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Archives: September 9, 2007

Hannity Says Bin Laden Sounds Like Democrats - Twice

Al-Qaeda claims Algerian bombings

Down goes Auburn!

What's THE NEXT CONCERT you are going to?

I love brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts

ode to the blue screen of death

Bill Moyers with "Terror Presidency" author Jack Goldsmith

Slips of Bush's tongue: the gaffes in Australia

Syrian paper says U.S. silence over Israeli overflight encourages Jewish state

delete wrong forum!

Chimpy McFlightsuit: bin Laden Video means we must continue war in Iraq

Frank Rich: As the Iraqis Stand Down, We’ll Stand Up

Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller accepts position with Manhattan Institute


to all my friends at D U

Air Force Orders Stand Down For US on Sept 14

Know your BFEE: Scions of the Military Industrial Complex

Unions Press Clinton on Outsourcing Of U.S. Jobs


News from the Oprah/ Obama fundraiser.

CNN correspondent that once said Al Qaeda prefers Kerry now says OBL sounded like "angry blogger"

what does it mean to be a Democrat in late 2007?

Don't know much about history...but I do know A LOT about faces.

Gore Endorsement -- Potent but Not Foolproof

FRANK RICH: As the Iraqis Stand Down, We’ll Stand Up

MAUREEN DOWD: Old School Inanity

Can Lobbyists Stop the War?

Among Top Officials, 'Surge' Has Sparked Dissent, Infighting

Galloway: Can't we do better than this (miserable non-representative government)?

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: What’s Missing in Baghdad

The Clinton Years

Refugees: The Missing Iraq Benchmark

Supply Side Bait and Switch by Erza Klein

Our Silence, Our Guilt

Wild Weather Creates Chances for Political Progress

Cenk Uygur: Your Chance of Being Kidnapped or Killed in Baghdad is 100%

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Missing Money


The Files That came In From The Cold.

The Tennessee stud: U.S. presidential candidate Fred Thompson's womanising ways

Damn, it's 'Nam: Americans are now in a familar tight spot


Credit turmoil seen as a run in the 'shadow' banking system

Falling behind


Petraeus To Give Exclusive Hour-Long Interview To Fox News After Monday's Hearing

W and APEC by Fidel Castro

Bin Laden video shows needs for Iraq resolve: Bush ('I find it interesting' Osama mentioned Iraq")

Gonzo Boogie -- As Easy As ABC

Why Capitalism Needs Terror: An Interview with Naomi Klein

Opus 9/9/07 (Bush sings!)

Media under fire for missing persons coverage. Uneven emphasis on attractive white girls criticized

Under siege: what the surge really means in Baghdad

The Myth of al-Qaeda in Iraq

PAUL KRUGMAN: Where’s My Trickle?

Body of missing blonde white girl found! (and in other news....)

Five Easy Pieces to Iran! a warning

Are The Banks In Trouble?

The Stupidest People On Earth By Angie Riedel

Bush Supresses "Impeach Bush" Press conference

EXCERPT from Naomi Klein's new book: The Shock Doctrine: Plunder & Disaster, Bush & Pinochet


Whistleblower sues over firing by Browns Ferry contractor

North Carolina Sets 12.5% RPS

Bait hunters kill first grizzly seen in Selway/Bitterroot in 60 years

Acid Rain High Impact on Near Shore Waters

Kurdistan Hunts for Oil: The Kurds create their own rules

Nuclear reactor discussion in Galena heats up

DOE 'Thumbs Nose' at Judges Yucca Water Ruling

I think I saw a ghost condor today!

Independent UK: The appalling fate of the polar bear, symbol of the Arctic

National Renewable Fuel Standard Takes Effect

Environmental Leaders React To APEC: "Meaningless" "Stunt" "Irrelevant" "Sideshow" - AFP

As UN Conference On Country Opens, 1/3 Of Spain Faces Desertification, "Africanization" Of Climate

Arctic Sea Ice Decline is a Call to Action on Greenhouse Gas Pollution

CSIRO DescribesThe Runaway Train Headed For Australia In This Age Of "Aspirational" Goals

USGS Report - All Alaska's Polar Bears Dead By 2060, But State Government Wants More Studies - ADN

Pine Bark Beetles - They're Not Just For Mountain States Anymore! Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Calif. gray whale shot with machine gun

With Murray-Darling Basin Facing Worst Water Conditions In 70 Years, Summer's Just Around The Corner

Spin takes it on the chin: Stauber shines light on public relations industry propaganda

Drought Monitor - Week Of 4 September 2007

Saudi Aramco reports oil output decline of 1.7 percent in 2006

A Few Years Left For Medicine Bow Lodgepole Pines - USFS: "Take A Good Look Now"

Science Daily - Sulfur, Nitrogen Boost Effects Of Ocean Acification In Shallow Waters

Extracting tar sands and water use

University Of Bremen AMSR Update 8 September - Taymyr Spur Still Thinning

Heavy duty investor backs solar thermal and talks about transmission overhaul...

Pace Of Greenland Melt Stuns Scientists, Who Find Island's Climate Has Global Influence

Have No Fear, Lomborg's Here - With A New Book In Which He Tells Us Everything's Just Fine!

Escaping bombs and saving tortoises in Mogadishu

Hagel's (R-Ne) potential successors expected to fall in line quickly

Karzai halts speech at stadium after reported gunfire

Two UK troops, over 30 Afghan Taliban killed-military

Alex Jones Arrested By NYPD

Mastermind of Iraq Yazidi attack killed: U.S. military

Setbacks Outweigh Successes in Iraq since Surge Began

Gray whale shot, killed in rogue tribal hunt (Makah Tribe of WA)

Bin Laden appearance stirs uneasiness in Arab world

Identity parade of the secret police ( APEC)

Thousands of GIs Cope With Brain Damage

Iran spy post heightens Gulf tension with US

Destructive species turns up in Cheney

Abe stakes premiership on terror law

Britain urged to keep soldiers in southern Iraq

Pakistani Airports on High Alert

Dallas-based Hunt Oil signs production sharing deal with Kurds

Investigative Report: U.S. ships unsafe products

Iraq says fired 14,000 Interior Ministry employees

Gap Cuts India Sourcing

Lawmakers (including Senator Hillary Clinton) Gather For Health Care Labor Rally Downtown

Tropical Storm Gabrielle makes landfall

Congress may now be the best hope for stopping Bush’s Mexican truck plan in its tracks

Iran rejects 'impossible' nuclear suspension

Pope brands childless Europeans selfish

Clinton Challenged on Troop Pullout

Africa summit in jeopardy as Brown vows to boycott Mugabe

U.S. threatens Turkey over energy support to Iran

Apec security leaves bitter taste in Sydney

The Surge Must Go On, Petraeus To Tell Congress

Panama ex-president remains in US

Bush advisers favor current war strategy

List of Creative Arts Emmy Winners

Menem grounded for conspiracy

Terror groups 'raise funds through drugs'

Soldier killed in Baghdad (and 1 non-combat death)

Evangelicals Hesitant About Thompson

Israeli 'neo-Nazi gang' arrested

Cheese-like heroin killing Texan teens

Sen. Craig seeks to withdraw guilty plea

Californian loner helps bin Laden to taunt Bush

Oprah’s $3m party and a blessing for Obama

Pakistan Detains About 2,000 Supporters of Sharif, Aide Says

Mexico Sends 1st Long-Haul Trucks to US

Snakes found in luggage at Ga. airport

Biden: Petraeus 'dead flat wrong' on Iraq

U.N. Nuclear Chief Pressured Over Iran

U.S. official calls bin Laden 'virtually impotent'

Intel breaks ground in China for US $2.5 billion silicon fabrication plant

Brain study finds political divide

PETA Activists take Al Gore to task on his diet

University of Michigan Football...

Barry White's "You're The First, The Last, My Everything" was written in 1953 as a country song.

'I am not here to play laughing homosexuals with you'

Is there any foot tapping going on in this photo?

Talk me out of going postal in GD

PUI: How come XEMA never won an Emmy?

Lunatics Anonymous, that's where I belong... Switchin' to Glide

Seven Souls (a music thread)

Hey! What the fuck is a "Nittany" squirrel??2??

For the silly ones that call me cowboy (youtube)

Hey, what the fuck is a "Nittany" Lion?

I'm going to say a word, and if you wish to argue with me over it, do let me know.

Who is the biggest (per)vert on DU? (LAME COPYCAT)

Had a dream last night

This lizard is hysterical. Well at least I think so...for whatever that's worth.

Gah! Another supervisor who openly disses my job,

"Democrats are sexy

"It's why man invented fire"....... dumb ass billboard.

Mac Users *Please Read This!!!:

AMAZING Thunder Storm Last Night

Has it been seven years already?

Tonight's Britney Spears' big comeback, y'all!

What's THE NEXT CONCERTA you are going to swallow?

I have a mental illness called schizo-affective disorder

How did the Wolverines do yesterday?

Wonderful slide show of polar bear playing with dog

Who is the biggest flirt on DU?

WHY must the NFL Today guys wear the flag pins? (I know the answer)

Your Nose

Curse you, Dr. Who fans!

I saw the Brian Jonestown Massacre tonight

All the schadenfreude over the Wolverines' troubles, is just good natured ribbing

Football Fans!! Today's schedule:

Once upon a time: A Day At The Mines....

The new ITunes update is here, The new ITunes update is here!

Can't get my head around Pavarotti dying without


I think I am going through Pon'Far

Watch John lennon play as court jester

Solve JVS' digital music conundrum

This is our President, I laughed but I also wanted to put a sack over my head.

Hey folks. How's it hanging?

Can you read the caption that's printed on this shirt?

This is for the DU Lounge afternoon crowd, the one, the only MrsMiller, please listen..

Man, the Falcons played like dogs today

The Eagles have gone from suck to blow

as a longtime DUer, I'd just like to say

A case of beer, a baconater and football all afternoon

Goooo Patriots!!!

People suck...another TK421 rant about customers!

You know you're doing a great job...

Just Got The New TV Guide Fall Preview Issue, Bo y Am I Bummed

Kanye West lashes out at Britney's return to VMA ("She hasn't had a hit record in years")

William Shatner sings

Jesus I hate my fucking neighbors

Good Rex vs. Bad Rex

Is this not grounds for drumming someone out of your klan?

Have we become a "huggies" society?

what? nothing about the broncos?

So, WillPitt Returns Right In Time for The Start of Football Season

The Cleveland Brownies suck.

I got sick of my bike and bought a car yesterday

My face is peeling

I feel so targeted

A Frisky dingo ATE my baaabbbyyyy!!

Have we become a "huggy" society?

Go Skins!

If you could look like any celebrity...who would it be?


Eagles are done. The window is closed.

Baby European Tree Frog visits my blackberry bushes (Dial-up warning)


Wired's "How to write a perfect email"

Any suspicious minds in here? :)

So, ah...yeah.

Woman to have her baby taken from her at birth

60 Minutes doing an article on how we're slaves to our electronic devices.

I DON'T CARE that Vanessa Hudgens pulled her pants down and took photos. I DON'T CARE.

Walmart refuses to refund man for ammunition. So he shoots at the place.

Tavernertot is watching "Elmo in Grouchland"


I'm black, I'm beautiful and I"m rescued!

oldies appreciation thread!!

Lounge!!! Popped my cherry!!! Posted in GD!!!!

Hahah! Have new computer, and many pent up frustrations...

Arctic Warbler + California Condor = Pure Goodness.

Bull-jumping enthusiasts! Share your advice and experiences!

Ice Station Zebra

Stupid shoe joke.

Any CPAP machine users out here?

Has anyone ever told Tom Coughlin that his expressions hurt his team?

You ever read the Farmer's Almanac?

Lounge!!! Popped my corn!!! Posted GD!!!!

Has anyone told Tom Laughlin that his expressions hurt the enemy?

So is Lloyd Carr still the coach at Michigan?

Ratatouille - the Movie

Okay, the Pioneer commercial with the eyball creeps me all the way out.

Orrex and Oregonian, I'm calling you both out!!!

Favorite type of chocolate?

When's the last time you ogled yourself?(lame copycat)

you make them strong ---

Hey billyskank!

never mind

The fleas are back!!!!

wow, is it just me or does Collinsworth seem to openly despise Olbermann?

What will you do when zombies take over the world?

Where's Parche? Where's bertha k? Where where where?

Marty Robbins - standup guy or no?

What NFL teams are going to suck this season?

Have we become a "slutty" society ?

Do the schools in your area still have holiday parties?

Okay, quick question about iPods and iTunes:

R.E.M.'s "Finest Worksong" - With or Without horns?

Just out of curiosity - anyone going to watch Brittney on the VMAs tonight

Most Hardcore band? You can't get any harder than ROCKBITCH!

it's pretty f'ing sad

SOMEONE was on my computer Googling "astro gulide".


Hello there lounge... it's been a while.

Ever had a candle that smelled so good you seriously thought about taking a bite out of it?

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/09/07)

"Dick in a Box" wins the Emmy

That bunny rabbit who hopped in front of my car is a lucky mother fucker.

Pajamas or gowns or other

Anybody else's kids have weird phobias?

I was just informed that Kid Rock Punched out Tommy Lee

Actors (including Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance) question Bard's authorship

Is it always wrong to generalize?

A paint can landed on my foot from a 5 foot drop

I freaking hate my brain today.

Have we become a "haggis" society?

Talking Heads fans--What's the name of song with "I'm still waiting"

my advice to all of you

My dog was chasing rabbits in her sleep, so I started throwing popcorn at her.

People? About the poem threads. I've opened up a vein here, folks.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/9/07

My wife's nephew wants to come to the US for high school - is this possible?

My grandmother died today

How come nobody raves about Mac Davis any more?

For some reason, I just thought of the old bit about 'the perfect wife':

Led Zeppelin to unite for a one-time concert in London

PUI: How come XENA never won an Emmy?

This video could be lethal for Rabrrrrr

I am supposed to be doing homework, but I just discovered something AMAZING.

Federer is just too good.

The Monty Python Shopping List

Female Porn

what is your view of women who have many male friends but few or no female friends?

are you a pacifist?

When watching Star Wars do you start with Episode I or IV?

When's the last time you googled yourself?

Harry Potter in the Hood

Hey Midlo - did you know anything about this Tropical Storm Gabrielle?

Wow. Fox Sports has already decided that the Yankees will

How much (if any) recess do the schools in your area have?

m & m's !!! what would yours say ??

Alright You Grateful Dead Fans...

Amy Sedaris is so hot


How do you spell Michican? anyone offeneded by or feel me dangerous

Notre Dame at Michigan next week - or as I am calling it...

Crap. I think I must be considered "middle-aged"

DU Men; Do you feel safe walking around after dark?

Hello DU chefs! I NEED some Tuna Noodle Casserole recipes

Dear customers,

Any devious minds in here? :)

My newest poem....for my creative writing class:

How tall are you?

Do you think Britnay is "embarassingly out of shape"?

I've noticed a disproportionate number of my friends have names ending in the letter N

My granddaughter Gabrielle is pissed about naming hurricanes after PEOPLE!

O.K. HGTV Design Star fans. Who Wins?

Latest underpainting. Wonder if anybody can tell what it is.

Britney Spears' career has left the building (VMA Video)

I just walked ten miles, ask me anything.

Name a movie set in your home state

NBC (Notre Dame Broadcasting Corp) is presenting the LOOSER BOWL next weekend

Families wage fight for brain-injured

Spin machine droppings

Rev. Yearwood beats Air Force claims of being threat to national security

Army colonel draws fire for stress study


SU student questions VA security actions (after photographing building)

Road to nowhere

Protect servicemembers’ free speech

Editorial: Cut back moral waivers

Truth in Recruiting

Today in labor history September 09

Today's working family cartoon

Union awaiting word on telecom plant, possibly moving the 500 jobs overseas

Strike threat spreads panic in Hollywood

Big Three US automakers union talks stall as deadline looms

Recalls Post Challenge for Mattel CEO, by closing what was then Mattel's last U.S. factory in Kentuc

Hood jobs melt away

6 labor right activists in Myanmar jailed for up to 28 years

In Memoriam: Anti-War Vietnam Veteran and Labor Activist Bill Davis

Minnesota meat packers expand fight to defend union against company attack

We will not be silenced, close down the campaign or else the entire LabourStart site would be shut d

Starshine's Cancellation Questioned, Hobbs and Huebner Testify in NLRB Hearing

Teamsters Applaud New York Governor Spitzer Executive Order to Stop Employee Misclassification

Announcing the launch of New Beginnings: A Journal of Independent Labor

Teamsters Set Themselves Against Mexican Truckers Having More Freedom in the U.S.

Instructors defy orders, move Minnesota U classes off campus to support strikers

Fired Davison Faces News-Press Attorney, The NLRB is seeking reinstatement of all of the fired emplo

Letters To The Editor: Don't scapegoat unions, they support all workers

IWW-Starbucks Trial Continues: Come to Court!

Bay Area Security Officers Get Ready to Strike

145,000 Workers Win Contract at St. Francis Medical Center

GE seeks to boost productivity, Warehouse work outsourcing studied

Crandall Canyon: ‘Putting Production and Profits Ahead of People’

Watch "A Tale of Two Companies"

Obama to Seidenberg on Union Rights: Can You Hear Me Now?

Steelworker Tells China Trade Commission: It’s Time to ‘Stop the Bleeding’

Indian Software Firm to Outsource to U.S. 500 computer programmers

Labor Group Says Roots of China's Child Labor Problem Lie in Education System

Counterpoint: Republicans won't keep unions down for long

AT&T is the only union wireless company in America, Discount for union members raised to 10%!

United Auto Workers contract talks could reshape Midwest

Going for a Walk in Baghdad

freeway blogging; how to take back your country

Bin Laden speaks about rumors he's dead.

BBC talks to Al Jazeera about the new Bin Laden video.

Rudy Giuliani's Catch 22 on Terror


Lara Logan - Iraqi Orphanage...

Ministry - Lieslieslies

Enter the Ranger

In Darfur My Camera Was Not Enough

David Swanson speaks at CODEPINK press conference 9/5/07

Hannity Compares Democrats To Osama Bin Laden, Pt 1

Pox Americana


FOX News: Geraldo surrounded by 911 Truth protesters (4 min clip)

Turkey furious over alleged IAF foray'

Syria mulling responses to alleged IAF flyover (ok'd by US)

Bush leaves APEC, braces for new Iraq battle (stops in Hawaii)

NYT: "Hiding Behind The General"

Protesters during Geraldo at Large on FOX.

anyone seeing the rerun of Geraldo on Fox?

Here's a little comic relief to start your day

Midlanders see progress, many problems in Iraq

Iraqis lack basics of battlefield supply

Mitt the shit trolling for votes in Iowa


Iran spinning centrifuges - and half-truths

How to withdraw quickly and safely

Britain tells US: We're winning Afghan battles but not the war

F.B.I. cast much wider net on Americans in its terrorism investigations than previously acknowledged

Wannabe fascists are at it again...

Frank Rich: As the Iraqis Stand Down, We’ll Stand Up

Corruption + Iraq = Nothing to see here, move along. . .

Bush’s new Iraqi friend

Iraq drowns out APEC's other issues

War on terror is working

There Sure Are A Bunch Of Asses Featured On The Front Page Of DU

Record drug seizures on US-Mexico border

Looting Then And Now

Phoney Fred--the softer, gentler *.

How "Dialing and Stumping for Dollars" Success-ified the Surge.

Oil Money Remains a Poisonous Influence in International Politics

Mayor offers to resign over e-mail joke

Afghan poppy industry eludes U.S. control

Hug the truth for dear life

Tent city built at Gitmo to hold joint trials

Wide Skepticism Ahead of Assessment

Homeland Security Chairs Call for Moratorium on Spy Satellite Program

If you want to change the system, you need to attack the companies that

Hiding Behind the General - NYTimes

Commander disciplined for nuclear mistake

53% percent polled said they believed Petraeus would try to present things better than they are

Every day is like September 11, Iraqis say

Seven Peace Activists Arrested in Madison, WI in front of Senator Herb Kohl's Office...

"Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton,"--They're passing the presidency around like it's some party joint."

Al Gore to speak at Turks and Caicos environmental conference this November

Wasthat a great rant on WJ a minute ago

Company admits making defective tank parts

What happens in Congress, imo, is based on what happens

It's so obvious the bin Laden tape is faked...take a look

National Review: bin Laden is right on taxes

Listening to Robert Reid (AP Baghdad Bureau Chief) Its No Wonder Americans Are Clueless

Mastermind of Iraq Yazidi attack killed: U.S. military (BS!)

Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton: Are we safer today? No!

(F22) Raptors in Alaska

Unity is mightily overrated..

Dear Democrats....STOP THE FUNDING....

Have the NYT or WaPo even suggested that the "new" Osama tape might be faked?

Newsweek Q&A: Justice Department Lawyer Who Defied White House

Bush Says New Osama Video a Reminder of Danger

Dear Democrats, Three Words> NO POLITICAL PROGRESS

Frank Rich: "It Will Be All 9/11 All The Time This Week

Are There Any Iraq War Veterans Here?

Has Olbermann Mentioned The Loose Nukes Story? Ever? Even Once?

What does the Democratically controlled Congress have to lose by denying Bush*

Neocons Put on a Surge-Stravaganza

Crickey bushitler.

what is happening with the Ed Schultz Public confrontation by the reThugs

The surge IS working ...

NJ Gunman learns why you shouldn't ask the SWAT team for a pizza while holding a hostage

Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech from TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2004

War Criminal Rumsfeld to get post at Hoover Institute (Stanford)

Why would anybody believe one word from Bill Kristol?

What Is Victory In Iraq?

TPM Grand Ole Docket = Culture of Corruption Roster of Convictions and Investigations

Phil Frank (TOON artist behind Farley and The Elderberries) is retiring


The First Lady has Emergency Surgery Saturday... Yet this isn't Big News?

Families wage fight for brain-injured - Private care demanded for wounded Iraq vets

Frederick Of Hollywood Is Not Ronald Reagan

Iraq's New Justice Unfolds in a Fortress

Bush appears to be really pumped up about the "new" Osama tape

Okay, you knew it was coming. The Osama video. Real or fake?

Biden on MtP: "No possibility of a central government" to control Iraq

Will you watch tomorrow as thugs and dems heap praise and honor on Petreaus?

HBO's Alive Day Memories/ Home from Iraq series premieres tonight

WIll Clinton and Obama be leaders in the upcoming debate on Iraq?

Let's Bomb Iran Video...anybody seen it?

McClatchy: Bin Laden benefits from U.S. focus on Iraq

Why the hell doesn't Rove hire Spielberg or somebody

Following their testimony, Petraeus and Crocker will appear for an exclusive interview on _____.

Riddle of the Czech body armour found with Iraqi insurgents

Japan PM may quit over Afghan row (extending Japan's Mission in Afghanistan)

Edwards' Cabinet list includes GOP names

Bush driven by his own scary agenda


Remember how Bush got pissed when a reporter questioned the authenticity of the Fat Osama tape?

Bin Laden appearance stirs uneasiness in Arab world

Faux Noise Breaking News -- Domestic Terra at McDonalds

NFL's bold steps To Control Media Coverage; blur media boundaries

Vocabulary lesson on the verb "shall" for Congressional Representatives

Must Read for Congressional Dems: IRAN: CONSEQUENCES OF A WAR

Help Find Steve Fosset

I have a question for site mods.

~Listen Now!~ Background Briefing with Ian Masters

a probably silly question about Arabic names, and such

Doctors face rash of brain-damaged Veterans

Carbon offsets. Anyone knowledgeable?

For my 1000th post...

NYT Editorial: Hiding Behind the General

disassembling dubya

EFF FORM MAIL: Pull Congress Back Into the Wiretapping Fight to Restore Your Rights

It is indisputable that "Mobile Weapons Labs in Iraq" was a lie

You know what a DINO is. You know what a RINO is....

Police: Israeli Neo-Nazi Ring Busted


Petraeus Gives Exclusive One Hour Interview To Fox

WTF??? So OBL is "virtually impotent" and....

Four More Makes 76 Congress Members for Peace

How did the U.S. get the bin-Laden tape before it was broadcast on the Islamist websites?

Petition against war in Iran

Does anyone have a timeline of ...

"Imaginary people want X"

Ron Paul vs. Liberty

Israeli neo-nazis? WTF?

Will Stocks Sink Or Swim After Jobs Data? - Yahoo News/Reuters

Ted Olsen - back on top of the list for replacing Gonzo....

Primary season IS a bitch

$ Millions for elite athletes, death or deportation for day laborers.

Dems need to begin talking about UN troops

Official cause of Gillmor's death - "blunt head, neck trauma"

NPR LISTEN: Jack Goldsmith on 'The Terror Presidency' = Fresh Air, Sept 7, 2007

Should Democrats shut down government until it is determined what sort of government we have?

The shot & harpooned whale has died - Tribe Did Not OK Whale Shooting

??? Video shows Bin Laden 'in false beard'

"When the Levees Broke", "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" pick up Emmys (xpost)

Kristol: ‘Sober, Serious’ People Want Over 100,000 Troops In Iraq When Bush Leaves Office

"UK troops killed on patrol named" - to remind they're not figures...

Actors (including Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance) question Bard's authorship

Those of you who want people to fall in line behind Hillary before the primaries,

Make no mistake: ANY Democrat who votes to fund the occupation of Iraq funds the rape of Iraqi girls

(UK) "Army inquest backlog grows" - The Guardian

Did someone post here a song parody of "No Child Left Behind"?

What does Bush think he will accomplish by bombing Iran?

Judge to 9-11 families "move on"

Under Bush 1 it was the S&L collapsel; under Bush 2 it's the mortgage collapse.

Thousands of GIs Cope With Brain Damage

Biden just depressed the living shit out of me

It is not a Chariot of the gods -- it is a chariot of the Redneck

Six years since Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11

Senator Joe Biden Will Not Vote To Cut Funding For Iraq Occupation

US auditor queries military Iraq casualty figures

Why do you think there is a high foreclosure rate

Most insurgent attacks target U.S. forces

Neighborhood puts 23 houses for sale to get a jump on condo developers

West Wing, Petraeus’ shop ‘hard-wired’


I seek volunteers in NY, CAL, FLA, TX, Kentucky to begin an attack on GOP contributing companies.

Let's discuss Oaxaca

Dumb Web-Site Owners

I've been working all day. What the hell is this:

Joe Biden Rips Gen. Patreaus and Shrubby

Does anyone remember when the lights went out?

We should inundate Pelosi and the Democratic representatives with pictures of purses.

I Sincerely Hope That At The Petraeus Presentation Someone Notes The Similarity

In upholding their oath to defend the constitution

Biden on Meet The Press...

I think we should google NUKE the nuke story

EPA smog proposal sparks debate over environmental justice

Dem risk Rep risk

I'm Afraid of Americans

Biden: "I really respect him, and I think he's dead flat wrong," .

Schlozman Admits Touting GOP Qualifications of Prospective Prosecutors = Fingers Goodling!!

Uninsured Exceeds the Cumulative Population of 24 States

In case you're looking for today's episode of "Who Got The Nukes?"

In case you're looking for today's episode of "Who Got The Nukes?"

Bob Schieffer Commentary: Will Congress Ask Petraeus the Right Questions?

Tiger coming up on the 18th, -22.... We have a winner....eom

We don't want your war.

Iraq's Refugee Crisis Worsens; Syria Is Feeling The Strain Of Huge Influx Of Iraqis

Alleged '20th Hijacker' Claims Torture

Butterscotch pie v. Sam Brownback

Tom Engelhardt: "Progress" by the Numbers

Two nurses lose sister, find their faith in medical profession shaken

GE-TV: "How the surge is working"

CBS News: OBL in Chitral Pakistan. Oh wait he's is impotent. Nevermind.

Foreclosures are constantly rising, what is Bush's plan?

Matt Stoller: Brookings: Where the Very Serious People Pushing Petraeus's PR Rollout Live

When Patreaus Gives his "Report" will anyone be able to ask him questions? nt

Mexico Sends 1st Long-Haul Trucks to US; Deliveries to New York and South Carolina...

Media Matters: Myths and falsehoods about progress in Iraq

Do You Remember The Gas Lines In 1973? How Will People Cope When It Happens Next Time?

Bush-Linked Texas Oil Man Signs Major Iraq Oil Deal

Damned if we do, damned if we don't

What are (at this time) your three most important subjects for the election?

"It looks like Francis Scott Key's Star-Spangled Banner."

Hands-on Elections: A Complete Handbook (X)

Heads up! Pavarotti on 60 Minutes. n/t


Petreaus to soldiers: surge "has not worked out as we had hoped"

LOL! Olbermann on Sunday Night Football: "THAT'S LOFA, NOT LOOFAH."

The Dems and "Yes"

Evangelicals not so sure about Fred Thompson now

Warning! Everyone at DU may have BDS

This whole story is so sad.....

Welcome to Fleece University.

Sept. 25, 2001: Terrorism and American Foreign Policy by Robert Elias

"I have this vision. It's moments before the delegates' choice appears in the klieg light..."

Complete Insanity, DA wants to dismiss evidence of dying dog! Please help by signing petition

No! Not the polar bears too!


Spanish Dem Debate - Thoughts

Eat shit, Sean Hannity, you stupid fuck!

Iraq Inspires Surge of Protest Art

"Men are Retarded Humans."

Real elected leader of Pakistan returns. Prompts government crackdown by tinpot dictator Musharraf

Does Osama bin Laden live in a cave?

Progress In Anbar Initiated Four Months Before Bush’s Escalation

Bill Clinton on Larry King

Bush Admin. clearly trying to provoke Bin Laden into another attack against us.

Disgraced ex-firefighter says he was on secret missions

Why has the questionable nature of the latest Bin Laden tape been given no traction in the MSM?

Help this person find a job!!!!

Ideas for a Democratic agenda for all Americans?

Gen. David Petraeus report is...

Walk Away from the Lies: A Recommendation to General Petraeus from a Foreign Service Officer

Wash. Post uncritically quoted McCain accusing Dems of voting "against funding for our troops"

OPUS! You've Gotta See This Sunday's TOON! Bush Out of Terror Closet Sings "Petraeus"

Carlyle Group suffers public humiliation

An unanswerable question for "stay the course" numbskulls:

Do you feel we will ever know the truth about the B-52 /missiles ?

Why is it we Democrats are intent on shooting ourselves in the foot?

A(nother) Call for Impeachment

Democrats Say They Will Keep Pressing for U.S. Iraq Withdrawal another post "flabbergasted" pointed out...

Selling children for sex in Cambodia...

Storm Clouds Gather For US Economy As Job Growth Stalls

They should be rounded up and shot

Arlen Specter: Senator Craig deserves his day in court!

Patriot Act and Ragweed (rant)

Had a run-in at the in-laws tonight.

Why does "Bin Laden" sound like a liberal Democrat?

Calif. Gray Whale Shot With Machine Gun

"I just did an experiment to refute global warming. I put a fire extinguisher in the oven..."

Meet the Iraqi Casualties

Where can I watch the Democratic Debate in Miami today? n/t

Democrats Should Stand by their Principles Regardless of Vote Counts

Can anyone help with a Latvian (??) page translation?

More separation of church and state -- Woohoo!

That Old Black Magic (interesting SFGate article)

Deleted by POSTER.....Snopes feels this might be a hoax!

Time to BOYCOTT VEGAS for their immoral, irresponsible water grab.

Seattle PI: Empire Rising Part VII

Where will they detain/process everyone arrested on the 15th?

MoveOn stages actual ‘dog and pony show.

Tom Toles: This week's global warming forecast.

Worst crisis for 20 years, say banks

The spin on the Bryant suicide is beginning. They say it was

Can a US citizen buy a Business in Canada or do you have to be a Canadian citizen?

Editorial Daily Star (Lebanon): Iran Is Nothing Like The Image Presented In U.S. Narratives

Craig to withdraw guilty plea?

Received a Virus Warning from a reliable source....

Penny for Your Thoughts, George ---pix--->>>

Why hasn't Fossett been found?

Can't even do the Hokey-Pokey

Bin Laden Branded 'Virtually Impotent' Bush Admin Taunting Bin Lauden

I know this is a bit late and must have been brought up before .

Officer Accused Of Bragging Online About Using Taser Gun

I wonder how he is able to read

David Lindorff: Was That Nuclear-Armed B-52 Destined for Iran?

Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism - "National Security" Toll on Freedom of Expression

THE WAR IN CONTEXT:: Iraq, the War on Terrorism, and the Middle East Conflict - in Critical Perspect

Michael Moore to be on John Stossel

Huff Po: Dems Take On Petraeus

1 uncharted wreck per day found while looking for Steve Fossett

Do we know for sure Petraeus is going to tow the line for Bush?

Latest Earthquake Map September 9, 2007(GMT) - updated every 30 minutes

Salt Lake Tribune: FORCE mine owner Murray to TESTIFY on preventable mine tragedy

TOON: Opus - "PeTRAEussss...!!"

I haven't viewed the video, but believe it is most likely a fake. Why?

U.S. threatens Turkey over energy support to Iran

Post: Surge Has Sparked Dissent, Infighting At Highest Levels Of Bush Administration

If you want the war to end a fast as possible the only solution is a draft.

Petraeus to sit down with hard hitting journalist

Can we just get this out in the open please????

"A letter to my shrink"

Rev. John Dear: ‘Guilty!’ — Of Trying to See Our Senator

"Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq" Coming On Now HBO East

Walter Pincus: Commerce Seeks Adviser for Iraq Oil Interests

Bush, officials pass buck over who ordered Iraq army disbanded (or games war criminals like to play)

ABC This Week Senators Kerry and McCain to speak about Iraq

Wesley Clark: The military in Iraq are resolving nothing

Thompson's First Wife Filed For Divorce Over "Cruel And Inhumane Treatment"

LOL Freepers think it's fake too...

To Hold Bush Accountable for the Iraq War, the Democrats Should Listen to Richard Nixon

Study finds left-wing brain, right-wing brain

Sunday night TOONS:Part 2 Bin Laden, the economy, election and farewell to LP

Sunday night TOONS:Part 1, The Iraq propaganda report and the Idiot

Telegraph: Amnesty film shows agony of US detention techniques

How republicans screw up "neutral" forums.

Cockburn says "most" Dems in Congress will cheer if neo cons bomb Tehran

The GOP is abandoning Bush...many coming over to the DEM PARTY

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., says he had hoped the Republican bathroom incident was behind us

Are there others here who think that Carbon offsets are

Local idiot (in newspaper) suggests annexing Mexico.

Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda

A psychiatrists view of Bush

If Thompson ends up being the GOP nominee, we need to be ready with SWIFT BOAT ACTORS FOR TRUTH

Massive WALL STREET Put Options Signal Upcoming Terror Attack?

Bush's police suppress Sept. 15 "Impeach Bush" press conference

Glen Greenwald: The DC Establishment versus American public opinion

***TOON***by Me (Osama)

Langley jets grounded next week for safety review

Who's flooding DC for the peace rally Sept. 15?

Message From Bin Laden to GWB

Marine admits to fraud over Purple Heart car tag

Yep. If ONLY we could find a way of uniting Iraq, we'd leave...

"Liberated From Threat of Hell" Two letters call out our county for their religiosity.

G.H.W. Bush associate charged with illegal arms sales

Gitmo panels struggle to assess facts

Primary Concerns (your opinion, please)

Kerry: Escalation Is The Wrong Answer

Simultaneously ridiculous and horrifying--the pink Hello Kitty 9 mm handgun

How do you think Iraq will eventually turn out?

Kristol: ‘Sober, Serious’ People Want Over 100,000 Troops In Iraq When Bush Leaves Office

'Confessions of An Economic Hitman' by John Perkins ...A great read!!!!


Am I crazy, or did Cheney just try to nuke Iran?

The Hunt for Oil (As In Texas Based, Hunt Oil) - by Marci At Next Hurrah

The Poor Will Always Be With Us

Fred Thompson: Al Qaeda smoking ban pushed Iraqis to U.S.

Arab and Muslim Men do 'indeed' dye their beards

In contrast to Saturday pg.1 Michael Gordon article, Sunday NYT pg.1 says "Surge" goals unmet

Need help refuting GOP talking points re: economics & Clinton.

Irish and Irish-American DUers: Help save the Hill of Tara

The Republican Party demand their new President(if elected) be just like W

Loose Nukes Looming Near - by Captain Eric H. May

Good PLAYBOY intereview with Keith Olbermann: If GOP wins Draft will return

TOONS --- BUSH 9/11

Thousands of GIs Cope With Brain Damage

I Predict Old Man Thompson Backs Out Before the End of the Month ---pix--->>>

Sure, you can wait to impeach *, but do you want to?

"F.B.I. Data Mining Reached Beyond Initial Targets" - NYT

"I'm bringing attention to America's bigotry against the poor," the man said.

Polar bear plays with dog

NPR: Bill Clinton Urges 'Substantial Drawdown' in Iraq

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Republican Lawyer Set To Speak With House Judiciary Under Oath

Anybody see Biden on Road to the Whitehouse?

Biden on Meet the Press

Insourcing:The Fourth Wave...

So that "Azzam The American" dink was the ghost writer for OBL's latest video...

Five Democrats File to Slow GOP Favorite Jindal in Louisiana Governor’s Race

Profiles of potential candidates for Hagel's Senate seat

Pelosi, Boehner fight over scope of ‘stolen vote’ probe

House committee investigates no-bid contract

Any clue on how Al Franken is doing in polls?

Thompson Linked to Work for Libyans

Two Evil Geniuses had a li'l baby- Presenting: A'Merka Bin Screw'd

FDR related to former President Taft

Joe Biden on MtP disses, praises Gen. Petraeus

Once again, Frank Rich hit's the nail on the head about his Colleagues

Democrats' hopes high in Senate races

Richardson pins hopes on Texas for nomination

The Republican Party Is Pure Evil, Power Hungry and Destructive

Democrats have key in Obama - However

Clinton fatigue?

Fighting Bob Festival had some Presidential candidate tables represented...

Obama fatigue?

Tim Weiner and "Legacy of Ashes"

Fatigued with all the Fatigue polls today?

House Puts Off Voting Bill (HR 811), Most Other Business Next Week

A top general's dilemma (Petraeus column in the Toronto Star)

Before his speech tomorrow may i say " Fuck you General Petraeus".

I am Not going to be a lackey for anyone

Kurdistan Hunts for Oil: The Kurds create their own rules

Heard the One About Al Franken, Senate Candidate?

Great Response To Republicans on 9/11 Issue

Let's say we wind up facing Rudy Giuliani in 08

Fred Thompson's 1st wife divorced him over cruel and inhuman treatment

Photos: Bush waves goodbye to Sydney and gets leid in Honolulu. He's a hug-filled war president!

"Amazingly, this deplorable situation has not been met with righteous anger or shock."

Photos: Senator Barack Obama and Michelle Obama with Oprah Winfrey yesterday in Montecito, CA

bush and petraues explained perfectly on NPR

tonight's "panel discussion" live on internet somewhere? nt

Watch Univision's Dem Debate Online!

Looking back at the inside politics of the DNC chair race from 2004

Bush must accept bloody reality and follow our fumbling retreat

Betrayus will keep the troops in Iraq until spring

Bin Laden tape worries experts

Remember, come GE time...

Antiwar leaders stymied, frustrated (Politico)

Does anyone recall the two nasty wingnut films released at convenient times in '04 and '06?

Univision Democratic Debate beginning NOW at 7PM EST from Miami, FL

Repeat of Bill Clinton on Larry King Live Now - CNN

Questions for General Petraeus

Attorney's argue whether Hillary should be in Lawsuit.

It has come to this: The Democrats get called out as spineless on the Sunday comics page.

Newsweek: How Hillary would govern

Nothing against having a debate in Spanish

Democrats face off in forum on Spanish-language network Univision

Rasmussen: "Electability and Hillary Clinton"

Nice picture at

We need to work on getting rid of Senator Arlen Specter.

A chat room for Liberal Democrats to chat.

What if...Patraeus stands up in the hearing tomorrow and says:

Why people believe things contrary to the facts.

Are you watching tonight's Univision Democratic Presidential Forum?

Should Richardson and Dodd be permitted to speak Spanish at tonight's debate?

The collapse of terrorism as a political expediency

What are you doing to help the Democratic presidential candidate you support?

Guess what, everybody! The man responsible for the mass murder of 2,974 Americans is "impotent!"

Oprah: "Nobody can stand in the way of destiny."

AP Presidential ACTION pic: "President Bush slightly loses his footing as he disembarks Marine One"

At what time is Petraeus scheduled to lie tomorrow?

Rahm and DCCC recruit and support against progressive Ds in Primaries

So-Called Liberal Media is at it Again

The Death of Conservatism - by Richard Belzer at Huffington Post

My picks for who will win Democratic and RepubliKLAN nominations.

Nancy Pelosi

Bill Richardson should either get serious help or drop from the race

Obama table in Madison and Fighting Bob Fest: September 8 Edition

For Kucinich Fans: I am black and blue from kicking myself.....

Do attack threads like these belong at DU?

Giuliani said US crime reduction would have been small if not for NYC. Here are the numbers

Hsu Steered Major Fundraiser to Obama

Dean blasts GOP candidates for skipping Univision's Spanish-language forum

Poll for, "I won't vote for Hillary no matter what," types

About this, 'Clinton fatigue,' thing...


Thr Univision Debate: What my parents and I thought.

Is Fred Thompson's sickly appearance fair game?

At least someone out there has a strong enough constitution to face down the government's spying

Give me a f**king BREAK! MSNBC: On again, off again Craig "seeks to withdraw guilty plea"

Relief for jailed Dem Gov. Siegelman?

Dodd Says He Wants RFK Jr. as his Attorney General

Florida's actions are going to harm the DNC strategy to fund the 50 states.

I know it's not as sexy as a party at Oprahs - but Biden discusses what he found in Iraq

Unions Press Clinton on Outsourcing Of U.S. Jobs

I like Richardson's qualifications as much as anyone

Bill Clinton was a "DLC man"

How She Would Govern

McCain v Kerry on the Presi-Treaus Report and "Making Progress" in Iraq

My parent's take on the Dem race: What two non-English speaking Hispanics think.

GOP Gay Scandal/murder & sucide case swarming blogtopia

Kerry and McCain on ABC's This Week...

I have Edwards fatigue....

Why does Bush repeatedly have to make an ASS out of himself at every summit he goes to.

Calling ourselves 'progressive' is not helping

The Obama-Edwards Ticket

Clinton Fatigue: A smear created by the rightwing, now embraced by the leftwing

If the candidates in the November 2008 election were Hillary Clinton (D) and Ron Paul (R)...

I firmly believe that a lot of women, especially those 50 and younger,

The Agonist: Edwards: Electable and Progressive

Like it or not......

AP: Obama’s family tree examined

What do you think? FL dems switch to GOP to vote primary