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Archives: October 10, 2008

So Stephen's skates, an intentional fucking to the citizens of Alaska by DOJ prosecutors.

At Morgan Stanley, Outlook Darkens; Stock Tumbles 26% The Sharks are Circling

some may not like to hear this but

Why should Obama have to pay CBS, NBC, & MSNBC ...?

What did the puppetmasters desire or intend?

We Can Trust the Republicans. Really.

Obama related to Brad Pitt


We need a collage of pictures showing McCain and * together

You know I had an interesting talk with my BIL... about the crimes of the bushies

Palin has been cleared of any wrongdoing in abuse of power probe...

I thought this was cool....(profanity warning)

Happy Birthday John Lennon

Who the fuck is running fox news.... Joseph Goebbels

Flipping back and forth from Dave L to Jay Leno....waiting for Rachel

Ah the panic spreads (Look at Asia)

Out of Touch Weekly: The Magazine That Is All About John McCain

We CAN get through this

"My fellow prisoners", ...... a vote for Hussein, ... errr .... I mean Obama, is dangerous!

Didn't they use to have a break on the stock market when computerized

Ike photos

Ron Paul supporters well-positioned for influencing the direction of the GOP

Election driving up late night comedy show ratings

Extremely important news update from Fox

You know who will benefit from this crash ...

VIDEO: Mindy Green ("Read my lipstick!") thinks Barack Obama is a terrorist.

Part of $700 Billion Bailout to be Used to Buy Duct Tape (Satire)

Someone on DU found the hired Black man plant at the McCain rally

Poor people don't really have a 'back-story"

VIDEO: American Soldiers in Iraq Talk About Getting Away With Killing Civilians

Things are beginning to spin out of control for the G-7 Group....

Worldwide Wipeout

I know there's a lot of attention for Prop 8 in CA but we need help to defeat Prop 102 in AZ!!

CNN has broken into CNN International

Terrorist List Countries (And A Few Others) Laughing At Us Now

My email to Wachovia customer service

today is the last day to register to vote in North Carolina....

Rachael Maddow on Leno sporting the sexy nerdy girl boy look

U.K. Used Anti-Terrorism Law to Seize Icelandic Bank Assets


Ingraham and Palin attempt to discuss ACORN

Asheville Citizen-Times Endorses Kay Hagan

The defections of Dallas County judges from the Republican to the Democratic Party continue

European markets down 10% as trading opens

Is the bailout working yet?

Inflammatory Republican rallies raise concern

Joe Scarborough is disgusting....

In case anyone was wondering, ATX (Austrian exchange) now off 11.5%

Taking on a potential "Illinois Project"

FAUX NEWS SCREAMING voter fraud right now

So the Palin campaign team produced their own Troopergate Report

The MSM needs to replace

Benedict Arnold one of Palin's ancestors

McCain losing ground with working-class whites

Is the phrase "world view" a neocon or even theocon code word?

Anyone notice a trend in voter suppression?

not a conspiracy theory, but definately a tinfoil thought

Poor Skully

The Dead Stock Market Sketch

== Licking the Zeitgeist = By Mark Morford

Care to speculate on the primary intention of Obama's prime time TV slot?

Just curious: Planning to firebomb the Brookings Institution is making terrorist plans

I need an answer from DUers

More than "pallin' around": John McCain and G. Gordon Liddy are practically blood brothers

Poll: Obama breaks tie in Va., takes 8-point lead over McCain

In view of the financial market, situation, here's a video clip for today.

Each step the government has taken to halt/slow/help this financial crisis has

Ha! Republicans can't even turn to Zogby anymore

I am wondering how much hedge fund redemptions are responsible for the current sell-off

High level democrats are scared that Franken will win

Cost of U.S. Crisis Response Is Ballooning, Along With the Deficit, Debt

Gah! The DJIA looks like a Bode plot!

Question: How is Sarah Palin like OJ Simpson?

Moscow calls for anti-US alliance with Europe that would minimise the role of the United States

He supports what?

McCain/Palin's Ultra-Negative spree might be causing backlash

Your Understanding of the International Stock Market Collapse

As the Economy Sinks, So Do Odds of a Tax Cut

Ever wonder why Sarah Palin instead of Joe LIEberman?

G. Gordon Liddy's connection to McCain is PROOF that he will continue Bush's policies

US prepared to accept reconciliation with Taliban: US Defence secretary Gates

Am I one of the very few progressives who loves this action?

Signs of the Times......

Here, George: Nixon wrote it for you, and I updated it. You do nothing, just read it:

Bruce Fein: Palin vs. Palin

So... Our House Flooded while we were gone...

NY Times: Palins Repeatedly Pressed Case Against Trooper

Awright, Nancy ... get 'em back into town and DO YOUR JOB

Why the Right Wing McCain/Palin Cult Is Dangerous

McCain "pallin'" around with psychotic Anti-Castro terrorists

Total Heartquake as we sit and watch our 401K's

Why the HELL is gas still over $3.00/gallon???

“It is not a serious election.”

Share your stories: "But I had health insurance!"

Can someone post that "chill, i got this" pic of Obama? I want to pass it along...

Turn Republican Starve the Beast theory on its head - make defense budget the beast.

Does doll deliver Islamic message?

What Low Will the DOW Hit Today?

I finally know what I'm going to say to the Bush supporters, lock-step Republicans:

NY Times: Power Cut Off by Con Ed for Arrears in More Cases

It's Freakout Friday

Down down 380

Under 8000 now.....

The Grapes of Wrath, 2008

Catholic law professor declares "abortion battle lost," endorses Obama

Trading Halts

Quote of the Day (via Google)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON: Fri. 10/10 -- mccain game changer?


The people who scream for the blood of Barack Obama aren't really Americans

Okay, when are the brokers gonna start jumping out of windows on Wall Street...

The ugliness showing up more and more at Repubican rallies is ..........

BLACK FRIDAY - hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride today, folks!

Am I seeing things or is the Dow Jones down 1000?! (EDIT: Yahoo screwing up numbers?)

Are Yahoo and Google intentionally causing panic?

Now, this is some Palin' around with terrorists.

Oh DU Why Hath You Failed Me? (Rachel Maddow on Leno?)

Okay, so last friday I asked when the dow would fall below 10k...


I guess the reason for deploying US troops in America is becoming clearer - Dow tanking again

Take a moment out of your fear. Stop.

People who urged pardon of airplane bombing, child murdering, terrorist now advising McCain

How Many Trillions Could we SAVE By closing Bases and Bringing Troops Home? broken?

Financial Markets: Some definitions

terribly sad prophetic cartoon in Vanity Fair

Why does CNBC call a bottom every two minutes? Ever since this

Obama just reminded me of his speech in 2004 -

Obama just reminded me of his speech in 2004 -

MarketWatch: Top forecasters see severe recession

MarketWatch: Top forecasters see severe recession

CNBC says to expect 8000 today

With the economic crisis and all, how are you holding up?

George W Bush...The man who lost America

Last night - overheard in restaurant

Bush** : "The US government is acting"........yes, like lost puppies.

What a dilemma .... does Bush change his shitty pantz before or after he speaks?

Does anyone remember back when the old Soviet Union

Obama should bring up Phil Graham in the last debate, and how he was

DOW Sinking as Idiot Boy Speaks.

Meet Palin's extremest pals

These people are SO full of shit (teevee financial nooz readers/bloviators)

If I didn't know better, I'd say this is the bullshit of an Andover cheerleader ......

Union Leader Confronts Race Issue In Campaign

Does this ACORN thing smell like Rove or what?

$201,047.42 for hotel rooms and $147,301.71 for catered banquets

Eviction notice filed for homeless vets

When is President Asshat on today?

Banks Lowering Consumers' Credit-Card Limits - Credit might disappear without you knowing it

Homeless shelters turning away people

What the FUCK ..... this Gasparino guy is a fucking asshole.

He did it again.....The Dow has dropped 100 points since Bush started speaking.

Ted NUGENT breaks the secret pact, reveals the true Shrub- CHEENEE- Mc5PLANES agenda

I soooo look forward to this day when this man can no longer walk out into the WH Rose Garden.......

Breaking: GM to announce plant closures as early as next week

Man who wants to vote against Obama threatens to empty shotgun at registrar’s office

Aquaduct Bike Purifies Water As You Pedal . . .

What about a ban on short selling? You piece of shit. Keep your buddis fat and happy.

Riots in Hong Kong

CNN actually ignores columnist to avoid talking about McCain-Liddy connection!

So, who wants to have a beer with good ol' George W.?

Dow going down again...

Dow going down again...

I've Noticed a Pattern Here

Where's the bottom? Zero?

You still think this is a correction??? You are incorrect, look at this....

Do you have your money in a bank or a credit union?

Since world markets react to geopolitical happenings,

AMD to abandon SOI after 45nm

Response from Flyers about Palin appearance

First report on Lehman CDS sale: 9.75 cents on the dollar

The market is up in Baghdad because the surge is working

Stop fretting. Have a lobster dinner.

bush: Anxiety feeds anxiety, remain calm, we're working on it, God bless America.

Reasons for optimism:

Apparently the IMF is positioning to step in to *manage* the financial fallout:

Somebody should tell that freak who's behind McPain right now (FNC)...

mccain: 'You don't have to hope for change with me'.

Palin uses her Troopergate alibi as an example of her "most agonizing decision"

Obama talks, Dow rising. Bush talks in 12 minutes. Predictions?

Singalong for watching the Dow tank

we always knew the NSA was peeking into our bedrooms and rifling through our underwear drawers

International Trade Seizing Up Due to Banking Crisis

Dow at 8192. Undervalued or overvalued?

Can USA rebound from Depression without Manufacturing sector?

Funny thing-oil prices (barrel) around $80, but demand is still

I'm REALLY tired of this shite: the AFA gets another company to cave to its "agenda"

The Rude Pundit: In Defense of Bill Ayers, Part 2: Repentance Is Not an Option

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

I wonder if Bush has spent the first billion of his personal $100B "discretionary" bailout funds yet

Whirlpool to slash 440 jobs at Iowa plant

It seems that McCrash isn't the only one who doesn't vet. Caribou Barbie & Monegan's Replacement!

So we can bail out Wall Street but tornado victims have to pay for the help they get??

Hagan Still Leads Dole in North Carolina Senate Showdown

Freeper Mom: Letter to my brainwashed son

DU is running PRO prop - 8 ads against gay marriage so...

Dangerous New Turn in Justice Department Investigation - David C. Iglesias

Rather be lucky than smart? Barack is both. The times favor his presidency.

An evil ignorance

Riding Obama's Coattails, Mark Schauer Makes It a Race in Michigan

Evidence Grows That Israel Is Preparing To Attack Iran

Investment forecast email forwarded

Breaking at Freerepublic: Blind Nuts Find Squirrel!

Economic news: The Fed, Swim Suits and the Launch of the Faux Business Channel

Some words of wisdom from Frank Herbert.

Stock Market During the Bush Years.

McCain can't handle opposing viewpoints say fellow Arizonians

McCain in debate to black man in audience: "You probably never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac,"

MarketWatch: White House denies considering closing stock markets

Does anybody else see the striking similarities between what McCain is doing and what Hillary did?

Non Sequitur - Trickle down economic logic

so as I am watching CNBC and MSNBC this morming it becomes clear to me

Another credit PSA from me. Know your rights and what is on your report!

Take the Sarah Palin Tina Fey Quiz

the last and most important paragraph of a long article

Can someone please repost the link to PBS explanation about that "poll"

billionaires for Bush

Melissa just responded to my telling her NOT to support the Bailout

Sheriff Refuses to Evict Any More People - Chicago.

$62 Million court house opened in Missouri, bears the name Rush Limbaugh.

Why McCain's Health Matters

Is anyone else getting a weirded out discussion page?

Anyone have an idea on how short tax revenue will be as a result of the losses in the Market

John McCain is a criminal. He was one of the Keating Five.

John McCain schmoozes on yachts with convicted con artists...

Anti-Obama Fury Spills Over Into Down-Ticket Contests: "Bomb Obama"

Close my savings account?

Mc* rally pics from today

McCain supporters are violently radicalized and

Money Market Funds

DU Help............viral e-mail blaming the Dems for meltdown

Dr. Ravi Batra, economist, visits Thom Hartmann's 2nd hour today

Senator John McCain is a terrorrist leader.

Puppy mill reform passes in PA

Bush* and Republicans have added more to the National Debt than

SAT results from 1977 look like ones from 1980:

Financial Times: Crisis marks out a new geopolitical order

Britney Spears asks "What the hell was I thinking?"

America should be glad, as Cheney put it "Reagan proved Deficits don't matter"

Transition EO - Will Pres Elect be taking the helm sooner???

Take that Sarah Palin!

Are you knocking, calling, writing and or donating? Sporting your colors?

White House: Jobless benefits will not be extended, people should just find jobs.

Wells Fargo Gains After $12 Billion Bid for Wachovia Beats Citi

The permanent solution for unemployment

McCain's health

Can Treasury Sec. Paulson use his new powers to maintain his post indefinitely?

World’s Top Vulture Banks

Wheres the blame on Rich Dad Poor Dad??? Wheres the blame on Trump?

I can't tell if this is all by design or if this is a Run away Train due to incompetence

Home made window sign in a truck .............

Asia Times: Monetary Stalinism in Washington

Hannity radio themesong writer donates royalties of *that song*to Planned Parenthood in Palin's name

The Conservative Movement's definition of Treason

What outlet mall does CNBC get its analysts from?

Cavuto and Kelsey Grammer discuss how the market crash is Obama's fault (capital gains tax)

Thom Hartman is probably the best person for information on financial crisis: He is on at 12:00

Wow, just checked 401k and I'm down 2600 from 3 months ago. n/t

Coming months will be basis for grandkids asking When did you wake up to idea that 2nd Depression

Every time BUSH comes out to speak, the market TANKS

We all know a simple cure to our economic woes would be the legalization & taxing of marijuana. Is

Breaking: Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets

Friday TOON Roundup- Ya Sure, Ya Betcha

Is it WORSE than they are willing to say, because???

Many DUers in near panic. How about some countervaling optimism? Anyone have any?

Lehman Bonds Priced Lower than Expected (less than 10 cents to the dollar)

Banks?..dealt with.../ Housing?.. dealt with..and then what?

Banks?..dealt with.../ Housing?.. dealt with..and then what?

The national economy has officially lost 33% of its value over the last month...

Noam Chomsky: Anti-Democratic Nature of US Capitalism is Being Exposed

A song Sarah Palin should listen to but she would never understand in a million years

DOW just went under 8,000. How low can it go?

This Week on NOW: Driven to Despair

I called him BusHoover from the beginning.

Bush has some direct short-term responsibility for today's sell-off

Are you calling, walking, writing, emailing, donating? Sporting your colors?

McCain still ranting about "a new projector at a planetarium" is bizzare

In meltdown, the words that make things worse

Imagine the fascination watching someone go over Niagara Falls in barrel

A Dramatic Reading Of Wasilla City Council Minutes .

An 80-year economic tsunami. In America, most think they’ll be bailed out. Not this time.

The falling dow is not the problem, it is a symptom.....if you

You won't believe what the Pubs are slamming Obama for NOW!

DU this Connecticut gay-marriage poll! (We're winning!)

The Federal Government needs to step in and suspend trading....

The people who are included in the colloquial "We're in deep shit" includes a LOT of ......

Looks like the Plunge Protection Team has been...

What the fuck good does it do for the G8 leaders to meet with Bush?

Press Secretary for Pelosi is a small town IL boy that did good.

McCain and Keating - What's their relationship now?

Greenspan was right! Markets ARE self-regulating!

Alleged woman-beater John FUND co-wrote or ghostwrote LIMBOsevic's book(s)

Great Cartoon: Political Labels: Reality vs Imagery

Prop. 8

Get together one more time

Self Delete.

Is Republican “Trickle Down / Reagenomics” working for you

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Woman Greenspan, Rubin & Summers Silenced

RAVI BATRA: coming up on THOM HARTMANN, 1pm EDT.

"Make-Believe Maverick" (Oct. 16th issue of Rolling Stone)

Email from the GOP what the hell?

The best way to describe market movements the last few days >>>>

ex-SNL Victoria Jackson. Never knew she was a raving, ignorant fundamentalist


Hey! All You Damn Poor People!!!! Thanks!!

What exactly is a Blind Trust

Isn't that report on Palin's abuse of power due out about now (afternoon eastern time)

6 thooooooousand points. 6000! 6K 6 big ones!

John Nichols ...Nation...says Republican members of Alaska State Leg..saved report

Wall Street Reacting After Bush Speaks...

Final Results of the Lehman Brothers Auction, Friday 10th October 2008

Breathe. Iiiin and ouuut, nice and deep.

Good news for the holiday weekend, backlash against McCain

Goading. Chain yanking. Button pushing. Daring. Pushing. Taunting.

Fact Check: 'Brie and Chablis'

Meet Obatma, Obama's half-man half-bat brother!

Biloxi newspaper - 78% of births are to single moms.

Orlando Sentinel endorses two grassroots Democrats in State House Races 36 and 38

SHOCKING!!! A black man paid to shout "take the gloves off" at McCain rallies....

How long does it take to kill the American dream?

People could have problems voting in Orlando

People could have problems voting in Orlando

A Cross-Border Mother and Child Reunion

Just an idea as to how bad the media is, you know this whole NSA eavesdropping scandal?

The Hate Talk Express, what should be done about it?

Don't know if this has been announced: Greg Palast will be on BBC America tonight

Even clergy are blaming the poor. I'm pissed!!

"Yes We Can" video: is there a way to purchase a copy of this?

There will be a huge sell off today in the last half hour of trading

Book Review: As voters, just how stupid are Americans?

2000 vs. 2008: A look at things then and now Graphic

Someone who knows these things....what does the economic mess mean for the average American?

ya know, it's pretty sad that the TREASURY SECRETARY seems to have more power than the PRESIDENT

Is Bin Laden succeeding?

Eight Trillion Dollars Lost Under George Bush's REPUBLICAN Presidency

How fragile we are ...

Another day, another dollar on the FU

Will all the new registered voters actually vote for Obama?

Dry Toast - Senior Center in SF can no longer afford Peanut Butter

How I plan on dealing with the economic crisis tomorrow.

So do we or don't we export oil to foreign countries?

Where can Republicans threaten to move if Obama wins?

there is ONLY ONE WAY to pay th National Debt off, Nationalized Re-newable Energy Program owned by

Dow Jones recovered over 500pts in 20 min. Fannie Mae responsible?

Just a reminder of where the Unstable/Unable ticket is taking us...

Could Financial Markets Stop Collapsing After "The Last Days of Bush-Wheat"?

What's going on with gas in NC? Are things that bad?

TEN YEARS since Matt Shepard died: still no federal hate crime law

AZ-03: Shadegg Apologizes, Yanks Ad Misusing Picture of Vet

Watch the Dow go up and down...

"Is God Using the Economy to Judge the Nation's Sins?"

PHOTO: Obama can only talk using a teleprompter!!!!!111

Freepers not happy the the CT Supreme Court decision...

Absentee ballots sent out with Osama and not Obama

After New NIE, Bush Officials Now ‘Privately’ Admitting Afghanistan

Ballots send out that read: "Barack Osama" Shit!

Rendell says a drowning man doesn't care what color the person is who throws him a life preserver.

Straight talk express has turned into Hate Talk express...

ACORN Is Not the Nut Here

Personal 'Credit Crisis' Experience -- American Express Story

Why the sudden day end rally?

Weather Underground's chief prosecutor - letter to NYT re:Obama/Ayers

Illegal wars which result in millions of deaths are fine-just don't touch MY money??

Weather Underground's chief prosecutor - letter to NYT re:Obama/Ayers

Illegal wars which result in millions of deaths are fine-just don't touch MY money??

Illegal wars which result in millions of deaths are fine-just don't touch MY money??

McCain hired the same thugs who spread lies for Bush that McCain had a illegitimate black daughter

Metro man gets 14 years for mortgage fraud

Should DU hire a team of scientists to shrink themselves and get in the brains of the media?

AP Smiling Parisians show you their city, for free

AP Smiling Parisians show you their city, for free

A couple of days ago I heard something on countdown or Rachel maddow that caused me to wonder

Connecticut ...... State Supreme Court .......... **Marriage** ....... Gay .... Okay! ..... Yay!

And meanwhile, wholesale gas has dropped 50%...

1 explanation for the market jump: Monster Stock Reversal on Reports of Treasury Moves to Tame Libor

Afternoon Rally Gone, DOW closing down 94 points.

My die-hard Republican brother (helped run George Allen's campaign in VA)

Radical Measures May Be In The Wings

Bush: "Anxiety can feed anxiety and that can make it hard"

Sign ideas for possible McPalin protests?

This is wild re: stock market

Progressive sites need our help. Times are tough, and I know ad revenues

So America is now officially a socialist country?

So America is now officially a socialist country?

Ah emergency meeting of the G-7 starting, and what do we see first?

McCain Touts Endorsement by Head of Annenberg Foundation (Annenberg Hosted Ayers in Illinois)

Folks have said for years that we aren't sacrificing for this war - well, here it is

Courtesy of Krugman ...


I go to EVERY day!

Everybody see this? "McCain Defends His Rabid Crowds"

I need a "I'm a bitter homeowner & I vote!" sign

The insanity has hit craigslist.

I saw Fox clips on the Daily Show and they are hilarious

Hate Talk Express

Iditarod brought to halt as mistreated dogs refuse to run. Wonder where Gov. Palin stands on this.

This is a GREAT Palin remix - by a DUer

Ok the DOW has maintained for half an hour

Does the Dow blow through 8000 today? Place your bets.

Love this: Obama on Ayers... Links it to Ronald Reagan and conservatives: Run with this people!

Fund a homeowner bailout by taking away mortgage interest deduction?

The American Family Association is "fed up" - best laugh of the day

I have a feeling that Sarah Palin might not get reelected in Alaska.

Colin Powell defends Sen. Ted Stevens reputation for honesty and integrity-Sterling

2 Harley Davidsons

What happens to the country if Palin becomes President?

Does anyone know more about Curveball?

Photo: Things go better with COKE, especially economic disasters (Bush lookin' a little "grindy")

Unbelievable! The Today Show is doing a hit piece on Joe Biden, Saying He Isn't Really Middle Class.

Post Turtle

Interview with Noam Chomsky.

Did Caribou Barbie appear on the SNL thing tonight?

Is McPalin approaching "Krazy Katie" territory where Republicans run away and vote crossover?

George Soros will be on Bill Moyers Tonight

Lawyers and churches providing a safety net for detained poultry workers

tit for tat says Argentina

Boxer On MSNBC Right Now nt

Who knows Real Estate? Need help with a research paper!

Barbara Boxer on Gregory discussing

As a renter, who cannot afford to buy, I am getting tired of hearing about "homeowners"

Palin and the McCains look like they're trying to work someone up into harming Obama

Can someone provide me concise talking points to refute the freeper claim

Can someone provide me concise talking points to refute the freeper claim

Hate Week. (1984)

You'd never know there was a financial crunch with the lines of cars on route 16, Conway NH

Can't judge a book by its cover

Nouriel Roubini issued an ALERT at 01:00 GMT this morning:

I believe John Mccain is part Ferengi (Star Trek)

Latest Defenders of Wildlife email on Palin wolf atrocities (warning-disgusting)

Media Buffers McCain From His Own Campaign’s Attacks On Obama

Letterman Throwing McCain under the bus youtube over 3 MILLION views!

Letterman Throwing McCain under the bus youtube over 3 MILLION views!

The Bailout in Plain English Speaking in the Tongues of Brokers

When you see a McCain/Palin yard sign you think...

I'm not the only one seeing the power of the mob at work with McCain

Perfect RW church!

Conservative Talk Show Hosts accuse Magic Johnson of faking AIDS - ESPN

Gas across the street from work is $2.97 today

Pat on MSNBC is a asshole

My simple suggestion for countering the Obama = Anti-American/Pro-Terrorist BS...

Colin Powell: Still A GOP Whore

Only $700 to go until we pass $90,000 for the Obama-Biden Campaign! DONATE TODAY!

Latest Late Night Jokes

I am officially losing my mind.. send in the medics

McBush looks like he is about to stroke out at any moment on my TV

McBush looks like he is about to stroke out at any moment on my TV

The Right and mainstream America: a universe apart

The Result of Rhetoric: Fear and Violence From The Far-Right Wing

The Result of Rhetoric: Fear and Violence From The Far-Right Wing

Norm Coleman pulling negative ads against Franken...

A 1000 point swing is so totally nutz ..... it HAS to mean the bottom .... I hope.

Hey, Chicagoans

Angelina Jolie: 'Obama would be great for my family'

Ok so this is what a friend just sent me.. and I need yalls help!

Reich wing radio hosts accuse Magic of faking AIDS.

Gold, reverse mortgages, and annuities...

Va. doctors urge McCain to release medical records

Pew Poll: People Split on Media’s Fairness Toward Sarah Palin

Creationist offering $7.5 trillion if you prove evolution

Father angry about Army's decision

Could the election be a landslide

Help? What exactly did Buchanan do/say on MSNBC just now?

Tonight: Moyers talks to George Soros about the meltdown

Pat Buchanan Joining The Angry Right?

Which puke Sen. would you like to see lose?

Lou Dobbs is still an idiot. He said he's surprised there isn't more

Well ........... thereyago ..... are we cured now? Is Paulson the WORST one to instill confidence.

Coleman had this change in the works all along!

If you think about it, the stock market has now caught up to the housing market

Did you hear that voter?

Alaska:State scrambles to gather private e-mails

Major difference between the 29 crash is that people who lost their fortunes, knew it. They had an

David Letterman on the 'Squirrelly' John McCain: 'I Don't Trust Him'

Typical McCain Palin supporter (warning graphic)

A Buckley endorses Obama

“It read better in the original German.” Molly Ivins on Pat Buchanan's cuture war speech.

Economy freezing IT budgets, survey shows

A desperate plea for a vewry particular animated gif ...... a squirrel darting back and forth ......

AK Legislative Council Meeting

My jaw dropped. A hardcore Republican colleague is voting Obama:

Drudge pimps worn-out right-wing cartoon "South Park" on site.

Tomgram: Anand Gopal Asks, Who Rules Afghanistan?

Poor wording of AZ prop 102 - invalidates hetero marriage?

I'm So Stoked Seeing Springfield MO. In The News With The Obama Rally!

Hey! Colin Powell! Yes you, Mr. Ted Stevens character witness. Here is YOUR legacy:

Troopergate report to go public.

Conservative origins of the subprime mortgage crisis.

On KO, we see McBush layin' down with the dogs and gettin' fleas.

Obama bumper sticker? No parking in this lot.

Since when is the ACLU a communist organization? That's what

Truly Disgusting! Blabbing Bush Official Leaks Info Destroying al Qaeda Source

From red to BLUE!!

The world at severe risk of global systemic financial meltdown and severe global depression

In the midst of despair, opportunity lies...A post of HOPE

Obama Airs 25,000 Commercials in Past Four Days

White House pushes back against idea that when Bush talks, market falls

Woodamndamn whoooooooooooooo!

Wasilla is the Meth Capital of Alaska?

Hi My name is Ali, I'm on CNN and I suck

Nobel Prize winning economist: "Nobody has respect for that kind of model anymore" (US capitalism)

Cramer is channeling Roubini and the rest of those who want

Yes, I'm a Left Liberal . but WHY

These people are freakin' nuts.

Greene County sheriff drops request for voter records (Ohio)

LOL instant spin Branchflower Report Released: Palin was within her rights to fire Monegan

does anyone have info from the EU how people there feel about Bu$h Fuck'n up their world,,??

I bet a lot of "McCain" people, too ashamed to admit they like

My "Virgin" DU post--I ask that you please be gentle...

Socioeconomic Status. Question about the campaign trail and the "lower class"

Lincoln Chaffee Throws Support Behind Obama: "He's The First Democrat I'll Vote For"

$150 for dirt.

This is a document from the US National Archives, Mr. McCain .... Mrs Palin. Is this okay with you?

Berlusconi: "Leaders May Close World's Markets" (oh really?)

Obama ads are playing in North Texas like crazy

Dear Sarah, "Thanks but no thanks".

PEOPLE!!! Can You HEAR IT?????

Palin abused power just like Bush/Cheney. She showed her contempt for the law in the coverup.

How much did you beat Caribou Barbie's SAT score (841) by?

Unlawfully abused her grudge contributed to firing..

Gen Y in the breadline: could I have the semolina with the salmon spread, and a latte half-caf?

Hillary Hatred will Energize the Republican Base.

OK, I GUARANTEE this Palin news will not even matter by Tuesday!!!

Tired of casting asparagus? Try goating people.

10 Republicons and 4 Democrats on the panel.

Breaking/MSNBC: Palin abused her power (Alaska report)

waiting for talking points from the McShame campaign

What the hell is going on? Have I gone through Alice's looking glass??

Krugman: "the crowds at his rallies are, by all accounts, increasingly gripped by insane rage"

Now that Obama's going to be president, we have to implement the GAY AGENDA!!

Was McCain really exonerated for his part in Keating 5?

I'm SOOO EXCITED! I've seen 4 McCain Ad's in the past 2 hours!!

The Irony of the Palin Gambit

Brachflower's recommendations

SOMEONE Told McCain to KNOCK IT OFF.. WOnder WHO it was..

If you've NEVER respected John McCain, and NEVER will: CHECK IN!

Perhaps the stupidest, most desperate RW theory EVER. (think it through)

List all Republican politicians, media and pundits who are speaking out against the hatefest?

Ya can't shake the Devil's hand, then say you're only kidding, Johnny

Colin Powell is talking about a "trusted leader whose word you can rely on."

GE Profit Falls 22 Percent

Fox News... no report yet on the findings

OK, so McCain's suggestion to suspend mandatory withdrawl from IRA

The Daily Widget, Fri 10/10 – O-380, M-158 – Ohio and Texas Weaken; West Virginia in Play?


"I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power ..."

MSNBC: Gov. Palin "abused her power -- details ahead."

**The Swamp Rat Appreciation Thread**

McCain's attempt to calm his crowds reminds me of Eric Cartman...


Dana Bash of CNN spoke to the woman that called Obama an Arab

post your new Obama campaign slogans here! mIne is....

We are the party of Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Clinton

Who thinks McSame backpedaled today to avoid......

Beautful Behind the Scenes Footage of Obamas/Bidens the campaign put together in response to McCain

Lunatic Freeperland: We'll riot if Obama Wins (they quote that Rush says so)

My guess is they will release the Palin tonight -- 7pm Eastern..

Not Pro-Life- ALL LIFE- Support our planet, our wildlife and Barack!..

Lunatic Bigots now say Obama Supporters want to kill Obama


Interesting match-the-candidate quiz

***"HATE TALK EXPRESS!!*** Perfect, Just Perfect!

----My Message to the Freepers---

A Short List Of TV Talking Heads Who Can Kiss My Black Ass

Ha Ha Pumas super secret weapon exposed

Meltdown in Hannity's Nazi America Tonight

Sarah Palin on November 6th go home and

So,is it true Obama, Biden and Michelle are covering three times the cities as McCoward and company?

I said it before and I'll say it again

"I'm scared of Barack Obama... he's an Arab terrorist..."

You know I'm thinking, that WHEN Obama gets elected, we need to be vigilant

Hey! We aren't all x'd out. Guess everyone is out on the trail or out party'n!

John McCain did NOT do the right thing.

Huge Freeper Arrested for Stealing Democratic Yard Signs LOL

Why are you focusing on the negative?

I will consider McCain and Palin personally responsible for any attempts on Obama's life.

For comparison: Your overall reaction to this Michelle Obama bust

Kerry says McCain should be Disqualified from running:

What's the difference between Rush Limbaugh and a little old "Arab" lady?

Pound Me If You Must - But I Honestly Pity John McCain

Only $700 to go until we pass $90,000 for the Obama-Biden Campaign! DONATE TODAY!

Something is unhinged here

SHOCKED: McCain basically conceded the election tonight and told his base to Chill the Fuck Out...

InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position Ohio Poll: Obama 49, McCain 44

More of those who "palled" around with Ayers...including McCain campain worker, Kearns

Chris Dodd Absolutely Rips John McCain


Recommend if you think "End of Days" Palin is dumb as a bag of rocks and her 841 SAT score matters

What happens next?

Make a Walking Yard Sign

Found Him...The Plant at McCain'ts Rally in WI (THE black guy)

McCain's Ayers- Terrorist smear of Obama

DU this poll before the Freepers get to it!

Todd spent more than 50% of his time in Sarah's office, using the phone

Sarah Palin INELIGIBLE To Be Vice President...?

Atheists for Obama! Religion in Politics - I would love to hear all your opinions........

Hartmann just said 7/11 has your choice of presidential cups for

Any way we can harness the anger of the McCain-Palin crazed mobs to power our cities?


This is the worst Republican Presidential campaign in my lifetime.

Keith Olberman should be back on Monday?

McCain rally inciting more anger today. CNN Int'l covering it (now showing Obama)

Do Palin's kids go to school?

McCain crowd boos McCain and shouts "Come on, John!

Don't Worry About Obama's Safety : Polls are undervaluing Obama because of cell phone factor

All world Markets may be shut down, while international finance rules are rewritten -Berlusconi

"This highly-politicized report is a personal attack. Ultimately, She will be exonerated."

Sen. Clinton campaigns for Obama - pics

If you wish to be a mod, by all means apply for the position. Otherwise ...

My prediction of how McSame's next network interview will go.

Palin is in MY town (Dover NH) next wed. - I need ideas, samples for PROTEST signs.....


I'm a little Confused (have you seen this)

So which former president does Barack remind you of?

I am Really Concerned what the other side will do When Obama Wins

Do you get the feeling this isn't about McCain winning?

Pat Buchanan is this close to callin Obama the "n-word" he is spitting mad on HARDBALL right now

Food Bank Shopping Checklist

I'm so PROUD to be an Alaskan!

Let's hear it for the Secret Service!

Acorn the facts

Obama's cabinet. I'll start.

I just convinced a couple friends of mine to vote for Obama (I'm a die-hard Hillary supporter)

You know Republicans sense an Obama win is coming...

Can I breathe now? Does this officially KILL her 2012 chances?

Heading to the Democratic Party office in the morning

Any Palin speeches scheduled for tomorrow?

Sarah Palin is a Manchurian Candidate for One Extremist Splinter Group of the End-Times Crowd

Attention: Bill Ayers. Make a public announcement declaring your support for John McCain.

Attention: Bill Ayers. Make a public announcement declaring your support for John McCain.

Freeper links and posts should not be brought here

Did John McCain Redeem Himself today?

WTF am i watching on MSNBC about McCain defending Obama from McCain's supporters?

Oh HELL NO! Mediatakeout (the best Black gossip website in the world) got a hold of Palin's SAT

"Stop the Hate" prayer vigils needed to counter McPalin Nazi rallies.

CNN changes their reporting to reflect that Palin broke the law

We Win!!! (noted October 10, 2008 8:31 PM EST)

Maxine Waters holds nothign back

McLame is scared to confront Obama and hopes his lame talk today prevented it!!

What's a good election night song?

Tough Question: Who would have been the better President for the past 8 years?

Drudge STILL ignoring the Palin bombshell

Civitas North Carolina: Obama 48, McCain 43, Barr 2

GOP supporters now screaming for terrorist attack against Obama

On Sarah: She violated the Executive Branch Ethics Act , does this give McBush an excuse to can her?

So who would even qualify as an "elder statesman" Republican these days, who'd have the stature to

I just emailed McCain via his Senate website.

Bottle of Champagne-- $40

WTF?!!! Am I in Bizarro world?

Kerry Condemns "Hate-Filled" Language

Freepers are funny. Poll deception? LOL.

Halcro finally admits "I was the Blogger on the Grassy Knoll."

Senator Webb: Obama will win VA, comments on crowd ugliness of GOP

McCain Campaign Now Attacks Michelle Obama Over Ayers



Democrats turn out for Biden appearance in Springfield (MO)

is there somewhere to find out what candidates are on the ballot in which states?

Anyone have some poll numbers on Palin's positive/negative ratings over the past month?

poll question: When I read the postings of RWers I

PLEASE call MSNBC about constantly giving a platform to RACIST PAT BUCHANAN

What do you think of the Right Wing's argument that we have to respect stupid and bigoted people?

Bullentin of points from a Republican...

BREAKING: Freepers Now Talking About Impeaching Obama

My respect for McCain just went up 1000% for his comments today*

I hope Palin gets off the hook.

Report vindicates governor, Palin spokesman says (ADN)

Let us remember what we have to look forward to......

What will Palin do now? Hold a press conference? Resign?

Palin committee member: "....release of the report was a “no brainer.”

McCain booed by supporters after trying to calm angry anti-Obama chants at Minnesota rally


Christopher Buckley (son of William F.) endorses Obama... (!)

Palin's Claims She Feared Wooten Were Bogus

Troopergate - I Hope Obama Lets McCain/Palin Dig Their Own Hole First

Kerry Condemns "Hate-Filled" Language At McCain-Palin Rallies

The best part about today! McLame off message on TWO different topics!!!

My guess on why McCain talked down the "fear" today.

John McCain's response to the abuse of power findings

Aren't there any other Republicans who still have enough integrity and respect

Statement of Palin "Truth Squadder" Meg Stapleton...

Your overall reaction to the Michelle Obama bust

I dunno'..but I'm guessing Todd Palin AIN'T getting any tonight.

Bush&Co's "Base" were wealthy and connected GOP'ers...McCain's base?

"Emergency Notice" Received by my BIL From Senator John McCain Today

There is irony, there is supreme irony and then there is overwhelming cosmic irony

Red Herring (TPM on Troopergate)

Reason I cannot wait until this election is over #256:

What a WONDERFUL night!! I love you guys!


Do you think the GOP is throwing in the towel?

This lifesize cutouts comparison says it all

If McCain is calling the shots in his campaign, I'm ashamed of him.

The name that used to come to mind when I thought of Sarah Palin was

Someone needs to break it to Sarah that THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD isn't a good campaign plan

What's the Craziest McCain Thing in the next 20+ days?

It's a Matter of Trust

Anyone think McCain doesn't personally want to go negative on Obama?

Will the model hockey mom still be dropping the puck at the Flyers game?

DU surpasses $90,000 raised for Obama!

"Current rules mandate that investors must beginning to sell off their IRAs and 401ks...

Palin's Abuse Tops the Headlines at CNN, ABC News, CBS News and NBC News

Kos:Break their backs

So the McCain camp says the Troopergate report is partisan?

I think the word "Maverick" will be taboo in American Politics for the next 50 years...

So when will Palin tell the crowd at HER rallies to chill?

In general, people are only going to believe what they want to believe

Drudge finally updates homepage with major Palin story!

There is nothing stupider than a mob.

My take on Palin abuse of power.

An interesting (perhaps meaningless) trend in polling data

***URGENT*** Mary Mitchell is taking it to Limbaugh and she is going to need support!!!

So.....due to the recent events...could Arkansas swing blue?

Trooper-gate question: what's next?

Does McCain Have Cooties?

"If you think Senator Obama is a Muslim or Terrorist then I dont want your vote!"

My advice to the Obama campaign

A Note On The ACORN Matter

Seriously what happens now and remember Columbus Day is on Monday.

It's about time Karl Rove's tactics took a hit...he's behind all this


So I guess SNL is out of the question?

Palin who said she wants more power than Cheney? Has already abused her power as a Governor

Family grudges will get you every time.

These republicans and their 'raw anger' make me laugh.

Sarah Palin's high school report card

McCain considers conceding election

Can we go after the spouse now??? Todd Palin is all over this report and

Now that McCain defended Obama's character, he needs to direct his campaign to stop the hate speak!

Minn. DU'er...Did Norm Coleman really pull his negative ads?

Palin's Office Responds:

Alaska-State scrambles to gather private e-mails

BTW, starting tomorrow, we only have 100 days until Bush leaves the White House...

Hey Guess what, "the campaign would continue its own increasingly character-based line of assault."

Pallast's Electron fraud report is on BBC America now.

I had to turn Bill Moyers off just now...couldn't stand that lady he had on again

I gotta say it. one night only and I'm not even going to question his motives...

Will Palin be impeached by the Alaska Legislature now ?

Oh yeah, check out what hockey fans get on Saturday night!

The reason the GOP is panicking? They needed the race to be close in order to steal it...

CNN minimizing Trooper Gate findings 30 minutes after report comes out! Amazing!

Palin report ... McCain's camp response

Burn McCain.

OK DUers, we have $9,995 left to GOAL!

Do you think Sarah will still be dropping the puck at Flyers/Rangers game?

My racist Grandmother-in-law is voting for Obama!

So what is the real story on McCain's reversal- I think he was cautioned by the Secret Service.

This is McLame's campaign tonight after the Failin announcement..

Palin LIED when discussing Troopergate AFTER THE FACT!

Can you say BACK-PEDDLING!!!!! Woman calls Obama and "Arab" at McCain Rally

Okay, from what I read TODD should be in Violation as well, WHY NOT?

Is Bob Barr the big winner tonight?

Does any New Yorker remember Bill Ayers the radio personality?

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 10/10/08 - Obama 50, McCain 45 (unchanged)

Research on Code Section Violation -- IMPEACHABLE

GOP Strategist: It's Over, Obama Will Win In Landslide

The REAL Reason Behind The Softening of McCain's Tone?

Honestly, I'm beginning to believe that the Universe, or the fates or whatever

Ok Republicans ... Just who IS Sarah Palin?

What the presidential debates need now is O'Reilly or Matthews

We paid $700B to see Bush sent to the Hague .. 'nuf said. When the world charges that mob with it's

Holy Crap... McCain Tries To Do The Right Thing (Sort Of) And Gets Booed...

CNN: Finally reporting on Palin as Breaking News!

Palin's breaking the law has to be brought up in the debate next week

Walt Moneghan coming up on Rachel. (the guy that Palin fired illegally).

Still "all Ayers all the time" on CNN (Larry King Live)

Could the Alaska report be a reason for McCain to "dump" Palin in that he

Graphic of Troopergate Finding # 1

George Soros on Bill Moyers NOW

Cindy McCain kept Keating partnership for 11 years after scandal

Newsweek reporter Iskoff: "IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW."

I feel sorry for McCain ..

The Freepers are simultaneously furious at McCain for "ignoring" their rage...

Do you think this report on Palin will give McCain reason to dump her

So now that Palin is guilty.. Are they still going to use the term

OK, folks, how long would you estimate it's been since you saw/heard the following question:

Caption: (added!)

OMG! McCain Campaign: Barack OBama is so powerful, everything is due to "THAT ONE!"

Sludge Report STILL doesn't mention the Palin report

Cheeto dust huffer and son of Lucianne, Jonah Goldberg says gopers are "Frustrated"

Don't get overconfident. This gives McCain an OUT (to replace Palin w/Romney)

RUMOR: The RNC About To Pull The Plug On Their McCain Ads???

Mudflats reports - Investigative report included

McCain's statements today weren't honorable...

we need to be 'respectful' says McNutz

Damn crazy asshole rednecks...

Todd Palin is (or is scheduled to be) campaigning in Maine this weekend

Screwn if he does, screwn if he doesn't.

I am sorry but i had to do it lol

Obama Up To 79.6 on Intrade

Watch Rachel on line......LIVE at this link... for those without cable

Rachel reading Palin's statement on Troopergate Report...

Wow... I Think I'm Becoming A Kathleen Parker Fan... 'Hearts and Votes in Appalachia'

Can somebody explain to me how getting Wooten fired makes the Palin's safer?

Obama will win Ohio!

Think Palin will still drop the puck at the Flyers game

Palin still going to drop the first puck at the Flyers v Rangers game tomorrow?

All major news organizations announce Troopergate. No mention on Drudge

Does she now return to Alaska?!?

Strange, drudge doesn't have the Palin abuse of power story on his site yet...

Would McCain rather lose an election rather than lose his "honor"

nice Palin graphic from Andrew Sullivan

McCain says Obama is not an Arab; Mob turns on him

IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!

Now they fucked up my ice cream favorite. Disgusting.

We don't need more cowbell, we need more black humor!

What's the name of the repuke talk show host on Larry King live?

Video McCain Trying to Snuff Out the Flame He and Palin whipped up

Watch She-Bush spin this! I'm a Maverick!

Questions about volunteering for Obama...

The Severity of the Scandal is MOOT


CNN: Palin "violated no laws" - ok, this is annoying...

The way McCain is conducting his campaign, I say, his career is toast after this election!!

Do we know exactly what it is about Obama's stated policies that frightens the Freepers so?

Is this intentional or accidental? Ballot with "Barack Osama."

"My Friends, Chill the F*** Out!" (an homage)

Rachel Maddow is going to have Walt Monegan on (man fired by Palin)

Eight. Points. Ahead. In. West. Virginia

Hey Pat "RACIST SOUTHRN STRATEGY " Buchannan how is Sister Sarah doing now? bwahahha

For Forkboy!!!!

Are we witnessing the final death knell

FINALLY got my Obama/Biden yard signs from the Obama store!

CNN Headline: "Breaking News: McCain Defends Obama"

West Viginia, Montana, Indiana, and Georgia are all tracking for Obama

Newsweek Magazine National Poll: Obama takes double digit 52-41 national lead over Mccain

This is the EXACT moment! (updated)

Okay, I'm totally lost... what happened!?

MUST READ !!! - An Open Letter to John McCain

Get it straight, Palin violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act

On the night that Palin is shown to have abused the powers of her office, manly man Sean Hannity ...

Its Official: The Republican Party is a RACIST Party

Must See: Obama Camp: Who Is Barack Obama? (VIDEO)

She SURE AS HELL DID Break the LAW. What's this "Violated" crap? A Parking ticket?

RE: Did she break the law?

wow....Tweety is especially profound tonight. n/a

So are we going to have a Felon as a sitting Vice President if McNasty gets elected?

CNN retracts Palin headline that said "violated no laws"

Arabs are not decent family men. . . or so say McCain supporters

Palin can be recalled from office in ALASKA , per the Alaska Constitution

McCain/Palin is OFFICIALLY DONE!!!!

Phew, the DOW closed OVER 9000

Rachel is laying it out!!! (ugly campaign)

Help Sarah pick out an ankle bracelet

Remember this?

Update on Troopergate - 10:45

Today has been the perfect storm!!!

The GOP and their IDIOT supporters do not care that Palin abused her powers, THEY LOVE IT!

I Ain't Buying The Osama Ballot "Typo" !!! (Picture Of Ballot Here) (Now With Link, LOL)

Acorn, Ayers, and anything else they can throw at us...

In case you're wondering NOT A WORD ON DRUDGE on the Caribou Roast n/m



I am taking immense pleasure in the disintegration of the Republican party.

McCain's dumbest error, politically speaking, was bringing up the realistic possibility that

McCain spoke up today because he does not want to confront Obama next week!!!

Uhm Sarah? You might want to reconsider your SNL appearance

Will McShame see the Troopergate Report as his way out??

i believe that one should not revel in the misery of another human being...

'Choosing a Palin'

I'm struggling with the "Arab" / "Family Man" dichotomy.

McCain has "lost the pitch fork wavers" by attempting to calm the hate he fanned

MSNBC Breaking News: McCain: Obama not an Arab

McCain's attacks fuel dangerous hatred - Frank Schaeffer

If Obama is a muslim...............

Three words we will never hear!!!!!!!!!

Let's face it! McBush is stuck with the DIRTY THIRTY.

Straight from Alaska

OK, you're Rove. How do you handle this little contretemps?

Help? Advice? I am going out canvassing with our local Obama office this weekend

So I guess Palin WON'T be on SNL!!!

Schadenfreude Anyone? Exploding Heads in Freeperville Over Palin's "Abuse of Power" Finding

Not quite sure what CNN is up to - (Palin) "violated no laws".


MSNBC: Governor Palin abused her power

10 Republicans, 4 Democrats...

Photo: Obama reaching across generations

Holy Alaskan Friday Night News Dump!!!! BREAKING at 8:45 PM EST, Palin Abused Power, No Laws Broken

LOL from the freepers

Palin needs to have a press conference RIGHT NOW or she has no damn credibility as a VP candidate

Obama puts together the best Presidential campaign in history.

Do you feel a landslide coming? If so, when did you feel that?

LOL!! Freepers let McCain have it with both barrels for saying Obama is a decent man

h e a d l i n e s . . . . .

So, do we think McCain gets the award for "Worst Campaign EVER"??


"Tis a good night."

I think I'll send McCain a fork.

The ***Official*** FDR Appreciation Thread

Rothenberg Warns of GOP "Bloodbath"

Do you think Palin's approval rating in Alaska will drop below 60%?

I followed the John McCain Campaign, and all I got was a Whiplash!

Here is the Alaska Code

Todd Palin, imagine him in the white house?

No Wonder Palin Wants More POWER Than Buckshot Dick

What the hell is wrong with Indiana?

How would you feel is the Republicans pull it off on election night?

Obama once sat on a board with a lawbreaker. McCain wants to put one in the White House.

Here are the FINDINGS.

It is no suprise that the Drillbilly can't name a Supreme Court Opinion?

She'll have to go back home and watch Kamchatka for us.

Maybe McCain sees the writing on the wall


McCain Isn't A Maverick, He's More Like A Ford Pinto

Now I see why McShame was playing nice today...


McCain NEEDS to Quit the race and RETIRE!!

McLoser practically booed off stage -- by *his own supporters*!!

Folk.....Cautiously The Election Is Over Tonight...

it's after 7:00 pm est.....any troopergate news?

In light of the Palin Report, the McCain campaign discusses their options:

My informal poll of my neighborhood.

If I was Obama, my response to the Legislative Council Report would be...

McCain has nothing left, it's effectively over

"OSAMA" on the ballot in NY. Who has seen this?

Troopergate isn't a big deal, but at some point, they are going to hit the straw

Palin broke the law, but ... LOOK, OVER THERE, A BLACK TERRORIST!

Further proof that John McCain is running the most fucked up presidential campaign...

New Obama ad: 'Who Really Is Sarah Palin?'

Palin abused power but didn't break law in trooper case (CNN)

CNN: Palin abuse of power...pfft... lets talk about Obama/muslim things...

Looking for a good article about ACORN and Obama

How do we know the McCrypt-Phalin ticket is in deep dookie - illustrated in one picture?

Is McCain/Palin actively TRYING to get Obama killed?

We have not won this yet

CNN reporting Alaska probe -Palin abused her power.

Sarah is off on a turn around ...

SNL needs to do a 'COPS' Skit

What The Fuck Is Going On Here?!?!?!? We Are Democrats !!!

It's not the wrongdoing,it's the cover-up that brings down the wrong doer.

The repubes don't give a flying Cheney that this twit is corrupt and unethical. But

NRA lying ad

Obama supporter? No parking

Are McCain/Palin fueling the hate to incite a physical attack on Obama?

Concern Troll Post: After finally clamping down on Hate, will McCain bring the Moderates back?

Anyone else watching Countdown tonight?

These racist assholes that believe Obama is a terrorist will make it much more satisfying

"Governor Palin abused her power...."

Dramatic Reading of Wasilla City Council Meeting

Hannity to do a hit piece on Obama on Sunday night ...

AP:Legislative Report: Palin Abused Authority

So does she resign from the campaign now????

How screwed is McCain/Palin on November 4?

Just for fun, I googled the phrase "should have nominated Romney"

Nana nana hey hey hey GOODBYE

I think now might be a good time for the Republicans to release the Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape

**HEADS UP** TROOPERGATE Report PDF -- Read it Here NOW

Let's not get complacent


BREAKING; CT Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Same Sex Marriage

***Troopergate**** Council Opened Doors - Follow Here

CNN & FOX not reporting release of Troopergate report 8:33 pm

TROOPERGATE: Council votes **12-0** to release the report IMMEDIATELY!

John McCain and his side kick SP (Sancho Panza or Sarah Palin)

I'm Scared

Sarah Palin a dangerous kook!

How sweet will it be when BillO has to say "Senator Al Franken"?

This is the best Friday news dump in the presidential campaigns.

Does anyone have the Obama Photo of the back of his head and the little girl looking at him?

Out before the Lock

Would it be fair to say that the McCain camp's hateful rhetoric is now in the mainstream?

*** A little reminder ***

Hey FreepTARDS MalKKKin your idol Palin is TOAST bwaahahhahaha

An ex-President's Golden Parachute

We've heard "terrorist" and "kill him" at McFailin rallies. How long before the N-word?

Sara Palin: The woman who has all but refused to answer questions from the media...

A direct TV ad: suggestion

Troopergate legislative hearing update (3 p.m. PDT)

McCAIN CAN'T CONTROL his self made MOB!

Republicans defecting to Obama: Lincoln Chafee, son of William F Buckley

NBC Kelly O'Donnell-is she on the McCain payroll???

Can McCain talk about Rashid Khalidi now?

The Alaska Troopergate audio link is swamped. If anyone has the link....

Howard Dean Appreciation Thread

Be on the look out for my annual pre Halloween poll - Please submit candidates

Geez. They spread the hate to their children too.

What has McSame caught religion??

Troopergate hearing (Updated: 12-0 vote to release the report)

Intimidation tactics being used by Repubs against Troopergate deliberators

Help, please...


For McCain Mob, Obama doesn't have to be "terrorist," just "Arab."

Troopergate: "council just opened it's doors" and "We're expecting a vote"

My ANGER at them is a big part of my motivation to vote for Obama

I'm really starting to sense that Palin is playing Hitler to McCain's Hindenburg.

**** Breaking: Troopergate report will be released

Troopergate LIVE AUDIO link

Countdown is showing footage of the rabid hatemongers waiting to get into

So, McCain managed to hold onto his temper the other night.

Which "firmly" red state most likely to be election night blue surprise?

SCANDAL! Newsweek didn't retouch Palin photograph on cover (VIDEO 4:59)


A little background on this William Ayers fellow.

on McCain's Ayers smear of Obama

Legislative Council just voted 12-0 to release the report

Damm I was hopeing McShame would keep up the attacks on the stump


Barbara Boxer just mentioned the video that's out there showing Sarah Palin praising

Brian Schweitzer just on cnn said that Obama and McCain are tied in Montana.

McCain now tying Michelle Obama to Ayers

The last week or two have been about McCain LEGITIMIZING the VIRAL E-MAIL SMEARS against Obama

Freepers ***VERY*** Upset with McCain (Minnesota Town Hall Meeting)

With early voting in 23 states and polls staying up for Obama. It's looking really bad for McCain

The United States: If we can't have it, nobody will

Groups Push Candidates To Change Rules For Final Debate

This is not Keith!!

As us geeks would say: "McPalin is totally PWN3D!!!

My formerly apolitical little bro is finally getting into politics. Just had

I am hearing a lot of republicans say the same thing lately..

Are you schlepping this weekend?

Meet the Adviser Stabbing at McCain’s Self-destruct Button

Alaska Palin investigate update

****Michelle Obama Now Live****

Why did McCrypt urge his supporters to be respectful - politics, principle, or both?

Wow, loved the new Obama ad

Live Audio of meeting in Alaska:

I love ACORN

New Obama Ad: "Lose" - "With no plan to fix our economy...Smears are all McCain has left." (VIDEO)

McCain/Palin Mob in Bethlehem, PA

Talk all you want Mcsame...I just voted for Obama and Kucinich

What do you think McCain will do IF the investigation finds Palin guilty?

It is after 2:00 PM PDT ~~ where is the fucking Troopergate Report???

Obama strikes dagger into GOP defense doctrine?

Hilarious! Betty White calls Palin a "crazy bitch" on Late late Show with Craig Ferguson

Newsbusters Idiots Freak Out After Bill Press Calls Todd Palin A Terrorist

** HEADS UP ** Alaska Troopergate Council is About to Vote....

MSM is perpetuating the Hate fest, we need an all out campaign to stop it!!!

McCain idea to let seniors postpone withdrawals from retirement accounts...

Today's Polls: The Fat Lady Has Entered the Building, by Nate Silver

Want to tell the GOP what you think?

Conference at Brandeis University: Blacks, Jews and Obama October 16th 8:00 AM

'02 AIP Gov candidate: Pro single payer!

Son of William F. Buckley, is backing Obama

With Donors, Palin Keeps Up Attacks on Obama

More Bizareness at Town Hall; audience member says Obama is an Arab as she gets ready to ask Quest.

Palin says supporters want tougher attacks on Obama - Obama exploiting economic crisis (AP)

Has McFlacid committed a worse mistake this campaign season than ditching Letterman?

The moose, the trooper – and a scandal that could engulf McCain

I know some people may not like this idea. But I have to say it!

Post your suggestions for the Obama White House staff.

OMFG! Major Screw up by McCain on MSNBC

Haha, Tweety just said McCain's crowds are "toked up"

The McCain Camp On The Anger At Their Rallies: It's All Obama's fault

You know the GOP would turn McCain's statements into an Obama ad.

The Violent Rhetoric Genie Has Been Let Out Of The Bottle

I think the anger at McCain rallies is mostly at themselves and really not for Obama

Team McTerrorist DEFENDS Their Crowds Calling For Obama's Death!

Hey McCain...The history books will recall you as the hateful old man who...

93% of the French would vote for Obama

SurveyUSA Iowa Poll: Obama 54%, McCain 41%

Did Obama's jiu-jitsu cause McCain's swiftboat attacks to boomerang?

Does Pat Buchanan have some kind of organic brain dysfunction?

NO! Please, don't tell me I just saw little Piper with glasses on

The Zombies!

OK, what happens to Joe Lieberman after the election?

McCain's Ultimate Test of Character


Georgia McCain only up +3... I was away for a few hours. Nice wb!

John McCain says that he's never requested an earmark. Yeah, that's a lie.

I know why McCain said "He is a decent person. . . You don't need to be afraid

McCain: "Politcs should be respectful"

McCain Campaign is down to throwing the garbage disposal......wants investigation of Acorn/Obama

Obama's Infrastructure Reinvestment Plan

So I get this e-mail from Democrats for McCain

Is it conceivable that....

Obama Campaign Response to McCain 401K Proposal

Chris Matthews is disgusted with the use of Obama's middle name

HA HA I just saw the McCain clip "He is a decent person. . ."

email from Obama campaign - new video "Who is Barack Obama"

Finally some positive advice from a central bank

Fmr Michigan Gov withdraws endorsement of McCain --"He is not the McCain I endorsed"

Now Obama's Too Ambitious

Ballot blunder: Barack 'Osama' on Rensselaer county ballots

You know what's disgusting about McCain's campaign?

US Treasury to buy Equity ... Woo hooo !!! Breaking on CNN

McCain Camp on why they aren't talking about the economy:Campaign shouldn't become a "CNBC news show"

After losing, do you think McCoward will resign his senate seat or serve out his last 2 years?

Divorcing Max Baer, Jr.

FBI will need to create a new counter-terrorism division due to McCain-Palin's racist rallying

Bush Is The Real Terrorist

The Ironic Ruthlessness of Obama's Campaign - Letting McCain Completely Destroy His Own Reputation

Labor warns McCain about crowds - Boston Globe

NEWSWEEK: Hillary voters back Obama 88-7 (In other news, Obama CRUSHES Fellow Prisoner 52-41)

Insider Advantage: Georgia Shocker Obama up 12 points now within 3 McCain 49 Obama 46

IIRC, doesn't Obama frequently call out his crowds when he thinks they are disrespectful?

Missouri is the only tied state...

I am proud of my Senator! Barbara Boxer.

Ever compare software development to Democrats/Repukes?

Has George W Bush been working on the server?

Obama needs to call out McCain on Ayers in the next debate

Obama Proposes New Small Business Rescue Plan

Interesting take on Russia bailing out Iceland

Obama concedes mistake over Muslim outreach meeting - MSNBC

Stockbroker on the floor of Wall Street stated:

Do you think they know how stupid they appear?

White, middle aged suicide bombers named Bill and Barb

Seriously, the FBI needs to look into these threats of riots and violence...

Minutes after defending Obama and saying he is a good person to an angry crowd member

A Short List of TV Talking Heads Who Can Kiss My Fat Ass

I Don't Hate Organized Religion. But I Weep For It.

McCain Camp defends Death Chants

Anyone here going to the Flyers game tomorrow in Philly?

Call your Senator now! Especially the Republicans.

GOP attacks on American voters turn desperate, ugly and dangerous

A Short List Of TV Talking Heads Who Can Kiss My White Ass

My theory on the GOP mentality ...

Obamahoma voter registration ended today. My wife, with volunteers

Tweety could have an even bigger impact imo

"When the rhetoric is ramped up, the majority falls in line" George Orwells 1984

10/10/08 NEWSWEEK POLL: O-52, M-41!!

GOP Rep. LaHood to Palin: "Cut it Out"

If you have to play dirty, and you have to cheat to win

These Crazy Rabid Wingers Want Obama Dead

I guess they hate Obama for his freedoms..

New Obama/Biden Ad - "False Ads"(VIDEO)

Electoral vote estimate 353-185


The Wall Street Crash and those 250,000 Germans at that Obama Berlin Rally.

Now I ask you: is this the face of an erratic lunatic?

Independent Ad Challenges Obama’s Record With Sex Abusers

McCain's defense of attacks is a REVERSE IMAGE of reality. Take a look.

Chris Matthews finally goes there: "McCain & Palin are encouraging the hate" (not his exact words)

McCain doesn't dare denounce the haters.

If Obama = The Dude and McCain = Walter...

Obama is on pace to spend more on TV than McCain`s $85 million

Big Union Blitzes Battlegrounds With Unusual 13-Minute DVD Attacking McCain Health Care Plan

McCain Hate Town Hall Rally Live on

So what's this chit about acorns?

i think the other republicans are worried about what is happening....

I didn't say this, but I wish I had...

This is what it takes...

3 states down, 47 to go.

this crackpot on msnbc is soooo full of shit..'terrorism is the main focus right now'

Salon Blows the Lid Off Palin's Radical Alaska Connections!

Bitter bail-outers for Obama!!!

What will the Troopergate Commision reveal about Sarah Palin?

The hatefest we're seeing now is a reaction.

"That one"

Three speeches. One day. No comment.

Anybody have any campaign rally footage from George Wallace's 1968 presidential run?

(R)asmussen Oregon Poll: Obama 54%(+3), McCain 43%(-4)

CNN... Ron Paul is ON THE BALLOT in Montana


NY Times: Palin: Obama made "secret deal" with Iraqi's to undermine our govt.

Is all they have left, hate?

7-term IL Republican Congressman tells Palin to cut the shit

Try to caption these...

McCain Campaign Now Attacks Michelle Obama Over Ayers

Maybe this has been said before, but John McCain is the best rival Obama could have asked for.

Big Union Blitzes Battlegrounds With Unusual 13-Minute DVD Attacking McCain Health Care Plan

I just saw Joe Biden, and man I hope we wins Missouri.

Repugnants trying to "Clintonize" Obama

Rensselaer County (New York) prints ‘Barack Osama’ on hundreds of absentee ballots

McCain's Chilling Dance With the Dark Side; McCain strategist admits taking "dangerous road"

Palin’s Troopergate scandal was fabricated by Bill Ayers

Why doesn't someone bring up that all of Professor Ayer's students are Terrorists also

Snarf---- speaking of lynch mob mentality..

Curious in what other states AWESOME Obama bio ad is playing in?

McCain campaign scared they're losing West Virginia, they'll send Palin.

Polls may underestimate Obama's support by 3 to 4 percent, researchers say

Obama needs to throw Robert Rubin under the bus

After all that Bush has done to this country we have 11 people recommending..

Fox Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds Say Ayers Makes No Difference To Their Vote

Where would the Freeper's riot...

Some interesting stats on Sarah Palin.

I voted for Obama today in Dekalb County, GA!

McCain vs McCain.....again

I saw Obama today in Columbus, Ohio!

GOP ad attacks pol McCain praised (Bill Daley)

McCain: "I probably wouldn’t seek advice from a Chicago politician"

Joan Walsh said something I think is Dumb.

‘Barack Osama’ appears on hundreds of absentee ballots in New York.

Craigslist freeper on Palin's SAT Scores: "Who gives a fuck!"

Will portions of the Troopergate be blacked out or is it a "All or Nothing" deal?

You got to admit, Sarah Palin does have a special talent:

IT'S A "McMANDATE"..."'Economists For McCain' Trash McCain's New Mortgage Plan." That's GOTTA hurt.

What do you say to a friend who wants to vote for Nader???

OpEdNews: The Other TrooperGate Shoe Falling on Palin's head - PALIN GUILTY AS CHARGED!!

Sarah Palin Hates Catholics!

The black guy planted at the McCain rally

McCain Touts Endorsement by Head of "Radical Education Foundation"

Omg, Read this message I got from a stranger on Myspace

McCain has never asked for an earmark, or has he??

If McCain/Palin nutjob supporters don't knock this shit off now

Did Sarah Palin Really Get A 840 On Her SAT?

The Palin Toxins Keep Building Up

Who is Barack Obama?

I'm going to the Palin protest tomorrow and I'm making some signs

When emailing the press regarding all the crazy BS going on right now - shortcut

Second stringer supports McCain (PIC)

Hey! Cool! My posts ealier calling McCain & Palin out as terrorist

Oh boy! I think he is going to shake my CAPTION!!!

Going to Washington!

Connecticut Gay Marriage - nobody seems to care

Rick Davis: Campaign shouldn't become "CNBC News show on the stock market."

DOW down around 100 at the close... Nasdaq UP slightly.... whew!

Tucker Bounds: Obama is using the economic crisis to distract voters from his Ayers association

Georgia polls by Insider Advantage: Obama down by 3, Senate race tied

Hilarious new smear against Obama & his supporters-Nazi salute

Obama is running a LOT of tv ads in Mississippi ...


Wisdom from my high school history teacher

Just mailed my donation to the McCain / Palin Ticket

TOON: The Radical Fringe: Game-Changer -- Let McCain Be Palin? (Dory Hippauf)

RE: Anger Spreads

Can someone please explain to me....

During Frantic Trading, Rick Santelli (CNBC) Finds Toupee On Trading Floor (VIDEO)

O NOES! Obama was caught with a book entitled "The POST-AMERICAN World!"

Did I just hear Tucker Bounds right... the American people dont want to hear about the econony?

I'm really concerned here....

Christopher Buckley (yes, William F.'s son) endorses Obama

MSNBC: BREAKING: AK Superior Court: Alaska must preserve Sarah Palin's email messages

I cant imagine any of these crazed McCain supporters canvassing

GOP insiders predicting Obama victory

Down 170 in ten seconds !!!!

You know what is worse than anything Bill Ayers ever did?

Best use of WTF LOL!

Almost 100 years ago, Rudyard Kipling wrote a tribute to Obama

The hatred is spreading to Senate races - "Bomb Obama" heard at a Chambliss rally.

Freepers: McPalin will win!!! They'll win because

McCain blaming credit disaster on Obama/ Democrats - instead of deregulation -

Best market news all week

Investigation ties Palin to 'extreme right-wing fringe'

Not only am I not concerned, I'm enjoying watching the Obama campaign

Awesome Video: Obama Knew It Was Coming All Along

Travelers entering southwest Missouri greeted by racist anti Obama billboard

There IS NO SUCH THING as the Bradley Effect.... don't let the media get away with the meme...

Lawsuit over Palin's e-mails gets under way today

McCain's choice for Secretary of Treasury revealed!!!1!1!1!

Trying to shore up base, NASCAR Grand Marshal Cindy McCain goes to North Carolina

My die-hard Republican brother (helped run G. Allen's campaign in VA)

McCain camp defends the Behavior?

New Video on Palin Rape Exam Controversy from Wasilla Project

I would like to thank the Repigs for stealing the last two elections.

Sarah Palin campaigning in WV at this late juncture is the equivalent of Biden campaigning in CT

Countdown to Truth: Sarah Proclaims Own Innocence

So much for Suze Orman's perceived "market bottom" (said 8200 would be floor)

OMG: Upstate NY Absentee Ballot lists "Barack Osama"

There Will Be NO October Surprise Involving National Security

Insiders Survey: 93% of Dems and 80% of Reps say "high" likelihood Obama will be elected.

Repugnants think they are onto something with ACORN (Youtube Video of McCain 90 sec web Ad)

McCain Camp Defends Rally Hatred

Poll: Which tech product is Joe Biden?

Angry McCrypt mob member calls Obama a ‘traitor’ at campaign rally. (VIDEO)

What does McCain do post election?

Smerconish grills Obama: Ayers, guns, Mumia, Phils

"Barack Osama" name listed on absentee ballot in Rensselaer County, NY district.

Two good economic items that are under the radar.....

Alaska lawmakers studying Palin 'Troopergate' report

So the DOW could close above 9000 today or close to it. (UPDATED to say I jinxed it

McCains - STILL In Business With Charles Keating

Recommend if you do care that Palin is DUMB as a post and her SAT scores matter!!!

CrossLeft Issues Press Release On Palin's Ongoing Association With Anti-Catholic NAR Clergy

Shout out to all you Red State Democrats out there!

Recommend If You Don't Give a Crap About Sarah Palin's SAT Scores

I've noticed something about Republicans I know...while we love our candidate...

Faux News Google maps Obama's neighborhood showing his proximity to Farrakhan's, Ayers' homes

Pathetic Palin to defend West Virginia! LOL


Can we put all of the ACORN comments in one thread? I'd hate to give the Freepers a win

George Wallace McCain

Anti-American Psychos Keep Palin as Close as Their Handguns

Dow changes too more posts

McCain/Palin Rallies *Totally* Remind Me of WWE Monologues - Am I the Only One? :)


Markets rallying again?

let's hope Tina Fey

Insider Advantage Ohio Poll: Obama 49, McCain 44

Karl Rove was precisely right and in so doing is leading the GOP to a landslid loss.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when they ask Obama about his priorities in light of the

Palin's Upstart Maverick Image Paid For With State Tax Funds!

The ACORN registration take.

Biden Blasts 'Uncertain' McCain Team

VIX above 70 (If the dow closes above 9000 I won't be shocked)

GOP attacks on American voters turn desperate, ugly and dangerous

I just got this in my inbox a few minutes ago from an Alaska state rep:

“Barack OSAMA” absentee ballot sent to voters in New York

Palin SAT scores are fakes. dont believe it!!

Very funny Sarah Palin song parody...

Short Story and the Obama “Terrorist Hysteria” Phenomenon Today

HELP!!!!!! Got a question....

Weather Underground's chief prosecutor - letter to NYT re:Obama/Ayers

Keep on the high road. It's important.

FUCKING BULLSHIT: 300 voters in NY County got Absentee Ballot saying, "Barack OSAMA"

I like THIS DU way better than the one I remember from six months ago.

Kerry: McCain-Palin's "Hate Filled" Crowds Should Disqualify Them

Gov. Richardson: ‘Permanent fissure’ with Bill Clinton

Georgia McCain 49 (-1), Obama 46 (+2) Insider Advantage

McCain's High-Risk Home Scheme

Palin next gig for fun and profit until 2012 will be brown shirt maven.

Troopergate Hearing Getting Underway

TPM has an outstanding explanation of the whole ACORN non-controversy.


Rush Limbaugh - The Prophet of GOP DOOM!

Dave Zirin nails it (again): Sarah Palin "strictly Bush league".

McCain is destroying the GOP skeleton GW left behind!!

Gergen: McCain And Palin Should Calm Down The Unhinged McCainiacs

A smiling John and Cindy look down lovingly at the fruit of their hatemongering

When Things Get Bad, Rs Always "Have No Choice" But To Do The WRONG Thing

The only way out of this economic crisis is if Congress increases the tax burden of the upper 5%...

Thom Hartmann: Acorn Press Conference in the next few minutes - Anyone have link???

Palin @ town hall is asked about "The Matthew Shepard Act" - responds by praising WI National Guard

** Breaking**Media laughing as Palin officially clears Palin in Troopergate scandal

Kathleen Parker to McCain: Where is Palin coming from? She makes Obama look like Senior Statesman

McCain's attacks fuel dangerous hatred-Frank Schaeffer(R) Baltimore Sun

On CNBC, these Wall Street assholes are screaming, "We need leadership from Washington...

"GOP insider" on odds of Grampy McBush victory: "I love my crazy uncle. I don't like anybody else's"

"Say it to my face" McCain responds (Video)

Ever have a day when things just don't go right?

I've finally remembered who it is McCain/Palin remind me of:

Palin: Obama Puts Ambition Over Country - CNN Ticker

whatever happened to Rick Davis getting 15K per month from Fannie May??

Just heard this on the Thom Hartmann show. ...

Fox News' faux documentary ("Obama and Friends: The History of Radicalism") sets new low

Hoohaa! Gas is $2.70 here

Giant Hole In Team Palin: "Caribou Ken, In The Conference Room, With A File"

Were you McCain's campaign manager, what would you tell him to do at this point?

Voter registration forms faked, officials say

Aww C'Mon - Laugh - "Getting a Parking Ticket"

Freepers: Socialism Socialism Socialism Socialism Socialism Socialism Socialism Socialism Socialism


Let's get one thing straight right now

LOL!! Good Andrea grilling McKKKain surrogate Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Obama surrogates should raise questions about why McCain won't disclose his medical records...

Palin Guilty - Troopergate Witnesses & McCain Campaign Obstructed Justice

Most Gop insiders think Obama will win

Palin to Appear on SNL

The witching hour cometh?

Troopergate hearing getting underway - Link to ADN Blog

Rush Limbaugh: Dow Crash is Obama's Fault

Here's how good Paul Begala is... (re: ACORN)

William Buckley's Son Is Voting For Obama!

WHEN is the Troopergate report due out? Time?

Fuck it. Jangle the damn keys. n/t

PHOTO: McCain addresses his supporters at rally

Somebody need to tell Bush to STFU

About Troopergate...

Who were the conservatives on those boards

BBC-TV: "Set up to steal it again." Watch Tonight!!

The republican ticket --- Dunce and Duncer

Don't Look Now- The Dow Is Below 8,000

Just a snippet from a local Raleigh TV station re: polling results

The FauxNews Poll is funny - a lesson in "how to load survey questions."

Until McCain confronts Obama face to face he needs to be known as "McCoward" on DU!!!

Gallup Daily: Obama 51 (-1), McCain 41 (unch.)

Who were the ACORN volunteers that turned in the fraudulent registrations...

SNL Sendup of the Debate (for anyone who missed it)

No flag lapel pin on McCain?

Coleman (Weasel-Face - MN) 'will pull down negative ads'

Tens of thousands illegally denied voting rights

** Heads-Up - Obama in Columbus OH streaming on **

Seriously, WTF Fox?

How can McSame lead the country when he can't lead his own campaign?

FauxNews POLL: Obama 46, McCrypt 39.

Why is every Obama article on CNN

McCain won't bring up Ayers at the debate next week.

Obama Called "Traitor" Again At McCain Rally - HuffPo

When does Mccain turn to his positive closing argument and drop Ayers/Rezco/Wright?

I have a prediction: in the next 3 weeks, FOX NEWS will become the first cable network in HISTORY...

Disgusting, I'm embarrassed to the core!!

About the 30 minute spot...

When explaining McCain's "Health" Plan, remember

Here is the speech that an HONORABLE John McCain would give this weekend.

New Gallup Obama 51 (-1) McCain 41 (same)

We need to get the Missouri sign on CNN, MSNBC

I'm sick of people saying that negativity is coming from "both sides"

Would Romney Be Doing Better Right Now?

I fear for Obama's safety

My first post in GDP - My idea why McPain is getting mean

*********** OBAMA LIVE IN PROGRESS **************

AK Lawmakers Meeting In SECRET-To Discuss POLITICALLY Charged Palin Ethics Report

Palin to appear on SNL on 10/25.

TPM Track Composite: Obama Ahead By Nearly Eight Points (50% / 42.2%)

Informed by ABC News that She Owns Mutual Fund with Sudan Holdings, Palin Says She Will Divest

What's McCain's hero status now?

Republican Congressman Criticizes Palin

Crazed Pastor claims Palins cried upon hearing message he gave them in Ohio...

I don't ever want to hear McCain called a "hero" again.

Damn... McCramps\Mooselini Are Pissing Off The Moderates !!!

A Powell-McCain Deal on Wright? TNR floats a rumor...

Haha Faux news just teased their new poll coming up at 1 and said if you don't think these ads

TPM:Anti-Obama Crazies Spill Into Down-Ticket Contests: "Bomb Obama"

Puppy mill reform passes in PA

Poll shows Obama with double-digit lead

McCain Camp handing out "CINDY'S HOT" & "Irish for McCain" signs to supporters @ WI rally

Update From Alaska By Mudflats... 'Waiting...'

"Coffman: Voter-purge article 'way off'" (Colorado voter purge)

WP, E.J. Dionne: Hoover vs. Roosevelt? "Hope almost always beats fear."

Rasmussen: NC Senate: Hagan 49% (+1) Liddy Dole 44% (-1)

Are the Mccain fans who say "kill him" et al held and investigated by the Secret Service?

I just read a LTTE that mentioned a Reagan quote -

Republican Touts Obama Pro-Gun Creds in Radio Spot

McCain sinks to fomenting fear and hysteria - uses Republican plant in audience to work-up crowd.

Just saw the first poll from my state and I can't believe...

Check Out This Crap The Repugs Are E-Mailing Around - My Repug Friend Keeps Sending Me This Crap....

Mouthbreathing Caller to Ed Schultz Equates "Kill Him" to "Heartbeat Away From Presidency"

Why John McCain cannot Win

Obama's security detail

Thanks to Hillary, Rezko/Ayers not hurting Obama.

Obama Sticker? No Parking For You!

Saxby Chambliss Rally - "Bomb Obama" Woman in crowd

The Bill Ayers that Barack Obama and I worked with was no "domestic terrorist.", by David Tanenhaus

Did the real report on Palin come out yet?

Please give me funny suggestions and ideas for this:

I think we should call our Republican representatives to urge them to urge McCain/Palin to cool it

Saga of the Republican Boss

************* LIVE STREAM BIDEN IN MO *************

So, I'm taking a full car of volunteers to Colorado today to work for Obama

GOP Insiders Predicting Obama Victory - RawStory

John Kerry think McHate should be disqualified!!!!!

Repeats Of 2000/2004 Are UNACCEPTABLE - ASK Obama To PLEDGE To Challenge Suspicious Elections

I hope Colin Powell endorces Obama soon...

William C. Ibershof -- Prosecuting Weathermen

Palin accuses Obama of "palling around" with Ayers, while favorably quoting Pegler

not even 8 years ago, greenspan warned about paying off the ENTIRE national debt

Let's ALL of us stand up UNITED to McCain's hateful campaing by donating to OBAMA! Donate NOW!!!

Please...someone... lock Bush in a basement until Jan 20th...

McCain Campaign Is at Odds Over Negative Attacks' Scope

Joe Biden:"Sarah Palin says, you know, 'I was in second grade when Joe Biden"

Speaking of plants - What about the Youth For Oil kids?

need something to help you get through the financial times ahead?

Secret Service needs to step it up...

Alaskan Vacation Turns Deadly - community organizers suspect political motive

How would Ike, Lincoln, & TR respond to today's McCain/Palin/"Hannitized" GOP?

Former McCain aide warns of "angry mob mentality"

HILARIOUS! Check out the Daily Show's coverage of FOX NEWS last night!

Oliver Clark (debate questioner) did know about Fannie and Freddie... (MSNBC FirstRead)

The McCain campaign hysteria reminds me of two episodes of The Twilight Zone

Fascinating story about the PR consultant behind Palin

Did Sarah Palin Score 841 on the SATs?

Joe Lieberman Must Go! Did you sign the petition?

McCain = Hoover, Obama = FDR.

Troopergate update?

I'm extremely curious what everyone thinks Obama will talk about in his 30 minute TV buy...

McCain and Palin Have Gone To Far. They Need to be ARRESTED!

Voter registration fraud? Just a thought...

Obama knew what was coming, and the McCain camp howled and the

Editor & Publisher's first tally list of endorsements is up...

Some of these people at McBush/Palin rallies are like the crazy fans

Palin and that Philadelphia Flyers appearance. I hope her experience is worse than this poor girls:

AP: McCain losing ground with working class whites

Will President Obama revive the WPA to rebuild America's infrastructure?

Strategic Vision(R) Florida poll - Obama +8!

John McCain: from "maverick" to angry rightwing demagogue in two months.

Breaking: Obama's native language not actually English (no, they're series!!)

If I were Harry Reid

McCain has killed more people than Ayers


BREAKING: McCain stating Barack Obama behind Clay Aiken scandal

David Gergen on Colbert calls out McCain/Palin for inciting rage.

Obama Yard Sign Burned

Ex-president Carter slams Bush on market crisis

Sulli: Pleads McCain to stop the madness - fears for Obama's safety.

FDR's New Deal turned the depression into The Great Depression...

Jimmy Carter Rightly Blames Bush For “Atrocious Economic Policies”

Obama Attacks McCain-Palin For Stoking Fear and Anger At Rallies

Obama ahead in the RCP average by +6.2%, biggest spread yet.

Defending Dignity: What needs to be done in response to the Mccain/Palin rallies of hate


I think that voters finally realize what the important issues are

I couldn't had to be done...

CALL OUT LIST for Provocateur Palin:McCain/Bush Camp’s Former Commies & Political Felons

Obama Sticker on your car? No parking for you!!!!

The right wing hate-filled craze McCain and Palin are whipping up reminds me of a book review....

First Guesser at the Oct 10 Presser..."Its bad and gonna take a long time to fix" WTF?

Lead Prosecutor of Weather Underground OUTRAGED at McCain Ayers smear

O'Reilly Wants To Know Who's Paying Obama Girl

Fox News is at it again

McCain's Arizona: Home Base for Terrorists

Is America ready to elect a great new president in a huge landslide?

Why should John McCain not be considered the most traitorous of Americans, given that he

You Realize Joe Lieberman Will Be More Powerful In A 60 Seat Dem Majority Than A 59-Seat One, Right?

What will happen to the banks and wall street over the weekend?

Prosecutor of Weathermen calls B.S. on Ayers "linkage"

Just received this in my e-mail, this is where I live, sad but true!

So when did planetariums become evil? Is it a fundy thing?

The Media: "Complicit With A Campaign Of Hate & Incitement"

McCain brought this up again this morning in a live speech......

Dow is down 364 ... this turning nasty ...

So, yesterday we got our 401 statement and the day before our 529 statement...

Joe Biden will be on Jay Leno's show on Thursday Oct 16th

Dupe **deleted**

TPM: Note To News Orgs: McCain And Palin Are Largely Responsible For Unhinged Tone At Their Rallies

So the Talking Heads must really believe the *&^% they Peddle

My In-Laws turning to Obama!

Kitchen sink strategy

Just got this in my e-mail....

Michelle Laxalt, Republican operative is RIPPING McCain team for sending Palin out with racist TPs

American Taliban: Palin galvanizes Democratic Party base

Is Palin already under the bus? She does not appear to be with McSame in Wisconsin.

We were nervous, but my husband & I volunteered for the first time last night in Va

San Francisco Chronicle: McCain guilty of McCarthyism

New Wisconsin Poll Obama 51 McCain 41 McCain returns to Wisconsin lol

Dangerous ground - rethugs are whipping their base into a frenzy over Obama's "treasonous" actions

Love ya, Ratboy

For the Fencesitters peeking in, how about a little traveling Music

Ex-Mich. gov. backs away from McCain endorsement

Please Rec. if you think it is time for Obama to make a MAJOR INSPIRATIONAL speech about the economy

OBAMA 'Americans aren't looking for someone who can divide-theyre looking for someone who will lead'

goons at today's mccain rally started chanting usa usa when mccain was talking, effectively ...

Fact about Ayres

Palin disappoints illiterate kilt-wearing skinhead

McCain: "Federal Government"

Jeez... the folks at the NYSE opening bell ringing look like

*deep breath* okay...panicking about the economy...someone talk me down *deep breath*

Current status of the GOP campaign:

Response from Philly Flyers about Palin appearance

Wow - the difference between listening to Obama just now addressing the

Asher Heimerman just showed up on an Obama mailing list

The latest psychotic rightie rumor on Obama and ACORN

Question: can you hear the SNAP of John McCain's pencil as he answers this question?

Waukesha rally should be hit hard the way Repubs hit the Wellstone funeral

Obama addresses Ayers issue directly

New DIAGEO/HOTLINE Poll Obama 48 (+1) - McCain 41( same )

A personal attack on McCain

LOL: "Next they'll build an arena and hand out bread"...

Fiore Flashtoon : Negative 2008

The BASE in his FACE: "McCain faces conservative backlash over mortgage plan"

Straight from Hell

Time for McCain to make an inspirational speech about the economy.

Alright researchers....need help re: Troopergate

Obama is on live in Chillicothe, Ohio right now...

Question on the Palin probe. Will she be Indicted?

What? Troopergate Report being kept a secret now?

If Obama's lead over McCain passes 7%, & his % passes 50 (avg), can we say he's "closing the deal"?

McCain and his cronies are creating a dangerous situation not only NOW, during the election, but

Chuckie T the new HACK said "Dems secretly don't want Franken to win" OH REALLY

Reliously Insane Talibornagain CURSING Stephanie Miller

Someone should make a split video with Obama speaking (dow rising) Chimp speaking (dow plunging)

Poll: Florida's senior citizens swinging toward Obama

Get Your War On: The Debate

CNBC Talking Head On McCain's Plan To Revise Bailout Plan To Buy Mortgages

McCain's voice? The voice of any obscene phone call you've ever received.

Obama’s Remarks in Chillicothe -- "Now is not the time for fear." (TRANSCRIPT)

Quit worrying about the economy. I have it from a good source,

Letter To NYT-From-The "Weathermen" Prosecutor: "I Am Amazed & Outraged-That Obama Is Being Linked"

"I promise you we will change the country and change the world"

There is a pimp slap being delivered from Ohio right now. . .

When we need to come together, McCain is tearing us apart.

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Chillicothe, OH****

WSJ: McCain rallies over the past few days man yelling "Off with his head", signs "Obama, Osama"

Need help against the "Barney Frank forced banks to issue subprime loans to people who weren't

Time for the entire country to reject the fear and loathing tactics of Republicans & McCain


Race for the White House: Election to affect future of illegal immigrants

If the dow drops when Bush speaks...

PASSION & CONCERN? One Of The Most Important

Just spoke to father of significant Obama staffer...

Is there an actual video or audio clip of Phil Gramm saying its a "mental recession"

"The ACORN drops from the tree at midnight." I repeat, "The ACORN drops from the tree at midnight."

What do you think....


Dana Perino responds to McCain's assertion that he knows how to get bin Laden

Funny Trends @ Facebook

Our Hackable Democracy

Is it time to stretch out the nets on Wall St. to catch the jumpers? n/t

Obama plans half-hour TV ad days before election

when are we expected to get news about TrooperGate; it is today, right?

If Carol votes for her ex-husband...

NRA endorses McCain

David Gergen on Steven Colbert show last nite about McCain's dirty campaign;

Watch the stock market.. its rising as Obama is speaking.

Did Sarah Palin own a snow machine store?

RCP Now has Obama at 277 EV w/o counting tossups

Brooks: Repub class warfare has alienated the educated class, Palin personifies trend

I Will Name the Names - "Willing co-conspirators" in Congress - McCain

We have become the nation of bastards and bullies - Hunter Thompson

I saw the funniest thing last night....ROTFL!!

scarborough thinks ayers and wright will tighten the election back up

New Image of McCain/Palin supporters fresh from the campaign trail ;)

GW/Battleground Tracking: Obama 51 (+3) McCain 43(-2)

Pukes Are Hitting HARD On Ayers

They're really coming out of the woodwork now!

I'm going to see Gary Hart this morning in Denver. It's an Obama round table discussion.

"A Crazy, Erratic Leader for Crazy, Erratic Times!"

The Freeper Id Unzipped

GOP puts EXTREME pressure on AK Legislature NOT to release Troopergate Report

What time today do we get to see the Troopergate report? (It IS today, right?)

Cross post with Political Videos

What will happen to the financial crisis if we elect someone that scares the rest of the world,

Panic attacks: Voters unload at GOP rallies

Will we hear n*gger or lynch him today

Umm... you really couldn't make this stuff up... Obama is now a nazi!

Obama saw it coming all along *VIDEO*

On CNBC an elderly gentleman just put the blame right square where it belonged...

George Bush REALLY got out ahead of this Stock Market Mess.... Way to go!

Prosecutor of Weathermen calls B.S. on Ayers "linkage"

HuffPo: "Working Class White Voters Ditching McCain"

Obama Reaches Out to Smaller Latino Communities

Rasmussen Daily - Obama 50 McCain 45 NO CHANGE

What are the chances that the illegal ACORN voter registrations are being supplied by repukes?

Why is Louisiana Red ?

WV women who supported Hillary now backing Obama (story)

Don't go ugly

Petraeus bolsters Obama's stance: Says you have to talk

Is Palin "Die Führer"?

Biden zings Palin: She was in sixth grade the last time McCain had a new idea

Result of McSleeze campaign : Zogby says Obama has "growing lead"

What McCain doesn't understand is that people would vote for AYERS himself..

Putin may boost Russia's power as Iceland seeks loan

Officially clearing yourself of things is fun!

Hey Freeper trolls - How many of you plan to pack up and leave the US on Nov 5th?

So, seeing as how Sarah Palin already cleared herself...

SHIT! I just figured out that my friend's birthday celebration is Oct. 15!!

Did you know there's an Obama Channel on Dish?


Why Bush is a Fuckwit

Campaign Idea - Sell Buttons

Why 538 is better than FOX, CNN and even Chuck Todd

The Hate Talk Express

ABCNEWS: Market Meltdown: Is It Black Friday?

A maverick unrestrained, unregulated administration and wall street

Breaking: O.J. Simpson pre-empts report, clears self in probe.

Will Obama break 80 at Intrade today?

'Can you tell me when Obama and Ayers ever did anything together as 'friends'?'

Palin: Raising possible ethical red flags since 1996

What powers does the Troopergate commission have .. What is the next step?

OK, For the last 5 Minutes, Morning Joe has been taking it to McCain

The dangerous line

Look at the numbers!

So are they moving the troops in to position around the country yet?

Anger Is Crowd's Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally - Washington Post !

***** The Official Unofficial Nickname For Obama's Opponent *****

Do You Think McSame Realizes He's Circling The Drain Yet?

Cindy (not a part of the campaign) dismisses PTSD saying "he knew what he was doing"

These recent McCain Palin rallies play like the 92 GOP convention

Do you feel that McCain still thinks he can win, or

The GOP argument seems to be the problem with Bush is he was to educated and intelligent

Daily Kos Obama 52 (+1), McCrazy 40 (-1) 10/10/08

Does anybody know what time the Troopergate findings will be released today?

Oh SNAP! Mika: "The country deserves to know what got us into this mess

This Day in 2004: Kerry 280 Bush 248 Ties 10

MO Clerk "purged her voting rolls of people who had not taken part in two consecutive elections"

People ...I was going NUTS will all the racist innuendo from Palin Camp... then

CHUCK TODD JUST SAID Things are so bad....Mediocore Dems will be winning this year

Barack Today: Rallies in Chillicoth and Columbus, OH.

NBC Today : Maria Bartiromo uses the "C-word" re: the stock market

Two Minute Hate Speech

Paul Rieckhoff: The Military Vote: Why the Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story

FoxNews announces Sarah Palin hand puppet. perfect for a candidate with zero press conferences

Palin's large crowds=connecting with real people. Obama's larger crowds=arrogant celebrity

My thoughts on the electoral map...10/10/08

Whoa... RCP Electoral Map Has Obama Winning WITHOUT Any Toss-Up States !!!

Over the last 12 days. 100% of McCain's ads have been negative

AIG execs spent $440,000 at posh resort 1 WEEK AFTER BAILOUT!

I've registered over 500 people to vote and have something to say about ACORN

McCain bites dog. Interesting piece about campaign

My fellow prisoners ... I will outlaw all beers !

We are in a depression folks. My suggestion is t buy gold, and put your money in a savings account.

Mika the hagg Palin shill "I WANT to see her succeed"

Intrade O 79 M 21 .....Bwahhahhahahaaa

Did I just hear correctly?

Latest desperation from FR... how to counter the Obama 30 minutes...


Polls show Obama winning the broadest support from Latino voters of any Democrat in a decade!

There was a quick report on the local news that McCain/Palin

McCretin's new ad plays the rancid "Obama worked with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers" card.

I believe it is Senator McCain who is the terrorist. That is, since he is using TERROR & FEAR

Mika is a Psycho Hose Beast....

RE: Todd Palin on the Stump in Maine

Scary thought about voter fraud


Latest Poll breakdown looking great for Obama.

The freepers were right. Sarah Palin IS a gift from God.

Panic attacks: Voters unload at GOP rallies

I just donated to a political candidate for the first time

Guilford voter registration’s 'been wild’

Zo(m)by Poll-Obama 48% -McCain 43%

Ohio's election official must verify IDs of newly registered voters

Reminder: Absentee voting is open in Wisconsin

Hey Sarah, wait a second, it's just coming into focus... yes! I can see your demise from here!

Obama over 270EVs on RCP map without tossup states.

Washington Redskin talks about Obama

Even Scott Rasmussen admits it's looking bleak for McThuselah

Imbecilic tedium: The debate in Nashville (Alexander Cockburn)

So, what WAS the big news bombshell from the Mocaine camp on Thursday?

ARG Poll: Obama Leading in West Virginia?

Hey, is that asshole CHeney still alive? I haven't heard from him

Republicans try to tie Obama to vote fraud cases

Bizarre kamikaze McCain Phone Calls in Minnesota or The McCain Hindenburg Campaign.

Anyone have a link on how much money McCain has spent so far?

Clearing the Ayers - Gail Collins, NYT

We'll a psyched here in W.Va. about the latest ARG poll that has Obama up 8 points

Unbranded range cattle miffed "We know Mavericks,John McCain ain't no Maverick."

Iceland teeters on the brink of bankruptcy

DOW Futures: Down 212 points

Democrats Court The Asshole Vote (an oldie from 2003)


So who's looking forward to Oliver Stone's "W" movie?

Guardian UK: The queues for free bread are getting longer (Roanoke, VA)

Ladies & Gentlemen all the polls in the world won't mean a GD thing if the GOP steals this election

As I'm sure only insane people are still awake... I have my own election predictions.

Now that I know how much a piece of shit McCain really is,

My co-worker blames the Republicans for the stock market disaster.

I've written so many LTTE this political season, the local paper should be paying me!

Why I love and admire Barack Obama--a 44YO white female.

How Palin sees Lady Liberty

Great "unofficial" Obama ad on YouTube.. Rate it up!

Ethics Committee Investigates McCain's Failure to Declare Gambling Wins:

The truth about the New Deal economic record: It did accomplish a great deal.

What if McCain and Palin were forced to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Seen on the YouTube page for the "W." trailer: "I hope Obama gets elected...

Who's the worse candidate, Goldwater or McSame ?

This is why the daily Gallup Tracking Poll is important. And why Obama is flying high!

Troopergate - Has everyone read the police reports

Who will get the brunt of the blame on the Republican side for losing the Election?

Happy Troopergate day! Petumenosmas?

Hispanics turn cold shoulder to McCain

McCain Campaign Is at Odds Over Negative Attacks' Scope

Palin "Truth Squad" press conference re Troopergate report

Does the DNC have the "right" to exercise any control over a candidate's campaign ?

Hey IChing...I don't give a flying motherfuck about ACORN

New Bombshell To Be Announced By McCain Campaign - Brace Yourselves...

I saw Palin at a rally today give that wink of hers down to the fellas

Late Night Talk Shows are having a field day with McCain's wandering during the debate...

We don't hear much from President? Bush these days is he on vacation?

Registered voters in county pass 190,000 (Greene Co MO - Springfield)

Great Video...I watched it to calm down after hearing the garbage McCain is spewing

More McCain two-face: he calls Dodd and Frank "co-conspirators"

The REAL reason McCain is so obsessed with Ayers and Obama.

I used to watch the Tarzan movies -- in black and white -- just to

So I'm in a bar, and I'm stuck watching AC 360

Colbert Report - Scarborough: We talk about Ayers 'because it's not relevant' (Video) link included

Once we win, how does Delaware pick Biden's replacement?

My sister thinks McCains supporters are angry, violent, and bordering on racist.

One final thought for anyone who's having a bad night . . .

Ari Fleisher on Larry King...

My gut feeling is this Fear & Rage campaign McCain is running now WOULD work...

CNN knows that there is no Connection between Obama and Ayers,

Did You Get this Email? Are You Confused about Ms.McPain?

Even a racist will vote for a Black man if they think he will help their pocket book

The "ACORN"/Vote fraud hysteria is about preserving conservatism.

Barack Obama has "it"

Why is Rachel in Seattle? Is something going on there?

So...let me get this straight...

McCain's support continues to plummet! PPP shows Obama up by 8 in Virginia

Not that I begrudge them, but . . .

ACORN = United Nations + Freedom Fries

McCain/Palin will drive independent voters to Obama.

An email to my family that unfortunately has several Republicans in the mix

The real elitists

Yard Sign Thief Caught in the Act!

For anyone inclined to give kudos to McCain for his tampingdownery today ....... don't.

So why were they clapping at the closing bell of the stock market today?

Who else is afraid that Grumpy and The Witch have just spawned a wave of domestic terrorism?

Will Palin be impeached for her abuse of power?

Raw anger coming from crowds at GOP rallies; McCain now taking steps to tamp it down

The Palin abuse of power story goes global

McCain may have corrected two of his supporters but his campaign still defends the rabid crowd

I posted this in another area, but I need DU help...

"President Obama". I'll say it.

RW Joe "Pags" Pagriarulo: "Economy is only bad for 6% of Americans who don't pay mortgage on time."

Germany Steps up Pressure for Bank Regulation

Lehman Brothers demise triggers huge default

If McCain dies in the next month

Let’s hope our mad gambling session is over

GA-Sen: Tie Game - Give Now!

Ugh I just saw an ad tying ACORN to Obama

Heads up -- Bill Moyers Journal on now -- 9pm cdt, PBS.

More on Palin's unlawful abuse of power: "Palin violated the state's executive branch ethics act"


Check out this poor newborns name - very sad

Why the FUCK do Dems continue to diss Kerry for not fighting back but won't PULL THE TRIGGER ON AIP?

Could Democratic Success in November Save Asshole Lieberman

David Iglesias: I suspect the special prosecutor will

TOAST!1 to Barracuda's being referred to CRIMINALITY!1 n/t

Why did the Alaska legislature vote UNANIMOUSLY to make the Palin report public?

Does ANYone still doubt that what we are seeing is the birth-pangs of The New World Order?

GA-SEN: Jim Martin TIED with Saxby Chambliss in new poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and thank you to ALASKA for INTEGRITY!1 n/t

Too busy to volunteer for the local Democratic Party or for the campaign? Here's how you can help!

Crosspost from GDP. Remember this? If not you should refresh!

9/14/01. The Bush Bullhorn Speech, Ground Zero. Assign a letter grade to post-Bullhorn Bush.

GM and Chrysler are exploring merger.

French, Spanish leaders meet on economic crisis

A quote for today from Sam Adams:

This Maverick is for sale:

This Maverick is for sale:

It was reported on local sports radio today that the Obama campaign....

Sarah Palin Is A Rock Star (the crowds love her) ...

Is CA Proposition 8 Going To Pass?

Do freep forums talk about wanting Soc Sec privatized in the stock market?

Caption *

Does anyone use "My New Satellite TV"?

Reuters: Buffet New Richest Man in America - Gates Loses $1.5 Billion

DUers: $90,000 raised for Obama!

Sen. Barack Obama and "that he was an Arab,"

McCain's cancer is spreading

This Acorn story is pure bull shit ... and the media is playing along

It will happen ........

Canada's Bank "Bailout" plan (another approach)

Paulson: "My puppy ate my homework"

Fox News needs to give up their "Fair and Balanced" line and rename themselves GOP TV

Shame on CNN ..they PAY this cretin...

Not sure what it means ...... but it seems Palin is getting most of the blame for the charges ......

The War Between The City Slickers and The Country Bumpkins (celebrity gossip site) has the script for Larry Flynt's Sarah Palin "film"

Can someone explain the Judge's role in Palin's case?

I have a voter registration card and I think

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Maher: I know now why you drag your 92-year old mother around

McCain & PalinTill Death Do Them Part? And If So How Soon? Is McCain A Lot Sicker Than We Know

Maher gets the RW idiots on to show how stupid they are!!!

Maher gets the RW idiots on to show how stupid they are!!!

"The American Taxpayer Is Likely To Eventually Make Money On This"

So.... who replaces Palin as VP candidate for the GOP.

Palin: "I've had about two lobbyists, two, maybe three lobbyists, who have snuck in"

what do you make of Paulsen's new stock market strategy?

Douche Bag from the Heritage Foundation

Portent of sad times?

If you missed Rachel Maddow on the Tonight Show (or just want to see it again)...

Jimmy Carter slams Bush on financial crisis

Gasoline $2.35 a Gallon?

A repost.. I must be weird..for Clara,105 year old Virgin/Asexual

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Olberman's backup QB says the report says "she abused her power"

Here's a simple way to look at it

I'm confused again. Homeland Security doesn't seem to

40% plus of Americans support McSame.

self-delete, simultaneous posting

Palins says she didn't break law, claims investigation run by "Obama supporters"

wtf, she's GUILTY, but she's NOT guilty?! n/t

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

Freepers ready to start a media protest for not telling the truth about Obama

P.S. I wonder how Arab-Americans feel, being called indecent & not citizens?

"I don't mean you have to reduce your ferocity..." - John McCain

PALIN: My SUPPORTERS want even MORE attacks on Obama. It is "not mean-spirited"

12 New Stomach-Turning Revelations About Sarah Palin

This is the October Surprise...for the world. It's been Bush's end-game all along.

The "Bailout" is like when your house gets robbed

Norm Coleman Spokesman humiliated during press conference

Anti-war nuns branded as ‘terrorists.’

Kick for ACORN

FOUND! McCain Campaign’s SECRET Strategy Guide!

The neo cons conspired to create this disaster, & that's no theory.

The repub mob is approaching the riot level

The repub mob is approaching the riot level

*****Troopergate Report PDF*****

*****Troopergate Report PDF*****

I want to say THANK YOU to many fellow DUers.

AlterNet: 12 New Stomach-Turning Revelations About Sarah Palin

So, why is it advisable for ANYONE to invest their nest egg in the stock market?

Bob Herbert: The Mask Slips

Guardian UK: This panic is not irrational, it's quite rational

The air in the DOW is gone. I'm buying in (modestly)...

CT State Supreme Court rules that same-sex couples

My wife came up with a brilliant idea

The Bailout caused the panic.

It's time to bring back the 90% tax tier.


Garrison Keillor: Life is hard; we dig in, and we can spot deceit

Is the current economic crisis a contrivance?

DU Featured in Malkin's Syndicated Column Tomorrow

The World Is At Severe Risk Of Global Financial Meltdown And Depression

McCain's Base

Connecticut Court States Elegantly why Civil Unions are Discriminatory

Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

Scott Horton: Bill Kristol Picked Palin


Get Fuzzy TOON nailing the Repubs!

McCain lost his base today. I'm sorry, but...

Let's not fool ourselves, these wackos are not McCain's base, they are PALIN'S!

ACORN is Having a News Conference to Hit the GOP Back!

ACORN is Having a News Conference to Hit the GOP Back!

It is American workers who built us up, it is the wages of American workers that will rescue us

Karl Rove's "idiot witch hunts and dirty tricks". McCain empowers those tactics.

Just got back from the TEMPTATIONS live. AWESOME they still got it

If Bill Maher insists on inviting repukes to his show, I wish it was only those with at least a

Why is it just accepted theory that Alan Greenspan and Hank Paulson are such brilliant men?

McCain's Bad Day: He Defends Obama & Gets Booed by His Own "Supporters"

McCain/Palin ... Can You Feel The ... Hatred?

John McCain is beginning to remind me of George Wallace

G-7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Plan of Action

Noam Chomsky: Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

Where will the Repukes move when Obama wins?

Canada's banking system kept high and dry by strict regulation

*** DUzy Awards for week ending October 10, 2008 ***

Joe Biden on GMA enjoying the SNL skit


Palin says supporters want tougher attacks on Obama

OMFG - you've got to see this - fabulous

I have something *kind* to say about the arbusto family.......

Does Bush have one more fuck up in him? Poll.

Reason for stock market crash: people are scared of an Obama presidency

How to protect your Yard signs

Freeps' heads explode at McCain's admonition to be respectful

Who’s the Terrorist?

Most important news story of the week (ending Octber 10, 2008)

Heck Of A Job!!! Great Pic.

Why vote? BECAUSE THAT'S HOW WE WIN! Don't listen to the freepers and tinfoilers posting here

Palin arrives in Pittsburgh to a lot of protesters

What caused the fall of the Soviet Union?

Chalmers Johnson, The Ultimate Election

GE Profit Falls 22 Percent

Can someone tell me how this freefall is going to stop?

The Day the Dollar Died

"I'm not gunna let up. This is the kind of crap from the 60s that hurt us so badly"

Justice Department scandal almost buried by financial crisis

Republicans for Obama, anti-McCain: Buckley, Drew, "Deep Throat", Ms. Hagel, GOP Reps., Gov, etc.

McDonald’s Caves In To Anti-Gay Group Demands

FYI- link to watch MSNBC on the net live!

The Truth About ACORN's Voter Registration Drive

Ominous Development Could Result In Current & High Level Officials Being Indicted For Crimes

What was your SAT Percentile?

What was your SAT Percentile?

Bill Moyers: "the delusional has come in from the fringe" to be in the seat of power.

Angelina Jolie Backs Barack Obama....maybe?

Angelina Jolie Backs Barack Obama....maybe?

Does anyone else feel like dancing????

Photoshop request! Re: McPalin hate incitements

Do you believe the fundamental structure of...

What in the holy living mother fucking shit....

Scoop Donates USD$100k Of Advertising (5 million ads) To Help US Election Protection Activism

Update, Stuck in Fundie hell part 2

Navy Blue Angels and our economy

Here's why they can't steal it - Obama's real Election Protection

My Doctor (GP) is going to stop accepting insurance and will instead charge a flat fee of $2,000

Can you identify the people in this picture?

Black Belt Jones. Good movie, or great movie?

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo

This Poehler chick on SNL looks way too much like

If any GD thread ever needed x-posting to Teh Longue, it's this one (yeah, it's about sex):

A pox on the creator of the Scramble game on FB...

I think I've found the worst movie of the year

One of my favorite ways to waste 20 minutes...

I just dumped coffee all over my desk.

What did I miss today?

Am I going to hell because this PWNED picture makes me laugh?

Radioactive beauty product testing

PHOTO: "Parmageddon" Sandwich (potato & cheese pierogies, grilled onions, cheddar)

Coffee cup quote of the day

How about them Cincy Bungles?

this from a six sigma expert

What's next? Lions and tigers riding ponies???

The best X-Men The Animated Series episode EVAH is up in about 5 minutes on Toon Disney

DVD - computer question

Obama Modifies 'Yes We Can' Message To Exclude Area Loser

I got a new cellphone (upgrade)

Which title gets more attention "Wii will Barack you" or "Yes Wii Can!!"

Friday morning random questions....

Anyone know of a docudrama about the Beatles that covers the entire life cycle of the group,

Whew! Rough homework night. I just completed the fourth of four written assignments due Monday.

Do you guys remember me telling you about the turkey on campus?

I don't want to hear about it

How do you type this on first try?

Oh. My. The Spectacular Stephen Colbert.

My assistant is going to be gone for 10 days. This means I'll have to fight off the telemarketers,

It's friday.

How come every time I add something to my Journal,

Posted in GDP for the first time...

I require British assistance

This Red State update skit is awesome

Has anyone ever used compression fittings on copper water supply lines...

Jeesh, Mr. Writer is thick!

Connecticut court overturns same-sex marriage ban

A Warning about Your phone service! Please Read.

Better revenge flick- "Get Carter" or "Point Blank"?

Here are two of my heroes. Because they're survivors. Because they never gave up.

Is Sarah Palin a weasel-faced arse or an arse-faced weasel?

Need to buy a laptop for the church. Suggestions?

What make of wrist watch does Barack Obama wear?

What make of flag pin does John McCain wear?

My wife's anniversary present arrived a bit early

Ralph Nader's name is misspelled on the local ballot

Non-simple 401k question for any financial folks out there

Rumor is the Lounge will have to shut down due to the economy.

The Bobblehead Vote

Sarah Palin Remixed

sex by the numbers xkcd style

Guns N' Roses Give Chinese Democracy a Release Date

Hey, DS1 or Call Me Wesley...

Wow... Maribel wants to send me nekkid pics

Help me out with some jokes, Loungites!

Self-delete. Nevermind - got my answer n/t

Wow - Les Paul, 70 years of superhuman service to music, and all he gets is Slash.

How do you love the new attachment to my messages?

Worst Drink in America...

View from by backyard..

ewww . . . .

I'm gonna follow Bullwinkle925's example

Fresh and Easy supermarkets. Who has them near them? They have chicken Burritos that are excellent.

All I want for my Birthday

J B Smoove is a comedic genius... discuss

The latest right wing talking point

Lunatic fringe - Red Rider

I'm changing my first name to Porterhouse

Since Monday is Columbus Day, what is your take on Columbus

The Death of Marat.


72% of DUers are in the top 10%

OMG - It's Hockey Night in Canada!

29 Palms

so, my husband IM's me and said...

Penis size.

"Feeling for the wall and saves the farm"

What is the point of sexual harassment laws if they can't REALLY be used?

I love Skinner..short sweet and to the point.....

Might Relocate To Boston Area. Any Suggestions For Neighborhoods?

Some cute humor to brighten the day

So who's rooting for the Rays tonight?

Public service announcement:

Have You Seen The Video Of The Dogs Greeting A Soldier Returning From Iraq?

Last night, there was a rerun of the 2005 Mark Twain Awards @ The Kennedy Center.

Could we maybe see a few more threads in GD and GDP about the Troopergate ruling?

Any news on Mr MIDLO today?

Out of the closet: I'm a Maddowsexual.

Fall is in the air, and one's thoughts turn to:

Somebody took my Obama sign...

New computer

This is a long poll question

My 401K has tanked - I want a bailout

Follow Me, Don't Follow Me...


Betty White

P U my cat stinks!!!!!!!!! nt

Steve Perry

" Dam Obama! "

I did something bitchy today, and I just don't feel bad about it.

Tundra Trash

And now, a comic with ten trillion years' worth of archived strips. No, not an exaggeration.

Guys: Do you use aftershave?- Ladies : Do you like guys using aftershave?

Why did the sailor go to the luau?

Nashville Skyline

i just got out of a hot tub with a downtown view of atlanta

Good evening to all the folks in the Lounge tonight!

Starting this weekend, y'all might not see much of me...I haz Thesis deadlines

Simon's Cat---"TV dinner"

Cool! I finally made the 'greatest' page!

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

It wasn't a surprise -- but it was a big shock

I learned to say, HELLO I'm wasted. :)

Sarah Palin has a jigsaw puzzle and can't figure it out.

The October Photo contest!!!

Anyone else watching the ALCS? You guys must be out there...

Don't take down the goddamn monkey picture!!!

Apparently, the Jehovah's Witnesses have kidnapped poor Robb...

Who's here?

Fuck me, I'm sober.

So that woman who called the police on me kicked it up a notch

I just watched "American History X". That was intense! nt

A quick question for Lounge-sters.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/10/2008)

Let's Dance.

Help! Kitteh stepped on keyboard, now a new window opens up every time

Zappa Appreciation Thread

my garage is an awesome place to hang out

Firefox question.

The Princess Bride is on AMC Right now!!!!

i don't know what to think

An Irish Blessing, for those in need of Comfort. In honor of David.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've been commissioned to design a 2nd "Mount Rushmore!" Who do you put on it?

Irish Music Experts -- I need your help

Does anyone suffer from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo?

Another haircut party and I got it cut short.

Well fuck me, I'm drunk.

Name the kitten

Beastie Boys announce Swing State Voter Awareness tour!!!

Do You Post Embarrassing Things When Intoxicated?

Silly question: Why doesn't Sarah Palin wear a wedding ring?

Which glove do you typically wear out first?

Phils win #2, 8-5....To LA Sunday!!!!

It's a sad day. The GOP is dead. Like 8 tons of meat on the side of the road.

* * * Asterisks: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Thread Promotion * * *

Describe a movie biography you'd liked to have seen made and the star to play the role...

What's the first movie you saw in a movie theater?

It looks like there will be lay-offs at work.

There is a monster living in this house

Cross-posted in GD. My doctor (GP) is stopping acceptance of all health insurance

Clinton took the W's off the computers. What will Bush do to Obama?

What can you tell me about this college?

What's a good wine that goes with turkey.

Pierogies, yumyumyumyumyum

For all dog lovers! Get out your tissues!

I've decided to vote for a third party canidate...

Please Caption this. Thank you.

What should a guy wear to a Goth Prom?

True or False: In her prime Linda Ronstadt was the hottest female vocalist of all time! ( w/ pics)

Missed a call this afternoon

What would be the speed at which one could get the BEST gas mileage from

Polls critiquing DU's hyper-inflated scoring of IQs, EQs, and Penis Sizes

"Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius" ..."there are finer things than winning championships."

The cat tower.

Dedicate a song to a DU'er.

guess I hoped for a little more. On average, how many people each year die choking on badgers?

Who is the greatest bass guitarist of them all?

** Please send some super good luck vibes for lizziegrace here **

Simon's Cat-The Live Action Edition!

Vote for Buzz!!!

So I'm watching the Phillies game when I hear shotgun blasts....

European shares tumble

Army says 15 killed in Darfur rebel ambush

Worldwide Wipeout

Ahtisaari wins Nobel Peace Prize

Asian Stocks Plunge as Credit Crisis Deepens; Treasuries Climb (Nikkei fell 11%, Aus 7.2%)

Senior official: Bolivian police foil attempts to overthrow president

US court jails Colombia militants

Despite Wachovia losses, exiting execs could walk off with millions

Citigroup Ends Bid To Buy Wachovia

Thousands of voter registration forms faked, officials say

Lawsuit over Palin's e-mails gets under way today

Iraq archbishop warns Christians face 'liquidation'

Indonesian Officials Unveil a Deal to Protect Forests

Afghanistan Facing "Downward Spiral" (NIE Draft)

McCain: Obama link to ex-radical is honesty issue

A very funny EMail I recieved today....

Connecticut State Supreme Courts Rules in favor of Same Sex Marriage

Connecticut overturns ban on gay marriages

Brown demands petrol price cuts

McCain pledges balanced budget, criticizes Obama

McCain considers conceding election

Did Sarah Palin Score 841 on the SATs?

Untold Chapter Of Troopergate

Today i learned that if you post statistical analyses in GDP

Cost of U.S. Crisis Action Is Growing, Along With Debt, Deficit (to grow to $2 Trillion in '09)

(700 Billion) Rescue Was Sold Softly to the Street

Beijing to ban half its cars during high pollution

McCain losing ground with working-class whites

Countdown: Worst Person Oct. 9, 2008

This poem/song shows indirectly how low voter turnout kills us all in the end..

Serbia expels Macedonian ambassador over recognition of Kosovo

Somali pirates release 20 Filipino seamen

Connecticut Ruling Overturns Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Rachel Maddow Show: Former Delta Force on Chasing bin Laden

Obama says McCain trying to stoke anger, division

Stem cells from testicles an option to embryos

Ralph Nader: Barack Obama May Become A War Criminal!

I mean, COME ON, GEEZ! Where's the LIBRULLLL MEEDYA when you need 'em???

MSNBC State of the Race w/ Scarborough: A Democratic Landslide

KO: Cindy McCain vs The Troops, with Jon Soltz of Vote Vets.

Barack Obama: Portsmouth, Ohio

Connecticut court overturns same-sex marriage ban

Global Stocks Tumble, Driving S&P 500 to Worst Week on Record

Barack 'Osama' on Rensselaer County ballots

Connecticut Ruling Overturns Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Anger against US mounts as Iraq Shiites bury slain MP

Barack 'Osama' on Rensselaer County ballots (NY)

New Obama Ad For Nevada Targets McCain's Health Tax Plan

CNN - Discussion of McCain's Negative Campaign - Oct. 9, 2008

Rachel Maddow Reports on Palin's Fringe Alaskan Secessionist Connections

SNL Thursday Edition

Pakistan suicide bomber strikes anti-Taliban tribal elders

The Daily Left - October 10th, 2008

TheRealNews: The roots and remedies of the financial crisis

Her Stupidity Flows (Sarah Palin)

Ex-president Carter slams Bush on market crisis

Sarah Palin: Pro-life?

McCain Camp Fails to Block "Troopergate" Probe

What Kind of Amazing Grace?

Gallup Daily: Obama 51%, McCain 41%

Obama Hatred At McCain-Palin Rallies:

U.S. Stocks Drop in Rollercoaster Day; Dow Swings 1,000 Points

McCain-Palin Rally Attendees Obama Is A Terrorist 2

Biden: McCain Couldn't Look Obama in the Eye

OR Sen. Smith thinks Sarah Palin is 'a great governor of California'

Capital One Ends Financing of N.Y., N.J. Car Dealers

UT, students in standoff over political signs

Joe Biden Cracks Up Over SNL Skit - HA!

Obama 52% Victory Forecast by Yale Professor's Economy Model

Pro-Obama lawyer resigns from Franciscan U. board

Putin: US Image Damaged Forever Over Economy Woes

TheRealNews: McCain on The Evil Empire = "Bad Joke"

Palins Repeatedly Pressed Case Against Trooper

Lawmakers Meeting Secretly on Palin Ethics Report

Oil plunges to 13-month low on global slowdown

National Bank Acquires All the Deposits of Meridian Bank, Eldred, Illinois


Judge orders state to preserve Palin's e-mails

SNL Special Thursday Edition: Hall & Oates Sing About Obama & McCain

Michigan's Main Street Bank Fails, 14th Bank Closed in 2008 (actually now the 15th)

Station regrets remarks on Magic Johnson, AIDS

(Senate) Panel to Study Military Eavesdropping

McCain urges supporters to calm down(WINK WINK)

Vietnam to try journalists for corruption stories

Bullshit Bag for Pro-Whalers

Judge orders state to preserve Palin's e-mails

Pulling Away Obama opens a double-digit lead in new NEWSWEEK poll

AK Legislative Council Meeting

Kay Hagan interview

NATO allows strikes on Afghan drug sites

Michele Bachmann and George Bush Are Close--Very Close

Lehman Credit-Swap Auction Sets Payout of 91.38 Cents (Update1)

Barack Obama: It's Easy To Rile Up A Crowd

Gergen: McCain And Palin Should Calm Down The Unhinged McCainiacs

Pulling Away Obama opens a double-digit lead in new NEWSWEEK poll( 52 to 41)

Troopergate: Palin gives opposing accounts on firing Monegan

Ohio secretary of state must verify registrations

Troopergate panel: Palin abused power

Daily Show - Debate Analysis from Wasilla AK

Joe Biden on the Economy in Springfield, Missouri

We have a BINGO. Palin abused office in Trooper gate

Main Street Bank of Northville, Mich. fails, 14th of year

9/9 Bush and Kerry Townhall Debate from 2004

Ann Coulter on Hannity and Colmes

Lawmakers release Troopergate report

Conn. (Supreme) court legalizes gay marriage

(Colin) Powell (the liar) says US Sen. Stevens' integrity 'sterling'

Sarah Palin...Moron

Liberty U. might lift its concealed weapons ban

The Racist Bigoted Uneducated Palin & McCain Mob

Body of Australia's last "missing soldier" back from Vietnam

Cindy McCain's sister dies

Obama dares McCain to keep attacking his character

Palin's calendar shows her office was open to business

Two small banks fail; brings year's tally to 15

The Hidden Hand Behind McCain's VP Pick

Former (MI) governor backs away from McCain ("He is not the McCain I endorsed")

Rachel Maddow: First Dude On The Record

Source of Iraq WMD intelligence tells his story

McCain Responds to "Say It To My Face"

McCain & Palin Coalition Of The Stupid

Radical Measures May Be In The Wings

Sarah Palin Animation - Save the wolves.

Those Were the Days - Bush - McCain - Palin - Paulson

TYT: Is McCain Racist By Association?

McCain Smiles Approvingly as his Supporter Calls Obama "TRAITOR!"

McCain-Palin: Making Christians PROUD!!! The Chosen Ones!

Republican for Obama

Bush Cuba policy up for test at polls

DemRapidResponse: Who is John McCain?

SEIU DVD Attacks McCain's Health Plan

Republican ad links Obama to Chicago

Barack "OSAMA" Printed on NY Absentee Ballots

Explosive OBAMA anger at a McCain-Palin rally !

Robot suit for rent in Japan to help people walk

Daily Show - Presidential Debate I

McCain: "You Do Not Have To Be Scared" of Obama as President

Watchdog group seeks ethics investigation of McCain (gambling earnings)

CNN Discusses The Success of The New World Order & NAU

Craig Ferguson: An American armed with a ballot.

Peru's entire cabinet resigns over scandal

Ron Paul To Be The Decider In Montana

Daily Show - Attack of the Crones

"OBAMA'S 'NOT EXACTLY'S"- A Pathetic Republican Spam Blast eMail

Fred Thompson on Wiseguy

Barack Obama on the Economy in Chillicothe, Ohio

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 10, 2008 - Thread #3

Monegan of Troopergate on Maddow: I feel vindicated

McCain booed when he asks his supporters to ‘respect’ Obama.

Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin And Troopergate 10/10/08

BREAKING-Troopergate Finding: Sarah Palin ABUSED HER POWER as Governor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 10 - Thread #2

Iranian boy gets cancer treatment in Israel

McCain: "(Obama) is NOT an Arab..."

McCain Finally Confronts Right-Wing Extremists

Incredible! Music Video Response To Sarah Palin Being Found Guily Troopergate

Vote For Me Or Bin Laden Goes Free!

U.S. to remove N. Korea from terror list

Coleman calls off negative ads

Sarah Palin plays 'Pyramid'

McCain Mob Member: "Obama is an Arab"

The Late Show Presidential Debate Recap

Ari Melber: McCain's "Hate Talk Express"

Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'

STOP THE PRESSES - After days of watching in silence, McCain calms the crowd at his Minnesota town m

Palin's Wolf-Killing Program Results in 14 Wolf Pup Deaths

Brazilian secret police head guilty of torture

URGENT REPORT: McCain Exploded with rage at Casino. Very angry man.

Leaders May Close World's Markets /Global Money System plan

In Letter to 'NYT,' Man Who Prosecuted Weather Underground Hits Linking Ayers to Obama

U.S. to Buy Stakes in Banks to Help Free Credit

Soldier punished in beating of Jewish trainee

McCain Tries to Tame Flames He Earlier Fanned

Biden Rally Blooper

Democrat/Republican '08: College

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. will buy stock in financial institutions, Treasury Secretary Paulson says

Top GOP Strategist: It's Over, Obama Landslide, 10 Senate Seats

Coffee-lovers vote with their cups

Joe Biden: "Look him in the eye and say it"

Homeless Man burned to death in LA

TYT: Bush Administration Spied On Innocent Troops

Aide says Dalai Lama's surgery ends successfully

Senator Coleman has some fancy suits and cannot answer a question

John McCain On Stealing Elections

McCain plant asks questions at rally in Waukesha WI

G.M. and Chrysler Explore Merger

Palin on Saturday Night Live? You betcha’

Maddow : Venomous Hate at McCain-Palin Rallies is Frightening

Obama Knew It Was Coming All Along

Joe Biden: 'Palin was in 6th grade the last time John had a new idea.'

Iceland Devaluation Has Silver Lining for Visiting Americans

McCain makes new 401k proposal

Who Is Causing The McCain/Palin Mobs?

TYT: Sarah Palin Guilty!

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 10

Half Sister of Cindy McCain Dies

Pirates threaten to blow up ship

Venezuela shuts down McDonald's

McCain Camp defends Death Chants

Troopergate report: Palin abused power

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs likely to be nationalized by weekend's end.

Sarah Palin Remixed


Al Franken Tells a Story about Paul Wellstone

Racist McCain supporter bans Obama supporters from parking lot

Austria's Haider Dies in Accident

N.Y. county sends out absentee ballots listing Barack 'Osama'

Russians: Palin Who?

PR Consultant Helped Palin Grab Spotlight

Your Grievance For the Next Four Years: "Voter Fraud" (Gawker re: GOP & ACORN)

Greg Palast on Vote Rigging and Suppression Ahead of the 2008 Election

Questions for Sarah Palin about sex education, parenting

A Hillary supporter ponders Palin (Idaho Mountain Express)

Day of reckoning

McCain’s absence vexes Nevada backers

Eugene Robinson: Welcome to the Third World, America

The Return of Rove: McCain Has Surrended His Campaign to Fearmonger who Smeared Him (Rolling Stone)

Was Alan Greenspan Really Just Another Sarah Palin, Without the Lipstick?

"A growing army of eco-kids"

NYT editorial: How we will emerge from this crisis is not yet known. But we know how we got into it.

Panic attacks: Voters unload at GOP rallies

Leadership in Crisis

Neglecting Indiana could cost McCain

Commentary: Bad Economy is Good for the Environment

Dispatches: Down the dark road with McCain and Palin (Cranbury Press NJ)

Plan B: Flood Banks With Cash

(again)Which Party Is Better for Stocks?

John McCain Linked to 60's 'Erraticals'

McCain Throws Up an 'Ayers Ball'

Weatherman Prosecutor answers Ayres/Obama charge

God's Plan

Out of the box there aren't any elites.

John McCain: "Rely on the Good Judgement of Voters"

Chris Buckley Should Have Done This Earlier

Clearing the Ayers

After New NIE, Bush Officials Now ‘Privately’

Q: What Do Sarah Palin, Ahmad Chalabi, and the NRA Have in Common?

McCain dossier aims to limit damage to Palin from Troopergate report

Desperate McCain gives beat to the dark heart of conservatism

Troopergate Report: Palin Acted Like Russia’s Putin, From Her House!

Friday Talking Points (51) -- Some Positivity

WP, pg1: The End Of American Capitalism?

Vanguard's Bogle on surviving the bear market: Get back to investing basics

Government report: Data mining doesn't work well

Palin Rallies Ignite Widespread Talk of 'Fascism'

McCain: Obama not an A-rab, but an A-hab

Senator Leahy Concerned about NorthCom’s New Army Unit By Matthew Rothschild

Der Spiegel: The End of Arrogance

They're the Aussies barracking for Obama (coming to volunteer)

Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting for Obama (The son of William F. Buckley has decided—shock!—to vote for a Dem

This week in the melt down of the conservative movement.

NYT, David Brooks: The Class War Before Palin

Shark Virgin Birth Confirmed

The Weekend Economists--October 10-12, 2008

74 year old womans video about Obama

Sen. requests investigation into Army suicides

U.S.: China cut exchanges over Taiwan sale

Details of Afghanistan intel report surface

Webb: Stop ‘propagandizing’ in Iraq

Bragg protest blames military culture in deaths

Another deserter ordered to leave Canada

U.S. tries tough love before Iraq handover

As Fears Ease, Baghdad Sees Walls Tumble

Rival contractor protests cutter deal

Ex-enlisted sailor pleads guilty to posing as admiral

675 Marines, 6 Prowlers return to N.C. today

U.S.: 55 Afghans were killed in controversial raid

Gates: Political reconciliation with parts of Taliban may be possible

Huge weapons cache found west of Baghdad

Linguists Say NSA Bugged Troops' Calls

NATO to Fight Pirates, Not Drug Trade

Vet Blames Iraq for Road Rage Shooting

(Military Times) Op-Ed: SecDef's Honesty Too Late?

Marines Fund Non-Lethal Heat Ray

I know there's a lot of attention for Prop 8 in CA but we need help to defeat Prop 102 in AZ!!

Palin Rejects Gay Coming Out Day Proclamation Request

McDonald's may have caved to the AFA....

The anti-gay marriage ads on DU can be blocked.

Idiot radio hosts: Magic faked AIDS

Background on the Connecticut marriage ruling

The man who drove Mandela

"the segregation of heterosexual and homosexual couples into separate institutions ... "

Track Palin's Gay Sexcapades!!! OMG...this is hugh! I'm series!!11!

CT Supreme Court says gay couples have the right to marry

My letter to McDonald's about caving in to the AFA

I can't believe it. An insightful, pro gay marriage post by a freeper

2008 ozone hole larger than last year

Northern Greenland Sees Record Snowmelt - Melt Period 18 Days Longer Than Old Record - AFP

Drought Spanning Southern Australia Now Officially Worst On Record

Federal Appeals Court Allows Environmental Suits Over Protected Salmon Runs, Quotas - PI

Global Warming?

Comprehensive USGS Survey Shows More Than 99% Of Large Alaskan Glaciers In Retreat - AFP

Peak Moment: (VIDEO) Matt Simmons on something WORSE than the financial meltdown.

WWF Study - 2C Increase In Global Temperatures = 50% Loss Of Emperor, 75% Loss of Adelie Colonies

Largest Retail Rainwater Catchment Showroom in the U.S.

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 9

Evidence Grows That Israel Is Preparing To Attack Iran

Potsdam Institute Scientists - Expect 1-Meter Rise In Sea Levels By 2100 - ENN/DPA

Israeli town hit by third day of Jewish-Arab clashes

If interest rates continue to go down, I think that it makes sense to lower

Government is running out of options to bolster economy

Obama vs S&P 500

Catching Knives...S&P 500 Crash Count

The Silent Financial Coup d’état

Walgreens CEO Resigns

Despite Wachovia losses, exiting execs could walk off with millions.

Long-feared surge in bankruptcies is now under way

Factors Driving the Stock Market Down

The October Friday Crash News Dump

Bush urging calm in the stock chaos reminds me of Kevin Bacon's last bit

Where have all the Leaders Gone? During this Financial crisis?

Nationalize the banking industry - The guys who bought billions of dollars of

You Cannot Patch a Busted Dam With Water

Roubini Discusses the Double D's, Deflation and Depression

Lehman CDS: It Won't Be Over Today

Fed meets to advance CDS clearinghouse

Any thoughts on where the economy will be on Nov. 4th? n/t


Can anyone here translate this bullshit for me? It's from a blogger called "Rightwoman"

Carpe diem, profit slaves.

Me no understand, pleez xplane?

October 2008 BCTGM REPORT (U.S. Non-oil Trade Deficit Cost 5.6 Million Jobs in 2007)

Labour photo of the year; new campaigns; global financial crisis -unions react

Today in labor history Oct 10 4 strikers are killed and 6 wounded 8 growers were charged with murder

A Special Request by John J. Sweeney AFL-CIO President

Senior official: Bolivian police foil attempts to overthrow president

Argentina’s Justice Minister accuses FBI of “terrible crimes”

Peru's entire cabinet offers to resign over corruption allegations

US court jails Colombia militants (Death squad members are "militants?" Really?)

Human Rights: Peru army may have killed farmers

Oposición está dividida y encuestas no los favorecen (re: Zulia)

What we, the Maya, will not accept!

Brazilian secret police head guilty of torture

How and Why Venezuela Will Weather the Financial Crisis

Peru's entire cabinet resigns over scandal

Peru army battle with suspected guerillas kills 18

In food crisis, Cuba limits sales so all can eat

Texas Longhorns fans - a reason to vote for Obama!

"BoSox clobber Rays in Game One." - NostraHawkus

The new Music That Inspires, Touches and is Spiritual to You Thread.

"I wanna be one more, one more!" Say no to deadly vaccine Gardasil!

Well...there's just such incredible stuff on this site...where do I begin...

"Stop the Hate" prayer vigils . called for in GDP!

Can't have too many sunsets

okay, I want to sell prints online

Been working on my composition

Reflections in good light

Some autumn shots from Cherry Creek State Park.

~~~SUBMISSION THREAD for the OCTOBER Photo Contest.~~~

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the OCTOBER Photo Contest. ~~~

NRA to settle suit over Katrina gun seizures

More from the Brady Bunch

After reading about ENGLISH TOAST- I was wondering-

Dinner for 10 tonight...

Our Friday lunch

Debate Rages over 'Oldest Dinosaur' Find in Germany

Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World

Virginia Aquarium Shark was 2nd proven instance of asexual reproduction.

Apollo Heat Shield Uncrated After 35 Years

Friday Night Eye Candy (Dialup warning)-Take a break from the world....

Shark a-sexual reproduction confirmed

New machine prints sheets of light

At 2.8 Kilometers Down, a One-of-a-kind Microorganism Lives All Alone

The Museum of HP Calculators

Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher

Debating sainthood for Pope Pius XII

Venus Express searching for life - on Earth

Stonehenge Was a Crematory, Not a Healing Center

A dark detecting circuit for your jack-o'-lantern

A demographics poll

I make a clear distinction between those who condemn and belittle

Speculation and the markets (re: 9/11)

Vote for Rick Noriega now - on DailyKos

Tarrant County Pres Debate Watch Party @ Rarh Brewery Chili Challenge for Change cook off

An American avidly following your national election has a question.

It's up to Canadian voters to block a Harper majority

Audio expert says Cadman tape not altered

I think the Murphy question will hurt Harper in Quebec

I'm voting strategically again.

So, Harper has a master's in Economics, huh?

Flaherty announces measures to stabilize lending industry (Canadian bank bailout)

Only in Boston/MA -- Beatty says being called a Yankees fan is a "campaign smear"!!!

Local signage reconnaissance

JK quoted on Huff post re McCain-Palin

continuing census of the baby vote on presidential candidates

MPAA Ratings ~ I'm Confused

Only 89% agreeing with Bush? Michele, that is

Another KTLK Asshole Slapped Down

Just hafta share

So, our meetup is this Saturday...

WCCO showed video from McCain rally

Obama 54% to McCain 40% in Minnesota

Michelle Obama will be in Minnesota next Monday

Michele Bachmann says pardoning ex-con campaign contributor "good for society"

Normie calls off negative ad campaign and reaches a new level of sanctimonious hypocrisy

Question about pic from that Lakeville rally today

Lakeville - Oh, boy...

Video: Al Franken tells a story about Paul Wellstone....

Time for a wardrobe change

Did anyone know that Fred Phelps is in town today?

McCain Idiot: "Stop sending me all that Obama stuff" but won't give me her name

James T Harris on WTMJ plant at Mccain rally in Waukesha Today

During the primaries I saw Feingold speak and he said that McCain was a good man