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Edwards Jabs at Former President Clinton

Mia Farrow Offers to Be Held in Sudan

Officers' Role in Christian Video Probed

A bishop's run for president kicks off with small campaign rally

"Check, one, this thing on?"

omg...130 cats at feeding time (video)

Monday night dinner threat..we had beef and asparagus stir fry


who else thinks that this women looks like this one

Trashing lost-in-nj's house will not be as much fun as trashing matcom's house!

GREAT Music video on YouTube

It occurs to me

I'm back from my Craigslist booty call. Alive, semi-relaxed, and 100% intact.

Music: Noemi Liba style...

Do you have an OCC thing you do??


It's midnight and it's still 85 damn degrees outside

Now HERE is a fine product!

Olbermann FISA Segment: Alter - 'Insidious Encroachment' & 'Spinelessness'

Olbermann: America Is Arming The Insurgents

Market Meltdown

Wes Clark at Yearly Kos: 'President Bush, Quit Hiding Behind Your Generals'

Giuliani child draws attention as Obama supporter - WaPo

Please, anyone from Montana out there............

Our Democrats are coming home. Have you arranged to meet with yours?

I've seen the lists of House Dems who caved on FISA

I am flipping thru channels- looking for the Steeler game and I

YearlyKos Annual Bloggers Convention on C-SPAN NOW! -- Mike Stark is up

NAFTA Superhighway traffic tied to bridge collapse

Uniforms... in PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!!!!

Kabuki theater and the blue dogs

Money raised from the banking industry

Which state is blessed with the best U.S. Senate duo?

Clinton Takes on Predatory Lenders

It Seems That The Dems Really Did It This Time.......

Warrantless Wiretaps????

U.N.'s Global Policy Forum's assessment of U.S. invasion and

A veteran general hears echoes from Vietnam in Iraq

EDITORIAL: Don't forget us, Mr. President

Free Kenneth Lay............

Bridge Collapse Revives Issue of Road Spending: Politically-popular projects trump maintenance

I Don't know if Orwell Ever Predicted the Illegal Would Be Called the Legal, but...

Joy for protesters as Heathrow is denied 'mother of all injunctions'

The Failing

Eugene Robinson: An Ode to Privacy

Ouster by The People - OpEd

Who Hollywood Backs (With Their Wallets) in 2008

Getting Iraq Wrong

Terrorist cell too complacent to attack (Satire)

Independent UK: The Surge: A Bloody Failure

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Divider (Rudy Giuliani)

Bill Scher: Progressive Energy Bill Faces Veto Threat

Myths of Mideast Arms Sales

BBC: Interpreters 'abandoned' in Iraq

Vote-machine makers profit from mistakes

Juan Cole: A surge of phony spin on Iraq

Burt Cohen: America Needs To Impeach

Keith Olbermann: Ask Hillary About...

Norman Solomon: A Lonely Stand Against War (U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee)

Does Obama Think Polls of Anti-War Sentiment Irrelevant?

A good perspective...

Lt. Col. Gian P. Gentile: In the Middle of a Civil War

Impeachment as Political Solution to Iraq War

Expanding Medicare best alternative to current system

This Time Martin Luther King Really is a Commie (Sorta) (by John Ridley at HuffPost)

Coleen Rowley: I Don't know if Orwell Ever Predicted the Illegal Would Be Called the Legal, but...

NYT: "Bridge Hero Gets Offer: Paid Tuition"

The Nation: A Gay Debate?

The Nation: Data-Mining Our Liberties

Pooping Yourself Skinny: Today's Pharmaceutical Lifestyle

Bush Still Wields the Threat of Terrorism

Bill Scher: HHS Hacks Plant Lies in Letters (re: Children's insurance proposals)

A surge of phony spin on Iraq ...... Juan Cole

Reza Aslan: Why Do They Hate Us?

India Inc is waking up to work stress

Enablers of Fascism: Fatalists, Corporatists, the Uninformed By J. F. Miglio

The Democratic Candidates: A Case Study In "Briar Patch" Stupidity

Fear, Frenzy, and FISA-How the * admin has kept Congress locked in a Sept. 12 state of panic

Not My Grandpa's Democrats By Richard Cohen

Rove's Diary: Just Try and Stop Me, Coppers!

For an Iraq Contractor, Duty, and Then Death ....(125,000 contractors in Iraq)

Sole late-term abortion doc in KS faces trumped-up criminal charges; State wants to shut him down

Independent UK: A stain that will not be wiped away so easily (UK citizens held at Gitmo)

"Kill Or Convert," Brought To You By the Pentagon

A Christian Nation?

A Call for Class Warfare

For an Iraq Contractor, Duty, and Then Death

Bill Gates no longer richest: Fortune magazine

"Christian Embassy" (Pentagon)

Dixie Chicks Get ‘Checked Out’

Someone help me out here

Hillary Clinton: The GOP's Favorite Democrat

Nigeria knocks out Areva's uranium monopoly

Lula tour pushes Brazil biofuels - BBC

Oak Ridge cleanup a work in progress

Coca-Cola pledges to replace all the water it uses.

Jan - May 2007 - Omani Oil Production Down 5.3% YOY - Sixth Straight Year Of Decline - Gulf Times

Interview with Jean Laherrère (studies Peak Coal)

(Boston) EPA to approve dumping ban (boat sewage) - Boston Globe

Man trying to cure cancer thinks he found a way to burn salt water

An all-black Google homepage saves 750 megawatt-hours of electricity a year.(xpst)

British Authorities Confirm Second Cattle Herd Showing Hoof And Mouth Symptoms - AFP

Bill For UK Summer Floods Estimated At 3 Billion Pounds - AFP

UN Study - India On Track To Lose 18% Of Non-Irrigated Grain Production To Climate Change - PTI

Doubts Grow On Bush Climate Meeting: "Running Out The Clock" Common Perception - Reuters

Myanmar Admits At Least 96 Dead Of Dengue As SE Asian Epidemic Gathers Force - Reuters

Amphibians' Outlook Just Got Worse - Fungus May Now Be Endemic, Reproducing Sexually, Lasts 10 Years

Baucus Threatening EPA With Subpoenas Over Libby MT Asbestos Poisoning

United Solar Ovonics producing flexible solar panels at 58 Mw / yr

Traffic Cops In China Have Average Life Expectancy Of 43 Years - Guardian

Kenworth’s First Medium Duty Pickup and Delivery Hybrid Truck Delivered

Early 2007 saw record-breaking extreme weather: U.N.

Australian Olympic Athletes Urged To Arrive In Beijing As Late As Possible Next Year - AFP

Huaihe Still Filthy Despite 10-Yr Cleanup: 4.4 Billion Tons Wastewater Dumped Into It Annually

Crops Faltering In Michigan: Drought "As Bad As We've Seen In 25 Years"

Pollution Prompts Record Number of Beach Closings Nationwide

Puffin, Kittiwake Reproductive Failure In UK Sanctuaries Due To Starvation, Climate Shift

just saw "Crude Awakening" for the first time

Illinois and North Carolina Pass Renewable Energy Standards - Half of States Now Have RES Policies


FAS: India Gets a Deal

China can cut emissions without hurting growth: Gore - Reuters

Early 2007 Saw Record-Breaking Extreme Weather (Warmest Period Ever Recorded)

Local CA TV poll: National Security vs Wildlife off SoCal - What's More Important?

University Of Illinois - Regional Ice Anomalies Throughout Arctic Basin

Evangelicals and Environmentalists Find Common Ground

Can anyone tell me

River dolphin is wiped out

The End Of Cheap Food

Ooh! Look out! ChimpCo Vows Crackdown On Chicago-Area Power Plants Violating Federal Standards!

Dangerous fossil fuel accident causes earthquake.

Wave-Powered Generators Deployed off Florida Coast

A modular solar home takes root

U.S. corn growers appear ready to harvest a record crop of 12.64 billion bushels

Abbas: Palestinians' daily lives will soon improve

Iran arrests youth at 'satanic' concert

New scandal hits Japan cabinet

Five more ministers quit Iraq's Cabinet

Roadside bombs kill 4 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

China Orders Better Pork Management

Fallen Houston soldier was almost home

City Is Rebuffed on the Release of ’04 Records (RNC & protest groups)

Roadside Bombs Kill 4 US Troops in Iraq

Georgia in Russian attack claim

UK soldier dies in Iraq shooting

Syria hosts Iraq security meeting, U.S. to attend

Iraqi policeman shoots dead three civilians, wounds seven

US troop levels in Iraq reach all-time high (nearly 162,000)

As British Leave, Basra Deteriorates

August Opens With A New Wave Of GI Deaths In Iraq (26 in One Week)

Troop Level in Iraq Reaches Highest Mark

AP Photographer Reported Kidnapped in Iraq

Sarkozy's holiday mood darkens after furious row in US

GreenStone Media Discontinuing Operations

Songwriter Lee Hazlewood dies at 78

More parties join Google copyright lawsuit

Second disease outbreak confirmed

US border cop charged with murdering Mexican

Heroin Found in Alleged Car of Top Afghan Border Official

Mayor (Daley) reaches labor peace with trade unions(campaign to win the Olympics proceeds)

Judge bans Navy from using sonar off Southern California

O.J. Simpson ordered to pay Goldmans over game (of knife-wielding assasssins)

U.S. troop level in Iraq reaches record high

Powerful Democrat (Murtha) Agrees to Block Disclosure of Intell Budget

'Tenuous' case exists for staying in Iraq : US analyst (Cordesman)

Most Decided Voters Oppose CAFTA in Costa Rica

Security firm owned by Rezko pursues contract in Iraq

Testimony ends in Padilla's terrorism trial

IAEA starts checks of stricken nuclear plant

U.S. triggers softwood test

Japan Lobby Group Wants Nuclear Panel Chief Fired (Update1)

Around the globe, 2007 is on track to be a year of extreme weather

Outrage after 91 Iraqi interpreters abandoned (UK)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 7

North and South Korea to hold Summit

Clinton, Obama take heat from rivals

UK seeks Guantanamo men release

Defense rests in Padilla terror trial

US commander [Petraeus] says 190,000 missing US guns went to Iraqi forces

Fed Keeps Rate at 5.25%; Says Inflation Is Still Main Concern

U.S. troop deaths up after drop in July

US uneasy as Britain plans for early Iraq withdrawal

Wrongfully Deported SoCal Man Found

U.N. Offers to Bolster Presence in Baghdad

US anxious to keep British in Basra

Iraq power system 'near collapse'

Times Select Wall Is Coming Down...

Facebook insults of customers spark sacking threat

Iraqi Kurds Approve Oil Law

Congressman Cohen to Co-Sponsor Bill to Impeach Cheney

Iraq's First No-Frills Airline Takes Flight (no Iraqis allowed)

Raul Hilberg, 81; scholar's views on the Holocaust attracted criticism

Government Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring

Telluride impeachment vote reaps storm

Court: No Unapproved Meds For The Dying

Shiite-Sunni Imbalance Intensifies in Baghdad (Shiites are trying to "cleanse" Baghdad of Sunnis)

Kremlin sets sights on Middle East

Gore: Polluters Manipulate Climate Info

U.S. Says Iran- Supplied Bomb Is Killing More Troops in Iraq

Airlines sue FBI, CIA over Sept. 11

AP: Seafood From China Wasn't Screened

26 U.S. Troops Killed In 1 Week In Iraq

China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales

Jackson faces jury trial after arrest over gun shop demonstration

2 Charged With Pipe Bombs Near Navy Base

George Clinton - Dr. Funkenstein w/ Mothership

Theolonius Monk Quartet: Ruby, My Dear.

Sunset - Nitin Sawhney

Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line

VIDEO: Katrina Animal Rescue. (**Warning: Happy/Sad Video**)

View at your own risk.

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day 08/06/2007

Have you watched the Animusic dvds?

Hmmm... Not a good combination.

The REAL surface of the sun (pic)

Fela Kuti - Teacher Don't teach Me No Nonsense

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Stool Pigeon

Majek Fashek - Little Patience

4hero - The Awakening

The Monkees - Porpoise Song (Theme From HEAD)

van halen runnin with the devil

The Chinese have the right idea

Whats the good word today??

Beatnik, Baby!

Check out this like action sculpture-"The Five Elements"

38 seconds of Pamela Anderson finding her talent peak

Fudge Packer Popped

Today's complaint...

Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B. Hawkins

Today is our anniversary, and I'm alone

Pillockry Place?

Anyone remember the special ingredient from this episode of Iron Chef America?

The word for tonight is "smegma" replace a word in any thread with "smegma"

Can't get enough of the Beckhams - now you can smell like them

Do you know that its possible to have the same person on your buddy list and ignore list?

honeymoon help please

You KNOW you spend too much time at DU when you

I hit a black car with my bear this morning

If you yell at foreigners they can understand English better

Granite Bay Boy Assists In Rescue Of Babysitter

Not who you like, but who has the best ads?

so...I have a job offer.

If my friends would keep kicking this...

Replace "smegma" in any thread with "baby batter"

An all-black Google homepage saves 750 megawatt-hours of electricity a year.

I hit a Chicago Bear with my car this morning

Between 4-7 pm. Free coffee and bondage!!

some word play

Van Halen, Roth to announce reunion tour

Zero 7 "Destiny"

Should my illegal work be made into art?

Zero 7 - Distractions

Should my illegal art be made into work?


Zero 7 "End Theme"

CLARA HILL / silent distance / video

Jazzanova - Soon

Things that are underrated

Sia - Breathe Me

should my fart work be made illegal?

Minmi Shiki no Uta (Live) Samurai Champloo

Zuco 103 - Treasure - Tales of high fever

Damn black bear tried to attack my car this morning.

Anybody else ever seen this epsode of CHIPS? May be the best TV show ever!

The Herbaliser - Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks

Quasimoto - Rappcats

Point To B - Prefuse 73

Jason Alexander as "Rovemort"

T. Biggums - Oh No feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Muldrow

Olive - You're Not Alone

average white band - Person to Person

Bill Laswell Axiom Sound System Musical Freezone 06 (part4)

Astrud Gilberto-Agua de Beber

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/6/07 Bonus (by request: Marty Hebrank)


ravi coltrane gary bartz eric gravatt part2

Doctor Who - The Dub Syndicate


Should my Kraftwerk be made illegal?

United Future Organization - United Future Airlines

Nevermind...I figured it out.

Anyone else love Zero 7?

Moloko - The Flipside

I should be illegal. Call me Art.

Kudos to the folks in Delaware...

Have any of you seen either of these movies: "Once" or "Evening"?

"Nothin' in my pockets.....I got nothin' up my sleeve.... I keep my magic in my heart..."

Propellerheads - History Repeating feat Shirley Bassey

Eddie Jefferson - Bennie's From Heaven

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88 - "Águas de março"

How do you "check out" a charitable organization?

Level 42 - Lessons In Love (live)

Hey DU'ers, your help is needed!! Please read...

What just occured to me re: lolcats and Bush

B52's - Planet claire

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne (Live)

Frank Zappa - Live - Montana

Gift for a wedding shower?

Has anybody here seen my package?

Is Harpo Evil

Michael Franti and Spearhead : Time To Go Home

Did Gilligan have a rug?

Please DU my Urban Dictionary Definitions!

More, More, More - Andrea True Connection

Madlib - Slim's Return

I am in absolute agony here.

Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry "7 Seconds"

They will all taste OBLIVION! Which tastes JUST like Red Bull... which is disgusting!

Here is a wild and crazy idea for a wedding reception that's wonderful.

I left three of my children in the car yesterday while I went shopping!

Another Poem

A Sonnet

Give Blood At The 'Saw IV' Blood Drive

The Official Lounge Caroline Giuliani Appreciation thread

Damnit! Just got a call from the college!

Damnit - I was never interested in having kids until I saw this....

I just hand wrote and addressed invitations to my daughter's birthday party, ask me anything!

should my art work be made illegal?

There can be only one.

I watched "Idiocracy." OMG!

Reading/Berks Co., PA DUers: help me with a baby kitten

General Discussion overload- I'm tired of the soup de jour!

Was Gilligan's hair dyed?

If somebody mumbles something to you in a (foreign language), would you worry?

I only had a FEW!!!!!

Cat stowaway

This is my new desktop picture.

It was inevitable, but I fear it nonetheless.

I'd be honored to be on any of you's Conquest List. (coolcopycat)

For my 20,000th post on DU....

I Have A Big Meatloaf

Moronic computer question

Job interview tomorrow

Dems sneak provision legalizing gay marriage into FISA Bill at last second

how much do i Love your moma?

MrScorpio's favorite piece of classical music, Enjoy

Stevie Nicks "Gold Dust Woman" - 1981

What is the very best Musical film ever made?

Was seemunkee's surgery today?

Hmmm...I understand that the Chicago Cubs are in the middle of a pennant race...

camel toe

Is There A Heaven And Hell Or Both?

Peanut Butter or Mayonnaise?

I have this friend who sends me porn.

Sigh. There was an 8 year old boy at the gym today.

It's probably bad that I thought this was hilarious

Fuck me! Cataract surgery. Both eyes. Sonuvabitch.

"Meatloaf" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "meatloaf".


So on Friday, I'm heading out to New Orleans for 3 1/2 weeks...

Humming - Portishead

Considering the life you've led, would you be better off if there are heaven and hell or no

Lounge vibes?

Woo-hoo. Back to the hospital. again.

Stupid questions about the moon

It is going to be 1000 degrees here today.

What constitutes a "good" person?

I'd be honored to be on any of you's Ignore List.

I'd be honored to be on any of you's Adore List.(lamecopycat)

Sleeping baby gives car-thief second thoughts

ABC's "The Bachelor" - why are all the bachelors (& bachelorettes) white


Presenting a school mascot even more bizarre than the banana slug!

I just avoided hitting a motorcyclist this morning.

They're coming to take me away...

Did anybody see the polygamist on Wife Swap last night?

Your favorite Little Tony jokes...

Did anybody see the "Meatloaf "on Wife Swap last night?

Man Charged With Selling His Employer's Domain Name For $200k

Did anybody see the "breeder" on Wife Swap last night?

I have not seen this wife-swap show, but I firmly believe that if they can show this on TV...

I'm baaaaaack!!!

Study Finds Sexism Rampant In Nature

Did anyone catch Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain last night?

OMG, this location was just mentioned on Jeopardy

Okay, which of you people is "trackfan" and

So this new $10 million game show...

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest on AMC n/t

UPDATE: Thank you for the Lounge vibes...

We're both sick - and being sick sucks

Never mind... nt

Your favorite candidate sucked at the debate tonight.

The official Michael Vick chew toy!

Thanks for all your support, guys! Thankfully, Bill O'Reilly is on to these evil bears...

If you're bored, go watch Grizzly Cam--live cam of Grizzlies catching salmon in Alaska.

Woman Robs Uncle Bob's Fudge

1,500 minutes to Top Chef, people!

Police Looking For "Professionals" Who Removed Man's Testicles

Who do you love??!! - It's time for a George Thorogood appreciation thread


My apologies to the good sensibilities of loungers and mods

Moronic auto finance question

NYT: To Punish Thai Police, a Hello Kitty Armband

The Milwaukee PBS channel is having a begathon...

You like those old THIN MAN movies? Here's some great dialog:

Fill in the blank: Is that a _________ in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Given the current socio-political situation, I'd like to quote NIN's "Head Like A Hole."

Fill in the Blank: God, my ______ hurts!

Sandra Lee is horrible

Is Oprah evil?

Woohoo! I can see again!

Ruby our mini-schnauzer is wrestling with the kitten....

Deadheads and San Francisco scene fans, lookie here---

Not enough porn.

How do I know if a coworker is being friendly or flirty?

If Bush thought he could get away with this much spectacle, I guarantee you he'd do it.

If ever I needed the good thoughts & vibes from DUers - now is the time!

Would you eat the bacon chocolate bar?

Bonds is 2 fer 2 so far . . .


What is your favorite John Belushi film?

I just got back from the market.

Is a "fucking moron" someone who is bad at, or unrehearsed in sexual practice?

Hammerin' Hank Aaron . . .

It's 3am. There's no way I'm going to work today.


Would anyone want a High Contrast layout for DU? (Dark background and light text)

I just got the leather-bound "chewing gums of the world sampler" with over 1000 pieces of gum...

Has anyone ever deleted a blog?

This post is contagious.

So how do Ales in England differ from Microbrew Ales in the US

POST HERE: you know its hot when........


So...what was up with that Meatloaf guy, anyway?

Baby bobcat wanders into (Maine) auto parts store

Seriously - women - if you chew gum in public, you look like a fucking moron who gives sex away

Zero 7 - I Have Seen

Remember the alien crop circle in Britian. Now check this out and prepare to PUKE

Google shut-down my Gmail account... WTF?!?!?!?!

Prince Phillip cuts one

WHY THE FUCK does a CT Scan cost $4,069.81??!!!!11

What do Smokey the Bear and Attila the Hun have in common?

I made the Good Eats recipe for MEATLOAF this week

HospitalFest 2007! (WARNING: graphic pics)

New iMac

Dayum. Third in line to the throne, right?

Beer Cupcakes?!

Whay documentation do I need to go to Canada?

If Democratic Underground was by other name - what would it be?

I'm having cataract surgery on Thursday,,


Is getting a lap dance cheating if it's from a stormtrooper?

I'm going to try and perfect the art of the "zero replies" Lounge thread

The trick is to balance the other flavors against the hoppiness in an IPA

So i'm watching Showtime or Skinamax

What are the best foods you have bought at Costco?

Who hasn't joined Myspace or Facebook or any of that huggy-feely crap?

"The Good Shepherd" WOW what a great film

R.I.P. McTuffy 1992-2007 You were all heart. You will be very missed.

I'm movin' on

how much do you Love your moma?

The National Zoo has a new baby anteater!

Suggestions about how to budget when your income is unpredictable?

I just ordered a leatherbound Lord of the Rings - woo hoo!!

How cute: we're getting mother/daughter pedicures today

Have I mentioned recently how FUCKING MUCH I HATE PEOPLE????

Did anybody see the puppy mill breeder on "Wife Swap" last night?

Guys I know I am new the the DU but I really need your help

SeeMunkee is out of surgery

Best Movie of the 90's

So, at lunch I pull into the crowded Subway subs parkinglot...

Now the Nigerian email scam is coming from Hong Kong!

Your favorite kind of beer or ale

Statement: "Boogie Nights" was the greatest movie of the 1990's. Period.

London: Whar I will Miss and What I won't miss

I'm rebuilding my myspace page and am begging my friends to come back.

Okay y' SO is having surgery tomorrow

Beat the Heat! Post your "cool" pics here!

Today in labor history Aug 7 includes my wife Marta!

Anyone familiar with ALTIG?

"Locked out workers, Fellow Unions rally"

Moderator Keith Olbermann has said he may try to catch the candidates “a little off-guard.” tonight

Episode 28 USW POWERcast!

Marc Ambinde: The AFL-CIO Support Card (who's endorsing who after tonight)

The blogger "labor union" that isn't

Huffington Post: Major Unions Set To Endorse -- But Will They?

UPS, Teamsters close to withdrawal deal

AFL-CIO Forum Kicks Off With a Discussion on Nation’s Infrastructure

Washington Post: Dean Endorsement Weighs on Labor's Thinking


TIME: Unions Go Slow in Backing a Democrat (link added)

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

Kimberly McFriendly Shakes Up The Republican Debate!

Leader by Whitest Kids- America after FISA

Obama AFL-CIO Video


Obama: A Working Birthday

Obama at YearlyKos

Republicans Laugh at Troops and War

BBC Radio 4: The Whitehouse Coup (1 of 3)...

Funniest video EVER!!!

Miami Police Shot Protester, then laugh about

Hillary: "I'm Your Girl"

Hillary Clinton gets booed at AFL-CIO Forum, 8/7/07

John Edwards - Standing with Organized Labor (AFL-CIO Video)

Part 3 Democracy NOW - FISA and the Protect America Act "Congress ... Terrorized"

Part 2 Democracy NOW - FISA and the Protect America Act. Amy Goodman Reports

Part 1 Democracy NOW - Warrantless Eavesdropping - Protect America Act Report

Should We Impeach President Bush = on Democracy NOW = w/ Cindy Sheehan

MIke Gravel on MSNBC - One Man Can Make A Difference

Gonzo's New Powers

No Longer a Warning: This is Happening Now! WTF?!?!

We Will Not Be Silenced - Bush`s Joke re WMDS in Full

Part 4 Democracy NOW - Glenn Greewald & Marjorie Cohn = "Gonzales is a War Criminal"

Sibel Edmonds. Everybody Knows.

Dennis Kucinich: 'I Am Mainstream' MSNBC - Aug. 7, 2007

Joe Biden An American President

THE NEW YORKER: The Black Sites- A rare look inside the C.I.A.’s secret interrogation program

Drunk Delta Connection flight attendant causes flight cancellation

"Kos Supporters In Chicago Were Missing In Action"

No Time for Tyrants

Shut Up and Sing

Some people complain

Presidential Reform Act

As Iraq Costs Soar, Contractors Earn Record Profits

I have demoted Firefox and shown Outpost Firewall the door.

"Gore: Polluters Manipulate Climate Info"

Meningococcal Meningitis in the U.S.

Vomity lineup on MSNBC Super Tuesday...

TV Guide: Keith Olbermann is Ready to Referee a Presidential Debate

Glenn Greewald will be on C-Span's WJ at 7:45. a.m.(est) talking about FISA!

Rich Suburbs Move to Democrats

Jane Mayer Building a Case That Could Be Used Against Cheney

Wanted: New Democratic congressional leadership

Mad Man Rivkin on WJ now

Where will this wiretapping madness lead?

Rethugs march in lockstep, Dems vote for job security, we all suffer

How soon until 'damned Democrats' turns into 'I Love Republicans"?

Free Kenneth Lay............

Is there a pill to prevent men from conquering the world?

Democrats Reaffirm Their Commitment to Voting Rights on 42nd Anniversary of Voting Rights Act

POLL: Are there enough limits on the government's wiretapping authority?

My LTTE on Bush telling children to "drop dead"

Must read LTTE in Boston Globe on wiretapping

Glenn Greewald on C-Span's WJour now. FISA bill is the topic

Barack and Hilary, why can't they just get along?

I have an idea...We need to be heard...

Same Agencies to Run, Oversee Surveillance Program - By Walter Pincus

More Shattered Glass For The New Republic (Baghdad Diarist Admits...)

Rethuglicans dodge Spanish-language debates

Train Halts to Replace Beer Tap, Appease Soccer Fans

We All Want The Same Thing (I Think) An END To The Nightmare

Bill Clinton: The WSJ Editorial Board Is Even More Right Wing And Irrational Than Fox News

The overthrow of FDR and the Permanent Republican Majority

UK asks US to release 5 from Guantanamo

Chicago Sun-Times: Olbermann factor boosts MSNBC

Judge ORDERS RELEASE of 2004 intelligence related to RNC protests

If they ignore us, they think their problems will go away.

All American Presidential Forums Contest (win trip to GOP debate)

They fomented chaos in Iraq with the overthrow, then flooded the country with U.S. weaponry

Holy Crap - Rush and Hannity are right.

Army Times poll: Jim Webb's GI bill improvements

A reporter speaks out about the Iraq war and news coverage

Publix offers free antibiotics

One of the most important threads in DU history is now running in GD.

Corporate style branding: First we lose our minds, THEN our democracy

A Good Question For ALL Presidental Candidates;

WJ: Do Democrats need to move to the Center?

TPM Muckraker: FISA - Communication Breakdown

Watch Zeitgeist, the entire movie here.

Keith Olbermann "had conversation" with CBS before they hired Katie Couric

Hiding In The Bright Light Of An Obvious Corner The Two Prepare To Pounce

As of this post, which will be my 9,997th since November of 2004

Olbermann factor boosts MSNBC

David Swanson Quoted In Denver Post Impeachment Article On Telluride

Giuliani backs Obama

Sibel Edmonds: Governments lie outrageously behind closed doors

Yay! I get to go see Glenn Greenwald today!

Powerful Democrat to block disclosure of intelligence budget

Kosher in Iran - must read!

Media brainwashinging: Even carrots taste better at McDonald's, kids say

I eat organically on a 20 dollar per week food stamp allowance

Have the You Tube debate details been worked out with Republikans?

New York TimesSelect content will be freed; Columnists, Times insiders lobbied for wall shut-down

Editorials On FISA: 'Unnecessary and Dangerous Expansion of President Bush's Powers'

Olbermann's "Countdown" grows: 5 years after his last full-time sports gig, he makes the news go pop

Edwards wins PDA Presidential Straw Poll at YearlyKOS Convention

I did not know Giuliani's daughter is an Obama support!

So who lost the 190,000 weapons in Iraq? Halliburton or Blackwater.

"It's as if it's their country, and we are guests staying here."

AFL-CIO labor debate tonight (Tuesday) at 7pm, MSNBC (presidential candidates)

Calling DU economists & others: I'm researching the rise of pro-free-trade shills in the media

Military: Soldier-essayist's allegations of misconduct in Iraq 'are false'

We need an International Corruption Forum

Karzai calls Iran a "helper" in the fight against terrorism

The new ethics rules are thougher than I thought. Here's a good

the people in Texas are not allowed to know what their bridge insp. reports say

"Move to digital hits Warner Music" - BBC

head of coal company in utah mine accident

What is the best response to the "Bush listens to his generals" line?

I'm sure Murtha has a logical explanation....

Karzai characterized Iran as "a helper"

Zimbabwe: Mugabe enacts law to spy on phones, 'net, mail

Iraq VP accuses PM turning a blind eye while Shiite militias drove Sunnis out of their homes

On public radio an announcer said Alaska was predominantly Republican.

Iowa Straw Poll Voting Machines in Question

So where do we as a nation stand with freeing ourselves from the moron*

Unprofessional Right-Wing MD Attacks Larisa Alexandrovna, Misrepresents Her Comments

Brad Newsham's report on local meeting w Barbara Lee re impeachment

What do we Do Now? Some Hints--

I think this is a joke

deleting for irrelevance

My family got some good news. My nephews wife does not have to go to Iraq.

a letter from Canada - Good Night America

Who Should Be Speaker of the House?

BLACKS SAYING NO TO ENLISTING: Iraq War Causing Major Drop in African American Military Service

Bridge Survivor Jailed for Abusing 2 yr old

Federal government seizes control of Miami-Dade Housing Agency

How to make Pakistan’s military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, the best dictator he can be?

Why did industry front group "National Consumer Coalition" allow their domain to expire?

Rev's Trial For First Amendment Recitation Begins

AFL-CIO Dem Debate Tonight 7 EDT --Perfect Venue For Edwards To Shine!

Funny commentary on Faux News by The Chaser

Who's the Randite asshole on with Thom Hartmann?

US loses more AK-47s in Iraq than Chavez bought

Market Meltdown - analyst on MSNBC tells truth about Bush war & people losing homes!

Judge bans Navy from using sonar off Southern California (save the whales)

Iraqi Christians were safer under Saddam, says Vatican official

Cheney Protested In Albuquerque: "Cheney is a war criminal, a mass murderer..."

CEO of Murray Energy (mine collapse) bashes global warming discussion at presser

Where can I find details about the Ag. Bill that caused chaos (voting) in the House?

Gore: Polluters manipulate climate info

"Get off the phone, you crazy nut" - Giuliani keeps combative style in check

poll shows growing support for Iraq war policy----AS-- 26 U.S. Troops Killed In 1 Week In Iraq

What Really Happened In The Middle East!!!

Truth Be Told

20 percent approval? Pffft...Mandate Man marches on

Veterans’ Rare Cancers Raise Fears of Toxic Battlefields (the other DU)

Let's never forget what Judge Anna Diggs Taylor said:

Reaction to one pill of melatonin

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 5

banks no longer want to lend money to corporations

Mexican Now Richest Man In World

It's easy for soldiers to score heroin in Afghanistan

Just heard an interesting idea on MSNBC, Candidates who opt out

A Red Play for the Golden State in 2008?

George W. Bush -- The Pygmy Tyrant

Tough-Guy Ghouliani & Flippity-Flopper Romney still scared of YouTude Debate

My comment on the lone Republican at the NAACP makes it to print

Can the Representatives and Senators who signed Bush's FISA revision be sued?

Court: State Wrong to Stop Vote Swapping

Most PTSD Cases Under-reported, Under-diagnosed

Gen. McCaffery: Congress should use Constitutional powers to protect the military

News from the Onion -- Spying OK'd by Dems?!

E-mail from Sen. Leahy-am I supposed to feel better? Why doesn't

Gonzo on cspan is this a repeat??

Fed Announces NO Rate CHANGE (Editted Title)

Survivor of 35W bridge suspected of child abuse

US lender files for bankruptcy (American Home Mortgage)

Toles TOON: Oh, Snap!

Condemned killer holds modern record for delays with 7 reprieves

Mayor's Wife Pleads No Contest To 2 Offenses

"The Democrats keep complaining and whining about intrusion or privacy and all that"

Four more ministers withdraw from Maliki's crumbling Cabinet

Controversial 'Green Card-Illegal' T-Shirts Sold In Fla. Stores

Dupe; pls. delete. nt

So Jesus says to God,

Alaska thanks you

Bush's Lies About Iran Are Getting Bigger and Scarier

Russian Fleet Worries Israel

Who's More Facist? WE'RE More Fascist! Cheer, Everybody-Raw Story

Bush down to his base of support

Canadian province may begin vaccinating girls for HPV this year....

Deniers Sending Out Another Clone To Attack Al Gore

Matthews (Tweety) decries poll results he doesn’t like

Cramer about to meltdown again I think...CNBC now. Fed

Randi just said "I know something" about the 6-month sunset on the spy law.

Handyman Admits to Killing Oakland Journalist

Women's Equality Day, 2007 - A Proclamation by the President

Starr Shepard's MySpace profile: Giuliani's mistress or obsessed fan?

U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller: US winning in Iraq

Losing track of guns, losing track of Iraq?

Remember when Judge James Robertson resigned from the FISA court?

Think CSpan2 is trying to make a point rerunning Gonzales' hearing of 4/19 now?

Liz Winstead on The Guy James Show at 4:05 eastern

Border Patrol agent faces trial on second-degree murder charge

Army expected to meet July recruiting goals

Bill authorizing Army Corps water projects hits roadblock (Infrastructure...)

"Female airman charged after refusing to testify in her rape case"

Take a guess which country supplies most of known suicide bombers in Iraq

Pelosi Statement on 50th Anniversary of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

AL GORE IS ON OPRAH NOW - 4 P.M. TUES., 8/7!!!!! n/t

Lindsey Graham: Another Hater Fan Sign Fan

Group's Estimate of Iraqi Deaths to Cross One Million

"There is simply no basis for trusting this Administration..." (Kennedy on FISA)

U.S. environment activist is freed, Quito, Ecuador, Sea Shepherd Conservation

Millions of refugees flee fighting in Iraq

Jonathan Alter on Randi Rhodes right now.

Three of the trapped miners are Mexicans

In his Sunday Address Bush is going to order Congress to give him some more FISA power

French and American attitudes toward government: some observations and questions

Don't Be Republic-Conned* or Buy Into The Myth: America Isn't Conservative

U.S. tours food, import sites in safety drive

Ah Ha! So THIS is Why Gonzales Smirks So Damn Much >>

Taliban stages rare, direct attack on U.S. base

So, how's that surge working out? US troop deaths jump up.

Uncensored News Reports From Across The Middle East (video; over 18 only)

The ACLU repsonse to the FISA sell-out

Remarks of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On the FISA Legislation Debated by the Senate

7pm-8:30pm ET) AFL/CIO Democratic Presidential Candidates Forum.

Police Stop Man Who Attacks Murderer In Courtroom

A Look Back on the Successes of the 110th Congress (Sen. Blanche Lincoln)

Chairman Rockefeller outlines congressional proposal for interim FISA Fix

Statement of Senator Feinstein on the Senate’s Vote On the FISA Act

Disbarred Attorney from Marshfield, Mass. charged with stealing more than $1 Million

Global Warming 101 with Al Gore-- Oprah -ABC- right now on todays show.

Could the government prevent coal mine accidents?

Soon the soldiers broke into open mutiny.

What is Happening in DC Sept 15th....

Google this: Chris Matthews+Hillary Clinton

Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) Introduces the No Child Left INSIDE Act

"You Work For Us Summer Tour"

A moment in the Simpsons movie that perfectly crystallizes the Dems' spinelessness

As far as I am concerned, Healthcare NEEDS to include medical, dental, optical and psychiatric care!

Dread concerning bush's last few months in office.

Pelosi: In Our New Direction, We Have Kept Our Promises to Make Progress for the American People

LURKERS with no DU accounts: We can force Bush and Cheney to resign with a no confidence vote.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tue 8/7 - last laugh

Why is the owner of Crandall Canyon mines

Maybe we the people

Tuesday TOONS: We know it even if they don't

Before the Fear Campaign Starts… (I think I am missing something here? from 3/28/2007)

Payback EU-style (yes, payback is still a MoFo).

This is why George Bush remains in charge:

OK, I have a question, what the fuck was wrong with the old way the FISA court worked?

"The Fourth Amendment generally forbids the government to engage in wiretaps..."

Huffpo caption links to DU-- DeepModem Mom's thread

Democratic Caucus - New direction for America (Anything missing?)

TOON: This Modern World--what Dems relationship with Fox News should be

Keith Olbermann: Ask Hillary About...

DNI chief promises Congress openness on FISA

Statement of Senator Feinstein on Letter From Director of National Intelligence Detailing Privacy

Rep Steve Cohen and Bruce Fein drafting Articles of Impeachment againt Gonzo

OPrah promoting Inconvenient truth -right now. Gore one --lots of slides

If people have already made up their minds about Hillary, then why her changing poll numbers?

New Orleans political blog: New Vitter rumor.

Hospitals are shutting down burn centers

Doom and Gloom? Not me.

1996 Article Shows It Was Democrats (Conyers & Schumer) Who Wanted To Expand Wiretapping (Talk Left)

Angry African Reaction to GM Seed Industry Arrogance

More In Congress Work To Repeal 'Dont Ask Dont Tell' Ban

Lou Dobbs heart Bob Murray (Miine owner)

Why are CNN and Fox doing positive stories on Hillary?

What time is the debate tonight?

Under the new FISA law, can * eavesdrop on calls made to help desks, etc. located overseas? n/t

Meanwhile in Afghanistan... " Taliban attacks U.S. base "

Sidejacking' Tool Unleashed

If we were to form a new party

Baby Einsteins: Not So Smart After All

Tonite, who will the victor be?

When Does the Sun Set on Warrantless Surveillance? (hint: Iceland)

O.J. Simpson ordered to pay Goldmans over game (of knife-wielding assasssins)

DU Legal Eagles: Will any of the fired attorneys file wrongful term suits?

Barack Obama Meets Sister Souljah Courtesy of the Clintons

The struggle for Iraq's oil flares up as Kurds open doors to foreign investors

Wash. Post: U.S. Official Says British Forces Failed in Basra (or, how to win friends)

Suggestion to Mr. Murray, owner of the Utah mine: step away from the microphone

All in all, I'd say DU is sedate compared to this time in '03

the first DEM Pres. Forum (post)

Getting more depressed as I wander through Dem's websites in the house...

Freepers! Explain how Saddam could have moved the WMDs!

The DCCC called today ...

Greenwald: New FISA Law Means Admin ‘Can Listen To Every Single International Call That You Make’

Official ALF/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live


Mikulski Statement on FISA Reform "We belong to the red, white and blue party"

Official ALF/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 2


Reid Statement On Senate Action On FISA Legislation

Extreme Weather----all over the Globe: nbc even news now. Good report

Violent Video Game Ban Overturned

Official ALF/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 3

Al Franken Gaining Ground In Minnesota Senate Race

I'm watching Al Gore on Oprah right now

Cable News Obama hit squad is in full effect but no one ever said the hero's journey would be easy.

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 4

I still love America

Iraqi escapee back in town - "Escaped" from Green Zone prison last month

Hey, KO, get the AFL-CIO to invite the Republics to one of these forums.

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 6

Can someone explain what Kramer meant about Schumer and Hedge Funds.

If NBC is smart

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 7

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 8

I frequently make and receive overseas calls. Most of us do.

Republican or Democrat? You decide....(just makes me SICK)

" Wiretapping powers expanded" - Msgbd replies - "Richard101, you are a first-class Dick!"

Senator Bob Casey Statement on FISA Votes

3680 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

ART: Bible interpretation, No. 1 and 2

After tonights debate i say if you can make it there you make it anywhere.

my republican relatives changed colors from red to blue!

Five Fort Richardson soldiers die in one week.

I missed the first hour. Will the debate be replayed tonight?

Republic of Georgia claims Russian jet fired missile at Georgian Village near Tblisi

Scientists, executive clash over quake

Pakistan’s ambassador to US: "Nobody knows" where Bin Laden is located

Hey Wolfson, save that shit for the Republicans

Clinton gets booed and screams throughout the debate, Matthews calls her majestic.

With over a TRILLION wasted on a useless war, all going into the pockets of the rich

Amber Alert Ticker

Post debate show with Chris Matthews and KO

Official AFL/CIO debate thread: Keith Olbermann moderating live-thread 9

Our neighbor girl's in Iraq, at "Camp Adder/Tallil"'s that area? Anybody?

Can someone explain to me the outrage towards Democrats over FISA PLEASE?

OFFICIAL "ALF" CIA Tweety debate afterparty . . .

How are you liking this forum in Chicago, with real people asking questions?

Howard Wolfson is a DICK. Smug dick. Good choice, Hillary.

Okay, everyone post your top five.

AZ Rep article on Monday's actions and press conferences

If the money spent in Iraq had been spent here inspecting

KO comes on and plays a snip from the man in the wheelchair, and Tweety

My Political Candidate Debate Fantasy

Rate Keith Olbermann Here

Did Bush just repeal the Fifth Amendment? [Another Executive Order 8/2]

RE: FOIA -- "Thank you again for helping me..." - U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy

My Visit to Diebold in Texas...

Sorry, dumb question about prescription drugs...

Spirited debate in a Great city/Chicago/Soldiers Field

After we get rid of the lobbyists - can we PLEASE GET RID OF THE PUNDITS

So the Democratic candidates have now fielded debate questions from the public twice now. Have the

Buchanan says Kucinich did WELL? Bwahahahaha! I agree! nt

Actor Sean Penn Tours Venezuela

The vote that didn't happen

Why do all the Hillary supporters hide around the debates?

You like those old THIN MAN movies? Here's some great dialog:

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee's Lonely Stand Against War

FYI, for any who don't know that Keith Olbermann comes from the sports world....

Which dem candidate would you like to see wipe up the floor with which rep candidate?

Say what you will, Hillary does not miss a trick; touting herself as an AFL-CIO gal...

Possible vomit alert!

If you're missing the AFL-CIO debate and have XM.

Geez! Why doesn't tweety get off the air

Why no questions about FISA?

Well, I went through all the (D) senator websites and looked for/posted FISA statements

Why does Bush keep saying "people in this part of the world?"....

David Gergen on CNN just said Dodd/Edwards did well. Well, how 'bout

CCR to challenge NSA Domestic Surveillance Program in Federal Court, San Fran, Thursday

I rarely disagree with Rachel Maddow but I did tonight

More Seismic Activity Stops Mine Rescue Try

Okay people. After the doom and gloom of the last few days

MSNBC screwed up tonight. They spent 24/7 on ANS, but couldn't do a follow-up

Caption Mrs. *

NATO says it doesn't know if the US is holding any Afghan women at Kandahar or Bagram military bases

Jewish works found in Hitler's personal record collection

Pretzel Necklace! What a fine accessory.

Edwards did poorly tonight...

Kuchinich is unelectable because DU simply does not have the membership numbers to elect him.

Is anyone else all debate-ed out?

Clinton and Obama could do alot to separate themselves by paying for and staging their own debates

Yeah! Screw the Constitution!! TOON >>>>

Has the New York Times gone completely nuts on Latin America?

Hey guys need your help

Good news in Kentucky. We choose a new governor this year. Here's

Tony Snow on NBC News - interviewed about his cancer

The pundits say that Edwards lost! I can't believe we watched the same debate

NYT editorial, FEAR OF FEAR ITSELF: Instead of caving, Democrats should address voters as adults


is the min wage increase having intended effect?

Invading Pakistan, getting Osama. Where does Hillary stand?

15 more months of this shit--- Just shoot me now.

Navy divers join Minn. bridge search

The idea that this country needs to be brought together kept being brought up

Preschoolers: McDonald's Food Is Best


I'm watching a video of tonight's Debate and it looks like the GOP revolution will turn back to sand

Right on Trevor Brown High School Students, Phoenix, AZ!

General Blames Clerical Errors In the Case of Missing Arms

Why don't Dems play the fear card?

Conservative and Republican Voices Against President Bush’s NSA Spying Program

A former co-worker just sent me this

Hillary could piss in a bucket and submit it as a debate stand-in and WIN according to media.

Gotta love it!!! From the Onion...

Edwards did not do bad.

Shuster says Obama "was wrong" durring the debate about the Pakistan issue

HBO Airs A-Bomb Footage Kept from Media for Decades

Colombia suffering from unionist 'genocide'

Which rethug senators are we most likely to unseat next year?

Stop calling the American right the "center"

Tell me what comes after a trillion? What's the next -illion?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

POS Lindsay Graham: new moran in training

Skull & Bones - Deer Island - Anyone know much about?

Mistaken Identity: Woman jailed for nine days

I have watched the evolution of Bob Murray all afternoon

Utah mine owner founded company on advice of squirrel

Very Hard Truth -- If You Want To Live In A Free Society Some People Will Die From Terrorist Attacks

If my employer did this to me, I would have no recourse

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Sacramento Bee's Dan Walters Tells California Voters: Trust in Diebold and Ye Shall be Rewarded

Congressman plans new impeachment articles against Gonzales

Angry Homeowners Take to the Web (Business Week)

Rush Holt: "They Said-If You Go Home & Something Happens-We're Going to Say-Its Your Fault"

China's decreasing female population

What if Dennis Kucinich/John Edwards got the kind of airtime that Hillary and Obama got?

We are China's Bitch: China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales

can hiLLary supporters defend what she just said

Edwards snatches a t-shirt from Kucinich - pics

Capitulation - Petition FISA

She told me she kinda hopes she would get deployed again...

CIA report on 9/11 due on Labor Day

Al Gore To Announce Presidential Run In September

Bankruptcy bill set to pay off big for creditors and corporations

Keith Olbermann did a fabulous job moderating the debate tonight.

Utah mine owner called Hillary "anti-American," and other gems (SL Tribune)

What the FUCK is up with the Edwards bashing by Matthews & co.?!?

Matt Stoller: Response from the ACLU: Blame Pelosi

How do you think the men of experience did? Dodd, Biden, Richardson?

Pat Buchanan was guffawing over the fact the Dems were clamoring to impeach over wiretapping but now

I have met Bob Murray (the asshole mine guy)...


In Dusty Archives, a Theory of Affluence

Debunking the Laffer Curve

Help -- my stepson's older cousin wants to enlist/Naval Reserve

Fred Thompson Right Wing Extremist STOLE My Video I Made For The Bridge Collapse & Edited The Audio!

In light of these kind of poll results linked below, here at DU...

Poll concerning a news item about James Miller...

VIDEO X-Post: Democracy NOW - Warrantless Eavesdropping - Protect America Act Report

VIDEO X-Post: Should We Impeach President Bush = on Democracy NOW = w/ Cindy Sheehan

Fred Phelps Going To Minnesota To Protest At The Funerals Of Bridge Victims

Global Warming Is A Hoax*

The Independent frontpage: Extinct

If you missed John Pilger on DemocracyNow! this morning,

How many days does Bush have left in office? I don't give a damn, withdraw the troops!

Bush Administration and Britain trying to force UN to clean up THEIR mess in Iraq

Bumperstickers I absolutely HATE

In ONE WEEK (give or take), my brother will be in Iraq AGAIN!

How the republicons plan on stealing 2008

Bush administration officials confirms War on Terror a political ploy

Nearly 1 million Iraqis killed due to the Invasion......

I can say this til I am blue in the face, I understand.

Just got home from the dentist. No insurance. Doc wants $2865.

Ann Telnaes TOON: Weenie Boarding

T or F? Hillary is the strongest woman candidate to ever run for President

Utah mine owner: Gore is the "shaman of global goofiness". History of poor safety conditions.

UN: World hit by record extreme weather in 2007

The Only Democrat I can stomach

Which two presidential candidates would you like to be stuck in an elevator with?

Harold Ford, Martin O'Malley think Bush is on the rocks, plan to "capture the center"...eeek

I love Keith. But why did he only ask the black man about Barry Bonds?

Will Durst: The center left, right?

Dear Margo: My Daughter was raped by her command in Iraq two years ago

Still another republican, caught breaking the law...

Garrison Keillor on B*sh visit to Minnesota

I agree with, like, and admire Dennis Kucinich, BUT....

I have been gone for a few days. WILL PITT if you are READING THIS....

Any thoughts on the Pods Emergency Shelter?

Bill Richardson: The Best Civil Liberties Candidate for 2008

My 10,000th post: 8 years ago today the best woman in the world married me

Freeper fascists blame Clinton and Kennedy for housing slump.

A quick translation guide for dealing with DLC candidates

Edwards did a great job tonight. I really liked his comments

Which '08 Candidate Will Restore Our Constitution?

Pentagon officers found guilty of proselytism charges

The GOP and their problems/inappropriate inhibitions with sex

SO...Kucinich, post debate. Unelectable? How do you like him now?

Grass Root Soliloquy

The China Bashing Tonight by Our Candidates (Not All) Was Shameless.

The Hiroshima Cover-up

Doonesbury -lobbying on behalf of dictators

Who won the debate tonight?

Steve Cohen (D-Tenn) calls for Cheney's removal

"A surge of phony spin on Iraq" and "As British Leave, Basra Deteriorates"

You can't touch this.................

Who is at this point saying 'Fuck it' to the credit card bills

Ave Maria, Florida...10 story chapel, university, city.

"Blind Taste Test" Presidential Poll has Majority Favoring Kucinich!

Chertoff's gut

Zionists love the NY Daily News chief

Who could have foreseen this!?

Before I call this NYT writer a liar, help me confirm this

Another Nail in Maliki's [ aka Bush-Condi Coffin, as Iraq's Government Continues to Fall Apart

Bush levels dubious Iran nuclear arms charge (AFP)

FBI: No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11

Giuliani's daughter jumps onto Obama bandwagon

Some observations on the Edwards campaign.

OK, You're in a public park late at night

With all the outrage over the FISA bill, I sure hope the leadership is listening

Abu Ghraib whistleblower's ordeal

Nader vote-swapping is a farce.

Ailing Senator Returning Home to SDakota (AP)

Hey Bob, we don't like you either

Blog For Democracy on Hillary: "She Looks Like Success."

DailyKos: Mrs. Clinton Biggest Loser in Convention Debate

Three more members of Congress have signed on to impeachment

to put this in a nutshell: Gonzo decides if its legal to wiretap

Obama: Part Hawk, Part Dove

Labor to Hillary's pollster Mark Penn: Sever connections to his PR firm or leave Hillary's campaign

It's Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings :

heard anything about U.S. militia groups lately?

YearlyKOS Bans Impeachment Forum

lobbyists are people just like

MISSISSIPPIANS - Get out and Vote Today

Kucinich will answer questions on MSNBC at 9:00 a.m. ET

Why Do We Suck? and Other Questions Political Journalists Asked: "My readers know more than I do."

Clark comments on Hillary/Obama foreign policy spat.

TPM Cafe: Iowa Senator Tom Harkin Sides with Obama on Nukes

Boston Globe: YearlyKOS "whitest group they'd ever been in."

Hillary tied with Edwards in lastest North Carolina Poll...

Reaching out to cell phone only users

Just Purchased - Any Suggestions?

Congress' efforts to kill the Impeachment Initiative

Does anyone NOT believe Guliani threatened his 17 year old daughter? Read this!

What Really Happened In The Middle East!!!

Georgia: Clinton 35%, Obama 25%, Edwards 17%

Smarter Trade that Puts Workers First - Edwards' speech in Iowa (transcript)

Warren Buffett To Co-Host Barack Obama Fundraiser In Omaha

Re: Chicken Littles: The Sky is not falling ...really its not

Woo- Hoo! I'm going to the Dem's Forum tonight in Chicago..

Campaign payrolls in the early states

Sen. Obama finesses his lobbyist ties. Is his attack on Clinton hypocritical?

Don't Blame Us, Mr. Kinsey!

Biden has balz -

"Obama has a fan in Miss Giuliani" - fine!

Help me out, here. what was the use of a democratic majority in Congress?

CNN: Labor still has clout in political arena

Obama: 4th Candidate to Walk the Walk

Democrats to focus on labor at forum

Missouri: Clinton 40% (+10), Edwards 22% (+5), Obama 15% (-3)

New Cook/RT Strategies Poll: Clinton 43% (+8), Obama 23% (-1)

Americans do know that Hillary and Giuliani are supporters of Bush's Iraq War, right?

Bush Down to His Base of Support (AP)

Poll Suggests Hillary Winning Foreign Policy Arguments With Obama : Clinton Embraces Subprime Reform

Anyone got a link to the 41 congresscritters that voted for FISA?

Ghouliani: Only I can beat Hillary Clinton, predicts Hillary/Obama ticket

Chicago Tribune: Democrats debate; unions delight tonight

Bloomberg: Edwards's Stance on Trade May Attract Union Support

State AFL-CIO confab in Waterloo to host six presidential candidates Aug 15

what channel / time is tonights debate?

Survey of Public Attitudes Makes Kucinich the Runaway Leader on the Issues

I Am Just Mystified - what power does Bush have over people?

Do you still have a land-line phone?

Obama explains what he said about Pakistan

Senator Dodd was 110% right what he said about poll numbers

R. I. P. ~ Ron Paul

Is tonight's forum/debate available online?

MSM already reporting that Hillary won tonight's debate

No Gravel in the debate tonight?

Clinton aide's PR firm is under attack

It's No Longer the DLC's Party

Dissecting an Anti-YearlyKos Op-Ed...And What It Means For Liberals

I despise Chris Matthews! He just dissed Dodd ~ in a big way

Gore versus Clinton on corporations

Georgia: Clinton 35%, Obama 25%, Edwards 17%

NAFTA myths and bill Clinton

Failure to Stop Bush Is Not a Victimless Crime

DK at the Debate (hilarious!)

Is Edwards even at the debate?

MSNBC not going to stream to Linux boxes

Some are better than others, but I LIKE THEM ALL!!!

So who is running for President? And who is running for VP?


I can't watch the debate tonight...

Boy - You Can Really Tell This Is A Chicago Crowd.......

How much longer until Biden and his ginourmous ego backs out of the race?

Biden... LOL

Dodd On Bloggers And Fox News: "You Scare The Hell Out Of These Guys"

Biden has sympathy for Average Americans because his Health Care IS TAKEN CARE OF

Candidates Answer Iraq Question from Iowa Worker

OBAMA...Dem Presser w/Keith! Kill...Kill...Kill Mushariff....Kill! but I don't Mean What I say!

Lhadon Tethong walks the walk-blogging from inside china

Clinton get booed for disagreeing with Obama on

Why do you think the corporate media always--always--says Clobama win every single debate?

I'm at the AFL-CIO forum checking in

I'm coming out.

Does Joe Biden reach around and grab Lieberman's balls?

Kucinich is SO full of himself

On MSNBC, Chuck Todd reports Bill Clinton tells friends he could not get Dem nod today because of

Will African-Americans bolt if Hillary doesn't choose Obama for her VP?

Spot The Inconsistency

Dems Prove Incompetence Rivals Malice

Workers Star at AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum

Who else is making a list...

MSNBC pundits: Edwards did POORLY what debate was they watching

Man, Matthews et al sure are selling Hillary tonight eh. I turned it

Howard Wolfson

Prediction: MSNBC pundits will say Hillary won the debate

Best line in tonite's debate...

Gobama for condemning the notion that we should sit down and shut up

i am loving these debates

Where is the MSNBC poll?

I have to say, I hate the "SPIN" that follows these political

"Hillary wins on healthcare" WTF?

Is it DAMN time for us to e-mail and call MSNBC on there bias in this campaign

Why did Obama go after Dodd??

where was gravel?

Recovering Senator Tim Johnson gets ‘thumbs up’ to return to South Dakota

Restore health to America's elections and pull the plug on SDD virus threat (X)

Do I smell an Obama, Edwards detente?

"Second-tier" candidates targeting Obama?

Debate 101: Don't disrespect the questioner!

Six Judiciary Committee Members for Impeachment

Ok, I have to say this: Kucinich is the best friend Labor has

Keith Olbermann directly attacks Edwards

Edwards lost!! Edwards Lost!!



May be an off year nationally...but it is a big year here in Virginia...and things are lookin good..

I am SOOOO EXCITED about Keith moderating the debate tonight!

Lindsey Graham gets his turn with the "Obama Osama and Chelsea's Moma" sign

Dear Senator Biden

Dems Strike Each Other Over Pakistan

This crowd is rowdy!!

A round of applause for all the Democratic candidates on a great debate

Edwards Statement on President Bush's Threat to Veto Hate Crimes Legislation

'Pinstripe brigade' is hard at work planning to defend protesters in 2008

Debate Wrap-Up: Candidates Choose Sides

Wes Clark on Kos tomorrow at 11AM EDT

THIS JUST IN: I call it for Obama and Edwards with a side of Kucinich.

Guess what pass unnoticed....42 anniversary of signing of the Voting Rights Act.

I Didn't Like Terry McAulliffe When He Spoke For The Dems And......

NBC Channel 5 Chicago Poll on AFL-CIO Forum

Ok...Hillary is rather impressive...

If you are disgusted with the Democratic Congress, here is one thing you can do

It Is IMPOSSIBLE To Prevent Voting Machine Hacking (X)

An honest question - was a vote for the IWR a vote for war, or something else?

California: Hillary at 51% in latest poll...

Dear GOP ...

Edwards & Obama v. The Rest of the Field?

Pervert Allen says he offered bj because he was afraid of black men

DUers ask for three sets of missing documents on Iraq

Getting Osama and using nuclear weapons... where does Hillary stand?

Is it just me, or was that a really bad debate?

Anyone else offended by K.O. asking ONLY Obama a sports question?

Obama: I never called for invasion of Pakistan or Afghanistan

I Think Kucinich Won This Debate - A Poll On DU Show He Won It Hands Down.....

Beware of the fake anti-war campaigners

Who lost the debate tonight?

So Was Michael Moore's SICKO Wrong about Hillary

who won the debate

When it comes to Hillary bashing

Bush stole the 2004 Election

With regard to the linked news item below, which statement would...

anyone who is sick and tired of the msm and their promoting of Hillary

Juan Williams Defends Yearlykos on Faux - and Wins?!

Kucinich did surprisingly well.

Democrats happy to let Gonzales dangle, keeps focus on Chimpy and his blunders for 2008

Bush: President for Life?! Please tell me this is a joke

I have got to say, Hillary looks awful today! What happened to her hair and makeup?

Happy Quiz Time!!!!!

Okay Gore Supporters....Remember when Move On sponsored and aired Gore Speeches?


Daily Kos: Why Edwards will be the Nominee (by Ashami)

"STRENGTH THROUGH PEACE!" Kucinich has the BILLS to Push Through OUR PROGRAMS!

Great letter by Sen. Kerry to the WSJ about Vietnam & Cambodia

who loved the moment when that guy asked Edwards what was wrong with america.

The Clinton Coronation crap is getting assinine

The Bill of Rights for Dummies

MALLOY: "Edwards/Clark would be a good ticket!"

I'm interviewing Henry Waxman Tomorrow: Any questions for Henry?

Clark's opportunity as Vice president to Edwards

I say next year we have a DU gathering at YearlyKos

When will Edwards drop out of the race ?

For those who think Chuckie Hagel is such a good guy...

Wire-Tapping for Fun AND Profit!

Edwards completely wrong on lobbyists

i was at the debate. ask me anything.

My first choice is Wes Clark. If not, then I'd love to see Al Gore.

Um...Obama, Canada does not have a president. It has a prime minister (another gaffe?)

An Important Notice for RFK Jr. Supporters

Ooh, ugly stuff from Biden's campaign directed toward Edwards and Dean.

Elizabeth Edwards: Can’t make John ‘black’ or a ‘woman’

Head of Young Republicans under investigation for blowing a sleeping guy

Who here has an axe to grind against an opponent candidate?

Who really supports Hillary?

Which liberal has the best gun regulation theories and policies

Just finished watching the "Debate" and here are the winners and losers!

Joe Biden brags about giving reach-around across the aisle

When will the population of the USA be considered as overpopulated?

Kos: It is no longer the DLC's party