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Archives: September 5, 2007

Sydney:Full scale riot alert

MAUREEN DOWD: The 46-Year-Old Virgin

Army Exceeds Recruitment Goal For August by 528

Michael Vick to Star in Remake of Old Yeller

Masters swimming

good night, all

The Soldier's Lament

I just won the Nigerian International Lottery. Convince me to still speak to you after I collect.

Dog people... why won't ours go to the bathroom in OUR yard??

Five disgusting parasites

Kinski and Herzog and Butterfly and Popul Vu (Whoa Nelly inspired)

Mary Matalin: Leno better for Thompson than debate

John McCain: Thanks For The Question You little Jerk

Keith's on again!

War is big money. Your money. Here's an armored Landcruiser.

Something is wrong, when I enjoy every word that Bill Clinton

What's the status of Kramer (Michael Richards) since the world saw him shouting the "N" word?

If you are on the "do not call" list

Dennis Miller is still an unfunny tool

"Tsongas Widow, 9-11 Brother to Face Off" Niki Tsongas is running for Marty Meehan's open seat!

Bill Clinton: "It's a good time for Democrats. We don't have to be against anybody."

“My heart just wasn’t in it no more”

PHOTO: And they say Michael Meyers from "Halloween" is pure evil, lacking a soul. Check THIS guy.

New York Mag: 21 Questions for Keith Olbermann (Who should be President? Elizabeth Edwards)

As a non Hillary supporter, she was incredible on Ellen.

One thing going for both Obama and Johnny E is that they

Another Iraq Photo Op

NYT: The Candidates’ Tainted Money

Diane Ravitch| The Unprinted Letter about Changes in U.S. Education

Kevin J. Keefe: DoJ Investigation Of Gonzales -- A Closer Look

The P.R. of B.S. / p m carpenter's commentary

Bailout-Bush: "No Bail-Out for Speculators" / By Stephen Pizzo

Naomi Klein’s New Book-The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,

Money Worries Dampens Mood Among Tech Workers, Says Report

U.S. Senate to Begin Ratification of Free Trade Agreement with Peru Next Week

by Barbara Lee= military progress really does is serve as a distraction - a smokescreen

No Relief From Fear

Basra: The soldiers' tales

As the housing bubble bursts, being the Fed means never having to say you're sorry.

More Parents Using Sperm Sorting Technique to Have Daughters

Jihadis strike back at Pakistan

Trapped in the Political Closet

For Workers, It Was No Holiday

"The Killing of Jamie Dean" (Salon)

The case for pragmatic idealism -- By James A Baker

Nothing to smile about

Analysis-Industry eager to see passage of Iraq oil law.

The Outcome of Wanting (Gay) Sex

Joel Hirschhorn on "Painful 9/11 Truth"

Larry Craig, the Democrats' Best Friend

Robert Scheer: Why Is This Man Smiling?

Seven years in hell

Big Brother Democracy

The News Drones - Fake Photos Helped Lead US to War in Iraq By Walter Brasch

Ice-Free Arctic Could Be Here in 23 Years

Big Brother USA: Surveillance Via “Tagging, Tracking, and Locating” - The Militarization of U.S. Pub

Seven Years In Hell: On Body Counts, Dead Zones, and an Empire of Stupidity

Report says U.S. economy will slow sharply

Nuclear warheads mistakenly flown on B-52, landing at



US Hostages' Families Turn to Chavez

Canadians have no cause to be smug

Michael Ledeen Lies During FOX News/White House Iran War Push

50 years later, lamenting state of Civil Rights Division (in Bush DOJ)

U.S. builds for future at Guantanamo (Reuters)

Wash. Post's Solomon blamed editor for deletion about GOP fundraiser

AEI to Roll Out “The Iranian Time Bomb” Sep 10

Alter: Is GOP Collapsing Under the Weight of Sleaze?

Larry Johnson: Staging Nukes for Iran?

There is no such thing as Oops with Nuclear Weapons

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction.

Letter to the People of Iran

Microwave popcorn may be hazardous to your health. But our government couldn't care less.

"one can only capture a small portion of Michael Ledeen's madness in one post"

Beware the Wounded Beast: America Has Lost the Iraq War / By Dave Lindorff

How Capitalism is Killing Democracy (Robert Reich, Foreign Policy magazine)

BBC switches off climate special - BBC

NSIDC Update - Will Northeast Passage Also Open Up This Year? Monitoring Continues.

Clearing the Air - 9/11's toxic dust - Village Voice

House Science Committee hearing on Liquid Coal about to start (10am EST)

I Do Care About Climate Change, Insists Bush - Independent Online (SA)

Ice-free Arctic could be here in 23 years - Guardian

Rate Of Growth In Atmospheric CO2 Slows In 2006, But Still Up 2.6% Over 2005 Totals - Reuters

Bush, Howard back nuke power ahead of summit - Reuters

Big oil firms talk up carbon capture, but do little - Reuters

University Of Bremen AMSR Update - 3 September 2007 - Melt Line @ 85N Between 135 & 175

New All-Time Heat Records Set In 101 Locations Across Japan This Summer - Japan Times

Look At What The Nuclear RegulatoryCommission Is Up To:

Hard Red Winter Wheat Contracts Rise 30-Cent Limit Close Above $7.60 - CBOT Price Touches $8.11

Global warming: Too hot to handle for the BBC

Pope Benedict Says He Has "Growing Awareness" Of Need To Save Life On Earth - IHT

KSA Hikes October Crude Prices For Asian Customers, Lowers Them For US - Arab Extra Light Up $4.25

"Death Knell" for internal combustion engine?

Gray Whales "Skin & Bones" - Biologists Report At Least 10% Of Population Showing Malnutrition Sign

crosspost from LBN: Al Gore readying new environmental book

Amazing Letter From UK Petroleum Engineer To James Kunstler -Horrifying & Fascinating

AlterNet: The Great Plastic Plague

SoCal Water Managers Confronting Possibility Of Multi-Year Water Shortage

FReepers attempt to understand basic science

Top 100 Alternative Energy Technologies- major technology breakthroughs of many types

Lawsuit Demands US Reveal Civilian Deaths In Iraq, Afghanistan

Bolivia to ask U.S. to extradite former president

Howard backs Bush on Iraq at APEC ("It's historic work," says Bush)

Iraq PM discusses filling government posts with top cleric

Time to Head to Congress (Petraeus to recommend troop reduction)

Maupin's capture avoidable?

FCC's methods leaves public in the dark

Kraft inks deals with Starbucks, Bosch

11 Killed in Baghdad Bomb Blast

U.S. holding 22,000 Iraqi prisoners

U.S.: Pending home sales fell in July to lowest level since September 2001

ADP shows weakest hiring in four years in private sector

Soldiers sceptical about the market that generals say proves the surge is working

Analysis-Industry eager to see passage of Iraq oil law.

4 U.S. Troops Killed In Baghdad

Two NATO troops, dozens of Afghan Taliban killed-U.S.

Roadside bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad

Ohio Congressman found Dead

Ohio Congressman Found Dead

White House thinks Craig was right to resign

Craig Moves to Block Senate Ethics Panel Complaint

Kucinich hearts Florida

Report: Mike Vick Dogfighting 'An Open Secret'

McHenry suspends deputy field director after DWI charge

Bush faces political clash over war plan (April is new Sept)

Chemical 'WMD' found at U.N. may be little more than cleaner

Report Says U.S. Economy Will Slow Sharply This Year

Craig seeks dismissal of ethics case

Ohio congressman found dead in apartment

Iraq violence kills eight U.S. troops, 44 civilians

Iraq growth to top six percent: US official

Oakland airport screener, fired for union activity, can sue government

Face-off on Iraq looms for Rudd

House-Senate deal reached on college aid

New Al Queada plot to blow up planes on 9/11 smashed

China and climate change take stage at APEC

Ohio congressman found dead in apartment

Former Judge, Prosecutor Sentenced

Ailing Senator Returns to Hill

3,500 Workers Go on Strike at U. Minn.

Ethics Panel Rejects Sen. Craig's Request

Iranian Nuclear Pledges Complicate President Bush's U.N. Strategy

Israel mulls Gaza power cuts over rocket attacks

Chemicals found at U.N. may be harmless solvent

Fox News Responds To Cheney Call For Iran Attack PR Blitz

Study: Iraqi security forces not ready

Jamaica winning party gains in election recount

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 5

Iraqi police force should be scrapped-U.S. report

Colombian Radio Journalist Murdered

Former Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn dies at 66

Credit card companies pursue subprime borrowers

U.S. seizes 'Iran agent' in Iraq

Argentina shuts Shell refinery, citing pollution

Benoit's Brain Showed Severe Damage From Multiple Concussions, Doctor and Dad Say

Australian police warn of riot over Bush visit

Griffin to serve as adviser to Fred Thompson campaign

California Heat Wave Takes 14 Lives

US Hostages' Families Turn to Chavez

Glitnir Eyes $40 Billion For Geothermal Financing

Iraqi Army Withdraws From Fallujah

Oprah throws house party to aid Obama bid

McConnell: Craig won't resign if case is overturned

Judge scolds U.S. Justice Department over warrantless wiretapping records

Treasury official says economic effect of mortgage crisis, market turmoil 'far from over'

CNBC commentator Seth Tobias found dead in Florida pool

Bush: 'She (Condi) Can Be My Date'

Lawyer says Senate should not probe Craig

GOP hopefuls clash with Paul over Iraq

Dog-walking 'can harm wildlife'

Embattled DePaul Prof Agrees to Resign

Iraq's New Danger: Armor-Piercing Grenades

Citizens Club for Growth to pay fine

Pavarotti reportedly in ‘very serious condition’

Popcorn supplier to drop toxic chemical

A 'chilling' proposal for a universal DNA database

GOP's Problems Much Bigger Than Bush

Fred Thompson announces bid for 2008 Presidency

Germany arrests 3 in alleged airport, U.S. base plot


Marine officers censured over Haditha killings

Jeff Gannon Returns To Fray With Book Blasting Media's 'Liberal Bias'

September's surprise: Prices at pump soar post-holiday

AP: Rep. Paul Gillmor, R-Ohio found dead - possible heart attack

New Book Details Cheney Lawyer's Efforts to Expand Executive Power

Al Gore readying new environmental book

Apple slashes iPhone price

Powerful pastor D. James Kennedy dead at 76

Nuclear warheads mistakenly flown on B-52

Ever feel hopeless?

Apparantly aside from me EVERYONE has seen THomcat Naked!

Ever google your DU username?

My SIL is 17 weeks pregnant and she found out today

Mozart's 1st Piano Concerto.

James Kennedy died. I'm once again challenged to be a good Christian

A cry for attention.

Clinton just said 'recalcitrant' on Letterman

Why I against political correctness

When Life just blows, it's time for a FUKITOL

OK--So I watched Into the Blue, that Jessica Alba movie,

My problem with preseason CFB rankings

Does DU have a pet curse?

Jerry and Jeanine sell wood

Me thinks

What is the point of this???

R.I.P. Gaius Julius Caesar, 100 bce - 44 bce.

Pet Rock fans check in!!!

Should I get my hair cut or let it grow long again?

Woman in Kansas, off the deep end...

Bad Management Decision at the Workplace: Post yours too

Someone swiped my banana Laffy Taffy right of f my desk

LOL Keira


Dear Lounge thank you so much.

Post your bare bottom on your photobucket or whatever account

Help! Is anyone here a travel agent, or know someone who is?


Should I wax my chest hair or let it grow back again?

Reasons why i really should move my money out of citibank

She's BACK!

This is gonna be the best year EVER!

Will an iPod Shuffle set off the airport metal detector?

"Yankees win, lose A-Rod, Wang "


Your weather today

Britney Spears is in the US Open??

Microwave Popcorn Fumes May Cause Lung Damage

Tacky or funny?

I bet this party was fun

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony: "I found out I was fired on the Internet & word of mouth"

Rounding to the nearest 10 & without explanation, how many people can see you nekkid at this moment?

I think one of the lawnmowers wants to come inside.

What is the temp on your floor today?

Please tell me how to pronounce this name: Guangxue

Baboons at the watering hole

There is a new temp on our floor this morning

in praise of Meatloaf

'Dirty' Robber Hits Up Porn Shop For Whippits

Why do service people always leave their trucks running?

in praise of meatloaf

I am tempting at this office today, and all these women keep walking by

Van Halen Reunion: Michael Anthony speaks out!

I am temping at this office today, and all these women keep walking by.

Here's an idea for an invention: A puppy holder

anyone seen the new iPod?

I'm walking through this office today, and all the women keep tempting me.

Shep went over the bridge yesterday.

My only flaw is my excess of humility

Dave Grohl: The Six-Pack Q&A (Neil Young fans check this out)

The Chris Benoit verdict may be in

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour scared the living crap out of me

I am tempting at this office today, and all these women keep walking by...

Does this make me an evil person?

The new Pod People are here!!!

A tip for all of you television newscasters out there -

How did your day start?

I don't know how to feel about this...

The pedophile blogger has moved out of California.

I cannot believe how gullible some people are

Ashley Furniture SUCKS!

If you take a drink of diet cherry pepsi, and then take a drink of coffee

I don't know if I can take any more of Elayne Boosler

Jokey joke joke joke....

Check in here if you have me on ignore.

Alan Alda's new memoir sounds wonderful

So, after all the other bullshit in the past month, the auditors are here now.

Will you do the fandango?

Poll question: Who here has nekkid pics of ThomCat?

I want about 80 acres in the middle of nowhere

Ashley's Furniture SUCKS!

Replace a word or words in a song/movie title with "nipple tape"

The difference between 'naked' and 'nekkid'

Headphone hair sucks....

Worst college football teams of all time

The word of the day is "nekkid"

Microsoft cuts $50 from Zune price

Anybody else ever have a collector calling by mistake - and they

Attention Midwest: The battered NC textile industry thanks you

Is alta vista the WORST translator out there?

WOO HOO I did not spill coffee on my shirt or my desk today...

More Cool/Not Cool

Attn: FLVegan -- American Gladiators wants YOU

Talk me out of bad is Taco Bell?

Senator Craig Eyewitness Account

It's so wierd when a friend you have respect for hangs out with total assholes.

Firefox browser has a tendency to CRASH

It never ceases to amaze me....

i'm sitting in a polish bar right now getting hammered

Do you wear white after Labor Day?

two heads are not always better than one --

Police: Man Extorted Mom's Money With Cat Kidnap Threat

Pic: crim son. Tell me the truth: Isn't she HOT!!!?????

Hey - since you're up making XemaSab some grits, why don't you get a fuckin' clue, too?


Apparently, Led Zeppelin has put a hold on an arena in London on November 26.

Cops in our town suck!!

What's your popcorn story?

I am now completely and totally a California resident


Thanks to a better diet and access to porn

I kick ass at bowling on the Wii!!!

The best family guy bit ever IMO

Rounding to the nearest ten & without explanation, how many people have seen you nekkid at one time?

5 kids, 4 husbands, age 29

In These Arms...

Nekkid garage sale Saturday - my house!

Holy Hannah.

Is the Rick Ankiel baseball story getting much play outside of St. Louis?

I was bulletproof today

Can someone go make me some grits?

I intend to loose 10 pounds by Sept 30th

A prayer to the God of College Football: Please Lord do not let Michigan fire Lloyd Carr.

there are oreo cookies in the house

It's Official! California is on Fire!

It's my birthday today

Anyone else think "Who Wants to be a Superhero" is an incredibly STUPID show?

Wednesday, September 5. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day is BACK!

Here is an interesting place: Online Confessional

Metaphors be with you

Rant: This is why I hate the for profit medical institution.

This is the Windows Vista/Office 2007 appreciation thread!!

Has anyone else read Alan Campbell's "Scar Night"?

Darned nukes! Geez, I'd lose my head, too, if it weren't atrached!

Here's a bummer: Women tend to choose men based on books

Federer and Roddick who will win? (US Open Tennis)

Which are worse?

Is Barak Obama the George W. Bush - all hat, no cattle - of the Democratic Party?

WHOO HOO!!! New episode of Top Chef tonight!

Any other college students start back this week?

"Rattle and Hum" by U2 is on VH1 Classic right now.

So, my son lost a tooth today...

Choice cuts at the Cannibal Restaurant

I just got back from attending my very first city council meeting

Who in the Lounge is currently nekkid?

I just had beers with seemunkee and GodessofGuiness! Ask me anything!

I'm posting naked.

For those of you not above the occasional junk food ...

The heatwave has broken, the heatwave has broken!!!

Post your own three word rants

As we speak, my Navajo Fry Bread dough is proofing!


XM or Sirius. Anyone have experience with both?

Some pics I took when I was out trying to find my childhood...


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/5/07

If you could go without doing one daily hygiene routine, which would it be and why?

I really really really don't like you

Greetings DU after quite a hiatus....

Top Chef is on on the East Coast!! *spoilers*

I'm listening to Missa Gaia by that wanker Paul Winter. What are you listening to?

Coolest acoustic guitar I've ever seen

Halle Berry having her 1st baby (at 41) with this gentleman

The Three Death Rule Strikes Again

I like westerns, 3:10 to Yuma was one of my favs...

I just got an AllClad omelet pan for $20.

How do you like your grits?

Anything good at McDonalds?

How long's it take to brew sun tea?

Pic: my youngest son. Tell me the truth: Isn't he CUTE!!!?????

Okay, what is the deal with you women?

Anyone else have a late night snacking addiction?

Fuck GD, who does the LOUNGE want in 2008?

Are email/internet petitions ever useful?

Airline sacrifices goats to appease sky god

The New Ipods Are Here!

simple pleasures. post them here.

Hey jasonc...I'm waiting!

Tough Choices #1: A Who Wants To Be A Superhero Marathon vs. Dating a Baldwin Brother

Where were you 20 years ago and what were you doing?

Pet insurance

Admit it, we've all ridden around with things we weren't supposed to have in our vehicles . . .

My cat and I FINALLY found our way out of the woods

I got a CAT HAT (more with the pets sorry :)

WOO HOO! I made it through another root canal treatment today!

Omg! The world of shoes is drowning in flats.

Know of any good movies? Need to beef up my Blockbuster list

Who here has nekkid pics of themselves?

Tree of Smoke, Denis Johnson

Post only the punchline to a joke.

"Do Not Call" Lists - they have an expiration date...

White Mountains on Labor Day (Picture Heavy Thread)

I'm depressed

My best friend's brother suffered from a heat stroke today - prayers and good vibes needed

The College Textbook Ripoff is Worse Than Ever

I don't deal with ghosts very well

Speaking of being nekkid...

Pentagon slow to spend on safety for US troops in Iraq

Senate Pushes Increases for Vets Care

Today in labor history September 05

Holding the Line: The NAFTA Trucker

Union, FAA collide on air safety

Senate Probes Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster. Watch the Webcast

Cemetery faces new ordeal

Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Co.) releases files on union talks (Statehouse Republicans pounced on the docume

Jokester Mitt (Romney) better hope Fred (Thompson) doesn’t get last laugh

Ellison talks labor, politics The congressman spent Labor Day with Teamsters and senior citizens

Richardson, Biden court the Iowa Labor Council

Grocery Lessons - So Cal Retail clerks recover lost ground

Edwards Releases Plan to Improve Mine Safety

Clinton tried twisting labor arms on Labor Day

Teamsters reject 10-yr. city pact (goodbye 2016 Summer Olympics?)

Workers choose Steelworkers' union at Halton recycling

Labor's failure

We're One Bomb Away

The Jesus Question

Keith Olbermann - The Craig Resignation?

Clip from Big Easy to Big Empty (Special Greg Palast Report)

Mattel Lead Recall

Safeguard and Improve Your Environment

Reality Check

Jon Soltz tells Senor how he feels

California Bans Mandatory Subdermal RFID Tagging

Keith Olbermann - Worst Person In The World

"I don't need to be lectured by some person that's never worn the uniform"

Underwhelming? Fred Thompson's first TV ad

ENOUGH!! Campaign started by Wes Clark Jr

Yanking the rug out from under Lieberman:

Another Dishonorable Chicken-hawk by Cindy Sheehan

Need a Ride to the 9/15 DC Protest?

Yahoo Image - U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback

An Al Gore presidential bid is the biggest threat to:

Member of White Supremacist group and teen accomplice charged with defacing Plandome, NY Synagogue

Great Video: Mike Papantiono and Sam Seder talk GOP perverts

History was made in Iraq in August, and media ignored it

Audio: Telling The Kids About Republicans And Special Friends

Attacks kill 6 U.S. troops, 13 civilians

Apple announcing new touch-screen wifi equipped iPod...

Daily FReeper thread: The tears of the resident.

Kos: CA-Init: Election Stealing Initiative has little early support

Been away from DU awhile. I see the President is still a fuckwit.

Faith Hill

The Reverend D. James Kennedy has been raptured.....

Will you ever trust , and buy, toys made in China again?

Another fun day on Wall Street (Dow down 150)

Do Chris Benoit's brain injuries mimic those of soldiers who have suffered

My family stopped eating Microwave popcorn 4-5 months ago because I read an article on DU about it

Soldier's family thanks Bill Richardson

Kingston (R, Asswipe) refuses to correct reference to ‘Demoncrats’

Gay Republican Guilt Camp {Slowpoke 'TOON}

US Rep. Paul Gillmor (R-OH) Found Dead in His Apartment

Sen. Graham: "We have turned the corner. The winners will be the Iraqi people."

Tim Johnson is returning to the Senate....on now! C-SPAN 2!

B-52 mistakenly flies with nukes aboard

Today's BUSH Quote: "We're Kicking Ass" In Iraq

Olbermann gets right to the point: Never believe a single word from Bush's mouth.

Post a political music video

A MUST read - Iraq by the numbers - pre-war vs now

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Democratic Litmus Test

Bush Dillusional: ‘Still Believed Saddam Possessed WMD’ In April 2006

Winner Take All: The modern GOP has become a partisan warfare machine

Did anyone hear Bush badmouth the US Congress this morning?

Rape is an act of terrorism...

What do YOU think a Gore presidency would mean for America?

Bartcop nails it

Kerry: The Escalation Didn't Work

Photos from Sidney ---pix--->>>

Why does it seem like the third act of a Godfather movie?

Advice to the future Democratic Candidate: I've been to the future, and this is how you lost

Hey, wasn't Cheney supposed to resign over the weekend?

More tragic idiocy from Bush

Bush PIC from Iranian Media--Nuclear! (re: being in Sydney)


Ohio congressman (R) found dead in apartment - CNN

Thinking of buying a MiniCooper

I don't understand how anyone either believes this crap OR thinks he's a decent resident

Ever Wonder How They Made Records in the 1940s?

Oh my dear lord! "Bamboozled" author Angela McGlowan

Nancy Pelosi Should Listen to Karl Rove

In light of recent events the GOP has changed their logo

VA Counsel Unilaterally Declares Law Protecting Vets 'Obsolete' in Gov Brief

Now McConnell says Craig won't resign if cleared, Sanctions Craig's bizzaro decision to recant

Bench warrant issued for Mr. Hsu FTA at preliminary hearing.

Craig Seek Dismissal of Ethics Case

DO NOT LOSE FAITH!!! The Escalation Didn't Work-Repugs Not Confident At All-by John Kerry

8 more U.S. soldiers die in Iraq

"She can be my date," the president said, reaching out his left hand to touch Rice's arm...

Soap Opera Review: The Rs, "funneling more than $250,000 in illegal political contributions..."

IT IS RAINING $$$$$: Iraq Fraud Cases Make Rain for Lawyers

Wimpy George

Caption this drongo, mate!

GWB - Worst American Ever

Nevada wins battle in war over Yucca-Federal judge denies DOE motion

Bush ‘Still Believed Saddam Possessed WMD’ In April 2006

Charlie Savage, In Pursuit of the Imperial President

Hog Lots Hurting Seniors’ Physical & Financial Health?

Can you name a modern day country that preemptively started a war and eventually won?

Southwest Fashion Police Set No-Fly Zone

It's Junkie Day: Billy Don't You Lose My Number - Larry Craig

Those silly Republicans. Now which was the sexual enhancement pill?

Bush's Mission Accomplished = USA is hated: Germany: Plot targeted U.S. facilities

Oh My, Stop The Presses! Tipper Gore States She Will Stand By Her Man!

Caption this Sen. Brownback photo

If Craig Reneges On His Plea Deal, Won't MN Levy Even Heavier Charges?

Iraq Vet and Marine Mom to Defy Fed Govt Threats re: Postering

Report: Mike Vick Dogfighting 'An Open Secret'

"Calif. Clash Over GOP 'Values'" Ahhhhnold is now "Post-Partisan"....Just so you know.

Did I hear it correctly? How many GOP congress people died today?

Evangelical leader dies - D James Kennedy

Can Paul Hakett run for Gillmor's seat in Ohio?

Ohio gov will call special election to fill Gillmor's seat (heavy Repub district)

Rare Pink Dolphin Photos

Dems laud 'patriot' Bob Barr

Were the Nukes "accidentally" loaded on the B-52 meant for Iran?

DAMN it, WHEN are Stewart and Colbert due back on the air??

Pab Sungenis back in hospital

"They're Dropping Like Flies"

Formula Industry Lobby Undermined Federal Breastfeeding Campaign

Why did Craig vote against the Patriot Act?

Brownback could get every fundie vote in America and still not win....

The Author of Baghdad Burning has left Iraq

Here's actual proof that Bush cries and suffers as president

Where will they "accidentally" drop the nuclear weapons?

Pastor had sex with daughters to teach them how to be good wives

Let's get Sen Larry Craig to switch parties

Why would the republicans pick an Elephant?

Riverbend is safely out of Iraq

Will my fellow debate junkies be watching the the GOP New hampshire debate tonight?

United Nations of America

Who appears the real grubby welfare recipient??

Check it on latest breaking news.

Leader Accused of Taking Girl Scout IDs

Keep Your Coins, I Want Change

Richard Gere And Charlize Theron Bash Bush

I just had a premonition that

Life here on this place we call earth. Too damned short my friends.

Uh Oh: New plot in Germany just in time for 9/11

I Hate You I Hate You I Hate You By Mark Morford,

Kos Prevails over Mary Bono in FEC Complaint Against Political Blogs

Sydney is a ghostown thanks to El Paranoic

SHEE-it did I push a co-worker's Global Warming Button or what?

Bush Speaks on Public Bathroom Etiquette

In Nov of 2003, Bush was in Baghdad presenting a fake Turkey.

No More Gas Guzzlers for Congress?

New book reveals backroom White House strategies to expand executive power

Couric: 'Real Progress' In Iraq

Wanna encourage Craig to STAY in the Senate? Call or email....

I'm so conflicted... Jerry Lewis was good last night and bad tonight...

terror, terror, terror, terror, terror.....the propaganda war surges

Billions over Baghdad

What's up with Craig and strangers? He sure likes to reach out to them.

David Walker, head of new GAO Report on Irag is guest on cspan WJour. now.

My please impeach letter: Dear Representative Welch;

Partial Progress Towards Progress Towards Progress

Bush to collect after retiring

So Many Ron Paul Supporters Calling Into C-Span - Every Day

Down the rathole of Iraq

Why Dems Stayed Silent on Craig

Neocon Ancient History

NYT editorial, ANOTHER IRAQ PHOTO OP: Hints of troop reduction are "a cruel tease"

Remember what Olbermann said about some of the soldiers listening to Bush?

Spat breaks out over Rudd-Bush meeting

U.S. general: Next few months crucial

Cyber crime tool kits go on sale

Bush: The right leader for civilization today

The "fair and balanced" network continues to beat the drum for war with Iran. Beat them back.

BBC switches off climate special

Debra Palfrey dons a tinfoil hat, cites possible 9/11 connection..

"The Democrat's Strategy For Failure In Iraq"

British Basra withdrawal, Bush comment about troop draw down, linked to Iran attack

I have a gift for Larry Craig.

Bush& biographer - scenes played on a TV show last night (Damages)

House hearing on US bridge safety on cspan3 now-streaming:

"Gere, Theron Bash Bush in Venice"

Scarborough running clip of Big Dawg "having a rough time" on Today show

WP, Kurtz: Media fell for Bush's troop reduction spin -- but he admits to Couric he's "speculating"

The "surge" hasn't worked in Iraq. It has, however, worked on our Democratic lawmakers.

Lindsey Grahmn speeching on floor of Senate now---steaming. cspan2

Congress Has Returned, Will Democrats Cave on Iraq?

A Democratic President will NOT end the Iraq War

From the Bayou to Baghdad: Mission Accomplished? (by Amy Goodman)

Bush on Generals v. Rumsfeld: "No military guy is gonna tell a civilian how to react."

Bush Brings Troops Home From Iraq

Tony Snow's Empty 401(k)-If Snow won't save for retirement, why sho

Bush tells biographer: 'I do tears' ( blechhhhh )

CRAIG vs. VITTER, GOP Touts Swift Action on Craig. WHY? Vitter to be replaced by DEM!

Newsweek: Three new—and potentially controversial—NIEs on Iran are in the works

Columbia Journalism Review: The (Josh) Marshall Plan: Break news, connect the dots, stay small

Tom Friedman: "So far, the surge has created nothing that is self-sustaining"

A very interesting timeline..

Sydney's Preparations for Bush's Visit

Attention Utah DU'ers...Please Find The Missing Blonde

Gandhi finally makes it big -- appears on a billboard !

Benoit's father, doctor speculate wrestler had brain damage

Climate Change anyone: Two Cat 5 hurricanes made landfall

Does anyone have the Keith O Nexus of Terror transcript???

Call Lousiana Governers office about the Jena 6 - 866-366-1121

Question for veterans or active. You can choose what flag they use when you die, right?

Where can I find a video clip of the comparison of George Bush to Miss Teen South Carolina?

"Australia Expects Full Scale Riot For Bush" --Rawstory LINK

Mosquitoes are terrorists

Which Republican Candidate would make the most unappealing president?

Sen. Tim Johnson will be on the Senate floor this afternoon!


Read and Recommend this post in LGBT forum

Do we have a shot at the Gillmor seat?

Expose attempts to "spin" Wikipedia - PR Watch

God,even CNN is calling Bush's bluff.."Trying to have it both ways"

Editor&Publisher: Will the Press Again Serve as 'Surge Protectors'?

Need saavy DUers' input re: door wars at work:

RollCall: Craig left Vmail at wrong number discussing how "resigning" was part of a crisis strategy

Need help debunking something Nancy Pelosi supposedly said

Am I supposed to feel sorry that Drudge is leaving radio?


Ootie and Cootie?

a new third party- the constitution party?

Bush: I do tears

What if God doesn't have ten fingers?

Wash. Journal this a.m. had numerous Reps/Sens & others on

Bush's Morticians.

Southerners-How is your local high school dog-fighting team lookin' this year?

Paul Gillmor, R-Ohio, was found dead in his apartment

awww-local Repub bemoans the decline of the Republican Party

no matter which dem is the presidential candidate, their running mate will be....

"She can be my date"...Chimpy says of Condi, while Laura is home with a pinched nerve...

Bush: 'We're kicking ass' in Iraq

Bush: "I believe that when the final chapters of the 21st century are written...."

Interview of 2 of Jena 6 - maced in jail - reaction to nooses

Mother Teresa 'cured' woman lives in poverty

Your Australian Beer Is Sure Strong ---pix--->>>

When was the coup?

Craig wouldn't be this stupid, would he??

Did We Really Need A 2 Years Presidential Campaign????

SC State Insurance director dropped by his own carrier....HAHAHA!

Rice, from "Dead Certain": It’s not MY exercising influence over him. I’m internalizing HIS world.

Note to Whoopi Goldberg: Newport News Virginia is NOT "The Deep South"

Sometimes DU is like a dog with a bone

B-52 loaded with nuclear warheads flies from North Dakota to Louisiana

Gay officer to speak out for job rights bill - measure would forbid discrimination

Paper Publishes Larry Craig's Voicemail To His Lawyer

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed 9/5 - The Surgie

LOL @Fred Thompson

After seeing Keith Olbermann call for Bush to resign, recommend this thread if you will make a phone

Do you want Cheney Impeached?

Has Cheney left the country, too?

Government who claimed State Secrets against Sibel Edmonds, now put forth "secrets" in tort review

Bush success rating at historic low.

WhoopI Goldberg Attempts To Defend Michael Vick

Munitions squadron Commander outta here and a few crews decertified.

What evidence is there that China hacked into the Pentagon?

A sneak peak at who is running Florida Democratic politics.

Recommend this thread if you will make a toll free phone call to get HR 676 enacted.

Instead of Murdering Iraqis to get our way, P.M. Gordon Brown' Approach....

Country of origin labelling and accuracy in content/ingredients now!

Obama Calls for Investigation into Series of Toy Recalls

Shameless: Mayor Nine Eleveniani to return to "Ground Zero" on 9/11

Ap: Craig lawyers filed motion to have Senate ethics committee to drop the case. just

Shred Fred: It's gonna be open season on Thompson.

Giuliani considering Haley Barbour for running mate?

GMO Cotton - a Terrorist For Indian Farmers (Two articles)

Hardball is playing the Larry Craig phone message tape

FEMA is "borrowing" executives from the private sector to learn from them

For the insomniac political junkies among us, Fred Thompson will finally make it official midnight

Richardson: It's God's will that Iowa vote first, and then there's the Constitution...

Noriega given stay of extradition + "election-rigging and human rights violations led to US" war

DJ Kennedy is dead

OFFS: Craig supporters call for boycott of Minneapolis airport

Larouche AIDS quarantine

What if GWB doesn't really exist and every image we see of him

Voter fraud defendant sentenced

TPM = Interviewing 101: The Bush Administration Way "Are you a Republican?"

Where is this Rogers list?????

Progress and Success of the Bush and Maliki Regimes


Wednesday TOONS :We have lost so much

What did Senator Craig do?

ok so Bush said ""I'll give some speeches, to replenish the ol' coffers,"

Russian Strategic Bombers To Begin Patrols Sep. 6 - Air Force

I'm so worried...

Shocker! The corporate media repeats the Bush line without question again.

Letter from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to President Bush

A question about those nuclear cruise missiles we "accidentally" transported....

Test Marketing: George Packer

NY Times: "Short On Labor, US Farms Shift To Mexico

Study: Iraqi Security Forces Not Ready

Long overdue... Michelle Malkin: Worst Person In The World!

3752 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Damn someone pry my damn fingers from this key board!

Katie Couric

I've been getting out of the "echo chamber" and boy, is it fun..

Reminder: President Clinton on Larry King tonight- 9 PM EST

21st Century Populist Declaration of Independence

Ad for Glenn Beck on Olbermann?

There's no point in all this discussion, you know

How to take back your/our by FWB

Compare titles: Dead Certain versus Triumph of the Will about Bush and Hitler respectively.

If a democrat did the things Craig did Ann would have used the F word!

Are we seeing the Republican Party Splitting over Craig Incident?

Welcome Back Tim Johnson! NOW - Help Tim Keep his Seat in the Senate!

Why neocon men are so obsessed with money...

OK-What is it-Iraqi Police in charge,Or Iraqi police should be scrapped?

I'm really bothered on many more levels than normal about a Tweety segment tonight.

the backlash comes What is this sCIT?

I need help concerning the following:

Woohoo, I just got a letter in the mail from Al Gore! Anyone else?

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 2*********

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 1*********

You need a vacation, so I am declaring myself pResident. An open letter to George Bush

any new news on bush trying to invade iran.

* Singulair * Doc just prescribed for my son ...Any experience with it?

Republican Larry Craig x Five! Check out CSPAN's news homepage ...

It's Keith OLbermann - you moron!

What could they be talking about?

Upset Over GAO’s Findings On Iraq, [Repub] Attacks Agencies’ Qualifications To Issue Report

Jezzus -- what is it, national death day?

The War Comes Home-Great site

I never realized what a piece of pure,unadulterated horseshit the Pentagon home page is.

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 3*********

It's official: Thompson's in.

BUSH SR game us NAFTA, not Clinton

I hated Bill Clinton

DailyKos: Edwards mandates COVERAGE: official response

Audience boos Brownback’s proposal to ban gay marriage.

Keep our eyes on the ball.

UN launches web portal to help tackle global warming

I need a good resource for psyops,media manipulation,etc..

"Thank You and God Bless" on a receipt. This is different....

RIVERBEND's NEW POST - From Syria: "Leaving Home"

Fox News Responds To Cheney Call For Iran Attack PR Blitz

In article about release of "Path to 9/11" DVD, LA Times notes Dem criticism of film but not its own

Bill Clinton is The Man

WA Post: Craig's About-Face Worries GOP Colleagues

Good grief, after listening to the repub debate (if that's what you want to call it)

I'm Just A Jealous Guy

The Film "No End In Sight" BaresThe Monumental Incompetence and Arrogance of the Bushies

Is it OK to start a new Whoopi/Vick thread?

"Ex Gay Therapist" convicted of sexual assault on patient

Corrupt Chinese Official On Trial For Copyright Violations Plagiarizes Trial Apology

Game on *****Official republican debate thread 4*********

19% of Americans believe the world would be a better place if we ruled

What It Looks Like When Allies Throw Up their Hands...

ALERT: Obaba on Daily Show NOW! Rerun from a week ago...

The guys that made this video have been arrested for staging a "fake motorcade" in Sydney at APEC

Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

We get a "do over" as a society for this crap -

Analysts see the manoeuvres as efforts by a democratic coalition to "contain" rising Chinese power.

Can we be rescued?

Q: Why are veterans, active duty, and National Guard men and women opposed to the war in Iraq?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

...if he turned to her one night and said he had to run

stock/bond question

"Oceans no longer protect us"

Help!!! John Locke. Daughter writing paper on impact of Locke on life, liberty and

I honestly can't believe what I just heard

Jena 6 - UPDATE - Bell now facing 15 rather than 22 1/2 years

CNN Quick poll

Winner of the Republican Debate: Fred Thompson. Loser: Mitt Romney.

Olbermann on Impeachment

In the 50's didn't nuke warheads fly around the intercontinental U.S. because

I finally figured out who Tom Tancredo's voice sounds like:

Nicaragua storm death toll rises (reports of bodies floating in water)

Al Gore (No. 1) tops President Bush (No. 2)-Harvard's 'most influential' alum

Allawi Uses Loophole to Keep Backers Secret

On Larry King...Bill Clinton put very well why Al Gore should run

"We're kicking ass,"

Why is Bush invading Iran? Simple. He's NOT. The very idea alters the debate.

Is it time to give the cockroaches and rats a chance.

Were there 5 nukes or 6? I've read both.

Anybody besides me suffering noticeable gas mileage drop? Mileage has

What ????? AL-qaeda is in Germany, ?????

Can you feel the excitement?

" Megachurch leader D. James Kennedy dies"

Watching "The Mind of Manson" on MSNBC

A letter I am writing to a Conservative radio guy

A little perspective on this whole nuclear weapons thing.

The most important/best liberal/progressive book of all time?

Irrefutable proof that Americans are a pick pocket's dream come true

FEMA was aggressive about one thing...

So there's this bomb threat at the downtown Las Vegas bus terminal today....

Animal Cruelty

If Al Gore decides to run...

Drinking. Brawling. Hurting. (with Iraq vets)

Run out of town - The truth behind the Basra "handover"

Anti-gay "Adam and Steve" GOP Consultant and his "room-mate" killed in muder-suicide

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

You know your campaign is in trouble....

NeoCon AEI Sets Launch for “Defend-the-Surge” Campaign Sept. 6

Whoopi defends Michael Vick

Mearsheimer/Walt - Israel supported necons in selling Iraq war after promise war on Iran

T S I G H T F real soon!

Should there be a don't ask - don't tell policy for Senator sexual orientation?

Nat'l Security Archive Sues Bush Over Loss Of Millions Of E-Mails

Leaving Home: Riverbend (Baghdad Burning) flees to Syria...

Another Dishonorable Chicken-hawk

The last time such a large flotilla of US warships entered the region was in 1971

Ohio congressman Paul Gillmor found dead in his apartment

Bush: ‘We’re kicking ass’ in Iraq.

MSNBC this AM: "Tipper will support Gore if he decides to run."

How I would like to honor the 43rd pResident of the United States

The great Pavarotti is dying

Would Democrats feel Differently if Larry Craig was Harry Reid? Caught Up in This?

Ho Hum! Nukes on a B52 today--- no biggie---let's talk about the Craig toilet paper scandal!

I just uploaded even more avatars, courtesy of RainDog

Air Force or civilain pilots QUESTION: Is this normal procedure?

Why is Jonathan Turley on KO claiming Craig plead guilty because he "panicked?"

Southwest Airlines Fashion Police Set No-Fly Zone

Do you think Craig REALLY misdialed the phone number?

Greenwald laughs out loud over the sight of NRO's newest manly man commentator Mark Hemingway

The policy that lost the Dems the Y2K election. And that no one wants to talk about..

It is weird in a way - the day Petraeus - (or betray us as I call him)

The more I read about the AWOL nukes story, the fishier it gets

Repub neighbor said: "If Dems dont have 'nuf balls to impeach, how can we trust them to protect us?

heeeeeeere's freddie!

Wal mart Relabeling poison cat food?

B-52s misplaced nukes, broken arrows and Iran


Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

The Officer Who Arrested Larry Craig

Flash.. RNC There is a 2PM meeting in the large 2nd Floor Restroom, West Wing.....BE THERE

Audience boos Brownback’s proposal to ban gay marriage

What The Hell Is Going On?-Staging Nukes For Iran? By Larry Johnson (Updated)

Should Parents Be Prosecuted For Child Abuse If They Try To "Change" Their Kid's Sexual Orientation?

Bill Clinton on Larry King. is this a rerun? I see no discussion here.

Court ruling gets Mexican trucks ready to roll tomorrow - 44 trucks first 30 days

"I've got God's shoulder to cry on." . . .I am going to become seriously ill.

CAPTION: So just what were Condi and George doing on AF1?

Bush: "I wouldn't be president if I kept drinking."`

Inside Baghdad's Luxurious "Joint Visitors Bureau" Hotel

White House had daily audits of e-mails, which suggests missing e-mails were destroyed

Subject: US Attorney's Offices Are Having Trouble Paying The Bills

So what kind of explosion do you create with hydrogen peroxide?

They're Saaaaailinggggg..

mentally ill or injured?

Biden gets another endorsement from Iowa!

Scott Ritter is on my sh*t list....

How about Leadership for a change?

Pic from Brownback speech last night!!!

WSJ: Obama Tones Foreign-Policy Muscle

GOP Calendar Of Corruption 2007

Things Aren't Bad Enough Yet

Bush Shifts Terms for Measuring Progress in Iraq

Ex-diplomats serve as candidates' foreign policy advisers: Who's advising whom?

Photos: CofferBoy "smiles as he travels by boat on Sydney Harbour for a lunchtime visit with troops"

Mexican trucking companies, NAFTA, Methenex, and MTBE

Short on Labor, Farmers in U.S. Shift to Mexico

I'm guilty....hold it!....I may not be

FEC Won't Regulate Political Blogging

WP: The Magic Touch? (The Oprah-Obama Connection- Excellent Read!)

Go Craig go! The silver lining in him fighting back

Heartbroken Bush Runs After Departing Rove's Car (Hilarious!)

Bush: 'I do tears'

Real reason why Bush flew AF1 to al-Asad Air Force base

The Calif. ballot proposal that could mean a GOP President in 2008 -- Has Swift Boat backers

If you believe they put a man on the moon

“Where’s your wife?” he asks. “Ahead of me” Clinton says. “Like she has been for most of our lives"

A growing popular wave of disgust w/The Republicans

Wow. Poor Brownbeck went to New Hampshire to speak and no one showed up.

Bush tells minister 'we're kicking ass' in Iraq

Obama's new ad in Iowa: "Change"

Is the Iraq Health Ministry lying about the number of civilian casualties?

GOP aide says Craig decision to reconsider resignation 'defies reality'

Will Hillary be a better President than Bill(if elected)?

Biden: America is facing foreign policy crisis

Anyone else get a Party Builder notice from the Democrats?

George w, bush has substituted Fundamentals Christianity for Alcohol

Kucinich hearts Florida

Heartland Nuke Blunder

Limbaugh on Craig flip flop right now:

"Bobby Jindal is a punk"

What Can "Primary Colors" Tell Us About Hillary '08?

Clintons make the talk show rounds: "still America's first family"

Video of Bill Clinton's Today Show Interview

What has happened to Rep. William Jefferson?

RIP Rep. Paul Gillmor.

AP implies that Iraq war protesters vandalized Repub. congressman's office--with no proof!

THIS is what all the hoopla's over? Fred is a total dud...

Norman Hsu has given MILLIONS to Democrats.

The Circumstances Surrounding This Crain Bathroom Incident Were Already Strange.....

Who should be restricted from receiving government paid for healthcare?

Fred Thompson hires Schwarzenegger aids who helped in CA 2003 recall

WOOHOO! Look what Michael Moore has on his home page! Go, Michael!

Doolittle Aides Appear Before Grand Jury (AP)

FEC Clears KOS Media of Federal Election Campaign Act Complaint

Clinton's New Iowa and New Hampshire TV Commercial

Change vs. Change in Clinton, Obama Spots

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Storm Lake, Iowa

Rita "Boom Boom" Crosby has a new look....

The Most Feared Man on the Hill?

"She can be my date," the president said, reaching out his left hand to touch Rice's arm...

Why do some politicians let the media set them up for a fall running for President

Why I want Larry Craig to fight for his job.

You need to cry you dumb A** HOLE

Larry Johnson writing at TPMCafe: Staging Nukes for Iran?

Gary Hart's American Security Project Report Finds the U.S. is Not Winning the War on Terror"

More Departures For Thompson Team (WaPo)

Richardson: 'Fixation' on highways has to stop

A female being DRAGGED away for asking old Freddy Thompsom a question

YAY! Tim Johnson is Returning To Work In the Senate!

Ezra Klein on John Edwards: An anti-corporate lawyer - "I beat, I beat them, and I beat them again."

Obama Tones Foreign Policy Muscle.

SC Poll: Hillary 26, Obama 16, Edwards 10, Gore 8...

Obama: It's now or never

I intend to loose 10 pounds by Sept 30th

Beating Hillary Clinton May Take Act of God -- or Oprah

Thinking Ahead: GWB is free to give speeches but no one asks....

The Magic Touch. Oprah's role in the Obama campaign.

LATimes: Norman Hsu Fails to Appear for Bail Hearing Today, Judge Issues Arrest Warrant

Nagin thinking of run for governor

I have a question about polling

idiots on parade. rep debate

McCain: Maybe we're up past Fred Thompson's bedtime; fellow candidates on Fred's skipping debate

Oprah's Couch for Obama only


I hope Genarlow Wilson is set free this month!

If you're watching the debate, have you started to repeat yourself while swearing at the TV?

Suspicions confirmed - Chimp and the first Mistress

True or False: If Hillary wins both Iowa and New Hampshire, she's the nominee

The Battle over SCHIP (New Eng Jour Med)

Connecticut Welcomes You and then Apologizes for Birthplace of Bush

Regarding the Foxnews article today on the 11th hour...

May we never forget.

Who's the GOP's most likely nominee?

Larry Craig is a pervert who was arrested for peeping and disorderly conduct

Question: How many Hillary supporters would NOT support Obama if he won all the primaries???

John Kerry: The Escalation Didn't Work - blogging at HuffPo

PHOTO: Fred Thompson's Al Qaeda strategy: Punch the everloving crap out of them, two fists at a time

Ron Paul Winning FOX News Viewer Poll

TPM: "If Craig reconsiders & steps all over Petraeus’ week of surge, Kristol’s head will explode"

Why are all the threads about Hillary and Barack about their campaign events & polls..

Biden - live from Baghdad Thurs am -

The Rude Pundit: Our Crying, Paranoid, Ghost-Seeing President

OH SHIT!! even FOXNEWS is bashing Freddy Cruger Thompson

"In Turmoil of ’68, Clinton Found a New Voice"

What, Me Worry? Inside the growing movement to oust Mitch McConnell

Edwards Evening News - "Stop Playing the Beltway Game" (9/5/07)

It's all a big joke, the pledge signing. Obama and Hillary heading for Florida.

Larry Craig was a fierce critic of Bill Clinton, but he's "pulling" for Craig and his family

Wonderful KUCINICH toon - "...I'd swear he's getting taller!" HE TELLS THE TRUTH!

Oprah's Couch For Obama Only

via C&L: "Oops." Edwards Blog votes for Kucinich

“They wanted them poor niggers out of there.”

Seriously - what crime has Larry Craig committed

Obama: "I've been in elected office longer..."; criticizes closed nature of Hillary's task force

Obama event this Friday in San Fran!

what Jonathan Alter said on MSNBC this afternoon about Gore

John Edwards campaign Official Response about REQUIRED preventative care

Say the government gave you free health care and only required an annual appointment with a doctor

Chung, Huang, Hsu, Chatwal - Hil's Fraudulent Fundraisers

US Grammar School Report to Parents

RFK Jr. Heads to Key Primary States This Fall

Some Thoughtfull and Brief Words from Maui

Is there anyone who will leave the Democratic Party if Hillary is the nominee? Poll questions please

Would Hillary govern more to the left than it seems she would?

"... one candidate stands out above the rest: John Edwards."

What do you think about diverting public school money towards private religious schools?

Oprah should go on the road for Obama the way Bill is following Hillary

Got something rather amusing in the mail today...

I'm Coming Around to Biden

Should DU Rules include declared Primary Candidates now?

Email from Florida DEC chairs saying not to give to the DNC or candidates.

Universal Single-Payer Health Care Poll

If Bush launches a major military attack on Iran, would you support a Dem candidate who supported

"I saw his big, bald head in the back seat, and I knew I had my target" (Man Who Mooned Rove Speaks)