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How the Fight for Vast New Spying Powers Was Won

My dogs are barking.

Darth Vader's first assignment!

Stevie Ray Vaughan on PBS (Ch 50 -KOCE) in Los Angeles 10:30 PM Tonight (Sunday).

I wish my city would actually invest in more servers

Who said this?: “The truth is that men are tired of liberty.”

Buzzflash: Is Mitt Romney Brainwashing Us?

Because Hope trumps Despair

A few moments of beauty...(dial-up warning)

Amazing video of a massive storm drain erupting in the center of a freeway.

Found: Mitt's sacred garment!

I wonder who chose the hot dog and hamburger lunch?

Asian Markets at 12:50 AM EST Will Monday be bloody?

Who will our Republican opponent be: Giuliani or Romney?

Idiotic and Stupid Beyond All Comprehension Fuckwit Freepers


A law that's uncooked books

Slaves found in Chinese brick factories

Smoking Pot Won't Make You Crazy, But Dealing with the Lies about It Will

India in the face of global jihad

Three Bubbles That Could Derail China's Economy:

Scouts look to expand the tent

THUD! Did another shoe just drop? Or, is this “housing bubble octopus” only still tap dancing?

Touchscreen On iPhones Going Dead?

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Laws Hold Up Asylum Seekers / WaPo

First Gonzales, then Bush: Impeachment should be a serious option -- with an intermediary step.

Shall it Be War for Uncle Sam or Peace for the Arab People?

Cowardly Democrats give in to president on NSA wiretapping

American Values On Trial

What to do when coward Pelosi writes asking for money:

Afghanistan expert, Barnett Rubin, comments on the failure in Afghanistan

Hillary's Finest Hour

Design for Minnesota I-35 bridge replacement is set.

E. coli conservatism: On the beach

Ney's Chief of Staff Wore Wire, Was Key To Boss's Conviction / WaPo

U.S. Economy Faces Downturn Threat

I’m Gonna Get You Sucker

The Pain, and Gain, of the Subprime Meltdown / By Sebastian Mallaby / WaPo

David Corn: Karl Rove Should Stay

With Bush, Sarkozy Steals Angela Merkel's Thunder...

When Will America Awaken from "The Bush Ultimatum"?

Eurasian bloc to seek an alternative international order that "routes around" Washington.

Planet Pentagon

The Seattle Times: Seniors Shoved Aside by Condo Conversions

Military Families Live in Dread, While the Rest of America is Busy Shopping

Chavez Inc!

Pulling Rank on Religion: WaPo Editorial

Inside the Data Mine

Dean Baker: Fed Bailouts and the Bubble Boys

Jeremy Scahill:...Flush with Profits...Military Contractors See a World of Business Opportunities

House of Corruption? (Earmarks in Congress) / WaPO /Novak

Rove's Dismal Legacy By Dan Froomkin

Rove insists - that Republicans lost because of corruption and overspending, not because of Bush and

Ward Reilly: An Occupation of Iraq is Not Ours to Choose

Rovemort's change of address

Kingmaker leaves White House by TERENCE HUNT at AP

Rove leaves more second-term blues for White House

Bush's brain goes missing as Karl Rove retires

Independent UK: Bush's brain goes missing as Karl Rove retires

Mugan: Privatizing bridge design is just asking for trouble

Throw Up And Go To Sleep: Why There Are No Paranoid Lunatic Conspiracy Theorists

Indian Inc salary to increase by 17%: Survey

The Houdini Protocol: How Rove Invented Bush

US Gov't broke Padilla through intense isolation, say experts

Arianna Huffington: Rove Exits with His Usual M.O.: Delusional, Fanatical, and Deceptive

Kashmiris call for end to India, Pakistan divide

George W. Bush, This Is Your Life

Karl Rove: The Machiavelli Who Failed

Candidates See Little of Millions Collected by Linda Chavez's Family

DUer Warren Pease, Online Journal: "Observations on universal health care from actual Canadians"

Why Haven't the Mainstream Corporate Media Covered the AT&T/NSA Domestic Spying Program?

Karl Rove, We Hardly Knew Ye

A Disneyland of Militant Ignorance: The American Normalization of Mass Murder

Escalation by the Numbers: What "Progress" in Iraq Really Means

When A US Soldier In Iraq Won't Soldier

Japanese Biker Fails To Notice Missing leg

Lies Even as He Leaves: Karl Rove Cannot Tell the Truth

Katrina Aid Goes Toward Football Condos

Stay the Course in Iraq = the Draft (by Jon Soltz at HuffPost)

Paul Hawken of was on "Coast To Coast AM" with Lisa Garr

Heat on Australia PM over climate skeptic MPs - Reuters

Sweden PM urges pressure on U.S., China over climate - Reuters

Looks Like University Of Illinois May Have To Recalibrate Their Ice Coverage Chart

how Bill Gray lost his way

China's Recalled Toy Company Boss Commits Suicide

India: "Nuke deal does not snatch right to conduct test: PM"

Revealed: (UK) cover-up plan on energy target

NY Post: Kid has Bright Idea

Australians Want Their Plasma TVs, Producing Record Amounts Of Toxic Waste - SMH

Juvenile Sharks Washing Up Dead In California, Victims Of Bacterial Brain Infections

4 Members Of Howard's Ruling Coalition Deny Anthropogenic Climate Change In Paper - IHT

Saltwater, Crude Oil, Wastewater - 2 Million Gallons Of Toxics Spilled On North Slope 1995 - 2005

National Snow & Ice Data Center Resumes Arctic Ice Updates Through End Of Melt Season

Independent UK: Wolfowitz 'tried to censor World Bank on climate change'

California Coastal Commission Votes to Protect Sea Turtles!

August 12th Across Three Decades - University Of Illinois Cryosphere Imaging

Independent UK: How green is your hotel? Now you can find out

"Arctic sea ice set to hit new low " - BBC

Kyoto projects harm ozone layer: U.N. official - Reuters

AMSR Polar Ice False Color Imagery 8/13 - Large FC Image Not Yet Up

Ankara Residents Digging Wells, Trucking In Supplies, Showering w. Aquarium Water - Reuters

Tropical Depression 4 forms in the Atlantic

Peak Oil Hits the Third World

The Appeal of Animal Waste (biogas)

Americans Lose Their Stature as Tallest Country

Panhandler's shooter had gun permit

Police inspecting airport protest

Rove to resign

U.S. Economy Faces Downturn Threat

Karl Rove is resigning effective August 31st

Elusive first lady sets tongues wagging in France

Rove says he was not forced to quit

Chinese toy exec at center of huge recall commits suicide

Chile Continues Debating Over Ethical Wage Issue

Democrats' 'baby steps' frustrate party loyalists

Kurdish Woman Kills Self, 5 Orphaned (policeman husband killed in Kirkuk ambush)

Iraqi Sunni cleric urges U.S. to abandon Maliki

Head of Chinese Toy Company Said to Kill Himself

Taliban frees two Korean women

Many hurt in Turkey ferry collision

Head of Chinese Toy Company Said to Kill Himself

Remembering the Violence of Partition

Report: Head of China toy company kills self

Adelphia's John Rigas and son report to prison in N.C.

Edwards Launches Intense Bus Swing With Veterans Focus

Kashmiris call for end to India, Pakistan divide

Tropical Depression #4 forms

Terrorist blows himself up center, no victims (Morocco)

LAX Computer Glitch Recurs Early Monday

Spacewalk begins as NASA examines damage

US 'surge' in Iraq 'likely to fail': MPs

US Army debuts armed ground robot in Iraq

Union to take NSPS (National Security Personnel System ) case to Supreme Court

Bush's brain goes missing as Karl Rove retires

Iraq PM calls crisis conference for government

Facebook's code leak raises fears of fraud

Rove leaves more second-term blues for White House

Homeless vets: a hidden crisis

To Dems, Rove 'more dangerous' outside West Wing

U.S. forces launch new offensive in Iraq

U.N. Web site hacked with anti-war post

House Members Tour Katrina-Damaged Areas

The U.S. could easily withdraw from Iraq, but that would leave the country in chaos, an Army war gam

Texas pastor arrested for dragging girl at camp

PM defends N-deal, Left walks out (India)

(Cal) Ripken To Represent U.S. As Special Sports Envoy

Colombia fires navy commander as investigations expands over military ties to drug smuggling

Fight Averted Over Bush Picks

Preacher behind bars after alleged abuse at Christian camp (girl tied to, dragged by van)

Katrina Aid Goes Toward Football Condos

Poison Found In Luxury-Hotel Toothpaste

Government Says Secrecy May Protect Wiretapping Program From Constitutional Scrutiny

Romney worth as much as $250 million

Central Banks Add $72 Billion to Markets to Stem Credit Crunch (updated)

New rebuilding slogan: This Christmas, buy Iraqi

EU and US take no chances

Wolfowitz 'tried to censor World Bank on climate change'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 13

Low-Flying (Hood) Blimp (Medford, Mass.)

Philanthropist Brooke Astor has died.

Soldier says he saw detainee beaten (with baseball bat)

Bush adviser Rove says he'll leave at end of August

Clinton ads portray her as reponsive, caring

UK 'damaged' by Lebanon war delay

(Former Rep) Ney's Chief of Staff Wore Wire, Was Key To Boss's Conviction

Man apologizes to Wiesel over alleged attack

Al Qaeda Videos May Be Doctored

US not considering draft: Pentagon

Fourteen die in China bridge collapse, 65 missing

Storms take toll on North Korea

Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned

Democrats Vow to Push Investigations After Rove's Departure

What are you reading?

Adult lyrics & TV

I didn't know the GrovelBoard was an on going thing.

I can't sleep....Damnit. Up woefully late, for me...

The Perseid meteor shower has been cancelled...

It was 28 years ago today

I get my back into my livin'...

Breathe Deep the Gathering Gloom. Watchlights fade from every room

I'm waiting, and this is so weird.

These are a few of my favorite things (a different kind of pic thread...)

Have you considered fu.......

DU slykicks check in for this important message

well, that was one way to get me to the gym

Man Sues Florist Because His Wife Found Out About Affair

Religion and life: 1600 BC.

To the woman who just PM'ed me a supeaona to cease and desist..

Wake up late and what do I learn is true?

I had horrible, horrible nightmares last night.

Rudess people

GrovelBot Appreciation Thread

How much does your spouse/sig. other expect you to make?

Karl Rove???? Leaving????

M-Fing Snakes on a M-Fing Plane

To the woman PM who just sent me nekkid pics...

This had to have been the funniest fight of all time.

Automobile mystery

DU Psychics check in for this important message

Wow, what a weekend. I thought I'd share.

Remember ME? I'm TANA! I've been searching all over the fucking place

This is the most controversial post ever on DU....

Chef Anthony Bourdain no longer cool in my book: Never been to Brooklyn, Queens!

Mktg or Mrktg?

there's a bat here in the office

I saw this at Walgreen's today...

Golden Sticky? WTF is that, does it make you untombstonable or something?


The cost of war from the prospective of a Vietnam Vet's son (me)

Laptop problem - help would be appreciated..

Has anyone ever *NOT* been screwed by a variable-rate mortgage?

This Is NOT A Sex Thread

Legendary Osmonds Reunite On Stage

I like the Picasso dove sticky

There should be stickies all the time

Someone put an LOL cat up!!!!

Three dollars to cross the Delaware Bridge?

matcom's been playing in the stickies!

Mayor Bloomberg's Beard..ahem..Girlfriend

OMFG - the lolkat sticky is priceless

I bought a yogurt for my afternoon snack, but

Let's talk pillows ... !

My Health Insurance covers 6 months of contact lenses.

I have an interview for a new position within my company

My new look. Do you like?

I just backed up over roadkill


There's your goddamn lolcat

I just gak't up over a falafal...

300 Spartans vs 300 vs reality

108 years ago today, Alfred Hitchcock was born.

***Kucinich Pictures***

I'm sad and depressed today :(

Today, I was called a homophobe

I told a conservatve that liberal women were very attractive to me

I just hacked up over roadkill

Welcome to yet another episode of "MrScorpio Says Nice Things About Republicans"

Worst Star Trek film?

Welcome to yet another episode of "MrScorpio Says Nice Things About Republicans"

Has anyone ever wondered why Liberals die in their prime, and Conservatives die in old age?

Hey, WIMR! Somebody just called Steely Dan 'pretentious psuedo-jazz noodling'!

Oh great, a homophobic sticky.

What's more frustrating and kinda spooky? (Love life question)

$150 just for classroom supplies for the kids.

I'm drinking out of my disappearing Bill of Rights mug

Systematic thoughts from my weekend...

Will 'he' come back?

Snoop Dog and Lisa Lampanelli stole the show last night (Flavor Flav Roast)

If VPL is wrong - does that mean that Pirate Patch is wrong too?

Is There A Full Moon Today


How Clean Is Your House? is a great show....

The $10 STICKIES are fun! I'm watching them roll by! I love the B/W photo of Hillary.

Mods: Skinner asked me to hand out supplies.

I just noticed something kinda pevvy...

Who stayed up late to watch the neighbors shower?

What was the best comic book ever written?

Who stayed up late to watch the sh*t shower in GD?

Wrestling Fans: Another Death this year. . .

CalPeg is up on the stickies

Good Ol' DU...haha

Those of you in helping professions

Post a completely whacked-out picture of you

Someone should invent bio-degradable puppy pads

Whose Ass Is That?

I just splashed my pants with bleach - is the stain permanent?

I need to get something off my chest...

Ok, fess up....which Lounge Lizard was it....

Shit. I forgot to wash NoelMN's soccer crap.

In Celebration Of Rove's Resignation the Bar Is Open......But

Okay, they allow 3 pussies yet took down 1 butt? I cry fowl!

Hurricane Charley, Friday, August 13th, 2004

So... The butt's gone.

Proof that I suck at minesweeper.

Anybody remember Esquire's 'Dubious Achievements Awards'?

Y'know who's cute?

Who ya s'pose holds the record for locked threads?

never mind

My Ipod shuffle will not play all my podcasts

I just got back from the landfill...

DU'ers You Wish To Ea...

1000 Marbles

Who stayed up late to watch the meteor shower?

I have parsed out the whole Rove situation. At the crux,

Man, the Department of Human services can really fuck up your life


I'm bored and tired. Someone tell me some cat stories.

Karl Rove is just misunderstood

Why is it not acceptable to show VPL but ok for bra straps?

I have a major case of computer dork-itis today.

Q: What's dumber than spending $400,000 for a car?

Yes - Yet another chinchilla birth- Twins this time (pic heavy)

I need someone to look at this ebay listing...

I have EIGHT cigarettes left, then I am DONE - wish me luck kids

I'm being anti-social.

Man on bicycle arrested for DUI

God came to me in an eggplant...


Is Kevin Spacey another of Tweety's male crushes? Today Tweety

Obscure European Model For Today: Eva Aichmajerová

Ladies and Gentlemen...Meet the Sweathogs

I got a star and I'm happy!!

After I divorce Joaquin so crim son can have a turn, who should I marry?

I donated today, and my Grovelbot sticky is:

Funny screen capture I just took...

Is it just me

Y'know who I decided I'm going to marry in my next life?

Need a hug?

There is a new show on television tonight called "Fat March"

Start of the third week of the new job

Holy crap, is GD a shitstorm today.

Help, what do I do with Green Berets? What do they taste like? How do I cook them?


Now that we've seen (his) butt, what should he sticky next?

My Favorite Comic Book Cover of All Time

Am I wrong or is this just not appropriate?

pat metheny - last train home ...... terrific music video

A Little Workout. A Little K.O. A Little "Weeds"

Create your own grovelbot!!

Brooke Astor dead at 105

OK, which DUer just posted the ass pic as a sticky???

Hi. I'm Karl Rove. Ask me anything!

!!Van Halen coming to Charlotte AND G'boro!! WHOOHOO!!

Is it me, or do all the characters in a David Milch production talk funny?

Tonight: Janeane Garafalo on "King of Queens" rerun

Is the Simpsons movie worth my time?

Now here's a beard a girl can hold onto!

Draft Beer, Not Kids

Excuse me, but is the pile of shit totally necessary?

The Entire "Twin Peaks" Series Is Finally Coming To DVD

Underworld's "Everything, Everything" DVD

DU Parents.

I'm no astrologist, but I think the moon must have entered Uranus

Comic Book ads - Ever get ripped-off as a kid buying this stuff?

sara is wonderful

Who wants a hug?

You know that Jeopardy theme song?

Of course,I now know what Lobster Martini was saying.

Kudos to the DUer that posted the TMBG sticky

Man Accused Of Sex W/ Goat Says He Was Trying To Milk Animal

Just when I thought Japanese animation couldn't get any weirder...

Heart is coming to town in October.

Relax. You have nothing to fear from me.

my darling clementine

Any of you Hawaiian residents here today, or do you have friends or relatives on the islands?

Which was your favorite Muppet Show skit?

I got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep last night - ask me anything.

I love ya ~ Happy Monday!

Admins - will you please delete my account?

My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion...

Could somebody please explain what all the goings-on in GD is all about?

What wierd, random things have you done in dreams?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/13/07

*** BREAKING *** Wetzelbill/Kurovski campaign has COMPETITION

Question about Friends and Significant Others

Eight Days

Drew Carey injured on set of Price is Right

You know it's too fucking hot outside when playground mulch spontaneously combusts

Somebody here knows who this actress is:

Mariah Carey to sell her own perfume

Okay, so who put all the hot men up there on stickies?

26 Glacier Cruise/Prince William Sound - new SmugMug Album

Name An Actor With Musical Talent

Post a NORML pic of you!

Did you like the character Scarlett O'hara, in Gone with the Wind?

So who's ready for Hell's Kitchen?

Hitchin' a ride...

IRISH FEST 2007 - Three days of free access @

This is pathetic. My dad died 30 years ago this month and I have no idea of the actual date

Boring vacation pics!!! DIALUP warning

I may not have nekkid pictures to share but I can show you this....

Some funny (and occasionally profound) student essay responses

I got to yell at the daycare people today.

my Dad died

Who Wants Naked Pictures!!!

Good evenin'

OMG I just laundered a lizard

Bush's Beans cartoon (re: Turd Blossom)

Frustrated about My Mom

Who Wants Naked Pictures!!!

Is it time to start a DU Sex Forum?

Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?

Post a random pic from your past

So I had a heart attack

I have a star to give... who needs one? Anyone else have a star to give?

Things I Learned While Watching Star Trek

Pacific Northwest is so beautiful plus I got to meet DUer, Swag!

Someone explain to me what dumbass decided that King Crimson, Yes & Moody Blues.....

***Good Vibes for Little MB PLEASE***

I'm going to China later this week - anybody want any toys or toothpaste?

Name an Actor with No Visible Talent.

Am I tripping on really bad acid or is ZZTop in the R&R Hall of Fame and not Jethro Tull

Any Closer fans?

Home from America's wars, yet homeless in its suburbs


Easing into civilian life

Senators Say Banks Illegally Garnishing Funds of Senior Citizens, Veterans

Today in labor history August 13

Injured rail welder awarded $2.8 million

Steelworker Charges at Ohio Valley Aluminum Upheld; With Settlement Pending, Union Re-Orients Fight

Workers' pay raises won't be much in '08

Execs Lavish High Pay on Themselves While Workers are Mired in Poverty

GOP irate at union access

Las Vegas hospital employees approve union

Change at Head Start startles some, Union questions recently negotiated agreement

Union names state senator 'Legislator of the Year'

Andre, a Downtown LA homeless man, Speaks Out.

11th Hour trailer (Leo DiCaprio climate change documentary)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Time to Focus on the Real Issues

Real People DENIED Real Healthcare: Cynthia Campbell, RN

Turd Blossom Rove Retires

Real People DENIED Real Healthcare: Nathan Wilkes

Leonardo DiCaprio's YouTube Message: THE 11th HOUR

John Lennon Would Approve

I am a United Worker - Valerie

Vets Meeting With Senator John Warner

The Karl Christian Rove Christmastime Quote of Day (Michael Moore)

TOP10: God Smites Rudy, Homer Watches FOX, Hillary & Cheney...

A Horse of a Different Color


Power of Art

Olbermann, Fineman: End of the Rove

CNN's Michael Ware: 'This Place Has Been Ethnically Cleansed'

14 signs of fascism-The USA turning into a fascist country?

Johnny Cash Vs George W Bush

(Edwards Bus Tour) Fighting for One America Kickoff

Would you consider this a miracle or a coincidence? **UPDATED see post 21**

War helps swell Paralympic team

Deputies Rescued After Working Pot Plant Bust & Become "Disoriented" In The Woods

Richard Greene of AAR Clout is sponsoring a contest for Jr-High schoolers

PBS anchor Jim Lehrer takes shot at network rivals in his latest novel

Subprime loans’ big chill: Freeze hits buyers with good credit, Wall St.

Stevie Ray Vaughan on PBS (Ch 50 -KOCE) in Los Angeles 10:30 PM Tonight (Sunday).

Group that advocated Bush become "President-for-Life" linked to Bush Administration itself

shocking students into 'good behavior'

The irony of it all.

forced electroshock in new york

Panama braces for Noriega release

We're all in this together

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon 8/13 When dates collide?

Isolation cell for 20 years or death penalty which would you pick?

Rove Resigns!!!!!

I won't be happy till rove is PROSECUTED for his many crimes.

Chinese (lead paint) toy manufacturer 'kills himself'.

Historians: Why was the draft abolished?

(Another one bites the dust) Tommy Thompson Drops Out of Presidential Race

Hell, pres. romney couldn't be any worse than bush, could he?

(TOON) Luckovich: Be careful what you wish for

Rove: Outta bush's brain and into _______ brain?

Breaking" DIng Dong the witch is dead. Rove Quits.

More great anti-terra planning gone awry; upkeep of security devices not happening

Was Rove a roadblock in Cheney's rush to Iran?

US terror interrogation went too far, experts say

Does this mean Bush now officially has no brain?

UN's website breached by hackers

How much more can Bush do to hollow out this country?

With no objection from Novak, Scarborough falsely cleared Rove of leaking Plame's identity

Baghdad Funeral Industry Booming

Bush Officially Brain Dead

When a US soldier in Iraq won't soldier

Joe just called his own show FROM VACATION to lie about the Plame

Ney's Chief of Staff Wore Wire, Was Key To Boss's Conviction

If Rove Resigned On Monday Rather Than Friday Something Bad Is Coming Tuesday

What happened to the Baptists in the South?

Mike Pence (Fascist-IND) on CSPAN-2

Re: Rove's resignation: Will he be easier to prosecute?

McClatchy : Congress may expand Family and Medical Leave Act

LOL! Rove quitting to spend more time with his iPhone

Judy Riuliani

Rove predicts * WILL move back up in the polls, fissure within Dem party

CAPTION George and Turd


How about voting on Saturday & Sunday instead of Tuesday?

Anyone wonder if "Cut and Run" KKKarl Rove has been threatened? Terrorists after him, too?

UK (our ALLIES) warn US 'surge' tactic likely to fail

Tuesday Dan Rather and the voting machines.

Profiting From Mortality -- Death Bonds

Workers' pay raises won't be much in '08

Chinese maker of recalled toys kills self

Goooooood Morning DUers!

Nancy Grace acknowledges's so 'blessed'...

Republican YouTube Event Moved To Late November

Mission accomplished

George W. Bush, This Is Your Life

James Gandolfini's HBO documentary on disabled vets: "Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq," 9/9

Biological detection program delayed 21 months, victim of bureaucratic bungling

Only Paper Losses? Here is why that is misleading....

Google shuts down video service

Never listen to a word Rove says

Supposed to be a cakewalk

Which Republican 08 presidential campaign will hire Kkkarl Rove?

Right Wingnut Analysis: Rove -- clever, innocent, successful; H. Clinton -- MURDERER!

A mix of emotions...

Ewww. Guess what crawled back out of the mud?

Talk about timing -Joshua Green on Rove

Father's shooting, mother's suicide an Iraq tragedy leaves 5 orphans in oil-rich city of Kirkuk

Cheney biographer explains Cheney's flip-flop on Iraq: "After 9/11..."

Just A Guess - If Rove Resigned So Will Bush

A Heart to Heart Talk: Bush Warns Puppets Not to Praise Iran

Leave it to the WashPost to find the goofiest picture of.....

Will Bush pardon KKKarl

Betcha Gonzo (and a recess AG appointment) are next...

Elliot D. Cohen: Why Haven't the Mainstream Corporate Media Covered the AT&T/NSA Domestic Spying Pro

(MSNBC) Rove: "I don't see taking a role in a 2008 presidential campaign."

Karl Rove’s Record Of Failed Predictions

Do You Own Stocks, Bonds, And/Or Mutual Funds?

NEW: Rove, Bush to speak Monday at 11:35 a.m. ET

Be Brave: We will stand behind you.

Simple poll-no immunity for Karl Rove, he should be indicted and prosecuted for his crimes.

The Moment We Should Have Known Karl Was Toast

Gin Blossom George is going to be mighty unhappy for his last months in the White House

Even the crazoids are catching on.....

NEW: Rove, Bush to speak Monday at 11:35 a.m. ET

It's insulting really. And unfair to people who really do need to leave a job they love to "be there

Another sign of how far we've fallen...

IMO,Unless they close Karl's eMail account he is just going to rent space in Cheney's bunker.

Jordanians jailed for recruiting Iraq bombers

Iraqi Sunni cleric urges US to abandon the Maliki “puppet” government - We aren't fooling no one

HDNet's Dan Rather to report on "The Trouble with Touch Screens" August 14th

Religion And Culture Behind Texas Execution Tally

Another Possible Reason For Rove's Resignation There's No More Work For Him

Karl's not really "going"..he's just going..

Trip down memory lane with Karl

Jamming systems play secret role in Iraq

coming up after the break MSNBC

I'm not doing it to please the mob. K. Rove

Iraqis caught buying firearms from the Mafia

Rove resigning sucks!

Iraqi Sunnis claim 'genocide' campaign underway

This picture hurts...

We don't know why Rove resigned...

Bush's Booming Economy -- For The Rich

US not considering draft: Pentagon

Striking Out at Bush's Phantoms in Iraq

WARNING: When in Florida, do not stare too long at the crazy people.

Do you think Rove is dropping out to work for the Romney campaign? Or Fred Thompson?

How is the idea that a draft prevents wars working out for ya in Israel and elsewhere?

Tweety opines on resignation:

Bad health habits and Companies docking pay/firing. cspan now. Data-bases

The high-water mark of the American Empire,

Bush would vacation in France, if he can go mountain biking

Hungry for end to war, activists seek impeachment of Bush, Cheney

So Who's Left On The Political Side at the White House? at the DOJ?

KKKarl "resigns. (Tweety) IS TAKING OVER..."

I was watching The True Story Of Seabiscuit on the Bio Channel this morning

I suspect Rove's resignation is part of the larger game plan being executed by this WH....

Economic policy mistakes hurt Iraq: US official - War profiteering

tweety: "Gore could have won in 2000 if

Where is the outrage for the Newark NJ murders???????

Rove's resignation reminds me of the last minutes of a blowout NBA game

So How Dangerous is Cheney Now? Are Things Falling Into Place For Him?

Say Goodbye to Karl, Everyone! ---pix--->>>

You better run, fat boy.

caption * and turd blossom

Killing MRSA with a Virus

Is George & King Karl crying or about to cry here?

New Bush Comic: Say Hi to The Insurgents

Situation in Southern Iraq becomes grim. Shi'a now killing each other.

Does Rove Resignation = Mission to Overthrow the US Govt..'ACCOMPLISHED'

NYT: Wrong Way Out of Iraq

Caption Laura and Rove

many troops relying on Red Bull to get them through the day

bu$h* & intimate moment

Dear Karl: Abject Corruption is not Brilliance

UN Staff Oppose Proposed Iraq Resolution

Joseph Wilson: "Rove Allowed To Leave On His Own Terms-to Praise From The President"

Rove, why Monday?

Karl Rove has a family?

How many more "Senior Staff" will be leaving the WH?

Karl's Parting Gift ??? - The Democratic FISA Fissure

NeoCon and Bush apologist Bill Kristol to be on The Daily Show tonight.

Why is voter turnout so poor in the south?

Rove resigned the same reason Rummy resigned - off the radar.

Thai Cops Forced To Wear "Hello Kitty" As Punishment

Per Larry Johnson, major AQ operation is underway at Afghan/Pakistan border

Poster's Remorse (or Bishop x Rook)

"LAXpectations" Website Updates Public on Construction Impacts

Chronology Karl Rove’s Life and Political Career (2005 article)

Alabama nuke plant off line during heat! wave - A.C.s not running

Wonkette - Karl Rove's Political Career: 1993-2007...

I see Biff, Brick, Buff, Brad & Boink Romney avoided roadside bombs in Iowa.

With Rove's departure.. the only thing that would get the GOP on the right track...

Is the "Golden Sticky" a prize of some kind?. . . . . . n/t

As We Roll Up Toward Noon The DOW Is Up About 80 Points

Why is karl on the verge of weeping?

Can the shuttle crew refuse to come home in the shuttle?

If Pelosi won't seek or entertain articles of impeachment,

"China jails fake buns reporter". What's fake, the report or the sentence?

You know just because KKKarl's leaving doesn't mean he still won't be running things

Could this be another brilliant move by Rove......

Please critique my letter to the editor on Iraq

MSNBC Report: Behind the US Military's New Sunni Militias

The Real Reasons Karl Rove Might Have Resigned

British firm under scrutiny for export of Bosnian guns to Iraq

if you like spin, check out CSPAN 1 - the success of our afghan narco efforts

BearingPoint wins part of $200M [AIDS] contract

Two words from Patrick J. Fitzgerald on Karl Rove resigning...

packing plant waste kills 10,000 sm. fish in Skippack Creek, may kill more

Is Rove somehow behind his own resignation?

If only Gordon Ramsey was a political strategist...

Republicans feel Rove is a genius, a brilliant political mind; I ask genius at what?

WSJ: Rove says he almost decided not to join the White House after the 2000 election

Just an FYI: DUer "Badgerpup" predicted Hastert's retirement a year ago:

Former majority leader Dick Armey describes how Bush refused to autograph cards for kids

Bush-Rove Press Conference

Matthew Rothschild: Exit, Karl Rove, Stage Right

Rove "the architect" designed the most FAILED presidency in history

Medicare/Medicaid Administers Engaging in Stealth Regulation?

Maybe things haven't really gotten worse under George W. Bush.

Latest rumor on why rove resigned

Good news from Kentucky. Latest polls

Fri., Aug. 17, 10 AM, LA City Hall, Rosendahl to Introduce Impeachment Resolution

White House Dynamics

Executive Order Monday: DHS Succession moved around

Jonathan Alter says the GOP is trying to steal California in 08

No, apparently everybody DIDN'T know everything about Iraq

Elusive first lady sets tongues wagging in France

Mine Engineering Company Memo Shows Utah Mine Already Had Roof Problems In March

"Larry Flynt did you have anything to do with this? "

We're Celebrating Karl Rove's Resignation Too Soon.

Obey: Impeachment would be wasted effort

Podesta to Clinton: "We did a lot of good." Rove to Chimpy: "______" (fill in the blank)

$150,000 to watch porn??

Saw a great bumper sticker at work yesterday

Give Spin a Chance

`Rather Reports' on Vote-Count Fiascos

The Federal Reserve injected an additional $2 billion into the banking system

Anyone have difficulties with Capital One?

Another humble suggestion from yours truly!

More retirements coming? . . . Who is next?

Nice to know these banks got a lot of mileage out of that 72 billion...


Rove Resigns and Gonzo Doesn't?

Will we ever find out who Karl Rove was talking about when he said the following...?

The Canadian Navy knows how to party!

an inside war is going on amongst our troops in Iraq

Any educated people in the current adminsitration?

How Local Draft Board Members are Appointed

So why the high profile fan-fare vs the usual friday night new dump per Rove?

The coming war against Iran - DOCUMENTARY VIDEO >>>>

* visits rehabilitation room at Washington Veterans Affairs Medical Center- pics

So is Rove now immune from being held accountable?

So prison rape jokes are acceptable for stickies?

Best examples of Glenn Beck's bigotry?

Scores of mass graves found in Afghanistan

Just got a pedophile email.

School supplies for kids. It breaks my heart to think of all the low-income families who have to go

Media Gushes Over Rove...overlooks...damage he has wrought on America’s political system

Conversation with a neighbor 'bout politics.

When did poppy and the chimpenfuhrer have a rapprochement ?

Monsanto, Other Bio-techs Using Child labour in Bt cotton fields

CNN: mine owner bob murray says he already knows the outcome of the investigation

Is There A Formal List of What Is And What Is Not Offensive To Everyone?

Don't forget: a double dose of Sam Seder tonight!

History will judge Rove a colossal failure

US Not Considering Draft: Pentagon

Liberal Media Loves Kucinich

VoteVets solicits NFL’s help obtaining Tillman documents

The stupid U.S. media is wasting time reporting on Thompson quitting.

Why does the talk of a draft surprise so many?

But maybe Rove is trying to make you think he wants hillary to win the nomination so that you DON"T

Why does Karl Rove wear a neck tie and starched collars?

Gonzo Goes Under the Cover of Rove!

Sometimes, You Really Do Have To Ask Yourself...

UhOh Murray on CNN again

NO one should be coerced to take up arms against another against their will

Rove is leaving because

A thread about "the last of the greatest generation of civil rights lawyers"

Did you know the US military fires 250,000 bullets for every insurgent they kill?

Hurricane Flossie and Tropical Depression 4

Rookie SF police officer accidentally shoots himself to death

I'm enjoying the handsome dude a thon at the top of DU, thanks

The market number at close today...did the $334billion cash pumped in help?

Italian Politician Calls For "Ethnic Cleansing Of Faggots"....

Tweety's at it surprise there but...

Number 14 on Google top 100 video's. UFO

Why does Karl Rove wear a neck tie and starched collars?


Melanie Sloan on Tweety

Toys that kill

The U.S. could easily withdraw from Iraq, but that would leave the country in chaos...

Enron II: On Steroids? Countrywide Financial being investigated

Leahy vows to press forward with Rove investigation.

Why don't we just make a list, and check it twice


So, what's next for Rove?

Can Rove ignore a subpoena now?

Reporter arrested who asked Ghouliani about prior knowledge of WTC collapse!

Happy 81st birthday Fidel

I now advocate building a wall on the border of Texas

Could Rove be distancing himself from the new "product" that's coming in September?

Bumper Sticker idea

This looks like a site to keep an eye on.

Note From Nancy.

Among Rove's first plans after he "leaves" -- to go dove hunting.

Media ignore Rove's leak, White House falsehoods, Bush's promise to fire leaker

This may not be on everone's scope right now, but what's going on with the Walken campaign?

Karl Rove lost the 2000 election and the 2006 election. Crappy record.

Sometimes, when a significant percentage of a group finds something might be.


Sniper kills 5 U.S. troops in complex attack

Is This New Executive Order Significant?

You Know Something? I Love This Country. Really, I Do

Lincoln may have had facial defect

Tonight on Countdown

I fear that a draft is in our near future.

Do US, Iraqi Officials Undercount Detainees?

Iraqi state library seized

Texas pastor arrested for dragging girl at camp (behind a van!!)

What did Romney say to piss off Military Families Speak Out?

Holy Trifecta: Rove, then Hastert and now Cheney!!!!!

And the Score Is..?.. Dems VS Pubs

ACLU Letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Requesting A Meeting on FISA

Rove's off White House Payroll -- Will That Free Him to Play Even Dirtier Tricks?

Real reason Rove's leaving end of Aug. = He can't face the Sept. Iraq report.

U.S. Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) Decries U.S.-India Nuclear Agreement

Scabs 'R' Us

Torture In, Torture Out: The Arar Rendition Case

I admit--as a young man in the military, I was opposed to Gays in the Military.

"Money is like manure; it should be spread around"

ANIMATION: Karl Rove's good-bye kiss to America as he fades back to his natural state...

I've been at work all day. Didn't they run this "leave now or stay

Sam Seder Fans: He's filling in for Rachel Maddow today.

Target: NYT (Murdoch)

Rule 4 - Here's What I Get Out Of It...

Next Target: Rupert Murdoch Sets Sights On The New York Times

Rudy prepares for interview with O'Reilly - pics

If this goes thru I guess I am not banned -

Bush: "Don’t tell me about f—— polls"

Accused says he was just milking goat

Dick Cheney Explains Why We Should Not Invade Iraq/Bagdad in 1994

Emptywheel's Guesses On Why Rove Resigned

I want to get a stickie

Rovemort's change of address - Rick Perlstein

I think Cheney forced Rove out

'Mr. Rove said he expects Democrats to give the '08 presidential nomination to Sen. Hillary Clinton'

Has anyone read "Living History" by Hillary?

E. coli conservatism: Unfriendly skies

Ewwww Cal Ripken Junior joins Republican propaganda team.

Rove-Abramoff may be the last straw.

I think Karl Rove may be ill.

The Blog Court for Impeachment

Will you read Bush's memoirs?

The Democratic Underground Rapid-Fire Analysis of Karl Rove's Exit From the White House

Soldier Testifies: Peer Pressure Made Me Hit Detainee With A Bat

AUDIO: Margaret Cho On The Stephanie Miller Show (8.13.07)

Pelosi, Katrina, and a Banner Over New Orleans

French first lady goes for walk in town day after Bush snub...

Rove informs McClatchy he'll still have advisory role~

Dr. Justin Frank ("B*sh on the Couch") scary new article:"Dangers of a Cornered George B*sh"

Keith has a stellar guest list to discuss Rove's leaving

Iraq War Vets Urge NFL and Players Union ask for the Truth In Regards to Pat Tillmans Death

For those that do not understand what "Central Bank Injects Liquidity" means...

Real Reasons why Rove Resigned?

Alex Svoboda, who had her leg broken in labor march, has NO HEALTH INSURANCE. Need your help!

Letter to * from Senator Clinton: she wants draft remarks clarified:

A big thank you for the star from whoever

Hi. I'm Karl Rove. Ask me anything!

If you get locked sometimes and not other times-

Rove says goodbye!

Iraqi rebels learn from US sniper guru

Edwards on Cspan NOW - Bus Tour n/t

Soldier: Sergeant beat Iraq detainee with bat

Conyers still wants answers from Rove

Oh Boy. If Reid's Been Suckered On This, Then I'll Agree With Democrat-Haters....

US launches new blitz in Iraq

Democrats Continue to Seek Testimony From Rove

Breaking: Hastert will not run again

WaPo: Democrats Vow to Push Investigations After Rove's Departure

You should ban me.

Favorite Rove quote?

Buy Iraqi! U.S. wants you to pitch in a little more than your taxes to fund chaos in Iraq

Wanna bet Rove is leaving to write a "hit piece" with insider information on Clintons?

Do you think Rove is a closet gay?

Glad I found this! netlingo help

8 injured at Tenn. Shriner's parade as mini-car and dune buggy colide (I shit you not)

Harper's: The Failed Presidency of Karl Rove

Greg Mitchell: Why Isn't the Press on a Suicide Watch?

Chris Floyd: Panic Attack: Rove Packs Bags in Big-Time Bushist Bug-Out

Iraqi Government Economic Plan: Reselling Our Weapons

Breaking: Shuttle damage worse than expected

Electorate Shifts Towards Democrats (Will Dems shift toward the electorate?)

Sorta sudden that Rove resignation ...


NYTimes Op/Ed: Mr. Rove Gets Out Of Town "he...put politics above the interests of American people"

Hollywood tears up script to make anti-war films while conflicts rage - Guardian

"bush's brain" -- Is Rove really intelligent?

Daily Show Making Fun Of Karl Rove Leaving

An unlikely survivor in Baghdad's carnage

Do you sometimes wish there really was a "secular progressive" movement?

Tell the Chandler Police Department to treat this officer like anyone else!

I have a fantastic idea for a new forum.... Let's see if we can get it started!!

NY Times: "Delaying The Inevitable." How the Iraq quagmire is like the

Thank you mods. That was painful.

Relax. You have nothing to fear from me.

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

The Architect and the War

Tweety's man-crush on KKKarl.....

Lawyers wary of expanded wiretapping powers

Flush with Profits from the Iraq War, Military Contractors See a World of Business Opportunities

William Kristol on TDS. Unofficial thread.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

Army starts new mental illness detection program - Catch-22

Michael Barone joins the American Enterprise Institute

My guess on Rove is it has to do w/ the U.S. Attorneys and rigging elections.

Desegregation Pioneer Dies At 90

Why Is It Okay To Offend Christians and Other Religions on DU?

I've heard say of a bumper sticker that Dems and Reps can both use and enjoy

How to personalized "bumper stickers"

Maybe something for your parents next year (or yourself, if you're old enough)

LOL, Freepers don't like being called out once again

Wha is the last REALLY GOOD thing that Democrats in DC have done for you?

A challenge for DU donors:

Yet another Repuke crook: This time it's Linda Chavez......

Christian Frat Sues University Of Florida

Former APA President tied to CIA torture firm

rethink eating shellfish

I'm glad Kucinich is running.

Good Luck to You Joe for Clark!!

Who will Rove go to work for....

I Just Made A Mere $5 Donation

Wow... Something Has Really Become Rotten Here On DU !!!

Reading the Small Print... Meds(gambling problems)

Just how desperate can dopers get?

If Mittens gets the GOP nod: Can he win the fundamentalist south?

Anybody need a star, or know anyone who does?

This is my Farewell, KKKarl Rove thread.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

The false dichotomy of right-wingers vis-a-vis "Islamofascism"

British MPs Urge Break With Bush On Iraq, Escalation ‘Not Likely To Succeed’

Help me come up with the "Rove verse" of this song...

WH Lawyers Slipped In 2 Provisions To Give Bush More Authority In New Spy Law

What will they find when they clean out Karl's office?

Lest We Forget: ROVE IS NOT A GENIUS!!! (Repost)

Feds Blame Hybrids for Clogging HOV Lanes

Reporters Told to Testify in Leak Case (Re: Scientist In Anthrax Case)

Pilots Say Missile Was Fired at Airliner in Northern Iraq

Blumenthal: Rove, the Greatest Ratfucker of Them All. (Still just a ratfucker)

Kerry: "Rove...proved the politics of division may win some elections but cannot govern America"

Leahy: "Rove Acted As If He Was Above The Law" Senate Plans To Press Forward With Investigations

It's all Bill Clinton's fault.

Providence police assault protest marcher

The US Department of Peace: A Dream Worth Working Toward!

Justice Breyer Sees Assault On Reason

Do the Feds read these threads?

Upkeep Of Security Devices A Burden

Italian Politician Calls For Ethnic Cleansing Of Gays

The draft...

Monday TOONS: KKKarl edition

GAO Comptroller General warns: “striking similarities” US and fall of Rome

That Wacky Viet Nam War...Lee, still in the 60s

After Russia and Canada, U.S. ship headed for Arctic

Edwards Statement on the Resignation of Karl Rove


Co-Editor of American Prospect Calls for Impeachment of Gonzales, Then Bush

They're openly discussing bringing back the draft on msnbc.

so if you're in favor of a draft,

Karl Rove memorial toon and photoshop thread

Abramhoff Has Told Friends & Family-ROVE GOING DOWN-Because He's Implicated In Bribery Investigation

What will KARL ROVE do now?

Haikus for KKKarl

Electorate Shifts Towards Democrats

What Will Be The ROVE LEGACY?

Listen up all you "Rove a closet gay?" people...

Andy. Andy.

What do you mainly blame for Al Gore not becoming president in 2001?

Watch for the Republics to try to shut down Dem Rove queries.

Ok, which one of you heathens here did this?

Apparently, it's Waco Day at Yahoo

Lake Davis to be Poisoned Again to Kill Fish

Ambassador Ripken

I do this post -

Why has mc cain had such a poor showing up to this point?

The Rove v. Cheney dynamic may be playing out behind the scenes...

"Scoop" (autorank) Article Picked Up by 9/11/2007 General Strike Web Site

GENERAL STRIKE in the USA 9/11/2007 - Coalition Forming Collins (autorank)/"Scoop"

Cheney Has Moved His Investments Out Of The Country: What Does That Tell You?

Karl Rove will be working for Mitt Twit.

Remembering the Violence of Partition

Public Radio show "This American Life" interviews 7/7 London Bombing Victim re:Harassing TinHatters

Bush's democracy: Judges living in fear

Incarcerated Youth

Rangel On Draft: ‘It’s Easy To Talk About Supporting A War If Someone Else Is Fighting That War’

GRAPHIC: Look at what the police did to a protester's leg at a labor protest

Hillary Rodham Clinton: a tough, tenacious, fatally flawed candidate

What I find amusing about people who state they want a draft is...

Why is Leonard Peltier still in prison? He committed no crime.

Screw the Natives, Appease the Drunken Bikers

It's not always a conspiracy... Rove resigned because

Sibel Edmonds' case and the heroin connection

Clinton Backlash Worries Are Not The Concern

Hillary 1st Quarter Fundraising revised and downgraded; dead-even with Obama in 1st quarter

"Magic" Johnson to hold fundraiser for Clinton campaign

I am very happy to report: ROVE IS RESIGNING!!!

An interesting twist to the Rove story was reported here on our local news.

Hilarious RNC Audit Letter

Come On - This Is KKKarl Rove - The Guy That Wanted Perpetual Repug Rule......

Campaign Finance Reform

New Bush Comic: Say Hi to The Insurgents

Ding-dong the Rove is gone!

Is anyone buying the Time with Family thing from Karl?

John Edwards to be on CSPAN at 9 EST TONIGHT, tours Iowa

Forget the FORTUNE cover. Business Financial Advisors' LEAST favorite candidate is Clinton

The Real RINOs: Fascists, Theocrats, Plutocrats, Panderers, and Actors Running for President

i have always thought resignation is more of a punishment than impeachment.

Rove deserves NO *Peace*

Rove Is Gonzo............

If You Were A Repug Pres Candidate - Would You Want Rove Associated With Your.......

Where can you buy a Pat Robertson version of the U.S. Constitution? nt

Anybody Good At Photoshop - Put Rove's Head On The Cops.....

IMO, Rove quit because he lost the battle of the "draft",

The coming election could be dangerous for the GOP's moderates and mavericks

Rove quitting so he can post on DU about Hillary backlash

"It takes an expert"

Can Rove ignore a subpoena now?

Maybe Poppa said it was time...

Anyone else think that the 'split the electoral votes' thing in

Is Rove going to run for President

Rove’s departing jab at Hillary

This "Top Tier" thing... Is it new this year? I don't remember this way

With Rove's departure.. the only thing that would get the GOP on the right track...

Anyone want to bet that Rove will be Newt's best friend at 5:01 p.m., August 31?

John Edwards' "green-collar" America

Tonight On Countdown With Keith Olbermann

Rove Resigns - So (*&^ing What?

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop........

Cheney helped force Rove out

Rasmussen: Return to Status Quo for the Dem Nomination

"I just call them R.A.T.S"! Courtesy of rateyes.

Edwards calls talks of reinstating draft 'an enormous mistake'

Christian Church cancels memorial service for Sailor BECAUSE HE'S GAY

Rove Announcement Shows How Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Buy Affects WSJ and Fox News

CNN on Rove - He will write a book of the history of the Bush regime.

DU's I need HELP, Siers attacks Bush to ridicule middle class

All of this talk about Rove being a genius is stupid,

Edwards' Fighting for One America" Iowa Bus Tour kicks off today

Enhance This Rove Poll - Doin' Good, But Could Do Better!

Dave Lindorff: Dennis desaparecido!

The massive contradictions in the "draft will end the war" argument

So who will replace KKKarl?

Edwards to focus wounded soldiers, call on Iraqi parliament to cut short its vacation

Amnesty to defy Catholic church over rape victims' abortion rights

Didn't the Pelosis and Bushs have dinner together one evening

Any Theories Why They Didn't Do The Rove Resignation For The Friday News Dump?.....

Barack Obama is the first politician to be on the cover of GQ since Bill Clinton/Al Gore in 11/92

Dan Rather Reports on HDNet: Touchscreen Voting

Just Heard The Statement On MSNBC That Rove Was One Of The People.......

Is Clinton Drag For Dems???

Observers predict Rove will end up running Fred Thompsons campaign

Holy Trifecta: Rove, then Hastert and now Cheney!!!!!

Donna Brazille on her friend Karl Rove - he says to her he wants to

Deeply troubled

ABC's The Note reports today on Senator Chris Dodd going after Hillary as well--and on health care

Clinton says Bush waged 'insidious campaign against science'

'Toon: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? LMBO

I'm waiting for that boxing glove to get closer to Mitt's head

Immigrants in Arkansas use only a fraction in state resources of what they contribute back

fuck you Rove,you cant get out of here fast enough and take

HuffPo/Steve Kirsch: The Leadership Test

Photos: Barack Obama today at the Tumble Inn diner in Claremont, NH, and then stopped in Hanover

Karl Rove, whatever your intentions, you are on notice:

Edwards On Rove's Departure:

I like Kucinich, but...

Rove leaves more second-term blues for White House

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Said it Best to Karl Rove

Rove a short history

NYT Editorial: Rove Gets Out of Town: After years of dangerous politicization of our government

Fred Thompson's wife Jeri and KKKarl Rove?

Conservative David Frum on Rove: Building a Coalition, Forgetting to Rule; "lethal" for GOP

We should abolish taxes on income above $100K.

Clinton Fought For Farmers Against Canadian Trade Barriers

Above the Fray: Ryan Lizza article in GQ of Barack Obama

To Dems, Rove 'more dangerous' outside West Wing

Doe's anyone have an idea of what "Karl Rove's" resignation is all about?

Edwards and Obama Dare to be Specific on Reforms

CBS NEWS POLL: Giuliani continues to show strenght among republicans

Can * reactive the draft By just notifying Congress or does Congress need to approve?

**A weekend with Dennis Kucinich**

Rove describes Hillary Clinton as a "tough, tenacious, fatally flawed candidate."

US Congressman terms Nuke deal as 'capitulation' to India

Which party has the more interesting field of candidates?

Susan Malveaux on Rove - CNN right now. Rove is at the centre of a number

Kucinich Calls Out Clinton’s Nuclear Blunder

Rovemort's change of address

Magic Johnson to hold fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Rove: in his case: no one gives up POWER w/o a REASON..WHY NOW?

"Hurrican Dean" - a tropical storm, or the second wave of the 50 state strategy?

Sidney Blumenthal on Rove

Sen. Feingold Seeks Citizen Sponsors for Censure Resolutions

What Is The Real Reason KKKarl Is Leaving?

This post is a total buzzkill. Do not read if you wish to remain happy about Rove "leaving".

LOL. . .Bill Plante cracks on Rove

The Daily Show, paying it's Good-BYE to KKKarl! and Bill Kristol is the guest too!

Was Obama misquoted on this statement about more troops to Iraq?

WP, Dan Froomkin: Rove's Dismal Legacy: He leaves his party in worse shape than he found it

Roves description of Hillary as "tough,tenacious and fatally flawd" is meant to incite Dems to

Edwards runaway victor in California Democratic Council Straw Poll this past weekend

If Sheehan is the enemy because she doesn't have a D after her name

Are DU'er females upset over this comment

I like Edwards, but..

Elizabeth Edwards Unplugged: Trashes Obama as holier-than-thou

CNN Poll: Hillary Candidate of Experience and Change...and people like her pretty well too!!

What is our official excuse for not having an organized effort to demand Bush's resignation?

**BREAKING** Satan announces his long deferred retirement

It's time for a haiku thread. Tonight, our topic is Karl Rove.

Democrats' 'baby steps' frustrate party loyalists

CNN's Schneider says, altho Hillary way ahead in who can win in '08, she loses "likability" to Obama

Who said this on 9/12/02???

The ONE thing I wish Karl Rove had

Breaking: Rove to join Wetzelbill/Kurovski Campaign as adviser

For those who think the military is truly "volunteer" - You are WRONG...

Biden's unveils new plan for Veterans