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Archives: September 3, 2007

The troop buildup will provoke more suicide attacks, says Robert Pape.

WP op-ed, "Vladimir the Great?" Putin's Inspiration Is Much Older Than the Cold War

PAUL KRUGMAN: Snow Job in the Desert

I have fired General Petraeus and hired his replacement-

My husband took NoelMN camping. It gets worse.

"I am Super Pregnant Man. I am only man who can have baby."

Anyone snag any good deals lately?

This woman deserves a life sentence in jail.

Sha na na Fillmore East 1970

Cary Grant

Is 'Family Guy' the funniest show in teevee history?

It's our anniversary today!

Doing the wedding reception seating chart exhausted me

Humor: George Bush's Film On Michael Moore

Bill Maher: Miss Teen South Carolina vs George W Bush

I smell a whole lot of back peddling

Choice excerpts from the Presidential Advance Manual

Which is worse, an actively evil majority party in charge or an impotent one that kowtows to evil?

While you were out: Felix is now Category 5

Bye-bye Katrina, you'll be remembered again in another year

below freezing temps in Alaska tonight - end of summer is coming

If the Dems fork over another $50 billion for the US Occupation...

New book re. Bush's biking: "Gassed off" after 80-min. ride, he sat silent during Katrina briefing

Vote for WWFs cutest animal contest

Man smashes Home Depot checkout stand because it speaks Spanish!

I've heard several times that the DLC is the Dem version of the

Bush's Legacy In Some Pictures **warning pic heavy**


Reporter teaches soldiers how to respond to media "anti-American propaganda machine"

Florida's Blue Dog Dems supported Jeb Bush as governor...

Robert Parry: Warner for "Caretaker" President? (post-impeachment)


Brits quit Basra: What was achieved? (The Independent, UK)

It's the End of the World as We Owe It

U.S. Says Company Bribed Officers for Work in Iraq

The Nation: The Fed Won't Help the Working Class

More Shame, More Sorrow

Glenn Greenwald:Thomas Sowell offers superb Exhibit of the Right-wing Mind

Labor Day Musings

Bush has to go outside of the country to find an audience

The guilt-free liberal


Politkovskaya case: open day

The Global Dominance Group

Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Why He Opposes the Nussle Appointment as OMB Director

"Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: Countdown to Midnight in Persia"


Report: Corruption Is 'Norm' Within Iraqi Government

White House: Why Gonzales Bailed / NEWSWEEK

Secret deal for roadmap to peace bears stamp of Ulster

9/11 Lawsuits Will Get Their Day in Court

Senator Larry Craig - A Democrat who Feels Sorry for Him

Cut and Run: Bush heralds cut in troops as British forces head for exit

Grim Old Party Novak worried other Repugs may be hiding.

Bush: 'I've got God's shoulder to cry on, and I cry a lot'

In the US, class war still means just one thing: the rich attacking the poor

Don't Allow Invertebrate Dems In Congress to Insult You. They CAN Stop the War By Rob Kall

‘Actionable Intel’ in Class War


A Missouri state senator abruptly declares himself a Democrat, angrily citing the influence of

WAPO on bush trip

The Next Quagmire

Cool video on Paris "Velib" Bikes project

WSJ: China Hurdle: Lack of Refrigeration

"Australia Urges Voluntary Emission Goals"

Across U.S., fewer hunters, more watchers

Go Left TV W/Mike Papantonio & Glenn Hurowitz (Ring of Fire) Rainforests, Fuels, Billionaires

New Times Atlas Displays Effects Of Climate Change

Thoughts on Eco-Spirituality

National Ice Center Updates - Week Of August 27 - 31 2007

Honda limits greenest cars to certain states...

China, Other Nations To Reject US-Aussie APEC Climate "Plan" - Bush, Howard "Lack Credibility" - AFP

Indonesia Proposes Climate Group Consisting Of Rainforest Nations - AFP

Howard's Big APEC Moment May Not Produce Nonbinding Climate Goals Or Even Statement On Climate Plan

"No Sign Of Recovery" For St. Lawrence River Beluga - 25% Of Males Have Cancer

Save The Planet, Pope Urges

"Green" Electronics Vendors At IFA Show Find Consumers' Top Priority - Bigger Screen, Sharper Colors

Burma's Wildlife & Forest Resources "Being Raped" By Chinese Demand For Traditional "Medicines"

Australia Urges Voluntary Emissions Goals, Highlights "Energy Intensity" - Houston Chronicle

World Association Of Zoos & Aquariums Declares 2008 The Year Of The Frog - Reuters

Hardrock mining, nuclear energy advocate Craig resigns Senate seat

University Of Bremen AMSR Update 2 September - Ice-Free Line Pushing 85N Across E. Basin

The Eleventh Hour - a MUST SEE movie documentary

Livestock Researchers Warn Of "Meltdown" As Hardy, Rare Breeds Die Out In Africa, 3rd World

Dutch Build Towering Wind Turbines Out at Sea

e-heat thread in Frugal Group, winter is coming folks!

Transformed By Her Bond With Bush (Condi)

A Way Out of Debt by Way of Iraq

Bush is in Iraq right now

Detained Scholar Allowed to Leave Iran

Iraqi joy at British 'defeat' as Bush makes surprise visit to Baghdad (WH 'furious')

N. Korea says U.S. to remove it from terror list

Chilean Journalist Killed by Uniformed Men

Army Examines Possibility of Private Medical Contractor

Chavez vows revenge for Falklands war

Bush vows not to abandon Iraq

Iraq's leader expects favorable report (1 US troop killed & 3 injured-bomb)

Unions to endorse Edwards

China to give Philippine military 6.6 million dollars in aid

The Next Quagmire

Chavez says he could govern until 2027

Hillary Clinton Courts Labor Activists

New Zealand finance company woes continue: eighth collapses

Chinese Military Hacked Into Pentagon

'China power growing as Bush ignores Asia'

Panama begins 5.25 billion dollar canal expansion

Bush says US Iraq troop cuts possible with success

OPEC keeps lid on supplies

GDP growth not reaching paychecks

Bin Laden company denies ties to Osama

Bush makes surprise visit to Iraq

Pattern Cited in Killings of Civilians by U.S.

Rove Advised Bush Against Picking Cheney As VP

Obama Warns Against Divisive Politics

Bomb blasts kill at least 15 in Pakistan

Envoy’s Letters Counter Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army (Bremer strikes back)

Pope urges young to care for planet

Black children left out of Irish schools

"Five Heroes" From Cuba Await Their Fate

Russian Bombers Launch Missiles Over Arctic

Cuban exile in Miami plans to auction Che Guevara's hair

No matter how much you air the house out, it's still fucking hot

Sunday Night Earworm, Lake Elsinore edition!

Yo, guys who use electric razors:

I saw a guy hold a gun to someone's head.

Death is not an option: deep-fried pickles or deep-fried radishes?

If you haven't already done so, please call Toll-Free 1-866-445-6580...

I love big band music.

I went skydiving for the first time, and conquered all my fears!

is it just me, or does anyone else think the red state update guys are lame?

Okay, what is the deal

sigh I wish my apartment complex had real maintenance workers .

Las Vegas celebrates Labor Day with the Elvis Marathon: 100+ Kings sweatin' in the desert, baby...

And in honor of Nazis, let's take a trip down memory lane with Rush Limpballs singing "I'm a Nazi"

I just had chocolate zucchini cake.

The Mirror of Truth , George W Bu$h, Al Gore and Bill Clinton

Your medical examination...

Question for Firefox 2.0 users. I've recently upgraded to 2.0 from 1.5 &

"Sometimes when we make love, I still can see your face"

I'm going back to work...retirement is over on Sept. 17th!

The ribs just went in the smoker

For those of you on diets

I have a new thread up in GD-P...

D, S, L, V: What do you figure the D in cable listings stands for?

Hot as hell today. Make sure your pets are staying cool, especially the oldsters.

Heads spinning over 200-yard spider web

What's with having rabies?


What would you do if you found out your SO had cron on his/her computer?

Who knew guys in brown shirts could cause so much trouble?

Ann Coulter is coming over for dinner tonight

My girlfriend seeks Proofreading work.

Bush has been taking elocution lessons

News of my demise greatly exaggerated

What would you do if you found out your SO had corn on his/her computer?

self portrait #8

The New York Dolls — 'Stranded in the Jungle'

Anyone know how to re-enable the mouse on Windows XP? I did something stupid

3 hours of hard core apartment cleaning. Aw yeah.

Finally!!! Mariners win after losing 9 in a row!

Any fans of Batman: The Animated Series out there?

I totally abhor Buffett

Name a spice that you absolutely hate!


Don't click here unless you want to see baby room pix (dial-up warn)

Welcome back to DU, eh?

Remember that cat I rescued from the cold snap this winter?

I totally abhor buffoons!

Everytime we go to a family function, we end up with a carful

name a spice girL that you absoLuteLy hate

Do you have a relationship role model?

So much for my peaceful relaxing day........

Nancy Grace is coming over for dinner tonight

Image - Global Warming

Momentous decision - I want to get married

Lately, I want nothing from each day except for it to be over,

Why weren't you invited to the DU Lesbian Wedding of the Century?

Frack -- Summer's Over

the ending

Generally a productive holiday weekend.

Newest celebrity crush

it make no sense

Organizations/companies with bad public service

Am I the only person in the world who has never heard anything by Bill Hicks?


Image: Duck Feeds Goldfish Every Morning

5 Labor Day questions

Is it horribly evil of me to consider taking a supermagnet to the local goth club?


Sheesh....and I thought I bought a lot of lingerie...

Can vegans eat cheese doodles?

The beagle wants to go for a walk.

Back from Lake Havasu


Grills (the decorative oral device): Dumb or stupid?

Hey! Where's NewWaveChick1981?! n/t


first, i screwed up my ankle

The Price is Right to be released on DVD!!!

A 900-foot long banana?

big cheers today to all the DU women who are, soon will be, or ever have been

I've been gone for three days and not a single where's so-and-so thread?

Pedestrian Hit By Police Car Suffers Broken Foot

Hey! Where's Joe Fields?! n/t

For once, I'm proud of GD. One whole MDA Telethon down without the usual flamefest...

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone - Tip #1 - You have got to be fast

Rob Thomas fans!!!

It's Anthony Bourdain time, kids!

Gotta Go!

Here's how much of a loser I am...

Can I get a Hell Yea!

STILL no invitation to Dannielynn's birthday party, 5 days away.

C is for candlestick, I hit you in the knee.

I didn't win the Mega Millions jackpot


What's with having rabies?

All right...Put down the duckie!

ARGH! Venetian Blinds!

cute hat day.... picture thread

Movie sequels that were as good or better than the original

I'm being wiped out by Sarah BRIGHTMAN n/t

Why the f*** am I watching this?

Does your cat regularly switch their "comfort area"?

LABOR DAY TRIBUTE! great songs about the working life......

what awful things do women do to themselves?

A new family has moved in above me. There WILL be trouble.

Ever had to drop kick ninjas who were invading the shaolin temple?

My MIL just sprang for a new oven and Microwave....

Odd thing I noticed about myself today re: approaching opposite sex

Why must food be so tasty?

nature's perfect food

Cute photos of my new peeps! Cuz somedays we need something to smile about!

Can I post embedded YouTube vids in other places, like GD,

Gawd, I wish I was still married... (groan)

San Diego Padres, marching as to war

good night, all

Paris Hilton

Do you like your neighbrorhood?

Is there gas in the car?

new pics of our cat and dogs (I haz ur couch and am stealing ur nap)

Copious beer consumption and other bad habits

Ever had to drop kick someone out of your life out of self defense?

Baby I Love You...

Anyone else have school in the morning?

Any fans of Superman, The Animated Series here?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/3/07

Video of the 50 States

Here's a question

it was the third of september. that day i'll always remember,


Anyone else laboring on Labor Day?

A Question for the Technologically Minded Among Us

What's your personal flashback trigger?

Verizon DSL -- I Don't Think So!

Sept 15th

Union members, past and present, check in

I'm moving my baby into her college dorm in about 2 hours.

Labor day dinner menu

I just watched a special on the History Channel featuring Rabrrrrrr

This is for Lynnesin

What I did this weekend (feel free to post your art!)

Help! I'm a refugee from GD's debate about "mandatory health care"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/3/07 Bonus

Jon Voight on CNN to discuss his pro-war stance. Coming up.

Anybody know their way around Key West?

Anyone else watching The Universe marathon on History Channel?

Well, I had a great road trip! (pic heavy)

i totally adore balloons

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/3/07)

How many repetitions of this shitty pop song should I put up with before I bust some heads?

Looking for some insight on a possibly abusive relationship.

Where do you think the best place to People watch???

Uh oh, drama!

So I was walking to my friends' place this afternoon...

The church shit is continuing to hit the fan

Which band would have had the brightest future if a member wouldn't have died?

My "painting the cabin on the long week-end" story

Look at this house we might buy .......

What is the funniest video you have in your You Tube library? Post a link.

shout out for the mountaineers!!!

Hey!! Where's Xipe Totec? nt

So, I went out and bought a new car today

M is for migraine, I've had off and on since yesterday...

It's been over 48 hours since App. State beat Michigan, BUT IT'S STILL FUNNY!!

List all the styles of music that you generally enjoy

What's with having babies?

C-SPAN BookTV: Eugene V. Debs: Citizen and Socialist

Today in labor history September 03

Labor joke for the week of September 3, 2007 Busy, Busy, Busy

Washington Post: Labor in Fighting Trim

Happy Labor Day workers, you deserve it

It's a real labor of love for union lawyer

The UAW, 1936-'37 Flint Sit-Down Strike

We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition: Ask Congress to Give Workers RESPECT

Labor Day reality check

Labor’s Day—And Yours

Invasion of the Freedom Snatchers opening theme animation

Que es el hambre? - Gustavo Santaolalla - WARNING GRAPHIC

Rory Bremner as Ahmedinejad

Phil Ochs - Joe Hill (Live)

Biology or Lifestyle Choice: A Gay Question for Republicans

Nuclear 9/11 -

Freedom's Watch is Bullshit

John Edwards speaking on Global Warming

The 2 Minute Republican National Convention

Couric in Iraq: "what the military wants me to see"

The Unknown Candidate On Black Box Voting

Britethorn's Dilemma

Wolf Blitzer disputes GOP Rep. Boustany on Iraq progress

How We Got George Bush

From Beginning, To End

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

Bill Maher: Spike Lee On Levee so-called Conspiracy

Red State Update: Waiting for Fred Thompson

Barack Obama on Labor Day

John Edwards Receives Steelworker Union Endorsement!

A Kid Speaks Out: We Won't Be Cute, We Won't Be Patronized & We Won't Be Denied Our Future


U2 - Miss Sarajevo live from Milan | Universal Declaration of Human Rights

How the West summoned up a nuclear nightmare in Pakistan


an open labor day letter to Dr. Charles Stanley

My Aunt: "Them Niggers were buying expensive purses..."

Keeping your ear to the ground.

"i don't understand how people can pop out of wombs wanting to kill all the time"

In Book, Bush Peeks Ahead to His Legacy

Congressional cowardism encourages these future headlines

Barbara Ehrenreich For Labor Day: "It's Not Easy Being Ultra-Rich"

Globaling Heating

Gay Republican Guilt Camp (Slowpoke TOON)

The War Drums Grow Louder

Sure likes to go to a war zone but could not get him near Viet Nam.

Congressional Dems need to hold a gathering-on-the-capitol-steps moment

Poverty in America, minimum pay on Cspan1 now Wash J.

Speaking of offensive words

All the kings horses ...

The Decider visits Iraq

THE TRUTH: Deaths In Baghdad Down Because Ethnic Cleansing Is Almost Over-Thanks To Our Help

Dems seize on draft of Iraq report

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Petition to Repatriate Geronimo's Skull

Rep. Doug Lamborn

Navy SEAL Has Three-Prong Approach to Win the War In Iraq

CNN in full-blown save Larry Craig's rep mode.

Former Axis Of Evil North Korea 'to be taken off US terrorism list' now that they possess nukes

If Iran tested a nuclear weapon how long until they are removed from the US terrorism list

Cold War II

Bush heads for APEC summit...ever wonder what goes on there?

Steamed crap anyone?

WOW-WAPO: Rove Told Bush It Was A BAD IDEA To Name Cheney As VP

NKoreans say they are in bad shape. But not as bad of shape as the Iraqis are in

Vt. roadside memorial tallies Iraq war deaths

In Fifth District (MA) race, concerns shift from Iraq

Sour Americans hungry for change as election approaches

Edwards Statement On Reports Of Rising Civilian Death Tolls In Iraq

Does Fred Thompson Have the Fire?

Bush's great ambition: wealthy boredom

In Memory of Labor Day

see who Gov. Matt Blunt hired and why

Driving Boston to Indianapolis next week. can you suggest

most 'news" reports are talking about how Bush managed to secretively get

Mortgage Lenders...oversight???

Iran preparing for war? Doesn't seem so:

Al Anbar province center of Iraq, . Whachathik?

? For Fitz-"Mr. President, exactly when did this “hitting the roof” incident occur?

You know---I've had several Miss Teen South Carolina moments in my life..

From the book "Dead Certain"....

London Times: Pentagon Draws Up Plans To Hit 1,200 Targets In 3 Day Iran Blitz

What is your reaction to Bush suprize visit to Iraq -cspan 1 WJourn now.

Caption this loser in linen.

Caption please....(Sissy salute)

Texas GOP straw poll ends in embarrassment. Only 1300 of 20,000 attend.

LAT: (KBR) Iraq convoy was sent out despite threat

Is this too blunt? A little ditty to my Congressman....

Congress returns tomorrow: Send them a message

Those commercials from Freedom's Watch

Question about National Healthcare--anyone know the answer?

Received this e-mail regarding 9/11..........."Lights On"

"DANGER STAY BACK" Bush in Iraq photo-thanks to Stephanie

2 Are Accused of Anti-Semitic Vandalism on L.I.

Does the secret service make soldiers unload their weapons around Bush?

"Morale?" asked Bush. "How's morale?"

Resident artist ponders what George Bush should write on his postcard from Sydney.

Labor Day Movies. Not on TCM. Not on AMC. Not on FMC.

Edwards: "I MANDATE that you MUST go the Government Doctor!"

When we finally do get a government run universal health system...

Is This The Next Attorney General?

cspan 1waiting for Pres. to make remarks to troops.

Labor Day Tribute to Coal Miners

Have a happy Labor Day.

Good work.....(Caption the arrogant SOB)

Stem-cell transplants provide hope for family of blind girl

It isn't McCarthyism Mr. Murphy, nor a double standard Ms. Matalin

McCain says ramping up war on drugs can help border security

Special prosecutor should arrive on scene as Gonzales departs-By Elizabeth Holtzman

While we are on our way to Iran: public sex vs expectations of privacy.

WTF Arlen Spector backing up Lary "Wide stance"...saying he should fight for his stall rights

Happy Labor Day .... Joe Hill Lyrics

Ray McGovern: Do We Have The Courage To Stop War With Iran?

Most "green" cars illegal to sell in 42 states

Picture/Thousand words

Bush says US Iraq troop cuts possible with success

How long until word leaks out that chickenshit George was actually in Jordan for his photo-op?

US workers top productivity table (BBC)

I tried to post this on the video board

Labor Lessons Learned

American worker is screwed again

How do I say this

There was an International War Tribunal held for Iraq War I

CIA hand to auction off Che Guavera's hair, etc.

English electric Lightning

I hate to say it, but I fervently pray everytime that little puke goes to Iraq.

Norman Finkelstein: “I fully expect to be arrested,” Sept 5

A test run of the escape and evade plan to Paraguay?

George Bush has spoken about his future ambitions. What do you think he should do next?

'Will President Bush bomb Iran?'

Just got back from an Obama rally!

A friend sent me a video from "America's got talent" and after it played

My mom's last words to me before I lost her (my take on it)

Child labor Use Rises In China

Hitler's loss -- our gain

Caption *

News of my demise greatly exaggerated

David Podvin: LABOR DAY

Mario Cuomo (LAT) Congress Must Reclaim Authority To Declare War

Explosion at warehouse in OHIO - no injuries because it was a holiday.

Environmentalism for Billionaires

It was within Laura Bush's power to prevent Iraq the whole time, and she didn't

If this makes one person look before backing up just one extra second this was worth posting

Brace yourself.

FIVE THINGS: About Reuther's legacy

Hollywood Reporter: "Redacted" A Shocking And Deeply Moving Iraq Drama

Former General David L Grange said on CNN that 85% of all attacks in Iraq are against US troops

I don't see Hillary pulling out of Iraq

A third of psychiatrists do not believe in God

So how do we make like the East Germans and Soviets, and get rid of our Politburo?

I just can't help but think Tony Snow is going to have much better color when they blow some...

This poll could use some help - Are labor unions necessary?

Democrats: Concrete Strategy - as if winning mattered


Bush Trip To Iraq-"Sounds Like A Council Of War To Me" (Pat Lang)

two question on impeachment & media reaction if proceedings start:

Did Berlusconi owned paper urge reporter NOT to investigate Yellowcake Forgery?

CAPTION [PIC] :: Sums up Bush's entire presidency!

The world is a very lonely place for the most despised man in the world.

This may be really offensive, but I'm going to ask....

Iraq Pilot To Bush: Troops Not Getting Enough Training Or Time At Home

Which DUer helped produce the video, "Can Mr. Smith Get to

GDP growth not reaching paychecks

Anyone care to post a current pic of Snowjob

They sure shut down the dude talking re tramatic brain injuries and PTS

"Hold people accountable"

What was * standing in front off? If he is still in mess o' potamia

So much for the "Decider" bs

Right To Bear Arms...

Are you involved in local politics?

The drumbeats are getting louder... When do you think busHitler will bomb Iran?

Woo Hoo Sparks fly on E Street . New Springsteen and the band CD out on 10/2

Have we always been pawns in a game?

That's right Bushitler, run out of country on LABOR DAY!

The Great * Fault Line: They Couldn't Organize Their Way Out Of A Paper Bag

Why are the Brits leaving Basra?

There's a little saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Why isn't Bush on his way to a peace meeting with Iran?

Desmond Tutu: South African govt. to blame for AIDS deaths;anti-apartheid activists would be shocked

Thank you George Bush.

Texans, beware - Kinky Friedman running for Governor in 2010 as a Democrat

The History Boys

Why don't we call the Chamber of Commerce a "union" for business owners?

Public service announcement: Don't let kids dig sand caves at the beach.

The Avalanche Threat: No one is safe


"The difference between the two parties is as deep as a coal mine." Great read

My experience with "mandatory, government health care" with U.S. Medicare.

'a working holiday for the President---a top secret trp"--then the details ---opening

Best Films about Labor?

Remember everyone, Its your money!

What will be outcome of Bush attack on IraN?

Medical Waste and Trash Washes Ashore in New Jersey, Beaches Closed

GOP=Self Interest.....DEM Party=Common Good...its so simple but overlooked/

Okay, say the Mormons put a whole bunch o' money and a solid voting block

Republican Corruption in Florida: Deliberate Hanging Chads and Tom Feeney (FL-24)

On Labor Day, Remembering Ronald Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers

Iran will outsmart ("drunken and arrogant" ) West on nuclear issue, says Khamenei

Dear Troops!!!!!

Windfall: How Conservatives, Contractors, and Developers Cashed In on Katrina

Chinese military hacked into Pentagon

Steel, mining unions endorse John Edwards in a Labor Day announcement

on this beautiful sunny peaceful day I sat down and wrote to my elected representative...

The Independent frontpage: Cut and Run

4.5 billion years

Why do we need the constant national political polls deciding who our candidates will be?

So why doesn't bush just move the Iraqi capital to Al-Asad Air Base, there!!

So did John Roberts really suggest Harriet to * for the SCOTUS?

What ever happened to Rev. Ted Haggard?

Seriously folks - What are we going to do with Bush once he leaves office?

24-Carat Gold Garbage Can and Toilet Brush

Americans Pushing To Stop Ahmadinejad's Iraq Visit

"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture."

SF Bay Area Book event --- Tikkun and Cody's presents......

Iraq insurgent group names minister

30,000 more troops???

Verizon DSL -- I Don't Think So!

Nice That George Couldnt Stay and Honor......

Freepers Arguing Over K.O's Guest Saying Mitt's Xtianity Is "Debatable"

Newsweek: Baghdad now cleansed of Sunnis

McCain would lose his Senate seat to a Dem if the election were held today

When carrots are hotter than Coach

I LOVE my right-wing paper-ltte"Time to Impeach"

Neocon Strategy: The Military Solution Against Iran is The Final Solution

GOP Rep Leaves Threatening Messages On Couple's Home Phone After Letter To Local Paper

Caption this Nancy Pelosi/George W. Bush pic!

Undercutting Bush’s claims of success in Anbar.

Lobbying in U.S., Indian Firms Present an American Face -they've hired former * official as lobbyist

WSJ: In Iraq, Bush adopts, renames Democrats' ideas

Katrina homeowners discover that sometimes insurance is just an illusion

A way with words... I just had to share...

Any doubts I had are gone after this 1 hour vid: Improbable Collapse

Patrick Cockburn: Ignominious End To Futile Exercise (Iraq) That Cost The UK 168 Lives

On-campus birth control costs continue to soar (may increase health risks for college women)

Jailing Nation: How Did Our Prison System Become Such a Nightmare?

YOUTUBE: Cheney in 1994 said invading Iraq would lead to a "quagmire"

"I'll Give Some Speeches, Just to Replenish the Ol' Coffins."

Impeach Cheney & Bush - Call Nancy Pelosi at ........

For Labor Day, I invoke James Taylor's "Millworker"

I don't care about your religion.

Pope urges young to care for planet

Labor Days Past

3 Million People Dead When Cheney Uses his Nukes on Iran???

Chris Floyd: Post-Mortem America: Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead

Barack Obama's promises of "national unity" are well-intentioned, but naive and misguided

I chuckle everytime I think of this.

Wow: Upset in the Jamaican elections

In honor of Joe Hill and all the Labor Movement martyrs today:

Dirty Secret: Green Cars Automakers Won't Sell You

Remembering My Machinist Dad On Labor Day

Is DU in the dumper?

Do you think it took Bush so long to appear...

Lawyers Challenge Rice, Hadley Subpoenas

Raygun On GW

I've done your Christmas shopping for you - no need to thank me

Would you let a 10 and 13 year old drive an ATV?

The American People voted for Republicans in to keep the war going.

I'm going to be in a "roundtable" discussion w/Obama tomorrow!

Holy shit, I just had a weird dream about Alberto Gonzales

Obama/Edwards vs. Hillary/anybody

On the plane ride over, he ..........

Pattern Cited in Killings of Civilians by U.S.

Why hasn't residential architecture changed appreciably in the last hundreds of years?


How do you sell factory farming? With dollar bills and nose plugs

'Who wants to shake my hand?' - * pics

(Australian) Poll says Bush 'is worst US president'

NYTimes: Envoy’s (Bremer) Letters Counter Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army

"the Lord told me (the Iraq war) was going to be A, a disaster, and B, messy,"

'A Billion Dollars spent on War is a Billion Dollars down a rat hole' by formercia

Helen Reddy recommends . . . .

Bush meets with "former insurgents" who killed US soldiers; is "about to decide" Iraq's future

One more reason No Child Left Behind needs to be abolished!!

It is a FACT!

Video of vapor coming off of mercury dental fillings

Al Gore, James Hansen, and Civil Disobedience

Helen Thomas: "How Many More People Have To Die Before Complicit Congress Forces Withdrawal?"

It's Official --All 5500 Brits Pulled Out of Basra --Bush Furious LINK

Army Examines Possibility of Private Medical Contractor

Bush snubs Baghdad-goes to Anbar only. "Bush Makes War Assessment in Iraq"

Needed: Locksmith to change locks. Please report to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC

Political scientist has completed a detailed examination of what drives people to suicide attacks

Many Trainees Are Complicit With 'Enemy Targets' - Won't come to Americans Aid

Former Reagan aide says Congress must start impeachment inquiry

"Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced"

Rapture Ready board asks: "Will President Bush bomb Iran?"

Truckers, miners, steelworkers/ironworkers, I'm thinking of you today!

My GCW thread (not really)

I found this while searching for information on the Iran military....

Chico California Beautifies Highways: Do Try This at Home

I am happy to inform that Sanskrit is a DEAD language! DEAD!

I just became an Arbitron household.

On the one day dedicated to those have built this nation with their blood, sweat, and tears...

If We Didn't Have Term Limits

Good Grief!! There's this nutty guy on Dobbs: Phil Kent, Foundations of Betrayal

Has anyone seen Olbermann's numbers from last Thursday and Friday?

Are We ‘Good Germans'?

Scene at White House....

Electoral college

Fred Thompson.... about to fall flat, again?

Press Conference ---pix--->>>

Anyone know how Mrs. Grumpy is doing?

Storm-Worm Adds millions of computers to botnet.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon. 9/3 -- you're familar with cow tipping?

Exactly what happens when the gutted middle class American golden goose gives up the ghost?


On this labor day, I'd like to clear up a common misconception wrt "right to work" laws.

U.S. Media Ignores Estimate of 1 Million Iraqi Deaths

Wow!! Wolf Blitzer has a spine!! Who woulda guessed??

Noam Chomsky: Cold War II Could Escalate Into a Hot One

Chavez says he could govern until 2027

Phone #'s of all the people in Craig's hometown fit on ONE PAGE of paper!

Thinking that bathroom stings are out of line doesn't mean you hate children

republican protesters come to Nevada (a few pics)

Richardson Supporters: Why Bill?

Been to a library lately? Was it a Carnegie library?

Chief Justice ROBERTS suggested Chimpy nominate Miers for SCOTUS???

It's 4:30 PM and 105 in Burbank, CA... good thing Global Warming is just a LCT

Salt of the Earth (for Labor Day)

My letter to my senators and Pelosi re: Stop the Iran Plan!

OK CongressCritters... Vacation Is Almost Over... Be Ready To Show Us What Ya Got !!!

Bush In Iraq ---pix---->>>

WP op-ed: "A Prayer for Larry Craig," by James McGreevey

How Fair Is THIS Stunt ??? - Please Provide Your Own Caption

Howard Dean tells muslim group: "stand up and say who you are and be proud of it."

Until we kick the oil addiction, Oil Wars are inevitable...Global Warming is inevitable...

DU is not in the dumper!

Democratic Underground, in a nutshell

Lies, Damn Lies and Working the Surge


DU in the dumper

How did Dukakis get the nomination over Gore in '88?

What unions have you belonged to?

Jerry Lewis just slammed Iraq war on telethon

Brown shirted thugs at it again.

I made the front page of several local papers! Anti-war rally in a deep red county

Cirignano trial to begin in October

Union members, past and present, check in

Are you jealous of workers that belong to unions?

What is wrong with mandatory check ups?

Video: Chocolates To Make Your Skin Crawl

"Microsofte 811" - Making the World Safe for Voting Machine Vedors "Scoop"/Collins

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Another new school year, a new level of disrespect.

If we bomb Iran, what will be the publics reaction.

Murdock's Labor Day meme "Working class LIKES working two jobs in order to make ends meet"

Why are none of the presidential hopefulls going to poor areas ?

There Is "A Very Good Chance That Former VP AL GORE Will Make A bid"-Quote By: U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney

There is an interesting thread over at Du General Discussion- Politics....

Hi to all in the Biden group.

Are there any members of this group other than me who live in Delaware?

Pity For The Pres.

Dick Durbin: Take Teddy Roosevelt's 100 year old challenge! Buy back our democracy!

WP: Another Clinton donor faces questions from the past

Edwards describes stands on health care, energy, Iraq

Liberia’s ghost workers

London Times: Pentagon Draws Up Plans To Hit 1,200 Targets In 3 Day Iran Blitz

The GOP's secret plan to abolish Labor Day is uncovered....

Obama Inspiring on Cspan TV now at NH Rally, this man is GREAT!

Bush in Iraq on CSpan now.

Look at the Big Dog

Craig will not resign, Specter gave us a heads up.

Does Fred Thompson Have the Fire?

Bush gives rise to a Neo-Know-Nothing Party

Edwards Statement on Reports of Rising Civilian Death Tolls in Iraq

McConnell to Craig: Quit or we will expose you.

Labor Day not about workers anymore

So the Venezuelan Bolivar is headed south against the dollar...

President about to make a speech in Anbar Province up on CNN

Good news from Missouri...Today's LA Times:

Photos: Labor Day Campaigning

ActBlue via DU - is it the only accurate 'poll' of DU users?

GOP= Organized Corruption and Perversion Party OCPP

Biden honors working men and women today

With a New Speech, Clinton Lays Out Goals as President

Many people work 2 jobs; few say it's a problem

Faith: I came into this world a Jewish person.

Christian Legal Group Represents Missouri in Abortion Case

3-Day Blitz planned for Iran?

More union endorsements for Edwards

Impeachment as a way to stop the attack on Iran?

Oh boy! The Republicans have imploaded and the Democrats are in the cat seat!! Whoopee!!

Yahoo News Photos: Plastic Action Figure Bush lissnin' to the Generals on the GROUND, Stretch...

Big Dog on Larry King Wednesday this week. FYI. I don't know about

Photos: Barack Obama and family campaigning today in Manchester, NH


When Controversy Follows Cash

Oh, Mike Huckabee...little beady-eyed are ONE SLY Republican FOX...for me to POOP on!

Jailing Nation: How Did Our Prison System Become Such a Nightmare?

Edwards Statement on Bush Iraq Visit

The Race for the White House

Labor Day is No Holiday for Presidential Candidates

So what does Craig do now?

Heads Up: Obama's On CSPAN now!

D.C. Madam Bets on Valley Firm

Restoring the Promise of the American Dream (Carlyle Group)

Manchester, NH. Obama: We Need to Turn the Page

MSNBC: Edwards wins backing of steel, mine workers

Why are these candidates talking this experience BS

Clinton challenges Obama on change

John Edwards Receives Support Of Steelworkers And Mine Workers Unions | John Edwards: Union Man

Unions are coming out w/their endorsements... any for Obama?

Bill Clinton's most challenging campaign speech: Explaining why his wife should be President

MyDD Todd Beeton: Obama "reactionary AND stuck in reverse..."

Republicans Worry As Youth Desert The Party

Anyone know how long it takes the White House to fly to Iraq?

Biden bets on Iowa to boost candidacy

A tip of the hat to those Chicago labor martyrs who gave us an 8 hr day&May Day that we honor today

Hillary seen as most sympathetic to Outsourcing

Fed urged to cut rates or face recession

Democracy Is Dead in the USA

The unions prefer Kucinich

Do you want an universal health care system in which you are forced to have mandatory check-ups?

MyDD :: Edwards Gets Iconic Union Endorsements w/Analysis (by MassEyesandEars)

Obama's speech is on Cspan right now.

Edwards Evening News: Fed Up! Fired Up! (Labor Day Edition)

Hillary hit piece in NY Times online: "Clinton’s Altered Iowa Speech"

If experience counts when picking a president why do voters pick Governors

Match wits with future History. Vote, then keep this thread.

New Rule: No further discussion of religion or politics on DU

I suddenly support Edwards. Here's why.

Just Home From Holiday Weekend. What Did I Hear George Stephanopoulos Say About Wes Clark??

My former - Republican Auntie takes on Homeland Security

Should we ask Bill Clinton to arbitrate a compromise on Florida and Michigan?

Watching CNN, they just explained step by step how they "secretly" got * to

Only 32% are satisfied with Bush. 63% disapprove. CNN

ANOTHER Iraqi war veteran endorses Biden

do we have any independent, verifiable PROOF that * was in iraq today? (the sets of TDS come to

Favorite non-candidate?

Republican Sexual Deviants

Number of working family renters paying more than 1/2 their income on housing doubles.

Obama Strikes Back Hard In Speech Responding To Clinton's New "Campaign of Change"

Unions to endorse Edwards

World War III

Bush in Iraq - Surprise Visit #3

Would you vote for an Edwards-Kucinich ticket??

Who are or were the great Labor leaders?

Obama's senate record is 100%, completely and utterly similar to Hillary's on the issue of Iraq

I was just watching C-Span......and saw Hillary, and figured out what's "wrong" with Barack Obama!

Do you resent having to wear a seatbelt?

Richardson: Keeping Iowa First is God's Will (Very Bizarre)