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Dangerous fossil fuel terrorists strike at Mexican dangerous fossil fuel facilities.

Lawmakers caught losing their cool at Iraq hearing

General Proposes Bigger Role in Protecting Iraqis

I just made a rental appointment

I just made a Yentl appointment

good night, all

can someone explain the Olive Garden thing to me?

Can we put a link to our EBAY sales or is that just too tacky?

MrsGrumpy has posted in GD

I just made a lentil appointment

A post about the boring shit that happened in my day...

How Did You End Up Here?

Ever peruse the memorable quotes for "The Princes Bride" on IMDB?

September 11 birthdays check in!

Who here is left handed and damn proud of it?

New Indiana Jones Movie title revealed...

Are you a member of the "Bathroom Club"?


Obviously "we" have to stay in Iraq

American Samoa Officials Arrested

Fact Checking Petraeus - Withdrawal Due to Broken Military, Not ‘Progress’

Will world opinion of the U.S. change once Bush/Cheney leave office?


Woman tortured for at least a week, officials say

Right Wing Pushing Petraeus For President

Woman tortured for at least a week

How come we're only now hearing what a sycophant Petraeus is?

Ani DiFranco: "Why Is Kucinich Unelectable?"

Bird With Two Right Wings

Serious Question; pls answer w/ your serious, best thoughts:

Please excuse my crankiness this evening; it's been a rough day

Rep. Wexler: Gen. Petraeus testimony eerily similar to Westmoreland and Vietnam

al-Qaida Says 2nd Bin Laden Video Coming

I assume now that we had the dog and pony show, people realize the war will not end.

so, the 'above politics' Petraeus does a FOX News exclusive interview

Military watchers is the Nimitz Truman & Enterprise headingGulf

Michael Vick and the rehabbing of pitbulls

The O'Reilly Fracture: Keith Olbermann's Ratings Blow Billo Away

Biden: Beware of "cooking the books"

More on MoveOn ad

There's a Media Black Out on the Only Black Candidate. It's Pissing Me Off.

Biden tells UnionLeader to beware of Petreaus cooking the books

"Beware of Cooking the Books"

CBS News Poll: Hillary 44%, Obama 26%, Edwards 17%...

Iraqi official: Iraq govt. lying about number of civilian casualties

CBS Poll: 31% of Guiliani supporters believe he is pro-life...

The Bushies Find Another Part of the Middle East to Mess Up

9/11 Was there a conspiracy and if so what did the conspiracy entail?

Fighting to stay above water

BOB HERBERT: Fantasies, Well Meant

George Will: By Bush's Own Standard, Surge Has Failed

Who’s Your Daddy Now?

AlterNet: Six Years of 9/11 as a License to Kill

Democrats' Last, Best Hope By E. J. Dionne Jr. / WaPo

No More Flack for Iraq

'Progress' by the Numbers by Tom Engelhardt

Fineman: The Iraq troop issue is already settled

Salon: The Real Lessons of 9/11 (Gary Kamiya)

When We Try to Explain the Rout of the Press under George W. Bush...

The Realities of September the 11th


What owns Who?

City Requires $50 Deposit To Put Political Sign In Yard

Soldiers wish politicians would embed with them

Memories Of A Late Summer Morning

The Lives That Begin and End at Age 21


Short Shift At Ground Zero - Kim and Reggie Harris

Americans sacrificing money for war


Democrats tell Petraeus that Iraq surge has failed

America’s self-inflicted war wounds

David Vitter: Sex, Lies and Polygraphs

‘Tell the Truth, General!’ Anti-War Protesters Demand

America’s self-inflicted war wounds

Dead Dogs, Dead Ponies: The Petraeus Show

History: What a Bitch - (Part – Oh hell, who's counting?)

The Financial Paradoxes of Globalization

Tomgram: The Petraeus Moment

The Petraeus hearings may go down as the most fraudulent road tour since Milli Vanilli.

A new book by an ex-administration official will shed more unflattering light on the White House, es

Denying the Truth: Petraeus, Iraq, and Our Pontius Pilate Press

John Nichols: Honoring 9-11 By Objecting To Its Exploitation

Journey's end for a paralyzed soldier

Jose Padillas's Fate - And Ours

Jamming with Geppetto

Bush At His Shrink: The Nightmares Continue

MAUREEN DOWD: Peaches Tightens the Girdle

creating the illusion of a masculine mystique?

Twenty-Two Things We Now Know Six Years After 9/11

We have betrayed ourselves.

Is the U.S. Responsible for a Million Iraqi Deaths?

Did George W. Bush Write This?

Protect Utah Prairie Dogs and Other Wildlife (Defenders of Wildlife)

Maxwell Technologies to Design and Produce Ultracapacitors for Mercedes Hybrids

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice 1 Million+ KM2 Below 2005 Record - 1st-Time Ice-Free Area Size Of California

New South Wales Carbon Trading Plan Disintegrating, Opposition Claims - The Age

Makah Tribal Court Will Press For Trial On Whale Killing - Reuters

20+ Tigers Resurface In Indian Forest Where They'd Been Long Thought Extinct - ENN

FAO - Climate Breakdown Could Threaten Food Security - Voice Of America

Adelie Penguin Colony In Palmer Land, Antarctica, Collapsing - 80% Population Loss Since 1974

Dysfunction, Globalization And The Search For The English Apple - Guardian

Renewable Energy Expo 10/13 - Orlando, FL - Free!

At German Auto Show, Watanabe Confident Toyota Will Lead Hybrid Pack - AFP

Cold Ocean Current Which Mixed Adriatic & Mediterrenean Stopped Flowing In 2003, Threatens Sea Life

HGTV had a good show last night.

Arctic Ice Continues Record Melting

Journal entry July 4th 2019

Ethanol distillery joins Chicago Climate Exchange

Farmers "Desperate For Rain" As Worst Drought In Years Bakes Eastern United States - WP

Another Pipeline Proposed For Midwest From Tar Sands

Has your Rep co-sponsored the Clean Water Restoration Act?

Thanks To Destruction Of Amazon Forests, Brazil Now #4 In Total GHG Emissions - McClatchy/Yahoo

Germany: What a Lake Says About Climate Change

Cod - Gone. Halibut - Gone. Britain Surveys Shreds Of North Sea Fisheries - Guardian

AlterNet: Is Eating Local the Best Choice?

Gray Whales Starving At Breeding Grounds - Species Plows For Food Now Missing From Seafloor

Say No to expansion of "mountaintop removal" mining

Man-made chemicals blamed as many more girls than boys are born in Arctic - Guardian

University Of Illinois - Arctic Basin Sea Ice Anomaly Nearly Off Bottom Of Chart - Literally

Oil Firms Waste $40B per Year in Gas

Want to hear something ironic about nuclear power and Climate Chaos?

ANALYSIS-Who will foot the nuclear power bill? (WNA agrees with Al Gore)

How much nuclear power is really going to get built in the next 20 years?

Scientist burns water

Cuban dad questioned about sex life

Fighting to stay above water

GOP support for Iraq war on shaky ground

Study finds left-wing brain, right-wing brain

Bush policy to bequeath Iraq to successor

OPEC Nations Including Venezuela Say Supply Boost Is Not Needed

Testimony, recent reports not always on same page

Sadr movement says may pull out of Iraqi coalition

New bin Laden video surfaces

Bomber hits convoy in Afghanistan

Rocket wounds dozens of Israeli troops

PM praises Afghan role as `noble, necessary'

Weldon son faces new drug charges

Lawyer: Haditha Marine rejects plea deal

Turkish bomb 'catastrophe' foiled

Starbucks rethinks stance on young customers

U.S. nuclear experts enter DPRK (North Korea)

Housing Slump Will Deepen as Mortgage Crisis Stifles Lending, Realtors Say

Banks could face £70bn debt bill

The Report On Drudge: He’s Quitting Radio Show

Poll: Few Americans Think U.S. Is Winning War On Terro

Security in Iraq still elusive

Intelligence Sources Contradict Myth of 'Osama's Cave'

Chile and Brazil to receive Palestinian refugees

Senate OKs $1 billion to repair bridges

Iran: U.S.’s ‘Weak Points’ Spotted in War Zones

KRG (Iraqi Kurds) signs oil and gas contract with US-based Hunt Oil

Bush to lower troop levels 30, NEXT summer

Lawyer wrongly accused in Madrid bombings back in court over Patriot Act

Republicans sharply question Iraq policy

Democrats Field Navy Vet to Run for Hunter’s San Diego Seat

Reports Iranian arms reaching Taliban worry U.S.

Bush to announce withdrawal of 30,000 troops, official says

Senate OKs $1 billion to repair bridges

Study Finds Conservatives Rule Op-Ed pages -- With George Will as King

U.S. intelligence chief still fears 'sleeper cells' on 6th anniversary Sept. 11

Most see Iraq war as complete or partial failure(AP/Ipsos Poll)

CA Court won't dissolve panel that could limit state prison population

Iraq Insurgents Attack U.S. Headquarters

Scientist burns water

Brainy parrot Alex dies at 31

Stevens Mentioned in FBI Video

Jazz legend Joe Zawinul dies at 75

Ex-Rudy aide (Jerry Hauer), now critic, for Hillary

Rapist agrees to castration to avoid life in prison

China-Venezuela Join in Oil Investments

Vandalism at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

Carter calls for direct US-Iran talks

Arctic Sea Ice Cover At Record Low

The 'proxy war': UK troops are sent to Iranian border

Woman cleared of dog attack death

Democrats Struggle to Regain Offensive

US Wants Panama Congress Chair Out

Dollar hits fresh 15-year low

Health care premiums rise 6.1 percent

Philippines' Estrada gets life

Health insurance premiums rise 6.1 pct. (outpacing inflation)

6 in West Virginia charged with beating, sexually assaulting woman held captive for a week

Israel targeted Iranian weapons in Syria - report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 11

U.S. lawmaker plans quick action on Peru trade pact

Poll: Bin Laden tops Musharraf in Pakistan

Soldiers wish politicians would embed with them

OPEC Agrees to Boost Crude Oil Output

Stocks surge on hopes for a rate cut

Disturbed anti-war protester can't find soldier, kills civilian with axe instead

Prostitute Says She Had Sex With Vitter

Gray whale success story may be a myth

China bans lead paint in US toy exports

Hit and Myth: Poll Shows 1 in 3 Americans Still Believe Saddam Involved in 9/11

GOP-led board puts off Democrat's request on voting machine tests

Miers, Bolten contempt filings delayed (possibly until October)

U.S.: Saudis Still Filling Al Qaeda's Coffers

Bush nears decision on Gonzales replacement: aides

Senate Votes to Ban Mexican Trucks By a 74-24 Vote

President Bush will announce this week plans to cut U.S. troop numbers in Iraq by about 30,000

Wheat rises to a record $9 a bushel.

Russia Tests Powerful 'Dad of All Bombs'

Graffiti taggers sentenced to 5 years of cleanup duty

'Star Tribune' Outsourcing Display Ad Production To India

Iraq is ratings drag for Katie Couric

No Terror Charges for Chiquita Execs

Arrests at Brussels Islam protest

Rapist to be castrated

U.S. Officials Begin Crafting Iran Bombing Plan

Overpass Sign Urging Bush/Cheney Impeachment Causes Flap

Cuban dad breaks down in custody case (American trial)

Obama Pulls Campaign Ad on Page of ‘Israel Lobby'

Remember when has-been celebrities actually disappeared?

Cobra checks receipts at Harrods

Who is your boring hubby?

NASA slogans...

What does "digg" mean?

I've defeated Al Queda in their attempt to attack my 'puter!

Whom is your hubby boring?

In my own personal attempt to get half the lounge to hate me...

NBCs 9-11 commemoration

Yes, Britney was bad, but....

Politics at work

The Midnight Poetry Thread

Watch a pair of fools deliberately get bit by bullet ants.

Song of the Day

Ever fight sleep for no damn reason at all?

My dog is redecorating the house

I just made a fentanyl appointment

Because we can always use more funny...

I'm getting hunch backed from reading the DU

Oh no, today's the 11th, isn't it?


Ever been face to face with a pack of lions?

would one of you computer whizzes take pity on me?

whole wheat

Stupid but funny as hell

No no no no no!

Joe Zawinul RIP

2000 according to 1910

How many taters would taterguy tater to make a taterguy tater taters?

Things People Would Never Say?

Prog rock to be banned in Philadelphia?

If you could play strip poker with five people, who would they be?

Why do I have to keep reading these technical manuals?

i posted in GD. take a look if you have a moment.

What 1999 would look like... From a 1982 Persepective

Dumb landlord

A belated sad anniversary.

Who wishes Britney Spears would disappear?

Diddy gets the prize for the funniest line of the VMA's...

It's election day!

Need some advice in dealing with Capital One credit card bank

Meet "Little Jerry":

Your Age by eating out---really cool and fun to do

Huge Toll Hike seen in NJ Governor Corizine's plan

Missing all my friends in the fitness forum

John Dean's new book comes out today--and I can't afford to buy it

What kind of software do you think God is using to run this virtual world we're livng in?

2075 according to 2008

Any fans of Groucho Marx here?

Old Navy Stores Looted, After Hiring Rumsfeld As CEO

I will be 30.5 years old when i finish with my masters.

If we created a DU time capsule that is to be opened 75 years from today....

I Am So Confused, I Dont Know What To Do

New shows now on How Clean Is Your House, the show just started.

Fattest cat evah!

Who here is under handed and damn proud of it?

Greatly exaggerate a rumor about your death

Kanye West: MTV Exploited Britney & Me

Why is it Carls Jr. in the west and Hardees in the east?

Who are the most bizarre music artists that you like?

pic thread with my new camera!

How long would you wait before you contacted a warranty provider?

i can has best fwend?

What 1999 would look like... From a 1966 Persepective

If a fork and a spoon got married, what would their offspring be?

Hey Loungers! Please DU this DU post from a Lounge DUer!

"My Tampon" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "my tampon".

My tampon wrapper says "You go girl!"

this job is difficult

My new office fridge under my desk comes with an instruction manual.

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

He's in his wide stance with his Hammer pants.... Oh my Gaud!

I cannot convince Mr. DTBK to get a third cat

I am having a bad pain day.

new content....

The last upside down year was 1961

Its Erection Day

Can you believe The Graduate is 40 years old??

Have You Ever Committed A Lynne Sin

The day Lounge and the night Lounge are certainly different animals

I've done something stupid and challenging...signed up for my first Ironman.

Trapped In The Closet?

walking in the park just the other day

asking for a raise

Flipping out with Jeff Lewis - more drama than I believed possible

Anyone seen Carrot Top lately?

Fundie Tampon Wrappers:

Brittany Has My Tampon

Come and get one in the yarbles

I'm watching the original "Cape Fear"

"Kevin Everett will walk out of the hospital." - latest on paralyzed Bills player

Post something about yourself that will make 1/17 of the Lounge indifferent

a version of "peppermint twist"

Does anyone watch "Rock of Love" -- Bret Michaels' "reality" TV show?

Today's criminally unknown song: Thomas Dolby's "The Mirror Song" (from the film Toys)

Who had September 7 in the WillPitt return pool!

This is kinda scary

Has Anyone Ever Been To Nanaimo Canada?

Why is the *Do not* send me a bumpersticker in bold?

Post Something About Yourself That Will Make Half The Lounge Like You

Has Anyone Ever Had Cataract Surgery Before?

A new Mr Scorpio Game: Let's play "The Person Below Me"

Cream of Mushroom Soup comes with condom.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Two most favorite teams in any/all sports?

Official "Grocery Store With Mom" Music Thread

Condom comes with Cream of Mushroom Soup

Baby Come To Me

i pLayed ass-grabby on the train today

Coming up for air to say hello!

you act like you were just born tonight

help! Need female grooming advice! - tip for haircut???

Do not want!

Ever feed a mint to a horse?

Freudian Slip?

Omg, I'm getting hate email from someone whose addy is "hate"!

ohiosmith! good luck tomorrow, man!!!

"Welcome Class of 2011"

My tampon wrappers have no inspirational messages

"9.42? This is an outrage!"

Is there a Kryptonite for Mighty Mouse? What made him weak?????

I want to see an episode of House in which they solve the disease with first guess

I'm so effing bored - even this site isn't helping . . .

why are all bridal gown sleeveless these days?

Matthew Sheppard, my goodness that's difficult to take in...

Happy Patriot Day.

FUCKING SHIT!!! Look at this crazy fucking fish!!!

When did the music change?

if you have been lookin' from here to singapore


Where Were You 6Years Ago Today

German TV show host is fired for admiring "family values" of Nazi Germany

Tuesday, September 11th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Posted this in GD but it's lead ballooning.

i want to go to elysium

Happy 40th Birthday, Harry Connick Jr.

Ever wonder what the people you have on ignore are saying?

Well, I bought my youngest cat a new litterbox yesterday, the kind with the top on it.

If you could change the past so that a living rock star hadn't been born, who would you choose?

Ever had something that just killed the 'mood'? I did last night....

Amsterdam mayor proposes three-day wait for magic mushrooms

I just put a bunch of old comic books in the freezer. Ask me anything.

How do you teach a dog to Speak?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/11/07 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 9/11/07

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 40th anniversary

Oi! You've got to see what Donald Rumsfeld can do with his hands!

what should i be addicted to?

Welcome back Pitt---The Pats still suck!

Wanda Sykes weighs in on gay marriage, protest marches

The Macbook Pro IS the perfect computer

Your favorite quotes on peace and love?

Is this a sea monster?

If you people in NJ, MD and PA have a problem with DE toll bridges then...

A Lounge Vibe request for my father and stepmother and siblings.

Wow, a proud 23 percenter just moved into the next row of cubicles

Quiz: Differences in Lord of the Ring Book vs. Movie

the IHOP poLL to end aLL IHOP theories


Rate these movies if you've seen them

You are about to be executed tomorrow. What will be your last meal?

Exercise unleashes a bounce bras can't handle

Greetings from Hawaii!! (pics)

Jealosy rears it's ugly head again....

So we're in Yellowstone today

Suggest better tampon wrapper sayings

The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2011

We need another 'post your desktop' thread!!

Lovely, the faint yet distinct odor of skunk

Dance Hall Rock

Britney's career can't have tanked completely...

I'm gonna break down and get regular flea treatment

What is your boring hobby?

any butterfly/moth experts out here? help me identify this bizarre caterpillar.

I just spent $500 we don't have. Ask me anything.

I'm really struggling with my hatred of Republicans...Anyone else?

Things that you never ever want to hear from a first time lover?

Futurama: Yea or Nay?

What is a Yankee and New England Proverbs:

Help: Name a movie that'd be the antithesis to SEX AND THE CITY

Haven't seen a "Post a pic" thread in awhile

Huge computer problem please help!

Car question

If you could change the past so that a deceased rock star hadn't died, who would you choose to be

Iraqi reporter: Baghdad '100 times worse' than a year ago

More than the mission statement

Derek Andrew lawrence Hess on the occupation

Army expands 2008 retention bonuses

PACAF unveils service-inspired Hawaiian shirt

VA understates patient waiting times, IG says

This is what we're teaching our next generation

More support in Pierre

Men With Guns & Stolen Gas

Today in labor history September 11, 2001 Among the dead were 634 union members

NYT: Manhattan: Administrative Judges (over 200) Join Union

Teamsters Break Off Negotiations With Interstate Bakeries (Twinkies) Corporation (10,000 workers) AFL-CIO Democratic Forum, "The president of Canada" and other factual bobbles

Pride @ Work Salutes Linda Chavez-Thompson,

IBM Employees Go on Strike Online. You Can Join Them

Big Raise for U. of Minn. Prez, Crumbs for Workers; Strike Nears Second Week

AP: Wall Street Journal reporters protest Dow Jones positions on labor contract talks

Teamsters Tell Colonel Sanders: Stop Your Supplier's War on Workers


Service workers in talks; health care an issue

Big Labor Endorsement Looms, SEIU to Edwards?????

Minnesota unions to lead anti-war rally Sept. 23

Gerald McEntee: September 11, 2001. We Remember. (Huffingtonpost)

Union Members Lost to Terrorism on 9-11 FULL list of the 634

Wanda Sykes on gay marriage, protest marches

D.C. September 15 - Act Now To Stop The War

Katie Couric Repeats Bush Talking Points


Victor Jara-Plegaria De Un Labrador(Worker's Prayer)


== Stray The Course == (repost)

Kim McFriendly At Republican Debate 09/05/07 part 2

BBC: Analysis of Today's bin Laden Tape

September 11, 1922

Countdown Special Comment 09/11/06

Petraeus Dodges How Long Troops Will Stay

Petraeus: "I Don't Know" If My Iraq Policy Makes America Safer

IRAQ HEARINGS: Sen. Obama Questions Gen. Petraeus

Bob Dylan - The Times they are A-changin' -1965

Bayh (D-INO) gives Petraeus a do-over on the safety question

Olbermann: Health of 9/11 Heroes (6 Years Later)

Free The Jena Six

Kim McFriendly At Republican Debate 09/05/07 part 1

Bill O'Reilly is a JFK "Conspiracy Theorist"

Olbermann: Joe Lieberman - Worst Person In The World

I'm Yours Sincerely & We'll Meet Again (Vera Lynn)

Olbermann, Sep. 11, 2007: No Truth, No Consequences (Where are They Now?)

Jim Moran (D-VA): 'The Surge Is Not Working'

IRAQ HEARINGS: Sen. Feingold Questions Gen. Petraeus

BILL MAHER :: NEW RULES 09/07/2007

Olbermann: Giuliani 'Running for President on the Back of My Dead Son'

No Child Left Behind: Truths and Consequences

SUPPORT OUR TROOP'S!!!11 - - Report: VA Distorts Record on Wait Times

Wouldn't it be grand if on Sept. 11th we had a President who reminded the country that...

No End in Sight (Film, re: Iraq - Sundance Film Festival Winner)

Self delete

What ever hapened to Larry Flint's list of Madame's clients?

New bin Laden video identifies 9/11 hijacker BBC revealed 'alive and well' on 23 Sept. 2001

Britney is America's used up and cast out teenage whore...

Choose War

Congressman Dennis Kucinich To Oppose September 11 Resolution, Says It Is Incomplete

RE Univision debate Why should Dodd and Richardson be penalized because the others can't speak?

The Great Divide;State Terrorism and September 11, 1973 & 2001

Mexico truck blast 'kills dozens'

War Made Easy

My 911 contribution. Ashleigh Banfield was FIRED because she told the truth

Norman Solomon: Six Years Of 9/11 As A License To Kill

Point the Finger Elsewhere...

Let me get this straight. A simple equation is being used to maintain troop levels?

Bush policy to bequeath Iraq to successor

A Tale of Two Speeches: In Washington, American Ambassador’s Tone Is Upbeat

Chinese woman has 26 needles in body

I hope a lot of Senate staffers were burning the midnight oil last night

...............The Hidden Victims of 9/11..........

9/11/07 - General Strike - No work, no school, no shopping

Anti-war protesters jam hearing

9-11 Truth Seekers might want to listen to Jeff Farias today.

Bad news for Iraqis should be bad news for Petraeus

GOP Rep. Walsh to call for Iraq withdrawal

My letter to my reps:

The grilling of the Greek

Questions to ask those who say the Dems are "invested in defeat"

WJ has the wingnuts out in droves this morning. Wilson (R-bugeyed scared from SC)

Bush and Petraeus

**9/11 Anniversary Poll**: How did it go down?

Tuesday TOONS: Heckuva Job, Bushie

Petraeus Failed to Give Honest Accounting of Situation in Iraq

HATE CRIME: Six Arrested In Week-Long Torture Of Black Woman

I'm almost speechless

J'Accuse by Gary Hart

Blue Dog Jim Marshall making us proud on CSPAN

remember 9/11

What's up with FDL?

Nouveau Riche Kitsch

We still have spades...and Dem congressmen lining up to tell us to shut up

I highly recommend you watch Rep. Robert Wexler in action yesterday-


My latest elevator speech for Republicans

9/11 changed everything

We can't forget 911. Literally.

Local Marine Killed in Iraq

Curiously missing from the Iraq debate

PETRAEUS' IRAQ WMD DECEPTION: How the General Earned His Stripes With Bush-Cheney

Remember September 12th

BetrayUS asks America to BOGU....

Heads Up. 9:30 AM ET, The Bobbsey Twins (Patraeus and Crocker) Senate Hearings.

Are the Democrats as Stupid as they Appear?

Intercepted Communications: Terrorists support perpetuating the Iraq War

MoveOn vs Petraeus

Pro-war rally in Des Moines

Data on SURGE. Hot-links to Iraqi War facts: # of dead/month, Iraqi resources, etc.

McClatchy: What Crocker and Petraeus DIDN'T say

George Bush is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life


Intelligence officials contradict White House on bin Laden

Why didn't the son of a bitch have a marching band and where were the smiles and cheers

The Road to Success

What sense does this make. Idiot Judge.

Protesting then and now

When contacting Dem Reps please include this sentiment

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL): Her charm finally loses its luster.

War supporter Clifford May fails to disclose State Dept. grants to organization he heads

46 Senators Fight Bush on Kids' Insurance

Think What You Will Of Him But Biden Will Be The One Most Likely To Get Answers Today

John Nichols: Forget the War, House GOP Wants to Censure MoveOn

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27 to hold Press Conference

Evidence that the US is the cause of violence in Iraq.

How did Joe Klein EVER get any credibility, much less a degree in Journalism

I've been watching the NBC replay of 9/11.

Daily Kos: Kos just kicked some ass on Hardball (w/transcript)

Holy buckets Batman! Even the republicans are "getting" it!

Thread # 1: Biden, as Chair --- Foreign Relations Comm. Hearing now

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

* * * Official Dog and Pony Show Hearing thread #1 * * *

Define 'progress,' general.

GOP Now Upbeat From Petraeus & adopts new political plan

How did Congressional Democrats allow these hearings to take place THIS WEEK?

Another "Capital News Today" Poll That You Can Effect

'like and angry drunk in a bar'

Joe Biden Makes Sense

Darcy Speaks on Friedman Units


Happy 9-11, everybody!

For Republicans who are SHOCKED that MOVEON Mocks Petraeus

Putting lipstick on a pig.

Anti-War Dems Could Derail Bipartisan Compromise On Iraq


Framing the message - we've got to get better at it.

Six years of terror. American values ain’t what they used to be.

Will Bush nominate Olsen today?

Juan Cole: Can Gen. Petraeus and Ryan Crocker Save the Next Democratic President

Was Reagan an appeaser for negotiating with Gorbachev about tactical nukes?

CNN's Cafferty on his new book, "It's Getting Ugly Out There": Not a "Hallmark Card material" life

This is the way the world ends...

Thread # 2: Biden, as Chair --- Foreign Relations Comm. Hearing now


PHOTOS: "Marriage is between one man and one woman!" (George W, Bush)

Who's watching this MSNBC replay of 9/11/01?

Senate talking about passing a condemnation of MoveOn ad

Would this woman try to influence you?

'Diplomatic surge' needed in Iraq, Biden says

Michael Ware on the "Miracle of Anbar."

How much of the ongoing violence in Iraq is related to al-Qaeda?

DU Ads and "Christian Single"

Any respect I may have had for john mccain went down the toilet this morning

Senators,..? Ask petraeus why he lost 130,000 weapons ?

Catholic church planning to have churchgoers help pay off sex abuse settlements?

9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero

It is 9-11 do you know where your bin Laden is at?

Should we just say "F*ck it!" and give the whole mess to the GOP to clean up?

Kerry Opening Statement at Petraeus-Crocker Hearing

5 Minute Video Of What Bush Did On The Morning of 9.11

3 people murdered on my block this week

Ambassador Crocker's Upbeat Tone Glosses Over Baghdad’s Turmoil

DU THIS CNN POLL *** Is it time to scale back large annual observances of 9/11? ***

Townhall: It's Time to Get Over Katrina Already

I am SOOOO Pissed at PayPal I reccomend avoiding PayPal!

Hagel Is Seriously Challenging Petraeus

Neck Deep: The Real 9/11 Scandal (

How lucrative is dental hygienist for men?

Free Speech on Sept 11th... how did we get here?


Police arrest nude driver on the toll road

Iraqi reporter: Baghdad '100 times worse' than a year ago...

What Crocker and Petraeus didn't say

Petraeus: "I wrote this testimony myself" - PDF shows Petraeus’s legal adviser as author

Inside The Hidden World Of Earmarks = A BusinessWeek investigation

Blast from the Past. Remember when the VFW used to hold dog and badger fights?

NYT review of Goldsmith's "Terror Presidency" calls book "chilling," "devastating portrait"

Texan 'gave millions to Saddam' - BBC

Thread # 3: Biden, as Chair --- Foreign Relations Comm. Hearing now in cspan

Key Republican Senator, Kit Bond, wants to expand spying authority & grant immunity to telecoms


Good place for Liberal posters?

Jazz Legend Joe Zawinul Dies at 75-AP 9/11/07

What A Total Crocker Of Crap!

Soldiers wish politicians would embed with them, an independent liberal organization, uses "Betray Us"

Israel Bombed & Possibly Invaded Syria Last Week?

WP, Eugene Robinson: "The next six months in Iraq are crucial -- and always will be."

Is it discrimination to point out a rival for a promotion doesn't have papers?

Who is Rep. Ike Skelton? Reminds me somewhat of Richard Daily

A War Still Seeking A Mission (George Freaking Will of all people)

US regarding Bin Laden: "Our best assessment is he's still alive"

When does commemoration of 9/11 move from the sacred to the rote and meaningless?

6 years since's the rebuilding at ground zero coming along?

Tom Toles: The Iraq Treadmill

The lie behind "success" and "drawdown"

Larisa Alexandrovna: A Monument To A Failed Presidency

SiCKO now third highest grossing documentary ever.

young people converging over climate change Nov. 2-5

Mortgage Meltdown. Some NPR shows discussing the housing bubble bursting

New Waxman Interview At Huffington Post "They use the attack on September 11, 2001, as an excuse"

Democrats Weigh Moves on Troop Cut

What disease is most important to cure?

I "almost" feel sorry for Petraeus

A TEDTalk Tuesday Two-fer: Prosthetic Limbs and Constructed Creatures

*** *** **** Thread 4 Foreign Relations/Petraeus*** ****** *** ***

Set aside your feelings for Chait and TNR. His review of the crackpotization of DC is a must-read.

American economy: R.I.P.

In late Sept 2001 I was one of millions who left memetos and wrote on the paper walls of Ground Zero

Has anyone asked Petraeus about Saudi Arabia's influence in Iraq?

Dem Rep. Jim Marshall is a neo con in Dem. clothing

Those of you that are interested in the same thing as I am...

Do you want to see Democrats elected?

The Day After: Editorials Not Convinced by Petraeus

Vandals at The Wall?

George Bush Stands on the Lawn ---pix--->>>

Hey, mods! PLEASE go back to listing threads by time of last reply.

Dems cannot end the war? This is worth a revisit:

Remember PT911? (BS Movie)?

Democrat Warner Holds Large Lead Over Davis and Gilmore

think you can't make a difference? Read the 9/11 editorial in my local paper...

Obama is kicking ASS

Path To 9/11 Writer Complains Of ABC’s Decision To Block His DVD, Compares Network To Stalin

The Surge was never really about Al Anbar, it was about Baghdad

Each party has two bases.....

He was 19. About 15-16 at time of invasion. About 13 on 9/11/01.

US Tells Generals To ‘Lay Off’ Britain As Mahdi Army Claims It Forced Basra Truce

The tragic irony and betrayal of our efforts in World War II.

Starbucks rethinks stance on young customers

The Last Speech of Salvador Allende, overthrown in Chile's 9/11

Lebanese Hezbollah department 2800

*** *** **** Thread 5 Foreign Relations/Petraeus*** ****** *** ***

Rumsfeld regarding Powell: "We're not close. Never were."

Putin's UAE Trip Kindles Arab Ties


Another Pipeline Proposed For Midwest From Tar Sands

9/11 Six Years Later & the Obfuscation of Facts (AirAmirica)

Michael Chertoff, UNLEASHING THE DOGS OF POLITICS: In Chertoff's record, shades of politics

Nader on Thom Hartmann doing - what else? - ranting on the Democrats

Regardless of Politics, It's Eerie in Lower Manhattan Today

Why such deference to those who serve in the military?

911 hung up on me last night!

A fitting 9/11 tribute from pilot Joe d'Eon

WaPo Mislabels NC Rep Patrick McHenry as War Veteran!

As the Senate hears Petraus spin the war: Soldiers Killed in Iraq Top First Four Years in Vietnam

Most polled in U.S. see Iraq war as complete or partial failure

Lieberman Decries ‘Terrible, Partisan, Political Sniping,’ Then Rocks Out With Hannity, Coulter

Wouldn't 9/11 be a good Day for Al Gore to announce he'll run for Prez?

Edwards wins Texas Democratic informal "ePrimary"

Little girls against the war ---->a proud grandma's photo

September 2004 Petraeus Report ........

Raging Grannies group, et. al. == Progressives party it up in Wisconsin

I don't think this is going to be looked back on as a good week for the shrub and his handlers.

Six to nine Senate seats we could win

Obama: a fresh face or an old-school tactician?

*** *** **** Thread 6 Foreign Relations/Petraeus*** ****** *** ***

We as a party should apologize for the ad

lets hear it for Jim Webb

DC Duers... anything tonight?


(Senator) David Vitter Gets Hustled -- lmao!

SWORDS new military action in Iraq

Is this true? Petraeus not sworn in before testifying?

One More For Impeachment: Rep. Kilpatrick signs on to HR 333

Kerry, Boxer made important points during the hearing; it's not about Anbar, it's about Basra

One More For Impeachment: Rep. Kilpatrick Signs On To HR 333

Callers to CSPAN are pissed off

******** Petreaus Armed Services Committee Hearing Thread 1 ******

Why trust General Petraeus more then Gen. Colin Powell

McCain, Obama, Romney, Clinton WHY?

Ray McGovern: "Swear Him In!"

Petraeus: Give Iraq More Weapons

In response to Limbaugh's annual "Blame 911 on Clinton " please remember



GAO report: Medicare not doing enough insurer audits-Firms keep millions that should have gone to consumers

Washington Mutual Chief Warns of 'Perfect Storm' (housing industry)

What I still don't get about the 9/11 attacks

Would notebook's clues have headed off 9-11?

Is anyone familiar with zipskinny? Check out all the info provided:

John McCain is a dirtbag warmonger Bush-lite imbecile

Crocker: ""I can't give you any timelines, dates or guarantees."

C&L: Rob Corrdry returns to TDS to take on the Sen. Craig scandal

"If a bullet went through the back of the head, it's sectarian,"

McCain just said: Iraq is the central front of the War on Terror

Guiliani/Kerik — Partners in Crime

Pentagon seeks ‘very rapid reduction’ of troops.

Maxrandb Demands that Republicans Apologize for Limpballs, Insanity and Coulter

******* Petreaus Armed Svcs Thread 2 **********

Olbermann's Win A Surprise Even Inside MSNBC

Bill Would Block Automatic Citizenship

No nukes is good nukes??

Dennis Kucinich: Remembering 9/11

Did I miss something about Google Maps/Earth?

Man Attacks Attorney In Courtroom-deputy inadvertently shocked by his partner's Taser

Nancy P. and Rahm E.

Joel Pett video commentary on 9-11 anniversary and other subjects

Rearranging the deck chairs...

I think I might have Lyme disease...

Mortgage meltdown--ONE they can't blame on us boomers

Will Large Dairy Farms Get Larger?

Blech ..... Noron O'Donnell is back on MSNBC

Happy Patriot Day.

MoveOn's big mistake: "General Betrayus"

Things are going great for me right now. So what's with the sense of dread?

Israeli neo-Nazi suspects charged..... Israeli Jewish Neo-Nazi's??????

Kerry Opening Statement at Petraeus-Crocker Hearing

How many more 9.11s before the news isn't led with several minutes of stories

It Only Takes 51 Senators to End This War

Griffin's Emmy Remarks to Be Censored -- wtf?

Time to put a stop to police brutality

Caption the Mourner-in-Chief ---pix--->>>

Matt Stoller: The Pelosi and Rahm "Social Club" Neuters Conyers Investigation

******* Petreaus Armed Svcs Hearing Thread 3 **********

Cindy Sheehan among 8 "disturbers" arrested yesterday

Black Screen of Darkness for Vista users.

I've seen better days

12-Year-Old Reveals O'Reilly's Lack of Journalistic Integrity (HuffPo)

On Iraq questions, Senate learns from House mistakes

Single-payer healthcare does NOT mean doctors become gov't employees.

Tell Your Reps To Get Us The Hell Out Of This Blood Bath

From The "While Petraeus Testifies" Department: Been There, Done That

DOLLAR DROP.... 2.02 v. pound, 1.3820 v. Euro, .79 v. Basket of currencies....LINK

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Fueling Sectarian Civil War in Anbar by Funding Former Insurgents to Fight Al Qaeda

Officials: Bush to Announce Troop Cut (30,000 by next summer)

Latest Rob Rogers Cartoon

Jena 6 -- NAACP Immediate Release

Inhofe said Katy Couric and others came back impressed with the surge

Out Of Touch Elites Promulgate Partition For Iraq That 98 Percent Of Iraqis Oppose

********* Petreaus Armed Svcs Thread 4 ************

Lieberman just got snubbed by Petraeus

A Gallery of TERRIBLE, AWFUL 9/11 Art (you gotta see this!)

A ray of hope: The Elders

Positive or negative

S.K. traded 20 million and withdrawl of troops for release of Afghanistan Hostages.

BartCop Needs A Hand

Mark Warner to announce his political plans Thursday

Lehman /JP Morgan pushing to privatize FLA Lottery; Jeb Bush in as new Lehman financial advisor

The Un-Surge

Summary of Senators' comments during SFRC hearing

Oily Substance Spilled On Vietnam Memorial

Bush fan feedback re: the recent Brain Study on Liberals and Cons

Extradition fight halts Noriega's release

Rumsfeld: Afghanistan Has ‘Been A Big Success!’

This is what we lost for Bush's war in Iraq

800 Boys in US Detention camps in Iraq??

"Fox News" is reporting that Bush Admin believe the diplomatic approach with Iran has failed

Schakowsky's Blackberries on Petraeus and Crocker

1 killed, 11 wounded in attack on major U.S. base in Baghdad

Miami "Elián #2" case ongoing in Miami:

How much time will bush devote to the "Iran threat" in the speech his going

Breaking :Bush to announce he'll withdraw 30,000 troops

Tony Snow: "..success in Iraq is vital to U.S. security, regardless of public opposition to the war"

MSNBC, 10:38am, 9/11/01: President Bush is on his way back to Washington

McConnell Baselessly Claims New Expansive FISA Law Responsible For Preventing Terror Attack

I'm ashamed at how some DUers treated another DUer-is there no compassion here?

The world according to John McCain-

When will the national debt be required to be paid off?

U.S. vows to capture bin Laden

You know what I can't wrap my head around?

Jeb Bush's former business partner Armando Codina takes $255 Million from FEC stock sale in buyout.

Cattle Laxative

Biden's in tears on Tweety's show.

Anyone watching Hardball??? WOW!!

what is the site that acts out bible stories...

Study finds liberals more intelligent than conservatives

"Health care is not a need, it's a desire"

Iraq Media Clips- Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wow -- Lindsey Graham must be one dense mo fo.

"I Do Tears" ---pix--->>>

Petraeus: ‘I don’t know’ if Iraq war makes America safer.

Walmart security tries to take baby away from Mom...? (correct link)

Is it possible to undo the court ruling which made corporations into "persons"?

The ONLY reason 911-iani "looked good' on 911, was because the prez looked so BAD.

MoveOn fires back

Shrub will listen to two puppets - and yet ignore the will of the American People!

Bowie Student Trapped 8 Days Details Pain, Survival Tactics

LOL At RW Radio This Afternoon

**********Petreaus Armed SVCs Hearing thread 5****************

OMG! My politically-naive mother just yelled out, "I don't think that is bin

Letter from Conyers, et al, sent to McConnell, RE: domestic surveillance program

The trouble with Hill is Bill!

Wow....Sibil Edmonds on The History Channel!


Anyone have stats

Patreus doesn't KNOW if Iraq war will make America safer

Wal-Mart Tries to Steal Shopper's baby

David Vitter and his TWO Wendy's.....

PHOTO: "I will withdraw 30,000 troops from Iraq!"

‘Guilty!’ — Of Trying to See Our Senator

Don't let Gen. Petraeus convince Congress to keep the war going!

Congressional Iraq benchmarks all on one page

republicans are doing a good job keeping the Betrayus ad alive

It's just the "Si and Am Tactic" yet again.

The State Secrets (Public Corruption) Exception = "Bush Admin... is corrupt to its innermost core"

Politico's Martin: "Is Code Pink to the left what the Westboro Baptist Church is to the right?"

bushie repukes win on the illegal occupation of Iraq

al Qaeda Dislocates U.S. Security Plan by Genocidal Massacre

The BS of the last two days are exactly why impeachment should have been on the table Day 1, 2006

Petraeus Outlines Troop Withdrawal... PLANS???

Fighting them over there....

Dennis Kucinich doesn't care about the poor.

It's not Gen. Petraeus' plan it's Bush's

Officials: Bush to announce troop cut (guess when)

So, what HAS Annthrax been up to lately?

Kerry on Bush's plan to withdraw 30,000 troops sometime next year: ‘Groundhog Day’

How could 9-11 have been prevented ?

Has Tweety Seen The Light? gives me ANOTHER page - someone else?

I Want To Apologize To General Petraeus

The Paranoid Style in American Politics. Terror, Terror, Terrorists are Coming

Breaking the Law to Keep Kids Sick?

Never Forget.... September 11, 2001

Report: 60 Percent Of Daily Newspapers Have More Weekly Conservative Columnists Than Progressives

Kerry Remix

You can fool...

National Lawyers' Guild Resolution on Impeachment

Hope you don't mind; my take on GOP hypocrisy got lost in Patraeusland yesterday

Even the Birchers are questioning the Barksdale Nuke Theft

Bank Robber Uses Own Check In Robbery

Black and White and Re(a)d all Over: Media Matters study shows right-wing tilt in editorial pages

Warner: Has the Iraq War made us safer?/ Peatraeus: I do not know!-abc

Any NRA Members

Biden and Webb on Tweety and

Think Bush and the GOP regret having Petraeus&Crocker testify on 9/11?

Seen at the White House Loading Dock:: Large Containers of Prozac and Bourbon.....the Basement Boys

Theater director in Uzbekistan assassinated

Biden, if you are so torn up over the dead and wounded from Iraq,

If Bush increases troop levels by 30K for his


Petraeus Admits "I Don't Know" If White House Plan on Iraq Makes America Safer

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Sixth Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks

How much money does it take for an "American" lifestyle

Larry Flynt keeps Vitter in his crosshairs

Kathy Griffin's Jesus remark cut from Emmy show

Second Pemex Attack Rocks Mexico "at six different sites affecting 12 pipelines"

Judge granted Craig a hearing to overturn his guilty plea!

Jesus, What is wrong with some kids in the US?

Analysis: Iran moves to ditch U.S. dollar

Mobile system promises free calls (BBC)

McClatchy : U.S. support for Maliki dismays Iraqi opposition

How will Democrats do on 08...

Mom's being taken down, need input from a doc who knows

Bridging an African digital divide (BBC)

Human Rights And Advocacy Groups Blast Bush’s Torture-Approving CIA Nominee

Cyberspies Target Silent Victims - Hacking Into Dept of Defense Computers

Robert Reich has a good idea for campaign reform.

it's 9-11 -- it's six years -- and bin laden sends us love notes

Keith doing a kick ass show tonight: "Where are they now?"

Keith at ground zero for broadcast

A Cartoon Oldie-But-Goody; "Things We'd Like To See"

Looking for a laugh? This does it for 4,5 million people, and me repeatedly

NY Times: "Blocking Mexican Trucks."

Something that's always baffled me .

Does Anyone Actually Have Verification That Rev. Yearwood Broke His Ankle? Is It Just Made Up?

Pictures that 'some people' would rather you forgot:

Would Dubai or the UAE benefit in any way from an attack on Iran?

Stevens Mentioned in FBI Video

A California Democrat says no to corporate footsy on health insurance reform

Why do the Dems even need to bring the spending authorization to a vote?

I wonder what Mrs. Vitter is going to say about this

Boats on Hudson Pay Tribute

Is Brokaw drunk on KO?

Senator Clinton has one month to make good on her promised IWR deauthorization

Media bias: It's as simple as this,

New information about the Cuban girl in the custody suit

I do NOT believe anything this fake administration tells us about Bin Laden or anything else

Fuck you bushitler and your 30K reduction by next spring. Who are they?

Boxer, Inhofe duke it out over CAFO waste

Good Job, Keith!!! Just ripped Joementum TO SHREDS

Can ANY Connecticut DUers tell me what the feeling there is about Leiberman NOW?

Admiral Bobby Ray Inman

USA and North Korea game. 2 vs 2 at 90 minutes.

Keith made the connection that most of us have always believed existed!!

What do you make of the following businesses?

Why I was blown away 9/11/01

'Right With God' But Not Churchgoer Says Thompson

Brainy parrot Alex dies at 31

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I swear..why the f*ck do they have that grimacing slit eyed idiot-buchanan

College Football Fans Get Into Fight. NICE!!

Cool! Find your candidate - nonpartisan!

when * says 30K reduction by spring he's referring to additional # of Iraqi's he'll have KILLED nt

Vitter's #2 Wendy coming up on Dan Abrams

Thank you Keith Olbermann for your words tonight, this 9/11

Prostitute says she had sex with Vitter 2-3 times a week

Is Petraeus Lying? (Is Bush an Idiot?)

"Re-understanding": Thom Hartmann Connects Some Dots on 9-11 Betrayus Day

Republican Spokeswoman says Dems 'think troops are a bunch of illiterate, toothless rapists'

Guantanamo Detainees Tell of Abuses

George Bush has true street credibility!

9/11, not only a day of terror, but a day of equality.

Gen. David Petraeus deserves an apology - from my local paper

Mr. President, America is under attack

"... but I've seen things here I'm just astounded exist in America."

Latest Amazon Tags for 'Dead Certain"

No matter how bleak things look I will always remember you

"Wide angle"---PBS now: women and the Taliban (looks good)

New Anti-War Documentary on PBS's show P.O.V. tonight! "The Camden 28" (On Now in some places)

My take on the 9/11 anniversary

General Petraeus or Jeff Spicoli ?

There was NO DEBATE on Iraq. Petreaus report then bu$h* speech outlining ongoing war.

keeps coming to mind as this complex war goes on and on....Bush NEVER KNEW...

oh, god Norm Coleman referred to 'the light at the end of the tunnel'..Westmoreland..

Great Op-Ed by Anna Quindlen: "American Forgetting"

The 'proxy war': UK troops are sent to Iranian border

SALON Glenn Greenwald: Brit Hume and the Bush administration take propaganda to a new level = VIDEO

It seems like Bush gets his war at the surge level for another six months

Top official: without Iraqi oil, we hit the wall in 2015

If everyone you disagree with

"Capitalist" is just a kinder word for "Gangster"

(TOON) Steve Bell on Petraeus

John W. Dean: "Broken Government" I never thought that the GOP posed a threat to the well-being ....

My immediate reaction after I seen the news of planes slamming the WTC back in '01

Anyone watching the "as it happens" on MSNBC?

Department of the Blindingly Obvious (re Guantanamo)

Transcript: Hagel's and Biden's questioning of Crocker and Petraeus

"Never Forget" vs "Always Remember"

Great News!! Kevin Everett is moving his arms and legs. "Will walk out of hospital".

Music Industry Betting On 'Ringle' Format

Thank you, Rev. Yearwood. Thank you, Code Pink. Thank you, Ray McGovern. Thank you, Adam Kokesh.

stupid question

Latest polls say voters trust Dems more on Iraq

As Bush and Cheney and their wives walked onto the White Hourse lawn this morning...

Phil Donahue now on CBC radio

Jodi Foster is the guest on The Daily Show tonight!

Has your Rep co-sponsored the Clean Water Restoration Act?

>> My god! It's a wormhole!!! <<

Nancy Pelosi's Tough Talk Statement on Petraeus Report

Last week and Memorial Day week are the two least-watched CBS evening newscasts since at least 1987

Say No to expansion of "mountaintop removal" mining

Bill Clinton vs * on Terrorisim

Why can't more Democrats in Congress be as brave as Malalai Joya?

I've HAD IT . . .


So, how’s about we make our very own “bin Laden” video?

Almanac says 2008 will be warmest year in a century

More evidence of the average American brain trust...

San Antonio soldier killed in Iraq had a rough childhood

"So, General, I guess you CAN'T prosecute the war after all?" -- Questions I DIDN'T hear asked today

How Many Here On DU Were Bush Supporters on 9/11

I watched a presser that Pelosi and Reid had today concerning the Petraeus propaganda...

The Nation: Six Years After 9/11, Why We're Losing The War On Terror

I Wish Gore Would Have A Bus He Traveled On Like Willie Nelson Does

George Wept...

The GOP...In a nutshell

Choose Peace

How long before Lt. General Petraeus gets his promotion?

Per MSNBC, Congressional leaders will be meeting with * today.

Our Male cat, Fenny, has been hanging around the bathroom a

The cold eye of the investor

Waiter foils carjacking of woman, then gets fired

Is Sean Hannity ripping off military families with his Freedom Concerts?


C-Span Caller Tells Iraqis How To Order Their Government

Given the way a General was treated today, I hope to god we don't need good generals in the future.

it is 9-11 do you know where bin Laden is at?

Choose to win this now and you can win. This is about the war.

Did yall see Anderson Cooper in his SS "I support the Fuhrer and Gen Betrayus" shirt ... on CNN

Two excellent Stars & Stripes letters on "Patriots' Day"

Not joking. Army recruiters here with the Army "dragster"

Wikipedia on Petraeus: "His father was a canabis farmer..." No kidding, nice "edit."

Melancholia: From a Letter I wrote soon after 9/11/2001

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues 9/11... cooking with george

Ramzi Yousef, not Bin Laden, responsible for 9/11.....

Former GE Chair Jack Welch Rips Move On Ad....Says:

Imaine you are sitting on a toilet in a public men's room

Radio Frequencies Help Burn Salt Water (Energy Source?)

Gen Patreaus you are a Liar.

Greg Palast: September 11 - What You "Ought Not To Know"

Where were you on 9/11?

Anyone else looking forward to seeing Ken Burns latest?

How did Petraeus earn his Bronze Star with 'V' device?

Colbert tonight...

The Democratic Leadership simply doesn't like it's own Base very much.

Just heard - Biden on Hardball 7 ET

Anybody there?

Check out this crap

Did anybody watch Biden's campaign event on C-Span?

Mary Matalin, on her client Fred Thompson: "This 'too late' talk is Washington nonsense"

I love Patrick Leahy

White House Web: Remarks by the President Upon Arrival at Barksdale Air Force, September 11, 2001

I wonder what Kucinich wanted to say?

Brandon Friedman of praises Moveon ad: " I’d rather see Dems overstep their bounds"

Firefighters challenge Ghouliani image - They blast him over handling of Sept. 11

Politico has Senator Russ Feingold's opening statement on today's Senate hearing with Petraeus

Weren't Harriet Meyers and Rove to be charged with contempt of congress after August recess?

Albright, Douglas, Grisham campaign for Clinton.

Did Biden Swear in Petraeus and Crocker?

Giuliani vs. Thompson. Who is easier to beat?

Nice! C-Span just cut to video of a door

Repub changing position on Iraq

$$$ from 9/11

Hold on to your hats...they conducted a poll in Rhode Island...

Democrats in virtual Web site debate-Candidates will participate from wherever they are on Wednesday

Fred Thompson: 1st - Bin Laden just a symbol; Then - find him and kill him; now...

Quick Break From Politics: I think she still looks good.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Biden tells Petraeus: Time to bring troops home

Karl Rove Attacks On Hillary Clinton Could Build Up Her Image

Go, Helen! Tony Snow is an ass, and that's not hypothetical.

Tom Davis telling voters he won't run if Warner is the Democratic nominee?

Anyone able to post in Free Republic? Gad, those gits are dumb.

Clinton to return money she took from criminal

Need some advice in dealing with Capital One credit card bank

The irony of the Moveon ad. Blaming the messenger indeed

Criminal background checks on fundraising bundlers

Democrats On Hill Aim To Aid Middle Class; Health Ins. for children, college loan help...

MN POLL: Franken within five points of Coleman (46 / 41)

John Grisham to campaign with Hillary in Virginia...

Romney Suggests Indicting Iran's President

Defending Charles Schumer from right wing attacks.....

Right wing lie about MoveOn becomes the story

Senator Barack Obama's statement from the Petraeus' Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Obama needs to show he isn't Clinton-lite.

Slide show of Biden in Iraq

TPM's Josh Marshall: Listening to Lieberman

Can we as a people, elevate ourselves beyond the noise and chatter and just end this war ourselves?

Barack Obama on September 11th

Why did every Dem Senator on the SFRC praise Petraeus and Crocker?

Wisc. Democratic Party chairman endorses Edwards, cites his "Two Americas" theme

self delete - dupe

OBAMA: Holding Iraq Hearing on 9/11 Perpetuates False Link

A new Times/Bloomberg poll posts soon... General, Iowa, NH, SC

Don't know if this has been posted on DU or not..... Interesting read...

Name calling? Smears? Remember "Slick Willie" and Willie Horton.

Why doesn't the GOP want Ohio's voting machines tested?

And we're supposed to be grateful that maybe - MAYBE - by next summer,

"General Betray Us" originated from .... Rush Limbaugh listener to describe Chuck Hagel.

Edwards Wins Texas E-Poll

Leading Questions for Gen. Petraeus (cartoon)

Here's a question...

Slavery made some men rich....can't you see we are headed

Oil prices at record high

Another question for Petraeus....

History of the infamous "Daisy" H-bomb commercial

"why we are shouting"

Romney SC consultant behind F. Thompson attack website

Democratic Party Site: Go Left TV

2006 Democratic House Victory Larger Than Previously Thought

Lieberman asks if Iraq war should be expanded 'in Iranian territory'

Video of Biden interrogating Petraues/ Corker

Why don't they listen to us

Brandon Friedman of The Moveon ad was "over the top"

Questions I'd like to hear on 9/11

TPMCafe: Obama Confronts Petraeus and Crocker

Great "No Truth, No Consequences" from KO tonight! nt

Hey, Obamists. I offer you this visual treat.

Ghouliani spending 9/11 Anniversary with sleazy Coulter, who bashed 9/11 widows (TPM)

"Peeked, sat, tapped, brushed, reached & solicited"...Court grants Sen. Craig hearing on sex charge

Ouch: Romney loses home state to Hillary 60-34...

Raul Martinez launches tirade over Clinton fundraising flap

Please watch Hardball today

Joe Lieberman makes Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World. See why...

ACLU Publishes On-Line Graphic Novel

Interactive candidate issues comparisons -- plus wedding pictures! Check it out....

Petraeus Promises 30000 Home NEXT SUMMER: US Troops Held Hostage for RNC 2008 Politican Gain

The next Dem debate is Thursday: Yahoo/Huff Post/Slate Web-based Presidential "Mash-Up"

Speaking of trade deals slipping under the radar during talk of Iraq...

Hysterical video from last night's Daily Show! Both are R-Senator Craig related!

Mediamatters thinks Richard Cohen is a progresive. Do you agree?

Left wing? Liberal? Progressive? Radical? Socialist?

“All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.”

Caption the Pic - 2 women and their hands

US drawdown likely to be long, slow crawl to Kuwait

If I could actually have any less respect for the MSM

Waxman to Probe Clinton files

Where are the magic "moderate" Republicans we were told would rescue us from the war come September?

Minnesota: Clinton Leads GOP By Double Digits

Bush will consider ending surge by next summer!

Anyone Else Think That Biden's Iraq Plan Is The Only One That Will Work?

Today I learned that there are poets in Guantanamo Bay ...

Barack Obama - give me a break

Would you support a Bob Kerrey run for Senate in Nebraska?

In Defense of Bob Kerrey

Politico: Kerry is Huddling with Obama at Petraeus' Senate Hearing. "Photographers went nuts."

NYT: Clinton Sees Fear Realized in Trouble With Donor

Ohio Democratic Straw Poll

The Way We Were

Kucinich to have 3 hours with Ed Schultz--blog your questions now!

McCain: I was right about Iraq strategy (AP)

You can post your questions for Dennis Kucinich -- Ed Schultz Wed. Sept 12 -- three hours

Remember Harriet Meyers CONTEMPT of CONGRESS?

Clinton leads all GOP'ers in VA (Rasmussen poll)

trying to remember a play paroding Ronald Reagan from the 80's. .

L.A. Times Poll: Hillary leading in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina...

Strategizing with Leaders of the Peace Movement

All these back room Shenanigans going on in the Democratic House Caucus…

Democrats think Hillary is most electable

I'm Watching - As It Happened - On MSNBC - Today Show Telecast Of 9/11/01.....

I hung my Kucinich 2008 sign on a huge, noble oak in my front yard.

New Anti-War Documentary on PBS's show P.O.V. tonight! "The Camden 28" (On Now in some places)!

The forgotten terrorist attack on American soil post 9/11

Rep Ike Skelton (D-MO): "That really pisses me off down there, Those assholes" (Petraeus protesters)

California Health Plan in Peril

How could GWB show is face today...

I know that I haven't been a member of DU long enough to "Rant"..

what will it take to make Lieberman switch sides?

Hillary and donations.

CNN Poll: Hillary's favorables increasing , leads Dems and Repubs

Quick online test. Who SHOULD you support for president?

Is Anyone watching the History Channel "The day the Towers fell"

Financial Security and 2008

Edwards: "they should not submit a single funding bill without a timetable for withdrawal attached."

The right wing must immediately denounce Fred Thompson.

Hillary Leads GOP in Virginia, Warner has substantial Senate lead

Mark Warner to run for Senate (Virginia) ?

Maybe it's time for the far left to lobby Senator Clinton, rather than fight her,

Sirota: Anyone want to see what the Hostile Takeover of the Dem Party looks like?NewDem PAC Retreat

I think Joe Biden would make an excellent who really

Ralph Nader

Did Senator John Kerry Miscalculate & Miss Another Shot at the '08 Nomination

When Repugs denounce the purple bandaid, pigs will fly. Ried and Pelosi should not denounce the ad.