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Archives: September 16, 2007

Clinton pushes civil rights agenda

In Colorado, Drilling Some Holes in the Republican Base

Disgraced Fundraiser for Clinton Cast a Wide Net

Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil

I am SOOOOO full

i'm not a religious man

My pet pev - philboy!

I am consuming the waste product of a unicellular fungus tonight

i'm drunk, who wants to play!?

I just realized that my avatar is that because I haven't donated yet?

Ask questions that will never be answered.

Why are people on the subway so

what should i spam the lounge about for the next six months?


If you could control America's Funniest Home Videos... you could controll the world.

DC march - Little bit more from inside the crowd

Ireaq [sic] vets arrested for civil disobedience

DC protest view from inside the crowd

War Protesters vs. Capitol Police (Who Do You Protect ???)

anti-war protest Washington D.C. (Check THIS One Out !!!)

The neocon link to the ABC News scandal

Syria warns Israel over air incursions

I got to tell you because of the freak fundies; I have walked away from my childhood beliefs.

Glen Beck is pushing this meme about terrorists attacking schools

I'm tired of Clinton scandals and non-scandals alike.

Video X-Post: Bush 41 Appointee Calls For Bush 43 Impeachment MUST SEE

Sheikh assassination shakes up Iraq script

Republican frontrunners refuse to invoke 'God'

Q&A: Jack Cafferty

I'm getting really sick and tired of all......

My Forrest Gump Day in D.C.

"The woman that man fears the most is the woman inside himself" . . . .

Tomorrow - I am watching Fox news - for 1/2 hour.

O.K., I'm feeling somewhat swayed toward Clinton after Clark's endorsement.

My visit to

Just Came From The WesPac website, Wesley Clark's website

Clinton to Propose Universal Health Care

Iraq's Baath Party Calls the Petraeus Report a 'Cover Up'

Optimism doesn't bring our boys home

Oh! What a Lovely War on Terror - it's the number the arms dealers love

Why Turks Feel Threatened by the US

Immanuel Wallerstein: "Attacking Iran on the Agenda?"


'Merchant of Death' still on the run


Vanity Fair: No, He Is Not the Paris Hilton of U.S. Presidents

Was Libya Framed for Lockerbie Bombing? By Linda S. Heard

Fewer Foreigners Crossing Into Iraq From Syria to Fight

Erwin Chemerinsky and the Post-9/11 Attack on Academic Freedom

British academics warn US is preparing “shock and awe” attack on Iran by Peter Symonds

Bush setting America up for war with Iran

What They’re Saying in Anbar Province (does Fact ck on Bush speech)

The Bush Endgame

Erwin Chemerinsky and the Post-9/11 Attack on Academic Freedom

I correct ignorant Republican in Joliet Herald

The Iraq War is a Money Cow for War Mongering Elites

Creationism Must Be Eradicated

PAUL KRUGMAN: Sad Alan’s Lament

America’s Moral Crisis

Why Can't the Democrats Win Elections?

Hopes Dim for Measures to Conserve Energy

Australia says some water cuts permanent - AFP

Hawaiian firm shrinks solar thermal power

Sponsored by Chevron...

Slideshow: Photos Show Global Warming Overtaking Cities

Solar power fuels man's bright hopes (Citizenre update)

Official: Russian (nuclear) Fuel Ready for Iran

Scientists Seek New Ways To Feed The World Amid Global Warming

Colombia's Uribe urges congressmen on trade deal (American Democrats)

Bush setting America up for war with Iran

Bus carrying U.S. passengers crashes in Mexico

Bus carrying U.S. passengers crashes in Mexico

DNA helps clear man of rape

Billions over Baghdad

Miami police get OK for more firepower

Iraq suffers triple bomb attacks

Report: Israel destroyed Syrian nuke cache

'Merchant of Death' still on the run

Fox only broadcast network that did not air Democratic response to Bush speech

Orient Thai Airways jet crashes, splits

One non-union company chooses to go union after 30 years

Sheik's suspected killer caught

Dow Jones, WSJ Union OK Tentative Deal

How this 12" miracle tube coud halve our heating bills.

U.S. Waives Drug Sanctions on Bolivia

Greek PM claims election victory

(Montana) Conservative radio host selling station

Gates rejects Greenspan claim war is about oil

Senate test critical for D.C. voting bill

China recalls tainted leukemia drugs

Six Democrats court activists

Ailing lender's checks bounce (Paying Property Taxes)

Gates Urges Veto of Troop-Rest Measure

Jordan and US sign new deal (nuclear program)

Iran, Russia, in nuke fuel talks

Poison suspect runs for Russian Parliament

Bush nominates Michael Mukasey as Atty General

OJ arrested

World should brace for possible war over Iran: France

State Dept. Convoy Attacked in Baghdad, Sparking a Shootout

Chafee quietly quits the GOP

Emergency Surgery For Olbermann

China urges U.S. to cancel arms sales to Taiwan

Another of my father's poems - Goin' To Grandma's

OJ Simpson confesses!

Just for once, have your pet post a picture of YOU!

you borers lose me

Have you ever been on "Lost"?

good night, all

philboy does not like me!

Anybody watch Worst Jobs in History on cable.

Think Hell? Think Idaho

The GOP's Gift to the World... The Average White Man

When you watch a movie at home

Unreal, watch this Faux propaganda technique

What's for dinner?

So I hit and killed a skunk by mistake on Wednesday

"The Rookies"

"The Streets Of San Francisco"

Does anybody *NOT* like this song?

My pet peeve - medication costs!

Philboy never calls me anymore

Scotland's Greatest Gift to the World... The Average White Band


What's the going rate for tooth fairies these days?

why isn't it pronounced "fuck-et"

What's a good book on the Great Depression?

I'm doing research for a website I am designing and discovered monolithic domes.

it's never too early for a beer

Are there any good free downloads for games anymore?

The new Osama video

Funny Porta Potty Prank

Bwahahahahahaha ! Should I post this in GD?

Anne Coulter in Undies

If you want to control me by holding my sex, be my guest.

George H.W. Bush Talking Action Figure on clearance at Amazon. Review this toy.

Central Park musician says he's not responsible for horse's death

Can NOTHING go right this week?????????????????

The cats in my apartment are going NUTS right now

Morphing kitties!!!!

Sunday 70's Flashback band! The Raspberries!

Damned stupid-ass neighbors..

Bob Dylan knows about Cylons!

there'll be no cheering from the crowds

A coffee making question....

Do you have a favourite busker?

New Energy source: Internet flame wars can heat your house for pennies!

How do you handle counter-protesters?

*Experimental you haven't seen me before*

Calling ZombieNixon!

Favorite thing to throw at Rocky Horror.

Join us at the UN to End World Hunger

OJ Arrested!!!

Please send me some good vibes and advice...I'm starting my new job

I can't believe 94 people have clicked on a post entitled "Infinite Hasselhoff!! ...

Brute force did the job.

Name some DU Groups & Forums it would be ill advised to request starting!

KMHD is doing a Max Roach tribute right now on "Portraits in Jazz"

i am depressed. saw kerry on television. cant believe how he wasnt elected.

I think I may be leaving broadcast journalism...

Infinite Hasselhoff!! You will thank me for this ...

What percentage of men do you think DO NOT understand Klingon?

Inappropriate things to say at a baby's circumcision

Sep 16 1985

My pet peave; Families

What percentage of men do you think actually CARE if they understand women or not?

Mother Popcorn

I saw a guy I once went out with at the local grocery store last night

billboards and truckstops

I have decided to donate four of my years to a DUer to do with what they will.

Damnit, Billy, STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!

FANFUCKINGTASTIC! Check in here fuckers!

Cat Forum Update: Guess who's back

I want to be an NFL official and get rich. Especially Browns games

My god . . .

Time for a sweatsuit pic thread? . . .

Anyone want to come over for some chili?

Cheez Whiz

Don't fucking look!

Stupid thunderstorm... WAY TO DELAY THE BRONCOS GAME, JERK!!!

Post something good about your day

Nobody gonna take my car

Kanye West vs. 50 Cent?

some people out there don’t have maps…

Agree or disagree?

If I were a cowboy...

Are there too many polls in the Lounge this evening?

woke up this morning

you just gotta love the "views" column

Good LORD, I'm stopped up.

Do you think billyskank should go to bed now?

All I have to do is dream....

NYC Sperm Banks Facing Shortage


do you agree with the MC5's injunction . . .

is marriage an antiquated concept

Feel like makin' love

has anyone posted pictures from the protest in dc?

I'll Hang Around As Long As You Will Let Me...

finish this sentence: if i ruled the world ______________________

You Sure Love To Ball

Distant Lover... So Many Miles Away

I am much younger than my chronological numbers;

Well, at least Brian "Kato" Kaelin made something of his life . . .

Yeee hawwwww!

Too busy thinking about my baby

My wife just found a black widow spider in the house

I can feel you breathe...

Saw "Eastern Promises" last night

"Lost In Space!"

Bears vs. Chiefs

Sexual Healing... Is good for me

Am I missing something ? . . .

Skype users.. why you block someone on skype does it show them that you've blocked them?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/16/07

I'm going to let this go.

I was very impressed by the bounces I got at a place I was at last night

Could y'all keep it down a bit

I Want You

I was very impressed by the bouncers at a place I was at last night


It's the Match Game, RabrrrrrrStyle(tm) - fill in the blank. "I went to see my phlebotomist today.

Tell me if you've heard this --- Knock Knock!

Hlpe me out. A Question about Condoleeza.

Who's Tony Bennett singing with on thw Emmys?

This is a song about a whale-no! This is a song about being happy.

Latest GOP "punchline":

"30 Rock is brilliant" vs "SNL has sucked for decades"

I was very impressed by the bouncers at a place I was at last night

Hey. How do I get in touch with Stephen Kingh?I want to write him a love letter.

what do you think about having multiple partners behind your SO's back

Open House for our Condo today!

Life imitating Lounge copycat threads

Giants? Heck, they are midgets!

How much do you weigh? And what are your measurements?

PopStars of the 70's videos and music!!! in honor of the picture post

So let me get this straight

OK, I've never done this please forgive me if I'm hideous.

Its Gonna be 44 degrees here tonight.....

Let's Get It On

Any porn mesas in your area?


this scares me.....

I want to buy a delete key for Sugar Smack.

Any bets . . .

Lizzards: Do any of you have Fantasy Football teams??


Pluto in scuffle at Disneyland - video

Love letters to Greg Kihn

Any porn mazes in your area?

I saw a bumper sticker in the parking lot today that made me laugh hard

How much of what other people post do you accept as fact?

Suppose people could fly

Recommendations for other web sites?

can you say that you know who you are?

Any Red Sox fans in the hizzy???


Lynnesin is the bravest person I know

Great Lies to tell Small Kids


In honor of the Emmy Awards .....the best Emmy moment EVER!

How do I Post a Post???

blah, i give up watching the Emmy's, Aida Turturro was robbed.

Ryan Seacrest: "You know, this looked a lot less gay on the rack."

suggestions - a fast and relatively easy way to learn to speak some basic italian?

I'm not sexist but....

Is a spouse withholding sex legitimate grounds for having an affair?

DoD has secret strategy to bring Iraqi Police Action to a close

They cut Sally off!

pats - chargers sunday night game

when you reply to a post.....

2 more posts before my "milestone"

Very sad dog story

Love letters to Khan

Attention British Loungers!

Fun Links

15,000... several posts ago

Pop stars of the 70s picture thread. I'll start us off

Cops and robbers vs. cowboys and indians

My favorite random internet find in a long, long time

Any corn mazes in your area?

does the opinion of random people on internet message boards have any bearing on your reality

Tea fiends of the Lounge, check in!

Love Letters to Stephen Kingh

God the Emmy's SUCK!!

Has anyone else had the experience of cutting back on coffee and alcohol and getting a WICKED

Your favorite DOCTOR?

What music have you listened to this weekend?

My daughter's ex-boyfriend had his mom IM her. I am so aggravated.

Wedding Pictures! (sorry if it's a slow load)

Porn stars of the 70s picture thread. I'll start us off

"McDonalds Game Points"? Must everything have a corporate sponsor?

Who would be totally hung up on Jodie Foster if not for John Hinckley Jr.?

I like this blog...

OK, whats with DU's spell check

What percentage of men do you think DO NOT understand women?

That speck in the clouds is my wife.

HBO previewed their new series "Tell Me You Love Me" -- anyone see it?

what do you think about controlling a spouse by with holding

Okay Lounge, What am I known for here?

I had sex with a married woman last night

Your favorite NURSE?

Robert Jordan passed away. Author of The Wheel of Time Series

It's time for... EMMY FASHIONS!! (Dial Up Warning!)

Please help. My upstairs neighbor makes so much noise all the time and I don't know what I can do

Hey Ladies: do you prefer wine coolers or champale

Here's a thought - if you have to start a sentence with "I'm not racist but....."

NewWaveChick1981 has returned! Let's all give her a big warm DU welcome!

Attention nerd gamers: who here has played Final Fantasy 12?

Two of the kittens who were born in our storage barn

Why would anyone *willingly* want the Dave Matthews Band to come play for them?

Catalog of the show of paintings I've got coming up

Why's John C. McGinley doing Miller Lite ads?

Army records first UAV kills

Open letter to the VA

Where is the rage?

South Florida (VFP) Chapter proudly voted to name ourselves the Alexander S. Arredondo

What is the role of the media in a democracy and for that matter, during an occupation?

The View From Baghdad: Mounting Death Toll Makes a Mockery of US Optimism

U.S. Military Fatalities in Iraq in Perspective: Year 4

Few See an End in Sight to Iraq War

Ground Broken on Family Support Center

Dave Cline, 1947 – 2007, We’ll Miss You Brother

Today's working family cartoon, Self-Defense-Class.

I need some help here for the next week.

Cessna, Machinists Ratify New Three Year Contract

Washington Post Next: Union-Managed Health Care

After 5 Years, Antelope Valley Hospital Signs Union Contract

LAS VEGAS, Culinary union moves closer to strike

Black Lung Rates Doubled in Past Five Years

Michigan State's working poor need help

German Unions Follow U.S. Labor to Oppose Boycott Against Israel

Public sector retirees in Nevada could lose benefits

Savannah-Chatham school bus drivers vote to join Teamsters

W Post: Taking the Hill By Air and Ground Shift in Congress Favors Labor, UPS Over FedEx

Virginia Sen. Jim Webb returns to thank coal miners for their support

Volunteer surge aimed at swaying undecided voters

Philip Dine's (two-time Pulitzer Prize-nominated) State of the Unions (McGraw-Hill, September 2007)

Kentucky Union Members Rally in Support of Steve Beshear to elect a working family-friendly governor

One non-union company chooses to go union after 30 years

Helen Caldicott: The New Nuclear Danger. Part1of4

Dr. Helen Caldicott: The New Nuclear Danger. Part2of4

Dr. Helen Caldicott: The New Nuclear Danger. Part3of4

Maj. General Paul Eaton On Bush Viet Nam Comparison...

Crude Impact: Oil Companies and the Environment

Tell Susan Collins: Vote to end the war in Iraq...


This Bulb

CODEPINK at White House rally - September 15th 2007

End the War


Bill Kristol Talks "Crazy" Protestors With Chris Matthews


More Protest Music = ANSWER anti-war Protest, Sept. 15, 2007

Iraq Veterans Arrested at U.S. Capitol September 5th 2007

CNN: Nuclear Warhead Blunder Prompts U.S. Defense Stand-down

Twisted Truths Song - Gracie Coates

KY Gubernatorial Steve Beshear on the AFL-CIO Program

Tom Harkin introduces Obama at 2006 Harkin Steak Fry

Washington Iraq War Protest Outkast Mashup

President Bush Impersonator


Answer antiwar protest arrests at US Capitol 9/15/07 (10 minutes worth)

Greenspan - "Iraq War About Oil." Lantos and Blitzer discuss.

Colbert /Stewart /Maher /Letterman /O'Brien: And the winner is? Hilarious intro.

Bush & Cheney on O.J.'s Arrest

Chris Crocker Responds to FOX News

John Edwards at the Sizzling Hot Harkin Steak Fry!

The Saddest Song I've Got

Sally Field's censored Emmy speech

Kathy Griffin Disses Jesus at Emmys

George W. Bush Weeps for the Freepers

Citizen President Gore

Stampede on Northern Rock money (Run on Brit Banks)

Tonight in Minneapolis (Elvis gets political)

Bush's war of false pretenses...

Behind an Antiwar Ad, a Powerful Liberal Group...

So it seems the infamous "Northwest Passage" is now open...

What Global Warming Looks Like

Bush the Jihadist: How the World was Plunged into an Apocalyptic War...

WaPo: Accord on Iraq War Slips Further Away (9/16/07)

China internet users are sick


Greenspan Politically and Morally Bankrupt by Conservative Standards For Accusations of War for Oil

Capitol Blue - George W. Bush: A dangerous, cornered, rabid animal...

the state of this country reminds me of a song

A poltical graffiti wall you can write on.

WTF !!! - Please Check Me Out On This C-Span Coverage !!!

Please Watch This Video & Recommend

News coverage of the "die-in" and such in D.C.

Al Gore on TV tomorrow - Emmys

Puppet for Organized Criminals - George W. Bush's Resume Of Shame...

Values And The Republican Loss of the Youth Vote

Yahoo! News Most Popular Stories As Of 2 a.m. Sunday

Good on you, DU. "Anti-War, Pro-Troop Protestors" banner

Iran: Top Story on Washington Journal

That is IT! I am totally pissed off!! I am not going to hold back any longer. Will you join me???

Great photos and highlights of the Protest

"If it was about oil, wasn't it important for us to secure that area of the Middle East?"

WH Push For Oil, Gas Turning A Red State Purple - Colorado

Bush setting America up for war with Iran (The Telegraph)

Groundhog Day: Sadr's movement pulls out of Iraq alliance

N.Y. Times: British Move Raises Fears on Iraq Supply Lines

Exactly what creds does this Matt Bai on WJ have to be an expert on the progressive movement?

They found the *one* freeper at the rally in DC today

Fundamentalist Mormon polygamist leader Warren Jeffs in Utah correctional facility called Purgatory

So who's going to observe the Iraq Moratorium this Fri., 9-21?

Sectarian violence increasing in Iraq

Rudy tries to copy the master (Fails to achieve full evilocity)

Bush throws a Tea Party and Inspires others! - (pic heavy)

The MSM have given thier numbers for the March in Washington DC

Here's a way to beat the high utility costs

Biden coming up on Fox Sunday (chris wallace)----and Gates

GATES in making the rounds as he is on George S show also (abc)

Linking president to penis may put Pole in prison..(no free speech in Poland)

Matthews Meter = Peter Meter

Wow! FAUX "News" FAUX PAS moves the White House to New York? That's just "unfair"

Is bush planning an attack on Iran? New interviews for the Real News

Oil!.. (lest we forget)

St. Pete Times: Time has come to end Bush's failed Iraq war

Cholera infects 16,000 people in northern Iraq: WHO

Billions over Baghdad

The Greatest Threat That Iran Poses to the US is the Threat That Bush Will Attack It

Joe Biden on Chris wallace show now. doing good as usual (foxy)

The Alliance For Climate Protection: Black Balloons and a chance to solve the climate crisis

McClatchy: VA studies: PTSD care inconsistent

Autobiography of Ben Franklin, Various works of Tolstoy, available

CSpan1 will show the protests starting at 10.30am Eastern

Someone PLEASE slap the crap out of McCain!!!!!!

NYT Editorial: The Wrong Balance on Civil Liberties & Misuse of "National Security Letters"

It's the Supreme Court, stupid.

Wesley Clark coming up on Late Edition next

LTTE submitted by one of my friends . . .

big hail/heavyrain cause damage at beach of the priests and beach of the madmen

Wesley Clark up next on CNN's Late Edition (11 am EDT)

Supporting impoverished Afghani women

Yesterday's protest on CSPAN 10:30 eastern

I Have to Laugh when Democrats say 'You Can't Take Anything Off the Table'

Listening to the callers on Washington Journal is a "teaching moment"

In Turnaround, Industries Seek U.S. Regulation

"Rich man's war, poor man's blood"...

Jack Cafferty on Impeachment: Pelosi is Arrogant; Impeachment Put in the Constitution for a Reason

What's going on in Syria?

The View From Baghdad: Mounting Death Toll Makes a Mockery of US Optimism (xpost from Veterans)

Suspect in Litvinenko death to run for Russian parliament

Birth Defects on the Rise in Polluted China

Gates: I Would Recommend That The President Veto Giving Troops More Time At Home

"Best Evidence" ( JFK )

China Recalls Tainted Leukemia Drugs

Gates Raises Possibility Of Deploying More National Guard And Reserve Forces To Iraq

Syria denies reports that IAF struck nuclear facility

Meet the new member of "The Axis of Evil" ***Syria****

Central Park musician says he's not responsible for horse's death

Leave Bush Alone!

In a remarkably prescient interview, Cheney outlines why invading Iraq is a bad idea..

Democrats cite progress on Webb amendment

***Caption Fred***

What was with that conservative at the ANSWER rally yesterday?

Post-Mortem America: Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead (Chris Floyd)

Syria had planned 'devastating surprise' for Israel

The Re-Modeling Job on Sen. Steven's Home

The most frightining thing on tv is the military channel.

Ha ha ha *snort*

I think today must be "green living day" on the History channel

Kerry: There was no al-Qaeda in Iraq before the war. McCain's response:

Why Do Some Folks Here Compare Fredrerick 90027 To Reagan?

Venezuela backs off banning given names that are odd - Child Protective Svcs stands for "liberty"

If BlueIris X-posted her poetry threads from the Lounge in GD, you would...

I spit on Ralph Nader.

Women face fight for spots in city's shelters

Petraeus war plan is doubted. Data show Iraqi units unprepared

Gruesome Ethnic Sorting Focuses on Baghdad’s Sunnis

The real reason the surge failed.

Car Bomb Detonates In NYC Killing 40, Government curtails freedom..87 Years ago Today

I offer my own DUzy award of the week to one special person.

Yes It is going SO WELL in Iraq! "Sadr Group Pulling Out of Political Process"

Why don't the pundits 'discuss' the Ari Fleischer Pro War Ads...???

Is there anything that's better under Bush

Any march veterans want to give an estimate of the size?

Making clothes out of fish skin. I think it's a good idea. Video here.

Thai plane crash: Sixty-one killed and 40 missing

al Anbar a model for all of Iraq?

Well here it is: "Let's Go Bomb Iran", the GOP plan to win in 2008

Caption Dick

Approaching anniversary of Foley scandal

Our moral duty: V.A. should admit mistakes, fix health system

Alan Greenspan Claims Iraq War Was Really For Oil

Iraqi volunteers bury more anonymous victims of violence now than during Saddam's rule:

Bush meets with ‘friendly circle’ of military bloggers

Kerry and McCain on MTP now

Remember how this story barely made the mainstream media?

Weekend Today NBC: "Reports of Tens of Thousands, But Actual Number is 10 Thousand."

Pandemic? Bird Flu? Still waiting

Jack Reed on "Moveon overreached."

Fox only broadcast network that did not air Democratic response to Bush speech

Poor MSNBC.. Their robot-broadcasting staff hasn't heard about OJ being arrested

Sprint plans a new wireless network, but has its skeptics

Fed interest rate cut seen this week

Why bash hippies ?

Bush & Iraq War – brought to you by….

September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

Freedom Demolition!

'In the Valley of Elah' is wrenching, timely

Greenspan: Terror threat? It was all about the oil (a high profile conspracy theorist?)


Hagel Calls Bush's Iraq Policy "Dirty Trick" - HuffPost

David Podvin - Progeny of Gepetto

US Iran report branded dishonest!

The best part of the march yesterday....

Is it a betrayal when people trust you to give the most accurate information possible

The Ongoing Attacks of 9/11

Lantos agrees with Greenspan: Iraq war was largely about oil

Military Bloggers: President = Cheap Trick

World should brace for possible war over Iran: France

Another view of Betrayus (Meyer 'toon)

You aren't Likely to Hear *THIS* from Lou Dobbs

Theory about nuclear armed B-52

Are any candidates for president stealing Howard Dean's plan to change how kids pay for college?

Larry Cox and an Amnesty International Human Rights Conference

Simpson Accuser Now 'On O.J.'s Side'

Clay Bennett: Are we Geppetto-style fishermen?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Exhibiting Remorse"

How conveeeeeeeeeenient that the drug OJ rears it's ugly head now.

How Alexis Debat managed to cheat everyone in Washington

Youssif, the 5 yr old Iraqi burn victim meets his hero Spiderman

The scene in "The Godfather" where Michael protects his father at the hospital: Be careful, Keith.

MONITOR radio up at 6 CDT: Brad Friedman, plus MS. reporter Rebecca Clarren

Some Friend, W's Mexican Amigo

Tiger Woods is the greatest

Investigator into Iran-Contra-Mena drug smuggling poisoned with anthrax

We need a greatest of ALL TIME thread for those late to the party

(Found at Stars and Stripes) Gates urges veto of troop-rest measure

All News* Outlets.....OJOJOJOJOJOJOJ

Media Circus Distraction Warning System raised to RED: OJ arrested in Vegas, baby!

How many people would still be alive

Is it naivete when we expect politicians to tell us the truth...

How do you meet Democrats at a conference? Use humor

Work 'til you're dead, people -- it's the American way!!

Another football great is arrested

wtf? Our Democratic Congress is Beating War Drums for IRAN??

O.J. whistling "If I only had a brain" leaving Vegas wedding

Bush's pick for AG, Mukasey , Opinion Piece on the Padilla case:

The best health care in the World is available in the United States

What happens if we refuse to confirm any of Bush's AG appointments?

Well, at least Brian "Kato" Kaelin made something of his life . . .

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Ok, is it me or are there a lot of threads today about war with Iran?

White House Push For Oil, Gas Turning A Red State Purple

TO ALL DU'ERS: Protest Photos Are Active Again!

"My TV is on cocaine" ... Gracie Coates

Etan Thomas has guts

Greenspan on 60 minutes to talk about his book. eom.

CNN: Lifting the Veil

RIP David Cline... (Veterans For Peace)

Clark: "Dreams don't have to end."

Poppy invites Hillary and Obama to speak at his lie-berry - no response

digby: Backdoor

Bizarre State of Amused Horror: Corporations Taking Over for Government


Betray Us Report....

Will OJ get a free attorney? Someone wanting to make a name for themselves?

Anything on the Sunday morning shows today worth watching?

Interesting Iran pictures

What They’re Saying in Anbar Province

Forget about Iraq. Forget about global warming. We have another OJ trial to look forward to!

Clarissa Pinkola Estés: Pets are heart medicine for humans

How does a thread get kicked up without any post recorded?

What Bush's invasion would look like in the United States

Robert Parry: Bush's War Without End

Yay Al Gore!

Looks like the Right Wing noise machine wins the day again regarding the Move-On ad.

Sunday night TOONS: The wait to end the war is killing us

Colin Powell Warns Against "TERROR INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" - Video

French minister warns world to prepare for war

Sectarian Toll Includes Scars to Iraq Psyche

Oil seems to be a theme today so how about this nightmarish scenario:?

Jonathon Kozol fasting to save our children; to meet with Senator Kennedy

Wow. Hagel calls Bush' Iraq Policy "Dirty Trick" & "Dishonest & Irresponsible"

State-secret overreach-For too long, judges allowed government to hide mistakes behind nat'l securit

Is this sloppy reporting or is the media intentionally conflating the Insurgency with AQI?

Should We Light A Candle, Or A Funeral Pyre For The MSM ??? (OJ Again)

Gates urges veto of troop-rest measure

Michael B. Mukasey, attorney general, isn't that special that he is

They cut Sally off!

Thank You to MoveOn.Org

Why do people believe "impeachment" = "investigation?"

Just how close are Bush and Cheney to bombing Iran?

2nd time tonite, Emmy goes to frozen screen - no sound.

More Cowbell....

Dave Cline, 1947 – 2007, We’ll Miss You Brother (xpost from Veterans)

"Get Well" thread for Keith

Heads up west coast, Alan the turtle Greenspan on 60 minutes.

FL man with breast cancer: Possible link to 30-year water contamination at Camp Lejeune, NC

Barbara Boxer on Curb Your enthusiasm tonite

Your thoughts on America's Mayor.

Must See Video - Chuck Hagel on Real Time..slamming the war, Shrub & Republican Party.

NATO Comes Clean on Cluster Bombs Dropped on Serbia

Travelers ask to see Craig bathroom

"Dead" man wakes up under autopsy knife

*&%$ They f*&(ing cut off Sally Field!!! *&^%

Put-options - rumor or verified actions in progress?

A message from In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat (Thunder coming up over the land from the water)

Curveball has confirmed the threat posed by The Syrian Agricultural Facility....

****Emmy Spoiler**** {You are gonna like it!}

A Xenophobic Zeitgeist - The GOP may erase the gains it's made with Hispanics

Could you feel the love in the room for Gore at the Emmys?

We need a "whatever happened to that story about....?" forum

Is Fox cutting all controversial comments from the Emmy Show tonight?

Foreclosure's filthy aftermath

Emmy Watchers: For Stephen Colbert, Tony Bennett, the new Barry Manilow?

It's a little early but in case you're wondering what to get your Republican friend for Christmas >

Anyone have a telephone number for Fox?

Al Gore wins an Emmy for Current TV and gets a standing ovation.

Why would DLC want to Demoralize it's Base...the Populist...Fair Salary for Fair Work Hours and

Daily Show just won an Emmy

John McCain looked like an ill informed crazy person today on Meet the press.

05:57 Records tracking N. Korean ship docked in Syria were altered (Haaretz)

They are going off on ABC over domestic spying!!!

Appearing in S.C., Weathervane McCain nows says it's "well-known" that he is a BAPTIST

It Is Not Rocket Science (what we have to do)

Job discrimination bill ignites latest skirmish over gay rights

Trial Nears in Sears Tower Terror Case ( The Miami 7 )

Al Gore is at the Emmy's

Hillary to require health insurance for all

Was Israeli raid a dry run for attack on Iran?

Simpson ordered held WITHOUT BAIL

"General David Petraeus's uniform does not earn him immunity from criticism."

190 anti-war protesters arrested in US

Report: Contractors involved in shooting (in Iraq, 9 people dead)

What Bush's invasion of Iraq would look like in the United States

There's a run on a bank system in the UK...

Millions up for grabs in Scaife divorce fight (Caught him in Affair)

Craig's bathroom a tourist attraction

VIDEO: What would Martin Luther King Jr. say about Iraq?

caption pic of Bush praying in Daily Mail:

McCain Says He's Been Baptist for Years

DNA helps clear man of rape

UK: Over 100 MPs demand British gov't stop lying about role in Iraq OIL THEFT LAW

O J Simpson Arrested And In Custody In Las Vegas

Seasoned Discontent

One of my students (age 10) on our president:

The real housing bust has not even started.

David Chase of The Sopranos just said that maybe our country was being run by gangsters!!!!

Ray McGovern: Greenspan Spills the Beans on Oil

Sam Seder fans

Curious: who here went to a local protest yesterday and was it

So a couple of remarkable things came out this weekend. Will the Democrats use it?

One of the best explanations of the surge.

Here is what people are overlooking about the 'betrayus' ad....

Moveon might be smarter than most of us think.

Bush setting America up for war with Iran!

Fox censors Sally Field’s anti-war speech at Emmy’s

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

VIDEO: "There is despair, Mr. President, in faces you never see."

Question about posting to DU

Syria: "They didn’t bomb anything"

Jack Cafferty Speaks To Time Mag About Impeachment & Pelosi

The sight of Bill Maher's ugly face offends me.

DU Hummer

BUSH Picks Gonzo's Replacement-"It Came Down o Confirmability"

Is DU Getting Dull??

War profiteers linked to Petraeus!

After watching the Sunday Talk Shows, I see NO signs of compromise.

An uncut video from September 11th,2001.

O.J. facing 30+ years in prison on 7 felony charges

Did I just hear on the TV in the next room that Beverly Sills died?

This is Just Fucked Up!

I love the smell of freeper desperation ..... anytime.

By the way, did you notice that the medical insurance industry has helped real estate brokers?

Should DU have their own CSPAN caller brigade.

Some of you are as bad as the RW spin machine - Biden DEFENDED MoveOn's ad on FNS

If you think Hillary Clinton can't win a general election,

Official "Get Well Soon" thread for Keith Olbermann

The prospect of folks writing in a candidate instead of our Dem nominee is a republican's wet dream

WTF!? What happened to what Sally Field was

Pab back home again, hopefully for quite a while.

The MSM worked overtime showing that the marches yesterday were NOT a success

AOL/Microsoft-Hotmail Preventing Delivery of Truthout Communications

Matt Stoller: Liberals That Bash Moveon

McCain: Webb-Hagel Iraq Proposal Is Unconstitutional


Police Intimidation at Albuquerque Demonstration

Wow... I Will Salute No More Forever

Screw You Biden!!!

Checkmate, America


Holey Moley! John Kerry Citing NYT Editoial from the 7 Soldiers (2 killed?) on MTP

Are Americans paying too much for houses ?

Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out

Gore's daughter says no 08 run for her father. :(

COINCIDENCE or conspiracy?? No sooner does Keith Olbermann break the sound barrier and surpass

Watch Kerry smack down McCain on Meet the Press

Indian Doc Develops Enzyme That Can Destroy HIV

Who else finds it oddly obscene..........

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, by Bill Moyers

Our future first lady -

Biden & Lindsey Graham on Charlie Rose

Just posted something about Biden/Gelb plan

Anybody watching the steak fry?

The 2008 Presidential Candidates Debate

A NYT article about the advent of EXtreme invested, my term not theirs...

Is down?

Iceland calls home its one person serving in Iraq

I think the government is messing with the internet and radio

Build a New Orleans neighborhood with Edwards, for a fee

An Update From The Real News .......US - Iranian Tensions

Will Iraq sink the GOP?

Clinton Pushes Civil Rights Agenda, Wants Election Day to be a Federal Holiday

Ne. 2008 Senate Race: Which former governor might prevail?

Former Worker for Wesley Clark's 2004 Campaign Hired to Manage Kucinich Campaign

(Weathervane) McCain: Bush was unrealistic about war

Rock for Seals Auction to benefit HarpSeals.Org (Slash's Autographed Pants!)

US Wary of Syria-North Korea Ties (AP)

Gore/Obama for me, here's why.....

Clinton Pushes Civil Rights Agenda, Including Gay Rights, In NAACP Speech

John McCain Says About Greenspan Back In 2000...

Clinton book signing in Austin draws thousands

Supporters of Biden/Gelb plan

Online TV Best of the Left September 16th

More GOP "Support the Troops:" Gates advises Chimpy to VETO troops getting more rest

Reverse Psychology: If Al Gore really hates Hillary, he will endorse her

Colorblind society remains elusive

Hagel calls Bush policy a dirty trick. HuffPost

This AM On C-Span I Saw Matthew Bai Talking About The Democratic Party

"He sweated profusely, breathed heavily, asked if his microphone was on..."

I've never trusted Clintons, and I never will.

In Bush Speech, Signs of Split on Iran Policy - New York Times

Coverage of the Harkin Steak Fry on CSPAN at 3pm

A new O.J. trial: The perfect diversion from the "Surge" and the inevitable invasion of Iran

Bush Troop Announcement = Fake Withdrawal

Federal aid sought for big police bill for Nazi rally held in Omaha

Poll shows Clinton leads Democrats

The real reason we're staying in Iraq...

President’s Iraq Report Proves It’s Still About Oil

Video: Robert Drape On The Daily Show

Support HR2881 - FAA Reauthorization Act of 2007

No Glory in Whale Slaughter

For "Clarkies" only - time to 'fess up

Black people don't care about George Bush

'This election is as serious as a heart attack'

Those Of You Holding Out For Gore...

Get ready to fight. They have ignored us, they have ridiculed us (fake outrage over MoveOn)

Steak Fry Official Thread #2

AP video: Northwest Passage Emerges Under Melting Ice

Hillary runs as "First Woman President"

The Atlantic: The Clintons and the Gay Community

Wes Clark, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Me........

To all the Clarkies out there, here's my little prediction....

Do you think the Republicans really want to "win" in 2008?

As if he was not DOA already McCain now insulting Christans.

Will Al Gore endorse anybody in the primaries?

Will Hillary join Obama-Dodd in promising to oppose any funding bill that doesn't include deadline?

What Happens to Dem Activists if the Top Tier is the CHOSEN?

Through The Lens Darkly

General Clark is live blogging right now

Keith Olbermann had an emergency appendectomy on Friday....

What state will break 25% turnout for the primaries? IMO, 23% will be best turnout.

Here are some dream tickets with the top 3 candidates. Pick your favorite.

Steak Fry on again Obama Up

According to the WP, Obama had 3000 supporters with him today (25% of the crowd)

What is the skinny on Michael Mukasey.

In Iowa, Democrats eat Steak and Look for votes.

Montana conservative attacks fallen soldier over op-ed

Great Picture from the Harkin steak fry

"Cheney is still The Man. Condi is no dove. If it becomes necessary she will be on board."

Why Don’t More Women Run for Public Office?

Steak Fry as High School

Sad reality: Democrats don't want to end this war

Romney: My wife is 'prettier' than Bill Clinton

Politics and religion - I'd like your opinion on this:

Dear President Gore, Please don't make the same mistake Wesley Clark did.

Steak Fry Official Thread #3

I have a question for legal/constitutional law expert types

McCain to join Church of the Blind Chihuahua

Is Peace or Impeachment Possible?

Sauce for the Gander: Democratic Leadership Does Nothing, Will Use Iraq for Political Gain in 2008

Seven Oil Wars to Control Iraq

Site of Craig's arrest becomes airport tourist attraction

This should be the Dem theme song

On issues like children's health care, why aren't we COURTING Bush's veto?

Do you agree with Obama's pledge of not voting for any war funding bill

Al Gore - standing O at the Emmies for Current tv!!!

Why I am supporting Obama

Ranking the speeches in the Steak Fry

Steak Fry Official Thread

Hillary's State by State Endorsements..

During the Vietnam War, was the credibility of the generals...

If Al Gore winds up endorsing Barack Obama, the endorsement would

Frank Rich: "left-wing brand of juvenile name-calling"

My thoughts on Wes Clark's Clinton endorsement

Turns out, I'm a Kucinich supporter according to the candidate calculator.

Clinton Blasts Obama For Slamming Edwards Jab

Bush dissed by former Mexican prez Vicente Fox in his book

Does anyone else think that Clark's endorsement doesn't really help Clinton much?