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Neocons Tie N. Korea to Israeli Strike on Syria

The AG Bush Needs: He can't always get what he wants, but he can get what he needs

Dems Eating Their Own to Defend AIPAC

Iraqis Round On Blackwater 'Dogs' After Shooting

I don't know what I'm more mad about tonight...

Anyone been watching Damages?

Sure, let's put our market on the railroad tracks...

Anyone checked out CrazyFox ads for home business?

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/19/07)

Well...I'm feeling mellow tonight...

I am waiting for half of you bastages to go to bed.

Prove me wrong


Time For Jokes

midnight poetry thread

Lou Reed

September 6\7 Japan... Typhoon Fitow

Names, Ideas, Thoughts, Feelings

Yargh! Be that a mizzenmast in yer britches or are ye happy to see me? Today be...

Lou Reed

Bush Expresses Desire To Serve In Iraq

Rudy Sez He's America's Worst Nightmare

Good. NY Times 'select' ends.

I think it bears repeating...

Andrew Meyer will be forgotten by DU as quickly as was (the more eloquent) Ajai Raj.

What a lineup for Jon Stewart

WantaGate, Corporate News, and Google Censorship?


Getcher Marshmellows and Wieners Here

Russia, China need to promise swift retaliation in event of US or Israeli attack on Iran

Uh, No, Your Tax Cuts Didn't Pay for Themselves (economist Mark Thoma)

By what authority, who's authority does *anyone* have to taz anyone else?

Charges Dropped Against Papers Please Michael Righi Circuit City

Katz. is doing a Biden roll call in Gd-P

The State: Jesse Jackson criticizes Obama, says he's "acting white" (No Joke)

Clinton envisions having "to show proof're insured as a part of the job interview."

"Bidenites" Roll Call: Biden supporters, identify yourselves.

Jim Hightower: U.S. Government's Plan to Protect You From Terrorist Livestock

AlterNet: How the Luxury Industry Went the Way of McDonald's

Division Problem - The GOP's Ruinous Immigration Stance - WP

Why Liberals Are Smarter than Conservatives

Why Iraqi Farmers Might Prefer Death to Paul Bremer's Order 81

Bush 'cocky,' but sensitive to Mexicans, Fox writes

Best article on "The meaning of that Kerry fracas in Fla." [IMHO] by P.C.Roberts

Webb's Righteous Amendment

A Little Scoop on Bush, Chirac, God, Gog and Magog


Dick Morris Says Those Without Health Insurance Don’t Want It

NY Times ends "Times Select" All Free again!

Iran cuts foreign dollar assets to 30 percent

DICK Cheney: The Real Bush Record

Michele Alliot-Marie: "Government's cohesion essential in countering terrorism"

Taking Sides in a Tasing

Mitch McConnell stands in the way of a vote in the House for Washington, D.C., residents.

Bringing Die-hard War Supporters and Feckless War Opponents to Their Knees

Tom Hayden: New Military Report Acknowledges Signs of Police State in Baghdad

Gene Lyons on how the liberal/conservative experiment falls shortt

WP, pg1: Guilty Plea to End Crusading Lawyer Lerach's Lucrative Run

Dean Baker: The Housing Bubble Pops

Democrats Prove Themselves to Be Moral Cowards

The Royal Treatment: Saudi Involvement in Iraq Overlooked

'Repentant' Interpreter for U.S. Forces 'Promises' to Expose His Former Colleagues on Internet

GOP website worried about Repub Senators becoming "Endangered Species"

All dressed up and no one to compromise with

War means a windfall for CEOs

US Caused More Deaths in Iraq Than Saddam, Says Anti-War Tribunal

Dahr Jamail: The Royal Treatment: Saudi Involvement in Iraq Overlooked

Who Watches US Security Firms In Iraq?

Dems Frustrate War Critics

Our "Vital" National Interest in Iraq? Oil, Oil, Oil

Joe Galloway: Bush Fulfills H.L. Mencken's Prophecy

The FundamentaList

Blackwater and Oil Show Administration’s M.O. in Iraq

The Nation: Progressives See No Progress

Katrina vanden Heuvel: "The Fat Lady has not Sung Yet" (DC vote in Congress)

Robert Scheer: Checkbook Imperialism: The Blackwater Fiasco

Victory now certain!

Refugees in their own land: 2m Iraqis forced to flee their homes

Armed Guards in Iraq Occupy a Legal Limbo

Glenn Greenwald: Are Democrats Planning Still Worse FISA Capitulations?

Can the U.S. Live Without Blackwater?


Will You Be One of the 2,500 to Support Democratic Organizers?

Public's views on Iraq war barely budge

Speech Isn’t Free

"Food revolutionary" Alice Waters wants candidates to talk about "awful state of the food system"

The Nation: Clinton's Prescription for Another Heath Care Reform Failure

Vanity Fair: Going After Gore

China faltering on support for solar power: report - Reuters

Europe bans bluefin tuna fishing - BBC

Shell Starts Evacuating Non-Essential Staff From Offshore Facilities In Gulf Of Mexico - Rigzone

Black Mayors’ Judgment Clouded by Smog: The Air is Tough to Breathe

Stop development of THIRD (vainity) homes in environmentally stressed NC Mts. please!

Greek Authorities Cordon Off Lake After Cyanobacteria "Cocktail" Causes Bird Kill - AFP

9/19 8:05 EDT - National Hurricane Center Tropical Weather Discussion

National Academy Of Sciences Study - Increased Water Vapor Directly Tied To Human Activities - AFP

AllAfrica - Flooding Cuts Off 25 Districts In Uganda From Outside World

Lake Fish Respond Rapidly, Once Methylmercury Loading Slows - Study - ENN

Across Subsaharan Africa, Floods Kill Hundreds, Displace Millions, Wipe Out Crops - Reuters

UBS Analysis Sees Asian Coal Demand Outstripping Supply By 103 Million Tons In 2020

India To Double Ethanol Content Of Gasoline To 10% By October 2008 - Houston Chronicle

Allianz - Annual Insured Losses Caused By Climate Breakdown Will Rise 37% In Next Decade - Bloomberg

CIBC Chief Economist - Oil @ $100 By Late 2008, OPEC/Russia/Mexico Exports Down 2.5 Mbd By End 2010

Daily Ice Picture

Oops! Secret Greek Government Plan To Green-Light Development On Burned Lands Leaks - Independent

Bog helps build climate insights (BBC)

Tell Arnold to protect California Condor

IPCC Update - "It's Now The Choice Between A Damaged World, Or A More Damaged World"

US Senate to debate bill boosting military use of renewable power

With 4C Global Average Temp Increase, Rise In Plant Mortality Rates May Hit 40% - Science Daily

Missouri's first wind farm dedicated

Officials seek companies' data on impacts of climate change (Maine)

Another look at crop biofuels

Texas, Mexico link electric grids

Bringing Remote Renewable Energy to Market

Oil will hit $100 but probably not in 2007: Pickens - Reuters

Sickness blamed on moth spray (CA)

Carvers & Collectors Cash In As Melting Arctic Reveals Bonanza Of Bones & Tusks - SMH

Indonesia's big one 'on its way'

Gore bags climate 'Bonnie and Clyde'

China Seeks To Reassure Foreign Consumers Through Carefully Managed Photo-Ops - ENN

Gregoire approves 65 wind turbines for Kittitas

Plague Of Plastic Chokes The Sea

"Too late to avoid global warming" say scientists (The Independent)

Organic Foods' Unexpected Extras

US Sales Of New Hybrid Vehicles Up 49% Jan - Jul 2007 - Detroit News

California wants new homes off grid

China: High nuclear plant capital costs may discourage new plant builds

Spy czar urges extension of warrantless wiretap law

Indonesian president to discuss Soeharto's wealth with Zoellick

British-led forces launch major Afghan operation

Migration Reshapes Iraq’s Sectarian Landscape

Top Khmer Rouge leader arrested

Bush 'cocky,' but sensitive to Mexicans, Fox writes

War means a windfall for CEOs

IRAQ: Lawyers accuse government of concealing information about detainees

Blast hits Christian suburb in Beirut

U.S. military: American soldier killed in southern Baghdad

Senators Block D.C. Vote Bill, Delivering Possibly Fatal Blow (GOP blocks voting Rep.)

Senators Introduce Bill To Establish Task Force on Entitlement Programs

Housing Starts, Building Permits At 12-Year Low

Cleland quits board of Murtha-linked charity

Big Drop in Energy Costs Sends Consumer Prices Down for the First Time in 10 Months

Violence ebbing in Iraq: US general

Cheney says Greenspan is 'off the mark': WSJ

Muslim charity's terror-funding trial goes to jury in Dallas

EU commissioner slams US criticism of EU Microsoft ruling

Dan Rather suing CBS for $70 million.

Anti-Syrian MP killed in Lebanon car bombing

Can the U.S. Live Without Blackwater?

Hale Koa (owned and operated by the U.S. Army) employees vote to keep Local 5

Health officials expect no flu vaccine shortage in U.S.

Al-Maliki Says Blackwater Should Be Replaced for `Criminal Act'

Colombian rebels agree to meet Chavez in Venezuela: senator

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 19

Deputies subdue autistic boy with Taser

Cuba Embargo Issue Goes to the U.N.


Cops Taser and Kill Woman in Wheelchair

Strange claims in lawsuit against Martha Stewart

US Guard chief: Billions more needed for equipment

Senate blocks bill on Iraq combat tours

Mulford meets Saran on nuclear deal

Paulson: U.S. to Hit Debt Limit Oct. 1

Bush calls for expansion of spy law

Legal but in Limbo, Skilled Immigrants Rally for Change

Maliki blasts Blackwater security firm for other incidents

(Defense Secretary Robert ) Gates: 'I Don't Know' If Iraq War Worth It

Republicans pushed 'bogus' terror threat to expand FISA, lawmaker says

U.S. Spy Chief: 9/11 'Could Have Been Prevented'

Senate bars bill to restore detainee rights

Buddhist monk rally steps up pressure on Burma's junta

VECO Man Says He Worked on Stevens, Young Fundraisers

Giuliani In Britain Vows To Thwart Iran

Jeb Bush hammers Crist on insurance

Senate blocks Democrats' bid to give U.S. troops more time at home

Pope Refuses to Meet with Condi Rice

2 Mo. men charged with rap video threat

Subprime Borrowers to Lose Homes at Record Pace as Rates Rise

Simpson bail set at $125,000

Union Fund Embezzlements 'Epidemic,' Analyst Says

Church to be billed for immigrant rally

Rice heads to Mideast on latest peace mission

Wounded Iraqis: 'No one did anything' to provoke Blackwater

Hoekstra sees potential for substantial troop withdrawal

Senate passes mental health ‘parity’ legislation

Signs point to Johanns (R-Ne) bid for Senate

Iraq condemns U.S. security contractor

Evoking Vietnam clash, Wis. students to protest Halliburton visit

Fears of dollar collapse as Saudis take fright

Congress Asked to Lift Debt Limit

Bloodied 70-year-old woman cuffed for having a brown lawn

Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against CBS

Ecuador Congressman Presses Criminal Investigation of Chevron for Fraud in Environmental Clean-up, A

Turkish PM says wants to lift headscarf ban

Bush, Congress at record low ratings: Reuters poll

Controversial Osprey aircraft deployed to Iraq (the VTOL - Vertical TakeOff and Landing one)

Iran president asks to lay wreath at ground zero, request denied

Iran draws up plans to bomb Israel

Police chiefs: Restore assault weapons ban

How is it I never heard of this kick ass hip hop group from my city


Truck Down! Truck Down! Truck Down!

Yeah, the film "The Fountainhead" stinks..

A new Toyota?? Bait-n-switch!!!

Movie scene.

See my desktop

Where is the lunatic?

Yarr! Can ye guess what day it be?

What are your favorite songs at the moment?

Never mind

I can tell that fall is on it's way

Is it Talk like a pilot day?

wtf is wrong with peopLe (warning -graphic)

Now what should we answer to that??

fever, body aches, totaly exhaustion and my brain is fuzzy and hurts

I love all things peach

I'm off to Montreal

"As you know, these are open forums, you're able to come & listen to what I have to say"

DU Lounge irrational social instability index. Post your own.

By God, I have an incredibly good cold today. One might even call it excellent.

Pay Attention To Me Dang IT!!

I think anti-smoking ads on TV are a good thing

Talk Like a Pirate Day is today!


The War on Hair

The smiley emoticon may be over two hundred years old.

OMG! Check out this vid!


a keyboard just for talk like a pirate day

"Avast me hearties". Thar she blows...... Aarrrrr Aarrrrrr" Happy TLAP Day everyone

Forget Pirates, Let's talk like _______________ today

Who wants to help me move all my crap

If I had a TASER, I'd taser in the morning; I'd taser in the evening, all over this LA-AAAND....

New Cuckoo clock needed

I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In....

Tomorrow is international taser a former pirate day....

How YOU can have the woman or man of your dreams....

I just tasered John Kerry at an event.

Taking recommendations of flame wars I should start today

Resolved: People who disparage country music fans deserve to be tasered

I've been spending a lot of time in GD lately

Contribute now! Taze-A-Thon 2007 needs your support!

Tasers, pirates, mates, music

Warning ...... deadly earworm

Brett Somers of Match Game has died

I replied to a post in GD. Congratulate me!

Suppose you discharged a TASER® while standing in a bath tub full of water.

I was just tasered at a John Kerry event. Ask me anything!

The new Ministry album is fucking awesome

Which Dog poll results: Silly Lilly wins 20 votes

I was bitten by a rattlesnake, and John Kerry REFUSED to taser me!

I made the runoff!

I went to see Genesis last night!


LATE BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Abe Vigoda.....

Happy Birthday Smiley

Thanks To Whoever Star'd Me

Hermaphrodite pony in the UK

hey radiohead fans - download news

I think that every instance of the word "taser" on this site

I Love It When Someone Says: "George Bush really is intelligent"

Dream a Little Dream.... Cass Elliot would have turned 66 years old today

"How do you feel?"

More likely: Red Sox lose AL East or Mets lose NL East?

In honor of TLAP day...

17 cubic sqaure feet--how many large suitcases is this?

E-Mail Change: Has this Ever Happened to You?

In th e last six weeks, I've gotten shots for flu, Hep A, Hep B and yellow fever. Ask me anything.

If you have a problem with me breaking up my spagetti before cooking it....

Stephanie Miller and sidekick say they need more COWBELL!!1!!

Should We Taser Carrot Top While He Is Eating At Olive Garden?

I think we may need a "Hide Entire Forum" feature here on DU

What the General Discussion Board needs is a post about Tasers and John Kerry

Post here and I will online taser you!!

Dear Elad - please add this smilie to the DU collection. Thank you!

I have a wierd bad habit

i just spent 3 1/2 hours hiding taser threads in GD. ask me anything.

The Religion of Pets


Space craft filmed in Kentucky. This was on the local news.

I am making spaghetti tonight - should I break it first?

I am making spaghetti tonight - should I taser it first?

"Ain't It Fun"- The Dead Boys

I am making spaghetti tonight - should I do this first?

A car crashed into this alternative food market down the street.

GD - Yes I went there!! Are you proud of me!!!

Tell a Complete Truth about a Du'er

Will love really tear us apart?

It isnt often the Washington Post makes me laugh, but...

Civil rights pioneers get into scuffle

Jude Law playing Hamlet


Well it's about time he learned his place!

Post your Carrot Top pics here. I dare you. I double dare you. I d-double dog dare you.

I am making spaghetti tonight - should I get drunk first?

Why do we have sinuses?

Have You Ever Had A Flamegasm?

OJ Simpson just tazered a breastfeeding mother and her screaming children for not showing reciepts!

I believe that all people that post Carrot Top Pictures deserve a reward

lol, I just tasered my first Mormon Missionaries

Pay a Condiment to a Du'er!

I'm watching Lieberman on Cspan, i wish i was drunk.

YES!! Tombstone generator

Ohiosmith Is A Hermaphrodite

Avast mateys! Today be the day!

English-to-Pirate Translator.

"Hermaphrodite" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "hermaphrodite".

Blind man dies after drunken friends let him drive ATV.

I wish Lindsay Lohan would do something

Its Time to Ban Banning From DU!!!

My bike arrived. Should I try to put it together myself?

I believe all people who post Carrot Top pictures should not only be banned from DU....

i'll finally do it - my very first DU pic

OJ should be set free, and people should just leave him alone.

How come no one told me about "The Fratellis"?

ARRRRRR... How many Taser threads have you hidden today?

OJ Posts Bail

Ok, I'm finally doing a Talk like a Pirate post...

Beans, Beans... The Musical Fruit. The More You Eat, The More..

Post here and I'll taser Ohiosmith for you

Holy Crap - we have thunderstorm looking clouds today

Taser me timbers!

Does Parche have a "thing" for Carrot Top???

So my cat has been tracking litter everywhere lately

Post Your Favorite Picture Of Carrot Top

Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle.

So, let me see if I have this straight....

Avast! Free RUM for all ye pirates! Drink up, me hearties!

You know you've been in the Lounge too long when...

Paul Michael Taser

OK this is not pretty and probably NSFW- Oscar De la Hoya

"Morans" guy spotted in the Sept 15 DC Protest???

Can I get a What Not?

What an unbelievably beautiful day!!!

Wild chase after cow takes cruise through Queens

I just tasered Sen. Craig, while having lunch with Joe Lieberman at the olive garden...

Pirate Joke thread: What's a pirate's favorite kind of cookie? Update.

Can I get It When When

Does Michael Bubble Make You Hurl?

Please vote in this poll, if you don't mind...

I will be spending this weekend in a old cabin by a lake, no power or telephone.

DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: "A Series of Tubes"

separated at birth?

Need help. Should I wear a Rolex or Breitling when I go shopping for my new Mercedes?


Used Rolex Watch For Sale

It's a lock

Do you like sushi & eat it regularly? I'm a new convert

Clueless Here Please Help?

Where the f**** did all these taser-bashers come from?

Most fucked-up celebrity?

Please allow the DU lounge doorman to check if you have a taser

SO excited!! I finally got my mom to register here at DU.

Why do people say "ow" when they get hurt?

What $207 Million Dollars Looks Like

So I know KitchenWitch is having someone after dinner... what about the rest of you?

Britney interprets custody judge's drug & alcohol testing order as a green light to par-TAY, y'all!

i saw this mom with her kids at starbucks

I Just Did My First Mormon Missionary Style

Anyone see the movie "Girl With a Pearl Earing"?

Acrostic Challenge: TASER

Britney interprets custody judge's drug & alcohol testing order as a green light to par-TAZER, y'all

There's a family of moles.

Pick one.

I was tasered by kerry for breastfeeding in olive garden& "wide-stance"carrot top stole my reciept

I just got polled for Barack Obama's internals in Iowa! I'm way too excited about this.

find a thread, reply in it using the word taser somewhere

From Fark: The most anal-retentive set of classroom procedures you'll ever see.

Thank you for your good vibes...they worked.

why does the DU Lounge front page have a weird stain on it?

Your name better be Gallup, because you're about to take a poll

KitchenWitch is gonna call me a sissy, but

First day back at work, after vacation, and...

Why do some moran exes want to get back with you years later when you had an unhappy ending?

I have a lawnmower problem! I have a Black and Decker electric mower.

I like this song to dance to.... lyrics and youtube 50cent and emnem


"Robinson Crusoe on Mars" is finally on DVD!

Look out ladies

Any Go players here?


I Just Want To Be Your Everything

Frances Bean is 15 now

On Tap At Tavernertavern: Stone Ruination Imperial IPA

Anyone want a "Hide DU" function until the taser wars are over?

i eat zuppe and minestrone

Does anyone know if Continental pilots have any family perks?

the delfonics - i gave to you

Where the f**** did all these Hillary supporters come from?

Why so many kid haters here?

Wut's fer dinner?

Miss Teen South Carolina gets last laugh

Making Sniffa's Birthday dinner, w00t!

Back from the chiropractor and having a drink - don't ask me a goddamn thing

I've only been here TWO MINUTES, and I already want to ban the word TASER.

Okay, I'm done with GD. (yes, this is the 514th time I said that this year.)

Civics is fun

DS1 is a Trojan-Face

Fresh scallops...check. Butter...check.

Important grammar question

I feel dirty...(I haven't bathed yet)

For those of you that I have offended please forgive me. For those that I have not offended,

Latest Breaking News -- John Kerry tasers OJ Simpson

Matcom wears "Magnums"...

Isn't Trojan the dumbest name for a condom company possible?

...In Napoli where love is King...

Wednesday, September 19th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


ha ha

I just got off of the phone with California Peggy...

Anyone have a lifesaver or parachute for the Red Sox?

Note to MSN: Please stop using bad puns on the news.

My son wants to post a message about space

I got a job!

Certain manufacturers should not tout a product as "tingling,"

Does anybody know what heating oil is running per gallon right now?

Preparing to build an ark in NE Florida... Any one wanting to participate, we start

For the creationists...

1.5 games....

Good night, D.U...I had no idea how hard Amaretto sours could hit a person

So I know KitchenWitch is having spaghetti for dinner... what about the rest of you?


what is your rent/mortgage payment?

OK. This is the coolest "sport" EVER.

Help with wireless setup needed

Carrot Top

Anyone watch Last comic standing?

As long as Katie's happy, that's all that matters

I have created a monster

pythagoreans vs. zoroastrians - who do you think is right?

A keyboard for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

WOW I just discovered something amazing about the TV show The Office!

Oh my Oscar De La Hoya like you have never seen him before

Anyone Here See the Original Cast of Rent on Broadway?

I have lived in California just a little over a year now, and palm trees still crack me up!

Name a group that you don't mind having been missing in action

I just tasered John Kerry for breastfeeding in public. Also, he hates children!

Who is ignoeing me?

Self edit.

Anyone going to watch Kid Nation?

My earworm tonight is Mindless Self Indulgence doing Tornado.

when was the 'moment' you KNEW that this Democratic Congress didn't give a * . . .

I had to call for an ambulance tonight...

I've solved the mystery that is GD

Argh my daughter's classmate has called 3 times tonight about homework.

Proud To Be A PEV Club

* * * Top Chef * * * Odds for tonight -- Who is going to pack their knives?

Rabrrrrrr is over in the GD raising Hell

LOL - Cool. Ted Rall Only Has 186 MySpace Friends...

My life in picture form...

I dropped a bomb in GD

Get your free therapy here for Gilligan's obscene thread.

I saw a Mitt Romney bumper sticker today

When was the moment that you KNEW you had to take a dump from your asshole before you went crazy?

Venezuelans to be required to wear their underwear on the outside.

Carrot Eater!

Whenever I see "k and r" I think of

Authorarians versus Librarians on DU

Kelsey Grammer's new sitcom "Back To You" fails to bring the funny.

Ed Asner just pwned Colbert!

What films should never, ever be remade?


I smoked a cigarette today

CLUE ahoy! I suspect 'twere: President Kerry, in the auditorium, with the taser-stick!

Create your own Bob Dylan musical message

Slobs of DU, UNITE!

I had a friendly conversation with a Cop in the Coffee Bean today

I now drive one of these

Timeo Danaos et donna ferentes.

Can I get a What What?

Anyone watch the finale of Big Brother last night?


Request for good vibes

the antinomianism on DU is getting way out of hand

They were just playing this song at the bar, where my roommate dragged me to...

Forgive me... I had to do this:

Ok...What the hell is a PEV?

Why do people suck so much?

Hilarious sexual politics at the wedding

Given the power to completely remove one DU fad or ongoing joke from existence

Happy Birthday Sniffa!!!

I just watched CSI:NY completely jump the shark.


Who can't wait for the "Sex and the City" movie?

A modest proposal: A pic thread from camera phones only...

Ladies who have been/are pregnant... when did you first feel symptoms?

songs that mention food - post 'em here - you know why? cos

when was the 'moment' that you KNEW that you had to dump the asshole before you went crazy

Funny - I never caught it before, but in Voyager, B'Elanna wanted to go to Geidi Prime holodeck spa.

Advice Please on 'The Sex Talk' with a twelve year old

Hudgens splits with boyfriend after nude scandal, says "I totally would pose for a sexy magazine"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/19/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/19/07 Bonus

Waiting Waiting!

hatrack just dropped the f-bomb in the E/E forum!!!11!!!!!!!

Did ye talk like a Pie-rat t'day?

Milestone reached in the DTBK household

Carrot Cake!

All Summer long the Red Sox nation has been pretty cocky

Can someone explain to me what's wrong with an actor/musician/other artist being in an ad?

Charges against Marine in Haditha case dropped

Iraq: "Vietnam on steroids" revisited

We have been betrayed; again

Family leave laws need changes, Congress told

Reserve EOD community forming

Suicide hotline working well, VA chief says

Army wants 10,000 MRAPs

8,000 TRADOC jobs may give midcareers a rest

New incentives offered to retain Army captains

Defense health officials told injured troops need more help

Rifle fire strikes U.S. C-130 during airdrop over Mali

Boeing Eager to Win Back Air Force Deal

What is the U.S. Military's Role?

New Military Report Acknowledges Signs of Police State in Baghdad

Fallon urges Gulf allies to unite against Iran

DOD report says EFP attacks are up in Iraq

4,700 sew on sergeant, staff sergeant stripes

Today in labor history September 19 (rally protesting Republican policies - 1981)

UAW Fund Could Be Powerhouse

Marshall company to seek union concessions

Labor supplier pleads guilty to tax evasion in probe of LI building industry

Teachers walk the picket line in Cahokia

First civil service union celebrates 90 years

Labor groups differ on Peru free trade deal

Culinary, bartenders unions to ramp up strike preparations

(Cincinnati) Firefighters claim retaliation

U of M students start hunger strike to support strikers

FairPoint deal divides unions, state businesses

Flint council fast-tracks new contracts for three city unions

DreamWorks CEO "fearful" of Hollywood strike

U.A.W. and G.M. Are Still at Odds

(New Jersey) Bus-firm workers to vote on union

ICSD subs (teachers) vote to form union

Supermarket union pickets outside C-Town

(Bay Area) Security guard union ready to go on strike


American (Airlines) offers to tie pay to performance for union workers

Union Members Mobilized in Support of Nondiscrimination Bill

Workers Move One Step Closer to RESPECT

The Declaration of Independence (video)

What Election?

Iraq Documentary: CPA had 100,000 signatures of former soldiers who were ready to re-enlist

Hearing on White House Iraq Report: Lantos' Opening (9/19)

Obama Ad - Believe ("The Cynics In Washington Roll Their Eyes")

Anthony Arnove on Ending the Occupation of Iraq

George Bush on Global Warming

Barack Obama at Harkin Steak Fry, Iowa 9-16-07 Part 1


MSNBC’s Countdown 9/18/07

Barack Obama at Harkin Steak Fry, Iowa 9-16-07 Part 2

COPS-Missouri Republican Edition

ANSWER march Demonstrators Clash!!

Olbermann: Rachel Maddow is the Voice of Reason (Taser Incident)

Webb Slams McCain's Opposition To His Pro-Troop Amendment

Elizabeth Kucinich - Lebanese/American community in LA

JFK On The Press

OMFG!!! View Co-host doesn't know if the earth is flat or a sphere

Republicans Filibuster Habeas Corpus

Moment of Change: Reason for Running

Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism

Cafferty: Bush Tries to Grant Himself Immunity for War Crimes (from an old broadcast)


The Only Thing Worse Than Raising Interest Rates Is Lowering Interest Rates

David Bowie Donates $10K to Jena 6 Defense

"Introducing This Blog" - Krugman's introductory blog post

While I don't care for taser kids methods at least he got Greg Palast's book in the spot light

Waxman: State Investigator Blocked Corruption Probes to Support Bush

DC representation narrowly lost in the Senate today. 57-42 (needed 60)

Officials Promise Surveillance Privacy Safeguards Unchanged = McConnell and Wainstein

Report: Minnesota USA Under Investigation by Office of Special Counsel

Diplomatic convoys curtailed in Iraq = Blackwater USA

I Am Tired Of The Division Bell Being Rung

Democrats May Tie Attorney General Confirmation to Gonzales Papers

NY Times Select is FREE!

Department of Election Frauds = the Gonzales Justice Department

NY Times Editorial - The New Hampshire Phone Scam

GOP Supporters Are Hard to Find on Sen. Larry Craig's List = Back in DC again!

NYT Opinion page is now free to the public again.

Official "Welcome to DU" thread....

I am waiting for half of you bastages to go to bed.

The Big Central Banks are facing write-downs of 20% or more

Do not read this !

AP, networks mum on Romney-Blackwater connection

LOL - Cool. Ted Rall Only Has 186 MySpace Friends...

More Details Emerge From Torture Case

Pay Attention To Me Dang IT!!

Former Khmer Rouge Leader Detained

Alexis Debat (ABC Liar). . and the Defense Department. . . .

McClatchy: U.S. ramps up pressure on Iran

Bush and Petreaus need to tell us why

Public's views on Iraq war barely budge

Pentagon, State Department Debunk Bush Fabrications on Iran

Veteran to Head CIA Clandestine Service

Huh. "More than two million evacuated in China ahead of typhoon (hurricane)."

Rachel Sklar: Romney Makes Jokes at 21-Year-Old Tasering Victim's Expense

Jackson criticizes Obama

Kucinich is being interviewed on Joe Scarborough right now

The Iran Attack and Aftermath:“Whoopie! We’re All Gonna Die!”

FYI: Wash. Journal: Nadler and Lundgren coming up to chat about FISA. nt

WJ this morning: Reactions to Cheney's Op Ed: Greenspan is

Anybody else having problem logging onto yahoo mail? n/t

When David Brooks endorses Hillary's health care plan, you KNOW it sucks

Bolton: US would support preemptive Israeli strike on Iran

Regulation IS a natural product of free market. Toy Recall.

== Eat this, you fat, sad idiot = By Mark Morford

Let me just say this about the taser incident...

Jerry Nadler on Washington Journal now n/t

Keep those difference of opinions coming DU........

New effort to admit Iraqi refugees

I hate kids and taser them at Circuit City while wearing a miniskirt

It had to happen- "Taser Boy" shirts

Taser incident - go back look at tape; tased BEFORE cuffed...

Enough with the taser threads. The senate is debating a very important amendment

Just in time for General Discussion - your very own Taser Smilie

Iraq Is So Safe-Yeah Right-All Land Travel By US Diplomats & Civilians SUSPENDED Throughout Iraq

Okay, I'm tired of hitting "Recommend" every time...

If Bush attacks Iran, we might just have a revolution on our hands.

AP Poll: Petraeus Report Does Nothing to Shake Antiwar Mood of Public

Katrina vanden Heuvel: How would 'Rumsfeld Fellow' look on your resumé?

Sens. unaware that Craig would show up yesterday and vote. cspan1 now

Confrontation Over War Begins Anew

If anyone is interested, Andrew Meyer's lawyer on The Today Show now. I originally

Suing God?

Gen. Gard set to confront Rep. Brian Baird on Iraq

Jim Webb on w/ Steph Miller now

Bush Administration Flooding Iraqi Black Market With Billions Of Dollars In Weapons

War means a windfall for CEOs

How much of our personal information are we willing to give up for a few dollars of savings?

PD's Kevin "Bucky" O'Brien: "Health care is a commodity, NOT a human right".

Report: Minnesota USA Under Investigation: Rachel Paulose

Small NC Mountain County: Old timey Dems. face Rep. developers killing the town for profit.

Note to economic woo woos: The Fed does not print money, the US Treasury does.

Something I think a lot of people missed about the UF taser incident.

Kucinich could ride single payer Universal health right into the White House

The real issue we must face is will we stand up for the right to 'dissent'? If not, why not?

LEAD poisoned toys coming FROM America?

"Miller Time" for SS Guards, a photographic retrospective

America c'est bizarre: Larry Craig stall in MSP bathroom a tourist attraction....

Don't forget to call re habeas corpus.

A question for Legal Beagles (Habeas Corpus)

Jeb Bush now paid Insurance Industry hack?

Blackwater Private Security Explained

Being right is an act of treason

So the State Dept. IG, Krongard, had NO previous State Dept. experience?!

Democrats drop push for immediate withdrawal in apparent effort to blame Republicans

OJ Simpson just tazered a breastfeeding mother and her screaming children for not showing reciepts!

diane rehm show - iraq/iran - wes clark, peter rodman

The absolute BEST Democratic Party Campaign Shirt:

The repetitive, populist, polarising threads are essential

Green Beret Hearing Focuses on How Charges Came About

America is no more - an article from DU

CHENEY TRASHES GREENSPAN & Of Course-Blames Clinton: "The Real Bush Record" By Dick Cheney (WSJ)

The Nation: Iran Blowback?

"Avast me hearties". Thar she blows...... Aarrrrr Aarrrrrr" Happy TLAP Day everyone


The Constitution vs the Declaration of Independence..

Sen Harry Reid on Stephanie now......

"An arrogant wife beater who graduated to murder before devolving into a petty crook"

Pilferin' Petey here

Fox News: Only 1 hour until the OJ arraignment!

Barney Frank on House Floor now-cspan Terrorism and the market

Turkey Keeps Military Options Open on Kurdish Separatists Across Iraq Border

TOON: Bush seeks solace from the one man who understands

Acting AG (Peter Keisler) Was Last Minute White House Pick

Congressional Dems Ready As Always To Do What They Are Told-Deal In Works To Protect Telcom Co.s

Webb Slams McCain’s Opposition To His Pro-Troop Amendment: He ‘Needs To Read The Constitution’

Man Says Wild Sex Caused SUV Accident

Greenspan would rather be known as an idiot then as the man who created

'Clinton is advocating the Marie Antoinette approach to health care'

The Jena 6 - Day of Action - September 20, 2007

Oh my! Yet another Republican Sex Scandal...

One thing we can all agree on, so we can move on:

Well-Connected R Lawyer says CHERTOFF OKAYED Chiquita Payments to Terrorists

Come and get your "Don't TASE me, Bro" T-Shirts.

The only way we can make a difference

Webb: Bush should think twice before Iraq bill veto

In a tit-4-tat the Pope refuses to see Condi...

Hillary Learned the Wrong Lesson from 1994 Health Care Fiasco

Clues to terrorism in passengers’ faces?

Md. Ban On Gay Marriage Is Upheld

A Positive Force For Change.

This is why people who spout: "There's no difference between the Parties"

REPUBLICAN SENATORS vote against restoring Habeas Corpus.

I offer these as facts about our Democratic party

Did anyone hear elizabeth on the "View" dissing the ACLU?

Question answered... thanks.

I'm glad there's only three stories out there.

Webb Slams McCain’s Opposition To His Pro-Troop Amendment: He ‘Needs To Read The Constitution’

How to Avoid the Libertarian Nightmare without Authoritarianism

I hold THESE truths to be self-evident :

Going to the movies Friday?

Right Wing Bitterness and Vitriol - THIS is the "Compassionate Conservative" 'christian' Right

Was the Kerry Tasering incident a Manufactured Outrage, in your opinion?

What's with Cenk Uygur suing Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher?

U.S. Begins "Religious Enlightenment" Programs For Iraqi Detainees To "Bend Them Back To Our Will"

Watching the debate on the Senate floor about the Webb amendment, I have come to the conclusion

BREAKING: Warner, McCain To Propose Toothless, Watered-Down Version Of Webb Amendment

Student Witness: "John kerry did try to interfere with the police"

Thank you Senator Leahy for leading the fight to restore Habeas


Some day the Republicans will once again be in the majority.

Heads UP! C-SPAN 2...Senate is debating Habeas Corpus!

Not a single word about anything happening in the Senate on either

MoveOn Ad Flap Likely to Be Replicated — On Both Sides — Through 2008

Webb amendment just starting on cspan2 (McCain will counter)

Bush’s Agriculture Secretary quitting to run for Senate

Who watches US security firms in Iraq?

Suggestion for student project re: Darfur.

What do you consider of greater importance, Stopping the Iraqi Occupation or

Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared

Ever recieve a political FWD: email that isn't right-wing?

Warner just lied; he claimed he and Levin saw 'measurable success'

'the Clinton plan is about as socialistic as a Ronald Reagan corporate tax cut'

Any News from the Jena Protests Yet?

US Caused More Deaths in Iraq Than Saddam, Says Anti-War Tribunal

Someone call Lindsey Graham a Waaaaaaambulance. Whining about ads being run on republicans


University of Florida student Tasered = 1989 Tienanmen Square student

MSNBC: Housing construction falls to 12-year low, Data indicate real estate slump is worsening

It's all definite timelines," ---the Dems are going to fight it folks!

Assualt On A 'Gold Star Father' - Sept 15th, Washington DC

Official thread # 2 Webb amendment- Senate Debate -cspan2

“Are you taping this? Do you have this? You ready?,”

I just saw Moveon's new ad re Bush-I'm sending a donation.

I'm going to get tasered...

RON FOURNIER Strikes AGAIN: Latest AP Hit Piece on John Edwards: Is Edwards real or a phony?

This is the OFFICIAL bash Kerry and join Swiftboat thread

I'M SHOCKED....Joe "Mr. Burns" Lieberman voted against cloture on the Webb amendment....

Is all that Dry Powder really Kool-aid?

Is anybody else as shocked as I am about O.J. ?

Kucinich: Privatization of Iraqi Oil—Spoils of War to Bush Ally?

Pope 'refused meeting with Rice'-BBC 9/19/07

State Department official: "We get almost weekly reports of such (security contractor) shootings"

digby: Torturing The Troops And Their Families

29 percent

Sweet Jeebers, we're running Iraqi reeducation camps..

Taser? Or murder?

Don't cha hate it when...

New "View" Co-host NOT SURE if the world is flat.

USA Draws Up Plans to Bomb Iran!!

can anyone point me towards a site that lists company profits and taxes paid?

BIDEN Issues Statement After Senate Fails to Restore Habeas Corpus Rights of Detainees

Bloodied 70-year old woman handcuffed for having brown lawn....

U.S. Senate to America: Sorry, folks, the Constitution doesn't really mean what it says.

Is the MNF supposed to be a counter to the United Nations?

Should Cops be able to stop public disturbances?

Rantings of a nutjob, asshole, etc etc etc

Josh Marshall: Warlord-in-Chief

Please, feel free voice your opinion about the Dixie Chicks and the CMA awards.

RE: this UF taser thing. The outrage should not be about who's event it was...

Epidemic of thugs, on Randi show now.

Everyone posting a new taser thread goes on my ignore list, period. move.on DU

Did I just hear Lieberman say we will win in Iraq with

Blackwater "should" go for USA' interests, but ban is NOT permanent

Why Drudge is a Disgrace

Official thread # 3-Webb amendment- Senate Debate -cspan2

Purple. Monkey.Dishwasher.

Karl Marx was right! History does repeat itself: the first time as tragedy...

Tell the Senate: Support Our Troops and End the War by Voting YES on the Webb-Hagel Amendment

Anyone listening to Lieberman in the Senate now spouting off Republic talking points?

O.J. Simpson provides more fodder for comedy for Jon Stewart

Teacher Sues for Right to Carry Gun to School: Cites Domestic Violence Protection

BARRICK GOLD is offering a $10m reward for silver extraction method.

Outsourced phone support and NSA illegal wiretapping.

Guantanamo Detainees Witnessed Atrocities...

Hidden thread.

Two things I'd like to say.

As a parent whose anti-war child protests on his college campus

Have you seen the youtube video "Kerry UF Taser Protest"?

LOL C&L's New York Times Select tombstone

Anyone know when the vote on the Webb amendment will occur?

LIVE coverage of OJ driving away from jail, although

New Congress Turns Bush's *Lawlessness into Lawfullness* with their Actions--Glen Greenwald

If a candidate does not have money, they are not serious

Americablog: US Defense Secretary doesn't know if invading Iraq was a good idea

Joint Commission to Examine the Blackwater Shooting - Will not be Investigating Incident

In Praise of Street Theatre, colorful costumes and humor as War Protest

Hypothetical question: If Meyer was questioning Bush should he been tasered?

I wish Lindsay Lohan would do something

dan rather files $70 million lawsuit against cbs

Jackson sharply criticized...Barack Obama for “acting like he’s white”

So, let me see if I have this straight....

Top Democrat Renews Call for White House Documents


Lord, I get tired of hearing Republic senators make excuses for supporting * and this war

Dammit! No, Ann Flaherty, AP 'reporter', the Senate didn't refuse, the repukes did!

Iraqi blackwater victims "No one did anything' to provoke Blackwater"

Hands up, who here's actually been hit with a taser?

Amendment to Limit Troop Deployments Faces Long Odds

How many threads do you put on Ignore


Official thread # 4-Webb amendment- Senate Debate -cspan2

Breaking CNN:: Bill Richardson does a dance ---Says

Listening to Medea Benjamin on Randi Rhodes

I just got the paperwork in the mail today to serve on the local Draft Board

NPR: Maliki Calls Blackwater's Actions a Crime

So The Cops Never Actually Tased That Asshole? He Was Acting The Entire Time

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Senate Ethics Committee Intensifies Probe of Domenici

Once in a while I make the mistake of making a very specific prediction

LOL OJ's accuser arrested for parole violation

WHY is O.J. out on bail?!?!

Did CIA kidnap vacationer? It's a state secret.

"It was never the goal of the United States to fix the system 100%,"

OPUS - An oldie, but DAYUM is it a goodie!!!

Mandatory insurance can actually be WORSE than no insurance

Josh Marshall on "Religious Training" by Military ..."House of Wisdom"...shameful!

Blackwater Story, The State Dept Investigation & Illegal Weapons In Iraq (WAPO)

Ex-Khmer Rouge...charged with crimes against humanity (Kerry-Brokered Cambodia Tribunal)

" Waxman investigates whistleblower complaints against State IG"

UF Student Tasering: What Voltaire, Niemöller , And Obnoxious Kids Share With Our Founding Fathers

Right-wing strategy to salvage political office in '08

Blackwater Well-Positioned to Stymie Official Inquiries, Regulation

Caption this trinity of terrible.

What if it was George Bush on that stage in Florida?

How Can A Judge Ban A Person From A CITY For Protesting The War??

War by the numbers - for contractors

If you were really a good cop,

Iraqis Round on Blackwater 'Dogs' After Shooting

Why Iraqi Farmers Might Prefer Death to Paul Bremer's Order 81

How is Andrew Meyer-worship any different than Bush-worship at a staged Town Hall event?

Reid urges cooperation on FISA improvements

O.J. and J. Edgar.... priceless!

If I were a young Iraqi boy living in Baghdad...

Reid Stands Up To Blurring Strategy

Check out the I love Famous People/OJ 07 guy...

Tonight's Great Shuster Story! "O.J." and his Past! Even Mighty David is pulled off the Real Story

"Dreams" (poem)

When the Devil shows up to drag most of the Republicans in government down to purgatory or hell*...

Senate Republicans stop troop dwell time bill

VA City Dem Cmte Passes Bush-Cheney Impeachment Resolution Using Jefferson's Manual

Quick question... 'Who suggested we "need" another terrorist attack?'

Bush calls for expansion of spy law, wants it made permanent

"There's been a lot of favorable talk about Larry in the cloakroom," Specter said.

Study Says Veterans' Data Are at Risk (supporting the troops again)

The brazenness of these College Republicans is stunning...

How angry are you at people who disagree with you on the Kerry taser incident?

So, has Pelosi or another Dem revisited the expanded surveillance law they passed before the break?

"Maliki insists U.S. replace Blackwater" I thought Condi had "a talk" with Maliki?

Why Bush won't attack Iran

The name of this board implies resistance movement.

George Bush Sr. joins McCain's "No Surrender" tour

5:20 ET is vote time!! Official thread # 5-Webb amend.- Senate Debate -cspan2

The Children's Book That Has Global Warming Deniers Up in Arms

If the Republicans are against RESTORING HABEAS CORPUS then perhaps when charged with a crime...

Archduke Ahmadinejad??????????


Murdoch Still Toying With Making Content Free

Dept. of Misdirection: With Iraq a Disaster, GOP Goes Crazy Over a Newspaper Ad

Why do we expect so little?

Geeze! The Senate is going to vote on an amendment to slam Moveon for their Betrayus ad?

I need to verify a story. One of my veteran friends said that the VA

USDCAD=X watch - Canadian Dollar worth a mere cent more than US dollar

Pictures from the Harkin Steak Fry last Sunday

So, what are Kerry up to these days?

"The public mood is not just dark. What's darker than dark?"

Word is that KLSD here in San Diego WILL flip from its progressive format!

Can you tell me if the house is filibustering or what?

Sen. Clinton's webcast on her health care plan

Interesting quote from former NO DA Jim Garrison 40 years ago

Remember the outrage?

So is Reid going to start making the Senate pull all nighters on the Repub filibusters on some of

Girl takes grenade to school, kids flee

I cross posted these pictures in the Photography group...

13 congressmen to fight subpoenas (Cunningham bribery case)

"The Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley is a racist, homophobic, misogynist song!

Police, targeting deviance.

TPM: Oil Buddies (Bush cronie signs oil deal with Kurdistan)

Senator Kerry, I would like to ask you a question

Iraqi Judge says Blackwater CAN be tried in Iraq for it's crimes

The GOP — Grand Obstructionist Party

Webb Amendment Fillibustered by Repugs ...What about the Nuclear Option

How Senate Voted on Detainee Rights

All taser all the time. The liberal media wants the nation to know that Dems squelch free speech.

Declaration of Inspiration: Patriotic and militant prose and poetry

After conservatives do away with Webb's amendment

'Democrats Fall Short in Vote on Home Leave for Troops'

They WANT to break the Army so they can replace it with their Mercs!

I know there are other people here that trade stocks/futures??.

New York Braces for Ahmadinejad

WEBB AND DEMS GET 56 VOTES for Home Leave!!! McCain

'Sense of Senate" Right NOW cspan2 Senate Fl--about the Betraeus AD whow


Senate Unanimously Approves Clinton Amendment to Help Prevent Nuclear Terrorism

Thanks Mitch Landrieu

Just a reminder (for lurking freeps): Republicans *hate* the troops

Those who hate dogs are *not* liberal or progressive..

Feinstein plans RE: Legislation to Ensure that Retailers Are Compliant with Combat Meth Act

Who do you agree with on the U of F Taser incident?

If the American people really wanted to end the Iraq occcupation...

Statement of Russ Feingold On Republicans Blocking the Restoration of Habeas Corpus

Why did the majority of UF students ...

Please, no more threads on tasers

They trusted him because of his Christian credentials

Militarization of Police gone too far?

I got a sudden flashback to 2004

Taser making shotgun shell. 100' range, no wires. Just in time for the '08 elections!

Six Senate Republicans

Pentagon, State Department Debunk Bush Fabrications on Iran

Happy 60th birthday US National Security community

Ohio hospital offers unused drugs to poor patients

Are the Dems going to mount a PR campaign pointing out the many Roadblock Republican Filibusters?

Just 3 or 4 more Democratic Senators and their votes, would have

Cafferty File 1 Hour Show At 8pm EST

Lincoln, Pryor, and Snyder Announce $450,000 Grant to Fight Meth in Little Rock

Better Headline CNN: Democratic attempt to increase leave for Iraq troops fails

Congressional Republicans to the troops: Shut the fuck up and get back in the field!

Congressional Dems reveal new plan for '08

Question Authority.

Biden and habeas corpus: The Administration's False Choice = TPM

It's Time. Looking For Others To Subsidize My Diaspora

American filmmakers hope to bring impact of Iraq war home

What ever happened to "The Nuclear Option"

Chris Floyd: Bombs, Babes and Baksheesh: Civilization in Action

Avoid the movie "Shoot 'Em Up"- It's very anti-Democratic

Statement of Sen Clinton on Potential Visit of Iranian Pres Mahmoud Ahmadine to Ground Zero

Would it be OK to send OJ down the river on trumped up charges based on (suspected) past guilt?

62 years ago - or more - our forefathers fought a great fight -

Does the party-line split on habeas corpus show a significant difference between the two parties?

If you must wear clothes, you can do so in the privacy of your own home!!!

Leahy giving ground on DOJ selection (Surprise, surprise, surprise)

So, when polls say Americans have a low approval of it the Dems they're pissed at?

I have to admit, when it comes to certain Christians I am a bigot

Has anyone here ever been "tased"?

The Rude Pudit gets it. The UF Tasering and the Right to Be an Asshole

Why won't the Republicans support our troops?

If they can disrupt the port to the south - they can effectively take

Why don't you think the Dems never respond back...

It is being reported that there was an attack on the lines near the

I just googled

Andrew Meyers Is a Blow Hard.

Wow, I can't believe how GOOD this new Laura Ingraham book "Power To The People" is...

Since the Republicans use the filibuster so freely, how did minimum wage increase pass?

well, Bush et al/Rupugs in Congress won 2 major rounds today!! I do not

Standing on One Principle, Voting on Another (John Warner, R-Betrayus)

Who would you choose to be Edward's VP.....?

If you are a United Methodist, or know one, please help protect SMU from Bush's Library

The 6:30 network news led with OJ tonight. I watched the end of

Can someone knowledgeable about Filibuster/Cloture blahblah answer a question?

September American death rates in Al Anbar Province are 13 times higher than the rest of Iraq

I'm sick of OJ!!!!

The Plight of Afghan Women

Was it Wes Clark doing debating this young punk on Hardball?

Murray Announces Senate Passage of Breakthrough Mental Health Parity Legislation

Contact the New York Times about their deliberately misleading headline:

Interesting and entertaining vid on Gravel releasing the Pentagon Papers...

From The Mind Of Malkin... (On Sally Field)

Whatever happened to that resolution that Cornyn was trying to pass about the

Joementum and habeas corpus (voted "yeah bedore the elections)

I do NOT care about labels - dem or repug - what does that

Caffert y & Crowley talk about 3rd Parties yet don't mention...

David Bowie donates $10,000 to Jena 6

NY Times: Madison Square Garden Ring Out For Count After 82 Years

RNC Chair/ Senator Mel Martinez: Passing Troop-Rest Bill Would "Demean The Troops"

PAC Gives $300K to AL Gov. Riley, After Getting $50 Million State Contract

Would the "librul" press be making a big deal of the tasering if it happened at a * speech?

Wow! The Nation is hosting a video I did for some Kentucky friends

Heartbreaking scene from Iraq

The surge is WORKING -- and you'll never guess what the wacky right is using as "PROOF"!

I will never post another word about OJ, but I just saw this while looking

Benny tells Rice to Pack Sand

Rudy: " I'm one of the 4 or 5 best known Americans!"

Once I said things - after he folded, about Kerry I regret -

Filyaw kidnaps 14-yr old girl, keeps her in a bunker

er... "Man arrested for drug possession is rehab director"...

We all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future.

Bill Clinton on Tomorrow's Daily Show

Wes Clark on Daily Show Tonight


State Dept. ‘Discounts’ Iraqi Report, Clings To Blackwater Line Of ‘Defensive Fire’

Jim Webb's 'sufficient rotation time' bill only got 56 votes. Therefore it failed.

Bush: "That's right, I did write him a note. I forgot. Did I call him or write him a note?"

I cannot recall a repubican slate of candidates as repulsive as this one

Another wake up call for America!!!!!!!

Pope Refused to Meet with Condi Last Month Vatican says…(BBC)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

About that stock surge--

What Paul Krugman hates about political coverage.

Self delete.

Head banger! The Public Ain't Buying -- but Petraeus-Bush work magic, buy time INSIDE THE BELTWAY

"Ag Secretary Expected to Run for Senate" Mike Johanns running for Hagel's seat...

I'm watching Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" on Turner Classic Movies

Lieberman Testifies for more Rational, Inclusive Presidential Primary System....

Clarence Page; Bush's painful flip-flops on Vietnam, Iraq

Why are people not in the streets?

Kerry Statement on Today's Republican Filibuster of Habeas Corpus Rights for Detainees

Paul Bremer's order granting Blackwater immunity

Is liberal a dirty word?

Raise hell for Molly

Is it ok to send a person to prison based on trumped up evidence

The O J Simpson Arraignment

"Taser Kid" told them: 'You didn't do anything wrong' -

Circuit City and Olive Garden?

Lieberman does it again

I used to think I knew right from wrong - I thought so -

Yeah. The Taser Shit is getting really tired.

Will the French rise up against Sarkozy?

Wednesday TOONS : The Taser (you know the one)

How health care works in Canada

Let's TASER all the Irritating people!

You're an American? You've got healthcare.

Bill O'Rielly ...I HATE to say this but at least he didn't open with OJ OJ OJ tonight..

DOD, VA medical programs too complex for those with brain-damage , panel says

Australian PM Howard’s Party Bans Members From Gore’s Global Warming Speeches

Arrrrrrrrrrh! It's International Talk like a Pirate Day (and unofficially, Post Like a Pirate Day)!

Letsa Ride Redding Hood

Andrew Meyer is a true hero in the vein of Jesus Christ.

Woman Refuses To Return Sex Ed Book To Library...

John Edwards Statement on the Jena Six

Those who hate children are *not* liberal or progressive..

Sales tax in Chicago could rise to 11%

Rep Michele Bachmann (R-of course) having an orgasm right now on CSPAN

Anyone going to Syracuse, NY on 9/29?

Blackwater's 'Drug War' Bonanza

Iran's leader can't visit ground zero

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Contractor Expert: State Dep't Also Culpable in Blackwater Incident

Call me cynical (college students)

University of Florida Cops Poll (Barney Fife or something more ominous?)

Here's why I think Wilkes' team is subpoenaing congress critters. To force removal of the coverup!

In Bush's America: Torture is alive and well and habeas corpus is still dead!

is is ok to free a guilty person because they destroyed the evidence ..

HOLY Crap !!! -

When was the last time you got to vote for a Prez candidate that you LOVED?

I wonder - who would you vote for - Hagel as an R or Lieberman

GOP FILIBUSTERS.... (Roadblock Republicans in action)

My 3rd Civil Liberties Post Today; Govt Secrecy is Anathema to Open Democracy....

Biden Issues Statement After Senate Fails to Restore Habeas Corpus Rights of Detainees

Bigoted moran alert: Rep. Peter King: There are "too many mosques in this country”

Rep. Jerry Weller (R-IL) to retire?

We're as bad as the perpetually distracted corporate media

If Jena was a shock just read this!

Progress! SENATE REPUBLICANS block Iraq bill

Bush admin doesn't want to capture Bin Laden

REPUBLICANS BLOCK Restoration of Habeas Corpus!

How important are early primates to the 08 campaign?

Moderated sites like DU violate my right to free speech..

Florida and Gulf Coast DUers

"Citizen Gore"

I still like Richardson, he has a very strong platform.

I need your help. I NEED good protest pictures and Counter protest pictures for a project

Pictures of the assault on Gold Star Father Carlos Arredondo

Freepers Invited To The White House

The most restrictive class rules, evar!

How Enthusiastic of a Democrat Are You?

Southwest Airlines announces new boarding procedure, the "children are safe"

My advice to DU: self-doubt and constantly playing devil's advocate is good

Thoughts on Tasering from an X cop

God Bless You ALL

Dem. Rep. Jerrold denier Nadler is scared

Taser Free!! 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress - 16 Repubs, 4 Dems. From CREW

Dan Rather sues CBS, Viacom for $70M

Show your support for Jena 6 and wear all black on 9/20/07!

A sign of the Bush times - abandoned pets

Where the "fuck the police" mentality on DU comes from..

Dan Rather suing bosses and network over Bush story

"Health Insurance"

How was the special Cafferty File show on CNN? Didn't Invent BetrayUs- The Troops Did!

You and I and our best friend are on patrol in Iraq

International Day of Peace = ONE BILLION people worldwide will join in a moment of silence

Naomi Wolf is on Colbert Report! "America Is headed toward a fascist state."

Is Andrew Meyer a true political agitator in the tradition of

O'Reilly just said,

Are there sharp differences between Southern Baptists and Evangelicals?

"Vote the Bastards Out" Opposed restoring habeas corpus - All Republicans!!! - "Dirty F'ing Hippie

IOWA! What the hell is your problem?

JFK... On Liberalism...

Is Blackwater even Constitutional?

This may be the best way to stop the war mongering bastards!

Dean in CA today fighting the electoral tricks going on. Video clips.

I love it! Dan Rather sues CBS for $70 million dollars!

Lets Talk Chavez and Venezuela

Chris Dodd Speaks of Justice for War Criminals

Marriage simplified: Straights can, Gays can't...

Kerry Warns NFL to Help Retired Players or Face Congressional Action

Rather Charges CBS Wanted to ‘Curry Favor’ with WH: Lawsuit proceeds would promote independent press

How did we get to this point in this country?

I just watched an excellent CBC (Canadian) News piece about the US foreclosure mess....

Alaska governor: Sen. Stevens’s son should quit RNC = bribery & corruption

Why Did Senator John Kerry Stand Idly By?

New mom denied breast-feeding time during doctor test

New Forum Suggestion: "Living Green"

The First Amendment...does anybody else see the word PEACEABLY?

Kucinich: AARP Health Care Forum Has a $4 Billion Conflict of Interest

"Iraq, the media, and Shannon's Dad" by tasered "attention whore" Andrew Meyer

Mitt today at the Villages, FL, calling for Lee Greenwood backup.

Source needed -- deaths of the crew that loaded the nukes "by mistake"

Pandemic Flu - pardon my skepticism

My 13 Yr. Old Son Nails It....

Medea Benjamin: Hillary Clinton "goons" removed me for wearing shirt saying "Troops Home Now."

New Acting AG Peter Keisler = Do we need HEARINGS on his USA firings role?

Can we drop the hysterical hyperbole on cops for god sake?

Commission wants lifetime treatment for Veterans with PTSD!

I just heard horrible news

Wesley Clark and Jon Stewart were talking about 'rules of engagement' that

Southwest Airlines will no longer board passengers with children ahead of other passengers

Do you fear the future?

Saudis Signal They're Ready To Dump Their Dollars

War will make you free

My Brother Is At U Of F And Spoke With Andrew Meyer A Couple Of Weeks Ago

sitting around, watching the Cubs, I just realized:

I May Have Gone Insane

Bush & Repubs Used "Bogus" Terror Threat To Expand FISA





Sen. Clinton says she "can envision a day when you have to show proof of insurance to work"

Malta Blue is right - check this out from CBS

New Biden thread

Be sure to "recommend" any new threads on Biden

Never mind -- it was the same CBS piece mentioned previously. nt

I received a notice from the Board of Elections here in Johnston County, NC

New thread - Biden statement on Habeas Corpus - he rocks.

Who Is Winning Rural Hearts, Minds and Dollars??

An important thought from DKos on healthcare proposals...

Campaigns Supersede the Press and Feed Favorite Blogs.

A Proposal for Congressional Representation for DC

Fog of war: Using corporate mercenaries as a steam valve to hide war crimes

Obama in D.C. "That is Not Who We Are"

Fred "Hound Dog" Thompson is one dumb phuck

Kucinich coming up on Morning Joe (MSNBC)

Floridas' voter purge scheme challenged

Pollsters Murphy, Mellman: Candidates and Media Beware: You Can't Measure What Hasn't Happened

Drift into war with Iran out of control, says UN

Democrats in congress now viewed almost as negatively as Republicans in congress (Harris Poll)

Email your Senators NOW to Support Webb/Hagel bill: Stop Burning Out The Troops

Music Scholar Barred From U.S., but No One Will Tell Her Why

The scruffy charms of an insecure president


Cafferty Commentary, "Washington is a sucker bet": Little difference between the two parties anymore

TPMCafe: Barack Obama's New Iowa Ad

In New TV Ad, Obama Asks Iowans to Believe

O.J. and Taser free thread. HELP RESTORE HABEAS CORPUS

Watch This Special Moment

Iranian: Retaliation if Israel Attacks

Stop the presses! Cheney disagrees with Greenspan! Stops just short of saying "G.F.Y."...

Kucinich on MSNBC discussing his health care plan vs Hillary's.

The Iraq War supporters today would they have supported Custer too?

Extreme Criticism For Andrew Meyer And Those Who Hold Him Up As A Hero

John Edwards wins SEIU Member Straw Poll

Wes Clark on The Daily Show tonight.

Emailgate in Manchester!

Citizens for Tax Justice?

John Edwards beats Romney in Alabama

Hitjob Alert: AP is asking if Edwards is real or phoney?

Continuation -- Health Care Plans Compare, Contrast and Choose

Webb/Hagel debate NOW in Senate on C-Span2. McCain is speaking against it.

Dupe please remove

ABC's The Note: Barack Obama planning massive NY rally next week

National Primary Polls Offer Some Insights (however - Can't Predict Early Primary States)

Hillary-Bashing Tryouts: GOP candidates try to show they have "man-stuff" to take her down

BIDEN Issues Statement After Senate Fails to Restore Habeas Corpus Rights of Detainees

Parsing the Polls: Clinton and the Electability Factor

Jesse Jackson "did not recall" criticizing Obama for "acting like he’s white"

Support Kucinich: Protest at Davenport Debate 9/20!

"Multipayer Universal Healthcare: Why It Works"

Obama's health plan includes reducing mercury pollution,

" Meyer did ask, at one point, if the cameras were going to be at the jail."

Extreme Praise for Andrew Meyer ( and the irony of a 2nd time Kerry Does Nothing for Americans)

Lovely: Bush down to 29%, Congress at a frigid 11% approval

Russ Feingold: Contact Your Senators and Tell Them to Support Feingold-Reid to End the War!

The Rude Pundit: The UF Tazing and the Right to Be an Asshole

GOP Moderates Weigh Loyalty to Bush: "something about something hitting the fan"

Hillary Clinton's "Disastrous" Pander on an Undivided Israel

Chairman of the CA Black Caucus endorses Hillary

Honest question regarding the Taser incident

Conservatives use the bogeyman of big government and yet

Compare the health care plans -- Edwards, Obama, Hillary

Why would CREW list John Murtha as one of the most corrupt members of Congress?

TPM: Warner introducing nonbinding version of Webb's amendment. Didn't tell Webb first.

Why didn't Ted Kennedy run for president ?

TPMCafe: Jesse Jackson Clarifies "Acting White" Remark About Obama

I made the runoff!

Tim Russert will moderate a Democratic debate Wednesday, September 26 at Dartmouth College

What's wrong with nationalized health care?

Rice tells nuke watchdog to butt out of Iran diplomacy

Can the US charge the company that lost 5 million WH records

Senate Panel Considers Proposal for Regional Presidential Primaries

Guiliani, Romney, Thompson on appearances with Smiley on PBS. A NO-GO

The 22 Most Corrupt Members of Congress, Compiled by CREW

A few questions...

Send ALL the troops to Iraq....starting with...

Hillary's Silly Catch-22 Health Plan Would Make Joseph Heller Proud..

Hillary Clinton on Jena Six - Sept 12

Oh Really Rudy, who made you a spokesman for anything?

Well known hate group ( invited to meet President Bush at White House.

I know sex threads are prohibited on DU, but-

Will Edwards embrace the Jena, LA race issue in an attempt to gain ground among SC black voters?

Seriously, Congress Dems, what are you afraid of? approval dropping from 13 to 12%????

U.S. Government's Plan to Protect You From Terrorist Livestock

Miguel D. Lausell joins Clinton/ Previously, National Finance Board - Gore 2000 Committee

RWDSU President Praises Hillary Clinton's Health Plan

Turn on C=-Span 2 right now!

Parsing the Polls: Clinton and the Electabilty Factor

Update on GOP measure to split CA electoral votes

Edwards fundraiser under indictment...Trippi ought to look within before criticising

Reuters: NSA "Threat Operations Center" releases photo of a major smirking threat in progress

Billions in Reconstruction Money Missing in Iraq

GOP Senators HATE our TROUPS! Won't give them any rest from the Bullseye on their backs in IRAQ

AARP Presidential Forum 9/20/07: To Go or Not To Go?

Polk Puts Iraq Cost at $6 Trillion

If one were to perversely design a FASCIST national health policy, what would it look like?

Joe Klein: Matt Drudge is a disgrace

Sheila Jackson Lee Was Supposed To Be On With Tweety Tonight, BUT

Obama on Jena Six - Sept 10

How important are the early primaries if a candidate has the money

"Turning the corner" again, "success on the ground" again, and Dems don't have 60 votes again.

Democrats Gearing Up for Delagate Fight

Will Hillary's failure and ineffectiveness as a Senator hurt her campaign?

Hey, Dodd squad, the Bidenites already have their roll call, so now its your turn!

Will John Edwards' failure and ineffectiveness as a Senator hurt his campaign?

Soccer and Security Moms Unite: "That’s what happens when a president has a 30% approval rating..."

I just saw one of my e-mails on the crawl on The Cafferty File special

Ditka never prouder than on Capitol Hill

Does Elizabeth Edwards have health insurance?

Bid ‘borders on irresponsible: Sen. Conrad to Mike Johanns (R-wants to be NE)

So what was Biden doing voting for McCain's bill?!

Amendment II Democrats - "Plan B?"

Rudy Ghouliani, your humongous EGO is showing -- again!

Poll: Many Americans Don't Know Biden

CBC’s event for Clinton prompts grumbles

Ever hear of what Fema really is? Check this out and what that tyant reagan did.....

Help please .... anybody have the vote from Jim Webb's bill?

Richardson: US Troops Add to Iraq Unrest

Big Labor Endorsement Delayed

Dobson Says He Won't Support Thompson ("He has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent 'want to.'")

Election 2008: Thompson's Slow Start

Any candidate who does not provide security for IT and office operations deserves to lose.

Why doesn't the GOP want Ohio's voting machines tested?

President of RWDSU praises Hillary's healthcare plan as good for working people...

Warner's bait 'n switch: Warner/McCain tag team Sen. Webb's troop amendment.

Edwards and Lobbyists hypocrisy:

They are Stupid.

Joe Conason: "Dominant Hillary Scares Enemies"

Hillary: "...the Vice President’s motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges..."

Did Wes Clark sink Hillary tonight?

Experts Praise Obama's Middle Class Tax FairnessPlan


CBO refutes/disproves long standing GOP claim that tax cuts increase income

Democrats fight GOP scheme to steal votes in CA

Why Clinton Embraced Employer-Based Insurance

Paul Krugman: What I Hate About Political Coverage

Playing the 'Traitor' Card

Do you see Obama as white or black?

Analysis: Is Edwards Real or a Phony?

Should the Presidential Candidates Say something about the Jena 6 incident?

Jesse Jackson is an idiot for his comment on Obama acting white

Top Edwards Aid Joe Trippi: ""Too many in office have fallen under the spell of campaign money ..."

Mayor leaves Clinton Camp

Trippi comments on Hillary's Lobbyist Fundraiser

C&L: The Assault On Free Speech - A woman was removed from Clinton rally for wearing a

Elizabeth Edwards Bashes Hillary Clinton's Health Plan

Why did Tweety have a retired 4-star general sharing time with a snot-nosed kid??

Biden closest thing to a professional truth-teller

Giuliani: "I'm probably one of the four or five best known Americans in the world,"

Sen. John Warner; Flip-flopper

Here is political compromise in a nutshell:

Politico: "Biden Returns Cash, Hillary Doesn't"

Blackwater, paid by the US government, in no-bid contracts remains largely beyond public scrutiny

The Best President Money Can Buy

Why vote for any of the leading candidates?

DLC runs an article by Lieberman adviser Gerstein...."the realist wing"

Hillary Clinton vs. Joe Biden

Randi Rhodes continues to show she can't keep up with the news

Woman who shot the Meyer taser video said Kerry tried to stop the police

Any objective analysis of the race says Hillary is kicking ass and taking names

WEBB AMENDMENT- Wes CLARK kicked some "Vet for Freedom" (aka RW Org) ASS on Hardball!

Dennis Kucinich on corporate power

Kucinich's exclusion from the AARP debate and what it shows about his campaign

Falling Down or Falling Apart...John Edwards director NH Campaign Resigns...

The Dixie Chicks need a little help from their friends. Please vote.

The DIRTY LITTLE SECRET about Health Care....

Will someone please make Lieberman leave the party?

Kaplan: Run Al Run (Gore Campaign Song link)

Al Gore to make announcement?