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Archives: August 15, 2007

You'll never fail like common people

LIBERALS ON THE WARPATH: The Democrats Get Hawkish

EPA OK's BP Pollution at Whiting, IN Refinery

Top Army General Calls Army 'Out of Balance'

Michigan voters prefer Gore, Thompson

I Just Invented A New Hot Dog!

I lust for a Gibson SG or Les Paul, but have decided to simply reacquaint with

Man Accused Of Killing 6 Yr. Old Boy With Meat Cleaver

What is the scariest movie ever?

Goodby Bush's Brain

EPA OK's BP Pollution at Whiting, IN Refinery

Joe Conason: The Twisted Legacy Of Rove

"In its foreign policies, the United States does not punish atrocities, only disobedience."

Bill Maher was on target on Larry King.

That's it, I'm leaving DU

If Reid or Pelosi share some really great news, please share! I'm

DU lunch today with Cui Bono, Shance and Joe for Clark- Some DUers are amazing!

Who's the bigger, dog abuser, Dobson or Romney?

Bush Administration Spends $1.6 Billion On Propaganda

"Sen Reid traded wiretapping for a Bush promise to not make recess appointments."

Despite Expectations of a Call for a Partial Pullout by Petraeus, Bush Will Dictate Report

Limbaugh Gets First Exclusive With Rove

Man Orders Girlfriend To Have Sex With Her 10-Year-Old Son (military contractor)

SS officer in 1944 French massacre dies

Today Iraq hit home for me


What the press and the Bush administration call a vacation...

Gore/Feingold should run with the following slate of other pre-filled positions


Rove leaves but the Cancer Remains on untreatable form of GOP CANCER

Carville: Conclusive evidence Rove lost a generation for GOP; party will "irrigate his grave"

Obama Says He Can Unite U.S. 'More Effectively' Than Clinton; talks about future goals

Esquire article on John Edwards

How Does Obama Woo 'Downscale Dems'?

Horse Rides To Rescue As Owner Attacked In Field By Raging Cow

Man Accused Of Killing 6 Yr. Old Boy With Meat Cleaver

Expert: US Could Leave Iraq in a Year (AP)

Karl's Departure

Mark Weisbrot :"Eyes Wide Shut: The International Media Looks at Venezuela"

Rove's Blind Spot: He retires, but his cluelessness lives on

Rail would get us more transport bang for buck

Fatigue Cripples U.S. Army in Iraq

Harvey Wasserman: Do the neo-cons need Karl Rove when they can count on the Democrats?

No End in Sight REVIEW by Roger Ebert (the last paragraph says it all.)

Lightning kills 5, Injures 16 At Funeral

Black People Don't Use Macs

A challenge for those who want to continue the madness in Iraq

US works alongside former "Al Qaeda insurgents"

Imagine if Rove had been in anyway mixed up with that Abramoff fella

FDL: Morning Cuppa Provocations

Nation's Soul Is at Stake in NSA Surveillance Case

Mob Rule: Gearing up for the Tehran Hit by Chris Floyd

Foreign Spying on Americans by Jim Hightower

Blackwater West

Will No Cage Hold Him? Monkey Again Escapes Zoo

NOLA's Failed Education Experiment

AlterNet: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products

GOP Candidates Alienate Latino Voters

The Medical Credit Card Trap

BBC: India's Model Democracy

Lakoff - No Center, No Centrists

When staying alive means going bankrupt

The man who has them nailed: Al Gore understands what a radical nihilist George W. Bush is


Glenn W. Smith: Why the Political Press Loved Karl Rove

Giuliani says he opposes creation of a Palestinian state

Gonzo coughs up money to House of Death whistleblower


Will Durst: Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.

JESSE JACKSON : Under Rove, U.S. paid hefty price

When Staying Alive Means Going Bankrupt

Wozniak's New Goal Is Efficient Housing

The American's Creed

Bridge deep in the big muddy....And the wingnuts say: press on...

No Month Left at the End of the Money

Where Have All The Young Republicans Gone?

Coulter goes after Max Cleland again: "Victim only of his own clumsiness. . ."

In Iraq, Sex Is Traded For Survival

Congress's Orwellian Compromise

Republican Superior Court judge indicted on mail fraud count

U.S. Prods Musharraf to Share Power

Sarko's Gift to the Wealthy: France's new president has launched an assault on the welfare state.


"Bush's America" by Paul Craig Roberts

NAOMI KLEIN MUST READ: economic democracy crushed by coups, tanks, & think tanks again and again

What to Do With Cheney?

The Cult of 9/11

Bush's Brain heeds the call of home

Tyrants and Traitors: The “Evolution by Stealth” of a North American Union

Truthout: Leonardo DiCaprio's Hour

Bush and the Art of Breaking Human Beings

Fed attempts to bail out bankrupt Wall Street speculators; Cheney demands staged terror attacks...

Hurricane Modeling Pioneer Clark Forms Consulting Company

N Korea floods 'displace 300,000' - BBC

Spotted-owl plans flunk peer review by scientists - AP

Some More NSIDC Updates For August 14th - Bunch Of Fascinating Graphs

Court tosses out award in Hanford case - AP

Global warming cutting growth rate of trees in rainforests

Tropical storm likely to form in Gulf of Mexico: NHC - Reuters

University of New Hampshire on Cutting Edge for Renewable Energy

New York City, State Push Energy Change

Potential energy savings have (Maine) towns seeing green

Jan - June 2007 Disappointing For Oil Majors - All But XOM Likely To Post YOY Declines - Rigzone

Housing Complex To Get Power From Wind System (Maine)

Toxic Blue-Green Algae Blooms Powered By Extreme Weather Events, Scientist Finds - Montreal Gazette

Human Alteration Of The Global Nitrogen Cycle - Issues In Ecology Back In 19freakin97

Part 1: A Glimpse of the Energy Future (from

14 August AMSR Arctic Sea Ice Imagery - Large Ice-Free Zones, Fragmenting Well Past 80N

1934 And All That - Again, RealClimate Demolishes The Deniers

Why ‘Peak Oil’ May Soon Pique Your Interest

A Debate Proposal for the Ethanol Lobby - Let's Get It On

Power Crisis Intensifies In Ghana - Drought Strangling Hydropower Output

The oil boom is OVER!

'Green' allies see environmental value in logging (Washington)

GM considers renting batteries to Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid buyers

Aviation greenhouse curbs may fall short: experts - Reuters

Chernobyl 'not a wildlife haven' - BBC

Impact Of Rising Natural Gas Prices On U.S. Ammonia Supply - USDA

MSU Professor says 'Net Energy' is a Misleading Term

A verdict on Padilla – and the US

Troop pullback is expected in general's status report

U.S. soldier convicted of beating Iraqi detainee with baseball bat

Oilman's lawyers seek to squelch notes on U.S. attack

Chávez to Propose Removing His Term Limits

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 15

Regulators Mistakenly Leak Whole Foods Data

Venezuelan communities take centre stage

Three Germans killed in blast near Afghan capital

"Blood in the water" in Florida property market

US Florist sued after red roses lead to divorce

Fire blazes at new Shanghai tower

'Surge' Has Led to More Detainees (about 23k, up 5k from four months ago)

Iranian Revolutionary Guards To Be Labeled As Terrorists

Karl who? White House downplays Rove's role

*Judge appeals dismissal of his $54M suit against dry cleaners

Scientists Discover Gene That Suppresses Tumours In A Number Of Cancers

Petraeus says he will propose troop cuts

Barazani urges Peshmerga, interior ministry to protect Kurds

Petraeus Says He Will Propose Troop Cuts

Despite violence drop, officers see bleak future for Iraq

Bush, Congress struggle in public eye

US Treasury names associates to Colombian drug lord

GQ Ranks Leahy 18th Most Powerful Person in D.C. (Ties Waxman, Reid is 2nd)

Malaysian 'fake dentist' arrested

Va. Tech memorial funds to be dispersed

At least 200 dead after Iraq blasts

1,500 Holding center fo illegal immigrants?

Soldier Who Paid to Be Shot Not Indicted

Guantamano inmate must stay in Sudan if freed-family

ACLU:Patriot Act, free speech clash

Some Baby Bibs (sold at Toys R Us) Said to Contain Levels of Lead (made in China)

Rumsfeld resigned before election, letter shows

KPFT Targeted: Bullet Pierces Studio Window of Pacifica's Houston Station

U.S. general to call for Iraq pullbacks

Ahmadinejad To Join Chinese, Russian Leaders For Regional Security Summit

Record cases in contract probe

Banks not accepting credit portfolios as collateral: report

Internet Is "The New Afghanistan": NY Police Commissioner

Amgen To Cut Up To 2,600 Jobs

Roll Call: Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) won't seek re-election

(ABC News) Exclusive: U.S. Studying Two Dozen 'Clusters' of Possible Homegrown Terrorists

Iraqi officials: Truck bombings killed at least 500

Clinton Edges Ahead Of Giuliani For First Time, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

Va. Man Indicted for Threatening Arabs

Dem Blocking Bush Pick for CIA Lawyer

DOD Stops Plan to Send Christian Video Game to Troops in Iraq

Arrested legislator stripped of power (Rep. Bob Allen)

Rating Agencies Hit By Subprime Probe (Barney Frank to hold hearings)

U.S. Defends Surveillance to 3 Skeptical Judges

American Spy Satellites To Snoop On U.S.

Fired U.S. Attorneys: Were There Others?

Marine accused of stabbing Iraqi soldier: report

Army Suicides Highest in 26 Years

Economist Warns Of Consumer-led Recession

Peru capital rocked by earthquake (Mw 7.9)

Bush Leads Aides on Sweaty Ranch Run

Travelocity fined for Cuba trips

Do you place the pussy on the pedestal?

Wild dogs on Africam!

I have a dumb question...

I love lawsuits about the smell of....

I have to renew my DU & want to take somebody along with me..

They didn't know it was loaded

Without googling,name the movie this quote is from.

Little annoyed to see my Ricky next to that tyrant, Lorenzo Lamas.

Horse Rides To Rescue As Owner Attacked In Field By Raging Cow

Exploding Lawn Mower Destroys Ga. Home

If One Wants To heave Poo, Where Could One Go?

Harumph. Only a closeted Nazi would bring up Godwin's Law (see sticky above)

good morning world

I'm so high

Is that Celine Dion as Che Guevara?

Can I just say I love the latest sticky: the tree/building falling one?

awww, that's so precious: the Dalai Lama as Hitler...

Duct Tape Bandit Speaks!!!

Can Some Of You DU Grammar Nazi's Help Me Out

Random socialist heuristic biangulation poll

CONFESS!!!! What will you do in order to get your 15 minutes of fame

Lightning kills 5, Injures 16 At Funeral

Does anyone else think that the conservatives are like the Victorians?

You know its hot-

Star in a JibJab

Celebrity photo touch ups Redux

Say goodbye to FauxNews' version of "The Daily Show"

Ok who "smoke and breast feed& carry a gun & TASER® at Olive Garden And I vote!!"

Most feel good movie ever?

So I'm dropping the $300 book class

eBay users! I have a question. I was going to register the other

SophieMN is beading a necklace. NoelMN is, as well, except

Michael Vick simply cannot catch a break!

Anyone try to find jeans?

Hell yeah, Roller Derby!

Favorite barycenter

Heh, heh. The boxing glove is smacking Romney.

That "pour me a bourbon" sticky is wrong...

Here ya go bourbon sticky,

Civil Service and Martin Luther King Hospital

After Eleven... Hmmm, What's For Lunch?

Anyone else watch the Planet Earth series from BBC?

Did you know there are more Catholic Churches than casinos in Las Vegas?

My dentist of 20 years is a CROOK!

Best places online to practice my Poker and Blackjack skills?

The Most Disgusting Show On TV

Today's phrase is "redundancy." Replace any word(s) in a post with "redundancy."

Say goodbye to "The Dresden Files"

Look out Texas! TS Erin

So I am dumb enough to spill nail polish remover on the furniture

I'm 411th in line for The Assault on Reason at the library

Favorite polyhedron

I must admit, The Lounge is the best tube on all the Internets

All Your Sick Puppies Are Belong To Us

FEMALE Cheerleading coach busted sleeping with student (PIC! *AND* a ~bonus~ perv)

"because gravity goes Like this"

Make up a dumb name for a band

Who else can't wait to see "Balls of Fury"?

What are your favorite places to live in the US?

So anyone watch "Californication" last night?

Isn't today some big day in Canada?

Did someone post a sticky of Cher Guevarra?

We got a new bell today

I just watched Def Leppard on Regis & Kelly.

"YOU'RE FIRED!!!" (watch @ 1:04)

Got the call about my pathology report

I only watch LOGO for the turtle content...

Anyone here ever intimidate a Wingnut?

Mini high school reunion this year. None of my favorite people

I for one welcome our new Grovelbot overlords...

Speaking of bad TV- Kimora:Life in the Fab Lane

As a DU Ruiner Should I Be Given Special Powers?

Today's phrase is "thread-locking act". Replace any word(s) in a post with "thread-locking act".

It's a sickness.

I had a sex dream about the DU Grovelbot last night.

I am angered that my sticky picture is next to a naughty word

I'd be ERrINing if I didn't mention this

How 'come at an afternoon meeting, "refreshments" always means

Todays' Mary Loiuse Parker pic (snake free)

Dupe -self edit

I love the smell of a fucking lawsuit in the morning

I only watch LOGO for the lesbian content...

The Old Negro Space Program

Ok, who posted Matcom's picture on the Sticky board

Spork! Spork! Spork!

Bjork! Bjork! Bjork!

I just heard the weirdest Wal*Mart cart boy story...

Borg Borg Borg!!!

I kissed at a gay at the Post Office

Pork Pork Pork!!!

Dork Dork Dork!!!

Get over here! I need someone to walk on my back.

Bourque Bourque Bourque!

Borg Borg Borg

Mork Dork Spork!!

DUer Shakespeare RAWKS!

Bork bork bork!

Quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen...

Torque Torque Torque!

Which organization is more relentlessly evil?

30 years ago today

Mork Mork Mork!

Nothing says "I'm a pathetic loser" more than a car with a faded, peeling yellow ribbon on it


PSA - when turning in your laptop to your IT department,

What does this bumper sticker mean: "Question Diversity"?


Snorks, Snorks, Snorks

Gave my notice this morning. I retire at the end of the year.

I love the smell of fucking in the morning.

Huge congrats to DUer Amaya on her new baby boy!!!

The Most Pathetic Loser I Have Ever Done:

Photographers, let's see your gallery


I want the Shark, in a bad way.

I only play with LEGOs for the fun content

I think the Lounge should have it own weekly awards

i just got my first band of TS Erin.

Name an Actor with No Visible Panty Lines.

Is it me or is Julia Stiles the most beautiful woman in movies these days?

Hork Hork Hork!!!

Fork Fork Fork

I love the smell of fucking in the workplace.

Have you ever lost interest in a Lounge thread you used to love?

David Duchovny in Californication on HBO looks interesting.

I don't mean to sound cold or cruel or vicious, but I am, so that's the way it comes out.


I cussed at a guy at the Post Office

I only eat EGGOs for the maple content

So if Hilary wins the WH, will Fleetwood Mac get back together for the inaguration?

Oh, my god I just can't believe this...

Roark Roark Roark!

Congratulate Me!

Bring me Solo and the wookie!

I have the Memphis newspapers from the day Elvis died

Little annoyed to see my sticky next to that tyrant, DS1.

9 WORDS WOMEN USE and what they really mean.

Herc Herc Herc

BREAKING: Marrianne Shula lost 23 pounds with NutriSystem.

billyskank, i need a favor!

the battle of the stickies!

Bark Bark Bark

Robert Bork Robert bork Robert bork!

Hoek Hoek Hoek

Some cover songs

Give us back our avatars!!!!!!

What is the nastiest thing you have ever done?

Now THAT'S a sticky!

Breaking: Barbie put on Valtrex

So how does the doctor get a sample of my stool?

Can you fit your entire fist into your mouth?

Being a young pedant can have its challenges, but it just occurred to me

"Pathetic loser" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "pathetic loser".

I just renewed my lease for another year

Sticky idea thread (for deadbeats who don't have the money to make it happen)

It's the honor-system "Chubby Bunny" thread!

Environmental tips for the criminally insane

Bork's lost twin

the officiaL karL rove and jeff gannon are Lovers thread

Trash talk

Reggie the alligator escapes!

Positive vibes request... for a friend's son.

Is the golden sticky just an ultimate vessel for the brazillian joke?

Green Eggs and Hamlet

4 threads at once on the greatest page, that's my personal record

Ball-hog or tugboat?

2 stickies from now, who will be the first to ask

Alright, who posted the dirty sticky?

Suicidal bunnies!

Mystery solved! The "woman in the Playboy t-shirt" sticky has been identified!

NEED ADVICE on gettting concert tickets..standing in line or online?

Want to help me out with something?

Things that distinguish us from lesser species:

Grovelbot has only 1,049 posts

Listening to "Mind Games" - John, we ALL miss you

Favorite Dead Captain

Star in your own JibJab movie!

What's for dinner?

Since Monday was my birthday, and your presents have not arrived...

What would you do?

How do you want your eggs?

Who did the sticky of billyskank's drawing?

Speed dating at the Blue Jays - Angels game?

Love Games: How we sabotoge our relationships.

Any DUers at the peace rally I saw in Flint, Michigan on Sunday?

Yay! Somebody kicked the Dali Lama thread!

My dinner tonight was two protein bars, a half-gallon of milk, and a frappucino.


Gobblebot sez

Making Dinner before Swedish Chef...

Ever seen anybody you know on

Because she'll probably lose the Aug photo contest ( MommieCat Zen)

Dammit! Now we're gonna have those yellow smiley faces EVERYWHERE!

From work today: "I dont trust a man that doesn't drink!" What exactly does that mean?

a shout out to the person who donated for me!

O. K. Loungers - which one of you did it?

"People are Smart."

Post Number 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the smell of farting in the workplace

Hide your children, the Deadheads are here!

Is Xchrom the Prettiest Du'er?

Okay, why is there a stripper undressing up there right now?

Denizens of the Eastern Timezone; a question:

Is tonight Friday/drunk-night?!1 n/t

Herk Herk Herk

Didya catch NGC's special on dogs tonight?

Attention Lounge: Flame War over controversial sticky (Santorum daughter) in GD

As I go to bed a thought about what is obscene

Is it just me, or is one of the stickies about to be deleted?

Goodnight lounge

Oi, if somebody put that butt back up there, would it stay this time?

It's official -- we're having a Catholic priest as a wedding guest

That beagle up there... did he find the butt yet?

Now there's a mighty satisfied lookin' smiley up there....

Okay, gotta go earn some pay

There must be some bossa nova fans in here.

Dammit! Now we're gonna have those yellow smiley faces EVERYWHERE!

I don't know about y'all...

Since others seem to feel being "outraged" over stickies is okay - I'm offended by the dog.

Would you leave your spouse under these circumstances?

I just wanted to share a bizarre/hilarious video with y'all.

Top Chef tonight! Who will pack their knives and go?

Making Dinner before Top Chef...

For those who have lost....

The state of our world, according to Sage Francis.

The ideal diet? (in picture form!)

Why do I always see an asterisk next to Bush's name?

my new look

OK, who put the sticky up with Mickey Mouse giving the FBI the finger?

Being a young Republican can have its challenges, but it just occurred to me

just opened up my first photobucket account Test

I'm gettin' a room- who wants to chip in?

This is my pre-leaving DU announcement thread

I wonder if Grovelbot is aware of Asimov's three laws of robotics?

Want to take the time to say: What a lovely human being Xchrom is!

I hate my neighbours.

Is it too much to ask people to behave rationally sometimes?

Google just keeps getting better and better...

They lie about marijuana.

US Florist sued after red roses lead to divorce

Yayfullness! Happy happy joy joy!!

Six Days

Name one moment in your life that you are so completely thankful for...

Name some stores closing in your area!

iPhone Monthly Bill Over 300 Pages, Comes In Box - Babe in the video is bonus

Craziest concert you have ever been to?

So I'm drinking this awesome

delete please because someone beat me to the Bjork Bjork Bjork copy cat thread

What is the nicest thing you have ever done?

Is D-minor really the saddest of all keys?

You people are all pevs! That's not dirty! That's just Pac-Man asking his g/f for another date!

Has anyone ever built a fountain?

so who is getting married sept 1st?

What Is The Sickest Thing You Have Done

Most intense on-the-edge-of-your-seat film ever?

What is the sexiest thing you have ever done?

Best Band Name Ever

How Many One Night Stands Have You Done

My Belgian Strong Ale got second place at the fair

Kitten pics!

This is my pre-leaving Wetzelbill announcement thread

Squeeze or Crowded House?

GOOOOOAL! Beckham scores in his first start!

Favorite Dead Comedian

Saw some AWESOME Kudzu driving home today

A question for airbrush artists or painters...

how Long wouLd you diaL the wrong number

CONFESS!!! If you and Grovelbot had a love child - what would you name that child

I just cancelled my cable tv.

NOTHING is Better than the sound of_____________________!

Will No Cage Hold Him? Monkey Again Escapes Zoo

Things that make you feel like less of a man?

Ward Cleaver appreciation thread!

IS there a golden sticky?

The birds at my feeder look so scruffy...

Lambo vs. Ferraris in Calgary, Canada.

I just purchased a "Hi-Los" CD! Ask me anything!!!

Grovelbot has a rudimentary penis.

Favorite Dead Canadian

Anyone here ever read/listen to Dan Savage?

Ok so this is pretty cool

People, this isn't getting my sermon written!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/15/07

Songs with impossibly fast vocals?

Do you ever have trouble remembering how old you are?

Does anger build up in you? Do you hold grudges?

Being a young parent can have its challenges, but it just occurred to me

Glass Sink Explodes In Framingham Home

Is Valarie Plame the Prettiest ex-CIA agent?

Are you a feminist? Do you call yourself a feminist?

More stuff I wanna do with DUers

What Was The Saddest Moment Of Your Life

What the heck is Kudzu?

There are two stickies up there...with my name on them...

new paintings

This weekend is gonna be goooooooooooood! Woo-hoo!

Labor cartoon for the week of August 13, 2007

Kucinich on Universal Healthcare

Grateful Nation?

Faux attempts to smear John Edwards.

Battle at Kruger

Red State Update: Goodbye, Karl Rove

Dan Rather on CNN: America's Voting Machines Not Ready For '08


Dump Dick: "Dick Cheney's Jury"

David Brooks: Republicans Hate Bush

Tragedy Central Roast of George W. Bush


Dennis Kucinich for President

Cheney vs. Cheney

"Doomsday Clock" by The Smashing Pumpkins

Karen Hughes and Condi discuss public diplomacy with Cal Ripken Jr.

Karl Rove - Forecasting the 2008 Presidential Election

RETRO Anti-Pollution Ad with Native American - 1970s

Gun Free Zones

WMD LIES - Bush Cheney Rumsfeld etc. - THE ULTIMATE CLIP

Fox News' John Gibson mocks Jon Stewart's 9/11 response

Nancy calls for impeachment


Iran's Army Are Terrorists

CNNN asks "Are Americans Stupid?"

John Stewart's monologue 9/20/01

What does "region Code" mean on a DVD?

Kern County residents asked to stay indoors because of falling ash

Im telling you...

Asian Stocks Fall to 3-Month Low on Consumer, Credit Concerns

Idaho Army National Guard Info Stolen

'Duct Tape Bandit' Charged With Robbery, Moranity Charges Pending....

Democratic Presidential Candidates Transcripts Aug. 9, 2007

bush is like a castrated dog anymore.

So how much oil does all this corporate globalization and free marketeering

It's the economy, redux...

For those financial type folks out there

I have a feeling that Rover's going to have a hard time re-assimilating

Hillary's Secrets

22 more donors and we will hit the mitt with the mitt... lolol

We kill 200 or so, they kill 200 or so . . .

So I'm watching Kudlow & Company yesterday on CNBC.

Heartbreaking video of Iraqi children desperately begging

Visual Recognition Analysis: President Bush is surprised, scared and sad

Immigration Rules: An Economic Disaster?

"But 9/11 changed everything!"

Some people LIKE to be scared.

Curfew imposed in northern Iraq after bombs kill 200

Bush thinks Hillary is 'outrageous'....

tweety on conservatives VS liberals

Alberto Gonzales and his Department of Just Us work to boost executions rather than boost DNA

Politico does a Exposé on Fred Thompson

California's low approval rating of Bush catching on nationally

Taliban news conference 100 yards away from an Afghan intelligence service office in Kabul

Judge: Give inmate new hearing due to cop torture

New Zealand airline caught sending troops to Iraq even though Prime Mininster refused to send them

"...Fear Of Truth Is A Wish For Betrayal." Exceptional (But Long) Blog...

Joint created by 'hash slinger to stars' still cooks

''There are some events that can never be forgiven or forgotten,''

Say goodbye to 'John from Cincinnati'

Insult A Race...Insult A Gender...Get $20,000,000.00

did I 'mis-hear' Tweety last night?

3699 reasons . . .

A Terrorist Is Who We Say It Is

My take on Rove....

Who is John Ralston, anyone know? He's on Wash. Journal this am.

Sen. Kennedy: "I Don't Trust Gonzales With The Power To Spy On Americans-& Neither Should You"

Blech, Stephen Hayes on The Daily Show tonight.

Colin Powell puts money with McCain

Fox News Changes Wikipedia To Smear Rivals

Escalation in Iraq by the numbers

Yesterday was like having a high colonic...

Class Action Lawsuit filed against Countrywide Financial

Rupert Murdoch's climate crusade: "Surprise sweeping and serious."

Billions in waste and not a dime's difference

Neo Nazis to classify Iran's military as 'global terrorists'?

I was just on C-SPAN

CBS News's Bill Plante on His Famous Question: "If he's so smart, why did you lose Congress?"

Fed Source Says Repo Wil Be Within The Hour-Technical Problem Caused Glitch

Islamic longer Islamo-fascists?

Fed Cancels Overnight Repos

Karl Rove and the Religion of the Washington Press: "In territory where conscience forbids others"

The National Guard is in place, waiting for the tropical depression.

War in Iraq, Poverty in America

200 Iraqis dead not 175

Article on MSNBC about health-care

Suicide bomber destroys key Iraqi bridge

Hastert's resignation statement leaked! (Sibel Edmonds, China cited)

Iranians = "terrorists" and Saudis = ?

Democrats only chance to end the war is to withdraw funding.

WJ: * to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guards as a "terrorist orgainization."

San Francisco loses bid to ban Blue Angels from their skies.

Remember those Battalions of Iraqi conscripts that Bush incinerated with Shock and Awe by error?

What's really behind Hastert's decision to resign?

Late Night Humor

DOW just broke through 13,000 .... hold on

Buzz Aldrin on the war in Iraq

Fluoride Warning Issued for Infants

Why do government haters want to be in government?

Squabbles Between ICE, FBI Affecting Terrorism Investigations

WaPo says Congress pressured bu$h* to take stance on Tehran WTF????

karl sees himself as Moby Dick. Anyone want to take a crack at this?

Iranian Unit to Be Labeled 'Terrorist'-U.S. Moving Against Revolutionary Guard

Rep. David Obey on Alberto Gonzales:“He’s one sneaky, lying S.O.B., to put it bluntly.

If Corporations are a "person" by law and Stock holders own the corp then is that Slavery?

This collection of headline topics tells us 'the lid is off' in Iraq. Prepare for the worst....

In Rebuke Of Bush American Psychological Assoc Resolves To Condemn Torture

karl WHO? White House downplays rove's role as bush's brain.

For the past week the world markets have shown positive gains

Listing of some of the deadly attacks in Iraq - Just this year..

Iraqi refugees rejected by other countries.


MS patients given hope with new vaccine treatment

Who else thought it was a mistake to have Kurdish Peshmerga fighters killing people in Fallujah?

Sepat, cat 5-4-3 Super Typhoon threatens Taiwan, floods Philipines

Robert Scheer: Hillary Pushes the Button (Nukes)

$311,491 for a passport?

What if instead of boycotting Chinese goods we had someone knowledgeable

Despite violence drop, officers see bleak future for Iraq

UTAH Mine Owner Used Republican Clout To Threaten Mine Safety & Health Administrators

Death Toll in Iraq Bombings Rises to 250

What was that crap

Ahmadinejad's first Afghan visit ruffles US feathers

re: wallstreet - "Whom do you believe?"


Paying a prostitute

General Casey: "the demand for forces exceeds the supply"

Texas DUers are you ready for more rain

Edwards Moving Staff Out of Nevada

Standing Up To This Regime Is The First Duty Of A Patriot & Litmus Test For Dems Seeking Our Support

Chavez to Propose Removing His Term Limits

Today's prayer for victory over evil from the 'Baghdad Prayer Patrol'.

Bush Administration Set to Force Changes in Structure, Nature and Direction of Maliki Regime

When will Rove receive the Medal of Freedom Award?

I doubted it until now....(Hillary get the nomination)

Rep. Peter DeFazio: "They certainly feed the conspiracy theories"

Deadly Bombings Claiming 300+ Lives Expose Surge's Short Shelf Life

Rice pacifying Cheney's desire to strike Iran?

first dogs/cats now Camels, 160+ dead, 800+ sick in Saudia Arabia

AT&T Lied About Censorship of Pearl Jam

Top general (Petraeus) may propose pullbacks

Power to the People: The Democracy Foundation's Plan to Create a Fourth Branch of Government

Iraq's future seen as bleak...Despite U.S. claims that violence is down

Portland's KPOJ morning program is a lifesaver

Biden on cspan 1 now talking of the 'HOWS's" of getting out of Iraq

We are SO over you America, Wal-Mart heads to India...

US 'surges', soldiers die. Blame Iran

Suspected DUI Driver Jumps From Car, Flees With Beer In Hand

who saw/heard Naomi Klein's lecture on Democracy Now?

This man is clearly insane. Why should we have 'patience and will' toward Iraq?

Pakistan: Give us aid unconditionally or else...

Reid: Six Months Into Surge, Iraqis No Closer To Political Solution

"If you believe Al Maliki will reconstitute his government, raise your hand"

Opera 9.23 Has Been Released

USNews: Sources say Karen Hughes might be coming back to the White House

Thom Hartmann Just Gave DU Major Props! INRE: Family Security Matters

21 months out - The Early Line on the Senate

What Is A Terrorist? A: We're Making That Part Up As We Go Along

I hate to keep bringing this up, but State Rep. Bob Allen (R) is something else!

Watch Mittens get clobbered in the head!

Tom Toles has been on a roll!

US Tags Iran for Casualties from Its Own Attacks

Glass Sink Explodes In Framingham Home

Despite what you're seeing on TV, soldiers are still dying in Iraq

So if Hilary wins the WH, will Fleetwood Mac get back together for the inaguration?

Priests Want -Trial By Jury In US Court - For Military's Role In Torture

Sen. Levin heads to Iraq to tell leaders to 'count us out of your civil war'

Ruh roh! O'Rielly pissed off the freepers!

General calls Iraq massacre 'trademark al Qaeda'....the Propaganda Surge Continues..


California Hwy Patrol Wants To Use "What Every American Needs To Know About Jihad" As Training Film

Five years after letting bin-Laden escape, military returns to Tora Bora

"Because gravity goes like this"....

A funny thing happened a few minutes ago on my way into work...

Pig masks and a political shift in Alaska

Astonishing! Spock Thinks You're a Pedophile

CBS' 'Rude Little Liberal'

Guard Uses Taser on Man Holding Newborn

Rove Rides Out Of Town (Cartoon-Pat Oliphant)

Did Guiliani pick 7 WTC for command center for convenient trysting with mistress Judi?

Rumsfeld resigned before election, letter shows

Right-Wing Pundits Confess Bush ‘Has No Agenda’

If Gore entered the Dem primaries do you think he would beat Hillary Clinton?

Black Wednesday for the stock market?

To my DU Angel.

Mine Safety Czar Richard Stickler: Another Bush Fox Guarding the Henhouse

Perhaps there's reason for hope after all.

Bush without Rove animation.

Fox News' Half Hour News Hour cancelled.

While walking down the hill today, I saw my first "Hillary" bumpersticker.

DUers - Please Read - An open Letter

Army: 15-month tours likely for all who deploy until at least June, 2008


Fox Bastards: This is how they operate

Please read chapters 8 and 9 of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

the market slide continues...

Jon Stewart Is The Only Real Journalist In America

Would You Buy This "TV?"

Yikes! Iraqi bombing toll now at least 260; local reports say 500

Dow at 12,953.00: seriously what do you guys think this will do????

Rove's Office, a dead Arkansas AUSA and Bud Cummins

Do you believe any of these generals who come on teevee these days?

Prices for key foods rising sharply

A Pictorial History of the Bush*² Presidency (one pic with deceased children ..not gory)

Should we look into it?

God Tube says public schools are indoctrination centers for anti-americanism, promiscuous sexuality

Too bad we don't have a parliament.. Think of the fun parties we could have

Because I just don’t get it

Prelude to Montebello, Quebec meeting August 20th

A New Democratic Candidate!

Why is the Chamber of Commerce on CSPAN trying to sell NCLB?

I'll give Mitt Romney this ..

Edwards on Tweety

Just to put this out there...

White House: Iraqi bombings won't 'break our will'

Crackdown on corrupt Iraq contracts yields record caseload

Sara "I don't hate Asians, but ... " Bongiorni on CNN

NYPD warns of homegrown terrorism threat

"Not General Petraeus: Iraq Evaluation",,,,,

"Can You Hear the Cries from Gaza? I beg you not to ignore those cries."

Fred Thompson????? For God's sake, why?

Any Satellite Dish users out there who get C-SPAN 1, C-SPAN 2 AND C-SPAN 3??

Where will Rove surface and with whom?

US anti-war group ordered to take down Iraq demo posters

AP: Rumsfeld resignation letter omits 'Iraq'

"Dump Dump Dump...Another on Bites the Dust": Pryce (R-OH) retiring

It's official: The Republican Party is as popular as peeing in the shower

Petraeus: U.S. will have to cut force in Iraq

Rudy Giuliani, Nasty Man — Even to His Kids - NY Mag.

Does democracy apply to economics or just cultural issues?

John Pilger's latest film The War on Democracy

We have so much work to do educating people on

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed 8/15 ... separation anxiety?

The "GOOD BYE ASSHAT" grovelbot is the best!!!

OPUS hits the nail on the head yet again

"Take Out SF Or Some Other City Full Of Dirty Libs, & Then Country Will Rally Behind GOP"

The War in Iraq Costs ........?

Anyone else seen this? $10, 000 fine for posting advertisements about anti war demonstration...


How are things in Tora Bora?

Okay folks time to start keeping an eye on the Hurricanes and such

``This really came out of nowhere,'' Wasserman said. ``She's always been a team player,

Only panic is left

Reply from the 'Ask the Director' section of the DPW website, regarding ANSWER's posters

GMOs - We Should Be Wary of Those Pushing This Agenda

Once again, the Onion is shown to have more credibility than the Bush Administration.

When staying alive means going bankrupt

Democrats Attempt to Fix Healthcare, Bush Wants It Broken

Soltz: Cheney ‘out to lunch’ on protecting America.

Rove's Father, Louis, was a Geologist


"No Workers Left Behind"..( a Michigan program)

US middle class and working poor are no longer standing at the edge of the financial cliff...

Search goes on as Iraq death toll tops 250

War Czar Considering Draft

General calls Iraq massacre 'trademark al Qaeda'

Just watched Obama speech on CSPAN. Talk about charisma!

TPM: Tom Delay Briefed on Warrantless Surveillance in March '04

Karl who? Ah, life imitates satire (The Onion)

Bullets hit Iraqi woman's house during raid

Poll: More Californians Favor Troop Pullout

How Did Elvis Get Turned Into a Racist?

Anyone heard of 801k?

A Chinook Helicopter basically just flew down our main street

The Beauty of Defiance

PETA sets sights on ROVE

They've turned off our candle avatars

750,000 Iraq Refugees in Jordan

Doesn't Invoking Exec. Priviledge For RNC Emails Essentially Violate The Hatch Act

Tropical Storm Erin forms, is 250 miles east of TX

Moody Loner (DK) your video is a fake and you are a lunatic

Author of "International fascist" most aggressive Bush policy maker.

What the US Press Won't Say: Leahy and Conyers forced out (pwned) Karl Rove

Yahoo News: "Success of U.S. surge in Iraq cut short by deadly bombings"

Rove calls critics of Bush "elite, effete snobs who can't hold a candle to this guy"

The trees and AT&T

I'm ashamed not to know what a sticky is

Minority religions under attack in Iraq

Do the neo-cons need Karl Rove when they can count on the Democrats? (Harvey Wasserman)

Chevron can be sued for attacks on Nigerians, U.S. judge rules

Karl Rove is one big coward. He was afraid to go into the military;

"Giuliani-Santorum '08" - - - yes, PLEASE run this ticket!

Just in case you didn't realize that Romney is a jackass.....

A Fish Story (re *ush)

Fox can't do political satire

Elizabeth Edwards Liveblogging (Right Now) at

What's Petraeus going to report in September? Kerry called it during the funding vote.

Assaults on the Homeless

Obama says Bush not solely to blame

if the war is so lopsided in our favor, why aren't we winning?

Foreclosures hitting hard

Why should we trust our "Generals on the Ground"?

ROVE's Replacement. More same old, same old RNC & BUSHCO insider

Can people please stop complaining about the stickys?

Legends Lies & Cherished Myths of World History

Love Games: How we sabotoge our relationships.

Rove does Rush

Sure Glad Bush's Economy is so, so great - Look @ these headlines:

AP: Obama Says Bush Not Solely to Blame

Send Ann Coulter a big FUCK YOU!

Homeless Dying From Record Heat!

I Have A Question

If we are all just a bunch of someone else's sims, wouldn't it be fun to

Why Was Tom Delay Briefed ALONE On NSA Program-For The 1st & Only Time-Day After Ashcroft Visit?

Why the late-30s are a man's misery years

my favorite kind of Bush photo: the tard laugh (PIC)

Army Suicides Highest in 26 Years

8-Term Ohio Rep. Deborah Pryce to Retire

george bush is on the new nickel....seriously

Anyone read the Vanity Fair article about Judi Guiliani?

Remember: Bush was spying on us BEFORE 9/11

So Betrayus (Gen.Petraus) isn't going to give the report to Congress

Why would someone post a sticky of the Dalai Lama with a Hitler moustache?

DUer David Swanson To Be On Air America Tonight

Good god, I post to remind folks to watch out for their pets and it becomes a flame war.

Okay, whom do I have to thank?

Chanting, bonfire lead police to woman's backyard

I think I'm going to be sick (Scum raped a 5 year old girl. TWICE)

Imus Sued

Army suicide rate highest in 26 years

Congressman Ed Towns (D-NY) Signs Onto H Res 333

Asshat Melanie Morgan is KO's worst person in the world. She said that

If placing blame is necessary, why impose it upon those with the least resources?

See the Space Station/Shuttle fly by your house

White House claims Iraq bombings which killed at least 200 civilians prove surge is working

NYPD study warns of mounting threat by homegrown terrorists

"He could put fecal matter on his lapel and call it a boutonniere" (Garrison Keillor On Turdblossom)

World Faces New Threats of Water Scarcity

Army suicides highest in 26 years

I'm sooo excited!! Really, I am!

"We analyzed three U.S. homegrown terrorism cases and two New York City based cases"

We're going to war. The way is set. And it's so simple how it occurred.

Magnitude 7.5 - NEAR THE COAST OF CENTRAL PERU; felt in downtown Lima


Bush 'leads' aides on sweaty ranch run - (he was in his pick-up truck)

If you oppose abortion, vote Democratic!

Serious question about polygamy

Questions that should be asked of the candidates, at debates and by reporters: (D AND R)

Taliban was being supplied with weapons from Iran, via drug routes.

Good-bye, Turd Blossom!

Secret World War Two nuclear city open to tours

Are you not telling the truth, or not?

Chinese officials to visit U.S. for safety talks

Death toll from Iraq bombings may reach 500

Two Giant Retail Chains Say Sales Are Slumping

17 dead in Peru, per Canal N

Okay - the humping smileys made me laugh my ass off - so ...

How scared are you that the economy is imploding?

Breaking - They just heard a noise from within the Utah mine

Kucinich: 'Belligerent Bush Admin Planning To Attack Iran'

To the Iraqi people, I am so sorry

YIKES - I got a DNC Grassroots Survey to complete!

San Diego Firemen Ordered Against Their Wills to Participate in “Gay Pride” Parade !!!

Majority of Americans one major disease away from financial disaster

How many children with cleft palate

"Change of plans": Shuttle Crew Is Told to Study for Repairs, as NASA Wavers

Shame on Xavier University - Ann "filthy animal" Coulter speaking there Sept. 6

Travelocity fined $183,000 for booking trips to Cuba

Cramer Is Channeling Bob Marley On CNBC


I just had one of those "doh" moments

Oh Hell... Didn't Need To See This...

105 today with a heat index of the planet Mercury... Nothing to Global Warming...

Right-wing terrorists threaten bombing in Alabama-with nary a peep from leaders in the War On Terror

So poor pitiful Edwards who can't get any media attention, was on the Today show, and will be on CBS

State Rep. Bob Allen Loses Committee Posts Over Prostitution Charge

"How tall is a pony?"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush's Ranch - even got suckered

Sitting Pretty, Lieberman Thumbs His Nose At Dems

"Man vs. Wild" now truth vs. deception

Unemployment numbers - are they determined the same from country to country

Did I just miss this, along with Kerry and the M$M? Cheney/Iraquagmire video, ca. 1994. Or what?

American flag lapel pins are a Republican weapon.

On a lighter note, The Daily Show is reporting on "Pillow Fort One" (Daddy's Maine House)

So in the past few months, I have thrown out peanut butter, cat food, toothpaste and NOW

My brand new custom made HP laptop just got shipped.. From SHANGHAI!

Buzzflash Interview: Nikolas Kozloff Looks at Oil, Democracy, Chávez, and U.S. 'Interests'

LOOK!!!! Santorum's daughter is STILL crying after all these months!

Wow .... how classy

The Human Race deserves

SURGE-SCAM. Getting the Iraqi data together a.s.a.p. Please send links.

POLL: Are you willing to contribute to candidates that do not support IMPEACHMENT

Wal-Mart plans die on main street 203,00-square-foot store


Toy Industry Challenged by Disposal Plan

CNN just said that over 500 people have died from the no. Iraq bombing.

Another weird Giuliani video???

Surprised no one posted this: Sounds heard in Utah mine.

You thought Giuliani's Dress video was strange... Watch This

In Iraq, sex is traded for survival

On KO: Progress report will not be written by Gen. Petraeus, but by White House.

More Breathing Room for a New Iraqi Government Facade?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Holy Crap!!!! Petraeus' report will be written by the White House?!?!?

The Nine Eleven Cultists are salivating for more.

Police Arrest 'Witch' On Noise Suspicion

Another Rethug sicko: City Councilman Dennis Gallagher

Abolish Corporate Personhood

Question about Keith Olbermann

George Lakoff: No Center, No Centrists

Most Disliked Institution In America: The Republican Party

Democrats in Congress: ENOUGH ALREADY!

In Case of Revolution Break Glass -Image

Police Seize Cameras, Arrest Photographers, Solicit Information on Other Media at Anti-War Protest

Ruh roh...TIME: "The surge's short shelf life; Success of U.S. surge in Iraq cut short by bombings"

John Stewart just made a smart remark about Laura Bush's tits, really.

"I love, love, LOVE George Bush"

Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch

Asian Markets getting slammed again.

That Putin looks like one-tough hombre!!

Army suicides at highest level in 26 years

Check this trailer out

With everyone focused on Dean and Erin, don't forget about Taiwan and China.

what's behind that "jitters in the legs," advert., wow!

Eye-catching new Taser sparks controversy

US Moves To Use Spy Satellites For Domestic Surveillance

Talk about wasting paper... check this out (video)

Rove defends Bush: "This is one of the best-read people I’ve ever met. This is a Harvard MBA"

Homeless GAY Youth

Minister’s wife who killed husband released

Rove: Bush’s critics are ’snobs’ who hate his ‘common sense.’

Thomas Who? New Dollar Coin Might Help

Can someone tell me what is reason for the stupidity of giving names to tropical storms?

We've lost something along the way


Bill Maher's show on HBO returns on August 24th

Hugh Beaumont?

Kansas Activists Hang Anti-War Banner For Politicians To See

Ending Family Homelessness

Anti-war banner creates a stir at political lecture

50th Anniversary of Kerouac's "On the Road"

A short open letter to Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

Holy Cow! Dems strip language that would require congressional approval to strike Iran!!!

Well, hell, let's just all move to the city. Come on, folks. Leave the burbs and country

Exactly WHY are we continuing to boycott Cuba?

Walgreen's didn't have the drugs the doctor had called in for me

Women and Homelessness

Chickenhawk Republicans Ask Themselves: Are We Hypocrites For Not Enlisting?

We cannot possibly have just declared the military of a sovereign nation to be

Tony Dungy (R-Homophobe) serves at *'s pleasure

Bush Brothers profitting from the war and inside information

Gingrich: Young Americans in our cities are massacred" by illegal immigrants.

Wednesday TOONS :We now return to our usual mix of topics…

Man, we gotta get these stickies for all times, not just fundraisers!

Boycott Chinese goods. Anyone up for that?

Wiretap Appeals Judge: "I feel like I'm in Alice & Wonderland"

DK: "This is nothing more than an attempt to deceive Americans into yet another war"

Prices for key foods are rising sharply

Look, the working poor pay taxes too, so they should get govt regulated loans as well...


My cable is screwed up...Can't watch Olberman

Would a National Shared Sacrifice end the war?

They Thought They were Free-We CANNOT Say We Were Not Forewarned.

Not one of the three leading Democratic candidates was for gay marriage

YOU Are NOT Supposed To See This !!! - Halt Right There !!!

Hollywood tears up script to make anti-war films while conflicts rage

Austin woman sentenced to 23 years in prison for having sex with 16-year-old

Who's Editing Wikipedia? CIA!

curiouser and curiouser...Kos has a problem

The Most Famous Photographer You Never Heard Of -- Who Harbored a Horrific 'Secret' -- Dies at 85


IMPEACHMENT: Where we’re headed

Shouldn't we be fighting toys of terror over there so they don't kill our kids over here?

Household chemicals may be causing cat disease (thyroid disease)

Beyond "My Pet Goat": Karl Rove's Role on 9/11

Pat Buchanan: The collapse of the US dollar is approaching

Brent Budowsky: Democrats Need a Karl Rove

New hearings to be held by Kucinich in September

For Whom The Turd Blossoms

Robert Murray is still taking about

Giuliani is Vulnerable in so many ways.... TPM details One The National Media Has Overlooked..LINK

Coming to an America near you -- be afraid

Erin Burnett (CNBC) tells US Consumers to shut up about toxic toys from China!

Check out this billboard in NYC!

Man charged with throwing wife from balcony

If I had only 1 choice - it would be the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Does anybody else feel it in the air - it IS upon us....

"What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000." Aug. 15, 1969.

I've been with DU for.....?

Howard Dean tells Helen Thomas Democrats should not be over-confident about 08

TOONS 4 Karl Rove ====>

Ok how hard would it be to boycott chinese goods?

How I handled a fundraising call from the DSCC yesterday (Impeachment)

Iraq - before the US Gov't ordered its Armed Forces to invade, slaughter a million, drive 1/4 of

Bush Administration Says Warrantless Eavesdropping CANNOT Be Questioned

Shi@t! Grovelbot is everywhere!

Newsweek Ties Extremists Getting Firearms Intended For Iraqi Forces w/ Col. Westhusing 'Suicide'

Has Rove's Egg Hatched? The Firing of KARL ROVE or Why His Family Needs Him Now.

Did Rove leave now to hide new election fraud plans?

Women's March Into Office Slows: Pelosi, Clinton Mark Clear Gains, But Numbers Seem to Be Dwindling

Romney says States should decide abortion, but backs two amendments against it

U.S. set to declare Iran's military as a "terrorist" organization

New Questions Arise About Mine Stability

Can I get more info on Obama's "killing civilians" quote?

Is Valarie Plame the Prettiest ex-CIA agent?

GOP Favored to Hang Onto Illinois District After Hastert Retires

Odd: Kristol Thinks It's Odd that Rove left when he did.

Karl who? White House downplays Rove's role (LA Times)

NRCC already running radio ads against John Murtha

When the economy finishes imploding, who will the GOP blame?

Arianna Huffington: MSM Neglecting Vital Part Of Utah Mine Story

Since the XXII amendment was adopted, no President has had a good second term...

New Hampshire Primary: Clinton Holds Solid Lead (Rasmussen)

My Republican Friends Finally Admitting Failure - But for a wierd reason

Murdoch's new propaganda organ (WSJ) begins tuning up

Cheney changed the face of the VEEP slot. What should Dems do with this in 08?

Bill Kristol is One Sick Puppy

The Rude Pundit: George Bush Is Easily Amazed

Bush/Cheney not happy as Rove leaves laughing

FEC Stats Highlight Democratic Party Committees’ Fundraising Prowess

Cartoon: Law and Order: Presidential Intent

Is it me or are there as many HillaryBots as there GrovelBots on DU

WOSU reporting that Deborah Pryce R-OH won't be running for Re-election. Link:

Rasmussen Reports has released some new polling out of New Hampshire.

Qunnipiac: Hillary beats all Republicans nationally

Running for Congress

Giuliani: "Too Much Emphasis" on Mid-East Peace, Opposes Palestinian State

A candidate the media will LOVE

ME-Sen: Susan Collins wants terrorist attack on SF

It's official: The Republican Party is as popular as peeing in the shower

Look What Ohio Is doin'

Today's YouGov Survey includes Gore on list of presidential candidates

Photos: Barack Obama back in Iowa. ABC's This Week will host next Dem debate in Iowa on Sunday.

Faux Noise caught editing Al Franken's wikipedia entry

Hillary Clinton is number 8 on the GQ Most Powerful in DC list !

I must say, Edwards is winning points with me by going after the repub candidates

Rumsfeld resignation letter omits 'Iraq'

Someone doesn't want us to see this story! Bush's Lethal Legacy: More Executions! The Link is bad!

Bush sets new record: Most consistently abysmal ratings in history

Isn't it GREAT? How about the personal visit you got from your Congresscritter? Super duper, huh?

What an awesome" Goodbye Asshat" stickie just now posted! You rock, whoever you are!

Hillary the Heavyweight

The insanity behind the call for the Iranian Army to be branded terrorists...

Edwards: "We're going to hang George Bush and Dick Cheney around the Republican nominee's neck..."

Back to the Status Quo (Hillary reasserts NH lead)

1994 Cheny Interview

Hillary Clinton grinds gears of the right wing to a halt.

Seven GOP Lawmakers Consider Returning Indicted Donor's Funds

Mine Safety Czar Richard Stickler is another Bush fox guarding the henhouse

Do People Lie to Pollsters?

What Independents and Republicans see in Obama

Strategic Vision: Hillary increases Florida Lead...

Obama runs hot, clinton stays cool, for Black Journalists.

Obama rules!

CNN - Peru Struck by 3 major earthquakes 7.5 and 7.7

IN 2000, Sequoia Voting Owned by Jeb Bush Campaign Donor Jefferson Smurfit

The candidates don't get it!

Memo to Hillary

Waiting for September.

Canada Balked at Guantanamo Refugees

Clinton's candidacy lacks premise

So, I met my Congressman at a Town Hall sort...

Clinton and Obama: Walking a fine line at VFW Convention next week

Hillary, the Hispanic vote and Univision

USA Today can't subtract 1991 from 2007

"Double spin": Karl who? White House downplays Rove's role

Rachel Maddow (AAR): Rove and Rep. conspiring to help Hillary

McCain: Social Security problem must be fixed

do not miss jon`s replay or youtube of tonights broadcast

Obama says Bush not solely to blame

Hypothetical Case #2: Two candidates remain standing, your vote chooses the winner.

Tucker, Tweety, Dobbs all pushing War with Iran

Invisable? (sic) Huh? To Hillary?

Utah Mine Owner: Troubling Safety Record, Useful Political Clout

Hillary Pushes the Button (or Hillary as the atomic "cowgirl")

Clinton Camp: "Karl Rove Is Writing Sen Obama's Talking Points"

Did anyone see last week that the Saudis were inching closer to

A remarkable BBC documentary about neocons, the rise of al queada

Hypothetical Case: Only two candidates are still standing. Your vote will make the difference.

Dick Morris takes the toes out of his mouth and lies about Hillary Clinton

WP's Dan Balz: Obama Says He Can Unite U.S. 'More Effectively' Than Clinton

The Economist: Hillary Clinton more right-wing than Sarkozy, Merkel, and David Cameron

Faster Gonzales. Kill! Kill!

Petraeus’ September Report Will Be Written By The White House

The GOP Fears Dennis Kucinich The Most

where the DU money goes...

Will we win a Mitt Romney vs. Hillary Clinton general election if Michael Bloomberg runs?

New CBS Poll: HRC - 45, BO - 25, JE - 14.

Bill Clinton to Karl Rove: "Hey, you did a marvelous job, it was just marvelous what you did."

Hey, Democratic Congresscritters and Senators! You don't get it, do you?

Hillary is Supreme!

Who Do you think is most likely to lose the General election if nominated for President? Edited Poll

Clinton overhauls Obama in South Carolina poll

Ugh, why can't we have nice, civilized arguments about the candidates?

Need help deciding here

Republicans warming up to Clinton

Maj. Paul Hackett to endorse Kucinich primary challenger for Congressional seat...

AP: Obama Says Bush Not Solely to Blame

Hillary Poses as the Militarist to win votes

MSM Conglomerates donate FREE Air Time to Clinton campaign

Rolling Stone: The Real Liberal (Edwards)

Time to put the Presidential polls into perspect - from August 2003

A short open letter to Hillary and her supporters.

OK folks...once and for all....

Obama Faces Protests From Pakistani Americans

Hugo Chavez, president for life?

Chavez to propose constitutional reforms Changes expected to allow him to be re-elected indefinitely

Dean rips Romney in a telephone interview. Said the GOP field was out of the 50s.

My Life in Venezuela: Care at New Public Clinics

Hillary's dangerously high unfavorables: The worst of both worlds