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The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 306

A previously unused energy source

Crocker Blasts Refugee Process

Clinton to offer health care plan

Is a spouse drinking the last beer without buying more grounds for murder?

I don't know about anyone else, But I really want to see Across the Universe..

What did I miss? What did I miss?

I'm not the best looking guy on the planet but...

I bought a tactical flashlight on-line last night. Ask me anything!

Al Gore wins Emmy award

Our "enduring relationship" with Iraq

Fred's followers

Greenspan: Ouster Of Hussein Crucial For Oil Security

I'm having a discussion with a good friend who is Republican and

Tomorrow Sept 17th could be "Black Monday" for the stock market

LOL, Justin Timberlake won an Emmy for his

'Help Wanted' Ad Belies Report on Iraq Security

The Cockiest guy I have ever met in my life - Vincente Fox on Bush

Sally Field: "Good. I don't care".

My latest letter to Pelosi

Words of peace and words of war. Lines blur between parties often now.

The Desert Sun: Can Richardson get any respect?

"Bush setting America up for war with Iran".

Chicago Tribune: Obama's policy team loaded with all stars

Question About Author, Christopher Andersen, Writer of Hillary Book

AP: Clinton to Offer Health Care Plan

Harkin Steak Fry Pics.

Some details of Hillary Clinton's 9/17 Monday health care announcement have leaked

Hillary Clinton and national security

Iraq Death Toll Rivals Rwanda Genocide, Cambodian Killing Fields

A Piece of the Rock

John Nichols: A Constitution to "Chain the Dogs of War"

Muqtada strikes another political blow

Politics At the Emmy’s - Al Gore, Sally Field… and Conan? Did Fox screw with the Emmy’s?

A better way to pick a VP

Shock Proof!


When George Bush Smiles People Die

The New Hampshire Phone Scam - NY Times Editorial

The Unwarranted Influence of America’s Global “Defense” Industry

Perez Hilton: "Censorship Sucks!"

New EU-Vision on Migration?

Attracting Young Voters with Debt Relief

Amy Goodman interviews Naomi Klein.. THE SHOCK DOCTRINE

Red Carpet Meets Harsh War: Are audiences ready for a stream of movies, documentaries about Iraq?

The War Just Got Personal

Larry Johnson:The Iraq Blackwater Test

Indian Outsourcers Moving into Mexico

Robert Fisk: It is the death of history

Blackwater Ban "Inevitable"

The Next War by Wes Clark (WaPo) OpEd

Bush's Fake Sheik Whacked: The Surge and the Al Qaeda Bunny

Debate: Spreading Democracy in the Middle East Is a Bad Idea

How Bush's AG Pick Irritates the Right

Soul Murder

George Lakoff: Whose Betrayal?

Whose Guarding the Green Zone? Contractors defending the Military

Paul Craig Roberts: Conservatism Isn't What It Used to Be

Deadly missiles: not as sexy as Britney

Be careful, and talk to your friends in the military By Carol Wolman

Salon: When Will Dems Stop Pandering To White Males?

Fascinating letter by a MikePeters, to the Will Hutton blog in the Guardian:

O'Reilly On His Way Out?

Former Fed Boss Says Euro Could Replace U.S. Dollar as


The troof is out there

Chris Hedges blasts Bill Clinton's new book “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World"

The Eco-Fashion Revolution: You Are What You Wear

Former Shell Chairman: World Oil Industry "Sleepwalking" - Projects Peak W/I 20 Yrs, Oil@ $150

Some Water Restrictions Introduced In Australian Drought To Become Permanent - AP/Yahoo

More progress urged on ozone hole (BBC)

Goldman Sachs raises year-end oil price forecast to $85

Texas may get some bad press but here's the flip side > (electric vehicles)

New findings in hockey stick debate ...

Half-Mile Crack Visible From Space Opens West Of Santa Fe At Groundwater Pumping Station

An Experiment in Subsistence Farming, Brooklyn Style

Dutch Companies Investigate Offshore Energy Storage System

SCA and Statkraft Create Major Wind Power Venture (2800 GWh/yr, $2.3billion)

World's first major wave farm is set to get green light off Cornwall

Oilwatch Monthly - World Total Liquids Down 430K/Day July - August ; Crude Down 503K April - May

China to crack down on rich flouting one-child rule

Waste at Starbucks-Coating on coffee cups puts lid on recycling

NSIDC 9/16 Update - Arctic Ice Decline Sets New All-Time Record - 416K Sq. Miles Below 2005 Record

Soot vs. CO2, the climatology upset

University Of Bremen AMSR Update - 16 September - Thinning Continues On Margins

Petroleos de Venezuela to Convert Accounts to Euros

Flexible Batteries That Never Need to Be Recharged

Fire Ants Killing Baby Song Birds At High Rates

Calif. suit on car greenhouse gases dismissed - Reuters

Ukraine, firms sign deal to solve Chernobyl ills

The USACOE Can't Build Proper Levees in NOLA, but Will Try

25% Of Americans Don’t Recycle

U.S. to issue report in autumn on Mass. wind project

Is polystyrene recyclable and should it be used with food? Polystyrene trays are being

Mammoth dung, prehistoric goo may speed warming

Texas Startup Says It Has Batteries Beat

No guarantee Montreal ozone talks will succeed: U.S.

Blowing the Top Off Mountaintop Mining

Dynegy among 5 energy companies under investigation

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says the world should prepare for war with Iran.

Robert Jordan passed away. Author of The Wheel of Time Series

China's kung fu peace-keepers head for Darfur

Blackwater license being pulled in Iraq

US officials deny visas for British pop stars (not famous enough)

Accenture to scale up Indian operations

Bush nominates ex-judge for attorney general

Charity's Terror-Funding Trial Wraps Up

Northern Rock Share Trading Suspended

BAE confirms £4.4bn Saudi Eurofighter deal

Rule change favors Pakistan's Musharraf


Unions Oppose South American Free Trade Efforts

Alabama Plan Brings Out Cry of Resegregation

Soldier faces threats from military after refusing anthrax vaccine

Gates rows back from 100,000 target for US troops in Iraq

Israeli Army Panel Urges Women in Combat

Craig Arrest Makes MSP Bathroom Tourist Attraction

Richard Mellon Scaife Has Spent $140+ Million on Right-Wing Propaganda Outlet, Divorce Records Revea

Bush nominee to replace Gonzales draws praise

Microsoft loses anti-trust appeal.

Clinton, Edwards, Biden tout track records to laborers in Chicago

UN nuclear boss warns warmongers over Iran

UN nuclear boss warns warmongers over Iran

Democrats Seek to Impress Unions

Report: Greenspan says euro could replace U.S. dollar as reserve currency of choice

Study sees rise in men not washing hands (after using bathroom)

Security improvements alone not enough to win in Iraq: Pentagon

Murtha: GOP will turn on Iraq when ’08 pick is made

Family finds no comfort in honor after soldier slain in Iraq

Olbermann's Appendix, Now Dobbs' Tonsils

Bush surprised by Greenspan criticism

CWA, Katz battle over Corzine emails (union leader Carla Katz and her former boyfriend Gov. Corzine)

Yale to return Peruvian artefacts

Coy Privette (Prostitution Charges) Resigns in Tonights Board Meeting

Daub (R-Ne) formally announces he'll run for Senate

Federal Prosecutor Arrested In Child Sex Sting

Minnesota lawmaker said set to retire

Emmys Salute "Sopranos" (Telecast Takes Emotionally-Charged Political Turn w/ Sally Field)

Legal Scholar [Chemerinsky] to Become Law School Dean

Chiquita fined 25 million dollars for payment to paramilitaries

Abizaid: World could abide nuclear Iran

U.S. says seizes Iraqis linked to Iran Qods force

UPDATE: EU Court Largely Upholds EU Case Against Microsoft

Democrats Tie Confirmation to Inquiries

Blackwater Guards Accused of Past Deaths

U.S. to remove plutonium from 1,000 old atom bombs

Oil sets new record on expected rate cut

Oil Rises to Record $81.18 on Expected Supply Drop, Rate Cut

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 17

US says Myanmar, Venezuela fall short in drugs fight

Rice to talk about Blackwater with Maliki

European Banking Shares Crash On The Morning’s Trade

Democrats to delay funding for Iraq war

Venomous Spiders Found In Hawaii Shipment (From China)

Prosecutors: Tommy K's Five-Star Getaway was Government Biz

Former Mexico pres. calls Bush 'cockiest guy I've ever met'

Blackwater Denies Wrongdoing in Iraq Shooting, Says Gunfire Was Defensive

Spy chief: China, Russia spying on US

Expertox Finds Lead, Other Toxins In Wal-Mart Pet Toys

Greenspan clarifies Iraq war, oil link

U.S. officials object to Israel's treatment of Arab-Americans

Clinton calls for universal health care

IRS has bad news on Road Home

Study blames humans for weather change

Chernobyl to be covered in steel

Dole recalls bagged salads due to E. coli

Schwarzenegger says he will keep vetoing gay marriage bill

Blackwater License Being Pulled in Iraq

Student Tasered after asking Kerry questions

Saudi Women Lobby King for Driving Right

DAILY BRIEF: Congressmen Subpoenaed in Bribery Case

Airport Bust: Sting Hits Justice Department

Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over [Private] Schools

600 Iranian missiles said to be pointed at targets in Israel

Rules for college football fans

I never have pictures ready when there is a picture thread

Anybody care for a Home-For-Lunch Quickie?

Women's Basketball and the WNBA

Radio Lady's Plank Boast of the Day (09/17/07)

Damn, I thought tomorrow was the 22nd and I was late paying a bill.

"I don't like spiders and snakes...but that ain't what it takes to love me....

If you could be any unicellular organism, what would you be?

Reflections after a breakup (Helium link)

nyuck nyuck nyuck

Sad news for fantasy lovers

It's Monday!

The Power Of Cannikin Compels You!

"You better do what he says....he's got a CAMERA!"

If people have trouble driving at night, why can't they use night-vision goggles?

Here Is Jazz Old Time On Line . . . download classic jazz cheap . . .

15 miles or how I learned to stop fearing and love the iPod

Without looking at a dictionary, do you know what the word "audiophile" means?

I don't get this whole men understanding women and vice versa issue.

What is the cruelest joke played on you as a child?

Has Robyn Hitchcock ever made a bad album?

Who is this?

Vote On The Fate Of Barry Bonds' Home Run Record Ball.

Why ticket brokers can bite me:

The working with blades-BATTLE OF THE BANDS

Post something about yourself that will make half the lounge love you.

Favorite jazz album (post the cover if you've got it)

Software Question

Here's a good comedy sketch about posters. (V obvsly)

I'm math illiterate, can someone good with numbers give me an assist?

I've been hacked!!

Osama bin Laden vows to release his next video exclusively on Blu-Ray

Why are they starving Felicity Huffman?

Best Emmy acceptance speech ever

Let's see what's up in the san diego union trubune today

Anyone ever used a Image Mapping software for websites?


what do you think about controlling a spouse by with holding

Does anyone know anything about kshaska?

Wouldn't it make more sense to have a "Please Call Me" list?

Good afternoon everyone, finally back to my normal sleeping hours.

is it Friday yet?

Wheel of Time Author Robert Jordan Dies


Spider! Spider! Spider!

Spader! Spader! Spader!

Dontcha love it when you're sick of a harsh thread you posted and it keeps getting hits

"To get the smell of seafood out of your ass" - I love when I mishear the TV

Amazingly, I'm not the only geek out there...

Why haven't you gone to the dentist?

Here I Am...

Anyone know anything about water heaters?

"For some reason, mothers with nursing babies...

I'm going to need your love and support because I've broken up with the repuke.

Hey DU!! I turn 49 today!!

Oooh... a hit put on Kevin Federline and Gloria Allred's involved

I left the house this AM at 6:30 and got to work at 9:30

So how did the protest go on Sat?

Speedo! Speedo! Speedo!

I just wired $170,000 to a Nigerian guy. This makes me a what?


Here I Am...


How do i get my friend to see the ham in this email?


Man, this just SCREAMS "Holy fucking shit, it's a scam!!!"

Tell me about the strangest compliment you have received.

I Just Spent $1700 On My Trip To Honolulu. That makes me a what?

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?

What's everyone listening to right now?

long story short, but I just found out my mother died 5 years ago


I need cheering up

I just spent $0.17 on new shoe laces! That makes me what?

I just spent 17 seconds reading copycat threads. That makes me what?

Just spent $17.00 on a Thomas Cahill book . That makes me what?

What is happening here?


My daughter just did Ed Begley Jr's makeup.


How can I get my friend to see the harm in this email

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (09/17/07)

I beg you, my darling... don't leave me, I'm hurting.

Presenting the "Larry Craig Sur-Tap(tm)"

BarenakedLady! Where are you?

I'm down, Kick me!

I like this grog...

I like this smog...

I like this snog...

Flo & Eddie (The Turtles, The Mothers) present, "Music Business Management"

I like this Hog

Who gives a fuck what you like that rhymes with log?

I like this Gog...

Mental Health Help

Just spent $17.00 at Olive Garden. That makes me a what?

They call me Cuban Pete

I just spent $1,700,000 on a house. That makes me what?

Southwest Airlines Apologizes To Mini-Skirted Passenger

Bait and Switch (reading the withholding sex threads)

Turning an indoor cat into an outdoor cat

I like this prog...

We're petting a new guppy!

Good vibes needed for job interview tomorrow

You can now vote on what happens to the #756 home run ball

I Like This Log

Looking forward to getting up my new web portfolio!

Who gives a fuck what you like that rhymes with blog?

How bold are you?

Can anyone out there get this? Three Floyds Dreadnaught Imperial IPA

Time for another visit to MOBA - Pictures at an exhibition

Abraham was Iraqi

Someone has a sense of humor in the Bible Belt, and more guts than I do

Ever watch "TELL ME YOU LOVE ME"?


Thank you, thank you for your good vibes! The first day on the job went well.

The two parties are splitting my vote this primary.

The two pantries are splitting my pants this dinner.

Coming soon: SNAKES ON A PLANE II. Starring OJ Simpson.

I like this Yog...

Just spent $1.70 on a bag of chips. That makes me a what?

"Back Of The Cab"- Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

Anyone watching Backyardigans "Super Secret Super..." (Pink Lady)

Good Vibes Request!

I need to be brought low. I'm feeling too cheerful today.

Actually, what we really need is an "execute person who called you" button on phones.

I think I know how to tell a good BBQ Joint from bad in Texas...

Sometimes you just have a day when you have to

Balance Of Terror

Mister, would you please help my pony?

Champagne grapes are da bomb!

Who's your favorite SCIENTOLOGIST?

Hey You

I've got a new bone!

I Like This Dog

Northumbrian Piper - Kathryn Tickell

New season of America's Next Top Model this Wednesday

The best theme song

I'm feelin' Hank Senior and Patsy Cline today

Parche.. AKA Kim Jong

Where's Midlodemocrat?

Name someone everyone should do before they die

Tell Me About The Worst Compliment You Have Recieved

I'm actually feeling pretty good today! That relationship was really kicking my ass.

Anyone ROOMBA?

my new fat

Just spent $17,000 on a turntable. That makes me a what?

Tell me about the worst condiment you have received.

What a day! I almost missed the turn to my house, oogling this really hot jogger.

OMG...Mary Hartmann and Bill Maher are siblings!11!1.

Post your favorite TOTO song

Help! Discovery Health channel is supposed to be previewing "The Truth About Food" today/tonight.

Surprise surprise. Kato Kaelin on Larry King!

Anyone here watch HGTV's Design Star?

Can't you see you're next? Yes, you're next! Yoou're so next!

When kids lie

dudes !!

Okay, dumb Firefox question.

PRISON BREAK Season 3 starts in less than 1/2 hour

Design Star finale was last night. Did anyone watch? Not posting winner in OP

Who gives a fuck what you like that rhymes with lsk?

Now the Ravens are accusing the Jets of cheating!

September 17th and we had to turn the furnace on

what's for dinner?

Have you ever been so embarassed to buy something that you shoplifted?

The *official* Redstone appreciation thread!

The Duggar Family is on TLC now.

Internet safety tips. (Some of these seem made specifically for DU)


Brett Somers of Match Game has died.

Little Miss Muffett sat on a tuffet, rolling a J in the dark

Yes, we have no bananas

All the men at work hate me now

Since the Daily Show was a rerun; I watched Justice League Unlimited instead

My grandma isn't doing too well

its real simple

Kathy Griffin on now on Larry King Live

Woodturning - it's what I do

And jewelry makers in the house. I need advice.

What's the Lounge grooving to tonight?

Organic strawberries, 73% cacao chocolate, and chardonnay?

the Official Xema Sab Appreciation Thread

I post, therefore I am

Little faces for little places......(Kitty!!!!)

Generally, are people more or less attractive with glasses on?

Monday, September 17th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

What are three new things you learned today?

A traumatic event from my childhood...

I've got a new boat!

that's it - game over - fini

do I look as pretty as Pri?

One more example of why you should never mix politics with the art of flirting

I feel so terrible right now

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/17/07

Leave Belichick ALONE!

Who do you get the most crushes on?

On-line Steven Colbert "On Notice" creator

The official Lounge Lizards appreciation thread

Beauty Of Math

Anyone here speak Korean?

Name something everyone should do before they die

re; David Caruso. Can anybody tell me....

An Oscar. An Emmy. What's Next for Al Gore?

Are liberals smarter than conservatives? Science reports. Conservatives whine.

If you Are Around 50, You May Rememeber This Kids Show ..

Stupid shit white people do in horror movies

What Is Spock's Last Name?

I like this fog...

my crib....check it out.... I think where you live says a lot about a person

Heres to Barry Manilow....

Random late night question: Was the New Coca-Cola in 1985 really all that bad?

my new tat

What do you think of a boss who refuses to transfer an employee because he'd rather fire him?

Barbara and Jenna teach Elmo a smoking and drinking game.

I think I have discovered that chocolate gives me heartburn.

56K Ouch thread! More of my "Take Maestro's mind off of politics" hobby

God I hate it when cats pull disappearing acts.

Other than the Bible and the James Bond series, name a series that didn't stop

Your favorite 60's girl group

NEED A JOB? Congresswoman seeks staffer who can "cook a delicious bass"

If they could bottle the brain chemical cocktail that comes with an orgasm, would you buy it?

Post a complete non sequitur or the kitty gets it!

I have a very serious question: what is the point of

"Little Buddha"=Big Dissapointment

Is anyone else having problems with the "MY DU" page?

They're "Upscaling" the Strip Mall where I work. Heh, heh.

Powerful YouTube video: Are you anybody's favorite person? Who is your favorite person?

Just spent $170.00 on a pair of Kenneth Cole Shoes. That makes me what?

David Bowie, selling a CRUISE LINE?

I like this bog...

How old are you?

If you were to adopt a child

We're getting a new puppy!

Hawaii sunset pics (last ones, promise) :

To the Creationist/ID jackoffs, what years were dinasaurs on the planet?

when was the 'moment' that you KNEW that you were 'in love'?

Favorite DU threads?

Stuff I learned this weekend at Bridezilla v. Mechabridezilla

Otis (Cape Cod, MA) gets new mission from Air Force

Stupid Shit of The Deployment Awards!


VA studies: PTSD care inconsistent

Force cuts hit fleet

Lawyers offer free help to disabled vets

‘Warrior culture’ obscures concept of citizen at war

Happy Dependence Day!

Here's one of the 28%ers

Deep Steel offers preview of U.S. future in Romania


Archivists chronicle Iraqis' pain

Nato comes clean on cluster bombs

Soldiers with Picket Signs

Native American veterans seen at risk

Here's a veteran site I hadn't seen before

I Can Taste It


Today in labor history September 17 Susan B. Anthony & more

Unions call on US Office of Personnel Management to rein in health care premiums

Quiet no more: Victoria library workers take message to public

Fremantle attack LabourStart - ALL those concerned about Free speech read on!

Health trust opens risks, opportunities for UAW

America @ work 2007


Global trade union reports 144 activists killed in 2006

Berkeley IWW curbside recyclers use direct action to win demands, restore established working condit

POOR BILL RICHARDSON, to "fire all the union-busting attorneys at the NLRB [National Labor Relations

Union tries to nibble at Jeb Bush's Service First

ILCA Convention to Help Workers Tell Real Story of New Orleans

Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt First Lady's Last Word "Fair or not fair, I cannot cross a picket line."

Chrysler marks reopening of South plant (the new van will be exported to more than 100 countries)


AFSCME Looking To Win Health Insurance For Iowa Child Care (not state) Workers

Former UAW Official: UAW Workers Interests Must Be Defended In Auto Talks

UMWA president lays recent mining deaths at the feet of the Bush administration

politico: Labor-Bush wars intensify

Omaha Steve, if you are about DU, please check your PM


LA Times: Unionized nurses flex their muscle

C-SPAN: Cindy Sheehan Speech - D.C. Protest

Putting Your Faith in the Wrong Places.....,.In Mermoriam

Hilarious if it weren't true - but it IS, people! WATCH!

SC Rep Leon Howard endorses John Edwards

7 Little Letters

Congress hears details about 911 illnesses

Can the White House intimidate Iran? | U.S. and Iran: Negotiations or war?


MoveOn Ad: Rudy Giuliani: A Betrayal of Trust

McCain caught lying about Iraq report

"David and Goliath" Civil Disobedience September 15, 2007

Senator Dodd: Restore Habeas Corpus-Become A Citizen Co-Sponsor

Kids Need Health Care

C-SPAN: Ramsey Clark Speech - D.C. Protest

John Edwards - TWU Endorsement

October 16 & 17 - Stand Up Against Poverty

Moment of Change: No Compromise

John Edwards - No Excuse for the Pres and Congress to Have Health Care When America Doesn't Have It

Rush on Northern Rock Bank of England

UF student goes berserk at John Kerry Speech!

Sally Field - Emmy Acceptance Speech Uncensored

Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism

We.. Unofficial Trailer

We.. World's Poor

Is It Time For Everyone To Send VOIDED Checks To Our Representatives?

Ayn and Alan (Atrios)

Michael B. Mukasey the new Attorney General

Mr Bush Was Cute On 9/11 Tying Death Of His Anbar Toy-Boy To Bin Ladin-BUT ITS A LIE (Greg Palast)

Bush's Battlefield Envy: "wishes he could be alongside troops in Iraq -- except that he's too old"

My comments made about a TIE for sale that says choose LIFE.

Get Well Mr. Olbermann

Has anyone ever explained clearly why....

Attack dammit!!!

CNBC Guru Bush Bot Larry Kudlow saying Oil & Gold up because we will Bomb Iran..

National Impeachment Movement Ignored By Corporate Media

Mobile, Alabama With Abstinence-Based Education, STDs Are 3X Rate Of NYC

read more,post less.

After the Emmys, I'm more tolerant of Sally Field commercials

Radical Fringe Toon

What would happen from a publicized "Honk for impeachment" campaign?

If you missed Q & A on CSpan with USA Founder, Al Neuharth

OJ Simpson Audio Caught On Tape

Greenspan acknowledges that the Iraq War was about OIL.

Will House Leaders Duck Debate On Electronic Voting Compromise?

The Jordanian national also gave the FBI a false tip that a Burbank man was a member of Hamas.

RFK Jr. Keeps The Faith

I just designed and sent this greeting card to Keith Olbermann.

Is this ok to do here

Should the Federal Reserve allow interest rates to rise ?

The stall made famous by US Sen. Larry Craig's arrest in a sex sting has become a tourist attraction

Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq, Sunday 16 September

From Larry King's website:

Iraq shell game: contractors replacing support services soldiers who are being sent out on patrol

Kathy Griffin's live on Larry King tonight

Study: Teens blank on Constitution Day (this is sort of a stupid article)

Crocker Blasts Refugee Process, DHS

Brace yourself: Dem Senators will be lavishing praise on bushco today

This Modern World: "I'm Sorry, We're You Saying Something About Iraq?"

OJ arrested---Britney about to lose her kids.....It really never ends does it?

What are the odds that Bush will nominate an AG that we like?

Question: Since the AG nominee is a Rudy man

Hillary's $110 billion health plan revealed

Marion "Spike" Bowman: Someone's front man in the FBI?

HillaryCare: Has Clinton sold America out to insurance companies?

Study: Teens Blank On Constitution Day

McClatchy: Russia's aggressive moves spark fears of a new Cold War

FYI: Wash. Journal, 8:30 amCT. Paul Waldman of Media Matters on.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Hey, Dubya

If Fox News is the one covering the Democratic convention I will not watch

O.J. Simpson Arrested, Held Without Bail

Legalized gambling: If this were happening in my state, I'd be up in arms.

Happy Constitution Day! (8/18) (Hmmm, I wonder where it was on 9/11/01?)

Craig's arrest makes bathroom tourist attraction

To Sally Fields - We like you, we really like you!

Why Did So Many Democratic Senators Vote For The Bankruptcy Bill,

FYI: Murtha coming up on CSPAN to discuss Petraeus' appearance

Dam, are we going to have to listen over & over again about OJ &

Imaging a Shattering Earth: Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate

DNI McConnell heads to Capitol Hill, seeks to extend surveillance authority again

Craig bathroom stall becomes tourist attraction

Colbert: Fighting global warming means ‘the earth wins.

Cheney writes no memos

Unintentional Right Wing Humor - Newspapers ask AFA to stop sending them wacky letters

Blackwater license being pulled in Iraq

Sooooo...What happened to the latest Cuban Kid Custody Case?

Why don' t people call Bush and his gang of idiots, liars in public. Stop the niceties!

"Oh, wow, this grass tastes goooood." " said grass....hahahahahaha!!!!"

Greenspan clarifies Iraq war, oil link

Happy 220th Birthday Constitution!

Bush soon to choose AG; Sen. Craig

What would you tell the returning American soldiers from Iraq,

My apologies

Of two great leaders

Presidentialist Lawyers in Black Robes == Are co-conspirators behind the bench?

ICELAND to remove its ONE soldier from Iraq.

Did you catch Scarborough and McCain attempting to rewrite history today?

Here Is Jazz Old Time On Line . . . download classic jazz cheap . . .

Senate to Resume War Debate-First Up, Restoring Habeas Corpus

MT FLUSHMORE - A tribute to conservative values

Greenspan admits he told Bush & Cheney that taking Saddam out was "essential" for the global economy

How long before McCain starts speaking in tongues?

Shrub's profane mess fuels nostalgia (in some, not me) for Poppy Wimp the First

Flip Flopping, Fed Hopping, Greenspan

Impeachment Resolution Passed by West Hartford CT Dem. Town Committee Cites Multiple High Crimes

The Sulphur Smell of John McCain

Faux Emmy broadcast may have been the least watched Emmy show in TV history.

After 14 years, Hillary still wants for-profit insurance in our health care.

WH responds to Greenspan: "The reasons we went to Iraq are well understood and had to do with wmd"

Calling all vets: Lawyers offer free help to disabled vets

People here who think single-payer healthcare is possible are smoking some good shit

Woo hoo, Gore won an emmy... link to video

Alexis Debat (ABC liar) and the push to invade Iran (circular screaming)

Mohamed ElBaradei is seeing history repeat itself - this time with Iran

The Surge is Working!

This Modern World - I'm sorry, were you saying something about Iraq?

RAPE. It's the word that describes what we're doing.

Did'ja ever stop to think what flavor the Koolaid is? (Poll)

Apart from the noose, this is an everyday story of modern America

The Beauty Of A $5 or $10 Political Donation

Senate Passes Bills Funding Housing Programs

Iraq Ministry yanks Blackwater's license.

It Is The Death Of History

VIDEO link -- Schumer on C-SPAN 2 re: Mukasey

"The Bright Side of Ethnic Cleansing"

Listening to General Clarke

America, I salute you!

somebody needs to take these blue dogs to the woodshed.

Greenspan: Euro could replace US dollar as reserve currency.

I didn't think that Howard Dean could win in 2004.

IAEA Chief Warns Against Striking Iran

Interesting political job posted on yesterday...

Awards Ceremony to Recognize Advocates - 2007 Honorees Include U.S. Senator Jack Reed and Others

Tom Friedman: A terrorist attack in America would change the odds of a Democratic victory in 2008

A Crisis of Political Faith for Evangelicals

Flashback-Who is working in Iraq?

Mukasey: Yea or Nay.

St. Pete Times: GOP losing its grip on Miami's Cuban-Americans

Yeah, shit happens.

hey, you lurking FreepSheep

Music Scholar Barred From U.S., but No One Will Tell Her Why

Is Cheney's statement prima facie evidence of wrongdoing?

Question Asked Of Gore Backstage At Emmys


The Changing Average American Home

Right Wing ‘Deflated,’ Concerned Over Bush’s Attorney General Nominee

Brent Budowsky: Gates or McNamara? Petraeus or Westmoreland?

13 Steps to Finding Animal-Friendly Rental Housing

how is Diplomacy with Iran FAILING???

I solemnly swear, by the flag of the United States of America, to put every single ....

Wes Clark is coming up in about 10 minutes

Jerry the Plumber....

Sec.of Defense Gates on Democracy >>>

"You can't support the troops, if you don't support their mission."

Check out the candidate calculator

Frontline "Private Warriors"

Europe will take Iran before they let the US get away with it

Wall Street widens Bush connection

What the blazes is wrong with the Chimp now?

How would I purchase Euro's through Ameritrade?

The Oracle Reveals All, A Candid Conversation with Greenspan

Unions Oppose South American Free Trade Efforts

Sam Seder in for Thom Hartmann

Hey DU!! I turn 49 today!!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Britney/OJ broadcast to bring you breaking news on Britney/OJ.

Full Details of Hillary's Health Care Plan has been released on her website

Greenspan clarifies "the Iraq War was largely about oil" ... You're gonna LOVE this!!!

George Lakoff: "Whose Betrayal?"

NYT editorial: Restore "one of the most powerful weapons against tyranny in democracy's arsenal"

Today's Kal cartoon from The Economist - The Progress report from the other side.

DISGRACE: Doctor Details 9/11 Workers' Illnesses

PENTHOUSE back on sale in Military Exchanges, christian panties back in wad

From The Repuke Idiot File: Romney to UN: Indict Iran's Ahmadinejad

Hannity: "...everyone has suffered greatly"

This Blackwater deal could turn out to be very interesting

Want to give yourself a stroke? Take a glimpse at a Republican

Are police officers afraid of neo-con whackjobs?

DU this poll: Should telecoms get immunity for violating the Constitution?

Most Viewed - Politics-- Keyes makes 3rd bid for presidency AP

Congress could sever Iraq funding, Salazar says

Why Are Miami Police Now Carrying Assault Weapons?

Three more lawmakers take food stamp challenge (all Dems)

Is Hillary's plan similar to what Germany has?

ACTION ALERT: Please Call your Representatives to Preserve Diabetes Research!!!

Leahy brings the law (For those of you that insist all dems have been spineless or ineffective)

Looks LIke They Dragged George Out of Bed & Propped Him in Front of the Camera ---pix--->>>

Dick mentions Moveon.Org. Mission accomplished.

Appeals Court Refuses To Reinstate Corrie v. Caterpillar

Northern Rock Bank: '£2BILLION withdrawn'

I Must Admit This: I Do Indeed Admire Alan Greenspan. I Really, Really Do.

Question for Michael B. Mukasey

Yahoo ...List of Topics Concerning Viewers..(sad)

YIKES! How WASTED Did * Sound This Morning???

Blackwater's website is DOWN

If you are trashing Hillary for her health care plan, then you better trash Edwards and Obama too

Barry Manilow refuses to be on the View with conservative Elisabeth

BRAD BLOG: White House Lies About Coalition in Iraq Go Back Atleast as Far as 2004

Report on Nuke-Hauling Incident Delayed

sen leahy up on the senate floor - c-span2

With the Baptismization of McCain--a thought about female clergy

Vincente Fox Trashes bushboy

Iraq Death Toll Rivals Rwanda Genocide, Cambodian Killing Fields

You are damned right I'm pissed.

is Randi cutting in and out for anyone else?

Bjush announces new Acting AG: Clement out Keisler in, or from bad to worse

Bush nominee to replace Gonzales draws praise

Sick: Asst. U.S. Attny from FL arrested in child sex sting

Mel Martinez on CNN - putting lipstick on a sow of a different color

Presidentialist Lawyers in Black Robes == Are co-conspirators behind the bench?

Habeus Corpus discussion on Senate Floor right now. Interesting to say the least.

Rove investigation in jeopardy due to funding

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty"...

OJ Simpson Robbed The Arctic!

Condi to talk to Maliki about Blackwater:

If the democratic party apparatus keeps seeking to

Hillary sent me a fundraising letter today

Blackwater banned from operating in Iraq

Dick Stumps for Graves ---pix--->>>

When you think of National Health Care do you think of government hospitals

John Nichols: A Constitution to “Chain the Dogs of War”

This should be made MANDATORY for all future president's!

If this woman is a terrorist, then so is Laura Bush-Music Scholar Barred From US

From kos: Chemerinsky back in as UC Irvine Law School Dean

Just curious. Who among you is still

Organic farmers fear spread of genetically altered alfalfa

NBC NEWS next: Melting Greenland.

Cheney finds himself a lapdog...

Conservative sues Freedom's Watch

LOL actual poll on KTPK Seattle's home page

George Bush LOVES Sally Field!!!

Presenting the "Larry Craig Sur-Tap(tm)"

Senate Democrats To Hold Friday Hearing On Iraq Contractor Abuses (Bunny Greenhouse testifying!)

What are the Odds we will have ground troops in Iran by the end of the Bush Presidency?

Al-Qaeda's Goal: See for Yourself & Tell Your Representatives

Can You Imagine Any President Who Presided Over The War In Viet Nam

Dems need to ring a bell on the floor of the House & Senate everytime another soldier dies in Iraq

Meet the co-hosts from 'The View' (aka 'What the hell is Elizabeth Hasselbeck doing on the show?')

Troop Readiness Standards Close To Breaking Filibuster

*Breaking BBC!* Iraq Cancels Blackwater License after Shoot Out on Iraqi Citizens!

John Edwards: I'm pulling my and Congress' Health Care coverage in 2009 unless Universal HC passes!

I have to go to work. I cannot believe that CNN is swiftboating

Poll on Iraq illegal occupation funding

Bush's TOTAL time in Iraq since war started: 15 hours

LBJ finally gets a Washington memorial


WTF?!? Rove investigation in jeopardy due to funding.

Cheney here today: "We don't need any more murderers"

Who Do You Trust More...Bill...or Hillary.....

US officials deny visas for British pop stars (not famous enough)

If OJ Simpson goes to jail for armed robbery

Source of Funding Not Disclosed-Tobacco-

Jack Hanna, flamingo trapped in airport turnstile

William Kristol endorsing Michael Mukasey for AG. How's that for a red flag?

If it can be proven that Gen. Petraeus lied before Congress, could he be imprisoned for that?

Federal Prosecutor Arrested In Child Sex Sting

Dan Froomkin: * wishes he could be alongside the troops in Iraq -- except he's too old.

Fallon back on script...

Hey lurking Freepers

RUMOR? Five Day Martial Law Drill -- to be held from Oct 15th to the 20th.

Is the Surge Working? Ask the Data, Not the Politicians

the catholic priests so love their nuns - NOT

Chris Dodd on floor of Senate discussing Habeus Corpus.

This pic is pretty big. AND funny.

C-Span NOW...Schumer on Mukasey Nomination...where he takes Questions

Blackwater's License Lapsed in 2005 with Iraq Interior Ministry

In honor of the birthday of our Constitution, a look at the rise and fall

ACLU: Congress should demand 4-part pledge before confirming AG nominee

Free trade is a symmetrical idea. Why is free migration asymmetrical?

Waxman: Oversight Committee to Hold Hearings on Blackwater

tweety; should we put up exxon mobil signs at arlington (cemetery)

Why is a nuclear Iran more dangerous than a nuclear Pakistan?

India, China Compete for Latin American Oil (COHA analysis)

Insurance Companies - the Henny Pennys of Climate Change

Truthout: Funding Cuts Could End Iraq Occupation

Welcome to the worst week of Admiral Mike McConnell's life.

How many of you are spooked and are going to the money markets for awhile?

Note to Move-On; "Mukasey" = "Mucus Eye"!

Latest Live Leak videos of Iraq (graphic)

Greenspan sure has all these Rethug hacks

Move Troops to Iran Border, Gordon Brown Told.

Brett Somers, famed for ‘Match Game,’ has died

Sparse Schedule for Thompson on Trail

Mittens Romney invites you to a great gay pride weekend.

Clinton to Offer Health Care Plan (Ugh!)

Credit where credit is due - CBS News and the Emmys.

For those people who want Speaker Pelosi to begin impeachment hearings.

IAEA Chief Warns Against Striking Iran

Hospital Where Romney Staged Health Care Speech Denounces Him

Blackwater Ban "Inevitable"

Bernard Koucher a celebrated French Humanitarian Doctor and war-monger.

OJ's audio tape

Obvious ***RACISM*** going on in the O.J. Simpson arrest.

Cheney Attacks Times Over MoveOn Ad

Hillary Announces Health Plan

freepers in action photos from the protest!

Craig Crawford: "Chimpy's speech caused Olbermann's appendix to blow up"

Cancer Society ads: Lack of insurance costing lives

Medicaid drug rule may hurt recipients

Fallon denies conflict with Petraeus.


value voters debate online...oh dear god..scary

Y'all just missed an important post by babylonsister

CNN just played the unedited version of Sally Fields' speech, and

Why are blond women considered "DUMB" but Tweety has his own TV show?

Have you ever seen a boob when a woman nursed in public & did it warp you?

Rep. David Scott D-Georgia is on C-Span live now

NYTimes to End Charges on Web Site

How Bush is on the job protecting us . . .

Are chinese Zombies Lurking On Your Computer?

Recovering Olbermann still hospitalized Monday; was ill, but anchored Bush Thursday speech coverage

Drift into war with Iran out of control, says UN

Sen. Reed’s Democratic Response Beats Bush Speech In Cable Ratings On Fox And CNN

They are ALL certifiable. (Repuke values debate)

Rush Limbaugh's audience has the brain power of a gravy stain

More Americans Watched Dem Response Than Bush On Cable Nets

We are the United States - don't forget that -

NYTimesSelect ends at midnight Tuesday

lets take a look....private military corporations

Iraq contractor, an ex-colonel, sentenced for smuggling $50,000

They HATE the Betray Us ad--because it's what THEY do best, only better.

I am not exactly the biggest pacifist.

Petraeus a four star general

Should women cover-up while nursing in public?

SO I got my new NC license with the Department of Homeland Security RF ID chip in it

It looks like northern Iraq is going down the shitter

ACLU Files Amicus Brief in Support of Larry Craig.....

Kathy Griffin is on Larry King

Murtha: GOP will turn on Iraq when ’08 pick is made

I Pity MoveAmerica Forward

If General Abizaid thinks world Okay/Iran Nukes...then Why Not? Wouldn't it be a Detterent in ME?


An oldie - but a goodie!

I'm so Glad this is year 2007...and I don't have to watch M&M ANYMORE for NEWS!


What is progress?

FL Student arrested and tasered for asking Kerry about Skull and Bones

Blackwater's website : "Service Unavailable", but worked this morning

Bill O'Reilly is a frickin lunatic nutcase

Lou Dobbs has TONSILLECTOMY -- out two to three weeks --

So in 50 or 60 years will people say "it's the soup American", like how "soup nazi" type things?

Report from International Tribunal on Hurricane Katrina

Bush Announces New ACTING AG Pick

Does anyone else think Hillary is going to move to the right when she gets the nomination?

Question: If the US attacks Iran, What Effect Would That Have On Our Economy? Short/Long Term?

Has the 'Mystery Blogger' been silenced? No new posts? ....

Value Voters Debate (A victim of the homosexual agenda.???)

Do you like Keith's substitute?

There are seven stages of warfare- to this day -


Olbermann's Appendix, Now Dobbs' Tonsils

If not Gore, then how about Dodd?

VA Suicide Prevention Hotline Flooded with Calls

Who's HC plan has the best chance at surviving?

Freeper madness! Over Greenspan, lol!

Nukes over Amerika (Are you ready for some Nuclear Football?)

What's with the Daily Show? It says live, but I know I say this same

Gore on Leno.

"An enfeebled President George W Bush" ducks fight over attorney general

" They use their machine guns like car horns"

Coy Privette North Carolina Commissioner resigns (sex scandal)

Anyone watching K'Ville on FOX?

Orthodox Jew Tapped To Replace Gonzalez

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Men have many, many faults...Women have but two...

Got Crocs? Be careful on the escalator

WOW! Progress *IS* Being Made in Iraq!

"The Democrats who elected us are unhappy. They want this war over." --Murtha today on CSPAN2 n/t

Fuck Chuck (Schumer)

Student Tasered after asking John Kerry questions

Want to give yourself a stroke? Take a look at this glimpse of

White House: US Anti-Drug Report Faults Venezuela, Burma = "Venezuela failed" to cooperate

Greenspan's Claim Breaks Down 30 Seconds After You Look At A Map (TPM)

Kucinich: Assessment Needed To Examine Blackwater’s Failures

Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes 'Oddities'

Ewwww.. only three quarters wash hands after changing diaper.

John Gibson provides helpful advice: "Democrats Need to Take Stand Against Leftist Web Sites"

PHOTO: Norma Rae, 2007 style

full video for Dan Rather's "The Trouble with Touchscreens" is up!

The Daily Show is a RE-Run Tonight!?! Travel day from the Emmy Awards? Resting up?

2006 Peace Prize Winner Yunus Calls for Lifestyle Changes To Fight Global Warming

Leahy: Mukasey not going anywhere til wh releases attorney info/ Reid more upbeat

Craig Arrest Makes MSP Bathroom Tourist Attraction

What if everyone stopped shopping from Sunday to Wednesday every week until the war ends?

Right Wing Terrorism Watch: RW terrorist organization writing threatening letters to GLBT leaders

Sec Defense Gates gets a geography lesson...

Another Repuke pervert caught:John David R. Atchison

Hello Anti war Protestors: Check in here for the DU virtual antiwar protest rally.

Mitt Romney is a Plastic Whore

More Americans Watched Dem Response Than Bush On Thursday

Universal health "Insurance" or Universal Health CARE?

If men can walk around in public bare-chested, should women, too?

MSNBC: Olbermann's home from the hospital

OUTLAW all gaming and gambling in the United States? Is gambling corrupting politics?

A chat with my Republican cousin

Kucinich calls News conference to address Greenspan's news

Forget Bush, It Is Cheney We Need To Worry About...

What do you think of the recruiting of Democratic candidates who have served in Iraq?

12-Step program for 'thinking'

Can we talk about.......

Nancy w/ DCCC is asking me for money again.

Murtha told reporters: "There's a lot of anger out there [towards Democrats],"

When Silence is Betrayal

A Grammy next? With an Oscar and an Emmy, Al Gore says he's working on his singing....

There are at least FIVE people in the US government who can launch nuclear weapons!

Thanks to Greenspan Tim Russert now owes Kucinich apology

A sobering reminder of what we are all fighting for

help for struggling law student

What should the Fed do tomorrow? 25 or 50 basis point cut?

My Greatest Fear Regarding Nuclear Weapons

"Nebraska State Senator Sues God"

"If there are Republicans powerful enough to scotch the hiring of a well-known liberal dean...

McCain is polling at, what, 4-5%? Why is he ALL OVER the "liberal media" but Kucinich is nowhere????

It is the *motivated* who vote...

Edwards proposal would cut off health care for the president, Congress and all political appointees

A challenge to DUers - we have an Iran crisis -suspend all election threads and concentrate

Attack of the Flying Nun

Which presidential candidate has the most genuine interest and concern for socioeconomic inequality?

GOP...beyond redemption...spineless and weak,,,they allowed Bush to destroy their own Party

Israelis 'blew apart Syrian nuclear cache'

Whoa! Hillary's HC Plan has a lot of problems

Senator Says Troops Want Congress To Cut Off War Funding

Receiving An Emmy For Current Is Not About Al Gore Running

Prominent South Bay doctor convicted of sexual assault gets 2 years

CBS Caught Sending Angry Emails To Viewers Who Criticized Couric's Iraq Coverage

LEAHY: Bush's AG Choice Not Going Anywhere-Until We Get Info From WH On Wiretapping & Firings


If you lived in Canada, you would HAVE to pay for MANDATORY health care

To Root Against Your Country - Art Hoppe 1971


Rice apologises & Moves To Prevent US Security Firm From Expulsion of Iraq

Federal Prosecutor Arrested In Child Sex Sting - Can we assume he is a Repubican?

Health Care....What's Lacking Is Political Leadership!

The Presidential Prayer Team Wants to hear MY story!

This is beautiful!

Massachusetts towns consider leaf-blower laws

Student tasered at Kerry speech

Applying pressure to stores in general to end this war. What weekday should people not buy products?

B. Manilow pulls out of The View because Elizabeth is "dangerous"

DU Anti War protestors have you called GE today?

bugga bugga bugga - Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over Schools

A Nation of "Haves" and "Have-Nots"?

Mike Malloy says the Missing nuke B-52 crew are all dead

Bill Maher on feminism, women, and the "feminization" of the United States

One of the best documentaries of the Viet Nam war is out. But you will probably never see it.

ACLU: Craig's foot tapping is constitutionally protected.

New Arizona Laws Making Undocumented Immigrants Consider Leaving

Any new directives on Project X?

I DON'T want MANDATORY health insurance, thank you.

I'm going to make this breastfeeding issue really easy

Have we got Habeas Corpus back yet?

Know your BFEE: Michael B. Mukasey

The 2008 presidential campaign and the legacy of the Cheney Project

We just might go down in a blaze of glory right now.

I think it is the 'base' of the Democratic party who is now supporting Hillary Clinton

Unchecked and Unbalanced: A Constitution Day Look At the Flaccid Case Against Impeachment

NO: They told me to tell you, "We're Dying Here"

BFEE's mercenaries: BLACKWATER

Gold Star Father Kicked Defending Dead Son's Memorial (!!!!!) Damn freepers!!

New Biden thread

Love this pic

Worth reading about Biden

Vote for Joe!

Star Power at Annual Dems Event

"TEHRAN, Iran — It is Iran's version of "Schindler's List,''

Care home workers in web campaign victory

global warming

David Chase Speaketh the Truth!!

On Wikipedia, Debating 2008 Hopefuls' Every Facet

Clinton's new gambit on healthcare

House Democratic Leaders Face Tricky Path to Passage of Election Bill

Fox News chosen to cover the Democratic convention?????

Impeachment is not a political issue - it is a moral issue

now that Greenspan says the war was about OIL. Can we impeach? We have our evidence.

What kind of DECIDER would she be?

Murtha up on CSPAN at 10 re: Petraeus' Iraq Report

In health care debate, U-word is back

Larry Craig toilet 'tourist site'

Yippee! A presidential debate among Democrats in my backyard! Cool!

Dems in Congress: Fight or Game OVER in 2009. Period.

Biden Takes Gay Stance On Marriage. Not About Nups, Supports Civil Unions

Krugman calls BS on Alan Greenspan

Bush Withdrawal Math: 5,700 Marines coming home in '07 & 3,400 Indiana troops to be deployed in '08

Rematch set for 5th District congressional race (Oregon)

Appellate court set to reach decision as Hillary announces her health care plan

Your Representative Is Only a Modem Away

Generic Ballot: Dem - 48, Repub 32

Holy Campaign Travel, Batman!

Photos: Barack Obama yesterday at Tom Harkin's steak fry in Indianola, Iowa

How about "General PrayForUs?" nt

Real Reason for General Pace's Departure

OK, here goes. The Senate is going into session

Moveon hits Rudy back (Dailykos)

Romney Calls On U.N. to Bar Iranian President

Sec Defense Gates gets a geography lesson...

Who said this to congress?

"Friday Night Live! will feature the sounds of gospel music"...seems odd

I believe that Rudy, Freddy, Tommy, Mitt, and the other GOP candidates can say

Thank you Hillary

Inevitability: 8 of the top 10 topics are about Hillary

"More Tears Are Shed Over Answered Prayers Than Unanswered Ones"

"a REAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY, alive and kicking!!"...the MYTH of Centrism

John Edwards: I'm pulling THEIR coverage in 2009! (Congress, President, etc.)

Fox News was on at the Post Office, I switched it to CNN!

Iowa Democratic leaders trying to "rig the game"

COMPLIANCE WATCH: FINRA Trying To Stop Retirement Scams

Murtha’s Remarks to the National Press Club

The Consequence of winning Iowa for each ot the top tier candidates

Watch Biden discuss healthcare

Photos: Obama greets SEIU crowd today with home care worker Pauline Beck, his "Walk a Day" host

Rep. Murtha: Democrats will pick up 40 to 50 House seats in '08 on issue of Iraq

O.J. facing 30+ years in prison on 7 felony charges

Richardson really has foot in mouth disease...latest gaffe...

Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-Minn.) announces retirement

Do you think Kucinich would win the GE?

David Yepsen ( DM Register) - A Lot At “Steak” In Iowa (his take on the candidates speeches)

The Daily Howler Takes On The Childish American Media

Senate Prospects Continue to Worsen for GOP

Hillary's health care: classic liberalism?

It is the death of history

TPMCafe: Senator Ken Salazar Says Troops Want Congress to Cut Off War Funding

How fucking long has the Senate had to work out the debate

Romney in a nutshell.... (Pic)

This Modern World: I'm sorry, were you saying something about Iraq?

Ezra Klein on the American Choices Plan: "Her plan is very very good,"

Has this website been taken over by the Hillary supporters

This Made Me Cry -

USA Today: (New) Medicaid drug rule may hurt recipients

It's ok if a Republican pollster says it....

OJ knocking Bushco off the media headlines

New Osama Collection (animation) check this out!

O.K., here's an example of pure political pandering for you.

Obama table in Madison: September 15 Edition

A Ghost From The Vietnam War

Cheney gets a lapdog....

MSNBC's Howard Fineman: How the six major Democratic presidential contenders look in Iowa

F**K Greenspan! Recession is COMING, it's NOT coming, "risk is up"....DECIDE or STFU, bee-yatch!

I first heard of Whitewater in a multipage story in the Sunday New York Times

Neocon Hawks Go All-Out For Giuliani

Keith Olbermann recovering from emergency appendectomy

Obama To Wall Streeters: You're Too Greedy - calls for a "reappraisal of values"

Obama Rocks the House at SEIU

Elected and Electable; Dennis Kucinich

Which Health Plan Currently Being Sold by a Presidential Candidate has the Best Chance

John D.R. Atchison, Asst USAttny, pederast...

McCain's Michigan Chair Quits (AP)

An Only Partially Tongue In Cheek Request of DU's Hillary Supporters

Don't underestimate how big an asset Bill is to Hillary.

Read the damn document: Hillary's health plan would be a huge improvement over what we have now

Hillary plan allows the 47 million uninsured to buy into medicare, fed goverment employee's plan

When will Hillary strike back at Giuliani?

It's amazing the RW Murdoch Folks went after Bill Clinton...but Hillary get's Air Time so Much

Do you think the candidate you support will win the primary?

SurveyUSA: Mark Warner currently a runaway favorite to succeed John Warner...

NH Poll: Hillary well in front...beating Obama by 20, Edwards by 27...

Rep. Ramstad (R-Minn.) Will Not Seek 10th Term - AP

Ralph Nader criticizes 'spineless, gutless' Democrats for not impeaching Bush

Dear HRC suppporters, please talk to me about why I should be excited at her 'healthcare' plan

How Depressing: I am starting to believe the inevitability of Hillary

I wish, I wish, Clark had supported someone other than Hillary.

Biden discusses gay rights in Iowa

Why I'll be voting for Kucinich in my primary

Greg Palast: Bush's Fake Sheik Whacked: The Surge and the Al Qaeda Bunny

I'm voting for Gore if he runs, or not.

Desmond Tutu: The global "war on terror" can't be won if people are living in "desperate" conditions

Latest Rass. poll...Obama leads Edwards by 10, trails Hillary by 17

Poll: Dems Back Clinton On Health Care

Hillary...a dozen STANDING OVATIONS from Laborers International Union

Kucinich TV Interview on Honolulu 8

Hillary Clinton: It Takes A Woman - and A Village

Re: HRC's new universal health plan -- Why do people think

Venezuela's Chavez Warns Private Schools (Who else here has a problem with this? I do.)

MoveOn's going after Giuliani !!!

What kind of people are "real" Democrats to you? Do you believe that we

The problem is not Dennis Kucinich's ideas, its his campaigning.

ACLU on Larry Craig: Gov't must show beyond doubt that "sex was to occur in public"

Dear Democrats

American Health Choices Plan

I just finished watching the Harkin Steak Fry and Edwards was incredible.!

Brian Williams interviews Barack Obama (on Hillary, Wall Street, Iraq, MoveOn, etc.)


Boston Globe - Health reform failure

MoveOn vs. Rudy: Hillary Gets It Right, Elizabeth Edwards Gets It Wrong

Biden aiming for 'buzz' with Iowa strategy

Anti-gay, Anti-Clinton 'Family Values' Billionaire Scaife Revealed as a Fraud

Ralph Nader criticizes 'spineless, gutless' Democrats for not impeaching Bush

Hillary's Health Care Plan Requires All to Have HEALTH INSURANCE

Is It Too Much To Ask?

Past President's words about Experience

Kerry: "we didn't have that evidence" of voter suppression to justify contesting the 2004 election

The neoconservatism strain of Democrats actively oppose "The Left".