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At opening session of Clinton Global Initiative, Al Gore calls for ‘global Marshall plan’

Anyone else feeling a certain ennui since the melt has slowed?

Two Ft. Bragg-based Soldiers Die in Iraq

UN sends envoy to meet generals (Burma)

Dems Can't Make Guarantee on Iraq Troops

Suu Kyi my only pin-up, says Tutu as he pays tribute to her courage

Australia secretly deports Papuan separatists

Police: Shootout Interrupts Peace Demonstration (Richmond CA)

Google's nine years old today.

Brussels Sprouts flavored SODA??!!??

Protesters Gather After DEA Raids Local Pot Shop

Happy Birthday Jack LaLanne!

Give a hoot, don't pollute

Bold world series prediction: Sox vs. Rox

OMC, what PRACTICAL thing can we do for you?

Who here remembers the brief attempt at "Pay Toilets?"

Radio Lady's Trivia: In the movie Muppets in Space (1999), there was a character named

What music have you listened to lately?

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 2 (Troops In Iraq Cont'd)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 1 (Troops In Iraq)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 3 (Kucinich/Gravel)

says Waxman has schedule a meeting on Iraq corruption for tomorrow:

Meanwhile, under the radar, the vile Spakovsky makes it out of committee

Anyone remember what Kerry said about withdrawing from Iraq in 2004?

Evo Morales on The Daily Show & elsewhere = wonderful...

Top Democratic Candidates Stop Short of Withdrawal

Police Stake Out Brett Darrow Home (Out Of Control Officer)

Sidney Blumenthal: Dan Rather Stands By His Story

If Hillary gets the nomination, I'm gonna write in "Saddam Hussein's Dead Body".

Anyone looking to understand the current context of Ahmedinejad/Iran/US should listen to this....

US Military Official: Blackwater "May Be Worse Than Abu Ghraib"

Countdown to TOPOFF 4, Portland Oregon. The largest 'simulated' WMD exercise ever involving 1000's.

I think Edwards won the Debate....What do you guys think?

Russert Lied on Life Expectency on Social Security 1930's

Representative Markey Decides to Insult US Atheists Because of Climate Change Stance of Poor Nations

Why the Jewish part of the Holocaust is viewed as unique

If you are serious about sustainable growth and global warming please read this.

Help this thread - someone posted about Biden's bill :)

You guys -- here's the link to the results I posted. It could

Hey Look! Quick! I'd like to introduce

If I was running a presidential campaign and I wasn't working for HRC...

About 2,000 protest Irving immigration program

Obama Sharpens Critique Of Hillary

The Dismantling Of Hillary Has Begun

A couple of bloggers think Tweety may have been drinking when he was on pre-debate with KO

Just like a suburban Italian restaurant, O'Reilly said, "There wasn't any kind of craziness at all"

So what will the excuse be when Senator Clinton continues to dominate the polls...

The debate reviews are in.....

The Reviews are In - Edwards broke away as Clinton's main challenger at the debate tonight

Dem Prez Candidates Diverge

About taking the cap off social security-

Moral Hazard, the Oath of Office, and Treason

Union Busting Confidential

Cars, Wars and Democracy

Our View: Enough already, Sen. Craig; it's time for you to go

Did N. Korea give Syria nuclear aid?

Columnist Broder in a rare criticism of Republicans: "Following Bush Over a Cliff"

Goodbye George!

Rather's lawsuit would expose major news org's "intimidation, complicity, corruption" under Bush

Ray McGovern: Bush, Oil -- and Moral Bankruptcy



Lieberman Forgets Whom He Serves First

John Soltz (VoteVets): So I'm a "Phony Soldier," Rush?


Sidney Blumenthal: Dan Rather Stands by His Story

Contractors take on expanded role in drug war (Blackwater)

Fact Check: Bush's False Claims About Children's Health Insurance

Dems Could Do Far More to End Iraq War

'A Coup Has Occurred' (Daniel Ellsberg)

America’s New Religion By James Kunstler

Bush fulfills H.L. Mencken's prophecy

Gareth Porter| Lieberman-Kyl vs. the Evidence

Bush the Saboteur

Nir Rosen: No Going Back-Little relief in sight for millions of displaced Iraqis

Total News Bias by Rob Kall

Soldier Tells Of Shooting Unarmed Iraqi

Of Hamster Wheels and Men

A 19 Year-Old Kucinich Volunteer Responds to Democratic Candidates in "FANTASYLAND"

Generals opposing Iraq war break with military tradition

TIME: Burma's Agony

How the 'gang of four' lost Iraq

It's The Oil, Stupid!

Lawyer Admits Destroying Church Porn Evidence

Terrorism Index - Foreign Policy magazine

Krugman: Hired Gun Fetish

Time to Rename the Department of Defense to the Department of Offense!

Cliff Schecter: Couric Admits Feeling NBC Pressure On Iraq Coverage

Buyer's Remorse: Their Purchase, Our Regret / David Michael Green

America’s New Religion, Part II / James Howard Kunstler

Climate Change Peril Insurers See: Risk perceived by insurance industry may alter political balance

NYT editorial re: lack of affordable housing being built in MS post-Katrina

The Democrats' Death Wish By Stephen Pizzo

Gary Hart: Unsolicited Advice to the Government of Iran

Chris Floyd: Ninth Circle: The Widening Gyre of Iraq's Death Spiral

Independent: Bush prepares for 'greenwashing' climate summit

Taiwan Power Buys 17 Million Tons of Coal for 2008 to 2018

xpost from Editorial: Russia is far from oil's peak


FPL Group Plans to Boost U.S. Solar Energy Production (300 MW for FL and more)

SOLON AG to Expand (PV) Module Production Capacity to 500 MW (per year)

DT Solar to Install a 700 kW Solar Electric System (Nevada)

Ireland: Is it time to join the nuclear family?

Ted Turner says he's serious about solar power

New program aims to stop pill pollution (Maine)

Germany Looks to North Africa's Untapped Solar Thermal Potential

Engineered Eggshells To Help Make Hydrogen Fuel

Global warming threatens Bay area, Kaine tells Senate panel

The untold story of how the energy lobby and the bush admin worked to clear a path for new reactors


Pet rock or the next step in the greening of America?

Insane Claim on environment & energy policy by this administration

TS Lorenzo could be hurricane by landfall...

Britain to start phasing out high energy lightbulbs

Australian Foreign Minister Outlines Dire Climate Future, Embraces Non-binding "Aspirational" Goals

US Insists It Supports UN Efforts On Climate - And Condi Says We'll "Expand Our Leadership"

Road To Nowhere - Bush's Latest Global Warming Stall - Huff Post

UK Major Retailers Will Ban Incandescents After 2011 - But It's Voluntary, Of Course . . .

Algae Spike Discovered In Canada's Most Northern Lake - Likely Linked To Warming Climate - AFP

NHC - Hurricane Lorenzo Approaching Veracruz In GOM - Top Sust. 75 993 Mb Moving W. 6 mph

John Howard Plays Down Climate/Drought Link As Study Shows High Fire Risk Days Up 300% By 2050 - AFP

ChimpCo Touting Success Of Measures It Opposed - Tougher CAFE, Higher Renewable, Appliance Standards

Chronic Wasting Disease Still Spreading In Deer - Endemic In 14 States

Ethiopian PM On Climate At Clinton Meeting - "We Are Being Punished Because Of What You Did"

Clinton Global Initiative webcasts

Pat Michaels Steps Down As VA State Climatologist - Hid Links To Utility Company Funding

Clinton on Kyoto: "It's a very good thing to fail in the right cause."

Soaring Grain Prices Empty Australian Feedlots, Bring Beef Price Spike - Reuters

World Carryover Wheat Stockpiles At Lowest Levels Since 1977 - 1978 - The Australian

This is where all those things that wash down rivers to the sea end up.. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Today's Boo-Hoo Award: Saudi Oil Minister Says Climate Policies "Unfairly Tax" Oil - Dow Jones

New mini-wind turbine... really mini.

Shijiazhuang, China - Economic Growth @ 11%+ In 2006 - As Two-Thirds Of City Groundwater Now Gone

IPY Researchers Stunned By Canadian Arctic Heatwave As Landscape Literally Melts Before Their Eyes

Alternative Home Heating Solutions

Overpopulation could be people, planet problem (AP/CNN) {Surprise! Population bomb still ticking}

Shootings by Blackwater Exceed Other Firms in Iraq

Oregon judge knocks down part of Patriot Act

GAO Report: Walter Reed Problems Have Not Been Fixed

Saudi FM warns against dividing Iraq, Iran's interference

Craig Will Remain In Senate Until Judge Rules

Spies Prep Reporters on Protecting Secrets

Myanmar monasteries raided as world pleads for calm

Climate Talks Draw World's Biggest Polluters (Anti-Bush Protesters)

Dozens Die in Car Bombings as Iraqi Violence Surges

Report Says Hussein Was Open To Exile Before 2003 Invasion

Bush climate goals marked by bureaucracy ("setting goals to set goals,")

Iraq: Travel restrictions considered as cholera spreads

Hate crimes bill put on Pentagon measure

US insists Iraq violence not on uptick during Ramadan

Iraqi Arab families ready to leave Kirkuk

Raising Money for the Op-Ed Soldiers

Student Queries Edwards on Iraq War

Dems to try to pass hate crime measure

Blackwater blamed for guard deaths (Fallujah)


Videos spur Va. appointee's resignation

Two jailed over Croatia massacre

Report: Security on U.S.-Canada border fails terror test

KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary, plans to diversify

Army Plans to Increase Size of the Force More Quickly

Son Seeks Restraining Order on Official (State Department)

More Blacks and Hispanics Live in Prison Cells Than in College Dorms

Six Arkansas nuns excommunicated for heresy

Senate Passes Hate Crimes Bill

Mob jury reaches partial verdict on slayings

Redford Off to War with "Enemies" (Richard Clarke's Book)

Hagel (R-Ne) introduces health care legislation

U.S. insists it supports U.N. on climate

Congress OKs Bill to Keep Gov't Running

Morality police patrol Ramadon

Civilian deaths in Iraq air strike probed by U.S.

800 nurses (2 states) on verge of striking

Mistake costs dishwasher $59,000

Diplomats Accuse Bush of Attempting to Derail UN Climate Conference

Report: Iran building new clandestine nuclear plant

19,000 insurgents killed in Iraq since '03

Jena 6 DA will try defendant as juvenile

Report Assails F.D.A. Oversight of Clinical Trials

GALLUP: Trust in Federal Govt, On Nearly All Issues, Hits New Low -- Even Less Than in Watergate Era

John Edwards says he'll accept public financing

House Oversight Committee Report: Blackwater 'impeded' probe into contractor deaths

Sunnis may stop work with U.S. in Diyala

Sharpton: Bail being posted for Mychal Bell

Tent City to hold AWOL soldiers

Granholm, GOP stand firm; budget talks continue

ExxonMobil, Murphy to sue Canada over oil rule

August new home sales down 8.3 pct to 795,000 units, lowest level in 7 years

Bush appeals to China to pressure Myanmar

BREAKING NEWS: Hal Daub (R-Ne) to exit Senate race

Morgan Stanley pays $12.5 mln over pre-9/11 e-mail (that were not destroyed as claimed)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 27

GOP hopefuls assailed for debate no-show

Rice vows US is committed to tackling global warming

New Details Emerge on Blackwater Role in Shooting

For Craig and Others, a Caucus on the Potomac

State Dept. Tallies 56 Shootings Involving Blackwater on Diplomatic Guard Duty

E. coli in Topps brand frozen burgers (331,000 pounds of patties recalled)

9/11 Nonprofit Removes President

Bush on travel woes: ‘We've got a problem’

Jena 6 Defendant Released on Bail

Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill with Veto-Proof Margin

Corning Inc. moving factory to Mexico

Verizon Reverses Itself on Abortion Messages

Russia Promises Retaliation if Weapons Deployed in Space

Russia's Lavrov Rejects Sanctions On Iran For Now

Iran Strengthens South America Ties

Catholic hospitals to allow Plan B for rape victims

Giuliani Won't Accept Donations Of $9.11

Blackwater guards killed 16 as U.S. touted progress

Dawn Spacecraft Successfully Launched

Hunt oil deal creating tension in Iraq: US

Soldier says he was ordered to shoot unarmed man

Cops Looking For Little Girl On Sex Tape

Judge: Use of Troops' Names Protected

Court win for Cuban dad in custody case

Study: Alcohol Boosts Breast Cancer Risk

US imposes sanctions on Myanmar leaders

Editorial Page Editor Forced Out Over 'Local' Dispute

LATimes: Mercury in vaccines seems safe for kids

Self delete


Tips for the domestically challenged

Naked Anorexic on Billboard during Milan Fashion Week

"Louisville Lip"- Freakwater

Richard Hoagland is on kpfk now for 2 hours

Say hello to my little friend

Could I get your input?

The One Post Ever Certain to Get Zero Responses:

I finally completed my first prototype!

Want to know why I feel like I am having a sucky week ( its not bad )

Need urgent help with this song about Jena

Nasty weather

Porn on NetFlix

Haunted - New Sci-fi Channel Show - Has The Creepy Factor

Thursday September 27th really dumbass George W. Bush quote for the day

The enigmatic Blank Post Of the Day (09/27/07)

The Bionic woman

Does anyone know how to remove car paint from gum?

Austrian Court Refuses To Declare Chimp A Person

Very fun post in GD for those of you who do not often leave the lounge!

Who wants to know who won Top Chef finals?

Microchips Linked to Cancer in Animals

A special video for Monty Python and Star Trek: TOS fans

Best TV bartender?

Season premiere of "Ugly Betty" tonight!

POKE 808,225

how do you do text with a line through it?

I have 108,647 DUers on ignore now

what should I do today?

One of my favorite birthday cards of all time

Does anyone know how to remove gum from car paint?

Do you think you might have a Jost in your house? (Poll)

The Six Million Dollar Man today

Grossman is benched.

JackMN's new fashion innovation: the pantshirt.

What is the 'dealio of life'?

Yay!! The boss is out of town!!

Freaky. I ordered a pair shoes from at 9pm last night online

The most incredible sculptures.

Important debate needs YOU to determine the correct spelling

If there were a cult whose members willingly killed themselves to provide food for others

I aced an online sexual harrasment test!!!

Top 5 Weirdest Drive-Thrus in the World!

Have you read "Porn of the Rings?"

For the mathematical facile

Sheetrocking expertise, s'il vous plait...

Anybody know French?

If you became a flesh eating zombie, what's the first thing you'd do?

Have you read "Bored of the Rings?"

Man Accused Of Animal Cruelty, Raising Pit Bulls On Steroids.

OK, I just took all y'all off ignore.

Moon picture

East coasters: who wants to form an Oingo Boingo tribute band?

Look what I got to go with my Halloween costume...

So CSI Fans, Sara Alive or Dead?

any updates on OMC's wife?

Fscking athlete's foot!

Krazy Kat and Ignatz. True love or harassment?

Wish me luck - I am going to the gym for the first time in a decade.

Could you make it through an entire day without stating a metaphor?

Pinot noir grapes have more genes than humans

Here is a photo of me and a co-worker at my last job. I got fired...

FACT: The office season premier is tonight!

Used computer not such a bargain, after all.

Do you ever find you are not at your best after lunch?

I tire of the ubiquity of fuck

Pimento Cheese. Like or no?

I think the Secret Service wanted to pull me over yesterday.

Oh gawd. Sophie went power-crazy with the Febreze.

I think i'll just get stoned

Aw, HELL! Secretary of State Condi Rice is coming for lunch and I can't decide what to serve her!

Why is it that ALL men always have to have both

Flight of the Living Dead

Once a week? Once a month? Every day?

TAKE THE TEST: Are you a Slacker Mom

Creationism Back on the Front Burner - Oo-la-la, This Time in France

The Invisible Fence...the pups "graduated" today.

I want to have a flight of fancy.

Do you think you might have a ghost in your house?

Why don't we get drunk and screw?

Crocs' long walk home

This discussion thread is worthless. It's so lame, it doesn't even deserve any replies.

I want to have a bite of Nancy

I hate being flamed.

Sometimes I feel I've got to (*clap clap*) Run away... I've got (*clap clap*) Get away...


My Show will be on tonight and you're all invited to listen in

help. me. please.

Some things to remember...


i just wanted that crazy atheist hooker to have a good day

What do you think of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

How do you say I miss you to an answering machine, how do you say goodnight to an answering machine?

Anyone notice the internet is a lot faster with Vista?

Seriously, who should God smite?

The end is coming...


Did anyone watch Kitchen Nighmares or whatever it was called with Hells Kitchen Chef Ramsey

The BBC For Your Ears!

Went to my favorite restaurant for dinner tonight

Mmmm! Beer!

Panelists discuss the complicated issues facing Nigeria or Niger.

Remember, Folks

Does Shit Scare the living shit out of you?

Do Toilets Scare the Living Shit Out of You?

Seriously, who should God damn?

Chris Farley: Remember that time you were with the Beatles?

Remember the MO kid who was harrased by a cop (who was then fired)?

"Dawn of The Dead"

Oh dear Lord this is hilarious.

I was walking down the street last week and some random guy shouted

Why is it that ALL men always have to have both

"Get the Midas touch"! Or maybe think twice about that?

I really like Frampton's playing on "Frampton Comes Alive"

Would you rather...

Don't run afoul of the Tennessee revenuers! (cigarette tax).

What's on your "My Name is Earl" list?

I just got back from the gym and man am I depressed.

Remember the show Fury? Remember Pete? That actor was a Ph.D. and professor of acting.

LaraMN is my DU Crush o' the Day

i was thinking of some Tatoo ideas

George Lazenby got an unfair break

i went to this fancy place

I have never needed iPod help more than at this very moment ..please!?

Yarborough and Peoples

Yar's Revenge

Yarn Harlot

What did you "cut your teeth" on?

For my 10,000th post... (DIAL-UP WARNING)


Man, look at these boobs.

So the commercial says for every ciggie I smoke, I lose 26 minutes...

Is O'Reilly a congenital idiot or did he pull up his bootstraps to get that way?

i have been sick since monday with a really bad cold, the upside, i haven't smoked since Sunday.

He wants you. And he's so sexy that there's no way he won't have you

Lounge, who do YOU want for president?

Oh yeah, it's a Nena poll! stomach is killing me

So when you litter and throw things out of your car, what DO you throw out?

Anyone else watching gladiator movies?

I'm on hold on the phone with IBM software support.

no, you don't get the whole sidewalk

anyone know how to import napster songs onto iTunes?

Why the hell did Bruce Campbell never become a big star?

Halo and Monty Python!

Why do men and women think that I am sexy in the buff?

Smallville is back. Supergirl is well,super.

Did you know that every day Mexican gays sneak into this country and unplug our brain-dead ladies?

Absolute Flame Thread

If you could live in any Rabrrrrrr-inspired universe or multiverse, what would it be?

Hmmmm, the GD has been quiet lately...

dobbsian financial control methods

I have a VERY important announcement

BOB IS . . .

Having a bad day? Wish someone ill will?

Congratulation lounge! We've unleashed the evil spirit of Carrot Top to the world!

Okay I found this what do I win. (Olive Garden wins breastfeeding award)

WARNING! CarrotTop pictures inside!

You know it's fucking insulting that they sub-titled eveything the owner said in Kitchen Nightmares

Annie Lennox "Songs of Mass Destruction" - listen here

New TSA and DHS Terrorism Warning

Oooh! Earl and the Office season premiers tonight!

Mad World

Did you read ALAS, BABYLON in school?

I have a sty, in my eye, and it ain't fly!

Do you know what stadium this is?

Okay, who sings that infectious song on the IPod Commercial...

NBC bringing back "Knight Rider"

5 Squirming Fly Larvae Pulled From Colorado Man's Head - 'I will love you through your maggots,'


Any DUers subscribe to Foreign Policy magazine or have comments

Billyskank For Lounge President

blood pressure

Anybody watch "Bionic Woman" last night? Opinions? (Spoilers)

It's a girl!

High heels

So how long is your ignore list? Mine is upto 25!

Preparing for the end

Mets losing again...someone talk me off the ledge!!!!


Who misses Wildhorses?

Bruce Springsteen on TODAY SHOW Tommorow!

Wish me super-good luck and vibes!

Hey everyone, it's Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day!

Buddy from "Just One of the Guys" has a myspace page....

Movies that made you laugh your ass off

I have solved the Carrot Top mystery. No, I'm dead serious.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/27/07

On tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Russian River Pliny the Elder Imperial IPA

Son's pre-school teachers recommend evaluation for autism/sensory disorders.

CNET NEws: Why Microsoft must abandon Vista to save itself

Day 2

9/27 Stacey Update. Bad Day Today. (Except Lindsey Lohan's Father Visited Her Today)

Do Clowns Scare the Living Shit Out of You?

Harvard Student Given Extra Exam Time To Pump Breast Milk

Pachelbel Bedtime: this is a hilarious little ditty. Check it out.

Take the test - Are you Stupid? I'm not (got 100% on my test!!!)

Somebody set the wayback machine to April 14, 2003

Thursday, September 27th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Freaky. I ordered a pair shoes from at 9pm last night online

i was thinking of some tattoo ideas

List A Useful Website That Would Actually Help Someone Out

Why do women think that buff, handsome men are sexy?

Let's all do some rocking...

You know you're a hiker when:

If they were remaking Dr. Strangelove

What's the best way to say no?

At least I know the people of the DU Lounge love me

Anyone else watching CSI?

Why do women think that geeky, pencilnecked dorkwads are sexy?

Are you photogenic?

Team USA Women's soccer team lost today in WWC -I'm bummed

I am interviewing for a job that requires top secret clearance - anyone here know much about it?

Best Beer

Bucky Katt has my vote!

We got the house!

Relationship/Dating Advice for an Insecure, Inexperienced 22-year old?

Who is watching The Office?

Do you know how to text on your cell? This is freaking me out!

A brief tale about a stupid, empty woman

Remind me not to let the room-mates drink from the box of wine again

Attention television producers: I'd like to see a clever, scary, complex show

Ugly Betty... Who else is crying ????

Why do men think that stupid, empty women are sexy?


There are two words that can *end* a conversation

You know not all cops are bad!

When you finally consolidate all your pennies into paper money at a change machine, what'll you buy?

To the nasty old hag in the Target parking lot....

I do love beautiful women :)

Radio Lady Challenge: Aw right, who's the oldest person in the DU? I'm 68.

What are some of the reasons people leave DU?

I can't elaborate much but a simple request if you will DU?

Report: VA still far off care goals

Proposal to halt Air Force cuts has support

Air Force Brass Irked with Drone Debate

DoD: 8 months to reform mental health care

Tent City to hold AWOL soldiers

Army personnel violated Pentagon directive

Today in labor history September 27

Arbitrator rules for union in dispute with IRS

Episode 33 USW POWERcast, campaign that aims to stop the toxic imports that are endangering our fami

Debt Problems? For Union Members Help Is On the Way

Union Members Know What’s at Stake When They Vote (a new AFL-CIO political writer, in his debut post

Take Action to Protest Murder of Guatemalan Union Leader

Firefighters Outraged At Rudy Giuliani $9.11 Fundraiser

Abuses in the fields sometimes ignored

The Detroit News: GM narrows competitive gap

House Passes Bill to Compel OSHA to Issue Standards for Popcorn Additive

USA Today: For Shanker, education was a labor union of love

Former UAW Officials, UAW Dissident Group Urge A “No” Vote on GM Deal

Labor Problems Still Unresolved on Two Year Anniversary of US Airways Merger

Nurse (1,000) strike begins

800 nurses (2 states) on verge of striking

Barack Obama Trailer for NYC Rally

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 7 (Health Care)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 8 (Health Care Cont'd)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 9 (Same-Sex Issues)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 10 (Fiscal Responsibility)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 11 (Social Security)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 12 (Smoking & Drinking)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 13 (Vote At Age 16)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 6 (Biden on Giuliani)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 14 (Lightning Round!)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 15 (Stupid Torture Hypothetical)

Hello Hellicopter... A Tribute to our Troops

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 5 (Edwards: No Iran War)

MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams 9/24/07

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 4 (Iran Nuclear)

Democratic Debate - New Hampshire SEPT 26, 2007 Pt. 16 (Bible's Greatest Hits)

Tell Me Why

Bill Richardson: New Hampshire Post Debate Interview (troops out of Iraq now)

Video Analysis of the UF Tasering Incident: Who was really calling the shots?

Faux News Presents War Porn, Shannity details wet dreams of attack on Iran

Rudy Giuliani caught in NY Times ad violation

remember this clip? it always does my spirit good...Donahue tore O'Lielly a new one

Fox News goes after Katie Couric for the crime of telling the truth

Mitt Romney's Hypocrisy on Iran Investments

Bush on Contractors in Iraq = April 2006 ?? Uniform Code of Military Justice does not apply ??

Jane Harmon catches Bush Playing the Fear Card with Bogus Threats

The Moment

Mitt Romney's Hypocrisy on Iran Investments

Donald Trump on Fox: Worst. President. Ever. 9/25/07

Rep. Pallone on Rush Limbaugh's "Phony Soldiers" Comment

O'Reilly: It's all the Media's Fault I'm such a Bigot

MSNBC’s Countdown 9/26/07

FOX News "Debate" On War With Iran

Obama at Washington Square Park Rally, NYC, 09-27-07 (PART 1 of 3)

Olbermann: "O'Reilly is in big trouble."

Bill Clinton on the MoveOn Petraus ad and GOP hypocrisy

Hillary Hot On Iran

Newt Gingrich: Sabotage Iran's Natural Gas Infrastructure

CNN War with Iran - Sy Hersh in Cairo Busts Bush

Rep. Schakowsky on Rush Limbaugh's "Phony Soldiers" Comment

Does anyone know where there's a download of tonight's debate?

Kerry? Taser? Taser taser! TASER!!! KERRY!!!!!!!!

I love listening to this show!

Verizon censors pro-choice messages on their network

After everything that happened today, can anyone tell me why

Bush Makes Surprise Visit To Work

Thoughts on "The Kingdom"

Focus On The Family Lays Off 30

Evil motherfucker threatens to veto bill on diacetyl exposure limit

Come to think of it...

Dems can't make guarantee on Iraq troops

Where to donate?

Don't believe anything

Hillbilly:The Real Story

The Election Is Still Over 13 Months Away

GM pact may dent Medicaid

replay of the Democratic, uh, discussion

Three Thousand Eight Hundred and One

Verizon Rejects Messages of Abortion Rights Group

Why so many knickers in a knot over Ahmedinejad?

Good discussion on cspan1 (Dem, Oregon is quest) Wash Journal

U.S. attorney, FBI probing allegations of police torture

The price of fashion (NB! Nudity)

Giuliani '$9.11' organizers tried to keep media from talking with event-goers

Pet Congress?

C-SPAN WJ: Earl Blumenauer

Why terror alert level isn't green

Lets steal some votes from the 'Publicans

Any recourse against predatory mortgage lenders?

Fiore Flashtoon: THE WAR (for profit)

Coalition of the Willing? More like Coalition of the Heartless, Iraqi Refugees still ignored

What is the word on the Propaganda Queen Karen Hughes?


"$9.11 for Rudy" was in poor taste.:

My almost week in review. There were no WMD!

OPRAH TODAY: Michael Moore, Steve Skvara (Debate Questioner), Other Health Care Horror Stories

House Leaders Plan Push on Iraq

Should politicians pay attention to polls?

U.S. Torture Flights Could Land Again

'California Draft Gore' Effort To Add Name To Ballot: "There's No Doubt We'll Succeed..."

Gates: obstacles by executive branch hinders Gitmo closure

Dem. Sen. Lincoln on Wash Journ now--talking of kids health insurance

What's wrong with Chris Jansing on MSNBC?

Senator Larry Craig signed to host television show!

So does anyone think Rather will settle out of court?

Tainted burgers sicken up to 21; Lauderdale teen sues

Question-Sexist Or Not

Climate Refugees resorting to boats in Bangladesh

11 year old kids ticketed for jaywalking

Please take a few minutes for this, and help tear down Guantánamo Bay

If "General Betrayus" broke their little mud slinging hearts and minds

Fred Thompson challenges other actors who played president to debate

Laura: 'They are the ones who can take a lead-because they are for peace'

Faux's Sean Hannity helps warmongers get their jollies on about attacking Iran

NSA Held Media "Seminars" To Discourage Reporting On Spy Program

McClatchy: Greenspan sees threat of '70s-style inflation

The one question I'd like to hear asked in both the GOP and Dem debates...

Women Come Hard at Congressional Hearing on Hip Hop

Michael Moore on Oprah Today

Marjorie Cohn: Cheney Sounded Out Jordan, Egypt On U.S. Bombing Of Iran

Gentleman's-C-Student-in-Chief Urges Congress Not to Go Backwards on Educational Excellence

Rawstory Exclusive: As White supremacist publishes addresses of civil rights leaders, FBI mum

Physicists challenge US missile claims

A progressively improving social environment can be hazardous?

A repug has been WHINNING about Barney Frank on House Fl several minutes now.

Reid on Senate Floor now talking about Pres. Threat to veto Kids health insur bill.

How SHOULD we deal with Iran's harsh anti-gay policies?

Michigan Deadline Day: Granholm Says Government Shutdown Imminent

The Bionic woman

Senator Byrd is an old coot...

Pace: Gay Sex Immoral; Dems: Hate Crimes against Gays = terrorism

Dems to Bush on health: Try 'right side of history'

Why Don't the Democrats "Get It"? Candidates Won't Commit to Troop Withdrawal

DU exceptionalism--- There sure is a lot of it here.

Interviewer thinks Rather may call both George W and Poppy if his lawsuit goes to trial

Latest Twist in MoveOn Saga: 'Star Tribune' Refunds Money to Al Franken- After Sen. Coleman's Attack

Old war criminals never die...

Headline: Court Won't Declare Chimp a Person

Brent Budowsky: Special Prosecutor Needed for Blackwater, the Republican Mercenary Company

White House cleans up Bush's grammatical mistake; removes 's' from 'childrens do learn'

WP: Report Says Fixes Slow To Come at Walter Reed

Bush's fiscal legacy: bigger debt

Surging Clinton Outpaces Giuliani and Thompson

Iraq insurgents (Kurds?) slam US help in Anbar

Hell. Icecubes: Craig just voted for the Hate Crimes Amendment-oops changed his vote

City weathers immigration controversy (it was a pretty good debate last night)

(TPM) Gates: Military Contractors Luring Away Troops

senate voting on Kennedy Hate Crimes Amendment right now cspan2

Sourcing information to websites: Who speaks for a website?

Diyala Still in Turmoil After U.S. Occupation

Iranian University Presidents Have 10 Questions for President of Columbia University

TOON: Gravy train

Scarecrow @ Firedoglake: Questions For Dems (Why Don't They Use Majority Power More Effectively?)

Newsweek: Rep. Jane Harman claims the GOP hyped a flimsy intel report to sell new surveillance law

Verizon Censors Pro-Choice Text Messages

Myanmar Forces Fire on Protesters

Reid applauds Congressional Black Caucus, cites bill oreilly (Take that Bill!)

Bin Laden conveniently evades capture again

Woman dies of cholera in Baghdad

Breaking: Senate Approves Expansion Of Hate Crimes Legislation

Who said these things

Does Russia hate America?

Kids Health INS. bill being voted on in senate NOW.

MSNBC: Monster savagly raping little 3-4yr old girl on video tape

Reid: As We Fight For Tolerance Aboard, Americans Have Responsibility To Combat Hate Crimes At Home

Kerry Statement on Threat of Military Crackdown in Burma

Who is Fair, Who is Biased?

Kennedy, religious leaders urge president bush not to veto chip

(Gasp) MSM covering case of a missing black woman

Juan Cole's Take On Spanish Transcript: "Reveals Impeachable Offenses By Bush Re: Iraq War"

PASSED 69-30 vote to debate the kids health ins. bill in Senate.

White House (disconnect) shrugs off Iraq division measure

Dear,bored friends on DU-please help me fact-check these two columns

Kennedy, smith on passage of hate crimes legislation

The anti-stem cell cures coalition in MO has raised (drum roll please)

Live: MySpace/ MTV on-line forum w/John Edwards coming up at 12:00pm est.

Down to the last grain

Report: Bush said he'd invade Iraq no matter what

Kennedy Hate Crime amendment PASSES the SENATE 60-39 on Cloture vote. WHOW

BBC: Graham (R- S.C.) claims Bush will Veto money for troops

I don't believe it-SEN ROBETS actually said the bush adm. was IRRESPONSIBLE for

If we're told hard work pays off, why not reward hard work with opportunities and not offshored jobs

Conn. dealing with algal poison

More Alaska corruption news

Breaking: Court won't declare chimp a person

Where's Osama?

Hard-Hitting Ad Shows Naked Anorexic Woman

The Republican Cult

Heard any slimy apologies or wimpy excuses yet for the Kyle-Lieberman vote?

Verizon’s ‘Controversial And Unsavory’ Record

Be still, my heart. Pat Roberts is dressing down this/his admin

More broccoli, Mr. President?

Hypocrisy Alert! Ms Oil Tanker says must cut...fossil fuels

Kerry says Bush is "playing chicken with childrens' health care" by blocking S-CHIP

Did US spies let bin Laden slip through their grasp again?

Congress calling for airlines to create kid-friendly zones on planes

Pelosi:democrats will hold bush 'accountable'.......

"It's like the planet cleanses itself from time to time by changing temperature."

Waxman: Blackwater Cost-Cutting to Blame For 2004 Fallujah Ambush

Are there any countries in the world right now nearing a status of civil war?

Sen. Snowe speaking FOR kids h. insur on Senate floor.

Not one of the leading Democratic front runners will commit to getting us out of Iraq in first term

Remind Republicans they're responsible for Bush-Cheney

Senate approves expansion of hate crimes legislation

Karl Rove at the DCCC, breaking into e-mails...etc?

Is Preserving Bush's "Good Name" More Important Than 1st Amendment Rights?

Did President Ahmadinejad visit any native americans on his trip here?

If you think the Labor Movement is dead, think again...

Bush thought Saddam was prepared to flee: report (Well, now...isn't this interesting)

The Gore narrative: Why he must run

Unexploded Rocket-Propelled Grenade Impales Army Private in Afghanistan


$190,000,000,000.00 for war?

Myanmar, brutal military dictatorship - Where Bush/Cheney got their campaign gear

McConnell on senate floor saying kids h. insurance is socialized medicine.

PHOTOS: Meet disabled volunteer firefighter Vincent Forras

Credit Crunch Hovers On The Horizon

Hillary, I am in no mood for 2013!

Bush's fiscal legacy: bigger debt

Bill Clinton rips right wing for ‘feigned outrage’ over MoveOn ad. (great video!)

Katie Couric on Dan Rather: "sloppy work is sloppy work"

Former Senator Rick Santorum to run for Pennsylvania Governorship in 2010?

Please remember, John Hall got elected by guys like this

The New Happiness Study

nazi anti-semitism stemmed from folk lore

Georgia Voter ID Law

Can We Handle The Truth? by Ray McGovern

Vitter on Senate fl. talking of his amendment to kids health care

SCOTUS is crucial. So let's talk about it with a broad view.

1000 posts...

Apparently the U.S. has killed and captured more insurgents than there are insurgents

So we could have settled this little Iraq thing for only $1 billion and no lives lost?

Michael Moore is on Oprah today

What doesn't Verizon censor?

Who is the Democratic Party?

Why are we hearing about ALL the vulnerabilites on the border, electrical grid, etc.

elizabeth Kucinich: "we can stop the war yesterday"

I admit it -- When I Make a Mistake, It's a Doozey!

THIS is why we must support!

I Got An E-Mail From Karl Rove

Orin Hatch is on the floor telling Bush the SCHIP bill is "classic compromise."

I'm getting so damn sick and tired of this

Breaking News! Joint House & Senate Resolution BRBJ-69 passes!

Pub math: If x=D, then x=bad, however, if x=R, then x=good

Bravo Senator Harkin For Picking Up The Pace

Well, the effort to turn Jenna and Henry into America's darlings is officially underway

Charles Sullivan - Of Hamster Wheels and Men

Clinton Rocks!!!!

San Bernardino International may become next L.A.-area airport

Today's "Other Forum" Bit of Genius:

Lou Dobbs: good or bad

Weird Photo of Chimpy (the boy ain't right)

Bush 'lacks moral authority to judge anyone' - Cuban Foreign Minister

Jenna Bush's fiancee wants a job where he can support the environment

Boehner likely to back call for Iraq withdrawal plans

some Pentagon officials are intrigued by hints that bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri may be hiding in Iran

Kerry: Bush Plays Chicken With Children's Health Care (S-CHIP)

Evan Bayh, a conservative democrat has endorsed Hillary

Bush Is Bushed ---pix--->>>

Scott Ritter: Iraq Will Have to Wait

Reminder: Michael Moore will on Oprah today...

For those of you who doubt Ed Schultz...

Big money chart

Note to posters bashing liberals, stop telling the rest of us what to think.

John Edwards' Learning Curve - WaPo

Has GD been overtaken by campaign employees?

How to Choose an Offshore Outsourcing Partner - and 10 tips!

Keith Olbermann Last Night

FYI: Each $4 change in the price of crude oil is worth appox. $1Trillion in value to Saudi Arabia.

At last, some sane, rational discussion about Gardasil

Catholic hospitals to follow Plan B law

I guess I have no idea What equals a Good Debate Performance: Because to me, Obama rocked.

Verizon Wireless backs off NARAL censoirship

John Bruhns: My thoughts on Rush

Mortgage-buyer (Freddie Mac) to pay $50 million fine; investors to get money back

War Protesters Flock to Sen. Byrd at Hearing

Atlanta Journal-Constitution publishes RW misquote of Al Gore

Michael Moore to health insurance lobbyist: "You own these guys"

Thanks Obama for showing up for bad you couldn't make it to do your job!

and they accuse DU of editing inconvenient stuff...

Candidates: 100,000 DU'ers demand withdrawal litmus test. Does it make a difference?

Stevens (R-AK) bitter about bridge to nowhere

DeMint on senate fl talking about 'government health care" (kids health ins)

Prevent an Attack on Iran, Impeach Cheney Now!

Jesus Meets The Republicans

Limbaugh lies to his listeners about the ozone hole.

Kucinich Banners to help spread the word


Know what's going to end the Iraq War? Troop Morale...

Re: Clinton on Cooper. Righteous.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Ole Preston may be dead and putrified;

Petraeus was directly in charge of those missing 200,000 weapons...

Oversight Committee Releases Report on Blackwater Incident in Fallujah

CNN hypocrisy

Love this CNN Quick Vote - Bush is in trouble and I love it!

Jena Six Prosecutor: Jesus saved Jena from mob of violent blacks

I do love beautiful women :)

Presidential Debates

Mike Rogers (Blogactive) to break another congressional scoop tonight (Bradblog)

9 Killed in 2nd Day of Myanmar Crackdown

Dems should sponsor a bill to let the troops decide if they want to withdraw from Iraq.

Dick on the Down Low ---pix--->>>

Roots of Iraq weapon probes date to 2004

I am a bit confused re: * signing education bill

Tweety just quoted and gave credibility to Pat Pukannan calling Dems the "Nanny Party"

World War II didn't happen. But, you died at birth.

EU to Seek $100B From U.S. in Internet Gambling WTO Dispute

Ahmadinejad's REAL meeting with U.S. Clerics

Citizens Get Free Pass To Give Bombs To Police

Do any of you know how it works when you have HC insurance &

Sanjay Gupta on CNN just finished a report that was a ripoff of Sicko...

GOP Leaders Transparently Obstruct Transparency Bill

Politics 101. Take a lesson from NARAL. They crushed Verizon today.

Finally! The Democratic leadership in the Senate does something right, re. legislation

Psychotics Friends Network

Senate debating INcreasing the PUBLIC debt

there goes Tucker again...

Congress approves resolution authorizing force

Rice says we must fight climate change with complete incompetence

I consider myself...

Mark Fiore new animation: Blackwater

Now that peak summer travel is over Bush is lecturing the airlines about

Blackwater - See the Animation by Mark Fiore

House Passes Flood Insurance Modernization

Mychal Bell makes bail

It's amazing how ridiculously easy it is to create an Emmanuel Goldstein in the USA.


Many Dems are Playing it Cool...thier Strategy is Working...throw Left Wing Under Bus

WTF is wrong with people?!?!?! 4-month old baby at daycare/pacifier taped in mouth

If Ahmadinejad Brought Bushie the Head of Osama Bin Laden...

Hillary will probably be the next president

Hillary Ripping The Mittster, Frederick 90027, And Rudy Ghouliani New Faces In Latest Polls

TPM has Highlights of Last nights Debate Up....Good Watch...

Saying Ahmadinejad is an asshole on DU isn't going to cause war with Iran

We're Letting the Iraqis Fight Blackwater Over There

Wouldn't it be great if you could control how other people behave?

"God Warrior" Perrin's Daughter Dies in Car Crash

The only entities with representation in our Congress are the corporations and their lobbyists.

* Signs Bill Giving FDA More Oversight of Drug Safety

My son met Al Gore today!...

Cantwell works to erase Craig folly

Dennis Kucinich on Ed Schultz! Streaming replays tonight.

"The Left" in Latin America and the former Soviet Union

The Blackwater mercenaries' mess and the Court Jester in Chief

Time for a new resolution

Burma: Information window closing, basic survival harder. Read while you can!

An Upbeat Rant for Pissed Off Dems over at Firedoglake: "The Hat Seller & the Monkees."

Iraq Vet Patrick Murphy (D - PA) Blasts "Chicken-hawk" Limpballs for "phony soldiers" remark

TPM - GOP Leaders Transparently Obstruct Transparency Bill

Attorney Talks About Lawsuit Against Bush, NSA Over Wiretaps

TPM Stevens: Harumph! = Stevens threatens Alaska. My bridge to nowhere or no more bridges anywhere?

Emails from prez bush in my inbox (RNC sent)

If we can afford this damned war, we can surely afford a universal health care plan

Breaking! Bush administration's Iraq war plan found!

Bill Clinton on KO Tonight

Let Rush Limbaugh Know how you feel about his "phony soldiers'"remark

Should we have a missing and exploited children/adult forum?

Mistake Costs Dishwasher $59,000

Japanese journalist shot to death covering protests in Burma

High loonie hurting BC pot industry

Critique my latest ltte calling out my senator and congressman before I send

Help? They have placed my grandson on Concerta!

Has Anybody Seen PhilosoRaptor?

Yale endowment returns 28% in 2006 fiscal year

Right now, it feels great to have so many choices!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Pro-Democracy means Anti-Fascism- Cindy Sheehan

TORTURE Advocate Alan Dershowitz Defends Bill Clinton's Torture Policies in this Piece...

Iraq War: Love and Personal Loss [Photo Slideshow]

The Dems could easily put a timeline on troop withdrawal tomorrow without a vote

Bush goes phonetic to avoid tongue slips (pronounciation guide popped up on screen)

''Last night, I watched the debate and Congressman Kucinich said he would end the war in three month

Where are all of the faux-outraged "He gassed his own people!" GOP pundits on Burma?

AK House Speaker Peter Kott (R) verdict may have implications for Sen. Stevens

It's Time to Reshape the Constitution and Make America a Fairer Country

Does The Spanish Transcript Indicate Bush Lied To The UN Security Council?

Edwards called Richardson a liar last night for saying all troops could be withdrawn from Iraq

Senate passes SCHIP - 67 - 29.

the falafel-gay FATWA!!1!!

When do we get to hear from Bill Fallon?

Will Lawmakers Now Condemn Limbaugh?

Your childrens, your childrens, your childrens


VIDEO 2006 = Bush on Military Contractors in Iraq =President has no clue

8 pm (CT)---PBS , Repuglican Debate

Robert Redford movie criticizes Pres. Bush -Adaptation of 'Against All Enemies' by Richard A. Clarke

John Edwards Wins Over Audience At First MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue

Springsteen's new album strongly anti- (Iraq) war

Don't forget: Tavis Smiley's All American Presidential Debate with the Republicans is tonight

Alan Greenspan Tells America That the Iraq War was About Oil...America Yawns

Ha ha!! Billo is pleading with Jessie Jackson to condemn CNN.

DU was on Syrian nukes story 2 wks ago. Reposting for media/those who missed it.

Duck and cover, folks, O'Reilly's coming for us!

Absolute Flame Thread

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Is Larry Craig Sticking Around for Immunity from Subpoena?

It's Impossible To Lick Your Elbow

So is Rush "They're Phony Soldiers" Limbaugh still on Armed Forces Radio?

One lawmaker, many votes.

bubba C on Keith. now.

O'Reilly: "If I could strangle these people ... I would

Moderator's opening "joke" about Dan Ranther fell rather flat-PBS now Repug Debate

Limbaugh makes a despicable comment about real soldiers and the wingnuts go

Know your Wingnut a-holes: Glenn BECK hosting Gloria ESTEFAN!!1

I Saw Gary Tuchman(CNN) Covering The Warren Jeffs Story The Other Day.........

Michigan Gov. Threatens Partial State Gov't Shutdown

Would Hillary Clinton bomb Iran?

Gore, Tutu and Karsai on stage at Clinton's Global thing

Limpballs says soldiers who support withdrawal are phony soldiers.

New Details Emerge on Blackwater Role in Shooting

Doolittle Subpoenaed

Gen . Peter Pace is a homophobic piece of shit.

Official Debate Thread- Tavis Smiley All American Presidential Forum (GOP Debate)

Voices from cyberspace: how Burma's bloggers are bearing witness to the unfolding revolution

John Bruhns: My thoughts on Rush...LIMBAUGH IS A DISGRACE

Morality police patrol Ramadon

Would Joe Lieberman have a place in Hillary's cabinet, if elected?

Who is your favorite TV newscaster/commentator?

Gunman (wearing a Bush mask) Arrested on NYC College Campus

Ya know what's wonderful about the Clinton and Obama campaigns ....... ?

"Bin Laden may have just escaped U.S. forces" Again?

Clinton's Global Initiative seems to have been completely hidden in the media

AMW: Help IDENTIFY this man! (pics of child rapist, from video)

I think Dan Abrams may have found the dumbest yakker on the radio tonight

Limbaugh still on taxpayer-funded American Forces Network

from Amory Lovins. "Imagine a world..."

Why is DU running Michelle Malkin ads?

John Gibson: The real journalists at NBC and CNN need to stand up.

Thank you to the anonymous donor who got me a star!

I want to thank everybody who sent me good vibes this past year

I'm taking a well-deserved break from DU for the weekend.

This Woman Deserves To Be Given A Job In *Co......

lol Jon Stewert doing segment from Sylvia's in Harlem

Man who assaulted woman is key player behind CA initiative on electoral votes

"Don't let these sons a bitches testify for 30 seconds"

Army's top officer, Gen. George Casey: Military stretched too thin, forces exceed sustainable supply

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

WA POST: Gingrich's Solutions = "Gingrich sounded like a presidential candidate"

On CNN.....Anderson Cooper's "keeping them honest" is a JOKE!

MUST SEE: Link to opening credits for the film, The Kingdom.

Senate passes bill to prevent government shutdown

Reply from Sen. Murray (WA) re Lieberman/Kyl Aye vote

Revealed: Sen. Jim Bunning Put Secret Hold On Presidential Records Amendment

Morgan Stanley Pays $12.5 Million Over Its False Claims about 9/11 Attacks

Hillary wouldn't even answer a baseball question

My weekly newspaper column: ****, no

Consumption of All Types Of Alcohol Increase Breast Cancer Risk

thank you, Rush Limbaugh


After tonights Countdown, I think Sen Webb would be a great VP for Gore!

"Betty and Veronica " ...... and Tweety ..... how much did he pay a writer for that line?

White House: No cover-up of Bush's flub

CNN just aired a new MoveOn ad targeting McConnell:

In Praise Of Democrats

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Alabama's Watergate?

Emanuel and Hoyer Blocking More Aggressive Dem Tactics on Ending War

Update: Kerry calls on Republicans to condemn Limbaugh's statement; Gen. Clark sends your messages

RESEARCHERS ATTENTION: Crowd Sourcing of Earmarks? =

Guest Hosting 'Progressive News' LIVE Tonight and Tomorrow on San Francisco's Green 960am!

Did anyone just hear Kucinich on Schultz re: impeachment?

U.S. Senate has just passed the Matthew Shepard Act!

Matthew Shepard Act (Hate Crimes Act) Passes Senate

Just my opinion of what I see ....

Transcript Reveals Impeachable Offenses by Bush Re: Iraq

Conservative Democrats versus liberal Republicans

Americans imagine that there is still recourse

The Abu Ghraib story was no secret in the media-How The Story Got Out

Bush threatened nations that did not back Iraq war: report

Finally, after we are forced to admit that the Chinese military owns our cyber space..

What is WRONG with business? Or maybe, me??

How will W's lunatic fringe base react when he leaves office?

Thursday TOONS: War, what is it good for?

44% Favor Free Health Care for All Americans

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

If our Dem leaders say it, and Repub leaders say it - WHY don't YOU believe it??

"Give a man a fish..." the progressive & GOP versions:

Kucinich On Ed Schultz: Considering "Privileged"Cheney Impeachment Resolution To Force Floor Debate

IRAN..... Lest We Forget.......

The World That Might Have Been and the World We Have

Based on what I read at DU, I'm glad I don't have daughters.

Conason: The war president "at peace" with himself

LA Times: Olbermann's 'Countdown' Blazing A Trail

NEW IRAQ -- thanks from Iraqis (and why Biden is THE MAN we need!)

Freshmen in Congress who voted to censure MoveOn....and how much MoveOn gave each one.

Powerful, damning indictment of Haliburton.

Craig Back In The Senate: Votes Against Bill To Protect Homosexuals


Inslee: Kennedy ‘Got Us To The Moon,’ But ‘Bush’s Energy Policy Wouldn’t Get Us To Cleveland’ »

GOP Says They'll Continue Racist Voter Supression Tactics

Limbaugh: Service members who support U.S. withdrawal are "phony soldiers"


The "happiness poll " ,,why women are not as happy as they "should" be.

Would someone care to explain to me... (re: breast-feeding med test mom)

The "Rapture" Lives!! Fundies Fawning Over New Book "Rapture Redux."

Attention: Press Conference by Jena DA at 1 p.m. today

Jon Soltz: So I'm a "Phony Soldier," Rush?

Jena 6 Kid freed from jail

Another update from OMC - and a pic from the hospital (please kick his thread)

Michael Moore vs An Insurance Lobbyist- On Oprah - ABC - 4 PM est

Christians urged to pray against healing the sick to save tax cuts for millionaires.

Come on, DUers...words mean things, re: "all troops out of Iraq."

From inside Burma...

Help stop the aerial gunning of wolves - action link:

What do you look for in a presidential candidate?

Russian woman's 12th baby weighs 17 lbs!

Polls are flawed with the advent of caller id and cell phone useage as sole telephone service

I supported Kerry from the start last time but Dean swallowed up the coverage. He looked like a lock

GOP front-runners show their true colors.

The DC Madam will subpoena ABC's Brian Ross

A Spell from San Francisco: Impeach. Reason. Treason

Would the FBI sit idle while a crime was being committed?

Great LTTE in our local paper (and funny, too)

Have you decided on a PRIMARY candidate--REALLY decided?

Note to liberal Hillary-bashers: It's The SCOTUS, Stupid!

Employees and Volunteers for Democratic Candidates: WELCOME!

On Cover Of The Nation - Keith Olbermann; must see..

Mistake costs dishwasher $59,000

This so Called Phony Soldier Takes It To Rush Limbaugh - Good ltr to Limbaugh

Not out of Iraq by 2013? That is a DEALBREAKER, MOTHER$#*^ER!

Would the US citizens be willing to give up their lives ......

My response to right-wing CBS Allies on Rather. Please join in if you wish!!!

The anti-Universal Health Care people lost out to Michael Moore today!

Let's refer to every Republican candidate as a "Bush-Cheney Republican"

Hateful speech isn't hateful action

How will the transfer of power occur in January 2009?

DU & Campaign Ethics

I'm proud of Sen. Clinton. She focuses on the failures of the GOP,instead of gunning for her rivals

Volunteers needed for UC-San Francisco medical marijuana study

Kucinich: Congress Must Stop Funding The War

I never thought I would say this, but I will NOT vote for Hillary in the

WHAT IF...Another 9/11-Like Event Shook America Next Spring?

Leave IRAQ by 2013? Leave earlier? How about an intelligent discussion, policy, NOT candidates.

Demand that Rush Limbaugh be taken off the Armed Forces Radio Network, IMMEDIATELY

Flu shots? I am getting flyers in the mail advertising cheap flu shots everywhere. :tinfoilhat:

Okay, so exactly how much supplemental funding has Bush requested

Condoms 'infected with HIV' - Catholic Church leader in Mozambique

The Normalization of War in the United States

One Sincere Question: Why on EARTH is Senator Clinton the Frontrunner

MoveOn's New Project: 'Americans For Exit' (Tell Congress How You Really Feel)

As DUzyday approaches, one wonders.. Just what DOES a DUzy look like?

Democratic Candidates vs. Working Class America

Anyone who thinks Ahmadinedjad is anything but an excuse has missed the last forty years

Not all of us can afford to be a donor!

Raw Story: 'Half-naked' gay leathermen prompt Catholic beer boycott

Is the emasculation of the American male leading to war?

Senate Endorses Plan to Divide Iraq. (That was the plan all along, I was there).

Dan Rather's Magnum Opus

Rise of the Have-Nots: "The world the New Deal built has been destroyed..."

Al Gore's climate change film 'is propaganda'

UPDATE: 2nd girl from porn tape FOUND--Still looking for the little girl age 4-5

Why Do Resolutons Only Matter When We Don't Like Them?

At What Point Do We Just Give Up?

Blackwater: Are you scared yet? by Naomi Wolf

Randi asked Al Gore to run, please run. He held her head between his hands & kissed her cheek

Some reading for confused, misunderstood bullies

Teach-In on Impeachment

Pakistan rejects Khan questioning

Glen Greenwald: Douglas Schoen and Hillary's slimy pollsters

Jenna Bush: "I think there are many ways to serve your country"

In support of our incredible brave freinds in Burma:

Are gender-neutral calculation of work value and ethnicity-neutral standardized tests possible?

Since April 2007, Jesus has been working as a carpenter in Iraq....

What's a good proportion for gov't spending on basic physics research vs. basic ethics research?

Kucinich to Move Impeachment to House Floor?

EVERYBODY!! Read what I just posted on OC's thread! Exciting! I'm too tired

starting a thread about Biden's performance at the debate

If anybody's here, please K&R if you're so inclined:

Whoa! 1000! I haven't even been here a month. I gotta shut up. nt

I think Joe Biden is more seasoned and ready than Obama

Lynn Sweet: Obama Opens New Line of Attack on Clinton

Obama Advertises Bush's Mistakes

In New Jersey, Giuliani 45%, Clinton 44%; Giuliani beats Obama, Edwards, by 9 and 11% (Quinnipiac)

memo to presidential candidates

Clinton Backs Off Support for Torture

David Obey-"equally upset when that kind of juvenile debate emanates from the left,"

Giuliani's Phone Bit :George Jessel Lives!!!

Those interested in the Rather story would enjoy Mary Mape's book.

Calif. electoral vote initiative is linked to Giuliani campaign

New Iowa Poll: Clinton Edges Edwards Who Edges Obama (still pretty much knotted up)

Though standing amidst a rain a poison arrows, she stood her ground and conquered!

Refresh Memory: Vitter & Abramoff Connection

Today's shameless greedheads: Newark's city council--what, no luxury box at the new arena?

A Not-So-Hot Night for Obama

We must take radical action NOW! -- Okay. You start. -- No you first. -- No you!...

Why did our Dem Senators running for president miss the vote on abortion bill?

Environment still not a concern for Bush

Two Observations About The Debate

MSNBC Panel Of Sixteen Undecided College Students Says Obama Lost The Debate

MSNBC Surprise! The Republican hack and Lieberman hack both pick Hillary as the debate winner!

I've got the perfect solution for the GOP..... and DLC

Question about the debate: Did Obama and Edwards seem gratuitously complimentary of one another?

Please stop making excuses for Clinton or making her a victim


Biden won the election today.

Obama misses "The View" to cast an important vote. . .


I'll say this for Hillary,

IA POLL: Dead heat (Hillary at 24%, Edwards at 22%, Obama at 21%)

Surging Clinton Outpaces Giuliani and Thompson

Will Obama fundraiser be 'raging pickup scene?'

obam floor

Whatever happened to the contempt citations for

For those who do not understand, maybe this will clarify things for you.

Pre-debate Matthews: "We want this to be a dog fight! We want to see blood out there!"

The question Hillary still left unanswered.

AP: Dems Can't Make Guarantee on Iraq Troops


NOT flame-bait, but real question - HOW do we influence a Democratic

new york

POLL: Hillary beats Ghouliani (48-43) and Grandpa Fred (48-41)

Even with the deck stacked against her in the debate, they couldn't tear her down.

MSNBC: Who do you think did the best or worst in the debate in the following 6 categories?

Why must Dems have a favorite Bible verse?

Hillary Clinton And American Voters Lied To By Tim Russert

Rob Reiner endorses Hillary Clinton

Which Candidates have "Image Consultants" and which ones don't?

Des Moines Register's David Yepsen: It wasn't a good night for Hillary Clinton

Those Darned Illegal Immigrants.....

More votes for condemning MoveOn than for children's health care.

Inspiring Elizabeth Edwards


Which Candidate Lines Up With Your Views?

Bush offers solutions to airport congestion

Dodd and Biden car-pool to the debates (plane - pool)

Post-debate Dartmouth campus poll:Hil debate winner, but Obama decisively wins as choice for primary

Paccione Out in Colorado's 4th

I Got An E-Mail From Karl Rove

John Edwards Voted 94% Positive at Youth MTV/Myspace Townhall

Democrats Seek to Pick Up More Northeast House Seats in ‘08

Last night's debate and the "favorite bible passage" question....

If Clinton's AYE vote for Lieberman-Kyl Amendment means nothing, then...

Obama preferred "common purpose to our politics rather than divisiveness...political point-scoring."

Which Candidate Said The Following And Do You Agree?

Times's Karen Tumulty: Edwards v. Edwards: For combat missions in Iraq before he was against them

Karl Rove broke into the DCCC and sent me an email!

Should there be a minimum number of votes a Senator must cast in order to be in the senate?

Poll: Hillary Would Put Tennessee in Play

Austrian judge: Chimps aren't people

What did you think of the way Tim Russert conducted the debate last night?

so part of the patriot act is unconstitutional-- what is going to change?

Are you "unpatriotic" if you do not support Bush's War?

Michelle Obama: "If Barack doesn’t win Iowa it is over.”"

How many people who are being polled now will actually turn out for

"On a hot streak," Virginia Senator Webb shows up on Vice-Presidential lists

Edwards into MySpace, MTV campaigning

HRC "was informed, concise and under control at all times."

Romney: Dems should have rejected teaching gay issues to kids

Dems Can't Make Guarantee on Iraq Troops


Republicans In Red

I havta admit -- Dennis K disappointed me last night

The Talk Clock From Last Night's Debate

AP video: Clinton to Restaurant: Remove Chelsea (photo)

Petraeus was directly in charge of those missing 200,000 weapons...

GOP Leaders Transparently Obstruct Transparency Bill

Hillary Ripping The Mittster, Frederick 90027, And Rudy Ghouliani New Faces In Latest Polls

The Rude Pundit - Family Research Council: Universal Health Care Makes Jesus Weep

What is Al Gore's position on health care? In the latest rush to draft him

Al Gore Support Center

Obama at Washington Square Park, live stream

Hillary Clinton is a George Bush clone: If elected, little will change.

Obama, Clinton, And Edwards

For Edwards, it's basically Iowa or bust

Very serious draft Gore movement going on on Randy's show

John Kerry says Bush is "playing chicken with children's health care"

barack obama rally live!

I received another 'money' call from the DNC last night.

Who chooses the moderators of these debates? I'd like to nominate Jon Stewart

Raw Story - Pelosi will hold Bush accountable (not)

Republicans could use this board for ad ideas.

If it wasn't Hillary or Obama's best night last night, it didn't matter, the ratings sucked

Rise of the Have-Nots

Rochester, NY stands to lose 50% of our education funding to Republican 'creative accounting'

AP: Report Says Veterans' Care Woes Remain

Obama’s in the Eye of the Beholder

In regards to the biggest strawman on this board

Jesse Jackson on Oreilley?

Biden Sets the Hill Record Straight on Safety Standard

Hillary being ripped by newspaper

For anybody claiming the "surge" is working, here's the bottom line

What if .... Al Gore chose to run as an Independent?

General Clark -- taking on Rush for the phrase "phony soldiers"

Why wont anyone educate us on their candidates so we can make informed decisions?

Agree or disagree with this statement (from Iran ammendment recently passed)

In support of Edwards: He admits he voted 'for the Iraq war.'

Edwards has only commited to public financing in the General if the Republican nom. does too.

"Ask not what you can do for Hillary Clinton..."

Edwards will take public financing...

Statement by Rep. Jan Schakowsky on Limbaugh

Massive NY crowd for Obama

Obama camp plays down wife's comment

CNN Breaking: Children's Health Bill passed by veto-proof margin in Senate.

Never Really Heard Anything In The News About Myanmar Until * Mentioned......

The debate organizers hate Joe Biden!

Humor from CNN: Lather, Rise, Repeat. A Commentary on last 20 years

OH BOY the rethugs are in trouble now Allen Keyes is BACK

$600K aimed at Clinton-for political attacks

How was the senate resolution yesterday different than the one Obama co-sponsered earlier this year?

If Edwards drops out, where do you think his support will go?

Thoughts on Edwards' Public Financing Move (Jonathan Singer at mydd is not happy)

Two words come to mind after seeing tonight's GOP debate:

"Bush To WAPO: I'm Truman, You're ... Eating Out Of My Hand...


The Gore narrative: Why he must run

Huckabee making sense on crime!!

When you say "I'm a Biden Supporter",

A Challenge to all candidate supporters, Show Me the COURAGE!

I don't put much credit in the claim that Hillary Clinton knows how

Iowa is still a dog fight according to this NEW poll

Our Next President should primarily be a:

New Democratic Primary Poll of Illinois.

MSNBC's Morning Headlines Show's coverage of last night's debate

Got to meet my future Senator Mark Warner (dial up warning)...

John Edwards Up Now On MTV!!! Got 94% Approval Today n/t

IMO, Obama has reached that point where knows he cannot win or realizes he is not

I admire Clinton's refusal to be fit into others' agenda

John Zogby: The 2004 democratic primary started to change in December 2003 with Deans lead

Watch Obama mesmerize Hillary's turf here


Did Hillary Jinx The Chicago Cubs - Looks Like They Lost Three In A Row.....

Obama Supporters Futily Search For The Knock Out Punch...

Cindy Sheehan seeking star power in campaign

Tim Russert is a right-wing water-carrying sack of shit...

NYT: Obama Distances Himself from Clinton, on Her Turf (Great Read)

If Hillary had never been married to Bill would you still consider her "best qualified"?

News People That Have Been Ostracized During The Last 6 Or So Years.....

Repeat after me, Hillary Clinton is NOT polarizing

Take the Quiz, See who you actually support,

Unprecedented Crowd of 25,000 Receive Obama in NY

Why the Gentle Jesus can Bite my Ass and how He Pissed me off...

Iowans affected by lender linked to Edwards (Des Moines Register)

Why Did Edwards Do This? Pros and Cons: Trippi speaks about public financing

Saddam asked Bush for $1bn to go into exile

Is there anything unacceptable to you about Biden or Dodd?

So, will Hillary supporters still follow her after Bush takes us to war with Iran?

Obama forgot to hand the ketchup to his daughter at this morning's breakfast

Hillary Must Be Stopped!!! Stop the Insane Iraq policy already

PICS: Obama at Washington Square Park Rally, NYC, 09-27-07 (***BROADBAND ALERT***)

ATTENTION--Election commissioners & poll workers! Write-in voting

Election 2008: Clinton vs. Giuliani & Thompson

I contacted my Senator and asked why she voted for Kyle-Lieberman

Rasmussen and Opinion Dynamics Corp. Agree: Clinton Whips All Republicans

Heliocentrism is an atheist concept?

Hillary...I'm Mild About Her.

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: "Syrian Nukes?"

Your Wish List:: Who would you love to see run for Prez?

John Edwards commits to public financing of his campaign.

Hillary's tactic of laughing was picked up by Jon Stewart days ago...

Time magazine grades our candidates performance last nite

Sigh. Is my candidate running out of money? Or is this out of "leadership"?

And ENRON Begat IRAQ: How War Saved Bush From Enron Accountability

Why is Biden "unelectable"?

Another Example of Why Clinton Scares The Hell Out of Me

Help me decide, please

Clinton Leads Among Every Major Subgroup of Democrats

Personally I don't give a rat's ass if you criticize Hillary or any of the candidates here at DU

Bush insists SCHIP is "...step toward the goal of government-run health care for every American"

I am Glad Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House and I Support Her

What I don't get - Debate reply to Russert's Troop removal question..

Hilarity Clinton stumbled badly tonight

Obama in New York - Washington Square Park: Pics

Newt Gingrich: Will he run?

"Edwards latest to DECLINE public funds for presidential campaign"- 2/05/07 USA Today Headline reads

Biden supported by 26 Republicans and 49 Democrats.

What the hell is the "Iran War Vote" Edwards is blabbering about?

Hillary supporter Susan Estrich tries to take John Edwards out in her latest Fox News column

I'm for Gore, then Dodd or Obama, BUT, Biden won the overall debate last night.

Nancy Pelosi has seriously dropped the ball. Can we impeach her?

Hilliary or bust huh?

Why is it assumed to be SOOO difficult to get universal coverage, let alone single-payer?

Michelle Malkin Really, Really Hates You For Reading This!

Needs debunking: GOPers think they are better at protecting the country.

And HR 676 (Medicare for All) gets yet another co-sponsor -- Rep. Patrick Kennedy -- that makes 83!

Whistleblowers on Tape

Sharpton is out there with "Jena 6" where is OBAMA?

EDWARDS:Would you give a dime a day to change our country?

Is all this intercandidate bickering on DU changing your mind?

Seniors Lose 40% of Buying Power Since 2000

I consider Edwards to be unelectable now by accepting public financing

Kucinich supports a $3/gallon gasoline tax and a national no-smoking law

**A DU- ActBlue John Edwards Supporters Challenge **

Mike Gravel

Petty state Senate leader in Florida: Dean is "welcome in certain, small enclaves of the state”

The Heritage Foundation's description of poor