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About-face on Iran coming?

Establishment politics is the linchpin of American fascism.

William Rivers Pitt | Burning the Law in a Riot of Treason

Did Chertoff lie to Congress about Guantánamo?

John Edwards Party Crasher Is Jailed

YouTube video: Dramatic Chipmunk

I love these tshirts!

Under-appreciated movie appreciation thread!


MicroMedia Flash Question: How do I randomize animations?

Where is/was Miss South Carolina going to school?

Well, this was a delightful FUCKING birthday

Best name for a jet black cat with green eyes?

Wow Kucinich's Wife is Hot

So Ralph Fiennes comes knocking at your door...

God, I need a hug from my mother right now.

Why Kucinich Is The Best

Cleaning Up on the Meltdown

So did Gonzales get busted being bad in a men's restroom and did Sen. Craig resign?

Re: Vick, et al - wouldn't they know of other dogfighting rings and be able to

Gonzales leaves with "final whopper," and DOJ's plaque suspended from the ceiling with masking tape

Cronyism and the GOP....the Pubs have the record for Cronyies

Memorial service for Homeless woman killed in Fresno

Just some words for anyone who ever tells you homosexuality isn`t known in the animal kingdom!!!!

Homosexual pick-up spots (Larry Craig tangent)

Will The Freepers Demand Larry Craig Resign

Is It Me ??? - Or Do We Really Have A Thread Defending "Footsie" In Public Restrooms ???

Help me with a question about the Craig arrest. I'm a little lost.

Bush Gets Away with Lies, Lies and More Lies in History-Illiterate America

Questions about the legality of Sen Craig's arrest.. Entrapment??

Gonzo.. Why now?..

Did Sen. Craig give us one of our 'Heads Up!' comments for a toilet in the Sex Listings for MSP?

Pro-life rock stars 'duped' by Amnesty - anti-torure groups support 4 abortion rights called betraya

Could Cheney/Bush pull a false flag, attack Iran &/or declare martial law?

"Toilet Bandit" Craig Endorses Romney (VIDEO HERE)

Edwards widens lead vs Giuliani and F. Thompson in latest Rasmussen poll

Even FauxNews.Com Is Leading With The Rethug Toilet-Sex Story

Proof. Vindication. Both Florida parties did it for "relevance." From March.

Why Gonzales' Resignation Won't Restore Justice

Juan Cole: Gonzales Gone for Wrong Reasons

Good editorial cartoon from Nick Anderson

Fired attorney: Rove, Gonzales resignations 'absolutely linked'

OH, the Places He Went (Gonzales) James Moore

War Deadenders Take Hope: The Surge May Not Be Working, But a US-Allawi Coup May Be On Its Way

Meet The Acting Attorney General WaPo

Troops Cheer Call For Iraq Withdrawal

Alberto Gonzales leaves office with ... the rule of law debased and our civil liberties eroded

Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism


Matthew Rothschild: Good Riddance, Gonzales

AlterNet: Pentagon Denies Increase in Troops' Suicides a Result of War

(Satire) Neville Chamberlain Justifies War in Iraq (History's Only Teachable Moment)

From our fabulous William Rivers Pitt

American Nightmare: Gonzales "wrong and illegal and unethical" by Greg Palast


Pansies, Perverts, and Pedophiles

Dean Baker: The Right to Unionize: Key to Democracy


Iraq Weapons Are a Focus of Criminal Investigations

An Ominous Complacency

Man The Reformer (how to heal a diseased system/society) by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know I'm obsessed with this but John Feinstein's take on it is

Privatizing Misery, Deporting and Imprisoning Migrants for Profit

Judge's House of Death ruling reveals the truth of the drug war

Ted Haggard's Funny Money

US will never let ‘friendly-fire’ witnesses go to a British court

Iraq now woos officers once spurned (Recruits Saddam's Officers)

Census numbers of uninsured - only in America .... 47 Million Uninsured/15.8 % of population

The Nation: Whole Foods CEO Sows Wild Oats

Scott Adams: Synchronicity

Larry Johnson: Stopping the New War Before It Starts

CheneyBush's "Mercenary" Legions

Curb the greedy global financiers

Concern at US poppy spraying tactic

How the neoliberals stitched up the wealth of nations for themselves

How Did News Outlets Miss Senator's Arrest for Nearly Three Months?

It was you, Fredo / Nora Ephron

Man Falsely Jailed For 20 years

Hannity & Colmes Ignores Senator Craig's Arrest

What is the point of blogging?

Vote "Seabiscuit" and Get One of Your Own in the White House

The History You Aren’t Supposed to Understand: “The Iron Curtain”

Who Owns the Media and How the People Can Take It Back

"BP gets break on soot limits...

1934 Hits The Top Ten! - From Skeptical

As bees go missing, a $9.3B crisis lurks

EU opens tender to distil wine into biofuel - Reuters

New Species Of Golden Frog Discovered In Tropical Forests Of Colombia - ENN

Antarctic Ozone Hole Appearing Earlier Than Usual - May Surpass 2006 Record Size, Reach S. America

Yay! We're Saved! More "Aspirational" "Energy Intensity" Goals From John Howard's Big APEC Summit!

Asthma Rates 1200% Of Normal Among Ground Zero Workers - AP

This forum needs an arctic webcam.

OPEC policy will hit the poorest hardest, says IEA chief

Cantarell Average Output Down 44,000 B/D In July Over June - On Track For 15% Decline In 2007

How to Solve Our Energy Issues—Fast

Hi-Ho, Yet Another Record For All-Time Low Arctic Sea Ice Extent - NSIDC Updates

National Petroleum Council Report "A Hand Grenade In Bubble Wrap" - Energy Bulletin

Energy efficiency seen easy way to aid climate: U.N. - Reuters

If the Glaciers Melt Overnight

What If It's Worse Than We Think? "With Speed & Violence" By New Scientist Editor Fred Pearce

Did Chertoff lie to Congress about Guantánamo?

Police raid DMX's home, seize dogs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 28

Russia police nab Israeli wanted by Interpol for training militants

Miners unearth world's biggest diamond

Taliban, S. Korea reach agreement on captives

Violence mars Shi'ite ritual in Iraq, 25 killed

Credit card defaults seen climbing, report says

Daub resigns Republican National Committee post (may run for Hagel's seat)

Suicide blast kills 3 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan

Iraq orders 1 million pilgrims to leave

Crowd Pounds Baird's Iraq Stance

Bush: Fight against extremism is crucial

Pakistan's Musharraf may quit army for votes: paper

Statements Rep. Allen said following arrest are thrown out

Housing Prices: Steepest Drop in 20 Years

Gul elected as Turkish president

Ahmadinejad warns of power vacuum in Iraq, says Iran can fill gap

Cholera outbreak kills five in northern Iraq

U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls by Most Since 2005

Taliban agree to release all South Korean hostages

Yahoo in China human rights case

Army turns to National Guard for recruiting help

Judge agrees Noriega extradition

Idaho senator fined for lewd behavior at Minneapolis airport

'Many killed' in Iraq fighting

Stay out of local politics, diplomats told

Irish police to review turban ban

CREW: Request For Investigation of Sen. Larry Craig

Sponsors sought to bridge Golden Gate shortfall

Cal could be permanent home for controversial Abu Ghraib paintings

Uncle Sam's New Plan For Getting Recruits

Concern at US poppy spraying tactic

One million told to leave Iraqi city as gunfights rage

IVA regretfully calls for Sen. Craig's resignation

Whole Foods Closes Wild Oats Purchase [WFMI]

Dodd, Clinton Earn Backing of Unions

GOP leaders ask ethics probe of Craig

Bush Warns Of 'Holocaust' If Iran Gets Nukes

Former Wal-Mart exec faces resentencing

Judge blocks abortion-clinic law

McCain Eligible for Public Financing

Toyota refuses to meet with union activists

Craig says 'I am not gay,' did no wrong

Republicans Plan to Penalize States for Early Primaries

Suffolk (VA) Bomb Threat Disrupts US Joint Forces Command

Bush warns Iran over insurgents

Clinton picks up union endorsement

Ex-astronaut Planning Insanity Defense

Fed minutes send Dow, Nasdaq freefalling

(Senator Tim) Johnson Will Run for Reelection

US 'seizes Iranian group in Iraq'

Tom McClintock termed out - Dantona declares for CA19

EarthLink to cut 900 jobs, close offices

Miliband:We will decide when UK troops leave Iraq

Romney: Can't Account for Craig's Actions

Venezuela Opposition Fights Chavez Constitution, Universal Says

Columbus (OH) officer reassigned over (racist) YouTube videos

Drug lord's private island seized

Judge links Ben Stevens to FBI probe

Breaking News: Big Dem fundraiser wanted on swindling charges

After Stumbling, Mattel Cracks Down in China

Abramoff Still Cooperating, Say Feds

Faster, deadlier pilotless plane bound for Afghanistan(The Reaper)

US officer cleared of Iraq abuse

Americans Without Health Benefits Rose to 47 Million

Household Income Rises, Poverty Rate Declines

Immigration arrests more than 160 in Ohio

Sen. Larry Craig Maintains he is not Gay and Insists he did Nothing Wrong

More Iraqis flee as figure tops four million: UNHCR

NOAA Blames Hot Year on Greenhouse Gases

Lucy makes her debut

U.S. Most Armed Country with 90 Guns per 100 People

Arrest Clouds Idaho Senator's Future (has faced rumors about his sexuality since the 1980s)

Blackwater Offers Classes To Combat Active Shooters

Watching Roseanne: Blond and Bitchin' HBO special

I've never met any witches or warlocks

good night, all

Democratic Mob Censures Bush In Effigy

OK, PSTers (W Coast), what time is the eclipse?

goddammit, du lounge

How often do you masticate?

Bourdain + Ruhlman + Cleveland = damn good TV

A friend of mine went to a wedding in Utah where many witches and warlocks attended.

Rich fucks spend $300,000 on ball field, break several local laws, incur neighbors' ire

Anyone else watching the Lunar eclipse?

Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me

What's the difference between 'light' and 'hard'?

What are your upset picks for this weekend?

Help finding a speech box: My wife requested I post this.

ever had a naughty dream about someone that you'd NEVER

I had a really nice dream last night.

What if pictures of people like MLK and Margaret Sanger

Interior design.


So is it true...

Water In Your Ears

RC: uses a "Wide Stance" when using a public bathroom?

HELP PLEASE: I'm looking for a video of Jon Stewart's 9/11/01 monologue.

Need some advice re: online photo-sharing (flickr, shutterfly, photobuck)

I doubt that reality TV can sink lower than this: I watched 6 men makeout with a peach

Los Angeles peeps...did anyone else hear John Lydon on the radio this morning?

I start my first graduate course tonight!

Excuse me, sir, I seem to be out of toilet paper.

"All black male students were to sit in front row"

All you buffoons who prefer Brian Cox to Anthony Hopkins are buffoons, you buffoons!

Favorite episode of Gilligan's Island?

My wife wonders why I always insist on having my connecting flight in Minneapolis

It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. nt

I've had 15 cups of coffee and it's only 8:50,

Robotic Manta Ray.

Worst bumper sticker ever: "Liberals Suck"

Last Friday I had the best lobster ever. Chicken fried at Binion's in Las Vegas.

Is TDA and Colbert Report on vacation this week and next?

Are there any stupid songs you can't help but like?

"Diaper Free" What say you parents?

What to do on four evenings in Hannover, Germany, mid-September?

Aughh! My big kids are in so. much. trouble.

Tomorrow when the exterminator comes I hope he uses

Salute To Senator Larry Craig

A caption, perhaps?

Can you say child abuse? Man forces eight year old daughter to run 3,558 kilometers in 55 days.

Check this out fans of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

I need fundraising ideas.

Some perverts just don't get it...

Miss Teen South Carolina.. It was an idotic question..

I am a domestic goddess!

taking complaints now

Favorite episode of 'I'm Dickens, He's Fenster'

French & Saunders are reuniting on BBC1 next month!

Brockton, Mass. Free Kitten to Good Home (Adopt Keith or Randi... we're keeping Stephanie)

Rock pioneer Bo Diddley suffers heart attack

Even if it is still August I think fall has come to Houston.

Buhweat Tings

Post Something PEV That you assume about another DU'r

Who here still shops at Wal-Mart?

Print these out and give them to your Republican acquaintances

video response to Miss South Carolina...from Liberal Barbie :)

bugspray smelling perfume! UGH!

Is anyone else here doing the state quarter collection thing?

I think I have become ADDICTED to olives.

"How clean is your house?"

Feel association thread

Me association thread:

Another reason why Hank Aaron is still the homerun king!!!!

Favorite episode of "AfterMASH"?

What do you with an overload of pent-up aggression and stress?

Favorite episode of Sports Night?

Do you sleep with a hard.......

I need some Q-tips.

I, LynneSin, hearby give permission for kay1864 to post to his heart's content

I hate my drivers ed school.

Spree (TM) association thread:

Went swimming for the first time in a year

Third result down from googling "Senator Craig"

Olive Oil!

Olive Juice!

Which men's restroom will Senator Craig find Jesus in [sic]?

Are you vocal?

Need help with my blog

this could happen to you. things you post here-

pev association thread:

Do you know where you are?

Abstinence is the #1 cause of gangrene of the face among 21-35 year olds.

why can't they just get along?

I'm flying to Boston tomorrow.

So I drive all the way across town for my first class tonight...

Before I disappear again, for awhile...

Gay men! Is the "foot nudging" thing really a common signal?

Fee association thread:

Hilarious Wedding Video

Why I don't start threads in GD.

Favorite Episode Of Bewitched

So will * say we are now dragging Craig's name through the uh...terlet?

Bored at work? The answer is: Watch other bored people at work, LIVE!

Where does one go to learn the gay sign language?

Favorite Episode Of The Brady Bunch

Just how many not-gay gay Republicans are there?

LynneSin, madinmaryland needs some QTips.

Boy did I have a crazy day!

Ms South Carolina, Caitlin!!

For the last time, there is no Oscar Dimas at this number!

redqueen is on a Lounge time out!

I'm gonna hazard a guess here...

Funny thing about the Senator Craig thing...

Do You Like This Song?

It's Tuesday!

I just had a call from Hillary Clinton ...

Free association thread:

How many pounds have you lost on Jenny Craig?

I scream! You scream!

Favorite Episode of "SourMASH"?

"Senator Larry Craig is going to stick it out!"

Son of a bitch. There's a registered pedophile right near the club

Post classifieds on LarryCraig'sList...

Let's argue about flouride in the water!

First, call me stupid. Second, explain to me how a sexual encounter...


California Peggy I'm calling you out

I like this "Power of 10" game show on CBS.

Soooo anyone get any new ideas from lioness's post.....

Why are Americans so dumb and ignorant?

Could someone or everyone go over to

how many DUers does it take to

*tap* *tap* *tap*

a gay repubLican waLks into a bar

why do gay repubLicans wear red suspenders?

why did the gay repubLican cross the road?

Why does House take so many vicodins? How come he doesn't just upgrade.

so, what's the deaL with gay repubLicans and bathrooms?

how many gay repubLicans does it take to screw in a Light buLb?

This is how addicted I am to bike spinning

OK my son went kayak fishing in the bay today

California Peggy -- here is a little advice regarding poetry.

Who has a hand grenade?

Damn .. Keith Olbermann Just Quoted Bill Hicks

Where's the Red Sox Yankees thread?

So I tried both versions of the homemade "Bertolli"

Has anyone been watching Damages on FX?

Dear Southern Heteros: Have you ever had sex in Publix?

by request...more vacation pics

I'm Coming Out!

Miss West Carolina takes on the map issue

OK. Explain this pic.

In response to Idaho having a gay senator, Neocons plan to Nuke Freedom Fries.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/28/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/28/07 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/28/07 Double Bonus

Panic attacks, how common are they?

Did the ROLLING STONES play their last show?

Never mind.


I need you so bad, magic woman...

ARSON at BurningMan...The man torched last night....

Who is in on the MegaMillions drawing tonight!

Larry Craig makes me wish I had taken graphic arts.

My dogs are more preverted than any republicans

For all the gay GOP'ers

Hey ya'll! A picture of my sister...

Should Brittany have Custody of those Kids? She seems good with her dog...

time to confiscate matcom's computer

What does it mean when you dream of people you do not know?

"I am not gay. I never have been gay."

Am here in the Lounge to get away from "The Craig Incident"

It is too damned hot!

I need a Big Brother spoiler.

Where the Hell is Crim_son ???

Keanu will be Klaatu in remake of sci-fi classic, "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

What's the most bad-ass shit you did today?

The "super foods" you should eat

I have packed my albums - ugh. That's not going to be fun to move those

The Ultimate Bathroom Poll

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!

In Calvinist Russia, Jesus finds YOU!

Gentlemen, how wide is your "stance?"

Parents of school aged children - HELP!

Men accused of stealing park fee envelopes using rodent glue

New cable series: Saving Grace / Damages / State of Mind

Suddenly I regret posting this thread.

I just saw a clip of Larry Craig's press conference on the local news.

What airline travel used to be like.

Flea Association Thread

Officially sick of the green Heineken Lady? Check in here!

Post Something Nice That You Assume About a Du'er 20 Worst Song Lyrics Ever

and, I'm a moran!

I have a headache...But, I get pizza for dinner

Who else missed the eclipse last night?

Do you ever track your ups/FedEx shipments?

its real simple

The Document Your Bike Ride Project. Take One. Some dial-up killing inside

In honor of Senator Craig, I post this pic.

Musicians from North Carolina are superior to musicians from South Carolina

Amy Winehouse - your thoughts?

Bad product name. I don't think they are really paying attention...

How crazy is your mother?

Dear Heterosexuals: Have you ever had sex in Public?

I know I'm hughly naive...but what's with all these not-really-gay Repugs?

My dog has pancreatitis :(

Outrageously contrarian assertion

Why are people who love skinny women covered in rose petals & dipped in chocolate called "perverts?"

Miss Teen South Carolina re-answers question

Thanks to LynneSin, I can post this

Why are people who love fat women called "perverts?"

Micky Dolenz is in the new "Halloween"

Boy do I have a sick dog. She's a ten year old Golden Retriever.

Have you ever dreamt that you did something horrible?

A Thanksgiving to remember this year-I'm getting married!!!!!!

Time to go swab my many sores.

Am teaching Home Ec in high school tomorrow--Got any tips?

Lacking a design and decorative arts forum, I submit my years work (DIAL-UP WARN!):

I have the means and the ability to vaccinate my cats but

Hey NYCparalegal!

Veterans learn entrepreneurialism

Vets welcomed at colleges

Bush Speaking to American Legion: Sign Up!

Cool labor site for the week of August 27, 2007

Today in labor history August 28-Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have A Dream”

By request, posting Stop Worker Abuse Now! site

Bill seeks to change how unions can organize farm workers, bill sent Monday to Gov. Schwarzenegger

Gonzales worships Satan! (From the makers of Bush vs Zombies)

The Indigo Girls @ Kennebunkport, Maine

march at kennebunkport 8.25.07

Liam Madden And Eli Israel in Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunk Peace Protest Aug. 15, 2007 (should be Aug. 25)

Code Pink and Emmas Revolution

Impeach @ the Bush Dynasty Compound Kennebunkport

Gonzales says Goodbye

Dennis Kucinich talks at rally in Maine

Great "Countdown" coverage: "Bedtime for Gonzo"

Timeless Wisdom & Warnings from the Inventors of America

Dennis Kucinich on China

Son of Nun (Kennebunkport - 8.25.2007)

Hundreds Protest Bush Visit To Seattle

Alive in Baghdad - Arab Journalist Discusses Iraq

Katherine Harris:Republican Spokeswoman Razzler-Dazzler Tour

Indigo Girls

Dem. Rep. Baird Confronted Over Pro-Escalation Stance

Another One Bites the Dust

Cafferty On Craig: 'Rather Pathetic Clown'

Henry Rollins Interviews Gore Vidal part 2 (IFC)

Sen Tim Johnson (D-SD) Heading Home...

Henry Rollins Interviews Gore Vidal part 1 (IFC)

Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) endorses Mitt Romney

Hardball: Quick Recap Of Republican Scandals

Minnesota Cop Describes Arresting Senator Craig

Senator Larry Craig ("Toilet Bandit"- ID) Chastises Bill Clinton as a "nasty, bad, naughty boy"

Barney Frank on Gay Republicans...

BBC: U.S. Conducts Unauthorized Attacks In Pakistan

Exposing Nugent and Hannity's Hypocrisy - What they said about Rage Against the Machine

Two years after Katrina and thousands are still w/o homes; psssst... DO SOMETHING!

Katherine Harris Sings I've Never Been to Me

'We Don't Tolerate War Criminals In Seattle...He Ought To Be Impeached'


Kucinich Strikes Again!

Kucinich Health-Care Program Part-2

Kucinich Health-Care Program Part-1

Blight moves in after foreclosures

Chertoff? Why him? Would Dems actually even consider him to be AG?

GOP Senator Pleaded Guilty After Restroom Arrest (p. A01 on WaPost)

watch this YouTube video

Flynt has dirt on Vitter

Sen. Larry Craig Got 100% Ratings From Christian Coalition

Larry Craig - the latest scapegoat of the larger endemic problem?

Obama Statement on the Resignation of Alberto Gonzales (and a side note by me...)

FLASH: Bush Pardons Vick!

Paging Leonard Nimoy...

So, who's afraid of Virginia Bushovitch?

Bush Motorcade Crash Kills N.M. Officer (2nd one in a year) Domenici fundraiser

Ads to go: US drivers ease fuel costs with 'car-wraps'

The Amazing Criswell Predicts!

Video: How Rove & Company railroaded the former Democratic Governor Of Alabama to federal prison.

Feds Seize $400,000 of Cocaine at O'Hare

A tribute to a woman who made my life better, and saved me from being a bigot

Insurgents get a cut of U.S. aid to Iraq

Wj this morning: what do you think of Gonzo

Time to strategize impeachment....

Bush's Motorcade Kills Another - Driving Like Teenage Idiots

Lesson from Vietnam: It's time to cut our losses

Prediction: Oral Hatch will be the next AG.


The Brookings Institute

A disciplined party. Has Nancy brought discipline?

Question for the day: If Clinton's Blow Job had been from a male, would...

Two Years Ago

Does Vick fool anybody ?

Ari, aren't you retired yet?

Gonzo On The Jetway

"He could still depend on his "Defender-in-Chief"--abc is doing a hit piece

dupe - self deleted

Knox girl's story to be in "Chicken Soup" (a quick thank you to teachers)

Choice is Freedom

3732 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

GONZO's Going - what's the larger picture? questions......

World Vision: Iraqi refugees are 'forgotten people'

Protect our airports, don't troll them for sex

West Coast reminder: Lunar eclipse visible tonight

Craig's arrest is no surprise-- Houston Voice

abc news just said Craig was on a year's probation. thats news to me.

Who will resign from the Bush administration next?

Ocean's 43

Democracy's new dawn is on CCTV: the security state as infotainment

Chertoff's Katrina Record

When the guns fall silent

Short list of republican family values hypocrites, always a fun read.

The Republican invitation to gay men: Welcome to the party!

(Scotland) 'Torture flight' in city landing claim

Larry Craig on Ted "Intertube" Stevens Raid: "a bit Gestapo-like"

Counterterror-expert: “We Are Going to Get Hit Again”

Michael Chertoff as Attorney General? Over My Dead Body

Facing A Draft, Nugent Bravely Wet His Pants

Another reason for Conservatives to hate Bill Clinton

It must really suck to be a republican these days.

An example of the problem with beauty contests.

When in a public restroom, I check to see if a stall is occupied by:

Sen Craig involved in 1982 sex and drug scandal with Congressional pages?

last one back to texas is a monkey's uncle

Am I Right or Wrong About the Teen Miss South Carolina?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Wanna tell Ted Nugent what you think of his comments? Link

Two Romney campaign chairmen (Idaho & SC) in legal trouble (Craig and Ravenel).

Dave Lindorff: Gonzo's Gone. Now Let's Go After Cheney

I'm confused: Look at this screenshot and tell me just who this guy is...

Yahoo defends its giving info on political dissidents to Chinese government

The 4th best Teenage girl in America?

Seriously, What Term Would You Use to Describe Our Current Form of Government?

How Idaho got its name

Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) faces the music from constituents over surge support

What good will come from the Gonzales resignation?

Blackwater Air Force Buys Brazilian Bombers

Why is New Orleans 'still struggling to recover'?

Army Adds Farce to Abu Ghraib Shame

My Two Cents On Senator Craig

Miss Teen South Carolina.. It was an idotic question..

Lunar Eclipse: East Coast Spectacular!

Idaho Statesman: (Republican) man claims oral sex with Craig at Washington's Union Station

Teen Trades Hacked iPhone for New Car

If Hillary is serious about "fixing" Trade policies....

Bill Moyers Talks with FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps

Bush lies I still want to see exposed

So now Iraq has a cholera epidemic! It just keeps topping itself...

Two more to go....

Former H.W. Bush Justice Appointee Terwilliger "Looking Very Good" As Gonzo Replacement

S.F. sterilization law successful in reducing pit bull population in shelters

When will Faux News label Senator Widestance a Dem?


It all makes sense now:

Describe your bathroom stall stance

"See, when I take a dump in a stall...

Miss So Caroliana Teen is Chimps Missing Love Child

Sen. Graham: "I'm confident that the Iraqi people have turned a corner"

Turks elect ex-Islamist president

Wow! MSNBC declaring Paul Clement is LOVED BY DEMS AND REPUBS ALIKE

Hackers Lure PC Victims With Fake YouTube Videos

So Larry Craig has a "wide stance"

This country is all about second chances

“What do you think about that?” Craig is alleged to have said, according to the report.

Bush: "“You know, I was deeply affected on September the 11th, 2001"

Lead story page-one, most of the space above the fold: "Defender of Bush's Power Resigns"

Terra! Terra! Terra! THEY'RE COMING! OMG!

Lonely at the Top: Well, at least Bushie still has "his own pillow"

Petraeus 'Softened' NIE Judgments on Iraq to Reflect "Improvements"

What ever happened to our "war czar"?

U.S. Salmonella Outbreak traced to chickens from Thailand

I'm having trouble caring who Bush appoints to anything right now. Convince me otherwise, please?

Is the Bush Administration falling apart?

Iglesias: "I don’t know that you’ve seen this many top people leaving—maybe not since Watergate"

Check out there potential here?

Bush is right: Iraq is Vietnam all over again, but it's also Russia's Afghanistan

Ford And GM Say Factories In US Face Axe

Senator Craig was arrested on one day, sang with "Singing Senators" Lott and Ashcroft the next

Report: Petraeus 'Softened' Intelligence Findings On Iraq's Progress

Efforts to crack down on lead paint thwarted by China, Bush Administration

Local police corruption has been dealt with properly

US $2 billion Put options betting market crash

Dem Rep. Baird "Verbally Flogged" By Contituents Over His Pro-Escalation Stance

A battle of wits between vervets and humans in Kenya village

Do you have a right not to be offended?

Whatever happened to Bob Boudelang?

Did I hear Larry Silberman's name thrown into the new AG speculation?

Bradblog: Another 'Hole' Plugged in the Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney Vote-Rigging Scandal via Dan Rather

Miss Teen USA Issue is Crazy

Why did Cheney want Rove and Gonzo gone?

The BushCo Economy: Dueling Realities


Michael Rogers of Blogactive live on Ed Schultz and CSPAN now discussing Craig:

Damn! Eating coal and drinking urine to survive

Conyers Interviewed By Amy Goodman About NJ Rally & Impeachment

National Guard Sergeant Earns $100,000 Recruiting

Edwards Proposes "Brownie's Law"ensuring that senior political appointees actually are qualified

Pretend you're Joe Lieberman

Dennis Kucinich coming up on Ed Shultz right now! (Live on C-SPAN)

A Poem About the Arctic Bear by Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson

Wonder how Senator Craig feels today about "warrantless surveillance"?

Wookin' pa Nub

Conservatives Begin Calling For Craig To Resign Over ‘Lewd Conduct’ And Guilty Plea

The Romney campaign has disappeared a video from his YouTube channel of Senator Craig

George, you want that new AG? Good. Answer the subpoenas first.

Is there anything but propaganda on TV any more?

The yearly US cancer research budget equals what we piss away in Iraq in 2 weeks

Who believes WaPo and the NYT didn't know about Craigs' toilet incident for over 4 months?

Police: Ex-Marine killed GOP consultants, self.

Oliver Stone Making My Lai Film

So what is the President's schedule for tomorrow?

Former Aide To General David Petraeus Under Investigation By Pentagon

I think the reason the Clenis BJs got such a rise from the Pubs

CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Senator Larry Craig

U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

Bush’s despotism fails

Now! Anti War Rallies and vigils going on. Iraq Summer

Ed Schultz is being broadcast live on C-SPAN 1 now.

Unfortunate Moments in Eating Your Own Words


And so...they just walk the hell away? Just like that?

IRAQ: Lower school attendance expected in coming year

Yes, we have Brazilian freepers too. :(

I wonder how the craig story is going down on limbaugh today?

A PeTA Question

Bush appointee in Iraq accused of mismanaging govt. money, public drunkenness & sexual harassment

Hey Admin: Can I write the Top 10 Conservative Idiots for the next 2 weeks

anyone know what time Craig will do his Press conf?

Craig Once Helped Boot GOP Senator For Sexual Harassment

ABC: Sen. Craig's office announces news conference for this afternoon

Time 's Ana Marie Cox compared Congress' questioning of Gonzales to "legislative waterboarding"

Hey, here's a pic of the cop that busted Larry Craig!

The D.C. Madam Speaks! - Interview with Susie Bright

David Swanson At Tuesday Peace Vigil: Honor The Dead, Add No More To Their Number

Post-term impeachment, any takers?

LIEberman as AG! Hartman and Marjorie Cohn talking about it now

TIME: Why Gonzales Finally Caved

Another happy thought to come out of the Craig case

larry craig's voting record

msnbc - craig's presser at 2:30 mt from boise

Viennese Pathologist Says Beethoven's Physician Inadvertently Poisoned Composer

Do repug outings help the democratic party win elections?

I gotta say that I am a little disturbed by the direction and tone of some of the Larry Craig...

Lance Armstrong - Presidential Candidates Forum on Cancer

msnbc - lol rivkin must have seen my post from yesterday

CNN Bimbette just reported Minnesota storm brought "hail-sized golf balls"

Why We Need a Draft

Horse racing - animals bred and forced to perform for human entertainment.

Conservatives Begin Calling For Craig To Resign Over ‘Lewd Conduct’ And Guilty Plea

Romney used fee hikes to trim budget (blind, mentally retarded and others were asked to help pay)

Just say "NO"

C'mon, Larry. When you find yourself in a (glory) hole, the first rule is to stop digging!

Total lunar eclipse this morning - if anyone is awake

A Picture Of Larry Craig To Use On The News

Is it time to go High School on bathroom stalls?

Market down 270.69 @ 13051.44...

Oh Goody! Faster, deadlier pilotless plane bound for Afghanistan

Average SAT Scores at Lowest Since 1999

I sure can't fault the media for not getting the Craig story out!

So, what's in Sen Larry Craig's (R-eacharound) future?

The various types of GOPocrites

"Will Internet Kill the Radio Star?" - eMarketer figures.

"Even my worst days as an Attorney General have been better than my father's best days."--BULLSHIT!!


I feel like Hippy from The Abyss (tin foil hat time).

Follow-up to a GD thread regarding Connie and perfect pitch.

Here's the official police report detailing Larry Craig's arrest.

Banned alfalfa already planted throughout the Bay region

Larry Craig's Statement coming up at 4:30 PM...

The Abu Ghraib Cases: Not Yet Over

TPM: - Young's Scandals: From Abramoff To Zachares

bu$h* qouted LIEberman in his speech today.

Idaho Statesman--Senator Craig has put you on notice!

Will Craig 1. to to rehab? 2, quit congress? 3, tell us all to bug off?

Tomorrow's Theme: "One Nation, Under Water"

Would Gonzales have resigned if Republicans still controlled the Congress?

If one admits they can't decide what to do about a misdemeanor criminal charge by themselves why

Those Larry Craig denial videos

Why don't we have an Air America television network

This Craig thing has inspired a new song title

Sex or War?

It's 10 AM EST. Has YOUR senator offered to blow anybody yet today?

Sen. Craig: "It's Clinton's Fault"

Closeted gay men are INFESTING the churches & family values party!

No that is the wrong fag. (Why I am so conflicted about Craig's arrest part 2)

"You can't prejudge the Sept report" "This Sept report is not the whole story" "The Sept report was

Nothing in that Constitution you're holding Rep Conyers, prevents "post-presidential ..."

Let's keep it in perspective... Republican Sex Scandals

GOP = Gang Of Perverts

I implore ALL to read excerpts from "Nixon, Kissinger & the Destruction of Cambodia"

Why did it take two months for the Craig story to surface???

Randi: I would be much happier with Miss Teen South Carolina as Senator

Despite Announcing His ‘Retirement,’ General Who Oversaw Walter Reed Scandal Still Serving In Army

James Carville just said what Craig did was a human failing,Mitt Romney called it disgusting.

from the Craig incident report....

Senator craig reminds me of mr. garrison

Carlyle to be a partner in Home Depot's supply division

Senator arrested in bathroom: 'I am not gay,' blames newspapers

So many republican closet gays

In the event of a financial meltdown,

Has Fox Noise labeled Larry Craig as a "D" yet?

I don't understand. We say we will leave when the Iraqi's stand up.

For those of you living in red areas of the country....

Jiminy! Idaho Statesman story on Craig is a must read . . .

It's time to force a litmus test

Video of Larry Craig caught in page sex/drugs scandal 25 yrs. ago!

I don't envy Craig's attorney.

Examing Craig's "I am not gay and I have never been gay" statement

Are we even yet?

Some choice freeper comments on Larry Craig

Suspicious Timing: Crooked Timber suspects high level conspiracy

Craig's probation

Gay Civil Unions Sanctioned in Medieval Europe

Former Astronaut Lisa Nowak Files Notice To Use Insanity Defense

does chris matthews know he is referred to as tweety?

Just received this wonderful e-mail.

Pastor bids congregation's prayers harm 'God's enemies' (Church-State separationists)

Miss Teen South Carolina re-answers question

Michael Vick: Most vilified active NFL player

"On This Day" -- Martin Luther King: 'I have a dream'

MSNBC: sources say George J. Terwilliger III is "looking very good" to replace Gonzo

The Larry Craig Booking Photo

Dear Senator Craig, please don't resign

Is bush throwing Lewd Larry out there as a diversion..again?

Parents sign theirs kids over to CBS for reality show experimentation

Ronald Reagan on Dubya

Tennis: women players should not get the same $ prizes as men.


Gonzales Gone for Wrong Reasons (Juan Cole)

Woman Tried To Flush Newborn; Baby Expected to Survive

Romney bringing up Clinton in this Craig scandal. I think the Dems

Do we have the Minneapolis Police Report about Craig yet?

The Ultimate Bathroom Poll

Tucker just said, "It is common to have sex in restrooms -

Ed Shultz turns his "breaks" on CSPAN into Infocommercials

Original Documents on Larry Craig's Arrest

Hardball is on again right now...if you missed it, TUNE IN! Tweety's show tonight is GREAT!

Idaho Statesman: investigation not published until Craig’s arrest

"Romney Used Fee Hikes to Trim Budget"

Owen Wilson Suicide Attempt Confirmed

The Washington Post using “big lie” strategy against President Hugo Chavez

The Politicalization Of Military Commanders

The public bathroom sex poll

Iran attack?...

Miss teen america shoulda said:

Will Repugs try to outlaw public restrooms next?

Larry Craig: Goal Three - Defend and strengthen the traditional values of the American family

gold question.

When is Joe Lieberman going to step up and denounce Sen. Craig's behavior?

Craig: "I didn't even know what the word "gay" meant. I had to look it up in Websters!"

Leaked Red Cross report sets up Bush team for international war-crimes trial (Village Voice)

I'm not gay or anything and

I've am finally convinced that Pubs HAVE TO BE the dumbest damn *ers

Blitzer on CNN is ALWAYS ON "Attack Iran/Bad Iran/Iran Evil!"

Do you think they will start coming out of the woodwork (the Craig thang)?

I keep hearing ads touting Chevy fuel efficiency "Based on EPA estimates and segmentation"

Am I crazy or does anyone else see a pattern developing?

Larry Craig .... "he has a wide stance when going to the bathroom."

DU Poll, be honest now....have you ever had sex in a public voting booth?

Tweety Is Hitting The Hypocrisy Factor Hard

It's B 52's Time! Private Idaho!

What number is the republican rapture index on now?

Should Brittany have Custody of those Kids? She seems good with her dog...

Up next, Tweety on Craig (so to speak): Will it sell in Pocatello?

What is Olbermann going to have to say about this whole Larry Craig "affair"

Children - All of the media, and possibly America

Why Do Straight People Have Sex In Airplane Bathrooms?

'The storm that drowned the City" Understanding the weather, Nova PBS now. Looks good

Republicans, sex and hypocrisy. Question the "self-righteous."

How old is Mike Huckabee?

bu$h* warns of nuclear holocaust : Iran

House to Hold Hearings on Two New Reports on Iraq - ahead of Petraeus' testimony

Kurds say U.S. copter wrongly attacked them - FIVE CHILDREN KILLED


Caption this photo from the Larry Craig archive

Ahmadinejad: Nuclear case is closed, US can't attack Iran

There are lots of Men who are Sympathetic to Gay Rights who don't want to be Accosted in Men's Rooms

Should we HUNT THEM DOWN like the MOSSAD did the Nazi's?

WORSE Than Bathroom Sex....

Please help me understand, soliciting sex in the bathroom?

Larry Craig's booking photos

Question for DU LEO's: How badly do you have to piss off the brass

Will Fred Thompson play Larry Craig in the movie? They could be twins!

How many Big Lies can he tell?

U.S. kills 33 Iraqis over water

Poodle 2.0 Brown won't set Iraq pullout timetable

What do we DO?!!!

A call for the end of Fluoridation

America at a Crossroads (PBS): 'The Anti-Americans'

My hero agrees with me--Castro for Clinton/Obama

YOWZA!!! You guys hear the tapes Keith is playing?

Bill Clinton must be enjoying the hell out of this

Only 2 GOP candidates at Lance Armstrong Cancer Forum


Many MEN Like Sex As A Sport

Uncle Ted DENIES draft story. Freepers don't believe him! tee hee

Food for thought.

Brownie on CNN responding to Edwards' proposal to

Iraq: US troops raid Sheraton Hotel, detain Iranian engineers seeking electrical contract

Republican Gays ARE mentally defective...

Gay Republican pitbulls making porn in the men's room while blowing second hand smoke in your face is down for me. That site has Sen Craig info.

Damn...North Dakota town gets completely destroyed by tornado,

SAT scores down for the second year in a row

Question about Sen. Craig's arrest

It's Tuesday -- Always a good day for Bush to threaten Iran.

VIDEO: Global warming may open a new route between the Atlantic and Pacific (Northwest Passage)

South Korean troops to leave Afghanistan in exchange for South Korean missionaries release

Poor outlook-- Even the rich are losing optimism over this economy

KLSD Rally,

'Burning Man' burns early...

Text of Craig Police Report

Angelina Jolie visits Iraq refugees

Kinda tired, someone wanna tackle this from another board?

Tomorrow night, KO plans to dramatize the Larry Craig arrest as an episode of "Dragnet"

A "Spaketh." -- John Gibson -- Troll.

Well someone accomplished their goal over the past 2 days...

DEA Boneheads Want ND Industrial Hemp Lawsuit Thrown Out

Call it a failure to communicate

401(k) Day today at the office! (Which funds should we invest in?)

I just had an interesting conversation with my gay neighbor.

Dan Abrams is hysterically funny tonight

This is NOT about Larry Craig. It ***IS*** about David Petraeus.

FUNNIEST YOUTUBE EVER: Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) Chastises Bill Clinton

How TF did this Craig business stay under the radar

Mitt Romney links Senator Craig to Bill Clinton--i'm sure you're all Shocked!!

The Senator doth protest too much, methinks

When in a stall, has your foot ever touched the foot of the person in the next stall?

Sacramento Church Sues Alleged Sex Abuse Victim

"Dan Rather Reports" On HDNet: 'Fleeing Iraqis' 11 p.m. ET

Hey, DU. There is a registered pedophile across the street from

Joe Liarman can hem and haw all he wants... he CANNOT flip a majority

I just saw Dennis Kucinich on V, with Joe Scarborough

Harper's: Meet Giuliani’s Advisors: AIPAC’s Dream Team

CREW: Capitol Hill Democrats will continue investigations of Justice Department

Dennis Hastert's "retirement" timing vis-a-vis Larry Craig (et. al.)

MUGSHOT: "I'm innocent, so I pled guilty."

wouldn't a U.S. Senator have a personal attorney already?

Last nights Lunar Eclipse from San Diego, ...

Edwards leads in Kos Straw Poll...Get your vote on.

American Story - Tourism in Misery - New Orleans

Lest we forget ads: contact local affiliates and ask about their procedures for...

FL Statute Forbids Issue-oriented Polls Political Committees, Parties Can't Ask Voters Their Views

In Baghdad, snipers, explosions and automatic weapons fire, as violence claims 51 lives

Blackwater Air Force - Buys Brazilian Bombers

Quote From Ronnie Raygun

Who's been watching FOX News in the last 24 hours? What's the popcorn factor there?

H20's 'Sultans Of Slime'

We Really Need To Bitch More !!! (Great Iraq Swindle Story)

I'm dumping, er, selling my Nugent LP's and cd

Letter to Congress Critters

Craig Could Attempt to Reverse Guilty Plea Under Minnesota Law

Holy cow! Colbert's icky cast up to 16,900

On Larry Craig, Boise in the 1920s, and the History of the "Tearoom"

World Markets 8/28 Asia down, Europe showing a lot of red....


In first appearance since falling ill, Sen. Johnson tells South Dakota residents: 'I am back'

HO HO: Calls grow louder for international overview of U.S. markets

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

* arrives in New Orleans - pics

You think Craig is sick? Bush's loyalty fetish is *sicker.*

Some thoughts on the Craig incident.

Larry Craig Photo Gallery ---pix--->>>

Keep bathrooms safe from repervlicans!

Did The Idaho Statesman Take Down Their Original Article On 5 Month Investigation on Craig?

U.S. President George W. Bush is reflected in a puddle - pics

Gannon To Release Book, Says: I'm "The Most Honest" White House Reporter

Has Kerry let the statute of limitations run on a defamation suit against the Swifties?

Please join me in a DU shout-out to Bluebear

Caption this * pic

My God! How will we tell the children about Senator Craig?

"S--kin' in the boy's room", by Senator Larry Craig.

Senate Repubs call for ethics probe on Larry Craig...NO JOKE, breaking...cnn

Best ideas ever:

Keith Olbermann's opening remark tonight. Laughed my ass off

The Pen, Lunatic plan to attack Iran confirmed, and only impeachment can stop it

On Katrina in '07...

So if Bush pulls the trigger on Iran, Will Britain Sit This One Out?

Some questions for Brian Baird (Vichy Dem - WA)

"Gonzales, however, chose to function more like the President’s personal legal strategist..."

Japan Navy Raided Over Data Leak sensitive warship technology data shared between Japan & US

Jeez, don't the Puggies get it? They're gonna need hate crime legislation

Leisure Suit Larry Bingo ..just in time for the presser

Tuesday TOONS: Still wondering about Gonzo

Should perverts like Larry Craig be castrated? Idaho Values Alliance thinks so.

Why Did Vitter Fess Up and Craig Tell a Big Fib?

Did Chertoff lie under oath to Congress about Guantánamo?

Will Lib elites go back to enabling sL-IMUS on his new show?

Can you have an opinion on what someone else should do without infringing on their right to choose?

FEDs Investigating "The Largest Ring Of Fraud & Kickbacks" Involving Purchase & Delivery Of Weapons

Icky Ted didn't wipe for over a month.

Bush warns Iran about Iraq interference

I nominate Patrick Fitzgerald for Attorney General...

How often must one donate to retain one's donor star?

Wait a minute, the (R) Governor of Idaho calls himself "Butch Otter" ?

Are Rabid Anti-Gay Men Actually Gay? Seems like the odds are pretty good...

During your next bathroom break, beware of what lurks...

"I am not gay,nor have I ever been gay." Sen. Craig.

Palast's Interview With Iglesias: "It Wasn't Just Gonzales-It Was Gonzales' Boss" & Its A Felony

Pissed about toxic Chinese imports? Blame US Ceo's.

Help! I'm no good with photoshop! Who wants a fun project?

Vick's sheer moral turpitude

Homophobia And The Republican Party Created Larry Craig

Macacca and My-cocka

Our government ignores them, but Angelina Jolie does not, visits Iraqi Refugees

Somebody please spank this monkey!

So, when and if we attack Iran, is there going to be a big public "roll-out"

"I'm not gay"; "I don't use hookers"; "I'm not a pedophile" -- We need a new category

I just read a VERY insightful post on another forum...

KATRINA....My DU in Review ..... 2 yrs. later.....

Craig and Romney

So will Sen. Craig do the honorable Nixonian thing & resign? I doubt it.

Thank you Democratic Underground.

Vermont Yankee officials are baffled by cooling tower collapse

Does it make sense to post news which DUers might view as common knowledge?

Here's why we need Hate Crimes Legislation:

TOONS - TOONS - TOONS (Get 'em while they're hot)

"Big Source of Clinton's Cash is an unlikely address"

Conyers on Impeachment: "I've got the constitution in one hand and a calculator in the other"

did anyone see the bush speech about Iran on KO and think to themselves...

CBS TV station recreates Craig's lewd behavior

The gay references regarding Larry Craig is so wrong

Radical U.S. Extremists in Iraq Threaten Iran

Look Back in Anger …. at What we Lost When we Lost President Gore.

Fair Game by Valerie Plame Wilson

Didn't Gonzales resign yesterday?

Two years after Katrina and thousands are still w/o homes; psssst... DO SOMETHING!

Men's Room Cruising vs. Mile-High Club (or, The Homophobic Society)

Ok, Larry, let's pretend you really aren't gay


The sex trade should be OPEN, REGULATED

Larry Craig Political Dead Pool:

SIGN THE PETITION! Save Progressive Talk Radio

BUSH the porno star: a tribute

Why Does Blackwater (A Security Company) Need To Buy Bombers???

This is strange. Maybe that’s why they’re all bailing for Texas

Iraq might descend into chaos if we pull out...

The Singing Senators

Most important book since "Inconvenient Truth"

NYT: A Scandal-Scarred GOP Asks 'What Next?' (Oh, This Is Delicious...)

Tweety can't stop saying "HYPOCRACY"

Larry Craig Haiku, anyone?

What's This Under Bush's Jacket? ---pix--->>>

So are there any websites that review the Christian Coalition?

I don't care what Craig did in a restroom or what Vitter did in diapers.

Lexington Ky Anti War Rally Pictures. Keep kicked so

Why are people still joining the military?

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of Katrina in NOLA but there are 18 threads on Craig & bathroom sex?

Why Was NASA's DSCOVR (Al Gore's Triana) Really Grounded?

Oh yes, Larry WILL step down in 1... 2...3...

James McMurtry: "We Can't Make it Here Anymore"

One cool Art story

1st of Jena 6 to be sentenced 9/20 Come to Jena to help stop it

Bank of America is doing it again!!! And by "it" I mean Holding small e-payments and paying large...

Christopher Hitchens Coming Up on Hardball To Debate M Teresa with Bill Donahue

Florida beaches....sun, sea, crushed glass?

Bush: "I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran's murderous activities."

Rocky Anderson Multimedia Presentation "A Compelling Case For Impeachment" Available For Viewing

Comey Ally Jack Goldsmith to Testify Before Senate Committee

For Those Still Queasy About Impeachment...

Bill Clinton's response to the Sen. Craig ordeal ...


Between you, me and this board I've about given up on ever getting an impeachment

Pics from Albany 8/27 - President Clinton

Remember Barney Franks on Bill Maher talking about Larry Craig being gay?

Defund the War - End the U.S. Occupation of Iraq!

Living Wealth: Better Than Money

Tom Toles: Gonzales says he's resigning. Therefore, he is not resigning.

"Gonzolies Adventures in Ronderland" or "Up is Down and Down is Up"

VIDEO Melanie Sloan on Hardball Bush administration's contradictions E-MAILS & FOIA

The Nation: Why Gonzales' Resignation Won't Restore Justice

I am not a person opposed to spirituality

Here's an excellent presentation on money...

'We Are Going to Get Hit Again'

Greg Palast: American Nightmare - Gonzales "Wrong And Illegal And Unethical"

I have a feeling that Iowa and NH will choose Biden & Dodd

Florida's primary date controversy doesn't deter candidates

Don't you wish your congress had a "question period"?

Now this is fun, If the world could vote. Obama seems to be

If The Truth Be Told ...

Sharp Questions Await Gonzales Successor

Senate president Murray backs Clinton

Did Congress compromise to get Gonzalez & Rove out?

Sen.Caig and his misplaced "Astaire"

Idaho Values Alliance, under a picture of Senator Craig

Jeff Toobin on CNN "single most ridiculous explanation for a

Edwards ties Obama for 2nd, once trailed him by 19 points; Clinton increases lead to 22 (DUPE nt)

Ah, I get it. Larry Craig. He's the Craigslist guy! Ok. Now it makes sense.

Edwards to focus on building "One America" at GA event that Pres. Carter will attend

Edwards agrees to public financing proposal, joining Obama and McCain

In appreciation of Rep. Barney Frank

Ambinder: Edwards Rises Again. And Again. (everytime he is declared dead)

Rasmussen: In IL Obama up 20 over GOP, Hillary up 10

Craig revelations endanger a GOP safe seat, complicate attempts to limit '08 losses

Should we nominate Hillary Clinton just because Terry McAuliffe says it's "her turn"?

Larry Craig Question

The Rude Pundit:Katrina Plus Two Years: Two White People, Still Two Cities of New Orleans

The greatest offense in the Sen. Craig case--Republican recognizes need for counsel when arrested...

Creighton (U) rescinds speaker's invitation (concerned about her views on assisted suicide and abort

Can DU form a 527 group?

No doubt an Idaho republican with REAL, HONEST TO GOODNESS Family Values

It seems Republicans are overwhelmingly homosexual but against gay rights.

Obama supported by Wilder

Lieberman as AG?

"The current administration has literally called a halt in the war against cancer..."

Cleaver discusses his support for Sen. Clinton

General Clark coming up on Tucker's show NOW....

If Larry Craig worked for one of our candidates...

Can someone remind MSNBC that there are more than 3 candidates?

Electability Data Does Not Support Anti-Clinton Electability Narratives

Wes Clark Fans: He's on Tucker NOW on MSNBC.

Dennis K. up next on the Ed Schultz radio show being simulcast on CSPAN.

Rasmussen: Hillary beats GOP head to head in MO, PA and destroys Rudy in NY

Multi-state survey suggests Clinton would win in landslide (136 EV's to 17 for Ghoul in 12 states)

United Transportation Union endorses Hillary...

Must be lonely for George W Bush in the White House right now?

News crew reenacts Craig's "bathroom encounter" (*VIDEO)

Sinking Ship Leaves Rat-zales.


Chris Bowers: Electability Data Does Not Support Anti-Clinton Electability Narratives

Take Action Now - Tell Senator Biden to Support the Law of the Sea Convention

Bush: Gonzales' "good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons"

Edwards Unveils National Strategy On Cancer Survivorship At Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum

Romney and Kudlow use Craig scandal to bash the Big Dawg!

So now that one of the last rats has jumped off the sinking ship


Full page "sheep" ad slamming Congress ran in the San Francisco Chronicle 8-28-07

Do you see a difference between Fred Phelps and Tom Coburn?

Edwards Adds Six New Proposals to Help New Orleans to his Existing Plan

Dodd, Clinton Earn Backing of Unions

So just what is Larry Craig's voting record?

DU this poll

Why We Need a Draft: A Marine’s Lament

Sen. Larry "Tea room Tessy" Craig's mugshot

Hitchens and Donahue on Tweety now...

Third GOP Senator Lands In Hot Water

"...In the short run, you know, we're doing quite well...a lot of these al-Qaeda people are dead..."

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder predicts "several major union endorsements for Edwards after Labor Day"

Idaho Statesman's full set of stories on investigation of Larry Craig

Obama Supported By Douglas Wilder

I have new respect for MSNBC and CNBC

Honor the Dead, Add No More to Their Number

DK showedf that this election should be about both Values AND Pragmatism

Locals Liked Obama, US Senator Tim Johnson

The Goracle

Now on MSNBC's Super Tuesday, with Tim Russert. Terry McAuliffe: "This is Hillary's turn"

It's January 20th 2009

Once again make a toll free call to 800 325 3737 and demand Rite Aid get HR 676 enacted.

Place your bets here: Who will be the next GOP involved in a scandal

meanwhile in iraq ,things are just swell.....

a gem from Bill Kristol

Hillary Clinton picks up union endorsement

Who Would the World Elect?

Little Johnny -Funny Joke..

David Wellstone: In the name of his father

Hillary within MoE of Thompson, and statistically tied with Romney in....

Is the CIA funding candidates in US elections, like it does in other countries ?

My SO is currently reading "Broken Government" by John Dean,

"I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran’s murderous activities"

Clinton picks up union endorsement

I belive I'm not wanted here on this site by the admin! POST allegations of CRIME 2 get CENSORED

A Google Government

New Yorkers trust Clinton over Giuliani on Terra

Bush's Nawlins Katrina Anniversary Photo Op: FEEL the LOVE. Go on...FEEL it.

Whatever happened to DC madam additional names

Why is it Never their Fault

Drawing Thunderous Applause, Senator Clinton Maps Agenda

I find it interesting: Vitter vs. Craig

Larry Craig's violations--Interference with PRIVACY is on the books in MN

Meanwhile, what the GOP plans to do about Florida primary

Who clicks with voters Online?

Bush Could Nuke Iran

edwards catches up with obama

Nevada's Generaton Obama Launches with More than 100 Founding memebers

Castro: Clinton/Obama - The Winning Ticket

Retreating Brits Cut Deal With Muqtada al-Sadr for Safe Exit

I just had a terrible thought: if Craig resigns, ID's gov could appoint Bill Sali

With all the misinformation it's time to set the record straight about Florida.

Straw Poll at Daily Kos open today

Romney HURLS Craig -- part of his campaign until yesterday -- under the bus.

Rasmussen Tracking Poll...Edwards tied with Obama...

Neck Deep Secret: Gore Was Right

"Clinton/Obama is unbeatable": Is Fidel Castro right?

Just worked out why the 1st Battalion 265 Air Defense Artillery have been brought to DC

The bumper sticker on my car says (something like) ......

In first public appearance since falling ill, Sen. Tim Johnson speaks 15 minutes to cheering crowd!

Edwards Touts Trade Policy for Workers

Sign the End the Occupation of Iraq Pledge

I'm asking my friends here on GDP for a small favor

Former Top Pentagon Official Campaigns for Edwards in Nevada. says JE has the vision to be prez

OR - HRC 26%, BO 18%, JE 17% (Riley Research Poll)

Contrary to the spin, Edwards WILL leave forces in Iraq.

OK. Seriously. What's the attack plan for Huckabee?

Fox article fails to identify Senator Craig as Republican

"He feels it just like Bobby did," RFK's widow says of Barack Obama

Doug Wilder: Barack Obama could shatter the GOP's virtual lock on the South

Clark: "Presidential politics is about celebrity and brand image."

Clark calls for funding cutoff if administration does not change strategy.

Is Bill Clinton a "nasty bad naughty boy" as Senator Craig says???

The latest Florida propaganda tactic here about attacking the DNC...local email.

Report: Hillary Is Not "Unelectable," And The Polling Data Prove It

U.S. envoy (Zalmay Khalilzad) says Middle East turmoil could cause world war

Craig: "I am not gay. I love my wife"; blames his problems on the paper.

Kucinich: 'My wife's 29 — You draw your own conclusions'

We STILL Know What You Did THAT Summer

Photo of Cop that busted Senator Craig and his 'Police Report'

Two years after Katrina and thousands are still w/o homes; psssst... DO SOMETHING!

Report: US Has Plans to Attack Iran

Take a Stand in KC - pictures - AWESOME TURNOUT!!

John McCain on Leno NOW.

So Hillary is speaking in code to al qeada that they shouldn't attack before the election

John Edwards WILL win the New Hampshire primary

How Kucinich Wins

Will Dean's War on Florida Backfire?

The Sultans of Slime

Why John Edwards doesn't get the press he deserves....

Big Source of Clinton Cash is Unlikely address

JE wants "Brownie's law" to require qualified people, not political hacks, to lead federal agencies

Big Source of Clinton's Cash Is an Unlikely Address

Ethel Kennedy on Barack Obama

I remember being in Iowa seeing the AFL-CIO trucks rolling into Des Moines on Caucus Eve 2004

Do you seriously dislike one of our presidential candidates?

Florida's Geller joked about his amendment: "sarcasm and audible laughter in chamber"