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Band of Horses - Funeral

I got sunburned today

Captain Nemo - Sarah Brightman

The Prisoner's Saturday Evening YouTube Rock Concert

Wildfire - Michael Martin Murphy.


Extreme ways - Moby

can anyone read what's on the lion sticky

Sail on down the line

White Rabbit - Jeffeson Airplane

Yardbirds - Heart full of soul

I'm on Fire - Bruce Springsteen

A Rodeo Boy - Fred Eaglesmith.

2001 - Best. Class. Ever.

The obscene town challenge!

Fuck you

Class of 2008 check in

Breaking: Bat Guano is Healthier than a Big Mac

Bush: Eternal Optimist Or Most Delusional?

How do you feel about stem cells?

Poll for anyone. What say you?

there are 2 systems of health care in our country.

Live online stream of Jamaican radio

"Inshallah" by Cindy Sheehan

Fire at the Haunted Skyscraper ---->>>

So are the cables reporting live from Jamaica, or is that only for storms hitting the US?

NYT Op/Ed: The Founders Had An Idea for Handling Alberto Gonzales

Read Chris Floyd: "Project Management: Bushists Through the Looking-Glass on Iran Charges"

Bob Fertik: Under Fire At Home, House Dems Give Idiotic Excuses for Not Impeaching Bush

I am to the right of Kucinich, but to the left of Patrick Kennedy....

Cinematic Comedy Creates Navajo Nation Nip

Arlen Specter finds voters just plain angry (R Senator PA)

Puerto Ricans fight U.S. war and colonialism

The One Campaign Issue Ignored By Big Media? Themselves

Army cuts time spent on training (Boston Globe)

NYT: spying law may have given Bush Admin broader powers than intended

Bush's Former Brain: A 'Liar in Good Faith' …

Leon Satterfield: Should war or infrastructure be our priority?

Reassessing Sexual Politics

From 12/2/04, Quo Vadis: Playing For Keeps by Patrick Doherty


How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death,"

Be sure to read Mother Jones' article on Hillary's Prayer

NYT Ed: The Founders Had an Idea for Handling Alberto Gonzales

Dangerous Sport: What Texas Won’t Let Kenneth Foster Read

Why the Washington press loves Karl Rove...

Will Ferrell Gets Keys To First BMW Hydrogen 7 For Regular Use On US Roads

SIROTA: economic populist came in second in GOP straw poll--will Dems be to the right of him?

Amanpour's six-part CNN series, "God's Warriors," explores Christian, Muslim, Jewish fundamentalism

TV Ads: Bush-Petraeus 10-Year Plan Means a Draft

Iran executed 30 for alleged U.S. plots

Menzies backs demands for Army to leave Iraq

PAUL KRUGMAN: It’s a Miserable Life

Learning to Loathe Yourself: Peggy Noonan and How To Be a Conservative Pundit

New law may go far beyond wiretapping

Medical crisis in Iraq as doctors and nurses flee

NYT: The War as We Saw It : 7 US Servicemen lay it all out for us

Law enforcement to get access to spy satellite photos - THEY CAN SEE YOU!

A 1955 document reveals the template for fifty years of right-wing smear and fear.

Hilarious hard hitting editorial: "Smell Ya' later, Turdblossom"

Democrats set to abandon resolve on Iraq exit

US castoffs resuming dirty career - Boston Globe

Prototype, pliable power source: Small, bendable battery developed

NOAA projects Lake Superior may hit record lows this fall

John Howard's APEC Climate Plan: "Made In USA, Covered With Coal Dust"

APEC Delegates Call For 25% Improvement In Energy Efficiency By 2030 - Kyodo

No Time For Activism As Usual

National Ice Center Updates - Week Of August 13-17 2007

US says sovereign India can do what it wants

Bayer pesticide possible culprit identified in decline of honeybees

Julienne Stroeve @ NSIDC - Arctic Pack May Be At Threshold Beyond Which Recovery Is Impossible - FT

Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day With Military Parade

War crime suspect strolls Darfur region

Peru president threatens curfew

Mortar attack kills 10 in east Baghdad - police

Democrats preach virtue of labor unions

New law may go far beyond wiretapping

Families of Sudan detainees in U.S. prison protest

India wants Japan to back its nuke deal with US

Baby boomers pay for six pack in a syringe

Canadian soldier killed in southern Afghanistan near Kandahar

Castro: US must leave Guantanamo Bay

Fathers 4 Justice members arrested in US

IUE-CWA Members Ratify New Four-Year Contract With Delphi

Jordan's king dissolves parliament, orders new elections

Democrats in Iowa boast union label

Medical crisis in Iraq as doctors and nurses flee

French foreign minister in Iraq

Contractors in Iraq accused of opening fire on civilians, soldiers

Obama fires back on experience issue at Iowa debate

Iran's president calls Israel 'the flag of Satan'

Concerns Raised on Wider Spying Under New Law

Terror law puts Britons at risk of surveillance by US agents

Police, protesters scuffle at UK's Heathrow airport

Army too stretched if Iraq buildup lasts

Iran executed 30 for alleged U.S. plots

U.S. Adviser Tells London Paper: Brits Have Lost Basra ("It will be ugly and embarrassing")

Four dead, more missing in flash floods in Winona County, Minnesota

Fifty Iranian Guards train south Iraq militias: U.S.

Fred Thompson names anti-Israel ex-senator as campaign manager

Pastors being trained to quell dissent during martial law

4 die in Minnesota flooding

Students taking up jobs abroad must pay tax: House panel (India)

Sacked Iran minister warns of energy 'catastrophe'

Psychologists Weigh Interrogation Ban

Russia halts BBC's FM broadcasts in Moscow

How Rove Directed Federal Assets for GOP Gains

U.S. to train Palestinian presidential guard

Man's Body Found at Minn. Bridge Site

French minister in first Iraq visit since war

Gunmen take 30 hostage in southeast Iran: reports

Rove says confident in Republicans' 2008 prospects

Military commanders tell Brown to withdraw from Iraq without delay

Iran's Ahmadinejad may visit Iraq - report

China Airlines plane bursts into flame at Okinawa airport

Sadr pledges to work with UN if it replaces US, Britain in Iraq

Falcons' Blank: 'Some sort of plea' coming for Vick

'Three Amigos' to order new border crisis rules

Trade worries cloud Nafta talks

Families accuse mine officials of ‘giving up’

Russia halts BBC's FM broadcasts in Moscow

Only 'virtual protests' allowed at North American summit

Sen. Leahy Lands Role in Batman Movie

Teenager buys one-way ticket to a nightmare

Dean blasts Jamaica; Cayman Islands get ready

Deadly poison found in children’s jewellery

Immigration activist Arellano arrested

Phone call put brakes on bridge repair

Israel to Turn Away Darfur Refugees

Iran "Massing Troops Near Northern Kurdish Region"

Clinton says negatives won't keep her from winning


So... Why is Jesus smoking from a bong?

The last words the minister will speak at Jenna Bush's wedding

If anybody's interested, the Dodgers and Rockies are still playing

so the Oxygn channel selling vibrators? well selling time......

I just saw a documentary, that actually made me tear up.

"Damages" (FX) Just watched the first 4 episodes.. and CONFUSED

Newsflash! Black Velvet whisky sucks ass!

Seattle SUCKS!

I now have a progressive-leaning girlfriend!!

How do you define what actually is art?

Flaming Lips - The W.A.N.D

"The world's strangest laws" - The TimesOnline

Hillary Duff appreciation thread!!!

Who will be the last sticky poster? n/t

Why is it only people who do something say doing it is overrated?

Anyone know how to preserve peppers in olive oil?

I'm really tired of opening my CD cases and finding no CD

C'mon! One more donation and the blowhard gets it!

Tropical Storm Erin causing flooding in Oklahoma....

Ladies and Gentlemen,I bring you Friday Evening with the Indigo Girls and Melissa Ferrick

Sometimes I Run

Who's the lady on the sticky board, and why is she sticky?

I need convincing

I'm a Tepee! I'm a Wigwam!


Grovelbot Graveyard (post all your used and unused Grovelbots here) (dialup warning)

Anyone else sending their first child off to college?

I'm selling my old diesel Mercedes--is it weird that I get sad at these things?

Australian Woman Killed By Amorous Camel

Any Nashville DUers?


My cat likes looking at pictures of himself

Any FR people on DU?

So where was Nastassja Kinski in "Inland Empire"

Hey Mr. Scorpio!

To the players of Who am I. I have to stop the game

Give me a break I just woke up (pics)

Pictures, Part 4: Antwerp, Belgium!


1968 babies check in here!!!!

Since it isn't 109 outside I am cooking some baby back pork ribs in the oven.

Just had one of those compact fluorescent bulbs burn out

Off to my Yoga Class, everybody have fun nt.


How do you define what actually is tart?

w00t! Someone made a donation for me. Whoever you are:

Went hiking at the Pinnacles yesterday (pics)

Clueless straight guy seeks decorating advice

PSA: If you have you have a home office in your basement . . .



Any HR people on DU?

Man boobs!


Popsicle Toes...

Who wants to come round to mine for dinner?


Looking for some goodies for my web sites.

Letting go..

Buy Folger Coffee (this has to do with Sharon Tate murder case)

Can't help but notice, the Lounge doesn't have it's own smoking thread.

C'ant help but notice, the Lounge doesnt' have it's own atrocity thread.

Kingfisher flooding, Mom hasn't check in...

Can't help but notice, the Lounge doesn't have it's own Nader thread.

C'ant help but notice, the Lounge needs a one vase thread.

What PPV movie should I watch?

Yeast is my friend. Dial-up warning.

Can't help but notice, the Lounge has a whole lot of copycat threads

Born in 1950 - class of 1969

I finally found it: Pearl Jam's "Do the evolution"

I need a crazy motherfucker smilie.

I'm signing off

I'm bored

Dinner at the Prophets - tilapia filets

So my neighbor beat his horse to death

I need a crazy MILF smilie.

Gorgeous storm clouds over my apartment. (pic heavy)

So an indian black buck froze to death at the zoo.

C'ant help but notice, the Lounge doesnt' have it's own poking thread

I will make a $50 donation to DU if I can get 50,000 people to call Rite Aid.

I think I might have a problem with Rabbi Schmuli from "Shalom in the Home"

My Mom made me executor of her will.


So, I just gave me dog a bath, and being the sweet thing she is,

I just got back from a tattoo party!

How much taste (or lack thereof) will the Jenna wedding have?

Man kills his mother. Lives with decomposing body for a week.

"Who are you to tell me to question authority?"

Any other non-fuck-ups here?

So my neighbor beat his meat to death.

Born in 1960 - do you consider yourself a Baby Boomer or a Gen. Xer?

Nothing worse, try as you might...

An example of why I love living in a liberal town (Portland):

This sticky should be saved for posterity.

So burn it down (For RetroLounge)

You know underwear is tight when...

Does anyone know

Ooooohhh.... I forgot how much I used to love Jackson Browne!

The HUGH!!11!11! thread

Groucho Marx appreciation thread (30 years gone)

This song just makes me feel good.

Mr and Ms Darkstar's Birthday Tour '07 (50th b-day pics; post yours, 1957 !11!)

Mac iBook G4 help requested please. :(

You know you're a pathetic nerd when...

The Hug Thread...

Does Drinking Alone = Alcoholism?

Best sticky yet

the 'Snape with pancake on his head' sticky-thing is the best one yet...

Is the book Bourne Identity really as clunky and boring as it seems?

Time Once Again to Play WHO AM I?

Ghost in the Shell prediction just now.

Speaking of video games, anyone geeked about BioShock?

Help! Is DU being hacked, or my computer?

Name That Kitten: The Final Poll!

C'ant help but notice, the Lounge doesnt' have it's own apostrophe thread.

Which is better, being: batshit insane, bug-shit crazy, or MoonBat Goofy...

Anyone born in 1959?

Dayum it's cold!! 69 degrees in August. That is just wrong.

I'm married, but when can I start dating???

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/19/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/19/07 Bonus

Drinking alcohol, while eating watermelon, is probably not a good idea

Here's to a safe return for the Shuttle Endeavour.

Congratulations DU!

Anyone born in 1963?

What the World Needs now is hand farting.

Puppies...GOOD news and (yes) pics

Is it right for me to still feel down?

I wish...

Questions about weight loss

Worst superhero ever

Dwarf in Scotland accidentally glues a vacuum cleaner to his John Thomans.

Tell me, DU - What did YOU have for breakfast?

What happens when you drive stoned.

Anyone want some tomatoes?

Do you have a Derth wish?

It's me....but differently...

And now on a HAPPY Note...

any woodturners out there - don't try this at home

If corporate meetings were internet message boards...

Happy Anniversary, Zodiak Ironfist!

Fear the 80s: Members Only Jacket Commercial

I rented a Cadillac the other day. It got 36 mpg.

Do historical errors in video games annoy you?

It started with a pancake. What else should be stuck to Snape's head?

I love it when people post naughty pics on wikipedia...

Today's word is "batshit." Replace any word(s) in a post with "batshit".

Favorite novelty song

Kitty pictures!

You know money is tight when...


Avada Kedavra!

CONFESS, Snape sticky-maker!

Another Good Reason To Ban Ownership Of Exotic Pets: Being Humped To Death By A Camel

Sleeping on the floor tonight on a futon once again.

Group gives disabled vets a way to gain confidence

The journey of a VIP bodyguard, sniper against the war

Omaha-based unit welcomed home from Iraq duty

Easing transition from battlefield to home front

After Iraq ( a six part series about returning vets) xpost from GD

68 Canadians have died in the Iraq-Afghanistan War

Today in labor history Aug 19

Working family cartoon Aug 19 Excellent Suggestion

Migrant workers fleeced, union says-Lawsuit says contractors in New Orleans don't pay any overtime

Service workers union at Rady Children's Hospital fought to win contract, now fights for survival

Shop union made .org

Healthcare workers in Hartford: Strike is over

Why Teamsters President Hoffa worries Iran's mullahs

It Shouldn't Have Taken the Deaths of Three Rescuers to Get the Media to Focus on Mine Safety

Pennsylvania Unions Turn Out to Help Children

Operation Iraq Surge...

Stryker Propaganda Film by General Dynamics & Taxpayer G.I.s

The Owners of the Country

Bush Diagnosis by Bill Maher

KO and Brandon Friedman on Military suicides

Where Is My National Health Insurance Card?

Hip-Hop's Revenge on Bill O'Reilly

Democratic Focus Group: Obama Wins Another Debate!

John Edwards For President, Iowa Debate Arrival

Chris Hedges: 'AMERICAN FASCISTS' The Christian Right vs USA

Glenn Beck's Tells More Of His Super Secret Bush Meeting

26,000 views and counting: "Hollywood" Fred Thompson's Gucci loafers at the Iowa State Fair

Dennis Kucinich weighs in after debate

Hillary: "I don't think Karl Rove's Going to Endorse Me"

Bob Schieffer Remarks about Petraeus Report

Vintage Nixon, Rove campaign footage: Jan. 18, 1972

The Right Are on the Run

The Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed (1 of 5)

That's an interesting muumuu Jenna is wearing...

Looks like karl broke the Latest page


It looks like Guantanamo Bay is going to get pounded by this storm:

Republican Politician + Sexual Impropriety, Its Like Bacon & Eggs

CIA, FBI computers used for Wikipedia edits

ABC's Gibson ignored Padilla's three-year detention without charges

Larry Johnson: Delusional Surge Cheerleaders

Who will the Pukes throw at us in 08?

"The Enemy" could be literally anyone, even you.

Sen. Leahy lands role in Batman movie

ok-we need 43 donations to punch * I'm in for another one

Bush says Iraqi government he has hiding out in the Green Zone has not met goals

Oil giants rush to lay claim to Iraq

Naked people pose on Swiss glacier

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 8/19... the beer vote

God willing...


Abu Ghraib abuse just tip of the iceberg: author

No inflation?

Anyone watching "WJ" with Mother Jones

Two firefighters died today fighting new fire at Ground Zero

AP: Fourth Hole Shows No Sign of Utah Miners (5th hole planned)

White Christians pray for the Ghetto.

okay - time to hop off the fence. I have known who I don't support, time to choose who I do.

Brave mother of TWO soldiers serving in Baghdad--in DEEP red Texas--hates the war

TN Reactor shut down and global warming effects

The Sunday Talk Shows

is dhonig a DUers?

For Democrats, VFW will be a very tough sell

Interesting LTTE from a Kool-Aid drinker: Letter 'slamming' Bush questionable at best

Editorial: Let Americans challenge eavesdropping

No question, where the neocons get their taking points and Arrogance

NOLA - Homeless squat in condemned dwellings; shelters shrink

IVAW plans to kick off our Truth In Recruiting campaign with Sept. 17 national day of action!

Where was the media during all this?

Sen. Leahy Lands Role in Batman Movie

Bush's Gilded Age Crime-Poor Go Homeless-Rich Gets Bailout

Whats wrong with this picture? Can I trust news reports?

Todays Non Sequitur

Folks, the Dem debate on ABC that we are missing, on broadcast TV, will be watched by many more....

Fatigue Cripples U.S. Army in Iraq

Baby boomers pay for six pack in a syringe

Lets cut to the chase. What is the Iraq government?

I'm about to give the 1,000th donation!

News Flash Karl - The world did not change on 9/11

Iraq war slows flow of bullets to police

Australian Woman Killed By Amorous Camel

There's a bug on Dodds' head.


What is social justice?

ROVE on Meet the Press

How Rove Directed Federal Assets for GOP Gains-Unprecedented in Its Reach

Chico High junior finds there's more to military recruitment than meets the eye

Bob Schieffer still is one of the straight forward reporters.

Still standing...

I think it might be a mistake for all the Dem candidates to keep

Meth Buyer Interrupts Police Drug Raid, Asks Officer: "Can You Hook Me Up?"

After Iraq ( a six part series about returning vets)

Minority scores lag on teaching test. Panel to study failure rate, bias complaints

Shithead Watch: Rule #1:


Rove's assertion that Joe Wilson changed his story - what was that

Call to War Turns Guardsmen on a Dime

NYT: Rove has IHOP interview--no word if it was LIHOP or MIHOP

Is MTP worth watching today?

Active-duty soldiers reject myth that escalation is working.

kit bond declares death lust: (WARNING! LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE!)

George S "you dont know what I have been going through in the last 30 seconds"

Lori Berenson: Is she Guilty or Innocent?

a VERY interesting question asked in political cartoon

Give Feedback to George Stephanopoulos re: to Dem Debate in Iowa. I

British forces useless in Basra, say officials

Tougher OSU academic standards leads to more mental health counselor visits

Neocons: The folks who put the 'CON' in 'CONservative'.

Talking to Iran

One of our congressmen held up dogfighting legislation.

A Deadly Clash at Donkey Island (Ramadi. Iraq)

MUST READ: The War as We Saw It - In NYT, by 7 U.S. Troops

Really Obnoxious Wingnut "Funny" Email No. 255842

Not everyone in the Bush administration favored an Iraq invasion

WaPo: Permanent Republican Majority? Think Again.

Okay investigative journalists... this is what to dig into regarding Rove:

Happy Birthday President Bill Clinton and Mrs. Tipper Gore

Couple's patience running dry

Special Preachers, Priests and Clerics Edition - Assholes of the Week

Chip Pickering closely tied to Abramoff scandal?

Does anyone know what happened to Bob Murray?

terms beloved of powers that be such as warrior and Homeland: It's part of the language of fascism

Live from Jamaica: Broadcasting and blogging through Hurricane Dean

Hold on Jamaica! Dean's coming! Good luck and our thoughts

Life Is Rough; Why 70 Million Is Not Enough For Salary

What is the purpose of subcontracting?

What are we supposed to believe ?

'faith day' at Dodger Stadium (christianization of pro sports)


NYT: Blaze Brings Back Thoughts of 9/11 --->>>

Idaho lawmaker apologizes for anti-Muslim remarks.

Matt Cooper's wife works for Hillary Clinton?

Littering? Hmmmf! Fuck you Ohio polees!

Obama/Osama - is this all the wingnuts can come up with?

Matt Cooper claims Karl Rove outed Valerie Plame - VIDEO

Help! Can Anyone Point Me to a Brief List of Who Voted for

Those Liberal East Coast College Professors! (personal story)

Defaming History or, Who Didn't Kill JFK - Richard Belzer

Medicare Won't Pay for Hospital Mistakes

KKKarl eating Gregory alive on MTP

I heard on the radio this morning about the victims of the Peruvian earthquake

Putting on my tinfoil hat, is there any chance that China is poisoning this stuff

Book: "The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers, and the Battle to Remake the Dem Party"

"SECRECY IS FOR LOSERS" - The Democratic Orchestrated Cave

We're becoming worse people - Human Rights First 2007 survey on hate crime.

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury: The War Is Lost

Sunday's Non Sequiter

Army cuts time spent on training to get troops to front line faster

I'm on DU last night and then this happened...

Is anyone watching the Oklahoma flooding and helicopter

link to DEAN visible loop from noaa

AOL poll, who won the debate? Please vote:

Being Gay Is Most Definitely Not A Choice

Rove On Whether He’ll Answer Questions About His Potentially Illegal Acts: ‘Nice Try’

Jeb Bush: "I love to implement big ideas. I love dysfunctional things and making them work."

::: Sigh ::::

Bush's legacy: Losing a war that a competent president would win in 3 weeks.

Arab youths slip into Israel to beg

ABC TRANSCRIPT: The Democratic Debate

Sioux City Journal: 'May God forgive America'

"You must be logged in to use this feature."

Remember what happened when the Iraqis tried holding their own real elections in 2003?

I had to rent a Caddilac the other day. It got 36 mpg. (x-post)

Jordan's King decides to dismantle parliament - You can do that when you are King

Sen. Leahy to Appear in Batman Movie!!! LOL

If You Want to Ride Back to the Future At Universal Studios, You'd Better Hurry Up >

Defense Agency Proposes Outsourcing $1 Billion In Spying Tasks

Iranian President Invites Putin To Summit Of Caspian Nations

Bullshit Heard On TV This Morning

Further proof of bias at CNN

Native Americans to and from Iraq

Prison rape...

Mr. Boffo Learns How the World Really Works

Rove, the so-called genius, uses the word "milking"

Governor Richardson challenging Shrub Inc over medical marijuana

Whoops -- Latest, Greatest and Lobby buttons broken again on Safari

McClatchy: U.S. says Iranians train Iraqi insurgents

Army Too Stretched if Iraq Buildup Lasts: "...demand for our forces exceeds the sustainable supply."

Why Rove Resigned? To Grant the Administration Immunity-by emptywheel

Q: Why is Bushco taking the September Iraq Progress Report out of Patraeus'

Escalation proceeds on schedule for war with Iran

Americans doubt ‘General Betraeus’ over troop surge

What prejudice is most serious in your community?

Obama Statement on Signing of New Memorandum of Understanding With Israel

What happens to issues like Moores sicko movie or Gores live earth

How Rove Directed Federal Assets for GOP Gains

Mea Culpa

Sniveling US "adviser" warns Britain off leaving Iraq, raising specter of 'defeat' as they withdraw

Some weekend conversations I've had re: 08 elections.

welcome to my hell...a letter in my paper today

Dean, Denver Dems to rally next week to start one-year countdown to convention.

Breaking! Iraq War and Surge Supporter (Friedman) Declares Surge A Failure

Today I love Bob Schieffer on 'Face The Nation'. His personal take

The Conditions Of Petraeus' Iraq Report Special Comment by Schieffer

"Rove was not Bush's brain. It was worse than that. For too many Americans, he was THEIR brain."

Ask your doctor about Prisonall!

ABC now. Official Thread # 1 Democratic Forum.

McCain confirms Rove oversaw Iraq strategy

Rejecting radical Islam -- one man's journey (HUGE CNN BIAS!)

When I Couldn't Believe in Santa Anymore...reminds me of Dem's Cave on FISA Re-Authorization!

What happens when you drive stoned.

Images show pleading Iraq prisoners

BBC: "... the man exchanged the rocket launcher for designer footwear..."

Another Good Reason To Ban Ownership Of Exotic Pets: Being Humped To Death By A Camel

The APA is FINALLY coming along


Freepers, Minutemen and other bigots chime in on Elvira Arellano arrest

“Rove is riding out of Dodge City as the posse rides in.” Moyers

a response to the KPFT driveby shooting

If the Bush Economy is Preventing You from Donating to DU, Check In Here

Anyone familiar with this site

I just now FINALLY saw "Why We Fight".

It's been said by many on DU that we might suffer another terrorist attack

Curious about DUers on YouTube as a subject.

Immigration is going to be the wedge issue for 2008

I was listening to Jamaica's Power 106

Hurricane Dean: Jamaican radio stations, for anyone who may want to listen.

Which Dem do you think would most regularly dissapoint you if elected

Images Show Pleading Iraq Prisoners

Phone call put brakes on bridge repair

Is protecting underage teenagers from sex really such a high priority?


KY's Creation Museumm = a white Adam and Eve who used hair products

Karl Rove on Meet the Press? Why didn't somebody warn me?

If The Chinese Can Be Made To Stop Sending Us Poison, Will We Stop Sending Poison To Them?

Why are big American companies hiring foreign-born CEOs?

Did Someone Ask Oh Gawd What Next? - Firm Sues Chinese Co. For Metal Shavings In Aspartame

If you have never seen video "letsroll911" then please go to this link and have your eyes opened.

Did you know... most condoms are made in CHINA?

Cooper Contradicts Rove: He’s ‘Dissembling’ With ‘Nonsense’ About The Plame Leak


Iran crossing border to train militants, says U.S.

Every vote...

WaPo: As Democracy Push Falters, Bush Feels Like A 'Dissident'

Why MSNBC is still not a reliable "player" when it comes to news

2 Virginia Tech Students Critical, 15 Other Sick After Carbon Monoxide Leak

Biden: Impeachment " the oxygen out of the air." Beats Sucking Substance Out of Constitution

Nighmare Hurricane Dean scenario for Bush

Why Is Mike Gravel So Angry?

Do you think Venezuela would accept prisoners from Bush to be tortured like other countries do?

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells villages in Iraq

An Open Letter To Socialists

NYT Op/Ed: Aghanistan

"The President Is A Bully"

ABCnews poll on debate

Anglican Church in Jamaica to Add Bob Marley to Hymn Books...


I just visited & it is a frightening place

Time in a Bottle: American POWs Left Behind in Vietnam

Asian markets rebounding

I find Talent EVERYwhere!

WH CLAIMS FISA Legislation Is "Just Advisory" So-Doesn't Matter If Dems Are Wimps Or Not

Sibel Edmonds' ACLU speech.

Hurricane Dean Pummels Jamaica

Iranian helicopter downed in Iraq

Our best chance to win the presidency.

Bill Maher: "Ethanol is a scam."

I understand the reluctance to impeach Bush and Cheney

No Time for Activism as Usual

Does anyone have video lead in to the MSNBC GOP debates?

After the Pain of Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill

A movie review and screwed up fundamentalists.

So I sat down with my Right Wingnut brother-in-law last night....

Which term best describes the Satanic Verses?

"I'm the proud owner of Karl Rove’s father’s solid gold..."

Judge sides with state in battle over religious license plate - "JN36TN"

Of course: Elvira Arellano has been arrested BREAKING (with link now)

There are angels here at DU!

I will make a $50 donation to DU if I can get 50,000 people to call Rite Aid.

Who remembers "National Walk-Out Day" in the late 60's?

Here's some eye candy for your Sunday!

It's rare that I like a commercial, but this is great.

Latest health care insanity: Medicare, insurers: if you get sicker in hospital, no treatment for you

Ralph Nader has done more for Americans than anyone else I know.

Hurricane Katrina survivor: "If everybody runs scared, then what?"

"Pelosi's Stand on Impeachment is Killing the Democratic Party "

If having garments made in China are supposed to bring prices down then why...

I have never seen a METAR wind velocity like this....(current METAR from Kingston)

Live from Iraq (this is what the troops are dying for?)

The difference between sick and evil..

Watching "Judgment at Nuremberg" tonite, my blood was stirred like never before (((a great read)))

Amish party ends with 21 arrests

IVAW sounds off "War is not a Game" MUST SEE VIDEO!

Hey Reid and Pelosi.....a WARNING!!!!

Thank You, Senator Clinton.

Secret White House Manual: How to Stop Anti-Bush T-Shirts

I am going to be selfish. I do NOT want this hurricane to screw up the Caribbean

Cannibal tribe apologises for eating Methodists

DOJ gets back to Feinstein (On how many Attorney's he approved to be fired)

!!!***Rove Toon***!!! by me

Gen Petraeus: Are you an order-following war criminal or an honorable leader?

At US base, Iraqis must use separate latrine.

Who won the debate?

Someone visiting the US watching CNN and FOX would know where the whites live in this hemisphere

Dennis' official site up and running

Commentary: Utah mine owner "Boss Hog on crack", a PR disaster

The Feds Are Freaking Over Porn Again, And Two Clevelanders Are Caught In The Vice

Exit Polls and Vote Recounts: Protecting Democracy in Other Countries but Not in the U.S.

Stick a fork in Karl Rove, he's done.

Invisible Children (Northern Uganda): Can a story change the world?

Dutch chain recalls beds from China

So, Is It Still OK to Eat at your Local Chinese Buffet?

Who knows anything about ants?

A Time Called September

Dave Lindorff: Pelosi's Stand Blocking Impeachment in the House is Killing the Democratic Party

What The Hell?!?!? Yeah, Its More Poison Shit From China - Kid's Clothes

A short primer on apostrophe's -<<<

For those who live in Republican areas.

The local news here in NC just showed US tourists checking in hotels in Cancun

Rental car gets 62 mpg

Gotta Love Opus, LOL !!!

Contractors in Iraq accused of opening fire on civilians, soldiers

Backlash against illegal immigration grows

What government official plowed his car through a crowd?

Under Fire At Home, House Dems Give Idiotic Excuses for Not Impeaching Bush

"Grandma Fights Off Attacking Pit Bull, Saves Grandkids"

TPM: Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie: Gonzales' Top Six Fibs

My dad had to wait three months for an appointment with his heart doctor

Guy from Orlando Exchanges Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher for Reeboks

Marcy Wheeler Debunks Rove's Lies From "Meet The Press" Appearance

It's time for... anti-PC BINGO!!!

Missile dumped at US gun amnesty

OK. Is it politically incorrect to use the term politically incorrect?

*still* got 'em in a bunch over Nader after seven years? please read.

OMG! Dear DUers! I'm going to be on ED SHULTZ SHOW tomorrow!!!

Kucinich Tied Clinton in ABC Debate Poll results.

Which item is most important?

Sign up for my Kennebunkport protest poster, if you can't go, but want to be there!

DoJ Demands Porn Moviemakers To Provide Them A List Of All Porn Stars (And Pics)

"A cruel edge: The painful truth about today's pornography -- and what men can do about it "(Jensen)

Summer Of Love 40th Anniversary In GoldenGate Park, S.F. 9/2/07 !!!

Clinton Camp Criticizes Obama on Debates

Oprah Winfrey aids Obama with factor 'O'

Edwards' populist America: Ignoring media indifference to drive Dem debate

Democrats' 'can't-win' attitude

What I don't see mentioned anywhere leading up to today's Democratic Debate

There's a debate on and I haven't had my coffee yet

Is the debate live everywhere or is it tape delayed per the "This Week. . ." times

The Media is Stupid

This day in 1991: Soviet Coup

Best of the Left News video August 19, 2007

L.A. Times: Clinton may be a target of Rove's reverse psychology (Bush-Kerry 2004 flashback)

Karl Rove, Architect of the worst administration of all time!

8 Reasons Why Conservatives Must Defeat Hillary


Patriots Question 9/11

Hillary fans. A gift for you

Diebold Election Systems to Become Premier Election Solutions

Quote of the day: Barack Obama on experience

Karl Rove tells the truth!

Did anyone else just see a bug crawling across Chris Dodds hair helmet ?

Answers to Zogby: in real time.

Is this mornings entire debate up anywhere?

Blackwell's son having bar exam troubles

Veteran fights to bring his mother back home

Canada's Leader to Assert Arctic Claim (AP)

Chris Dodd goes after John Edwards over the 2001 Bankruptcy Bill

Clinton Says Negatives Won't Keep Her From Winning

Is this new? "Placism"

The Founders Had an Idea for Handling Alberto Gonzales

Eric Massa NY29: Ending Don't Ask/Don't Tell Right Now.

Where can I see a video of the debate?

Debate Rerun CSpan NOW

HEADS UP: Democratic Forum Re-Broadcast NOW on C-SPAN

California Republicans may shake up 2008 vote

08 Debates: Here's The "God Question" I'd Like The Candidates To Answer

Obama fading in trading network for Dem nomination (down 50%), Edwards up 50%, Clinton up 50%

UK National protests against Starbucks plus photos

Was Obama naive, will Clinton be Bush-Cheney lite?

Kucinich draws cheers from Veterans for Peace

Candidacy by soundbite

Funny Mike Huckabee Soundbyte......

Here's what I like about our candidates (in their own words)

Not Political... but... For any of you old timers that might remember

Rove Keeps Up Heat on Clinton

In Iowa debate, where Edwards is winning in many polls, He gets same time as Richardson, who is 4th

Yepsen: Obama may be biggest debate winner

What IS it about candidates saying they won't answer hypothetical questions?

For any that might want to wish her a Happy Birthday.... here is a link

This of course is worth another post here... It has been brought up in the ...

They finally got to a 1000 ,,,Go Skinner, were good for a few more days

Michelle Obama Gets "Fired Up" as A Campaigner

C-Span to show debate in a few minutes ... for those like me who missed it.

Oy..frikkin'...VEY...Hannity is the "Star Power" at a fundraiser for "America's Mayor"

Why, What, Where, When, Why & How

Time's Mark Halperin: Winner of the Iowa debate, Barack Obama! Hillary and Edwards tied at 2nd!

Question;Does socialized medicine discriminate by age? There is a post regarding this implying this

Gravel actually complimented Edwards at the debate.

Watched the Documentry "The US vs John Lennon" last night

The Media Is Playing The Same Game It Always Does

Nancy and Harry -- defend them or damn them?

What the Clintons know how to do best is lose to the Republicans

Who won this morning's debate?

Who Won the Debate? People's Poll with 2nd place surprise

Obama shows ability to Trascend Race in Iowa

Clinton may be target of Rove's Reversed Psychology.

Edwards' statement about the IWR vote

Biden airs ad in Iowa outlining plan for Iraq

Some interesting stats I put together from Voter files here in the Cleveland Ohio Area...

Kucinich is not my first choice

Edwards Investment Bad News, Especially for Katrina Victims

Maybe its Rove's double reverse psychology -

Clark explains three levels of diplomacy. We need a President who will work at level three.

Self-Righteous arrogance is not virtue

Abortion rights -- Another trial balloon for betrayal?

Does anyone have video lead in to the MSNBC GOP debates?

Boy that was a pretty good debate...

I am so tired of these people.... (Iraq=WWII)

Photos: Barack Obama today with Dean at the Iowa debate and in Portmouth and Dover, NH

The moral bankruptcy of ABC news

How many troops will Clobama keep in Iraq for an unspecified length of time?

Why didn't Edwards accept Gravel's challenge of public financing?

Will history repeat itself? (But in a good way)

Behind the scenes at today's debate. Spin room and some spin.

Clinton: Karl Rove "obsessed with me"

After today's debate, what's the most likely scenario in Iowa?

Lay Down Your Arms ...

Frank Luntz's Focus Group: Here's the video.

Nighmare Hurricane Dean scenario for Bush

I will make a $50 donation to DU if I can get 50,000 people to call Rite Aid.

David Yepsen (DesMoines Register): Obama may be biggest debate winner

Roger Simon: Obama rises above sea level

Edwards' populist America

Iowa Independent: The Boys Catch Up; It's Obama's Morning

The War, As They Saw It

Wes Clark Answers the Questions Democrats Should be Asking; Part 1

Dems prevent FDA from closing 11 safety labs

Clinton, Obama Warn in Debate Iraq Withdrawal Will Take Time

I attended today's debate.

Cancer Victim Tony Snow: Leaving White House "When My Money Runs Out"

If Kucinich were nominated, who should be VP?

An example of why Edwards should be the Dem nominee found on ABC Forum after today's Debate

Democratic Self Appreciation Thread #6: President Edwards will be remembered for...

laugh at Gravel but he's right to harshly criticize most of the other candidates

I have a problem with Edwards' economic policy.

ABC's bias in its debate coverage: Obama gets 5x more ink than Edwards, thrice as much as Clinton

If the polls are right, then perhaps most DUers, including me, have been fools.

Biden, Dodd or Richardson, which one of the 3 gives the top tier a run. . .