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Archives: September 26, 2007

Joe Lieberman makes one of the dumbest comments in 2007

A mutiny keeps 1857 tourists indoors (India)

Germany to build maglev railway (BBC)

First curfew ends in tense Burma

Sources: UAW, GM negotiators gettting closer

Tutu says Zimbabwe situation like apartheid

Video: This Alarm Clock Will Get Me Out Of Bed

My pledge to myself: I am going to be GRUFF

Ambien kicked in. I should go up to bed.

Sexist spell checker

Whats the best way to ask someone if they are an umpire?

My pledge to myself: I am going to be FLUFF

Forget about politics, who talks to their neighbors? Why or why not? nt

Bush administration works behind the scenes to BLOCK California on emissions regulation

What is happening with the Lieberman-Kyl Amendment? Help please.

Why Iran doesn't "have homosexuals"

Congress gave Bush and Rangel a victory today on the trade deal.

Private Security Puts Diplomats, Military at Odds

I'm going to keep this short and to the point. Ahmadinejad is a Holocaust denier.

Do you remember when you first became aware of your race?

I wonder what would happen if someone from Iraq showed

Joe Lieberman makes one of the dumbest comments in 2007

Nader runnung again? As a Democrat?

Oh Yes....William Jefferson Clinton will make a fine First Gentleman!

Smirking Chimp: Democrats Death Wish

Stifling protest: bad choice between law and order

Generals Opposing Iraq War Break With Military Tradition

Security Contractors: Riding Shotgun With Our Shadow Army in Iraq

Palast and Rather. Bookends of truth.

Outsourcing and the UAW Strike

Beat the Devil

A Surge, Then A Stab


Yo! Bill Gates! If You're So Rich, How Come You Ain't Smart? (Again)

Bush At The UN: A War Criminal Lectures The World On “Human Rights”

Beyond Fallujah: A Year with the Iraqi Resistance (Patrick Graham, Harpers)

The Seattle Times: Privilege is the trump card, and not just in rural Jena


Towns Rethink Laws Against Illegal Immigrants - NY Times

Dilip Hiro on How the Bush Administration's Iraqi Oil Grab Went Awry

Bush: Teach Your 'Childrens' Well

Giuliani’s ‘weirdness factor’

U.S. Exacerbates Iraqi Civil War With Indiscriminate Commando Training

Iraq Vet Plans To Return His Medals In Protest

Bill Clinton's interview with Financial Times

Daniel Ellsberg Warns of Possible ‘Police State’ in U.S.

Sen. Robert Menendez: No Time to Lose Focus of the True Meaning of the Iraq Debate

Run away the ray-gun is coming : We test US army's new secret weapon

Sen. Webb blasts Lieberman/Kyl Amendment: “This proposal is Dick Cheney’s fondest pipe dream”

All power to the weak in Lebanon

Buddha vs the barrel of a gun

My god, I agree with Pat Buchanan

Obama won health care for 150,000 people

Iraq and roll over-Why the antiwar surge failed in Congress.

Russia is far from oil's peak

To all democrats everywhere:

European Parliament Calls for Renewable Heat Obligations

Ottawa Releases $9 M for Solar Hot Water Pilot

Less driving, less gas, less tax

New Zealand Commits to 90% Renewable Electricity by 2025

xpost: House Select hearing, International perspectives on climate change, 10 am ET on cspan3

UN Projects African Food Production Down 50% By 2020, Thanks To Climate Shifts - IRIN

China warns of catastrophe from Three Gorges Dam

Shell Oil Calls For Government-Imposed Limits On Emissions - "Voluntary Is Not Fast Enough"

Australia Increases Funding For Farmers Willing To Leave The Land - Australian

NSIDC - "Because The Arctic Lost So Much Ice This Summer . . . Freeze-Up Will Begin Slowly

Victoria, S. Australia Premiers Snipe On Murray Basin Emergency Water; Last Traces Of Consensus Gone

Greenland Snow Melting Hit Record High In High Places, NASA Finds

(Michigan) State's first wind energy park almost complete

Top UK Diplomat On Chimpy's Climate Meet - "Are We Just Going To Do What's Easy?" - US News

Oops - Yucca Mountain nuke waste dump is on a fault line.

Diplomats accuse Bush of attempting to derail UN climate conference

After Felix, Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast Rots And Roasts - Locals Already Dying From Malaria, GI Bugs

INTERVIEW-FPL sees renewables soon competitive with coal

German Environment Minister - "One Cannot Expect Concrete Results" On Bush Climate Summits- Reuters

Researcher creates concrete with pine beetle wood

What's a good choice for investing in sustainable technology?

Bhutto commits to letting IAEA question AQ Khan ("father" of Pakistan's nukes)

Ross Perot sells 13th century Magna Carta

Sunni Insurgents in New Campaign to Kill Officials

Myanmar security forces haul away monks

Inspector Finds Broad Failures in Oil Program

Burmese forces shoot at protest

Ahmadinejad, Mugabe meet at UN

Inspector Finds Broad Failures in Oil Program (To Collect for Drilling Fed Lands)

A Surge, Then A Stab

U.S. Durables Orders Fell by Most in Seven Months

Burmese riot police attack monks

Private Security Puts Diplomats, Military at Odds

Democratic Party Maintains Solid Image Advantage Over GOP

70 killed in surge of violence in Iraq

Iran border closure costs Kurdish region a million a day: Iraq

Senate Rules panel moves controversial FEC pick

Chavez rails at teen-age breast implants gift fad

Court lets DeLay indictment dismissal stand

Iran's President scrubs reference to gays in speech from site

CSPAN3 Hearing with Gates, Pace, Negroponte now n/t

U.S.: Bombs by al-Qaida militants kill 57 in Iraq

Iraq Leader Says Flow of Arms Must Stop

Senate approves first new idea in 4 years

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 26

Police: Hit-run suspect tried to fake his kidnapping (Miami)

lie-berman/kyl "authorization" for war on Iran passed

Pentagon seeks $190 billion more for Iraq and Afghanistan

David Bowie donates $10,000 to the legal defense of the Jena 6

GOP Sen. Larry Craig to stay in office pending ruling in bathroom sex sting case

Iran condemns US House over Guards blacklisting

Another Iraq war spending showdown looms

(6,000) Home-Based Child Care Workers Vote To Unionize

Nike designs shoe for American Indians

China warns of catastrophe from Three Gorges Dam

Rudy Giuliani fires chief fundraiser

Colombia's Uribe welcomes Chávez's help in hostage talks

CNN: Gates is sending a Pentagon team to Iraq to review oversight of private contractors

Verizon Rejects Text Messages From Abortion Rights Group

Court Strikes Down Law Requiring Breathalyzers For Pedestrians

US, Russia Spar Over Iran Sanctions

Iraq vet plans to return his medals in protest

Veterans still getting shoddy treatment

Report: Iraq Is No. 3 in Corruption

Harper takes shot at Bush administration

"Childrens do learn," Bush tells school kids

Dollar falls to another euro low

Man Arrested for Bringing Rifle to St. John's University (College in Lockdown)

Court slaps credit agency (Experian) for ruining man's reputation

Ahmadinejad Lauded In Iran For "Lion's Den" Visit

Jenna Bush: 'I'm Just My Father's Daughter'

U.S. Needs ‘Long-Term Presence’ in Iraq, Gates Says

Diverse groups file legal briefs endorsing same-sex marriage

U.S. eyes weapons sales worth up to $2.3 billion to Iraq

Judge to rule next week in Craig case

Mistrial declared in Spector case

Dems can't make guarantee on Iraq troops

Army to Urge More Time At Home For Soldiers

GM-UAW reach deal to end strike

Gates Seeks $50 Billion More for War

Bombings Surge as Iraqi Militants Go on Offensive

Kott Guilty on 3 Counts; Sentencing Set for December 7

Blackwater Logs Most Shootings of Firms in Iraq

S. African bishop: Condoms tainted with AIDS

Feds probe Chicago police perjury claims

Husband in polygamist trial charged with rape

2 Patriot Act provisions ruled unlawful

Ruling nears in Cuban dad's custody case

Scoop for Spanish Daily: Transcript of Private 2003 Bush Talk Promising Iraq Invasion

Condi Rice whistles 'Dixie' with Qaeda analogy

Rice Accused of Hiding Iraq Corruption

Myanmar troops pen monks in monasteries

More children's toys recalled for unsafe lead levels

Eliot Spitzer threat to sue Bush on immigrants' health care

Vick Tests Positive for Marijuana

Gen. Pace: Homosexual acts immoral

Ex-Bolivian president sued over protest deaths ( in exile in U.S.)

Bin Laden may have just escaped U.S. forces

Woman says she didn't deserve Taser treatment

House Condemns Attack

Biggest job interview fuck up?

How's this for bottled water?

Ann Coulter flies on Southwest Airlines!

A Jewish friend of mine told me about this comic strip...

My pledge to myself: I am going to kill MCGRUFF

I'm Not Around For 12 Hours And The Place Goes to Hell!

Have You Ever Felt In a Complete State of Grace?

The official "I want wildhorses on my range" thread

one last thing before i go --- does anybody have this song

Why Hasn't Anyone Turned Out the Lights Yet?

Kimberly McFriendly Announces Candidacy for President

Coming Monday, I'll be on my recent position for 5 years

My pledge to myself: I am going to be STUFT (lame copycat)

Just a little late night chimp humor (no, not THAT chimp).

Don't Taze Me Bro! This is a Public Service Announcement

At some auctions the stuff there will cost you an arm and a leg, but...

Abbot and Constello in a Computer Store -- Update of "Who's on First"

No ads

I also have a very serious question for Skinner.

East coasters (Philadelphia area): are the internets slow for you this morning?

Someone was asking about chat rooms

I translated a short article into English about a doctor who went to Calcutta India...

Wednesday, September 26th really dumbass George W. Bush quote for the day

All this time I figured Skinner got his handle from B.F. Skinner.

The Whole World Will Celebrate The Day When Bush Is Leaving

Impeach George W. / War-Drunken W.

Has anyone here made money by bartering?

Malaysian Wife Takes Knife To Husbands Male Unit

I wish DU had a chat room

Is DKNY offensive?

Jenna and Not Jenna refer to each other as "Beast".

I like soup with my crackers

Post your questions for Skinner here:

What is the US toatl debt as of today?

In light of the most recent puzzling news focus...

The Fonz in bronze?

According to Will Pitt: I own NYC!!!

Bonds Ball to have asterik***** in Hall Of Fame...

What's with people today?


Kiefer Sutherland in the slammer!

Is it just me, or are a LOT of us here losing jobs?

I've had a migraine since Monday

What a day! I rode my bike (motorcycle) up PCH yesterday.

Freegans: Sifting through garbage, rebels against waste plan their dinner menu

Queen To Queens Level 3

Wednesday, September 26th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I Heard That Delaware Is The Worst State In The Union

How many here think that the powers that be want voters to stay home in November?

I attended the unveiling of the national murder victims' memorial in DC yesterday

Hey loungers ---Kitchen Witch is asking for help with her rack.

I have to go back to the doctor about my foot

dentist update

Radio Lady Reflects: I want to call out a DUer today: California Peggy...

My current earworm after the passage of the Lieberman/Kyl amendment in the Senate

Words that sound like racial slurs, but aren't

Dunkin Donuts coffee is nauseating

NJ DUers - will my tokens from the late 90s still work in the tollbooths?

inquisitive minds click on the link and take the test, O:-)

I **HEARD** that somebody bought one of these!

is there a DU Lawyer/Attorney group?

I bought a new motorcycle and I've been ear-to-ear smiles all day

Snow!!!!!!!!! (dial-up warning)

Cards to give to loud cell phone yappers

Would you support the draft if it was a war on Carrot Top

Who doesn't want a hug?

Best picture of the moon ever

Vote for Brighams Ice Cream best movie 1-liner

Canada's illegal Immigration

I just got a new used Mac G3. It's my first Mac.

OH OH, I am in GD:P

Paris to visit Rwanda as part of post-jail effort

Hey ladies, I found a place for great shirts that are made in the USA!!!!!!

New Meme: "South Park Voters"

Ever feel a scream forming at the back of your throat?

Cutting interest rates

Who Else Wants To Go With Me To Chuck E Cheese's Tonight For Dinner

I'm going down to the crick to smoke some crawdad

If those skanky bitches hadn't stolen my Skee-Ball tickets

It's 4:15 AM and I'm eating ice cream . . .

Ok, come on - fess up - which one of you did this: Police seek thief who stole 350 bras

Why do they call them eggrolls?

Entertain me

I think I am going to throw up. The job my husband has been waiting to start

How about a Hillary/Carrot Top ticket in '08?

:woohoo:'s 2-minute Battle of the Bands

I have had shingles for a week

If those skanky bitches hadn't licked my ice cream...

King of the Hill fans/viewers: - In 11 years has the show ever explained Dale and Nancy?

Seriously, can we stop picking on Delaware - it's starting to get a tad bit old

Mr. Vick, Karma is on line 1

Well, it's official: Skinner supports going to bed with Iman

Any updates on Stacey today?

What would you do if you were at the Hollywood Bowl, right now?

On tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Butte Creek Organic Revolution XI Imperial IPA

Well, it's official: Skinner supports getting head from Iman

i'm watching "wiLdest poLice chases"

Did you see Jon Stewart interviewing Evo Morales yesterday?

Advice on the Appropriateness of Belated Sympathy?

Is this joke racist?

I need some feedback.

I knew it! My Dad has scabies!!

It's not a viagra commercial, it's a minivan commercial

I am doing the Happy Dance!

What do you fear the most?

Don't know why but I have the following song stuck in my head:

GD is particularl gloomy tonight...

I need a refresher. Why is disco evil?

Question: What is the definition of Globalization?"

NYSE uses 'warp speed' in its commercials. Should Paramount sue?

Buying A Car--Advice Needed

Ok , I have to fly tomorrow , and I hate it ....

If the military is similar to online video gaming, who'll need to fight any enemies?

Natural supplements and vitamins - what really works?

Have you ever known any Olympic-level gymnasts?


The Bank Robbery - a joke

Adventures at the pharmacy...

Whoops: Excel 2007 flunks some math problems

Nine clocks in this house and none of them

snap crackle pop

Would you tazer your body parts for quick views on youtube?

Mulder or Scully?

I'm going to bake bread. Please help me decide what kind(s) to make.

You know

OMFG!! I'm the chunky dude from the Movie Knocked Up!

May I please borrow your roses, Parche? They are so beautiful.

Finally: A killer app for wikipedia.

In Honor Of The Beautiful Harvest Moon...

snap crackle poop

Goddamn it is hot in the Boston area!

My wife sent me this e-mail. Is she trying to tell me something?

OMFG!! I went to see Knocked Up and got a Chunky bar

Why does this co-worker of mine that is sooo sweet drive me up the wall?

House premiere- What did you think?

What you don't want to read in your fortune cookie

Someone help me out here.

Harvest Moon tonight, so everyone get out and enjoy it.

what does mean when someone posts a story

How many pairs of underwear do you own? (shorts/panties)

Photoshop is so relaxing after a long day coding pages

Pilot survives plane crash, dies a week later of natural causes

My life after 2 days in GD can best be explained by this picture

Is anyone watching Kitchen Nightmares?!

Shit! Hope no one was reading the Wheel of Time series.

So... almost getting into a fist fight with a customer.

My sister just gave me a bottle of water from Lourdes

The Urban Legend of Why not to rent to someone on Section 8 has become a reality

* * * Community radio membership trinket. * * * KXCI Rocks!

I made chicken and Andouille sausage gumbo today. All day long!

when you are in a melencholy mood-what do you like to listen to?

How many counties are in your state?

Is "DINK" offensive?

In tribute to Stacey, as well as OMC, I have changed my avatar

I just had a big glass of cold buttermilk.

Anyone here live in Chicago, during the blizzard of 1979?

Anyone here live in Oregon during the "Brewer's Revolution"?

Well, it's official: Skinner supports going to a bar with Iman

I made a poll in GD. Please vote in it.

School policies or practices that make no sense.(Inspired by kitchenwitch's homework rant!)

Screw the homework - I am taking my daughter out to PLAY this afternoon

Hey MissMillie...

Police break up brawl at Chuck E. Cheese

I Need An Extra RACK

Cracking the Code

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/26/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/26/07 Bonus (warning: graphic language)

Watch out for the killer Chihuahua

Man, I'm thirsty! Can someone please pass me some MFing ice tea?

What was your last purchase on ebay?

Lures entice fisherman to commit embezzlment

Three old slides, scanned. {Dial up warning}

Movie villians you hated to see fail *spoilers inside*

You must read this.

For OMC and his family

When buying jeans, Regular rise, Long rise.

Any fans of Burton's BATMAN films out there?

Can you guys please spare some vibes for Mr. Bullwinkle925?

My seven-year old son just got reading glasses.

The "God Warrior's" eldest daughter died in a car wreck today

OMFG!! I'm Knocked Up! Dude I'm chunky! This is not from a Movie!

I just went off the deep end at Boscovs

Watching Ghost Hunters on Wednesday 9/26/07

Signs You're at a Bad Renaissance Faire

Food Network Web Site special feature offers up 25 different recipes for Mac & Cheese

Well, it's official: Skinner supports going to war with Iran.

Top Chef Finale Part One on Now!

Any (internet radio) enthusiasts here?

Movies characters you hated to see die.

Name a once great TV show that jumped the shark

curious signs for your entertainment.

Help! Looking for a game like Samorost, found once, now lost.

OK lounge, I realized tonight that life is to fucking short.....

OK, an observation about women's soccer

I almost ran into Timothy Dalton with my shopping cart.

My "check engine" light is on. Damnit!!

PA, NJ night owls - Harrah's Atlantic City - Eden Lounge - Friday night at midnight

Mexican Chicken Casserole: yum yum...Weight Watcher

I think the next British Prime Minister should be Treasury Minister Ed Balls.

Music Lyric "Identify the Song" Game:

9/26 Update On Stacey: I Think We're In For The Long Haul.


I just watched someone die.

Is anyone else a fan of "Justice Leage Unlimited"?

what's your average grocery bill?

WW2 buffs might find this interesting.

update with photo Dr Roselle Margaret Hoffmaster

Iraq vet plans to return his medals in protest

Fake veteran gets 5-month sentence

Students Bring Boycott of American Eagle to Campuses Across North America

CHARLESTON, W.Va. Strengthening Coal Mine Seals

Online work emerges as big issue in Hollywood

Engineers strike enters 12th week

Time Warp: The GM Strike, Then and Now

Unions File Charges Vs Tenet Healthcare On Health Benefits

Pro-Labor Mutual Funds Not Sacrificing Profit

House Labor Panel Subpoenas Chao for Mine Documents

House panel passes bill to restore workers' right to organize

Janitors launch strike at Market Tower

Labor Determined To Pass Employee Free Choice Act Despite Right-Wing Big Lie Campaign

NYT: Utah Mine Country, After Disaster, Tells Panel It Fears Overregulation

O! USW Member Skvara Set to Chat with Oprah, Michael Moore

Christian Science monitor: Smaller but savvier, labor draws '08 Democrats

Longshoremen walk out to grieve for dead colleague

New immigration tool verifies workers

Toxic Toys No More. USW Launches ‘Protect Our Kids’ Campaign

Chimpy: "Childrens Do Learn."

OMB Recommends Zapping ‘Popcorn Lung’ Bill

Democrats Push (workers) Bankruptcy Bill!!!

18 month Elkhart strike closer to ending. Feds overturn appeal, set stage for decertification

Powerful Labor Union Declines Official U.S. Presidential Endorsement

Countdown: Rep. Jane Harman on FISA

Worst Person In World: O'Reilly Comes To Harlem

JFK: on business, democracy and the world

Back-Talk #4: Here Comes Success!

Hearing on Progress at Walter Reed: Waxman's Opening

Olbermann: Giuliani and $9.11 Fundraiser ('... Pretty Tasteless')

David Vitter Pimps For Creationism

"President" - Kim McFriendly Music Video

Olbermann: Bush Gives Advice To Dem Candidates ('Damndest Thing...')

The Donald Trumps Bush on Fox and goes 7 on Saudi Arabia

Hardball: Anti-War Protesters (Iraq War Battles)

Monks defy warnings to protest in Myanmar

BraveNewFilms: New Media Revolution

Hearing on Progress at Walter Reed: Waxman's Questions

Dead Prez - Propaganda ......STELLAR!

BBC: Violent Crackdown on Protesting Monks in Burma/Myanmar

DUers discuss the day's events...

Robert Reich - Is Capitalism Always Good for Democracy?

Help America for Gore

Cramer vs. Cramer - Greed Gone Wild

John Edwards: Unlike Clinton, I learned my lesson from the AUMF - Decries IRAN War Vote today


Pelosi w/ Blitzer: Iraq War Funding; Impeachment

A Republican Experiences a True Moral Epiphany!!! (This really is beautiful!)

Lawmakers illegally voting for others ...boggles the mind!


i am a strong supporter of Israel, but Ahmadinejad said something

If you can get IFC, a beautiful movie is starting,

Nooses Found At Coast Guard Academy

Honest ~

New Website: Yalies For Impeachment

Dems Crush GOP in New Gallup Poll (Americans Realize They've Been Had)

Positive. Up. Dark. Out. Difficult. Big. Hot. Slow. Always. Open. Before. Courage. Calm.

Now playing in the DU lounge.........

Tattooed or Pierced Renters Banned Apartments San Antonio


Buying A Car--Advice Needed

And So Jena Burns

Running On Empty

Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report

(TOON) Steve Bell: Bowled Over (Broon, Shrub and foreign policy)

U.S. Exacerbates Iraqi Civil War with Indiscriminate Arming, Commandos Training

Marvin Kitman: Olbermann Rules

Mika to Joey:

UAW brothers, check this out......General Motors and the Nazis

The UAW Strike Is Over

So when are we going to "shock and awe" Myanmar?

Ari Fleischer on Joey the Scar this AM

U.S. military cemetery running out of space

Pentagon Won't Comment on Reports of Iraq Sniper Baiting Program

Bush's new poodle in Britain said he would decide if UK troops in Iraq stay or go in September

Sticking to the knitting.

Police arrest hundreds of protesting monks in Burma

I'm going to keep this short and to the point. Ahmadinejad is a mean Poopy-Pants!

Bill O'Reilly's excuses for his remarks might have passed muster

Washington Journal - So what's the deal with Royce's shirt collar

Booman Tribune: The Dems Get One Right on Torture

I'm going to keep this short and to the point. Bush is a homicidal maniac

The Rude Pundit: 10 other things that might surprise Bill O'Reilly about black people

People who want to go to war with Iran don't need any excuses.

MySpace Censors Anti-War Websites

OK. . .yeah. So. . .I think. . .I agree. . .with. . .something. . .Bush. . .said. . .

What would be easier-- turning a Gay person straight--or turning a Straight person Gay?

"US has the responsibility to do more" -climate change. Quest on cspan now.

BLACK MADONNA RETURNS (for your daily meditation)

Question for Skinner

"In The Fever Swamp Of The Radical Wingnuts"

I'm going to call out a DUer: cali

Argh! One of my co-workers

NYT: Sunni Insurgents in New Campaign to Kill Officials

I Changed My Avatar Today In Support Of The People of Burma..


Morning Joe and Co. are calmly shredding O'Reilly

Iraqi Prime Minister Says That Civil War Has Been Prevented

Private Security Puts Diplomats, Military at Odds-Contractors in Iraq Fuel Debate

Hey David? (Mr. Allen) Is it too early in the day to buy you a beer?

Carl Jr.'s and Hardees to Change Where They Get Their Food Products

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Keeping things in perspective: Bush is the scariest leader in the world

Hey Cramer - your buddy didn't BREAK the UAW!

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) on Washington Journal (CSPAN) right now

just wondering . . . is there any issue -- any issue at all -- that will cause the Democrats . . .

Iraq Leader: U.S., Iraq Share Same Goal

whoa! . . . just WHOA!! . . . "There's only three things I've ever been afraid of," . . .

Kay Bailey Hutchenson on cspan talking of funding $200 BILLION that Patraeus wants.

Whose comments were more unforgivable--O'Reilly, or Imus?

Qualifications for White House Press Secretary

Senate Neocons Provoke Iran

House debate, Virg. Foxx, Repug NC talking of hyposcrisy of Dems re: Kids health

Iraq War veteran plans to return his medals in Madison protest - One brave soldier

Bill O'Reilly Reacts to Imus Firing

Kay Bailey Hutchison Being Handed Her Ass on Cspan

Unreal. Only on DU can "Ahmadinejad is a ghoul" transform into "You support attacking Iran!"

Blackwater Not Above the Law? (Sen Graham's Defense Authorization Act)

That "Stomp out Atheists" Letter to Editor earlier this year was a Hoax

What does "Mister Arab" mean?

House Select hearing, International perspectives on climate change, 10 am ET on cspan3

Contractors regarding the Blackwater shooting, "It is going to be the Abu Ghraib of our industry"

Thank you NPR for not pandering to the propagandists in the White House..

Guess which US GWB buddy got the first Iraqi oil pumping contract?

NPR Turns Down Bush's Interview Offer

Remember Bob Murray the crazy mine guy?

Bush: "I do not want the war"

Myanmar cracks down on demonstrators

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised that o'reilly was surprised

The clock is ticking for Rudy Guiliani


More from El Pais - 2003 transcripts: Bush threatened nations that did not back Iraq war

Kennedy on Senate Fl NOW-hate crimes in Military (against gays). He gave

Wasn't it a short time ago that Senator Biden had to apologize

Napoleon Was The Hitler of His Day. Yet, Jefferson Secured The Louisiana Purchase Without Firing...

Aren't we all thrilled about how happy "the market" is this morning?

Anybody speak Spanish? Full transcript of Chimp's conversation w/Spain's PM:

I heard evil on NPR this morning--Norman Podhoritz. Folks, we need to fight the neocons

Joe Watkins is on MSNBC DEFEDING Racist O'Rielly.

How can the US attack Iran? Even if the US does "shock and awe part 2"

"There is hope. You'll find it with the Republican Party of Florida"

Change a few words;

Bill Clinton, Eatery At Odds Over Chelsea Photo

Thank You Media Matters

Gay People in Iraq Suffering Intense Persecution

C-Span2 - Kennedy giving an excellent speech supporting Hate Crime legislation

Jenna distances herself from dad’s abstinence-only policy

I'll question anything I damn well please!

"ActForChange by Working Assets" Guantanamo Bay: Help Amnesty Tear It Down

Conyers letter about impeachment, 18 months ago... What has happened since then?

Letter: Yet another ‘family values’ guy falls

Blackwater In Iraq could be a worse problem than you think

If the energy lobby wanted oil drilling in the US, could they get it?

Ahmadinejad speech at the UN being repeated

'Did B. O'Reilly make racist comments/" you decide -we will play the tape. Gawd-my

Interesting viewpoint on Ahmadinejad by Iranian Americans..

House Members Resist Testifying in Contractor Trial

AP: The International Assoc. of Firefighters accuses Giuliani of exploiting 9-11

Sign of the times: TV ad touting "We (law firm) can save your house!"

So fiscal responsibility lasted 2 days

Is the surge working? Sure, . . . if you don't look at the data. (Here are the links.)

JFK speech to Chamber of Commerce: How many Dems would have courage to say this today?

Breaking-- BillO says Sylvia is a "credit to her race."

R. Rep. Ed the shill Royce has his own version of history

Where's the Lieberman-Kyl Amendment at this morning...

Miles Per Gallon: Toyota Lowers Their CAFE Standards For 2008! WHY???

Voting on Biden amendment now on C-Span 2

Jenna B*sh : "...and Dad's doing a great job"

Traits of the ideal presidential candidate in 2008

Army Times: Iraq Vet plans to return his medals in protest

Mr. *, Americans are outraged at you.

drought in Australia causing water emergencies - bad news

FCC fines Comcast $4,000--Comcast is probably still laughing

Thom Hartmann just said he's a registered independent.

The Interior Department's cozy relationship with oil companies costs us unpaid billions

Biden amendment vote now up on the senate floor

I believe the Biden Amendment is being voted on---senate now.

Buying Propaganda no questions asked

AOL News poll: Currently 61% say b.o. comments "inoffensive"..

The #1 Google return for "bush face injuries" is:

Reguarding David McSwane and Free Speech.....Their response to my letter

Guild Mobilizes to Defend Dissent at 2008 RNC

What makes us "American"?

So which peoples are you willing to sacrifice now on the altars of the war god?

Al Franken SMACKDOWN: Hyper (and hypo)critical (MN StarTribune)

Holy cow! I've heard Burma mentioned on TV almost a dozen times

You realized of course that most of the world feels about Bush as some here do about Ahmadinejad

The Ken Burns documentary got me thinking

Hello, our own military (and their republican cheerleading squad) is full of 'gay deniers' too

Anyone have quick access to a Kyl/Lieb link?

Here is the last known language from the Kyl-Lieberman amendment:

Your tax dollars at work.

I hope President Hillary bombs all holocaust deniers

Boy, the callers are kicking the s--t out of Rush today

How much time was spent in your history classes about the millions of Vietnamese people USA killed?

For the record: Americans are outraged at Burma

Kyle lieberman ammendment roll call

US candidates follow money trail to London

Kucinich: US presidential candidate urges American Muslims to organise and vote

Kyl-Lieberman up for debate then vote now

MSNBC just told muricans that Bill was a Liability to John Kerry 8 yrs ago

Bush Threatened Nations That Did Not Back Iraq War

UN Peacekeeping Suffers as US Debt Mounts

Jenna Bush: 'I've grown in the past five years" ...and Dad's doing a "great job."

Hans Von Spakovsky 101: How To Suppress The Vote Like A Pro

Chop Square - homosexuality in Saudi Arabia

...whether or not the hiring takes place inside the U.S., or someplace else.

Better view of Bush's notebook from 9/25/07

Kucinich Calls For Relief From Increasing Gas Prices

Note passed to Condi by * during UN meeting on Tuesday 9/25: Enhanced & deciphered!

The Evidence against the Lieberman-Kyl Amendment !

Those. Damn. Democrats. Screw. Them. Enablers. Useless. Cowards.

Bush passes note to Condi at UN

This may just be the first election where polling cannot be counted on.. even a little

Iran's Nuclear Weapon Program

Gen. Ricardo Sanchez: "...we have a crisis in national political leadership"

Violent crackdown launched in Myanmar

Oy! Please tell me this is satire "Joe Biden will never compliment a black man again." -O'Reilly


My 10,000th post is here...

I believe Ahmadinejad is correct in saying there are no gay people in Iran.

"The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here..."

Remember this? See men shredded, then say you don't back war - March 18, 2003

"Sense of the Senate?"

when does the Sense of the Senate focus on Saudi Arabia???

OK - then what is the "sense of the Senate" regarding Iran?

"A Barbarous and Ignorant Speech" poll question about $190 billion war money request.

Al Franken: Hyper (and hypo)critical

Do you feel "informed" when listening to those canned news stories on AAR?

CSPAN3 Defense Sec Gates being questioned about Blackwater...n/t

I guess the bushco's* plan is to keep coming at the congress with all these request

Photos from No Child Left Behind "progress" report

FISA train wreck on the way...Open Left talks with ACLU.

Cheney mulled Israeli strike on Iran

Senate Urges Power-Sharing in Iraq

== The Republican who likes gays = By Mark Morford

I'm guessing Katie Couric just sped up her CBS News walking papers

Who is your 2008 candidate? Take the quiz to see who aligns most with your views.

The Polar Ice Cap Is Melting

Remember that "New Direction for America?" Well, the Senate just let Lieberman kill it.

on cspan 3

I need an education on Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps

Iraq vet plans to return his medals in protest

Shuster being interviewed by Schultz

Hardball hit a new low last nite

Bush nominee helped mask FBI's pre-9/11 failures and kept al Qaeda's infiltration of US intelligence

Virginia legislature proposes internment camps...

My daughter was on Ohio SCHIP as a baby.

Caption this photo!

Wow! I love Melissa Etheridge! "Imagine That":

Spain: Document details Bushs' plan to ignore UN on Iraq 2003

Seeking Ways to Cut Fees on Credit Cards

The World's Weirdest/Stupidest Conspiracy Theories

Does Anyone Know If There Were 'Osama' Video's Before 2001

Hah! Pic of the Idiot on AOL homepage.

Lawmaker says Rice interfered with Iraq inquiry

Cholera Spreads in Iraq, Aided by Lack of Clean Water

Lawyers say arrest violates rights

Kyl-Lieberman Amendment Yays and Nays

Our Presidents New Best Friend Boils People Alive

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Situation in Burma

If Skinner's post about Ahmadinejad is out-recced by the thread about Ahm. meeting with the Rabbis..

Judge to Craig: Lemme sit on it fer a while ......

Just curious, has anybody here ever been the victim of a bombing?

Hillary Clinton all but authorized an invasion of Iran. If nominated, will you support her in '08?

BREAKING: Lieberman-Kyl’s Iran amendment passes.

CSPAN3 Hearing with Gates, Pace, Negroponte now n/t

I'm switching to Dennis Kucinich as a protest vote from Edwards.

We need a HEAVY counter recruitment effort for an enlistment BOYCOTT!

Does anyone have a link to that photo of * when he said he had to go

Bush makes surprise visit to work

"Thou shalt not kill".....


Can you make a phone call..NOW!? Matthew Shepard Act.

Romney Withholds Comment on Killings By American Mercenaries

Some Ideas for Africa

I see where Perot is selling the Magna Carta.

How Many More Americans Have To Die Before Dems STOP Using "The Innocent Bystander Fable"? (Sirota)

C-Span 3 is really worth listening to right now-

Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd respond to O'Loofah

So how many Democrats will enable continued funding of the Iraq war?

I say we pull all of our troops out of the Middle East, Nuke every

What did Al Sharpton say about O'Reilly's black restaurant comments?

The Guy James Show

Do we REALLY have to have ads for ROBO-CALLS on the front page?

This Is It.

Here We Go Again

Refresher on LIMBOsevic 101

DARN DARN the sky is falling

'This kind of funding ($200 B) does not look like to me that we are getting out soon (para

Gates testifying on cspan1. Patty Murry asking about length of stay in Iraq.

Will any of this money be used on Iran?

Blanco To Meet Over Safety Of 'Jena Six'

ABA calls for Ohio to cease executions

Know That Fallout Shelter Your Dad Built in the Basement Back in the '50's?

Inspector Finds Broad Failures in U.S. Oil Program

Romney vs (Clinton, Edwards, etc) on Health Care

Anybody seen the swastika decorations in D.C.?

President Bush has now deployed United States Border Patrol IRAQ

Al Gore on CNN. n/t

Senate to vote on Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act tomorrow

A question regarding the debate on the SCHIP controversy

Condi has BAD interview...

Good conservatives sure to pissed by a LTTE in today's paper

I'd like to hear a defense of the Clinton's successfully spiking the GQ story.

Holy shit! There were 6 African-Americans at a table in the restaurant I ate at last night!

We're down to nothing but stems and seeds

"They hate us for our freedoms">>>do away with them and they won't hate us?

Another detention center, housing 1000, for illegal immigrants (WAPO)

World's Water Supply at Risk

BUSH Answers His Own ?-"Is Our Children Learning" With "Childrens Do Learn"

B*sh today in NY : "CHILDRENS do learn when standards are high..."

Homeland Security Dems Urge Moratorium on Funding for Expansion of Domestic Satellite Surveillance

Unit remembers deadly day, fallen brethren

Breaking on CNN website: Judge calls mistrial in Spector case.

Text of what actually passed: Kyl Amendment

So; looks like Bush & Gates are going to get another 42 billion. Looks

MoveOn: "We Will Continue Our Ad Campaign" Against A "Betrayal Of Trust"

So who won in GM/UAW strike?

Family Making $56,000 Struggles With `Out of Sight' Health Cost

The Iraqi Report The State Dept. Doesn't Want You To See

I'm very concerned about all these Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedow fans.

Pentagon seeks 190 billion dollars for Iraq, Afghanistan

Dupe, please delete.

Oh my goodness: Have y'all seen the new Senator/bathroom stall commercial?

Very heated presser going with Pentagon and Reporters re: Contractors in Iraq

Question to the Clinton Supporters: Why?


And hello? Ahmadinejad is a "gay denier" too.

I think we need to change our name to "Progressive Underground"...

Dem Defection Sends Voter Fraud Guru to Full Senate

Some interesting "gossip" on the bushies

Corporations in this country have tremendous power

General Pace must be channeling Ahmadinejad on gays.

What my Persian in-law will tell me: "They voted to bomb my country."


What candidate(s) is/are for single-payer, national health insurance.

Skinner, Ahmadinejad, and Holocaust Denial - a New DUer's Perspective

A Pandemic of Police Brutality

(Ari) Fleischer Callously Tells Dead Soldier’s Mom ‘There Are Going To Be A Lot More Mothers’ Like Y

House condemns's Petraeus ad


U.S. Aims To Lure Insurgents With 'Bait' (

senate-whores and congress-critters

Now is the time for Al Gore to come to the aid of his country!

Elizabeth Edwards Up NEXT on Hardball.... n/t

Kucininch Is Good For Laughs -He Doesn't Even Belong -WTF

*Breaking* Bill O'Reilly issues press release:

There's something wrong with Pelosi...

WOW! NRCC Zilch. Zip. Nada. DCCC $22 million IN THE BANK!!!

Desperate Conservatives Try To Save Face on SCHIP

Have the "captured" GIs been recovered yet?

There's a special place in hell waiting for you, Lieberman...

nbc eve news-good report-reporting from Burma

"He that would make his own liberty secure..."

Clinton interview excerpt on the Situation Room...

from April 2006 -- THE IRAN PLANS, by Seymour Hersh (it's a done deal)

DUelling DU Posts .... coincidence, schizophrenia, flame wars, reflection of the times ........ ?

Aging cheerleader Katie Couric has nerve to criticize Rather on journalism

Say Bush is crazy enough to attack Iran

Point of order: how many minutes in a 'hate'?

the next war: "Who Approved the Start of Operations (in Iran) Already" -- Democracy Now (2006)

Who's the apologist on with Rachel Maddow?

Mark Twain, on Congress:

Al Gore-Bill Clinton Reunite on Global Issues

A Street Performer Crusades for the First Amendment

Yikes!! Scary Freeper/Libertarian in class today!!

Amortization schedules for Car Payments

Cramer vs. Cramer: George Oilwellian slams one out of the ballpark.

My Grandma used the N-Word but swore she wasn't a racist.

Some S(an) A(ntonio) Apartments Banning Tattoos

Watch this TPM Video on Kyl/Lieberman Amendment (Iran Rev Guard as Terrorist Organ.)

Tucker says Firedoglake is all about HATERS with rest of Left

Navy to spend $600,000 to mask 'hateful' swastika-shaped barracks

Study: Men are happier than women

McClatchy/Joe Galloway: The evil that men do

Should there be a concept of a sovereign individual?

The Independent frontpage: Inside the Saffron Revolution (Burma)

"Six families control this country"

Eleven New Animal, Plant Species Found In Vietnam

Billo Says He's Getting Smeared.

DiFi: The New Lieberman

More images from Myanmar ongoing protests

OMG! Another convenient and non-specific terror threat!

Hey! I think I know why Obama raised more money than Hillary!

Spying on one another has become a soap opera storyline.

Democrats "Punked" again

A few minutes ago I saw Bill Clinton on CNN. After watching him,

Tally here: But does anyone know why Obama did not vote today? (Kyl-Lieberman amend.)

* - "Childrens do learn"

NPR turns down * interview

Craig says he'll stay in Senate -- for now

GAWD PEOPLE! WE ARE UNDER 500 Days Left in The Idiot Presidency!

Schuster Raises Tucker's Ratings

Myanmar Forces Open Fire on Protesters

Navy To Change Swastika-Shaped Barracks After Photos Reveal Gaffe

Oregon town finds dogs and U.S. flag-painted hydrants don't mix

341-79 against MoveOn? Give the House credit where credit is due!

Watchdog group urges probe of highway earmark linked to Young (R-AK)

A letter of apology to the sovereign nation of Cuba

What is the effect of Kyl/Lieberman as a non-binding resolution?

Don't forget Chris Matthews has a thing for Bush

I hadn't read this here on DU, but I thought you'd like to know......

Another BLOW to military recruitment

Congressional and Clinton/Obama apologists...

White House accidentally reveals that Bush is an idiot...

Lehrer News hr just starting segment on Burma now (say 4 dead)

WW ll Question

I vote this the single best paragraph to describe Bush foreign policy!

DU just had a 137-post Kerry thread with no deleted posts. World coming to end.

Name the crimes and criminals of the George W. Bush/Richard B. Cheney regime

Osama Bin Laden Seeks The Cocaine of Revenge

The best laid plains of mice and men...

Norm Coleman got a cut rate price on his anti-Moveon newspaper ad

The Debt

where would I find a video of todays hearing on cspan3

165 Suspected Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan

Chimpy's special phoenetic spellings at UN -- Could explain his pronunciation...

Spanish Notes Reveal Bush Was Hell-Bent On War

45 minutes to Democratic Debate at Dartmouth College

The giant talking head AKA "BILLO" is now claiming that Media Matters made the the whole thing up.

Afghans protest foreign troops after series of raids

Navy to Alter Swastika-Shaped Barracks

O'Reilly to simple to understand his own racism

AFGHANISTAN: Children share deprivations of imprisoned mothers

Tweety spews. Howie knocks them down. Tweety ignores.

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan releases new report: Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan

Obama can keep his image by letting others attack Clinton

Caption the *'s

I think if the religious right had it's way, we'd execute Gays in this country.


America needs a hero. Where are you Mr. Gore?

For 60 years we have known better than to bring about the the thing we feared.

3,801. Three thousand eight-hundred and one.

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,800

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

Soldier dies hours after his first child is born

Boxer-Inhofe global warming rematch

A re-imagining of the Impossible Dream

Edwards on the attack early...

Kucinich said, “The White House spin machine is at it again-Preparing US For An Attack On Iran"

Ken Burns Film and Tom Hanks' Voice

Jenna Bush gives props to Chelsea Clinton

Rangel’s heart tells him to undo some tax cuts

Prisons to Restore Purged Religious Books (despite DOJ)

House passes temporary funding bill

Which candidate in tonights debate will say get "ALL" the troops out now...

Iraqis fleeing Turkish shelling, migration group claims

Karmas a Bitch...."Katrinaesque Levees com'p and are flooding the GOOPers House

Bush Dog Democrats

Norway won't commit to role in danger zone

Get me another mother fucking iced tea!!!!

Holocaust denying = dropping bombs?

Diana inquest coroner steps down

Diana inquest jury to be selected

Tweety Just Said Gore, Kerry, And McGovern Are Nerdy, Unappealing Losers

Barack Obama goes to a party hosted by Oprah...he should be going to parties hosted by the forgotten

I don't really want Hillary to be our next president, But

The Companies They Keep in Burma

Just got home, what happened with O'Reilly/Sharpton and how is the debate?

"Even the Democrats are soundin' kinda Republican-ey."

Amid Congressional and Public Pressure, Bush Reverses Veto Threat

Who voted against condemning Moveon?

Kuwait could go it alone with Chinese oil deals

Whoa!!1 "Donald TRUMP went bankrumpt a hundred times!!" WHOA!!1

Document - Bush forced countries into war

Tonight on Fox news: Why should we listen to anything the French have to say?

Blanco: No Challenge of 'Jena 6' Ruling (AP)

Anyone that supports Hillary after her vote today on Kyl-Lieberman is a closet neocon!

So, Biden thinks its ok for 18-20 yr olds to vote, to fight (and die) in War, but they can't be

She's killing me!!! Hillary says Dems have pushed really hard

School Vouchers? Why or Why not?

"Men will thank God on their knees a hundred years from now

Edwards just kicked ass on GLBT issues

Here are the Nays from the House MoveOn vote today and a great speech from Tom Allen (D-ME)

US soldier pleads not guilty to killing Iraqis

"Hating" Ahmadinejad Does Not Mean You Want To Bomb Iran

I Support Kyl-Lieberman Along with Hillary

Now they want 190 billion more...

May the best man and/or woman win

Poisoning a lake to save local tourism....

I really tried to be angry but ended up thoughtful

Next up: the next Republican debate, and this question:

Treehugger: Environmentalism meets immigration!!1

MSNBC: Rate the candidates

Gary Hart To Iran: "Don't Give VP The Justification HE IS SEEKING To Attack Your Country"

3801 Reasons Why The DSM is Important


Is Katrina Vanden Heuvel's health okay?

Military wrote Karzai's speech, NDP says - Canadians are getting that sinking feeling like us

Action Alert

An Open Letter to Michael Vick Supporters

Will Russert be moderating tomorrow's debate with the Pukes?

DEA Raids Local Pot Shop - Feds say outfits like this one were being supplied by the mob

Was one of the debate questions....

DillDO'Reilly Says He's Being Smeared (criticizes "smear merchants" who "cherry-picked remarks")

Re KB's "The War": We don't need to be reminded that our soldiers can be great; we need...

CACI to buy Athena Innovative for undisclosed sum

Proof Hillary is part of PNAC

Why do we need to DO anything about Iran?

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Work

Subpoenas Served on Brian Ross/Cindy Adams by 'DC Madam'

Richardson saying-otheres not get us out of Iraq-Obama otheres -msnbc now post debate

just now negroponte said there were only 1270 contractors

Interesting photo choice accompanying WP's frontpage story on Iraq funding

Pharasee p.o.s. TimMAY: "favorite Bible verse" WHAT A P.O.S.1!1

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

UPDATE: Little girl on porn tape

Verizon rejects text messages from an abortion rights group

Kucinich: Iran Counter-Proliferation Act Unintentionally Undermines Diplomatic Efforts

In spite of the fact I am feeling horrid, I must say: GOOO MOVEON!!!!

Holy MOLY! Is anybody else watching the Big Dog on Anderson Cooper??

I didn't see the debates-was Kucinich even in it?

Dem Leaders channel Henry Ford: You can have any Mideast policy you want, as long as its "war".

Liberals form the largest united typological demographic within the Democratic base

Michael Moore on Oprah this Thursday

Guiliani to run for President of 9/11

MInority Vote Suppressor Von Spakovsky Up for VOTE to the FEC! PLS CALL

*Bush Plays the Jewish Mother Card at the U.N. -- Jon Stewart (tonight's Daily Show)!!!

all 3 Dem front-runners will have troops in Iraq in 2013. Russturd says that is the news

76 ayes. On to Iran. fuck. damn them . omg.

First Lady Kucinich?

I'm Sorry... But It's Gotta Be Said... We Suck !!!

Cheney to address secret group

Nobody Told Me

What Will You Do If Bush Attacks Iran

You get put in prison for being gay in Afghanistan.

A round of applause to the 19 Dem senators and 1 Independent who voted NAY today (and 2 Repubs)

Should we lower the voting age to 16?

I went to a very bad place and look what I found. (Rather may depose 41&43)

Police: Beaver Couple Flees Trailer Fire, Forgets To Bring Boy (but saves their dogs)

Probate Judge Puts Voting Machines Under Watch

Federal Judge: First Amendment Bars School's Ban on 'Hitler Youth' Badges

Rather May Call Both BUSHES As Witnesses

STUNNING .."it was a conspiracy to coverup incompetence"(at the DOJ) leading to 9/11 LINK

Official Democratic Debate Thread

WTF? What's your favorite Bible verse? What the HELL!?!

David Sirota: When Will the Innocent Bystander Fable Stop?

Were you politically active prior to 911?

Something really puzzling about the Kyl-Lieberman amendment (ignores Cheney and Rice's roles)

Anyone know how OPERATIONMINDCRIME'S wife is doing....I've been away for a few days.

Al Gore To Make Indians Aware Of Climate Change

What would it take for most Americans to hit the streets in protest?

Cindy Sheehan: Drop A Note Of Support To Injured NYTimes Op/Ed Vet

Blitzer Interview of Al Gore....My Quickly Jotted

After all the talk, hype and BS: "Dems can't make guarantee on Iraq troops"

Question: In declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization,

Double standards--they suck when used to defend OR attack Ahmadinejad


Goto Breaking news and read GAO: Walter Reed no improvement...

23% of Americans approve of MoveOn ad

Holocaust denial? This country need only look in the mirror.

Presidential Debate (tonight)

On "The War" last night, Ken Burns only mentioned the 1943 Detroit race riot.

Elton John's award winng photo siezed as "pornography"

Thank goodness for "Macaca."

Fred Certain: Conservatives hate new ideas, so they love Thompson

George W. Bush on 9/11: "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

I got my final hospital bill today.

A Short History of Holocaust Denial in the Middle East

Its my duty to award my first ever "Uncle Tom(s) of the Week" award to Joe Watkins and Juan Williams

"Childrens do learn," Bush tells school kids. ---pix--->>>

How many 'Impeach him/them' signs in your neighborhood?

"Hip-hop is Sick Because America is Sick"

mmmonk - please resurrect what you wrote for your DU journal about

John Edwards: Unlike Clinton, I learned my lesson from the AUMF - Decries IRAN War Vote today

I understand playing politics, but Kyl/Lieberman is more than symbolic.

Say it Ain't so Shuster

Policy of hiring mercenaries as bodyguards for U.S. officials raises question about Iraq mission

You know what's worse than when we lose?

What Is Your Favorite Qur'anic Verse? What Is Your Favorite Wisdom Of The Buddha?

Monks killed as soldiers shoot at protesters

Time to pull up stakes and secede: Republic of California

Wexler HR: “A Syria with nuclear weapons is an unacceptable threat to the United States, Israel....

Who won the debate?

Mistrial in Phil Spector Murder Trial

Anyone calling me paranoid, or telling me I'm just anti-Ahmadinejad, pshaw.

Internal Passports

CNN's Sanchez: O'Reilly "screamed at the top of his lungs for a very long period of time"

Why is polygamy wrong?

GAO Report: Walter Reed Problems Have Not Been Fixed

From the Mouths of Babylonians..... The Babylonian Society

C SPAN 2 Senate Discussing SCHIP if anyone is interested.

Clinton is relying on intelligence on Iran that she got from the Bush administration???

Listen to the General(s)

I love you Mike Gravel

Here's How It's Done Folks !!! - And Curiously, They Are Better Americans (Humans) Than We Are !!!

YO FOLKS: according to TPM, that crazy "combat, contain, and roll back" got dropped from the bill.

I met a man who lost nine family members at Auschwitz

BIG EDIT, PLS READ (Maybe I'm crazy, but this was a really good day re: Iran IMHO.)


Fast forward 3 years. Who will the Iran War apologists be?

Rather may subpoena Asshat !!!!

We better face it. These are the only Senators who "get it."

Until today I would have voted for any Democratic candidate running for president, not anymore

From One Bunker To Another: Dick Cheney To Address ‘Super-Secret, Conservative Policy Group’

DU's Michael Collins on the air tonight:

Genetically Modified Crops are Dangerous and Unnecessary

Want Al Gore as President? Become an UNCOMMITED DELEGATE!

Do you get a sense of bias in the Snopes Article regarding the Jena 6?

HUD Demolitions Draw Noose Tighter Around New Orleans

Posts from DU in the 1930's/40's unearthed (and the REAL history of DU)

Who here ACTUALLY supports war with Iran?

Lieberman-Kyl amendment text revisions

Bush and Cheney can't even guarantee your safety in the jon!

For those of you who are "considering" volunteering...

Mad as hell and can't take it anymore!

The social security part of tonight's debate is why I am so obscessed with keeping numbers straight

How can anyone on DU support Hillary Rodham Clinton?

MORE Homeless Women I've Known

Will General Clark pull his endorsement of Hillary because of her vote today?

Parts of Patriot Act ruled unconstitutional

CBS Hired Investigator Who Confirmed RATHER/MAPES-Bush Draft Dodging Report-Was Authentic & Accurate

Tell Dan Rather you support his fight against the corporate takeover of news.

lie-berman/kyl "authorization" for war on Iran passed

Here's why I'm so hesitant to sign online anti-war, pro Democrat,

Video: Al Gore With Wolf Blitzer From The UN

KICK THIS FOR NEW ORLEANS: Brad Pitt pledges $5m to Ninth Ward, NO

Gore calls for ‘global Marshall plan’

It's getting clearer how the Iran War may very well start...

Not reported in the MSM: What Ahmadinejad did on Monday afternoon

David Bowie donates $10,000 to legal defense of Jena 6

You must read this.

The Official Kyl-Lieberman Panic Thread

Breast-Feeding Mom Gets More Time For Test - She wins!!

This Ahmajinedad thing shows how easily the supposed Left is snared

"The Left" has been properly chastised and sent to bed without their supper.

Why do "South Park" voters hate Liberals?

Do you support sanctuary Cities?

State Dept. intercedes in Blackwater probe

Kerry speaks about Burma on Senate floor; warns against another "Tiananmen Square moment"

Supporting wars of aggression is not a liberal position. Ever.

BREAKING: Kerry makes history

Daniel Ellsberg: 'A Coup Has Occurred'

My Sad Prediction

Just Been Fooled Again

I posted this on GD-P but it might be long gone by the time you're checking

Hey Pirhana -- here you go!

Steve in California posted this thread -- wanted to give you the link because

Check this out -- you may be familiar with it, but it's new to me. I wanted

Another thread from Steve in California

Two more (!) threads from Steve

And so it begins again - anybody know if the BBB amendment will be up for a vote

Holy sheet

Congrats Senator Biden -


Clinton voted AYE on the Iran bill.

Link to Biden coverage on MSNBC.

The Atlantic - Biden's Iowa Strategy

omg - Matthews loves Biden - are you watching????

Biden is doing soooo well in this debate!

New Biden thread

Hello? echo echo echo

I posted the Babylonian Society site link -- please go K&R. They've been

Biden's got a dedicated New Hampshire site -- here's the link

I have no complaints on John Edwards' performance tonight but felt also

Biden's view on impeachment

Nicaraguan Leader Rails at U.S. Hegemony

Clinton Camp Offers Chance To Watch Presidential Debate With Former President

Biden must go for the knock out at tomorrow night's debate on MSNBC

Bill Richardson plays word games in order to appear above it all.

Road to War in Iraq: English translation of the Bush-Aznar conversation

Health Care System Leading Cause of Death and Injury in the USA.

Giuliani Exploits 9/11 (and Immigration!) to Explain His Change of Heart on Gun Control

Hillary loves to travel at taxpayers' expense.

Obama marks anniversary of anti-war speech

Salon's Walter Shapiro: Iraq and Roll Over. Why the Antiwar Surge Failed in Congress

GOP offer to Dems: Switch parties, make your vote count

New Jersey: Clinton Increases Primary Lead To 31 points, fairs best against GOP Frontrunner

Andrew Rice will challenge Inhofe in Okla.

Must Read:Doug Schoen, formerly of Penn & Schoen, writing for Rasmussen about "Hillary's Great Week"

Clinton May Erase Obama's Fund-Raising Edge or Obama leads in fundraising again?

HuffPo / James Boyce: Hillary Wasn't Given The Crown, She Earned It

Even Republicans know they're screwed

Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, Maryland, Former Obama Classmate, Endorses Clinton

Don't Miss Bill Clinton on Martha Stewart Show

Fascinating article about a Clinton-Obama icket

FEC Nominee Von Spakovsky Faces Difficult Confirmation Vote by Senate Panel

How to Effectively Pick Apart a Weak Party

Senator Biden issues statement on FBI's crime report.

Rosemary Palmer slams Kucinich on SCHIP vote...

Union Declines Endorsement: Powerful SEIU does not endorse, even though many leaders support Edwards

Allies Obama, Jackson have different approaches on race issues

A lesson in daily tracking polls. In the last 2 weeks Obama has gone up 6, then dropped 7.

$$$ Desperately Needed for Iowa Gore Concert

Rice: Zarqawi was 'diabolically brilliant.' Just like Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant!

The courtship of black voters, a majority of them women, in South Carolina

Lack of Healthcare Attack on US kills 6 times

Biden's Plan for Iraq Confirmed by 17 National Intelligence Agencies.

Congratulations Senator Biden!!! 75 - 23

Cuban Foreign Minister just handed Bush his smokin' ass.

49 Democrats joined with 26 Republicans and America is the real winner.

Big Battle Shaping Up Over Open Minnesota House Seat

Senators Biden and Carper victorious on Coastal Protection Bill.

Hillary refuses to answer the most important question.

Obama for vicepresident?

Senator Biden's Resolution on Lebanon Wins Unanimous Support in the Senate.

The Devil went down to Crawford....

Senators are NOW voting on the Kyl/Lieberman amendment which Webb warned against!

New unofficial rule request: Identify diaries/blogs under umbrellas sites like Kos & Smirking Chimp

CNN Commentary: Why is the GOP scared of black voters?

GOP Rep. Everett of Alabama to Retire

CNN/WMUR Poll of NH Dem primary voters : Have you definitely decided who you will vote for?

Missed vote percentages for candidates in the Senate as of 9/24/07

The Biden Amendment passed !

Did you know that Ben Franklin was a terrorist-loving traitor?

Photo: The Embarassment-In-Chief assures students @ Public School 76 in NY that "childrens do learn"

Watch Biden discuss Iran

Jim Webb showed more leadership today than some of our CANDIDATES have all month.........

Data on overseas absentee ballots raise questions

McClatchy Newspapers: Ohio, Florida Laws Could Dampen Democratic Voting in 2008

'A Coup Has Occurred'

Latest Rasmussen Numbers

Is Hillary too polarizing?

TPM poster: No vote was scheduled for Kyl-Lieberman until today's announcement at 12:30PM.

Senator Byrd just ROCKED on CSpan 3!!

Hillary supporters step inside.

Robert Gates to Congress: "Gimme $190 billion and don't make me have to say 'September 11' again"

New Ras for Richardson closing in on Rudy (40-43) and edging Fred-kenberry (42-41)

"Billary" Is A Right Wing Contraction

Rudy Giuliani fires chief fundraiser

Audio: O'Reilly surprised "there was no difference" between Harlem restaurant and other New York res

Condi does an Oops!.....

C-Span will show a video retrospective of Hillary Clinton's views on Iraq on Sunday

Hillary has permanently, without any doubt, lost my vote in any election

are Republican.Senators. afraid of Duncan Hunter?

Those pesky campaign expectations -

Why Edwards is strongest in the general

Yes! Another Alert! ....Alert! Important Senate Vote Today!

Iranian University Chancellors respond to Bolinger

The reason obama missed the votes

Why is Hillary only responsible for the BAD things that came out of Bills administration?

Col. Atwater

Poll: Clinton, Giuliani maintain leads in New Jersey

Tweety's getting on my last NERVE

Jim Ryan: N.H. Will See More of Biden

Obama a no-show on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment

Why is it so important the Hillary win????

Front-runner is a status vulnerable to change. (NY Times Article yesterday)

Congressional Progressive Caucus Vote on SCHIP ...

MSNBC is trying to set up Obama for a falll

Code Pink confrontation with Senator Byrd: Helpful or Harmful?

Iran Emerges as US Presidential Campaign Issue

CT needs to rewrite their laws on removing a US Senator......

Reminder: Democratic Debate at Dartmouth College Tonight

I submitted the following question for tonight's debate

"House Panel Says Rice Is Hindering Its Work"

The last scene of Camelot....

Go Left TV: News for September 26, 2007

Dr. Dean was awesome with Tweety...

Gov. Richardson Proposes 54.7 Billion in cuts to cold war military programs

The Creation of a Front-Runner

Hillary votes for a bill opposed by most DUers, Barack misses the vote. . .how should DUers react?

Lieberman-Kyle ammendment passes

Something we can all agree on..."Childrens do learn".

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I really wish Robert Byrd would retire

Unions Keep Growing, AFSCME Leads the Pack

Charles Rangel Attends Sun Myung Moon Event


(US Army Captain) Dr Roselle Margaret Hoffmaster

Repubs wanted open borders...

AP: Federal Judge Rules Two Patriot Act Provisions Unlawful


What should Obama have done today?:

Olberman is a shill for Hillary!

More Shady Business Fun with the Clintons.

About Pelosi bashing...DO THE MATH

Is it me or is Richardson seem to be doing a very good job tonight


Someone please explain Hillary's vote on Kyle /Liberman. Why did she vote to support it?

Democrats that voted with President Bush on Childrens Healthcare (SCHIP)...

BREAKING: Lieberman-Kyl’s Iran amendment passes.

Is Russert the moderator or is he debating the candidates??


I want to support Hillary in the primary, but just can't. Molly Ivins said it well in 2006.

A Republican turns around and does the right thing on gay marriage. MUST SEE!

Harmon shows how they play the "Fear Card" and win - only if we let them!

Hey Kids, Go Off To War, If You Survive, In 3 Years You Can Have A Drink

Jena 6 protest before the debate

Cspan - the ever revolving Iraq views of Hillary

This is the worst debate so far its BORING as hell and i suspect most americans are not watching

Timmy threw Hill a life-saver with the "Bill on torture" question.

Favorite bible quotation? WTF does that have to do with being President?


OK DU'ers whos winning this debate so far?

What do we stand for as the American left?

High court takes case on voter ID in Indiana ruling on state law may affect elections across the U.S

Curtis (Dem candidate for FL-24th ) has campaign team in place for run against Feeney.

Tweety and Fineman: Hillary won tonight's debate. She was "on her game" ... "sounded presidential"

Hillary -- "Fiscal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, fiscal responsibility" barf, barf

So the pundits don't really know who won the debate? Who cares.

Why Democrats can't end war

Fat head Rusertt keeps interrupting Governor Richardson

World War 3 is on its way with George Bush as

Edwards needs to bitch about Obama tonight

Edwards was on his game tonight...

Clinton and the War in Iraq

Worst sound in a debate

Hillary "the most religious Democrat since Jimmy Carter"? This does not. . .

Sent an Email to MSNBC asking how much Buchanan is getting paid to shill

John Edwards: First day in office I will end the ILLEGAL SPYING on the American people.

Was I watching a different debate than MSNBC people were watching?

Is this getting to be a habit with Obama?

Bill Clinton or Al Gore?

MSNBC punfucks : Obama had a real bad night

Edwards lost! Edwards lost!

What the fuck debate is this? The Ask Candidates about Hillary Debate?

Chris Dodd's statement on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment on Iran

MSNBC Tweety and Hillary

Kucinich Myspace TV!!!

Photo: Clinton greets Gore at Clinton Global Initative today. Oh, to be able to read Gore's face!

Is my dislike of Hilary personal or ideological? An explanatory rant..

Ruh-roh! Rudy fires top fundraiser!

Where are the Hillary Clinton grassroots efforts?

What will be the excuse when Obama does not get a bounce in the polls after tonights debate

Who should be the Democratic vice presidential nominee?

Tell us how YOUR CANDIDATE led opposition to Bush on the serious issues of last 7 years.

The "inevitability" meme intends to

How can Hillary be so far ahead in the polls? I think it's Republican respondents.

does hiLLary buy some of her endorsements?


I'm calling bullshit on the attacks on Obama for skipping the vote

MSNBC viewer voting results.

Hillsborough DEC chair says Dean not welcome in Florida. Laughs at him. Rude.

Is Edwards mansion a legitimate campaign issue?

Richardson's isn't appropriate

John Edwards To Get 'Grilled' By Students At MTV/MySpace Forum, UNH Reporter Warns

Fundraising Projections: Obama Leads Again

House condemns MoveOn...slipped it into stopgap funding measure..

I want this to go on the record at DU ~ Biden and Dodd voted NO on the Iran bill

John Edwards: Unlike Clinton, I learned my lesson from the AUMF - Decries IRAN War Vote today

Obama a no-show on the Biden/Boxer/Brownback/Kerry amendment

The Three Bs...and Dennis Kucinich

Kucinich: Iran Counter-Proliferation Act Unintentionally

Chris Matthews to Obama: This isn't Hollywood Squares, it's a campaign you must engage Hillary

Hillary had the flu during the IWR vote, she meant to vote against it.

Rusertt is asking Clinton the most questions

My reply to James Carville's letter for money....

Clinton Bangs Iran War Drums

E-mail campaign needed. Bush's U.N. speech was a moment of truth.

How any "Inevitable" Candidate can be defeated aka, remember our media and how it works.

Is the hope for HRC's high negatives to evaporate?

Edwards WON! Consensus of MSNBC commentators.

Democrats Are Just SO Damned EVIL!!!

Saying any one candidate "won" tonight is frankly being dishonest

Whew!!! Bill Clinton seething Anger at GOP over the MoveOn AD

Latest email from one else was condemned.

Biden - The Only One With A Solution

Senate approves first new idea in 4 years

Biden did not vote for the Lieberman - Kyl Amendment. And Hillary?

Impeachment: Biden's view

Hillary's vote explained!

Who won tonight's debate?

So many Young DU'ers ask over and over...WHY DIDN'T YOU (BOOMERS)DO SOMETHING?