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Archives: September 15, 2007

Asia’s strategic triangle: China-India-Japan

China and US square up in trade dispute

Ex-Guantanamo inmates want lawsuit to proceed

Gitmo guards find contraband briefs, Speedo

US, China to reward North Korea with fuel aid

Bush urges Congress to back Iraq strategy

Behind an Antiwar Ad, a Powerful Liberal Group

The Day I Tried To Live


A nice pair of boobies

Post here to awkwardly accept another DUer's advances they didn't really make but you misinterpreted


Post you're most annoying DU spelling error

good night, all

Post your favorite animal hybrid you'd like to genetically engineer

I was watching How Clean Is Your House today and learned that computer keyboards are very dirty.

I'm having General Patraeus over for dinner

The worst car you've ever owned

How about some POSTERS to print?

A BIG conspiricy over the McCann case? Think nuclear... HUGE

anybody got the link for the brain study on Dems vs Repukes?

On his show Bill Mahar said he had a Dem debate that is on YouTube &

Uncle Fred 's 1960 yearbook caption: "The lazier a man is, the more he plans to do tomorrow."

Petraeus hasn't missed a camera yet. He's even on with Charlie Rose now.

Fox News Radio ...... trick with #s tonight

Retired Army Captain Hired to Manage Kucinich Campaign

Obama Cheers Jena 6 Ruling

How about some POSTERS to print?

Harkin Won't Endorse a Presidential Candidate.

I Was Thinking About Becoming a Republican: David Michael Green

Terror Schlock: Making a Mint on 9/11

Man-Made Chemicals Cause 2:1 Ratio of Girls to Boys Born in Arctic

Oil Over but the Shoutin'

Proxy war could soon turn to direct conflict, analysts warn (Guardian)

Bush-linked Texas company signs oil deal with Iraqi Kurds


Same old, same old: Bush recycles tired rhetoric in speech on Iraq

Stuck in the Gears of Dead-End Democracy

DAVID BROOKS: The Waning of I.Q.

Galloway commentary: Bush still refuses to admit he was wrong

U.S. Secret Air War Pulverizes Afghanistan and Iraq

‘Rods from God’

Bush’s War of False Pretenses

Barney Frank: Lessons of the subprime crisis

CIA Helped Bush Senior In Oil Venture

Bush passes the buck - Boston Globe editorial

Billions over Baghdad

Condoleezza Rice denies Iraqi Kurds their rights

Patrick J. Buchanan: Stopping the next war

Victims of the death squads: One family's harrowing story of kidnap and murder in Iraq

Under the Hammer


The Shock Doctrine: Milton Friedman’s Hold

Bob Herbert: The Nightmare Is Here

Iraq conflict has cost 1.2 million lives, claims civilian survey

Hackers Attack U.S. Consulate Site, Infect Web Pages

MAUREEN DOWD: Will Rudy Let Her Rudy-Up?

Economic Crisis: The U.S. Political Leadership Has Failed

James Wolcott: Future President of Petticoat Junction Seeks Florida Fun

9/11 - the big cover-up? (Guardian comment)

Screw the Moderate Republicans

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: Somebody Else’s Mess

FRANK RICH: Will the Democrats Betray Us?

‘The cost of living is driving us out’

Practical Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

Northwest Passage ice shrinks to new low

A Calm Voice in a Heated Debate

Natural Building Colloquium - Oct. 19 - 28

Discount retailer Costco making solar conversions (Hawaii)

'At least 25 new uranium mines needed by 2020'

Humberto may reenter Gulf of Mexico: weather models

Controversial buffalo hunt starts in Wyoming - Reuters

Awesome, low cost, quick assembly Emergency Shelter

Good friggin grief, check out this letter to the editor...

Group: Ebola threatens gorilla recovery (AP/CNN)

Africa: Solar Cookers, Efficient Stoves Help Rural Families Worldwide

Russia signs on for 4,000 tons of Australian uranium - but deal shows cracks in Moscow's atomic plan

GM Uses Uni-Solar PV Panels to Power One of the Largest Solar Installations...

Vultures vanishing - even scavengers face extinction

How to build "INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES" (sustainable/community living)

Asia’s strategic triangle: China-India-Japan

The neocon link to the ABC News scandal

Iraqis tell Washington to monitor its own progress

Ice loss 'opens Northwest Passage'

Auto Worker Talks Continue Past Deadline

Flood misery hits arc of Africa

Defense, Homeland Security can’t pass audits

Bush: More GIs to fill Iraq support role

FDA Approves Osteoporosis Drug Evista For Breast Cancer Treatment

‘The cost of living is driving us out’

B52 Nuke: Minot Air Force Base Airman DEAD . . .

Jumpy customers besiege crisis-hit British bank

Exec: Workers helped on senator's [Stevens, R] home

Baghdad Car Bomb Strikes Bakery; 11 Dead

Activism climbing at airline unions

Former Fed Chief Attacks Bush on Fiscal Role

Baghdad car bomb strikes bakery; 11 dead

Proxy war could soon turn to direct conflict, analysts warn-Guardian UK

In Europe and U.S., Nonbelievers Are Increasingly Vocal

Task Force Marne Soldiers attacked (1 killed, 4 wounded)

Hungry bears plague US west after record drought

U.S. Sen. Stabenow (D-MI) endorses Clinton's presidential bid

CUNNINGHAM SCANDAL: Key probe figure may have violated terms of jail bond

Investigator details woman's allegations of forced labor

Sadr group to pull out of Iraq's ruling Shiite bloc

Mexico bus crash kills 18

Anti-War Protest Kicks Off at the White House

UCI reportedly working on a deal to rehire Chemerinsky

Hague (R-Seattle) takes blame for erroneous claim that she has a college degree

Google to keep politicians honest

Iraq: al-Qaida group threatens Sunnis

Few See an End in Sight to Iraq War

Rally Champion Colin McRae Dies With Son In Helicopter Crash

Greenspan Attacks Bush and Lauds Clinton

'Housing boom over' as UK bank chaos grows

Vets issue warning on dog treats from China

China rejects pork imports from U.S., Canada

Air Force query into B-52 incident to continue

Polygamy leader (Jeffs) told rape victim to repent

Wesley Clark Endorses Hillary Clinton

In health care debate, U-word is back

More Than 150 Arrested at Iraq Protest

Alan Keyes Announces For President

Bison face hunting at Wyoming refuge

Florida Democrats backing down on Jan. 29 primary

Ancient records help test climate change

Ole Miss Suspends Frat for One Year

US Expands Anbar Model to Iraq Shiites

Yanks are comin'.

All I can think of is the end of the film "Lets go to Prison".

I have one word for you, Loungers:


need someone to sing you a good-night song?

Anyone remember the Band Starz...

No, That's not Incredible

"Festival Express" On IFC... The Dead, Janis... etc.

Have a great current favorite song that I've probably never heard?

Nothing is as American as Impeachment Pie, yum yum!!!

9/14 Was An Outside Job

8675309 Was An Real Number


Good evening/morning, DU'ers. I thought I'd log back in to say "hello."

God why can't I get Krimpets anymore around here

Were Sid and Marty Krofft really on drugs?

DU--Have I told you lately...

Cubs vs Cardinals!

A live one

Da-dee-dee-dee--- da - da - da - da-dee-dee-dee--- da - da - da - da -

Don't forget! Michigan takes on Notre Dame in the "Battle of the Sucky Teams"

y'know, dating doesn't suck,

Fireball over New Mexico the 13th. Any of you South western DUers awake for that one?

Who saw "Monk" last night?

Lisa Marie Presley & Elvis .... In the Ghetto

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/15/07

Who do you have to know to get a purple nurple around here?

And the LOLcat comes in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Your favorite De composition?

So close...

I want a job like this...

Today, I am smoking salt. Let me explain.

i just took a nap

My wife's house was broken into yesterday, and all I can do is laugh.

Today, I am smoking crack. Let me explain.

DAvis 1 9403 ...

I miss Keith Jackson

The War on Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year

Good lovin'

My name is Bullwinkle925 and I'm a Masochist . . .

Ever bookmark a thread 'cause you know it's going to get good or locked,

OK ladies - finally some equality!

Dead Man Wakes In Autopsy

Michigan v. Notre Dame game is on - I love watching high school football.

Visiting Armenia in Oct.: Anyone else ever go there?

Who rocks out with a harpsichord? Modest Mouse rocks out with a harpsichord!

I just don't give a fuck. It's cocktail hour.

If a stranger asked you for a date, would you say yes in any circumstance?

If the sign reads 'DON'T WALK', don't honk at me to cross the bloody road!

Drunken political discussion

As a hermaphrodite, I gotta ask, who's Bill Maher?

Math class is hard

Tonight, after I helped a customer, she said she was going to say a prayer for me out of gratitude.

Central Kings Students Wear Pink To Send Bullies A Message

so I roasted a chicken today.... stuffed w/

Momma was an Opium Smoker.

Emilie Autumn - "Gothic Lolita"

Most Morose Band?

I'm going to take a nap.......

JesOS: The First True Christian Computer Operating System

How To Quit Drinking Caffeine.

Somebody reminded me of this

Please answer my thread in GD. Thanks!

The Prodigy - Firestarter

Portishead - Wandering Stars

4hero - Loveless feat. Ursula Rucker

Hooverphonic - Inhaler

Update on my 'Masochistic' post . . .

Well today our little girls get married.....

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Ever notice that Name Removed is eMan Devomer backwards?

Tiny Masters Of Today - Bushy

Moloko - Forever More

Pitbull attack!!!!

Did someone sing this????

Things you'll never see, and don't really want to...

SCREW Lost, 30 Rock, 24, and CSI:Miami....

I'm bored....

I keep getting packages from UPS addressed to the previous owner of my condo

I need some of those patented good vibes from the lounge please

Notre Dame...

For some reason,this episode of"House" made me cry.

MS office products experts; Office xp Vs Office 2007?

Have been offered a job as a curator! Am floored!

Today's the Day: Congrats to Lost and Haruka!

Breakbeat Era - Ultraobscene

ever notice that pals is slap backwards?

I'm so proud...I took the clothes off my excerise bike today!

Man, sometimes I hate being an adult...

It's Saturday night - who likes martinis?

It's the children's book celebration and appreciation thread.

Someone just reposted the MSNBC Impeachement poll! Name some other popular DU dead horses.

So, this band I know needs a guitarist.. (looking for advice)

I've been evicted because I "just stay locked up in my room"

Ok finally have a picture of Ollie!!! so post your pet!!

lolcat fans, I give you "We Has Tribbles, and Also Troubles"

Drove around the mall parking lot today, thinking with fondness of the movie...

Finally got around to watching "The Way We Were" yesterday . . .

Saturday, September 15th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I have slept about 9 hours since Tuesday

A good cleanser for oily skin?

So I did something I believed was/is the right thing to do...

It's Saturday night - who likes martians?

Name something your dog does better than you.

Someone explain this to me and then tell me why I get irritated when I see them?

At least we're not Notre Dame?

USC vs. Nebraska (Porn v. Corn)

Have you ever lived in a commune?

What's the dumbest thing you've heard this week?

Post your obscure 90s under-appreciated music classic. OK for me: Cake: "I Will Survive"

Firefighters save donkey trapped in well

I've never heard or seen Bill Maher. Are you offended?

Saw "3:10 to Yuma" the other day . . .

Ava needs our help.

Ann Coulter thinks she's hot stuff - why else dress like this

I'm so proud of myself, I rode six miles on my exercise bike today

The most powerful microscope in the world

I just watched "The Wicker Man" on DVD

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/15/07 Bonus

I just got dumped via E-MAIL

Somebody help me out here

Have you ever been lost?

* * * Top Chef * * * Handicap thread & Poll

Dragoncon '07 Stargate Panel - Chris Judge gets educated on furries

I have decided to donate four of my children to Greenpeace to do with what they will.

I've declared it. It's official at my house.

I'm so proud...I took my clothes off on my excerise bike today!

The REAL LostinVA / Haruka Wedding Photos

When describing Bill Maher...

Going to Ireland....I need HELP!!!

My pet peeve--family discounts!!

My pet pev-- flvegan discounts!!

Okay - for someone who has spent her entire life in suburbia . . .

I know where you live!

I have more later but here's a shot of the wedding to tide everybody over.

so...there is some very horrible shit going down in my family (very long post)

Wow-Just Saw "The Brave One"

If your 37th birthday were next Tuesday, what would you ask for?

just watched Howard the Duck for the first time!

College Football and Tailgate Thread

I Know What I Did This Summer (dial-up warning)

If you could banish one word/phrase from the English language, what would it be?

Every time flvegan posts that same goddamn intense concentration towards camera picture, I see this

Name Removed is my boyfriend

My pet pev-- flvegan!!

I broke my toe last night. Ouch.

Can anyone of you clever Loungers tell me...

Time for a swimsuit pic thread?

Why is DU's advertising about shaving? : "letushavepeace"

Post a pic of yourself taking a picture of yourself in a mirror thread :P

When Pool, Dominoes, and Rube Goldberg Machines Collide

Another Nirvana poll: Cobain/Nirvana: Prophetic, Derivative, Other?

Does Bob Saget have any socially redeeming value?

Report says Army miscounts could slow stateside moves

Conway: Iraq exit would take 8 to 28 months

Army testing Humvee made of foam, balsa

Slain soldier's mother: Anti-war protests dishonor the dead

Like Iraq

Alive Day Memories on HBO

15 recruiters fired over sex protection rules

Now my husband is a burden?

Labor cartoon for the week of September 10

Advocates plan Western Union pickets

WNYT seeks federal mediator in union negotiation

BBC: Strike threat over ITV news cuts

Massachusetts’ plan targets labor wrangles (backlog of 600 cases and alleged anti-labor bias)

Kansas City: Starbucks Barista (manager) Victimized by Age Discrimination

Today in labor history September 15, JFK & more

Cemetery class action leader dies days before lock-out ends

Steel benefit checks in the mail to About 2,000 retirees, spouses and surviving spouses

UFCW Minnesota meat packers call union defense rally

Evans, Keegan Take Stand in News-Press/NLRB Trial

SEIU Union Leader Stern Says Edwards Has Edge for 2008 Endorsement

Judge denies $4.2 million in bonuses for NWA bankruptcy lawyers (thanks CWA!)

Activism climbing at airline unions

Activism climbing at airline unions

Interstate Bakeries threatens to liquidate unless unions grant concessions (Twinkies & Wonder bread)

UAW-GM contract talks go hour to hour

Bill Maher's Real Time With Carl Bernstein, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Drew Carey (Part Three)

Bill Maher ::September 14 2007:: Part Five

Bin Laden Is Just A Symbol To Fred Thompson

Empty Walls - a brilliant new anti-war video from Serj Tankian of System of a Down

Rep. Tom Lantos Delivers Democratic Radio Address

Bill Maher's Real Time September 14 2007 (Part One)

Question to Hillary Clinton and other candidates (re: outsourcing)

Anti-war protests in Germany

Dubya Bush of Oz...

BILL MAHER ::September 14 2007:: Part Six

Nukes across America...


PeaceCenter: Speak Up for Peace on 9/11 STOP the WAR

Dc War Protest (Part 2)

USAF STAND DOWN ON 9/14/07 ( Broken Arrow )

Rep. Doggett: Congress must Respond to the Propaganda Surge

With Davis Fleetwood at the War Protest

Their lies/our anger. BUSH, CHENEY WMDs, Lies, Nukes, Saddam, and Lack of Intelligence

Sept. 15th War Protest = Faux ALERT Stormy Day out of control, 5,000 or so protesters

Boy Singing Beautiful Song ('Tell Me Why')

Hillary Clinton: What's at Stake?

Faux Lies: Protest turned into melee, with scuffles and arrests and dead people on the streets

Bill Maher ::September 14 2007:: Part Four

Bush 41 Appointee Calls For Bush 43 Impeachment

Keith Olbermann Top 9/11 Story: The Promotion Of Failure

DC War Protest (Part1)

Bill Maher's Real Time September 14 2007 Part Seven (New Rules)

Lies Americans believe about the war in Iraq

Bill Maher's Real Time With Chuck Hagel September 14 2007

FREEPER MADNESS: Protesting the kooks - Part 1

Bob Dylan - Masters of War

Lou Dobbs: H1-B Visa Scam Hurts American College Grads

A Snapshot: What's Wrong in America

"Former ABC Consultant Says He Faked Nothing " - NYT

War is waged for two reasons;

The al-Qaida in Iraq is not the real al-Qaida

McClatchy: Craig apologizes to fellow senators

Pace: Mistakes were made at beginning of Iraq war

I will make the people at DU a deal. Get 100,000 people to call GE.

Hey Alan Greenspan

Phil Donahue-Backed Anti-War Film Debuts At Toronto Film Fest

Proxy war could soon turn to direct conflict, analysts warn

Irony Overload - Gonzales Remarks in Friday speech at Justice Department

Only one republican candidate has shown us his legs.. That might give him an edge.. Flexes Its Muscle Amid Iraq War Debate

He's in! Alan Keyes is running again.


On CSPAN 1 now debate between person from Answer vs Right wing Superpatriot nut.

The neocon link to the ABC News scandal

C-SPAN Goes Freeper...

C-Span Asks About Greenspan's Book And I'm Going To Rant For Bit - Care To Join Me?

Tony Snow: Reporters more liberal than average Americans

Bush hails troop cuts as 'return on success' in Iraq

Hinges of History

Bush backer banks on Iraq's failure

US sect leader 'made girl marry'

Too Cool...

Thomas Sowell's recommendation for ending car chases: Shoot to Kill!

One of my best friends ever passed on the other day. So please forgive me

$15B narcoterrorism war to be outsourced

Iraqi volunteers bury more anonymous victims of violence now than during Saddam's rule

New Whitehouse poodle, Sarkozy: Is his bark worse than his bite?

If there ever was a time.. we need a special prosecutor

Bush did the right thing

Harper's Index says that 51% of Republicans want universal health care.

Why I fear universal healthcare...

Friday Night...Tribute to Pavarotti... Pavarotti and Bono Sing Dem's Lament..."Miserere.."

Ice melts through Northwest Passage

Protesters, Supporters Descend on D.C.

Richard Belzer: The Death of Conservatism, Part 2

What's all this I keep hearing about a "gathering of beagles" today

Please recommend this post if you have called GE or will call GE to end this war in Iraq. Thank you.

Tiger shoots a 28 first nine on way to 3 stroke lead...Fed Ex Cup 13 under 3 ahead of Woody.....

McCready Sentenced to a Year in Prison

Gonzales is one of them good quiet ones

Simpson Named Suspect in Armed Robbery

Talk me into trying to make a difference in the political process in this country...Or Not.

Why Does AT&T Need My Social Security Number to Connect My iPhone? (HuffPost)

Israel conducted air strike inside Syria

Gates says he "hopes" to cut more troops in Iraq than Bush promised

So Like......

Gov't Didn't Act After E. Coli Outbreak

Mr Bush, your sheikh is dead

Malkin places hate ad against Geraldo

Wash Journ now. 2 guests. One saying WH wants to scrap benchmarks

self delete

Bush supporters/enablers exhibiting major character flaws, methinks...

Role of Dept of Homeland Security in our schools. cspan1 now.

Galloway:Blood Of Many Will Flow Freely&Stain The Hands Of Those Who Allowed Insane War To Continue

Gates Says US Defeat Would Be a Disaster

Separated at Birth:

Ordinary life hardly the norm in Baghdad (quotes Bush speech, then tells how it is)

Bush/Cheney/Rummy-Screw-Em-All Ideological War Machine=Permanent Global Conflict

The holier than thou holigans agenda

The reason the Elderly Vote. Gotta love this video

the Saturday NPR broadcast is esp good this morning. I do not

Russ Feingold up now --replay Senate Patraeus hearing --cspan1

Sen. Voinovich (R) wants to withdraw from Iraq: 'Bush plan falls short'

DoJ's AAG Regina B. Schofield Announces Departure from Justice Department

Good reason #1 to vote Democratic

Isn't there a peace march in Washington today?

Tom Tommorrow! Adam Smith's 'invisable hand' LOL

Hey, Big Spenders...

If all the networks can carry Bush live

Democrats Push a Tactic to Shift Iraq Plan

Debating Iraq? Pop a pill first

Wes Clark Endorses...

Wesley Clark Endorses Hillary Clinton

John Conyers: Petraeus Shouldn't Delay Us

Will Hillary appoint Obama to the Supreme Court?

Tom Lantos:Americans' patience with this war has run out."(radio address)

I have a question that's been bugging me for days.

A Gathering of Reich-Wing Whackjobs Pays CodePINK a House Call

The Surge Must Go On

New Orleans reconstruction question regarding the wage law Bush wanted to waive

Have you ever wanted to write a commercial?

China: Ailing system leaves sick to pay up or die

Why have we let the media make this a two-horse race?

Joe Conason: Will Bush dare to nominate Ted Olson as attorney general?

De-Baathifiy America! Bring on the Wimps

Volunteers collect Baghdad's nameless dead

Calling Senator Dorgan !!! - Do We Know Where Those Loose Nukes Are Now ???

As a woman I was offended by Bill Maher last night

S.C. Blacks moving away from Clinton to Obama, poll shows

Greenspan Is Critical Of Bush in Memoir-Former Fed Chairman Has Praise for Clinton

Add Right Wing Watch to your Blog list...

1,044,607 dead Iraqis (est) because of our invasion

Scarecrow: More Than Ever, Impeachment Is the Cure

Golf War Syndrome

War Critics Question Obama's Fervor (Some Say Actions Don't Match Talk)

Girls! Music! Palestine!

"Who should America listen to? A decorated soldier's commitment to defending America,

General Clark's Endorsement of Sen. Hillary Clinton

a theory on delay of Iran bombing and Iraq Hydrocarbon Law

Patient Accuses Doctor Charged In Fires Of Sex Assault

Rev. Yearwood " My body was beaten but my sprit is not"

Russian President Vladimir Putin Due In Tehran On October 16

What is it with Bush's changing demeanor?

NOW what are they up to?

Da-dee-dee-dee--- da - da - da - da-dee-dee-dee--- da - da - da - da -

Is There Any Coverage\Live Streaming Of Today's Peace March In D.C. ???

Is there a name for discrimination against liberals?

African floods

Anybody else getting the emergency broadcast test this morning?

Petraeus on Britney: A no-nonsense assessment of the benchmarks achieved

HuffPosters Candidate Mashup is set to go


Vatican answers query about Terri Schiavo 2 years later: NO removing feeding tubes on PVS patients

Vietnam Memorial Wall vandalized

More GIs, Cholera, Ordinary? No. Iraq!

Petraeus the Politician

Let's face it ,we have until 9/5/08 to sue Al with Reasons !!

Fox News and PBS are adjacent channels on my TV.

Why Isn't The March On Washington On The News??

"Child, are you a Christian? I said, 'Ma'am, I am tonight.' "

Cigar Dave

Will the spouse of Hillary's running mate in 2012

Michael Mukasey to get AG nom (?)

NYT: Bush has no strategy to end his war -- no strategy for containing the chaos he unleashed

I don't have HBO and can't even watch Bill Maher

Rumsfeld:‘I Haven't Even Attempted’ To Follow What’s Going On In Iraq, Too Busy ‘Arranging My Papers

LOL !!! - From A Capitol Hill Republican Strategist... On Bush's Speech

Speech given by Kevin Zeese at the September 15th peace demonstration in Washington, DC.

Bill Maher. "there will be no end to this war until there is a draft."

Military Families: Bush/Petraeus "Drawdown" Is Pure Politics

Edwards, Clinton, or Obama? Some of us DUers are UNDECIDED

Anti war protest in DC now. I was listening via cell phone

Canadian Class Action Planned on Agent Orange Exposure

Mukasey for AG? (breaking CNN)

We're Screwn Now...Keyes Is Running Again...

As a man, I couldn't care less about Bill Maher last night.

GOP is losing support of US troops

What exactly is a "die-in"? I have heard of a sit-in but what is a die-in

Another DU Straw poll from GDP

Aaargh !!! - Daniel Ellsberg Speaking In Berkeley Today !!!

UCI reportedly working on deal to rehire Chemerinsky

Got a penny? How Low Can the Price of a House Leader’s Memoir Go?

New Greenspan Book Attacks Bush

CNN: Sources: Retired judge may replace Gonzales (Michael B. Mukasey)

MUST READ! For all young anti-war protesters! METHODS AND TACTICS!

(Viet Wall) Desecration the Conservative Way: How One Woman Exploits Vietnam Dead For Her "Activism"

Antiwar Protest Held in Washington - WaPo

Iran Leader: Bush Will Be Tried

Greenspan bashes Bush policies in memoir

AG Nominee Judge Michael Mukasey, from wiki:

Joe Conason: The Illusion of Progress in Iraq

CSPAN leading with replay of right wing rally gathering of ASS HULLS.

Larry C. Johnson: Putting Lipstick on the Pig in Iraq

Democrats Push a Tactic to Shift Iraq Plan

As a human I want to kick Bill Maher in his stupid ass..,

Peter B. Collins - Best progressive radio host workin' today?

Do you love to hate Tony Blankley (editorial page editor, Wash Times)

First Two D.C. Protest Videos Posted In Video Forum !!!

I've never heard or seen Bill Maher. Are you offended?

CNN will give report on protests after the commercial break.

I Was Thinking About Becoming A Republican

Does anyone listen to 7 days in America on AA each Saturday?

3 days in jail for 50 cent toll? For a person aged 68?

Protesters Arrested After Jumping Capitol Barricade

Who are Cuter and have More Brain Matter? College repukes?

Give. Me. A. Break.....this is sad....

Think Progress: Former judge Michael Mukasey top AG pick

We ARE EMBOLDENING our enemies!

Vietnam Wall Vandalism is a False Flag Attack on the Anti-War Movement

McClatchy: Ordinary life hardly the norm in Baghdad

These are the people who never served and probably never will serve-FOX NEWS

Montana conservative attacks fallen soldier over op-ed

The Historians Are Coming! Quick, Salvage Your Legacies!

great story about kids standing up for bullied for being/acting gay

House Minority Leader John Boehner Again Insults The Memory Of Troops Lost In Iraq

Congrats, America. No terratack today.

China frees NY Times researcher (BBC)

Why Aren't Any Congresspersons Addressing the Protestors?

Wow-- Mother Nature sure has a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!

Bená Burda puts an organic spin on cotton

Abu Ghraib/Fallujah Veteran At War Protest Today...

Can someone explain to me why OJ is such big news? I just don't get it.


Boehner Spokesman: Dems Are Criticizing "Small Price" Because They Want America's Defeat

Poll finds Lamont would win ... if election were held now

The late-night comedians weigh in on Gen. Petraeus's Iraq progress report:

Kool-Aid drinker of the day!

Nukes over America - IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE

Fredo’s Last Day == BY Scott Horton == PLUS Gonzo's Farewell Address

Clark Supporters: Does his endorsement of Hillary influence you?

Montana GOPer: Dead Soldier Is Too Stupid To Have Written NYT Op-Ed!

Krugman Bombshell - Bush Oil Buddy Cuts Deal with Kurds

Thompson courts gun owners in Florida. They were "all for him until they read the gun votes"

Question about those so-called (PRO_WAR) "Eagles":

MSNBC Poll: Do you think Greenspan is responsible for the current global credit crunch?

And the Completely Missed Point Award goes to ........

Democratic Radio Address: "Americans' patience with this war has run out."

Do you want to know how to shut up a counter-protester?

"Reverse Communism"

Airshow cancels Minutemen booth

What would turn Republicans against the Iraq war?

Local coverage of Alaska Republican corruption trial...


Legal Loophole Ensares Breast Cancer Patients

Former "Top Chef" contestant beaten in hate crime/Teen thrown through plate glass window

Freerepublic website is down. LOL BECAUSE... I weep for the Freepers..

Airline apologizes to passenger, lowers fares to "match her mini-skirt"

2 DEAD ***Minot Air Force Base Airman Died While on Leave ***WHERE THE NUKES ENDED UP***

Please catch me up on the Florida primary/delegates turmoil. Who's bad?

Non sequitur comic strip on "compassionate conservatism"

While Bush pushes propaganda: "Britain’s Basra Pullback Raises Supply-Line Fears"

Local Paper Covers Non-Combat Death of Female Soldier -- and Family's Antiwar Views

Bush the Jihadist: How the world was plunged into an apocalyptic war

while reading my 1891 encyclopedia britannica

They'll pick Huckabee, and that presents difficulties.

Read this article by Discover Magazine "The 9/11 Cover-Up"

Open Letter to ABC's John Stossel... from Julie Pierce, American SICKO

Caption this wrong scene

Faux Propaganda: Protest turned into melee, with scuffles and arrests and dead people on the streets

" I have seen tyranny, dishonesty, corruption and depravity."

Missouri: Cop Website Contained Apparent Death Threat Against Video Vigilante


MoveOn: Pack your bags; McCain is deporting you

Sunday Talk Shows: McCain and Kerry on Meet the Press

Hillary Clinton getting Wes Clark's endorsement -- Are those two camps compatible here at DU?

Kerry Hails Signing of Historic Senate Ethics (and Duke Cunningham Act)

Half-assed Bushitter rant

This is Our Table and Sami al-Haj is Dying on It

Clark: "Think another war can't happen? Think again."

Arctic ice melt opens Northwest Passage

Hillary Will Pick Wes Clark as Her VP. Also, I Posted on April 3rd That Clark Would Endorse Hillary

More Than 160 Arrested at Iraq Protest

UhOh: Sadr group quits Iraq ruling bloc

Kucinich interview speaking out on privatization of oil ++++

March today in Kansas City - pictures

We just can't keep waiting for democrats

Right Wing is Attacking the Field of Social Work

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Madeline Albright: Bush ‘must think we’re all idiots.’

A co-worker said some evangelicals in south voted for Bush because...

Freepers support attack on Iran!!!!!

I Have A Question On The Use Of The Word "Bitch"

Randi In Phoenix......


Today's public service message for trolls.


X-post from the Lounge: The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/15/07 Bonus

Al Gore Receives Prince of Asturias Prize For International Cooperation

Officials to let polluted farm water 'back flow' into Lake Okeechobee

Fucking assholes, still have one message that never changes

Investment Adviser Asks: Are The Wealthy Necessary?

A couple of WebCam captures from DC (just snapped)

UK: Monster plant grows 5ft in a weekend and bursts through greenhouse roof

Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil

If a large protest breaks out, but the media doesn't cover it. Has it happened?

I know this may seem extreme but...

MSNBC poll: 89% want Bushit Impeached!!

GOP Lawyer Deposed on Alabama Case (Siegelman)

I'm Posting This D.C. Die-In Photo Separately...

Protests USED to work. Now they get ZERO coverage

Ann Coulter! STOCK PICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


***DUzy Awards for week ending September 14, 2007.***

The politics of the anti-war movement

Joe Lieberman registers as a Democrat

Pictures of Today's Impeachment Rally in Washington DC

Play with your ticket.

PHOTO: "TREASON!" Spelled Out In San Francisco Today

What the f*** does this notice from AT&T mean?

Dear Kissinger, your record (and revisionism) on Vietnam cannot save Iraq

1st U.S. truck drives into Mexico after UScongress bars Mexican (but not Canadian) trucks into U.S.


officer caught on tape threatening to invent charges to arrest driver

Impeachment does not have to "work"

Stuffed Santa, Homeland Sec brochures, jars of brown liquid beside a pic of Bush evac GA post office

Update DIE-IN PHOTOS: D.C. Rally/Protest - Sept. 15, 2007 Thread #2!

Run, Al Gore, Run

What Bush's invasion would look like in the United States

In Utah, the age of consent is 14

'DIE-IN' Photos From DC here......

PHOTOS: White House Rally - Sept. 15, 2007

WEBCAM = Anti-War Protest in progress here == MARCH ON WASH. DC

Jake Einstein, Guiding Spirit Behind WHFS and WRNR, Has Died

Can you feel the love?

LAGER BEER RIOTS-Disabled Civil Disobedience in Chicago

As a Woman I was NOT offended by Bill Maher last night.

Here's a few more photos from the protest, more to come later

Mother's boyfriend suspected in hanging of Texas girl, 6

Action Alert: Tell Congress to restore Habeas Corpus.

My reaction to Clark endorsing Clinton (from "The Agonist")

Chafee quietly quits the GOP

DOJ abuse of power? Here is what they did to Ala Gov Don Siegelman

Will Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) Resign This Week? He finally has his road to nowhere.

PeaceTakesCourage Fundraiser

Looks like the Biden fan club has a new member

We need a name.

I was trying to settle a little problem with my health insurance and coverage...

Has the homepage changed? I can't find the Blog roll. Can anyone direct me? Thanks!

Shaheen to run for Senate, N.H. paper says

ANSWER vs GATHERING OF EAGLES on c-span 1 now.


Viewers build own debates online: Candidates, questions at users' whim

Saturday Morning Fun - The "Know Your Place Test": What's your Class?

Romney Blunders With Obama Jab

College Cost Reduction Act of 2007

Concerned about your lawmakers?

Polls, Polls, And More Polls

For those who have said we cannot elect Clinton/Obama/Biden

Today's Bush Radio Address: "The troop surge is working"

People that do not Believe in Government......

more bad news for Re-thugs: Shaheen running against Sununu

Tom Lantos, D-CA: Bush approach "not a strategy, Americans' patience with this war has run out"

S.C. Blacks moving away from Clinton to Obama, poll shows

Our leaders are incapable of doing 2 common things that millions of people do daily

Woo hoo, bring on the crazy, Alan Keyes is running for president.

Clark willing to run or to serve as an appointee

Daily KOs Steak Fry Preview: Obama gaining strength, Clinton's camp in trouble.

Who will Russ Feingold endorse?

If Hillary Took Wes Clark As Her Runing Mate Would That Make Her More Appealing To You

Iran leader: Bush will be tried

NOW what are they up to?

Jeb Bushs Black backers aid Romney

Some of the most political infighting in the world happens at the ...

So Clark has endorsed Hillary. Now, what will Al Gore do?

Some thoughts from a long-time Clark supporter....

WP, pg1: War Critics Question Obama's Fervor: Some Say Actions Don't Match Talk

Blacks moving away from Clinton to Obama, poll shows

Greenspan attacks Bush, says Republicans deserved to lose control of Congress

If troops are drawn down what happens to Blackwater?

Regarding Clark's endorsement of Hillary, let me just say this:

A few notes about Clark's Hillary endorsement from a proud Wes Winger who supports Obama

Clark endorses Hillary from MSNBC breaking news

Do we have the will to defeat terrorism?

President Clark. President Gore. President Kerry. What Good We'll Never See....

Reee-Owwwr...Ffft! Ffft! The Bush-Maliki catfight continues: "U.S. should stop passing blame"

Moving the primaries up this year is a solution to a problem that has gone away.

Wes Clark up the Clinton's sleeve..sigh

Pentagon: Rudy Ad's Use Of Petraeus Image Done "Without His Consent"

Why is better than DU?

The Anger is Building...

How much do you trust John Edwards?

Will the Republican nominee be someone who hasn't entered yet?

Las Vegas Sun: Richardson elusive as a presidential candidate

Dave Cline, former president of VFP (RIP)

When it comes to Iraq, read the writing on the wall

My problem with Hillary beyond electability

I believe it is more likely than not that the Democratic ticket will be Clinton/Clark.

WH says NOT sorry for deficiets (greenspan critical o Bush)_-say $$ went to

China's Media Has the Cahones to Cover Kucinich

Florida Democrats backing down on Jan. 29 primary

Lucky Ducky presents "Poverty Lines throughout The Ages" (TOM the DaNCINg BUg 'TOON)

Which candidate criticisms here at DU sound most like something you'd read at Freerepublic?

Uh-Oh...does Shrub know about this?

About 2 years ago, I said Wes Clark would endorse Hillary in Primary

How much do you trust Hillary Clinton?

Rudy: clueless and campaigning for president

digby: The Presidential

Identity of 36 Nations....LOL

National Security and Military Leaders Praise Barack Obama's Plan To End the War In Iraq

Now that Clark is out of the question as Obama's VP candidate

The White House is generously sending its special toilet paper

Interesting posts about DU and their FReeper visiting trolls!

Blue Oregon: Remarkable

Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee poll participation

Thompson blames Clinton for attention to his remark about Cubans

How much do you trust Barack Obama?

Obama and the black community must be heard

Who wants *Free* RFK Jr. for President Bumperstickers???

Administration Push For Oil And Gas Drilling Holes In GOP Western Base

Run-off voting. Can we get it now? What would it take to make it happen

Democrats Support the Troops

Photo: The Gipper & "heir apparent" Fred. WOW, you can hardly tell them apart!

I will just say thanks to Clark for TRYING in 2004.

Lincoln Chafee...

Will Gore endorse Hillary next?

Wesley Clark endorses Hillary Clinton


Frank Rich is Rich...

Which of these figures do you trust the most?

Thoughts from my mom about party and principles,

Polls are great and all, but there's one SURE measure of a candidate's popularity

CNN calls Anti-War protesters Anti-Troop!!

Dem consultant, Doug Schoen...""stay the course" -- the moderate course of the past few weeks"

Poll: If the Dems cut off the funding, and stayed firm - would

Tax Loopholes Hurting Middle Class: OpEd by Durbin and Obama

Please DU this poll: "Do you agree with Gen. David Petraeus' assessment

Funny how opinions of Clark have suddenly changed since he endorsed Hillary.

At this point, what are Obama's chances of winning the nomination?

Updated endorsement announcement from Clark's website.

WesDem does not endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination

Remember: Clinton & Obama voted no on whether to confirm

Trust Hillary? Willing Suspension of Belief!

Bush's speech analysis

Bringing up a young Compassionate Conservative ... "Non Sequitur" 'TOON

Stabenow of Michigan endorses Hillary Clinton.

Only three of the original brave seven remain alive and healthy

The end of the American dream? Corporate profits increased sharply; Wages reached a record low

The Gov of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius should be on all our candidates short list for VP.

Biden is gaining on and may beat Obama and Clinton in Iowa

I never thought I'd do this. But I did, and I cannot believe what I've seen.

CIA Officially (admits to and finally) Bans Water-Boarding!

Senators in favor of Mexican trucking...

Iowa Democratic leaders trying to "rig the game"

Hillary Pulling Way Away from field...

Buckle Up, GOP ...

Iowa Democratic leaders trying to "rig the game" by excluding Kucinich, Presidential candidate charg

I don't think Wes Clark would have endorsed Clinton so early in the game unless...

Don't Underestimate The Republicans. Joe Biden Can Beat Them.

For those in despair: the Republican/Democratic elephant in the room--Diebold/ES&S

Gary Hart flays Bush administration and sounds like a candidate!

A Joe Biden Nomination Would Be Karl Rove's Worst Nightmare

Why do so many want Bill Clinton as President Again?

Another DU 2008 straw poll

WHY Does the Left CONTINUALLY Allow the right to Frame the Debate?