children as governor.

why is amy goodman giving this gop hack attorney airtime to lie about acorn?

Tonight: don't forget McCain raised taxes 477 times!

Palin rally on right now, just mentioned a soldier that died. "John and i are thinking of him"

Someone needs to call Palin out on her accusations of vote fraud. . .

I just don't see how Obama could possibly lose the debate tonight.

McCain is pathetic loser, claiming "vote fraud" could make him lose

"I'm not getting enough info to make up my mind."

Dick Morris Electoral Map - 396 / 110

Dick Cheney (who is younger than McCain) cancels fundraiser due to heart trouble.

What's Palin doing in New Hampshire?

Keep Talking Sarah! The more you open your crooked mouth, the more damage to McCain

BREAKING ... I will fully endorse OBAMA today !

Breaking: New McCain Campaign Slogan!!!

Hillary Clinton to attend tonight's debate at Hofstra University

Orlando Sentinel: Is there ACORN fraud in Florida?

David Gregory cherry picks polls to favor McCain

'Great Schlep' organizers happy with turnout to garner votes for Obama among jews

Curious - Is there any surrogates stumping for McCain?

All 2008 US Nobel Laureates in Science Endorse Obama

"We are going to win the economic war we are in" Sarah Palin

It seems to me...investors are "playing" with the market...

Bumper Sticker I saw yesterday:

If McCain Mentiones Ayers Tonight......

Some Numbers!: Obama Dominating Among Early Voters in Five Swing States

I don't know how to post videos in the PV forum, but....

First 5 minutes of Early Voting in E. Tenn - Lines Out the Door

Obama, Nebraska. Err.. i mean, Omaha.

Sacramento County GOP removes website materials urging people to ‘Waterboard Barack Obama.’

The Financial Crisis and Economic Recession – A Simple Analogy and Distinction

Breaking: Barack Obama will win Missouri

Cartoon: Democrats trying to suppress voting

Insider Advantage (R) FL -O-48 M-44/NC O-48% M46%/NV O-49% -M 46%/WV M-49% -O 47%

Rude coldcocks McCain....(not for the squeemish)

Powell, Hagel? Any other GOP endorsements of any value.

After the Debate Tonight the RNC is going to Spend that $5mil on Senate/House Races...

Republican Voter Registration Fraud Leads To Voter Suppression


Joe Scarborough is about to have a mental breakdown

How do you guys feel about using networking sites ( facebook, Orkut) to promote your political view?

Keith/Rachel/Dave/Tina - 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse!

New Robocalls from McBush camp in North Carolina

Election Mythology from the WaPo: "Gray Vote No Longer Reliably Red" WTF?

For Some, Uncertainty Starts at Racial Identity - NY Times

If some RW nutjob froths at the mouth about is what you tell them...

Can someone help me with this?

Presidential Debate live blogging-- can you all please digg this

McCain seeks to renew doubts about Obama on Israel and the Obama response

The article to explain to anyone who is having concerns over Yard Signs

The article to explain to anyone who is having concerns over Yard Signs

The article to explain to anyone who is having concerns over Yard Signs

McCain February 20, 2006

Which face will John McCain use tonight???

BREAKING: Cheney has erratic rhythm of the heart via MSNBC

So what are your thoughts about Bob Schieffer as a debate moderator?

Boys' night out: "The Politico guys," Rove's top disciple and how our press corps works

Great New York Times Magazine Article on Obama and the Working Class Vote

Early Voting Estimates: Obama leading McRat by (an average of) 23 points +/-

Debate topic-Two-Thirds Of The Benefits From McCain’s New Tax Cut Go To Millionaires

KFBK Radio: An ugly side of the election season is popping up in the Sacramento region

Obama is French!!!

Take this Chuck Todd, another poll, PEW Research says Obama +10

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator (NEW) McCanis obsoletus

Freeper Funny of the day!

Does Obama Have Some "Info" on McCain??

Pre Debate Toons: McCan't going down ugly

Here's the guy who claims Jesse Jackson said that about Israel

as nice as it is to see Obama up in every poll...

Exposure Changes Palin Image for Good, Bad

Speaking of Jesse Jackson, is it true that he and Al Sharpton dont care for each other?

Gallup Daily-Obama up 7 among registered voters/8 and 3 among LV's

Hoover 2008: McCain backed legislation decriminalizing Wall Street's reckless conduct: The Nation

What would Palin do?

What has been done to get Major Media coverage of the Palin AIP ties?

Yard Sign Gate

John Edwards got one electoral college vote in 2004. How many will Palin get?

My Friend Bill Ayers - WSJ, a good piece by a real friend of Ayers

Republicans comparing Mark Foley to Tim Mahoney... WTF?

Man Names Baby Sarah McCain Palin - Wife unhappy!

Michelle Obama on CNN right now!

zero good news for Republican John McCain

Forget Gallup: Cookies are latest presidential pulse-taker

RNC Stops Buying Airtime in Wisconsin

Non Sequitur - John McCain rescues ship of state?

Does anyone remember the last three weeks of the Mondale campaign?

HOLY SHIT! Intrade - O: 81.6 (up 1.6), M: 19.5 (dwn 1.6)

if Cheney died and McSame was appointed the new VP..

For those so quick to trash Rev. Jackson for the "quotes" attributed to him in a NY Post column

McCain pulling out of Wisconsin?

Roland Martin destroyed Leslie Sanchez!

Newsmax - Morris Maps The Election!

For Those - Like Chuck Todd - Who Doubt Obama's Double-Digit Lead

Bradley Effect will be neutralized by Sarah Effect

Rush Limbaugh Says Angry Blacks Are In 30 Year Plot To Train Black Children as Militants

I Finally Got My Obama Biden Yard Signs Yesterday!!!!!!!

Debate what if?

IMPORTANT X-Post from Video Forum - Palin Palling Around With Secessionists. A Manchurian Candidate?

The daily Freeper (B.S.) drama... Now they think they are winning & Palin draws LARGER crowds than O

The interactive Sarah Palin

Brits want answers, Americans should demand McCain answer also:

Why don't we have joint debates?

Innumeracy of the McHoover campaign

What gets me about the character of Obama...

Hagel's wife to attend debate as guest of Michelle Obama

Let me the FIRST to condemn any Obama supporter or Democrat who is wearing "C" word t-shirts. . .

Let me the FIRST to condemn any Obama supporter or Democrat who is wearing "C" word t-shirts. . .

CNN Story on Internet Rumors (So Annoying)

New McCain Campaign Slogan!

What is the consensus? Vote early or not?

new mccain radio ad - dems want "lack of doctor choice" and "bureaucrats controlling care"

GOP anxiety builds as Obama holds lead in Florida

Let's list Obama's brilliant political maneuvers in the GE thus far

Signs a campaign is going down for the count

Poll finds attacks by McCain turn off voters's banner headline: Country tunes warm up crowd for Sarah Palin campaing stop.

You know, the stress is killing me...

Zogby Polling ....questionable

Reality smacks Lowery between the eyes. The Ayers smear has failed, people care about real things.

ChicagoTrib's Eric Zorn:"If Ayers is a terrorist, then McCain is an adulterer and I am a 6th grader"

Did Obama call Loretta Sanchez and asked for her Endorsement?

Looking at 2004 electoral maps can be a depressing sight.

For WHAT insane reason would McCain bring up Ayers in the debate tonight?

was there a thread yesterday about McCain paying canvassers or voter registration


The market is down 300 and Nancy Reagan's broken pelvis is BREAKING NEWS? On a debate day even?

*** Where are some good places on line to watch the debate tonight? ***

Tonight's debate drinking game...

Why hasn't any dem brought up McCain's phony stroll through a peaceful marketplace

The Long Slow Death Of John's Credibility

WV Poll: McCain 49% Obama 47%

For some reason, Bernanke felt like helping Obama today...

New Gallup daily numbers: Obama - 50, McCain - 43

Apparently, NBC's Brian Williams just had dinner with Nancy Reagan (who just broke her pelvis)

Colin Powell Ready to Endorse Obama

"I'm gonna hate him the minute I vote for him. But I won't ever vote for another god-damn Republican

Help Robert Greenwald Nail Stephen Colbert This Thursday

speaking of the bradley effect

Seriously Scary.

Court orders Ohio to verify newly registered voters. *** Please read!

"We helped him start his career," says Jackson.

Let's have real fun with the debate tonight.

October Surprise: Cheney croaks?

Social Security and Medicare are on the table tonight

Will McCain bring up William Ayers

He's... he's an Arab.

He's... he's an Arab.

Perhaps McCain will have zingers at the ready tonight--but Obama will NOT stumble.

PBS Frontline: The Choice 2008 [VIDEO] - Terrific 10 vids on both Obama & McCain

Bill Maher - New Rule: Pro-Life of the Party

Disturbing thought about McCain "losing control" at his events.

Biden on live NOW in Lancaster, OH --

50 people line up for McLame tickets

50 people line up for McLame tickets

What Percent Of McCan't Supporters Know The Difference Between Arabs & Muslims?

Women's Suffrage Photo - They fought the good fight

Some limited early voting poll observations.

Eagle=Democrats.. ..Mouse=Republicans

Insider Advantage: Obama up 4 in FL, 3 in NV, 2 in NC and down 2 in WV.

Acorn debunking

How to Fix the Debates: Five People Who Would Be Better Moderators

I think Obama has all but locked up Virginia and Florida.

It is not fair that Obama is spending more money than McLame on TV Ads!!

the dope on NPR's talk of the nation, Neal Conan just said large lead

A giant Thank You to everyone hustling out there to get Obama elected

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Lancaster, OH****


OMG, Sen. Hatch's face is shot so full of botox and silicone ... pudgy face.

AP: RNC out of Wisconsin, Maine - doubling budget in Red States

lol Chuck Todd can be so dippy

*NEW* polls on CNN now

When was the last time McCain won a news cycle?

The dabates and McCain

Chamber of Commerce threatens politicians it deems

Please everyone, do this before Nov 4th.

Do McLame's TV spokespeople (on CNN or MSBNC spots) seem particularly . . . lame?

Debate is UNFAIR to McCain-

Ipsos/McClatchy national poll: Obama/Biden 48, McCain/Palin 39

Remember with me this day, this woman who is often neglected

is this the October surprise?///??/

Are There Any Adults At The Palin Speech In Dover, NH?

Voter Registration

RCP moves FL from Light Blue to Toss Up, but with O up by 7.3

Colin Powell getting ready to endorse -- may pick Obama

This is why they are pushing the panic button over at repuke HQ

God is bound to be in favor of "That One"

Focus Group Puzzles Republican Consultant: They're Voting For (Teflon) Obama Anyway

Telegraph: False claims exposed of Kenyan pastor who protected Sarah Palin from witches

Put On Your Tin Foil Hat re: Cheney Surgery

LOL! Dan Quayle giving Sarah Palin advice: "Be yourself"

"I'm Voting for Obama Even Though He's a Terrorist"

****** Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Appreciation Thread********

DOW is almost down 500. McCain is gonna look like a fool if he brings up Ayers

The Most Disingenuous Thing I Can Think Of Is...

Wow - Biden just said he heard on the Ohio news (he didn't catch what town)

A Republican By Any Other Name Is Still A Republican; Rebranding a Failed Brand

Sen Orrin Hatch on MSNBC railing about secret ballots and unions. wtf?

California GOP had Same Voter Registration Problems as ACORN in 2006

Relax. Bush just said that cheney will be fine.

McCain's campaign call CNN's AIP story "smear"

James Taylor to do free concerts in NC for Obama

Fake Michelle Obama Interview Fascinates Blogosphere

Palin supporters make my head hurt.

Obama & McSame find themselves in the same barbershop...

Tonight many voters will finally discover that McCain is anti-choice.

Just how much of a total asshole is Jesse Jackson Sr.?

I'm A "Conservative" (Gonna Make You Chuckle)

Did you guys just see that on CNN!

Looks like McCain needs a bailout - Intrade: O: 81.7 M: 18.9 (and dropping)

Enought with the "Talk me Down" threads. What's Next? "Hey folks, I hear

Enought with the "Talk me Down" threads. What's Next? "Hey folks, I hear

McCain Calls Hillary Clinton For Economic Advice

Poll: McCain Stumbling Badly On Economic Crisis

A bright spot in a Freeper's day.

Ari Fleischer on the daily show, "For McCain to win the stock market needs to keep going up"

Rest assured: ANYTHING that McCane brings up tonight, Obama will be ready.

****** OFFICIAL "We need a kitten break!" THREAD******

Dan Quayle advises Palin: "Look, just be yourself"

Wall Street plummets..... ensures that any NON-economy talk tonight will backfire...

POW! Obama Campaign pre-debate memo "raises expectations for McCain to ungodly heights"

Cheney's ticker acting out... wonder why?

The Debate, If McCain had his way

What was the "cleanest" Presidential campaign of the last 50 years ?

Kerry on the "bankruptcy" of the McCain campaign

Gettin' his "you know what" KICKED: "Polls: McCain forced to play defense in some red states"

Damn the Obama Campaign is on top of things (Re: voter protection)

Obama debate memo: We're ready for Ayers

The Wikipedia entry about Barack: worth examining ?

Obama Dominating Among Early Voters in Five Swing States

Predebate Humor-

POOR McCAIN, and the Hand HE's been Dealt!

McCain's economic meltdown

I Can't Stomach the Debates...

Papa Palin likes to ram wolves with snowmobiles and shoot them in the head

They're losing

"Would Obama be where he is if it wasn't for the economic problems?"

^^^^^ This Is Not a Game... This Is Real ^^^^^

If Obama's and McCain's poll positions were reversed you would be hearing nothing about Acorn.

Has there ever been a legitimate October Surprise?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA departs Oregon, Ohio, headed for final debate tonight in Hempstead, NY

Pssst, hey Republicans. About those elections in 2006....

The DOW finishes down over 730 Points, and John McCain is going to harp on William Ayers?

This day in 2004: Bush 284 Kerry 228

Now McCain campaign using Hillary's themes of "I'll fight for you" AND "ready on day one."

ACORN is the latest code word

ACORN is the latest code word

Holy cow! Intrade has Obama at 82 and McCain at 15!

Biden: Palin "was in sixth grade the last time John McCain had a good idea on the economy"

Biden: Palin "was in sixth grade the last time John McCain had a good idea on the economy"

another great outcome of this election and an Obama win....

McCain is winning the Poll -DU it please!

Just sent in my CA absentee ballot in for Obama.....

Palen's Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (graphic)

If the McCain campaign had received a threatening letter with a powder in it...

Bon Jovi complains over Republican rally song

California Republicans call for Obama to be Tortured

Halloween Costumes Could Predict Our Election

Obama will lose tonight.....

I just got home from volunteering at Obama HQ - Ohio.

The real reason why MCCain won't bring Rev. Wright in the campaign

Worst Day On Wall Street Since October 1987

Bush: "I was worried."

Will Bin Laden Strike Again? (October Surprise!)

Bush Administration Secret Memos Approving Waterboarding Are Evidence of War Crimes...LINK

Sometimes there's justice in the world-Montana GOP Official Out After Failed Bid To Challenge Voters

Obama's Ohio pics--going door to door. I can't find any!

Please -O-Please McSham Bring Up Ayers....Please

High Ga. turnout as 540,000 cast ballots early

Sorry, don't have a link, but Fox News is whining about 'Doonesbury' on Sun., which was SPOT ON!

Huff Post: McCain Transition Chief Aided Saddam In Lobbying Effort

McCain camp: Probing Palin, AIP ties like 'questioning Obama's religion'

Kansas City attorney files federal lawsuit against McCain/Palin for causing "anxiety, grave fear"

Hard-Hitting Union Mail Blitz Directly Blames McCain For Meltdown

OBAMA: "If I Were Watching Fox-I Wouldn't Vote For Me-Because I'm Portrayed 24/7 As A Freak"

Every time this nation DESPERATELY needs leadership, providence has provided it

Keep Your Nose To The Grindstone!

WTF is Shuster pushing this Jesse Jackson bullshit?

Post your fun, supportive, funny, inspirational Barack Obama images

BREAKING: Donald Trump CNN interview says Pelosi should have impeached * over the war.

The day McCain lost the election: August 29, 2008. The day he picked Palin. Seattle Times.

Will John McCain Bring Up Bill Ayers And Reverend Wright?

FRENCHIECAT!!!! I need David Shuster's emai address!!

I voted for Obama today!

Conservative Pac launches nasty ad in Colorado, Nevada and Michigan.

Obama just needs to point out the stock market down another 6% today and retail sales way down

Bad sign for McCain ... 700 WLW right wing radio callers turn on McCain

Am I naive to think that if Obama wins, the Market might regain some confidence?

Ritual Osama bin Laden election video nowhere to be seen so Right Wing invents its own: "Obsession"

Has anyone posted a debate bingo game yet? n/t

Could somebody please tell Donna Brazille that Gore got a 1/2 million more votes?

MSM wants McCain to attack on Ayers, Wright, so they can rip him a new asshole

CNN now projecting Virgina leaning Obama

The more Jesse Jackson insults Obama the more votes we get!

YouTube to McCain: No special treatement for DMCA takedowns (news article)

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator (send this link)

Just leave your sign under a tree.

DUPLICATE - disregard. ;)


I NEVER thought I would say this but

I NEVER thought I would say this but

GOP Right-Wingers Caught Red-Handed Spreading -FAKE- Michelle Obama Interview

GOP Right-Wingers Caught Red-Handed Spreading -FAKE- Michelle Obama Interview

NYT Poll: "McCain's negativity turning off voters" -- ironically it's what his "base" wants

ACORN question: Gatherers paid by hour or by registration?

help me debunk me some email from brother in laws sister in law....

Sharing Time! Tell me what got you interested in politics! :)

Politico: McCain's task: Break Obama's discipline

Just reported *more people on food stamps today then ever before"

David Schuster brings up ex Saddam lobbyist and McCain transition team Chief!

Health examination reveals Cheney indeed has a heart....

RNC out of Wisconsin, Maine; focuses on red states...

Palin: "Sir, I don't know what you're saying, but if you're protesting, that's cool, too"

****************** Thread Opened With Lots Of Stars ******************

Howard Fineman said Hillary Clinton will be at the debate tonight--possible spin alley?

Every time he pulls out, John McCain leaves me in a blue state.

E-mail I just got from Repub. neighbor claiming Obama wants to change natl anthem & debunker.

Inside the mind of John McCain. Hilarious!

Please, can somebody tell Pat Buchanan to STFU!!!

Had Gore become president in 2000 would we be supporting a Lieberman/Obama ticket today?

Shockwaves in McCain Campaign: After leaving WI and ME, they pull out of

******======ALL CAPS THREAD WITH BARS AND STARS======******

Oops! Gas station charges 35 cents per gallon

Republican gave me and 5 Kindergartners the finger today.

Obama is going to be the nation's president

Photo Of McCan't's Debate Prep Obama Stand-In

Republicans Are Mad At Everyone Except The Main Culprit, Bush

Obama SLAMS FOX Noise: Without Network, He'd be up 2-3 More Points

McCain's Unsavory Associations and Connections - * Newly Edited *

PREDICTION: DUers will be disappointed in Obama's answer to Ayers at debate

Why would any liberal be pessimistic about Obama's chances?

How should Obama respond to McCain's Ayres attack tonight? I think he should

Obama's "Diplomacy" Wins a Republican Endorsement

dear tweety, please don't ask every guest about bill ayers...they don't know

Rasmussen New Mexico Poll: Obama 55(+6), McCain 42(-2)

Rasmussen New Mexico Poll: Obama 55(+6), McCain 42(-2)

James Taylor To Stump For Obama In NC

Is mccane Pulling Out Of Wisconsin Next?

Desperate McCain calls Hillary begging for economic advice. (Gets frosty reception)

There's a fine line between Aggressive and Angry, that's what i'll be looking for tonight

I'm sorry but...

I'm sorry but...

The Legend of John McCain: "A tired, cynical, desperate old man"

Rude Pundit: What Obama should say tonight...

Damn Barack has got it like that: FOX may move start of Game 6 of the World Series because of him...

GOP group drops Ayers attack ads.

McCain campaign has its own questionable connections to bombers and assassins (Slate)

Chris Mathews brining up William Ayers, spanks GOP!

PYROTECHNICS are possible at Debate say national debate preparation experts.

Tweety beating up on McCain campaign manager on Ayers

Tweety beating up on McCain campaign manager on Ayers

Is America ready for a President that can't throw out the first pitch?

Rasmussen Massachusetts Poll: Obama 62(+4) McHate 34(-4)

So let me get this straight.....

Report finds that White House used ‘taxpayer-funded trips to help elect Republican candidates.’

Tweety is eating some McLame guy alive on Hardball...tastey!!

According to the Intrade/RCP polls, Obama is predicted to have 2x the Electorial votes than McCain.

Jon Stewart is the best. He just destroyed McCain and MSM over this "stump speech" (VIDEO)

Hofstra's website slideshow has some neat photos

Hofstra's website slideshow has some neat photos On McCain's Vets' Voting Record (Great job by VoteVets!)

I hope when the election is over, someone writes a behind the scenes look at the Obama campaign.

Wow....McNasty and Falin have to make two more stops in NC

So, when will Palin appear on Meet the Press/Face the Nation/This Week?

Jessie Jackson said this?

Hey Rachel, gotta sec?

Palin says we're going to win this 'economic war' we're in...

OMG It's has started.. The rich people are freakin out over Obama win

Does anyone else love to just click on the electoral map

Is Biden up for re-election to his Senate seat?

Debate prediction: McCain will attack Bush administration more than he does Obama


Oh, that fat blob Bill Bennett. Now on CNN blabbing about

What Obama cannot say at the debate, but I wish he could

So is McCain going to buy a half hour on CBS and NBC to counter Obama?

Tell me what you know about Charlie Black!

So, anything worth watching on TV tonight?

Who would you think will replace Tom Brokejaw in Meet the Press?

Who would you think will replace Tom Brokejaw in Meet the Press?

CNN Electoral Map: Obama would win if election held today

You'll look at McCain differently during tonight's debate...

Palin denounces Wall Street “greed” while at a well-todo Fundraiser of Manhattanites

Crowd behind Tweety and Guests look like they are getting rowdy!!

Well, one repub got it right on May 14, 2008

McCain vows to whip Obama's 'You know what'.

NRC quits LA Senate seat race Landrieu + 15

LOL! David Gregory Using Mika as One of his Panelists (NOW SHES THE HOST!)..was Willie Geist taken?

McCain's Prick Problem - He Has Come Off As A Disrepectful Jerk The First Two Debates

*I! Voted! Today!*

Should I go to a debate party tonight or stay home with Mr Gray

A call out to Californians to get a free guide to the 12 initiatives on the ballot

GOP's "Squirrel" strategy--to link ACORN to Obama


I dare they call Obama an elitist again. Your own FUCKING CELL TOWERS??

I got my absentee ballot today!!!!


If McGutter leaps out of his seat and lunges at Obama,

Donald Trump On Blitzer, WOW!

Donald Trump on CNN: "Yes, I trust Palin with the economy." WTF?!

**Community Gathering with Joe Biden in Newark, Ohio*** Right now!!!!

You have to wait in line to vote in Madison, WI

Palin unaware of Russian energy meeting in Alaska

new state polls announced on CNN.... good news, especially in the blue state of....!

Obama should raise McCain's Top Aide William Timmons Dealings On Behalf Of Saddam Hussein ....

Your opinion: what was the tipping point for McCain

Live link to Biden Speech in Newark Ohio / Ohio State University

I'm nervous about the debate

What if Lieberman is the super majority tie-breaker?

More Repug whining

Why does everyone think what Mr. Poofy Lips Trump says is so influential and important?

Keith Olbermann: David Frum - Super Genius (brutal)

Debate Prediction: Schieffer Raises Ayers

Looking at the RCP Electoral Map, one of the most conservative out there...

So if McCain brings up Jesse Jackson's "Zionist" crap tonight....

Powell hints at an endorsement. And leave it to Fox to try and find ridiclous photos of him

Freepers Claim Obama Is Cheating & That Even Fox Is In The Bag For Obama

Ok what did I miss. I turned on the Tv to some Jessie Jackson shit...

"Yes, Senator Mccain, your face and my ass."

JAW DROPPER: Obama Crushing Battleground States With Early Voting

LA-Sen: NRSC Pulls Out

Road to 270: Maryland

Kelly O'Donnell Awkwardly Pre-Games McCain's Debate Performance

McCain Flack On Transition Chief Lobbying For Saddam: ‘We’ve Had No Associations With Any Lobbyists’

Breaking: In A Stunning Move Designed To Change The Trajectory Of The Presidential Race...

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaings In Newark, OH****

Still in shock...

How many seats do you predict that the Dems will pick up in the senate?

The DOW Gyrations Are Actually A Distraction From The Profound Scope Of The Economic Crisis

Flirting her way to victory: Sarah Palin's farcical debate performance

breaking: McCain to be lowered to debate stage in bamboo cage.

Obama's campaign must feel Montana is back in play......

NBC: Virginia 436,000 new voters 40% under the age of 25

Kitteh From The Future

20 Days Until Palin Has To Go Back To Alaska To Face The Music

Sooo, we won't be doing "debate nights" together for what??

Mika: Sarah Palin, Sensational and Very Good

New SEIU Ad: "John McCain -- Bush, But Worse."

AP: Bush's Approval Rating Plummets to New Low: 0%

To those of you voting or early voting in Red States - do not despair, for you are not alone!

The Daily Widget, Wed 10/15 – O-386, M-152 – Wisconsin Strong; SUSA’s Ethnic Crosstabs

"Say it to my face."

OOPS! Obama's spin spilled

A Pessimist's View of the Race (don't worry, it's good news.)

Meanwhile... On The Night Of The Last Debate... (Check Out North Dakota)

Tonight is the night I have been waiting for (other than Nov 5)

Fox news: Tomorrow WP will have an article that Cindy McCain got favorable cell phone service

Palin hits 57% unfavorables in DailyKos tracking poll.

Do Not Take This Election For Granted! We Must Stop the "We've Got It Made" Talk.

TV Tonight: Presidential Debate or Baseball Serious?

Gregory is talking about Jesse Jackson and Zionists etc etc. Does Obama condemn and repudiate this?

David Brooks: "McCain Candidacy One Of The Most Painful Tragedies I've Ever Witnessed"

CNN Electoral Map: Obama would win if election held today

Gov. Crist 's given up. Sleazy Kristol's jumped ship. Squealer Limpballs is crying. Who's next?

Zogby Wikipedia updated

Factoid: James Zogby, pollster John's brother, in an Executive Member of the DNC

Obam Campaign spokes person says no way Obama wins this election by 15 points

Staring out from newsboxes all around Portland, OR

David Gregory just now: "Is there some blowback against Obama that he's buying this election?"

Jennifer Brunner

John and Sarah

The Difference Between Obama and McCain Speeches and Debates In A Nutshell

RW consultant sees armageddon for Republicans in focus group: "The Seventh Seal is broken"

Big story from tonight's debate? Make your predictions here!

Please delete

I need your help to find "Mickey Mouse" in the FL voter file:

Ok. I'm pissed. Looks like I won't have any TV when the debate starts.

Tweety: "Palin has lost her new car smell". Funny!

Round 3: The Prosecution of John McCain

Why Mccain literally cannot win tonight's debate

I think Obama will release his September fundraising numbers tomorrow

Interesting tidbit about Obama's pre-debate prep/approach:

Interesting tidbit about Obama's pre-debate prep/approach:

Protester yelled "We Want Peace" at McSame rally. Security tossed her.

Ayers in the Debate Tonight

MLB to push back game 6 of WS for Obama

Rahm Emanuel is sounding very good on MSNBC.


Will somebody please tell Chris it's "SUMO" wrestlers

I Wish I Was Born Eight Years Later Than I Was

How about a steep income-tax on big money invested abroad ... ( beyond 250K)

John McCain's Last Debate (Tonight is About His "Legacy")

Barack is gonna be pissed....McCain talked with Hillary on the phone asking for advice!!!

I'm going to be totally, 100% honest:

You gotta read this! A conservative "intellectual" responds to my post yesterday

The only thing scarier than Tweety's head...

Tonight's Debate: Do not, I repeat DO NOT...

Your current most-hated piece of baseless pseudoscience?

Obama supporters follow Palin shopping...yell "I say Obama, you say 'You betcha!"

Nadine says: "Simmer down now Everyone!"

Strike three YOU'RE OUT!!!

Charlie Crist "not buying GOP's ACORN-ophobia"

LOL! AOL Poll..... Should McCain Bring Up Ayers and Do You Care About Ayers!

McCain follows Obama's lead on ads in X-Box games - Screenshots

Anyone else think McCain might shake things up tonight by declaring he will only serve one term?

OH LORD! Keith is gonna do the Penguin/McCain debate!

I don't think CNN has enough people at their two tables...

The CNN AIP segment yesterday--"same ideology as those who blew up the Murrah Building"

ok, that does it.

Another Racist Palin crowd in Ohio! (video by Al Jazeera)

Just a quick thought... You know that 700b? That's about the same amount of

It's now the home stretch. Any motivational speeches?

Doug (something) (McCain advisor) on Hardball just said...

Palin as President.....

questions for mccain tonight:

GOP Bigwig Tampa Florida circulates Obama Death Joke Email

GOP Bigwig Tampa Florida circulates Obama Death Joke Email

Game changer: watch the old McCain come out tonight

Media is already planting the spin seeds

Yes, We Can - Barack Obama Music Video - over 10M hits since February!

options for big momentum-changing McCain moment tonight:

Did I hear correct on Keith is Obama's half-hour program 10/29 on all but Fox?

Why is Richard Wolf being such a downer today?

Mika has a Thrill going up her leg for Palin...

I hope America will soon have something to say to Morrissey

Great Article by Carl Hiaasen! "This year, smear tactics carry big risk" .. McCain/Palin in Florida

If someone early votes and then passes away, what happens to their vote?

TPM: Schieffer to be biggest problem for Obama tonight?

In about 30 minutes, the next president of the United States

Sacramento office "Waterboard Obama" DISGUSTING

How do you feel?-Huge debate tonight

Palin's press avoidance shocks Maria Shriver - says its "Jawdropping"

Does the SS only care about protecting Republicans?

What are the Vegas odds that Bob Schieffer will give John McCain a reach around?

Obama-McCain Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Matt Taibi (Rolling Stone) v. Byron York (National Review) on what caused the credit crisis

Ten Things I've Learned From Watching The Republican Party...

With Obama gaining in the polls it's very important...

Why Can't McCain Close the Deal?

Palin as President

The hay is in the barn...

Most Annoying Sound?

Columnist Slamming McCain Could Use Some DU Love

Gregory-Obama BELOW 50%-"Why can't Obama close the deal?" Obama ABOVE 50%-"Is there a problem

-- Latest State Polls + - McCain < $20 / Obama > $80

Charlie Crist: GOP may be exaggerating voter fraud

Ayers and McCain vs. Bush 2000

WTF? Palin a immensely talented politician?

Am I seeing three chairs on that stage?

Am I seeing three chairs on that stage?

More Mika Vomit: McCain is Scrapy and he is good when he is down: He'll do it tonight!

Saw a couple of young guys picketing the local Republican HQ... with NADER signs


For those of us who cannot watch the debate tonight, while reading here must we endure

did anyone see Keith's fake McCain/Obama debate.... the Penguin and Batman debate

"Tonight was McCain's night! A stunning win for John. This is a horse-race, once again."

I wish Barack's momma were here to see her son.

BREAKING: McCain replaces Mooselini with Hillary Clinton.

KO: "John McCain needs a 10 run homer!"

If McCain brings up Ayers, Lynn Sweet's most recent article about how

PSA: In addition to cable, Debate will be broadcast on ABC, NBC and CBS. nt

PSA: In addition to cable, Debate will be broadcast on ABC, NBC and CBS. nt

So....I've been out of pocket. Is Obama still ahead in the polls?

Check this out: Palin was "unaware" of the Russian energy delegation and meeting in Alaska

Debate IRC Chat for DUers?

I just switched to CNN. Looks like they're having a banquet.

Keith on Countdown just reminded viewers that Truman, Reagan, and Bush were ALL behind in early Oct!

IL Is a Lock For Obama...MAYBE NOT! Pass This On!

Texas Democrats cry foul over suspicious e-mail on voting

Link to MSNBC Live Streaming?

MSNBC's live stream is up now if anyone needs it:

Association for Women in Science poses questions to Obama and McCain

Hey, people! You don't see a pattern here?

Good Luck Tonight Barack!

Does anyone know if CNN is using the same "focus group" tonight

Zogby Push Polling for McCain. Credibility Level Hits Zero.

So the market fell 733 points today.

MSNBC LIVE streaming link

I Don't Know If I Can Hold My Breath For 90 Minutes...

Rahm didn't hesitate at Tweety's gotcha question

Murtha: Western Pa. 'racist' but Obama should win

Has the MSM picked up on the William Timmons/McCain/Sadam connection yet?

Has the MSM picked up on the William Timmons/McCain/Sadam connection yet?

I'm so frazzled. Somebody, please talk me down!

please oh please oh please john McDouchebag...please bring up bill ayers.....

GOOD LORD (and Lady), This is the FORTY-NINTH DEBATE!

I bet that when McLame gets desperate tonight he will bring up the 'Platt Amendment'

David Gregory actually just raised a good point

I won't watch any "undecided voters" panels on CNN et al tonight. Undecideds are ridiculous now.

I won't watch any "undecided voters" panels on CNN et al tonight. Undecideds are ridiculous now.

Ok who's going to watch the CNN line graph doohickey tonight during the debate?

Oliver Clark must be laughing his A** off right now.

Oliver Clark must be laughing his A** off right now.

LOL So much for Olbermann not anchoring that is what he is doing

Holy Potus! The Batman thing goes on.....

My live blog is up

Ok I am confused, I have registered to vote every year, and they never ask my party.

Will McCain look Obama in the eye, since his chair is facing him?

Will McCain look Obama in the eye, since his chair is facing him?

Rahm Emanuel looking at Obama's Senate seat.

Just be prepared that the media will spin it to McCain

Mc's Got a notepad,O doesn't

"I'd Appreciate it, if you would Look me in the Eye while You're Smearing me."

***** Stars and official Debate WTF, I'm nervous Thread*******

"Good old shoe"...McCain;s gonna help Joe the Plumber buy his business

That thing on McCain's face is growing...good's huge

There is a difference between a COMPANY grossing $250,000 & a guy making $250,000 as his income.

My HUGE MAJOR Surprise State For Obama Prediction...

Are you helping Barack Obama get elected?

Joe the Plumber--whoever had that just drink it all and get it over with.

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- When Fascism Comes To America (Dory Hippauf)

Where's McAncient's flag pin?

McCain Can't Even Speak A Complete Sentence!!!! WTF!

Someone should tell him Ireland is basketcase right now.

Say it ain't so, Joe. There McCrap goes again!

McCain just got the first and last word on the first question. Lets keep track

How can Mc* get away with cutting Obama off and interrupting?

CNN: How many of you are afraid of losing your house; how many ....

Bob the Builder: Yes We Can!

Bob the Builder: Yes We Can!

Bob the Builder: Yes We Can!

I'd love to know McCain's blink rate vs. Obama's

But what about Joe the Plumber?

I will say it right now McCain's an asshole

How do I get lawn signs?

McCain looks disturbingly weird on these camera angles


Reminiscing about the Depression??

HUH...I wanna get back to this home ownership...WTF..lmao

Can the idiot blink any faster?

Senator Lugar (R)-IN nearly endorses Barrack Obama

McCain and his damn spending freeze...

I know how....

I know how....


On CNN scanner, the ladies love Barack.

Could McCain blink more if he tried? Doesn't a lot of rapid blinking indicate someone's lying?

filibustering. . . . HEY SHEIFFER!!!

If you know how to save billions in defense spending, how about you share your idea with us, Gramps?

Love me the responsibility theme....

What's with the stupid look on McSHAME's face?


I can't believe McLame said "class warfare"!


McSame making a real effort to look at Obama, blinking madly,

Grandpa McCain is taking a page out of the Palin debate book!!!

Lmao..uh fuck off Bob..lmao..lmao

Damn, I had "My Friends" for my drinking word and haven't touched a drop of alcohol

Goodbye Corn Belt!!

"You should have run 4 years ago"

Cause, you angry old troll.....

Rachel is live blogging tonights debate!

Did somebody sneak a teakettle under McSame's side of the desk or something?

Why the hell is it a badge of honor to stand up to your party?

If he says 'spread around the wealth' again I am going to scream!

The overhead projector is back!

McCain is choking already. (nt)

Uh oh, Gramps is getting angry!

Its time for some fun in #DUdebate on IRC again

Top Tampa GOP Figure Circulates Joke About Killing Obama

Let's see if Obama can get the last word... even ONCE. . . n/t


Thar she blows! "You should have run four years ago"

McCain just the got the last word on the second question,

Dean in Iowa at universities for two days....Kerry touring Iowa as well.

Tonight: The only time McSane has fillibustered in eight years!

HD CNN People

Psychology studies prove that people blink a lot when lying..

"I got the scars to prove it!"

Is anyone noticing how McCain keeps on saying "I"?

Time to call this fight

Time to call this fight

Obama refused Town Hall Meetings...McSham


"The intervention, the tragedy in Dallas."

"The intervention, the tragedy in Dallas."

Bob Schieffer is a piece of Dung!!!

"I've got the scars to prove it..."

McCain: Obama campiagn "has taken many turns that I find unacceptable"

It's all Obama's fault

Obama should just take a look at McCain and tell him he is erratic

McCain started off with Nancy Reagan

"We shoulda done town hall meetings!"

Here we go on the town hall meeting crap again.

McCain is a fucking liar..OMG

I think McCain is actually doing worse this time than last time.

here it comes...

Is the Meltdown going to come tonight?


you didn't tell the truth because you didn't....wha? n/t


John Lewis - I just predicted this minutes ago

He doesnt have to stand up to his party because they are right more often

BREAKING: McCain Just announced he's going to run a TRUTHFUL Campagin!

He has the highest spending because he has the highest support, you douche!


So this is McCain's Knock out plan--get angry, loud, and talk quick

McCain is a big ass cry baby.

McCain is the world's oldest toddler.

When did Mccain reputiate Palin's remarks?

Ireland: Lower corporate tax, higher personal tax

I hate to do this, but I need some help refuting RW e-mail crap

OKAY, Where the HELL are the OFFICIAL DEBATE THREADS? Pls. rec to Greatest so I can find you. nt

he's still afriad to say it to his face

he's still afriad to say it to his face

I voted today...Story from small town WV

I voted today...Story from small town WV

McCain is a punk.

That pieceof dung, just dissed my Cowboys...bastid!

Bob goes there!!!!!!!!!

He is such a bad liar.

Intervention of the tragedy at Dallas?

McCain JUST LOST! He Didn't Keep His Promise to Bring Ayers To The Debate!

Holy shit - they fixed McCain's eye...

Of course it's true McCain's campaign is primarily negative; to sit on his ass and lie...

McCain now crying over Obama negative ads

Is Mc* wearing pink lipstick?

Call McCain a waaaaaaaaaaaaambulance...

John F. Kennedy And Barry Goldwater ???

Someone needs to get a screen cap of McCain doing the "bug eyes"

Somebody throw GrumpyMcFuckface some tissues!

go there, baby! DO IT. BURY HIM!

Here we go Obama!

Rachel Maddow whose blogging the debate asks "why didnt' anybody give a shout out to Cheney?"

My wife just asked, "Why is this question even important?"

How does Obama keep his cool?

McCain supports stem cell research?

Obama did NOT throw John Lewis under the bus...

My Grandson has just said he blinks too much


Why does McCain get SO MUCH time to speak....


This debate is about to get vicious, McCain's head is going to explode...

McCain is getting pissed...

You're proud of the people who attend your rallies?

McShame is trying to play the victim here. AGAIN.

This is hard to watch.


Earth to McCain-Americans don't give a crap about townhall meetings

deleted dupe

OMG, we're in high school!!!!!!

What does the CNN superimposed graph look like?

Oh my GOD, is he actually turning it around to say that Obama is

McSame sounds like he is crying about this race being unfair


What a whiny little fuck. Are all conservatives so pathetically soft ?


Uh Oh, McSame just went there

Stand back he is gonna blow!

Bam...there it is! Ayers and Acorn - and Obama is READY

Ayers here we go

shitty, nasty, lying, neocon republican bullshit!!


OMG, I'm cracking up right now

McCain is losing it! Looks like a whiny Angry little man.

"Obama wants socialism and universal Healthcare. I'm moving to Canada!"


and there it is and now its done! McCain baby you LOSE

"Bill Ayers Has Become The Centerpiece of McCain's Campaign." BOOOOOM!


There's your opening... bring up AIP!

Here comes ACORN

McCain didn't bring up Ayers.

"I'm proud of the people who came to my rallies. "

"I'm proud of the people who came to my rallies. "

OK, here we go: Ayers, Acorn...

Are you fucking stupid?!?

Why can't Obama

Predicition: McCain is going to take off his shirt and demand that they wrestle.

Crap - Obama certainly fucked up by saying Redskins

Jesus Obama explain what fucking nonsense the Acorn thing is

Rachel on her blog is laughing about McCain's "evil t-shirts"

McCain...last word...ECONOMY!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!

Grampy's flatlining


McCain just the got the last word again. nt

I hate fucking LIARS - John McCain - You are a fucking LIAR - I fucking HATE you!

and that was the knockout punch: this speaks more about McCain than me.

Grampy's flatlining

McRacist gets last word AGAIN!!!

I'm sorry, but I just have to say

Is Joe the plumber a character from a morning zoo radio show I'm unaware of?

Kick dat ass Obama..kick it good! Old bastard is pissed, rattled and ready to blow big...

OMG - These Ayers facts are so not true - he's just making shit up now

Can't wait to hear Mc* defend Governor Moose.

McCain is lying his ass off!!

I hate to say it, but McCain is kicking Obama's ass right now.

if the McStupid camp didn't have the bogus bill ayers crap to talk about, what other fake scandal..

My god the guy is completely out of his fucking mind!!!! n/t

Have you watched the Palin interview from NH. . .she is a plain and simple idiot

and that was the knockout punch: this speaks more about McCain than me.

Take the Gloves off Obama...

Bullshit! McCain should NOT be getting the last word on every question!

Yeeehawww -- now he has to explain the Killa from Wasilla!!!

Daaaaaaaaamn you got KNOCKED THE F*CK OUT McCain!!!!!!

Sarah Palin a role model?

and that was the knockout punch: this speaks more about McCain than me.


McNon-sequitur is on fire

What is McCain writing down?

3 debates now, the womens line is waaaay smarter than the mens.

3 debates now, the womens line is waaaay smarter than the mens.

Best. Debate. Evah

and that was the knockout punch: this speaks more about McCain than me.

I haven't started watching yet.. waiting to get the kids to bed. HOW IS OBAMA DOING???

The lower 48?

McCain Is Reduced To Barfing Out RW-Nut Talking Points...


Everything that McCain is talking about, I don't give a damn about.

NO TRICK QUESTIONS!!! You can't aske about running mates. UNFAIR!

P'n-- a role model & reformer!!!! ROFLMAO!!

P'n-- a role model & reformer!!!! ROFLMAO!!

What question did McCain hear?

Sarah Palin a role model?

Sarah Palin a role model?

NBC: Virginia 436,000 new voters 40% under the age of 25

You know, McCain just blew a golden opportunity...


"Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin"

Like a puncher, the troll is fading and Obama is getting....

Obama is simply the better man.

i'm delighted by McCain's performance!

Pat Buchanan

When McCain said his campaign was about "getting back on track"

Did he just say disrupt the middle eastern oil supply?

Damn that Overhead Projector strikes again

Slam!!! Says more about you than it does about it!

McCain is toast. If he thinks this performance will propell him in the polls

McCain: "Joe Biden has been wrong"

McCain: "Joe Biden has been wrong"

I Want To F*CK McCain

FYI-Phillies up 3-0 in the 4th nt

McCain, oil is fungible. Dipshit. There's no such thing as

Rachel Maddow's latest live blogging comment:

Sarah Palin: role model for women.

Four in a row that mcRacist gets the last word.

Anybody concerned about how this debate is going-check out Intrade

"One of the greatest voter frauds in American History"

McCain looks foolish!

Are the CNN response meters available on any of the online feeds?

I can't watch that "men/women" line graff......

Obama is DOMINATING this debatE! 3-0 Yea! Thank you Barack Obama.

And AGAIN McLAme gets the last word...

Obama = the grownup. McCain = the whiny kid.

Oh, I see....

WTF is going on with Grampy's face?

C'mon John, mention it... please... its always my fave!

McCain is a rude little bastard...I would love to kick him hard...uggghh

FYI- Phillies up 3-0 in 5th


Did he say "breast of fresh air"????

Watching McCains facial expressions while Obama is speaking

Breasts of air!

"I'm proud of the people who came to my rallies. "

Ouch! The Special Needs Card...


I hate to say it, but Obama is kicking McCain's ass right now


Ha Ha..McCain almost said "shit"...Canadian oh yeah...we'll sell our "sh..oil to someone else"


McCain is flat lining on cnn, someone better get the paddles.

I like how they can tell us what to think about the debate before it's over. nt

McCain is driving his WAAMBULANCE

"Americans know that Sarah Palin is a role model to women..."

Hey ...guess who isn't wearing a flag pin ...McMagoo

Bottom out....

Obama Voted Against The First Gulf War ???

Somebody hit McCrazy. He's stuck in a loop

McCain just mentioned how tough the "first dude" is...AIP AIP AIP AIP!!

How can ANYBODY like John McCain???

Again, McBush says "nuclear power is safe, we transport it on subs and ships."

McCain: "I am a free-trader"


Why is he doing w/ that legal pad?

McCain channelling the "war on drugs"

McCain's voice is getting higher in pitch...

Tanking on CNN

Hey McDummy! Hawaii is south of the U.S. border!

I think McCain is doing worse this time than last time.

Please Remind Me How Many Years Has the PUKE Had...

I honestly think McCain is going to be another 2-5 points down in the polls after this debate

Do we REALLY need a thread for EVERY debate idea ?

McCain's cheek (where he had melanoma removed) is swollen tremendously again

What shade of lipstick is McCain wearing?

Healthcare and Education--Obama won on both.

Welcome back to the OBAMA wins third and final debate party @ DU!

Laughed looking at McCain's face when Obama said 0 fine on the healtcare issue

Gonna be a Major Bummer if DU goes down during the Election.

I'll call it - Obama won! Grand Slam! nt

Yeah- McCain is done. He used his "you don't understand" line again.

Interesting results when CNN talked to their panel of undecideds


OMFG, Obama is up huge on Intrade ~ O: 84.5 (up 4.5), M: 15.5 (dwn 5.6)

The Epitath Of This Campaign...

My husband, the scientist, decoded McCain's eye blinks.

Intrade Obama up by 3.3 after deabte Now Obama 83.3 McShit 16.2

I loved that Obama forced McCranky to talk about Ayers...

Did you all see McCain blew his lid about John Lewis

Meanwhile, Obama Takes Double-Digit Lead in New Mexico

Media sees shiny object and goes after it...

McCain almost exploded, meanwhile Obama is cool calm and collected

I AM "Joe the Plumber," or Josephine, if you would rather, and John

CM was very right when he said that McCluck

Here comes yet another last word for McCain...

Is McCain an imbecile? He lost independent women and probably some in his own party too..

Kicked off the site AGAIN! November 4 will be a MESS.

LOL!!!! O Winning All Snap Polls HUGE!!!!

MSNBC:Who won the debate?

Excellent minute by minute debunking by Think Progress

Charles Krauthummerbug and Faux focus groups gives victory to Obama...


Congratulations President Obama.

HA! CBS instant poll big Obama win 53-22 among uncommitted voters

Will someone tell McCain that Palin's baby is....

"I'm a Freetrader!"

CNN Polls Show Obama Wins Debate by 83%

Forget the policies....the debates described in 6 words.....

WOOHOO! We're Back!

Wolf Blitzer is a dick, taunts Hillary Clinton by asking

What I learned during the debate tonight about McSame's "killer" rallies!

Saw two of the network undecided focus groups

Anyone else?

Favorite line of the night

What the hell was with the split screen that had more McCain than Obama and Obama was....

But he is Bush's Mini Me !!!

Holy shit, did you just see the eye roll from McCain!???!?

"Cockamamie idea" Ok McCain, 1940 called, they said give them that phrase back.

What happend to "I can see Russia from my back yard"

What the CNN mood tracker tells us: women REALLY don't like John McCain

I see the hand wringers our out in full force tonight here on DU..

Mark Halperin's grades: O B(+) M- A(-)

"There is a definite blink-count divide emerging here". from Rachel's blog

I love DU. Probably too much, since 2002. But I won't plan on it Nov. 4.


Rumor...Joe Six Pack and Joe Dah Plumber

DEAR JOHN ZOGBY: Now that you're in the push-poll business...

Interesting results when CNN talked to their panel of undecideds

Did McSame remind anyone else of an angry little dog trying to gnaw on Barack's leg ?


Bullshit! Stop Giving McCain the Last Word Every Damn Question!!!

Is there a YouTube video of McCain's "air quotes" about a woman's "health"?

I can't watch - did he say "whippersnapper" yet?

BREAKING! McCain to dump Palin, name "Joe The Plumber" as VP

Have you ever seen anyone blink as much as McCain did in this debate?

One thing's for sure . . .

CNN Poll out

Palin may not blink....but McWhiney sure does!!!! Is that like a lie detector??

FUCK IT, we'll do it LIVE!!!!!


Can I Be Joe The Plumber?

CNN Debate Poll O 58 M 31

"I'm happy to talk to you, too, Joe, if you're out there."

"I'm happy to talk to you, too, Joe, if you're out there."

Free at last, FREE AT LAST!!!

CNN Poll: Obama wins by 58% to 31%!

Hillary live NOW on CNN nt

CNN poll of people who watched the debate--Obama 58, McCain 31

Are we back yet?

Anyone notice McCain sticking out his tongue repeatedly through debate?

CNN SNap Poll: Obama 58, McCain 31

McCain on Todd: "Her husband's a pretty tough guy, too."

KARE Minneapolis Poll

KARE Minneapolis Poll

Most all CSPAN callers were very impressed by Obama

I don't like those "sit down" debates...too informal or something.

OK, so I was concerned at the beginning, BUT...

McCain and ACORN...

CNN Scientific Poll -- Obama 58% McCain 31%

John tried to get up and leave three times by my count.

McCain minimized the health of the mother...



who is loosing the debait?

Desperation and nasty are such an attractive mix

CNN: O-58 M-31

I know how to do everything.

The clear winner JOE THE PLUMMER

rahm emmanuel just took credit for electing obama and the class of 2006.

CNN POLL: Obama wins -- 58 to 31!

WTF is Joe the Plumber ?

We need stills of McCain losing it, rolling his eyes, etc

If McCain thought that changed things, he's fucking delusional.

Fellow DU'ers I have something to say.

INTRADE tells the story!

Obama wins these debates

Obama gracious on Palin, McCain trashes Biden

Obama gracious on Palin, McCain trashes Biden

Global markets continue their fall on Thursday.

Why did McCain keep talking about Joe Plummer from Canadian Band Modest Mouse?

CNN, Obama won the debate 58% - 31%!!!

Fellow DUers I have something to Add:

Fellow DUers I have something to Add:

Anybody else think McCain's suit screamed Mafia?

What in the world is wrong with DU?

Obama! Presidential - and hits this one out of the park.

Funny watching the pundits change their opinions when the Poll results come out from the debate

CNN: "Across the board, our panel did not like Joe The Plumber"

CNN: 58% Obama 31% McCain

CNN: 58% Obama 31% McCain

Heh. Heh. McCain said "irregraphically."

Pundits said McCain did better because he was "feisty", stupid Brokow said Obama was "sitting on his

This is what will happen the second the debate ends.

Ratings will be down for this debate.

CBS Poll: Obama won the Debate!!! 53-22-24

At 55 min into the debate I thought McCain was going to explode...

More Jui Jitzu. Did You See How He Credited Palin With Caring

More Jui Jitzu. Did You See How He Credited Palin With Caring

CNN -Obama wins the debates 3 - 0 (Gergen Agrees)

BWAHAHAHA!! Via CNN- Obama won 58-31!! PLUS MORE!!

Head Up -- Hillary On CNN

We won!!! Now it is on, GOTV!



I'm a fucking wreck

George Will: "Joe the Plumber is the paragon of all American virtue"

Not concern, but vigilance! To the POLLS PEOPLE!


The health of the mother quote should be the game ender

What the hell was with the screwed up split screen were McCain had more screen and Obama....

DU REALLY Needs to fix this Glitch!

It's not who won with words

Is it just me or am I hearing McCain actually SNORT from time to time?

Meet Joe the Plumber (Video)

Mediacurves results

McCain is just a nutcase.

Did he say Power Pants?

CNN Poll 58 to 31 for Obama

Heh heh heh *snort*...heh heh heh *snort*... McBush sounds like the old man Muppet

And now, a picture of a broom.

Obama called McCain a puss.

Except For That "Energy" Lifeline, Schieffer Was More Fair Than I Expected


McSame giveth, McSame taketh away. poll

Winning This Election Is No Longer Important

McRollEyes can't even say Michelle's name argh!!! nt

What I learned during the debate about McSame "killer" rallies.

OK,Obama, here is what I want to hear from you tonight....

I still believe Obama got his butt kicked earlier.

Is it just my local cable provider or is the MSNBC feed crap tonight?

Leslie Sanchez (beautiful Repuke on CNN) - Obama won this one.

good lord...on EVERY metric: likability, leadership, empathy...

McCain cleaned his clock on taxes.


Wonder how many times Johnny Boy is gonna slug Cindy tonight cuz he lost the debate.

McSHOCKED new nick name after this moment in debate (video)

Between the Snake Tongue and the PigMan Snorts McCain was Morphing Animals tonight

Hillary on FOX right now!

Who was most likeable...Obama at 70%...this from CNN

Freepers freaking about Fox - wha happened?

Did it sound like McCain said "breast of fresh air" when he was talking about Palin?

Here's your Joe the Plumber, McAsshole !

"Old washed up terrorist" that McCain used, didn't I read that HERE last week? n/t

A sigh of relief

CNN Poll Says Obama Ate McCain's Lunch

At least Obama was out there talking to "Joe the Plumber." Et tu, McCain?

Joe the Plumber's union endorsed Obama.

"Joe the Plumber" is another version of Phil Gramm's Dickie Flatt. Who was

What the fuck Joe?

Oh, snap!

McCain was all eyes...

Caption McLizard

McCain’s most out of touch statement of the evening

Is Joe The Plumber and Joe Sixpack the same person?


Tweety says "Obama has to connect with the white male tonight."

Brit Hume: What was that peculiar thing McCain did with his eyebrows and facial expressions.. poll Obama 85.59, McCain 12.63 link:

Dubya has FINALLY been unseated

So when does someone investigate Joe the Plumber? And finds out he's full of shit?

McCain gets blow job from Joe the Plumber under the table

I love watching John King spin. It's like tires in mud.

I bet McGrumpy wishes he hadn't brought up John Lewis. Obama did a great smackdown

Screen Shot Of McCain After Debate

Did McCain mean down's syndrome when talking about Palin's baby? He said autism.

I think this was the worst debate performance by McCain

No matter how hard he tries I don't think McCain could ever win a debate against Obama

Dammit! What was that site for streaming MSNBC???

Ever notice how cold McSame is to his wife?

McCain is allout crazy.... NUTS..... HE HAS LOST HIS TEMPER

Was McCain wearing a Depends tonight?

to the GOP obama IS a terrorist

How is it humanly possible

Song of the night

Obama's statement that Palin energized the base of the GOP garners a look at that base

Pat Buchanan says McCain won the debate!

McCain's Public Education Policy = Private School vouchers

Flush McCain/Palin

John King on CNN is "skeptical" of the post debate polls

Skinner and Elad: does DU need anything from us to keep the site up ?


---THIS is why we can't get on the board!!!!!!----

Skinner, on November 4th, you'd better have the DU servers reinforced with TITANIUM!

Joe Six pack and Joe the Plummer have been identified

This guy is going to get a lot of hits....

Senator McCain- how about a few weeks of town hall meetings starting tomorrow--

I give McCain credit for one thing that I have never seen a presidential candidate do before...

CNN poll of independents on who won the dabte Obama 57-31, John King = President Obama

CNN - Independents gave the debate to--------

McCains Unfavorables UP after Debate

I called it this morning

Oregonian Poll

Joe the plumber's union endorsed Obama!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Palin has a nephew or niece who is autistic

WaPo Exclusive: Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

Can someone explain to me the Chavez comment??

McCain only connected tonight with his rabid, insane base

Intrade right now: Obama 84.1: McSame 15.9

Bad night in Frostbite Falls for the Moose party. n/t.

This board is awesome...

Seattle Times poll

"Quote 'community organizer'" "Quote 'health'"

Post your grades for the debate

Post your grades for the debate

McCain's misogynism came out tonight for a few drinks and a bitch slap

David Gergen's advice to McCain...

Desperation: McCain Claims That Obama Voted To Let Babies Die

Funniest Line Of The Night From David Gergen - When Asked By Anderson Cooper What McCain Does.....

How can any tv Pundit call this debate for McCain?

Senator Government

McCain's "Wild Wild West" moment

McCain's "Wild Wild West" moment


MEDIA CURVES Debate Poll results! Obama wins Independents 60% to 30%!

The CNN Panel They Assembled - Looks Like The Last Supper......nt

David Gergen: "Beats the hell out of me."

I must say, the soundest trumping tonight was the abortion thing......

I must say, the soundest trumping tonight was the abortion thing......

I want to know what brand of lipstick McCain was wearing

Shocking: nuclear plants not popular?

51 plus 31 equals 18 Percent of Americas are......

Talking point for tomorrow

Obama always takes the high road. said palin was qualified and didn't knock her

I'll be Joe The Plumber for Halloween

Funniest blog entries I saw tonight during the debate....

McCain attacks Obama literally everytime he opens his mouth.

Obama said hatcheting the budget would cut care for developmentally disabled kids.

My lasting impression of McCain from tonight's debate...

I think McCain's attack on John Lewis insured

KO posted a Breaking News Banner: "Joe the Plumber Has Gone To Bed" n/t

If ONLY Obama had done those ten town halls McCain NEVER would have gone negative?

LOL!!! Obama flag conspiracy theory

Urban America and the Poor ignored once again

It's So Funny How The Pundits Go From "McCain Was Strong" to "He Didn't Do Enough"

Did Obama call him Sarah McCain at one point?

Obama did good

ATTENTION: $5000 healthcare for FAMILIES...Singles will get half

Their guy is like any Arizona country club fuck. Rude, condescending

OBAMA WINS ALL THREE DEBATES. Networks Now Reporting It. Last Debate By Double Digits

OBAMA WINS ALL THREE DEBATES. Networks Now Reporting It. Last Debate By Double Digits

This guy's business will definitely pick up tomorrow->

Who else just donated due to us SWEEPING all four debates!

Here's what a millionaire plumber looks like

Congrats to Obama (Zen master), Axelrod, and the whole campaign

McCain's last contribution was a loud *snort*, wasn't it?

I thought this was a key moment

****OMG!! IS MCCAIN POSSESSED!!?!?!?!?**** VID...Shudder...


Boy, McSame babbled alot tonight. He seemed to ramble on

Just taking a moment to look at our next President

McCain and ACORN...

KO just showed vid pic of Joe The Plumber.l


"Beats the hell out of me"

McCain to endorse Obama [Sean] Looks like the Luntz group went Obama. Greta van Sustererereren crestfallen.

So, mcfifthfromthebottomofhisclass believes soldiers without teacher certification ought to teach?

Andrea Mitchell thinks McCain scored points on the John Lewis thing cuz he felt bad, waaaaaa

the fine is zero you idiot.


CNN just had a positive Obama ad up, good ad.

I thought this was a key moment.

PHILLIES WIN!!!!!!!!!! IBTL!!!

Obama "got his political start in Bill Ayer's living room"...John, that's a flat-out lie!

CNN poll, broken down

McCains Brilliant Ideas.

HAHAHA John King and his map remind me of the delegate map in the primaries.

John McCain Opened Up a Can of Whoop Ass Tonight

Just your average Joe???

Obama "got his political start in Bill Ayer's living room" Now, John, there ya go, lying again.

Obama should say: "so, if you're running against Bush, why did _you_ wait four years to do it?"

So what does Obama do now, since McSAME is going in ATTACK mode bigtime??

Obama's comeback to the "not bush" - "If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck..."

McCain is one strange little man.

He... That one....with the words.... The big words,,,, the biggy big words...

Joe the plumber is Joe six pack




McCain's "I'm Not George Bush" == Nixon's "I am not a crook"

Let's hear it for Bob Schieffer

There WAS an ass whipping tonight.

New response for when someone says something unbelievable:


how the hell does Palin know the difficulties about raising a special needs child?

Oh, for the love of God.... would someone PLEASE....

I'm Coming for YOU, Joe!

I hope this backfires on Hannity--I just got this from a friend who got from a RW family member...

I hope this backfires on Hannity--I just got this from a friend who got from a RW family member...

My wife and I just donated another $50 to the Obama campaign

Goodbye McNut...and take your fucking plumber with ya....

Favorite Debate Moments: Post yours here.....

Are McCain's eyes always this dilated?

Old POW trick: McCain's Blinking was actually Morse Code

Can anyone explain how Palin is the foremost authority on autism?

SNL is going to turn "Joe the Plumber" into a national joke...

Why does McCain Blink so much? McCain's body language is odd

Forget who "won": Was this any kind of game changer for McSame?

Floridians .... Reminder...Early Voting Starts October 20th.....

What does poor old John McCain do now?

McKKKain "scored points" by saying he was hurt??? WTF?

Did anyone notice how McCains face kept changing?? When he was

CNN Undecideds Panel: Obama won, 15-10. 3 voters who say they've decided after debate go for Obama.

MSNBC post-debate analysis videos starting to be posted (including Rachel & KO)

DU Post Debate Poll --- Who Won the Final Debate? [VOTE]

Best Moment of Debate for McCain.

McCain's 1st half hour that he supposedly won...

How on board are you?

CNN poll, broken down

Who the hell is Joe the Plumber?

CNN Flash Poll of Debate Watchers!!! Obama wins 58%, McTroll 31%

CNN Flash Poll of Debate Watchers!!! Obama wins 58%, McTroll 31%

Does McCain understand the difference between autism and Down's Syndrome?

Breaking news: Secret Service investigating threat from Scranton Palin rally

Did I hear wrong or did McCain say transplants were cosmetic surgery

yeah, 'cause John Lewis wouldn't know racism and hatred when he saw it...

DEBATE: McCain DISQUALIFIES Himself As Potential Presidential Candidate For ANYONE Who Is Pro-Choice

Great new bumper sticker....Joe the Plumber for Obama

McShit's rudest moment


Snorty McSnortsnort

All the Plumbers, including Joe, already endorsed OBAMA...

Saw (Heard) Joe the Plumber on CBS After the Debate: He's in the tank for McCain.

I'm kind of glad that McCain brought out all the RW garbage against Obama

A snide and sneering man

RNC Stops Ad Buys In Wisconsin

DEBATE-McCain DISQUALIFIES Himself As Potential Presidential Candidate For ANYONE Who Is Pro-Choice

Does anyone here get cosmetic surgery with their health insurance here?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Hempstead, NY, for tonight's debate at Hofstra University

Ferraro is now a Republican? Praising McCain (we trust him on foreign policy)

2 things that horrified me - McCain being "proud" of his rally attendees and

My frustration is growing with the Media. When is it going to REALLY delve into Palin and AIP amonst

Stan Greenberg's Focus Group: "Decisive" for Obama

So, how about that Trig Palin?

If I didn't agree with him already politically...

How to explain the Joe the Plumber "share the wealth" misrepresentation:

Finally McCain voters and I totally agree with each other on something:

I thought the Obama camp put out a statement re: John Lewis' comments?

Revenge is best served cold...

Pre-debate LOLz because we need the laugh! (pic heavy)

Joe the plumber Average Joe???


Obama Did a FANTASTIC Job Refuting the Ayers Issue

We've left Ayers and we're now talking about Joe the Plumber.

So was it just me then........

Say, Who Remembers Iraq?

Palin has a rally 25 miles away from here tomorrow. Should I go?

What's the latest on Powell's endorsement tomorrow?

McCain was DEAD WRONG on two points that I hold near and dear to my heart...

WTF? Buchanan says if Obama wins he won't have any kind of a mandate?

McCain thinks women's health is "extremist" and a joke. Nice job there,

It will be great to have a President who is unflappable

so, why exactly would Joe the Plumber NOT buy the company..

"I'm Joe the Plumber, and I'm voting Obama"

McPig had really dilated pupils

Eloquent = articulate

The freepers are freeping this Reuters poll poll Obama 68 McCain 32

Daschle: '2/3 Of AmericansThink McCain Is Angry & For 90 minutes He Tried To Convince The Other 1/3'

Tonight the political strategy of Karl Rove died.

Tonight the political strategy of Karl Rove died.

AOL poll. VOTE, it's tied now. scroll down on page

McCain jealous of Obama's eloquence...

Buchanan sez "Obama is not going to get any sort of mandate."

The pundits keep talking about what McCain needs to start doing -- a little late, isn't it?

For those of us who missed the debate b/c of work, can anyone objectively summarize for us?



McCain's "Joe the plumber" reminds me of Phil Gramm's "Dickie Flatt".

Honestly, is there anything funnier than the pundits wanting, wanting, wanting

Why are all the msm pundits saying that McCain won the debate

AOL poll has it split so far

Are Joe the Plumber and Joe Six-Pack the same person?

Is your running mate Sarah Palin ready to be President? She'll make a good partner

McCain: "If Obama would've agreed to 10 town-hall debates, we wouldn't call him a terrorist"

Is it bad of me to wish that, when they'd discussed whose running mate is better...

Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama, for so much.

Hate Talk Express: Keep On Rollin'!

i am going to open a new national chain

John McCain confirmed tonight that he's a callous, reprehensible bastard

Did we get through an entire debate w/o the POW line?

Does Joe the Plumber know Joe Six-Pack? - Reuters

Will McCain still appear on Letterman tomorrow?

I just choked on my cookies when Buchanan was admitting

How awesome was it to hear Hillary keep saying 'President Obama'?

I don't care if you're a plumber, a chiropractor or a chimney-sweep...

"HEALTH"... the pig put sneer quotes around a Woman's Health

PALIN is NO role model for me you fucking twit. I do not flirt and lie and wink to get my way

McLame was so proud of himself after each answer, just grinning like

OMFG - that is all. nt

Surfing: Bill Bennett , CNN , said he "wants to make sure Bill Ayers isn't Secretary of Education."

Ferraro praising Obama on Faux..WTF??? When did she come


Joe The Plumber's business will be BOOMING!

he's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes....

Thank God for Barack Obama.

Pundits suck...I know what I saw, I know what was said and I

Why is guy who's making $250,000 a year being paraded around like he's an Average Joe?

More of Us

Ok DUers, let's all say it together!!!!

Freepers look to Joe the Plumber to save them. Freepers: "Joe the plumber just won it for us"

Michelle's blue dress......WOW

I didn't think it was possible, but I dislike McCain more then Bush

Health of the mother? Bah! Who cares!!

Buchanan is an idiot.

Obama voting against Breyer - MSNBC FirstRead caught that error from McCain

I don't care if a nuclear plant melts down in my BACK YARD!


Whoa... RNC Drops Ads In Wisconsin And Maine To Focus On Red States... But Then, Lousiana Too ???

"Senator Government"

A business with Net income of $250,000 would cost about 1 million to buy!

Did he mean to say "implants" when he said "transplants"? I mean, it was a stupid

Could somebody explain to me what "gold plated" health insurance is

"Joe the Plumber" must be a greedy SOB.

Don't Plumbers make significantly more than most workers?

Someone please tell me what Autism..

McKKKain wipes hand on jacket after shaking Obama's hand

Donald Trump CNN interview: Bush should have been impeached - trusts Palin to run the economy

"Oh. please Brer McCain, don't throw me into the Ayers patch!"

Blink. Blink blink.

McCain's debate prep tapes leaked!

The moment that changed this debate? A few days ago when Obama dared McPsycho to say it to his face.

If you think McCain is winning the debate, leave the forum.

Obama did a terrible job refuting the Ayers issue

Tina Fey....Meet Joe the Plumber

Tina Fey....Meet Joe the Plumber

Which was your favorite McCain key word from the debates

When McShame mocked the idea of "spreading the wealth"

My Last Minute Prediction .....

I just watched the debate in rewind and noticed how fast McNuts was blinking

McCain was the Grinning, Bug-Beady-Eyed, Crazy Guy on the Bus

So Hillary is doing post-debate spin for the Obama campaign?

By the Way- Did you notice McCain said Palin's baby has AUTISM?

please DU this WSJ poll: who won

Look what just appeared in my mailbox... OBSESSION: Radical Islam's War Against the West

Great McDick GIF on Kos (stolen, look!)

BRAD BLOG: Hey GOP! So Where's That ACORN 'Voter Fraud'???

I am kind of sorry I watched this debate on HDTV

Choose your FAVORITE McCain debate moment(s)

***** POST POLLS HERE! *****


Obama setteling the Ayers issue, NICELY..nt

Biden in Ohio 3pm: If we win we'll call Congress back into session the 2nd or 3rd week of November

VIDEO - Palin Thinks New Hampshire is in the Northwest--- And is Booed

Trig Palin: Autism or Down's Syndrome?

Obama AGREES with McCain then McCain Angrily Denounces Himself

Joe the plumber ain't going to make a quarter million without customers

Obama will push McCain's buttons, he knows how to do it so well.

Cosmetic surgery and transplants on those Cadillac policies

What does McSame write on that notepad?

Joe the Plumber better be Mr. Clean. That news spotlight can be very ugly.

I Am Officially Changing My Name to Joe D. Plumber.

Radical Fringe Toon 10/15 "When Fascism Comes......."

If Only Senator Government has done 10 Town Hall Events

NC leaning Obama

I was very angy this debate .. i just wanted to slap McCain right across his ugly face

McCain buggin

McCain buggin

McCain: Get your own health insurance.

McCain's "Deer in Headlights" moment:

Anyone think McCain was medicated for this debate?

McCain screwed himself up with his abortion answer.

Both official CBS and CNN polls: Obama wins third debate by huge margins, improves likability.

Obama is a Vulcan. McCain is a Cardassian.

Yes. We. Carve.

This race effectively just ended in everything but name. Remember to vote and all of that,

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Ok who on SNL will play "Joe the Plumber"?

Ok who on SNL will play "Joe the Plumber"?

McCain's abortion answer ended it. And I don't mean the debate, I mean the election.

Best Moment of the Debate, Hands Down.

Re: GOP/White House disowning McGrumpy & Winky Mooselini

I'm so happy I want to make a movie thread

Obama to celebrate election night in Chicago - outdoor celebration, maybe in Grant Park

Prediction: Within the next week, Joe the plumber will endorse Obama during an interview

I should be part of McCain's core constituency.

I should be part of McCain's core constituency.

Gergen on what McCain does now: "Beats the hell out of me."

McCain is the most bizarre politician I've ever seen.



I truly savored Obama's Frederick Fucking Chopin Moment of tonight's debate

United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters endorses Obama

Someone tell me what CariBoo Barbie has done for special needs kids? Except to give birth to one?


I drnk wenevr he sed 'spred teh welth"

Complaint about Obama yard signs

Murtha: Western Pa. 'racist' but Obama should win

McGore, McKerry, McDole, McDukakis, McMondale, McGoldwater or McGovern?

I was a big supporter of Hillary, but I couldn't be a bigger supporter

"Nobody is pro-abortion" thank you Senator Obama. Since

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator: How Much Will Your Family Save?

SlingBlade: Billy Bob Thornton was just on Malloy in character as Karl Childers

While You Were Distracted: bush Budget Deficit Hits All-time High

Stunning, remarkable video. Schiff predicts economic furture....

News from my brother-in-law: Micron, Boise, laying off 1500 workers.

This is the sickest, craziest thing I have read from the right in a long time.

Let's play "How long can you watch Harper's speech without yelling"

When McLame kept twirling his Sharpie in his fingers, who else thought of "The Caine Mutiny"?

Video: CSPAN 10/14/08 - Fmr. World Bank Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz !!!

How do you really feel about this election? I'm listening to Anderson 360 now,


"steal back your vote"

Gray vote no longer reliably red

Immigrants integral to state (Ne) economy (9% meat processing, construction and food services)

Palin's Membership in Anti-American Radical Group AIP

Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle (MoJo)



We can never let up. No more autopilot.

Cops: Couple starved daughter, 14, to 48 lbs.

Why are repukes Republican?

Palin / Biden debate - 5 minute version

Stock market woes all the fault of Carter, Clinton, Democrats and poor people.

World markets mostly down

Deleted post

Well I voted today (Canada). The outcome sucks but at least it's another minority...

From Democracy Now: Robert Parry: Why Are McCain Backers So Angry?

From Democracy Now: Robert Parry: Why Are McCain Backers So Angry?

Palin has checkered history on ethics issues

Keith picked up the Penguin/Batman debate similarities! PERFECT.

New Obama Campaign Ad!

Based on poll results, it's time for concern trolls to STFU.

My Friend Bill Ayers

Private sector loans, not Fannie or Freddie, triggered crisis

We need to hit back hard on this nonsense about Obama bringing "big government" back to Washington.

Missouri went over from the darkside today - October 15 - for Obama!

Why Evolution is True

WJ this morning - your To Do List for the next President

John McCain ****of Ohio**** votes for Obama

Did Obama Campaign want Palin/AIP story to come out late?

My county Dem office..

Went to see Robin Thicke and Mary J. Blige last night both endorsed Obama.

TOONS: Joel Pett gets it again, and Wiley has a run going

Front page of the New York Post

Prayer, the last refuge of McCain/Palin supporters?

Hillary casts aside White House ambitions- says chances close to zero she'll run again

Paraphrasing Grover Norquest, We have a great opportunity before us

Would a check for $1/4 million keep you from going postal?

I have a question about McLame and Failin's campaigning.

How does Fox get away with calling themselves a news network?

Why are so many people obsessed with Joe "intern killer" Scab?

McCain campaign to YouTube: Stop taking down our campaign videos over copyright violations

Fox New brings out a new voter fraud buster

McCain: telegraphing strategies... WTF????

Morning Joe uses racial slur "dropped the bomb on the Japs in '45"

CIA tactics endorsed by White House in secret memos - TORTURE

Rush the Squealer Place your bets/ eeer votes.

Bush* trying to come up with a Plan B.. I like Rachel's Plan C

Joe Scarborough must really be scared

Just saw a 527 TV ad from a group I've never heard of

Breaking!!!!! No. 2 Al Qaida in Iraq dead Again.

I just checked my Schwab account.

I want to start talking about the post 10/3 world

Another number 2 Al Qaeda has been killed apparently

David Sirota: Remembering Those Other American Dreams

It's a joke the way the media has hyped McCain bringing up Ayers tonight

CAPTION the Brain Trust

Robert Scheer: The Hoover-Palin Ticket

Guess what, the Paulson/Bush bailout program has triggered dozens of mailings

Bill Scher: Will McCain Walk Into an Ayers Trap Tonight?

"I wash ashtoished to hear shthat"

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's war on bankers' salary deals

CNN: Whistleblower: Oil watchdog agency 'cult of corruption'

I just can't understand why...

Email to CNN - contact info I have bounces....

I voted today and that gave me a great idea.

In 1990 Gorby Reminds of Progress Made; In 2007 he Reminds of Progress Lost - Bush History,10/15

Is "talk me down" the new troll mantra? ......

It's time to put the cop back on the beat... Hold industry accountable for the tax $ you've invested

Bumper sticker that I want to put on my car on 11-5

Cheney a short history

== More booze and cake! = By Mark Morford

Cheney is hospital with uneven heart beast

(Update: ratchet is ALIVE) Army Blocks Soldier From Taking Puppy From Iraq (100,000 sign petition)

Last Day: Push On To Register Voters - 'possibility more MA voters will register than JFK in '60's!'

The Daily Beast webmaster answered my e-mail

More attempts to paint Obama as a socialist...

White House memos endorsed CIA waterboarding: report

Obama Ads Appearing in Xbox 360 Video Game

3fer: Dennis (LEARY) NUGENT. Tmi: Bahbwa Wahwah. Guard dog sics on Mc5PLANES, chooses OBAMA.

Today Show - did the high wire walker make it?

If we win big in November...

Why James, Why?

Tapper thinks there's something nefarious in Obama camp talking point email he found

You think Alaska is nuts? My state, TX, has a lower % on the Yahoo composite poll. :^p

Just wondering if McCain pulled out of Michigan because of his association with foreclosure king?

Nevada Governor (R) Sued for Allegedly Threatening Rape

delete please

These are the young members of the Palin mob...I'd bet good money on it...

Cheeney having an atrial fibrilation...

Army Question - Administrative Separation Under Adverse Conditions?

Cheney sick

OMG! - It's The DecaBox

Palin wolf killer ad

The bottled water fraud......

Make Your Best Haiku Or Limerick About Free Republic

**** Breaking News*** ***This Just in***

Aide: John Paul was wounded in 1982 stabbing

The Wall Street coup and the bailout scam

AP repeated McCain campaign's false claim that Obama "failed to tell the truth" about Ayers

How come we don't see Joe Biden every morning for a half an hour like Sarah on all the cable shows?

CNN POLL: Obama making gains in red states - Did I say red states?

Economic astronomy -- Richard Feynman

GWB fundraiser in Grand Rapids aimed at saving the seats of a pair of Congressional asses

McCain Bingo

Backward Bush Clock

Backward Bush Clock

Is this board about to vote citizens of Alabama off the island?

Birmingham On The Brink (of bankruptcy)

Birmingham On The Brink (of bankruptcy)

Derivatives: The next boot to fall.

Help debunking e-mail about tax proposals

Why will the MSM say McCain won the debate?

They're lying about the reason Cheney went to the hospital.

In regard to the Computer option to watch MSNBC,

Who is the League of Conservation Voters?

just so you know what it may be like to protest

GM: Better Off Bankrupt

barack"the facts"

many interesting headlines today..

They're weak. Just limping along. People hate them. Attack.

The galaxy has a lot of stars, right?

Warm Up for Tonight's Debate Without Watching the Pundits

A nice website that brings together a lot of info against McCain

McCain will finish his campaign with the classic GOP whine

Captain Consumer here! We need to buy! Buy anything! It's American as granite countertops.

There Is All Kinds Of Nasty Crap In Your Bottled Water

Rules for Republicans of after President Obama is sworn in

Cartoon Characters Registered GOP Calls for Investigation

Wow..Bush does not look good

The "S" Word

Yo Gramm/McCain/other rich a-holes - the economy is doing SO WELL that a woman was just going

Obama “He’s neither-nor, It’s in the Bible. Come as one. Don’t create other breeds.”

This is for McCain/Palin to hear:

So Paulson's and Bush's $250 billion equity position in the nine banks

If you're doing well in this country, then you should pay your fucking share.

What Was With McCain's Facial Expressions??

NEW! from the McCain Campaign - Introducing... NUCLEAR POWER PANTS®!

Did Pirates Create The Credit Crunch?

Daimler closing Portland Freightliner truck plant

AP, CNN report that Obama represented ACORN, but not that DOJ was also a plaintiff in the lawsuit

You know you are a redneck if

I propose a fundraiser for Cheney

Pre Debate Toons II- The eCONomy

Remember Timberlake's song ,"Dick in a Box"? Heeee's baaaack:

Three weeks out and the clock ticks slowly, what are you doing to relax?

Go on the record before the debate...Will he or won't he?

Votes to be Counted by Hand

DOW falling off cliff right now... down 500.

I have a ten year old granddaughter that want to go trick or treating as a Whoopee Cushion

Heads up! NAOMI KLEIN ("The Shock Doctrine") will be on Thom Hartmann's show today

This SUCKS! Texas Court of Appeals (D) Justice NOT allowed to dissent (regarding Tom Delay case)

Any Link To A Real Time Price-Earning Ratio Average For the S&P 500?

So today, gas at the Hess station in town is $2.879 for Regular

Talk about cliff diving.......

So how many more tricks can Bush pull out of his ass to try and prop up the economy?

Number 2 Al Kida Leader Killed In Iraq

So, I'm looking through the classifieds in my local paper and I find this...

What If God Loses the Election?

Pre-Debate Toons III Happy Halloween

What manner of man is this?

Retail Sales in U.S. Fall Most in Three Years on Job Losses, Housing Woes

Census data: More than 25 percent of American families are now low wage

The Square Wheeled Express pulls out of Wisconsin

WOO-HOO! ANOTHER Al Qaeda Number 2 Killed!!!

There are some very strong Palin supporters out there, you know ......

Advice too all Democrats !!!

CNN: Nancy Reagan hospitalized

Bush: I am doing fine

Look at the Houston Chronicle for today....

Nascar drivers to race naked amid credit/sponsor implosion.

I stand in sheer awe of the effectiveness of the bailout...

DU POLL: What should be the moderators' single greatest PRIORITY on Election Night?

Mr Obvious says: As the stock market continues to slide, 500 point losses

Buying stocks for Dividends...

Do I have my 401k invested right for the financial times?

Did anyone ever ID Monkey Boy?

Why should you care about Troy Davis?

Morning Joe on MSNBC

Not So Fast CNN (fact check)

Metaphorically speaking.....(great series of Wiley Miller TOONS)

We Waited In Line 75 Minutes To Vote For Obama...

World's biggest spam operator shut down

NM Senate Poll: Udall (D) 57(+2), Pearce (R) 37(-4)

Nascar Runs Into Economic Wall as Sponsorships Dry Up Amid Credit Crisis

Is Joe The Plumber's $250,000 a year net or gross income?

George Bush's Moronity Grows By The Day.

Why is that woman on the Glade commercial always lying to her snobby friends?

I was in Dallas yesterday

What I learned from the debate:

How short selling destroyed Wall Street (on purpose)

The most pathetic baby panda ever

HA! Just saw my first I'm voting for "That one" bumper sticker

An Open Letter to Cindy McCain From a Gold Star Mom

What's up with dick cheney? Did he have a heart attack, surgery?

NY AG Cuomo orders AIG to cease and desist

Do you think Bush wishes he had never been president now?


About the downtime tonight... Democratic Underground failed you, and we are sorry.

McCain WINS!

The RNC - flat-assed broke - is borrowing to fight off strong Dem Senate runs .....

Andy Cuomo: the first salvo against exec compensation. AIG is the target

Another day, another Craptacular on Wall Street.

Dow Loses 8% Amid Recession Fears

Volunteer Energy and Political Tipping Points -- What We Can Do

Stocks on both sides of the Atlantic get that sinking feeling again.....

DOW down 700 points.

Wall Street lays another BIG turd on investors and the resue plan goes right on doing what BushCo

This Is Pretty Much What I Picture

Canadian General Election results shows what happens with a divide and conquer strategy

Dubious honor: My county just named 'most vulnerable' by Forbes

Have fun!

They're talking about 401Ks being cut in half ..... wait till the severe unemployment hits.

So on Monday I will be going to the polls to vote for Obama/Biden

Down down 617 approx 9 minutes before close

Who wants to be "Joe Sixpack", anyway?

Which CNN death watch graphic has taken priority today at

A question for those more astute about the financial business than I

AAR.... Please Get New Sponsors....

Mississippi is a ***tossup***????????????

She looks sad, he looks dead...

THIS is why I like you. Please lend me your patience:

Did Ari Fleischer just make a major Freudian slip on MSNBC?

Wish us luck.

CIA tactics endorsed in secret memos Waterboarding got nod from White House

Ok lets lay down bets.. will McCain bring up all the "terrorist ties"....tonight at the debate?

A friend, 11 years at his company and he finds out...

Chris Strickland-House Dist. 25 appears to be scaring his Pub opponent!

Cailfornia Proposition 8. Can you help in ANY way?

“W” – An early review

Mass found in Cheney's chest

Looking for reasonable home prices?

Race: The ONLY WAY they can steal it this time

Great... AIG execs partridge hunting in Britain to the tune of $86K.

500,000 Coffins

This Friday On Real Time With Bill Maher

The Stock Market: If it's not one thing, it's ten others!

Hurricane Omar

Dutchmen on trial for spreading HIV at sex parties captions the same set of Biden/Palin debate screens (dial-up killa)

Losing my mind. Looking for McCain Bingo link

NRSC To Abandon Schaffer (CO-SEN)?

Remember, the economy has feelings too! (wtf?!)

Is it true that an email with a "picture" of "hanged" bin laden is fatally viral?

Something all these Republicans have in common... they don't own anything,

This is Fox News


For pete's sake, Brian Williams, we don't need breaking news about

Ex-gays want protection from discrimination because they're ex-gays...

This is not just the bible belt but the bible belt with matching shoes...

Who will "Famous Person" declare as tonight's winner?

Maryland provides sex offenders with a pumpkin sign for their homes.

Fox Noise Poll: 73% to Obama

i wondered about the blinks so i ran my dvr back

Our Republican congressman dropped by my business today for a chat

Credit Crisis Indicators: Worse

what ever happened to Iraq?

another one busted

**Cheney having atrial fibrillation. n/t**

Does anyone have the details about how many people were illegally registered

Damn. I was purged! I can't vote in this election!!!!

Microsoft is McCain

Detroit Metro Home Sales Up, But Prices Plunge (median price drops to $9,250 down 57%)

Bush takes victory lap for his "extraordinary measures," says economy will come back in the long run

Freepers weigh in: "The Obama Dam is About to Bust" (3 Kenyan birth certificates for "Barrack!")

Wanna know why this is not 2000 or 2004?

Early voting started in West Virginia today. Guess who voted for OBAMA!

Obama Camp Redeploys the L-Word

Can anyone direct me to the law regarding distribution of religious material on public school prope

DU debate chat

Voters' guide for CA ballot questions -- very handy and worthwhile

I am on my last week of unemployment benefits.

Please Help Dennis Kucinich Save Our Democracy

Freaker Republic must ABSOLUTELY be investigated as a "Terrorist Organization"!!

DOW now down 425 points.. I hope those DUers that were so anxious to buy in

OMG! They killed #2!

Is there going to be a DUDebate chat room tonight?

While other DUers are getting votes for Obama, I am....

So was it a DU'er who wrote the e-mail to Mika Mouse on Morning Joe today?

PickensPlan ad and DU


CALIFORNIANS, here's a free progressive guide to the 12 intiatives on the ballot

McCain supporter Donald Trump: Let’s bomb Iran - Jan 12th, 2007

Check out all of the Obama people behind Tweety!!! I love Long Island!!!!

If Obama wins he needs to set up a "Radio/TV Free America...

Bush: "When you've lost The Donald, you've lost billionaire Amurica."

Yanno ..... they're a machine ..... a steamroller ..... a juggernaut ......

My SIL has been prejudiced against blacks her entire life.

BLACKWATER: Contracted to Evict People in Foreclosed Homes

Regardless of Whether One is RIght, The One Shouting Down it's Opponent WIll Always...

A mentally disabled man was tied to a tree, savagely beaten over 2 days and dragged, said officials

Nixonland: Hank Paulson was John Ehrlichman's assistant in 1972-73...

Burundi's albinos flee sorcerers and organ traders


Crist: GOP may be exaggerating voter fraud

Brunner: I'll obey court order, but thousands could lose their right to vote

uh oh, Gregory brings Mika on to show balance

Do you support Pickens Plan?

No Spoiler threads tonight....k?


**BREAKING** Dick Cheney's chest xray leaked to the internet

What benefits should a union provide?

I've got your 33%ers right here. Please go rec this video.

At least in the short run, the bailout looks like it made it harder to buy a home

What the hell... Why is Tweety challenging Obama surrogates tonight

I need DU help - McCain didn't have time to read the report

U.S. Mood Plummets As Crisis Deepens: Reuters Poll

Hey , Arabs gave the world Algebra.

Christopher Buckley Backs Obama, Is Fired from National Review

What bugs you the most about Sarah Palin

LMAO at Tweety: Gov Palin has lost her new car smell....

LMAO at Tweety: Gov Palin has lost her new car smell....

Please DU this site.

Somewhere over the rainbow.....lies CNBC....

VIX Index of U.S. Options `Exploding' Amid Growing Concerns About Economy

VIX Index of U.S. Options `Exploding' Amid Growing Concerns About Economy

Funiest interactive website EVER

Exclusive video of McCain's debate prep

US Senate Republican braces for election defeats

If we are always to believe the opposite of what Bush says, Cheney's heart should be failing soon...

McCain would be a fool to bring up Ayers at tonight's debate. But if he does...

A couple polls to DU: CBS and Time.

Video: From Last Night- Colbert - Joseph Stiglitz

Paline booed in NH; says it is part of the "Great Northwest".

Thank Pluto the bailout bill pased!

Does anyone have a link to a video of Colin Powell dancing recently in London?

I'd love to see Sarah Palin on

THIS is why I like you. Please lend me your patience:

Mitch McConnell in trouble in re-election bid for Senate seat!

MLB willing to delay Game Six of Tampa Bay to enable Obama to flood the box on FOX!


What is the American Dream?

Pope John Paul II Secretly Wounded in 1982 Stabbing

"Trickle-Up" Economics.

Nice Article on Stock Market - Reassuring and Frightening At The Same Time

Democratic donor Baron has cancer, son says

Guardian UK: World recession watch

Fiancee just got postcard saying her voter registration is "inactive"

Healthcare Great Britain

KO is going after Frum again tonight on worst persons

A friend of mine who doesn't know she's racist, said --

So, what time is Obama debating Harding tonight?

Dramatic Video: Friendly Fire Incident and Coverup in Iraq

Oops - Sen. Richard G. Lugar endorses Obama's approach to diplomacy

Eww KO -- Why RAHM?!

Webcasts: Presidential Debate

NIKKEI down 850 in first 30 minutes

What's more important?

I gotta get that song "Relax, Max" by Dinah Washington that I keep hearing on that commercial

US Stock Market Ills infect Asia

Damn the Phillies could clinch tonght!!! And its against the debate .

Jon Stewart asked a great question tonight to Ari Fleisher.

Worst...job...EVER? "Al Qaeda in Iraq's No. 2 dead"...AGAIN!

Why the FUCK won't Dems address AIP? Why the FUCK is Obama shunning civil rights leaders?

It's Barack O'clock!

Asian markets down 6-9% in early trading; U.S. futures down

Negative TV ads continue against Al Franken

Negative TV ads continue against Al Franken

Does McCain's Face Look More Swollen?

**OFFICIAL** blasting Tom Petty during the debate & watching DU commentary thread

The question was what are you going to cut

Who had "overhead projector" for your drinking cue?

Bush Purchases 98,000 acres in Paraguay. WHY?

Where's the DU IRC chat?

McCain always writes down notes befor a single question is asked

In 2004 we had Poland,

HAH!1 Third request from Mc5PLANES for donation, marked "EMERGENCY NOTICE"!1

Let me write your reply Sen. Obama "That's the first time you've mentioned your party's president

Let me write your reply Sen. Obama "That's the first time you've mentioned your party's president

I Can Do It!

First the HATCHET. Then the SCALPEL. Then the ANESTHESIA. What a DICK. n/t

Is the full text of case law available at public libraries near you?

"I've got the scars to prove it!"

Haha! He mentioned the "overhead projector" again.

I'm starting to Like Pat Buchanan

Hey, Sheiffer .... there are two people there

"Terrorist and Kill Him"

McCain thinks he killed tonight. He is completely wrong.

Why hasn't Obama mentioned corporations??????

Why hasn't Obama mentioned corporations??????

"An attack ad on my health care plan"

Chicago proposes gay-friendly high school.....Fundies say two men can't make a baby

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah McLoser is defending Palin

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah McLoser is defending Palin

"she saw corruption and resigned..." n/t

Hey fuckwad. I'm vet. Get the FUCK out from behind my skirts ... you piece of shit.

So when is the Osama bin Laden lookalike going to waltz into the debate....

Economic Models Explained with Humor

US Corporate Taxes have to be far less than 35% with tax breaks...

Lumpy seems angry, desperate and petty tonite.

She also understands witchcraft and snakes and faith healing

Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin

Looting: The Economic Underworld of Bankruptcy for Profit

Check out this flier I just found posted in our university hallway:

*** Official GD Debate Thread #2 ***

A note about taxes

Ok don't kill me for saying this but I think McCain is doing better this time around

McCain, simply, appears to be on the edge of a psychotic event

Krauthammer says Obama won


We're back

What do the Freepers have to say about the debate? Who's on FR duty tonight?

I have been unable to get into DU for about a half hour. Anybody else? nt

Is this thing on? Testing......

McCain just called him Obama. Just his last name.

This is the first time I have been on DU since the beginning of the debate, couldn't get on

I have to admit, McCain did well. Obama did exceptionally

We're baaaa-aaack

I'd like to know the full extent of McCain's relationship with the dude who lobbied for Saddam.

Damn! Who's in charge of the DU Panic Room? I need my

Faux's independent crowd went to Obama

My mom likes Glenn Beck...

And...we're back!

Anyone have a transcript of tonight's debate?

McCain: Bush's smirk. Cheney's sneer. Chilling all around.

Check out and vote at the MSNBC Politics Dash Board! Neat site - link.....

Killer! 58%-31% for Obama in CNN instapoll

It should be about reduction of dependence on oil, foreign oil domestic oil makes

Keep in mind ..... Republicans may well have forgotten how to lose.

"I am NOT pResident (Shrub) = "I am not a CROOK". Yes, you ARE!1 n/t

I think we know what was forgotten in prep

I've decided to sink my life savings into the stock market tomorrow.

YOU MUST GO TO THIS WEBSITE (don't be drinking or eating anything)

YOU MUST GO TO THIS WEBSITE (don't be drinking or eating anything)

The angrier McCain gets, the bigger that growth on his face becomes

Blackwater Doing Law Enforcement in North Carolina

OK. Which of the three admin's tripped the circuit again?

OK. Which of the three admin's tripped the circuit again?

Who thinks Joe the Plumber was a plant?

Who fared better in Wednesday's presidential debate?

*** Official GD Debate Thread #3 ***

"She's a Bresh of freth air"

Huh? WTF did Scheaffer just say?

McCain ridicules "the mother's health" - OH, NO, YOU DIDN'T!!!

What will happen to Lieberman

Acorn is about to "Destroy the Fabric of Democracy?"

9:54 to 10:51 Was I the only one that could not get back on DU??

Did DU server go down during the debate? /nt

Where Are The Polls On This Debate?

I apologize for losing your feed........... on Du

Obama kicked McCains you know ... ass.

John drew the short straw with respect to seating positions - That Thing On His Face was front and

Hi! My name is Joe the Plumber and Obama is going to fine me for

57%-33% among indies. Per CNN

I remember when I knew Clinton was going to win. "He's Ozone man! He's far out, man!"

57% 33% among indies. Per CNN

Multi-Grain changed to Vote

Obama started flat, yet cool, calm and collected on in. McCain opened well, then rambling, angry.

He almost said.. Breasts of fresh air.. Did I hear that right?

Imagine Republicans celebrating McLoser's big point of the debate

Check out minute by minute debunking:

I'm going into semi-lurk mode

If viewers repudiate Ayers fake issue/ they also are repudiating Palin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Fox, etc.

CNN... Faux..... and Msnbc all went to Neo cons for the first reply

Easy Come, Easy Go: DOW -515.80

Karl Rove said voters don't like Karl Rove type attacks this late in the campaign.

Watch for it!....... "Trickle up poverty".....


AUTISM??? Her kid has DOWN SYNDROME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punching the water...

There is questionable data on why DU shut down

Help me understand about Joe the plumber.

My man MURTHA says OBAMA should beat the odds in PA

Have you seen the "Drill, Baby, Drill" advertisement by British Petroleum?

The ***BIG*** takeawy for America from tonight's debate:

What does "wrong" mean to the GOP?

Yippee! Obama's winning!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Everyone email Rachel and Keith about this whole "mothers life" comment

Maybe it's the same plumbers Nixon used?

CNN, MSNBC and CBS polls cut the bull: McCain loses by a landslide

McCain's eyes: shifty

Caption McStinky

Surprise! Joe the Plumber was on FOX -- YESTERDAY!

Damn! Who's in charge of the DU Panic Room? I need

McCain is too hotheaded and angry to be President. Pass it on.

Du this AOL poll

What was with that creepy loud inhale noise McCain kept making?

McCaption this!!

Caption McDullwit

Compare and Contrast Caption

His handlers must have told McLame to lighten up on the 'my friends' bullshit.

Just on CNN: ACORN and Philadelphia

"Even Fox News Disputes it."

Mark Halperin, David Brooks, Al Hunt, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Katty Kay on Charlie Rose tonight

David Gergen says he heard that McCain's plan was to try to goad Obama into some kid of outburst


Is KO auditioning for

Oops, KO just said Joe the Plumber is imaginary. Not:

Who thinks Joe the Plumber was a plant?

Do you think this may be Joe the plumber's dad?

Did anyone notice that Obama brought up the theme of every

Somebody please give CNN's Dana Bash a frickin' cheeseburger. She's anorexic.

How do I get in on this business that starts making out over $250K year?

Could this be "Joe the Plumber"?

John McCain actively campaigned for George Wallace Jr.

So .... he's gotta run the table. Keep his supporters. Win the middle. Woo the hard right. And .....

Ugandans ban female circumcision

*** Official GD Debate Thread #1***

Cause for divorce? ET father names baby Sarah McCain Palin

The Young Turks broadcasting LIVE for DEBATE now! Live chat with fellow viewers as well! (LINK)

What say you, DU ...... serious answers only .... who won?

Just for some levity. A funny non-controversial Palin website

**** Let's give a big hand to Skinner! ****

Subject: Who thinks Joe the Plumber was a plant?

Joe the plumber will be making more money. He should pay his fair share.

Joe Biden just said McCain is a "good man" and a "genuine war hero"

My sleeping 9 year old just muttered "Michelle, Obama's wife...

Celebrating diversity at a family reunion in Washington, DC

Meet Joe the Plumber:

Is racism based more on hate, or fear?

Freepers: What's up with Fox?

Top Tampa GOP Figure (and McCain finance co-chair in Florida) Circulates Joke About K*lling Obama

Obama Missed A Ton Of Opportunities Tonight IMHO. But It Doesn't Matter. He Still Won.

Bernanke says U.S. economy facing big threat

**RADICAL FRINGE TOON** 10/15 When Fascism Comes....

Anyone else notice McCane referred to the Kennedy assasination as an intervention?

GMAC Limits Loans to Buyers with 700+ FICO Scores

"Aerial wolf killing ad blasts Palin in Colorado"

The clearest explanation of the economic crisis I have seen yet.

Sexism is alive and well on DU

The Joe Plumber thing makes no sense to me.........

Obama Taxcut Calculator - What's your taxcut?

Remember: If he were anyone else, he'd probably be dead by now.

Breaking on KO - Exclusive: Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

10/14 Election Model (TIA): Obama 372EV (51.2-44.8%, 74-64m); Elec'n Calculator:(55.7-40.4%, 80-58m)

Boy accused of killing gay teen fires lawyer

Petition to Gov. Sarah Palin: Stop Bearing False Witness by CrossLeft a progressive Christian group

So, like, what is the next tactic to stop the market slide? Is there any 'powder' left?

OMG, too funny...Bush Calls for Panic

What a jerk:

McCain, Palin causing "anxiety, grave fear": Kansas City attorney files suit against McCain

Does anyone have butterflies in their stomach over the upcoming election?

Obama, McCain, the Republican Party, and Sarah Palin

CNBC analyst: Fed on the hook for trillions, essentially a pledge to cover up ALL illegal bad debt

Scientist who did groundwork for Chemistry Nobel now works for $10/h at a Toyota dealership

Bush completes secret negotiation with Iraqis over level of deployment of our troops

"The mothers health" with air quotes and rolling eyes... WHAT THE F WAS THAT???

Adler Planetarium - Part II

The Social Security and Medicare funds were already plundered for war

"My Friend Bill Ayers"

Suckered Again: "Treasury Can't Influence How Banks Use Cash Infusion"

Notice.. When Obama talks.. McCain's FACE!

Why is "owning a home" such an essential part of The American Dream™?

Stock Market thoughts update.......

Disabled veteran about to be evicted

Michael Schiavo speaks out against Florida's gay marriage ban

Lake Oswego 5th grade boy dies in recess accident

KO & Rachel are kicking some A** in the Ratings!

DUers of all ages ..... had any of you heard of Bill Ayers before now?

The USA possesses only 3% of the world's oil supplies and yet won't load tonight. Is it just me?

EXIT STRATEGY: How to fix a post-Bush nation

Questionable job application questions

About the downtime tonight... Democratic Underground failed you, and we are sorry.

About the downtime tonight... Democratic Underground failed you, and we are sorry.

**Her Majesty has had quite enough**

Why did McCain stick his tongue out at the crowd after the debate?

At a time like this, it's tough not to think of candidate Lee Mercer, and what might have been.

Tort lawyer Fred Baron dying of cancer, denied experimental drug, son says

The next time when some IDIOT says "Indian & Chinese workers are better educated than Americans..."

AlterNet: 5 Pieces of Advice for the New Paupers

School bus driver charged in homophobic attack on student

Economy type question: S/O had car accident: should we buy new or used car to replace?

When I google "John McCain" and "Linked" you wonder why the focus is on Acorn

Question for DU historians (20th Century American History): Do you think today's

>>> Hilarious site: Palin As President

**WARNING** This YardSIGN is protected a Pitbull w/o Lipstick, and a Double barrel!

Another Repub caught with child porn, wanted sex with underage kid

GOP False Choice Poll: Social Security or unlimited war.

"Our pastor told us that the Democrats are evil".

Being Poor

New financial terms...

OMG!! Check out the comments to this youtube video!

Fuck. I'm either going to get chewed out/fired by my manager tomorrow, or congratulated...

Tony! Toni! Toné!

The great white squirrel hunter has an announcement!!!

I've warned the cats and warned them.

"Sun God"- Squirrel Bait

I'll never be able to listen to that song ever again. EVER!!

Narrativium, the election-deciding element.

I'm sazemisery and I approve this message

Don't count your chickens until the cows come home. n/t

Finders keepers, losers weepers, jeepers creepers. n/t

Just curious, what is everyone Homepage?

How do you go about finding people who have worked for a former boss?

...And I so wanted the Aliens to appear.

I'm back, anyone out there remember me...?

Who said "Good day, sir! I said good day!"

It looks like the cows have come home to roost!


My computer is a standard shift. I've been thinking of getting an automatic...

Just finished watching "The Wire", the entire series.

Naked chicks in a hot tub

My husband's company is sending him to Sweden for a week.

Just curious, what is everyone's credit card number? n/t

Musical Genius?

Last Day: Push On To Register Voters - 'possibility more MA voters will register than JFK in '60's!'

The Daily Beast webmaster answered my e-mail

The George W. Bush Presidential Library

Wish me luck.... heading to a FOUR hour dental appointment !!

Wish me luck.... heading to a FOUR hour dental appointment !!

There's a debate on tonight? Really? Against the Phillies game?

Anyone know Humungus well?

Would you have watched an 8th and 9th West Wing season with President Matt Santos?

Epic Anthem Fail



So if the Phillies and Rays meet in the World Series, do Turtlensue and I make a proxy bet?

Grateful Dead for Obama show inside.....

I Think It Is Time For Carls Jr Cheeseburger And Small Fries

Baseball TV announcers' thoughts vs. baseball player's thoughts

Baseball TV announcers' thoughts vs. baseball player's thoughts

Hey LynneSin Are You Going To Have Fantasy Basketball?

For All Of You Poor Married People

Can 2% milk get old enough to go "bad"?

I bought season 2 of Dexter - No Spoilers here please. (if you don't wanna know anything don't look)

Do you suppose, in the days when everyone smelled because

Bottled water has contaminants too, study finds...

Anyone know hummus well?

Anyone think roof surfing would go well?

I am lucky that I can bring my baby to work with me!


I think my new antivirus software is a virus

I have a ten year old granddaughter that want to go trick or treating as a Whoopee Cushion

Picture for the cat lovers

Villanelle for out time (One of the most beautiful poems I read recently)

drunk passenger tried to hijack a Turkish Airlines flight to Russia

What would the Oval Office look like if Palin were President?

What are you Cooking for Debate Night? or What's for Dinner Tonight?

Do you have feelings of inadequacy?'s like a sauna in here. n/t

Transgendered bovine

Don't look at this youtube video -- it will scar you

Why is that woman on the Glade commercial always lying to her snobby friends?

I hate judgmental holier-than-thou people.

I'm calling out Orrex..I think there is a new competitor for bad puns in the Lounge

Bank Of America - Online Banking Alert (scam)

Can dogs have eating disorders? I really think my Hank has one.

Hustler vid clip - Who's Nailin' Paylin - Xfanz

Phils' Victorino takes on PETA!

Here's your sign!

Pony gets wasted on fermented apples; falls into pool, has to be rescued

John McCain is a "Love Machine"

Pun Post

I wish the newspaper would stop featuring photographs from the Great Depression

New And Improved Even Punnier Now

Who gets a worse beating...McCain tonight or...

Banjo used in BRAIN SURGERY!!

Is there a Lounge Facebook group?

Name an obscure movie from your childhood that you don't remember


Do you really want to know what I really want?

Pre-debate silliness...

Can Tabasco Sauce get old enough to go "bad"?

Since I've already voted for Barack, what should I tonight?

The new DUZYs are here! The new DUZYs are here!

Is it rude to whistle inside a building?

new look

I want this measuring cup! Want!

Just picked up my Obama-Biden sign!

New and improved even bunny-er now

My arch nemesis got married

Kitten Picture of the day for Wednesday October 15

"I was driving home, early Sunday morning through Bakersfield

Whats For Dinner Tonight I Am Having KFC

Singh is King...

I'm totally freaked out and shaking

An apology to Sushi eaters

If someone you knew had major/severe/suicidal depression....

I want to go to Puerto Rico

Any tech-savvy person out there? If digital tv is already being broadcast


Humble request for lounge vibes...

I really hate running out! nt

Joke thread to set the mood

new look in a different light

dilemma, I'm one of those "millions" who owes more on my home than it's worth

NYC DU'ers!

Who Wants To Trade Co-Workers

Presidential Bingo Card generator

Is There A Debate Tonight?

The Phone Cat

SOooo why are we NOT at level brazillion yet????

Howard Fineman stopped dying his hair.

As promised, photos of Yellowstone/Grand Tetons (pic heavy)

Irish Pervert!

Tuesday Patch malware is causing computer users pain

Live one in GD:P

Do you have feelings of inadequacky?

My newest poem!

Reaganomics finally trickles down to area man

Nixon now more than ever!!!

Name an obscure movie from your childhood that you made up

I want to sleep on the hard ground, in the comfort of your arms

The debate drinking game. Key words: "My friends".

Match Game Story: "Agamemnon slapped Aerope so faustianly, Clytemnestra ___ him."



The Alien Encounter & The Gas Pump...


Just got a call, my grandma broke her pelvis and wrist today.

OK. Who tripped the circuit! You clumsy admins!!!

William Shatner at George Lucas tribute - "Star Trek changed everything!"


Skinner's dog bit through the power cord and shut down teh server.

How much would I have to give

If Joe the Plumber is also a Joe Sixpack...


Let's not apply at once, DU

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 10/15/2008)

Guidelines for Cats

Mr. John McCain: Hit the Road, Jack!

the Philadelphia Phillies are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!

Congratulations, Phillies fans — and props for bein' classy

What is it about the smell of popcorn...

Will motion sickness medicine really stop me from getting car sick?

POST WHORE tonight!!!!

Damn,I forgot what I was about to say.

Happy Birthday Friedrich Nietzsche!!!

And now for something completely different. The 6 phases of work illustrated by cats.

Wow! Level 3!!!!!!! I must have missed something HUGH!!!!!

I love my work but, I hate my job.

I am, well ..... I can not understand

You know I don't remember doing it with the milk man, but where did Bella's red hair come from?

I'm going into semi-lurk mode

I know it's not relevant, but what on earth is wrong with McCain's face?

today . . . not a good one . . .

Jerry was a race car driver

So McCains new campaign strategy is based on sticking up for

My oldest poem!

Are you guys getting all these "Italian Heritage--Live it, Love it, Celebrate it" commercials on CNN

PSA How to convert your TV from analog to digital

I'm applying for a grant from the MacArthur foundation. Ask me anything.

She's way hotter than Sarah Palin.

Was 80's kids' stuff horrible or what?

something weird happened today

Give us an obscure fact about the region you live in

Name an obscure movie from your childhood that you remember

Me and a blonde squirrel

Do you believe you have to go through the pain

Have i told you guys about my terribly wicked idea?


OMG, Rachel Zoe is only 36 years old!

I'm depressed kids

I'm depressed kids

Gorn Hore Tonight


Anyone have an opinion on this please?

I have pretty much missed the debate - any highlights?

ATTN: Minnesota DUers who want to see the movie "W" on Fri. 10/17

i'm sick of homeschoolers having their "quality of education" questioned

how old is too old to beg for candy on Halloween?

900 dead bodies floating off Bolivar Peninsula!! Jesse Jackson says Obama drowned them!!!!!

We wrote a song about a love affair between Jethro Bodine and Sistah Soldiah

Bwahaha haha aha hahahaha haaa!

Sweetsybell the Cat is supporting Obama!

So Funny...No One (effs) with John McCain...Watch this!

What's the US President of 2048 doing right now?

How about a mid-week debate night Picture thread :o)

Festival of Lights in Berlin photo !! it is... ***Dial Up Warning***

PICS from the beach!

I baked brownies instead of watching the debate.

**It's my birthday!!! Who wants cake?**

Bolivian TV host charged in anti-Morales riots

Credit Shows Signs of Easing on Bank Rescue

White House memos endorsed CIA waterboarding: report

Global slowdown to take heavy toll on mental health

Americans Embrace Big Government to Help Solve Market Crisis

Chavez backers tear gas newspaper, threaten editor

Palin has checkered history on ethics issues

Gitmo lawyer consulted priest on trials' fairness

Buckley leaves National Review after Obama endorsement

Personnel Board expands Palin investigation

Jesse Jackson: Obama Will End Influence of Jews in Washington, Will "Repair Relations with Muslims"

'60s activist avoids comment on Obama campaign

OK city funds 3rd attempt for public religious art

Hawaii Governor Not Sure Obama Gets The West

Federal appeals court rules Ohio must check voter registrations

Obama Leads Independents In Colorado By 11 Points

Jesse Jackson Says ‘Zionists’ Would Lose Influence Under Obama .

Boogie Man .......The Lee Atwater Story

OK city funds 3rd attempt for public religious art

Analysts: "Venezuela needs the price of oil to exceed USD 90 to pay expenses"

Young Voter Registration Program (MoveOn)

Pastor Shepherd for President.... wow!

DemocracyNow: NSA spying on Americans

Stocks in Europe, Asia Drop on Economy; U.S. Index Futures Fall

Sunday's C-Span opportunity: 3rd-party candidates debate

Turkish plane 'hijacker disarmed'

The McCain Brainwashing pt. 1

The McCain Brainwashing - Pt. 2

Iraq finds 22 bodies dumped in mass grave

Sarah Palin - Attacks Her Own Supporters at Rally - oops!!

Obama commends gov't plan but has also some concerns

EU fines banana importers for price fixing

Colorado could go blue

KIDS Voting: Barack Obama Wins In Landslide!

Ralph Nader Uses Visual Props

Nev. governor sued for allegedly threatening rape

Incident at Philadelphia Obama Office

'John McCain' votes for Obama

Sen. Clinton: McCain should stop being so negative

TheRealNews: Pakistani Lashkars join fight against Taliban

Derivatives: The next boot to fall.

Joe Biden in Marietta, OH

CNN Covers "The Talk"

Michelle Needs Minnesota

Vote Early

Man pleads guilty to slashing tires of RNC bus

Vietnam Sentences Reporter to 2 Years in Prison

2 Killed on Thai-Cambodian Border

The Daily Left - October 15th, 2008

TheRealNews: US nationalizes banks, candidates talk economy

Concern over giant database idea

US, Iraq agree to let troops stay until 2011

Somali forces free hijacked vessel

New York May Lose 165,000 Jobs on Financial Woes, Official Says

Chris Walla Canvasses in Wisconsin

Senator Sherrod Brown Encourages Ohio to Vote Early

Local Calif. GOP compares Obama to Osama bin Laden (urged people to "Waterboard Barack Obama.")

Palin Endorsed Public School Message: Fight For Revolution!

McCain's brother blasts campaign

Know Your Rights in Nevada

Material linking Obama to Bin Laden removed from Sacramento GOP Web site

Fla. Congressman said to be involved in 2nd affair (Tim Mahoney )

Swede killed by U.S. forces in Iraq -Swedish govt

Gallup Daily: Before Final Debate, Obama Leads by 7

McCain's women voter problem

Lear announces cost-cutting plans, layoffs

(CNN/Time /ORC)Polls: McCain forced to play defense in some red states

Vote Early in Nevada

Russian Gas Executives (with Putin connections) Visit Palin’s Turf

A look at press secretaries in Congress (1984)

Sarah Palin Sex Tape UNCENSORED

CNN now projecting Virgina leaning Obama

CNN: Mafia Mob boss Tony (Big Tuna/Joe Batters) Accardo testifies to Congress (1984)

McCain LIES: ACORN Voter Fraud Could Make Me Lose

McCain, Palin causing "anxiety, grave fear": Kansas City attorney files suit against McCain

TYT Quick Take: Philly Fans Boo Hockey Mom Sarah Palin

Brain signals revive paralyzed muscles in monkeys

Workers Get 'Error Message' After Elections (Cuyahoga County, OH)

YouTube to McCain: It’s not all about you

CNN: 20th year remembrance of Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney (1984)

Oil prices decline still further

Sarah Palin LIES about Voter Fraud in Stump Dump.

Montana GOP Chief Out After Failed Bid To Challenge Voters

Exclusive: Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

GOP Congressman Tom Davis (R) jokes about voter suppression

Biden says Obama would create 2 million jobs

Illinois Democrat Teams Up With Former Political Foe (Rahm Emanuel and Boone Pickens)

Vandals, thieves target political signs

Pinochet's Caravan of Death jailed

Nancy Reagan hospitalized in L.A. with a broken pelvis, spokeswoman tells the AP

The Oral Sex Cancer Connection

Flag Pins! LOOOL

John McCain's Instructional Debate Prep Video

New intelligence report says Pakistan is 'on the edge'

Judy Woodruff Asks America to Video Your Vote

Poison stalks trial of murdered Putin critic

Bush Declares Exceptions to Sections of Two Bills He Signed Into Law

Shatner Reveals the Original Obama Opening of SNL

Death of Senator Frank Church (1984)

1984 Pennsylvania Democratic Primary (talks of bailouts & unemployment)

Obama's "Diplomacy" Wins a Republican Endorsement

Joe Biden in Warren, Ohio

Rachel Maddow and John Kerry discuss McCain-Saddam connection

Rockefeller: WH stonewalling interrogation probe

John McCain's fight against choice

Cause for divorce? ET father names baby Sarah McCain Palin

Michigan: Volunteer Vote Victory

Chris Walla Phonebanks for Barack

What's the difference between George Bush and John McCain?

McCain's prime demographic,

Death of Roosevelt Thompson (The 2nd Obama???); Gov. Bill Clinton speaks at funeral (1984)

TPMtv: will McCain man up at the debate?

Obama response ad in PA to an independent spot - 'Absolute Lie'

Frank rebuffs GOP calls for ACORN hearings

Exclusive: Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

White House Orchestrated Taxpayer-Funded Trips to Help Republican Candidates

Roger Wicker uses stereotypes in ad

FRONTLINE | The Choice 2008 (full episode) | PBS

US troops kill No. 2 leader of al-Qaida in Iraq

Obama Yard Signs Being Torched in St. Peters MO

Palin's special geography: NH is in the Northwest!!!

Joe Biden: Athens, Ohio

Contagion saps Hungary's strength

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 15

Retail sales see biggest decline in two years

Women For McCAIN!

Whale sanctuary becomes law in Chile

Johnstown, PA representing! Racists on display

Open Letter to Sarah Palin from 8-year-old girl - Choice?

Just The Two Of Us

John Kerry in Madison WI on Health Care

John McCain States he is not George W. Bush

Debate: Barack's Closing Statement

National Poll Released by Pew Research Center: Barack Obama 50%, John McCain 40%

Worst Person In The World - 10/15/08

CDC: U.S. infant mortality drops to 29th

Obama to shift some Michigan staff to other battleground states

About 200,000 Ohio voters have records discrepancies

GOP Congressman landed earmark for producer of film featuring drugs and gay sex; Senior staffer had ...

Prediction markets now betting big on Obama

Charlotte Dennett for Attorney General of Vermont

Bottled Water Has Contaminants Too, Study finds

McCain's Spastic Good-Jobism

Jon Stewart - Destroying McCain 4.0 or McCain's new stump speech = McCain's old stump speech

RNC is pulling out of Wisconsin

McKKKain Deer in Headlights

Bob Schieffer Loves Him Some John McCain

Presidential Debate: CNN Poll Shows Big Win for Obama!

Obama- Rep. Lewis? Let's talk about issues, Senator McCain..

Presidential Debate: Obama SCORES with Independents!

Palin Touts 'Come from Behind' McCain Win in N.H., Though Polls Show He Led

chucks electoral map 10/15

Presidential Debate: McCain's Big Ayers Punch Fell Flat! (Voter reaction)

McCain's Eye-Roll at Colombian Labor Leaders Dying

Trump: I wanted Bush impeached

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 15 **THREAD #2**

Obama Makes McCain look like a iDiot

AIG executives spent thousands during hunting trip

One-time MLK lieutenant gets 15 years for incest

Hillary Clinton after final Presidential Debate

McCain to do Fox News Sunday

Obama, Jackson disavow column about Israel

McCain and Palin are inciting violence

Brunner: I'll obey court order, but thousands could lose their right to vote (OH)

This should be a commercial ASAP - McCain may not be Bush but he helped to get him elected.

La Pequeña Sarah Palin

McCain camp: ‘We lost the spin war'

CIA Tactics Endorsed In Secret Memos-Waterboarding Got White House Nod

Russia Sends Eight Monitors To U.S. Presidential Polls

Palin unaware of Russian energy meeting in Alaska

CBS Poll: Uncommitted Voters Say Obama Won Final Debate

Bailout Plan Is Immoral-Kucinich

Exclusive: Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

Cheney to Visit Hospital for Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Palin: Obama strategy 'wearing pretty thin'

Rove's Office Urged (federal) Spending to Help GOP Incumbents in '06; "gross abuse of public trust"

Top Tampa GOP Figure Circulates Joke About Killing Obama

OUCH- Chris Matthews Torches McCain Spokesman on Bill Ayers

Troop pull-out leaves government on brink

Ex-AIG chief Greenberg takes the Fifth

Demand for food assistance up 325%

Bon Jovi complains over Republican rally song

Palin: 'No abuse of power there at all' in Troopergate rpt.

RNC out of Wisconsin, Maine; focuses on red states

James T. Harris Storms off CNN, After another Black Conservative calls him a sellout

Malaysia ban on Hindu rights group sparks outcry

Hayden Panettiere Drops F-Bombs for John McCain

Saudi beheadings target the poor Amnesty International says

Carlyle sees great opportunity to invest in banks

Somali pirates seize bulk carrier

Breaking news: Secret Service investigating threat from Scranton Palin rally

(Blackwater is here to help) Sheriff: Man shot as he walked out of his home to go to work

ICE raid changes Iowa town

Dallas school district delays layoffs (Hundreds of teachers to be laid off Friday)

Obama "death threat" leads to surprise visit from secret service

Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants

'60s activist avoids comment on Obama campaign

Why McCain's 'Ayers Strategy' REALLY Backfired in PA

Robert Scheer: The Hoover-Palin Ticket

Bush Doctrine Becomes DoD Dogma

GOP ditches recruits to save incumbents Patrick O'Connor and Josh Kraushaar

Blackwater to evict the foreclosed

GOP Losing Ground (according to Gene Lyons)

Talk About Race! Isn't McCain the Real 'Chocolate Candidate'

Bill Ayers: 'What could I possibly add?'

Is McCain-Palin Base Actually DIVIDED Over Obama's Religion?

More legal legwork gets outsourced to India

McCain and Palin's 25 Most Laughable Quotes

another great Garrsion Keilor article- let the leader win

Forget Christopher, William F. Buckley Returns to Endorse Obama

the Rational Radical web site, good to help debunk the RW

Obscenities, Chaos, H1-Bs—And High Reported Earnings: My Year With AIG

Negatives Ads Backfire and Other Stupid Republican Tricks

McCain’s Voter Fraud in 2000

Amend U.S. Bankruptcy Law To Help Prevent Foreclosures

2 articles that define the hateful, fear driven GOP McCain/Palin 2008 campaign

Roubini: “cannot rule out some systemically important hedge fund may get into trouble with systemic

Cheney to have heart procedure at hospital

Debate III: Joe the Plumber Butts In

Radical social change? You can't get there from here.

Anchorage Daily News: Exposure changes Palin image for good, bad

Possibly the most racist thing ever done by Fox: Hip Hop Colin Powell

Pundits are wrong to fault lending to the poor for the subprime mortgage meltdown

Barak Obama, as portrayed by the Freeper crowd

"Paulson Screws Taxpayers on Bank Equity Deal" ...(Dean Baker)

AlterNet: 5 Pieces of Advice for the New Paupers

McCain Snarls About Joe the Plumber

Press Release: The Shadow Factory by James Bamford

Muslim DVD delivered in newspapers rattles voters in key battleground states

TYT: Legendary Comedian/Actor Calls Sarah Palin A Parrot

TYT: Hank Williams Jr. Ruins MNF By Singing Dumb Song About McCain-Palin

Bush signs defense bill with 3.9% pay raise

Hood soldier found dead in off-post home

GI dies in 1st combat death Baghdad in 2 weeks

Soldier identified after collapsing during run

Reaction force that rockets into space examined

Official: Alaska Guard report a political smear

U.N.: Taliban not easing up for winter

U.S., Iraq security pact sent up the pipeline

Soldier convicted, 4 charged over child porn

(Army Times) Editorial: Spend wisely, carefully

Navy to again review Speicher case

Feds sue commander over 9/11 compensation

1 ship freed, 1 captured, 3rd still in limbo

1 Pendleton fire out, larger blaze still burns

New Beaufort runway mimics lighted carrier

U.S.: No. 2 leader of al-Qaida in Iraq killed

Former Marine arrested in road-rage shooting

Contracting airmen could deploy every 6 months

$900M complex in works for recruits at Lackland

Official: Iraq gains push enemy to Afghanistan

Unit meets with success nabbing insurgents in Tarmiyah

Navy strengthens water testing for off-base housing in Naples area

Post allowance increased for Japan

Al-Qaida in Iraq likely killed Shiite lawmaker, U.S. official says

Defense Industry's Wild Ride May Slow

Russia to Cut Army Fat, Top Brass

DoD Buzz: Defense Spending vs. Economy

In Iraq, Stress a Deadly Specter

Gitmo Lawyer Consulted Priest, Then Quit

Railroaded Troops' Heirs Compensated

Secretary Tours AF Base to Discuss War

Human Rights Campaign Appeals for Prop 8 Funds. Can YOU help in ANY

Pretty funny "No on Prop 8" ad

Same-Sex Marriage: Three Years On

Poll: Asian-Americans oppose gay marriage ban 57 % to 32%

Unofficial campaign to stop 8 on DU - join in

Michael Shiavo comes out against Amendment 2 in Florida

Friend of coal becomes its victim...ex-repub state legislator

West African Chimp Subspecies Numbers down 90% In 18 Years - Remnants Holding Out In Cote d'Ivoire

Bush Admin Memos To Wildlife Officials: Ignore Global Warming, Avoid ESA Consultation

More Than 50% Of All Of China's Toy Manufacturers Out Of Business In 2008 - AFP

Science News - Cooling "Consensus" Of The 1970s Never Was; 7 Of 51 Papers 1965-1979 Claimed Cooling

Some bottled water toxicity shown to exceed law

Whale sanctuary becomes law in Chile

"Our Skin Swells Up And Becomes Rotten" - China Closes Illegal Smelters As Crops, People Fall Ill

Australia drops threat to sue Ahmadinejad for inciting against Israel

Paris sources suspect Russia arming Hizbullah - report

Climate A "Three-Headed Dog" Chewing On Australia, 2/3 Heads Behind Current Drought

Jews protect Palestinians in harvest of hate

Thousands of Christians march in Jerusalem parade

Tel Aviv residents fear ultra-Orthodox invasion

Obama Camp Responds to Jesse Jackson's Comments on ‘Zionists’

Welcome to AqsaTube: Hamas' 'jihad audio-visual' Web site

Jesse Jackson: Obama will rid United States of 'Zionist' control

Tesla Feels Credit Crunch

Thousands of dead squid wash ashore in Westport (Washington state)

Corrupt Banks Can Bakrupt Nations: Parallels US 2008 to Venezuela 1994

It's pretty bad when a REPUBLICAN THINK TANK tells you that

Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants

Census data: More than 25 percent of American families are now low wage

Feds Investigating WaMu Collapse

Ah, the good old days. A LTTE from November 24, 1992 in the Akron Beacon Journal:

Interesting graphic that appeared on yesterdays NYT Op-Ed page. Growth of $10K under Dems & Repubs

How many folks here are debt free except for mortgage?

Ship Rates Plunge as Credit Freeze Strands Cargo, Demand Slumps

The right wing is lying to me? (again) UPDATED

Today in labor history Oct 15 U.S. House of Representatives passed the Clayton Anti-Trust Act


Bolivian TV host charged in anti-Morales riots

Pinochet's Caravan of Death jailed

Another Criticism of the Human Rights Watch report on Venezuela

Chavez backers tear gas newspaper, threaten editor

Morales Mobilizes Massive March to Demand Referendum on New Constitution

Colombian Police Killing and Wounding Indians: 2 dead, 100 hurt

Rays switch to Kazmir for Game 5

Stop the Fight! Stop the Fight!

"Pacman" Jones

Phillies vs Devil Rays? ..... A TV network executive is near the window in a high-rise office......

PETA wants Big Brown castrated

New study questions PCIs for chest pain

Many Christian pastors dismiss mental illness

Dementia/Alzheimer's/Memory Loss/Sleep Apnea question.

How Cannabis Could Save Your Life

The Oral Sex Cancer Connection

Has anyone ever been a rawfooder?

Clusters of unvaccinated students raise health concerns

Medical reimbursement regulation

October Issue of ORBIT the Martin Schulman Astrology Newsletter

WiseUSA ‘08

Astrological Weather Saturn-Uranus Opposition Part 1

How to keep yr spirits up when the economy is down

Did anyone see that claim the other day about kids not getting enough Vitamin D?

Hold my hand

Check this out in GD:

Only one more link: Black Man With A Gun

Soccer mom gets back gun permit

Brand new shiny red---


Do you avoid recipes calling for either egg whites or egg yolks?

In case any of you are buying Niman meats...

Archaeological Dig Uncovers Roman Mystery

St. John's University priest accused of sending homemade smut to 'teen'

Scientist Who Contributed To Nobel Prize Work Now Working For $10/hour At Dealership.

Did Termites Help Katrina Destroy New Orleans Floodwalls And Levees?

Roving brain electrodes reverse paralysis in monkeys

Expedition set for Antarctic 'ghost peaks'

Out of commission for a bit

500,000 Coffins

Will Any Kevin Barrett Fans Please Report to the Wisconsin Forum Where He is Under Attack

Houston Chronicle endorses Lampson

Vandals, thieves target political signs

TFN: Texas State Board of Education Puts Strident Anti-Evolution Critics

Opera vs. Firefox

Anyone have any suggestions for a good dupe file locator/cleaner, preferably free?

Please help plcdude with a computer problem

FTC busts 'world's largest spam operation'

bwahahaha so long Wajid Khan

CBC in BIG trouble

As much as anything...this election was a referendum on Dion....

He didn't get the majority he wanted. Again.

DailyKos diary to rec & comment

Rasmussen. Sen-MA: Kerry 63% Beatty 31%

Video of JK in Madison

BQ and Conservatives again?

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia......Oooooh Marcia

MA Debate news

I'm back

How Harper won: "Anti-Conservative voters scattered"

ATTN: Minnesota DUers who want to see the movie "W" on Fri. 10/17

Please donate to help Michele Bachmann. I did, and I feel much better.

Please Ask Rep. Kind (3rd District) NOT to Debate Kevin Barrett

Russ Feingold will hold listening sessions in Sauk and Jefferson Counties on Saturday October 18

You know the GOPpies are in trouble when...

mccane's Pulling Out (Yay!):

More gableman Shit:

Sac GOP Obama smear taken down

Nearest Obama/Democratic Hqs to Los Angeles South Bay area?