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Archives: September 30, 2007

V-22 Osprey: A Flying Shame

War Protesters March Through Downtown Portland

Iran's parliament votes to label CIA, U.S. Army 'terrorist' groups

A short while ago someone posted in GD about some albumn releases...

Interesting pics of abandoned urbanity....

where the hell is SouthPawKicker??

You are Invited...

I, For One, Would Loved To Have Seen Newt Run

Novell credits Microsoft for soaring Linux sales

Clearly The Rules Of Islam Were Invented Before Spaceflight....


US trains Gulf air forces for war with Iran

Bush tells country that Dems want to raise taxes

Cannon eats horse intestines on codel

One monk for every soldier

Iraq and illegal immigration

You are Invited...

In shocking news...Democrats like Hillary Clinton (at least in Iowa)

The Iraqis have rejected the Biden Plan.

NYT: The Clinton Conundrum - What's Behind The Laugh?

Dowd: The Nepotism Tango (Hillary Clinton)

Frank Rich: Is Hillary Clinton the New Old Al Gore?

If you don't want Kucinich as our nominee, than get other Dems to embrace Kucinich's platform

The Constitution in Peril

When Prisoners Work the System Works

Tom Hayden: Northern Ireland, South Africa in Secret (Iraq) Peace Talks

The Progressive: Spinach Ripe for Outbreak

Ray McGovern: Bush, Oil and Moral Bankruptcy

The faith of the oppressed can topple the worst tyrants

The Learning Curve of the Magnificently Obsessed

Fighting wrong enemy in cancer 'war'

I understand that spooks, by nature and profession, are liars,

Lost in the criticism was O'Reilly's subtle stand for the dying Mo'teasah tribe

This is not good! ISOO Director Leonard to Step Down

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Ending War for Profit

Dem Rep To Introduce House Resolution Condemning Rush

GALLUP: Trust in Federal Government, On Nearly All Issues, Hits New Low

The shadow army

Photos from yesterday's PDX peace march

Health Care Should be a Right

Warnings raise ire of Hawaii Ferry Protesters (Rep. Gov. threatens protesters)


Paul Krugman's blog

There Is No War On Terror(ism)-There Is A War FOR Terror(ism)

Bush struggles to stay relevant in climate debate

NYT editorial, The Roberts Court: More political than legal Ct. could do serious damage to freedoms

Our Disgraceful Refugee Score Card

Shifting Targets The Administration’s plan for Iran.

Democratic Party - In Danger of Winning the Battle and Losing the War

Peter Galbraith: Review of Treacherous Alliance by Trita Parsi

Alan Greenspan and Naomi Klein: One is Prophetic, One is Pathetic

The top 10 stories the U.S. news media missed in the past year

Kauai shows courage in the face of political conspiracy

IBM Seeks US Patents For Offshoring US Jobs

"This is a story I should have written 12 years ago"... Hey, no foolin'!

So The Senate Is Now Against Freedom Of Speech?

*ALL DUers* -- It's Time (Again) To Take Your Stands - A Survey


Lonestar Iconoclast: ‘The Bitch in the Ditch’ vs. ‘General Betray Us’

The importance of keeping a closed mind

Layla Anwar: A Corner of "Peace"

The nag, the witch and the media

The Rise of the Have-Nots

Time To Stop Insulting Iran

WP: The New AIPAC? Forget the Israel Lobby. The Hill's Next Big Player Is Made in India.

Scientists: Owl recovery plan 'deeply flawed'

Hunger lurks as African floods recede (BBC)

US - World's Dominant Food Aid Donor - Buying 50% Less Food In 2007 Than In 2000 - NYT

Bush EPA Prosecutions Of Polluters Down More Than 1/3, Civil Suits Down 70% Since Late 1990s - WP

Bush Struggles To Stay Relevant In Climate Debate - Reuters

NYT: Ethanol’s Boom Stalling as Glut Depresses Price

The Nuclear Option: Facts & Fantasies [ASPO 06 presentation]

Large investor-owned utilities form new efficiency-focused group

"Stupid To The Last Drop" - New Book Explores Environmental Damage From Tarsands Boom

Acinetobacter, Native To Iraq & Afghanistan, Spreading Resistant Strains In US Military Hospitals

Union Seeks Casino Vote

Iran pledges to help stem Iraq violence

Democracy efforts trampled in Myanmar

Plane crashed in Yucatan with 3.2 tons cocaine was CIA rendition aircraft

Bush's EPA Is Pursuing Fewer Polluters

Legal fallout follows several marines three years after the battle of Falluja

North Korean nuclear talks reach deal

Blackwater guards killed 16 in week of violence

Leading Indicators Point Down for GOP

Once humane, lethal injection now under fire

Gunmen kill three Sunni clerics in northern Iraq

U.N. envoy, Myanmar opposition head meet

Neocons seek to justify action against Teheran

This is heartbreaking – leave my dad alone, says Jenna Bush

[DC} War Protest Draws Small Crowd

Pakistan rejects Khan questioning

Neocons Seek To Justify Action Against Teheran (U.S. Diplomats Ordered To Compile Dossier Of Wrongs)

US Embassy criticizes Iraq division plan

Shifting Targets The Administration’s plan for Iran.

UN envoy meets Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar

Bush struggles to stay relevant in climate debate

U.S. Embassy Rips Senate Plan on Iraq

Rebels Kill 10 Peacekeepers in Darfur

China makes military strides as Iraq fight rages

States debate how to maintain bridges

Petraeus admits to rise in Iraq violence

Faslane protesters make a last stand (UK)

China tells Burmese junta to stop crackdown now

Suspected Georgetown gay-basher has Bush Administration ties

Vladimir Putin Soothes Fears Over Currency Reserves (no intention of infiltrating Western economies)

Report: Israel unhappy with U.S. plan for Iran

Vast US military base near border relies on Mexican labor

Darfur attack kills peacekeepers

Loud cheers greets proposed UAW deal as workers get the details

Bill Clinton wades in to defend Hillary’s reputation

Man Accused in "Sex-Tape" Case in Custody

Bolton calls for bombing of Iran

Iraq Police Evidence: Blackwater Guards Fired Unprovoked

McCain Buoyed by Polls, Fundraising

U.S. leads arms sales to developing countries

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,803

US job market data present a clouded picture

Harper government (Canada) to unveil get-tough national drug strategy

Horse slaughters taking place on the border

Iran ready to work with US on Iraq

US trains Gulf air forces for war with Iran


Poll: Obama, Romney Ahead In Iowa

I hate all Iranians, US aide tells MPs

Family Mourns Woman Who Died at Airport

GOP Is Ready to Roll Out the Klieg Lights for Craig: Threatens open ethics hearing

Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort

Dollar hits fresh 18-year high

Thousands in Costa Rica protest U.S. trade pact

Do You Humans Like Cat food?

"What we need more of is science" - MC Hawking

so... broads with girly feet, where do you find your high heels?

"Where peaceful waters flow" - Chris De Burgh

Need A Raunchy Book For A Older Lady - Curse Words A Must

So...boys with broad asses, where do you find your drawzzz!

Excessive Compulsive?

Lets play- talk with songs

What Are Some Of The Reasons People Cleave To The DU?

Post Your Biggest Lie... Right Here! Right Now!

Is Bullshitting really a sport?

""When the moment's right"

Somewhere beyond the sea

This is the 'stocks and bonds' appreciation thread!


Like Trek? Are you a...

"The Mean Kitty Song"

Why do we need to know every fall the size

Anything I need to know before I go to a pro football game?

Why is walking so slow?!


David Letterman Makes Paris Hilton "Sad" ("Now you're making me sad that I came")

I'm starting a blog with some friends

What's your primary sleeping position?

Best Guitarist Currently Playing (still alive, etc)


Southerners are all Rubix Cubes!

Why do dogs look like they run sideways?

Why Can't KitchenWitch Stay Off the Road When I am Driving In Both Lanes?

If I hear that iPod Nano ad song once more, I'll (fill in the blank)

Is anyone else here a fan of the show "Torchwood" ?

If you ever hire a live band, here are suggestions based on years of experience:

What's the worst thing you've ever done to a bag of M&Ms?

Getting within striking distance of 25,000 Posts


I like _____________, Because...

We just got HD cable-- amazing.

Apparently, the Clevelad Browns just may have a good team this year...

Bond star Lois Maxwell dies at 80

What if your aunt was your uncle?

Hello, Sunday afternoon lizards.

Half the teams in College Footballs Top 10 lost this weekend

I saw the flying spaghetti monster in my pasta! Should I sell it on ebay?

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame "stretches definition of rock" with 2007 nominee list

MrScorpio Visits North Korea

Why wasn't there a sequel to the Big Chill?

Pirated Christian music.

I just got a call from FrostedFlakes!!

Wow, a triple a battery just exploded inside my mouse.

Signs you are too old for video games: I hurt myself playing Wii

confession: I was an altar girl

Stevie Wonder, Music of my Mind...Good stuff

How Dangerous Are Frequent Neck Manipulations?

We may have not made the playoffs (fucking Cubs, hope they get swept in the NLDS)

Bears vs. Detroit


Do you lock your car doors when you get in?

Not only do I not lock my car, I don't even know where my house key is

iTunes playlist game

Hey ViQueen fans!

"What We Need, More Of, Is Punctuation."

Who's NFL's all-time leader in career touchdown passes??

Hey, ya'll - get yer fire extinguishers and watch me do this! This is gonna be cool!

Kanye West Makes Fun Of Himself

I just got a call from SugarSmack!!

Don't forget to say white rabbit, white rabbit in the morning.

Browns win!! They defeat the Ravens!

The two greatest Monty Python sketch clips on the internets!

Wow, a triple A-bomb just exploded in my blouse

Check in if you've got the hormones of an adolescent!

went to a wedding last night

You know... I really had fun at the football game

Attention engineers or carpenters or brainy people.

Do your cats like dog food?

Original Miss Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell, has died

Another post in GD will soon sink like a rock.

Do you lock your cat doors when you get in?

So begins another week.

Can anyone see me?

OMG! I started a Hillary thread in GD!!

Sure to win an academy award in 2008!

What are some of the reasons people come to DU?(the lounge)

First day back at work after 9 months away

Avoiding my housework... somebody kick me outta this chair!

There's no post about Favre in the Wisconsin forum.

Spin me round

Would Belle & Sebastian ever release their Hollywood Bowl show on CD or DVD?

is bullshitting really a sport?

I have eaten NOTHING but crap this weekend.

Highway 237 is the ONLY way to Heaven

I'm in love/lust - Queen Latifah moves me!

What is it about the White Stripes that makes me love them SO much

Girl stripped in class for missing homework

2:15 1/2 Marathon

Meet the Mets, greet the Mets, step right up and beat the Mets

"Wall Animation" A really fine art video piece:

Well, I guess we've run out of *good* ideas, & this is all that's left...

COSTCO. Is it worth it?

Rockies win!

Saw a white Dummer H2 today

In Living Color: Jews on First

Is riding the bus a sport?

I *think* that my kitten stole my IPod earbuds...

Prepare to laugh

Do your cats like human blood?

I have a $20 gift card for iTunes. What should I get?

Anyone remember Kanye West's car accident? Through The Wire...

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. SHUT UP!!!!!

Lincoln Park Pirates

Mr. Jerry Jones. You better sign that Romo kid, and quick

What triggers that flaming icon in the first column?

what do you think about this, ethically?

Can dogs get constipated?

We are all Romans

A Youtube Featured Video, or, I Don't Speak Of The French.

Anyone giving out hugs?


Help me pick out a new computer - My budget is $1,000

Movie re-makes you'd like to see

Are 3 liters of wine too much to drink over a 2 day period?

Mithras is the ONLY way to Heaven

Can frogs get constipated?

I deserve $200...right?

American "football" is just a bastardized, dumbed down version of Rugby....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/29/07

my next tat

DU Wave for Stacey in 10 minutes! Join us if you can!

craigslist's "free" section is a menace!

Hey, has anyone heard from Aliengirl?

Last Weekend Before October, Getting Ready For Halloween

Cool prediabetes symptoms!

Should people who are smoking hot be banned?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/30/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/30/07 Bonus

The friends I've never met....

80s Gamers and Mets/Red Sox fans: Relive 1986 Game Six via RBI Baseball!

Cheer me up.

*ALL DUers* -- It's Time (Again) To Take Your Stands - A Survey

A gift for Katie Couric

I'm rebuilding my credit

Stephen Fry has a blog!

what's for dinnah DU?

Awwwww, ok which one of you belongs to this kitten?

Best National Park

what does it mean when an electrical cord gets really warm?

What do you do on cold, windy, rainy days?

HypnoToad is Heaven

On Tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Piraat Belgian IPA

This'll crack your nuts for you ...

Skittles as an English school kid

My glass of Prosecco, per favore. Another little tussle in GD. I'm not poor enough!

Who wants

I Was Made to Love Her- Stevie Wonder...

Hey - people who like buff men - they might be Mormons, but this calendar smokes!

Is Jenna Bush cross-eyed?

"There will be a stigma attached to this year's Mets. . .

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I am a schizophrenic and so am I."

I just broke up with my girlfriend

Magazines for a 9-year-old who loves to read and write?

Worst choke in history of sports - 2007 NY Mets

$206 Million Dollars, or a Faberge egg full of Magical Pixie Dust. Which would you pick?

Are you supposed to stay out of work if you have pink eye?

Is your gravity working OK?

US Women's Soccer wins third, goalkeeper Solo loses

Are you amazed by the stupidity around you?


This is what hell must be like

As if you didn't know - Deckard was a replicant

Family IQ test results are in

The most bad-ass band that never quite made it big.

Anyone still watching Ken Burns' The War?

my new boots

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven

Amazing Stories Solo from Vegas (my skating!):

What do you think of states or cities that become smoke-free

No charges yet for seven troops in beating death (gang activity)

Abuse of canned air in Iraq leads to ban


The American Legion continues its war against the Smedley VFP chapter

Open letter to gwb from Gold Star mom

Getting out of the yards

Murtha must testify in defamation case

Today's working family cartoon US labor justcie

Speak Up And Picket Nancy Pelosi- Join The Picket Line! Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)

Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park Set to Expand

Union concessions to GM deeper than initially thought

UAW: Deal will save jobs (GM promises to keep 16 U.S. assembly plants open)

Today in labor history September 30

AFTRA link with AFL-CIO could weaken Four A's

IMPROVED PROGNOSIS: GM-UAW agreement begins new era for organized labor

Longtime Nevada Labor Leader Dies

AFL-CIO's president says labor movement still strong

Strike ends, struggle continues for U of MN workers

USW Encourages Customers to Consider Worker Safety Before Buying Wood Products at Home Depot

Unions and nuclear energy

Kudos to Arizona Union Leader

Starbucks Busted For Union Busting

SEIU-Connected to George Soros and the Shadow Democratic Party

Md. AFSCME warns against cutting retiree health benefits

AFL-CIO’s Acuff Takes on Union-Busters in Debate

Inside an Anti-Union Seminar

USA to replace striking space center workers

Knock Knock

Bob Marley-War (video)

Bruce Springsteen, Who'll Stop The Rain

Operation Enduring Surge of Freedom

Bush on Lying For FISA

John Edwards: A Man of Constant Sorrow

Seymour Hersh: Bush's Case For Hitting Iran Has Shifted

The Resident At The CGI 2007 Annual Meeting

Bill Maher | September 28 2007 | Part Five

James Denton: Desperate for Change

Does HRC Support Transgender People?

John Edwards: With My Own Two Hands

Bill Kristol: Bush's assault on Children (SCHIP) Is a good thing!

Limbaugh Smears Iraq Vet

The Tide Has Turned

The Major Jill Metzger SCANDAL---Best Version!

Beyond Treason

Israeli Forces Kill 9 Palestinians

Elephants in the room

Frank Rich: Is Hillary Clinton The New Old Al Gore?

Gitmo detainees on Supreme Court docket


NYT Op/Ed: "...real danger the court will do serious damage to important freedoms this term" Down?

Breaking Up With The United States of America

Civil rights, media activists protest lifting media consolidation ban

This is so fucking unbelievably absurd, it's nearly laughable ...

I Love Bruce Springsteen, Naomi Wolf, And Brad Friedman

Iraq: Genocide by All Definition

Shortly after 9/11, my mother said: Oh, God, we are such a nation of scab pickers

I have but only one thing to say to DU'ers this fine sunday morning

Will universal health care destroy the health insurance industry?

White House decides to piggyback on Kyl-Lieberman with a plan to attack Iran's Revolutionary Guard

President Bush thinks he is the burning bush on Mount Sinai

The Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is now at five minutes to midnight

Good officers must show fury over dirty cops

Washington Journal is taking calls on McCain's bigoted remarks on Islam and US as a Xtian nation.

"Christian Activist" to "risk arrest", says we are hypocrites for condemning Myanmar...

Thomas Friedman Plays Catch-up: "9/11 Is Over"

Banning torture shows weakness

How ironic and hypocritical of Republicans to say that government appears built on Christian ..

Iraq "occupation": Blame it on the IED

Tom Friedman: 9/11 is over

Why do we need to know every fall the size

Mysterious foe preys on war's wounded

Bush's EPA Is Pursuing Fewer Polluters.....thanks mr bu$h*

I pray that Gore shoots PETA with the Iraqi Arms we get after our God favoured troops

The Axis of War, The United States, Israel, And England

I hate all Iranians, US aide tells British MPs

Do you remember the famous report that Saddam was forced to produce

Rudy's first wife found at last!

Dog Bites Man, Yawn. Isn't the News When They Don't Lie to Congress?

Why are they giving this idiot so much time on WJ?

We didn't ask Congress to help Bush nation-build in Iraq, we told them to shut their junta down

Will Bush veto Defense Bill because of Hate Crimes Law attached to it?

Parents, veterans protest military recruitment

Sen. Schumer and Trent Lott on chris Wallace---s-chip talk now

How can our media manage to get video out of Myanmar but its too dangerous for them to show us Iraq?

listening to Bill Clinton talk of the Tim Russturd "Jack Bauer" moment" He is

Top Military Recruitment Lies

Guard fires 15 for breaking recruiting rules

I miss Bill!

Officers in Abu Ghraib scandal not only escaped prosecution, they, in most cases, have been promoted

I won't be watching, Meet The Press with Tim Rushbaugh anymore after

Bruce Springsteen's "living in the future"

Soldiers wounded in Iraq plagued by mysterious bacteria

Does anyone else think if we bomb Iran, Iran will send hundreds of

KURTZ: "Was (G.E.) RUSSERT the moderator, or one of the debaters?"


"ENDGAME"-U.S. Detention Centers are Part of Long-Term DHS Plan

Bob "The Shifter" Schieffer

Wow! Obama got his 500,000 donations from 350,000

Fox News: Generals Betray Us

Explosive growth doesn't satisfy Tucson's Raytheon

what do contract sponsor and contract holder mean? Thanks. I have looked all over...

Iran Allows Sex-Change Operations

The New Iraqi Paradigm

Swing Voters and Elect-ability

US military deaths in Iraq lowest in 14 months (is the media pushing propaganda?)

The Standardized Chapel Library Project is the name the Fedral Bureau of Prisons

Why did the chicken cross the road? LMAO!

Strongest Repuke in the general election?

A John Bolton story: Tribal Wars Inside the Bush Administration

Shifting Targets The Administration’s plan for Iran. Sy Hersh

With regard to Hillary, both Repugs and Dems are being played

Sycophant Savior-Petraeus betrayed us: conservatives give the general an "F"

Hurr Blurr, Hitlary is the anti-christ, right everyone?

Bush's EPA Is Pursuing Fewer Polluters-Probes and Prosecutions Have Declined Sharply

McClatchy: The religious right's political power ebbs

Pentagon Shut Down TALON Spying Database Antiwar Students Talks About Listed Credible Threat

Cheney promotes Stan to General...

Bono: "You do not have to become a monster to defeat a monster"

Pentagon Gives Blackwater New Contract - 92 mil

The Roberts Court Returns

syria says air raid hit empty buliding.

I saw the flying spaghetti monster in my pasta! Should I sell it on ebay?

I wouldn't want to drink Sydney, Aust.'s water

Blackwater guards killed 16 in week of violence

The greenback: How low can it go?

Iran: "Gays punished by lashing or death if proved that they have had homosexual relations."

Oil companies look to exploit Burma

Dan Rather, John Ashcroft: Blast from the past - Time to Remember

John McCain prefers a good, God-fearin' CHRISTIAN president.....

Isn't it time for the US to add a Department of the Environment?

It is so difficult to watch teevee

Springsteen: It's Early, But It's Late

U.S. Detention Centers Part of Long-Term DHS Plan: "ENDGAME" Part I

An On-line Poll Here and the same one on CNN

Sorry mods: GO PHILLIES!!!!!1 This game is Hugh!!1 Seriesly!!

bother that freeper at work.

Please, please, let Ghouliani get the repuke nomination

We need an Iraq Truth Group

Iran is a much more complex place than Iraq is(was).. Here's the inside scoop

'Time for change' receives Algae Award for Russert Demagoguery post

Are Michael Ware and the rest of our media unable to find and report on 4.2 million Iraqi refugees?

What kind of mind equates 9/11 with a prostate?

McClatchy: Supreme Court starts term narrowly divided

Faux News Propaganda at it finest: Iran, The Ticking Timebomb (On today at 3pm est)

Two possible reasons for all the vitriol this primary season:

Pat Buchanan was on MTP this AM, making excuses for those GOP candidates who skipped the debate

266 more U.S. troops killed in the first 9 months of 2007 compared to same period in 2006

Blackwater's employees... share the same religious zeal of ancient crusaders

Any attention given Rather's explosive charges about newsmedia protecting Bush?

NY Times Declares Posting on Forums & Blogs a Sport

I hadn't seen this great Tee Shirt before: Who Would Jesus Bomb?

State Department Agents Say Jobs Were Threatened

"The Fight" a prayer

What Larry Craig Wants, No Judge or Jury Can Give

Book Banning Efforts Bring on Title Fights

Can the Video Forum be filtered a bit???

Take a break from politics. Go to Calcutta.

Police: Sitter Put (18 month old) Boy's Feet In Boiling Water

Door Knob, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...

Firms Seek Access to Burma Oil Fields Despite Bloody Crackdown

A modest proposal stolen from John Yoo

"The Prophecies of Asu-The nation of Freedom"

For all you Ted Stevens corruption watchers

I welcome any statement of support for the goals most of us share...even from the converted.

"Without nepotism, Hillary would be running for the president of Vassar. "

Bond's definitive Miss Money penny dies

Is Hillary Clinton the New Old Al Gore?

Explosion in High-Priced Student Loans Sow Seeds of Trouble for U.S. Economic Growth

"So what if I lied about WMD?" blurted Bush (2003 interview)

Bill Maher: Stop Saying Iraq Is Another Vietnam; It's Another Enron

Alleged Poisoner Pol. Comeback in Ukraine w/ help from Repub "Strategist"!

US trains Gulf air forces for war with Iran

Neocons seek to justify action against Teheran

40% of Republicans and 27% of Democrats believe Saddam Hussein was "personally involved" in 9/11

Noose Found in L.I. Police Room

Couric: ‘Not My Job’ To Critically Report On Iraq

Woman Dies After Airport Arrest

Which issues do you think are likely to be misused as wedge issues

Message to lurking trolls

O'Reilly: "[I]f I could strangle these people and not go to hell and get executed ... I would -- but

Clarence "Slappy" Thomas guest on 60 Minutes tonite

Ahmadinejad walks away with a win

Hersh: Bush’s Case For Hitting Iran Has ‘Shifted,’ Now Focused On ‘Surgical Strikes’ To ‘Sell’ It

Let Kids Be Kids: "Pre-teen prodigy at quarterback growing up fast"...

When a Dem becomes president even the Republicans will be calling for the troops to come home

Wake Me When September Ends. Tomorrow: more war. more idiocy, status quo.

Kristol’s Dark Humor: Bush’s ‘Heartless Assault On Our Children’ Is ‘A Good Idea’

A Pox on all Polls-

Does Speaker Pelosi drink?

Where does it mention Jesus Christ or Christianity...

Russert is a money grubbing Asshole!

Hersh: 'War with Iran will be about protecting the troops in Iraq'. i am sure Hillary will go along

Bush Makes Surprise Visit To Work (The Onion)

Kerry staffer to deploy to Iraq in October. Will Rush call him a "phony soldier", too?

Norman Podhoretz on c-span 2 now, second half

Here we go again. Classic Republican BAIT and SWITCH. Iraq vs. Iran

NYT - The Dissenter: Justice John Paul Stevens

Have any of the Democrats in the run made a statement about Burma?

Who said that Dems should drop condemning Limbaugh? Introducing the next Repub silliness act:

John "Ain't No Fortunate Son"Fogerty nails the idiot on new album

The differences between the Mets and the Bush Administration:

How many people would drop their candidate if Gore were to enter the race for POTUS?

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Washroom Wobblies"

Tell Clinton, Obama, and Edwards to Produce an Out-of-Iraq Plan for 2009

Soldiers 'huffing' to get "out of Iraq for two minutes"

Blackwater is accused of killing Iraqis in cold blood, they're awarded $92 mil. contract

I do not support bribing mass murderers

Anybody else remember Pundit Pap?

Cuba Rips Bush at The U.N.

I believe Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination for President.

Bullshit Chevron propoganda

'The New Me Generation' (so much for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y...)

From Wide-Stance To ''Wide Coverage?''

* Ignored Saddam's Exile Documents, WHAT ABOUT '03 IRAN PROPOSAL PASSED BY NEY?

Clarence Thomas On Sixty Minutes Thread

Cindy Sheehan or Nancy Pelosi?? Who do you support? Re-Brands With 'All The News That's Fit To Click' Theme

"Are you now, or have you ever been..."

Al Gore on the Clinton Years

My LTTE to The New York Times

Mich. Lawmakers Try to Avoid Shutdown

Imagine If There Was A DU In 1980

Do you support giving money or bonds to women (or married couples) who don't have kids?

What Would The Consequences Of War With Iran Be?

Is it just I who feels that

DU this poll. Freedom Watch vs. Move-On

Deleted Post by KoKo01...What's the will be Locked as Flame what the Hell!

Big Dawg on Russert flip floping about Beating info out of terrorist

Letterman: It's kind of hard to tell Iran, US presidents apart

witnesses not being protected as well as they should

The 13-Point Combat Scale, updated for Iraq

The Conflicted Consumer (Great Read!)

One year ago today: ironic video of Mark Foley dissing pedophiles emerges...

Cindy Sheehan was a cancer in the Democratic Party

An extremely useful 'truth' test...legit

There must be a more flattering photo of this woman?

Compromise needed to avert Taiwan crisis

My new t-shirt came!


Warmongering Against Iran Gets More Time Than Diplomacy On “Fair and Balanced” Hannity & Colmes

Robbery suspect accused of murder

Sen. Robert Byrd at the Senate Appropriations Cmte. Hearing on 2008 War Supplemental

TPM: The GOP's best anti-Craig weapon = "Craig seems immune to peer pressure"

Christian Conservatives threaten running 3rd party candidate to Derail Giuliani

Bloggers who risked all to reveal the junta’s brutal crackdown in Burma

Looks like the author of the "If Al Gore steps in now" got their ass kicked.

Draft Gore petition...Have you signed it yet?

President of Bosnian Serb republic dies

CHIP bill is no longer veto proof! 1 Day Left Until CHIP Expires!

A Reminder: "The War" resumes tonight on PBS - 8:00 PM Eastern

The roar of Rumi - 800 years on (BBC) {800th birthday TODAY}

Abuse of canned air in Iraq leads to ban

Fight Back Against Giving Kids’ Names to Military

Justice Kennedy on Photo IDs?

these bullshit OIL COMPANY commercials that pretend their environmentally friendly

I haven't donated anything for the national election

60 minutes is interviewing Clarence Thomas right now.

Gitmo detainees on Supreme Court docket

Anybody miss Matt PUDGE & his airport screening of his "reading" material??!!1

Seymour M. Hersh: Shifting Targets

Noose found hanging in Long Island police station

Ethanol’s Boom Stalling as Glut Depresses Price

Iran War: Big Coffers and a Rising Voice Lift a New Conservative Group

This Modern World The sensible liberal and the right-wing nutcase search for common ground

The Rock Opera Republicans


White House: Don't split up Iraq

Bolton calls for bombing of Iran (Bolton??)

How do you and your candidate match up?

If you like what's going on in this country, don't click on this thread

"Hell No, They Won't Go!"

60 minutes now. Clarence Thomas talking of Anita Hill

Fort Drum soldiers join in peace rally, speak against Iraq war

"War is mostly telling lies, stealing from others who have better things to eat...


Hey Dems who just voted for the Iran war resolution, "U.S. Embassy rips Iraq partition plan"

Get ready, DU!!1 Tomorrow is ALL Uncle Clarence ALL day long!!1

Do you really believe we have 3% annual inflation?

Women arrested at airport found dead - police claim no taser or pepper spray was used.

Wild Bill Kristol fell to his knees

another Candidate matcher

Matt Drudge Radio Show Cancelled - Final night tonight, 9 years to late!

Bush so pathetic, his family rarely mentioned anymore

Schadenfreude News of the Day: GOP fears Giulia911 nomination could break the party

CIA Concerned That - WH Exaggerated Intell Used To Justify Israeli Air Raid In Syria

Mario Cuomo on Presidential Race: Who Needs Dems Like This?

This AOL poll on the RW "Freedom Watch" group has been majorly freeped, please help

ADM Mike Mullen, Gen. Pace's replacement, starts Monday

well, I just broke DU's cherry on ActBlue for Hillary by donating

I just donated to John Edwards through ACT Blue, because I spent most of today talking

Why I don't shop at Fry's

Cannabis Legalization

The DLC is a cancer of the Democratic party

Blackwater has hired at least 60 Chilean commandos trained under the Pinochet regime

Anyone have link to Springsteen's Political Statement on "Today Show?"

Springsteen Interviews - NY Times & Sunday Times: "... A Tallying of Cost and Loss..."

U.S president re-thinks Iran strategy

The USA attacks Iran...let's say

CNN's "Someone's swiping toilet paper" story: SOME ROLLS WERENT EVEN FULL!

My LEAST favorite liberal buzzword--and what's yours?


(In)Justice Clarence Thomas says progressives are as bad as southern racists

**Signatures required to get Kucinich on the ballet in these states:

Wanted: Husband with Canadian health care

Why not Jimmy Carter for President ?

The corporatists do not belong in my Democratic party.

New AT&T terms of service: We'll cut off your Internet connection for criticizing us

How to respond to the repugnant ones when they say "tax & spend"

Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo dumps $138 million in stocks; shareholders stock value shrinks

Got this in an email from a neo-con before 2004 election. Oh the irony!

There's a pattern here...

This is heartbreaking – leave my dad alone, says Jenna Bush

Would you be in favor of War Crimes indictments and fair trials for Bush and his minions?

Oral Sex and the Economy

The War on Iraq is simply a crime so great we cannot deal with it

Access Denied

Colorado Students Walk Out During Pledge, Recite Own Version

The cruelty of lethal injection

Democracy Texas style

What would Bush sing if he had the lead in "The Sound of Music?"

The fact is the president who does withdraw our troops from Iraq is conceding defeat is now at 90%

"the Texas president has been sending the New York senator messages

Hungry cop tases motorist for going five miles over speed limit

A DU recipe for irrelevance

Where is your Democratic Underground bumpersticker?

There Are A Lot Of Democratic Voters Like My Mom

Should our public drinking water be floridated?

Many soldiers get boot for 'pre-existing' mental illness

Pretty Funny from SNL last night

Another struggling underclass Bush has fostered into bankruptcy (and ignored)

NOW Petraeus admits to rise in Iraq violence

Hersh: *’s Case For Hitting Iran Has ‘Shifted,’ Now Focused On ‘Surgical Strikes’ As Way To ‘Sell' I

Giuliani Hires Old Friend, Accused Molesting Priest Alan Placa , "Consultant" to Giuliani Partners

Signatures required to get Kucinich on the ballot in these states

Shifting Targets-"They’re moving everybody to the Iran desk"-by Seymour M. Hersh

If Al Gore steps in now, I'll be disappointed in him.

High tuition prices and heavy student loans could sap economic growth.

Is our children learning ? yes : "childrens do learn"

I hate all Iranians, US aide tells MPs

A Problem from hell.

The other war, Karzai and ("esteemed") Mullah Omar

Genetically Modified Foods Have Serious Health Risks

From inside Burma

(((TOONS))) A tasty late night snack. Dig in while they're hot!

silly question (maybe) but on DU why so much dislike for Hillary and love for Bill?

Folks are SERIOUSLY going to DRAFT GORE

The Constitution in Peril (Newsweek)

The Bush administration has no basis for starting a war with Iran

Re: delegates, 'super delegates' and the Democratic Party national convention process:

Something strange I've noticed this year reference insect activity

Poor smokers would pay for health bill

Putin tells Tehran "They're going to bomb you!"

he won't run....

As a Dentist, please allow me to say that

I heart Mother Earth

It Isn't A "Lifestyle" And We Don't Want "Tolerance"

The Money Party - The Essence of our Political Troubles

Stand with the Burmese Protestors!

You want to derail Hillary? Stop doing business with some of these companies.

Rev. Billy Graham: A Prince of War Exposed

*ALL DUers* -- It's Time (Again) To Take Your Stands - A Survey

IA, NH, NV, SC may get sued by Florida for "conspiracy to intimidate the presidential candidates"

Ten Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Draft Al Gore

Oops - I almost forgot

Didn't see any of you on this thread so wanted to make sure you got the

Check out this thread -- look at how many times Biden is listed!

This doesn't help...

Gulp. I have my work set out for me.

September 30th Deadline

I posted another Biden thread about SC endorsements

Clinton, Obama Apparently Tied in Donations

Obama helps Democrats gain ground among Cubans

(Dumb Question Time!!!) How did the Iowa and NH primaries become so important?

Iowa Independent: Clinton Strikes Soundbite Gold


Corps are trying to make Stevia illegal

Democrat endorsing Obama

Hillary Supporters >>>>>>

Clinton & Obama participated in CBC events - where was everyone else?

Obama table in Madison: September 29 Edition

Bloomberg: CPI Inflation Data is a "Lie"

Support for the war(s)

Clinton reaches Big Names with Deep Pockets

Dems: We spend $10 billion/month in Iraq, but can't spend $7 billion more/yr to insure our own kids?

Framing: wrongly disenfranchised voter vs. "vote dilution" via voter impersonation Agenda

Ezra Klein: Candidates go Code Blue on healthcare

72M registered Democrats; 55M registered repubs; 42M Independents. Who do Independent voters want?

''If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it" - Clayton Williams and the Hillary '08 campaign

"Desperate Housewives" star James Denton campaigns in Iowa with Cate Edwards (photo)

If you don't support the nominee, you'll be throwing millions of women & minorities under the bus

Big Coffers and a Rising Voice Lift Group on the Right

Topps expands beef recall

RE: Obama - Time running out for the making of a black President

Ghouliani: "I'm not running against my Republican opponents. I'm running against the Democrats"

I just received an e-mail from everybody's favorite, Rahm Emmanuel:

Voters say it's Clinton, the former first lady, who has the most experience

Fulton County (Atlanta) Democrats Vice Chair, former Dean staffer, supports Hillary

I'm away from GD for a couple of days and the Hillary haters emerge en masse

Good morning, Hillary Haters

Petraeus admits to rise in Iraq violence

12/2/02: MSNBC's Dan Abrams tells Mike Farrell that chemical weapons in Iraq "might warrant a war"

Good day, people who do not have an irrationally strong emotional reaction to Hillary!

Bush: Chirac "sees himself as Mr. Arab."

If Romney wins Iowa and New Hampshire is that a lock on the nomination?

AFP photo: "Rosebud..."

Eric Massa NY29: #1 Congressional race on Actblue!

The Big Dog on MTP

Who's the winner?

All this whining from the "Leave Hillary Alone" crowd reminds me of ...

Presidential Race Influencing Congress on Iraq

Why don't they ever ask Republicans

Here are two neat sites for real political junkies

GOP smear tactics wearing the public thin

Taking our own Poll: Would you be disappointed if Hillary didn't win the primary and Obama did

Clinton gets unfair more time at Democratic Debates

Sen. Clinton had BETTER be able to take it from the Dems...

Local Democrats in West fear impact of unpopular ticket leader

If A is true then B cannot be. No?

Presidential bid was media pipedream, Bloomberg says

2013? Get Our Troops Out Now: Gov Richardson Huff Post OPED

Edwards machine rolls across Iowa

The brand known as Mitt©..."I'm different than President Bush in a number of dimensions"

Religious right may blackball Giuliani

My Interview With Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The Jack Bauer Moment: What the hell is Bill Clinton talking about?

Buchanan rationalizes GOP snubbing minority voters

If you haven't read this stuff on authoritarians...

Update from Edwards HQ: 10 hrs. left!

From the Pen on Lieberman-Kyle amendment WE THE PEOPLE...

What weighs most heavily in deciding which candidate you support?

Christian conservatives consider 3rd party effort (go, Ghouliani!)

The goal of politics: making people happy

Help the Best candiate get the word out

U.S. 2-party system seems like a 2-family system to some voters

So much for the "new kind of politics"...Obama whining at Clinton

Clinton, Obama Apparently Tied in Donations

The Draft Eisenhower movement of 1952. (Draft Gore background info)

Will Miers, Rove, or Bolten be charged with Contempt of Congress?

"The American Conservative” Magazine states that Petraeus is a Sycophant Savoir who will lose war

Bush Just Can’t Leave Bad Enough Alone

Republican bloggers in denial about Christian conservatives third party plans

Obama's Iraq policy will have troops out by the end of 2008.

Richardson has sound 3rd quarter of fundraising

I believe the Hillary haters are in the first 2 stages of the grieving process (denial and anger)

Go Left TV: Best of the Left News September 30th

Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources this morning on CNN

Any reasonable person would see that Obama is not going to make it

Has Apple's iPhone wipeout update crossed the line and tossed netware into the

I Like Hillary

Mark Foley GOP sexual deviant

Who among candidates will show courage and leadership during debates.

Who Am I??

Needed PSA: At this stage of the game

Bush Sold His Soul to Insurance in 1995 for $10million a Year to GOP Coffers

Bush Plans for Flu Pandemic Flawed, GAO Says

Dodd stunned, angered that leading Dems would not commit to having troops out of Iraq by 2013

All the DU AMATEUR PUNDITS proclaiming the race over need to take their meds!

Former Clinton Official: Bill is Wrong about Barack

Al Gore is not running because Hillary Clinton is too strong

Any reasonable person would see that primary season is in

"Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion"

Hillary, do you love, hate, like or dislike her?

GOP Is Ready to Roll Out the Klieg Lights for Craig

Clinton's health plan is viable, knowledgeable and works for everyone

Richardson says war with Iran is unwise

Any reasonable person would see that Senator Brownback needs

Bill Kristol: Heartless Attack on Children "a good idea."

9/30/07 Top Tier Straw Poll

How many of you have an open Primary?

Obama Strolls through Portsmouth

Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort

ARG SC poll: Hillary Clinton 41%, Barack Obama 30%, John Edwards 7%

Early polls only give a basic idea of who the top candidates are

Before the end of Sunday Sept 30th, dontate to KUCINICH- to Hell with these other "Dems"!

Barack Obama reaches and is surpassing the 350,000 donor mark!

Cate Edwards: On gay issue I'm with mom, not dad

Elizabeth Edwards pushes universal health care in San Jose (2ND STOP: SHE SHARES GRIEF WITH PARENTS

ARG NH poll: Hillary Clinton 41%, Barack Obama 22%, John Edwards 10%

The Nepotism Tango

Crowd of 13,000 greets Hillary in Oakland, CA

Iran Hostage Crisis 2007: How Cheney Might Try to Trick Us Into War With Iran

Does Hillary Clinton actually think she will be elected president?

ARG Iowa poll: Clinton 30%, Obama 24%, Edwards 19%

If nearly all the democrats say the war will continue to 2013...

Can I have your opinion on this?

Barack Obama: Hillary Seeks to be an Extention of the First Clinton Presidency

Hispanic workers call for boycott in Northern Nevada (raided 11 McDonald’s restaurants)

Vanity Fair article: "Going After Gore"

The BIG PICTURE...The RePublicans hardly ever touch on the BIG PICTURE.cause it shows their FAILINGS

Why can't we have a "Campaign 2008" forum so I don't have to pick thru all this candidate crap? n.t

Hillary's camp is afraid of Obama "busting out of the stable" willing to lose Iowa to Edwards

I see our country falling apart right before my just keeps

Go left TV: RFK Jr. on Neil Cavuto. how easy it is to hack Electronic Voting Machines

Obama and Edwards: One has to drop out for the other to win...what are the scenarios?

*ALL DUers* -- It's Time (Again) To Take Your Stands - A Survey

State of Texas: Bush is a "constitutionally ignorant power-grabber"

Frustration, retribution, Iraq and Hillary

How Shall We Prepare For Hillary Clinton's Presidency?

Bill Clinton would be wise to stay out of this presidential race

A gentle suggestion to supporters of "A" that slam "B" repeatedly

Hillary's only competition now is no one

Hillary's only competition now is Edwards

Other than Dennis Kucinich, what presidential candidate(s) have declared healthcare as a right?

Clinton's cackle may give opponents the last laugh

Biden to pick up two South Carolina endorsements

Help Clint Curtis, a true democratic fighter, in his bid for congress!

Giuliani Inspires Threat of a Third-Party Run

Obama, Romney Lead Nomination Race in Iowa, Newsweek Poll Finds

Ok this is kind of cool, a candidate selector for 08'

Memo to Hillary Supporters - Tell it like it Really is

We will lose if we continue to let the GOP control the conversation.

DLC to Progressives: Four legs good, two legs better


"High-Priced Student Loans Sow Seeds of Trouble for U.S. Economic Growth"


Any reasonable person would see that Hillary is not going to make it

RE: Pelosi with Blitzer this morning...anyone else fuming??

Hey Hillary lovers!!

Should the Dems nominate a SURE THING against the GOP?

If you prefer one of the other candidates to Hillary, you'd better start raising some hell

Why don't you support Dennis Kucinich?

Give us your first 4 choices in order for 08.

Watch Biden talk about labor, trade policies, healthcare, climate change and Infrastructure.

16 Million Black Americans voted in 2004.

Robert Reich Also Sets the Record Straight on Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill