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Archives: August 21, 2007

"Iraq, Iran and The Vanishing Context in American News."

One Word for All of You China Product Bashers: “Cigarettes”

The new eco-millionaires

Body of last missing Minn. bridge victim found

We'd like to thank the lord for this bountiful penis.

Awesome! Heroes Season 2 is a whole new story line.

I've got an exam tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. so I'm toasting to the imminent A

Killed 4 black widows today, one was almost in the house - and there are more...

So, what do you think Leona Helmsley's last words were?

Have you ever corrected anybody saying, "Jesus that person is fat!"

So who won the golden sticky?


Post a picture of "batshit crazy"

Cooper Contradicts Rove On Meet The Press

More Calls for Cameras

Military officials narrow down Iraq options

my 98th ltte-for Monkeymen

Iraq PM on first visit to US foe Syria

So, um, reincarnation is now illegal in China unless you get the government's permission...

Rachel Maddow on C-SPAN's Washington Journal on Tuesday morning

Got An Inactive Macy's Store Account? Here's Your New Citibank Mastercard

PIC: ACLU ad labels sheep as Reid and Pelosi for eavesdropping vote

Who has been to the Yucatan? I hope I won't miss it, and I'n not

Janeane Garofalo joining the cast of "24"

Levin: Escalation’s Goals Have ‘Totally And Utterly Failed,’ Begin Withdrawal In Less Than 4 Months

Nothing really changed. (Dialup and graphic warning)

Thee was cross border shelling into Kurdistan -

Is Pawlenty Already Backing Off MN Gas Tax Promise To Address Transportation Needs?

How great is Rachel Maddow, and where do you hear her daily?

We have to quit ridiculing and insulting conservatives!

DUers who aren't in the U.S. - re Christian fundie nutjobs

Just so I can be disgusted, how many here are saying "Thank whoever" that Dean is hitting Mexico

Bridge collapse hero turns down White House photo op

Rudy spent more time at Yankee's games than at ground zero!

Zogby: Hillary surges to lead in Iowa...

Monster Attack Steals User Data

Analysis: Iraq Report May Shift Climate

WP, pg1: Border Crackdown Has El Paso Caught in Middle: "The Border joins us together."

White House, China Fought lead-Paint Rules

Rising powers have the US in their sights

Group Finds China Toy Factory Conditions Brutal

Large Fall In US News Reports On Iraq

It doesn't come any cynical-er! Petreaus to report on 9/11!

The Unending H1B Saga (Interesting Read)

India: Nuclear pact causes deep rift

Lunatics Running the Asylum - Prominant Wingnuts call for Genocide in Iraq and "Emperor" Bush

Bye-Bye Baghdad

Rules May Limit Health Program Aiding Children (NYT)

Media should put front-runners on back burner

We Repeat: Bush is the Manchurian Candiate Who is Undercutting

Independent UK: More than 8 million Britons will be deemed credit risks by 2011

George Bush Doesn't Care About Young People


Police Use Drone To Spy On V Festival

Modern-day gold rush threatens Grand Canyon

Bloggers and Billionaires, MoveOn and Howard Dean: The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party

The World's Fourth-Largest City Outlaws Billboards, Calls It 'Visual Pollution'

History Doesn’t Impeach, But It Will Judge

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Challenging the Limits?

Obama - Our main goal: Freedom in Cuba

Why I'm Not Voting For Hillary

Bush Bunker Crew's Legacy: Dangerous "Losers"

Ouch. Dean made category 5 landfall on the Yucatan.

CO2 emission by swimming pool?

New Islands Emerge In Svalbard As Record Ice Retreat Continues - Bears, Seals In Trouble

Recent Growth Of Noctilucent Clouds May Signal Near-Earth Warming, Mesosphere Cooilng - AFP

Sea Ice Retreats 300 Miles And More From Wainwright, AK - 30 Miles Is Normal Distance - ADN

SEC Official: Mulling New Oil Reserve Booking Guidelines

Wasn't September when EEStore claimed they were going to put up?

East Siberian Sea Zeroes Out - No Ice Pack At All - 8/20/07 Data U. Of Illinois

Beijing's Big Olympic Experiment With Car Limits Ends With Smog-Shrouded City - Reuters

Independent UK: Democrats in $7bn plan to turn US green

Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy

On tonight, PBS show 'Wide Angle' "Gold Futures" (A Canadian Corp. buying up a Romanian Town)

What drives population growth - food or energy?

Dolphin & Porpoise Counts Down 80% In Channel/Biscay Survey - Seabirds Missing As Well

Biofuels Could Benefit World's Undernourished

The Brother in Law on Your Couch Vision of the Apocalypse

MSNBC: Nuclear leak hid from public

"Scientist Unveils Plan on Climate Change"

How to push the oil levers in the wrong direction

Jesse Jackson tour targets UK inner cities

Iraq power cuts getting worse, affecting lives

U.S. out of fresh troops for Iraq

New Rules May Limit Health Care Program Aiding Children

Federal mine safety official's credentials questioned

Obama to talk on Cuba issues in Little Havana

Study: recalled toys, children`s products resold on online

Riots erupt at Bangladesh campus

EU confirms halt to Gaza fuel aid

Russia Sends 50 Missiles To Syria

Red Cross issues $5.5m appeal for North Korea flood victims

Shuttle lands safely in Florida

Pakistan Computer Expert With Alleged Al Qaeda Ties Released

Tenn. Nuclear Fuel Problems Kept Secret

(Australia) Judge overturns Haneef visa ban

Israeli army kills two children

Copies of Nazi files transferred

Basra police 'work for militias'

Putin Pledges Revival of Russia's Aerospace Might

Capital One Will Close Loan Unit

EU urges Texas to end executions

Smell of death permeates ruined Yazidis villages

Chinese shoemakers, Auchan fined for Nike copycats

U.S. foreclosures rise sharply in July

DHS Data Mining Program Suspended After Evading Privacy Review, Audit Finds

Book: Wanted Criminal Flew U.S. Supply Missions in Iraq

Man ordered to stand trial for allegedly accosting Elie Wiesel

India: Nuclear pact causes deep rift

Iraq progress extremely disappointing: US envoy

New York's Helmsley to rest in $1.4 mln mausoleum

CIA missed chances to thwart al-Qaida

CIA called passive on al-Qaeda (prior to 9/11)

1st Nat. Bank of Az. & GreenPoint Mtg Closed doors today.

UK Typhoons shadow Russian bomber

Bloomberg Rejects White House Bid as No-Win Situation in TV Interview

US officer's lack of leadership fostered Abu Ghraib abuse: court

Progress in Iraq extremely disappointing: US ambassador

Venezuela's Chavez seeks to mediate release of Colombia's rebel-held hostages

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 21

Saddam aides go on trial in Iraq

Senator Calls for Maliki's Ouster

Shuttle lands safely in Florida

Dem Freshmen get fundraising burst

Former state attorney quoted in Rove article sues over firing

Bush Praises Nafta At Summit Meeting In Canada

Financial ties link some docs, drug companies

Politics Seen in Nasty Call to Spitzer’s Father

Obama wants to ease Cuba family travel

Researchers find way to drug test a community by using sewer plant wastewater

Dodd: Fed to use 'all tools available'

US Airways pilots split on contract; some walk out of talks

POLL: Consumer Confidence Tanks in Sharpest Drop in 20 Years

Mayor Naugle, other speakers attack gay sex

Vatican plans flights to shrines

ES&S Facing Fines, Decertification in CA for Use of Uncertified Software on Voting Systems

Chávez deal to aid low-income Londoners

Bush Concerned About Hurricane Victims

Dolphins Abandon Bay of Biscay

One in Four Read No Books Last Year

US military denies troops fired on Iraq protest

Female troop deaths in Iraq on pace to top record

Iran frees detained US academic

CUNNINGHAM SCANDAL: Wilkes gets use of attorney for the indigent at trial

Report: Ohio Leads Way In 93 Percent Rise In Foreclosures

Police accused of using provocateurs at summit

ADL recognizes Armenian genocide

was the kitten named Bailey or Kyra? nt

Why do I like this song when I get a lil buzz on?

RIP Groucho ........ 8/19/77

Time Machine: I just read on Yahoo that it may become a possibility


DU's no damned fun when it's this slow

Oh crap... I almost killed my Roommates Guinea Pigs.

Sure is quiet in here.

WVU #1 "Party School"..... again. *ugh*

Tonight Is So Right For love

Blind Woman Hits Hole-In-One

Justifiable homicide

Post here if you're going straight to hell

LOLcats...I have finally found THE ONE

Scenes from a college Philosophy class

I'm 38 years OLD today.

I wake and there's the bf at my door with coffee.

Nice mellons

Cat in a cowboy hat!!! Cat in a cowboy hat!!!

Work sucks.

Peggy Sue Got Married...

I can now download YouTube vids

Who is this "MI5 Persecution" guy on usenet?

Fugitive found skinny dipping in upstate N.Y.

William H. Macy, Ron Howard, and Dr.John

A Freeper Talks About His First Time

Every Morning I Am Tempted To Go Right

i-Pod question

Video: View Of Hurricane Dean From The Space Shuttle

poker hand names and their origins?


Is my sissy around today? Thank you for the wonderful card

Men Arrested In Plot To Murder Via Snake

yo sheeple. What time does the shuttle land?

This is your brain, this is your brain on POT.

Can you dye light denim darker? Does it take?

Shuttle is on the ground. Thank God.

What happened

STS-118 is a go for a 1232 landing window!!

Why is crim son's bf at my door insisting I drink some coffee?

The counter guy at work had his first experience with an Alex Jones follower

I had an epiphany

Rapture Index is on the rise

"With boobs" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "with boobs".

Barney, Daniel, and Morrison

I Just Stepped On A LadyBug And Had An Epiphany

Japan Recalls Arm Wrestling Game

I am a goy, I like babs...

I Wish Someone Would Start A 69 Thread

Rush Limbaugh is a __________________. fill in the blank

Anyone in the DC Area know about the Marine Corps Marathon?

Religionists, Beware!!

I Just Stepped On A VW Bug And Had An Epiphany

It's almost time for the MOLEMAN Festival!

I am sorry.

This new Bob Dylan

Man Admits Killing Internet Rival

I haven't seen a locked thread in forever. Get to work people!

Nobody ever dies.

Dirty Dancing is on Encore all day I guess, I have watched it about 3 times in roll.

A Ballpark Revelation

Happy Tuesday in the DU Lounge....

Website logs deaths of MySpace users

So, I just blocked my father's email address

I just had a Raising Arizona moment....

Does your cat ever sound like it has laryngitis?

Top Ten Good Things About Marrying Into The Bush Family (From CBS' Letterman show)

Buying new jeans? Why not try Butt Cam?

Wachovia is an interesting name for a bank...

Best use of Skynyrd's Freebird in a movie

I really, really (REALLY!) hate the term "congresscritters."

Gather round boys and girls and play "NAME THAT CONDIMENT"

I had an episiotomy

You know how something pleasant happens sometimes and makes your day?

In light of the burka thread, have any of you seen the movie Leila?

Anyone ever use craigslist to find a date before?

Got my new camera today :)

WOOT disses Karl Rove

Windows Vista: playing music slows down network performance (so much for multitasking)

If you were a flavor of gum

Anyone ever use Freecycle to find a date before?

Firefly/Serenity Fans, Serenity Collector's Edition comes out today

A Tragedy

Blah. Just, blah, y'know?

I got chewed out for my excessive consumption of breath mints.

Post a sequitur

The beans are invading my pants!!! nt

Harold and Maude

Anyone seen Stardust?

Translation oddities and s*xual innuendos in Harry Potter (no spoilers)

Question to those with boobs: won't 2008 be great when they're finally out of office?

I've decided to cut any and all crap from my diet... to celebrate I...

Help! I left my cell phone in the rain!

If You Had No Teeth And Just Gums

So what's in your V.D player?

The Smoking Gun presents soldiers' reviews of MREs!

Please convince me not to buy this lap dance!

Seriously - how 3rd grade is it to tell another DUer you're putting them on ignore

Regarding Michael Vick,

Who is the lamest: me or LaraMN?

Whats With All Of The Sex Threads In GD Today?

I'm concerned about buying Chinese made products.

Do you think Elvis became an unhappy man?

I am man and I like looking at women with nice looking personalities.

Is there a Pornado Alert System in place at DU?

Would you ever swear on your testicles?

Website matches women who want fake boobs with men willing to pay

It's gettin' hot, and I'm runnin' out of clothes to take off

Website matches women with fake boobs with men willing to pay

For the men: Does your sex drive decrease, increase or stay the same over time?

Beer eats man at bear festival

Anyone else having problems with their McAfee security system?

Before I go to bed I just want to say

Get thee Harry Potter spoilers away from me!!!

Bears eat beer at man festival

80's Lyrics Quiz

the master offensiveness list

Mozilla with cool Iris f'n Rawks!!

Why do they call it a beer run when people rarely actually run to go get alcohol?

[EDU] Dreamhost thread 07 - Hosting for $22.40 for a year + free domain registration - YOUR OWN BLOG

**The Way It Is--Bruce Hornsby**

I just started a thread in GD

I'm watching The History Channel at 9 EDT and taping CNN. You?

Do you ever feel... this guy's Volga? Discuss.

Is this rhyme true or false?

MrScorpio Presents: Life's Greatest Mysteries For Dummies - Chap. 1: The Big Bang

This guy's Volga. Discuss...

Just watched Beerfest. Incredibly stupid and funny as hell

Do dogs get hay fever?

***its official***

Its been 30 years since my last Texas Burger Basket at a Dog n Suds Drive In

This trader made a relative value play..

I'm going to Carrows tonight. Reccomend something to eat.

MrScorpio Presents: Life's Greatest Mysteries For Dummies - Chap. 2: Evolution

So what's in your D.V.D player?

is it an argument if only one of you is mad?

U.A.E. father of 78 eyes new brides for century target

Anybody else watching Dirty Dancing, it will be on for 24 hours on Encore.

You can learn the strangest things by reading a dictionary...

Warren Buffet Contempt Thread!!!

Music in Taterguy's collection Lyrics Quiz!

Jimmy Buffet Contempt thread!!!!!

Good Evening. Here's some Money for Gasoline.

Do we really need another Princess Diana special?

ANOTHER 80's Lyrics Quiz

I need some advice on how to handle a workaholic

This Is NOT A Sex Thread

Hey everyone. Kagehime and I are back home (my home, that is)....

Could Someone Tell Me What A Sex Thread Is Please?

To All DU Firefox Users, Just A Quick Head's Up To An Awesome Add On I Found.

balls? check. screw? check. thread? check. good to go.

Good songs here...

I'm not sick and it sucks


The ih8thegop Semi-Nightly Porn Thread, 8/21/07

Darwin award nominee (from the 'hey ya'll, watch this!' files)

Post a non sequitur

Choo! Choo!

As I say goodnight

Toot! Toot!


Mildly amusing headline...

The Modified....

Arooga! Arooga!

Spoilsports in GD

Music videos with atomic bomb blasts

I haven't been to a rock concert since 1997 - but this year I'll see Waters, Police, and Rush

I cannot access GD

WTF Is Up With All the Porn Threads In GD?

Supporters of Senator Clinton: If you like warm weather so much, why not move to Hawaii?

Are you with the one you love, or love the one you're with?

Why Do Star Trek Red Shirts ALWAYS Die?

Can I just say...

Chinese Buffet Contempt Thread!!!!!

Ok, there's a Vietnamese resteraunt down the street from my apartment

'Bait-and-switch' topless car wash

Big kitty fans....

Question to those with Boobs: If someone said your boobs were fake, would you be offended?

I went swimming for the first time this year today.

I think my family got raptured...

The porn threads in GD is not the problem...

Peugeot Love em, hate em?

good night, all

Why can't I stop guilt-tripping myself?

So I went over to GD to see what was up... and this is what I saw

I'm sick and it sucks

Sister Rosa's Big Brother Round Up

Jimmy Buffet Appreciation thread!!!!!

Oh, dog! THANK YOU, METS!!

I made tacos!

Harry Potter and the Atlantic Ocean

MiniMandaRuth...Your PM box, if you please!

Do you ever feel...

I Bet This Will Be The Most Disturbing Video You Watch All Week

The 90's Lyrics Quiz

Anybody read the graphic novel Xombie

I have decided to update my avatar to something more appropriate

I am woman and I like looking at men with nice looking butts.

So I bought an eyepatch.

Ever re-connect with an old friend

I sprained my thumb on a wall-mounted soap dispenser.

Eight foot of solid Watutsi. Now THAT'S what I call tall!

These are the folks that make up the mysterious 25% of America that still support W

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/21/07

Post a dumb pic of your pets.

Only a collector would understand....

Post a link to a local charity that does good work.

Oct 5, 6 7...Best music festival in the world in SF! FREE!

What movie should we watch?

How about a music thread?

Any newbies want to sell on eBay?

best channel on du --

Live a love life in this thread.. Meet ..fall in love..divorce

DAMNIT!!! Hillary Clinton owes me money!!!

Escargot. Love em, hate em?

It is almost September, the summer sure went fast.

Image Google your pets name and post the first picture found

Has Anyone Ever Used DU To Find A Date Before?

How many library cards do you have?

Yes this is a pev thread

Oh, guess what?! I have a "little tiny angel from the Lord"!

Please love me. I hate you all!! No really... please love me.

What's for dinnah, DUers?

My new neighbor looks like Kirsten Dunst, only hotter!

Protest held outside 700am WLW studios over "Be careful with those hidge clippers" spanish ads

Our peach tree is so full of peaches

Loungers unite!!!!

We just got a new leather computer!

Big Titty Fans

There's a lot of hate goin' around... so here's a pic of me looking ridiculous.

What's up with e-mail today?

Yes this is a sex thread

Wow!! I just had a thought...

I need a hug...

Okay... I officially HATE my job.

Help defend my cat drawing, my wife thinks hers looks more like a cat

Do you think the Family that makes Bush's Baked Beans have issues with getting the wind a lot?

Is 14 hours too long to leave dogs in the house?

1 in 4 read no books last year. That's not you. So, what are you reading now?

Whoa - Posted ad on craigslist this morning for a free dog, got 6 replies already

Just so you all know -- I am no longer lost in VA

I am a guy, I like boobs...

How can I get my husband to bring me flowers....

Please convince me to NOT buy this laptop!

Anybody Else Here Have a Diabetic Cat? Prissy and I need a hug.

Is anybody freaked out by ordinary things that don't bother others?

If my GF really loved me, like Crim son's BF loves her

daughter just told me she wanted to quit band

BB8 Fans - LOTS happened in the house last night. **SPOILERS **

Now *this* is supporting the troops. A heartwarming story of volunteerism.

LTTE: American Legion support hasn't flagged

105, 106 and 107th Female death in Iraq War

Today in labor history August 21

I may be offline a few days

Delphi inks deal with union

Harlem Il. Teachers Walk The Picket Lines

Ikea's Richmond store behind picket lines (not requiring managers to cross the picket line)

Union files objection after losing an organizing vote at UPS Freight Inc.

Steamed workers taking on Starbucks (30 unfair labor practice charges)

Hill & Knowlton's 50 Year Fudge (tobacco etc)

Teamsters target city of Somerville (raiding)

Defeathering the Eagle Contest

LA City Council 8/17: Citizens Demand Impeachment (Pt. 2)

Bush On Cutting Kids' Healthcare

Dennis Kucinich' answers at the Iowa debate

Clinton to VFW: "Surge" working in some areas

Inherit The Wind - Spencer Tracy Speech (Part I)

Hightower Download: BUSH'S BACKFIRE...

Bush wants to cut health care for children!!!!! pt 1...

Inherit the Wind scene, creationism vs. evolution (Part II)

Obama: "Strong Presidents meet and talk with our adversaries" (plus bumper-car joke)

Gay Bash

Canada: Bush Protesters Teargassed, Shot w/ Rubber Bullets

Jindal on religion: Louisiana Dem Party ad

What We Chose To Ignore

The War on Democracy


War--Because We're Not Bright Enough to Know What Else to do!

Crop Circle 2007... Political and Beautiful!!!

SPP Protest - Union Leader stops provocateurs

A Few Bad Men & Women

911 Conspiracies (2007) on History channel now (9pm est)

Philip Atkinson's Final Solution

History Channel 9/11 Conspiracies?


Cindy Sheehan -

Can This Election Really Be About The Future?

How f-cking dare you!!

Military Helicopter Crashes in Utah

Another Downturn: Bush Souvenirs In Crawford, Texas

You were right to do the stop watch frog- smart guy -

Good luck to you Pinto -

PEJ report: Coverage of Iraq war slips as media focuses on elections

Verizon Customer Fakes Death to End Contract

excuse me. Do you have to be a "conspiracy theorist"

Victory in Iraq?

Hurricane Dean: Belize streaming radio here

Larry King and Homeland Security....

The secret history of the Nazi mascot

Potentially deadly nuclear leak hid from public

Iran? That's your problem

Hurricane concerns to cut summit short

Chocolate Toothpaste? A Dream Come True!

National stress in Iraq

US struggles to keep Iraqi leader at helm

A collection of pointed observations

A preview of the 9/15 'Petraeus' report?

Joey S.: "Lack of strident (sic) building codes...


Bush Administration Has Been Using Illegal Wiretapping and Spying Activity for Political Purposes.

Iraqi court begins Shia uprising trial

Since No One Is Above The Law Then What Is Appropriate Jail Time For Smoking A Joint?

Rachel Maddow is on Washington Journal this morning @ 8:30 EST.

Seniors head south to Mexican nursing homes

While Michael Vick grabs all the headlines for animal abuse....

“When is it going to stop?” she asked.

The Trouble with Anonymity on the Web

Mars Attracts !

Did the Bush Administration politicize the naming of hurricanes?

Will the repubs IMMEDIATELY start impeaching the next D pres.?

Rising powers have the US in their sights

Peter Wehner, Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, on Washington Journal

Warrantless Wiretapping: Nine Days of Illegal Intent

US Military Looks to Reduce Role in Iraq

Open source, distributed computing, webcrawling search engine.. A DU team effort?

Murray Energy Corp Workers Should Unionize all Mines in Memory of the Fallen

Bush's new plan for children's health: Punish the kids, save the insurance companies

Question? What's the latest on the "internet Deep Throat"? I've scrolled the forums and

April 2008-the 900 lbs gorilla in the room

The 82nd Airborne vs. the Brookings Institution: Who Do You Trust for a Real View of Iraq?

Study Finds Virus Contributes to Obesity

Rachel Maddow coming up on CSPAN/Wash. Journal?! 7:31 am CT.

My letter on Republican troubles makes it to print

Smell of death permeates ruined Yazidis villages

Just what else is the owner of a pretend ranch supposed to wear?

"Zen" is the word of the day/week. What does it mean to you?

Racially hateful message spray painted on car in Beach

Nobody's bitching about the History Channels 911 conspiracy shit?

Two Headlines, One Theme, A Disasterous Administration Strikes Again....

Cheney resists subpoenas, may have Bush claim Executive Privilege for him

BBC reports that President Calderon will leave summit early in anticipation of Dean...

Democratic congressman raked over coals in media over airport non-incident

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

FWB abc7 San Francisco

Rachel Maddow Is Possibly The Best Guest Washington Journal Has Ever Had On

ATTORNEY Files Lawsuit-Claims ROVE Had Role In Her Firing-

I suspect that the Sports Clips franchise (boy's/men's salon) is selling recruiting info.

How is the jockeying of primary dates changing the Presidential Candidates' Campaign strategies?

So, what do you think Leona Helmsley's last words were?

Should we just give up on impeachment, or crank it up a notch?

Lawmaker Says NIH May Be After Whistleblowers

Democracy Now! today looks good:

Pet Cruelty Accusations Startle Upscale Enclave

So how much is Jenna's wedding going to cost the taxpayers?

Did Time mag. put Devil Horns on Rev. Billy Graham? Some think so.

what ever happened to Gen. Kensinger?

Family Security Matters:" The wisest thing would have been to nuke Iraq"

Editor&Publisher: Military Responds To 7 Soldiers' Critical Op-Ed in 'NYT' On Iraq

The Course of Empire. Are we here yet?

Bill O'Reilly on Iraq, "They've got two more months." Time is up

Military Responds To 7 Soldiers' Critical Op-Ed in 'NYT' On Iraq

Coal Miner Calls Into C-Span - He's Makin' $19 an Hour and doin' great

No news from the DC Madam? Larry Flint - Hustler Mag?

Wal-Mart quietly pulls dog treats, but no recall

Dean the first Cat 5 Western hemishpere landfall since 1992.

"congressional schedules" could have the Iraq progress report heard on 9/11

Bill Moyers Bids Farewell to Rove

Wall Street lobbying firms receiving millions to help block efforts to raise tax rate to 35%

Leahy said the VP office was listed under the executive branch on White House site, Can't find it!

Nice (ly staged) pic of * minutes after 9/11

Question? Does anyone know why Rep. Reyes, isn't holding hearings on the DSM?

BUSH Answers FISA Subpoena By Demanding That Dems PERMANENTLY Update Spying Program

Pentagon to shut down controversial database-storing info on peaceful protesters

Does Pelosi realize the power she now has?

Pentagon to scrap controversial anti-terror database (TALON)

Inside Cable News: Did Matthews say, "Good question, Dick," or "Good question, dick"?

Shuttle Endeavor coming in, ETA in ~20 minutes

%&*@#$%@# Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.

Adventures in fundie land!

Army Drops More Charges in Officer's Abu Ghraib Case

Former State Attorney Quoted in Rove article Sues Over Firing

Bloomberg: I Can't Win White House

Philadelphia homicides increase, NRA opposes gun control ordinances (surprised?)

don't let your old folks near Orlando, Fl. airport

Did You See the new Threat to Planned Parenthood here in Mo.?

Space Shuttle is Safely on the Ground. n/t

White House seeks deal on sharing wiretap data

Want to hear GOOD Liberal radio? Guy James live at 3 Eastern

Now that Endeavour has landed safely..

Does anyone know a good site where you can start a petition?

ID Security Breach? New Bill Would Let You Know Where It Happened

Anyone else having problems with their McAfee security system?

The Secret History of the Nazi Mascot

So, why is neither Jenna nor her fiance, Henry...

Anyone noticing Chris Cooper's movie choices lately?

Tenet’s C.I.A. Unprepared for Qaeda Threat, Report Says..but no wrongdoing

Bob Herbert: War’s Chilling Reality

Bush and "the surge" go way back

dick gets sick & steps down, jeb finishes out his term, (Rachel Maddow's nightmare)


Pentagon To Suspend TALON

E-Voting Ballots Not Secret; Vendors Don't See Problem

O’Hanlon: Soldiers Of The 82nd Airborne ‘May Have Been Taking A Slight Poke’ At Me

Iraq Vet (Congressman) Patrick Murphy To Endorse Obama

Discussion points: If you know the rebuilding of the Democratic Party

Ex-CNN News Chief Defends Vetting Commentators With Pentagon

Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse: Anyone else read/reading it?

The magic two worlds of Bush

Quick question about invective re Freep and Repukes

I'm back for this post...and still disgusted...

3 reasons to vote for Edwards! And this is a BLUE state !!

September looms with another Iraq War authorization vote - we will not see a repeat of May - right?

Sen. Clinton, just because our military occupies ground in Iraq doesn't mean the 'surge' is working

Military Responds To 7 Soldiers' Critical Op-Ed in 'NYT' On Iraq

Federal Reserve moves to impoverish American Seniors

Pentagon to retire the TALON domestic spy program in name only

The Democratic Party should Sue the DLC for using the Democratic name

So the fed and others inject 72 bill, then another 30 bill into the market...

Shuttle Endeavour lands safely in Florida

Bush to Iraq: Your Prime Minister Is Your Problem

"I think anybody who doesn't think I'm smart enough to handle the job is underestimating."

Set narrative: The Surge is working--Set prediction: The Dems and Repubs will cave---

Efforts to crack down on lead paint thwarted by China, Bush Administration

82nd Airborne Soldiers Come Under Fire From MSNBC's Tucker

The US is losing the war on terror- security in US diminishing

McCain: "defeat would be a "catastrophe" of "colossal historic proportions."

"If anyone knows the importance of the Midwest when it comes to electing president, it's Blackwell"

Efforts to Crack Down on Lead Paint Thwarted by China, Bush Administration

How Enthusiastic are you about someone from the common folks being President of the United States?

Does Lybrel have a military connection?

Bush Administration adopts new standards to make it more difficult to extend health care to children

What's up with e-mail today?

Utah mine VP: We will resume coal mining operations at Crandall Canyon!


Anti-war group challenges fines

Jewish groups pressure the ADL, Urge recognition of Armenian Genocide

Here is how it will go down: Edwards wins IA by less than 2%, Obama # 2 and he wins NH

Randi's Back Today!

Do any DU women actually enjoy sex?

Hoist on their own petards.

ACLU Exposes Ongoing Civil and Human Rights Violations Since Katrina

Would You Like To Donate A Dollar To The Children's Hospital?

CIA didn’t do enough to stop 9/11, report finds


Bush Ordered to Release Overdue Climate-Change Plan, Assessment

POLL: Liberals Read More Books Than Conservatives

WOW I got to get into GD more Often.. :evilgrin:

A very moving letter that doesn't involve HRC, JE, BO, DK, or porn. Just, the insanity of war.

Media calls should be directed to Ben "f---er, a--face" Nelson’s hairdresser:

emptywheel: They Can't Legislate $hit

Don Strasser: Americans Demand Impeachment

Gambler complains of urine-soaked seat

I saw 3 out of state Red Cross vehicles in town this morning

email from a friend: "Don't Trust this Man" (Judge Leslie Southwick)

Republican Paul Craig Roberts says "don't blame China",

Bush's Agriculture Undersecretary May Be Headed for Jail

The Propaganda Surge is Surging.

McClatchy: Smell of death permeates ruined Yazidis villages

There is no gender inequality?


Jewish groups pressure the ADL, urge recognition of Armenian genocide

If you confronted an enemy of your beliefs,..what would you do?

BRAD BLOG: Insider Trading at Diebold?

National Veterans Services Fund??

Recent Polls - Congress 2008

What think ye, DU?

Consumer comfort in economy plunges

Blaming All Americans for Bush’s Debacle in Iraq?

the welcome return of science, logic and rational thought.

Train Strikes Man Who Was Texting

A question about porn.

Department of Defense Cancels 'Talon' Citizen Protest Database Program

Clashes break out at summit protest in Quebec

For all the talk of Americans being obese,

Jean Schmidt opponent raises DOUBLE in contributions

3 soldiers killed in Iraq. Somebody inform the media.

TOON: "Those #@&!! Chinese have no regard for..."

The Buck Stops Nowhere Near Junior

Levees crumbling (CBS eve news), bridges falling down, dams cracking,

India: Nuclear pact causes deep rift

1st Nat. Bank of Az. & GreenPoint Mtg Closed doors today.

What Presidents Don't Know (Washington Post - hit job on Obama/Dems)

Minneapolis conservatives lie about infrastructure

FOX news with Shepard Smith to discuss Russia's new cold war tactics

War on Iraq Threatens the US economy

As if the news isn't frightening enough,

Nice job, Brian. Another typical NBC MSM nightly news cast -

DNC may sanction Fla. Dems for early primary

Question About "Reverse Mortgages" Not Sure This Is Where I Should

Attorney charges Rove with role in her firing.

Do we really need another Princess Diana special?

A Simple Fact: Republicans Can't Manage the Economy


Foreclosures Up 9% in July, California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia Hit Hard

Declassified 2005 CIA Report on 9/11 faults George Tenet and 10 other leaders

Peppermint Gomez is doing a CNN: SPECIAL INVESTIGATION

Thomas Dolby on Marvin Gaye and fear of a sexy national anthem:

It’s official. The White House isn’t even trying to make sense on economics.

Since Gen. Petraeus' Iraqi report is going to be written by the Bush White House,

David Horowitz fibbing?

Holy shit: What if this had been Miami, Houston,

Waxman Continues Investigation of Rove

Help! Need Link to "NJ Story about Massive Pet Deaths."..Hubby was WS Broker

"No Border Wall" - website and petition for DUing. Looking for bumperstickers

Fox News hires pro wrestling bikini model as anchor, further blurring line

Can you use this excuse at work?: 'Human beings make mistakes.'

Dolphins abandon Bay of Biscay (So Long.......)

Sex offender back in pulpit

TESTING. Can I post a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g on DU?

Coming up on PBS (CDT) Buying the War: The US and Iraq

Dick Cheney is making up his own rules again

Another question about porn

Remember back in 2003 when the British government told BBC to toe the party line or else?

With Chances of Jeebuz Performing A Miracle Nil, Media Abandons Mine Disaster Story

Senate earmark battle turns very personal (ouch)

Chinese clothing may be toxic

Things are really coming to a head .

Amy Goodman: Psychologists in Denial About Torture

Waxman wants answers on 'asset deployment teams’

Congress’s only Iraq war veteran endorses Obama

Leaflets said to warn of Iran move into north Iraq

WWII Airman Found Frozen On Sierra Nevada Glacier

News flash: Conservatives read less.

FBI Investigating Unusual Ferry Passengers

A log cabin Republican I know said that he may have to vote Democratic this time

Bush to CIA: 'Leave No Marks'-With No Sign Of Torture On Prisoner-It Didn't Happen Right?

Appeals court upholds ban on Bible distribution to fifth-graders

Sex offender back in pulpit

2005 Incomes, on Average, Still Below 2000 Peak

So...Petraeus & Crocker might testify before Congress about Iraq on September 11

Quick -- Bill Maher on O'Lielly !

Love it..Thompson going down before he even starts

Cunningham Scandal: Taxpayers to Pay for Wilkes Attorney

God's Warriors starts at 9pm EST tonight...

Does your heart just sink when Keith's voice doesn't come on: WHICH of these stories...

TOON: This Modern World--are Bushies on a mission to destroy conservatism?

Dignity at last for vet

Rising powers have the US in their sights

Check out this pic of a vet ignoring Texas Senator Cronyn!

Some DEM are changing their minds and now support staying in Iraq:

2 21.5 inch Rescue capsules at mine, but deemed too dangerous to use.

MSNBC, NY Post, Drudge falsely claimed Clinton said "surge" is "working"

Bush Threatens "Corrective Action" Against Families Who Receive CHIP (David Sirota)

Duck and Cover

Ad blocking is theft, so block Firefox instead (updated)

Loophole Lets Interns Be Called Highly Qualified Teachers

Bush: Fate of Iraqi government rests with Iraqis

Discredited Islamophobe Steve Emerson Presented as “Terrorism Analyst” In Order To Smear NYC Muslim

Rivals -- Richardson and Edwards -- criticize Clinton for Iraq praise

LOL-they actually printed my response to the Dem hating Freeper in my paper

Bush and Rove now in Kansas City

51% of US think military should have stayed out of Iraq

Yet another porn question: what's the difference between porn and

The Long String of “Coincidences” on Our Road to War and its Cover-up

Former CIA Officer: US to Attack Iran Within 6 Months

US Propaganda dollars at work

More station owners allege price fixing

Isn't this kinda like shooting themselves in the foot?

Olbermann to get run on NBC!

Romney is a very weak general election nominee

While I have my issues with all three top runners in the Democratic field, I feel great about '08

Ho Shit.... Must See YouTube !!!

Is DU heading to a purge of Clinton supporters?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Edwards campaign hits Clinton on surge 'working' "

If Dems began Impeachment proceedings against Bush would they lose control of the congress?

Liberals read more books than Conservatives

Why We Fight - A Must See Documentary

Steve Wozniak Receives $700 Ticket For 105mph In A Prius

"A Teaspoon Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down..."

PBS Special "Gold Futures" Rosia Montana Romania

Katrina: The blocked international assistance

Consumer Comfort Index Reports Dramatic Decrease: Largest one-week drop since poll started in '85

I guess Lou Dobbs now has a say in hiring at CNN some idiot on

*Sh*thead* needs to see "Judgement at Nuremburg". I saw it recently

Bush news conference is on RIGHT NOW!!!

Rudy is the best..No wait!..Fred is the best.. No wait! Romney is the best

CBS: Bush has only visited Crawford 4 times this year, compared to 17 in 2004

3 out of 4 people READ A BOOK in 2006?

On tonight, PBS show 'Wide Angle' "Gold Futures" (A Canadian Corp. buying up a Romanian Town)

Lehrer news hr showing 18 dead soldiers. so young. so so young

Another American Institution bites the dust

Help please? What is this speculation about Hillary getting rid of Dr. Dean?

U.S. media curtail Iraq war coverage...

Guest of Bush Sr. Taken to Hospital


What 'New War" Is Hillary Talking about??

Ohio church services crashed by homobigots (Minutemen United and Pass the Salt Ministries)

Bush WH conspired with the Chinese to weaken enforement of lead paint rule.

In view of the recent conviction of Jose Padilla on the weight of ...

What's with that goofy headgear Michelle Obama was wearing today?

Janeane Garofalo Joining Fox's '24.' Is Rush Limbaugh having a shit fit?

Hey! Where's our DU'er that went on the cruise with Randi??

"I want to know why I'm planning a funeral while George Bush is planning a wedding."

I'm feeling pretty weary right now.

Digby: The Bush Dog Whisperers (ouch!)

Can Any DUers with Strong IT Experiance Help Us With This Thread?

HA! I told you Ga. was a scarlet RED State! Here's a poll by the

White House: Americans Earning Less is 'Not an Interesting Story'

Well, there you have it... Chris Dodd tells why we won't get impeachment.

Are men capable of having sex with women without objectifying them?

Waldorf Mother Is Furious at Soldier Daughter's Death

I got an "Important Announcement" from Countrywide today

Now *this* is supporting the troops. A heartwarming story of volunteerism.

Former CIA officer: US to attack Iran within 6 months...

Timely article: "America is Too Politically Correct"

I don't look at porn for one main reason.

Why the amazing reluctance to pursue impeachment?......... The anthrax mailer is still on the loose.

From the "Duh!" department: Bob Schiffer is"suspicious" of Petraeus report

Watch John Pilger's film The War On Democracy now!.

Why I'm not against pornography

OK then...about our gal Hill ...

What the hell is up with Randi today? There is SO much going on and she has spent 1/2 hour making

I hate porn,and I am not a Christian or a prude.

Ray McGovern – Bush War Drums for Iran – Cheney tossed Rove due to reluctance

HARDBALL has Jeffery and Nicole Rank = $80,000 T-Shirt Bust "Dressed for`Arrest"

PlLEASE sign this petition for Lionsgate to distribute Pilger's new film in the US

The Old Iran-Contra Death Squad Gang is Desperate to Discredit Chavez

NOLA economy roaring back to life....

Who are the FBI 'Juice men' in Sibel Edmonds case?

Barbara Ehrenreich: Smashing Capitalism

Should the rescue effort be called off (miners)?

1 out of 4 people does not even read

Follow Through, or Don't Even Bother Investigating

Does It Seem Like DU Has Sex On Its Collective Brain Today?

What if states decided to secede?

Listening to NPR on the way home...I had NO idea how GREAT the surge was going.

The Dem Talking Point On Impeachment

Tuesday TOONS: Vick The Convict

Is there any real chance of a draft?

Three girls arrested after skinny dipping

For (hopefully) the last time

Let's have a little bit of censorship.

sick Psychologists (or cowardly Psychologists) both

DLC : "anti-war critics betray an anti-American bias that undercuts their credibility"

Baron Von Bush 'amused' at the 'quite comical' conspiracy scare tactics.

New York's Helmsley to rest in $1.4 mln mausoleum

Bye. I'm done.

about hurricane Dean

OMG - If we pick HRC or Barak over Edwards WE LOSE KY, MO, WI, VA

Video of Adam Putnam...3rd in GOP leadership...speaking in a racist way about immigrants.

Hey Canadians! Stephen Colbert is criticizing your Prime Minister guy!

The Daily Show's Rob Riggle reports FROM Iraq (part 2) He Really when there! Not Kidding.

Is the University of Alabama running a 419 scam now?

We are making progress in Iraq

Dems in Washington might soon push for impeachment...

Crash Kills 3 Searching for Missing Teen

August KIA to-date

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."

‘Behavior detection officers’ are keeping a close eye on travelers

I got a "DC is worse than Iraq" email at work just now. My reply involved facts.

How Would America React to Another Depression?

Homeland Sec. Tightens Grip. Entering Latin Amer. & Caribbean

Thomas Jefferson/Al Gore On Reason

Tattoos at work

Should the Cuban Readjustment Act of 1966 be repealed

Why would you support the removal of term limits in Venezuela

Hi DUers

I've got room for about 20 more "spirit marchers" for the poster.....

Join DU's Folding@Home team. Help find cures for a host of

Any Chemistry or Math geniuses out there?

Hillary Clinton's Internet Director, Peter Daou, & His Team --->>>

Do you think that when all of the...

America land of He who loves the least, controls the most.

Group Cancels Forum On Book About Israel Lobby

More women should be making porn...

Why is a nasty thread that advocates the aggressive

Why people are so pissed at Hillary:


Sen. Leahy's Statement on * Admin Failure to Comply With Subpoenas

Waxman Confirms Existence Of Rove’s Politicization ‘Teams’

to those shocked (shocked!) at the state of the GDs these days:

Hey Impeachophobes: Why Does "Our Side" Get to Benefit From Ongoing Torture?

"Can Mr. Smith get to Washington Anymore" available NOW on Netflix

What to say when somebody says the surge is 'working'

"We just destroyed the place for the hell of it."

Hillary is just way to far to the Right for me

Notes from the Underground: Why 2004 Matter More than Ever Collins(autorank)/Scoop

Article: Hillary says 'New war tactics (the SURGE) are working'......

Scott Ritter - 2007.08.21: Why Cheney Really Is That Bad = SCATHING

Edwards and Hillary respond to Obama's 30% claim

Obama Response to AP article, “U.S. Out of Fresh Troops for Iraq”

Politics and Religion

Clinton's California Campaign - classic front-runner's strategy - pushed to a whole new level

Honor soldiers "by beginning to bring them home," -Sen. Clinton

NH: Obama takes on small crowds

House Dems Kicking A$$ in fundraising race...

USA Today, pg1: Freshmen Congressional Democrats get fundraising burst; double GOP average

Rachel Maddow On C-Span-1 Right Now AND Stated That IF The Democratic

TIME: Prelude to an Attack on Iran

Did I miss more usurpation of pResidential powers while on vacation?

Obama Presidency a 'Stretch' for Voters: Obama in his own words

NY Times changes story headline to soften impact on their buddy, President Bush.

Two months later ...

Clinton volunteer army ramps up for absentee votes in California: "firewall" against NH, Iowa

Obama to receive endorsement of Rep. Patrick Murphy, Iraq war vet who opposes the war

U.S. Force Not Ruled Out in Pakistan

Fred Thompson - The Perfect Repug Candidate - He's Already Breaking The Law.......

Bush Called This Iraqi Occupation - "The First War of the 21st Century"......

Rep. Murphy endorses Obama as Democratic nominee for president

The Atlantic Online's Marc Ambinder: Obama on the Surge

Obama and Edwards in men's magazine cover face-off (photo)

Dem freshmen get fundraising burst

I`m really, really torn.

Drudgereport/Gallup poll on Iowa Dem. caucus

With all this hand wringing over certain negative posts here I want to say something positive:

Clinton Blurs the Battle Lines on Surge Politics

Media Bistro Gossip Item of the Day: Arianna Huffington dating Newark Mayor Cory Booker

Welcome, Terror!

Anyone But Clinton

Bush says up to Iraq on whether to replace Maliki (Reuters)

My Next DU Poll

My First DU Poll

Bloomberg: I Can't Win White House

I thought THATCHER was dead. (Giving medal to GHOULIANI)

What percentage of HRC's active supporters are on her payroll?

Taylor Marsh on Hillary, Rove, and "Electability."

The people's voices are not heard in a two-party system; it's time for an internet alternative party

Clinton supporters...Do you find that its possible to determine how much ass she is kicking...

Anybody But Roosevelt

Anybody But John F. Kennedy!

What percentage of Hillary's opponents are on the payrolls of Edwards and Obama...

Anbody but George Washington!

Hey Nancy, please end the illegal occupation...

Al Gore on Environmental Civil Disobedience

Clinton, Levin, Durbin: Media conflating the questions on Iraq

Limbaugh's final break w/reality, he is certifiably insane now...

I, Romney

White House Acts to Limit Health Plan for Children

I'll vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is, but

Romney campaign hires Blackwater leader

"Survey: Evangelicals Worry Most Over Health of Churches" UPDATED

Obama, Clinton Both Cite Iraq Progress, Say It's Not Enough

This is my wife's theory : Rove leaving the Administration is dangerous to Dems

Obama Tells Veterans Efforts in Iraq Are Failing

Rep.Patrick Murphy called Obama "absolutely our best chance to change the direction of our country."

Why is vicious attacking of John Edwards is perfectly acceptable to some?

RE: Skype Down Time.....

"The Presidential Advance Manual" or how to protect George from the evils of dissent.

The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party

To Rove re Hillary: High Disapprovals Ratings Didn't Stop Clinton, Reagan, Bush Re-elections

War on Democracy! sg_ I watched all 15 of the videos that you posted...

Obama: "No Military Solution In Iraq"

LA-Gov: Jindal (R) accused of being anti-Protestant

Bush and Harper give answers on NAU and SPP

Only problem I have with some candidates is they won't jail enough repukes

Family of Coal Miners Vent Frustration

The important John Edwards votes? Where do they go?

DNC may sanction Fla. Dems for early primary

8:00 CST Cspan is showing Roosevelt's inaguration and a perspective

NYT: Obama Praises Military, But Restates Opposition on Iraq

Patrick Murphy Endorses Barack Obama

Typoid Mary: on Nova PSB. coming up now 7 pm CT

Economic Cannibalism

Evo Morales Giving Half His Monthly Salary to Peru Victims

Are we straddling our candidates with state issues because we lack an understanding of

Sexism and racism in our own party

Missouri: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Endorses Clinton For President

My 16 year old wants to get involved in the primaries (again)!

Barack Obama's OpEd in the Miami Herald

Bush closes another Minnesota Freeway

Richardson and Edwards campaigns criticize Hillary's surge comment

I wonder if we can all come to an agreement on something about Clinton...

Field Poll shows Californians lean toward dividing electoral votes

Bob Murray needs to be handcuffed and jailed immediately. I just

What's Up with Rove and Clinton?

"Anybody But Clinton" thread would be about to 300 recs by now.

Which 2008 Dem nominee would you find it difficult to campaign for?

Me thinks she doth protest too much.

So Hillary wants to fight a new war

reposting, because they have to vote on NCLB some time...

Obama's speech at VFW on Cspan at 9:00 EST. Rerun later as well.

How Political Psychology Explains Bush's Gastly Success

OK, I'm convinced...White House says it will "take the necessary steps" RE: "missing" emails

The quiet campaign against birth control (Romney says code words)

'NYT' Gets Obama Reference Wrong -- Hits 'Anti-War' Activists

Clean Elections

BO speaking on C-Span right now

How Scary Is This Thought? Provocateurs At Summit....

Hillary's War.

The Rude Pundit: Townhall's Douglas MacKinnon Is Scared, Crazy

Edwards Campaign Statement On Senator Clinton's Remarks To Veterans Of Foreign Wars Convention

Do You Think THEY Ever Think?

Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert - Which is funnier?

Comparing Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, Kucinich, Obama & Gravel

Photos: Barack Obama spoke today at the VFW National Convention in Kansas City, MO

The white house written report on the "surge"

Who is the source who claims Bush was an animal abuser as a child?

No substitute for Truth: 3,707 troops killed in a war Hillary and Edwards supported.

Obama: My Wife's Remarks About Family Are Never About Hillary

Richardson asks a question we all should be asking of Clobama: How many troops? 50,000? 75,000?

Rassmussen poll suggests Edwards was the real winner of Sunday's debate

What if the primaries are rigged? How would we know?

John Gibson thinks Jon Stewart "Purposefully" Misunderstood being mocked over 9/11?

Postage for mail-in ballots: Poll tax?

MSNBC's Tucker Carlson Attacks the Troops (82nd Airborne Op-ed)

Kucinich Blasts Bush Administration For ‘Setting The Stage’ For War With Iran

I've got something to say about Hillary Clinton........

Take a closer look: Kucinich is the true voice of the people

HuffPost OpEd - Hillary's War: How is the Surge "Working"?

Am I Man Enough to Vote For Hillary? I Wonder.

Dean: "... my allegiance is to ... the Beltway."

Kucinich Moving Up in Democratic Presidential 'Horse Race'

Obama will be on The Daily Show tomorrow night...

Observations on Hillary from cyberspace

Which Will Win? A Call For Unity Or A Call To Fight The Republicans?

No substitute for Truth: Kucinich is the only real anti-war candidate

Poll: Hillary defeats Republicans in Kentucky and Romney in Alabama...

Rasmussen: Change In California Electoral Votes Not Likely

Dodd Campaign: Edwards may not take lobbyist money but he sure acted like it

What does Clinton mean when she says, "We have to keep preparing to fight the new war."?

Dept. of Peace

Dodd is at 0-1% in the polls but has raised $12 million...How? Corporate support...

RNC Could Strip You From the Voting Rolls for Voting for Kerry in 2004: Here is How

MyDD: "Is Clinton Really Ahead in Iowa?"...sure looks like it


Tim Mahoney, FL 16...we Blue Dogs are "hawks on national defense"

Are Hillary Clinton Supporters unwelcome at Democratic Underground?

Obama, Edwards, Kucinich in right track, but ...

Hillary needs to let go of the Anbar spin.

Katrina: Two Years and Counting... All the Broken Promises