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Archives: August 29, 2007

NYT editorial: A Sobering Census Report: Bleak Findings on Health Insurance

Craig: Memorable Quotes

Chinese city submits bid to host the 2008 Republican National Convention

I'm not a Lounge Lizard, only here occasionally. What happened to newyawker99?

So, my kid landed a new job and will be working here . . .

Arrest made after Burning Man torched early

I don't even know what to say about this video...

Henry Rollins - Civil Liberties Under Attack

Private Chenney/Booooosh Meeting Disclosed

Keep Bald Eagles Soaring! (Defenders of Wildlife)

Burning Man torched early; artist held

Does anyone remember the Singing Senators?

Poll: A Majority Of Idahoans Say Craig Should Resign

It's official - we're a nation of bedwetters

Yahoo Spouts First Amendment Doublespeak in Dissident, Nazi Auction Disputes

LATimes: Fundraiser Norman Hsu Wanted On Swindling Charges

Deja Vu

Medieval European Documents Found Confirming Gay Unions

Thousands of hurricane victims still waiting for trailer tests

Refugee Iraqi Professor To Bush: "Why?"; On U.S.: "I Think History Will Never Forgive Her."

My dad on Larry Craig: "He really should be a Democrat"

The story of Iraq: " a murderous, bloody quagmire"

AP: "Book on male penguins tops complaint list" Promotes homosexuality??

Point, Click ... Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates

Random PTSD thoughts. Just fighting insomnia...

Ralph Hall (R)....My Congressman..........

Elizabeth Edwards: Democrats Ignore the South

If there was ever evidence Drudge is a liar, here it is...

"The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics," by Matt Bai

Craig says he's not gay. Who cares? He's a PERVERT!

LOOK what Senators Dodd & Obama are doing!!!

Prof. Bush makes history an easy course

The Transformer

AlterNet: Drug Warning Labels Should Include FDA Ties to Big Pharma

Gonzales' departure not fall from grace-Navarrette


Haley Barbour's friends and relatives have turned Katrina into their own personal piggy bank

America Doesn't Care About Poor People

A Just Solution for Iraq

Gene Lyons writes of another buck passed...


Blowback from Bush Foreign Policy? Turk with Islamic ties elected President

Idaho Paper Attacked By Senator Craig Hits Back

Soon to be former Senator Craig blames the media for his situation.

WP, Dana Milbank: A Senator's Wide Stance: 'I Am Not Gay'

Bush, not Gonzo, is to blame

Idaho Statesman: Men's room arrest reopens questions about Sen. Larry Craig

Stand Up to Corporate Power: Who Will Rule? - YES magazine

Robert Scheer: A Legacy of Legitimizing Torture

OpED: Get government out of the bathroom ("makes craig look like a hypocrite"

Study: US preparing 'massive' military attack against Iran

W.R. Marshall-George Bush and National Intelligence ... one of these things doesn’t go with the othe

CheneyBush's "Mercenary" Legions

The Nation: Skinhead Violence Rising in Russia

The GOP's Bathroom Problem

Dole Si, Clinton No

The current mortgage mess is the result of decades of govt. deregulation of the financial industry


With Alberto's ouster, why things could get even worse (if you can imagine that)

Korea, Vietnam and Iraq: Bush's View of History


A Guide to Media Manipulation, Republican Style

AP IMPACT: a Beam Weapon for Military?

Pardon me for asking: Why didn't Craig flush?


WP: Japan internet is up to 30 times as fast as US due to government regulation.

CREW Asks That Senators Stevens and Vitter Join Senator Craig

Latin America Warms To Iran Amid Anti-U.S. Sentiment

US suspends vast ADVISE data-sifting system

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Confronting the CEO Pay Gap

New Orleans Is Us

British withdrawal could lead to a bloodbath, Iraq minister warns

Bush Porn Pic sparks US Anger

Texas is about to execute a man based on a law that makes no sense.

Why isn't the UK paying more for the Iraq war?

Crowd says no to more waste at Hanford

8/28 University Of Bremen Arctic Imagery - Large Areas Of 0% Coverage Opening W/I 300 Miles Of Pole

How To Get A Pipeline Built

Mankind to blame for warming but can slow damage - Reuters

China Unwilling To Join Post-Kyoto Accord - Asahi Shinbun

Caspian Basin Drillers Face Blistering Heat, Ice Packs, Lethal Hydrogen Sulfide To Open Kashagan

The mighty mighty Bjorn Lomborg double feature

Coal-to-Liquid Congressional Hearing Sept 5 - live webcast

Leeriness Of Beijing Venue Growing Rapidly Among Endurance Athletes - Mercury News

Dolphin Thought Extinct Spotted in China - AP

Come to the Solar Jam & Rally (9/23 in VT)

Trying to Connect the Dinner Plate to Climate Change - PETA calls out Al Gore, the climate champion

Mexican trucks to start polluting US highways this Saturday

Fill your fuel tank up with water? Closer every day...

Astonishing fatal wind tower collapse screams no new renewables!!!!!

Nearly a month of 110 or more in Phoenix

Could the Arctic meltdown be China's fault?

NOAA: Global Warming is Real

Iran to Protest over 'U.S. Arrests'

Calls grow louder for international overview of U.S. markets

U.S. troops release detained Iranians

Taleban release S Korean hostages (3 hostages)

Nelson Mandela statue is unveiled (London)

(Iraq) PM's party office burned in central Karbala

Cristina Kirchner Keeps Gaining in Argentina

Katie Couric to Report From Iraq, Syria

Myanmar forces target protesters

Right After You Johnny...

12 South Koreans freed in Afghanistan

Light bulb sets shining example, glowing almost 100 years

MNC-I Soldier targeted during combat operations

India tribe to honour Gore on global warming

Al-Sadr suspends militia activity in Iraq

Biden says Bush wants to delay chaos

George Bush porn pic fury

Recipient of U.S. Aid Wages Campaign Against Homosexuality

Canadian cleared of 1959 murder

White House: We're 'disappointed'

Thousands of Iraqis buried unidentified: ICRC

Colombians buy shares in state oil firm

Pentagon: Officers may differ on Iraq

US suspends vast ADVISE data-sifting system

School segregation on the rise: report

Latin America Warms To Iran Amid Anti-U.S. Sentiment

Richard Jewell Dies at 44; Wrongly Linked to Olympic Bomb

Secret facility tracks government employees missing in foreign contries

UN warns of 'armed' Darfur camps

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 29

State Department Offers New Perk to Lure U.S. Diplomats to Iraq

Weapons disappeared in a 'chaotic' Iraq

Mexico's Calderon breaks tradition to dodge protests


GAO: Iraq meets only 5 of 18 goals set by Bush

Pentagon nixes ray gun weapon in Iraq

Northern Iraq hit by major cholera outbreak: minister (8 dead so far: 4000 cases)

Gasoline Supply At Record-Low 20 Days

(Pervez) Musharraf set to quit as (Pakistan) army chief

Clinton to give away fundraiser's cash

White House pranksters deck out Karl Rove's car with 'I love Obama' sticker

Castro's tip: Clinton-Obama the winning ticket

CEOs Earn More in A Day than Most Workers in A Year

US troops 'won't attend inquests' (Afghan friendly fire)

Chileans take to streets in anger at regime

Study: Troops could leave with little risk

Coleman: Craig's Conduct 'Unbecoming A Senator'

Bolivia accuses U.S. of funding Morales opponents

Craig reacted to arrest by trying to keep it a secret, but reporter got anonymous tip

Pentagon won't make surge recommendation to Bush

Brown faces call to end military support for Colombia

Fresh spinach from California recalled

Sen. Larry Craig is stepping down from his committee assignments amid calls for his resignation from

Bush Wants $50 Billion More for Iraq War

Bush tells New Orleans: `We understand'

Candidate shot dead in Guatemala

Cleland Aide Suspended After Allegedly Crashing Edwards Event

Teamsters to Try to Block Mexican Trucks

Edwards: Americans should sacrifice their SUVs

One-time Olympic park bombing suspect Richard Jewell dies

U.S. Weapons, Given to Iraqis, Move to Turkey

Moqtada Sadr suspends Mehdi Army

Judge lashes out at DCF lawyers in custody case (Miami girl)

Last 5 albums you listened to

Garden decorations?

What is a fair car price? How much off the sticker is fair?

Last 5 albums you listened to?

Great tidbit of info:

'This is not an AOL chat room' — Skinner, 2004

Is it cheating to eat the pistachios that have fallen out of their shell first?

Hints from a tomboy

"My Boy" is undergoing the knife tomorrow . . .

MrScorpio, can you do another 'who am i'?

You never know what's going to totally freak you out

Why is that fool Flavor Flav pre-empting the Daily Show?

Hints you never heard from Heloise dept

I'm not gay.

Ok, so I think I have some explain' to do.

Time Again to Play WHO AM I?

Skittles has not yet KICKED MY ASS

My favorite female vocalists, in videos

I got a lovely pedicure yesterday: today i stub my toe

Did you know "New Pearl Harbor" is online? This book is a blockbuster.

Are your toenails too long?

Which was better: Seinfeld, or AD?

Activity in the Tropics. And, where's underpants? Right. Not here.

This Post Is NOT About Senator Larry Craig

This Post Is NOT About Senator David Vitter

I am tired, sunburned, and I have a headache.

Britney and baby call it quits

I am too tired to say anything...except

Pity the driver WASN'T in it...

Walk On By feat Dionne

Regarding that misunderstood Miss Teen South Carolina,

Would You Be More Upset If You Caught Your GF/BF Having Sex With The Mailman?

Do your pevs have 'rules'?

I'm officially one of them damn campus radicals

Check out this cool website: Personal News Network !!

dang computer

I have only one itchin' desire...

Poll question: The Truly Ultimate Bathroom Poll


One Less Bell To Answer

I'll never fall in love again

I think I have the gay. I noticed myself tapping my foot in the mens room this morning. Where do

Has anyone heard from GoPsUx??

Ladies and Gentlemen, the lovely Miss Trijntje Oosterhuis

I believe Larry Craig . . .

Larry Craig and "Gay Eggs and Ham"

Musicians or bands that are ALWAYS funny when mentioned in conversation:

Lamest excuse for a cover band you've seen (billed or in person)

Bands you really like, but hate their fans?

Do Your Pevs Have 'Schools'

New song for Sen Craig

Okay, I wanna know - which one of you gave Sen. Craig the gay?

Progressive Hollywood: A People's Film History of the United States

If Your Happy And You Know It....Tap Your Shoe

Louisiana on the forefront of the fight against CRACK!

If you saw Beerfest, I need something explained to me

For the first time in over two months I've got the air conditioner off

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88 - "The Look of Love"

Talk Talk

Warning: Do not watch this video...

Insane ramblings of an insane man.

Leona Helmsley Leaves $12M to Her Dog, but Nothing to 2 Grandchildren

Who's ready for the WATER POWERED CAR?

That Peter Pan guy has balls!

The Tale of Sir Teddy Nugent

What the hell is a "pev"?

Classic: $21.95, and for five dollars more, Glow-In-The-Dark!

Suggestion: DU needs an English teacher on call to teach people here

learn Mother'fucking grammar;

Fun With Plagues of the Bible Day ROCKED!

Sir Norman Fry channels Larry Craig

I think Britney forgot her pants:

Ever listen to a song once and hear something you never heard before?

Bathroom Humor: My Take on the Senator Craig Thingy

ECW..any different than a Republican Convention?




DU is acting very weird, can't get into GD. Anyone else having issues? nt

Would you be more upset if you caught your SO cheating with someone of the opposite sex, same sex

Oh, this kicks so much ass!!

DU is acting very weird, can't get into GD. Anyone else having issues? nt

Okay, going to go build bookcase number two

You Cant Hurry Love

Insane ramblings of an insane music fan.

Do You Stand Or Sit When You............

Just got off the phone with one of my many gay male friends,

WAAAHHH Now it is affecting "My Posts"

SEE! El Debarge can TO still get arrested

The older I get, the more I like to fuck

I have the means and the ability to vaccuum my cats but

Holy Crap GD Is Missing


I have just hidden all of the Craig threads on page 1 of GD.

I think gd got 'raptured'


I must admit that I broke GD

Did LynneSin break GD, because someone suggested that Delaware

You Lounge bastards

Throw out some quips and witticisms; post haste!

If GD is gone,

GD is back for now. Go back and have your serious convos!

Is GD broken? I can't get into it.

You Lounge bastards

question about donor status here on the DU

So do you know anybody who's got the jimmy leg?

Just came through a very trying financial stretch

What do you pursue the most heavily in your life?

my own good morning 'fuck you' thread --

"I like to fuck" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "I like to fuck".

HahahaHAHA! GD got owned! Let the Lounge take over!

Does anybody know what an "eyebrow" is architecturally?

Housesitter accused of $100,000 damage to home

GD and GDP have been raptured, we can rule the board now in peace and porn

My New Larry Craig PEV Fanclub

What is it with Howard County Maryland teachers fucking their students? Three so far this year.

I'm very concerned about smokers in the breastfeeding room at Olive Garden.

Short downtime/maintenance this afternoon

You ever have that dream where you're in public and you realize you forgot to put on pants?

Attn. LynneSin, Robert Plant is the guest on tomorrow's Fresh Air

Is your... Um, you know..... Big?

Have you ever dreamt that you did someone horrible?

What is the best bargain you got this year?

How many fantasy leagues are you in?

You know it is amazing to me how many people I do not know, are concerned about the size...

I told SophieMN she'd better decide now if she wants to be smart or pretty,

People can be such pigs

Tonight's phrase is "Hipster Cephalopod"

A blast from the past... (jim Carrey)

UH OH!!! A GD- lounge rumble.......

Check out this kitty who loves James Taylor...

I am done building the bookcases!

Ladies of DU

Yet another reason to despise the very fake and self-serving Oprah Winfrey

Where am I? What IS this place? WHERE ARE ALL THE FLAMES?

K & R n/t

I built one bookcase and already I am sweating to death.

Boyfriends Do More Housework Than Husbands

I Just Want To Be Your Everything

Who Else Is Not Getting Anything Done At Work Today

Tuesday's Gone

Do you like the Nitrous?

Lyrics you especially love

A really good friend of mine has rejoined the Army, and is being shipped out tomorrow.

Dodgers win in 12 innings!

Singapore Airlines puts a Linux PC in every seat


Props to our "Saints for a day"!

Anyone Heard The New Springsteen Song Yet? (link included)

What's an appropriate sentiment for the death of CBGB's founder Hilly Kristal?

I am going to go run through the sprinkler

Are You A Member Of The Mile High Club?

Owen Wilson's Coke And Heroin Breakdown

The moon is blood red tonight...

Jessica Simspon replaced by monkey on sister's show

This is my sprinkler!

Did anyone else watch ALL the credits for The Simpsons Movie?

Is it my imagination, or did we really get away with a lot more shit in the Lounge during the

AT&T is getting rid of "the time lady".

Welcome to the USS George W. Bush...

Teen Loses Prosthetic Hand Left on Bike

What do you peruse the most heavily in your life?

What's with KitchenWitch shamelessly showing off her sprinker like that?

"Wild Horses"- Flying Burrito Brothers

Unannounced extra pledge drives--ugh!

Do you like the Nitro?

I'm at a loss for words

I thought I was going to DIE.....

I love IPA's, and Amber Ales - hell I even love the perfect Imperial Stout

What's New Pussycat?

Airline Horror Story: Parents Beware!

Shit, now the Lounge is going to be flooded with GD hotheads.

Click on My Du and post a screen shot :)

Trivia... What was the first settlement of each of the original colonies?

Name a film and it's porn name equivalent....

Faux News: "Lude Rest Rooms?"

I just bit my tongue, dammit! Which brings up an important question...

I just blackmailed Haruka -- and it worked

Will you cry in a lead-free zone, down within the shadows where the factories drone?

Is it wrong ........


Burt Bacharach Time

So where is the American Heartland, and what body part do you live in?

Youk Youk Youk

I feel like a complete idiot.

You naughty people got my thread locked!

what's your favorite type of sugar?

I've got mail!

Best post of the day

He gave me the eye .....

Sex with a cousin

What book surprised you the most?

I am feeling my age right now :( :(

Samuel Smiths IPA vs St. Peter's IPA


Where to find real estate listings?

Gawd, but I'm bored!

Man I'm tired.. it's just been one of those days

Great song, here's Peggy Lee's take: 'I Don't Know Enough About You'

Well, the wife gave me a shave and haircut - the final result (pic)

Two years ago today, Katrina made landfall on the Gulf coast.

What Is Your Favorite 'Genesis' Song

This eye-reading test just called me an aspie or 'highly functional autistic'

When will a team that plays in a Dome ever win the Super Bowl?

Does a karate or judo uniform have a name?

Karl Rove's Car Targeted by Pranksters

New Sigline pic for me....

Sex With ME (If you are my cousin)

What is the closest you have come to death?


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/29/07

Things I Learned While Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Greatest Moments in MUSIC HISTORY!

Bold NFL Predictions - Here's mine, what are yours?

Who are your favorite professional athletes (who are playing today)?

ok what is your favorite ummmm yeah (pev thought)

Posted in GD:P but it was worth it

How is your IGNORE list doing?

Has anyone here had their gall bladder removed?

Pilots or anyone out there? Is there any way I can get information on a delayed/cancelled

Thanks for all your love and support....(repost used wrong name)

Who Likes To Gamble

How long could you last on the food you have in your house?

aww man! Richard Jewell dead at 44 from diabetes complications

Replace a word in a song or movie title with the phrase "Jiminy God!'

What SHOULD PBS show during its pledge drives? What would you schedule?

Why Do Sex Threads Get Locked

Google Meme Game

Tunak Tunak Tun

What is Montreal, QB like?

Weird dreams last night? Check in!

Time for "Post a pic featuring a Viking helmet" thread

how to make 56 million people happy This is great...from my kid

Post a 'one hit wonder' song from the 60's

My Dad has Parkinsons

how many private messages would you

So who wants a hug?

Chrons Disease...I have it

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/29/07 Bonus

I got a new cell phone

When did this country start going to hell?

Do your pets have 'rules'

The Assault on Reason, what a great book

Time for a new MrScorpio game: "WHAT AM I?"

Have you ever been shot at?

Wherein Microsoft shoots itself in the foot -- again. I hope they keep it up.

Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you

The 5 Most Guilty, Most Delectible Pleasures

Microsoft word 2007 question

It's almost the start of the NFL Season, Time for everyone's fearless predictions:

What movie scared you the most?

The reason I hate Beauty Queens.

Ha! I was banned from the Ted Nugent forums. (yeah, its real, about 30 members, I'd guess)

Thanks for all your love and support....

Creepiest song ever?

Please send love "vibes" to Mrs. Grumpy.

Chris Dodd: Have you heard the race-changing news?

Union says company is trying to disqualify nurses from joining

MSHA Refuses Crandall Canyon Families’ Request for Mine Workers Representation During Investigation

AFL-CIO Launches Campaign for America’s Health Care

DHL will vote on union, NLRB sees merit in allegations labor law violated

Interstate Bakeries plans to close four plants, cut 1,300 jobs

U.S. Department of Labor: The History of Labor Day

Two Years After Katrina: ‘Our National Shame’

Ads timed to Labor Day attack union leaders

Circuit City Firings: We Won’t Forget

NBC News Covers the Jena 6 Case

Resist War

Cable News Reports On Craig's 'Naughty, Nasty Boy' Video

Bush Speech from Jackson Square, New Orleans

Ali G - International Relations

Senator Craig's statement to the press

"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday

Iran/Contra - George Bush Sr. (Part 1)

Kids for Edwards - the very best of Iowa

Bush On War With Iran

Olbermann, Professor Turley: Assessing Gonzo's damage at the DOJ

We don't want your war !!

Jimmy Kimmel's extended take on Larry Craig and Miss Teen South Carolina among other news

Does Bush want war with Iran to cover colossal blunder?

Al Jazeera: Trail of the Dove

Iran/Contra - George Bush Sr. (Part 2) (Interview)

We Live In Constant Fear

Dennis Kucinich on Abortion in America

Hurricane Katrina - Two Years Later

"A Change Is Gonna Come" Sam Cooke / New Orleans.


New Labour - Old sleaze - Saudis and BAE blackmail

Senator Larry Craig's Guide to Mensroom

GOP candidates who do NOT believe in evolution

Larry Craig - Not Gay, But Likes Gay Sex

Olbermann: Romney Attempts to Rewrite his History w/ Larry Craig

Kristol called Liar by CSPAN caller (military wife)

Sen. Larry Craig - Dragnet Blues

Jim Carrey - Call to Action on Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi

An Entirely Different World of Reality than Bush and Cheney

John Edwards fighting for American workers and unions

Keith Olbermann - Dragnet

Tucker - Strippers For Ron Paul

Randi Rhodes On Larry King

WOW! Michelle Malkin Nails Bush for Cronyism

Lacking a design and decorative arts forum, I submit my years work (DIAL-UP WARN!):

Odds Improving for a Filibuster-proof Democratic Senate.


What bush had to say about Iran today:

Back to the Future of Eco-Friendly, Local Farms

Asian Markets not lookng good

Anyone Have *ucker Carlson's Video Today About His Gay Man Horror Story?

Reforms for the Democratic super-majority in Congress

Dumb putz's

Found this at and laughed my ass off..

Renzi (R) AZ, USA Charlton's investigation

Message to anti-Chavez types on DU

Senator Craig defends his "I'm not gay" speech citing the "Degrees of Gayness

I was trying to think of what Craig's "naughty, nasty boy" comments reminded me of...


"NFL Reports Strong Sales Of Michael Vick's 2008 Jersey"

Should Craig stay or go?

Dutch Arrest Philippine Communist Leader

Breaking News!! Michael Vick is straight...

A Scandal-Scarred G.O.P. Asks, ‘What Next?’

Freedom's Watch ads running during Thom Hartman on Sirius 146

How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a light bulb?

Good for a chuckle.... From Craig's mission statement

Caption the Lovebirds?

Do you know people who are almost protective of the President?

A Modest Proposal...Unisex Bathrooms!

Abu Ghraib Verdict Irks Rights Groups (AP)

Obama Offers Hard Truths to Supporters (great AP Article)

So...What has Colin Powell been up to lately you ask? They get away with it and make money....

DEMOCRATS REFORM, Republicans lawyer up and plead the fifth

Michael Chertoff is a lying sack

Everything's going great in Iraq

One Million Told to Leave Iraqi City As Gunfights Rage

August 29, 2005

Anger, sadness mark Katrina anniversary

Leona Helmsley Leaves $12M to Her Dog, but Nothing to 2 Grandchildren

Larry "Wide Stance" Craig will soon be seeking redemption

Not to change the subject, but what do you think Gonzo & * will destroy between now and 9/17?

Bob Schieffer on now-bizaare news conference --saying Repugs are angry

Bush-Love ---pix--->>>

New Orleans

Active-duty US troops become outspoken critics of Iraq war

For cspan watchers...

How deep does the sleaziness go in the GOP?

I hope something newsworthy happens tomorrow...

The Nation: Larry Craig Swears By Mitt Romney

Republicans also penalizing Florida for early primary:

Mythbusting: Republicans are NOT better at keeping the economy healthier

Anti-gay remarks cost Naugle his seat on tourism board

About Craig's comments on Bill Clinton.

I am a hypocrite

Center for American Progress: Iraq Withdrawal Possible Over a Year

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune published my Larry Craig letter (at least online)

2 years after Katrina, pace of rebuilding depends on who pays

Snort! Giggle! (TOON on Craig)

Hey *...SCREW YOU! Signed:

Do you miss Don Imus in the morning? (on the radio and/or MSNBC)

Ed KLEIN's latest hit piece on women: He claims COURIC is librul

Cabin for Sale, Comes with Underground Pot Growing Rooms

Bush Wants $50 Billion More for Iraq War-Which He Plans To LIE About

What will over 2 million Iraqi refugees do to the "stability"

Mark Hanes on CNBC looks drunk

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Slide-show: Katrina: Before - After - Now

Vick Jury picked

A Very Sad Situation And Story:

"How do you tell someone he's part of a voluntary military yet he's being involuntarily extended?"

From This Point On..No More Discuss Of Sen. Craig.....

"No matter who they pick, Schumer's going to rip them to shreds"

The Center for American Progress is on C-SPAN 2 discussing the newly passed HORRENDOUS FISA BILL!


Calls grow louder for international overview of U.S. markets

Ok, simple question for DU HTML guru's

Caption this * pic...

Katrina: Slavery returns to Mississippi and Alabama

Someone needs to explain the various interests in Iran & how they would be affected by an attack....

Do we have an updated list of GOP scandals that includes Craig & Vitter?

The Larry Craig Mugshot!

To My favorite old time poster on DU

So what happens if Bush bombs Iran?

Craig just the latest politician to embarrass the GOP


(Jena, LA) School Bans T-Shirts in Beating Case - AP

If Craig isn't gay, HOW did he know about the foot tap?

Botero Donates Abu Ghraib Art To UC Berkeley

There are 2 iconic images of George W. Bush

The Tropics are getting busy! ***Minor dial-up warning***

Bush May Fight for New Attorney General: President Seeks Agreement With Policies

AlterNet: Pot Growers Are New Target in "War on Terror"

Here Lies Vera

anyone listening to Stephanie Miller?

WH shrink wraps Rove's car

Al-Sadr suspends militia activity in Iraq

What would the international reaction be to a U.S. attack on Iran?

Look at this crap

A question that nobody asked Hillary:

I heard this on the radio this morning, and it kind of ticked me off.

Beyond the Bravado (between the U.S. and Iran)

I'm starting to like NBC more and more

MSNBC and CNBC refuse to air Ari Fleischer's war propaganda

Do we need any more proof these people are criminals and hypocrites?

HOPE - * pics

Why am I not surprised?

Isn't soliciting sex in public prostitution?

Geegollywhiz, all of a sudden Tucker and Joey the Scar

Homophobia exists independent of Sen. Craig. Homophobia strongly contributed to his behavior... Bush hails progress in New Orleans

Just watched "The People v. Larry Flint" for FREE via Comcast "On-Demand" tonight!

My letter to the editor got printed today!

"I have two children and my wife is ugly, so it'd be hard for her to remarry"

John McCain's hypocrisy (Re: Clinton's calling for al-Maliki's resignation)

Hundreds March in Jena, Louisiana in Support of the Jena Six

Iraq's Cholera emergency

I have this idea and need DU ingenuity

DC/area DUers! U.S. Supreme Court Site of Execution Protest!

How in the world does Bush have the gall to go back to NO like

Kurdish official: "If you wanted a united Iraq, you never should have gotten rid of Saddam"

Iraq PM al-Maliki: Americans are exacerbating sectarian tensions by building up Sunni groups

Today is the Two Year Anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina Tragedy

Anyone read "Iraq: How Bush's Cronies Swindled Billions" in the new Rolling Stone?

Idaho Statesman response to Craig press conference..

Bush/Nagin lovefest in NOLA? Another pic to make you hurl.

DUer Lala Rawraw up next on Thom Hartmann's show

You're leaving on your own, perv in Idaho

In Memory Of RADM Eugene Fluckey

23,000 displaced by floods, crops ruined in Burkina Faso

It is about the rule of law. Are we a nation of laws or not?

IMPEACH Haley Barbour-It "Could Start A Healthy Trend" (Steve Clemons)

Amy Goodman: Abu Ghraib: One of Al’s Claims to Fame

BREAKING - Musharraf to step down

The wisdom of Ronald Reagan

VIDEO-Bush in N.O. --summary,no bullhorn no Vietnam comparison

This makes me about as angry as the war of lies!

All Hail the New Era of Bush

A special comment by the POTUS on global warming

Will Fran Townsend be Bush's secret pick for new Attorney General?

Stealing The 2008 Vote

Soros-linked group hit with huge fine

Larisa was just on Tom Hartman. Said that in bush's speech

Sydney, Aust.'s main water source has algal

Warning: This pic of Dumbya kissing the Mrs. in NOLA may make you ralph.

Iran Protests U.S. Detentions in Iraq

I don't care if you're homophobic because you think gays are icky, or because

A Scandal-Scarred G.O.P. Asks, ‘What Next?’ "How Low Can You Go?"(NYT)

Chertoff adds members to advisory council

I think Larry Craig makes Larrys and Craigs look bad.

The Next iPod


Who do you trust to rebuild NOLA?

Bill Kristol: Untold Great Progress in Iraq

What Larry Craig *thought* he was looking for

Tucker is on Schultz's show

Hilly Kristal, CBGB Founder, Dies at 75


Do graphic anti-smoking ads make smokers want to quit?

Busholinishitler asking for another 50 Billion for Iraq.


Larry Craig!!!!!

EU to Retain Tarriff on China Imported Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Glenn Beck’s solution for New Orleans: More guns

Congress is...

In the golden shoes of Mrs. Leona Helmsley's dog...

Stockton Judge Accused of Considering Race in Sentence

Future history teachers will be asking this question of students:

What Will Fix the Mortgage Mess?

Craig-Gate---Who covered up the arrest?

Quick! Check it out before it's gone... 'Idaho Values Alliance' praises Craig!

bush speaking in mississippi

New Forum: Latin America

Conyers Now Says Impeachment is NOT Off His Table (I wish he would make up his mind)

So say moron* does bomb Iran, what will change here?

I am not gay

Oprah's show on Katrina, starting now 4pm, eastern

Karl Vs. the Roving Pranksters: Round 1 too good!!

First REPUKE House Member Call on Craig to Resign

Here's the audio from Olbermann last night

Craig agrees to give up all committee

R's McCain, Hoekstra, & Coleman telling larry to take permanent bathroom break.

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on New Census Data/Children's Health Ins

Repubs demand Craig step down, but NOT dick'n'dubya. Crazy world ain't it?

Per M$NBC Richard Jewell has died.

Israel urged US to attack Iran - not Iraq

Another Republic INDICTED For Perjury, This Time, in Vegas

Karl Vs. the Roving Pranksters: Round 1 too good!!

Bah! McCain chiding Craig about breaking the law while supporting an unlawful, profiteering war.

Pending recognition decision for Juaneno stirs waters in Washington lobbying pool

Red Cross report sets up Bush team for international war-crimes trial

Report on Conyers' appearance at Take a Stand Town Hall in Pontiac, MI on 8/28

John McCain calls for Sen. Craig to resign

I heard someone say Craig has a 'split personality'. That's bullshit.

"What I did on my summer vacation." George Bush - August 29,2005

So, NOW, right wingin' Cheryl Jacobs is NO LONGER JUDGMENTAL????

New DU Group: Joe Biden Supporters Group

LAX 2 Planes Clip Each Other

Bush wants $50 billion MORE for IRAQ!

What the hell , lets spend the entire month talking about Craig

Did Philip drop one ?


Ohhh. This is gonna be gooood! The Romney campaign is inviting


Letter to Sen. Clinton on Judicial Watch Archives Request

Thumbs down to * - pics

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Larry Craig's Anti-Seinfeld Denial

Bush's Act Isn't Going Over Too Well in MS & LA ---pix--->>>

Can someone explain this new definition of "men who like to have sex with other men" not being gay?

A wide stance on the toilet? I don't think so..

Can Christian Conservatives who once loved Larry Craig now forgive him?

Don't miss Shuster's Rethug roster on pervs

My letter to Senator Craig

MSNBC, CNBC Reject Ads From Pro-War Group (Ads will run on CNN & Fox)

WABC radio welcomes back a bigot...

Bush's brand-new poodle

Why can't I find a criminal record for Charles Alfred Dreyling, Jr.? (Repuke Pipe Bomb Pilot)

CNN - Craig could be charged with perjury...

You have to feel something for Suzanne Craig

My Restroom Experiment

It's Not Illegal To Be Hispanic

Craig story distracts from Katrina & NOLA, Iran & Iraq, health care

This is not a Larry Craig post....

Every news story is an intentional distraction from every other news story.

Wow, Tweety's opening: Bush in a bunker (alone), with GOP's "subprime morality" exposed by Craig --

hardball - gary bauer up next

Is Gay or Straight simply a sex act? Ranting on this whole damn Craig thing....

Katie Couric going to Iraq.

Smoking Gun: actual police report on Senator Craig's naughty deed.

Quelle surprise! Fellow Repugs tossing Craig under the bus....

Another rich country with apparent healthcare crisis

Northern Iraq hit by major cholera outbreak: minister (8 deaths)

KKKarl's Jag got punked!

Darcy Burner: "Let me repeat: we will be creating a plan to end the war and bring our troops home."

I can't wait for Bill Maher on friday nite.....

Randi On Larry King Tonight

I'm suprised no one rolled out this classic: The Singing Senators (yes this is a Craig thread)

Why is this board........

Stock Market up 247 points ! But why ?

The Republics no longer have any credibility when

A question about the MSM...

Republican Senators Vote to Give Larry Craig His Own Washroom.

Katrina: The signing statement from hell

Where do all of the homeless go..


Bush unplugged

A question for those who post on other boards ...

This editorial greeted Chimpy on his visit to NOLA

Since we keep finding out that the repugs are hypocrites as far as...

Why Craig and not Gonzo threads?

Sen. Craig and Lincoln Meyer from Boston Legal

SEN. CRAIG steps down from Commitees. CREW wants Senators Stevens and Vitter to do the same.

The students at my school were subjected to an "Ignite!" motivational presentation, yesterday.

Teen brother testifies in Cuban girl custody case

"Jiminy God!"

Of Bush, Comics and The Coming Attack On Iran

Tears for New Orleans ---pix--->>>

As I see it, here's why the conservatives see a comparison between Craig and Clinton.

"they kinda muzzled the students" at MLKjr school in NOLA

Craig is a distraction from the 2nd "anniversary" of Katrina.

You'll laugh... you'll cry...

GWB's sex scandal--yes, it happened!

There will be NO written report from Petreaus!!!!

Bush: "It's sometimes hard for people to see progress when you live in a community all the time."

If you haven't seen today's Oprah, please try to watch it. It's heart-breaking!

Redstate: Expect Late Friday DOJ Gonzales Bombshell

Tom Joyner on Bush's visit to NOLA today: "When I come, I'm bringing something."

I can hardly wait for Tucker Carlson to be booted off the air

While our precious soldiers are dying in Iraq LOOK at WHO is profiting

My take on why Tucker gets so upset when a Republican gets outed

Okay... who put the obama sticker on turdblossem's car?

BAE Systems receives award for Significant Technical Achievement on HAARP

Don't Miss David Schuster's "Repug Illicit Values" Segment on Tweety Tonight!

Trolling for sex at age 60 when you have a life partner is just wrong.

Who loves Larry Craig the most?

Marie Callender Frozen Turtle Pies Recalled for Bacterial Contamination

“Americans instinctively understand that while diversity is important, unity is more precious,”

Dave Lindorff: Attacking Iran Would be Madness and a Capital Crime

Send Conyers and Congress one of these to get impeachment rolling...

Before SPP protests in Montebello cops engaged in a "manufactured fear" exercise Plans TV Ads Against Baird's Iraq Views

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

anyone else real tired of Tucker the Tough Guy?

Countdown tonight: A Draget style bathroom re-enactment!

MPLS Metropolitan Airport Commission knew about Senator Craig!

Senator Mikulski Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Gonzales

Menedez (D-NJ) statement on Sen. Warner's call to withdraw troops from Iraq

Hehe...amusing coincidence in this screen shot from a few minutes ago

Statement by Senator Lott Regarding the Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Murray on Bush Speech: Like Vietnam, No Clear Plan for Success

The Moral Majority

Schumer Announces Over $396,000 To The Village Of Spring Valley For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Some 9/11 victims group want Guliani silent at ceremony-shut it Rudy.

"Study: Democrats Get More A.M. Airtime"

Frank Gafney is arguing with an Iraq war veteran.

Kerry Asks White House to Refocus on Afghanistan with New Study Group

Reminder..On Countdown tonight, Keith is going to give a Dragnet style reading of Craig's


I could give two hoots if Larry Craig is gay or not

Framing the issues: "No End In Sight"; "Rendition"; & "11th Hour"

WAR is on his mind.

Blackwater mercs caught screwing in airplanes

psssst... LOOK what Senators Dodd & Obama are doing!!!

The premise that buying is always better than renting is just plain wrong in the first place

A great fellow Republican, Samuel Neilson died today in 1803

Watch for the Republican Reverse Backlash

What the Hell Is Ray Nagin Doing Giving Bush A Fucking Hug?

Is Larry Craig a hypocrite or was he simply voting as his constituents wanted?

Are You Smarter Than Miss Teen SoCAR

On Keith Olbermann; bush's all time worst quote

Riddle: What's the difference between Bill Clinton and Larry Craig?

"History Will Not Absolve US" ...International War-Crimes Trial for Bush Team? /Village Voice

Little Progress Seen on Iraq Goals

Please see this DU link. It has nothing to do with Craig.

Word has gone out tonight......

Medical debt collection info request... I've been told that the local hospital is ready to sue

I missed the "global warming is a hoax" reports of late

Murray (D-WA): Next Attorney General Must be Independent, Trustworthy

Conyers to Hold FISA Hearing Next Week

On Sophocles' "Ajax"

"He was a nasty, bad, dirty boy"

This whole Larry Craig episode has become an excuse for some thinly disguised comments...

Open Invitation to Presidential Candidates: Be Homeless!

Two years ago today: key moments in Bush admin's Katrina response

In comparison to Larry Craig, here's the story of Jon Hinson.

Richard Jewell dies - one time Atlanta bombing suspect

Scandalous allegations of anonymous gay sex!!!

Medical Debt Saga Part II : Anyone know anything about OR billing?

US should be trying to make nice with Iran because it's game, set, match...

Just a reminder ... Randi Rhodes is on Larry King tonight

Alternate reality scenario: The governor of Idaho is a Democrat

Senator Webb on Senate Passage of Measure to Amend the FISA Act....

CheneyBush's 'Mercenary' Legions

Employer-based health coverage is "melting away like a popsicle on the summer sidewalk"

Bush tries to rally the troops

Dealing with the wingnuts in your life

Anderson Cooper has a NOLA special

Rank the "Made in ..... " labels

You Know What Bush...

This evening, if you're able to, play a song by the Cowsills

Greeks protest over fire response

Panel on cspan 2 now abour recent FISA law change, by the Center for

Little progress seen on Iraq goals

It gets worse.

the newspaper won't publish this, so I'll put it here....

Thousands To Rally In The Streets Outside GOP Straw Poll

Is Randi Rhodes on Larry King tonight? n/t

509 days to go.

Did Larry Craig 's Vote Against Gay Marriage Invalidate His Own?

I'm waiting for Randi Rhodes to come on Larry King

I'm a bit confused... how does it actually work?

Olbermann's Dragnet is killing me!!!

If people are now worried about airport restrooms

50 Billion More And We Own It.

Tucker's Traumatic Bathroom Experience: "Yeah, I Beat Up a Gay Guy for Hitting on Me"

With Craig and Vitter as office neighbors, maybe Voinovich should move

What is a fair car price? How much off the sticker is fair?

I'm Traveling Through KMSP Airport Tomorrow

Louisiana's 3ed Circuit hurricane insurance ruling

How Much Is Bush Behind In His Promise to NOLA

Straw Purchase's vs. Foreign Policy

Tell Congress to Stop the March to War with Iran

Dennis Prager thinks Gore is more hypocritical than Craig.

I didn't think it possible but is this an insult to porn?

Shameless Faux at it again: Graphics falsely asserted Castro "wants" Clinton-Obama as "dream team"

"When they betrayed Katrina NOLA, I did not speak out because..."

Iran rejects Bush denunciation

J. Alter said it's too late for Shrub to do good in NOLA. I disagree!

A word of advice from someone who did not read the renewals

* and his water bottle visit Mississippi - pics

Pics that best capture the Katrina presidency

Pakistan Supreme Court demands answers

Richard Jewell dead at 44

Arrest warrants allegedly issued in Rove mooning incident

Had to Post This--Michael Vicks Jury

Most ironic job posting we may ever see

Why are the media still calling Katrina a "natural" disaster?

Did I just hear Frank Gaffney on Hardball blame Abu Ghraib on a "sick bunch of kids"?

wtf? CNN's Candy Crowely Defends Hil's Questionable Donation?!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Oh, My, God - Parts 1 & 2

Today's Politikin' at the Minnesota State Fair

will Hayrunnisa wear the Islamic headscarf in the Cankaya Palace?

In remembrance - one of the best Katrina accounts ever IMHO

A new Aircraft carrier has been named after George W. Bush..

Does anyone know if Jay Leno is a dem or a pug?

If Bush invades Iran are the American people stupid enough to rally behind him?

Short downtime/maintenance this afternoon

Freepers near tears over Roeper's piece destroying Nugent

Why a filthy men's room instead of a fancy suite & a high end rent boy?

How Did News Outlets Miss Senator's Arrest for Nearly Three Months?

Hey! You with the gay jokes! Are you really trying to make me feel this bad?

On Katrina and International Help

so it doesn't occur to leona to leave her money to charity

Fundamentals of the "unfair tax"

The Canadian Health System - A Visit to the Hospital

Who are these people?

Bush Wants $50 Billion More for Iraq War

Why I've always admired Barney Frank

Gawker: Tucker Carlson Beats Up Gay Men with His Friends (video)

Pizza for pesos' marks decline of dollar

TOONS: Tom Toles, Mike Luckovich & More - Larry Craig Cartoons So Far! :-)

And now, some Petty Larceny

(TOON)S Steve Bell's "If...." strip returns to take on Shrub and Vietnam

Katie Couric will anchor CBS News from Baghdad, travel throughout Iraq

George Bush porn pic fury

What the story of Richard Jewell means to me.

Those true crime television shows, such as "48 Hours Mystery," "Dateline," "Primetime Crime,"

They Always Return to the Scene of the Crime ---pix--->>>

Here is who will almost certainly replace Craig


Is it the SUV or is it the mileage?

From DU Archives ..On BBC-Northern Command was in position waiting for Pres. orders

A good Katrina article from an unlikely source: Sports Illustrated

I'd like to know your opinions on this incident-what would YOU do?

Leaked report sets up Bush team for international WAR-CRIMES trial

Why is homosexuality so threatening to the fundy wingnut faction?

47 percent of those between 18 and 29 get information about presidential campaigns from late-night

Any guesses on the psy ops message from Rove regarding ...

Secret Service Issues Arrest To Students Who "Mooned" Rove

Resignations of Karl Rove & Alberto Gonzales Linked?

Larry Craig should pay his fine and forget about it

I never believed they'd actually do this (Texas)

Iraq/Afghan wars to cause bullet shortage for local police depts? (lancaster, pa)

What bugs me about the Larry Craig case...

Congress is...

Gary Bauer on Hardball.....Why did they get him....where did they find him?

Tucker changes his tune.

Monsanto looks to patent pigs

Signing Statements WTF? How can they be legal?

Happy Anniversary!

Rep. Hinchey: votes simply are not there for impeachment

You can't tell me Craig's fellow senators didn't know about him for 25 yrs.

My ex-husband is gay. He's also abusive.

Idaho Statesman, Paper Attacked By Senator Craig, Hits Back: "It's all part of your cloud, senator."


Ha Ha Ha- Portrait of W Made Of Porn Clips Angers Republicans

Conyers: Impeachment is NOT off the table

Do unto others? (unless they are from GD)

Whoops - Israel Told US to Attack Iran, Not Iraq After 9/11 (Lawrence Wilkerson)

Bush is asking for more money..

Thank you DU for what you have done tonight

Was the 1982 FBI report that Craig was not gay based on faulty intelligence?

Dan Abrams is listing R v D sex scandals of the last decade

I think this says it all about NOLA:

New avatars, courtesy of DUer RainDog! (**UPDATED!**)

how to make 56 million people happy

Bush Is Guilty of Negligent Genocide in New Orleans

Teen killed in shooting at back-to-school party

WHAT WAS THE CRIME? What law did Craig...

Larry Craig Was Stripped Of His Committee Assignments....

Will Bush and Cheney be impeached?

How About Some Olbermann Countdown Trivia

I hope her husband perseveres in the custody battle


I've LOST Stephanie Miller AGAIN as another station goes to ESPN

Thank GOD we have insurance...I have Chrons Disease

jesus god look at this pic


Ah, what the hell... this whole bathroom thing

The Internet Troll As The Trickster Archetype

Food costs are blowing my mind.

KIA August to-date

Tom Toles: Sending the Wrong Signals

Coming To A State Near You: Blackwater Air Force

Music For Minneapolis Airport

"Mystery Poster" DEEP MODEM Demystified. SOURCE Found at CREW

HESITANT BUSH: 9/11 & Katrina Hero! -------->

Let's demand equal funding for Iraq and Katrina reconstruction.

New Orleans "She calls out to the man on the street"

NEVER FORGET: George Bush's Non-Response to Hurricane Katrina ---pix--->>>

Who's responsible for home schooled kids that don't get an education

Name this city (heavy picture thread)

Cross post from the lounge, please send some love (A DU'er has passed suddenly)


911 General Strike Gains Momentum - "Scoop" - Please rate this up - get the word out

The greatest fear of the "Powers That Be" is a global cry for justice.

ad campaign

We're up and running!

I'd like to put in a plug for Joe

NOAA: Global Warming is Real

The Long Slog after Katrina. also commentary on the candidates plans.

Is the any doubt in your mind we will be bombing Iran before the next President takes office?

EuroRock tour will support Kucinich

Dems call for an Afghanistan study group

NYT op-ed: Occupational Hazard-IS America’s presence in Iraq legal?

using hannity logic

ARG: Washington State Prefers Hillary in 2008

Putting aside his barrage of his hate speech for now, how about

Numbere of uninsured Americans hits high...47 Mill

ARG: Tight 2008 Race Developing in Pennsylvania

Now the Personal Lives of Republicans is Off-Limits

Who's that singing with Trent Lott & John Ashcroft?

Can someone help me find an article?

MSNBC: Bush praises those who have "dedicated their lives to the renewal of New Orleans"

How Much Money Will the Dems Spend in the Primary

Get Government Out of the Bathroom: GOP should abandon cultural war, reclaim heritage of Goldwater

Ladies and Gentlemen - The President of The United States_89th Annual National Convention of the Ame


Out Of Sight Out Of Mind - Except For One Day Each Year - Katrina .......

Clinton Gets Major Union Endorsement

Boston Globe Op-Ed: Kucinich is right on healthcare

Edwards, Kucinich pitch Dems as champions of working class before union

Edwards: Tough truths must be spoken

Message to the Presidential Candidates

US admits Iranian arrests mistake

A Closer Look at Camp Obama (Huff Post)

POLL: Most Say That Presidential Candidates Should Refuse Lobbyist Money

ARG Global Monitor; Germans, French Want Hillary as U.S. President

Poll: New Yorkers Prefer Hillary Over Rudy...To Handle Terrorism!

Top Ten Reasons Alberto Gonzales Resigned

Racist Rocker Threatens Obama and Clinton

Republican polygraph- getting the truth out of them

What's Going On Here?

So what will they come up with next...?

An Anarchist's Memo: The only time I was offended by DU

Congress needs to make clear right now that if

Rove's Jaquar covered in Obama stickers

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force denounces unequal treatment in Craig and Vitter scandals

Candidates announce Labor Day kickoffs

he's happy to dance on a leash !

Round-up of Republican Scandals

Thoughts on Edwards MIGHT reach out to the right

"Frodo failed, Bush has the Ring"

"The Vitter thing, that's like ancient history now"

Another 'Hole' Plugged in the Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney Vote-Rigging Scandal via Dan Rather Report

CNN breaking news: Two leading Republicans (John McCain & ?) call for Craig to resign.

If Idaho had a Democratic governor, do you think McCain would call for Craig to resign?

Free Katrina Anniversary card to pass along

Jailing of scientists raises fears of repression in Brazil

MSNBC is reporting that Craig has stepped down as the ranking GOP. . .

What's the most striking POLICY difference between your candidate and others?

Americans United Protests Presidential Snub Of Wiccan War Widow

Sympathy Support?

Kansans Vie Over Who's Best for Business

Edwards Will Again Push Clinton On Electability

When a MAJORITY of Democrats vote sensibly on an issue...

Open Invitation to Presidential Candidates: Be Homeless!

Does Idaho really *need* two Senators?

Chewed Up Michael Vick Cards Sell for $7,400 Online, Proceeds to Go to Humane Society

The Pubbies are Throwing Larry Craig under the Bus....those naughty, naughty boys!

Don't have the votes for impeachment? Investigate the Katrina response. TODAY!

What A Perfect Time For Larry Flynt To Out More Repugs......

ARG: Oregon Voters Like Hillary in 2008

K & R n/t

Ah ha! I just now GOT it! There is a big difference between Larry Craig & Bill Clinton

IWW (San Francisco) Bay Area - Emergency Starbucks Demonstration

Edwards on the campaign trail! A Moment in Portsmouth, N.H.

Dupe please delete

Barney Frank does not think Craig should resign.

Barack Obama would bring on much-needed changes

A new head of Iraq?

Wyoming leapfrogs Iowa and New Hampshire

Religion in politics

"...My attitude is this..." Bush's N.O. PhotoOp Fatwa ASSURES residents that "better days are ahead"

Edwards, Kucinich Woo Machinists Union

New meme: it's the perjury, stupid!

Obama Offers Hard Truths to Supporters (great AP Article)

The American public is deserving a REAL Katrina investigation

Obama Field Organizers Plot A Miracle

Does Anyone Keep A Record Of Pundits Predictions........

Is There (Middle Class) Life After Maytag?

About Dennis...........

The worst group of supporters here at DU are...

Bush and Katrina: Criminal Negligence, Depraved Indifference or Both?

Fear and trumped-up threats can be used to gain power.

Raw Story: "Conyers: Impeachment off Pelosi's table, but not mine"

Is Hillary Clinton's leading campaign donor a fugitive of the law?

Edwards Statement on Two-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (a "national disgrace")

CQ Politics: Blame Rove for Presidential Primary Mess, Says GOP Insider

Edwards and Richardson Supporters: Who Would You Choose Between Clinton and Obama?

BREAKING NEWS: Cheney Denies Being Human

The Reigning Mayor's Running Denial (Bloomberg)

Clinton, Dodd Win National Labor Union Endorsements

Olbermann slams Castro! DLC shill!

Would you take Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign more seriously if he had won statewide?

"You get the government you demand."

Romney-- the champion of regressive taxation

Bush’s Medicare Drug Program Fails to Cut Costs

Clay Johnson appears to bring the same qualifications to Homeland Security that Gonzales br

McCain's lead over rivals dwindling, state poll says

Barack Obama would bring on much needed Changes

I'd like to know when the Republicans are going to call for David Vitter's resignation

Summary of Presidential Candidate's Health Care Policy Statements

Katrina Year Two: Never Forget

Suggestion: Change your avatar to the Fleur de Lis for Katrina anniversary today

Tweety is kissing Gary Bauer's ass.

Randi Rhodes: "Stop making sex a sin and you'll keep the men outta the bathroom!"

DailyKos is biased against Kucinich

Leaked Red Cross report sets up Bush team for international war-crimes trial

The Gay Community is Ecstatic**. Republican Senator Larry Craig is not gay!!

Heartbroken Bush Runs After Departing Rove's Car

A simple solution to the FL/DNC conflict

If Craig resigns, and I think he will, who might replace him?

Daily Kos Diary: Obama's radical proposals on mortgages

I wish Chris Dodd had a chance....

Edwards on extra 50 Billion for Iraq: "No timeline, no funding. No excuses."

Wash. Journal guy: 20% of Florida Democrats will vote in Repub Primary

What Will Be the Next Big Republican Sex Scandal?

Firefighters' chief says Dodd can win in 2008

I'm meeting Richardson on Saturday - Any Questions for him?

Hillary and Bill back in NH Sunday

So far, Kucinich, Clark and Edwards have advocated cutting off funds for Iraq

Conyers: Pelosi 'can't stop me from introducing impeachment against, well I've got a long list'

Clinton proves favourite across the Atlantic - The Guardian

John Edwards turns on his fellow Democrats (Salon)

NYT: Clinton Campaign Will Give Hsu Money to Charity

America's couple.

Diplomacy in action, Musharraf may step down as military chief before Pakistan's election

Okay, on Keith Olbermann I hear the Dems are going to give Bush

X-Post: "Mystery Poster" DEEP MODEM Demystified. SOURCE Found at CREW

NJ Poll: HRC 49%, BO 22%, JE 8% (Strategic Vision)

Richardson supporters, is this something to explain?

Why is Craig being thrown under the bus while Vitter was let off the hook...

Secret to Forcing Compliance with Subpoenas

Former President Carter Headlines with Edwards in Georgia

YouTube/CNN debate - statistics

America's Next First Family

Edwards Evening News - "Tough truths must be spoken" (8/29/07)

FOXNews Isn’t Sure What Party Senator Larry Craig Belongs To

"poor are politically mute...What rational politician would listen to the poor? They don’t vote..."

Edwards asks Americans to make sacrifice to lower fuel emissions,MSM-"HE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR SUV'S!"

Is there any more news on the Utah Mine disaster at all? Does no one care anymore?

Kucinich Supporters: Don't Throw Away Your Conscience! Watch this ad!!

reasons Dennis Kucinich is unelectable....

Kucinich: Congress Must Tell the President No to Additional War Funding

Biden. Iowa darkhorse, if the media will deviate from the script

The Sin of Getting Caught