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Archives: October 12, 2008

Completely misleading CNN headline on Ohio poll

Anyone know about the 7-11 poll?

Todd Palin may be interviewed by Personnel Board "3rd week of October"

Now those are some BOOs! (More video of Palin being booed at hockey game)

Today's Doonesbury.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Guns

In Alaska Crowd protests Palin outside state Capitol in the Rain

PaLIEn adjusting the attacks. Now focusing on abortion distorting Obama's comments!!

McCain's reckless loss of honor

"Ladies and Gentlemen"...

I live in AZ and I just saw a Barack Obama ad during the Cards/Cowboys game.

After this election who will have a worse reputation? Sarah Palin or Dan Quayle?

Anyone watching the rerun of this on CSPAN?

IDIOTon MSNBC. obsessed with "erratic"

THE MATH Weekly – For Two Weeks Ending Sunday, Oct 12 – Obama 380, McCain 158 (link)

You want to know what I've been doing this morning?

So... how much hockey did the Palin kids really play?

This stupid "win"/"victory" BS, crap, junk.

Inside McCain's head. It's a scary place but someone had to go there.

My refrigerator supports Obama

It's Obama - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses

please delete this

Biden!!!! Great speech today.

McCain campaign wants to bring up Obama's college record. OK, let's look at McCain's...

Ohio newspapers endorse Obama

Palin = Massive Fraud.

Look at this speech passage by FDR - it's uncanny...

Anger? How about righteous indignation?

The republicans have the driven country over the cliff we are hanging by a

Name Your Favorite Nicknames For McCain And Palin !!!

Florida: Some new voters will be shut out under "no match, no vote" law

EXCELLENT analysis of Palin's delusional thinking

***Scranton thread***

Obama's Strongest Surrogate


CNN NOW - Heather v. Wasserman schultz

Where Is BILL CLINTON??? Where. Is. Bill. Clinton?????

Barack and Michelle go to one of my very favorite restaurants, Topolobampo in Chicago

Give 'em heck-hell Joe!


BREAKING! McCain Finally Discovers Middle Class - An Economic Do-Over 3 Weeks Before Election!

Troopergate NOT over yet...Uh-Oh

Great line from HRC in Scranton:"We cleaned up after Bush One,

Housegate? (Re Palins' house from The Mudflats)

John Zo(m)by Is A Useless Charlatan

Racist Obama billboard sparks outrage (pic)

Is the Clinton Biden rally on TV? Is it on C-SPAN?

self important msnbc jerks talking over biden's speech now...grrrr nt

CSPAN still has Biden live. nt

I saw my FIRST McCain lawn sign in Los Angeles today!!!

Thank You very much Hillary for your 50 events on behave of Obama

Let's work as if every "undecided" voter will go for McCain...

I love Jill Biden

"Why is the race so close?!!!"

Alaska Personnel Board Refuses to Play Kangaroo Court for Palin...

Did any of the Sunday shows cover the abuse-of-power report?

Is Sarah Palin "St. John's Wart"? Just asking. :) n/t

Hillary's on FIRE!!!! she's smacking McSane ass

woooo-hhooo while PRAISING Hillary ...Biden SMACKED DOWN The PIG in lipstick

Can Anyone Help Me Find A "Free" Obama Logo I Can Copy & Download

Bill Kristol: McCain's campaign "not horribly mean-spirited or racist, but it's become pathetic"

MISSING: Carly Fiorina

I had a dream with Barack Obama.

Zogby Tracking Poll - 10/12-GOOD for us:

Angelina Jolie has ENDORSED OBAMA!

Willie Brown convinced the race is and will be close

I am seeing 5 to 1 Obama bumper stickers in Kansas!!!

In old pic of O with a young Obama, his mom, and a young girl - who is that girl?

Great Article in Time this week: a Black man's perspective on an Obama win/loss.

So I'm trimming shrubs in the yard, trying to chill out for a couple of hours

I think Paul Begala was right, David Axelrod could kick Rove's ass any day

I think it's a brilliant move for Obama to buy TV time...

compare this dem rally to the Palin/McCain klan rallies lol view it here:

Thank God we have K.O. and Rachel.. Its the only way we here the truth..

Palin did it: She's making my mom vote for Obama. :o

Hillary: "It took a Democratic president to clean up after the last President Bush ...

For those who think Hillary isn'd doing enough, check c-span NOW!

Link to a ****SCRANTON**** Thread:

AIP member: Palin "backed him in facilitating the formation of anti-government militia"

Have you ever seen an election year remotely close to the excitement of this year?

Sarah Palin used her 6 year old child to keep the hockey fans from booing her?!?!

Californians: help win Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado - 'Last Call for Change'

Top McCain adviser insults supporters: We’re not responsible for the ‘occasional nut.

Obama settles into Ohio battleground - Three-day prep for final debate, Monday rally in Toledo

The way out for McCain is to start acting dignified, but dignity has gone out of style

Keep working on NEVADA. Obama leads 47-45. McCain led 46-39 in August!

UPDATE: 9 Top Newspapers Endorse Obama Today (E&P)

McCain aided developer's bargain-price purchase of Fort Ord land

McCain aided developer's bargain-price purchase of Fort Ord land

Toledo Blade endorses Obama....

Bob Casey speaking at the Biden rally now

RedState Co-Founder Can't Bring Himself To Vote McCain

Do you think the Communists brainwashed McCain?

Charlie Crist throws McKlan under the bus.

Ed Rollings: This is 1980 over again it's going to be a LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!

John Kerry coming to Wisconsin to rally Obama Voters

Change We Need Rally with the Clintons and Bidens

From the National Review on line... Did Ayers write "Dreams from my Father" ?

Explain me this about ACORN....

Southern Baptists back Palin despite view on women's role

DISH Network - channel 5890- Obama "Plan for America" channel

If Bill O'Reilly was a rapper (funny video!)

Obama Did Not Ask to Delay Security Agreement, Iraqi FM Says - CNN Ticker

Have GOP tactics in this campaign changed your mind about bipartisanship?

Coming up on MSNBC ------ Bill and HIllary Clinton!!

Chris Matthews hits the trail with the Obama Campaign

I thank Mr. IamMad from the McCain Rally ..

I know that this is not political but Tamron Hall is fine as hell.

"Sarah Palin's Extremist Ties"

Where are Folks and What Ads are you Seeing?

Clintons launch campaign swing for Obama in Pa.

RedState Co-Founder Can't Bring Himself To Vote McCain


The Prelude To The Continuing War

McCain versus Palin (again) this time on North Korea

No matter what happens in the election, by that I mean the scope and depth of victory...

When was the last time a candidate came from this far behind?

Andrew Sullivan "Truly Peculiar And Creepy"

When it comes to McCain-Palin's hateful rhetoric, buck stops at McCain

Obama, Democrats on track to landslide victory

Axelrod Confronts Rick Davis: "Do you sell access to Senator McCain?"

McCain And Palin Off Message In Response To North Korea Diplomacy

McCains Looking At Real Estate In Del Boca Vista Near Bob Dole's Vacation Home

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition: Sarah Palin's Extremist Ties

I see this election as a referendum on conservatism,

Morning Call Tracking Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 51, McCain 39

PPP Colorado Poll: Obama Up 10, Udall Crushing Schaffer

The Sacramento Bee Endorses Obama

The *GAME CHANGER* . . . that nobody is talking about

Boobs for Obama (I will post it because it is cool)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch in Obama endorsement: McCain the incredible shrinking man

Obama. Dont go "conservative"!! play like you are behind

AP: "Palin has mixed record as fiscal conservative"

Albert Einstein weighs in for Obama/Biden. His definition of insanity ...

WTF is the meme, Why aren't the Obama's campaigning with the Clinton's

Howard Dean in VT says McCain struggling how to handle anger and hate issues raised by campaign.

Editorial endorsement thread 12 endorsements including Republican Newspapers

Republicans are making me ashamed to be a white person in America. This nation consists of 50%

Obama IS a terrorist!

P-Rick Davis has all the makings of that shithead

I wonder if McCain strategists even meet with him any more

Head Of VA Repub Party Compares Barack Obama To Osama Bin Laden

McCain told Rick Warren on 8/11/08 that John Lewis is "one of the three wisest people that he knows"

David Axelrod to Rick Davis: 'You're selling lobbyists access to Senator McCain

Trailblazers: McCain-Palin First Ticket Where Both Candidates Were Found Guilty Of Ethics Violations

What was Sarwaaaah briefed?

Virginia GOP Head Tells Volunteers: Compare Obama To Osama

new Research forum thread to track newspaper endorsements

LMAO!! George Stephanopoulos Wife: I'd Rather Have a Klondike than Sex With Him

Palin says report vindicates her,Palin's characterization of the report is wrong

Remember It Was Debbi Wasserman-Schultz Who Launched First Torpedo that Burst Sarah Palin's Bubble

A Newspaper Endorses Proposition 8

Obama's Op-ED dated 10/12/08 - On the Economy

Please Check Your Voter Status

TIME: The Limits of Race

NC Parking lot bans Obama supporters


Perfect name for Palin's impending grandchild:

New ad for Oliver Stone's "W".....Sitting President.

So how many votes can we expect them to steal?

Hey, lurking freepers, keep up the hope. never say die. Anything could happen

Will Labor and Unions prosper under the new Obama Presidency?

What's Obama up to in Florida?

Should Obama attempt to cultivate Fiscal Conservatives?

Swing state polls here >>>

Morning Reaction: "I'm not sure right now that McCain can carry seven states" (Updated)

Intrade EV Obama 364 McCain 174 Obama 78.1

"In scale and ambition, the Obama organization goes beyond even what Rove built."

Embarrassment for Obama.

Battleground States With Early Voting

Boobs For McCain

More so called "Undecided" will break from McLame as we get closer.

THE Number - 56. Canvassing in Manatee County, Florida on Saturday.

Through the Looking Glass With Sarah Palin - The Mudflats

Gallup daily

Two memories from the fall of 1980 that I find myself turning to a lot of late.

signs of a landslide - buried in an Indystar item about Palin coming to Indianapolis

TPM Track Composite: Obama Ahead By Over Seven Points (50.4 vs. 42.8)

****Official Sunday a.m. Talk Show "The Election Is Over Thread*****

John McCain is a Democratic Mole

McCain disagrees with administration's N. Korea policy. Palin agrees but issues warning. MAVERICKS!

Clock Time versus Election Time

McCain Doing Letterman Again After Mocking

Happy Giddy Dance....

Politico falsely claims McCain’s tax cuts for the rich'aimed at middle class

Sarah Palin (sic). eom.

Someone in the Press Corps Should Ask John McCain This Question . . .

PREDICTION: After The Election, the Following Right Wing Tools Will Claim They Voted For Obama

What Is Todd Palin's Agenda?

McKlan's lame closing argument: A push for divided government?

Shouldn't there be an ad up showing video of McCain saying the economy's not his strong point?

Palin doesn't have a future in national politics. She won't be running for prez

Garrison Keillor: Americans' B.S. detectors off charts with Palin

Have you heard about the Mccain/Palin Compliance Fund?

In Virginia, a Tale of Two Ground Games

Why does that Pf lady make my blood boil?

Get creative: "McCain/Palin supporters are so stupid, they think _______________________."

The Hill article's tile is misleading. Axelrod did not condemn John Lewis' comment

A more appropriate response to the "He's a...a...a...Arab!" WTF is wrong with that.

Based on McCain logic, this web site supports terrorists RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!!!

Her new name is Debbie Wasserman Wndycty because I'm stealing her from her husband. . .

Real Clear Politics as of 11:19am CST 10/12. I think you'll like it.

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Craps McCain (Dory Hippauf)

If only the Obama camp had decided to "stand up for itself" and "get angry"

Debate III will be McCain's Waterloo. RNC Pulling Money out of Presidential Campaign: Save Yourself

McCain/McCarthy, Palin/Cohn - past is prologue

NV POLL: Obama 47 (+8), McKlan 45 (-1)

MSNBC: Obama campaign is "hewing more closely to the Rove organizational model than rival McCain"

Brokaw: "Name one thing Barack Obama has done in the past month

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Heather Wilson you're good at making stuff up."

Sarah Palin: 'How Dare They Boo Piper!'

Private Sector Loans, Not Fannie Or Freddie, Triggered Crisis - McClatchy News

The only thing Repukes got going go for them

Came across this video again this evening....never forget

Washington Post Dan Balz has it wrong

GOP Misses the Mark with Respect for Sarah Palin

A bold strategy suggestion: Invest in KY, MS, GA, and TX ground game

I'm Bringin' Sexy BARACK!

WaPo - Obama Relying On Groundgame - The Best Antidote To Right Wing MSM

Official door-to-door GOP talking point: "Obama, Osama both have friends who bombed the Pentagon."

Axelrod merely echoed earlier statement regarding Lewis and did not "condemn" anything...

Faux News Sunday panel just now pretty much skewered McCain

West Chester Univ. Delaware Poll: Obama 56, McCain 38

Letter to Palin from a Concerned Mother

The Wisconsin State Journal (for Bush in 2004) endorses Barack Obama

Ass Clowns

The Electoral Map

Heather Wilson sounds like the cookie monster. Lol!

Screw Tom Brokaw

Wow: Zogby detected a huge boost among independents for Obama in the last 24 hours

So, it's obvious they're trying to make William Ayers into the Willie Horton of this election.

RE: Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Mason Dixon (Repub pollster) Nevada: Obama 47, McWallace 45

Don't forget Palin quoted Westbrook Pegler in her RNC speech. He's racist, anti-Semetic.

Check this site out! Lol! I am related to bruhs that think this way.

They're "Praying for Obama to lose" @ McCain rally

When Obama wins the election...

Fox News hits new low with alleged Obama documentary (Hannity based show on enemy interviews)

McCain wandering aimlessly around the debate stage... um, isn't that

James Zogby takes John McCain to task

Sarah Palin on the cover of Newsweek ~~ the Pubbie's Complaint

Where can I purchase inaguration tickets? When will they be on sale?

This is sweet: Palin and McCain reach new highs in unfavorable rating

Tell Peggy Noonan and her GOP "Friends", We want Change, Not Gridlock!

Tried To Watch faux "news" This Morning. Lasted 5 Minutes, And That Wasn't Easy

The Media is largely responsible for the the HATE & DIVIDE; They Fueled the Flames

Events today streamed live from

Fascinating analogy:

Which of hte "light blue" states could McCain pull out?

(R)asmussen California Poll: Obama 56%(same), McCain 40%(+1)

Why are republicans so angry they fucked the country up and caused a global economic collapse

Bubble heads... Talking Heads....

Saw Rick Davis in action for the first time today - what an obnoxious

VA GOP invited Time's Karen Tumulty to come see the ignorance/lies they push to canvassers.

September campaign funds...when will they be released? nt

Rasmussen Tracking Poll: Obama 51% (-1) McNuts 45% (no change)

The Fresno (CA) Bee endorses BARACK OBAMA!!

Davis: McCain can't be compared to Wallace because he was a POW

The McCain campaign KNOWS that negative campaigning will give them 3-5% poll points

What liberal media? Cincinnati Enquirer reports Ohio up for grabs

What stuffed animal would you bring to a rally to symbolize McCain?

Did secessionist Sarah get booed last night?

Danger for our democracy in the right's death rattle. PLEASE READ.

GOP Attacks on American Voters Turn Desperate, Ugly and Dangerous

“How dare they boo Piper!”

Sarah Palin's Dead Cat Bounce

***TOONS FOR THE WEEK**** (23 Days to go!)

Are there any fans videos from the Flyers game out there ?

Mom asks me about Acorn and I go nuts - email inside


Dem guests have been seriously outclassing Repubs on the morning shows

Enemy mischief. the 401k calculator

NY election mix-up: 'Osama' on the ballot

The October surprise. You 401k is coming..

let's have a cheer for David Axelrod!

Lehigh Valley (PA) Express Times endorses BARACK OBAMA!!

Gov. Bill Ritter on Face the Nation...

HOTLINE TRACKING POLL: Obama 49, McKlanRallyLeader 41

It is so obvious that Brokaw does his best to help the McCain side.....

Boobs for McCain!

Axelrod and Davis go head to head on Fox News Sunday

what if the republicans/MSM threw a racist lynching, and no one showed up?

Who would be worse, McCain or Bush?

Alan Lichtman tells it straight on MSNBC

---I've got something to say to the fucker who brought the monkey---

TIME: A View from the Ground.....VA Rep Party Chairman Jeff Frederick connects Obama to Osama

"John McCain has been running for President for 10 years" George Will

538: On the Road: Troy, Ohio (deep red Miami County-went for Bush by 32 points in 2004)

Non-Sequitur hits the mark today....(TOON)

"Both have friends that bombed the Pentagon" - we must challenge the GOP on new Mccarthyism

Gallup poll keeps showing increase in McCain Numbers??

New Ayers ad tomorrow: "Guilt By Participation" It's particularly scurrilous

Has anyone heard anything about Obama's internal polling?

CNN Doing an ACORN Story Right Now

"Is Barack Obama American Enough?" A new kind of race-baiting campaign

My experience volunteering for Obama today was...(Pics, too!)

Do You Own a Blog? I Have a Suggestion

All of a sudden EVERY McPalin rally has mobs in a frenzy. Why now? How authentic is this?

Whither the McCain campaign in the last 3 weeks?

I voted this morning.....

Freepers think CA is in play because of Prop. 8... and that McCain has been keeping his powder dry!

Mason-Dixon: Obama Grabs Small Lead in Nevada O-47 M-45

Sunday morning at a local church...

Another rebuke from the McCain campaign...Arnold Conrad, Pro-Mcain minister

Repukes falling back on the divided gov't argument as a reason to vote for McCain

"McCain's Campaign has gotten pathetic" William Kristol

McCain is in a bind

Sknner....Can we have a sticky in the GD-Presidential

Boy, they can dish it out, but they sure as hell can't take it...

McCain calls on Obama to repudiate 'shocking' Lewis comments

Not that you really care, but I haven't been this happy in years.

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/12/08 - Obama 51, McCain 45 (Obama down 1)

McCain Crowds Get Angry..

Research 2000 poll. I have a question

So a potential VP has been found to have abused the power of her current office...

I got an opportunity to debunk another mis- informative email this

Now that all the Racists have come crawling out of their holes .. I recommend carrying this..

Palin Watched Video of Muthee Witch Hunt Before Taking Stage To Pray

Rasmussen Obama 51 ( -1 ) McCain 45 (same)

happy, happy, joy joy

Freepers Taking Their Frustration Out On C-Span

Any Truth To This Matter Of Taxes On Home Sales Between McCain & Obama?......

Obama breaks 50% average on RCP...all time high!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama/Biden logo done in the style of Mc/P

Dear John McCain......(letters from DU)

Jeers loud and clear on home vids of Palin at Flyers game

Alaskans Gave Sarah Palin Money To Go To Church!

Toledo Blade: FDR's economic fairness initiative resonates today

Ah birth certificate controversy provides for endless fun

Speaker at McCain rally says non-Christians want an Obama win

So did she do SNL?

MCCain has planted riled-up folks and given them a microphone at his rallies...just so he can look

Wisconsin State Journal endorses Obama

Help me get this gay friend to vote for Obama

McCain/Palin: The first totally unethical ticket in American history

100 days of Bush remaining

My solution for economic crisis ...

Bush evaluates his day

So, what is the percentage of haters out there?

Palin made her mark by opposing zoning -- turned Wasilla into a giant strip mall

Anchorage Daily News Headline:Palin: Troopergate report cleared her of wrongdoing

Bill Clinton plotting October surprise..... idiocy!

Animal Farm

doesn't it seem like this ACORN "scandal" is a trick

When McCain says "Americans are hurting,"

Obama should maybe meet those who fear him

Maureen Dowd often gives me the pip . . .

Barack Obama would offer John McCain a job is he wins the US election

it was a fake people.... the kids werent even at the game with palin

What the repuke ACORN attacks are reallly about: Demonizing the poor,

There;s a real tonal difference between Obama negative ads and McCain negative ads.

Zo(m)by Poll-Obama 49% -McCain 43%

Don't forget to support your Dem Senate and Congressional races.


Telegraph (UK): Obama would offer McCain job if elected

Woo Hoo! My absentee ballot just arrived!

The Tennessean endorses Obama.

I would like for Obama to make a special effort to Address the Troops about now, Let's not forget.

What's the difference between 60's segregationists and present-day Republican rally attendees?

Freeptard Selena Zito interviews Sarah Barracuda regarding economics.

Double or nothin', John! C'mon, man! Keep rollin' those dice! You're a gamblin' man with 31 cents

Who’s Afraid of ACORN, and Why

turn out trends in presidential elections

The Hate-Talk Express has checked in for service...

I get the feeling the power brokers are ready to let the Dems run things


Video: First dude campaigns in Maine...count the times they say "regular people"


Don't attack the asshats...

Anything Good on SNL tonight n/t?

"McCain tussles with Palin over whipping up a mob mentality" says the London Times


WOW, you can really hear the Palin BOOS in this clip at

All This Talk About "Asshats" Is Really Starting To Get On My Nerves!

Got to love the Obama Biden signs held up as Palin drops the puck

Palin: "Flyers fans, they boo everybody...Ok, Ok, I'm getting used to the boos already..."

McCain's options have run out

I cant beleive my parents updated with pictures of sign

McCain and Palin Are Playing With Fire

If Palin drops our for any reason, John can get this God Warrior!!!

Have we gotten past "close enought to steal"?

Funny SUSA poll: McCain winning 16% of AAs in AL...

OBAMA on Ground Game: "Let’s see how this baby runs."

What is Considered a landslide?

What will be the MSM's storyline going forward?

You know you love it! Zogby: Obama 49 (+1), McCain 43 (-1).

Pssst... Hey McCain...

Our County Dem Chairman says Obama Campaign most organized in history

I love Philadelphia!

Inauguration of Clinton '93 and Bush '01 and '05

Barack Obama is probably only at 45%...

Newsday: Obama Opens 15-Point Lead On Long Island

Ready to play me out.

When will the DU money for Obama/Biden be delivered?

Where does Bush go after Jan?

Palin admits using her 7 year old daughter as a pawn. How fucked up is that

McCain in 'hatred' war of words

Who has/will have more regrets about VP pick:


Hope or Hate 11/4

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value

Parah Salin (pic)

Gallup narrows slightly: Obama 50, McCain 43

Nun, 106, to back Obama after not voting since 1952

McCain says he's going to "rip (or whip?) (Obama's) you-know-what" in the next debate?

If we win in a landslide, are we still Underground?

Oh Christ (no pun intended) here we go....... John "Fat Bastard" Hagee says "VOTE THE BIBLE", !!11!!


The wicked witch of wasilla is up on msnbc...

HRC: "john mcsame wanted to privatize Social Security"...

Recall/Impeachment for Palin?

so this is what happened

Tucker Bounds ...

Desperate GOPers steal your 4x8 plywood Obama/Biden sign from your private property

How do you define "nut"?

*Republicans* now trying to grab Obama's coattails in red states

1.3 Million Reasons for the GOP's 'Dixie-Chicking' of ACORN (& FACTS on the GOP 'Voter Fraud' Scam)

One of McCain "occasional nuts" is head of the VA GOP

Jake Tapper is a tool

Meanwhile in Iowa: "My God Is Better Than Your God"

Obama's Dynamic Duo, Axelrod and Plouffe, the 21st century Carville-Begala

**HEADS UP!! Biden and the Clintons Rally Live in Scranton!! **

A question about Beau Biden's deployment...

Are Republicans so angry because Barack Obama is black?

What will happen if the election is stolen?

I just donated again through DU. Let's not get complacent now, folks. So long, Yosemite McCain.

When in the hell...

Drive for Change--Las Vegas Here I Come!

"He's an Arab"

Let's Say Obama Was Up Big In The Polls The Night Before The Election

Hillary just said "America will once again rise from the ashes of the Bushes"!!!

My letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer was published!!!!

Phone banked today undecided voters: Good results!

MAD Magazine - Election issue

Who saw Hillary start to crack up when he mentioned VP debate on SNL

Obama Gains in Iowa, Florida Give Him National Boost (Update2)

Diagramming a Sarah Palin Sentence

Who on the Obama Team Has a HUGE Career Ahead of them?

California absentee ballot -- an invitation to have your vote discarded

What Is Todd Palin's Agenda? - Who is Todd Palin?

A comeback over Ayers

They hated FDR, too.

PARADE Magazine: Obama tax cuts better than McCain's if you make under $112,000

I wish it was Biden, not Obama

These threads should have 100 replies-

Proposed: Cokie Roberts is a senile fool

Mccain... you're a racist moron

I wish Obama would come visit in my City

How AWESOME is it that we are getting so many trolls these days?? Goes to show

Mccain denounced the swiftboat attacks in 2004 as "dishonorable and dishonest."

So if the kids are supposedly off limits, why do Palin's kids keep appearing in front of cameras?

Anyone know where I can watch the Hillary Clinton speech?

Florida: Party Affiliation on Return Absentee Ballot Envelope Invites Fraud

No More Stolen Elections! update

Anyone have a link to the Biden Scranton speech?

What is going on with Elizabeth Dole? I would have thought she would be a lock

I'm guessing the halfwit McCain fan who doesn't like arabs doesn't use these Arab spices:

I bet McCain will open the debate Wed. by saying how sorry he is for the "people at his rallies"

I think WV will go for Obama........

Who here has donated time, money, or will be working for Obama on 11/4?

" Is the McCain Campaign Hiring Vocal Audience Plants?"

Non Sequitur TOON : Election Directions (allegory for the last 8 years...)

Is the era of easy credit over for the long haul?

Greg Palast and Bobby Kennedy, Jr. want us to STEAL BACK THE VOTE!! Please read...

WOW -WOW- Research 2000 Nat'l Poll Obama -53%-McCain 40%

How are you feeling about the Biden pick?

Lou Dobbs is beating the ACORN / fraud drum again...

Attack Blowback

We The People

One term president

Great Doonesbury Today about Republican Family Values

Look what the fascist reTHUGS are sending out in Florida

Why does it have to be close for them to steal it?

My Mom weighs in on church, God, and Barack Obama.

In a riveting performance, Heart reclaims "Barracuda" for Democrats!!

Remember when Clinton was "a liar," "corrupt," and "narcissistic?"

2012- PALIN-JINDAL Ticket

When do Friday's Troopergate revelations start getting more traction.

***Radio Host James T. Harris Interview coming up next on CNN***

McCain "whipping" Obama = racist comment

Fact Check: "He Lied" About Bill Ayers? (includes various McCain ties to Ayers)

On November 5th after Obama wins...

"Stop the Obama Express"

Sorry Dad, I'm voting for Obama...Christopher Buckley

It's Official, The Republican Party is a Dangerous Bastion of Hate-filled Racists and Bigots

Shady dealings by McCain re: Fort Ord land parcel

Went to Grand Junction Colorado to volunteer for Obama this weekend. Amazing.

John McCain: Doing whatever it takes to stop marriage equality

Anyone know where I can find more about the NPR report that most of McBush's ads have been negative

To those who hate and those who love...

I just heard Keith Obermann out because of strep throat

You have to see this. New RNC ad, "Guilt by Participation." Ohmigod, they are desperate.

Was there ever an explanation of why McCain left so quickly

James T. Harris (McCain WI plant) is now getting CNN airtime...

My mom and dad (aged 72 & 73) voted early (in Ohio) for Obama--I am proud

Let me get this straight....

OH BOY!!! the media wants to give James T. Harris air time now

McCain vows to whip Obama's 'you know what'

But, where's Bill. Where's Hillary? Well they're on stage with Joe Biden ...

We don't do Obama any favors by denying the possibility of the dreaded "Bradley Effect"

I'm really beginning to think they're going to steal another election.

Even if Obama wins, Sarah Palin is not going away

This picture on CNN's web site warms my soul...

When was the last time children were regularly

Lou Dobbs is PISSED about NUTS... err... ACORN.

(a week old) One line from Politico on the NC Senate race

Lou Dobbs is PISSED about

Axelrod condemns Rep. Lewis’s comments

Michelle Malkin: hatred is a two way street. Democratic Underground used as example

Palin Makes Troopergate Assertions that Are Flatly False (ABC News)

I'm seeing a lot of Obama ads on TV in Massachusetts

Funny exchange about Obama releasing his college records (from another board)

Open letter to Mike Wooten (Palin's ex-brother-in-law)

Yay... our household voted today CA absentee - will drop off at County Clerk tomorrow

Anything good on the Sunday morning shows? I missed them but have them recorded.

You know what else I hate about many Republicans?

Leaked excerpts from McCain's next speech...

Obama/Biden PLUS one

McCain campaign and RNC just shot themselves in the foot with the "participation" ad.

The Difference- A Toon

Don't get too cocky about this race - here's what I think of it...

Hey DU artistic types

Living proof that Thomas Muthee is a fraud: Mama Jane Njenga has been found.

MSM Is Now Obsessing About McCain/Palin Attacks and Race - Has The Page Turned On Economy?

What does Joe Lieberman do after the election?

12 newspapers endorse Obama today

Subject: Something to ponder

I hope that some enterprising soul at DU is keeping a journal...

How should our "forces" best be marshalled for the next three weeks

Obama will win... wait, no he'll lose... um... hang on... is he tied?

Photos: Obama arrives at the airport in Swanton, Ohio

GOP angst grows over John McCain's strategy, prospects for comeback 3 weeks from election (AP)

How McCain lost my 2x Bush voting, fundie mom (in Nevada)

Freepers show true colors tonight: Obama captioned at a rally with a white woman.

My sister and brother-in-law (hunter and redneck) registered to vote in NC for the first time

John McCain: What a BABY!

You want to know how horrible Faux really is?

Next up - Erratic McCain to come up with new big tax cuts.

Please! Who has the photoshopped picture of baby Obama with Ayers?

Why doesn't McCain just go ahead and give his concession speech at the debate on Wednesday?

Videos: Scranton Speeches 10/12 (Jill, Bill, Hillary and Joe)

My extended family all voting Obama-Biden (state by state breakdown)

When do we boycott the RW advertisers/supporters?

Ore. School Says Students Confess to Hanging Obama Effigy From Tree

Obama campaigning on xbox 360

According to Sludge tomorrow's Zogby is going to be back to Obama 48 McCain 44

You know that Fox is scraping the bottom of the barrel when

This is NOT a ballerina...

Nightline showed Republicans saying they're afraid. Afraid of a moderate Democrat? Please.

VIDEO 106 year old Nuns for Obama!

"Break the Back Of The Enemy" - Chilling Video from Wasilla

The new Republican theme

Dow futures went from about -200 to about +200 over the past 5 or 6 hours....

Anyone watching MTP? ... Brokaw is acting like somebody died

Just saw that disgusting new McCain ad here in NC. Calling Obama a liar

Obama now has a 94.1% chance of winning the election according to 538!

If you want to scare politically-interested people to death on Halloween.....

This is a recreation of what Obama will be doing to McCain on November 4th.

Obama goes door-to-door to drum up votes in Ohio

No President can be trusted with the economy while running for office

TWO things people don't care about (OK, three): Ayers, Troopergate, AIP

Obama Under Fire For His Position on Vietnam.

So tell me about Hannity calling for the invasion of forums like DU

Today's Polls: Sorry, Matt Drudge -- No Mac Comeback Yet (Nate Silver)

Psst! Sen. McCain here's how a REAL leader would have responded to John Lewis:

Grrrrrr. My SIL calls tonight to report that a friend went to a bar in Nokomis FL

McCain is desperately attempting to regain his reputation

Any other states have their Republican candidates listed as "prefers GOP" on the ballot?

What we should realize about why the GOP is plummeting into oblivion...

Do you remember where you were in 2000 after Bush was "selected"? I knew then he would

Getting Obama elected is just the beginning

Bastards are stealing Obama signs here in Macomb County

Obviously the McCain campaign has a lot of oroblems, but here's my question:

No New Economic Policy Is Expected From McCain (NYT)

Obama up in polls but still too many undecideds.

Biden To Return To New Hampshire - Rallies Monday in Rochester, Manchester

Ah, late night pizza!!

Public Polls vs Campaign's Internal Polls?

McCain & AZ Businessman Make PROFITABLE Land Deal-$250,000 Property Earns $18 Million In 2 Years

Ignore it. It's all over.

Who is going to address Palin's ties to the Alaska Independence Party? Since the corporate media

Obama Aides: Record Cash Haul in September (more than 66 million in August)!

Any tightening in the polls is probably occurring in the South and rural Midwest

COMIC RELIEF ::: Palin: I've been cleared of 'any hint of unethical activity'

John Lewis did his job and did it well...

Nice Newsweek Article On Obama - How He Might Govern; Consistent With Separate WaPo Article

Who is Barack Obama?

No link, but today, CNN'S "poll of polls" was 49%-41%, unchanged from yesterday.

I was asked to make this an OP yesterday. Why the GOP is unhinged.

One good thing came out of Bush's presidency

Don't you love how CNN couldn't be bothered to cover two stolen presidential elections,

Why is the media suddenly pushing the "Bradley Effect" BS's

I hate it when people do that!!!

I doorknocked yesterday

Simple Electoral Vote Math

THE MATH Weekly – For Two Weeks Ending Sunday, Oct 12 – Obama 380, McCain 158

God, I hate Lou Dobbs. Now he's pontificating about ACORN.

Palin Spokeswoman, Alaska Lawmaker Face Off About ‘Troopergate’

This is what triggered the nightmare of the last eight years

Is there any state that lets you vote without showing your ID?

Bill Clinton in Roanoke, VA dial up warning

In Friendly Region, Biden Cites McCain as Erratic (NYT)

No New Economic Policy Is Expected From McCain -- Graham got his signals crossed... (NYT)

Can you IMAGINE school children of the future learning about the US Presidents?

some numbers from my volunteering today...

McCain: "The Economy Has Hurt Us A Little Bit," vows to "whip" Obama's "you-know-what"


Hey, I wanna call a DUer or two a troll, say "thanks for your concern"

If we have 60 Senate seats counting Lieberman, do we have to put

John Lewis says McCain/Palin bring back memories of George Wallace

The man with the Obama 'monkey' - name revealed, or not?

Some of y'all are just serious downers, really.


Dumb question - did Palins BIL ever get fired?

What state might Obama win that would be a total shock?

Deluded Freeper lists 20 "reasons" why McCain will win

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value

Did Obama raise too much money? Did he get it too fast?

Is McCain going to whip Obama's "you know what" Wednesday?

The Pollyana in me wants the Old McCain to show up at the debate and tell his peeps to chill out...

What makes you a Democrat?

I'm still a little nervous about Pennsylvania because...

3 solid Republicans can't decide how to vote! (thanks, Sarah!)

Mccain's latest smear ads: how are we countering these?

Kos:Media nonsense

McCain has boxed himself in for the next debate

McCain/Palin ticket: 1st in history where Both Violated Ethics Standards

VOTE!!!!!!!! Forget the Optimism. The down ticket is equally important

Ladies and gentleman - here's the real question for our party and our times...

Do you think McCain is delusional "After I whip his you know what in this debate, we're going to be

Palin draws a huge crowd in Philly.

**Debate coaches: 'Lost' McCain must up game**

Most major polls will have Obama within margin of error by election day.

I'm beggin' you sir..James T Harris...

What a wonderfully positive rally!

Stuff Like this is SO NOT going to work anymore.

McCain Rally interviews. Terrifying OH MY GOD moments. Let us pray.

Is Cindy back on the illegal meds again?

I'm worried Obama is going to lose it...

If I hate them I am like them. If angry, am like them. If I war w' them I hurt us w' them

Monkey Man still unidentified?

Palin contradicts McCain on North Korea:

The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin

McCain supporter criticizes her her opponents: "They don't have no grace"

So were Palin's SAT scores ever debunked or is she really that stupid?

Palin: Ugliness of 2008 could doom hopes in four years

Palin's AIP Address: No flag pin (or flag) in sight, just sayin'

Did McCain pick Palin to sink the religious right?

One more time...

Can someone explain Alaskan politics to me?

DU Members need to be cautious and realistic.

You have to love this. With a few weeks to go. McCain and Palin have to spend days visiting

Attention worriers: this will help- how simple winning is.

Someone confirm or debunk this "RNC $160 million push" article

Some pictures from Obama's canvass of Holland, Ohio today inspire me to ask

McCain needs to end this nonsense

What's with all the concern lately?

Chidren for Obama Rally Seattle Photos

OK, that's it.. Hillary just won me over.

*** You heard it here first! *** (Good news and bad news -- )

Study finds: Polls may UNDERESTIMATE Obama's support by 3 to 4 percent

Obama Is So Far Ahead That I Won't Bother To Vote

Halperin suggests McKlan will be pressing "RESET" on his broken campaign.

Is there any truth behind the ACORN stories?

At one of Fox's roundtable discussions last evening...

O noes! We're all doomed!

GREAT Local article in my red state about Obama

I had a bizarre experience today

I live in Jean Schmidt's district...Schmidt who attacked Murtha

OMG! My 88 year old mother is voting for Obama!

Huffington Post reports Obama raised record cash in September.

absentee ballot help needed.

OMG! HRC in Scranton!

Had a talk with my staunchly repub neighbor last night, I need my smelling salts..

Sarah Palin's - EXTREME - Extremist Ties

So poor blacks caused world economic collapse?

Bill Clinton: "Thank you, John Lewis"

Top 5 Senators I'd Love To See Replaced In November

Palin at a Sheetz Store in My Hometown.

Which 5 Congresspersons Would You Like To See Replaced This Election

What's your take on SP's upcoming appearance on SNL?


I swear my husband has a man-thing for Joe Biden.

Who is most to blame for what the Republican Party has become over

McCain retreated to safety, watched his ship burn on closed-circuit TV during his "3 AM moment"

Thinking Cap Time: OK, Biden's BEGGING for a nickname


Repuke Forbes blames economic collapse on fannie and freddie and the democratic congress.

Wanna really blow some Freeper minds? DU this poll

Obama campaign expected to go on offense on issues of voter protection...

Photos: Obama canvasses a neighbourhood in Holland, Ohio

the Republican "Ayers smear" of Obama

had a fun morning with 2 obama canvassers

Don't Vote -- Obama is so far ahead, you don't need to bother. --- LISTEN TO THIS INSTEAD.

Palin to do a rally at Dover High, Dover, NH on Wednesday.. says McCain Ayers Obama attack "unfairly tars Obama."

Thanks to Milbank and others, McPalin can't hold hate rallies anymore

What this campaign will become, in one perfect phrase:

It is NOT November 5th...

Palin Forces Journalists To Invent New Punctuation Mark!

Kerry to hold rallies for Obama in four Wisconsin cities Tuesday

You know what would really be the end of Sarah Palin? If someone could

Evidence thread, re: McCain/Palin inciting racism

CNN just told a HUGH!11! lie: This just in: Castro calls out America for it's racist behavior....

My Mother just called me very concerned....

You watching

It's finally happened... PUMA's throw Hillary under the bus:

New ABC/WaPo Poll: McCain's attacks create BLOWBACK

The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin

A 2.2% McCain lead is greater than a 13.8% Obama Lead

I Am Starting To Get Worried That Obama Might Be Peaking Too Soon...

Another Shoe About to Drop in Troopergate?

*****Official "Mike Fieni" Appreciation Thread****

I Am Starting To Get Concerned That Every Day There Seems To Be Less To Be Concerned About

I'm so sick of dumb Palin "folks" who think she is so damn smart!

What the ????

The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin


DOWN TICKET REPUBLICANS... T E R R Y F I E D!!!! (You Won't Believe This)!!!

Any other teachers on here having trouble being neutral with McCainites

Obama doing worst in the polls in Utah: 28%.

"Pure Miracle Obama has not been assassinated" per Castro

Palin leads crowd to calling Obama (and Dems) "the bad guys"

---"Who is Jill?"-- Joe Biden's wife---PICS--Just thought I'd point her out--

Big Oops: McCain Team Devised Plan To Save Palin---Could Backfire BIG TIME...

"Faux News" and Rush Limpballs has been doing for years on a daily basis

Red States in midwest, edumacate my elitist east coast azz

I've been phone banking for Obama, and let me tell you...

Spokeswoman for tattooed, Joel's army scared of Obama.

Wow. The next door neighbors just had a brawl over Obama.

what Palin's body language and voice tones tell us about her...honesty and sincerity...

We have EARNED our Entitlements -- it's time to Raise the Ceiling

My computer tech had to replace my speakers on moniter. I was playing Dixie Chicks when she came in

Joe Biden to speak in my hometown

Questions that Should Be Asked of McCain at Wednesday’s Debate

So the pitbull wants to sling mud?

People should not be afraid of their governments....

Sarah Palin could teach Alberto Gonzales a thing or two about avoiding political scandal.

Funny thing a about *'s approval ratings...

Worst thing about the Bush adninistration?

Am I wrong in saying that we must go through a period of voting for NO REPUBLICANS?

ATTENTION HAND WRINGING WEENIES: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has suggested...

ATTENTION HAND WRINGING WEENIES: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has suggested...

Scary pink tutuism / "political judo" bloggers dismiss AIP issue, hold Obama to a higher standard

Media hacks beat the ACORN spin to death, but ignores Palin's abuse of power (snark)

I was in a Staples office supply store here in Eastern Iowa

NEWLY CREATED IN ASHEVILLE NC-- Get a tissue or two, this is very inspirational

Atheist Ethicist Blog Entry - Crises and Competence

*****ATTENTION!!! Obama Will Win and will Serve TWO TERMS*****

The Election Protection Wiki

NYT: Uniting Around Food To Save An Ailing Town (My town in Vermont)

NYT: Uniting Around Food To Save An Ailing Town (My town in Vermont)

So I am listening to the radio, and they are saying the FBI is trying to getTony Rezko to get dirt

The Final 100 Days of The Decider: Commander AWOL (R)

Letters to the editor pro rebup letters!!!

Obama Extends His Lead to 6 Points at Zogby

So, maybe the New Yorker's TIMING was just off...

Bill Adair from PolitiFact is on WJ

Learning the hard way about FDIC insurance

Right wing zealots turn on McCain, boo him at his own rally

Evo Morales' 10 commandments to save the planet

With oil dropping at the moment, how much are HEATING OIL prices in your area?

So, what if Obama loses the election?

I have a favor to ask about posting

The Tab Is In For the Beer Joe Sixpack Had With Dubya

Palin denies she abused power

Boston, 11-11-2008 (a few pics)

Democrats slam McCain on Watergate operative and Iran-Contra group ties

AK's Personnel Board running a parallel investigation of Palin

deleted dupe

Lou Dobbs guest lied that "about 5 million illegal alien home mortgage loans ... have gone bad,"

Get Fuzzy Toon: "lowletist!"

"Gay marriage is like a human marrying a horse"

Philly local news coverage - Palin vs. Obama (plus Obama in Philly pics)

some cool pumpkin political cut outs to download......

they can call obama a terrorist, but we can't call mccain a bigot.

Another reason to hate CBS News -- It's become just one big commercial ad

A hard look at reality, and what you should do

Where can we get Gallup's daily numbers?.. (instead of the rolling 3)

Fresno Bee (!?) strongly endorses Obama

msnbc...'does the 'wallace' comparison hurt the obama campaign' WTF?

Watch the movie Crawford online

What will happen when the other shoe drops?

Republicans are so self-aggrandizing

"If You're So Smart, How come You Ain't Rich?"

Bush Admin "paid little or no attention" to CIA warnings & General Calls Bushies "incompetent"

Obama knocks on doors, surprises voters

Banks Need State Aid to Avoid Worst of Credit Crisis, Merkel Says

Woman accused of serving pot-laced cake to guest

Hey, isn't our country in a Credit/Loan crisis?

Has Palin been stripped of her 'hockey mom' status?

McCain totally has this thing, people...

Laura Flanders: Bail Out or Slush Fund?

Europe...Bush alienated those countries. Now we expect the G7 to bail us out?

Who is the pimple faced freak lying on CSPAN. The ACORN lady is

The angry right wing will riot after the election. The left might too.

IN-09: McCain-Palin Brand of Hatred Seeping Downticket

William Ayers: Funded by Republicans

William Ayers: Funded by Republicans

What a press conference would look like if John McCain was President

The Pelosian Legacy

Consumerism creates growth in economies. LIfestyle may be the big question.

McCain/Palin's "Jumping the Shark" moment of Self-Destruction (please input)

War-weary Saddam victims miss his iron rule

Virginia is NO LONGER a "Swing state"

No Jobs, and No Recourse Until November

Talk About His Blind Ambition

If she's gonna use her kids as political pawns at a hockey game then they are open game to me

Which John McCain connection concerns you more?

South Carolina: Bush approval @ 25%, but "Simpsonville Little League Softball team happy to see him"

I was going to make a post saying Cokie Roberts said something stupid


"We Will not Walk in Fear of one Another"

Just a quick question?

I voted early in Georgia!

More entertainment from living in Freeperworld

The Trickle Down theory was a Herbert Hoover (his words) plan and we all know how that worked out


Latest trolling for concern: "Well, okay, we're winning -- but Obama will only have one term!"

Financial crisis: Government to take majority stake in RBS


Senator Obama canvasses a neighbourhood in Holland, Ohio - lots of pics

its the credit card system of raising rates beyond belief and minimums stupid

100 days and our nightmare can be over.

Israel stocks plummet 7.68%t after delayed opening

Your own personal credit freeze- I highly recommend it.

McCain to make a Letterman appearance

"Monkey man" video has been scrubbed!

Wow.. Saw a guy wearing a shirt that said :"Obama loves America Like OJ loved Nicole"

The best DU post in history ...... Hormel Chili Smack

Inside Operation Highlander: the NSA's Wiretapping of Americans Abroad

Can someone explain the Bradley effect?



It's a Mad Mad....Mad World. And there's a big W in the middle of it. We should have known People!

Two Cuban Soccer Players Vanish While in D.C.

Is Tweety trying to ride Obama's coat-tails to the Senate?

You can't be a racist if you were in a Hanoi prison when Wallace was spreading hate, sez McCain camp

If McCain tried to convert an analog tv to digital...

BBC Radio actually manages to get bailout satire laugh out loud funny. (link)

Lucky Duckies-Bush says it sure is lucky we have him around to cope with all his disasters

What we're dealing with, really, are those ......

Europe says no to US bailout approach

The PATRIOT Act is a mere statute and CANNOT suspend the Constitution:

Republican Operative: “I don’t want everyone to vote”

Russia test-fired at least five long-range missiles

only the lenders were at fault...

Meet the Press...hosted by Republican WHORE Tom Brokaw

Silencing the "Assasination" Meme (HELP!)

obama compared to murdering terrorists-mccain compared to elected united states governor

State to save HBOS and RBS

Did you hear? The McCain campaign CLEARED Palin of wrongdoing in Troopergate?!

Google's Super Satellite Captures First Image

So what's with Olive Garden?

Muni Investors Kept in Dark as Finances Unravel, Bond Returns Deteriorate

Traders, Guns and Money: Knowns and unknowns in the dazzling world of derivatives

When will the US elect a President who will have the courage to not want to rule the world ?

Must be heard/seen! Video of Palin at Flyer game...taken from the stands! All you hear are boos!!!

If the US were to collapse, what would be the consequences?

So has Paulson been "made?"

McCain Having Buyer's Remorse Over Palin

Euro Summit Draft Declaration Sets 14-Point Action Plan

Israel's Peres Warns Iran Against Surprise Attack

Has anyone else started eating less without trying to?

First rule of hope club. hope.

Suspend the rule of law

Caption Merkel and Sarkozy doing the robot

Robert Kuttner ("Obama's Challenge") on LIVE with Bob McChesney now - listen link

If OBAMA is predicted to win, how desperate will Conservatives get?

My children ask me "why should I bother to vote' when my vote doesn't count?

This is a REPOST of a OP I posted in GD and got 28 rec's Dear World, Please Confront America

Guardian UK: Banks 'have to accept lower profits'

I think someone should come up with a "McCain Economic Solution Generator."

EXPLANATION of Palin's connection to the AIP and "witch hunters" in Alaska

Sea Ray temporarily closes plants

So the theory of Capitalism as we know it is dead.. Its a lame duck

Watch this! "The Story of Stuff"


So. Mooselini used her kid AGAIN, this time as a boo shield that didn't work....

Top 16 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong- ( sardonic insight )

Getting unwanted phone calls? Re-Register at

Dollars & Sense: The Other Financial Crisis


Just looked to see if I can vote found something interesting

Has anyone translated the Latin portion of Dowd's editorial?

Prison for this whole administration Is the only answer to this whole mess that Bushco has created.

just imagine...joe biden found guilty of ABUSE OF unanimous bipartisan ethics report

Vote Barack Osama

Remember the old saying "be careful what you wish for; you just might get it?"


How Much Would You Pay in Taxes?

Another Reason why Zombies back McCain

Stupid interviews stupid. Tales of epic moronism in our times.

I want to point out somewhat obvious truths:

What kind of initiatives are on your state's ballot this November?

Obama Field Organization Revs Up for Final Month

Sara Palin: The woman who has all but refused to answer questions from the media...

Instantaneous Internet Site of the Week

HATE CRIMES! Muslim Woman Attacked, Held At Gun Point In Elmhurst, IL

Biden and the Clintons on MSNBC now. n/t

Sen. Clinton at Obama/Biden rally: "McCain doesn't think the middle class is fundamental,

It's all Bill Clinton's fault!!!!!!

Obama Under Fire For Playing T-Ball During Vietnam

oops wrong place delete

Sarah Palin hates black people.

NY Times: A Power That May Not Stay So Super

Mortgage Crisis: Bush administration, financial industry thwarted efforts to curb greed

On MSNBC now, a voice of reason! David Schuster...Palin Pointed To The Part Of The Report She Likes!

Sustainable Living: True cost of pumping gas: $10 a gallon

*****For those voting absentee*****

*****For those voting absentee*****

Rick Davis: The last 8 years encapsulated

106-year-old voter chooses Obama

How Dare They Boo Piper! (pic)

What are "Windfall Profits?"

How much more important than the senate is the presidency?

I ain't gonna be skeered no more . . .

My friend just called to tell me the anti-choice folks are standing along a busy street

I'm ashamed of some of the things I said and thought re Hillary during the primaries

Ayers haunts McCain

Obama scares me.

We Need To Make Stuff Again

100 Days to Go!

MODS: We need a countdown clock. 100 days and counting down.

TIME: Palin's Blown Opportunity on Energy Independence

I give up. My reply to Anti-Obama email and on message forums.

"Dick Six-Pack"

Craig Crawford says this thing is heading for an

Things are looking up in the neighborhood.

Things are looking up in the neighborhood.

Palin rally on GEM$NBC now

Peggy Noonan has some sobering thoughts

Read in a biography of John Wayne that George Wallace asked him to be VP in 1968!

Fallout On Mainstreet

Bush History,10/12 - Bush "paid little or no attention" to CIA Iraq warnings

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value


How Much is Gas Where You Are?

How to remove those embarassing Bush stickers from your car..pass this on to your freeper friends

Just came in from a drive, and noticed how gas prices have completely tumbled

Bush gets his own currency

For people who know McCain voters answer this..

How Karl Rove’s top hatchet man got his McCain propaganda on Politico (this is good)

Getting off on executions?

'The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama'

Al Queda terrorism threat level in Britain "at severe end of severe"

Do me a favour, next time some redneck fuck slag talks Canada

That half hour ad buy is airing the same time as game 6 of the world series?

States warned about impending mortgage crisis 5 years ago

States warned about impending mortgage crisis 5 years ago

States warned about impending mortgage crisis 5 years ago

States warned about impending mortgage crisis 5 years ago

How does one close an eBay account?

How does one close an eBay account?

Question-Is it ok to talk about a Green Party candidate if a Democrat isn't running in the race?

Bailout Managers May Be Buying Own Securities

Patent, trademark, or copywrite...Which do I use to protect a game I came up with? And How to do it?


"brink of systemic meltdown",

I ran across this stat about paid time off by country......Depressing

Consider John McCain, Patriotic Hero or Greatest Hero Ever?

Now they claim civil unions go against nature?



I feel ill...

I feel ill...

Tropical Storm Nana and Invest 98

Tropical Storm Nana and Invest 98

Caption Mc*

GM, Ford, Chrysler Face Bankruptcy Risk on Crisis, S&P Says

This is what happens with backdoor tax hikes.

This is what happens with backdoor tax hikes.

CNN economic "expert" Ali Velshi: My advice is more useful than you knowing my qualifications

CNN economic "expert" Ali Velshi: My advice is more useful than you knowing my qualifications

Hillary Links McCain in "Guilt by Association" and Belonging to a Reprehensible Organization

ACORN's official response to McCain ad:

Not to turn into Andy Rooney but WHY is SNL on Thursday now?

Not to turn into Andy Rooney but WHY is SNL on Thursday now?

So talk to me about taxes, I'm surrounded by fiscally conservative

So talk to me about taxes, I'm surrounded by fiscally conservative

Bush Gets His Own Currency

Fox News' faux documentary sets new low

Fox News' faux documentary sets new low

Bush Gets His Own Currency

Bush Gets His Own Currency

OMG..BREAKING! Transcripts of Mayor Palin's city council meeting minutes unearthed!

OMG..BREAKING! Transcripts of Mayor Palin's city council meeting minutes unearthed!

It's all too easy to engage in defeatist conspiracy theories and end of the world scenarios.

No doubt sexism plays a role in the reaction to Palin...

People Who Live In Glass Häuser

Keith Olbermann has strep throat, and SNL is live THURSDAY night.

Crude Oil Rises From 13-Month Low on Europe Bank Rescue Plan

Crude Oil Rises From 13-Month Low on Europe Bank Rescue Plan

Just asking ! What would it take to get Limbaugh off the air?

Just asking ! What would it take to get Limbaugh off the air?

World markets starting to open... so far Australia up by 5%-6%.

Nations across globe rolling out emergency bank measures

Does a global corporate economy require a global unionization effort ?

Headed to the U.K. on Wednesday for a week for a business trip.

All US missile strike victims were tribesmen

All US missile strike victims were tribesmen

Man shot three times for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt

Bin Laden Was Hiding In Obama's Basement, Fox News Reports (Satire)

Oh no! Get Well Soon, Keith O.! (Keith Olbermann has Strep Throat)

The People & Groups Behind the Smears...

On more than 1,000 fewer screens, "Religulous" has already outgrossed "An American Carol"

On more than 1,000 fewer screens, "Religulous" has already outgrossed "An American Carol"

Oh no! Get Well Soon, Keith O.! (Keith Olbermann has Strep Throat)

Oh no! Get Well Soon, Keith O.! (Keith Olbermann has Strep Throat)

A $516 trillion derivatives 'time-bomb'

What are YOUR plans after Obama is sworn in on Jan 20?

Remembering Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998)

McCain smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for about 25 years

IMF Warns Of Systemic Meltdown

Palin protest sign ideas.

Just when I thought Letterman was the biggest nail in McCane's coffin

Should you be able to vote the YEAR you turn 18 opposed to the day?

Jim Rogers Says Rescue Plan Will Create Massive Inflation, Buy Commodities

We could all be tracked, Cops test license-plate cameras that store, trace data

Does anyone remember that long discussion we had about whether 'monkey' was a racial slur?

The Bidens, Oprah, Dean, Plouffe at WLF last week. Sweet story by the Bidens.

Holy shit, Hillary is hitting a grand slam.

Why I can't take Tom Brokaw seriously

Andrew Sullivan Just Wrote The Most Brilliant Piece On Obama I Think I've Ever Read

McCain had another new economic plan before he didn't

Please debunk this: Obama's ties to wall Street CEO's...

A question about posting videos on my blog - giving credit?

I'm watchin Huckabees new Fox show.

Does the name "Tucker" have an old and respected history in any

Why the health care issue is a big deal to me. (Long post.)

Cats for Obama !!!!

If Circuit City Folds...Chase is BIG loser...

California: Proposition 2: Arguing cruelly confined or contentedly caged hens

Um.Yeah...This picture really kinda says it all...

Um.Yeah...This picture really kinda says it all...

Anyone going to the NC state fair this week?

Been in McCain-Palin country since Friday...

Here's a link to the terrorist website Weather Underground. It's evil!!

A Freeper's Rant on Amazon Seller Board and replies from Liberals (funny)

Post-Debate Video: McCain Flees, Obama Stays Forever

Age, sometimes a joy, but always a learning experience...

Ok give me the cliff notes version of what happened...

Republican Judges Jumping Ship For Democratic Party

PBS, Masterpiece Theater has a drama about the surveillance society

The Republicans will not forgive and they will not forget. These people have NO future in the party.

The Republicans will not forgive and they will not forget. These people have NO future in the party.

Former Debaters here?

ACORN FACT CHECK: Debunking the right wing lies...

Wasserman-Schultz on CNN Today. Vid Posted???

I'm confused, can someone explain?

Would Obama stand even a remote chance in some of the "battleground" states if not for Howard Dean?

What The Hell Kind Of Prayer Is This?!?!?

Researchers in Italy uncover previously unknown 2nd copy of the Last Supper.

DU This Poll

I've heard that Bill Clinton also spoke today at the Obama rally

30 years of Reaganomics brought us here. What did you do to accept/reject/foster this debacle?

I struck out at getting votes for Obama.

Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'

I need a history lesson re: Hoover. I don't want to sound stupid

WaPo/Business Week - Bush Admin to Blame For Blocking State Efforts To Regulate Subprime Lenders

I have family who have been acting like the Republicans at this week's rallies

Some 'Toons from the past week (mixed bag o'treats)

Jamie Lee Curtis re: the financial crisis and our future:

Feds propose consolidation of personal info in databases

Todd Palin's 2007 "income"". Pre-deductions: $66,893. Post deductions: $5,874.00

looking for a study conservative/liberal brainwaves

Photo: "Richard M. Nixon Boards the White House Helicopter for the very last time, August 9, 1974."

Bill Maher threatened; show goes on - and letters sent to LA Times

AIG's auditor scandal

BBC Newsnight - The Theft of 2008- The BBC film in 2 parts Fox-watching father just got my blood boiling. Told me the economic mess is all the Dems..

MarketWatch: This week may feature some pretty depressing U.S. economic data

MSNBC: ACORN, Voter Fraud, and McCain campaign manager Rick Davis (dirty tricks)

I'm kind of disturbed that I understood Maureen Dowd's column today

Which will help our economy more, long-term?

Any chance McCain retires if (when) he loses?...

Sarah got booed at a hockey game? Think about that

The Jews control the Federal Reserve

Private Sector Loans, Not Fannie Or Freddie, Triggered Crisis

Did you ever use the term 'snow machine' before the Palins came on the scene?

ACORN Response to Senator McCain's Smear Ad

VA McCain Volunteers Taught to Accuse Obama of Terrorism

A good idea for hard times

Corporations are not RATIONAL critters: Free Market Henhouse Security is Poultry-Assured Destruction


Too many damn holidays

The Hooverville thread: How much money did you lose since the CRASH?

Frank Rich nails it

":The 30-Year Lie of the Market Cult "

Woman McCain corrected about Obama being Arab still believes it and uses McCain money to spread it

doesn't it seem like a hybrid vehicle should get A LOT more than 20 mpg city?

So who else is looking forward to seeing Oliver Stone's W?

BEHIND THE PANIC - Financial Warfare

ACORN! Get Researching Who's Behind the Attacks!

Hindu Threat to Christians: Convert or Flee

***Red State Road Trip 2 !!****

OMG -- another e-mail against the Rethugs from my Rep. friend! This is good!

How Credit Default Swaps and massive over-leveraging have CRASHED our economy

Are you worried about the financial crisis? I can't sleep.

With oil dropping at the moment, how much are fuel prices in your area?

If you have a gun/bullets in your house,...

Have you ever noticed in the polls since 2000, whenever Dem candidate reaches parity, trends lock up

Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic.”

e_newsletter: World Peace Emerging - News, Adventure Travel, Real People

Why they HATE us..

The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama

A time-lapse map of the spread of Wal-Mart across the United States

Action Request: Save Cursor

Holocaust survivors tell love story

John "5 planes" McCain is a lie...

Stock Market up and Gas Prices down means McCain gains in the polls. NT

The Woman Who Tried To Save Us From This Wall Street Mess

Humor with a touch of profundity

Here he comes: Todd Palin to visit northern Minnesota

Coming to DC in a couple of weeks and may have some free time;

Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests (What ARE you smoking?)

Take Your Southern Strategy And Shove It

Use your gift cards while you can - list of store closings - (brought to you by the GOP)

Will bin laden make one of his famous video releases right before the election again?

This is NOT the end of the American Republic. It is the beginning of a new era of democracy.

See this thread for an explanation of who AIP is, and who Sarah's "witch-hunter" (faith healer) is

DU membership has privileges, ssssshhhhh

One reason I'm holding on to my stock investments and buying more

A small piece of Camelot is up for sale

A small piece of Camelot is up for sale

Obama lawn sign!!!!

Dow Jones Industrials set to open significantly higher Monday, futures predict-worst of crisis over?

McCain vows to 'whip' Obama

Mormon temples pass out Yes on 8 signs today - imposing its religion on everybody again

"Why I'd Be a Better VP than Sarah Palin" by Roseanne Cash (The Nation)

Hanged for being a Christian in Iran

Good Summation of Palin's Radical Secessionist / Dominionist / "anti-witchcraft" Connections

Economist Jeffrey Sachs told CNNI we're at the end of Reagonomics

Asimov's Foundation Trilogy.... the movie?

All Arabs are terrorists. All Irish are drunks.

Our taxes should pay everyone's health care and not just gov.. employees - We deseve same benefits

Our taxes should pay everyone's health care and not just gov.. employees - We deseve same benefits

John Russell, Three Other Challengers Tell Tampa PBS Affiliate WEDU "Let Voters Decide!"

Wow I just hooked up a digital converter box to my old 9 inch tv, what a nice picture.

Shakespeare, mcC, + Obama!

what's the best way to find a kindred spirit? I grew some yellow marigolds.. cut them.. then put blue food coloring..

That sneaky Longhorn Band...

Righteous rant in my inbox...

I think I have found my relgion

OK all those old baseball players trying to sing...

g'night all . . . .


Do I scare you?

Have you ever been afraid to respond to a thread

ever try to launch an empty booze bottle?

Rays wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!


Okay, next empty bottle... a new idea

I'm standin at the crossroads

Financial advice from my Uncle

sleep is for the weak

im going to see the trans-siberian

well, shite... another night wasted drinkin

What's the Narrative on the Ground? Pundit-speak is easy

No, I think you're wrong.

I think all right-thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told

From this week's PostSecret post cards

Who says GD-P isn't any fun?

Who says GD-P isn't any fun?

Is anyone else here at his best when he should be at his worst?

Is anyone using the new Google Chrome browser? Thoughts?

The Pelosian Legacy

quite apropos for me tonight . . . .

...and my ignore list increases by 300% in one day

2 bug questions: 1, what are THESE? and 2, is THIS what ate the canna plant?


Some asshole just fired up his lawnmower

WTF??? Andy Samberg, and other stunningly un-funny comics

Would college football's greatest play have been able to withstand review?

"I adore anyone who adores anyone who adores Emerson."

in which the social modeling learning theory is proved

This is the first Sunday I've had off since football started...

Leaving for N'awlins in a little bit

Rock on Gold Dust Woman!

Number 1

Does anyone have a good recipe for Spanish Rice and..

I just want to say that...

PALINdrome! Back on-line!

Making a big pot of Beef Stew today....w00t!

First good cry in a while...

Vacation pictures (dial-up warning).

Gogol Bordello.... SEE THEM

What's playing, Loungers?

I am moving..

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 10/12/2008)

did I see it here??

I know that this is not political but Tamron Hall is fine as hell.

How's this for a Sunday Morning album?

Anybody need a daily dose of disgustingly cute? (trust me on this)

I was going to get on turtlensue's case for abandoning her Nationals for the Phillies...

Well, I've gone and done it.... I've become attached to my roomate who leaves in two weeks

hicup cure?

HEY! LISTEN UP! Welcome my new friend, arterypyop, who I met at the Obama sign painting

who's taking advantage of the holiday to go drinking tonight?

Wyo. town reflects 10 years after Shepard's murder

Bird Brain

PHEEW, Monkey off BACK!

Vitamin Beer

What about the Olive BRANCH Restaurants?

3 ft of snow in MT - snowed in deep - REC a good fire, cocoa, and blanket movie

Calling out PaddyBlueEyes

I have a taste for dates... Juicy, delicious dates

I watched the "Onion Movie" last night with PassingFair...

"Even in the darkest of times..."

datasuspect's american notebook

On Noggin, Slack and Bebe Neuwirth. (Aimless Rant on a Lazy Sunday)

Kitten Picture of the day for Sunday October 12

Just had a bird *IN* the house

help me out. do i want to order pizza or cheesesteak?

Baseball is the greatest game ever. Period.

LeftyKid has informed me that he wants to go to the shark museum. In Australia.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!

Post a picture of your battlestation. :o}

I don't think I've seen a half of the NFL as pitiful as the DAL v AZ one just now

A little video advice needed...

Post a screen-shot of your Bowser

OMG! Check out this dog Halloween costume!

Attn: Lounge stargazers

Sneezing is gross.

Post a screen-shot of your brassiere (lame copycat)

I am so upset with my Mother

This might not be something I should admit but....

OMG the officials do not know what they are doing...

'bout to watch the movie "The Happening". Am I making a big mistake?

ARRGGHH!!! Dolphins lose with 3 sec. left.

Is this song racist?


Idiotic tuck rule shows up again, bailing out the Cowboys

ya know, since every lake seems to have lake monsters

How I wish we'd had a cool high school French teacher like this

Hey Seattle...Hahahahaha!!!

So I have been working at JCPenney for two weeks now.

The Madonna of Port Ligat.

The Cowboys game is about to kick off!

Cowboys lose!

Image of McCain trying to calm down supporters

I'm in the mens room, doing what men do in the mens room, and out of the blue...


come see me in this galena, il pottery tour.

A little Texas music for a Sunday afternoon

Who am I, and what has somebody done with Sniffa's wife?

In case anyone was dying to know...

$2.66 gas in Des Moines Iowa today...


"St. Rosalia Interceding for Palermo" by Anthony Van Dyck

Oh for Christ's sake...

Would THIS work? Insteade of a TOUR, just flying to Barcelona and then

5Y666TEXXZZNNH (MG Jr. appropriates my laptop)

Your LEAST FAVORITE actor-turned-politician


Some pictures I took at the Georgia Aquarium (pic heavy)

Ok, cool it, ladies.

Does anyone remember the Trick or Treating scene in ET?

Tiny cuteness

Hello, I am Sniffa's wife. I changed bodies.

Why can't they invent a moron proof digital camera?

What time is "too early" on a Sunday morning to fire up the mower?

I got you babe.

Ah, life in the land of plenty

We need a volunteer to call out Skinner on this: it is sooo wrong we cannot remain silent

Rollerball is on ESPN classic right now

Can radio waves f-up a digital camera?

For three weeks, I'm making fifty cents a note playing the jaw harp.

Don't tutch the bunny ears

Question for mods/ex-mods/admin:

This is what it looks like when I step out my front door

Pics from the State Fair of Texas:

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Hay bales

As promised, an OP that may sink like a rock, and whether one should care.

Anyone watch "Mad Men" tonight?

Anyone watch "Mad Men" tonight?

Little MB is running for class rep to student council - help please

Some funny stuff I just noticed on Google...

How soon after the presidential election, will gas prices go up?

what is that thing that Frampton uses to make guitar sounds with his mouth and how can I get it?

Ugh. The fucking dog got sprayed by a fucking skunk. (ADVICE NEEDED!!)

Don't attack the asshats...

My "house elves" taped me to a chair.

question for the guys regarding work bathroom etiquette

Elitist lolcat.

Matt Casel needs to fuck off out of my Patriots!

Who's up and isn't working tomorrow?

Well the Skins might have lost...but so did DALLAS!!

Should I taunt a freeper with this image?

I need a major pep talk to get my work done

The Sniffa/Bi-Baby version of Ikea directions

Cute cat boxing video

He's coming home!!!!

Random question: What do wasps do in the winter?


Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends ...

Caption this Family Circus cartoon

Cool Hand Luke coming on now on TCM

mood for today . . . . so far

Hay alguien aquí que sepa español o que hable en español?

Two random pictures from my soon to dissappear photobucket.

Post a screen-shot of your browser

So anyways...I'm growing a third boob....

Know your BFEE: Goldmine Sacked or The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One

Lounge, What's for Dinner Tonight?

So what's with Olive Garden?

One last shot at some sort of a life.

Little dude pics

About 2,500 flee chemical leak in Pennsylvania

Peru's president names leftist as new prime minister

Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, was a fixture at governor's office

Congressman says McCain 'sowing seeds of hatred'

Castro says Obama wont win the election

Speaker at McCain rally says non-Christians want an Obama win

Magic (Johnson) critical of hosts after AIDS comments

Failure of Leadership

Indonesia stock exchange says market to reopen Monday

Obama Under Fire For Playing T-Ball During Vietnam

Finally, 'Little Saigon' banners fly over San Jose

Now we are facing our moment of truth - Brown

Tsvangirai in threat to quit deal

Obama opens 6-point lead over McCain (49 to 43)

Obama, Democrats on track to landslide victory

Chile's central bank to inject $5 billion into financial system

REAL Rethuglicans (LOL)

We Need Obama

FOX News Edits Out Hockey Fan Boos Of Palin

McCain's Pick for Sec. of the Treasury?

TheRealNews: Barry Kay on Canadian Elections

Why was this asshole allowed to a Palin rally?

Hockey mom Sarah Palin boo'd at hockey game.

Russia's Medvedev test fires long-range missile

Maher Real Time Interview 10-10-08

Frank Says Congress Will Weigh Economic Stimulus Plan

Onion News Network -- Extreme Weather Alert: Meteorologists Predict Intensely Brisk Autumn

Demonstration Against Sarah Palin in Philadelphia

European leaders ready bank support plan

Obama Gains in States Such as Iowa, Florida Give National Boost

Iceland preparing to take IMF loan in echo of 1976 Britain

" Is the McCain Campaign Hiring Vocal Audience Plants?"

Russia in fresh missile launches

Chemical spill in PA forces 2500 to flee

Obama Gains, McCain Slides Among Working-Class Whites

Economist Shiller Worries G7 Statement Insufficient To Aid Market

Europe Vows Bank Support, Bids to Stop Financial Rot

A $516 trillion derivatives 'time-bomb'

TheRealNews: Crisis changes spectrum of Canadian politics

Gallup Daily: Obama-McCain Gap Narrows (+7 RV, +4 LV)

Better & Louder Boos (Palin at Hockey Game)

Concern in G.O.P. After Rough Week for McCain

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value

Meet The Press, Ted Koppel And James Tiger Knowles?

India gets its first woman saint

McCain Campaign Says Black Is White: Claims Troopergate Investigation Found No Wrongdoing


Peace Corps pullback in Bolivia upsetting to many

McCain has 3 weeks to reverse Obama lead

McCain considering new economic plan

Russia Launches New Crew, Tourist Bound for International Space Station

Trapped between Police, Protesters, and Pyrotechnics

When Asked About Hateful Rhetoric At McCain Events, Rick Davis Screams “POW!”

McCain helped businessman buy Fort Ord land for a fraction of its market value

Dole TV ad from the DSCC = Bear

Cool ad against Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska)

The McCain campaign in 57 seconds. BEEP BEEP!!

Sarah Palin Guilty of Abusing Her Power!

The REAL Sarah Palin

Many Republicans ask: Where's McCain's TV presence?

For all of you mad tinfoil hatters: Mitch Benn, The Now Show, State of Emergency.

Hillary Clinton in Scranton, PA Oct. 12, 2008

If Jesus Ran For President...

Alaskans Protest Sarah Palin

The Week In Cartoons 10/11/08

The Onion: Obama Runs Constructive Criticism Ad On McCain

8 Top Newspapers Endorse Obama Today

Venezuela's Chavez Says CIA Has Offices in State of Zulia

AIG knew of potential problems in valuing swaps: report

Tax rebate, food stamp money possible in aid plan

(Australian) Shares soar, dollar surges on rescue plans

Soros sees end of US-led globalized market system

Respondele a Obama

Duncan Hunter's earmarks benefit his son

Ohio McCain Supporters - 10/8/08

Michigan Republicans for Obama

Obama Everywhere in the USA!

FAUX -Kristol: McCain's Campaign 'Stupid...Pathetic...Flailing'

"Elect Obama (remix)" Big Hit Buda

1 of 2 - Axelrod and Davis on Fox News Sunday - 10/12/08

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

New 80 Second RNC Obama/Ayers Smear Ad.

106-year-old voter chooses Obama

US believes nuns have a habit for terrorism

Racist Moron Palin Clowns Continue To Be Racist Moron Palin Clowns

106 year old Nuns for Obama!

Palin contradicts McCain on North Korea

Obama the Baby Killer -or- When Morons Attack

Troopergate: Not Over Yet

Researchers find easier way to make stem cells

Crisis may set back poorest: World Bank panel

Biden: Abuse of power is most serious abuse, Scranton, 10-12-08

McCain tussles with Palin over whipping up a mob mentality

Ford may sell Mazda stake


McCain aided developer's bargain-price purchase of Fort Ord land

In Utah, McCain not necessarily a lock with military voters

Sarah Palin Booed, Seat view. Flyers game

McCain vows to whip Obama's 'you know what'

Republican leaders break ranks with McCain

In Virginia, McCain Struggles To Hold the South for GOP

Schieffer set to moderate last McCain-Obama debate

Barack Obama Likes Pie. (Hey, if we can't laugh at ourselves . . .)

David Letterman On Squirrely John McCain - Can He Trust Him

U.S. gasoline price marks biggest drop ever: survey

No Parking 4 Obama Supporters

Re: Hockey mom Sarah Palin boo'd at hockey game.

Yet more hate from McCain/Palin supporters

Iran Cleric Who Favors U.S. Relations to Run for Presidency

Bush: 'Lot of work to do' before leaving office

Democrats call for massive econ stimulus plan

Evil is Real @ the RNC

More Racism at a Palin Rally in PA - Monkey-Man Bigot Up Close

McCain reschedules Letterman appearance after relentless ribbing

A battle over voter registration in America (The Hindu)

Blame Game Gets Nasty When It Targets the Poor

Police Surveillance: Spying on Activists Discussed at Forum

Sarah Palin Diagrammed (The Angry Grammarian by Jeffery Barg))

At least our billionaires are still safe (Irish Independent)

High Time to Corral Financial WMDs Beyond the Bank Bailout (Financial Week)

Economic turmoil hurting GOP incumbents

The Rule of Law in Guantánamo

McCain's half-baked Alaskan (Mail & Guardian: S Africa)

Market collapse has frozen presidential contest in place

The Lowest Common Candidate (Leonard Pitts)

FBI files detail Hoover's loathing for columnist Jack Anderson, efforts to debunk reporting

Barracuda: The resentments of Sarah Palin.

The Next World War? It Could Be Financial

What do we want? Nationalisation. When do we want it? Any minute now (Sunday Herald)

A Bit of ‘I Told You So’ Outside World Bank Talks

As Crisis Spreads, Europe Points Finger at America

Rich vs. Poor: Obama crushes McCain with his wallet (Finally!)

The Express-Times endorses Barack Obama

Freedom Rider: The Other Bailout

Wall Street Bailout Won't Do Much to Help Ailing Economy

IHT: A power that may not stay so super

Only black reporter removed from McRacist event!

Wisconsin State Journal endorses Obama

Majority Now Believes Business Wing of GOP More Likely to Cause Armageddon Than Evangelicals

"The Politico guys"; Rove's top disciple and how our press corps works (Greenwald)

"The Politico guys"; Rove's top disciple and how our press corps works (Greenwald)

Philly Fans Boo Palin, Redeem Themselves for Booing Santa Clause

Gone with the Wind

Civil or international war could be catalyzed by another election theft causing a Palin Presidency

McCain Finally Gets It 'Right' on Obama’s Guilty Associations

More U.S. Meddling in El Salvador?

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

Palin's Blown Opportunity on Energy Independence

Fourth Guantanamo prosecutor to quit in protest had 'grave misgivings' about fairness

Obama Pens Op-Ed

Philly Inquirer LTTE: New word (Palindrone)

Polls Show Obama May Benefit from the 'Breadly Effect'

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: It's Obama: We need a president who will break with the past

The Human Valium... Barack Obama’s strategy of calm is provoking his rival into fatal errors

THE MATH Weekly – For Two Weeks Ending Sunday, Oct 12 – Obama 380, McCain 158

What caused the housing bubble? Or should I ask.....

Conservative Group Is Right: Free Speech Isn’t a Political Issue

ACORN Response to Senator McCain's Smear Ad

The giant pool of money--think there's not enough for you and me and everyone else?

Paul Krugman: Gordon Does Good

Snide Remarks on Obama

Errors in loan documents can save strapped homeowners

'Tennessean' Endorsement: Obama the best candidate for president

The coming Obama thugocracy

Subprime Scapegoats

Does Palin sleep with a terrorist sympathizer?

Rolling Stone on mcpant: "...disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty"

Anti-Democratic Nature of US Capitalism is Being Exposed by Noam Chomsky

Afghan upgrade

Army considers variants of Stryker, Abrams

S.D. Guard sued for race, sex discrimination

Recruiting on rise for Ohio National Guard

Wounded vets helped at Idaho, Mich. colleges

(Army Times) Editorial: Preserve dwell time

Rare flight deck death highlights dangers

A deadly year

U.S. Senate candidate from Nebraska has DODDS background

Greek Tanker Hijacked Near Somalia

Atheist Soldier to Leave Army

Service tries to cut unmanned craft crash rate

Army Launches Effort to Land Recruits

It has been ten years since Matthew Shepard

(Interesting) Gay people missing in Prop. 8 ads

The pro prop 8 ads NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM DU

Okay, LGBT types, a heads up

So, I was talking with the older gentleman from the south about marriage equaltiy.

"Gay marriage is like a human marrying a horse"

Future Risk Of Hurricanes: The Role Of Climate Change

Interesting website tells true cost of things....

Oregon prepares to switch on SolarWorld factory in Hillsboro

"Ten Americans"

Repub. nutcase letter re: fossil fuels & pollution

"Fuel" movie premiere

Environmentalists slam Bush "fox-in-henhouse" plan

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)... Opinions?

Bush's Latest Decision - Put The Grand Canyon In Jeopardy!!!

Olmert: Arabs discriminated against for years

International Traders Want Status Quo Back With 0% Lending

Australia guarantees bank deposits to combat crisis

Let's finally kill Reaganomics and Thatcherism in 2008

AIG knew of potential problems in valuing swaps: report

A day late and a dollar short

Paulson Proclaims "No Protectionism"

Well the economy isn't bad everywhere!

I know almost enough to ask a question....

Neel Kashkari: A Portrait of the $700 Billion Man as a Young Banker

The Party's Over

Debunking the Fannie/Freddie propaganda campaign

Today's Working Family Carol Simpson cartoon: Advice

Today in labor history Oct 12 Company guards kill at least eight miners, denied burial

Under Bush, US influence in Latin America wanes

El Salvador: Delegation exposes US interference (CISPES)

Voices from Venezuela book launched

FIDEL: "The Law of the Jungle"

Venezuela's Chavez Says CIA Has Offices in State of Zulia


The U.S. Men's soccer team looked really impressive today.

Rays’ success gives other small-market teams hope

I hope this doesn't jinx them

Even if the Dodgers go down 3-0 it's okay Torres knows what to do to still win

***SPOLIER*** Admit it, you all wanna hear what...


I just heard Texas took over the number one ranking...

Hey Michigan football fans it's not that bad

Bitching about "spoilers"in the sports section is plain fucking stupid.

"Ten Americans"

what does a bone spur in the heel feel like?

The Stars This Week: "Stay Focused" - October 13 - October 19, 2008

Personal Revelation re: Merc. Retro in Libra

Wickfordbard's Aries Full Moon Newsletter

Name Geography. Where do most people with your surname live?

Banjo used in brain surgery

St. John's Wort Relieves Symptoms Of Major Depression

"Tapping Into Our New Beginnings": Karen Bishop - October 13, 2008

Volunteer needed to coordinate the November prayer, light & healing request thread

Weekly Healing Project #10 | October 12-18 | Healing Weight & Body Image Issues

It's over...

Omnivore's Dillemma have you read this? or veiwed Food Inc

Sunday Morning Break'ast!

Does anyone have a good recipe for Spanish Rice and

best small fryer for donuts?

Experiments with beef jerky - any ideas?

My first fennel bulb

Medical Research Recession: Funding Flatlined for Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's

Financial crisis will be 'devastating' to science

Long-Lost Comet Barnard 3 Cometh, Oct. 22.

Even Viruses Catch Viruses

C & B family "chat thread"

Dr. Michio Kaku's comments on LHC and US science.

Japanese To Build Space Elevator Invented In Russia

The Existential Chili Thread

Gold Bug May Be Key To Alien Life

On Buddhism...

Suspend the rule of law

9/11 Truth: Justice Will Be Served

What We Face

GRE question

Waller County Agrees to Stop Vote Suppression Efforts

Rally with Rick Noriega and Bill Clinton in Dallas!

Could someone help me with code?

Mandriva Linux 2009 Mini-Review

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of you. n/t

May says to vote NDP or Liberal in close ridings

Kerry to campaign in Wisconsin on Tuesday

Angelina Reveals Presidential Pick

Todd Palin to campaign in northern Minnesota

The GOP’s attack on Madia’s ‘lifestyle’: Gay-baiting by any other name

Pioneer Press: Obama is Black: Does it matter?

So an interesting comment made to my hubby on his way to get an Obama yard sign

Sus scrofa scrofa(pig)s are flying....Wisconsin State Journal has endorsed Barack Obama.

New cheesehead

Hmong for Obama meeting today

Desperate GOPhers steal your 4x8 plywood Obama/Biden sign from your private property

gableman Being Investigated By Judicial Commision For Campaign Calls, Etc.

Busy weekend here in Coachella Valley

Prop 8

Hello, Californians! I was wondering, is Speaker Pelosi