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Archives: September 21, 2007

Krugman: Health Care Hopes

How Dare You

Republican Candidates to Court Gun Lobby

Dan Rather: Government Influencing Newsrooms

Congress Wants Testimony From Blackwater Boss

Shhhhh! The pandas are sleeping!

Skinner, I think I have problem, and I think I need to hear from you


Shhhhh! The Sexual Harrasment Panda is sleeping!

Thursday night earworm

Anyone catch the daily show? I was laughing hysterically at the "moment of zen"

I'm wearing socks...and I'm SAD

Paging TK421...please pick up the blue phone

TPMtv: Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) Muck Update

NEW Freedom's Watch ad targets MoveOn -- same old freeper shit -- airing on CNN

Dodd just said we should withdraw funding (during the debate)

Reid planned to try again Friday with another anti-war proposal by Sen. Carl Levin,

You will like the new Democratic look and attitude...see here for the model

September to date: 50 Iraq, 3 Arfghanistan

89.6 million lacked health insurance in 2006-7

What reporter asked the question at today's news conference?

Bush's press conerence was coordinated with the Cornyn vote

Can Petraus be trusted to fight terrorism if Republicans treat him like a small, crying child?

Have you ever visited any September 11th attack sites?

If Republicans would quit RULING the world...

Have the Rs given the MoveOn ad the the kind of publicity you can't even buy?

Where is Jena?

Should DU offer two choices - "Recommend" and "Crap"?

Is there any precedent for the Moveon amendment?

so....Is anyone else here looking at motorhomes?

Pledging Allegiance to the Constitution and Bill of Rights vs the flag (woohoo!)

Bonnie Erbe: Health Care (Clinton) vs. Tax Cuts (Obama)

Ms. Huffington Post columnist, you make no sense

DU Straw Poll: Who is your SECOND choice?

Harry Reid should have never allowed the MoveOn vote to come up!

Dodd Takes Hillary to the Woodshed

Cover of Maclean's Magazine (Canada): "How Bush Became The New Saddam"

Blackwater under scrutiny in Iraq (US Embassy Protects Them from Scrutiny)

Looking Through the Bottle

Democrats Should Attack Bush, Not MoveOn


Petraeus: A Failure by His Own Standards

Democrats proceed with Iraq legislation By ANNE FLAHERTY Associated Press Writer

Are Lost U.S. Weapons In Enemy Hands?

Glenn Greenwald: Giuliani's proposal for endless Middle East wars on behalf of Israel

The architects of Iraq ("an ass-kissing little chicken-shit")

March, 2006 Molly Ivins: Enough of the D.C. Dems

Are we headed for an epic bear market? MSN money

Is This the Wile E. Coyote Moment? (Krugman on the US dollar)

On Hannity & Colmes, Jena 6 Demonstration Presented As Issue Of BLACK Racism


1994 REDUX: The consequences of Dems' new NAFTA

After Senate condemnation, MoveOn hits back: Message is anyone who speaks truth about war will pay

David Sirota: Over The Dead Bodies … Again

Vicente Fox: Bush a "windshield cowboy" who's scared of horses

Cashing in on Chinese Surveillance

Reviewing Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" - by Stephen Lendman

Antibiotic Runoff

L M (Johnson) Tschudy: Thank You,

John W. Dean: Why Authoritarians Now Control the Republican Party...

FBI taped senator's phone calls in Alaska probe, source says

Chicago sends a message to the FCC

* Places Troops and Kids In Harm's Way and the "Liberal" Media Writes About A F... Newspaper Ad

Mary Shaw; Senate votes against free speech

Eugene Robinson: United By Hate


Ron Paul supporters: Do your homework


What Fuels the Al Qaeda Army?

"I cannot be bought or bossed."

Fox News To Air One-Hour Petraeus Special On Saturday Night

Is Star Simpson's "fake bomb" just an art jacket?

Iranophobia hits Ground Zero

Conservative radio talk show host rushes into topics with his mind in limbo..can you guess his name?

Stanford campus in uproar over fellowship for Rumsfeld

Peter Michaelson: American Albatross: The Curse of Stupidity

How Bush has created a moral vacuum in Iraq in which Americans can kill for free.

Why Iraqi Farmers Might Prefer Death to Paul Bremer's Order 81

Hiding Behind The Camouflage Skirt

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater: Hired Guns, Above the Law

Highway Checkpoint Asks Drivers For Blood, Saliva

What didn't do!

Jena: The Ignored Story of Legal Lynching

Why Can't the U.S. Have the Debate about Naomi Klein's Book That Europe Has?

crosspost from LBN: Islamic Nations Secure IAEA Vote Against Israel


China readies for "no car" day ahead of Olympics - Reuters

Pine Beetle Makes Aspen Gold Not As Enjoyable

Go Left TV: Fox Attacks!...The Environment

I just started Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" this morning.

UK {home to Islamic fundamentalists} has plutonium for 17,000 bombs (BBC)

Ice withdrawal 'shatters record' (BBC)

Colo. Gov. touts renewable energy on Capitol Hill

Conservationists say rare Chinese seabird is on the verge of extinction - AP

New York City turning to biodiesel for heat

UN chief to Greenpeace: "We need you to mobilize public opinion"

Atlanta's Live Oak Landfill to Become Source of Renewable Energy

Drivers test paying by mile instead of gas tax

Ecuador seeks oil 'compensation' (BBC) {pay to leave oil underground?}

EIA Update - Peaks Unchanged: All Liquids - 7/06; Crude + NGL - 5/05; Crude + Condensate - 5/05

9/21 10:00 CDT Subtropical Depression 10 Forms In NE Gulf Of Mexico - Poss. TS By This Afternoon

Journal entry August 14th, 2019

Minerals Management Service - 62.7% Of Gulf Oil Production, 30.8% Of Gas Now Shut In

Cholera Outbreak In Iraq Could Be First Of Many - 25,000 Cases Already Reported - New Scientist

Putting a deposit on the electric car that will solve the climate change problem...

EU clashes with U.S. over airline emissions trade - Reuters

Urban Wind Turbine: A Rare Species Spotted

Karl Rove, Global Warming And Bush's Legacy - Grist

Sanders-Boxer TKO: New WRI report compares climate bills

Philanthropist brings safe water, hope to women around the world

Total Arctic Ice Loss In 2007 Beyond Historic Minimum Equal In Size To 6 Californias - NYT

Green roofs sprouting new adherents

Biofuels could boost global warming, finds study

New UK nuclear construction does not need to be subsidized

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic.

First Renewable Feed-in Tariff Introduced in U.S. (Michigan)

The Chemical That Must Not Be Named

French soldier dies in attack in Kabul: police

African floods prompt aid appeal

US Ambassador to Costa Rica Denounced

American spy satellite downed in Peru as US nuclear attack on Iran thwarted

Democrats failing to pass anti-war bill

Iraq aims to end immunity of security firms

Two U.S. soldiers die in Iraq

Loonie on parity with dollar

Guards' Shots Not Provoked, Iraq Concludes

Are Lost U.S. Weapons In Enemy Hands?

China installs Pope-backed bishop

Romanian soldier killed in Iraq, five wounded

U.S. indicts 39 in global money laundering case

US Spy chief calls wiretapping debate a threat

Two Sistani aides killed in Iraq

US resumes Blackwater convoys in Iraq

Whitehouse bill to stop interference at DOJ wins approval

Tom DeLay aide's payroll records subpoenaed

US resumes Blackwater convoys in Iraq

Israel blocks Muslim worshippers

Canadians Find Better Bargains in US (Canadian Dollar Now Equal To US Dollar)

US Treasury to halt state, local securities sales (to prevent breach of national debt limit)

CEOs, Bush Rangers Rebuff Republicans on War, Widening Deficit

As Oil Hits High, Mideast Buyers Go on a Spree

US, Iraqi forces control half of Baghdad--general

Israel, U.S. Shared Data On Suspected Nuclear Site

mit student arrested with fake bomb - PHOTOS

Israel consulted US before Syria strike , report says

Iraqi forces take lead in only 8 percent of Baghdad: US general

Mexico new chosen route for cuban smugglers

2 students shot at Delaware State

Blackwater resuming operations in Iraq

HSBC shutting Decision One Mortgage unit

UAW opposes Delphi plan to pay exec bonuses ($37.6 million)

From bell ringing in New York to battle scarred Afghanistan, UN marks Peace Day

The Senate has blocked legislation that would have ordered U.S. combat troops home from Iraq in nine

Bootmaker for world leaders arrested

89.6 million lacked health insurance in 2006-7

Equifax urged to also offer credit report 'freeze'

UAW Rejects Retiree Health Care Proposal

Another Soldier Known for Writings On War Dies in Iraq (Freeper's Son)

Amazing outpouring (Letter from MoveOn)

House, Senate Agree on Child Health Expansion

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 21

U.S. to patrol Manitoba border with drone aircraft

Bush may boost spending request for Iraq war

Bush May Bypass UN With Tough Sanctions Against Iran

Bootmaker for world leaders arrested (Vincente Fox and Bush)

Alaska Governor Palin calls for Ben Stevens to leave GOP post

Gates Seeks 2nd Inquiry of Bomber Mishap (nukes flown on the B-52)

Giuliani Stops Speech For Call From Wife

Iraq aims to end immunity of security firms

9-Month Iraq Timetable Is Voted Down by Senate

For first time, Iran directly confronts Israel on alleged nuclear arms

Biofuels could boost global warming, finds study

Wounded lawyer recalls horror of last weekend's Blackwater shootings

Dollar hits bottom, and then falls again

CBS 2 Reporter Files Complaint After Scuffle

Cholera Spreads To Iraq's Southernmost City

Printed profanity ("F--- BUSH") draws Collegian complaints

Baghdad cholera case confirmed

Cops in polygamous town stripped of badges

81 killed in Afghan fighting, airstrikes

Mandela still alive after embarassing Bush remark

US bars attorneys' access to detainees

Mattel apologizes to China for product recalls

Calls for a Breakup Grow Ever Louder in Belgium

Alaska Ends Plan for 'Bridge to Nowhere'

Columbia won't cancel Ahmadinejad speech

Dollar claws at the greenback

MIT student arrested at Logan, allegedly wearing a fake bomb

Feds Probe Blackwater Weapons Smuggling

A Top U.S. General in Iraq Blames Public's Antiwar Views on the Media

Chile court extradites Fujimori

Castro appears on Cuban state TV

No bail for `Jena Six' teen

Russian Bear Bombers Fly Along Alaskan, Canadian Coastline

Rule Limits Emergency Care for Immigrants (No Chemotherapy)

Show of wealth snares ex-president Fox

Giuliani defends adviser over 'too many mosques' comments

Two arrested in noose incident near Jena, Louisiana

I'm watching an intriguing old TV broadcast

Speaking of pandas...what happened to the panda born in Austria recently?

I really really really really really really really hate when people talk

Like my new sig?

Now I don't feel so bad about not working out tonight...

Skinner: Please, no more threads about Carrot Top

All the mandalas are dead.

How can you see into my eyes like open doors? (youtube)

Gary Oldman.....

I bid you all adieu for the evening

I have to confess something very important before it drives me crazy.

South Pacific was on today....

I'm sick of not being hit on by girls old enough to be my father

I'm sick of getting hit by cars old enough to be my father

I've been going to bed at about 1:30 every night tonight!

I played Hero tonight

Lets play a youtube game.. "hello how are you?"

if you're gonna leave --

Scroogled (Possible subtitle - Immigration by Google)

Call Me A Lefty, But I Think Sean Penn Rocks

History of the Phone Booth...

If you HADDDDDD to do one of these things, which would you choose?


Whoa - JeffR does not look how I pictured him AT ALL

FIOS, anyone? We currently have digital cable (comcast)...

Barn Stars...

Anybody Catch The Dugger Family...

Lloyd Bochner vs. Fritz Weaver

The Very Definition of IRONY

"Larry Craig" Minneapolis St Paul Airport Toliet Paper on ebay

Skinner, all my dress shirts are at the laundry - can I borrow one of yours?

Autumn begins Sunday, September 23, 2007 at 5:51 am EDT

when it rains, it POURS...

When you play 'doctor' these days



Conversation I had this morning.

oh Skinner......

I've solved the problem with children - they should come with pitch wheels.

I really really really really really really really hate when people talk with a fake british accent

What is CGI water BTW?

Wow I duped myself.

The Duggars are on Today

I've solved the problem with children - they should come with steering wheels

German politician proposes expiration date for Skinner.

Skinner, my housemate's taking too long in the bathroom, and think I need to hear from you.

Skinner, I think I have a problem, and I think I need to hear from you.

I'm doing pretty well, Skinner, so thanks but no thanks.

Skinner - I need you to co-sign on my mortgage

Skinner, I think I also have a problem, and I think I need to hear from you.

German politician proposes expiration date for Poland.

So I duct- taped the front door shut

Anyone Else having trouble with Hay Feber?

Ken Burns 'WAR' Begins 23Sep 8pm PBS

Where should I move my arm next?

where should I go out to eat tonight?

Where should I move my head next?

Skinner, I'm getting roots. I have a box of hair dye.

Did we just have an earthquake I don't know about?

Skinner -- I need you to loosen a jar lid for me

I just babysat my nephew

Skinner -- there's a huge spider in the tub

Skinner is NOT ZZ Top lead singer and guitarist Billy Gibbons . . ..

Morning Joke....Rush Limbaugh. (Funny)

I work as a facilities manager...

How many times a day do you eat?

Well, I'm off to Munich for Oktoberfest.

Post here if you're posting on the Internet!

Lando, I think we have a problem, and I think we need to hear from you.


Skinner, get your ass in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!

How long until Skinner posts

Since Skinner is everywhere, does that make him the new Clenis?

I'm sorry "Bi and Slutty", but I don't want to be your MySpace friend...

So why was the FBI tapping Stevens.? Post your speculations here.

My most stupid relationship *long post*

What Do You Want Me To Bring You Back From Hawaii

I actually talked to Skinner IRL last week . . .

Where should I move my leg next?

i love wildhorses.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia... The Brady girls ...a lesbian fling?

Hey, Skinner ! :waves:

My 9 yo son just got a 37 yo saxophone. Ask me anything.

Skinner, my friend K-Fed wants to patch things up with his ex-SO

Skinner, can you pick up my car for me when it's ready?

The Bar Is Now Open................Butt

OMG!! US Forest Service Purchases 700 tasers to shoot squirrels!!

Some ultra-right assbag last night who was dressed like

Even though I am feeling kind of down. It is Friday. Bounce me into a better mood?

I'm going to get my haircut in a little while.

Gods I am strange

All You People Asking Skinner Dumbassed Questions Made me Do This:

OMFG, NPR!!!! "Wait! Wait! Don't Taze Me, Bro!"

Crazy Love, the movie about Burt and Linda Pugach

Slightly less important poll

"Skinner" is the word for today. Modify a thread to include "Skinner.".

Insane markup of the day.....

Prepare to cry. Scream. Swear.

Summer Heights High episode upsets ecstasy death family

My 1000th post: poetry slam!

That sob called in sick and we were planning a HUGE

What language is AVA Marie sang in?

Rodman's PR rep: "Dennis would never do something like that" (park his Hummer in handicapped spot)

The First Meeting of the DARTH VADER FAN CLUB is called to ORDAH!

A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said

I am about to get about 8 millimetres of hair cut off!

Damn, I miss Olympic Curling.

Former Ramone sues Wal-Mart, Apple, RealNetworks & Johnny Ramone Estate for $1 million

Very important poll

How do you recycle peanut butter containers?

You, you got what I neeeeed! But you say he's just a friend!

Okay, gather around...

German politician proposes expiration date for marriage

Best E-Bay listing ever! LOL!

GASP! lionesspriyanka just accused me of... of...

screw it all

What Do You Want Me To Bring You Back From K-Mart?

Anyone a graphic designer here? Have any Hawaiian/Tiki vector art you can throw my way?

Skinner, we've had a problem.

I'm gonna meet Elizabeth Edwards!!!

The Ineffectual Insults Thread.

Interestingly, I can do a dead on imitation of the high school principal

The sad thing is, I'd respond EXACTLY the same way

Should we vote Gilligan off the island?

I just want to say: BarenakedLady fucking rocks.

Gisele wears a dress made of water?

Sept. 21, 1937: The Hobbit Opens Up a Brave New World

Is this a racist joke?

Was this a "slam"?

Have you ever cheated on an SOB?

By a 2-1 margin, GD thinks we should bring back HUAC

I'm about to get eight inches!

My boss routinely gives me urgent "must be done today" assignments at 4:55 on Friday

What's a power nap?

i look like a total slob today.

The retired preacher.

Might be going thru France in a few weeks -- any hotel recommendations

Need help finding a song

Tight skirt, bus stop

I am channeling Skinner: Ask me anything!

What album should I download?

World's funniest joke (and it's about New Jersey)

Federal Income Taxes.....aka stuff I don't understand

Spin Rage. Oh yeah, I can see it happening.

Britney Spears Coming Dangerously Close To Losing Kids


What kind of sick *SOB* calls in sick his last day of work?

My marathon pics are in!

I am going to take a power nap.

Man gets stuck in chimney.

I am thinking of going on Cialis

Can anyone recommend a reasonable hotel for NYC?

Elton John and Michael Jackson have new duet

OMG, I barely made it home. we got 4 inches of rain in 3 hours and the streets

Six Degrees of MrScorpio is A Fraud

My only real complaint with the Duggars is that they used disposable diapers.

Kathy Griffin Condemned by Members of Tennessee's Miracle Theater

hey Lost, your head cold stowed away in my bag

unedited and perfect for a Friday night

Studio 60 not coming back this fall?

where is monkeyfunk?

Why won't Delaware play Delaware State?

I should not have laughed at this one.

What kind of wood doesn't float?

I have to go to a book club and discuss a book I haven't read

It fits perfectly doesn't it?

Help me remember: old website about school web blocking software...

MUST SEE --- It is not Carrot Top, I promise

"Viva Viagra" ads on AAR driving me crazy!!!

News from GD--

I got a nasty, irrelevant comment over at GD from someone who has no profile listed.

Barry Bonds not coming back to the Giants

If Gilbert Godfreied and Fran Dresher procrastinated

So the New Intern Says, 'I Was Hoping You Could Teach Me Some Things ...'

Good Lord! "Hair" debuted 40 years ago next month....

My latest LTTE

Ministry of Silly Signs

I spent $200 on Halloween decorations today. Ask me anything.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

From Fark: 30 years ago this week, Fonzie jumped the shark

I spent $2.40 on little Debbies Zebra cakes 2day. Ask me anything!

Mops are being discrinated against

Grrrrrrr! &*%$#!

DETHKLOK going on tour. Seriously.

Still In Love With You

Food tips, share yours



"Hello--my name is Inigo killed my father...prepare to die."

Anyone go see "Into the Wild" today?

the datasuspect business model

Anyone know how MrsGrumpy is doing? Is there anything we can do for her?

I confess, my man crush:

If you object to breast enhancement surgery, do you also object to elective cosmetic dentistry?

Who Is Marge From Fargo?

the datasuspect service delivery method

Hey, Everybody!

Tell us what you love...

Not sure if this is a good thing or not

Rock Radio and Time Compression

This just might be

Success! Experiments in Rieslings part 2.


Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas?!

Can anyone here translate Japanese

Help me out... what does this sticker signify?

It's amusing that for all their pomp and superiority, GD has morphed Skinner into a cheerleader

Post Bush's Greatest Brain Farts

Should I join Costco ?

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu . . .

Favorite One Life To Live Character?

I think I love the lounge

I'm in Cedar Rapids eating some kick ass Kung Pao Chicken

Found out today that my daughter wants to leave her husband

I am supposed to be out dancing right now.

What I learned today: The smell of Chinese food...

The secret life of Arabia

Police Find Cocaine In Sheboygan Man's Underwear

Abe Vigoda still lives

If you woke up with a marsupial pouch and you HAD to carry a Joey in it,

What is wrong with society? Man urinates on dying woman, declaring it 'YouTube material'

The Look Of Love

Well, well, well.... JackMN snuck out of the damn house.

Image: Be Afraid

Sly and the Famliy Stone appreciation thread...

Lou Reed & John Cale - early version of "Nobody But You"

Car runs over cat. (extremely graphic!)

Iggy Pop: genius or madman...does it matter?

In your early 20's, how often did you change jobs?

Skinner responds to your questions here:

who do you have blogrolled on your journal? post 'em here!

I got one of "THOSE" emails today and thought the Lounge may appreciate it

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/21/07 Bonus

Has anyone seen the Arctic Monkeys play live?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/21/07

Viggo and Eastern Promises

Burn Notice --- Who watches it?

Good night lounge

I told off some ultra-left assbag last night

the woman I'm seeing has had breast augumentaion. i find it, um,

dang! Jim Carrey is getting old.

I have had the hiccups for the past 15 minutes

Project for the OLD American Century needs help

HUGE credit card bill. I'm responsible for about 25% of it. But I'M the one getting yelled at.

Psycho and The Birds

What kind of boobies do you like?

Chaplin or Keaton*

GD is fun!!!!

In 14 days I get my life back. Please wish me well.

Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn.

This is my post 20.000

Skinner can't darn his own socks. It's hopeless.

What Kind Of Nuts Do You Like

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" about to take on a whole new meaning

"Yum" factor. Ready.....GO!

An absolute scare-the-shit-out-of-you picture.

If Gilbert Godfreied and Fran Dresher procreated

Do you remember?

Squirrels are funny.

For the record, I do NOT sound like Marge from "Fargo," on a coke binge!

This is post 30,000. And I have nothing to say!

One of these little birds visited my garden today...

I am about to get about 8 inches of hair cut off!

have you ever noticed how miserable people are happy in it?

Football game I wanna see - Oakland Raiders versus Richfield, MN, Red Hat Society

Okay, you asked for it. Let's do another SIX DEGREES OF MrSCORPIO

Describe the contents of your computer desk

Seduction or Forplay songs

DU bumper stickers.

Has anyone here gotten married in Vegas?

Friday night Picture thread

I just spent $27.85 on Piano books. Ask me anything.

What is the best landmark you have visited?

Who has 10 free minutes and wants to help Rockit win a contest? PLease! pretty please?

-- M * I * L * E * S * T * O * N * E * S --

Well, whaddya's raining!

Who saw South Africa crush England in the world cup?

The Today Show challenges YOU to vote for "America's Best Sandwich"

My Wife May Be Dying Right Now, And There's Nothing I Can Do About It.

I need Mondegreens from the 1970s

GAO: War-torn gear puts readiness at risk

Lawmakers urge funding of new Riley cemetery

Senators tell Marines to ease off MRAP whistleblower

Pentagon seeks enough MRAPs for all services

Disabled vets could get Tricare for life

In this case, the grass really is greener

War fair hits London

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, September 20, 2007

Both Sides Take to the Streets

Yale loses court case over military recruiters

The New Private Warriors

Letting Our Veterans Down

Meet Logan M. Laituri of the IVAW

Here's a good article about survivor's giult

my 105th ltte-failure of VA to report cancer rates

Casino, union strike a deal

Cabbies warn of second taxi strike before Oct. 1st

As talks continue, Hennepin County workers prepare for strike

School Bus Drivers in Maine Vote in Teamsters Local 340

HIP replaces 186 Downtown, NY jobs, breaking a massive promise

Meatpacking workers and supporters rally in South St. Paul

Global unions rally to force workers' rights deal from RR Donnelley

Strike ends at Fox Valley Forge; appeal pending

Today in labor history September 21

Labor joke for the week of September 17, 2007

Union Members Hold Demonstrations at Philadelphia Nursing Home (managers racially insensitive)

International Watchdog Group Singles Out Resurrection (Chicago) for Anti-Union Violations

Workplaces Could Get Safer with a Democratic President in Office

Houston City Workers Have HOPE for a Better Future

About 10,000 steel jobs were lost in less than three years after Sheet and Tube closed (black Monday

Employees Want Accused State Department Auditor Out (blocked fraud probes for political reasons)

Top CSU execs handed raises of as much as 18 percent (double that paid to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

AFSCME Federal Legislative Report September 21, 2007

I'm leaving for the state AFL-CIO convention

Bus firm's workers vote to join union

Union Talks With Smithfield Packing Officials!

Wage Wars Workers—from truck drivers to stockbrokers—are winning huge overtime lawsuits

TPMtv: Alaska Mucktacular!

Elio Carrion Shooting (Cop shoots unarmed Iraq vet and gets away with it.)

Alaska lawmaker probe = NEWS CBS Channel 11

Nothing to Fear - FDR

America: 14 Characteristics Of Fascism.

CNN has this: AP: FBI Taped Sen. Stevens (R-AK) Calls

The Asshole Song - starring George W Bush

The Red State Update Health Care Plan

Rep. King(R-NY) "Too many mosques..."

Young Turks - Vicente Fox - 'Can't Believe Bush Is The President of U.S'...

Preview of Stephen Colbert on The Simpsons

Message to U.S. Rep. Brian Baird

Blackwater's Back!

Bush: "Strong Asset" for Republican Candidates?

Baghdad Hospital Children's Ward - Alive in Baghdad - Iraq

Ghouliani "Surprise" Cell Phone Calls From Judi...Again

C.H.A.N.G.E Confronts Alan Greenspan

Dan Rather on CNN, Larry King Sept 20

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house Part 2

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house. part 3

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house Part 4

Obama at the SEIU Forum part1

This Weeks Highlights - Dont Tase Me Bro!!

Sen.McConnell: A Betrayal of Trust

Iraq veteran Brandon Day speaks at the St. Paul Cathedral

original anti-bush song - MUST LISTEN

Obama at SEIU - Burnin down the house Part 5

John Edwards on NCLB: You don't make a hog fatter by weighing it

Hey Joe: State Senator Joe Seng on Joe Biden at AARP Forum

Biden Breaks Loose in Democratic Debate

Citizens Arrested for commiting FREE SPEECH in Washington DC

Hillary Clinton For President: Resistance Is Futile

More Police Brutality

Keith Olbermann - Special Comment (9/20/07)

Women In Their Sexual Peak Scare Most Men... To Younger Girls

== The fall of the Godmongers = By Mark Morford

How do you guys feel about Ahmedinejad's wanting to visit Ground Zero?

Privatization is dangerous to our national security.

$6 Billion In Iraq Contracts Under Criminal Investigation

Who floated Bush the softball question on The new Jeff Gannon?

Any chance Ted Stevens tapped "Tubes!" tape will come out tomorrow?

ALAN GREENSPAN on Charlie Rose -- War for oil -- He has a sense of social ...

they won't impeach bush or members of his cabal--the worst criminals in history

I HIGHLY Recommend Everyone Listen To This Fresh Air Interview:

A Breath of Fresh "Air"

Senate Dems hold hearing on Iraq contract abuses; Whistleblower Bunny Greenhouse will testify!

Very soon we will all be swimming out to meet the cruise ships in the harbor.

Success in Iraq... and you thought the housing crunch was only in the US

Dupe delete! n/t


Kerry took to the Senate floor and dismantled the Republican talking points on Iraq

Another view: Arguments against impeachment don't stand up

Gnewt Gingrich On C-SPAN WJ

Scarborough not on today; Dan Rather will be in the next hour.

Meanwhile all the Dems voted against this

If the Senate wants to condemn things instead of passing useful legislation, here are some ideas

American spy satellite downed in Peru as US nuclear attack on Iran thwarted

Students try to disrupt Halliburton recruiters

St. George Police Officer Fired Over Internet Video

It's *The* Pet Goat not *My* Pet Goat......

The Right to Dissent

(AP's Anne Flaherty can suck eggs!) DEMOCRATS failing to pass anti-war bill

Dubai to get 20% stake in NASDAQ

Do Not Call listings to expire in 2008

Today is International Day of Peace

Need some ammo to respond to LTTE on suppressing free speech

Bush's accent

Cindy Sheehan: General Betray-Us and

I am going to see Helen Thomas tonight - Orlando, FL

cspan talking of Jena rally. 30-50 Thous. estimate. Reporting live

AlterNet: Self-Declared Liberals Have Nothing to Be Afraid of

The Grand Old Party of INFANTS!

Case Dismissed?

Another Crew victory: Jerry Weller retiring

So the Republicans questioned our patriotism, why is it ok to question a Generals?

PBS - This Land is Your Land

"Pissy and Juvenile"!! Thank you Keith !! Th Line between the Military and the Civilian...

Who. Gives. A. Shit.

I'm scratching my head at Clinton's explanation about why Congress

Bush on Blackwater USA

bush thought the ad was "disgusting", he's "disappointed" thanks...

TAKE A BREAK! Sit back and enjoy a few of these ((((TOONS)))

"Don't taze me bro" T-shirts. "The phrase that's sweeping the nation"

U.S. Secret Air War Pulverizes Afghanistan and Iraq

Democrats need to hire Olbermann to write their responses

Bus to nowhere udate

The whole reason Petraeus was even used was because he supposedly had some credibility

Welcome to Bush-World: "Mandela's Dead!!"

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Dan Rather Won't Take any "Bullshine"

Rummy appointment sparks fierce protests from Stamford faculty, students

A Clear Sign Of Progress In Iraq

Broadband speeds under scrutiny

Gen. Wes Clark on C-Span Washington Journal NOW!

Definition of betray: 1 : to lead astray

bush at the white house

I am struggling with what would be equal justice in the Jena La. case.

Moderates’ Hope for Compromise on Iraq Fading as Reid Takes Hard Line

So should the Senate have a Censure motion for Ann Coulter?

Canadian Mag: How George Bush became the new Saddam

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Tell AARP where they can stick it!

Blackwater defies Iraq and resumes operations

I hate to be so critical (of our "Democratically-Controlled" Congress)

Liebrman, Craig NO, Carper, Schumer, Byrd, AYE. vote in process on Senate Fl now

WSJ: WH signals flexibility on information demanded by Leahy

Fred Thompson Rejection by RW Fundamentalists In Dobson Email ...LINK

While the 'liberal' media obsesses over OJ...

Fat Cat former Bush backers line up behind Clinton, Obama

A reminder from Senate Dems: Bin Laden is at large

Newt Gingrich Makes Me Sick

Breaking: Levin-Reed amendment fails.

I just donated to!

Expiration Date for Marriage?

Pelosi to Revisit Old Tradition, Regular News Conferences by House Speaker

If Bush and his gang keep calling it the "Democrat" party...

McCain to protesters: "...we beat you yesterday, we'll beat you today..and we'll beat you tomorrow!"

CONDEMN THIS: new MoveOn ad

Biden Amendment introduced in the Senate, text available

The Chilling Of Free Speech

One spoiled brat learns from another ... (non sequitur 'TOON)

WP,pg1: MoveOn Unmoved By Furor Over Ad Targeting Petraeus

I need help finding an older post...

Will Blackwater be expelled from Iraq?

A first look at Naomi Klein's new book "The Shock Doctrine".

Ezra Klein calls Bullshit on Hillary being 2nd highest recipient of Healtcare Ind. $$$.

We need to send these 28 Senators a big Thank you-they voted to DE-FUND the Iraq war:

A General is reporting from Iraq-----Wa Jour. now. A dem just called in-apologized

C-Span this morning ...the hatred and venom towards Iranian President creeps me out

Question about DU Rules....

Ahmadinejad was a nobody in 2005. It's TWO YEARS AGO, people...

Two Delaware State Univ. students shot...guess everyone forgot about the murders last month...

Starbucks sued for alleged patent infringement

89.6 Million

Anyone listening to Stephanie Miller this morning?

When did the Senate become the arbiter of free speech, anyway?

All the negatives of nature, with none of the benefits to offset them.

Nelson (NE), Dodd, Pryor, Lieberman voted no on troop withdrawal

Wounded lawyer recalls horror of last weekend's Blackwater shootings

Is anyone watching the NRA Conference on CSpan

Intriguing comparison of Bush and Saddam

DUer's--We Just Lost the War on the War in the Senate!!!

ON CSPAN Giuliani addressing NRA now.... n/t

Speculation On The MIT "Fake Bomb" Student - MIT's "Wearble Computers" Program...

On Yahoo: Georgia man Fed Injured Cats and Kittens to his pitbulls.

Joe Biden is speaking in the Senate right now

The Price of Free Speech

Hey, stupid. That's right I'm talking to you.

Psychotic Michelle Malkin attacks Sally Field

Ed Schultz Radio today has President Bill Clinton and Senator John Edwards on today!

Blackwater motto: "What happens here today, stays here today."

Triple Canopy, Inc

KO's Special Comment Was Right --Bush Made Petraeus Cross the Line...

tennis ball sized hail in Spain - 30 people hurt including kids

Labour tries to block new BAE inquiry

American filmmakers hope to bring impact of Iraq war home

U.S.-IRAQ: Fallon Derided Petraeus, Opposed the Surge

George W. Bush's Thug Nation-Inside USA-Police State Taking Hold-By Robert Parry

***** Senate Hearing on Contractors in Iraq ********

The Police State Is Right Here, Right Now

algal poison in Wyoming

Didn't Halliburton have a 5yr vesting requirement? Did Cheney work there for 5yrs?

So, the Frat Boy is a-skeered of horses?? This Will Ferrell video is just PERFECT then!!!

NY Times misrepresented Feingold proposal on Iraq redeployment

The Federal Reserve’s current model for bailing out the financial market crisis has been

Autistic Teen Tasered in Calif.

{DE} State legislators seek to protect property rights (Wmgtn Post-Gazette)

Sen. Boxer's Statement about "the glory of our military" is Scary!

John Edwards: MoveOn res. a "complete waste of time... use whatever power we have to end the war"

In Search of a Congress - NYTimes

State Lunch Bags Contain High Lead Levels (given to California school children)

The indignity! Abe Lincoln flies coach!

A violent incident from last week's anti-war march provides a window to conservative psychopathology

Weller is retiring because he wants to spend more time with his family

Dan Rather for President

Debate about "restoring" Habeas Corpus

Did Conservative Reporter Conspire With Bush On Question Bashing Democrats?

Who will offer Star Simpson a Job?

They're gonna invade any minute now

Bush May Boost Spending Request for Iraq War to $200 Billion

NYT editorial, In Search of a Congress: "...Democrats should have let the Republicans filibuster."

Andrew Meyer did a good thing

Does anyone manufacture toy tasers for the kiddies? nt

Hey, Bill Clinton's on Ed Shultz!

LAT, Rosa Brooks, Outsourcing Foreign Policy: WAR FOR SALE -- CHEAP!

Bolton: U.S. backs Israeli attack on Iran

Since freedom of speech and expression has been shipped

Maj. Gen. Kevin Bergner must be one of those religiously insane Gens.

Anyone else been listening to Biden on CSPAN2 for about the last hour

Larisa Alexandrovna: Enemy, What Enemy? War On Terror, What War?

Look out squirrels!

It Is Either Iraq Blurring Strategy Or Iraq Realignment

2007.09.21 NOON ET === ONE BILLION people worldwide will join in a moment of silence

Senate Committee Passes Bill to Monitor Contacts between White House and Justice Department

It wasn't a Meteor or a satelite or a chemical warhead. It was a warning from God!

Two arrested in noose incident near Jena, Louisiana

Remember the" Wagging Dog"?

Blackwater back on the streets of Baghdad

Senator Clinton Meets with Members of the Schenectady Military Affairs Council

Relax, the "Betray-US" Meme did the Job it was Meant to

Democrats in Congress - Did you think that RW'ers would go easier on you if you blasted

Health Care Hopes

Vicente Fox: BUSH Is "the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life".

FEMA TRAILOR RESIDENTS urged to evacuate

CBO: Bush Plans For Iraq Will Cost Trillions --- that's TRILLIONS!!!

A goodbye present for Jena protestors: Nooses hung on the back of a pickup truck!

What a week huh?

Justice WEPT When He Thought Of BUSH v. GORE

Help Alix of PEACE scooter

This definitely comes under Crimes and Corruption of the New World Order:

LOOKING 4 photos of Gold Star Father's memorial attacked..

Isn't today DOOMSDAY?

What do you think of Bill Richardson providing a video message to the people of the NRA?

Dems Caved to Fear: IWR, and Now the MoveOn Debacle

Cop St Louis area fired (video posted here a few days ago)

US Dollar chart...

Want to save lives AND battle the Bush Administration? Tell Congress to support Iraqi Refugees.

Iraq's Min. of Interior said more then ' withdraw license from Blackwater'

AP: Giuliani: Balance Tax Cut With Tax Cut (??????)

Commentary: Bush fulfills H.L. Mencken's prophecy

Feel like I got donut'ed

Mark Morford: Praise the Lord, the Fundamentalist Right Is Going to Self-Destruct

Does anyone else find father/daughter "purity balls" a little creepy?

Coburn NOT The Senator Putting Hold On Bill - So WHO Is?

After 4 years of war Iraq forces control 8.2 percent of Baghdad's 474 neighborhoods

Mom admits paying for 12 year old to visit hooker, hooker claims to have been smoking crack. . .

George Lakoff: Whose Betrayal?

**EMBARGO UNTIL SATURDAY MORNING** Barrasso Seeks Workforce Funding For Nurses

The Democrats Could Learn A Lot From Larry Craig's Balls

Well... That Didn't Take Long, Now Did it ???

Tropical Storm/Weak Hurricane

Hilarious video of kid doing 'Bush on Global Warming"

Are rents up in your city?

Healthcare: What most of the candidates JUST DON'T GET:

Man Slits Own Throat With a Stanley Knife In Packed Woolworths

Should Blackwater execs be charged with war crimes?

National Guard ‘Insurrection Act Rider’ Is Headed For Repeal

Another Cave in the Works?

DeMint, Hensarling Introduce “Government Shutdown Prevention Act”

Alleged pedophile prosecutor sought 'young girls,' online profiles reveal

Wow! Riverside CA comes to its senses, tells Sequoia to "Drop Dead." ( x )

Why Are Senate Dems Afraid of a Real Filibuster But Not Afraid to Condemn Move-On

Bush: "Be comfortable with your family. Work hard to make sure there is love in the White House."

Dennis on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Saw an unusual anti-Bush bumpersticker on my way back from lunch.

IRS Agent Admits to Tax Evasion and Embezzlement

We have to sell our home, we can't afford the dream

Mattel Apologizes to China Over Recalls....

The Senate's G.O.P. Bomb Throwers (Coburn tries to stop building of bike paths)

You all know how much I hate doing this...

Another GOP liar (WA state)

Can we get over the: feeling sorry for ourself, defeatist, angry, cynical attitudes now....

Oh, Frak this "far left" nonsense...

Boehner tells Pelosi to follow Senate and put up resolution about, she declines

GOP Senator Puts Secret Hold On Bill Restoring Public Access To Presidential Records

Kerry submits amendment to Defense Bill using Bush's own words.

I finally got to see a Democratic debate, or forum

How a Junkie's Brain Helps Parkinson's Patients

What's that smell?

I have to hand it to Newt - he's one shrewd SOB

Victim claims Blackwater killings unprovoked

General Betray-Us and

Kucinich Supporters Making a Huge Showing in the Comments Section of This Article

Kucinich: As * Hunts for Answers to Kurd Oil Deal, Congressional Investigation Necessary

DU made it to German news

It's scary how quickly your blogs and pics can be distributed to all, in the event of a tasering

The cockiest guy I ever met

Not to make light of a pending tropical Storm

Video: Police Officer Tasers Handcuffed Woman Multiple Times

I want to see a Giuliani Ahmadinijad fist fight at ground zero!!!

UhOh: Palin says Ben Stevens should give up national GOP position

Here's how Move On is spending your donations (I think you'll approve)

482 billionaires in the US - Forbes 400 can't include them all

Congress Put The Final Nail In The Democracy Coffin Yesterday...Or So They Think

Prosecutor's arrest in sex sting leaves his town worried

Eli from MoveOn coming up on Tweety

Oct. 11, Barbara Boxer fundraiser reception with Al Gore in San Francisco..

Brownback Introduces Ultrasound Informed Consent Act

And they say the Left "hates America"? A 'christian' Right choir calls America evil and sinful


Crimes Against Humanity - Where "Americans Can Kill For Free"-By Michael Hirsh

Glitch Renders 'Virtual Fence' Unusable

Did anyone see that clip of McCain on CNN at a rally mocking a protester

How long before Bush blames 9/11 on Iran?

SCHOOL RESTRUCTURING TAKES CENTER STAGE as racism lurks under the footlights in Alabama

Another Congressional thief calls it quits

Oh my.

Does anyone think a DU writer deserves a Nobel Prize in literature?

Ahmadinejad's Ground Zero Ploy

TPM Exclusive: Petraeus' Sectarian Death Count Methodology

Preventing the Republicans from defining the agenda requires effort on your part. [MoveOn ad]

It is time to pin the tail on the donkey

United States Forest Service Purchases 700 TASER X26 Electronic Control Devices

Former Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti tells it like he sees it


Clinton, Hatch, Reid Introduce Health Tracking Legislation

Good news for teen NYers and their parents: NYS kicks the Federal Abstinence Only Sex Ed Habit.**

U.S. Commander: Iran Supplying Taliban

Gulf Coast Housing Advocates Gear Up for “Week of Action”

Convoys With Security Firm Resume in Iraq - Blackwater back to work

WELLLL, Hillary is on Meet the Press on Sunday!

Keep this poll going it needs some help

Stuff like this angers me to no end...

Have ANY of the Architects of the Iraq Invasion been punished for taking us into War?

WTF? MSNBC Reports LauraMansfield is a Mom uncovering terror videos but its a website?

Re: Angry Democrats

Nelson Mandela Foundation confirms ‘Mandela is alive.’

In light of the Dan Rather revelations, a revisit to the Barry Crimmins's article is warranted...

Bill Moyers Journal, Septmeber 21, 2007

Reid: Democrats Committed To Modernizing FISA To Make America Safer, Protect Citizens' Rights

Well, this is interesting...

It's Final: Last U.S. Horse Slaughter Plant Must Close

DU votes to reinstate HUAC and McCarthyism

Damn, Dems blocked again today! Don't rethugs fear the wrath of voters???

Forbes: The World's Greenest Billionaires

Well, that settles it: Bill Kristol calls for Ahmadinejad boycott at Columbia


Reid: Senate Sending President Bill To Improve Americans' Access To Safe Drugs

some say we need a draft to end the war. I'm no soldiers mother and I say end it now.

Who Does U.S. Food Aid Benefit?

Tacky Giuliani strikes again- Answers cell phone call during NRA speech

My response as a MoveOn member to the DSCC today -

uuu. The state Dept funds Blackwater but they are the dept (condi) who will do

How George Bush became the new Saddam

Which candidate do you think is the most articulate?

Idiot pedophile arrested

Ed Schultz debated Ron Christie on Hardball

Has Dr. Dean made a statement?

What did Bush refuse to talk about yesterday?----nbc eve news now

100 posts and the Right to Start Posts & Rec Posts...

What Is the Republic Party Damage Assessment, Post-Abramoff?

I'm not a bomb expert but any "bomb" powered by a 9 volt battery. . .

Can anybody out there channel the spirit of Thomas Jefferson?

Sure Good To See Roger Ebert Back

Ok, the dollar is in free fall, real estate and mortgages are tanking..

Ed Schultz is kicking ass on Tweety

Recall Issued For 1 Million Cribs

Urge Senators to Vote for Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act

Cable Company Yanks Nude Silverstone PETA Ad

Why Are Senate Dems Afraid of a Real Filibuster But Not Afraid to Condemn Move-On

So I am assuming that since Hillary is demanding proof of insurance

Will we have to endure another Bush 30 years from now?

Video Leads To Firing of Mo. Officer

Holy Crap! Did you see the NEW MoveOn ad

Got this in the mail yesterday from Howard Dean.

What Move on did was just the right thing to do.

Matt Yglesias: That MoveOn Ad

Man Tasered for refusing to lift hand off Quran

Embassy Builder Linked to Kickbacks to KBR Employee

CBS 2 Reporter To File Charges After Scuffle

Bush says he will be "huge ass" to 2008 Republicans; Huge asset to Democrats!

bush is a great uniter!

McClatchy: Blackwater incident referred to Iraqi magistrate

NYT: "Americans waiting for Congress, under Democratic control, to show leadership on...Iraq"

Ken Burns New PBS Documentary - Are you Watching it?

Head of firm paid to track Iraq spending investigated

If it wasnt Petreus ad, it would have been something else. This drama was custom fit, made to

Hypothetical issue to consider should we win in 2008: The Budget

Hah! Olberman reporting on pissypant's fear of horses.

Chris Floyd: Machine Tools: Another Terror War Triumph for the Texas Twerp

Project for the OLD American Century needs help

They were going to attack any criticism of Petraeus and turn it into a smear on the military--

Happy Yom Kippur. I just donated $18.00 to MoveOn.Org

If somebody here is still one of those old school traders

Pope refuses to meet Rice: report

(Hardball)Matthews just stated, whats worse a nasty little ad in a newspaper...

Another massacre by Democrats in 08!!!

Poll on AOL---Needs some real votes from us DU

Can anyone explain why any business that has employees would be against National Health Care

I think Randi Rhodes is going to have a stroke if she continues yelling-air amer. now

Who are we fighting in Iraq?

Gore/I-don't-give-a-shit 08!

What is with all of the "UFCW Exposed" anti-union ads that run every single night during Countdown?

Tweety believes Petraus ad will back fire on Dems like Wellstone funeral!

my 105th ltte-on the lack of reporting cancer rates in the VA

For those of you baffled by Mattel's apology to China, it might help to understand this:

Maybe comical ads aimed at embarrassing people to change votes aren't the best tactics

What is Democratic Underground?

Tornado watch for Gulf Coasters (TD Ten)

Russia FM: US Shield Is to Spy on Russia

Ten more trees dedicated to honor 3rd ID soldiers killed in Iraq

Anti-war activist shares views on Iraq, joins protest

American family wants asylum in Finland

Bush 'knew nothing' on Hunt-Iraq oil deal

Everything you ever wanted to know about Republican (authoritarion) thinking.

"She said that it was a piece of art and she wanted to stand out on career day,"

Watched 40 minutes of cable sNews, heard "patreus" 894 times

Reminder: Janeane Garofalo on Real Time tonight on HBO/11pm edt n/t

Cheers to DU:GD! Why I chose to be a DU donor

NO! Bush met with the Phillies today

Recall what Poppy Bush said in the 80's

Yoo: History will prove Bush right - Daily Report

CBS: Rather Decries Corporate Control Of News

Did anyone hear the climate change scientist on NPR today? Terri Gross

Kerry amendments to change Iraq policy: report in 90 days, withdraw in nine months, no stalling

Is anyone else bothered that practically every nightly news broadcast

Domestic Abuse Up Close: Man Beats Wife --horrific video of abuse

Are there some people you'd like to have sterilized?

Bill Moyer's Journal - Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring ON NOW

What do you think is inside Fort Knox?

WHY is Laura Mansfield on the front page of Yahoo? "Mom Scoops Al-Qaida"

I agree with Michael Scheuer

Something about this story doesn't pass my sniff test.

"We can't improve ourselves" - Alan Greenspan

Real Time/Maher thread, where is one? Please and thank you. nt

The least inspiring argument for voting Democratic in '08. Ever. But it may convince you

Hillary and Gore.

The NYSE was supposed to lose 50% of its value today.

President Truman and the Banning letter with sons purple heart.

Israel Warned U.S. About Syria-N. Korea connection

"Bill O'Reilly Can Kiss My Fat Ass!"

David Bowie strokes $10,000 check for Jena Six legal defense fund...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

In defense of our elected democratic senators

Craig Honored for Work on Minidoka Internment Camp

The U.S. Senate just told you to sit down and be quiet.

Just - ugh. Fox News To Air One-Hour Petraeus Special On Saturday Night

Don't use condum, take the vaccine. Don't look over here now, Merck's vaccine doesn't work.

I wonder what Blackwater knows about all that missing cash ?

Caption this pic

What is the Down-side of a Weak Dollar?

We all began as something else.

The headlines are wrong. It was NOT a "FAKE BOMB."

I just donated $100 to!

Dear Administrators, might you consider expanding upon the language in Forum Rule #2?

Part 2 of John Dean's Findlaw series on authoritarianism is up!

Where are all the Hillary Clinton is a hero threads?

Billionaires No Longer Rich Enough To Make Forbes List

And in MY town, they are still building 7-bedroom homes..

Students Block Access To Halliburton Recruiters (Madison, WI)

Kudos to Mary Mapes writing in Huffpo on Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS

War Costing $720 Million Each Day, Group Says

Did anyone notice the cops on the taser clip while the kid was asking

How George Bush became the new Saddam

Anonymous Republican senator puts hold on bill unsealing presidential papers

FBI taped senator's phone calls in Alaska probe

Should the Congress form a Committee to determine whether PNAC

Marijuana seized in truck hauling cookies from Texas

pedophile prosecutor sought 'young girls,' online profiles reveal

Shrub only likes SHORT world leaders. Vicente FOX sez Shrub is scared of horsies!!1

Dan Rather on MSNBC this morning said it straight out: CBS needed favors from WH

The U.S. occupation of Iraq or "checkbook imperialism"

Soldier Who Sued Army Facing Threats

Two arrested in noose incident near Jena, Louisiana

It seems to me that anyone describing the MIT kid incident as a "Fake Bomb" is just making shit up.

If they want to force a woman to have an ultrasound before an abortion

10-Year Old Charged In Fatal House Fire

DUers and Freepers are a lot alike

"A Rather Large Amount of Evidence" Suggests BUSH Is A Closet "Joel's Army" Member

Feds Probe Blackwater Weapons Smuggling

Reid and Schumer's secret FEC deal? (FEC, von Spakovsky)

What Fuels the Al Qaeda Army?

self delete

Media's sycophancy toward Petraeus "depressingly similar" to that toward Powell in 2003

So, this bird walks into a store . . . . . .

Give it up for None of the Above!

Just showed this mag cover on Bill Maher

Bush-linked Telecom lobbyists pressuring Congress for blanket immunity for illegal wiretapping.

Somehow, having Carville send me an email doesn't make me feel like giving to the DCCC

Have I said today how much I hate these people???

Nuking The Filibuster... Should We Hoist Them On Their Own Petard ???

Moveon raised half a million yesterday!

Should PNAC Members Be Investigated for Instigating a War of Aggression?

Blog gets Hastings editor fired

I give you one outright prediction.

Anyone have a list of 21 or 22 Senators who voted for Resolution?

Judge denies bail for Mychal Bell (one of the Jena 6)

Question: Was Purple Heart Band-Aid Bitch ever identified?

Cenk Uygur of TYT on the MoveOn Ad and WaPo’s “Fact-Checking”

Star Simpson: A National Hero... Bill Maher?

George Bush the Texan is 'scared of horses'

Iranophobia hits Ground Zero

I Think Bill Clinton Is Terrific

"From An Angry Soldier" - found on The Best of Craigslist

"Citizens' Health Care Working Group" Ignores Citizens

Brent Budowsky: If Al Gore Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Update on Merck's lobbying for mandatory HPV vaccine. Well the vacine kills people

The phone rang a few minutes ago. It was for my daughter.

Another Soldier Known For Writings On War Dies In Iraq

Condemn This. An Open Letter to the US Senate.

Congress Should Condemn PNAC

Guests on 'Real Time' with Bill Maher tonight:

I realize this is a scary notion but,...STOP carrying the water for a whole nation.

George Bush the Texan is 'scared of horses'

New TASER video! Woman tortured in Ohio!

Fledgling Army program trecords how soldiers' brains work

Even *'s bootmaker has gone to jail

No extra break for lactating exam taker

No, I haven't forgotten about all of you.

An $80 tube of cream. Eighty. bloody. dollars.

Weird. Female MIT student arrested at gunpoint at Boston airport for wearing fake, visible bomb

Jena 6: Democracy Now's Coverage of Yesterday's Protest!

Neat bag I purchased from Publix today

MIT student's lit-up jacket could have gotten her killed.

Gov. Richardson: Ads don't kill people, wars do.

***DUzy Awards for week ending September 21, 2007.***

OK... We'll Be Watching... 'Reid's Inner Circle Shifts Strategy On Iraq'

The Calm Before The Storm

Le premier pleure du beffroi lunaire

"Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House" by Valerie Plame ( Oct. 22, 2007)

I just want to say - as I give up - I was looking for one number in

Oh Dammit !!! - The Freepers Caught Us Again !!! (re: MoveOn Donations)

Do you know who was the frontrunner at this point in the 04 election cycle?

I've come to the frightful conclusion...

Mattel apologizes to CHINA? WTF?!?!?!

Lieberman Pushes New Iran Resolution

My bar room brawl over the stolen election of 2000.

Another Soldier Known for Writings On War Dies in Iraq (Freeper's Son)

The US will need a truth and reconciliation commission in 2009

I've finally made up my mind for '08--Dennis Kucinich for president

When Is The Senate Going To Censure Rush Limbaugh

11 percent approval rating for Congress. ELEVEN PERCENT.

Why didn't Kerry decide to run in '08

Bush plans to cut school buses for disabled children

"ASS-KISSING LITTLE CHICKENSHITS" MoveOn Condemns Congress With Second NYTimes AD

It was not about the word "betray" was about control of the message.

Book TV Schedule: September 22nd - 24th

Senate's condemnation of private citizens for criticizing their government is "chilling"

And... On Our Latest Defeat... The Levin Amendment

Brent Budowsky: If Al Gore Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Limit 10 posts per day

Five Dems in Iowa Agree: 'No' to Single Payer System; Kucinich Takes Them All On

Please network: Former service dog with special needs seeks a home

On the Lighter Side: Crisis on the Canadian border.

Since the Dems can't seem to pass anything but gas, IMPEACHMENT would give them something to do

"I for Impeachment": Is it Time????

Amazing outpouring (Letter from MoveOn)

We aren't going to just dry up and blow away

We could help Rather with his suit.

Perhaps, MoveOn members would consider exposing FreedomsWatch.

I think Bill Clinton is irrelevant

Many Older Dems who are on DU...thought we could be here and Make Progress

Bush raises half a million for MoveOn

More on the international crisis Bush is creating: Palestinian refugees from Iraq arrive in Brazil

DOJ appeal reopens battle over Jefferson raid

My Role in Rathergate by James Moore

Edwards -

Biden's remarks on the DE shootings

Here's a great review of the AARP/IPTV forum -

Hey Joe: State Senator Joe Seng on Joe Biden at AARP Forum

Did anyone here watch the forum?

My ten questions for the republikkan candidates

McCain to Criticize Giuliani on Guns

Very nice picture of Dictator in Chief Bush

AP: Iowa voters take their time to decide in presidential race

Can anyone confirm this about Hillary's health care proposals

"How George Bush became the new Saddam"

NY Times writer who in May called Giuliani "commanding daddy", writes another flattering piece

Airport screeners know what you read

John Nichols: Too Bad Mike Gravel's Not in the Senate

Washington a winner in Korean trade deal

Wes Clark on MSNBC's Joe Scarborough this morning. His position on Petraeus that of Obama, not Hil.

Why Do People Here Quote Rasmussen As If It Was Gospel?

Clinton, Giuliani Top California Poll

Rasmussen latest: Obama 47%, Giuliani 42%

Playgroups For Hillary

Bush: Don’t Ask Me About The Economy, I Got A ‘B In Econ 101'

Candidate for "Worst Person in the World" today

On Go Left TV today: The Pap Attack, 'W' Stands for Worst

Why we can't wait, by Rick Perlstein

Why The MoveOn Vote Recalls Kerry's "Botched" Joke

Obama's op-ed today in today's Iowa Quad City Times: Fixed-Income Seniors Can Expect a Tax Break

Subverting Majority Rule, by Robert Borosage

National Trust: Help Save the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery!

Sirota: Over the Dead Bodies...Again (More on trade agreements)

Does Anyone Here Think *Co Will Put Pressure On The MSM To Discredit.....

World Health Organization confirms first cholera case in Baghdad since 2003

Huffington Post.........Hillary Clinton gets it.

You may not like him but he gives Ben Bernake a piece of his mind.

Poll: Elizabeth Dole Potentially Vulnerable

My Dad was a real soldier...a WWII war hero and career Army

Where does DU stand? A prez poll

General Petreaus and the American People

Liberal Group Encourages Lieberman To Keep Raising Money — for the Other Side

Sirotablog: Dem Freshmen Dig In for Battle Against Party Leadership

Wall Street, we have a problem.....

Telling the Truth

Rep. Weller (R-Ill.) Expected To Announce Retirement

Rec this on GD NOW === 2007.09.21 NOON ET === ONE BILLION people worldwide - moment of silence

Fred Thompson up now at NRA confab on C-Span--after a very poor video presentation.

Ducking debates isn't as risky as it used to be

How Much Money Does Hillary Take?

MoveOn's ad: Dem response; Media reponse, all separate issues

FYI- SUMMARY OF MOVEON.ORG 9/20 8:30pm Conference Call and Questions:

What are you're basic beliefs on these questions? (I include some of my views)

W's scripted last minute almost out of the press room fly by attack on Democrats

No Matter,Who is President----Protecting OIL Supply, Priority

Robert L. Borosage: Craven Fools

Town Hall with Barack Obama today in Ames, Iowa, with Senior Citizens and High School Seniors

Ghouliani: MoveOn "passed a line that we should not allow American political organizations to pass"

Door closing on "dream scenario" of Bob Kerrey Nebraska Senate run? Ad

10 steps to Fascism...see if you recognize them .

Did Conservative Reporter Conspire With Bush On Question Bashing Democrats?

Will Blackwater's defiance of the Iraqi government become a recruiting tool for terrorism?

AP: Senate Primary Field in N.H. Narrows (Swett endorses Jeanne Shaheen)

CEOs, Bush Rangers Rebuff Republicans on War, Widening Deficit

Why Blackwater - And More- Should Leave Iraq (Time)

House panel weighs tax relief on mortgage debt (Reuters)

U.S. Mercenaries: Does Any Law Apply

Campaign Fundraising Down, But Maybe It’s Just the Heat (or not)

Wal-Mart breaks the law, gets punished, wins anyway

Mike Gravel Kicked out of AARP Debate

Law of unintended consequences - someone on Diane Rehm suggested today that

Lindsey Graham (R-SC): Iraq withdrawal plan would be "very overt rejection of Petraeus' leadership"

Opensecrets has Hillary # 1 w HEALTHCARE & LOBBYIST Industries, # 3 w OIL/GAS & #4 w PHARM

Biden plan for federal Iraq gains support

10 planks of the Communist manifesto...see if you really like in a capitalist society.

A Little Activism ...

Biden on C-span2 discussing his ammendment on Iraq

Wow! Riverside CA comes to its senses, tells Sequoia to "Drop Dead." ( x )

Siegelman Saga Continues ....

Hillary Clinton and Hubert Humphrey

There Must Be A Pony!

Video: George Bush Has Problems He Did Not Have 10 Years Ago

Senator Biden on shootings in DE this morning:

Top Ten Senate seats likely to switch party: Can the Democrats reach filibuster-proof sixty?

Chris Bowers: Democrats Grossly Misinformed On Candidate Plans For Iraq

PAC contributions to candidtates through the last reporting period

"Sen. Hillary Clinton goes toe-to-toe with Chris Wallace" this weekend on FauxNews Sunday

Hillary has to smack this idiot down

Question of the day: How can Democrats best frame GOP obstructionism?

Latest ARG Polls - Florida & Colorado

C&L: White House reporters laugh out loud as Dana Perino reads list of Junior's "invited guests"

Molly Ivins on John Edwards, August 2003

And I was so proud

Rep. Jerry Weller's (R-IL) thugs push CBS2 reporter

'Be comfortable with your family. Work hard to make sure there is love in the White House.'"

MSM lies a video

Letter to the editor--conservatives are happier and more charitable than liberals

Biden vs. Richardson is For Real

Federal prosecutor-slash-alleged pedophile: "I adore everything about young girls"

Let's make a list of Petraeus' lies

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (9-21-07)

Abstinence Sex Ed Funding Expires Sept. 30 -- not in CHIP compromise bill

C-Span: Newt Gingrich will Decide in October if he's Running as a *Green Conservative*

I finally saw the Debate. Biden had the audience in stitches when he made those comments to Richard

Psychologizing the President

All three "top tier" Democrats viewed favorably by 50-53%; Guiliani's approval dips to 49%.

Democratic Party is taking our support & loyalty for granted

The Fruits of Polarization

NYT distorts votes on Boxer and Cornyn amendments re:Move ad

Democrats Outpacing Republicans in Building 2008 Congressional Warchests

Will the Ned Lamonts in the country PLEASE STAND UP AND FIGHT!

The mills of the gods grind slowly

Obama and Biden to Appear Next Week on "The View"

Wash. Post's Weisman: "How about Obama blowing up the Sears Tower! ... (Just kidding, folks.)"

Larry Craig: Now Changes Planes in Denver

Occupation Weekly Scorecard

Eugene Robinson could not stop laughing at Bush just now

To the 29%ers: The Bible specifically says you should not watch Fox News. Deuteronomy 8:3

An article about a Ralph Nader appearance at DePauw University, 1970.

That's it...I'm leaving...

Bill says Hillary most qualified non-incumbent in his lifetime

"54% think Petraeus's plan for removing troops is the right pace, or even too quick."

Who says the republicans don’t have a solution for illegal immigration?

September, 2004: CBS CEO says, "the election of a Republican administration is a better deal"

My goodness what an idiot this guy is

A "one of a kind" poster with Coulter, Ashcroft, Malkin AND Novakula...and it's FREE? Count me IN!

Photos: Barack Obama speaks at a rally today on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa

White House in Contempt, By John Conyers, Jr.

That's All Folks

Bush to Hillary Clinton: I'm Truman, You're Ike

Democratic presidential nomination far from tied up

Are we spending enough on Domestic programs?

House Republicans block vote to condemn racist group

Corporations + Money + Lobbyist + Politicians = P.O.P

Biden appeals to Senate on Iraq

I heard Wes Clark on Bill Press this morning and I've gotta tell you...

Leave Hillary alone! She's a human...

"Smearing the Military"

Supreme Court author: Justice Souter wept when he thought of Bush V. Gore

39% say they will definitely vote AGAINST Edwards.

Bipartisanship - I have to ask this question

Edwards echoes Obama regarding Resolution condemning MoveOn ad

"Too many mosques" sez Peter King (R-NY3) and nobody seems to care

Slate's "ad" for Mitt Romney

Word association, Republicans: liar, cheat, sleazebag, douche-

New Figures Reveal Aggressive GOP Obstructionist Strategy

Would you support Thomas Jefferson as president today?

Sorenson Stumps for Obama in NH

Rasmussen: Hillary Clinton Numbers Have Slipped a Bit; Thompson, Giuliani tied at 24%

Wow-Hillary seems to be slipping according to Rasmussen...

Have you ever heard of the Council on Foregn relations?

Is Move-On the boggie man for this party?

Pew: Voter impressions of candidates - Word associations

Hillary Clinton: I'm not a lesbian

Why won't the Democrats in the Senate force the issue and make the Repuks filibuster.

Some friendly advice for all the rabid anti-Hillary folks...

I like Edwards new plan to pay teachers 15k more to teach in poor areas

Hillary's so unpopular in this country that Repubs use her as an ISSUE TO RUN ON

Clinton's Negatives

We don't need 60, just 41 to stave off a filibuster. Edited.

Which spews more anti-Hillary hatred?

What historical form of corruption and crime does this administration seem to resemble?

Five Dems Agree: "No" To Single Payer System Kucinich Takes Them All On

He should run for Illinios Governor and get out of the senate I have a feeling...

44% say they definitely will vote AGAINST Clinton

The Friday DUmp - The Week in Headlines

Bill Nelson to Dean...lift sanctions by Monday and I won't sue you.

The Scoop on CBS: Why Redstone Sold Dan Rather for 20 Pieces of Silver

One-third of Americans lacked health insurance; double reported by the Census Bureau

Kucinich, Iowa and putting things in perspective

Hillary supporters...PLEASE READ

Would men leave the Democratic party if Hillary is the nominee?

If Hillary loses the primary, what should she do next?

If Obama loses the primary, what should he do next?

MSM in a frenzy over Iran's crackpot's Ground Zero visit; where were they when...?

Help please! What was the story about Gen. Petraeus and his