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Fires prompt Greek national alert



Ray Manzerek and Robbie Krieger never matched Morrison in vocals. Discuss.


"I feel like hitting him in the temple with a hammer"

Somebody's had too much to think.


Jakalope - Pretty Life

I'm not as think as you drunk I am, occifer.

Well, what the hell is...

It's a Go: Drew Barrymore's Barbarella Finds Funding, Director...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/25/07

I just bought a Serta Memory Foam mattress pad...

speaking of 70's flashbacks...

I got me a problem

I've had it with Antiques Roadshow!! All these people with some civil war...

Any Frisky Dingo Fans Here?

Sparkman vs. the WTO (Tom Tomorrow)

Subprime problem curbs job rate in U.S

Iran says no to oil production rise

China warns of protectionist attitudes against it

Iran's Revolutionary Guard branches out

A Jordanian kid's blog: Dear Iraqis in Jordan: Please Accept My Apologies.

My Senator, Dick Durbin, took off his socks and shoes, rolled up his pants and toured Des Plaines

A Politically Inconvenient Truth (or Not?)

Must See VIDEO: Jon Stewart & "America To The Rescue!"

Washington Note's Clemmons On Obama's Foreign Policy and Cuba

How do you deal with the anger and frustration?

Who is this Tom Coburn who would feature prominently in the "new kind of politics"?

Gore/Edwards, Gore/Obama, Gore/Richardson, Gore/Clark, Gore/Kucinich, Gore/Kurvoski/Gore/Wetzelbill

Baird(D)hugs two sheiks in triangle of death, hopes car doesn't blow up, says "That’s real progress"

Iraq war looms Venice Film Festival

As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes

LA Times: GIs' morale dips as Iraq war drags on

Grace Paley 1922-2007: Acclaimed Poet and Writer Dies at 84

Lurita Doan, Buying for the Government at Highest Possible Prices

Morford: My life with Jenna Bush - What it's like to be married…

The Great Iraq Swindle:

Christopher Hitchins:"To invoke Vietnam was a blunder too far for Bush"

"Shame on the Dems" Progressive Populist editorial about our 4th Amendment

NYT sounds alarm, page one: China's pollution problem shatters all precedents

The House GOP Leaders' Precipitous Fall

WP op-ed, Douglas Brinkley, "Reckless Abandonment": The Bush administration wants New Orleans to die

When Nader & Norquist agree

The Hypocritical Summer of Ted Nugent by Debbie Schlussel

Chavez Offers Billions in Latin America

Katrina may have been Rove's biggest triumph

The Fog of Peace: Vietnam Myths and the March of Folly in Iraq

Bush's Dogmatic Foreign Policy

Public Financing Would Mean Cheaper Elections

Old worries may still plague new New Orleans

Elites are the ranchers, establishment politics are the cattle pens, and we are the cattle.

Far from reality, Bush dares to invoke Vietnam (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Marie Cocco: Selfishness as Public Policy

Crushed glass to be spread on beaches

One Dictatorship, Two Parties: Resistance is Impossible - But Not Futile / By Ben Tripp

PAUL KRUGMAN: A Socialist Plot

With God on Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military

Lies, Lies, and More Lies, in History-Illiterate America

Polarizing People Out of the Race

Clinton proposes Health care quality improvements-indicates Medicare expansion & Fed employees plan

City of Boston to dump Smithfield products

Obama: Is He Really the Man to Support?

Global Warning: Brutal lessons from an Antarctic summer

2007 Forest Fires In Europe Have Already Surpassed Total Burned In All 2006 - AFP

Tar Sands - The Junkie's Last Fix, Part I - The Oil Drum

Woo-hoo. Chinese Government Pledges $176 Million (US) To Fight Air Pollution - Peoples' Daily

Xantrex Supplying Solar Inverters For Largest North American Solar PV Installation At Nellis AFB

With Coal Production, Cleaner Skies Could Mean More Landfills

8/25 University Of Bremen AMSR Arctic Ice Imagery - Really Thinning Fast, Esp. On Siberian Side

U.S. energy use dropped in 2006, didja notice?

Gulf Of Maine Bluefin Tuna Stocks In Freefall, As Fish Quality Degenerates - Too Lean

"Crushed Glass to Be Spread on Beaches"

LAT: Property value worries sink Santa Barbara [global warming] art project

After oil supplies dry up, what's Plan B?

As China's Economy Roars Ahead, Entire Nation And Other Countries Choking On Filth - NYT

Freak Storm Floods Queensland - Once-In-A-Century Event, Say Scientists - AFP

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood? (Walkscore website)

Dispute Over How Deep to Cut Iraq Troops

GIs' morale dips as Iraq war drags on

After Iraq Trip, Unshaken Resolve (Rep. Schakowsky met with Petraeus)

Ford To Idle Parts Plant In Monroe That Employs 1,200

Pakistan military test-fires nuclear capable cruise missile

Help Wanted Ads Go Unanswered in West

Nudist named to Arizona GOP committee

Bad credit threatening US economy: Research

"Flying mattress" to cross Atlantic

Security tight for Iraq pilgrimage

Conservation groups oppose plan to sell donated acres

Bird flu found at German poultry farm

Abdel-Rahman Aref, Former Iraqi President (Deposed By Saddam) Dies

British Move Out of Basra Police Center, Shiite Militia Moves In

Guatemala 'on brink of ruin' after 40 murdered

French president speaks out in favour of nuclear energy for Libya

Obama develops plan for Gulf Coast restoration

Warner may back Dems' bill on withdrawal

If Gonzales Resigns will Chertoff be the "replacement"?

UK pulls out of joint headquarters in Iraq's Basra

Many Won't Run Next Two 'Opus' Strips With Sex Joke, Islam Reference

Edwards: Congress should use all tools to demand troop withdrawal

Obama: U.S. can't fail New Orleans again

Nearly 300 workers laid off as Murray shutters Tower mine

Kristol: Let’s ‘Stretch Our Army And Marines’ For ‘Another Year Or So’ In Iraq

Labor (party Australia) calls for whaling talks at APEC

Iraq's leaders agree on key benchmarks

Huckabee Expectations High for Thompson

Trade frictions threaten resilient US eco

UK spending on Iraq hits £6.6bn

Dogs return from mission of mercy in Peru

(Australian) Government unveils new citizenship test

Gaping Hole Found In Universe

Search to Go on for Trapped Utah Miners

US-made Tajik-Afghan bridge opens

White House Declares Office Off-Limits

Falcons want $22 million back from Vick

Kern union votes to strike (2nd largest county in Ca. + video)

Ninth Circuit Court revives California bid for electricity refunds(b/c Enron Tapes Ignored)

Bolivian President Evo Morales visits quake-ravaged Peru, brings aid

Ex-Iraqi leader returning 'to fight for our country'

Floods strand Romania villagers

Iraq's Maliki Lashes Out At Hillary Clinton (and Carl Levin)

Saudis set up force to guard oil plants

US Sikhs outraged by new turban search policy

US 'friendly fire' strike kills four Iraqi Kurdish policemen

Chinese Villagers Clash With Police in Land Dispute; Paper Reports 1 Killed

Iraq Whistleblowers Vilified, Demoted

'Blasphemous' balls anger Afghans

Former AP executive Bob Johnson, a champion of open government, dies at age 84

Iraqi leaders sign unity accord

China to enact law to deal with rising number of labor disputes

India loses maximum lives to terror except Iraq

Senator’s Office Is Burglarized

Iran Vows to Use 'Smart' Bomb on Enemies

Edwards Offers Cancer Plan

The next credit crunch?

Amid rumors, Castro pens political essay without addressing his health

Witnesses In Army Trial Killed In Crash

Activists protest deportation of Mexican woman

It's Official: The USS Stennis Will Come Home Friday

Midwestern Moon (Written by AutumnMist)

What's going on with "Bookmark this thread?"

Elvis eats boats.


People, I know it's really early, but as to Christmas tunes...

So why am I watching The Two Towers on TNT right now

Check this for bad attitude

I just bought a Sorta Memory Foam mattress pad...

It's the ULTIMATE Mike and Carol competititon poll!!!

A very humble reminder

wa-hoo electric came back on late last night

Somebody shoot me, it's 1991 reminiscing thread!

Found a kitten, crapped today

If "objects in mirror are closer than they appear"

Do glass Kool-Aid pitchers really exist?

Property in front of mine for sale- a little rant.

I maded you a. . .

It's the question all America is asking:


My "MySpace" tribute to the victims of Katrina.

Okay, I recall TV adverts from 20 years ago for a classic rock radio station...

Post items of great sentimental value to you . . .

Found them. Never mind.

I had a dream that spongebob was rocking out to Green Day's "Holiday"

Taco on piano

Any metal heads here?

Did candy cigarettes get you hooked on real cigarettes?

Did quicksand get you hooked on real sand?

Did Sour Patch Kids get you hooked on real kids?

Did Swedish fish get you hooked on real fish?

What if somebody made a version of NASCAR using only electric cars?

Send lawyers guns and money

I need caffeine rehab

Did nobody in iBeat's marketing department catch this?

Did Spanish fly get you hooked on real fly?

Where do rocks disappear to?

There's a knock at the door. I fear it's the suede, denim secret police.

if she don't like biscuits feed her cornbread. y'all come!!

The Good The Bad The Ugly

in case you guys aren't sick of it yet, more pics from my visit with elrond hubbard

BEST VIDEO EVER!- Miss So.Carolina on the maps

Chicken and Rice

If it weren't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all....

Moustached men of America fight back


do not look here if you're afraid of spiders, remember I warned you

My co-worker just told me he had a full blood workup for STDs

Don't forget! Countdown w/Keith Olbermann wll be on NBC @ 7:00pm

Anybody else here work the night shift and/or stay up late?

In honor of National Friendship Week which is ...when is it?

Two questions:

Best license plate I've seen in a while

"Man Accused of Biting Girlfriend's Snake"

How paranoid have we become?

Let's hear your FSBO experiences.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/25/07 Bonus

Does anyone feel bad for the Earnhardt Jr fans with #8 tattoos?

Five questions:

I just finished watching Becoming Jane. Good flic!

For the deer hunter on your Christmas list:

A Child Called "It": One Child's Courage to Survive {have you read it?}

Wow. Superbad was actually funny

Anyone have some webcam photos to share?

What presidential candidate was in The Hunt For Red October? Wetzelbill !

"Flight of the Conchords" is growing on me

This hurts my ears

Why aren't all the state primaries just

No Simpsons tonight? What's this garbage on FOX?

Does anybody know of a good zip file extractor I could download (for free)?

Do you like Pulp Fiction... Do you like the Muppets?

At Chez trof tonight: Grilled deer sausage.

Watching Football

So the triplets' father cooked for Brangelina Thursday night....

Tell me are you a christian child

I'm seeing this awesome Korean girl

I am such a geek- I ordered a 28" widescreen computer monitor.

I hope I'm never the kind of half-ass celebrity that ends up on "Teen Choice Awards" - how f-ing sad


Did Pixie Sticks get you hooked on real pixies?

Did gummi worms get you "hooked" on real worms?

For those of you in relationships: how often do you fight with your SO

Hey LeftyMom! I found the perfect dog to go with your kid

good night, all

here's a sign for RetroLounge, quite literally

On Labor Day we are having our backyard movie night, the movie will be "Picnic"

A quote that I relate to

Anyone talk to Belladonna?

One good thing about being back in this old college town...

Just watched the 'teen choice' awards with my girls...

The other side of the fence

What's the first book on your Amazon recommendations list?

A Truly, Talented Ambitious Filmmaker Should Re-Make "Catch-22" Using Iraq As The Backdrop

What's a tertiary qualification?

I hope I'm never the kind of half-ass that ends up posting about "Teen Choice Awards" -how f-ing sad

"Go for broke!" 442nd Regimental Combat Team

to hell with all of the naysayers--Miller High Life is tasty drinkin'

I rode my bike today in one of the worst organized bike rides EVER

Update on my crazy coworker

Avril Lavigne looks like salty garbage.

Anybody play with Pick-up -Sticks when you were a kid

Visitors to my bird feeder this afternoon

Shirtless Putin Looks Better Than Me Without A Shirt

Why the 10th Mountain Division Commander got a note from the Big Dog about me

I don't get the difference between Steely Dan and REM.

Hilarious fast food names.

Wild Vervet Monkeys Sexually Harrass Women in Kenya

Lots of action in my little town tonight -- a suspicious package found on Main St

Opinions on baby names...

Bastard Kids Stomps Snake to Death at Festival

Gossip sites are reporting that Owen Wilson has overdosed.

My sister loves me, yes she does...

I got punched in the face last night by anarchists for not wanting to basically kill yuppies.

Where do socks disappear to?

Happy Birthday ThinkBlue1966!!!

Things that irritate me about The X-Files

Spaghetti westerns

Can I get some help with a rather arcane disagreement about plot development in sci-fi?

I'm making bacon/lard/ fatback/duckskin/ butter/cheese balls deep fried in goose fat

Hi Loungies!

Everything's high-end. Can't find a plain, cheap-o aluminum sauce pan!!1

What is the very best compliment you've ever received?

Oh god .... we're going to look at a house.

Who else thought that the B-29 flyover was in very poor taste at the Little League World Series?

COOL WEBSITE: calculates how walkable your neighborhood is

Anyone ever move to Australia?

Wanna laugh out loud?'s kitties!

"How does evolution explain witches?"

I had a Powerball ticket once- every number was one off the win.

I'm back from China, ask me anything

Went to a Strip Club last night

PicSpam, Part 5: LONDON!

Soap Fans: Days of Our Lives might get the ax in 2009!

So I just met this really cool dude named Larry and he's going to be crashing on the couch for a bit

Egads! Utterly incoherent rightwing fuckbag Jesus Crispy letter to the editor

Picture thread! (we couldn't go all weekend without one of these) ;-)

Branagh's Hamlet is finally out on DVD

People, you got to see this!

Am digging the Miami Ink marathon on TLC

Can anyone identify this bug?

Today in labor history August 26

Today's working family cartoon: Union Newsletter

Machinist Member Wins US House Seat in Special Election

Utah Mine Collapse Puts Safety Chief Under Fire (Bush appointee during a congressional recess)

National Labor Relations Board is Refusing To Negotiate With Its 1000 Member Employee Union

Delphi contract benefits all

Health Dept. employees file labor complaint

Monroe County Corrections Officers Choose the Teamsters

Unions hold keys, some bigger than others, to caucus

Mourning in Bush America: Greed Is Good

Local Union Donates School Supplies

Hoover plant slowly becoming a shell of its former self

Orange County Choppers accused of hiring "scabs"

New World Order

Let the Sunshine In

"The Daily Show" in Iraq: Operation Silent Thunder

Alan Shore on Hurricane Katrina

Armageddon on Your Mind


Hurricane Katrina 2nd Anniversary

B is for Bomb

John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth (Not A Cover)

Atheists nightmare debunked. Kirk Cameron/Ray Comfort

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Heaven On Their Minds (2)

Teresa Strasser Michael Moore Interview

Fox : Ted Nugent Wants to Run for Office

I Weep for the Freepers

Naomi Klein - Iraq: The Neoliberal Project (Part 1 of 8)

Ted Haggard Asks For Grad School Cash

Alan Shore on the predatory credit card industry

Bill Maher New Rules - 8/25/07

John & Elizabeth Edwards: New Hampshire Bus Tour

George W. and Laura's Crawford Vacation

John Edwards - Just Say No!

The Convinent Truth

South Carolina Republican Debate Highlights

Des Moines Register Q & A : Health Care : Kucinich

Gimme Some Truth-John Lennon Cover

What not to wear in an emergency room

Walt-Mearsheimer and the war over the Israel Lobby, round two

Excellent Article about France, nuclear dilplomacy


Osama walks into a bar and George says:

Since I've noticed

Iran's Guard builds a fiscal empire

What is sometimes a REAL double standard...

Let's get Keith Olbermann to cover this article Sunday night on NBC!

The NOLA discussion on WJ

My Neighbor Doesn't Vote, I Do

Iraqi Red Crescent: 1.14M Iraqis have been displaced

Jesse Jackson in UK.

SSSS on my boarding pass

Gore's not going to run, imo....(and there is a LOT more I could 'opine' about this.....

People, you got to see this!

In view of how little Bush seems to have learned about "the lessons of Vietnam"...

Is it not time to let our "young men dream visions?"

Beer runners’ flour trail a recipe for trouble

Sen. Warner on MTP-----now. says he trying to get the attention of Bush and

A humble reminder.

Heh. Hitchens is getting sick of Bush

Glenn Greenwald on now on C-Span 2 Book TV

New bore hole drilled at Utah mine finds no sign of life

US Intelligence: Maliki and other leaders of Iraq are ineffective

go to C-SPAN2 it is about the CHINA WARS book.. Peter Navarro, GOT TO SEE IT.

4,000 National Guardsmen Give Call For US Withdrawal From Iraq-A STANDING OVATION!

CNN Reliable sources "is Fox playing down the war?"

For Spiro AGNEW, being Veep had some perks. Who knew.

Anyone here ever read any Eric Hoffer?

Watching "Today" Sunday

Almost all vehicles banned in Baghdad indefinitely

Jim Webb on This Gorge Stephannopolis show. NOW>

Author claims US invasion of Iraq 'fulfilled Osama bin Laden's wish'

WOW Corruption in my local police Dept?

Demonstrators showing a touch of gray

Does anyone see any Republic candidates that are not * retreads to the factor of 100?

Gloria B(wh)orger gets a face-lift and moves to FNS!

the 6th year of the great and glorious war in Iraq

'Blasphemous' balls anger Afghans - BBC

Is the Democratic Party too hung up on tradition? (re: fight over the primary dates)

More U.S. Women Dying In Childbirth

Alberto R. Gonzales on the Resignation of Assistant Attorney General Wan J. Kim

Chris Wallace did a hit piece on Bill Moyers this morning

Two Types of People

PBS doing a show on Darwin/evolutuon.

From the Onion: Democratic Mob Censures Bush in Effigy

George Wallace's shooter to leave Maryland prison

Taliban Raise Poppy Production to a Record Again

On Right now CNN's Amanpour's Army of God, God's Warriors. Christian Fundies

Montreal Metro cracking apart


The Great Iraq Swindle (Rolling Stones Magazine)

Looking for info on covert and false flag operations by former communist countries

Oh God, please stop this insanity!! DUers, time to TAKE A STAND!!

Bush could stay in power after 2009!

Update on Robert Levinson, former FBI agent, now missing in Iran since March, 2007

Former US-installed Iraqi prime minister returning to Iraq

Ok. This terrorism related story makes me want to rip my hair out.


William Rivers Pitt acknowledges the Magnificent Democratic Underground.

“The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest.”

Equator HD TV today about a dam on the Yangtze River displacing millions and demolishing cities.

When are you most likely to rant at

Why the hell should our soldiers fight and die for a government not destined to become a democracy?

Dogfighting called out of control in South Florida

Grace Slick: republican?

Just A Reminder - Keith Olbermann (Countdown) Will Be On NBC At 7:00 Eastern

IMO, ANY religous fundamentalism in a candidate is a big problem.

Menu Foods And Wal-Mart Reshelving Recalled Cat Food

The "Ten Fingers of Stupidity."

Any DU'ers listen to Town Hall Meeting on C-Span w/ RW Tom Davis (VA)?

Dixie Chicks vs. Ted Nugent: Media bias simply put

Well, that's the last time I eat fast food. What to do now? (gross alert)

Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt - Two Pro-Democracy Activists murdered right in Washington DC

Miss Teen South Carolina, part of the 1/5 of America that can't locate the US on a map.

BREAKING: A seventh hole will be drilled into a Utah mine where six men were trapped

something fun/positive: huge windmill blades arrive in Milwaukee harbor

JERSEY GIRLS An Open Letter To All Senate Judiciary Committee Members

Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers' brains

Maggots found in ear of nursing home resident

Very Interesting: Kucinich putting the HEAT(literally) on oil companies

Thinkers Anonymous

Comcast Cuts Off Heavy Internet Users, But Won't Define What A "Heavy User" Is

We've lost a core of DU "Intellectual/Spiritualists" who think...Where Did You Go?

I Miss "Code Pink"

Primitives ... living in mommy's basement

"Who in their right mind would send 360 tons of cash into a war zone?"

What have the Democrats learned after first assuming the majority in both the Senate ...

David Broder steps in it again "Bloomberg and Hagel 2008" and readers respond.

I miss William Pitt

the ineffective and YEAH GOP-butt=kissing mayor of new orleans

Odierno: Troop Reductions Must Begin By April ‘08

From A Soldiers Blog: "George Bush-WE'RE ALL FLESH & BLOOD-EVERY LIFE IS SACRED"

DAMMIT! NARAL CALLED ME ...Asking for MONEY! I told them FUCK OFF!

Father angry at UK soldier son death caused by friendly fire in Afghanistan.


Way Under Budget, Way Ahead of Schedule

Mystery of the UFO Haiti youtube video solved!

Greek fires reach ancient Olympics site

My ex and her RW boyfriend sent me this. Telling me that George Carlin is a RWer.

Well I finally watched the Chicago/AFL-CIO debate I'd TiVo'ed. Kucinich was great!

Iraq Body Count Running at Double Pace

Talk to me on February 6th, 2008 about an AL Gore run.

Wounded troops find healing in Colo. outdoors


John & Elizabeth Edwards On Face the Nation RIGHT NOW..

CIA and Vatican edit Wikipedia entries

Impeachment: Futile or merely impossible?

For everybody's talk of "Martial law, police state, oh my god this isn't really great!"

Ted Haggard Wants Your Dough ~~ But Doesn't Need It...

I am watching MTP and I just GOTTA know...

Great article by Gerald Coles on education and health care coverage for kids

United States joins generals and crooks in Pakistan

Vatican blasts Italian coverage of scandals (Getting lessons from the Bush Machine)

How Washington Missed 9/11

A little pick-me-up to start off your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

If you know any GOPers who don't like bush, but are for some odd reason


Does anyone have that link for the animal shelter that is taking Vick shirt donations??

Worst explanation of the week: Two-year old, used diapers in a plastic bag left from a fam trip

Does "God"/"Mother Nature" HATE THE RED STATES?

A Simple - Maybe Too Simple - Solution To The Primary Election Date Mess

Chris Wallace just knocked Bill Moyers letter that he has on his website dealing

Sad day for Utah miners families: Hopes vanish, Mr. Microphone mine owner moves on

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun 8/26 Catch 22 2007 style

Reminder!! Countdown w/Keith Olbermann will be on NBC tonight @ 7:00pm EST

Keith looks even BETTER on Sunday

60 Minutes: The NOLA doctor. Euthanasia?

Direct TV's Pittsburth Broadcast shows Countdown but is show some football bullshit

ABC News Misleads on The Subject of Global Warming

If you write to a candidate thanking them, and their only response is the canned one,

Is There A Way To Google Bomb The Rolling Stone Iraq Swindle Article ???

Fred is looking great these days, isn't he?

Anti-choice doesn't end at Roe v. Wade -- they're after Griswold too.

Kristol: Let’s ‘Stretch Our Army And Marines’ For ‘Another Year Or So’ In Iraq

There's a message in here, somewhere

ATTENTION: Link to coverage of Countdown on NBC 7 PM ET/6 PM CT

Escalation Architect (Kagan) Bemoans Label Of ‘Armchair General,’ Claims Iraqi Deaths Are ‘Way Down’

Newsweek: "The Ongoing Hunt For bin Laden" Bombing Caves Not Sexy Enough

Where do you think DU fits in the spectrum of the Democratic Party?

Steve Clemons: HRC is demonstrating a disturbing trend towards continuity of Bush policies

Network Worst Persons:

"Flying mattress" to cross Atlantic

I'm thinking we need a better term for the corporatocracy... Perhaps "Corporaproxy"?

so the History channel is showing the distorted histor y of

I Am So God Dam Mad At Direct TV

DU this poll: "Are labor unions still relevant in today’s working world?"

Human stem cells heal the hearts of rats

Is Keith Olbermann supposed to be announcing the game?

C'mon, you know you want some junk science with your coffee.Evolution tells us why "girls like pink"

ANTI-WAR RALLY: 'Ready for a change'

Bush's Surge of Death: Iraq Body Count Running at Double Pace

Call out Ari Fleischer and Freedom Watch...

Tuesday - 2007 lunar eclipse

Watching Football

Here is a video everyone should watch from grade school to

Turned off Olbermann & Turned on Bill Moyers talks with FCC

300 to 400 billion barrels of Oil Say: We’re Never Leaving Iraq….

Hey, Dems: Run against Bush -- and toughen up -- or lose in '08 (Salon)

Cage Bush Not Sydney:Greens keen to cage Bush, not Sydney

Cast-iron cookware from China

On Ted Nugent's Death Threats - Don't get mad, get even

Just what exactly is "the new war", Senator Clinton?

LOL !!! Ah... We Are So Young Here Apparently

Sunday night TOONS: Us vs. Them

A New Peloponnesian War: Fires Rage Across Greece

Please DU this: sign petition to keep Air America--& keep California blue!

Official DU-Now-Hates-Olbermann Thread....

Columnist issues warning to readers, By Garrison Keillor

WP, pg1: Many Recruits Take Army's "Quick Ship" Bonus; $20,000 Is Lure To Leave Within Days

ANOTHER Culture of Corruption Congress Critter Bites the Retirement Bullet

How come the media doesn't point out that Rudy/Mitt lack experience to be president?

Break out the tin foil

Persecution of people who are Left of Center in Guatemala

Fox's Chris Wallace Attacks Moyers To Defend Rove

Many Take Army's 'Quick Ship' Bonus

This is ridiculous, we need to stop the unrepresentative state of Iowa from having the first say

NBC Affiliates Stiff Olbermann-It doesn't pay to cover the Iraq war honestly. Just ask Keith.

Today is the 87th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment.

I know many of you don't like to discuss the Royal Family, so please don't post in this thread

WILD COMMENTS: No jail time for Ney's aide who pleaded guilty = Abramoff case

'Blasphemous' balls anger Afghans

Opus Censored By Washington Post, At Least 24 Other Papers (See Comic Here)

Cancer in Iraq vets raises possibility of toxic exposure

Bob Baer is on kpfk right now with Ian Masters

WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? Taking Action In The Face Of Collapse

Plane w/ "Impeach" Banner Over Boston Saturday

A lesson from Ancient Greece

Drop Foreseen in Median Price of U.S. Homes

Security expert: "We're one terrorist attack away from a police state,"

"Psst. Excuse me. I'd like to buy your B-52" (Wealthy Russian to American Crew at Airshow) Reuters

"Countdown" Special on NBC: "Worst Persons" transcript

Chertoff to replace Gonzo as Attorney General?

Bush admin no longer to blame for MN bridge collapse - pigeon poop is!

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Do Americans Still Support The Mission...?"

An apartment complex in Barbados collapsed into a cave early

romney's worried about the movie about Brigham Young, "September Dawn"

**W.W.E. Summer Slam Thread**

"Meet The Neocons"

Reckless Abandonment (WAPO) "Bush Admin Actually Wants Big Easy To Die On The Vine"


My documentary on the Crawford Uprising coming soon to a film festival near you


Want to stop deforestation and slow the effects of global warming? Legalize hemp now.

Jack Van Impe has figured out what the recent market downturn means.....

Running Club Members Mark Trail With Flour: Now Accused Of Terrorism

The Gestapo of the 21st century, sanctioned by the United States Army.

Under 8 hours now before Keith wakes up lots of people! I wonder what stories

Top 10 Money Drains

Whistle Blowers in Iraq face US Torture

Right wing religious leaders still active...some getting higher profiles.

A Spokesperson for the 29%: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Do you think that the CONS will run on the good economy?

Secret Iranian war plan captured by Kurds

Some cranky thoughts after 27,000 DU posts

St. Petersburg Times: A cagey way to keep voters from being counted

Five Beats Four

Childhood friend of George Bush to head Iraq propaganda effort

Clay Bennett (CS Monitor) on Michael Vick

Abortion and the Law, CBS 1965

Has SCIENCE ever weighed in on the issue of "personhood"?

This Modern World - "And Then The Cartoonist Fell Out Of Bed & Woke Up"

Vegetarian diet best for combatting global warming?

Progressive radio and the right wing mythology

abraham lincoln lacks experience

One last Ted Nugent thread...

Freedom has been dead for decades, we are just hearing the swan song..

Hawaiian Inter-Island Ferry Makes Maiden Voyage

I'd Like a Little Help Re: Ted Nugent

Conyers Meets Impeachment Activists Saturday; Seems To Promise, Then Seems To Balk

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: Huge hearts and hopeless causes

One of the first things that should have set off protests in the streets was 'free speech zones'

livvy's DU sign for Kennebunkport

Guatemala 'on brink of ruin' after 40 murdered

Credit Card Debt

BIG Oooopphs: Republican Lawmaker Sought $3.5 MILLION Earmark for Lobbying Firm

NEW Mystery Poster on CREW = "Anonymous" +++ Deep Modem's Mother Lode?

Barack Obama tests Hillary Rodham Clinton's Broward County lead

Obama Names Republicans He'll Work With

When It comes to Foreign Policy, What counts as Experience

Republican Mental Illness

The History Channel Is Running A Program Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories......

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There oughta be a law. Oh, yeah, there is, but....

Heads Up: Edwards and Elizabeth will be on Face The Nation for the entire show this Sun.

Urge the Kroger Co. to adopt a consistent policy on stocking Plan B!

Race row hits memorial for Martin Luther King

Iraqi leader lashes back at U.S. critics

New Jersey Strengthens Mine Safety Laws (200 operating mines in the state)

Michigan warned: Dems order Fla. to rescind early primary or lose delegates

Joe (the black eagle)Madison: there will not be a Clinton Obama ticket or vise versa

Juan Cole is coming to the Chelsea Depot in MI on Wed, Aug 29th @ 7:30 PM

OK, I don't know if this item is pro or anti Hillary

How oil companies are taking advantage of basic thermal science to squeeze

There is no such thing as a fair and equitable primary schedule.

We Must Close the Wealth Gap. We Must Vote

The stand-off between the DNC and Florida will come down to one thing.

Obama and Edwards Step Up Attacks on Front-Runner Clinton

Obama Only Democratic Candidate to Pledge "Google Government"

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Richardson slams Limpbaugh over outrageous statement about Darfur

Ringling Brothers Will Stand Trial for Elephant Abuse (Circus Withheld Evidence plus video)

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Photos: Barack Obama visits New Orleans today, three days before the second anniversary of Katrina

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Schieffer falsely claimed Clinton is "saying ... maybe the surge is working"

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'Blasphemous' balls anger Afghans

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McConnell (turtle-face scumbag - KY) says Chimpy "will lead us in a different direction in Sept"

Sunday DU meta fun

Mainstream News "Swiftboating" Peace

How many congress critters have superdelegate status?

Florida may as well move its primary ahead of the Iowa caucus.

What's your POTUS / VP pick

Can FL democratic leaders just appoint their delegates to whoever wins the Jan 29th beauty contest?

GOP Activists Root for Clinton Win

Warner may back Dems' bill on withdrawal

Anika Lawal would welcome such an explanation from the current commander in chief

Newsweek Splashes "Hunt For Bin Laden" Expose

The Games U.S. Plays

On the Streets of Chicago, A Candidate Comes of Age

Anti-choice and phoney baloney racism accusations.

NYT "kids" article is hit piece on Edwards

GOP Activists Root for Clinton Win

Boomer site pitches own political tent

Omaha Steve rates the candidates or who pissed in the Democrats pool?

The Challenges Facing Obama and Clinton

I will hold my nose and

Bush to Working America: Let Them Eat Hedge Funds

Obama: I Get My Mideast Advice From Dennis Ross

Obama on New Orleans

Made Love, Got War

Obama's Odyssey

Have you seen this, I thought it was great

Does it even matter who wins anymore?

Bush Fares Worse In Polls Than Congressional Democrats, Despite MSM Spin

GOP Activists Root for Hillary to Win Nomination

Rivals are wrong about Clinton's experience

Give me the CVs and resumés.

The Outsiders Insider

Need help "DUing" Ari Fleischer's propaganda

Senator Dodd's Hartford office burglarized

A tidbit that tells me Wes Clark will not run this cycle, many people's hopes notwithstanding

Losing Afghanistan?

Ankle-biters gin up a 'gaffe' in attempt to thwart Hillary

Cleland: Rove lies "when his lips are moving"

Clinton Stumps With Celebs in Vineyard

Obama v. Alan Keyes on GAY MARRIAGE circa 2004

Clinton, Romney Unveil Contrasting Health Care Visions

Joe Lieberman and Katrinia

Tuesday, candlelight vigils to end war...

Need list of Hillary's Position on Female Reproductive Rights and Supreme Court Appointments.

U.S. ticks off Afghanistan by dropping blasphemous balls from helicopter

Barack Obama lacks experience.

Seriously, WHO CARES which states go first in the Democratic primary?

Wow. Dennis Kucinich!

Hillary's terror comment was beyond dumb! If the country is attacked

Dennis Kucinich on MSNBC Monday morning: to renew call for national health plan

India Outsourcing Firms are Learning the Washington Lobby Game.

Biden pushing hard to wow Iowans

Sign petition to save Air America in San Diego - only 363 signatures so far, please help!

Politico's Johnathan Martin at Midwest RLC: 'Nobody but Hillary' is the Hope of the GOP

Campus Crusaders: The students at Patrick Henry College do want to take over the world

John Edwards had said, "Don't replace Corporate Republicans with Corporate Democrats."

Obama: U.S. can't fail New Orleans again

Barack Obama crossing party lines

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Visits L.A.; Speaks At NeoCon Xpress

Is Obama the "moderate" candidate?

Doc tells Pelosi to impeach Bush during 9th Ward visit

Clinton attacks Republicans, Obama flipflops on HOPE campaign, attacks Dems, wants to team with GOP

Army can't afford socks for troops in Iraq

A question for the Anti-Hillary crowd part2

A few thoughts after a long absence

Photos: Barack Obama delivers a speech at a campaign stop today in Lexington, KY

Dems Ban Florida From Convention? What?

What Florida should do in response to the DNC's threat is ...

Iraq's Maliki Lashes Out At Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has LOADS of Experience...

This will surely help Obama's electability with the key 50+ demographic...

Obama table in Madison: August 25 Edition

#6 on the NYT bestseller list !

Hillary Clinton lacks experience.

John Edwards: "My view is, you give them a seat at the table, they eat all the food!"

People are saying they won't bother to vote based on this video:

Having Iowa and New Hampshire first is bad for democracy and for the American people

John Edwards will NOT win the New Hampshire primary