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Rebuffing bipartisan pressure from members of Congress, the Bush administration's top environmental

Republican motto: Health care for some, well, we really mean, us:

Iraqi Sunni bloc's ministers withdrawing from coalition cabinet (6 US troops killed Tues)

Congressman Moves to Impeach Gonzales

www.oh shit we just electeda fascistt heocratic plutocratic nutcase who is


Rum is good..........that is all.

I'm not entirely opposed to tequila.

Posting while intoxicated:

OJ Simpson owes us an update into the status of his investigation into catching the real killers

Gin is okay.

Vodka has its good points but I'd drink it tonight even if it didn't.

The enigmatic blank post of the day 08/01/07

Bre'r Dog - A poem for dogs

Do your cats flip on the sight of the vaccum cleaner

Hearing on Tillman Fratricide: Waxman's Opening

Kucinich grills Rumsfeld on Tillman coverup

The Uncounted Casualties of War

If it was my family member missing in Minneapolis, I think Anderson Pooper would be the last person


Dicks' batteries, Roberts' Seizure, 2 term House Members, & Senate only cost $35/months healthcare!

Probe could permanently alter Alaska politics

$1.6 Trillion To Fix Our Aging Infrastructure...

Quake in Japan, tsunami warnings...

RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! in Las Vegas! It's COOLER now! YIPPIE!

I have a question about how universal health care would work.

August 29, 1857.. "My loving Miss Patsy".. (get some kleenex)

Sin..violation of moral code....The Republicans have it....Hands down winners...

Opinions on sex offender law differ

Video of Tom Snyder interviewing Mayor Dennis Kucinich, 1978

Feeding kids at a grocery store...

Bit-Torrent Users - Techie help Please!

Yeah, It's a Laugh Riot, Turd Blossom ---pix--->>>

"Pawlenty Takes Low Road on Transportation Issues" ~ Alliance For A Better Minnesota

Blogger uncovers fake jobs posted by Department of Labor in H1-B visa scandal.

The entire "War on Terror" is a load of crap.

Howard Dean in PA...the age of "slick television commercials" is about over.

Democrats reject "free trade"

Presidential Preference Poll

Blumenthal: The Three Stooges

Lurching around the ME

Pinkerton: Where's Saddam when you need him?

Republican Activist Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery

Joe Conason: Impeaching Alberto Gonzales


Lieberman's Losing Bid for Influence


LAT op-ed, Matthew Yglesias: D.C. elites want you to shush on Iraq

We Need Your Help to Save a Life

Norman Solomon: Media Blitz for War: The Big Guns of August

Mission gone bad: You have permission to call it retreat

Amy Goodman: The Uncounted Casualties of War

Why does Saudi Arabia need military aid?

Editorial pages turn on war: Newspapers in liberal, conservative states say bring troops home

Challenging The Right's Obstruction Strategy

Robert Parry: Bush's Secret Spying on Americans

Turning Pakistani politics on its head by MARCUS GEE at The Globe & Mail (Pakistan)

Nick Coleman: Public Anger will Follow Our Sorrow

Bush and Napoleon

Republicans : Big Tobacco, Big Insurance & Sick Kids

"Is There Really a Retirement Savings Crisis?".... Short Answer, Yes

The Neo cons and the Nazi

A Moving Independence Day Tribute

Tax-cut death toll

Why Do They Hate Us? Start With John Bolton.


Iraq veterans suffer stress and alcoholism

Monica Benderman: In Freedom's Name

How reporters trumped up a story about Iranians killing Americans in Iraq

Katrina vanden Heuvel: When a Government Won't Own Up

Mission Impossible: Having a Substantive Debate with Conservatives (by Daniel Brook at HuffPost)

Guest Op-Ed - Juan Cole: (William R.) Polk on Insurgency & American History

It's Your Turn, Karl

There's irresponsibility. There's demagoguery. And then there's Trent Lott.


Rethinking American Entrepreneurship

Tillman Tribulations

Income Gap Shifts in Urban Women’s Favor: Young women in cities are making more than men

Gov. Pawlenty can't dodge ownership in bridge collapse

Roberts Facing Medical Option on 2nd Seizure

Truth About Tillman ... Murder's Not 'Friendly Fire' (by RJ Eskow at HuffPost)

John Nichols: Broken Bridges, Lost Levies and a Brutal Culture of Neglect

Scientists issue warning about chemical in plastic

Conservatism Is Politics for Kindergarteners--David Michael Green

Judge halts logging in owl habitat - AP

French ski area victim of Global Warming?

U.N. climate chief skeptical about global carbon tax - Reuters

European fires near record levels (BBC)

Last Chance: RPS Vote Looming in House

Frankenforests: GE Trees Threaten Ecosystem Collapse (AlterNet)

July Was Worst Month Ever Recorded For European Forest Fires - AFP

Please help stop the Pebble Mine

Australian Government Orders 2,000 Torres Strait Islanders To Move As Sea Erases Roads, Buildings

Hot, Dry Weather Starting To Stress Big US Soybean Crop - Reuters

Studies: Organic farms out produce Chem farms

Judge Bans Logging in Owl Habitat

Latest IPCC Report - Emissions Must Start To Fall By 2015 To Avoid 2C+ Increase - Hindustan Times

Dominican Government to spend RD$53.5B in 25 hydroelectric dams

Getting Toastsy In The Beehive State - Scientists Predict 8F Rise In Average Temps By 2100

Cross-post from gardening & GD. Interesting comment about Iraq.

Crackdown may loom on sea lions' 'buffet'

Energy Efficient House to get Solar Powered Air Conditioning (Spain)

Solar Power Makes Tiny Village Beam (India)

FAU: Ocean power options viable for Florida soon- pilots in process

Siberian Forest Firest Linked To Climate Change - 2003 Fires Alone Burned 15,000 Sq. Miles

"South Asia struggles with floods" - BBC

Hummer versus Prius, which is greener?

GOP lawmakers attack Democrats' energy plan

Would fusion power be a good thing or a bad thing?

Quake in Aleutian Islands 6.9

Soldiers attacked during combat logistics patrol (1 killed, 2 wounded - Basra)

Spy chief courts Blue Dogs for FISA law overhaul

Two U.S. soldiers killed, July toll reaches 80 (rise in Civilian deaths)

Getty to return Italian treasures

Pay $456m now or we cut your gas, Gazprom warns Belarus

Tsunami warning issued for northern Japan after strong Sakhalin quake

US and Palestinians sign $80m deal

(UK) Bogus fire officer directed crews in floods

Iraq football victors are afraid to return home

INL (Iraqi National List) considers withdrawal from government

Education Dept. Criticized as Lax in Policing Loans

Iraq: Suicide bomb kills 13 (142 Iraqi dead on Wed)

Suicide car bomb kills 13 at Iraq police station

Iraqi boy found near bodies of 5 slain brothers

Report: 34 Percent of Major Roads Are in Poor, Mediocre Condition

Missteps found in awarding Katrina deals

Black must await sentence in US

In Fox News Giuliani Finds a Friendly Stage

At least 10 killed as Mogadishu violence surges

Bush freezes assets of those linked to Lebanon violence

Lakesidefoods green bean recall

Sean Penn praised by Venezuela's Chavez

US contractor says Filipinos not smuggled into Iraq

Judiciary Presses Bush Aide on Firings

Those Muscle Cars On the Drag Strip Are Really Electric

Bush, Karzai to discuss struggling Afghan effort

Caps on Prices Only Deepen Zimbabweans’ Misery

Baptist minister charged with indecent exposure

Oakland editor slain in suspected contract killing

U.S. underestimated Iraq political problems: Gates

[Mississippi} River level to be lowered to help with recovery

Latin American hired guns shrug off Iraq War risks for payday

The housing slump: How deep is the pain?

(Rep)Lee Terry,(Rep jesse) Jackson go toe-to-toe on House floor

White House OKs Tillman case interviews

Glasgow terror suspect dies from burns

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 2

Water taps run dry in Baghdad

Water taps run dry in Baghdad

FEMA Suspends Use of Disaster Trailers

Poor security dogging Iraq economy, IMF says

Four dead from bridge collapse identified by medical examiner, eight remain missing

France's president plans N.H. respite

Divers face dangerous conditions as river search continues

Clinton slams "arrogance" of US Iraq strategy

Marine sergeant convicted of murdering Iraqi man

Capitol Police Boost Security to Deal With Threat of Pre-Sept. 11 Attack by al-Qaida

House Dems upset over split on war

Oil price 'threatens US economy' (Energy Secretary Sam Bodman)

Clinton gets Pentagon briefing on Iraq

White House backs interviews on Tillman

Court puts limits on surveillance abroad

U.S. military launches new air campaign south of Baghdad, sees further links to Iran

Specter wants Gonzales gone

U.S. spy satellite declared loss, to drop from orbit

Bosnia Plans to Expel Arabs Who Fought in Its War

Nationwide bridge inspections urged

Bush Raps Democrats on Spending ("Bush ridiculed....Pelosi")

Gates: Iraq Political Reform Difficult

Police: More victims in submerged cars (bridge rated structurally deficient in 2005)

Glasgow terror suspect dies from burns

Witness Backtracks in Iraq Rape-Slaying

More bodies recovered in Minneapolis bridge collapse

News Corp. donated $2.5 mln to (Dow Jones) committee member

Minn. bridge problems uncovered in 1990

Lee Terry (R-Ne), Jackson (D-Illinois) go toe-to-toe on House floor

Feinstein Votes with Republicans on Southwick

Bush to visit bridge scene

Famed Bard Tommy Makem Dies

Abortion law would give fathers a say State legislators propose change;

John Edwards Wants Hillary Clinton to Return Murdoch's Money

DNC Announces Unprecedented Election Protection Project

Students will say four more words in Texas pledge

Anti-terror chief 'misled' public (de Menezes shooting)

Obama, Clinton In New Flap, Over Nuclear Weapons

Long Waitlists for ESL Classes

Outspoken editor of weekly newspaper shot to death

Katrina floods not covered by insurance: court

Breach widens between Colombia high court, Uribe (Bush's ally meets setbacks)

Charges dropped in flag desecration case

Pakistan slams 'ignorant' Obama attack warning

Bush: Bridge to be rebuilt as quickly as possible

In Terrorism-Law Case, Chiquita Points to U.S.: Firm Says It Awaited Justice Dept. Advice

Russian sub reaches Arctic seabed in North Pole bid (dives and Plants flag)

Newfound Planet Has Earth-Like Orbit

Ptah or Wetzelbil around this evening? Luna_chick, you lurking tonight?

Don't watch this if your reality is altered. I'm beggin' ya.

Do you live in a multigenerational home? Does it work?

G'night DU!

could someone please snatch me up by the nape of my neck and make me get away from the computer?

Burning broccoli question

The STBE thread was about players...

Does your vaccuum cleaner flip on the sight of cats?

Hank Hill unknowingly becomes a pimp...

*THUD* Didja hear that?

How ironic is this? Right before I heard about the bridge - I was listening to "Fire and Rain"


Write a limerick

Early take on 2008

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/1/07 Bonus (by request: William Stafford)

To use a feather is erotic...

wow -- beautiful cat Timmy

Laser disks

Wildlife enthusiasts, how long is it proper to beast feed? nt

A Thermidor question.


Sneeze with your eyes open

remembering marie a.

Update on my casenotes catastrophe.

Favorite Audrey Hepburn film?

It's New..It's breathtaking.. It's Black magic

yesterday public sex, today porn/strippers and prostitution.

Hypothetical GOP Internets Debate Questions

Using the Title Case in Subject Headers Must be the New Moran Identifier

What's the difference between economists/stock analysts and Sister Magdalene, who

Want Cheap Mac, but need recommendations

I can't BELIEVE the garbage my parents are emailing me!

They don't make TV like this anymore!

If you like Queen.... is playing a Queen marathon

Is it this year? Or is it 1969 all over again? Cubs now positioned for devastating collapse.

Where to buy totally plain blank greeting cards with the envelopes?

PSA PSA> Use gorilla glue exactly by directions.

I just watched Bush's speech about how his budget

Swedish man gets benefits for Black Sabbath addiction

What's your approval rating?

for fuck's sake, it's SPEEKING not SPEAKING

I finally got it. Best. Spam. Ever.

Good Joke Of The Day

Late entry into the "famous people in your family" thread... My father.

My daughter in St. Paul finally called late last night

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow, There's a bright golden haze on the meadow,

For Speaks Sake, Its Fook Yu

Have you written a will?

What Should I Do To Cheer Up?

Doesn't it tick you off when there are too many yummy things to decide from in the lunch line?

Doesn't it tick you off when there are too many mummy things to decide from in the museum line?


Odd questions: who named the planet "Earth," and when, and why?

Tommy Makem has died

Does it tick you off when people pray using Pig-Latin when they're praying?

iPod/iTunes question

Have You Written Will

Just popped me in a moody blues cd. So I can get some work done

I pooped in the HOV lane

How do you pronounce creek?

Sometimes I just get so angry that I want to kick 50 people's teeth out and collect them all...

How can I become an asshole in five easy steps?

The real Rusty Shackleford shows up to confront Dale Gribble..

Tommy Makem, Irish Singer, Dies

Man repeatedly rams car after alleged hooker left him

I have discovered LostinVA's dirty little secret and it's a SHOCKER!!

Made a extremely rare visit to GDP - here's my post

No anthropomorphizing needed....this Mom is smiling..

You know you must look bad...

Bobby Hill is such a little weirdo

Does It Tick You Off When People Pray Using Ancient Aramaic Dialects When They're Praying?

What is the best way to schedule a volunteer meeting?

all I wanted was a pepsi, just one pepsi

Word association thread.

Okay, this song is awesome and I've listened to it about ten times since yesterday.

Why is Will Pitt starting so many Lounge threads?


So they're doing a celebrity roast for Flava Flav.

wma/mp3 conversion

I just got back spending 6 hours at the VA hospital with my father, he do have a few test done for

the Blue Angels are buzzing Seattle

Dodgeball is for wimps. In my grammar school, we played BOMBARDMENT.

Why is Will Pitt staring at so many Lounge tits?

why is prostitution illegal but not pornography?

Clark the Hockey Goalie.

Quick question: does youtube have a counterpart?

my legs are crawling

Lord and savior or a dirty dish?

I'm being far too efficient today....I'm scared.

I need a hug

This is why Will Pitt is starting so many threads...

I've cleared my ignore list, as I realized I could not see any more posts...

It's like a jungle sometimes. It makes me wonder how I keep from going under.

for fuck's sake, it's SPEECH not SPEACH

Fill in the blank: There is no such thing as a bad _________. Some are just better than others.

Someone just took a pen from my desk. I must respond robustly.

robustify yoself sucka!

One amazing 12 yr old kid!!

iPhone Kiosk Runs Windows XP

So has anybody here seen the "Viva Viagra" commercial?

Paula Dean cooking with President& Mrs Carter on the Food network 4pm est

William Pitt Has A Clitoris


A question for nurses/doctors here

Is "clitori" the plural of "clitoris? Or is it "clitorises"?

What was the deal with Keyop on G-Force?

Tony Blair was worried Oasis would trash Downing Street

Interesting! Four times more of you think you suck than rock at stuff.

That "Justin Timberlake '08 endorsement" thing

I just noticed...

QUICK! What's wrong with this picture??

The Greatest Vocalist for Black Sabbath

Mayhap I shall adopt the King James style in mine speech.

what are you marginally competent at?

I got bush right here!!!

Coolest music video EVAH!!

Shit, Cloris

Anyone interested in an opportunity to buy nationally recognized brand name merchandise..

Should I get dressed?


Best Star Trek Clitoris

Is there a clitoral conspiracy? Discuss.

write a stupid song

Clint Toras — Texas Ranger

God I hate ants!!!!

Too many things to do in the house, and i don't want to do any of them.

Soaking wet pussy! *pic inside*

I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of locked Lounge posts tonight...

Matrix Cow

You know that song "Big Ol' Jet Airliner" by Steve Miller?

Beaver shot

oh shit, now i get it

Look at this beautiful pussy.....

I post in GD and some people come at me like a game of Whack a Mole

There are lonely people in this world. How does saying "clitoris" help?

wow. everything just turned around. just like that.


Did you learn to burn shit and wreak havoc when you were in elementary school?

DS1 has given me breasts. What do I give him, in return?

XM Roady2 stuck on boot screen


Who Is The Worst Clitoris In Congress

What's wrong with a kiss, boy?

Carpenter ants - HAH! We've got freakin' FIRE ANTS!

Sh@t! I added a printer to my computer and all chaos broke lose!


Peter North is south compared to me!

Cat Pic!

There is a bit of pollen floating about in the Lounge today.

Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh...

i just wrote a LTTE

Song titles that shouldn't be used - a "what if"

Does your cat ever pick fights with you?

No no, Big Muff Pi.

So has anyone seen Colonel Angus lately?

We got another live one in GD!

Bullshit Bingo Phrases:

How is it that Pitt posts all these clitoris threads and when LaraMN posted ...

I got popped in the HOV lane...

I found the man in the boat!

so who's got time to help me out with something?

Ants!! F***ing carpenter ants!

Greatest Buckingham/Nicks Era Fleetwood Mac Album

Please To Lay Your Eyes On My BIG PECKER


Most Sexual Harrasment is done by self identified liberal men

Every time I think of breastfeeding, I feel the need to stare at handsome, hairy-chested men.

So! If you were doing what you should be doing, what would you be doing?

Good evening/morning. I'm fairly sure I got that little part-time bookstore job.

Best acronym ever!!!!!!!!!!!

It's 92 degrees with a dew point of 74, and my cats

Rants!!F***ing Carpenter rants!

One of my friends just called a few minutes ago

What's in the Lounge's water today?

So what'd I do for lunch today? Stood 15 feet away from Stevie Wonder while he grooved.

OMG I just had a horrible feeling, a terrible thought

Fucking rules at my fucking job

Suggest a name for the 'Viva Viagra' band

Those in the lounge with sex lives (I mean with another human in real life),

Why does this picture remind me of the Lounge Moderator tonight?

I'm going to be in bed by 11 tonight

OMFG*****We Have Carpenter Aunts

Were you ever in someplace where a movement was afoot?

So the Big Ten is looking for a 12th team to join their confrence

Is it 'by the by' or 'by the bye'?

Here's my take on your take.


What's the weirdest thing Loungers are doing tonight?

Beaverhausen is a STAR!!!

Oat Bran Again

Well, the damn fire alarms are going off.

Information about the locking of the lounge.

Star Trek 'Arena' Parody Hilarious

Tammy Faye Bakker!

Have you ever wanted an extra hole in your body? You've heard the phrase,

Tribute to Artie Singing an Anne Murray song

What was it about us Gen-X'ers...being programmed for nihilism and self-destruction?

Wow, could a diet pill ever do this!!

Why can't we be like and photoshop something - I'll start.

Do you ever get pissed...

Nice use of oven gloves...

If you've had experience with biting children, please post here.

Prozac: Your thoughts?

I intend to spend Saturday drinking myself into oblivion

If Bill O thinks DailyKos is a hate site, what does he think of the DU Lounge?

Y'all love me.. admit it..

What the HECK is this?

We're all Living in America, America, es ist wundervoll...

Good vibes needed on Saturday

Big Brother 8 fans... is Dustin really gay?

I love Julian Beever!

I want to get a flying saucer!

Dammit; lioness; I went looking for that thread in GD..

This Post Is Totally Useless.......

how contemptible are macs and PCs these days?

Laura Branigan.

Mr Scorpio's Hottest Sounds will be on in 15 minutes

In honor of the start of NFL pre-season: Time for our yearly football flamefest thread

DU DU Fantasy Football: 2 SLOTS LEFT (I miscounted or someone left)

Why is it that bright lights make us sneeze??

Wellbutrin: Your thoughts?

HELP: Cat spraying.

Killing Me Softly....

Anyone here like Mother Love Bone?

They have dull spirits

Melanie Morgan , Jennifer Coolidge, separated at birth?(apologies to Jennifer)

Best....sign... ever!!!

But They Didn't Have Any Pink Pistols....

I paid $7 for three pounds of tomatoes and two pounds of yellow squash

Annie Lennox "Songs of Mass Destruction" to be released Oct 2nd.

Hey...who is here ?

GEEE-TAHR War, Chose your side

And, now for something completely different....

What the fuck is wrong is with some people? - sickening animal cruelty

**SPOILERS** - So You Think You Can Dance

Supposably vs Supposedly

I have a hole in my head and I can't quit poking at it.

Projection is a lovely thing, don't you think?

I am thinking this weeks DUzys are going to be Doozies!

Be a Cat Juggler!!!

I'm off, Lounge buddies

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day 08-02-07


Harry Potter- IMHO (no spoilers)

Zapp Brannigan

I hate to ask this but here goes....

Loungers-Hate me if you want... "I need you"

An old story I found of mine (not finished)

Spex Thread

Adderall: Your thoughts?

Musical collaborations: what if?

Actual quotes that are funny, even out of context

What song best represents you?

Broke up with the man, deleted my myspace page.

Weirdness across the street...The nice man who lived there died

I'd appreciate comments on my latest creation...

Has anyone ever been to Burning Man?

WTF is wrong with some people? Married people propositioning

Is it me or does it seem this job is killing Tony Snow?

how compatible are macs and pcs these days?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/2/07

if you have had experience with children biting, please post here.

What's The Weirdest Dream You've Ever Had?

Time again to find out just how crazy you DU Loungers are - take the test....

What do you expect death will be like?

Dear Rest of the Country: Michigan is NOT your doormat.

Man, there's NOTHIN' I like better than being on eternal hold, while crappy

So the Duggar woman popped out #17.

Post your best flamewars.

Am I too much of a "Lounge newb" to request good thoughts/vibes?

I guess that bridge was unnecessary so the Twin Cities should not miss it all that much!

"Mad Men" : the new "Six Feet Under"? (Sopranos fans may like it too)

~~the idgiehkt appreciation thread~~


My sweet girl Angel left for the bridge today.

This just had to be posted.

Sigh....I love knitting...

Which Star Trek movie was the best?

Weird hollywood relationships

So they found a "nodule" on my lung in a chest x-ray...

Just for the record -- I love having a hot future trophy wife and it's okay to say that because

How about a vacation pic thread

Did you learn to bow and curtsy when you were in elementary school?


Do you ever get tired...

to continue the poetry discussion even more, post a favorite poem of your own...


Feedback from a once-interested buyer: we aren't "hungry enough

A Humidor Question

Have you heard that kids are getting potty trained later these last few years?

A major underlying theme of the 7th HP book (maybe minor spoiler!)

Bush says the gov't will "respond robustly" re: the bridge collapse.

HEY...Look what I can do....

Name 5 albums that provided the soundtrack for your HS/Early College Days

Big Brother 8 fans-who wants to know the HOH winner?

Does it tick you off when people pray using King James-era language when they're praying?

For fuck's sake, it's FUCKING not FUKING

Cloris Leachman - what a very talented actress

Today in labor history August 02

Jass Stewart talking about over-development of Brockton

Real Stories from the Front Lines of the Drug War

Barack Obama at Rural Issues Summit - Adel, IA

A Message from Quincy Jones

Clean My Ride-Starring Ben Affleck & Matt Damon...

Strategic Reset: US Senate Briefing on Iraq Policy Part 1...

No Cooler for the Scooter

Victorious Iraqi soccer team afraid to go home

Leahy questions nonresponsive Scott Jennings

Sen. Kennedy grills Scott Jennings on Hatch Act violations

Leahy asks why Jennings never had a White House issued Blackberry.

Barack Obama in Cedar Rapids

New Orleans is Sinking

National Beauty Culturalists League

TPMtv: YearlyKos Chapter 1


Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Discussing Poverty on Fox's Bulls & Bears (w/(brave) David Sirota)

Test The Kids

Tony Snow on the Saudi Arms Deal

David Letterman disses Rupert Murdoch (8.1.07)

Senator Dodd versus Bill O'Reilly

African American Men for Hillary

US troops doubt Iraq Mission

== ==

Bill Kristol: Pundit. Chickenhawk. Nose picker?

This man came from the Cheney Gun School


" A Brief History of Disbelief" ..(very good documentary PBS)

If you were standing at the edge of the northern oil fields now

What we do and why we do it.

New Fiore. . . Smarty Bombsalot. .

So - no more war from me after this - I feel liberated.

I'm in political mode

New Report Finds States Not Doing Enough to Ensure Accurate Count ...

Nearly 6 years later, Bin Laden & anthrax killer still on the loose

That bridge collapse was horrific and spectacular but there is a more important point

D. C. Settles With Arrested Protesters for $1 Million

Outbreak of truth-telling to Congress on Iraq

McClatchy: U.S., Saudi Arabia have drifted apart

Bush & co: Feel Good inc - amazing video!

Morning Joe just made an interesting point about the bridge collapse in MN

Those four or five big nasty cuts are what caused the bridge to collapse.

Sh@t! I added a printer to my computer and all chaos broke lose!

Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act Sent to President

WJ, How is your economy

Did Twins Stadium cost Minnesota a bridge?

A very simple way to (almost) never fight a war again

Reminder - Senate Judiciary hearing today on DOJ firings 10am today

In the absence of some very substantial external force(s)...

How do you argue with a 2%?

incredible resource of thought

CNN has video of the bridge collapse as it happens...

Missteps found in awarding Katrina deals

America's crumbing infrastructure... check this out, folks

House Dems upset over split on war

We welcome our new insect overlords

What portion of our oil consumption is plastic?

I'm pretty sure there is some form of time distortion, can't prove it

Play nice, kids. How many times do you need to be reminded?

two questions regarding Tillman

Thanks, DU!

How to get through to a man

Help Greg Palast.

Another look at priest's death. Kenyan magistrate orders new look at slain human rights activist

Iraq war time line: LIE BY LIE

House OKs Package of Highway Bill Revisions

Interesting Link On Another Board I Post On

Letter to my local right wing rag

I guess - 2/3 of my family - in the 40s - they fought in europe.

Lindorff Silenced?

Wishful thinking: Gates tours Kuwait sites key to troop withdrawal



Bush Woos Radio Wingnuts

Pat Tillman, Soldier, and an Administration That Laughs Off His Death

Crumbling Infrastructure....GOP - War or roads? - war.

What did Pat Tillman's father say to Darrell Issa to send him scurrying for the door?

FOX trumpeting "Laura Bush headed to Minneapolis": SHE WAS GOING ANYHOW.

Pelosi's Farm Subsidy Grants Loophole for Sales of Water Rights in California and elsewhere

I just called my Senators about the crumbling US infrastructure

I cannot---and I mean cannot wait for November 2008

Support for Attorney General Gonzales slips further

2003: Bush calls blackout (ours, not his) a "wake-up call", vows to modernize electric grid

I stand in awe of citizen-heroes

FEMA's Ice for Katrina Victims Now Melting in PA Parking Lot

"Dead land merchant" (a semi-epic poem)

'03: Bush asks for and is given $13 billion for infrastructure....of Iraq

Does any one know the average weight of a passenger vehicle

The US Army wants you (actually, they want your kids)

Edwards agrees with Obama on Pakistan

Up to 30 people maybe entombed in cars in Mississippi with Bridge collape:

Can someone explain hate crimes to me?

AFL-CIO warns Bush in 2002: Stop slashing billions from America's transportation infrastructure!

The history of what ails Roger Ailes

Sierra Club Hypocricy Regarding Support of Hunting - Paul Watson


From the Knock me Over with a Feather Department: case #234233

Any news of Al & Frannie Franken? Don't they live in Minneapolis?

Head of MN D.O.T. is Lt Gov of MN sick

For those in the twin cities: What is the other bridge that runs

CNN’s Parade Of GOP Pundits: Laura Ingraham Edition

L. Slaughter on House floor--shackled for decades with 1 TRILLION $ debt

Failure of small government

No candidate for Louisiana governor plans to close even one of the 14 public 4-year universities

Time slows down in a crisis

"Hey, what are you up to?" - "Nuthin, what are you doin'?" - "Nuthin"

Corporate "Personhood"

I almost feel sorry for McCain...

In DC, All Eyes On Iraq's Political Mess

Sec. of Transportation Mary Peters is going to speak.

Leahy: Supreme Court now an ‘arm of the Republican party.’

A bottle of water, a small towel, and a flashlight...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

This is what Bush said at a May 2007 press conference...

Clinton warned about bridge in 1997. Did nothing.

DUMB letters to the Plain Dealer Part DCLXVI: A Repuke Health (s)Care TriFECta!!

Matthew Yglesias: D.C. elites want you to shush on Iraq

Contact Info for the Twin Cities Red Cross

A year ago, 43 Americans were killed in July in Iraq - 78 killed last month

At least 30 locals and tourists swept away by wave impact in Zhejiang, China

Rwanda "shocked" as French free genocide suspects

Former Sierra Leone militia leaders convicted in war crimes case

World-acclaimed Irish singer, songwriter Tommy Makem dies in N.H. (AP)

Alienating issue, still: Va. immigration laws draw belated Jewish response

Wi. Supreme Court Sets Precedent Of Putting A Judge On The Court Who Is Under Investigation:

A fitting poem after the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis...

Iraq: "A very private war"

It's not over for Coulter (in Palm Beach voting case)

Other Third-World Countries and Banana Republics don't take care of their infrastructure, either.

Classified Spending At Record Levels, Report Says

State Dept Can't Hear When Faisal Describes Iraq as Foreign Occupation

US 'loses' 190,000 weapons in Iraq

NYT editorial, "An Incomplete Energy Bill": Fuel economy is off the table

Orin Hatch: "President Can Replace ANY U.S. Attorney...Even For Political Reasons"


Pathetic: FUX pimping "TERRA" behind MN bridge collapse...

paying our debts in real time

I was appalled by Specter line of questioning (I always think for some

So, will the GOP exploit the Minneapolis bridge disaster at the convention next year?

White House cites deficiencies in bridge but buck stops with the states

Everyone who supports the illegal war in Iraq needs to see this

"The Air Americans" are grounded (show cancelled)

"Guvenner Polentay"?


Anybody watching the debate in the Senate on ethics bill. R's urged to vote against cloture.

Repukes going after recovering Sen. Tim Johnson's seat!

Republican Senators reveal defense mechanism to combat bad news

Durbin (Dem), in the AG hearing throw out a good one: He commented

Judiciary presses Bush aide on firings


About the Bridge to Nowhere

President B*sh Fying away from Minneapolis to Console Victims

paying our debts in real time

`Uncle Ted' Stevens's Corruption Probe Imperils Aid for Alaska

McCain plans to attack ethics bill (what a swan song!)

So how soon will the Terror scare come now that Jennings just is done on the Hill.

Sanders/Boxer global warming bill.

whitehouse coming up next at the jennings hearings, just in case

Unilever unveils 20,000 job cuts (BBC)

Gonzales calls it confusion; Specter calls it 'misleading' NO LIES HERE. MOVE ON!

Mattel Recalls One Million Toys

Cross-post from gardening. Interesting comment about Iraq.

Memo to White House: Bridge Failure Determined to Strike in U.S.

TIME Preview: New Orleans Still In Grave Danger As Hurricane Season Arrives

New true majority video ....short but very revealing

BBC has a video of the bridge collapsing

DNC tries election protection again

The Blamer ---pix--->>>

Why can't I get an hour with the President?

A classic Wolf Blitzer moment last night

Non-Lethal Weapon Chokes Crowds From 100 Meters

President's Highway Funding Below Congressional Budgets

Sec Defense Gates: "we probably all underestimated the depth of the mistrust" in the Iraqi gov't

Defeating al Qaeda has been central to our new strategy in Iraq from day one and will continue to be

A few words for the people of Minneapolis

NEW ORLEANS: Still F*cked!

I herewith claim executive privilege


Were U.S. Deaths Really 'Down' in Iraq Last Month?

In pictures: US bridge collapse (BBC)

Video of the Minneapolis bridge collapse

cspan3 carring Bush speech now on bridge collaspe. link here.

Isn't it about time we started to attack the military...

Anti-terror chief 'misled' public

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan

So Tony Snow said that bridge in MN had like a 50 out of 120 for structural safety

How many billions are spent each year in Iraq that could have been used for infrastructure in this

* MOCKS Democrats on spending

Link to US DoT National Bridge Inventory report on bridge that collapsed

Britain, US push for greater UN role in Iraq

snowjob presser on cspan3

Death toll up to 100

Bush major announcement: Katrina also was the Democrats fault

Bush: "Only in Washington can $22 billion be called a very small difference"

Kick out Bush - Stop the War - Fix America....

Kucinich To Receive More Than 100,000 Petitions From Supporters Seeking Impeachment of Dick Cheney

Fisher-Price to recall nearly 1M toys

Saw a great t-shirt yesterday

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann? Raw Story- WH aide to be meeting with Waxman off the record

Report Card For America's Infrastructure: Check Your State

(NYT) Pollack: "We came away feeling that Iraq was absolutely a mess, the situation remained grave"

caption Scott Jennings

CREW Files Senate Ethics Complaint Againt Sen. David Vitter

Video of the bridge collapse

AAR's "The Air Americans" to be cancelled next month

David Lindorff being censored after talking about Patrick Tillman and possibility of Martial Law?

So, who gets the No Bid Contract to rebuild the bridge in Minneapolis?

May 7, 20007: Business Week: Roads to Riches (Wall Street firms and infrastructure

Former foster-parent association president guilty of molesting 2 boys

Kennedy up now

National Lawyers Guild Release Report On Government Threats to First Amendment

Tillman's Revenge

Seven confirmed dead so far

Of the three US Senators running for President--who do you like the best?

Gordon Brown and Bush exchange gifts

How much death & destruction can be linked to Republican tax cuts for the rich and cronyism?

Deep Crystal Ball Time: 2008 Presidential Election Landslide Prediction

Official Ties With Big Oil Now Bind in Uncomfortable Ways

I am happy to pay taxes to a government that promotes and supports...

Three former Bush aides to testify in Tillman inquiry

Water taps run dry in Baghdad

Cannabis Now Worse Than the Nazis

What to Look for in the FISA Fix

Why are there fewer bridge deaths today

Hey! Associated Press - Do we have to do your job?

Scariest thing I've seen is from yesterday's NYTimes


OT: Video Game Lets Players Be Immigrants

My lord my local rag is running THIS.... unfrigging amazing

It's official. Romney may have nice hair and he may love gulags but he is the dumbest man alive.

Is the Minnesota National Guard taking part in the rescue and recovery?

Repost: Bush Tax Cuts at Work — Roads, Waterways, and Skies are a Mess

There should be a national law that states:

US House Votes YES to **Overturn Supreme Court** on Pay Discrimination Lawsuits!


MN Gov. on breaking news press conference now.

Has anyone seen the new Wal-Mart commercials...

US Senator (Kerry) takes aim at illegal logging in Asia

BUSH 8/2/07: "I Hereby Declare A National Emergency" (New Executive Order)

Chertoff knew Chiquita paid Colombian terrorist outfit, and did ... nothing

So Grover Norchrist wants to drown the Government in a bathtub?

NYT: System Used to Monitor Foreigners Is Vulnerable, Report Says

First Lady Laura Bush Flying to Minneapolis to Console Victims

Rove's refusal letter to Leahy, Specter, all 8 PAGES of it, at link:

Dems Grapple with FISA...

$250M+ in emergency funding requested to help rebuild bridge in MN

Senator Bond: "it's difficult for eavesdroppers to separate foreign and domestic calls"

$700 Billion on roads since 1970 - $465 billion on Iraq since 2003

Barbara Bush on the MN Bridge Disaster Victims..."It's working very well for them"

Bush has ruined everything in America!

Who is responsible for maintaining the Interstates?

Dodd, Hagel proposed infrastructure funding hours before bridge tragedy

My wife's friend pointed this out to us: this is the Third week in a row some major failure happen

Which reporters have done work on No Child Left Behind?

"Outsource--India--1-2 years" mentioned at department meeting

NOLA Still in Grave Danger as Hurricaine Season Arrives

How the f@#k could this happen?

Jonathan Turley Coming Up On Randi's Show

With O'Hanlon and Pollack, media neglected to ask about military protection & control of itinerary

This bridge collapse is all

BILL KRISTOL: Neocon pundit. Chickenhawk. Nose-picker.

Wash. Post failed to report that Thompson fell short of fundraising goals

Good Article! Media and Impeachment - Not for discussion, only for derision

Wash. Post's Weisman again ignored GOP's "obstructionist" strategy

Minnesota: Anger Will Follow Our Sorrow

Russert still cherry-picking polls to claim Giuliani beating Clinton

Why don't we have Zero Tolerance for Republican hypocrisy?

Maybe it would be a good thing to just let our Interstates crumble and die..

Amerika -- 20 Years After

Bush: Dems in office since 1/07 to blame for bridge. Bush in office 9 months not to blame for 9/11

House Passes REST For Troops- - - progress, I hope!

All three of Cafferty's questions today relate to the bridge collapse.

Here's what Bushco's solution to the bridge disaster will be:

Caps on Prices Only Deepen Zimbabweans’ Misery

Caps on Prices Only Deepen Zimbabweans’ Misery

Our Dems had better grow a pair and SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.

"What fur-trimmed gift did Gordon Brown receive from Bush?"

WH: Laura Bush will still "drop by" the RNC Summer Meeting in Minneapolis

American Society of Civil Engineers 2005 infrastructure report card

If you don't *believe* in gravity do you *believe* that you need bridges?

Are there any porn stars, strippers, or prostitutes here?

Lee Terry, Jackson go toe-to-toe on House floor

White House Has Two New Executive Orders Posted Today

Recovery suspended; Pawlenty calls for statewide bridge inspections

John Edwards calls on Dems to oppose WSJ/NewsCorp merger

Does anyone still listen to Air America Radio?

American Society of Civil Engineers says "1.6 Trillion Dollars are...

13,000 deaths occur EVERY year in US due to compromised infrastructure -Infrastructure links & facts

AP revises article after first reporting Obama would not use nukes "'in any circumstance"

"I don't recall" is the new "Go Fuck Yourself".

Spineless is the word which best represents Congress:

NYT: Democrats Plan to Assess Voting State by State

Tony Snow to WH reporters: "Have we exhausted questions on Minnesota?"

Here is a gigantic hint that the "other" NSA program was spying on Washington itself

Senate passes ethics bill, 83-14.

Collapse Of The Minneapolis Bridge, God, Velveeta Cheese And ZZZZZZ's

Dem Blue Dogs pledging their support to GOPer McConnell on expanded spying

Barney Frank talking with Barnacle on Hardball was super

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thurs 8/2 Table for 3?

Who is America supposed to like better, Israel or Saudi Arabia?

What do you think happened to Pat Tillman?

Strategies for Eminent Domain?

Has the media questioned why Bush...

Latin American hired guns shrug off Iraq War risks for payday

Independent Artists Lead Fight Against Proposed NYC Regs Limiting Filming, Photography...

The Green Book Is Fantastic--You've Just Got To Get It/Read It/Give It To A Friend

O’Hanlon begins backpedaling from op-ed ..... and Juan Cole's comments

This may sound like a stupid question - Can we impeach the current media?

Murdoch helped raise money for HRC. Any chance he didn't really want to support her...

Execution day in Iran --in pictures

Mother Marked Kids For Death, Coroner Says

A fight with my dad and the newest excuse for the war

Civil rights leader fights on 50 years later - Rev. Joseph Lowery

A cup of joe does more good than harm

Our money, our bridges, our LIVES!

We are going to have a series of Katrina's, Mississippi bridge was just

TSA chief: We can spot terrorists' tics

URS says it advised retrofit on Minneapolis bridge (started engineering analysis in 2004)

From a wire story about the bridge collapse:

More TOONS: Condi and....Lobsters?

Chips they're not just for dip..anymore..

Ex-White House aides to be interviewed 'off record' on Tillman

Good spelling here:

GOP Sen. Ted Stevens was on of 14 Repug Sens. who Nayed the Ethics Bill.

Senate passes ethics bill with veto- proof majority

Sad Tale of a GOPer Governor and a Bridge

ferries to the Twin Cities !!! PRONTO

Rendell: State's bridges reasonably safe (Pa Residents)

"Structurally deficient for over 17 years"

Email laugh

Russia plants flag on Arctic floor

GAO: Pentagon improperly sold F-14 parts to the public (Iran?)

What the hell is controlled chaos ?

All Our Bridges "are Replacement"..for TERRA ATTACKS that Bush Uses against Dems!

PFAW: Judiciary Committee Sends Southwick to the Full Senate

Bridge collapse video-link

What Constitutes "Breaking" News?

Reid responds to Bush's attacks: "He is only trying to divert attention from his failed presidency"

Hard work

23% of South Carolina bridges substandard: $3-billion needed for fix.

Did anyone see Norm Coleman scrambling in front of the cameras

The Chris Dodd and Chuck Hagel bill on America's infrastructure

Has Lou Dobbs attacked the

KBR's profit rises 52 percent

House passes bill on deployment limits - passed the House Thursday by a 229-194

Who's good at math? How many bridges can you fix with $9Billion/month?

Gov. Rendell: Pa. Bridges Among Worst In Nation

Were U.S. Deaths Really 'Down' in Iraq Last Month?

Welcome home: Now go to jail after passport check

Criminal cover-up of Ohio's stolen 2004 election sinks to the fraudulent, the absurd, the pathetic

M$NBC bulletin: Chimp WILL go to Mpls Saturday

July was NOT the lowest death toll for U.S. troops in eight months

Full list of Congresscritters for impeachment (Cheney and Gonzo)

E-MAIL From: "Howard Dean" Subject: They won't steal votes again

Blockbuster story by Larisa -- US covert arming of Gulf States since 2004 LINK


Good thing Bush sent us all back that $300 back in 2000

Do you think it is a problem if Clinton receives 20K from News Corp?

Tomorrow on Bill Moyers Journal: Economic Inequality

You betcher ASS its the fault of the Republicans.


Katie Couric: "America's infrastructure is crumbling."

I see "infrastructure" is the cause du jour...

Nancy Pelosi on House floor now. Join me in SCREAMING AT HER.

Where's the equivalent of the "flooded buses" cloned email pic from Katrina? What's that? Republican

Whose judgment are you more willing to rely upon? (see below)

House Passes Final America COMPETES Act as Part of Innovation Agenda

Anyone remember how Clinton handled Libya during the 90's?

CBS: America's highways approaching Third World status...posted July 9

Bush just blamed the bridge collapse on "Democrats in Congress"

Newt sounds like a Democrat addressing Nat'l Conservative Student Conference. Honest.

Durbin Calls Out White House On Executive Privilege Sham

Stratcom Gen. James Cartwright: Don't renew START-1 Treaty

Bush and the Right-Wing Talk Show Hosts (Froomkin...and incorrectly titled)

Waxman Cuts Deal for "Off Record Interviews" w/Bartlett/McClellan and Gerson!



ABC News: Engineers Say $1.6 TRILLION Need To Fix Crumbling Infrustructure

The Obama speech "good or bad?

Faux News ***ALERT***

Bridge collapse suddenly makes Voinovich 'infrastructure' bill important

Listen DUers: Do not let Bush fool you

By How Much Should We Cut Defense Spending?

maybe, just maybe the bridge collapse will stop the war so tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$ is spent on US(A) nt

House Votes to Ensure Troops' Home Time

Watch out Minnesota, the Master of Disaster is coming to help!

Bye, bye SBC/ATT/Ma Bell

Proposed Legislation In Ohio Would Require Women To Get A Man's Permission To Have An Abortion

Whats in YOUR Carbon Footprint...

Hey Chimpolini, warble us a chorus of Bridge Over Troubled Water!

Right wing radio pundits get their marching orders from White House


That Sinking Feeling

Limbaugh loses it: blowhard gets unhinged, blasts Democrats as "PR spokespeople for Al Qaeda

I got the solution for the infrastructure problem...

Local Florida officials who enabled developers and businesses fight back against CSX.

Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea

The heartbreaking story of the Engebretsen family

Hey, guess who had a meeting with the Pretzeldent yesterday...

Most of Baghdad has been without water for two days

You Tube Debate - is this idea salvagable?

3 new bridges for Iraq...

Bush Complains About Democrats Spending

Anyone have a chart of civilian deaths in Iraq through July?

REPORT: Putting U.S. Troop Casualty Statistics In Perspective

OK---- I bet a beer in the lounge that Bush hugs at least 2 black women in Minneapolis.

Republicans are not criminals. They're wily.

Are we just watching the end of the constitution

Cries for help in the wreckage; investigators describe difficulties of rescue efforts

Dubai Aerospace buys service providers from Carlyle (aviation repair, etc.)

Why "free markets" suck.

PBS News Hour covering MN bridges and Pelosi will be interviewed

No More Anonymous Food

Anyone have any ideas why the Bushies are so Johnny on the Spot on the Bridge?

"The FISA law was written in 1978. We're having this discussion in 2006. It's a different world."

Honoring a life, no matter how short

Watching for Dean

Apparently housewives won WWII

Minn. Bridge Problems Uncovered in 1990

Some numbers to play with.

There's no such thing as privacy. Get over it.

Eeeee. Some fund raiser just called trying to get money for something having to do with H.D.

Not equalizing/dismissing. Just a bit of perspective: 09-15-2001 bridge collapse

YKos — Libby Trial Blogging Panel (scarecrow @ firedoglake)

What do you mean we don't spend enough money on infrastructure?

"God, angels, my seat belt"

Has anyone ever been to Burning Man?

c-span - voting on final agriculture bill - getting rowdy

Norm Coleman enlists Bush's help for money--not for bridge, for re-election!

On A Scale Of 1 to 10... What Are The Chances Of A Democratic Sweep In 2008 ???

Why America's infrastructure is crumbling.. (in one easy lesson)

3662 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Beck: "He feels the pain of every wounded hero, every lonely, grieving parent this war has caused."

If YOU were on the Senate Judiciary Committe, grilling Karl Rove....

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! -Fight Global Warming From Your Desktop

Tony Snow tries to point the finger at the "Democratic Governor of the state"

Tonight on Charlie Rose: Brain Stimulation (big breakthrough) / Alastair Campbell

I got a new phone and had to download some software for it

30 "missing"..

I think it is time to bring back the New Deal

Can Someone Explain What Difficulty Is In Recovering Vehicles

I'd like to post a Thank You To the MN Tax Payers League!

Bingo - Here's The Problem With The Minnesota Bridge

I'm sure the Freepers' solution to the infrastructure/bridges problem is

Ohio Bill: Women need men's permission to have abortions

Remember all the press 2 days ago about "only" 74 KIA in July?

Eric Edelman: key conspirator in Sibel Edmonds case

Jackie Robinson supported only Republican candidates...

Do you cross post stuff from here, elsewhere, or your own blog to newsrankers?

Court rules AGAINST Katrina homeowners

$1.7 trillion infastructure shortfall in US

Is there no knowledge and/or speculation of who actually shot Pat Tillman?

Anti-terror chief misled public (UK, re shooting of Menezes)

Bush Insults BBC Political Editor at Press Conference

Oh man, * is truly a fucking PIG, he is blaming Democrats for the bridge collapse

Feingold: Fools Rush In (To Amend FISA)

In New Orleans, it was "heckuva job" Brownie...

Bush: Congressional Democrats responsible for bridge collapse.

A gardener's take on democracy, rule of law and impeachment

Do NOT Forget The META-MESSAGE: Bridge Collapses, Flooded Cities, Major Blackouts

Gonzales Letter Confirms Cover-up

Gov Pawlenty orders bridge Inspections already done. Problems known since 2001. Vetoed funding.

Yearly Kos on Second Life?

Has everyone been to FOXATTACKS.COM ??? If not, you need to go there, and become a Fox attacker!!!

On DU - the Bushler gets blamed for everything - even bridges

Is Pornography, Prostitution, And Stripping Inherently Misogynistic?

Vegas Auto Dealer Told to Furl U.S. Flag

An American visionary - Michael Franti. Watch this CBC interview about his time in Iraq. Also....

"No Quarters" Comments On "DEEP THROAT" (For those Of You-Like Me-That Needed Translations)

I Am Above The Law! - protester pic

Keith is taking Mike Stark to task

"Mother cuts sons allowance"- Breaking news headline on CNN website

Al Qaeda Images and Videos Expertly Doctored (by US) -Wired News

Inspired by Randi Rhodes

Should you be required to pass a test, in order to vote?

"Infiltration of (Senate Democrats) files seen as extensive..."

Contingency plans - evac of personnel from Kabul and Baghdad

These are the faces of people who visit prostitutes.

Bush’s Secret Spying on Americans – Robert Parry

More than 70,000 bridges rated deficient

TIME Magazine Understands-BUSHCO Keeping Gonzo To Protect BUSH-ROVE & Others From Litigation

The veto of a transportation bill --Gov Pawlenty- Rethug

Just amazing...the GOP answer to our infrastructure

Southwick approved by Judiciary Committee ('thanks' to Feinstein)

Pelosi IV with Jim Lehrer: "Waste of time" to impeach.

If US soldiers in Vietnam didn't die in vain, what about Iraq?

In Minnesota, Franken And Ciresi Suspend Campaigns — But RNC Continues On

Video of Howard Dean's keynote speech at Yearly Kos.

Conventional X-ray taken during Dubya's colonoscopy reveals mega-polyp

My God! Look at this! This bridge should have been

CNN reporter finally speaks the truth on air this morning!

who thinks Pat Tillman was murdered intentionally?

Do you fear your government?

Tony Snow WARNS us against finger-pointing; then tries to label Minn. governor as DEMOCRAT

Tell your Senators: paper ballots for the 2008 general election...

Apparently... It Has Come To This...


House SCHIP reauthorization roll call (passed 225-204): Who are the 15 who crossed

McCain relies on supporters to drive him to events now.

Disasters Like Minn. are a direct result of having Republicans in Government

Do you think that the concept of 'hate crimes' are just?

Are the fairies all dead? Where oh where can the fairies be?

March 10, 2006: The Carlyle Group Establishes Infrastructure Investment Team

Why this Minnesotan will be mailing my Republican Governor a nickel tomorrow

"Mr. Jennings, I am not here to play games," warned Chairman Patrick Leahy

Bush: STAY THE F*CK HOME - Dont visit Minneapolis

This bridge has always scared the hell out of me

WONKETTE: hooker goes to Iraq Green Zone for contractors NO GI customers

A call to dismantle NCLB:

This is fucking 10 times worse than Nixon back in the 1970s.

Oops! They've done it again. The Duggars welcome baby # 17.

Agnostic DUer calls out for prayer...

Larisa Alexandrovna: An Open Letter: No more power to the Executive Ms. Pelosi. No More!

Ghouliani recycles..........endorsements

McCain attacks Obama

Any one interested in taking a trip to Iran?

Dean woos faith voters

Romney: Hezbollah as a model---to win hearts and minds.

In his health care speech, Giuliani mentioned "Democrats" 6 times; "Uninsured" zero times

We`re all getting soaked in this pissing contest

paying our debts in real time

REALITY BYTES: Bush may be busy while Congress is away

Film "Shooting Michael Moore,' attacks Moore.

McCain's woes evident on campaign trail

Lee Hamilton Agrees With Obama

Women will help Hillary edge out Rudy

Obama's Terrorism Speech: Another Break With Democratic Party Orthodoxy

The job of president is to protect American lives, not keep a foreign government in power

Roberts Scare Seizes the Campaign Trail

'02 phone scandal still ringing Dems' ears

Rome. A catholic right-wing politician, 2 prostitutes, cocaine and drinks.

Schuyler's Pat Flynn (R-Ne) begins run for Hagel's Senate seat

How long before bu$h makes his photo-op trip to Minneapolis?

Did I just hear Bush* say "Minnesota Governor Po-len-tay?"

Why doesn't Obama want to talk to Al Qeada?

Bush blames Dems for Minneapolis tragedy?

Comedy Central Launches Indecision 2008 Website

End Terrorism; Vote Kucinich

POLL: Hillary tied with Ghouliani and Thompson

"...said that the federal government would help ensure that the span is rebuilt..."

Reports: Problems with Minnesota bridge noted twice since 2001

Hillary winning over moderate women...

Irony of the day: Minnesota Governor Wields Veto to Protect Taxpayers


To me - endorsements don't mean SHIT...

People supporting Hillary, Biden, Dodd, Edwards

Wisonsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin endorses Hillary...

Edwards Challenges Dem Rivals To Condemn Murdoch

Barack Obama: Putting Meat on the Bone

Republicans Shun Debate, Conservatives Cry Foul

BLACKWATER Private Army: Don't know how many of you at DU have

Fuzzy Math - Bush Style

NYT: Obama on the Use of Nuclear Weapons

Greater Chance Of Getting Killed By Our Crumbling Infrastructure Than From Terrorism......

Biden is hitting the TV shows, 4 in 2 days !

New FISA bill: Immunity provisions for Telco's -- retroactive to 2001?

A Real Anti-Terrorism Strategy | A Strong Military for a New Century

U.S. officials say Iraq role to last years, cost more


Wondering about that Gonzo perjury thing?

Send The California Secretary Of State A Note To hold the vote machine companies accountable!

Clinton disagrees with Obama’s ‘no nukes’ comment

Amy Klobuchar* (D) *Senate district includes Minneapolis: Norm coleman

Woodrow Wilson on the Congress' Power to Investigate

SCHIP votes up now in Senate. (C-SPAN2)...n/t

Are we not going to have Universal Health Care,

U.S. refusal to prolong START-I fatal mistake - Russian experts - 1

Water taps run dry in Baghdad

Which Dem Candidate will come out for KID'S SAFETY? No Lead/No Additives in Foods

Prediction: Gonzo swapped out during recess

Kucinich Trails Giuliani by 14 Points, Thompson by Nine

Edwards assails rivals over News Corp.

I agree with J.E.: Hillary should give back Murdick's money.

The United States Has To Declare War On The United States.......

Edwards Statement on Tragic Bridge Collapse

Cummings, Gansler take on role in Obama campaign

So what's the barometer of the American people vs this Administration?

Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop endorses Obama despite differences on issues

Oliver Willis: Obama Unclear On Nukes

Democratic Polls - Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton

In a little more than a year from now, China will be starting their Olympic

Edwards Challenges Dem Rivals To Condemn Murdoch

Has anyone considered the idea that the Dem Congress LIKES what Bush is doing to the Constitution.

Nuking terrorists??

Katrina victims lose in appeals court

How many countries did Bill Clinton strike?

Hillary Clinton's Stance on Iraq and Afghanistan


HELEN THOMAS: Obama has it right: Why not talk to adversaries?

New Rass numbers: Hillary loses to both Ghouliani and Thompson by a point

Enough is an Effing-nough

LTTE: Obama: pro and con

Chris Bowers: Matt Drudge hears a leak and now there is a feeding frenzy.

Obama: Nukes 'not on the table'

Let me get this straight: Obama gets attacked for saying what he did about Pakistan

America's Economic Mood: Gloomy

Scotus lowest approval rating in years.

No More Secrets. We Want a Leader

Driving directions to the 2008 Republican National Convention...

The "I don't know a single HRC supporter in real life" statement

Pakistan not happy

Suddenly, in DUGP, war is the answer. Another take on the big O's speech

Barack Obama: Putting Meat on the Bone

Did you all know Charles Rangel is a Republican light?

I'm just curious guys/gals. Where do you stand on the

Kucinich receives pro-impeachment petitions with more than 120K signatures

Helen Thomas: Obama has it Right

Does living overseas from age 6 to 10 give one foreign policy experience?

Why All California's Electronic Voting Systems Should Be Decertified by Paul Lehto (X)

Wow: Dodd has balls of steel

First Gay Bishop In Episcopal Church Endorses Obama

What Do Democrats Stand For? - An Open Message to Obama, Clinton, and the other candidates

Senator Kerry beats half-wit Mitt to the punch.

Clinton Disses Kossacks

Is it possible to despise this president any more than I do right now?


Cheney: Dems On Witchhunt

New PEW Poll: Hillary Widens Lead To 19, Little Connection Between Candidates and Iraq

The Media's attack on Obama's "experience" is Racist

Edwards Comes Out Strongly Against Media Consolidation(Calls on Dems to oppose Dow Jones/WSJ merger)

Murdoch helping Hillary: NY Post calls Obama Nutty, beserk for Pakistan comments

Will the R's block S.1--the ethics reform bill? Debate NOW in Senate. Cloture vote NOW!

Clinton disagrees with Obama’s ‘no nukes’ comment:

Hillary Clinton: Experience that is Only Matched by a Few

Hero Worshipping Obama

Edwards: Politics not part of science

I guess Hillary Clinton and her supporters think we should let bin Laden go free...

This is not elective surgery

My take on Obama's speech and Pakistan [from Pakistani-American perspective]

Obama says he doesn't trade favors for endorsements? Au contraire


Rasmussen: Obama's negatives rising, particularly among Democrats...

Caught on film...Hillary's "mythical" supporters....

Factory Orders Down -0.7% Year-to-Date

Carmel Valley, San Diego has officially joined the anti-war fraternity!

Are biblical passages a good substitute for tips?