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Vitter earmarked federal money for creationist group

Finally, done cooking for tailgaiting!!

Is there a breast cancer survivors/supporters avatar?

Midnight glass of rBST-free chocolate milk...

White haired dudes with guitars

Seventy years ago today

Have you ever met someone who just wouldn't shut up?

pet peeves

Favorite "alternative" female rock musician/vocalist?

"Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a ...…."

Tampon Crafts, my gift to you

Dennis Lyxzen


American spy satellite downed in Peru as US nuclear attack on Iran thwarted

The explanation as to why the USForestService needs 700 TASERS...

2008 Bush V. Gore Redux?

Slate V makes a Romney Campaign Ad - Five Brothers Priceless!

Rightwing Choir: "Why should God bless America?"

It isn't even entertaining, informing repukes about their Loser of a Leader, the shrub.

What state will be the "big fuck-up" state in the 2008 election?

Oh shit, Halloween's approaching.

Setting everything else aside, that's a pretty crappy piece of art.

An Awful Lot of Point-Making Going On.

Please, people, GET A GRIP!

Sicko Businessman Rips Duck's Head Off at Hotel

Why all the angst, we all know it is going to be Hillary and Mitt. These two will produce the best

Libyan unwarranted interference: Bangladesh ‘Should merge with India’

War Costing $720 Million Each Day, Group Says

Vietnam lessons lost in Iraq war (Chicago Sun-Times)

Legal Loophole Ensnares Breast Cancer Patients

The secret lobbying campaign your phone company doesn't want you to know about

Outflanked in Iraq


Moderates Talk the Talk (but do not do the walk)

When Skin Color Matters

Day of Attonement by Cindy Sheehan

The Dollar Nightmare

Matthew Rothschild: Bush’s Iran War Plans

Bill Gates: Saving the World Is Within Our Grasp

Of Hubris and Atrocities: Why Do They All Hate America?

The Dissenter:Justice John Paul Stevens


WP,pg1: MISSTEPS IN THE BUNKER: Nuclear security while military's attention, resources are in Iraq

Europeans wary of US-style capitalism

On Heroes and Heroism

Matt Bai: Democrats, look West

Cheney mulled Israeli strike on Iran

The Shock Doctrine.. Fire Dog Lake!

The Nation: A Homegrown Doomsday Scenario

John Nichols: Blackwater, Oil and the Colonial Enterprise

Krugman: Politics in Black and White

Price of privatizing war may be U.S. reputation

50 Years Since Little Rock Integration: Observance this week will feature President Clinton

Marvin Kitman: Even Though The Nightly News Still Stinks… Olbermann Rules!

Secret US air force team plan for Iran strike

Feinstein: Symbol of A Bush-Enabling Beltway Democrat

Clash over new (Super) Ferry exposes Hawaii divide

DREW WESTERN: Dems Outflanked in Iraq--folding to Bush & GOP looks like weakness

WOW! Look at the article on the DLC website about Social Security privatization!

Even the Boston Globe is forced to admit that global warming is real

Reid cites other states that are turning away from coal

Wind, the Beginning of the End of Oil Generated Electricity

U.N. summit to push climate talks

Federal report shows declining loggerhead turtle populations (AP/CNN)

Global warming article in CSM

TRADE-CANADA: Losing Water Through NAFTA

Increase In Atmospheric Moisture Tied To Human Activities

Will the Developing World Risk Growth for Green?

New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production

The $3,850 per second war and its victims:Bernd Debusmann

Blackwater guards to face charges in Iraq (There is videotape)

Pakistan backs off Al Qaeda pursuit

US blocks CIA extradition

Mime artist Marceau dies

Two Italian soldiers missing in Afghanistan

Iraq's Sistani meets Shi'ite alliance group

Judge rules against pilot in bombing that killed 4 Canadians in Afghanistan

Death from cholera disclosed in Baquba, Iraq

Judges may appoint prosecutor to succeed McKay

Iraq concedes possible 'security vacuum' (if Blackwater exits)

Israelis seized nuclear material in Syrian raid

Israel sends jets toward Syria again

first russian tv channel in arabic launched

Independent voters tilt toward Democrats

Putin has been vilified by the West, but he is still a great leader

More Profit and Less Nursing at Many Homes

New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production

Iraq Paintings Set To Spark Controversy

Secret US air force team plan for Iran strike

Explosive-formed penetrator strikes MND-B patrol (1 killed, 1 wounded)

Afghanistan: 2 Italian Soldiers Missing

Marcel Marceau dead at 84

Analysis: Bush unwelcome on the trail

Scaife demands documents from Post-Gazette (Divorce)

Iraq: Blackwater staff will face criminal charges

Artist Whose Sculpture Replaed Saddam's Statue Dies

Burma march 'largest in 20 years'

UAW, GM make progress toward reaching a tentative deal

Bush again puts U.S. at edge of global warming debate

Sweden is no longer a haven for Iraq's refugees; Thousands face deportation as backlash brews

Iraqi PM: Shootings 'Cannot Be Accepted'

Iraq oil pipeline cut by bomb - police

Iraqi PM fears violations of sovereignty

Fukuda set to be new Japan PM

Anglican Showdown Over Gays Looms in New Orleans

Post-9/11 Cases Draw Criticism for Nominee

US says Iran smuggling missiles to Iraq

Transcript: Ahmadinejad Interview, Part 1

Graft in Contracts Spread From Kuwait Base

U.S. says Iran sending missiles to Iraq

tatement by Eli Pariser, Political Action Executive Director, Resolving the NYT

In TV blitz, Clinton goes on Iraq offensive

Pope to make climate action a moral obligation

French mime artist Marceau dies

Contractor Faulted in DHS Data Breach

Greenspan faults Democrats on trade

Military Is 'Baiting' Insurgents In Iraq (Snipers using Items as Bait)

Iraqi militia leader's death shatters truce

Missteps in the Bunker (Minot, ND) p. AO1

Columbia University protesters prepare for Iran's president

Witness tells of carnage in Baghdad shooting ("The Americans fired at everything that moved")

Merkel angers China on Dalai Lama

Clinton: I Won't Fund Iraq War Without Withdrawal

Cheney may have mulled Israeli pretext for U.S. attack on Iran

Brzezinski: U.S. in danger of 'stampeding' to war with Iran


Do you ever get crazy lazy? Like going to the bathroom is a huge chore?

I have the opportunity to tour Costa Rica

new slang

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/22/07)

Be sure to check out the Photo Contest Finals!

Decipher this lyrics

Man, UFC tonight...(spoilers)

This is the drunkest post I have ever made!!!

My day in pictures....

And Mary rising up above it all...

Aha! spies are everywhere

Rex Humbard just passed away

Dunno who is up but post happiness here

If Bob Marley were alive today, could you imagine what he'd have to say?

Is a Floozy to much too ask for(lame copycat)

Dog returned to 'speechless' Chicago panhandler

(the sound of a mime passing away)

Some things should be sacred - But some people worship money instead

Eastern Dreams is a great film. Cronenberg is back full throttle. n/t


Happy first day of Fall

O'Reilly: Not all African-Americans are Snoop Doggy Dog. Amazing, isn't it?

If you have a fairly large ego,

Taser the SOB...

Okay... I'm back out of here for a while.

Taser and sob...

Trouble with Firefox

Thank you to whoever donated a star in my name.

What's the shelf life for pixie dust?

Am I going to hell for thinking that the "Jenna 6" would be a great title for a Skinemax movie?

Seriously, who WOULDN'T enjoy "Octopus Time" with Tina Fey?

The Virtual Football Voodoo Shrine: Make your pregame sacrifices here

Enjoy your Sunday, ~Whispers~ It's good for what ails us...

Really interesting art:"Contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics"

Anacapa Island photo thread

Space is really tight in Bankok

I am going to go over to the GD Politics board, Any Advice?

Well-Organized Brains: Help a Moron with a Calendar

Coors is going with the Mark Twain theory of marketing with their commercials.

Sometimes I wish I could post like I used to.

Ralphsteadman. com is a beautiful website.

Sssshhhh. Is this REALLY the Cubs' year????

Smilie interpretation thread! What does the following smilie make you think of?

Red Sox Clinch Playoff Spot!

Right. I'm off, you lot.

The Lions return to normal, losing 56-21. All is right in Millen world.

Does this printer turn you on, or what?

University of Oregon is ranked #11

The Chargers Win or the Mime Gets it!

Has Carrie FISHER totally cooked her brain?!1

Bill Maher & OJ Simpson!

Didn't think I'd get sucked in by OJ's latest, but...

I found Nemo!!!!!

Any Ipod users out there?

Marcel Marceau dead at 84

Is "Dirty Pretty Things" a great movie, or what!

"It was murder...and someone was responsible!"

My external hard drive has started to show problems so I had to buy a new one.

Do you or your kids get nosebleeds?

Top 10 Reasons Not to Date Pigs

$135 "Deluxe Edition" DVD of The Beatles' "Help" coming November 6th

23 September 2007 - how warm is it in your area?

So, I just bought 3 tickets for a playoff game...

Easy Ass Emily! Strap-on fantasies!

Have a great day y'all! We're off to see the Pats game!

Go Packers!!!

When Newt Gingrich speaks on the television, what words should he not use?


so here's what I'm thinking of making for dinner....

Grettings from EGYPT (pics)

I just looked at my post count

Health at an Impasse

Kumbaya anyone? Nah, me either.

Has anyone seen SHINE around lately?

Keith's coming up on NBC

Hmmm....bad omen? I just got yelled at by a squirrel.

I'm back.

What in THE HELL are the Eagles wearing today?

So who's watching Family Guy's big Star Wars spoof tonight?

Easy Assembly! Snap on fasteners!



The Old Train of Melbourne

Colbert is on the Simpsons

Oh, man - great Simpsons opener tonight! LOL!

I can't fight this feeling anymore...

I did not make Pumpkin Cake today.

The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me...

Guitar World magazine: "The trials of Johnny Winter (blues legend gets a new lease on life)"

Dammit. Cialis kept me up for more than 4 hours last night.

Describe GD in four words.

Giants STUFF Washington at the goal-line in final seconds! Giants win! Giants win!

Mmmmmm, roasted cherry tomatoes

I hate open houses!!!

Funny Bill and Hill pic

Time for the Broncos game!

Hey, Paula! Your Reality Show Sucks

I'm gonna be on the radio tomorrow

Okay, why didn't they poke fun at the 'Guido shoots first' bit in the DVD release?

I am an addict.

Juliette Lewis can be the boss of me any time she wants.

A vitally important poll of great importance: What flavor b'day cake?

How come the Family Guy episode lacks the FOX logo on the corner, and lack of

A vitally important poll of great impotence: What flavor medication?

Martha Stewart asks: "What's your favorite piece of chicken to eat?"

Don't forget - tonight's Family Guy is "Family Guy Star Wars", and it's FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!

Ever get lost in the woods?

Have you ever been so mad, so enraged

What's on Rachel Ray's dress?

Ring ding dong. Ring-a-ding ding-ding dong.

Anyone been to the Poconos?

Ghost video

I just cleaned the old receipts out of my wallet... ask me anything

Any Young Dubliners fans on this board?

Did anyone see the last couple minutes of "The Simpsons?"

Are you a geek? Do you dislike homophobic Republican incumbents?

Ten years ago, I weighed 50 pounds less than I do now

Do you think I can be committed...

Am I the only one who's forum level DU looks whack

Nothing like some Black Eyed Peas on a Sunday Night

I have to ask a very serious question, please bear with me:

I'm PISSED! They EDITED the Family Guy episode!!

Can I get some huggage?

Now THAT was one gross movie

Only two and a half hours 'til "Freaks" is on TCM!

:-( :-( :-(

Will Family Guy make hour-long parodies of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi?

Once upon a time there was a man named Max.

whoever you are, from the bottom of my heart...I Thank You for my DU door star

Boxed wine

End the stupid football. I wanna watch FOX cartoons.

It's 11:00 here, and I am cooking some sun-dried tomato raviolis....

Could I get a few good vibes for husband please?

I am renting my computer area from an 18 year old cat...

"I got Thomas stuff! Tidmouth Sheds and new tracks and troublesome trucks and..."

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/23/07

I Think I'll Go Over to GD and Post This Snappy Thread:

Watching Stephen King's "The Stand" on SciFi

Is that really Rush's voice on Family Guy?

Anyone had Ben & Jerry's Vermont Python

The "How did HEyHEY NOT get seven shades of shit beaten out of him thread...

Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys Thread

STBE returned from a trip to the Ukraine and to Germany. I have odd feelings.

Describe VD in just four words.

Meet Tovah - our new pup (dial-up warning)

Marcel Marceau died.

I am getting up at 4:45 am tomorrow to swim

Later You Can Say You Didn't Know

Why do the instructions say to soak beans overnight?

I've discovered why Iggy Pop has been stuck in my head for days!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/23/07 Bonus

How many magazines do you subscribe to?

My little sister is engaged


WHO tries on panties in a clothes store Fitting Room?

Most beautiful cats, here on DU!

What would a NASCAR driver have to do to be labeled a "Sell-out."?

Okay I feel bad with all the serious stuff that people are dealing with


Fuck this shit, I wanna be a rockstar.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Pigs

My Discover card is now a coaster.

Leaf Peepers, are you ready for Fall?

Love comes in all sizes....

Supernova Movie Review: Eastern Promises

Anyone watching/taping Ken Burns' "The War?"

Not Sure If Any Of You Have Watched OMC...

Recommend a DVD you've watched recently

Say what you want about Massachusetts drivers. Okay. Now watch this video from Houston

Updates from my Daughter. (Semester in Tanzania)

'Tell Me You Love Me' - that new show on HBO. What does anyone think of it?

Freedom or Totalitarianism, the choice is yours

Senior Marines may face blame for Haditha deaths

Hyannis (Cape Cod) bar bilked by fake vet's false tales

Bush Administration's Latest Puppet

Do Not Adjust Your Television Set

Dr Roselle Margaret Hoffmaster 109th female death Iraq War

One Year Later: Pride for my DAUGHTER

Ehren Watada update

New ITUC Report Reveals Worldwide Murder of Trade Unionists

Starbucks: More Charges of Union-Busting

Today in labor history September 22

Today's working family cartoon-mine safety

Today in labor history September 23

Starbucks: More Charges of Union-Busting (2 states)

NLRB ruling needed before bus drivers' unionizing vote counted

Broadway producers threaten lockout

UMinn Workers Suspend Strike, Weigh Deal

Security workers strike in san francisco- seiu local 24/7, JOIN THE SECURITY WORKERS

1,200 More AT&T Mobility Workers Organize in Florida

Federal court can hear 9-11 workers complaints

Go Left TV: Homeland Security Crack Down!

Six years later, Jay Corcoran's first AFL-CIO moment of silence

Teamsters Urge FCC to Protect Diversity in Media Ownership Rules

Labor complaint issued against casino

Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee: It Is Time to Pass ENDA

Father Finds Son Dead in Vat of Sulfuric Acid at California Circuit Board Factory

Victim claims Blackwater killings unprovoked

Alive in Baghdad - Another Funeral in Iraq

Noam Chomsky Interview on CBC (Part 2 of 2)

Noam Chomsky Interview on CBC (Part 1 of 2)

Hundreds of Veterans, 10s of Thousands March to End War 9.15

Values Voter Debate: Why Should God Bless America? New lyrics?

Kucinich on Education!

Is Hillary Clinton Abusing YouTube?

BOOM! IED in Iraq

How The Republicans Plan To Steal The '08 Election

Pink Floyd - Us And Them

Joan Baez - With God on Our Side (Live 1966)

Giuliani's staged call from his wife during NRA speech

Max Keiser debating market turmoil, bank runs and interest rate cuts

Hillary Clinton on Meet The Press - Sep. 23, 2007


100 People, Iraq Vet, and Military Mom Shame Sen. McConnell

WorldCan' Declare It Now

San Diego Mayor (Republican) Supports Gay Marriage Resolution

The Great Dictator (1940)

Dennis Kucinich - On Iraq

Resentment and Hatred of Republicans

Garofalo to O'Reilly: "Kiss my Fat Ass" Real Time 9/21/07

ANTI WAR DIE IN (9.15.07)

Dennis Kucinich - What About a Third-Party Ticket?

17-Year-Old David McSwane's Sting Operation Busts Recruiters

Joe Biden | Iraq Solutions

So are we to believe that they store the Nukes with the non-Nukes?

Blackwater takes to the waves (new maritime division)

Let's Make An Oil Deal-A Bush family friend may be undermining Iraqi peace (Newsweek)

My night with Helen Thomas

Hillary is beginning the Sunday Morning Talk Show "Barnstorming" now.

How dangerous is Iraq?

CNN Investigative Reporting: Shelf Life Of Twinkies

A solitary demon with a huge picture of a decapitated fetus.

I think it's time that Congress shuts down Blackwater, and other companies like it.

Walter Cronkite after the Tet offensive February 27, 1968

U.S. Repeatedly Rebuffed Iraq on Blackwater Complaints

We Have Nothing But Fear Itself

CNN: Iraq Gov Will File Criminal Charges Against Blackwater

The Origin of Homophobia

GM, UAW Said to Be Close on Health Care

George H. W. Bush put the most political pressure on Greenspan. Just on

Another victim of Fascism

Writing books, letters, notes, memos, etc is a skill learned and mastered. .Poor Bush, he ain't

Great photos of the DC march last weekend by SharonRB.

Mitt Romney invites people to make their own ad - big mistake!

Twisted industry makes hot tickets hard to get

He's General Outlivedus

After watching Hillary Clinton on MTP this morning

Ha ha. Cris Wallace looked ticked off as Hil Clinton laughed at his question:

CONDEMN THIS! - Repubs Rewrite 'God Bless America'

Anyone Notice 'Times Select' is gone. Editorials available for free.

Bush slams Dems, vows to veto expanded kids' health insurance

Hilary is on NBC. WILL Not Vote to fund War.--Kicing Butt.

Iraq's 'Dirty Harrys' (making $365,000/yr tax-free)

I made a liar out of myself - I will not vote for Pres. is she wins

They told us, 'You were put here to protect you.' But the guns were pointed into the camp, not out.

Short term answer: STOP fighting the war in Iraq (then have $$ for health care) says

What our election process has turned into

'This week the Pentagon released the names of 19 solders and Marines killed in Iraq"

Nuclear Safeguard System 'Utterly Debased' During Nuke Missile Mishap

CNN "Reliable Sources" on full court press to discredit Rather now...

I can't wait until someone wins the primaries. All this Dem candidate bashing is sickening.

While some Americans go shopping,

Clearwater comes to terms. Its Scientology's mecca

A legal danger zone for Blackwater (How they can be prosecuted)

Bush wants permanent warrantless wiretap law

Let's hear it for Thom Hartman!

Photos & report of week-long campout against U.S. military base in Vicenza, Italy

Chuck Hagel Talks More Eloquently About Iraq Than 99% of Democrats

NOW on pbs----saying ATT is supplying NSA with all communucations.

The curious timing of Arnold Schwarzenegger's CA health care proposal.

Irony Alert: Richard Mellon Scaife sues for return of court papers related to his divorce

The Senate must condemn Dan Rather's lawsuit!

GOP Senator calls General a Traitor during Wartime

Watch this animated map--US Nuclear History

Message to

Alan Greenspan is a sack of crap

Sold at gunpoint, Baghdad homes fall to ethnic cleansing

I was seated on a plane recently as a fellow passenger terrorized...

At nation's nursing homes, profits rise as care slips

War Costing $720 Million Each Day

2 Italian soldiers missing in Afghanstan

Immigration hearing for U.S. peace activist postponed

If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, is the Earth flat?

Iraq will cost a $ Trillion or more.

WaPo: Missteps in the Bunker (B-52 botches)

Agree, disagree, or abstain?

Two million displaced inside Iraq since US invasion: report

More Profit and Less Nursing at Many Homes

"The key to social change in this country seems fairly straightforward..."

A couple of Iraq questions

Just another brick in their wall ...

Clothed, clean, and homeless in Japan (spin job)

U.S. military chief foresees 'no war' with Iran

Author: America regressing

Best political agreement quiz I have seen so far

HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher weighs in on the MoveOn 'Betray Us?' ad

The Rocky Mountain Collegian's 4-word editorial:

I think this whole Blackwater thing is another set-up.

How much has it cost u.s. to Judge a man , using a bad Rosetta Stone

Senator Betrayus

Creepy Recording! Is someone bugging the Hillary Search Consultants?

Was a Covert Attempt to Bomb Iran with Nuclear Weapons foiled by a Military Leak?

Independents Beware. There may be a bogus survey consultant firm calling.

Bush to ask 195 billion to fund Iraq, Afgan wars: report

meet TOVAH

AMERO to replace Pesos, Canadian and US Dollars?

Signing off for a while

you know I get to thinking about the mercernaries in Iraq but isn't maybe the correct term


Cheney considered provoking Iran war with Israeli strikes

anti abortion freaks want to put up an infant death memorial - Ark.

Can anyone find the debate clip of Romney's "non sequitur" quote?

Late Nite Reading: How did nuclear missiles fly across U.S.?

40 plus miles per gallon and a whole lot of fun for $400

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Number Heroes"

Artists "drawing on air"

Independent voters tilt toward Democrats

Dana Perino -----the topics go over her head.

Independent Voters Tilt Toward Democrats - AP\Yahoo News

Sen. Gordon Smith is throwing his garbage in a stream

Hillary on Blitzer...If she was College President she would not invite Ahmadinejad

Rachel Maddow show-replay now on AA-talking of Move On ad : 'big stretch"

I've compiled a nice little list of the anti-Clinton bashers here on DU---


Wilbur Ross eyes American Home Mortgage Co in a predatory buy-out

DUers: "We don't do nuance."

NY Times - Blackwater Charged in Iraqi Court - "Murder of Citizens" Charged

John Grisham: Bushies are ‘bad people with evil intent.’

Senate Passes Boxer Amendment on National Guard Readiness (domestic emergencies)

The Nation: The GOP's Iraq Problem

I've been hearing low altitude fighter jet flyovers in Blacksburg, VA all day.

Before you take the word of people here at the DU that you are AUTHORITARIAN

Too many persons base their choice on gender or race.

You mean, it takes a village?

JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INVOLVED in IRS probe of liberal Pasadena Episcopal church for antiwar sermon

Henry Kissinger is working for John McCain's presidential bid

Is this another way to steal an election?

We really do live in an illusion

Effects of a President that is vehemently hated by over 1/3 of the country.

David Podvin: Pseudo Patriotism

Cheney Tries to "Checkmate" the Joint Chiefs on Iran

I know this is petty, but it drives me up a wall...

Report from Kucinich Forum: Saw Dennis Today in California

Rude People, Not Tech, Cause Bad Manners

Gold price soars, U.S. dollar falls, what is next dollar free fall?

Iraqi government admits they still need the Blackwater mercenaries

Analysis: Bush Unwelcome on the Trail

Newsweek: Mukasey favors "enhanced interrogation"

Clinton: Cut Iraq Funding To Force 'Change' (with a "continuing American military presence")

Look at this.........

Now the NYT is 'sorry' it printed the MoveOn ad?

The religious right hates us for our freedom!

$459 billion military budget approved by Senate Comm. this month = LESS PORK

Iraq: Blackwater staff face charges

Red Hats and Foil Hats watching "Sicko" in Grand Forks, BC.

'American Blackout' is on tv one right now (link now included)

Newt! Newt! Newt! Newt!

omg. caption this -

Monks, nuns, lead protest against brutal military government


The man who saved the world

No more excuses: Iraqi official says video shows Blackwater guards firing on civilians

Germany Abandons Extradition Request of Suspected CIA Agents

MacBush! Emperor of the Imperial Empire: A free Musical play for all who want it!

Photos from DC and link to the rest. Pic heavy alert.

Maliki says shootings threaten Iraq's sovereinty, but

Foreign Service Officers Call on Embattled IG to Resign

O’Hanlon’s Conflict Of Interest Revealed On Fox News’ One-Hour Petraeus Special

Going to watch the Sammy Cam

Secret US air force team to perfect plan for Iran strike

Let's assume that we will soon be where the Iraqis are today

Adm. Fallon interviewed on Al Jazeera television

Cheney Seeks Pretext For War As US Reestablishes Elite Air Force Wing - RawStory

Independent Voters Tilt Toward Democrats

Ever had a "Jesus Camp" experience?

Duh : Balance....

Who would YOU be most likely to start a letter-writing campaign for?

U.S. officials ignored Iraqi complaints on Blackwater

"The Ron Paul Revolution!"

Which head of state would you like to meet/have a conversation with?

The ultimate irony re: 'Betray-us'

NYT editor slams paper over 'General Betray Us' ad

Hillary Clinton On Meet The Press

Michelle Malkin wants you to sign a petition!

Remember the Branch Davidian Raid?

Name The Candidate

Three former Va. game officials indicted over African safari

Fine. Let Ahmadinejad go to Ground Zero

NBC nightly news covering recent tazer attacks

Robert Reich: The Class Warrior

Sunday Times: Why Is Matt Drudge In Hiding?

Stark choices in battle over health care

Four suspects set to plead in Fort Sam $79 million bid-rigging case

Alaska governor drops bridge to nowhere

Lee *God Bless the USA* Greenwood stiffed at Denver concert

Link to Move on vote please....

Anyone seen this video site? I just found it.

Rights and Entitlements, vs. Responsibility

Bush To Be No-Show At U.N. Climate Summit

Later You Can Say You Didn't Know

This Hatefest for Rex Humbard is NOT What Progressives are About !!!

McClatchy: (Josh) Bolten quietly orchestrates change in White House


Hil Clinton will NOT vote for the $200 Billion funding request put out by

ADM Fallon: ‘Constant drumbeat’ of Iran war talk ‘not helpful.’

"No press interest anticipated."

Who is US Attorney Donald Washington?

Bashing Democrats - It's what the PRIMARY is about

New Army Jeep ... made in Cairo? (

If it's too costly to have all Americans under the plan Congress has,

What does it mean to be a democrat?

A smattering of threads from 60 Minutes interview with Ahmadinejad uga uga

this week felt like a giant early 90s

Pat Tillman: "All Been Planned"

Stunning - Iraq War Costs - Half A Million/A Minute

Independent frontpage on the protests in Burma

How can the Senate democrats stop the repulibcans

A Challenge to the U.S. Senate: If the troops must forego R and R, so should you.

Reinvigorated SDS Finds Support In Lancaster Pennsylvania

Both of my letters on Depleted uranium printed in sister papers-same time

Mike Lukovich - ouch!

America in Decline - economic, intellectual etc...

Do you judge public figures based on media image, or their actions and words?

for the night crew - you really outta check out this short amazing video

Turning The Other Cheek Sounds Very Bleak

It should be noted ...

Colleges and universities are politicized like all other institutions-True or False?

It's Time We Talk About Defacement of the American Flag!

Ken Burns "WWII" starting NOW on many PBS Stations in the South...

Ken Burns documentary on WWII starts now

Statement by, Resolving the New York Times Ad Rate Issue

Rising Seas Likely To Flood U.S. History

Another sign Ernie Fletcher (R-KY) is a bad judge of Character.

Wa Po: Make Fun Of Faith? Sure. Jesus? Uh, No.

Exclusive: Petraeus' Sectarian Death Count Methodology

I was just watching "power of 10" with Drew Carey on the teevee.

Analysis: Bush Unwelcome on the Trail

"The site of the attack must not be a backdrop for President Ahmadinejad to posture"

"Respectable" Rethugs (I'm cracking up here)

Gen. David Petraeus Better Known, Better Liked After Last Week

Deadlines don't work, another busted Republican talking point demolished by Kerry

Republicans united against Clinton

Brzezinski: U.S. seems to be on course for Iran war

Where is Karen Hughes? In la-la land evidently.

Politico reporting that Bayh will Endorse Clinton

The Oregonian: Town Hall Crowd Calls For Bush Impeachment

Why does Bush HATE AMERICA??? The results of his decisions/actions /management confirms this

"when you wish a guy dead, and it turns out to be your best friend..."

"Just the Facts".......

Why are these people so afraid?

Why do we have primary elections?

LTTEs To Wash. Post On Biased D.C. Rally Coverage: "You're Wrong About The War, And The Rally, Too"

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Rove's Greatest Hit Jobs"

Edwards Statement to Honor OneWebDay

List of women presidents around the world

Candidate Calculator

Are you a geek? Do you dislike homophobic Republican incumbents?

US says Iran smuggling missiles to Iraq

DMX's Dogs: Buried Bodies Had Serious Wounds

One more question about the B-52/stolen nukes issue...

Help! Need backup on data re: the Evangelical Christian takeover of the military.

It seems to me that "60 Minutes" has taken a turn to the right.

HA Scott Pelly asked Ahmanidijade what trait he admired in

60 Minutes has a segment on medical mj tonight (CT just startinga)

Is it just me or Ahmadinejad whooping 60 minutes?

Just one simple question

Fox just said Clinton voted against condeming the MoveOn ad, but they

The response here to the MIT student situation is confusing to me.

The Chimperor is Planning to Pardon Himself for War Crimes

Please understand , Ahmadinejad is to Iran as Bush is to the US

CNN lets neo-nazi air Jena6 death threats

Are Tucker Carlson’s Days Numbered?

Putin has been vilified by the West, but he is still a great leader

Deutsch Bank €29 billion short.

Bush Declares: Hillary will win Nomination; White House calls Obama 'Lazy'. Warning from Drudge

Massive Surveillance Keeps Track of Travel, Even the Size Bed you Sleep in.

92 sq. miles of Solar Could Power the USA

Just wondering: Have you ever smoked pot?

Good german phenomena where does it come from?

Latest NASA Arctic Ice Photos

LOL: The Iraqi (officer) explained, he didn't have a shovel.

"Israel asks U.S. foreign aid be paid in EUROS" ( satire )

How come Congress has never given D.C. the right to vote?

Sign this petition on Tibet today:

Nooses Found At N.C. High School

There is hope

Why does the National Football League hate America?

Will the US attack Iran before bush leaves office?

TMZ trashes and belittles my friend Janeane Garofalo with cutesy dumb video

Senate Clown Show


So How Many Dem Candidates Were On ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/FOX Today --Except for Hillary?

Is CBS's Scott Pelly Paid By The NeoCons To Spread this BS for War with Iran?

Bush complaining about $50 billion for kid's health while pushing for $200 billion for Iraq

I love the way Hillary dealt with Chris Wallace - she just laughs in his face

In honor of MoveOn's ----> B R E A K T H R O U G H

Sea Shepherd returns to Antarctica in December to stop illegal Japanese Whalers

IRS Drops All Saints Case

Have Scientists Discovered Intuition?

Country Music Deserts George Bush

Ken Burns' film on WW II is brilliant

Katrina: 'Human assistance of any kind is not on our priorities list."

Who do you believe: Bush or Ahmadinejad?

Can any DUer confirm a report that Newsweek magazine reported Sunday that VP Dick Cheney

Bush to ask for 195 Billion more for his wars

Threatening Lieberman-Kyl Amendment On Iran filed, and the media is MIA

Senate Resolution: use "military instruments" against Iran

Update from OMC on his wife's condition (Some good news)

Hey Freeper Trolls whining about's ad - one question?

I See Zombies

Marcel Marceau has died

"We Stand With Israel Now and Forever"

Best. Newspaper. Editorial. EVAH!! "Taser this... FUCK BUSH"...

Odds are for Gore 6:1

Every Picture Tells a Story. Stop and Think Before You Vote. (dial-up warning)

Generals opposing Iraq war break with military tradition

My ultimate issue with Hillary Clinton:

There goes my life....

This Modern World: "The Comedic Genius Of Alan Greenspan"

Something DUers need to keep in mind about Hillary

"Bad Medicine"

Organization Tries To Change Law So That Child Molesters Get Life In Prison Or The Death Penalty

Missouri Poll --EDWARDS MOST ELECTABLE of top 3 Democrats LINK

"The Good German Syndrome" -- two great threads that go great together!

Police, firefighters, Police HQ, Fire Department and trucks....Doctors and hospitals?

What is your family's WWII story?

Who saw Ken Burns ' The War ' ? It shows the Common goal and reason we

Where Have All The Terrorists Gone? Were They Ever There?


Don Hazen (Alternet) on "Pornography and the End of Masculinity"

What Is Our Moral Obligation To The People Of Iraq?

Who Is the Poll Co. NTS and Why Have They Eliminated Kucinch From Inclusion?

Is your loved one's name in the National WWII Memorial Registry?

Sickening story: Private investors purchasing nursing homes, making millions, patients are suffering

6-Year-Old Autistic Student Criminally Charged After Alleged Assault

consider for a moment . . . What if all three of these things are true? . . .

Ever wonder why no republican received an anthrax letter in 2001?

Search and seizure

Why shouldn't Ahmadinejad get to lay a wreath again ?


Help a Biden newbie

If anyone wants to add their two cents worth. nt

Biden Speaks at the NEA RA

Wow. Joe Biden an American President

Slate V Takes Romney Campaign Ad Challenge,

WP,pg1: A Mother's Strength, a Candidate's Ambition: Dorothy Rodham Shaped, Inspired Clinton

Clinton Solidifies Edge as Rivals Take a Tougher Line: Comments from Axelrod, Trippi

Obama's Challenge: Gain Lead in Polls

US candidates follow money trail to London

Mom still likes both Tom and Dick best

CNN reports USS Comfort, US Navy, to give free medical services to Caribbean Nations.

Independent voters tilt toward Democrats

RFK Jr. "A Possible Contender" for Hillary's Senate Seat

Club44 Block Party - (9/30/07) - Oakland/Bay Area

Dems reaching out to evangelical voters

FReeper Concern On Florida Early Primary.....a hoot..

Never mind, I went to the old lobby and found a way to contact

Is Good Campaign Coverage Possible?

How's Al Franken's Candidacy Doing? Bush "Desperately Spinning the Clusterf**k That is Vietraq" (satire)

Are there Democrats in Congress who are actually Republicans?

"Glass 92% Empty, Glass 8% Full"...Freedom marches into "retain phase," Iraqis control 8% of Baghdad

The secret lobbying campaign your phone company doesn't want you to know about

Mr. Freeper goes to the White House (seriously, no kidding)

Sorry to say winning in 2008 will not be enough. It needs to be a healthy, decisive win otherwise

Hillary kickin' ass on FOX

Hillary made points this week with me.......

Censure this, Dems

"The surge on the ground..."

Republican presidential candidates can't be any more clear: Bush isn't welcome on campaign trail

Exporting free market economies outside of the west:

Thank you, Senator Obama

I must say, Hillary has been quite impressive this morning. I'm more convinced than ever that...

Clinton Holds Edge as Rivals Get Tougher

Independents tilt Democratic in 2008 election

Can You Believe This Shit??? Just got it from a 'freeper' acquaintance

Tom Tomorrow's take on Dick Cheney and September 21st's "UN International Day of Peace"

Obama: I've been all over Blackwater

NRCC chair threatens to resign

Barack Obama should appear in Fox News

Michael Kinsley: Getting Outraged Over MoveOn

Florida Dems to announce today they'll keep primary date

Should McCain still be considered a "front-tier" candidate?

Who hurt America more? Reagan or *

O'Lielly, Coulterguise, Whose Been To Iraq?

Hard Lessons from MoveOn Fiasco, by Robert Parry

CNN's headline story: It's NOT Bush. It's NOT Iraq. It's NOT Blackwater. It's OJ, bee-yatch!

To much info from wives of candidates

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on 60 Minutes Tonight

Independent voters tilt toward Democrats

Ron Paul

Wow..Sen. Clinton must have done a helluva job on the talk shows

MSNBC celebrates the fact that "Gas prices dropped about 2 cents in the last two weeks"

USA Today: AFL-CIO plans $200 million mobilization for 2008 election cycle

Levin-Reed Amendment Designed to Fail

Do you really want your preferred candidate to win?

Power of 10: Questions pertaining to Iraq War and Bush

Seeing Newt on C-Span Twice in three days...How will Hillary vs. Newt Go?

Independent Voters Tilt Towards Democrats

Go Left Tv: Best of the Left News September 23rd

Newt's Nectar

Does anyone know Obama's position on Ahmadinejad's visit?

Cross post from GD with a big thank you to Rateyes.

Democratic infighting might kill gun records bill

We are all Fools

Clinton MAY concider Signing Obama's Campaign Finance Legislation

Greenspan trashes Dems on trade, says Bill Clinton "best Republican president we've had in a while."

Censorship on the Huffington Post

Repost: Can we please put Romney candidacy to bed?

Ex-Clinton Administration officials who are dubious?

Both Edwards and Clinton Would Win The White House

Analysis: Bush unwelcome on the trail

Numbers give Democrats edge in 2008 Senate races (CNN)

Tell me what bad things might/will happen if I vote my heart in the primary.

Do you think the Bush administration is spoiling for war with Iran?

Well, I thought I could make it... I thought I could watch The War....

Did somebody die, or is this just McCain campaign headquarters?

Fred Thompson: I know nothing about Jena 6

Kerry on the Republican's political stunt: Cronyn's amendment against MoveOn

Clinton: I won't fund Iraq war without withdrawal plan

John Grisham: The Bush Administration Is Built Around Bad People With Evil Intent

White House official calls Obama "lazy;" is he shuckin' and jivin', too?

Gov. Richardson: seniors health plan and plan to battle obesity.

I'm going to host this House Party for Dennis

Hillary is there ...Working her Butt off...but...What about Bill?

I think HRC is getting "comfortable in her own skin."

Do you feel, as I do, that another sour election will strike the death knell

Do you think that the soldier, the vocal ones who support the war...

Would women leave the Democratic Party if Obama, Edwards, Biden, or Richardson is the nominee?

Would reptiles and amphibians leave the Republican Party if Newt doesn't run?

"28 straight years of Bush or Clinton in the Executive Branch is enough...

Twenty-two Democratic clowns joined a Republican circus

Is Harry Reid a wimp?

Hil's empty public financing rhetoric. Refuses to say if she'll co-sponsor Feingold/Obama bill!

Paul Krugman, Politics in Black and White: "Southern white exceptionalism is about race"

Should Obama run as a Midwest "Favorite Son" to win Iowa?

Screw it. I'm not happy that Ahmadinejad is coming to NYC.

Indiana Sen. Bayh to endorse Clinton

Reguarding The Denis Kucinich Censorship

Whose bumper stickers/signs do you see the most (R or D)?

CBS Isn't the Only News Network to Sell Its Soul to Satan: Why CNN is a Bush Lap Dog

Gingrich: "If enough people are worried about stopping Sen. Clinton...I’d frankly consider running"

Help, Mom! There Are Terrorists In My Crappy Children’s Books!

We lost Gore. We lost Kerry. Are we gonna let

The "glass ceiling" and H. Clinton

U.S. says Iran sending missiles to Iraq ............Now tell me another one!

Bush claims B in Econ 101; Let us check the transcript...

Why did Bush say Hillary will be the nominee?

This is the most important address you can hear at this point in our history

Hillary's remedy is political genius